Kathy Ireland Story

Okay guys, Here’s my erotic Kathy Ireland story. I hope you like it. It’s
only my first story, so let me know what you think, with some feedback
I can write better stories of Kathy all the time. Thanks

Jennifer gently put down the weights back on the rack. She just curled
20lbs, and was improving every week. Although she knew it wasn’t a lot
she was satisfied. She worked up a good sweat, and could feel the spandex
cling to some parts of her body. She was walking back to showers
when she
heard some catcalls behind her. She knew the spandex was clinching to her
ass, and thought the calls were for her. She smiled and turned around.
But no one was calling her. They were all surrounding the other girl lifting
the weights. Jennifer slowly walked up past the crowd to see who the men
were looking at. She peered through the gap between two men and could see
the girl was non other than the sexy supermodel Kathy Ireland. She was
curling weights, and working up a good sweat. She was wearing a tight black
suit, loaded with sweat which was pouring down her exposed cleavage.

Jennifer stared at Kathy Ireland for the entire duration of her excercise.
As the sweat poured on her breast, the more outlined they became. Jennifer
breast began to harned under her already tight suit. Her pussy began to
feel wet. Jennifer was a bisexual, and she thought Kathy was the sexiest
woman on the planet. Night after night, Jen played with her pussy while
thinking of fucking the supermodel. And now she was staring at Kathy right
in the face. This was her chance to meet the woman of her fantasies. Her
pussy got even wetter, and her breast got so hard they hurt. She felt if
she didn’t take her top off, she would scream.

Jen ran to the shower room and sat on a bench. She tore off her top
and sighed as her breast felt free. Her hard pink nipples were sticking
right up. She gently stroked them and thought about her sex idol, sweating
out there. If only there was a way to masturbate while staring at the real
thing. She was tired of feeling her body by just staring at pictures she
found from the internet. She needed the real thing. She started to rub
harder. Her eyes gently rolled back, as she continued carresing her breast.

Then all of the sudden the door opened. A sweaty Kathy walked over
to the bench next to Jen and sat down. Jen couldn’t beleive it. Kathy was
sitting next to her!! Jen couldn’t help but stare and her. Kathy looked
over and smiled. Her nipple outline was visible through her top. Kathy
took of her top and gently arched her back. Her beutiful, sweat covered
breast glimmered in the light. She turned her back to Jen, and bent over.
Jen look at the ass imprint on Kathy pants. Then slowly Kathy took off
her pants. Her panties were wet, and were stinking to her ass and pussy.
She started to pull down her panties when she noticed that Jen was staring
at her, that and her nipples were fully erected. Kathy started to wonder
if this girl was having any erotic thoughts about her. She knew those guys
were probably going to go home and masturbate right away. She was used
to the fact that men and boys would play with themselves while images of
her, dancing in their heads. In fact, once she got a letter from a guy
who said her saw her from a hotel window once, and masturbated. He also
said he got the curtains messy. Kathy also knew that some women found her
sexually attractive. Once a gay woman sent her a letter saying she wanted
to fuck her hard. Kathy felt that the girl sitting in from of her was gay.

Kathy pulled her panties all the way down and stepped out of them.
Her clean shaven pink pussy looked so inviting, Jen licked her lips
instinctively. Kathy knew what she had to do. She gently sat in front of
Jen, and pushed herself towards her exposed breast. Kathy’s nipples weren’t
very hard, but Jen’s nipples were so sensitive by now she nearly screamed
when Kathy’s touched hers. Kathy started to press her chest harder into

“Touch me”, Kathy whispered. Jen slowly moved her hands over to Kathy’s
thigh. She moved her hands up and down her exposed flesh. Kathy’s pussy
was starting to get wet, and her nipples were becoming harder. “Ooooh…
My pussy is so wet…”, Kathy moaned. Jen moved her finger to Kathy’s pussy,
and yes it was very wet. ‘Stick your fingers in my pussy’ Kathy said. Jen
started to move her fingers into Kathy. Her inside felt so warm and wet.
She started to feel all around Kathy’s pussy and pushed further. Kathy
winced a little and bit her lower lip. Jen continued playing with her
pussy. She took her fingers out and started to lick it. Her tongue moved
slowly over to Kathy’s erected clit. She moved her tongue in circular motions
around her pussy. Kathy started to scream. Kathy grabbed Jen’s hair, as
she slowly laid herself down. She played with her hair, while Jen ate her
out. Kathy groaned and moaned while her pussy got wetter and wetter. Then
she came. Kathy’s juices flew out of her pick pussy and into Jen’s mouth
and face. Kathy screamed out in pleasure “YES!! OH YES!! EAT MY PUSSY!!
EAT MY PUSSY!!!”. Jen swallowed the sweat juices. They were far more delicious
than her own juices. Kathy took her index finder and collected as
many juices as she could. She then tasted it, and then licked her lips
in satisfaction. Kathy started to play with her erected breast. She pushed
them together, and moved them in circular motions. Jen stared at Kathy
playing with herself. She laid herself on the model, and started to lick
her breast. Kathy let her lick the sweat off for a minute. She then grabbed
her head and lifted it off her chest. She moved her face closer to her
own. Soon, Jen’s lips were directly over Kathy’s. And they locked. Kathy
kissed with such a feeling of eroticism, than Jen’s pussy ejaculated all
her juices. The juices landed on Kathy’s legs, which were between Jen’s.
Soon their tongues met. The heat between them was intense!

Then a man walked in the locker room. Kathy looked at the man and
yelled “What the fuck are you doing here!!!”

Then man said nothing. He merely pulled out his huge erected penis.
Kathy’s eyes widened as the man began to stroke his cock. Kathy gently
pushed Jen off her. Jen moved to the end of the end and started to play
with pussy. She didn’t know what was happening next, but she knew she would
love it. Kathy eyes widened as the man continued to stroke his meat. Then
he came, all over Kathy. Kathy arched her back, and then sperm landed all
over her chest and tummy. For almost 15 seconds, warm sperm kept landing
on her chest. Kathy started to touch her sperm covered chest. She used
it as a form of lubrication and started to rub her chest. She moved her
hands to her tummy, and rotated her hands in a circular motion. She looked
at the sperm that covered her, when all of the sudden she was hit in the
face with more of the sticky stuff. This went on for only a few though.
Kathy’s whole face was covered in jizz. She licked her lips, and smiled.

She turned to look at Jen, who was breathing heavily. She looked
down and saw that Jen’s inner thighs were covered with her juices. Kathy
smiled and wiped the jizz off her face. She pressed her chest onto Jen’s
chest, and started to kiss her. The two women lied down on the bench. The
man walked up behind Kathy and felt her nice firm ass. He took his massive
cock and shoved it in Kathy’s pussy. Her started to fuck her doggy style,
while Kathy kissed Jen. By now Kathy’s whole body was so sensitive, she
screamed in pleasure. The motion of the three of them made the bench move
across the room. Jen was never so happy. She was fucking Kathy Ireland…

… Jen slowly removed the vibrator from her moist wet pussy. This
was her best erotic fantasy yet. She touched her sensitive pussy, the one
that Kathy (or at least in her fantasy) kissed. She got off her bed and
started the poster face to face. This was her inspiration for all her sexual
encounters, whether they were only fantasies. She started deeply into Kathy’s
eyes. She kissed the paper lips. “I love you…” she whispered

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