Olivia Newton John – Incest Rape

STORY IS NOT TRUE. story is not for anyone that is not legal age to read it..

story by BIG E


Olivia was my mom my name is John. My mom was in her 30s just after the filming of Grease .she was still wearing her high heels but had shorts on ..i was so horny for my own mother.even though it wasnt right i couldnt help it..

One day as she was out laying out in the sun i went to her bedroom got a pair of her dirty panties and smelled them..Oh they smelled nice right then my cock was hard.it was hot out and i was horny for pussy..i took my moms panties and wrapped them around
my hard big cock .OH YES these feel so nice ..and they feel good around my dick.i started to jack my cock..YES i was jacking off with my own moms Olivia Newton Johns soiled panties

OH YES THIS FEELS good..OH YES MOM your pussy!! i was thinking about my hot mom OLIVIA while i was jacking off with her panties..OH YES MOM!!! ahh FUCK YEAH! i continued to beat off with her panties.until the UNTHINKABLE happened.i looked up and their was my MOM!! OH FUCK!!

MOM !!!! you little fuckin pervert what are you doing ??i cant beleive what im seeing… YOUR IN SO MUCH TROUBLE!!! IM sorry mom i cant help it .your so hot and your wet panties were hear and i think i want to fuck you mom!! WHAT!!! YOU CANT BE SERIOUS!! you little mean pervert im telling your father right now> im calling him on the phone!!! your in so much trouble!! NO MOM YOU WONT!! WHAT she said?? mom was mad and i was ready to snap myself..YOU WONT DO THAT YOU BITCH!! ive had it with moms bullshit!! you little pervert she came over to me with my dick still out of my shorts and she slapped me across the face.. THEIR YOU PERVERT!!

THATS IT BITCH!! i took her with her skimpy bikini and high heels on and threw her down on the bed… WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU BASTARD SON!!!

Shut up bitch if your lucky i wont kill you for slapping me..i had mom down and then i climbed on top of her..WHAT!!! NO!! your sick son!! what are you doing??STOP IT NOW GET OFF!! dont worry mom i will get off..I WAS SO MAD AND i couldnt help myself ..MY own mom Olivia newton John was laying their her hot long oiled up legs laying their

YOUR IN SO MUCH TROUBLE already SON!! stop this.SHUT Up bitch .she slapped me again..DAMNIT I SAID STOP IT SON!! shut up cunt!! i ripped down my moms bikini bottoms all the way down their was my own moms hot wet pussy right their..NO THIS CANT HAPPEN!! SON! NO!!!!!! STOP IT NOW!!!..i took my big cock out and rubbed it up and down moms pussy..she was no crying >NOO! STOP! IT !!.but she couldnt do anything i had her pinned down..ok bitch i then got down by her pussy and started to EAT MY MOMS OWN PUSSY!! WHAT NO!! STOP! yOU CANT DO THIS TO ME!! shut up slut!! oh yes mom your pussy is so sweet and wet tasting.I CONTINUED TO LICK MY OWN MOMS PUSSY olivia newton john was getting raped incestingly by her own horny son

OH SON DONT DO THAT IM FEELING FUNNY DOWN THEIR!! STOP IT I CANT FEEL THIS WAY!! shut up mom and enjoy getting your pussy eatin..i was licking moms hot long slender tan legs too..AHH YES MOM your legs taste great bitch.OH YES MOM I LOVE YOUR PUSSY! AHH NO SON! PLEASE STOP DOING THAT.i was eating my own moms pussy so good..i had pussy juice on my tongue..ah yes mom now for the special surprise..what son!! you cant mean! NO!! PLEASE YOU CANT RAPE YOUR MOM!! shut up whore..i took moms long slender legs and spread them so far apart..OUCH SON!! STOP IT NOW!! SHUT UP BITCH

RIGHT THEN I TOOK my huge hard cock ready mom here it cums!! NO SON!! NO!!!! I TOOK AIM and rammed all 9 inches up my moms wet tight cunt!!!! NOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OWWWWW! FUCK NO!!! STOP IT NOW DAMNIT!! PLEASE DONT FUCK MY PUSSY you cant rape your own mother!! NO!! shut the fuck up and enjoy it.IM going to get you pregnant and cum inside you bitch!! AHH FUCK YEAH.i started in and out of my mom..ahh fuck yeah mom was so tight their with her legs spread up in the air her high heels still on what a slut!! AHH FUCK YEAH !! MOM!! AHH FUCKIN TIGHT CUNT!!AHH im going to rape your pussy until you bleed AAH FUCK SLUT WHORE BITCH!! AHH MOM YES!! AHH FUCK YEAH!! son NO!! your going to get me pregnant ,.MOM was saying no but her pussy lips tightening up and her long legs wrapped around my waist was saying fuck my pussy son!! AHH YES MOM I Love your tight pussy!!!!!.ahh fuck yeah mom..IVE WANTED TO FUCK you for years bitch!! TAKE MYBIG COCK!! AHH son your cock is all the way to my stomach.OH FUCK!! son !! your going to make me cum!! I CANT DO THIS NOT WITH MY SON Inside me..I cant believe your raping your own mom!! SHUT UP!!i fucked mom harder and harder oh YES SLUT!! AHH BITCH MOM! I THINK IM GONNA CUM!! AHH INSIDE YOU MOM!! i was pounding mom so hard..AH YES MOM You ready..NO SON NOT INSIDE ME PLEASE ..oh yes mom inside your pussy

AH FUCK YEAH>AHH AHHAAA>>AHH!! AHH !! OH MY COCK!! AHH YES !! YESS MOM!! MOM!!! MOM!!! MOM!! HERE I CUM!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHH FUCK YEAH!!!!! MOM!!!!! AH FUCKIN PUSSY!! AHH!! FUCK YEAH>>OH SON I FEEL YOUR CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY WALLSS!! OH SON!! SON!! AH FUCKIN BIG COCK! AHH YES INSIDE MY PUSSY!! AHH yes..i colapsed on top of mom with her tears in her eyes i know she partly enjoyed being raped by her own son..OH SON my pussy. oh yes mom that was the best fuck ive ever done..next time mom im going to rape your hot little shithole until you shit all over my dick.your sick son..but my pussy has never felt better

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