Raping Amanda Bynes And Avril Lavigne

“Raping Amanda Bynes and Avril Lavigne”

Copyright Dave Haugen 2002

MM/ff rape humiliation celeb toys


If you are under the age of 18, or if erotic literature
focusing on rape, humiliation and non-consentuality is
personally offensive to you, please do NOT read any
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Chapter 1


Comfy? Good. Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Mike
Smith and this is my story. To start, I’ve got five
words for you:

“All That”. “The Amanda Show”.

Yeah yeah, I know, two kids shows that used to air on
Nickelodeon. Made for kids, viewed by kids. Well, with
the exception of myself and about 50,000 other warm-
blooded adult male viewers in the American population.

Why did I waste an hour each day watching poorly written
children’s programs? The same reason the other 49,999
adult males did…

….Amanda Bynes.

Know her? Yeah, she’s the bubbly, spritely, way-too-
perky, comedic teenager that performs on those
ridiculous shows. Albeit painful to watch such poor
writing, acting and directing, I became a loyal viewer
for the five years she appeared on those shows to watch
the young Ms. Bynes develop.

Don’t know her? If you like ’em young, thin and
innocent, you’ll love my little Amanda. I’d been
jacking off to her for years. I’d have given up my
eternal soul to have 24 hours with her 5 foot 8, 105
pound body. Some of you might not like your babes that
skinny, but for me, it just means more tightness to plow
through when your mattress-mashing ’em.

Being a resident of Los Angeles, I used to hang around
the Chevy Chase Theatre now and then hoping to catch a
glimpse of this little hottie after her shows. I took
the monotonously dull Nickelodeon backstage tour umpteen
times, with no luck. Finally, I did manage to spot
Amanda on two occasions but she was surrounded by goony
bodyguards in black suits, and was ushered into a limo
so fast, I didn’t have a chance to get a more upclose
and person glimpse.

Then what happened to this little starlet’s career? At
the ripe age of 16, Amanda landed a starring role on a
new sitcom on the Warner Brothers Network called “What I
Like About You”. Her co-star ended up being 30 year old
Jennie Garth, the blonde bimbo from TV’s most famous
teenage-trash, “Beverly Hills 90210”. A great career
move. Well for me, not her.

It just so happened that Steve Johnson, one of my best
friends of all time, had been working at Warner Brothers
for over ten years as a corporate lawyer. He had the
expensive corporate car, the great office and basically
free reign throughout the studio lot and the executive
offices. Steve had it made. And thanks to Steve, so
would I.

You see, I explained Amanda’s career moves to Steve,
knowing that he shared my passion for chicks like Ms.
Bynes as well. Together, over several months, the two
of us hatched up a plan…to kidnap the young Amanda
Bynes and her mentor, the gorgeous Jennie Garth, all for

Steve had some great opportunities to set up a
kidnapping, and that he did. I’ll spare you all the
details; basically my job was to wait inside my Passat
at a predetermined location until Steve dropped off the
chloroformed and bound girls to me. Right on schedule,
about 9 pm, Steve drove up and handed me the two limp
bodies that were effectively roped, duct taped, gagged
and hooded. I knew he had to head back to the studio
asap, as he was going to finish off his last two days at
work before his preplanned vacation time kicked in. In
the meantime, I would be heading off to my private
bungalow near Yuma, where Steve would meet up with me

Man, my cock was aching already just knowing that those
two sluts were in the backseat, out cold and unaware of
the fun time they were about to go through with Steve
and I. I knew this five hour drive to Yuma was going to
seem like forever. And it did. I felt like a kid who
couldn’t sleep on Christmas Eve knowing that he still
had hours to go before he could jump out of bed and tear
into his present-stash. But I knew it would all be
worth it.

Imagine, Amanda Bynes and Jennie Garth all to myself!
Butterflies flew through my stomach just thinking about
it. Oh man, the filthy things I was going to do to
those two young actresses. And the filthy things they
were going to do to each other! Shit!

About two hours out of San Diego, Interstate 8 was
becoming completely barren, but I kept to the speed
limit, not wanting to do anything to draw any
suspicions. I filled my tank around El Centro, without
any problems, and began my final journey. Man, I was
psyched! In just over an hour I would be feasting my
eyes on my masturbatory goddess, Amanda Bynes. Life was
soooooooo good! This was going to be worth all the
risks, I just knew it. Life was for the taking, and I
was fulfilling a major dream here. How many people can
successfully say that?

Pulling into the secluded driveway of my bungalow, I got
out of the car and stepped into the humid night air.
Hotter than hell. Thank God for air conditioning, I
thought as I opened the back door to take my little
goodies out. Still sound asleep, nary a peep. This had
been easier than I thought!

Taking out the first body, I had fun guessing if this
package was Amanda or the other one. The truth was, I
had been dying to get into Amanda’s pants for years,
Jennie Garth was simply a bonus. I knew that even while
I was fucking her, I’d still be thinking of Amanda!

I carried both bodies into my house and placed them
gently on my bedroom’s king size bed. My Mastiff Duke
was happy to see me, it had been almost a week. My next
door neighbor Craig had been looking after good ol’ Duke
for me while I was away. Duke lived with me in L.A.,
but I had dropped him off here. He would have been way
too irritating being in the car with me during my girl-
run. So Duke and I were reunited, and I checked to make
sure that Craig had left my house key in the mailbox.
Yep, good old Craig. He wouldn’t be bothering me at all
in the next little while as he had left for some
European vacation this morning. Everything was set!
Christmas morning had finally arrived!

I poured myself a shot of port and headed into the
bedroom where my two victims lay motionlessly. Even
through all the garb, they looked fantastic. I could
see an elbow here, and a belly there, and I decided that
it was time to unwrap the packages.

Starting with the one I guessed to be Amanda, I began
peeling away the duct tape, ropes and burlap sacks
around her. Sure enough, it was her! As I stared into
the angelic face of Amanda Bynes below me, a rush of
adrenaline soared through my bloodstream. I felt more
alive now than I ever had before! She looked every bit
as angelic and pure as she had on those countless reruns
of “The Amanda Show” that I had watched. I couldn’t
wait to give her a Hillbilly moment of my own. Knock
knock…who’s there…8 inch cock…I’m gonna slam into
your tight cunt with my 8 inch cock. For those of you
who missed the reference, my appologies, but all that
mattered to me was that she would get it.

Fuck, Amanda Bynes looked hot! She was wearing a tight
lime green tshirt with three turquoise blue flowers on
the front of them. It exposed her completely flat,
white teenaged belly. Man, for living in L.A. her whole
life, this girl sure didn’t tan well. She was white
like porcelain. Down below, she was wearing those
slutty hiphugger Gap jeans girls love to wear, white
socks and a pair of light grey and white Keds. Jesus
Christ, I was practically drooling! I decided to take a
peek and see what kind of underwear a teen starlet would
wear. You won’t believe this, but I was so fucking
excited that my fucking hands were trembling as I
unbuttoned and unzipped Amanda’s jeans. I chuckled
aloud to myself. I was living that great feeling of
finally being able to do something you had always
dreamed of. Once the zipper hit bottom, I could see
that the lucky bit of fabric was simply cotton…blue
cotton brief panties. Oh well, what was I expecting, a
bright pink thong? Cotton panties worked for me!

Leaving Amanda momentarily was fucking hard. But I
willed myself to unwrap slut number 2. Starting from
the feet and working my way up, I began unravelling Ms.
Garth, only to find myself stopping in shock at the neck
area. What the fuck????? Dark brown hair??? Jennie
was and always had been a natural blonde! I was thrown
for a loop and found that I had pulled back to think for
a moment. I couldn’t yet see a face with the hood over
it, but my gut was telling me that this wasn’t Jennie!

Pulling off the hood gave me the biggest shock of my
life. It wasn’t Jennie after all. It took a few
seconds to register before it finally clicked in just
who the hell I was staring at…

….Jesus H. Christ, this was fucking pop-rock star Avril

Staring at the girl in front of me a little more closely
made me realize that this was indeed pop-singer Avril
Lavigne! I fucking hated her lame-ass irritating pop
ditties she had written like “Sk8er Boy” and
“Complicated”. Every time they would come up on the
radio, I would shut them off asap. That was until I had
caught a glimpse of one of her videos. Okay, I admit,
seeing her tiny 5 foot 3 petite frame prance around
changed my thoughts about her quickly. She actually
reminded me a lot of Amanda Bynes, in looks anyway.
Attitude wise, Avril would have been Amanda’s complete
opposite. Where I would guess Amanda to be sweet,
affectionate and giddy, Avril would be cold, arrogant
and bitchy. Jesus, was I going to have fun finding out
these two chicks’ real personalities!

Leaving both Amanda and Avril dressed as they were, I
sat them up individually into two armless kitchen
chairs, tying up their wrists in front of them and their
ankles spread apart to the legs of the chairs. I spaced
them about six feet apart, but facing each other so that
when they I brought them out of lala land, they would
quickly get to see each other’s predicament. It took
every ounce of strength that I possessed not to start
molesting both girls right away. No, I had all the time
in the world, and I was going to take my time and do
this my way!

It took about an hour to bring in the mountain of
groceries I had prebought from my trunk into the house,
to get everything put away, and to prepare a few
“things” for the night ahead of me. I thought about
what the hell happened at Warner Brothers for Steve to
have substituted Avril in for Jennie. Not that I cared,
after all, Jennie at practically my age wasn’t my kink,
but Avril….this was too good to be true. Thankfully,
true it was.

Finally, it was fun time! I walked over to Avril with a
capsule of smelling salts in my fingers, and I brushed
it under her upturned little nose, causing an immediate
reaction. Avril’s head jumped up and her eyes groggily
opened, but only for a quick moment, as her tired head
slumped back down, and she slowly began to regain
consciousness. I repeated the process with Amanda, then
hid in my darkened attached bathroom from which I would
be able to watch the two of them for a while without
them knowing I was even here. I had to adjust my jeans
as my cock was threatening to bust through them. I was
more aroused than I had been in my entire life. Thank
God I had been saving my sperm for almost a week now.
This release was going to be good!

I watched quietly as Avril was the first to wake up. It
took her a few minutes to shake the proverbial cobwebs
out of her head before she regained full consciousness.
Well, it didn’t take little miss rock star much time at
all to realize her predicament. Pretty ‘complicated’
huh bitch?, I thought to myself evilly.

“What…what the…what the fuck…” said Avril as she
looked around, realizing she had been immobilized.
Since moving around didn’t seem to loosen her bonds, she
focused her attentions across from her at Amanda who was
just beginning to wake up.

“Amanda! AMANDA!!! Wake the fuck up!!!!” Avril
shouted. What a bitch, I thought, this girl was just
barely 18, and she had a filthy potty mouth. She needed
her mouth washed out with soap. But then, I had better
ideas of things that would be going in there.

“AMANDA!! Look at me! Open your eyes!”

Amanda’s head jumped at Avril’s loud piercingly shrill
voice. That girl had a set of lungs on her alright.
Thank God I had the foresight to have constructed this
room properly. Perfectly ventilated yet perfectly sound
proofed. Anything that went on in this locked bedroom
was certainly going to go unnoticed from the outside.

“Amanda you have to wake up!!! Look at where we are!”
shouted Avril frantically as Amanda did finally open her
eyes and began to gain full consciousness. When she
started to speak, her angelic, high-pitched voice was so
sweet and adorable, it made me want to cum in my shorts.
Well actually hers. I listened to and observed the
girls with great interest.

“Where…where am I….mom…dad???” said Amanda as she
began to realize that her mom and dad were certainly not
wherever she was. Amanda licked her dry lips and stared
back at Avril. Her eyes totally gave away the instant
recognition that they were in a bad bad situation. Very

“Oh my God, Avril, where are we?” asked Amanda as she
looked at her friend’s tied up position that mirrored
her own. She was clearly very worried, but I noticed
that Avril seemed too pissed off to be worried. That
pissed ME off. That little slut probably thought that
nothing bad could ever happen to her…some big time
rock star from small town Canada. I knew I was going to
have lots of fun changing that snotty attitude. I’d be
Full Metal Jacketing little Miss Lavigne in no time!

“How the fuck do I know?? The last thing I remember is
that someone put some fucking cloth in my face and
now…fuck!!!!” complained Avril.

“Oh God no, this can’t be happening, no, no, no!!!”
cried Amanda as a tear came to her eye. Aw, poor thing.
Well, that’s what you get for choosing to be a celebrity
and for making more money than most of us could ever
dream about making, for doing such easy work, and all
before the age of 16! Miss Bynes was going to have to
learn that there was a price for indulgence.

“Amanda, shut the fuck up! Don’t you start crying! We
have to get out of these fucking chairs!” Avril was
really pulling and tugging on her rope bonds, to no
avail of course, but it looked sexy for me anyway, so it
did actually serve a purpose.

“I…I can’t, I’m all tied up!” said Amanda, who wasn’t
struggling as hard as Avril’s determined body was.

“No shit!!! Fuck, I can’t get my hands free, it’s too
fucking tight!” That did it! Time to make my opening

“That’s not the only thing that’s fucking tight Avril.”
I said as I emerged from the dark bathroom.

Their expressions were priceless! Amanda’s eyes nearly
popped out of her head as she stared at me in horror,
her eyes and mouth gaping open like Penelope Taint’s
over her Amanda website. Avril’s eyes were more of
hate, not fear. That fascinated me. This girl really
was fearless and clueless to what her situation was.
Time for some enlightenment, I thought.

“Who the fuck are you? Get this fucking rope off me or
I’ll scream, asshole!” said Avril in the bitchiest tone
you could possibly imagine. Amanda just kept repeating
the word “no” over and over and over again as she stared
at me continuously, without once removing her eyes off
of me, as if I would attack her if she did.

Ignoring Avril’s ridiculous threats, I turned to Amanda,
and used the most gentle sincere voice I could possibly
have uttered. “Hello Amanda, my name’s Mike. I’ve been
a huge fan of yours for years. It’s a pleasure meeting

I think my voice put her at ease. She was sniffling a
bit, but she completely stopped crying, and was looking
at me as if I was a total enigma. Avril on the other
hand, continued her verbal rampage.

“Untie us now fuckface!!! You’re pissing me…”

Avril didn’t quite have the chance to finish off her
sentence as the palm of my hand had instinctively found
the side of her cheek.

CRACKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! I slapped Miss Lavigne hard, hard
enough to send her face turning to the right side of her
body, and to leave a nice red stinging palm print on her
delicate little cheek. Expecting tears, I was surprised
when she simply shot her face back in my direction like
an elastic band. Wow, if looks could kill, I’d be dead.
Dead ten times over! She pointed her hate-filled glare
directly at me as if to say, who the fuck do you think
you are hitting ME, ME of all people, ME!!!!

God she looked sexy, with her messed up hair, all over
the place, covering half her face, and sticking to her
chin where the dried up drool remained. And of course,
a glowing cheek.

“Man Avril, you can be a real bitch.” I said matter-of-
factly, waiting for her reaction. Avril simply huffed
and puffed and continued to glare imaginary daggers into
my skull.

“Chill out, whatcha yelling for?” I mocked, throwing
some of her own lyrics her way. That seemed to piss her
off somewhat. Hmm.

“You motherfucking faggot!” Avril blurted out. Very
brave. I turned to Amanda, who was now staring at Avril
in shock as though she was insane to even dream of
speaking to me like that. She quickly turned back to me
with fear in her eyes, noticing that my attentions had
returned to her.

“Now Amanda, you would never call me dirty names like
that, would you?” I asked politely. Amanda didn’t
verbally reply, she just shook her little airhead back
and forth quickly in a quick series of noooooooos.
“Atta girl. That’s because you’re not a fucking bitch-
slut like Avril over there. Say that Amanda, tell Avril
she’s a fucking bitch-slut.”

“Fuck you!” Avril blurted out again. Ignoring her
completely, I waited to see what Amanda would do.
Amanda’s reaction suggested that maybe she wasn’t as
airheaded as the ditzy characters she was so good at

“She’s….she’s a f…f…fucking bitch-slut.” said
Amanda fearfully yet submissively. Hmmm, this girl
wants to behave. Compliance is a good thing, especially
this early in the game. I knew I was going to have a
great time playing these two little cunts off of each

“Don’t say it to me Amanda dear, tell Avril to her
face.” I suggested. Amanda paused, not sure what to do.
I’m positive that it was difficult for her to even say
the f word outloud, let alone direct it towards this
tied up girl across from her. Yet, Amanda showed
perfect compliancy again by telling Avril what she was.
Of course, it wasn’t sincere, but she said it. Score
one for Amanda.

“Good girl. I quickly spun around and caught Avril off
guard by grabbing the back of her head by her long
flowing hair and pulling back, making her gaping mouth
point up to the ceiling. My voice did a 180 from my
soft approach with Amanda to what I now threw Avril’s

“Did you hear that slut?? Amanda thinks you’re a
fucking bitch-slut. Do you agree? Huh???” I
emphasized the word huh with a sharp tug backwards. I
could see Avril’s chest heaving quickly with fright as
she was starting to realize that I meant business.

“Yes! Yes!” Avril gasped.

“Yes what??” Another tug back.

“Yes I am!”

“Yes you are what? Tell me cunt!!!”

“I’m a…a……..FUCK YOU!!!!”

This girl had spunk alright. I was beginning to see
that she wasn’t quite taking me seriously. I yanked her
hair back for a third time, and taking advantage of her
mouth gaping open, I horked a huge gob of spit into her
mouth and then let her head go. The way Avril reacted
to that, you would think I just shot battery acid into
her mouth. She spit my own saliva out of her mouth and
began shaking her head back and forth in complete anger.

“You FUCKING motherfucking piece of SHIT bastard!!”
Avril bellowed out. My laughing at her reaction seemed
to piss her off even more. Amanda just watched the
proceedings in fear.

“You seriously need to learn a few manners Avril.” I
said as I continued to laugh. Amanda closed her eyes as
I walked past her and into the bathroom, while Avril
continued to shower me with her colorful vocabulary.
She clammed up quite quickly when I walked back into the
light holding a sixteen inch leather flogger. She
obviously knew what this thing was. Maybe this young
rocker chick had an introduction to S&M already. It
really didn’t matter, I would reeducate her if that was
the case.

Walking right up to her, I gave Avril three sharp slaps
with the flogger directly over her jean covered thighs.
The sound that emanated from that was a loud slapping
sound, but the odd thing was that with each blow, it was
Amanda’s voice that gasped out. Avril simply bit her
lip, and closed her eyes. Now, I knew that with her
jeans in the way, a dull stinging sensation was all she
would really be able to feel, but her bravery in not
yelling or crying out was fascinating. Cracking this
bitch’s shield was going to fun, although I still
guessed relatively easy.

“Now cunt. Tell me again what you are. You didn’t say
it last time.”

“FUCK YOU GEEK!!!!!” was her reply.

Geek. Hmm. Interesting choice of words. I’m 31, 6
foot 2 tall, 195 pounds, in good shape, fairly
attractive, and with a good physique. Interesting.

“Geek huh?” I walked behind Avril and undid her hands.
She brought them up to the front of her, and began to
rub them one at a time, to help bring some sensation
back to them. I walked back in front of her without
blocking Amanda’s view, and I looked down upon her,
wanting her to strike out at me with her hands. She
didn’t though.

“Take off your tshirt Miss Lavigne.” I asked coldly. No
response. Nothing. Thus, three more hard whacks across
her thighs with the flogger.


This time, a small whimper came out of Avril’s pouty
lips on the last two of my hits. I knew she was feeling
that a little more deeply than the first three.

“Take off your tshirt Miss Lavigne.” I repeated in the
same monotone coldness. Again, no response. But she
was trembling. She knew what was coming, but she was
trying as hard as she could to be noncompliant. God
bless her. It was so much fun this way, knowing I would
eventually get what I wanted.


Three loud moans came from Avril this time. She leant
forward, and I knew she was starting to feel a nice
warmth in her thighs.

“I can do this all night. Take off your tshirt Miss
Lavigne.” I repeated. Then, suddenly, out of the
blue….the words: “I’m a fucking bitch-slut.” came out
of her mouth!


“FUCK YOU!!!! I said it you MOTHERFUCKER!!!!” Avril
shouted at me.

“I told you to take off your shirt Miss Lavigne. You
have one more chance or you’ll get 50 lashes. You have
three seconds to decide.”

Before I could even lift my wrist up to stare at my
watch, she started pulling off her tshirt.

“Alright!!!! I’m doing it!!!!” she said with her
familiar bitchy tone. But hey, she was following orders
now. Amazing what a little pain will do. And that was
just a little pain, little did she know it would only be
the tip of her iceberg.

I watched as the white tshirt she was wearing came up
and over her head. Avril put down her arms and held the
tshirt in her lap. My cock was telling me to let it out
NOW as I stared at her cute little white bra preventing
me from seeing her tits. Well her bra and that silly
necktie that hung from her neck. What the hell was up
with that??

“Very nice jugs you got there Avril. 34B?? Just a
guess.” I said, attempting to humiliate her at a minor
level for starters. I could tell she wanted to
retaliate but she angrily subsided and sat motionless,
staring ahead at nothing in particular. I turned back
to Amanda, who had been watching the proceedings in a
shocked silence. She jumped when I regained eye contact
with her. Fuck me, she was adorable!!! It was Avril I
wanted to hurt and torture, but it was Amanda I simply
wanted to eat out, suck and fuck!

“Ok Amanda, since Avril won’t tell me her bra size,
please tell me yours.” The whip in my hands was
probably good incentive because she didn’t hesitate for
a second.

“32A!!!” she sputtered quickly.

“Hmmm, you just have little titties. And you’re not
that much younger than skater girl over here. I think
Avril’s jugs are disgusting, don’t you Amanda?”

“Yes!” said Amanda all too easily.

“You’re right. We need to punish them for being 34Bs.
Avril, take off your bra now.”

You would think she would just do it, but Miss Lavigne
wasn’t going to make this easy on either of us.

“Go to hell.” she said in a quiet almost inaudible

“No huh? Fine. Be that way.” I replied as I laid two
good cracks with the flogger over her forearms and flat
tummy. Her arms instantly rose up in a defensive
posture, crossing her wrists over her eyes and her
elbows over her chest, in a protective move.

“You should know by now cunt that we can do this the
easy way or the hard way. Do you want to take it off,
or do you want me to do it for you? If you let me do
it, I won’t be responsible for anything that I might
touch.” I warned.

I loved how pissed off Avril was. She knew she was
going to ultimately lose and would eventually allow me
to do anything and everything I wanted to do anyway. It
was so interesting that she kept putting up a fight.
And wow, could I sense the hate! If I was tied down and
Avril was in my position, man, it would suck to be me!

Angrily, Avril muttered a few choice words as she
reached behind her and unclipped her bra. Her gorgeous
tits just hung there, her eraser sized nipples pointing
straight ahead. They were perfect 18 year old breasts,
totally perfect in every way. They were so
proportionate to her petite figure, and they filled me
with arousal. I was going to love hurting them!

“Nice jugs slut! Now if only you could sing, you would
be the perfect package!” I laughed. In return, Avril
glared at me. She didn’t seem to find my joke funny.

“Now, put your hands behind your head, and point your
elbows east and west please.” I requested politely.
Remarkably, she did it. That lifted her young breasts
up a little, even though there really wasn’t any sag to
begin with. I picked up her bra from the floor and put
it around my neck, treating it like some trophy bra.

“Good girl. Maybe you’re learning after all.
Unfortunately slut, I still have to punish you, but if
you keep your arms exactly where they are for 20 whips
to your 34Bs, I won’t make this any worse on you. Got

“Why are you doing this???? Please don’t, I’m sorry!”
said Avril. For the first time in the night, Avril
actually sounded scared. I think she was starting to
realize that she was not in a position to act in the
bitchy, arrogant, spoiled-rotten, prima-donna manner she
was used to. She may have been treated like a queen by
every human being in her young life to date, but things
were quickly going to change over the next few weeks.

“Are you feeling a little self conscious slut? Here,
I’ll make you feel more at home.”

Both girls stared at me in shock as I unzipped my jeans,
unbuttoned my shirt, and took off every article of
clothing on my body (with the exception of Avril’s
little jug holder over my shoulders). My cock was as
hard as a rock, and wagged in the air as I walked around
both of them, making sure they got a good look at what
they were going to get. One would think they would have
been horrified, but from what I noticed, they couldn’t
take their eyes off of my cock, following it the way a
kitten’s eyes follows string! They wanted it big time!

Okay, okay, they were both horrified. But I could
imagine they wanted it right?

“There, that’s more comfy. My boys were kind of busting
loose in there. It’s good to hang out. Or should I say
point out. Now, who wants to get raped?” I asked this
question with such a nice happy inflection, that I
thought someone might have answered. And then, someone
did. Amanda!

“No no no no no!!!!” she cried, “Don’t rape me, I’m a
virgin! Please no!!”

I started stroking my cock as I listened to Amanda’s
pleas. “A virgin huh? Well that rules you out.” I
turned towards Avril again. “Everyone knows you
probably suck and fuck everything that moves, so it
looks like it’s you and me.”

“NOOOO!!!!! I’m a virgin too!!” blurted out Avril
generously. I knew she was anyway. I believed her. The
tough girl image in her videos didn’t fool me. She was
the type of girl that wouldn’t dare let a man touch her,
as though she was all that. Well, she was all that, any
man would go for a body like she had, but good luck
getting her to let them. Avril was a cock-tease pure
and simple.

But not for long….

“You? A virgin?? Yeah right slut. I’ll betcha
anything you’ve got your drummer’s sperm soaking up your
twat right now.”

I could see Avril chomping at the bit to defend her
image but instead, she kept quiet, and kept her hands
behind her head. She looked so adorable like that, and
her nipples were not softening. I liked that.

“Now, if you want to keep me out of your cunt, cunt, all
you have to do is sit there and take these 20 jug whips.
Got it? If you drop your arms once, JUST ONCE, I am
going to untie you, throw you on the bed and fill you up
with so much sperm, you’ll never wash me out of you, got
it SLUT??” I asked sharply.

“Yes, yes, anything, just please don’t rape me!” Avril

“Good. Now Amanda, I want you involved in this too. I
want you to count each hit with a number. If you
forget, I’m going to have to start all over again, and I
don’t think Avril is going to like that. Understand

Amanda nodded. What a good girl. I turned back to
Avril, who looked so slutty sitting there without
anything on her upperbody but her tie hanging down
between her beautiful tits. I made eye contact with her
and smiled defiantly as if to say ‘nyahhh nyahhh, I
win!” God, she hated me. I’ve never had anyone stare
at me like that before. Total, pure unadulterated hate.
It seemed like a good time for some total, pure,
unadulterated tit flogging.

My flogger was 16 inches long with 12 strands of
leather. Perfect for turning chests red without doing
any real damage. It would hurt like hell I’m sure.
What did I know, I didn’t have milk glands in me thank


Amanda cried out the number “one” in distress as I laid
into Avril’s tits, causing them to jiggle a bit. Avril
screamed out loudly, piercing my ear drums, and a series
of pink stripes began to magically appear over her
tender skin.

“You motherfucker, that hurts!!!!! Oh God please

“Duhhhhhhhh!!!” I mocked, “Can you make it anymore


Amanda cried out the number “two”, and Avril just plain
cried out. That must really hurt like hell I thought,
watching more lines crisscrossing the ones from before
over Avril’s tits. Her breasts looked like a road map.
Avril’s shouting was really pissing me off, so I reached
down and began to cram the hanging tie into her mouth
until the end was completely shoved in, still attached
around her neck.

“That ought to shut that fucking voice up, fuck me
that’s annoying!! That’s worse than that howling you
call singing!” I commented as Avril closed her eyes,
unable to take any more humiliation without being able
to retaliate.


What a great sound!!! An even better sound was silence,
in the absence of Amanda forgetting to count. I think
Avril realized it before I did, as she turned her wild
eyes back and forth from me to Amanda. I almost broke
out in laughter when Avril spit out the tie from her
mouth and started yelling at poor Amanda!

“Say three Amanda!!! Don’t forget to count damnit!!!”

Instantly I slammed the whip down three more times into
Avril’s stinging tits, causing her to start crying.

“Don’t you EVER EVER EVER yell at Amanda like that you
shouted out at her at the top of my lungs.

“I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry!!!” Avril
repeated, her will slowly starting to break.

I rushed over to my sex toy chest and pulled out a pair
of clover nipple clamps and applied them to her pointed
nipples. Avril shrieked out in pain as the clamps
squished themselves mercilessly into her blood filled
sensitive nipples.

“Now, we’re going to start again, and this time I want
you to show some respect! I want you to thank Amanda
for counting for you at each hit. If you don’t, I’ll
fucking change 20 to 100 and cram a fucking fist up your
cunt while I do it!! Don’t think I fucking won’t!!”
The power of yelling at someone like this was a great
rush! To see the previously tough and arrogant Avril
Lavigne now reduced to a crying whimpering sex toy was
just too much to bear. Precum was leaking out of the
tip of my cock and it felt as though I was going to cum
just from standing there!

“Now get your arms back up!” I said as her arms had
instantly collapsed to hold her tits after those three
sharp blows. Turning back to Amanda, I again sweetened
my voice for her, to reward her for her compliance.
Amanda was visibly shaken from watching Avril suffering
so much, but I know that deep down inside she was
grateful that she wasn’t in Avril’s place.

Once Avril returned her arms back up, she bit her lip,
still crying, and remained motionless. I loved staring
at the clamps jutting out from her tits, pointing
slightly downwards from gravity pulling them there.
They would make such perfect targets for my whip. I
wondered if they would come up if I whipped them hard
enough? I decided I would have to test out my
hypothesis like a good scientist would. Start off
softly, and end up accelerating each hit.


“ONE!!!” said Amanda quite loudly, as though she was
making up for her first boo-boo. Avril didn’t really
care as she only moaned as the whip made contact with
her breasts. The clamps bobbled up and down for several
seconds before returning to their static position of
hanging slightly downwards. Man that was an erotic
sight to behold.

“Thank you Amanda……”


“TWO!” said Amanda as Avril started shaking her head
back and forth, sending her hair flying in all
directions, as she barely succeeded in keeping her arms
away from her sore little jugs. They must really be
smarting now, I thought, watching them turning a deeper
and deeper shade of pink with each hit.

“Thank you Amanda…………..”


“THREE!” said Amanda. Avril yelled out the word “Fuck”
but she maintained her arms in their position.

“Thank you Amanda!!!!!!!”



“Jesus fuck son of a bitch fuck thank you Amanda!!!”

I laughed, I couldn’t help myself any longer.



“THANKYOUAMANDA!!!!!!” This time Avril just ran the
words together, focusing on the sharp pains that were
emanating from her chest. The nipple clamps were
staying put on her nipples, despite the fact that they
were getting whipped as badly as Avril was. She was in
a constant state of movement, and the clamps were
erotically bouncing every which way as her body tried
its hardest to endure the pain. I just knew she wasn’t
going to make it up to 20. Fine with me because I
needed to rape this slut NOW!!!!!!!! I decided to whip
her extra hard this time….


loudly before Amanda even had a chance to count.
Avril’s hands flew down and started massaging her
painfully sore boobs in an inevitable failing attempt to
somehow, ANYHOW, relieve the terrible pain she was

“Oh God, no more!!!! You’re KILLING me!!!!!! No
more!!!” begged and pleaded Avril pathetically. I loved

“Ok slut that’s it, I WARNED YOU!!!”

“Please NOOOO!!” squealed Avril as I untied her legs
from the chair and dragged her body easily to the bed.
She bucked and squirmed, but didn’t put up the fight I
expected a tough skater girl like this to put up. It
was all too easy to handcuff her hands together and
around one of the headboard posts at the head of the

I could hear Amanda sobbing behind us, but I knew she
was also watching me climb onto the bed to yank off
Avril’s jeans and socks. I left her in her panties as
she writhed and wiggled on the bed, messing up the
covers, and crying out in pain. Maybe the twisting of
the clover nipple clamps that I was doing with my
fingers was part of the reason for her increased cries.

Avril begged over and over as I knelt in between her
legs and started to rub my massively throbbing cock up
and down over her little green panties, spilling drops
of precum into her lower tummy and the cotton fabric.

Geez, what is it with cotton panties and celebrities, I
thought to myself. Oh well, down to business finally!!!

As Amanda sobbed and Avril literally bawled like a baby,
I leaned over her and pressed my almost 200 pound body
into hers, crushing her into the mattress below us. I
pressed my lips into Avril’s pouty red lips and
passionately kissed her. She tasted like orange candy
lipstick; it drove me wild!!!! I rubbed my crotch
lewdly into hers, her panties serving as the only
barrier between myself and this little rock star virgin
that I was about to rape underneath me.

Jennie Garth who????


Thanks to the many readers who have sent me emails about
my stories. Your comments, criticism and feedback are
always welcome and appreciated.

Once again, to all authors out there, thanks for your
great contributions. And to all readers out there,
hopefully you’ll be inspired to contribute stuff too.
I’m certainly not a polished writer by any means, just a
layman trying to give a little back. My belief is that
even poorly written erotic literature is better than
non-written erotic literature. And writing this stuff
is not only surprisingly simple, but it’s also a lot of
fun. So keep writing out there!

Best wishes,

Dave Haugen, dave_haugen@hotmail.com

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