Lucky Me

This fictional story contains graphic sexual situations, if you are underage

or easily offended. Stop reading.



Mike: I know what your thinking X, but always remember, the greatness of the

raiders is in the future.

Xavier: But that game really sucked big time.

Mike: But at least we got these cool hats.

Xavier: How many is that for you?

Mike: I think this is my 8th one.

Xavier: Then I guess the $100 you spent to see that mess was worth it.

Mike: Hat day on Monday night is always worth it

The greatness of
the Raiders is in the future.

Xavier: Let’s just get out of the parking lot.

Mike: What’s going on over there?

Xavier: Those two punks are trying to take the hat from that little boy.

Mike: Don’t just stand there, go help.

Xavier: Why don’t you go?

Mike: If my flunky, I mean assistant was here I would send him to take care

of this, but since I graced you with my presence at the game, go help.

Xavier charged the two men, and snatched the hat from the little boy, and

gave it to the two guys who jumped him.

Mike: X, you know that’s not what I meant.

Xaxier: Sorry, you should have been more clear.

Mike: Give me your hat X.

Xavier: But it’s mine.

Mike: NOW.

Mike: Here kid, I’m sorry about what my friend did, take this hat.

Shamus: I’m not a kid, I am a little person.

Mike: I little person?

Shamus: Shamus O’Farrely, Leprechaun.

Mike: Leprechaun?

Shamus: Are you going to repeat everything I say?

Mike: Repeat everything you say?

Shamus: Knock it off.

Mike: Knock it off?

Shamus: If you do that again, you won’t get your reward.

Mike: Reward? I’m sorry, did you say reward?

Shamus: Yes, reward.

Mike: You won’t insult me with cash.

Shamus: I can give you something better.

Mike: Better than cash? Impossible.

Xavier: What about me?

Shamus: You, your a cat.

Shamus pointed his cane at Xavier, and transformed him into a cat.

Mike: Whoa, how did you do that.

Shamus: I told you, I’m Shamus O’Farrely, Leprechaun.

Mike: And I get a reward?

Shamus: Yes.

MIke: Do I have to waste it getting you to turn Xavier back, because if I

do, I think he might like being a cat.

Shamus: I’ll give you a free one.

Shamus pointed at Xavier the cat and retuned him to his human form.

Xavier: What happened?

Mike: Stop licking yourself.

Xavier: Sorry.

SHanus: Mike, what will it be?

Mike: I would like to be completely healthy, with the ability to completely

control my body, I don’t ever want to be hurt or sick again.

Shamus: Done. Is that all?

Mike: I would like to power to control other peoples minds, so I can stop

ugly incidents like what just happened from ever happening again.

Shamus: That’s easy, done, is that all?

Mike: I would like to be able to instantly transport myself anywhere.

Shamus: Done. Thanks again.

Shamus tapped his cane and vanished into thin air.

Xavier: I think he is pulling your leg, but you should have asked for cash.

Mike: Lets find out. Give me all your money.

Xavier: Okay, here you go, happy to give it to you.

Mike: Cool. I can finaly make a difference, I can stop terrorism, force all

politicans to work together to help the people, What to do first.

Mike appeared on the set of Seventh Heaven.

Beverly Mitchell: Who are you and what are you doing in my dressing room?

Mike: Calm down, you are happy to see me.

Beverly: It is great to see you, I am glad you could drop in.

Mike: You should call all the girls to you dressing room.

Beverly: I bet all the girls would love to see you.

Beverly called all the girls to her dressing room, Rachel Blanchard, Ashley

Simpson, and Jessica Beil came to see what was going on.

Beverly: This is Mike, but I am sure you all knew that.

Ashley: Who?

Mike: You know, Mike, the guy who you all have to have right now.

McKenzie Rosman walked into the dressing room.

Mike: Oh, oh.

Rachel ran across the room and tackled Mike. He landed flat on his back

with her on top of him, Ashley stripped out of her jeans. Beverly and

Jessica where soon naked also, McKenzie began to do a slow strip tease.

Rachel unzipped Mike’s pants and whipped his cock out, Ashley began to

stroke it.

Rachel: Oh my God, it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life,

I have to taste it.

Rachel wrapped her lips around the cock, it began to grow in her mouth,

Ashley crawled up his body and nudged Rachel out of the way, she shoved the

cock down her throat.

Mike: Please girls, there is plenty to go around, and you are all hornier

than you’ve ever beeb before.

Jessica and Beverly pulled Ashley and Rachel away from the cock, Beverly

stuffed the whole thing down her throat.

Ashley: Those two get everything, just because they where the stars at one

time, anyway, Beverly, sucks at sucking.

Beverly: I am so sorry, I will try harder, I don’t have that much experience

at it.

McKenzie: I am better than Bev, let me do it.

Ashley: No, let me.

Rachel: ME.

Mike: Let Rachel try, I just started watching Clueless to see you.

Rachel: Thank you so much, you don’t know what that means to me. Let me show

you my appreciation.

Rachel pushed Beverly off of Mike, she jammed the cock all the way down her

throat, it doubled in size.

Rachel: I love it.

She still managed to work most of it down her throat. The other girls watched

in amazement.

Jessica: Rachel is the luckiest girl on the planet.

Ashley: Don’t I know it.

Rachel worked her lips and tongue all over the cock, she stroked it with both

hands. Ashley pushed Rachel out of the way, she began to work the cock down

her throat, she used both hands to feed her hungary mouth. Jessica ran over

and shoved Ashley out of the way, she took the cock all the way down her

throat, she licked his balls as she deep throated the giant cock.

Beverly: I can’t take it anymore, I have to have him inside of me or I’ll


Mike: Okay, okay, you my now ride my cock Beverly.

McKenzie: She is so lucky.

Beverly climbed on top of Mike and lowered herself on his cock, it began to

grow again.

Beverly: Oh GOD, I am so full.

She slowly began to bounce up and down on the cock, a little deeper with each

stroke until the foot and a half cock vanished inside of her.

Jessica: Fuck him good, you better fuck him good.

McKenzie: Yeah bitch.

Mike began to thrust his cock up into Beverly, she rode his cock harder.

Beverly: YES, make me cum.

Mike: Rachel, you and Jessica have to of the best ass’s I have ever seen, why

don’t you get on all fours so I can stare at them while I fuck Beverly.

Rachel: Yes sir.

Jessica: Don’t you think my ass is better than Rachel’s?

Mike: It is so hard to tell, Ashley, why don’t you slap both their ass’s so

we can see how they jiggle.

Ashley: What about my ass?

Mike: Not so much, but you will have a nice rack.

Beverly: As nice as mine?

Mike: Hard to tell, now fuck me.

Beverly slammed down on the cock as hard as she could, Mike began to suck on

her nipples as she rode him. Ashley slapped Jessica’s ass, Jessica shook it

from side to side, Ashley slapped it again.

Rachel: Now me.

Ashly began to whack Rachel’s ass, again and again, harder and harder with

each slap.

Rachel: Yes baby.

Ashley: Who’s the hottie of the show now bitch?

Rachel: Me, I am the new hottie.

Jessica: I am not done with the show yet.

Mike stood up, lifting Beverly into the air, he swung her back and forth on

his cock.

Beverly: FUCK.

Ashley slapped Jeesica on the ass, she than yanked her head back by the air.

Ashley: This is my show now bitch.

She hammered Jessica’s ass harder, than she slipped a finger into her pussy.

Ashley: You like that don’t you bitch.

Jessica: YES, pull my hair and finger me please.

Rachel: No finger fuck me bitch.

Ashley stuffed two fingers into Rachel’s bald pussy, Rachel slammed back onto

her fingers. Beverly wrapped her arms around Mike’s neck, she swung wildly on

his cock.

Beverly: Fuck, I’m going to cum.

Mike: Me too, you want to taste it don’t you Beverly?

Beverly: Oh God yes, I have to taste it Please cum in my mouth, I need to

taste your seed.

Ashley rammed three fingers into Jessica, Jessica grabed her by the wrist and

began to fuck herself with Ashley’s fingers.

Mike: Damn, this is a fun set.

Ashley shoved a third finger into Rachel, Rachel shook her ass from side to


Mike dropped Beverly to her knees, he held her mouth open and began to slide

his cock in and out.

McKenzie: Fuck her face, I want to see you cum in her mouth.

Mike grabbed her by the hair and slammed his cock in and out of her, he

began to squirt. The cum poured out of his cock, and poured, and poured, it

was like he was never going to stop filling her mouth with his thick sticky


Jessica: WOW, I wish that was me.

Beverly continued to gulp the cream down until she couldn’t take anymore,

the flow finally stopped. Mike pulled away from Beverly and took his place

behind Jessica, he slammed his cock into her.

Mike: Your wish is my command.

He began to slam his cock into her as hard as she could, Jessica braced

herself against a chair.

Jessica: Oh God, it feels SOOOOO GOOOOD.

Mike pulled his cock out of Jessica and rammed it into Rachel, she slammed

back onto him.

Rachel: YES

Jessica: Noooooo.

He grabbed Rachel by the hair and yanked back, she slammed back harder onto

his cock, he than yanked it out of her and shoved it back into Jessica.

McKenzie: Please let me have a turn.

Mike slammed the cock into Jessica, she rocked back to take every inch of

the massive member, he reached around and cupped her breast.

Jessica: Please pinch my nipples.

He ran her nipples between his fingers, Jessica slammed back onto the cock,

he rammed her harder, than pulled the cock out of her and slammed it into

Rachel. He hammered her like a jackhammer Rachel screamed with every thrust,

he took the thrusts deeper and deeper.

Rachel: OH MY GOD, I’m Cuuummmming.

Mike slammed her even harder, shaking her whole body, he than spun her around

and stuffed his cock down her throat, he filled her mouth with a giant 1

quart ball of cum. Rachel swallowed as much as she could, but it came pouring

out of her mouth, it was too much. McKenzie ran over and licked all the cum

off of Rachel’s chin and chest. Mike slammed the cock back into Jessica,

Beverly was behind then he shoved Mike forcing his cock all the way into

Jessica. Jessica rocked back onto him, Beverly reached between Jessica’s legs

and began to rub her clit, Mike reached over and stuffed two fingers into

Beverly’s pussy.

Beverly: OH God, finger my cunt

Jessica rubbed her ass cheeks against Mike, than she slammed back and forth

on his cock again, Beverly and Mike both grabbed her by the hair. Mike began

to jackhammer Beverly’s cunt, her body went limp, Beverly had to hold her up.

Jessica: Oh God, I’m cumming, I’m CUUUMMMIIINNGGGG.

They let Jessica fall to the floor, Beverly rolled her over onto her back

and propped her mouth open. Mike stood over her and began to shoot his load,

he shoot a thick stream of cum directly into Jessica’s mouth, it quickly

overflowed. McKenzie made her move, she scooped the cum out of Jessica’s

mouth and let it drip off her fingers into her mouth.

McKenzie: UMMM, tasty. DO I get fucked now?

Ashley was flat on her back spread eagled, she shoved three fingers into her

blonde cunt.

Ashley: Come and get it big boy, look how tight it is, and I know chicken of

the sea is tuna.

Mike: Tight huh, I can fix that.

He stood over her, his cock grew again, it was two feet long now, he laid on

top of her.

Ashley: Fuck me with that monster, I need it bad.

She grabbed the cock with both hands and guided the tip of it to her tight

pussy, she rammed it it. God it is so big and fat, I love it. She wrapped her

legs around him, Mike buried the cock all the way into the blonde bombshell.

Mike: I bet this would be great to put on your reality show wouldn’t it.

Ashley: Oh God yes.

Mike: If only Jessica could see you now.

Ashley: Shut up and fuck me.

The cock grew another half foot, Mike began to pump it in and out of her.

Mike: This is the best you have ever felt isn’t it?

Ashley: OH God yes, I am so full, and it feels so good.

She began to raise and lower herself onto the cock, Mike began to fuck

her harder and deeper. Ashley grabbed Mike around the neck. he began to

jackhammer her pussy, she held him as tight as she could. Mike tried to

ram her through the floor with each thrust, and she loved every minute

of it.

Ashley: It feels so good, fuck me hard.

Mike turned up the power and rammed her harder than all the other girls,

Ashley finally went limp. He tried to pull out of her, but she was impaled

on his cock, it shunk in half and he was able to remove it, Rachel and

Beverly lifted Ashley to a sitting position, They hald her by the neck and

fed her the cock. Beverly and Rachel worked Ashley’s head fuck her face

with the cock until it began to spurt. The cum poured out of the cock into

her mouth, it dripped out, McKenzie put her head on Ashley’s lap to catch

the overflow.

McKenzie: I have to have it now, please, I need to be fucked.

Mike: I’m sorry McKenzie I have my morals, I may not have a lot of them put

I have enough to know this is wrong.

McKenzie: PLEASE!!!

Mike: I’m sorry.

Beverly: Give it to her, she needs to feel as good as we do.

Rachel: Yes, give it to her.

Mike: I’m sorry, I can’t.

Rachel grabbed Mike from behind and pulled him flat on his back, Beverly sat

on his legs.

Mike: Oh now, I can’t move, there is no possible hope of escape from this

insidious trap.

McKenzie slid out of her sweat pants and climbed on top of Mike, she lowered

herself onto his cock.

McKenzie: Yes, it feels so good

Jessica Beil stood up and saw what was ging on, she couldn’t believe it

McKenzie was like a sister to her.

Jessica: it’s about time.

McKenzie slowly bounced up and down on the cock, it filled her bald pussy

completely. She finally managed to make the entire foot and a half disappear,

she rested on the cock. Jessica came over and wrapped her arms around

McKenzie, she began to bounce her up and down on the cock. McKenzie rode the

cock as hard as she could, Jessica helped her by slamming her harder and


McKenzie: Oh God, I’m going to CUM.

Ashley was up now, she came over to help Jessica, now both girls where

slamming the 13 year old onto the cock.


They slammed her harder on the cock, Beverly and Rachel held Mike fast.

Jessica and Ashley let McKenzie go, she was bouncing up and down on the cock

on her own now.

McKenzie: I’m cumming again.

Mike: Me too.

Jessica pulled McKenzie off the fat cock, McKenzie opened her mouth wide and

wrapped her lips around it. She squeezed the cock with her lips and used her

tobgue to lick it, she than began stroking it with both hands. Mike began to

spurt, the cum shot up into her mouth filling it with the first shot,

McKenzie quickly gulped it down and continued to swallow. Mike continued to

spurt into her mouth, McKenzie drank it all down like a pro until he was


Mike: I’m a bad man, I need to go.

Beverly: Please don’t go, I need you.

Ashley: No, I need you.

Mike: You are all back to normal, the spell is lifted.

Jessica: What’s going on here, who are you?

Beverly: Why are we naked?

McKenzie: What spell? You can’t ever leave us, I need to be fucked again,


Mike ran out the door and vanished.

Mike: That was fun, what can I get into next? I know.

He vanished and than reappeared in a locker room, Trish Stratus and Lita

stared at him.

Lita: SECURITY. We have an intruder.

Mike: Calm down, you girls know me.


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