Paula Zahn: Pussy Zone

It had really been a bad day at work for Foxxy News

Network director / producer, Jack Hoeff.

He mused about the day’s events as he trudged down the


He was bundled up in a light windbreaker, which gave little

relief from the crisp fall wind which was coursing through the

Big Apple. A sudden gust gave him a chill and he pushed his

hands farther into the light jacket’s pockets; as if it would

help any against the cold.

“Damn, that Mr K!” He swore to himself under his breath.

can’t keep shoving his favorite ladies at me and expect

me to direct or produce a good program! And that bitchy

little wench….”

His thoughts trailed off as his stomach growed in protest.

He had eaten nothing all day. That is if you don’t call

countless aspirins and cups of bad black coffee, food.

He found himself on west 44th street when he spotted a

refuge from his troubles and a sure cure for his hunger


Jack found himself at the enterance to Sardi’s; the famous

New York resteraunt and celebrity watering hole.

“Right now, a Sardi’s Club sandwich with a copious amount

of beer would cure my foul mood.” He pushed the door open

and entered the eatery; grateful to be out of the bitting


He squinted as his eyes strianed to become accustomed to

the darkened interior of the resteraunt. Surveying the scene,

he noticed the usual assortment of saturday night patrons.

Here and there were NYC celebrities and business executives

sprinkled amoung the average New York residents seated at the

tables and in the booths. Hunger had no class! For famous

celefrity and average joe alike; Sardi’s was the place to go

for good food.

Jack spotted that his fovorite corner booth was empty and

elbowed his way through the sea of bodies around him. The

familar feeling of soft leather greeted his cold, shivering


Looking up at the framed cartoon image of his favorite

actor; James Stewart; he let out a reluctant sigh. The

grinning cartoon smiled down at him from it’s place of Honor

on the wall.

“Jimmy, old buddy,” he addressed the picture as a long

lost friend; “You simply won’t believe the bullshit I had to

put up with today!”

“He may not believe you; but I might!” The soft, familar,

voice took Jack by surprise. He turned toward the sound of

the pretty voice and found himself stareing into the lovely

blue eyes of Paula Zahn.

“Paula! How are you?” He was estatic to see the pretty

blonde news anchor and reporter. “It’s been a long time. Over

a year…”

“Actually closer to two.” the lovely host interupted him.

“Sit down; please join me.” Jack said as he rose from his

seat. “What brings you here? Slumming?”

“Oh, Jack! Just because I’m a well known newswoman doesn’t

mean I don’t get hungry.” Paula said this as she settled

into the soft leather seat. “A girl’s got to have her

nutrition, you know!”

As Paula took off her overcoat and laid it on the seat

next to her; Jack was eyeing her sexy figure from head to


Paula was one of his favorite ladies to work with. He

was the director of her 10:00pm news / interview show when she

was with Foxxy News.

He began to remember the sexy figure; the warm, friendly,

smile; and especially the long, slender, perfect legs which he

had the pleasure to view on a nightly basis.

“So, what was it you were going to tell Jimmy?” Her voice

snapped him out of his reminising. Paula had her hands folded

under her chin; a wide, lovely smile, and an inquisitive gleam

in her eyes.

“Oh, the usual b s! You of all people should know the crap

Foxxy News throws at you!”

Paula had departed Foxxy News abruptly, two years earlier.

Promises that were made to her when she was hired by the

cable news giant; were not kept.

The assurance of a morning show anchor position was lost

when the ratings of the morning show, “Foxxy Friends,” doubled

in six months. Who would of guessed that the ditzy blonde; E

D Hill; would have gained so much popularity in so short of

a time.

It wasn’t because of her expert journalistic skills; E D had

none to hone. What the pretty, leggy, blonde did have was a

nice figure and great looking legs which she showed off on a

daily basis.

It was the super short miniskirts and upskirt shots of her

lovely thighs and panty covered pussy which brought in the

male viewers.

Paula; no slouch in the short skirt and leg department

herself; was caught in a no win situation. She moved on to

a compeating cable news network where she tried to go head to

head with the ditzy bonde. It was no use. Nothing she or

her producers tried could make a dent in the ratings.

“Oh, I remember it well.” Paula said somewhat forlornly. The

bitter taste of her harsh treatment by Foxxy News was still

with her.

“So, what’s up? You can tell me Jack.”

“As you are aware of,” Jack began, ” ever since Mr K;

the new program director; came on board; there has been

nothing but chaos at the studio. His hiree’s; his favorites

get the plumb assignments. The regular ladies are shoved aside

in lew of his ‘babes!’

Paula could sense the frustration in Jack’s voice. She had

been one of those shoved aside.

“When they bannished Donna Fiducia to overnight purgatory;”

he went on; “it was the begining of the end. Kiran Chetry

has no right to be in the position she is. She doesn’t have

the qualifications or the experience to handle big time news

reporting or hosting!”

Paula just smiled and listened to her handsome friend’s

ranting and raving. Better to get it out in the open than to

let it fester inside.

“Today was the last straw!” He continued. “The upstart little

bitch had the audacity to refuse to listen to my directions

when she filled in for Juliet Huddy this morning!”

He was on a roll, now. Months of frustration were coming


“I can’t take it anymore! Kiran totally screwed up our

overseas interview with Secretary of State, Colin Powell. She

blew him off like he nothing more than a boy scout!”

“And you know WHO got blaimed for this fiasco? ME! That’s


“Everyone knows Kiran is putting in some under the table

action to keep her job. Screwing the boss to get ahead! That

went out of style years ago!”

Jack’s voice had risen more than a few octaves. It was

apparent to Paula that the people at the nearby tables and

booths were getting an earfull of what was no longer a

private conversation.

“Jack, I have a suggestion to make to you,” Paula figured

it was time to leave before too much was said in anger.

“Let’s get takeout and go to my apartment, ok? I live just a

few blocks from here.”

“Besides,” she said with a gleam in her eyes, “It would

give us chance to catch up on what each other has been


“I’m sorry,” Jack appologised. “Here I am with a beautiful

lady and instead of flirting with her; I’m talking shop.”

The two of them got up from the booth and made their way

to the counter to order some takeout. More than a few sets

of eyes followed their departure from the famous eatery.

“Lead the way, pretty lady.” Jack said this as he offered

his arm to the lovely, blonde, host.

“Follow me, kind sir.” Paula replied as she took Jack’s arm

and started down the sidewalk toward her apartment.

The bitting cold air did not seem to bother Jack or Paula.

They had become close when they had worked together; but time

and circumstances had prevented anything more than a close

friendship to develope.

They talked, and laughed, and flirted with each other like

two lovestuck teenagers.

Paula had forgotten how handsome Jack was. She looked at

him with a never before interest. His rugged good looks, and

sturdy, lean, body began to turn her on.

It had been a long while since she had been intimate with

a man. Something deep inside of her told her not to let Jack

get away from her this time.

She grabbed his arm a little tighter and placed her head

on his shoulder as they walked. Paula knew then that she was

going to make love with this man before the night was

through. Even if she had to seduce him to do it.

Jack had totally forgotten about his problems at work. The

smell of Paula’s perfume; the softness of her body next to

his; and the sound of her lovely voice were good cures for

what ailed him.

Paula was always beautiful in his eyes. Maybe now; his lust

and desire for her might have a chance to be forfilled.

When they finally reached Paula’s penthouse apartment; Jack

knew he had to let her know how he felt. It might blow up

in his face; but he had to let the pretty blonde know he

was in love with her. He had been ever since the first time

he had met her.

There was now, no working relationship to get in the way.

Jack had to make love to the beautiful Ms Zahn. He had to

make her his own. But what about Paula? Was the attraction


There was an uneasy silence between them as they arrived

at the door to Paula’s penthouse apartment.

Paula took the bag which contained their takeout meals from

Jack and handed him the key to her door.

Jack wanted to the gallant gentileman but his nervousness

showed through as he fumbled trying to unlock the door. On

the third try, he somehow managed to make the darn thing


“After you, my fair lady!” He announced as he swept his

hand in a mock salute to her.

“Why thank you; kind sir.” She answered him. Playing the

roll of the fairy tale princess.

Inside the apartment; Jack was awestruck at it’s beauty, yet

normal appearance. Somehow he had the impression that Ms Zahn’s

humble abode would be hollywood garish. He was pleasently

surprised to find he was wrong.

Except for some overpriced stereo equipment and a big screen

television; her taste in furnishings was ordinary, middle class.

Paula took her coat and Jack’s windbreaker and hung them in

the closet.

“Why don’t you set the table and pour us some drinks?” She

asked him as she gestured toward the kitchen.

“There’s cold beer and wine if you prefer in the

refridgerator. I’ll have a white wine; if you please.”

“Your wish is my comand!” Jack responded as Paula headed

toward the bedroom. He watched her shapely

body as she slowly made her way. Paula was wearing a suit

/ skirt combination which did not conceal her beauty.

Paula paused for a second at the doorway to her bedroom;

and looking back at Jack; said in her most seductive voice; ”

Take off your shoes, loosen your tie and relax. I want to

make myself more presentable.”

As the pretty blonde news host disappeared into the room,

Jack thought to himself that the only way this vision of

loveliness could make herself any more presentable was to get

totally naked.

The emerging bulge in his pants signaled that his cock was

ready for the fun and games to begin.

Jack set the table and poured Paula a large white wine.

“It’s always quicker when you use liquor.” he thought to

himself as he popped the top off a beer and poured it into

a glass.

“Here I come, dahling!” Paula said in a mocking voice she

hoped resembled Greta Garbo or some other movie vamp from a

by-gone era.

Jack was not prepared for the vision of loveliness which

presented itself to him.

Paula had changed into a pair of soft, velvet slippers; a

pair of white, lacy, panties; and topped it off with a

lacy, see through teddy bear top.

Jack stood there speechless. He took in the vision of her

beauty from head to toe. The soft, blonde hair, gracefully

falling on her shoulders; the pert, erect, nipples of her

small, pert, breasts peeking through the teddy; her shapely

hips and pussy beconded to him; on top of the long, lovely,


Paula need not worry. From the expression on Jack’s face

and the large bulge in his pants; it was evident that her

seductive outfit was successful in it’s mission.

“Paula; you’re beautiful!”

” I know.” she said as she walked over to the stereo and

turned on some soft music.

Jack’s eyes followed her shapely hips as they swayed back

and forth. It was all he could do to keep himself from

stripping and ravishing Paula’s lovely body right now!

“Shall we dine?” Paula said as Jack held the chair for


Even though the dinner was nothing more than takeout from

a paper bag; it was like the finest resteraunt had prepared it

and the most gracious of waiters had served it.

The wine and beer were as the most elligent champagne

served at the finest of parties.

They made small talk during the dinner. Nothing of substance;

just what they had been doing the previous two years.

Underneath the talk was the rising sexual passion which would

soon spring forth.

The meal ended and a final drink was had.

“Shall we dance?” He aked as he took Paula’s hand in his

and put his arm around the slender waist before him.

He held her close; his nostrals filled with her womanly

scent. The softness of her body as it pressed against his

was that of the finest satin sheets.

They looked into each others eyes; a burning desire for

one another was evident.

The dance suddenly stopped. It was time for the passion to


Jack took Paula into his arms; their lips met in a

cushing, burning, fire. What had been safely hidden deep inside

of them was now let loose.

Their mouths probed and sucked at each other. The kisses

were long, lingering, and wet.

Their arms surrounded each other; holding and caressing each

others body.

Jack grabbed Paula’s soft, firm, butt and squeezed the velvet

like skin as he pulled her closer. His, hard, erect manhood

strained against his pants. The beast needed to come forward

and take the prize of Paula’s wet, inviting pussy for it’s


Paula slowly began kissing down Jack’s body; hands fumbling;

fingers trembling; as she helped him undress.

When she got to his pants; she hesitated briefly; one last

chance to stop. The lust and desire had built up for too

long. Only passionate, lustful, sex would quench it’s heat.

Paula undid Jack’s pants and his rigid member sprang forth.

She marveled at it’s appearance. Stout and magestic; ready to

impale itself deep within her loveholes.

She softly began licking the undrside of the fuck tool in

front of her face. A shudder came from Jack’s throat each

time her tongue touched his manhood.

Paula kissed the head of the penis before her and proceeded

to take it’s length into her waiting mouth and throat.

She began a furrious, lustfull, cock sucking on the male

member inside of her mouth. Faster and faster she bobbed her

head on the pulsating cock. It’s head striking the back of

her throat; it’s buildup of creamy cum; soon to fill her


Paula gave one last suck and lick; when Jack’s penis began

to throb. It deposited stream after stream of his creamy,

tasty, love juice; deep inside of her throat. She savored

the taste of every drop and swallowed all he had to give.

She released his flacid penis from her soft lips and smiled

up at his grinning, satisfied face.

Now it was Jack’s turn to taste and possess her hot quim

for himself.

He picked Paula up in his arms and gave her a throat

searching kiss as he carried her into the bedroom.

He sat her down on the edge of the bed and took off the

lace teddy which surrounded her breasts. He started to kiss

and suckle on first one mound, and then the other. He made

sure that the breast not receiveing his tender lips was being

touched, tweeked, and fondled.

Paula grabbed his head and held it next to her bossom.

She did not want his gentile caress and sucking to stop.

Jack lifted his head from her chest. He gave her a hard,

passionate, kiss.

“Now!” He said with authoriy; “It’s time for me to taste


He gingerly took her lace panties off; and started to kiss

the inside of her legs.

Paula was crazy with desire. She laid back on the covers

of the bed and opened her legs to Jack.

The inviting v shape of her thighs beckened him to reach

it’s epicenter; her hot, wet, pussy.

Jack slowly continued his journey to Paula’s blonde love

mound. Each kiss and lick brought him ever closer to his

tasty prize.

When he reached his objective; Paula was squirming; her cunt

on fire; awaiting the touch of his lips.

He parted her outer pussy lips and exposed her clitoris; red

and plump; waiting to be ravished.

He licked the red nub like it was an ice cream cone. Each

lick of his tongue sent a torrent of heat and passion to

radiate from her womanhood throughout her whole body.

She cried out as her climax overtook her. Jack savored the

female love sauce her arroused love gave him. He eagerly

licked and swallowed every drop.

He then stood before the spread eagled blonde; her pussy

pulsating in it’s desire; begging his male member to impale

it. He thrust his hips forward and burried his manhood deep

within the inviting womb.

Paula gasphed as Jack plunged his fuck pole deep inside

her quim. Her womanhood engulphed the trusting member; holding

it; imploring it to possess her vaginal cavaty.

Jack cried out as his orgasm overcame him. His majestic

cock spewed forth it’s seed of life within the welcoming

warmth and caress of Paula’s pussy.

When he had finished his love deposit; he kissed the

beautiful blonde and pulled his flacid tool from her hot, just

fucked, hole.

“That was great!” Paula purred. Her cunt was still in the

grip of it’s ecstacy.

Jack turned her over on her stomach. There was still one

fuck hole for him to take.

He opened her butt cheeks and thrust his ass reamer inside

of her tight brownhole. His cock was covered with his creamy

jism and her love juices. It found it’s way into the inviting

ass hole with little resistance.

Jack grabbed Paula’s hips and increased his tempo. The

buildup of jism in his balls was not long in comming.

Paula shuddered as another orgasm spread from her pussy to

her invaded bung-hole. Jack’s fuck tool deposited all that it

had deep within Paula’s tight, pulsating ass.

When he had finished filling her ass with his cum; Jack

pulled out of the tight anal hole and smiled. His task of

pleasure completed.

For her part, Paula had one more task to perform. She

kissed and licked Jack’s cock. Cleaning it and making it

hard once more.

For Jack didn’t know it; but he was about to enter the

pussy zone.

“Let’s go stud! Once more with feeling!” Paula looked at

the handsome man who had serviced her needs so well.

“What? Again???” Jack was amazed that Paula was ready for

another sexual go-around.

“You awoke a sleeping giant, my handsome Jack. Time to pay

for your deed!” There was a look of lust coupled with dead

seriousness in Paula’s voice.

The pretty blonde opened her legs again; time for another

cunt lapping by her new lover.

As Jack dove between her inviting thighs; and once more

began licking and eating the hot, wet, cunt before him; he

had one lingering thought;

“Oh boy! It’s going to be a long night.”

Paula smiled as Jack began his tongueing of her womanhood

for a second time. As a new, intense orgasm approached, Paula

thought to herself.

“Once it’s entered, there’s no escape from Paula Zahn:

Pussy Zone!”

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