Jennifer Learns A Lesson

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, this sort of thing doesn’t
happen to celebs, however much we may want it too. If you are under
18, don’t read it. Don’t republish this without contacting me first.

Jennifer Learns a Lesson

By Whtstar57

Jennifer Aniston had just finished the days filming of Friends and
was anxious and thankful to leave. More and more now, she wanted to
get the hell away from the NBC sitcom, and make herself into a
“real” actress. Her cast mates and crew had noticed her over the
years becoming sexier and at the same time, more of a bitch. She

walked around with a holier than thou attitude and was rude to
anyone who didn’t make as much money as her (which was basically

Picking up her Versace purse from her trailer, she walked
out of the lot, refusing to acknowledge the guards as they said
goodnight to her. Wearing low cut jeans which wrapped themselves on
her tight, tan ass, and a white, almost see-through lace top, she
made her way to the parking lot, trying to remember where she left
the Porsche. It was getting cold out, her straight, dirty-blonde
hair flew in the wind, and her nipples began to get hard and stick
through the holes in her top. Putting her arms over her firm,
perfectly sized breasts, just in case some nosey photographer was
around, she cursed as her keys dropped with a clang to the pavement.

“Fuck!” She let out, as she bent over to find them.

“Nice ass honey,” a deep voice said, from behind her.

“Excuse me? Do you know who the hell you’re talking too? Where are
you anyways? I’ll get security to fuck you up mister.” Jennifer
said, obviously beginning to get frightened. She looked around, and
suddenly saw four men sitting on her car.

“Oh hey, I know you. You guys work for security, don’t you?” She
said, getting confused.

“Nah baby, we just quit. Surprised you even recognized us,” the
leader said. Each man was black, and extremely muscular. They all
wore security uniforms, so they didn’t arise suspicion. They began
to surround her, and slowly took out their tazers from their belts.

“Look,” Jennifer said, beginning to shake as she tried to hold back
tears. “Don’t hurt me ok? I can pay whatever you want. I make a
fucking million dollars an episode.”

The continued to get closer.

“Help me! Somebody!” she screamed, getting desperate now.

“Look you little white bitch, we don’t want any money, we want a
piece of that tan white ass of yours. We’re gonna rip that little
asshole of yours wiiiide open.”

Jennifer’s eyes widen, before she felt the immense pain of shock on
her left rib cage, and passed out.

She didn’t know how much time had gone by when she awoke, but when
she did, she found her self in a sleazy motel room. Around her, the
four black men sat naked, rubbing their cocks. She stared in
disbelief-each was over 8 inches-not even hard! She had a good idea
of what they had planned for her, but she knew she wouldn’t be able
to handle it. The only man she had had sex with in the past three
years had been Brad, and his dick was only three inches.

“You awake baby?” The same black leader said, and he stroked his 9
inch cock. “You gonna wish you was still asleep.” The men chuckled.
“Now take your clothes off you prude little white tramp, and come
over here.”

“Are you fucking kidding me? You guys can’t do this to me!” She
shouted, in a rude tone.

“Shut your fucking prissy mouth,” one of the men said as he punched
her hard in the stomach. Jennifer had never felt so much pain in her
life. She fell down to the floor with a thud, and could hardly move.

The man ripped her jeans off her ass roughly, revealing the nicest,
pear-shaped ass any of them had ever seen. Her beautiful snatch was
shaved, and as they tore her shirt off, her perfect tits popped out.
Her smooth curves were too much for the men. Suddenly she felt her
perfectly straight dirty-blonde hair being tugged, and her stunning,
prestine face being lifted in front of a huge black cock.

“Now suck it, you little bitch,” the leader said, and he shoved his
semi-erect member in her face. “Say you’d love to have four, huge
black cocks in you at the same time.”

Jennifer had never been more scared in her life. Four of those
monster cocks in her at the same time?

“I’d love to have those four black dicks, master.” She said slowly,
repulsed with herself.
The black man then shoved his dick all the way into her mouth and
began to fuck her face.

“Damn boys,” he said loudly, “this bitch can deepthroat my whole
mutha fucking cock!”

Two other men got up, one positioning himself behind her tight,
puckered asshole, and the other, underneath her beautiful pussy.
“Yeah, you like that Jennifer? You’re about to have three cocks in
you at once!”

“Please,” she said, taking a break from sucking the cock, “just not
my in my ass. Please, I never want it in there. It’s so…dirty.”

The men smiled. “Sorry honey, but your asshole is gonna be ripped
opened. And just for saying that, we’re gonna give you a little
extra something. Now keeping sucking!”

Jennifer put the dick back in her mouth, almost choking as she felt
the head, deep in the back of her throat.

The other man, now underneath her, wet the tip of his huge, now
erect monster dick, and roughly shoved it in to the hilt. Jennifer
felt it reach deep into her body. She couldn’t believe how much she
was being stretched out. The black cock pumped into her faster, and
felt herself rocked by a giant orgasm. She was ashamed that she was
taking pleasure from something like this.

The man on top of her tried to push the head of his 12-inch cock
into her ass, but it was too tight. She was resisting.
“Let me in bitch, or I’ll shove my fist in there to loosen that
little rich virgin ass of yours!” Wouldn’t be much smaller she
thought as she relaxed her ass muscles.

“Ohhh!” She screamed out, as she felt the first dick enter into her
tight asshole. It was just the head, but it still hurt like hell.
The man couldn’t believe how tight and warm it was, and he was
barely even inside. He spread some lube on her ass, and began to
fuck her harder. The dick was now stretching her ass out and being
pumped deep into her bowels. Jennifer kept squirming, trying to get
his cock to go slower…instead, it went faster.

“Aggghhhh! Please, you’re killing me! I can’t take that much cock!
My ass is just too tight!’ She creamed in agony.

“Oh that’s just too bad honey. Get ready for the fourth!”

Slowly the last man, got up from his chair, and lubed up his 14 inch
cock. He then preceded to squeeze his cock in with the one already
deep inside Jennifer’s ass. It was a tight fit, but with the lube,
the two fit snuggly in, forcing her asshole unnaturally wide open.

“Oh my god! Not two in my ass! You’re going to rip me open!” But
they continued mercilessly, and Jennifer realized with horror that
she was being fucked with four monster dicks at the same time, just
like they said they would.

The two black dicks in her ass were now
pressed against each other, and ripping her ass so wide open that it
was beginning to tear and bleed. But they wouldn’t stop-instead they
kept pumping harder. Jennifer kept hoping that she would pass out
from the pain, but her luck just kept going bad that day. Instead,
she felt the three dicks inside her stomach touching heads, and the
cock deep in her mouth blow a load so hard, that she choked. The cum
overflowed from her mouth and trickled down her chin.

“Now you three mutha fuckas! Blow those loads!” At their leaders
request the three black men, came deep within Jennifer, their hot
jism, mixing with her blood. They wiped their dicks all over her
tight body, and left her alone, beaten and abused in the hotel room.
Jennifer found herself crying as she rubbed her bruised, bleeding
ass hole, and stretched out snatch. She’d never look at people the
same way again.

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