Sarah The Little Girl Layer

Sarah The Little Girl Layer

by SUVYankee1 (

Sarah Michele Gellar had just finished the last season of Buffy the Vampire

Slayer and was presently in between projects. One of her friends, Carolyn

Baxter was about to get married. Carolyn was a forty year old single mom and

had the cutest five year old daughter named Susie. Both mother and daughter

had long curly blonde hair and blue eyes. Sarah had met Carolyn when the

older woman served as a make up artist on her show. Truth be told Sarah had

been somewhat sexually attracted to the older woman although she couldn’t

if it was due to Carolyn’s blonde hair or her extremely large tits.

When Carolyn asked Sarah to be a bridesmaid she quickly accepted and when

she asked Sarah to babysit for a week,Sarah said sure.

At the wedding Sarah and the bridesmaids were dressed in formal pink satin

gowns, with pink silk stockings, pink satin dress gloves, and shiny, glossy

black patent leather 4 inch heels. Susie is acting as the flower girl,

dressed in a formal pink satin flowergirl dress, pink nylon tights, pink

satin dress gloves black patent leather mary jane style shoes.

During the wedding and the reception afterwards, Sarah found her eyes

constantly drawn to those shiny,glossy mary janes. Sarah always had a fetish

for patent leather shoes and she fantisized how much fun it’d be to lick

those mary janes, tasting the leather while she masturbated to one mind

blowing orgasm after another.

When the wedding was over and Carolyn had left with her new husband. Sarah

drove Susie back home so she could babysit her. Susie was very tired from all

the days excitement,so Sarah helped her get ready for bed. After Susie was

fast asleep Sarah on a whim took Susies mary janes out and brought them to

Carolyn’s room where she was sleeping. She began by sniffing the stinky shoes

and began to lick the glossy shoes. The stinky smell really got Sarah off.

She began to rub the shoes on her clean shaved pussy,finally shoving the

shoes into her hot cunt. Pushing the shoes in faster and faster till she came

shooting girl cum all over them. She then cleaned them,put them back and went

to sleep.

The next day being a Sunday Sarah decided to take Susie shopping. They came

home and played games. After dinner Sarah popped the DVD version of Titanic

into the DVD player. When the movie was finished,Susie was fascinated by

kissing. On impulse she kissed Sarah. Sarah was shocked at first but then

got a tingly feeling in her pussy and allowed the kiss to go on longer than

it should have. In a bit of a daze she pushes Susie away. She says that such

behavior is not lady like because girls should only kiss boys not other

girls. Sarah then puts a somewhat dejected Susie to bed. Sarah can’t get the

kiss out of her head.

As she slept Sarah began to have fantasies about Susie, very sexy fantasies.

She tossed and turned thinking this isn’t right these thoughts are sick and

perverted. Sarah has realized she was bisexual ever since she was raped by

Kristen Sutherland when Buffy first started. She had been scared at first

then grew to love it. Since then women her age attracted her and sometimes

underage girls like Michelle Tractenburg. Ah Michelle, who had been only 14

when she joined the show. It had been so much fun getting her stoned and then

raping her. Michelle had become her girlfriend after that, though she let

Kristen and Eliza have fun with her whenever they wanted. The last Sarah had

heard of her, Michelle was turning tricks on Hollywood Blvd., letting any

older woman have her for a price. It seemed poor Michelle could never get

enough of being raped and abused by older women. What Sarah was feeling for

Susie now was different, she had never been turned on by a girl as young as

five. That is until now before the night was over, Sarah was fingering

herself thinking about Susie.

The next day was a school day and Sarah dropped Susie off there. She then

went to the house and gathered clothes for the wash. While going through the

clothes she found a pair of Susie’s Winnie the pooh panties. On impulse she

sniffs the crotch. The funky aroma, a mixture of piss,shit and preteen pussy

odor turns Sarah on. While the wash is running Sarah lies naked on Susies bed

the smelly panties lying over Sarah’s nose. She used those oh so sexy patent

leather mary janes to DP herself.

Sarah got off on DP’ing herself, fucking her shaved cunt and shoving the

other one in her gorgeous asshole. About this time Sarah realizes she’s

craving and desiring to smell and taste Susies pussy odor right from the

source. No Sarah says aloud that’s wrong. I’m not a lezzie pedophile. I

couldn’t be could I? The more she thought about it the harder she fucked

herself finally coming harder than she ever had before. She poured herself

a glass of Jack Daniels to calm her nerves,again asking out loud,I am not

a lezzie pedophile I’m not but the thought of licking and tongue fucking

Susies five year old pussy and asshole just wouldn’t leave Sarah alone.

After dinner that night Sarah puts Susie in front of the tv to watch

cartoons. Thank God for the cartoon channel thought Sarah. She felt so

sexually frustrated and tense that she decided to take a bath with her

friend Jack Daniels for company. As she relaxed in the tub and got

slightly drunk, Sarah heard someone else come into the bathroom, it was


Susie asks if she can join her and before Sarah can say a word, Susie is

naked and in the bath with her. Susie sits in between Sarah’s legs, resting

her head on Sarah’s chest. Having this cute preteen body next to hers is

just too much for Sarah.

So on impulse Sarah gives Susie a light kiss on the lips then french kisses

her. She then puts a finger on Susies pussy rubbing that sexy hairless piece

of heaven. Sarah then admits to herself that she is a lezzie pedophile and

that Susie will be just the first of many pre teen girls she has hot sex

with. After they wash each other,Sarah dries Susie and takes her by the hand

naked into the mothers bedroom. Susie is absolutely amazed that Sarah’s cunt

is as hairless as her own. Sarah smiles at this and tells Susie that she

shaves her pussy clean cause it makes her feel very sexy.

Sarah tells Susie to get on her mom’s bed and to spread her legs. Susie does

this and Sarah can’t believe how sexy Susies pussy is. Why haven’t I done a

five year old before Sarah wonders. Sarah gets on her knees and begins to eat

Susie’s cunt. “Oh Sarah that feels so good.”

Sarah says, “You taste so good Susie.”

Sarah tongue fucks Susie and fingers her asshole. Sarah brings Susie close to

climax then stops.

“Why have you stopped Sarah?”

“Because I want you to eat my cunt now.”

Sarah lies on the bed and Susie uses her tongue on Sarah and fingers Sarah’s

pussy and ass. Sarah is writhing in ecstasy. “Yes Susie Yes mmmm.”

Then Sarah pushes Susie away and tells her to get on all fours. Sarah then

tongue and finger fucks Susie’s cute asshole. “Ohhh Sarah your fingers and

tongue mmmm.”

Sarah loves eating Susie’s asshole, occassionally getting a piece of Susie’s

shit and eating it. Sarah just loved eating shit and drinking piss no matter

if it was human or animal droppings. Then Sarah turned her asshole to Susie

and said, “Now tongue my ass and if you taste my shit I want you to eat it


Susie reluctantly agreed, she didn’t mind the toungue fucking part, just the

shit eating part. Sarah hadn’t wiped her ass before getting in the tub, so

Susie ended up eating a lot of shit. Susie couldn’t believe how good it was

and said so. Sarah smiled and said, “Glad you liked it, you’ll love drinking

piss. Now lay on the bed and spread your legs wide.”

Susie did so thinking she was going to be eaten again. Sarah got a pair of

Carolyns’ 5″ shiny,glossy, black patent leather shoes.

“Susie it’s time you lose that nasty cherry and become a woman.” said Sarah.

Sarah thought, God I haven’t had so much fun since I raped Michelle. I can’t

wait to rape some more little girls. She then took the shoes and told Susie

to lick them all over but especially do the heels. Susie licked them slowly

giving each heel a blow job any guy would die for. Sarah then took one shoe

and shoved the heel, all 5″ in Susie’s pussy busting her cherry. Susie cried

out “OWWWW Sarah that hurts.”

Sarah smiled at that comment. She eased the heel into a gentle but fast fuck

and then shoved the heel from the other shoe into Susies’ sexy asshole. She

continues to DP her till she has her first orgasm. Then Sarah got Susies mary

janes laid down licking them all over and gave them to Susie. “Take these

shoes and fuck both my holes. Do it now.”

Susie fucks Sarah to one orgasm after another.

The next day Sarah drops Susie off at kindergarten but not before they eat

each others hot cunts and french kiss passionately. Sarah wants to fuck Susie

with something bigger than a stilletto heel and goes to a sex shop. She’s a

regular there and on a first name basis with the employees, all hot lesbians.

She buys a 6″ long dildo that is 2″ wide. It was made for introducing girls

to ass fucking. Sarah thought well it’ll have a different purpose tonight.

She also buys a strapon device. The clerk behind the counter smiles and as

she rings Sarah up,she wishes God why doesn’t Sarah want my asshole.

When Susie got home from school that day,Sarah said she had a surprise for

her but she wouldn’t give it to her until that evening. In the meantime both

Sarah and Susie stripped and ran around the house playing tag. Whoever caught

the other had to eat that persons pussy. She fuckedSusie’s cunt and asshole

with the stiletto heels in everyroom of the house,Susie loves it, “Oh Sarah

I’ve been dreaming of this all day.”

This makes Sarah smile and say, “So have I darling.”

That evening after dinner Sarah says it’s time for her surprise. Susie jumps

up and down going, “Yippee!”

Sarah tells Susie to go in the backyard and wait, Susie does so. Sarah comes

out a few minutes later with the strapon dildo in place. During dinner Sarah

had been drinking and she no longer had any inhibitions, if someone saw them

oh well Sarah didn’t care.

Susie says, “What’s that Sarah?”

“It’s a strapon dildo, basically a fake cock and I’m going to fuck you with

it. Now come over here and suck my cock Susie.”

Susie does so and Sarah smiles thinking just a few days ago Susie was sweet

and innocent,now she’s still sweet but an absolute lezzie slut. Sarah pushes

her down spreading her legs and begins a good fucking. Susie moans in sheer


While the backyard was fully fenced in. There were houses on all sides but

only one where someone could look down into the Baxters’ backyard. As Sarah

was fucking Susie’s asshole the two ladies of this house next door awoke.

Jordan Price a well known model couldn’t sleep and had gotten up to read,

her daughter Zoe was in the room next door. Zoe was four and Susie Baxter’s

best friend. She needed to pee but stopped short when she saw what was

happening next door. She saw Susie being fucked by Sarah. Zoe was too young

to realize what was happening and while she found it interesting she went

to the bathroom and back to bed. Jordan was lonely, her husband had dumped

her and she wasn’t getting fucked regularly. Instead of reading,she decided

to get drunk and masturbate. As she looked out her window, drinking from a

bottle of Absolut she almost dropped the bottle because of what she saw. She

didn’t know what to do call the cops or what.

As she watched the show she found herself getting turned on till she had to

masturbate. She fingered herself and squeezed her huge jugs. By the time

Sarah noticed her, Jordan was fucking herself silly with the bottle and

sucking her nipples. Sarah smiled at her and Jordan smiled back weakly,

embarrassed at what she had done. Jordan ran back to her bed crying herself

to sleep, thinking “I can’t be attracted to little girls, I’m not that

desperate am I?” The thing was, she really was that desperate.

The following day when Susie gets home Sarah has another surprise for her.

Sarah is dressed in her bridesmaid dress and tells Susie they’re going to

play dress up. She helps Susie into her sexy pink satin flowergirl dress,

pink satin dress gloves,pink nylon tights,and glossy black patent leather

mary janes. Sarah pulls out a big bottle of ranch dressing to fulfill one

of her other fetishes, sploshing. She pours the ranch dressing all over the

girl, getting another bottle she has Susie do the same to her. “This is fun

Sarah. I love getting messy but what about our dresses?”

Sarah smiles and says, “Don’t worry I’ll just buy similar dresses and your

mom won’t know the difference. Now let’s get naked but leave your shoes on.”

Susie says ok. Sarah had Susie get on the couch with her legs spread, then

Sarah took off her left mary jane.

Sniffing it and licking it,looking at Susie with a sexy stare. Sarah loved

the smell of stinky feet ever since Kristin forced her to sniff and lick

her feet after Kristin hadn’t washed them for days. Then she ate Susie to

a massive orgasm,Sarah got on the couch and told Susie to take the 5″

stiletto’s off her feet. Susie did so and almost gagged. Sarah was never a

neat freak and rarely washed her feet much less cleaned in between her toes.

“Well Susie it looks like I need my feet cleaned doesn’t. Time to get that

great tongue of yours busy. You may begin with my left foot.” Susie was

horrified. Sarah can’t mean it. Lick her stinky feet and clean between her

toes. As if reading her mind Sarah says in a stronger tone, “Yes I do mean

it now begin licking and don’t forget to get that toe jam and you better

eat that jam you little bitch.”

Susie begins to lick immediately. After awhile she can’t believe how tasty

Sarah’s feet are, especially the toe jam. Meanwhile next door Zoe Price gets

home to an empty house. She knew her mom was out at a local photo shoot and

talent contest and so she made herself a peanut butter sandwich and watched

cartoon network. Jordan had a bit rougher day. She couldn’t get what she had

seen the night before out of her mind nor could she forget how it had

affected her. As she sat judging the pretty little girl models her thoughts

swirled around the idea of having hot lesbian sex. She thought of doing

Susie, the little sex goddesses posing before her and worst of all thought

Jordan, raping the shit out of her little Zoe.

The next day while Susie is at kindergarten Sarah begins to have fun with

the family dog. She loved everything about beastiality. Having sex with

animals, watching beastiality films,reading sex novels involving beastiality,

why she even loved eating the shit and drinking the piss of animals. Sarah’s

two favorite types of animal lovers were dogs and horses, although she was

more than willing to try other animals, the opportunity hadn’t presented

itself. Sarah trained the dog to lick her cunt and her ass.

Then she trained him to fuck both her holes. This German Sheppard was great

just the right size. Truth be told Sarah preferred three types of cock,

rubber, dog and horse to any human cock she’d ever had. The slimy texture

of doggy cock, how it’s pointy tip would just ooze pre cum as she’d suck it.

She especially loved how a dog would fuck her ass and pussy as if their cock

was a jackhammer. MMMM nothing else like dog cock except maybe horse cock

Sarah giggled. When Susie got home, Sarah had her strip. “I want to show you

what kind of fun you can have with your dog Rolf. Let me show you.”

Sarah calls Rolf over and says, “Lick my cunt boy.” as the dog does so Sarah

says, “That’s a good boy. mmmm.”

After a short time Sarah makes the dog stop eating her shaved pussy. Susie

had been sitting in a chair fingering herself. “MMMM wow that’s sexy Sarah.”

“Watch this Susie.” Sarah sucks doggy cock making it hard,she then gets on

all fours and the dog mounts her. “You’ll have to help him find your hole

but that’s not difficult.” Sarah says.

When the dog shoots his load in her there’s a knot holding them together for

a moment or so. While she waits for the knot to go down she eats Susie’s


“We have to let him relax a bit till he can go again.”

Susie is fascinated by how the dog licks his cock and balls to clean them.

“I wish I could eat my own pussy like Rolf can lick his private parts.”

Sarah and Susie laugh at this. After an hour Rolf is ready to go. “Alright

Susie it’s your turn to do Rolf. Just do what I did.”

Susie sits on the couch legs spread. Rolf eats her till she has a great

orgasm. “That was great Sarah. I’m going to suck his cock.” She does just


Licking up and down, sucking doggy cock. Sarah is fingering herself like mad.

Then Susie gets on all fours and helps Rolf shove his cock in her. He fucks

her brains out when the knots in her Sarah grabs her head and makes Susie

eat her hot cunt and for the very first time makes Susie drink piss. They hug

and french kiss deeply and passionately.

A few hours later Sarah leads Susie and Rolf out in the backyard, and they

proceed to do it all over again. Jordan couldn’t sleep and so decided to hit

the bottle and to see if Susie and Sarah were at it again. Jordan almost

fainted when she saw Rolf fucking little Susies asshole. She had done dogs

a couple times down in Tijuana back in her college days but she had been

bombed on tequilla. Needless to say Jordan had fun getting drunk out of her

gourd and fucking herself with the bottle. She even drank her own piss out

of the bottle as she was too tired and horny to go to the bathroom. Sarah

saw this happening and smiled thinking how great it was to bring another

woman to her senses by making her realize she’s a lesbian pedophile.

The following day Susie goes to school and Sarah has fun with Rolf. What to

do to that cute slut Susie thought Sarah. Just then poor Rolf took a shit on

the carpet Sarah had waited too long to take him for his walk. As she ate

Rolf’s scat,Sarah thought, ‘mmmm such good scat. Yes I’ll teach Susie the

true joy of eating shit. ‘

When Susie got home Sarah told her to strip and she did so. Then Sarah gave

her chocolate flavored Ex-Lax,without telling her what it was and Sarah took

some as well. While waiting for it to kick in the two lovers french kiss and

eat each other.

A short time later they both have to shit bad. “Susie you can shit in my

mouth and I’ll eat it. Then I’ll do the same to you,ok?”

“Well I don’t know mmmm,oohhh Sarah I have to go so bad ok I’ll do it.”

Sarah positions herself beneath Susie,who upon a signal from Sarah, proceeds

to shit in Sarahs mouth. Sarah eats it treating it almost as if it’s a rare

delicacy. Then they switch positions and Sarah shits in Susies mouth. Susie’s

mouth is too small and a couple medium sized turds fall on Susies body. Sarah

quickly turns around and pisses in Susies mouth, “Here’s some piss to wash

the shit down with.”

Susie says, “Oh Sarah I wouldn’t know how sexy and tasty shit can be if it

weren’t for you.”

Sarah smiles and says, “I’m placing one of your turds in my cunt and you put

one of mine in your cunt then we can sixty nine and eat it. “That’s what they


Meanwhile Jordan also had an interesting day. Tomorrow would be the end of

the talent show/photo shoot and mothers were getting desperate for their

little girl to win.

Mrs. Elizabeth Randolph was one such mother. She felt Jordan might be the

swing vote. “Ms. Price if you’ll just interview my Veronica,I’m sure you’ll

agree she should win.”

Jordan knew that she wasn’t the swing vote but said, “Alright Mrs. Randolph

let me speak to her alone.”

Once the mother was gone Jordan took the girl to a side room and locked the


“Well tell me Veronica have you ever been truly kissed by another woman?”

The gorgeous six year old with luxurious waist length black hair said, “Why

no Ms. Price I haven’t.”

Jordan thought my God am I actually going to do this beautiful child? She

smiled as she knew the answer was yes. Jordan got on her knees and french

kissed Veronica. Then Jordan Price internationally known model and

spokesperson proceeded to rape little Veronica Randolph and Jordan truly

enjoyed every minute. A half hour later Veronica leaves the room on slightly

unsteady feet. No longer a virgin either vaginally or anally having lost her

cherries to Jordan’s shiny patent leather shoes. As she looked at her mom

and the other mommy’s she wondered,’I wonder if any of these other women

would want to do me. Jordan was so nice she said even if I didn’t win mommy

could call Adam Perve a big movie producer who was always looking for new

talent. ‘Veronica held Adam Perves card in her cute hands and gave it to her

mom telling her what Jordan had said but not what she had done to her. Mrs.

Randolph was very happy,Veronica was very horny.

The next day Sarah told Susie they were going to her ranch outside of town

for the day. Susie went “Yippie! Can I bring a friend? Please Sarah Please.”

Sarah thought for a moment, ‘Another little girl to turn into a slut why

not.’ To Susie she said, “Why not? Who do you want to invite, your little

friend Zoe?”

Susie said, “No Zoe’s mom is busy so she wouldn’t be able to ask her

permission. I know I’ll call Tracy.”

As Susie does this Sarah thinks to herself, ‘Tracy Johnson that’s that cute

little redhead. She’s only four but soon she’ll be acting like a whore.’

Sarah giggled at her little rhyme. Susie came back and said “Tracy’s mommy

said it was fine. Her mom’s a big fan of yours.”

Tracy arrived dressed in a beautiful red and white checkered dress. Her hair

was slightly curly and went to below her adorable ass. On her feet were cute

black and white saddle type shoes. “Wow I can’t believe I’m actually meeting

you Ms. Gellar.

“Sarah said, “Please call me Sarah. Would you two like a pepsi?”

Both girls said “Yes please” in unison and giggled.

Sarah got the Pepsi’s spiking them with Spanish Fly to make the girls horny

as hell. She did this cause she couldn’t figure another way to rape her

without alarming Susie, whose rape had been more of a gentle seduction. Soon

enough both girls were very horny especially Tracy since she had another

pepsi right after the first. The second was spiked like the first. Both girls

did strip teases since they were so hot. Tracy was an adorably sexy 4 year

old. “I’m so hot Sarah and my puss puss itches.”

“Well then Tracy scratch that itch.”

It was soooo sexy watching a four year old girl masturbate for the first

time. At first she fingered herself but then Susie started fingering her

and Tracy fingered Susie. Sarah bent over Tracy and french kissed her hard,

Tracy kissed back. Then Sarah ate her out. Sarah got up and came back with

a strap-on dildo on her waist. She positioned herself right and shoved it

in Tracy’s cunt. The girl gurgled but then went back to moaning in extreme


Tracy couldn’t explain why she felt this way but she had the feeling that

after today she’d want every older woman she saw to be her lover, including

her mommy. Susie and Tracy got in a 69 and ate each other. As they did this

Sarah fucked Tracy’s sweet ass. Tracy loved it. Sarah then stood up to go

get ready for the farm. She told Tracy to look at her and when she did Sarah

pissed and shit all over her. Susie fed Tracy turd after turd with Tracy

unable to believe how yummy shit and piss are. She instinctively started to

eat out Sarah’s pussy and then her asshole. After the girls calmed down a

bit the got cleaned up and left for the small ranch. On the way though they

pulled over a couple times for some hot muff diving. By early afternoon they

were there. Sarah took them to the barn and introduced them to “Big Boy” a

beautiful Arabian stallion.

All three ladies blew the horse’s massive cock. Then Sarah shocks them by

letting the horse fuck her. This turns on the girls and Susie eats Tracy.

Sarah then brings each girl to the horse and shoves the horse cock in their

cunt. They gasp and cry both in pain and pleasure. Then Sarah and the girls

begin blowing the horse again. The horse cums all over the two little girls.

As the girls lick horse cum off each other, Sarah picked up some horse shit,

“Here Tracy eat this horse dung.”

Tracy does so then she takes what she can’t eat and rubs it in her hair and

on her body. Sarah and Susie lick her clean. Sarah looks at Tracy and Susie

and thinks to herself, ‘Wow I really did turn them into lesbian sluts. I

wonder what happened to Zoe’s mom.’

For the first time in months Jordan was sexually satisfied. To think all

these months and so many little girls I could’ve been raping. Now she was

grateful that she had met Adam Perve and still had his business cards. He

always wanted “new talent,” and now Jordan could supply that talent. Mrs.

Finney brought her daughter over to Jordan who thought great my victims

come to me hand delivered by their moms. “Ms. Price please interview my

daughter Mary you’ll see she’s the girl to pick for the winner. ”

Jordan smiled, “Sure come with me Mary.”

Jordan took her to the room where she had raped Veronica Randolph the day

before. There she spent the next hour raping this little angel. Jordan loved

doing this and stroking the girls sexy red hair. Mary also left the room on

wobbly feet holding Adam Perves card and wondering how much fun it would be

to do the other mommys especially her own mommy.

Sarah got the girls cleaned up and back to Susies. They spent the night

having wild sex. When Susies mom Carolyn Robinson (maiden name Baxter) got

home the following day,everything was clean and neat. The girls swore they’d

never tell and Sarah promised she’d babysit whenever she could. Carolyn

looked tired but sexy in a halter top and short shorts,both Susie and Tracy

drooled looking at her. Carolyn put this down to the girls being hungry,

little did she know what they were hungry for. “Susie wasn’t too much trouble

was she Sarah?”

Sarah smiled, “Oh no Carolyn she was my little angel.”

Little slut is more like it thought Sarah as she left Carolyn and Susie. She

took Tracy home fucking her real good and pissing down her throat before they

got to Tracy’s home. Sarah gave her a deep french kiss as she said goodbye

and drove to her own house.

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