Girls Aloud – Taught A Lesson

Girls Aloud – Taught A Lesson

Starring Girls Aloud
(Cheryl Tweedy, Kimberley Walsh, Nadine Coyle, Sarah Harding and Nicola Roberts)

After the success of their first single, the girls had a bit of time
off to relax alittle. They did get a bit of negative press however,
especially over an alleged assult on a woman by Cheryl in a

The management team decided to get the girls back in the studio to
do the next single.

They then had to try and undo lots of damage so they went on a
relentless tour round the country doing lots of photo shoots and
The last photo shoot before the release of the single
was in Brixton.

“Just think girls, in under two weeks I will be EIGHTEEN and this
will all be over, I will actually be able to buy my own drinks in
the pub” said Nadine.

“Huh, its ok for you, i’ve still got months to go yet” said Nicola.
The others laughed and trotted out to the set of their final photo

Cheryl, ninteen, strolled out wearing a black vest and short black
skirt. Her hair was straight and she looked stunning.

Kimberley, twentyone, wore a white vest and grey denim skirt. Her
hair had blonde highlights in and she too was looking great.

Nadine, seventeen, had a white denim top that was laced at the front
and showed her cleavage nicely. She had a short blue denim skirt on,
which was sort of wrap around, the split showed off lots of thigh.

Nichola, seventeen also, wore an all in one white mini dress.

Blonde Sarah, twentyone, wore a pink thin strapped top and a short
leather skirt.

The photographers complimented them and they got down to work. The
shoot was going well and time flew by. The girls were well into it
and did not notice five black guys walk in.

The guys just stood behind the crew and watched, with their arms
folded. Finally, one of the photographers asked “Yes!, who are you
and what are you doing here?”

One of the guys grunted “Who we are isn’t important to you. What we
are here for is….. the girls!”

Sarah, not recogising any of them, pricked up her ears and said

With that the five guys lashed out and battered the poor,
defenceless cameramen to the floor. The girls backed off and
Kimberley let out a scream. Sarah joined in while the others stood
there speechless.

As the men fell the black guys put the boot in and kicked them half
to death. They then turned their attentions to the girls.
They had a menacing look in their eyes as they approached the girls.
Sarah, decided to make the first move and ran for the door. The poor
girl did not get far in her heels and was caught by one of the men.

He wrapped his arms around her body and growled “GOTCHA!”
Sarah kicked and screamed but could not get free.

Nadine was next to try but she too ran straight into the arms of one
of the guys. Her captor gleefully cried “YESSS! I GOT THE BEST ONE!”

Kimberley ran too but tripped over. She looked up to find a big
black man above her. She tried to crawl away but she too was caught.

The black guy smiled and whispered “HE HE HE GOT YOU!”
Cheryl and Nicola backed off. The leader pointed the other guy
towards Nicola. “Oh Man! I got the short straw!” he said.

As he approached, Nicola stood there shaking her head. She had
backed into the wall and had nowhere to go.
Tears were forming in her eyes and she sobbed “NO, no, no, no, no.”

The guy caught the ginger girl easily and said “You’re mine, bitch!”

Cheryl, trying to take it all in, shouted “Why are you doing this?”

“You know why, bitch! Nobody fucks with my Aunty and gets away with
it!” said the leader.

Cheryl, realising who this was blurted “I-I-I… I didn’t beat up
your Aunt!”

He responded “Save it bitch!, we’re gunna teach you a lesson!”

Cheryl looked over to the door and said “Oh thank God you’re here!”

The leader turned and Cheryl made a dash for the door.
Kimberly and Sarah stopped their struggling momentarily to shout

Cheryl reached the door but squealed loudly as she was caught and
dragged back into the room.
The other girls began to cry at seeing their mate captured.

“Very cleaver, bitch. You almost got away!” said the leader.

Girls Aloud looked around at each other and couldn’t believe what
was happening. They had each been caught and were being held fast by
five black guys.

Sarah screamed again. This was turned into a muffled squeal as a
hand was placed over her mouth.

“Noone can hear you, but if this makes you feel more helpless, then
fine” said her captor.

“Girls, we are now going to have some fun. And just in case you were
wondering… This is all Cheryl’s fault!” said the leader.

The girls squirmed again in their captors arms. They were well and
truely caught and were dredding what might be coming their way.
The leader ran his thumb over Cheryl’s nipple and she whimpered in

“The first game is…. who can make his girl cum first!….. the
second game will be…. who can last the longest without cumming!”
said the leader.

The girls now knew that they were going to be sexually violated or
even RAPED!
They all whimpered and cried as their captors made a space and laid
them down on the floor.

Nadine’s captor was the youngest of the men and most inexperienced.
He reached up her skirt and ripped her cotton panties clean off,
causing the teenager to scream loudly.
He then undid his trousers and flopped his huge pole out.
If Nadine had not been crying already, her eyes would certainly have
watered at the sight of the cock about to be inserted into her.

Nicola’s captor forced her to remove her own dress. The helpless
girl, who is the youngest of the five, had no option but to obey.
The guy groaned at the sight of her matching silk bra and panties.
Her body was pretty fit.

The other three girls could do little as their captors reached up
their skirts and removed their underwear.

As the leader parted Cheryl’s legs he shouted “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”

Nadine squealed loudest as her rapist plunged his huge cock into her
young pussy. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen and that
included all the footballers she has known too.

Nadine closed her eyes and prayed it would all be over soon but she
felt her lovely breasts being fondled carefully and the lace down
her top being undone.
Her wonderfull tits popped out and after ripping her wonderbra off,
Nadine’s rapist began to lick her nipples.

Nadine groaned. Her sexy young body was reacting and she was getting
all hot. Nadine gasped and pleaded with her rapist to stop. She was
on her way to an orgasm and there was nothing she could do about it.
Nadine turned her head to see Cheryl to her left. She too was
breathing heavily under body of her rapist.

To Nadine’s right was Nicola. She was crying but shouting out “NO”,
in between gasps.

It seems none of the girls were having an easy ride.
The two twentyone year olds were fairing best but they too were
beginning to get worn down by their rapists.

Sarah and Kimberley each had their tops removed and groaned as their
breasts where molested.
The five black guys worked really hard to make their girl orgasm.
Finally the moment came and we had a winner…

Poor Nadine was first to be broken and she orgasmed wildly.
Her rapist was over the moon and grunted “YES! YES!” as he watched
his young victim twitch underneath him.

Nadine felt utterly humiliated. It was not over yet though and the
poor girl just layed there as the rape continued.
Cheryl looked over and saw what happened. She had been fighting
desparatly to avoid an orgasm.
She knew she was in a no win situation though and eventually she relaxed
her body and rocked to a massive orgasm.
The nineteen year old looked across at the already beaten Nadine and
mouthed the word ‘sorry.’
Both girls then blinked and a trickle of tears ran down their pretty

Nadine’s rapist was still going for it and really enjoying his young

Nicola was forced to orgasm next but as she did, so did Nadine.
Nadine cried and cried but then screamed hysterically as she felt
her womb fill with cum.
Her rapist had made her orgasm twice and won the first game but now
had lost the second.

This had little bearing on Nadine who could feel this guy’s slimey
semen swimming its way to her womb.
As she cried and whimpered at the competion of her rape, the others
laughed and mocked her rapist for losing.

Suddenly, Sarah and Kimberley ogasmed together, which must have both
suprised and pleased their rapists.

Not long after, Kimberley’s rapists offloaded inside her to complete
her misery. A few minutes later, Sarah was also filled with cum.
Somehow the leader had managed to sustain the rape on Cheryl without
coming. Nicola’s rapist was next to cum to his massive disgust. He
had, in his mind, the most minging girl and thought he had a good
chance of winning the second game.

Everyone gathered around with their girl to watch the leader finish
with Cheryl.

The poor girl orgasmed for a second time before nearly passing out
as an absolute fountain of cum flooded her pussy and womb.
The leader got off and said “Now, we are almost even. If you’re
pregnant, I’ll consider it even… if not…. well, we have to come
see you again!”

Each girl sobbed and cried in each others arms as they contemplated
the idea of being pregnant.

Mums Aloud does not quite sound the same…

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