Jackie Kennedy’s Sexual Awakening Part 2

Jackie Kennedy’s Sexual Awakening Part 2

by John Adam Smith

The morning after her night of self indulgence and gratification,
Jackie dutifully visited Doug’s office to check on the report he was
working on for her White House restoration committee. As he opened
the door and greeted her with an ingratiating smile and firm
handshake (one of those handshakes where he used both hands over
hers), Jackie couldn’t help but find herself immediately drawn to
his youthful exuberance, chestnut hair, and piercing eyes. She
realized these were the same things she found attractive in Jack
when she first met him
10 years earlier. Offering her a chair, Doug
settled back behind his desk to begin his plot to seduce the first
lady. Before he could get one word out of his mouth, he noticed
Jackie was staring at him with a big enraptured grin on her face.
Doug smiled back, and asked her what was the matter? Jackie turned
beet red in embarrassment, and shyly, quietly said, “I’m sorry Doug,
but you’re just such a handsome young man I couldn’t help but
stare”. “You’re going to make some young lady very happy someday!”
Doug smiled, his mind racing, he thought to himself “I think someone
in this room is going to be very happy this evening!”

Doug matter of factly told Jackie that the report, which was due the
next morning, was far from done, and that he needed to spend some
time with her to go over some of the details. This, of course, was a
lie. The report had been done for sometime now, but Doug was using
this as an excuse to find some time alone with Jackie. Jackie said
“well my schedule is booked pretty solid today, what shall we do?”
Doug offered the following suggestion; “why don’t you drop by my
apartment this evening and we can go over it there. I have a lot of
the papers and other material there, so it would make things a lot
easier for both of us”. Jackie said that would be fine with her, and
they decided to meet at 7pm that evening. Doug absentmindedly said
“good, it’s a date then”, to which Jackie, seizing the opportunity
to put her arm around his muscular shoulders, said “it’s been a long
time since I had a date, Doug”. Doug himself became embarrassed,
realizing how she mistook his comment, and through a faked laugh, he
said simply “sorry about that, Mrs. Kennedy, I shouldn’t have said
that”. Jackie laughed and said “don’t be silly, Doug, you said
nothing wrong. It’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to seeing your
place”. Doug only had one room in mind to show her…the bedroom.

Doug got home early that night, wanting to make sure everything was
just right. He slipped into a brand new steel grey suit, with a
sharp looking blue tie. The First lady herself was getting ready for
her “big date”. She too dressed in a grey checked suit, white
leather gloves, and black pumps.

The secret service accompanied her to Doug’s posh apartment, as was
customary, but they all knew Doug so well, they decided not to
accompany her inside, rather waiting in the car to catch up on some
sleep. It was a perfect set-up for seduction. Jackie and Doug would
be completely alone.

The doorbell ringing at precisely 7pm send shivers down Doug’s
spine. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door to find a vision of
beauty in Jackie standing before him. She’d always been beautiful,
but this evening she was especially enchanting. Her hair was pinned
up, her suit was flawless, her shiny black leather pumps glistened
as he invited her in and she stepped through the door. He told her
to make herself comfortable while he poured them each a glass of
champagne. Jackie took a seat on his sofa, purposely glancing Doug’s
way as he walked towards the bar. Paying attention to his firm,
muscle-toned buttocks rising and falling as he walked, she thought
to herself, “he’s like a rock”. She’d soon find another part of him
was equally as hard.

Doug sat down next to her and offered the champagne and a toast.
Jackie, feeling herself falling under his spell, decided the best
thing to do would be to jump right in to their work. She said “about
this report”, grabbing the copy that was nicely bound and setting on
the coffee table. Paging through it, she could tell it was
thoroughly completed and most professionally done. It was exactly
what she wanted. Perplexed, she turned to Doug and said “I don’t
understand.. why did you need me to come here”. Doug took the report
from her lap and set it on the table. Gazing deep into her eyes,
Doug took Jackie’s leather clad hands into his and said simply “I’ve
needed to be with you so bad I can’t stand it”. “What?” said Jackie,
trying to make sense of things. “I think you know what I mean” said
Doug. She smiled and said “Oh Doug, I’ve been so terribly lonely.
You have no idea what it’s like to hear rumors and stories about
Jack and his sexual…” Doug stopped her short by pressing his lips
tenderly against hers. At first, she resisted, pulling back, but
then gave in to her own pent up desires and the two shared a long
passionate kiss. Afterwards, they both sat looking at one another,
neither knowing quite what to say. Jackie broke the silence and said
“Doug, what are we going to do about this attraction of ours?”. Doug
rose and stood in front of Jackie, taking off his sport coat and
tie, and undoing the top button of his shirt. Doug had Jackie’s full
and undivided attention. “It’s getting warm in here, isn’t it?”
Jackie could only manage a faint nod. “I think I’m going to get more
comfortable”. With that, Doug proceeded to strip in front of Jackie.

Doug got a jolt of adrenaline when he saw Jackie lift her left leg
up into the air to cross over her right leg. Even in the dimly lit
room, Doug was sure he saw that Jackie Kennedy
wasn’t wearing any panties under the fabric of her knee high checked
skirt. In her haze, with her mind racing at the thought of her “big
date”, Jackie absentmindedly forgot to put on any underwear. Of
course, she often went braless. Her breasts were not very large, and
didn’t really require any support. Doug now had his shirt unbuttoned
completly revealing a golden tanned and rippled chest. “That’s very
nice,” Jackie cooed, loud enough for Doug to hear.

Smiling down at her, Doug continued working the heavy, starched
shirt completly off his shoulders, exposing the firmness of his
pecs, biceps, and as he completly cast the shirt aside, his thick
powerful forearms.

Droping the shirt to the floor, Doug began to swing his hips side to
side softly in front of Jackie’s expectant face. Taking his belt
into his massive hands, Doug delicatly worked the binding free until
he was able to pull it through the loops of his trousers, allowing
the phallic like strap to dangle in midair above Jackie’s seated

Gently lowering the strap, Doug draped it across Jackie’s right
shoulder seductively. Jackie got chills realizing that this young
man was actually disrobing just for her. With her gaze now locked on
the half naked man above her, Jackie blindly lifted her fingers
against the belt, gently rubbing the leather against her leather
clad fingers as Doug began unzipping his pants.

Jackie could feel her motor functions suddenly become erratic as her
heart began to palpitate loudly in her chest. “This guy is really
getting ready to take his pants off right in front of me,” She
exclaimed internally. It all seemed to happen so fast to her.

Before Jackie knew it, Doug’s zipper was down and he was preparing
to dig his smooth manicured fingers into the waist of his tailormade

Looking up at the halfnaked 21 year old, Jackie’s mouth watered as
he slowly and playfully began working his pants down his tanned and
muscular legs.

Jackie felt a real rush of adrenaline crest through her when she got
her first look at the young man’s crotch, covered in nothing but a
tight black bikini brief.

Subconsciously, Jackie pressed her heavy thighs together tightly,
causing a faint wet squishing sound to seep from between her legs
while she naughtily surveyed the tube like growth seeming to breath
with life inside Doug’s thong briefs.

As Doug stepped out of his pants, he could see Jackie’s large erect
nipples straining obscenely like huge pink pencil erasers through
the fabric of her checked suit.

“Do you like what you see?” young Doug asked simply.

All Jackie could manage was a nod of her head and a deep sigh of
admiration from between her blood filled cheeks.

“You want to touch yourself …don’t you?” Doug asked confidentally.

Jackie sat in silence.

“I can see it in your eyes…. Jackie,” Doug calmly continued. I can
see it in the way your behind is grinding into the couch, I can see
it in the way your large beautiful…..nipples…. are screaming to
be touched.”

Jackie slowly lowered her head from embarrassment. As she looked
down at herself, taking stock, she was dumbstruck by what she had
done. Here she was, still married, visiting what amounted to a
nearly naked boy in his apartment lewdly staring down at her, asking
her if she wanted to touch herself.

Surveying her body, she was disheartend that a prim and proper lady
such as herself could end up in such a postition to begin with and
to make matters worse, as she sat there seated beneath him, she
wasn’t wearing her panties or a bra.

“Yes, you do want to touch yourself,” the crude, sexually starved
slut inside Jackie’s mind groaned internally.

Without looking up at Doug, Jackie lifted her left leg, uncrossing
them. As her legs stretched apart, Jackie eased her trembling right
hand between her quivering thighs until the tip of her white leather
gloved hand slipped into the dense intertwined forest of her pubic
hair, mere inches from her salivating snatch.

Looking down and smiling, Doug, beckoned Jackie to continue. “Go
ahead beautiful….feel how good it can feel to just let go…stroke
it…come on..let your fingers feel your heat Jackie.”

For a few brief moments in her mind, Jackie was alone in her
fantasy. As her fingers grazed against her understimulated clit,
causing the small pinkish bud to pop up, Jackie clenched her eyes
tightly shut as wave after wave of relief ricocheted up her spine
and smashed into every nerve ending in her body.

With her eyes still tightly closed, Doug slipped out of his briefs
and cast the tiny black garment aside eaving him totally naked.
Wantonly then, he bent down between Jackie’s now parted legs .

As he steadily knelt in front of her, Doug could smell the powerful
feminine scent overtake his senses as he watched Jackie Kennedy
stroke her own dark hirsuite pussy right in front of his eyes.

Without hestitation, Doug leaned in, feeling the heated glow on his
face the further he got between Jackie’s opened legs until he felt
her jump slightly from the grazing smoothness of his soft cheeks
slide up between her bare legs.

Kissing the back of the hand Jackie was stroking her own cunt with ,
Doug tenderly embraced Jackie’s flesh with his soft lips until the
33 year old First Lady relented, giving her stud full access to her
burning pussy.

Sensing Jackie’s surrender, Doug opened his mouth wide and planted a
deep soulful kiss over the full expanse of Jackie Kennedy’s needy
cunt. The suction created by the stud caused Jackie’s entire body to
heave upwards as he tried inhaling every bit of pent up lust right
out of Jackie’s gaping pussy.

Pressing his mouth as far as he could against Jackie’s frothy
vagina, Doug deftly eased his hands underneath Jackie’s hips,
raising her ever so slightly into the air.

Feeling her weight lift off the couch, suddenly Jackie realized
there was absolutly no turning back. All afternoon and evening,
Jackie had the option of calling off her “meeting”, but when her
young stud held her in his grasp, suspended in mid air with his
mouth pressed deeply inside her hot steamy fissure, Jackie was
finally forced to accept that her desires were stronger than her
failing willpower.

With Jackie’s fleshy hips in his hands and her pink, glowing vaginal
lips mashed against his smooth cheeks, Doug wasted no time easing
Jackie’s body closer to him.

Pulling his mouth off Jackie’s cunt to take a deep breath, Doug
looked up at the 33 year old married woman’s face and licked the
syrupy traces of her vaginal secretions off his lips lewdly for her
to see.

“Tastes delicious,” Doug said apprecitatively, “Ready for a ride?”

Doug didn’t have to wait for an answer, the taste on his lips that had
just been dipped into Jackie’s honey pot told him all he needed to know.

Bringing Jackie’s body ever closer to him, once she was in position,
Doug gently dropped her onto his powerfully flexed thighs.

With his boss’s aroused body resting on his kneeling frame, Doug
moved his hands from Jackie’s rear and proceeded to raise them up to
the top of her suit coat, tweaking her jutting nipples along the

One by one, Doug undid the black leather covered buttons of Jackie’s
suit until the fullness of her bosom was totally exposed. Watching
Jackie Kenney’s tiny white breasts hang lewdly inside her opened
suit, free from any constraints, Doug’s already erect cock further
inflated and raised into an upward curve, anticipating its
opportunity to submerge itself into the soupy depths of the dripping
pussy directly above it.

Dropping both hands from Jackie’s opened suit, once again Doug softly
grazed his palms against the erect buds of Jackie’s nipples and
large round pink areolas.

Watching her titties heave up and down with every breath she took, Doug
finally lowered his hands down to the hem of Jackie’s dress and like
rolling up a newspaper, inch by inch, he exposed Jackie’s legs until
the sight of her glistening pussy was completly visible.

With her suit top open and her tight skirt rolled all the way up around
her waist, Jackie waited for the inevitable, perched helplessly on the
kneeling stud’s rigid thighs.

Jackie had seen Doug’s half erect bulge inside his briefs before he had
taken them off. Being a good Catholic woman, Jackie had never given
much thought to cocksize when it came to selecting a mate. As she
hung from Doug’s waist however, her mind darted back to the brief
look she got at his thick package and wondered to herself how in the
world if that was only part of it, what would it feel like when he
unleashed its full girth inside of her womb.

With one grazing swab of his fleshy pistol, Jackie got an intense
inkling of what she was in for. With his beautifl brunette boss
draped across his body, Doug grabbed his wrist thick cock by its
base and used it like a huge paintbrush to stroke the soupy entrance
of Jackie’s puckered vagina.

“So tell me Jackie..do you like the way a real cock feels against your
cunt?” Doug whispered into Jackie’s ear.

Biting her lip from the stabbing sensation, Jackie found it hard to
mouth the words to describe how she was feeling. In a series of
pleading gasps however, Jackie implored Doug to stop teasing the
inviting entrance to her syrupy sex and give her what she lusted

“Pleaseee…stick it in me,” Jackie hissed with gutteral urgency.

Pleased to hear Jackie so lewdly beg him to fuck her with her pure and
wholesome voice, Doug sank the tip of his spoon sized cockhead against
the entrance to her pussy and with a cruel forward thrust, rammed the
first 4 inches of his dick inside Jackie’s vaginal sheath. Immediatly,
the First Lady rigidly tensed in his arms before collapsing and
going limp as he positioned his dick to dig even deeper inside
Jackie’s secret cavern.

“Do you feel it?” Doug gleamed. “Do you like the way my big dick feels
inside your cunt, huh?”


“How about this then?” Doug replied, jamming 3 more inches of his dick
inside Jackie’s tight pink tunnel until it crashed solidly against the
backwall of her womb like a flaming white spear.

Feeling Jackie’s still leather gloved hands dig into his arms, he
realized he had given her all she could handle and he prepared to
build up a steady rhythm inside her until she came for him.

With Doug’s cock fully engorging her undersexxed quim, Jackie gasped,
not able to put more than two words together without moaning
incoharently. With her ass pressed against the side of the couch and
her pelvis snugly mashed into Doug’s powerful torso, the handsome
young man slowly fucked her in that tedious awkward position for
several excrusiatingly erotic minutes.

“Let all those pent up feelings out, Honey. Tonight you’re just a whore
Jackie…tonight you are just my piece of pussy and I’m your
dick…come on Jackie fuck me like a whore ..fuck me like the cock
hungry bitch that’s alive and well inside you…give it to me..COME
ON GIVE IT UP BABY!” Doug urgently whispered into Jackie’s ear,
causing her soul to resonate with an odd mix of embarrassment and
greedy lust.

Hanging there suspended in Doug’s solid grip, her whole body flowering
around his, something strange and foriegn began to bubble up inside
Jackie’s nervous system.

In a nonstop carnal display, Doug kept up his torturous rhythms, his
fleshy manhood spreading Jackie’s cunt twice as wide as any cock
ever had before and drilling her deeper than any other cock had ever
hoped to go.

The shear mass Doug unleashed inside of her combined with his educated
rhythm, caused Jackie to fall helplessly into that special place of
undenied pleasure she had long hoped to find.

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH,” Jackie savagly cried out as if some strange
possessive entity was being cast out from her body.

Digging her leathery fingers madly into the flesh of Bryce’s wide
shoulders, she continued to scream out her tide of orgasmic relief.
contiued to cry, writhing on the kid nearly half her age like a
possessed cock hungary demon.

Suddenly, it was Doug’s turn to take action. He didn’t want to
impregnate Jackie by cumming inside her, so when he felt her cunt
squeezing his cock like two hands trying to ring out of heavy wet
dishrag, he quickly lifted Jackie’s trembling, still pulsing frame
up and layed her flat across the couch behind her.

Pulling his dick free from her clenched cunt, Doug took a long deep
breath before gasping like someone had injected him with electrical

“OOHHHH…..FUUCCKKKK,” Doug bellowed out loudly as stream after stream
of his thick sizzling ejaculate dropped like cream across the hot skin
of Jackie Kennedy’s breasts and belly. Pumping his cock like he was
trying to milk every ounce of cum from it, the powerful young man
stood above Jackie and let his full erection dart sadistically over
top of her until she brazenly reached up and took it in her hands,
wrapping her tender white leather covered fingers around its
throbbing bulk, helping her young lover drain it completly dry.
Jackie continued to jack him off all over her chest, then, saving
the best for last, opened her mouth and let the last precious drops
coat her tongue and throat. “MmmmMmmm” cooed Jackie. “Good to the
last drop”.

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