Jennifer And The Recording Crew

This story is fictional. It is not meant to depict anything that the
persons mentioned in it actually doing anything mentioned in the
story. It is meant only for entertainment purposes and is not there
to offend or imply anything about the people mentioned in the story.
And no person under the age of 18, (or whatever the law is in your
country/state) is to come into contact with this story, it is
strictly adults only.

Jennifer & The Recording Crew (by Megalomaniac)

Jennifer Ellison felt like the happiest girl in the world. She had
finally got the record deal she had always dreamed of after
Emily Chadwick in Brookside for so many years. Even when she had
first started in Brookside, she knew that she was destined for
bigger things. It wasn’t that she hadn’t liked playing the sluttiest
girl on Channel 4 either, she was naturally quite shy so it helped
her become a better actress. As she sat in her Limousine on the way
to the recording studio to begin work on her first album, she
thought of what it would be like to actually be Emily Chadwick. She
supposed that it would be pretty exciting to have so many men
drooling over her, which reminded her that this was actually true in
real life for Jennifer aswell. Her beautifully curved body, blonde
locks and gorgeous blue eyes made her the apple of many a British
lads eye, and she hoped that soon she would get into the American
market and be ranked among pop princesses such as Britney Spears and
Christina Aguilera and have American guys think the same of her.
The white Limo pulled up at the front of the recording studio. “Are
you sure this is the right place?” she asked the driver in her
lovely scouse accent.

“That’s what it says on the card you gave me, Miss Ellison” he
replied. The beautiful blonde frowned but thought that maybe it was
one of those places made to look shabby so that the stars would not
be expected to go there. She was relieved to see that the interior
was in a far more acceptable state than the exterior. A slightly
overweight man with long curly brown hair came striding out of an
adjacent room. “Hi, I’m Duncan Diamond, I will be producing your
upcoming album. Follow me, the rest of the crew are waiting.” He

Jennifer followed Duncan through into the room he had just come out
of and then through another soundproof door into his recording
studio. Jennifer couldn’t help noticing him glancing back at her,
looking at her pretty face, taking in the sight of her perfect 34C
breasts that were almost spilling out of the top of her tight white
blouse and longing for her long slender legs which were exposed
perfectly by her short schoolgirl style plaid skirt. She wore a long
denim jacket over the top which she had left unbuttoned. She knew
that she always looked good but there was a strange glint in
Duncan’s eye that she hadn’t seen in other men looking at her

Duncan held the soundproof door open for her and then shut it behind
her, quietly locking it at the same time. The other men were sitting
down eating ice cream, two on the couch, and one on a large leather
swivel chair. “We had cake for you, since it’s your first record,
you know, to celebrate, but the dog got a little carried away…” said
one of them as he pointed to a mushed up cake over on one of the
side tables.

“So where’s the…HEY!” Jennifer shouted out as she felt the dog’s
nose trying to worm it’s way up her skirt. She pushed it away, and
saw that it was a large white Alsatian.

“Oh, sorry about that,” said one of the crew, “he’s feeling a wee
bit excited, it’s his first time in a recording studio.”

“It’s OK” she replied, although it did make her feel slightly
uncomfortable. “So when do we get to work?” The men looked at each
other with that glint that Jennifer had seen earlier in Duncan’s

“Well, you see Jennifer, the thing is, your not actually here to
record an album.” Said Duncan.

“What do mean?” Asked Jennifer, confused.

“We have brought you here for a very special performance.” He

Jennifer turned around and saw the three other men stand up from
their seats, and also saw that every single one of them had a huge
erection. “Wh-what’s going on?!, What are you doing?” She asked,
looking like a rabbit stuck in the beam of a car’s headlights.

“Didn’t you notice that your manager isn’t here?” Asked one of the
men, unzipping his fly with an evil grin on his face.

“Oh, please, no!! DON’T!!” She shouted as four cocks sprang out of
their prisons around her.

“Don’t bother shouting, we are in a soundproof room, and no one
knows you are here”. Said Duncan.

“My manager does.” She replied. The studio’s bathroom door opened
and out came Jennifer’s manager, Kevin Mackay, his cock also
standing to attention out of his fly.

“Hiya Jen, I have a little arrangement with these guys.” He said.

“SHIT!!!” cried Jennifer.

“OK, this is what is going to happen, you are going to give all of
us the best fuck session ever, whether you want to or not.” He said
as he grabbed Jennifer’s coat and pulled it off her, throwing it on
the swivel chair. One of the other men grabbed her from behind and
pulled her top over her head. Jennifer Ellison screamed in protest
as the other two men began to lick her exposed nipples and squeeze
her beautiful breasts with their hands. She saw the last guy putting
the dog into the bathroom and closing the door. Duncan then knelt
down and put his hand up her skirt, peeling off her tight black
thong. He brought them down to her ankles and she tripped as she
struggled with the men licking her tits.

“OW!” She cried out as she hit the floor. The five men pulled her
back up onto her knees.

“Suck me off baby…” Whispered Kevin as he forced his 8.5inch cock
into Jennifer’s seventeen-year-old mouth. “Oooooh, fuck yeah that
feels good…” He said to himself as Jennifer gagged on his meat. He
began to pump his cock in and out of her mouth as the other men
began to jerk themselves off over her pretty young face.

“Come on, suck on it for your favourite manager…” Kevin said to
Jennifer. Jennifer could feel each thrust as Kevin pounded her
mouth. She could see the pleasure in Kevin’s face as he watched his
dream come true as he pumped in and out between her soft lips. She
was desperately trying to push Kevin away from her but the more he
gave her and the harder his cock grew in her mouth, the more turned
on she became. She looked from side to side and saw the other men
jacking off over her. She could here their quiet grunts as they came
closer to cumming. Then, to Kevin’s immense surprise, Jennifer
grabbed his cock and started sucking on it like a pro. She slid her
tongue up and down his shaft and kissed his swollen balls as she
felt her pussy getting wet underneath her skirt. She slid her hand
up her skirt and started to rub wet pussy. When this made her moan
the vibrations went through her mouth and caught Kevin unaware. He
came deep inside her throat and almost made the blonde scouse choke.
He grabbed her head and made sure she kept every drop and swallowed
it by pressing her face against his body. When he had finished he
pulled out and a long string of saliva clung to his cock from her

“MMMMM, beautiful…” Said Jennifer as she eagerly gulped down the
last few drops of Kevin’s load, “Who’s up next?” All of the men
looked stunned at her sudden slutty behaviour. Duncan was the first
to snap out of it and go over to her, holding his cock out in front
of her face.

“Don’t be shy guys, I need more than one cock to satisfy me…” teased
Jennifer, bending over and lifting her skirt to reveal her perfect
teen ass to them, “Cum get some boys!” The three other guys looked
at each other and then quickly went over to Jennifer, who was bent
over on the floor with her ass sticking up in the air, sucking on
Duncan’s cock. The youngest one, James, stripped off his t-shirt,
jeans and boxers and positioned himself behind Jennifer. He pulled
her thong off her ankles, which made it easier for him to expose the
young star’s immaculate pussy. She had a perfect slit that came up
to almost meet her anus, with cute little butterfly lips and her wet
clit poking out at the top. Her ass was also unbelievable, James
could see that her anus looked incredibly tight, and thought about
how great it would feel to fuck her there. But first he wanted her
pussy. He took his cock in his hand, grabbing Jennifer round the
waist with the other. As he did so, he pushed the head of his shaft
against her tight hole, which gave way and let him enter Jennifer
Ellison’s wet pussy. The smooth curve of her ass pushed against his
stomach as he pressed forward until his cock was inside her right up
to the hilt.

“MmmmMMMMM!!” Jennifer moaned through a mouthful of
hard cock. The other two guys, Kenneth and William, stood on either
side of Jennifer. The little blonde slut new exactly what to do, as
James began to slowly pump in and out of her, she took hold of
Kenneth and Williams cocks and started to jack them off slowly to
the rhythm of James’ strokes. She then began to blow each of the
three guys in turn, first Duncan, then Kenneth and then William.
Sometimes she would take two cocks in her mouth and suck as hard as
she could, and when she did this to Duncan and William, both of them
pulled out and came at the same time, grunting as their semen
covered her pretty face and blonde locks. As Duncan and William sat
down, Jennifer started sucking Kenneth’s cock solo, and by now James
was getting close to blowing his load aswell. Jennifer was beginning
to moan louder and louder. She reached underneath herself to rub her
teen clit as James continued to fuck her brains out.

“OH, FUCK YEAH!! That’s good baby!! I – I – I’m cummmmming, I’m cumming!! OH,
GOD!!!” cried Jennifer. Jennifer Ellison’s orgasm brought both James
and Kenneth to the brink, and James flipped Jennifer over so the he
and Kenneth could spray her beautiful tits with jizz.

Kenneth as he spurted hot jets of white over Jennifer’s curves.
Kenneth and James sat back on the floor, in need of a rest.
Kevin had stood up again and had a huge erection standing to

“So do you think you can do better than James?” Said
Jennifer as she opened her legs in Kevin’s direction.

“Definitely, but first, you need to get the other guys ready to go
again…” He replied, picking up the ice cream that had been left at
the side. “Why don’t you have a little fun with this…” he said as he
poured the melting vanilla ice cream over Jennifer’s tits and

Jennifer stood up and began to rub the ice cream over her
body, squeezing her nipples and rubbing her hands over her clit. She
walked over to Kevin, “Do you like what I’m doing to my pussy with
my fingers right now?” The teen starlet asked as she slipped two
digits into her young pussy. She stopped masturbating to pull off
her skirt, and as she did so, she turned around and shoved her ass
right up to Kevin’s face. She then reached behind her and inserted a
finger laden with ice cream and pussy juice into her tight teen

“Oh, fuck yeah baby, finger your ass for me…” Whispered Kevin as
Jennifer watched the other guys cocks stand up the same as Kevin’s.

“Eat me out baby…” The teen babe said, curving her back down the way
to give Kevin a perfect view of her young pussy.

“With pleasure.” He replied, placing his hands on her asscheeks and
proceeding to gently lick around the outside of her pussy lips
before slowly inserting his tongue into Jennifer Ellison. The other
men stood up, with Kenneth, William and Duncan stripping off while
James (who was already naked) got to sample Jennifer’s brilliant
oral technique. The blonde bombshell got down on her hands and knees
as Duncan positioned himself underneath her. Kevin had stopped
eating Jennifer’s tight pussy and had began to eat out her ass,
first he would lick around the edge of her ring, then dip his tongue
into her anus while stretching her buttocks apart. Jennifer was
really enjoying her anal lick out and was moaning for more.

“Oh fuuuuuuuuck that feels good, I never realized that someone could
get me off on anal penetration!” she shouted as Duncan slowly pushed
his hard shaft up into Jennifer’s sopping pussy.

“You call this penetration?” Asked Kevin, “THIS is penetration” and
as he said these words he thrust his cock deep into Jennifer
Ellison’s ass who screamed in protest at her anal violation.

screamed while Kevin ignored her and continued to start pumping her
cute ass. James did not like the fact that Kevin’s venture into
Jennifer’s anus had stopped her from sucking him off as she screamed
in agony. He put his hand behind her head, grabbing her soft blonde
hair in his fist and forcing her mouth onto his dick, gagging her
screams into some muffled words of “Please” and “No!!” But through
her pain, Jennifer also felt pleasure from her pussy as Duncan
reamed her out. Her incredibly tight ass had started to get used to
being banged by Kevin’s huge prick and she began to push back on
him, contracting her sphincter to give him maximum pleasure. Kevin
could feel every ridge inside Jennifer’s asshole, which made him
very horny indeed. At the same time, Duncan was getting very close
to blowing his second load of the day, and grabbed at Jennifer’s
tits as they swung above him, pulling at her young nipples and then
sucking them into his mouth, one at a time. Jennifer’s double
penetration was making it very difficult for her to suck James off
properly, so even though it hurt, she let him violate her face with
his massive cock, since she was getting so much pleasure anyway. She
spoke slutty words whenever he pulled out for a few seconds, looking
into his eyes and saying, “Do you like fucking my pretty face? Do
you like seeing me feel pain and pleasure? Do you like it when I
moan on your cock while two guys fuck me?”

“Oh fuck yeah, you love my cock you little slut don’t you?” He would
reply, grabbing her head again and forcing his dick down her
17-year-old throat.

By now all three guys were getting incredibly close to cumming.
Jennifer was also moaning much more and breathing a lot heavier.
Kevin was the first to go, grimacing slightly as he pulled out of
Jennifer’s anus with a loud POP and ejaculating over her ass and

“Oooooh, fuck yeah.” He said as he jerked the last few drops
over her wet anal entrance. James was the next one to let loose.
Seeing Kevin splurt out hot streams of cum over Jennifer’s ass sent
him over the edge. He pulled Jennifer onto his cock with all his
might, shooting his sticky mess right down her throat straight into
her stomach. The blonde babe choked a little as she tried to swallow
and take a reaming at the same time from Duncan.

The combination of being having Kevin cum all over her hot teen ass
and Swallowing James’ sweet-tasting load while being fucked by
Duncan was too much for Jennifer. She was brought to the brink of
her second orgasm of the night just as Duncan began to feel his
balls clench in a familiar fashion. “Uh-uh-uh-OOOOOOH, FUUUUCK!!!”
She cried out in pleasure, pussy juice flowing down onto Duncan’s
cock, which proceeded to erupt inside her.

“Oh, shit, that is the best fucking feeling EVER!” He shouted,
slapping her cum-covered ass as he shot the last few spurts of jizz
up her tight teen cunt. Jennifer rolled off Duncan onto her back.
She was exhausted, but for some reason she still felt horny, and at
that moment she remembered the other two guys, Kenneth and William.
Both of them had been quietly jerking themselves off, awaiting their
turn to cum in or on Jennifer Ellison. As she lay their, they both
walked over two her and stood in front of her wide open legs. Both
wanted to shove their cock deep inside her young pussy, and there
was only one way for both of them to get it. They got down on their
knees, and held out their cocks, guiding them up to her tight hole.

“Wait, wh-what are you doing, no, anal is okay but this is-
aaaAAAAAARGH!!” she shouted as Kenneth and William forced both their
cocks into her pussy at the same time.

“AAAAAAH, PLEASE, STOP!!!” She kept screaming as the two men began
to pound her pussy in alternate directions, so that when one moved
back, the other was pushing into her. Kenneth reached forward and
began rubbing Jennifer’s right nipple between thumb and forefinger,
then leaning forward to lick and suck on her breast. William did the
same on her left hand side, which made the little slut moan with
pleasure through the pain in her pussy.

“OUCH-OH, FUCK-AAH!!!” she cried out, her body seemingly confused by
the combination of pain and pleasure. Jennifer thought that her
tight vagina would get used to the pounding, but it seemed as though
it was getting more painful with each alternate thrust from Kenneth
and William. It didn’t matter how wet she got from them sucking on
her lovely young tits, her pussy just seemed to contract more and
more on their huge cocks. It didn’t matter though, because as the
two men’s cocks were squeezed so tightly into her smoothly shaven
cunt, neither of them could sustain the fucking for long. Jennifer
could see both of them having great difficulty holding back and
noticed that they were becoming less interested in sucking on her
tits. Kenneth’s hands were still holding her saliva/cum covered
breasts when he pulled out and came all over her flat tummy,
squeezing her breasts hard as he did so. William managed to hold on
for another minute, before he exploded inside the teen slut’s pussy.
Jennifer could have sworn that it was the biggest load she had ever
felt inside her, going on for about 50 seconds while William groaned
with pleasure as his cum dribbled out of her tight hole. “Holy
fuckin’ shit that’s good!” He said to himself as he pulled out of
little Miss Ellison.

Jennifer lay on the floor with the other men standing around her,
her pussy was aching from its recent double penetration. She was
absolutely covered in spunk, not to mention William’s load which was
still dribbling out of her onto her wet asshole, and the two loads
she had swallowed from Kevin and James. She closed her eyes, but for
some reason she was still horny.

“Time for another masturbation show I think,” she said to the fake
recording crew, “will that get you all hard again?” she teased as
she reached down to begin rubbing her young clit.

“I think we will need a little more stimulation than that.” Said
Kevin with a grin, going back into the bathroom and coming out
holding the dog by the collar.

“What’s this all about? Why are you taking the dog out?” Asked
Jennifer in a slightly worried tone.

“Take a look under here and we will see if you can guess, shall we?”
he said as he moved the dog round so that Jennifer could see a huge
ten inch cock protruding, erect, from the dogs underside.

“Oh, shit, you bastards, no!!” She shouted, standing up and running
to the door. She had forgotten that it was locked, and so when she
pulled on the doorknob and it did not open, she just shouted louder,
desperately trying to get out of her predicament.

“Now, now, there’s no need to be like that.” Said Duncan calmly, his
cock beginning to rise once more at the prospect of what was about
to happen. “Charlie here has been waiting patiently for his turn,
and I think that he deserves to fuck you.”

Jennifer just slumped on the floor, she was still horny, but did not
think she wanted to fuck a dog…. Or did she? She looked at the dog’s
huge cock and thought about how it would feel. She began to warm to
the idea of letting the dog have his way, the same way she had given
in to the men wanting a gangbang with her. The dog began to walk
towards her as she sat on the floor against the door. Kenneth and
James ran up to grab Jennifer and bend her over into the dog’s
preferred sexual position, but Jennifer told them to stay back
saying, “It’s OK guys, I think I know how he wants it…”

Both of them looked stunned as Jennifer Ellison bent over on her
hands and knees, pushing her sweet little ass in the air and
reaching behind her to open up her pussy lips.

“Come on then, Charlie was it? You know you want it…” She said,
looking at the dog with lust. Charlie stood on all fours behind her,
panting slightly, before lifting his front legs onto her back. He
then started pushing against the skin around her pussy with his
cock, trying to get it in her tight little twat.

“Let me help…” Jennifer said, reaching behind her and grabbing the
huge dog’s cock and guiding it up to her pussy, before sliding it in
with ease. “Just aswell you lot gave me some good lubrication first,
wasn’t it boys?” She asked the men who were now starting to rub
there cocks back to and erect state. They all grinned widely at
this, the thought that they had just fucked Jennifer Ellison
senseless suddenly hitting them, and they thought about how they
were now the envy of every man in Britain.

Charlie had started thumping his cock in and out of Jennifer’s young
twat very quickly. There was no variation in speed or length of
strokes to help bring Jennifer off, but the added two inches seemed
to be doing the trick. Soon Jennifer was biting her lip as she
moaned softly to herself. Charlie was panting loudly by now, and
even though he was a dog, Jennifer could still tell that he would
not be able to resist cumming inside her for very long. She pushed
back against him, loving the feel of the ridges on the massive dog’s
dick rubbing against her G-spot. Jennifer started to feel the
pleasure well up inside her, causing her to breath heavily in rhythm
with the white Alsatians strokes.

“Uh-uh-uh-uh-ah-fuck-yeah-good-doggy-ah!!” She would shout out,
louder and louder as she came close to her biggest orgasm of the
day. Jennifer was so close she was going to cum hard, her pussy
juices squelching as the dog pounded her teen twat. Charlie at the
same time was about to blow, but kept fucking her, thumping his dick
inside her harder and faster than ever.

“Oh, fuck!! Here it comes!!
THAT’S GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!” the teen starlet cried out as she came to a
shuddering orgasm.

The men around her could take no more, and Duncan
leaned forward, pulling the dog out of Jennifer. But Jennifer had
other ideas, she wanted to see what dog-spunk tasted like and she
wasn’t going to waste this glittering opportunity to do so. She
grabbed Charlie by the collar, pulling him up her body so that his
cock hovered above her face. She took it in her hand and guided it
into her mouth, then sucking furiously until Charlie pumped his load
into her mouth. She had never seen so much cum, she swallowed as
much as she could but before long it came pouring out of the sides
of her mouth, dribbling onto her chin and down onto her sweet
breasts. This sent the men around her into a frenzy of sexual
pleasure, Kevin shoving the dog aside and then turning Jennifer over
so that he could pump his jizz all over her famous ass. The rest did
the same, grunting as they ejaculated, most of them for the third or
fourth time.

When they had finished, the stupid little blonde slut said, quite
seriously, “So do I get to record my album now?” The men looked at
each other as though she had just said the funniest thing in the
planet and burst into hysterics.

The End

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