Teach Me, Bevster!

Teach Me, Bevster! (Mf,MF,Fff,FFF,cons,oral,anal,exh,drugs,spank,lact,first)

by Dark Genesis (dante_dd@hotmail.com)


You must be 18 to read this story, if you’re not, stop reading. However, if
you happen to be underage you’re probably still reading this, it’s nice to
do something illegal, isn’t it?

The celebrities that appear in this story would most likely never do any
stuff like this, this is the work of my schizophrenic mind, so if you’d be
offended by the actresses mentioned below acting way too sexually, don’t
read this story. There, I’m done.


Duff (15), Michelle Trachtenberg (17), Beverley Mitchell (21),
Christina Aguilera (21), Elisabeth Filarski (25), Kirsten Dunst (20),
Charisma Carpenter (32)

1. The Student Enters The School

Yet another sunny day in Los Angeles, California. The young and attractive
Hilary Duff just got off the bus, and was now standing in front of the
building that had trained many young actresses, singers and models in many
things, including the secret of getting any job they wanted. This would be
an excellent head-start for the Lizzy Mcguire-star to go and learn about it
now, the youngest that had ever been in this school was 16, and she was a
year younger, but it probably wouldn’t cause much trouble, after all it was
just one year. She grabbed her black bag and as leaning down to pick up a
pen that had dropped from it, caught the attention of a lot of guys nearby,
it wasn’t every day you saw someone that tight in an even more tight white
tank top, not forgetting the pink biking shorts. She looked around as she
got up with the pen in her hand, but by then all the men were continuing
what they were doing. Hilary just minded her own business and stepped into
the grounds of the school for talented actresses, just walking to the main
door she had seen a whole bunch of celebrities she admired greatly, not to
mention the ones she had never seen, but were still making their way to the
top. Every actress she came across she gave a warm smile, just in case she’d
need to play it with the sucking up routine, which she wasn’t very fond of,
but she’d do anything to get far in this place. She opened the double doors
leading to the main hall and stepped into the large room filled with the
voices of singers, models and actresses, some excited, some angry. The more
time she had spent inside the walls of the school, the more she fell in love
with it.

“Can I help you?” Asked the female clerk behind the counter at the center of
the hall.

“Hi, I’m Hilary Duff, I’m supposed to be starting here. I’m not exactly sure
what I’m supposed to do, I got the instructions to just come here.”

“Yes, Hilary is it? You can just wait here for a while, your guide will be
here shortly. Meanwhile, the problem of accommodation has been taken care of
by your parents, you’ll be staying in one of our dorms and temporarily
without a room-mate, but as soon as we’ll organize our files more carefully,
we’ll find a perfect room-mate for you.”

“Great, I’ll just wait over there.” The girl walked to the benches and sat
down. A lot of the girls in the hall turned to look at her, still unnoticed
by the girl, but they were more than pleased with the newcomer. Her slightly
tanned skin shining a bit because the thin layer of sweat she had gotten in
the bus, and her still growing form making them think dirty thoughts…
Hilary wasn’t called Juicy for nothing.

It took about five minutes for Hilary’s guide to get here, it was the star
from the WB show 7th Heaven, Beverley Mitchell. She was dressed very neatly,
red miniskirt and matching jacket to go with it, Hilary immediately felt
more relaxed as Beverley approached her with a smile on her face.

“Hi! Hilary Duff, it’s so great to meet you.” She was about to reach out her
hand for a shake, but Beverley expressed that it was quite unnecessary.
“We’re not that formal here, you might have been bluffed by my outfit, I
think. Don’t worry, today was a day that happens only about once a year.
Well, once a summer that is, since we’re only available for the summer. Come
on, I’ll show you around.” Beverley smiled at her, making her feel very

So, the School of Liberal Artists had existed in LA for a very long time,
not coming out to the public though, just celebrities that wanted to go
further than a few movies or sitcoms. Of course, there were exceptions in
this routine, they had many actresses and singers with them that had made
something out of them already, but it seemed that there was always something
new to learn. What had driven Hilary and many others into this place wasn’t
just the idea of getting much more jobs and money, it was curiosity that
drove them the most…

“So, these are the dorms. You probably heard that you won’t have a room-mate
for some time, right? It’s because of the bug in the filing system, we
always try to pair up the people who get along the best.”

“I know what you mean, I’d hate to live with an asshole for the next two

They walked down the long corridor with doors on both sides, it was time for
classes and other more formal things, so the dorms were very quiet. Beverley
opened Hilary’s dorm and let her put her stuff inside, it was like a hotel.
Own bathroom, two beds, and since she was going to be there all alone for
some time, it couldn’t be more perfect.

“I haven’t seen a dream this good in a long time.” Hilary noted as Beverley
handed her the key and they continued with the tour. She didn’t notice it,
but secretly Beverley was checking her out, every time she looked around the
corner or leaned over for something, her eyes were just glued to her body.
More than attraction, she also was jealous, she didn’t look that good at her
age, but she kept showing her around without compromising her friendliness
toward the new student. They continued through the dorms and ending up at
the library, where unlike in others of it’s kind, a lively conversation
about something was going on.

“If you’re a bookworm you can forget about studying here, here we read and
talk things straight, we find that it’s the best way to learn something.”

“What are they studying?”

“I don’t know, and you should know because that’s your class, let me
introduce you.” Beverley escorted Hilary to her new class for the next two
months, there were a lot of faces she didn’t recognize, but luckily there
were some that she did.

“Guys, listen up! You know there was a rumor about a newcomer to your class
this year? Well here she is, Hilary Duff.”

Everyone at the table greeted her and she gave the same back. Suddenly
Beverley looked at her watch and cursed. “Shit, I have to be… I have a
meeting, but you guys take care of Hilary, OK? She’s just settling in, so
start with the basics.” She hurried out of the library, she couldn’t believe
that she had forgotten an important matter like this.

“Sit down, we were just reviewing last year.” One of the girls, Nadia was
her name pulled a chair for her from under the table.

“Thanks…” Hilary thanked her quietly, of course she was nervous, and being
with people who were older and definitely wiser wasn’t very comforting.
Naturally, she was in good hands, but what if she wasn’t smart enough for

“You don’t need to be shy here, we’re all a big family here. In fact we’re
more than family, we share secrets and wishes together and see if any of
them can come true with anything that we can do. Why don’t you tell one?”
Charisma Carpenter, probably the oldest woman in the whole school suggested,
with all of the class agreeing, everyone except Hilary, that is.

“Umm… I don’t know, I can’t come up with everything right now. Maybe I
should listen this first day and reveal something tomorrow?”

Being as nice as they were, they all thought that it was only fair to let
the girl listen at first, but tomorrow she’d spill something, and that was
certain. Christina, the famous singer spoke out. “OK. What I tell you now,
is in the strictest confidence. Any of you mustn’t talk about this to

“Come on, you’re giving me the chills, tell us already.” Nadia was very
worked up about Christina’s story, even when it hadn’t started.

“Once, a few years ago… back in the Mickey Mouse Club…”

Everyone leaned in to listen, and for a second the library was as quiet as
it should be, but only for a second… “Oh my God! But you were like… how
old? That’s amazing.” Laughed Charisma. “And with Britney on top of that,
you’ve had a real freaky childhood.”

Yeah, Hilary was going to fit in just nicely, it wasn’t like she had never
played doctor with some boy or gone even farther, but just not that far, she
remained untouched, even after a few futile attempts to take the innocence
of the girl away. But she was in the place where she’d lose it, no matter
what. The whole day went by as her new friends explained her about the
school and themselves, it was more like a community than a school, every
class had private lessons and then they’d study by themselves, either in
practice or theory. Hilary’s class consisted of six people; Nadia, a wannabe
singer who had the voice and the talent, but didn’t seem to get any jobs for
some reason. Then there was Christina, who had been in the school for years,
she had joined in when she found out that one of her worst competitors was
going to this same school, so she wanted to prove herself better than her.
Elisabeth, who had made a little fame through Survivor had decided to go a
little further than the shoe-business, so she was here to learn the basics
too, just like Hilary. Although Elisabeth had been in the school a year
longer than her, she hadn’t gotten much of it into her head, all that stuff
about those dirty things to do to those who are the key to your success…
for an innocent girl like her, it would take time. Not forgetting Michelle,
who had skipped the first day for some reason. If she was gone, then it must
have been something important, she held education on top of the list for
her, she wouldn’t skip class without a good reason. And of course Charisma,
who had some kind of biker-chick thing going on, black leather in this
weather. And last but not least, Hilary. It would be an interesting summer.

2. First Class, First Friend

After a very good night’s sleep in her very own bed, she woke up into some
noise in her room. It was obvious that her independence was being violated,
her new room-mate had arrived, and ten minutes before the first class!

“Oh shit, I’m late!” Hilary jumped up from her bed in her underwear and went
straight into the bathroom. Her new room-mate happened to be Michelle, but
she wasn’t that worried about being late as much as the 15-year old was.

“I wouldn’t worry about the time that much…” She started calmly unpacking
and setting her stuff into her closet. “Are you crazy? I can’t be late for
class, it would kill my reputation if they brand me as a slacker.” She was
hurriedly pulling her jeans on while Michelle was quietly laughing at her.

“Didn’t you read the message board? Today’s classes are delayed by an hour,
there’s been an accident and the subject that we were supposed to learn
about is late. Today we were supposed to actually do something.”

Hilary walked out of the bathroom slowly, with almost torn jeans on,
unbuttoned and unzipped, her hair looking like a dead cat and her bra way
off it’s original placement.

“Take it easy, it’s not the end of the world. Just check the message board
every once in a while.” Michelle gave her a warm smile and continued to
unpack. Well, at least she had a room-mate that had a sense of humor and
warmth. Took about half an hour for them to get ready for the actual class,
they had some time to kill so Michelle decided to show her the message board
so she wouldn’t freak out like that.

“So, here we are. You might have missed this if you had the tour with
Beverley, she always forgets to tell students about it.”

“Yeah, I did. But I should have noticed it when I walked in, I can’t blame
her about this.” Thought Hilary. Michelle seemed to have something else to
show her, since she almost dragged her to the other end of the building.

“I’m not sure why you came here, what do you think there’s going on here?”
Michelle just blurted the question, she just couldn’t believe that a girl
that young would want to take part in something like this. “Same reason as
you, I guess. I know that it’s hard to get work in this business unless you
have something that the others don’t have. I thought it wouldn’t hurt to
learn them now, even all those chauvinists out there can’t refuse me when I
get out of here.”

After that Michelle was certain that Hilary didn’t know what she was getting
into. “Listen, you’ve probably been to one of our library-meetings, right?”
Asked Michelle, which in she nodded as a response. “And they most likely
talked about… unusual sexual affections, right?”

The Juicy looked at her a little weirdly, but started to get the idea of
what was happening in here. “So… you’re telling me that the stories like
Christina had are… common around here?”

“Not common, mandatory.”

Hilary was frightened at first, but she knew very well that this wasn’t the
first time she had thought about stuff like this, she had a small thing with
her co-star once, but it was very brief and they had never talked about it
again. “So, what should I do? Play in?”

“If you want to stay here, then yeah. Also, you should start getting used to
getting looks from both guys and girls. It wouldn’t hurt to start preparing
for something more concrete you’ll be receiving from the teachers and maybe
the students too.”

“Concrete? Like what…” Hilary didn’t even get to finish her sentence as
she felt Michelle’s hand sliding up and down on her butt and she quickly
pulled away, giving Michelle a suspicious look, like was she really hitting
on her or just showing her the ropes.

“That was my first reaction too, you’re glad that I’m not a teacher, you’d
be going through some shock-therapy in the teacher’s lounge right now.”
Michelle gave her a kind of wacky smile, infecting the girl with some of her
carefree attitude. After a quick lesson in bi-sexualism, or whatever you
wanted to call it, Hilary was ready to go to her first class, which Michelle
warned to be quite intense.

They were first to arrive to the class, even the teacher wasn’t there yet,
let alone the subject herself. Michelle looked around for good spots and
they took the seats in the back. “If you want to go a little easy your first
days, it’s better to sit in the back, Beverley likes to pick someone from
the front when she wants an example.”

“Out of curiosity, who is the subject and what will we do with her?”

“I don’t know, Beverley never tells us until the class. Keeps us on our
toes, I guess. But seriously, get ready for anything.”

Hilary nodded and the rest of the class walked in, taking the seats in front
of the youngest of the school. It didn’t take long for Beverley to show up
with the subject, which happened to be Kirsten Dunst, one of the girls who
had graduated in a couple of years. Every once in a while she helped her old
teachers out, and for this lesson there wasn’t much choice but her.

“OK, sorry for the delay girls, but we’re here now and the classes will go
on normally. Starting with a more rare situation.”

Beverley nodded at Kirsten and she started undressing. “Today, we’ll be
testing your reaction. It’s always important to react properly, usually with
no negativity and a little surprise if you may, but never should you deny if
it’s going to help. A lot of you might think this is appropriate or cruel,
but I assure you this is for the good of all of us.” As Beverley finished
her prologue to the lesson of the day. All the girls in the class looked at
Kirsten closely as she sat on the table, her naked body opening wide in
front of them. It was Charisma who noticed it first and whispered about the
subject to everyone else.

“She’s what?” Asked Hilary, biology wasn’t a major on her, even though she
should know about these things, and since Beverley was looking away,
Michelle decided to clear the situation to her.

“She’s lactating… you know, when you have a baby and your breasts start
producing milk?”

It took a few seconds for her to understand it, but that wasn’t the only
question in her mind. “She’s been pregnant at some point? There must’ve been
something somewhere if she was pregnant, am I right?”

“Hilary, these people are professionals in covering up these scandals, trust
me when I say that they can hide one pregnancy. Besides, look at her tits,
they’re huge.”

took a look and agreed with Michelle. Unfortunately at this point Beverley
had just turned around and was about to pick some volunteers. “A
demonstration, maybe?”

Nadia and Christina were ready to do it in the front row, but Beverley had
someone else in mind. “Hilary, Michelle, would you step up here please?” She
smiled at them like a teacher that’s about to humiliate her students should
smile. Michelle just got up, because she knew that there was no point in
resisting, who knows what it would feel like. Hilary didn’t hesitate that
long either, she didn’t have anything against trying out lesbianism with
Kirsten Dunst, no sir. Beverley indicated with her hand that she was all
theirs to do what they liked as she backed away from the front of the class.
Michelle and Hilary jumped up on the table where Kirsten was sitting
completely in the nude, she just looked at them, waiting for them to start
working on her. It was Michelle who was the first to put her hands on the
star’s body, rubbing her thighs slowly and touching her breasts softly,
seeing the white fluid starting to flow out of it. Michelle glanced at
Hilary with the ‘do something’-look, and moved her lips on Kirsten’s left
breast, sucking the white fluid into her mouth slowly. Hilary watched her
working on the perfectly formed breasts some milk dripping from her lips,
she grabbed Kirsten’s right breast softy with her other hand and moved her
head close to the nipple that started to secrete the warm fluid too. She
looked at the girl she was about to taste once, hearing her whisper. “Come
on, it’s nothing. Just do it…” She did seem to be in some pleasure
inflicted by Michelle’s lips working on her nipples, so she decided that she
wasn’t going to be worse than her and greedily attacked the supple breast
with her lips, catching both Kirsten and Beverley off guard. As Kirsten let
out a loud moan, Beverley almost had a heart attack, without mentioning the
students… Christina and Nadia sitting there and almost drooling the whole
floor wet, Charisma and Elisabeth were a bit disgusted, but if they couldn’t
go with it, they were in the wrong place.

“MMMHHH… more! I want more!” Moaned Kirsten, convulsing on the bed as the
underage actresses were sucking all the milk from her big tits, their hands
started moving down Kirsten’s body, their hands meeting just above her
tummy, and joining as they continued lower and lower, pressing gently
against her skin, tickling her blond-colored pubic hair just before making
her squeal of delight as their fingers touched her swollen lips. Beverley
watched in ecstasy, she wanted t pull down her skirt and start fingering
herself right then and there, but she refrained. As the role of the teacher
she could do nothing but torture herself by watching as Hilary and Michelle
fingered Kirsten’s horny pussy together, sliding their fingers into her hot
cunt, making wet sounds with every push in. Kirsten’s whole body was shaking
as she was being sucked dry from her tits and made wetter and wetter between
her legs, the milk escaped the girls mouths and ran down her round breasts,
continuing it’s way in many different directions, it didn’t take long for
her whole body to be covered in her breast milk that Michelle and Hilary had
milked out of her beautiful tits. The 15-year old looked up at Kirsten and
saw the pleasure on her face, and her wet eyes staring back at her, saying
thank you in their way, Hilary was happy that she could be of so much
satisfaction to some person while feeling a tingling feeling in her own
virginal cunt too. She felt the urge to start rubbing herself, but didn’t
know if it was appropriate, after all this was a class. The heck with it,
but she wasn’t going to show her privates to the whole class, she wasn’t
that old. She moved her other hand down to her crotch and unzipped her
jeans, forcing her hand inside her jeans, starting to rub her lips as
passionately as she was rubbing Kirsten.

Beverley smiled as she saw Hilary masturbating while giving Kirsten a ride
of her life. She had never seen anyone that age feeling so horny, her hand
was making her jeans almost burn as she kept rubbing her pussy through her
cotton panties, she could see that the girl was on the verge of an orgasm,
her face was starting to frown, her rubbing got faster and faster, you could
hear her moaning escaping from between her lips and Kirsten’s milk-covered
tit. Her whining got louder and louder, Beverley approached her from behind
and was ready to do a very cruel thing, but she was going to learn someday.
Michelle saw Beverley closing in on them and she knew what that meant, she
gave it all she had and make Kirsten scream and her tit go red as a cherry
because of the intense sucking she gave her. Hilary’s hands were shaking
violently and her mouth was letting go of Kirsten’s breast, her fingers
inside her jeans were convulsing and her cunt was almost ready to explode as
Beverley grabbed her hands and pulled them over her head and separated her
completely from Kirsten, who gasped on the table completely worn out, the
table full of milk along with Kirsten’s naked body. “NO! LET ME GO! I NEED
TO… GOD!” Hilary screamed as her ready to cum pussy was stopped from
expressing it’s huge climax, she tried to kick herself from Beverley, but
failed. Luckily she knew a lot of ways for doing this… she started rubbing
her thighs together hysterically, panting and her hands starting to shake
again. Beverley hadn’t thought of what other ways were for her to do this,
so she had no choice but to let her go. She fell on the floor with her
thighs tightly together, her hands slid down to her crotch and she started
giving out violent gasps as her shaking hands helped her into a powerful
orgasm that made her cry in front of the whole class, with her jeans
completely wet, her make-up messed up and her fingers in juices, not
forgetting her milk-covered face. At the end, when Beverley had announced
the whole class dismissed, she was still smiling like that was the best fuck
of her life. Michelle had left with the rest of the class, and when Hilary
tried to get up she ended up on her knees again, giggling by herself of what
she had just done.

“Did you think that was smart?” Asked Beverley as Kirsten started dressing

“Yeah, I did think it was smart at the time. I wasn’t going to take a no for
an answer when it came to having an orgasm or not. That was way too hot for
me not to have one… I just didn’t know it was this… this rough…” She
laughed as she got up, leaning against the table.

“… Yeah, you did fine.” Smiled Beverley.

3. Embarrassing Confessions

Hilary was a bit nervous about going to the library with her class-mates,
even after that incident in class. She was feeling like this because today
she had to reveal a secret wish of hers to the rest of her class. Of course
it was no match for drinking milk straight out of a hot girl’s breast, but
it still didn’t feel that free to talk about. Maybe after this it would all
just feel more softer, according to Elisabeth you knew you were a permanent
part of the team when you could walk naked into their room to give them a
hug and a good night kiss. Of course, Elisabeth had been drunk when doing
that, but still that was the opener for her.

All six sat down into the same table as yesterday, there were no other
classes in the library and it was as quiet as a graveyard. Everyone looked
at Hilary, waiting for her to start talking, which she did, eventually. She
took a few deep breaths and prepared to reveal the horrifying experience she
had some time ago.

“OK. It was a shooting of the show and me and my co-star went behind the set
to have a smoke. Of course it was forbidden in the area, and on top of that
we’re still both underage… but anyway, we were coughing our lungs out back
there and I pretended to be choking, just for laughs. And she goes behind me
and gives me the heimlich maneuver, and does it really hard. And she just
keeps doing it like he was… you know.” Her friends nodded, smiling
carefully, listening to her story. “So, she wouldn’t stop and she was
totally rubbing herself against my butt, and I could hear her gasping into
my ear. When I asked her what she was doing she claimed to be practicing for
health class, it was way off class by then. Later that day, we were hanging
around in the mall and we went to the bathroom, which just happened to be
empty, and she suddenly starts kissing me! With her tongue and all, trying
to choke me or something. Even when I stopped her she kept touching me and
she didn’t stop even when I said no. Now I’m kind of glad I she didn’t

Elisabeth looked so touched by her story and was almost in tears. The others
just sat there, trying to picture the event in their minds. “That’s much
more better than half of our stuff, there’s been a lot of forcing and drugs
involved, but that was kind of sweet.” Smiled Michelle, remembering her own
times when she had her first undesired pleasure with a woman. This had also
been with a co-star of hers, it seemed that this kind of romances happened
to be always work related. “Didn’t Elisabeth have an experience similar to
Hilary’s? I have an image in my head… Liz?”

“I’m sorry, umm… yeah I did, I was just so… I’m happy for you, Hilary.”
Elisabeth was almost in tears with her overflowing sensitivity taking over.
Charisma put her arm around her shoulder to comfort her, but she indicated
that she was fine. The girl’s story had left them warm and open for
suggestions, the rest of the day went very quickly, discussing the upcoming
classes and what would Beverley dare to take up as a subject next. This
class had the most twisted teacher in the whole school, a lot of the classes
were about first learning the technique and then practicing it under
controlled circumstances, but not with this class. The next idea that was
found good was throwing a party for all the classes in the school the next
week. It might require for them to stay in the dorms for the whole weekend,
but if there was beer and other alcoholic substances involved, they would
miss a funeral if it came to that.

Next night at the dorms, Hilary was ready to go to sleep, following
Michelle’s example of snoring like a pig. She was just about crawl into bed
as she heard a silent knock on the door. She thought that who ever it was,
should leave before she got there to open the door, she barely got a robe on
as she opened the door, to find Elisabeth standing at the doorway, also in a
robe looking quite nervous. “Hi, I know it’s late, but I wanted to talk to
you about something. I wouldn’t bother you this late if I knew that you were
still available tomorrow so I thought that I’d confirm now.”

“Available?” Hilary was somewhat confused about her words and not to mention
very tired, so she decided to give her a chance to speak out. Michelle
turned over in her bed, which was a sign that it was better to talk
somewhere else. They walked through the corridor in their robes, Hilary
still not knowing what was going on, and if she wasn’t going to explain soon
she was just going to leave.

“I’m having some problems with saying this for some odd reason, but I
thought we’d be better off as a team. If you’ve checked the message board
you’ll know that we’re having a field exam next week.”

“… We have field exams? How’s that possible? What, we go to a strip-club
or something?”

Elisabeth smiled at her liveliness, even when she was about to fall asleep
standing up. “No, I think it’s something more challenging than that.
According to Beverley we’ll have to choose a partner for the exam, and we
can’t choose our room-mates, because this is about working with people not
so familiar to us. And somehow I think that you and me would… fit
together.” Hilary was more than open to suggestions like that from someone
how had been in the school a year longer than she had, and she somehow she
liked the vibe Elisabeth was sending. “Sure, I’d be glad to be your
partner.” They exchanged smiles, and a quick look of ‘I like you’. “That’s
great, the test is on Wednesday, so if you want to do good, you have six
days to read, starting from tomorrow. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Count on it.”

Both Elisabeth and Hilary returned to their dorms feeling much happier than
before. Hilary knew what feeling Elisabeth was getting about her, it was the
natural innocence that girls that age had, in time that would possibly fade
away, but not with Elisabeth it wouldn’t. She’d always be that innocent girl
who has never seen danger or thought sinful thoughts.

4. More Lessons

“Tell me what pain is… Charisma.”

Charisma cleaned her throat and answered to Beverley. “Pain is hurt, caused
by either a physical or a mental attack on a person.”

“Yes, in a sense of the word. What’s does pain mean when we’re talking about
sexual pleasure in the same sentence… Nadia?”

The girl looked around her at first, just to make sure it was her she was
talking to and then calmly answered. “Multiplying the sexual tension…?”
Beverley nodded and Nadia looked very pleased, it wasn’t very often she got
her answers right. “This is a perversion that’s common with a lot of men,
learn to live with it and you’ll go far. Unfortunately we can’t currently
supply a male example, so we’ll just have to settle for a female then. Any
volunteers?” It was useless to ask, Beverley knew that no one would want to
have their ass kicked, it was more than the pain, there was also bruises.
These were the moments when a teacher can’t force her students to any
violent behavior against each other, so she had no choice but to sacrifice
herself on this one. “Fine, no volunteers for the beating, so how about the

The students looked at each other confused about what Beverley meant, but it
became clear quickly as she laid down on her stomach on the table and lifted
up her miniskirt, revealing her plump buttocks that were sticking out from
her black thong. But who was going to do it? If it would have been a vote it
would be Charisma, she had that whiplash-thing going on nowadays, wearing
black leather that made you sweat during this kind of class? She must have
been begging for it, but for some reason, Christina got there first. Yeah
sure, she was dressed like a whore, so this was actually a perfect job for
her. “Ever done this before?”

“Nope, do you need to walk me through it?”

“No need, I just need someone to hold me down here while you do your thing.
Charisma, would you bother?”

She got up in a second and did as the teacher had ordered her, she grabbed
her arms tightly and pushed them against the table a little roughly, but
that was the point. “OK, now this is the tricky part, it’s gonna hurt like
hell, but even if I say stop, you continue as long as you like, but no
matter the one who’s getting beaten says, you keep doing it until it’s OK
for you to stop, got it?”

“… Fine, sounds good to me.” Smiled Christina, she wasn’t sure what was
going to happen when she’d do this, but teacher’s orders…

Christina moved her hands down Beverley’s back to her butt, she noticed how
her buttocks were shivering a bit, was she afraid that it would actually
hurt? What would her buttocks be doing in this situation then, huh? Probably
on their way to the cafeteria and people talking about walking jelly. But it
wasn’t her ass on the line here, so she loaded every last drop of strength
she had in her and struck her open palm against Beverley’s bare buttock,
making her scream and her butt wiggling like jelly, left a nice mark too.
Beverley tried to squirm and yell but succeeded only in the latter, Charisma
was holding her down so firmly that she could barely move an inch. “Want
more? Here it comes…” Christina slapped her on the other buttock, not as
hard as before, but it still made Beverley scream, this was actually turning
Christina on, more and more with every scream her teacher gave out. She gave
Charisma a suggestive look, maybe they should hold her to her word and not
stop at all? Could be fun. Charisma understood her class-mate’s look and
smiled as confirmation.

“Fine, Christina you’re more than a capable to be a guy, or a dominatrix for
that matter too, now let’s continue from the…” She tried to get away from
her student’s grasp, but it was no use, she was in a position where she was
completely at the mercy of the girls. “Beverley… remember that nasty trick
you pulled on me last year?” Charisma grinned at her teacher. “That childish
prank you pulled when I was lying in bed with tonsillitis? Remember what you
did?” She took a strong hold of Beverley’s arms with one hand and slid her
leather pants down with the other one, revealing the sweaty and pantieless
crotch, putting it right in front of Bev’s face. The smell of her sweaty
pubic hair wasn’t for her taste, she kept pulling her closer and closer to
her bush, and finally it was on her nose, and her lips on Charisma’s. Her
wet lips rubbing unwillingly against her cunt made her moan softly as
Christina squeezed Bev’s ass real hard, pulling her thong right up her ass,
making her grin in Charisma’s thick hair. Her pussy started dripping her
juices as Christina slapped Bev’s ass more. The waving of her buttocks was
affecting her whole body, every time Christina’s hand slapped her, Bev’s
whole body jerked forward, pushing her lips hard against Charisma’s sweaty
pussy. Beverley started feeling some lubricant between her legs too,
Christina slapping her plump and soft buttocks with her bare hands, and
pulling her tongue up right into her ass… it was an unexplored heaven for

The other students watched but didn’t react much, she had it coming.
Beverley didn’t move her tongue in while Charisma kept pulling her face to
her pussy, it would have taken all the fun out of it. She felt Christina
starting to rub her waist against her ass, she started slapping it hard
against her, like a guy fucking her in the ass. She kept pulling the thong
harder and harder and harder, ending up with Beverley crying and the thong
ripped apart. “Please, Christina! No more!” She yelled in ecstasy and her
pussy just begging for more spanking.

The singer just picked up her pace, she started pounding that butt like
there was no tomorrow and Beverley’s beautiful plump ass was getting the
beating and the color of it’s whole life. Now all of them were about to cum,
they all screamed and shivered all over as Charisma’s juices escaped onto
Beverley’s cute face, her juice dripped on the table and Christina’s went
down Beverley’s buttcrack.

So, after this little trick they were too damn tired to do or say anything,
but the rest of the class understood it as ‘dismissed’.

5. Being Watched?

After planning the party for the weekend, Hilary, Michelle, Christina and
Charisma had come up with the perfect spot, perfect drinks, perfect
everything for a school of this reputation. The next weekend would be the
roughest party to date in the history of humanity, Monday was supposed to be
for the information of the upcoming test, so all the classes were gathered
into the auditorium, where Beverley, who was organizing the exam. A lot of
people were eyeing each other, most people who were glaring at the other
classes were looking for their enemies, like Christina for instance. She was
continuously looking around for the silicone-pumped bitch that she had
hellish anger for.

“So, everyone who’s here will be participating in the field exam Wednesday.
Right now I’d like to say that you need nerves of steel to complete the
exam, most likely all of you will fail. But if someone happens to pass, she
will pass the course and receive a reward. There are two rewards, by now
you’ve chosen a partner to go through the exam with, as mentioned it can’t
be your room-mate, this is a chance to test those social skills of yours
since both must pass the test and you’ll have to work together.”

Hilary leaned over to Michelle. “Who’d you team up with?”

“Charisma, I figured that as she was the oldest and all, she might be more
open to things we’re going to do in the exam. Besides, she’s kind of cute.”

Beverley continued talking as many of the students were still unclear about
who to team up with. “The nature of the exam won’t be revealed until you hit
the scene of the exam. But like I said, get ready for the worst and don’t
dress too heavily. That is all.”

The auditorium was filled with voices full of fear, what if they wouldn’t
pass, what then? On the other hand it couldn’t be that serious since
Beverley was expecting everyone to fail. She wasn’t the type to talk like to
worst was going to happen, no matter what. By the end of the day everyone
had agreed on the teams to go through the exam, it was weird though, why
would Beverley think that they couldn’t handle it? Well on the class Hilary
was in, there was no problem in any kind of sexual acts, at least not for
now anyway, after all there were thousands of different circumstances and
not to mention positions… all kinds of stuff that a lot of people would be
disgusted to use. “What do you think the test will be? Is it a physical or a
mental one?” Questioned Hilary. “Most likely mental, because she said that
we’d fail. That could be interpreted that we just can’t handle it in our
heads… I hope it’s not anything disgusting, I’ve got bad memories about
having anything disgusting in me or on me.” Noted Elisabeth, going through
some of the old exams from the yearbooks of the school. “Find any
possibilities yet?” Hilary took a look at Liz’s book, but Elisabeth just
shook her head looking disappointed. “You’d think that there’s something in
these books, but all the exams were completely shut out of these books,
there’s no one who wrote about them, that’s why there’s nothing in here…
and that might mean that they didn’t want to write, which scares me a lot.”

“I agree, but I don’t think they’ll be doing anything too violent to us.
Besides, I asked around and found out that you and I are going to a nearby
park for our exam, what could there be in the park that would be that bad?”

Wednesday came upon them and the exam was closing in. It would begin at noon
when everyone should be at their positions where they were assigned to, some
went straight to their posts, just in case they’d be better off getting
there earlier, maybe the idea was to come to the scene early? No, it was
something more intense. Elisabeth and Hilary had left to their post about an
hour early, while Michelle and Charisma were taking it easy, pondering every
once in a while what the exam was about, but being sure that they’d flunk
anyway because of what Beverley had said, there was no point in stressing
out because of it.

“This is the place… there’s sure a lot of people here.” Elisabeth looked
around, the park was quite crowded and the bench the two were sitting on was
only protected by a bush that was going around it forming a horseshoe, the
park had a fountain in the middle an this kind of benches were north, east,
west and south of it. “I think I know what’s going to happen, you getting
me?” Asked Hilary, looking around for a teacher or a supervisor of some

“I thought so too, I think there’s going to be a problem with this, I
can’t… in public.” Liz couldn’t even say it, not mentioning doing it with
someone watching, it wasn’t about someone watching but in a public place
where anyone could see. “I thought you’d be more comfortable than me, didn’t
you have to bathe in front of all those people, and in TV for that matter
too… there’s nothing to it. And who knows, maybe we’ll only have to show
something and not actually do it… right?” Asked Hilary, but Elisabeth
didn’t look so assured. It didn’t take much time for a female supervisor to
step on scene, she looked around to make sure there was enough people around
that it would be pressuring enough and as they had expected, gave the order
to strip their pants off.

In a flash they were without anything covering their lower body, Elisabeth
was terrified and looking around just in case someone she knew was in the
park, her legs quivered a bit as the wind blew through the place, her
privates were everything but turned on my the challenge up ahead and as her
mind was capable, things downstairs weren’t going to work out easily. Hilary
was taking this with more humor than Elisabeth, what if they would make it
and pass the test? Would they be the joke of the whole school or would their
achievement be kept quiet? Her colored blonde pubic hair caught Liz’s eye
and she couldn’t help looking at Hilary’s crotch where the innocent and
virginal cavity was waiting for some lucky guy… or girl. Elisabeth glanced
at the supervisor and came to the result that she was expecting them to do
something, and of course the Survivor wanting to pass the test she was about
to approach the starlet in a very sexual manner by moving her hand between
her legs… but she stopped herself as she saw two guys approaching them in
easily removable clothes.

“This is the time to say no if you’re going to.” The supervisor informed
them about the last line. This was where everyone usually said no, a lot of
the students in the school actually lived in LA and weren’t ready to show
off their bodies not to mention fuck in a public place where all the bushes
were screaming ‘Paparazzi-bush’, it wasn’t that big deal for Elisabeth who
hadn’t been in public after Survivor, so she spread her legs for the guy
prepared for her. Hilary went into a slight panic, she wasn’t going to give
her virginity to a guy that was a part of their training, she cared that
much about it.

“Yes, but… are there any other options than… that?” Hilary nodded her
head toward Elisabeth who was lying against the bench with her legs wide
open and the guy dropping his pants down, stroking his cock. The supervisor
looked at the girl and knew what this was about, so she suggested an
alternate method to do this properly. Although sounding sick in her young
mind, it was one of the reasons young actresses like her got big roles, if
they didn’t have big boobs and didn’t want to lose their innocence, they
always had a very tight backdoor to enter. Hilary turned around in the bench
and got up on her knees on it, setting her hands on her pale young buttocks,
spreading them for the man selected to do her.

Meanwhile Elisabeth had to lower herself down a bit to harden the guy with
her mouth, while her tongue rubbed against the soft tip of the big cock in
her mouth she tried to make it easier for her by rubbing her cunt, maybe
she’d just get into this thing and become turned on beyond her imagination.
The man groaned softly as Elisabeth’s cute face pressed against his cock,
she had done this so many times in the outback to survive that she could
make any guy cum within a few seconds, but it wouldn’t be accepted in the
test. It didn’t take long for the guy to make it to his full length, Liz had
to keep it down with her hand though, so anyone wouldn’t see what they were
doing looking over the bushes. She leaned back and spread her crunch for the
guy to enter, he went straight into business and thrust his cock deep inside
Elisabeth’s sweet pussy. She let out a small yelp as the thing hit the
bottom, but managed to keep any other sounds inside her, she grinned a bit
and closed her eyes as the man started slowly pushing and pulling, in and
out, the walls of her cunt were getting the massage they had wanted for a
long time and it could be felt for the increasing moistness and heat inside
her. She didn’t resist that much when the guy lifted her shirt up to her
chin too and unhooked her bra, giving all of them the view of Elisabeth’s
surprisingly full breasts that were now getting the kneading from the man
fucking her.

Next to them, Hilary was getting ready for the pain of first-time anal sex,
the guy was something like 26 and she was just 15, would it even fit in?
This guy didn’t have any trouble getting hard, was it natural or the sight
of Hilary’s spread buttocks and her tight butthole in front of him, inviting
his member into her personal area where even she hadn’t thought of getting
it in. The man set himself behind the girl and removed Hilary’s hands from
her buttocks, letting the plump set bounce back into place arousingly. He
set his manhood between the buttocks and started rubbing it against them,
the tip pointing up in the air, Hilary was stimulated by his actions and
started getting wet, she thought about letting him do the real thing for a
second but ended up thinking that it was better to do it with someone she
knew better. As she thought that she smiled, looking at Elisabeth next to
her, getting fucked on the bench in a public place with dozens of people
around. Then she felt the tip of the cock lowering down to her butthole and
took a strong hold of the bench and bit her lip so she wouldn’t scream. She
felt the guy’s fingers exploring the innocence of the girl and spreading the
moistness onto her ass and his cock to make it easier for both of them. The
tip pressed hard against the tight hole between Hilary’s buttocks, she
wanted to scream, yell, make a noise of some kind, any kind! But she
couldn’t, otherwise someone would call the police and there would be too
many violations to handle here… “God please… let me get through this…
it hurts so much…” She thought to herself as the man pushed the lubricated
tip into her rectum. Both let out a silent sigh as the rest started sinking
into the ass of the underage star who was showing her privates in a public
place. She felt that the dick wasn’t going any deeper inside her and she
didn’t need to say it to the guy who was already sweating behind her, he
could feel the walls of her tight rectum pressuring the veiny shaft and
almost forcing the blood out of it, he wasn’t going any deeper than that, so
slowly moving back and forth, he started screwing the 15-year olds pale
butt, making her grin and her hands gripping hard to the bench.

Elisabeth had opened her eyes now, she was looking at Hilary and the look on
her face as the meat sank into her little ass. She had never been fucked up
the ass ever, and she wouldn’t take it like that either, but she admired
Hilary for doing what she did now. This was it, they had passed the test?
They would still need to take the guy’s all the way to the end for it to be
over, it wasn’t going to be a problem with Elisabeth whose cute face would
make any guy cream in his pants, not to mention the guy who was thrusting
his hard meat into the woman’s soft pussy and kneading her lovely tits with
his hands. She could feel the shaft ravaging her insides like crazy and her
insides liking it very much, Elisabeth wasn’t that far from her own orgasm,
maybe it was the publicity after all? Her wonderful cunt started sucking the
dick that was sliding into it and suddenly a burst of her juice gushed out
of her, making her whole body go red and almost faint, it would have been so
good to scream something extremely horny right now, but she had to keep it
inside herself. The guy started panting like he was running the marathon or
something and some people glanced from a distance to him as he rocked
himself into the cutie that had just came on him.

Hilary was enjoying the incredible pressure in her butt now, it was almost
as exciting as kissing her female co-star secretly, also it wasn’t only
Hilary who was enjoying her ass and other parts of her body. He also slid
his hands into Hilary’s shirt, grabbing the braless breasts that were still
developing. God, they felt incredible, soft and warm with big nipples in the
middle hardening with every push he gave to her buttocks. The cock inside
Juicy wasn’t going to take this for long either, if Elisabeth’s pussy was
tight, then Hilary’s butthole and the walls of her bowel… The man started
groaning and Hilary felt the hard cock inside her ass tense up and the load
of warm semen hit her insides for the first time. The man kept screwing her
even after he came and pressed his body hard against hers, Hilary felt so
happy about everything.

Next to them, Elisabeth and his man were also to the finish. The dick and
her pussy made a wet sound as he quickly pulled out of her and jerked it
hard, sending the load with extreme pressure to Elisabeth’s chest. Now that
they were done, they put on their clothes fast and the girls got the
congratulations of the supervisor for completing the exam.

After succeeding in as the only group in the exam, Elisabeth and Hilary
received the commendations of the whole faculty on an official diploma. Of
course it was nothing to show to anyone, they didn’t want to talk about it
and they wouldn’t in any circumstances, it was more like a test to see how
far they were ready to go if they had to. The party for the weekend was that
night and it would last through to Monday, when they would have to return to
the old routine, but until then they were on free time and ready to drink,
smoke and party while breaking their eardrums with very loud music.

6. Beer Good

“So, everything is set for tonight. We’ve got beer, punch, a heavy set of
speakers and the room. All we need now is people, how many classes are

“All of them what I hear. Beverley can’t make it because she needs to look
over some results of the exam, which means that someone actually passed.”
Christina replied to Charisma who was putting a bunch of CDs next to the

“I don’t know about you, but I’m not going to put up with something like
that ever again. The next time someone even suggests such a perverse thing,
I’ll rip their eyes out…”

Elisabeth and Hilary walked on scene after putting their ‘diplomas’ into a
safe place where nobody would find them, they had decided to keep more close
relations now that they had handled the exam so well. Keeping this as a
secret wasn’t that hard, even though Hilary was just starting up as an
actress and Elisabeth didn’t even know much about the business and how to
act like nothing happened, but they managed to fool their class perfectly,
only Beverley and them on that class knew the truth.

“Hey guys, how’d you chicken out in the exam?” Asked Christina.

“Umm, somewhere around ‘pants off’ I think.” Smiled Hilary, sitting down on
a chair in their homeroom. “Same thing, and from what I hear almost everyone
did the same thing. I just wonder who actually passed the test, with
Beverley being so busy and all…”

Elisabeth and Hilary just nodded looking unaware at Charisma’s thought.
Yeah, they were clear. Nadia and Michelle followed their classmates to
homeroom with a bunch of envelopes. “Apparently our class did well, some
from the other classes didn’t even participate and once the supervisor
stepped on scene, they had a nervous breakdown or something. Beverley sends
well wishes.” Michelle set the bunch on a table where everyone got theirs,
there were also ones for Hilary and Liz. The envelopes were private and
meant for only the receiver to read, so all of them kept the contents to
themselves, but the winning pair’s envelopes had a message like ‘this is
just for your cover, and congratulations once again’ in them.

“Well… I guess it’s better than nothing, right?” Smirked Christina, seeing
that Nadia wasn’t that pleased with the result. She would have gone all the
way but Christina had chickened out and she didn’t want to make her feel
like it was her fault. But with enough booze she’d forget about it in no

So evening came and it brought along a crowd with serious need to get
plastered and do very stupid things they would regret in the morning. There
was nothing more relaxing than knowing that the next morning they’d feel
like dying, so drink away. It didn’t take long for the auditorium to be
filled with girls from the school and their boyfriends who brought their
friends along. “There she is… acting like she owns the damn place. Can you
go there and shove that bottle up her ass?” Groaned Christina, her breath
smelling strongly of tequila and beer. Her boyfriend wasn’t that sober
either but he wasn’t going to take a lawsuit up HIS ass just like that, if
Christina had some issues with her colleague she would have to clear them up
by herself. “What? You’re not going to? Why do I even keep you around?”
Christina got up from the chair and let the guy slide down on it almost
passed out and very tired. She did get a few angry looks from the other side
of the room from that girl she was always mocking, she didn’t give her a
look back, afraid that she would lose it and start to claw her face into
small stripes. “Charisma! Come here for a second!” The singer rocked toward
the actress, leaning to the wall while closing in on her. “Can you please go
over there and rip her implants out or something?”

“… Whose implants?” Asked Charisma, seeming very sober, also with a guy
kissing her neck as she conversed with her friend. “You know whose! Look at
that skanky outfit she’s wearing, you could easily strike your nails into
them and pull them out like jelly or something…” She collapsed on the
floor, sitting against the wall. Charisma just handed her another beer and
she settled for drinking instead of mauling. “She thinks she’s better than
me? I may dress like a hooker or something but at least I’m not one, unlike
her!” She moaned very loudly, making sure that the singer heard it, but she
didn’t react much, maybe of the alcohol or something else. “Yup! That
Britney suuuurrre is a hooker!” And that did it, the star looker very angry
and started approaching the drunken girl with her hands fisted. She stopped
just a foot away from Christina’s stretched out legs and started lecturing
her. “Listen up, missy. You are the one who acts, walks, talks and dresses
like a hooker, OK? In case you haven’t noticed, I don’t do any of that, I
act like a nice southern girl, I walk like southern girls do, I talk… I
talk the way I want to and as you probably noticed, I dress like an innocent
little girl!” Christina took a hard look at her outfit: miniskirt, a
see-through T-shirt with a neckline a few feet wide and on top of that it
had clearly been a little soaked in beer. “Britney… may I ask, how is that
an innocent girl’s outfit?”

She stuck the bone right into her throat but again the booze talked before
she had a chance to. “Hello! White!” She almost fell down when giving a
quick pose to her. “Oh… want a beer?”

“… OK.”

She sat down next to her and Charisma bothered to hand her an another beer.
“Here’s to Saint and Devil!” Christina held up her bottle toward Britney’s
and she joined in on the toast. “Saint and Devil!”

Meanwhile at the entrance, Michelle and Hilary were just arriving at the
real party after making sure they would be properly dressed for an event
like this, and with everyone too drunk to remember, they wore identical
clothing. Jeans switched for leather, sweaters changed for tubetops. The
only ones on scene and not drunk would just have to catch up.

“Hey, got anything stronger than beer?” Asked Michelle, arriving at the
drinks that Charisma was looking over. “I don’t know, underage both of
you… a lot of stuff could happen in that age that could affect future
engagements… yeah, go ahead.” She was too tired to think about stuff like
that now, besides it was their own responsibility if they would get
gangbanged or too drunk to even see, so Michelle and Hilary grabbed a few
stiffer drinks from the table and blended into the crowd. “So… how did you
do in the exam?”

“I didn’t do anything, it was weird enough to be dragged into a public place
and take your pants off but then you’d have to screw someone in the same
place. I would’ve approved if we wouldn’t have had to get nasty with that
guy, but I guess I just didn’t have what it takes. Doesn’t matter now, how
about you?”

“Something like that, yeah.”

It didn’t take long for girls their age to get more than a little drunk with
that kind of drinks and soon they were moaning about how their life sucked
in thousands of ways and hugged each other for no apparent reason. Doing
this they wandered around a lot and walking to the more empty space of the
auditorium, they suddenly heard something from a dark corner. “Is that
Nadia?” Michelle walked closer to the corner to see who it was, leaving
Hilary alone for just a few seconds. She did come back to her with Nadia who
had been sulking in the corner. “Look it was Nadia… what are you doing?”
She questioned the girl’s actions seeing her sticking her tongue into a
guy’s mouth who was petting her body like he had known her for more than a
few seconds. “Hilary… I know you’re reeaallly drunk right now, but that
doesn’t give you the right to start doing things like that with the first
guy you see, you know? I think you should give it more thought than this
little.” Michelle’s whining did enough to get Hilary’s tongue out of the
guy’s mouth. “I mean… you don’t even know this guy’s name, do you?”
Michelle asked her, certain of what she had said. “Michelle, this is Dave.
Dave, Michelle.” This raised the star’s eyebrows a bit, but didn’t convince
her of that she should be having ‘relations’ with this guy.

“Well, Nadia’s not feeling well. I’m going to make sure she gets to her
room, wanna come along?”

Hilary just shook her head and continued exploring five years older
territory. Normally Michelle wouldn’t leave Hilary into a situation like
this, but she seemed to be in control of the situation, so she left her
there to take Nadia to her room, she intended to come back right away to
make sure Hilary would stay conscious, but she knew that making it back
without passing out alone in the hallway would be rather difficult. She did
manage to get her into her dorm before she completely passed out, Nadia that
is, but like predicted, she had trouble getting back to the auditorium.
Meanwhile in a classroom, Dave had dragged Hilary there to ‘show her
something’, but as the girl knew, it was more than just show.

“So, Dave… what was it that you wanted to show me?” Hilary gave him a
drunken smile and sat on one of the tables. “It’s just something…” The guy
walked around the room once, taking a good look at the girl from all views.
He smirked by himself, it was easy enough to get away with screwing a
drunken girl but a willing drunken girl, just too easy. “Well? Ya gonna show
me or what?” She laid down on her back, stretching herself a bit, letting
her hard nipples push through her top for Dave to look at. The guy just
smiled and stared at her small breasts that were pushed against her chest
and her sexy navel visible as she stretched her arms. “Yeah… I’ll show
you.” He walked to the girl and pulled her back to sitting position. The guy
gave her one more wet kiss and then pulled back a few feet. Hilary giggled a
bit as he started removing his clothes, it didn’t take him long to get
completely naked and show himself to the actress. Hilary just looked at him,
not him as much as his thing that was hanging between his legs, semi-hard
and looking like it had the hots for her. “I showed you mine. You show me
yours.” The guy smiled hornily, leaving Hilary with only one pleasant choice
of reply. She slipped her top off, throwing it on the floor. Her slightly
plump breasts wiggled as she started slowly lowering the leather down,
revealing her almost transparent white panties. Dave helped her take the
pants off and moved his hands down from Hilary’s ankles to her thighs. Her
legs were completely vertical as the guy took a hold of her body and lifted
her hips up, setting his hardening cock between her and the table, letting
the soft and tender butt land on it. The guy moaned softly while starting to
pull himself back and forth, Hilary was too drunk to be doing this much
foreplay, if he’d keep this up she might explode. “Come on, stop that. Stop
playing with me…” Hilary felt the dick beneath her butt being ready to
penetrate her, the guy pulled back a little and took the last piece of
clothing off Hilary’s young and tender body. She took a long breath into her
lungs when she felt the guy’s tongue sinking into her sweet virginal pussy.
His tongue moved around in her, feeling her hymen blocking the way to her
womb, his hands started making their way up toward her breasts, pressing
against her hot skin on the way up. The pair moved upward from her sexy
belly and brushed her ribs, ending up pinching her big hard nipples and
making the girl squirm a bit in his treatment. He tried to break the hymen
as long as he was down there but didn’t succeed in the task, he made Hilary
melt in his touch and her cunt drip juices but if he wanted to actually make
sure the girl would be satisfied he had to go all the way.

Dave stopped and stood up, setting his cock against the entrance to her
innocence. Hilary squealed as the tip forced itself through her hymen and
grinned at the feeling of it breaking against his manhood. Some blood
dripped out of her but it stopped very quickly, the guy had pushed himself
deep into her womb making her the grin on her face more painful, he pushed
himself all the way and stopped when he saw the look on the girl’s face. He
slowly pulled back and quickly thrust himself back inside her wet pussy,
making the girl smile of pleasure. “Fuck me… fuck my pussy… ohhh…” She
moaned as Dave kept increasing his thrusts into her. His cock was covered
with the juices from Hilary and his balls were slapping against her lower
buttocks, making more and more noise when he increased his speed. The walls
of her pussy was pushing themselves against the shaft that was moving
vigorously inside it, Hilary’s panting was getting more intense with every
push and Dave enjoyed the whim of the young actress. Her breasts were
bouncing in front of the guy and her skin vibrated when he forced himself
into her tight hole where no man had ever gone to. She grabbed his arms that
were holding her shoulders against the table, her grip on them tightened as
she felt the excitement inside her growing. The cock was rubbing hard
against her clit on it’s way deeper into her cunt and causing the extreme
sensation in her, she was about to cum. “OOOHHH! OHH FUCK! I’M COMING!
MMMMHHH!!!” She squealed with the large gush of fluid escaped her innocence,
making very wet sounds since the dick that was penetrating her soft blond
hair-decorated pussy kept going and wasn’t going to stop until the finish.
He pulled against himself and wrapped his arms around her pulling her young
body to himself, feeling the tender skin and soft breasts pressing against
him, his pounding became rocking and therefore making Hilary feel the thing
widening her insides very painfully, but soon the pain became pleasure. Her
blushing hot skin pressed against the tight body of the guy above her and
Juicy’s swollen lips were pounded by his crotch.

Hilary could see by the look on his face, he was almost there. She entangled
Dave between her legs and started rocking her hips back and forth on the
table, her butt rubbing against it and helping the guy in his task. The
veins on the shaft started swelling and his balls were emptied by the
pressure that was aimed into Hilary’s innocent pussy. “Oh shit! Oh fuck!
God, Hilary! That’s it baby!” He groaned when he gave Hilary the first load
of hot sperm inside her cunt.

And so the first party of the newcomer in the School of Liberal Artists came
to an end along with her. Hilary didn’t see Dave after that and she was glad
that she didn’t. Michelle woke up in the morning without any severe damage
to her or the clothes and wasn’t mad at Hilary for ditching her at all.
Charisma was the one who had to clean up after the rest of the students and
received some help from Nadia in the morning after she had recovered from
the depression caused by way too much booze. Christina and Britney had
buried the hatchet for a few days, but the rest knew that it wouldn’t last
long, they’d be stabbing each other in no time. Elisabeth had stayed
strictly sober and held her classmates’ hair back as they got rid of the
alcohol orally. But what came to Hilary was simple, for the next two months
she could call this place home.

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