Faith Hill’s Dogs

At a early age of twelve faith was raped buy the family pet, a large german sheperd dog, naked in her bed room after taking a shower she was suprised and knocked to her knees bent over on her hands and knees she was mounted and herb little pussy was piersed and her hyem was broke. shocked and scared and not sure what was happening. crying and sceaming for help, but no one washome to help her, after 15 miutes or so he shot his spermin her little pussy and dimounted her leaving her with a bloody and sperm soaked pussy, never telling any one of the horror she went through, she became aware that king there pet would follow her
around wanting to fuck her again she figured, curious at first she let him sniff her crotch, through her jeans. then would let him mout her bare leg and hump it tell he shot his load on her…which she tasted, and thought of letting him fuck her again when her parents where gone. remmbering her ordeal and rubbing her little pussy,,,so one night when her parents where gone, she got naked and got down on her hands and knees and called him in,,,,ohhhhawyyyyy ah ah oh it is so naughty of me ohhhhhh it hurts but I like it… ohhhh yes do it ohhhhh Im comming ohhhhhhhh.after that she would have him fuck her at least once a week, now married with kids she has several dogs which she keeps in a knnnel where she visits when she can to give the lucky dog that night a chanse to fuck the hell out of her,what a little pervert but her pussy needs doggy cock ever since she was broke in….

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