Shania Twain Captured

shania on internet vieing girls who fuck dogs,which made her horny.ever sence the neighbers hound sniffs her crotch and wines shania askedwhy he was winning cant you shut him up, drop your pants and fuck him and he will shut up. funny girl…with a push and at the same time grabbing the waste of shanias pants they came down to her knees. nice pink panties shania, max the hound imeaditly began licking shanias crotch. ohhhh nooooo dam you lisa ohhhhh stop thatthenwith his teeth he tore away the crotch of the panties ohhhhh then began to try mounting shania, ohhhhhh get him off me,ahhhh he is going to fuck me if you dont get
himoff me . ahhhhh your to late hessss in meeeee ah ah awyyy awyyyyhes fucking meeeee ohhh nooooo now hes shooting his load in me ohhhhhahhhhh ehhhhh its warm and dripping down my lesand in my crack ohhhhhhh yes now help me up before he gets seconds…….

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