Morning Workout With Jennifer Garner

Morning Workout with Jennifer Garner

(MF, mast, nc/cons, inter)

A groggy Jennifer Garner walked into her usual gym, ready for her morning kickboxing work out with her private instructor Ty Marshall. As she entered the ladies’ locker room, she tossed her bag down on the floor.

“I really wanted to sleep in this morning.” She thought. “But with the Elektra filming starting soon, I need to keep in shape.”

Jennifer pulled her gray sweats down around her ankles exposing a pair of pink cotton panties.

Through a hole in the wall unseen by Jennifer peered her kickboxing teacher, Ty. He spied Jennifer panty
covered firm ass, and began to stare. Jennifer turned around facing the peephole where Ty was getting his free show. Unaware, she lifted up her baby t-shirt exposing her perky breasts. As Ty looked at her tits with their quarter sized areolas and short, hard nipples he felt the stirring of his black cock in his pants. He reached down and the front of his gym shorts and gave himself a little tug.

Jennifer yawned, stretching and arching her sticking her breasts straight out in front of her. Ty firmed the grip on his man meat and yanked it a few times. “I’m fucking that bitch today” He said to himself.

Jennifer shook off her fatigue and jostled her head to try to wake up. She quickly resumed dressing, putting on her spandex workout shorts and sports bra. She laced up her shoes and let out a deep sigh, ready for her hour-long encounter with Ty. Through the wall, Ty let go of himself and regained his composure, ready to give Ms. Garner a workout.

They both exited their respective locker rooms at the same surprised by each other’s presence.

“Good morning.” They said simultaneously.

“You ready this morning’ Jen?” asked Ty.

“If I have to be.” She responded.

They walked into the private instruction room and Ty prepared the equipment. He pulled out what resembled a bench.

“What’s that for?” Jen asked.

“A new part of the workout.”

“Really, am I going to kick on that.”

“No, I have something else in mind.”

Ty walked over the Jennifer and told her it was time to stretch. They began with their upper bodies. As she stretched her arms and chest. Ty could not help thinking about his show earlier this morning. The thoughts raced through his head.

“Are we going to do legs?”

“Of course. Let’s try something first.”


“First turn your back towards me.”

Jennifer did as she was told.

“Now, bend over slightly just barely able to touch the ground. Then extend your left leg back. This is a modified runner’s stretch.”

As Jennifer followed the instructions, Ty got behind he and leaned in. He reached around and grabbed her left breast.

“Um, Ty I don’t think this is part of the workout.”

TY ignored her, pushing his swollen crotch up against her incredible ass.

“Um Ty, what are you doing.”

“We’re working today Jennifer, except we’re working out your pussy.”

“Um, no, this stops right her. I’m dating someone.”

“I don’t really care.”

“Ty, don’t do this.”

“Just remember, I am a kickboxing instructor and have a black belt in karate. Don’t make me do something we’ll both regret.”

“Ty, please…”

“If you scream or fight me, I’ll only make it worse.”

Jennifer held back her screams and tried to fight back the tears as she saw her instructor pull down his pants exposing his huge black member.

“Oh my god, no, please, that’s so fucking big.”

“And you’re gonna take every bit of it, you little slut.”

“Ty, please, I’ll do anything else, I just don’t…”

“Oh no, you got me started this morning.”

“What do you mean?” Jennifer asked as Ty pulled down her shorts.

“You did a little strip show for me.”

“You saw, you fucking pervert.”

“Yeah, but you’re my little slut now.”

Ty threw her to the padded floor. Jennifer’s pants down around her ankles exposing her thin patch of bush hair.

“Spread ’em.” Ty said.

“You’re not going to fuck me now are you?”

“Just spread ’em.”

Jennifer spread her legs revealing a tight looking pussy. Ty bent down over her and stuck his face right in between her legs.

“Ty, please, hurry.”

Ty lifted his face. “You’re on my time now bitch, so you best enjoy yourself.” Ty hungrily bent back down and with hisright hand parted her pussy lips. He took his tongue and slowly began to work around her labia sticking it in.

“Oh my god,” exclaimed Jennifer as she tried to pull off her sports bra. Ty noticed her wriggling movements, stopped, and looked up.

“You’re not trying to fight are you?” He asked.

“No, I’m trying to get this bra off.”

Ty helped her pull it off and then went back to licking her soaking wet pussy. Jennifer began to caress her breasts. Ty looked up and noticed Jennifer’s eyes closed.

“Are you enjoying this baby?”

“Shut up and get back down there.”

Ty smiled and stuck his head between her legs. He took his middle finger and slowly inserted it in her hot wet pussy. Jennifer let out a small moan. She began to fondle her hard nipples, rubbing slowly around the areolas and pinching. Every time she did, her pelvis would spasm right in Ty’s face. Ty continued to work her clitoris with his strong fat tongue. As he pushed his middle finger in and out of her cunt, he rubbed her sweet pussy juice on his pinky and inserted it into her asshole.

“Oh Jesus, no, that’s exit only.” Jennifer exclaimed.

“Baby, I ain’t gonna fuck you, I’m just given you a little bonus.”

As he continued to finger her pussy and asshole, Jennifer reached down and began to gently stroke his baldhead. She pulled him up to her face level and gave him a sloppy kiss.

“I guess you’re likin’ it now aren’t ya?”

“I’m liking the taste of my pussy.” Jennifer replied.

Ty moved his hands onto her breasts and needed them. Jennifer tried to bring up closer so she could grab onto his huge black manhood. She gripped it, barely able to reach all the around the thick cock. Suddenly she whispered.

“Are you going to fuck me with that thing?”

Ty’s eyes lit up and he lifted his body above hers. He looked as if he was going to gently put it inside her throbbing pussy. Instead choosing to shove it right in. Jennifer groaned in agony. Ty took deep strokes with his cock, each one sending a rush a pleasure throughout Jennifer’s gorgeous naked body as his cocked stimulated every nerve ending in her pussy.

As she got used to the size she pushed against Ty giving them both a feeling of pleasure. Ty suddenly pulled out.

“Turn over on all fours. And get up put your upper body up on the bench.”

“I told you, nothing in my ass.”

“It’s not going in your ass.”

Jennifer got on all fours, and positioned her arms, stretching them out on the bench. Ty stuck his black cock back in her dripping pussy her reached around as she balanced herself with her arms, and he grabbed her breasts squeezing them. As they fucked, each Jennifer pulled her right arm up, brought it to the top of her cunt, and began to play with her clit. She rubbed her clit in a circular motion as Ty shoved his cock in and out of her. They both grunted and moaned in pleasure as the two-approached climax. Jennifer continued to masturbate herself faster and faster, while Ty slowed his strokes down for control. Jennifer’s breathing got heavier as her pussy got hotter and the juices ran down Ty’s cock and balls. She pushed her fingers deep onto clit and rubbed herself. She closed her eyes and began to moan loudly as her pussy spasmed all around Ty’s huge dick.

“Oh my god.”

Ty, just like in the porn movies, flipped her on her back, before she had a chance to catch her breath, moved up to her face, and began to jerk his dick. She closed her eyes, and in a strange move opened her mouth. She let out a few token moans to coerce him along. In a sudden stream, he blasted her face with a huge load of cum. Some landed in her mouth and she quickly swallowed it. A couple of spasms later and cum continued to leak out of Ty’s black beast. Jennifer lifted her head up, her face covered in cum. She stuck out her tongue and licked the end of Ty’s cum covered cock.

Ty smiled in appreciation.

“Now wasn’t that a good workout?”

Jennifer smiled back satisfied and relaxed. “I’ll be back on Wednesday.” She replied as they both stood up to clean themselves off.

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