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Disclaimer: This story is meant to entertain adults and only adults. The story is complete fiction. If you are not 21 stop reading, also if you don’t like the things described in this story stop reading.


British pop star Rachel Stevens shot the video to her new single Some Girls in London. The shoot was exhausting like they always are and the brunette was happy when she could finally drive home and go to bed again.

But the next day Rachel Stevens is brought back in a limousine to the set of the video. She thinks she has to re-shoot one or two scenes. She doesn’t know
yet that she will have to re-shoot the whole video but in a different way. When she arrives she is brought into a small office and suddenly faces a bunch of rough looking men she has never seen before. Rachel does not have a chance to ask what is going on, the man behind the desk starts explaining her what trouble she is in.

“Listen Rachel, today we will shoot the video new. But not for the normal TV viewer but for a few clients who pay a lot of money. And this time the video will be even sexier. And a lot more graphic.”

“Wait, this is not in my contract.” Rachel protests. “My manager did not telling me anything about this either so I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Fuck your contract, fuck your manager and fuck you, too, slut. You don’t have a choice, you will do exactly as we tell you.”

“Hey, you’re not talking to me that way!” Rachel Stevens protests again and tries to jump up. But she is held down and suddenly feels a knife against her throat. Now she knows that she really is in serious trouble.

“We talk to you the way we want and we do with you what we want. We could simply force you physically but our clients want to see a video where you look all professional. So there are only to things that can happen. Either you do as we tell you or my friend there will put an end to your beautiful face and body with his knife. Or, actually, number three. We can go to your mothers house and do the same to her until you are willing to do as we say.”

“No, no, don’t harm my mother and please don’t hurt me. I will do as you tell me.” Rachel cries out when she realises that she ash no other chance and starts crying and sobbing.

“Stop crying, bitch. I would love to smack you right in the f ace now but that would only bruise your face. But believe me, we have ways to make you suffer without bruising your body so that afterwards you can still shoot the new video. There is no way you won’t shoot this new video.”

Then Rachel is told exactly what will happen. Nearly exactly that is. To her it sounds like she will have to do the whole video again but this time naked. She nearly starts crying again at the thought but doesn’t want to get hurt. Still she doesn’t know that she was not told all that would happen that day. She would soon find out and so does everyone who sees the new version of her latest video.

The parcel arrives as usually wrapped in unsuspicious brown wrap paper. No hint on the outside gives away who sent it to you but you already know. In your living room you quickly tear to paper away and open the parcel. You have paid too much money to wait any longer. Inside the parcel are a DVD and a letter. You start reading the letter while you turn on the TV and DVD player and put the disk in.

Dear Customer,

We are proud to present to you another masterpiece of our very special music videos. Once again we could “convince” a talented young singer to re-enact her latest music video for your special needs. We hope you will be fully satisfied with this product.

As always we want to remind you how important discretion is. We ask you to handle this product with the utmost secrecy, both to our and your own benefit.

If you want to give us feedback about this product or place any new requests you can do that through the usual ways.


Your XXX Team

You put the letter aside, settle down on the couch and push play.


The video starts just like the original. A sewer like place with flickering light and dripping water everywhere appears on screen. Strange sounds can be heard but those are already different than the sounds in the original video. It’s the desperate squealing and screams of Rachel Stevens. Instead of stepping out of an archway like in the real video you see Rachel being tossed into the scene. A rough, large man is holding her by her hair and forcing her forward. Rachel struggles as she stumbles forward. She is wearing the exact same outfit, a small top that shows off her tits nicely and leaves her tummy bare, a pair of skin tight jeans that goes down only to right under her knee and high heels, her hair is done in a way that lets them look shorter than usual but they haven’t been cut in reality. The music sets in and Rachel is dragged along the sewer, instead of beautiful girls her way is plastered with a bunch of rough looking men. No unnecessary light effects are seen like in the original video. The makers of the new video save those frames to show more action. The singer is brought to a halt and forced down to her knees. The man in front of her opens his pants, takes out his cock and suddenly releases a stream of piss onto the sexy singer. The piss splashes over her face, gets into her hair and drips down onto her cleavage. Rachel squeals in disgust but as she does she also gets some piss into her mouth.

The scenes changes to the “dance part” for the first time. In the real video Rachel is wearing a sexy dress and behind her and half a dozen arms appear behind her like she was an Indian goddess. Now it is similar, but Rachel is completely naked. Right now her large tits can be seen and as the arms appear behind her they start groping the singer’s naked tits.

The scene switches back to the sewer. Now the man in front of Rachel forces his large, hard cock into her mouth. He grabs her hair again and starts mouth fucking the sexy singer who is forced to suck him off until he cums in her mouth and she has to swallow his semen and some spills out of her mouth over her lips and down her chin onto her piss drenched cleavage.

The part where Rachel Stevens and a gang of beautiful women climb out of the sewer and march through the streets of the city is missing for now. Instead the scene now constantly switches between the sewer scene and the dancing scene.

In the sewer some men step forward and rip Rachel’s top off and expose her naked tits. One pushes her on all fours and forces the skintight jeans off her ass, pulling the pants down to her knees so that her ass and pussy are exposed; she is not wearing panties underneath the jeans. While the hot singer is on all fours the man behind her places his hard cock against her ass and thrust forward without warning and slams his cock hard into her tight ass. Rachel screams in pain but as her mouth is now open she gets silenced by another cock that is stuffed into her mouth.

Back to the dance. Rachel was forced to perform this part before she was dragged into the sewer to re-shoot these scenes. She is more or less doing the same dance routine like she does in the original video. But she is naked, except for the “pair of zip-up boots” she sings off in the song. And because she is naked her large tits bounce nicely while she dances with the other sexy dancers around her (who are wearing clothes). So she sings directly into the camera like it was the normal video, shaking her naked butt and her tits and exposing her cunt obscenely during some dance moves.

The video switches back to the sewer scene where Rachel’s ass is still pounded by the one man and the other is fucking her mouth. One cock goes in and out of her tight ass and the other is slammed merciless into her mouth at the same time. Before the man in front of her cums he pulls out and squirts his whole load over the singer’s face and drenches her in cum that drips down her nose and cheeks and from her lips and chin. Then the other man cums and shoots his cum into Rachel’s tight ass before pulling out.

The dancing scene again. Rachel moves sexily, dances naked like she was a stripper and signs. She presents her body to the camera like a whore, dancing and singing and her tits jiggle with every dance move she makes.

In the song the refrain sets in for the first time and as the line “the champagne makes it taste so much better” comes there is a close-up of Rachel face, a hand gripping her hair and forcing her face to turn upwards and piss splashes from several cocks directly into her wide open mouth and sprinkles all over her face.

Now in the sewer, a good looking woman is standing in front of Rachel and forces the singer to lick her cunt. While Rachel licks and tongue fucks the pussy in front of her face several men stand behind her and fondle her ass and cunt and insert their fingers, finger fucking both her holes roughly. She has to lick the woman’s cunt until she has cum twice and all the time her ass and cunt get ravaged by groping fingers.

Every time the original video cuts to the dance sequence the new videos does that also and shows Rachel Stevens, the sexy British pop star, shaking and showing off her naked body with the erotic dance moves, which makes her look all slutty and like a whore.

And every time the refrain sets in and the words “champagne makes it taste so much better” comes again a scene shows how some guys piss over her face and into her mouth until it flows out. Every time a new scene.

For the first time the video shows the scene in the streets where in the original Rachel is followed by a gang of good looking women. Now it is the same but Rachel is leading the group of girls through the street wearing nothing but her high heels and has sunglasses stuck in her hair, the hair is short just like it is in the sewer scene. She has to walk through the streets stern and determined and so again her large, naked tits juggle and bounce as she walks and the way she thrusts her hips out and shakes her naked ass while walking makes her look like a slutty hooker. The scene they shot first for the new version of the video was the dancing sequence, followed by Rachel walking through the streets and in the end she was brought down to the sewer.

In the sewer scene Rachel gets lifted up from the floor and because she is only weakly supporting herself on her feet and she is held up by a guy who is holding her up like in a wrestling hold with his arms hooked under her arms and his hands folded behind her head. The other guy struggles with her jeans to get them down completely so that she is now only wearing her high heels. The he steps forward again and plunges his hard cock directly into her pussy and fucks her cunt hard and fast, slapping against her thighs and her small body is rocked back and forward between the guy who drives his large cock merciless into her cunt and the guy who holds her up.

In the dance sequence, the girls now surround Rachel but instead of dancing around her they start groping her naked body. The girls touch her pussy and ass, they squeeze her tits and twist her nipples and they push their fingers into Rachel’s cunt and asshole.

Still a dance scene but Rachel is in the other “outfit”, with the high heels and her hair short, just like she is when she parades through the street. She stands behind a wire fence and dances. She sways her naked body erotically. The camera goes from her face over her naked, full, swaying tits and then focuses on her naked, exposed pussy.

Back to the other dance scene. The girls are suddenly all hunched down on the floor and the spot light is only on Rachel. She moves sexily but instead of the exact real dance moves she has to finger her own body. She plays with her tits and fingers her cunt, masturbating in front of the camera while she sways and sings.

In the original video Rachel climbs on a truck with water bottles and hands them over to the girls and all start squirting around the water and spraying it over some guys. This time Rachel also climbs the truck and hands out bottles but those are filled with piss and cum and the only one the girls are aiming at while the squirt the liquids out is the naked pop star so she gets drenched from head to toe in piss and cum and it drips down her whole body.

The picture flicks back to the sewer scene. Rachel Stevens is held down on all fours by two men. A third man leads the American pit bull that looks out of the window of a delivery fan in the original video. He unleashes the dog and gives a command. The singer wails out in horror as the strong, large dog mounts her and starts humping at her naked body. After only a few humps he plunges his animal cock right into Rachel’s cunt and slams in hard and deep. The animal fucks the naked woman ruthless and Rachel’s stomach turns upside down from the humiliating thought that she gets ravaged by a beast. The dog cock slams in and out of the pop star’s cunt and Rachel’s naked tits sway under her while the dog humps her again and again until her finally cums and shoots his dogs semen into her pussy. The man pulls the dog off the star’s back and all the men disappear until Rachel is kneeling on the floor all alone, her body stained and her holes filled with cum.

Rachel staggers to her feet on her high heels and stumbles away from the camera along the sewer and her ass is turned to the camera. Cum drips from her holes and from her naked body while she walks away and the picture fades to black.

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