Teaching Jennifer Ellison A Lesson

Teaching Jennifer Ellison a lesson

By Maxim

My name is Barry; I work as part of security team at a

top London


The club’s frequented by a regular supply of “B” and

“C” list celebs,

all eager for to enjoy themselves with money being no


I’m much more than just a bouncer; I have to make sure

the right

people get in and I keep the wrong people out, low

lives such as the

press or paparazzi photographers out and at times I

have to protect

the celebs from themselves.

It’s not always easy when you get teens or 20

something’s who are

earning more in a week that some of us would in six

months or even a


My job was well paid, but I also knew if I fucked up

my arse would be

on the line.

My job tonight was also keeping an eye on some of the

bar staff,

we’ve had a spate of stories being sold to the press,

and the latest

was several photographs being taken in the club of


in “Intimate moments” which appeared in trash

magazines days later.

Most of the celebs are fine, Kate Moss and Michelle

Ryan are little

darlings, but some treated me like shit, especially

some of the

younger soap actors. But I’m supposed to just grin and

bare it, but

there are times I get really close to the edge with


I’d just received a bollocking from the manager over

yet another set

of photographs that had appeared in a Sunday


This put me in a really bad mood, I’d kept a eye on

the staff and

come up with nothing, so that meant it had to be one

of the celebs.

I was going to have tread very carefully.

In one part of the club was Holly Valance, a fast

fading Australian

actress turned singer who’d probably end up being

dropped by her

record company with six months.

On another table was Jessie Wallace, Kat from

Eastenders who seemed

to be wanting to drink herself into the next week as

quickly as


Over at the bar was Jennifer Ellison, holding court as


surrounded by a half a dozen guys.

Ellison was certainly an eyeful, but a bitch with it,

who didn’t know

her place.

One day if she wasn’t careful someone would treat her

a lesson she

wouldn’t forget.

Tonight Ellison was dressed in a black top that didn’t

hide much of

her over flowing cleavage.

Who was she kidding when she expected people to

believe she got those

boobs as a result of exercise!

She was dressed in this pink tight PVC micro skirt

that acted more

like a bra for her arse cheeks that a skirt.

Ellison was 21, long bottle blonde hair, a very

shapely body and a

personality that thought everybody was put on this

world to do as she


Once I noticed her, I knew she’d be a target for

something trying to

get a photograph of her.

Ellison was sitting at the one end of the bar, perched

on a stool,

lapping up the attention from the guys.

Then Ellison got off the stool and went over to a lone

guy standing

by the small dance floor.

I laughed to myself, he’ll have a good fuck tonight.

Ellison smiled at him and turned back towards the bar,

he grinned

and strolled behind towards the bar.

The guy sat down next to Ellison and starts chatting

her up,

then without warning she screaming at him

Within 30 seconds of Ellison starting screaming, two

of my colleagues

had the guy in a neck lock and were dragging him out

of the bar with

him screaming,”What did I do? what did I do?”

I looked at Ellison and saw her with a big smile on

her face as she

downed yet another drink just brought by a guy who’d

quickly replaced

the screaming guy.

“She’s some controlling little bitch I said to


Over the night as I did my rounds looking for our

photographer, I saw

Ellison blow out another guy and then another, and

another! one major

fucking cock tease.

It was 1am, the club was at it’s busiest and crowded,

there’d been

some more trouble but we’d dealt with that.

But there was still no sight of the phantom


I looked over at Jessie Wallace who was outta it.

Her head down on a table, fast asleep.

I looked to her right and saw a girl with something

held to her eye.

It was Ellison with one of those photo phones; she saw

me and dropped

the phone on the floor between her legs, hoping I

wouldn’t of seen


Ellison started waving an unlit cigarette around and

motioned me over

to give her a light, giving me that “come fuck me

look” she’d thrown

at the poor saps earlier.

I went over and bend down and reached between her feet

and picked

up the phone and waved it in her face.

“No photos are to be taken in the club” I said and

with that I put

the photo phone into my inside pocket.

“Hey, you fucking arsehole, that’s mine.” Ellison

shouted at me.

“You’ll get it back when you’re leaving” I snapped

back at her.

“Do you know who the fuck I am” Ellison screamed back

at me.

“Sadly yes I do,” I said back

Ellison’s eyes got big and her mouth snarled, a deep

red blush shot

up her face all the way to her hairline, she rushed

straight for me

and slapped me hard across the face, she raised her

hand to give me a

second blow, but this time I grabbed and held her


“DON’T you ever try that again or you’ll be sorry, now

you phone will

be waiting for you in the security office when you


I didn’t see Ellison again that night.

Her photo phone was collected and she just


The following week I was having my break at the bar.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Ellison enter the

club, walking

thru a crowd of people.

Different outfit, but same “come fuck me” look. I pay

her no

attention, I was off duty and our problems with

pictures of clients

in the club had stopped.

I was half way thru a cup of coffee, when Ellison

walks up behind me

and grabs my mobile phone.

I tried to grab her, but she got away, a big smile on

her face

as she headed for the side exit.

I rushed after her and into the side exit; she saw me

and darted into

the ladies staff toilet.

I poked my head around, the door, it was empty and

quite, the only

sound was the faulty cistern from one of the toilets.

I went over to the stalls, the first one was open, I

kicked in the

second one.. nothing

I opened the third one with my elbow; Jennifer Ellison

is standing by

the toilet bowl.

“You must really like this phone” she laughed and

dropped the phone

into the bowl.

“You shouldn’t have done that” I say slowly.

“Ohhhh I’m sooo scared” spits back Ellison.

I walk out of the stall and over the to the door and


the out-of-order sign on the outside of the door.

I shut the door and locked it..

I went back to the stall; Ellison was standing in the

stall doorway.

Suddenly she looked scared.

Ellison tried to get out of the stall, but I blocked

the door

and pushed her back in hard.

She almost stumbled, but caught herself.

I shoved Ellison again, knocking her against the cold

tile of the

back wall.

Jennifer Ellison has to straddle the toilet to stay on

her feet.

Ellison remembered who she is and looks me straight in

the eye.

“What you gonna do, loser,” she sneers, “Rape me?”

I grabbed by her by her throat and pinned her to the


Ellison spat in my face, she starts to struggle,

trying to scratch me

with her nails.

I lifted her up by her throat a bit.

“Fucking bastard — ” she gurgles.

I reach under her skirt and tear at her panties.

“No fuck offff!” She starts to scream.

I’ve got Ellison’s black silk panties in shreds.

I push her down on the floor and push her head into

the bowl.

“I’ve seen what you do, just because you have money

you think

you can treat people like shit, I’ve seen what you do

to guys,” I


With that I pushed her face into the stale piss and


I could feel her struggle and then grasp, I put her

head up by the

hair. Her once expensive hairstyle now looked like a

drown rat.

” You don’t like it when you’re on the receiving end”

I said to the

now crying Ellison.

I unzip myself and pull my cock out.

I pull her up and lay her back across the toilet; I’m

hard against

her, my chest flattening her oversized tits, my hips

pressed against


Our legs are spread around the toilet under us, so

it’s no problem to

find her pussy hole.

I strip off her expensive black PVC top off her and

grab her braless

tits, biting her nipples hard, I place my cock against

her pussy, so

that the tip of my cock was just inside her outer


Without warning I ram my cock deep into her cervix and

feel my balls

nestle against her soft arse cheeks. With every move I

knock Ellison

hard against the cistern with every thrust driving my

cock up her Ellison’s tight hole.

I’ve got my face an inch from hers, grinning at her,

one hand tight

around her throat, pressing her blonde head back

against the cistern,

the other squeezing her tanned boob, twisting it until

she screamed.

I began to fuck her harder, pressing Jennifer

Ellison’s. arse deeper

into the toilet seat.

She was biting her lip, her long blonde hair hanging

wet and limp

across her tanned shoulders

I gave Jennifer a deep kiss, lying on top of the

abused celeb with

one hand buried in her wet blonde hair and the other

squeezing her

large tanned boob, her nipple hard against my fingers.

“Hey, Ellison, I got something else for you”

I pulled up by her long hair and backed her down onto

the toilet

seat, pulled herarse into the air.

” Now keep your arse stuck up or you’ll regret it,” I

shouted into

Jennifer’s ear.

I gave Jennifer Ellison’s arse a few hard slaps,

making her whole

body jerk.

I parted her Ellison’s arse cheeks and pressed my

cockhead against

her arsehole.

I slipped into her without any problem; I pulled back

and drew my

cock back to her arsehole entrance and with one shove

buried it to

the balls.

I shouted in her ear “I am right up your arse now

Jennifer ”

I slammed my balls against her pussy lips with each


Squeezing her tits tightly as I shot my cum right

inside her, holding

her down as I spurted into her arse.

I pulled out and picked up Ellison’s head by her hair,

and wiped my

cock now leaking cum covered cock all over her tanned


I got up and picked up her photo phone camera over the

floor and

moved out of the stall looking up at between Ellison’s

widely gaping


I laughed as I put the photo phone to my eye and saw

the image of

Ellison’s fucked pussy lips and my cum leaking out of

her arsehole.

“Smile for the camera Jennifer” I laughed.

I bend down and whispered into her ear.

“If you say anything these pictures, taken with your

photo phone

will be in the papers”.

I took about a dozen shots of Ellison on the stall

floor, but as it

turned out she talked away and I’m now writing this

from exile in

Northern Cyprus.

“Was it worth it?”

“What do you think?”

The End


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