JOA: Damon’s Chronicles – Chapter 11: Vivica A. Fox

This story is a spin off of the successful and wildly popular “Journal of an Agent” by Carnage Jackson. At the end of Carnage’s story, the main character, Dean Simonds, faces a major dilemma, where he has to choose between staying in Hollywood with Alyssa Milano, or heading back east with Natalie Portman. Please note that this might not necessarily have been the ending Carnage had in mind, but is my own interpretation.

I hope you all like this series, and all feedback is welcome at I would like to thank Carnage Jackson for not only letting me use his characters and set-up, but for his constructive
suggestions and criticism. Thanks again to KMB, who as usual was able to offer a lot of insight on how to improve this work. This chapter is dedicated to my stunning boss at work, who inspires the character of Sapphire.

If you are under 18, please refrain from reading this. To the rest of you, note that this story is completely fictional, and all similarities to real life people and occurrences are strictly coincidental.


‘Oh yes baby, just like that,’ came Rosario’s voice from underneath me as I banged away, a bit absent-minded, traces of sleep still left in my eye.

‘Yes Damon,’ she continued, her nails clawing into my back, ‘keep going, I love the way you feel inside me.’

I impatiently counted down until my release came; I wanted it to be over, I wanted her to shut up and quit yelling so loud. She did not seem to sense my resentment, as she seemed as into it as anyone could be. It occurred to me that she had gotten a lot louder and more vocal during sex over the past few months, and while this should have gotten more exciting for me, I found it slightly annoying.

Meanwhile, I pounded away in a monolithic motion, wondering why I was going along with the charade in the first place. I guess I had grown so used to having sex first thing in the morning that I found myself going along, irrespective of the state of affairs with my partner.

My orgasm finally came, and I jerked, and then froze, holding onto her thighs as I released my load into her. She seemed to want more, and sighed in disappointment as I rolled off her and turned my back, trying to resume my sleep. Huffing and puffing, she got off the bed and began sauntering around the room as if looking for something. In spite of myself, I had to remark to myself that her naked frame did look stunning. I grimaced as she pulled on my brand new LeBron James jersey and walked into the bathroom.

I used to love it when she wore my clothes, and in fact, when you last left me, I used to be crazy about her. Well, I guess I still was, but things do change, and they certainly had done so in the last three or so months since I last filled you in. Our rosy honeymoon period was certainly over, and like most relationships, we had gone through our fights and upheavals, and we (well, me more than her) were not as optimistic about things as we were before.

‘Hey babe,’ she interrupted my thoughts as she stepped back into the room, a toothbrush in her mouth.

‘Hi,’ I answered, devoid of enthusiasm.

‘Is everything OK, Damon?’ she asked, drawing closer, ‘you’ve not been yourself lately.’

‘What do you mean?’ I asked, feigning ignorance.

‘Come on, you know things have been weird between us,’ she insisted, ‘I just need to know what’s wrong.’

‘Are you sure you really want to get into that this morning?’ I asked, suddenly becoming alert.

‘You’re right, I don’t have time for this,’ she said, ‘I need to be onset in thirty minutes.’

She stormed back into the bathroom, presumably to get prepared, and I tossed and turned on the bed, trying to resume my sleep, even though I knew within myself that it would be impossible, as I was too ruffled now. Still, I did not want any confrontation, so I decided to remain in bed until she left. Thankfully, it didn’t take too long; in about ten minutes she was ready to go, still dressed in my jersey and a pair of jeans. She did not bother to say a word to me as she quickly exited the room.

Where did it all go wrong? When Rosario Dawson and I commenced our relationship, it was shaping out to be the best thing that had happened to me in a long time. We connected so perfectly, and she seemed the ideal compliment to my less than steady life. But all good things, they say, come to an end. As things stood, I was reaching breaking point, as I did not know how much longer I could stay in the relationship.

After she left, it did not take me long to get prepared for work myself. A quick shower and a cup of coffee later, I was in my Escalade on my way to work, decked in a tailored suit. I’d failed to beat the rush hour, so traffic was hell as I drove to the office, listening to Steve Harvey’s morning show. Amid the pile of cars lining the freeway moving at snail speed, I managed to have some time alone with my thoughts.

As I stared into the smog-ridden sky, I again began to ponder why I’d gone off Rosario so dramatically. She hadn’t done anything in particular, and to be candid, she was still quite crazy about me, perhaps a bit too much. I used to have so much fun with her at the beginning because we were both at the same place emotionally, and did not make too many demands of each other. We spent every minute we could together because we wanted to.

However, as time went by, I began to crave a little bit of space and my own time, but she did not seem to take the hint. She almost began to be a pest, always wanting to know my whereabouts, pouting and sulking whenever I had to do something that didn’t involve her. She dropped by my office all the time and expected me to drop everything it was I was doing to spend time with her. She called me during important meetings and got upset if I couldn’t make time for her. She threw a fit whenever I had to spend alone time with any female clients, and always suspected me of playing behind her back, something I was categorically innocent of.

Then there was her worrying drug abuse. She had been a casual user of several substances when we began dating, which did not alarm me too much. By Hollywood standards at least, it was pretty tame stuff. But as I observed closer and closer, she seemed to be doing a lot of harm to herself. Apart from cocaine and marijuana, which she did at least several times a day, she seemed to have an addiction to several pills and painkillers.

Besides the fact that I was worried about the effect of these on her, I also couldn’t stand the ineluctable mood swings this brought about in her. At one point, she’d be sweet, vivacious, playful and boisterous, so much fun to be around and totally absorbing and cultivating. At the next, she’d be moody and surly, with a temper, totally irritable and at danger of flaring up and throwing a hissy-fit if things did not go her way.

It was totally wearing me out – with the workload at the office and the fact that Maria was nearing her date of delivery, and facing a few complications, it was another distraction I shouldn’t have. Where Rosario used to be my refuge, the one thing I knew I could turn to when everything was so fucked up, she was emerging as one of the major problem points in my life. I still cared for her, and perhaps I still loved her, but she was getting too much for me, and I was actively searching for an avenue to get out.

I did not want to give up so easily, but I did not know how much I could take. The office was fast becoming my asylum – Rosario had unilaterally moved into my place about a month earlier, and it was not turning out as smoothly as I’d like. And as she was currently in town shooting a movie for HBO, she was always around. Thankfully, there was a lot in the office to keep me occupied.

I rapped along with the radio as I approached the new premises of my office. Shooting Star Talent Agency had recently moved house, all part of my ongoing quest to revolutionize the agency. Over the past few months, the agency had been rapidly expanding at my behest. While it had successfully carved a niche among the upper echelon of Hollywood, almost to the extent of having a monopoly, I was trying to expand our services and truly become a Hollywood heavyweight. I had more than tripled the staff, and our small cozy premises no longer had enough room.

Besides, I was nowhere near done with the plans I had for the firm, so it was a no-brainer to locate somewhere else. While I still kept the old building, mainly for sentimental reasons, I leased two floors in a building right on Hollywood Boulevard, right in the thick of things, and we had moved only recently.

Part of me still felt apprehensive that Dean might not approve of the radical changes I had carried out, but the rest of me pushed those doubts out. He did after all give me a free rein (his words exactly) to do as I saw fit, and besides, it was not like I was doing any harm. If anything, he would be thrilled at all the progress I was making. I’d also been fiscally responsible, every expenditure well accounted for, and I was confident that we were going to turn a profit at the end of the year, even if it was not at the scale of the previous year.

Of course, there was still the tiny matter of unauthorized payments to the men who had been blackmailing me. After the first payment I had made, I was adamant that I would not allow any further amounts to be extorted from me. I’d lived through several threatening notes and vandalizing of my property (I’d just spent a fortune restoring my Porsche after it took a pounding).

However, when their notes and ultimatums became more and more intimidating, and when they eventually started threatening to hunt down my family members and hurt them, I quickly gave in. I probably should have involved the police at that point, but I was too scared, and pretty worn out, so I just gave in to their requests.

So far, two payments of $750,000 and a million had been made out respectively, and so far they had backed off, though I knew they would be back for more before long. When that bridge arrived, I would cross it. Meanwhile, there was a discrepancy in the company finances, but with the amount of money we had been handling, it wasn’t too noticeable.

I eventually got to my office building and made my way inside, in the process sharing the elevator with a rather malodorous large man. I was relieved when I stepped out into my office floor, and the feeling of relief grew to excitement when standing before me was the main reason why I’d fallen out of love with Rosario of recent.

Sapphire was the newest recruit to the agency. For the past few months, I’d actively sought competent additions to the agency, and she was one of several members who had joined in executive capacity. She was in charge of the firm’s legal affairs, and came highly recommended. To put it simply, she was beauty personified, and I had been stricken from the moment she stepped into my office for the first time.

It had been one of those mornings where nothing seemed to be going right. I’d gotten into an argument with Rosario, and received another blackmail letter from Rashid’s friends. I was conducting a series of interviews for agents to join the firm, and none of the people I’d met so far seemed up to the job. However, fate decided to smile, and in stepped one of the most stunning women I’d ever been privileged to gaze upon.

Surely, this had to be an accident – perhaps she was a client, perhaps some model or upcoming actress who had just joined. But there was no way I’d have such a client and not be aware of her.

‘Sapphire Sanders?’ I asked, glancing down at the sheet in front of me.

‘That’s me,’ she breathed, with a wry smile.

I began to hope she was at least remotely qualified, because there was no way I was not going to offer the job to her. She was an unusual beauty, not the dime a dozen type which roamed Hollywood. She was tall, regal even, standing at about six foot tall. Her features suggested a delectable mix; her bronzed olive skin hinting at a Mediterranean background, and her wild, curly locks of hair belying her black ancestry. She was quite skinny, with an oval, well sculpted face and the most amazing cheekbones. And even though she was smartly dressed in a trouser suit, it was quite hard to conceal the sensational body that lay beneath.

I brought myself back to reality as she took a seat, hoping my discomfort wasn’t too obvious and I wasn’t staring too hard. Her breasts, firm and perky, seemed to be heaving, trying to burst out of the tight blazer she wore, and I had to focus on her face. She seemed quite aware of the effect her sexuality was having on me, as her crimson red lips twitched into a mischievous smile.

‘So, Sapphire,’ I asked, hoping it wasn’t too inappropriate for me to refer to her with her first name. But I reminded myself that I was boss, and regardless of how hot my prospective employee was, I was in charge here. ‘Tell me about yourself and why you want to work here.’

She started to talk, and I tried to focus on her words, even though it would have been so easy to stare and drink in her beauty. I had to keep reminding myself that I did have a girlfriend whom I was crazy about if I wasn’t to get too carried away. Meanwhile, she seemed to be competent enough. She was 31, and from Chicago, though she had graduated from Berkeley Law about six years earlier, with a background in entertainment law. All in all, she seemed to be up to the task, and I had offered her the job on the spot.

She’d been at the job three weeks now, and it was getting increasingly tougher to work in the same surrounding as her. We’d had to work closely together several times, and I could feel a bit of tension in the air between us, definitely not my imagination. There had been uncomfortable periods when we caught eyes and held contact for several seconds, as well as slightly flirtatious comments by both of us when we spoke. However, I’d tried my best to keep my distance from her as best as I could. I did have a girlfriend, whom I was hoping things would work out with; and even if I didn’t, it was always a bad idea to get involved with someone from work.

Anyway, as I stepped out of the elevator, I mumbled a bashful hello to her, and without waiting for a response, I began to walk to my office. I hoped she wouldn’t think me rude; it was just that each minute spent in her presence was torture. It was so painful staring at her beauty and not being able to do anything about it; I was always left tongue-tied, and wound up feeling quite sheepish.

‘Mr. Brill,’ she called me back.

‘Yeah,’ I answered, looking back. She was the only member of the office who did not call me by my first name, and I’d never bothered to set her straight, mainly because it turned me on in a weird way when she called me Mr. Brill.

‘I just wanted to let you know the update on the case with Vivica Fox,’ she said.

‘What’s up?’ I asked, sounding a bit more interested than I was.

‘Her ex-husband has increased the amount of money he’s asking for,’ she answered.

‘God damn,’ I swore, totally becoming alarmed, ‘What about the offer I asked you to make?’

‘He told me to stick it up my ass,’ she said quite bluntly, taking me aback.

‘Have you spoken to Vivica?’ I asked her.

‘I called her about twenty minutes ago,’ Sapphire informed me, ‘I told her to come in about noon. I hope you don’t mind.’

‘No, that’s great,’ I said, ‘thanks a lot.’

Actress Vivica Fox’s ex-husband, some loser wannabe musician, had been a real cause of headache. The Kill Bill and Two Can Play That Game star was a client of the firm, and had gone through a rather messy divorce about a year earlier. Sixx-Nine, as he was known, had always been quite resentful of his wife’s success, since his own music career had never quite taken off.

It emerged that he had actually been holding Vivica backwards due to professional jealousy, as her career seemed to really take off after their divorce. Naturally, he had come back on the scene, insisting that he was entitled to a cut of the money she made from all her current and future movies. He was threatening to go to the press and reveal several private details about Vivica unless he was paid.

As her agent, she had turned to me for help, and we were trying to negotiate with him to sign a confidentiality agreement in exchange for a fee. He was still playing hardball though. It had all been really hard on Vivica, who was one of the nicest and most jovial people I knew.

Nothing vexed me more than good for nothing men who tried to cash in on the good fortunes of their spouses, and I hoped I wouldn’t have to confront the Sixx-Nine dude, because I did not care how big he was (he was 6 foot 9 by the way, hence the name), I would not hesitate to beat the crap out of him.

Besides Sapphire, I’d also hired two other ‘close-circle’ members. They were up and coming agents whom I had stolen from William Morris, a large rival agency. It felt a bit weird having other people I could delegate real tasks to, but with time, I got used to it, and began to work mostly in a supervisory capacity. Inevitably, I found that the volume of work had decreased dramatically. As such, it was one of those rare mornings where I sat idly in my office without having any work to do.

My agenda for the morning included a brief meeting with the newly recruited junior agents, Todd and Luke, and then another with Sapphire, after which I had a long conference call with several movie producers and the head of a major studio. I was done a lot earlier than I anticipated though, and I sat glumly in my office, wondering what the hell to do with my time.

After looking through everything I had to several times over, I still had at least two hours until my meeting with Vivica. I hooked up the Playstation 2 I had just bought for the office and was just about to start playing the new Metal Gear Solid game when my assistant buzzed me.

‘Yes, Darlene?’ I asked exasperatedly.

‘You’ve got a visitor,’ she informed me.

‘Damn,’ I swore to myself, as I’d been looking forward to spare time with my game, ‘Send her in.’

I hadn’t even bothered to ask who it was, and as I picked up the phone to ask Darlene, my assistant, the door swung open, revealing the identity of my visitor. My mouth swung open in surprise.

‘Don’t look so surprised to see me,’ said Halle Berry quite matter-of-factly as she walked into my office.

‘Wow, Halle,’ I uttered, shocked beyond my skull. I hadn’t seen her in about a year, and we had parted in acrimonious circumstances. Now, she was walking into my office as though it were the most normal thing in the world.

‘I’m mad at you, Damon,’ she said, smiling. ‘What do you have to say for yourself?’

‘Excuse me?’

‘Why haven’t you called me all this while?’ she asked accusingly, though I could see it was good-natured.

‘Were you expecting me to call you?’ I asked.

For a rather long period of time until about a year ago, I’d been heavily involved with Halle Berry. We had a clandestine affair for close to 2 years, starting from when I was still an assistant to Dean. However, we had been forced to call it quits due to certain differences – I couldn’t give her the kind of relationship she wanted, and I was quite tired of being a boy toy. I realized as I glanced at her how much I had missed her.

‘I’ve been waiting for your call ever since I left Eric’s sorry ass,’ she declared, ‘and when I realized you weren’t going to call, I decided to come over and kick your butt.’

I laughed, ‘And why would you be waiting for my call?’

‘That was the deal, silly,’ she went on, ‘I left my husband so we could be together.’

‘What deal?’ I asked, hoping she was joking.

‘Come on, Damon,’ she continued, ‘if you’re going to keep playing silly at least stop treating me like a stranger and come and give me a hug.’

‘You’re being silly,’ I laughed as I walked over to embrace her. She wrapped her arms around me like an old friend. Letting go, I observed her, looking her up and down like I would someone whom I hadn’t seen in ages. She had on an almost transparent chiffon top and the tightest blue jeans.

‘Damn baby,’ I joked, ‘you’re looking fly as ever. Is there any room for me in those jeans?’

She laughed quite heartily, ‘You’re looking really good yourself. I like the new look, with the suit and all. And you got your hair all grown out.’

‘You too,’ I said. Halle still had her famously low-cut hair, and even though she was still ever so pretty with long hair, I felt her beautiful facial features were more enhanced when her hair was shorter.

‘So, I see you’ve become Mr. Big Shot,’ Halle said.

‘What do you mean?’ I asked.

‘I’m proud of you,’ she said, ‘you’ve done good for yourself, and you’re even developing a reputation around town as a heartbreaker.’

‘Come on,’ I laughed, ‘you know that’s not true.’

I took my seat on the table opposite her, wondering why she came. She was still so beautiful, and as I stared into her face, I began to mentally drift down memory lane, remembering when we were together and the good times we spent. If I’d been able to allow myself to return Halle’s love, who knows what might have happened? I tried to recollect why we had broken up, but it just seemed so unclear to me. At some point, I’d just decided I’d had enough of her and given up on the relationship. Was that what was happening with my relationship with Rosario?

‘What’s on your mind?’ asked Halle.

‘Oh nothing,’ I answered, coming back to life, ‘I was just trying to remember why we broke up.’

‘That’s funny, that’s the reason why I’m here.’

‘Sorry?’ I asked, surprised.

‘I was thinking about you the other day,’ she told me, ‘and trying to remember why we broke up and couldn’t figure it out. I’m single now, Damon, and I want you back.’

‘Wow, Halle,’ I stuttered, surprised that she was so forthright.

‘I mean it, Damon,’ she said, her soft voice sounding quite authoritative, ‘I miss you so much. Ever since we broke up, I’ve dated so many guys but it just couldn’t compare to how it was with you. What we had was special.’

I was momentarily stunned. I was totally at a loss of words, and didn’t know how to respond. The fact she had been so forthright and candid with her feelings made it hard for me to let her down, and I wasn’t even sure whether I wanted to. Except of course, for the fact that I had a girlfriend. Yes, that was my avenue out of this.

‘I’m seeing someone, Halle,’ I explained gently.

‘Oh, Rosario Dawson?’ she asked, sounding downcast.

‘Yeah, we’ve been together for three months now, and we’ve gotten serious. I agree we had something special, and I do miss you, but maybe it’s time to just move on.’ I said, in as sympathetic a tone as I could.

‘But I don’t want to move on,’ retorted Halle in an almost pleading voice. ‘Rosario’s a nice girl, but I don’t think she’s the one for you.’

‘And why’s that?’ I asked.

‘Because I am,’ she simply said.

I wasn’t sure what to say at that point. The reality that Halle Berry was begging me back was not lost to me. My profile just kept growing higher and higher. First, I was the dude who was screwing Halle Berry, and then I became the guy who actually dumped Halle Berry. Now, I was within a shout of becoming the guy who turned her down when she wanted to get back together. My mind went back to the whirlwind days when we just began our relationship and how lucky I used to feel. The fact that she seemed to genuinely care about me despite the fact I was just a nobody back then was really amazing, and she did deserve something from me.

‘If I weren’t with Rosario,’ I said somewhat honestly, ‘I swear I’d really consider getting back with you.’

‘Do you love her?’ she asked me.

Perhaps if I had given a decisive answer, replying in the affirmative right away, things might have turned out differently. Halle’s question caught me aback, and I realized I was not sure what the answer was. I hesitantly stuttered, and I noticed a look of triumph spread across Halle’s face.

‘You can’t just ask me that?’ I eventually sputtered.

‘It’s a simple question,’ she stated, ‘I just want to know if you love her. If you do, I’ll back off.’

This was another opportunity for me to save myself and emphasize how serious I was about Rosario. Naturally, I blew it.

‘You can’t just ask me if I love someone,’ I argued, ‘you know love is complicated.’

‘I’ve got a tiny request to make of you then,’ she said coolly.

‘What’s that?’

‘I want you to make love to me right here and now.’

‘WHAT?’ I flipped.

‘I need it, for old times’ sake,’ she said, ‘I just want to get you out of my system.’

As ridiculous as her appeal sounded at first, the more I thought about it, the better sense it made. Halle was a stunningly beautiful woman offering me no-strings sex. I did have good memories of my sex sessions with her, and knew I would be getting a good deal.

‘Now? Here?’ I questioned.

‘You heard me,’ she said, ‘so what’s it gonna be?’

‘I don’t know,’ I found myself sheepishly replying.

Despite my track record, I am actually someone who believes in fidelity. Of course, as someone who just impregnated his friend’s wife, and was about to cheat on his girlfriend, it sounds unbelievable. But I’ve always tried to maintain monogamy – a relationship wasn’t worth getting into if you weren’t ready to give it your all. Throughout my dalliance with Halle, despite the fact that we were not official, I barely played the field, and I had yet to even come close to cheating on Rosario. Therefore, my feeble surrender to Halle’s charms surprised even me.

She got off the chair and came over to me, striding in a sexy walk, no doubt inspired by her Catwoman character. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she came towards me. I remained glued to my seat, wondering what course of action to take. In spite of myself, I was beginning to respond, my manhood starting to show signs of life within my pants. Halle kept her eyes locked on mine, beginning to undo the buttons of her top as she drew closer. It was erotic in a very bizarre way, and I couldn’t tear my eyes off.

As she reached me, her top completely came off, exposing a silky bra, from which her nipples poked out. She spun my chair around, and then walking to the other side so that she faced me again, she brought her hand onto my lap and slid it up, so that it was dangerously close to my crotch. Her hands located my now rigid dick through the material of my pants, and she gave it a quick fondle, looking up at me and winking. It looked like a really professional attempt to seduce me, though one I really should have been able to resist if I really wanted to.

All of a sudden, she climbed onto the chair and straddled me so that she was facing me. Everything within me was telling me to get myself out while I still had a chance, but I found myself transfixed, as if enchanted by some invisible spell. She held on to my head and pressed it onto her lush breasts, and I felt immediately at home, snuggling away at them.

‘I missed you, Halle,’ I found myself saying. Well, it was true.

‘I know, baby,’ she replied, lowering her face so that she was face-to-face with me.

I knew it was only a matter of seconds before she tried to kiss me, and again, I tried to make myself break free. It really wasn’t worth it, I told myself. As hot as Halle was, it was territory I had sampled before, and I did leave for a reason. One thing I did know was that I did not have any future whatsoever with Halle, but one could still be salvaged with Rosario. As Halle’s face drew nearer, my resolve weakened, until I decided to just go on with it and damn the consequences.

Her lips, soft and warm, made contact with mine, and parted them open, so that her tongue was soon in my mouth. I embraced her, beginning to lose myself in the kiss. As she moaned loudly, her hands went down from my face and began to frantically undo my tie. I brought my hand up to her breast, and began to caress it through the material. It was quite enjoyable, though I did still feel a great deal of guilt, which dissipated as the kiss went on. I brought my hand to my back and was just about to unclasp her bra when I heard a loud gasp at the door.

‘What the fuck?’ Rosario’s voice rang. ‘Damon, what are you doing?’

I turned around and looked right into my girlfriend’s eyes. She stood at the open door, daggers shooting from her eyes. Surely, this sort of thing only happened in the movies. The one time I actually cheat on my girlfriend, and I’m barely into it when she shows up. How the hell was I going to get out of this one?

‘Hi, honey,’ I said as I gently pushed Halle away, trying not to betray the alarm that I felt.

‘Damon, how could you?’ Rosario cried, her eyes burning with hurt.

Halle had got up now and was frantically putting her top back on. Rosario glared across at her, throwing her a look that could melt ice. Rosario, who had gone on so many times how Halle Berry was one of her biggest inspirations as an actress and how she aspired to have the same level of success, probably would have tried to attack her role model right there and then if she wasn’t so shocked. She looked at me, as though waiting for an explanation. I tried to give her one, but nothing was forthcoming.

‘Honey,’ I said as I walked over to her, ‘just chill out, OK? It’s not what it looks like.’

That was the oldest line in the book, and probably the least believable. I didn’t expect her to buy it, but all the same, I found myself using it. Meanwhile, had her clothes fully on now, and after observing herself in my office mirror, mouthed ‘sorry’ to me, and tried to creep past Rosie outside the office. However, Rosario blocked the entrance, putting paid to any hope Halle had of quietly exiting the scene.

‘Where do you think you are going?’ Rosario snapped at her.

‘Let her leave, OK,’ I said, ‘this has nothing to do with her.’

‘Nothing to do with her?’ she screamed in disbelief, ‘she was just kissing all over you, how can it have nothing to do with her?’

‘Honey, you’re causing a scene,’ I said. By now, several people from the office were gathered not far from my door, no doubt wondering what was going on. As I shut the door, I could make out Sapphire amongst them, looking a bit curious. Great, I said to myself, I really must be making some impression on her. Then I remembered that I had a potential storm brewing on my hands, and whatever Sapphire thought should be the least of my concerns.

‘Look babe,’ Halle chimed in, addressing Rosario, ‘nothing happened here, I was visiting Damon and we got carried away.’

‘It didn’t look like nothing,’ said Rosario.

‘Look, you two kids sort this out between yourselves,’ Halle said, ‘I need to get going.’

With that, she was out of the door, and I was left to face an angry Rosario all by myself. Surprisingly, I did not even feel contrite or as though I needed to be apologetic. This was perhaps the showdown our relationship needed; things had been souring without really heading anywhere and this was a chance to have a confrontation and bring all our problems to the table.

‘I don’t believe you’d do this, Damon,’ Rosario said, almost in a whisper.

‘Well, perhaps if you made me happy, I wouldn’t be with someone else,’ I countered, knowing I was being unreasonable, but for some reason or the other, trying to pass the guilt to her.

‘What do you mean I’m not making you happy?’ she asked in genuine surprise.

‘Are you kidding me?’ I asked back, incredulously, ‘do you mean to tell me you don’t see we’ve been unhappy for a while?’

‘I know things haven’t been as great,’ she said, ‘but I didn’t think anything was seriously wrong.’

‘Shorty, we’ve done nothing but drive each other crazy all this while,’ I shot back, ‘and I know that me cheating on you isn’t the way to go about it, but we have some issues that we need to work out.’

‘That’s what happens,’ she said, ‘it can’t all be fun and games all the time.’

‘Rosie, I’m running out of energy,’ I said honestly, ‘I never know which Rosario I’m gonna meet each day, the sweet, awesome girl I fell in love with, or the bitchy doped-up crack head.’

‘Don’t try to turn this around on me,’ she yelled, ‘you’re the one who just got caught kissing on your ex-girlfriend. I know she’s Halle Berry, but you can’t use that as an excuse.’

‘So what are you saying?’ I asked her.

‘I love you,’ she said, ‘but I don’t know if I want to stay with you.’

‘Whoa, wait a minute,’ I cried, totally surprised. ‘Where’s this coming from? At least think about it before rashly rushing into anything.’ I realized, as I looked at her at that very moment, that I was nowhere near ready to let her go.

‘I love you, Damon,’ she said, ‘maybe a bit too much. And if I can’t make you happy, I don’t think I should stay with you.’

‘I love you too, babe,’ I said, marking the first time we had exchanged those words with each other, ‘and I really think we can work this through. We’ll talk, go to therapy, do something. But don’t leave me, baby.’

‘I’m sorry, baby,’ she said, her eyes tearing up, ‘but I think I just might have to.’

‘At least we need to talk,’ I said, trying to reason with her.

‘I don’t know what good that’ll do,’ she said, hurt in her eyes, ‘like you said, things are not working.’

‘But baby, we can work through this,’ I cajoled. The irony of the fact that I was the one begging her to stay was not lost on me.

‘I’m gonna go over to your place and pack my shit, OK?’ she said, trying to sound as cheerful as possible.

‘Don’t you think you’re acting a bit rash?’ I asked her, ‘at least let’s talk this through.’

‘Sorry, Damon,’ she said, a note of finality in her voice, ‘I have to do this.’

I watched helplessly as she picked up her handbag, which she must have dropped in surprise when she saw me kissing Halle, off the floor, and exited the room. I stared as the door was shut behind her, watching everything I’d emotionally invested in the last three months leave me. I couldn’t believe it was over. It couldn’t be. Even though I’d been feeling disgruntled with things lately, I realized as I stood there that I wasn’t ready to let her go. Joni Mitchell’s and Janet Jackson’s lyrics, ‘You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone,’ rang true in my ears louder than ever.

My thoughts were interrupted by the buzzer ringing. I probably had another visitor over – maybe Vivica arriving for our noon appointment. Entertaining a client was the last thing I wanted at that very moment. I liked Vivica a lot, both as a client and a friend, but even her company was not so appealing to me at the moment. I needed time to collect my thoughts and figure out what had just happened.

‘Yes Darlene,’ I said into the phone, in a gruff and disgruntled voice.

‘You’ve got someone here to see you,’ she informed me.

‘I’m not taking any more guests today,’ I told her, hanging up the phone. Naturally, it buzzed again almost immediately.

‘It’s Ms. Vivica Fox here, Damon,’ Darlene said to me, ‘she says she has an appointment with you, and it’s important she sees you immediately.’

‘Tell her to speak to Sapphire instead,’ I told Darlene, ‘I’m not available.’

‘Yes Damon,’ she said obediently.

‘And Darlene,’ I said before she hung up, ‘the next time you let someone in without checking with me, just might be the last time you work here.’ I knew I was taking out my anger on her by being uncharacteristically mean, but after all, if she had checked first, Rosario wouldn’t have walked in on me with Halle Berry.

‘Sorry Damon,’ she said, ‘I just figured since she was your girlfriend and was always here.’

‘I don’t care if it’s George fucking W. Bush,’ I yelled at her, letting lose my anger, ‘I don’t care if it’s the doggone Pope or the Dalai bloody Lama. Check with me before you let anyone in.’

‘Yes Damon,’ she said before hanging up.

I felt so terrible. Darlene was old enough to be my mother, and I had just given her a severely rude tongue-lashing. I only hoped she wouldn’t take it too personal – she was too valuable a secretary to lose. Oh well, I’d have to get her an extra-special incentive to stay with me if that was what it took. Hopefully, I’d be able to sort that one out – it was another problem I didn’t want surfacing.

Anyway, I sat on my desk for several hours staring into space and trying to gather my thoughts together. I knew for a fact that I wasn’t ready to let Rosario out of my life. True, things had been problematic lately, but perhaps every relationship went through that phase. I couldn’t help thinking about the fun we had in the beginning, when I was so crazy about her and would have done anything to make her happy.

I reminisced on the first real conversation we had at Tara Reid’s party, and when she had seen me naked in the pool. I remembered when she had so graciously bailed me out of jail, and us hooking up at my place. I thought about all the fun we’d had over the past few months and how good I always felt with her.

It was ironic that the showdown had involved the other woman with whom I had broken things off without a concrete reason. I had similarly ended things with Halle when there was a danger I would have to seriously commit to her. It occurred to me that a pattern was emerging where I always found a way to get out of kitchen when I couldn’t stand the heat.

Sure, I hadn’t been the one that broke things off with Rosario, but it had been my actions that led to it, and the more I thought about it, our problems of the last few weeks had almost as much to do with me. For all her faults, all she wanted to do was love me, and I was too hesitant to return her love with the same intensity, so I found reasons to nitpick. God, I had serious intimacy issues.

I sat for hours and hours and wasn’t able to come to any conclusion or strategy. But I did acknowledge that my inability to find and maintain love was my own doing, and if I did get Rosario back, I was going to do everything in my power to make it work. And just in case it didn’t work out, I had a lot of work to do on myself to ensure that in the future, I didn’t let it repeat itself.

I was driving home later that evening, having spent the whole day in my office lost in thought. Eventually, I’d come out of my hibernation, and my first order of business was to apologize to Darlene. She had been pretty hurt by my treatment of her, and I had to do a lot of groveling. I’d managed to win her over by extending her annual leave by a week and giving her a slight hike in her wages. She was due some sort of compensation anyway, as she had been a more than capable worker, so it wasn’t like it was undeserved. There’s nothing like a hugely motivated employee, and it was more like a case of killing two birds with one stone.

I also met with Sapphire to find out the outcome of her meeting with Vivica, and understandably, the actress had been upset that I had snubbed her. Thankfully, Sapphire had done a good job of calming her down, and they were able to make some progress, arriving at a fee in principle that would be paid to her ex-husband. It appeared it would all work out.

I knew I had to gain Vivica’s forgiveness, and it would definitely be no easy task. Still, it was worth a try, and as I drove down the freeway, I dialed her number, not looking forward to the inevitable diva fit. I had managed to lift my spirits, thanks mostly to about an hour in Sapphire’s presence, and I felt confident enough to handle anyone. Still, Vivica, despite being a darling, was a no-nonsense person, and could be very sassy when she lost her temper. Ten minutes of kissing her ass (as well as promising to point at her direction the next plum role which came around before informing Halle, Jada, Angela, Nia or Vanessa) ought to do it, I rationalized.

The phone rang continuously, and I waited for Vivica to pick, but to no avail. When it went to voicemail, I briefly considered leaving a message, but I knew that would not suffice. I hung up and dialed again, but with the same outcome. I thus decided to try her at home. It was 8 pm on a weekday, so there was a huge likelihood that she wouldn’t be home, but it was worth a shot. The phone rang only once or twice when it was picked up.

‘Hello,’ came a frantic voice, which sounded like Vivica.

‘Hey, Vivica, is that you?’ I asked, wondering what was up. She did not sound OK.

‘Hey Damon,’ she whimpered, sounding scared. I was wondering what was going on when I heard a loud, threatening male voice boom, ‘Put that phone down now, bitch, and come here.’

‘Is everything OK?’ I asked, a bit concerned.

‘I need help, Damon,’ she yelled, her voice dripping with panic, ‘I’m being attacked, I’m about to…’

‘Put that fucking phone down,’ came the voice again, and then I heard a struggle, and the phone went off.

I began to panic. I thought of calling again, but it would probably cause more trouble. Either way, Vivica was in a bit of trouble, and I had to do something to help here. I decided to stop by her place, but it was at least thirty minutes away, and by the time I got there, who knew what might have happened. I decided to call the police, and wish for the best. I frantically dialed 911, gave them the details of Vivica’s address, and explained the situation as best as I knew it.

Even then, I drove like a lunatic as I began to make my way to her place. I had only been there once, and the neighborhood was a bit unfamiliar. I must have broken several speed limits, and I hoped I wouldn’t get apprehended by the cops. Eventually, in about twenty minutes, I found myself parked right in front of her rather large house. I hoped I wasn’t too late, and as I didn’t see any signs of the police, I wondered what was going on.

Hopping out of my car, I almost ran to the front door. I was surprised at the lack of security, which was quite uncommon among people as big as her. Still, Vivica had never had that Hollywood mentality of inflated self importance, but I was still going to have a word with her. It was dangerous for someone as famous as her to live without any security, however safe or affluent the neighborhood was.

Vivica herself answered the door after I buzzed the doorbell, and I could tell that something was not right. She appeared agitated and almost disheveled, and my curiosity was piqued.

‘What’s going on, Vivica?’ I asked her.

‘Oh, it’s nothing,’ she said, though I could tell she was trying to tell me something through the expression on her face.

‘Is it those bloody cops at the door again?’ came the same male voice that was shouting over the phone.

‘No, it’s OK, it’s just a friend,’ Vivica said.

‘Vivica, what’s going on? Why did you sound so scared over the phone?’ I asked, by now very concerned.

‘It was nothing,’ she replied, still sounding agitated.

‘Who’s there? Are you sure everything is OK?’

At that instant, the door swung open, and I came face-to-face with her ex-husband. He was a hulking giant of a man, and had a ferocious expression on his face. It all added up, could he have been the one who was attacking his ex-wife?

‘Is this the fucker who called the cops earlier?’ he asked.

‘What’s going on here?’ I asked. ‘Vivica, is this fool bothering you?’

‘Who the fuck are you calling a fool?’ he shouted as he unexpectedly shoved me, pushing me so hard that I had to struggle to maintain my balance.

‘Look, man, I ain’t trying to fight you,’ I said, trying to broker peace, ‘I just wanted to make sure Vivica was alright.’

‘What business is it of yours?’ he asked, sounding as belligerent as ever.

‘She’s my client, and I have her best interests at heart.’ I said, trying to be diplomatic.

‘Oh, so you’re the bastard I talked to on the phone the other day that’s been handling her case and trying to stop me from getting my money.’

‘I think you’re fucking despicable,’ I told him to his face, ‘you should be ashamed of yourself.’

I was ready for what came next, and his huge bulk came swinging towards me. I deftly swerved, avoiding his hand, and promptly kneed him in the groin. He keeled over, and I promptly began to rain him with punches. He seemed sluggish, and I could tell that he had been drinking. He was swinging his arms around carelessly, hoping to strike lucky, and I avoided each punch and proceeded to inflict further harm on him. He managed to hit me on the eye twice, but in no time, he was lying almost unconscious on the ground. He eventually came to, and muttering and cursing, he got into his car which was in the driveway and drove off.

I proceeded inside with Vivica, and as she dressed the cut in my eye, she filled me in on what was going on. He had shown up in her house that evening and started threatening her, raining abuses on her because she was unwilling to part with more money. Fortunately, he did not seem to have caused her any damage physically. The police indeed had shown up, but Vivica had given them the impression that it was a false alarm.

‘Why do you let him do this to you?’ I asked her.

‘It’s OK, Damon,’ she said, trying to avoid the topic, ‘I’m a grown woman, I can handle my biz.’

‘The dude is crazy,’ I said. ‘How do I know he’s not going to try and assault you again? Why don’t you sue him and throw his ass in jail.’

‘He’s a nice guy,’ she said regretfully, ‘or at least he used to be until he started getting jealous of my career. He’s actually a pretty sensitive guy.’

‘I don’t think you should stay here anymore tonight,’ I advised her.

‘I’m OK, Damon,’ she said, ‘don’t you worry about me.’

‘Nonsense,’ I insisted, ‘we’re gonna check you into a hotel tonight, and tomorrow, you get a restraining order against him.’

‘Restraining order?’ she laughed, ‘you’ve got to be kidding me. I ain’t getting no restraining order, and I ain’t stepping one inch outside this house tonight.’

‘OK Vivica,’ I said as we reached the door of the room in the four-star hotel we had checked her in, ‘I’m glad you are alright, you need to get some rest.’

It had been a struggle, but I managed to convince Vivica on the wisdom of staying in the hotel at least for the night. I had to literally drive her out of her house before she could see reason. She had still not come around on the issue of the restraining order, but I decided I was going to ask Sapphire to go ahead with it, and eventually Vivica would have no choice but to co-operate.

During the drive over, Vivica had told me more about her situation with Sixx-Nine, and it seemed it was even worse than I thought. He had been really abusive to her during their marriage, and even worse, she was still making excuses for him. He had tried to force himself on her that evening, and if I hadn’t shown up and ended up beating him to a pulp, who knows what could have happened. Still, Vivica was cheerful and boisterous as ever as she chatted, and it was hard to know she had just been the victim of domestic abuse.

‘Why don’t you come in for a while and help me settle in?’ she asked me at the door of the hotel.

‘Sure, no problem,’ I said. It was just past 10 pm, and I wasn’t in any rush, so I could spare the time to hang out with her. Besides, time spent with Vivica was always fun.

‘Nice room,’ she said as we walked in. It indeed was quite impressive. Really spacious with a large bed, fireplace, fully stocked bar, and even a Jacuzzi.

‘I wish I could stay in stuff like this all the time,’ she joked.

‘Come on, Vivica,’ I joked back, ‘you keep talking like you’re some broke lil’ bitch. I know how much you earn, remember?’

‘Well, maybe if you let me have the really good roles before offering them to your darling Halle Berry, I’d be making even more,’ she teased.

‘Come on, let’s not go down that road again,’ I jokingly complained. Vivica always joked whenever we spoke about how I never thought of her whenever any good role for black women came up.

‘Until I win my own Oscar,’ she laughed, ‘I’m gonna hold you responsible.’

We continued to joke and banter about, mostly passing across idle gossip about people we knew. I found myself forgetting how depressed I had been earlier about Rosario, and losing myself in the conversation.

‘By the way, sorry about this afternoon,’ I apologized for the earlier incident.

‘Nah, don’t worry, its OK,’ she said, ‘you’ve earned your forgiveness by kicking my husband’s butt.’ I laughed.

‘Actually,’ she said, ‘I bumped into Rosario on my way into your office, and she gave me an idea of what had happened. So I understood your not wanting to see anyone.’

‘I bet you think I’m an asshole,’ I said.

‘Come on, don’t say that,’ she said, ‘I don’t know everything that went down, so I ain’t gonna make it my business, but don’t worry, I bet Rosario will come around.’

‘What about you?’ I asked, ‘Are you seeing anyone now? Last I heard, you were still stalking 50 Cent?’

She laughed, ‘I don’t know how that story got out there. But no, I dumped 50’s sorry ass long ago, when I walked in on him with one of his groupies.’

‘I bet you got loads of guys knocking down your doorstep,’ I teased.

‘Who? Me?’ she laughed, ‘I’m an old woman, I’m still trying to find me a man.’

‘Come on, you’re not old, you’re still one of the hottest women out there. I mean, when I saw you up in King Magazine, I was like whoa.’

Even though I was joking, I meant what I was saying. Vivica is an amazingly hot woman, one of the variety who seem to keep getting more and more attractive with age. If I was not mistaken, she was pretty damn near 40, but one would never know looking at her. I used to have a thing for her back in the late 90s, when she emerged in movies like Independence Day, Set it off, and Booty Call. Even now, I’d always had a mild crush on her. Not a serious crush, just the kind you have on an older gorgeous female friend who you know is out of your league and you have no hope of getting.

‘Thanks a lot, Damon,’ she said, ‘I know you’re just trying to make me feel good, but it’s nice all the same.’

‘I mean it,’ I insisted, ‘I mean, if I had a woman like you, that would be bomb.’

My comments obviously pleased Vivica, and she proposed opening up a bottle of champagne to celebrate her ‘hotness’. We quickly finished the bottle, and then another, and totally tipsy, and largely devoid of inhibition, we decided to go into the Jacuzzi.

‘Whoa,’ I couldn’t stop myself from gasping as Vivica undressed until she was just in her bra and panties. Her figure was nothing short of show-stopping, with a perfect hourglass shape, and amazing looking breasts. I had to stop my eyes from popping out.

‘Keep your eyes to yourself,’ she said, ‘I don’t want Rosario to come and kick my butt. Now, let’s see you undress, I want to see the goods.’

Laughing, I took my clothes off and eventually was in my boxer shorts. She was quiet, though I could tell from the look on her face as she ogled my chest that she liked what she saw. At that point, I became aware that we had crossed the line into flirtation, and began to suspect that perhaps some romance was in the atmosphere. I wasn’t sure I minded much though; if I indeed was single now, and could do a lot worse than Vivica A. Fox.

We eventually made our way into the warm bubbles, and Vivica sat right next to me. We continued to talk, as she gave me a history of all the bad dates she’d been on. We were on our third bottle of champagne now, and although I was still in control, I could tell from Vivica’s increasingly hysterical laughter that she was getting really drunk.

‘So, Damon, I hear you’re a real freak in bed,’ Vivica suddenly said.

‘Where did you hear that?’ I laughed, a bit surprised.

‘Girls talk, you know,’ she said, ‘you got a bit of a reputation around town.’

‘You’re the second person saying this today,’ I said, wondering where the so-called reputation was coming from.

‘Well, I happen to be good friends with Tyra Banks,’ Vivica answered, ‘and Halle’s a confidante of mine as well.’

‘You’re talking like I done fucked the whole of Hollywood,’ I protested, ‘but I’m curious, what else did you find out about me?’

‘I didn’t really hear much, I was just teasing,’ she said.

‘Oh, that’s cool,’ I said.

‘But I must admit, I’m curious,’ she added.

‘You are?’ I asked, as I leaned a bit closer to her.

Our lips met, and I found myself kissing Vivica. She kissed me quite frantically, and as our lips played with each other, her hands were already moving for my crotch, where my dick was already throbbing. I reciprocated, moving my hands and caressing her thighs as we kissed. She brought her hands up to my face and embraced me quite tight. My hands were still on her thighs though, they felt so nice in the water, and I found myself getting extremely turned on

Our breathing was becoming more and more intense, and when I eventually let her go to catch my breath, she had a really flustered look, ‘fuck-me-or-I’ll-die’ clearly written on her face. I didn’t want to be responsible for her death, and I was so horny right now I was sure I wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out. Still, I had to make sure it was the right thing.

‘Are you are you want us to do this?’ I asked.

‘Oh yes, Damon,’ she breathed, ‘I’ve had a thing for you for God-knows-how long. I really want this.’

I moved so that I was standing right opposite her now, pushing her to the surface of the Jacuzzi. She slipped her hands down into my boxers and tightly held my stiff cock, and jerking it slowly, began to play with my balls in one hand while she jerked me up and down with the other. Meanwhile, my face was buried in her neck, and I nuzzled away, my tongue making its way round and sending her into fits of ecstasy. She continued to play with my dick as I moved my head further down, until it reached her chest.

I could feel an orgasm quickly approaching, and the last thing I wanted was to ruin the fun and come too early. I’d never be able to live it down – besides, I wanted to live up to the mythical reputation as a stuff I supposedly had. I quickly pushed her hands away and continued to kiss her. She used her now-free hands to undo the clasp of her bra, which she quickly threw off.

Her jutting breasts seemed so free, and were a lot bigger than I’d have expected. They had a tiny droop, nothing extraordinary, definitely not in a way belying her 40 years of age. They could easily have passed for the breasts of a 25 year old. I immediately reached for them, and began to knead and caress, making a point to tweak her nipples. She was moaning quite loudly, and I could see how much she wanted this.

Meanwhile, I was more than ready to fuck – I was going to blow my load soon if I didn’t get any relief. I pulled off my wet boxers and threw if out of the Jacuzzi as well. My dick was at full mast, and she clasped her thighs round it and squeezed as tight as she could. It was the most delightful sensation ever, and I again had to hold myself from releasing my pleasure.

I now gently pulled off her panties, and we were both naked in the tub. I brought my finger down, and stuck two into her. She seemed more than ready, so I spread her legs wide open and thrust my load into her.

‘Oh yes,’ she cried as I made my way into her inch by inch, ‘this feels just right.’

I pushed more and more of myself into her, until I was finally in. I pumped in and out quite slowly, building up momentum at a slow pace. She seemed to be indicating for me to go faster. I ignored her, trying to go at my own pace, but was surprised when she actually instructed me otherwise.

‘Fuck me, Damon’ she cried, ‘fuck me faster.’

‘Oh yeah Vivica,’ I whispered, not exactly picking up my pace.

‘I mean it,’ she grunted, ‘I don’t want the slow making love bullshit. I want to be fucked. Come on, fuck me.’

With that, I suddenly picked up, as though I were a battery operated device which has been altered to a different setting. I held on to her legs and spread them as wide as I could, and began to go in and her like a lunatic. She yelled and screamed as I pounded, and I brought my mouth to her neck again and kissed and licked as I screwed her.

‘Oh yes Damon, fuck me Damon,’ she cried, ‘this feels good, I’m gonna come.’

I was about ready to come too, but wanted to prolong it as best as I could, as I knew that as soon as I did, that probably was it for the night. Vivica’s screams as she reached an orgasm permeated the air, but I continued to dutifully go, trying to get my mind off the present as much as possible. Still, it was really erotic, and did not know how much longer I could hold on.

‘Oh yes, that was good,’ said Vivica, recovering from her orgasm, and then a pleasantly amused look of incredulousness came across her face when she saw that I was still hard.

‘Oh, Damon,’ she squealed, ‘you are a stud.’

She brought her hand down and pulled me out of her, and I was wondering what was going on. I was even more surprised when she hopped out of the pool, and body still dripping wet, she walked over to the dressing table. I got out as well, not sure if the gig was up.

‘I just wanted to try you outside water as well,’ she said as she bent over, sticking her rear end out.

I walked behind her, held on to her posterior, and found her pussy with surprising ease.

‘Oh gooooooooood,’ she cried as I went deep into her.

It felt so nice and warm inside of her, even better than it did when we were in water. My body was still wet and drippy, as was hers, and I felt a little bit cold, but that didn’t matter as I continued to screw Vivica away with reckless abandon.

‘Oh my God, I’m about to come,’ Vivica cried. Damn, this was her second orgasm of the night, and I hadn’t yet had my first.

I tried to time it so that I’d come about the same time as her, and I think I was pretty accurate. I had been building it up for so long, and when it finally came, it was am explosion. I roared as I held on to Vivica and poured my load into her. I must have made such a racket because even Vivica, mid-climax, turned round to look at me.

I pulled out of her and crashed onto the bed. As much as I willed to go on, I was much too exhausted, and Vivica, who had crashed onto the bed as well, looked as though she would fall asleep at any moment. I knew the sex was over for the evening, but I was too drunk to drive home, so I hoped it would be OK if I stayed the night. Surely, Vivica shouldn’t mind.

‘Is it OK if I stay here tonight?’ I asked a half-asleep Vivica.

‘Yeah sure,’ she said as she snuggled under the covers.

Since we were two friends who basically had slept together with no-strings, I didn’t think any cuddling or showing of affection post-sex was necessary, so I went underneath the covers at the other end of the bed, and was a bit surprised when Vivica moved close to me, her naked breasts pressing into my back. Maybe it was the alcohol in her. Anyway, it was thoughts of Rosario that occupied my mind as I fell asleep, and I was still filled with hope that it might work out well for me and her.

I got the sense that all was not well as soon as I walked into my house the next day. Dawn had barely broken – I had left a still slumbering Vivica in her hotel room, and was quite relieved that I did not have to go through the awkward next-morning phase with her. I’d send her a bunch of flowers or something later on during the day. In fact, if things did not work out with Rosario, a dalliance with Vivica could be something I could consider pursuing. While it probably would have no future, it would be fun being with another sexually exciting older woman.

Meanwhile, as I walked into my home, I felt a disturbing premonition, as though I was going to find some irreparable damage. I glanced through all the rooms downstairs – nothing out of the ordinary. However, the feeling of unease refused to vanish as I made my way upstairs, and when I walked into my room, I froze for a second. The room was totally trashed, with Rosario’s stuff strewn all over the place, suitcases half open, with clothes littering every corner of the room. This meant she hadn’t actually taken her stuff. Could she have had a last minute change of heart?

I pushed some of her clothes off the bed, and was about to have a brief nap, when an empty plastic bottle labeled ‘Valium’ caught my eye. Something wasn’t right here. Where exactly was Rosario?

‘Rosie,’ I yelled, jumping off the bed, and running right into the bathroom. I gasped as I dashed in.

Rosario was stark naked and sprawled across the floor, with several bottles containing several pills, most of them empty, around her. She looked unconscious, and I was scared to death.

‘Rosie,’ I screamed, as I rushed to her. Thankfully, she still seemed alive, and as I checked for her pulse, I was glad to see it was still there.

‘Oh my God, what have you done to yourself?’ I yelled, tears actually streaming down my face.

‘Damon,’ she gently whispered, feebly opening her eyes.

‘Oh Rosario, you’re OK,’ I said, relief coursing through my voice, ‘I was so scared.’

‘Please don’t leave me,’ she whispered in a very weak voice, ‘never leave me.’

‘I’ll never dream of leaving you, baby,’ I said, tears still running down my face, holding on to her, ‘I’m so glad you’re OK. I promise never to hurt you ever again.’

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