While You Were Sleeping

This contains lesbian sex – do not read if offended. It does not depict their sexualities

Nicola undressed, climbing into the bed next to Cheryl.

She didn’t like sleeping alone, so when they were away from home, she and Cheryl always shared a bed

Thinking that Cheryl was asleep, Nicola slipped a hand under the covers, fumbling with the material of her panties. She ran it over her pussy, twirling her fingers around the ginger pubes

She smoothed it over the nub of her clit, sighing softly as it hardened under her touch

She rubbed a little faster, her hand moving swiftly under
the covers, making them rise and fall.

Nicola closed her eyes opening her legs a little, delving deeper into her pussy

Her other hand went to her small breast under her top, and she pinched it, letting out a sigh

She was moving furiously now, her body shaking. The outside world was forgotten, as she lost herself in ecstasy

Soon orgasm beckoned to her, and she bucked her hips as it enveloped her

Suddenly aware of where she was, she slowed down, moving at a steadier pace

The orgasm was coming fast and furious, and she groaned softly as she reached the point of no return

After several seconds, the orgasm slowly subsided, and she lay back on the bed, her fingers still remained on her spent pussy. Her other hand idly caressing her breast

‘Enjoy yourself?’ she heard a voice in the dark, which made her jump.

She lay silent for several seconds, before answering

‘Yes I did’

‘I did that tonight too….just before I fell asleep’ Cheryl spoke softly, though her eyes remained closed

Nicola lay there, wondering what was coming next. She didn’t have to wait long

‘I’m horny again now’ a smile crept across her face, her cute little dimples prominent, even in the dark

Nicola didn’t miss a beat, leaning forward, placing her lips on Cheryl‘s, letting her tongue explore her friends’ mouth. Cheryl returned the favour, meeting it with her own

Nicola leaned over and cupped her friends’ large breasts, massaging them, rubbing the nipples through the fabric of her shirt

She sat up, removing her own tiny top, letting her breasts spill out.

Her nipples were still hard from the stimulation earlier, and Cheryl pinched them between two of her fingers

Kissing down Nicola’s neck and chest, she reached for her breast with her left hand.

Following it with her mouth, she let her tongue slide over the nipple, running small circles around the hard bud. She moved to the other, doing the same

This time, she took it into her mouth, biting on it gently, making Nicola groan in pleasure

Her other hand continued to massage her breast, kneading the soft flesh gently as if making dough

She slid her hand down Nicola’s trim stomach, running it over her naval, before gliding it across the skin of her thighs, avoiding the centre

She eventually moved her hand between the valley of Nicola’s legs, immediately finding her treasure

She slipped it under the waistband of her panties, running her fingers through Nicola’s ginger pubes, as Nicola had done earlier

She lightly grazed her heaven with the tips of her fingers, feeling her friends’ dampness

She coolly glided her hand over the slit, delving her fingers in between her puffy lips

Nicola gasped as Cheryl’s digit brushed her clit, increasing her arousal

Cheryl’s mouth never left Nicola’s breasts, as she stimulated her friends’ pussy with her fingers

Nicola couldn’t take any more, and she grabbed Cheryl’s hand, plunging it into her burning cunt

Cheryl didn’t object, immediately rubbing her fingers faster over Nicola’s haven

Cheryl very gently slid her index and middle finger into Nicola’s wet hole, Nicola immediately bucked her hips to her moves

She slid them in and out, slowly at first, her tongue gliding down her stomach, stopping to flick it across Nicola’s belly button

She continued her journey down Nicola’s naval, stopping just above her pubic area

She gently trailed kisses over her skin, avoiding her treasure

Eventually, she moved further down, kissing the damp hairy muff, the hairs tickling her lips

Without letting her climax, Cheryl pulled out of Nicola’s snatch, bringing her fingers to Nicola’s lips

Nicola immediately opened her mouth, flicking a tongue over her wet digits, tasting herself

Nicola’s hand went back to her pussy, and she continued her movements from earlier, rubbing frantically at her swollen nub

Her legs spasmed uncontrollably, as a warm fuzzy feeling enveloped her body

She worked faster, bringing herself to near orgasm at a record speed

Her body jerked as she succumbed to ecstasy, letting it take over her for the second time that night

Once Nicola had recovered, Cheryl spread her legs, delving between the crevice, searching for her pussy lips once more.

Opening them, she slid a finger inside, running it over the soft pink flesh

Nicola ground into her hand, rocking in a steady motion to her friends’ movements

Cheryl kissed her way down Nicola’s body once more, trailing her lips across Nicola’s skin

She headed back downward to Nicola’s heaven, poking her nose into Nicola’s pussy, breathing in her scent.

‘Mmmmm……you smell delicious!’ she told her, as she prepared herself for the feast

She parted Nicola’s lips, flicking her tongue across her snatch, making Nicola moan with every move

Working frantically, she continued her assault on Nicola’s cunt.

Finding her clit, she took the delicate nub into her mouth, nibbling it, sending Nicola into delirium

Nicola couldn’t take much more, and exploded into an earth shattering orgasm, sending her juices flowing into Cheryl’s waiting mouth.

Cheryl lapped it up eagerly, tasting her friend for the first time that night

Letting her friend recover, Cheryl moved up to Nicola’s face, kissing her softly on the lips

Nicola tasted herself on Cheryl, the two swapping juices as they embraced

Nicola licked up the juices that ran over Cheryl’s chin, moving down to her neck, trailing small kisses across her skin

Cheryl knelt on the bed, throwing a leg over Nicola’s face, plonking herself down over her

With her pussy just mere inches from her face, Nicola flicked a tongue over her heaven, taking in the sight of her beautiful snatch, glistening with juices.

Her musky womanly scent filled her nostrils, and she breathed it in.

The sensation was arousing, and she felt herself becoming turned on once more

Closing her eyes, she stuck out her tongue, running it over Cheryl’s puffy lips, making Cheryl quiver on top of her.

She ran it down the entire length of Cheryl’s slit, getting her first taste of another women’s pussy.

She moved down to her hole, diving right in, getting her tongue in as far as it would go.

Moving back up, she found Cheryl’s clit, and took it in her mouth sucking on it, vibrating it between her lips.

Cheryl couldn’t control herself, bucking her hips to Nicola’s wonderful moves on her.

Her moans filled the air, bouncing off the walls.

Nicola rubbed Cheryl’s clit in time with her tongue, bringing her to a fantastic orgasm

Cheryl yelled out, no longer in control, her body was on fire.

She humped Nicola’s face, rocking her hips until her orgasm finally subsided

She dismounted Nicola’s face, turning round so they were in a 69 position

She put her head between Nicola’s crotch, immediately plunging her tongue into Nicola’s slit once more, probing it.

Simultaneously, Nicola continued her work on Cheryl’s pussy, cleaning up the mess she had created earlier

They both came at the same time in the most amazing orgasm either had ever felt

Neither moved for several minutes, their breathing raspy, their sweaty bodies uniting as one as they both slowly came back down to earth

Cheryl finally dismounted Nicola, and she flopped next to her, taking her in her arms

‘That was amazing’ Cheryl smiled, her wet skin glistening in the pale moonlight

Nicola nodded, holding Cheryl close

‘At least we know we don’t have to do it alone any more!’

Was this to be the start of something new?

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