Starfuck: Billie Piper


The following work contains explicit descriptions of non-consentual sex.
Try to remember the distinction between FANTASY and REALITY.

Starfuck is designed to be a series of STAND ALONE stories (much like the
Hypno-Celeb franchise). However, each story will feature the same
protagonist – an individual with the power to control people’s minds. At
some point, I might determine the limitations of this power (ie how many
people he can control at any one time), but for now all you need know is
that in order for control
to be established he must have skin-to-skin
contact with his target, though only for a split second. Now, lets just
kick back and watch him put his talent to good use…..
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Starfuck: Billie Piper
by Mephistopheles & Eddie Maivia

Requests for my services often come from the most unlikely of sources. It
is always useful if the client has a way of getting access to the star in
question – although, with my talents, far from essential. In this
particular case, the client could not have provided greater access to the
victim; forming, as they do, half of one of pop’s hottest romances.
A quick confession. I am not a massive fan of 5ive. Their music is the
same brand of limpid pap peddled by so many pop bands, but, unlike their
female counterparts, boybands do not even interest me in a business
capacity. On top of this, I have precious little contact with their ilk –
boybands invariably create groupies; effectively growing their own sexual
conquests. To date, no boyband member has needed my services in
getting pussy. It was therefore with a degree of curiosity that I welcomed
Richie from 5ive into the Hellfire Club. It pays for a man in my position
keep in the pop culture loop; I was therefore well aware that Richie was
currently in one of celebrity’s more enduring relationships – partnered
Britain’s answer to Britney Spears, Billie Piper. As I say, Richie’s
appearance certainly spiked my interest. By the time he left my office, I
held a far
higher opinion of him…….

Billie Piper burst onto the scene with the number one hit ‘Because We Want
To’ – an admittedly catchy slice of teeny bop. Sadly, this was before
the arrival of Miss Spears; Billie’s advisers did not think to clad their
jailbait sensation in a form hugging school uniform. The result was
quite appealing to the eye – Ms Piper clearly had a nicely proportioned
rack, a supple figure and a pert bum; all major pluses. Her youth – she
officially still jailbait – made her all the more appealing. I was
obviously not alone in this attraction; at the time, I received several
requests to add
Billie to my roster. Then came the video for ‘Honey to the B’ – the final
single from her eponymously titled debut. Where once there had stood a
cute, innocent little schoolgirl, there was now a smouldering minx; fully
exploiting her jailbait looks, Billie seemed to spend the video begging
for a
good hard fucking. Sadly, immediately after the single left the charts,
Billie disappeared from public gaze. One of the flaws a man blessed with
abilities faces is that of a short attention span. Faced with so many
potential targets, I forget last week’s hot little number almost
Now, Billie is well and truly back. And the Britney Spears factor is in
full evidence. Her marketing department have wised up to the potential
of their product. ‘Honey to the B’ was clearly a foretaste of things to
come. Her re-appearance was signalled by the release of ‘Day and Night’; a
bland blend of pop-funk, but accompanied by a video in which cute little
Billie was squeezed into a succession of all too tight clothes. Very nice.
Can’t see her dance moves catching on, but I can imagine many of her
‘fans’ practising the hind-jive while they watch her performance……..
Why had Richie come to me? The reality of their relationship it seems is
very different from its public facade. Rather than the cute, affable,
teen her agents like to present, Billie is actually something of a bitch –
spoilt, arrogant, bratish. Not that this is why Richie wants my services.
seems Miss Piper hasn’t been putting out for him upon request – an
obviously unacceptable position for a band with 5ive’s reputation. Which
where I come in…….

The central agenda of Billie’s comeback seems to be to add pervy older
viewers to the younger teeny-bopper fans. The epicentre of this drive is
be a Maxim photoshoot; designed to depict Billie in all her coquettish
sexuality. It was precisely this event that Richie wanted me to influence;
perfect opportunity to teach little Miss Piper what happens to
I am introduced as the magazine’s feature editor – a qualification Billie
naively accepts without question. After this introduction – a brief
very cordial – I observe the official shoot; dressed in virgin white,
Billie strikes a number of highly seductive poses, encouraged by the
(with whom I have an ‘agreement’…) and myself. Not that she needs much
advice. It seems Billie knows all too well how to tease the nation’s men.
As the official shoot comes to an end, I gradually extend my control.
Thinking the shoot is over, Billie is reluctant to agree to more pictures

indeed, we get a glimpse of that alleged bratishness – but agree she must.
This time, my direction is more obvious – the photographer fades into
the background.
We start by capturing similar poses to those already gathered; gradually
moving onto further explicitness. One such picture captures Miss Piper
sucking her finger, while her other hand rubs her crotch through those
little white panties visible beneath her all too high hemline.
As we get down to the true shoot (for which a video camera is positioned
atop a tripod gazing down at her position), Billie becomes more
questioning. Instructed to drop the white mini-skirt to the floor, she
attempts to openly rebel. Such protests are swiftly quashed. From now on,
is unable to talk; whatever her inner turmoil (and, believe me, before I
am finished, she will be an internal wreck….), she is forced to look as
this is what she wants – an obedient little bitch……

– That’s a nice little skirt you’re wearing. Tight and short – shows off
your arse real well. But you’re not going to need it anymore. The time to
tease is over. Don’t be shy. That’s it, slide it down over your hips, then
let it fall to the floor. Good girl. Now, step out of it…….

Obediently, Billie obeys. She is left wearing only that tight little white
basque, a white thong and matching high heels. She looks adorable – her
cheeks lightly blushed with the humiliation of her predicament.

– Walk over to the photographer and hand it over to him. Good. Look him in
the eye and say thank you, sir. Louder, I can’t hear you. Right, lets get
you back into the spotlight, yeah…….You know you look sexy like this,
don’t you? Pull that thong a little higher. Yeah, just like that. Use both
hands – one on each side. Mmmm, that’s nice. Rather uncomfortable for you
though, I expect………..

Under my instruction, Billie takes off the basque. She is braless beneath
– a fact that the photographer captures with several quick shots. Her tits
are nice – a fair size, capped with fat, hard nipples; whether from cold
or arousal it is difficult to tell. But I fully intend to find out……
Billie is forced to put her hands behind her head and arch her back; an
action that makes her tits stick out most pleasingly. Despite her
Billie has no option but to look her two admirers straight in the eye. She
can clearly make out the unbridled lust in our eyes; forced to watch as we
inspect her body – and very impressive it is too. Even worse, she must
stare into the camera – making her unveiling as public as possible.
My next move is to instruct her to spread those nice, long, tanned legs –
forcing her to open them further and further. What a lovely sight. The
further she spreads her legs, the tighter the thong material clings to her
crotch. And very appetising it looks too……

– Further, that’s it, move them even further apart. Good girl. Bend over.
Slowly. Now, grab your ankles and hold onto them. Mmm, that certainly
looks good. But, you know, I think you can probably stick your arse out
just a little further. There we go…… Time to lose the thong. No, we
want you to stand up. We like you just like that. Just slide it down your
legs. Let the camera see everything you’re doing. You know we all want to
watch. There now….all exposed. Now, why don’t we get the camera to zoom
in and see if you’ve gotten even a little wet……..

For the next few minutes, I continue to verbally humiliate Ms Piper,
telling her how sluttish she is standing nude before a pair of strangers.
I also tell
her what I plan to do with the video – make her humiliation all the more
public via the internet. To increase her shame, I have her take each
between finger and thumb and pull and twist them for our pleasure. As she
pinches and pulls, her nipples grow harder and harder – look fit to burst.
As the ultimate humiliation, she is forced to confess that she likes
playing with her nipples – a confession she makes while displaying her
rock hard
nips to the camera. Seeing how Billie seems to enjoy playing with herself
so much, what say we give her the opportunity to fully satisfy herself?
Moving back to centre stage, Billie does as instructed; lying on her back
and spreading her legs. Her pussy is now completely exposed to the
camera’s unblinking gaze. It looks lovely; in keeping with her teen
status, it has only a light covering of whispy hair. She is now forced to
touch her
clit with just one finger, tracing back and forth just between her cunt
lips. Soon, I have her gently rubbing her clit, gradually picking up pace.
to show us all how a teen slut / celeb makes herself come……….

Imagine the sight; high and mighty Ms Piper playing with herself lewdly in
front of what could soon be a world-wide audience. Even so, I am not
finished humiliating her just yet. It is obvious that she is getting hot.
Very obvious. But that is not enough. I need to hear her say it. I force
her to
say it. After admitting just how wet she is, we return to her performance.
This time she slides two, then three fingers into her cunt; hammering
away at her cunt in a sawing motion. She looks very nice, but I don’t want
her to come just yet……
Just as she approaches an orgasm, she is told to stop. It is time to bring
some toys into play. The cameraman, my all too willing assistant, opens a
small box and hands its content to our guest. A look of horror crosses her
eyes as she realises what she has in her hands, what she is going to be
made to do. It is a pink dildo – very cute. Somehow, I don’t think Billie
fully appreciates the gesture…..
I am not a cruel man. It is only fair to allow Billie to lubricate her new
toy before it enters her cunt. How will she lubricate it? With her mouth.
first, she licks it like a lollipop – further emphasising the schoolgirl
nature of her sexuality – but soon she is forced to deep throat; working
nearly the
fully twelve inches into her mouth. Lovely though the sight is, it is
still merely foreplay. I am eager to get her down to the fucking.
Billie Piper lies there with her legs spread real wide, thrusting her
plastic lover in and out of her totally exposed hole. All modesty has been
abandoned. She is completely wanton in her desire to climax. Not that I
intend to make it easy for her. My manipulation prolongs the experience;
only after twenty minutes of agony is Billie allowed to cream the dildo.
And what a climax it is. A high pitched squeal of sheer pleasure is
emitted as
juice erupts from her savaged hole.
After the event, lying there totally exhausted, realisation begins to sink
in. She realises just how public her humiliation has been. However, even
now her knowledge is incomplete. It is time to reveal to her the true
nature of her degradation. It is with the practised showmanship of a
game-show host that I whirl away the curtain; revealing to the world my
young victim’s reaction to the appearance of her undoer – the man she
thought loved her more than anyone in the entire world. With tears in her
eyes, Billie’s gaze shifts to from the naked form and clearly cruel
intentions of her boyfriend, to that of his companions – he has been
joined by his bandmates. With a wide grin on my face, I indicate to our
audience that the real fucking is about to begin…….

“Why, Billie,” grins Richie, leading his colleagues to the table that lies
in the centre of the studio, “it’s been a long time since I’ve seen you
worked up.” Billie is clearly still speechless from the realisation that
the man pulling the strings to orchestrate her humiliation is none other
than her
“So, do you want to know why, Princess?” Richie’s eyes mock her as Billie
attempts to preserve her modesty, having only recently cavorted so
wantonly. “Two years. It’s been two years of lying on that tour bus each
night, listening to Scott, Abs or the others cavorting with groupies. And
what do I have? The consolation that my girlfriend loves me with purity,
that I have found a soul-mate, that I don’t need sex cause I’ve got
love…….” Richie’s eyes match his voice – cold, glistening steel. There
is not even an ounce of sympathy. “I realised one night what a fucking mug
am. I’ve got a girlfriend who flaunts her young nubile body before the
entire nation to flog records. A girlfriend who’s only famous because
man wants to fuck a teenage virgin – and I’m not getting any more of that
cunt than the rest of them!” Billie’s tears begin afresh as her beloved
tears her to shreds in front of all these watching people. Nor has he
finished yet………
“Do you know how many girls I could have fucked in the last two years?
I’ve had girls practically begging for one night with me. I could have
three or four of them at once! I’ve had girls who offered to fuck each
other while I watched, and, like the dick I am, I said no! Well, Princess,
has woken up. It’s time for you to get the fucking you deserve. And not
just by me. It’s not just going to be little Billie putting on a slutty
It’s going to be two years worth of fucking in the course of one night.
Which is why I’ve brought some friends…….”

A malicious grin spreads across Richie’s face. Billie looks past her
tormentor to see similar untamed looks of cruel lust upon the faces of his
bandmates. Richie steps back and, with a quick sweeping motion, ushers his
friends towards the helpless pop star.

Billie’s tears are pleasantly supplemented with screams and flailing limbs
as she tries in vain to fight off the strong hands that encase her. It is
futile struggle, but aesthetically pleasing nevertheless. Quickly, they
spread her arms and legs wide open, pulling her lithe body tight over the
wood of the table. It is only now that Billie finally realises what Richie
has in mind……
With a sneer, Richie pulls out several lengths of copper wire and his
girlfriend is quickly tied to the desk. The wire bites into Billie’s
wrists and ankles
as she tries to struggle. The shackles are firm and tight enough to
stretch the teenager taunt – her legs spread wide, revealing her still
pussy and forcing those pert little tits up and out; heaving with every
sob that she expounds.
Soon, Billie feels rough hands stroking and probing her young body, as
five men take advantage of her bound flesh. Jay is the first to run his
through her sparse pubic hair, before pushing his digit into her tight
teenage slit. The invasion wakens Billie from her reverie….
“Please, Richie! Make it stop! I’m begging you….I’ll do anything,
Richie….please, how can you?” Her only response is a furthering widening
of his
partner’s toothy sneer. Indeed, her struggles are only having the effect
of making her body wriggle pleasingly on the table, the exertions forming
nice sheen of sweat over her tanned skin.
Billie’s protests are cut short. She looks in horror as Sean adds his
stubby finger to Jay’s inside her pussy. The teenage vixen blushes crimson
she realises that she is now being fingered by two men. Shame is quickly
overwhelmed by discomfort as the two men add a further finger each,
before pulling her puffy labia wide open; revealing her soaking pink slit
to the camera and the watching millions.
“Funtime over, boys,” Richie grins. His words trigger a well orchestrated
plan; the five boy band members gather around the cowering girl, their own
hard members bobbing in front of her face and repeatedly brushing against
her soft skin. Before she can react, her hands are freed and wrapped
around Sean and Abs’ hard manhoods. Billie looks past her assailants and
fixes her sights on me. Her eyes beg for release. She really is a perfect
little specimen……
I enter her mind again and, while keeping her revulsion for the task at
hand (if you will forgive the pun…) written all over her face, I make
powerless to resist pleasuring the studs surrounding her. Immediately, as
if to signify that her will is now fully broken, Billie Piper starts
sliding her
little hands up and down the hard shafts either side of her.
A strong hand pulls Billie’s gaze from me, yanking her head back to the
edge of the table. She comes eye to eye with the turgid member of Scott.
Her mouth falls open upon my command, forcing her to watch wide-eyed as
Scott thrusts his powerful tool into her mouth. Her lips close around the
meaty cock. Scott gives a firm thrust of his hips, and, with a little
whimper / squeal, Billie finds herself deep-throating the first man ever
to put his
cock in her mouth. With her air supply cut off (her nose is shoved among
Scott’s pubes, Billie begins to struggle once more; only serving to arouse
the man raping her mouth. The saliva covered cock pumps in and out between
those full, peachy lips of the sweet little teen’s mouth.
Billie’s vision is entirely filled by Scott’s pumping loins, but that
doesn’t stop her registering that an even worse fate lies in prospect. She
feels her
legs spread even wider, causing her drooling pussy to drip its juices down
her arse crack, over her thighs and onto the table. Her pussy is so wet
from the fingering it has received, but now she can feel the rounded, hot
head of a cock sliding up and down her open slit, tickling her little pink
and filling her pussy with more fresh cunt cream. Out of the corner of her
eye, Billie can see the enjoyment on her boyfriend’s face as he watches
the show – a simple process of elimination reveals that the man getting
ready to fuck her tight little teenage twat is Jay……..
Fighting with all her strength, Billie clenches her cunt muscles as hard
as she can, attempting to stop this invader from penetrating her
Sadly, she is so splayed open that she is only partially successful. With
a moan of despair, Billie feels me betray her will once more; with horror
feels those muscles relax; opening and inviting Jay to stab his hard cock
into her channel. He doesn’t need asking twice. With one powerful thrust,
Jay stretches Billie’s little cunt wide and ploughs his cock up into her
velvet slit.
Billie gasps audibly around Scott’s cock as she feels her pussy ripped
open, then filled with the cock of her attacker. Once again, she blushes
red as she realises we can all see her deflowering; her body is betraying
her – everytime Jay pulls out, his cock is literally dripping with her
cum. It is quite clear that Billie is going to explode to an involuntary
orgasm. Taking charge, I hold her just at this point, prolonging her agony
several minutes. This gives us a few more glorious minutes of watching
Billie Piper’s tight teenage body bucking wildly as she is roughly fucked
both ends……
I am not a cruel man. With the simple joy of a man playing with a toy on
Christmas morning, I release her from the shackles I have placed on her
mind. It takes one more thrust from Jay – cock hammering against her
dimpled cervix – to overpower her. With a muffled scream, she convulses
wildly; sucking Scott’s pounding cock even deeper into her air canal, and
flailing wildly with the cocks in her hands.
It is one of the most arousing sights in my time as master of the Hellfire
Club. Clearly, I am not alone in this appreciation. As if on cue, Sean and
Abs buck their hips and begin to jet their hot jism over the spread-eagled
young teenager; her breasts and tummy are soon covered in a splatter of
white cum, pooling around her soft cleavage, dripping from her hard pink
nipples, and oozing into her cute little naval. Within seconds, Scott
back and, wanking furiously, blasts all over her pretty face. Ribbons of
his thick cum cover her perfect face; causing her to blink wildly as it
her eyes, shoots up her cute button nose, explodes over her soft rosy
cheeks, and, of course, fills her mouth. Billie is still moaning in orgasm
as the
camera zooms in; capturing the cum stringing between her white teeth and
sliding in globs over her tongue and down her throat.
The sight of her slutty face sends Jay into climax; ejaculating spurt
after spurt into her tight, wet cunt. By the time the final groan escape
his lips,
Billie’s thin pubic hair is matted with white strings of cum, yet more
thick ribbons of jism are dripping inside her hot velvet cunt, and a
mixture of
Jay’s seed and Billie’s own pussycum is coating her tight little arsehole,
before dripping onto the table. She looks like exactly what she is – a
perfect little cum receptacle…….

“Bravo, my young charge!” I applaud. “You’ve coaxed the best performance
ever from these young bucks…..not to mention providing undoubted
entertainment for the watching world….”

My five accomplices step back from Ms Piper’s prone form; moving off
camera into the unseen expanses of the studio. Their spent seed, dripping
every inch of Billie’s tortured body, remains a perfect momento to the
recent carnage. Richie’s smile is no less menacing for the visible
that he exudes. We exchange a brief glance and nod – Richie has achieved
his aim; he is now free to walk out of Billie’s life. A life that now
into my hands…..
I offer them front row seats for the finale, but it seems they have such
scant regard for her that they cannot even bother watching the end of her
debasement. Casting her a scornful look, Richie leads the others out of
the studio. Not that this departure provides any comfort for the star of
show. It gradually dawns on Billie that this is not finished – her torment
so far has been but an appetising hors d’oeuvre. Looking at my face, she
does not need the mental connection between us for her to realise that
what I have in mind is above and beyond any earlier torture……..
With one smooth movement, I slide in front of the camera. My face suitably
obscured, I hold up a smooth, metallic and very, very large vibrator.
Without further ado, I throw the monster at Billie, who instinctively
catches it in her cum-splattered hands. My cameras catch the look of
horror as the teenager holds the vibrator – she is hardly able to get her
hand around the shaft of the ice-cold metal phallus; its sixteen inch
hardly reduces her rising terror……..
With a mental bolt, I tell Billie exactly what I want her to do. Her body
will respond to my every whim, but, more excitingly for the watching
her mind and vocal chords remain entirely Billie’s own. Not satisfied with
watching Billie’s rape by five studs, I am about to force her to rape

“Please….I don’t know why….” Billie’s pleading is very arousing. “I
can’t do this….don’t make me….I’m just a girl…I’m just…..”

Billie begins to tremble as her voice deserts her. Soon, she is sobbing
uncontrollably. Her doe eyes fill with tears, as she tries desperately to
both my gaze and that of the camera. However, as my control exerts itself,
she finds her hands moving; aiming the tapered head of the massive
vibrator at her slutty, semen covered pussy lips. I give her no
self-control. She is forced to look straight into the camera as the next
stage of her
debasement commences. It is one of the enduring images in the history of
the Hellfire Club broadcasts. Billie Piper, wide eyed and oh so innocent,
pleading with her innocent face to stop the actions of her own hands.
Without further ado, Billie plunges cold steel inch by inch into her
abused pussy.
I don’t let up for even a second. With a wince of pain, Billie forces the
head of her vibrator up beyond the limit that Jay’s cock penetrated. Ten
inches of solid steel are embedded deep in her silky folds; Billie feels
the head pressing insistently and uncomfortably against her cervix;
straining to
gain entry to her teenage womb.

“Please, don’t…..It’s too big…it’ll split me apart….I’ll do

Billie is almost hysterical as her gaze breaks from the agonising
inch-by-inch raping of her cunt, fixing instead upon me; a first-hand
approach to
the filming of this glorious moment. At this point, I decide to be
merciful. I could claim that her pleas have touched my heart. But, I fear
this would
be an untruth. The fact of the matter is that I have simply developed a
better idea……..
Allowing Billie to remove the giant invader from her slit (but not before
allowing every single watching eye the pleasure of viewing the shining
sliding out of her vagina, her stretched lips sucking obscenely at the
smooth metal as it emerges, every inch covered in Billie’s thick cunt
juice), I
have her get up off the table and stand, obediently, to the side of the
shot. This seems to calm her down – allowing her sniffling to subside. How
sweet. Billie hopes her torment may be over…..
Instead, while she watches suspiciously, my assistant (the cameraman – who
has enjoyed his work immensely) turns the table over; leaving its four
wooden legs jutting invitingly towards the ceiling of the studio. With a
simple raise of my eyebrow, I usher Ms Piper forward. She walks over to
nearest of the four legs, standing astride it, one leg on either side of
the wooden post.
She is helpless to resist against my instructions. She is forced to squat
slightly – a position that brings her into direct contact with the table
Our camera picks up the delightful sight of Billie’s soaking pussy opened
wide to accommodate the flat headed shaft of the table leg. With one
camera trained on her angelic face (we’d hate to miss even an iota of her
reaction), contorted as it is with pain and fear, the other is free to
concentrate on every twitch of her teenage pussy, as she unwillingly
lowers herself onto the wooden shaft. These cameras ensure that every
single viewer can fully relish the shame and humiliation our victim feels.
Gradually, Billie’s legs flex, ushering more and more of the thick wood
her cunt.
This delightful game continues as Billie tries desperately to keep her
balance as more and more of her weight shifts from her coltish legs
forcing her to expend more and more energy to keep herself from toppling
backwards onto the table leg. Soon, Billie has ten inches of the rough
wood skewered into her tight pussy; the shaft rubbing lewdly and
insistently against her cervix. Billie pleads with me to let her stop;
sadly, she has
had her moment of mercy. She is forced to continue her descent. With the
whimpering moan of the little girl she still is, Billie’s weight finally
The split second before gravity exerts itself seems to last an eternity;
but it is shattered by the ear-piercing scream as Billie feels splintering
push through her cervix and lodge itself inside her teenage womb.
What an image – Billie Piper impaled fully upon 14 inches of wood; pussy
stretched wider than ever before, sticky cunt juice dripping down the
shaft. The thick table leg supports her entire weight; forcing itself deep
into the very back of her belly. It would be enough to stop here, Ms Piper
would already be a legend among Hellfire Club proprietors. But I am still
not finished. There is still one more hoop for her to jump through before
I afford her the honour of passing into legend……

With ill-disguised joy, I pluck Billie (now almost entirely broken) up
from the table leg, forcing her to stand on all too shaky legs – though
straddling the upturned (not to mention soaking) wooden shaft. I caress
her silky slit, taking in her wetness. She is so sticky; what a little
slut. My
fingers covered in her warm juices, I slide over her tightly puckered
arsehole; probing crudely at her most private of orifices. Having applied
lubrication, I step back, beckoning Billie to once more assume the
Somehow finding willpower, Billie tries absolutely everything in her power
to avoid her fate. Sadly, her power does not extend very far. Her body
not respond to her commands. This puppet dances to a different tune. Even
so, Billie retains control of her feminine wiles; flirting, cajoling,
threatening, sobbing, pleading….none sway me in the slightest. It is
with total resignation that the broken singer takes her peachy buttocks in
hands, before spreading them wide. A camera zooms in tight on her tiny
pink anus; pussy juices coating the tiny hairs around her pucker. Within
seconds, these hairs are tickling the end of a very wet, very hard, wooden
table leg.. Desperately attempting to reduce the approaching pain, Billie
tries to relax her sphincter – a command I do not allow her to complete.
With trembling legs, she lowers herself onto the leg. Once, twice….her
arse refuses to accept the invader. I reach into her mind, and force her
to relax just enough. Third time lucky – the flat end of the table leg
against her tight little butt, and pop, it edges an inch or two into her
How many of us have watched the nubile Miss Piper perform – invariably
wearing the tightest pants imaginable – and wanked off over that tight
little arse? And now, her she is; raping her arse on a table leg…….
Tears are streaming down her face as she bites her lip to stop herself
from screaming – even then, she whimpers uncontrollably. It must be so
uncomfortable. Poor little girl. So alone – millions watching, but not one
willing to help. Kindly, I turn up her pleasure receptors; forcing her to
endure every delicious imperfection in the wood’s surface as it presses
against the velvet walls of her anal passage. Inch by inch, we watch the
wood scratch its way into Billie’s tight arse. Her anus opens lewdly to
accept the two inch diameter of the table-leg. Soon, Billie is impaled on
foot of solid wood, her weight bearing down and pushing the leg up into
the tightest part of her little butt. Her humiliation is complete.
Almost. Handing her the vibrator once more, I signal what I want her to
finish with. Squatting obscenely with a foot of splintered wood deep up
arse, Billie takes the buzzing metal cock and laps it like a lollipop. I
leave her like this for some time – running her tongue up and down its
length –
while my photographer snaps away a few choice pics. Then, with one final
violent shove, she forces this cock deep into her sore, stretched cunt.
The teen idol screams in pain as the vibrator follows the table leg;
tickling the deepest parts of her body and sending spasms through the thin
membrane between her two holes.
This is the final scene of this performance. The Hellfire Club’s latest
conquest is complete. We are treated to Billie Piper screaming in
pleasure as orgasm after orgasm hits her nubile young body, impaled with
thick rods of wood and steel in her pristine cunt and gripping arsehole.
is a lovely sight. She will make a fantastic addition to the Harem at our
Club; I doubt this will be the last time she performs for the pleasure of

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