WWE Women

The Raw tapings had just been done as i tied to catch a climpse of the Raw divas,

but at this point Triple H emerged from the front of a mass crowd of people (probably looking to become more popular)

i looked at him but my attention stayed on the otherside of the arena > The Womens’ Locker Room

i made my way over to the door to find it a jar, as i pushed it open i was amazed to find the WWE Raw Divas fucking

each other you had:-

Christy Hemme and Lita fondling each other.

Stacy Keibler and Trish Stratus in a 69’er (licking each other out)

Victoria sucking Lilian Garcia’s nipples.

i crep in to
the small locker room without the hot ‘lesbian’ divas noticing.

Christy Hemme and Lita noticed me first standing in the corner just ‘watching’

Christy : Hey Lita we have company

Lita : This will be fun !

Christy Hemme and Lita both started to kiss my lips (sexually)

then i was just kissing Lita.Wondering were Christy had gone i worked my self down Lita’s neck and

shoulder’s till i got to her ample breast, as i started to suck on Lita’s nipples she let out a moan


i had to stop when i felt my erect cock start to move.

Christy had worked her way down to my waist and was playing with my cock through my trousers,

then she unzipped me and out came my erect cock right into Christy’s mouth as she worked on that,

my mind was focused on Lita who was laying there naked doing nothing, so i got my fingers and started to play

around with Lita’s gothic pussy.NO PLEASE DON’T NO!!!!!!!

As the Lovely Lita shot her load on my fingers, I shot my load in to Christy’s mouth> she swallowed the lot

Then i let them get back to what they were doing.

I went over to the hot and horny duo of Stacy Kiebler and Trish Stratus. Trish had just came on Stacy’s

firm breasts so they licked that up,Until they realised i was watching them,then there attention was on me i was standing

there with my cock hanging out of my flies on my trouses, I went straight for Trish’s massive assets caressing her breasts

as she let out pleasurful sighs.YES I WONT YOU INSIDE ME!!! Stacy was taking my shoes and socks off then down went

my trouses and now i had Stacy

sucking my cock. Her long blonde hair was going up and down with Stacy’s face and mouth around my hard cock.

I could sense myself ready to cum but i held it in till Trish came then i came right over stacy and Trish who were now

giving me some ‘HLA’ (Hot Lesbian Action)

I then staggered over to a NAKED Lilian Garcia with her back to me then i simply shoved my (STILL) hard erect cock dripping

of cum. Lilian turned round as if someone had just spanked her. When she realised it was me she settled down and

kept on going sucking Victoria’s nipples.

Victoria was laying with NO bra and a leopard-print thong. I was fucking Lilian

whilst undoing Victoria’s leopard-print thong, i pushed Lilian aside to now focus on Victoria

i started licking her vagina and clitoris.”Oh Jesus,” she screamed, “Yeah, eat that pussy you fucking–oh FUCK,

OH FUCK, YES!””Mmmm, oh god, here it comes!” I cried as my load

began to spurt into Victoria’s ass.

I finally let the ladies suck my throbbing dick once more, then we cleaned up and no more wasd said.

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