Tales Of The CoF III: Return Of The King

Here’s the standard denial. This is fiction, fantasy, got it? No slur is intended on any member of the Presley family nor, to the best of my knowledge does any organization at all resembling The Curch of Fucking exist. Kay?

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It was late at night on May, 29, 2002 and Danielle Riley Keough was wondering a lot of things. the thing she wondered most was why Mama had brought her to Memphis for her thirteenth birthday and why she and Gran Priscilla were taking her out so late, not to mention
where. She figured that it had to have something to do with her birthday but she couldn’t for the life of her figure out what. Of course Memphis had a lot of meaning to mama and Gran because of Grandad but he’d died long before she was even born.

“Where are we going Mama?”

“Look outside and you’ll see.”

Outside the limo she saw a sign announcing that they were approaching Graceland.

“What are we doing here?” She saw the two older women share a look.

“You’ll find out shortly,” said her mother.

Gran looked at her and said, “This family has secrets, girl, secrets it’s time for you to learn.”

Riley (only, Mom, Dad and Gran called her Danielle) had been here once before, when she was ten. Her mother had brought her for a private tour. But this time the limo driver pulled around to the back of the famous mansion where they were met by an obsequious guard.

“I thought we didn’t own graceland any more?” she asked as they were led into and through the mansion.

“No dear, we own it, we just sold the merchadising rights. We would *never* give away Papa’s home.”

The guard had stopped in front of what looked like a blank wall and then left. Priscilla touched a complicated series of spots on the wall and it slid back to reveal an elevator. She then put her eye to a lens set in it’s door and whispered something into it’s intercom grid. Her mother did the same.

“Eros?” said Gran.

“Yes, High Priestess?” said a pleasant alto voice that seemed to come from everywhere.

“We have a new candidate for scanning. My granddaughter.”

“Very well.”

Gran motioned her forward. “Tell Eros your name. Your full name.”

“Danielle Riley Keough”

“No dear, like this ‘Danielle Riley Keough Presley’. Here you are always a Presley, remember that.

After she said her name like Gran wanted she put her eye to the camera which scnned her retina. Then her mother told her what to say into the speaker.

“I can’t say *that*!”

“Why, afraid your mother will find out?” asked Gran wryly.

‘Oh, right’, Danielle thought. Wrinkling her face prettily Riley said the nasty phrase, “Only Fucking matters”

“And it’s true whispered her mother who added another shock to an already weird night leaning over and licking her neck! the thing was, it felt so nice! But it was her *mother* who’d done it.

While Riley was caught somewhere between What!?! and Wow!, Priscilla intervened.

“Lisa Marie! Not now.”

“Sorry Mama.”

They got in the elevator. Unknown to Riley, as soon as the door closed, the elevator was bombarded with subsonic harmonics designed to induce both sexual arousal and a submissive state, a fact of which her elders *were* aware.

The elevator stopped and opened onto what was obviously a changing room with a line of lockers. Inside the lockers were pink diaphanous robes. At breast level the robes had a curious symbol on them, two stars, one green and pointed upward, one red and pointed downward intertwined.

“Are we supposed to put these on?” the young model asked. Her mother nodded.

As a result of the subsonics, which were also present in the changing room, young Riley found herself paying closer attention to the bodies of her relatives than most people would have considered normal. In doing so she noticed several things, the least odd of which was that for a woman nearing sixty her grandmother had a rather good body, her mother even more so. She also noticed that both women were shaved between their legs and had a tatoo identical to the symbol on the robes just over their slit. The wierdest thing of all to her was that both the women’s nipples were tatooed gold! ‘What the heck is going on?’ she thought The voice had called Gran “High Priestess”. She knew Mama was a Scientologist but this was obviously different. Were they involved in some kind of strange cult? If not for the subsonics she probably would have been in a panic or at least seriously bewildered. As it was she didn’t notice her seniors eying her with incestuous hunger.

Once dressed the three exited through a door on the opposite end of the room from the elevator. They entered a large round room with dark grey walls and white wal-to-wall shag carpeting.. Set around the room, hanging from the wall werer large rose scented candles containing, unknown again to Riley but known to Priscilla and Lisa Marie a pheromonal perfume designed to supercharge the homones of the participants in the ritual to come.

On the opposite side from the door they had come through was a three step semi-circular dias set against the wall. The first step was of white marble, the second of green, the topmost of pink. At the top, spotlighted was what appeared to be a life-sized wax statue of Riley’s Grandfather, Elvis Presley, not as he was in later life but in his hip-wiggling prime. One leg was slightly in front of the other and the knees were slightly bent, suggesting a pelvic thrust.

And the statue was fully primed for that thrust as it was completely nude and fully erect. An irreverent question popped into the young girl’s mind. A question that Priscilla anticipated.

“Yes, hun, he was really that big down there.” So saying her grandmother walked across the room followed by Lisa Marie leading Riley by the hand. At the foot of the dias Priscilla doffed her robe. As she climbed the steps Riley studied her intently, mind focused by the perfume. She wore her years well but the years showed in the excess flesh around hips and buttocks, the sag of her breasts and the fine web of wrinkles that covered her skin. When she reached the statue Priscilla began running her hands all over it and pressing her body against as if it were a living man. Her hands and mouth stroked and kissed theior way down it’s chest and belly towards it’s massive erection.

Riley stared at this mouth open, not because of the peculiarity of a woman making love to a statue but because as she did it, Gran seemed to be getting *younger*. She could see the extra flesh around the but dissapearing as were the lines on her skin. Likewise the muscles underneath that skin were firming up and by the time Prisilla was on her knees in front of her husbands statue her body had gone from pushing sixty to just under thirty.

“Come back Elvis,” chanted the transformed Priscilla, gazing in worship at the replica of her husband. “Come back husband, come back my love.” Finishing this she placed her mouth on the wax cock in front of it and skillfully went down on it, her lips inching down until she had deepthroated it.

Lisa Marie meanwhile was chanting softly herself. “Come back Papa, come back to fuck us all,” while her lips kissed her daughter’s shoulders and neck and her hands stroked the girls tiny breasts from behind.

Riley’s thirteen-year old mind was reeling from all of this, even as her body reveled in the sensations going through it. Finally it retreated into a state of acceptance. Whatever happened would happen and in any case it all *felt* nice, oh so nice.

It was a good thing that her mind had retreated a little otherwise it might very well have shattered at what happened next because her grandfather’s statue began to *move*. First his hips began moving in rythm with the blowjob Priscilla was giving him, then his hands reached out and beried themselves in her hair. Finally he pulled her off her knees and into a passionate embrace, their tongues sliding in and out of each other’s mouths and their hands roaming up and down each others backs.



The naked Elvis strode down the steps, arm around Priscilla’s waist. Lisa Marie moved from behind Riley, let her robe fall to the ground and met her parents at the bottom of the dias, giving them each a far more than daughterly kiss. Following her mother’s lead Riley also took off her robe even as part of her mind wondered why they’d bothered to put them on in the first place if they were going to take them off so soon. By this time she had no trouble getting nude. Part of it was of course the subsonics and phromonal perfume but it was more then that. Something about her grandfather’s sheer prescence made her *want* to be naked for him.

Elvis stood in front of her. Priscilla and Lisa Marie moved behind and to each side so that she stood in the center of a triangle of her relatives.

“Granddad, aren’t you…?”

“Yes, darlin’ I died and I’ll tell you about it while your gran and Lisa get you ready.”

“Ready?” she asked, half knowing what he meant but wanting to hear it from his lips.

“Before answering in words Elvis leaned forward and kissed her. Riley felt like more then just his tongue was entering her mouth. SHe felt light, joy and sexual electricity all flooding into her.

“I’m gonna fuck ya darlin’. I’m going to break your cherry wide open and ram my cock into you while you beg for more.” After the kiss that was exactly what she wanted.

Her mother and grandmother approached from either side, pulling her gently down to the soft shag carpet while lavishing kisses on her ears jaw and neck and exploring her small young breasts while her own hands, semmingly with a mind of their own stroked at their thighs and bellies.

Then Priscilla, her grandmother even though she now looked younger than her daughter straddled her on all fours and kissed her way down Riley’s barely adolescent body producing appreciative moans.

During all this Elvis’ voice rang through her head telepathcally as he recounted his experience of the afterlife. She heard him even after Gran’s face plunged between her legs working with a combination of youthful energy and aged experience that had her clutching at the carpet in the throes of her first orgasm. Meanwhile her hands and lips were busy as she and her mother swapped spit and rubbed and pinched at each other’s tits.

“When I died, I went to Heaven. ‘Cept it isn’t quite like most people think. Oh, there’s peace and light and a tremendous feeling of love everywhere. But there’s not really a God. At least no huge old guy in shining robes. It’s more like a Presence filling evey cell of your body. But the real differtence is how little anyone up There cares about what goes on down here. Course it kind of makes sense. When every thing around you is perfect who wants to pay attention to what isn’t? plus, the few who have come down like Jesus and Buddha wind up finding how truly dissapointing people up because what they teach always gets screwed up.

Now Lisa Marie was straddling her daughter’s face and although the young minx lacked experience she made up for it with enthusiasm. Her tongue plunging in and out of her mother’s snatch soon had the older woman moaning and rocking on top of her.

“So I figured I’d keep my message sweet and simple and here it is: What’s important is to feel good without hurting anyone and what better way to do that than through sex? So I visited Priscilla and gave her a better fucking in her head then i ever did to her body. She has been my instrument on Earth and so had Lisa Marie and so will you.

“We sell our message no to the masses but to those who tell the masses how to think adn so keep it secret so nobody gets set on fire or nailed to a piece of wood. We are the Church of Fucking and we are everywhere, bringing pleasure to as many people as can stomach the idea of feeling good however you can.”

Priscilla raised her face from between Riley’s thighs dripping with her grandaughter’s cream. “She’s ready. God is she ready.”

Even before he entered her Riley felt pierced by a pleasure so intense it made what she’d felt up to this point feel like nothing. Her limbs spasmed in all directions as her cherry was burst, her body went into convulsions as if in the grip of grand mal epilepsy. Every stroke brought an orgasm and she realized that she could die adn be happy right at this moment her mind breaking and reforming every few seconds. As Elvis pounded into her Priscilla and Lisa Marie joined into a 69 nearby but Riley was deaf to their moans of pleasure or even her own wrenching screams of joy.

When it was over she had no idea if she and her grandfather had been fucking for seconds or years and didn’t care. Now she knew the true meaning of her new faith’s motto, “Only Fucking Matters”. When she opened her eyes, wondering if it had all been some wierd dream her grandfather was standing over her. He bent down and kissed her with surprising gentleness then dissolved in a swirl of silver light. When she managed to get up onto her elbows the statue was where it had originally been as is none of this had happened. Buther grandmother and mother were still wrapped around each other and she crawled weakly towards them to cover their writhing, sweating bodies with kisses.

* * * * * *

As they drove away from Graceland, all of them still exhausted but Priscilla back to her normal well preserved fiftysomething body. Lisa looked at her daughter and said, “there’s one more thing you need to know baby.”

“What Mama?” At this point her mother could have told her that the Moon was made of Gorgonzola or that the Earth was shaped like a burrito and she would have accepted it calmly.

“It’s about your Daddy. It’s not who you think it is.”

Riley felt surprisingly calm. “It’s Granddad isn’t it?”

Her mother nodded. “He made me pregnant with you. And someday he’s going to do the same to you to carry on the line.”

“So Ben?”

“Is your half brother.”

“Can i fuck him?”

“In a couple years when he’s old enough. Right now, I bet you could fuck just about anyone though, couldn’t you?” Her daughter nodded.

Priscilla said, “Well this all took more out of me then you two so why don’t I go up front and drive while you give the driver a tip.”

“We don’t call him ‘Rod’ because it’s his name you know,” confided Lisa Marie.

They stopped and when the chauffer, a lean swarthily handsome man who’s real name was Ramon went in back he was pleased to see both younger Presley woman topless with their skirts up. he of course was a Church member in good standing and always regarded the drive back from the ceremonies as his favorite fringe benefit of the job. They positioned him so that he was seated on the floor while Riley got much needed practice at fellatio, instructed by her mother. “Yes, that’s it honey, swirl your tongue around his cockhead. now take it in a ttle at a time while you stroke up and down what’s not in your mouth. That’s it, a nice suck-suck rythm. Oh you’re such a good little cocksucker.” She then put her legs aournd Ramon’s face whiel Riley mounted him, enthusiasticallyriding him while feeling up her mother from behind.

“Oh! Oh god! Oh he’s real good, Mom!” Though not the transcendental experience she’d gotten from her grandfather Riley’s first mortal fuck was proceeding quite nicely. Soon Lisa had come on Ramons face and moved off to finger fuck her daughter’s ass while she built up to cumming.

“OH! oh yeah! So good! Fuck my ass Mommy! Oh fuck! YESSSS!”

Later Riley reflected that this was the best birthday she’d ever had.

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