The Harem: Episode 15 – Book Three- The Return Of The Porno Queen

Well here we are, once more into the breach my friends. I couldn’t possibly have left things like I did before, with Rose about to enter a room full of naked, horny celebrity girls. Of course I had more to write…a lot more as it turns out. This is the third and final part of chapter 15 and I will answer one question right away because it’s going to be the first thing in your mind after reaching the end of this chapter. Yes, there will be a chapter 16.

But before we jump ahead to chapter 16, there’s an orgy in chapter 15 to finish up. When we last left off Rose was walking back in with Mr. Snappy around her waist,
looking for a girl suitably slutty enough to feel some serious deep dicking. This came after Sarah had been tied up and mercilessly tortured with four lapdances without being given a chance to touch herself and come. After breaking free, Sarah was like a wild woman going after the pussies of her friends and the orgy broke out to the delight of all. Even those who resisted at first, like Elisha Cuthbert, Michelle Trachtenberg and Lindsay Lohan, got into the spirit and lost their clothes and their inhibitions to the rapture of a woman’s touch.

But there’s drama beneath the fucking. Avril continues to wait for her opportunity to revenge herself on Jessica Alba, who’s worried she’s hurt Jennifer Garner by not wanting a relationship with her. Britney and Christina remain blissfully unaware that Mandy Moore now knows all about their arrangement with Jenna Jameson. And of course there’s Sarah, who has yet to tell all her housemates and friends that once she marries Freddie she’s leaving the mansion and not coming back.

That was right where we left off so be prepared to pick up on the action without any further help from me. If you need to catch up before the fun starts you can do it at either or

I’m going to change things up here and do the warnings first. At a time like this when evil, Satanic Democrats gather together to block judicial nominees of faith and get together with the Communists, the gays, the Socialists and the Illuminati (yeah right, you can’t tell me they’re not involved too) to stop good Christians from getting the political power that God himself gave to them in the 11th commandment (it’s in reallllllllly fine print) we need high moral standards now more than ever. So there shall be no reading of this filthy, disgusting pornography if you’re under 18. No naked, sweaty, aroused female bodies for you….you must wait. Seriously…go wait. There’s a Reader’s Digest over there if you want something to flip through while you wait.

Also this story is entirely fictional. I thought it up. It didn’t really happen. These girls are all straight (well except for Christina Aguilera and Angelina Jolie) but we can assume they didn’t really indulge in a Jamaican sex resort orgy. It’s a fantasy story and didn’t really happen.

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Now for the thank you’s. Thank you to KayJay for being the proofreader extraordinare and you can thank him for his campaigning to finally get Fluffy some tail after all these chapters. Thanks to Jen for always telling me my stuff is good even when it wasn’t and for encouraging me every step of the way. And special thanks to Hater for looking over everything and making sure I hit the right notes at the end.

Ok…that’s it…go off and read my horny constituents.

The Harem

Episode 15

Book Three

“The Return Of The Porno Queen”


The room was once again a chorus of ecstatic cries and moans and through it all Rose stood in the doorway, stroking the shaft of her favorite toy like it was a real dick.

Mr. Snappy was now happily attached to Rose, the hard plastic already lubed up and ready to play. She was surprised she had gone this long without getting her old friend around her waist. When she was fucking a girl, she didn’t feel complete unless it was with her.

Rose loved eating pussy, but there was no sensation she craved more than fucking a willing, and sometimes not so willing, chick. It was such a power rush to be able to take another girl like that and pound her into a cooing mass of creaming girl flesh.

Now all she needed to do was find that right willing chick. Rose’s pussy was like a bubbling cauldron underneath her toy. The nub of plastic on the other end was resting comfortably inside her, waiting for the right stimulation to really start rubbing against her needy clit. There were so many girls here and Rose was having trouble picking just one.

She’d fucked so many of the little sluts here and Rose longed to feel their tight pussies wrapped around her toy again. Rose knew that Love went wild for Mr. Snappy inside her and she wouldn’t have minded a chance to fuck Charisma too. And while Britney looked like she was loving feeling Felecia’s toy inside her, Rose knew her ass must have been feeling very deprived right about then. Perhaps she could go and give Britney a sweet little double penetration with her new porn star friend.

But Rose also craved the feel of some fresh meat and there were so many delicious selections here. There was such a tantalizing assortment of girls that Rose knew had to be dying for a chance to feel her hard cock inside them, fucking them into delirious, orgasmic submission.

Rose licked her lips out of the prospect of taking one of those little teen pussies like Hilary’s or Lindsay’s and showing them that she owned them. Mmmm or that little Michelle. Sarah looked like she was having fun with her but Rose felt the young girl needed a little help seeing what fucking was all about.

There were others, of course. Girls like Natalie and Kirsten and women like Cameron and Salma. And of course Sarah. She could show her just what she was going to be missing by getting married on them.

Rose wanted them all…every last guest. There wasn’t a person inside this room that Rose didn’t want to fuck. Finally, it was a combination of the old and the new that caught Rose’s eye and she knew she had found her mark.

Now it was time for this party to really get started.

Sauntering into the room, Rose took a moment to pass by Fluffy, who continued to stand stoically by the door, not letting anyone in who wasn’t invited. Rose could only imagine that effect a room full of naked girls fucking each other’s brains out was having on him.

It had been a long time since she had been with a man, but Rose was confident she still had a handle on the male psychology. She didn’t imagine there was much blood left in his brain after watching all this. No doubt it had all flowed downward and Rose couldn’t help but imagine how blue the bodyguard’s balls had to be by now.

With all this pussy around her, Rose wasn’t thinking much about cock, but maybe later she’d tell Christina to let her borrow her bodyguard for a few hours and see if there was anything else he could do but glower. He had to be dying for relief by now.

“Like what you see big guy?” Rose teased, tickling Fluffy’s chin. She didn’t elaborate whether she meant the frenzy of the fucking girls or her own body, naked except for her black strap on.

Fluffy didn’t answer and Rose didn’t wait around for one. She gave Fluffy a girl cum coated kiss on the cheek and just kept on walking. Turning her thoughts back to the fairer sex full time, Rose wandered past girl after girl until she got to where she wanted.

“Getting her ready for me baby?” Rose grinned as she stood over Christina and Maria, who paused mid kiss at the interruption.

“Mmmmmmm she’s more than ready,” Christina giggled, both sets of lips watering over the sight of Mr. Snappy lewdly dangling from Rose’s body. “And so am I!”

Christina then proved her statement by leaning back and spreading her legs wide for Rose. Her dance training had given Christina the ability to make sure she could extend her legs fully and this allowed Rose to see plenty of glistening pink from her slutty protégé.

Rose responded to this raunchy display with a hungry grin before getting down on her knees and giving Christina’s splayed cunt a long, wet lick.

Maria shivered in desire as Christina let out a high-pitched squeal of rapture. She had suddenly become the ignored woman, but she didn’t mind. It was worth it to watch Rose begin to feast on the hot stickiness of Christina’s pussy. Maria had always heard stories about Rose and now she saw that at least the ones about her loving girls were quite true.

Rose was like a sexual animal. Even when she was dressed and doing an interview she seemed ready to fuck. It had been easy for Maria to pick that up when they had spoken in the past and now that vibe was so strong it seemed capable of bringing all women to their knees. Just looking at Rose was a turn on and all Maria could do was longingly stare at her long strap on and ache to feel it pushing deep into her pussy.

She had never been fucked by a strap on. Naturally Maria had used some toys on herself over the years, but she had never had another woman use one on her. She loved how it looked between Rose’s legs.

The black plastic of that beautiful toy was a perfect contrast to Rose’s fair, Irish skin and it matched the color of her hair exquisitely. Maria felt nervous and wet just from staring at Rose and the ferocity she was bringing to licking Christina. Being this close to Rose made her so incredibly horny and Maria didn’t think she’d be able to just sit back for long.

“Ughhhhhh oooooooooooooh yesssssss Rose lick that pussy! Tongue fuck my cunt!” Christina continued to squeal in delight. “No one can ever lick my pussy like you can baby! Mmmmmm work that whole fucking tongue inside me! I can take it! Fuck me like the nasty slut I am! You know how I fucking like it!”

Rose went harder after Christina’s pussy, forgetting about her own desires for a moment as she tended to her blonde friend. Christina had always been such a willing and eager student that Rose wanted to reward her a little. Besides, Rose had always loved the taste of Christina’s juices and she wasn’t one to turn down a free meal.

“Ohhhhhhh God!!! Fuck meeee!!!” Christina cried, her voice getting louder with every lick Rose took against her. “More! Lick it harder! Lick my fucking little whore pussy hard Rose! Make me feel your tongue everywhere on my body!”

Maria had never seen Christina get this worked up before. Not even when she’d been with Britney had Christina gotten like this. Maria could see in her eyes that Christina was already about to come.

Whatever Rose was doing to her pussy, it was working like magic and Maria wanted in. She looked at Rose and Christina with hungry stares, rubbing her own tits as Rose leaned down and stuck her perfect ass in the air while she fed on Christina’s cunt.

Christina saw how Maria was looking at them and she got off on it. Sex was always better with an audience. Rose was the best lover she ever had and Christina knew it wasn’t going to be long at all before her body was going to get rocked again. Rose could make her come with a snap of her fingers it seemed and Christina wanted to make sure Maria saw it all.

“That’s it! Keep watching Maria!” Christina commanded while she moaned and fucked Rose’s face, making her tits quake beautifully. “Watch what a fucking little whore I am for this tongue! Watch how hard Rose makes me cream! I know you must be dying for a piece of this, aren’t you? You must want Rose’s tongue in your little gooey snatch soooooo fucking bad. Mmmmmmm or even better…that hard dick of hers! You must be desperate for that cock by now! Rose is gonna fuck you raw Maria! Just like she fucks me! Ohhhhhhh you’re not gonna be able to walk right for a week and you’re gonna love every fucking second of it!”

Maria knew every word Christina was telling her was true. She was getting so wet watching Rose’s face buried in Christina’s pussy, licking her with a skill and passion that Maria could only dream of having. Rose was like a sex master and Maria longed to serve her too.

She wanted Rose to eat her out just like she was doing Christina. She wanted to be panting and shaking and sweating for her orgasm like the singer was. But most of all Maria wanted Rose to fuck her raw, just like Christina had promised.

“I do! I do fucking want it!” Maria groaned, finding her voice when her horniness began to reach a boiling point inside her. “I want to feel you inside me Rose! I want you to fuck me like a dirty little slut! That cock looks so good on you! I’ve always wanted you! You fucking turned me on every time I saw you! I tried to pretend it wasn’t happening, but it was! Please fuck me Rose! You look so hot eating Christina out! Now I want you fucking me! I want you to shove that hard cock deep inside me and leave me all raw and fucked up!”

Even though she was tongue deep inside Christina’s pussy, Rose still visibly grinned her Cheshire Cat grin at the sound of Maria’s voice. Maria had always seemed so poised and now she was begging for sex like a nasty, nympho whore…just the way Rose liked it.

She didn’t react to Maria right away, though. Instead she ignored her and let her passion build. She would make sure the reporter got hers soon enough. Instead Rose kept concentrating on Christina.

“AHHHHHHHH!!! GOD!!!! I LOVE THE WAY YOU TONGUE FUCK MEEEEEEE!!!” Christina screamed, her unmistakable voice filling everyone’s ears.

Even after already having multiple orgasms at the party, Christina wasn’t close to satisfied. Nothing she had done here had been nearly enough for her unquenchable thirst for pleasure and she wanted Rose to get her off as bad as she had ever wanted anything before in her life.

Rose kept one of her hands furiously rubbing Christina’s spread pussy, getting her fingers completely coated in girl juice as her tongue plunged in deep. The actress tongue fucked the singer until she was shaking with need to come. Rose’s smile grew as she tasted Christina’s desperation. She loved reducing girls to this state. Sure, Christina was a complete and utter slut, but Rose still took the compliment.

Knowing that the reward of not only a blast of girl cum, but Maria’s waiting body, was there for her, Rose didn’t waste time. She didn’t tease or tantalize her friend. She went right for Christina’s clit.

Rose wrapped her tongue around the throbbing bud, massaging it before pulling away and going after it again with hard stabs. Rose spared no energy tongue fucking Christina’s clit, batting against it until she got what she wanted.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Christina exploded in passion all over Rose’s tongue and fair, gorgeous face.

No one, not even Britney, could make her come as hard and as fast as Rose could. Christina didn’t try to delay her orgasm or let the pleasure build. She knew it would be useless. Instead Christina just let it hit her hard.

Her orgasm ripped through her small, slutty body and Christina screamed out again and again, as if she wanted to let every person in the whole resort know how much she loved Rose’s tongue. Her body fucked against Rose’s face wildly as Christina shook from the burst of pleasure going off inside her.

Just like always with Rose, her intense orgasm left her gasping on the floor. Christina collapsed onto her back, her chest heaving and sweat pouring from her forehead, a small puddle of drool forming over her lips as she tried to get a grip on the ecstasy flooding her.

Rose took a moment to admire the results of just a few minutes of her handiwork before licking her lips free of Christina’s cum and turning her attention to Maria.

“You like that show?” Rose asked, not beating around the bush.

“Mmmmhmmmm…” Maria immediately answered, her hands still pawing at her bare breasts. “You were incredible! Do me like that! Please! I want to come that fucking hard!”

“Oh no…you gotta earn an orgasm like that,” Rose grinned. “Chrissy’s got cred with me. But you…I don’t know about you. I’ve never fucked you before. You might not be hot enough for me Maria.”

“I am! Please! You have to believe me!” Maria desperately begged. “I can be that hot! I can be a nasty fucking slut for you Rose! Just like Christina! Please let me prove myself!”

“Get over here,” Rose said, settling back on her hands and spreading her own legs to make Mr. Snappy seem even more prominent on her naked body. “If you wanna prove yourself then you gotta show me how good that mouth of yours is.”

Maria didn’t hesitate to move her body to Rose’s and hover over her crotch. Even though Maria would have loved to spend some quality time at Rose’s lips, she knew Rose wasn’t talking about kissing.

She knew what the actress wanted and, after taking a deep breath and summoning her nerve, Maria leaned down and gave the head of Mr. Snappy a long, but tentative lick just to get a taste of it. She liked it, but Rose’s impatience butted in.

“No! C’monnnnnnn…don’t treat it like it’s a little finger or something! Suck that cock slut!” Rose ordered, her voice playful but demanding of attention. “Deep throat that dick like the cocksucking little whore you are! C’mon Maria don’t pretend that you haven’t done this before! You’re no blowjob virgin!”

With Rose’s words stinging her ears and stimulating her libido, Maria did as instructed. She quit her shy licking and began to get nastier. She was hardly a stranger to a hard cock and Maria figured what worked on men would work on Rose.

Letting a long trail of saliva fall from her lips, Maria coated the black plastic in her spit and began working her hand over the shaft, getting it slick as she pushed the head past her lips.

“Ohhhhhhhh that’s better!” Rose groaned, savoring the scorching visual of Maria’s beautiful lips wrapped around the head of her favorite toy. “Swallow that cock bitch! You’d better get it nice and wet cause it’s gonna be pounding your pussy one way or the other!”

The thought of feeling that hunk of plastic inside her without proper lube sent a chill up Maria’s spine and it wasn’t unwelcome. That scared her and she liked it. The thought of being at Rose’s mercy was a serious turn on.

Hearing Rose’s moans fueled Maria on and gave her confidence. She kept rubbing the plastic shaft with her hand, wrapping it all around the toy as she began bobbing up and down.

Each time Maria let Mr. Snappy pass her lips she took a little more in. Soon enough Maria was really getting into it, working her wet mouth over the plastic and sucking it in deep, just like she would for a real cock.

When she pulled off to breathe in some air, Maria smiled and let another layer of spit drip from her mouth all over the toy. She then grabbed Mr. Snappy by the shaft and began slapping her face with it, sending saliva flying all over her own flushed cheeks. This had always turned her male lovers on and it worked just as well on Rose.

“Nasty little cunt! Now you’re getting it!” Rose praised. “You know your way around a cock don’t you? Ohhhhhhh that’s good Maria! You hot little cocksucker! I love it! Slap that pretty face with my prick! Mmmmmmm if I was a guy I’d be shooting my load all over you right now and you’d love it, wouldn’t you?”

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh I love cum on my face,” Maria admitted with a lusty growl. “I wish you were shooting all over me. I’d lick up every drop and swallow it like a good girl should!”

“Oh fuck you are a nasty thing,” Rose grinned. “Chrissy wasn’t lying about you! I should have known! You were always so sweet and perky on television, Maria. I knew you had to be a fucking whore off camera! Get back to sucking my cock! I’m sure a slut like you has sucked off half of Hollywood to get where you are!”

Under normal circumstances Maria might have taken offense to Rose’s comment. But not only was she too turned on to care about getting angry, Rose also happened to be right. Maria had never been above giving a well-placed blowjob to get something she needed. It had been a necessary part of the job, but now Maria was grateful for the experience. She wanted to show Rose just what she could do with a cock.

Maria took the hard shaft and spanked her extended tongue for Rose’s entertainment before sliding the toy right back into her warm, waiting mouth. As Rose groaned and played with her gorgeous tits, Maria began to expertly deep throat Mr. Snappy. She had been nervous at first about whether she would be able to handle this toy, but now Maria had all her confidence.

Mr. Snappy just kept getting wetter from Maria’s spit and her tongue action all over the hard plastic. Even Rose was impressed when the reporter took a deep breath and swallowed Mr. Snappy all the way. Rose’s sparse, dark bush tickled Maria’s nose, but it was Rose who was giggling in delight at what Maria was doing to her.

When Maria finally pulled off and gasped for breath, leaving her toy plenty slick, Rose knew that she had earned a little fun.

“I suppose that was good enough,” Rose said, obviously feigning her unmoved reaction. “Your mouth passes muster you deep throating little slut, but let’s see how hot those other holes of yours are.”

“Yesssssss please fuck meeeee…” Maria begged, her mind wrapped in a fog of lust. “I’m so goddamn wet for you Rose! I want to feel this thing inside me! I need to get fucked!”

“Get on all fours,” Rose instructed. “Ass in the air.”

Resisting didn’t even cross Maria’s mind. She repositioned her naked body so she was on her hands and knees, pushing her ass into the air where it quickly became fondling material for Rose.

“Mmmmmmm such a nice ass…” Rose admired. “All smooth and pretty…and now it’s mine!”

Rose hammered that fact home by spanking Maria hard on her bare cheeks. The reporter yelped, but it wasn’t from pain. She loved the feel of Rose’s hand striking her ass. It stung in a very, very good way and Maria was quickly swaying her ass in delight as Rose spanked her again.

“Someone likes getting her ass spanked,” Rose giggled. “Naughty girl. Ooooh you’re gonna get fucked so good Maria…just like little sluts like you love it!”

“Oh God yessssss…spank meeeee…” Maria groaned her tits dangling and her hair over her face as the pleasure filled her body. “Spank me for being a naughty little slut! I need you to fuck me Rose! I’ve never been fucked like this by a woman! I have to feel that toy inside me!”

“Sweetie, you’ve never been fucked like this by anyone,” Rose informed her horny lover. “Get ready to find out what it really feels like to be fucked!”

Before Maria could say anything more she felt Rose pushing herself right up against her bare backside. Rose began rubbing the hard toy against her dripping slit, teasing her sensitive pussy lips with Mr. Snappy’s head. Maria groaned in need, begging Rose with her sounds to slide inside and fuck her. She didn’t think she would be able to handle being teased.

“What do you want Maria?” Rose demanded, still rubbing the head of her toy on her slit, so close to penetration but so agonizingly far. “I want to hear you!”

“Fuck me!” Maria writhed. “Fuck my pussy with that huge fucking toy! Ughhhhhhh can’t you see my cunt’s dripping for you Rose! I want you inside me so fucking back! Fill me with that toy! Chrissy told me what an amazing fuck you are and now I’ve gotta feel it! I want you to loosen my pussy up baby! Do me hard with that big cock! I….OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWWWWD!!! HOLLLLLLLLY SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!”

Maria’s pleas became screams of ecstasy when Rose took mercy on her and pushed Mr. Snappy inside her pussy from behind. She didn’t take her too hard at first, but she began a steady, sustained push inside the reporter’s cunt, seeing how much she could take.

As Rose started filling her with her toy, Maria began to howl. Rose wickedly grinned at the sound of Maria’s reaction. She had only begun on this slut and already she was screaming like a whore. This girl was going to come even quicker than Christina had.

“Take it Maria!” Rose ordered as she began thrusting inside Maria, burying Mr. Snappy in deeper with each push. “Take my hot, hard cock inside this tight twat of yours! Mmmmmm you’re mine now, aren’t you bitch? This body belongs to Rose!”


Rose was happy to fill that request and increased the strength of her thrusts inside Maria. Soon enough Maria’s folds had adjusted nicely to the invading plastic and Rose had a hard rhythm going.

The space around them was filled with the arousing sound of Rose’s skin slapping against Maria’s. Rose grunted and gripped Maria’s hips, thrusting deep into her, filling her cunt with her toy and making her cry out louder with every thrust.

Maria couldn’t believe how good this felt. She had been with some skilled lovers in the past, but no man had ever fucked her like this. Rose was like a machine behind her, pushing that hard toy deep into her pussy. Maria couldn’t remember ever feeling this filled. That toy was unbelievable in her cunt and Maria felt herself dripping all over it. Each hard thrust inside her was ecstasy.

“FUCK ME!!! FUCK MEEEEEEE!!! OHHHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSSS FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE ROSE!!!” Maria babbled as she felt the intense pleasure down to her toes. Her whole body was shaking and she never wanted this ride to end. “I’M YOURS!!! I’M SOOOOO FUCKING YOURSSSSSSS ROSE!!! FUCK MY PUSSY WITH THAT HUGE COCK!!! AHHHHHHHHH FEELS SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOD!!!”

Hearing Maria scream like that soon had Christina stirring. Rose had sent her right into a pleasure coma with her tongue, but she couldn’t stay out of the action for too long, especially when things were this hot. Christina snapped herself back to reality and immediately treated herself to a long look at Rose giving it hard to Maria.

Even though she’d just come, Christina was already up for more and her hand immediately slid to between her legs to rub her well-licked pussy.

Maria looked amazing on all fours, her tits bouncing wildly and her mouth frozen wide open in ecstasy as she took Mr. Snappy inside her. Christina loved seeing how Maria’s ass jiggled from the thrusts. She had never looked more beautiful to Christina’s eyes. Maria was completely lost in the moment, surrendering to her wanton passion.

But Christina couldn’t concentrate just on Maria for long. Not with Rose right behind her. Christina was eager to thank her mentor for what she had just given her and Rose’s beautiful, fair skinned ass was too tempting a site to pass up.

Rose was already grunting and moaning from the thrusts she was giving to Maria, as she humped her hard and steady, but Christina knew she could easily make her friend feel a lot better.

Picking herself up off the floor, Christina crawled toward Rose and didn’t bother to ask for permission before helping herself to a taste. She captured Rose’s shaking ass in her hands while she fucked Maria and pried open her cheeks to expose the lips of her snatch from behind.

Before Rose even had a chance to register what was happening, Christina was sliding her tongue over her juicy slit and swallowing down the essence she collected.

“Oooooooooooh yesssssss Chrissy!” Rose cried, pausing with Mr. Snappy buried halfway inside Maria’s pussy as the pleasure shot up her spine. “Tongue me you little slut! Mmmmmmm lick up all those hot juices I’ve got ready for you! Lick me hard you fucking cunt hungry whore!”

Rose’s wonderful dirty talk really got Christina going. She absolutely adored the taste of Rose’s pussy. She would have climbed mountains to get it on her tongue and hearing Rose call her filthy names just made her crave it more.

Christina pressed her face in deeper, resting between Rose’s spread butt cheeks to lick away at her snatch. Her tongue easily slid inside the dripping hole and worked Rose over hard, lapping away at her mentor’s folds.

The pleasure quickly had an effect on Rose, leaving her smiling and gasping in delight. She pushed her ass back a little, forcing Christina’s tongue in deeper. She loved the feel of the singer’s small, girly hands gripping onto her ass and her never satisfied tongue licking up every drop she could get. She had taught this slut very well indeed, Rose thought to herself as she moaned happily.

Of course Rose’s moans weren’t the only ones that were sounding and Maria’s were much more born of frustration than arousal. She had gotten so worked up and now Christina was distracting Rose from fucking her! It wasn’t fair!

Mr. Snappy was lodged inside her pussy, standing still as her folds wrapped around it tightly, keeping her in heat but not getting her any closer to orgasm. She needed to feel Rose fuck her! Maria couldn’t handle being kept in sexual limbo!

“Pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase!” Maria wailed. “Fuck meeeeeeeeee Rose! Fuck my naughty little pussy with your big, hard cock! Don’t stop Rose! Don’t just leave me like this!”

Fortunately, Maria’s cries snapped Rose out of the little pleasure trance Christina’s tongue had worked her into. She felt bad for neglecting Maria. Rose loved to tease, but she wasn’t cruel and leaving Maria in her aroused state without stimulation would have been considered a crime under the Geneva Convention. So Rose got right back to work. Her hands had still been holding onto Maria’s hips and she began thrusting again.

Maria reacted with instant cries of pleasure and Christina adjusted to Rose’s thrusting as quickly as she could. The singer kept her hands on Rose’s perfect ass and met her forward thrusts into Maria with forward tongue motions of her own, pushing into Rose’s drooling cunt just as the actress’ toy filled it’s target.

In addition, Christina began rubbing her legs together to stimulate her own pussy and soon all frustration was forgotten and there was nothing but the cries of three horny, happy girls.

While Maria was being fucked by a strap on for the first time, Beyonce was dying to try something new for herself. Reese’s fingers felt so good inside her and the singer loved the feel of her wet, practiced mouth sucking on her hard nipples, but she wanted more. She was afraid to say something though. What if Reese thought she was weird?

Beyonce knew it was silly to think this, after all she had just seen Reese do it with complete willingness, but still she felt this concern. She wanted to try this so bad though. She had never done it before, but it had looked so sexy and her pussy was dripping all over Reese’s thrusting fingers at the mere thought of trying this new little kink. Finally she summoned her resolve and pushed the words past her lips.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck oooooooooooooooh fuck mmmmmmmm Reese gawwwwwwd your fingers feel soooooo goooood!” Beyonce groaned, her hands grabbing the side of the bar for support. “I so don’t want you to stop baby but mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooooh that’s it…that’s the fucking spot sweetie…pleaaaaaaseeee…I want you to doooooooooooooo ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss….do this to meeeeeeeee!”

“What? What do you want honey?” Reese asked, grinning as she released Beyonce’s breast from her mouth, leaving her dark nipple wet and swollen with desire. She was so horny from having her way with this sex goddess of a singer that Reese would have done anything she asked for.

Reese could immediately see that whatever Beyonce wanted to ask her, it was embarrassing her a little, so she didn’t pause with her fingers. She kept pushing her wet digits inside Beyonce’s pussy, making sure she felt nothing but pleasure so the singer would know that whatever she wanted to ask, it would be ok.

“Oh God…I…I saw you…with Jessica and…mmmmm with Alyssa,” Beyonce panted as she reflexively humped herself against Reese’s fingers, loving how they rubbed her clit and tickled her G-Spot. “It turned me on so fucking much! I never…never saw anything…ughhhhhhh yessssss slam my pussy Reese…push those fingers deep in me baby…anything like that before and I want you to do it…do it to me! Please Reese!”

It took Reese a second to realize exactly what Beyonce was talking about and when she did a wide grin crossed her lips.

“Do you want me to suck on those beautiful little toes of yours Beyonce?” Reese asked, her voice a tantalizing promise. “Do you want me to lick them with my tongue and get my wet mouth around them? Is that what you want honey?”

“Yesssssssssssss…pleaaaaaaaaaaseeee…” Beyonce begged, her orgasm not far off from Reese’s fingers. “It looked so fucking naughty! I want to try it!”

Reese’s smile continued even though she didn’t say another word. She just pulled her juicy fingers out of Beyonce’s snatch and made a sexy show out of licking them clean right in front of the singer. Reese then moved Beyonce over a bit and sat her down on one of the barstools before sinking to her knees.

Beyonce didn’t even have time to wonder if she was really going to like this before Reese lifted her left foot up and began caressing it gently with her hands. Beyonce let out a half moan, half giggle from the sensations but what was most important was that inside it all felt good.

Reese’s hand felt amazing, rubbing her foot lovingly, and when the actress extended her tongue to take a lick of her big toe, Beyonce moaned in joy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Reese…mmmmmmmm lick it baby! Lick it just like you licked Jessica and Alyssa!” Beyonce sighed, her face showing that she was on Cloud 9 from the pleasure.

It had been so long without love from Shawn that she was so happy to have her body touched any way these beautiful girls were willing to do it. Beyonce immediately found out that she did like this. It was another brand new pleasure for her.

“Oooooooooooh it tickles…mmmmmmmm yessssssss so goooooooooood!” Beyonce moaned. “More Reese! More! Suck those toes baby! Every damn one of them! Get them all wet with that pretty mouth!”

“Mmmmmmmm glad to see you like it,” Reese smiled before giving Beyonce’s foot a long lick from her heel to her toes. “I love sucking these toes. So hot in my mouth…all wiggling and begging to be licked! You really are a naughty girl, aren’t you Beyonce?”

“Gawwwwwwwd yessssss,” Beyonce cried, goosebumps of pleasure running up her bare legs. “I am! I’ll be your fucking naughty girl Reese! Ohhhhhh you girls are all making me into such a fucking slut! I love it! I love being a naughty girl who needs her pussy licked and her toes sucked! Fuck! You’re making it so good Reese! So goddamn goooooood!!!”

Beyonce leaned against the bar and massaged her tits with her hands, rubbing the wet nipples Reese’s tongue had left and loving how they felt under her palms. She had never felt this good before. Reese looked amazing on her knees, worshipping her foot with her tongue and lips, kissing and licking every inch while her new dark hair tickled her skin. Beyonce was in absolute bliss and a dreamy smiled covered her beautiful face while sounds of desire dripped off her lips.

As Beyonce moaned and cooed for more, Reese was loving her position on the floor. Not only did she have Beyonce’s pedicured, painted toes in her mouth, but she was also now being afforded one hell of a view. She could see right up into Beyonce’s pussy as she sat on the barstool and the singer was making no attempt whatsoever to close her spread legs. Reese saw Beyonce’s spread pussy, the pinkness such a beautiful mix with her dark skin. Cream dripped from her lips and Reese longed to taste it.

God, it was so hard to figure out what she wanted to feel her tongue on more, Beyonce’s pussy or her toes? They both were delicious. Reese wanted it all.

She loved feeling the singer’s wiggling toes in her mouth while she moaned and jumped slightly on the barstool with each swipe of her tongue. But Reese also was dying to lick that wet pussy. Her fingers had felt amazing inside it, so snug and hot, and she wanted to touch it again. Suddenly an idea dawned on Reese. It was the perfect compromise.

“Lean back honey and hold onto the bar,” Reese instructed, dropping Beyonce’s foot from her mouth and reaching for the other one. “I’m gonna try something. Do you trust me?”

“Yes,” Beyonce answered without hesitation. “Just don’t stop!”

“I won’t,” Reese promised, bringing Beyonce’s right foot to her mouth and kissing it as she pushed herself back on her ass and lifted up her own left leg.

Beyonce was so wet that Reese knew she didn’t need any extra lube. While keeping Beyonce’s foot to her lips the whole time, Reese pressed her own foot to Beyonce’s open pussy, rubbing her lips with her toes.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH!!!” Beyonce cried happily at this unexpected but completely welcomed sensation. “SOOOOOO FUCKING NAUGHTYYYYYY!!! DO IT! FUCK ME WITH YOUR TOES!”

Now that permission had been granted, Reese didn’t wait to begin. She rubbed Beyonce’s slit a few more times with her toes to wet them and then she slowly pushed them into the singer’s pussy. She couldn’t go very far inside, but it was far enough to make Beyonce, and by extension Reese, very, very happy.

Beyonce had listened to Reese and grabbed onto the bartop and now she was happy she had because otherwise she would have been sprawled on the floor from the pleasure. She held on for deal life and opened her legs as much as she could for Reese, wanting to make sure her lover could do her right. This filled Beyonce with such a forbidden rush that she thought she was going to break the edge of the bar off in her hands from gripping it so tightly.


Reese certainly took that as high praise and it made the taste of Beyonce’s toes even better. She kept sucking Beyonce’s foot while pushing her own toes inside her. She rubbed Beyonce with her foot, getting it slick with girl juice and tantalizing her as she slid in as far as she could.

Beyonce’s clit was so swollen that Reese could easily touch it with her toes, rubbing it with each push inside her. She wasn’t hard at all with her foot and the gentle toe petting of Beyonce’s clit had the singer soaking her toes in no time.

While Reese was hungrily feeding on Beyonce’s foot, she was hardly the only one there enjoying her meal of girl flesh. Just a few bodies over, Angelina was so taken by the delicious site before her that even she had to pause a moment to admire it.

Group action was nothing new to her…women and men, she’d done them all in setting like this, but she couldn’t recall when she had three pussies as pretty as this spread open and staring at her.

Angelina had Eliza, Kirsten and Natalie on their backs, side by side by side. Their legs were open and their pussies were all dripping the sweetest cum for her tongue, while all three of them moaned and begged for attention.

As erotic as this site was, Angelina couldn’t study it for long. She was too hungry for the three helpings of cream she knew were waiting for her and she couldn’t just watch. She had to lick and that was just what she did when she plunged her tongue into Eliza’s snatch.

“OHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWWWD!!!” Eliza cried in rapture when Angelina’s tongue pushed back inside her.

Eliza had thought she’d been with the best, but no tongue she had ever felt could compare with Angelina’s. It was like sliding a vibrator inside. The sensations were that fast and that intense.

Suddenly Eliza felt like a blushing rookie. All her experience had added up to absolutely nothing with this woman and she was happily at the mercy of Angelina Jolie’s tongue. It was like her pussy was being licked for the first time.

Her eyes were wide open and her chest was heaving for lack of breath as Angelina worked her cunt over. It was almost a replay of the first time she’d had sex…the pleasure was overwhelming her and all she wanted was more.


Right beside her, Kirsten was staring right into Eliza’s eyes and it was obvious that her girlfriend’s brain was turning into mush from the pleasure. Kirsten had never seen Eliza act this turned on before. Not even what they had just done with Sarah had worked Eliza up this much. Kirsten knew exactly what she was going through because she had already felt Angelina’s tongue and her pussy craved more so badly that it hurt.

While the three girls had lay open for her, Angelina had gone from Eliza to Kirsten to Natalie, sampling each pussy and then moving onto the next girl before starting the process all over again.

Each time Angelina had licked just hard enough and just long enough to get them right on the edge of coming, but not enough to get them off. It was torture to be that close and then have Angelina stop, but no one dared complain. They would have done anything for more.

Right now it was Eliza’s turn to feel that incredible tongue inside her again and Kirsten and Natalie looked on with jealousy. Their thoughts were the same. They wanted that tongue inside their own pussies and not in Eliza’s.

They wanted Angelina to lick them until they came all over her face and then do it again and again and again. None of them wanted her to stop…ever. If Angelina had slapped chains around them and commanded they be her slaves for life, all three girls would have gladly surrendered their will to her if only for a chance to feel her tongue once again.

Even though Kirsten and Natalie didn’t have Angelina’s tongue attending to their arousal, they were doing a pretty good job of keeping each other in heat. They both had their heads tilted to watch Eliza get tongued, but their hands were on each other’s body.

Natalie had reached over and with one hand was fingering Kirsten’s pussy while the other massaged her soft, jiggling tits. Natalie played with Kirsten’s breasts, delighting in their feel under her hand as Kirsten returned the favor by reaching around to finger her pussy right back.

“Oooooh oooooh Kirsten…mmmm finger it hard!” Natalie mewed, her hot breath spilling into her blonde lover’s ear. “Finger my pussy! Mmmmmm I love it when another girl fingers me! You’re so fucking wet Kirsten! Ughhhh I am toooooo!!! Angelina’s making me so hot and she’s not even licking me!”

Kirsten offered no reaction but to moan and nod her head. She was too caught up in watching her girlfriend’s ecstasy. They had shared so many girls, but never had Kirsten felt jealousy until now. And it wasn’t that Eliza was feeling pleasure from another woman, it was that Kirsten wanted all that pleasure for herself.

She had never been inspired to such selfishness before, but she was secretly hoping that she would make Natalie come with her fingers so she would miss her chance with Angelina leaving her tongue only for her and her alone. Kirsten didn’t want to share. She wanted Angelina all for herself.


Angelina smiled a cum covered grin from Eliza’s pussy at the sound of her pleas. She loved the sound of a previously cocky lover begging for orgasm. She didn’t love it as much as she loved the taste and feel of cum, but it was in second place for sure.

Part of her wanted to make Eliza suffer a little bit more, just to teach this young thing that she had a long way before she was top of the food chain when it came to sex. But that part was quickly shouted down by the desire to taste this girl’s cream.

Eliza was desperate for orgasm. Her face was flushed and sweaty and her hands madly flailed about, looking for anything to grab on. Finally she grabbed onto her own head, pulling her hair back out of her eyes and gripping it just like she was tugging on some other girl’s hair while she was fucking her from behind.

Eliza had never felt so out of control with her own body before and she loved it. She had surrendered willingly to Angelina’s tongue and she never wanted these powerful sensations inside her to end.

“SOOOOOO FUCKING CLOSE!” Eliza panted, her words coming out as frenzied gasps.

Eliza’s tits were shaking and slapping herself in the chin, making her want her orgasm even more. She loved everything Angelina was doing to her. The woman was using her tongue like a cock, penetrating her pussy hard. It was like there was no one else there but them. Kirsten and Natalie were right next to her, but Eliza couldn’t see them and she didn’t want to. It was just her and Angelina.

Her pussy was so hot against her mouth that even if Eliza hadn’t been screaming about how close she was, Angelina would have been able to tell. Her tongue licked Eliza’s clit with each pass through her pussy, making her arousal reach the boiling point.

Eliza kept screaming out her need with moans and words that seemed to babble all together into one mix of desire. When Angelina finally decided that Eliza had suffered enough, she sucked her whole clit into her mouth and clamped down hard. Angelina wasn’t leaving until she got what she wanted and she didn’t have long to wait.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Eliza screamed as she erupted in orgasm all over Angelina’s face.

Eliza blissfully humped against Angelina as she came, smearing her girl cream all over the actress’ skin, just like she wanted. Angelina drank every drop of the sweet essence she could get her tongue on, but even she had trouble keeping up with Eliza’s energetic, juicy orgasm.

The rapturous cries of Eliza’s orgasm mixed in so well with the impatient moans from Kirsten and Natalie and the wet slurping sounds of Angelina’s tongue at play. Angelina feasted on Eliza’s creaming cunt, drawing out her pleasure while she greedily swallowed her spicy essence.

Eliza had a hot, addictive taste and Angelina made a mental note to make sure and invite her over to her next sex party, especially if she’d bring her two friends along. And speaking of those friends, Angelina was already hungry for more.

Angelina yanked her face away from Eliza’s pussy and paused only to lick her famous lips clean of girl cum. That left her chin and cheeks still shiny, but Angelina didn’t care. She’d get the rest later.

Right now she wanted a new flavor and, after gulping down some oxygen as quickly as she could, Angelina pressed her lips right to Kirsten’s waiting snatch.

“OOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Kirsten immediately cried.

Kirsten had been waiting to feel that tongue inside her again but even though she’d been on edge with anticipation, it was still an ecstasy filled surprise when she got it. Natalie’s fingers had still been buried inside her but they were pulled away as soon as Angelina’s tongue got to work.

Natalie brought the Kirsten coated fingers to her lips and immediately began licking them off, but even the sweet taste couldn’t hide her disappointment.

She had been hoping Angelina was going to skip over Kirsten and go right for her. Natalie knew she was going to get hers soon enough, but she wanted it now. She didn’t want to wait!

Kirsten was her friend, but Natalie didn’t care about friendship now when there was a hot tongue fucking at state. Angelina was creating selfish desires she’d never felt before and they were fogging Natalie’s brain and making her mad with jealousy.

What made matters even worse for Natalie was that as soon as Angelina started licking her, Kirsten pulled her fingers out of her pussy. That left Natalie with no stimulation at all to her needy sex and she groaned audibly in frustration.

All her life she had never expected to be completely naked and doing something crazy like this but if she was going to do it, she wasn’t going to hold back. She needed to be fucked! And now she was too horny to take care of herself with her own hand. She wanted to feel someone else’s touch!

Fortunately Angelina heard Natalie’s frustrated groans and she showed a kind heart by lending her a hand. Natalie gasped in surprise when suddenly Angelina’s fingers worked their way between her legs and pushed inside her pussy.

Natalie squealed happily and immediately began humping herself against Angelina’s probing digits, gasping in pleasure as they rubbed her clit. Her burst of jealous anger was forgotten as Natalie saw that licking wasn’t the only thing Angelina could do. She could also finger a mean pussy!

Now both Natalie and Kirsten were happily moaning as they were skillfully tended to. Eliza’s head was still swimming and she was incapable of doing anything but rubbing herself slowly with her fingers, gently caressing her own pussy lips to keep the pleasure tingling in her body.

Eliza groaned in satisfaction from her own touch, her body still flying from what Angelina had done to her. Everything else might as well have been a million miles away as far as she was concerned. She was so lost in her own pleasure haze that the aroused cries Kirsten was shooting right into her ear didn’t even register.

Kirsten saw the state Eliza was in and it made her want her own orgasm even more. She wanted to be drifting off into mindless orgasmic afterglow too. Whatever Angelina had just done to her girlfriend, Kirsten wanted it for herself very badly.

“Fuck me Angelina!” Kirsten cried. “Your tongue feels so fucking good!!! Mmmmmm taste how wet I am for you!!! Ooooooooooooooooh I wanna cream for you! I wanna come all over your face just like Eliza did!”

“That’s exactly what you’re going to do Kirsten,” Angelina pausing her licking to issue a command Kirsten had every intention of obeying without hesitation. “You’re going to feed me every drop of your cum. I want you to fucking soak my tongue in your pussy juices!”

Angelina got right back to licking, making Kirsten scream in rapture. The blonde felt her body pulse under Angelina’s tongue. Not even Eliza had been this good at eating her out. Kirsten couldn’t wait to come. She wanted to give Angelina just what she was after between her legs.

“Don’t stop!” Kirsten begged, her chest shaking as she spit her words out through gritted teeth. “Don’t stop licking! Tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck my pussy and I’ll fucking soak you so good!”

Those were the last words Kirsten spoke before all she could push out were garbled cries and intense moans. Despite being abandoned before by the blonde, Natalie leaned over and began helping Kirsten out.

Natalie kissed and licked her friend’s tits, sucking hard on Kirsten’s nipples and leaving her chest coated with horny saliva. Natalie grunted and continued riding Angelina’s fingers, her eyes tearing up with pleasure. It felt so good to have those fingers inside her, keeping her hot and wet while she waited for Angelina’s tongue to get back inside her.

As the pleasure from the fingering got stronger, Natalie moaned and drooled onto Kirsten’s tits, her body stiffening as Angelina teased her clit. She didn’t want to come yet, though. Natalie was aching for orgasm, but not like this!

She didn’t want to come on Angelina’s fingers. She only wanted to come on Angelina’s tongue. The dark haired sex goddess sensed this and slowed down the speed of her fingers. She didn’t want Natalie coming yet either. Angelina wasn’t going to waste any of that hot feminine essence on her fingers when she was so fucking thirsty for her juices.

As Angelina lessened the pace of her fingering, Natalie was able to pay more attention to Kirsten. She moved her hands up to touch her and she rubbed and kissed all over the blonde’s bare breasts. Natalie was showing her friend her tit hungry side and Kirsten moaned in appreciation. The only thing that could have made Angelina’s tongue in her pussy better was this…Natalie’s hot, eager mouth on her tits.

Kirsten tried to tell Natalie how much she loved what she was doing to her, but she couldn’t form the words. All she could do was moan and gasp blissfully. Kirsten couldn’t even lift her hand up to stroke Natalie’s soft, beautiful hair.

She was powerless to move or talk or do anything other than feel the pleasure gripping her naked, sweating body. Not that she really wanted to do anything else but just lie back and come. Angelina continued to bury her cum thirsty tongue in her pussy and Kirsten was in complete ecstasy.

The blonde’s sharp, happy cries rained down on Angelina’s ears but she didn’t need to hear them to know Kirsten was close to getting off. That was obvious in her taste. The more Angelina licked, the more obvious it was that she was about to explode. Angelina mouthed her pussy, sucking on it passionately as her tongue licked her clit, turning up the heat until Kirsten erupted into her waiting mouth.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!” Kirsten screamed in orgasm until her voice was suddenly cut off.

Eliza had snapped out of her haze enough that she could lean over and passionately kiss Kirsten while she came. Kirsten was lost in her absolute ecstasy but she did respond by sliding her tongue into her girlfriend’s mouth. Kirsten just let everyone attend to her sexual needs and the bliss left her body quivering and creaming.

Just as she had with Eliza, Angelina’s cum craving mouth slurped away at Kirsten’s drooling cunt. Angelina let the girl’s orgasm soak her face, the heat feeling so good on her skin. Her tongue grabbed every juicy drop possible, immediately letting it slide down to be swallowed.

Kirsten’s eyes had just about rolled back into her head from it all. Eliza’s kiss and Natalie’s breast play barely registered. All Kirsten could feel was the pleasure in her pussy from this incredible tongue. It zipped through her body with intense bursts that left her brain toasted.

When Angelina finally pulled away, Kirsten was left a smiling, mindless, freshly fucked shell of a woman, just like Eliza had been.

Natalie stared at her friend, her usually soft eyes burning with need and heat. Her pussy demanded attention and Natalie wanted what had just happened to Kirsten. She wanted it more than anything and she wasn’t about to wait another second.

“Now me! Fuck me now bitch!” Natalie growled, grabbing Angelina by the face and pushing her right between the legs. Natalie didn’t bother with a kiss or anything. She just wanted her orgasm!

She had never been this aggressive before, but it was a desperate time for Natalie. She held onto Angelina’s hair, not letting this amazing woman even think about escape. Natalie held Angelina down tight and began humping her face. Nothing was going to stop her from coming.

Angelina had thought nothing could ever surprise her anymore, but seeing sweet, innocent Natalie Portman get a little rough did. Not that she minded.

She loved getting a woman so worked up they’d say or do anything to feel her tongue and if this little kitten was growing some claws, then so much the better. Angelina got wet from the feel of Natalie’s soft hands on her head, tugging at her hair and she didn’t hesitate to begin licking away hard and fast at her overheating pussy.


Natalie’s nasty words got more than their fair share of attention from everyone in the room. Even the girls who had been with her before were surprised to see her act like this and more than a few stopped whatever fucking they were doing to stare at her in slight shock at the words coming out of her young mouth. Natalie saw this, but she didn’t care. She was too horny to care.


Before long Natalie didn’t care if everyone was looking at her or no one was. All she cared about was Angelina’s tongue inside her pussy. What she had felt before from this woman had been just a mild tease compared to the feeling of Angelina really going at her sex.

Angelina tongue fucked her with passion and precision, licking her spread open cunt and leaving her feeling like she could and would drain her absolutely dry of girl juice.

Natalie’s fevered and foul mouthed cries proved a fun distraction for a moment, but everyone quickly got back to whatever and whoever they were doing. Despite the thrill many got from seeing Natalie act like that, some couples didn’t even pause.

One of those couples was Hilary and Lindsay. Their simmering rivalry had been going on for so long and now that it had turned into lust for each other’s body absolutely nothing was going to make them stop.

Hilary was mewing with passionate desire as Lindsay continued to lick away at her spread pussy. Lindsay had been desperate for the taste of another woman and Hilary hadn’t stopped her. She wanted to go down on Lindsay too, but right now Hilary was happy to just lie back and let her friend experiment on her.

“Is it good?” Lindsay asked, her face shiny and flushed when she pulled it up from Hilary to get a progress report. “Am I doing it right?”

“Uh huhhhhhh…” Hilary sighed. “Don’t stop! It’s so goooooood!”

“I wanna make you come Hilary,” Lindsay declared. “I love how your pussy tastes. I wanna make you feel so good.”

Lindsay pressed her tongue back inside Hilary’s soft, hot folds and licked at them as best she knew how. She hadn’t been nervous about whether or not she’d like the taste of another woman. She’d been too turned on to feel any fear.

All Lindsay knew was what she wanted and she wanted this. She would never have been able to feel the magic of Angelina’s tongue if it hadn’t been for Hilary and now she wanted to thank her.

Licking Hilary was like tasting bubble gum. It was sweet like sugar and Lindsay couldn’t get enough. She tried to remember all the things that Angelina had done to her and use them on the squirming teen, but Lindsay couldn’t keep up in her mind. So much of what had happened had been a blissful blur, so Lindsay just ended up following her own instincts and letting Hilary’s cries guide her.

“Oooooh you’re doing great…just great,” Hilary panted, her blonde hair getting in her eyes as she thrashed her head around.

She brushed the hair out of her eyes and moaned with each hot lick Lindsay took of her. It was just what she had dreamed about and Lindsay’s tongue felt so good inside her.

“More Lindsay! More!” Hilary begged. “Lick my dirty slutty pussy baby! I’m a nasty little bitch now and I need you to fuck me hard! Ahhhhhhhh I’m not a fucking good girl anymore…mmmmmmmm soooooo naughty! So fucking naughty!”

Lindsay had never expected to hear anything like that out of Hilary’s goody two shoes mouth, but then again she had never expected to be doing this either. It was a day full of surprises and it was all good. Real gooooooooood. Lindsay could feel her own pussy dripping from the taste of Hilary’s hot juices and the redhead pressed her hand between her legs to touch herself.

Groaning into Hilary’s pussy, the teen began fingering her own snatch. She was almost delirious with pleasure and everything was making her feel good. Part of Lindsay felt like she had to be dreaming all of this. It was too wild and it was too amazing to actually be happening.

But if she was dreaming then Lindsay never wanted to wake up. She wanted to stay here and lick Hilary and then have Hilary lick her and then do another girl and another and another until she just passed out from it all.

With one hand rubbing frantically between her own legs, Lindsay worked her tongue faster over Hilary’s cunt. The more she tasted, the more she wanted.

Hilary kept moaning the filthiest words she had ever heard and they turned Lindsay on so much. She started licking even faster, feeling like she could really do this. She could make a girls feel as good as Angelina had made her feel.

She couldn’t believe she had resisted this amazing sex. Lindsay moved her eyes up to stare at Hilary while she licked her, loving how she looked all naked and wet for her. Her lover had gotten so wet and turned on for her and that made Lindsay feel awesome.

Lindsay had always thought deep down that Hilary was a stuck up bitch, but now she looked totally beautiful and sexy to her. Hilary had such pretty, perky tits and they were bouncing for her. God, she loved looking at them do that. Lindsay moaned again into Hilary’s pussy, her arousal kicking up harder just from watching Hilary’s boobs bounce.

“Ohhhhhhhh gawwwwwd more please please please please more!” Hilary frantically cried. “I love what you’re doing Lindsay! You’re fucking me so good! Making me so wet! Fuck me just like Britney does! Make me come like a nasty whore like Christina does! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!”

Thinking of Hilary doing this with girls like Britney and Christina was another turn on to Lindsay and her tongue fucked the blonde harder. She was really starting to get into it and Lindsay could feel like she was getting close to making Hilary come. Her pussy was so tight and so wet and Lindsay loved it.

She loved Hilary’s taste and the feel of her soft sex folds against her face. There wasn’t anything about this that didn’t feel incredible. Lindsay didn’t think she was going to be able to go a day without tongue fucking this pussy from here on out.

“Play with your tits,” Lindsay mumbled, her mouth full of pussy but her message clear to her fellow horny teen. “I wanna see you play with your beautiful tits for me Hilary! Show me how much this is turning you on!”

“Ok…anything…just don’t stop!” Hilary moaned.

Her hands eagerly moved up to her own chest and began rubbing her bouncing boobs. Hilary’s body was unconsciously bucking against Lindsay’s face and it was making her firm, young chest shake. Hilary played with her own tits, massaging them and cooing when she rubbed her swollen nipples.

She couldn’t believe her fantasy had come true like this. She had wanted to show Lindsay so bad how hot she could be and that she wasn’t a mommy’s girl anymore. She was a wicked slut now and she wanted Lindsay to see that.

When the redhead had run off, Hilary had thought it was never going to happen, but so much had changed so quickly and now she felt pleasure all throughout her body.

Lindsay’s tongue felt so good. She wasn’t experienced like Christina or Shakira or any of the other girls she’d been with…but this felt naughtier to Hilary and it was making her want it so bad.

“Please make me come Lindsay!” Hilary begged. “Make my dirty, slutty pussy come so fucking hard! I wanted you to fuck me so bad when I called you yesterday! Ooooooh I fucked myself with my fingers after I talked to you yesterday thinking of you doing me like the bad little whore I am!!! Ohhhhhhhh my parents thought I was sick cause I wasn’t coming out of my room but I was feeling soooooooo fucking goooooood…mmmmmmm just like nowwwwwww!”

“Ohhhhhh fuck you’re turning me on so much Hilary!” Lindsay admitted, pausing in her licking. “I never thought it could be this good! I’m getting so wet and squishy in my pussy for you Hilary. I want you to fuck me too! Come for me! Make me all sticky with your cum! We totally have to do this again! Like every fucking day! Gawwwwwwd…I…I…just…”

Lindsay didn’t know what to say next. She was feeling so much intense emotion all at once and finally she just gave up trying to put what she was feeling into words and got back to licking.

She tongue fucked Hilary’s pussy and it didn’t take her long for her to get at the blonde teen’s clit. Lindsay had made herself come enough times to know what got a woman off and she went right for it, sucking and licking Hilary’s clit until they both got what they were looking for.

“MMMMMMMMMMMM OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSS!!!” Hilary exclaimed to the heavens when her body tensed up.

Hilary lifted herself up off her back and arched forward, like a spring about to snap back and when she finally released it was a violent snap of orgasm. Her body lurched and she hollered her pleasure, fucking her orgasming pussy against Lindsay’s beautiful, young face.


Lindsay loved watching Hilary come for her, shaking and bouncing everywhere, but she loved her taste more. It was hot, rich sex cream for her tongue and her taste buds immediately craved more.

God, did I look like that when I came? Did I taste this good? Lindsay wondered all this as she continued licking Hilary. Now she felt just like Angelina must have when she was having her orgasm. Lindsay felt so powerful and sexy licking up Hilary’s cum.

Hilary’s cries continued and so did Lindsay’s tongue. The redhead didn’t stop licking until Hilary stopped coming. Only when Hilary fell back onto the floor dreamily still and smiling did Lindsay pull her tongue out. Hilary giggled when she saw her former rival’s cum coated face and had an immediate request.

“Kiss me Lindsay…please…” Hilary asked and Lindsay moved right up to the blonde’s lips.

The two teens blissfully made out and Hilary’s hands once again began playing with Lindsay’s bare body. Even with the goosebumps from her orgasm still all over her body, Hilary’s energy was quickly returning and her hands rubbed Lindsay’s flat stomach before moving up to her jutting breasts, much to the redhead’s delight.

“Mmmmmmm play with my tits Hilary,” Lindsay mewed. “Squeeze my big tits! I love your hands feel on them! Ughhhhhh so girly and soft! Soooooo much better than a guy’s!”

“Everything we do is better than guys,” Hilary giggled, before turning serious for a second. “We shouldn’t have been fighting over one…I…I’m sorry…I…”

“Shhhhhhh it doesn’t matter,” Lindsay smiled. “Just don’t stop what you’re doing. I love you touching my tits.”

“I can do more than that,” Hilary promised.

She pulled Lindsay up with her and they were sitting face to face as Hilary leaned down and began sucking on the redhead teen’s breasts. Lindsay’s body stiffened and she moaned in delight from Hilary’s tongue licking at her flesh and teasing her swollen nipples.

“Oooooooooohhhhhhh Hilaryyyyyyyyyyy…” Lindsay cooed. “Soooooooo goooooood. Mmmmmm lick them and suck on them! I love it! Suck on my boobs baby! Get those big things in your mouth! Ohhhhhh get my tits nice and wet just like my pussy is!”

“You have such beautiful boobs Lindsay,” Hilary moaned. “I can’t get enough of them.”

“I love them too,” Lindsay admitted with a smile and a blush. “I love showing them off and making people want me! Ughhhhhh I love teasing people with my big tits and making them want me when they can’t have me. But I’m not teasing you baby. I really want you! Keep kissing and licking my tits! You’re getting my pussy even wetter!”

Hilary smiled again and pressed her face into Lindsay’s cleavage, letting saliva drip out of her mouth and run down between the two beautiful teen mounds she grasped in her hands.

She cupped her Lindsay’s breasts lovingly, massaging them gently as she licked the curves and began to focus on her nipples. Hilary pushed Lindsay’s left tit into her mouth and sucked hungrily on the nipple as her other hand fell to between the redhead’s legs and started rubbing her wetness.

“Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwd!” Lindsay groaned in wanton desire when Hilary’s hand pressed to her pussy. “Go inside me Hilary! Fuck me with your fingers! Please! Get them in me! I wanna feel you fuck me!”

Hilary did as asked, pressing two fingers into Lindsay’s tight pussy as she continued going back and forth between her lover’s hard nipples. Lindsay’s body shuddered with ecstasy when Hilary penetrated her and she immediately began grinding herself wantonly against the blonde, forcing her fingers in deeper.

“Oooooooh you’re so tight,” Hilary giggled in nervous arousal, giddy over her fantasy come true. “Mmmmmm so wet and hot too! You’ve got such a great pussy Lindsay.”

“Thanks,” Lindsay said reflexively. She had never heard that compliment before, but it just sounded so good coming in a giggly, feminine voice. “Yours was great too. You’ve got an awesome pussy Hil!”

Hilary thanked her new lover by kissing her passionately. The two young girls pressed their tongues together, Hilary delighting in being able to taste herself and Lindsay loving the feel of any hot, feminine lips against hers.

While they kissed, Hilary began fingering Lindsay harder and that made her tits jiggle against hers. Both girls moaned at the sensations of their bare breasts rubbing together lewdly, their sensitive nipples almost kissing just like their lips were.

When their kiss broke, Lindsay’s moans continued. She loved how Hilary’s fingers felt. They weren’t as sexy as Angelina’s had been, but Hilary’s wholesomeness was the turn on for her here.

You expected Angelina to be able to finger fuck you. You didn’t expect that from Hilary Duff and Lindsay was soon dripping her hot juices onto her lover’s fingers. And just when Lindsay began to feel that she was going to come from the teen’s touch, Hilary whispered in her ear.

“Can I go down on you?” Hilary asked softly. “Please say I can eat your pussy Lindsay.”

“Oh God yes! You don’t have to ask!” Lindsay groaned. “Just do it Hilary! Fuck me with your tongue!”

Hilary had fantasized about hearing just those words and it was so hot to hear them that she almost forgot to follow them up with actual action. However she quickly snapped back to reality and kissed Lindsay again.

She pressed herself onto the older teen and Lindsay responded by lying down on her back. Hilary helped herself to another long grasp of Lindsay’s tits before kissing down her ticklish tummy.

When she got to Lindsay’s pierced belly button, Hilary ran her tongue over it and then began sucking on it, making Lindsay moan. But Hilary wouldn’t allow herself to be distracted for long and after a few hot moments, she moved away from the piercing and went right for Lindsay’s pussy.

Lindsay’s pussy was so wet and Hilary breathed deeply, taking in her aroused scent. Mmmmm way better than incense, Hilary thought to herself. This was a scent she was never going to grow tired of. But she didn’t just want to smell her. She wanted to taste her friend as well.

She had hungered for this pussy and seeing it spread out for her, Lindsay’s neat red bush soaked with desire, was one of the most awesome things Hilary had ever seen.

“Lick it!” Lindsay writhed naked on the floor. “I want you to fuck me! Please Hilary! Eat my pussy! I’m goddamn close to coming already but I wanna feel you lick me!”

Brushing her hair out of her face again, Hilary pressed her lips to Lindsay’s and kissed the wet slit of her cunt. Lindsay moaned and Hilary opened her legs even further. The redhead let Hilary push her legs wide and then the pleasure really started as Hilary pushed her tongue past her labia and into the soaked pinkness beyond it.

“Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd!!!” Lindsay cried, her body tingling from head to toe. How could she ever have not wanted to try this?

Lindsay’s cries were soon spilling from her mouth as Hilary tongued her pussy into dripping submission to her tongue. And she wasn’t alone. Everyone in the room, even those who had just come, seemed to be working themselves to the fever pitches.

Through it all Alyssa had watched, purposely making herself the forgotten woman. She had been left quite breathless by Reese and Jessica and she hadn’t wanted to expel all her sexual energy quite so early. Let everyone else fuck themselves out right away. She was in this for the long haul.

But conserving her energy didn’t necessarily mean chastity and Alyssa was having some fun all by herself, running a hot pink vibrator over her naked body as she lay down on the stage. Anyone who would have cared to look would have gotten a free masturbation show, but everyone was too wrapped up in their fun to watch Alyssa watching them.

So Alyssa remained peacefully undisturbed and flat on her back, running the vibrating toy over her tits and down her tummy toward her thighs. She didn’t penetrate herself. She just kept herself in heat while she helped herself to quite an eyeful.

As Natalie, Mena and Shannon had learned, there was nothing you couldn’t see from the stage area and Alyssa took in all the action. The buzzing of the vibrator tickled her ears and her eyes drank in all the action before her. There were so many hot visions filling the room, but Alyssa’s focused on a few in particular.

Alyssa loved watching Britney riding Felecia’s strap on cock like she was a mechanical bull expert. The blonde girl was bouncing up and down, her hair being tossed asunder and her tits jiggling wildly as she moaned and cried in ecstasy from the toy she was driving deeper into her cunt with every bounce.

Alyssa craned her neck to see the porn star’s hands slapped tightly to Britney’s ass, giving her the occasional spanking as Britney road her reverse cowgirl style.

She had never taken Britney with a strap on before. That had always been Rose’s weapon of choice, but Alyssa had one of her own back home and she was already thinking about putting it to good use on her pop slut of a housemate the next time she had the chance. But just as she was settling into watching Britney riding that toy to orgasm, things got even hotter.

Mya had been sitting to the side and now she crawled into the fun, kissing the bouncing Britney and caressing her tits. Mya began whispering in Britney’s ear and whatever she said was met with a smile and a vigorous head nod. Then Alyssa could only watch in arousal as Mya lay back and grasped Britney by the head, guiding the very willing blonde down to her own spread pussy.

Britney immediately began licking, tasting Mya with a wide smile that Alyssa could see all the way up on stage. This caused Felecia and Britney to have to change positions and, without ever removing the strap on from inside Britney, Felecia got herself up on her knees and began fucking the pop star far from behind while she ate Mya out.

That scene was quite a treat to Alyssa’s eyes, as was watching Anna and Shakira take on her delightfully slutty maid. Alyssa fondly recalled the many times she had been greeted in the morning with a ready to fuck Michelle caressing her body and she knew those two beauties had to be having themselves quite a time with her.

Anna was lying on her back, her legs slung over Michelle’s back as the maid feasted on her wetness. Anna had been helping herself along by fingering her own pussy, but now the sometime tennis player and full time sex symbol was letting Michelle go at it without extra help and was sucking her own fingers clean of the juices that had coated them.

Judging from the way she was licking them, Anna was fond of her own taste. Of course Alyssa had the feeling that Anna was fond of a lot of herself. Not that she didn’t want a taste of the blonde sexpot herself. Alyssa had heard some hot stories about what had happened when Anna had stopped by the mansion to visit Love and Alyssa felt a twinge of jealousy that Michelle was the one eating her, no doubt, delicious pussy.

Shakira had been behind Michelle, tonguing her pussy when Anna said something, causing all three girls to pause. Whatever she said had been enough to change the dynamics, but Alyssa had been unable to hear it over the moans and orgasmic screaming in the room.

Alyssa then watched as Shakira got off her knees and happily sat herself right down on Anna’s face, pressing her naked pussy to the girl’s waiting lips. Judging from Shakira’s aroused cries, Anna must have gotten right to work and was apparently doing a good job of eating her out.

It looked like the stories were true and Anna could do more than look good in a short tennis skirt, Alyssa thought to herself with a smile.

Of course there was one scene that grabbed Alyssa’s attention in particular and it was the one that really had her vibrator buzzing. Everything in the room was hot, but Alyssa just couldn’t take her eyes off of what Ashley and Salma were doing to Katie for too long without looking back for a long stare.

They just looked so amazing together, with Katie as the young plaything of the two older women. It had Alyssa licking one set of lips and rubbing another as Salma and Ashley had stripped off all their clothes to leave their bodies as bare as Katie’s.

They had started out sandwiching the young brunette between them, rubbing her and stimulating her as a team. Then Katie had begun sucking on Salma’s tits and Ashley had gone down on Katie from behind. From her knees Ashley had been in the perfect position to tongue Katie’s wet slit, while still letting her pleasure her friend. But Ashley hadn’t been able to stay at Katie’s pussy long. Not with her exquisite ass so close to her tongue.

While she whimpered in pleasure from the vibrator shaking against her breasts, Alyssa had let her eyes lock on Ashley bending Katie over ever so slightly to expose her asshole. Alyssa had moaned dreamily watching spit drip from Ashley’s mouth to Katie’s puckered hole and soon louder moans were coming from Katie herself.

Seeing what was happening, Salma had obviously known that the real fun was starting so she had sunk down to the floor and taken Katie with her.

Now Alyssa watched intently as Salma lay back against the wall and spread her legs for Katie, pushing the girl’s mouth down to her pussy. Katie hadn’t resisted and had begun licking away at Salma’s cunt at the first chance she’d gotten. Katie was bent over on her knees, still giving Ashley the chance to rim her tight asshole while she was able to eat Salma out.

There was nothing about this threesome that wasn’t turning Alyssa on. She had known Katie for years and had always found her a little too reserved to try any kind of seduction on. Now she could see how wrong she was and that increased the already strong lust she felt for her former WB cohort.

Witnessing how much Katie seemed to love licking Salma had Alyssa aching to feel that tongue too. She had obviously done this before and Salma was moaning from her work in no time.

Watching Salma and Ashley also didn’t do anything to quell Alyssa’s desires. They both looked absolutely stunning with their elegant, yet carnal beauty. Salma had amazing curves capped off by her mouthwatering tits, which the Mexican beauty was massaging as Katie went down on her. And Ashley had an amazing, almost feline beauty that was accented as she bent her naked body over to pleasure Katie’s ass.

The more Alyssa watched, the more she thought that conserving her energy might not have been the best plan. After all she was young and virile. She didn’t have to save anything, did she? She was sure she could score a Red Bull around here if she really needed one.

Why was she sitting around and gawking when she could be treating her tongue to delectable treats of feminine essence? Alyssa had no answer to that so she simply hopped off the stage, vibrator in hand, and covered the distance between her and the eye-catching threesome.

When she got there, she didn’t bother to announce her arrival with words. Instead, she got herself flat on her back behind Ashley, reached up to grip her bare ass cheeks and pulled her pussy down right onto her waiting lips.

“Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa what the hell?” Ashley moaned in surprise.

She wasn’t angry at this sudden move. The tongue inside her was too good for her to be mad. She was just curious about who had taken this liberty with her exposed body.

Ashley pulled herself away from Katie’s ass and craned her head to see who it was pleasuring her. When she did, she saw Alyssa smiling up at her, her lips already coated in a light pussy juice glaze.

“Don’t you girls ever ask for permission around here?” Ashley playfully asked, her voice dripping like honey. “Do people forget their manners north of the Mason Dixon line?”

“Hey I’m from Brooklyn,” Alyssa shot back with a grin. “Just going out and doing things is how we ask for permission. Besides, I thought a pussy as beautiful as yours shouldn’t be unattended. But I can stop if you really want me to…”

“I didn’t say stop,” Ashley interjected. “I was just saying you were a little forward. You have to make that up to me.”

“Oh do I?” Alyssa giggled. “And how can I make up for this grievous insult I have committed?”

“Mmmm well there’s nothing that can’t be made better with a few orgasms, so get that tongue to work honey and we’ll see if you’re forgiven,” Ashley grinned, lowering her pussy back against Alyssa’s mouth before the native New Yorker could get the last word.

Alyssa got her tongue right back to work, sliding it over Ashley’s slit to collect the juices that had pooled during their little banter. As her hot juices dripped down to her stomach, Alyssa licked up more of Ashley, getting hooked right away on her Southern bred flavor. Alyssa’s tongue didn’t take long to get Ashley moaning and she responded by returning to Katie’s needy body.

“Ahhhhhhhh yesssssss don’t stop again!” Katie purred, pulling her face up from Salma. “Mmmmmmm tongue my ass! Ughhhhh lick it like that Ashley! Fuck! I love having my ass licked!”

Until Love had taken her that day in the motel room and shown her how good another woman could be, Katie had been an anal virgin. Love had used her finger on her in the shower, piercing her previously untouched hole and then, when they had both ended up in bed with Rose and Ashley, all three girls had used their tongues on her there, much to Katie’s delight.

Each time it had happened Katie had wanted it more. But since then, she hadn’t felt that pleasure again. She hadn’t wanted to ask Chris to do it. It felt kind of weird with him and she didn’t want to have to answer any questions about what had gotten her to change her mind about an area that had previously been off limits.

Katie wanted to save this for other women. Only they knew how to do it right and Ashley was proving her right on that again.

“Naughty thing…loving that tongue in your ass,” Salma purred, running her fingers through Katie’s hair. “Ashley always licks my ass sooooo good. Now you know too how hot that tongue is. But you can’t stop either Katie. You can’t get me all wet and then stop. It’s not nice.”

“I’ll be nice,” Katie promised with a juicy smile. “I won’t stop licking you again Salma.”

“Damn right you won’t,” Salma said, pushing Katie back to her sopping sex. “Never start a fire if you don’t intend to put it out Katie.”

Katie intended to put the fire in Salma’s pussy out and then some. She spread Salma’s slit with her fingers, gathered up her saliva and let it fall from her mouth.

She didn’t spit into Salma. Instead Katie drooled right into the sizzling snatch, making Salma moan her delight. Katie then plunged her tongue back to where it had been happily playing before, licking the soft flavorful, folds spread open before her.

“Yesssssssssss that’s a nice girl…verrrrrrrrrrry nice girl,” Salma groaned, her fingers still playing with Katie’s hair as she resumed feasting on her cunt.

Salma’s free hand resumed playing with her breasts, squeezing the fleshy mounds and moaning from both her touch and Katie’s tongue. Ashley had filled her head with erotic promises about what was going to happen here and so far things had exceeded her expectations.

But Salma wasn’t the only one moaning. All four girls were vocalizing their pleasure with sex cries. As Katie licked Salma’s pussy, Ashley was doing the same to Katie’s ass, stimulating her tight, tender hole with her skillful tongue. Meanwhile Ashley’s pussy was being greedily dined upon by Alyssa, who was using her vibrator on herself again.

Alyssa lay flat on her back and tongue fucked Ashley while the teased her own slit with the buzzing toy. She didn’t run it too fast because she wanted to concentrate on Ashley. Instead she kept it on a low setting to keep her pussy juicy and ready for her inevitable turn. She didn’t mind waiting. Ashley’s delicious cunt was worth it.

A few bodies over from this naked foursome of girlflesh, another lust connection was progressing along nicely. Michelle Branch lay on her back, her face the picture of angelic ecstasy as pleasure coursed through her naked body. Jessica Alba was between the singer’s legs, lovingly licking her wetness and making her quiver with every lap of her talented tongue.

They had never been together before and Michelle was so lost in lust from Jessica’s efforts that she regretted all the missed opportunities there had been. She and Jessica had been together at the mansion a few times, most recently at the little party that turned into Hilary’s group deflowering, but circumstances had never paired them up together in a one on one situation. Now that had changed and Michelle couldn’t have been happier.

Everything Jessica was doing to her felt good. Michelle just couldn’t figure out why Avril was holding some kind of grudge against her. God, she would have loved to have been in Avril’s shoes that night, bent over against the bed and taking Jessica’s strap on in her ass.

That would have been heaven for Michelle, not something to look for payback because of. But then again Avril was a strange girl. The more time Michelle spent with her, the more she saw that. How could anyone not be completely into Jessica?

“Mmmmmmmmmmm oooooooooh Jessica…God, your tongue is so gooooooood!” Michelle groaned as she had her horniness attended to with passion and tenderness from her lover. “Wow, you can eat pussy baby! You’re making it all feel so good!”

Jessica responded to Michelle’s praise by licking her faster, making the singer squeal and pant. She loved the taste and tightness of Michelle’s pussy against her tongue and Jessica really wanted to enjoy herself here.

She had seen Jennifer re-enter the festivities and knowing that she wasn’t upstairs sulking or, worse, crying, lifted the guilt that had been hanging over Jessica’s head. She had never meant to hurt Jennifer. She just wanted them both to have fun here and knowing her friend was back and joining in made Jessica feel even more at ease with the party.

Jessica had always liked Michelle, both musically and physically, and had certainly been checking her out that night at the mansion they had all taken a turn with Hilary. So when she had seen a chance here to play with her here she had grabbed it with gusto.

At first Jessica had spent her time nursing on Michelle’s tender breasts but it hadn’t been long until she had had gotten herself between the singer’s legs. Her pussy was so smooth and wet and it had felt wonderful under her tongue. Jessica had started her off with long tongue strokes up her slit before she had begun to burrow inside, lapping at her folds and nipping at her swollen clit with her tongue.

Michelle had no idea that Jessica would be this good. God, everyone at the mansion must be lining up to get into Jessica’s room each night, Michelle thought to herself, her smile widening. There wasn’t anything about her that she wasn’t in awe of.

With lustful admiration, Michelle looked down at Jessica’s nude, tanned body positioned between her legs and decided she was looking at perfection in human form.

Everything about Jessica was gorgeous, from her mouth to her eyes to the more commonly lusted after girl parts. Michelle especially loved Jessica’s lips, and not just because of what they were doing to her now.

Kissing Jessica had been incredible. Michelle had always loved lots of kissing and touching before things really got slutty and Jessica had been a great kisser. Just thinking about it got Michelle’s lips lonely for attention and, despite the fact that Jessica’s tongue was getting her close to orgasm, Michelle just had to stop her.

“Huh?” Jessica asked when Michelle’s hands suddenly reached down and gently pushed her away from her pussy. She looked up as the singer quizzically. Had she done something wrong? But Michelle’s next words instantly assured her she hadn’t.

“Kiss me,” Michelle requested. “I need to feel your lips. I wanna taste myself all over you.”

Jessica was happy to comply. She never needed an excuse to kiss a girl. Jessica lay her nude body atop Michelle’s, pressing their flushed, aroused flesh together, and kissed her on the lips.

It was a slow mashing of their lips at first and it gained more strength and heat when Michelle’s tongue began licking Jessica’s lips clean of her essence. They pushed their tongues together, exploring each other’s mouths and freely swapping saliva.

“I love kissing you,” Michelle admitted with a giggle when they broke for some air. “You’re so fucking sexy Jessica. How do you not spend all day in front of the mirror fucking yourself? That’s what I’d be doing if I looked like you.”

“My wrist cramps up if I do that too often,” Jessica joked, even her laugh sounding perfect to Michelle’s ears. “Besides, you look pretty fucking sexy yourself Michelle.”

“Not like you though. Your body it’s just…perfect!” Michelle replied, brushing off the compliment.

Michelle didn’t think she looked bad or anything. She just didn’t consider herself to be on that upper echelon of sexiness the way people like Jessica were.

“Hardly,” Jessica snorted. “Believe me. I’m far from perfect. But thanks anyway. And don’t be down on yourself sweetie. I think you’ve got an incredible body Michelle. Mmmmmm I nearly ruined my copy of the Maxim you were in.”

“Really?” Michelle asked, happy to accept praise like that from Jessica.

“Mmmhmmm, I don’t just run to any girl you know,” Jessica said, running her hands over Michelle’s bare body as their lips grew tantalizingly close together again. “I think you’re really sexy Michelle. That’s why I wanted to play with you. You’ve got such a soft, sweet face and mmmmmm your tits are just so perky and you’ve got such great, pink nipples. Oh and your pussy, it’s so pretty. I love licking it. So tight and smooth.”

“Mmmmmm now you’re just trying to butter me up so I’ll let you go down on me again,” Michelle grinned.

“Is it working?” Jessica laughed. “I do mean it though. I love that little pussy of yours Michelle. And you did stop me from getting you off. I think you need to let me continue.”

“Is that so?” Michelle played along.

“Yeah that’s so,” Jessica replied, beginning her journey back down Michelle’s body, kissing her flesh along the way, leaving goosebumps and saliva in her wake before getting to her pussy. As soon as she was there, Jessica got right back to work, licking away at the tight pinkness and loving it.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss…” Michelle hissed her body arching off the floor from the contact against her cunt. She moved back down onto her bare ass and began lifting and falling in a steady motion with the licking Jessica was giving her. “Make me come Jessica! Ooooh you got my pussy so wet with all those nice things you said about it and now you need to show it you really love it. Lick it good and make me come!”

Michelle’s happy sighs returned louder than ever as Jessica began paying more and more attention to her clit with every lick and the singer knew it wasn’t going to be long before she was giving Jessica the orgasm she had been building inside her since they shared their first kiss.

By contrast, Avril’s encounter with Mena was not going as well.

“You want this?” Avril demanded, slapping Mena’s spread pussy with the hard strap on she wore around her slim waist. “You want this fucking dick inside your cunt? You fucking want it bad, don’t you Mena?”

“Fuck yes! Give it to me!” Mena grunted. “Slam that cock inside me! I want it hard and deep in my pussy! Fuck me like a little whore!”

“Yeah you’re the fucking whore! Not me!” Avril snarled before shoving the toy right into Mena. “You’re gonna get fucking like the nasty bitch you are!”

“Ow! Not so hard!” Mena yelped when Avril penetrated her roughly, pushing too much of the toy in too fast.

“Shut up! You said you wanted it hard!” Avril snapped back, lost in her own power trip.

“Yeah but ooooooooooh damnnnnn…there’s hard and there’s too hard!” Mena groaned, half in pleasure over being penetrated and half in frustration at Avril’s obvious inexperience with a toy of this size. “You were going too hard! You’re gonna hurt me if you don’t slow down!”

“Pussy,” Avril muttered and not in the good way. But she did take Mena’s advice and slowed down her thrusts to a more manageable pace.

She was having trouble getting into a smooth motion with her new toy. Breaking it in was a little harder than she had expected it was going to be. But she didn’t even want to be doing this with Mena anyway, who was she to criticize? She really only wanted Jessica to be on the receiving end of her sex toy.

Mena could clearly see that Avril had little or no idea at all about how to handle wearing a strap on. Mena knew from her own experience that it was hard for women to adjust to. After all it wasn’t like they had been walking around with cocks their whole life for them to use. Hell, most men she knew were born with the right equipment but didn’t know how to use it.

Mena had been with girls like Alyson who knew just how to fuck with toys and she knew that it took practice to get good. Avril was suffering from a lack of that practice and it showed.

“That’s better, get a good pace going,” Mena advised. “Fuck me like you want to be fucked!”

Avril responded with a hard, but steady thrust into Mena that made her tits jiggle and her mouth open in a moan. Seeing that Mena liked it, Avril did it again and again, increasing the pleasure on the naked actress.

Despite her obvious inexperience, Mena did like some of what Avril was doing to her. She loved getting fucked and Avril was a hot little thing with her tits thrusting out with every push she made into her pussy and the fierce wannabe punk look on her face.

“Take it bitch!” Avril snarled. “Take this right up your fucking cunt! I’m not your fucking bitch! You’re MY bitch! MY bitch!”

“Yesssssss I’m your bitch! Fuck me Avril!” Mena urged, playing along even though she didn’t quite know what was going on in the singer’s mind.

Avril seemed mad at her, but she hadn’t done anything to her so that left Mena confused. Oh well, girls were a little crazy sometimes. All Mena wanted was the pleasure this toy promised her. Someone like Aly would have been 100 times better, but Mena thought that Avril would be able to get her off.

“Yeah! Fucking scream it out! You’re my bitch!” Avril repeated. “You love this big, hard cock shoved up you, don’t you? You love being fucked like a stupid whore!”

“Ughhhhhhhh yessssssss…fuck me like a whore!” Mena groaned, her pleasure growing over her submission to Avril’s nasty words. “Drive that dick into me! I love feeling it fill my little cunt! Treat me like a goddamn slut! Make me fucking come all over that cock!”

“I’m not gonna fucking say I’m sorry ever again!” Avril groaned her tits bouncing and her nipples hard like diamonds as she thrust harder into Mena. “You’re gonna fucking pay for making me beg!”

“Owwwwwwwww too hard again!” Mena winced. “Slow down Avril! I’m not a fucking sex doll!”

She had no idea what Avril was talking about with the whole “sorry” stuff, and she didn’t ask. She was starting to get annoyed at the girl’s inexperience.

“Shut the fuck up! You’re my bitch!” Avril snapped. “I fucking tell you when to speak! Shut up and take my cock inside you!”

If Alyson had been telling her this, Mena probably would have come by now. She loved when her redheaded friend talked nasty to her and dominated her like the needy, little whore she was. But Avril was no Aly and it showed.

“Slow down your thrusts!” Mena ordered. “Goddamn it! I’m not joking!”

“I tell you what to do!” Avril grumbled. “You can’t order me around! I’ve got the fucking dick now! Not you Jessica!”

“What? What the fuck are you talking about? I’m not Jessica!” Mena said. “You know, this isn’t working. I’m out of here!”

Mena then did the one thing she thought she would never do, pass up hard sex from another woman. She pulled herself off of Avril’s strap on and got up off the floor.

“Where the fuck are you going?” Avril pouted. “Get your pussy back down here! I’m not done fucking you!”

“Look, whatever thing you’ve got going on in that head of yours, get it the fuck straightened out and learn how to use that thing!” Mena said.

“Fine! Fuck you! You’re not even that hot anyway!” Avril snapped.

“Whatever bitch…” Mena grumbled before storming away looking for something that would cheer her up in a heartbeat.

She was sure Shannon had something hot going on and when she looked over to see her friend and Jewel using their tongues together on Emma’s wanton holes, she saw she was right. Now that was just what she needed to get herself back in a good mood after the Avril disaster and she made her way toward their pile.

For her part, Avril was still smarting from being rejected.

“Who the fuck does she think she is?” Avril muttered as everyone else fucked around her. “I didn’t even want her in the first place. She just can’t handle someone as hot as me!”

Avril quickly made herself feel better as she eyed Jessica and Michelle. Jessica thought she was so goddamn hot. Well Avril was ready to show her a thing or two and she was going to grab her as soon as she had the chance.

Meanwhile, another toy filled encounter was going over much better than Avril and Mena’s had. Amber Benson was bent over and her audience of Amy Acker and Jessica Biel were marveling at what they were able to do to her.

“C’mon! Fuck me harder! Slam those toys into me!” Amber groaned in horny need as exposed and splayed ass and pussy were both filled with hard plastic.

Amy and Jessica couldn’t believe that Amber was letting them do this to her, but they didn’t disobey her aroused commands. The two toys that Amber and Amy had been sharing before were now buried in Amber, one in her pussy and one in her ass.

Jessica had control of the toy lodged inside Amber’s pussy and Amy had the one pushed deep in Amber’s accommodating ass. Amy’s first thought when she had seen this was that Amber had obviously taken it up the ass before, but that was followed quickly by her thought of how amazing her friend looked.

Amber had always been wilder than the characters she played, but this was nothing Amy had ever expected to see from her. It was hard for her not to drool as she and Jessica filled Amber with hard plastic and Amy knew Jessica felt the same way. They were both getting off from getting Amber off.

Amber had taken control of the situation pretty quickly, teaching the two inexperienced girls about the wonders of girl on girl toy play. This was something she was very well educated in and she was happy to show Jessica and Amy a few tricks, provided she was allowed to also serve as model. Now she was in her favorite position, on all fours and getting fucked.

She had let Emma fill her holes with toys on more than a few occasions and her lover had always been happy to use a toy and tongue combination on her pussy and ass, but there was nothing quite as good as having two girls servicing you.

One girl shoving a toy up your ass while the other filled your cunt was truly one of the great sexual experiences and Amber’s whole body felt alive and aroused from what her friends were doing to her.

“Harder! Fuck me harder!” Amber grunted. “Fucking fill me with those toys! Ughhhhh gonna teach you two how to fucking take it deep!”

“Yesssssss teach us!” Jessica immediately agreed, her naked body bubbling with arousal. “Teach us how to take it like a nasty fucking lesbian slut! Show us how to be hot little whores like you!”

Jessica had felt so out of control with her desires when she’d first been with Alyssa and then when she’d shared her with Reese here at the party, but now she was feeling more dominant.

Amber had all the experience, but it was like she was at their mercy now and Jessica loved it. She loved seeing those two toys lewdly stretch and fill Amber’s holes while she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees, begging them to fuck her harder.

Amy was too turned on to say much. All she could manage were long, needy moans of lust. She had one of her hands wrapped around the fake cock in Amber’s ass and the other pressed between her own legs, fingering her tight, dripping pussy in earnest while she fucked Amber.

The nastier Amber got for them, the harder Amy fingered herself and she soon had her fingers coated in hot, sticky girl cum while she moved closer to orgasm.

“Fuck my ass! Fucking fill it up with that cock!” Amber groaned, her face pressed to the hard floor as she bent down and her tits swaying like soft, pink pendulums. “Spit on it Amy! Get that toy nice and wet to get it deep in my slutty asshole!”

Amy shivered in arousal over the hot command and did what she was told. She’d never fucked anyone in the ass before and now her own body was craving the sensation.

She wanted to feel what Amber felt. She wanted her own asshole filled up and made loose and slutty with a hard, hot toy. Amy had never craved sex this much in her life. It was like she was reverting to some kind of primal sexual state and she loved it.

“Yesssss I’ll fuck you so deep and good if you’ll do it back to me!” Amy offered before pulling the toy out of Amber enough so that she could let saliva drip from her mouth in a long stream of drool to coat the plastic.

Amy rubbed her saliva all over the shaft and when she got an answer from Amber she shoved the slick toy right back into her ass.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Goddamn right I’ll fuck your ass Amy!” Amber promised, her voice thick and passionate. “I’m gonna make you and Jessica fucking sluts for toys like I am! I love getting myself fucked like this and you’re gonna love it too!”

“I already love it!” Jessica moaned as she penetrated Amber’s pussy harder with the sex toy she wielded. She had used plenty of dildos on herself over the years so she knew the feel of them in her hand, but she had certainly never done this to anyone else.

It was such a huge rush to fuck Amber like this, to be gripping onto the toy and thrusting it inside her, feeling the heat and the wetness pulsing from her cunt. Jessica felt so powerful. She had seen a few girls using strap ons on each other and she was already wondering what that felt like. To have a cock hanging from you, ready to fuck any girl you came across. It must have been incredible.

Jessica wanted it all. She wanted to get fucked again, just like Alyssa had done to her. And she also wanted to fuck all these sluts with toys. Jessica felt like she was a completely different person than the one who had run into Alyssa yesterday and that sense filled her naked body with adrenaline that left her heart pounding in her chest.

While she fucked Amber and made her cry and shake on the floor, Jessica kept a hand playing with her own tits. Jessica pawed at her chest, pinching her own nipples and getting them wet with saliva that she spit onto her own hand. It all felt so nasty and good and her pussy seemed ready to soak the floor right underneath her.

She loved hearing Amber grunt and cry in ecstasy and seeing her beautiful, soft tits sway and shake just made Jessica wetter. Finally she couldn’t take it anymore and she released the dildo from her hand, leaving it crammed inside Amber.

“Eat me out!” Jessica said in a voice that made clear that she was not asking. She was telling. Jessica swung her long legs over Amber’s bent over body and spread them wide, exposing her dripping pink folds. “I fucking need to come!”

Even though her own peak hadn’t been scaled, Amber couldn’t resist. She didn’t hesitate to dive right into Jessica’s pussy, cramming her face against her sex and going right for her clit with her tongue.


As Jessica babbled and shook in pleasure from the skilled tongue lapping up her wetness and batting against her hard clit, Amy instinctively grabbed the abandoned dildo in Amber’s pussy. It was as if she knew it was up to her alone now to get Amber off.

She had managed to get Charisma off with her virgin to pussy tongue and now she had a new challenge before her. The Texas born beauty wasn’t about to buck under pressure now and she got to work with both her hands, fucking Amber’s pussy and ass simultaneously with the toys.

Amber groaned in appreciation right into Jessica’s snatch, but she didn’t stop licking. She just cried her pleasure into the wet folds smothering her mouth and kept working Jessica over. Jessica’s throbbing clitoris went right between Amber’s lips and she hungrily sucked on it while eyeing the naked actress. It was a total turn on to see Jessica’s eyes closed and her mouth frozen open as her hands worked over her own tits.

Nothing Amber had ever done had been this wild and she reveled in the sluttiness all around her at the party. All this time she had kept her sexuality and her relationship with Emma to herself for fear her co-stars would have thought she was weird. Now she saw that what she had been doing was relatively mild compared to the supposedly straight girls she had known and worked with for years.

The pleasure inside her was growing so powerfully intense and Amber had tears of ecstasy rolling down her eyes as she fed off Jessica’s pussy. She licked and sucked and slurped at the beautiful girl’s aroused sex while Amy gave her the double stimulation she craved.

Amber loved a good double penetration. Emma was always so willing to give it to her and though Amy lacked her friend’s experience, there was still nothing but sweet pleasure from her efforts. Amy was picking up confidence and passion the longer they went at it and Amber’s cries into Jessica’s folds grew louder.

Amy would have loved getting more feedback from Amber, just to know for sure she was doing it right, but it was easy to assume she was making her feel good because of the muffled grunts and shrieks and the way Amber’s body backed up against the toys.

She felt such a hot rush of power fucking Amber, having her begging for more with her backward thrusts. Her pussy was dripping all over the toy, coating it in her girl juice and Amy loved seeing Amber’s ass take that plastic inside, wrapping around it like an old friend.

“Come for me Amber! Come for me like the nasty toy slut you are!” Amy moaned into Amber’s ear. “I want you to fuck me too when you come! You promised you would. I want you to fuck my ass just like I’m fucking yours! Can you see it baby? Can you see how good it’ll look to have my pretty little asshole wrapped around this hard dick?”

Amber moaned deeply into Jessica when she heard that, enthusiastically nodding her head as her cries were smothered with pussy. She couldn’t wait to have a go at Amy’s ass mmmmmmmm and Jessica’s too. Amber loved the sweet honey she was being fed, but she had always been an ass girl and Jessica had such a hot one. Maybe she’d be able to assfuck both these sluts at once. God that would be fucking sweet.

The thought of being able to take on both these girls at once got Amber crying out again. Her whole body was tingling and her orgasm was bubbling up under her skin. Her ass and cunt were so filled and Amber couldn’t take much more of the hot fucking she was getting.

She had Jessica’s pussy spread wide for her and her clit trapped between her lips while Amy gave her the double thrusting that had those wonderful tears running down her face. If this wasn’t heaven, Amber didn’t know what was.

Elisha Cuthbert was pretty close to heaven herself. How could she not be with her body quivering with pleasure from the tongue between herself. She had thought it had been good when Michelle had her fingers inside her, but nothing could compare to sensation of Cameron licking her pussy.

Not even the touch of any man she had been with could come close to what she was feeling now. All the sex she had experienced before and thought was good was being blown away with every sexy lick her friend took.

“Oh God! Camie! Oh my fucking God!” Elisha cried, her body lurching as Cameron ate away at her sex. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh babyyyyy tongue that pussy! Fucking lick it! You’re making this so fucking gooooooooooood!!!”

Elisha’s fingers were tangled in Cameron’s bleached blonde hair, mussing up her pixyish cut to keep her friend between her legs. No man had ever even come close to licking her this well. In fact, Cameron was giving her such incredible head that Elisha was beginning to think she would never let a man touch her again. It was so good that she was ready to go lesbo for life right there and then.

She had given up questioning these new lusts and worrying whether it was right to be doing this to Trace with someone she was such a good friend of. In fact Elisha was really getting off on that now. It was making it even naughtier to be doing this with Cameron.

She wasn’t doing this with some stranger. She was buck naked and surrounded by horny girls while a close friend ate her pussy. It was making Elisha so wet to just lie back and know she was indulging her new attraction by fucking the face of her beautiful friend when they hadn’t even kissed an hour ago.

The situation was having the same effect on Cameron. It was always risky to fuck friends, but it was a huge turn on to turn that trust and friendship into hot, pulsing lust. She had already done this with her “Charlie’s Angels” co-stars and now Elisha was another notch on her bedpost of supposedly straight friends.

Cameron’s pussy was a juicy, dripping mess right now and she wasn’t even touching herself. Just being able to eat Elisha’s tight, pink pussy was the only stimulation she needed to get off.

She was gaga with lust for Elisha’s body. After things had nearly fallen apart between them, Cameron wasn’t going to waste the chance to touch and kiss every inch of her sweet, naked girl flesh.

Cameron had sucked on Elisha’s tits until the girl’s skin was about to prune from her mouth. And then she dragged her tongue down Elisha’s firm, young stomach before licking all around her thighs, tasting the leftover juices Michelle’s hand had rubbed all over from her finger fucking.

But that taste was nothing compared to fresh girl honey right from the source and as soon as Elisha’s whimpers and sighs had turned into ragged, desperate moans, Cameron had gone for the prize.

She had gotten her first real taste of her friend with a long tongue kiss right to her sodden pussy. Elisha had tasted so good, just like Cameron had imagined she would, and her tongue hadn’t been able to resist going for more without a second’s delay.

Soon Cameron had her tongue working like a machine in Elisha’s pussy, licking up her sweet juices and letting them soak her happy taste buds. She hadn’t had to ask whether Elisha liked what was happening to her because she had responded with intense cries and a reflexive thrust against her face.

“That’s it sweetie, fuck my face,” Cameron had instructed her new lover, looking straight up into Elisha’s wide open and lust filled eyes so she could see her sticky lips and tongue. “Jam that wet pussy right against my lips so I can tongue you so good. I know you need this Elisha and I’m gonna give it to you. I’m gonna give it to you so fucking good.”

Cameron had held true to her promise and Elisha had been moaning and crying in absolute bliss ever since. Cameron had licked her sensitive folds like a skilled sculptor, knowing just what to do and for how long.

Most men were so clumsy when it came to oral sex. Elisha knew that a lot of them were trying their best and were enthusiastic about it, but they just couldn’t compare. Cameron was both energetic and awesome at it. Elisha had never felt anything like a woman’s tongue on her pussy before and she didn’t think she’d be able to go on without this pleasure every single day.

“Ohhhhhhhh you’re gonna make me come Camie! Oh my God you’re so good at this!” Elisha cried, her tits jiggling with her every frantic word. “Make me come Camie! Just like you promised! It’s fucking amazing like you said it would be! I wanna come all over your face baby! I wanna see my pussy juices fucking drip from your lips!”

“Mmmmm someone’s getting nasty,” Cameron giggled before giving another hot lick to Elisha’s quivering cunt.

“Oh fuck, you made me nasty Camie!” Elisha groaned. “You and all your hot friends! I love how your tongue feels in my pussy! Fuck me Cameron! Fuck my wet cunt and make me come so I can do it right back to you! I wanna fuck you so bad Camie! I need to fuck every hot girl here!”

“Is that what you want Heesh?” Cameron grinned wickedly, rubbing her thumb slowly over Elisha’s hard, exposed clit, making the naked girl jump and groan on the floor. “You want to eat my pussy? Think you’re ready for that?”

“Yessssssssss…I’m so fucking ready!” Elisha insisted as her body tingled from the touch on her clit.

Elisha had been craving the taste of another woman’s pussy since her first kiss with Michelle and she desperately wanted her friend to be the one to give it to her. Her horniness had taken away her shyness over admitting it.

“Fuck me Camie! Fuck my face with your pussy!” Elisha cried, the teasing touch of Cameron’s thumb making her insane with lust. “Don’t tease me! Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue and fuck my face hard! I need to taste you! I need to taste that wet pussy of yours! Mmmmmmmm I know you’ve gotta be fucking dripping! Let me taste you! Let me lick you! Let me fuck you!”

“Nasty girl,” Cameron groaned lustfully as her pussy ached to feel Elisha’s tongue inside it. “You don’t think I’m crazy now, do you Heesh? I was right about girls, wasn’t I?”

“Oh Camie yessssssssss you were so fucking right!” Elisha immediately replied. “I was an idiot! I’m so sorry! You were right! So goddamn right! You’re the best fuck of my life Camie! Make me come! Let me fuck you too! Do I have to fucking beg?”

“Damn right you do,” Cameron grinned, getting off on having Elisha at her mercy now. “Beg for me Heesh. Beg for my pussy! Beg for me to let you taste my cunt! Mmmmmm it’s so wet for you baby. And Jennifer says I taste nice and sweet! All my girlfriends say so. Do you want a taste Elisha baby? Do you want to taste my sweet, dripping pussy on your little tongue?”

“PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!” Elisha screamed. “Please let me fucking taste you! I need your pussy on my face Camie! Let me fuck you while you fuck me! I need it so bad! I want you to be the first girl I tongue fuck Camie! Pleaaaaaaaaaaase ohhhhh pleaaaaaaaase!!! PLEAAAAAAAASE LET ME FUCK YOUR PUSSY WITH MY TONGUE!!!”

That was just the begging Cameron had been looking for and she didn’t waste a second before giving in to it. She swung her body around into a 69 position, placing herself on top so that her pussy was right up against Elisha’s face. Cameron then dove right back down into her friend’s pussy, jamming her tongue back into her dripping folds and going after her clitoris with her tongue.

“OOOOOOOOH!!!” Elisha squealed when she was reunited with the bliss of a woman’s tongue inside her.

It felt so good and Elisha just wanted to lie back and moan and experience every hot, intense moment of this amazing fuck. She almost forgot that she was supposed to be doing some work here too. Fortunately all it took for Elisha to get reminded was to open her eyes and see Cameron’s pink, glistening pussy right in front of her face.

Elisha had never been this close to another woman’s sex before and she felt a rush of nervous energy. Could she do this? Could she make Cameron feel good? Would licking another woman feel as good as being licked? Elisha knew there was only one way to find out.

“Here I go,” Elisha said softly under her breath before she pushed her face up and swiped her tongue over Cameron’s splayed slit.

It was a tentative, shy lick at first, just to get a taste of her friend, and when her tongue finished, Elisha was elated to see that Cameron’s juices were just sweet and tasty as she had hoped. Her pussy was so warm and creamy and Elisha quickly picked up a real craving for its taste. Hearing Cameron moan from her action filled Elisha with confidence. She could do this!

“Oooooooh Heesh lick it! Lick that pussy! Taste how fucking wet it is for you,” Cameron cooed in between licks at Elisha’s pussy.

She wasn’t surprised that Elisha was taking her slow at first. She had to get used to it. But her tongue did feel good on her heated slit and Cameron was more than willing to guide Elisha.

“Mmmmmm taste those juices! Taste those sweet pussy juices! Get em all over your tongue!” Cameron urged pressing her cheek to Elisha’s pussy as she spoke, letting her wetness soak her skin.

The soft, dirty blonde fur of Elisha’s small bush tickled Cameron’s face and she smiled and moaned. Their pussies were so similar and Cameron just hoped this wasn’t the only time she was going to be this close to her friend’s wet sexual core.

The similarity of their pussies wasn’t lost on Elisha. She had certainly seen her own many times and she loved how Cameron’s had just tiny triangle of dirty blonde hair, exactly like hers. It was kind of like licking herself.

Elisha ran her fingers through the soft patch of fur and began licking harder, tasting more and more of Cameron’s essence off her slit and then sliding inside her tight folds.

Cameron moaned again and pushed her own tongue back into Elisha’s pussy. She reached under the curves of her friend’s beautiful bare ass and began to caress the cheeks, massaging them and pushing Elisha up further against her mouth. Elisha sighed her pleasure in return and did the same to Cameron, eagerly moving both of her hands to the back of her ass and rubbing her.

Elisha loved how Cameron’s butt cheeks felt under her hand. They were so toned and perfect. Pressing down on her naturally got Cameron’s pussy closer to Elisha’s face and her tongue greedily took advantage. She massaged the ass of her friend and now lover as she fed on her pussy, delighting in her first real taste of another woman.

With Cameron on top of the 69, it was so easy for Elisha to play with her ass while they licked each other. Cameron had a more difficult time getting at her, but she still managed to cop a healthy feel of Elisha’s pert bottom.

Their cries increased as Cameron’s practiced tongue worked Elisha over and the younger blonde tried to keep up. Elisha mimicked Cameron’s efforts and soon they were both happily crying into each other’s cunt while they licked and sucked the aroused clitorises pressed against their mouths.

Both of them weren’t far from their orgasms, but they hadn’t matched the quick paces of their fellow party guests. Several had already come, were about to come again, or were already working their partners over.

Orgasmic cries were everywhere and many of them were coming right from Charisma as Love attended to her every perverted need. They had started out licking, plunging their pink tongues into each other’s even pinker pussies, but it hadn’t taken them long to realize their bodies were perfectly suited for something else.

“Yessssssssssss! Ooooooooooh Love! Rub me! Rub those big fucking tits all over my pussy!” Charisma cried. “Titfuck that pussy baby! Mmmmmmm I wanna soak those beautiful tits in cum just like you soaked me!”

“Yeahhhhh just what I want too!” Love groaned as her hands rubbed her own tits all over Charisma’s spread folds. “Cover my tits with your cream! Get them all sticky so I can lick them clean!”

As she lay back, her cheerleader trained legs spread as wide as she could manage, Charisma fondled her own jiggling jugs. Her dark nipples were still shiny with the cum she had just gotten from Love.

After rubbing Love to orgasm, Charisma had licked at her own tits and her lover had eagerly helped her, but even both of their tongues hadn’t been able to get all of the cream Love had bathed her chest in. Love had gone wild for the feel of Charisma’s big tits fucking her and she had virtually covered them in a shower of cum.

Charisma loved feeling the slippery girl cum on her skin and rubbing it all over her dark, swollen nipples and areolas. She felt so nasty and slutty and this was just bliss for her.

Her nipples were like arrows pointing straight out now, just as they had been when she had gone from tit to tit, rubbing Love’s cunt and stimulating her clit until she had found her release. Charisma pawed at her tits and rubbed what was left of the girl cum everywhere she could as Love returned the favor to her, titfucking her dripping pussy.

“Oooooooh fuck you’re so wet Charisma…mmmmm I want you to come so hard all over me!” Love urged. “You have such a beautiful pussy! Ughhhhh I want your cum dripping from my tits so everyone can see how you let me titfuck this hot pussy and they can see what a lucky little slut I am! Is it good baby? Do my tits feel nice on your pussy? Are you gonna give me all that cum you’ve got stored up for me?”

“It’s so fucking good! Don’t stop! Mmmmmmm keep titfucking me and you’re gonna get it all!” Charisma moaned frantically as she squeezed her own breasts with passion. “Oooooh all that cum over your big Playboy tits! Just like mine! Mmmmmmmmm ooooooooh just like every guy who jacked off over our pictures wanted! They must have wanted to shoot all over our tits so fucking bad! Soaking our big soft titties with their hot cum! They wanted it but they couldn’t have it like you could Love when you coated my tits! Just like I’m gonna fucking soak yours!”

Love responded to Charisma’s horny, heated words by rubbing her left breast harder against her lover’s wetness. She had her hand wrapped around the bottom of her breast, cupping it as she rammed it against Charisma’s pussy.

Her nipple was rock hard and seemed to get even harder every time she rubbed it against Charisma’s clit. Just like it had been done to her, Love alternated each of her large breasts against Charisma’s pussy. Now both of her tits were slippery with girl juice and Love wanted more.

All she could think about was getting her tits soaked and then pushing them up to her own mouth and licking that cum right off them. Love always got a kick out of having a chest big enough to heft up and tease with her tongue and she knew her lover’s always liked it too.

She had certainly enjoyed watching Charisma lick at her cum covered breasts. She had liked it so much she had dived right into Charisma’s cleavage to help her. Love was already hoping Charisma would do the same thing to her, but she knew not to get ahead of herself. She had to get her off first.

“Come for me Charisma! Please cover my tits in your girl cum!” Love begged. “Ohhhhh I love how your clit feels against my nipple! Mmmmmmm your clit is so hard I can it feel it pulse against my big slutty tits! I want you to come baby! Make me a cum covered whore with wet, sticky titties! Please!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh you fucking slut you’re gonna get it! Gonna get it all over those big tits!” Charisma panted. “Keep fucking me! Rub those things all over my pussy! Get that nipple on my clit! You’re gonna make me come so soon Love! All over those huge, hot tits!”

Both girls were breathing heavily and their naked bodies were aglow with perspiration. Their words were muffled by their own moans. Love felt like she was getting just as much pleasure titfucking Charisma as her lover was getting from getting fucked.

She was getting off on feeling her breasts covered with girl juice and being able to look up at Charisma fondling herself and moaning like a wild woman, stripped of all her inhibitions and indulging in every carnal craving she had.

Love knew she looked that way too. They all did here was the party and it was the most incredible thing she had ever experienced. Not even anything she had done at the mansion could measure up to this and Love never wanted it to end.

She wanted Charisma to come all over there and then she just wanted to lick her and make her cum again and again before moving onto the next girl and then the next and the next until she had shown every girl here what a slut she could be.

As Charisma wantonly moaned and spread her pink cunt with a sudden reach downward between her legs to rub herself and increase the pleasure she was feeling, Love stroked her own tits and pinched her nipples. Love groaned from the slight, sweet sting of her own touch and teased her hard points some more. She wanted them as hard as possible inside Charisma’s cunt.

While she tugged on her own nipples Love hungrily looked down at her lover’s weeping pussy. Charisma was so fucking wet that Love could almost taste her from where she hovered, on her knees bent over the lying naked woman. She watched Charisma work her own pussy over with her fingers for a moment before Love threw her own plan out the window and dove right into the pink slice of heaven before her.

“AHHHHHHH LICK ITTTTTTT YESSSSSSS LOVE YESSSSSSSS!!!” Charisma screamed as Love’s tongue suddenly invaded her pussy.

She hadn’t been expecting it, but Charisma certainly welcomed it. She had loved the feel of Love’s tits, but nothing beat the touch of a tongue on her pussy.

Love didn’t say a word. She just devoured Charisma’s pussy as the girl cried and writhed on the floor underneath her. She hadn’t been able to resist a taste. Her pussy had looked too delicious.

Love worked her tongue over Charisma’s clit, licking it hard with steady strokes that had her shaking in no time. Each tongue lash got her closer to orgasm and Love wasn’t planning on slowing down until she got what she wanted.

Charisma was beyond forming anything other than garbled, frenzied cries and groans of lust. If any of what spilled out of the brunette’s mouth was English, it was nowhere near coherent. Not that Charisma needed to vocalize. Her loud cries and dripping pussy were sure signs of her impending orgasm and Love just kept licking her clit until she burst.

“OHHHHHHHH!!!” Charisma exclaimed as the first blast of orgasm coursed inside her.

Love took a greedy lick of the spasming pussy against her tongue before she again changed positions, pulling her tongue out and pressing her chest back against her lover.

“Now! Fucking soak my tits now Charisma!” Love ordered as she squeezed her breasts together with her hands, pushing them up against Charisma’s spread, creaming pussy.

Charisma just cried out her orgasmic bliss, the pleasure increased as Love rubbed her tits to her girl flesh. Charisma humped against Love’s impressive chest, her hips bucking against the soft flesh pillows that filled her with such sexual ecstasy.

“Mmmmmmm that’s it! Make em drip with your hot juices!” Love giddily urged, loving the feel of the hot juices spreading against her naked skin.

It tickled and aroused her, making her giggle and moan all at once. It felt amazing and Love felt like she could come again just from having Charisma’s juices painting her tits. She kept rubbing against Charisma as the girl cried out her orgasm. Charisma rocked Love’s body until finally slumping back flat against the floor, a happy smile stretching from ear to ear.

It was so tempting for Charisma to close her eyes, just for a moment, to focus completely on the last tremors of pleasure that were shaking her body, but she couldn’t. She didn’t want to miss the show and she wasn’t disappointed when Love smiled and pushed her right breast up to her mouth and began licking the creamy girl juice right off it.

Love’s tongue reached out as far as she could go on her own breast, tickling the still hard nipple and tasting the essence that had left it shining under the room’s light. Charisma moaned as she saw how eagerly Love did this to herself and it made her want a taste now more than ever.

“Feed me too,” Charisma requested. “Let me taste my cum on those beautiful tits. I want those things in my mouth.”

“Anything you want,” Love immediately agreed, pressing her body on top of Charisma’s and pressing her breasts against her flushed face.

Charisma went right for what was offered to her, taking Love’s left breast into her mouth and sucking on it lovingly, tasting her own essence all over it and also stimulating Love’s nipple. Charisma wrapped her lips around the swollen point and sent ripples of pleasure through her lover’s body.

“Oooooh keep doing that,” Love sighed. “You’re making me so wet again Charisma! Mmmmm don’t stop! You’re going to make me come again!”

“I know,” Charisma grinned, releasing the nipple from her mouth just for a brief second. “I need to taste that pussy again. You already coated my titties. Now I want you to coat my tongue too.”

That was exactly the same thing that Christina wanted from Rose. She still had her face buried between Rose’s spread ass cheeks so she could lick away furiously at her pussy.

Christina adored Rose’s taste and every drop of girl honey on her tongue was heaven. But what she really wanted most was Rose’s cream. Christina slowly raked her fingernails over Rose’s cheeks while she licked, knowing just how her lover liked it. She had Rose dripping onto her tongue and Christina knew it wouldn’t be long until she got the flood of cream she craved.

As much as she enjoyed the feel of Christina’s tongue inside her, Rose didn’t let it distract her from the naked woman presenting herself doggie style before her. Rose managed to focus both on her own pleasure and on Maria, who was begging to be fucked again.

She had already given Mr. Snappy a blast of girl cum when she’d come from being fucked in her pussy, but Maria had wanted more and Rose was happily preparing her by pressing her own face down to Maria’s backside and teasing her asshole with her tongue.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh…yesssssss spit in it…get it wet! Get it all wet so you can fuck me Rose! I wanna to feel that thing in my ass!” Maria moaned deliciously as saliva dripped down from Rose’s tongue into her puckered hole.

Anal sex was a treat that Maria only gave to the best of the best of her lovers, but she had no reservations about giving it all up to Rose. Somewhere between thrusts inside her with that magnificent toy, Maria had decided to surrender to Rose without exception. Anything she wanted from her body was hers and that included her ass.

Maria’s hair was matted to her sweaty forehead from the first fuck she’d gotten from Rose, but she didn’t do anything to brush it away. Instead she just tossed her head back and moaned again as Rose’s tongue licked at her asshole and lubed it up for what she knew was coming.

Ordinarily Maria would have at least been a little nervous, but Rose was making everything feel so good. There was no room for fear with all the pleasure. That tongue felt so good in her ass. She knew she could probably come just from being licked, but Maria made herself wait. The real pleasure wasn’t there yet. Maria had to experience that toy in her ass. She couldn’t remember wanting anything more.

“Please Rose! Fuck meeeee!” Maria begged, a refrain that had grown quite familiar to Rose by now. “Fuck my tight little ass! I need it! I need to feel you take my asshole with that cock!”

“Yeah? Think you’re ready for this Maria?” Rose asked, letting another long strand of saliva slide off her tongue right into Maria’s exposed hole. “I don’t play gentle. I fuck for keeps no matter where I’m sticking my friend here.”

“Mmmmm don’t be gentle,” Maria urged with a horny groan. “Fuck me! Just like you fucked my pussy! Take my ass and make it another slut hole for your toy to get jammed up! I want it Rose! I want you fucking my ass deep and hard!”

“My kind of girl,” Rose grinned, straightening herself up and pressing Mr. Snappy between Maria’s asscheeks, getting dangerously close to positioning for penetration. “Last chance to back out now Maria…”

“Fuck me!” Maria begged, not letting herself get the chance to back away. “I want it in MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Maria’s words turned to ecstatic screams once again as Rose pressed the cum covered head of her toy against her asshole and slowly pushed inside. Maria’s ass was exquisitely tight and Rose went slowly, letting the hot hole adjust and wrap around the plastic before going in further. This allowed the intense pleasure to build in Maria. It wasn’t too much too fast. It was a rush of ecstasy that grew bigger by the second.


“Mmmmmmm good girl taking my cock like a nasty little whore. I’m going to have to make you one of my regular sluts! Ughhhh your ass is so fucking hot!” Rose moaned, the nub on the other side of Mr. Snappy being pressed right back into her and rubbing her clit.

The tighter a girl, the more Rose felt that nub and Maria’s ass was perfect. Rose’s pleasure grew the deeper she got inside the reporter and Christina’s tongue was only making things better.

“Yeahhhhhh Chrissy! Lick up all that juice from my hot cunt while I nail your pretty girlfriend’s ass!” Rose voice commanded, lust hanging from every word. “Just like when I fucked Britney and you had to watch me fuck her little virgin asshole with my huge cock! Mmmmmmmm she loved it too! She loved being my assfucked whore just like this slut here does too! Don’t you love it Maria? Don’t you love this cock up your ass?”

“FUCK YESSSSSSSS!!!” Maria howled, the sensations she had felt from Mr. Snappy in her pussy not even close to the ecstasy she was getting from having it here. “I LOVE YOUR COCK UP MY ASS ROSE!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!! MAKE ME YOUR ASSFUCKED WHORE!!!”

Christina let the words sink into her overheating libido and licked Rose harder. Hearing Maria scream and roar like a wild beast was a huge turn on and Christina had one hand fused to her own pussy again as she ate her mentor out.

She let her tongue play through the slit in Mr. Snappy’s crotch as sweet pussy juice dripped from her tongue down her throat to her waiting tummy. Christina alternated between licking Rose’s folds and attending to her clit and it was all getting Rose off.


Rose was rapidly losing herself to her orgasm and she tried to keep pace inside Maria’s ass. The reporter hadn’t taken long to adjust to the size of the toy pressing inside her puckered hole and she backed herself up against it, trying to coax more and more plastic in. Rose responded by picking up the speed and strength of her thrusts and driving up her own pleasure as a result.

It felt so good to be pushing this toy into Maria and the hard nub of the plastic and Christina’s tongue was something even Rose couldn’t resist.


Rose pressed her ass backwards, smothering Christina’s happy face with more of her pussy. This pulled her a little bit out of Maria and the reporter whined in frustration but didn’t say anything more. She didn’t dare risk some kind of punishment from Rose, not when she was so close to another orgasm.

Christina drank down from Rose’s creaming cunt like it was a water fountain. Her fingers remained inside her own pussy, fingering herself furiously while she fed off Rose’s orgasm. She couldn’t get enough of the pleasure she was getting from the taste Rose’s cum and the touch of her own fingers. What would have exhausted a lesser woman just fueled Christina on.

When Rose finally pulled herself away, Christina’s lower face and chin were covered in girl cum glaze and all she did was lick what was coating her lips and continue slamming herself with her fingers while Rose gathered up her energy and went right back to Maria. Rose took but a brief second to compose herself before she got to it again. Maria’s cries had told her she was close before and this was no time to let up.

“Awwwwww did poor Maria not like waiting for more of my cock up her ass?” Rose teased as Maria emphatically nodded her head in response, turning her neck so Rose could see the deep pools of needy lust that had once been her eyes. “Well now you’re really going to get it bitch! Your ass is mine!”

“Ooooooooooooh yesssssssss yours…all fucking yours!” Maria repeated, about to crane her neck down again when suddenly Rose grabbed her by her brown hair and tugged it back hard, eliciting an immediate reaction. “YESSSSSSSSS OHHHHH TUG MY HAIR!!! TUG IT HARD WHILE YOU FUCK MY ASS!!! I’VE BEEN A BAD FUCKING GIRL!!! FUCK MY ASS FOR BEING NAUGHTY AND SLUTTY!!!”

“Oooooooooh fuck Maria! You are one hot little bitch!” Rose grinned. “A nasty thing like you deserves getting her ass fucked like this! Hard and deep in your tight little hole while I yank your hair! That’s how whores like you are supposed to fucking take it!”


Rose had never thought Maria would be this into it, but she was happy to be surprised when it came to things like this. She kept one hand wrapped around Maria’s hair, yanking it back while the other hand was pressed to her hip, keeping herself steadied on her knees behind Maria while she fucked her. Maria was crying out with every hard thrust into her ass and just when her voice was getting hoarse, Christina suddenly quieted her with a kiss.

Christina passionately locked lips with Maria, sucking her tongue and letting her scream her rapture right into her open mouth. Christina felt so powerful doing this, like she was sucking off of Maria’s energy and making it her own. Christina still had one of her hands fingering herself while the other went right for Maria’s bouncing tits. She fondled them as they shook back and forth from the pounding Rose was giving her ass.

Maria surrendered to the kiss just as easily as she had surrendered to Rose. She felt so completely satisfied then with Christina at her lips and Rose behind her, fucking her madly. Maria didn’t know if it was possible to literally get your brains fucked out, but she was willing to bet that if it was Rose would be able to do it.

Rose’s thrusts were driving Maria insane with pleasure. She had never felt anything like this toy being pushed up her ass. Tears of ecstasy ran from Maria’s eyes as her cries disappeared into Christina’s mouth.

Every time Maria thought she couldn’t take anything more, Rose gave her more and it just made the pleasure grip her tighter. Maria had no idea how much of Mr. Snappy was buried inside her ass. She imagined all of it had to be, but that couldn’t be possible. Could it?

Truthfully Rose had only been able to get in a little less than three fourths of the toy inside Maria, but that was fine as far as she was concerned. Rose was willing to let the deep dicking wait until Maria was more broken in. Right now all she was concerned about was getting Maria off and with a few more well timed and well placed thrusts into her accommodating ass, Rose got the job done.

Even with Christina’s lips clamped to hers in a kiss, Maria’s roars could not be muffled. She screamed and panted as she came, her whole body feeling like it was going to snap from the fucking her ass was absorbing. As her brain buzzed with endorphins, Maria remembered what Rose had said before about her not walking right and loving every minute of it and she now knew how spot on her lover had been.

Maria didn’t care if everyone at work was able to tell what she had done with her weekend. This was fucking amazing and any price she paid was worth it. Her body had never felt an orgasm like this before. Maria never wanted to be away from Rose and her toy again. Who needed men when she had a cock like this that never went soft?

The pleasure of her orgasm pounded her as hard as Rose had been doing. Maria just kept screaming in rapture and when Christina pulled away from her mouth those cries were still coming, letting everyone know just what Rose was doing to her and how much she was loving it.

What was going on between them couldn’t help but attract an audience of voyeurs and that included Charlize Theron and Jennifer Aniston. They were just a few feet away in the mass of naked girl bodies so they both had excellent seats for the action. Though both girls had already licked each other to orgasm, watching Rose, Maria and Christina go at it had quickly inspired a renewed hunger for each other.

“Just watch them…watch them while I play with you,” Jennifer had instructed her new lover and Charlize had soon felt Jennifer’s tongue back inside her, softly licking at her creamy folds.

Jennifer had started licking her from behind, allowing Charlize to keep her eyes locked on the action as Rose plunged her toy into Maria’s willing holes. The show was amazing but the tongue inside her was the best part by far. Jennifer was such a good pussy licker.

“Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss ooooooh lick me again,” Charlize mewed. “Lick my pussy Jen! You’re so good at it! So good! Ughhhh lick that pussy while I watch your friends fuck each other! You’re so fucking lucky to live with them!”

I am pretty lucky, Jennifer thought to herself while she grinned and plunged her tongue into Charlize’s pussy. Everything that had happened between her and Brad had taught her to count her blessings and enjoy what she had. Who needed anything else when she had the hottest women in the planet begging to fuck her?

“You like that show?” Jennifer purred into Charlize’s ear, breaking off her licking and replacing her tongue with her fingers, rubbing Charlize’s quivering slit with tantalizing finger strokes to keep her hot and wet. “You like seeing Rose use that hard toy? Mmmmm she fucks so good with it. She makes me see stars when she takes me with it. If you’re a good girl, I might introduce you so she can fuck you too. You want that Charlize, don’t you?”

“Yessss…fuck yessssss…” Charlize hissed. “I want her to fuck me with that cock! I want her to pound me like she’s pounding Maria!”

“You have no idea how good Mr. Snappy feels inside you,” Jennifer pressed on, loving having the sexual power over Charlize here and being able to tease her with tales of mansion debauchery. “Rose gets to fuck me whenever she wants. She makes you feel so filled. She’s fucked my pussy and my ass with that thing too many times to count and each time she makes me come like it’s the first time she’s doing it. She’ll totally make you into a whore for her cock, just like she’s doing to Maria! Just like she’s always done to me!”

“Ohhhhhhh God please lick me Jen!” Charlize begged, unable to take any more hot images in her head without the feel of a tongue inside her.

Charlize’s brain was close to melting as she pictured Jennifer spreading her legs wide for that toy and Rose fucking her until she was limp.

But Jennifer ignored her pleas and didn’t start licking again. Instead she kept playing with Charlize’s pussy and teasing her with her words.

“I bet you don’t even really want my tongue anymore,” Jennifer said wickedly. “I bet you just want Rose’s hard toy inside you. Your eyes are practically bugging out of your head while you’re watching her. Is that what Charlize wants? Does she want to get pounded? She doesn’t want soft girl licks anymore. She just wants to get fucked raw!”

“Noooo…I want your tongue too!” Charlize protested as Jennifer continued to rub her mound and tease her wet lips with her skilled fingers. “I want it all! I want your tongue! I want her toy! I want everything! Feel how fucking wet I am for you Jen! You licked me so good! Do it again! Please! Eat my pussy while I watch Rose fuck Maria’s ass!”

“Mmmmmm is that what you want? Maybe you’d rather get that ass of yours fucked instead?” Jennifer continued to tease, her fingers rubbing over the wet lips of Charlize’s cunt and collecting her juices.

She rubbed them all over Charlize, coating her pussy and thighs in her own juices, painting her skin as she leaned down with her tongue again. But she didn’t go for Charlize’s sex, rather Jennifer kept rubbing and dragged her wet tongue over Charlize’s asshole.

“Ooooooooooh!” Charlize immediately cried in rapture. “Yesssssss!!! Don’t stop Jen! Lick my ass!”

“Ever let that cute boyfriend of yours fuck you up here?” Jennifer asked and Charlize nodded her head in affirmation.

“Nasty girl, taking cock up your ass when there’s nothing better than a hot girl tongue licking you.” Jennifer grinned before pushing her tongue back over the tight hole.

Charlize’s body shook slightly from the sensations and she moaned her pleasure. She offered absolutely no resistance and Jennifer kept licking, stimulating her ass while her hand kept rubbing at her cunt.

“Ohhhhh Jennnnnnn tongue fuck my ass while you finger my pussy!” Charlize cried. “You’re gonna make me come again all over that hand! Fuck your tongue feels good in my ass! Your tongue is amazing! Gwen was right! Slide that amazing tongue up my ass and fuck it! I want it so fucking bad!”

Charlize kept her eyes locked on the action before her as Rose made Maria come and pulled the hard toy out of her ass slowly. Charlize then groaned in lust as Jennifer pleasured her and Rose pushed her fake cock right into Maria’s willing mouth.

It was such a hot picture that Charlize almost came just from watching Maria deep throat the cock that had just been in her ass. Christ, that girl was a slut. But so was she. Charlize wanted to be there too, right with Maria, sucking off that hard, fake dick.

There was so much pleasure all around her and all Charlize wanted was more. She didn’t want Jennifer to stop licking her ass and fingering her and she wanted Rose to come over and shove that cock into her mouth so she could taste Maria’s cunt and ass too. Charlize wanted everything.

“Ahhhhhh fuck me Jen!” Charlize begged. “Fuck my ass and my pussy! Fuck me like you fuck your slutty little friends in that mansion every night! Ohhhhh fuck your tongue feels better than a cock in my ass! So wet! So hot! Make me come Jen!”

Jennifer kept tonguing Charlize’s ass with soft licks, making sure to stimulate her sensitive nerves there. At the same time, she picked up the pace with her hand, moving her fingers in harder and deeper into Charlize’s pussy, pushing into her pink folds and touching all her sweet wetness.

Sticky girl juices coated Jennifer’s fingers and it made penetrating Charlize easy. She didn’t go too hard or work in too many fingers. Jennifer felt three was enough to make a nice snug fit inside Charlize.

Charlize noisily grunted and moaned with every hard thrust into her tightness and every tongue swipe against her asshole. Jennifer was making some noise of her own since she was playing with herself. While her one hand was busy fingering Charlize the other one was busy doing the same thing to herself. Jennifer fucked herself and felt her pussy clamp down on her probing fingers, moaning into Charlize’s ass as she did so.

Using her hand on Charlize’s cunt to keep the blonde close to her mouth, Jennifer tongue fucked her beautiful ass with steady, wet thrusts. She loved having her own ass played with, so she knew just what Charlize would like and she did it all to her.

Jennifer felt the heat from Charlize’s pussy all over her fingers and from the way she was tightening up she knew she was close. Jennifer wasn’t far from getting herself off either with her own hand so she started working faster, picking up the pace with her hands.

This drew more cries from Charlize and from herself so Jennifer was well on her way to collecting two orgasms, just like one of her housemates was across the room.

Jewel was flat on her back, but she certainly wasn’t resting. She had Emma riding her face, pressing her wet pussy to her hungry lips while Shannon had set herself up between the Alaskan’s legs, grinding herself against Jewel.

“Ohhhhhh fuck me!!! Tongue fuck my wet cunt! Jam it deep in me!!! Lick out all that cum!” Emma panted while she humped herself hard against Jewel’s face, coaxing the singer’s tongue in deeper and sending pleasure coursing through her body. “Mmmmm you have such a pretty face Jewel and it’s gonna be even prettier when it’s covered in my cum! Don’t stop Jewel! Don’t stop tongue fucking me! I’m so close!”

Shannon was pretty close too. She’d already come from Emma’s tongue licking her, but it hadn’t been enough. The way this day was going Shannon didn’t think anything would be enough.

Each orgasm she had just made her want another one. She didn’t think her pussy was ever going to stop dripping as long as she was here. Now she was grinding herself against Jewel, loving the feel of their wet cunts touching and combining their juices together.

“You’re so wet Jewel! So fucking hot and wet!” Shannon exclaimed while continuing her scissoring motion against the singer’s pussy. “I want you to come too Jewel! I want you to come when I come! Mmmmmmmm I want to feel all that hot cream pouring out against my pussy! Get my pussy all wet and sticky with your cum when I do it to you! Ughhhhhh I want to make our pussies all cummy and messy!”

That was exactly what Jewel wanted too and she thrust herself harder against Shannon while continuing to eat Emma out. She hadn’t done a grind with another girl in so long and God did it ever feel good to be doing it now and remembering when it had last happened.

It had been on her first trip to the mansion. She and Jessica had both done a grind with Love and Jennifer and Jewel could still remember how good it had felt to have Love’s wet pussy rubbing against hers until they both came. She couldn’t believe she had waited this long to do it again.

Jewel and Shannon had their legs scissored together and their hard clits were mashing against one another again and again with every thrust they made. Both Shannon and Jewel felt their tits bounce constantly through their grind, the extra jiggling making things hotter for them.

Hot girl juices dripped from their pussies onto the floor below them, making things very slippery when wet. Jewel loved how it felt to be pressing her heated cunt to Shannon’s rubbing their soft girl flesh together as one.

Her only regret was that she so badly wanted to reach up and kiss Shannon and totally make out with her. It would have fused their grind together even more and given her a chance to feel their tits pressed together again, hard nipple against hard nipple. The only thing stopping her from doing this was Emma and Jewel wasn’t complaining about that. The taste of her pussy was more than a worthy substitution for a kiss.

“You like that Jewel? Don’t you? You love my pretty pussy dripping all over your face!” Emma groaned. “Mmmmmm your tongue fucking says you love it! Keep licking me baby! Lick that hot snatch of mine with your nasty tongue! You must have girls wanting to fuck that face of yours all day long but now that tongue is mine! Keep licking me Jewel! Keep fucking licking me till I come!”

Though she was trying to pretend that this was no big deal for her, inside Emma was totally floored over what was happening here. Never in her wildest, horniest dreams would she have imagined that her co-stars, much less a group of the sexiest women in Hollywood would ever act like this. She had never expected to ever be in something like this and yet here she was going wild at an orgy and loving it.

Emma hadn’t been invited to the party first hand. It had been Amber who had invited her and a quick phone call to Alyson had confirmed that it would be great if Emma could join them. Emma had been looking forward to this party, but never pictured it would turn into something like this.

She had just figured she’d have some fun in the sun for a few days, work on her tan and have a few drinks too many to mark Sarah’s descent into marriage while sneaking away whenever possible to have a little girl on girl fun with Amber. But this…this was just incredible! So many willing pussies and so many beautiful faces. It was almost too good to be real.

Emma didn’t consider herself a lesbian. She loved guys and girls. She didn’t even consider herself bisexual. She had always hated labels. She was just someone who loved sex and didn’t care if it came from a man or a woman. As long as they were hot and willing, then Emma was game for it. But a few days of this could possibly set her off men for life. She had expected to come here and have sex with one girl, now she was looking to multiply that by dozens.

“Jam that tongue deep!” Emma continued. “Show me what a hot fuck you are Jewel! Slam it into my pussy and suck that cunt dry! Lick my clit! Mmmmm feel it throb for you! Taste how fucking bad I need to come! Give me what I want Jewel! Give me what I need! Make me come you hot big titted bitch!”

Even though her tongue was quite busy lapping up Emma’s wetness and licking at her clitoris, Jewel managed to smile. She had never met Emma before today, but she already liked her a whole lot. She’d have to make sure she stopped by the mansion some time soon. She’d fit right in there. Jewel was certain Emma and Rose would get along very well.

“Ohhhhhhhh I’m gonna come!” Shannon suddenly declared, picking up the pace of her grinding as she felt her orgasm beginning to overtake her body. “Come with me Jewel! I want our pussies coming together!”

“No! Not until she fucking makes me come!” Emma demanded, vigorously fucking Jewel’s face as she spoke. “I don’t want you slowing down for a second Jewel! Not for anything! Make me come first! Eat that pussy and make me cream your face! I want it! I want it now!”

Jewel knew Emma had a point. If she was coming she’d definitely be slowing down her licking. It was only right to get her off first and then concentrate on her own pleasure.

So Jewel slowed down the motion against Shannon just enough so she could focus on Emma. She moved her tongue faster against her pink folds, licking up the dripping juices and moving for one final strike against Emma’s clit.

While she was licking, Jewel moved her hands up to Emma’s hips and grabbed onto them, keeping the bouncing girl steady. She guided the actress to her mouth and kept her from pulling away for even a second.

Jewel then went for Emma’s clit. Her tongue licked against the throbbing pleasure center and Emma helpfully spread her legs wide for Jewel. She knew what the singer wanted and since it was going to get her off, Emma was more than willing to help.

When Emma opened herself up for Jewel it gave the singer easy access to her exposed clit and she didn’t delay in going right for it. Jewel set her lips to it and clamped down passionately, sucking it hard with her practiced lips and sending Emma’s pleasure soaring.


Seeing what Jewel was doing caused Shannon to slow down her actions too. She really wanted to come with Jewel and didn’t want to set herself off too early. So she patiently rubbed herself against Jewel’s pussy while drooling over Emma’s jiggling ass from behind.

Emma looked really good fucking Jewel’s face and Shannon knew she wouldn’t mind lying down on her back when they were done so she could get an even better look at Emma and her pussy.

“OHHHHHHGAWWWWWWWWWD YESSSSSSSS!!!” Emma suddenly cried as Jewel kept sucking furiously on her clitoris.

The sensation of Jewel’s lips clamped against it and her tongue licking the bud set Emma off into the waves of her orgasm. She screamed and bucked against Jewel’s face while the singer continued to hold her steady so she could drink down every drop Emma was giving her. Jewel released Emma’s clit from between her lips and resumed licking her, lapping away at the dripping cream and happily swallowing it.

As her orgasm ripped through her naked body, Emma was left gasping, strands of her dirty blonde hair stuck to her forehead. She humped against Jewel’s face until she had no more girl cream left to feed her.

With a content moan, Emma pulled herself off Jewel’s face and slumped over on the side, her body glowing in the aftermath of her orgasm. That was Jewel and Shannon’s cue to continue and they took full advantage.

“Fuck me! Fuck me Shannon! I wanna come with you too! Fuck my pussy till we come! Rub that slippery snatch of yours all over me!” Jewel urged, her breasts shaking as she took in breaths in big gulps after finishing Emma off.

“Yeahhhhhh fucking feel my cummy cunt rubbing yours!” Shannon replied, once again picking up her pace. “I’ll come when you come! I wanna feel your juices dripping down my thighs!”

“I’m so close! So close already! Just a little bit more!” Jewel cried, loving the feel of their pussies mashing together and their sensitive slits tingling against one another.

It felt like every inch of their pussies were fused together in their hot grind. Shannon started going even faster and Jewel moved to keep up. After a little practice, they ended up getting themselves completely in synch with one another.

Now that Emma was off her face, Jewel could finally get what she wanted. She held out her hands for a little boost and Shannon immediately grasped what she was going for.

Shannon took Jewel’s hands and pulled her up so they were face to face. This made their grind even tighter and mashed their bare tits together. Jewel took Shannon’s face in her hands and laid a hot, needy kiss on her lips.

Moaning all the while, Shannon responded without hesitation. Jewel had Emma’s essence all over her lips and tongue and Shannon was eager for a taste. It made the kiss sweeter and Shannon sampled Emma’s juices while sucking on Jewel’s tongue.

Their cries and gasps were growing more frantic by the second as they rubbed their pussies together, scissoring each other lewdly, wet squishing sounds accompanying every motion they took to press their bodies close. Even as they kissed, cries of passion escaped their lips and finally Shannon couldn’t take anything more.

“Ohhhhhh yessssss gonna come!!! GONNA FUCKING COME!!!” Shannon yelled.

“Wait! Wait for me! I’m almost there!” Jewel begged, but Shannon could have no easier stopped a tidal wave from hitting with an umbrella than she could have delayed her own orgasm.

With a loud scream Shannon came, creaming herself all over Jewel’s pussy. Fortunately, that hot sensation set off Jewel too and her orgasm was only a few seconds behind Shannon’s.

“OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK IT’S SOOOOOO GOOOOOOD!!!” Jewel cried as she came with a furnace blast of wet passion against Shannon’s body.

Their clits kept rubbing together as they came, stretching out their passion and keeping their pleasure at its peak. Both Jewel and Shannon screamed out their rapture until they silenced each other with another hot kiss, this one lasting until they both collapsed onto the floor next to Emma. They were now three happy orgasmic girls looking for a rest.

The afterglow that they were experiencing now was exactly what Gwen Stefani wanted to be feeling. She was right on the edge of orgasm and was desperate to be pushed over it by Jennifer Garner’s hot, energetic tongue inside her pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssss Jen lick my pussy!!!” Gwen begged. “I’m so close! Make me come! Show me how bad you’ve been wanting to fuck me! Make me feel how turned on you got watching me touch myself! Gimmie that sexy tongue of yours hard on my clit! Please Jen! You have to make me come!”

Gwen was leaning against the wall with her legs slung over Jennifer’s bare back while she humped her wet pussy against her new lover’s face. Jennifer was lying flat on her stomach, pressing her tongue and lips right up against Gwen’s snatch and feasting on the sweetness she found there.

Jennifer couldn’t get enough of Gwen’s taste and it showed in the pace she kept at her soaked pussy. Besides Jessica and Natalie, she hadn’t tasted many girls in a long time and Jennifer was dedicated to getting as much out of everyone there as they could spare for her.

As Jennifer licked at her tight pinkness, Gwen still wielded the dildo in her hand and was pushing it into her mouth for no other reason than to have an outlet for all the energy that was now buzzing in her body.

Gwen sucked on the toy, pushing it into her waiting mouth and swallowing it deep while Jennifer ate her out. Gwen’s other hand was on the back of Jennifer’s head, caressing her long, beautiful hair to keep her fingers busy as her orgasm built.

Jennifer knew Gwen was close. She tasted so good and she didn’t want to stop licking even after she came. The more she tasted of Gwen the more Jennifer understood how someone like Angelina had gotten so cum crazy before when she was going down on her. Sometimes you just had to have the taste of another woman all over your lips and for Jennifer this was definitely one of those times.

Working her tongue harder, Jennifer greedily lapped up every drop of Gwen she could get at. The singer was so wet and every lick delighted Jennifer’s girl cum craving taste buds. Jennifer was so happy she’d stopped moping around the room and decided to join in the fun. No bad mood was worth giving up pussy for.

“Oh God! Oh God! Ohhhhhh God!” Gwen gasped in short bursts of breath from the tonguing she was getting. The dildo dropped from her hand and clattered against the floor. Jennifer’s tongue kept licking her clit, making her jump and hump back against the wall. “So close! Ahhhhh make me come Jennifer!”

Gwen’s next words came out hopelessly garbled because Jennifer pushed two of her fingers inside her to pinch her clit while she licked her. Gwen’s sexual cries got louder as she breathlessly reacted to the sudden penetration of her soaked pussy. The singer started furiously humping Jennifer’s fingers, coaxing them deeper inside her cunt against her clitoris.

Her small tits didn’t allow for much bounce, but there was still jiggling on Gwen’s chest and her nipples were swollen like berries capping off her mounds. Gwen’s whole bare body was flushed pink and she had trouble pushing anything past her mouth other than aroused, happy squeals of pleasure. Her orgasm was starting to push forth in a hurry like a dam full of water trying to burst through a small hole.

“Come for me Gwen!” Jennifer urged. “Don’t hold back! Give it all to me! I want to see you come! I want to fucking taste you! Give it to me now baby!”

Jennifer plunged her mouth back onto Gwen’s cunt when she finished, using the fingers she had inside to spread Gwen wide so she could go right after her clit again. Jennifer licked it and rubbed it, using her fingers and tongue together in a dual attack designed to get Gwen off. And after just a few more seconds, it was mission accomplished for Jennifer.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” Gwen screamed, her trained voice screeching through the room like no note she’d ever hit before.

Jennifer had her clitoris perfectly trapped between her fingers and her tongue was all over the swollen bud. As Gwen came, Jennifer was there to lick it up with gusto. She worked Gwen’s pussy over even harder than when she’d been looking to make her come, catching the flood of girl cream with her tongue and swallowing it down hungrily.

Gwen called out her pleasure with happy cry after happy cry and even when she had hit her peak and was cycling down, Jennifer wasn’t even close to stopping. Not even when Gwen reached down for Jennifer’s face did the actress want to stop.

“Mmmmm I want more,” Jennifer grinned with a cummy smile that made Gwen’s heart skip and libido race. “I want to fucking eat you out again Gwen!”

“I want to do you first,” Gwen said. “Let me fuck you Jennifer. You did such a good job on me now I want your pussy baby. Give it to me and you can have mine again.”

“Promise?” Jennifer playfully asked as Gwen successfully managed to pull herself away from the wall and her lover’s tongue.

“Oh fuck yeah I promise,” Gwen replied, returning the grin. “Mmmm you have a great tongue Jen. But mine’s good too. Now you’re going to see what I can do with a pussy.”

As much as Jennifer wanted another taste of Gwen, she was more than happy to get some pleasure of her own. So she just lay back on the floor to see what the singer had in store for her. She didn’t have to wait long before Gwen lay her firm, slim body atop of hers and began kissing her.

Jennifer passionately returned the kiss delighting in being able to let Gwen taste some of the juices she had just licked out of her. The two girls pressed their chests together as they sucked on each other’s tongues.

Their hands also got busy as Gwen reached down to begin caressing Jennifer’s beautiful face. The actress did the same back to her, softly touching Gwen’s skin while they kissed. Jennifer then got friskier by taking her other hand to massage the smooth curves of Gwen’s sculpted ass.

That got Gwen moaning again and she responded by breaking the kiss and moving down Jennifer’s body toward her breasts. As soon as her mouth was lined up Gwen began sucking on Jennifer’s firm tits, tonguing her hard nipples and kissing her flesh.

Goosebumps formed on Jennifer’s skin and she cooed in delight, but that wasn’t all Gwen had planned for her. With a gasp, Jennifer reacted to the sudden invasion of hard plastic into her pussy.

“I got it all nice and lubed for you,” Gwen smiled as she continued to slowly insert the dildo into Jennifer. “You like Jen? You like how this toy feels inside you?”

“Ughhhhh yessssss…fuck me!” Jennifer groaned. “Fuck my pussy with that toy! Oooooh I was wondering why you were holding onto it!”

“Now you know,” Gwen smiled before getting back to licking at Jennifer’s breasts, her tongue sliding up to taste the little dribble of sweat that trickled down her lover’s chest.

“Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh I definitely do!” Jennifer giggled with arousal and excitement as she spread her legs for Gwen, coaxing more of the hard plastic inside her. “Fuck me! Give it to me good Gwen! Mmmmmm make it deep and hard. I can take it!”

“Good, cause you’re gonna get it as good as you just gave it to me with your tongue,” Gwen promised, still nibbling on Jennifer’s breasts and licking at her aching nipples between thrusts inside with the toy. “Mmmmmm you have such a tight little pussy Jen. I can feel it wrapping around the toy just right.”

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been with a guy,” Jennifer admitted with a moan. “Not since the divorce…it’s all…mmmmmmmm all been cover…”

Gwen knew that Jennifer was referring to the tabloid reported relationships she had supposedly been having. She wanted to ask Jennifer what she had been covering up by “dating” men, but she didn’t. Question and answer time could wait until later.

“You don’t need guys. You have us now,” Gwen grinned. “I can fuck you better than a guy anyway.”

“Mmmmmmmm ohhhhh fuck yeah I can feel that!” Jennifer excitedly moaned, her body arching up off the floor from the sensations that were gripping her. “Oooooh yessssss you know just how to use that toy. It feels so good! Fuck my tight pussy Gwen! Fuck it good and make it loose for everyone to lick!”

“Yeah take this cock inside you,” Gwen commanded, making her thrusts a little harder in between her girl kisses all over Jennifer’s chest. “You shouldn’t have been hiding upstairs. This pussy of yours needs to be fucked good. Mmmmmmm you don’t need guys when you’ve got us around to take care of this pretty little pussy of yours.”

Jennifer barely noticed it because of how good it felt to be penetrated by the dildo, but Gwen began moving down on her body slowly and surely. She left her breasts behind and was creating a trail of kisses down her stomach toward her legs.

Without missing a beat in her thrusts inside, Gwen kissed down to Jennifer’s thighs. She kissed and licked around her smooth, soft skin but never got to her pussy. Instead Gwen began lavishing kisses down Jennifer’s legs.

“Ohhhhh I love your lips on me,” Jennifer moaned, closing her eyes to let the sensations of pleasure wash over her.

She had the hard feeling of the toy inside her and the loving kisses all over her skin. It was the best of both worlds and it had Jennifer flying up on the express elevator to Cloud 9.

“Oh yeah? Anyplace else you’d like me to kiss?” Gwen playfully teased, after leaving another wet kiss mark on the top of Jennifer’s right leg.

“Mmmmmmhmmmmm…” Jennifer grinned in reply, spreading her legs even wider to allow for just a little bit more of the plastic to fit inside her. “And you’re fucking it right now Gwen. C’mon baby, give my pussy a little sugar.”

“I’m gonna give it more than that,” Gwen giggled before moving her lips right up to Jennifer’s wet, spread slit.

Gwen pressed her lips to Jennifer’s labia and kissed her pussy, tasting the weeping juices and running her tongue over the shaft of the plastic while she pushed it inside.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss oooooooh just like that Gwen!” Jennifer urged. “Kiss my pussy while you fuck it! Make it feel all nice while you’re taking it hard with that toy!”

Gwen obeyed the request, pressing her lips to Jennifer’s pussy again and then doing it a third time, leaving Jennifer cooing as she pushed the toy into her harder. Gwen knew just how to play with this toy, taking Jennifer exactly like she had taken herself on many occasions.

She thrust into her, not too deep, but deep enough to make sure the plastic was rubbing against her clit. Jennifer cried out in rapture, her firm, saliva-covered breasts bouncing as she was pleasured hard and soft all at once.

It didn’t take long for Gwen to move from kissing to licking the drenched cunt before her. There was so much wetness coating the dildo and Gwen needed to taste it. At first she let her tongue tease the toy when she pulled it out of Jennifer, licking at the juicy plastic and savoring her flavor. Then she started actively tonguing her new lover’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyy yesssssss!” Jennifer deliciously moaned. “Lick me Gwen! Lick that pussy you’re fucking so goddamn good!”

“Yeah? You like it baby? You like this tongue on your wet pussy?” Gwen grinned from between Jennifer’s legs in between licks. The answer was obvious, but that didn’t make Gwen want to hear it any less. “You like being licked and fucked at the same time, don’t you, you naughty girl.”

“Oh gawwwwwwwd yesssssss I doooooooo!” Jennifer soft, horny voice spilled out as pleasure pulsed through her body. She could feel ecstasy gripping her body and refusing to let go. “Lick it Gwen! Lick my little pussy while you fucking stuff it up with that toy! I want it! I need it! Ohhhhhhhhh it’s too good! Too fucking good!”

“Mmmmmmmm want me to stop then?” Gwen teased, her tongue dragging up Jennifer’s filled pussy, licking around the spread labia and tantalizing her pink walls as they wrapped around the hard plastic. “If it’s too good, I can stop licking.”

“Nooooooooo! Don’t you dare!” Jennifer excitedly begged. “Please don’t stop Gwen! Keep fucking me! Keep licking me!”

Gwen never had any intention of stopping and Jennifer knew it, but they kept playing their horny game. Jennifer kept begging and Gwen kept licking and teasing, lavishing wet tongue strokes on her lover’s needy pussy. While her tongue lapped away Gwen kept fucking her with the toy, making Jennifer’s cries loud and happy.

“Ahhhhh ohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!!!” Jennifer gasped and screamed, her arms flailing around on the floor as she lay back and let herself get fucked.

If she was in the snow she’d have been making some serious angels in it by then. Jennifer’s whole body felt like current was running through it. Between the dildo and the tongue, Gwen was making her feel unbelievably good.

Jennifer could feel her orgasm just about to burst out from inside her, but she didn’t want it yet. She wanted Gwen to keep fucking her. She loved how it felt to have that toy fill her.

She only wished Gwen was using a strap on, filling up her with hard thrusts and fucking her better than any man ever could. But then if she were doing that, then she wouldn’t have been able to feel Gwen’s lips and tongues on her pussy at the same time so Jennifer counted her blessings and continued to enjoy experiencing everything Gwen had to offer.

Jennifer loved how the blonde singer’s lips felt nibbling on her spread pussy lips and her tongue licking up all the wetness dripping from her pussy. Jennifer worked hard to cultivate a shy public image. She didn’t like putting all her business out there for everyone to see, but there was nothing shy about anything she was doing here. She felt so completely safe and happy being fucked like a nasty little slut right in front of everyone.

“Fuck meeeeeee!!!! Ohhhhhh gawwwwwd Gwen fuck meeeeeeee just like that!” Jennifer panted. “I’m so fucking close!!!! So goddamn fucking close!!!”

Gwen responded with a grin and another hard thrust of the dildo, which sent Jennifer shooting up like a shock had just run through her. Jennifer moaned and remained sitting up, keeping her legs spread wide as Gwen got her closer and closer with her licking and fucking.

This allowed Jennifer to see all the action around her and it got her even wetter to appreciate all the beautiful women fucking like animals around her. But it also put Jennifer right into the eye line of Jessica Alba.

The two lovers locked eyes and Jennifer found herself staring as Michelle Branch set herself up between Jessica’s legs and began eating her out. God, it was hot to watch that little cutie get her mouth on her friend and Jennifer had to admit she was getting turned on watching Michelle lick Jessica’s pussy.

Jennifer knew just how wet and sweet that pussy got and she envied Michelle’s young tongue. But it also brought back feelings she didn’t want to deal with now. Jennifer broke the stare and put herself flat on her back again so she didn’t have to stare at Jessica as she came.

Naturally Jessica had seen how Jennifer had pulled away from her and she frowned slightly. She didn’t want Jennifer to be mad at her. She had been so happy when she had come down to the party. Jessica had hoped they could make up right there in front of everyone and put on a show they would all be talking about, but it looked like Jen was still upset at her.

Jessica had loved watching her get fucked by Gwen and she had seen it in Jennifer’s eyes that she had liked seeing her with Michelle, so Jessica wasn’t giving up hope yet.

But what Jessica really wanted to think about was how good this sexy little thing between her legs was. She remembered how Michelle had just been moaning to her a short time about what a good tongue she had, but there was no way Jessica felt she could be as good as this.

Michelle’s tongue was just incredible, lapping away at her wetness with tender, sexy licks that just made her wetter and hornier with each passing moment.

“Oooooooooooh babyyyyyyy mmmmmmmm lick that pussy! Ohhhh you’ve got an amazing tongue Michelle!” Jessica mewed, her toned sculpted legs slung over the naked singer’s back. “Mmmm you must practice all the fucking time! You’re such a good pussy licker!”

“You know it,” Michelle giggled, pulling up for a moment to let Jessica admire her girl juice coated lips. Jessica saw how her wetness had dripped down to Michelle’s adorable chin and she nearly orgasmic just from the site of it. “A girl’s got to get her practice in. Mmmmmmm I love eating pussy Jess and yours is so tasty. I know I’m not like Christina or Britney but I can be a naughty little slut too! I can eat your pussy out just as good as they can!”

“Ohhhhh you definitely can,” Jessica agreed, a happy smile crossing from ear to ear. “Don’t stop Michelle! I never thought you were shy. I knew you were hot from the second I first saw you. I wanted to fuck you that night at the mansion so bad when we were fucking Hilary. Ohhhhh your tongue is just as good as I dreamed it would be. Just don’t stop! Keep tonguing my pussy just like you were. Make it fucking come all over that pretty face!”

Michelle just grinned again and pushed her lips back to Jessica’s drooling snatch. She tenderly licked the aroused, swollen cunt lips before her, giving Jessica so much TLC that she was moaning again in no time flat. Michelle looked up from Jessica’s pussy with an intense, soulful stare, showing Jessica through her eyes how much she loved going down on her and how bad she wanted her cum dripping from her tongue.

Jessica kept moaning and grinding her bare back against the floor. She was probably going to have some skin burn in the morning from all of this, but she didn’t care. She knew there were a ton of girls here willing to rub some lotion on her and she was eager to let them.

Besides a little burn was more than worth the pleasure she was getting from Michelle’s tongue. Jessica had lusted for her from the first time she learned Michelle was into girls, but she truthfully had thought the singer was a little too shy for this. She had no idea Michelle was this hot a fuck.

“Ummmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh Michelllllllllle…ooooooooh work that sexy tongue on my pussy…lick up all that hot fuck juice you’re making me drip onto your pretty face!” Jessica groaned while she massaged her jiggling tits and made sure her pussy was fused to Michelle’s mouth. “Your face is gonna look so good with my cream all over it! Mmmmmmm you’re gonna look just as slutty as Britney and Christina do after they fuck me! Ooooooooh those fucking little sluts can tongue my pussy any time they fucking want it and so can you Michelle! You can fuck me any time baby!”

Michelle loved hearing this. She had just come from Jessica’s tongue, but she was getting so wet right away just from her words.

God, Michelle didn’t think she’d ever stop being wet here. Her pussy was like an unstoppable stream of arousal and she didn’t want these feelings to stop. Michelle was already thinking about moving here, just as long as she could bring this group of horny girls right along with her.

While Jessica continued to moan for her tongue, Michelle gave her lover whatever she needed. She worked over Jessica’s wet, pink folds softly, but passionately. She didn’t want to lick her too hard. Michelle wanted to savor her time between Jessica’s legs.

Jessica’s pussy was just as amazing as the rest of her beautiful body. This girl was perfect. Once again Michelle couldn’t figure out why Avril was pissed at her. She loved tasting Jessica and fucking her and just being with her.

“Make me come Michelle! Ohhhhhhh fuck! Please make me come baby!” Jessica cried passionately, her happy sounds of pleasure perfectly mixing into the mess of girl sex noises coming from the orgy around them.

But even though they were surrounded by beautiful women, at that moment they might as well have been on a deserted island. Jessica could only focus on Michelle and that was the only girl she wanted to focus on.

“You’re making me so wet Michelle!” Jessica’s horny voice continued. “Your tongue’s making my pussy drip baby! Lick it up! Lick it all up with that hot little tongue! Oooooooh gawwwwd you know how to lick pussy so fucking good Michelle you nasty thing! You are a hot slut like Britney! Ughhhh even sluttier than Christina cause you look so fucking sweet and you’re just a fucking little pussy hungry thing on the inside!”

Michelle moaned deeply into Jessica’s pussy when she heard that. She sunk two of her fingers into her own pussy and began playing with herself while she feasted on Jessica’s hot sweetness.

She couldn’t believe she had been this close to this incredible pussy before and never grabbed it for herself. Michelle swore to herself then that she was never going to wait for an invitation or someone else’s lead again. She did it too often. She had to be more aggressive. Look at the rewards she got when she went for things. She was never going to be tentative again.

Because of the way Jessica had her legs slung over her shoulders, Michelle had access to the actress’ toned, drool inducing ass. She had almost missed this opportunity and now that she noticed it, she moved her free hand to grab a feel of the perfect cheeks.

Jessica began another series of passionate moans when Michelle began massaging her bare ass, using it to press her pussy closer to her lips and tongue.

For someone who had been into girls since before she had even felt her first real sexual urges, Michelle had often debated internally about whether she was more of a breast girl or an ass girl. Finally she had decided that she loved the complete package most of all and that was especially true with someone like Jessica.

Jessica’s ass and her tits were both so hot that Michelle never would have been able to decide what she liked best about her. And now that she had a chance to play with the tanned, toned cheeks of her butt, Michelle made the most of it.

“Oooooh you like that ass baby?” Jessica cried. “You like how it feels under your hand? Mmmmmm you can fuck it next Michelle! You can fuck my hot ass when you get my pussy off! You want that don’t you? To fuck my tight butt with your tongue and your fingers! Mmmm or maybe with one of those big toys here! Ooooooh cause I want to do it to you baby! Your pussy was so fucking hot and I want your ass too Michelle! I wanna fuck your sweet hole so good and hard! You want it too baby, don’t you? Don’t pretend you don’t!”

Asking Michelle what she wanted more, to have her ass fucked or to fuck Jessica’s beautiful ass was just like the tits versus ass question. There was no way she could reach a decision when both options were wonderful. Mmmmm she wanted it both.

She and Jessica were going to be spending a lot of time together this weekend, she could tell. Michelle was already thinking about taking Jessica’s ass and then bending over to let her do the same thing right back, but she knew she was getting ahead of herself. She had to make this pussy come first.

As hot as licking Jessica’s pussy was, Michelle knew that the surest way to get this beauty off was to concentrate on her clitoris. So she stopped her licking and got to work on her pleasure center. While keeping her hand on Jessica’s ass, Michelle moved her other hand off her own pussy and right to Jessica’s.

She used her hand to spread Jessica’s pussy wide open and insure her clit was exposed. When that deed was done, Michelle pushed her face back into her lover’s sex and latched her lips right to Jessica’s clit.

Michelle moaned and felt her own cunt drool with hot arousal at the feeling of that hard clit pulsing between her lips. Sometimes she looked at boys with lust and wondered what it would feel like to actually fuck one, but she always felt that nothing would ever get her off the way the touch, taste and feel of another woman could.

Moaning again into Jessica’s wetness, Michelle didn’t let her own arousal distract her. She began nursing on her lover’s clitoris, sucking the center of Jessica’s whole arousal system right between her wet lips and making the actress shudder and scream out with pleasure.

Michelle knew it wouldn’t be long before she had Jessica’s cum all over her lips and tongue and her everywhere she wanted it. The singer eagerly began swaying her ass back and forth in anticipation of the sweet taste, completely unaware that she was being watched intently.

After her fun with Mena had been cut short, Avril had thought about joining in someone else’s fuck and making them say hello to her not so little friend. But once she had gotten to staring at Jessica and Michelle again, there was no way her feet were moving from that spot. So she stared with heated eyes at the two naked girls as they fucked each other.

Avril’s eyes were alight with fury as she watched Jessica fuck Michelle…her Michelle! How could Michelle let her touch her? And how could she be eating her out? Didn’t she remember how Jessica had humiliated her and made her apologize for something that wasn’t even her fault?

The fact that she had gone through a body shaking orgasm because of that apology and “humiliation” was conveniently ignored by Avril. She was too focused on her desire to pay Jessica back for what she had done.

But there was something else besides anger in the Canadian’s young eyes. Avril had started out just stroking the head of her strap on, toying with it and pinching it between her fingers before moving her small hand over the hard, plastic shaft.

Now she was jerking off her fake cock while she watched and lusted for what she was seeing. Jessica did have an incredible body and Avril always did love seeing Michelle naked and dripping wet.

Avril moved her free hand up to her tits and was rubbing them and pinching her own nipples while she moaned and played with her toy. Mena had left wetness all over the shaft and Avril loved how it felt under her hand, so sticky and wet.

It made Avril feel so nasty to be standing there naked with her big strap on, touching another woman’s juice all over it. Mena hadn’t known what she was missing. She would have fucked that bitch so good and hard and made her come like the bitch she was.

That was still just what Avril was planning to do to Jessica. There was no way that slut was getting away from her payback, no matter how good she looked fucking her pussy against Michelle’s face. But she did look good. She looked so fucking fine fucking Michelle’s sweet tongue.

Avril wanted to see Michelle’s face all wet and sticky and covered in Jessica’s cum. As mad as she was, and she was totally still pissed about this Avril reminded herself, the singer could still imagine how hot that would be and she was aching for a chance to lick Michelle’s face clean.

She wished that Michelle had been with her that time in Jessica’s bedroom. She would have helped her turn the tables on Jessica then, Avril was sure of it. Michelle would do anything she told her.

Avril knew she was the one in charge of that relationship. After all she was the one with the big dick strapped to her waist and Avril knew that with a cock came power and control. She couldn’t wait to use that power on Jessica and she wanted Michelle to help her.

Michelle had looked so hot coming against Jessica’s tongue. Avril wanted to see that again. Mmmmmm Michelle could fuck Jessica’s whore face while she drilled her slut ass and made her into her begging bitch. Avril could see it all so clearly and she knew it was going to work out perfectly. It was so hot, how could it not work out?

By now Avril had actually loosened the strap on. She liked touching the plastic like she had a real dick, but she loved playing with her pussy even more. Avril let the toy dangle loosely from her waist and she slid her hand onto her own drenched cunt.

She had come before from playing with Michelle and Jewel, but her time with Mena had left her horny and unsatisfied. Avril began fingering herself with sharp stabs of her digits into her own tightness. She fingered her pussy and moaned while staring at the unsuspecting pair of lovers.

Avril took herself hard and fast to try and catch up with Jessica. She was quickly gasping and moaning, thrusting her hips forward a little bit to meet the push of her fingers. Her other hand was still busy fondling her tits and Avril used both of her hands to draw her own pleasure out while she focused her glare right on Jessica.

Her eyes were like targets focusing in on the actress. She might think she was having fun now, but Avril knew the real fun was going to start when she got a turn at Jessica.

As hard as she tried to catch up to Jessica, Avril was too far behind the curve and she was left staring and fingering her pussy madly while Jessica howled with pleasure as she came against Michelle’s face.

Avril grunted in frustration and began fingering herself harder, using her anger to push her arousal up to a higher level. She was still planning on fucking this girl hard, but Avril couldn’t help but love looking at Jessica’s naked, shaking body while she screamed her orgasm.

On the other end of the room there was a similar screaming orgasm flowing out of Natalie Portman’s mouth. Of course that was hardly a surprise with Angelina Jolie’s tongue still working over her tender, dripping pussy with skill and furious passion.

The list of girl’s Angelina had gotten off at the party was growing long and distinguished and Natalie was adding herself to it right then and there.

Natalie had been with hot girls before, but no one like Angelina. She had never been taken like this before. Angelina had slapped her pussy and spit into her tight pinkness and then licked it all out with her amazing tongue. It had all made Natalie soaking wet and desperate to come. She had seen what Angelina had done to Kirsten and Eliza, but nothing could compare to the feeling of having it done to her.


While she was coming and humping her creaming cunt against Angelina’s face, Natalie was mauling her own tender breasts. She rubbed her swollen nipples until it hurt but that didn’t stop Natalie from doing it some more.

She wanted her tits to hurt. It was so fucking worth it to feel Angelina fuck her. She didn’t even feel like a woman anymore with Angelina’s face between her legs lashing at her pussy and swallowing her creamy girl cum like she hadn’t eaten in months. Natalie felt like some wild, screaming sexual beast.

Now she had no inhibitions or thoughts other than how good it felt to get fucked. Her orgasm pulsed inside her like a heartbeat. It was like everything that the old Natalie had been had now been licked away by Angelina’s tongue. Now the new Natalie only served to fuck and be fucked. Her Harvard educated brain had left town and now it was her pussy that commanded her body.

Deep down Natalie knew this was just a temporary feeling as her orgasm pounded and throbbed inside her body with crashing waves of ecstasy, but she didn’t want it to ever fucking end.

Her orgasm had reduced Natalie to a drooling, screaming state of ecstasy. Her slim, beautiful body was shaking and sweating from head to toe and, her own chest heaving and Kirsten watched with locked in eyes.

It was like the Discovery Channel and Playboy Channel had merged their forces together to create the scene before her and knowing that she must have looked and acted the exact same way when Angelina had made her come just made it hotter for Kirsten.

The blonde pushed Natalie’s hands off her breasts and buried her face into them, licking the raw flesh and aching nipples of her friend. Natalie’s orgasmic cries were drawn out by Kirsten’s actions. Her soft, wet tongue felt so good on the stinging flesh of her tits and Natalie’s happy screams continued until her voice was hoarse and her flood of girl cream was reduced to a trickle.

Through it all, Angelina had been between Natalie’s legs, working her pussy over and letting that orgasmic taste soak her tongue and fill her stomach. Seeing girls like Natalie and Kirsten, not to mention Eliza, Lindsay, Reese and everyone else who had come before them, reduced to wild, sex crazed states satisfied Angelina more than any orgasm ever could.

She loved having this power. That was what she loved most about swallowing cum and feeling it all over her lips and tongue, knowing that she had made it happen. She had brought this sexual release out with her own efforts and that at the moment of orgasm, her lover depended on her and belonged completely to her.

When she had first heard about the party from Jennifer Aniston, Angelina knew she would have climbed over mountains to be there. Nothing, save for the well being of her child, would have kept her from attending. And it had been even better than she had imagined. There had been so much raw female sexuality on display and Angelina had fed off that carnal energy as easily as she had fed off the cum of the girls she’d fucked.

It had always been her intention to fuck every single girl at this party. She had no idea how many girls were coming to it, but it wouldn’t have changed her goal if she had. She didn’t care if it was 40 or 400.

Angelina was committed to licking each and every one of their wet pussies and tasting their cum on her lips. The number of guests just made it a challenge she was happy to undertake. It was hardly work. Besides Angelina had known since she was a teenager that there wasn’t anyone out there, man or woman, that she couldn’t get off.

Now she had Natalie’s delicious cream dribbling down her chin and with a satisfied moan, Angelina extended her tongue and licked her lips clean. She caught a little drop of it off her chin with her fingers and then sucked that off too, smiling like the cat with the canary as she tasted the juice of female sexuality again.

God, she could never get enough of this stuff. But just as she began to stand up and move onto the next willing victim, Angelina found herself being pulled down again.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Natalie demanded as she tugged on Angelina’s leg. “Don’t even think of leaving me until I get your pussy on my face too!”

“Mmmm thank you honey, but I’m fine,” Angelina purred in reply. “I just wanted to make you come. There’s a lot of girls here I need to fuck and I can’t waste any time.”

“I am NOT a waste of time,” Natalie pouted. “And I’m going to prove it to you Angelina! You made me come and now it’s my turn. You are not getting out of here until I tongue fuck you!”

Natalie was still feeling all this new found sexual aggression inside her and she was serious about not letting Angelina get away. She didn’t want a woman who was just going to fuck and run. Natalie loved being able to return the favor and her lips were famished for a taste of pussy, Angelina’s pussy in particular.

“You don’t have to…” Angelina began before she was cut off when Natalie grabbed her by her face and pulled her down for a passionate kiss.

When this happened Angelina began to think she might have done too good a job unleashing the sexual tigress inside of Natalie, but she didn’t mind. She had already felt pleasure just from feeding off the girls she’d fucked, but Angelina was never one to turn down an offer like this. Besides, she was very interested in seeing just what Natalie was capable of doing.

Angelina gave herself up to Natalie’s insistent kiss and returned it with passion. Angelina hovered over Natalie, their bare breasts rubbing together, but without pressing her full weight down on the smaller girl. Angelina and Natalie’s lips were crushed together by the energy Natalie’s kiss brought.

She kept her hands on the older woman’s face, not letting her get away. Natalie allowed Angelina’s tongue into her mouth, where she lovingly sucked on it and let the sex goddess massage it against her own tongue.

Even before she had discovered anything even remotely resembling a bisexual side, Natalie had admired Angelina’s body. How could she not when Angelina had never hesitated to show it off in all its gloriously naked beauty onscreen? Now that she had that naked body pressed to hers, Natalie admiration was growing into full blown lustful obsession.

She loved Angelina’s large, firm breasts and how they smothered her smaller set and her dark as midnight hair falling down onto her face while she sucked on her lips. Angelina’s lips were made to be kissed and Natalie took advantage of this, kissing her lover as often as she could, cooing into her mouth from the feel of their lips pressing together.

Natalie just wished she could get a better look at the tattoos that decorated Angelina’s body. Things had been so frenzied before with their fucking that Natalie had barely been able to take notice of them. But now, an orgasm later, Natalie was more in the mood to appreciate them. She just wished she could actually see them.

Moving her hands off Angelina’s face, Natalie began running them up and down the woman’s strong, sexy back. She caressed the smooth, soft skin under her hands and wondered what decoration she was touching.

The huge dragon on Angelina’s back was hard to miss and at least Natalie could see the large cross inked right above Angelina’s thighs. Natalie hoped it wouldn’t be long before her lips were down there kissing that design before going just a little bit lower to where she really wanted them to be.

Kirsten was in a much better position to admire the artwork on Angelina’s flesh. She picked herself up off her back and came up from behind Angelina while she hovered over Natalie’s body. As Angelina and Natalie kissed, Kirsten got the same idea that her friend had and began pressing her lips to her tattoos.

The blonde actress kissed all over the dragon and then the window that also had been drawn on her lower back. Kirsten had no idea what statement Angelina was trying to make with these permanent markings or what had possessed her, but she knew she liked kissing them and, judging from the moans, Angelina liked it when she did it too.

Angelina was too occupied kissing Natalie to respond with words to Kirsten’s actions, but she lifted her body up higher so Kirsten could get at her just that much easier. The blonde responded by not only kissing the tattoos on her lower back but moving up to kiss the marking on her shoulder and then taking her time kissing downward toward the tribal designs on her ass.

Naturally Kirsten lingered longest on those, pressing her soft lips to Angelina’s ass again and again and eliciting a pleasurable response from the sex goddess.

“Mmmmmmmmm you hot little things know just what you’re doing, don’t you?” Angelina groaned and smiled her wicked grin from the attention she was getting.

“Just let us work you over,” Kirsten urged, her voice dripping like honey as she continued to sensuously kiss Angelina’s backside and run her tongue over the tattoos. “You made us come so hard. Now it’s your turn.”

“I won’t stop you,” Angelina promised, now really getting curious to see if these girls could handle her pussy.

She had been eating pussy when she was even younger than Kirsten and Natalie were, but not everyone was her. She doubted they were as good as she was with a pussy, but she was taken with Natalie’s enthusiasm to try.

“Please Angelina, I need to taste you,” Natalie begged writhing underneath Angelina. “Let me fuck you! I want to lick your pussy and make you come so fucking bad! I can do it! I’ve done it before! Let me show you what I can do with my tongue.”

Angelina was a little skeptical of Natalie’s experience. She didn’t look like someone who spent a lot of time between a woman’s legs, but she knew it wouldn’t hurt to give her a chance.

“Then show me honey,” Angelina requested before she repositioned herself atop of Natalie.

She turned herself around so that her pussy was now right above Natalie’s sweet lips. The younger actress didn’t waste time and immediately got her hands on the ass Kirsten had been kissing so well and pushed Angelina’s cunt down onto her mouth.

“Oooooooooh you have done this before you naughty little thing,” Angelina groaned happily when Natalie’s tongue began lapping away at her girl cum soaked labia.

Angelina hadn’t touched herself once while she’d been licking girl after girl but it hadn’t stopped her from coming. Natalie immediately licked up all the collected cream of those previous orgasms and began looking for more, fresher girl cum.

As a moan pushed past her lips, Angelina was pleasantly surprised at the lack of hesitation Natalie showed. She would have pegged her for more of a shy girl, but Angelina supposed she shouldn’t have been surprised after the nasty begging Natalie had just done for her tongue. Angelina brushed her hair out of her eyes and moaned again as Natalie licked away at her wet cunt, proving her abilities with each lick.

Natalie wasn’t the only one who wanted to get a few licks in on Angelina and the raven haired actress’s moans suddenly got louder when she felt Kirsten lean down and spit into her so far untouched asshole. Angelina shivered in nasty delight as the younger girl spit into her ass again and then began licking the tight hole with her tongue.

“Awwwwww yeahhhhhh both of you are nasty things, aren’t you?” Angelina declared, which Natalie and Kirsten both happily confirmed with several more licks at the holes they were attending to.

Angelina had actually always gotten off harder from licking other women than being licked herself, but Kirsten and Natalie definitely both had the talent and the eagerness to get her off and she could feel her orgasm starting to build inside her. Angelina had never expected them to be this good, but she was happy to be wrong here.

“Ooooh keep licking nasty girls, lick those holes,” Angelina moaned, her arousal and desire to shower these girls’ tongues with her cum growing. “Mmmmmm work those tongues in. You loved coating my face with your hot juices, soaking my tongue in that sweet, yummy cream just like I wanted and you’re doing so good on me now! Lick those fucking holes with your nasty tongues! Show me what hot little fucks you girls can be!”

That was exactly what Natalie and Kirsten wanted. They both had the same goal. What they were trying to do was more important than just getting Angelina off. They also wanted to prove themselves to the sex goddess.

They wanted Angelina to see them as equals, and if not that at least a little more than little girls who she could fuck and leave. Natalie and Kirsten wanted her to desire their tongues as much as they desired hers.

Even though they really had no good way of communicating with each other, their tongues being as busy as they were, Kirsten and Natalie managed to work themselves into a rhythm with each other. They worked to make sure that Angelina didn’t have a second go by without feeling a tongue in one of her holes.

Natalie licked away at Angelina’s pussy and felt her creamy essence cover her lips and tongue with happy squeals while Kirsten moaned and pressed her face between Angelina’s heavenly ass cheeks to lap at her asshole.

Normally watching her girlfriend tongue Angelina’s ass would have been grabbing Eliza’s full attention, but she had her own business to take care of in the form of Mena Suvari.

Mena was vigorously fucking her face and Eliza was doing everything she could to keep up with her new lover’s horniness. She stabbed at Mena’s wetness with her tongue, licking her with broad strokes that went from her swollen clit to her dripping pussy lips as the blonde actress did everything to her face but scream out “Ride em cowgirl!”

Ever since her fun with Avril had hit the skids, Mena had been looking for something naughty to get herself involved in. At first she had focused on getting it on with Shannon, but she was more than occupied with Jewel and Emma and Mena thought that four girls might be a real crowd there.

So she had began looking elsewhere, sizing up potential candidates when she had noticed what Angelina had done to Eliza, Kirsten and Natalie. Mena craved the no doubt amazing sensation of Angelina Jolie’s tongue in her pussy, but she also couldn’t help but notice that Eliza wasn’t being tended to.

Shannon had always raved about Eliza while they were filming “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back.” She claimed that the Boston native had been a seriously hot fuck and that the threesomes they had done with Ali Larter had been nothing short of epic.

After hearing nothing but praise for Eliza’s tongue work, Mena hadn’t wanted to miss a chance to try it for herself. So she had walked right up to the naked girl she had never been formally introduced to and made her presence felt with a sizzling kiss to Eliza’s lips. Mena had no shyness whatsoever about doing this. After all, they were all friends here now.

Eliza had been surprised at first to be kissed like that, especially since she had been so focused on watching Angelina and Natalie get it on, but she took but a mere second to adjust and get into the feel of Mena’s lips on hers. Their kiss had deepened rapidly until they were frantically tonguing each other’s mouth, letting their craving for pussy act as their introduction.

Mena had loved kissing Eliza, sucking on her tongue while her new lover’s round tits pressed into her smaller, perkier pair, but she had wanted more and it hadn’t taken her long to scoot right up and plant her pussy onto Eliza’s lips.

She hadn’t had to ask Eliza to do anything. The brunette knew what was needed without any instruction. Eliza had just started licking her out as soon as her wet cunt lips had touched her tongue and Mena immediately saw that Eliza was worth every bit of the hype associated with her name.

“Oooooooooooooh fuck yeah! You are fucking good at this!” Mena groaned, humping away at Eliza’s beautiful face. “Shannon wasn’t lying! Awwwwww yesssss lick that pussy Eliza! Lick my wet fucking little cunt while I rub it all over that sexy face of yours! I need to get fucked baby! Shannon said you had a hot tongue and I wanted to see for myself! Ooooooh she was so right! Mmmmm lick it Eliza! Lick my pussy and make me fucking cream!”

Eliza considered herself pretty forward sexually, but she had never even done what Mena had done…offering herself up without even exchanging a word until she got to dirty worded encouragement. But she didn’t mind.

All Eliza cared about was whether Mena was hot or not and the blonde definitely had herself a tight little pussy here. So Eliza had no hesitation about jamming her tongue inside her new friend’s pink folds and licking her wetness dry.

A few seconds of licking and tasting told Eliza that Mena was already close. Her pussy was on fire and her clit seemed like it was ready to burst. It was the perfect situation for Eliza.

Someone else had already done all the hard work of getting Mena right on the verge. All she had to do was push her over and lick up the creamy reward. Eliza’s tongue aggressively licked away at Mena’s pussy and the blonde actress didn’t shy away from offering more lewd encouragement.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Mena babbled, her voice filled with horny need. “Tongue fuck that pussy Eliza! Mmmmmmm lick all that girl cum out of me! Shannon said you would always fuck her so good with that hot tongue! Licking up her pussy and her tight little asshole and making it all hot and wet for her to come! Ughhhhh feels so fucking good! That crazy bitch didn’t know how to get me off, but you do! You know just how to fuck a pussy Eliza!”

Eliza was a little curious about who this crazy bitch Mena was talking about, but she didn’t pay it much more attention than that. She was happy just to focus on the dripping cunt fucking her face.

This was the first time in what seemed like forever she’d fucked a girl without Kirsten in some way connected and she wanted to indulge in this little slice of freedom. She would have to thank Shannon for the referral. Mena had herself a hot pussy here and her tangy flavor was heaven to Eliza’s taste buds.

While she licked away at Mena’s snatch, Eliza gripped her lover’s ass cheeks to keep her bouncing on her face to steady rhythm. Eliza could see how eager Mena was to come, but she had to slow her down a little bit.

Mena got the message and slowed her thrusts down enough for them to match up with Eliza’s tongue thrusts inside her cunt. She had been a little too excited to get off here, but after what had happened with Avril, Mena knew she could hardly help herself.

After slowing down to more of a steady pussy grind against Eliza’s mouth, Mena’s moans got deeper and louder. She loved what Eliza was doing to her pussy with her tongue and the feel of her sexy hands gripping her ass cheeks was just exquisite. Between her, Alyson and what she had seen of Sarah, Mena had to wonder if it was a requirement to be a hot cuntlicker to get a role on Buffy.

Thinking of her beloved mistress had Mena craving a little spice to go with the sugar here and feeling Eliza’s hands on her ass, prying open her cheeks from behind to spread open her pussy for better tonguing, gave her just the idea she was looking for.

“Spank me Eliza!” Mena begged. “Fucking slap my ass while you eat me out! Make my ass pink and raw while you fuck me!”

Mena’s ass tight, smooth ass felt amazing under her hands and Eliza didn’t have to be told twice. Without pausing or even slowing her pussy licking down, Eliza raised her hands off Mena’s ass and brought it crashing down with a hard slap on her cheeks.

As her ass stung sharply, Mena cooed lustfully and Eliza followed it up by lifting up her other hand and doing the same thing. She repeated this action as often as she desired, and she desired to do it a lot. Eliza spanked Mena and left handprints on her flesh that quickly faded into the overall pink shading that was now covering her ass.


Before long Eliza couldn’t tell what was getting Mena off more, the spanking or the licking. But it was all good to her. As long as Mena was happy and dripping girl juices onto her tongue, Eliza was ready to do whatever she wanted.

She could feel Mena’s ass get hot and tender under the slaps of her palm and each spanking got another scream of ecstasy from the nasty blonde and another delicious taste of tangy pussy juice, which was just what Eliza wanted. She picked up the pace of both her spanking and her licking, letting her tongue focus on Mena’s clit.


“Yeah I fucking love it you dirty cunt!” Eliza groaned through gritted teeth when she took a break from licking Mena’s snatch. “Come for me you nasty whore bitch! You like being fucked nasty Mena, don’t you? You love being fucked like a hot little whore! Ooooooh I’ll bet Shannon fucks you raw when she does you, doesn’t she! I’ll bet she sucks that hard clit so good and slaps your ass until you can’t fucking sit for a week! Nasty fucking bitch! Fucking soak me in your whore cum! Cream my face with your cunt juice! GIVE IT TO ME MENA!!! GIMMIE ALL YOUR FUCKING CUM!!!”

Mena screamed in bliss when Eliza got right back to her cunt and began sucking on her clitoris, using her teeth to give her just the right amount of pain with the pleasure. It was like they had been fucking forever and not just for the past few intense minutes.

She had made the absolute perfect choice here in a partner. Avril hadn’t had a clue. She had the rough stuff down, but not the skill. Eliza could do it all. She knew just how to fuck her.

The hot feel of Eliza’s teeth grazing her clit, biting down just right, giving her intense shots of adrenaline right up her body, but not making it hurt bad was just what Mena needed. She abandoned her slow grinding and got back to wildly thrusting her pussy against Eliza’s face.

The wonderfully merciless spanking continued and it only took a few more hard sucks and bites of her clit to set Mena off like a female volcano, erupting in hot orgasmic cream all over Eliza’s tongue.

Mena’s orgasmic screams were flowing right into Angelina’s ears and it only increased her own pleasure to hear her ecstasy. Angelina even felt a little twinge of jealousy that Eliza was the one swallowing Mena’s wonderful female essence and not her, but Angelina contented herself with the fact that she was going to have plenty of chances to get her mouth on Mena’s wet cunt and the fact that the two eager tongues in her holes had her damn close to duplicating Mena’s cries.

“Ohhhhhhhh nasty little fucking sluts! You beautiful whores! Tongue those holes! Lick my ass while your friend licks my pussy Kirsten! Jam that tongue into my cunt Natalie! Oooooooooooh you lucky girls are gonna taste my cum any fucking second now!” Angelina groaned in rapture.

Natalie and Kirsten had exceeded every expectation she had had for them and Angelina wasn’t shy about praising them for it.

“That’s it! That’s fucking it you nasty sluts!” Angelina cried, her voice getting more ragged with every lick Kirsten and Natalie took at her. “Oooooooh I never thought you’d be this fucking good! Lick up all that beautiful cream Natalie! There’s nothing better than a woman’s essence! Feed off my pussy Natalie! Swallow my fucking soul with your mouth!”

Natalie didn’t care if she was swallowing Angelina’s cream or her soul or whatever she wanted to call it. She only cared that it was hot and tasty and that she was the one licking it out of her. Natalie felt so proud of herself. She was making Angelina Jolie, one of the most beautiful women on the whole planet come! She was making this sex goddess feel good!

Kirsten was also pretty proud of herself. She was happy to help Natalie out and she had hungered for Angelina from the second she had seen her at the party and having been eaten out by her had only made that hunger more demanding.

After everything that had happened, Kirsten couldn’t help but remember who she’d been that day on the beach when Eliza had first taken her. She’d been so shy and struggling with a curiosity about girls. Now she was licking a beautiful woman’s ass like an experienced slut and loving it. Eliza had done this to her. She’d taken a girl and made her into a woman.

Kirsten couldn’t believe how far she’d come since her first time with Eliza and it filled her with such a surge of emotion she almost began to cry with happiness. She averted her eyes just enough to see Eliza with her head still covered by Mena’s pussy as the blonde came explosively and she felt an overpowering mixture of lust and love grip her.

She loved Eliza more than ever now and she loved sharing this lust with her. It just made it all so incredible. Kirsten didn’t think she’d ever be this happy again.

The rush of emotion she felt was almost enough to distract Kirsten from Angelina, but the brunette’s moans and cries quickly snapped her mind back to her task. Kirsten immediately returned her attention to stimulating her lover’s tight, tender asshole with her wet, probing tongue. She licked away at the puckered hole with passionate tongue lashes, getting Angelina’s moaning even louder.

God, it all felt so wonderfully dirty to be doing this and Kirsten tongue fucked Angelina’s ass with gusto, not willing to stop until she and Natalie made her come.

Neither of them had to wait long for that. Angelina could feel her orgasm pulsating inside her, just waiting to burst free from the confines of her body. Her head dipped low and her black hair clung to her sweaty face like it was fused to her.

The orgasms she had felt from feeding off the sexual energies of all her conquests here had been incredible, but this was the ecstasy she could only feel from another woman’s tongue. Not even her own mind could stimulate her sex the way another woman could.

As she gasped for breath and felt rushes of intense rapture push through her body like blood through her veins, Angelina saw just what she needed to get off…another taste. Natalie’s pussy was staring her right in the face, her labia lips still glistening with girl cum and saliva and her tiny brown bush matted and sticky.

It was a beautiful vision right before Angelina’s eyes and she went right for it like a hungry beast, clamping her mouth to Natalie’s cunt while the younger actress teamed with Kirsten to pleasure her.

Natalie gasped in happy shock when Angelina dove in again, but she didn’t stop licking. Nothing was going to make her stop licking. She and Kirsten worked over Angelina’s pussy and ass until Natalie felt the blast of girl cream against her tongue that she had been seeking.

That rush of hot cum was accompanied with the sensation of Angelina screaming her pleasure right into her pussy and Natalie smiled deeply while she licked and took the advice her lover had given her, feeding off of Angelina’s orgasm.

Her lips smothered by Natalie’s tender pink pussy, Angelina cried out into her sex, screaming in orgasm while she dragged her tongue over the younger girl’s wetness. This was bliss for Angelina…her own orgasm while tasting another. She had a lot of women there she longed to fuck still, but this was a peak she was going to have to work to outdo. Fortunately, Angelina was more than ready to try.

Just as Angelina had been crying out her pleasure so had Anna and the tennis playing beauty had nothing to muffle her sounds of ecstasy. All she had were two tongues licking at her pussy and a huge orgasm about to burst inside her that was leaving her body shaking.

Anna’s face was flushed and coated in Shakira’s girl juice while the Columbian superstar and the French maid pushed their tongues inside her spasming snatch. She cried out again and again, her tongue even falling back to its native Russian from the pleasure that blissfully assaulted her senses. She could feel her orgasm inside her. It was so close.

“More!” Anna moaned, her English returning. “Gimmie more! Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongues! Ugghhhhh ahhhhhhh yesssssss gimmie more! More fucking tongue! Fuck my wet pussy with those slutty tongues! Gimmie! I want to fucking come! Never stop fucking meeeeeeeee!!!”

Anna’s bratty demands got her exactly what she wanted. Both Shakira and Michelle responded to her horny pouting and whining with a flurry of licks from their mouths. They had positioned themselves perfectly to share Anna’s sopping wet cunt and no caviar either of them had ever had was as fine as the Russian delicacy they had before them.

Michelle was flat on her back, gripping onto Anna’s toned legs and licking at her clit while Shakira was on her knees, leaning in to lick at Anna’s pussy, tongue fucking it to her absolute delight.

“Fuck me more!!! Ahhhhhhh yesssssssssss soooooooo gooooooooood!!!” Anna wailed, her body quivering with anticipation. “Here it fucking comes you sluts!!! Here comes all that juice for your nasty little tongues!!!”

Anna loved having loud, screaming orgasms. She felt it told her lovers how good they were and Michelle and Shakira were very, very good. Anna had been having fun before when it was just Michelle eating her out and Shakira had been humping her wetness against her face, but two tongues were always better than one and Anna was loving all the attention she was getting.

Michelle was an amazing pussy licker and Anna’s body would have been quivering in orgasm just from her lips on her clit, but Shakira was making everything so much better.

Anna had done threesomes before, lots of them in fact, but she had never felt two female tongues at her pussy at the same time until now. Just as pleasure would shoot through her from Michelle sucking hard on her swollen, pulsing clitoris, Shakira would be there lapping away at her sensitive cunt lips, with quick, passionate tongue strokes and making that pleasure multiply and intensify.

Shakira’s tongue was so fast and good licking at her dripping pussy, sliding over her lips and then fucking her folds while her clit was being sucked. Anna had been fucked good in the past by men and women and the orgasms she had just gotten from Katie and Charlize had been incredible, but there was no rival to the feeling she was getting from Shakira and Michelle sharing her pussy.

Her whole body was shaking and Anna flailed on the floor helplessly, at the mercy of the incredible pleasure she was feeling. There was no way she wasn’t going to insist on this treatment every single time she got fucked by girls from here on out.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDD!!!” Anna screamed out when she could finally take no more.

Her passionate, orgasmic cries just egged on Michelle and Shakira more. They didn’t let up their attack on Anna’s pussy, they went at her harder, sucking and tongue fucking her creaming cunt until the blonde was drained.

Anna continued to have her orgasm burst out of her mouth in garbled, frenzied cries that were half English, half Russian and all ecstasy. Her voice got ragged and weak by the end of it, but the smile of bliss across her face was as strong as ever. Her smile beamed across the room and it took only a blink of an eye before those happy lips were being kissed wetly by Shakira and Michelle.

The three girls shared a series of cum filled kisses, flicking their tongues together and pressing juicy lips against juicy lips. Anna might have had her fun, but no one else was ready to cool down yet. Anna’s pussy was still creamy to the touch and Michelle had a wide smile herself as she reached down and collected Anna’s juice on her fingers and smeared it on the tennis star’s tits.

“Naughty girl, you cannot just lie back,” Michelle playfully chided while painting Anna’s chest. “Now you have to make us come too. I saw what you did to Sarah and Love. You are a good fuck, no?”

“Mmmmmm I’m a very good fuck,” Anna boastfully agreed.

“Then show us,” Shakira urged, running her fingers over Anna’s pussy as well and rubbing juice over her athletically toned stomach. “Show us how well you can fuck Anna. You didn’t make me come before. Now you have to! Make me come you nasty little slut!”

“Ooooooh yessssssss I’m a nasty little slut! Rub those juices all over my slutty body! Make me all sticky and cummy,” Anna begged as Shakira and Michelle both fingerpainted her body with her own juices.

They worked Anna back into a state of heat by rubbing her pussy with their fingers and then wiping the juices onto her flushed skin. They painted Anna’s tits and her stomach and down to her thighs with her own desire and threw in as many kisses and caresses as they could.

The tactic worked and Anna’s energy returned with speed. She kissed Shakira and moved her hands up from her sides onto the singer’s ass.

Anna cupped the blonde’s cheeks and massaged them with growing passion until she pulled Shakira right on top of her. The two naked girls kissed enthusiastically, sucking on their tongues while their tits knocked together.

The kisses between the two girls lingered, but not forever. Shakira couldn’t take much more waiting. She had been so close before and had only left Anna’s tongue when she realized the girl wasn’t going to have the focus to get her off until she had come herself.

Now Shakira wasn’t going to let another turn pass her by. Breaking off the kiss, she picked herself up and scooted upward until her snatch was hovering right above Anna’s lips. She was practically dripping into Anna’s mouth.

“Lick!” Shakira commanded, not giving Anna any other option by pushing down and grinding her pussy against her face. “Fuck me Anna! Fuck me now!”

Anna got right to it, using her resparked energy to begin lapping away at Shakira’s drooling, tight pussy. She had loved tasting her earlier and her own orgasm had done nothing to satisfy her wish for more. Anna licked and sucked at Shakira’s cunt, stimulating the singer and having her crying out in mere seconds.

That left Michelle all alone, but Shakira wasn’t selfish enough to let that stand. Tasting Anna’s cream had given her a craving too and she knew just what to do about it.

“Bring that pussy to me,” Shakira urged the horny domestic. “Fuck my face Michelle while I ride this little slut’s nasty tongue!”

That sounded very good to Michelle and she stood up, walking quickly over to where Shakira sat on Anna’s face. She pressed herself right to the singer’s lips, where she was immediately greeted with hard tongue lashes against her slit that had Michelle gasping right along with everyone else.

Anna remained flat on her back as she fed on Shakira with Michelle standing right over her face, her feet planted on each side so she could fuck Shakira’s face. Happy tongues slapped against wet girl flesh and moans, both muffled and unrestrained, flowed outward.

All around them girls were blissfully fucking and Britney was one of the girls at the party experiencing the best of it all. Not only did she have Mya’s delicious, wet pussy right up against her lips, spread wide for her tongue, but she had Felecia right behind her, fucking her with the precision that only could come from years of experience.

“Ooooooooooh keep fucking me baby!” Britney squealed, pulling her sticky tongue and lips away from Mya to egg the porn star on. “Make it hard and deep! Fill my slutty little pussy up with that dick!”

“Don’t worry, I’m not stopping!” Felecia said, her own breath coming in gasps as the nub of the strap on made her own clit ache with the desire to come. “I’m going to fuck this pussy until you fucking come for me Britney! Gonna fuck this hot little famous pussy of yours so good baby! You’re such a hot fuck Britney! Ohhhhh how’s a fucking slut like you keep your pussy so damn tight?”

Britney let out a horny, growling groan in response but didn’t answer Felecia’s question. Instead she put her tongue to better use by getting back to Mya’s dripping, splayed folds. They were so juicy and sweet and Britney didn’t want to miss a drop with her tongue. She kept moaning into the singer’s cunt while she licked, feeling her own pleasure grow while she lapped at Mya’s pinkness, much to her delight.

“Mmmmm she’s so fucking right! You are a hot little fuck Britney!” Mya groaned, caressing her bare breasts as she lay back for Britney’s tongue. “Just like Christina! Ooooooh you lick pussy just like she does! Hard and nasty like a fucking slut should! Yessssssss she taught you so fucking well Britney! Mmmmm I’m gonna fucking come all over that pretty face of yours! You want that don’t you baby? You want my black pussy rubbing hot, nasty fuck juices all over your blonde, Barbie doll face! Say it! Say you fucking want it Britney!”

“Ooooooooooooh fuck yeah! I want it Mya! I want it so fucking bad!” Britney enthusiastically squealed, the singer’s juices dripping off her tongue. “Fuck me! Fuck my blonde slut face with your beautiful black pussy! Make me fucking feel your juice all over my Barbie doll face!”

“So fucking nasty…just like Chrissy!” Mya cried out in bliss, using her free hand to shove Britney’s face back between her legs.

Mya let her fingers grip onto Britney’s hair, giving the blonde a little tug that she seemed to love, judging from the way her tongue began to really move in her pussy. Mya then responded by tugging harder on Britney’s hair, making damn sure this pop slut knew who was in charge here.

From the moment Christina had told her about this party, Mya had wanted a chance to fuck Britney, just to see if she was worth the hype. She and Christina had been fuck buddies since they had done “Lady Marmalade” together and lately her sexy slut of a friend had been doing nothing but raving about her housemate. It had been “Britney this” and “Britney that.”

Mya had actually gotten sick of it, but now she saw what Christina had been talking about. Britney had a great, eager tongue. She loved how it felt on her pussy and it was going to have her coming in a real hurry.

Throughout her life Mya had never been shy about opening her bed up to people of both sexes and she had been loved well by both men and women, but these little blonde pop sluts were just so fucking hot. They seemed so willing to get nasty and show off and that always got her pussy off hard..

Mya hoped that next time she and Christina fucked, she would bring Britney along with her. She would have loved to feel both those tongues inside her at once.

“Oooooh that’s it Britney! Lick up those juices! Get them all over your fucking tongue while that toy slams into you!” Mya urged, her hand still gripping Britney by the hair while she continued to play with her own tits, rubbing her dark nipples raw. “Your ass looks so good up in the air, taking that cock deep in your pussy! You must fucking love it Britney! Getting your face and your pussy fucked! Yeahhhhhhh show me how much you love it by eating me out Britney! Eat my pussy baby! Show my pussy all your fucking tongue can do!”

Britney was in heaven as she gorged herself on Mya’s soft, silky pussy and backed her ass up to feel more and more of Felecia’s strap on inside her. She had loved riding that cock, but there was nothing better than being taken doggie style while eating another girl out.

It was a formation she and Christina had practiced so many times with any willing girl at the mansion and there were so many of them. They all loved fucking her, and Britney couldn’t get enough of the feel of their toys slamming deep inside her and making her feel so naughty and slutty.

From the first time Rose had taken her with such sexy fierceness and force, Britney had loved the feeling a strap on inside her. It was so much better than any real cock could be. It just never stopped fucking her. It never got soft. It was always ready to drive into her wanton, waiting cunt.

Nothing made her feel as slutty as being on her hands and knees and having a big, hard strap on fucking her pussy or her ass, making her beg for the woman to stop, and then going even harder and making her love it more.

Strap ons always made her come so hard and Felecia knew just how to use her toy. The hard thrusts she was pushing deep into her pussy were making Britney’s eyes wide and alive and her libido pulse inside her while she licked Mya with wet, hard tongue strokes.

Felecia did truly know just how to use the tool she had strapped to her slim waist. She looked around at her fellow revelers and she smiled, knowing that as slutty as these girls liked to think they were, they weren’t a pro like her.

As hot as these girls thought they were, Felecia knew their experiences couldn’t compare. She had been fucking girls when they were just sharing their first sapphic kisses and she knew all the tricks. She had made more than 400 movies in her career and she had fucked more girls than anyone here could even dream about.

She never would have made all those movies and stayed in the business as long as she had if she hadn’t loved fucking girls. Sure it had been work, but it had been work she had loved and now all that work was paying off in her playtime. Britney had such a fuckable pussy and Felecia was flying high over the sensations hitting her naked, thrusting body from taking her from behind.

Britney had obviously felt a strap on before because she was having no trouble handling what she was getting. But Felecia still couldn’t get over how tight she felt. This girl must be too busy with other girls to be getting any real cock and Felecia liked it better that way. It gave her more of a chance to loosen her pussy up and make it hers.

Each thrust into Britney went just a little deeper and Felecia knew it wouldn’t be long before she had this strap on balls deep inside the singer. That is if she didn’t come first. The tightness of Britney’s pussy was making her so close to orgasm and Felecia felt like she was racing against a little clock inside her.

Through her years of dancing and making movies, Felecia had encountered many famous people, but until that night with Sarah and Love, she had never fucked any of them. She had always thought that celebrities could be just as nasty as any of the porno stars they secretly longed to fuck and be like, but now she saw she was wrong. Felecia could see that they were even nastier.

She had never been to anything like this party with her friends in the industry. If only the world knew that the porn stars they condescendingly considered sluts and whores were nothing compared to the ones they lined up to plunk down $9.50 to see on the movie screen and $19 for a CD of.

But Felecia knew that she could consider the sociological implications of this party later. Britney demanded attention and Felecia so badly wanted to fill this sweet, tight pop star pussy with her toy before she gave into her own desires and let herself come.

It was so hard to fight her orgasm off. Each push inside Britney made a tighter fit for her toy and it made the nub stimulate her clit even more. It was making Felecia sweat and groan with every penetration of Britney’s pink girl flesh.

“Take it Britney! Take this cock in your pussy while you lick up those juices!” Felecia sighed, her words floating off her lips as the intense pleasure of fucking Britney Spears filled her brain. “Mmmmmmm doesn’t she have hot juices? I tongue fucked that pussy so good already. You can probably still taste my spit inside her Britney. Ooooh I know a slutty thing like you must love that, eating out my sloppy seconds. Lick it Britney! Eat that pussy while I fuck you deep!”

Britney moaned and cried enthusiastically in response. She closed her eyes and exclaimed her loud desire for Felecia to fuck her harder. Of course none of her words could be deciphered because she had Mya’s pussy still pressed to her face, but the meaning was clear.

She loved imagining she was licking up Felecia’s nasty saliva with Mya’s juices. Britney began tongue fucking her fellow singer faster, driving into her folds just as hard as Felecia was doing her with the hard plastic penetrating her tender cunt.

That got Mya crying out even louder and the three were soon harmonizing together, their happy girl cries forming one big ecstatic moan. Mya still gripped Britney’s hair and began moving her hips harder, fucking the blonde’s face and lewdly grinding her dripping pussy all over her skin. She was getting closer with every lick she got from Britney. This girl was such a hot little pussy licker and she was making her fucking wild with desire.

Mya could feel her orgasm getting near and she made sure to hump Britney’s face even harder, trying to draw more tongue inside her and right against her clit. She didn’t want to be teased now. She wanted to be fucked!

“Give it to me Britney! Fuck my pussy with your tongue! Christina thinks my juicy little black pussy is so fucking sweet. I know you love it too! I can tell how much you fucking love that taste!” Mya cried, her hips bucking against Britney’s face. “You’re gonna get my cream Britney! Just keep licking me!”

It was all so much for Britney to take on at once. Mya tasted soooooo good and Felecia fucking her was just incredible. She could feel how the snug folds of her pussy were wrapping around the invading plastic, making such a tight fit that Felecia was loosening with every thrust.

There was too much pleasure. It was turning her brain into mush. Britney just wanted to collapse and feel the pleasure flow through her, but she couldn’t. She had to get Mya off.

As Felecia’s thrusts got deeper and brought little tears of ecstasy to Britney’s eyes, she licked Mya’s clit with all the energy she could muster. The throbbing pink bud seemed to lean forward to meet her tongue and Britney lapped at it, licking it as quickly as she could, giving everything she had to Mya as the singer cried out garbled words of ecstasy.

Britney could feel how close her lover was. Mya’s pussy walls were clamping down on her tongue. Her juices were getting richer and creamier and Britney wanted more of them. She let them coat her tongue and dribble down her chin while she tended to her clitoris.

She loved feeling those dripping juices on her skin, moving in nasty little droplets down her chin onto her neck and beyond. Britney could even feel them fall onto her tits as they madly bounced from Felecia’s thrusts. It was just making her own pleasure stronger.

It didn’t escape Felecia’s attention that they all seemed to be moving toward orgasm together. She liked the sound of that happening and she began to speed up her thrusts just a little She knew Britney could take it and she was so close to reaching her goal of getting the whole toy inside the singer.

Felecia heard herself crying out just like Mya as she drove in deeper and deeper with every thrust, making Britney’s body stiffen and tighten up for her.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhh soooooo fucking tight!” Felecia groaned, her own nipples so tight and tingling with desire that she felt like they might pop.

Felecia could feel her juices dripping from her cunt under strap on and escaping the seal to run down her leg. Fuck, she was so close. But not yet! She couldn’t come yet! Not when she was so fucking close to getting this thing all the way inside the pop princess.

She closed her own eyes to try and get a grip on her own pleasure, her hands locked to Britney’s hips as she pushed in. Her teeth were gritted, forcing the pleasure down, as she gave the singer one last thrust. Felecia gathered all her energy and bucked her hips, pushing the dildo inside Britney’s cunt with enough force so it completely filled her.

Felecia gasped in ecstasy when she finally felt it…flesh against flesh. She was all the way inside Britney!


Britney began to scream in sweet sexual agony from the feel of that plastic lodged all the way up her pussy. It hurt a little but it was so fucking good! She screamed out loud and long into Mya’s snatch, letting her tongue still swipe against her clit. She wanted to make Mya come, but Britney couldn’t stop her own orgasm. Felecia filling her too was too powerful to resist!

Feeling Britney tense up one last time and then release, coating the strap on with sweet, sticky girl cream set Felecia off too. She loved hearing Britney’s pussy muffled screams of orgasm and the look on Mya’s face, so close and yet so far, also got Felecia off.


Felecia just wished she really were shooting a load right into Britney’s tightness. That was the only thing she really envied about guys, the ability to feel their cocks throb and empty into a willing woman’s pussy. But while she couldn’t feel that sensation, Felecia wasn’t about to trade this feeling for anything.

She kept the strap on lodged inside her lover as she came, the hot juices feeling like they were almost pouring out of her pussy. She didn’t thrust or pull out of Britney. Felecia just kept it stuck up her pussy while she and Britney came together, letting the filling sensation work for both of them.

Britney and Felecia screamed and creamed together until their pleasure had been reduced to just tremors running through their naked bodies. Only then did Britney collapse from her knees, straight onto her belly, her tits mashing against the floor. Her face was sweaty, sticky and completely flushed and Britney knew Felecia had to feel the same way.

When Britney fell, she took Felecia down with her, along with the strap on. It remained buried tightly inside Britney and when Felecia lay atop her, delighting in the feel of her hips pressed to Britney’s bare ass cheeks, she let it rest where it was, stuck all the way up Britney’s creamy, clinging pussy.

When Felecia finally did pull her toy out of Britney it was hopelessly sticky and cummy, making a very tempting site for anyone looking for a snack. But there was something else that needed to be done first.

“Hey! What the fuck? You two weren’t going to forget about me, were you?” Mya demanded, the heat from her unsatisfied pussy like a furnace.

Britney and Felecia shared a smile. They both looked exhausted but they knew they had enough energy for this. They went right after Mya with their tongues, sharing her pussy and her asshole with each other. They wetly probed Mya’s needy holes and it was only seconds later before she was screaming just as loudly in orgasm as they had been.

As she came, Mya ended up locking eyes with one of the last people she had ever expected to find at a place like this. Her hot stare with Beyonce Knowles lasted a sizzling second before the pleasure shooting through her body forced her to look away.

Mya had loved what she had seen in that one second, though. The image of a daddy’s girl like Beyonce on her knees eating another woman out was something Mya hoped would be burned into her brain forever.

Beyonce had seen Mya looking at her and she had liked it. Her fear about people finding out what she was doing was gone now. She wanted Mya to know. She wanted her to see all the things she liked because Beyonce wanted Mya to do them to her. Her fellow singer had always been so beautiful, but Beyonce was beyond appreciating her body. Now she wanted to fuck Mya!

But before she could get anywhere closer to Mya, Beyonce didn’t get ahead of herself and forget that she had a very fuckable girl right before her on the bar.

Beyonce quit staring at the thrashing, screaming Mya and got back to work on Reese’s needs. The hard oak of the bar pressed into Beyonce’s knees, but she couldn’t feel it. All she was focused on were the juices dripping out of Reese’s pussy and getting every drop of them.

“Mmmmmm good girl…lick that pussy,” Reese moaned, lying flat on her back on the bar, her legs spread and slung over the sides to allow Beyonce’s oral explorations. “Ohhhhhh fuck! You’re gonna make me come Beyonce! Fuck it baby! Tongue fuck that pussy! Ooooooh such a sweet tongue! You’ve got such a sweet fucking tongue Beyonce! Give it to me baby! Give it to my pussy so good like I gave it to you!”

Remembering what Reese had just done to her pussy had Beyonce dripping onto the bar top. God, she had never done anything like that before and she had come so hard. She had had to hold onto the bar for dear life to keep from falling off the stool she had been sitting on. It had been that intense.

Beyonce could still vividly remember the feel of Reese’s toes, wiggling inside her pussy and rubbing against her clit, stroking the tender bud again and again until she couldn’t take it anymore and just soaked those toes in her cum.

It had been so wicked. Beyonce had never even imagined doing something naughty like that, but it had felt amazing. Her toes had been inside Reese’s mouth as she came and feeling her lover’s foot up against her pussy while looking down to see how much she loved what she was doing had been a total rush for the singer.

Now Beyonce was dedicating herself to returning the favor. She didn’t know if she could do it as well as Reese had done with her toes. That was almost too much for Beyonce to try all at once. Besides she wanted a taste of the actress really bad. So Beyonce was now licking away at Reese’s pussy, tongue fucking her as best she knew how and craving a taste of her cum.

After she had had her orgasm, Beyonce had cleaned off Reese’s toes, using her tongue on a foot for the first time ever. She had actually been a little nervous at first, but knowing that it was her own juices on Reese’s toes put her at ease quickly. Beyonce had licked Reese’s toes clean of her orgasm, leaving the newly brunette girl gasping and squirming on top of the bar.

Beyonce had then crawled up there with her, turning Reese around so she was now lying sideways on the oak and so she could join her.

They had kissed at first, sharing the lingering taste of Beyonce’s orgasm with their tongues. Beyonce had loved being on top of Reese, passionately kissing her while their tits rubbed together and their wet, steaming pussies touched. Beyonce could feel now how much she enjoyed the touch of naked female flesh on naked female flesh and it was easy to see Reese loved it too.

She hadn’t wanted to stop kissing Reese, but the craving to taste her pussy had been too much to resist. Now that she knew her desire for Jewel in that hotel room hadn’t been a one time thing and that the taste of another woman was everything she wanted it to be, Beyonce wasn’t shy about going down on Reese.

She had covered Reese’s whole pussy with her mouth, sucking on her cunt lips first and then showering her slit and up around her thighs with wet, giddy kisses. And then she had finally gone for Reese’s honeypot and it had taken only a few hard licks to get Reese moaning and writhing on the bar.

“Mmmmmmmm just like that! Ooooooooooh God yessssss just like that!” Reese urged. “Taste how wet I got from fucking you! I nearly came when you creamed my toes and oooooooooooh you licking them…that was so hot! I was dripping down my legs just waiting for your tongue to lick it all up! You’ve got such a crazy body Beyonce! I just wanted to fuck you in every hole with my tongue and my fingers mmmm and my toes!”

“Ohhhhh soooo nasty,” Beyonce groaned, smiling wickedly as she pulled her lips up from Reese and admired the nude, splayed body of the actress.

Beyonce loved staring at Reese, her firm tits standing up so proudly and her erect nipples glistening with the saliva Beyonce had coated them with. Reese’s pussy was practically glowing with arousal. It was so pink and pretty. Beyonce began toying with it, rubbing her lips with her fingers while she kissed around her thighs again and teased Reese with her words.

“How’d you get so fucking nasty Reese?” Beyonce sultry voice inquired. “Girl, you’re so hot you’re making me into a nasty little thing too. Making me wet and creamy thinking about your toes and you fucking me with them. Tempting me with your pink little pussy here, making me want to do fuck all nasty things to it and you. Mmmmm you’re all making me so goddamn nasty and I fucking love it!”

“Good cause this is the real me Beyonce,” Reese groaned, pleasure coursing up to her brain from Beyonce’s touch. “I’m a fucking nasty lesbian whore! You like that Beyonce? You like seeing Hollywood’s good little wife and mommy saying what a goddamn whore she is?”

Beyonce eagerly nodded her head, the increased wetness in her own pussy all the proof she needed to know it was true. It was a huge turn on to see Reese acting like this.

“Maybe you oughta spank me then if I’m so naughty,” Reese grinned, making Beyonce moan with lust.

She wanted that so fucking bad…to spank this Hollywood princess and treat her like the whore she claimed she wanted to be. When it came to other girls, Beyonce had always been the one lying back and letting them have their ways with her. The prospect of exerting a little control here made her heart race with excitement.

But she didn’t want to turn over Reese and take her feelings out on her ass. She didn’t want to be deprived of the sight of this beautiful pussy of hers…so tight and tender.

What could she do? Beyonce suddenly seized on the answer; grinning wickedly as she remembered something hot Jewel had done to her.

“Is that what you want you spoiled little bitch? You want a spanking?” Beyonce playfully demanded and this time it was Reese’s turn to eagerly nod her head. “Well that’s just what you’re gonna get!”

Beyonce then raised her hand and brought it down hard right on Reese’s pussy, slapping her wet sex flesh.


Reese’s ecstatic shrieks continued as Beyonce spanked her pussy again, followed quickly by a third and fourth hard slap. She had never been spanked on her pussy before and she loved it.

Beyonce was totally into it and she definitely wasn’t hitting too hard. Reese was flying with each hard, sexy slap. It was a total rush to hear the wet smacking sounds of palm against pussy and to feel the sting against her aroused sex.

“Nasty…fucking…bitch…” Beyonce sexily growled, spanking Reese’s pussy with every word. “Mmmmmmm your pink pussy looks so good getting slapped! You like how it feels princess? You like getting your spoiled little white girl cunt spanked by my hot hand?”


“Uh uh,” Beyonce grinned, putting a stop to the spanking just when it seemed Reese was going to lose all control of herself. “I can’t have that. Not when I want you coming all over my tongue.”

Beyonce made a big show out of licking her juice-coated hand clean of Reese’s juices. She licked away at her sticky palm and then traced her tongue up, licking off her slim, sexy fingers with deliberate slowness.

Out of the corner of her eye, Beyonce saw Reese’s rapt gaze and how her chest was heaving with desire. Beyonce wanted her to watch. She wanted her completely on edge with horniness by the time she got her tongue back inside her. She couldn’t get enough of doing this to Reese. She loved having this little edge of control.

“Please Beyonce! Pleaaaaaaaaaase lick me!” Reese begged, grinding her bare ass on the bar top. “Get your tongue back inside me! Please! I need you! You spanked it so fucking good…mmmmmmmm you made it all tingly and raw! Now you’ve gotta lick it and make it better! Make me come Beyonce! Make me come all over your tongue!”

The seconds it was taking for Beyonce to lick her hand clean felt like hours to Reese. She had never felt this sexually helpless before. She knew this is how her nanny Julie must have felt when she teased her and controlled her and made her wait for her orgasms and Reese felt the surge of pleasure with the realization that the tables had been turned on her now.

She was going to have to be nicer to Julie next time they played…or meaner. Reese hadn’t quite decided which was better yet.

But Julie could wait until she got home. Right now all Reese wanted was Beyonce’s tongue back inside her. Her pussy felt like it was going to explode with need and it was sexual torture to have to watch Beyonce lick her hand. She wanted that tongue on her pussy damn it!

Reese’s cries of “please” continued to fall on Beyonce’s ears, until the singer finally showed a touch of mercy on her lover. She was almost having too much fun to stop her teasing, but she didn’t want to be mean and, besides, Beyonce wanted a taste of Reese’s girl cum just as badly as Reese wanted to be tasted.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS MMMMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Reese cooed emphatically when Beyonce got her tongue back to work.

Reese began bucking her hips to meet Beyonce’s tongue lashes, desperately trying to get the singer to work over her clit. Beyonce caught this quite unsubtle message and she didn’t make Reese suffer. She knew if the positions were reversed she wouldn’t have wanted to wait either.

Spreading Reese’s soft, pink girl folds open, Beyonce went right for her clit. It was so swollen with desire that it took her merely a split second to locate it and get her tongue on it.

At first Beyonce didn’t go too fast. Instead she licked it slowly, making Reese, quiver and coo with cries for more. Beyonce let her tongue travel all over Reese’s clit, up and down and all around, with wanton, wet licks.

This had Reese right on the edge in no time. She needed her orgasm. She couldn’t wait. She’d been craving orgasm since she first took Beyonce’s toes in her mouth and everything that had happened since then had just made her hornier.

Reese was actually shocked she had lasted this long without coming. Her whole body was tingling and her brain was buzzing. Her orgasm was there for the taking. She just needed a little push from Beyonce to actually reach it and that push came when Beyonce teased her clitoris with her finger and then latched her lips to it in a hard suck.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHH!!” Reese howled wildly as she came with a rush against Beyonce’s face.

The feel of Beyonce’s sexy lips clamping down on her clitoris burst the balloon and Reese rewarded the singer with a gush of cream that she immediately began licking up.

Reese cried out and humped her face for what seemed like hours, but Beyonce didn’t care how long it was. Seconds or hours didn’t matter because it all felt so damn good.

Beyonce drank down Reese’s sweet orgasm and felt another one of her own forming just from getting her lover off. She couldn’t believe she was doing this and acting like this. It was like a wet dream, but if it was, Beyonce knew waking up would be agony.

Just a few bodies away, there was no doubt that everyone was wide-awake and living in reality. This couldn’t be a dream for their little foursome because no dream could ever possibly feel this amazing. Alyssa and Katie sat up, side by side, as two incredible tongues lapped away at their pussies and made their every horny desire come true.

Katie and Alyssa were wantonly kissing each other, massaging their tongues together while their hands grabbed at whatever tit flesh they could get at, but their focus was mostly on what was going on between their legs.

While the two girls made out, Salma was tongue deep in Katie’s pussy while Ashley found herself in the identical position on Alyssa. Their work was turning their lover’s pussies into dripping furnaces of lust and creating loud moans that disappeared into each passionate kiss Katie and Alyssa shared.

The four women were hardly just getting started. They had moved from position to position, attempting to satisfy the desire their tongues all felt for one another. Now they were entirely intimate with each other’s bodies and Alyssa and Katie had the juices all over their faces to prove it.

Katie had gone from sampling Salma’s spicy essence to Ashley’s honey and Alyssa had done the same, licking up every drop of wetness she could get from whichever girl she could get it from.

Now it was their turn to lie back and have their needs tended to by the skilled, experienced tongues inside them. Both Salma and Ashley were showing off how good they were at eating pussy and Alyssa and Katie were reaping all the benefits while they kept kissing and playing with each other’s tits.

Alyssa wasn’t surprised to see that Ashley and Salma were this into pussy, but Katie still surprised her. She had never expected her former WB cohort to be this lusty.

Katie had always seemed so reserved, like she wasn’t willing to let go and embrace her own sexuality, but there was nothing shy about the kiss she was giving Alyssa. Katie was feverishly sucking on her tongue while Alyssa massaged her bare breasts, caressing the jiggling mounds of perfect girl flesh.

Everything she was experiencing, from the kissing to the licking was a turn on, but Alyssa couldn’t get enough of Katie’s tits. Like many around the world, she had shed her fair share of drool when Katie had exposed her chest on screen, but Alyssa knew full well that seeing was nothing compared to touching.

Now that she had them within reach of her hands, Alyssa was going to do as much touching of her new lover’s breasts as she could manage. While she and Katie kissed, Alyssa let her hands cup the surprisingly large mounds and massage them, her palms scraping against Katie’s hard, pink diamond nipples.

“Mmmmmm such great tits,” Alyssa moaned, in between kisses. “Ohhhhh I can’t stop playing with them.”

“Good, cause I don’t want you to stop,” Katie replied, an aroused smile stretching across her whole face. “I love how they feel in your hands. Play with my tits Alyssa. Rub them and grip them. Get your hands all over them. Please don’t stop!”

Alyssa promised she wouldn’t with another kiss. This time it was her turn to suck Katie’s tongue into her mouth and she did, drawing it past her lips and letting it play in her mouth. Alyssa hoped that soon that tongue would be in her pussy. She couldn’t wait to see if Katie was as good a pussy licker as Salma and Ashley were.

Part of Katie still recognized how crazy all this was, but she had stopped thinking about it a long time ago. In fact she had stopped thinking period. All she was doing was going on instinct and letting her lust guide her.

Katie had never handed herself over completely to her libido before, but it just felt incredible. It was so liberating and Katie knew she never had to be afraid to do it again, especially if it involved getting a tonguing as good as the one she was getting from Salma.

When Salma’s tongue continued licking over her clitoris Katie cried out, her arousal muffled by Alyssa’s kiss. Salma’s tongue made her clit jump and throb every time she ran over it with wet, long lashes. It was making Katie’s head spin and her heart pound inside her chest. It was all so good.

Katie tried to concentrate on Salma’s tongue or Alyssa’s kiss or the feel of her hands on her tits, but it was all too much and she loved it. She loved being overwhelmed by the need for sex…the need to fuck…and it was making her pussy drip into Salma’s mouth.

Just as Alyssa was doing to her, Katie had her lover’s tits in her hands and was stoking them. They were so firm and sexy, but Katie could barely register that she was touching them. Every one of her senses was flaring up at once. She could smell the sex in the air and still taste Ashley and Salma’s juices on her lips.

The feel of Alyssa’s large breasts in her hand was almost an afterthought. There was too much for Katie to experience with all these sexy, naked bodies around her.

The more Katie dripped, the more Salma licked. Almost as soon as she had experienced sex for the first time, Salma had loved the taste of another woman and Katie had such delicious juices to feed her.

Salma pressed her mouth to Katie’s drooling cunt and let the young brunette’s essence spill into her waiting mouth. She licked away at the beautiful girl before her, alternating between her soft, pink girl flesh and going right after her clit. Salma knew she probably could have gotten Katie off a bunch of times now by just sucking on her clit, but it was more fun to make her moan and drip before orgasm.

Besides, Salma loved being opposite Ashley and sharing these two sluts with her friend. There was no need to turn this into a race or a competition. Salma continued tonguing Katie’s dripping folds while she reached out with her hand and began caressing Ashley’s bare backside. Her friend moaned into Alyssa’s cunt and then did the same, touching Salma’s ass with her hot hand.

Ashley and Salma had met years ago and had become instant friends and soon had become much more than that. They were so perfect for each other. They were both willful, occasionally stubborn, wild women who refused to take no for an answer and limit themselves to what others said they could and couldn’t do.

This bonded them as friends and as lovers. If they worked at it, both knew they might even be the perfect girlfriends for each other, but ultimately they loved men too much to even think about that type of commitment.

That didn’t mean they couldn’t fuck as often as they desired and they did, always promising that no sex would ever put their friendship at risk. That arrangement had worked for years and it was working now as they shared Alyssa and Katie.

Having already sampled Katie’s cream many times, Ashley had wanted a taste of Alyssa and, judging from the way she reacted to the touch on her ass and the smile just peeking out as she fed off Alyssa, Salma could see she loved it.

“Ohhhh fuck me! Mmmmmm fuck that tongue deep into my pussy!” Alyssa groaned, Katie’s saliva clinging to her lips. “Ooooooooh Rose said you were a great fuck Ashley! She said you tongue fucked her till she passed out in that motel room! Do it to me! Show me she’s not fucking lying! Fuck my pussy until I can’t fucking take it anymore!”

Immediately seeing why Rose and Alyssa were friends, Ashley grinned and kept licking. She wondered if that other girl on “Charmed” was just as demanding and slutty a bitch as Rose and Alyssa were. While she licked away, Ashley began wondering if in fact she should visit the set and find out for herself.

If Holly Marie Combs was just half as good as Rose and Alyssa were then she was going to be in for some real fun. Ashley still vividly remembered how hot Rose had been that night and morning and now she was seeing first hand just how sexy her co-star was too.

“Keep fucking my face with this sweet little pussy and you’re gonna get every slutty thing you desire, darlin’,” Ashley promised, her voice with just enough drawl to make Alyssa quiver with accent lust.

Ashley never minded playing up the whole “Southern belle” thing to get a lover off. It was fun for her too and as long as her lover, whether they be man or woman, was getting off then it didn’t matter to Ashley how she did it.

Alyssa responded to this promise by thrusting her wetness against Ashley’s face with renewed vigor. Ashley responded with a series of hard tongue lashes into her lover’s cummy sex. Alyssa’s pussy was ripe for the picking and Ashley couldn’t wait to really bite into this fruit and taste her spilling juices.

To Ashley, Alyssa reminded her so much of Rose, especially in how her pussy felt like it demanded attention non-stop. She could tell that Alyssa was one of those girls that were always ready to fuck. It didn’t matter where or when, they needed only a second to whip off their panties and spread out some pink. Not surprisingly, Ashley loved girls like that.

She had already enjoyed Alyssa’s tongue on her own pussy, so Ashley didn’t tease and she didn’t make Alyssa beg, though that would have been fun too. The girl had such a hot, practiced tongue and Ashley wanted to reward her for the orgasm that was still staining Alyssa’s face.

Ashley still had little goosebumps on her skin from when she’d burst out with her orgasm and creamed Alyssa’s face. Alyssa had been such a hot screw that it would have been downright mean to make her wait and suffer.

With that in mind, Ashley backed her ass up a little bit, allowing Salma to get a better grip on her cheeks, and let her tongue do its magical dance on Alyssa. Ashley had been getting girls off for years and she didn’t think there was any trick she didn’t know.

Alyssa had such a sweet, pink cunt. It was obvious this was a girl who wasn’t getting any cock these days, just pussy, and that only made Ashley like and want her more.

“Gonna come for me Alyssa?” Ashley asked in between licks. “Gonna come for Ashley? Mmmmm I want that cum of yours so bad sweetie. Gimmie all that honey you’ve got cooking for me. Don’t hold back cause I’m not even close to being done with you. I’m haven’t begun to fuck this hot body of yours!”

That sounded very good to Alyssa and she moaned deeply again, pleasure rippling through her naked body. She finally had to break off her kissing and touching of Katie. She needed to focus on her own orgasm as Ashley pushed her closer with every hot lick against her snatch.

Alyssa loved the sound of every one of Ashley’s sexy promises. Ashley had such an incredible body too. Alyssa loved looking down on it in all its nude glory while Ashley was bent over to eat her out. This wasn’t going to be a one-time thing for Alyssa. She wanted Ashley to be a steady fuck in her life.

Salma didn’t have Katie too far behind either. Ashley had come back from shooting their movie raving about how hot Katie was and now Salma saw that once again her friend had not played her wrong.

Not only had Katie just licked her to an orgasm, but also she had herself a mighty lickable pussy here. Salma couldn’t get enough of her taste and showed that with steady, strong licks against Katie’s pussy.

All the while she was licking, Salma felt her own arousal rise with the sounds of the moans from both Katie and Alyssa. Having felt Ashley’s tongue inside her more times than she could remember, Salma knew just what Alyssa was feeling.

Salma loved hearing the sounds of aroused women sighing and moaning and crying out their pleasure. She didn’t care if it was short, hard gasps of ecstasy or drawn out delicious moans of satisfaction. She just loved the sound of it and her ears had so many girl cries to hear all around her.

At first when Ashley had told her about this party and what was planned for it, Salma hadn’t believed her. Her friend had never been one for making up crazy stories, but this had seemed too good to be true. But here it was, better than even Ashley had made things sound, and it was just getting started. There was a whole weekend planned and Salma couldn’t wait to see what else could happen here.

“Ohhhhhhhmygawwwwd sooooo close,” Katie began panting, pulling Salma’s mind back to the here and now. “Ohhhh fuck I’m gonna come soon! Make me come Salma! I love your tongue! Mmmmmm feels so good fucking my pussy! More! Just a little more!”

“You’ll get a lot more,” Salma promised, shooting Katie a juice coated smile from between her legs. “You’ll be coming so soon you can almost blink and it will be there. Lay back for me you pretty little thing. Spread this pussy of yours wide so I can make you cream so sweet all over my face!”

Before Katie could even offer a little yelp of surprise she was being pulled away from the wall by Alyssa and onto her back. Salma then plunged her face back against her pussy and began licking harder than ever.

Katie cried out in sharp bursts of steady pleasure shooting through her. Her tits bounced with every sexy sound passing her lips and Katie did as she was told. She lay back and spread herself as wide as she could manage, opening up her folds for Salma to drill her tongue deep inside.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss ooooooooh fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy!” Katie began repeating as her body trembled with anticipation for what she knew was coming.

She knew what Salma wanted and she gave it to her, pushing her pussy up against her face so she could feast upon it. The pleasure was getting so intense that Katie had to close her eyes to take it all in.

While she was licking Katie, Salma felt her own pussy drool in arousal when Ashley’s hand dropped lower and slid in just a little farther. Salma knew how much her friend loved playing with her ass.

Out of all her lover’s Ashley seemed the most taken with her curves and could often spend hours fondling, massaging and tonguing her ass. But Salma also knew that Ashley loved pussy most of all. Therefore it shouldn’t have been surprising to her when Ashley suddenly began fingering her.

Salma moaned her own pleasure into Katie’s pussy, but she didn’t let this new stimulation distract or slow her. In fact she let it inspire her to lick Katie that much better, drawing her tongue ever so closer to Katie’s clitoris.

It also inspired Salma to give her friend the same treatment. Ashley was so close to her that Salma was able to get her fingers into her pussy too. The two friends began a steady finger fuck of the other while they ate their lovers out.

They were quite a sight for anyone who cared to look, Ashley and Salma bent over, their bare asses in the air and their fingers sliding into the other’s pussy while they licked Alyssa and Katie into moaning, spasming frenzies.

Katie was flat on her back, bouncing and gasping in time to Salma’s licks, while Alyssa remained sitting up, fucking her pussy against Ashley’s probing tongue thrusts while she gripped her own tits and pushed them up toward her mouth one at a time so she could take quick stabs of her tongue against her swollen nipples.

“Yeahhhhhhhhh keep fucking that pussy Ashley!” Alyssa groaned. “Don’t you fucking stop! Your hot friend here’s gonna make Katie come first! Don’t let her! I wanna come first! Make me fucking come Ashley! Show me if that tongue of yours is really any fucking good!”

Ashley and Salma might not have wanted a competition, but it sure seemed like Alyssa did. She ground her pussy against Ashley’s face, forcing more of her tongue inside as she sought to draw the two friends into a race.

Ashley didn’t want to play that game, though, and she let Alyssa know with an ever so quick bite against her clit. It wasn’t supposed to hurt or anything, just give Alyssa a little sting and a message about who was really in control here.

“Ow! Ooooooooh you fucking bitch!” Alyssa laughed, getting the message. “Not much for races huh! Well I fucking am! You’re gonna make me come now whether you want to or not you goddamn slut!”

Alyssa then began to really give it to Ashley’s face. She released her tits from her grasp and grabbed onto Ashley’s head, humping against her frantically as her orgasm drew close.

Ashley didn’t mind. She loved Alyssa’s enthusiasm and if it meant she could taste her lover’s orgasm that much quicker she didn’t care what body part she was gripping onto. Besides, this was all very playful and Ashley found it very easy to get off on it. Not that Salma’s thrusting fingers didn’t help that part too.

“Take it Ashley! Take my fucking pussy right up against that sweet face of yours!” Alyssa grunted, her tits bouncing madly as her body glowed in sexual perspiration. “Fucking lick that cunt! Make me come! Work that tongue on my clit! Mmmmmm fucking your hot face just like Rose did! You fucking love it don’t you? I know you do! Show me by making me come!”

Alyssa’s dirty talk wasn’t just inspiring Ashley to lick harder. It also had Katie getting more and more turned on too. She had known Alyssa was free spirited and never shy about getting sexy, but she hadn’t seen anyone act like this before, except for her brief time with Rose.

It was really getting her going to see Alyssa fuck Ashley’s face and spew out those dirty words while Salma’s tongue was licking her deep and getting her clit in all the right ways.

“Fuck me Salma! Fuck me like Ashley’s fucking Lyssa!” Katie cried, wanting to try a little of this for herself.

She didn’t even know where these words were coming from, but she did love saying them.

“Fuck my wet fucking cunt with that tongue!” Katie continued, the sound of her own voice turning her on even more. “Ooooooooh the two of you are such hot nasty sluts! Mmmmmm such good fucking pussy lickers! Yeahhhhhhhh, you like that don’t you Salma? You like me talking dirty like a nasty bitch, don’t you? You like hearing me say dirty words about how I want you to eat my pussy and fuck my dirty little cunt! It turns you on, doesn’t it? Makes you all wet and creamy!”

Truthfully Salma didn’t care if Katie was lying there silent or reciting the Gettysburg Address. All she cared about was that she was wet and was ready to come. Everything else was just a bonus. As long as the pussy was sweet, nothing else mattered.

But it was hot to hear Katie talk like that. It made Salma feel even more like she’d entered some plane of complete debauchery that she never wanted to leave.

As Katie continued to spit out every profanity and lewd come on she could think of in her overheating brain, Salma just kept on licking. She continued going back and forth between tongue fucks and clit sucks, but the closer Katie got the more Salma was nursing on her clit. Now it was time to push her over the edge.

While Alyssa struggled to get Ashley to pick up the pace, Salma went for Katie’s clit and sucked it hard and fast, wrapping her lips around it with the plan not to stop until Katie was all creamed out.

“OHHHHHHHHH FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Katie suddenly screamed when she felt Salma’s sexy lips tend to her clit full time.

Before Salma was sucking her clit just enough to bring her to the edge before pulling her back for more playtime, but this was different. Salma sucked and sucked until Katie came, screaming out the rapture she felt.

Katie’s orgasmic howls drove Alyssa wild with lust and impatience. She didn’t want to fucking wait. She wanted to come!

“GODDAMNIT ASHLEY MAKE ME FUCKING COME!!!” Alyssa cried out in frustration, her hand still on the back of Ashley’s head.

She could feel Ashley’s lips on her clit too, pressing down on her pulsing bud while her tongue was licking at it. She was so close…just a little bit more. Just a little bit more.

Ashley could hear every needy cry and desperate gasp coming from Alyssa. It wasn’t as if she wanted her to suffer or wait. It was just that Salma had been a little faster in getting Katie off. If Ashley had been competitive, that might have bothered her. But she didn’t pay it much mind, preferring to concentrate on making Alyssa come.

Even with Alyssa’s hands holding her down, Ashley buried her face as deep as she could in Alyssa’s cunt. She let the actress wrap her legs around her neck to spread herself open even wider to push her clit harder against her clamping lips. Finally all the effort paid off with a happy scream.

“YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKING TAKE IT ALLLLLLLLLLLL!!!” Alyssa roared when she came, her orgasm immediately soaking Ashley’s skin with a blast of passion she was eager to receive.

Ashley immediately stopped sucking and started licking again, lashing her tongue into Alyssa to coax out as many drops of girl cream as she could get.

Salma was doing the same to Katie, licking away at her creaming snatch. Ashley and Salma tongue fucked their orgasming lovers while continuing to finger each other.

They could feel each other’s wetness dripping down onto their fingers and they knew that it wasn’t going to be too long before they were having another set of orgasms for themselves. The two friends just hoped that they hadn’t exhausted Katie and Alyssa so that they wouldn’t want another taste.

Meanwhile exhaustion wasn’t even close to being a problem for the youngest participants in the festivities. Hilary and Lindsay couldn’t get enough of each other. Lindsay’s face was still sticky with Hilary’s cum and she wanted more…a lot more while Hilary was tongue deep in Lindsay’s cunt, lashing at her aching pussy and getting every drop of juice.

Lindsay was close to coming and Hilary wanted to taste it so bad. Then she wanted to do Lindsay again and she wanted Lindsay to do her back again too. Lindsay hadn’t seen yet what a good girl she could be taking it up the ass like a filthy fuck slut and Hilary couldn’t wait to show her.

“Ohhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwd yessssssssssssss!!!” Lindsay frantically cried, pawing at her shaking tits while her bare body thrashed on the floor, desperate for that little push into orgasm.

Hilary wasn’t as skilled as Angelina had been, but somehow this felt naughtier. Christ, Hilary couldn’t even drink or vote or anything and she was eating her pussy. She could fucking go to jail for humping her cunt against Hilary’s underage face, but if that was the case, Lindsay was ready to be cuffed.

“Oh God! Ohhhhhh God!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyy fucking gawwwwd!!!” Lindsay kept whimpering, the pleasure gripping her. She felt like goosebumps were all over her naked body. “Make me come Hilary! Oh yesssssssss suck that pussy! Mmmmmmmm you are a fucking slut! A nasty dirty pussy licker and you’re soooooooo fucking good Hilary! Gawwwwwwwwd I’m a slut tooooo!!! Eat my pussy! My nasty fucking wet pussy!”

Hilary had her hand buried between her legs, rubbing at her own tingling pussy while she lay flat on her stomach, but she hadn’t even needed to touch herself to come at the sound of that. She would have creamed the small, but intense orgasm that shot through her no matter what.

What Lindsay was saying to her was such an incredible turn on that her words alone did the trick. Hilary gasped and squealed into Lindsay’s pussy as she came, but she didn’t stop licking.

She loved what Lindsay was calling her. Hot girl cream coated Hilary’s fingers as Lindsay continued moaning and calling her a whore, a slut, a cunt and all the nasty words Hilary loved. This was so amazing! She was a dirty little slut and she wanted Lindsay to never forget it. She totally wanted to eat her out so good that she was gonna always remember it.

Fighting off the pleasure of her own orgasm, Hilary kept licking, not wanting to stop until she made Lindsay come. Hilary had licked so many girls that night at the mansion, but none of them were as tight as Lindsay was now. Her pussy was like the best thing Hilary had ever tasted and she tongue fucked her as hard as she could, not caring if her mouth got tired.

Hilary pushed her young and eager tongue into Lindsay like she was fingering her or using a toy. Each lick got her more cream and Hilary swallowed it with happy gulps.

All the while Hilary stared up at Lindsay from between her legs, her red sticky bush tickling her face. Hilary was learning so much about fucking girls and Britney and Christina had taught her that girls liked it when you looked up at them so they could see it in your eyes how much you loved eating them.

Hilary totally loved eating Lindsay out and she wanted to make sure she knew it. So she gave her the sexiest stare she could muster, hoping her blue eyes were twinkling like she wanted them to be.

Of course, Lindsay didn’t even notice Hilary’s stare, but that was only because of how good her tongue was. When she had gotten the call from her supposed rival last night, Lindsay had never imagined the day would end up like this.

She couldn’t believe she was getting fucked by another girl and loving it so much. Lindsay had made her first real boyfriend wait months before he could fuck her, but being here with other girls was making her act like a complete wanton slut and get off on every second of it.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooh sooooooo close!!!” Lindsay squealed. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssss fuck meeeeeee Hilaryyyyyyyyyyy!!! Faster! Fasssssssssterrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!”

Hilary was going as fast as she could, still staring up at Lindsay and her big, bouncing boobs. Hilary couldn’t wait to show Britney and Christina that she had gotten Lindsay. She totally wanted to show her new best friend off to everyone.

Lindsay’s pussy was clamping down against her tongue and was getting even tighter. It was totally pinching down on her and Hilary knew this meant Lindsay was close. So she kept tongue fucking her, pushing it in and licking while Lindsay got wetter and tighter.

Ohhhhhh I think I’m in love! Lindsay couldn’t help but think that as she bucked her hips against Hilary’s beautiful face. She tried to tell herself to get perspective, but she couldn’t help it. This felt too good!

She couldn’t believe Hilary was making her feel this amazing. It was like she was totally falling in love with that stuck up little princess just from how good she was eating her. Lindsay wondered if everyone else here was that good. God, she was turning into such a sex-crazed slut here and Lindsay didn’t want to turn back.

Everything felt good now. Hilary’s tongue in her pussy. Her own hands on her tits. The air conditioning on her flushed, sweaty face. The little beads of perspiration trickling down into her cleavage. Everything. And every lick from Hilary just made it better and better until Lindsay thought she was totally going to explode if she didn’t come soon.

Fortunately not only was that physically impossible, it wasn’t even a worry that lasted more than a second because Hilary’s tongue fucking had the result they both were seeking. Hilary had been slamming that hot tongue deep into her pussy and finally Lindsay felt what she had been craving since Angelina had pulled out of her.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Lindsay bellowed when her orgasm hit her like she was wiping out while surfing a tidal wave.

It crashed around her and left her lurching and gasping. Lindsay couldn’t even form words, just high pitched screams of ecstasy while she fed her hot, creamy essence to Hilary’s hungry mouth.

Lindsay kept humping herself against Hilary and the little blonde kept licking, letting Lindsay’s juices soak her face, all the way up to her hair. Hilary felt how it got her skin totally sticky, but she loved it. She wanted Lindsay’s cream all over her so everyone could see what a dirty girl she was and how good she was at fucking girls.

Only when Lindsay fell back to the floor and stopped moving, did Hilary stop licking. After close to minute her friend still didn’t stir and Hilary looked up cautiously.

“Ummmm Lindsay…you ok?” Hilary inquired, cum still dripping from her lips as she wondered whether she had fucked Lindsay into a coma or something like that.

“Mmmmmmm never been better,” Lindsay dreamily sighed as she blew strands of her red hair out of her face. What Hilary had just done to her had her floating and she hadn’t wanted to stir from it.

“I thought you’d like passed out or something…” Hilary replied, pulling herself up so Lindsay and she were face to face and pressing their young, naked bodies together.

“I almost did,” Lindsay admitted. “That was totally intense Hilary! You’re an incredible fuck!”

“Thanks,” Hilary replied, blushing and smiling.

All around them she could hear and see the other girls still fucking away. There was so much feminine arousal in the air Hilary felt like she could stick her tongue out and taste it. But right now the only one Hilary wanted to focus on was Lindsay.

“I can fuck you other places too,” Hilary giggled, letting her hands move down Lindsay’s back to cup the cheeks of her ass so there could be no confusion as to what she meant.

“Mmmmmmmmm yesssssss…” Lindsay hissed in renewed arousal, just from the feel of Hilary’s small hands on her butt.

She’d never been taken there before. She hadn’t even really considered it before now. But suddenly the idea of being fucked up the ass by Hilary or any of these sexy sluts sounded amazing. Lindsay wanted them to do everything to her.

But first there was kissing to be done and Lindsay helped herself to another taste of Hilary’s lips and tongue. The two teenage beauties made out with a feverish arousal that showed no signs of cooling while they rubbed their glowing, bare bodies together.

Hilary couldn’t get enough of the feel of Lindsay’s huge boobs against her smaller pair. They felt so incredible. And the feel of Lindsay’s wet pussy rubbing hers? Hilary knew she could totally get off on that.

The two horny teenagers kept kissing each other, caressing each other’s faces and scraping well-manicured fingernails up and down each other’s backs. Their hands both wanted to explore the naked body before them and they did, kissing and touching each other while everyone else around them screamed, grunted and howled in orgasm.

As lost as they were in each other, the passionate noises of everyone’s sex play couldn’t escape their attention forever.

“God, look at everyone,” Lindsay giggled. She had never expected to see women like this do what they were doing.

Everyone was acting like a total slut and Lindsay found her pussy, which had previously been a cock-only zone, burning to be just like them.

“I know,” Hilary replied with a giggle of her own. “I think they’re like this all the time. At least that’s what Christina told me.”

Hearing that name caused Lindsay to crane her neck around until she saw Christina, on all fours getting fucked doggie style by Rose and this huge toy she had around her waist.

Lindsay realized with a sexual shiver shooting through her body that Christina wasn’t just being fucked from behind, she was taking it up her ass, screaming and cursing how much she loved it. God that looked so good. Mmmmm and with Maria staring at the two of them and fingering herself, Lindsay got even more turned on.

She and Hilary looked all around the room, taking it all in. There were so many beautiful women there doing such nasty things.

Natalie and Kirsten were sucking on Angelina’s tits and touching all over her body. Charisma and Love were cleaning off each other’s cream covered chests. Elisha and Cameron were fingering and licking each other in a hot 69 that had Lindsay and Hilary eager to try that position out for themselves. Gwen was rubbing a juice-coated dildo all over Jennifer Garner’s tits. It was all so amazing.

But Hilary soon saw what she thought was the hottest pairing of all.

“Look,” Hilary said, tugging on Lindsay’s arm so she’d see what she saw. Lindsay turned and immediately got the same rush of horniness that Hilary had gotten when it first caught her eye too.

Lindsay couldn’t help but reach down to caress her own pussy just from the sight of Sarah taking on Michelle Trachtenberg.

Sarah, Michelle and Alyson had barely paused for breath since they had started. All three of them were gasping and shaking and still going for more. They were running on pure adrenaline and not a one of them wanted to slow down, much less stop for anything. Their bodies were glowing with sex sweat and all three of their faces were glistening with each other’s cum.

After what Sarah had done to her, licking her out and making her come harder than any man ever had before, Michelle had been desperate to return the favor. She hadn’t even waited for Sarah to tell her what to do. Michelle had just plunged her tongue into Sarah’s pussy, famished for her first real taste of pussy.

Michelle had licked Sarah with her girl virgin tongue as best she could, letting her former co-star guide her and tell her what to do in the filthiest, hottest language Sarah could force past her lips. It had been an incredible thrill for Michelle to do that and actually get Sarah off and after that she’d gone straight for Alyson, eating the redhead out and gaining pussy licking experience with every tongue lash.

All the while the three of them had kept up their nasty role-play game. Michelle hadn’t been eating out Sarah. She’d been eating out her “sister.” Every time Sarah called her “Dawnie” she had felt like she going to come. It was so fucking hot to play and their game was still going strong.

“Please Buffyyyyyyy…pleaaaaaaaaaaaseeeee…” Michelle whined in need as she remained on all fours before Sarah and Alyson.

“Say it Dawnie…say it or else I won’t do it!” Sarah smiled evilly. “I want to hear my slutty little sister say it.”

“Ohhhhh gawwwwwwwwwd,” Michelle groaned, giving in to her “sister’s” demands because she wanted it as bad as Sarah did.

“Fuck me Buffy!” Michelle begged. “Fuck my ass! Fuck your slutty little sister’s virgin ass! Please Buffy! Mmmmmmm my ass is so fucking tight for you! It’ll be such a hot fuck and I need it so bad! I need it so fucking baaaaaaaad!!! Fuck my asshole, big sister!!!! Make me your nasty ass fucking whore!!!”

Those were just the magic words Sarah was looking for and she reacted to them by placing her hands firmly on the teenager’s cheeks and prying them open, exposing her tender, untouched rosebud to her horny eyes. Grinning all the while, Sarah spit into Michelle’s ass, making her lover groan frantically, and then ran her tongue right over the tight ring.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK!!!” Michelle screamed when she felt a tongue against her asshole for the first time.

It was unbelievably nasty and sexy. Michelle loved the intensity of the pleasure that shot through her body. After Sarah had done such an incredible job at her pussy, Michelle knew she had to try this and it already had her body weak with desire to come after just a few seconds.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss Buffyyyyyyyyyy oooooooooooooh fuck yessssssssssss!” Michelle squealed and gasped. “Tongue my ass! Get your spit in it and lick it! Lick your slutty sister’s virgin asshole! Fuck it good and make it loose and nasty!”

After all she’d done, not even Sarah had imagined doing something this wicked, but here she was licking the virgin asshole of the girl that might as well have really been her sister. Even though she’d just come, Sarah was already dripping down her legs again. Her pussy was sizzling over the depravity she was engaging in and that didn’t escape Alyson’s attention.

“Someone needs to get fucked bad, doesn’t she?” Alyson giggled behind Sarah and the blonde former slayer suddenly felt her cunt get filled with the hard plastic dildo they had been sharing before.

Sarah groaned as her best friend penetrated her dripping folds, but that didn’t stop her licking. She wouldn’t have stopped licking Michelle for a fucking gangbang.

“Ohhhh yeahhhhhhh lick that ass Buffy! Fucking take that tight little asshole with your tongue!” Alyson lewdly urged as she pushed the dildo deeper into Sarah with every lick of Michelle’s hole. “Fuck her good Buffy! Your nasty fuck slut sister wants to be a whore like we are Buffy. Show her how to fucking do it right! Show her how hot dykes like us fuck each other! Show Dawnie how nasty big girl sluts do it when they’re all grown up!”

Sarah groaned deliriously into Michelle’s ass, her tongue fucking the tight bud while Alyson filled her up with the toy. She had to stop licking so she could gasp and catch her breath from the intense penetration. Her best friend always knew how to fuck her right. Any other time Sarah might even have given into temptation and concentrated on her own pleasure, but not with Michelle’s virgin hole beckoning her back to action.

“Ughhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me Aly! Fuck that wet cunt of mine what that hunk of plastic!” Sarah groaned, panting over Michelle’s ass while her fingers dug into the teen cheeks. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Harder Aly! Harder! Make me fucking come while I eat this little slut’s ass out!”

Before today Michelle never would have let anyone call her names like Sarah and Alyson had been doing, but now she was getting off on it just like she was a slut.

Every word sounded good coming out of their mouths and Michelle didn’t care what they called her as long as they didn’t stop fucking her. She had already come twice from Sarah’s touch and she knew number three would be upon her any time now.

Michelle was fulfilling fantasies she never known she had had until now. With the tastes of Sarah and Alyson coating her lips and the feel of Sarah’s tongue in her ass Michelle had never been happier. She should have been doing this all along. If only she’d seen this side of herself sooner then she wouldn’t have missed out on the fun.

“Oooooooooh fuck me Buffyyyyyyyyy!” Michelle cried, calling out once again for her fictional sister. This game was so naughty and Michelle didn’t want to stop playing it. “Fuck my ass! Fuck it good you hot bitch! Make me a fucking slut just like youuuuuuuuuuu!!!”

Michelle squealed in rapturous delight when Sarah spit into her asshole again and licked it all up, swirling her tongue around and penetrating her virgin hole. She loved the feel of Sarah’s hot spit hitting her tender asshole and then the wet touch of her tongue going in after it. It was so lewd and nasty and soooooo fucking good.

She almost didn’t want to come because she didn’t want Sarah to stop what she was doing. Michelle didn’t think this could get any better, but Sarah knew that it could.

“Mmmmmmm you’re the hot bitch, begging your big sister to fuck your little asshole…mmmmm you’ll get what you want baby. Buffy knows just what nasty little fuck sluts like you need…” Sarah’s sizzling voice dripped down to Michelle’s ears before she wet her finger in her mouth and slowly penetrated Michelle’s ass with it.

Michelle tensed up and let out a groan of such wanton desire that Sarah nearly creamed the dildo buried inside her just from hearing it.

Sarah couldn’t even believe that she was acting this way and to see Michelle react like that was almost surreal. This was just unbelievable. Sarah had spent so much time with Michelle and even after she’d seen the pleasure women could give each other, she had never thought they would end up like this, fucking each other ragged.

Once again Michelle’s young mouth was frozen open with ecstasy as Sarah began to finger fuck her ass. She tried to scream out for more and to tell Sarah she loved it, but she couldn’t. Michelle could barely manage out a squeak. The feeling was so goddamn good that words failed her. She just let the pleasure rush through her, overwhelming her senses.

Now that her tongue was freed up, Sarah was making plenty of noise for the both of them. She had the rush of taking her friend like this while Alyson fucked her right back and she couldn’t keep quiet about it.

“So tight…so fucking tight,” Sarah groaned, Michelle’s anal ring clamping tightly around her finger as she pushed inside. “You like that baby? You like getting your ass fucked? Oooooooh I know you do. Bet you were saving this cherry for me, weren’t you Dawnie? Saving me your virgin ass for Buffy to fuck! That’s it baby! Show me how much you fucking love it while Willow fills my pussy up so good!”

Sarah then silenced herself by tugging her naked redheaded friend over for a passionate kiss. Alyson happily accepted the invitation, fusing her and Sarah’s lips together while not letting up a bit with the dildo. Sarah was so wet for her and Alyson wasn’t stopping until she came. She had so many presents she wanted to give Sarah today and another orgasm was the least of them.

“Come for me Sarah,” Alyson urged, breaking away from the game to concentrate solely on fucking her best friend.

Sarah was getting that dreamy, far away look in her eyes that Alyson knew was a sign of things to cum. Sarah was close and Alyson craved her cream.

“Ohhhhh I’ll come…I’ll fucking come all over that toy,” Sarah moaned, her voice getting huskier the closer she got to orgasm. She’d been screaming in pleasure almost non-stop since the first lap dance and she was starting to get hoarse. “Ohhhhh God I love how you fuck me Aly!”

“I love fucking you so much Sarah! I love getting you off!” Alyson cried, pushing the dildo into Sarah’s dripping pink pussy, thrusting just hard enough to make her friend’s sweet horny voice shriek in passion. “Soak my toy! Mmmmm get it all creamy and sticky so I can lick off every nasty drop! Give it to me Sarah! Give me all that hot cum while you fuck that little slut over there and make her a nasty girl just like us!”

It was getting harder and harder for Sarah to concentrate both on Michelle’s ass and the toy buried inside her. Alyson knew it and didn’t let up a bit. She loved Michelle, but right now her pleasure was of little importance to Alyson. She only wanted Sarah to come. She wanted her friend to feel the ecstasy of orgasm.

“Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd so close…sooooooo fucking close!” Sarah’s husky, panting voice groaned.

The pleasure had such a grip on her that she could barely do anything but cry out as her body shivered in anticipation. Her finger inside Michelle stopped moving, filling but not fucking the teen as Alyson continued to push the toy inside her with determined, steady thrusts.

“Noooooooo don’t stop!” Michelle wailed, her own orgasm delayed. “Fuck me Buffy! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASSSSSSSEEEEEE!!!”

But Michelle’s cries fell on deaf ears. All Sarah could focus on was her own pleasure. It grabbed her entire body and didn’t let go.

Sarah could feel her blood rushing through her body and her heart frantically pounding in her chest. Her brain seemed to be pulsing with need. Sarah needed to come and Alyson knew it.

“That’s it Sarah! Fucking come for me!” Alyson begged, her hand gripping the red toy so hard that it felt like it could snap in her hand.

Sarah’s pink pussy lips were completely wrapped around it like a vise now and the plastic was completely coated in her sticky, creamy essence. Alyson was barely pulling the dildo out by now, just inching it out a bit and then thrusting it back in, making Sarah buck and cry out indecipherable sounds of pleasure.

The blonde shook with each thrust inside her pussy and Alyson gave her more every time until finally they both got what they wanted.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Sarah screamed, her sizzling cum dripping down the dildo and coating Alyson’s hand.

Alyson moaned at the feel and sound of her friend’s orgasm. She kept pumping the toy into Sarah and letting her cream flow down to soak her skin. Alyson wanted her hand to be completely coated so she could lick it clean.

All around them girls who had just come themselves were starting to crawl over, getting closer with every orgasmic scream from Sarah’s lips. The guest of honor was seeing all the action around her in brief intense flashes while the pleasure shot through her naked body like adrenaline.

Her eyes were wide open, but she could barely see from the colors bursting inside her, but what she did see she liked. Britney. Rose. Gwen. Elisha. Hilary. Jennifer. Maria. Christina. Love. Michelle. Jewel. Everyone. They were all getting closer, surrounding her with their bare bodies.

Sarah’s cries soon fell to gasps and moans and, with that, returned her perspective. She got her bearings back and saw that Michelle was just as desperate as she had left her. Sarah still had her finger buried in the teen’s asshole and her body was quivering for that little push to orgasm.

“Ohhhhhh baby, I’m sorry,” Sarah apologized to her new lover, kissing Michelle’s young lips, tenderly. “I didn’t mean to make you wait. Let Buffy make it all better.”

“Ooooooooh please! Please Buffy! Fuck meeeeeeeee!!!” Michelle begged. “Don’t make me wait!”

Sarah began moving her finger once again in Michelle, fucking her more gently this time as she turned her attention back to Alyson, who was happily licking her cum covered hand.

“Mmmmmm looks yummy,” Sarah giggled.

“Want a taste?” Alyson asked, shooting her friend a cream glistening grin.

“You know I do, but first gimmie that toy,” Sarah requested. “I’m gonna get this little slut off so hard, she’s not gonna be able to walk.”

“That’s what I wanna hear,” Alyson said, her grin growing wider as she handed Sarah the still sticky dildo that had been inside her just a few moments earlier.

Alyson knew exactly what Sarah was going to do and she couldn’t wait to see it, especially since they had an audience now.

“Get ready baby,” Sarah said, turning her attention back to Michelle as she kept herself in perfect doggie style position, her not-so-virgin-anymore asshole staring her right in the face. “Buffy’s gonna fuck you good, just like a big sister should.”

Michelle didn’t even have time to ask Sarah what she meant because she was too busy shrieking in absolute bliss. Sarah pulled her finger out of her ass and, before Michelle could even blink, much less raise an objection, she was pushing the tip of the cream lubed dildo to her hole. Michelle’s eyes shot open in intense reaction, but that touch was nothing compared to what she felt when Sarah actually began pushing the toy inside her.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH GAWWWWWWWWWWWWD!!!” Michelle howled when Sarah began fucking her ass with the dildo.

Sarah took Michelle slowly, but without fear. She knew Michelle could handle this. Sarah let Michelle’s body react naturally to the penetration. Thanks to her orgasm, the dildo had plenty of lube and Sarah was able to push inside Michelle’s ass without too much resistance.

“Good girl…mmmmm I’ve got such a good little slutty sister,” Buffy cooed as Michelle screamed out every bit of the intense pleasure she was feeling. “Such a tight, fuckable ass. I love being fucked up the ass and now you’re gonna love it too. That’s it baby. Take this big, fake cock up your ass! Gimmie that cherry of yours! Give Buffy your cherry!”


By now everyone in the room seemed to have crowded around to watch Sarah take her “sister’s” ass. Michelle could feel the heat of their stares and it made her even wetter.

She was shocked there wasn’t any pain. She was sure it was hurting her to have her ass stretched like this, but she couldn’t feel it. The pleasure was too great. She couldn’t feel anything but bliss from Sarah’s skillful, tender fucking.

Michelle found her body reacting naturally, she backed herself up, pushing her ass into the air just slightly enough to force more of the dildo inside her hole. Her firm tits were shaking like there was an earthquake under her and Michelle’s palms were pressing so hard into the floor she felt like they were going to punch right through to the other side. Her cries were coming out all strangled and garbled, but Michelle knew everyone could see how much she was loving this.

One of those girls who was especially loving the show was Alyson, but that was because Charisma had crawled over from the crowd and now had her tongue buried in her pussy. Her former co-star hadn’t even asked for permission, but Alyson had forgiven the horny brunette as soon as her tongue had begun hitting her clitoris.

“Yessssssss yesssssssssss oooooooooooh yessssssssssssssssssss aaaaaaaaaaah fuck me Charisma!” Alyson had panted, her cries easily obscured by Michelle’s howls. “Eat my pussy baby! Lick that wet, creamy cunt of mine! Oooooooooooh I got so fucking wet fucking Sarah while she fucked Michelle! Taste it baby! Taste all that wet slutty cream I’ve got for you!”

That was just what Charisma was doing as she licked Alyson from behind, making sure the redhead could see the show. Charisma had been enjoying the deflowering of little Michelle’s rosebud too, but she had enjoyed even more seeing Alyson’s dripping pussy just a few feet away.

She hadn’t been able to resist grabbing a taste of the girl who had helped show her how amazing women could be in bed and she knew Alyson wouldn’t mind her hunger. While everyone stared at Sarah slowly and surely fucking Michelle with the dildo, Charisma lapped away at Alyson’s cunt, her hands firmly gripping onto the redhead’s pale ass cheeks while her tongue worked over her throbbing clit.

Alyson had gotten so wet and close just from fucking Sarah that Charisma knew her work was going to be short here. It was only going to take a few hot licks to get Aly off.

And just as Charisma had Alyson quickly screaming in orgasm, Sarah wasn’t far behind with Michelle.

“That’s it baby, come for Buffy, come from this big cock in your ass,” Sarah cooed to Michelle, caressing her face with her free hand and brushing her hair off her flushed skin while she continued to penetrate her loosening hole. “Don’t hold yourself back! Come for me baby! That’s it, you know you want to.”

Michelle did want to, more than anything. She felt tears of pleasure beginning to run down from her eyes. Not even the feel of another woman’s tongue on her pussy had ever made her feel like this. Michelle was experiencing one sexual high after another and every time she thought it wasn’t going to get any better, it did.

Now she had Sarah fucking her in the ass with a toy and all Michelle could think about was how she wanted Sarah to do her there again with one of those strap ons she had seen.

Just the thought of Sarah fucking her ass with one of those toys set Michelle off. The intense feeling of having her hole stretched and filled while everyone gawked at her made Michelle pant like a whore and picturing even more pushed her over the edge. As Sarah kept fucking her, Michelle screamed out her orgasm, her asshole tightening around the invading plastic, almost pushing it out as she came.

While Michelle came Sarah took her face in her hand and kissed her passionately, sucking her screams out into her own mouth. She kept one hand wrapped around the dildo, keeping it steady in Michelle’s ass, and the other hand pressed to her cheek, caressing it as they kissed.

Michelle’s tongue shot out from her orgasm and Sarah ran her own tongue over it lovingly, caressing it with her kiss. The kiss between the two girls lasted until Michelle couldn’t take anymore and had to pull away to breathe.

While her body quivered, Michelle fell down to the floor, her face resting against it and a wide, satisfied smile stretching from ear to ear. Only then did Sarah pull the dildo out of her devirginized ass, leaving her hole slightly stretched and feeling empty and lonely without the plastic inside it.

“Oooooooooooh Sarahhhhhh that was incredible,” Michelle mewed.

“You made it incredible,” Sarah assured her former co-star. “You were so hot, Michelle. Mmmmm or should I still call you Dawnie?”

“Ummmm Michelle’s fine,” the teenager answered, blushing madly. “I guess I got a little out of control. You don’t think I’m weird or anything? I just got so turned on thinking about it and I had to do it.”

“Don’t be embarrassed, I loved that,” Sarah admitted. “I definitely don’t think you’re weird, sweetie. I just didn’t know you could get so nasty Michelle. God, it was so hot. I came so hard.”

“Really? Gawwwwd I never knew anything could feel that good,” Michelle smiled. “Mmmmm I’m still tingling everywhere.”

“You get used to that, girl sex always has that effect,” Sarah giggled before lying down next on the floor and kissing her.

This time the kiss was much more tender than their frenzied making out had been and Sarah and Michelle were able to slowly press their tongues together and caress each other’s naked bodies while they lay in the afterglow of their orgasms.

Sarah and Michelle continued kissing softly and wetly as Sarah grabbed at her teenage lover’s tits and began massaging them. Michelle moaned and did the same to Sarah, loving the feel of her firm breasts under her hands.

It looked as though the two girls were about to become lost in each other’s flesh, but they were quick to receive a reminder that they weren’t exactly alone in a private bedroom.

“Jesus, get a room or something you two,” Rose teased. “If all you want to do is just make out, then get out of the way cause the rest of us want to fuck.”

“Well, can’t we do both?” Michelle asked, snuggling up to Sarah and pressing her bare breasts against her arm while wrapping herself around her new lover’s neck.

Michelle’s eyes couldn’t help but be drawn to the strap on Rose was wearing and how slick and creamy it was. Michelle suddenly wanted it inside her, pushing deep and hard. She wanted each and every one of these beautiful naked girls that were surrounding her and Sarah.

“Mmmmmm I might be all fucked out anyway,” Sarah declared, getting a whining groan from close to 40 naked girls.

“C’monnnnnnnn the party’s just starting,” Christina declared. “I’m still ready to fuck.”

“You’re always ready to fuck,” Sarah pointed out.

“Mmmmm is that a complaint?” Christina asked, crawling over so she was face to face with Sarah. The former slayer’s face was still covered with cum from her previous conquests and the singer didn’t hesitate to reach out with her tongue and lick some of it off. “Cause you don’t seem to mind when you’re the girl I’m ready to fuck.”

Sarah didn’t answer with words. Instead, as Michelle watched eagerly, Sarah grabbed Christina’s face in her hands and fiercely kissed her. Christina didn’t hesitate to surrender to the kiss, letting Sarah’s tongue massage hers and moaning when the blonde began running her fingers over her pierced nipple.

“Not quite so tired anymore, are you?” Alyson asked, hanging her face over Sarah’s when the kiss ended and then leaning down to lick off the saliva Christina had left on Sarah’s lips.

“Mmmmmmm maybe I can manage to play for a little while longer,” Sarah grinned.

“Good, cause this party is gonna go all weekend,” Alyson replied gleefully. “And only the weak are gonna do any sleeping.”

“I can’t believe you planned all this,” Sarah asked, sitting up on the floor so she and her best friend were face to face.

Everyone around them was taking a well-earned breather as they talked. No one was ready to pass out or anything, but they were all happy to have a quick rest.

“Well I did have some help,” Alyson admitted as Sarah began kissing all around her neck. “Christina helped…mmmmm and Jennifer…oooooooooh and Rose…”

“Whose idea was it to torture me and not let me come though?” Sarah asked, continuing to kiss Alyson’s neck and rubbing her tummy, knowing that soon Aly would be telling her anything she wanted. “I know Love wouldn’t think of something that mean.”

“Oooooooh who do you think? It was Rose’s idea,” Alyson dreamily revealed, loving having her stomach touched. That always drove her wild. “She said it would make you more ready to have fun.”

“I knew it…” Sarah said, shooting a glare at Rose.

The brunette sensed what it was for and playfully stuck her tongue out at Sarah in response.

“We just wanted to throw you a fun party Sarah,” Alyson replied. “You’re not mad are you?”

“Damn Aly, how could I be mad when I think I loosened my fillings with my orgasms,” Sarah giggled before playfully kissing her friend again. “I’m just gonna have to pay Rose back a little later. I love my party. You guys are the best. I can’t believe you did all this for me.”

“We love you Sarah and we just wanted to show you how much,” Alyson smiled before she and Sarah started kissing again.

All around her Sarah could hear the sounds of girls kissing and touching each other and she fell into the kiss with Alyson with growing enthusiasm. Soon Michelle was involved again and when Charisma crawled over and made it a four-way kiss Sarah was definitely feeling her libido resparking. She did have the energy for more fun after all.

Everyone was up for more and it didn’t take long for the little break to end and for everyone to start coupling and recoupling once again. There was too much exposed girl flesh for people to start getting tired now.

The mass of horny girls assembled were so busy making out with each other that none of them heard the knock on the door at first. Fortunately, Fluffy was still standing guard and was right on it.

“Yeah I have a room service delivery for here and I…SWEET MOTHER OF GOD!” the waiter exclaimed after pushing his cart inside and looking up to take notice of the mass gathering of beautiful, naked flesh before him.

He thought he’d seen it all working at Hedonism. He’d been wrong.

“What do you want?” Fluffy demanded, glancing down at the tag on the waiter’s uniform that read “Dennis”.

“I…uhhhhhh…ummmmm…uhhhhhhh…delivery…I…ermmmm…” Dennis stammered, trying to fix his eyes on what he was seeing.

That couldn’t be Britney Spears? And Angelina Jolie? And Katie Holmes? And Lindsay Lohan? Could it?

“Oh goody…it’s here…just in time,” Alyson declared, scampering off the floor when she noticed what was going on.

By now everyone was so used to being naked that she didn’t even think twice about not throwing anything over her body and she brazenly displayed her body to Fluffy and Dennis.

“Thanks, I’ve been expecting this,” Alyson said, taking custody of the cart as Dennis tried not to choke on his drool. “Just put your tip on the bill and we’ll take care of it.”

Dennis was too hypnotized by the swaying of Alyson’s bare ass to say anything at first. What the hell was going on here? This couldn’t be what he thought it was.

“Hey…that’s not…” Dennis began before Fluffy grabbed him by the collar of his uniform and picked him up, slamming him against the doorway.

“They’re just lookalikes…understand?” Fluffy pressed.

“Yeah…just lookalikes…whatever you say buddy,” a petrified Dennis replied.

Even if he didn’t believe him, Dennis knew that he was going to have to accept this dude at his word. He didn’t want this huge guy after him for the rest of his life. If he said they were lookalikes then they were, even if they had to be the most splitting image lookalikes in the history of mankind.

Fluffy then released Dennis from his grasp and the waiter scampered away, stealing one last look at the orgy of celebrity flesh to fuel his jerk off fantasies for the next year or so.

Eager to get back to the fun, Alyson pushed the cart back toward the swarm of girls on the floor. No one took notice of her at first and she didn’t blame them, but she still wanted their attention. At least she knew she had a way to get it.

“Hey everyone! I’ve got food!” Alyson declared, bringing everyone’s kissing and caressing to a slow pause if not a complete stop as she pushed the large cart in closer to the girls, who shifted their attention from each other and toward her. “I figured we’d all get hungry after a while so I got healthy and unhealthy snacks for all of us.”

The prospect of some food sounded very good to a lot of the girls there, especially since one of the items on the cart was what looked like an ice cream cake. The design of a tombstone that read “Here Lies Sarah’s Bachelorettehood” was particularly striking to everyone.

Sarah frowned when she saw it. As if she didn’t feel bad enough about knowing she was going to have to give all this up, the message kind of got hammered home there. Suddenly she found herself thinking that she couldn’t do this. She couldn’t leave behind all her friends to get married.

But then she pushed that thought out of her mind. She wanted to do this. She wanted this wedding. She’d been dreaming of getting married since she was a kid. She had to do this to be with Freddie.

As Sarah wrestled with inner turmoil, everyone else started grabbing at things. There were a lot of other items on the cart, from fruit to marshmallows, and it didn’t escape the attention of the horny crowd that a lot of this didn’t have to be used for just sustenance.

The girls nibbled on what they could grab, still more interested in the taste of each other’s lips and skin to be completely captivated by the food. But they were getting hungry enough to at least pause so they could recharge their energy.

“Mmmmmm cake,” Britney hungrily declared.

“No, Sarah gets the first piece,” Alyson declared before picking up a knife and cutting a small piece of the calorie filled treat. “In fact I’ve got a special use for it in mind.”

“Huh?” Sarah replied. She hadn’t been paying attention, but she’d perked up when she’d heard her name. She quickly found out what Alyson’s intention was when the wicked redhead took the ice cream cake piece and smeared it all over Sarah’s bare chest.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit! That’s cold!” Sarah cried in surprise.

“Mmmmm I can make it hot though,” Alyson replied with a grin before proving her point by leaning down and licking the dribbling ice cream from Sarah’s tits.

“Ooooh looks delicious,” Jewel said before adding her own tongue to the mix, licking up the stream of cold chocolate and vanilla running down Sarah’s body.

Sarah gasped from the coldness but moaned from the touch of the warm, friendly tongues on her flesh.

“I could use a taste too,” Rose said, grabbing an even bigger piece and smashing it against Sarah’s chest.

Again Sarah reacted with a cry to the cold, but that was quickly quieted when Rose scooped up the ice cream with her fingers and fed it to her.

“That’s just a little taste of what you’re gonna be missing when you’re home at nights with hubby,” Rose declared. “Mmmmm and I’m gonna give you a lot more to miss, Sarah.”

With Rose’s promise ringing in her ears, Sarah sucked her sticky fingers clean, loving the fact that she was tasting the ice cream and the cum still left on Rose’s fingers from her previous adventures.

As cold as the ice cream was, Sarah was enjoying the tongues on her body and it seemed that everyone was lining up for a taste of her tits now that they were coated in chocolate and vanilla.

Sarah quickly lost track of who was licking her where and when, especially when cake started being mashed against her thighs and back. Sarah saw girls like Love and Christina and Eliza licking off the sticky dessert as well as new girls Sarah had never been with before like Katie and Cameron and Lindsay leaning in for their tastes as well.

When Reese moved in for a kiss, Sarah completely surrendered and let her friends do whatever they wanted to her body. Sarah kissed Reese passionately, moaning into her mouth while Ashley and Jennifer Garner sucked on her nipples, Jennifer Aniston licked the river of chocolate running down her stomach and Britney and Beyonce were licking at the mess on her thighs. Sarah couldn’t even tell who was behind her kissing and licking at the ice cream melting over her ass but they were most welcome there.

It was so cold and hot at the same time and the shivers she felt weren’t just coming from the ice cream.

“Ohhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwwd sooooo gooooooooood…” Sarah groaned. “Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh get those tongues on me. Lick me everywhere. Ooooooooh yesssssssss more. Get me all messy and lick me clean. Mmmmmmmmm lick it allllll up.”

Those who weren’t getting their licks in on Sarah’s naked body were watching the action with rising interest. Sarah was slowly being turned into a work of edible art and everyone was hankering for a taste. Since there was only so much of the guest of honor all at once, they eagerly shifted their attentions onto each other.

“Mmmmmmm looks like they’re gonna make a Sarah sundae,” Kirsten observed lustfully as she ground her ass into Eliza, loving the feel of her girlfriend’s obvious wetness against her bare skin. “That’s gotta be so yummy.”

“Hey we can make some dessert too, baby,” Eliza grinned as she reached onto the cart and grabbed a bowl of whipped cream.

She picked up the spoon and left a healthy dollop of the sugary cream right onto Kirsten’s exposed nipple. Kirsten drew in her breath sharply when the coolness hit her swollen pink point and moaned softy when Eliza did the same to the other nipple.

“Oooh that looks pretty yummy too,” Kirsten giggled as she peered down at her cream capped tits. “But you better be ready to lick it up.”

“I’m always ready to lick,” Eliza replied with her sultry voice before cupping Kirsten’s tits and giving each one a long, sexy lick.

Eliza brought the whipped cream right onto her tongue and let it lie there for a moment to show it off to Kirsten before swallowing it down with a gulp. Both breasts got the same treatment and Kirsten’s moans grew louder.

Others were following the same course, helping themselves to the treats before them and decorating each other’s body.

“Hold still sweetie,” Jessica Alba said as she poured chocolate sauce onto a giggling Natalie’s bare breasts, letting it drip down her stomach. “Mmmmmm everything tastes better with chocolate.”

“Just don’t forget the sprinkles,” Natalie laughed, her skin being tickled by the sticky sauce running down it.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Alyssa added, picking up a handful of the rainbow colored toppings and raining them down on Natalie’s chest.

She then joined Jessica in licking the actress’ skin clean, happily crunching and swallowing down the colorful sugar sticks.

Katie was another girl getting herself sauced, though she was the beneficiary of the caramel treatment rather than the chocolate one. Caramel was dripped over her tits and then onto her thighs before Amber took the logical step and let the sauce fall right into Katie’s pussy.

Amber then plunged her tongue inside the brunette’s sticky snatch to lick it clean while Jessica Biel and Charisma Carpenter completed the foursome of former WB babes by licking at Katie’s tasty tits.

Meanwhile other girls were going a healthier route. Jewel had picked up a melon slice from the fruit tray and was pressing it against her tits, squeezing juice out to coat her skin for Gwen to lick up.

“Hmmmmm some melon for your melons,” Gwen grinned and laughed at her own joke before wrapping her hands around the soft breasts she adored playing with and bringing them one at a time to her lips.

Joking aside, Gwen loved the taste of fruit on flesh and gave Jewel’s tits a thorough tongue bath while she felt pleasure of her own from Shannon and Mena teaming up to crush strawberries against her bare ass and then lick away at her cheeks.

Hilary and Lindsay were having similar fun with orange slices against Elisha’s naked body as Cameron watched in appreciation and felt her own brand of juice start to get squeezed while she rubbed herself. Elisha was cooing in passion from the two teen tongues lapping away at her sticky tits, her fingers running through their hair as they licked the juice away.

Grapes were also being put to good use by Christina as she decorated Anna and Emma’s bodies with purple splotches she immediately licked up, leaving two moaning girls begging for more from her sexy, ultra experienced tongue. Christina had fruit dripping from her lips and down her chin by the time she was done and Emma and Anna eagerly kissed that mess away, the singer straining to meet her shorter body with their taller frames.

The girls who weren’t playing around with their food were happily watching their fellow party guests get silly. It wasn’t clear who the first girl to scream out “Food fight!” was, but what was clear was that quickly everyone was laughing and playfully shrieking up a storm as bits of everything were flung around the room, insuring that there was no way Alyson was ever going to get her deposit back.

Everything from candy and nuts to fruit bits were tossed about in a mad flurry of giggles and taunts. And that was about when things got even messier.

The cart didn’t just have food on it as Alyson pulled up the tablecloth on it to reveal several chilling bottles of champagne. The redhead grabbed one of the bottles and passed it out, or to be more specific, shook it furiously and popped the cork with a shower of champagne that elicited happy shrieks from whomever it touched.

“Collllllllld!!!” Love screamed in a giggly manner when the alcohol splashed over her naked skin. She didn’t flee from it though, but rather relished the shivers it sent through her body.

“Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss fucking get that alllllll over me,” Rose urged as she made sure the champagne shower covered her tits and dripped down.

Rose immediately began spreading the cold liquid all over her chest, swelling up her nipples. Salma did the same when the spray hit her and the two busty sex goddesses were soon locked in a kiss, pressing their champagne covered tits together in a mash of soft breast flesh.

There were plenty of bottles to go around and Alyson wasn’t the only one who grabbed one. Michelle Branch was giddy with giggles as her French maid namesake covered hers and Amy Acker’s firm, sexy bodies with the wine.

Charlize playfully ran from Felecia’s attack but was unable to escape the porn star, who immediately got to work licking the champagne off of the Oscar winner’s flat stomach and up to her tits while Maria found herself getting similar treatment from Mya.

Ultimately once again it was Sarah who got the brunt of the attention. Her body was smeared nearly from head to toe with ice cream and she was writhing on the floor as Angelina and Shakira joined the tongues attempting to lick her body clean. But Alyson had a more direct way of washing Sarah off.

“To your health,” Alyson laughed in a mock toast before popping open the cork of another bottle and pouring the sweet contents over Sarah’s head.

“Ohhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwwd Alyyyyyyyyyyy!!!” Sarah cried in delight as her hair was soaked and the champagne streamed over her face and down her body.

The wine was even colder than the ice cream, but by now Sarah was so lost in ecstasy that everything her friends were doing to her felt incredible. Sarah felt like she was under a champagne shower head and she opened her mouth and extended her tongue to make sure that at least some of the alcohol ended up sliding down her throat.

Alyson made sure Sarah got plenty to drink, emptying the bottle into her best friend’s waiting mouth and then opening another. She’d already paid for it so there was no sense holding onto it. Besides, how many opportunities was she ever going to have to give Sarah a champagne bath?

Sarah laughed and gasped as her naked body was coated from head to toe in champagne. Other girls put the remaining bottles to use in the same way and soon it seemed as though everyone were celebrating their triumphant win in the National Lesbian Championship. The champagne flowed and the food flew and no one was shy about hiding their delight.

People ducked out of the way of flying alcohol and food objects as best they could, but those who got hit quickly found willing lips and tongues to suck and lick their skin clean. Soon the giggles were turning into moans as the fighting evolved quite naturally into lusting and the playful mood shifted into sexual heat.

Fighters became lovers and the girls made sure that no inch of flesh was left stained with anything other than feminine desire. The guests licked and kissed and moaned their hearts out as playtime ended and everyone got back to the serious business of getting each other off.

“Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh I’m so sticky now…lick me clean Lyssa! Mmmm does it taste good? You like licking that chocolate off my body?” Natalie purred as Alyssa continued to lick away at her chocolate sauce covered breasts.

By now the sprinkles were long gone, but there was still a lot that Alyssa was dying to get her tongue on.

“Sweetie these hot little titties of yours would taste good no matter what,” Alyssa grinned. “The chocolate just makes it better.”

With a hungry lick of her lips, Alyssa got back to her treat of chocolate dipped girl flesh. She’d played a little bit with Natalie at the mansion before, but she hadn’t gotten nearly enough of her tight, young body to suit her.

Now she was going to take full advantage of having Natalie at her mercy and with the sticky sauce clinging to her skin, Alyssa had the perfect excuse to do what she’d longed to do…run her tongue over every inch of Natalie’s sexy skin.

Natalie happily accepted Alyssa’s intentions as she lay back on the floor and moaned from the wet tongue dragging over her messy body. She was feeling so good from this treatment that Natalie knew from now on a bottle of chocolate sauce was going to be in her home every time she had friends like Alyssa over to play.

There were plenty of other, and more effective, ways she could have gotten clean other than a tongue bath, but Natalie didn’t care to hear about them. All she wanted was Alyssa to never stop licking her body.

“Mmmmmmm ooooh Alyssaaaaaa it’s soooo gooooood…” Natalie sighed in heavenly desire. “Ohhhhh you’re making me so, so wet. Keep licking. Please don’t stop!”

“Oh I’m not stopping for anything,” Alyssa promised after giving a hard, chocolaty nipple a long lick and suck. “And that wet pussy of yours is where I’m licking next sweetie. You haven’t even begun to feel my tongue yet.”

Natalie moans flew past her lips when Alyssa got back to licking her chest. There wasn’t an inch of her tits that she didn’t pay attention to and Natalie was flying from this tender loving care.

Alyssa’s expert tongue wetly dragged over each breast and then her hands squeezed them together so she could lick them together and drool into her cleavage. Natalie felt her wetness drip from her pussy and she longed to touch herself, but she waited. She didn’t want to break Alyssa’s rhythm. All she wanted was to have that tongue against her pussy…and soon.

It certainly didn’t escape Alyssa’s attention that Natalie was getting more and more antsy for the touch of her tongue. She could hear her needy cries and impatient sighs with each passing lick of her breasts and down her chest.

Alyssa snaked her hand down and cupped Natalie’s mound, grinning when she felt the heat emanating from her wet pussy. Natalie was more than ready for this and Alyssa wasn’t about to tease her or make her beg. Licking up the remaining little trails of chocolate that had dripped down Natalie’s stomach, Alyssa dragged her tongue down to source of the heat tickling her palm.

The closer Alyssa got to her pussy, the more Natalie cried out for it, moaning again and again until she finally couldn’t take anymore waiting and pushed Alyssa’s head down to her waiting sex.

Alyssa didn’t need the extra encouragement, but she took it without objection, lining up her mouth to Natalie’s cunt and pushing her tongue inside her soft feminine folds. The taste of chocolate was nothing compared to this and Alyssa greedily licked Natalie, tonguing her deep and lapping away at the collected cream from her previous orgasms as well as the new wetness her arousal was generating.

“Ohhhhh God yessssss fuck me Alyssa!” Natalie blissfully begged. “Fuck that pussy! Get your tongue all the way in and lick my pussy clean like you licked my tits! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Mmmmmmm now this was her favorite kind of snack, Alyssa thought to herself as she tongue fucked the mewing Natalie and gave her lover a deep, sexy stare from between her legs. No taste could rival hot pussy juice and Natalie had so much to feed her.

While the younger girl still held onto her head, Alyssa spread Natalie’s pinkness open to tongue fuck her deeper, licking over all the slippery, soft pussy flesh she could get at. Natalie was so wet and so yummy that Alyssa already knew just what she was going to eat tonight and again for breakfast in the morning.

Alyssa was far from the only girl getting a taste of a fellow party guest and while she had experience oozing from her pores, others were still starting out. That meant trying things for the first time and discovering how good they were.

That was the case for Lindsay and Hilary as they remained a team, but their sexual efforts weren’t focused on each other, but rather the strap on they both were sucking from their knees.

“Mmmmmm good little bitches,” Rose groaned, massaging her aching breasts as she gazed downward upon the two teenagers in heat giving head to her toy. “Show me what you two can fucking do. Show me you’re worthy of having your slutty holes stuffed with this cock! That’s it you little whores…show me how good you got from all that cocksucking you had to do to get your record deals and your movie parts. Get my toy all sloppy and wet!”

Both girls were so turned on that Rose’s words just made them more eager to please her. Their inexperience showed, but they were both so willing to get nasty that Rose didn’t call them on it. She just let them work Mr. Snappy over, their teenage lips and tongues moving all over the cum covered plastic.

The limited skills of both girls complimented each other. While she had never had the real thing, Hilary had sucked off the straps ons before and after the girls fucked her at the mansion, so she sort of knew what she was doing.

By contrast, Lindsay had experience with the real thing, but, despite Rose’s taunts, had only given a few blowjobs and never one to get a part or a record deal…at least not yet. She just had never licked a strap on before.

But now Lindsay was more than willing to try every new thing she was offered and that included sucking Rose’s toy like an experienced lesbian slut. It was all making her so wet and she wanted more. She never wanted the ecstasy she was feeling in her young body to end.

As Rose continued to egg them on, Hilary and Lindsay put their limited cocksucking skills to work on the black toy. Hilary ran her tongue over the shaft, moaning with pleasure as she tasted another woman’s juices all over the plastic while Lindsay sucked on the head, letting Rose fuck her freckled face and using her moans to beg the sex goddess to go deeper with every thrust of her hips.

“Oooooooooh yeahhhhhh take that cock deep in your prom queen mouth Lindsay while your little slutty friend tastes that cum,” Rose ordered her enthralled students.

Rose knew she had these girls right in the palm of her hand, just like she had once had Christina. One kiss had been all she’d needed to make the pierced singer into quite the eager protégé and Rose was already envisioning just what she could transform Hilary and Lindsay into.

“Suck that cock princess…mmmmm if only all those mommies who take their little girls to your movies could see you now…on your knees sucking cock like a whore with your nasty cunt slut friend Hilary,” Rose lewdly groaned, one hand moving down to brush through Lindsay’s red hair and caress her face while the teen swallowed more and more of the plastic and desperately tried not to choke on it.

Lindsay moaned and rubbed her face against Rose’s hand in a show of devotion to this woman she’d just met. Christ, even a touch to her face was turning her on. This was all just so incredible.

The redhead hadn’t really liked sucking cock the few times she’d done it, but she was totally into giving head to Rose. Lindsay was ready and willing to let Rose fuck her face and totally use her for whatever she wanted. Rose just exuded sex and Lindsay didn’t want to get far from that nasty energy.

While Lindsay moaned and let her cheeks balloon from her cocksucking, Hilary let her eyes move back and forth from her beautiful fellow teen to up at Rose’s gorgeous body. Christina and Britney had told her so many stories about Rose and Hilary desperately wanted all of them to be true.

They had told her no one could fuck like Rose could and Hilary’s pussy was drooling with need to feel that cock inside her. She wanted to be a good little slut for Rose so she could get fucked like the nasty bitch she knew she was.

Hilary wondered whose cum it was she was tasting, but it didn’t really matter. Every girl was gorgeous there and Hilary wanted to taste them all. She knew this was Rose’s favorite toy and Hilary could only imagine how many girls she had fucked with this thing and now she had her tongue on it and Hilary felt totally honored.

From what Christina and Britney had told her, this toy was like hallowed ground and Hilary felt that she wasn’t just licking the hard, sexy plastic. She was licking every girl Rose had ever fucked and that thought made her wet pussy quiver.

While she licked the cummy plastic, Hilary couldn’t help but reach down to touch herself. She used one hand to rub her pussy while she used the other to stroke whatever parts of Mr. Snappy she couldn’t get her tongue on. She rubbed and licked while Lindsay sucked and both girls stared up at their goddess with needy eyes.

Sucking the fake cock wasn’t enough for either of them, they both wanted…no needed…to be fucked. But Rose wasn’t ready to grant them that privilege quite yet.

“Switch,” Rose ordered. “I wanna fuck blondie’s little face here now. Let’s see Lizzie McGuire suck some dick! I know that’s what all the fucking pervs who watch your show wanna see Hilary, but only I get it. Only I get to see those pretty lips wrapped around a big, black cock. Get to it princess! Suck my cock!”

Hilary didn’t have to be told twice. While Lindsay was disappointed that Rose didn’t want her mouth anymore, she followed her order without hesitation. She pulled her mouth off Mr. Snappy, leaving strands of spit glistening off the head and breaking off onto her lips and chin.

The young blonde immediately took her place, remembering what she had been taught at the mansion and opening her mouth wide to swallow the strap on right inside.

“Yeahhhh work those whore lips onto my cock,” Rose groaned. “Nasty little cunt! Chrissy told me about you and what a hot, tight fuck you were! Mmmm that’s gonna change tonight cause I’m gonna loosen those holes of yours up Hilary and the same goes for your big titted friend! From now on you two are gonna be my bitches and I’m gonna break those tight holes in for good!”

“Yessssss ohhhh fuck yessssss please make us your bitches!” Lindsay begged, beside herself with lust. “That’s just what I fucking want! Hilary too! We want it Rose! Use our fucking bodies! You like my big tits Rose? They’re yours! You can have everything! My pussy! Even my ass! It’s all yours! Just fuck us! Please! Get that cock inside us!”

Before today, Lindsay had never really taken much notice of Rose. She had seen a few episodes of “Charmed” and hadn’t thought they were that great. She certainly remembered Rose from when she was dating Marilyn Manson and wore that dress to the MTV Awards, but she had never been like a fan or anything. Now all she wanted was to get herself fucked by this perfect pale beauty.

It was like Rose had this total power to arouse and Lindsay wanted to be under her spell forever. She wanted to spread herself wide for Rose and let her pick whatever hole she desired to drive that hard toy into. It didn’t matter which one. Lindsay would have been happy to give her virgin ass to Rose. It was all hers for the taking. All she had to do was ask.

Lindsay just wanted to feel that cock inside her, suck on Rose’s perfect tits and then crawl around to her back to bury her face between the brunette’s glorious asscheeks so she could tongue her pussy from behind.

This was now a need she couldn’t control and she didn’t even want to and Lindsay knew Hilary felt the same way. The more they were exposed to Rose, the more she turned them both on and the more she made them want to be completely and utterly fucked raw.

“Good, I love hearing my little bitches beg,” Rose grinned. “C’mere Lindsay, feed me those huge fucking titties of yours. Let me get a taste of what everyone wants!”

Lindsay bolted up like she was on fire. Before Rose even had time to take a breath, she had the teenager’s soft tits in her face. Lindsay hefted her jugs up, desperate for Rose to kiss and lick them. Her rosy nipples were already erect and were practically throbbing when Rose took her first taste of them. Rose slid her wet tongue over Lindsay’s right nipple and then began sucking it, grasping the young flesh in her hand.

This brought a gasp and happy groan from Lindsay and her cries became steady as she begged Rose for more and reacted with ecstasy to every touch against her tits. Rose used her hands and mouth all over the saliva glistening mounds, stimulating the teenager into a horny, moaning mess of a girl.

Even while she helped herself to Lindsay’s bountiful charms, Rose didn’t forget Hilary. The girl had a lot to learn about sucking cock, but Rose could easily see the slutty enthusiasm Chrissy had told her about.

Rose moaned as Hilary’s hands moved around to her backside to squeeze her ass and hold onto her cheeks while she let her young face get fucked. Rose’s thrusts didn’t stop or slow and Hilary met them all with eager sucks and wet saliva dripping down the shaft.

“Such a pretty face…such a pretty fucking face,” Rose moaned, releasing Lindsay’s breasts from her mouth so she could pull the redhead down to her own chest.

Lindsay immediately took the chance to worship Rose’s tits and began lavishing kisses on the champagne flavored flesh. She had always loved how champagne made her feel a little light headed, but it was like she had never really tasted it before until she tasted it all over hot girl flesh. Lindsay was a kissing and licking tit hungry monster while Rose urged Hilary on with nasty words.

“Mmmmmmm you’re gonna be such a filthy little cocksucker when you’re all grown up Hilary,” Rose’s voice melted down onto Hilary’s open ears. “Get that nasty spit all over my toy! Swallow that dick like a good girl and you’ll feel it in your pussy soon! I know that’s what you little whores want! A big, fat prick inside your teen cunts! It’s what all you whores want and you’re both gonna get it if you’re good girls! Suck that cock Hilary! Swallow that juicy plastic like the cum sucker you are Hilary! Mmmm Chrissy and Maria creamed that cock so good and I want every drop licked off!”

So that’s who it was. Hilary thought she recognized Christina’s taste. Mmmm and Maria tasted so good too. Hilary hoped that she’d be licking Maria’s juice right from her pussy soon.

Oooooh there were so many girls she wanted to fuck here. This was like heaven for a little slut like her and Hilary wanted so bad to be a good girl for Rose and get that cock inside her. She had been filled up so good at the mansion and since then she had been feeling totally deprived. Hilary wanted that filled feeling again and knew Rose could give it to her even better than all those girls at the mansion had.

This strap on was bigger than any of the ones Hilary had sucked and fucked before, but that didn’t scare her. It just made her want it more. Her pussy was totally soaked and Hilary was already dreaming of how good it would feel to spread her legs and feel that big, thick thing inside her.

The feel of Lindsay’s wet, happy tongue on her breasts had Rose doing some serious moaning. This girl must have had a lot of practice playing with those jugs of hers because she knew just how to treat a pair of tits.

Lindsay licked Rose’s nipples with wet, slow strokes that had her pink points tingling in no time and only when they were hard enough did the redhead start to suck on them, nursing on Rose’s tits like a devoted baby.

Rose also found herself getting off on the hot, slutty stare she was getting from Hilary while she face fucked her. Hilary was getting Mr. Snappy so wet, sucking it deep and letting her spit drip down, which impressed Rose. This girl could definitely take a cock in her mouth and so could Lindsay. These girls were the real deal.

She had seen a lot of hot bitches come and go through her years on the scene, but Rose was really grooving on both of these girls. They had a lot of potential and Rose was eager to corrupt it. But first there were some pussies that needed fucking.

“On your knees…both of you,” Rose commanded the oh so willing teenagers and Lindsay separated herself from Rose’s well licked tits to join Hilary on the floor.

They both crouched before Rose, looking up in thrall at the nearly nude actress and waiting for their next instruction from their sex ed teacher.

“Who wants to get fucked?” Rose asked with a wide grin as her hand stroked the saliva-coated shaft of her toy.

“Me! Me! Meeee!!!” Hilary immediately offered, like she was the smartest girl in the glass, dead sure she had the right answer when no one else did and wanting to impress teacher. “Fuck me Rose! I want your toy in me more than anything!”

“No! Fuck me Rose! Please!” Lindsay begged. “I meant it before! You can fuck my pussy so hard! And my ass! I want you in my virgin ass! I want you to be the first to fuck me there Rose! Oooooooh I’ll be so tight for you and your big cock! I need to feel that thing inside me!”

“No I need to feel it inside me!” Hilary insisted, the friendship between her and Lindsay already showing signs of turning back into a rivalry. “I’ll be so fucking slutty for your cock Rose! You can fuck me anywhere you want! I’ll totally be your cock whore! I’m a nasty slut! A nasty cockloving slut! You have to fuck me! Mmmmmm please Rose! Fuck my little whore cunt! Fuck my ass! Fuck me everywhere!”

“No fuck my ass!” Lindsay argued. “You can fuck her later! Fuck me Rose! I totally need it more than she does! I need that cock inside me Rose! If you don’t fuck me I’ll die! I just know it! Please fuck me and not her!”

“No! Fuck me Rose!” Hilary desperately shot back. “I need to feel that big cock inside my slutty bitch holes! Fuck me hard and make me scream like a little whore! I’ll do anything for your cock! Anything! You have to fuck me and not her!”

Rose was ready to double over laughing at the two competing teen drama queens. But she controlled herself and stifled her giggles. It was the cutest thing to see them fight over her. Rose wondered if soon they’d be pulling at each other’s hair and biting and scratching each other for the chance to get fucked.

A chick fight would be fun to watch, but fucking was more fun and Rose wanted to get to it without much more debate.

“Alright, only one way to settle this,” Rose declared before pointing her finger first at Lindsay and then at Hilary and beginning a quick game of eeney-meeney-miney-mo that eventually ended with her finger pointing once again at the blonde teenager.

“Ok Hilary, get ready baby,” Rose declared. “You’re about to feel what fucking is all about.”

“Yessssssssssss fuck meeeeeeeeee harrrrrrd! Do me hard and nasty like the fucking little slut I ammmmmmm!!!” Hilary groaned, laying back on the floor and spreading her legs to expose every inch of pink pussy she could physically show.

Lindsay reacted to Rose’s choice with a groan of frustration. It wasn’t fair! Why did Hilary get to be fucked? She needed it more. Lindsay knew she was next in line, but she didn’t want to wait. She wanted sex now! She couldn’t wait another second. Why did Hilary get it before she did? She was way hotter! Did Rose not think she was hot or something?

Fortunately, before she got too down on herself, Lindsay felt a feminine hand on her shoulder.

“Wanna play with me?” a very naked and very sexy Jessica Alba asked with a horny grin that practically had little hearts dancing in Lindsay’s eyes.

There wasn’t enough enthusiasm in the whole world that could demonstrate how big a “Yes” Lindsay wanted to reply. So instead she just turned around and kissed Jessica right on the lips.

Lindsay was dying to have Rose’s toy inside her, but Jessica was no consolation prize. Every inch of her was gorgeous. Her tan skin was glistening with saliva and perspiration and Lindsay couldn’t wait to taste that flesh for herself. She had never acted this way before, but now she was kissing strange girls and literally begging to be fucked and it was all making her wet and desperate for more.

Jessica moved her hands up to the teen’s face, caressing her flushed, freckled skin as she returned the enthusiastic kiss she was getting from Lindsay. Jessica moaned as Lindsay’s tongue massaged hers and she began sucking on it passionately.

Like most people inclined to notice a sexy girl, Jessica had developed quite a lust for Lindsay when she really burst onto the scene this year. When she had seen her arrive at the party with Hilary, Jessica thought it was too good to be true. Now she had a chance to fuck this hot little thing and she wasn’t about to let it pass. Jessica was just happy to see that Lindsay was as into it as she was.

As Rose began driving Mr. Snappy into Hilary, the blonde shrieked her ecstasy, but Lindsay didn’t even notice.

Lindsay couldn’t hear anything but Jessica’s soft, muffled moans. She couldn’t see anything, but Jessica’s gorgeous body. And she couldn’t feel anything but the heat of Jessica’s sexy kiss and the touch of her breasts pushing against her. They were still in the crowded room, but to Lindsay it was suddenly like it was just the two of them.

“Ohhhhh Jesssss…mmmmm fuck me,” Lindsay groaned when Jessica broke away from her lips and began kissing her neck, making strands of red hair stand stiff with excitement as she did so. “Please! I need it so bad! I can’t wait! I need to be fucked!”

“Mmmmmm such a nasty word for such a young girl,” Jessica teased as her palm brushed over Lindsay’s moaning lips, causing the teenager to excitedly grasp and lovingly kiss her new friend’s hand. “I wanna hear all the nasty words you know and see all the slutty things you can do baby. Are you wet for me Lindsay? Is your pussy all wet and creamy for my tongue?”

“God yesssss…so fucking wet,” Lindsay replied before spreading her legs and reaching down to paw at herself for Jessica’s amusement. “See! See how wet I am! You’re so sexy Jessica and I want you so bad! I’ll do anything if you fuck me! I’ll totally beg if you want me to!”

“A girl as hot as you never has to beg. You’re always gonna get just what you want,” Jessica smiled before leaning down to start sucking on her new lover’s awe inspiring chest.

Jessica had always thought she had a pretty nice rack herself, but Lindsay’s breasts were just amazing. So soft and sexy. And, despite the rumors, all natural.

While Jessica worked her mouth and hands over Lindsay’s tits, the young redhead wantonly moaned and continued to play with herself, rubbing her pussy and making it even wetter than she had thought possible.

Lindsay was almost delirious with expectation as she pictured herself coming like a waterfall the second Jessica’s tongue touched her pussy. And her moans got stronger when Jessica started sucking on her throbbing nipples.

It seemed like every girl here wanted to play with her boobs and Lindsay was happy to let them. She didn’t blame them for being fixated on her tits. That was the way she wanted it.

Lindsay loved showing her tits off and now knowing she could get girls to drool over them even more than boys was bliss multiplied. It was like chasing after a $100 bill and finding it resting beside a Gold Card with no spending limit.

“Ooooooooh suck on my tits Jessica…mmmmmmm your mouth feels so good…ooooooh lick my nipples…making me so wet…ughhhhhhhh I can’t wait to feel that tongue on my pussy,” Lindsay groaned, her body totally rocking on the pleasure shivers she now knew could only come from other women.

“Keep rubbing your pussy Lindsay,” Jessica instructed. “Make it drip for me. Mmmm soon all that sweet honey is gonna be spilling onto my tongue. I’ve been dreaming about your body all year and now I’m gonna fucking lick you dry baby.”

Jessica followed that promise with a carnal grin that had Lindsay practically melting into the floor. Jessica hungrily got back to Lindsay’s twin wonders, worshipping them with all the lust they deserved.

The charged up dirty blonde was still flying from the orgasms Michelle had given her and she had wanted to do some serious pleasure giving to the first hot girl she saw. Her eyes had locked on Lindsay as she had begged for some of Rose’s loving and she knew she had her girl.

If only Lindsay had known how good Mr. Snappy felt driving into you, she wouldn’t have bothered with begging and would have just shoved Hilary out of the way to get at it. But Lindsay’s loss was Jessica’s gain and she was planning on making the most out of it as she devoured Lindsay’s huge tits.

They were just incredible. Lindsay was barely over 18 and these things had to be a D cup. Jessica couldn’t get enough of them. She kept kissing them and running her tongue over the freckled flesh.

Jessica licked in between Lindsay’s cleavage and tasted the exertion and perfume that covered her skin. Time and again she went back to Lindsay’s throbbing nipples, smothering them with her lips and making the redhead moan wildly.

While she fed on the pulsing buds, Jessica loved hearing those moans and the sharp cries of pleasure that passed Lindsay’s young lips. She wanted to make this so good for her. Jessica wanted this pleasure seared in Lindsay’s memory.

Jessica didn’t know a lot about Lindsay’s sex life, but she guessed she wasn’t particularly experienced at lesbian sex and she didn’t want this to be a one-time thing for her. Jessica wanted Lindsay to leave here craving pussy as much as she did.

When she closed her eyes, Jessica could still vividly remember every detail of her first time. Her seduction in Love’s bedroom…the feel of her soft lips on her breasts and then down on her pussy…the rush of tasting another woman’s orgasm…the wild loss on inhibition by the pool.

It was like it had all happened yesterday and those were the kind of memories Jessica wanted Lindsay to have forever. She didn’t just want this to be a hot fuck. Jessica wanted this party to change Lindsay’s life just like the party in Malibu had changed her.

Being unable to read Lindsay’s mind, Jessica had no idea that this party was having just that kind impact on the redhead’s life. Lindsay knew she was going to do this again and again and again once she got back home. This was like the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Lindsay felt like she was never going to be with a boy again. Hell, she felt like she was never going to want to get dressed. All she wanted was to be naked and be with more girls in never ending pleasure just like this.

She knew so many beautiful girls and she had never really noticed them before. Now Lindsay just wanted to fuck them all. She remembered thinking that Tara Reid had been checking her out once and she had always had the feeling that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie totally wanted to make out with her. If she ever got that vibe again, Lindsay knew she was going to let them do that and more. No boy could ever make her feel good as all these beautiful girls were.

The pleasure filling her body was leaving her weak and woozy and Lindsay felt like she was about to pass out from feeling so good. So when Jessica told her to lie back, Lindsay didn’t waste a second. She rested herself flat on her back and bit her lip with giddy anticipation for what she hoped was coming.

“Fuck me! Please Jess!” Lindsay begged, her voice dripping with need.

Jessica just smiled in response and finally released the teenager’s chest from her grip. Lindsay’s tits practically had handprints on them now from how long and hard Jessica had been holding onto them, but the marks quickly faded into an overall pink flush on her skin. Never losing her smile, Jessica hovered herself downward until she was right above the prize.

Her smile grew when she inhaled deeply, Lindsay’s aroused scent filling her lungs and going right up to her brain. Lindsay smelled so good and Jessica could practically taste her already.

Lindsay’s fiery red bush was completely soaked and her lips glazed with a coating of feminine arousal that had Jessica’s licking her chops in anticipation. But Lindsay didn’t just want her pussy stared at.

“Pleaaaaaaaase ohhhhhh please Jess!” Lindsay wailed softly, grinding her bare ass against the floor in impatience and making her wet tits jiggle.

The needy teen looked like she couldn’t stand even another second of waiting, which of course made Jessica want to tease just a little bit more.

“What? What do you want baby?” Jessica asked, wanting the pleasure to build inside her new lover.

She wasn’t going to make Lindsay beg, but Jessica was going to make sure she knew how good anticipation could feel in sex. It made the orgasm that much sweeter when it finally hit.

“Lick me!” Lindsay demanded. “Fuck! My pussy is sooooooooo wet Jess! I know you can see it! Lick it! I need you to lick it!”

Even though it was hard to resist, Jessica didn’t get right to licking. However she did give Lindsay something just as good. She pushed her face down to Lindsay’s cunt and kissed her juicy slit, turning Lindsay’s desperate words into ecstatic cries of unbridled joy.

Jessica was plenty happy herself when she saw Lindsay tasted just as good as she had hoped. The wet kiss to Lindsay’s pussy was quickly followed up with another, making the teen writhe on the floor below her.

A steady series of kisses began against Lindsay’s pussy and each one lasted longer than the other until Jessica was sucking on her lips. Lindsay moaned and cooed and made every happy sound she could muster from the sensation of Jessica sucking her pussy. The dyed blonde nursed on Lindsay’s cunt lips, sucking up her girl juice in the process and delighting her still hungry taste buds.

The more Jessica sucked on her pussy, the louder Lindsay’s moans got until they were screams of wanton pleasure. The high pitched, frantic noises of girl sex naturally attracted attention from the other guests, including one who just couldn’t help getting involved. She had to get a piece of this girl before everyone else tired her out.

Lindsay wanted to tell Jessica how much she loved this and how good she was making her feel, but no words could form. Nasty, happy words about how much she loved having her pussy eaten by Jessica’s beautiful face and her incredible fucking lips formed in Lindsay’s brain but turned into garbled, gurgled cries by the time they left her lips.

But Lindsay didn’t care about words. She just didn’t want Jessica to stop eating her and Jessica got that message loud and clear. Jessica pulled her face up just enough to give her lover another sexy smile and then plunged down again, sliding her tongue inside Lindsay’s pussy for the first time.

Sucking Lindsay’s tender, sweet pussy had been a real rush, but Jessica needed to tongue this girl. She needed to feel that hot orgasm creaming her taste buds.

The sensations of Jessica tongue fucking her cunt had Lindsay lurching on the floor with quakes of ecstasy in her young body. Even though this was the third female tongue she had felt in her pussy, it still felt like the first time. Lindsay wasn’t used to how good it felt and she thought there was no way this possibly could get any better. And then, of course, it did.

Before Lindsay knew what was happening another girl crawled over to her and kissed her moaning lips. Lindsay couldn’t think of any other reaction than to kiss right back, letting this beautiful woman’s tongue slide into her mouth and sucking on it.

It took Lindsay a second to even realize who she was kissing, but that didn’t stop her from channeling all the pleasure she was getting from Jessica’s tongue into making out with Eliza Dushku.

After licking the last of the whipped cream off her girlfriend’s tits, both Eliza and Kirsten had decided it was time to really explore the party to the fullest. After promising to share every hot detail with each other later, Kirsten and Eliza had gone off to seek their sexual fortunes.

As soon as she had seen Jessica and Lindsay hooking up, Eliza had known she had found just what she was looking for. After the pool party, Eliza knew full well how hot a fuck Jessica could be and Lindsay was such a tantalizing piece of slut meat in training that there had been no hesitation in Eliza as she had crawled over.

Thinking of asking permission or even saying hi when she got over to the two naked girls in mid fuck, didn’t even occur to Eliza. She saw what she wanted and nothing was stopping her from getting in on this action. Besides, Eliza knew they weren’t about to turn down someone like her.

Eliza’s instincts were proven right on the money when Lindsay kissed her. Jessica even took a moment away from the wetness she was feasting on to give Eliza a welcoming kiss. Eliza licked Jessica’s lips clean of Lindsay’s juices and then got back to kissing the panting, squirming teenager.

Staring down at Lindsay’s body, in between kisses, while Jessica ate her out into a quivering frenzy had desire drooling from Eliza’s cunt and she knew just how to take care of that.

Picking herself up off her hands and knees, Eliza slung herself over Lindsay into what ordinarily would have been the 69 position. But since Jessica already had one pussy well taken care of, that just left Eliza’s and she pushed her wetness down right against Lindsay’s face without a trace of shyness.

“Lick!” Eliza commanded, her juice dripping right into Lindsay’s open mouth.

There was no hesitation. Only sex mattered to Lindsay now. Her instincts were all carnal and she didn’t waste a second before burying her tongue inside Eliza’s pussy. No thought was given to refusing the order. All Lindsay knew was that there was a wet, pink pussy in her face that demanded attention and that she was a happy slave to her own desires.

“Ahhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss lick that pussy baby,” Eliza groaned, her voice even huskier and sexier than usual. “Mmmmmm it’s all nice and freshly fucked for you Lindsay! Taste all that fucking cream in it! I just came and you’re gonna make me come again baby! Lick those juices Lindsay! Lick out every fucking drop of cum!”

As Jessica lapped away at her wetness, Lindsay did everything she was told with giddy eagerness. She felt lost in pleasure and never wanted to come back. It was like she was sandwiched between Jessica’s mouth and Eliza’s pussy and it was absolute heaven.

The pairing of Jessica, Eliza and Lindsay in a lesbian threesome would have attracted attention under any circumstance, but this show had a particularly interested audience member. As she kept up her particular brand of stalking, Avril was making sure she kept one eye on Jessica’s whereabouts and her actions no matter what she was doing.

Even now, as she found herself in a series of kisses with Reese, Jessica wasn’t far from Avril’s thoughts. She had her lips pressed to the actress, but she made sure to stare right at Jessica and her friends, just waiting for her chance to strike like a horny python.

Of course it was a little distracting to try and do all of this at once, especially because Reese was a great kisser. Avril tried to keep her eyes and lips focused at the same time on separate things, but it was a bigger challenge than she had expected.

Finally Avril decided the world wasn’t going to end if she took her eyes off Jessica for a second and concentrated on Reese. Averting her eyes from the threesome just beyond her reach, Avril committed herself fully to the kiss. She opened her mouth wider and let Reese’s tongue enter. The two girls swiped their tongues, licking at each other’s lips and rubbing together wetly with a growing passion.

Of all the girls here, Reese hadn’t expected to find herself craving Avril’s touch, but the strap on dangling from her otherwise naked body had been a strong allure. Reese loved strap ons, whether she was the one wearing one or the one feeling a girlfriend’s penetration. She had been hoping to get Mr. Snappy inside her, but since Rose seemed quite busy, the young Canadian’s fake dick seemed like a very acceptable substitution.

While she kissed Avril’s lips and let one of her hands reach up to cup the soft flesh of her tits, Reese’s other hand went right for the toy. She stroked it lovingly, delighting in the feel of the girl juice on it, and treated it like it was a real cock she wanted to get hard through the touch of her hand.

“Gonna fuck me with this?” Reese playfully asked.

“Depends,” Avril grinned, eager to give this thing a real work out since Jessica was busy and Mena had turned out to be such a baby. “Think you can handle it?”

“Oh I can handle a lot,” Reese replied confidently. “I should be asking if you can handle me, little girl?”

“I am NOT a little girl,” Avril huffed. “I am all fucking woman Reese! You have no idea what I can do to that pussy of yours. Your hubby’s dick can’t even begin to compare to mine.”

“Is that right?” Reese asked, arching her eyebrow at Avril’s boast. “Well how about you quit talking and show me what you can do then. Let’s see if you can keep up with me.”

The two got back to kissing and Avril really began to grind herself against Reese. The feel of the hard plastic poking against her thighs and toward the heat of her pussy got Reese going and she returned the grind with one of her own while she massaged Avril’s breasts with more passion.

But just as Avril had allowed herself to get distracted by Jessica’s presence, Reese also found something to steal her attention. She saw Jennifer Garner eagerly watching the shows all around them and playing with herself and a smile crossed Reese’s face.

“She’s back,” Reese happily declared. She’d meant to think it, not say it, but it slipped out past her lips.

“Huh? What do you mean?” Avril inquired, pushing her tits harder against Reese’s hand.

Reese pondered a response for a second and ultimately decided that this wasn’t supposed to be a big secret or anything.

“Jen Garner…I thought she was leaving,” Reese answered. “I mean she and Jessica Alba had a fight or something. I don’t really know what it was about or anything but they both seemed upset. I think they might be together.”

“You mean like girlfriends?” Avril asked, suddenly very interested.

“Yeah, I’m not sure or anything, but I got that vibe off them,” Reese replied. “I’m glad Jen’s not gone. I’d hate for anyone to miss this fun.”

The mousetrap of her mind working overtime, Avril quickly seized on what she thought was a great idea. If Jessica and Jennifer really were girlfriends then this was a great opportunity for her.

Reese continued talking, telling what had happened in the stock room and then seeing Jennifer with Angelina and the blow up there, but Avril was only listening to the key words. She was too busy looking at Jennifer playing with herself while she watched the action and deciding what move to make. Finally, Avril just went for it.

“Catch you later Reese,” Avril said matter of fatly, breaking herself away from the surprised actress and making her way over to Jennifer.

Avril didn’t give Reese a second thought, moving onto new game without looking back.

“Heyyyyyyyy!” Reese protested, her arousal had really been getting going and now Avril was stopping! “What the hell?”

Reese was stunned by her sudden abandonment. She wasn’t going to grab Avril and drag her back or anything. She didn’t want to force anyone to be with her, but she’d seemed totally into it one second and then bolted the next. It didn’t make any sense.

“What the hell is her problem?” Reese muttered under her breath.

Reese was more than a little pissed about this. She’d been getting nice and wet and now all of a sudden she didn’t have a partner.

Fortunately at a party like this there were always plenty of options available and all Reese had to do was turn her back to find a perfect one just waiting for her. She whirled around to see she wasn’t the only girl there without someone to play with.

“Hey there,” Reese said with a smile, her anger instantly evaporating as she pictured the erotic possibilities that lay ahead with this lovely lady.

“Hi,” Katie Holmes smiled back, moving forward to close the gap between her and Reese.

No words more were exchanged. None needed to be. Each knew what the other wanted and as soon as they were close enough, Reese and Katie fell into a kiss. They stood face to face, kissing each other and letting their hands get busy on each other’s bodies.

Whatever casual encounters they had experienced before now were irrelevant. All that mattered was that they wanted each other. Both Reese and Katie saw in each other a chance for another orgasm and that was enough to spark the desire between the two of them. They saw each other purely sexually and that gave their kisses a growing urgency and impatience.

“Ohhhhhhh you have an incredible body,” Reese sighed, kissing all over Katie’s neck as she reached for her breasts and gave them a horny squeeze

“Mmmmmm so do you,” Katie replied, her hands moving down Reese’s back to get at the cheeks of her ass.

The two girls explored each other’s flesh while trading kisses back and forth to lips, necks and down to their chests.

“That crazy little girl ran away from me, but you’re not going to do that, are you Katie?” Reese asked before leaning down to swipe her tongue over each of Katie’s hard nipples. “You’re gonna let me fuck you, aren’t you?”

“Yesssss fuck me!” Katie urged. “Fuck me Reese! Do whatever you want to my body! Mmmmmm fuck whatever hole you want! Just do it! Fuck me and make me come!”

Katie’s body was still feeling the effects of what seemed to her like non stop orgasms since she had arrived at the resort. Anna, Charlize, Alyssa, Ashley, Salma, Amber, Jessica and Charisma…they had all taken their turns with her and still she wanted more.

Her legs felt a little wobbly and her brain seemed to have taken off on vacation. Katie was going purely on sexual instinct now and she wanted more. More kissing. More touching. More fucking.

She didn’t care who she was with as long as she came. Reese was certainly hot enough for her. She had such perky tits and beautiful legs, but all Katie cared about was having yet another orgasm. She just couldn’t get enough.

Katie felt almost punch drunk from this…no wait…cum drunk. That was just how she felt.

“Mmmmmmm I’ll fuck you,” Reese promised. “I’ll fuck this hot body so good like a nasty pussy loving slut should.”

Under normal sexual circumstances, Katie might have asked whether that meant she was the nasty pussy loving slut or Reese was. But language didn’t mean anything now. Orgasms did and Katie needed one.

Katie silenced Reese’s words by kissing her again. She kept her hands clamped to Reese’s ass, squeezing the sexy cheeks tightly and keeping her close to her lips. Reese sucked on Katie’s tongue and kept on playing with her tits, while moving one hand down to the girl’s overheating pussy.

“Mmmmmmm you’re so hot down there…you need a tongue to cool that pussy down baby,” Reese drawled, pulling away from Katie’s lips and lowering herself down to the floor, bringing Katie with her.

There was no resistance and soon the two girls were down on the floor together. Reese gently pushed Katie down to her back and began attacking her body with kisses.

As Katie’s moans grew more fervent, Reese kissed all over her tits and down her stomach, noticing the lingering flavor of the caramel Amber, Charisma and Jessica had so eagerly decorated her flesh with.

“Mmmmm tasty,” Reese giggled, enjoying the sweetness that still stuck to Katie’s skin.

“I’m tasty everywhere,” Katie groaned confidently.

“I’m sure you are,” Reese replied with a lick of her lips. “I can’t wait to see for myself.”

With that thought in mind, Reese didn’t linger on Katie’s body. Katie had the kind of body that demanded kisses over every little patch of skin and Reese couldn’t help but hunger for her wiggling, cherry red painted toenails. But she’d play with the rest of her body later. Right now the only place Reese wanted to be was right between Katie’s legs.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Katie exclaimed at the first touch of Reese’s tongue to her pussy.

Reese licked upwards, collecting the juice clinging to her slit and not stopping until her nose was pressed against the matted, sparse fur of Katie’s dark bush. She then licked her way back down, not stopping until her tongue was teasing Katie’s puckered asshole.

The up and down treatment had Katie thrashing on the floor in euphoria. Reese kept licking all over her snatch, slurping up every drop of juice that dribbled out of her. And when she wasn’t licking at her pussy, Reese was running her wet tongue over her asshole.

Katie couldn’t decide which hole she wanted Reese’s tongue in more, but she knew that no matter which one her lover went for, it wouldn’t be long until she had the orgasm she was seeking.

While Reese busied herself with Katie’s wetness, Avril had moved onto her prey. She hadn’t liked all that snuggling up Jessica had done with her Michelle and if she could throw a little monkey wrench into Jessica and Jennifer’s fun then that would even things out. Jennifer seemed to be enjoying watching everyone pair off, but Avril had other plans for her.

“Hey, wanna fuck?” Avril grinned, standing right in front of Jennifer’s view, strap on poised at the ready.

Jennifer was a little taken aback by the sudden interruption but her eyes couldn’t help but drop down to the jutting toy. Her pussy stirred at the thought of how that would feel inside her and a smile crossed her lips.

“Anyplace and anytime…” Jennifer giggled grasping the strap on with her hand and stroking it.

She’d been happy to watch the fun for a little while and gently come down from the high Gwen had sent her with her tongue and toy, but this was too intriguing an offer to pass up. Avril did look really good naked except for the toy dangling from her young waist.

Thinking to herself that she could use a jolt of youthful energy right about then, Jennifer picked herself up off the chair she’d settled into and dropped to her knees.

“Want me to suck it?” Jennifer asked playfully, giving Avril an innocent look that the girl found so arousing that she nearly dropped the strap on to let Jennifer go right for her pussy.

God, Jennifer had such a gorgeous face. If Jessica did have a thing with her, Avril could see why.

“Yeah suck it slut…suck that big cock,” Avril ordered, stopping her thoughts from drifting too far away. “Get it wet for your pussy!”

“Mmmmmmm with pleasure,” Jennifer replied, taking the shaft in her hand and guiding it to her waiting mouth.

She was still feeling plenty good from what Gwen had done to her and that left her very willing to follow Avril’s lead. If the little Canuck cutie wanted to play a little rough, then Jennifer was confident she was more than ready to handle her.

Jennifer tongued the plastic head, letting her saliva begin to drip down it. She’d given head to more than a few toys in her day and this was nothing new to her. Jennifer began sucking the head past her lips, slowly taking more and more of it inside her mouth.

“Oooooooh you love this don’t you? You love sucking cock, I can tell,” Avril groaned, pinching her nipples while Jennifer showed she could do more with her mouth than deliver a line convincingly. “Get it in your mouth! Ger my cock all wet so I can fuck you nice and hard!”

She certainly has enthusiasm, Jennifer told herself as she bobbed up and down on Avril’s toy, wrapping her hand tightly around the shaft and jacking it while she peered up at the young singer and sucked. Avril really seemed into this. Jennifer didn’t know how she’d be as a fuck, but things were off to a good start.

Jennifer was so happy she hadn’t stayed upstairs and sulked or, worse, left the island. Now that she was here it was so easy to put her troubles with Jessica behind and concentrate on having fun.

There were so many hot bodies that even though she was in the same room with Jessica and couldn’t help but see her, she wasn’t focusing on her and the hurt over what happened. Gwen had been a hell of a distraction for her and now Jennifer was eager to see what Avril could do.

“I want you to fuck me sweetie,” Jennifer urged, pulling the plastic shaft up to drool down over it and spread it around with her hand. “I want you to get that thing inside me and fuck my pussy.”

“Ohhhhhhh fuck…mmmmmmm I wish I had a real dick to shoot a load over that slutty mouth of yours,” Avril groaned blissfully while watching Jennifer jerk off her toy, spreading wet saliva all over the plastic. “Keep talking Jennifer! Tell me what you want me to do!”

“You like that baby?” Jennifer asked, asserting more control even though she was the one on her knees sucking off the toy. “You like seeing me jacking you off while I tell you how bad I want you to fuck my wet pussy. Mmmmm pushing this big, hard cock deep inside me and making me scream out how good a fuck you are…you like that Avril? You wanna hear me scream how you’re making me come like a dirty girl!”

“Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh…” Avril replied, closing her eyes and smiling.

That was just what she wanted. Jennifer was making her feel so goddamn good. She felt herself forgetting her anger again and just wanting to fuck. Jennifer was so beautiful…so sexy…so fucking hot. She was making her forget all her plans.

But then Avril heard a delighted squeal and pant of “More Jess! More!” from Lindsay and she remembered that she had to keep Jessica in her sights. Jennifer was just a piece of ass to get to her…nothing more.

“It’s wet enough now,” Avril growled, pulling the toy away from Jennifer. “Get in doggie Jen. I’m gonna fuck that pussy of yours from behind like a fucking stud!”

“Ooooh pushy, I like it,” Jennifer giggled, setting herself on her hands and knees and wiggling her bare ass invitingly at Avril. “Is this what you want to see Avril? Me on all fours for you?”

“No, turn this way,” Avril evilly ordered, giving Jennifer’s ass a slap that made the actress yelp playfully. “I think you’ll like the view.”

Jennifer wasn’t sure what Avril meant, but she complied. She didn’t really care what direction she was facing as long as Avril was right behind her, fucking her with that toy. Turning around though, Jennifer’s heart sank at what she saw.

In this position, she was facing right at Jessica while she lapped away at Lindsay’s pussy. Being able to watch Jessica eat Lindsay out while Eliza ground herself against Lindsay’s happy mouth was a view anyone would have killed for, but it was the last thing Jennifer wanted to have right in her face.

“Hey…wait…I…” Jennifer began, but that was all she got out before Avril pushed the strap on into her waiting pussy. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fuck!!!”

Jennifer’s groan of ecstasy pushed Avril on. She began fucking Jennifer’s pussy, grabbing onto her hips and using them to position herself perfectly to drive the toy deeper with every hard thrust. Avril didn’t go as hard as she had with Mena. She wanted to make sure Jennifer was looking right ahead at what Jessica was doing.

The pleasure from Avril’s thrusts inside her was immediate and powerful, but Jennifer was still knocked for a loop at what she was seeing. Not knowing that Avril had a little bit of an idea what had happened, Jennifer assumed this was just some kind of unfortunate coincidence that Avril had chosen this spot of all of them.

Jennifer couldn’t believe her bad luck. She was trying to have fun, but right there in front of her was the one girl she didn’t want to think about.

She tried to close her eyes, but the pounding at her pussy forced them open. It did feel good to get fucked by that hard, hot toy, but just being reminded of Jessica made Jennifer’s heart feel heavy. She wished that Avril would let her change positions, but when she tried to move, Avril kept her clamped down in her spot.

“No you can’t get away,” Avril said with a touch of playfulness, masking her true intent. “Mmmmm I want you right here Jennifer. On your knees! Take my cock! Take it deep in your pretty cunt! Mmmmmm I love it! Ooooooh your pussy feels so good around my toy! I’m gonna fuck you so good Jen you’re gonna be begging me to be on ‘Alias’ to get this dick inside you again!”

That got a happy moan from Jennifer and the actress continued to try and keep all her attention on the pleasure filling her body and not on what Jessica was doing. Avril was rough and raw in her technique, but Jennifer was still getting off on what she was doing. Avril’s steady, hard fucking was getting into a good rhythm and Jennifer loved how that toy felt inside her, fucking her tightness and taking her deeper and deeper.

The more Avril fucked her, the more Jennifer was able to get into it and push Jessica out of her mind. There was nothing like being fucked to distract you and Jennifer began to keep her thoughts Alba free. But Avril had other plans.

“Oooooh you like this Jen? Being fucked right in front of all these beautiful girls? Letting them watch you get pounded by my big cock?” Avril asked, thrusting herself once again past Jennifer’s loosening cunt lips. “Mmmmm everyone’s getting fucked so good! Just like you! Look at Jessica! Look how much she loves that slutty pussy in her face! Ohhhh she’s gobbling up that little whore’s cunt like it’s the sweetest fucking thing in the world!”

Jennifer tried to close her eyes again and shut out the image of Lindsay screaming into Eliza’s pussy over how much she loved Jessica’s tongue inside her. But she couldn’t close her ears too and Avril didn’t let up.

“Jessica’s such a good fuck…mmm and I should know…she fucked me the last time I saw her,” Avril continued, grinning evilly knowing whatever wounds Jennifer had were being torn open again.

She could see right away from her reaction that Reese hadn’t been wrong about them being a couple and Avril was hoping that by the time she was done here, Jennifer was never going to want to talk to Jessica again. Avril was getting off on knowing she was driving the two girls apart through her actions.

“Ooooooh she was such a hot fuck…taking me with a strap on just like I’m fucking you,” Avril pressed while her thrusts continued into Jennifer’s still dripping snatch. “I owe her for what she did to me…ohhhh fuck do I owe her! Mmmm she looks like she’s having fun, doesn’t she? Eating Lindsay Lohan’s tight pussy…she’s must be the happiest girl here. Nothing holding her down or spoiling her fun. Good thing she doesn’t have a boyfriend or anything. Now she can fuck anything or anyone she wants. She told me at the mansion that she was so happy she broke up with whathisname Michael. She said she didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore. She just wanted to fuck girl after girl and not care about any of them!”

“Why…why are you saying this?” Jennifer asked, steadying herself on her hands and knees.

Avril kept fucking her, but Jennifer wasn’t feeling much pleasure any more. God, Avril had no idea what she was doing to her. Jessica really did look like she didn’t care about anything except the sex. This hit it home for Jennifer. Jessica had never cared for her at all.

“Cause I can,” Avril replied, slapping Jennifer’s ass again. “Watch her Jen! Watch her tongue fuck that pussy like she doesn’t have a care in the world. Ooooh maybe she does have a boyfriend…or a girlfriend and she’s cheating on them! That must by why she has so much fun when she fucks!”

“Stop…” Jennifer softly asked. “Don’t say any more! If you want to fuck then fuck me! Just don’t say anything more about her!”

“I’ll say what I want and do what I want!” Avril snarled, getting mean again as her anger at Jessica flared.

She hated seeing Jessica having so much fun…not after how she’d humiliated her at the mansion. This had been eating at Avril for so long and the closer she got the more it bubbled over.

“No one can make me stop!” Avril swore. “I’m not fucking sorry for anything and I’m not anyone’s bitch! You watch her Jen! Watch your fucking girlfriend fuck that slut! She doesn’t care about you! She doesn’t fucking care about anyone! She’s the bitch! Not me! Watch her fuck that pussy! She’s not your girlfriend! She’s a fucking whore!”

Before Avril knew what had happened Jennifer had yanked herself free from the dildo and pushed her down to the ground in anger. Wiping tears from her eyes Jennifer got up and ran through the door, not pausing to cover herself or anything. She just had to get out of there.

From her back Avril laughed and rubbed the girl juice coating Jennifer had left on her strap on. She hadn’t had a chance to come from fucking Jennifer, but that had been fun anyway.

Now Jennifer and Jessica were never going to be able to make up. Jessica was far enough away that she hadn’t heard or seen any of the exchange. Now Avril was really ready to teach Jessica a lesson. All she needed was a chance to get at her.

Avril looked around the room and saw that what had gone on between her and Jennifer hadn’t been entirely missed. Mena had seen it all and she was taking time out from sharing Anna Kournikova with Shannon to glare at the singer. Avril reacted by flipping the actress off from across the room and getting back to watching Jessica and waiting for her chance.

While she was waiting, Avril couldn’t help but touch herself. As much as she wanted to score her payback on Jessica, she had to admit that this was one hot scene before her.

Eliza was slung over Lindsay’s sexy, jiggling body, fucking the redhead’s face while leaning down to attack her pussy along with Jessica. Lindsay was loving the touch of two tongues on her cunt and it was easy to see and hear her roaring into Eliza’s pussy.

Lindsay might have been flying from all the attention she was getting, but it was nothing compared to what was happening to Sarah. Eliza’s presence with Lindsay and Jessica was noteworthy because that meant she was the only cast member of “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” who was not currently attending to the needs of the slayer herself.

Sarah was flat on her back feeling like there had to be a tongue on every sliver of skin on her body. It was almost as if 100 tongues were licking her, but in reality it was only six.

After being covered from head to toe in ice cream and champagne there had been no shortage of willing volunteers ready to lick Sarah clean and that job had ended up falling to the girls she had spent day after day with through seven seasons.

As Alyson kissed her again and again and played with her sticky hair, Michelle Trachtenberg and Charisma were sharing her chest, each one sucking on a tit and licking it free of all that had once covered it. Michelle even felt herself get a little tipsy from tasting all of the champagne covered skin before her.

Just a little lower, Amber and Amy were kissing and stroking Sarah’s thighs and up over her flat stomach while Emma had the prize of Sarah’s pussy right up against her mouth.

“Mmmmmmm I always figured you had yourself a hot little pussy Sarah,” Emma grinned, pulling up her juice coated lips to get some air. “I just didn’t know if I was ever gonna get a crack at it. Patience pays off.”

Emma then returned her tongue right back to Sarah’s snatch, licking up the fresh juice Sarah was dripping for her with every passing second. Sarah’s legs were spread wide and Emma had plenty of room to lick. She rested her tongue by pressing her mouth to Sarah’s pussy and greedily sucking her wetness up with moans and gulps that left Sarah crying out into Alyson’s mouth.

Everyone was taking their turns at Sarah, licking and sucking and kissing all her hot spots and by now the blonde was nearly delirious with pleasure. If Alyson hadn’t been holding her up as she was, her head in her lap, while kissing and stroking her face, Sarah might just have passed out.

She’d lost track of who was doing what and how many times she’d come, but asking anyone to stop was inconceivable to Sarah. As long as it felt good, and it felt very, very, very good, the word “stop” was the furthest from her mind.

“Here…have another drink baby,” Amber said down to her lover and Emma helpfully pulled her face away from Sarah so that Amber could pour out what was left of the bottle of champagne resting next to her. Another stream of cool alcohol ran down Sarah’s thighs toward her pussy, making her gasp and squirm in delight.

Emma immediately got to work, timing it just right so that her tongue was licking up Sarah’s slit just as the champagne hit her cunt. She licked up the drink and swallowed it all down, combining it with Sarah’s juices to make the most killer cocktail ever conceived. Emma would have been happy to get wasted off this every fucking night.

“More…” Emma urged, licking her lips. “Gimmie more. Mmmmmmmm nothing like champagne and pussy.”

“Any drink is good with pussy,” Amber giggled before leaning down and kissing Emma right on the lips. “You taught me that, remember?”

“Oh yeah…I come up with so many great ideas, it’s just hard to keep track of all of them,” Emma grinned, kissing Amber again and making sure her friend had a chance to taste as much of Sarah’s sweet essence as she wanted.

Amy watched all of this with fascination as she kissed and caressed Sarah’s skin. She’d never been a part of this show’s cast so she didn’t have the closeness they all seemed to, but she certainly knew each and every one of these girls and had never dreamed that they would ever act like this. But now she was acting just like them.

So much had changed since their plane had landed on the island and it scared Amy and thrilled her all at once. She was going to be a different woman when she returned home to her husband and while that weirded her out, it also turned her on.

Amy felt so sexual. Nothing had ever made her feel this horny and sexy before and she didn’t want that to end, even if she never made love to another woman again for the rest of her life. She’d done such naughty things with Charisma and Amber and Jessica Biel and now she was doing them to Sarah.

She kissed Sarah’s thighs again, tasting the champagne and ice cream and smelling her aroused pussy. Amy felt more alive than ever before and she didn’t want to lose this moment. She wanted to indulge in it as much as possible and do all the things she might never have a chance to do again.

“I want a taste too,” Amy suddenly declared as Amber and Emma were in mid-kiss. “Let me taste her pussy too! I wanna fuck Sarah!”

“Ooooh our little Amy is growing up right before our eyes,” Emma teased. “She wants to eat some slayer pussy like the rest of the big girls.”

“Fuck her Amy,” Alyson urged as Sarah groaned and rolled her head in her lap.

Sarah was too overwhelmed to be able to speak, but she knew what she liked and what she wanted and having Amy’s tongue on her pussy sounded very good to her. Sarah groaned and bucked her hips out, urging Amy forward.

Emma helped her friend out by pulling her down from Sarah’s thighs, not giving her a chance to hesitate or chicken out. Sarah’s well fucked pussy was still dripping wet and there for the taking and Amy swallowed hard while she stared at it, almost as if waiting for permission. It surprised her when she suddenly got it.

“Fuck me!” Sarah spit out, her overtaxed brain forcing the words out. “All of you fuck me you nasty fucking bitches! Ughhhhhhh all of you take your fucking turns on me! Fucking gangbang me like the sluts you are! Do me Amy! Show me you’re a hot fuck like the rest of them!”

Sarah hadn’t been able to do much but moan and scream for the last little while, so her words surprised everyone. But it did push Amy forward and she went after Sarah’s pussy with tongue lashes that got harder and faster the more she got used to it. Sarah had such a hot flavor and since it was mixed with the champagne and the sweet traces of the ice cream it was like nothing she had ever tasted.

Amy licked away at Sarah, forcing out all fears and reservations and letting her sex drive take full control of her body and brain.

“Yeahhhh fuck her Amy! Fuck that pussy!” Amber cheered the girl on as Sarah’s moans and cries rained down on all their ears again. “She thinks we’re all fucking sluts. Show her how right she is! Jam that tongue into her! Make Sarah come! Show her you’re a good little fucking cunt slut like me!”

“Mmmmmmm and me too,” Emma added, running her hands over Amy’s bare ass, caressing the cheeks while the girl fed on Sarah’s wetness. “Give it to her Amy! It tastes so good doesn’t it. Mmmmm hot, sweet pussy! I know fucking love tasting it! Yeahhhhh make her come and I’ll fucking slam my cunt against your face next! We all will! Fucking that pretty face of yours just like Sarah is!”

Amy loved hearing that. She loved all of it. The sound of Sarah’s moans…the taste of her sex…the touch of Emma’s hand on her ass and Amber’s on her tits as she reached forward to cop a feel. She’d already had a bunch of unbelievable orgasms and her pussy was juicing up for more. This was just amazing. She’d never gotten this hot before for anything.

Sarah kept exclaiming her pleasure, fucking her pussy against Amy’s face almost by instinct and nothing more. It was like all this girl sex was turning her into mush, but she didn’t care. Sarah would have loved go out like this.

Even when she and Love had exploded in passion that first day and discovered just how good women could make each other feel had Sarah ever dreamed that anything like this could ever happen with her friends and co-stars. It was a fantasy come true.

Alyson kept Sarah’s head in her lap, her wet pussy making the blonde’s hair even stickier than the champagne had, but all around them the girls were changing their positions.

Happily watching her plan come to fruition, Alyson kept darting her eyes from Amy eating Sarah out to everywhere else. Michelle was still showing how tit hungry she’d become by sucking on Charisma’s soft jugs while the Playboy cover girl moved her hand to the teen’s pussy and petted it, making her moan happily into her cleavage.

“Mmmmmm suck on my tits Michelle,” Charisma groaned. “Oooooh I’ve been dreaming about fucking you since I saw how good girls were. Oh your pussy feels so wet and hot baby. Mmmmmmm so tight and sexy. I can’t wait to fuck you! I wanna lick up all that hot teen cum right out of your pussy! Keep sucking on my big titties like a good girl baby and you’re gonna get fucked!”

Michelle was clearly happy to hear that and she sucked harder on the older woman’s tits. She kissed and sucked Charisma’s hard nipples, loving the dark color contrasting against her pale skin. Charisma was so sexy. Ughhhhh they all were.

Each and every one of them was making Michelle’s pussy wet. She couldn’t believe she had resisted this for even a second. Sarah had made her perverted fantasies come true and now all her friends were just making new ones for her.

“Aly…toss me the toy,” Emma suddenly said, snapping the redhead out of the trance she’d put herself in watching Michelle and Charisma get it on.

While still keeping one hand on Sarah’s flushed, mewing face, Alyson grabbed the strap on that had been resting beside her, waiting for someone to claim it for use. Emma was the first one to take the opportunity and Alyson tossed it to her by the straps. The actress caught it and eagerly gave the pink dildo a lick.

“Mmmmm now it’s gonna really get fun,” Emma giddily declared, standing up to pull the strap on onto her body, tightening the harness to fit around her waist. “I could use a blow job first though.”

Amber knew Emma was talking to her and she didn’t wait long before getting to work on it. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue, letting Emma take the plastic shaft and slap her cheeks and then tongue with it, just like they had done so many times before in private.

Emma slapped her tongue with the cock three times before pushing it inside, letting Amber swallow it in and get it nice and wet. Amber showed off her deep throating skills, taking the hard plastic all the way in and lubing it up as she moaned from having her mouth stuffed like this.

Like so many of the other girls there, Amber never would have expected anything like this to happen. She had been keeping her sexuality secret for so long around her co-stars, fearful of how they would judge her and Emma. Now seeing that they were into girls too liberated Amber. She knew she didn’t have to be afraid. She didn’t have to hold back.

Now Amber could reveal that the same sex desires she had displayed as Tara hadn’t been acting. She and Alyson had shared on-screen kisses before, but now those kisses were real and passionate. Amber knew Alyson was looking at her sucking Emma’s strap on and she couldn’t wait for a chance to do what she’d wanted to do for so long and fuck her on-screen lover.

“Mmmmmmm such a nice cock, it’ll look so good buried in my pussy, won’t it Emma?” Amber purred, giving the pink head another lick as she pulled the toy from her mouth.

“Damn right it will, but you’re gonna have to wait Amber,” Emma replied wickedly, knowing from experience that Amber wouldn’t stop sucking no matter what she said. “I’ve got my eye on some fresh meat first.”

Emma then cast a glance down to Amy as she blissfully fed off Sarah’s pussy, completely unaware of the surprise that was being prepared for her. Amy was bent all the way over, pressing her ass up in the air while she pleasured Sarah.

Her focus was completely on Sarah’s taste and making her cry out. Amy wanted to make Sarah come. She wanted to do a good job and not let Sarah down. Amy wasn’t exactly confident in own pussy licking skills yet and she just hoped she was doing it right.

As it turned out, Amy was doing an even better job than Sarah had expected. As woozy and overwhelmed as she felt from all that had happened to her, Sarah was perking up under Amy’s tongue.

Amy’s licks were quick and effective, lapping away at her wetness and slapping her tongue against her clitoris. The little jolts of pleasure cleared Sarah’s head and she was finding her ability to communicate returning.

“Ooooooooh Amyyyy yesss baby lick it! Lick that pussy! Ughhhhh those fucking sluts taught you so well!” Sarah cried, her voice hoarse, but at least ungarbled. “Mmmm fuck! You know just what you’re doing! That’s the spot Amy! You’re hitting the fucking spot! Right there you hot bitch! Fuck that clit with your tongue!”

From her vantage point, Sarah was easily able to see what Amy couldn’t. She had a perfect view of Emma walking up behind Amy and falling to her knees, strap-on poised for action. Sarah smiled when she saw what Emma was up to. Amy was about to become one lucky girl.

“Ahhhhh yesssssss you nasty fucking girl,” Sarah groaned. “I always thought you were the sweet one and the good one. Mmmmm it’s that tongue of yours that’s fucking sweet! You’re licking me so well Amy like a good girl and you know what good girls get?”

Amy had no idea what answer Sarah was looking for, so she ignored the question. However, that answer became crystal clear a second later.

“Good girls get fucked up the ass!” Emma gleefully answered as she pried open Amy’s butt cheeks and pushed the spit covered strap-on inside her asshole.

“AHHHHHHHHH SWEET JESUS!!!” Amy screamed in shock and arousal all at once. “OHHHHHHHHH HOLY FUCKING HELLLLLLLLL!!! AHHHHH!!!”

“Just relax baby, take that dick in your ass, don’t fight it off,” Amber advised, snapping into action to guide her friend through this new experience. “Relax yourself. Let her push inside you slow.”

“OHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWD!!!” Amy howled, not expecting this intensity at all.

Her face was still pressed up against Sarah’s cunt, but she had stopped licking. It felt good. God, it felt good. Her ass hadn’t been fucked before and Amy had never expected it to feel this incredible. But it hurt too. That toy felt fucking huge and her asshole felt so small as Emma pushed inside her.

“C’mon, you can take it,” Amber urged. “I know you loved watching me get fucked in the ass. It made you wet didn’t it. Now it’s your turn to see how good it can feel. Relax Amy!”

“That’s right take my cock,” Emma added in her own manner. “You can’t just watch someone get fucked up the ass and not expect to get fucked too! What’s good for the goose and all that. Don’t be a fucking wuss Amy! You can handle getting fucked in the ass!”

“Focus on me Amy,” Sarah advised, having experienced exactly what Amy was going through courtesy of Mr. Snappy. “Keep licking my pussy! Lick me and don’t stop! Soon you’re not gonna feel any more pain!”

Amy did as she was told, just wanting the pain to ease. What she didn’t want was for Emma to stop. She wanted her to keep going and to make it all good. She had loved seeing Amber get fucked up the ass. She just hadn’t expected to experience it for herself quite so soon. But it did feel good and Amy knew it was going to get better once she broke through the pain barrier.

Trying to distract herself, Amy did start licking Sarah again, trying to focus on the taste of her pussy and not the plastic being shoved up her asshole. Things got better when she felt someone, probably Amber, spitting into her hole, making it easier for Emma to penetrate her, but Sarah’s pussy did prove to be an effective diversion. Amy couldn’t get enough of her taste and she soon had a steady licking rhythm going again.

The more Emma was inside her ass the more she got used to it and the less it hurt. Amy could feel herself adjusting to the toy and when Emma began to really start fucking her, gently but with a purpose, her cries became more passionate. Soon enough the only sounds coming from Amy were of ecstasy while Emma fucked her ass and Sarah took care of her face.

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh eat that pussy while your hot ass gets fucked!” Sarah urged through gritted teeth while pleasure rolled through her body once again.

Amy’s tongue had naturally slowed, but Sarah knew it was a good tradeoff to be able to see Emma thrusting into her ass, her sexy, firm tits shaking with each push. It was quite a view and Sarah knew her orgasm was already getting close.

To her left Sarah heard kissing sounds and she turned her head to see Alyson and Amber frantically making out with a fervor no network censor would have dared allow for even a straight couple on television.

“Ooooooh I’ve always wanted you,” Alyson sighed as her hands played with Amber’s large tits. “Mmmmmmmmm I dreamed about getting you naked and fucking you. I wanted these tits in my hands and your pussy on my face since the day you first auditioned with me.”

“Me too…I never thought you were into it,” Amber admitted in between kisses. “I’ve wanted you for so long too Aly. Now you’re mine! And that pussy is gonna be right against my tongue until you cream all over me!”

Sarah giggled when she saw the pretend girlfriends turn into the real things right in front of her eyes. She pulled herself off her best friend’s lap so she and Amber could get closer and Alyson gratefully accepted the gesture. Between Michelle’s desires and Amber and Alyson it sure looked to Sarah like a lot of fantasies were getting filled today.

Despite everyone at the party having fun of their own, the mini Buffy orgy had captured a fair degree of attention from the guests, many of whom had watched the show at one time or another and wondered “What if…”

That fantasy had occurred more than a few times to Kirsten, especially after Eliza had told her just what Sarah and Alyson were really into once the cameras went off. In fact Kirsten was actually a little surprised that she didn’t see her girlfriend right in the middle of that action.

Kirsten wondered what could distract her from a fantasy come true like that. But when Kirsten saw what Eliza was up to with Lindsay and Jessica she immediately understood.

Eliza looked so unbelievably sexy bent over, fucking Lindsay’s face and trading kisses and licks with Jessica at the teenager’s pussy. It was so tempting to just crawl over and see if Lindsay needed any help getting Eliza off, but that would have meant ignoring her own lover and Kirsten wasn’t about to do that to the new friend she had just made.

Part of Kirsten had wanted to stay side by side with her girlfriend through the whole party, but she also had the itch to explore on her own and she knew Eliza felt the same way.

There was all kinds of naughty trouble they could get into on their own and Kirsten wanted to experience it all. She had wanted to be wild and try new things and new lovers and then end the night in the arms of the woman she loved.

That was why she was where she was at that moment, keeping a watchful eye on Eliza while she made out with Felecia and latched her hands to her beautifully perky tits. Kirsten could have played dumb about whom Felecia was, but she hadn’t. She had recognized the veteran porn star right away as soon as she had appeared to tease Sarah so effectively.

Kirsten and Eliza had rented pornos discreetly to spice up their lovemaking a few times and Felecia just couldn’t help but stand out in any video she was in.

In a world of blondes with enhanced chests, Kirsten had found herself drawn to Felecia and her unabashedly natural beauty. And after seeing her in action, Kirsten had wondered what it would be like to really fuck someone like Felecia…someone who did girls for a living and seemed to love every second of it.

When she and Eliza had decided to separate their fun, Kirsten had immediately found herself heading to Felecia while she had drowned Charlize’s body in champagne. Charlize had quickly been taken down by horny girls eager to lick and suck her clean and that had left Felecia partnerless.

Given this chance, Kirsten had introduced herself with a tender kiss to the lips that had promised lots more if Felecia was willing. Naturally Felecia had been quite willing and there they were, kissing and touching…two very different film stars united by their lusts.

Kirsten lay atop Felecia, rubbing their naked bodies together while they kissed. Felecia’s hands reached up to caress Kirsten’s ass, moving up to touch the swell of her back before going back to squeeze her delectable cheeks again. Kirsten moaned and rubbed herself even harder against Felecia, making sure the brunette could feel the wetness between her legs.

“Oooooooh you kiss so good,” Kirsten sighed happily, little trails of saliva connecting her and Felecia’s mouth as they both took a breath. “So soft…”

“I’ve had plenty of practice kissing girls,” Felecia giggled in reply.

“So have I,” Kirsten giggled right back. “Mmmmm all that practice paid off. I love how you kiss.”

“Is kissing all you want to do baby?” Felecia inquired, moving one of her hands to trace a finger around Kirsten’s swollen nipple.

“No…I wanna fuck you,” Kirsten admitted lustfully. “Ohhhhh I want you to fuck me like I’m one of the girls in your movies. Mmmmm you’re getting me so wet. Fuck me like I’m some slutty porno girl you’re doing on camera.”

Felecia had seen the look on Kirsten’s face before and heard similar requests so many times. Everyone wanted a chance to fuck a porn star and sometimes it wore on her. She was a woman first and a porn star second and work was work and fun was fun. She wanted people who wanted to be with her because they were attracted to her, not just because they got off on fucking a porn star.

But when the request was coming from a girl as beautiful as Kirsten then it was easy for Felecia to not get mad about it. She was more than willing to play along for a chance with a girl like this.

“Do you like watching my movies?” Felecia asked gently, moving her hand up to caress Kirsten’s cheek as the blonde enthusiastically nodded her head in reply. “Do they make you wet? Do they make you want to touch yourself?”

“Oh yesssssss…they make me so wet,” Kirsten groaned. “I want to fuck you Felecia. Your body makes me so wet and creamy. Mmmmmmm I make my girlfriend eat me out while we watch you and I come so hard when she does.”

“Mmmmm girlfriend?” Felecia gleefully repeated. “Naughty girl. I thought you liked boys.”

“No, I’m into girls. I love eating pussy,” Kirsten claimed, rubbing herself with growing energy against Felecia. “Fuck me Felecia! Let me show you how much I love girls! Feel how wet I am for you. Feel how bad I want you Felecia!”

“Oooooh you are wet for me sweetie,” Felecia cooed, enjoying the wet feel of Kirsten’s pussy against her own.

They probably could have ended up grinding each other to a big, sweaty orgasm and for a moment Felecia considered going with that. But she knew nothing felt as good as a hot tongue that knew what it was doing and she didn’t want to deprive Kirsten, or herself, of that pleasure.

“Want me to lick you Kirsten?” Felecia asked, still stroking her hand against Kirsten’s face, getting the young actress right on the verge of purring. “Do you want me to lick your pussy?”

“Oh yessssss please,” Kirsten sighed as she made sure to rub her face up against the soft touch of the porn star’s hand. “I want it so bad! I want to feel how good you are! I want you to make me to come so fucking hard!”

“Then it’s time for you to get on your back now sweetie,” Felecia said, enjoying the growing neediness in the beautiful naked actress lying atop her.

She probably could have gotten some serious begging out of Kirsten, but that wouldn’t have been nice. Having Kirsten begging for her would have just been to benefit her own ego and Felecia didn’t like to play those power trip games.

Kirsten didn’t have to be told twice what to do. She rolled off of Felecia and right onto her back. Now it was the porn star’s turn to straddle her and Felecia did just that, pressing her naked body on top of Kirsten’s and kissing her soft, wet lips.

The blonde groaned happily and kissed back, opening her mouth for Felecia’s tongue. Felecia’s dark hair fell over the both of them like Rapunzel’s. Her hair seemed almost endless but it wasn’t a distraction. The long stream of dark locks made Kirsten giggle and want this woman even more.

“Oooooooooh I love that…mmmmm just like Eliza does it…ooooooooooooh,” Kirsten dreamily sighed as Felecia lavished kisses over her neck and down her chest. “Mmmmmm it makes me so wet when my neck gets kissed.”

Felecia’s eyebrows were raised at that admission. Were Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku really girlfriends? God, these girls were so wild. Maybe she’d gotten in the wrong industry. These girls seemed to get more pussy than even she did.

The moans that kept coming from Kirsten snapped Felecia’s focus back into place and she resumed kissing the blonde’s milky white skin. Felecia made out with Kirsten’s neck while her hands played with Kirsten’s youthful breasts.

Kirsten’s chest was bigger than she had expected and Felecia happily played with her soft, sexy tits, rubbing against her nipples and massaging the mounds while she tasted the flavor of her flesh.

“Mmmmm sooooooo good…don’t stop,” Kirsten moaned, her eyes shut but her smile growing with every second Felecia was touching her body. “Ughhhh you’re driving me crazy Felecia. I’m getting so fucking wet!”

A quick press of her leg against Kirsten’s pussy confirmed that and then some. Felecia’s grin stretched across her face as she felt Kirsten’s juices almost flowing out like a river. Felecia was dying for a taste but she didn’t rush herself. She took her time at Kirsten’s neck and chest, lovingly kissing all over her and letting the anticipation build.

By the time her mouth reached Kirsten’s breasts, the blonde seemed about ready to come. Kirsten moans were turning into ragged gasps and her chest was heaving under Felecia’s touch. The brunette kissed all over Kirsten’s tits, nibbling gently on her nipples and then sucking the hard pleasure points while the actress writhed underneath her.

“Ohhhhhh oooooooooooooooh ohhhhhhh yesssssss Feleciaaaaaaa,” Kirsten cried, getting off on being able to call out her name in passion the way so many girls had before on screen.

It just felt incredible to have this beautiful woman on top of her, kissing and touching her. Kirsten couldn’t get enough of her touch. Felecia was even more gorgeous in person than she had been on video. She was like some beautiful, naked sprite.

“More…” Kirsten requested, relishing every touch to her body. “More touching. Mmmmm more kissing. Oooooooh more everythingggg.”

“Do you want me to touch you here Kirsten?” Felecia asked, knowing full well what the answer would be as she began tracing her fingers over Kirsten’s labia. “You like how that feels sweetie?”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Kirsten hissed through her teeth as the touch sent pleasure shooting up her spine. “Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!! More! Touch my wet pussy! Mmmmm rub it and stroke it!!! Ooooooooooooh!!!”

Felecia began a gentle rubbing against Kirsten’s drenched cunt, her fingers coated in juice after just a few seconds. Her grin not fading a bit, Felecia touched Kirsten and kissed and licked her tender breasts. She began rubbing harder, spreading open Kirsten’s pussy like a flower and sliding two fingers inside her folds.

“Is this how your pretty girlfriend touches you when you watch my movies?” Felecia asked as her fingers began to thrust into Kirsten. “Does she finger this tight little pussy of yours and make your cream drip down?”

“Mmmmmmm yessssssssssssss oooooooooooh she does!” Kirsten admitted. “She fingers me and we kiss and touch and ooooooooooooooooh then she licks me!!!”

“She’s a good girlfriend then,” Felecia purred. “This pussy of yours is just begging to be played with all day. A pussy this hot needs to be petted and stroked mmmmmm and kissed.”

“Pleeeaaaaaaasse kiss it,” Kirsten found herself pleading. “I’m soooooooo wet! Ahhhhhhh I can’t take it! I need to be licked! Please Felecia! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!”

Felecia responded by continuing her finger fuck. She didn’t push in too fast or too hard. She didn’t want Kirsten coming all over her quite yet. Felecia kept Kirsten in a state of panting desire while she kissed down, away from her tits and toward her legs.

She dragged her tongue down Kirsten’s tummy, tasting the exertions of her previous adventures. By the time Felecia had her tongue down to Kirsten’s thighs, the blonde was like a pot about to boil over with foam.

Every second that Felecia wasn’t licking her was like an endless hour to Kirsten. Her fingers felt incredible, but Kirsten wanted more. And when she finally got more, Kirsten felt her pussy was gonna burst with girl cream.

Leaving wet kisses in her wake, Felecia finally journeyed over Kirsten’s thighs and toward the demanding source of her heat. Pulling her fingers out of her lover’s gooey cunt, Felecia licked them clean, getting her first taste of Kirsten’s juices and loving them instantly.

Licking her fingers wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy Felecia’s hunger and she finally got her mouth where she’d been dying to put it from the moment Kirsten first kissed her. Felecia placed her lips to Kirsten’s pussy and sucked on it passionately, sliding her mouth all over Kirsten’s wetness to make sure she got every drop.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!!” Kirsten enthusiastically squealed, her eyes shooting open from the rush of pleasure she got.

She looked down to see Felecia staring right up into her with a soulful gaze that was so hot and piercing that Kirsten felt like it could see right through her.

“OOOOOOOOOH FUCK MEEEEEEEEE AHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS LICK IT ALLLLLLLLL UP!!!” Kirsten screamed in ecstasy, her eyes and Felecia’s locked on each other.

Kirsten found herself getting off on Felecia’s stare. Looking deep into her passionate, loving eyes was just as big a rush as it was to feel Felecia sucking on her pussy. Kirsten couldn’t believe it. Felecia was even better than she’d fantasized.

Knowing how good Felecia was at eating pussy was nothing new to Love and she was getting a kick out of being able to peer over her shoulder to watch Kirsten flail under the woman’s amazing tongue.

She knew just how Kirsten felt and part of Love wished she was there experiencing it with her and also getting her mouth on the blonde’s tits while Felecia ate her out. But Love had herself in a great situation here and she didn’t want to disrupt it.

So Love kept her glances over at Kirsten and Felecia to a minimum and kept her main focus where it belonged…on the two beautiful women kissing and sucking on her chest.

Love had wandered around the room for a bit, dripping with champagne and trying to figure out whom she wanted to play with next. It had been close to an impossible choice. It was like trying to pick which ice cream flavor to taste when they all looked so delicious. But she had come across Elisha and Cameron deep in a make out session and she hadn’t been able to look away.

Soon enough their twosome had become a threesome and Love had eagerly let them lick away all the champagne she had been soaked with.

She had known that Elisha and Cameron were friends and it turned Love on like crazy to see friends become lovers. There was just something so sexy about seeing women share their lives as friends to the public eye and then fuck each other silly in private.

Love felt like that was what she had with Sarah, Jen, Rose and Jewel and to a lesser extent with girls like Alyssa, Jessica, Britney and Christina. Of course they had done the lovers part first and then become close friends later, but no matter the order Love felt like they shared something more than sex. There was a deeper connection.

Now Love could see that Cameron and Elisha had made that same connection and she just hoped it worked out as well for them as it had for her. Being with her friends back at the mansion stirred Love’s heart as well as her libido and she wanted everyone here to feel that same wonderful sensation.

Throwing back her head and sending her hair cascading over her own face, Love moaned from the sensations filling her brain as Cameron and Elisha sucked on her tits. Both of the sexy blondes had a nipple in their mouth as they worked as a team on Love’s chest. It was getting harder for Love to keep standing as her legs got more and more wobbly the wetter with each loving suck to her nipples.

“Oooooooooh yessssssss mmmmmmm…wait…ohhhhhh…wait…gotta…soooooo goooood…gotta lie down…” Love managed to push past her lips in between moans.

She was about to set herself down when her new friends did her one better and pulled her down right with them as they sank to their knees. With a giggle Love gently fell onto her back, making her wet tits bounce in the process.

“Mmmmm much better,” Love smiled, stretching herself out and cupping her breasts in her hands as an offering to the blondes. “Now, as you were…”

Elisha and Cameron shared a horny grin and went right back to Love’s chest. Elisha knew she still had a lot to learn about making love to a woman and she was eager to see everything Cameron could teach her.

With open eyes, Elisha stared across at her friend and now lover as Cameron slapped Love’s hand away from her own breast and took into her grasp, feeding the nipple to her tit hungry lips. Elisha mimicked Cameron’s actions and Love was soon making the giddily slutty moans that were well known in Malibu.

“Ahhhhh yessssss that’s it…mmmmm suck my titties,” Love squealed, loving the feel of two wet, hot lips wrapped around her rock hard nipples. “Ooooooh get your mouths all over my big tits.”

“Mmmmmmm you have such a crazy body Jennifer,” Cameron grinned, a little saliva dribbling down her chin as she spoke. “I wish I’d known you were one of Jen’s roommates. I would have made damn sure I accepted her invitation to drop by that mansion of yours.”

“Ohhhhhhhh call…call me Love…” the aroused brunette groaned while Elisha continued to run her tongue all over her swollen nipple, teasing it and flicking against it to send little jolts of pleasure though Love’s body. “I never knew she’d been with you until now. You silly girl Cameron. You should have come home with her that night. Mmmmmmmm we would have all fucked you so good.”

Cameron grinned in response and smothered her mouth against Love’s breast again, sucking on the wet flesh. As Love deliciously moaned, Elisha continued to eye her friend in stunned amazement. How long had Cameron been doing this? Who else had she been with? She kind of felt like she didn’t know Cameron at all anymore, but that didn’t upset Elisha. It made her wet.

Watching her with Jennifer Aniston had been such an incredible turn on and sharing Love with Cameron was going to be even better. It fascinated Elisha to see this side of Cameron and she knew she was going to want to see it again and again even after they got back to their boyfriends.

The two blondes kept nursing at Love’s tits while they rubbed themselves against her legs, making sure she could feel how wet they both were for her. Elisha just followed Cameron’s lead and, judging from the happy sounds Love was making, her friend wasn’t steering her wrong.

“Ahhhhh mmmmmmm I love it…ooooooooh you two are so hot,” Love sighed. “You’re making me so wet. I need you to taste me. Please! Someone lick me! I need to feel a tongue on my pussy!”

Elisha desperately wanted to be the one licking this beautiful woman. She didn’t know Love very well at all, but she was so filled with desire for her now that it felt like she had been nursing a bad crush for years.

But before she could make her move Elisha’s tentativeness showed and she hesitated. That gave Cameron the chance to pull her face up and go right for Love’s wetness.

“Mmmm allow me,” Cameron offered, scooting down Love’s body as quick as she could to line up against her pussy. “Let’s see if you taste as good as that sexy housemate of yours.”

Before Love could reply, Cameron pushed her tongue right inside her, going after her honey pot without hesitation. Love squealed in sexily and rolled her head around on the ground, moaning with every lick Cameron took at her pussy. Cameron dove right in, lapping at her dripping folds and relishing the sweet flavor that came spilling right out onto her tongue.

As hot as it was for her to look down and see Cameron’s beautiful blonde mop top of hair buried between Love’s thighs, Elisha felt a twinge of jealousy. She wanted to be the one tasting Love.

Her first taste of pussy had been instantly addictive and Elisha wanted more. She kicked herself for hesitating when she should have jumped at the chance like Cameron had. Fortunately Love was more than happy to give Elisha something else to think about.

“Ahhhhhhh fuck oooooooh lick me Cameron! Lick my slutty wet pussy!” Love cried before focusing on her other new friend. “Mmmmm come here Elisha. Ooooh I wanna lick you while your friend’s licking me! I love you rubbing that wet pussy on me but I wanna taste you more!”

That was exactly what Elisha wanted to hear and she didn’t hesitate this time. While Love kept gasping and moaning, Elisha moved up her body and kissed her smiling lips passionately.

Elisha was really starting to feel comfortable at the idea of kissing another woman by now and when Love pushed her tongue in, the blonde newbie just sucked on it and moaned. Love and Elisha fed off each other’s kiss, the brunette’s sex cries muffled by her lover’s lips.

Love tensed up when Cameron brought her tongue against her clit for the first time, but she didn’t stop kissing Elisha. Instead she brought her hand up and began stroking her pussy.

This time both girls moaned deeply as Love helped herself to her first loving feel of the blonde’s wetness. Love pushed a finger past Elisha’s labia, making the girl shiver in ecstasy. The kiss deepened, but Love wanted more and she knew Elisha did too.

“Let me lick you,” Love offered, her voice stuck on moan. “Bring that pussy to my lips baby. I wanna taste you all over my tongue.”

Elisha sucked on her bottom lip happily and picked herself up off her knees so she could reposition herself right over Love’s face. When she did she got a look around the room and she gasped when she saw that their fun had gained what looked like a very appreciative audience.

“What? What is it?” Cameron asked, pulling up from Love’s pussy to see what had gotten that kind of reaction from Elisha.

“She’s watching us,” Elisha reported.

She wasn’t mad that they were being spied on or anything. It was definitely a turn on. But Elisha just felt like the others should know too.

Both Love and Cameron turned their faces and smiled at what they saw. Like Elisha they didn’t mind the voyeurism, especially since it was Maria Menounos who was watching them and touching herself over what she saw.

The reporter was slumped up against the wall completely naked with both hands between her legs. One hand kept her pussy splayed open while the other had two fingers shoved inside her wetness, thrusting frantically.

Maria slowed down slightly when she saw she’d been spotted, but she kept going and begged the girls to do the same.

“Ughhhhhh no…no…don’t stop!” Maria grunted, her slick fingers rubbing her clitoris. “Sooooooo hot. Keep fucking! Don’t stop!”

Love, Cameron and Elisha all shared horny grins at the sight of the reporter fucking herself wantonly before them. But of course they wanted to do a lot more than just look at her.

“Mmmm what should we do with this little spying slut?” Love giggled.

“I dunno…think she wants to interview us or something?” Cameron added with a laugh of her own. “Is that what you want Maria? Do you want to interview us for your show?”

“Noooooo…” Maria declared, emphatically shaking her head as she continued to slam herself. “I want to fuck you! I want to fuck all three of you!”

That got another sexy shared smile and, telling herself to be aggressive, it was Elisha who next spoke up.

“Then get that sexy ass of yours over here baby,” Elisha offered, wiggling her finger at Maria. “We’re not gonna be able to fuck you from over there. Mmmmm there are so many fuckable holes over here just waiting for you. You’ve just gotta get over here and get at them.”

Maria had certainly been enjoying watching the three girls, but this was going to be much, much better than just watching. She accepted the invitation with a smile and a moan. She pulled her juicy fingers away from her pussy and began to get up off the floor. But before she went too far, she was stopped.

“Uh uh…” Elisha said, surging with adrenaline. “Crawl. Don’t walk Maria. Crawl to us on your hands and knees. Show us how much you wanna play.”

Cameron stared up at Elisha with a surprised, but happy look. Seeing her friend really get into this had her pussy getting even wetter. Not only could she see it in Elisha’s eyes that her secret was safe, but that she had a new partner in girl on girl crime. This couldn’t have worked out any better.

Maria was a little surprised too, but she didn’t mind the tone Elisha took. She reversed herself and fell back to the floor, getting down on her hands and knees and beginning a naked crawl toward the three beauties. Maria could feel wetness seeping from her cunt and by the time she reached Love, Cameron and Elisha, she was nearly overcome with desire.

“That’s it, come join us,” Love urged, welcoming Maria to their fun by leaning over and kissing the reporter tenderly.

Maria closed her eyes and returned the kiss, only opening them when she felt Love pull away and another pair of lips touch her. It was Elisha’s turn to kiss her and then Cameron got her chance. Maria moaned when she tasted Love’s juice on Cameron’s lips and tongue. All three of them were so hot and Maria couldn’t decide which one she wanted more.

The four girls traded kisses and everyone wanted a chance to sample Maria’s lips. Love, Cameron and Elisha all took their turns at Maria, kissing and playing with her naked body before they began getting back into the position they had been in before.

Cameron’s tongue hungered for more of Love’s juices and as soon as her tongue got back to work on her pussy, the brunette motioned for Elisha again.

“Mmmmmm bring that pussy back to me Elisha,” Love requested. “I want it! Fuck my face! Oooooooh I wanna lick you out while Cameron eats me!”

Elisha had been eager to feel Love’s tongue before and her time away from it had done nothing to cool that desire. She pulled away from Maria and plunked herself right down over Love’s face.

Love’s tongue reached right out to run itself over Elisha’s slit, licking her pussy lips and making the blonde get even wetter. That left Maria without anyone to kiss, but Elisha had an easy solution for that.

“Get behind Cameron,” Elisha instructed Maria. “Make my friend feel good Maria! You know how to do it, don’t you?”

“Mmmmhmmmm I know just how to make her feel good,” Maria replied confidently as she crawled back to where Cameron’s ass swung sexily in the air.

The blonde actress was bent over to feast upon Love’s pussy and that gave Maria the perfect opportunity to get at her.

“I always thought you were so sexy,” Maria sighed as she caressed the cheeks of Cameron’s ass and stared at her wet pussy, already spread open for her.

It looked so pink and wet and so delicious that Maria knew she wouldn’t have been able to resist it even if Elisha wasn’t urging her to do this. She had always admired Cameron’s beauty and, just like she had with Rose, Maria felt like she could finally admit to the crushes she’d had before she rediscovered her lust for women. That lust brought Maria’s tongue right where it needed to be…inside Cameron’s pussy.

“Yeahhhhhhh lick her pussy!” Elisha groaned, starting to get into the new position she was in of riding another woman’s face.

It was kind of hard for Elisha to get her balance and motion right at first so she didn’t hurt Love or pull herself too far away, but the more she did it, the easier she found it. Love’s happy tongue inside her snatch gave her all the incentive to get this position down pat and fast.

“Fuck her pussy! Mmmmm Camie has such a sweet pussy, Maria, you’re so fucking lucky to lick it!” Elisha continued, loving a chance to have a little control and show off a little to anyone who thought she might still be the scared, tentative straight girl who had tried to run off when the party had started. “Lick it while Camie licks Love and she fucking licks me! Mmmm we’re all gonna come and then we’re gonna fuck you Maria!”

Cameron didn’t know what she loved more, Maria’s tongue lapping up her juices from behind, the feel of Love’s baby bare pussy against her face or Elisha acting like she this, bossing everyone around and sounding so sexy.

It was all turning her on and making her drip, giving Maria even more to lick up. Cameron never would have picked Maria as someone who would be into this, but she had definitely licked a pussy before. Her tongue felt amazing sliding over her folds and then pushing inside to fuck her.

Mmmmmmm and Love’s pussy tasted as sweet as her personality. Cameron couldn’t get over how pretty Love’s little pink pussy looked all wet and smooth. Cameron had never really thought about shaving her own pussy before, but it looked so kinky and beautiful and a wicked thought popped into Cameron’s head. Maybe she and Elisha could shave each other’s pussies bald. Ohhhh that would have just been incredible to see…to feel…mmmm and to taste.

While Love kept fucking her face, Cameron kept hearing her friend crying out from the brunette’s tongue and saying dirty things that she had never expected to hear Elisha say.

It reminded Cameron so much of her first time with Jennifer and then how she, Drew Barrymore and Demi Moore had all seduced Lucy Liu. Cameron remembered how once she saw how good being with a woman could feel she hadn’t been able to get enough of it. The same thing had happened to Lucy and now she could see it happening to Elisha.

Marveling at the addictive qualities of girl sex, Cameron continued tonguing Love’s creamy pussy, not wanting to miss a drop of juice. Her tongue slid over Love’s spread lips and dug deep into her pink, licking against her clit and making her scream out muffled sounds of ecstasy into Elisha’s pussy. Those were the same sounds Cameron was making into Love’s pussy from Maria’s tongue.

The reporter definitely could do more than hold a microphone. She could also eat pussy like an artist, licking and sucking like she’d been trained in it all her life. Cameron didn’t know who had taught her how to eat pussy this well, but she did know who she’d be insisting did her next “Entertainment Tonight” interview.

As hot as Love’s bald cunt was, Cameron was finding it hard to keep herself focused on it with everything Maria was doing to her and Elisha didn’t make it any easier for her with what she said next.

“Now fuck her ass Maria!” Elisha pushed out in between moans from Love’s lips sucking on her clitoris.

She didn’t even know where these dirty words and thoughts were coming from. Elisha just knew what she wanted to see happen. She wanted to see and feel it all and there was no longer any filter between her mouth and her brain.

“Ooooooooooooh yessssssss ahhhhhhhh fuck she’s always showing that fucking ass of hers off!” Elisha cried as Love reacted to what she said by sucking her clit harder. “She’s begging to get her ass fucked! Give it to her Maria!”

After all she’d done today, Maria certainly had no reservations about doing this to Cameron, she just wanted to make sure that her lover wanted it. Maria didn’t have to wait long to get confirmation.

“Yeahhhhh fuck me!” Cameron groaned, Love’s juices sparkling from her lips. “Fuck my ass Maria! Shove that nasty little tongue up my hole and fuck me!”

When Maria did just that, Cameron couldn’t stop wild moans from spilling out of her mouth uncontrollably. She panted and gasped and watched as Love reached down to begin touching herself in lieu of the tongue that had once been there. Watching Love rub her pretty pussy while she felt Maria’s hot tongue up her ass had Cameron’s brain swimming with ecstasy.

After what Christina and Rose had just done to her Maria felt like she knew exactly how to get a girl off by assfucking her and she used her tongue to great effect, drooling warm saliva and licking it up, swirling her tongue over Cameron’s puckered rosebud.

“Yeahhhh yeahhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh that’s it Mariaaaaaa!!!” Cameron cried. “Yeahhhhhh fuck that ass babyyyyyyy!!! Tongue fuck my tight little ass!!! Mmmmm bet you love seeing me shake that ass everywhere I fucking go…just begging for someone to fuck it!!! Yessssssss fuck it like thaaaaaaaaat!!! Mmmmmmm work that tongue right into my asshole!!!”

Cameron knew her cries were only going to get louder so she quieted herself by slamming her face right back onto Love’s pussy. The girl barely had a chance to move her hand away before Cameron’s tongue was back inside her folds, licking up droplets of girl cream and hungrily swallowing them down.

Maria was making her feel unbelievably good and Cameron wanted to put her excess energy to good use on Love and then on Elisha again. Cameron wanted to show her once again that they were going to be even better friends from now on.

The bridge between friend and lover that Cameron and Elisha had crossed was long ago charted territory for Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani. They had been friends for years and had even been guests at each other’s wedding. And for all that time they had never envisioned that they would ever be doing the things they did to each other’s naked body as frequently as possible.

Their journeys to Malibu had been separate and Jennifer had never considered trying to seduce her friend. She had just assumed Gwen wouldn’t be into it, but one night Jewel had brought the singer to the mansion and everything had changed.

Jennifer had arrived late to the festivities and ended up finding quite a party in Rose’s room. She had walked in to see Gwen flat on her belly eating Denise Richards out while Love had been riding the actress’ face. It was a scene she hadn’t been expecting to ever see and getting her first glimpse of Gwen’s naked body as her bare ass had risen and fallen while she licked away at the creaming Denise had shocked and turned Jennifer on all at once.

After licking the last hot drop from Denise, Gwen and Jennifer had ended up locking eyes and before they could even consider what they were about to do to their friendship they had gone for it, hungrily kissing each other and not looking back. They had fucked each other that night and, with each passionate encounter after that, their friendship had only grown stronger.

Being friends made the sex between them hotter for Jennifer and Gwen. They were friends to the outside world and pussy hungry sluts when the mansion doors closed and the secret turned them both on to no end.

But, just like in Malibu there was nothing they had to hide here. Everyone here shared the same secret and the two women could gorge on each other’s soft girl flesh as much as they wanted.

“Ahhhhhh suck them Jen…mmmmmm yeahhhh ooooooh you always know just how to treat my pretty little tits,” Gwen voiced, her words coming out in a sing song moan that drove her lover’s wild.

Jennifer was proving what a good friend she could be by licking and sucking on Gwen’s nipples, but they weren’t alone. Charlize Theron was also showing how friendly she could be by placing her mouth against Gwen’s pussy.

Charlize and Gwen had gotten very close recently in an incredible fuck fest that had included three porn stars. It hadn’t been the first time they had played, but the intensity had bonded them as lovers and since they now both knew how good Jennifer was, they were more eager than ever to get intimate.

After having her body soaked from head to toe in champagne, Charlize had longed to feel Jennifer’s tongue licking her clean again. Since Gwen and Jennifer had been in the middle of making out when the dripping Oscar winner had run to them their threesome just came together perfectly.

Jennifer and Gwen had run their tongues over every inch of Charlize’s champagne coated flesh. They had licked her like cats, cleaning her off in a way that was more fun than any shower could be and making sure Charlize’s hot spots were well tended to.

Now Charlize was paying Gwen back by staring right into her eyes and tonguing her pussy. As pleasure flowed through her veins, the singer was happy to lie back and let the actress suck the dripping juices right out of her.

“Ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooh Charlize mmmmm keep sucking my pussy!” Gwen squealed, thrusting herself against the Oscar winner’s face as Jennifer hit a sensitive spot on her nipple. “Nasty girl! Mmmmmm show me what those slutty porn stars taught you! Show me all the tricks you learned about fucking girls!”

That statement got a pair of raised eyebrows from Jennifer. She was going to have to be filled in on the details of what exactly Gwen was talking about. From the sound of things, it was probably going to be a hell of a story.

But right now Jennifer only wanted to focus on listening to Gwen moans and sighs and on how good her friend’s swollen nipples felt under her tongue and fingers. Jennifer knew full well by now that Gwen’s tits were one of her biggest erogenous zones and that her husband, perhaps thinking size mattered when it came to breasts, barely paid attention to them.

Whichever nipple Jennifer didn’t have in her mouth she had between her fingers. Jennifer gently applied pressure to Gwen’s aching pleasure points. She didn’t pinch them hard, but rather rubbed them between her fingers to make sure the singer got plenty of stimulation.

Eventually Jennifer had both of her hands on Gwen’s nipples and brought her lips up to her friend’s so they could share another passionate kiss. Their lip lock lingered as they sucked each other’s tongues and shared saliva back and forth.

The kissing between the two women got even more heated when Gwen lifted up her hands and brought them to Jennifer’s tits. Gwen began playing with the soft mounds of sexy girl flesh, massaging them as Jennifer continued to tease her nipples.

Their moans flowed into each other’s mouths and Charlize quickly saw she was becoming the forgotten girl in all of this. That was unacceptable to her and, while not letting up a bit in her tongue fuck of Gwen’s pussy, Charlize looked for a way to remind everyone how important she was to this equation.

A carelessly discarded toy quickly offered her the opportunity she was seeking and, grinning as she did so, Charlize pulled her face up from Gwen and nakedly strode off after it.

“Heyyyyy…wh…where are you going?” Gwen protested as she broke the kiss with Jennifer, her pussy suddenly feeling very neglected.

But when she saw what Charlize was picking off the floor, Gwen’s tone immediately softened.

“Mmmmmm what’cha planning on doing with that thing, baby?” Gwen purred, spreading her legs wide and exposing pink folds soaked with girl juice and saliva.

“It all depends on what you want me to do with it,” Charlize sexily replied, walking back over to Gwen and rubbing the clear blue plastic dildo against the singer’s cunt. “What do you want Gwen? Do you wanna get fucked?”

“Yeahhhhhhh fuck meeeeeee!” Gwen groaned, her tits still in Jennifer’s secure grip as she writhed on the floor, begging Charlize to do her. “Fill my pussy up with that thing! Mmmmmmm I loved how you were licking me but I need to get fucked! Do it Charlize! Fuck me hard!”

“Are you sure you can take it…mmm it’s so big and so hard…” Charlize teased, knowing full well that Gwen was going to have no trouble handling the dildo.

“C’monnnnnnn Charlize…I need it!” Gwen cried, getting more desperate the more Charlize rubbed the hard plastic against her splayed pussy lips without penetrating her. “I need that goddamn thing deep in my pussy! Ughhhhh it’s been so long since I got my tight cunt fucked good and hard! Give it to me! Pleaaaaaaaaase!”

“Welllllll only cause you said please,” Charlize giggled before pushing the dildo slowly but forcefully into Gwen’s pussy, making the singer arch her back off the floor and shriek happily with delicious ecstasy.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Gwen voice shot out passionately.

Just as Charlize began fucking her, Jennifer got back to sucking and licking her nipples. Jennifer’s tongue always felt good no matter where it was on her body and she was sending steady shivers through Gwen while Charlize really worked into her with the dildo.

“Mmmmmm you do have yourself a tight little pussy here Gwen,” Charlize giggled, watching Gwen’s needy pussy swallow the toy, wrapping pink girl folds around the blue plastic. “Ooooh you need to get fucked so bad, don’t you?”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh soooooooooo fucking baaaaaaad! Fuck meeeeeeee!!!” Gwen begged. “Fuck my pussy! Fuck it hard baby! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk Gavin never fucked me this goooood!!! Mmmmm fill me with that hard fake cock! Ohhhh yeahhhhhhhhh it’s never gonna go soft before I fucking come! Give it to me Charlize!!! Fucking fill my cunt!”

“Oh I’ll fill you! I’ll fill this pussy up with this hard fake dick!” Charlize promised. She usually wasn’t this dominant, but she was getting off on having Gwen at her mercy for a spell. “Mmmmm this pussy needs to get fucked. Tight, hot little pussy just for me! You’ve got such a sweet cunt Gwen and you need more than a licking. You need a hot, hard fucking!”

That got a long, rather bestial cry from Gwen that had Jennifer’s pussy running juice down her legs. She loved seeing Gwen go wild like this. She had seen it many times at the mansion and it never lost its appeal. It just made her want the same thing to happen to her.

“Yeah that’s what she needs! Fuck her Charlize! Pound that pussy with that toy!” Jennifer pressed as squeezed her own thighs together to stimulate herself. “She doesn’t get enough real dick at home so she has to come to us girls to get herself fucked. Mmmmm poor Gwen. Give her what she need Charlize! Give her a good fucking and make her cream that fake cock!”

Charlize began thrusting the toy harder into Gwen, working with every bit of sexual concentration she could muster to balance between giving her lover the strong, passionate fuck she clearly needed and not going too hard and actually hurting her. Charlize just wished she had more experience doing this, but she had never used a toy on another girl before.

However, judging from the way Gwen was thrusting herself up onto the dildo and how she looked like she was about to roll her eyes back in her head, Charlize seemed to be doing a good job.

The whole day had seemed like a blur of orgasms to Gwen. It felt like she had been coming non-stop since she had arrived but she still wanted more. She just couldn’t get enough.

The feeling of the dildo thrusting deep inside her and her pussy wrapping around it like a tight, soft glove was leaving Gwen without the ability to respond with anything but fierce, indecipherable grunts and hard thrusts forward to try and force more of it inside her. Gwen could feel her orgasm pushing forward, but she knew that even though it was close it wasn’t going to be nearly enough.

She was going to need more. More fucking. More licking. More everything. She was turning more and more to be just like Britney and Christina when it came to girl sex and she loved it. Those little fuck sluts were a bad influence and Gwen only wanted to be corrupted more.

Speaking of the devils, just as Gwen’s thoughts were turning to the mansion’s resident pop sluts, Britney and Christina were fused together in a sizzling make out. Their tits and pussies grinded together while they kissed and neither one of them showed any sign of slowing down. If there was an embodiment of not being able to get enough, it was clearly them.

The flying food and champagne had left both girls messier than usual and there wasn’t anyone either of them wanted to clean their bodies off more than the other. When they had split up at the beginning of the party the plan had been for them to meet up at the end and share the lusty tales of their conquests, but they had been only able to last a few hours before hooking up again.

They both had the flavors of other girls all over their lips and that just made their kisses hotter. Britney and Christina tasted each other everywhere, licking off food, alcohol and girl cum with happy abandon.

“Ooooooooooooooh mmmmmmm suck those tits Britney!” Christina squealed, holding onto her breasts underneath with her hands and pushing them up to Britney’s eager mouth. “Suck on my big slutty titties baby! Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh taste all that cum Rose gave me when she rubbed her pussy alllllllll over me! Ohhhhhhh it was so fucking hot having her rub that cunt all over my big titties. I wish you’d been licking it up right then!”

“I would have tongue fucked you both so good…mmmmm I love tasting her cum all over your tits Chrissy…so fucking yummy,” Britney mumbled, her mouth filled with Christina’s breasts, but her meaning clear.

The tit hungry singer devoured her lover’s chest, sucking on her pierced nipple lovingly and then getting her tongue over all the sexy girl flesh shoved in her face.

“Awwwwwww fuck I can’t get enough of you Britney…mmmmm you get me so fucking wet every time I’m with you,” Christina’s words spilled out as Britney’s tongue moved back to her piercing.

Britney expertly tongued the hoop, teasing the nipple, flicking against it back and forth before sucking it into her mouth, loving the taste of the metal and girl flesh between her lips.

“I saw you fucking Mya…she’s such a goddamn slut, just like you Britney…mmmm you must have gotten along so fucking well,” Christina continued to babble as her housemate stimulated her enhanced tits. “Mmmmmm we gotta have her over to the mansion…share that hot black cunt with our pretty pink tongues. Ughhh I saw Felecia nail you with that strap on too. You looked so fucking hot Britney. Is she better than me at fucking that little whore twat of yours?”

“No one’s as good at fucking me as you are,” Britney immediately answered, pulling her face up from Christina’s breasts to kiss the tiny pop singer hard on the lips.

Christina gently fell onto her back and pulled Britney on top of her so they could really start grinding against each other.

“Did you like watching me fuck those girls Chrissy?” Britney asked. “Cause I loved watching you. I was sneaking glances to try and find you all the time…watching you with Maria and Rose and Gwen and it was all so hot. It made me so wet to watch you fuck while I got fucked.”

The two singers and business partners then got lost in another long, lingering kiss between them. They took turns sucking each other’s tongue and then massaged them together as all their aroused girl parts rubbed and mashed together. Their skin shone under the lights from all the saliva they had left on each other, the horny drool still drying on their tits and asses.

* * * * * * * *

But just as Britney and Christina were catching up on their adventures during their brief time apart, two final, and uninvited, guests arrived at the resort. They were pressed for time so they didn’t pause for niceties.

“Where’s the party?” the blonde demanded as she rushed up to the front desk.

“The party? I’m afraid I don’t know what you mean?” Cara asked, playing coy.

“C’mon you know exactly what I mean,” the blonde shot back. “Don’t treat me like an idiot. I know what’s going on here. We need to get in there right away. Now you can either tell me or I will search this place top to bottom to find it. Either way my friend and I are getting inside. I’m not here to bust it or spoil the fun. I just need to talk to two of the people there right away!”

Cara looked over at the blonde’s friend, who was shifting nervously on her feet and seemed to be making an effort to hide her face from recognition. Cara knew who she was, though, and she recognized the blonde woman too. She saw the resolve in the blonde’s eyes and she knew that she would likely toss the place up and down until she found the party.

Considering her options, Cara thought about calling security, but she knew that would cause a scene and she didn’t want that. She couldn’t have anyone find out about the party, not when she was hoping to join it as soon as her shift was over. Her pierced nipples had been hard from the first guest arriving and the slowly clicking clock had her pussy humming.

Cara didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize whatever chance she had to join in what she knew was going on in there, but she also believed that these two would find the party with or without the help.

Deciding that just telling them where the party was would cause the least amount of fuss, Cara admitted the truth and pointed out the right direction. The two women took off right in the direction, the blonde grabbing the brunette’s hand, and Cara was left wondering if she had just done the right thing.

* * * * * * * *

Back in the party, Britney and Christina hadn’t stopped kissing and playing with each other. They hadn’t even paused. Their lips got lonely for each other if they were separated for even a second and Christina was getting especially needy for more.

“Oooooooh keep rubbing me,” Christina moaned underneath Britney. “Ughhhh I loooooooove feeling your pussy dripping juice onto mine. Mmmmm you’re gonna make me come soon baby! Rub meeeeeee! Rub my slutty little cunt with yours! Yeahhhhh Britneyyyyy! Grind me baby! I fucking love feeling our pussies together!”

Britney wanted to give Christina what she wanted, but she was also feeling a little playful. She remembered all the times Christina had teased her and made her wait and writhe and beg when she was about to come and now she saw a chance for a little payback.

“Yeah? You want me to fuck you Chrissy?” Britney giggled as she suddenly pulled off her lover. “You’re gonna have to catch me then.”

The giggling, streaking singer then took off in a run around the room, sexual energy burning in her veins as she waved for Christina to follow her. Christina’s jaw nearly hit the floor when she saw Britney run away from her. Britney never refused to make her come when she asked for it! How dare she make her wait?

Part of Christina wanted to be mad, but ultimately it just made her want Britney more. Besides, it wasn’t like her housemate had anywhere to go. She’d catch her and then make Britney pay for forcing her to wait.

Picking herself up off the floor, Christina took off after Britney, starting to giggle just like her friend had while she ran and jiggled. All around them beautiful girls were fucking their brains out on the floor and the two singers ran around with growing giddiness, wetness drooling down their legs as they burned off their energy and gawked at the bare bodies filling the room.

Finally, after a complete lap around the room, Christina tackled Britney and brought her down to the ground. Britney didn’t put up a bit of fight and the two girls rolled around the floor laughing and kissing. First Britney was on top, then Christina, then Britney again and on it on it went until they finally tired and stopped for breath, their heaving chests crushed together.

“Now you’re gonna get it bitch,” Christina grinned, pinning Britney down to the ground from her position on top. “No one runs away from Xtina! When I wanna come, you’d better make me goddamn come! You’re so gonna pay for that Britney!”

“Ooooooooh what’cha gonna do to me?” Britney asked brightly, her eyes wide with anticipation for whatever Christina had planned for her.

“You can start by eating my pussy until I cream your slutty face,” Christina ordered, licking Britney’s quivering cheek with a long, wet tongue lash that went from Britney’s chin up to her hair. “Then we’ll discuss what’s next in your punishment.”

But before Christina could actually begin making Britney pay for her insolence, they found two women standing before them. These were the last people in the world that either singer had expected to see and one of them clearly had some punishment of her own on her mind.

Britney and Christina both gawked up at the new arrivals and, for once, words failed them both.

“We need to talk,” Mandy Moore declared, summoning up every bit of seething anger she’d felt on the flight down, crossing her arms over her chest. “We need to talk right now.”

Neither pop princess bothered to ask what this was all about. Jenna Jameson’s presence next to Mandy was the only sign they needed to see the jig was up. Christina glared at Fluffy standing guard by the door but he just helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

He could handle armed stalkers and slimy paparazzi with the greatest of ease. But he was helpless against pissed off singers and defiant porn stars.

“Fine…you wanna talk, let’s talk,” Christina coolly replied as Britney just stared at the ground, unable to bring herself to look Mandy in the eye.

“Not here! Not in front of all your friends!” Mandy shot back. “Who knows what screwed up plan or trap you’ve got going on? Let’s talk in there!”

Mandy pointed toward the doorway leading into the hall and Christina stood up defiantly naked.

“Whatever,” Christina dismissively said. “C’mon Britney.”

Christina grabbed Britney and pulled her up from the floor. Britney still looked shamed, but Christina showed no remorse whatsoever. In fact, having her plan fall apart just made her angrier at Mandy.

Jenna stayed behind as the three girls went to have a much-needed chat but Christina didn’t miss a chance to direct a comment her way.

“Nice time for you to finally develop a fucking conscience,” Christina sneered at the porn queen as she and Britney followed Mandy away from the party.

Jenna considered Christina’s remark for a second and then completely shrugged it off. She did what she felt was right and she considered her conscience clean now.

She didn’t owe anything to Christina, although she and Britney were probably going to want their money back now. She didn’t care about that, though. Some things were more important than money and doing right by Mandy was what concerned her now.

Jenna had no regrets about telling Mandy everything. She’d known all along it was wrong what the singers had wanted her to do, but it had taken her growing affection for Mandy for Jenna to be able to admit it to herself.

And now that things were in motion to be set right she took the time to properly appreciate her surroundings. Jenna couldn’t believe what she saw. This was an orgy of celebrity pussy the likes of which boggled even her mind.

Jenna thought she’d seen it all, but this took her breath away. It seemed like every famous girl she ever could have fantasized about was her. Alyssa Milano. Salma Hayek. Beyonce Knowles. Even Hilary Duff. They were all here and fucking their brains out. Jenna couldn’t believe that this was happening and she hadn’t been invited!

Well she was inviting herself now. There was no way she wasn’t going to be a part of this. And if anyone here objected to her presence, well then she was just going to have to fuck them until they changed their mind. Now that she had arrived, Jenna was well prepared to do whatever it took to stay.

While everyone fucked around her, Jenna sprang into action. No one had really even noticed she was there yet and she knew she wasn’t going to change that by standing around with her clothes on. In the blink of an eye, Jenna was flinging her clothes off without really caring where they landed until she was as bare assed as the rest of the girls.

Now all she needed was a girl to fuck to start getting her dance card filled. She was quite obviously behind the curve so she had to move fast. Fortunately a quick scan around the room found her not only someone Jenna had fucked before, but someone she actually liked. And the girl her friend was fucking was a sweet little thing too. It was the perfect situation and Jenna didn’t hesitate for a moment.

* * * * * * * *

While Jenna was making her move, Mandy was also making hers. She was trying damn hard to not scream in fury and/or burst into tears while she did and it wasn’t easy.

Mandy was awash in emotions and she had been that way ever since Jenna had pulled her out of the shower that morning and told her what was really going on. Jenna had told her what Britney and Christina had done and how she had gone along with it.

At first Mandy had aimed all her rage at Jenna. She felt betrayed. She couldn’t believe that anyone would pretend to be her friend and use her like that. How could Jenna play with her feelings like that?

Mandy had thought Jenna had really liked her. She had gotten such pleasure from being with her. Mandy had never ever had sex that had felt that good, but Jenna’s admission made it all feel fake.

She felt like everything had been a lie. Jenna’s confession had left Mandy feeling used and violated. She had never let anyone touch her like that before and do all those naughty things to her. It had all felt so good, but it had all been based on lies.

Soon that anger had dissolved into devastated tears. Coming on the heels of the breakup with her boyfriend, this had been the last thing Mandy had needed and her heart had ached while tears spilled from her eyes.

Jenna had implored her to not just run off and insisted that she really was her friend and that she really did care about her. That was why she was telling her the truth. Jenna had begged for forgiveness, pushing Mandy deeper into turmoil and angry confusion.

The words had felt hollow at the time and, even after the time that had passed since then, Mandy still didn’t know what was going to happen between her and Jenna after all this. She had given her so much trust and Jenna had betrayed that trust.

Mandy was still hurt and she didn’t know if Jenna could ever fix that, but now her anger had been redirected toward Britney and Christina. Jenna might have been the one who fucked and used her, but these two were the ones responsible for it.

Looking for a private place to have this out, Mandy quickly discovered the room that Reese and Jessica had used for their earlier rendezvous. She stormed inside and slammed the door behind them. Mandy then whirled around toward Britney and Christina and slapped them both across the face with lightning quick motions the scheming duo hadn’t anticipated.

“How could you bitches do this to me?” Mandy charged, trying hard not to completely lose it. “Who the hell do you two think you are? You could have ruined my career! Was that what you wanted? To ruin my career and humiliate me in front of my family? What is wrong with you two? What made you think you could do this to me? Was this just some kind of sick game you like playing?”

“If you touch me one more time I’m gonna snap that wrist of yours,” Christina icily replied, refusing to rub her stinging cheek.

Britney still hadn’t said anything. She just looked like she wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole.

“Why did you do this?” Mandy demanded. “What did I ever do to you? Do you just get off on fucking with me like this? Were you watching that tape for fun? Were you getting a good laugh watching Jenna do those things to me? When she was handcuffing me and touching me? Did you like the show you pervs? Why? Why did you do this to me?”

“You know what you did,” Christina stated. “You stole our record label idea. You were going to get your single out first. We had to take you out before you took us out.”

Mandy then slapped Christina’s face again. Once again the singer hadn’t been expecting that and this time her hand flew to her pink cheek. Christina stepped forward like she and Mandy were going to really get into it, but she stopped when Mandy started crying.

“This was just some business thing to you?” Mandy sobbed, trying to get control of herself.

She’d promised herself she wouldn’t cry in front of them, but her emotions were just surging inside her. Mandy felt so many things all at once and couldn’t control them anymore.

“You did this to me because of some stupid record label thing?” Mandy asked, as if she couldn’t believe it. “This was my life you screwed with! This was my heart! What was your plan? Have Jenna seduce me and turn me into a lesbian so you could destroy me? How could you be so cruel? I could have lost everything! What were you going to do? Release that tape on the Internet? Sell it on the street? What was your sick little plan Christina?”

“We were going to get the tape from Jenna and tell you that we were going to release it to the media unless you didn’t release you single,” Christina admitted, not expecting to see Mandy act like this.

She’d expected to see anger, but not tears and, for the first time, Christina began to feel twinges of guilt for what she’d done to Mandy. She and Britney could have really ruined more than her career with the tape. This would have haunted her for the rest of her life. Realizing all this didn’t feel good to Christina.

“What about you? Don’t got anything to say?” Mandy demanded, turning her attention to Britney as she angrily wiped the tears away from her eyes and tried to get a control of herself. “Do you just let her do all the talking?”

“We’re so sorry Mandy,” Britney said, feeling really bad about everything they’d put the singer through. She’d had reservations about the plan from the beginning, but Christina had convinced her to ignore them. “We never wanted to really hurt you. We just wanted to get our single out first.”

“I can’t believe you did this over a song,” Mandy replied bitterly. “You did hurt me! You and your friend out there! Did you think what she did wasn’t going to have an effect on me? You can’t play with people’s emotions! Did you think I was just going to let you two blackmail me? Why didn’t you just come and talk to me? That’s what human beings are supposed to. We could have worked something out. I wasn’t looking to beat you guys at this. I just wanted to make good music. I didn’t want it to be super competitive. God, why does everyone have to try and screw each other over? Why did you have to do it like this? Why did you have to hurt me?”

“We didn’t really think that part out,” Christina said with a shrug. “I just got so mad when I heard that you were doing the same thing we were doing and I wanted to make sure our song got out first. I didn’t think about talking to you first.”

“You didn’t think at all,” Mandy sneered, sniffing away her last tears while her stomach remained in knots and her pulse raced.

Mandy hated the part of the music industry where everyone was always trying to screw each other over and she had promised herself she would never get involved in stuff like this. But Britney and Christina had dragged her in.

“Well your plan isn’t going to work,” Mandy said defiantly, gathering her resolve. “Jenna gave me the tape and I destroyed it. There are no more copies so if you wanted to show the world what a slut I am then you’re not going to have the chance! Maybe I should just make some tapes of you though. I saw what you two were doing in there. You were going at it like a couple of whores. Just like all your friends out there. I could make a tape of you and ruin your careers. But everyone already knows you’re whores anyway.”

Christina’s eyebrows arched a little when Mandy said that. Her mind immediately got to working. Maybe there was a way they could all win from this after all.

“Did you like what you saw Mandy? Maybe you’d like to join us?” Christina asked, placing her hand on Mandy’s arm and touching her with a tenderness she had never demonstrated toward her fellow singer before. “Jenna told me about what you two did and she told me how much you loved it.”

“Ewwwwww don’t touch me you fucking skank,” Mandy snapped, taking Britney and Christina a little by surprise. Mandy had such a good girl reputation that it was always a little shocking to hear her curse.

While Mandy recoiled from Christina, she had to admit that what she had seen in that room had turned her on. What she had done with Jenna had been an incredible and eye opening experience and seeing all those beautiful women together touching and loving each other had made her crave the sensations she now knew came only from girl sex.

Mandy hadn’t been able to get enough of Jenna’s touch that night. She had loved being controlled by her and being made to feel desires she had never even known she’d had. She had never been with a girl before then and Jenna had made all her pleas and protests disappear so easily.

Jenna had showed her how wonderful a woman could make her feel. At first Mandy had tried to shrug it off, telling herself how she’d been handcuffed and unable to control herself. But she hadn’t even been able to fool herself with that excuse. She had loved it and wanted more.

So when Mandy and Jenna had hooked up again, playing with her friends and even her husband, all without a pair of handcuffs in sight, Mandy had to admit that it wasn’t about control or being forced into anything. Sex with another woman was something Mandy wanted and a it was a new side of herself that she desperately wanted to explore.

Everything that they had done had left Mandy craving more. Jenna made her feel like a woman…a sexual woman with desires she didn’t have to be afraid of.

Seeing all those beautiful girls out there making love and touching and kissing each other was the wildest thing she had ever seen. She had never thought women like the ones out there had those desires…the same desires she had now.

“C’mon Mandy,” Christina urged, her tone continuing to soften as she saw herself another opportunity to get laid. “Let’s put this behind us. Don’t pretend you don’t like what was going on there. Jenna told us you were totally into it.”

“Ohhhhhhh no it’s not going to be that easy,” Mandy shot back. “You think I’m just going to forget about everything you did to me just because you suddenly want to fuck me? God, you are a crazy slut, Christina! I’m not like you! You really think I’m going to fuck you after what you did?”

“Well…yeah…I mean look at us,” Christina replied, modeling her naked body a little bit. “You fucked Jenna didn’t you? She wasn’t forcing you to come. You like fucking hot chicks. There’s nothing wrong with that. Britney and I are hot chicks. It kind of stands to reason you’re gonna want to fuck us too. And we’ve got a whole room of girls in there who’d love a taste of your pussy.”

Mandy couldn’t help but feel a little stirring inside her libido when Christina said that. This was the last thing Mandy had wanted to happen, but there it was and she tried to fight it off even more than she’d tried to keep herself from crying.

She’d failed at preventing her tears, but she told herself she was going to be strong here. But, as angry as she was on the plane ride down, Mandy hadn’t felt any change in her desires. She still loved the touch of a woman and she still longed for how Jenna and all her sexy friends could make her feel.

God, what was wrong with her? Mandy knew she was supposed to be furious here, but she couldn’t help but look at the two naked bodies standing before her.

Christina and Britney had totally tried to screw her and ruin her life over a stupid song. They’d hired Jenna to seduce her. It was because of them that she’d been handcuffed to that bed. But it was also because of them that she had experienced the best sex of her young life.

“C’mon Mandy…” Britney said, following Christina’s lead and stroking the singer’s arm with her fingers. “Let us show you how sorry we are. We were bad girls. Bad, naughty girls. Maybe you’d like to punish us.”

Oh Christ. Mandy’s eyes lit up at the sound of that and she couldn’t hide it. She’d been unable to take her eyes off these beautiful, confident girls as they moved closer to her with every passing second.

They were so beautiful. So naked. And so wet. Now the mere thought of doing to them what Jenna had done to her had Mandy feeling like she might explode.

“Mmmm she likes that,” Christina giggled. “I’ll bet Jenna taught you all kinds of tricks Mandy. You can use them on us. Don’t get mad Mandy. Get even. Yeah, so we tried to fuck you over. You can pay us back by fucking us now. Mmmmmmm fucking us right in front of all our friends.”

Mandy didn’t know what to say. She’d come in her expecting to rip these two bitches a new one and now they were offering her another form of payback. Deep down Mandy knew it was what she wanted. But she was afraid to admit it to Britney and Christina. What if this was some kind of trick? What if she was being used again?

Those questions were shoved out of her mind, though, when Christina suddenly leaned forward and kissed her. There was nothing gentle about the kiss either. It was hot, wet and so horny.

Mandy could only react instinctively and she kissed back. Before she knew it she wasn’t only kissing Christina, she was kissing Britney too. The two singers kissed Mandy together, filling her mouth with tongue and reaching up to grasp at her breasts through her t-shirt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh…” Mandy lustfully groaned when she felt two pairs of hands touching her chest.

She couldn’t do this. She was supposed to be getting mad, not getting wet. But the more she thought of it the more she knew she couldn’t refuse this. Jenna and her friends had made her come harder than she had ever thought possible and Mandy could see it in the eyes of the two sluts before her that they could make her feel just as good.

Their hands were starting to work over her breasts, caressing and massaging them through her thin shirt and making her nipples ache under her bra. Mandy was realizing it was futile to fight them off, especially since they were making her moan and getting her pussy to dampen her panties.

She hated these girls. They had tried to destroy her career and humiliate her. But she loved their touch. She loved what they were doing to her. She loved how good they were making her feel.

“Let’s be friends Mandy,” Britney offered as she and Christina inched up Mandy’s shirt, exposing her bellybutton, her flat stomach and the curves under her breasts, trapped in a lacy pink bra. “Let’s be very good friends. Mmmmmm Chrissy and I can be so nice to you. And you can do whatever you want to us. Anything at all.”

Mandy loved the sound of that and the two blondes knew it. They aggressively worked on wearing down Mandy’s resistance, especially Britney. She had been surprised at first when Christina had turned on the seduction, but she had quickly seen the same opportunity her friend had.

This was just what Britney had always wanted. She had always kind of wondered they hadn’t reasoned with Mandy this way. But Chrissy had wanted to do things her way and Britney hadn’t questioned her. But she hadn’t wanted to be devious about this. Britney had even been nursing a little crush on Mandy. Now they had a chance to make it up to the singer and maybe make a new friend in the process.

“We can make you feel so fucking good,” Christina promised when she and Britney finished pulling off Mandy’s shirt and revealed the hard nipples straining against her bra. “Mmmmm you wanna be rough on us and punish us? You can. You can fuck us any way you want Mandy.”

Christina had never been adverse to changing tactics to make sure she got what she wanted. Now that they were caught she just had to adjust things slightly.

They might not be able to blackmail Mandy into dropping her single later than them, but they could at least make sure they were all on the same playing field again. If that got her some hot pussy in the process, then so much the better.

“Ooooooooh yessssssss I wanna fuck youuuuuuuu…” Mandy groaned, her voice pushing past clenched lips. She couldn’t fight off what she wanted anymore. “You little bitches have to pay. Mmmmmmm I wanna fuck you like you fucked me.”

“Then fuck us Mandy,” Christina pressed. “Fuck us like the dirty sluts we are. Fuck us like Jenna fucked you!”

That got Mandy going and this time she was the aggressor behind the kiss. She took Christina’s face in her hands and kissed her hard, sucking on her tongue and leaving her breathless as she turned her attention to Britney and did the same thing to her.

While Mandy and Britney kissed, Christina went right for Mandy’s jeans, popping open the button as the two kissing girls mixed their moans. By the time Britney and Mandy were gasping for air, Christina was lowering Mandy’s jeans to the floor.

“Mmmmmm you’re so wet,” Christina purred, tracing her manicured nails over the crotch of Mandy’s panties as they clung to her slit. “You wanna fuck us hard and it’s making that pussy of yours start to leak out your hot honey. You wanna take out all your anger on our slutty little pussies and asses, don’t you?”

“Fuck yessss…” Mandy began to growl, her arousal growing stronger. “Little bitches. Little fucking bitches. I’m gonna fuck you like the sluts you are.”

Britney pulled off Mandy’s bra, expertly unsnapping it and letting it fall to the floor. As Mandy continued to promise lewd payback to her and Christina, Britney began sucking on her exposed tits. She kissed them and nibbled on her swollen nipples, loving how they grew even harder in her mouth, under her lips and against her grazing teeth.

While Britney nursed Mandy’s tits, Christina went for her panties, yanking them down slowly and enjoying the scent of the young woman’s arousal.

“Mmmmm hot, wet pussy,” Christina drooled before burying her face inside and doing the last thing she ever though she’d do…lick at Mandy Moore’s cunt.

But just as Christina was getting started, Mandy made her stop.

“No! Not like this,” Mandy declared, asserting control. It was her payback, wasn’t it? “Not here. Come with me.”

Mandy was still wearing her sneakers but otherwise she was just as naked as Britney and Christina and, like the two pop princesses, her pussy was visibly soaked. She grabbed the now very willing singers, and yanked them out of the stock room, leaving her discarded clothing behind. The three girls walked back into the party where their absence hadn’t even been noticing by the crowd of fucking girls.

After taking a moment to appreciate everything going on around her, Mandy suddenly pushed Britney and Christina to their knees.

“You two belong to me now,” Mandy announced firmly, feeling a sexual rush she had never experienced before at the thought of controlling these girls. “And we’re gonna show all your friends you’re mine. Now get to work you sluts. You can start by kissing my ass right in front of all your slutty friends.”

Mandy pushed her ass against their faces and Christina and Britney got right to work. They didn’t care who saw. They were too wet to bother with details like that as they attached their lips right to Mandy’s bare butt cheeks.

While Britney and Christina began apologizing to Mandy the best way they knew how, they weren’t the only singers making beautiful music together. As the two pop sluts were getting their first kiss on Mandy’s ass, Michelle Branch was in the middle of composing a veritable tongue symphony on Shakira’s pussy.

The Columbian superstar was slumped down on her ass in the corner and was scratching her nails against the walls as she cried out in her native tongue from the performance the young American was putting on for her. Shakira’s legs were wrapped around Michelle’s bare back, making damn sure the sexy brunette didn’t move an inch until she’d finished what she’d started.

Not that there was any threat of Michelle leaving Shakira before she had swallowed every drop of her orgasm. The sizzling, wet snack being humped against her lips was just heavenly and Michelle never would ever have left a woman in heat without orgasmic relief, especially one as stunning as Shakira.

She didn’t mind the effort to keep her in place, though. Michelle knew it just meant Shakira loved what she was doing and that was clear in any language.

“Singa me!” Shakira called out for what she felt had to be the 100th time that day, not that she was happily keeping track or anything. “Singa me mi chica bonita! Oooooooooh si! Usted es tan bueno! Muy muy muy bueno!”

Michelle wished she had taken Spanish instead of French in high school so she could follow every word Shakira was saying to her. She understood well enough, however, and Michelle kept on doing exactly what she was doing.

Shakira was so wet and Michelle was so thirsty for some girl juice that it was an absolute perfect meeting of needs. Michelle ran her tongue over the pink girl flesh, hungrily tasting the flavor Shakira was so eagerly offering her.

Every time Michelle licked Shakira’s lips clean there would be more girl juice spilling out a second later. Shakira moaned and shook in her corner from the feel of Michelle’s unbelievable tongue against her folds as they swelled with arousal.

Shakira never would have expected someone like Michelle to be this good at eating pussy. She just didn’t seem the type, but Michelle was making her feel such exquisite pleasure. This young thing was amazing. God, they all were. Each girl seemed hotter than the next and Shakira never wanted this party to end.

By now Shakira had completely blown off what had been supposed to a day of meeting with the director of her new video, her manager and everyone else she was supposed to be working with. She was sure that they were probably searching the whole island for her, wondering where she’d gone, but she didn’t care. They could keep on looking because she was planning on staying at the party for a long time.

Right now Shakira didn’t care if she ever filmed her video or sang another note again. She just never wanted to leave this debauchery she had stumbled into.

When she had first spied upon Gwen, Britney and Christina, Shakira had been shocked. She had never expected women like that to be so openly sexual. Even seeing Christina had surprised Shakira. She had assumed so much of her slutty personality had been a media creation. Now she saw that not only was it true, it was only the tip of the mountain.

It was like there was a whole other world out there that she had missed. These unbelievable women were all acting like horny, wild beasts unable to get enough. Shakira had always felt like she had been in touch with her sexuality, but these girls made her seem shy and inhibited by comparison. Even girls like Michelle and adorable little Hilary were acting like wanton whores and Shakira was just happy they had let her join in.

Underneath her shock, Shakira felt so liberated to see other women with the same desires she had. She had been keeping her true sexuality behind closed doors and seeing all these stunning, world famous women like this opened Shakira’s eyes and made her long to spread her legs and never close them.

“Ooooooh mmmmmmmmmm sexy little girl…sooooooo sexy…” Shakira groaned, pulling her hands off the wall to move one to her tits and the other to the back of Michelle’s head as she willed her tongue to speak English for her lover’s benefit. “Hot, nasty thing. Eat up that pussy! Drink my juices! Ughhhhhhhh siiiiiiii!!! Usted niña traviesa! Naughty girl! Naughty fucking thing! Eating my pussy so gooooooooood!!!”

Finally getting some hot feedback from Shakira in English had Michelle moaning and drooling against her pussy. She wanted to please this stunning beauty. Michelle wanted to make her come and hear her cry out her name in ecstasy. She wanted to taste her sweet girl cream and swallow it down with all the other girls she had tasted today.

Michelle had never had this much sex in her life. Not even when she had visited the mansion had things gotten this wild. Back there it seemed like every now and then the girls would pause for a breath. Here it felt like non stop fucking and Michelle was in absolute bliss over it.

Her legs felt like jelly, her jaw was getting sore and even her pussy was beginning to feel over stimulated, but Michelle didn’t want any of it to stop. She just wanted to keep fucking every beautiful girl she saw.

Before she had been seduced by Jewel and Gwen on that amazing afternoon at the concert, Michelle had always had such vivid fantasies about being with other female singers, ones that were older than her and could teach her every slutty trick they knew about pleasing another woman. Up until the time Jewel and Gwen had first kissed her, Michelle had never dreamed that fantasy would actually happen.

Now it had come true so many times. Michelle had been with beautiful women she had admired and secretly lusted after and each time had been better than the last.

Shakira was another one of those notches in her bedpost and Michelle couldn’t believe how far she’d come since growing up in Arizona and struggling to figure out why she was only feeling lust for girls and not for boys. She had never felt this happy before.

Life now had everything she had ever dreamed of. She had money, success and wild sex that put her former late night masturbatory fantasies to shame.

Shakira had burst onto the American scene just a little bit before she had and Michelle wasn’t ashamed to remember all those nights in motels on the road doing small gigs and dreaming about having a chance to fuck this Columbian goddess. But as hot as those dreams had been, they were nothing compared to actually having the taste of Shakira’s juices on her tongue.

Lapping up her soaked folds again, Michelle really started to work the older singer over. She began to tongue fuck Shakira in earnest, burying her tongue deeper into her pussy with every lick and getting closer and closer to her lover’s cream.

Michelle was using one hand to rub her own pussy, shoving in two of her fingers in time with her tongue lashes against Shakira. Michelle’s other hand was spreading Shakira’s folds open even wider so she could fully get at her delicious, dripping cunt.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm oooooooooooh Michelllllllle…mmmmmm ooooooooh muyyyyyy bueno…siiiiiiiiiiii…little sexy bitch…eat meeeeeeeeee…” Shakira moaned, moving back and forth between English and Spanish and giving Michelle the very cries of passion she had been longing to hear.

Shakira’s words got Michelle licking even faster, tonguing her deeper. Every time Shakira moaned out her name Michelle tongued her with extra energy until the singer couldn’t say anything anymore.

The blonde kept crying out, language abandoning her as Michelle’s tongue drove her almost insane with pleasure. After all she’d been through today, Shakira’s most sensitive spots were practically licked raw and everything was sending pleasure through her body.

She felt as though someone could blow against her clit and it would make her orgasm. Michelle was doing much, much more than that to her and Shakira didn’t know how her body could withstand it.

Every feel of Michelle’s tongue in her pussy had Shakira feeling like she was going to burst from pleasure. Her tongue was fucking her hard and fast and when Michelle began tending to her clitoris Shakira reflexively grabbed at a bunch of the brunette’s hair.

Michelle yelped in slight pain, but she didn’t stop licking. Shakira immediately released the clump, thankful that she hadn’t pulled it out or anything. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt the girl making her feel this good.

Seeking to make nice, Shakira caressed the top of Michelle’s head through her soft hair, almost petting her. Feeling Michelle’s sweet tongue on her hard clit was too much for Shakira to handle but she couldn’t bear for Michelle to stop.

Shakira cries were hitting the level of squeaking and that just got Michelle licking at her clitoris even harder. Michelle knew just what she was doing between her legs and, as pleasure gripped every inch of her body in a hard clasp, Shakira smiled blissfully.

Of course, Shakira could have yanked that clump of hair right out, but Michelle wouldn’t have stopped. Nothing was making her stop.

Shakira had such a rich, womanly taste and Michelle didn’t think she was going to stop herself from licking even after she’d made her lover come. She loved everything about Shakira’s pussy and feeling her clit jump against her tongue when she licked it was a huge turn on to Michelle.

Licking Shakira’s clit had it almost poking right out of her pussy and that gave Michelle the perfect chance to really push her face down and start sucking at it. The fingers Michelle had buried in her own cunt were coated with juices and she began pumping them in and out faster while she took Shakira’s clit past her lips and clamped down tightly on it.

The rush Shakira felt when Michelle’s lips got a lock on her clit was enough to push howls of rapture from her mouth. Her whole body was shaking and tingling and it took only a few moments of Michelle nursing passionately on her clitoris for Shakira to explode.


Shakira’s orgasm had her body flailing on the floor and her hips thrusting against Michelle’s face. The brunette immediately let Shakira’s clit go and got back to tonguing her.

Michelle wanted to savor the flavor of this orgasm and get as much of Shakira’s cream as possible. She worked her tongue over Shakira’s spasming pussy as feverishly as she could muster, soaking her tongue in the woman’s juices and gulping them down.

The cries coming from the singer were hoarse, but ecstatic and even as they began to inevitably cycle down along with the intensity of Shakira’s orgasm, Michelle kept licking.

She lapped away like a kitten at spilled milk, not wanting to miss a drop for fear that an opportunity like this would never present itself again. Shakira’s juices were so tasty and hot. It was a total treat for Michelle to have them against her tongue and she was just unwilling to stop.

As her afterglow fell over her like a sunset, Shakira kept feeling tingles through her whole body. Her eyes were closed to savor the sensations, but when the pleasure kept coming, Shakira opened them up to see that Michelle was still licking her, staring up at her with a warm arousal that showed she didn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

“Mmmmmmm mi chica…it is so wonderful…let me lick you now,” Shakira offered. “It’s your turn now Michelle. Let me make you feel good.”

“No, I’m not stopping,” Michelle greedily replied, giggling as she licked Shakira’s creamy lips in between every word. “Mmmmmm you taste sooooooooo goooood!”

Michelle then got right back to licking, making Shakira moan again. Every time she thought she wasn’t going to be able to take anything more, Michelle made her feel more pleasure. Shakira didn’t want her to stop but her own tongue also hungered for a taste of this girl making her feel such intense pleasure.

Luckily there was a simple solution. Shakira and Michelle might have been born countries and cultures apart, but 69 was known in every language.

Nearby the sapphic lock of bodies that was Michelle Branch and Shakira, Anna looked on appreciatively. She knew just how good Shakira’s tongue felt and she knew Michelle was one lucky girl as she placed her body on top of Shakira’s, planting her pussy against the singer’s lips while she leaned down to resume her own licking.

Anna’s heart was still racing a bit from what Shakira had just done to her. Of course that was already a memory and Anna had new lovers to concentrate on. Anna had been making love to women for years and the only thing she liked more than one woman was two.

Every encounter she’d had at this party had involved combinations of two other women, but none of them had been as good as this. Before Anna had been sharing a girl with another. Now she had two woman committed to her pleasure and all the attention was focused just where Anna loved it, on herself.

The touch of Shannon Elizabeth’s lips to hers brought Anna’s mind off the other girls and back to the two giving her such pleasure. The sometime tennis star kissed the actress right back, wrapping her arms around Shannon’s neck to draw her closer. Shannon’s tongue filled Anna’s mouth and the blonde moaned, not just from the kiss, but from the feel of Mena Suvari’s eager licking at her pussy.

“Ahhhhhhh yesssssss you love that pussy don’t you?” Anna moaned when Shannon broke off the kiss and began pressing her lips to Anna’s neck and over her face. “Mmmmmmmm you’re so good at licking Mena. Love my pussy just like that! Mmmmm lick it all nice and hard! Swallow those juices from my wet little cunt and then kiss your friend so you can both taste me!”

If Mena hadn’t been someone who got off on serving then she and Shannon might have taken exception to Anna’s quite obvious ego. However since they both had been trained well by Alyson to obey the desires of others, Mena and Shannon were both getting off on worshipping this stunning, albeit bratty, blonde.

Plus Anna had herself a smoking hot pussy here, pink and wet and shaved right down to her bare skin, and Mena didn’t want to miss a chance to tongue it to a quivering orgasm.

While Mena worked her tongue into the soft wetness of Anna’s snatch, Shannon kept on kissing her flesh. Her hands moved up to fondle Anna’s impressive, tanned rack, squeezing her tits and delighting how they felt under her palm. Now it was Shannon’s turn to moan and she did so, revealing the pleasure she felt from having Anna’s breasts in her hands.

Shannon had never watched much pro tennis but that hadn’t stopped her from having many a fantasy about getting a feel and then some of Anna’s tits. Reality did not disappoint.

“Ahhhhh play with those tits…play with them while your friend is a good little slut to me,” Anna sighed dreamily, the loving attention from these two beautiful women just what she needed to make this incredible day rise to epic heights. “Mmmmm you have such beautiful tits too Shannon. Kiss me again. I want to feel our tits rubbing together.”

That was an easy order for Shannon to follow and within the blink of an eye her lips were pressed to Anna’s once again. Shannon and Anna pushed their tongues, Shannon let her lover control the pace of the kiss and push her tongue into her mouth, as their tits crushed together. Anna’s tits were softer and had the all natural jiggle that Shannon envied and they felt incredible pressing against her chest.

The moans of the two girls filled each other’s ears as did the wet slurping sounds of Mena’s tongue. Shannon and Mena were very experienced working as a team and they knew just how to make a woman drip.

All the loving attention they were giving Anna was filling Mena’s mouth with sweet girl honey and the blonde licked for more. Anna might have been a bitch and a slut, but she was a sexy bitch and slut and that was all that mattered to them.

“Mmmmmm I love how you kiss,” Anna praised when she and Shannon pulled apart. “Your tongue feels so good in my mouth. I want to feel more of it. I want that tongue inside me. Lick me Shannon. Lick me while your friend eats my pussy and swallows all those hot juices.”

“I know just what you want,” Shannon replied with a twinkle in her eye as she ran her hand over Anna’s wet cheek and indicated that more words need not be spoken. She had done this with Mena many times before and hoped to do it many times since.

After helping herself to one more feel of her tits and teasing her hard nipples, Shannon pulled herself away from Anna’s front and sauntered over to the blonde’s backside. Anna looked just as good from behind as she did up front. She might have not been a legendary tennis player, but she had the toned ass of an athlete and Shannon hungered for a taste.

Knowing that Anna’s ass no doubt looked much better up close, Shannon fell to her knees and began kissing the tight cheeks. Shannon almost drooled as she observed the even bronzing of suntan all over Anna’s body.

Mmmmm she must tan naked all the time, Shannon delighted in thinking as she pictured this gorgeous creature all lotioned up and glowing under the rays without a stitch of clothing on.

“Ahhh gooooooooood…you do know what I want,” Anna moaned. “So many people love my ass and you can have it baby. Kiss it like a good girl Shannon. You two are such hot sluts. I want your lips and tongues all over my body. My whole body is yours to lick. Mmmmmm kiss it and lick it Shannon…ooooooooh your tongue feels so good on my ass. You know what I want! Give it to me!”

Staring right into the tight ring of Anna’s asshole, Shannon knew she wanted this pretty damn bad herself. Anna did have an amazingly fuckable ass and she only wished she had one of the strap ons that so many of the girls here had been using. She really longed to give it to this girl and make her really feel good.

But Shannon knew her tongue could be just as good as a toy and, after grabbing onto Anna’s cheeks with her hands to pry her hole open, Shannon pushed inside.

“OHHHHHHHHH!!!” Anna cried in delight. “Yessssssssssssssss tongue my ass while my pussy gets eaten! I love it! Two tongues in my hot holes! Fuck me! Fuck me good! Make me come so hard I won’t even remember my name! Eat out my slutty holes!”

With their tongues both happily buried inside Anna, Shannon reached around and grabbed Mena’s hand. The blonde took it and squeezed it. The girls had been friends for a long time and often knew just what the other was thinking and this time they were sure they were both picturing just what would happen if their beloved Mistress spent an extended amount of time with Anna.

Seeing Anna’s attitude get adjusted would be quite a show and through their hand clasp, both girls silently promised to do whatever they could to make it happen.

Mena felt a jolt of pleasure ride through her body when Anna reached down and grabbed her by her hair to push her in deeper against her cunt. Mena responded with a happy moan and a series of hard lashes into Anna’s pinkness.

She hoped Anna got the picture and did more of that. Mena loved having her hair pulled while she fucked. It made her feel like the dirty little slave slut she was. There was no bliss greater for Mena than to have her Mistress fucking her from behind while yanking her hair.

Anna certainly enjoyed the harder licking she was getting from Mena and she wasn’t so self centered that she couldn’t figure out why. She’d seen the way these girls had reacted when she’d ordered them around and if it meant having an even harder orgasm, Anna was willing to play whatever game they wanted to play.

“Oooooh you like this, don’t you?” Anna grinned, reaching down lower to grab at the ends of Mena’s blonde hair and tugging it. “Nasty slut. Loving being on your knees and eating my wet pussy while I’m pulling your hair! Mmmmm fuck that pussy with your slut tongue! Make me cream your pretty face! Worship my cunt like the fucking goddess I am!”

That really got both Mena and Shannon going and they rewarded Anna’s ego by their tongues stimulating her pussy and ass. Anna’s sex cries burst out loudly and happily from the two practices tongues working her needs holes over. These girls knew just how to love a woman and Anna was enjoying everything they were doing.

Anna had gone both ways when it came to making love. Sometimes she was the one in control, making her male lovers crawl to her and beg her for the privilege of her touch and her kiss. And them sometimes she was the one begging and crying out to be fucked like a nasty slut. She had experience in both areas, with men and women, but here she was clearly the one in control and she loved it.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck me!” Anna growled, her breathing getting hard and her tits starting to shake as she humped herself back and forth against Mena and Shannon’s extremely willing faces. “Ughhhhhh yessssssss fill my holes! Make me fucking come! Mmmmmm I wish you two had cocks so you could really fuck meeeeee!!! I need it! You’re doing me sooooooo good and I want more!!!”

Mena had been looking for an opening just like that and she didn’t let it fly by. She pulled her juice-coated face away from Anna’s honey pot and stared up at the blonde sex object.

“You wanna really get fucked?” Mena asked, catching her breath in big gulps of oxygen. “We can fuck you good and hard like the nasty dykes we are! Shannon and I can slam your holes and make you come harder than you ever fucking have before! You want it Anna? We’ll do anything you want!”

“Yessssssssssssss fuck meeeeeeeee!!!” Anna cried without even thinking about it for a second. She didn’t care what they did to her as long as it felt good. She missed Mena’s tongue, but Shannon’s felt amazing in her ass and she just wanted to get fucked. “Give it to me you fucking sluts! Slam me! Make me come!”

Mena then got up off her knees and went right after the two dildos she’d seen lying around when she and Shannon were looking for a playmate. So many toys had been carelessly discarded after use by the girls and Mena grabbed them as soon as she saw them.

One was baby blue and the other pink and Mena gave them both a lick as soon as she had them in her hand. They both had the taste of girl cream on them. She didn’t recognize who they were from and didn’t care. What mattered was the use she and Shannon were going to get out of these things.

Not wanting to waste time before getting back to Anna, Mena took off back toward her and Shannon, pausing only to watch with a frown as Avril continued to just linger around stroking her strap on watching the action. She seemed locked in on Lindsay, Eliza and Jessica’s lustful fucking, but Mena didn’t like the look in her eye.

Mena shrugged it off, though. Avril wasn’t her problem anymore and she had a horny girl she needed to come.

When she got back to where she’d left, Mena handed the pink dildo to Shannon, who thanked her with a kiss. Shannon looked like she’d barely stopped licking Anna’s asshole in the meantime and the blonde girl was a happily mewing mess. Anna had been standing when she’d left, but now she was bent over on all fours, giving Shannon even better access to her hole.

Mena got back down on her knees and set herself up side by side with Shannon. Now that Anna was on her hands and knees her two holes were spread open and glistening with girl juice and saliva. It was a gorgeous sight and the perfect position for what Mena wanted to do to Anna.

“Now you’re going to see how good we can really make you feel,” Mena promised. “You’re going to see what nasty fuck sluts we are! We’re gonna fuck you so good Anna!”

“Mmmmmmmm yesssss right up both your holes!” Shannon added. “We’re gonna give you just what you need to come! Hard cock up your holes!”

Before Anna had a chance to say anything, Mena began pushing the blue dildo into her pussy. Anna exclaimed her pleasure at the penetration with a high note that would have made Mariah Carey look on with jealousy, but that was nothing compared to what Anna started to feel when Shannon pressed the head of the pink dildo against her asshole.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh no…n…no…never been fucked there,” Anna gasped, taking Shannon by surprise.

“Are you serious?” Shannon asked and Anna nodded her head, still moaning from Mena starting to fuck her.

“Never…I…I…been licked…mmmmm fingered…never fucked…no cock in my ass…” Anna panted, her mind swimming in pleasure and her words coming out slightly slurred.

She had never let men fuck her ass before. She wanted to keep it tight and she loved being with men with big cocks. She didn’t want her men stretching out her ass. Anna loved being licked and fingered there, but had drawn the line at fucking. Now it appeared that was about to change dramatically.

“I’m gonna make it good!” Shannon promised. “You’re gonna come so hard and thank me for this! You’ll love having both your holes fucked!”

Even though she was the one who was supposed to be in charge, Anna didn’t feel like she could deny Shannon or Mena anything. She was too horny and suddenly the idea of having her ass stretched a bit from getting fucked didn’t sound too bad. Now it sounded too hot to pass up.

Besides rules were made to be broken, especially when there were orgasms to be had.

“Fuck me!” Anna almost snarled with need. “Fuck my ass! Fill my pussy and ass with cock! Fuck me harrrrrrrrrd!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Anna tossed her long blonde hair back and howled as Shannon pushed the dildo into her ass. She’d already lubed her up nicely with her saliva and, despite it being a tight fit, Shannon was an expert. She knew just what she was doing.

Shannon didn’t take Anna gently, but she didn’t slam the toy all the way in either. She just fucked her with a steady push into her puckered, and no longer virginal in any technical way you could cut it, asshole.

Before long Anna’s howls had become a steady sound in the roomful of horny girls fucking each other in what seemed to be every conceivable position and formation. Shannon and Mena kept pushing into their new lover with eagerness their own pussies close to getting off as they gave her pleasure.

Soon the pink and blue dildos were wedged into Anna’s tight holes as she remained bent over, her ass in the air, lewdly displaying the hard, multi-colored plastic that now filled her.

Something like that demanded attention, especially with all the noise Anna was making as she went through her first double penetration, and it did not escape Ashley Judd’s eyes.

She hungrily gawked at the toys filling Anna up while the blonde pressed her face and tits to the floor and roared in ecstasy. Ashley was positioned right in back of Jessica Biel and was reaching around to play with her beautiful young tits while kissing her neck and she made sure her lover got a good look too.

“That’s it honey, watch those sexy little things,” Ashley purred into Jessica’s ear while continuing to toy with her aching nipples. “Watch them fuck. You like what you see honey? Is it making you wet?”

“Oh God yessssss…” Jessica groaned, arching her back to not only push her breasts up higher into Ashley’s hands but to feel Ashley’s tits press against her bare back. “So wet. So fucking wet.”

“Good…I want that pussy all soaking wet for me so I can lick it dry,” Ashley replied, her hot breath tickling Jessica’s ear and soft voice driving her wild. Ashley’s accented words just sounded so heavenly, making Jessica picture lazy, hot afternoons where you just wanted to peel off all your clothes. Hearing Ashley talk to her like this was turning her on just as much as all the action going on around her.

“Keep watching, watch those beautiful girls fuck each other and tell me just what you want me to do to you,” Ashley continued as one hand moved from Jessica’s tits to her pussy.

The younger actress didn’t resist at all. She was dying for Ashley to touch her everywhere. She had been left a little breathless by all the toy play with Amber and Amy but just staring at Ashley’s beautiful body was enough to get her wet again. Then Ashley had begun caressing and kissing and teasing her and now Jessica was desperate to feel more.

“Touch meeeee…mmmmmm rub my pussy,” Jessica moaned, suddenly gasping happily when Ashley penetrated her pink folds with her fingers. “Ohhhhh yessssssss that’s it! I want your fingers inside me Ashley! Make me all wet for your tongue! Ughhhh so fucking good! Finger my pussy Ashley!”

“How many girls you been with honey?” Ashley inquired, not taking Jessica too hard, just lazily fingering her pussy from behind.

She wanted to keep building this girl up. Jessica was wet. But she wasn’t wet enough yet and Ashley knew she could have some fun with her.

“Just…just a few,” Jessica replied, blushing at her admission. She didn’t want to seem like some inexperienced kid. She didn’t want Ashley to lose interest in her. “My first time…it was just…ohhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss morrrrrrrrre…please more…just yesterday!”

“Yesterday? Wow, you jump right into the deep end of the pool, don’t you?” Ashley remarked with a gentle laugh as she squeezed herself tighter to Jessica. “Don’t be embarrassed honey. I like that you’re not too experienced. Mmmm it means I get to teach you about being with a woman.”

Ashley had grown to love the tutoring sessions in lesbian lovemaking she had recently gone through with Katie and she was eager to show this sexy girl some tricks too.

She remembered the controversy that surrounded Jessica sexing herself up a few years back. Ashley hadn’t liked it. She had felt it was too much too soon for her and that she wasn’t ready. But that had been a while ago and now Ashley felt that Jessica was more than ready for everything.

Jessica had grown into a beautiful young woman in Ashley’s eyes and she loved touching her body, feeling her shiver and hearing her moan from her touch. She made sure Jessica was staring right ahead at all the flesh on display…Anna, Mena and Shannon…Reese and Katie…Elisha and Love and Cameron and Maria…Rose and Hilary…there was so much to gawk at and Ashley wanted to make sure Jessica got an eyeful.

Ashley pointed them all out to her, telling Jessica how beautiful they were and how she looked so gorgeous and had such a great body. Ashley told her how she’d love watching Jessica play with each and every one of them. She purred into the girl’s ear how hot it would be to watch girl after girl at the party eat her pussy and suck on her tits and make her come over and over again.

While Jessica lustfully stared at everyone, keeping a particular eye on Alyssa and Natalie as the girl who had showed her the way feasted on Natalie’s pussy. Meanwhile Ashley continued to touch her from behind. She kissed her neck and up to her lips, brushing them with a soft kiss that left Jessica moaning for more.

“Please…touch me…don’t make me stay like this…I’m so horny,” Jessica groaned, her lips pursed and hopeful for another kiss.

Ashley simply smiled and made her move. She released Jessica’s breasts and pussy from her grasp and came about in front of her. They were both on their knees and Ashley leaned in to give Jessica a much more proper kiss this time. Their naked bodies touched, sending pleasure sparks flying, and Jessica returned the kiss with an eagerness that nearly knocked Ashley onto her back.

Grinning and wondering if she’d keyed the girl up too much, Ashley encircled Jessica’s waist with her arms and let the kiss progress more slowly. Their tongues touched and rubbed together, Ashley pushing hers on top of Jessica’s and then letting Jessica do the same to hers.

“I’ll touch you if you touch me,” Ashley offered, which was accepted by Jessica without a second of consideration.

Jessica wanted to touch everyone at the party. It was no hardship for her to get her hands on Ashley. Jessica’s hands went right out for her lover. She wanted to show Ashley that the crash course her sex life had been taking for the past 24 hours was having an impact.

Their kissing resumed and this time Jessica and Ashley were both helping themselves to long feels of each other’s tits. They played with their breasts, rubbing the hard nipples and caressing the soft girl flesh.

Ashley was being so tender in her kissing and touching and Jessica was really responding to it. So much of what she had done had with Alyssa and everyone else had been so frenzied. It was nice to savor the feel of another woman and this, more than anything, was convincing her that this was for her and her orgasms hadn’t been flukes.

“Mmmmm you’re learning,” Ashley observed with a smile, noting Jessica’s reaction to her approach. “Good girl. Sex with girls can be a hard, nasty fuck but it can also be so sweet. It can be slow and romantic and fast and slutty. Sometimes it can even be both at once. What do you want honey? Do you want to make love or do you want to fuck?”

“Gawwwd I just wanna come,” Jessica admitted, her face flushed and her eyes as needy as a hungry puppy’s. “I need your touch Ashley. Ohhhh I’m so fucking wet. Just like you wanted me to be for you. I don’t care how you do it. Mmmmm it feels so good when you touch me slow. Oooooooh but I love it hard and fast. I need love and I need to be fucked! I need it all!”

Ashley silenced Jessica’s lips with a wet kiss to them that had Jessica closing her eyes and moaning into her mouth. When the kiss broke off, it was only so Ashley could move down to get at Jessica’s tits. They had felt so good under her hands and she knew they would be even better under her tongue.

Naturally Jessica’s moans continued as Ashley sucked on her breasts, licking the nipples and massaging them with her hands to push them up into her mouth. Even though she was kneeling, Jessica felt like her legs were shaking from all this. There was just so much sex and so many delicious options that as much as Jessica wanted to take it all in, she just couldn’t.

“Ah ah ah…keep those eyes open Jessica,” Ashley gently chastised. “I want you to keep those things wide open so you can see everyone around you. I want you to watch and learn as I take care of this wet pussy of yours. Mmmmm you are nice and wet, just how I wanted. I can taste you from here and I want you all over my tongue. That’s what you want isn’t it, honey? You want me to eat your pussy?”

“Fuck yeah! Am I being too subtle? Eat my fucking pussy Ashley!” Jessica asked with a nervous, horny laugh that did more to betray her desperation than any moan ever could.

As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Jessica was afraid she’d accidentally insulted Ashley and her techniques but she then got a kiss on the lips to assure her that everything was alright.

“Sit back and spread those legs then Jessica,” Ashley instructed. “I’m going to make love to this gorgeous pussy of yours while you watch all these girls fuck each other silly.”

That sounded very good to Jessica but of course everything sounded good in Ashley’s voice. And everything sounded especially good when it was followed by a warm, wet tongue lapping away at a horny pussy as Jessica quickly found out when she sat down and stretched out her legs, giving Ashley the perfect path to go down on her.

While Ashley was showing Jessica how women made love, her best friend was happily in the middle of experiencing how women fuck. Salma was lying flat on her back with her legs spread eagled as Jewel hovered atop her kissing her like she was about to die unless she tasted her tongue.

This position placed Salma’s tits against the only other natural set at the party that could rival hers. It was the battle of the D-cups as Jewel and Salma pressed their tits together while trading spit and sucking on each other’s tongue. There was nothing graceful about their kissing. It was spirited and messy and a hell of a lot of fun.

While they kissed, Jewel and Salma grunted and humped against each other, making sure their tits weren’t the only body parts rubbing together. Their pussies also slapped together with wet abandon that had them both groaning wildly between lip smacking and saliva filled kisses.

However that wasn’t the only reason they were both moaning and Salma once again thanked the good lord for creating hot French girls.

Salma had always had a thing for Jewel and as soon as she had spied an opportunity to have a little fun with her she had gone for it. But Jewel hadn’t been alone and there had been another busty blonde girl with her who was eager to play too.

Salma had been too busy kissing and touching both of them to really get much in the way of proper introductions. She did catch that the girl’s name was Michelle and that she apparently was Jewel’s maid or something. Salma wasn’t interested in a life’s history though. They could catch up later, right now she only cared about what this French girl could do with her tongue.

And as Salma quickly saw there was a lot Michelle could do with that tongue of hers. At first Michelle had happily used her tongue to give her tits the worship they deserved. Salma had groaned and held the blonde girl’s face hard to her chest, demanding and receiving the wet pleasure only a truly tit hungry female could provide. Michelle had licked and sucked on her large mounds of shaking breast flesh while Salma had made out with Jewel.

But that was far from Michelle’s only talent and, as Jewel had cooed in her ear about just how good her maid was and how hard she always came against that tongue, Salma experienced first hand the ecstasy of the French girl’s well-trained tongue against her pussy.

Michelle had lapped up her wetness, burying her beautiful face in deeper with every lick until Salma’s juices were making her blonde hair sticky and matted.

“Ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh tongue that cunt! Fucking tongue it you beautiful slut!” Salma had shot out of her mouth, occasionally pulling a Shakira and lapsing back to her native Spanish when the pleasure got too much.

She had kept groaning and shouting out every nasty desire she now had for Michelle’s tongue until Jewel had finally silenced her with another hot kiss.

Salma never liked shutting up, except when it was from a kiss, and Jewel was more than welcome to suck on her tongue anytime she liked. Soon the Alaskan beauty had been pushing down on her, laying her out flat on her back and Salma hadn’t resisted. She didn’t care what position she was in as long as Michelle was still licking her.

But Salma hadn’t been the only horny one. Jewel also had a pussy that was dripping with need for attention and she knew better than most just how amazing Michelle was at licking.

Her freshly shaved pussy was further evidence of the high regard Jewel held Michelle’s talents in and Jewel got a rush through her body from grinding it against Salma, feeling the dark hair of her bush tickling her smooth flesh while their juices mixed together.

As soon as Salma had been flat on her back, Jewel had pressed herself down on top of her, deepening the kiss and rubbing her body against the busty brunette’s. Salma had groaned into her mouth from the heated contact and humped herself not only against Jewel, but also against Michelle’s steady licking motion.

Salma spread her legs as wide as she could to accommodate both Jewel and Michelle, the stimulation she was getting from being simultaneously licked and grinded well worth any discomfort.

Beyond wanting to give Salma even more pleasure, Jewel also had a selfish purpose for her actions and Michelle alertly picked up on it without any delay. She was giddy with the possibilities that literally lay before her.

Now she didn’t just have one soaked pussy to lick, she had two. Michelle knew just what Jewel wanted and she was eager and willing to give it to her Madame.

With a long tongue lash, Michelle licked right up Salma’s juice oozing slit and onto Jewel’s, happily collecting a mouthful of essence in the process. She repeated this motion without delay, tasting both girls at once.

Their position was perfect for Michelle. She had two spread slits right in her face, one on top of the other, and she took full advantage of it licking both Salma and Jewel with a steady, constant motion.

The sexy swipes of her tongue had both Salma and Jewel moaning and dripping into Michelle’s mouth, feeding her still hungry tongue just what it craved. Naturally this had Michelle doing some serious dripping of her own as continued to service both women. She licked and licked and licked both steaming hot pussies until she had them both seemingly on the verge of soaking her tongue.

Jewel and Salma were both moaning wildly into each other’s mouths, their frantic kissing and grinding a direct by product of Michelle’s work on their pussies. They humped against each other and jammed their tongues into each other’s mouth desperately as they tried to grab every drop of pleasure they could for themselves.

Whatever drops of girl juice that weren’t ending up in Michelle’s mouth were being rubbed against the bare skin of the two busty lovers, leaving their flesh slick and slippery and making it just that much easier for them to slide their cunts together while they were being licked.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck me!!!” Salma cried, gasping for breath in between words. “Ohhhhhhhhhh you two are doing me so good!!! More! I fucking need more! Slam me and lick me! Yesssssssss show me how good you girls know how to fuck!”

Salma was never shy about illustrating how demanding she could be sexually but since Jewel and Michelle were both getting off on it, there were no complaints to be heard. Salma and Jewel paused their kissing so they both could gulp in much needed breaths, but they didn’t slow down the wet smacking of their pussies.

While Michelle tended to their drooling slits, they rubbed themselves against each other hard, making their swollen clits grind and sending waves of pleasure through each other’s body.

“Keep fucking me and you’ll get all you can handle,” Jewel promised with a carnal grunt, her tits slapping against Salma’s as she picked up speed in her thrusting. “Mmmmm you like that Salma? You like that tongue in your cunt? Isn’t Michelle the hottest little whore you’ve ever had? Mmmmmmm she fucking loves this! We fuck her morning, noon and night and she begs for more! I feed her my pussy cream for breakfast and my ass for dessert and she can never fucking get enough!”

“Oui!” Michelle enthusiastically agreed, swallowing down another taste of the delightful mix of juices before her. “I always am wanting more! Give me more Salma! I will give you more tongue if you give me more juices! Let me swallow all you can give me! I know you are close! Come for Michelle! Jewel knows what a good little slut I am! I will lick every drop! Come for me! Both of you!”

Michelle got her tongue right back to work, licking up the two pussies and wanting more with every lick. It was heaven and Michelle wished there was a third girl for her to lick right on top of Jewel.

There were just so many beautiful women there and Michelle wanted to lick them all. She had tasted Jewel so many times and never tired of her flavor and Salma was just as delicious and even more of a thrill because it was a new taste for Michelle to sample.

She could easily have kept going as she was, sliding her tongue up from one slit to the other and licking both of them as they cried for her, but Michelle soon had the decision taken out of her hands.

Salma was definitely getting off on Michelle’s tongue and Jewel’s grind, but she didn’t feel like she was getting off fast enough. She loved the feel of Jewel’s soaked pussy rubbing against hers and their clits kissing lewdly. It kept the pleasure constant, but Salma wanted more and she wanted it now.

Each time Michelle’s tongue slid over her labia it was heaven and each time it went away to tend to Jewel it was agony. Salma knew this was selfish, but she couldn’t help herself. Just when Michelle’s tongue was about to finish off another lash against Salma, the actress grabbed onto the maid’s hair and held her down.

“No! Stay!” Salma ordered. “Stay here and get me off! Fucking eat me out you fucking hot slut! You’re not stopping! You’re licking me until I come now!”

Salma accented this point by moving her legs from up in the air to wrapping them around Michelle’s back. Michelle responded to being trapped between Salma’s legs as only she could, by digging her tongue deep in her pussy and licking away at her throbbing clitoris while it humped against Jewel. She had no problem at all with being ordered around and the feel of Salma’s hands gripping at her hair had Michelle’s sub heart beating fast and happy.

The cries of ecstasy from Salma were loud and immediate and they were only quieted by another kiss from Jewel. At first Jewel felt a little angry that she had been deprived of her maid’s tongue, but that had quickly evaporated. She would probably have done the same thing in Salma’s place.

Besides it felt too good to be rubbing against Salma’s amazing body to let jealousy get in the way of a hot fuck. So Jewel kept kissing and grinding the Mexican beauty. She could feel Michelle’s tongue graze against her own clit while she grinded Salma and that just made Jewel go faster and harder.

She knew that the sooner Salma got off then the sooner it would be her turn and Jewel didn’t mind waiting…as long as it wasn’t for long.

Meanwhile the shock Mya had felt when she had first seen Beyonce in action at the party had not faded. She just couldn’t believe that she was into this. Not R&B’s good little daddy’s girl. Not Jay-Z’s loyal, if not quite acknowledged, girlfriend. It just didn’t seem possible.

But that shock didn’t leave Mya any less turned on as Beyonce proceeded to prove herself to her fellow singer by licking away at her lewdly splayed pussy.

“Awwwwww yessss lick my pussy Beyonce!” Mya cried out, her hands latched to her own firm tits. “Get your tongue in deep! Mmmmmmm who knew you were such a nasty little thing? I love it! You’re a dirty girl just like the rest of us B! Work my pussy with that tongue! Show me how much a dirty girl like you loves licking my wet pussy!”

Beyonce responded to Mya’s commands with harder tongue lashes. Ever since she and Mya had shared that hot stare this was just what Beyonce had wanted to do and it had been so easy. She had just walked up to Mya and kissed her and no words had been needed. They both had wanted the other.

For the first time since she had been seduced by Jewel, Beyonce felt completely confident. She finally felt like a fully sexual woman, not just some piece of arm candy to be displayed.

No longer was Beyonce worried about her secret getting out. She wanted Mya to know. She wanted her to know how much she loved being with women and how good she could make her feel. There was nothing tentative or shy about Beyonce’s approach anymore.

She wasn’t worried about Mya blabbing. She knew she wouldn’t and that gave Beyonce the freedom to concentrate on making her friend feel good. Of course that was a little easier said than done considering the position she was in.

It wasn’t that Beyonce didn’t want to give her whole concentration to Mya. She loved the way she tasted and being able to gaze up from her pussy to see the lithe beauty rubbing her perky caramel colored tits until her nipples were like gumdrops was a heavenly feast for Beyonce’s eyes.

It was just that the singer had her own pleasure demanding her attention. For, just as Mya was feeling pleasure fill her naked body from Beyonce’s tongue, Beyonce was feeling the same thing from Angelina Jolie.

Beyonce kept having to pause her licking to let out low, carnal moans, muffled only by Mya’s soft, pink folds. She was trying to focus her mind on Mya, but every time she did, Angelina’s tongue got her drifting again on a cloud of ecstasy.

It was a challenge for her to keep up, an extremely pleasurable challenge, but a challenge nonetheless.

For years Beyonce had been hearing otherwise straight women claim that the one woman they could see themselves messing around with was Angelina. Now she could see why.

There was nothing Beyonce had ever felt that could rival the intense pleasure she got from Angelina licking her. Her tongue felt so amazing, almost sensing where Beyonce needed pleasure and going right for them for it. Beyonce didn’t even have to tell Angelina what she wanted. She just knew what to do instinctively.

Beyonce had been with excellent lovers before, but none of them were like Angelina. She was just pure sex. It radiated off her and just standing near her had made Beyonce desperate to come. And now that she was feeling her tongue, it wasn’t a matter of whether Angelina could get her off. It was only a question of how quickly.

Originally Beyonce had just wanted to be with Mya. She had gone straight for her as soon as she and Reese had shared their last kisses, but just as she and her fellow singer were getting intimate with each other’s bodies, Angelina had arrived informing both of them without question or permission that they were both hers now and that she was going to lick their pussies dry.

Seeing as how both girls were horny and sane, neither Mya nor Beyonce had any objection to Angelina’s presence. Beyonce had been the lucky first to experience Angelina’s tongue and now the singer felt as if she had died and gone to heaven.

Not only was Mya’s creamy wetness rubbing against her face, desperate to feel more tongue, but Angelina’s hands were latched to Beyonce’s ass cheeks, prying them apart so that she had easy access to the treasures of her pussy.

Beyonce was flat on her stomach, her mouth still at work and her raised ass in the air while she kept moaning and licking and wondering how she got to be so blessed.

“Mmmmmm such a hot tight pussy,” Angelina purred in between licks, on her knees as she tended to Beyonce from behind. “You’re not getting nearly enough attention you sexy thing. I can tell from how tight you are. Well we’re gonna change all that. You just keep licking that pussy in your face Beyonce. You take care of her and I’ll take care of you!”

“Ohhhhhh God fuck me please Angelina!” Beyonce groaned, her tongue resting for a moment while Mya’s juices dribbled down her chin. “I do need it! I need it like you wouldn’t believe! All of you are fucking me so good mmmmm but you’re the fucking best Angelina! No one’s ever tongued me like you have! Don’t stop! I don’t want a tight pussy anymore! Fuck me hard and make it loose and slutty! Please! Don’t you stop!”

“No! Don’t you fucking stop!” Mya growled as she grabbed Beyonce’s by her blonde hair and shoved her face back to her pussy. “Talk later and lick now! Ooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh that’s it! Ohhhhh you fucking sexy bitch! Mmmm I had no fucking idea you loved pussy Beyonce! I could have been fucking you years ago! Keep licking that pussy of mine you dirty girl! Nasty fucking thing tonguing my wet cunt! Mmmmmm if only daddy could see you now!”

Beyonce grinned at the mere thought while she kept lapping away at Mya’s tangy, taste bud pleasing wetness. Her father would have dropped dead if he knew she had even kissed a girl much less what she had done with Jewel in that hotel room and all these hot sluts here.

Not that Beyonce wanted that to happen. She loved her father. But he never would have expected her to be doing this. Her mom wouldn’t have either. Or her sister. Or Shawn. Or Kelly and Michelle. They all would have freaked and that was what was making it such a rush.

Beyonce had never felt this sexy before. It was so naughty and so good all at once to do something that she shouldn’t. She felt powerful. She felt in control. She felt like a woman.

Filled with empowerment, as well as other, more sexual emotions, Beyonce dove into Mya’s pussy with gusto. She desperately tried to keep up a steady pace on her friend, even as Angelina filled her with such intense pleasure that Beyonce felt tears in her eyes start to form. She couldn’t believe she had almost psyched herself into not coming. How could she ever have denied herself this pleasure?

Swearing to herself to never, ever be afraid to go after what she wanted, Beyonce kept her tongue busy in Mya. She loved the way the singer’s long, gorgeous legs were spread wide for her, just inviting her in for a long, lingering taste of her pussy. Beyonce had always envied Mya’s ability as a dancer, but now she saw that was far from the best thing about her.

“Oooooooh you taste soooo good,” Beyonce moaned when she pulled away from Mya as a wave of pleasure from Angelina’s tongue gripped her body.

She needed a little break to catch her breath and enjoy the feel of Angelina’s efforts, but Beyonce didn’t leave Mya without any stimulation. She brought her hand to Mya’s pussy and started rubbing her furiously, sliding her fingers all over Mya’s spread, soaked lips.

“Mmmmmm I wish we had known earlier, I could have been licking up this honey all the time,” Beyonce continued as Mya cooed and humped herself against her lover’s hand, forcing the fingers inside her snatch. “I love how it feels when you face fuck me baby. Your pussy is so fucking hot. You’re the fucking dirty girl Mya…dripping on my tongue like a nasty slut. You wanna come for me Mya? You wanna come all over my face? I know you want to.”

“Yeah yeahhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wanna…wanna come!” Mya gasped as Beyonce began to finger fuck her aggressively. Just being rubbed was getting Mya off, but being fingered was an even bigger rush. “Fuck me Beyonce! Get that beautiful face back against my pussy! Mmmmm gonna fuck you so good! I’ll come so hard you’ll be tasting my juices for weeks on that dirty slut tongue of yours!”

Both Mya and Beyonce were almost moaning in time. Their cries made such beautiful harmony and Angelina loved hearing it. She had Beyonce in a total state of heat with her tongue and she knew the orgasm she craved tasting was only a few licks away. Angelina just hoped that Beyonce didn’t drain Mya dry because she wanted a taste of her cum too.

Kirsten and Natalie had distracted her a bit from her goal to taste every girl at the party, but Angelina felt she was back in her groove now. Besides, this was a marathon not a sprint.

There were a lot of pussies she still longed to snack on here and there was nothing that was going to stop her. The only question for Angelina remained who she was going to go after next when she was done with Beyonce and Mya.

Not wanting to get ahead of herself, Angelina pulled her thoughts back to the girl before her. Beyonce had such a gorgeous, womanly body. She was no stick figure and that was how Angelina loved it. She had no use for tiny waisted fashion models. She wanted women who loved to get sexy and nasty, not waifs.

Angelina’s hands rubbed Beyonce’s ass cheeks while she licked. She was using Beyonce’s butt to make sure she had a grip on the singer, but she couldn’t deny that she loved how that ass felt under her hands. It was soft, but toned. Not some mass of rock hard muscle and not some lumpy cushion.

It was just perfect to Angelina and if she hadn’t already been lost in lust with Beyonce’s tight, tasty pussy then she definitely would have been giving that ass some serious loving.

Besides her orgasm, Angelina also wanted Beyonce’s tongue back to work on her friend. She loved the energy she was drawing from Beyonce while she was eating Mya out. It was such a powerful surge of sexual energy and it made the taste of her juices richer and hotter.

Pulling one hand off of Beyonce’s ass, Angelina pressed it to the singer’s back and pushed down gently. Beyonce got the idea and leaned down to give Mya just what she needed.

Beyonce pulled her hand away and gave Mya’s pussy a wet kiss before sliding her tongue back inside the heavenly hole. Beyonce knew what Angelina wanted without her even having to say so. She wanted her and Mya to come together and Beyonce got right to work making that happen.

Mya cooed and moved her hands back to her own jiggling tits, gripping the sexy handfuls of breast flesh, while she picked up speed with her hip thrusts against Beyonce’s face.

She could feel her orgasm getting real close, but that wasn’t good enough for Mya. She wanted it here and now so she began fucking Beyonce’s face harder and faster, forcing the singer to keep up. And keep up she did.

Now that she was really being challenged, Beyonce became resolved to do this with every bit of skill she had learned from all her sexy teachers. Just as Mya was picking up speed so was Angelina and it was overwhelming Beyonce’s brain.

Beyonce welcomed the surge of ecstasy though. It got her thinking less and fucking more and that kept her pace up on Mya. Her tongue drove deep with every lick into Mya’s pussy, just like Angelina was doing to her.

All three of them were moaning, Angelina from how good Beyonce tasted and Beyonce and Mya both from being the ones who were being tasted. Only Mya’s weren’t muffled and her voice got higher with every ecstatic cry, climbing up the scale the closer she got to orgasm.

“Morrrrrrrrrrrre!!! Ooooooooooooooooooooooh yessssss morrrrrrrrre!!!” Mya begged. “Fuck me Beyonce! Oooooooooooooooooooooh mmmmmm sooo goooood! Drill that pussy you dirty girl! Just like those fucking sluts Britney and Christina! We all fucking belong together! We’re all dirty nasty pussy loving sluts!”

Each of the thrusts Mya made against Beyonce’s face were met with hard licks and long sucks of her pussy. It got to the point where Mya didn’t even want to pull herself away at the end of her thrusts. So she just kept her cunt right up against Beyonce’s face and let her suck the hot fuck juices right out of her. Mya then arched her back up and let the pleasure rush over her as Beyonce devoured her.

Everything Beyonce was doing to Mya, Angelina was doing back to her. She sucked hard on Mya’s pussy, pulling her clitoris between her lips and clamping down on it just as Angelina was doing it to her.

Beyonce closed her eyes and, despite her full mouth, screamed in rapture into Mya. It couldn’t get any better. She had Mya’s pleasure bud trapped and was sucking greedily on her juices while her own clit was in Angelina’s amazing mouth.

Angelina had the full force of her lips focused on Beyonce. Angelina knew her lips were a feature men and women loved to lust over and she knew just how to use them. She sucked on Beyonce’s clitoris as hard as she could, drawing out her orgasm while she worked Mya over.

Angelina could feel the surge in Beyonce’s energy the closer she got to making Mya come. This was going to be a hell of an orgasm and Angelina couldn’t wait to drink it all down.

Mya had no words left to offer by now. She was moaning in a non stop sound of ecstasy that rolled out of her wide open mouth. She was practically holding herself up by her hands now, her palms placed flat on the floor and her whole body arched up so Beyonce could eat her out.

She stretched out her body like a cat and her moans built with each suck Beyonce gave to her clitoris. They grew louder and stronger until it all exploded into an orgasmic scream that shook her body right down to her toes.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Mya roared, her orgasm pushing out her mouth as her pussy spasmed and creamed Beyonce’s willing face.

As the force of her orgasm hit her, Mya couldn’t keep her balance in her position. She fell to the floor with a thump, but Beyonce fell with her, keeping her lips on Mya’s cunt and drinking her down as her lover thrashed on the floor.

Beyonce kept sucking on Mya’s tender pussy, savoring her cream even as her own pleasure reached its peek. Angelina had done her best to keep up on her, but not even she was able to match the pace Beyonce had worked on Mya.

However, second place was just as big a prize in this game and Beyonce was soon screaming her ecstasy into Mya’s well-fucked snatch.

Angelina reacted to the burst of Beyonce’s cream in her face by releasing her clitoris from her lips and letting her tongue run wild. Angelina pushed her face closer to Beyonce’s pussy, digging into her ass with her fingers and pressing her tits against her lover’s bent legs.

Nothing she had done yet had satisfied Angelina’s hunger and her tongue lapped away at the singer’s orgasm as if she were starving. What she missed ran down Beyonce’s legs and onto Angelina’s tits, coating her flesh along with the juices of so many other party guests.

Mya finally had the strength to pull herself away from Beyonce just as the girl’s orgasm was winding down. Beyonce’s eyes were still screwed shut and her lower face was absolutely soaked in Mya’s essence, a sight that delighted the singer to no end.

Beyonce Knowles is covered in my cum, Mya thought to herself with utter contentment. Where’s a fucking camera when you need one?

“Ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh…” Beyonce moaned as she last delirious waves of joy shook her.

Her legs could barely hold her up anymore and she fell to the floor, lying aside Mya. She moved herself up until they were face to face and Mya and Beyonce immediately fell into a kiss, sloppily tasting each other’s lips. Their lipstick was long gone by now, replaced with the essence of all the girls they had tasted.

Mya and Beyonce were content to lie in each other’s arms for a good long while, but Angelina was having none of that.

“Oh no…no resting,” Angelina grinned as the two singers looked up to see her rubbing Beyonce’s girl cream against her proud, jutting tits, giving them a nasty shine. “There’s time for that later. Right now there’s more fun to have!”

Deep in the mass of naked bodies that littered the floor, Kirsten had more than her share of fun on hand. She had been looking to satisfy her porno fantasy with Felecia, but the thought that was running through her head now was the one about being careful what she wished for.

Not only did she have Felecia’s attention on her body, now Kirsten had the most famous porn star in the world and she didn’t think she could handle it all.

When Jenna had first inserted herself into her fun with Felecia, Kirsten hadn’t recognized her at first. But even if she hadn’t seen any of her movies, which she had, it wouldn’t have taken much for Kirsten to recognize such a familiar face.

Felecia and Jenna apparently were friends, from the way Felecia had squealed and jumped into the blonde’s arms they had to be, and now Kirsten had the benefit of both of their experienced tongues on her body.

Felecia’s tongue had been incredible by itself but with Jenna helping her it was almost too much for poor Kirsten. She was nearly delirious with ecstasy as the two porn stars shared her pussy, taking turns licking her and making her writhe on the floor.

Jenna hadn’t even kissed her yet and she was already tongue deep in her snatch. Kirsten couldn’t believe this was happening to her. The pleasure was leaving her chest heaving as hoarse sounds of rapture pushed past a throat already raw from screaming.

“Ahhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwd…ughhhhhhh…too much…it’s tooooo much!” Kirsten groaned frantically her head thrashing back and forth on the floor as one then another then both tongues together licked at her pussy.

“Want us to stop then?” Jenna giggled before sharing another juicy kiss with Felecia as Kirsten’s legs remained spread before them, lewdly exposing her pink girl bits dripping with saliva and desire.

“Oh nooooooo! Don’t stop! Please don’t!” Kirsten cried, unable to handle the pleasure that seemed ready to melt her brain and doubly unable to handle the prospect of that pleasure ending.

“What do you want then sweetie?” Felecia gently inquired. “Tell us what you want. Tell how you want us to fuck you.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh,” Kirsten moaned dreamily, without an answer.

She didn’t know what she wanted anymore except for the pleasure never to stop. Kirsten didn’t have the words, so she just fondled her breasts, rubbing her palms over her already swollen nipples. They ached under her hands, but wonderfully so.

The attention she was getting from the two women was heaven, but it was too much for her to take in. Fortunately Jenna recognized the feelings washing over Kirsten’s face and immediately came up with a solution.

Jenna picked herself up from her knees, leaving Felecia alone to tend to Kirsten and finish her off. The brunette porn star didn’t waste a second, leaning back in to lick up all the juice that had begun to collect on Kirsten’s slit. She took it all in with a long lash of her talented tongue, making Kirsten quiver and moan in delight while Jenna crawled toward the actress’ face.

Felecia tenderly licked Kirsten and within seconds had the girl back on the verge of orgasm. But Jenna had desires of her own that needed satisfying and she didn’t feel like being patient right then. Instead she picked herself up and pressed her pussy down against Kirsten’s face while the young blonde lay flat on her back.

“Lick me!” Jenna commanded, her pussy close enough to Kirsten’s lips that she could drip girl juice onto her tongue. “Don’t pretend you don’t want to Kirsten! Get that tongue in me and lick my pussy!”

Now that the pleasure hitting her brain had lessened to a manageable amount, Kirsten was more aware of what was happening to her. It did not escape her attention what Jenna wanted and a sudden wave of concern hit her.

She was still relatively new at this. She had only been with a small number of girls in her life. Could she please someone like Jenna who did it for a living and probably knew more about sex than she ever could? Could she make the most famous porn star ever come?

But it wasn’t like Jenna gave her much of a choice by pressing her pussy down to Kirsten’s soft lips just as soon as she was sure the girl knew what was going on. By reflex, Kirsten’s tongue slid up into Jenna and, the second she tasted her, all her doubts disappeared.

Jenna moaned from the contact to her pussy and Kirsten was immediately filled with a surge of confidence. That moan was all it took to remind Kirsten that she had gotten girls like Angelina and Sarah and, most of all, her Eliza off so many times. She could do this!

Kirsten began licking Jenna, relaxing right into her work as the confidence continued to build. She quickly realized that she didn’t have anything to worry about. Jenna was just like every other girl she’d been with and Kirsten felt pretty secure by now that she knew what girls liked.

Jenna was absolutely soaked for her, so Kirsten didn’t have to lick very hard for the woman’s juices to begin coating her tongue and dripping down her throat.

The challenge of pleasing a woman like Jenna Jameson had seemed so daunting to Kirsten that she had almost forgotten about the woman between her own legs. Fortunately Felecia reminded her of that in a big way, sliding her tongue over every exposed inch of Kirsten’s pussy and making her body shiver with pleasure while she got her first taste of Jenna.

Felecia was always happy to share with her friends and Jenna was more than welcome to join in any sexual play she was involved with. But Felecia also didn’t want to become an afterthought and she knew how easy that could become when Jenna was involved. So Felecia knew the best way to keep Kirsten thinking about her was to make sure she came.

Kirsten’s pussy had already been quite well worked over by Felecia before Jenna had even brought her body into the equation. There had been a number of chances for Felecia to get Kirsten off, but she hadn’t gone for it yet, preferring to let the blonde girl’s pleasure build. But now Felecia knew Kirsten was ripe and ready for this and she kept her licking going fast and furious.

But just as Kirsten was a little distracted by Jenna riding her face, Felecia found herself distracted away from Kirsten’s pussy. The cooing actress’ snatch was plenty wet and creamy, but Felecia couldn’t help but imagine tasting elsewhere on her scrumptious young body.

Kirsten’s needy asshole was too close to her tongue for her to resist and, without a word of warning, Felecia dragged her tongue away from Kirsten’s pussy and licked a wet trail down her ass.

Saliva was left dribbling down Kirsten’s body as Felecia licked down from her pussy and zeroed in on her asshole. Kirsten already had herself spread open so it was easy for Felecia to let her drool drip down into the tight hole and then slide her tongue in right after it.

Kirsten immediately squealed in blissful ecstasy, clamping a grip onto Jenna’s ass, her hand covering the Heartbreaker tattoo, while the porn star’s pussy muffled her cries. Kirsten automatically lifted her hips, urging more of Felecia’s tongue inside her asshole and Felecia responded by licking her more aggressively.

The practiced porn star begin tongue fucking Kirsten’s tender, young hole while her fingers slid into her dripping pussy. Felecia used two of her fingers on Kirsten while she ate her ass, sliding them in against her lover’s clitoris and furiously pumping them.

Kirsten was on the verge of her orgasm and all her ecstatic screams were silenced by Jenna’s pussy. But no sound was needed for Felecia. She could feel and taste how close Kirsten was. The walls of her pussy clamped tight around her slick, juice coated fingers, and her asshole constricted around her tongue.

That just made Felecia fuck Kirsten with more gusto, using her fingers and tongue together to make the beautiful actress come for her. Felecia considered any woman she got off to be a prize, but it was especially true when it was someone like Kirsten.

Felecia peered up from her work and smiled when she saw Jenna frantically humping against Kirsten’s face, trying to get her tongue back to work. Kirsten’s hands were almost fused to Jenna’s well-known backside and Felecia giggled knowing she was the source of Kirsten’s arousal and Jenna’s frustration.

Kirsten’s holes tightened further around Felecia’s fingers and tongue the closer she got to orgasm but Felecia was merciless with her fucking. She kept licking and thrusting, making Kirsten shudder on the floor and cry out even louder against Jenna’s pussy.

Felecia pushed her fingers in again, pinching and rubbing Kirsten’s clit with speed and passion until the desired result creamed out onto her small hand,

If the pleasure had been too much before, then this was just right for Kirsten. She screamed and came with a rush that nearly left her baying like a banshee in heat. Kirsten didn’t want to stop, but she had to pull her face away from Jenna and cry out her orgasm.

Her voice was hoarse, but that didn’t stop the loud passion from spilling out. Kirsten hoped Eliza could hear her as she came from Felecia’s dual assault on her holes. She hoped Eliza saw how much fun she was having and knew that she would never forget that she was here doing all of this because of her.

Kirsten’s orgasm took so much out of her and her cries were mere little gasps of pleasure in the aftermath of the huge wave that had rushed through her. But there was no resting permitted, not with one of the world’s most famous pussies right up against her face looking for some attention and not wanting to wait until Kirsten caught another wind.

“Fuck me!” was Jenna’s simple command. “You can’t get fucking tired on me now you little slut! I just got here! You’ve been fucking all day and now you’re not just gonna roll over and go to sleep on me! You’re gonna lick my pussy and make me come like you made all your celebrity slut friends come!”

Rolling over and going to sleep for a little bit did start to sound pretty good to Kirsten, but she wasn’t that type of lover. Besides how many times was she going to have a chance to fuck someone like Jenna?

The earlier fear about her own ability was long gone. Now Kirsten wanted to prove herself to Jenna. She wanted to prove she wasn’t some lightweight kid playing with the grown up girls. She was a woman and knew how to fuck like one.

Mustering up her energy, Kirsten got back to work on the porn queen. Her hands had never left Jenna’s ass and it was so easy for her to bring her back against her tongue. Kirsten started licking away at Jenna again, getting her moaning in no time.

“Yeahhhhh that’s how you do it Kirsten!” Jenna groaned, fondling her shaking tits in her hand while she rode her lover’s beautiful face. “Ohhhhhh fuck yes! You’ve done this before, haven’t you? Mmmmm good girl! Lick that pussy! I’ve got all those juices stored up and you’re the lucky girl who’s gonna get em all Kirsten!”

There had been so many girls there that Jenna had fantasized about fucking. God, it seemed like every hot piece of ass in Hollywood was here. Britney and Christina had been seriously holding out on her. She was going to have to spank those two later for that, that is if Mandy left anything for her.

She had seen the sexy singer leading the two little schemers back into the party and Jenna had been so excited to see Mandy as naked as the rest of them now. She knew Mandy wasn’t going to turn her backs on all this fun. Now she just hoped that Mandy wasn’t going to freeze her out of her bed.

If Felecia hadn’t been playing with Kirsten already, Jenna had no idea whom she might have chosen from this pussy buffet. But she had known that her friend wouldn’t ask any questions about why she had appeared out of the blue all of a sudden and that meant they could get right to the good part.

Kirsten was certainly a scrumptious little piece of Hollywood cookie and Jenna couldn’t help but remember the little tingles she’d felt watching Spiderman for the first time and seeing the girl soaked in the rain, her nipples standing out like lights on the marquee.

So while it had been a little luck of the draw that she was riding Kirsten’s face and not Cameron’s or Reese’s or anybody else’s, Jenna was quite pleased with her choice. Kirsten was definitely not a stranger to pussy and the harder she humped herself against the blonde girl’s face, the more passionately Kirsten licked her.

Jenna had nearly creamed herself the second she had walked into this orgy and with Kirsten’s hot tongue working her over, she knew it wasn’t going to be long before she was having the first of what she hoped were many orgasms.

But Jenna wasn’t the only girl with desires that needed to be tended to and, as much as Felecia enjoyed watching Jenna’s body jiggle with each thrust against Kirsten’s face, it wasn’t doing much to get her any closer to her orgasm. She didn’t want to get off from her own hand and she’d already felt Jenna’s tongue on her pussy before. Felecia wanted something new.

Fortunately a solution was nearby and as soon as she saw it, Felecia was like a naked dart, shooting over to it and bringing it back. The strap on she’d been using just before still had Britney’s juices on it and Felecia gave it a long, loving lick all over the hard shaft before returning to the fun. Once there she took the liberty of slipping the toy right onto Kirsten’s very available body.

The sensation was enough of a mystery for Kirsten to stop eating Jenna out and to move her head slightly to see what was happening. Once she discovered what it was that was being done to her, Kirsten broke into a giddy grin.

“Ever use one of these before sweetie?” Felecia inquired with a naughty smile of her own.

“Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh…” Kirsten emphatically answered, remembering the toy play she and Eliza had engaged in on many an evening.

“Goody, then I don’t have to show you how,” Felecia replied, tugging the straps tight around Kirsten’s waist and making sure the toy was in perfect positioning on her body. “I just get to enjoy the ride.”

And enjoying the ride was what Felecia got right down to. Despite only doing women on screen, Felecia wasn’t a lesbian and she loved all the things a man could do to her. She loved being penetrated and being fucked by a woman was the best of both worlds for her.

As soon as the strap on was in place, Kirsten got back to licking Jenna and Felecia sunk herself down on the hard plastic, groaning in ecstasy when she felt it fill her needy pussy.

“Ahhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss fuck me Kirsten!” Felecia begged. “Give it to me like you give it to your sexy girlfriend.”

Kirsten was starting to feel a little overwhelmed again. Now she had not one, but two porno queens demanding she please them. It was a lot of pressure, but Kirsten gathered her resolve.

She knew Eliza was probably too busy playing with Lindsay and Jessica to watch her, so she wanted to prove she could do this for herself. She wanted to be able to prove she could handle these two gorgeous women.

Not letting up with her tonguing of Jenna’s pussy, Kirsten began to thrust into Felecia. The bouncing porn star rode the fake cock in time with Kirsten’s movements, making sure she was as filled as possible.

Felecia began cooing and playing with her perky tits, tugging on her swollen nipples while she was getting fucked, begging Kirsten for more and giving the blonde every incentive to comply.

It was hard for Kirsten to keep her mind focused on both of these women at once, but the reward was well worth it. Not only was Jenna’s pussy scorching hot and delicious, but the sound of Felecia’s cries was making Kirsten wet again. Of course it didn’t hurt that every time Felecia pushed herself down against the strap on it pushed the nub on the other end right into Kirsten’s pussy, stimulating her clit.

With the renewed pleasure came renewed energy for Kirsten. It would have been so easy to just lie there and let Jenna and Felecia hump her silly, but Kirsten was too considerate for that. The more the strap on nub rubbed against her clit, the harder Kirsten licked and the harder she fucked.

While Kirsten had plenty of practice licking pussy, she only had a few experiences with a strap on. She had used one on Eliza a few times and she had always loved it. Kirsten had loved the power she got from wielding this sexual weapon and while she couldn’t see Felecia with Jenna against her face, she could certainly hear her eager cries and she could feel her juices dripping down the toy and onto her thighs.

Kirsten knew she was doing a good job on Felecia and she could taste that she was doing just as well on Jenna. Jenna’s pussy was like nothing she had ever licked. It gave Kirsten such a thrill to realize that so many people had gotten off to Jenna and that she was the lucky one who actually got to taste her. It was a real rush and Jenna’s compliments didn’t hurt either.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssssss that’s it! You know just how to get a girl off!” Jenna groaned, fucking Kirsten’s face harder the closer she got to coming. “I had no idea you were so fucking hot Kirsten! Lick that pussy you nasty little thing! Get your tongue inside it! Spit in it and lick it out! Ohhhhhhhh I’m so close! So fucking close! Ahhhhhhhh yessssssssss!”

Jenna let out a long moan when Kirsten followed her instructions and spit right into her pussy. Some of it dripped right back down onto Kirsten’s face, but she didn’t mind. It was her own spit after all.

Besides, Jenna was already leaving her face sticky with so many juices that it wasn’t like this was going to make her feel weird. Feeling Jenna’s pussy reflexively tighten around her tongue from the pleasure, Kirsten pulled out and spit into the porno queen again.

Kirsten dove in after her saliva, licking away at the pussy folds against her mouth as they gripped and dripped. It was so hard to keep focused on both girls and since Jenna was so close, Kirsten kept her attention fixated on her.

She licked as fast as she could, getting the blonde wet with saliva and her own juices and lapping up the sexy mess inside her pussy. Kirsten loved hearing Jenna and Felecia moan for her and it got even better when she hit Jenna’s clit and began sucking on it, turning Jenna’s moans into passionate, sharp cries.

“YEAHHHH!!!” Jenna screamed out when Kirsten sucked on her clitoris.

Her breathing was getting ragged and her whole body was tingling in anticipation. Jenna knew she was close, but she didn’t want to come like this. So before Kirsten got her past the point of no return, Jenna pulled away from her face, flipped herself around so she was riding her reverse cowgirl style and planted her pussy right back on Kirsten’s face.

“Don’t stop!” Jenna commanded. “Keep licking you hot little bitch! You’ve got me so fucking close! Suck that clit! Show me how a Hollywood slut like you eats pussy!”

Now that she had turned herself around, Jenna was face to face with Felecia and she shared a long tongue filled kiss with her friend. They had only played around together on camera, and not for real, but they certainly weren’t shy with each other.

After fucking on film there weren’t many boundaries left to cross so it was easy for the two porn stars to fall right into the fun with each other as they rode Kirsten’s body.

Both Felecia and Jenna were moaning as they kissed from Kirsten fucking them. Felecia was doing most of the work, but she didn’t care. All she cared about was getting off and she was well on her way to doing that as she rode the strap on, fucking herself on the plastic and making squeaks of high pitched pleasure into Jenna’s mouth with every thrust onto the fake cock.

Felecia loved getting filled and, while Kirsten was far from an expert with a strap on, she at least knew what she was doing and Felecia was able to do the rest.

“Yessssss yesssss fuck meeeeee! Fuck me Kirsten!” Felecia panted in between kisses with Jenna. “Make me come like you make your girlfriend come! Show me all those hot sex tricks she taught you!”

Kirsten smiled against Jenna’s pussy at the thought of Eliza. She hoped Eliza was seeing what she was doing. She hoped she could see how much fun her naughty little Kiki was having fucking porn stars. Before she had gotten with Eliza, Kirsten would never have been able to do this.

She felt so fucking sexy lying there on the floor, getting her face fucked and being rode like a sex toy. Kirsten felt so proud of herself and she reacted with a hard suck of Jenna’s clit that made the woman’s ecstatic scream burst out once again.

Because Jenna had flipped herself around, Kirsten now had her ass in her face and she was staring right up at the heartbreaker tattoo she had just been touching. It also left Jenna’s pussy vulnerable to an attack from Kirsten fingers and, while Jenna was still grinding against her face, Kirsten pushed two fingers inside her lover.

“OHHHHHHH FUCK YEAHHHH YOU LITTLE SLUT FUCK THAT PUSSY!!!” Jenna cried rapturously, her pleasure soaring as Kirsten fucked her and Felecia buried her face in her tits. “FINGER MY CUNT WHILE YOU LICK IT!!! YEAHHHHHHH THAT’S IT KIRSTEN!!! OHHHHHH FUCK I’M GONNA COMMMMMMMME!!!”

Kirsten then slid a third finger inside. Jenna could probably taken four of her fingers, but Kirsten was happy to keep it at three. She rubbed her fingers against Jenna’s clit while she tongue fucked her, lapping up all the sweet porn star juices dripping against her face. Kirsten was fighting off some fatigue by this point, but she didn’t let it show in her efforts.

“MORE!!! MORE!!! MORE!!!” Jenna demanded as she closed her eyes and let the pleasure wash over her from Kirsten’s tongue and fingers. This girl was so fucking good and Jenna imagined the others were even better. Britney and Christina were definitely going to get it for holding out on her.

As Jenna wailed in pleasure, Felecia was doing some serious quivering of her own from the toy she was riding. She had Jenna’s supremely enhanced tits in her hand and was licking at her stiff nipples, sucking and biting them just like she had done on screen. Felecia had always loved playing with big tits and Jenna’s felt so good in her mouth and hands that it increased her own pleasure from Kirsten’s fucking.

Kirsten and Felecia both used their mouths and hands on Jenna to get at her hot spots. This had the blonde’s cries getting louder and stronger until they crested in a tidal wave of orgasm.

“FUCKING YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Jenna screamed as she madly humped against Kirsten’s face.

Her cream dripped down like a river onto Kirsten and the actress licked up every drop her tongue could catch. Pleasure coursed through Jenna’s body and all she wanted was more. Everyone else was getting tired, but she was just warming up.

As soon as Jenna started to come, Kirsten shifted her focus onto Felecia. She wasn’t about to let the woman who had gotten her off just sit there unfulfilled. Kirsten mustered up the strength she had left and used it to power her thrusts into Felecia, which the lithe brunette immediately appreciated.

“Mmmmmmmm yessssssss ooooooh give it to me Kirsten!” Felecia cried. “Fill my pussy up with that cock! Fuck me hard! I need to feel this fake dick inside me! Fill me Kirsten! Oooooooooooooooooh yessssssssssssss hard just like that! Just like that!”

Jenna was still humping at her face and blocking her line of sight. But even though she couldn’t see her, Kirsten still concentrated on Felecia. She tried to get her hip thrusts up back into synch with Felecia and the porn star helped her out.

They quickly reestablished a hot pattern and Kirsten was driving into Felecia just as the brunette was pushing herself down onto the strap on.

“Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss fuck meeeeeeee!!!” Felecia groaned, her small tits jiggling and her body glowing.

Kirsten was definitely good at this and Felecia couldn’t wait to find out which of the girls here was her girlfriend so she could properly thank her for teaching her.

After the last of her orgasmic shivers passed through, Jenna finally pulled herself off Kirsten’s face and got to work licking her own cream off her.

Jenna let her tongue lick over Kirsten with long, greedy strokes, collecting her own juices for her taste buds enjoyment. This allowed Jenna to stare up at Felecia as she rode Kirsten’s cock to orgasm, but she wasn’t the only one staring.

The action between the two porn stars and Kirsten had also attracted Mandy’s attention and she couldn’t help but moan and lick her lips watching Jenna bent over to lick Kirsten’s face. Mandy stared at Jenna’s ass stuck up in the air, lusting after her tattoo and remembering how good it had felt to kiss that heartbreaker marking over and over again as Jenna had cooed for more.

Mandy was confused. Ecstatic but confused. She hadn’t really come here with a plan for what she was going to do other than confront Britney and Christina and she certainly had no idea what was going to happen when she got back home.

She wanted to be angry. She had been used after all. Mandy wanted to be furious at Britney and Christina and Jenna. But she couldn’t stop the overpowering desires she was feeling to fuck all three of them.

Jenna had uncovered a side of her she hadn’t even known she had and Mandy knew she couldn’t just forget about what they had done. Mandy had never been the type to hold grudges and look to get payback on people.

She knew that it was more than a little naive of her, but she had always tried to step away from the cutthroat nature of the music and movie businesses and just try to be nice. Even when she was a kid she had wanted to be friends with everyone. She hated fighting.

It was all so confusing her. Mandy couldn’t decide whether to strangle Christina or kiss her again. What she did know was that she was soaking wet from all of this.

Whatever anger was still left inside her was turning into arousal and Mandy could feel juices start to drip down her legs from her pussy as she stood there naked in front of everyone, staring at Jenna’s ass and moaning from Britney and Christina kissing her neck and shoulders.

Mandy didn’t know what she was going to do about all these feelings for Jenna or about how Britney and Christina had seriously complicated her life, but she did know she could worry about that tomorrow. Right now she had a chance to make some new friends and her heart was pounding with excitement inside her chest over the thought of fucking these two sexy things.

“Ok…on your hands and knees… NOW!” Mandy commanded, her pulse racing as she found herself in the position to control someone sexually for the first time.

She was making all this up as she went along, but Britney and Christina both seemed so willing that it was easy to boss them around.

The two pop singers shared a horny smile and did as they were ordered, getting down on the floor and sticking their naked asses in the air. Mandy had to put her hand to her mouth to keep from gasping.

God, what a site. Two beautiful female asses ready and willing to be used by her. And their slits were both dripping, just like hers. Mandy gawked at this hot sight. It was so nasty and it was turning her on so much.

Now she could see why Jenna had enjoyed playing with her so much. Mandy had always enjoyed being the one to surrender all control but it was dawning on her how much fun it was to be the one in charge.

Mandy couldn’t help but touch her own pussy, running her fingers over the girl flesh that Jenna had shaved bare just that morning. Now that she had these two right where she wanted them, she didn’t know what to do next except stare at their spread holes and feel herself get wetter.

“What do you want us to do Mandy?” Britney asked, still smiling as she put the million dollar question before Mandy.

“Yeah…what can we do to make it up to you baby?” Christina purred as Mandy’s aroused brain struggled to take it all in.

It was like a dream here. Beautiful famous people fucking each other like there wasn’t going to be a tomorrow.

Mandy couldn’t even take it all in at once. She wasn’t experienced at this. But she started remembering all the things Jenna had done to her. She pictures all the things she had begged Jenna to do to her bitch body and suddenly it was easy for Mandy to know just what these two sluts deserved.

“You can shut the fuck up!” Mandy snapped before slapping her hand right against Christina’s bare ass, making a smacking sound on her flesh that had Mandy’s pussy juicing up even more.

“Oooooooooo yesssssssssss…” Christina groaned. “That’s it Mandy! Spank my slutty little ass!”

“Me next!” Britney begged. “Spank me Mandy! Give my naughty ass what it deserves!”

Mandy realized right then that there was little chance she was ever going to be able to stay mad at Britney and Christina. Even after what they had just tried to do to her, she couldn’t force anger out.

Not when the two of them looked as good as they did all naked and wet for her and not when they were both so enthusiastically slutty. Mandy couldn’t stop getting creamy from looking at them and touching them and, most importantly, spanking them.

Britney squealed in delight when Mandy’s hand next crashed against her bare ass, slapping the skin and leaving behind a red mark that quickly faded. Mandy tried not to do it too hard or too soft. She didn’t want to hurt them, but she also wanted to give these two bitches the punishment they deserved. She wanted to take them like Jenna took her.

“No moaning!” Mandy commanded, suddenly grabbing Britney’s blonde hair from behind and tugging it as she spanked her. “This is your punishment you little slut! I’m going to make you my little bitches right in front of all your friends!”

“Gawwwwwd yesssssssss make us your slutty bitches,” Britney groaned as Mandy tugged hard on her hair and continued to rain slaps down on her tender ass.

Britney had always slipped into the sub role with ease and there was no pretending in her voice. She really was getting off on it and she knew Christina was too. Why couldn’t they have done this all along instead of scheming?

But Britney didn’t have time to ponder that question any further before another hard smack struck her giggling ass cheeks. Britney hissed in pleasurable pain from the hard touch to her sensitive skin. She knew those red marks weren’t fading now. Soon her ass was going to be a cherry red from Mandy and Britney welcomed it.

“Spank us! Spank your bitches!” Britney begged, her tits jumping up and down with each smack. She had never expected this side of Mandy to emerge and it was leaving her cunt absolutely soaked.

“Mmmmm you like this too much,” Mandy observed, running her fingers over Britney’s drooling slit, making the blonde moan again.

She was trying to be all hard and edgy the way Jenna had been with her, but Mandy couldn’t help but smile and get a little giggle in her voice. This was too much fun to resist.

“You’re not supposed to be getting off on this,” Mandy declared, pulling her hand away and releasing Britney’s hair. “Only I’m supposed to be having fun! You don’t get anymore Britney!”

While Britney groaned her frustration, Mandy moved back over to Christina and spanked her instead. Just as Britney had, Christina reacted to the attack on her bare ass with happy, horny squeals that got louder the harder Mandy smacked her.

“Morrrrrrrrre!” Christina mewed, sticking her ass up high in the air to better meet Mandy’s slaps. “Give it to me Mandy! Spank my ass! I deserve it! I’ve been bad! So fucking bad! Punish me Mandy! Punish me for being a scheming little cunt! I’m a nasty bitch who needs her ass spanked raw!”

Mandy wasn’t even touching herself, but she still almost came from hearing Christina beg for her like that.

This was turning her on so much. Not as much as it had to be handcuffed at Jenna’s mercy, but a very close second and much more than any experiences with her ex-boyfriends had. Mandy felt like they were going to need to mop up after all the juices that were dripping from her pussy. She began spanking Christina harder, but all the horny little slut did was beg for more.

The sound of her hand slapping Christina’s ass and hearing her react with glee to it was driving Mandy wild. She could feel an orgasm bubbling up inside her. This felt so wicked and wrong and Mandy loved it.

She felt so powerful having Britney and Christina at her mercy and it was making her want to come so bad. It was fun spanking these sluts, but Mandy wanted more. She wanted to keep punishing them but still get herself off at the same time. Then a brilliant idea occurred to Mandy.

“You two are making me so wet,” Mandy purred, nasty words she never would have expected to say outside her bedroom, tumbling past her lips. “You want to fuck me don’t you? You two want to fuck me in front of all your friends so you can taste my cream and swallow it down like little sluts.”

“Ohhhhhh yessssss more than anything!” Christina immediately agreed. “Fuck us Mandy! Make us go down on you and fuck you and make you come all over our slutty faces!”

“Yeah we want it so fucking bad!” Britney added. “We were so mean to you. Punish us Mandy! Make us fuck you! We deserve it!”

“Oh no you don’t get to taste my pussy yet,” Mandy grinned, getting shocked looks from Britney and Christina. “I have a better idea for you two! You need to really learn your lesson and I think you’re going to have too much fun fucking me!”

Mandy then walked a short step away and grabbed some of the discarded clothing that littered the floor amongst the fucking party guests. She didn’t know whose bikini tops these were and she didn’t care. Mandy just wanted to put them to good use.

“What are you going to do?” Britney asked, getting more curious when she saw what Mandy was holding.

“Give you your punishment,” Mandy coyly replied before taking one of the tops and tying it around Britney’s wrists.

She pinned Britney’s arms around her back and tied the top tight, keeping her hands in place. She did the same to Christina and neither girl offered any resistance. They were too eager to see what Mandy was planning on doing them to object.

Mandy finished tying the knot around Christina’s wrists and looked down to admire her handiwork. Both girls were on their knees now, their arms tied behind their backs with bikini tops. They were helpless and horny, just how Mandy wanted them to be.

“You dirty bitches have to pay and fucking me is going to be way too much fun for you,” Mandy evilly stated as she scanned her eyes around the room for the perfect partners.

When she found them, she turned her back on Britney and Christina and walked the few steps over to where Michelle Branch and Shakira had their bodies pressed together while they kissed and licked each other’s juice covered faces clean.

“You don’t get to play…you only get to watch,” Mandy said, trying to feel confident, but instead nervous about so boldly approaching two women she knew only casually and certainly not sexually.

She was a little worried about being rejected by Michelle and Shakira, but that concern was eased by the reaction she got from the restrained singers.

“Wh…what….don’t you want us to fuck you?” Britney sputtered.

“Yeah? Untie us!” Christina ordered. “We want to play too! You can’t just make us watch and not let us join in! That’s cruel!”

“No touching yourselves either,” Mandy informed the girls before swallowing hard and turning her attention to the passionately kissing Michelle and Shakira.

She fell to her knees to get herself on the same level as they were and went right for it.

“Ummmm hi…wanna fuck?” Mandy asked, her voice nervous but giddy.

Michelle and Shakira stopped their kissing and looked at the young singer and actress with a great deal of surprise. They hadn’t even noticed Mandy’s arrival at the party and certainly hadn’t expected her to suddenly walk up to them naked with a question like that. But that didn’t change their answer.

“Fuck yeah,” Shakira giggled before she and Michelle grabbed Mandy by her hands and pulled her into their kiss.

Mandy was a little surprised their reaction was so enthusiastic, but happily so. She hadn’t kissed many girls before so Mandy knew she wasn’t going to be as good as them, but she tried her best to keep up with Michelle and Shakira. Their tongues all flicked together and kiss created saliva was soon dripping down all their chins.

Mandy could taste the girl cum on Michelle and Shakira’s faces and it turned her on even more. These girls were totally wild.

She had always kind of suspected Shakira had herself an interesting sex life, but seeing Michelle this way was totally surprising her. Mandy never would have expected Michelle to get this naughty, but there she was kissing her with cum covered lips and reaching out to fondle her bare breasts.

If Mandy was surprised by Michelle’s actions, then Michelle was flat out shocked by Mandy’s. Never in a million years would she have expected Mandy Moore to do this.

When the girl had first come up to them, Michelle at first thought she’d been having some kind of sex hallucination, but this was all real. Michelle didn’t ask where Mandy had come from or why she had appeared out of nowhere. She just cared that she was naked and absolutely soaking wet.

Allowing Shakira to take the lead in kissing the new arrival, Michelle centered her attention on Mandy’s breasts. She latched her hands to the girl’s soft tits and massaged them, getting Mandy’s nipples to poke against her palms. Mandy moaned into Shakira’s mouth and Michelle started kissing Mandy’s neck, unaware that they had an increasingly frustrated audience.

“Untie us!” Christina protested. “C’monnnnnn this is fucking unfair! We want to play too!”

“At least let us touch ourselves,” Britney begged. “Don’t just make us watch!”

It was excruciating for the two girls to watch this and not be able to join in, especially since they had been with both Shakira and Michelle and knew how hot they could be. It had only been a short time since Mandy had tied their hands and Britney and Christina knew the frustration was only going to get worse.

If Mandy heard their needy cries, she didn’t react. Instead she kept her focus completely on Michelle and Shakira. She never expected to be doing this with girls like this, but everything else in her life had been so strange, why stop now?

Michelle’s hands felt so good on her breasts and Shakira was a great kisser. Mandy’s pussy was like a river of arousal and that didn’t escape the attention of her new friends.

“Fuck me! Please!” Mandy requested as the kissing and touching got more passionate. “I loved watching you before! You’re both so hot and ughhhh it turns me on that we know each other and we’re doing this! Fuck me! I need it! Put on a show for Britney and Christina.”

This was the tip off to Shakira and Michelle that they were being watched, but that certainly didn’t bring about any hesitation. It made them want Mandy more to know that they had an audience.

Shakira wondered why the two little pop sluts had their hands tied behind their backs, but she didn’t want to stop the fun to ask. She’d just have to find out later.

“Mmmm I’ll fuck you,” Shakira promised. “I always had a crush on you Mandy. I’ve wanted to fuck you for years now. You always looked so sweet and innocent and I wanted to make you a naughty girl like me.”

“I am!” Mandy insisted, the events of the recent past certainly backing her up. “I can be really fucking naughty! Fuck me Shakira! I always thought you were hot too! Now I just want to fuck you! Make me come! Please! Show Britney and Christina what they’re missing!”

“What about me?” Michelle inquired, not wanting to become forgotten. “Do you want to fuck me too?”

“Yesssssssss…you’re so hot too Michelle!” Mandy gasped as the brunette began sucking on her nipples. “Mmmmmmm you’re both making me so wet! I need to come! I want Britney and Christina to suffer knowing they can’t have me and they can’t have you! They only can watch!”

Michelle was getting mighty curious about what those two had done to Mandy to get themselves punished like this. She knew Britney and Christina and it was like heavy duty torture on them to keep them from having sex.

She peered up from Mandy’s tits to see the two girls, who were usually always so in control, whining like little hungry puppies desperate for a treat. Michelle liked both of them, but seeing Britney and Christina helpless and desperate like that sent a rush of arousal through her body.

Tearing her gaze away from the pouting pair, Michelle got back to Mandy’s tits. God, they were incredible. Mandy’s breasts were so soft and her pink nipples were almost red with swollen desire. Michelle loved how they jiggled and felt under her hands and tongue.

She had never really checked Mandy out before now, but she just had amazing tits and Michelle hoped this wasn’t the last time she got to see them and, more importantly, touch and play with them.

While Michelle sucked and kissed Mandy’s nipples, Shakira was happy to get intimately acquainted with the girl’s pussy. Having Mandy come up to them like this was a happy surprise and Shakira intended to take full advantage of it. Her hot 69 with Michelle had left them both more than satisfied, but now Mandy was making Shakira feel a renewed craving for pussy.

Shakira kissed her way down Mandy’s stomach and toward her thighs, thanking the good lord that Mandy still had her sexy curves and hadn’t reverted to being a stick figure when she had gone Hollywood. But as good as those curves felt under her lips, Mandy’s musk urged Shakira closer to her pussy. She smelled so good and Shakira could feel the heat of Mandy’s arousal all the way down.

After gently pushing Mandy down onto her back, Shakira made her move. Mandy’s pussy was on fire and Shakira knew it was only going to take a few well placed licks before she got another helping of girl honey. Her belly was full of the stuff, but Shakira wanted more. After all what was the point of an orgy without overindulgence?

“Ooooooooooh please Shakira! Lick me!” Mandy begged as the blonde singer hovered above her pussy. Mandy spread her legs wide, hoping the sight of her pink would tempt Shakira onward. “Don’t make me wait! Show these bitches what they’re missing because they’re scheming little sluts! They wanna lick me but they can’t! You can Shakira! You can lick my pussy and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss!!!”

Mandy’s voice soared with pleasure as Shakira could wait no longer and plunged her tongue into her pussy.

Shakira licked with a vengeance, not taking Mandy slowly at all. Her tongue swam through the wetness dripping out of Mandy’s cunt and let it slide down her throat like cold water on a scorching day. Shakira was aggressive and steady with her licking, making Mandy lurch on the floor and howl in ecstasy.

“YEAHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOH SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOD!!!” Mandy screamed. “Eat that pussy Shakira! Ughhhhh yessssssssssss tongue fuck me! Lick it all up! Britney and Christina want to lick me but they’re nasty bitches and aren’t allowed! Mmmmm do what they can’t! Fuck that pussy of mine! Make me fucking come!”

“Cmonnnnnnnnn please!” Britney begged, trying to tug through the bikini restraining her wrists. Mandy seemed to have the skills of an expert knot maker though because she couldn’t break it and was just giving herself a burn on her skin. “Let us go! Don’t be mean Mandy! We want to fuck you! Please Mandy! We’re sorry! We’re so fucking sorry!”

Christina’s eyes were shooting daggers at Mandy again. How could she do this? No one denied Xtina sex! But as angry and frustrated as she was, it didn’t cool the fire of her arousal. It just made her want Mandy more. The old saying about wanting what you couldn’t have was proven here as the more Mandy denied her, the more desperate Christina became to fuck her.

The pierced singer tugged frantically at her restraints, but just like Britney it was impossible. And no one at the party seemed willing to help them. They were all too busy fucking each other to pay attention to their predicament. All that Christina could do was join Britney in begging.

“Please untie us Mandy!” Christina pleaded. “We’ll fuck you so good! Better than anyone else can! You can slap us and spit on us and shove dildos up our asses! Just fucking untie us! Make us your bitches! We’ll totally be your fuck sluts and scream out for everyone to hear how good you are at fucking our brains out! We’ll do anything you want Mandy!”

“Just keep watching and suffering,” Mandy moaned in ecstasy as Shakira and Michelle stimulated all of her favorite hot spots. “You can’t have my pussy yet! You can’t do what Shakira’s doing and lick up my juices! You…ooooooooooh yesssssss Shakira eat my pussy…make them so fucking jealous…you can’t suck on my tits like Michelle can! Mmmmmm get those nipples in your mouth Michelle it’s making me so fucking wet! I love how you’re sucking my tits! Mmmmm Michelle loves my tits…so soft and natural…not like the hard fake tits you’ve got!”

Michelle giggled when Mandy said that and sucked harder on her nipple, going back and forth from breast to breast. She had never cared much whether a girl she had been with had fake boobs or not. She hadn’t even touched a pair of implants until she got to L.A., but they had always felt just fine to her. Michelle just found it funny to see Mandy turn the tables on those two, it was so unexpected.

“Nooooooooo don’t make us wait anymore! You’re so mean!” Britney wailed, her pussy getting hotter by the second as she lusted after the action she couldn’t participate in. She moved her body closer to the threesome, hoping someone would take mercy on her, but no one did.

“You paid us back already! We’re sorry!” Christina insisted. “Just let us play too! Let us fuck you! Let me and Britney show you we’re the hottest sluts here!”

“Just…ohhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssss ahhhhhh mmmmmmm yesssssss…just watch,” Mandy cried as Shakira continued feasting on her pussy. “You bitches have to suffer and watch what you can’t have! Mmmm you can’t have my pussy. You can’t have my tits or my tongue or my fingers or anything. You can’t even have the tape Jenna made! And it was so fucking hot too when she fucked my cunt with that champagne bottle and made me eat out her pussy and then fucked me in the ass with a strap on! You’re never gonna see it!”

That got another wail of sexual frustration from Britney and Christina and intrigued glances from Shakira and Michelle. There was much more to this story that they needed to find out about. They both hoped that once Mandy came she’d fill them in on what no doubt were fascinating details.

To that end, Shakira went for the gold in her licking. Mandy’s clit had been throbbing and begging for attention since her first tongue swipe, but so far she hadn’t gone for it because she hadn’t wanted Mandy to come too quickly.

Shakira had wanted to savor Mandy’s feminine flavor first. But now that she had her taste filling her mouth, Shakira didn’t hesitate to turn her tongue toward Mandy’s clitoris.

“Yesssssssssssssssssss ohhhhhhh mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh do what they cannnnnnnnnnn’t…suck on my clit oooooooooooooooh Shakira ahhhhhh yesssssssss!!!” Mandy enthusiastically exclaimed. “Ahhhhhhh how you like that you fucking scheming bitches? You can’t fucking playyyyyyyyyyy!!!”

Being locked in a room with every paparazzi that’d ever stalked them would have been preferable to this for Britney and Christina. This was excruciating to them.

Mandy was so hot like this and Shakira and Michelle looked like they loved having her young, sexy body. This had been the perfect day until now for Britney and Christina but all they had done before wasn’t enough for the greedy pop stars.

They wanted Mandy and not having her was killing them both, especially as looked ready to soak Shakira’s face in cream. Suddenly every orgasm they had experienced that day was lessened. If they couldn’t have Mandy this day would be a disaster.

And then Mandy went and made it harder for them to watch.

“Michellllllle oooooooooh Michellllllle…lick me toooooo…lick me with Shakira!” Mandy requested. “I want you both to taste my cream when I fucking come alllllllll over your faces ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more Shakira more!”

Michelle immediately accepted the generous invitation and left Mandy’s saliva coated tits behind all slick and shiny from her efforts. Even after licking Shakira to two orgasms, Michelle was thirsty for more and, after Shakira helpfully moved herself up slightly, she clamped her mouth to Mandy’s girl juice oozing cunt.


She had Shakira on her clit, licking it with hard, quick tongue stokes, while Michelle was sucking on her spread lips. They both were amazing and Mandy thought she was going to pass out from sheer pleasure. Knowing that Britney and Christina were watching and burning with jealousy only made it better.

Britney couldn’t stand it. She was dying to touch herself. Her pussy was so wet and she kept frantically tugging on the knot holding her wrists together behind her back, keeping her from doing what she wanted most. She couldn’t believe she’d let Mandy do this to her. Her pussy felt like it was going to explode and Britney was on the verge of tears from not being able to touch herself or Christina or anyone there.

“Please please please please…” Britney babbled. “Let us playyyyyyy!!!”

Christina was even beyond words. She had never wanted anyone as bad as she wanted Mandy then. No beautiful girl she had been with could compare at that moment. All the impressive notches on her bedpost were meaningless. The fact that she couldn’t have Mandy was driving her crazy.

She would have done anything for a taste of her sweet pussy cream. And the agony just became more oppressive when the dual tonguing of Mandy’s pussy got the vindictive singer off.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHHHH!!!” Mandy screamed as she came, just as she’d wanted, onto Shakira and Michelle’s eager faces.

Mandy’s body was crackling with pleasure. Before now the only female tongues she had felt had been porn stars, but her fellow singers were just as hot. Mandy cried and lurched in ecstasy on the floor, thrashing and creaming, her pussy getting the orgasm it had craved since walking into the orgy.

“Oooooooooooooooooh oooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmmm…” Mandy continued moaning as her orgasm left her body trembling.

She kept humping against Shakira and Michelle, soaking their skin, but at a much slower pace. This allowed her new lovers to really clean out her pussy, using both of their practiced tongues to lick up every drop of cum her orgasm squeezed past her slit.

Mandy turned her head and grinned when she saw Britney and Christina staring at her heatedly like starving animals. She pulled herself up and gave Michelle and Shakira both big thank you kisses, loving the taste of her orgasm on their lips, and then crawled her naked body to Britney and Christina and sat down before them.

“You like the show?” Mandy giggled.

“Please untie us…” Christina begged again.

“Oh no…you have to earn that,” Mandy grinned. “I should you leave you like this for the rest of the party. Or maybe handcuff you to the chairs and take the key so no one can free you. You can watch me fuck all these beautiful girls and you won’t be able to do anything about it!”

“Noooooo anything but that…you have to untie us…don’t be so mean!” Britney gasped in horror at the prospect.

“Untie us…” Christina repeated as if it were the only thought in her overheated brain.

“Earn it,” Mandy challenged, once again feeling the rush that came from dominating these superstars.

“How?” Christina asked. She had a pretty good idea what Mandy wanted, but had suffered too much from being denied to assume anything.

“By showing me what a good bitch you and your slut friend here can be,” Mandy answered.

She grabbed Christina by her blonde hair and shoved her face into her lap. Mandy kept a tight grip on her hair and pressed Christina’s lips to her still wet cunt.

“Get me off and maybe…just maybe I’ll untie you,” Mandy ordered. “You owe me a lot more than one fucking orgasm!”

Christina reacted to Mandy’s aggressive move predictably, by burying her tongue inside her pussy and getting right to work at showing what a good little bitch she could be.

This had Mandy crying out in sexual pleasure again in no time, but she was far from the happy girl in the room. Just a few naked bodies away from where Christina had her head jammed in Mandy’s crotch, Jessica Alba found herself as the base of a triangle of lust with Lindsay Lohan and Eliza Dushku.

All three girls had already come from each other’s tongues, but none of them wanted to stop licking. Not when they were having so much fun playing with each other. They had switched positions but this was working out much better because it allowed them all to be tongue deep in each other’s pussy.

As the base, Jessica had Eliza and Lindsay angling on each side of her. Jessica was licking Eliza, who was getting her tongue to work on Lindsay’s teen pussy, while the redhead was getting her taste of Jessica.

They were making muffled squeals and moans of ecstasy into each other’s pussies while their tongues worked hard lapping away at dripping pink girl flesh. Sufficed to say all three of them were in girl sex heaven.

Having the least experience of the three of them, this was a truly amazing experience for Lindsay. Before now she had really felt like she had only been experimenting.

Angelina had seduced her, but she really hadn’t done anything back to the sex goddess. And what she had then done with Hilary had been like pent up feelings exploding and, even though it had been hot and nasty, it was still kind of kid stuff. But this was the advanced level. Now Lindsay was fucking women.

Even though Eliza and Jessica weren’t that much older than she was, Lindsay felt in awe of them and how sexy they were. Feeling how bad they wanted her was such a turn on that Lindsay felt she could have come just from kissing them. This was the advanced level and Lindsay knew she could handle it. That made her feel so confident and, more importantly, totally horny.

“Yesssssssssssss ooooooooooooooh fuck yeahhhh lick me!” Lindsay groaned in between licks at Jessica’s pink wetness. “I love how your tongue feels in my…mmmmmm ohhhhh gawwwwwwwd in my fucking little pussy! You’re so fucking hot Eliza! So goddamn fucking hot!”

As much as Jessica loved hearing Lindsay’s sweet young mouth talk nasty, she loved that mouth eating her out even more. Jessica moved one of her hands off of Eliza’s ass to the back of Lindsay’s head and pushed her back against her pussy. Lindsay immediately got the message and stopped talking and started licking again.

Lindsay was totally into pussy right now and this was without a doubt one hot pussy before her. With a lusty groan, Lindsay dove back in and resumed licking Jessica’s cunt. Her skills weren’t refined and her motion was uneven, but she was enthusiastic and Lindsay put all the energy she could muster into eating Jessica out.

She had loved tasting Hilary’s juices and Lindsay was so happy to see that her getting off from Hilary and Angelina hadn’t been some kind of crazy dual fluke. She was into girls now and there was no turning back. She loved how they tasted and smelled and how they felt under her hands and how good their tongues felt inside her.

Lindsay couldn’t believe she hadn’t even kissed a girl when she had walked into here. That felt like a million years ago.

Jessica responded to Lindsay’s resumed efforts by moaning loudly into Eliza’s pussy and humping herself back with a hard thrust, fucking Lindsay’s beautiful young face. That got Lindsay licking her even harder and Jessica’s whole body stiffened with an intense wave of pleasure.

It had been a long, happy day of fucking and Jessica knew another orgasm was so close. But even as the endorphins of ecstasy filled her brain, Jessica didn’t let up on Eliza.

She and Eliza were already well acquainted with each other’s pussies, but it had been a long time since they had been together. Jessica wanted to prove to Eliza that she was a million times better since that first day in Malibu when she had fucked her by the pool.

Jessica had experienced so many new things and so many hot girls since then that she was the farthest extreme from the shy girl who almost hadn’t come to the party that day. Jessica was desperate to show Eliza how much she’d improved as a lover.

Naturally Eliza had thought that Jessica had been pretty damn good that first day, but now she was like a girl sex monster with that tongue of hers. Jessica was leaving Eliza panting and gasping against Lindsay’s cunt.

While pleasure pulsed through her naked body, Eliza felt Jessica was doing an incredible job as she pushed her tongue hard into her snatch and tongue fucked her with precision and passion. Eliza knew she had to have this girl over to the house for some playtime with her and Kiki as soon as possible.

Eliza loved everything Jessica was doing to her. The feel of her hot hands gripping her ass and spreading her cheeks apart was hot enough but mmmmmm her tongue was just bliss.

Jessica knew just where to lick and when she needed it fast and when she needed it soft and slow. Eliza wondered to herself how many pussies this girl had fucked since they had last been together because all that practice had paid off. If Lindsay ever got the same amount of practice that Jessica had, then the world had better just watch out.

As part of the triangle, it was Eliza’s job to get Lindsay off and Eliza loved her work. Her tongue thrusts and long, hard sucks on Lindsay’s clit had the teenager dripping and jiggling in all the right places.

Eliza felt a surge of lust drip from her own pussy every time she looked up to see Lindsay’s stunning tits and scrumptious ass shaking for her. This girl’s body was perfection and Eliza just hoped she didn’t go off on some crazy diet or anything and lose these curves.

All three girls’ bodies were aglow with sweat and cum and everything that they had happily coated each other with during the party and they were far from the only ones. The whole room was a mess of sticky, creamy girls.

Jessica giggled to herself in between licks over the thought that they were going to need to bring a fire hose in here afterward to clean up. But no one was worried about that. Not when everyone had a hot girl before them to fuck.

The grunting and panting and moaning from Jessica, Eliza and Lindsay got more intense with every lick they gave each other. They seemed to be fucking and jiggling in time, a perfect triangle of girl sex.

Each tongue fuck that Eliza gave Lindsay, Lindsay gave to Jessica and Jessica gave back to Eliza. They were close to flat out screaming out their pleasure into each other’s pussies when Eliza decided it was time to really go for it.

There was something she had been dying to do here. Lindsay might have been the “It girl” of the moment, gracing magazines and appearing on every talk show known to man, but right then she was just another hot chick Eliza had scored and she was going to take full advantage of her position.

“You like that? You like my tongue in your little pussy Lindsay? You like how I make this young cunt of yours oooze and drip into my hot mouth?” Eliza purred, her words coming out with gasps of pleasure from Jessica’s tongue deep inside her. “You love it don’t you! You hot nasty dyke slut! Mmmmm I knew you had yourself a fucking yummy pussy here! But I want more and you want me to give it to you, don’t you!”

“Yessssssssssssssss ooooooooooooh fuck yesssssssss!!!” Lindsay cried out, her whole body aching with need to come. She didn’t want to stop licking Jessica but she knew she had to answer Eliza. “Fuck me Eliza! You sexy nasty bitch! I’m your fucking little slut! Ohhhhhhh I’m a nasty dyke! Just like you said I am! I love it! Give it all to me! Do anything you fucking want!”

Lindsay had an idea where Eliza was going with this, but it was still a tiny shock when she felt Eliza spit into her asshole. Lindsay stiffened up and moaned wantonly as Eliza’s saliva dripped over her puckered hole.

As much as she had begged Rose to take her there before, Lindsay had really never been fucked in the ass before. But Eliza was going to take her there and any other time Lindsay might have been nervous. But not here and not now. There was no need for nerves when everything felt so good.

Eliza spit into her asshole again and wet her fingers by rubbing them against Lindsay’s soaked slit. And then she moved in for the kill, licking away at Lindsay’s clitoris while pushing the tip of her finger against the teen’s virgin rosebud.

Lindsay tensed up, but relaxed again quickly when Eliza sucked her clit. Her asshole reflexively unclenched and Eliza was able to push inside with her finger, filling her ass for the first time.

“YESSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOH MMMMMM YESSSSSS FUCK MY ASS!!! FUCK MY NASTY DYKE ASS!!!” Lindsay screamed before her words were muffled once again by Jessica’s pussy.

Lindsay kept her cries of bliss going even as Jessica fucked her face and she licked away at the pussy on her lips, wanting to hear Jessica scream out like she had just been.

“Yeah give it to her Eliza! Fuck that hot ass!” Jessica groaned, not minding that Lindsay had slowed her licking. Watching Eliza finger her young hole more than made up for it. “Make her a fucking lesbian whore like us! Make her want us over and over again! Make this little girl need to get girl fucked every goddamn day like I do! Fuck her pussy and her ass! Make her see every fucking thing girls can do!”

That was just what Eliza was doing and she quickened her pace when Jessica got back to licking with a vengeance. Eliza even had to stop her clit sucking to moan out a series of deep cries from Jessica’s tongue.

Girl juice dripped from Eliza’s lips right back into the pussy it had come from and she could feel her own orgasm about to burst inside her. But she didn’t want it yet. Not until she got Lindsay off. Then she would let herself come. To that end, Eliza took advantage of Lindsay’s loosening hole and pushed in a second finger.

“Take my fingers! Take them up your slut ass!” Eliza growled to the frantically moaning and crying Lindsay. “Everyone fucking wants you but it’s my fingers up your fucking ass! Oooooooh I just wish I had my strap on so I could give your ass the deep dicking it deserves! Come for me you little teen bitch! Soak my face in MTV whore cum!”

Whether it was the second finger, the promise of being taken up her ass with a strap on or the arousing title of MTV whore, Lindsay couldn’t hold back anymore. It was too much and her orgasm creamed out of her pussy with hot blasts of girl juice just how Eliza wanted it.

“GAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Lindsay howled, guttural sex sounds pouring out of her mouth as fast as the cum dripping out of her cunt onto Eliza’s lapping tongue.

Lindsay thought her brain was just going to melt from it all. It was so much pleasure pulsing inside her. It was too much and too good and Lindsay never wanted it to end.

The teen’s orgasm was so strong that she had to cease her licking to take it all in. This left Jessica without any stimulation, but she had been expecting that to happen and, like a true professional, she kept munching away at Eliza, making sure her lover had everything she needed to get off.

“Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh fucking eat that pussy,” a very appreciative Eliza groaned, her breath coming in short bursts that had her sweaty tits shaking as Lindsay’s juices clung to her lips and dripped down her chin. “Ohhhhhh Jess! You turned into such a hot cunt licker on me! Fuck yesssssssssssss so gooooooooood! Make me come baby! I wanna soak your face like this little sexy whore just did to me! Ughhhh I wanna fucking drip off your gorgeous face!”

That was a promise that really got Jessica’s tongue going hard inside Eliza’s snatch. It was always good to have your efforts appreciated and Eliza’s hot, sweet girl cum was a reward that Jessica was in a big hurry to get. Her tongue was not to be denied and she drilled it hard and fast into Eliza, licking up her juices as quickly as she could drip them.

Jessica kept her hands locked on Eliza’s butt cheeks, spreading them apart to get at her tight folds, even as they clamped down on her tongue in anticipation of her orgasm. Eliza’s cries were getting louder with every tongue thrust Jessica gave her. She could feel Eliza’s pulsing clit and Jessica made sure that every time she tongued the spirited brunette she hit against the pink pleasure bud.

Not having to worry about Lindsay’s pleasure anymore, Eliza was free to enjoy everything Jessica was doing to her. She really had been practicing and Eliza was reaping all the benefit from the tricks of the pussy licking trade Jessica had picked up.

Eliza pushed herself up off the floor onto her hands and knees, making sure Jessica’s tongue didn’t leave her in the process, and began thrusting herself backwards, slapping her ass against Jessica’s face to get more of her tongue against her clit.

That was a clear signal for Jessica and she moved her focus entirely to Eliza’s clitoris. She tongued the throbbing nub, hungrily smacking her lips to Eliza’s drooling cunt in the process. Jessica hungrily moaned in delight over the delicious taste though it was hard to hear over the cries of ecstasy shooting out of Eliza’s mouth at the same time.

Eliza was close and not afraid to advertise it.


After all she’d done since the last time she and Eliza had fucked, Jessica did not need the instruction. Still, it was always good to hear someone like Eliza screaming out nasty words of sexual exhilaration. It got even better when Jessica kept slapping her wet tongue against Eliza’s clitoris and turned her words into a mish mash of indecipherable words of ecstasy that were capped off by the rush of girl cum that Jessica had lusted for.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Eliza screamed in orgasm as Lindsay watched with rapt attention. “FUCK!!! FUCK!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Through every scream and every hard ass thrust backwards, Jessica remained steady at Eliza’s pussy, spreading her cheeks and pushing her tongue in hard, pulling it back with hard gulps of girl cream. Her pussy was a little clit tickle away from creaming itself, but Jessica ignored her own needs to make sure she sucked every drop of orgasm right from Eliza.

When Eliza was finally drained, she pulled away from Jessica and slumped down on the floor. Her chest was heaving just like Lindsay’s had been a few moments earlier as she tried to get her breath back. But Eliza wasn’t about to stop.

She knew that Jessica had to be dying with horniness now and she had never and would never be the type of girl to let a beautiful woman like Jessica go without relief. Eliza knew just what Jessica needed.

“C’mon,” Eliza said, taking Lindsay’s hand in hers as she still struggled to get her breathing down to a normal level. “Let’s give this chick just what she deserves.”

Lindsay already had the taste of Jessica on her lips and tongue and seeing Eliza come had snapped her out of her own post-orgasmic afterglow. So it didn’t take any convincing at all for Lindsay to join Eliza, especially when Jessica responded to their advances by laying down flat on her back and spreading her legs open, exposing her pink folds, dripping with need.

As soon as they were within tongue reach, Eliza and Lindsay dove right in, licking away at Jessica’s pussy with wet strokes. They shared Jessica’s pussy with enthusiasm, using their two tongues to make sure there wasn’t an inch of Jessica’s sex that wasn’t well tended to.


Lindsay deferred to Eliza’s experience on this. She could see that her partner had fucked plenty of girls and she just imitated what she was doing. Their two tongues worked together to fuck Jessica into a babbling, cursing frenzy and it wasn’t long before their efforts hit just the right spot on Jessica.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Jessica roared as she came with waves of pleasure. Her body spasmed on the floor as her hips lurched forward involuntarily against the faces of her two sexy lovers. “GAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWD AHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS!!!”

Before Jessica even had a chance to catch her breath, much less come down from her orgasmic high, her lips were smothered by Eliza and Lindsay in a three-way kiss. Jessica responded with a content moan and let her tongue touch those of her naked lovers.

The three girls kissed and tasted the flavors on each other’s faces, moaning again and again in between wet smacks of female lips together. By the time they broke for air, Lindsay’s libido had heated up again and she only had one word for her new friends.

“More,” Lindsay requested with a giddy grin over her young face.

“Mmmmm sweetie if you want more then you found the right girl,” Eliza carnally replied before leaning in for another kiss and grab of Lindsay’s stacked chest. The redhead squealed in horny glee when Eliza pinched her nipples and their kiss deepened.

“Oooooh I hate to back out, but I need a little break,” Jessica admitted, wiping sweat off her forehead with her hand. “I need a water or a Red Bull or something.”

“We’ll be waiting for you,” Eliza promised with a wink before turning her full attention back to the horny teenager before her.

It was almost impossible for Jessica to tear herself away, especially after Lindsay and Eliza scissored their legs together and began to grind their pussies, but she found the strength to move on.

She did need a little refreshment and she was also hoping to find Jennifer and see if everything was ok. Jessica still felt bad about what had happened between them earlier and while she had been relieved to see her friend rejoin the party, she still wanted an assurance that things were good between them again.

So while she looked for Jennifer and anything to drink that hadn’t already been poured or sprayed on the party guests, Jessica took in the scene around her.

Just watching everyone completely let go of their inhibitions made her pussy throb. Jessica didn’t think she’d ever be able to get enough of this. Her pussy was starting to feel a little tired from all the fun she’d had, but she still wanted more. Everyone looked so beautiful and Jessica just wanted to fuck everyone in sight.

Jessica nearly did a double take when she saw Mandy holding Christina down to her pussy by her hair. She hadn’t even seen Mandy arrive and she never would have expected to see her taking control of someone like Christina as Britney watched in panting, horny desperation. Jessica wished she had a camera to capture what had happened to her cocky housemate, but she knew she’d have to suffice with the image simply burned into her memory.

She really wanted to find Jennifer, but everything around her was such a tempting distraction, like Gwen sliding a juice covered dildo into Charlize’s eager and open mouth, making her suck it like a real dick before taking it back and getting a few licks for herself.

Or Ashley positioning Jessica Biel on her hands and knees to tenderly lick at her pussy while the younger girl moaned and gawked at the action all around her. The WB refugee looked so very kissable and Jessica wanted to get a taste of her lips so bad to see what they could share beyond a name.

There other sexy distractions like Shannon and Mena finishing off Anna and leaving the blonde athlete gasping for breath and smiling from ear to ear as her cream dripped from their lips and Salma and Jewel pressing their tits into Michelle, sandwiching the maid happily squirming as they kissed her and both pushed their fingers into her pussy. All of this had Jessica licking her lips, but nothing like how she felt passing by Alyssa and Natalie.

What she saw there nearly had her giving up her search and just joining in their fun. Jessica had been with them both and pairing them together almost had her knees shaking, especially since they were sharing a double-ended dildo.

Jessica couldn’t stifle a moan as she stroked her pussy at the site of these two beauties playing with each other’s naked bodies, but she didn’t let herself stop looking for Jennifer.

She could play with Alyssa and Natalie later. She wanted to find her friend first. Jessica was a little surprised she hadn’t seen her in the tangle of bodies anywhere. Where was she?

As Jessica tore herself away from their live sex show, Alyssa and Natalie continued without pause. They had both gotten off from feverishly licking each other and the girl cum stains on their faces were the proof of that, but they had both wanted more and as soon as Alyssa had spied the purple sex toy lying in wait for them it was like destiny.

Now she and Natalie were both sucking on an end, giving head to the purple plastic and lubing it up for their pussies.

“Mmmmmm you look so good sucking cock baby,” Alyssa moaned, taking her end out of her mouth and making Natalie blush with her lewd compliment. “You and I are going to have to go out one night and get ourselves the real thing to share.”

Alyssa followed that up by hungrily swallowing the cockhead shaped end back into her mouth and letting her saliva drool down it toward Natalie’s hand as it wrapped around her side of the toy. The younger girl gasped slightly when she felt Alyssa’s warm spit and smiled, her head swimming with intoxicating pleasure.

The idea of finding some random stud and sharing him with Alyssa was making Natalie swoon with anticipation, but then again everything here was getting her wet. Natalie could already picture finding some handsome guy and letting him and Alyssa take all her holes so hard and so fucking good.

“Mmmmm you’re so nasty Lyssa…I love it,” Natalie softly groaned as Alyssa reached forward and caressed her small, but super sensitive breasts.

When Alyssa touched Natalie’s nipples, she tilted her head back and let out a deep moan that showed her lover that she was more than ready for what was about to come.

“You want this inside you Natalie?” Alyssa said, pulling her mouth off the toy and taking full control of it. “You want me to fill you up with this big fucking cock?”

“Yesssssss…please…mmmmm I want it,” Natalie replied, letting Alyssa pull the wet toy out of her hand. “Fuck me Alyssa! I want us to fuck each other until we both cream!”

Alyssa’s grin grew at the sound of that and she gently pushed Natalie down on her back. Natalie immediately got the idea and spread her legs, once again opening her soaked, pink slit to Alyssa’s appreciative stare and getting her to immediately spring to action.

“Nasty girl, is this what you want?” Alyssa playfully demanded as she took one side of the purple two headed toy and slapped it against Natalie’s splayed cunt.

This immediately drew a lustful hiss from her partner.

“Ahhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss…I want it! I fucking want it!” Natalie answered. “Give me that cock! I never used a toy like this before but I need to feel it inside me!”

“Yeah? You want it Natalie? How bad? How bad do you want this dick in you?” Alyssa pressed on, slapping Natalie’s pussy with the hard toy at every chance she got.

The plastic made a wet smacking noise against Natalie that had Alyssa nearly melting with lust. At 10 inches, this toy wasn’t even the biggest double dick she’d ever played with but it was just perfect for her and Natalie.

“Want it baaaaaaad!” Natalie cried, her voice growing more passionate with each slap of the toy against her wet cunt. “I want it so fucking bad Lyssa! I want it! I want it! I want it! Please give it to me!”

“Mmmmmm yeahhh gonna stuff this pussy real nice!” Alyssa promised as she took mercy on Natalie and stopped teasing her.

Alyssa took the head of the toy and guided it into Natalie’s pussy, making her stiffen and moan in rapture as she was penetrated slowly. Natalie hissed out her pleasure and lurched ever so slightly as Alyssa pushed the purple head inside her.

“Ughhhhhhh yesssssssss fill my pussy! Fuck me!” Natalie spit out as Alyssa pushed more of the plastic inside her.

She’d been fucked with toys before, but never one like this and Natalie couldn’t wait to experience it for the first time.

It was tempting for Alyssa to see how much Natalie could take and fill her up to the hilt with the dildo, but that wouldn’t have left any for her. They had to share and Alyssa stopped herself when only about four inches were inside Natalie.

Still grinning, Alyssa began fucking Natalie with the toy, thrusting inside her and pulling out, loving how each time the purple plastic became more and more coated in a girl juice glaze.

“Want me to fuck you Natalie? Want me to jam this other end into my cunt so we can fuck each other and I can really give it to this tight little pussy of yours?” Alyssa asked.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh fuck! More than anything!” Natalie squealed as the pleasure from the thrusts hit her.

She was really growing to love the feel of a sex toy inside her and she knew Alyssa on the other end was only going to make it better.

“Just what I wanted to hear,” Alyssa purred, still keeping her hand wrapped around the dildo and fucking Natalie as she moved over so she was right in front of the unoccupied end.

Natalie pulled herself up off her back so she was sitting up to give Alyssa the best position.

While Natalie kept gasping out her pleasure, Alyssa spread her own legs so she could penetrate herself with the toy as it dangled right out of Natalie’s pussy. Natalie’s tight pussy lips kept a solid enough grip on the toy, but Alyssa still kept her hand around it as well, all the better to guide in to hit the right spot inside her.

Natalie was giddy with anticipation to find out how this all felt. She wanted to feel Alyssa pressed up against her so they could fuck each other with this toy. She wanted to see the plastic lodged in both of their pussies and she wanted to hear their moans as they came together.

She could feel excited sweat drip from her forehead, but Natalie didn’t bother to wipe it off. Her hands were too busy groping her own breasts as Alyssa pushed herself up against the dildo and let it enter her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Alyssa groaned sharply as she was penetrated, but that sound was quickly muffled when Natalie leaned in closer and passionately kissed her lips.

Both girls were moaning from the plastic in their pussies and that was just from them sitting there. Natalie couldn’t wait to experience what it felt like to actually fuck each other.

She didn’t have to wait long because Alyssa soon broke off the kiss to move her hands down Natalie’s bare back to cup the cheeks of her ass, giving her the leverage she needed to start to push inside her.

“Mmmmm you’ve got such a great ass Nat,” Alyssa said. “You’ve gotta show this thing off more often. Everyone should be fucking drooling over this ass.”

“Thanks,” was all Natalie could think to say in response to the sexy compliment.

For so many years she had been almost afraid to embrace her sexuality, but the more she was with all these gorgeous girls, the better she felt about her own body. But Natalie didn’t just want compliments. She wanted sex! Fortunately, Alyssa was ready with both.

“Are you ready baby?” Alyssa asked. “Ready to feel me fuck you?”

“More than ready!” Natalie immediately answered. “Fuck me Alyssa! Show me what you can do with this toy!”

“Just push back into me after I push into you, like back and forth, ok?” Alyssa instructed.

Natalie eagerly nodded her head. That certainly sounded simple enough. And she quickly got a demonstration of exactly what Alyssa was talking about when she pushed forward with her side of the dildo, pushing Natalie’s end deeper inside of her.

“OHHHHHH FUCK!” Natalie cried out, almost forgetting to push back because it felt so good.

But she regained her bearings and did as she was told, thrusting into Alyssa and making her lover cry out just as she had. Natalie barely had time to smile in response before Alyssa pushed into her again, making the head rub against her clit and send pleasure shooting through her body.

“Yeahhh that’s it Nat! Fuck me! Push that dick inside me like that!” Alyssa hissed, her teeth clenched as pleasure filled her body too. “You like that baby? You like how that fucking feels against your clit? I hope you love it cause you’re making me so wet Natalie!”

“Yesssss I love it!” Natalie enthusiastically replied her perky breasts jiggling as the dildo was pushed into her once more. “It feels amazing! I love how you’re fucking me Alyssa! Gimmie more! Fuck my pussy! Fuck it with this hard fake cock and make me come so hard!”

“Mmmm that’s it! Hit that spot Nat! Fuck me deep!” Alyssa groaned, her body tingling each time Natalie pushed into her.

The girl had easily grasped the concept of what they were doing and there was nothing shy about her thrusts.

Alyssa’s clit was in a state of perpetual throbbing from all the fucking going on and that left her in an excellent position to enjoy the feel of the plastic head pushing inside her. Alyssa loved using double ended dildos. They were such a blast because you could look right at your lover while you were using them and see how much she was getting off on it.

Seeing how much Natalie was enjoying this was almost as hot for Alyssa as actually feeling the toy inside her. Natalie’s eyes were wide open looked like deep pools of lust. Little beads of sweat dripped down Natalie’s angelic face and her little bouncing breasts that looked so good that Alyssa simply couldn’t resist leaning in and devouring them.

Forcing more of the toy inside her in the process, Alyssa pushed herself forward and lowered her face to Natalie’s chest. As the young woman gasped and moaned in ecstasy, Alyssa sucked one then the other breast into her mouth and flicked her tongue against the swollen nipples. Alyssa and Natalie kept fucking each other and Natalie’s cries grew stronger with every tongue swipe against her tender tits.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwwd…” Natalie shouted. “Mmmmmmm you’re making everything so good Alyssa! Fuck me and suck me baby! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssss making me so fucking wet! I’m gonna come soon! If you keep fucking me like this I’m gonna come!”

“In that case I’ll just have to fuck you a little harder then,” Alyssa hornily giggled after releasing Natalie’s tits from her mouth.

She still had her hands clamped on Natalie’s ass and she gripped tighter before thrusting the plastic a little faster and a little deeper into her lover.


“Make me come too Natalie!” Alyssa shot back. “Don’t you forget about me here! You’re fucking me so good Natalie! Don’t stop! Keep that hard cock rubbing against my clit while I do your hot little cunt here!”

“Oooooooh I won…I won’t stop!” Natalie gasped. “Wanna…wanna make you come too Lyssa! Ughhhhh so fucking hot! Love it! I love it!”

Natalie had her hands pressed hard and flat to the floor to brace herself and give herself the position she needed to really fuck Alyssa back. Everything that Alyssa was doing to her felt incredible and Natalie wasn’t about to turn into a selfish sex bitch, even though she felt she had to be seconds away from coming. She wanted to give back as good as she was getting.

Thrusting back into Alyssa with the double header as hard as she could manage, Natalie truly felt the wonders of this kind of sex toy. To be able to fuck and be fucked at the same time was amazing.

It was like being in control and being taken all at once and Natalie could feel her juices spreading out onto the toy with every penetrating push Alyssa gave to her.

The purple plastic was so sticky and slick from their essences that the toy was practically gliding into their snatches now. Alyssa and Natalie had so much of the hardness inside their bodies that there was practically nothing left between them. Their bodies were so close that it almost looked like they were grinding each other and not sharing a toy.

Alyssa’s only regret was that the toy wasn’t long enough for her to really give it to Natalie. Of course that was a very small regret and one that would be easily rectified with a little trip into her toy chest the next time Natalie visited Malibu.

“I want us to come together Natalie!” Alyssa groaned, her voice thick as dripping honey as her clit swelled against the push of the dildo. “I want our pussies creaming this hunk of plastic at the same fucking time so we can lick it off together!”

That sounded just perfect to Natalie. She wanted to come so bad from this and having Alyssa come with her at the same time would make it even hotter. Natalie loved staring at Alyssa on the other end of their toy, getting her pussy filled with purple plastic and her tits bouncing like ripe melons.

Natalie couldn’t stop gawking at Alyssa’s beautiful breasts, rhythmically bouncing for her while they fucked. God, they were amazing. Natalie knew as soon as she got off she was going to have to pay them some serious loving attention.

Watching Alyssa’s tits was getting her even wetter and Natalie began pushing harder into Alyssa, using every ounce of energy she had to make sure her lover came with her. Natalie knew she was so close and she wanted Alyssa to catch up.

“That’s it! Harder!” Alyssa called out as the dildo was driven deep into her, almost as far as it could go.

Natalie and Alyssa were on the verge of pressing their bodies together, with only less than an inch of plastic keeping their pussies from slapping together.

“Give it to me Nat!” Alyssa pressed. “Just a little fucking more! Drive that toy into my cunt just like I’m doing to you! Ahhhhhhhh fuck yessssssss just like that baby! Ooooooooh make it deep and fast! Fuck that pussy! Harder! I’m not gonna fucking break! Give it to me bitch!”

Alyssa’s words gave Natalie even more incentive to thrust hard with her end of the toy. She was really getting off on fucking Alyssa, more than she ever expected to. She had never worn a strap on or anything. She’d just been on the receiving ends and she loved the power this gave her to make Alyssa feel this good.

Natalie’s pussy throbbed more the harder her thrusts were and each time she gave it to Alyssa her lover gave it back to her, just as hard.

“I’ll…show…you…who…the…fucking…bitch…is!” Natalie playfully gasped and moaned in between shoving the toy hard into Alyssa and having it pushed right back.

The two girls were see sawing each other with the toy and just when Natalie began to think that she wasn’t going to be able to hold off her own orgasm any longer, Alyssa gave her the blessing to let go.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS!!! RIGHT THERE!!! COMINGGGGGGGGG!!!” Alyssa roared as her orgasms set off rapturous explosions from head to toe in her body.

“OOOOOOOOOOH ME TOOOOOOOO!!!” Natalie screamed back, letting loose all the pent up pleasure she had been holding onto to allow Alyssa to catch up. “AHHHH SO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOD YESSSSSSSS!!!”

The two girls’ naked bodies stiffened and arched back, book ending the dildo still lodged tight in their creaming cunts. Alyssa and Natalie bayed their pleasure together. Their ecstasy soared as their pussy lips clamped hard on the plastic and began to reflexively push it out. Their cries continued even as the dildo slipped out and bounced slightly as it fell onto the floor.

And when they cooled down, their sex noise only quieted when Alyssa picked up the toy and gave her side a long lick. She was about to give it more when Natalie stopped her.

“No! Give it to me!” Natalie demanded. “I wanna taste you again Lyssa. Mmmm lemme taste your pussy all over this cock!”

“Mmmmmmm gladly…just as long as I can taste you,” Alyssa moaned, her voice tired but still enthusiastic about all things girl sex.

They turned the toy around in their hands so Natalie could lick Alyssa’s cream and Alyssa could do the same to Natalie’s. Their tongues cleaned the creamy mess off wetly and rapidly, working over as much as they could get into their mouths to make sure they didn’t miss a drop and when they stopped it was only so they could combine the flavors of their cum through a kiss.

The hot scene that had just gone on between them hadn’t escaped the attention of Natalie and Alyssa’s fellow party guests, particularly Rose who was having more than her share of toy fun too with Hilary on the receiving end of her first Mr. Snappy deep dicking.

“You like seeing that Hilary?” Rose grunted, thrusting away inside of Hilary’s now gaping cunt. “You like seeing those hot little sluts come all over that big cock? I know you fucking loved it! You wanna cum too, don’t you bitch?”

“YESSSSSSSSS!!!” Hilary screamed, nearly sobbing from how good it felt to be taken like this. “I WANNA CUM!!!”

Not even Christina had fucked her this good. She felt like that cock was filling up her whole body and she wanted more! Hilary wanted Mr. Snappy to break her in two. She needed to feel this thing inside her every day from now on!

“FUCK ME ROSE!!! FUCK YOUR LITTLE BITCH!!! FUCK MY SLUTTY WET CUNT!!!” Hilary roared, using words that would have given the entire Disney Channel simultaneous cardiac arrest. “POUND ME!!! POUND MY WHORE PUSSY!!! NEVER EVER STOP FUCKING MEEEEEE!!!”

Hilary had completely lost track of how many times she’d come from Rose’s hard fucking. Her brain had long since lost the ability to focus on anything but the intense pleasure she was getting.

This was everything Christina had promised her that Rose would be and more. To Hilary’s eyes, Rose was the sexiest woman in the world and she was ready to gladly give up everything she had just to be her obedient bitch for life.

Rose had taken her pussy and then her ass and now was buried deep in her pussy again. Each time Rose had made Hilary suck Mr. Snappy clean before she had used it on her. It had felt so nasty and hot to suck that toy after it had just fucked her ass and Hilary had never felt sluttier.

Her pussy never stopped dripping through all of it and, as hard as Rose was fucking her, Hilary didn’t think she’d ever get sore. It felt too incredible.

“Yeahhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhh you take this cock in your slut cunt you fucking little dyke bitch!” Rose ferociously growled as she pounded away at Hilary.

The blonde was flat on her back and her swollen teen tits were bouncing up a storm, still pink from how hard Rose had gripped onto them from behind as she had nailed Hilary’s tight, young ass.

“Nasty little Disney princess loves getting fucked!” Rose continued to spit out, her eyes nearly rolling back in her head from the pleasure she was getting on the other end of her strap on, Hilary was loosening for her and that meant she could drive in deeper, pushing the nub harder against her clit. “You look so fucking good on your back Hilary! Get used to it! That’s how a fucking cunt like you gets jobs in Hollywood! Take my big, hard cock deep in that slutty snatch of yours! I want you to give my toy another hot glaze of your cream slut! Then you’re gonna be sucking it off again with your whore mouth! You’re Rose’s little bitch now and don’t you ever fucking forget it!!!”

“Yesssssssssssssssssss your bitch…your little fucking bitch!” Hilary mewed in ecstasy as she writhed and bounced under the skilled attentions of her lover. “Forever and ever!”

“That’s right!” Rose gasped, another wave of pleasure shooting through her naked body, her porcelain skin glowing. “Mmmmmm you’ve got such a tight cunt Hilary! I love loosening this bitch pussy of yours up! Just like I loosened Christina and Britney! Your little whore friend Lindsay is next! Mmm I’m gonna fuck her too and make you too fight over the right to suck my cock clean! And you know you’ll fucking do it too Hilary! You’ll tear her fucking hair out to be with me!”

“Yesssssssss oooooooooooh yessssssss I’ll do anything!” Hilary cried, her legs spread wide to accept the welcomed assault on her pussy. “Anything you fucking want! Ahhhhhhhhhh yessssssss more! Harder! Deeper! Fuck your slut hard like she fucking deserves!”

“Ohhhh you fucking dirty slut…I love it,” Rose moaned, her hands grasping onto Hilary’s legs for leverage. She couldn’t get enough of this eager whore. Hilary was completely insatiable and Rose couldn’t wait to wear her out.

“You’re gonna get it deep and hard in this nasty girl fucked cunt of yours!” Rose promised. “You’re my little toy now! Mmmmm I’d see you all the time lock step with your fucking mommy Hilary, but you’re no fucking good girl anymore! You’re my filthy fuckslut bitch! Who’s your mommy now Hilary?”

The last part had kind of slipped out of Rose’s horny stream of consciousness and she didn’t give it a second thought until Hilary immediately grasped it and ran with it.

“You are!” Hilary squealed in near orgasmic glee. “You’re my fucking mommy Rose!!! Mmmmmmmmmm and your big cock is my daddy!!! Ooooooooooh fuck meeeeeeee mommy!!! Fuck me hard with your big hard daddy dick!!!”

Even Rose was a little taken aback by Hilary’s lewd words, but it didn’t phase her for but a millisecond. After all she’d seen a mother and daughter fuck for real. She wasn’t going to be thrown by a few dirty words from a Disney Channel whore. If this was what Hilary wanted to play, then Rose was more than ready for her.

“Damnnnnn you are a fucking dirty little girl!” Rose replied in admiration, picking up the pace of her thrusts. “Mommy has just what her baby girl slut needs! Mommy knows just how to fuck little nasty cunts like you Hilary! I’m gonna fuck you deep in your dirty pussy! Mommy’s gonna punish her little slut’s cunt with her hard cock!”

Hilary responded to Rose’s increased speed and vigor with howls of ecstasy that were dancing the line toward bestial. Hilary’s cries would have fit in well on Animal Planet and that just got Rose to fuck her harder.

Rose pulled Hilary up by her legs until she was almost in a piledriver position, plunging Mr. Snappy into her deeper and deeper with every thrust.

“Come for mommy you little whore!” Rose commanded, her own orgasm close from the stimulation against her clit. “Give mommy a big screaming orgasm so the whole fucking party knows what a dirty slut you are Hilary! Let them know how much you love being my little bitch!”

“YESSSSSSSSSS FUCK ME MOMMY!!!” Hilary obediently screamed, her mind awash in dirty thoughts that made her feel more alive than she ever had before. “I LOVE BEING YOUR LITTLE BITCH! FUCK ME LIKE A BITCH! A DIRTY SLUT BITCH WHO LOVES BEING FUCKED BY GIRLS! DO ME HARD MOMMY! FUCK ME WITH DADDY! YOUR BIG HARD COCK IS MY DADDY AND I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!”

Wow, this girl was looking like she was about to zoom past Christina on the slut list, Rose thought to herself with a grin as she made Hilary howl again with a hard thrust into her. She had such an innocent face and sexy, fresh body that made every filthy word spewing out of her slut mouth even more of a turn on.

Rose was just happy she had a plastic cock instead of a real one then. If she’d been a man, there was no way she wouldn’t have already blown her load for the night hearing Hilary talk like that.

“Ughhhhhhh fuck yeah dirty girl take mommy’s cock in your nasty, gooey snatch!” Rose ordered, her soon to arrive orgasm making her voice heavy and frantic with lust. “Come for me bitch! Soak my toy in your cream again! Mommy wants your cum Hilary! Give it to me now before I take you over my knee and spank that ass of yours raw!”

A spanking sounded so good to Hilary then…a hard, rough spanking to punish her for being a dirty slut. But nothing was as good as being fucked and Hilary didn’t want Rose to stop for anything.

She wanted to give Rose her cum. She wanted to give Rose everything and having that toy push open her tight pussy folds and fuck itself against her clit gave her all the stimulation she needed to give her “mommy” what she wanted.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH OOOOOOOOOOH AHHHHHHHH!!!” Hilary screamed at the top of her lungs as she came again, her body shaking with ecstasy as Rose held her up by her legs.

All her blood was rushing to her head and it was making Hilary slightly dizzy, but she didn’t care. Pleasure was all that mattered and sex with girls just kept getting better every time she did it.

As Hilary’s orgasm raged, Rose kept fucking the blonde teenager, unable to get enough of the feeling of the young pussy wrapped around her favorite toy. Rose couldn’t wait to get Hilary back to mansion and maybe bring her down to the dungeon for a little while to see how much she could really take.

When Hilary’s screams softened to moans and mews, Rose finally set her down and pulled Mr. Snappy out of her teen cunt with a wet pop. Hilary suddenly felt very empty and she groaned for more. But the girl also knew that Rose hadn’t come again yet and, like she knew good bitches were supposed to, Hilary got to work satisfying her needs.

Rose lay down on the floor next to her and Hilary immediately sprung into action, kissing Rose on the lips and pressing her firm breasts into Rose’s magnificent rack of girl flesh.

They were so soft and so perfect and Hilary hoped that her tits were going to look as good as Rose’s someday. But Hilary had more in mind than Rose’s breasts and she didn’t hide it as her hands eagerly tugged at Mr. Snappy, trying to get it off her lover.

“And just what do you think you’re doing?” Rose inquired, breaking off the kiss and arching her eyebrow, letting Hilary know she wasn’t to touch Mr. Snappy without permission.

“Please mommy let your little girl lick you,” Hilary begged, keeping up her new favorite game. Through it all she hadn’t tasted Rose’s pussy and she was dying to get her flavor all over her tongue. “I can lick you so good mommy. I want to make your pussy come all over my face. Please mommy please! I’m totally a good pussy licker! Ask anyone! I can make you feel good! I promise!”

“Then stop talking and start licking,” Rose said, grooving on the girl’s enthusiasm enough that she relented.

Rose undid the harness around her waist and allowed Hilary to pull Mr. Snappy off. The blonde girl lovingly licked the head of the fake cock and then placed the still cum coated toy right next to them on the floor so she could fully focus on Rose’s pussy with nothing standing in the way.

All the fucking and coming she had gone through since pulling her favorite toy on had left Rose’s pussy a delicious, sticky mess. Cum coated her thighs and her pussy was almost glowing with girl cream.

Rose’s neatly trimmed dark bush was matted with juice and Hilary reacted to this site by hungrily burying her face between Rose’s legs and licking away at her cunt with tongue strokes illustrating the enthusiasm of youth.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucking hell yeahhhhhhhhh lick that pussy slut!” Rose snarled in carnal desire as Hilary’s tongue worked her over. “Fuck yesssssss you do know how to eat pussy! Keep licking me you bitch! Lick mommy’s pussy! Suck my fucking cunt! Drink down every fucking drop you nasty cunt licker!”

Rose’s hands groped her own shaking globes while Hilary licked away. Rose fucked the teenager’s sweet young face with wicked abandon, massaging her tits until they felt good and raw under her hands. Rose gripped her tits tightly under her hands and mashing them together as she rubbed her palms against her own aching nipples.

Hilary had so much enthusiasm and Rose had been so close to another orgasm before that there was no way this little slut wasn’t going to be gulping down her cream soon.

“Oh fucking helllllllll you’re good Hilary! Ohhhhhhhhh you look so hot with that pretty face buried in my cunt! Mmmmmm mommy’s gonna give her little Disney channel whore all her cum! Gonna soak your tongue and fill your tummy with hot fuck juice,” Rose groaned as she furiously fucked Hilary’s face.

The raven haired actress was flat on her back, humping Hilary’s tongue and her whole body was bouncing along in time to her thrusts. Rose could hear Hilary squeal in delight and could feel her young tongue working her over faster, lapping away at her wet folds and stimulating her clit the way only a woman’s tongue could.

Fucking someone with her toy always had Rose’s pussy throbbing and Hilary was doing a great job of finishing her off. Rose knew she was going to have to pay her compliments to Christina soon. She’d trained this whore well.


Every nasty word she spit out got Hilary licking faster and Rose knew it. Hilary had her lips fused to Rose’s pussy as her tongue plunged in. This was making her so hot. She loved the way Rose tasted and how wet she was and how her bush tickled her face.

Hilary wanted to make Rose come so bad. She wanted to show this goddess that she was worthy of getting by her fucked again and again. She wasn’t a good girl or a princess. Hilary wanted everyone to see she really was the nasty bitch Rose was calling her.

Rose’s clit throbbed against her tongue and Hilary licked it with gusto, using her tongue to play with it and slapping it and lapping against it, just like she knew she liked. Rose was dripping all over her face and Hilary relished every drop. She wanted her face to be completely coated in girl cum. She wanted to show it off to everyone that she was a nasty girl who loved making other girls come.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWWD YEESSSSS FUCK YESSSSSSS HERE YOU GO BITCH!!! HERE COMES MOMMY’S JUICES!!!” Rose screamed as her orgasm burst inside her, curling her toes and freezing her mouth open in a roar of ecstasy while she creamed Hilary’s face.

Rose’s orgasm just got Hilary licking harder. She didn’t want to miss a drop. Dirty sluts never missed a drop of cum. Hilary licked through every blast of cream, every piston of Rose’s hips against her face and every loud scream coming from her lover’s mouth. Hilary just kept licking all the way through her orgasm and even when she was finished, the blonde showed no sign of stopping.

“Oooooooooooooooh gooooooooood girlllllll keep licking,” Rose moaned wantonly. “Want more huh? Not enough to satisfy a cunt loving whore like you Hilary. Mmmmmmmm I’ve got more than you can handle bitch. You just keep licking. Mommy’s not gonna stop creaming your little slut face!”

That was just what Hilary wanted to hear. She couldn’t get enough of this pussy and if Rose really wanted to fuck Lindsay next then she was just going to have to wait. Hilary wasn’t sharing this pussy with anyone yet. She was having too much fun dipping back into Rose’s creamy folds and getting her mommy ready to come again.

* * * * * * * *

Everyone at the party seemed to be living out their hottest girl on girl fantasies, but Jessica Alba was more concerned at that moment about where Jennifer was.

She had looked all over the party for her friend and just couldn’t find her in any pile of girl flesh. Where had she gone? Had she left? Why would she leave? She had seemed like she was having fun before. What had happened?

There were so many girls there that Jessica still wanted to play with, but she wanted to find Jennifer more. Things were less fun without knowing she was around. Besides, since they had arrived on the island, Jessica had wanted to fuck her sexy friend and was eager for that chance, especially in front of a crowd like this.

She had hoped to spend a lot of time doing some serious lovemaking this weekend with Jennifer and Jessica was quite aware that she needed to find her before they could get to that.

Her search took her outside the actual party and down toward the stock room where she and Reese had played before. But there was no sign of Jennifer there and Jessica began thinking she might have gone back to their room for something. Maybe she could find her there.

She began walking back, intending to cut through the party to make her upstairs, but just as she was about to walk back in, a hand grabbed her from behind and muffled her mouth before she had a chance to scream in surprise.

Jessica found herself being forcibly turned around and when she saw who it was that grabbed her, her first instinct was relief. She’d actually feared the worst when she’d been grabbed. This island was full of strangers, but she knew this person. The only question for Jessica was why she had just been grabbed.

“Avril? What the hell are you doing?” Jessica demanded, her heart still pounding in her chest. “You scared the shit out of me!”

“Quiet bitch!” Avril growled, dead serious. “You’re going to fucking get it now! I’ve been waiting for my chance and now your ass belongs to me!”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Jessica asked, eyeing the strap on dangling from Avril’s young body and thinking she wanted to play. “If you want to fuck then you just need to ask. You don’t have to be grabbing me.”

“I said quiet!” Avril snapped, taking her hand and slapping Jessica right across the face.

“Hey! What the fuck?” Jessica gasped in surprise, the slap stinging her face. That was nothing, though, compared to the shock Jessica got when Avril grabbed her arm and twisted her around, holding it against her back tightly and twisting it.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Jessica yelped in pain. “What’s your goddamn problem Avril? Let me go!”

“Did you think you were just going to have your fun assfucking me and then leaving thinking I was your little bitch?” Avril snarled, keeping Jessica’s arm in a tight grip as she slammed the actress against the wall, pressing her strap on right against the cheeks of her bare ass. “I’m no one’s bitch and I’m not fucking sorry for anything!”

Now Jessica was starting to get scared. Avril was acting like she had lost her goddamn mind. What the hell was she talking about?

Jessica struggled to try and get away, but she couldn’t break free from Avril’s hold. Jessica was taller and stronger than the younger girl, but whatever adrenaline was pumping in Avril’s veins was giving her some real strength. Jessica cried out from the pain in her arm and Avril seemed ready to break it.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?” Jessica demanded.

“You’re going to be my bitch Jessica!” Avril declared, grinding her strap on into Jessica. “You’re going to let everyone in that party know that you belong to me and that no one’s a better fuck than me! I’ve been looking to pay you back for what you did to me at the mansion! I’m not your fucking bitch Jessica! You’re mine!”

“I…I…thought you liked it,” Jessica protested. “I thought you were having fun!”

“Do I look like I was having fun?” Avril snapped into Jessica’s ear and holding fast to her arm, pressing Jessica’s cheek against the wall.

“But..but…you came…I know you did…” Jessica pointed out, still trying to reason with Avril.

“Well…yeah…I guess…but it wasn’t a big one!” Avril lamely defended herself, rejecting Jessica’s thinking out of hand. “Don’t try and talk your way our of this Jessica! Your ass fucking belongs to me! I know what I feel and I’ve been so fucking pissed at you! You made me apologize! I never apologize! I’m not sorry I hurt your boyfriend! I’ll do it again! I do what I want whenever I fucking want to do it! I’m Avril Lavigne! I’m a huge star! You’re just a washed up TV slut Jessica! I fucking own you!”

“Let me go you fucking bitch!” Jessica angrily shouted. “You’re crazy Avril! Get your fucking hands off me!”

Jessica managed to pull her arm away this time, but Avril wasn’t letting her go that easily. She was going on pure adrenaline now and not thinking anything through. Everything made sense in the moment to her. Avril grabbed Jessica by the back of her head and pushed her against the wall, smacking her face up against it and bloodying her lip.

“You goddamn bitch!!!” Jessica gasped, shocked that Avril was taking things this far.

She wanted to set this little cunt straight and fast, but she never got the chance because Avril forced her up against the wall again, pinning her against it with all the strength she could muster. Avril didn’t bother with lube or even with bothering to spread Jessica’s cheeks open. She just pushed her strap on into Jessica’s unprepared asshole.

“OHHHHHHH SHIT!” Jessica cried, her screams unheard from the hallway over the sounds of everyone’s sex. She tried to worm away, but Avril was insistent and began thrusting into her ass with her toy.


“FUCK YOU!” Jessica shot back unsuccessfully trying to fight Avril off as she plunged into her asshole with the toy. “GET OFF ME!!! DON’T FUCKING DO THIS AVRIL!!! YOU’RE HURTING ME!!!”

“Good,” Avril gleefully laughed, not really noticing the fact that she wasn’t just dominating Jessica with her hard plastic pushes into her asshole. She really was hurting her “You fucking deserve it Jessica! You had your fun with me and now it’s my turn! It’s my turn to make you my fucking bitch! You’re gonna apologize to me now Jess! You’re gonna say you’re sorry! You’re gonna say you’re my fucking bitch!”

“PLEEEEEEEASE!!!” Jessica cried, the pain growing as Avril pushed harder, and pressed her bloody lip to the wall. “IT HURTS!!! IT FUCKING HURTS!!!”

“Say it and I’ll stop!” Avril offered. “Say you’re my fucking bitch and I’ll stop!”

The pain was getting more intense and Jessica was really becoming worried that Avril had more than this planned. So she quickly agreed.

“I’m your bitch,” Jessica answered in defeat as tears of pain began to roll from her eyes. “I’m your fucking bitch Avril!!! Is that what you want to hear? I’m your bitch!!! Now let me go!”

“Goody,” Avril laughed, pulling out of Jessica’s bruised ass. “Mmmm I’ve been waiting to hear that from you for so fucking long. Now let’s go make sure the rest of the party knows that you’re my bitch!”

But before Avril could make any steps back toward the party a streak of naked blonde girl rushed over and pushed her away from Jessica.

“GET OFF HER!!!” Mena cried quickly seeing that she had been too late in deciding to leave Anna behind and follow Avril out of the room. She’d seen Avril stalking after Jessica but hadn’t done anything. Now she saw that delay had cost Jessica.

“What the fuck? Leave me alone you cunt! This doesn’t concern you!” Avril barked.

“What did you do to her?” Mena demanded as Jessica slumped to the floor, trying not to cry and failing miserably.

“I just did what she deserved!” Avril defended herself. “Get out of my way!”

“What’s going on?” Shannon asked when she arrived on the scene, catching her breath after running out of the party.

“This crazy bitch attacked me!” Jessica claimed, trying to get up from the floor. Fuck! It hurt to stand now! She wasn’t hurt bad or anything, but having that huge, unlubed toy pushed inside her had done a number on her body.

“She’s lying! She deserved it!” Avril replied staring at Mena with daggers from her eyes.

“Shut up!” Mena ordered. “Shannon, let’s get Jessica up to her room. And Avril don’t you fucking move a step! I’m going to deal with you when we get back!”

* * * * * * * *

Upstairs in the room she had been hoping to share all weekend long, Jennifer Garner had thrown her clothes back on and was tossing what few things she had unpacked in her suitcase.

This had been one of the biggest disasters in her life and she just wanted to go home as soon as she could. She didn’t ever want to think about this place ever again.

It had been a total mistake to come up here, Jennifer thought to herself as she wiped away tears from her eyes with the back of her hand. She wasn’t sure if she was angry at Avril or just heartbroken over Jessica. And she didn’t care. It was too much shit for her to deal with all at once.

“God! You’re so fucking stupid Jennifer!” she chastised herself aloud. “She never wanted to be your girlfriend! She just wanted to fuck you! You were just having fun and now you went and fucked it all up again! When are you going to stop scaring everyone off by being so clingy? You’re never going to get it right!”

Saying all that out loud didn’t make Jennifer feel any better. She always did this. She rushed things.

She should have seen that Jessica just wanted to play around. She was a fool for thinking otherwise. She probably had scared Jessica off now and the best thing that had come into her life in a long time was off fucking other girls and not caring about her at all.

Jennifer felt damn sorry for herself right then and she knew she had to get out of here. She had to get home and try to make sense of everything. Jennifer grabbed her bag and slung it over her shoulder, but just as she was about to reach for the door, she heard a keycard being punched in and the door flew open.

When she saw who it was Jennifer dropped her bag right from her shoulder and gasped.

“Jess? Are you ok? What happened? Are you ok Jess?” Jennifer frantically asked as Mena and Shannon walked in with Jessica between them, her arms slung over their shoulders so she could walk.

“Avril…she…she fucking went crazy or something,” Jessica groaned, throwing herself down on the couch, grabbing the first place she could see to lie down. “I don’t know what the hell happened? It was like she just snapped and she had this toy and…owwwwwwww God…it hurts!”

“Do you want some ice or something?” Shannon asked, trying to be helpful.

“No I just want to lie down,” Jessica groaned. “Ohhhhhh lie down on my stomach that is…”

“Oh my God, baby are you ok?” Jennifer asked again, forgetting all about her anger, confusion and heartbreak the second she saw Jessica in pain.

“Yeah, no real damage or anything. I’m just sore,” Jessica replied gratefully. “I went looking for you and…and she just grabbed me and went crazy on me…”

“Why?” Jennifer asked.

“I don’t even know…I think it had something to do with when she and I messed around at the mansion…but I thought she liked it?” Jessica replied, very confused, sore and angry all at once. “God! She just slammed that cock of hers up my ass! That fucking cunt hurt me!”

“I could call the police,” Mena suggested.

“No! Definitely not!” Jessica immediately said. “We’d all be caught! There’s no way we can hide this party from them. No police! Besides, I don’t think she wanted to rape me or anything. She just went fucking nuts! Like she thought this was all a game or something!”

Jennifer’s eyes closed to narrow slits and her voice grew hard.

“She hurt you,” Jennifer muttered, remembering everything Avril had said to her. That bitch had some vendetta or something and she wasn’t going to let this stand.

“Jen…don’t! Don’t do anything!” Jessica pleaded. “Just let it go! I’ll deal with her later!”

“No! She hurt you!” Jennifer repeated. “She can’t fucking get away with that!”

“I’ve actually got an idea of just how you can make that little bitch pay,” Mena said, an evil grin passing her lips as an idea hatched in her brain that she knew Alyson would be very proud of her for concocting.

* * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, back inside the party, unaware of the unfolding drama upstairs, there were many happy tongues at play, including where Cameron and Elisha had their legs spread wide for Love and Maria to feast upon their girl bits below.

The two blondes were right next to each other, sharing long, needy kisses and groping each other’s tits while they were being eaten out. Cameron and Elisha cried out their pleasure into each other’s mouths, not wanting to stop their kissing for anything, not even to tell their lovers how much they loved what they were doing.

Of course words were unnecessary anyway because Love and Maria could easily taste just how much Cameron and Elisha were enjoying their tongues. The four of them had swapped each other back and forth, making sure everyone had gotten long tastes of everyone else and the four girl cum coated faces were testament to that.

They had seemed to go through every conceivable position and pairing as orgasm after orgasm flowed and still they all wanted more. Love and Maria wanted more girl cream on their horny tongues and Cameron and Elisha wanted more time with each other.

It was like the two friends wanted to make up for all the missed opportunities right there and then and they took every chance they could get to kiss, caress and sex each other up like bunnies. Not that Love and Maria minded.

It was hot to see Cameron and Elisha so into each other, especially since all their kissing and touching was making their pussies wetter and providing more sweetness to be licked up.

“Mmmmmmm yummy,” Love sighed, pulling her lips up from Cameron to get herself some air.

She glanced over at Maria’s face buried between Elisha’s open thighs and she saw something else she wanted her lips on for a moment.

“Kiss me Maria,” Love requested, softly caressing the reporter’s back.

Her invitation was immediately accepted and Maria pulled her shiny face up from Elisha’s pussy to kiss Love. Their tongues didn’t hesitate to push into each other’s mouths as they sampled all the flavor on their lips.

“Oooooh they both taste so good,” Love dreamily said. “Mmmmm and so do you Maria. Your pussy was so tasty against my lips. I can’t wait to have it there again. I’m gonna have to have you over to the mansion soon for a little exclusive interview soon.”

Love and Maria kissed again, this time the reporter copping a lingering feel of Love’s soft, swaying tits in the process. But they didn’t get lost in each other. They had two needy girls to finish off first and then they could play some more.

As she got back to licking Elisha’s drooling snatch, Maria wondered what Love had meant about a mansion. Whatever it was, she was definitely going if it meant more than this.

Maria still couldn’t believe she was doing this. She had the story of a lifetime here before her. Entertainment reporters…hell any reporter…would have sacrificed body parts to break a scandal like this. A lesbian orgy with some of the most famous women in the world? It would have been one of the biggest scoops ever.

But she was throwing the chance to break it all away and without a second thought either. Maria knew this was the right decision, she was just shocked she was making it with such ease. There was no way she could lose out on more fun like this. As she made Elisha squeal and moan from her tongue, Maria knew that there was no scoop worth giving this up.

“Ahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh yessssss tongue meeeeee…ooooooh lick my pussy sooooo good Mariaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhh…” Elisha babbled as she continued to just lay back and let herself be pleasured.

Elisha didn’t know what she loved more, the kiss and touch of Cameron or the tongue in her pussy. It was all amazing and it was all making her so hot.

She couldn’t even remember how many times she’d come today, but whatever the number, it was so far above and beyond what she had done before that all previous sexual experiences in her life had been left far behind in the dust.

Trace could never make her feel this good. No man could. Elisha had never been this insatiable before and she was greedy to try each and every single naughty thing she could here.

“Maria…fuck my ass,” Elisha groaned, her lips still grazing against Cameron’s as she spoke. “Fuck me with your fingers! Push them up my ass! Fuck my ass like you fucked Camie’s! Make me feel as good as she did!”

It was easy for Maria to agree to this idea. She’d been lusting for each and every one of the sexy asses around her here. Cameron’s had been so hot and tight and now that she was about to do Elisha. Maria was already thinking about getting Love’s ass next.

While keeping her licking steady, Maria wet two of her fingers in Elisha’s pussy and lubed them up. Maria certainly wasn’t an expert in how to properly give a woman a proper ass fucking, but she was picking up a lot of experience in girl sex today and she knew what made a woman feel good.

Maria kept licking at Elisha’s pussy, sliding over her splayed cunt lips and plunging inside for her pink folds and clit, while the first of her now juicy fingers began rubbing against Elisha’s puckered hole.

“Yessssssssssssss…” Elisha hissed from the teasing contact to her asshole before surrendering to another insistent kiss from her beautiful friend.

Elisha wasn’t a virgin in her ass. She’d let a few lucky boyfriends get that as a birthday treat before, but she had never felt a woman’s touch there.

Now Elisha wanted that touch everywhere. She wanted to feel a woman’s hands and lips and tongue over every inch of her naked body.

When Maria stopped rubbing her asshole and pushed her one finger inside it, Elisha stiffened up and shot her tongue into Cameron’s mouth while she gasped in ecstasy.

Cameron smiled and sucked her friend’s tongue, rubbing Elisha’s beautiful young breasts while they both got themselves pleasured.

God, Elisha looked even more beautiful getting fucked than she ever could have imagined. Cameron couldn’t wait to give her a proper introduction to Drew and Lucy.

Getting all her closest friends in bed together with her had been too big a fantasy to even really consider before, but now everything looked possible to Cameron. Those thoughts disappeared to be reconsidered later, though, when Love’s tongue licked against her clit and brought her right back to the here and now.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssss work that tongue on my clit,” Cameron panted. “Fuck you’re gonna make me come again Love! Ooooooooh yessssss making me feel so fucking good! Goddamnnnnnnn I’m gonna have to fuck you all at that mansion to see if you’re all this good!”

“Oh we are…no one’s hotter than us,” Love giggled and winked at Cameron before plunging back into her pussy with a series of energetic licks against her clitoris that had Cameron nearly bouncing on the floor like a jumping bean.

The blonde completely believed Love’s boast. Cameron had no doubt that however many girls lived with Jennifer in that mansion were the cream of the crop when it came to eating pussy.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggghhhhh mmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkkk yessssss that’s it Love! Show me how good you are!” Cameron urged. “Lemme feel all those nasty tongue tricks you picked up at that mansion! Show me everything Jen taught you about eating pussy!”

If only Cameron knew that she had been one of the ones seducing Jennifer in that limo, not the other way around. She, Sarah and Rose had taught Jennifer all she knew about eating pussy.

God Jen had come so far since that limo ride…since everything…they all had. Even as she kept licking Cameron’s clit and tongue fucking her pussy, Love was filled with memories that flooded her brain.

Her and Sarah after the audition. Rose in her trailer. Jennifer in the limo. Buying the mansion. That first fuck in the foyer. The pool party where they made so many new friends. Everything. Every girl she’d seduced and every pussy she’d eaten.

It was a wave of nostalgia that nearly froze Love in the middle of her licking. They’d done so much together. They’d all had so much fun. If Love had seen ahead to what was going to happen that day she and Sarah auditioned she would have thought she was going insane.

But it had all happened and Love wasn’t about to let it all end because of some stupid wedding to Freddie Prinze Jr.

Cameron’s moan for attention snapped Love out of this nostalgic trance she had put herself into and she immediately got back to it, using those memories as energy to get Cameron off.

Love grabbed onto Cameron’s outstretched legs and pushed her face in deep into her pussy, licking and sucking her clit in turn and making the bubbly blonde cry out in ecstasy.

But Cameron’s cries were no match for Elisha’s, especially after Maria pushed a second finger into her ass. Obviously Maria’s fingers didn’t fill her as much as a cock could, but to Elisha they felt even better in her ass than her boyfriends ever had.

Maria was able to move her fingers in and out faster and there was none of the pain she had felt before. Plus the fact that Maria was still licking her like a pussy eating fiend while she was fingering her didn’t hurt.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sooooo close!” Elisha groaned. “So fucking close to coming! Do me Maria! Slam those fingers up my ass while you eat my pussy! Ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy gawwwwwwd yessssssssss oooooooh suck that clit! Shit! I’m gonna fucking come for you Maria! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!”

The closer Elisha got to coming, the harder Maria took her. Feeling like she really was becoming good at this stuff, Maria fucked Elisha’s ass with gusto, pushing her fingers in and pulling them out in a hard pistoning motion, not taking her lover too deep or too fast. Maria let Elisha’s asshole adjust to her touch while she kept her mouth clamped to her pussy.

Elisha’s cries got louder and more garbled as Maria sucked her clitoris. All the orgasms she had gone through made Elisha’s ability to fight off another one almost non existent and all it took was a few good, hard sucks of her clit to get her off in screamingly good fashion.

“OOOOOOOOH FUCKING COMINGGGGGGGGG YESSSSSSSS I’M COMINGGGGGG!!!” Elisha bellowed as her pussy exploded against Maria’s eager face.

Just as Maria had done to Elisha a short time ago, cream soaked her face and was met with a lapping tongue to swallow all it could.

“YESSSSSSSS ME TOOOOOOOO!!!” Cameron joined in as Love’s attention to her clit had the same effect on her that it did for Elisha. “AHHHHHHHHH!!!”

The two girls orgasmic screams joined together and rained down on Love and Maria’s ears as their mouths remained locked to the spasming, creaming pussies of their lovers, not wanting to miss a drop of girl cum. This was the kind of refreshing drink that their taste buds never grew tired of.

The orgasmic noises that were coming from Cameron and Elisha were quickly joined, just a few feet away, by those flying out of Charlize’s mouth. For the most part Charlize had been muffled by Jennifer Aniston’s pussy, but the closer she got to coming, the less she could restrain herself.

“Ughhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss oooooh fuck me Gwen!” Charlize cried, her lips coated in Jennifer’s juices. “Do it hard while you lick me! Please don’t stop! Make me come! Ohhhhhhhhhh God feels so good…so goddamn good! Harder! Faster!”

“Mmmmm getting bossy now, aren’t we?” Gwen giggled as she pulled her lips, which were quite juice coated themselves, away from Charlize. “Good thing you’re hot enough for me to let it slide.”

Jennifer wasn’t about to let anything slide when she needed an orgasm of her own. She put her hand on the back of Charlize’s head and silenced her loud cries by shoving her back against her pussy.

Charlize might have been close, but she wasn’t far behind and Jennifer was feeling kind of greedy herself. She wanted to come and wasn’t willing to wait for Charlize to beg and plead for more attention from Gwen.

“Keep licking!” Jennifer ordered. “Make me come again Charlize! Lick that pussy just like you did last time! I need to come!”

Jennifer wasn’t the only one who needed to come, but Charlize didn’t argue with her, even though there was no way she was as horny as she was for this.

Charlize resumed her licking, swiping at Jennifer’s spread pink pussy lips and tasting her hot, sweet juices before burying her tongue back inside, tongue fucking her lover with quick thrusts and moaning her own pleasure into the wet, soft muffler pressed against her mouth.

By leaning down like this to tend to Jennifer, Charlize had her ass in the air, purposely leaving herself wide open and vulnerable to Gwen. The singer took full advantage of this by using both her tongue and a toy on the actress. The blue dildo that Charlize had used on Gwen before was now being used to return the favor enthusiastically.

As Gwen pushed the hard plastic into Charlize’s pinkest of parts, she resumed licking her, lapping up the juices that dripped out with every hard touch of the toy to her pussy.

Gwen was still glowing from the orgasm she had just experienced and she was feeling mighty willing to give that same kind of pleasure to Charlize. Almost as soon as she had finished coming she had been behind the actress, fucking her with the dildo and driving her toward orgasm.

The blue plastic was still wet with Gwen’s remaining juices and Charlize’s saliva after she had given the toy some head when it was freshly pulled from Gwen’s cunt. It was getting even wetter from Charlize’s essence and that made it so easy for Gwen to really give it to her lover.

It was a slick, easy passage into her pussy and Gwen didn’t hesitate to pick up speed with her hand, fucking Charlize with the dildo while her tongue darted out quickly over and over again to lick at her.

This caused deep moans and happy cries of pre-orgasmic ecstasy to pour out of Charlize’s mouth while she ate Jennifer out. She was having so much trouble focusing on one thing at once, especially since Jennifer tasted amazing and Charlize wanted to feel her cum all over her face and tongue.

Jennifer’s pleasure was getting her off too, so Charlize had extra incentive to not slow down her licking, but Gwen was doing such a good job at distracting her it was nearly impossible.

“Faster! Don’t stop! You’re getting me close! C’monnnnnnnnnnn!” Jennifer begged, but to little avail. The harder Gwen fucked and licked Charlize, the slower her tongue got on Jennifer. “Make me come Charlize! Don’t fucking leave me hanging like this!”

Gwen couldn’t help but notice Jennifer’s state of need and she decided to help her friend out by punishing Charlize a little bit. Unfortunately, it just made things more distracting for Charlize.

“You heard her! Don’t…fucking…stop!” Gwen said, pulling her tongue away and following each word a hard slap against Charlize’s bare ass, spanking her flesh and leaving pink marks that contrasted very well with Charlize’s otherwise pale skin. “Keep…licking…that…pussy!”

Each word continued to be punctuated with a smack against Charlize’s ass cheeks, but while Gwen had good intentions to help Jennifer out, it just had Charlize moaning louder and licking even less. The “punishment” only served to get Charlize wetter, especially since Gwen wasn’t slowing her fucking with the toy.

“Ahhhhhhhhh spank that ass! Ughhhh hurts so good!” Charlize groaned, once again pulling her face away from Jennifer’s desperately wet cunt. “Spank it Gwen! Slap that naughty ass of mine while you fuck me! Give it to me good cause I’m so…ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss…so fucking close!”

With a shrug, Gwen gave up on teaching Charlize a lesson and simply got back to just trying to get her off. She spanked Charlize’s reddening ass a few more times and then got back to licking and fucking her.

Charlize’s pussy was getting tighter and was really clamping down on the probing dildo. She really was close and Gwen responded by speeding up her efforts.


Jennifer had given up on being able to get off at this moment and compensated for the lack of tongue action by touching herself while watching Charlize, her shiny face contorted in ecstasy from Gwen’s handiwork.

At least this was hot to watch, Jennifer said to herself as she pawed at her spread pussy, working two fingers up her snatch as she rubbed herself with one hand and pinched her nipples with the other, working her pink tips back and forth until they were so swollen they looked like they were going to pop.

Charlize kept noisily declaring how close she was to coming, egging Gwen on with her words. The double attack of toy and tongue was a sure fire way to get a girl creaming and Charlize was no exception, she pushed herself back with her hands, forcing more of the dildo inside her and starting panting with indecipherable words of desire.

Finally those pants turned back into screams and there was no more waiting for Charlize.

“YESSSSSSSS OHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS!!!” Charlize screamed as she came, her pussy contracting tight around the plastic and her cream flowing out onto Gwen’s wet and eager tongue.

As Charlize came, Jennifer kept rubbing herself, not wanting to cool off while she waited. She wanted to keep herself right on the edge so the next time a hot girl tongue licked at her pussy, then she’d be ready to come.

Watching Charlize’s orgasm was almost too much for Jennifer and she actually had to slow down her finger play a few times. She didn’t want to waste this orgasm on her fingers, not when there were so many beautiful and willing girls around them.

Jennifer looked around at her surroundings and suddenly was caught with the same wave of nostalgia that had enveloped Love.

She remembered that first limo ride. She remembered how angry she’d been over having her privacy invaded like that by Sarah, Love and Rose and how scared she’d felt when they made her experience the pleasure of a woman’s touch for the first time. She’d never wanted the feelings of longing and desire that touch brought and she’d fought it off for so long before finally accepting it as part of who she was.

She’d gone through so much to be with her friends. There had been so many moments of self doubt where she wondered if this truly was what she wanted. But Jennifer hadn’t turned back and she’d been rewarded so many times over because of that.

Jennifer had never, ever expected to be at a place like this, doing what she was doing and basically acting like a wanton slut, but here she was and she loved every second of it. Who knew when she’d gotten into her limo that night what it would eventually lead to?

Her little trip down memory lane caused Jennifer to miss the rest of Charlize’s orgasm and when she finally snapped back to the present, she saw her would be lover slumped over on the ground, seemingly exhausted from the ecstasy that had just ripped through her body.

Naturally Jennifer was not pleased about this development and didn’t hide it.

“Hey! What about me?” Jennifer demanded. “You never made me come Charlize! Don’t leave me like this!”

“She might be down for a little while. I think I fucked her a little too good,” Gwen giggled before giving the head of the dildo a long, lingering suck, relishing the taste of more of Charlize’s juices.

“But don’t worry,” Gwen continued after pulling the dildo out of her mouth. “I haven’t forgotten about you Jen. Lemme get my tongue in that pussy of yours! I can make you come as hard as you need it baby.”

That was an offer Jennifer greedily accepted, reaching out for Gwen and grasping her hand. She pulled her friend down on top of her and kissed her passionately, rubbing their aroused tits together as she humped the singer’s leg, letting her feel how wet she was.

“Mmmmm fuck that feels good,” Gwen sighed from Jennifer’s wetness rubbing against her flesh. “But it’s gonna feel even better when I’ve got my tongue on you.”

Without further delay, Gwen gave Jennifer another kiss and scooted down her naked body right toward where she wanted to be. True to her word, Gwen quickly had Jennifer howling in ecstasy, proving once again what a true friend she was to girls in need.

As Jennifer came, her cries were just one of many filling the room. While Reese wasn’t coming quite yet, she was damn close thanks to everything Katie was doing to her.

After she had been left in the lurch by Avril, Reese thanked whatever forces of fate had guided her to Katie, because the young brunette turned out to have quite a talent for licking pussy and had eagerly gone after Reese’s wetness with her tongue as soon as she had the chance.

Reese was slumped up against the wall while Katie snacked on her pussy, her dyed dark hair matted to her forehead and the taste of Katie’s delicious young cunt all over lips and tongue. Reese hoped this was a taste that lingered in her mouth for a long time.

She had loved going down on Katie, licking her sweet juices and nibbling on her tender pussy lips and clit, and she had been rewarded for her efforts with an explosion of girl cream that Reese was still happily licking off her lips.

After her orgasm, Katie had been more than eager to return the favor with a vengeance, taking Reese by surprise with how enthusiastic she was. Of course this was the kind of surprise Reese loved and Katie’s hot tongue was giving her pussy just the sexy treatment that it needed.

“Ooooooooooooooh Katie…mmmmmmmm lick those juices up baby,” Reese squealed in between the moans that had seemed to flow non stop from her mouth since Katie had started going down on her. “Ohhhhhh lick those wet, nasty juices right out my pussy Katie. Mmmmmmm you’re so good at this! I love your tongue in me! Keep licking me! Lick my hot pussy with that pretty tongue of yours! Ughhhhh you’re making me feel so good…so fucking naughty…mmmmmm I love it!”

Katie was feeling pretty naughty herself, bent down on her knees and bare assed naked for the whole world to see while she was eating Reese out. She knew Reese was married and that made it so much hotter, like they were getting away with doing something wicked, wrong and so fucking sexy.

Reese had a husband and babies at home and she couldn’t get enough of girls. Knowing Reese had came all this way to get fucked and that she was the one who was fucking her was making Katie’s just creamed pussy get wet again.

It made her want to slurp up every drop of girl cream from Reese and then get her all wet and hot once more so she could do it all to her again. Katie had been kind of watching Reese the whole time, admiring her sexy body, getting off seeing what she had done to girls like Alyssa and Beyonce and hoping she was going to have a chance to be with her.

When Reese had been abandoned before, Katie had jumped at her chance and when Reese had actually fucked her it had been as good as she had hoped. But there had been one thing they hadn’t done before that Katie was dying to try.

Reese wasn’t the only one there with a little foot fetish and watching what she had done back there to Beyonce had made Katie’s pussy throb with desire. Ashley, Salma and Alyssa had reaped the benefits of her added arousal and now Katie wanted Reese to be rewarded too for putting on such a hot show.

It had felt so good to have Reese eat her out that Katie hadn’t even asked her lover to do the things that she had done to Beyonce, but now she had the perfect opportunity to try something new.

While Katie had loved having her male lovers suck on her toes when she was in the mood, none of them had ever asked her to do it back to them. And every time she’d been with a girl, Katie had been too shy to ask them to try it. But now she had every evidence that Reese was willing to play this game.

Katie continued licking Reese’s pussy, swallowing the stream of girl juice that dripped down onto her tongue, while her hands gently caressed Reese’s thighs, rubbing the soft skin and making goosebumps every place she touched. But Katie wanted more and she couldn’t stand one more second of not asking for it.

“Mmmm Reese, I…I have to suck you,” Katie mumbled, her mouth still full of pussy, but her words clear.

“You are sucking me silly,” Reese replied in a giggly moan that got Katie tingling. “Mmmmmmmm you’re sucking my pussy so goooooood.”

“Noooooo…I have to suck you…here…” Katie explained, moving her hands off Reese’s thighs and caressing her left foot, which produced an immediate gasp of pleasure from Reese.

“Yesssssssssssss ooooooooooooh yessssssss…” Reese moaned. “Is that what you really want Katie? To suck my toes? Gawwd that turns me on so much. It makes me crazy. You really want it Katie? You wanna be a naughty girl, sucking on my feet?”

“Mmmmm what does this tell you?” Katie grinned before moving her mouth away from Reese’s pussy and lifting her foot up.

Katie gave Reese’s foot a long wet lick that made the actress stiffen and groan as a wave of ecstasy zipped through her and then moved to her toes, taking another woman’s foot into her mouth for the first time.

From the first time she’d had a boyfriend who sucked her toes on a whim, Katie had loved this. It always felt so kinky to her, even though it was quite mild compared to other fetishes.

She had just loved the feeling of a warm, wet mouth on her toes and a tongue licking against them. It always got her so wet and made her orgasms stronger.

Now Katie wanted to have that effect on Reese. She wanted to make her so wet and have her come hard right against her face.

Judging from the gasps and giddy cries coming from Reese, Katie knew she was doing a good job. It felt weird to do this to someone else, especially another girl, after having it done to herself so many times, but she loved it. Now Katie could see what it was like from the other end and Reese certainly wasn’t shy with praise.

“Oooooooooh baby yessss oooooooooooh gawwwwwwwd mmmmmm suck them…ughhhhhh suck my cute little toes,” Reese mewed as Katie licked all around her big toe, coating the hard, painted nail in saliva and then sucking it past her lips into her warm mouth. “Ohhhhh you’re making me so fucking wet Katie. Mmmm kiss my feet and suck on those toes. You have no idea how wild this makes me get! Ohhh fuck yesss mmmmm…naughty girl…sucking on my toes…I wish I’d known you were this naughty Katie! I would have been the first girl to fuck you here!”

Katie could taste a hot flavor on Reese’s toes and she knew it was Beyonce’s girl cum. That just made her suck harder on Reese’s toes, moving from one to the other, each one in turn getting wet loving from her mouth.

God, this was so fucking wild. Here she was sucking a beautiful woman’s toes in the middle of an orgy. She didn’t feel embarrassed or shy. She just felt turned on with no end to her arousal in sight.

Katie felt like she had become a completely different person since the day she’d come back to her room to find Love waiting for her naked and she knew that was a very good thing.

Reese continued to cry her pleasure out, pinching her nipples and rolling her head around from side to side as she ground her ass against the wall. Having her toes sucked always made her whole body tingle and made her desperate to be touched.

Everything on her body was so sensitive now and just feeling the cool air of the air conditioned room on her skin was making Reese moan. God, Katie was good at this.

The best part of this was that this was so unexpected. Reese never thought Katie would be into this. She hadn’t even been planning on doing this with her. She would have been happy just with Katie’s mouth on her pussy, but now she had a very special bonus and it was getting her very close to orgasm.

“Oooooooooooooh baby yessssss more…more sucking…more touching…ughhhhh more everything,” Reese moaned. “I love it Katie! You’re making me feel so good! Suck my toes! Suck them into your pretty little mouth and show me how much you love it! Mmmmm get them so wet with your tongue! Ughhhhh you’re gonna make me come just from sucking my toes!”

Katie didn’t want that, not when Reese coming against her face was a much more preferable outcome. But she did love knowing how hot she was getting Reese. She shifted her eyes slightly and moaned when she saw how wet she was getting Reese.

Reese’s pussy seemed like a pink version of Niagara Falls from how much she was dripping. Katie knew she had to touch it, so she did, reaching forward as she began sucking on Reese’s right foot and gently running her fingers over her lover’s slit.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Yesssssssss!!!” Reese hissed. “Touch it! Touch my wet pussy! Mmmmm feel how you’re making me drip like a naughty slut! Ooooooooooh get your hand on it! Don’t stop rubbing! Mmmm touch it and feel how you made my wicked cunt so fucking hot!”

Hearing Reese talk like that was getting Katie even hotter. She never thought she’d ever hear words like that coming out of Reese Witherspoon’s mouth…or out of her own. But she had been talking as nasty as the rest of them and it felt so good.

They were all like that here and it made Katie so secure in her desires. She wasn’t alone in her wantonness. Her lusts were shared by every girl at the party.

Katie wanted to make Reese come so hard, just like she’d just seen Ashley get Jessica Biel off and Salma and Jewel do the same to that hot little French girl.

Both couplings of girls were so close to her and Reese, and Katie could see every nasty thing they did to each other. Katie felt herself get so hot and drippy just from watching. She wanted to be just like Ashley and Salma…confident and sexy and able to get beautiful women off with ease.

Katie kept tending to Reese’s feet, finding that giving was just as much fun as receiving in this little fetish, while she pawed at her lover’s pussy, soaking her fingers in the process. Katie kissed every inch of Reese’s feet she could get, lifting one foot to the mouth and then showering the other one with kisses as soon as she was done.

All 10 of Reese’s painted, pedicured nails felt the warmth of Katie’s mouth as she sucked and nibbled on them, making Reese wetter and wetter until she could barely stand it any longer.

“Ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm sooooooo goooooooood!!!” Reese grunted. “You’re…oooooooooooooh gaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwd…you’re sucking my toes so good Katie! Mmmmmm rub me and suck meeeeeeeee yessssss so fucking wet…making me a wet slutty girl Katie…ahhhhhhh yesss…gonna…gonna…ohhhh fuck…gonna come soon! Sooooo soon!”

“Mmmmm I want your cum in my mouth,” Katie immediately replied, releasing Reese’s toes from her mouth and letting her foot fall gently back onto the floor. “Come when I lick you Reese! Cream my face with your hot pussy!”

Reese’s disappointment was obvious when Katie stopped licking and sucking her toes, but it instantly evaporated when Katie got her tongue back on her cunt. She eagerly started licking again and then Katie clamped her mouth down hard to suck up the juices that had collected since she’d started tending to her feet.


Katie sucked away at Reese’s pussy with every intention of doing just that. She loved hearing Reese say those words. Katie knew she was a nasty cheating bitch too and she was getting off on it! Just like Reese was!

Chris could never make her feel as good as these girls could and she didn’t care he was home alone while she was off getting fucked and eating pussy like a wicked whore. Katie wanted to be slutty and selfish and it all felt so good.

The natural brunette sucked hard on Reese’s cunt, trying to draw her orgasm right out of her and when she felt her lover was right on the edge, she got her tongue back to work, stabbing it into her pussy to get at her clit.

Reese’s clit was so swollen with desire it was practically pointing right out of her pussy. Finding it was no problem whatsoever to Katie and she got her tongue right on it, licking away at the super sensitive bud with hard lashes until Reese couldn’t hold back another second.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWD YESSSSSSS!!!” Reese screamed to the heavens as she came, gasping and bucking against the wall, slamming her bare ass against the hardness with loud thuds. “OHHHHHHH KATIEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

Reese’s screams continued as she flooded Katie’s waiting mouth with her girl cream. Though her brain was buzzing with ecstasy and her thoughts were anything but clear, Reese still had the presence of mind to make a request.


Katie was a little surprised at the sudden request, but she did as she was asked, letting Reese’s creams fill her mouth. She wondered what Reese wanted and as soon as her orgasm cooled down a bit, Katie got her answer.

“Kiss me!” a flustered Reese gasped, her flushed face beyond pink and closer to red. “Get your lips up here and fucking kiss me Katie! I want to taste myself!”

Now that was an easy request to comply with and Katie didn’t miss a beat. She pulled away from Reese’s still dribbling pussy and pressed her naked body atop her lover’s in the corner.

As their tits ground together, Katie kissed Reese passionately and spilled the saved girl cum into her mouth. Reese moaned at the gift and the two girls shared her essence, pushing it around and using their tongues to play with it until they both swallowed it down with content gulps.

“Now THAT was an orgasm,” Reese giggled when she and Katie broke apart their kiss.

It was followed by several less intense, but more loving kisses between the two girls as they kept rubbing their bare bodies together, feeling slick flesh touch slick flesh as they let afterglow set in.

As that was happening, at the other side of the party Avril was retelling her encounter with Jessica to Michelle Branch and laughing up a storm to her fellow singer.

“You should have seen her face when I started fucking her ass!” Avril laughed. “She had this total ‘Oh my God look.’ It was fucking priceless! You should have been there Michelle. I really showed her who was boss.”

“I can’t believe you did that,” Michelle reacted in horror.

“Yeah tell me about it, no way should I have let those bitches take her away,” Avril replied, completely missing her friend’s point. “I should have dragged Jessica in here by her hair and let everyone see me fuck her! That would have been awesome!”

“No! Avril you shouldn’t have done anything!” Michelle said, her voice filled with concern. “I can’t believe you did that to Jessica! You could have really hurt her! She’s going to kill you later!”

“I’m not afraid of anything,” Avril snorted. “She can do her worst. She doesn’t scare me. Besides she totally deserved it.”

“No she didn’t!” Michelle snapped, a little bit louder than she’d intended. “She didn’t do anything to you Avril! All she made you do was apologize! You never should have done that!”

“Hey! I don’t apologize to anyone!” Avril insisted. “What’s your problem Michelle? I thought you were my friend! I thought you were gonna have my back! Jessica’s a big girl. She can take it! I was just trying to have a little fucking fun! Now c’mon, you’re either with me or against me on this!”

Michelle was about to say something more, but before she could, Mena stormed past Fluffy by the main door and grabbed Avril’s shoulder.

“Hey! Let me go!” Avril shouted.

She was about to worm away when Shannon and Jennifer both stepped in to hold her down. The “Alias” star was the strongest of all of them and there was no chance that Avril was going to be able to escape.

“You are in so much fucking trouble!” Jennifer said angrily before slapping Avril’s face. “You mess with my girl and you mess with me! You could have really hurt her!”

“What the fuck do I care?” Avril sneered. “You both can go to hell!”

Fluffy was about to step in and break this little melee up, but Mena waved him off. He stepped back, but kept a suspicious eye on them. His charge was only to keep outsiders out, so that was what he kept on doing.

“You’re in for an attitude adjustment you bitch,” Jennifer said as Avril helplessly flailed. Everyone else was too busy fucking each other to notice what was going on, so Avril had no assistance coming.

“Michelle! Help! Get them off me!” Avril begged. Michelle took a step forward, but suddenly stopped.

“No Avril…you’re getting what you deserve,” Michelle said, gathering her courage to stand up to the young Canadian.

Michelle was furious that Avril had done that to Jessica. She felt responsible for having brought Avril to the mansion in the first place and Michelle wasn’t going to stand in the way of the girl’s much deserved punishment.

“Hey! No! Let me go!” Avril demanded as Jennifer forcibly ripped the strap on off her waist. “Don’t even think about doing what you’re doing!”

“You belong to me now,” Jennifer harshly informed the singer as Mena and Shannon dragged her from the room. “And you’re going to pay for what you did to Jessica. If you think you were her bitch before, you’re not going to like being mine!”

* * * * * * * *

While others inside the party were beginning to feel their energy leave them, Angelina was still going strong.

She wasn’t about to stop now. Not with so many girls at this party that were unlicked.

After getting Beyonce off, Angelina had set about doing the same thing to her sexy friend. Now she had Mya doggie style and was feasting on her wetness from behind, each tongue lash against her quivering cunt lips making the singer moan and buck backwards, urging more of Angelina’s willing tongue inside her.

Just as she’d done to Beyonce, Angelina had her hands latched to Mya’s butt cheeks, pulling the tight, amazing buns apart so she could tongue fuck her snatch.

Mya had so many hot juices to give her and Angelina delighted in adding another new flavor to her scoresheet. Angelina loved hearing Mya’s sex cries, but nothing could be as good for her as tasting her all over her tongue.

The singer was close to coming and Angelina wasn’t moving an inch away from this dark, delicious pussy until she had her cum settling in her belly along with every other slut she’d tongued at the party. Mya’s lips were so juicy and Angelina loved feeling her clit throb and jump under the touch of her tongue.

Angelina kept steadily licking the singer from behind, drooling into her cunt as her tongue lapped away at her pussy and then began driving in with speed and purpose, tongue fucking her to an even higher level of horniness.

“Oooooooooooooh fuck yessssssssssss fuck my pussy!” Mya cried in joy. “Fuck me with that tongue! Give it to me good Angelina! Give my wet pussy all that fucking tongue love! Ohhhhh I know how bad you want my cum…mmmmmmmm and if you keep licking like that you’re gonna fucking get it you hot bitch! Slam my cunt with that tongue!”

Under any normal circumstance, Angelina’s tongue in her pussy would have been the only thing that would have mattered to Mya, but this whole atmosphere was a long way from normal and Mya had a fantasy of her own she was dying to live out.

This one had resulted in many hot playtime sessions between her pussy and her vibrator and Mya wasn’t going to let it stand second to anything, even being licked by Angelina Jolie.

Just as Mya was on her hands and knees for Angelina, Beyonce was in a similar position right in front of Mya’s face. This gave Mya a perfect shot of Beyonce’s soaked pussy from behind, cream from her last orgasm and fresh wetness dripping from her tight, chocolate cunt lips, but that wasn’t where Mya was gawking at the most.

After crying out for Angelina, Mya went to move her tongue back to where she wanted it most…right in Beyonce’s perfect ass.

“Ohhhhhh God B…I’ve been dreaming of fucking your ass for so goddamn long,” Mya admitted with a carnal groan. “From the first time I saw you shaking that thing on stage I wanted to bend you over and fuck you right then and there. Mmmmm such an incredible ass…ohhhhh gotta fuck it!”

“Yeahhhhh do it,” Beyonce replied lustfully, tantalizingly swaying her ass right in front of Mya, tempting her like nothing else ever could. “Fuck my ass Mya! I wanna feel you bury your fucking tongue in my ass and lick it hard! Mmmmm girl, my ass needs your tongue bad! Ohhhh fuck I love having my ass fucked by girls! Show me what you can fucking do Mya!”

Without another word, Mya repositioned herself and went straight for the jiggling cheeks right in front of her. She slapped her hands to them, making Beyonce’s ass shake even more and sending a burst of girl juice onto Angelina’s tongue as Mya enjoyed the sight.

Mya held onto Beyonce’s cheeks and spread them wide, parting her asshole, before diving right in with her hungry tongue.

As Beyonce shrieked in pleasure, Mya licked her ass like her very sanity depended on fulfilling this fantasy. Angelina fucking her pussy was almost an afterthought to Mya as she slobbered and ate out Beyonce’s ass, dripping saliva filled desire from her mouth onto Beyonce’s spread cheeks and into her hot hole as Mya filled it with her pink tongue.

This was something Mya had never expected to be able to do. She had assumed Beyonce would never have the kinky side in her to let her tongue her like this. Mya had come so many times thinking about fucking Beyonce’s ass and now she had her chance and it did not disappoint in the slightest.

Mya had also fantasized about sharing Beyonce’s holes with her fellow Destiny’s Child members, but one thing at a time. Once they got back to L.A. she could see if Kelly and Michelle were just as freaky as their leader.


Beyonce quieted slightly after the initial burst of ecstasy from Mya’s tongue inside her, but that just meant she went from screeching and howling to merely screaming her lust. Beyonce was making the most delightful noises and Mya responded by licking her harder as did Angelina to Mya’s pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucking helllllllll that’s gooooooood…” Mya groaned into Beyonce as Angelina’s tongue picked up ferocity.

Angelina’s tongue inside her was like a whip taming her pussy into utter submission and Mya was ready to surrender to it. She had never been with another woman who knew how to eat pussy that good. Christina could stand to pick up a few tricks from her. Hell that porno star she’d just been with couldn’t even compare with Angelina’s tongue.

Angelina could see that Mya eating Beyonce’s ass was making her even wetter and she took full advantage to drive her closer and closer to orgasm with her tongue. Mya and Beyonce seemed to both love what was happening and Angelina certainly agreed that Beyonce had an amazing and oh so fuckable ass.

While she licked away at Mya, Angelina started thinking to herself that after she’d gotten a taste of all the girls, she’d have to snake her way back here to get a taste of that ass too. Mya too…she had herself a hot little, toned ass as well and Angelina knew she’d probably love a poke back there too.

Of course, why wait? Angelina was an expert multitasked and she knew that this was going to get her the girl honey she craved that much quicker.

Wetting her fingers against her own pussy, Angelina held steady with her licking and proceeded to bring her wet hand back up to Mya’s ass. She left a cum handprint on Mya’s cheek first, marking her territory as it were, and then pushed her first finger into the singer’s puckered hole.

“WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH!!!” Mya suddenly screamed as this unexpected, but quite welcome, penetration.

The surprise touch to her ass pulled her away from Beyonce, but only for a second. Mya was a woman on a mission and nothing was distracting her from this glorious ass that was shaking in front of her…not even her own orgasm, close as it might be.

“Come for me Mya!” Angelina passionately urged, working her second finger into Mya’s asshole and getting just as happy a reaction from the singer. “You like fucking other girls’ asses huh? Let’s see how much you like getting yours fucked while I eat this dripping pussy of yours. Mmmmm you taste so fucking good but I want more Mya! I want your fucking cum! Give it to me! Shoot that girl cream all over my face and let your honey fill my mouth! I want it and you’re gonna fucking give it to me Mya!”

That warning now being said, Angelina got back to it. She was now refreshed with oxygen and she wasn’t coming back up from this dive until she got the treasure she was looking for.

Mya was so close. Angelina could taste it in the richness of her juices and feel it in the way her folds were reflexively clamping down when she tongued them. Using her free hand, Angelina pried Mya’s pink lips back open for her, splaying open her cunt, and got back to her vigorous licking action.

In response, Mya screamed into Beyonce’s hole and lurched on the floor, sending her tits bouncing up and down and her pulse racing through her body. She tried to hold on and not be distracted.

She’d waited so long to fuck Beyonce like this and she didn’t want another second’s delay, but Mya was only human and the feel of Angelina’s tongue thrusting into her pussy, licking her soft girl flesh and stimulating her already throbbing clit while her asshole was being fingered was more than she could resist.

Closing her eyes and screaming in sexual pleasure, Mya finally had to stop licking Beyonce and pulled her tongue out. Instead she rested her head against her lover’s cheeks, using Beyonce’s ass almost like a pillow as she panted and shrieked almost non- stop from what Angelina was doing to her cunt.

Having just experienced what Mya was going through, Beyonce didn’t mind the delay in having another orgasm. She was close to getting deliriously horny from Mya tonguing her ass like that, but she could wait. She just hoped that she wasn’t going to have to wait long.

In fact Beyonce didn’t have long to wait at all. The wet smacking sounds as Angelina hungrily fed off of Mya’s pussy and slammed her wet tongue into her even wetter sex were quickly impossible to hear over the sounds of Mya’s orgasmic cries.

Angelina had licked her clit until holding back was no longer an option and Mya had announced her orgasm with a roar of lust. Those cries continued with every lick Angelina took of Mya’s gushing cunt, slurping up her juices like they were ice cream.

Mya screamed until her voice was weak and still Angelina kept licking, seemingly unsatisfied unless she got every drop of cum from her lover.

Beyonce craned her head and watched it all with great interest. God, Angelina was just incredible. Mya looked totally zonked out with pleasure and Beyonce knew she’d looked the same way when Angelina had finished with her.

When Angelina finally pulled herself away from Mya, her face was almost entirely coated in girl cum and more than anything Beyonce wanted to crawl over there and lick it all off her, especially when Angelina fed herself some of it with her fingers and used the rest to spread over her skin like it was body lotion.

But before Beyonce could get over there to offer her tongue, Mya’s hands clamped back down on her ass and reminded her that they had unfinished business to take care of first.

“Oh no…you’re not going anywhere,” Mya sexily growled. “This ass it mine!”

Mya proved that by spreading Beyonce’s cheeks again and spitting into her asshole. Beyonce groaned as she felt Mya’s hot spit dribble into her sensitive hole and that turned into sustained happy cries when Mya dove in with her tongue. Mya licked and probed while keeping a tight grip on a squealing Beyonce’s ass, living her fantasy to the fullest.

Another fantasy that was coming true at the party was Sarah’s. Through her final years on the show it had been torture to be around such beautiful women and not dream about something like this. And now it was really happening.

Here she was, getting her brains royally fucked out by her Buffy co-stars. She had never thought this would actually happen and now that she was in the middle of it, she was one happy former Slayer.

Sarah, Alyson, Michelle, Amber, Charisma and Amy had taken turns randomly fucking each other with whatever they had available. They had tangled and untangled with quick bursts of passion directed at whatever star from the Whedonverse was closest by at the moment.

The flavors of random co-stars coated the lips and tongues of all the girls in their pile, but now there was method to their sexual madness. After having their fun with each other, everyone was now focused on the party’s guest of honor.

Having barely moved through all of this, Sarah was still flat on her back and she was being well tended to. As Amber and Amy sucked on Sarah’s perky tits, Alyson was in a position she was well accustomed to…right between Sarah’s legs.

Alyson feverishly ate Sarah’s pussy, licking away at the cream her previous orgasms from the tongues of Amy, Michelle and Amber and getting her wet for more. But that wasn’t the only stimulation Sarah was getting as her cries of passion were muffled by a very wet, very lickable pussy against her lips.

“Ohhhhhhh Sarahhhhhhh fuck meeeeee…” Charisma squealed as she rode Sarah’s face, humping her wetness against Sarah’s smacking lips and probing tongue. “Mmmmmmm you’re so fucking good at this! You made me want to fuck girls Sarah! You and Aly! You made me into a pussy hungry slut and now you gotta eat the pussy you and all your friends got so wet and squishy!”

Sarah was more than willing to do that. Charisma’s cunt was just as tight and sweet as she’d remembered it and she was happy to get her tongue back inside her friend, especially with how good everyone else was making her feel.

Every time Sarah thought that she had reached the limit of how much fucking she could take, one of her former co-stars gave her a renewed blast of arousal to fuel her on for more. At this rate Sarah began thinking she was going to be able to fuck all through the night without stopping. Not that that would have been a bad thing.

Charisma’s cries were growing more frantic the harder Sarah licked her, but it was other parts of her body other than her mouth that were attracting the most attention. Emma, for her part, was much more concerned with Charisma’s big, bouncing tits and the fun she could have with them.

Emma still had her strap on locked tight around her waist and seeing Charisma jiggle like she was from riding Sarah’s face like a cowgirl on a bucking bronco gave her a lustful image she wanted to see come to life.

“Mmmmmmm did I ever tell you that you’ve got great tits Charisma?” Emma inquired with a wide smile as she reached down for a feel of shaking mounds of girl flesh and then pushed them up so she could suck on the woman’s nipples.

“Oooooooooooooooh no, but tell me nowwwwwwwwww!” Charisma excitedly sighed as the extra stimulation on her nipples made it even hotter to have Sarah’s tongue jammed up in her snatch.

“You’ve got great tits,” Emma declared after releasing Charisma’s swollen right nipple from her mouth. “But they’re gonna look even better wrapped around my hard cock.”

Charisma had been with enough guys to know Emma was exactly right and how to properly react. As Emma stood up again, Charisma grabbed her own breasts and offered them up to her friend.

Emma immediately accepted and slid the cum slackened sex toy into Charisma’s cleavage. While still riding Sarah’s tongue, Charisma squeezed her tits around Emma’s cock and rubbed them against the hard plastic as Emma began to gently thrust.

“Sooooooo hot! Fuck my tits Emma!” Charisma cried from Sarah’s tongue sliding against her clit. “Fuck my big titties with your hard cock! Ooooooooooh I wish you could a shoot a load all over them while Sarah eats my pussy so fucking good! Awwwwwwww yessssss gonna come soon!”

“Mmmmmm I can’t spunk all over these tits, but I can make em nice and wet for you,” Emma said before pulling Michelle over.

Before being grabbed, the teenager had been happily watching the depravity and tugging on her stiff nipples as her pussy rested up from the hard fucking Emma had just given her. But when she was drafted into service, Michelle reported without complaint and greeted Emma with a wet kiss to her lips.

“Spit on my cock sweetie,” Emma instructed. “Drool into those big titties. Don’t Charisma’s tits look good? Don’t they make you wet to see them bounce like that?”

“Oh yeah,” Michelle answered with a giggle, unable to pull her eyes from the twin jugs as they happily shook in time with Charisma’s humping against Sarah. “They look incredible! Mmmmm and they taste even better. I loved sucking them. I want to do it again!”

“Well they’re mine now, but you can borrow them,” Emma laughed. “Spit into that cleavage Michelle! Get my cock all wet between her tits.”

With all she was seeing in front of her, it wasn’t much of a challenge for Michelle to muster up some drool. Watching Alyson eat Sarah out while Charisma fucked her face and Amy and Amber acted like a couple of tit hungry whores was an excuse to start salivating if there ever was one.

Michelle bent down onto her knees and obediently opened her mouth, letting a stream of saliva escape her lips and travel down in a wet string to coat the plastic as it fucked Charisma’s cleavage.

That got happy sighs from Charisma and Emma and Michelle did it again, drooling onto the toy with even more saliva now. But Michelle quickly saw there was a better, and hotter, way to lube this thing up and get a taste of Charisma again in the process.

While Emma kept fucking Charisma’s tits, Michelle leaned in with her tongue at the ready. She began licking the head of the fake cock as it pushed up through Charisma’s cleavage. Michelle gave head to the toy as it passed her mouth and when Emma pulled it away, the teenager contented herself by licking at Charisma’s soft breasts.

“Ohhhhh nasty girl is learning fast what it takes to be a big girl slut, I love it,” Emma gasped in delight. “Suck that cock Michelle! Suck on that head while you lick at those big titties! Get it all nice and wet cause this hard dick is going into Sarah’s cunt next! Lube it up for your slutty big sister!”

Michelle blushed slightly at the sound of that. She was wondering if anyone had heard her before and it looks like they had. She hoped she was going to be able to live that bout of wildness down, but it had been so hot that it was worth it no matter what. Michelle didn’t stop her sucking or her licking, letting Emma fuck her mouth with each thrust up through Charisma’s tits.

Through it all Sarah had been writhing on the floor, rubbing her ass almost raw as she was licked and sucked and fucked into heaven. When wondering what sort of plan Rose had set up for her with her “no sexual fun” rule, Sarah had never dared envision something like this. It was beyond her sexiest dreams and with each growing orgasm it only got better.

Sarah’s wetness was coating Alyson’s tongue and the redhead knew her best friend’s pussy well enough to know when she was getting to the point of no return. As much as Alyson wanted to swallow another one of Sarah’s orgasms, she didn’t want to be selfish. Emma deserved a chance to make Sarah come.

“Emma if you want a crack at her you’d better take it soon,” Alyson declared when she pulled her shiny face up from Sarah, red hair stuck to her cheeks and forehead. “Sarah’s about ready to pop.”

“Then get out of my way Aly,” Emma replied, pulling the dildo away from Charisma and Michelle positioning herself right in front of Sarah.

Alyson graciously deferred to Emma and sat back on the side, parting her legs and rubbing herself as Emma kneeled down and lined her toy up with its hot, dripping destination.

“Get ready to scream slayer,” Emma giggled as she took Sarah’s legs in her hands and used them for leverage to push inside her.

Though muffled by Charisma’s pussy, Sarah did indeed scream in pleasure at the penetration her sensitive pussy received from Emma’s strap on. Those screams only got clearer and louder as Emma began to fuck Sarah, slapping their bare flesh together with each thrust of her hips.

“C’mere Michelle,” Alyson offered, holding out her hand for the aroused teen. “Don’t just sit back. Help Emma fuck Sarah!”

“Ooooh and how can I do that?” Michelle eagerly asked, happy to have any chance to make Sarah feel good.

Her eyes widened when Alyson reached over and handed her an ivory white dildo that had been lying around since Rose had thrown open the toy bag.

“What do you want me to do with that?” Michelle asked, tugging at her nipples a little harder now as she grasped at the toy with her free hand.

“Use it on her,” Alyson grinned wickedly. “You know what to do Michelle. Fuck Sarah just like she fucked you. You know you want to. Suck it a bit first and then give it to her.”

Michelle shyly nodded her head, totally turned on but a little thrown by this new sexual task. But she got over it as soon as she gave the plastic it’s first lick. Michelle wasn’t very experienced, but she also was no stranger to giving head. She’d been with a few guys, and as the song had gone, Michelle knew what boys liked.

As Sarah and Charisma moaned together, Michelle began sucking the toy off, lubing it up for what she knew Alyson wanted to see. Michelle was growing more excited with every lick. She could feel Alyson’s sexy stare on her naked body and she wanted to show off for her redheaded friend. She wanted to prove to her she could do this.

Even without the stimulation of Emma’s cock between her tits, the pleasure in Charisma’s body was growing. Sarah really did have a great tongue and she knew just how to use it. Having Sarah lick her pussy was just as good now as it had been that first night at Alyson’s house.

She was going to be coming so soon. She could feel it. Charisma tugged at both Amy and Amber, passionately kissing both of them before returning them to their nipple sucking duty. Charisma loved her husband, but she also knew that nothing got her off as good as this kind of fun.

“Ohhhhhh God…ohhhhhhh God…mmmmmmmm lick me Sarahhhhhh!!!” Charisma begged. “Yeahhhhhhh gonna make me come Sarah! Gonna make me cream that beautiful face of yours in my juices! Mmmmmmm I wanna see my cum drip down your chin after I’m done because you’re so good at eating pussy! Suck my clit Sarah! You know what I like! You know what makes me fucking come!”

Charisma let out a low, happy groan of desire when Sarah’s tongue suddenly stiffened inside her pussy, right up against her clit. It was a real shot of ecstasy right up Charisma’s spine and entirely a happy accident. Sarah’s tongue had only reacted that way because her whole body had tensed up when Michelle’s young tongue had begun licking at her asshole.

“Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gawwwwwwwwwwwwd yesssssssssss!” Sarah cried into Charisma’s pussy, her words muffled but her ecstasy clear.

At Alyson’s urging, Michelle had gotten flat on her belly and had craned her head in to lick at Sarah’s asshole while Emma fucked her cunt. Emma helpfully pulled Sarah up a bit by her legs to expose her hole and, despite never having done this before, Michelle was stimulating Sarah like crazy through her wet rim job.

Sarah nearly came when she saw it was Michelle doing this to her. Never, ever out of all the days she had been with Michelle and through all the dirty fantasies she had tried to stifle about her on-screen sister, had Sarah ever expected to feel her sweet young tongue licking at her asshole.

Michelle’s tongue was heaven against her hole and it was just a perfect dirty feeling. It felt so wicked and wrong to have little Michelle rimming her ass and that was what made it so fucking hot.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh holyyyyyyyyy shit!” Sarah pulled away from Charisma to scream. “Ooooooooooooh Michellllllllle you beautiful fucking whore! Sooooo goooooood ohhhhhhhhh lick my asshole baby! Ooooooooh just like I licked you! Mmmmmmm make it wet and nasty while Emma fucks my tight pussy with her big cock! Yessssssss gonna come!”

“Nooooooooooo me first!” Charisma cried desperately.

She looked down and saw what Michelle was planning and she knew that there was no way Sarah was going to be able to keep licking her through all of that. No one could withstand that kind of treatment.

“Fuck me Sarah! Suck my clit and eat my pussy!” Charisma urged as strongly as she could, fucking herself against Sarah’s face to make sure she couldn’t get away.

She couldn’t get this close and not come. It was like against the laws of nature or something.

Though she was enjoying the hell out of being the center of attention, with a cock in her pussy, a tongue in her ass and two hot mouths on her tits, Sarah hadn’t become completely selfish. She knew she had to get her friend off and she knew just how to do it. Charisma’s clit was already a few ticks away from bursting. This would be nice and simple.

Fighting off the distracting pleasure she was getting from all her sexy friends, Sarah concentrated on Charisma. She massaged the cheeks of her beautiful bare ass with her hands, pinching them ever so slightly as her tongue worked Charisma’s clit over.

Sarah licked the pleasure bud with all her skill, attacking Charisma at her most sensitive spot and making her pussy quiver in anticipation. While Sarah was licking, Alyson was groping Charisma’s breasts and urging her on.

“Come for her baby,” Alyson said, licking up from Charisma’s chin to her earlobe and then sucking on it passionately. “Soak that face in girl cum! Mmmmmm Sarah wants it so bad! She wants your sweet, creamy cum! Give it to her Charisma! Give her all that fucking cum so we can lick it off her together!”

The next sounds that came out were howls of orgasmic ecstasy from Charisma. She came with a thunderclap, rearing back with a stiffening of her body and then letting go with a rush of cries and pants and girl cum against Sarah’s face.

The only thing that quieted Charisma’s screams was Alyson’s kiss as the redhead silenced the orgasming girl’s lips with her own.

Sarah tried to get as much of Charisma’s juices as she could, but with all the stimulation, and a bit of a tired jaw, she just couldn’t keep up. Just as Charisma had wanted, her cum dripped down off Sarah’s chin and she was quickly there to appreciate the site and lick it up.

Almost as soon as the last tremor had passed through her body, Alyson had pulled Charisma off Sarah so they could lick her skin clean. The two girls had shared another series of passionate kisses while they stared at Sarah’s beautiful, creamy face and when their lips parted they dove down to lap up all that sticky, tasty cum.

That got another happy moan from Sarah, but it was nothing compared to what was waiting for the blonde when Michelle pulled her tongue out of her asshole and replaced it with the hard toy she had been sucking before.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYY GAWWWWWWWD!!!” Sarah screamed when she was double penetrated.

Between Emma and Michelle, Sarah’s holes were stuffed with plastic and she couldn’t have been happier.


“We want you to come for us Sarah,” Alyson urged, caressing the soft face she had just licked. “We want you to come so fucking hard! It’s all for you Sarah! All of it! We all just want you to come! Come from those cocks up your pussy and ass! Come from being fucked like the gorgeous little slut you are! We want it Sarah! We want you to come! We want you!”

Alyson then kissed Sarah again so tenderly and so sexily. It was just the soft touch she needed with the hard thrusts into her holes with the toys. Alyson lovingly sucked onto her tongue as Sarah screamed into her mouth.

The pleasure was pounding Sarah’s body as both dildos stretched her tight holes. Michelle was a little tentative in her touch, but Emma was an expert, fucking her pussy with the strap on like she was born with a cock and hadn’t gotten one through mail order.

“Yessssssss come for us! Come from my hard cock buried inside you!” Emma barked passionately. “You look so fucking hot with me and Michelle fucking your pussy and ass! You love it, don’t you Sarah? Being double fucked like a whore who can’t get enough! Now you’re getting fucked hard just like you deserve for not hitting on me all those years on the set and showing me you fucking loved pussy!”


Both Charisma and Alyson greedily kissed Sarah as she came, fighting over the feel of her breath blasting into their mouths. They were soon joined my Amy and Amber, who pulled away from Sarah’s tits to kiss her face and neck and everywhere they could get to. Sarah groaned and giggled throughout her body shaking orgasm from the tickling feel of the wet, happy tongues on her flesh.

Sarah lurched on the ground, spasming gleefully with orgasmic relief. Even after Emma and Michelle pulled their toys out of her, Sarah still twitched, feeling that this time she really had hit her limit.

The dreamy, blissful smile on Sarah’s face showed how much she had enjoyed getting to this point and how much she loved all the kisses her body was being showered with.

Michelle and Emma both joined everyone else in getting their lips on Sarah and the blonde soon felt like there wasn’t a part of her upper body that wasn’t being tenderly kissed. It was just the affection Sarah needed and Sarah groaned in disappointment when they suddenly stopped.

A murmur went up through the crowd of girls and that was enough of a distraction to get them to cease their kissing. Sarah found the will to actually sit up for what felt like the first time in hours to find out what was the cause of all this.

“What’s going on?” Sarah asked, wondering why everyone’s fun seemed to stop at once. When she saw what the deal was, Sarah almost thought she was hallucinating. That couldn’t be really happening, could it?

As everyone at the party gawked, Jennifer Garner lead Avril back into the room, but there had been a few alterations to Avril’s appearance. The naked singer was crawling on her hands and knees, and looked to be very pissed off about having to do so, as Jennifer tugged a leash that was tied to the collar around her neck. Avril grunted every time Jennifer tugged the leash and pulled her in more.

Avril’s face was beet red with embarrassment, but she couldn’t say anything about it with an orange ball gag shoved in her mouth.

No one could believe what they were seeing and it was only getting weirder. Jennifer had lost the clothes she’d put on and was decked out in leather-heeled boots, latex gloves that stretched up her arms and nothing else but a riding crop that she held in her hand.

“Make way for the bitch! Make way for the bitch!” Jennifer called out as Mena and Shannon tagged behind, winking at Alyson as they passed her as if to say “Watch how much we learned.”

They had brought the items with them just in case their Mistress deemed it necessary to punish them, but they were sure Alyson would agree that this was a much better use.

Avril responded to being called a bitch with a muffled shout that the ball gag rendered incomprehensible, but it was clear she took strong exception to it. It was also clear that Jennifer didn’t particularly give a damn. Now that she had everyone’s attention, Jennifer was going to make sure that Avril’s humiliation was complete.

“Attention everyone!” Jennifer called out. “As of now this little cunt here has lost the privilege of being called by her name. From now on she will simply be known as Bitch!”

“Ummmmm what’s going on?” Love asked, giggling at the sight of Avril gagged and leashed.

“Bitch here needs to be taught a lesson,” Jennifer declared, slapping Avril’s bare ass with her latex gloved hand, making Avril groan into the gag and seethe with angry embarrassment. “And all of you are going to help me! Bitch thinks she’s something hot. She thinks she can do whatever the fuck she wants but she’s wrong! Now she’s going to pay for her crimes and see that she’s nothing but a little dumb cunt Bitch!”

Jennifer then spanked Avril’s ass again and slapped her back with the crop, making Avril’s eyes bug out in pain. She thought about trying to run, but she’d already tried that and been easily caught.

Jennifer had literally paddled her ass raw for running, thanks to Mena and Shannon holding her down, and had made it quite clear that harsher punishment would follow if she tried it again.

“Well, what do you want us to do?” Alyssa asked, very intrigued by this new game and particularly enjoying the look of Jennifer naked except for her boots and gloves.

Her pussy was clearly wet from treating Avril this way and, far from being concerned about Avril’s fate, everyone was getting turned in watching this develop.

“Bitch is here for your pleasure!” Jennifer said, grabbing one of Avril’s tits and twisting her nipple. “Anyone who wants to fuck her can come up and take their shot whether she wants you to or not! Fuck her face! Fuck her cunt! Fuck her ass! Fuck her tits! Whatever you want! Do it as rough as you want! Just one condition…don’t let Bitch come! She’s not allowed any pleasure for a long, long time! Bitch is now going to all be our little slave!”

This made Alyson grin and she blew a kiss of appreciation toward Mena and Shannon. She could see that this was all their idea and Mistress was very pleased with them indeed.

“Mmmm but first everyone gets to mark their territory and give Bitch a new coating of makeup,” Jennifer announced before rubbing her latex covered fingers over her own pussy and making the shiny material slimy with feminine essence.

Jennifer rubbed her wet fingers over Avril’s face, coating juice on her nose and under her lip so she could make sure and be driven crazy by the arousing scent without relief in sight. Jennifer also rubbed what was left on Avril’s chin before spitting in her face and smacking her back with the crop again.

Avril screamed in pain, rage and humiliation. She was seething under the gag but there was nowhere to go as Jennifer tied the leash to one of the barstools and yanked her up until Avril was in doggie style position on the bar top.

Jennifer’s heart was beating a mile a minute in her chest. When Mena had first told her what her idea was, she hadn’t thought she could pull it off. She had never been all that dominant in bed before and had definitely never done anything like this. But she wanted to make Avril pay for what she had done and she was an actress after all. She could fake it.

Whatever heartbreak Jennifer had been feeling before over Jessica was gone. Her focus was locked like a laser. Someone she cared about had been hurt and that person needed to suffer for it. This was the most appropriate punishment Jennifer could think of, short of locking herself in a room with Avril and seeing who emerged an hour later.

“Mmmm I’m in,” Alyssa immediately agreed, walking up to Avril and rubbing herself before wiping the cum on Avril’s face. “You always were a little too cocky for your own good Avril. Even when I was fucking you.”

“I wanna piece too,” Jenna said, not knowing what was going on, but loving a chance to have a shot at Avril, especially when she was in this very vulnerable position.

The porn star followed suit with Jennifer and Alyssa and rubbed herself against Avril’s face, but she skipped the step of using her fingers and instead mashed her wet pussy against Avril as she laughed.

“Me too,” Reese declared. “I owe her a little something too.”

“Oh no, you’re all going to have to wait your turn,” Alyssa declared, not ready to content herself with just a little cum rub on Avril’s face. “Bitch here is going to fucking eat me out first! Then the rest of you can have your fun!”

After pushing Reese and Jenna out of the way, Alyssa pulled out the ball gag and, before Avril had a chance to shout or scream, she crammed the helpless singer’s face into her cunt. Alyssa began fucking the girl’s face and faced with a choice of either licking or choking on pussy, Avril began tonguing the horny actress.

A line was quickly forming and everyone seemed eager to get involved. Salma, Lindsay, Angelina, Katie, Felecia, Eliza, Amber, Shakira, Elisha, Mya and even Michelle Branch lined up to get a piece of Avril.

Avril stared at Michelle with pleading eyes, desperate for help but her friend shook her head “no” with a firm gaze that told her she deserved this.

Others were getting ready right behind them and the whole party was stirring. There didn’t appear to be anyone who didn’t want a chance to take advantage of the bound and gagged Avril Lavigne. While Avril continued eating out Alyssa they began touching their sticky fingers to the rest of her naked body.

“That’s it! Rub yourself against Bitch!” Jennifer urged, responding to every girl touching the singer by either spanking Avril’s ass hard or slapping her with the crop. “Get her sticky and slutty! Bitch is going to learn all about being a good slave!”

“Oh godamnnnn that’s good,” Alyssa groaned, fucking Avril’s face with passionate and wet hip thrusts. “Mmmmmm eat that pussy of mine Avril! Suck out all that cream and do it fast cause you’re gonna be doing this to all of us!”

“Yessssss fuck her face!” Mena urged, helpfully playing with Alyssa’s jiggling tits. “Make her choke on your cum Alyssa! This fucking little twat is going to get just what she deserves now! She’s not going to be moving an inch until everyone’s done with her!”

Avril groaned in despair into Alyssa’s pussy. She didn’t know how things had turned around on her like this. She considered not licking Alyssa, but she wasn’t being given much choice and, besides, it wasn’t like she could resist Alyssa Milano’s hot, dripping pussy. As humiliated and furious as she was, Avril couldn’t help herself.

The feel of Avril’s tongue and Mena’s fingers teasing her nipples had Alyssa moaning with ecstasy in no time and with everyone around her urging her to come all over the young singer’s captive face she knew it wasn’t going to be long until she gave them what they wanted. The line forming for a chance to fuck Avril was growing formidable, but Alyssa knew the first thing she was doing after coming was getting right on it again.

Seeing Avril’s body being slowly turned into a carnival ride filled Jennifer with a giddiness that had her pussy dripping. A quick examination down to Avril’s splayed little pink snatch showed that it was having a similar effect on her though and Jennifer frowned. After what this bitch had just done to Jessica she wasn’t about to let her get away with getting off on her punishment.

“You like that huh?” Jennifer snidely. “Fucking Bitch love’s being treated like a whore. Well you’re going to love this then!”

Jennifer frantically motioned with her hand and Gwen immediately seized upon what she wanted. She handed the actress the dildo she had just been using on Charlize and Jennifer’s frown immediately turned into a wicked grin. She took the hard plastic and, without warning, shoved it into Avril’s asshole.

The singer’s eyes flew open as wide as saucers and, even with Alyssa’s pussy muffling her mouth, her scream was apparent.

“Now the real punishment starts,” Jennifer promised, juices running down her bare legs with each thrust into Avril’s soon to be abused ass. “And believe me when I say you’re going to remember every bit of this lesson for the rest of your life!”

What was happening to Avril was definitely something Rose was very interested in getting involved with. Avril had always looked like she needed to be knocked down a few pegs and Rose considered herself an expert in that area, especially with Mr. Snappy at her side.

She had taught many lessons to many sluts and this was one who surely deserved it. So there was no question that she had to get a piece of this. But when Rose reached over for where Hilary had left her toy, she found it wasn’t there anymore.

“Hey! What the…” Rose muttered before turning around and seeing exactly what had happened to her favorite sex toy.

“And just what the hell do you think you’re doing with that?” Rose demanded.

“Speaking of punishments…” Sarah grinned evilly as she did the unthinkable and broke Rule #1 in Malibu by sliding Mr. Snappy around her waist and tightening the harness so it stayed on steady.

“You wouldn’t dare,” Rose replied, her eyes narrowing to slits. “You don’t have the fucking balls to do it Sarah!”

“Oh yeah? Care to make a bet about that?” Sarah confidently declared as she stepped forward. “You, Ms. McGowan, have been a very naughty girl. Not letting me come. Making me suffer and acting like a royal bitch about it. I think it’s time you had yourself a little attitude adjustment!”

“You couldn’t pull it off even if I let you,” Rose stated, not showing any sweat as she folded her arms over her bare chest and stared right into Sarah. “You don’t even have any clue how to work that thing right. You should just go off and play your little girl games and leave that to the grown ups.”

“I seem to recall making you howl like a whore with it once,” Sarah grinned as she rubbed the hard plastic shaft, still slick with Hilary’s juices. “Want to see if I can do it again?”

“That was just a fluke,” Rose replied, a grin to equal Sarah’s crossing her lips. “You can’t even begin to play in my league anymore. While you were running off to get dick from Freddie, I was doing things with that toy that you can’t even dream about.”

“Is that right?” Sarah asked, sauntering over until she was face to face with Rose. “Then how about you just bend over and let’s find out? Or are you afraid you’re going to be my little bitch before you even know what hit you?”

“Make me,” Rose challenged, reaching over to tweak Sarah’s swollen nipple, pinching the pink bud and making the blonde groan. While Sarah felt pleasure from Rose’s touch, it didn’t weaken her resolve.

Sarah reacted to the gauntlet being thrown by reaching around Rose’s back and cupping her bare ass in her hands. She then pulled her housemate right to her lips, smothering Rose with a passionate kiss that left the brunette moaning with Sarah’s tongue in her mouth.

Their bare tits ground together as Sarah and Rose ferociously kissed. Sarah rubbed Mr. Snappy against Rose, making damn sure she knew that she was ready to use it. This had been a long time coming for Sarah and she wasn’t about to lose the chance.

“I said bend over!” Sarah repeated before reaching up to grab Rose by her long, dark locks and tugging.

“Ooooooooooh you bitch,” Rose groaned in a not unhappy manner as Sarah pulled her head back by her hair. “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“It’s my party Rose and what I say goes,” Sarah grinned. “You’re the bitch now Rose. Now…get…on…your…fucking…knees!”

Sarah gave Rose a tug of her hair with every word, but Rose wasn’t budging yet.

“Make me!” Rose insisted, her moans getting stronger with every tug. “Show me what you got Sarah! If you’re gonna talk big then you better be ready to fucking back it up!”

That earned Rose another hot kiss from Sarah, their bodies pressed together as everyone else lined up to have their chance with Avril. Sarah groped at Rose’s tits this time, squeezing the fleshy mounds roughly and eliciting further moans from her housemate.

Sarah could feel Rose start to surrender to the passion of her kiss and she took advantage. Just as Rose was really getting into the kiss, Sarah fell back on a little of her Buffy martial arts training and kicked Rose’s legs out from under her.

Rose fell to the floor with a yelp and when she tried to pick herself up, she found herself pinned under Sarah’s naked body. Sarah was a smaller girl than Rose, but those hours in the gym were paying off and the blonde kept her housemate on the floor.

“Did you really think I wasn’t going to pay you back for making me suffer?” Sarah asked, wrestling with Rose until she was on her hands and knees with the very aggressive former slayer positioned at her backside, wrapping her arms around her stomach to keep her from getting away.

“Maybe I was just waiting for you to try something this whole time,” Rose shot back. “Tempting and teasing you and hoping you were gonna snap and give me the fucking I needed! Ever think about that? Now if you’re gonna fuck me then do it already Sarah! Otherwise give me back my toy and let me get it some action! It’s gathering dust around your skinny waist!”

“Ohhhhh I’m gonna give this to toy back to you Rose,” Sarah declared, spitting onto her hand and rubbing it up and down Mr. Snappy’s shaft. “I’m gonna give it to you right up your pussy!”

Sarah then pushed Mr. Snappy hard into its mistress, moaning wildly at the feel of its nub against her clitoris. Sarah was the only person who had ever used Mr. Snappy on Rose, but when she’d done it, she hadn’t worn the toy. She’d just used it as a dildo.

Now Sarah could feel the rush Rose got every time she used it on another woman and it drove her wild with lust. She could easily see why Rose loved this thing so much and a wicked grin covered Sarah’s face. She had been waiting so long to do this to Rose. All those taunts and cracks she’d endured…now she finally had Rose where she wanted her.

Before everything had gone down with Avril, Sarah had been prepared to just sit some time out to recover her energy, but then she’d seen Mr. Snappy lying unguarded and she knew that she was never going to have a better chance.

Sarah had been dying to do this since pretty much the first day she had met Rose, but even though she was thrusting in hard, she didn’t seem to be having much of an effect on her lover.

“Yawwwwwwn,” Rose taunted. “You call that fucking Sarah? Ughhhh I do it harder when I’m fingering myself in the shower! Stop wasting my time!”

“Ohhhhhh what’s gonna ever fucking shut you up?” Sarah cried out in intimate frustration with her housemate.

“Nothing you’ll ever do to me,” Rose replied before playfully sticking her tongue out at Sarah.

“We’ll see about that Rose!” Sarah swore, feeling her heart pound from this challenge. She was going to get Rose off, one way or the other. “We’ll just fucking see!”

Sarah began thrusting harder and sent a little message to Rose in the process by spanking her bare ass with a hard smack.

“Oooooooooh now you’re getting it Sarah!” Rose replied with enthusiasm. “If you’re gonna fuck me, fuck me! You can do better than that! Spank me! Pull my hair! Just fuck me! You’ve gotten soft from spending too much time with that dumb ass Freddie! Prove you still know how to fuck a girl right!”

The spankings and fucking continued and each time Sarah went at it a little harder, Rose moaned and encouraged her with nasty words she loved hearing. Sarah was fairly exhausted from all she had been through in the past day, from being completely deprived of sex to getting more of it than she ever had in her life at once.

It was hard to keep a steady, hard pace, but Sarah also was determined not to blow this. She had a once in a lifetime crack at Mr. Snappy and Rose was never going to let her live it down if she didn’t get her off.

“Fucking cocky bitch…you’re worse than Avril,” Sarah grunted as she pushed into Rose. “Maybe we should get you up there with a leash and a ball gag and let everyone you give you what you deserve. Then you’ll learn your lesson! You’ll learn not to fuck with me!”

“Yak yak yak…you’re boring me again when you should be fucking me,” Rose mercilessly teased. “C’mon Sarah! I’m not some fucking little china doll! Fuck me! Harder! Give it to me bitch! Don’t fuck me like some weak little man! Give it to me like a fucking woman Sarah! Show me you’re worthy Sarah!”

“I’ll show you bitch!” Sarah growled, tapping into a reserve of energy and responding with a series of hard thrusts into Rose, which got the brunette groaning in pleasure.

Sarah resumed spanking Rose, smacking her bare ass with every push inside, leaving growing red marks on her alabaster cheeks.

“How you like that Rose?” Sarah laughed. “Hard enough for you? You like me making your pale ass all red with my hand? You like this hard cock inside you? Getting yourself fucked after you gave it hard to all those girls out there!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss this is what you fucking wanted all along isn’t it Sarah?” Rose hissed, backing herself up to meet Sarah’s thrusts. “You’ve just been dying for the chance to fuck me right up my cunt with my own toy, haven’t you? All those times I was pounding your pretty girl holes you must have wanted this so fucking bad!”

“Yesssssssssss I did!” Sarah groaned, the nub of the toy getting her off fast, a little too fast. She couldn’t lose energy now. “I wanted to give it to you hard Rose! Just like you always fucking gave it to me! I loved seeing you come like a whore inside that trailer when I fucked you and I’ve wanted to do it again so bad ever since! Wanted to give you a taste of your own fucking medicine!”

“THEN FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!” Rose roared as surge of passion hit her from Sarah’s fucking. “POUND ON MY CUNT SARAH!!! FILL UP MY PUSSY WITH THIS DICK!!! HARDER BITCH!!! GIVE TO ME HARDER!!!”

Rose didn’t want to admit how good this was making her feel. It was so hard not to just scream and pound on the floor from the skillful fucking she was getting from Sarah.

All of the blonde’s bubbling over frustration with her was coming out in her thrusts and Rose was getting off on it. Sarah’s thrusts were hard and angry and Rose gritted her teeth to keep from coming too quick from the ecstasy they gave her.

Sarah was grunting and sweating like she was doing hard labor, which in a sense she was. By now they had gathered a bit of a crowd around them and Sarah looked up to see Love and Jewel watching them and giggling at how things had turned around.

She could see the lust in their eyes too as she did what they only had fantasized about. Britney and Christina were still giving into Mandy’s insatiable demands as Christina sucked on her nipples and Britney kissed her neck and played with her tits from behind. But even as they were doing that, Sarah could still see them stealing glances at her fun with Rose.

Others, who weren’t busy with Avril, were also gawking and enjoying the show, but Sarah didn’t care whom was kissing and groping whom. She only cared about Rose and giving it to her just like she’d wanted to after all these years.


“JUST FUCKING GIVE IT TO ME!!!” Rose snapped back with white hot passion, her tits shaking and her ass cheeks giggling every time Sarah pounded into her from behind. “AHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSS DON’T FUCKING SLOW DOWN!!! HARDER! FASTER! SHOW ME THAT YOU REALLY DO KNOW HOW TO FUCK!!!”

“AHHHHHHHH I FUCKING TAUGHT YOU HOW TO FUCK!!! NEVER FORGET IT BITCH” Sarah screamed as her orgasm drew closer with every push into Rose.

They both were frantically gasping and shaking now, their bodies glowing with sweat. All around them their friends had paired up again into new couplings, everyone’s desire rekindled, but Sarah and Rose only had focus for each other.



Sarah gripped onto Rose’s hips, her ass cheeks a cherry red from all the spankings against her fair skin, and pulled and pushed in like a machine. She’d pull Mr. Snappy almost all the way out, letting the grasping lips of Rose’s cunt to hold onto the head and then drive back in again, making Rose scream in rapture.

She knew this was working and it was getting her own pussy to practically melt the plastic inside it so Sarah kept doing it, pushing hard and then pulling out fast and repeating it again and again and again until…

“HERE IT FUCKING COMES SARAH!!! HERE COMES WHAT YOU ALWAYS WANTED SLUT!!!” Rose roared in ecstasy as her body stiffened and she exploded in cries of intense passion from the fucking she was getting from her own toy. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! FUCKING COMINGGGGGGGGGG”

She wasn’t alone in these cries either.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH SO FUCKING HOTTTTTTTTT!!!” Sarah screamed as she came, letting go as soon as Rose did.

The two women howled their passion as people gawked and licked and fucked all around them. There had been moments of tension between them through the years, but the shared pleasure of their experiences had bonded them forever as friends. This mutual orgasm was the cherry on top of their fun for the day.

Things only ended when they both slumped over exhausted. Sarah lay atop Rose, her tits pressing into her back, and slowly pulled Mr. Snappy out of the pussy it had always been connected to before now. The black plastic had left Rose’s cunt sticky and creamy with girl juices and when Sarah pulled out, Rose’s slit quivered for more.

Their cries had turned to moans and Sarah began lovingly kissing Rose’s neck, sending shivers up her housemate’s bare body. Sarah brushed Rose’s hair out of the way and kissed everywhere she could get at with her soft, wet lips.

“Mmmmm thank you for my party,” Sarah sighed.

“Anytime Sarah…anytime…” Rose breathlessly replied, a happy smile crossing from ear to ear before Sarah smothered her lips with her own in a sexy, tender kiss that threatened to go on forever.

* * * * * * * *

A few hours later everyone had managed to break away from the fucking long enough to visit their rooms and refresh themselves. For everyone that meant desperately needed showers and Sarah was one of many girls sighing in delicious satisfaction as she stood under the hot, soothing water.

God, this was just what she needed. She had been fucking almost non-stop since she had arrived and that had left her completely coated from head to toe in all the sticky residue of girls, liquor and food. It was the reminder of all the fun she’d had and how it had left her in exhausted ecstasy.

It had almost been tempting to leave it all on, just so she could always have the smell of this day on her. But that idea was quickly rejected for one of more common sense and Sarah was happily soaping herself up, washing away the stickiness and cleaning up for more.

What had happened downstairs had just been unbelievable. Sarah had thought she had done everything and maybe she had now, but until this day she had never had so many intoxicating experiences all at once.

She could never thank Alyson or Rose or anyone who helped enough for doing this. Nothing she had ever done had been this intense and this wonderful. Sarah never wanted to forget it…not a single detail.

Steam filled the bathroom as Sarah luxuriated her tired body under the water. Aly had told her that they had everything booked for the whole weekend and Sarah couldn’t wait to see what was coming next. She was probably going to have to sleep for about half a day now to renew her energy, but it was going to be worth it if more of this was planned for tomorrow.

She had her best friends and the sexiest women in the world there with her at a resort where getting laid was practically part of the brochure. This had to be heaven.

Sarah smiled and moaned while letting hot water cascade over her bare breasts, arousing her still swollen nipples, as she pictured the erotic delights that were no doubt waiting for her when she left her shower.

She had seen so many girls there that she had fantasized about being with but had never touched, girls like Lindsay and Maria and even the porno queen herself Jenna Jameson. She wanted to play with them all before this weekend was over…again and again. And Sarah also wanted more time with her little Michelle and her housemates.

She wanted them all fucking her and licking her and feeding her their sweet girl juices in a non-stop orgy of pussy that would put what they had just done to shame.

God, her pussy was getting wet again even after all the orgasms she’d just given it and Sarah couldn’t help but reach down for a soapy fingered stroke of her well fucked slit.

But just as she began moaning, there was suddenly a knock on the closed bathroom door that snapped her out of her daydreams.

Sarah opened the shower door to crane her neck out. She thought she had locked her door, so this was a bit surprising.

“Who is it?” she asked, wondering if it was some hotel worker and praying it wasn’t some sneaky paparazzi or worse.

Fortunately, Sarah was always happy to get a visit from the person on the other end of the door.

“It’s Love,” came the reply. “Can I come in? Aly gave me your key card.”

“Of course. You don’t even have to ask,” Sarah immediately and enthusiastically replied and the door then flew open, letting the steam fly out but also bringing in someone who never failed to make Sarah smile.

“Mmmm looks like fun in there,” Love giggled, her body wrapped in a fluffy white hotel robe. “Mind if I join?”

“Ok, but no grabbing any girly parts,” Sarah replied playfully. “I don’t think I can handle any more stimulation.”

“No promises,” Love smiled, eagerly dropping her robe and moving her otherwise naked body under the shower’s hot water with Sarah. “Mmmm when I’m with you I just can’t help myself.”

“Welllll I probably won’t end up putting up much of a fight if you…ohhhhhh Love that’s the spot…mmmmmm insist on touching me…” Sarah sighed as Love wrapped her arms around Sarah from behind and began kissing her neck. “Mmmmm I love how you touch me. I always will.”

“God, that was just wild, wasn’t it?” Love moaned over the still vivid memories. “I never expected to get that big but…wow…I’m still quivering from it.”

Sarah turned herself around in Love’s arms and tenderly kissed her housemate. Their hair was getting soaked and their bodies were shiny from the hot water as it made their sensitive skin pink.

There was nothing too carnal about their kisses and caresses even as their bare, wet tits inevitably rubbed together. It was all loving. Right then they weren’t even interested in fucking. They just wanted to be with each other and not hide any of the affection they felt.

“Me too,” Sarah agreed. “When you guys weren’t letting me come…I…I just never thought you were planning this.”

“You’re not still mad about the sex toys thing, are you?” Love inquired, her voice a little sheepish.

“Well I might have to give you a good spanking soon for what you did, but no I’m not mad,” Sarah replied. “I think you all earned your ways back onto my good side, even Rose.”

“Oooooh a spanking? You can do that anytime you like,” Love giggled as she turned around in the shower and stuck out her bare ass so Sarah could admire it as water flowed down her cheeks.

Sarah didn’t take the opportunity to give her housemate a smack, though. Instead she just caressed her glistening ass cheeks and made Love moan.

“God Love, did you have any idea it was going to be like that?” Sarah inquired as she lovingly took the washcloth she’d just been using on herself and began running it over Love’s bare back, letting the soapy water flow down to her ass. “Did you know there were going to be so many girls?”

“No…ohhhhhhhh I had no idea,” Love replied, unable to stop herself from moaning over Sarah’s touch. “I mean, I knew some of the girls were invited, but I never figured it was going to just be so…wow! I had no clue it was going to get so wild. I’d never done anything like that in my life.”

“Me neither,” Sarah said, as her touch on Love’s body began to get more sexual when her hands reached around front to cup her housemate’s soft mounds. “But can you just picture what we’re going to be able to do the rest of the weekend?”

“Mmmmmm Sarahhhh…yesssss…I just wanna do it all over…again and again and never stop…” Love groaned before getting serious. “But…but…we need to talk first though.”

“Talk? About what?” Sarah inquired.

She was happy just staring at Love’s naked body and letting the steam envelop them, but if her friend wanted to talk seriously then Sarah was always willing.

“Sarah I don’t know how to say this…so I just will,” Love stammered.

She’d been practicing this speech so many times, but now at the moment of truth, of course the words were leaving her. Luckily she was able to get her main point out.

“Don’t marry Freddie.”

“What?” Sarah gasped.

She had never expected Love to come to her like this. She knew none of them wanted her to get married, but she hadn’t expected them to just come out flat and say it. Did Love know her plan to leave the mansion after the wedding? No of course not. How could she? She hadn’t told anyone.

“I mean it Sarah, don’t marry him,” Love repeated, her face clearly showing the anxiety saying this was causing her. “This is so hard, but I feel like we’re going to lose you if you get married. I don’t want to lose you Sarah. I don’t want us to lose what we have now. You, me, Rose, Jewel…everyone. It’s perfect what we have. And I know that once you’re married it won’t be the same. I saw what it did to Jen and Freddie’s just not worth it. You know he’s not.”

“I love Freddie…” Sarah insisted. “I have to get…I mean I want to get married to him. Love, don’t do this to me!”

“I’m sorry Sarah!” Love replied sincerely from the heart. “I know this is a lot to dump on you and I didn’t mean to ruin everything this weekend by telling you, but I knew if I didn’t say this now I never would. Don’t marry him. I don’t want things to change between us. I know Freddie, remember, he’s just not worth it. I don’t want to lose you to him. I want you to be with us. We’re your friends Sarah. We’re your lovers. He could never love you and care for you as much as we do.”

“Love…I…I…I just can’t deal with this,” Sarah said, turning off the water and grabbing a towel as she exited the shower.

“Please don’t be mad Sarah,” Love begged, following her housemate. “I just had to tell you this.”

“I’m not mad,” Sarah replied honestly, turning to face Love and running her fingers through her dark, wet hair. “I just can’t handle all of this now. We’re getting married next week. I can’t just call it off…I mean I don’t want to call it off! I want to marry Freddy.”

“Please don’t Sarah,” Love said, taking Sarah’s hand in hers and kissing it pleadingly. “I don’t want you to marry him. I want you to stay with us. Please Sarah! I don’t want to lose you.”

Sarah didn’t know what to say. She hadn’t been expecting this and now she felt like she was being cornered by Love’s words.

She wished she had some kind of answer to give to her. Hell she wished she had one for herself. Everything had seemed so simple a minute ago. And now Sarah didn’t know what to do about anything.

* * * * * * * *

“Is that better?” Jennifer Garner asked as she rubbed soothing lotion on Jessica’s tender ass.

They were on the bed together in their room. Jessica was naked but Jennifer was in her robe and while the television was on, they weren’t paying it any attention.

“Mmmmm much,” Jessica sighed. “Thanks Jen. Thanks…you know…for everything. For everything with Avril and hell for just being here with me.”

“I don’t want to be anywhere else,” Jennifer smiled in response.

“Jen…I’ve been thinking, about us,” Jessica said, finally saying what had been on her mind heavily for the last little while. “It was wrong what I said before and I was rude to you. I didn’t mean to be. I was so selfish and it was wrong. I do want to be with you. I don’t think I even really knew how much until now. I was thinking that…well…if you wanted to try…you know…really being together…I’d want to try that too.”

“You don’t have to,” Jennifer replied, still gently rubbing lotion on Jessica’s sore spots. “You don’t have to pretend to want something just to make me happy. I was too clingy before. I came in with expectations you don’t have. I totally understand Jess. It’s cool…really.”

“No I do want it,” Jessica insisted, grabbing Jennifer’s hand and tenderly caressing it. “I know that now. I really care for you Jen. I was having too much fun to see it, but my eyes are open now baby. What you did for me just meant so much. I want us to be together and have fun together and….well…even have threesome and foursomes together.”

“But what about fivesomes?” Jennifer giggled, her heart fluttering a little with every passing word.

“Those too,” Jessica grinned. “You were there for me when I needed someone. Granted it was a different problem then most others have to deal with. But you were still there for me. I want to be there for you Jen. Let’s give this a try…you and me…together. There’s plenty of space in my room at the mansion.”

Jennifer so badly wanted to kiss Jessica and tell her yes…a million times yes. But she didn’t. She knew now they shouldn’t rush, especially after what Jessica had just been through.

“Let’s sleep on it,” Jennifer replied before giving Jessica a tender kiss. “We’ll see how we feel about it in the morning and we’ll go from there. Nice and easy.”

* * * * * * * *

Sleep was something that sounded good to a lot of the girls as they filled the majority of the resort’s rooms, exhausted from fucking each other silly.

Sleep had in fact already come to Britney and Christina’s room as Christina brushed her teeth in the bathroom and kept prattling on.

“I mean poor, poor Fluffy…he had to watch all that stuff and couldn’t do anything about it,” Christina laughed after spitting out her toothpaste and rinsing her mouth. “That poor dude. He’s probably jerking himself raw right now after watching all that dyking out. God, his balls must have been ready to explode. I have no idea how he didn’t lose it and just join in. That’s what I would have done if I was him. I would have ripped off my clothes and just fucked the first slut I saw. I should definitely give him a blowjob or something tomorrow to pay him back for being a good boy. God, I’ve never actually seen Fluffy’s cock. Mmmm I’ll bet it’s huge. Wanna help me with it Britney? Ooooh now that would be fun. Us sharing that big dick. Getting our slutty mouths all over it and making him pump that cum into our mouths and our faces. Mmmmmm yummy. I’ll bet he’d love to fuck us too and slam that thing into our tight little pussies. I always said you should get more black cock Britney, didn’t I? Britney? Hey Britney?”

But Britney was sound asleep when Christina emerged from the bathroom to check why she wasn’t responding. Britney was naked under the sheets, her chest rising and falling with each breath. She was a vision in silent beauty but Christina wasn’t in the mood to just appreciate her.

Christina shook her a little, but Britney only barely stirred and didn’t awaken, continuing with soft, dreamy breaths.

“Guess you got a little fucked out, huh Britney?” Christina sighed to her sleeping lover. “Mmmm Mandy’s gonna run us ragged I think. I can’t wait to find out what she’s got for us next.”

Mandy and Jenna had ended up getting a room together here and the singer was there now, but she had promised Britney and Christina that their punishment was going to continue in the morning. Not that they minded. They just hoped it involved more fucking and less watching and wanting.

Christina stared down at Britney as she slept, watching her friend’s blonde hair cling to her beautiful face.

God, what had happened? She and Britney had been such bitter enemies and now look at them. They were partners and so much more.

Christina had never experienced the feelings that Britney brought out in her. She never ever watched anyone sleep before. That was usually so boring. But this wasn’t.

It meant something to Christina to just watch Britney breath in her sleep and look forward to spending the next day with her. Before Christina had usually ditched her lovers in the night, not caring if she ever saw them again, but these days all she wanted was to spend every waking moment with the bubbly blonde.

All the time she spent with Britney was fun. It didn’t matter if they were fucking or talking or fucking or eating or fucking or anything. Christina hated being apart from Britney, even if it was just for a few days. Being with her made Christina’s heart smile.

For weeks now Christina had known something was happening inside her. She hadn’t wanted to admit it. Just like she hadn’t wanted to admit until their catfight that she’d wanted to fuck Britney.

But now, with her friend safely asleep, Christina could say it out loud for the first time.

“I love you Britney,” Christina whispered in her ear and made sure that Britney didn’t stir as she crawled under the cool sheets with her and wrapped her arm over her sleeping body.

Christina let her head hit the pillow and a smile crossed her face. She knew she was going to be smiling again in the morning and every time she woke up next to Britney.

* * * * * * * *

As it turned out, Christina hadn’t been the only girl there wondering how Fluffy was doing after witnessing hours upon hours of girl on girl fucking. But while the condition of her bodyguard was a source of giggling amusement to the singer, it was significantly more to Gwen Stefani.

Ever since she had caught a look at him while she was playing on the beach with Britney and Christina, he hadn’t been too far from her thoughts. Gwen just hadn’t been able to get him out of her mind. Even with her girlfriends making her feel so much pleasure that she was still shivering from it, Fluffy had kept reentering her thoughts.

Gwen couldn’t remember if he had ever said one word to her, and he certainly hadn’t made a move on her or anything, but for some reason she just couldn’t stop wondering about him.

She wondered if Christina and Britney were fucking him. She wondered what he looked like under his clothes. She wondered how big he was. She wondered how hard he’d gotten watching all the fun. And, God help her, she wondered how he would feel inside her.

Gwen hadn’t considered cheating on Gavin with another man in a long time. She had thought about doing it a few times after finding out about his infidelities, but before she had taken it too far she had been seduced by Jewel and the rest had been history.

All of Gwen’s straying since then had been focused on other girls, but now she was feeling urges that were too sexy and too powerful to ignore.

She could actually see herself doing it…approaching Fluffy and giving her body to him and letting him fuck her anywhere and everywhere until she’d drained his throbbing balls dry. And then she’d just get him hard for more.

It was so wicked and so hot and it had Gwen’s pussy sizzling with forbidden lusts. This weekend was supposed to be all about freedom and indulging in desires, but could she really take things that far? This wasn’t some sapphic exploration. She was a married woman. Could she really allow another man inside her?

Luckily Gwen didn’t have to keep these questions bottled up. She was in safe company and she knew she didn’t have to hide anything from the girls she had already shared so much with.

“Wow…would you really do that? Would you really let him fuck you?” Reese Witherspoon pressed, as she lay on the bed next to Gwen, the both of them naked as the day they were born and their bodies flushed with a pink post sex glow.

“Yes…I mean no…I mean…gawwwwwwd I don’t…I don’t know,” Gwen nervously replied as she tried to keep from giggling over the thought of indulging this desire. “I don’t even know if he’d want to. It just…it just turns me on so much to think about it.”

“Mmmmm I can see,” Reese smirked as she licked her lips at the sight of Gwen’s visibly hardening nipples. “You look like you’re gonna explode just from talking about it.”

“I don’t know where it started from,” Gwen explained. “I saw him staring at us on the beach and I started thinking about how hard he had to be getting and wondering how big his cock was and now it’s like all I can think about! It’s driving me crazy!”

“Have you ever…you know?” Reese inquired, pressing her body against Gwen’s so their tits were touching and their lips were but an inch apart.

“Been with a black guy?” Gwen finished Reese’s thought, making the actress blush a little.

“Noooooo…well that too…but what I was trying to ask was whether you’d ever been with another guy since you got married?” Reese asked.

“No…Have you?” Gwen replied. “And that’s the answer to both questions, by the way.”

“No,” Reese said, firmly shaking her head, even as a bit of a smile crossed her lips. “I…well…kind of have thought about it a few times. Like maybe having Ryan catch me with another guy so he can see how much he’s neglecting me. But I could never do it for real or anything. I could never be with another man.”

“Mmmmm but other women are still ok, right?” Gwen teased.

“What does this tell you?” Reese giggled before kissing Gwen and reaching around her back to squeeze the sculpted cheeks of her amazing ass.

That got Gwen doing some serious moaning and she returned the kiss to her fellow married woman with gusto. The two were soon in a serious make out session, but Fluffy wasn’t too far from their thoughts and now it was Reese who was starting to get very intrigued.

“I wonder how big it is,” Reese suddenly thought aloud.

“Huh?” Gwen asked, distracted enough by the feel of Reese’s tits against hers to keep up with the zig zags of their conversation.

“You know the guy you’ve been talking about non stop for the last twenty minutes,” Reese laughed. “His cock…I wonder how big it is? You know, whether it’s true what they say…”

Reese didn’t finish her thought, but it wasn’t like she had to. Gwen was thinking the same thing. Both girls knew it was a stereotype to make an assumption like that, but it didn’t stop them from wondering and lusting.

“What’s his name again?” Reese inquired. “I mean if I’m gonna be thinking about what it’s like to fuck him, I really oughta know his name.”

“Christina said his name’s Fluffy,” Gwen answered and got a very skeptical look from Reese. “I know it sounds strange, but she said that’s what he’s named. I’ve heard her call him it a bunch of times and he didn’t seem to mind.”

“Fluffy…” Reese repeated, trying out the name on her lips. “Mmmm I’ll bet he’s gotta be so fucking huge. Gawwwwd I bet he’d fill up a pussy so nice.”

“Reese!” Gwen gasped happily, a little surprised at her friend’s bluntness even though their thoughts were the same.

“What? You think you’re the only married girl who can have a fantasy here?” Reese grinned, her face blushing a little from her own horniness. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like…to be with a black guy, you know? It’s crazy, but it just seems so naughty and wrong to want it…but growing up down South I always wondered…”

“Yeah,” Gwen replied as her body started heating up again from the fantasies in her head.

Gwen could so easily picture herself shredding her vows once and for all and giving herself to Britney and Christina’s strong protector. Even after all she’d done there was still the tiny thought it didn’t count because it was with girls. But this would have been some serious cheating and Gwen couldn’t hide how wet she was getting thinking about it.

Her pussy seemed ready to drip as she fantasized about stripping Fluffy down and sucking him off, swallowing his cock and taking as much of it in her wet and willing mouth as she played with his balls and made him shoot down her throat before she got him hard again so he could fuck her. But now she wasn’t alone in these fantasies and Gwen didn’t hesitate to add Reese to the fun.

A single moan passed Gwen’s lips as she pictured sharing Fluffy with Reese, their two hot mouths attacking his cock. Gwen could see it now…the two of them naked on the bed and on their hands and knees, pushing their asses out as they both begged Fluffy to fuck them…in any hole he wanted. He would take turns on them…pounding them and filling them up so good as they traded frantic kisses back and forth while sweat and cum poured from their bodies.

Gwen cast a gaze over toward Reese and she saw the actress had the same look in her eye that she knew she herself did. The fantasy was growing in strength inside them but then there was a sudden reminder that they weren’t alone.

“Hey, what are you guys doing?” Michelle Branch said as she exited the bathroom, a pink towel wrapped around her otherwise naked body fresh from the bathtub. “You guys look weird. Is everything ok?”

“Mmmmmmmm just fine,” Reese giggled as she stretched her nude body out on the bed like a cat, her voice coming out heavy and aroused.

“No…c’mon, what are you two talking about?” Michelle pressed, her hair still wet after her relaxing time in a bubble bath.

She had needed some time to unwind and get as far away as she could from Avril and all that drama as she could for a while. She hadn’t wanted to go back to their room yet, and fortunately Gwen had offered her a chance to crash and soak.

But now Michelle was getting very curious about what Gwen and Reese were up to and the more they eluded her questions, the more she had to know.

“Nothing…just fantasizing,” Gwen replied.

“It’s more than that,” Michelle said, sinking down on the bed with them. “C’monnnnnn tell me.”

“We were just thinking about Christina’s bodyguard,” Gwen admitted. “He was stuck watching all that sex and couldn’t get off.”

“So, what are you gonna do, go over to his room and give him a blow job?” Michelle joked, laughing until she saw how serious Gwen and Reese were about that. “What? Really? You were really thinking about that?”

“Maybe,” Reese cagily answered. “What about you Michelle? Ever been with a black guy before?”

“Ummmmmm…no…” Michelle blushed furiously. “I’ve actually…well…I’ve never been with a guy before.”

That confession certainly got Gwen and Reese’s attentions.

“Seriously?” Reese marveled. “You’ve never fucked a guy before?”

“No,” Michelle admitted, her face crimson as she regretted saying anything at all. “I mean it’s not like I’m a virgin or anything, duh, but I’ve just never been with a guy before. I’ve always been into girls.”

“Wow, you’ve never even thought about it?” Gwen asked.

“Well, I wouldn’t say that,” Michelle smiled, her embarrassment fading. “I’ve just never done anything about it.”

“Maybe we ought to bring you to Fluffy’s room,” Gwen wickedly suggested. “We can corrupt you up Michelle and get you some cock for the first time.”

Michelle laughed off the idea but she again saw how serious Gwen and Reese were taking it.

“C’mon, be serious,” Michelle said. “We didn’t come down here to fuck guys.”

“Yeah, but I can’t stop thinking about this,” Gwen admitted.

“Me either,” Reese declared, her fantasies flowing inside her brain. “God, it’s been so long since I really got fucked…by a man. Ryan he’s just not…he can’t do it and God, Fluffy just looks so big. Mmmmm I can’t stop thinking about sucking his cock and then letting him fuck me…ughhhhhhh filling my little pink pussy with his big black cock…so fucking naughty.”

“Wow,” Michelle remarked, her pussy getting wet under her towel as she pictured watching that happen to Reese. “That does sound hot.”

“Yessssss so fucking hot,” Gwen groaned as she began touching herself.

Gwen then turned her head toward Reese and saw her eyes filling with intense lust. They both shared the same thought. There had been enough talk. They either had to do this or shut up about it.

“Do you think we should…” Gwen began to ask before she answered her own question.

It was crazy. But it was a need Gwen knew she couldn’t ignore and Reese felt the same way. She had wanted to be a bad girl this weekend and this was being very bad.

Nothing more needed to be said. Before they could think of any reason to not do it, Gwen and Reese were out the door and running toward Fluffy’s room, with a curious Michelle right behind them.

They didn’t bother with their clothes and, as the door closed behind them, it occurred to them that they had probably locked themselves out of their room, but right now that wasn’t something they gave a damn about.

The two naked girls streaked through the hallways lustfully giggling as their hearts pounded and a towel clad Michelle tried to catch up. Their hearts were skipping beats in their chest as they approached the room of their destinies.

Christina had made a big deal earlier about which room Fluffy’s was and how he was there if anyone needed him. Well now Gwen and Reese both needed him, but it wasn’t to protect them. It was for something much more important.

Like excited schoolgirls and not the powerful women they were every other day of the year, Reese and Gwen pounded on Fluffy’s door with frantic knocking. And a few seconds was all it took for the door to open and reveal the seven-foot tall, muscular object of their desires.

“Is everything ok?” Fluffy asked warily, his mind entirely focused on the bodyguard’s code. If these girls needed help, he was duty bound to protect them.

“We need you Fluffy,” Gwen gasped as she, Reese and Michelle piled into the room.

“What? What’s wrong?” Fluffy demanded, ready to spring into action at a second’s notice. But even he wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

“We need this!” Reese declared as she reached forward and grasped her hand onto the bodyguard’s crotch.

Fluffy’s eyes shot open in shock as Reese suddenly began massaging his cock. He’d been about to go to sleep and was dressed only in boxer shorts and a t-shirt. This was the last thing he had expected and it sent him into stunned silence as Reese touched him. This gave Gwen the perfect chance to strain herself up and plant a kiss right on Fluffy’s lips.

“Poor Fluffy…you must have been miserable in there…watching all those hot girls fucking each other and not getting to play,” Gwen purred, not believing she was doing this but loving every naughty second of it. “We can make you feel better. We can make you feel a lot better!”

Fluffy’s head was swimming. He had come prepared to deal with every conceivable threat to his charges but this wasn’t something he had planned for.

Emotional and physical contact with a protectee was strictly forbidden under the bodyguard’s code. Even after everything he had witnessed since going to work for Christina, he had never made a move and had never expected one to be made toward him.

“I…I can’t,” Fluffy protested, trying not to focus on how good Reese’s eager, soft touch was. “The bodyguard’s code…I…it can’t be broken.”

“Mmmmm but you’re not our bodyguard, are you?” Gwen pointed out, feeling like a teenager again as she pressed her naked body to Fluffy’s. “You don’t work for us so you can have as much fun as you want.”

“And you want to have fun, I can feel it,” Reese added with a twinkle in her eye as she wrapped her delicate hand around the bodyguard’s rapidly stiffening cock. “Ooooooh I can feel you want to have a lot of fun.”

“Lemme touch it too,” Gwen begged before shoving her hand into Fluffy’s boxers along with Reese’s, making the man groan.

Fluffy had been trained to withstand torture, but there never had been any training to respond to this. The two girls grasped his cock and stroked it with passionate curiosity as he tried to get a grip on his own spinning brain.

Reese and Gwen took turns stretching up to kiss Fluffy as they let go of the last of their inhibitions as their hands caressed his stiffening rod. Just by touch alone they could feel he was as big as they had dreamed he would be. Their two hands couldn’t even come close to getting all of it and Fluffy wasn’t even hard for them yet.

“Don’t fight us,” Gwen urged, pulling up Fluffy’s t-shirt so she could swipe her tongue over his nipples. “You want us too. Don’t pretend you don’t. Watching all that hot fucking and those slutty girls eating each other out and not being able to do anything, you must have been in hell. But we don’t just like pussy, you know. We like cock too.”

“And right now we really want to like your cock,” Reese moaned, getting wetter with each stroke she took of Fluffy’s shaft. “Give it to us Fluffy! We need you! Mmmmm we need your big black cock so fucking bad!”

The pure lust these two celebrities were oozing for him had Fluffy groaning with lust, making it harder and harder for him to resist their advances.

It had indeed been hell for him to watch those girls in there. He wasn’t made of stone. He had been trained to see everything and see nothing, but how could he ignore an orgy of the most beautiful women in the world? It was asking too much.

His cock had been throbbing from the time Sarah had suffered through her first lap dance and nothing since had cooled it down. Now he had two beautiful women begging for him and he couldn’t say no.

“Get on the bed!” Gwen ordered, playfully taking control of the situation. “We want you naked for us, stud! We want you to give us every fucking thing you’ve got.”

Part of Fluffy was still resisting, but he wasn’t truly putting up too much of a fight. With two soft hands fondling his aching cock, how could he?

The promise of ecstasy was overwhelming his devotion to the code. He tried to think of anything non-erotic to get his mind off what Reese and Gwen were doing to him, but he couldn’t. Nothing could distract him from the two horny girls.

Even though Fluffy was significantly stronger and larger, Reese and Gwen had no trouble pushing him away from the door and into the bedroom. He was helpless against the desires of the two naked girls and when they pushed him down onto the soft bed they really got to work.

“You aren’t nearly naked enough,” Gwen moaned, pulling off Fluffy’s shirt and then doing what she’d been dying to do all day and reaching down for Fluffy’s boxers.

With a hard tug she yanked them down his legs and exposed the cock she had been hungering for. His length slapped Reese in the face and she giggled in delight at the sensation. Fluffy’s cock had to be damn near a foot of solid masculinity and Gwen and Reese both longed to feel it deep inside them.

But the most visible reaction didn’t come from either of them. As soon as Fluffy was stripped there was an aroused gasp from the other end of the room.

The two girls turned around to see Michelle standing in the bedroom’s doorway covering her mouth with her hand as she marveled at Fluffy’s size. Her eyes were afire and the towel seemed to cling to her body like skin now as she felt her pulse quicken and her libido sizzle.

“Mmmmm looks so yummy,” Reese moaned as she turned her attention back toward Fluffy, her marriage vows completely ignored in the cock hungry frenzy she was now in.

Reese didn’t say another word. She wrapped her hands around Fluffy’s sizable prick and held it up so she could flick her tongue over the dark mushroom head. Fluffy groaned on the bed as Reese took her first taste of him and those groans got louder when Gwen added her mouth to the mix.

“Hey I wanted him first,” Gwen pouted before sliding her tongue up the throbbing shaft of cock meat and getting her own lingering taste of Fluffy.

She licked all the way up his cock until her tongue met Reese’s at the head. The two girls then flicked their tongues together, pausing for a kiss, before getting back to work on satisfying Fluffy’s obvious needs. They shared his cock with a lustful enthusiasm that their husbands had failed to inspire in them for a long time.

While Michelle gawked, her heart pounding in her chest at the sight of this live sex show, Reese and Gwen worked together to claim Fluffy’s cock for themselves. There was no resistance left in the bodyguard and his hands moved to the back of their heads to make sure they stayed in place. Each flick of their tongue or touch of their lips to his cock brought moans from Fluffy and he began to assert himself.

“That’s it,” Fluffy urged, guiding Reese’s head to down to his balls. “Show me how wild you girls like to get. I’ve seen so many of you fucking each other’s wet pussies. Now let’s see if you can handle some cock!”

Reese didn’t have to be told what to do. Her mouth had been watering for this. With his strong hand still at the back of her head, Reese pushed Fluffy’s cock upward and feasted herself on his cum filled sacs.

Saliva dripped out of Reese’s mouth as she tongued Fluffy’s balls with lustful licks and then opened her mouth wide to suck them in one at a time, moving back and forth with wanton eagerness.

It was like she had finally lost all sexual control of herself and Reese loved it. This was making her so fucking wet that she knew she could cum just from the taste of Fluffy’s balls in her mouth.

Reese felt so wild and hedonistic and pleasure pulsed inside her nude body. With starving moans Reese sucked Fluffy’s into her wet mouth, trying to fit as much as she could all at once and becoming visibly frustrated when she couldn’t fit them both in at once.

She had never acted this way to Ryan. But then again he had never turned her on as much as she was then, naked in bed with a man she barely knew but whose cock she was desperate for.

Reese’s attention to Fluffy’s balls left his cock all to Gwen and the singer took full advantage. Having been married for a few years now, it had been some time since Gwen had given a blowjob but her skills hadn’t abandoned her in that time. Gwen had always prided herself on being great at oral sex and she wanted Fluffy to experience the best of her cocksucking abilities.

Gwen sucked on the head of Fluffy’s cock, forming a tight suction around it as she pushed her head down lower, beginning to bob up and down on her new lover. Saliva oozed out of Gwen’s mouth as she sucked Fluffy off and her hand wrapped around his pulsing shaft to make sure her spit was spread everywhere it needed to be.

Soon she got her hand and mouth working in rhythm and Gwen jacked Fluffy off while she sucked him, spreading her saliva all over his cock so she could take him even deeper into her mouth.

Sounds of deep contentment came from Gwen’s muffled mouth as she went down on Fluffy, taking more and more of his cock inside. Her moans were almost hums as she sucked him while dreaming of deep throating his huge cock.

Both Reese and Gwen’s bare tits pressed into Fluffy’s legs as he lay back on the bed, experiencing nothing but the ecstasy that could only come from two beautiful women pleasuring him.

The feel of both Gwen and Reese’s swollen nipples touching his flesh sent pulses of pleasure through Fluffy. Their wet mouths were driving him to heights of desire he hadn’t felt in years. Working for Christina was almost a 24-hour job and there was so little time where Fluffy wasn’t on the clock. There hadn’t been any chances in so long for him to concentrate on his own pleasure until now.

Now his pleasure was all he could concentrate on and Fluffy was in heaven from it. He had two girls squealing with delight as his strong hands held them to his cock and balls and all he had to do was look over to see a third.

Michelle looked seventeen shades of flustered as she tried to take it all in what was happening. This was beyond any of the lust she had seen before with these girls and for the first time Michelle was really thinking about what it would feel like to have a man inside her, especially a man like Fluffy.

It wasn’t like she had never thought about being with a guy. She had just always wanted girls more. But now Michelle could feel herself getting lost in the moment just from watching. Her towel felt like it was stifling her and she flung it off onto the floor, exposing her naked body. Michelle was covered in a sheen of nervous, excited perspiration and her pussy ached with desire from watching her friends take on Fluffy and his big cock.

Michelle cooed in ecstasy as she ran her fingers over her smooth, shaved slit and hungrily sucked her own digits clean, tasting her aroused juices and smiling. She gawked at Fluffy’s cock as it disappeared into Gwen’s mouth, the singer’s pink lips wrapped around it. He was so huge. It was like a bottle was going into Gwen’s mouth and Michelle licked her lips as she pictured opening her own mouth for that dark, delicious meat.

She had never wanted to be with a guy more than she did now, but Michelle held back. She didn’t want to make a move…not until she was really sure she wanted to do this. Instead she lay back and touched herself as Gwen and Reese double teamed Fluffy.

“Talk to us stud,” Reese purred, drool dribbling down her chin as she pulled her flushed face up to take in some breath. “Tell us how much you love what we’re doing to you! Mmmmm you like me sucking on your balls Fluffy? You like filling my famous mouth with your big balls you fucking stud?”

Fluffy was on such a high from this oral treatment that he hadn’t been expecting to have to talk. Reese’s words snapped him out of his fog though and he gave the obvious answer to a question like that.

“Ohhhhhh fuck yessssssssss I love it!” Fluffy groaned. His job was so stressful and demanding at times and it was like Gwen and Reese were sucking all that tension away.

“Naughty little sluts needed more huh…didn’t get enough from the party,” Fluffy’s aroused voice filled the eager ears of his two lovers. “Now you need some fucking cock huh? Well I’ve got all you girls need. Plenty for you all to share…yeah I’m talking to you too. You want a taste of my cock too, don’t you little girl?”

The question startled Michelle and she didn’t know how to respond other than to moan and keep touching herself. She didn’t say a word and instead replied by moving her juice coated fingers up to her bare tits to pinch her already swollen nipples, getting the firm flesh sticky with her own feminine desire.

“Mmmmmmm we all want a taste of you Fluffy,” Gwen practically growled, pulling her mouth off the bodyguard and keeping his saliva coated prick in the snug grasp of her hand. “Give it to us Fluffy! Give us this beautiful black cock you’ve been hiding from us for so long! Oooooooooh is Chrissy sucking this fucking monster every night? If she isn’t then she’s a fucking idiot! Mmmmmmm I can’t get enough of it!”

Gwen then proved that point by shoving her mouth back down onto Fluffy and sucking him deeper than ever. By now Reese had pulled away from his balls and had rejoined Gwen at his cock. Their two tongues licked everywhere, showering him in their spit, but Reese wanted more.

“Gwen…I want a taste too,” Reese pouted. “Don’t hog it!”

“Let her taste it! Let her get her mouth on my cock!” Fluffy ordered and Gwen wasn’t inclined to deny him anything at this point.

But first Gwen playfully slapped Reese’s face with Fluffy’s cock, making Reese coo as the engorged organ smacked her skin and spent saliva and precum flying over her face. Gwen did it again and again, smacking Reese with it and making the actress’ lust grow each time.

“Ohhhhhh don’t tease!” Reese panted. “Give me that cock Gwen! Give me that huge fucking cock right now!”

Even though she was having fun teasing, Gwen relented and held Fluffy’s cock steady. Reese let her mouth form an “O” and she leaned down to take him into her mouth. She could taste Gwen’s spit and Fluffy’s pre cum all over the dark head and she didn’t hesitate to start sucking, working her mouth over Fluffy’s cock with all she had.

“Yessssss let him fill your mouth,” Gwen hissed, her juices running down her legs like a molten lava eruption of sex. “Mmmmm you look so fucking nasty now Reese…sucking that big black cock into your pretty mouth. Take it all girl. Take that huge cock deep into your mouth!”

Reese savored the hot flavor of Fluffy’s cock in her mouth. It had been so long since a man had turned her on this much. Ryan couldn’t even begin to compare to this naked god she had in front of her and Reese worshipped his cock with the reverence it demanded. As Gwen and Fluffy used their hands to guide her head, Reese bobbed up and down on the bodyguard’s stiff pole, working inch after inch of his dramatic length down her throat.

“Mmmmmm fucking nasty girls!” Fluffy moaned. “This is what you wanted, huh? Rich little white girls desperate for my cock! You’re all the same and I fucking love it! Work those mouths on me! Both of you! All three of you! I’ve got enough for you and all your friends! You want this cock of mine so bad, then show me you fucking deserve it!”

That was a challenge they were certainly up for and Gwen proved it by taking her turn at Fluffy’s balls. She licked down whatever inches of his shaft that weren’t crammed in Reese’s mouth and onto Fluffy’s throbbing balls, making him stiffen and groan on the bed. They already had a sizzling saliva glaze on them, but Gwen knew they could use more and she got her tongue to work.

And just when Fluffy didn’t think it could get any better, his wish came true and two became three. He hadn’t seen her crawl onto the bed, but Fluffy suddenly found his lips covered by Michelle’s. The naked singer pressed herself to him and took his tongue into her mouth, experiencing a man for the first time.

Fluffy kissed Michelle with passion. This wasn’t the quick pecks Reese and Gwen had took from his lips before. This was a real kiss and one that was much appreciated. As cock crazy as Gwen and Reese were, this meant more to Fluffy. Michelle’s needy kiss showed that she wanted more than just his cock.

He had no illusions about what this was. And hell he’d certainly fantasized about doing just this while watching all the action before, but he didn’t want just to be a piece of meat for Reese and Gwen. Michelle’s kiss was sexy and tender, while still oozing sex and Fluffy didn’t hesitate to give right into it, letting her young lips press to his and sucking the girl’s tongue right back when she gave him the chance.

“Do you want me too?” Michelle asked as innocently as she could in the middle of a naked foursome. “Do you really want me to be naked with you Fluffy? Do you want me to kiss you and touch you and mmmmmmm ride you?”

The answer to those questions was clear and Michelle didn’t even wait around for them. She pulled away from Fluffy’s lips and began kissing all over his chest, letting her instincts guide her as she ran her tongue over the smooth, muscled flesh, pausing only to tease his nipples. Fluffy moaned blissfully and Michelle kept it up, sucking and letting her teeth graze his hard nipples as she sought to give him pleasure.

And pleasure was certainly what Fluffy was experiencing. It had taken all of his discipline and will not to just let loose with his load all over Reese and Gwen and it was getting harder to hold on. He was approaching the point of no return and the way his cock was jumping in her mouth made that perfectly obvious to Reese.

“Oooooooooh fuck he’s gonna come!” Reese giggled excitedly when she pulled off. “Come in my mouth Fluffy! Fucking fill me with all your cum!”

That sounded real good to Fluffy, but not so good to Gwen, who had plans of her own.

“NO!” Gwen cried, pulling herself up and shoving Reese out of the way before she could take Fluffy back in her mouth. She had waited all this time and even a second more seemed like agony.

“Hey!” Reese whined, but her friend ignored her. “No fair!”

“Fuck me Fluffy!” Gwen begged. “Please! Ever since we were on the beach I’ve wanted that cock inside me! I can’t wait for you to get hard again! I need you now! Fuck me! God, please fuck me Fluffy!”

The heat and desperation in Gwen’s frantic eyes showed she wasn’t kidding about not wanting to wait. As close as he was to coming, Fluffy didn’t argue with that kind of intensity. Besides, as good as a woman’s mouth felt, he knew all too well that a pussy felt even better.

“On your hands and knees,” Fluffy ordered, getting up off his back, his thick cock bobbing hypnotically to the three girls on the bed,

“Oh yesssssssssssssss…” Gwen mewed as she obeyed and got herself in doggie style position in front of Fluffy. “Fuck me Fluffy! Fill me all the way up with that monster cock! I fucking need it so bad!”

“Yeah? You wanna get fucked?” Fluffy grinned, exerting some control on the horny singer by slapping his cock against her bare, sculpted ass cheeks. “You want this pussy stuffed with my big cock?”


As pissed off as she was to have been denied Fluffy’s cum, Reese had to admit it was really turning her on to see Gwen act like this. The singer never seemed like someone who lost control but now she was braying like a banshee for Fluffy’s cock and Reese knew she’d be acting the same way if she was on her hands and knees with that stud behind her.

“PLEAAAAAAAAAASE!!!” Gwen begged as Fluffy started rubbing his cock head against her slit, teasing her with the promise of penetration but not giving her what she needed most. “POUND MY PINK PUSSY WITH YOUR BLACK COCK FLUFFY!!! MAKE ME YOUR FAMOUS LITTLE BITCH FLUFFY!!! I’LL BE YOUR FUCKING CELEBRITY COCK SLUT IF YOU’LL JUST FUCK ME!!! CHRISSY WON’T GIVE IT UP TO YOU BUT YOU CAN TAKE MY CUNT LIKE YOU FUCKING OWN IT!!!”

Michelle and Reese’s jaws were practically on the floor to see a composed woman like Gwen act like that. She was a role model to both of them and now her sluttiness was putting Britney and Christina to shame. Both girls loved what they saw, though, and began touching each other with frenzied hand grabs and kisses.

“Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhh I love it when you girls talk like that!” Fluffy admitted as he knocked off the teasing and began pushing his cock into Gwen’s snatch. “I love hearing you rich, famous girls turn into nasty, dirty talk spewing sluts just to get at each other’s pussies! Fuck! I nearly came so many fucking times watching you all in there!”

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Gwen kept pleading, her voice calming down and getting huskier and lustier as she finally felt the sweet penetration she had longed for.

She groaned wantonly as Fluffy started filling her up, the tight pink lips of her sex wrapping around his thick cock. Gwen felt a delicious tension grip her body and it seemed like all the little hairs on her body stood up. She had never been with anyone this big before and she didn’t want this pleasure to ever stop.

“Give it to me hard Fluffy!” Gwen panted. “I’ve had so much fucking pussy but I need cock too! I need your cock you goddamn stud! Fuck me hard and fast! Fuck my slutty tight pussy like a fucking man should! OOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHH FUCKING BETTER THAN GAVIN!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS YOU LIKE HEARING THAT STUD, HOW YOU’RE FUCKING ME BETTER THAN MY HUSBAND EVER COULD?”

Being a red blooded, heterosexual male, Fluffy loved hearing it. He still couldn’t believe this was happening, but it was no dream. Being around such famous girls and seeing them do such slutty things to each other had given him such vivid fantasies. He wasn’t dead inside. He wasn’t a machine. But he had never made a move toward any of them. It wouldn’t have been right to do so.

But now that he had these girls begging for him, Fluffy wasn’t going to hold back. He was going to give these girls everything he had.

“Good girl! Take that cock! Take it deep in your pussy!” Fluffy grunted, Gwen’s cunt lips clinging to his swollen cock as he thrust into her. “Gonna fuck you so good you’re gonna come back for more every night! I see how much you love fucking all those girls, but a pussy this hot needs some fucking meat inside it! And I’m gonna give it all to you…to all of you!”

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhh give it to all of us Fluffy!” Reese cried, still smarting over being shoved out of the way and desperate for her own chance. “You have to fuck all of us! Our pussies need that beautiful cock so fucking bad! I’m so wet for you stud! I need you to fuck me next!”

“And me!” Michelle added, not wanting to be forgotten now that she’d finally found the courage to get involved. “I want you too Fluffy! I’ve never been with a man and I want you to be my first! I want to feel that fucking cock inside me! You have to fuck me too!”

Even as he started giving it to Gwen with harder thrusts, Fluffy turned his head to see how sincere Michelle was. How could a girl that beautiful never have been with a man before? But she was telling truth. He could see it in her eyes and his cock throbbed inside Gwen at the idea of being Michelle’s first.

Gwen’s pussy was so tight and the prospect of being able to penetrate an even tighter one filled Fluffy with desire for the young singer. Michelle looked so innocent yet so wanton at the same time as she and Reese hungrily kissed and touched each other and Fluffy’s balls ached for her…for all three of them.

He didn’t take Gwen too hard. He knew he could easily hurt her and he was too experienced a lover to make a mistake like that. Fluffy let Gwen’s cunt adjust to the size of his prick while he pushed inside her, throbbing as he filled her pink folds. She felt so good and so tight around his dick that he wanted this to last.

Sweat began to drip off Fluffy’s chest and onto Gwen’s bare back, which was already glowing with sexual perspiration. Even though he couldn’t see her face, Fluffy still had a hell of a view of Gwen’s toned ass cheeks, jiggling with every passionate thrust he took. His dark skin smacked into her pale body in a perfect mesh of colors and the two of them were sharing animalistic grunts as they fucked.

“OHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWD!!!” Gwen cried out when Fluffy his a particularly sensitive spot with his cock. “MORRRRRRRRE! OOOOOH GIVE IT TO ME FLUFFY!!! SO GOOD!!! YESSSSSSSS YOUR COCK FEELS SOOOOOO FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOD!!!”

Gwen had never felt this filled before in her life. Being with Fluffy was everything she’d wanted and more. She could barely take him all in, but she couldn’t get enough of how that cock felt in her pussy. She was so wet and every thrust made her wetter. She was practically seeing stars and those stars started exploding in her eyes when Fluffy’s hand slammed down on her bare ass, making a sizzling slapping sound on her horny flesh.

“Oh yeah it’s as good as you wanted, huh? Take this whole cock inside you girl. Show me how much you want my fucking hard rod deep in your famous white girl pussy!” Fluffy spit out passionately while his hand took it to Gwen’s ass expertly.


Reese couldn’t take it anymore. She had to come. She wanted to feel Fluffy’s cock inside her more than she’d ever wanted anything. She was the naughty cheating bitch! Not Gwen! She was the one who wanted to go absolutely wild away from her husband! She was the one who wanted to be fucked and spanked by this stud!

But as frustrated as she was that she wasn’t the one feeling Fluffy’s cock inside her, Reese couldn’t push Gwen away. She couldn’t be that cruel. So she knew she’d have to settle for the next best thing.

Pulling away from Michelle, Reese crawled over to Gwen’s face and lay back, spreading her legs wide. She exposed the dripping folds of her pussy and reached up to grasp Gwen’s head by her hair.

“Lick!” was Reese’s simple command and Gwen, her whole body afire with pleasure, immediately complied.

Reese’s aroused cries joined Gwen’s and Fluffy’s as the singer lapped away at her already creamy cunt. Reese was already close to coming just from watching the action and, even in her distracted state, Gwen’s practiced tongue expertly stimulated her.

“Oooooooooooh mmmmmmmm yesssssss Gwen!” Reese shrieked happily. “Lick me while he fucks you! Mmmm Fluffy, you loved watching us all fuck downstairs and now you get to see it up close! You get to see how good this whore eats pussy!”

Gwen’s eyes glazed over with lust as Reese’s mouth spit out again and again what a whore and a slut she was. She used to never act like this and the first trip to the mansion had changed everything. She never wanted to go back to how things were before. This was who she was…a wanton sexual being who seized what she wanted.

That was just what Michelle wanted to be too and she wasn’t about to sit to the side anymore. She crawled to Fluffy and moaned as she ran her hands over his toned, muscular ass and up his back as she kissed the back of his neck. It felt so good to touch him as he thrust into Gwen and Michelle couldn’t help but reach down and grasp his bouncing balls in her hand.

This got a loud, happy moan from Fluffy and Michelle’s face broke into a proud grin from ear to ear. She could make this man feel good. She could make his balls throb in her hand and she couldn’t wait to show off what else she could do when she got him inside her mouth and her pussy and…oh gawwwwwwd…her ass too. God, that would just be insane, but she wanted it. She wanted Fluffy to take all her holes and make him hers.

“So big,” Michelle groaned as she played with Fluffy’s balls, feeling them swell for her. She reached up even more to touch his slick shaft and suddenly a wicked impulse hit her. She knew just what she had to do.

Michelle placed herself flat on her back and craned her head up so her tongue could swipe Fluffy’s balls as they swung back in forth in time with his trusts. She licked at them and captured them in her mouth, sucking on them to show off before really getting to what she wanted.

Gwen’s moans turned into high, happy squeals when she suddenly felt a tongue invade her stuffed pussy. Michelle got a rush of girl juice practically squirting out onto her waiting face and she began licking harder. The young singer licked Fluffy’s cock as he fucked Gwen and pushed her tongue over her friend’s pussy each time he filled her.

Both Fluffy and Gwen ached and moaned from Michelle’s tongue working the both of them over. The bodyguard was too deep into Gwen for her to lick the head of his cock, but there was plenty of his swollen shaft for her to get at and she took full advantage. Michelle kept her tongue strokes in synch with Fluffy’s thrusts and she licked the both of them in perfect timing.

“Gonna come!!! Gonna fucking come!” Gwen breathlessly announced, her whole body shaking in anticipation.

“Do it Gwen! Soak his fucking cock so he’ll be nice and ready to fuck me!” Reese commanded before pushing Gwen’s face back into her pussy. “Cream that cock with all your yummy cum and I’ll suck it good! Mmmmmmm I’ll fucking suck that huge cock all the way down before I let him tear me open!”

Reese’s promises made what Fluffy was feeling from Gwen and Michelle even more intense. He was so close to just letting loose inside the singer, but he held on. He didn’t want to come until she did. He had to push her over first.

Fortunately he didn’t have to wait long. Fluffy could feel Gwen’s pussy clamping down tightly and he thrust into her again, giving her another well struck spanking in the process. All of the stimulation Fluffy gave her combined with Michelle’s efforts to give Gwen the explosion she had been looking for.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Gwen screamed before Reese’s pussy muffled her orgasm again.

Passionate, wild screams shot out of Gwen’s mouth into the soft, wet cushion of Reese’s pinkness and her body shook around Fluffy’s cock. Sweet, hot girl cream coated his thick cock and dripped down onto Michelle’s tongue, where it was quickly and eagerly lapped up.

Gwen’s cunt spasmed repeatedly and her folds were still throbbing when Fluffy finally pulled out of her. He didn’t want to presume where Gwen would want him to come, but he knew that he couldn’t hold out much longer. Fluffy began beating his own meat, seeking to push himself over, but that was scarcely necessary.

“Let us do that!” Michelle excitedly offered, wrapping her hand around Fluffy’s cream covered cock and stroking it vigorously, taking her first touch of his full length. “Come for us Fluffy!”

“No! Come on us!” Reese added, coming up with an even better idea. “Come all over our faces baby! Soak our slutty skin with your cock cream!”

That was a request Fluffy was happy to fulfill and he let Reese and Michelle scoot their faces under his cock. Even though her brain was fogged by orgasm, Gwen joined them right after and their three tongues and hands lapped away at his aching cock.

Michelle tongued Fluffy’s cock head, getting a taste of a man while Reese and Gwen licked up his shaft and played with his balls. But it didn’t matter who was doing what because, after all that had happened, nothing was stopping this tidal wave.

“AGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Fluffy roared as he unloaded his cum all over the girls.

Streams of white spit out onto Reese, Gwen and Michelle and they all cooed and gasped for more as they lay side by side by side. Reese and Gwen hungrily stuck their tongues out to catch all they could and, feeling a man’s cum for the first time, Michelle squealed in happy surprise.

Fluffy’s cock twitched again and again, his balls emptying onto the waiting faces of his lovers. Michelle loved the feel of the ropes striking her skin, slapping her chin and up to her nose. Fluffy’s streams were so powerful they easily traveled from Michelle to Gwen, with Reese getting soaked in the middle.

Cum hit their chins and down to their tits while drops flew up to their forehead and into their hair. Fluffy groaned and grunted with each stream of cum and finally slumped back onto the bed, happily gasping in pleasure.

“Damn, you girls are wild,” Fluffy groaned.

“And we’re just getting started,” Michelle giggled.

Cum was dripping off her face but she didn’t care. She wasn’t going to pause to clean up. Let it dry there. There was only one thing Michelle wanted.

Before Fluffy even had a chance to begin to catch his breath, Michelle lunged forward and took his soft cock into her mouth. She began stroking the slick, still thick piece of meat and opened her mouth wide for her first real taste of a cock. She tried to copy what she’d just seen Reese and Gwen do and, judging from Fluffy’s moans, she was getting it right.

Reese looked on stunned as Michelle went right for Fluffy and started sucking him off. She was about to protest that this was her turn, but she was too enraptured by the sight of Michelle bending over and exposing her spread pussy from behind and opening wide for Fluffy’s cock.

“I want you inside me,” Michelle said with pleading eyes after releasing Fluffy’s cock for a moment. “I want you to take this big cock of yours and fuck me! I need to be fucked by a man! Make me yours!”

Fluffy was about to say he needed a moment to recover, but Michelle’s mouth was better than any CPR ever could be. He’d always been a quick healer and Michelle’s wet mouth, shy but eager all at once, soon had him stirring again. It also didn’t hurt that he had an audience for this.

“Fuck her Fluffy!” Reese urged, letting go of any bitterness for having to wait again for her turn. “Give her that huge cock! She’s never been with a guy and she needs someone who’s all man. Give it to her Fluffy! Show her what it’s like to really get fucked! But don’t think you’re done after that, cause you’re mine next and it’s been too fucking long since I had a real man inside me! You’re going to get all my fucking holes Fluffy. You’re not going to be finished until we can barely walk anymore!”

Reese then got Gwen’s tongue back inside her, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the sight of Michelle setting herself into Fluffy’s lap and slowly pushing her pussy down onto his cock. The brunette had only felt plastic there before and the look of wild eyed ecstasy that crossed her face showed that she a real flesh and blood man was pleasure she wasn’t used to.

“OHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWWWWWD!!!” Michelle shrieked in pleasure as Fluffy continued to harden inside her cunt. “YESSSSSSSSSSS AHHHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!”

Michelle’s young pussy was no longer a cock free zone and she was immediately into it with horny zeal. Pleasure was shooting up her spine and it was just from the initial penetration. Fluffy got his hands on her ass and guided Michelle down gently, letting her slowly take him inside as her pussy adjusted to his size. She began to grind against him softly, but steadily, feeling nothing but exquisite ecstasy from the bodyguard.

Fluffy had never felt anything as tight as Michelle’s pussy and if she wanted him inside her then that was just what she was going to get. Fluffy was going to make sure Michelle was well satisfied and there was no way he was ignoring Reese. A woman who looked that good didn’t deserve to be unsatisfied for long. All these girls were going to get just what they wanted and Fluffy was ready for this to be an all nighter and into the dawn.

He definitely wasn’t trained for this, but he didn’t have to be. These were the things that came naturally and Fluffy was already wondering what other pleasures the weekend might hold for him. He didn’t imagine anything could rival this, but things were just getting started.

* * * * * * * *

The party was also still raging in many of the other rooms at the hotel. No one had really wanted to stop the fun and so many girls were eager to continue their sapphic adventures no matter where it was happening.

Naturally a soft bed or a hot shower was even better than the floor of the ballroom had been, but the fun could have continued anywhere.

As long as there was a sexy, naked girl, or two or three, there then any place was perfect for playtime. The girls who hadn’t crashed into sleep were too horny to want anything but to keep right on fucking each other until every drop of desire had been drained from their bodies.

Alyson and Amber fit neatly into that category. Unlike the other girls who had recently discovered their bisexual sides, the two actresses had known for years that they liked girls and were cursing all the missed opportunities that had flown by for them.

Having played lovers onscreen, there had been so many chances for them to play, but neither girl had ever taken advantage of the other…until now.

And now that they knew they shared a lust for pussy, the two girls were feverishly making up for lost time. What they had done downstairs had just been a warm up and since they had gotten to Alyson’s room, they had barely paused for breath as they fucked each other silly.

“Mmmmmmmmm I can’t…can’t believe I never knew,” Amber sighed dreamily as she and Alyson pressed their naked bodies together on the bed. “All that time and I had no idea you were into this Aly. Ohhhhh I’d wanted to fuck you so bad all those years. Each time we kissed I just wanted to rip your clothes off and eat your pussy right in front of everyone on the set.”

“Ooooooooooh me too,” Alyson groaned in between kisses on Amber’s neck while she played with her former co-star’s gently waving tits. “God, you have no idea how many times we’d do a scene and I had to go back to my trailer and fuck myself cause I’d gotten so fucking wet. Mmmmmm baby I wanted your pussy so bad. Why the hell did we wait so long?”

Neither girl had an answer to that question, but it wasn’t important anyway. That was the past and the future for them looked like it was going to be a lot of fun and very naked, just the way Alyson and Amber liked it.

Alyson pulled away from Amber’s neck to kiss her lips again, letting their tongues rub together. Each girl had the flavor of each other’s cum soaking her tongue and their kisses were wet, juicy and full of passion. Their tits pressed together while they kissed, Alyson’s smaller set crushed by Amber’s full chest, and their pussies dripped for more.

Now that all their secrets had been revealed, neither girl could get enough of the other. Their kinks meshed perfectly together as Alyson’s dominant side was the ideal compliment to Amber’s sub tendencies. Amber had always loved getting herself thoroughly fucked and Alyson had an unquenchable thirst to give it to her.

Amber’s hand lovingly wrapped around the strap on Alyson had around her waist. She had already felt the hard, hot plastic buried deep in all her holes, but she wanted more and she didn’t want to wait. Amber stroked the shaft and teased the head like she wanted Alyson to shoot a load in her hand while she looked pleadingly in her former co-star’s eyes.

“Please Aly, fuck me again,” Amber begged. “Fuck my ass! Just like you did before! Make it hard! Make it hurt! Make it hurt so fucking good!”

“Oooooh the little whore wants more, does she” Alyson smirked as she pinched Amber’s swollen nipples, making her lover groan in wanton desire. “She wants this cock buried up her asshole again, fucking her like the nasty cunt she is.”

“Yesssssssssss…fuck my ass,” Amber continued to plead, her pussy dripping onto the already ruined bed sheets. “It was so good when you did it last time. I came so fucking hard and I need to feel it again! Fuck my asshole hard and deep! Make it gape! Pull my hair and spank my ass while you fuck it Aly! I want to be impaled on your cock! Make me fucking cry while you do me like a nasty little dog!”

Amber had never lost this much control over her desires before and she loved it. She loved acting like this and not holding anything back with Alyson.

She had loved how the redhead had dominated her and made her come like a gusher. Not even Emma had ever fucked her so good. Being double fucked by Amy and Jessica Biel before had really gotten Amber going before and she needed more fucking desperately.

“Then get on your fucking hands and knees,” Alyson sharply commanded, becoming a harsh Mistress again and cracking her hand over Amber’s bare ass when the actress did as she was commanded and assumed the proper position.

Amber groaned in rapture when she felt Alyson’s hand strike her ass cheeks and those groans got even more passionate when her red haired loved pried her soft, full ass cheeks apart and shoved her strap on inside her already well fucked asshole.

Those groans didn’t take long to become ecstatic screams as Alyson began thrusting into Amber’s asshole, taking advantage of the fact that her hole was already loosened for her, shoving the fake cock deep into her waiting orifice. Soon enough Amber was pounding her fists into the bed as she begged for more, but she wasn’t the only girl in the room doing some serious begging.

“Please…please…please…let me lick you…let me lick you like a good little bitch,” Avril pleaded, her collar still wrapped around her neck and her leash fastened to the bedpost.

The spark of fight in Avril’s eyes had dulled to nothingness and her face showed only blank submission while her skin glowed with the glaze of girl cum. Avril’s entire body was nearly coated in girl juices by now and most of it had dried and caked onto her like makeup. She was so sticky with cum, but she didn’t want to wash it off. She loved being like this.

Her face and ass and up her back and around to her tits all shone with sexual essence. Avril’s hair was sticky and matted up now with cum. Every time she moved she could feel the dry juice on her skin as a reminder of her punishment. But there was also a fresh coating and the defeated singer still wanted more.

“Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase,” Avril continued to cry desperately. “Fuck my face! Fuck my bitch face! I’ll be so good to you! I’ll fucking lick you and make you cream my nasty little whore face! Punish me! Fuck my face with your gorgeous pussy!”

“Mmmmmm what makes you think you deserve a pussy this magnificent on your ugly little face,” Mena evilly grinned as she eyed the helpless singer. “I should punish you by not letting you lick me!”

Mena then slapped Avril’s face, stinging her already flushed cheek. But the smack had no effect on the young Canadian. Instead it was Mena’s threat that really set her off.

“Please no!” Avril begged. “Fuck me Mena! I need it! I fucking need to get fucked by you! I want it more than anything!”

So many girls had fucked her face since Jennifer had gotten the leash and collar anymore that Avril barely knew where she was anymore, much less who it was she was licking at any given moment. Virtually the whole party had taken advantage of Avril’s position and had slammed their pussies against her waiting tongue and rubbed themselves all over her as she was tied to the bar top.

Avril had licked them all to orgasm, making their pink pussies cream her skin again and again until all fight was gone. Avril was too cum drunk to fight back anymore and was so far gone that she didn’t even remember why she was being punished.

All the licking and the constant reminders from Jennifer, Mena and Shannon that she was a worthless pussy-licking bitch had the desired impact and now Avril was willing to submit to her training and humiliation.

“Please! Fuck your bitch! Fuck your stupid bitch’s ugly face!” Avril cried out. “Soak my skin with more cum! Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!”

Avril’s words turned into ecstatic coos when Shannon suddenly turned on the vibrator’s she had already shoved in Avril’s pussy and asshole. The dual toys twitched and pulsed and tears of pleasure almost automatically rolled down Avril’s face, but the girl already knew she wasn’t going to be allowed to cum.

They had done this to her so many times already. They would fuck or lick her until she was right on the edge of coming and then stop cold and not let her get off. Then they would do it all again. They had done it to her again and again downstairs and Mena had just done it to her up here while she had eaten Shannon out.

But Avril didn’t protest. She knew she was a bitch and bitches had to be punished. Her mind was like jelly at this point from all the licking and all the near orgasms. All Avril recognized was that she was a bitch and she deserved what she was getting.

“Yessssssssssss fuck that ass of hers,” Mena groaned, tugging at her own nipples. “Slam that plastic into her ass and her nasty little whore cunt. But don’t let Bitch come. Only Jessica and Jennifer can give her permission to come and they’re not here right now.”

“Mmmmmmm and until they do let you come your bitch holes belong to us,” Shannon cackled from behind Avril, striking the singer’s well-spanked ass once more.

Mena and Shannon had done such a good job devising Avril’s punishment that their Mistress had let them keep her as a present, after she’d gotten her fill of the young Canadian first.

Now that they had a toy of their own, Mena and Shannon were in no hurry to give her up and they knew after a few more hours of training there would be a new Avril Lavigne to show the world…a much more submissive one.

After they were done with her, they were supposed to turn Avril over to Jessica and Jennifer and Mena couldn’t wait to see what punishments they devised for this little bitch. She just hoped they’d let her play too.

“Oooooooooooooh yessssssssssss my bitch holes are yours…alllllllll yourssssssssssss…” Avril hissed as the pleasure overwhelmed her again, heating up her whole body and making her welcome the punishment.

But that was all Avril got out before her moaning lips were muffled by Mena’s cum filled snatch. The actress had already fucked more girls in one day than she ever had dreamed possible, but she knew things wouldn’t be complete until she paid Avril back for her rough treatment before.

“Get that tongue to work Bitch!” Mena commanded, tugging hard on Avril’s leash and giving the girl a choke to remind her who was in charge. “Lick my pussy clean! I want every fucking drop of girl cum licked out of my cunt and you’re not stopping until I’m completely fucking satisfied!”

Like a good obedient bitch, Avril immediately began licking even as Shannon roughly yanked the vibrators out of her holes, leaving them gaping and needy and depriving her once more of orgasm.

Avril followed the command perfectly and tongued Mena with all the energy and passion her broken will could muster. There would be hours more of this to come. Avril knew it and, thanks to her “reeducation” she longed for it.

She wanted to be a good bitch. Whatever she had done to get herself in this spot, Avril knew she must have deserved it and just wanted her punishment to continue.

* * * * * * * *

It didn’t take long for Avril’s tongue to get Mena crying out in sexual delight. Her sounds of giddy pleasure slipped right through the wall to next door, but no one even took notice of them there because they couldn’t be heard over all the happy, sexual sounds that were coming from the bed.

“Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssssss lick it! Lick my little wet pussy!” Mandy Moore squealed as Michelle Trachtenberg buried her tongue inside her pink folds.

Mandy had gotten off so hard from getting a little payback on Britney and Christina, but even that hadn’t been enough to satisfy her. With all these beautiful girls around her, Mandy’s pussy had been dripping hot juice for hours now and it showed no signs of cooling off anytime soon.

It had been so much fun to treat those pop sluts like the little scheming bitches they were, controlling them like Jenna had controlled her…slapping their pretty faces and their pink asses and even their tight, steaming cunts. It had been so nasty and so hot and Mandy was already dreaming of things she could do to them in the morning.

Mandy’s pussy tingled as the thought of tying Britney and Christina up and fucking their asses again and again bubbled up in her head. The young singer was getting off on exploring this new, dominant side of her personality, but hadn’t gone completely over to that side yet.

She still enjoyed just lying back and enjoying a sweet tongue working over her pussy. Mmmmmm it was all so good to Mandy…girl sex was totally orgasmic whether it was hard or soft…tender or mean…nasty or nice. It all felt so amazing and right now Mandy was thinking of never going back to guys ever again.

Not so coincidentally those were the same thoughts that Michelle was having as she lapped away at Mandy’s wetness, soaking her tongue in her juices and planting her hungry mouth right against her soft, feminine folds.

Michelle had known Mandy for years now. They had hung out at a few parties and had even competed for the same movie roles a couple of times. Michelle never would have imagined ever having sex with someone like Mandy. But now that her eyes were open to the wonders of lesbian sex, Michelle had found herself lusting for the older girl’s beautiful body.

Watching her mess around with Britney and Christina had been so hot that Michelle had fingered herself to an orgasm while watching it. So, after things had cooled down a little, Michelle had come over to Mandy and made a shy inquiry to see if she wanted to play with her too.

The answer had been an enthusiastic yes and they had met up soon after in Mandy’s room. Michelle had almost been afraid to walk away from that ballroom and go back to her own room for even a minute. She didn’t want to get away from all her sexy friends and feel any contact with reality.

Michelle didn’t want to leave this crazy, erotic dream and she was afraid a shower, a nap or even a breath of fresh air would snap her out of this dreamy, arousing haze and give her a reason to chicken out of more fun.

Ultimately Michelle had been too worn out from all the sex to refrain from the shower, the nap and the air. But to her delight, nothing had shaken her from these new desires. Her pussy was still soaked from what she had done with Sarah and everyone there and Michelle wanted more.

She had practically skipped her way down to Mandy’s room after waking up, giddy with the desire for girl sex, and it had taken all but a few minutes after knocking on the door for her and Mandy to cast off what few clothes they had on and get on the bed for some serious playtime.

Michelle had tasted Sarah and Alyson downstairs and she found herself really getting into the flavor or pussy. So now that she had Mandy all naked and spread out, the horny teenager was going to take full advantage and feast on the singer’s creamy pussy until her belly was full of cum.

She loved how every girl’s pussy tasted different, but still had the consistent flavor of femininity. It was such a rush to push her tongue into another girl’s wet pussy and lick up all the arousal, letting it soak her tongue and tantalize her taste buds. Women were so hot and wet and Michelle couldn’t get enough of the sensation of dipping her tongue inside to taste them.

Mandy had just as yummy a flavor as Sarah and Alyson had and Michelle was already giddily awaiting chances to taste other girls at the party and see what their pussies were like. Right now Michelle was so into these new lusts and sensations that she didn’t think she was going to be able to last a day without going down on another girl.

Michelle reached up and used her fingers to spread Mandy’s pink pussy lips wider so she could get at more of her wetness with her tongue. Even though she had only gotten into this a few hours ago, Michelle felt like she was getting really good at it and the happy sounds Mandy was making while she fucked her face were proof of that.

As Michelle’s eager young tongue lapped away against her pussy, Mandy felt like she was going to see stars. It was always felt good when another woman ate her out and it was even better when there was an audience, which there certainly was in this case.

It had been Mandy’s intention to have a long, heartfelt discussion with Jenna about what had happened and she still had every plan of doing just that. But every time she was near Jenna, Mandy couldn’t get the words past her lips. She just wanted to rip off her clothes and surrender to the gorgeous porn star.

Mandy knew she and Jenna had a lot to get through before they were back to where they had been just the day before, but that didn’t mean the young singer wanted to fuck her sexual mentor any less. What had happened between her and Britney and Christina had just hammered it home for Mandy.

If she couldn’t hold a real grudge against the two girls who had set everything in motion, how could she resent the woman who had opened her eyes to pleasure she had never even dreamed possible? Mandy couldn’t stop her pussy from getting wet around Jenna and remembering every nasty thing the woman had done to her, so she didn’t fight it.

She and Jenna had found each other in the mess of girls down at the party and Jenna had given Mandy a guilty look when their eyes met. Mandy knew that Jenna really did feel bad about what had happened, and she supposed if she hadn’t cared for her then she never would have confessed. But she also knew that they could work on that later.

Mandy had approached Jenna and thrown her arms around her neck, pulling herself up so they were face to face and properly kiss. It was a kiss that said while everything wasn’t ok yet, Mandy was willing to forgive what Jenna had done.

Jenna got that message loud and clear and returned the kiss with enthusiasm. While the porn star had been eager to get in the fun of the party, what she had wanted more than anything was for Mandy to still be her friend. Jenna had grown to care for the singer so much during their time together that she hadn’t wanted to throw it all away.

When she saw that Mandy not only wanted to still be her friend, but also wanted the friends with benefits package it was like a huge weight had been lifted off Jenna’s shoulders. The decision had been made then and there for them to get a room and stay for the weekend. Jenna had been just about to do some serious making up to Mandy when Michelle had come by looking to play.

Jenna had never minded sharing, especially when it was with girls as sexy as Michelle Trachtenberg. It had been so hot to watch those two young, horny girls tug each other’s clothes off and get their tongues to work, but Jenna hadn’t been able to stay on the sidelines for long. She was a doer, not a watcher.

The sight of Mandy and Michelle naked on the bed as Michelle lay flat on her stomach at the edge to feast on Mandy’s wetness was too heavenly for Jenna not to want to join in.

Michelle’s long legs dangled off the bed, but all Jenna had eyes for was her glistening pussy, so young and fresh and coated in a glaze of girl juices. It had practically shone under the lights of their room and Jenna was in no way strong enough to resist the temptation of it.

But Jenna hadn’t wanted just a lick of Michelle’s pussy. She had bigger game in mind as she pulled on the strap on that the other girls had been more than happy to lend her. She had no idea who it belonged to, but it felt great around her waist, dangling out in search of a girl to fuck.

Michelle had been so into slurping away at Mandy’s pussy that she hadn’t even noticed Jenna coming up behind her with penetration on her mind. The teenager’s face was wet with juices from Mandy’s cunt and Michelle let them carelessly dribble down her chin while she licked.

It was only when Jenna grabbed her legs and forced them open that Michelle had any idea what was going on and by then it was too late to do anything but lie back and enjoy the ride.

* * * * * * * *

The ecstatic squeal that came from Michelle’s mouth when Jenna pushed inside her with her strap on could not be held in by any mere door and the sound took Hilary by surprise as she walked past Mandy’s room. She was half tempted to knock on the door and see what fun was going on to get a happy sound like that, but Hilary told herself not to get distracted.

Besides she didn’t need any more fun when she had already had Lindsay naked and waiting for her back in their room.

Hilary was practically floating on air as she strode through the corridor clad in nothing but the hotel’s complimentary bathrobe. She couldn’t believe things had worked out even better than she had ever dreamed. Now Lindsay was a nasty, pussy loving slut just like she was and Hilary felt like they were going to be best friends from now on.

The blonde teenager had never felt as grown up as she did then. She loved walking around almost naked where anyone could see her. Hilary was almost tempted to throw off her robe and show everyone her body again so they could see how wet she was getting from being here on the island and how bad she wanted to be slutty and nasty for all of them.

Hilary had never felt as safe and happy as she did then. She never wanted to go back to the demands of her life and her mother breathing down her neck all the time. She wanted to stay here and act like the horny little slut she knew she was. Hilary didn’t want to do anything anymore but fuck these all sexy women and let them take her body over and over again.

Maybe they’d let her stay and live in the mansion, Hilary thought to herself. That would be so awesome. She could totally run away from home and her mom would never think to find her there. She could be wild and free there and it would be so much fun.

But she’d think about that later. Right now Hilary had a very specific mission in mind. She and Lindsay had ordered a bottle of champagne for their room to share, but they didn’t have a corkscrew to open it or anything. Hilary knew someone here had to have something they could use and she was actively searching, wanting to get back to Lindsay as soon as possible.

The whole hotel floor belonged to them. All of the rooms were there’s and no one was even mildly concerned about exposure. The hotel had basically become an annex of the mansion. The rooms were filled with girls living out their naughtiest fantasies and that was all anyone cared about.

As Hilary was walking by looking for someone to help her, a door suddenly flung open and a stark naked Angelina strode out looking mighty proud of herself. Hilary couldn’t help but gawk at the sex goddess as she ran her fingers over her lips to collect the remaining droplets of girl juice and quickly sucked them clean.

“Hey sweetie,” Angelina wickedly grinned as she eyed Hilary with a heated gaze that made the teenager long to fling off her robe and jump into her arms.

“Mmmm don’t worry, I’ll be getting to you soon enough,” Angelina purred as she ran her wet fingers under Hilary’s chin and sent shivers through her young body. “I’ve still got lots of girls I need to taste, but I haven’t forgotten about you.”

Angelina walked to the room next to the one she had just left and knocked on the door. A second later Jewel opened it up from the other side and was immediately greeted by a passionate kiss from Angelina.

“Your pussy belongs to me now!” Angelina informed the busty singer and she immediately pushed her way inside the room.

Not surprisingly, Jewel offered no objections and the door quickly shut behind her, leaving a giggling Hilary alone in the hallway. It was only a few seconds later that the teen heard the unmistakable sounds of girl sex from Jewel’s room and she saw that the door Angelina had just left was still wide open.

Hilary craned her head inside and nearly gasped when she saw the sexual carnage that had been left behind. Katie Holmes was naked and gasping on the bed as she still struggled to catch her breath from the orgasm that had just rocked her body. Her breasts were still heaving and there was a dreamy smile crossing Katie’s face.

“Sooooo goooooooooood…” Katie moaned, her voice seemingly on the verge of flat out babbling. “Soooooooo goooooooood…”

Katie’s naked body wasn’t the only one that Angelina had left in her wake, either. Slumped over the bed, with her mouth watering ass stuck out in the air was Salma Hayek and Ashley Judd was shivering on the floor, mindlessly stroking her bare tits as her face showed nothing but pure pleasure. Both of them had the same dreamy smile Katie had and the entire room smelled heavenly…just like pure sex.

Hilary couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Angelina had reduced not one…not two…but three of the most beautiful women Hilary had ever seen to drooling shells of themselves. Now Hilary wanted Angelina more than ever.

She had wanted Angelina bad after Lindsay had told her what had happened between them, but now it was like she was growing obsessed with having her. Hilary just hoped her turn with the dark haired goddess was coming to her room soon, because she didn’t think she was going to be able to wait much longer.

Thinking of Angelina eating her out like a dirty slut and making her come so hard had Hilary’s pussy tingling and she opened her robe just enough to reach inside and stroke herself. Her pussy had already seen more action in one day than she had ever dreamed, but she still wanted more.

Katie, Ashley and Salma remained lost in their own orgasmic hazes, unaware that Hilary was masturbating in front of them. They couldn’t hear the sexy coos and moans that came from the teenager’s mouth as she touched herself, rubbing her fingers over her wet slit and slowly penetrating herself.

Hilary’s other hand reached into her robe to grab at her tits, pinching her own nipples as she dreamed about what Angelina was going to do to her. But before she got too far and ended up soaking her fingers, Hilary stopped herself.

She didn’t want to waste her cream on her own hand. She had Lindsay waiting for her. And hopefully soon Angelina would be visit her and she wanted to give her all her juices when she did.

Hilary reluctantly pulled her hand away from her pussy and left the catatonic threesome behind to continue on her way. No one seemed to be around and Hilary didn’t want to go all the way downstairs. So she randomly knocked on one of the doors.

There was no answer at first, but Hilary could hear the sounds of life inside the room so she did it again.

That knock got a response of a grumbling “One second…one second…” from the other side and when the door opened it revealed Alyssa hurriedly tying a robe around her otherwise naked body.

Alyssa didn’t look happy to be interrupted but when she saw it was Hilary, her expression softened and she let go of the robe, letting it open to expose her body underneath.

“Hey there,” Alyssa said, giving Hilary the eye as she hoped the sexy teen was coming over to join in. “What do you need baby?”

“Do you have a corkscrew or something?” Hilary asked. “Ummm Lindsay and I got some champagne but we can’t open it.”

“Naughty, naughty Hilary…you’re not old enough to drink, remember?” Alyssa teased, making the blonde girl blush and giggle. “I’ve got one for you. C’mon inside.”

Alyssa opened the door for Hilary to enter and as she did, she heard a voice calling from the bed that she knew very well now.

“What’s taking so long?” Rose demanded. “If you’re any longer then I’m just going to fuck this slut all by myself.”

“Can you just wait one goddamn second?” Alyssa snapped back. “You can wait to bust your nut or do I have to make a fucked little bitch out of you the way Sarah did.”

Hilary heard Rose grumbling for a second and she couldn’t help but be curious about what was happening. She peeked in and saw Rose naked on the bed with Mr. Snappy back around her waist and Jessica Biel just as naked with her ass in the air.

“Please! Just someone fuck me!” Jessica begged. “Fuck me up my ass! Please! I fucking need it so bad!”

Rose ignored Jessica’s pleas, though. Instead she focused on the new arrival.

“Well look who’s come back for more,” Rose grinned as she stroked Mr. Snappy’s shaft at the sight of Hilary.

“Mmmmm I always want more…mommy,” Hilary replied without hesitation, her eyes locked on Mr. Snappy’s thick plastic as her pussy dripped from the memory of how it had felt inside her.

“Oooooh what’s this ‘mommy’ stuff?” Alyssa inquired as she returned with corkscrew in hand.

“Just a little game this slut loves to play,” Rose smirked as Hilary was left silently drooling over Mr. Snappy and it’s sexy mistress.

It was almost enough for Hilary to forget about Lindsay and just stay here so Rose could fuck her again. But Hilary snapped out of that trance. She didn’t want to leave her friend all alone in their room and besides, Alyssa had the perfect idea.

“Why don’t you and Lindsay stop by later?” Alyssa suggested and Hilary’s face visibly lit up at the sound of it.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssss…pleaseeeeee…” Hilary accepted with lust in her eyes as she took the corkscrew and began dreaming about how good and hard these two could fuck her and Lindsay.

“Now are you going to help me with this whore or not Lyssa?” Rose asked, slapping Jessica’s bare ass and making the actress moan.

“She’s my whore, don’t forget,” Alyssa reminded Rose as she cast off her robe and exposed to Hilary that she had a strap on underneath too. “I’m the one who brought her here.”

“Yeah, but if you’re not careful, she’s gonna be all mine after I show her what fucking is all about,” Rose promised as she and Alyssa’s rivalry heated up again.

Part of Hilary wanted to stay and see what Alyssa and Rose were going to do to Jessica’s beautiful body, but she knew Lindsay had to be getting impatient. So Hilary slowly broke away and began walking back to her room.

She got there was quickly as she could, picking up speed the closer she got and after pulling her keycard out of her robe pocket and fumbling with it for a second she opened the door and found no one waiting for her.

“Lindsay?” Hilary called out, looking around for her redheaded friend. She had been expecting her to be waiting for her in the bed, but there was no sign of her.

But just as Hilary was starting to grow concerned that Lindsay had run off, a giggling naked body jumped out of the shadows and tackled her, lavishing wet kisses all over her face and getting very grabby with her hands.

“Surprise,” Lindsay playfully laughed as she reached into Hilary’s robe and began playing with her tits, making the blonde moan blissfully.

“You scared me,” Hilary said between her moans, her smile not fading a bit even as she complained.

“Sorry…mmmmm want me make it up to you?” Lindsay eagerly asked as her fingers went lower and stroked the dripping slit of her blonde lover.

“Ooooooooooh yessssssssssss…” Hilary hissed in pleasure while she remained flat on her back on the floor, her robe now open as Lindsay touched her.

Lindsay felt nothing but ecstatic adrenaline pumping in her veins as she played with Hilary’s exposed body. She wasn’t this frisky with boys ever, but there was just something about a woman’s body that made her crazy. Now that Lindsay knew how soft and sexy another woman could be, she just wanted to touch and kiss and lick and never, ever stop.

She couldn’t believe she had almost walked away from the greatest thing that had ever happened to her. Thank God Angelina had stopped her and, now that she had some experience in eating another woman out, Lindsay was planning on thanking her in a very special way at the first chance she got.

But right now Lindsay wanted to focus on Hilary. After all, she was the reason she was here in the first place. If Hilary hadn’t called her, then she probably would have been going to some club, trying to hook up with some random guy and dodge the paparazzi.

This was way better than that.

Lindsay pressed her naked body to Hilary’s, loving the little sparks of sexual electricity she felt when their tits touched. No boy had ever made her feel this wet and this happy before and Lindsay was looking forward to much more playtime with her fellow teen.

“Mmmmmm….ohhhhh…I…I…got…got the corkscrew,” Hilary managed to moan as she fumbled for where she’d left it in the pocket of her robe.

“Goody,” Lindsay squealed as she paused in the shower of kisses she was planting against Hilary’s face and chest.

The prospect of a well-chilled bottle of champagne was one of the few things right now that could distract Lindsay from more sex. She took the corkscrew and ran for the ice bucket that contained the bottle.

Hilary hungrily eyed Lindsay’s bare ass as it jiggled oh so enticingly for her as the redhead ran across the room. Lindsay expertly opened the bottle and let the cool liquid spill out, staining the rug underneath her. She yelped happily as the alcohol hit her skin and she lifted the bottle up to take a healthy swig of it.

With a refreshed gasp, Lindsay swallowed the champagne and immediately took another, smaller drink. This time Lindsay kept the liquid in her mouth and motioned Hilary over. The blonde obeyed and, after she had scampered over, Lindsay greeted her with a big kiss, pushing the champagne from her mouth into Hilary’s.

Hilary hadn’t been expecting this and her eyes got wide, but she quickly recovered and happily swallowed the champagne. Her mother didn’t let her drink, so any chance she got was a treat and the fact that it was being delivered to her in such a sexy manner made it even better.

“Yummy,” Hilary giggled when the kiss broke. “I never did that before.”

“I have,” Lindsay admitted with a bit of a blush. “Just not with a girl. It works even better if you’re doing it with a shot.”

“We’ll have to try that,” Hilary offered.

“Mmmmm we can try other things first,” Lindsay grinned.

There was something she had been dying to try since Hilary had gotten her off for the first time and it wasn’t sharing a mouthful of wine.

The redhead then crawled onto the bed where the sheets were already well tussled. She got on all fours and put her ass right in front of Hilary’s face, arching herself up to give the best possible view of her young cheeks.

“Remember earlier when you said you’d fuck my ass?” Lindsay moaned. “That turned me on so much. I still want it Hil. I want you to fuck my virgin ass, baby. Mmmmm Jessica licked it and fingered it before, but now I need someone to fuck it! I want it to be you Hilary! Fuck me! Fuck my ass!”

Hilary nearly fainted with joy at the sound of Lindsay’s invitation, especially when Lindsay reached around her backside and spread her cheeks, exposing her needy asshole. It was such a sexy sight that Hilary nearly forgot to do anything but stare at it.

Fortunately Hilary regained her sense and she crawled onto the bed with Lindsay, getting down on her knees behind her. Hilary, her open robe still hanging off her shoulders, leaned in and let her tongue graze Lindsay’s puckered hole, taking her first taste of her former rival’s ass.

Lindsay let out a wanton moan at the sensation of a soft, wet tongue lapping at her asshole. It was just as good as Jessica had been, but even hotter because it was angel pure Hilary Duff doing it to her. Hilary’s tongue felt even better on her ass than it had licking her pussy. They had already fucked so many times and Lindsay was getting off so hard seeing how naughty the supposedly innocent Hilary really was.

The moans got Hilary licking even faster. Her eager tongue got Lindsay’s rosebud plenty wet, but the redhead wanted more. She had felt a tongue on her ass before. Lindsay wanted something new.

“Morrrrrrrre…” Lindsay panted, her breasts shaking as her breath heaved from the pleasure she was getting. “Fuck me Hilary! Really fuck me! Fuck my tight little ass!”

Hilary could barely stand her own excitement as she pulled her tongue away and went after Lindsay with her fingers. She remembered how Britney had taken her that first night, and even though she knew her fingers were way smaller than that cock had been, she still had to take Lindsay gently.

While Lindsay’s moans grew in intensity, Hilary pushed into her asshole with her finger, penetrating the wet hole. Lindsay groaned deliciously and threw her head back, sending her long red hair flying like streamers.

“Yessssssssss finger it Hil!” Lindsay urged. “Mmmmmm fuck my ass! Make it hot and slutty just like you made my pussy!”

Before they had been doing this in a crowded room of girls engaging in similar activities, but now it was just Hilary and Lindsay and that gave everything extra heat. There were no other distractions. It was just them and their lusts for one another.

Hilary continued to fuck Lindsay gently, but steadily with her finger. She kept her other hand pressed to Lindsay’s ass and her face hovering above her hole so she could drool into it and make sure her lover stayed wet there. But even with pleasure rolling through her body, Lindsay still wanted more.

“C’mon! Give it to me Hilary!” Lindsay begged. “I need it! Gimmie more! I need more than your fingers! I want you to really fuck my ass Hil! Take my fucking cherry!”

Lindsay’s desperate pleas were overheating Hilary’s brain, but as soon as she regained the ability to speak, a natural question occurred to her.

“With what?” Hilary asked. “Ummmm I don’t have any toys here.”

“Use this,” Lindsay instructed as she released her grip on her own ass and handed the still nearly full bottle of champagne to Hilary. “Put the cork back in and fuck me Hilary! Do me up my slutty little ass with that! Ughhhhh it’s gonna be so fucking nasty!”

Hilary wanted it to be hot and nasty and she wanted Lindsay to want it that way too. She just never dreamed she’d ever be doing anything like this. Having the green bottle in her hand and staring at it’s long, thin neck while knowing what Lindsay wanted, scared Hilary, but it also turned her on fiercely.

“Ummmm I dunno,” Hilary replied, her inexperience showing.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease,” Lindsay cried. “You won’t hurt me! I want it so fucking bad Hilary! I want my ass fucked and I don’t care what you use just as long as you do it!”

Hilary’s heart was pounding as she held the bottle. She didn’t want to do anything to hurt Lindsay and the redhead sure seemed to want this. So, without pausing for any more doubt, Hilary reapplied the cork and began to slowly push inside her friend’s well-licked asshole.

Lindsay couldn’t help but howl in rapture when the bottle penetrated her. She was kind of scared too, but her arousal overwhelmed her fear. She wanted this too badly to let her own brain talk herself out of it.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssssssssssssss…” Lindsay panted. “Fuck me Hilary! Fuck my ass with that bottle! Just like that! Oooooooooooooooooooh fuck just like thaaaaaaaaaat!”

Hilary was taking Lindsay gently enough so that there wasn’t much pain and what little there was, was hardly noticeable amidst all the pleasure the horny teenager was getting from this.

The blonde slowly pushed the bottle inside Lindsay, stopping when the shaft got too thick. She fucked her lover with it, the pleasure overwhelming them both. Hilary was so close to getting off just from watching Lindsay’s ass clamp around the head of the champagne bottle and suck it inside. It was so hot and nasty, just how Hilary liked it.

Lindsay was already close to coming from the penetration of her no longer virgin ass and Hilary knew she was going to be right behind her. But even as the pleasure fogged their brains, they were still clearheaded enough to know that nothing was ever going to be the same between them when they got home again and that was just how they wanted it.

* * * * * * * *

Considering how nothing was going to be the same again was the exact same thought Elisha had as she sat on the beach and watched the ocean meet the shore in it’s constantly repeating motion.

It was so peaceful to just sit there and watch the ocean as the stars twinkled above her. Staring out at the ocean as she lay on the sandy beach with only her elbows propping her up let her focus and breathe, letting everything calm down inside her.

Watching the waves go in and out was completely soothing and relaxing and it was just what she needed after everything that had happened to her.

Elisha felt like her whole life had changed in just a few hours. When she had arrived she and Cameron had been friends and nothing more and kissing a girl had seemed like a crazy notion. But now…well now everything that she had thought she had known had been flipped upside down.

The steady, calming motion of the ocean was doing everything it could to cycle Elisha down and she was able to let all her experiences wash over her like she was actually lying in the water and not away from it. It gave her the focus she needed to take it all in and try to come to terms with it all.

She had never done anything that wild before in her life. She had indulged in every carnal instinct that had pulsed through her and all she had wanted was more. But that wasn’t who she was. Was it?

Elisha still couldn’t believe everything that had happened to her inside that room, but what truly stayed with her was how naturally she had adapted to it. Had she been holding back all along? Had she been denying who she was and what she liked?

The young actress didn’t know what to think. She just stared out into the water and tried to take it all in. It was just so beautiful down here. So calm and peaceful. It was the perfect place to think. Elisha had been to Jamaica before, but now she was really falling in love with it for the first time.

The cool wind blew off the ocean and made Elisha shiver, but she wasn’t cold. She could barely feel the night air even though she had barely covered herself before stepping away from the party.

Elisha was lying on the beach in just a red wraparound skirt that was virtually see through. She was topless and she couldn’t help but smile as the ocean breeze teased her nipples and made them involuntarily harden. Her skirt was so thin that anyone who cared to look could have seen her bush, but Elisha didn’t care.

If the wind picked up and blew her skirt completely off, she still wouldn’t have cared. Being naked was the last thing she was going to be shy about now.

After all she had done and how good it had all felt, it would have been agony to put clothes on. Besides Elisha could really feel herself getting into the spirit of Hedonism.

If everyone else could get naked around here, why couldn’t she? After all it wasn’t like everyone inside hadn’t already seen everything she had to offer already.

Lying out here was just so relaxing and calm that Elisha could almost feel a little push toward sleep forming in her body. Mmmmmmm that would have been heavenly…a little nap on the beach to rest her exhausted body. But just as Elisha began to consider letting her eyes flutter shut for just a little bit, she discovered she wasn’t alone.

“Hey,” Cameron said softly as she sat herself next to Elisha. “I thought I might find you out here.”

Unlike her friend, Cameron had covered herself in some shorts and a sweatshirt, but seeing Elisha like this made her wish she hadn’t. She so badly wanted to lean over and kiss the girl who had just become her lover, but Cameron didn’t know how Elisha would react.

Cameron was even a little afraid that some reflection had caused Elisha to reconsider everything she had said and done in there. She knew her friend had enjoyed it, but it had been such a wild experience that Cameron had wondered if a little sexual buyer’s remorse had set in for Elisha. What if she tried to kiss her and Elisha pushed her away? She didn’t think she’d be able to take that rejection without heartbreak.

But Cameron need not have worried about that. Elisha was the one who made the first move, reaching up to take Cameron’s face in her hand guiding her soft lips against hers. The two girls kissed tenderly, showing that the feelings they had for each other hadn’t died outside of the orgy surrounding.

When they broke the kiss apart, both girls were smiling and, even under the night sky, they could each detect a happy blush on the other. The first kiss was followed by another smaller one and then another one until it was obvious that no reflection was going to make Cameron or Elisha tired of the feel of each other’s lips.

“So…” Elisha began tentatively in between one kiss ending and another beginning. “What do we do now?”

“What do you want to do?” Cameron asked hopefully, praying on the inside that all of this wasn’t just going to be a one-time thing.

“Lots and lots of this,” Elisha giggled before kissing Cameron again and pressing her nearly nude body against her friend’s so she could feel her hard nipples.

“That’s just what I was hoping you’d say,” Cameron smiled in response when they broke away, letting her tongue flick out to clean Elisha’s saliva off her own lips. “I don’t want this to end once we leave here.”

“But what about Trace…and Justin?” Elisha inquired, leaving unsaid the revelation about them that Cameron had hit with her earlier.

“Well nothing really has to change,” Cameron stated. “We don’t have to break up with them or anything. We can just act normal when we’re around them and in public and all that, but when we’re alone we can….”

“Screw each other’s brains out?” Elisha finished Cameron’s sentence with a giddy laugh.

“Exactly,” Cameron grinned before kissing Elisha again, happy to see they were both on the same page now.

* * * * * * * *

Back in California, the night was in full bloom. It was dark and late. It was the time for the weirdoes. The night owls. The prowlers. And time for Delbert.

He crept up toward the house, the box under his arm. Waldo’s instructions had been clear, but he had to disobey them. This was too critical. With Plan B about to go into effect there was so little time to do the things that needed to be done and this couldn’t be ignored.

Dressed in camouflage and face paint, Delbert crawled through the night flat on his belly approaching his goal. He had to leave this message. He had to make sure she knew how he felt.

There was no sign of hostile behavior, but Delbert took nothing for granted. Who knew what was lurking amongst the shadows. He was prepared to use any and all force to make sure nothing stopped him here.

There was a large tree in front of the house. Delbert approached it and scurried up it like a monkey. He scanned the perimeter again with his night vision goggles and then picked up the rope. He twirled it around and threw it through the night sky toward the house. The spike at the end of the rope caught the edge of the roof and, after tugging it to make sure it was secure, Delbert swung from the tree.

He flew through with the air with the greatest of ease and swung right past the door, dropping the box exactly as he intended. He caught onto the tree at the other end of the door and propelled himself back in the original direction, ringing the bell as he zipped past the door again.

Delbert landed back in his original tree and tugged the rope down before jumping down and scurrying away into the night once more.

It took a few groggy moments after the bell had rung for their to be signs of life in the house. A light clicked on and the door eventually opened as a pair of eyes peeked out. Deciding it was safe, the safety lock was pulled off and the door was opened all the way.

Rachael Leigh Cook looked around, happy to find no one there after all that had happened, and saw the box lying on the doorstep, neatly gift-wrapped.

“Rach, what is it?” Tara Reid asked from upstairs.

“Nothing, go back to bed,” Rachel instructed her friend. “Someone left a box.”

“A box? Bring it to me,” Tara requested as she ran down the stairs.

“No Tara, we should just get rid of it,” Rachael insisted. “Who knows who sent it or what’s in it.”

“No! I want it!” Tara said. “Please Rach! It’s my house!”

Rachael knew she was fighting a losing argument there. She just hoped Tara wasn’t being reckless again. Rachael gingerly picked up the box and quickly saw it wasn’t ticking or leaking or displaying any signs of being hazardous.

“There’s no note or anything,” Rachael reported after handing the package to her friend.

“It’s from him!” Tara immediately decided. “It has to be!”

“From who?” Rachael asked.

“The guy who saved me,” Tara explained as she ripped open the packaging to reveal the box’s contents. “Look! Do you have any idea what this means?”

“What?” Rachel asked quizzically as she stared at the box of unopened HoHos. It was like any box you could get at the supermarket. If there was significance to them then she was missing it.

“He sent me HoHos,” Tara squealed dreamily. “It means he loves me! Whoever he is, he loves me! Rach, I have to find him! I have to tell him I love him too!”

* * * * * * * *

But even as Delbert’s message was delivered and understood exactly as he meant it, the threat level was still high. Brandon was wide-awake and his plans were progressing nicely.

Ever since The Scorpion had introduced him to his special devices of torture, Brandon hadn’t been one for much sleeping. But this was a special night. Sid DelGrecco’s file had finally arrived and it was just what he had been looking for.

When Brandon had first been hired to snoop into a possibly straying wife he had been skeptical. He wasn’t a private eye, but it had all worked out. The evidence was clear and his famous client was going to be very happy…well actually unhappy since now there was proof of his wife’s infidelity.

The pictures from New York City were crystal clear and they weren’t good news, which is probably why Brandon enjoyed them so much. Sid had done exactly what he’d been asked to do. He’d followed that cheating bitch around and made sure that her activities were recorded.

The collection of photos of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Reese Witherspoon from their little excursion around the city weren’t too explicit. But there were more than enough of them kissing and holding each other in a way that showed they were much more than friends.

“Looks like Mr. Phillipe is getting his money’s worth,” Brandon chuckled.

But that wasn’t all he had to laugh about. Ever since that oh so unlucky pizza deliveryman Jody had fallen into their hands, he and Raymond had been testing out the MAW device on him. It had been hours and now it was time to see the results.

“Is he ready?” Brandon asked as Raymond walked into the room.

“More than ready,” the not so good Dr. Hall smirked.

“Well then let’s see him,” Brandon replied.

The two men walked back into the lab where Jody lay strapped to the table. The teenager’s face was a blank mask now. Hours with the mind scorching MAW Device had left him a shell of what he had once been.

“The process will be perfected with more work but I think you’ll be most pleased with the results,” Raymond predicted.

“We’ll see about that,” Brandon said before turning his attention to Jody. “What is your objective?”

“To obey…” Jody mindlessly droned, his voice as robotic as the unfeeling look on his face.

“And what is your mission?” Brandon asked.

“To kill,” Jody replied his eyes flickering just a speck as the programming kicked in.

“And I have just the subjects for you to fulfill that mission on,” Brandon grinned as he picked up the file folder with the full profiles of Waldo, Franklin and Delbert in them.

It was time to finish up this loose end before he proceeded with his full plan. Revenge was truly going to be sweet.

* * * * * * * *

Back in Jamaica, revenge was the last thing on anyone’s mind now.

“What are you staring at?” Kirsten asked as she flipped through the channels on their television.

“You of course,” Eliza smiled. “What else would I be staring at?”

“Mmmm good point,” Kirsten giggled as both of them lay together on the bed clad in their hotel robes and nothing else. “In that case, continue staring. But if you gawk any longer I might have to start charging you for it. The Kirsten Dunst Show aint free you know.”

“I’m sure we can work out a payment plan of some kind,” Eliza said, before kissing Kirsten on the lips. “How much is that worth?”

“Hmmmm I guess that’s worth a long stare,” Kirsten replied. “If you slip me some tongue next time I might flash you a boob or something, but that’s negotiable.”

Kirsten then resumed flipping through the channels, unable to find anything worth staying on for more than a few seconds. While the blonde amused herself, Eliza kept staring and eventually reached over to play with her girlfriend’s hair.

“You were so hot in there Kiki,” Eliza admitted with a smile while caressing the soft locks. “You with Sarah…it was just…incredible. You were unbelievable. I can’t believe you’re mine.”

“I am yours,” Kirsten agreed with a soft kiss to Eliza’s lips. “I always will be.”

“I love you,” Eliza said and unlike Christina she wasn’t afraid to admit it in the waking hours. “I love you so much Kiki.”

“I love you too,” Kirsten assured her girlfriend. “I don’t ever want to be with anyone else but you. I mean I love messing around with other girls. But I love this more…just lying around with you and doing nothing. I don’t want to do that with anyone but you Eliza. If you said to me you didn’t want me to be with other girls anymore I wouldn’t. I would only be with you. You’re all I need to be happy. Just you.”

Eliza felt the exact same way, but she didn’t say it. Instead she just kissed Kirsten with all the loving passion she could muster.

It hadn’t used to be this way with her. There hadn’t been a man, or woman, that she could ever commit to. It had been more important to have fun and not give a second thought to who got hurt in the process. Her pussy had ruled instead of her heart.

But being with Kirsten had changed all that. She had never felt this happy and safe with someone else before and Eliza didn’t want that to ever change.

Suddenly it was so clear to Eliza what had to be done and she didn’t hesitate for even a second to make it happen.

“Get dressed,” Eliza said, jumping off the bed and throwing off her robe as she began digging around through their clothes until she found something she could just slip on.

“What? Why?” Kirsten asked.

“Do you trust me?” Eliza asked.

“Of course,” Kirsten answered.

“Then get dressed,” Eliza repeated. “It’s a surprise.”

Kirsten was a bit perplexed by the mystery, but she was most surely intrigued. As Eliza threw some clothes on, Kirsten joined her and soon they were headed out of their room and toward the lobby.

Eliza had seen this place on the way in and it had been kicking around in her mind ever since. At first it had been a ridiculous notion, but then it had lingered and had just made sense the more she thought about it. The conversation she had just had with Kirsten had cinched it.

“Eliza what are we doing?” Kirsten asked with growing excited interest as her girlfriend pulled her into the resort’s 24-hour chapel.

“Is he awake?” Eliza asked a passing bellboy as the person who seemed to be the minister was slumped over in one of the pews.

She ignored Kirsten’s question for now. She needed to make sure they could actually get away with this first.

“Yeah we just need to sober him up a little,” the man replied as he shook the minister awake. “C’mon Tony, wake up. You got visitors. What the hell were you drinking tonight?”

“Red Stripe!” Tony replied as he weakly waved his hand toward an empty case. “It’s beer! Hooooooray beer!”

“Eliza? Talk to me!” Kirsten insisted as the bell boy attempted to sober up the minister. Her heart was starting to pound in her chest. This couldn’t be what she hoped it was. Could it?

“What are you doing? Why are we here?” Kirsten demanded to know, her eyes alight at the mere thought of what this might be.

“Kiki,” Eliza said, taking her girlfriend’s hand in hers and sinking down to one knee in the classical pose for this sort of question.

“Oh my God!” Kirsten excitedly gasped.

This couldn’t be happening! It couldn’t really be something this good!

“Kiki, will you marry me?” Eliza asked. “I don’t care if it’s legal. I just want to be with you and I want it to be official. Please say you’ll marry me.”

“Oh my God!” Kirsten repeated with even more giddy enthusiasm.

Kirsten was close to crying with happiness and she yanked Eliza up off the floor, threw her arms around her and kissed her with all the energy she could muster as the first tear escaped her eye and ran down her cheek.

“Is that a yes?” Eliza giggled.

“You bet your ass it’s a yes,” Kirsten replied with a smile that could have lit up the entire island.

* * * * * * * *

But while Kirsten and Eliza were entering holy matrimony, Sarah was making a decision of another sort.

She couldn’t do this. She couldn’t face all her friends for the rest of the weekend, have fun and then tell them she was leaving forever. What Love had said had really impacted her and she knew her other housemates had to feel the same way that Love did. She just couldn’t bear to see their faces when she told them she was leaving.

This was the cowardly way out, but to Sarah it was the only way.

Sarah threw the rest of her clothes in her bag and slung it over her shoulder, leaving behind only the note on her bed, where she knew her housemates would find it in the morning.

She had to do this. She had to marry Freddy. She’d been dreaming of a wedding her whole life. She’d wanted kids. A big house. The picket fence. The whole deal.

Sarah knew she wasn’t going to get that at the mansion. She loved her housemates more than she could ever put into words, but she was only going to get that dream with Freddie. She just hoped that everyone would understand and forgive her.

Sarah had been crying almost non-stop since she had decided this was the only way. This was the hardest thing she had ever done and she had nearly talked herself out of it again and again. But ultimately she had held strong to her decision, wiped away her tears and packed up.

Closing the door behind her, Sarah crept her way down the hall, not wanting to wake anyone and have to answer the questions she didn’t want to face right now.

The note explained everything and said how sorry she was. She just had to do this. There wasn’t another way.

Sarah didn’t want to see any of her friends now. She wanted to be long gone by the time they found the note. She didn’t think her heart could take their reaction.

She was almost at the elevator when suddenly a door opened up and Jennifer Aniston walked out.

“Hey, Sarah what are you…” Jennifer asked, but then froze.

She saw the look in Sarah’s red, teary eyes and it said everything.

“Sarah…please don’t,” Jennifer begged, knowing what Sarah was doing wasn’t just cutting out from the party early. It was her saying goodbye.

“I have to Jen,” Sarah replied her voice showing she was on the verge of bursting into tears again.

The elevator opened and Sarah ducked inside, pushing the button to close the door before Jennifer could come in after her.

“There’s a note,” Sarah said to her former housemate as the door closed between them.

By the time Sarah reached the lobby she was nearly running for the door. She had no idea if Jen was going to wake everyone up and tell them what was going on, but she couldn’t risk them trying to stop her.

She had made her decision and she couldn’t look back. If she did, she might never leave.

The cab she had called was waiting for her by the front entrance and Sarah dove right in.

“Airport please,” Sarah said and they were the only words she could get out before she burst into the tears she had been barely holding back.

“Are you alright miss?” the cabdriver asked.

“Yes…just please…the airport…quickly,” Sarah sobbed, unsuccessfully trying to gain control of herself as she buried her face in her hands.

The driver shrugged his shoulders and put the cab into gear. As the cab drove away, the tears continued flowing.

Sarah wasn’t just leaving her friends behind. She was leaving her life for the past years behind too and she knew there was no turning back from here.

That part of her life was over now. It had to be. She didn’t want it to be, but it just had to be.

This story is copyright 2005 from Sharkboy Productions. Reposting this story without my permission is not allowed and will result in me taking action against your web site.

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