The Fiona Phillips Show

The Fiona Phillips Show

The men gathered in the room had paid a lot of money to be here today. They came from all sorts of backgrounds, but they had a couple of things in common. One, they were all extremely rich and two, they all wanted to see the beautiful woman present being stripped, humiliated and tortured. The woman in question was the blue eyed, blonde beauty from GMTV, Fiona Phillips. At present, she was standing on a box in the middle of the room. There were wide leather cuffs around each wrist which were attached to a bar above her head. Lengths of rope tied to her ankles and secured to rings set in the floor
would ensure that she didn’t kick. She was also blindfolded and I had pushed a dildo gag into her pretty mouth. She was still fully dressed apart from her jacket, which I’d removed before putting her into position, and at the moment she was still unconscious from the drug I’d used to subdue and kidnap her.

“She’ll be coming around in about five minutes, gentlemen” I said to my guests. They had all been present for the last forty five minutes and had passed the time by pawing at Fiona’s breasts, legs and ass. Her blouse was unbuttoned at the moment; her bra was pulled down to expose her large breasts. Her skirt was being held up as my guests fondled her. Of course, being unconscious, she had no idea what was going on. At my five minute warning, though, her breasts were covered and her blouse buttoned up again. Hands left her ass and her pussy and her skirt was dropped back to its normal position. My guests, you see, wanted the maximum benefit from what was happening and wanted to see her reactions as I tormented her.

As the men returned to their seats and settled in for the show, I took some time to admire my captive. Dressed in a plain green blouse, black skirt and tights and black high heeled shoes, she looked every inch the professional career woman. Her underwear was a lovely peach colour, trimmed with white lace, and was obviously very expensive. I was looking forward to taking each item off of her, exposing her in her naked glory in front of the cameras that I had positioned to film the forthcoming event. Of course, I had taken the opportunity to investigate her body and legs before my guests had turned up and was eager to have some more fun with her.

With a groan, Fiona regained consciousness and slowly lifted her head. She made a puzzled, muffled sound as she realised what had happened to her. She could hear the sound of the men in the audience as they shifted in their seats and talked quietly to each other. She couldn’t see the flash from the many expensive digital cameras present as the photographs were being taken, though! Now, I thought, it’s time to begin the show and advanced towards the helpless woman.

She heard my footsteps as I moved towards her and began to wail into her gag and to pull at the straps holding her wrists. I knelt down in front of her and reached out to take her ankles in my hands before beginning to stroke her lovely long legs. She cried out louder as my roaming hands went under her skirt, stroking her thighs and her ass before reaching between her legs to rub and squeeze her pussy. I fondled her and stroked her for a few minutes before standing up and taking hold of her breasts. I was rubbing and squeezing them, pushing and pulling at them, and loving every second of it. I massaged her lovely breasts for about five minutes before deciding to give my audience what they wanted – Fiona in pain. I released my hold on her, stepped back and kicked the box away. Fiona dropped and was pulled up by her wrist bonds. She wailed and gasped with the pain that hanging caused her, trying vainly to kick out and find something to stand on as the audience looked on with delight. However, this was only the beginning for Fiona, and I moved on to the next stage.

Picking up a pair of scissors that were on a small trolley beside me I cut the buttons from her blouse before cutting the silky cloth from her body. Her skirt I cut straight up the front and tossed it away as well. Well, I thought, that was one expensive suit she’d have to replace! Her tights came next and I pulled at them after first removing her shoes, tearing ladders and holes all over before, eventually, pulling the tattered scraps of black nylon from her legs. Fiona, meanwhile, hung in her bonds and sobbed piteously, moaning as if I was physically hurting her. She’d have a lot more to moan about in a minute, I thought, as I cut through the shoulder straps and then the front of her bra. I pulled it away to reveal her luscious breasts again. Oh how I ached to grab them there and then, but I restrained myself and instead cut her panties off of her. My cock felt like it would explode if I didn’t fuck her then and there, but I had a programme of events to follow and I wanted to draw her torment out for a long, long time. After all, there’d be plenty of time for the sex after the torture. As part of the deal I was to get first shot at her when the rapes began. The other 20 men in the room would just have to wait their turn!

So instead of fucking her I ran my hands over her body and her legs again, revelling in the silky feel of her skin as I pawed her. A couple of minutes of this fondling and then I picked up an electric prod from the tray. The laughs of agreement from the audience showed that I’d made the right choice, but before using the rod I had to prepare her properly by hosing her down with ice-cold water. Not only would the water conduct electricity better, it made her dark nipples stand up proud and erect. She was gasping from the shock of the cold when she felt the prod on her body, circling her right nipple. I shocked her and how she shrieked! She was jerking wildly in her bonds, making her breasts jump so invitingly that I shocked her nipples again and then again. I then began to caress her body with the prod, shocking her at random intervals. Sometimes I didn’t shock her for a minute or two and would then give her three or four at once.

The men in the audience were eager to see Fiona being hurt even more, though, and so I decided to move on to the next stage of her torment. I put the prod down and retrieved the scissors which I used to cut through the sides of her panties. I tugged the material away from her and left her hanging completely naked. Looking at her well trimmed pussy was a tremendous turn on, and it got even better when I slipped a couple of fingers inside her vagina. Oh how she screamed! I was thrusting my fingers inside her harder and harder, getting her nice and juicy for what was to come. As soon as she was nice and wet, I withdrew my fingers and picked up the prod. She knew exactly what it was as soon as she felt the tip penetrate her and push up deeper and deeper inside of her. I began to move the prod up and down, fucking her gently with it. Fiona was in mental agony, knowing that she was being raped with a torture device and wondering when I’d shock her. She didn’t have to wait long! When I hit the button I thought she was going to jump out of her skin! She screamed the loudest, longest scream I’d heard her make and twisted helplessly in her bonds. Over and over again I shocked her until she passed out. Well, I couldn’t have this, could I? Picking up the hose, I drenched her again with icy cold water and she came round gasping with the shock. As soon as I was happy that she was wide awake I took up the prod again but this time I thrust it forcefully up her ass. I was again rewarded with a lovely scream as the prod stretched her wider and wider. It felt to her as if she was about to be split in two, and then the electric shocks came again.

I buggered Fiona with the prod for a good ten minutes before removing it and going for her nipples again. By now she was barely conscious and was only making soft moaning noises as I shocked her. I decided that it was time for her to come down from the ceiling and be raped. Lowering the bar so she could stand on the floor, I released her wrists and pulled her over to a chair. I quickly tied her to the chair with her legs spread wide, fully exposing her to my gaze. She was lovely like that and my cock was rampant. I undressed rapidly and knelt in front of her, pushing the tip of my prick inside her. She realised what was about to happen and cried out piteously as I forced my way up her dry pussy. She was surprisingly tight and I loved it! I began to fuck her hard, pulling almost all the way out of her before slamming back in with full force. She cried out every time I pushed into her. My hands were pulling and twisting her tits and her nipples before I bent forward and took one in my mouth to suck and bite. The audience by now were going wild with delight and I could see some of them already getting naked in preparation for what was to come.

After a good twenty minutes or so of raping, biting, sucking and slapping Fiona around I shot my load deep inside of her before pulling out. I stood up and moved back from the chair. “Gentlemen, she’s all yours to do with as you wish. Enjoy” I said as I left the room to get a drink. When I returned I found Fiona down on all fours, surrounded by the men. Her blindfold and gag had been removed and she was in the process of being fucked, sodomised and sucking cock simultaneously. There were two men fucking her mouth and as well as the cocks in her ass and her pussy there were fingers being pushed in to stretch her even further. Her tits were being tugged and pulled about – after all, who could resist such a lovely target for abuse? Other men were pulling her soft blonde hair and still others were slapping and pinching her ass. The men inside her were coming in her holes and forcing her to swallow when they came in her mouth. When the first group finished they were quickly replaced by another eager group. This time she was laid on her back with one man under her, his cock buried to the hilt in her anus. Another knelt in front of her and penetrated her vaginally while her head was pulled around to the side and a cock was forced into her mouth. The third group tied her down to a bench to rape and abuse her, the fourth group suspended her horizontally from the ceiling after tying ropes to her waist, wrists and ankles.

Throughout it all I sat and watched Fiona being tossed around like a rag doll. She stopped screaming and begging after two hours or so, and after five hours she barely screamed when she was hung upside down by her ankles and whipped with a riding crop. Mind you, the fact that she was sucking on a large prick might have had something to do with that! There were thirty men in that room, and they kept on going for hour after hour. The numbers meant that they had plenty of time to recover after sticking their meat in one of her orifices. They all raped her, sodomised her and made her suck them off and they all took more than one turn at each. I reckon that each hole took around 120 cocks throughout her ordeal and she must have drunk gallons of sperm. But all good things, as they say, must come to an end and eventually their time was up. When they left Fiona was unconscious again so I dragged her into a cell for later use. I looked at her as she lay on the floor. She was covered in cum, in her face and sticking her hair together, drying to a crust on her tits, her stomach and her thighs and leaking from her pussy and her ass. Her body was covered in welts from the whip and marks from the slapping, pinching and biting she’d been subjected to. I had stipulated that she wasn’t to be cut or permanently marked and my guests had been good enough to restrain themselves. After all, there was plenty of fun to be had with her yet and they were hoping for a future invitation. One of them had already mentioned getting Carol Vorderman in for some sport and you never know but I may do it if I get paid enough…..

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