The Loss Of Sexual Innocence

Dakota’s parents had left her alone for the night; they were on their way to a big move premiere. I fail to remember which one. Dakota would have loved to have gone; unfortunately, she had a slight cold, and couldn’t make it. So, her parents hired me for the evening, babysitter to the stars, to look after her. It was my third job this week, although this was the first time in a long time that I had been hired to baby-sit someone famous, I mean, she was in ‘Uptown Girls’, ‘Man on Fire’, and now was set to appear in ‘War of the Worlds’. In fact that was the exact movie her parents were going to the premiere of. I felt kind of
bad for Dakota, this being probably her biggest, most blockbusting movie to date, and her being unable to attend. I promised her we could have lots of fun though. First we played hide and seek, then watched TV for a while. After which she became quite bored. I could have just sent her to bed, but I didn’t want to.

‘Dakota, do you ever feel lonely?’

‘Um,’ she thought, eyes looking up mock thoughtfully. ‘No, I play with my friends quite often.’ I looked at her as she lowered her head again and played around with a doll.

‘Dakota, could you stand up for me honey.’ I asked, calmly and affectionately.

‘Oh, sure, I guess.’ She stood up. I looked at her in that white top, and those cut offs, which, I must admit, seemed a little inappropriate considering the girl was only 11 years old. Still, she looked cute as a button as she bit her lip, completely non-judgemental and unaware.

‘Dakota, would you mind if I asked you to take off that bun in your hair?’ She said nothing, but simply undid it and let her long blonde hair drop down across her shoulders. I now felt myself becoming more focused on her. ‘Now, do you want to play a little game?’ She said yes. I asked her to come and sit next to me on the couch. She did so, legs together, arms between them in her lap. She turned from the TV, and looked at me, smiling.

‘Would you mind if I asked you to take off your top?’ She was still unaware, and did so, slightly hesitantly. Slowly taking it off, I savoured this moment. I had been guessing as to whether or not she would have on a bra, I realised she was only 11, but kids these days can develop much faster than they used to. She hadn’t one on. I moved my prying eyes across her chest; there was a mole just above her left nipple. She had no breasts to speak of, and even her nipples were still only very small and underdeveloped. Still, she was pretty as a picture. She now noticed how I was looking at her, and I moved my eyes away from her torso.

‘Um, Dakota, could you…’ I thought, and then continued, ‘could you let me take off your cut offs for you? I know how difficult they can be to get off.’

‘Um, well…’ I could tell she was a little nervous, ‘ok’ she said. This was the real moment. I got down from the couch, and placed my head just above her perfect knees. I closed my eyes and breathed in for a moment, not anything specific, just Dakota’s scent in general. Opening my eyes, I looked up at her unassuming face, then back down, and lifted my hands up to her waist, grabbing hold of her cut offs. I am slightly ashamed to say I already had quite a strong hard on at this point. Slowly, still smiling at her, I edged off her cut offs millimetre by millimetre, the fabric gently caressing her skin and rubbing with a kind of neutral sensuality to which she was totally unaware. Seeing her thin thighs, and then as I slid them down around her ankles, her panties. I gazed for what seemed like forever, when something took control of me. Instead of asking, I slowly pulled down her panties as well. Then sat back on the couch looking towards her inner thighs. Her vagina was totally bald, and there was only a small slit visible. Perhaps it was sometimes bigger. All in all, Dakota was the perfectly formed 11 year old girl. Totally naked, she seemed aware of this. ‘Can I put on my clothes yet?’ she asked. ‘No’ I said, somewhat more forcefully than before, and told her this was all part of the game. I asked to kiss her, and she giggled. ‘You don’t have to if you don’t want.’ I told her. ‘Um, well, ok then, even though mommy says I shouldn’t’. It was a dream come true. I looked into her deep blue eyes, and leaned over, eyes closed, wanting the only sensation to be through my mouth, and tongue. I kissed her hard on her soft, young, sweet cherry lips, but instead of opening her mouth, she kept it shut, I should have expected this. ‘That was good, Dakota, but this time, do you think you could open your mouth for me?’ She nodded. This time as I leaned in, her mouth opened, and with my lips locked against hers tight, I opened my mouth too, and placed my tongue inside her mouth, searching around when her tongue clashed with mine. I was surprised to say the least. Then found myself thrashing my tongue against hers, much smaller than mine, tasting it at the same time as licking it seductively, then rimming the walls of her mouth with my spear like implement. Her saliva lined her mouth completely, as I sucked it. Our mouths kept opening and closing slightly, smacking with salivation. Her tongue was struggling to deal with mine, and instead she navigated the corners of my mouth as I struggled in turn with her to get my tongue as far deep down her throat as possible. It was impossible to stimulate her tonsils though; if she had any. As I did this, I noticed that I had unwittingly placed my hand round her waist, squeezing her flesh with my hand. Then making circular motions which caused her to giggle, and disrupted our long kiss. For a moment I kissed repeatedly her chin before sitting back.

‘That was kinda fun.’ She giggled. I knew that I would now have some fun.

‘Would you like to try something else, little baby?’ I asked, now feeling very horny indeed. My tongue still flailing around inside my mouth in excitement.

‘What now?’ she asked eagerly.

‘Well,’ I said, before leaning over. ‘Do you mind if I put my hand down here?’

‘Ummmm, I don’t know…’ She was apprehensive. But I knew exactly what to say.

‘I promise you it will feel good.’ I told her.

‘Well, alright then.’

So, I slowly cautiously placed my hand down between her nubile, fragile legs. Only able to get one finger inside at a time, I gently put my index finger into her underage vagina and at the same time with my little finger looked for her clitoris. She was nervous at first, but after a minute or so she began to let out small, calm moans, almost sighs, but sighs of pleasure, even though she might not have realised. ‘That feels very good’, she said dreamily, as my finger filled her vagina, spreading her lips apart. I was apprehensive, but decided to insert my finger much deeper, up to my knuckle, I wiggled it around a little bit, and saw here eyes closed, and her upper teeth biting her lower lip in pleasure. I almost ejaculated just looking at her in that state. Her moans began to get louder. I had now found her clitoris, and gently rubbed it, as gently as possible. It began to widen and I could tell that she was enjoying this immensely. In her state of joy, she managed to lift her left arm, and use it to guide my other hand to her chest. As she did this she told me how much she liked this game we were playing, I quietly said ‘me too, ‘kota’. My other arm was now against her stomach, my hand on her flat chest. I used my thumb to rub up and down on her nipples, one at a time; she made me wish I had three hands. Looking down, I saw that my other hand was now almost numb, but also that the finger inside of her was moist. She had come. I pulled my finger out, and it made a squelching noise. She suddenly opened her eyes; ‘what? What’s that?’

‘Its ok, Dakota’, I said.

‘But, what is that liquid?’

‘Just relax. Everything will be alright.’

And so, I lifted up my finger, wet and dripping a lot. I put it in my mouth, and made sure I looked Dakota directly in the eye as I sucked it in and out, about a dozen times. She smiled naughtily. But not sluttily. I now took off all my clothes.

Next, I got up so my face was level with hers, and continued to massage her breasts this time with both hands, well, I say breasts. They were more nipples. But where here breasts would be, I rubbed up and down, tweaking her nipples every so often, seeing her squirm, then giggle. Rimming the areolas as well with my nails, this caused an even more sensitive sensation.

‘Now,’ I said, ‘why don’t you turn around for me?’ Her previous cautious nature had now all but totally diminished, and she seemed somehow all too happy to do as I ask. You must remember at this point that she was buck naked, and that as she moved I saw every nuance of her motion with my eye. Her small frame was exquisitely formed and perfect. So perfect it almost began to bore me. But it didn’t. Dakota could never bore me. Her backside was now looking me straight in the face. It was about 8 inches away from my nose. She simply sat there. Her arms placed hands down on the couch, her head down, and her feet just edging off the couch. I tickled them, she laughed, turning to look at me. I smiled too. Now, I surveyed her buttocks, small and tight, and the crevice in between them. ‘I just want to check how clean you keep yourself.’ I jutted my tongue out of my mouth, salivating in anticipation, and licked gently once from the bottom to the top of her crevice, leaving a small string of saliva behind as I did so. Now I did it again, and again, before looking ahead of me, her buttocks touching my cheeks, and inserted my tongue sharply into Dakota’s anus. I was surprised to say the least at how smooth her inside was, not at all rough. I remember thinking to myself that this was the best anus I had ever had my tongue in. My tongue seemed to take a mind of its own, hungrily licking her anus walls with unbridled lust. She intermittently let out short, soft sighs as I did it, and then as I placed my hands on her buttocks and started massaging them, she let out what sort of sounded like an orgasm, a weak one though. My tongue became some kind of instrument of exploration, stimulating her rectum, until my nose was as far in as it could go. There was not even a faint hint of faecal matter. Dakota obviously kept herself very clean. In a way this both pleased and disappointed me. I would never have told her this though. As my tongue lapped inside of her, I noticed something else very interesting. She now had her hand on her vagina, trying vainly to cause the same kind of sensation she had experienced before, this aroused me greatly. So much in fact that I guided her hand properly inside her vagina, managing to get four of her fingers in, she did this, and seemed oblivious to anything else, even what I was doing, or perhaps it was because of what I was doing. Never in all of this did I wonder what may happen as a result of my liaison with Dakota. I did not care.

After several minutes, Dakota stopped masturbating. I too pulled out of her anus reluctantly, though I assure you I could have stayed inside it all night long happily. After experiencing the pleasures of four of four of her orifices, I decided that it may now be time to allow her stimulate me instead. ‘Dakota, baby, would you like to play with ME now?’ She smiled and said ‘of course’. And so, as though some kind of sexual tutor, I guided her soft, delicate hands down into my pants. Her fingers, I could smell, had traces of vaginal secretions upon them, and before they went into my pants, I placed them both whole into my mouth and sucked them for a minute or so. After pulling them out, she let out a short sigh of disgust, and then wiped them dry on the couch. Her hands delved around in my trousers, searching. Once found, she felt the entirety of my penis before rubbing it in a bizarre fashion. I told her that she would have to learn how to do this properly, she apologized sincerely. While she rubbed my penis, I thought to myself how mature she was for her age, and how she seemed surprisingly willing to engage in sexual acts with me. What confirmed this was her next sentence to me; ‘you know, I have heard about this, I mean, people talk about it in school, kids. Other kids, my friends. They all dared me to do things. They said I would never grow up if I didn’t.’ I looked at her, and smiled; ‘Dakota, you’re already as grown up as you’ll ever need to be.’ She now had got the hang of it, and started a vertical stimulation. Up and down my penis, she masturbated me, and at the same time, started provocatively sucking a finger with her eyes closed. Then placing her hand once more down between her legs, she this time touched her clitoris, I could tell by the way her hand went all the way under her vagina. Continuing to shaft my penis, she suddenly leaned over her face, and stuck her mouth all over it, not sucking it particularly; her mouth was still too small for that. Rather she made slavering motions around the tip of my penis, licking and sucking parts of it repeatedly; I immediately took control of the situation and put my left hand on her head, her silky blonde hair, and held it firmly in place whilst she gave me felatio. Now I put my other hand round the back of her, and placed two fingers into her anus. After saying that it tasted funny, I assured her she was doing just fine, as her warm young mouth, comforting me, now slide up and down my penis, and I could feel her teeth gently rubbing the skin of my penis. Pushing her head further down forcefully, I made her suck me much faster now, and soon she began to really finger her clitoris rapidly and violently, as she moaned, I pulled her head up just as I ejaculated into her mouth. Looking at me, I saw the semen around her lips and on her chin. She swallowed it without asking. And I told her she was doing well.

I have to say that more than her vagina; I was obsessed with her backside. Her posterior kept drawing my attention, and, just after I had come, I pulled my finger out of her backside, and licked it delicately, I tasted nothing. I pondered for a moment, and then asked; ‘Dakota, could you please turn around again?’ she did so, and asked what I was going to do, then, before I could answer she said; ‘are you going to put it up there?’ and I said yes. She said ok. About a foot away from her backside, I clasped my hands on either of her buttocks. Then squeezing them caused her to make an odd sound. It was a kind of nasal gasp. After having done this, my penis still erect, I moved forward, now moving my hands to spread her buttocks, and steadily put my penis into her anus. She made a satisfied sound, then I put my right hand on her back, and still holding my penis with my left hand, forced it all the way up to her sphincter. Now my penis was engorged in her anus, and I made frequent, rapid pumping motions. ‘Put your hand on it’ I told her, and she put one hand on her vagina and another in her mouth, as far in as she could get it. Now she was masturbating as I penetrated her anus. ‘Harder’ she said quietly, and so I did, wanting to please her. ‘Faster, harder, come on, come in me!’ I was so shocked at what she was telling me that I hardly changed rhythm at all. ‘What did you say?’ I asked her. She looked at me with steely eyes of determination, and said ‘fuck my asshole with your cock.’ I now became much more ferocious and violent in my assault on her anus. She had woken something bestial and primitive inside of me; I never thought she would talk like that. I was no longer making love to her, I was literally fucking her. Fucking her as hard as I could and as fast and strong as possible, ‘empty your load up me’ she demanded, then ‘I want you to FUCK me, stop making love and FUCK, FUCK, FUCK ME!!!’ She soon after began to make moaning sounds, and then cries of pain as my penis went deeper and deeper inside of her. This ended when I came.

As soon as I had, she turned around, and simply told me to fuck her in her snatch. I slid my penis in slowly, her vagina was now slacker due to her masturbating, however she still made a small sound of pain as I entered her. Then, holding her frame, her lower ribcage, I made motions of shafting her. Rhythmically, in succession, back and forward again and again, she looked at me in ecstasy, and I made a point to focus on her eyes. She then got my hand, and placed a finger in her mouth, sucking it, I looked at her hair and her ears, lips, her mouth; all perfect to the point of too perfect. Now as she bucked her hips to mine, I picked her up by her hips, and laid her down on the ground, lying naked on top of her, both our bodies horizontal; this was the greatest pleasure I had ever experienced in my life. She put her arms around my neck, and laid her head back, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as though half way between pain and pleasure. My penis was hardly able to move from side to side in her because of the still relative tightness of her vaginal lips. Now, however she demanded to be on top. I agreed, and as we switched positions, we made similar progress. I made sure I was looking directly at her as I came. Now, she stood up, and, wondering what she was going to do, I asked. She didn’t reply, but simply stood directly above my head, then slowly squatted down. I began to bite and chew on her clitoris and vagina lips as she sat on my face. With my hands, I rubbed her legs up and down before running them up past her stomach and onto her chest, rubbing her not yet formed breasts; she was now in a trance like state of sexual excitement. It aroused me greatly that she would even know about such a sexual act. My fingers now moved to her vagina, and I cautiously widened her lips, trying to enlarge her ‘snatch’ as much as possible, licking her pink flesh with my now almost dead tongue. She exploded as I did so, letting forth a torrent of vaginal liquid into my face, almost smothering me. I used my tongue to get some of it, before using my finger and then licking it. Before I did, she asked to try some, I let her, and she licked her finger raggedly, letting saliva drip from her mouth, which merged with her own juices. She stood up. I looked at her, and then we simply sat next to each other naked on the couch, watching TV for several hours, recovering from our experience; my sexual fantasy and her sexual awakening.

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