Jail Bait: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

Jail Bait: Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes

By Dragon333

Celeb: Conchita Campbell

Codes: pedo (MMMf), oral, first, cons

December 7th, 2005

This was kind of a requested celebrity story.

Disclaimer: this story is pure fiction. If you are offended by sex, or pedophilia, sex with very young girls, or sex in general then read no further.

Three guys in their mid twenties were walking around the shopping center of Dragon City and their eyes lit up when they saw a very cute girl walking by herself
happily. It was Conchita Campbell. She had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and was wearing a pink dress. Corey looked to his right at his friend Joey and winked at him. Joey winked in response and got the hint. They gestured with their heads to their other friend Ben to follow them.

“Hey there, cutie. What’s your name?” Corey asked her.

“I’m Conchita, nice to meet you. What’s your name?” she asked in her cute voice very politely.

“I’m Corey and these are my friends Joey and Ben. We got something to ask you.”

“What is it?”

“Would you let the three of us fuck you for $50?” Ben asked her.

“Aren’t I too young?”

“How old are you?” Joey asked her.

“I’m ten years old.” she replied.

“You’re old enough for us.”

“Umm… Well since I’m a virgin, if you make it $100 then you got yourself a deal.” Conchita negotiated with a cute smile.

Conchita was sitting on Corey’s lap while they were driving in the van on the way to Ben’s house. Corey bounced her up and down through her dress, feeling her ass bounce on his hard on. She was smiling chessingly enjoying the hard dick press against her young butt. Ben was next to them and reached over with his left hand and rubbed Conchita’s nipples through her pink dress. They finally arrived at Ben’s house and during the time they were walking in the walkway in the front of his house, Ben and Joey held on to one of Conchita’s ass cheeks. Conchita kneeled down on her knees in front of a couch.

“What should we do with this bitch first?” Joey asked.

“We should put a dick in her mouth!” replied Corey without having to do much thinking. “Who wants to be first?”

“I do!” Ben said sticking his dick in Conchita’s ten year old mouth. He grabbed her dirty blonde hair and made her bop her head back and fourth, as he felt her fresh young tongue caress his hard shaft. Naturally, she sucked hard and good enjoying the first blow job she ever gave. She felt his hot cock build up heat and pre-cum in her cute little mouth. She felt her pre-teen pink nipples harden with each stroke of her mouth. Ben took his rod out of the young girls mouth and with his hands, he placed her hand over his dick and had her grab it and squeezed it with her young hand. “Rub it up and down with your fist!” He told her as she smiled and did what she was told. This is fun! Thought Conchita Campbell to herself. She never thought that doing something so simple as jerking someone off could be so much fun. Instinctively, Conchita jerked him off faster and faster, gradually increasing speed, all the way until she was jerking him off as fast as she could. She jerked him long and fast, and heard Ben groan as he shot cum in her face and landed on her cute mouth and chin. Ben took some of his own cum on his finger and then shoved it in Conchita’s mouth, rubbing it on her tongue and teeth. She was smiling really wide, as it was the other two’s turn for their blow job.

Joey stood on her left in the front while Corey stood on her right in the front. Joey stuck his dick in her ten year old mouth. He shoved it in there, forcing her to take it all the way in her throat. He began bucking his hips, putting his dick further into her little mouth while she sucked on it, holding on to his hip with one of her pre-teen hands. She felt herself gag on it while she continued to suck. As soon as Joey saw her tears begin to water, he took his dick out of her cute little mouth and let her start couching. Conchita started coughing as the dick in her mouth was too much for her, and wiped her tears. When she stopped coughing Joey shoved his cock right back in her mouth. Joey then passed her to Corey and Corey stuck his shaft in the cute young girl’s mouth. She bopped her head back and forth while Joey caressed her flat chest. Corey plugged Conchita’s nose with his two fingers while she continued to suck him off. She started to make noises while she had a hard time breathing feeling her lips wrapped around his big cock, and teeth slightly pressing against his manhood. She started to cough through his dick while Corey was smiling at the look that she was giving. He removed her fingers from her nose and rubbed her nipples through her dress.

“Pass the whore back!” Joey said loudly. Corey pushed her over to Joey while he put his dick back in her mouth. “Grab my balls, bitch!” Conchita began to deep throat Joey while she grabbed his balls and caressed it with her small hands. Joey pulled her hair while she was blowing him. “OK, now open wide!” Joey told her while the pre-teen did what she was told and held her mouth wide open. Corey and Joey began to stroke themselves, jerking their prick’s hard and fast while they groaned looking into the mouth of the ten year old. Joey was the first to shoot his load, and it hit the back of her throat, as Conchita instinctively swallowed the cum that hit the back of her throat.

“Look, the bitch swallows!” Ben exclaimed happily. Joey landed more of his cum, and landed on her nose and some of it on her hair. Corey was next to shoot his load on the kid’s face, and into her mouth. His cum was immediately followed by Joey shooting even more cum on the little kid’s face. They took their fingers and spread their cum on her face and dragged it all the way to her lips and in her mouth.

“Swallow that cum, bitch!” Joey demanded. Conchita gulped the swallow down like a true whore and smiled at the end, revealing that she enjoyed every second these guys were giving her today. The helped her remove her dress and Ben asked the other two guys since he got to be the first one to get his dick sucked by her, who wants to take her virginity.

“I’ll pop the slut’s cherry!” Corey said as he picked up the ten year old and laid her on the couch. He spit on her pussy, lubing it up and inserted a pinky finger inside of her juicy cunt. He rubbed the interior of her vagina with his pinky finger as it caused Conchita to moan with excitement and pleasure. “You guys hear how cute those moans sound? Sounds super cute! I love it!”

“Yeah, a cute voice like that is hot!” Joey agreed. Corey repeated fingering the pre-teen with his pinky finger, making it a temporarily a little bit wider so that he could fit his grown dick inside of the young girl who didn’t even develop breasts yet. When his pinky finished making her moan, Corey quickly stuffed his pinky in her cute mouth while she sucked her own juices off his finger.

“Spit on my dick, Conchita!” Corey ordered her. Conchita kneeled her head forward for a second and spit on his dick, and Corey rubbed her saliva on his dick making it wet enough for it to go inside of Conchita’s hot wet pussy. Corey slowly inserted his penis inside of the virgin’s pussy. Conchita closed her eyes and spread her legs, taking the penis inside of her extremely tight vagina. She groaned as she felt the pain of the big dick go in her tight pussy. “This feels good, Conchita! I can feel your tight pussy almost devouring my dick and squeezing my cock as hard as it can!” After he felt his dick stretched the virgin’s pussy wide enough, he began to thrust and push hard and faster, humping the kid as he felt his big balls slap against her little pussy.

Conchita screamed and moaned as she felt the big dick of Corey slide in and out of her love hole. She screamed louder and louder, feeling the tears come down from her eyes. He pounded his shaft into the kid’s vagina, feeling the insides of her pussy swallow his long cock. He groaned at the feeling of taking the girl’s feeling like he was in heaven, getting the special gift that Conchita could only give once in her entire life. He loved feeling his balls slap against this kid’s love hole, and humped her harder with each passing second, and then finally, when he was about to cum, he pulled out and jerked off in front of her face and shot his load on her cute little face. He rubbed his cum on her face, over her tears and into her mouth, over her tongue. Ben and Joey stroked their dicks and Ben shot his sperm in her eye, while she immediately rubbed it off of her eye, and Joey shot his cum on her chest, in-between her pretty pink nipples. Joey got some paper towels and napkins to wipe the blood from her popped cherry. Ben gave her the $100 that they promised her.

“You did a really good job, Conchita! Here’s an extra $50 for a tip!” Joey told her throwing some more cash at her. Even though Conchita felt tears come down her childish cheeks, she had no regrets. Other girls had to work weeks for the same amount of money that she got in just one day. And those girls had to wait for something like the first of the month before they can cash their pay check and then had to go to a bank to cash it. But Conchita got weeks worth of money in just one day, and got paid as soon as her task was finished and got paid with cash!

Any questions, comments, feedback, complaints, or anything else e-mail me at jamell333@yahoo.com

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