Their Beauty (Chapter 1)

Story Title Their Beauty (Chapter 1)

Author’s Name: Morgan333

Content Codes:MF, rape, anal

Celebs: Milla Jovovich

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and should be
treated as such. It is fantasy and has no reference
whatsoever to events that occur/occured in reality.
It is not meant to offend.

This story is dedicated to a good friend, Sara Violet
(who also posts on this site), who provided me with
inspiration for this and many other stories I have in
the works.

Chapter 1: The Nightmare begins

As his huge cockhead finally pushed past Milla’s
sphincter and into the tight cavity behind
it, the actress let out a short but loud scream.

“ Fuck…no!”, she yelled upon this unwanted intrusion
into her tightest hole and her frantic struggles only
intensified now. He held on tightly to her hips and
watched with delight as her beautiful, perfectly round
ass wiggled in front of him, her inner walls
pleasuring his cockhead as her muscles clenched to
expel him and her ass moved in such perfect ways.
He was just glad her hands were tightly bound behind
her back and that Robert was holding her down, keeping
her from rolling away from him.

“ Oh god, yes…”, he whispered, closing his eyes,
moaning in pleasure. Only the head of his cock was in
and already Milla’s asshole was giving him pleasure
beyond anything he had imagined in his fantasies….

“ Let me go, you sick fuck!” she yelled again but this
outburst was only rewarded by a hard slap to her
gorgeous ass. He softly laughed. No, he was not going
to let her go. Too much he had invested in this…in the
fulfillment of his fantasies…

And as he started to push his cock further into her
tight, clenching ass and heard her make a sound that
was something between a howl and a scream, a sound
full of anger and agony at the same time, he
remembered exactly how this day, the beginning of his
personal paradise, had begun….

He had awoken from yet another dream in which that
which he adored haunted him. He knew he was obsessed.
Obsessed to the point of madness perhaps. But where
this once had given him cause to worry, that was no
longer the case. Not if he could actually have the
object he desired. And by now, he could.

For he, he was Erik Jordan, founder of Jordan
industries, distributer of a certain….product which
had come to rival even the famed Viagra by now. Not
only that it worked against impotence…it also managed
to increase the sperm count of any male who took it
drastically, curing some cases of infertility after
the first few pills.

And it had no side effects whatsoever. He should
know..he was a healthy man and he took it daily.
First, as test object – he wanted to give his fellow
men something to enjoy, not something to endanger them
and he was willing to make the necessary sacrifices to
do so – and later as preparation for this very day.
For this special, almost holy day.

Just thinking about it made his hands tremble with
pure excitement as he walked into the huge bathroom
and began to shower and prepare himself. He would hear
many insults today and possibly over a long long time
but being smelly should not be among them.
As he walked into his living room, he looked around at
the various posters adorning the walls.

Only his most trusted friends were allowed in here and
the posters were the reason. For they showed clearly
the objects of his obsession. They all showed asses.
Those of certain female celebrities, to be exact. Many
were clothed but some were either captions from movie
scenes in which the woman in question had been naked
or copied from actual nude photos.

Sometimes he could sit here without doing anything at
all for hours, just staring at all these beautiful,
perfectly shaped asses and fantasize about actually
having them at his disposal…of forcing his cock into
their holes, making the women scream….and so many
other things…

For a long time it had only been a fantasy. But the
sudden discovery of that drug had made his fortunes
explode. And one day, he had stared at the numbers his
account sported….and decided to finally make it

He did not care about the women. Such was the nature
of obsession. He just wanted them. Knowing very well
how illegal it was and how easily he could be found
out, he had established a net of close contacts and
friends who actually shared his fantasies or at least
had a similar desire for the women.

He had even bought this luxurious estate apart from
everyone, high up in the mountains, and refurnished it
to suit his tastes. While he would hold them captive
here, he had not wanted a prison-like athmosphere. He
wanted to indulge in his fantasies comfortably. And so
every room had large beds, comfortable sofas and an
overall pleasing look to it. A very clean environment
he had wanted and he had managed to create it.
Rooms there were enough to hold most of his friends
and the captured girls and there was still enough
space left. Space which he had filled in…creative

This very day he had set up to be the beginning. The
beginning of paradise on earth for him and his
friends…and of a nightmare for the women. But he did
not care much about that.

They were objects to fulfill his desires.

The morning he had tried to somehow get his mind off
things by focusing on his work…but it had been in
vain. The eveening and what hopefully was to come kept
his mind busy. He could not help but think of all the
things he would do to the first one….which, if he
remembered the words of his respective contact
correctly, would be none other than Milla Jovovich.
Famous Milla….all his. Of course, as his agreements
with his contacts and friends included, he would share
her with the others later. But he was to have her

Later that day, his most trusted friend Robert
appeared, to tell him that everything had been set up.
Robert, a man of powerful build, known to work out
long hours even after work – which was basically
taking care of financial issues – had been a great
asset in all of this. He had taken care of the
financial transactions that had to take place, the
many bribes and payments that led to this wonderful

And later, he would perform another vital task.
He did not know how long he actually sat there, doing
nothing but wait. But to him it surely seemed like an
eternity. The hours seemed to stretch into years while
he waited for the screeching of tires outside that
would signal the arrival of his first…”guest”.
Just thinking of the evening made his cock fill with
blood, pounding almost painfully in his pants.
Finally, after long arduous hours of waiting, he heard
it. That screeching on the pavement. That either told
of success or failure.

Moving faster than was good for him – he actually
almost fell down the stairs in the entrance hall – he
rushed out to see…to know.

He gasped when he saw the drivers of the small black
van get out. One had a huge black eye and the other
was limping.

“ Damn, a warning would have been nice…that bitch is
really tough….”, one of them groaned, putting his hand
over his obviously hurting groin.

“And what a kick…”, he continued to grumble but Erik
cut him short.

“ Yeah whatever…I double your payment. If you have

“ Hey man”, the one with the black eye said, “ of
course we have her. I said she’s tough, but we are
tougher.” He laughed, but then become serious
immediately again.

“ I hope our deal is still valid? All of it?” he
asked, “ ‘Cause we will be in deep shit if this ever
comes out. And if we are about to go to prison for the
rest of our lives I want at least a decent fuck before

“ Of course, my friends”, Erik said, grinning broadly.
His face was shining with excitement now that he knew
they had been successful.

“ But, as the contract says, I will have her alone

They were already walking to the back of the van,
opening it. Pure greed in his eyes, he peeked
inside…and there she was. Milla Jovovich in all her

They had obviously not harmed her, as the contract had
said – he wanted to fuck the women, not torture them –
but they had bound and gagged her tightly. Her
sparkling blue eyes were staring out at him with such
an intense rage that he could physically feel it.
She had obviously been ready to go out for she was
wearing a black dress that nicely showed her curves
and her athletic body without truly revealing
anything. A quite teasing sight. His throbbing cock
send shivers of delightful pain to his head and he

“ Bring her into one of the rooms, will you?”, he said
to the two drivers.

They hesitated for a moment, but then both nodded and
entered the van. He could see them taking deep breaths
as they seadied themselves and proceeded towards the
helpless woman. Milla saw them and, screaming muffle
dprotests beneath the ballgag ih her mouth, tried to
move away, but they were quick.

The one with the black eye grabbed her legs, holding
them tightly even though she was squirming and trying
to kick at him, while the other one reached down and
grabbed her arms, lifting her up.

Erik just looked at the two doing their work, the
sight of the wriggling, bound form of the woman who
would soon be his filling him with an anticipation
that swept every conscious thought away.

He followd them closely, his gaze wandering over
Milla’s body as she vainly struggled against the
drivers, taking in every detail, admiring her perfect
form. If it hadn’t been so risky, he would have taken
her right now….but he had waited for this for so long
he could wait a few minutes more.

While they walked into the estate, he took out his
cellphone and dialed a number.

It took a while, but finally he could hear Robet’s
voice over the phone. Somewhere in the background the
clanking and whirring typical for a fitness studi
could be heard.

“ Yeah?” Robert asked, excitement and a bit of
exhaustion audible in his voice.

“ We’re set, Robert. Come over, I need your help.”
Erik’s voice was almost trembling with insane desire
and it was obvious enough for Robert to notice.
His best friend chuckled softly, then said, “ I am
over there in no time.”

Erik grinned. Of course Robert would. He’d been
looking forward to this almost as much as Erik himself
had. His obsession was not so much with the female ass
but with beautiful girls in general. How fitting,
then, that girls with beautfiul asses were beautiful
in general.

Softly humming a tune, a gesture meant to somehow get
his mind to focus at least on the precautions and the
knowledge that he had to wait still, he walked into
the estate, through the great entrance hall that was
decorated in gentle colours, with wooden tables and
soft sofas.

And then, through a rather simple wooden door into one
of the “guest rooms” as he had euphemistically called

It was decorated exactly like the other rooms that
were meant for the women. There were large windows
with steel bars before them, there was a huge,
comfortable bed with white sheets, ther was a large
wooden table at waist-height and there were several
comfortable armchairs and a sofa. However, there were
no sharp implements, no ropes or anything in there.
Those had to be brought by the ones visiting the

They put her down on the bed and quickly went out of
reach of her kicking legs. Even bound tightly, she was
still quite agile and neither of them had any desire
to get hit by her feet again.

Erik nodded to them and smiled. “ Get yourself
something to eat from the kitchen. And an icepack.
There are TVs in the upper lounge. Thanks again, great

They nodded and went off, closing the door behind

He was alone with her. Finally. Alone with one of the
objects of his obsession. For at least 5 minutes he
simply stood there, admiring her form. The way she
moved vainly against her bonds, how she tried to roll
herself off the bed – which he prevented of course –
the way her breast heaved unde rher heavy breaths and
her muffled protests and screams.

As he stared at her, within him a desperate battle was
fought. He wanted to savour this moment, knowing there
would never be any other like it….but he also wanted
to begin, to satisfy his obsession and relieve the
aching feeling in his loins.

In the end, his loins won. He had waited long enough.
Milla’s eyes widened as he suddenly pulled a knife
from his pocket and knelt down on the soft bed.
Seeing the look of outrage and shock, he shook his
head, a gentle smile on his lips. “ Don’t worry…I am
not going to cut you….but your dress is in the way.”
She tried to roll away from him, even tried to kick
him once but from his position there were few things
she could do. He simply held her down with one hand –
pressing against the small of her back, his thumb
stretching to brush over the onmset of her asscheeks,
sending shivers of anticipation through him – and then
started to cut the dress away, starting at the neck,
then cutting his way down until the remains fell away
from her body. He had to wait a few time suntil she
had calmed down again for she kept wriggiling and
squirming, howling against the gag in her anger. And,
as he had said, he did not want to cut her.
And what a body it was. He could see her
well-proportioned shoulders, her prefectly toned
muscles. The immaculate light skin that covered her

He stared at her perfect back for a few moments before
slowly cutting away the black lace bra she had been
wearing. That, too, was commented by her via a loud
muffled protest, as if he had violated another
unwritten taboo. Even though he could only see her
breasts as flattened shapes beneath her chest. For a
moment, he felt the desire to turn her around, to see
them and marvel at them…but his real prize lay
somewhere else and that was where his eyes now

He saw the valley of the small of her back, where his
hand still pressed her down….and beyond that the
globes of her ass. Nothing had prepared him for that
moment of beauty. The cheeks were perfectly formed.
Well-muscled but still looking round and so
exquisitely womanly, they currently clenched as every
muscle of her body stiffened in helpless anger and
frustration. The skin here, too, was immaculate. If
there was a creator, this was one of his masterpieces.
The light from the window fell upon the promising
cheeks, alighting them with an inviting shine.
The crack between these delicious globes was equally
as perfect, parting the voluptuous cheeks in perfect
symmetry. The strap of a black thong was running
through it. With a sigh and a shudder he cut it off
and now her ass lay before him unclothed. Yes, this
was paradise.

He put the knife away, taking another good look at
Milla’s ass…what he had seen in pictures only for so
long was now hi. His for the taking. And he would take
it. Very soon.

Slowy, his now free hand trailed over the bedhseets,
towards her inviting ass….first one finger touched her
cheek, then the next one, then the next…until his
whole hand was lying on her left asscheek, feeling the
tesne muscles and the soft skin. With long, deliberate
strokes, he began to move his hand over her ass,
moving so slowly it seemed as if he wanted to take in
every detail, as if no single spot on her magnificent
ass should be untouched. He rubbed her asscheek a bit
then slowly brushed his hand ove rit again, over the
crack and onto the other where he also brushed his
hand over it, gently stroking the perfect globe.
Milla did not scream anymore but she was not exactly
silent either, a constant stream of muffled sounds
coming from beneath the ballgag. Probably insults. He
did not care.

His hand now spread her delicious cheeks and he peered
into the crack and at the puckered hole that was the
entrance to what he so much desired. Soon, it would
accommodate his cock….he used his index finger to
slowly move in circles around the opening, touching it
occasionally, a gesture that always made her take in a
sharp breath through her nose and tense up even more.
He did it a few times, just to see the wonderful play
of her cheeks clenching tightly together. A magical

“ Enjoying our guest already?”

Erik jumped and grabbed the knife…but then put it away
as he saw Robert in the doorway, grinning.

“ Look at her…isn’t she wonderful?” Erik asked, his
voice dreamy and heavy with barely contained lust.

“ Erik, you are totally crazed”, Robert said, coming
closer, looking at the lying figure.

“ Though I can understand why”, he then added,
püursing his lips in admiration.after his gaze had
lingered on her ass for a few moments.

“ Want to do this now?” he asked, smirking, knowing
what the answer would be. They were almost close
enough to be brothers.

“ Want? Dammit I need to!” Erik exclaimed. For a
moment, they looke dat each other…and then burst out

“ When we are done we should toast to this…”, Robert
said, grinning.

Erik just nodded, then motioned Robert to come closer.
They needed to get her into a better position.
Erik grabbed her hips and forced her upwards so that
she came to rest on her knees, then pushed her
forward. It was not easy, for she immediately started
to struggle, but her hands and knees were still bound.
Robert lifted her upper body up slightly, exposing her
beautiful breasts now that the rest of the bra and her
dress were falling away. Her hands were bound behind
her back but Robert did not let her fall. Instead, he
held her up, his hands gripping her shoulders tightly,
so hard it made her whince in obvious discomfort.

“ What’s with the gag?” he asked Erik, “ Doesn’t seem
like we would need it now…no one to hear her but us.”

Erik smirked. “ Then let’s get rid of it.”

Robert nodded. “ Maybe get something for your ears…”,
he said before roughly pulling off the gag, the red
ball slipping out of Milla’s mouth, strands of saliva
connecting it to her mouth until he flung it away.
For a moment, it was silent. Milla hung there, held up
by Robert and Erik, her mouth half-open…

“ YOU BASTARDS!” she yelled so loudly the glass of the
window rang loudly, “ LET ME GO!”

Erik looked at Robert and they both grinned. They had
expected nothing else.

Erik now finally allowed his cock to spring free,
pulling his pants down. His member was throbbing hard,
pointing angrily at her inviting ass. The sight if her
ass only intensified this feeling, the throbbing
becoming painful as his body finally demanded release.

“ You perverts….”, she snarled, her eyes shooting
daggers at them as she looked back and forth, trying
to twist and turn her body to get out of their hold.
Sighing softly, Erik paid no heed to her words and
instead began to guide his cock up and down her
perfect ass crack which made her gasp.

“ You fucking pigs….you’re not doing this…..!” she
gasped, reflexively clenching her ass even further.

“ No, we are not…”, Erik said, running his free hand
over her smooth asscheeks again, “ I am.”

He grinned and parted her asscheeks with his fingers
again which led her to take in a sharp breath. “ No…”
He gave her asscheeks one last gentle stroke before
grabbing his cock with his free hand and guided it to
the entrance to her tightest hole, pushing against

The tightness of her ass suqeezing his throbbing cock
tightly quickly brought him back to reality…this
wonderful reality where he finally had what he wanted.
Milla Jovovich was in front of him and his cock was
working its way up her precious, perfect ass.

Milla had stopped swearing at them the moment he had
started to push more of his 9-inch cock up her butt.
Instead, while he slowly began to pull back and then
push further in, she let out a series of loud grunts
whenever he pushed further into her. She still
struggled frantically to get away from the invading
member, her struggle sand the obvious discomfort she
felt as her ass was being violated by him exciting
Erik beyond words.

His throbbing member seemed to expand even more inside
her tight anal cavity and from his throat escaped a
long delighted moan.

Robert, who held the struggling form of Milla still,
laughed as he heard that sound, knowing his best buddy
was in heaven. He was sure he would himself enjoy the
actresses’ ass in time. His own cock pressed hard
against his pants, but he ignored the throbbing. His
long-time friend had organised all this and had made
it possible to perform this daring endeavor at all.
For now, Robert was just glad to see him happy.

“ You like it?” he asked Erik while another series of
grunts escaped from Milla’s half-open mouth as his
friend had started to push deeper into her, his
thrusts coming a bit faster now.

Erik, whose gaze had been transfixed by the sight of
her asscheeks being pressed against his groin whenever
he thrust into her, looked up and his smile was that
of the happiest man on earth. “ I’m…loving …it….”, he
said, his voice thick with lust, his breath coming
rapidly, his mind almost swept blank by the pleasure
her tight ass brought him.

“ I knew you would”, Robert said, grinning, “but what
of our guest?”

He wrapped his arms more tightly around her bound,
sturggling form and then used his free hand to grab a
fistful of her hair, forcing her head back so he could
look into her tormented face and into her eyes that
blazed with anger and revulsion.

“ What about you, hm? Do you like what my friend’s
doing to you? I bet you do…”

He chuckles, but stopped abruptly when she spit right
into his face. “ Fuck off, you perv…aaaarghhhh!”
Her words turned into a scream when Erik immediately
reacted to her actions and plunged the rest of his
cock deep into her with one brutal thrust, slapping
her ass hard at the same time with his hands, her
perfectly shaped asscheeks wiggling, red handprints
appearing on her immaculate skin.

“ I was going to go slow with you”, he said, slapping
her ass yet again, elicliting a short scream from her,
“ but now I can’t do that anymore…”

In fact, he had expected nothing less from her. He
knew if he would fuck her harder now, he would not
nearly last as long as he would have liked. Already,
her tightness was bringing him closer by the second.
But he had to teach her a lesson right from the start.
With one like Milla, one who had fighting spirit left
in her, it was necessary. She had to be shown her

Gripping her hips even more tightly, he pulled back
until only the head was inside, gripped tightly by her
clenching musculature…..then rammed back into her, his
full length drilling its way into her back passage
again, causing her to howl loudly, her face contorting
in agony.

After thrusting in and out a few times in rapid
succession, not giving her the slightest amount of
time to adjust to his length and girth, he finally
pulled out completely, his cock slipping out of her
asshole which stayed open.

He watched her open orifice for a moment, his joy
threatening to erupt right at this very moment, but he
managed to control himself. Slowly, he aligned his
cock with her hole again and easily slipped back into
the stretched tunnel.

The next few thrusts always ended like this, with him
pulling out competely, watching with utter delight as
her hole, still stretched, stayed invitingly open for
him, the entrance to the tight passage that held so
much pleasure for him.

Whenever he pushed back in, the feeling of his shaft
being enveloped by the unwilling tunnel was
accompanied by another soft pained scream from Milla,
a scream not just born of physical discomfort but also
of the realisation that he was not yet finished
violating her butt.

For a while he wanted to do this forever to keep going
and going, punishing Milla’s butt with his large
member for all times, but what he wanted and what he
was able to do were two different things entirely.
He could feel his climax build up as his cock was
buried to the hilt inside the helpless woman again,
his balls slapping against her, her plump cheeks
pressed against his groin, and knew it was
unavoidable. He would cum soon.

Not just soon. Now.

As he groaned, feeling his balls churn, his mind
raced, contemplating where he could dump his huge
load. Her mouth was not possible yet. He knew with
absolute certainty she would bite…her face was
possible, but he wanted to keep this ultimate
humiliation for later…the best choice was her ass
right now.

And so he pulled back until only the head was beyond
her puckered opening and began to stroke of his shaft
what was not buried in her asshole.

Mere seconds after he had started, he felt it coming.
And as he threw his head back and moaned loudly, as
Milla let out a whimpering sound, knowing he had now
claimed her as his, his cock began to shoot wave after
wave of slimy, sticky cum right up Milla’s perfect
asshole, filling her insides, coating the tight walls
of her canal in a thick layer of cum.

He could feel his seed gushing from the head of his
cock in mighty spurts, the pills he took regularly
having their desired effect. More and more semen he
shot into her ass, making her groan in discomfort and
disguist as she felt herself filled by his slimy
fluid. Even as he pulled out, his cock still shot
semen into Milla, the last spurt being carefully aimed
into her gaping asshole from which his cum already
oozed forth.

He laughed as she let out a sigh that is almost a
helpless scream and sighs himself, though his is one
of utter contendment. Stroking the asscheeks of that
gorgeous woman again, he nodded at Robert, who let her
go. Weakened by what she had been forced to endure,
she collapsed onto the sheets, aling to the side when
Erik pushed her.

“ You scum…”, she groaned, trying to get up again, “
you worthless little….”

“Shut up now, will you? There’s plenty of time for
that later…”, Erik said pulling up his pants again.
And while he walked towards the exit, Robert gently
patted her head and said “ Good girl…will see you

He let his large finger srun over her cheek and then
climbed off the bed, hurrying to catch up with Erik.
“ Now time for that toast, he?” Erik said while
locking the door behind them.

“ Definitely”, Robert said, laughing…then stopped as
Erik’s cell phone ringed.

“Glad it wasn’t earlier”, he said, chuckling, as he
reached for it and held it to his ear. “ Jordan here,

Robert looked at his friend curiously. Erik had
stopped in mid-sentence and was now just listening.
Nodding slowly, a smile crept onto his features.

“ Thanks, that is fantastic. Any estimate when she
will be here? Hmmm…ok…great job.”

He practically beamed as he put the phone back.
“ What’s up?” Robert asked.

“ Well, I should get another pill. They got Kristanna
and will have her here in a few hours….”

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