Good Boy: The Good, The Bad, And The Horny (Part A)

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“Good Boy: The Good, The Bad, And The Horny (Part A)”

by Slider1234

April 23, 2005 – October 14, 2006

This is the continuation of a fantasy about meeting the beautiful and underappreciated Larisa Oleynik, star of The Secret World of Alex Mack from back in the day, and 10 Things I Hate About You. It’s a story of romance, humor, lust, and erotica.

It’s a story with an actual plot that includes sexual activity. It’s riddled with dirty jokes and humor. It includes MF, FF, MFF, MMF, cons, oral, dream, rom, anal, nc/con, reluc, Mmast, Fmast, Fdom, Mdom, drug, ws, spank, scat, and viol. Celebrities referenced – Larisa Oleynik, Avril Lavigne.

I highly suggest you read the first and second parts of this series, “Good Boy” and “Good Boy – Still Good” before reading this story. It will really help to explain the events and characters. And they were a couple of pretty kick ass stories if I do say so myself.

Happy jacking.

“Yeah. …I have class soon. It sucks. How bout you? … …The poetry one?” I asked. “No, I’m not ‘watching’ porn. I just wanted to see the quality. … …Well I’m going to delete it if it’s bad,” I said referring to the few porn clips I downloaded off the school’s file sharing program. They were most likely going to be crap, or stuff I already had but labeled under a different name. “Yes. I know. … …Well when we make some more home movies, I won’t have to download these,” I laughed. That and I was leaving school for good in May. Gotta rape this thing before I don’t have the option to. And by rape this thing, I’m talking about my twelve-year-old female cousin who’s sleeping over tonight. Nah. I’m just kidding. “… …Okay. I’ll talk to you later then. … …Haha. I love you too. Bye sweetheart.”

I hung up the phone with Larisa and continued drying off from my shower with my huge comfy ass grey towel, then began to get dressed. My celebrity girlfriend had called me to tell me she got an A on her ten-page paper. I knew she was excited but come on. Calling me to tell me a grade? What am I her dad? Giving her a dollar for every A like it’s third grade? …Wait. Her dad’s dead. Um… Yeah. How are you. It’s not like I didn’t enjoy talking to my girlfriend naked, but what can you say to that? “Nice job.”

I yanked up my olive green cargo shorts as Peter came back from his class, obviously seeing that today was his dress up day of the week. Every semester he chose two days to dress up for classes. Normally I did the same, on days where I had class with a hot girl. Before I met Larisa of course. “EWWW! Dude, gross!”

“I was checking the quality,” I snapped back as I quickly tried to hide myself, referring to the lesbian sixty-nine on my computer screen. I’m sure being half naked didn’t help the situation.

“GuhhhrOss.” I expected him to walk outside in the hallway yelling that I was masturbating, falsely accusing me as he had done so many previous times. “Dude. Do you know how cold it is outside?” he asked as I put my socks on. I decided to live with my friend Peter my senior year, giving myself a break from my previous roommate, Lee. We had known one another since freshman year and lived next door to each other the previous year. Our rooming relationship had its ups and downs, but it was significantly better than my experience with the former bunkmate. We both generally listened to and played the same music on guitar. He was also a lot funnier than Lee, causing more hot girls to come in and hang out. Not that Lee wasn’t nice, but I think he kind of scared the chicks away. And I mean that in the best way.

“I don’t want to sweat in class dude.” I continued to get dressed, fully aware that it was probably cold as balls outside, just as it had been all week. The temperature had been all wacky nunu, hot one week and freezing the next. The problem was that at the first sign of a cold front, they turn the heat up to about ninety-two degrees… for good. It made class unbearable, especially for me since I HATED warm weather. Almost as much as I hated immigrant Calculus teachers.

“It’s fuckin windy outside too,” he said as he threw his bag on the bed and put on some AC/DC. Every day around this time, he played AC/DC or Metallica. I’d always hear it from down the hall as I made my way back from the shower. It was like clockwork, but evidently, today he was running a little late. Late like an unlucky girl’s period. I don’t even think that joke’s funny now… proofreading this months later. But whatever.

“Well that’s why I’m bringing my thick sweatshirt,” I said as I headed for the door on my way to take a leak. Can’t use the pee bottle when the roommate’s there. Well, when he’s awake. *wink, wink. Elbow to the ribs* As I turned the handle, a loud knock on the door just about scared the shit out of me. “Fuckin Christ!” I swung the door open as the thunderous thud appeared, as if someone tried to kick it in. I grabbed my chest in shock, feeling the same heart flutters that went away when I stopped drinking Redbull. “What the fuck!” I shouted as Larisa stood in the doorway. “Riss!?” I asked in surprise, expecting to find nobody… a ring and run.

“Matthew! Language!” I sighed as she playfully reprimanded me, not liking my cursing. I just grabbed my chest, feeling like I drank about three cans of Redbull. “Hahahaha! Sorry love,” she added as she stood in the hall laughing at me, leaning forward as she tried to regain her composure from her gut wrenching giggle. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Haha.” I remained in the doorway in utter disbelief, having absolutely no idea she was coming to visit me. And she made me waste my cell phone minutes. Thank God I wasn’t roaming!

“Fuckin A,” I said as I put my hand on the wall next to me, leaning on it, trying to stop myself from having a heart attack.

“Matty. Language,” Larisa teased again. She had been trying to get me to cut down on the cursing for the last couple months, but not doing the greatest job. Apparently, it was okay for me to be as horny as a sailor, but I couldn’t talk like one.

“Shut it.” Larisa obviously thought it was hilarious, still holding her stomach a little as she chuckled. “Riss? What are you doing here?? We’re not supposed to meet for another week.” She stood there under the dim lights of the hallway in a pair of semi-tight dark blue jeans and puffy light blue winter coat. “God take the jacket off too. You’re makin me hot.” The older girl giggled at my comment as I softly said, “Geez, c’mere,” and I leaned in and put my arms around her, pulling her into me and giving her a nice long hug. I squeezed tightly and closed my eyes, feeling completely whole as we embraced. I longed to hold her again, to feel her against me. I even missed the way she smelled. She had her arms around my shoulders, half around my neck and half on my shoulders, squeezing tightly as well, her left hand locked around her right wrist.

“Mmmm,” she cooed as we subtly squeezed each other. Besides a hug, Larisa received a nice kiss too, as I held her cheek while my lips gently rubbed against hers. Her lips were as soft as cotton and tasted as sweet as grape soda. And no, that’s not a black joke. But I sure could go for a piece of watermelon. It was a slow open mouthed kiss, lacking any tongue. I could feel her smile through the kiss as the seconds ticked away. As we broke the suction, I leaned down, took her bag, and brought it into the room.

“Hey Pete,” said Larisa as she unzipped her baby blue coat and began sliding it off her shoulders. “How are you?” The two of them were friendly and had grown to like each other more as the year progressed. She even liked him more than Lee. My new roommate was just likable, as well as Cambodian. In that American/Cambodian way. He was like an all grown up Angelina Jolie’s kid.

“I’m good. …Yourself?” he replied as he stood next to his bed, slightly hesitating in between sentences. Peter was in the middle of sorting through his notebooks and papers in the center of the room while she came in. He was standing in an awkward position with all his stuff spread out as the three of us congregated in our small room. I’m sure he was thrilled that Larisa was here again. Now, we weren’t one of those annoying couples that always fooled around in the room. We didn’t even hang out in the room every weekend. Larisa and I saw each other at least once a month minimum. It was usually every two weeks just because we were still getting used to being apart after playing husband and wife all summer. We usually alternated who goes where… one weekend here, the next there. …Okay, fine. So I asked him if we could have the room for a few hours… a few times. Is that totally fucked up? Hells no!

“I’m good, thank you,” Larisa said warmly, flashing him a totally plutonic smile. She sat down on the edge of the bed, fiddling with her hands… her nervous habit. She had started doing it in part two, so just pretend I mentioned it in part one. Maybe I’ll throw it in the director’s cut of this trilogy.

“Take off your jacket sweetheart. Stay a while,” I said to her. Larisa was making me so uncomfortable… so warm.

“I forgot. Haha.” Larisa finished slipping it off and laid it nicely on the far end of the bed, against the wall and out of the way.

“What are you doing here Riss? I thought I was going to Sarah Lawrence next weekend?” I fiddled with my notebooks and other papers for my class later in the day as I listened to her explanation.

“You were,” she said. “My class got cancelled and I know you only had one today. And being you have Fridays off, I thought I’d surprise you and we could have a long weekend together.” Larisa paused and looked at Peter as he faced away from us, putting his books away. “I hope that’s okay?” she added as she looked up at me nervously. The tone of her voice was as if she wasn’t asking me alone, but Peter as well, making sure he was okay with her being there. By the way, it was Thursday… if you couldn’t tell. The look on her face tried hard to mask her feeling that I somehow wasn’t happy to see her. That’s why she was performing her nervous habit of diddling with her fingers. I’ll tell you right now… read part one, then part two. It’s gonna help you a fuckload. … Ha. Diddling with her fingers. So naughty.

“Hun, of course. I’m really glad to see you. You just surprised me is all… with the phone call too,” I said as I sat down next to Larisa on her left side, angling my body towards her. I felt my bare knee brush against her leg as I positioned myself. “It was a nice touch though.”

“I thought so,” she said as one of her famous million dollar smiles spread across her angelic face. She took two fingers from each hand and brushed her hair back behind her ears on both sides of her head, looking all nervous. We stared at one another in the eyes, forgetting about my roommate as the world around us seemed to disappear. We had a brief and silent conversation with that look.

“I’m going to class,” said Peter, interrupting the romantic moment and snapping us back into reality. “I’ll see you guys later.” He grabbed his backpack and jacket and stepped towards his computer, putting up an away message.

“Later man,” I responded.

“Bye Pete,” said Larisa immediately after, smiling at him. She really was the nicest person.

“Laaaaater,” he said all monotone as he made his way out the door, stopping to thrust his hips as if he was fucking the air… obviously making fun of me. Luckily, Larisa was facing away from the door, but the gesture forced me to hold in laughter. The door slammed shut from the combination of the breeze coming from outside and his gentle closing swing. Yes, the window was open. That’s what happens when housing gives you a heater that doesn’t completely shutoff. Luckily I had two small fans from home that were permanently left on, helping to cool me down.

“Mmmm. Good. Now can we hook up?” I joked as I leaned in to kiss her, resting my hand on her denim covered thigh.

“Hahaha. You’re gonna have to work harder than that stud,” Larisa joked as she pushed me off her playfully, focusing her energy on my right shoulder.

“… Sooo… Now can we hook up?” I asked all suavely, using my sexy voice. She looked so beautiful as she laughed at my joke. Larisa was wearing a long sleeved white shirt under the coat she took off earlier. She cut her dark blonde hair short again, coming down a little above the top of her shoulders, much like in 10 Things. She smiled as I looked hopelessly into her chocolate brown eyes, my hand still resting on her thigh, gently squeezing it with my fingers. “I am happy to see you Riss,” I said again, in a soft voice.

“Good. I missed you so much.” Larisa paused for a moment as she looked me over. “It’s cold in here,” she added as she rubbed her arms, her elbows resting on her knees, interrupting her original thought. Luckily for me, and unintentionally, her nipples began to harden from the crisp forty degree air blowing in from outside, visible even through her white bra. “And you… shorts. Love, what would my mother say if she saw you like this?” the actress asked me as she shook her head side to side, playfully disapprovingly.

“Hmmm. Probably, ‘No one has ever made my daughter this happy. Sooooo… it’s okay if you get warm easily.’ Is that close?”

“Haha.” She ran her left hand over my right cheek, feeling a hint of stubble… her warm touch contrasting my cool face. “You’re skin is so cold.” Larisa subtly scrunched up her nose as she played the concerned adult. After all, she was older than me by two years… one year depending on what month it happened to be at the time.

“Well, I think I know how we can fix this,” I said. I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around Larisa tightly. I ran my right hand through her silky hair as she grabbed her hands together around my back. We embraced each other once more, enjoying the closeness we both longed for.

“Mmm. This could work,” Larisa smiled as she closed her eyes and pressed against me. It was quiet for a few seconds before her voice blessed the air again. “I hate not being able to be with you Matt,” she groaned as her chin rested on my shoulder. She stared blankly at the window as she squeezed me tighter, becoming silent and still.

“Larisa… is something wrong?” I asked her. Her quiet and distant tone warranted worrying, as well as some cherry pie. A little Warrant joke… if anyone got it. I just had this uneasy feeling about her visit to me. I was probably being paranoid as usual, but I couldn’t help but feel that something was askew. I pulled back from the hug and looked her in her big soft brown eyes. She didn’t say anything for a second, just staring down into space. Oh please don’t let her be pregnant. Please don’t let her be pregnant. “You’re not pregnant are you???”

“Matt!” Larisa said as she slapped me in the arm with an open palm, getting all lively. “God, don’t say that! No, I’m not pregnant.” Phew! “Don’t even joke about that. Geez. You… always with that.” You’d be freaking out about that too if you we’re constantly boffing a girl without a condom. And I mean constantly! She lightened up after a second though, taking a step towards becoming her usual self.

“You know what happens if you do get pregnant though.”

“Yessss Matt, I do,” she said sarcastically.

“What is it?”

“You pay half and give me a ride.” Larisa repeated what I always joked about with her, in a slow monotone voice, like students in class saying gooood morrrrrning Misssss Whateeeeever.

“Thaaaats right.” Any decent guy pays for half of the abortion and gives the girl a ride to get it. That or he provides the rusty coat hanger.

“It’s… I just really missed my boyfriend.” She looked me in the eyes, her arms still slightly around me, holding onto my sides. “I love you so much Matt. I just… I needed to be with you, is all.” Hmmm. No. Not buying it. SSSSSORrrrry.

“Riss. Tell me,” I said. “It’s okay. I’m here,” I added as I tried to comfort and reassure her to include me on whatever was bothering her. She responded by embracing me again, holding me tighter than before.

“I just missed you so much. I needed to feel you hold me. I don’t know how to explain it other than that.” It felt really nice to have the love of my life in my arms once more. So I bought that line. “I’m fine. I swear.”

“Baby, I’m right here.” I pulled Larisa against me, letting her rest against my chest. I placed my lips upon her soft strawberry scented hair, kissing the side of her head. “I’m right here,” I said, trailing my voice off. It was quiet for a few moments, seeming like a few hours.

“I don’t know. I just got this urge to see you. I couldn’t wait any more.” She released me and sat back up, bringing her hands to the sides of her face and pushing her hair back behind her ears again. “It’s just so hard being away from each other. You know?” she added. “…After all summer.” I felt so bad. I didn’t want to see her that upset. She wasn’t crying, but I could tell she was coming close at times by the way her cute voice cracked. I didn’t know if anything was definitely bothering her, but I had my suspicions.

“Riss… are you on your period?” I asked. Smooth. Real smooth.

“…Yes. …Haha.” Maybe that explained her mood swing. “For another day or so I guess.” The good thing was that her cycles were short. …If I even said that right. I mean she’s only on the rag for a few days. We never took a shower together during this time. It looked like she was chumming the water, trying to attract sharks. What can I say, I watch a lot of shark week on the Discovery Channel.

“Maybe that’s why you’re acting like this… not to always bring it back to the period. But the mood swing… I don’t know.”

“Maybe.” Larisa didn’t fight it, so it led me to believe she agreed, at least partially.

“Well… I guess sex is out of the question right now. I mean I’ll still do it…”

“Eww! No Matt! You know the rules. No period sex!” Larisa yelled. She didn’t like to have sex during her period, despite the fact that girls are more sensitive in that region during that time. I even offered to wear a condom. Get a little O.J. bloody glove type action over here. Over hurrrrr.

“Well what else can we do? It’s not like we can go to the beach.”

“I know,” she replied. “It’s too cold out.”

“No, not that. You’re on your period. Red tide.”

“Rude and rude!” Larisa slugged me in the shoulder as she yelled at me, making a mean face. She didn’t really mean it, probably thinking it was somewhat funny. “Meanie. … Besides. Baby you have class.” I was a man and didn’t rub it, by the way. The punch I mean. She sat straight up and seemed more chipper than she did a few minutes prior.

“Look, sweetheart. A, I can make it really quick. I swear. And B, I’m not going to class,” I replied back to her. It was philosophy of science. The concept seemed cool, but the class was a joke. The professor was crazy, literally, having to take a break from teaching for a while a few years back. He talked so fast and had a mix of three European accents. It was impossible to understand him. It was a cool class in that there was only a midterm and final. There was no textbook. Well there was, but he didn’t ever use it. To be honest, I would skip weeks at a time towards the end of the semester. I realized that I only got more confused by him. Looking back, before I took the first test, I figured I’d just read the book. THANK GOD he put his notes online, because I would have gotten like a negative twenty on that exam. After he did that for the midterm, I wasn’t worried about the final. I’d just use the notes.

“I bet you can. Haha. And you have to go to class,” said the sexy killjoy sitting next to me. “You’re not missing it because of me.”

“I’d rather miss the class than miss my sweetie.” =[

“Awww,” she whimpered, making such a cute face. Larisa looked at me like I was holding a lil puppy. In reality, if I was holding a puppy, my facial expression woulda been one of terror.

“I have another idea,” I suggested. She raised her eyebrows in question, all curious. “You can take off your jeans… get on all fours, baby,” I whispered sexily. She looked at me with a wicked smile. “And get ready for some A… N… A…”

“MATT! I don’t do that! Haha.” Larisa shifted and sat on her left leg, her grey sneaker hanging off the edge of the bed, not wanting to get dirt on the comfy ass blanket.

“Well, I had to try. …But Riss. I can’t go with you coming here. IT’S A CELEBRATION BITCHES! DRINK UP! BE MERRY!”

“Okay love,” Larisa said slowly, talking to me like I was a child. “No one quotes Chapelle anymore.” She slowly shook her head side to side as she spoke, babying me.

“What?” I asked.

“No one quotes Chapelle anymore.”


“Matt, I’m not playing this game.” Larisa was pretending to be pissed off, but I could see right through her. I knew there was no point in arguing further… on any of her comments. I was going to class because she would never let me hear the end of it if I skipped. And there would be no anal. Larisa was one of those kids who went to every class, regardless of being sick. She was like my mother… sort of. I remember, MUHHHTHER, always making me go to school even if I had the flu. She was so worried I’d miss something important… like my times tables. I guess she still thought it was 1924 and no one invented the calculator yet. …$^%*ing idiot.

I did stay home once however. I remember, MUHHHTHER, outside with the neighborhood repairman, Bo Booo. MUHHTHER said she needed help with her backdoor. Bo Bo said he would lube it up so it’d be easier to get in and out. Then I heard MUHHHTHER yelling it was still too big and wouldn’t fit and… Waaaaaiiiit a second. … (in a kiddy voice) The bad man was hurtin mama’s caboose! *big sigh* AAAAANYWHO…

“I’m not going to miss anything hun. It’s like watching a foreign film without subtitles. …And there’s no nudity.” Larisa looked at me like she might cave and give in to my request. Her motherly instincts kicked in, unfortunately.

“And what if you get an assignment for next class? Hmm?” she asked all matter of factly.

“That’s why I make friends with the hot girls in the class. I can just IM them.” Her mouth playfully dropped open as she shoved me with both hands, pushing me back onto the bed. Again, there were no assignments, but I had to say it for the comedy. If you didn’t know, philosophy majors are ninety-seven percent dudes. Two of the remaining three percent are hippie stoner vegan chicks. Apparently Larisa wasn’t aware.

“Ughhhh!” She tried to hold back her laughter as I pulled myself back up into a sitting position.

“I don’t push you when you make friends with the hot girls in your classes.”

“I go to an all girl school!” she laughed out loud, lol style, her mouth open wide through her smile.

“But you sleep with girls!” I shot back. It was this or the Chewbacca defense… ala South Park.

“Oh shhh,” she laughed. “You need to get to class Matt.”

“I know,” I said as I stood up and put my black hoodie on. “Because apparently I’m twelve and my mother dropped by for a visit.”

“Hmmmf,” Larisa grunted and made a mean face, not liking my comment. I guess that means no sex. “…Matt. Put on a coat. It’s too cold.”

“I certainly would look stupid in a winter coat with shorts. Wouldn’t I?” I know from experience.

“My love, you are something else. No one will argue differently.” I stood in front of Larisa and reached for her hands, taking hold of them and pulling her to her feet. I looked down at her manicured fingers for a moment as I held her warm hands in mine.

“I am glad you’re here sweetheart,” I said softly.

“So am I,” Larisa replied in suit as I slid my arms around her waist, pulling her close to me. Her soft dirty blonde hair cushioned my face against the side of her head as she encumbered me with her arms, draping them around my shoulders. Keeping our hug intact, we leaned back a bit and I pressed my lips tenderly against hers. Her tongue tip gently massaged my lips for a few seconds before slightly poking through them, rubbing against my own tongue. Feeling her French kiss, I decided to play her game. My hands slid down her back slowly, my palms rubbing against the thin white cotton material of her shirt as I eventually reached her hips. I could hear a mixture of small moans and groans escape from her smiling mouth as I wiggled my hands under the bottom of her shirt, resting them against the top of her jeans and bare skin.

“Mmmm love… don’t think you’re getting out of this class,” she whispered into my mouth. God dammit!

“I had no intention of seducing you to get out of class. What kind of man do you take me for?” I joked as my fingertips grazed against the sides of her lower abdomen, tickling the soft warm skin just above her waistline. I slowly moved my head to the left side of hers, laying a trail of soft kisses along her neck, letting the tip of my tongue press against her.

“The man I love,” Larisa said as she pushed me away from her, still holding onto my arms. “Now go to class! Before I change my mind! Haha.” She looked like an angel, so happy and full of life as she stood in the middle of my room. The actress was a different person compared to ten minutes before. The way she smiled, the way she laughed, the way her nose scrunched up when she looked surprised… I missed the little things so much when Larisa and I were apart.

“Okay,” I muttered as I let go of her delicate hands, fighting the urge to push them against my cock, letting her take the hint. I picked up my notebook and pen and made my way to exit the room. “You gonna be all right here?”

“Yeah hun,” Larisa answered. “I’ll find something to keep me busy.” I looked at her for a second, taking in the vision of pure girl next door beauty in my dorm room. She looked so girl next door in her cute, plain, unrevealing outfit. Maybe I could leave class and go to the bathroom… jerk off… and then go back to class. It wouldn’t be a new concept.

“Okay. Don’t get any of your period blood on my sheets. I just did laundry two days ago,” I added as I walked out and shut the door before she had a chance to yell at me. I imagine her face would look something like this. >:O

All throughout class I couldn’t help but think about two things. First, man was this class such a waste of fucking time. There wasn’t even one hot girl to look at to keep me sane. I couldn’t read the writing on the board or understand his lightening quick ramblings.

The other thing that wouldn’t leave my thoughts was Larisa. Being I always lied to her about stuff bothering me, I felt I was somewhat of an expert on the subject. I knew something was up and she was hiding it from me. I had never seen her with mood swings like that before, and I had been with her through many a period. I tried to think of ways to get it out of her as I sat through the waste of a class. I especially thought of her as I went and punched it once during the middle of the hour and twenty minute period.

As I walked across the dark blue carpeted hallway towards my room, I could see that the door was open and my ears heard a number of girls inside. Two sophomores from down the hall were sitting around my room talking to Larisa, totally unaware of the fact that I was dating Alex Mack. The dorm I resided in during me second, third, and fourth years was an upperclassman dorm, meaning sophomore through senior. The younger girls were nice to look at. Being that Larisa and I didn’t really see one another more than twice a month, and alternated, Dina and Cristina never saw Larisa before. And since I started dating her, I thought it would be weird to keep the printout picture of her next to my bed. Had it been hung up, she could have been brought up in conversation. I did have a picture of her on my desk, but it was out of sight from the rest of the room. I just wasn’t one of those kids with the corkboard picture collages. It’s not that I was ashamed of the celebrity. I was just private when it came to bitches I was fucking.

“Hey love,” said Larisa as I walked through the door, tossing my notebook onto the end of my bed. I was relieved to be back. I power walked back from the building next door where the class was held. I was in such a rush to see Larisa again.

“…Love? Matty’s got a serious girlfriend,” giggled Dina in a way that would make her seem ditsy, although that wasn’t the case. I never told any of them who I was dating, or how serious it was between us. They never asked so I never told. I hoped that Larisa wouldn’t be mad, thinking that I wasn’t proud of what we had, or that I was pretending to be single, trying to get a little side action.

“Hey hun,” I said to Larisa as I walked towards her. I leaned down and held her chin, tilting her head up with my index and middle fingers, gently pressing my lips against hers. We smooched for three seconds as I made my way to my reclining desk chair. “Yes it’s serious Dina,” I added. As the four of us all made small talk, I couldn’t help but wonder which girl we would have a threesome with.

It could be Dina, with her crazy low sitting sweats and thong that was perpetually sticking out of her pants. She always wore hospital scrubs or sweats that sagged SO LOW. Her thong always stuck out the back. So hot. Kinda makes you want to sing Sisqo’s Thong Song whenever you see her. She didn’t have a boyfriend at the moment, although there was a guy she was sort of hooking up with on a regular basis. She was about five foot four, long brown hair, huge tits, and thick bottom… in that good thick, got something to grab on to kind of way. She was definitely hot and had a sexy thing about her… Dina was overly flirty half the time and calm the other half. She would try to seduce you without warning. The other appealing quality was her incredible laid backness, without being lazy. She was just a “chill” person

It could also be Cristina, the Latina girl. She was a little shorter than Dina but was very hot as well. She had tan skin and hair the color of Larisa’s. She had a butt like… wow. It was so tight and round. Sweet onion booty. Cristina did have a boyfriend, but he was in another college somewhere out of state… living the thug life. Total Chicano (Mexican) thug. …Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Remember, I’m not racist. I’m just trying to paint a picture here. “Matt, how could you have not told us that you were dating a celebrity??” she asked me, slightly hyper. Obviously she was an Alex Mack fan. I mean who wasn’t?

“Because she’s a normal person to me,” I said as I looked at Larisa lovingly, seeing her smile back. “Not that you’re normal… you’re special to me…” I added in a panic, not sure how to word it properly.

“I know love,” she said, interrupting me. “So, Dina and Cristina were just telling me about the signs you made for their doors… and the mayo.” Uh oh. Larisa just sighed as she went over the idea in her head once more.

“That was in no way sexual,” I quickly stated.

“Dina, Emily, Cristina, and Masami.” Masami was a Jap. I guess Truman missed a few. “Come to 508 to get your turkey… or something else… stuffed. Happy Thanksgiving,” said Larisa, pretty much properly quoting the signs we taped to their doors. Unfortunately, they got ripped down by drunk visitors.

“Oh come on. Maybe they like chicken,” I replied, trying to quickly save my ass. The two girls just sat there on Peter’s bed and laughed as I was getting a scolding.

“Matt. There was a picture of an uncooked turkey and the turkey baster was a cartoon penis.” … … “Shooting its stuff.” I say again… … …

“What stuff?” I asked, busting her balls. She didn’t want to say cum. Her dirty talk was only for me, and the girls she slept with. Larisa didn’t normally use explicit sexual language out in public because of the image she needed to maintain: America’s sweetheart. She saved it all for the bedroom.

“Its… stuff. You know.”

“No, I don’t. Like pee?” Larisa was getting peeved now. No pun intended. Well, maybe a little pun.

“Ughh. Dina what’s the scientific term?” she asked her new friend. Dina was a biology major. She wanted to become a doctor… at least four out of seven days of the week.

“Ejaculatory substance,” she laughed. We all soon followed, not expecting that funny remark.

“Oh Riss, go easy on him. Remember Pete helped with this too,” said Dina, trying to save my butt, smiling at me as her and her thong came to my rescue. I stared at her chest the whole time, not caring if her or Larisa noticed. Dina did notice, giving me a quick wink and wider smile.

“Actually, that one was all me,” I blurted out, then reclined back, preparing to soak in all the applause and kind words that were sure to follow. Hey, I’m not gonna let someone else take credit for my comedic genius. In retrospect, that statement was stupid.

“And Matt… why do you have all this mayo!?” questioned Larisa as she pulled out a large bag from under my bed. It really was a large bag. In the two months of school thus far, I had stolen six and a half pounds of mayo and mustard packets from the dining hall takeout line. I would randomly throw them down the hall towards the girls’ rooms, tape them to their doors, or simply walk into their rooms asking if I could borrow some because ‘I ran out or was running low’. That pissed them off for obvious reasons. One particular time, Peter played Berlin’s only hit song Take My Breath Away, ala Top Gun, on guitar as I got down on one knee and professed my love for Cristina, asking her to use my mayonnaise packet and mine alone. So many uses.

“I can explain that! …I can’t explain that. But, I’m sure I’ll find a use for them down the line.” The use for them… I never found one. The day I moved out, on my way out for good, I went to swing the bag and hurl it into the garbage cans in the lobby of the dorm. Well, the handle broke mid swing, sending about six pounds of condiments ALL OVER the floor. Peter just said, “Fuck it.” …Works for me! The girls just sat there laughing, looking all cute, as Larisa continued to think I was weirder and weirder. In truth, I just did it because I know it entertained them as well as Peter. Larisa looked at me, slightly embarrassed at my immaturity but not enough to cause concern. She lightened up after she saw the girls approved of my antics.

“Well Matt, it looks like we’ve got you in enough trouble for one day,” said Dina as she slowly got up, her saggy navy blue sweat pants following soon after. “I’ve got a paper to do. Nice to meet you Larisa.” Cristina followed and said her own goodbyes.

“Haha. Alex Mack! I used to want to BE YOU!! Haha,” Cristina joked.

“Haha. Awww. It was nice meeting you girls too,” said my girlfriend, looking as if she had really enjoyed their company. The two turned and walked out of my room, their bootays grabbing my attention as they exited.

“Wait!” I yelled. “Here’s a souvenir.” I took two mayo packets from my stash and threw them towards Cristina. “They’re autographed.” She just batted them down and rolled her big brown eyes, trying not to laugh.

“Matt. Haha. You’re sooo WEIRD!” she yelled back at me as I stared at that sweet onion. Larisa just sat on the bed giggling as I playfully tormented the young gorgeous sophomore.

“See Riss. It’s all in good fun.” I moved over to the bed, sitting down on her right side on my comfy blanket. “How’d you meet them?” I inquired.

“In the bathroom actually. I guess they’re not used to seeing celebrities using the communal toilet.”

“I wouldn’t think so, especially since each stall has a door.”

“And how do you know that? Hmm? When have you been in there?” she asked, chuckling.

“When me and Peter dribbled Kool-Aid in a toilet and on the seat and in a sanitary bag,” I said as I kicked off my shoes and lied down. She didn’t even reply to my true story, but just sighed and rolled her eyes. For the oldest ones on the floor, Peter and I acted the most immature, but everyone loved it. They were entertained constantly. “Lay back.” Larisa kicked off her grey sneakers as well, knowing that putting them on my comfy ass blanket would result in a slap to the back of the neck. Besides, I didn’t want her to get it dirty and force me to wash it, being I hadn’t done that since Avril Lavigne and us slept together under it. Nah, I’m just kidding. I washed it since then… after I took a nice long sniff.

Larisa rested back next to me on the bed, her head on the same pillow as mine, except she was only able to use a small corner of it. She should have asked if she wanted more. She was on her proper side of the bed, the left side, the side that let me work my game to the fullest extent. Even with practice, I STILL can’t make a move to the right. Sigh. I noticed she smelled just amazing as I looked over at her, staring at the side of her face as she looked up at the ceiling, lost in the silent maze of her thoughts. “How’s school?” I asked, trying to start up a conversation. I felt her blindly reach for my hand, taking hold of it, interlocking our fingers together. I noticed her nails were painted French manicure style, or as Bryan called it, “handjob style”. They weren’t the porn star ones, but very mild, not overly standing out.

“It’s okay I guess. I don’t know… some classes are okay. Some suck.” She sounded totally unenthused. The usual breeze I felt as I slept was absent from the room, causing me to assume that Larisa had closed the window and shut the fan as soon as I left.

“Yeah. What about that poetry class? You like that one.” She sighed and paused for a moment, wording a response in her head to my question. I could only squeeze her hand a little more, assuring her that I was indeed there to listen to whatever problems she had.

“It’s a good class and all. I like writing, you know that.” She cocked her head sideways and looked over at me, staring at me with those intoxicating mocha eyes. “They make us read our stuff out loud and the class critiques it.”

“Well, you’re good at public speaking,” I commented. “That shouldn’t be too bad for you.” She was an actress after all. “On the other hand, I’d probably cry.” She smiled and gave my hand a gently squeeze, reversing the roles and trying to make me feel better, then continued.

“It’s not that. Some of the stuff is, well… it’s personal. It’s easy for me to write about love and about you… my dad.” She paused, then resumed speaking. “I don’t know if I want the entire class critiquing it, let alone hearing it. And I don’t want to write some random meaningless crap just so I can say it aloud.” I squeezed her hand reassuringly once more, causing her to lock eyes with mine.

“Riss. You’re stuff is really good. Don’t even worry about the rest of them.” I’m just kidding. I have no idea what’s good or not. I laugh at the rhymes on the back of a Captain Crunch box. I wanted to comfort her and make her feel better, not because I was her boyfriend and it was my job, but because it pained me to see her upset. I know how hard it was for me to express myself to her sometimes. I couldn’t imagine expressing my personal feelings to an entire class. I couldn’t even do it on myspace or xanga. And why is it that it’s always morbid depressing shit people write in their blogs. You never read ‘I got laid last night,’ or ‘Man I had a delicious fuckin sandwich this afternoon.’ “Riss. First off, half the class probably isn’t even paying much attention. That’s always the case. Second of all, they’re stupid. That’s why they’re in the class. Don’t let their unintelligent judgments bother you.”

“I know love. It’s just harder to share personal thoughts and feelings with people.” I felt her feet rubbing against mine… some sock-on-sock contact. She was probably cold like always, even with the window closed. I sighed and crunched up into a sitting position and leaned towards the foot of the bed, pulling the bunched up end of the dark blue comforter up towards us, resting it on our feet. Larisa merely smiled as a way of thanking me. However, that didn’t keep her from snuggling her little piggies against mine.

“I know.” How do you think I feel… writing this story… having people anonymously message me goin, ‘You go to

“Eh. Me and Kelly are having some problems,” Larisa said in a wide awake tone, in an annoyed voice. Jackpot! …Maybe. Her roommate was hot to say the least. She was a junior. Kelly stood about five foot six, with brown eyes and straight dark brown hair, falling down past her shoulders. She had 34 C tits according to the bra I found in their bathroom. Oh, like you wouldn’t look. It was black too. Her body wasn’t really toned, but she still looked sort of athletic, as if she went to the gym occasionally and was just lucky. She had a really nice ass which I had the pleasure of seeing in a thong during one of my visits. She also had a few tattoos, which as we all know, I dig in a big, big way. She had a scorpion on the small of her back, two cherries with a leaf just above and to the right of her pussy, and a tribal design between her shoulder blades. Kelly was the girl I dreamed about having a friends with benefits relationship with… the kind of girl I can take to a Slipknot concert, then fuck afterwards in the car, while listening to Slipknot. Besides the ink, she had a couple of piercings, including her ears, the top part of her ear… where you put the bar through it, her eyebrow, which she pulled off very well I must say, and navel.

Kelly had the rocker chick thing going on and I was incredibly turned on by her. Larisa knew I wanted to hook up with her, with their mutual approval of course. My girlfriend liked to tease me because they had in fact dabbled in the realm of bisexual roommate lovin’. Kelly and Larisa would hook up when they were drunk or lonely. Kelly also had a boyfriend, Jason, although it wasn’t very serious at all. However, he was unaware that the two were playing with one another on semi regular basis. Thinking of the whole thing made my cock just incredibly hard. The thought of them two lezzin it out. Mmmm. I got distracted by the idea of it as Larisa explained the problematic situation.

“…And then there was the whole thing of her getting attached to me.” Kelly felt her boyfriend would freak out if he knew she had feelings for her celebrity roommate. These weren’t the innocent feelings of lust and horniness that a guy would expect his girlfriend to have for another woman… in a perfect world of course. Kelly and Larisa really hit it off. I mean REALLY hit it off.

“You know how they had a fight in the beginning of the semester right?” Larisa asked, still holding my hand.

“Yeah.” Larisa had been there to comfort her. They became close, sleeping in each other’s beds every night, holding and kissing one another. As silly as it sounds, I kind of got worried maybe Larisa would fall for Kelly and leave me behind. There was a LOT of holding and cuddling and kissing going on there.

“Well like I told you, I thought she was getting too attached, so I tried my best to cut myself off from her.” Larisa looked at me, seeing me lost in thought, saying nothing. She scrunched up her nose and scowled at me. “…Matt. Stop thinking of us playing.” I guess she must have noticed the bulge in the front of my dark green cargo shorts as I appeared to half listen to her confess her problems.

“I’m listening.” Sorta.

“Yeah. It looks like you are,” Larisa said as she took her left hand and reached over, grabbing hold of my semi-hard dick as best she could through my pants. Please don’t let go. Please don’t let go.

“Why don’t you talk into the microphone so I can hear better,” I said in regards to my long thick hard prick resting between her fingertips. Larisa let go of my member and continued with her story. Damn!

“She’s been taking it hard Matt. Sometimes, I think she’s got attachment issues.” Well you know what they say. One tattoo for each time daddy touched you. “She keeps trying to touch me and seduce me.”

“I… don’t see the problem yet.” My girlfriend just shook her head and sighed, not thrilled with my lack of seriousness.

“Matt… Please.” Okay, now I was overdoing it.

“I’m sorry hun. Go on.” I knew she was upset and I didn’t want to make things worse by downplaying them and making fun of them, although it was very amusing. Larisa slipped her fingers between mine, re-gripping, holding my hand against her side. She looked up at the ceiling above the bed as she continued, with me looking at the side of her face, wishing that I’d never have that vision of beauty taken away from me.

“She’ll get crazy pissed off when I try to stop her or tell her we need to cool it. I keep saying, ‘Look. Kel. I like you and everything, but I have a boyfriend I love very much. I don’t love you. You need to understand that.’” Larisa’s tone of voice teetered on the edge on mild enthusiasm and bitchiness. She was honestly pissed off about her living situation.

“Is it bad enough where maybe you need a roommate change?” I asked, getting more concerned. I didn’t want a Single White Female incident or anything.

“No. Some times she’ll be cool for a week or so and then she’ll just be a totally different person. And… okay the sex is really good. Haha.” Larisa started to giggle as a pleasurable look spread rapidly over her face, obviously recalling past sexual experiences with this girl. Her face just lit up as her grin stretched out into a mile wide smile. As I looked over at here, I still couldn’t believe that I was dating Larisa Oleynik. Even more so, I couldn’t believe she was a… well not a whore… but very… sexually open.

“I thought we were being serious here,” I said matter of factly.

“I know Ma…”

“I mean I thought we were past joking about this,” I said fake seriously, interrupting her. “If you’re not going to take this seriously then I’m not going…” She quickly rolled on top of me and brought her mouth to mine, silencing me with a humorous yet passionate kiss. Her legs straddled me on both sides and her left hand stroked my cheek as our lips danced together. I wrapped my arms around her perfect body and pulled her close against me, inadvertently pushing my stiff cock up against her pussy. I slid my hands into the back pockets of Larisa’s jeans, palming her ass as she assaulted my mouth in an effort to keep me from rambling on with a bit that wasn’t all that funny. I gave her cheeks a firm squeeze as I pressed up and pulled her down, letting her see how erect my dick was and how much I waned to make love to her.

“Are you done now?” Larisa asked softly, smiling down at me, her short dirty blonde hair dangling down with gravity.

“Yes,” I laughed. “…Can we finish the conversation this way?” Larisa just brushed her hair back behind her right ear and kissed me softly once more. Her tongue flickered across my top lip as Larisa knew just how to tease me. Her lip balm tasted like raspberry. I could have easily kissed her for another three hours. Now I’m starving.

“Nope,” my older girlfriend answered as she rolled off. Lying next to me even closer than before, she started to tell her tale again. “She’ll get really pissed off at me and it’s not fair. I just don’t know what to do. She’s jealous of you Matt,” Larisa said as she looked over at me, turning her head to the right. Larisa eyes shifted back and forth as she scanned over my entire face.

“Oh. I see.” I had to admit, it was friggen cool having another girl jealous of me. I sure wasn’t going to tell that to Larisa though.

“It just gets frustrating to keep dealing with, you know?” I turned on my side and faced her, propped up on my left arm. I slid my right hand over her stomach and onto her left hip, gently massaging it as I told her I know what she was going through, dealing with roommate problems and all. I’m not saying I had the same type of problem. Thank God. Luckily, Peter and Lee never turned mo on me. FYI… Imagine that all the gay jokes here have Wham – Wake Me Up Before You Go Go playing in the background. So from time to time you’ll just see me type “Buh dum, Jitterbug!!” So that’s just the intro to the very mo song for the very mo comment.

We lied there in silence for a minute or two as the topic of conversation came to a close. I tried hard to listen to her and pay her story all the attention it deserved. I continued to rub her hip from underneath the bottom of her shirt, slowly moving my hand further towards me, letting it fall from her hip down to her tummy. I softly caressed the smooth skin of her stomach with the back of my fingers, my motives both to relax her and to get some stank on my hang-low.

Larisa remained still, her eyes closed as she smiled and breathed softly. I scooted over towards her and pressed the front of my body against hers, draping my arm over her completely. My head was a mere two or three inches from hers. I felt her soft warm breath on my mouth as she coyly grinned. “This feels so good Riss… me and you like this. This past summer was the best summer of my life.” As I spoke, my right hand tenderly rubbed her back, massaging the area it lied on.

“Hmmm,” she gently replied, her voice warm and loving, a grin on her face stretching ear to ear, her eyes still closed. “I wish it never ended.” The two of us had spent so much time together, in bed or hanging out. We lied with each other for hours a day, talking or playing, or even just sitting there enjoying the calm silence. Mostly though, there was a lot of playing. “Cristina’s very pretty. Don’t you think?” she asked, changing the subject… as she innocently placed her left hand between our two bodies, between our crotches. I could feel her knuckles ever so slightly touch against the zipper of my shorts as it rested between our naughty bits.

“Yeah. She’s really hot.” I could feel my dick steadily becoming harder and harder as she talked about the other girl she just met in a dirty fashion. Her hand brushing against my junk also didn’t hurt. “You like her?” I asked.

“…Yeah. I guess so,” she responded after a second. “Her body is great. She’s so tight and toned. Her face is so gorgeous too.” Cristina’s face was so playful and childlike, yet still sexy… like an ultra hot chica next door. She was Hispanic after all. The sophomore had been wearing a tight pair of dark blue jeans and a little black top. Her ass was just so perfect. She was also a sorority girl, so you all know the caliber of those chicks… the ones that aren’t sorostitutes. I kept pushing my groin against her hand blatantly, as we discussed the younger girl, both holding back on actually saying we wanted to sleep with her. I wanted to fuck her. It sounded like my better half did as well. It was even hotter because Larisa was four years older than Cristina… like an older woman teaching a young girl about the birds and the bees, only learning through participating. So hot.

“What about Dina?” I asked. Honestly, I thought she was more attractive. I liked the girls who seemed more… not average, but not high maintenance looking sexy. Hence Larisa. I’m not saying that either weren’t hot as balls. …Or as a classroom at my school in November… to bring it back to a few pages ago. Besides Dina’s looks and her low sitting pants, her carefree attitude made her sexy. She didn’t give a fuck about impressing anyone… or what her flirting would do to them. …Like forcing a guy to punch the clown in a bathroom stall during class because he couldn’t stop thinking about her.

“She’s really pretty too. Who do you like more love?” my lover asked as she grabbed a handful of cock through my shorts. Needless to say, I was aroused and was pretty much at full hardness at this point. I palmed her ass through her jeans and pulled her closer into me, feeling her small soft tits press against my chest, pushing her hand against her own crotch.

“Hmmm… I’d have to say Dina. But it’s definitely a hard choice. I guess it would depend on the day.” Larisa took hold of my zipper and pushed it down, opening up the front of my pants, looking down at her manicured hand as she performed the action.

“I see,” she commented seductively with a coy little smile as she snaked her hand inside my green cargo shorts, then inside my black boxers. I felt her hand wrap around the warm shaft of my excited love muscle, her hand feeling cool to the touch. It felt so good to have Larisa touch me again sexually. “What is it about her that turns you on?” she whispered softly, looking me right in the eyes, as our heads remained only a few inches apart. Larisa was serious and also being playful at the same time. Her innocence mixed with her dirty talk was just mind blowingly sexy. And she didn’t get jealous or care how I answered either. I could be as dirty as I wanted.

“Definitely her lower half. Her legs are just… I just want to bury my face between them and lick her… make her come over and over. Have her squeeze her thighs around my head so tight.” Maybe I could have said that to her a little… less descriptively. Dina had legs like Britney Spears… thick ones. Britney Spears, not Britney Federline. The latter’s for after she let herself go and got chunky and disgusting.

“Mmmm. That would be hot to watch… and I know how good you are at that lover,” said Larisa as she sat up. My oral skills had made her squirt in the past. She took her hands and shoved me back on the bed, making me lay completely flat. My girl crawled on top of me, straddling my lap, her cunt resting on my throbbing monster which begged to be molested. Larisa leaned forward and began to kiss and suck on the right side of my neck. “Tell me more lover,” said Larisa softly and seductively into my ear as her dangling light brown hair tickled my chin and the side of my face. From time to time, Larisa would ask me questions about other girls, perhaps to see what kind of fetishes or fantasies I conjured up, hoping she could fulfill them herself. I felt her warm pink lips suck on my skin softly. I could just barely hear her quietly groan and moan in horniness as she kissed my neck and cheek.

“I want to fuck her so bad. I’d love to feel her legs… mmmm Riss. Like that,” I groaned as she squeezed her knees around my thighs, anticipating what I was about to say. “I’d love to feel her wrap them around my waist as I’m on top of her, pushing my dick so deep inside her.” Larisa ran the tip of her tongue over the skin on my neck, gently kissing towards underneath my chin. At the same time, she roughly grinded her crotch against mine, like she was a steamroller trying to flatten wet cement. “Feel her hold onto me tightly, her nails scraping against my back, begging me to fuck her pussy harder and deeper.” My dugan was rock solid as it throbbed under the actress, excited from her kisses and her playful gyrations. I pushed my hips back into her, matching each thrust of hers with one of my own. After a little time, we were dry humping each other like a couple of teenagers. My cock was as hard as a Calculus test as she worked herself into me. “God Riss, that feels so fuckin good hun.”

I slid my hands over her body, letting them creep up the back of her white shirt, massaging her silky smooth skin as I reached her bra clasp. I unhooked it as I grinded my groin against hers while still captive in her leg grasp, switching between an up and down and a circular motion. Eeeh. Eeeh. The bed squeaked somewhat with the more pronounced bounces on it. Shitty dorm furniture. What can you do.

“God lover… You make me so jealous. It turns me on so much when you do this.” Larisa moaned as she sucked on my neck harder, trying to give me a hickie, pulling at my skin with her mouth. “Did you rub yourself while you dreamed of filling her with your big, thick dick lover? Did you go all over your hand… shooting all your cum out?” she whispered into my ear, then licked her tongue across the height of it. “…All the cum that belongs to me.” I saw that both of us could be very dirty. It was like a sauna in the room from our raised body temperatures. I started to reach the breaking point where I’d soon start to sweat. The situation was so hot, literally and figuratively.

“Mmm yeah baby. I came so hard.” All over my roommates bed. …Oh like none of you have ever done it to someone’s bed after a fight. You’re all sooooo above me aren’t you.

“God, Matthew. I want you inside me so badly,” Larisa whispered forcefully into my ear. As I slid my right hand from her back to her chest, I could feel Larisa grind her yearning hot box against my Linus. Keeping my hand inside her shirt, I crept my fingers underneath the left cup of her bra, taking a handful of her tender breast. As she lied on top of me, my hand was sandwiched between us, pinned under our two horny bodies as she leaned forward. Now I’m really starving… talking about sandwiches.

“Please, Riss,” I moaned as I slipped my tongue into her mouth, grabbing her tit roughly, squeezing it like a stress ball. “Riss… please let me.” I was about to beg for her to let me inside her, even if it was during her special time. She gripped the hair on the sides of my head, right above my ears, pulling it hard as she probed my mouth with her tongue. Her oral muscle pounded into my mouth, licking my tongue, heading towards my throat. Larisa’s kisses were forceful, like she was raping my mouth. She grinded herself against me, pressing her pussy against my candy cane harder and harder, rubbing herself in circular motions over me.

“We… we can’t baby.” What a little cock tease! I understand what she’s saying, but sometimes you need to get your hands dirty… literally! I didn’t want to make love to Larisa. I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to fuck her hard in the worst way. Normally, sex with us would be both sweet and intense. However, on rare occasions were fucked each other mercilessly. Very rare occasions… like maybe three times in two years. I would have maimed and killed to do it for a fourth. I needed to hold her down and get rough with her, to control her and have her every way I felt like having her. I wanted to hurt Larisa’s little tight pink cunt with my pipe… to fill her with my seed until her hole overflowed with it. And then afterwards, cuddle until we drifted off to sleep. I was going to explode if I didn’t release the sexual energy we were creating. I’d have balls bluer than the dog Blue from Blue’s Clues.

Unfortunately, knowing that Larisa wasn’t about to give in, I decided to put a stop to it. I placed my hands on her shoulders and began to gently push her off me. Our faces remained connected by the mouth as her torso moved away from me. Her lips sucked onto mine as she tried desperately to not separate our mouths. “What… what are you…?” she said between kisses, surprised that I was putting up a fight.

“Riss, let’s just stop,” I said interrupting her. She had a look of total… confusion on her face. Her eyes closed a little as she scowled at me, her forehead now covered in anger wrinkles, her nose scrunching up. Larisa quickly pushed my hands off her as she sat up, obviously pissed off .

“You… you don’t want me?!?” she yelled in an angry and baffled tone. Oh Christ.

“No, I do want you. If we can’t, then…”

“I can’t believe you!” Larisa yelled at me. I slid my hands over her forearms lying near the sides of my head, holding her down on top of me. “Don’t touch me!” the actress cried as she slapped my arms and got off my waist.

“Riss?! What?? Wha’d I do?”

“You know, we could have done other things besides fucked! You know that!?” she shouted as she fixed her clothes, re-clasping her bra and tugging her shirt back down. “So because I won’t let you fuck me, you wanna stop now!? That’s really fucking nice of you asshole.” I had never seen Larisa this pissed off before, in real life or a movie. “Fucking typical.” My eyes shot up at hers, staring a hole through her.

“Typical??? When the HELL did I ever pull any shit like that before?? …I was just trying to stop now so it wouldn’t be harder to stop later on!” Okay. Maybe I was a tad in the wrong here. She could have gave me head.

“Yeah, fine! Well I’ll make it even easier for you!” she yelled as stood up and rushed to grab her coat and put it on. What the fuck was going on? Who was this and where was my girlfriend!?! At least with this one, I coulda had amazing anger sex with… assuming she wasn’t on her period.

“Oh come on. Riss. Where are you going??” I asked, utterly puzzled and taken back at her behavior, sitting up fully, a tent still pitched in my pants. Larisa’s angelic face was beat red and her breathing was erratic, like she was on the verge of having a panic attack. I was annoyed that she was acting so childish, throwing a stupid tantrum over what I thought was nothing.

“Anywhere but here,” she retorted in a lower yet still pissed off and sarcastic tone of voice as she quickly walked to the door. I leaped up from the bed and grabbed hold of Larisa’s right arm, near her elbow, and half assed pulled her back to me. I didn’t want her leaving over something stupid like this. SMACK!!! The palm of her left hand flew across the right side of my face, causing an immediate stinging sensation.

Instantly, I let go of her arm and we both stood there in silence, completely in disbelief of what just happened. I was angry, confused, and upset, standing there paralyzed for a moment… just dumbfounded. Larisa’s mouth hung open in surprise and regret as she watched me stand there looking like a beaten dog, not knowing what I did to deserve it. I was in utter shock and was left speechless by her surprising violent action. Larisa gasped and brought her hand up to her wide-open mouth, covering it as her eyes watered.

All I knew was that I had to get out of that room because with my temper, nothing good could have come out of me staying. I would have yelled at her and scared her. I don’t even want to think about hitting her. I know I wouldn’t have, but being there longer could only make it more of a remote possibility. After regaining control of my body, I just took a step to the side and slowly walked out of the room without saying a word, my head hung low. Larisa tried to say something, but couldn’t force any words out as her throat clenched up. She just silently teared up as she watched me move down the hallway.

I didn’t know if I was more pissed off or more confused about what had taken place the few minutes ago. I sat outside the dorm in shorts and a t-shirt going over the previous events. ‘Was it my fault? Did she overreact?’ The only thing I knew was that I couldn’t let her leave here pissed off at me… and it was not shorts and t-shirt weather. I’d like to thank my junior year high school theology teacher for leaving me even more paranoid with this little inspirational statement. “Never leave the house angry because one day you may come back and something bad could have happened to the person you’re mad at… and you may never see them again.” Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it?

I took the elevator up to my floor, stopping on floors two and four to let people out. I mentally flipped out that they were holding me back from Larisa. Finally, I got to the fifth floor, a few seconds later finding my door closed. Taking a deep breath, I reached for the cold metal knob and slowly opened it, so that I wouldn’t scare her. Unfortunately, the room was empty. I immediately walked down to Dina’s room, then to Cristina’s, hoping maybe she went there for comfort. No dice. I paced down to the girls’ bathroom, knocking on the door and opening it when I didn’t hear an answer. Strike two. Well, strike three if the two girls’ bedrooms are counted separately. I jogged back to my room fighting off panic and flung the desk drawer open, fumbling for my cell phone.

I called Larisa’s cell phone as I paced back and forth across my room, running my hand through my short brown hair. As crazy as it sounds, I had to make sure Larisa was physically okay. She could be mad… that’s fine. I just needed to be sure that she was all right. I had always been like that.

After a few rings she picked up. “Riss, baby…” I started to say in a soft voice. I wasn’t quite sure what to say after that. “I…”

“I’m fine,” Larisa replied lowly, interrupting my epic speech. She knew what thoughts ran through my head in situations such as this. After all, she was my girlfriend, my lover, my best friend. I could hear noises and car horns through the silence between our words.

“Riss, where are you??”

“I’m going home,” she sniffed. She was slightly crying or had just finished. My heart instantly sank and I felt as if I got kicked in the gut.

“Baby, nooo Riss. Come back,” I pleaded in a calm low voice. “I can’t have you leave like this… after…” I heard Larisa getting choked up more and more as the seconds ticked away. Both our voices shook as we tried to communicate. I was on the verge of begging her to stay.

“I… I’m sorry I hit you.”


“I have to go. I can’t do this now,” she said very quickly, like it was one short sentence.

“Riss… I love…” With that, I heard the interrupting click that ended our call. She hung up on me. “…you.” I guess it was better that she wasn’t crying and talking on the phone while driving. That couldn’t be good. There was only one thing I could do. Road trip. Great movie, by the way. My legs seemed to give out and I fell down on the edge of the bed, sitting there before by body responded to my thoughts. My brain was working at a hundred miles an hour, but my body was in park. Snapping out of it, I forced myself back into reality.

Normally, if a friend pissed me off, I would hold a grudge or be as spiteful as them. However, when it came to romantic relationships, it was different. I didn’t want to wait for Larisa to calm day in a day or two. I needed to resolve the problem ASAP, or I would worry myself into a heart attack. Call me clingy, call me a pushover, call me the world’s greatest lover… whatever. One by one, I called any friends with a car. Of course, the very few that had them all went home or didn’t answer. Not too many students had vehicles there, being the campus was in a large busy city. Parking was as hard as my dick when Larisa was on top of it.

I called Gary, hoping he’d do me the huge favor. “Dude you don’t know how relieved I am… Thanks. Yeah… … Across the face. Hard. … …Nah man. I didn’t even cock a fist. … … Okay. I’ll be waiting. …Thanks so much. … Later.” Relieved, I leaned backwards on the bed. Gary said he could drive down tonight to pick me up. He would bring me back to my house so that I could make the drive up to Sarah Lawrence. I just had the painful task of waiting for him to get down here. Patience wasn’t my strong suit, especially when it came to something very important to me. But what did Guns n’ Roses say? Have a little patience. Just have a little patience.

“Yeah man. She’s on the rag. I didn’t think it could ever get this crazy,” I told Gary as we drove north on the Garden State Parkway, back to our hometown. I didn’t mean to put her down or talk derogatorily about her, but it just came out that being I was with a guy friend. I have to admit, part of me was still pissed at her overreaction.

“I can’t believe you just stood there dude. I pictured you flippin out on her.” I can’t believe it either. It really isn’t butter! Yet this toast tastes amazing. I digress…

“I know man. I was in shock I guess.” I was never antsier as I sat in the passenger seat of his car. And it wasn’t because I had six legs either. Bug joke… ants. Never mind. My foot tapped away on the floor in nervousness, looking like I was high on coke and Redbull.

“At least the makeup sex will be great,” he joked, trying to make me feel better. Yeah. When she gets off her period. I laughed a little, only to make him feel like it was mission accomplished. We made small talk as we got closer and closer to our destination. As I watched the clock and the cars on the road, I prayed that the traffic from the upcoming accident would let up and that he’d drive a little faster. However, realistically, we weren’t able to speed up the drive at all. We tried to pass the time by making chit chat about work and school, but I was in no mood to reveal any feelings or whatnot. All I wanted to do was to hold my Larisa in my arms and tell her I love her, and have her do the same. I tended to overreact to a lot of things, acting like anything bad was the end of the world. But unlike R.E.M., I didn’t feel fine.

About fifteen minutes after we passed by the accident, we arrived back at my house. I prayed that nothing like that would happen to Larisa as she drove home upset. “Thanks again for the ride man. I’m sorry to make you sit there in that traffic,” I said.

“Nah man. No problem. Do you want me to come with you?” he offered. It was definitely a ride up there and normally the company would be appreciated, but I wasn’t in the mood for conversation.

“It’s okay. You have work and school and stuff. I don’t know how long I’m going to be there. But thanks though,” I said as I snagged my bag from the back seat.

“Okay,” he said as I opened the car door and stepped out into the cold weather. “Good luck dude.”

“Thanks. Thanks again,” I said as I closed his crimson colored Cavalier door. I heard him pull away as I opened the door to my house for a quick piss before my long drive. There was no way I could have held it in for another couple hours. I took a leak, grabbed something to drink, and ran up to get the car radio adaptor for my iPod minniiiiiii!!!! Sorry, it’s just something I always say a certain way.

I locked up shop and jumped in the Vulva, letting it warm up as I hooked up my iPod miinnniiiiii! Vulva was the nickname for my Volvo, as dubbed in part two of this series. I sat there thinking about what I was going to say to her, how to apologize, what to say about the slap. My stomach was in knots and flipping around in circles. I was terrified that I couldn’t fix our relationship. I was petrified of losing her. Girls like Larisa didn’t come along more than once, if at all. And it wasn’t because she was a celebrity. I loved her more than anything and she made me feel special. I was sure she’d be surprised to see me wearing a coat and long pants as well. The temperature had dropped like fifteen degrees since midday when she was with me. I was also pissed off that it had been a few hours since she left my school. Looking at the clock, I saw it was about a quarter to ten at night. Larisa had a nice head start, but I was determined to make it to her part of New York in record time. If Indiana Jones could catch the Nazis in The Last Crusade, I’m sure I could catch her. On second thought… I said no camels. …NO CAMELS! With that, I released the parking brake and backed out of my driveway, off to see the woman I loved, rocking out to the iPod minnnniiiiii.

(Note – Apparently… Sarah Lawrence College is in fact NOT an all girl school, NOR is it hours away from my house. I’m a retard and didn’t research it as well as I should have. I think I got my bad information from a dream, I think. As I don’t feel like correcting parts one and two, I’m going to leave part three as if it was a few hours away and all girls. Sorry for the factual errors. …Now I’m pissed. Sigh. I’m retarded.)

Knock, knock, knock. I knew it was late as hell but I was hoping either Larisa or Kelly would still be up as I knocked softly on their brown door at about one in the morning. The knocks were quiet as I didn’t want to pound on the door and draw attention to myself. I quietly paced around in the hallway outside their dorm room, warmly nodding at anyone who passed by, trying not to appear frantic…or creepy. Knock, knock, knock. Finally, I heard some rattling with the chain lock.

Kelly opened the door halfway and popped her head out. “…Hey Matt,” she quietly said, unenthusiastically. Her tone was almost as if she had been expecting me to show up. She wobbled on her feet as she greeted me, her breath reeking of alcohol. She pressed her shoulder against the doorway to steady herself.

“I’m really sorry,” I apologized. “I know it’s late Kel. Is Larisa here?” She looked at me for a second, pondering whether or not to lie to me. She blinked her eyes a few times, adjusting to the light in the hallway. It was a lot brighter than my school residence. “I’m sorry if I woke you,” I added.

“She’s sleeping,” she answered as she walked out into the hall and softly closed the door, as not to awake Larisa, not that she’d be able to hear unless she was on the couch. “And I wasn’t asleep yet.” The two of them lived in a dorm/apartment. It wasn’t like mine, where people left their doors open and went from room to room. People in their building were nice, but it was less social… more of a regular city apartment.

“Is she okay?” I asked, praying for a ‘yes’ response. The time it took for her to answer seemed like an eternity. “We got into a dumb fight and I got here as soon as I could,” I explained to kill the silence.

“She’s drunk. She’s feeling a lot better.” Kelly sounded sarcastic, and not in a subtle way. It almost seemed like she was happy to know we were fighting. I couldn’t tell if she was being plain snotty or not, but I felt like I was the punch line of some inside joke. I stood there exhausted and anxious at the same time and was in no mood for bullshit. I just wanted to know that Larisa was alright so I could relax. Aside from being nervous, I was also a little hot, needing to unzip my coat.

“Look, Kelly. I know you’re not particularly fond of me…”

“I don’t hate you Matt,” she interrupted, some annoyance in her voice, as she leaned back on the white wall of the hallway. Who said anything about hate? She leaned her head back against the wall, tilting her chin towards the ceiling, much like she would if I was kissing on her neck.

“Well you don’t really like me. That’s fine.” I tried my best to not be sarcastic. After all, I still needed something from her. “Can I at least come in and crash on the couch or something? I’m going to freeze in my car. Could you at least do me that favor?” Kelly looked at me in her inebriated state, her hands resting on her hips, right above her faded light blue cotton pajama pants. They were the color of faded stonewashed denim and hung low on her hips, not being tied with the drawstring… but not as low as Dina’s would be. She was wearing a white wife beater tank top and the tight PJ bottoms. Her almost flat stomach crept out from the clothes a little, revealing enough skin to cause a guy to beg for more. Glancing down, I saw she was wearing a pair of socks as well… white socks. What a whore.

“…Fiiine. Come in,” she said coldly as she opened the door and let me in first. If the young girl didn’t let me crash there, I’d have had to go find a motel. It wasn’t warm enough to sleep in my car and I couldn’t waste gas by leaving it running with the heat on for hours. I didn’t have an alarm clock either, so the chances of me oversleeping were pretty high, even though I’d be hella anxious.

“Did Riss say anything about our fight?” I asked her as I stepped into the living room. I hoped that they confided in one another and that the evil roommate would clue me in.

“…She’s on her period. She’s just got some stuff on her mind and she probably overreacted… from what she said.” Kelly didn’t try too hard to give me a detailed response. Maybe it was because she was drunk or tired. I didn’t know for sure. I really didn’t expect her to sort of side with me, saying my girlfriend probably overreacted. I found myself looking at her as she led the way inside, staring at her body at the worst time ever for staring at her body.


“You can sleep on the couch over there. Blanket’s on the chair. Bathroom,” she concluded, pointing down the hall. Kelly didn’t even speak in complete sentences or give me a goodnight kiss, but instead just monotonely rattled off information like a telemarketer who was bored with the required speech. So, I guess there wouldn’t be any drunk flirting with me. She must be trying super hard to resist me.

“Thanks. …Kelly?” I asked as I made myself comfortable, sitting on the edge of the couch.

“Yeah?” she sighed as she paused on the way to her room, turning towards me after two seconds.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Huh?” she asked with another perfectly audible sigh, as if she didn’t need to be bothered right then.

“Did I do something wrong that made you dislike me? What did I do to you?” I was at the point tonight where I just wanted to get to the bottom of things, the bottom of everything. She seriously didn’t like me. I know she had the hots for Larisa, but I suspected there was another reason. I was always nice to her. I even bought her some flowers on her birthday in September, giving them to her when I visited Larisa for the first time. I figured it would be a nice start to a friendship with a girl I’d be seeing a lot of. Still being tipsy, I hoped she would let her true feelings out. I kicked my shoes off, waiting for her reply.

“…You didn’t do anything.” Kelly stood there and put her hair into a loose ponytail, pushing her breasts out as she reached behind her head. I couldn’t help but stare at her bra-free tits for a moment. Her nipples were easily visible through the thin white material of her shirt. She looked me in the eyes, catching me leer at her chest. “Matt, I don’t hate you,” she said, slightly annoyed, either at the direction of my gaze or the fact that I was there. “Goodnight,” Kelly added, turning away and walking to her room, her ass shaking back and forth as she moved down the hallway. One thought ran through my mind. ‘I’d love to fuck her from behind and pound that ass… just knock the bottom out.’ Seriously. I’d love to fuck her with Larisa. Larisa could wear a strap on and Kelly could be the crossbar in the wobbly H. It’d be so hot. Too bad she despised me.

“Thanks again,” I added as Kelly walked into her room, in reference to letting me spend the night. She threw a hand up in response as she closed her door, not even looking back at me once more. I could have been a little bolder and went to sleep with Larisa, but the last thing I wanted to do was cause a scene if she totally objected and flipped out, drunk screaming at me. I took off my coat went to the bathroom, taking a final piss before bed. I paused at Larisa’s room, stopping in front of the closed door. I wished it was open so that I could at least see her. I pussed out and didn’t open it to peek in.

Their apartment was nice… two bedrooms, bathroom, and a living room/kitchen. It wasn’t lavish, still being university housing and all. It was bigger than anything I had ever seen at another school. It almost resembled a college apartment on television or a movie because it was so big. But a grand palace it was not. The walls were dull white with cracks and other wear and tear, and the floor was tiled with giant grey squares. The girls threw down some carpets and added posters and other wall decorations to make it look less dirty and more home-like. They actually did a nice job of making it appear almost like a dorm apartment in a movie, filling it with cool things… tricking it out as the kids say. Kelly lived nearby, so she spent time in the summer traveling back and forth to make it cozier. The bathroom was really clean though, I’m sure because of Larisa. I got back to the living room area and took my pants off, not wanting to sleep in cargos. “Fuck,” I cursed aloud. I forgot to bring extra clothes.

I have this thing about showering and wearing the same clothes two days in a row. If I didn’t get a shower in the morning and had to put on the same clothes as the day before, I would claw off my skin within two hours. However, if I showered then put them on again, it was a lot easier to deal with. Optimally, I would love to have fresh clothes and a shower.

I kept my boxers on as I lied on the deceivingly comfortable brown couch. All that comes to mind right now is Chapelle Show… “Fuck yo couch nigga! Fuck yo couch!” Never being put “in the doghouse” as some might say, I never had to sleep on the couch before. However, I wouldn’t mind with this one. It was like sleeping on a cloud. I turned off the lamp next to my makeshift bed and unfolded the pink blanket… Mo!… and spread it over my lower half, turning and burying my head between the back and the arm of the sofa, creating a little nook for my melon. I fell asleep within fifteen or twenty minutes as I thought of what I’d say to Larisa the next morning. After that, I’d figure out what blanket was more mo… her pink one or my blue floral pattern one. Buh dum, Jitterbug!!!!

“Uggghhhhh. Huuuhhhh.” I awoke to the sound of someone grunting and dry heaving. Lovely. … Hot! I rubbed my eyes and threw my arm over the back of the sofa, pulling myself up to see over it. Through my half shut eyes, I could see Larisa throwing up into a garbage can, hunched over in the middle of the hallway. I guess she didn’t make it to the bathroom. A second later, she disappeared into the little girls’ room and I heard her spew into the toilet and flush it as I got off the couch, moving over to my sick lover.

Stumbling into the bathroom, still half asleep and a little cold, I discovered her hunched over the porcelain throne, her ass sticking out, her tush covered only by her “ah ha, black panties”. Hot. I’d love to stick it in a girl and boff her as she’s throwin up. Maybe that’s just me? Lemme hear your thoughts… slider1234@aol. I moved next to her, sitting on the thin rounded edge of the tub, and I picked up her hair, holding it as she made herself feel better. I placed my hand on her back, on top of her dark forest green t-shirt, gently rubbing it. I saw her look up at me slightly, shocked that I was the one helping her out.

“Wh… what?? M…Matt??” she stuttered.

“It’s okay Riss,” I said as I continued to comfort her, feeling heartbroken to see her feeling less than perfect. Larisa’s expression turned to one of sickness and the ill girl quickly faced away from me.

“Huuhhh.” She gripped the elevated counter with her right hand as she threw up again. Her body arched forward, her limbs stiff. Larisa’s left hand was gripping her stomach as she felt queasy.

“It’s okay. It’s okay,” I whispered, letting my hand rest on her back, applying as little pressure as I could. Larisa threw up a bit more and then stopped for a while. I found her transparent blue plastic cup next to the sink and filled it with water, letting her rinse her mouth out. I also took a washcloth from the towel rod on the wall and wet it with some tepid water, squeezing it out and applying it to the back of her neck. It was too chilly in her apartment for cold water on the rag, and warm never helps. Room temperature water was the best choice… the choice of a new generation. It looked marrrrvelous!!! At least I think that was the old Pepsi slogan. There were only so many ways of helping her. Larisa’s right hand reached back and held my own against her left shoulder.

“I’m… I’m okay… I think,” she mumbled. Larisa looked like she had the worst hangover. I felt so bad. Just awful. I never liked seeing anyone I cared about in any sort of pain, unless it was during some kinky sex. Some scat… yellow discipline. Mmm. SHOCK JOCK!

“Just stay here until you feel better, okay?” I sat down with her in front of the toilet bowl, sitting on the beige-colored shag rug that warmed up her feet every time she dropped a deuce. I’m sorry… made roses. Girls don’t pooh.

“Matt… What are you doing here?” she said as she rubbed her pale face and closed her eyes, her head lying on top of her arm, on top of the seat, trying to keep her stomach settled and calm.

“I needed to see you. I couldn’t leave things like that,” I said as I leaned back against the wall, looking over at her.

“…Ma… Matt. I’m…” she blabbed out as her face turned even paler and she lunged for the commode. Larisa threw up once more, a final power puke, forcing out the bad like Michael Clarke Duncan in The Green Mile.

“It’s okay hun,” I said as I held her hair back for her once more. “It’s okay.” We stayed like that for a few minutes, not saying anything. I just sat there with her and caressed her back softly, giving her water as she used the toilet seat as a pillow. It was the lid, not where you put your ass. Finally, she seemed to feel a lot better, the color returning to her gorgeous face. She stood up, wanting to go to her bed again and sleep the hangover off. “Riss, just quick brush your teeth first.” Not only does vomiting stink your breath up, but it rots your teeth. It also helps you stay quite thin and sexy.

“Okay Matt,” Larisa spoke quietly. She reached for her toothbrush and toothpaste and began scrubbing her mouth.

“I’ll wait outside, okay?” I wondered how much she drank last night. In all the time I knew her she never threw up from drinking. I could only imagine how bad she must have been the previous night. It would have killed me to hear she was drinking because of me and because I somehow hurt her. A minute or two later, she emerged from the bathroom and I put my arm around her waist, escorting her to her bed. I pulled down the baby blue covers and helped her into bed. “I’m gonna get you Tylenol okay? I’ll clean your garbage can out too.”

“Matt,” Larisa said, trying to sit up.

“Yeah Riss? No, lay still,” I tenderly commanded her as she tried to pull herself up. As I started sitting down on the bed next to her, Larisa started to get choked up.

“Ma… I’m so sorry. I’m…” she tried to say as the tears slowly rolled down from her eyes.

“Hey. Hey. It’s okay Riss. It’s okay.” My voice was so soft and calm. I was like a parent forgiving my kid after running away. Leaning down, I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to me.

“I had no right to hit you. I’m… I’m…” She started to full out cry in my arms.

“Shhh. Shhh,” I whispered softly as I cradled her head against me, like she was a giant freak infant. “Don’t worry about it,” I added. “Everything’s all right.” Mmmm. She smelled like peppermint. Thank God.

“I love you Matt. I love you,” she cried as she squeezed her arms around my shoulders, locking her hands together, holding me so incredibly tightly down against her.

“I love you Larisa. Just please rest,” I whispered into her ear as I kissed the side of her head.

“Okay,” she mumbled, still not letting go of me. We lied there holding each other, putting the fight behind us for a few minutes. I pulled back and kissed her on the forehead, letting my lips rest against her smooth skin for a few moments.

“I love you,” I said as I looked into her chocolate brown eyes, tenderly stroking the side of her face as she looked back at me lovingly, relieved that I forgave her so easily. “I’m gonna get you Tylenol. Lay still okay?”

“Okay,” Larisa replied, sounding exhausted. She went to sleep late and it was early. She probably tossed and turned all night feeling queasy. She leaned up and then placed her head back down on the fluffy pillow, getting more comfortable, closing her tired eyes and resting from the ordeal that had just taken place.

I brought her small white garbage can to the tub and filled it with soapy water, trying to wash it out. Thank God there was only a miniscule amount of throw up in it. I spilled out the dirty water and refilled it with soapy water, letting it soak. Then as I filled the clear blue mug with cold Brita water in the kitchen, I was thankful I wasn’t the one drinking it. I got a thing about Brita. I’m sure it filters out all the impurities and shit in the pipes or whatever magic it does, but it just skieves me out, especially when I see kids in my dorm filling it in the janitor’s sink, where they clean out jugs of bleach and chemicals and wash out hoses. GROSS. Maybe that scarred me for life. I also took late night pisses in that sink. Who needs to walk across a lounge to pee? I’d be wide awake by the time I was done, being it was so far. The closet was two doors away. … … I brush my teeth in there so I shouldn’t even talk. I stopped back in the bathroom and took two pills out of the medicine cabinet, then continued down to my sick lover.

“You asleep, Riss?” I asked quietly as she lied perfectly still on the bed, her eyes gently shut, her breathing soft and steady. She had her hands on top of one another on her stomach, resting like a corpse. A sexy corpse. …I’m sorry. That was redundant. I placed my hand on her ankle and tenderly squeezed it to see if she responded. Larisa groaned and opened her eyes again. “Take this and then you can go back to sleep. It’s just after eight o’clock.” She took the mug from my hand and washed down the two pills with her ‘clean purified water’.

“Here,” I said as I took the glass back from her and placed it on the nightstand next to her bed, the bed we christened with sex the weekend she moved in. The cup was still half full, or half empty, depending on your personality, so I moved it to the far end of the nightstand. “Sleep. You’ll feel better,” I whispered, trying not to use a lot of words, hoping I didn’t wake her back up too much.

“Maaatty?” she asked me in a lovey-dovey manner, her eyes closed in exhaustion, as I walked away from her bed. Her voice was weak and a bit scratchy from the strain on her throat. Not exactly like a sexy stripper who smoked scratchy, but she was halfway there.

“…?” I raised my eyebrows in response, not saying anything.

“Don’t leave? Please?” How could I say no to those shut puppy dog eyes and lifeless pouting lips? As I gazed over at her, I envisioned myself doing this for her ten years down the line and being perfectly content with it. This was the girl I could marry and take care of, for better or for worse. At that particular moment, there was no other person I’d rather nurse back to health, and I couldn’t help but smile. “Why you smiling?” she asked in a low raspy tone, still half asleep and groggy, her eyes opened like a Chinese person.

“Don’t worry about it,” I replied. “And of course I’ll stay with you hun. You just have to get on your side of the bed.” Being hung over ain’t gonna let her get a pass on using the left side of the bed. Larisa shut her eyes and smiled, pausing for a few seconds.

“Baaaby, I’m sick.” Larisa was really working the “poor me” face as she was less than half awake, still appearing exhausted despite her conversing with me. It was as if she was in a hypnotic trance, half awake half asleep. God, what a great actress. “And it’s my bed.” I just sighed, knowing the nice thing to do would be to let her rest where she is and sacrifice my game which only worked to the left. What would I do?

“…Fine,” I said bitterly, sighing as I walked around to the other side of the twin sized bed. I’m a pussy. I know. I crawled into bed next to her, underneath the baby blue covers, which were nowhere as comfy as my blanket. I tried my best not to shake the bed and upset her stomach. FYI, in real life, my blanket is dead. The stuffing is ripped apart and bunched up… that is whatever hasn’t disintegrated. I found out that the blanket is twenty-seven years old and was a wedding present to my parents. Ohho, but I’m still using the sumbitch, even though some parts are thinner than a t-shirt. It’s just so hard to find a comfy new one. …And the fighting I have with MUHHHTER when she says she’s not getting it re-stuffed. … … Addendum – My Dad just threw the blanket out because, and I quote, “You’re F’ing Disgusting.”

The lovely Larisa Oleynik turned to face me, lying on her left arm. I brought my hand up to her cheek and tenderly ran my fingers over it, brushing her short light brown hair behind her ear. “Go to sleep Riss,” I whispered as I moved over to kiss her on the forehead. A smile appeared on Larisa’s face as she curled up in the fetal position, resting against me like a baby puppy to its mother. Too bad she didn’t suck on my man nips like one.

“Thank you Matthew,” she mumbled as she instantly drifted off to sleep once more, still fatigued from the late night drinking and early morning recovering. The two of us shared her bed as she recuperated. I lied on my right side, holding Larisa in my left arm, softly caressing her back as she slept off the alcohol. As I watched her sleep, I couldn’t help but think of our fight even though we kissed and made up. Something was definitely wrong with her. She never got that moody before or said things that mean to me. I had never tried to use her only for sex nor got pissed when she wasn’t in the mood. …Which was rare. She also never drank to the point where she got sick… ever. Contemplating the possible reasons for her mood swings, I passed out as well on the moderately soft bed, holding the woman I loved.

Larisa’s hand softly ran over the side of my face, stroking my cheek ever so gently, easing my wake up from round two of sleep. She looked wide awake as she rested her head on her outstretched left arm, looking over at me. Her arm pointed up towards the wall at the head of the bed, gently bent at the elbow, her fingers dangling down onto her silky dirty blonde hair.

“Hmmm,” I quietly and happily groaned as I blinked a few times, waking up to the greatest possible sight. The bedroom was dim. The lights were off and a small bit of the afternoon sun crept through the shut curtains, casting a dull glow over the room. “How do you feel sweetheart?” I asked in a daze as I closed my eyes for another few seconds. I was still half asleep and it felt like a dream.

“A lot better, thanks to you,” she softly spoke through the warm smile on her face. I reached up, blindly holding her hand to my cheek, cooing softly as her touch started my day off perfectly. I remained still, my eyes closed, trying to doze off for just a little bit longer. After realizing I couldn’t fall back asleep, I gave up trying.

“Hey Riss… what happened last night, after you got back?” I asked, my eyes still closed. I was awake, but just resting them. I didn’t want to ruin the calm quiet moment, but I really did want to know what happened, even if we put this behind us already. Her hand slid off my face, falling onto the bed, like the life drained out of her as a result of my asking.

“…I don’t remember a whole lot, to be honest. I had too much to drink on a really empty stomach.” Larisa continued, “I came back here upset. Kel suggested we drink… hang out with her boyfriend and his friend… to cheer me up, take my mind off it.” I didn’t speak for a second, honestly half paying attention to her response. Finally, it hit me. My eyes popped open and I was no longer tired.

“Another guy?” I asked jealously, probably prematurely. “Which friend was this?” I added, somewhat sternly. Kelly’s boyfriend Jason was fine. I really didn’t know him that well but he seemed decent enough. If it was his friend Bobby, I was going to be pissed. I didn’t trust him, with his smooth talking and constant flirting with Larisa, even in front of me. We all hung out in some bar one weekend and I really wanted to knock him the fuck out, drunken bar fight style. Toss him on the bar and drag him down the length of it… that whole type thing.

“…” Larisa looked like she wanted to lie to me for my own sake. “It was Bobby,” she said hesitantly, understanding I would definitely get pissed. “Matt,” she said interrupting me as I was about to speak. “Don’t get mad.” Too late. And I was wide awake now. And I had to pee.

“Larisa, I don’t like that guy. All he does is try to get in your pants.” She looked into my eyes as she frantically contemplated her next choice of words.

“I didn’t know you to be the jealous type.” Didn’t expect her to take it in that direction, but okay.

“I’m not overly jealous. I just don’t fuckin trust this guy, especially with my girlfriend.” I struggled to keep my voice at a reasonable volume. It might have come off like I was suggesting she was a slut, but I didn’t mean it like that. Luckily, she didn’t take it wrong.

“I know love. Listen, we all drank, and I talked to him. I told him about our fight and stuff. Kelly and Jay hooked up. Bobby just listened to me. That’s all. They ended up leaving after a couple hours. They didn’t stay too late.” Hmmm. Alcohol, a pissed off girlfriend, and a douche bag that tries to fuck everything. To be honest, she seemed a little too fast with her answers.

“I thought you didn’t remember too much?” If she was drinking a lot to the point of passing out and throwing up, how did she remember exactly what happened? I wasn’t sure how much she added to the actual story in order to calm me down.

“I don’t. …Matt. Matt! You think I…?!?” She took that one the wrong way. Oh Christ. Here we go again. Her eyes opened wide and she angrily scrunched up her nose in shock and disbelief… with those anger lines appearing on her forehead.

“I didn’t say anything,” I shot back, defending myself.

“You think I kissed him? Don’t you?” Larisa started to get defensive and loud, half sitting up our bed. I stretched my arms up and dropped my hands on my face, over my eyes, rubbing them hard. “Matthew Ryan! When have I ever made you feel like I could cheat on you??”

“No Larisa. I know you wouldn’t do that. But he would… he’d try to take advantage…” She looked me in the eyes, first through my fingers, then directly at them after I stopped rubbing them. She calmed down when she saw the trust and exhaustion in them. She could easily see I wasn’t trying to pick a fight. She sighed and loosened up, still leaning/sitting up next to me.

“Matt. You’re the love of my life, in so many ways.”

“I know,” I said, looking at the ceiling as she looked at me. The whole thing just made me uncomfortable. I’m jealous to a point, but nothing really made me nervous with Larisa and me except this guy.

“No matter how drunk I am or how pissed off I am at you, I would never kiss another guy. Never.” I stared back at her gorgeous face unenthusiastically, seeing how much she loved me.

“I know. I’m sorry.” I was just very protective of her, I guess. The last thing I wanted to do was falsely accuse her, especially of something as severe as this.

“I ended up passing out in here and Kelly put me to bed,” Larisa explained as she lied down next to me once more. She took my hand in hers and held onto it tightly. “I’m so sorry about how I acted. I never meant to get crazy… especially hit you,” she said, her voice trailing off into sorrow. Larisa let go of my hand and brought hers to my face, placing her fingers where she slapped me, the tips gently touching my healed skin. Her face flashed a look of worry and regret. “Matt…” she said as a single tear rolled down her cheek. She quickly wiped it away, not wanting me to see her still upset.

“No Riss. That’s fine. It’s over,” I said as I shifted and turned my head so her hand no longer made contact with my face. I just didn’t want to fight with her anymore. I hated arguing with someone I cared about like that. It was just mentally exhausting. We both lied there in silence for a minute or so, both of our minds churning thoughts around.

“You’re still mad.” Larisa rested on her side, making easy observations from the expression on my face, the look in my eyes. She could see something still bothered me. I wasn’t mad, but more concerned than anything.

“I just… I want you to be careful with drinking. You never drank and passed out since I’ve known you.”

“Love…” said Larisa, starting to get worried about my fragile feelings.

“I just worry and care about you so much. …And I’m supposed to be the one with the drinking problem.” Again, I’m funny 24/7. She looked at me and smiled a little.

“But you don’t drink the way you did anymore… not including Crystal…” Shows just how much she knew and how good I was at keeping a secret.

“I know. I was just being funny. Baby, I don’t want you turning into me, is all I’m trying to say.”

“I know. I don’t want to be you. I couldn’t handle having a thingy.” …Okay, that was funny. Mediocre funny. I looked her in the eyes in a way that said, ‘Can we be serious?’

“Riss… please.” I tried my hardest not to chuckle.

“Oh don’t even act like it’s not funny. Haha,” Larisa joked as she pushed me back and forth a little, her hand resting on my chest.

“Okay Riss. Fine, yes it was kinda funny. You don’t usually make the penis jokes. But I’m trying to be serious,” I replied, trying to turn the humor back down a knob.

“I know Matthew. Look. I’m fine. We’re here, together, past what happened yesterday. Let’s just focus on that, okay?” she said as she started to smile, her hand on my cheek once again. I was still a bit uneasy but I didn’t want to make things worse. I placed my hand on top of hers, holding her soft extremity against my face. Eww. That sounded gay.

“I love you.”

“I love you more,” Larisa responded happily. She leaned in towards my head, still holding my face, her soft pink lips making contact with mine. We softly and tenderly kissed one another, our hands gently caressing the other’s face like it was that of a newborn. I could feel her leg subtly rub back and forth against mine as we were locked together at the mouth. It was a slow, romantic, loving kiss. After a few seconds, she pulled away and smiled, taking a second to brush the hair out of her face and back behind her right ear. “Get up. Go brush your teeth.”

“Haha. Is it that bad?” I asked her, trying not to breathe in her face as I responded. I was still embarrassed even after all we had been through together. I cupped my mouth and huffed into my palm, trying to gauge how bad it was.

“No. I’m going to do mine too. Then, I want to take a shower with you,” she said slyly, with a wicked little smile on her pure innocent face. I hope she knew that shower massages didn’t do much for giving a guy an O… in case that was what she had in store.

“Oh yeah Ms. Oleynik? Why’s that?” I asked inquisitively, loving where this path was leading us.

“Because,” she said as she kissed my lips once more, tenderly running the tip of her tongue across my bottom lip, “I know how you are about showers. And if we’re going to be naked and holding each other, I don’t want you to be uncomfortable with your… shower… mental problems. Haha.” Larisa’s voice went from sexy to laughy. I said it before. I’ll say it again. I HATE not showering after first getting up. It drives me f’in crazy.

“Hey! Mental my ass. It’s a common thing and look what it’s getting me now. A cuddle party. …I always knew it was a problem that shouldn’t be fixed,” I laughed. “I don’t have my towel though,” referring to my special oversized towel Larisa had grown fond of, forcing me to steal it back and hide it from her time and time again over the summer, just so I’d get to use it.

“You won’t need one with me wrapped around you love.” Larisa’s head came to a rest on my chest for a moment, looking down towards my feet.

“What about dryin’ my taint?” I mumbled lowly.

“Hmm?” Larisa asked, raising her eyebrows, not fully hearing what I said.

“Nothing.” And just how was that going to get dried off? That was my question.

“Oh… Oh! Good news,” she said as she snapped her head around to face me. “I’m off my period.” Definitely good news.

“Yeah. I can tell,” I replied back, playfully sarcastic in my tone. Larisa scrunched up her nose and shot me a mean look… her eyes all squinty as her head tilted sideways and forward. She made a face like a peeved three year old. It was so sexy. SHOCK JOCK! After a second, she forgot about it and was all happy and anxious for some hot lovin’.

“Now get up! Don’t keep me waiting,” she said as she got out of bed. I watched Larisa as she reached over to the chair next to her nightstand and put on a pair of grey sleep pants. I stared at her firm ass as she tugged them up, wiggling her hips side to side slightly, finally letting them sag down just enough to see butt crack… well, butt crack covered by black panties.

“Why the pants?” I asked as I stared at her booty. We were going to shower and the bathroom was a few feet down the hall. I didn’t see the point of getting dressed.

“It’s cold.” I reached for Larisa’s arm and pulled her back down to me, pulling her into another kiss. I felt goose bumps along her forearm from the cool air as I slipped my tongue into the front of her mouth, searching for her own tongue. My hand slid back through her light brownish blonde silky messy hair, cupping the back of her head. “Mmmm.” Larisa pulled away from me and cracked a smile. “Come,” she said as she walked towards the bathroom.

“I will. Maybe twice if you do a good job,” I joked as I watched her ass sway back and forth down the hall. Man, I wanted to put it in her backdoor so badly. She paused at the bathroom entrance and turned her head just a bit sideways, looking at me out of the corner of her eye. A huge playfully warm naughty smile formed on her mouth as she looked down and stepped into the bathroom.

When I entered the small bathroom, Larisa was standing in front of the sink on top of the beige shag rug, keeping her feet warm. I could see her crinkle her cute little toes up, gripping the carpet, desperately trying to warm her piggies. She had a dark shade of purple colored polish on them. So Sexy. Larisa had the blue toothbrush working her bottom teeth as I grabbed an extra one from the medicine chest, unwrapping it and putting toothpaste on it. The previous times I was over, I brought my own toiletries. ‘Uggh. The only color toothbrush she has is yellow?’ I thought as I looked over at hers. ‘I want the blue one.’ The toothpaste she had out was Closeup, one of my favorite kinds. Too bad it will stain a sink or counter if you don’t immediately clean it. I got a few naggings from MUHTHER for not cleaning the mess up. As I stood to the right of my girl brushing my teeth, she purposely and playfully bumped into me with her shoulder, smiling as she caught me off guard and made me lose my balance.

Larisa looked so incredibly sexy, in that super cute girl next door sort of way. She giggled as I pushed my hips playfully against her side, retaliating. Don’t check a former hockey player and not expect repercussions. It was cute when she spit out. She would cover her mouth with her hand so I couldn’t see, like it would have disgusted me or something. I would just assume that’s what it would look like when she spit out a mouthful of my cum. However, I never got to see that, being she always swallowed or took it straight up in her pussy. So suck it.

I reached over and slid my left arm around Larisa’s back, my fingers resting on her left hip as I held her against my side. She gently leaned her head against my shoulder for a moment as she continued cleaning her grill piece. We looked into each other’s eyes through the mirror as we crudely and half-assed cuddled in front of the sink. Finally, she spit again, still hiding it from my line of vision, and then rinsed her mouth out. Larisa placed her blue toothbrush back in her little cup and moved to the shower, turning it on. It took a little while for the warm water to kick in in her building, so she let it run as we prepared for our morning shower. “Can we switch toothbrushes? I feel so mo with a yellow one.” I can’t remember if I explained it already, but mo means homo.

“Haha. No. I love my baby blue one!” she giggled. “Why do you even want a girly color like that?”

“It’s less queer than this bright yellow one,” I replied as I cleaned my bottom teeth, slurring with the spit in my mouth. “Fuckin brokeback toothebush.” Larisa stood in the center of the room, watching me as I finished up. “What are you waiting for?” I asked as I put my new toothbrush in her cup. I watched her stand there like she was waiting for me to finish before she could proceed, like I needed to hand her the baton first.

“I need help getting undressed,” Larisa responded, slightly giddy if I do say so myself.

“Oh. I didn’t realize you were two years old.” She had a huge smile on her face as I took a step towards her, not the slightest bit mad about my joke. “Want me to wipe you too?”

“Sure. Oh, wait. Ummmm. I forgot, you’re not allowed back there.” Oh how I almost backhanded her! I’m not even kidding.

“Someone’s a little wise ass this morning,” I laughed softly. Larisa just grinned back at me, her smile five miles wide. I took hold of the bottom of her tight green t-shirt and started to pull it up her delicate body slowly, not taking my eyes off of hers. The fact that she was an older woman, even if only by two years, still turned me on so much. As I got her shirt to her chest, she closed her eyes and instinctively raised her hands, allowing me to perform the task with ease. Pulling the top up more, past her head, I paused as I leaned in to kiss her, the shirt still trapping her elevated arms. “Mmm,” she cooed. “That tastes much better.”

“Hey Rissy,” I whispered softly between kisses. “Will Avril be joining us again?” I was referring to the first time we laid naked, holding each other.

“Hmmm. I think I’ve spoiled you my love,” Larisa laughed. I saw she wasn’t wearing a bra as her medium sized tits hung from her chest, her nipples hardened from anticipation and the frigid air trapped in the apartment. I took my own shirt off as she watched, both of us standing there topless. I too had thrown on something on the way there, not wanting to be cold. I guess that makes me a pussy, going with my new gay toothbrush. “Keep going,” she softly instructed me.

I gripped the sides of my black boxers and slid them down past my half-erect penis. As they fell down my legs, I stepped out of them one foot at a time and then kicked them over into the corner. Larisa continued to stare at me, her gaze fixed on my dick as it expanded and enlarged before her eyes. She involuntarily bit her bottom lip as she cracked a smile. God, she had such a look of innocence on her face… like she had never seen one in person before. She looked like she was four years old and staring at a huge birthday cake, with one giant candle. White icing of course. Watching her light up at the sight of my manhood with such sexual delight turned me on so much, causing my shaft to expand like a birthday party clown’s balloon. Although there was no way this balloon could be bent into a little balloon dog. Ouch. I had to admit, it was really nice to still have her excited about seeing my dugan after all we’ve been through.

“Your turn,” I said as I kneeled down in front of her, my knees comforted by the fuzzy beige carpet… doing its best to cushion me. My head was level with her pussy, her pants and underwear the only thing keeping her from being totally exposed for me. I took a deep breath and slipped my fingers in the waist of her grey cotton PJs, pulling them down a little, her pubic bone coming into view, just teasing the arrival of her pussy to my eyes. I looked up at Larisa and she looked back at me approvingly, her fingers running through my hair. I directed my eyes straight ahead and continued disrobing my girlfriend. She was wearing those world famous black panties. I smiled playfully and tilted my head sideways as I looked up at her. Larisa couldn’t help but smile back and whisper, “Mmmm. Black panties.” She had gotten used to me asking, and if I dare say so, she started to enjoy reciting my favorite 10 Things line. I cocked her a funny look this time. She just sighed, speaking again. “Ah ha. Black panties.” If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.

I tugged Larisa’s underwear down, her pussy coming into view slowly, a new thin short patch of hair growing above it. I didn’t care. Sure I was used to the shaven bald puss, but I grew up on the neatly trimmed hairy puss. I’m sure I could go back. Old school puss.

“So beautiful,” I mumbled quietly as her panties fell down her smooth, toned legs, with little force from me. I gently slid my hands back up the outside of the length of her legs, running my palms and fingertips up the smooth flesh pillars, holding them in place right below her hips, my fingertips just barely touching her ass. They were creeping up close to her cheeks as I gazed into what would soon be mine. I leaned my head forward towards her tight pink pussy and then placed a tender kiss on her hipbone, causing her to tremble where she stood. Showing some restraint, I stood back up and pulled the shower curtain open a ways. I held out my hand and said, “Ladies first.” Larisa took my hand as I helped her step over the wall of the tub.

“Always a gentleman.” She took a step back into the preheated water, the hot liquid now splashing against her head and cascading down her thin toned perfect body, slowly soaking her from head to toe. Her tits glistened as the hydro reflected the light from the ceiling. Larisa took her hands and pushed back her slick hair and waited for me. “Are you coming in love? The water’s so nice.”

“So’s the view,” I said as I took a step forward into the tub, closing the curtain behind me. I won’t even get into the cleaning I made her do to this thing before I would set a bare foot in it. I woulda just worn flip flops all year if I were her. I still didn’t totally trust it. But when in Rome…

There was just enough room for us in the shower that was obviously built for one. Larisa reached out and placed her hands on my upper arms. She tightened her grip, feeling the results of my trips to the gym. “Ooh. These feel nice,” she said as she felt my triceps.

“Don’t call the cops. I’ve got permits for these guns.” Larisa shook her head side to side a little and let out a light laugh in response to my comment. “Strong arms let me hold you tighter,” I added softly, realizing afterwards that I’d need to raise my voice to compete with the sound of the water shooting from the wall. You know what they say. You are what you eat. And my diet consisted of bricks, steel, and the tears of small children.


“It also helps with spanking it.” Larisa chuckled again as she took a step forward and slid her arms around my back, feeling again, some more developed muscles. I figured going to the gym couldn’t hurt. It’s to make her find me more attractive, not that she didn’t already think I was hot. I was going for more toned rather than crazy body builder. With the latter, I’d have to start wearing a fanny pack and animal skin patterned neon stretch pants.

I felt Larisa’s right hand leave my body and reach back to the ledge. She grabbed the half-used bar of Irish Spring soap and took two steps back, out of the stream of water. It was the original green bar… not the new school blue. I could only wonder what part of her body it had washed last. Her face? Her breasts? Kelly’s pussy?

“Come closer.” I followed Larisa’s instructions as she started to rub her hands around the soap, working up a nice lather. Her small delicate hands moved to my chest and she slowly began to gingerly run them over my torso. Instinctively, I flexed my chest muscles. I don’t know why, but I did. “Mmm,” she softly cooed, barely audible over the background noise. I could feel the hot water ricocheting off my back as she soaped up my front, not taking her eyes off my chest, watching her actions intently and carefully. Her small slippery hands slid up to my shoulders and then outwards, down my arms. I stretched them out to ease her in cleaning my body. “You look great Matt. Keep it up,” she whispered, referring to my newly chiseled physique. “Now close your eyes.” I shut them tightly as I felt Larisa run her fingers over my face, not wanting to get any soap in my eyes. If she did, it woulda meant her ass. Literally. I didn’t think we were going that into it, being we’d shower again after sex, but what the hell. Maybe she’d do between my ass cheeks too. Lemme see how far I can push it. “All done.”

I tilted my head backwards, letting the warm relaxing water rinse the soap off of my face, allowing me to see again. Standing up straight once again, I ran my hands through my short wet hair and over my face, wiping the water from my eyes. I was never able to come up from under water and open my eyes without wiping them dry first. I remember one swimming lesson when I was little, I sat on the ledge waiting for my turn, splashing water against my face and immediately opening my eyes, then turning to my mom to show her… like she had any clue that the F I was doing. Doooouchechilll!!!! Anyway…

Larisa again worked the soap in her hands for a few seconds, looking up at me. She cracked a smile and two seconds later, her palm ran down my stomach to my dick, causing it to instantly stand at full attention. Not breaking eye contact, my girlfriend wrapped her right hand around my cock, gently squeezing the middle of my shaft. I took a deep breath, trying to keep my composure intact with this new stimulation. My cock jerked in the tightness of her woman grip for a second, right before she slid it back and forth over my meat an inch or two. Larisa had a seductive look on her face, gently biting her bottom lip, not daring to look away from my eyes.

“God,” I whispered, letting my eyes roll back into my head before I shut them.

“I’ll get this really clean lover,” Larisa softly replied. “Don’t look away,” she whispered, wanting me to reopen my eyes and gaze at her. I was as hard as adamantium. That’s what Wolverine’s claws were made out of… from X-Men. Wow. That’s a dorky reference. What’s sad is that I took the time to look up how to spell it.

She continued to slowly work my cock in the soft grip of her hand, teasing me as best she could for a good two or three minutes, occasionally putting her left hand to work on it. She twisted them around my pole corkscrew style, causing my body to shake. I was getting close to coming and my breathing reflected it. My chest rose and fell quickly and I half panted in the steamy bathtub. I closed my eyes and rested my shoulder against the light grey tiled wall of the shower, trying to remain standing. The hot and steamy water made my heart race and my body perspire somewhat as Larisa Oleynik, the former Alex Mack, my lover, used her hand on me.

She brought her left hand to my nuts, squeezing the sack tenderly, manipulating it gently with her fingers, washing it as she slowly wanked me off, still not breaking eye contact. Larisa rubbed the palm of her left hand against the underneath of my undercarriage, applying a tad of pressure, massaging my balls… all while giving me a handjob. Her index finger and thumb traveled up the swollen shaft, pushing up towards the head, then sliding back down with more pressure. I was about to lose it.

“Riss… I’m…,” I gasped as I took a deep breath, feeling my cock throb and tense up, ready to fire like the Death Star.

“My turn,” she said, interrupting me. Larisa’s hands slipped off my package, and I immediately clenched my PC muscle, trying to keep from splooging, allowing me to regain control of my cock. She stopped just in the nick of time as I was about to lose it and shoot my cum all over her hand and waste it down the drain. I leaned forward and pressed my wet lips upon hers, feeling her push her head against mine with some force. I felt my stiff sensitive boner poke at her thigh as we each took a step closer to each other. I cupped my hand over the back of her head, keeping it in place as our kisses became more lustful. Her mouth opened and I pushed my tongue inside it. Larisa angled her head to the right and followed in suit, infiltrating my own mouth with hers. As the tip of my beast bumped against her thigh, it became harder and harder to calm my nerves. No pun intended.

After a few seconds of our sloppy open mouthed kisses, I pulled away and said, “Here. Give me that,” taking the soap from her. The bathroom seemed a lot darker inside the shower, the curtain blocking out a lot of the light from the crappy fixture on the ceiling. “Turn around Riss.” She obeyed me and turned around, facing the light grey tiled wall. I slid my hands on her hips and pulled her back into me, my throbbing cock pointing straight up, sandwiched between our two bodies. The blonde’s soft moans were audible due to our closeness even with the noise of the showerhead. I draped my arms around her fragile body and began to run my left hand over her abdomen, rubbing soap on her tummy and then spreading it around more with my other hand.

Larisa took the bar of soap from me, allowing for the further exploration and cleaning of her body. I ran my slippery hands over her stomach in a wax on wax off Daniel-son type way, but did so erotically. After all, I was trying to get laid here, not trying to stop my ass from getting kicked. Get him a body bag!!! Yeaaaaahhh! I pushed my hands up her slick body, pushing her firm breasts up, washing underneath them. I also finagled with both of her tits, cupping and gently squeezing them in my palms. The soap made for a nice smooth sensation as her hard nipples rubbed over my digits. As I massaged and squeezed her soft supple orbs, I leaned down and gently placed a kiss on the left side of her neck. Larisa’s body instantly shuddered and she moaned out loud in unexpectedness. “Mmmm.”

As I sucked on her neck, she angled her head to the side, allowing me better access. I kept one hand on her tits as my right hand slowly traced a path down her flat tight stomach, over her navel to right above her pussy. “Ohhh God,” she moaned sort of quietly as my index finger ran up the length of her pussy, pressing lightly between her lips. Her body shook in pleasure as she almost lost her balance. Larisa’s hands squeezed shut as I found her clit, causing the soap to shoot out of her hands and bounce around on the shower floor.

“I’m going to need that,” I whispered into her ear, then taking her earlobe in my mouth, tugging at it with my lips. Larisa bent down, leaning forward, trying to pick up the slippery green bar. I ran my hand over her tailbone as she grasped the soap with ease, unlike in the movies where it slips out time and time again. As she moved to stand back up, I put some pressure on her lower back, hinting at her to continue to bend over.

I moved my ass backwards, allowing my cock to fall forward and point straight ahead, being it was still pressed up between our two persons. My cock was the needle of a compass, and Larisa Oleynik’s ass was magnetic north. I caressed her back with my palm as she put her hands, one of which held the soap, on the dirty and worn lower wall of the shower to support herself. My hands gently traveled up and down the small of her back, occasionally over the sides of her abdomen. Without touching my prick, I let it naturally bounce against her ass, resting in the crack between her two firm butt cheeks. This is why you never drop the soap in prison. I don’t think the large angry black man would be as gentle as I am. But of course, he’s innocent. They all are. And nor would “White Power Bill” be gentle. And there you were, thinking I was going to make a racist comment. Well fuck all of you. …And if it was an Asian guy, I’m sure you really wouldn’t feel anything because their dicks are small.

I could hear Larisa breath heavily as I took my rock hard cock in my hand, gripping my thick shaft near the base and squeezing it in my palm. For a second or two I beat my meat, getting it to the full hardness once more. I felt my junk become tense and stiff as I worked myself up into too much of a frenzy. Finally, I settled down and rubbed it against her slit, the warm soothing water splashing over the two of us. “Aaahhh,” Larisa moaned softly as the head rubbed between her lips. I ever so gently pushed forward, letting the purplish-toned bell end slip inside her. “Ooohhhhh,” she cooed. I could feel Larisa pushing backwards into me, craving all of me inside her tight little pussy, wanting me to come inside her like a good boy. Instead, I placed my hands on her ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly, pushing her away from me, fighting her need to be fucked. I could tell she loved my teasing, feeling her try to lean back even harder.

“Do you want more Larisa?” I asked.

“Lover. Uhhh God. Don’t tease me.” Not following her wishes, I moved my left hand to her pussy, rubbing my finger over her slit to her clit. Haha. I made a rhyme. I pushed my thumb over her little pink bean in a circular motion, stimulating her as I refused to let her engulf my entire manhood with her cunt. Larisa pushed with all her might against the shower wall, pushing herself onto my love muscle. I massaged her clit with one hand and pushed her away from me forcefully with the other. “Oh my God Matt. Don’t… uhn… don’t tease me like that,” she begged. “Pleeease.” What the hell. Why be a tease.

“Okay baby.” I took a step back, pulling the tip of my dick out of her dripping snatch. Seriously, it was dripping… with water!

“That’s not what I wanted!” Larisa exclaimed, angry that I didn’t fuck her from behind in the shower, prison style. She turned around to face me, unsatisfied.

“Looks like we both have blue balls now.”

“Uh…” she started to say in confusion.

“Shut it,” I simply replied before she could explain she lacked balls. I took the soap from her and got down on my knees once more. However, the floor of the shower wasn’t as forgiving on my knees as the shag carpet was, nor was it as clean. Not rushing, but not dawdling, I soaped up my hands and began to work her legs. I lathered up her thighs and moved down to her shins and calves. Larisa’s legs were so incredibly sexy. They were long and tight from all the exercise and dancing she had to do in A Time for Dancing. They were a little thin, but she was a thin girl, so she was proportioned fine. Without warning and feeling spontaneous, my head leaned forward and I stuck my tongue halfway out of my mouth, flicking it against her pussy, tasting her juices mixing with the hot water. For a few seconds I open mouth kissed her cunt, the tip of my oral muscle resting inside her.

Larisa gripped onto my head as she bent her knees, spreading her legs open without having to adjust her stance. A plie, if you will (plee A)… to keep up with the dancing terminology. “Uhhhh. Mmmmm.” She closed her eyes and leaned her head back, enjoying my oral pleasuring. “Lick me… lick just like that lover,” I heard her whisper as her French manicured nails dug into my head. I lapped at her lips, trying to taste her insides. Larisa grinded her hips against my face in slow motion, begging for more. Then as quickly as it started, it ended. I leaned back and continued cleaning her body. The older woman panted and looked down at me, praying that I continue with the cunnilingus. As I finished soaping up her left leg, she raised it, bending at the knee, then looked down at me. “Suck on my toes lover.” I couldn’t help but smile as I looked back up at her and raised her foot a little higher, once again noticing the dark blue/purplish polish decorating her nails. Being this close, I could see the deceiving color better.

Larisa rested her one hand on the shower wall and the other on my shoulder, steadying herself. As I got it her foot closer to my mouth, I looked up at her and smiled. I then took my soapy hand rubbed it all over her foot. I literally cleaned it for like a minute and a half. Dorm shower floor… in my mouth? Fuck that noise! I rinsed it off, cupping water in my hand and washing the soap away, cleaning her foot. …Feelin like Jesus… Then I looked back at her as I was about to do her bidding. She just giggled and shook her head back and forth, finding my paranoia comical. “Haha. You’re so cute.” She looked so beautiful and pure, smiling down at me like an angel.

Sticking my tongue out, I ran the tip over the front of her now cleaned toes. I took the big one into my mouth, gently sucking on the stub. Buh dum Jitterbug! (Oh come on, not like that!) Mo! M…M…MO! (Come on!) …As I have a dialogue with myself… I could hear her moan over the splashing sound of water as I performed my favorite fetish on her. Maybe later she’d let me perform my second favorite one and let me golden shower her. I’m just kidding. I’d receive. She wasn’t a fan of the yellow discipline. This wasn’t tubgirl. com after all. …Eighteen and over please. I opened wider and tried to take a few more toes in my mouth, only not being able to do it as well as I normally did on dry land. The water running off her foot made it harder, as did the weird angle. Larisa was aware of the problematic situation and pulled her foot away, content with the effort I put forth… the good ol’ college try.

I pushed my hand against Larisa’s right thigh, trying to get her to turn around. After a moment, she got the gist of it, and once again, she face away, looking at the grey shower wall. This time, my cock wasn’t aimed at her ass, but still just as painfully erect as when it was. I slipped my hands between her thighs, gently pushing them apart, showing her what I needed her to do. I stood up again without her seeing and I took hold of her hands at her thighs. Larisa’s breathing became faster as she was more aroused during the foreplay in the steamy bathroom. I moved my extremities out away from her inner thighs and put her palms against the shower wall. As I put pressure on her back, she leaned forward, down towards the floor, letting her arch her ass out. “Stay like that for me, okay baby?” I tried to whisper into her ear, unsuccessful though as her head wasn’t close to me.

I quietly kneeled back down, not realizing that the stream of water I blocked with my back was now hitting her. From this new sensation, Larisa knew I wasn’t about to mount her from behind again. Taking hold of her round ass cheeks, I spread them apart, opening up a path to her sweet horny pussy. The water running off her lips made it look incredibly sexy as I took the visual masterpiece in with my eyes. I figured I would do something unexpected, yet again. Leaning forward, I stuck out my tongue and pressed it against Larisa’s asshole. “Oooh!?” she groaned out in surprise, immediately tensing up and pulling away. After the initial shock, Larisa relaxed some. The tip of my tongue penetrated her chocolate starfish, although there was nothing chocolate about it from where I was sitting. …Uh… squatting.

I kept poking my oral muscle against the backdoor hole hoping that she would finally allow me to perform anal with her. I really wanted to fuck Larisa in the ass, but she would never let me. Sure she didn’t mind a little analingus, or even a finger. Hey we all like a little bit of that. But she was afraid of my huge massive cock hurting her tight little balloon knot.

“Mmm Mrs. Willy Wonka. Let me tour your chocolate factory,” I whispered. I’m just kidding. I wouldn’t say that to her… only to my friends as a fib about kinky my sex life.

I ran two fingers over her soft aroused pussy lips, coaxing her into allowing me the honor and privilege of taking at least some virginity of hers. “Matthew… Mmmmmm,” she moaned and groaned as I licked and ate out her ass while gently rubbing her pussy from under her, from between her open legs. I could feel her getting wet, that different kind of wet… the good wet… as I continued playing with her loose meat sandwich. And once again, as suddenly as I began, I stopped and stood up. “Baby…??” she asked in a shocked and annoyed tone, not approving of my unscheduled break time. She was tired and upset with the amount of teasing I tormented her with.

“I’d say we’re both worked up enough to get into bed. What about you?” Larisa didn’t answer, but just smiled and dropped down to her knees. In a split second, she slammed her mouth around my cock and pulled my hips forward. “Holy fu…” I yelled out. Larisa had totally deepthroated me, my balls on chin, her nose on pubes… neatly trimmed short pubes. “Oh fuck Riss.”

She slid her head back a few inches, looked up at me, and then pushed my cock deep down her throat once more. I held my hand on the back of her head and rocked my hips back and forth into her face, trying to gently and lovingly fuck her warm mouth softly and romantically. “Acck. Gaah,” grunted Larisa as she choked a little on my prick, clogging her throat like one of my dumps to a toilet. I held her for another few seconds, the last few against her will, before she pushed me away from her, her neck and head tensing up. My seven and a half inch pole slid out and off her lips, a thick strand of spit attached to the head. “Gasp,” gasped Larisa, as she could now breathe again easily. She took a few deep breaths and moved her eyes, focusing up at me. She spit out the thick saliva produced from gagging on my thick fuck stick, taking another breath. “I’d say now… we’re both worked up enough,” she huffed, still catching her breath. She coughed a little as I helped her up.

“You okay?” I asked her, trying to hide my chuckling.

“Yeah love. Just rushed it a bit. That’s all.”

“Good. I thought maybe you couldn’t handle it all.”

“Haha. Yeah right.” Her half comedic half angry and sexy tone turned me on, although I didn’t mean it to anger her.

“Still good. Still good,” I replied as I was painfully harder than I was before. I looked my girl in the eyes and was so incredibly turned on. We were both extremely horny and needed to make love as soon as possible. She was wet. I was hard. Well, we were both wet. Looking at Larisa, I saw something not many people would ever get to experience, not even for a short time. I reached forward, taking her hands in mine, our fingers interlocking, stepping closer to her. As the front of our bodies touched, I released her hands and brought mine to her hips, holding her sides gently with my fingers only. “Do you know how much I love you?” I whispered into her ear, now resting my head against the side of hers, my chin propped up on her collarbone. Larisa responded by wrapping her arms around my shoulders. I felt her limbs constrict me like an anaconda suffocating its prey… like a rabbit, a mouse, MTV Wild Boys’ Chris Pontius.

“I love you too Matthew.” We held each other under the gentle blast of the steamy shower for another moment. Larisa and I both loved how no matter how kinky we were being, we could immediately bring it to lovey dovey stuff, and then right back again. And we were still as horny for one another as we were the day we met, which was nice. The passion was still there.

“Ready?” I asked as I leaned back a little, looking deep into her chocolate brown eyes. The hot stream of water still pounded my back as I waited for her reply. Larisa stared back at me, so in love.

“I need to feel your arms around me… right now.”

“Haha. They are though.”

Larisa and I left a trail of water on the cold grey tiled floor as we made our trip from the bathroom to her bedroom. As we hurried to tease one another even more, our feet made squishing noises as they fell on the cold ground. As I walked around naked and wet, I felt the draft even more in her apartment, a crisp breeze against my undercarriage. It was strong enough to make even me a bit uncomfortable. “Riss, we’re going to get your bed soaked. We need to dry off,” I laughed as we frolicked down the hall holding hands, trying our best to escape the big chill. I suppose we got a little overzealous about holding each other naked in bed… for the umpteenth time.

“Haha. I think you’re right,” Larisa laughed as she stood there, a puddle forming at her sexy feet. For a split second, it reminded me of her turning into a puddle in Alex Mack, and I debated making a joke about it. I looked around the room for a towel laying somewhere. No dice. I would have taken a dirty t-shirt if there was one.

“Stay right here,” I said as I hurried back to the bathroom, my dick swinging back and forth… balls going one way, my dick going the other. Woosh. Wooosh. Look at them. Woooosh. I scanned the steamy room for a bath towel, unfortunately finding only hand towels. I lingered in there an extra moment or two, feeling the hot air comfort my body, wrapping around me like an invisible blanket. “Riss! Where are the big towels?!” I yelled from the hallway. I was really cold now from standing wet and naked, feeling like a homeless person or an abused dog.

“The closet at the end of the hall!” Larisa yelled back. Sigh. I imagined her standing there shivering from the lack of heat, her nipples rock hard. Pokies! I quickly walked down to the closet, slipping on a slick film of water left by us as we didn’t think shit through. Bam! “What was that?”

“I almost fell on this god damn floor!” I screamed as I grabbed onto the closet door handle to stop me from falling on my ass. I could hear her laugh from her bedroom. I opened the next closet door a few feet further down the hall to grab a couple of towels, when my mouth dropped open in shock. My towel… sitting there on the middle shelf. That *&^$%#^ %$&!!!

“LARISA!” I yelled. ‘She stole my towel!?!?! What the hell!?’ I thought to myself.

“Matt?? What??” she yelled back, sticking her head out of her room, post haste. She leaned on the doorframe, expecting to see me on the floor hurt, or worse. I turned to look at her, holding exhibit A… my giant oversized fluffy grey towel. Turning my head towards her, I held it up higher. “…”

“Hahaha. Oh.” I’m glad she thought it was funny. “Hahaha. Matt… I’m…” She really was laughing it up, standing naked against the door frame, letting me see only her head and shoulder.

“You stole my towel?!” I was still in disbelief. The bottom of the towel hung down further than my dink… not by a lot… as I stood there just pissed and dumbfounded.

“Haha. You have like three of them!” I don’t give a DAMN! She took my towel! What the hell was that!?!


“Love. Don’t be a baby. It’s unattractive. Haha. … It’s so soft and fluffy and big. I was going to miss it,” Larisa laughed back with a huge happy smile across her face as she spooned with the doorframe.

“Riss, you could have just asked me. I would have laughed and said no, but you could have at least asked me.”

“Oh shh. Get back here,” she giggled adorably as she stepped back into her room. I just stood there, shaking my head. Honestly, I wasn’t even all that mad.

“Normally, people grab towels before they shower.” I quickly spun around to find Kelly standing about five feet away from me, holding her red backpack.

“I… uhhh…” I covered my frank and beans with the folded up towel. “She… …Yeah. How am I.” Why bother explaining. Like it was nothing, Kelly turned away from me and made her way to the living room. I’m going to be honest. There was not a flaccid penis behind that towel. My cock was a little bit of a raging boner from having Larisa’s roommate see me naked. I just wish she could have smiled while staring at it for that awkward moment.

I made my way back to Larisa’s room, finding her sitting on the very edge of her chair, trying not to get it soaked. Her arms were crossed as she bounced her legs up and down, obviously feeling the same cold sensation I was. Only I’m a man, so I didn’t let it bother me. “Stand up baby,” I said as I unfolded my recovered stolen towel and wrapped it around her body. She held it closed around her shoulders, her arms folded against her chest underneath the covering. I ran my hands up and down her arms, pressing the material against her skin so it soaked up the wetness. Larisa stared at me as she bit down on her lower lip, her wet hair tangled and hanging down over her face a little. She watched my eyes as I concentrated on getting her warm once more.

“I love you Matthew,” she said unexpectedly. I looked back up at her as I rubbed her back from in front of her.

“I love you too.” I winked at her and then leaned down a little to get her legs.

“Here,” she said as she disrobed and handed it to me. “Do you, before you catch a cold.”

“Riss. I’m hardcore. I won’t get sick,” I replied. I took the towel and tossed it on top of her head, covering her like she was wearing a ghost costume, or a limp clan hood. I threw my palms on top of the towel and started to rub her head, sort of fast.

“I fff…fff..fffor got,” she stuttered as her head shook back and forth, referring to me, the hardcore champ. I could hear her laughing as I threw her head around playfully in large circles.

“There we go. All dry,” I said as I pulled it off her head. “Hahaha. Riss, your hair,” I laughed. I really messed her hair up, seeing how crazy and out of control it was, sticking out in all directions like she was electrocuted. I draped the thoroughly damp towel over my left shoulder and brought my hands to her head once again. I pressed down firmly and pushed her golden locks against her head, working them from the top of her head down the sides towards the ground, trying to straighten it out, also running my fingers through it like a giant comb. I actually did a pretty good job. She didn’t look like a retarded crack whore anymore. Not that that’s not hot.

“You’re so cute.”

“I know. Get under those covers. Get warm.”

“I’ll dry you off first,” Larisa offered. It was less chilly in her room than in the hallway, but still cool nonetheless. Normally she tended to keep it a little warmer than my taste. I’m surprised it was as comfortable as it was.

“With you’re tongue?” I asked.

“lol” she laughed. “No, not with my tongue silly.” Yes, the lol was done on purpose.

“Riss, I don’t want you to get sick baby. If you don’t get under those warm blue covers, I’ll pick you up and toss you into bed.”

“Well… from past experience, I guess I’ll get in myself then,” she laughed, remembering the time over the summer where I tried to sexily toss her onto the bed. Unfortunately, I misjudged the distance, tossing her on the very edge of the mattress, causing her to bounce off onto the floor. See. If you would read in order… parts one, two, then three, I wouldn’t have to waste time like this explaining plot points and old references.

I watched her as she crawled away from me towards the head of the bed, her firm ass sticking out and wiggling side to side as she did so. Her butt was fantastic. Grade A. Her whole body was spectacular. It wasn’t like a Carmen Electra body, but that wasn’t my thing. I preferred natural looking girls you would see walking down the street… attainable girls. I took the giant wet grey rag and did the best to dry myself off as she watched me. Larisa kept her eyes on my slightly aroused dugan, watching me towel it off, seeing my sack hang down. “That’s good enough. Now get in this bed you big stud!”

“Haha. I love it when you talk dirty. Now move over,” I said, referring to her designated side of the bed.

“No haha. My bed, my side.” Larisa tightly gripped the blanket with her fists and pulled the covers up to her chin, holding onto them for dear life, a giant lively smile spreading across her face. What’s a boy to do?

“This is for your own sexual good,” I said as I slid my arms underneath her and raised her up a bit.

“Aah!” she laughed as I grunted and tossed her over to the left side of the bed.

“You’ll thank me in a few minutes.” I was really serious when I told Larisa my game worked better when I made a move to the left. I can’t make a move right. It’s kind of like the movie Zoolander, where he couldn’t turn left. “Now gimme some covers.”

“Haha. Nope!” She looked over and me and wiggled around, wrapping herself up in a little Riss-cocoon… a Larisa Chalupa. I grabbed the corner of the blanket and tugged at it, ripping it from her grasp with my superhuman strength.

“Pssh woman.” I covered myself with some of her fluffy baby blue comforter. It wasn’t as nice and cozy as mine, but very few are nowadays. “Are you sure Avril’s not coming?” I asked jokingly.

“Grr. I’ll show you Avril!” Larisa yelled playfully, jumping on top of me. She wrestled with me for a few seconds, the two of us laughing away as we roughhoused. She tried hard to push me from side to side, like that was going to hurt me or something. I grabbed onto her arms and lightly restrained her as she snarled in a comical way and tried and tried again.

“Yeah. You’re really showing me Avril all right.” Obviously she wasn’t. That’s what makes it funny. “You gotta think before you talk sweetheart.” The two of us rolled around on the bed for an extra good couple seconds, our bodies grinding against each other’s, but not thinking of it sexually. And as instantly as the sexual mood turned to jokes, it turned right back. I loved how we could keep going back and forth from playful to serious like it was nothing.

Larisa laid on top of me, straddling my waist, her legs on either side of my stomach and hips. The blanket rested on her back, just below her shoulders, hanging onto her by some invisible supernatural means. I reached up with my right hand and held my fingers to her lower cheek, near her chin. Her hands acted as the pylons of a pier, holding her body up, supporting her own weight. She looked down into my eyes and I looked back up into hers. Her perfect-sized breasts hung down, her nipples grazing against my chest. I could feel the little nubs poking against my skin. Her recently short-cut hair hung down, falling just a few inches above my body. She moved her eyes left and then right, looking over my entire face. There was a silence that filled the room… a comforting, loving silence. My fingers pushed up the side of her head, navigating through her hair tenderly, brushing it back behind her ears.

I could feel my cock harden with a new burst of anticipation… the anticipation of the love making that would soon commence. “Mmm,” Larisa cooed as she put more of her weight on my crotch, pushing herself down harder against my member.

“I really do love you Larisa… more than anyone or anything,” I whispered, not knowing why I said it yet again. I couldn’t help but smile as her face lit up.

“Aw. I know love,” Larisa whispered. “I know,” she said even softer. She leaned down even closer to my head, her mouth just barely an inch from my own. “I love you too,” she said softly, barely audible as her lips made contact with mine. Her soft tepid lips pressed against mine. Our heads tilted and our eyes closed. My lips parted and my mouth opened as she instinctively slipped her tongue into me. She didn’t force it, but gently let it find its way to mine. I slipped my left arm over the middle of her back, rubbing my palm up and down her skin while holding her close to me under the confines of her blanket. My right hand was on the back of her head, lightly running its fingers through her slightly damp hair.

“Mmmm,” I moaned through the kiss. I could hear Larisa moan back in pleasure in the quiet room. The only sounds were our soft cries of ecstasy and the rustling of the sheets as we lied together naked in her bed, holding one another in our arms, letting our mouths become one. I loved kissing her. I loved how she cooed and smiled as we made out. Sometimes Larisa would even kept her eyes open so she could watch the expression on my face as we made out. She was incredible at it. Every once in a while, I would find myself in shock that this was really the girl I had fantasized about for year after year. It was surreal, if I even used it right.

“Lover,” she whispered as my rock hard prick poked upwards at her, resting against the length of her pussy, sticking up between her thighs. I could feel her tighten her legs together around my throbbing pole, keeping it in place against her pussy as I naturally rocked my hips up, fucking the little hot pocket she created. I’m talking half pound beef hot pocket baby. “I want you inside me.” Heaven to my ears.

“Mmmm,” I whispered back as my hand slid to her ass cheek. I squeezed it tightly with my fingers and pushed it down against me. Larisa was no longer supporting her weight with her arms. Her arms were bent at the elbows, her body supported by her forearms resting on both sides of my head, most of her weight now resting on me. Her wrists bent inwards in order for her hands to grab at my almost completely dry short hair. She took a small handful of my hair as she slowly and romantically grinded against me like a dog in heat with manners. “What about the holding?” I wasn’t desperate for it, but I definitely enjoyed it.

“I can’t wait. I… I…” she said between kisses. Larisa ran her tongue over the tip of mine, then licked it across the front of my lips. She moved down, kissing my chin. I arched my neck up, closing my eyes as she continued to kiss around my mouth. “Please Matthew. Make the sweetest love to me.” Larisa went back to kissing my lips once more. “I need to show you how much… Mmmm… how much I… love you.”

“God I need you Riss. So friggen bad.” I could feel her thighs tighten around my cock as I proclaimed my desperate desire for her, pumping myself against her the whole time.

“Matt, I wanna tape… Mmmm. I wanna tape it,” she moaned as I kept pushing my hips up against hers, causing my love muscle to rub against the foxhole trench between her legs.

“Sure baby. Where is it?” Larisa looked over by the chair she had taken her grey sleep pants from. The charger’s cord was still plugged into the wall but the camera wasn’t attached to the other end. I could hear her sigh like, ‘Crap.’

“KEL!” she yelled out next to my friggen ear, scaring the hell out of me. Her roommate poked her head into the bedroom and didn’t look too shocked to see us naked. Not that we were naked in front of her, being under the blanket, but naked again with one another. My head spun as I contemplated the events unfolding before me. ‘I guess they really are close,’ I thought to myself. Larisa seemed to have no qualms about having her roommate seeing my cock between her legs… under the blanket of course. I guess after seeing it in the hallway, seeing Larisa grind on it five minutes later isn’t that big a deal.

“What is it?” Kelly asked, resting her shoulder against the doorway. She was wearing a skin tight pair of dark blue jeans and a tight black t-shirt that had “sexy” written across the chest in bold pink letters. Without thinking, my hips worked themselves faster, my pole pushing against Larisa’s cooch harder. Kelly moved her eyes down to our midsections for a moment, definitely seeing the grinding that was happening.

“The camera,” Larisa said… her voice shaking as her juices slicked up my pole. Larisa knew exactly why I had sped up my rhythm.

“Oh. I was using it last night,” she said. “Hold on.” Kelly turned and left the room, going back down the wet hallway to wherever she had left it.

“Mmmm Matt. Baby that feels so…” Larisa moaned as I rubbed her back with my hands, keeping her body tight against mine. Kelly came back within a minute’s time, holding the precious video camera that had captured countless sexual episodes over the summer. Two hundred and eight to be exact. Nah. I’m just kidding. But there were a lot.

“I didn’t know you had sex last night,” said Larisa as she remained on top of me, still slowly grinding herself against my penis, not showing any sign that she was uncomfortable being the exhibitionist. Kelly looked back down at our waists, then at my face, seeing me watch her as I dry fucked Larisa in front of her. I became even more aroused as she watched the two of us.

“Jason didn’t fuck me last night.” I don’t know what kind of sex Kelly and Larisa were having, or what sort of relationship they had, but it was one hundred percent totally open when it came to the subject. And the blatancy of it… ‘Did the two of them sit down and watch me and her have sex? Did they watch Kelly and Jason?’ I thought to myself. Them watching me… hot. Them watching Jason… Larisa’s not allowed.

Silence swept across the room as none of us responded to Kelly’s lack of sex remark. However, she still remained there, her left side pressed against the doorframe, just looking at the two of us like a bump on a log. Or a bump on a STD riddled dugan. I noticed she still held the camera in her hand, but I was more focused on the nipples poking out through her shirt. Pokies! Larisa’s eyes were closed as my meat stimulated her top sliced bun. She rested her head against the side of mine, her chin pressing on my shoulder. My hands pulled Larisa closer against me, narrowing the space between us, the space for my dugan. My head was between hers and the doorway, putting me in an uncomfortable position. ‘Did Larisa want me to fuck Kelly too? Did she want her to watch us… possibly hold the camera?’ I didn’t know what to think. … …

“…How’s your day goin Kel?” I had no friggen idea what to say without seeming like a horny pervert. I slowly forgot about my hips pumping my Linus against Larisa’s hotbox. Her thighs no longer applied a ton of pressure to it and she sort of laid on top me, enjoying me holding her in my arms. I think it was my speaking that made Larisa stop, although I could have been wrong. Apparently, Kelly really knows how to kill the mood. Somebody say something!!! Please!!!

“It’s good. …Good stuff.” … … AAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!

“Okay you two. This is really awkward. Riss you better say something… So uncomfortable.” The two girls both laughed softly in unison as I either broke the tension or made it worse. It was still to be determined. They still didn’t say a word. This is one sick fucking game they got going on. “Fine. I need to use the bathroom,” I said as I slowly pushed Larisa off of me and started to slide out from under the warmth of the covers. ‘Shit. No clothes,’ I realized. The towel was across the room and my clothes were in the living room and the bathroom. Using my MacGyver skills, I reached for the yellow spiral notebook and the poetry textbook on the nearby nightstand. As I was free from cover, I held the books in front of my nuts and butt and slowly began to leave the room. I didn’t want to just stroll across the room stark naked. That’s just not classy… although I had nothing to be ashamed of.

Larisa laughed as she leapt forward and slapped the textbook out of my hand before I was out of reach, exposing my ass for all to see. “Hahaha. Matty’s tushy!”

“You see how she treats me?” I said as I squeezed past Kelly, my dink the only thing covered. She cracked a smile and looked over at Larisa who was laughing it up like I was an episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia..

I walked over to the bathroom and lifted the toilet seat, draining my lizard. I was slightly aroused still, my dick hanging down freely, still partially thick and long. I couldn’t help but think about what just happened. It was so fucking awkward. Kelly could have just set the camera down and left. Larisa could have told her to get out. Instead, they both didn’t say a word and just stood there like a couple of retarded kids. They acted like the fat retarded kid in Bad Santa. I’m surprised they didn’t ask me if I wanted them to make me some sandwiches.

I finished up and shook it twice, letting the last bit of urine drip out. Shake it three times and you’re playing with it. I also picked up my sexy black boxers from the corner and slipped them back on because I had no idea what was going to happen when I got back to the room. We can all thank my mom for that. Twenty-two and I still have her buy my underwear. I tell her to get me sexy ones. I took a deep breath and strolled down the puddle ridden grey tiled floor, not knowing what to expect. Kelly sat on the edge of Larisa’s bed, one of her legs bent and underneath her. She brushed her dark brown hair back behind her pierced right ear as she looked to see what the noise was in the hallway.

Larisa looked back up, surprised I was wearing clothes. I bent down and picked up the book she slapped away while thinking she was the funny one in the relationship. ‘I should put hot sauce in her douche to get back at her. I’ll show her what’s funny,’ I thought to myself. I tossed the two books back on the nightstand and sat down on the other edge of the bed. “Why are you dressed? You goin somewhere?” asked Larisa, the left side of her head lying against the white sheets. I quickly glanced across at Kelly who sat there looking at her finger nails, covered with half worn away black polish. Just the kind I liked.

“I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t know if we were… You know.”

“Haha. No. I don’t know.” Larisa was teasing me, seeing how weird she could get me to feel, probably getting revenge for back at school when I tried to get her to say the word ‘cum’ in front of Dina and Cristina. Either way, she loved seeing me squirm in front of people. Not in a bad way though. “Tell me.”

“You know. …Make love,” I mumbled as I looked down at the bed.

“Awwwwww. Kel, you see what I mean. Isn’t that just so cute?” she said as she sat up and wrapped her arms around me. The blanket was still draped around her back, hiding some of her front, but the between of her breasts was easily visible.

“Yeah Riss,” she said, looking over at us in our embrace, a hint of jealousy in her eyes.

“Matt. Kelly and I were just talking. What do you think about the three of us?”

“I think it’s uncomfortable with the three of us…,” I replied. Douuuchechilll!!!!

“That’s not what I mean love,” Larisa said, clarifying herself. Her voice seemed a little cold and she didn’t even remotely giggle, not in the mood for a joke.

“A threesome you mean?” I asked. I wasn’t sure if maybe she would just watch. Kelly I mean, doing the watching.

“Yeah love.” I looked over at Kelly as she looked up at the two of us, taking a break from picking at her nails.

“What about Jason?” I didn’t want to have her cheat on him and break up because he found out. What would I say if my girlfriend had a threesome with another guy? Probably, “Please tell me I’m bigger than him.”

“Jason and I are basically over. He’s not fulfilling my needs properly.” She said it sort of bitchy, like he wasn’t worth her time. She came off just plain mean. Maybe she was rubbing off on Larisa.

“Oh. You’re okay with this?” I asked Kelly.

“Yeah. Sure,” she replied, unenthusiastically to say the least. Well as long as it’s not an f’in inconvenience for you sweetheart, you wanna get fucked?

“Good. Then it’s settled,” added Larisa, trying to be the little ring leader of this soon-to-be erotic show.

“Okay. Just lemme pee real quick,” I added as I got up. Walking to the bathroom, I turned back to see the two of them sitting facing each other, sitting Indian style. Larisa reached forward and was rubbing Kelly’s jean covered knees as they just talked. I figured I should hurry so I wouldn’t miss any of the action. I got to the bathroom and lifted the seat, pulled down my black boxers, and sat to piss like a girl. No time to clean up backsplash right now. Although, there would be some backsplash in the bedroom if things worked out right. …In editing now, I have no idea what that even means. It felt so good to relieve my bladder. The sweet beautiful release. Long and warm… hearing the water splash in the toilet. It felt like I was pissing forever… an eternity in Heaven.

I opened my eyes in a panic, shoving my hand down my body and feeling the sheets around me. ‘THANK GOD! They’re all dry,’ I thought to myself, almost having a heart attack. “Another pee dream?” I shot my gaze over to my right, seeing Larisa awake, still in bed under the covers.

‘GOD DAMN!!’ That was my next thought. Always with these god damn dreams. God forbid a hot sexual event turns out to be real for once. Not that I never have a hot sexual event with Larisa. After all, she tied me up and kicked me in the junk, then made me suck her toes. So I guess I have no reason to complain.

My mind was still racing as I lied there, not so much because of the fact that the threesome wasn’t real, but because of the pee dream. I’d have these dreams where I had to piss soooo bad and I’d start going in my dream, and then I’d wake up thinking I was wetting myself. Luckily, it never happened. It was my body’s way of saying “Hey. Go take a leak.” That’s why I always go again if I’m in bed trying to sleep and it’s been twenty minutes since the last urination.

“Yeah. …Pee dream.” My breathing was on the faster side as I turned over on my right arm, looking at Larisa. “I’m sorry. Did I wake you?”

“No, no. I was up,” she replied, easing my worries. Her hair was in a loose pony tail, showing off all of her angelic face. She was the most beautiful and adorable woman I had ever laid eyes upon. I know I’ve said that before, but this time… this time I really mean it.

“How are you feeling Riss?” I asked softly, rubbing my eyes with my hand, trying to wake myself up. I turned my head back the other way, looking at the clock. It was almost three in the afternoon.

“I feel a lot better… for a while now… thanks to you.” She adjusted herself under the covers. I was able to tell she was naked, or at least topless. Rubbing my thighs back and forth across each other, I could tell I was naked as well. I thought back for a moment, trying to remember what happened. I must have fallen asleep as we lied there naked together. “We both fell asleep Matt,” said Larisa, predicting that would be my next question.

“…I’m…” I didn’t know what to say. I felt terrible that I just fell asleep in a moment of passion. And I missed the makeup sex! My heart dropped a little and I expressed a look of worry.

“No, Matt. It’s okay,” my forgiving girlfriend said as she ran her right hand over my cheek, tracing lines with her fingertips across my skin. “We BOTH fell asleep.” She tried to soothe my guilt as best she could. “Matt, do you have to go? You know…”

“Huh? Oh, no. I’m okay.” Trying my best to recall what went wrong, I remembered us holding one another and kissing. We both closed out eyes, just for a second, each enjoying the touch of the other as we hugged. I guess we enjoyed it for too long, falling fast asleep in the comfort of the loving arms that held us. I noticed it was a lot warmer under the covers with her next to me. It wasn’t uncomfortable warm. It was cozy warm.


“Yes love?” she asked quietly, still with her hand on my cheek, her eyes locked on my face. She moved her left hand up to around my ear, running her slender fingers through my short hair.

“…” I hesitated for a moment, looking over her face. She wore no makeup, she looked tired, and her hair was messy. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen you look more beautiful than you do right now.” A giant smile formed instantly, her cheeks turning a slight shade of red as she blushed.

“Love… I’m not even…”

“Right now you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever laid eyes on.” My eyes soaked up the vision of her face, her angelic innocent smile, her adorably slightly pudgy nose, her chocolate brown eyes, the few loose strands of hair that fell on her forehead and cheek.

“…I…” Larisa was speechless. “…I can’t believe how incredibly sweet you are Matthew.”

“I love you. So much Riss,” I told her as I brought my left hand to her face, stroking her cheek, just like she did to mine at that same moment. We were incredibly close, our faces merely inches apart, our bare legs rubbing against each other’s.

“Ma… Matthew…” A tear escaped from her eye as she started to speak. “I’m so in love with you Matt. C’mere,” said Larisa as she slipped her hand behind my head and pulled me into her sweet loving embrace. I wrapped my arm around her, my cheek against hers as we held each other so tightly. I was half lying on top of her and I could feel her squirm a little underneath my weight.

“See. I told you I can’t make a move to my right.”

“Hahahaha.” Larisa erupted with laughter as I acted in my usual romantic comedy way. “It’s okay sweetie. I’ll teach you.” I rolled her over onto her back as I lifted my left leg up and over her waist. I straddled her, supporting my weight on my knees. I felt her hands run up my back, her fingers scratching me soothingly, running back and forth slowly. It felt wonderful as her nails tenderly scraped away at my skin, sending euphoria up and down my back. I looked down at my girlfriend, my lover, my soul mate. She looked so genuinely happy and full of life as she gazed back at me. I tilted my head to the left, ever so slightly, bringing my face down to hers. I could feel my lips press against Larisa’s, fitting perfectly like two puzzle pieces.

I eased my upper body down onto hers and my right hand found Larisa’s chin, gently cupping it between my fingers as her mouth opened slightly. My tongue parted her thin dull pink lips even more as we kissed deeply… romantically… still being gentle. “Mmmm,” she moaned as she pulled me closer into her. My cock was at full attention once more and I was in no danger of falling asleep a second time. I felt my growing prick resting on the front of Larisa’s pussy, laying in the small crevice between her vaginal lips. I pulled my mouth back, causing our foreheads to touch. Focusing on her close eyes, I could see the mutual unspoken agreement that it was time to become one.

I reached down with my right hand and wrapped my fingers around my rock hard cock. Pushing my hips back, I positioned it so it pointed right at its target, Larisa’s awaiting pussy. I felt the tip of my penis brush the opening of her carnal treasure, causing my whole body to shudder uncontrollably. Still focusing on her face, I could see Larisa’s eyes close as she arched her neck up towards me, a slight gasp escaping her mouth as my head pressed against the opening of her cunt. Her juices already began flowing and I could feel the tip of my prick already becoming coated in her natural WD-40. I slid my hips forward just a bit more, feeling my head slip past the edges of her labia, sliding just inside her.

“…Ooooh,” she whimpered. Larisa’s mouth opened even wider as she silently screamed in ecstasy. She closed her eyes tight, looking like I was her first sexual experience and her body needed to adjust. Her nose moved up to her eyebrows and her forehead was covered in winkle lines. Her hands clenched up and her fingers dug into my back as she got penetrated by my manhood. Larisa squeezed me with her hands hard, really looking as if she was a virgin, feeling a cock in her for the first time. What an actress! Easing myself inside her, further and further deeper into her yearning hole, her hands moved up my back even higher, gripping onto my shoulders.

“Riss, look at me,” I whispered. She opened her eyes and seemed as if she was going to start quietly crying out in sheer pleasure. I felt her twat sliding over the sides of my shaft as I pushed my whole seven and a half inch beast inside her incredibly slowly, like a ship into a port.

“Aaah,” Larisa slowly and quietly groaned. I rested my weight on my forearms as my hands softly held the side of her head. My legs were on either side of her midsection, causing her thighs to remain close together, tightening her pussy. It felt heavenly… so warm and so tight. “Love…”

“Laaa… risa,” I said as I took a gulp of air. “You feel… soooo… soo good.” I couldn’t help but close my eyes as I felt the head of my dick press against the back of her vagina. “Oh God. Risss.” I could feel her tremble underneath me as we became one for the umpteenth time. She began rocking her hips up and down into me, pushing me deeper into her. I responded in suit, grinding myself into her crotch, feeling my dick pull out of her just a tad, and then slide right back in. Soon, we had a nice steady rhythm going.

“Please. Matthew… don’t stop.” We tenderly fucked one another in slow motion, half under the concealment of the baby blue comforter. “Shit, yes… Mmm lover,” she cried softly. “Aaah. Aaah.” Larisa’s face tensed up in her satisfaction. She squeezed her eyes shut and winced in euphoria, her mouth hanging open like she got kicked in the stomach and was gasping for air, her eyebrows lowering and creeping closer together. I buried my face into her shoulder, where her shoulder met her neck. My lips pressed on her warm unblemished skin as I panted lowly in tone.

“I’m never going to stop,” I said, whispering into her ear. “Never stop.” I flicked my tongue over her earlobe, then tugging at it lightly with my lips as my prick slid in and out of her wet pussy. Hearing my woman moan out loud only caused me to continue my advances on her head. I kissed her ear, then right below it, then down to her shoulder. In each place, my bottom lip dragged up her skin, then the tip of my tongue licked back down. My mouth left a trail of soft pecks down onto her collarbone.

“Mmmhmm.” She gripped onto my shoulders, her nails pressing into my skin like an eagle’s talons into a fish. “Mhhmm. Uh, uh, uh. Ahaa.”

“Hold me tighter,” I groaned into Larisa’s ear softly. “Mmmm. Yeah. Just like that sweetie.” Larisa’s arms tightened and she pulled my upper body down against her small frame.

“Matt. Uhhnn Matt.” Larisa moaned as I sped up my hips, my cock sliding in and out of her faster and faster. My body sped up like a locomotive. “Uhnn. Ooh. Oh. Oh,” she yelled in unison with each thrust. “Matthew don’t stop. Don’t stop. Aaaah. Such a good boy. You’re my good little boy,” Larisa moaned in my ear, driving me wild.

“Riss. Riss… so tight. Baby you’re so good.” Her breathing sped up as she huffed into my ear. I felt little beads of sweat seep from my thighs as we created body heat under the covers. I felt very warm as she held me close to her.

“I love… you fucking me.” Her breathing quickened even more as I slowly swirled my raging hardness inside of her in a circular motion a few times, pulling out and then doing it all over again. “Jussst like that. Oooh. Oooh yes.” As I shoved my garbage back inside her a few seconds later I thrusted my hips up, pushing me in as deep as I could possible go. Her tight dripping snatch felt amazing wrapped around my throbbing pole, swallowing it like a pro.

“Riss. Aaah. Unnn… Uhhnn.” I grabbed onto the edges of her white pillow as I pounded her harder and faster now. Eee! Eee! Eee! The crappy dorm bed creaked and squeaked as we gave it a good workout. The blanket fell off of my back, exposing our upper halves to the world as we quickened the pace, fucking each other for all we were worth.

“Mmmmm. Lover. Oooh. Oooh. Ahhh.” Larisa’s legs were trapped between my knees, keeping her lower half my prisoner. The handfuls of her pillow helped me vent my sexual frustrations. “Unnn. Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh.” I gripped onto the corners hard, trying to choke them out as I slammed my penis inside her. “Loover! Mmmmm. SHIT YES!!” The bed rocked to and fro into the wall behind it and the mattress squeaked as we made it our bitch. “Fuck me! Fuck me with that thick fucking cock!” she grunted determinedly, commanding my actions. Larisa’s dialogue became dirtier as she was more and more worked towards nirvana. BAM! BAM!! BAM!! The headboard of the bed crashed into the wall repeatedly, like waves onto Jeff Bridges’ boat in White Squall.

“Baby hold me tighter. Tighter Riss.” She scratched her nails down my back in one long hard movement, then brought her hands back up to my shoulders. “Mmmm yeah Riss. Hurt me like that. Hurt me so good,” I groaned as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders tightly. “Uhhhhh! Riss!”

“Aaah. Good boy baby. Such a good little boy. Aahh. Ooohhh Matt! Maatt! Fuhh… fuck me! Fuck meeee!” Her white sheets wrinkled up and became loose under my knees as they grinded down on the bed, giving me some irritating rug burns.

“Baby, you’re gonna make me come! You’re gonna make me come so good!” I cried out, my face pressed against the pillow, suffocating myself. I could feel the side of her head resting against mine as she gripped onto me for dear life, holding me like she was a bull rider. Larisa’s legs desperately pushed apart, fighting me to let her spread herself wide open for me, to let her body stretch out in sexual fulfillment. I forced them closed again for my own pleasurable benefits.

“Go in me. Aaaahhhhhh! Uh, uh, uh, uh! Oh come inside me! Come insiiide meeee!!” I slammed my cock inside her clenched cunt as I smothered her fragile body underneath mine.

“I’m… I’m… So close Laarissssa.” I gasped hard and heavy, my breathing erratic as I was on the verge of exploding inside her. Beads of sweat formed on my forehead and lower back as I exerted myself with her. Her face was flushed as she warmed up with me. Her cheeks had a rosy glow as she perspired.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!” she moaned over and over, getting louder as she gave me orders, then lower and more desperate as she pleaded with me. Her breathing became quick and fast as she was close to climaxing. I felt her fingers claw at my back and shoulders, her French manicured fingernails pinching into my skin, scratching and digging at it like a vulture pecking at the eyes of its prey.

“Say it again. Tell me,” I moaned to her. “I neeeed to hear you.” She squeezed her arms around me even tighter, bringing me against her body, forcing my face harder into the pillow.

“Fuck me! … Fuck me!! Fuck me!! Holy fucking shit lover. Pleeeease don’t stop. Don’t ever stop baby!” the actress grunted angrily, barking commands. Her dirty talk was bringing me over the edge. “Fuck it! Fuck this pussy! Fuck you’re girlfriend’s pussy oh God keep going!” My raging hard on quivered and my balls tingled. I didn’t know how much longer I could last. Bang! Bang! Bang! The bed crashed against the wall behind it.

“Tell me where to…” I gasped, my mouth open and my lungs out of breath. I stopped mid sentence as I huffed and puffed, trying to prolong my orgasm as we shook the apartment complex. Larisa’s small body was soaked in her juices and perspiration as we rubbed together, wrapped in her baby blue blanket. She felt so warm and he face was so flushed and shiny with sweat. A few loose strands of her hair were matted down on her forehead, stuck in place by her wet skin.

“Come in my tight fucking pussy Matthew!” Larisa begged/commanded. Her voice was dominant but still soft. “Be a good boy… Be a good boy and shoot your cum inside my pussy.” Larisa’s lips trembled as she tried to maintain her composure. Her vagina was sending shocks of pleasure throughout her body. “Come deep inside me Matthew.”

“I looooove you Riss! I love youuu!” I yelled out with out thinking. In and out of her, my sensitive swollen cock went. Harder and faster, I pounded her box over and over. Bang! Bang! The headboard knocked against the wall like a set of Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks, surely pissing off her neighbors. Larisa’s box was soaked and her juices had nowhere to go between her clenched tight legs.

“Show me. Show me how you love me,” Larisa commanded me. She could barely keep her eyes open as her pelvis shot up like the space shuttle. “Aaaahh! Oooh ohhh ohhhh! Unnnnnhhhh! Oh shit!!!” she screamed out in regards to my fast and furious fucking. It was almost… too fast, too furious. I sped up like I hit the nitrous boost on my hips, bucking them into her like a machine turned on high.

“I’mmm… I can’t hold… I’m gonna come!” I needed to release desperately. I was going to explode deep inside her and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. The sensation of her vagina’s insides massaging my overly sensitive head was too much… feeling it slide over and over my skin.

“No! Uhhh God. Matt hold… I’m almo… Mmmmm AAAH!!” Her body shook underneath me as she squeezed her legs together even tighter around my thick swollen member. Larisa’s pussy spasmed around my shaft, squeezing the life out of it. Her breathing was shallow and loud as she cried out in moans of ecstasy and pleasure, grunting her contentment. “Yes! Yeeheessss! Ohhaaaa!” I slid my left hand under her back and pulled her up against me, feeling her breasts smash against my chest, her nipples poking holes in my pectorals. My right hand released the crushed white pillow and took hold of her pony tail, pulling it down a little so her neck pressed up into the air. “Fucking… pull my… OOH! Yes!! YES MATT!! NOW! NOW! Pleeeeeaaaase!!!!!”

“AAAAAAAH!!!!!!! NNNNHHHHH!!!!” I screamed out into the pillow as I felt my dick cock back and fly forward, firing out my cum like a cannonball. Master and Commander style! I lost control of my body as I lied there, my cum exploding from my aching member into Larisa, bursting out like an alien out of someone’s chest.

“PLEEEHEEASE NOW OH MY GOD!!!!” she screamed out. Her moans echoed through the apartment as Larisa came on my horny cock. I pulled Larisa’s hair as hard as I could, without thinking of her feelings, coming inside her as I controlled her body. Her pussy flexed and tightened around my dick as her legs clenched together, squeezing my flesh hot rod inside her garage. I pulled her ponytail again and again, harder with each pump of my cock… as I released my seed deep into her, filling her up with my DNA. “Pull my fucking hair!!” I couldn’t even move my hips from the orgasm-induced loss of bodily control. Fortunately, Larisa pounded her hips up against me, my tender cock head rubbing along the insides of her as semen poured from my pee hole. “I’M… I’M COMING!!!” I could feel her twat muscles contract around me harder as we came in unison, her big O starting towards the end of my climax.

“Uhhh God! Fuck that cock!” I grunted and panted hard as I held onto her for dear life, feeling her fuck me as she came. “RISSS!!!” I was done… all my energy spent. I lied there helpless, a victim to her remaining sexual whims. I felt her pussy slide up and down on my sore dick, rubbing over my now insanely over-sensitive cock head as she squeezed me tightly, a slightly discomforting feeling. “Baaby. Feels soo good.” Larisa bucked her hips against me, onto my fireman’s pole. My little man was taking a beating, prison style.

“Gooood boy!” Larisa cried out before collapsing underneath me in her own exhaustion. “Good boyyy.” We both lied there paralyzed from sexual release as we panted like two dogs in heat… which we were… Lady and the Tramp. … …I’m a pretty lady! I slid my right hand under her head and held her against my rock hard body, closing the gap between us with my other hand under her back. Larisa held me deathly tight as she groaned and huffed and puffed, coming down from her orgasm. Larisa’s hands had trouble staying in place against my sweaty back. Her pussy twitched a little on my cock, still exerting the last big of strength in her genitals.

“Baby…” I whispered.

“I love you too,” she replied in her afterglow, somehow knowing exactly what I was going to say… yet again. I was a stone on top of her, crushing her. I needed a Redbull if I was to ever roll off her. My sweaty face was buried in her pillow as my cock remained inside her for a few more minutes, not softening in the least, engulfed by her soft warm flesh.

It was minutes before we could talk properly. Larisa and I remained still, except for the tightening of our embrace every few seconds. We held onto each other’s body like we were about to be separated for five lifetimes. As the seconds ticked away, our bodies cooled and dried together. “Matthew,” she said, speaking first in a soft voice. “I love how we always come together.”

“I know Riss. We’re so in sync. It’s so beautiful.” I rolled off of her, landing to the left of her, my cock still inside her, still rock hard even minutes after coming deep inside her tight hot snatch. “Know what I noticed?”

“Hm?” the blonde actress asked as she remained still, her eyes closed, looking like she would soon fall asleep.

“We always make love in this position, you laying on me or me laying on you.” Thinking back, I couldn’t recall one time we did it doggie style. She never rode me either, sitting straight up on me. Well, maybe once or twice. We both were always lying on top of one another, holding each other so close and tight. Larisa didn’t say anything, obviously trying to recall our numerous mind blowing sex encounters. Or she just didn’t care and was trying to drift off to sleep through my annoying dialogue. I focused on the feeling of her vagina around my penis, feeling the Heaven between her legs. The idea of releasing inside her when we were one kept me as stiff as a board.

“You’re right. Next time… Next time we’ll do something else,” she whispered in exhaustion. I wasn’t complaining, but just pointing out a fact that popped into my head. “You’re still aroused lover,” Larisa added in a whisper as she kicked her legs out from between mine and wrapped them around me, preventing me from letting my pride and joy from slip out of her. “Uhhh, I wish we would have taped this,” she said, sounding upset. “I totally forgot.” Larisa looked around the room as my engorged cock sat inside her, as still as Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park when the T-rex was attacking the jeeps. Say it again. …We have a T-rex! =] Larisa looked at the wall where she usually had it charging, but only the cord was stuck in the wall.

“Maybe Kelly has it?” I said without thinking, subconsciously referring to my recent dream. She looked back up at me and then to the door.

“KEL!” Ughhhhhhh. Right in my fucking ear! Again! Kelly came running to the door thinking something was wrong. She popped through the doorway and stopped dead in her tracks. Apparently my naked ass pointing at her wasn’t what she expected to see. …Not that she didn’t enjoy it.

“Oh God! I’m sorry,” she said as she backed out of the room, looking down at the floor.

“Haha. Kel it’s okay. Where’s the camera?” Larisa said as she ran her hands over my sides, her soft hands gently tickling me as her fingernails traced gentle paths across my skin.

“I… It’s in my room. Hold on,” Kelly said as she walked away.

“Did I hurt you love?” Larisa asked me as she ran her hands over my back, feeling the swollen bruises and scratch marks. She looked worried.

“No baby. I actually enjoy it, you getting rough with me.” Larisa looked sort of confused, like she didn’t realize it turned me on that much. I guess having her take a leak on me wouldn’t be happening any time soon. Slowly, I began to work myself against her. Keeping my cock inside her sore pussy, I pushed it in deep a few times, causing her to sigh and pant softly. She closed her eyes and bit down on her bottom lip as I spoke again. “Riss, kick the blanket up to me so I can cover us.” I didn’t want Kelly to come back and get uncomfortable all over again.

“That feels good Matt. Don’t Stop.” We lied on out sides, fucking each other once more, not hardcore, but sweetly rubbing our bodies together. “Mmm. Why can’t you do it?” she asked, like I was asking her to cure cancer. Larisa grabbed onto me tightly once again, no longer showing any signs that she felt bad about the marks she was making on my back during intercourse. “God that’s good,” she whispered in her soft voice, feeling the head of my penis push against the back of her canal.

“Do you want me to pull out of you to get it?”

“…Noooo,” the actress responded all monotone and drawn out. “Haha.” She kicked her leg out straight and hooked the blanket around her purple painted toes, pulling it back up to where I could easily grab it. I reached for it and spread it over us, not in the neatest way, as my range of motion was restricted. …Still having my dink inside her and all. Kelly walked back into the room slowly, relieved to see we were covered up. Of course, we were still having sex underneath the blanket. Our dirty actions were mind blowing as both of our part naughty parts were still sensitive and aroused.

“Here Riss,” she responded as she held it in her outstretched arm. After half a second, Kelly could easily see what we were doing. She paused and her eyes opened wider.

“Kel… do you want to join us?” Wha wha whaaaaaat??? I believe the look of shock spread across both mine and Kelly’s face. How much cum does she think I have??? I started to freak out, having the same exact thing happen in my dream. It’s like I had freakin’ ESPN or something. Wow, what a hack joke. Gimme a break. It’s late.

“What about Jason?” I asked, not trying to copy my dream, but asking the questions that I would normally ask in this scenario. Kelly looked at Larisa and then at me before she responded.

“Jay and I are having an… open relationship right now… you could say.” Larisa’s mouth dropped open.

“Sweetie! Is everything okay?” she asked her roommate in shock, getting all concerned. When she acted like this towards her living partner, I could see how Kelly felt Larisa loved her. Larisa appeared to really get concerned.

“Yeah. It’s fine. We’re just both comfortable with sleeping with other people.” She didn’t look upset in the least, so I guess they decided to part ways on good terms. Kelly held the video camera at her side, against her jeans and black t-shirt, reading ‘sexy’ across the chest in pink letters.

“Well that’s good,” said Larisa, relieved. “…So… do you?” Larisa asked, getting back onto the more important subject in her mind. Kelly seemed hesitant, trying to resist her roommate’s cute seductive smile.

“Matt?” asked Kelly, raising her eyebrows. “You’re okay with this?” I would have said yes to having a goat as the third person, being I was still fucking Larisa at that very moment.

“Sure,” I replied. I didn’t want to be overly excited… just tried to play it cool. “As long as you don’t have any problems with it,” I added. I emphasized it in such a way that she knew exactly what I thought. She didn’t like me for some reason. I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t be uncomfortable by having a nice threesome with the two of us. It felt kind of weird talking about it, still having my hardness inside Larisa’s wet little pussy, although my thrusts had almost come to a complete stop. Larisa wasn’t aware of the high amount of tension between the two of us. She knew Kelly was jealous of me, but only through her own conclusions. She was unaware that me and Kelly conflicted on more than one occasion, bringing our unhealthy relationship to words.

“…No. I guess not.”

“Good!” giggled Larisa in her own giddy way. I felt the need to piss again, but was afraid of going to the bathroom in fear of returning to an awkward situation and realizing it was again, just another dream. But, I really did need to go in a bad, bad way.

“Riss, I need to use the bathroom.”

“Haha. Go love. Hurry,” she laughed. I swirled my hips around and pushed my hot rod deep into her once more before slowly pulling out. She yelped in surprise, her lips teasing my shaft as it slipped out of her pussy. “Hehe.” I dragged myself out from the comforter and stood up, on my way to leaving the room. I was naked as the day I was born, only hung better. …Little more hair too. I figured Kelly wouldn’t mind seeing mini-me at full attention, and by the look on her face, she was quite impressed. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but… toot, toot.

“It’s only number one,” I said to Kelly as I walked past her, thinking that maybe she thought I needed to take a shit. If that was the case, I just would have held it because they would have had six orgasms and fallen asleep by the time I was done. Especially now, being I brought a TV in the bathroom, so I’m playing GTA, listening to the radio, and drinking a Redbull as I’m dropping a deuce.

“Thanks for the newsflash,” she replied, a look of slight disgust and confusion appearing on her face. I AM an IDIOT. Larisa on the other hand, accepting of my humor, just smiled, giving me a positive reaction.

“I… uh. Never mind,” I said as I shook my head and walked out of the room, my hard penis pointing out like a tracking device. I didn’t understand why I was so hard. I busted and remained at my full potential for at least five or ten minutes. “Oh great,” I said out loud as I tried to piss with an erection. I looked at the shower walls, at the dirty clothes on the floor, at the toothbrush cup… at anything that could possibly get me soft. I ended up looking out the window until I was flaccid enough to relive myself.

Kelly sat on the bed on one leg, having it stuck underneath her butt. Larisa was sitting up, still completely naked, running her hands up and down her roommate’s forearms as they made out. The cool air hardened Larisa’s little pink nipples as she sat exposed for the younger girl. I quietly stood in the doorway watching them kiss for a few seconds. Larisa grabbed Kelly’s shirt by the bottom and pulled it up over her head quickly, tossing it on the floor next to the bed. The younger girl wasn’t wearing a bra and I wondered about the status of her panties. Kelly’s tits hung down, bumping into Larisa’s as they swapped spit. The red light of the camera caught my eye as it sat on the dresser, recording the unfolding events. Kelly reached back and undid her ponytail, shaking her head lightly, letting her hair fall down onto her bare back as Larisa leaned on her, sliding her tongue into her mouth.

“Mmmmmm. God you’re so horny,” moaned Kelly as she ran her hands through Larisa’s short hair, taking a handful of it… the actress’ ponytail now undone as well. “He not taking proper care of you?” Bitch! Larisa didn’t respond, being too caught up in girl-girl action. The two roommates fought for possession of control over the other, each trying to be the dominant one. Their kisses were sloppy and loud, their tongues probing one another’s mouth with no love at all. Their eyes closed as they blindly sucked face, sharing wet open-mouth kisses.

Larisa stuck out her tongue at one point and Kelly licked it, then taking a few seconds to suck on it. Her lips pushed and pulled against Larisa’s tongue, almost jacking it off as she sucked it. My cock was at full attention from the lesbian display in front of me. Naturally, my hand found its way to my member and grazed over it, rubbing it slowly with the back of my hand as it stood outward into the crisp New York air.

“I’m not half as bad as you,” groaned Larisa in response to Kelly’s first comment, as she lied back, letting Kelly straddle her, covered only in her dark blue jeans. Her big breasts hung down, resting on Larisa’s, letting me compare them easily. Hers were bigger than my girlfriend’s, but just as spectacular. “Did you like watching my lover fuck me Kelly?” whispered Larisa. As she spoke, she slipped her hands down Kelly’s bare back, dragging her fingernails over her soft skin and into the butt of her jeans. The actress pushed her fingers under the younger girl’s panties, taking two handfuls of that curvy ass. “Did that make this pussy nice and wet?” she asked in a low innocent tone, rubbing her fingers across the crotch of the other girl from inside the back of her tight blue jeans.

“Mmm. Riss,” Kelly cooed as she grinded her pubic region into Larisa’s hand. She sat on her knees, pushing her hips back and forth, rubbing herself against her roommate’s hand, matching each thrust of her fingers, trying to feel her touch through the thick denim.

“Tell me. Tell me how much you like watching my Matthew fuck me.” Larisa moved her hand back to Kelly’s ass and the two girls groaned and moaned in pleasure as they French kissed one another with a lot of tongue. It was the most tongue I’ve ever seen in person. There was even some of one sticking her tongue far out of her mouth and the other girl doing the same, rubbing and flicking the tips together… porno style. So hot.

“I love watching you fuck Larisa… getting fucked… mmm sucking cock.” Kelly closed her eyes and gasped as her new roommate whispered something into her ear, whatever it was spreading a smile across her gorgeous face. After a couple more minutes of kissing, Larisa removed her hands from her roommate’s ass and began to unbutton the girl’s jeans, unfastening her studded belt and undoing the button and zipper. Kelly moved away from Larisa so she could easily slide her tight pants off.

“Ah ha… Black panties,” giggled Larisa as she still remained in lust mode. I looked over, stuck my arm straight out, and gave her the thumbs up for throwing in the 10 Things I Hate About You reference. However, she wasn’t paying any attention to me. I got her so hooked on saying it that it became second nature to her. …Like masturbating was for me. Feeling left out now, I decided I should go participate instead of being the voyeur. I moved over to the two bisexual women and sat down on the side of the bed. Kelly slipped her fingers into the waistband of her black bikini-cut panties and yanked them down with vigor. She was shaved completely bald down there. Larisa grows hair on her puss, and then I get another totally shaven puss. I’m Even Steven!

Still remaining on her knees, Larisa turned towards me and slipped her hand around the back of my head, penetrating my lips with her tongue. She grabbed hold of my short hair and pushed my face against hers. She was definitely excited… our fucking apparently only a warm up for her. Our tongues wiggled around, pushing against each other, our heads extremely tilted as we sucked the breath from one another. I felt my girlfriend push me way from her and gently shove me backwards onto the head of the bed. My back was supported by the pillows around us, allowing me to slightly sit up.

Larisa crawled up towards me slowly, kissing my stomach and working up my chest, running her tongue over my stomach, taking the time to bite on my man nips. She wrapped her mouth around each one, sucking on it and flicking her tongue over my hard nubs. I was so turned on. She looked into my eyes the entire time, making me even more aroused. Kelly kneeled behind Larisa, palming her ass, squeezing it and rubbing it as my girlfriend ran her tongue over my chest. “God Riss. What’s gotten into you today?” Bedsides my cum.

“You’re cum lover,” she said blatantly, shifting her eyes up so she could look at my face. …Apparently I was wrong. There was only one thing. Within a few seconds she was laughing at her own joke, not able to keep up the hardcore sex seriousness act she was performing. She crawled up to my left side, lying on her arm as she half set up. She ran her left hand over my tight abs as I wrapped my arm around her thin waist, holding her close against me. Kelly crawled up to join us as we made out. I felt Kelly at my right side, although not as close as Larisa was to me. Not wanting her to feel left out, I slid my arm around her waist and pulled her closer.

My cock was aching for the warmth of either girl, whether it be from her hand, mouth, or pussy. “Mmm Riss,” I moaned softly through our kiss. She pulled back and smiled, kissing my gently once more on the lips before her eyes shifted over to the brunette. She reached over and took hold of Kelly’s hand, pulling the girl close to her. As both were centered over my body, they resumed locking lips. Kelly grabbed the sides of Larisa’s hair and aggressively held her head against hers, restraining her movement so she couldn’t pull back. I ran my hand over Larisa’s ass, squeezing it, and a second later did the same to the other girl.

While Larisa sat back in my palm and encouraged my groping, Kelly jumped a little, not expecting it. I slid my hand up Kelly’s back, thinking maybe I should take it slower with her. Perhaps caressing her back would help her relax more. After all, I forgot the ether rag in my other pants. “Give me you’re fucking tongue. Haha,” laughed Larisa softly as she tugged on Kelly’s tongue with her lips. The younger girl was teasing her, not allowing her to suck on it, pulling it back into her mouth whenever Larisa went for it.

“That looks so fuckin sexy Riss,” I whispered as I took hold of her hand and brought it to my mega raging boner. Without looking, Larisa instinctively wrapped her slender fingers around the base of my shaft, feeling it throb, gripping it like a PC joystick. She tightened her grasp as Kelly bit on her bottom lip, reacting to the pleasurable pain. Larisa began to slowly drag her French manicured nails up and down the underside of my cock, causing it to twitch back and forth, gently teasing me. Finally, she smiled and let go of my rod, placing her hand on the side of my head and holding the side of Kelly’s in her other. Slowly, she broke their kiss and pushed our heads together. I looked into the foreign eyes before me as the distance between our heads became less and less.

“Kiss him,” whispered Larisa. “Kiss my lover.” I reached forward and planted my puckered lips to Kelly’s, turning my head as my mouth opened, waiting for her tongue. I ran my fingers through her long dark hair, feeling the silkiness of her mile-long locks. Just as I was about to tongue her facial orifice, she pulled away and pushed Larisa’s head to mine. I had no problem as I leaned in to kiss my girl. Larisa was half lying on top of me as we made out. Our legs lay tangled together, like a human pretzel. “Mmmm.”

Larisa reached down and searched for Kelly’s hand as the young girl watched us. Her hand bumped into my leaning tower of penis twice before she found it. She grabbed it and brought it to my cock, wanting her to stroke my manhood. Kelly took hold of it in her warm hand as Larisa manipulated her fingers, forcing her to take hold of my AIDS-free magic Johnson. I still had my hand on her head, pushing my digits through her long brown hair as she fondled me. It was heaven to have two hot girls at the same time and to know I’d have the privilege of doing both of them.

Pulling back from Larisa, I felt her tongue slide out of my mouth, sharing another long wet kiss with me. Finally, I then moved back to the girl with her hand on my seven and a half inch beast. Kelly’s black-tipped fingers squeezed my swollen shaft tightly, forcing the blood to travel to my head and base, thickening them up. For a while, the only sound in the room was the rustling of the bed sheets and the sound of the saliva in our mouths.

Keeping her own tongue occupied while I was with the second girl, Larisa moved back down to kissing my chest, her tongue tracing a path over my pectorals. Her thin pink lips wrapped around each of my nipples as she tugged on them, taking the time to flick the tip of her tongue over the hard peanuts. I loved having my nipples played with. As she did that, her hands gently massaged my shoulder and neck. The actress rubbed her palms over me hard, pushing and applying pressure to my skin, then dragging her nails over me, sensually scratching me. “Mmm Riss. Feels so good,” I groaned into Kelly’s mouth, making it even hotter.

I pumped my hips up into Kelly’s hand, fucking the makeshift pussy as I pushed my tongue past her tightened and closed lips. Kelly’s hand squeezed down on my cock, almost too tightly. As I pulled her on top of me as much as I could, I felt her bump into Larisa. I grunted and moaned into her barely opened mouth as I bucked against her hand with long slow thrusts. I felt some resistance as I tried to bring her closer… as I felt Larisa flick her tongue over my left nipple, suckling on it like she was breast feeding. Now I want a Yoohoo so bad. She knew I loved to have my man-nips sucked and teased.

After a few seconds Kelly released her hold on my thick swollen member and grabbed Larisa’s hair, forcing her head up. She threw both of her palms onto the blonde’s cheeks as she rammed her tongue down her throat. Watching the two of them kiss was turning me on even more. Unlike the first time with Avril, everyone was really participating. The slurping and wet sloppy kissing noises filled the room, fighting the huff of the heater for aural dominance.

Becoming bolder and less conscious of what my mind was telling me, I ran my right hand down Kelly’s back and to her ass, giving it a squeeze. Before I knew it, my hand was underneath her, my fingers rubbing along the slit in her pussy lips, feeling her wetness from behind her. It was obvious she was turned on as I dragged my middle finger down the length of her labia. Instantly, Kelly pushed herself away from my hand and almost knocked Larisa over. “What is it??” Larisa asked without hesitation, knowing this wasn’t a normal example of Kelly pouncing on her, needing to ravage her body. “What happened?” she asked, looking over at me. My mouth hung open and I shrugged my shoulders. I held up two fingers and Larisa raised her eyebrows, fixing her sight back on her roommate. I showed her the two for the pink, but not the one for the stink. “Kel. What’s wrong??”

“…Nothing.” Riss sighed softly, not in a nice aww way, but in a slightly pissed way. She pulled Kelly closer to her and they shifted a foot or two down the bed. I didn’t want to waste time and was getting tired of the teasing, so I started to rub myself, not caring if they were having a private conversation. Bout that time… Gotta get mine. You know?

The two girls leaned in close as if they were going to start sucking face again, talking quietly, but in no way low enough for me not to hear every word… even over the sound of my skin-on-skin contact. “Kel… We talked about this before.” The brunette looked down as if she was getting a scolding from a school teacher. “What’s the matter?”

“…I want to be with you baby… make love to you,” she replied softly, running the back of her bent index and middle fingers over the Larisa’s cheek. Kelly looked at her as if Larisa was the love of her life.

“You are with me…” Larisa replied in confusion.

“But Matt’s here…” she said lowly, quickly looking at me from the corner of her eye. No shit Sherlock.

“Sweetie, he’s my boyfriend. We talked about this more than once. Why are you changing your mind now?” she whispered extremely quietly, like she didn’t want me to hear. I slowed down the stroke of the poker so I could continue to listen. ‘Maybe I’ll just play with the balls… a nice quiet, yet stimulating, activity,’ I thought to myself. ‘I think my right one is bigger than my left.’ Larisa, who sat on her knees, had pushed Kelly’s hands down, restraining them at her thighs. She held her tightly by the wrists, trying to get her younger roommate to listen without being distracted. ‘Nah, same size. Phew.’

“I’m not. I just want you Riss. I want you so badly,” Kelly said grinning, trying to make her forget about me. She even leaned in to kiss her, but Larisa pushed her back as their lips made contact.

“No. Kelly,” Larisa said all pissed off. “I’m going to make love with my boyfriend. If you want any of me, you’re going to have to deal with the two of us,” she stated sternly, but not at normal talk volume… still quietly. “So what do you want to do?” I could see that Larisa was getting genuinely frustrated now. At that point, I understood what the problem was with them. Kelly was nuts and obsessed. And, this girl was spoiling the mood. Luckily, I was keeping this party going as I fondled my twig and berries.

Kelly looked at Larisa for a second, contemplating the ultimatum given to her by the girl she was psychotically in love with. She then turned to me and looked at me for a second. Without giving me so much as a smile, Kelly practically pounced on me. She crawled up directly on top of me and opened her mouth wide, waiting for me to slip my tongue in and sloppily kiss her just like my woman did. “That’s better,” said Larisa, seeing her finally do what she wanted her to.

Larisa knelt there, rubbing her palm over herself, running it over her swollen cum-filled pussy. I could hear her moan as Kelly ravaged my mouth, aroused by seeing her roommate have me. The younger girl acted completely opposite of how she acted before. She jumped on me, straddling my waist, forcing my free-standing cock back down against my stomach as she kissed me. Kelly grinded her pussy over it, rubbing the buns over the hotdog… so to speak. I was amazed my sweet temple tower never accidentally slipped inside her own sweet temple of poon. Kelly kissed me roughly, her tongue totally absent of love. I kept my eyes open as she raped my mouth, seeing that she seemed to take almost no pleasure in it. Her right hand found its way to my face as she grabbed my chin in a rough manner, holding my head still as she assaulted my mouth. The brunette’s tongue forced its way down my throat and I could feel her spit filling my mouth as she sloppily Frenched me.

I slid my hands under her ass, having her cheeks fill my palms, pulling her harder into me as I pushed my hips against her, trying to put more pressure on my completely aroused dick. Kelly’s hand ran down my chest, her sharp black nails scratching their way down like the claws of a cat on a scratching post, digging in twice as deep as Larisa had. Her right hand finally gripped the length of my dick, squeezing it tightly. “I’m gonna go get something from the bathroom. I’ll be right back,” said Larisa as she got off the bed and scampered out of the room, not that we really noticed.

“So you wanna fuck me?” Kelly whispered into my mouth, tightening her fist around my cock as she finished her question, her eyes wide open, staring into mine. She pushed my penis towards herself and rocked her crotch against the tip, letting her juices make my skin nice and slick.

“Yeah baby.”

“It turn you on more knowing that I hate you?” she asked me coldly. “That she is the only reason I’d ever let you fucking touch me?” Her hand squeezed my chin and lower cheeks violently, pushing her fingers together. She stared angrily into my eyes, making me throb with excitement.

“Fuck yeah.” It felt so fucking good. I had always wanted a girl like Kelly. A young sexy, slutty punk rock girl with piercings and tattoos. So hot. Trying to regain some sort of control, I reached up and ran my fingers through her long dark hair, then cupped her head from behind with my left hand. I scooted up into a sitting position, my legs stretched outward, my back supported by the pillows. I tried to lean closer so I could kiss her once more. Instead, she pushed her fist into my chest, keeping me away. I was really turned on by the power she had over me. I was totally at her mercy.

“Do you jack off to me?” she continued to whisper as she crushed my rod in her kung fu grip. It felt like my cock was going to rupture the pain was so intense.

“Yeah Kelly. God yeah. You’re so fucking sexy. I love your style.”

“You’re a fucking pervert.”


“Yeah… You wanna fuck me like you fuck Larisa… don’t you?” She reached for my head and grabbed me by my short hair, pulling me close and violently biting down on my bottom lip, tugging at it as she pushed my cock towards her completely shaved wet pussy with her other hand. ‘Oh God,’ I thought. This was so hot. “You wanna be my lover?”

“Uhh huh,” I mumbled in response, my lip still trapped in her jaws like Quint trapped in the mouth of Jaws. What came next surprised the fuck out of me. Kelly pushed my cock head right into her pussy, without the protection of a condom. I never wore a condom with Larisa, but I wore one whenever I was with the other girl joining us. When she asked me if I wanted to fuck her like I did Riss, I figured she meant with a lot of bitching about anal and tons of cuddling afterwards. What do I know though.

I felt the head slide past the tiny opening between her pink little lips, feeling them squish my member more and more as her body swallowed me. Kelly’s little slick labia teased the sides of my shaft as I buried my prick inside her. I was nervous about busting inside her cunt and about what Larisa would say when she caught us. Unfortunately, instinct took over. My hips shot up burying my aching stick deep inside her pussy with one smooth motion. It was a natural response considering I wasn’t thinking clearly. You know. Being eager poon tang in front of me.

“God you’re fucking big,” Kelly gasped in surprise. The slutty brunette gripped onto my hair with her left hand as her right reached behind me and took hold of the headboard on the bed. My digits gripped handfuls of flesh from her ass, digging into them, squeezing her butt violently hard as she bounced up and down on top of me. “Uhhh. Uhh. Uhhnnn.” Kelly’s eyes rolled back in her head and her long brown hair swung back and forth as our two bodies banged together, the soft walls of her pussy coating my bare shaft with her juices. “Yesss. Fuck me with that big cock!!” Kelly’s voice was at an uncomfortably high volume, considering the current situation, as she moaned out in pleasure… as her soft body slammed down on top of me like gravity had quadrupled. “Aaah. Ah. Aah. Aaah.”

Her pussy pounded up and down on my meat so fast it that it would have resembled watching a porno on fast forward. My dick head ravaged the back of her cunt as she rode me hard and fast. I wasn’t fucking her… she was fucking me, having her way with me. I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself. I forced her down onto my Linus, keeping my engorged tool inside her, grinding my hips back and forth as I bullied her body into a rhythm with mine… taking control. I held onto her hips for dear life as I slammed her up and down and up and down. “Mmmmhmmm. Shitttt! Ohoo yes. Yes.” Her brown hair flew side to side as she leaned backwards, arching her tits towards my face.

“K… Kel… Stop. I need a condom.” I was at least half-consciously trying to be a faithful boyfriend.

“Mmmm fuck yes Matt. Good boyyy! God don’t stop! Don’t you fucking stop!!” she barked quietly in my ear, yelling through her low voice. “You wanna fuck me like you fuck her cunt love? Do it. Do it!” She pushed my head back, holding her hand on my throat, causing me to lock eyes with her, watching myself fuck my girlfriend’s roommate. I felt the palm of her hand force my head backwards onto the pillow and headboard, causing it to softly bang against it as she used me to make herself come. I tried to take in a few deep breaths as my face turned a shade of red. Kelly was choking me and it was so intense. I squeezed my eyes shut for a second, opening them to increase the feeling of dizziness. “Good boy baby.”

“K… Kel,” I coughed. My eyes were on the verge of tearing from the inability to breath.

“Mmmmm. You like getting choked out you dirty pervert?” she asked rhetorically, squeezing my throat closed a little tighter, pushing it against the headboard a little harder. The bed squeaked like a rusty water pump as we two not so innocent lovers tainted it. The neighbors definitely would be annoyed. “Uhh. Uhhh. Uhhh. Oh yes! Yes!” I desperately wanted to stop as my head tapped against the wooden barricade. I really did, but I don’t think she would have let me. …As I find a solid argument to justify my actions… Shhyeah! Right! …Baking powder?!

As I contemplated my improper actions, Kelly leaned back again, this time at a severe angle, and gyrated herself against me. As she had less of a grip on me in her new position, I was able to slouch down and relieve some of the pressure closing off my windpipe. The dominatrix grinded her cunt towards me and away from me… roughly. “Aaah, fuck,” I grunted in a little amount of pain. “Aaah. Aaaah,” I winced. I was forced to reach behind her and support her back, or risk her body pushing my fully erect steel pipe away from my stomach and between my legs. Not good! Not good! My right hand was planted on her tramp stamp tattoo on her lower back, keeping her from stretching out my dugan ligaments. The D bends one way and one way only. And that was NOT the way.

I could see Kelly’s swollen lips expel and then suck my prick back in, watching it slide in and out of her fuck hole, covered in her juices. She was so warm and tight. I stared mesmerized at her totally shaven pussy swallow my cock like tubby man-boobed comedian Ralphie May swallow a Twinkie. I looked up at her cherry tattoo, right above her twat and instantly became hornier. I told you. I love a girl with tattoos. “You like watching me fuck you, you asshole? Does my dirty cunt turn you on?” Kelly asked as she saw me gawk at her hole. I didn’t speak up, but just grinded my pelvis back into her a few times. SLAP! Kelly’s hand flew across my left cheek, bringing a stinging sensation to my face. “Asshole,” she grunted as she gripped my cheeks again immediately after she slapped me, shaking my head around.

I wondered where the hell Larisa went as I was taking advantage of her generosity. It had been a few minutes and she wasn’t back. She didn’t even yell for us. The minutes seemed like seconds as Kelly leaned towards me again, bringing her arms behind my head, squishing my face against her breasts. It was like I was receiving a lap dance that would cost a few hundred bucks at one of the skankier clubs. I panted as she worked my pole, her right nipple pushing into my open mouth. As I breathed in and out to try to regain my fading composure, I couldn’t help but suck on her nipple. I sucked the brown little nub hard, stretching out the skin of her teat. My arms slid up her back, scratching her as she scratched me, digging into her skin. I pulled her body closer to my face, pushing her big tits into my mouth.

“Mmm yes Matt. You like how I work your cock? So much better than Riss, right baby? …Suck on my nipple lover. Be my good little boy. Don’t you want to be a good boy?” Kelly tilted her head back and stared at the ceiling through her closed eyes, rocking herself against me, trying to get us off. After a few seconds, she brought her face right up in front of mine and whispered, “Come inside me lover. She’ll never know.” At that point I knew I had to stop her. She looked at me with an incredibly wicked smile, more devilish and scary than sexy… not that that’s not sexy in its own way. “I love you. Do you love me lover?” she asked innocently, trying to pretend she was Larisa.

“Kelly, get off me,” I told her as I let go of her ass and started to push her off me. She slapped my arms away time and time again as I physically tried to remove her off of my still throbbing cock. The clever vixen kept leaning back and bending my prick back in a not so good way every time I shoved her, forcing me to comply with her wishes. “Aaah. Oh shit! Shit, Kelly. Get off,” I pleaded, trying to keep my voice down. “I can’t go in you!” Her slutty domineering behavior was going to make me bust and I couldn’t do that to her. I started to sweat out of pure nervousness rather than as a result of the physical workout. It was still cool in the bedroom. Adding to that, I was dangerously close to coming inside Kelly as she rocked my body and mind. My dick throbbed and pumped and my balls tingled like they were receiving small electric shocks.

“Fuck me! God baby fuck me!! FUCK MEEE!” she yelled out as she wrapped her arms around my shoulders, totally getting off on the fact that I didn’t want her anymore. I knew I could get her off me by Bobby Browning her ass. Wha POW! Maybe Mike Tyson would be easier for you to understand. Wha POW!

“Kelly! Dude, get off!” I yelled sorta loud, immediately after hoping Larisa wouldn’t hear. Luckily, her breasts smushing against my face muffled my commands. ‘She’s gonna flip a shit if she sees this,’ I thought. Kelly gripped the hair on the back of my head as her arms tightened around my shoulders. Her thighs locked around my legs as she sat on her knees and shins, keeping me prisoner. Her sopping wet pussy covered my crotch in her juices, lubing up the top of our thighs as we grinded back and forth, over and over. Kelly silenced me as I cried out by pushing her open mouth on top of mine, sloppily kissing me. Her two hands gripped my cheeks as she probed my mouth with her tongue, pushing it deep into my throat, trying to gag me.

“Lover, quick… she’s gonna be back. I’ll never tell.” Kelly pouted and quietly begged me to fulfill her needs. She leaned back hard, resting in the painful position for me. It hurt to fuck her and it would hurt tent times more trying to pull out of her from where I was sitting. A few seconds later, she turned it right back to dirty whore. “Be a good boy! Come inside me! Do it!!” Larisa stood in the doorway, looking at her roommate sexually harassing me and raping me on her bed. She dropped the condoms on the floor as she looked at us in horror… naked. I was so close to having an orgasm as I was turned on subconsciously. The more I wanted to stop, the more I felt how sexy it would be to fill her, pump her full of my seed… to fuck the gothic punk little whore. I loved being controlled and hurt and submissive.

“Ahhh, Kelly stop! It hurts!” I grunted as I winced and closed my eyes, trying to lean forward to take away the pain in my loins.

“KELLY!!! What the FUCK are you doing!?” Larisa stood there, absolutely livid. She looked more pissed than I had ever seen her in our whole time together. Her mouth hung open, the lines on her forehead blatantly sticking out. I half expected to see smoke pour out of her ears like in the cartoons. I finally pushed her off me, her feelings of surprise aiding my struggle. My dick snapped back up, pointing to the ceiling. I gasped and huffed as the worry of her permanently hurting me faded. Kelly turned back, her long dark brown hair swinging to the side. She was on her knees, leaning forward on her hands, her ass arched back and sticking up at me as she faced Larisa. Damn… I’m not going to lie, but I briefly considered the odds of me still being able to tap that ass. I waited for Larisa to start yelling at me next. That was enough to keep me from coming post fucking.

“Baby… I…”

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY BOYFRIEND!?” she screamed, pointing towards me. Now I know I did have SOMETHING to do with what happened, but when you run away, you live… you LIVE to fight another day! There’s my reference to the movie Friday. My dick is bigger than yoouuursssss!!! There’s my reference to The Friday After Next.

“We were just… fooling around,” she said, smiling, crawling back up next to me. She moved her hand towards my chest, trying to rub it as I turned away, trying to be a good little girl. “We were waiting for you to get back Riss,” she said, trying to save her ass. By the way…I’m still wicked hard at this point.

“Bull-fucking-shit you were!!! Come inside me!!??! I’ll never tell???!?! She’s gonna be back!?! What the fuck was that?!” Larisa stampeded towards the bed and grabbed Kelly by the wrist yanking her off me… like a mom with her little kid that just ran out in the street, trying to beat some sense into them. I just sat there as the two started arguing, afraid to do anything else but maintain my erection just in case.

“Hun, it was just sex talk. We were playing around. You’re totally overreacting,” she said innocently, yet smacking away Larisa’s hand angrily. “God you tell me to fuck him and then you flip out when I do. Jesus.”

“You’re such a fucking slut!! You know that?!” Larisa looked like she was going to hit her roommate, and a lot harder than she had hit me the day before. As I waited for the catfight, my hand slid down to my D ever so slowly, my fingers, wrapping around my thick aching shaft. I saw Larisa’s right hand clench into a fist… a few seconds later relaxing. Instead of swinging, she bent down and grabbed Kelly’s clothes. ‘I hope she doesn’t grab the panties. I want them,’ I thought. ‘Please don’t. Please don’t.’ She got everything that belonged to her and threw it out in the hallway. “Get the fuck out of my room!” Larisa screamed.

“WHAT’S YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM!!!” Kelly screamed back louder, waving her hands out to her sides. I spitballed the idea of getting in the fetal position on the floor of her closet so I wouldn’t get hurt, but every guy loves to see a cat fight.

“You’re fucking pretending to be me! You fucked my boyfriend without a condom! And you tried to sneak it! That’s my fucking problem!” Dude, Larisa was friggen furious. “And you KNOW the condom rule!” Then, Kelly got right up in Larisa’s face and yelled back, her hands waving, her boobs jigglin.

“HE had HIS dick inside me! Why don’t you yell at him!? Yell at your perfect angel of a boyfriend!” She was a few inches from Larisa’s face, getting all up on her like this was Jerry Springer and she was a quarter negro. A big quarter.

“He was pushing you off telling you to stop! That’s why! It’s on the fucking video tape!” Larisa’s face was maroon it was so red with fury. Her eyes bugged out of her skull. She looked over at me as I pulled my hand from myself with lightening speed just before she noticed it, and then I proceeded to get off the bed. I just stood there nervously, not knowing whether I should walk over there… or even speak or…

“You’re just jealous. As far as I can tell, he LOVED fucking me!” Kelly said obnoxiously and cruelly. “Probably a lot more than you with your loose pussy. I almost got him to come inside me in like two minutes,” she said with a totally smug look and full of spite. Kelly crossed her arms and stood up strong as she insulted her old lover.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!!!!” With that, I ran the few feet towards Larisa, wrapping my arms around her, splitting them up as my girlfriend lunged at her like a Cobra. I held my hands together around her back, our bare chests touching as she kicked and screamed, flinging her extremities around trying to karate her roommate. I was worried I’d take an elbow to the head by accident. Her legs weren’t even on the ground as she struggled desperately to layith the smack down on her rudy pooh candy ass. If ya smeellllllllllll lalalala la… what Alex Mack…*looks around in five directions* is cookin. I held her up with my arms, trying to restrain her as she acted like a rabid dog. “FUCK YOU! I HATE YOU!!!”

“Riss. Calm down. Baby, calm down,” I quickly and quietly repeated in her ear over and over like some mantra, trying to make her regain her composure. Gooos fraaaabaaah! She was screaming so loud that my words were like subliminal advertising.

“You’re a fucking whore!!!! You know that!!!! You stupid fucking… cunt!!!!” Larisa was more pissed off than I had ever seen her before in my life… including acting. It took a lot to get her to use language like that or become that animated. I tightened my grip on her as I carried/pushed her back to the far corner of her room away from Kelly. My temple tower was still semi aroused as it rubbed up against my girlfriend’s thigh while she kicked and jerked. It was like trying to arrest a guy on crystal meth. Larisa kept trying to push me off and charge at the other girl, but I just barely secured her in my arms… my semi aroused dick forcefully hanging down as it was sandwiched between us.

“YOU’RE THE FUCKING WHORE!! Why don’t you use these the next time you fuck someone!!” Kelly screamed back, throwing the condoms that Larisa had dropped at the sight of the two of us getting it on. Loose doms flew out of the opened box as it hit Larisa on the top of her chest, right below her chin. “Thanks for the fuck lover! See you in your dreams!” she yelled back at me with a giant sarcastic smile stretched ear to ear as she picked her clothes up off the floor and slammed the door closed. Well, that’s not going to help. Larisa stopped flailing her arms out and kicking, no longer trying to get away. Her body went instantly limp, and then she started to cry as I held her wet spaghetti noodle-like body for dear life. Faintly, I heard the sound of the apartment door slam shut about a minute later, so I assumed Kelly had gotten dressed and left. She’d be stupid to stay around after that fight.

Larisa’s body trembled in my arms as her tears turned into full out sobbing. It broke my heart to see her upset, especially cry. I’d go out and punch Kelly in the face if it would make her stop crying. Of course, that would put me in jail and then she’d cry again. Then I’d cry when I dropped the soap in the shower.

I walked her the few steps towards her bed and sat her down on the crinkled up blue comforter. “Riss…” I had no idea what I should say at that moment. She slid her arms up inside my embrace and buried her face in her hands. I held her lovingly now, no longer restraining her. I placed my left hand on her head and the right one on her back, trying to make her feel safe and calm.

“I… I… She’s…” Larisa mumbled and stumbled over her words as she tried to spit them out.

“Riss, please don’t cry,” I whispered softly. “Don’t cry sweetheart.” Larisa quickly tightened her grip around me and then as fast as she grabbed me, she pushed me away.

Larisa started swinging her hands at me, yelling, “Why’d you fuck her!!!!” Trying to grab her wildly flying limbs, I got hit a few good times before I restrained her. “You asshole!!” She didn’t mean for fucking her, but for fucking her without a rubber and without her being present. “I FUCKING HATE YOU!” … … Those four words hit me like a ton of brick trucks filled with bricks. Larisa looked at me like she one hundred percent meant it too… the pure hatred for me in her eyes at that moment. That’s what made it hurt the most.

“Riss, no you don’t… you don’t…”

“Pftttt!” As she struggled to break my grasp on her wrists, wiggling her arms around wildly, a wad of spit flew from Larisa’s mouth and hit me right underneath my left eye. The look on her face was pure hatred as the warm saliva dripped down my cheek. “You stupid loser!” I didn’t have any clue what to say to either of those actions. Nothing ever hurt me like that before. My lips moved but nothing came out, not even random sounds. The second she spit at me, I let go of her arms and sat there completely heart broken and lifeless. Nothing makes you wanna turn to drugs more than your soul mate saying and doing that to you. I wanted to crawl in a hole and never come out.

“I’m sorry Riss. …I’m sorry,” I finally said as I wiped her spit off my face. I looked at her wet eyes, seeing tears run down her cheeks. She flung her arms around me once more, holding onto me tighter than I’d hold onto my iPod minnnniiiiii during a fire evacuation.

“You’re such an asshole! You… She… That fucking whore!” she spat out after a few tries. Her face was beet red and her eyes were a little swollen from crying like she was. “I… I love you.” I didn’t hear one word that came after she said she hated me. My body shut down and my mind turned to mush. Larisa held on to me so tightly, curled up in a ball on me. I sat there lifeless for a good two minutes, not even holding her back. My arms hung down like they weighed a hundred pounds each. “I’m so sorry. I’m sooo sorry. I love you.” She wrapped me up in her arms squeezing me. “Maaatt???” asked Larisa in a panic, trying to see why I wasn’t responding to her.

“…Yeah. … …It’s all my fault. I’m so sorry,” I said as crudely embraced her with one arm, loosely cradling her head in my hand, holding it against my shoulder. Her arms locked around my back, her hands clenched together. ‘I can’t believe she said and did that,’ I thought to myself over and over again.

It took me almost an hour to calm Larisa down and get her to the point where she could talk normally to me. It also took me a good fifteen minutes to snap out of the suicidal trance her cruel statement sent me into. She apologized over and over again for hitting me, but not for what she said or for spitting… like an animal. It was as if my girlfriend didn’t even remember doing those things, like that moment in time never occurred. I decided to try to put it behind me because she was just overreacting and wasn’t thinking clearly. She was just coming off her period too, so I was sure her mood was still affected by it. I was also sure I would have said some things I didn’t mean either.

Larisa had thrown on a pair of regular blue sweats, not baby nor navy, regular, and a white t-shirt, not feeling comfortable crying while being stark naked. Oddly enough, that was the thing that turned me on. But that’s just me… just my thing. I put on the clothes I had worn yesterday, but took off my pants again after a little bit. It was way too hot in her apartment after the heat finally fully kicked on. She didn’t care that we had a serious talk with me in my boxers.

“Riss. Kelly’s crazy. I had no idea it got this bad.” We sat across from each other on opposite sides her bed, her at the head and me at the foot, the blanket spread out nicely underneath us from when I quickly remade it while Larisa was in the bathroom.

“I told you Matt.” Larisa sat Indian style, looking down at her bent knees. “One of us is moving out. I’m not sure if I should be the one to move or not.” She looked down as she talked to me, playing with her French manicured fingers.

“Well… she’s the problem, but housing will probably side with her and make you leave if you’re unhappy. That’s how they’d do it at my school anyway.” I glanced down and shifted the front of my boxers, realizing that Larisa could see my D through the hole in the front if she wanted to. Now just wasn’t the time.

“Yeah,” she replied, looking upset still, now more so because she’d probably the one having to move out. “I wasn’t looking,” she added, referring to me shifting my clothes.

“Oh. Um. I didn’t…,” I started to explain. I realized halfway through it wasn’t necessary. The silence in the room was terribly uncomfortable. We both didn’t know what to say. Larisa probably didn’t really want to talk… a thousand thoughts clouding up her mind. Me… I just didn’t know what to say.

“Is she still gone?” Larisa had a worried look on her face, like when a kid who acted up didn’t want his father to come home from work.

“She wasn’t there a few minutes ago. I guess she went to a friend’s or to Jason’s.” Kelly had left the apartment right after the fight ended and hadn’t come back in the almost two hours since then. I felt so guilty, feeling partly responsible for what happened. “Riss… I… Um.” I wanted to apologize so badly, for the fifteenth time. “I’m sorry. This is my fault.”

“Matt. No… no it’s not,” she replied, a half-worried look on her face. I had already explained about the dick bending situation to her about four times. I didn’t think Larisa would have flipped out if Kelly and I had fucked for a minute or two before Larisa got back to us, getting a little too ahead of ourselves. She was more pissed that Kelly was trying to full out have sex with me with the hope of me finishing inside her in secret.

“Larisa, if I hadn’t pissed you off and been a jerk yesterday, you wouldn’t be back here and this wouldn’t have happened.” I looked down at the bed, not able to look her in the eyes. I had a tendency for blaming things on myself, even if I had to retrace the steps back a day or so to do it. That’s partly why I drank a lot. Larisa put her hands on top of mine, trying to comfort me, not wanting me to take all the blame.

“Matt. This is not your fault. I shouldn’t have suggested she sleep with us. I… I should have known better after all the psychotic crap she’s pulled.”

“If I could have just controlled myself…” I rubbed my hands over my face. I wasn’t crying, but was just furious with myself, trying to rub the stress and anger away. It was all my fault.

“Matthew. Look at me. … …Matt.” I shifted my eyes up at her, looking through the openings between my fingers. She took my hands in hers, holding onto them as she continued. “You two were fooling around. It was bound to slide in at some point. It always does.” I tried to say something, but she interrupted me. “What pissed me off is what she said to you and the fact that she wouldn’t get off of you when you were yelling at her.” How about the fact that she could have permanently broken my dick! That would have pissed me off if I was her!

“I see. I still say it’s my fault. Nothing’s going to change that.” Thank God I wasn’t drunk, or this would have really been an ugly scene. …And I think the readers agree with me here…?

“You always fucking do this.” Larisa was pissed off about my always being too hard on myself. “Jesus, it’s not your fault.” She had tried to get me to go easier on myself and to not blame things on myself when they weren’t really my fault.

“… If it wasn’t so huge and hard…,” I joked, referring to my penis as being the reason for this whole shit hitting the fan thing.

“Guh. You’re so difficult,” she laughed. “C’mere,” said Larisa, her arms opened out.

“What?” I quietly and self-hatingly asked as I just looked down at the bed.

“C’mere. Give daddy a hug.” I couldn’t help be laugh at her choice of words, even if only a little bit. “Hmmm?” She tilted her head down and gave me a stern look. Finally, I opened my arms out and leaned in to hug her. She held me as I held her, lovingly.

“…Riss?” I asked as we broke off the embrace, hesitating about bringing up her saying she hated me. As much as I wanted to let it sit in the past, I was dying to know why she said it.


“… Why’d… Never mind.”

“No, what?” she questioned. I hesitated, thinking long and hard about whether to say it or not. I assumed it would just cause another argument. But as we all can see, I tend to make shitty decisions in this chapter.

“Why did you say you hate me?” She looked back at me, puzzled, frowning in thought.

“When did I say that??” Larisa asked all concerned.

“Right after Kelly left. You called me an asshole and a stupid loser and then you said you hated me. And then you spit at me.”

“I’d never ever say that Matthew. Are you sure you heard me right?” Larisa squinted her eyes slightly as she tried to remember everything she said. Unfortunately, her words were a blur in her memory.

“Yeah. I’m sure.”

“Oh. Uh… I’m sorry. You know I didn’t mean it. I was overreacting and just spitting out words.” Well sticks and stones hunny… Spitting out words AND spit you mean.

“…Oh. …Okay.” I wasn’t too thrilled with her simple reply, nor with her blowing off the detrimental psychological effects of her ‘meaningless’ words. It was hard to believe that it was meaningless with the look in her eyes as she said it. She sat there playing with her fingers again, lost in thought once more. I didn’t want to fight anymore with her, so I let it go for good, deciding to not bring up the spitting any further.

About ten minutes later, we were still sitting on the bed. It was a quiet ten minutes, neither of us speaking. I pushed the mean words and actions of my soul mate inside where they would surely eat me alive. “Are you okay?” I said softly, killing the quiet. “It’s been a rough weekend so far. …And it’s only Friday.” Larisa looked up from her hands and tried to force a reassuring smile.

“I am. I’m fine.” She scooted closer to me again and I felt the palms of her hands on my shoulder blades as she embraced me.

“Good,” I replied as my right hand lightly rubbed up and down on her back. “…Hey Riss?”

“Yes love?” she answered, her eyes closed as she held me in her arms.

“Can we like, get something to eat? I’m really hungry.” What!? It was really late in the day and I was starving!

“Mmm. Sure. I’m hungry too. What would you like?”

“Pussy.” Zing!!! She paused for a second as if she misunderstood me. Then, realizing I had actually said pussy, she pushed back away from me a bit. She gave me a stern and shocked look. I thought it was funny. …Maybe in retrospect…

“I can’t believe I’m so in love with a dork like you. You know that?” Yeah, I ask myself the same thing every day. Larisa continued looking at me, her look of disgust turning into one of laughter. “Ugh, you’re such a dork. Haha.” She leaned into me again, hugging me tightly once more. “You need to put your pants on first sweetie. Then we can go out. Kay?”

“Okay. I’ll just eat you later then, I guess.” She loved me for my humor, my kindness, and my big fat cock. All three.

The next morning, I awoke to find Larisa lying next to me, somehow pushed out from under the covers. I wonder who did that. *looks around while whistling* Her body trembled like a homeless person in New York City in January as she lied curled up in the fetal position, her arms wrapped around herself. I glanced at the clock through one half-opened eye and sighed, seeing it was six in the morning. I scooted over towards her, trying my best not to make too much commotion. I pulled the blanket off of me, realizing I had rolled up into a Matt-taco. Being the nice guy I am, I spread the light blue warmth over the shivering girl beside me. She looked like she was going through detox as she quivered. So hot.

The heat felt like it wasn’t even on and I was surprised she didn’t wake herself up from the cold. She was only wearing a pair of regular blue panties and a white long sleeved shirt. I decided that it was too cold for just the blanket and I’d have to resort to getting out of bed to keep Larisa from getting sick. ‘Ugh. It’s too fucking early.’ I stumbled blindly over to Larisa’s dresser and pulled out a pair of socks and a pair of dark blue PJ bottoms. This girl really loved blue.

“Wha…? Hm?” Larisa mumbled as I put the socks on her feet, feeling how ice cold they felt in my hands… ice cold and sexy. I could have warmed them by rubbing my dugan between them, using the friction to create heat, but I was way too tired.

“Baby, go to sleep,” I said softly as I dragged the waistband of the cotton pants up over her thighs. I had to lift her butt up a bit so they would go on easy and not pull or ride up on her. …If they even pull. I have no idea. Looking back on the movie Old School, when Elisha Cuthbert gets out of bed and pulls her jeans on without adjusting her panties, I take it that girls’ panties never bunch up or ride up their butts… or vag cracks. I also take pleasure in the fact that I live inside a bubble and am oblivious to everything.

“Matt… mm…” She had no idea what was going on. Normally I would undress chicks when they were passed out, not put their pants back on. I’m just kidding. Heh.

“Riss go back to sleep,” I simply said as I bounced on my toes to keep warm, not needing to wake her with a long explanation. She only responded by rolling over onto her side. I yawned and rubbed my eyes, walking to the bathroom, cold as well. I figured if I’m up, might as well piss so I don’t wake up in an hour or so with the urge.

Now here’s the part my parents don’t understand. If this was my room, I’d take out the bottle and just fill it. If you have to walk out to the bathroom, you’re waking yourself up… where as if you’re kneeling on the bed, you can put it down and go right back to sleep. Idiots.

I was freezing in her bathroom, expecting to see my breath as I exhaled. The temperature took some getting used to, being out of the cocoon I set up for myself with her comforter. It even took a few extra seconds to start to tinkle. Finally, I adjusted the thermostat and returned to bed, more awake than I would have preferred. As soon as I got there, I spread out the blanket evenly over the bed, crawling under it next to Larisa. She must have been somewhat awake, curling up next to me.

I cupped her up in my arms as we both lied on our sides. Her left arm was draped over my torso as my right draped over hers. I had my left arm underneath her head, holding it against my chest, as it rested against my shoulder comfortably. I could feel her warm quiet breathing against my skin as I wasn’t wearing a shirt… only boxers. My left hand gently stroked her hair, tied up in a loose ponytail. She wiggled her feet around mine, tying the two of us up in a love pretzel. I ended up falling asleep as I lovingly fiddled with her hair.

I woke up again, this time finding Larisa gone from my side. I didn’t know where she was as I looked left, then right, then gave up, exhausted from the search. I rubbed my eyes and continued to stay in bed, lying on my back. A few minutes later, I heard Larisa coming down the grey tiled hallway to her room, carrying two cups with her. “Good. You’re up,” she said with a smile.

“Blah.” I was still tired and wished I was back asleep.

“Oh get up lazy. It’s almost one.” She climbed up onto the bed and set the cups on her nightstand, allowing her to put her white pillow against the headboard of the bed. She picked up the mugs and then sat back, resting against her pillow. “Here, drink this.” I took the cup from her and felt the warm liquid through the porcelain.

“Is this coffee?” I asked, yawning, my mouth opening wide and my eyes shutting. I hated coffee. I actually liked coffee ice cream, but hated everything else coffee flavored.

“No. It’s hot cocoa.”

“Hot chocolate you mean?”

“Cocoa.” Oh how she f’in annoyed me. “I know you don’t drink coffee.” I took a sip and felt it burn the tip of my tongue, still too hot to drink. I forced myself to sit up next to her, slouching down more though as I waited a few seconds before taking my next sip. “Anyway, there was a note slipped under the door. The heater’s broken or something. That’s why it’s still cold,” she explained. “I guess it’s been on the fritz the last few days.”

“Oh,” I said, taking another sip. It was chilly, but I was hot and sort of sweaty from just waking up. I was always sweaty or hot and sweaty after sleeping. Even if I was cold, it was a cold sweat. “No marshmallows?”

“No. Let me just call the waitress over here so she can go fix you a proper hot cocoa.”



“It’s fine. I’ll just drink it like this… like I’m some kinda animal.”

“Ughh,” she grunted and sighed. “Hey, did you dress me this morning?” Larisa asked. She looked down at me as her right hand ran through my matted down hair.

“Yeah. You were out from the covers and looked frozen.”

“Aww. You’re sweet,” she said, taking a sip of her hot chocolate.

“Did you pee too?” she asked. I assumed Larisa was going to make fun of my pee dreams, like she usually did. I nodded and took another sip of the warm beverage. I didn’t know how a person could serve it without marshmallows. It just blew my mind. It was like a bowl of cereal without milk. “You dribbled on the seat a little. Be careful next time.” Another benefit of the pee bottle… you get a Powerade or Gatorade bottle, and you slip the head right inside the hole. No mess. You don’t even have to keep your eyes open as you urinate… unless it’s almost full when you start. Then you could have a problem! LOLZ!

“I was tired and stuff. My bad.”

“I know. I’m just saying.” Thanks mom. Now go buy me more sexy underwear.

“I’m sorry Riss. I’ll be more careful.” Boy is this sexy or what…

“I know love.” The two of us sat there sipping our hot drinks. As we finished a couple minutes later, Larisa put the empty glasses on the nightstand and then crawled on top of my upper legs, on my pelvis, sitting straight up, resting most of her weight on her knees. Larisa playfully ran her hands over my chest a little as she smiled at me. “How’d you sleep?”

“Okay,” I answered as I shrugged my shoulders. “You?”

“Okay I guess.” She looked like she had an ulterior motive hidden inside her smile. Her hands slowly moved up and down over my chest, her fingers slightly bent so her French manicured nails tenderly scratched my skin. She looked adorable. Larisa’s hair was in a loose pony tail and she was wearing the comfy sleep clothes. I brought my hands up to her thighs and held onto them a little, squeezing the area near her ass. Her hands continued to run over the length of my bare chest.

“What?” I asked curiously.

“What do you mean what?” Larisa looked down at my face and smiled a huge smile. Her gaze ran down my chest to my waist then back up to my eyes. Her hands began to work across my entire torso, pushing up from my stomach towards my neck, then back down my sides and up the front again. She slowly scratched me, massaging my upper body.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Are you horny or something?” She just giggled a little.

“I’m just in a good mood. I’m happy.” Larisa looked a little too happy. I put my hands back behind my head, relaxing as I looked up at her. I had half a chub inside my black boxers, my semi aroused dick lying against my stomach.

“Hmm,” I chuckled. “Why so happy?”

“Because… haha. I have a boyfriend who will dress me up when I look cold and then cuddle with me.” She continued to slowly run her fingers up my chest, then down over my sides towards my legs. She erotically tickled me just enough to cause a few goose bumps to pop out of my skin. As she stimulated me with lap after lap, I felt my cock grow in my pants… a little rigor mortis on my winkie if you will.


“Yeah love?” she asked softly, subtly rocking her hips back and forth over me, rubbing herself up and down my hardness as she continued to massage my chest. My cock was steadily getting stiffer, expanding towards my chest.

“Can I put it in…?” I asked, hesitating.

“Of course love,” she said like I didn’t even need to ask.

“No… In there.” She paused for a moment and her hips became still. A look of pondering spread across her face. Larisa’s happy look turned into just blah, like I totally killed the moment.

“Matt…” she started to say quietly, not exactly sure how to finish. She looked down and away from my eyes. Larisa’s face was covered in specchlessness, having no idea as to how to talk about this.

“I just want to see what it feels like. That’s all. I’ll just leave it in for a second, I swear.” I really, really wanted to see what anal felt like. I’m sure it felt tighter than a toilet paper tube… that I… read about… on the Internet… Yeah. The Internet. Larisa so far wasn’t for it, unfortunately.

“…” she sighed, followed by a smirk. Suddenly I knew I shouldn’t have asked. It really murdered the mood in the room. It raped and then murdered the mood. The awkward silence was almost too much to bear, but it was finally broken by the sound of her nervous voice. “You… you can put the tip in, if you want,” she finally answered.

“Are you sure Riss,” I asked, not wanting to pressure her into it. It was the last thing I wanted to do. “If you’re not, it’s fine.” She sat still on top of my lap, her hands resting on my abs, frozen in place from the shock of my question.

“It’s fine,” Larisa reassured me, shooting me an obviously fake half smile. I only hoped that she would love it and then all would be well. “How do you want me?” she asked nervously. How about anally?

“Get on your knees I guess.” Like a filthy dog. She slid off me, lifting her leg up off and over my waist. Larisa turned over onto her stomach and rested herself on her knees, leaning forward on her forearms.

“Well, why don’t you lay on that pillow,” I suggested.

“Oh. Duh.” Larisa took the pillow from my side of the bed and stacked it next to hers, then rested her head against the white cushion, her face lying on her left cheek. The other pillow was underneath her stomach, propping her up. It was a poor man’s Liberator. I was so thrilled. She finally was going to let me raw dog her bung. It only took over a year.

“Oh, Matt. I forgot I have clothes on,” she laughed. In the excitement/terror of our first anal endeavor, we got too carried away.

“It’s fine,” I said as I slipped my fingers in the waistband of her blue PJ pants, tugging them down along with her blue panties, exposing the territory I’d soon conquer. I pulled them down to her knees, just enough to let me tap that ass… literally. I could tell she was nervous. Her body seemed stiff and unsure as to whether or not her granting me permission was a mistake. “Riss, you know I’d never hurt you. Right?”

“I know you’ll be gentle,” she said as I softly ran my hand over her lower back, underneath her shirt, trying to ease her fears. After a few seconds I leaned down, facing the tight closed hole. I was Lewis or Clarke, and I was exploring her crevasse (heh, ass) like it was the Midwestern United States. Taking a deep breath, I leaned down, my face a few inches away.

“Just relax hun,” I said as I placed my hands on her firm butt cheeks, gently spreading them apart to allow me better access. I ran my tongue over her pussy just like I wipe, from front to back, trying to relax her. I felt her body shudder a tad from the unexpected gesture. Flicking my tongue back and forth a little, I could taste her wetness as the minutes passed by, becoming more and more evident as she relaxed and her mind was put at some ease. My tongue brushed over her labia, flicking them back and forth. Her nani was so warm and she tasted amazing. I felt her relax as she was getting turned on. Mission accomplished. I munched her rug for a good ten minutes, just licking and sucking on her privates.

Larisa’s head rested against the soft pillow as she smiled, enjoying the little warm up she was receiving. Her eyes were closed as if she was dreaming a sweet dream, the nervous smile becoming less nervous. The tip of my nose brushed against her number two hole as I stimulated her vagina, causing almost no effect on her. I didn’t sniff. …Maybe a little. I slowly pushed my tongue inside her pussy, the tip sliding between her wet lips. She always tasted amazing and I had no problem eating her out whenever she asked me. Unless it was right after her period. Then it tasted like copper… like I was chewin on a mouthful of pennies.

Larisa’s pussy was beautiful… her little pink lips… her sensitive little clit. …I guess her little pink lips is about it. My hands firmly clamped down on her butt and held her open for me. Larisa’s vag was aroused and was already thinly covered with her own fluids. Her body relaxed and her breathing steadied. I flicked my tongue side to side, and then up and down for a minute or two, working up the balls… Mo! M… M… Mo! …THE BALLS to go to the uncharted territory, was what I was going to say, before I interrupted myself. ‘Well, now or never.’ I moved up a few inches, running my tongue along her taint over to her ass.

Spreading Larisa apart further now, I proceeded to run my warm tongue over her hole, something I’ve done before a number of times. I licked it up and down, wetting the surface of her crinkly skin. I felt it tighten up somewhat as this time she knew there would be a lot more to come. Still holding her bottom open, I took my left thumb and pushed against her tight closed hole. After all, you can’t just shove the D in there. You gotta romance it a little. No big response came from her body as I ventured further. I pushed my digit in a little deeper, three quarters of my thumb gone.

“I didn’t think it would feel this… painless,” said Larisa, mocking me, knowing full well it wasn’t my dick in her ass.

“Oh shut it,” I said back. With that I felt her muscles clench around the tip of my thumb, slamming the backdoor closed. “Not that! Your mouth!” I laughed.

“Oops,” she said, joking. I couldn’t help but laugh. It really was one of those stories I’d carry with me for the rest of my life… telling it at parties. However, this wasn’t a joking matter. This was serious. Her butt clenched down like the jaws of a crocodile. I half expected her to put me in a death roll next. Seeing as how Larisa was sooooo comfortable, I took my dick out of the front of my boxers, pulling it out of the hole. Sitting up on my knees, I rubbed the head against the slit in her pussy, back and forth, teasing her. “I thought you were going to go back there?” she asked as her warm pussy juice covered the head of my prick.

“Well excuse me for trying to be romantic. I could have just gotten the KY.” Or spit on it.


“Are you going to ruin this for me?” I asked, sitting up tall on my knees, letting go of her. Larisa just laughed at me as she faced the wall. “This isn’t funny! Don’t ruin this for me!” She just laughed more, her body shaking a little as she giggled.

“Haha. I’m sorry love. You’re so cute. Haha.”

“Yeah we’ll see how cute I am in a few minutes, when I’m rocking the house.” I pushed my dick inside her cunt slowly, trying to lube it up for the short trip it was about to take. I really didn’t want to hurt her and spoil this for her. If Larisa enjoyed it even a little, maybe it would be a future option for our sexual sessions. My shaft slid inside her beautiful vagina, the walls of it teasing my member as it ventured deep inside her like it had done so many times before.

“Mmmm,” she cooed as she smiled from ear to ear. I left myself in her for a few seconds, rocking my hips in a circle ever so gently, causing a tiny bit of movement and pleasure for her. I also did a few kegels, causing my dick to shift inside her. Getting distracted, I pushed myself in and out of her at a slow pace. I held onto the lower half of her hips, half on her ass as I pushed my prick inside her all the way. I could her Larisa moan as I held myself in her as deep as it would go, feeling her juices wet the front of my boxers. “Uhnnnn.”

Finally, I slowly slid out, feeling my Johnson lubed with her wetness. Her pussy lips rubbing over my shaft as I slowly pulled out caused me to take a deep breath and squeeze my eyes shut. It felt so good in combination with the anticipation of doing her bum bum for the first time. I bent down once more, spitting on her anus, letting my saliva land on the no-no. I didn’t violently spit, but let it just drip out, then pushed my thumb over the wet hole, spreading it around.

“Riss, just stick it up a bit more okay?” I asked, so that the lube wouldn’t drip off. Spit. The poor man’s KY. “That’s it,” I said as she complied, arching her ass up towards the sky. I took myself in my hand and rubbed the tip against her butt hole, feeling my cock throb in pain. I was that excited. I pushed the tip of my prick head against her hole, back and forth, not entering her yet, but wearing away the tightness. I held her cheeks open once more with my hands as I kept my penis against her butt. “You ready?” I asked softly.

“Mmhm,” she whispered.

“Tell me you’re a dirty whore.” I’m just kidding! I did not say that! “I love you,” I said softly, looking at the side of her head as she rested on the pillows.

“I know.” As Sam Jackson said in Jurassic Park, hold onto your butts. I slowly pushed myself inside her ass, instantly feeling her muscles tense up around the tip of my head. And I was barely even in. I pulled my dugan away and bent down, sliding my tongue into her ass, letting a little saliva drip into her black hole. I won’t lie… I looked at her asshole open up. But alas, I pressed forward once more, pushing ever so slowly, finally getting the whole head inside her ass. “Riss…” It was so tight compared to her pussy, which I single handedly wore out… Okay her vibrators helped a little bit. I paused, letting her adjust to the new protrusion inside her body. She made a noise, almost inaudible, but there nonetheless.

“I’m sorry. Natural reaction,” Larisa whispered in regards to her muscle movements.

“You okay?” I asked. She mumbled an okay and I took the hint that it was okay to continue. I moved my hips forward centimeter by centimeter. A little metric for all you Europeans out there. Slowly, my iron rod slid inside her about another half inch. Once again, I felt her tighten up immediately. “Riss. Relax. Relax baby,” I told her softly. I placed my right hand on her back and rubbed her gently, my palm slowly running up and down her lower back, where the tramp stamp tattoo would be… eg. the target. She said I could put the head in, but she hadn’t yet told me no more. I already had the tip and then some stuck in her. “Try to relax yourself.”

As my cock head was hidden from view, I slowly jacked myself off, rubbing what was left of my shaft. I stayed still inside her, letting Larisa’s virgin ass get used to me. I could feel her hole tighten and loosen over and over, feeling her fight the natural response. I never felt stimulation like that before, never having anything constrict my sensitive head so much.

“It’s so tight,” she mumbled. After a second, I continued to enter her tight virgin asshole. I was about the head and another inch and quarter or so deep. She clenched her anal muscles once again. “Ow,” Larisa whispered, her eyes shutting tight. I kept still, letting her adjust. She was so fucking tight, even without her tensing up. I pressed on with baby steps, bringing another inch of me inside her ass in the following minutes. “Oww, Matt,” she cried into the pillow at a slightly lower than normal volume. My rock hard cock twitched inside her tight ass… my five and a quarter inch girth spreading her open. Larisa’s eyes remained squeezed tightly shut and her breathing picked up, her face strained. It was heaven for me and hell for her. As you can see, good conquers over evil.

“Are you okay Riss?” I asked, not wanting to hurt her. I could see her fingers gripping onto the sheets tightly, her knuckles turning a shade of white.

“Aaah. Matt… it hurts.” I don’t know why that turned me on, but I was hurting so bad from this erection now, that combined with her virgin backdoor. I looked down at my disappearing D and I felt myself quiver and twitch inside her as a result of the uber sexy sight. It was so hot to see her asshole swallow my member. “Oww Matt. Please stop,” she quietly, calmly pleading. I took one final breath and slammed the rest of my cock inside her tight asshole, causing her to wince and scream out in pain. I’m just kidding! I’m not a dick! I’m just kidding.

“That’s all there is Riss. That’s all,” I said, telling her lies. I was only about half way in, but it was a victory nonetheless. I kept my cock inside her as she continued getting use to it. She didn’t object to me remaining inside her, so I didn’t do anything. I began to rub her back like I was stroking the back of a cat, trying to get it to relax. I pulled out a little bit, feeling her anus close up in response to movement inside it.

“Uhnn.” I slowly pushed my boner back in her, a little further in that it had just been. Larisa didn’t notice the difference, being it was sore regardless of the distance of protrusion. I slowly pulled back again, a little farther this time, then pushed it back in about an inch. “Aaah,” she groaned. I could see her closed eyelids squeeze tight over and over every time I moved inside her ass. Her fists pulled the sheets loose from the bed corners as I slowly began to barely fuck her virgin asshole. Feeling like it would help me in my quest for anal glory, I reached around and started to rub Larisa’s clit with my left hand. “Mmmnn,” she groaned. However, I couldn’t tell if it was a pleasurable or painful groan. Her pussy juice coated my finger as I pushed against her clitoris with my fingertip. Larisa was even wetter now than she had been before we started. “Feels… good,” she said as I rubbed her clit a little faster. Seconds later, she sighed a painful grunt. “Aaaaahhhh!”

“Riss… You okay?” I hoped with the regular vaginal stimulation, the butt stuff wouldn’t seem so terrible. I pushed my big dick back and forth in her ass about an inch or two depending on the stroke, the whole time rubbing her pussy with my left hand. I loved it. I leaned forward, having my right arm support me as I pumped Larisa Oleynik’s pale tight little ass. I hovered over her lower back as I pressed down on her right cheek. My member was pulsating with ecstasy as the unfamiliar walls of her virgin ass deep tissue massaged it.

“It’s… aah. Matt. Mmm… Matt. Ow. It hurts.” Larisa whimpered as she tightened up, squeezing her asshole shut once more. Her body went rigid as my thrusts became a tad bit deeper and forceful, getting carried away in the moment. My right hand gave her butt cheek a squeeze as I was fully lost in the moment. That gave new meaning to seven minutes in Heaven. She wouldn’t be seduced by my distraction, at least today. “…Stop. Please stop.” Larisa gripped onto the white sheets so hard with her fingers that they snapped off the edges of the bed completely. For a split second, I thought of Oz where Cutting was man-raping Robeson and kept giving him kidney and rabid punches as he did his ass. Now, I could see the fun in it as I fucked Larisa’s asshole. Her eyes fidgeted under her lids and her mouth hung open, stress lines appeared on her forehead, her nose scrunched up. If you can imagine Return of the Jedi where Luke is getting shocked by the emperor, it was like that but with no screaming or mechanical hands. “You’re hurting me.”

“Okay I’m sorry baby, relax,” I said as I slowly pulled myself out of her asshole. I didn’t want to rip my dink out like a rip cord on a lawnmower. As much as I wanted to prolong the new sexual experience, hearing that I was hurting her was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Brokeback Mountain style in the anal case. After a second, my cock was out of her sweeter temple and her hole shut tight again, sore from its recent stretching. I rubbed her back once more under her shirt. “I’m sorry,” I said, feeling her body stiffen up. “Just relax.” I planted two kisses on her butt, one on each cheek, just to be funny. “Riss, it’s okay sweetheart,” I whispered, trying to ease her and calm her down. Her face still showed a hurt look, a painful expression.

Larisa fought back a tear or two, struggling not to let it out for my sake. Tear as in cry, not tear as in present tense of tore. After a minute, she rolled on her side, where I joined her, lying on my right arm. I ran the back of my bent fingers over her cheek as I looked her in the eyes. Her gaze was one of a woman who had just been violated, a slightly blank stare. She looked down, staring into space. “Are you okay?” I asked softly.

“Yeah. It’s okay now I think,” she answered as she shifted her eyes back up to my face.

“God. Riss it was so tight. I’m sorry I didn’t believe that you never pooh.” She cracked a weak smile and her sweet brown eyes appeared a little more alive. “Riss… thank you. I know it’s not your thing…” She moved forward and kissed me on the forehead. Her pants were still pulled down to her knees, her wet pussy and newly loose as a goose asshole exposed to the cool air. Her kiss seemed absent of any real feeling. I didn’t know whether to feel bad or to be incredibly turned on.

“I did it because I love you.” I felt guilty at how she looked at me. It was a look like I had taken advantage of her, even if only a little, like I didn’t respect her.

“Thank you. I love you too Riss. This was the best present you ever gave me,” I replied, trying to lighten the mood. She said I could put the head in. Instead, I had fucked her ass and rubbed her pussy to distract her. Desperate times call for desperate measures, but I felt I had gone overboard. Maybe it sounds worse than it actually was. Again, I like to place too much blame on myself. In a day or so I wouldn’t even really care, come to think about it. Larisa looked at me puzzled and playfully disgusted. “Oh hush, I’m just kidding,” I laughed. “So is this um… Do I dare ask?”

“Matt, please, I don’t want to do this anymore,” she said as she looked down. The expression on her face was as if her pet just died. She looked like she was fucked bent over a pinball machine. The Accused style. I could see she felt like I’d be disappointed, like telling a kid there is no Santa, but I wasn’t going to force her to do anything. “I’m sorry… I never told you. I don’t even like it when you use a finger.” Larisa looked at me as if she was breaking my heart, like she was telling me she wanted a divorce… and the kids, and the money. I saw her gulp and try to force a complacent look on her face. “I’m sorry love. I just… It feels weird and I really feel uncomfortable when you do it.” I felt like the wind got knocked out of me. It’s like I was the receiver in Madden and Larisa used the Hit Stick on me. HIT STICKKKKK!!!!

“Riss… I… Why didn’t you tell me?? I feel so awful,” I said, a worried expression instantly spreading over my face, like a spilled bottle of ink. The guilt inside me doubled after her confession. I ran my hand over the side of her face, holding her cheek. Then I quickly stopped touching her, as if I was somehow violating her even more. I even rolled my body away a few inches. “Riss…”

“Matt don’t feel bad. I was just being quiet about it because I know you like it.”

“What about licking it?” I asked, trying to salvage anything I could that involved anal. Bro, I got no qualms about lickin an asshole.

“That’s okay. I can deal with that. It’s… the penetration that doesn’t sit well with me. It just feels really weird.” I really thought with taking a dump every day or so, she’d get use to the stretched out ace. You know? Then again, I also really thought that having a double major really meant something too… so… Larisa moved closer to me, putting her right arm over me. We lied there for a few minutes in silence, not saying anything, sort of holding each other loosely. I felt uncomfortable touching her and I felt horrible that I kept playing anal games with her.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know,” I mumbled in embarrassment and shame a few minutes after the conversation ceased. Larisa reached out for my upper arm with her hand to hold and rub me and I pulled back slightly. Then she appeared really worried that her expressing her feelings did more damage than my cock did to her virgin asshole.

“Matthew, it’s no big deal. Okay?” she said, trying to calm me down. “If it was that big a deal, I would have stopped you a long time ago.”

“…Okay.” We both continued to rest next to one other in silence for a few minutes. The room was quiet and cold… depressing almost. It was dim as the cloudy weather imprisoned the sun, not letting it brighten her room. We faced each other, lying on our sides in the blah apartment bedroom. I still felt terrible over the recent event and I couldn’t bring myself to touch her. My eyes looked down between us, gazing into nothingness. Looking her in the eyes was too hard. A lot harder than convincing her to let me put it in her ass a second time. I felt bad, regardless of what she said, yet I still had a woody that wouldn’t quit. It was long, thick, and hard, just like… a steel pipe. Whatever. There’s only so many ways to say hard dick, you get me?

“Looks like you need some help,” Larisa said softly as she smiled at the sight of my everlasting erection. She tried to cheer me up and take my mind off my recent actions.

“Yeah.” I felt bold for some reason, possibly from Larisa’s soothing boner talk. “So, um… Can you suck on it a little? You don’t have to make me come. Just suck it a little?”

“Oh please, you know I’ll do it till I make you come. …After you wash your dick off,” she laughed. “Ew. Mr. Romance.” She’s gonna have the balls to say that to a guy that lets her kiss him after he busts in her mouth.

“What?!? C’mon. I’m romantic!” I shouted back only partly seriously. I mean I was serious. I was romantic. My tone was partly serious, mostly playful.

“How?” she laughed.

“I teased it first! And I rubbed your back. How’s that not romantic?”

“You’re silly. =] Always… you with the jokes.” Larisa giggled to herself as she turned onto her back, looking up at the ceiling.

“I just licked your asshole, and you won’t suck on my D after it was in it. Wow.”

“Haha. Well when I start licking your asshole Matt, then I’ll suck on you after it’s in mine.”

“… …Do you want to?”

“GASP!” Larisa’s head shot over onto its side to face me and her mouth hung open as she looked more shocked than ever. As long as it’s a day of firsts… “No I don’t want to! Haha.” Then she stopped laughing and looked at me strangely. “…Do… Do you want me to??” she asked quietly and worriedly, obviously hoping I’d say no and was only kidding.

“N… No. I was… no,” I replied, shaking my head back n forth a bit. Lie! Obviously she thought it was disgusting and I think I pushed the envelope enough for one day. Pushed my cock into her envelope. Larisa looked relieved to say the least. We both lied there in silence staring up at the ceiling. I noticed there were a lot of cracks in it, a lot more than in my dorm room. But enough crack comments, butt or spackle. After a minute, she realized her pants and panties were still down at her knees and she snatched them and pulled them up, wiggling her body so they’d lay right. We stayed there, basking in the quiet, and dare I say uncomfortable afterglow of our failed anal sex for another minute or two.

“…So if I wash it…?”

“Uggh, go do it!” laughed Larisa as she slapped my bare stomach playfully.

I stayed with Larisa in her apartment until Sunday. I wanted to spend the entire weekend with her and also wanted to make sure that there wasn’t another incident with her and Kelly. We actually hadn’t seen her for the rest of the weekend. Larisa found out through a mutual friend that she had been staying with Jason. When the girl told her Kelly would be gone for a day or two, she was incredibly relieved, finally able to completely relax for a bit. Unfortunately she was unable to relax her ass long enough for me to enjoy myself. She didn’t need all the stress on top of her class work. Another disappointment was that the housing offices were closed until classes resumed on Monday, so Larisa couldn’t inquire about her future living options.

The two of us spent every minute together. We watched movies, went to the movies, went shopping, and even made love four more times… recording it just as we had just about every other time. This was after the anal. I wish we would have recorded that… sent it to America’s Funniest Home Videos. Sunday afternoon, the two of us said our goodbyes.

“Are you sure you’re gonna be okay? Riss you can come stay with me. Take a day or two off, you know?”

“Honestly, I’m okay. I can’t anyway. I have stuff due for a class tomorrow. I couldn’t miss it.” The two of us stood outside in the parking lot where my car was. Larisa had on her baby blue winter coat and the white fuzzy beanie hat I bought her, looking like Alex Mack circa season seven. She also had thin little white gloves on and she still shook from the cold. It was so cute.

“Larisa my dear, you certainly aren’t making the most out of the college experience.”

“Hey mister. You better start going to more classes,” she said as she poked my chest with her finger, pushing hard through the thick winter coat I was wearing. However, it didn’t hurt and I barely even felt it. “Or else.”

“Haha. Or else what sweetie?”

“Or else you won’t be… I don’t know. …But it’s definitely bad,” she said sarcastically yet playfully. The two of us laughed in the bitter cold, the expelling of our breaths resulting in steam.

“Well God. Please. Don’t take away my anal privileges.” Larisa reached out and slapped my chest really hard, the look on her face as if she couldn’t believe I took it there. “Haha. You’re adorable. Have I told you that lately?” I asked her as I pretended I was puffing a cigarette, breathing out steam into the crisp frosty air.

“You’re so cute,” Larisa laughed. “And so cool and sexy now.” See, cigarettes are a turn on… even if they’re fake. She looked up at me, her head tilted sideways. Her gaze traveled from my eyes down to my chin. “When are you gonna shave this off?” she asked me as she tried to tug on my little goatee with her white gloves. It wasn’t a full out beard and mustache, just a little nightly short trimmed chin hair. I trimmed it when I trimmed my pubes, with the same buzzer.

“Oh please. You and my mom… both of you.”

“It tickles my chin when you kiss me,” Larisa said softly, trying to grip it and shake my head once more. She just smiled at me underneath all the layers of clothes she wore. Larisa stood there, her knees wobbling through her light blue jeans as she rocked back and forth on her feet. The wind had picked up the last day or so, adding to the lack or warmth out in the parking lot. “Sweetheart do you wanna sit in the car? You’re shivering.” Not that it would have mattered. The car was off. I was too dumb to start warming it as we talked.

“No. I’m fine,” she replied. “It’s not that bad.” Larisa’s teeth chattered quietly for a moment before she forced herself to stop, making her to appear content with the weather. She looked like she was suffering from frostbite. What a puss.

“Riss. Please.”

“Ugggh. God I forgot how sucky it can get here,” she bitched, not remembering how weather here compared to California. She never really came to New York in the winter, or if she ever did for work she wasn’t outdoors a lot.

“Riss. Come back with me. Take a week off. We’ll go to a hotel somewhere… like a bed and breakfast or something. Or… or I can stay here. I mean we can stay somewhere around here.”

“Aw, love. I really can’t. Classes. I’d love to spend a week alone with you though.” Larisa smiled sincerely at my last desperate attempt to be near her a little longer.

“I know. I just…”

“Just what love?” she asked, stepping in closer. Her arms were up in front of her and she grabbed onto the front of my coat, pulling herself in close to me. I rubbed my hands up and down her arms trying to warm her.

“Every time we’re together for a weekend it reminds me of summer. And it’s so hard to leave. You know?”

“I know. But Thanksgiving’s coming up soon though… long weekend.”

“That’s a few weeks. Ughhh,” I sighed. “I know. I just thought maybe you’d say yes. I really didn’t expect it though.”

“I know,” she mumbled. Her teeth chattered again as a big gust of wind swept over us, blowing a huge pile of leaves into chaos.

“Riss go inside. I don’t want you sick because of me,” I told her. The slow-setting sun had left the air colder as we enjoyed the last few minutes with each other. She also had a two or three minute walk back to her building. I would have driven her to her door, but there wasn’t a road in front of it. I also didn’t want her walking back in the dark. The sun would be fully set in the next few minutes even though it was still early in the day.

“…Okay,” she slowly replied as she leaned back to look at me, a frown on her face. She hated our goodbyes. They were tougher on her than they were me. I guess that’s because I had her on DVDs. I could cope better with separation anxiety. “Awwwwww. Maaaattyyyy,” she pouted. =[

“Larisa. C’mere,” I said as I took a step forward towards her and scooped her up in my arms. “I love you so much sweetheart,” I whispered into her ear.

“What was that?” she asked me.

“I said I love you so much sweetheart. Your hat is impairing your hearing.” We both giggled.

“But I look cute in it. Don’t I?” she laughed back in such an adorable and lovable way. Larisa Oleynik truly was the girl next door. We both closed our eyes as we embraced. As the wind picked up, Larisa let go of me and shoved her arms between our chests, gripping onto the front of my jacket.

“Cutest thing I’ve ever seen.” I looked deep into her brown eyes and then kissed her frigid lips. The kiss wasn’t hardcore make out style, but it was an average open-mouthed kiss. There was a cloud of visible breath around our mouths. A heavy breeze blew again and I felt her rise up onto her tippy toes, trying to move somewhat, no matter how small, in an effort to warm herself.

“I love you,” she said, her eyes starting to water up. Larisa really wasn’t good at goodbyes at all. She made them harder for me when she got upset like that.

“I love you more.”

“It’s supposed to snow a little. Drive safe okay? Call me as soon as you get back,” she said before kissing me again. Her lips were cold and her nose was a rosy shade of red… slightly runny/stuffed up too. “No playing with your iPod okay?” Larisa knew I loved to drive with the iPod Miiinnniiiiiii. It really wasn’t all that safe to use while driving, with the sensitive jog wheel and tedious menus.

“Okay hun. Get inside okay? It’s cold.” Not for me. For her. I’d probably be back to the shorts when I returned to my college.

“Mmmkay. One more,” she said as she jumped forward and kissed me a third time. I pulled her tightly against me and ran my hands down her back to her ass, pulling her against my crotch. Our final kiss was more sloppy and lustful than the previous two, but concluded in a soft romantic couple of pecks. “Hmmmm,” Larisa cooed. “Okay. Be safe love.” She had a smile on her face as I surprised her with a horny goodbye.

“I will. Bye Riss. Love,” I said as I opened the door to my car and got inside. As I was shutting it I stopped. “Oh. Look in your dresser drawer. Your nightstand drawer rather.”

“Why??” she asked, very curiously, a huge grin sweeping over her innocent face. I smiled at her, not wanting to tell her why. She didn’t look cold anymore… like she could wait another fifteen minutes outside for me to tell her.

“Just look,” I said as I closed the door. I waved at her as I pulled out of the spot and drove away. As I looked in the rearview mirror, I saw Larisa waving at me, all bundled up in her arctic gear. If she had a scarf, she’d be like the kid in A Christmas Story who couldn’t put his arms down. But she looked adorable nonetheless. Absolutely adorable.

Five minutes after I left Sarah Lawrence, my cell phone rang as I was getting onto the highway. After merging into the slow lane and feeling I wouldn’t die if I answered it, I picked up. “Hi sweetie. … …Aw, you’re welcome. I’m glad you like it. … … …I remembered from an episode of Third Rock I saw the other day.”

Larisa had always worn one of those chain ball necklaces that the skater kids used to wear circa 1997. Not the huge ass balls, but a decent smaller sized one. Hers obviously smaller than anal beads. I remembered one time she said it had broke and she never got around to buying a replacement one. An episode of Third Rock from the Sun I had seen a week or so before I went to visit her reminded me of it, so I secretly bought one when we went shopping together. I quickly paid for it when she was still looking around and I hid it in my pocket.

“You’re welcome Riss. … …Haha. Yes I think you looked hot in it. … …Yes back when you were into that style,” I laughed. She kept thanking me and telling me how sweet I was to have remembered something from so long ago, especially something she wore before we even met.

“Hey, I gotta get off before I get pulled over. … … Yeah, the talking when driving.” Cops are such dicks. “I love you too. … …Well you can send me pics of you wearing only the necklace. How’s that? … …Haha. … …No I’m not touching my iPod… …Okay. … I love you more. Bye sweetheart,” I said as I clicked the end button on my cell phone. She had loved the present I left her.

I loved getting stuff for her. I really never dabbled in clothes except for a shirt or something. What did I know about hip fashion? I wore shorts all year. But accessories I knew she liked I always got her for no special reason. When she was really surprised and excited, she looked adorable, with her nose and her smile… I don’t see why guys don’t buy shit for their girlfriends more often. It’s not like you have to drop a couple hundred bucks. Just a little something every so often will get you some tang. As in poontang.

A few hours later I was coming up to my town when I realized that I couldn’t park my car at school… not having a parking pass. ‘Oh fuck. What the hell am I gonna do?’ I thought. Luckily, my mom was home. My dad was off on a business trip and my sister was at school in Arizona. My mom had gotten home from visiting my sister the day before, as I spent the weekend with my woman. She agreed to drive me back, complaining the whole time that I didn’t have a parking pass and only caused her problems and was an inconvenience. Yeah. I love you too.

After she got ready, it was only another hour for her to pee and brush her teeth again. I swear to God, it took her hours to get ready to go anywhere. You’d have to tell her to be ready at a certain time, then you aim to get ready three hours after that. Then she takes a day to piss and brush her teeth. And on top of that, she likes to try to clean the fucking house as she’s walking out the door… taking all the garbage in the house and bringing it outside. That type of thing. And the whole time I’m sitting in the car like a douchechill waiting for her.

When I got back to my room, Peter was there. I had neglected to tell him that I would be disappearing for a few days. He didn’t call my phone and I didn’t call him. Obviously I wasn’t online on the AOL for Broadband, being most of my time was with Larisa. “Where’d you go?” he asked as he played NFL 2K5 on the PS2.

“New York.” I was still trying to put some stuff away that I brought from home, not really delving into the conversation.

“When did you decide this? I didn’t know if I could have naked time!” he said half seriously. It was common college knowledge that when the roommate went home for the weekend, you should take advantage and sleep naked, enjoying the freedom. I highly doubt he ever did, but I did all the time. I slept naked. I did pushups naked. And I spanked it naked. I’ve also been known to eat a ham sandwich with Cool Ranch Doritos and watch Desperate Housewives naked.

Peter was chilling out, lying on his bed playing the game that was better than Madden. There, I said it. 2K5 is better than Madden. We both thought it was better than Madden… that it was more fun to play. I’m sure I’ll get swarms of emails about how we’re wrong. “I thought she was staying here?” I’m sure he was glad we were gone. He probably figured out we weren’t coming back after the first night anyway.

“Yeah… We had a fight and then I ran up there. Yeah. …How are you.”

“How did you get home?” he asked, running with Michael Vick for the tenth play in a row.

“Gary.” As we continued to bullshit about what we did all weekend, Dave barged into my room asking if I got my draft done for my banned book paper.

“It’s due tomorrow!” OH SHIT!!! HOW AM I!!!

“Fuck me! How many pages??” I asked in a panic. We were all assigned a book that had been banned or challenged by a school system and had to write a report on it, including interviews with the people involved. What I loved was half the kids had books from 1910 or books whose authors lived in England or some other country. I myself had to call Oregon as well as a few other states in my search. It was fucking retarded.

“Like seven. You didn’t know this?” said Dave as he towered above me. He was a little over six feet tall and was a close talker, getting right up on you. Dave also never sat down. He just paced back and forth, literally three feet back and forth… like a step to and from.

“No. Fuck man. I totally forgot.” I hurried to put all my shit away as he continued to scare me so I could start it ASAP.

“Yeah, well… at least we have till 4:30.” My class wasn’t until later in the day, so I really didn’t need to overly stress about it. But I would rather get it done as soon as I could incase problems arose. Luckily, I had some of the information on why my book was banned. I’ll spare you the book and the reasons why, being there’s no sex involved with it. All I had to do was just expand it and bullshit it a little. I’d also put in parts that say ‘interview here’ for what I was missing. It was definitely a project though.

“Yeah. I guess. Okay man lemme try to start doing this,” I said as I tried to get him out of the room. He would talk and talk and make corny jokes that he would overuse and just kill. If I didn’t stop him, he’d stand there for hours talking about nothing at all. I was nervous about the missed assignment. I couldn’t believe I had forgotten about it because I usually got stuff done right away to get it out of the way. It didn’t help that the hard ass teacher was insane and sixty years old either.

As I opened up Microsoft Word and got my notes, I realized I forgot to call Larisa and tell her I was back. Good thing I didn’t stay in that bed and breakfast. I would have been F’d. In more ways that one. I picked up my phone to check in with her. She was irked because I didn’t call her right away, but she got over it. She told me again how she loved the gift I bought for her and feels like she never broke the other one.

Larisa also told me Kelly wasn’t back at the apartment yet. She didn’t know when she would come back. It had already been a few days, not that she was complaining. It’s just that in times like that, you’d want to know when your roommate was going to return, like Peter with me. Obviously in their case, naked time didn’t have to be when they were alone for the weekend. And I’m sure being afraid of her roommate walking in on her masturbating wasn’t a problem, being they had separate bedrooms. Unfortunately, it was a problem for me and mine. …Me more so than him. …getting caught, that is.

I opened up a can of Full Throttle and drank some of the energy drink. It’s like a Redbull, only it doesn’t taste like ass. And now, months after I wrote that Redbull line, it doesn’t taste like ass. Redbull’s not great, but I definitely prefer the alternative. And further, the Rockstar energy drink made my left eye twitch like crazy for a few days after consuming it. I looked over at the picture of me and Larisa on the wall behind my desk and just sort of stared at it for a few seconds. I just thought about how much I wish our weekend never ended. My mind briefly focused on Christmas break and the month we’d have to spend together, not that we knew exactly where we were going to spend it at. …My house… her house… At least we’d be wherever together. I tried my best to shake her from my mind and began to work on my paper. It was going to be a long night. Hopefully, Peter would stay around so I wouldn’t procrastibate. That’s half procrastinate and half masturbate.

The next week and some odd days went pretty well. I ended up finishing my rough draft on my banned book paper which surprisingly turned out pretty well. Some classes were getting cancelled for teachers being sick, and the weather was nice and cool. Luckily, it was warmer than the day I left New York, allowing me to wear my shorts again with comfort. Larisa and I spoke on the phone every night, giving each other the details of that particular day’s events. It was hard for me to talk on the phone in my dorm. I’m a private guy and I don’t brag about my girlfriend of anything. I wasn’t even comfortable talking to her about serious topics with Peter in the room. I don’t like people listening to me on the phone because none of it’s their business. I don’t know how people can gab on their cells in the lounge with groups of people reading or playing cards. I guess it’s cuz I sometimes enjoyed tussling my sack as I listened to Larisa’s voice.

School was going pretty well and the cancelled classes made the few days of the semester quite relaxing. The only thing that I was anxious about was waiting for my new Slipknot guitar book to arrive in my mailbox. It always took the campus post office an extra day or so to sort out the arriving packages, and being closed on Saturday also fucked things up.

“I gotta go to the post office,” I said to Lee as we walked out of the small student convenience store. I had bumped into him after my class was let out and figured I’d take a walk to check for my book. I had nothing better to do, being done for the day and all. Already going to the post office three times so far that day, I figured one more trip wouldn’t kill me. So I guess I was a little antsy.

“Oh. I should actually check my mailbox too,” he replied as he paid for his Discovery Magazine. The two of us didn’t really hang around anymore unless we accidentally bumped into each other or were in a class together. We weren’t not friends anymore, but because he lived a ways off campus, we lost touch. We’d go to a bar or I’d go over there every so often, but that was it. Catching up in the IM was how we stayed in contact for the most part.

I walked down the long dimly lit hallway to my mailbox which of course was on the very bottom row. At my school, we shared our mailboxes with at least one other kid. Mine happened to never ever check his mailbox, so it was always full with his shit and tons of junk mail. Sometimes I would just shove all his mail through the back, letting it fall all over the sorting room floor and go, “And that’s how I roll.”

“Nice!” I mumbled excitedly as I sorted through the coupon books and announcement letters, seeing that I had a package slip mixed in with all of his three-month-old mail. There was also a second slip towards the end of the stack. Had I stopped after discovering the first slip, I could have easily missed out on my book or the secret package, depending on which one I came across first. I had no idea who sent the surprise item or even what it was. They were never labeled. It just said you had a package. I wasn’t expecting anything else and my parents would just drive down to drop off stuff rather than pay for shipping. I took the two slips and knocked the other kid’s three-month-old mail through the back of the open-ended box. “That’s how I roll,” I said to out loud myself.

“Whad you get?” asked Lee as he strolled over to me.

“My Slipknot book came and I don’t know what this other one is,” I said as I stood up and walked over to the pickup window. “Anything with you?”

“Nah, just junk mail.” After a minute or so, the worker handed me my two packages, one from the sheet music website and the other from Kelly. “What the hell?” I said out loud without thinking.

“What is it?” Lee asked as he tossed his coupons and flyers into the paper recycle bin.

“Package from Riss’s roommate…” I didn’t tell Lee anything that happened over the course of the recent weekend. It wasn’t his business. “Overnight delivery. Weird.” I was so anxious to open it and see what was inside. It was bubbled wrapped from what I could tell by feeling it and my best guess was that it was a video tape. Let’s not forget, I had years and years of sneaking a peek and guessing Christmas presents.

Lee and I both walked back towards my building, both wearing shorts and hoodies… as everyone else wore jeans and winter coats. We looked so cool compared to them… a couple of tough guys. I was done with classes so I was headed back to my room to check my mail. Lee had a class in the building next to mine the very next period. I don’t know how he had time to go to the post office and bullshit with me between classes. I would leave for mine as the class before got let out, even if it was next door. It was a twenty minute break between them, but I had my iPod minnnniiiii and I liked to get my usual seat… not letting the class floaters fuck up my seating shiz. Lee would leave whenever and come in on time, usually a half minute before class started, never worried he’d be late. Oh how I envied him.

As I got into my room, I threw down my backpack onto the bed and opened the packages. The first was obviously my book, but I opened it to make sure they sent me the right one. It was and I briefly skimmed through it, looking for particular songs and comparing it to what I remember from the tabs on the internet. They were usually wrong, but gave you the gist of how it could be played to sound decent. Tossing it to the other side of the bed, I ripped open Kelly’s package, finding a video tape and a folded up note inside the bubble wrap. Looks like my Jedi senses were correct in my assumption of the mail’s contents. You must always trust your instincts.

‘Thank God I had a TV/VCR in my room,’ I thought as I unfolded the note. Most of the kids in the dorm had DVD players because tapes were obsolete. I had recently brought up the small television from my sister’s room on one of my recent trips home. Peter bought a new video game and I got the new Grand Theft Auto a week later. I didn’t want to have to fight him for the TV and PS2, so I brought mine up. It was small enough to fit on the edge of my desk, balancing against the wall. It still gave me ample desk room for writing papers and spreading out books while also making my side look like mission control with computers and screens and wires.

I blindly popped in the tape as I read the note. “Matt, Something I think you should see. – Kelly.” I was curious, being the two of them just had a major fight, and from what I heard had not gotten past it. As the movie started playing, Larisa was lying on her bed in her black panties and green t-shirt, the same outfit she woke up in the morning after our fight. She looked half asleep… or rather on the verge of passing out, with liquor bottles spread out on her nightstand. ‘Hmm,’ I thought. Maybe she was about to start buttering her muffin. About thirty seconds later, I watched the screen in disbelief. I dropped the remote in shock and my mouth hung open like a retarded kid’s. My stomach felt like I downed a bottle of bleach and then got punched in it. I was about two seconds away from dry heaving and throwing up.

Larisa walked into her apartment after her poetry class. She was relieved as she plopped down her light blue JanSport backpack. She had to present another poem to her class and read it out loud, something that made her uneasy. It went pretty well and she was glad it was over. “It’s hot in here,” she said aloud to herself as she made a funny face, scrunching up her little pudgy nose. She took off her blue coat, revealing a girlie baseball style shirt… dark grey with pink arms. She also had on a pair of dark blue jeans and her favorite black Sketchers sneakers. She was also wearing her new chain ball necklace which stood out with her shorter hair, stopping just above her shoulders.

Larisa wrinkled her eyebrows and forehead and looked towards the living room. “God, she knows that there’s no sex in the common areas,” she mumbled to herself as she quickly walked past the living room, slightly turning her head to see what was going on. Kelly was fully dressed, sitting on the couch watching the television… the total opposite sight of what Larisa had anticipated.

She had been known to watch porn, usually with Larisa. The two would sit there when they were horny, sometimes playing with each other, sometimes working themselves separately. Larisa made another weird face as she moved into the room. “Is that my voice Kel?” she asked.

“Yeah. It is,” she responded, not moving her eyes off of the screen. There were groans and grunts coming from the video tape, both male and female.

“Well I don’t want you watching me and Matt. God, you’d think you would have the brains to realize that after what just happened,” Larisa said as she turned to walk away, annoyed at her roommate’s lack of common sense. “Turn that off please.” The two of them were on speaking terms now, but it was in no way friendly. They barely talked except for questions about the apartment.

“It’s not of you and Matt,” she replied. Larisa stopped dead in her tracks and paused, her eyes shifting towards the sexual groans and pleasurable moans. She laid her coat on the couch and moved to the front of the television, curious as to what exactly her roommate was watching.

“…Uhhttt…” Larisa cried out as she covered her mouth. Her eyes opened as wide as a Pug dog’s as she stared at the screen. Her beautiful brown eyes watered as she felt weak and wobbled on her feet, feeling faint. She gripped onto the arm of the chair next to her as she collapsed into it, a tear now rolling down her cheek. Larisa began to cry as she watched a fully naked Bobby crawling on top of her, sliding his hands in the side of her black panties, tugging them down her legs.

I sat in my grey desk chair, my eyes glued to the television, my hand glued to the bottle of Jager. I couldn’t bring myself to shut off the tape as I watched my girlfriend fuck another guy, or rather, get fucked by another guy. I took one big swig after another of the “candy in a bottle” as Bobby laid on top of her, his hand groping at her right breast through her shirt as he slammed his dick deep inside her… without a condom. She had her legs spread out, lying there like a person in a coma, and her arms loosely wrapped around his back, the only sign that she wasn’t being raped.

I heard the door open as I took another shot and a half from the bottle. I heard Peter start to talk and then stop. “It’s not beat off ti…” He was right behind me as he stopped himself from finishing his sentence, and then I heard another voice, this one female. I felt him quickly look at the television even though I wasn’t facing him. He just pushed his female friend out of the room quickly and closed the door, whispering that they needed to go. He could obviously tell that the guy on the screen with my girlfriend wasn’t me.

I felt like I was about to collapse even though I was already sitting, my entire body in shock. My eyes watered as I forced myself to hold back my tears. ‘I will not cry. I will not fucking cry,’ I thought over and over, becoming more and more furious each time. My throat burned like a dirty hooker’s vag during urination as it closed up from trying not to sob, and from the taste of the Jagermeister. I was slamming it down like it was water. At that point, the only sounds in the room were of the two people on the television screen.

“Yeah Riss! You like it when I fuck you like this? Is this how he fucks you? Huh?” Bobby grunted as he supported himself on his right arm, pushing his D in from a sideways angle, stabbing my soul mate with his genitalia. His right hand had a firm hold on the white sheets of the bed, using it to pull himself up into Larisa’s vagina with some leverage. As he just about stripped the covers off the corners of the mattress, his other hand roughly molested her breast through her shirt, squeezing it like a giant stress ball.

“Uhhnn. Yess… Uhhhnn.” Larisa laid on the bed motionless, lowly moaning as the rocking motion of the bed kept her awake… stopping her from passing out drunk. “…Fucking…” Her right arm was draped around Bobby’s left shoulder as he fucked her without mercy. He was ravaging her cunt as if he was trying to teach her a lesson, squeezing her chest angrily as he buried his face against her neck, sucking on her soft skin. The pervert somewhat forcefully bit on the nape of Larisa’s neck like a vampire, giving her love marks so she wouldn’t forget him. His lower half wasn’t even moving as they had sex. It was like he was paralyzed from the waist down, his legs like tree trunks as he tried to hurt her through the barely-consensual rough sex.

“You like my big… fucking cock… in your little famous cunt Riss? Take it! Take it all!” BANG! BANG!! BANG!!! The bed rocked as if there was an earthquake inside her room as his hips pumped against her again and again and again, the headboard banging rhythmically against the wall harder than it ever had with us. “Ah yeah. Uhn! Fuck. Fuck you feel so good!!” I didn’t know how he didn’t collapse her lung as he pushed on her chest to keep himself up, forcing all his upper body weight on her right breast.

“Uhnn… mmm. Mmmm. Soooo… huh… good.” Larisa’s baby brown eyes were closed and her mouth hung open as she breathed through it, huffing a little as she was taken by this new lover, fully stimulated by the roughest sex she had since starting school.

“OH MY GOD!!!” Larisa cried out as the tears poured from her eyes. Kelly sat there, a devilish smile trying to come out of hiding on her face. “K… Ke… Kelly… what…???” her voice cut in and out as she grabbed her stomach and curled herself forward, almost becoming sick all over the grey tiled floor. Her face turned white as she got dizzy with guilt, sweating from the lightheadedness she felt.

“This is where it gets really good,” said Kelly as she watched the screen, her hand resting lifelessly on her crotch. She debated softly rubbing herself as she watched the dirty movie. The two girls watched a pantsless Jason stroll out of nowhere, naked except for his shirt, kneeling on the bed next to Larisa’s chest. There is nothing gayer than a guy wearing nothing but a t-shirt. Bobby leaned back, kneeling on the edge of the white covered mattress as he continued to rail the half passed out girl. He slid his hands under her creamy thighs, holding her upper legs up. Larisa’s knees bent as her legs were spread apart and lifted up, presenting her instinctively wet pussy to him. Jason leaned down and slid his hand under Larisa’s tight green shirt, squeezing a handful of her bare breast.

“Ke… Wh… wh…why???” Larisa stuttered through her heavy tears, her voice shaking as she watched Jason press his cock between her lips. He tenderly held onto the top of her head with his left hand as she brought her hand to her pussy, rubbing her clit as Bobby fucked her, becoming more conscious and awake as the seconds ticked away. Jason was a lot nicer than Bobby in the present situation, although still a scumbag for taking advantage of her. Larisa’s non diddling hand was loosely wrapped around Jason’s shaft as she ever so slightly bobbed her head back and forth on his tool. She looked like she had absolutely no strength as all her movements were slow and few and far between, forcing Jason to fuck her mouth to get off. Her cheeks pushed in as she sucked him like a crappy old vacuum. She watched Jason’s free hand lightly stroking her cheek with the back of his fingers, trying to assure her everything was okay, giving her a sense of false security as she was being date raped.

Larisa jumped off the brown comfy chair as she stumbled to the kitchen with a total lack of balance. Not making it to the counter, she completely collapsed and fell to her knees on the cold hard grey floor. She curled her top half forward twice before beginning to throw up into the nearby garbage can, the little makeup she wore running down her face, washed away by her tears.

Jason trembled next to Larisa, about to come as his sensitive head rested inside my girlfriend’s mouth. His hand jacked himself off as she sucked his tip. “Oh shit. I’m gonna come Kel,” he grunted as he grabbed onto Larisa’s ponytail, holding her head steady with one hand, his other holding his throbbing shaft in place. Only his cock head rested inside her mouth, lying against the right corner of her lips keeping it in place. As Bobby continued to fuck her mercilessly, Larisa’s body bounced on the bed like she was playing on a moon bounce at a carnival. His thrusts were short, fast, and hard. Like the punches of a midget with a black belt, high on crystal meth. And by midget, I mean a retard. …Aren’t they retarded? He held her legs up high now as they rested over his shoulders. I could see her black panties hanging around her left foot, dangling as her feet flopped in the air.

“God you’re a little slut, aren’t you,” he mumbled out loud to himself. “You feel so fuckin good. You little fucking… Ughhh! Aahhh yeah. I always fucking knew you were a slut. You little goody two shoes slut.” Bang, bang, bang. The bed smacked against the wall as the three people had a drunken threesome. “I’m gonna fuckin come inside you’re tight little pussy soon! You like that? You like that you little bitch?!?”

“Hmmm. Mmmm. Come… me. Uhh,” Larisa moaned quietly through her stuffed mouth, her eyes closed as her body instinctively reacted to the dual pleasure she was receiving. Larisa was on cloud eight, moving towards nine as she took her pounding in her inebriated daze.

“Oh shit. Noww!” Jason cried as his body crunched forward and he grabbed into the headboard behind the bed against the wall. “Aaahhhh!” Cum spewed from his member into Larisa’s mouth, filling it up like a cup. “Yeah baby. Ahhaaaa.” His hand pushed Larisa’s head against him, forcing half of his average sized dick further inside her mouth as he kept coming. His eyes closed as his body shook, oozing out the last of his load. He kept it all in her mouth as he recovered from his orgasm. Larisa gagged for a second and Jason responded immediately by pulling out of her mouth, letting her breathe once more unrestricted. Some of his seed dribbled from the corner of her mouth like a stroke victim, the rest sitting on her tongue and cheek. “Swallow baby. Swallow it,” he said softly, caressing hear head, running his hands over her dark blonde hair. Larisa finally let his spunk go down her throat to her belly. Her breathing steadied for a moment before she panted again from the hard rod drilling away at her pussy.

“I’m gonna fuckin come,” grunted Bobby as he pushed his hair out of his sweaty face.

I heard a knock on the door of my room, but I was catatonic as I watched the heartbreaking home movie. I sat in front of my desk, completely piss drunk as I tried to pretend like this was all a joke and didn’t really happen. “Pull out man,” Jason told him as he wiped the dribbled semen from the corner of Larisa’s mouth with his tool.

“Uhnnn. Aah… Aah,” she panted as he pressed the thighs of her fully elevated legs together, making her pussy soaked with her own juices feel even tighter. “Don’t stoppp…”

“Dude. Don’t man,” Jason said, speaking out against his friend’s actions.

“She’s on the pill. She lets Matt go inside her. It doesn’t matter,” said Kelly as she moved closer to Bobby and Larisa, focusing the camera on the two of them in a better position. “She’ll never know.”

“Good. I’m gonna fuckin come in her real good,” he said as he looked into the camera, looking pissed off. He lied on top of Larisa, trapping her underneath his meaty frame. He ran his hand over her cheek, squeezing her face roughly, shaking it back and forth, side to side a little. Then he rubbed his fingers over her lips trying to get his friend’s man juice off them. Bobby pressed his mouth over hers, pushing his tongue past her lips. Mo! MO! MO! MO! I guess there is something gayer than a guy wearing only a shirt.

“Mmmmm. Uhhnnn,” Larisa groaned as she leaned her head back, bouncing her hips against Bobby, fully aware of the fact that she was getting fucked. “Matt. Uhnnn, Matt,” she groaned. “…Hurts.”

“Fuck that!” Bobby yelled as he picked up the pace, pounding her pussy even harder. Eee! Eee! Eee! Bang! Bang! The old mattress creaked and squeaked as if slammed against the wall. “Tell Bobby he’s the best baby. Tell him he’s the best fuck you ever had,” he said to her, his face right up against hers, his hand pressing down onto her throat.

“Oww,” Larisa cried, her eyes wincing. She shut them tight as he loosely choked her and pressed himself deeper into the far regions of her cunt. “Haagh,” she struggled to breathe as Bobby’s hand clamped down a little too much on her windpipe.

“Tell me I’m the best fuck Riss. Say it baby. Say it,” he grunted. He continued grinding his waist against hers, pushing his aching member further inside her, deeper and deeper into her love canal… his hand still wrapped on her throat a slight bit looser, only so she didn’t cough and choke.

“Best… Mmmm Bob. You’re… best. Fuck… mee,” she cried, her arms wrapping around his back. She gripped his skin as best as she drunkenly could as he ravaged her body.

“You’re so fuckin good baby. You love cock don’t you you slut. Your pussy feels soooo FUCKING GOOD AAHH!” Bang! Bang! BANG! BANG! “Tell me you’re a slut Larisa! Tell me you’re a fucking slut!” Bobby yelled at her.

“Ahhh. Aaah. Slut. I’m uh… sluttt. Don’t… Owww. S… stop fuck… …Uhn,” Larisa drunkenly begged her ambiguous request. Her head leaned to her side as she was too tired and weak to keep it facing straight up. “Hurting me…”

“Larisa I’m gonna… I’m gonna come. Aaaahhhh!!” he shouted as he gave his hips one final rock hard thrust, causing Larisa’s mouth to open wide and her eyes to squint shut in pain. His groin slammed smack against hers, impaling her as much as he could. His hands locked her thighs against his sides, keeping her fully tight against him, on him.

“OWWUhhnn.” Larisa’s expression was one of agony for that second or two, sounding like she was crying, although her eyes showed no tears. “Aaaha.”

“Ugghhhhhhh! Fucking slut!!” Larisa groaned quietly as Bobby came inside her. “Oh God you fucking dirty slut!!” He shook on the bed, crushing her under his weight, his body giving out as he violently came, contaminating her as he spewed out his mess.

“Bob… Bobby… Aaahhh. Yesss.”

“That’s it. Come in her fuckin cunt,” yelled Kelly as she zoomed in on their crotches. “Come in that bitch.” Bobby’s breathing was heavy and quick as he tried to slide himself in and out of her, unable to do anything with his overly sensitive dick at that moment. As soon as he climaxed he was done for good.

“Larissaaa,” he grunted.

“Mmm. Bobby,” she moaned once more.

“Mmm yeah. You’re such a good little whore Larisa,” he whispered in her ear as he leaned forward. “So good.” He propped himself up on his arms, adding, “Thanks for the fuck.” Larisa ran her hand over his head, her French manicured fingers pushing through his hair, lightly covered in some sweat. Her hand then fell off his head, dropping down to the bed as she was completely spent… drained of all her energy from the alcohol and sex. Larisa moaned from the sexual stimulation, still waiting to have an orgasm of her own as Bobby got up off the bed, done with using her to fulfill his sick sexual fantasy.

“Mmmm. Kel…” whispered Larisa, her eyes closed, her green shirt tugged up her chest, her panties hanging on her left ankle. She looked as if she got violated. I mean she did. But you get me.

“I’m here Rissy. Just go to sleep,” she said as she put the camera down on the dresser. She walked over to the bed and crawled on top of her, hovering over her exhausted drunk body. Kelly’s long dark brown hair fell down onto Larisa’s torso. Her cleavage was right in front of Larisa’s shut eyes, her breasts almost totally uncovered in her black low cut tanktop. “You were a good girl tonight Rissy.” Bobby stared at Kelly’s ass as her thong stuck up out of her tight jeans, stroking himself lightly as he watched the two.

“Where… Matt?” she asked, not even sure of what she was saying or where she even was anymore.

“He’s in the other room cleaning up sweetie,” Kelly said, lying to the girl. “Him and Bobby.”

“Hmmm,” Larisa cooed. “Bobbyyy.”

Kelly leaned down and pressed her lips onto Larisa’s, tasting her boyfriend’s cum on the girl’s mouth. “Go to sleep baby. I love you,” she said to her older spaced out roommate.

“I love you Kel…” she said, her voice trailing off and her head turning sideways, her right cheek lying on the pillow. Before Larisa could finish, she was asleep. Kelly took Larisa’s panties from Bobby’s grasp as he was using them to wipe the remaining cum from his dick with her leg was still inside them.

“Bobby I need to get her dressed,” she said as she took the underwear from him and put them back on her sleeping roommate. Kelly yanked the black underwear up Larisa’s thin legs, not being delicate with them at all. She pulled them up under her ass and then ran her fingers over the inside of the butt of them, making sure they weren’t pulling or riding on her sleeping roommate’s thighs.

“I wanna watch that,” he said in regards to the video camera as he fondled himself, staring at Kelly as she tried to cover up what just happened.

“You boys have enough left to fuck me too?” she asked just as the camera turned off, cutting away any response.

Larisa rested her back against the cabinet under the kitchen sink, balling her eyes out. “WHY KELLY!!?!” she screamed out, her hand gripping her sensitive stomach. “YOU RUINED EVERYTHING!!!”

“I wasn’t the one who started hooking up with Bobby, cheating on my boyfriend. You did this to yourself.” She walked over to Larisa, bending down, taking a knee. She reached to put her hand on her upset roommate’s shoulder. “Rissy… sweetheart. It’s okay baby. You were drunk,” she said as she ran her fingers through Larisa’s hair. She tried to push Kelly’s hand away as she screamed at her.

“You… you… you taped it!? WHY DIDN’T YOU STOP IT!?!?” she yelled, swinging her arms wildly, trying to hit the bitchy girl.

“You were moaning and telling him to fuck you. I didn’t wanna stop you. I know how you get when you’re horny.” Kelly squatted next to the crying girl, wearing skin tight jeans and a tight pink babydoll shirt. She ran her fingers against Larisa’s cheek as the actress sat there paralyzed. “Riss lemme make you feel all better,” she whispered as her fingers went to Larisa’s chin, tilting her face up as Kelly leaned in to kiss her. The two sets of lips pressed against each other softly as Kelly brushed Larisa’s tears away with her thumb. “I’ll make you feel all better.”

“Nuh… No!” said Larisa as she pushed the girl away. “YOU’RE FUCKING PSYCHOTIC!! STAY AW… STAY AWAY FROM ME!!” she screamed through her tears as she slapped the twisted girl right across the face, way harder than she slapped me. “YOU’RE SICK!”

Kelly lunged forward and grabbed Larisa’s arms at the wrists, holding them to her sides, forcing her down against the wooden cabinet. She pushed in for another kiss as Larisa flailed around on the floor like a woman on fire. “Ahhhhowww!” Larisa’s head banged back hard against the wooden cabinet door as the two wrestled. “Get awAAAAY!!” she cried out as she slapped Kelly again, a river of tears and runny mascara under each eye.

“You know. I’m going to be the only fucking person you have left over here when Matt sees this.” Larisa’s mouth dropped open and her cries became silent chest heaves and quiet shrieks. She was on the verge of making herself pass out as she panted and hyperventilated, working herself up to a heart attack. “You better be nice to me.”

“Ma… Matt???” Larisa managed to squeak out as she gripped her stomach in her hands, the tears pouring from her eyes like the Hoover Dam had crumbled.

“Yeah. I sent him the tape of me and him fucking each other… and I figured maybe he’d like to see you with two guys. Maybe he’d find it hot. I know I got myself off to it four times.” Larisa’s face contorted and she gagged, throwing up a little into her mouth. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and her mouth opened wide, her throat gurgling as she collapsed on her side, lying on the cold floor hysterically crying, her face buried in her hands.

I didn’t know how much time had passed since I finished watching the video. I sat at my desk in my blue cargo shorts and black Adema t-shirt, completely piss drunk. I remained in my comfy computer chair just staring into space, thinking about what Larisa had done but not thinking about the actual sex. I guess it was about an hour or so after I finished watching it when my cell phone rang. Europe. Final countdown. Checking the call ID screen before I answered, I saw it was Larisa’s phone through my blurred vision. It’s the FIIINAL COUNTDOWN!!!!! I hit the answer button to find her struggling to speak, the sound of her voice leaving me on the verge of crying. “…Hey…”

“Hello?” I answered with. Prepare for the drunk dialogue. The drunk typing is the equivalent of drunk talking.

“Matt… it’s me.” She sounded afraid as her usual cheerful voice was replaced by a low timid one.

“III KNOW.” I heard her breathing start to pick up immediately, hyperventilating as she knew why I was inebriated.

“…You’re drunk?”

“I amm, thaasnksss to Kelly’s lil pachkage. TEAll her I got it.” I started to get insanely mad at her, however holding it inside as best I could. I could hear Larisa immediately lose it. The composure she struggled hard to keep was gone. Her breathing was heavy, pounding at me through the phone, her gasps and huffs and puffs beating me like a drum.

“Matthew I’m soo sooo sorry. I was so drunk,” she quickly responded. “I thought it was you Matt! I was half asleep!” Larisa decided her first move was to try to make excuses, laying down one after the next.

“I din’t fuckin realieze I haad two dicks… that you thought it wAS me.” I could tell she was crying now, hearing how drunk I was and how sarcastic and mean I had become. “So when youuu gonna tell mee? Hmmm? Or ddid you think I’d neveerrrr find out??? That… that allll FUCKING WEEKEND we… we made love. Aftert hat.”

“Maaatt… I didn’t even know I did anything with them! I wa… wa… wass half unconscious!” She started to cry as she finished her turn at talking.

“You seeeemed FULLY FUCKING CONSCIOUS when you yell, ‘Bobby you’re the best ever.’ Calling out his fuckning namee.” I was pacing back and forth across the length of my dorm room, my fist clenched tight like I was about to punch the wall or the desk. “Thas why you said uyou hated me this weeknd. Cause you obviosuyl don’t wanna be with me anymore. Now I undersstand.

“Matthew… I… I love you,” my girlfriend quietly said. Surely she knew I said what I did because of the alcohol. Either way, it still hurt her.

“I don’t belieeve you anymore. I really don feeel like fuckin talkihng to yoiu right now.” I could have yelled and screamed, but I was too hurt to even do that. I just stayed as quiet as I could, forcing myself to hold it deep inside.

“MATT PLEASE!! P… P… PLEASE!” she pleaded with me, not wanting me to go. Larisa wanted desperately for us to talk this out and for me to forgive her and tell her it was just a mistake and move on. She begged me through her tears and shaky voice to stay with her on the phone. “MAATTHEEWW!!”

“I ca… …I can’t do this right now,” I said, my throat clamping shut as I was about to lose it. Hearing how upset she was was going to bring me over the edge and let my emotions come out and get the best of me. Her upset voice was the straw that would break this camel’s back.

“PLEASE! I LOVE YOU!!!” I heard her cry out as I brought the grey cell phone away from my ear, clicking ‘end’ as she continued to cry out for me. I sat on the edge of my bed for a minute, calm, lost in thought. I stood up, running my hands through my short brown hair as I took a few steps to the window. I felt a single tear drip down my left cheek. Suddenly I swung my arms, knocking over a stack of books, magazines, and menus on top of the mini-fridge, sending them all over the floor. I grabbed my backpack and whipped it across the room as hard as I could, hearing the thud it made as it slammed against the cheap flimsy closet door. I ran over the few feet to the place I just threw my bag and flung my fist into the cheap wood over and over until my knuckles were bloody, breaking a chunk of the door off and knocking it off its sliding track.

The rest of the day and that whole night, I didn’t really say much. Peter didn’t have any plans so he was around in the room. He didn’t bring up what he saw on the video tape or ask if I wanted to talk. He knew it was best to leave me be as far as Larisa went. “Do you wanna go to a bar or something?” he asked, trying to just be nice, showing that he did realize something was wrong. I guess he thought alcohol would fix it, as I was pretty sober now. I was sure he offered knowing I would say no thanks. He was at his desk, turning around to face me. It was a Thursday night and it would be really crowded and I just wasn’t in the mood for tons of people.

“No. I’m not feelin up to it,” I replied. I thought about maybe going out and just fucking some random girl to get back at Larisa, but I didn’t want to. I loved her. I wasn’t that spiteful. I turned around to face the computer again. I had a flood of emails from Larisa telling me how sorry she was and excuses as to why it happened and why we both didn’t know. I had turned my phone off because I didn’t want to keep hearing her call back time and time again. I also signed off of the AOL for Broadband, not wanting to have her constantly IMing me, but had the webpage open to check my other mail. There’s nothing worse than drunk or angry typing. …Except maybe kiddie porn. Well not all kiddie porn I guess… Are pics of a girl who’s seventeen considered kiddie porn?

Peter’s cell phone rang next, playing Back in Black by AC/DC. He always let it play for a good ten or fifteen seconds, bobbin his head to the beat. It was a new phone where it played the mp3 song, not a midi version, and he was still all excited about it a few weeks after buying it.

“Hellllooooo,” he said in a very monotone voice. He paused then turned to look at me. After a few seconds, he said, “Matt. Phone. It’s Val.” A surprised expression crept across my face, not thinking that she’d have her friends call me to explain what happened. I reached out and took the phone from him, taking a breath before I brought it to my head. I dreaded hearing Val apologize for Larisa, like that was going to make it all okay.

“Hello,” I said, slightly annoyed like I didn’t want to deal with this right now. The words out of Val’s mouth hit me like Rikishi stink face to the …face. Rikishi was a big fat wrestler who would set you down in the corner, then plant his ass on your face and rub it around. “… …” I gripped onto the arm of my chair with my free hand, squeezing it tightly as I got dizzy for a split second. “… Oh my God!! Is she okay?!?!?? … …I’ll be right there!” I hung up the phone and jumped up, grabbing my black sweatshirt hoodie off my bed. Peter watched me on the phone after he heard ‘Oh my God.’ I handed his cell back to him as I grabbed my wallet and keys from my drawer.

“What’s wrong??” he asked anxiously, obviously concerned by the way I was acting. He was even concerned enough to pause the music playing on his computer. Bond right there.

“Larisa… She’s in the hospital. Car accident on her way here,” I rushed to explain as quickly as I could in a panic because I didn’t know how she was. Val said she just got the call from Larisa’s mom and she immediately called me. She also had no idea that we just got into the biggest fight of our entire relationship.

“Oh man,” he said. “Where?”

“The one right here.” Luckily, she was brought to the hospital a few blocks off campus. Thank God the accident was here where I could at least get to her. I didn’t exactly have multiple means of transportation.

“Dude I’ll go with you,” he said without hesitation. I really didn’t want company… someone to slow me down. I was about to lose it with the worry and utter fear I was faced with. My hands shook like Michael J. Fox as I tried to tie my shoes. Finally, I completed the simple task and jumped up off the bed.

“No. I’ll be fine. I’ll call you,” I said as I was halfway out the door. I couldn’t wait for the elevator, not knowing how long it would take to get there. Dina was in the hallway walking back from the janitor’s closet, her pants sagging as always.

“Where you going so fast?” she asked happily as she strolled slowly down the hall towards her room carrying her Brita. Sigh. Brita.

“I don’t have time,” I blatantly spat out. “Ask Peter,” I added so I wouldn’t look like a total dick as I ran through the lounge to the stairs. I couldn’t wait for the elevator in a frantic situation like that. I bolted out of my dorm and started running down to the hospital. It was a good six full blocks away and there was no way I could wait for a campus shuttle bus or a ride from a friend who lived off campus. I blew through crowds of drunk college kids as I bolted down the main road with bars and pubs. I didn’t care at all as the drunk people stared at me like I was crazy for A, running down the street at ten at night, looking all suspect, and B, for wearing shorts.

I didn’t even remember huffing and puffing as I Forrest Gumped it to the hospital, not paying attention to the exhaustion and cold weather that strained my lungs. The burning sting of the frosty air in my throat felt like Icy Hot on my junk. I blocked it out and made it to the hospital in about ten minutes. I wasn’t really keeping time. I busted through the emergency room doors and asked where they had brought Larisa. The nurse did her best to tell me where she was with as little confusion as possible being I was a frantic maniac. Maybe they could have given me something to calm me down… like a bottle of Vicodin. I thanked her as I ran down the hallways full of hospital workers and patients. It was like a scene in ER. And I was the sexy George Clooney.

I turned my head left and right as I sprinted down the hallway, looking for room 118, passing it as I tried to slow down. I busted into the room and saw Larisa lying in the hospital bed in a paper gown, covered by a blanket from the waist down. She has no legs!!!! I’m jk. “Riss!!” I yelled, hurrying over to the bed. “Riss please be okay!” I desperately begged her as I stood over her bed, not knowing exactly what was wrong. She didn’t have any blood or anything on her, but she had a lump on her forehead. There weren’t any tubes in her nose or crazy excessive amount of electrodes. My hands shook in the air as they hovered over my girlfriend, as I didn’t exactly know where to put them, not wanting to hurt her. I had never been so scared in my entire life.

This was even worse than the time I was seven and throwing snowballs at passing cars, one happening to be a police vehicle. I didn’t realize until after I threw it. My parents saw me from the living room window and told me when I came inside that a neighbor with a police scanner heard a kid was throwing snowballs at cop cars, and that the cops were going to come arrest him. I remember begging MUTHER to take me to the mall for new pants so we wouldn’t be home when the cops came. Anyway…

“I’m fine,” she said groggily, reaching for my hand, holding it as she tried to ease my worries. “Matt I’m fine.” Val walked in as I stood over Larisa’s bed, sweating and shaking like President G.W. Bush with a big word written in front of him that he needed to pronounce.

“Matt.” I turned around to see Val, holding a bottle of water in her right hand. “I was just outside looking for you,” she said, wearing a red sweater and beige pants, her curly brown hair pulled back in a pony tail. I just looked at her and turned back to Larisa.

“Riss are you okay???” I asked excitedly. She looked up at me as a tear rolled out of the corned of her right eye, seeing how afraid for her safety I was.

“Matt, I’m okay. Just a few bumps.” Her voice was shaky as she could see how much I cared regardless of what had just transpired. I looked up in total relief and collapsed down in the chair behind me. I rubbed my face in my hands, roughly pressing my fingers against my closed eyes. The adrenaline was wearing off and I felt hot and sweaty, my nose running a little from the cold air outside.

“Thank God,” I mumbled, then sniffed hard from the snot. I took a few deep breaths, squeezing my eyes shut as they were forming tears of their own… trying to stop the waterworks. “Val said you were in a car accident… that she didn’t know how you were. I… I ran over here.” Larisa started to cry as she lied in bed, so happy to see that I came over immediately, so concerned about her. I stood up again and gripped the railing on the side of her bed, still breathing heavily. “What happened?”

“I was coming to see you…,” Larisa started to say as she stumbled on her words, her emotions breaking through the internal restraints she had setup. “…And some guy ran the light and hit me.” I brought my right hand to her face slowly, reaching up to the bump on her forehead, gently and ever so slowly bringing my fingertips to it. She just winced a little and pulled back slightly. “I nee… needed to s… see you,” she stuttered, tears dripping from her big baby brown eyes. Val looked at the two of us, not exactly sure what happened, but guessed that we had a really bad fight if she made the trip to see me. “Matt… I…”

“Riss. No. Not now okay?” I said as I held onto her hand tightly, bringing it to my face and kissing it a few times. “I’m so fucking glad you’re okay baby. I almost had a heart attack,” I said as, starting to cry a little. “I love you so much Riss.”

“I love you Matt. I love you,” she repeated through her tears. I was so fucking relieved to know that Larisa was all right. It felt like the weight of a tank was lifted off my chest. I say tank because you gotta support the troops. Know what I’m sayin? Slowly, my mind cleared up and I calmed down, holding her hand, running my other hand over the unbruised side of her face. Her skin was pale and felt warm against my cold hands.

“Riss, I called you mom and told her you’re okay,” said Valerie, breaking the silence.

“Good. Is she okay?” Larisa asked, concerned that her mom was freaking out. At the same time, a doctor walked into the room. I stood up straight and asked what happened and such. He looked decent, comforting me in the fact that he was not twenty-five and cocky looking, like Doogie Howser… trying to hit on my woman.

“She’s fine. I’m Dr. Sullivan. And you are?”

“Her boyfriend,” I said shaking his hand. “Matt.” Larisa smiled a little at the fact I referred to myself as her significant other… under the recent circumstances. I made sure to give him a really firm and dominant handshake, showing him who owned L.A. Larisa’s ass.

“Hello Matt.” He looked over at Val and then at his chart. “Larisa you’re going to be fine. You have a few small bruises… the one on your forehead and shoulder and then the one on your left thigh. Nothing’s broken and it doesn’t appear that you have any internal injuries. I’d say you really lucked out.” I was so relieved to hear his diagnosis. I don’t wanna confuse all you readers out there with medical jargon, so I’m keeping it simple. That and I don’t know shit about being a doctor.

“What about the other guy?” she asked.

“He has a broken arm and collarbone. But he’ll be fine.”

“That’s good,” she said. Fuck that. I would have broken his other arm… and his legs if I saw him at that moment.

“I’ll have the nurse write you some prescriptions for the pain.” Dr. Sullivan said some other stuff and then left the room. Larisa was free to go home that night after she filled out some paperwork and all… insurance stuff. I called Peter and told him the good news. He had just walked out of the dorm to come to the hospital. I told him everything was fine and we’re taking her back to Val’s apartment to rest for a few days. It was just a block or two away and much bigger than my dorm room… more suitable for her to recuperate. He insisted on coming over to visit before we left, being that it would still be a while before we went to Val’s.

I told Larisa I would go with her to her cousin’s to make sure she was set up okay over there. I was also going to spend the night. I was still extremely lividly pissed off at her, but I cared about her and wouldn’t leave her when she was hurt. I told myself that I wouldn’t bring up what she did… that I’d just make sure I gave Larisa her meds and tended to her. I was just incredibly fucking relieved and happy that she wasn’t hurt more than she was.

“Here, drink this,” I said as I handed Larisa a little measuring cup filled with Codeine. At least I think Codeine is regular old liquid. Maybe it’s something with Codeine. Who cares. Onto the sex! …JK. She was lying under the beige covers of Valerie’s bed, her head propped up on two pillows. Val had let Larisa take her bed for the weekend as she recuperated, deciding to crash on the couch in the living room. Larisa’s bruise had turned dark red, not really black and blue or purple. “This too,” I added, giving her some water. “Make sure to lick the inside of the cup so you get all the medicine.” That’s it. Use that tongue… lick it all. Mmm. Sorry, I digress. The little lamp on the desk in the far corner of the room provided a sufficient amount of light for navigating around the room. The giant overhead lights hurt Larisa’s eyes and gave her a headache, so I turned the desk lamp on and pointed it into the corner so it wasn’t as bright. “Try to get some sleep. You’ll feel better. I promise.”

“Here,” she said as she handed them back to me. I turned to walk out of the room when Larisa called me back. “Matt…” I looked back seeing what she wanted, standing in the doorway. “Matt I’m so sorry.”

“Larisa, I don’t want to talk about this. Not now.”


“I honestly don’t want to talk to you at all right now, but I’m going to make sure you’re taken care of. … … I love you… so much. …I just don’t like you right now.”

“I understand,” Larisa mumbled, her eyes shut tight. She tilted her head back as she sat up at about a forty-five degree angle… due to the pillows. She squeezed them shut tighter and sniffed a bit, trying not to cry. I felt bad that this accident had to happen at that particular time. We should have been apart for the sake of our relationship. The more I saw her, the more pissed I got… the more vivid the mental picture of her and them became.

“You need to take this again in four to six hours. I’ll check back in a few. Do you need anything?” I asked.

“…No,” she half cried softly, trying to conceal her sadness.

“I’ll be in the other room. If you need anything…” I trailed off. She kept looking at me the whole time, as if she was trying to get me to feel sorry for her by seeing her cry. I wasn’t having it. Not this nigga. “If you need me…” I walked out of the bedroom and shut the door behind me, standing in place and sighing. I held my hands on top of my head, interlocking my fingers to support the weight of my arms.

“So are you going to tell me your version of what happened?” asked Val as she curled up on the couch, drinking coffee from one of those oversized trendy mugs like this was the Central Perk in Friends. She was wearing a pair of red sweatpants and a grey t-shirt with our school’s name across the chest in red letters. Her hair was pulled back into a damp ponytail, having just showered a little while before. She didn’t want to wake up her other roommates with the wail of the hairdryer.

“With what?” I asked, sitting down at the opposite end of the tan sofa.

“You and Larisa. She wasn’t coming down here at midnight to surprise you.”

“You really wanna know? Her crazy roommate sent me a video tape of Larisa taking on two guys at once… from the other Thursday,” I said sarcastically, emphasizing ‘Thursday’, the day before we made up and made love once again. She just sipped her coffee, holding the mug with two hands, trying to keep warm.

“And what about the fact that she was drunk to the point where she didn’t even remember it AND wasn’t even conscious enough to realize what she was doing?” Apparently Val and Larisa had a talk before I arrived at the hospital a cold, sweaty, and nervous wreck. I assumed that Val just pretended she didn’t know, trying to mind her own business. “Shouldn’t that count for something?”

“Oh Val… c’mon. It’s not like they raped her. She called out his name and held onto him… them,” I said sarcastically.

“Matt, she could have thought she was dreaming.” Val tried to defend her cousin Larisa. “She said she called out your name at first. And don’t tell me you’ve never thought you had been dreaming and realized during it that it actually was someone else doing stuff to you… and then let it continue to happen.” She was referring to the time she jerked me off under the covers when her and Larisa slept in my bed. I thought Larisa was using her hand on me when in actuality it was Val.


“And you didn’t stop me from making you come when you realized it was me did you.”


“And you pushed yourself against me in your sober state. See where I’m going with this?” BLAST! That was good logic.

“I didn’t let a guy come inside me… and my mouth.” Val just looked at me, staring at me with a ‘what did he just say?’ look.

“All I’m saying is you’re not any angel yourself.” She yawned, covering her mouth with her hand. “Aaahhh. Excuse me,” she said apologetically.

“We weren’t even going out at that time.” We were separated, debating if we should get back or not. Or if this were Friends, we were on a break!!! “Why don’t you get some sleep Val. I can take care of things.” I figured changing the subject wouldn’t hurt. She made a great point… like Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde when she took over the case in the end. I’m surprised she didn’t call her giant protruding butt-chin as a witness, but hey, she won the case without it.

“I don’t think I could sleep now. I was so worried when her mom called me. She was freaking out and didn’t know what happened. The hospital wouldn’t tell her anything.” She yawned again. “I’m just tired from walking around allllll day all over campus… then this… I’m just tired but I don’t feel like I should go to sleep.”

“Want me to rub your feet?” I asked, not intending it to be outwardly sexual, but maayyyyybe partially for my own pleasure. I’m sure on a subconscious level I offered my services to get back at Larisa.

“God, I’d love it,” Val said with a huge smile on her face. She put down her cup of coffee on the coffee table and laid back, resting her head on the soft arm of the sofa. I gave her a pillow from my side of the light beige piece of furniture so she could be more comfortable. She stuck out her feet, raising them and dropping them on my lap. Girl had gorgeous feet. I’ll tell you that.

“They’re cold,” I said as I started rubbing her bare feet, working my fingers against them, applying pressure to the bottoms.

“Yeah. I didn’t feel like putting on socks, she said as she pulled down the light purple quilt from the top of the couch, covering herself with it. “It’s nice of you… staying here and all.” I pressed my thumbs into the balls of her feet, working out the tired muscles.

“I don’t want to be here. It hurts me to even be in the same room as her.” She smiled subtly with closed eyes as I pleasured her lower half. Oh stop it. Not like that.

“Then why are you here? Mmm. That feels amazing.”

“Because I love her and I’m not going to leave her after she just got into a car accident because of me. I’m not that big a piece of shit.” I started getting defensive and self loathing for no reason.

“You’re not a piece of shit Matt. Do you realize how happy you make her?” Val asked as she sat up a little.

“I guess,” I replied, squeezing her feet as we kept the conversation flowing.

“Matt… you’re the only guy she’s ever been with that treats her like a normal person, not as a celebrity. Everyone else bragged to their friends, or paraded her around, or dumped her after they got some, just to say, ‘Hey. I got with Alex Mack.’”

“Really?” I didn’t realize that. She never told me any of that stuff.

“God Matt, she talks about you so much. I have to tell her to stop half the time because it makes me jealous not having you. I wish that you liked me as much as I like you.” I stopped rubbing her feet, still holding them in my hands though as I focused on what she just said. “…I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry, never mind,” she added quickly as she looked down.

“No. No. Val… you like me?” She started blushing and looking down even harder.

“Yes.” I had no idea. I mean, I know she wanted my thick huge cock. I mean, who didn’t. You know? But I didn’t know she genuinely liked me.

“Valerie… I…” I was at a loss for words. What do you say to your girlfriend’s cousin, who you’ve had sip your D, when she tells you she has a crush on you? “For how long?”

“Since you two split up… well… got back together.” She paused, totally embarrassed, not thinking now was the best time to share her feelings. I squeezed her feet, trying to reassure her it was okay. They felt warmer now, having been heated up by my man hands.


“Matt…” she said sighing, not wanting to get into it.

“I wanna know Val,” I said softly.

“She’d talk about how… big you were… but she just kept saying how amazing and sweet you were. And after hours and hours of that and seeing what you did for her and hearing how special you made her feel. I… I had feelings for you.”

“So when you… in bed with her?” Val’s face was as bright red as her sweat pants. She blushed and stumbled on her words. The brunette looked down, suddenly becoming the shyest girl in the world.

“Yes. I… Never mind.”

“No Val. You can tell me.”

“I wanted to do that because I wanted to be with you. …Wanted to please you… Same for the reunion.” I stopped holding her feet, having dropped them onto my lap as I listened to her confess her feelings for me. I was flattered that she had a crush on me. I never saw it coming and assumed any feelings she did have were only lustful.

“Val. I don’t know what to say. I mean, you’re so great, but…”

“You’re with my cousin. Matt I hated holding this back. I couldn’t tell her. I didn’t want to tell you…” Her right foot was next to my crotch and every time she moved it, my cock would twitch in my pants. Before I knew it, the stimulation of her foot against me, her amazing body and great looks, her telling me she liked me… I was hard. She looked down, staring at my erection trying to break out of my shorts.

“…Val,” I whispered as her foot pushed against my aching stiff manhood, turning me on even more. I took her foot in my hand and pushed her manicured extremity against my rock hard dick, showing her how fucking horny she was making me. I grinded my hips up, pushing my throbbing rod against her, forcefully rubbing her feet against my erection. It felt so good as she let me enjoy my fetish. I slid her foot back and forth over my crotch, feeling her push against it harder and harder. I sighed as subconsciously, I enjoyed getting back at my cheating girlfriend, although it was nowhere near an equal extent. After a few seconds I stopped and I scooted back. “God I’m sorry. Val we can’t,” I forced out, realizing this was wrong.

“Oh God. I’m sorry… I’m so embarrassed,” she said as she curled back up into a ball, sitting straight up. She looked as if she had just cheated on her husband, her face drenched in guilt.

“No Valerie. It’s okay. We just can’t… Not like this,” I said, trying to comfort her and make her feel less embarrassed. It was an uncomfortable situation regardless.

“I know,” she mumbled as she looked down, ashamed of what we just did and probably regretting her confession.

“I’m not going to cheat on her just to get back at her for what she did. I…” I looked over at her and moved closer. I took her left hand in mine as I sat to her right. “If I wasn’t with her, I’d be with you in a heartbeat.” The younger girl smiled, looking back up at me as she felt less stupid for what just happened.

“Thanks Matt.”

“I would,” I whispered. I paused for a second, seeing her start to smile again. She was beautiful, her lower half covered by the quilt, her breasts pushing through her tight shirt. “C’mon. Gimme a hug,” I said as I went to put my arm around her. Val slid her arms over my shoulders, squeezing me tightly. I ran my left hand over her back between her shoulder blades. I kept my other hand at my side as a way of restraining my urge to grab her and crawl on top of her amazing body and kiss her.

“You’re a great guy.”

“You’re a great girl,” I said as I gave her a few pats on the back, like a manly hug, then pulled away.

“Yawwwn,” she groaned, yawning involuntarily.

“You should get some sleep. I’ll check on her every little bit,” I said as I stood up, stretching, my cock still semi-erect as it hung down in my pants, pressed against my thigh.

“Okay,” she said as she lied back down on the sofa. I took hold of the blanket and shook it up in the air, spreading it out over her. Then I took the excess by her legs and tucked it under her feet, warming them so she could be comfortable. “See. You’re just so sweet.” I smiled at her as I finished tending to her cold feet.

“Nah. I’m just trying to keep things on good terms in case I ever wanted to get in your pants,” I joked. It was my way of dealing with everything. Well that and killin a bottle of Jagermeister.

“Haha.” I shut the light off to let Val try to fall asleep and then moved back to the other chair in the living room area, sitting there in the dark, giving what Larisa did some more thought. It was hot in the room to me and I was getting uncomfortable. Images of Bobby, Jason, and Larisa filled my head as I sat there alone in the dark with my thoughts. Slowly, I felt more and more like shit, steadily getting more depressed.

Larisa decided to take Monday off from school, staying down with us an extra day, adding a fourth full day to her recovery period. Valerie was nice enough to bring Larisa back to school, dealing with the multiple hour-long-ride as well as traffic.

As the next few days passed, I didn’t speak to Larisa. I learned about her health through Valerie, having her talk to her cousin at least once every day. It was childish, I know that… having one person relay messages between two angry friends. But that was just the nature of this beast. I got a few emails from Larisa, however they ceased after I stopped responding to them, and eventually not reading them all together. In the last one I read, she said she would stop annoying me with them, waiting until I made the next move. After a full week and a half, Larisa’s car was ready from the mechanic. There wasn’t too much damage, just some dents on the driver’s side from the door to the front bumper. I volunteered to drive behind Val in Larisa’s car, dropping it off and having her bring me back down to school. I thought I should finally speak with Larisa concerning the future of our relationship. I at least owed her some time to tell her exactly what I felt, not keeping her in the dark any longer than I already had.

The whole way up there, thoughts of what would be said ran through my mind. ‘Yeah Larisa was drunk and almost passed out, but she called out Bobby’s name and held onto him… talking dirty. She actively participated, at least to some extent… with Jason too. So what if she called out my name thinking it was me? She let another guy come inside her without protection.’ As I recalled the sickening vision from the video tape, I cringed in my seat. On the bright side, traffic wasn’t bad, taking less time than it did when I ran up there to apologize to her circa three weeks before. …You know. So I had that going for me… which was nice.

“Hey Val,” said Larisa as she stepped forward to give her cousin a hug, slightly wincing as she raised her bruised left shoulder. “Thanks for coming down.” The two of them embraced a few steps inside Larisa’s apartment. I stood out in the hallway, looking in, not sure of what to say. As Larisa held her occasional lover against her body, she looked over at me, her chin resting on Val’s shoulder. I could see the bruise on her forehead had lost almost all the swelling, but was still a conspicuous color. It was sexy in that ‘my boyfriend punched me in the face during sex’ kind of way. So hot.

Larisa was wearing a tight pair of girly beige cargo pants and a white low-cut shirt. She had a small dark grey button down sweater over the shirt, showing the same cleavage as her top. Her hair was pushed back behind her ears and her new necklace caught my attention… my last gift to her. I nodded at her as she smiled a little, acknowledging me in the hallway. “How do you feel?” I asked, leaning against the frame of the door. Val was wearing a pair of jeans and a dressy black short sleeved shirt. She held onto her jacket as she hugged Larisa. The heat in the hallway of the building was insane, forcing us to take off our jackets as soon as we got inside. The heat in her building never worked properly. It was always sweltering or frigid. Valerie’s curly black hair hung down, resting against the side of Larisa’s face. As pissed off as I was, I couldn’t help but picture them beginning to incessantly kiss and caress one another as they stood there. Man. Nothing like a little incest… the sweetest taboo. She took a step back from Val, breaking the hug.

“I’m okay. It looks worse,” she answered as she touched her forehead, showing me it wasn’t sore. We both paused for a moment, not sure where this was leading.

“I’m going to use your bathroom. Okay?” asked Val as she looked at both of us, breaking the awkward silence and hinting for us to talk about our current situation without worrying about her being there. I personally hoped she would go in there to finger her sweet pussy to pass the time. Workin that sweet temple of poon that I worshipped.

“Umm… sure,” Larisa replied, her request catching her off guard.

“Kay,” she said as she walked down the hall. “Kelly here?”

“No,” Larisa yelled back so she would hear. The uncomfortable feeling swept through like a plague of locusts on Egypt. Yaaahh. I’m creeeeping deaaaathhh-aaahhhh! Little Metallica reference for you fans out there. “Come in,” she said. “Don’t wait outside.”

“Okay,” I replied as I stepped into her on campus housing. I stood on the edge of the living room area and went to put down my jacket, but stopped myself just as I began.

“You look good,” she commented, trying to smooth things over… start out on a good note. I had on a pair of jeans. Gasp!!! I wasn’t sure if she was referring to my clothes or my physical attributes.

“I haven’t really eaten in about two weeks.” My somewhat snippy remark was meant to show her I was still angry about the whole sex tape thing.

“…Um.” That caught her off guard. “Thanks for coming down here… bringing my car down. Or up, rather.” Larisa stood there, her hands clawing at each other. Her nervous habit had never been more apparent. She looked uncomfortable, elevating herself by standing on her tiptoes over and over, bouncing to get the jitters out.

“Yeah, no problem. It drove fine. I looked it over when I picked it up. It’s fine. … … Riss… We need to talk.” The dreaded words no partner wants to hear. It either meant a breakup, a pregnancy, or an STD from bangin a dirty hooker, usually an ethnic one. Which race? Well I’ll leave that up to you. I could see her gulp, getting nervous like she was Michael Jackson at the end of the trial, waiting for the verdict. …Which is going to be not guilty. Come on. We all know it. I personally would have loved to see him get sent up the river… to see him come out in a few years all ripped, covered with new jailhouse tats. The real question is, is he too white to join a black gang?

“Okay,” Larisa said nervously. We sat down on different sofas, facing each other. I hesitated, choosing my opening statement carefully. “Matt… I’m so… so incredibly sorry. I’ve been crying all week over this… well, since it happened I mean.” She sat with her legs closed, her hands gripping her kneecaps.

“Yeah.” I always said that, not to be a dick, but… yeah. How are you.

“I think about what happened and I can’t eat, sleep… I can’t pay attention in class. …To be honest, I’ve skipped a lot these last two weeks cause I’ve been so upset.”

“Riss… you really hurt me.”

“I was drunk,” she followed up with, trying to immediately defend her actions.

“I’m aware of that. But when I see you… When I…” I stopped speaking, covering my mouth with my fist, becoming more annoyed and pissed off. “You called out his name. And you held onto him.” I didn’t even bring up Jason. Why bring up the lesser crime right now?

“But I called out your…”

“You enjoyed it,” I said, interrupting her. Larisa looked down at her hands, fiddling with her plain unpainted fingers. Her face portrayed a look of pondering and sadness.

“I… I’m not going to lie,” she said, still looking down, taking a second to word her thoughts properly. “Almost any sex is going to feel good Matt. Am I not supposed to enjoy it?” I just sat there. Obviously I knew what she was getting at. “I liked sex with Bobby. …Oh no, no I…” She panicked, thinking she was about to make me throw a fist through the coffee table.

“I know what you mean Riss. Don’t worry.” She appeared calmer, although not much more so. I sat there with a blank expression on my face like I wasn’t even paying attention. She did look beautiful though, comfortable and cozy in her outfit. Despite my ‘agreeing’ with her love of sex comment, I still didn’t fully side with her on that statement. She looked like she enjoyed it too much. I recalled how she looked at Bobby while we all hung out once. I’m sure my memory was a little tainted after all this. She was flattered when he hit on her and she encouraged it rather than blowing him off. She blew off Jason, not Bobby. Literally. It pissed me off as I secretly thought of past experiences with the two new lovebirds.

“Matt, is there any chance of…”

“Larisa I think we need to take a break,” I blurted out, cutting her off, my thoughts at the time affecting my words. I blatantly told her what she didn’t want to hear, although it could have been worse by saying we should break up. Larisa’s jaw dropped and she opened her eyes as big as she could.

“Noo. Matt noooo please! I’m sorry!” she said excitedly in a panic, her eyes starting to get red.

“Riss. I care about you and I love you. You know that. I… I can’t stop picturing you with them… every time I see you, or see something that reminds me of you…” She covered her wide opened mouth with her hand and looked around with her eyes, gasping for air like she just had the wind punched out of her chest. “And it hu… …It hurts so much. You don’t even know.” I started to get emotional, my throat clenching tight like Homer Simpson’s hands around Bart’s neck.


“Let me finish. Please. I just can’t be… around you right now. It pisses me off that this had to happen. I know this was all Kelly’s doing… that… THAT FUCKING BITCH!!!” I yelled punching the arm of the sofa, frightening Larisa, causing her to jump back. I had to take a few deep breaths to calm down. “I just need to be away from you for a while.”

“How… how…”

“I don’t know Riss… Until it stops hurting,” I said lowly, answering her question. She looked down, then at me, her mouth open like… Well I wanna say like she was sucking Jason’s cock, but not enough time has passed for it to be funny yet. The expression lines spread across her forehead like a plague. PLAAAGUE! Darkness three days long… hail to fireee! Buh buh bah! Buh buh bah! Buh Buh buhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuh.

“Excuse me,” she cried as she leapt off the couch, tears rolling from her eyes, dripping down her cheeks.

“Well, that went better than expected,” I said out loud, lowly, to nobody. I could hear Larisa ball her eyes out in the other room, crying to Valerie. I guess if she was fingering herself in there, she’d have to pull her pants up to deal with a crying relative. Possibly. After a few minutes I walked over to her bedroom, listening through the closed door.

“Riss give him time. He just said you need a break sweetie. It’s not permanent.” Break up for good with Larisa Oleynik!?!?! Alex Mack!?!?! Fuck that noise sir. I’m upset, but I’m not stupid.

“I’m sooo fucking stu…ssst… stupid!” It broke my heart to see her upset like this. “I’m such a bad fucking person!” I didn’t want to be the one who ripped her heart out of her chest, but these were the cards I was dealt. I had to do something.

“Sweetie. Shhh. Shhh. Sweetie it’ll be okay. I know Matt. He loves you so much, even still,” I heard Val say, trying to calm Larisa down. I made my way back to the living room, waiting for the girls to finish.

I guess ten or fifteen minutes passed before I heard the door open. I turned my head, looking back behind the comfy brown couch I was sitting on. Larisa walked through the door first, her eyes red and irritated from hysterically crying. Her throat sounded sore from the strain put on it from her sobbing. Valerie followed behind her, hanging back a little.

“Matt. You’re… You do what you need to do.” I could see how hard it was for her to tell me that. After all, she wanted the opposite… the fairytale teen movie ending where I just forgave her and we kissed and held each other.

“I’m sorry this had to happen.”

“Me too,” she said, her bottom lip quivering ever so slightly, but enough so that it was noticeable. It was uncomfortable in her apartment. We both said what needed to be said and still stood there, prolonging my exit, making it even harder for the both of us.

“Can I… Do you think I could get a hug?” she asked with her shaky voice, praying I’d agree. The real question is, where’s the goodbye sex? You’re asking the wrong person my friend. I just write this bullshit.

“C’mere,” I whispered as I held out my arms and took a step towards her. She raised her arm a little, feeling the pain from the accident, but pushed up hard, bearing with it for this final embrace for who knew how long.

“I love you more than anyone ever,” she said into my ear. She grabbed me close, the palms of her hands clenching into fists as she squeezed me in her arms.

“Me too,” I said back to her, pushing her off of me. I couldn’t let myself be swayed by the feeling of us holding one another and how perfect it felt. I needed to deal with this situation… and I needed to do it without drinking. I could see Val out of the corner of my eye holding her mouth and crying a bit as well, her tears silent and small. Larisa stepped forward, bringing her hand to my face, gently touching my cheek, her body shaking a little. She moved forward and brought her lips to mine, trying at one last attempt to either get me to change my mind or sneak in one last kiss. I couldn’t decide which as her soft trembling lips pushed against mine. After a few seconds, I pushed her off.

“I’m sorry… I… I…” I turned around and ran my hand through my hair as I quickly walked out of her apartment, not able to deal with the kiss. She covered her mouth with her hand once more and ran back to her bedroom as she began crying again. Val looked at me standing in the hallway, peering through the foot wide opening between the door and the doorframe. She went to speak, but only silence came out.

“I’m gonna…” I said as I pointed to outside, trying to say that I’d be in the car. “Keys?” I asked. Val shuffled in her pockets and tossed me the keys quickly, then walked back to comfort her special cousin once more.

As I walked into the apartment once again, into the abandoned entryway, I turned around, giving the apartment, Larisa, this whole amazing life I was living… giving it a farewell look. It was all starting to hit me as the consequences of my decision started weighing down my soul. ‘Would she find someone else? Would I find someone else? How long will we be apart?’ These thoughts ran through my mind. Then I had flashbacks of the past two years. Images of us kissing, holding each other, her smile, ‘ah ha black panties,’ and me being completely happy swarmed my mind, flashing by at light speed. Shades of the end of Armageddon. I glanced over her apartment once more, burning the sight into my mind, my hand on the doorknob. And then I backed out and closed the door.

The next month and a half was excruciatingly hard for me. I was trying to cope with the breakup of me and Larisa, a class schedule I hated, and problems with Peter. He had been sick for almost two weeks with a bad cold and that led to snoring. His old roommate told me he would snore on occasion, but would stop after a few minutes. Apparently he never got a cold all last year because now, he would start and sound like a fuckin bulldozer for fifteen minutes, then would stop long enough for me to start to fall asleep. Then HAAAUUUUUUUU!!!!! Gurgle choke gurgle.

I couldn’t concentrate in class. I skipped most of them, figuring that if I’m not paying attention and am not learning much to begin with, why go? I ended up fucking myself over… Sometimes with my hand… wink wink… I had to rely on my friends in the class, which were more like one or two acquaintances, to let me know what I missed. The rest of the semester was filled with a lot of drinking, a lot of working out, and a lot of just sleeping.

People on the floor had heard about what happened with me and Larisa because gossip there just spreads like cream cheese all over a bagels, especially when a floor mate is dating a celebrity. Dina and Cristina tried to cheer me up, coming in to talk or what have you. In their attempts to brighten my attitude, they just made something else stand up. I’m talllkin bout my peeeenis! They even tried to set me up with a friend of theirs, but I just wasn’t ready to date yet.

I tried to be my old self so that people wouldn’t think she fucked me up mentally or anything. We made more signs for girls’ doors. One night I had taken a blue novelty condom and filled it with a little bit of water and hand lotion, wiping a little bit on the open end, and then draped it over Cristina’s doorknob. She’s the type of girl you don’t want to do that to because of the chance she’ll cry. She almost did. The frantic IMs and the banging on my door. Oh yeah, the accompanying note that read, “Mmm Cristina. I loved it when you wore that black skirt.”

I missed the hell out Larisa. I had to take down the pictures of her that I had on my wall and my desk because looking at them was too much for me to bare. I would think of the tape and would just get depressed and angry. Larisa tried to contact me just to say hello… see how things were going. At first I responded to a few emails, just asking how she was recovering from her accident, but after a while my responses stopped. She wasn’t giving me my space and time to heal. It only made it worse and I realized talking with Larisa would only prolong our getting back together, if that was even going to happen.

Sometimes I thought that it was a mistake to cut her off. Just like I felt when we split up for the first time, I worried that she would find someone else. I was afraid to death that she’d fall in love at school with another man while waiting for me. Even though this bothered me, the rage and disgust and sadness I felt was stronger than my fear of her moving on.

Aside from Larisa’s best friend Michelle whom I had met through Lee, Valerie was my real contact with Larisa. She would clue both of us in on what the other was going through. Kelly left the apartment after Larisa complained to housing. She didn’t tell them the whole story, but just how she didn’t feel safe around Kelly. She was transferred to a different building a few days after Larisa got back to New York. Besides the loss of a roommate, Larisa was dealing with the loss of me. It was hard for her. She cried a lot, mostly at night trying to fall asleep. Val kept reassuring her that I was getting over what happened, trying to ease her pain… telling a few little white lies. You can tell that the lies are good because they’re white. If they were black… well… SHOCK JOCK! Larisa had trouble focusing in class, much like me. However, unlike me, she was tough and smart enough to stick with it, a decision that was for the best.

After a tough series of final exams, mostly because I never went to class, school was out for a period of time just shy of a month. I went back home to spend the holidays and vacation with my family. Larisa went back home to California to be with her mom and rest of her family as well.

I sat on my unmade bed in my small room on Christmas day as I dialed Larisa’s cell number. A card arrived in the mail, forewarning me that a package would arrive shortly after. The card said to call her so I could open it with her on the phone. …I assumed that she would do the same with mine. So what if I sent her a present? I’m human. Larisa and I were on speaking terms. As the last two months went by, we emailed each other back and forth a few times. We were talking and that was a step in the right direction. None of us thought it would be good to call… emails seemed stressful and awkward enough.

My family really didn’t decorate to the max anymore. We did the tree to a certain extent. The last few years my mom got tired of the hassle that came with the big fake trees… taking them out and cleaning them… setting them up… being normal. Real trees were definitely out of the question. She’d rather have Nazis put a gun to my head than bring a real tree into our house. To remedy this problem that nobody else seemed to have, she bought a small two foot tall plastic tree that sat on a chest in the living room. The obvious joke to make was, “Mom, the presents don’t fit under the tree.”

Anyway, because my sister and I were grown up and there was a second house now, no one cared about the tree really. I didn’t because I always got screamed at for nothing while putting the tree up… an annual event that stopped me from partaking in the festivities the last few years we did it. If Larisa and I were together and spending it here, I would have bought a tree and did it all myself. I wouldn’t want her to think we were weird.

After four or five rings, Larisa answered her phone. “Matt?” Her voice was comforting, even if it was only one word. I hadn’t heard it since I left her in New York, aside from in my own mind. I couldn’t watch any of her movies or TV shows without feeling annoyed.

“Yeah. It’s me.”

“Merry Christmas love,” she said in a half excited tone. She tried to be chipper and giddy, but I think her calling me by my pet name now felt a little weird for her. Her voice trailed off into dead awkward silence.

“Merry Christmas Riss,” I answered back, only I didn’t think it was very merry at all. We were spending the holiday at my aunt and uncle’s. We traded off every year. It was boring there. I could only take so much of the talk about candle scents and work. I usually just sat in the corner inconspicuously, getting drunk on beer I brought for ‘everyone’.

“How are you?”

“I’m alright. How about yourself?” I asked.

“I’m doing okay. Family’s all in the other room. It was early there, about ten in the morning with the time difference. I guess they started partying hard early.

“Yeah mine too,” I added. “I take it you’re still in your pajamas?”

“Haha. Yes Matt. You know the tradition.” Larisa told me that on Christmas her whole family all opened their presents in the PJs. Because she’s famous and had a big family, and more so since her dad passed away, her relatives stayed at Larisa’s house in the guest rooms.

“Cool. …Anyway, Riss your card said to call you. You didn’t have to get me anything.”

“Oh stop. I wanted to. You’re an important person to me Matt.”

“Thanks…” I commented, thinking she expected me to say the same thing. I would have called regardless of if the card said it or not. It was the proper thing to do.

“…And you should talk, sending me a gift too. It was sweet of you.” I guess she was important to me too. No, I knew she was an important person to me, no matter what terms we were on. I sat on my bed, one leg shoved under me. I could hear my mother yelling about getting ready for the festivities. I assumed some food item was overcooked or something. I just kept quiet on holidays as to not get yelled at for nothing at all. It sucked. My mom yelled about food. It was a nonstop race to get ready to leave or to get ready for company.

“Anyway, open mine first,” said Larisa, getting excited. I purposely made noise as I ripped open the wrapping paper so she would hear what I was doing. The first thing in the giant box was some shirts.

“Okay Larisa… here’s the…” I unfolded the first and saw that it was an Orange County Choppers t-shirt. I had gotten hooked on the motorcycle building show over the summer, watching it constantly. I knew shit about cars and motorcycles, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. Mondays at ten… Discovery Channel. Also two to three A.M. …And now that it’s seven months later, I have no idea what time it’s on. “Oh Riss. OCC. Thank you so much.”

“I know you said you liked the plain ones they wore. I got you black… I know it’s your favorite color.” Larisa sounded happy and relived that I was happy and liked it.

“It is. Thank you. …Okay the second one… Haha. Oh Riss…” I held up a grey Sarah Lawrence College shirt. Remember, because I didn’t fact check the college before I started writing this, I assumed it was an all-girl school for some odd reason. Hence, me in the shirt of a girl-only school is a funny sight. “Riss that’s funny. Haha.”

“Haha good. I figured you would think it’s funny.” There was a pause between the two of us. It was uncomfortable talking to her, yet great at the same time. The two of us just couldn’t express ourselves and say what we really wanted to say.

“…You really know my humor.” It wasn’t a shocking statement by any means, but I think it reflected the amount of time in which we got to know one another. We both didn’t know what to say to one another. “There’s more?” I added, seeing a layer of tissue paper underneath the shirts. “Oh Riss. Riss this is so nice of you. Guitar strings Riss.”

“Yeah. I had to try to explain to the guy at the store what I thought you used. That was fun,” she sighed. “Are they the right ones?”

“Yeah Larisa. They’re the same ones I have.” She had bought me five packs of strings for my electric guitar and five for my acoustic. “Riss… Seriously, this really was nice of you. You put a lot of thought into this. I really, really appreciate it.” My voice turned from blah to excited and happy.

“Good Matt. I’m glad. Okay my turn,” she said, getting antsy from waiting to open her present. I pictured her sitting there in her favorite blue PJ’s, her messy hair in a quick little loose ponytail, shaking the box as I opened my presents, trying to guess the contents. I could hear her open the wrapping paper around the box. “Okay… an envelope first. …Oh my God! Matt!” she yelled out in excitement. “NO DOUBT TICKETS!?!?” I heard her yell and laugh as she did whatever she did with them. I couldn’t see. I was four time zones away. Well three… I don’t know. Whatever. Fuck you.

“I hope you don’t have them already…” I asked in a half questioning half statement sort of way.

“Noooo. I didn’t! Love, thank you sooo much!!” Larisa cried out, absolutely in love with the first part of her present. I wasn’t sure whether I should even buy them for her after what she got with Avril. I didn’t want to waste money if she could get a hookup through her manager again.

“I got you three… I figured you could take two friends. You know… whoever deserves it the most.”

“Love this is soo awesome!” I was thrilled to hear her so happy. Her voice was child-like and giddy. “And… ten bucks?” she added, looking at the other side of the card. I had paper clipped the tickets to one side of the card and ten bucks to the other.

“For parking. I’m not gonna make you pay to go see them.”

“Haha. Matthew! You’re too much!” she laughed cutely. “And the card… ‘I have No Doubt that you’ll enjoy this.’ Matt! Haha. Matt, thank you.” She was genuinely ecstatic over her Christmas present. As I heard her so enthused and joyous, I felt bad. I felt bad because I couldn’t see her like that in person. It was making me miss her more and more as the seconds ticked away… making me angry that I pushed her away for a mistake she made. “And there’s more?” she asked, opening up the tissue paper that also came in the box. “Shirts… My shirts?”

“…Merry Christmas!” I exclaimed in a fake excited way. The other part of her gift was some clothes that she left in my dorm. Well, I thought it would be funny.

“Haha. Dork. It’s cute though. … …What’s this?” she asked curiously, I assumed in regards to the unlabeled CD in there as well.

“…It’s something I had been working on since school started…” I debated on sending the disc at all. I wasn’t sure if it was a mistake or not under the current climate of our relationship. In September, I had started to make a little slideshow of pictures and some videos that we took over the summer. Nothing XXX rated. Being back in school, I was able to do it without having her see me make it. I also recorded myself playing my acoustic guitar… some lovey-type soft slow songs… Coldplay, Five for Fighting, 3 Doors Down… that type of thing. I used those for the soundtrack to the slideshow.

I knew Larisa loved me and I wanted to send it to her to remind her of the perfect summer we shared, being it really was the best of both our lives. But, I also didn’t want to make her cry because we were broken up. I didn’t want my effort and time to go to waste. There were many reasons for and against sending it. “It’s for your computer. Just put it in and watch it.”

“I’ll do it now!” she said in a hyper tone of voice, sounding as if she jumped up to play it. My stomach immediately got queasy, feeling like I ate month old fish.

“Riss… I don’t… Maybe you should do it later… I don’t know if you want to be alone?” She got quiet. There was a deafening silence that lasted about a year long… or a few seconds. It depends if we’re in Matrix bullet time.

“Matt, what’s on this?” Larisa asked, her voice getting more serious.

“… …It’s nothing bad. I… I just don’t…” I was starting to think this would upset her. I really was. I paced back and forth, pulling out my short hair as I regretted even making the montage.

“Okay Matt, now you’re worrying me a bit. Just stay on the phone okay?” Larisa told me as she put the CD into her computer. After a few seconds, I heard some mouse and keyboard clicks, then silence. Finally, I heard the sound coming through her laptop speakers. I sat on my bed as nervous as I was on our first date. The date where I got oral in the theater. Just to clarify. I had no idea how she would take this present.

“… … …” Larisa was quiet, not talking for a minute or two. It was the longest minute or two of my life. It was like I was a girl waiting for the pregnancy test to change color. The anxiety was going to make my heart stop. I knew she was there because I heard her breathing into the phone. “…Love,” she said quietly. “Love, this…” I could hear her breathing still, through the silence of our voices.

“I didn’t know if it was… appropriate… Riss what are you doing?” I asked, curious as to how she was taking this. She hadn’t said anything, so obviously I couldn’t deduce anything by her tone of voice. I started pacing back and forth around my shoebox of a room, again, nervous as all hell.

“I’m… I’m crying a little,” she said, her voice getting a tad shaky.

“Larisa I’m so sorry. I knew that this wasn’t the right time to send this. I’m sorry I upset you. I…”

“No Matt,” she said, interrupting my self-doubting. “It’s a good cry. This is the b… the best gift I’ve ever gotten.” I could hear her start to laugh after a few seconds, I assumed getting to some funny videos or pictures of us.

“You’re not upset are you?” I asked, not knowing when to just shut up.

“Matthew Ryan… This is the nicest, most thoughtful, sweetest, most perfect gift… Now I won’t ever forget this past summer. …Matt I can’t thank you enough.” I was so relieved that she liked it.

“When did you…?” she asked me, still watching the slideshow apparently, from the music in the background.

“When I got to school in September. I didn’t want to have you see it and ruin the surprise.” I listened to the music playing over the phone as she watched the video for a minute or two.

“This was a great summer…” Larisa said softly, finally being the first to speak.

“Best ever…” I replied in suit. There was some uncomfortable silence after those two statements. I wanted to tell her that I wanted her back, to hold her in my arms and apologize over and over for being so stupid for holding her mistake against her. I wanted to tell her what she had been dying to hear for almost two months. Instead… “I should probably get going Riss. We’re going to leave soon…”

“…Oh. Um… Okay?” she said in shock and disappointment. My decision to be a chicken threw a roadblock into the path towards us having a major relationship breakthrough. RECOVERY ROADBLOCK! RECOVERY ROADBLOCK! “Well… Thank you so much for everything Matt. This was the best present ever. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I’m just glad you like them. I really love yours too. Thank you Larisa.”

“Merry Christmas Matthew,” she said, her voice sounding a little disappointed that I had to get off the phone… as if we were cut off from making some spectacular breakthrough.

“Merry Christmas to you too Larisa… Give your family my best.”

“I will. Same with you and yours okay?” she said.

“I will… …I love you, Larisa,” I said, taking my time to finally say it.

“…I love YOU Matthew,” she responded. I could hear the pure excitement and happiness in her voice from my telling her I loved her. I could envision her sitting in her room smiling ear to ear, making her day. This was a big step that I had just taken… one step closer to getting back with her.

“Bye Riss,” I said, finally ending the call. I guess we had our breakthrough after all. I didn’t know if it was the time spent apart, the warm holiday feeling of Christmas, or the pregaming I was doing before my uncle’s house… knocking back my fourth beer on an empty stomach.

“Bye love.” I clicked the end button on my phone, relieved that Larisa enjoyed my gifts, but more importantly, knowing that she knew I still loved her.

Thoughts of Larisa ran through my head a mile a second all through the extremely boring/intoxicated festivities on Christmas Day, as well as the following days. I couldn’t stop thinking about her… how much I missed her, how much I wanted to hold her and kiss her… to see her smile and hear her laugh. And also, to have the best makeup sex with her… obviously. I even dreamed about her, dreaming that it was summer again and we were lying around cuddling and having sex. I woke up so happy each time, sometimes sporting a morning chubby. I decided two days after our call that I wanted her back. This time apart was too much to bear with the longing I felt for her.

I called up Michelle, the old temptress of my dreams, asking what Larisa’s plans were for New Years Eve. I wanted to ask someone other than Larisa in case it was possible to surprise her. Luckily, Michelle informed me that she was having a party at her house for family and friends and Larisa promised to be in attendance. I told her that I was going to try my hardest to make it out to California and surprise her at the party. She thought it was a fantastic idea and could have been even more excited about it than I was. She thought Larisa and I were the cutest couple and she was also a romantic at heart, despite her provocative and flirtatious attitude. I just hoped that I’d be able to get out there, being I had no idea about ticket prices and availability during this holiday week.

A few days later, I boarded a plane whose destination was happiness. Douchechillll!!!!! The only available flight out there was on New Years Eve Day. The ticket was expensive but I didn’t care. I just needed to get out there to surprise her. I was anxious the entire flight, trying to relax while listening to The Hideout with El Jefe and J-dubs, one of my favorite comedic talk radio shows, on my iPod miiinnniiiiii!!!!! Real Radio 104.1 Orlando, Florida. Wtks .com. Of course, the battery died before I arrived on the west coast. Apparently, it wasn’t designed to last through an airport experience. I was pissed I didn’t have a laptop where I could charge it on the plane.

After a few hours, I landed in California. It was about eight at night when I finally made it to the hotel. It wasn’t anything amazing, just your regular Holiday Inn. I had only made reservations for one night, expecting Larisa to offer me a room for free after I shocked her and made her 2004. The plan was for me to just show up a little before the ball dropped, shocking Larisa as the year 2005 began. According to the internet, Michelle’s house was only about fifteen minutes away from my hotel, so I quick grabbed something to eat, took a shower, and got dressed for the party, thinking of how amazing it would be to see the look on her face.

The cab ride was quicker than I anticipated, being nobody was on the road. Surprisingly, it didn’t smell too bad in the car either. I got to Michelle’s house about five minutes before the ball had dropped. I was cutting it close, but arriving too early would ruin the surprise I had planned. I thought I timed it perfectly. Michelle had a nice house on a nice street… a two story light grey aluminum sided house. It was nice, big, and covered with lights for the holiday. I was surprised as to how nice the street was, being only a few blocks from the busy downtown area. Such a quiet place on the edge of a loud hussle and bussle area. It reminded me of the neighborhood in Edward Scissorhands… green grass, development looking houses. I paid the cabbie and gave him a generous tip, being it was the holidays and I was in a good mood. I knew how it was to have to chauffeur people around quickly, having played a lot of Grand Theft Auto.

The front door was unlocked, so I just let myself inside to a pretty big party. I assumed that the doorbell would be hard to hear with music and conversation, so that was the easier thing to do. There were people ranging from ages ten to fifty-five. It was a pretty large crowd for a little gathering of family and friends. It looked like a giant block party shoved in one house. Giving people friendly nods as to not draw attention to myself, I quickly scanned over room after room looking for Larisa, my mystery date… my soul mate. Well… I was her mystery date. ‘Oh crap! Where is she!? Where is she!?’ I thought as I began to panic. There was only a minute left before the New Year began.

Finally, after three overly crowded rooms, I spotted her from across the smaller family room. She was standing over in a corner near the fireplace with Michelle and a bunch of their friends… kids their age. She looked beautiful. She had on fitting black pants and a dark red short sleeved dressy shirt, with red and brown horizontal lines through it. Excuse the crappy description. You try trying to paint a picture off a Third Rock screen cap. She looked hot… so just use that. Her short dark blonde hair hung down at the sides of her face, covering her ears before she pushed it back behind them. She was laughing and smiling with a grin the size of Texas, or Tex-sus as our President says. Never… mess with Tex-sus.

“TEN! NINE! EIGHT!” yelled the crowd of people in sync with the big screen televisions. There was one in every room. Apparently, Michelle’s family was doing well for themselves. I pushed my way through the throng of people as politely as I could, trying to get to Larisa. They acted like people at a concert, not responding to the bumps of those around them. If it were a concert, I would have grabbed a little woman ass as I walked by.

“SEVEN! SIX! FIVE! FOUR!” the stupid hoard of A-holes cheered. I swear to God, it was easier to push up front towards the stage in the general admission area at a Metallica concert. ‘Uggghhhh… IDIOTS!’ in my one and only Napoleon Dynamite impression for this story.

“THREE!!!” Almost there!

“TWO!!!!” I was a few feet away from her now.

“ONE!!!!! I reached out to tap Larisa’s shoulder.

“HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” The place went nuts. BEEEOOOOO!!!!! That’s the noisemakers and party favors. The tall blonde kid next to Larisa turned towards her and said something I couldn’t hear through all the loud celebration. He slowly brought his hand to the side of her face, caressing her cheek as she looked up at him and smiled giddily. Then… he leaned down and kissed her.

“… … …” My throat was closed completely shut. My eyes bugged out and I turned to figurative stone. I just watched in horror as my surprise was shot to fucking shit, right before my eyes. My stomach felt queasy and I became infuriated, then almost immediately depressed. Their kiss ended and she said something to him. I wish I could have been able to read lips, spying on their inaudible conversation. Then, she leaned in and kissed him again… not a friends kiss, but a soft open mouthed few seconds long kiss.

As people around me cheered and kissed one another, my heart sunk like the Titanic… only much faster. Feelings of emptiness and despair swept over my body as I watched her lips mesh with his. His hand ran through her hair as they kissed one another with passion and joy and excitement… the way I was supposed to do it… the way I had done it.

I stood there, locked in utter heartbreak, paralyzed for a moment. Finally, I forced myself to move, backing up away from the group of my peers and heading towards the door. I didn’t want to be seen. I wished I was invisible, like some ghost that no one knew was around. Larisa was “busy”. Michelle was with her boyfriend, making out with him as he had her pressed against the wall. His hands traveled down her thigh, cupping her ass as she lifted her leg to his side. It was all very inappropriate being family was around. She groped his back and head with her hands as they kissed with more tongue than Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis during the love scene in Top Gun. That was the first scene that wasn’t porn that came to mind. As Lee said to me once, “Top Gun was where I learned people kissed with their tongues.”

Finally, I was able to move my limbs and I turned around completely, walking hurriedly towards the door, not wanting to be there anymore. I gave people fake smiles and handshakes as I left, trying to stop myself from being the stranger that made a scene. ‘She found someone else,’ I thought. ‘Everything we said on the phone… she lied to me!’ I was getting livid now… with her as well as with myself. ‘It’s all my fault! I needed a break! What am I stupid?!?!? She’s a fucking movie star! And I do this!’

Michelle had opened her eyes as she readjusted the tonsil hockey positioning, a quick line change if you will, seeing me walk out of the party. She glanced over at Larisa who had her forehead pressed against her new Prince Charming’s, kissing him softly over and over. Her jaw dropped as she had forgotten about my surprise. “I’ll be right back!” she yelled to her boyfriend as she ran out after me, in her short skirt and black shirt, her long brown hair swaying back and forth. “Matt!” she yelled as I power walked down the street with a purpose, just a few houses away from her. “Matt wait!!” I turned my head to see her jogging after me in her dress shoes, almost taking a spill at one point. “Matt! Whew!” she said, obviously a little drunk.

“Hi Michelle,” I said as the look of disappointment was enough to say everything else.

“Matt. I saw what happened. Why’d you leave??” she asked, trying to appear more sober than she was. The sidewalk was lit up with the multicolored glow of all the Christmas lights that covered the houses up and down the street. It was as if it was the afternoon it was so bright out.


“I’m stupid. I’m sorry. Matt come back inside,” she told me, trying to straighten out this whole thing. She looked so hot. I had forgotten just what her beauty could do to me. No, I didn’t have wood, but I was close.

“Who was she with?” I asked as I paced back and forth slowly, only a foot or so each way. I stared down at the concrete as I formulated a list of questions to ask Michelle.

“That was Jason.” Michelle looked down at the ground and then rubbed her arms, hugging herself.

“Jason as in her old boyfriend Jason?” I asked. As in her first time having sex boyfriend Jason? The guy who was special enough to take her flower?

“…Yeah. Matt. Please come back inside,” she said as she grabbed my hands. “They’re not together. Just come back inside okay? C’mon,” she pleaded as she tried to drag me back towards her house, her French manicured hands locked around my wrists. Our arms stuck out straight like a couple of Frankensteins as we fought one another.

“Michelle… if it’s all the same, I think I’m just gonna head back. I’m really not in the party mood tonight.” I felt sick and depressed. I needed to get drunk as soon as possible.

“Matt…,” she said remorsefully. She looked crushed, being she liked me a lot… as a friend of course. She didn’t want to see me upset. She wanted to see me and Larisa, the cutest couple, back together. It’s just a shame she couldn’t stay sober long enough to ensure it happened.

“I’ll be fine Michelle,” I said, trying to make her feel better.

“Then let’s talk out here. How was your Christmas? Get good stuff?” she asked as she slurred a little. I wondered how many drinks she had cause her to slur and inappropriately make out with her boyfriend.

I put my hand on her shoulders and rubbed the top of her arms. “Go back inside. You’re gonna get sick.” Surprisingly, the weather was pretty cold, shattering my prejudgments about California.

“Hunny, are you gonna be okay?” she asked me, genuinely concerned, grabbing hold of my arms once more.

“…Yeah. Um…” My mind was off wandering about what I just witnessed. “I’ll be okay. Get back inside so people don’t worry about you.”

“…Okay,” the sexy brunette replied lowly, hesitating. She knew nothing short of guaranteed sex with her would bring me back inside, so she gave up. She did have a boyfriend after all.

“Oh. Michelle, please, please don’t tell Larisa I came to see her tonight. I don’t want to make her feel bad.” She just paused and looked at me in confusion. “Promise me you won’t say anything okay?” She replied only by throwing her arms around my shoulders, squeezing me tightly. Normally, I would have gotten instantly hard and pressed my member against her sweet temple of poon, but I was in no mood tonight.

“Okay. I won’t,” she whispered into my ear. “You look really great by the way,” she added. She hadn’t seen me in person since my sophomore year of college, missing out on the stud I had become.

“Thanks,” I responded to her compliment. “You look…”

“Thanks hun,” she whispered. “Happy New Year too,” she said before I could return the kind words. Then, she pressed her cold soft lips against my cheek, half on my cheek and half on my lips. Either she was too wasted and missed, or she meant it like that. Who knows. Michelle ran her right hand through the hair on the left side of my head. “Matt, you call me tomorrow okay?”

“I will.” I looked into her brown eyes, seeing a slightly drunk, yet drop dead gorgeous girl. “You look… amazing… as always,” I said, forcing a smile.

“I always do,” she giggled, trying to be funny.

“Go back. Have fun,” I said as I turned around, making my way away from her.

“Call me!” she yelled back as I put another house between us. Then, she turned and ran back inside. Would she tell Larisa what just happened? I had no clue. Always careful with seeing into the future, you must be. Hhmmmm. Yoda was a genius. Probably a pedophile too… but that’s just me.

I made my way a few blocks before I hit downtown. The anger kept me from feeling the cold chill in the air as I walked down the road. Luckily, there were a number of cabs waiting along the sidewalks, I assumed for people leaving clubs and bars. I got in one and made my way back to my hotel, thinking of this disaster the whole drive over. It didn’t help that Mr. Brightside by The Killers was on the cab’s radio. “Can you change the station? Do you mind?” I asked the cab driver.

“Sure guy.” I hoped a less depressing song would be on the next station. What I got… Iris by the Goo Goo Dolls. I desperately prayed for the car to swerve off the road and blow up and kill us both. Yeah. How are you.

I got back to the hotel and called a cab, waiting for it as I packed my stuff back up. I didn’t want to have the old cab’s meter running as I packed up. I couldn’t be there anymore. I didn’t want to be there. Being as far away from Larisa as possible sounded like it would work the best in dealing with my feelings for her. Luckily, I remember to start charging my iPod miiinniiiiii when I first arrived here, giving it some time to power back up. Also lucky for me was the fact that I didn’t unpack anything really, being here for a few hours only. I guess it was more of gathering up my stuff again.

I locked up my room and went to the front desk to check out. Not wanting to seem weird, I told the pretty young girl at the desk that I had gotten in touch with my friend earlier than expected, and would be going there. The beautiful twenty-something-year-old girl didn’t even ask, but I got nervous and just started throwing out fake excuses. I nervously said goodbye and walked outside, hoping that she bought the story. You know, because I was never going to ever see her again. Sigh. The cab pulled up to the front entry area as I walked outside. “Where to?” he asked as I climbed into the back seat.

“L. A. X.” That’s the slick name of the airport dipshit. Fine, fine. Sorry for the insult, but I just got my heard ripped out of my chest. Gimme a break.

I awoke in my bed with the worst headache in the world, completely hungover from my two day drinking binge. My eyes were still adjusting to the light as I peered at the alarm clock on my desk. ‘Two o’clock,’ I thought. I could easily sleep another few hours. I sat up and leaned forward and took two Tylenol pills from the bottle on my desk, my lower half still under the cover of my comfy blue flower blanket. I started to keep everything I could ever need on my desk so I wouldn’t have to get out of bed. Bottle of water, empty bottle for number one, Tylenol, contact lenses and solution, tissues… and lotion.

I downed the two pills, took a swig of water, and flopped backwards once more, my head smacking against the unfluffed pillow. Dah dah daahhh dahhhh… daah dah dah dah dahhhh. The sound of Europe’s song Final Countdown prevented me from even falling half asleep again. I pulled myself back up again and grabbed my phone off my desk. Yeah, my cell was on their as well. “Avril? What could she want?” I thought out loud. “Hello?” I was shocked to hear her voice. I wasn’t expecting a call from her. “Hungover… Yeah. …Merry Christmas to you too. And New Year too.” She had just called to see how the holidays went for me. She apologized for not calling earlier, but with her schedule, she didn’t have time. Not that I’m complaining or anything. I was utterly shocked at the wonderful surprise.

“Eh. Not so good…” I said as I held the empty bottle up to the head of my dick, relieving myself while talking to Avril Lavigne. How many people can say they’ve done that? Not that many. She was inquiring about Larisa, but the most I told her was that things weren’t that great right now. I didn’t want to get into it, especially over the phone with her. There was way too much story to divulge this way, and being the private person I was, I wasn’t about to just lay everything out. I shook up and down as I got the last of the dribble out, then twisted the cap on tightly. “No, I don’t have any plans. …Actually, I really don’t wanna be here right now. At all. Why? … … …You’re kidding. … …No that would be great. You don’t mind? … …Are you sure? I don’t want to be a hassle.”

Avril had said she was doing a small side tour on the east coast, hitting about ten to fifteen cities and was wondering if I wanted to come along to get away for a while. I’m sure she had only offered after hearing how crappy my life was at the moment. She said it would be small local places because it was a mini tour. I told Avril I would be thrilled to after what just happened and all… not that I told her exactly what happened.

“Av that would be fantastic. … …When is this going down?” I asked. She told me that I should get dropped off at the Starland Ballroom a few hours before the show. She said to just call her when I arrived there and she’d meet me.

Starland was a great venue about an hour from my house. It was a small place with a really wide stage, so getting to the front or at least up close was not a hard task at all. What I liked most about the place was the tour busses were parked right outside along the side and back of the building. Just about every show I saw there, I met the band afterwards, collecting pictures, autographs, and guitar picks. On rare occasions, I didn’t wait for the bands, especially if it was raining or snowing. Gary and I had actually waited almost two hours for a few bands in thirty to forty degree weather… of course, me in shorts and a sweatshirt.

Avril kept in contact with me since the time we spent with Larisa having crazy sex and whatnot. She called me more than she did Larisa, liking the cock more I suppose. She was thrilled to hear that I wanted to come on tour with her, but still upset that things with Larisa and I had gone sour. She liked her and thought we went well together. The story of my life. …Well, aside from parts one, two, and three.

After a forty-five minute drive down the Garden State Parkway, Gary and I arrived at Starland. It was cold, about forty degrees. I decided to ask him for a ride because he thought she was hot, and because she said I could bring someone to the show for free. “Man this is awesome,” he said to me as we pulled into the large lot. “I can’t believe you get to go on tour with her.”

“I know. It pays to have connections, I guess.” What a life I lead. We didn’t talk about Larisa and me really on the drive down. He didn’t even know I went to California. No one knew except my parents and sister, to which I didn’t really explain why I came home so soon. I’m sure they assumed why though… my drinking binge and all. I liked to keep relationship things quiet and not brag about them, even if they dealt with Alex Mack herself. Actually, I didn’t include my family in anything really personal. “Av? …Yeah. We’re here. … …Alright. …Okay.” I hung up the phone after about a minute. “She said to park wherever they tell you to and that we should walk up to the bus.”

There wasn’t that big a crowd of people waiting to get in… maybe about ten or so. After all, it was pretty cold outside for people to be waiting in line. And it’s not exactly like Slayer was playing either, not that she didn’t have her following. Also, the doors didn’t even open up for another three hours. As we approached the bus, I saw Avril peering out the side window of the giant black tour bus, making excited, funky, and stupid faces. About ten seconds later, the door opened and she ran out from the bus towards us. She wasn’t in character yet, dressed only in a pair of grey sweats and a black hoodie, covered by an unzipped dark green parka-like jacket. If there are any WCW wrestling fans out there… la Parka doin the little strut/dance. I’m cracking up at the thought of it.

“Matttttyyyyy!!” she yelled as she ran towards me, leaping up and jumping on me. In shock, I took a step back before regaining my balance. I wrapped my arms around her lower half, my hands taking a handful of her thighs right below her butt. It wasn’t in any way sexual. I was just trying to support her weight as she pounced on me. She was tiny, but her baggy grey sweats and black Avril hoodie made her look larger. The perks of being a rock star… you get your own merchandise for free. “It’s so good to see you!” she said as she kissed me on the cheek. As she dropped down out of my arms, she looked up at me, serious again for a short second. She held her right hand to my left cheek, her thumb rubbing against it slowly, back and forth, as she silently said she was sorry for Larisa and me. We locked eyes in a silent understanding. Then, she perked up. “Who’s your friend?” She looked over at Gary and smiled. “Hey, I’m Avril,” she added before I could respond.

“Gary,” he answered, in shock that he was actually talking to her. He wasn’t acting goofy, but just looked like he didn’t believe this was happening.

“Nice to meet you Gary.” She was bouncing up and down, appearing as if she had too many cups of coffee or cans of Redbull.

“Same here,” he said as he tried his best to inconspicuously check her out. She looked really hot, even if she was in downtime mode. Her long blonde hair hung down, bunching up in her hood, obviously not styled yet for the show. She wasn’t wearing a ton of makeup, just enough to look presentable. Think Avril post necktie and preglamour…

“You look great,” she said as her cold hand touched the side of my cheek once more. I could see the half worn away black polish on her nails as she held my face. So hot.

“Thanks Av. You look amazing as usual.”

“Oh stop it. Haha. I look terrible,” she laughed with her insanely cute Canadian accent. “We just got in a little while ago and I’ve been sleeping the whole trip. … I hope you brought some clothes and stuff,” she said as she looked at the two of us.

“Oh. I thought I was just gonna get free Avril tour shirts to wear?”

“Haha. What about pants?” she laughed.

“I thought I’d just get in yours,” I joked half seriously. Half seriously because she’s tiny. They’d never fit me. Oh, you thought I was being sexual? Wow that joke sucked. Douchechillllll! “I’m kidding. Um… they’re in the car. I didn’t want to just walk up to your bus with a giant bag… have your guards think it was a bomb or anything.” I was nervous enough meeting Avril in the venue’s parking lot, even if she was expecting me. I didn’t need to draw attention to myself by carrying a bag with clothes and other items like I was moving in.

“Let’s get them now. You can store them on the bus. It’ll be better to get it over with now than after the show.” The three of us walked over to Gary’s dark red Cavalier. I felt Avril bump into me on purpose, smiling at me as we made body contact and snuck looks behind my friend’s back. She was a nice person, playful and funny when you got to know her. I’m sure Gary didn’t expect that one.

As we made our way onto the bus and stored my bag in the back, the Canadian rock star said we should go back to her backstage area inside the venue. Backstage was cool. It was a couple of rooms connected to a long hallway. The opening bands each had their own dressing room, Avril getting two, one for herself and one for her band. The support acts were out taking photos or doing interviews in their dressing rooms or inside the general admission area.

As we got to her dressing room, Evan and Matt were in there hanging out. Evan was the guitar player and Matt the drummer. The guys in her band were cool, except for Evan. I thought he was a dick. He thought he was all high and mighty because he played in her band. He was just a cocky shit. You’re a fag and your backup vocals suck. Craig, the other guitarist was the one with talent. He was the one with the giant ass pedal board in front of him, showing more talent by having to multitask. Evan was just there to look pretty. Pretty fucking douchechill.

Avril introduced us all and we sat around bullshitting for a few. Evan kind of gave me attitude, but that was only because we didn’t really get along the time I got to play with her on stage… Larisa’s birthday gift to me. The two guys already knew me, so they were talking to Gary for the most part, finding out about him. They didn’t ignore me, as we just said what was new and all that. After a few minutes, Avril started talking to me, letting the three boys talk it up. “How are you Matt?” she asked me, quietly, referring to me and Larisa.

“Eh.” Avril just stared back, her eyebrows rising like she was waiting for me to continue. “I think it’s over,” I told her. Her face turned to an unhappy Canadian angel. She grabbed my hand and squeezed it, pulling at it a little.

“C’mon. Let’s go somewhere where we can talk,” she said as we excused ourselves from the room. Everywhere seemed pretty busy, so we made our way back to the bus. She told her security guard to wait in the building or outside, that she needed some privacy. Obviously, he wouldn’t wait outside, being it was balls ass cold out. I guess he would stand by the backdoor of the venue where he could see the bus and stay warm. Maybe he’d just leave her be. I didn’t know the rules. “Matt what happened?”

“…” I sighed. “I’ll try to give you the quick summary,” I said. I paused for a moment, trying to plan out this saga. “We got into a stupid fight one day because she was on her period, so she went home. I drove up to her school and spent the weekend, and we worked it all out. Later I found out that the night she got back, she was with two guys at the same time. She was drunk and upset… really, really drunk actually. She wasn’t really into it and I don’t even know if she knew what was actually happening.”

“Oh my God!” Avril exclaimed as her right hand reached out and squeezed my knee. Her face began to give off a shocked/upset look, causing her to bring her tiny left hand to her face, covering her mouth. “How’d you find out?”

“Her crazy roommate sent me a tape of it. It was her boyfriend and his friend.” Her jaw just dropped, not expecting that. “She taped it. Ugh… …So, I told her I didn’t want to be around her for a while and we took some time apart. Then I realized I still loved her and I thought she loved me… we talked here and there. So from what I could gather about our relationship, I flew to California to surprise her at a New Years Eve party.”

“Aww. And?”

“And she was kissing an ex-boyfriend… the guy that took her virginity.”

“Oh Matt…” Avril said, feeling bad for me. She looked down, thinking of any excuse she could give me for Larisa’s behavior. “…Well I mean, it was New Years Eve. Friends kiss.” I felt embarrassed and I didn’t want to look her in the eye. I sort of felt like I somehow was at fault and just embarrassed that I couldn’t handle a relationship. It’s hard to explain. But I was embarrassed.

“Not like this.” Avril looked back up at me. “…Definitely not,” I mumbled, adding more to really cement the image in her head. “So it’s over. There’s nothing I can do. I fucked up by taking too long to get over it.” We talked a little more and she told me how sorry she was about it. She genuinely showed concern for me. At first, when we first met, it seemed like she just wanted to fuck me. However, we became fast friends, and she genuinely liked me as a friend, not just as a good lay… which I was. Obviously. I’m writing the story.

“How are you dealing with this all…? I mean since you first split up.” She looked at me, totally giving me every ounce of her attention. As she talked, I kept focusing on her little thin perfect lips. They were so delicate and defined… Avril Lavigne had the perfect mouth.

“With a lot of drinking…” It was true.

“You didn’t want to get back at her with another girl?” Avril asked, her hand still resting on my knee.

“No. I was too… just sickened with her. I couldn’t have physically been with another girl at that point,” I tried to explain. Her hand moved from my knee up to my thigh. She moved off the seat across from me and sat down next to me on the sofa-like bench seat.

“And what about now?” Avril whispered to me, our heads just a few inches away from one another’s. I looked into her blue eyes surrounded by the black eye makeup. Her mouth hovered a little bit away from mine… as if a kiss was about to follow. Her tiny hand squeezed my thigh, only inches away from my already hardening cock.

“…I… I think so,” I said quietly and slowly, hesitantly, yet still leaning in towards Avril, pressing my lips against hers. All my problems slipped away as I slid my hand through her long blonde hair, feeling her locks fall between my fingers. It was like letting strands of silk tease my hands. I’m talking silk like Rumpelstiltskin style. The good shit. As she started to reposition herself, I grabbed her upper thigh and pulled her on top of me, having her on her knees straddling me, each leg on either side of me. It was like no time had passed since the last time we fucked one another. She grinded her hips against my stiff cock, rubbing herself against me through my cargo pants. Yes. I said pants.

“Mmm,” she cooed as she held her small hands with the worn black nail polish against my cheeks, pressing her tongue into my mouth. I ran my hands up over her thighs to her ass, taking a couple of handfuls of her tight little caboose. The Canadian singer would stop kissing me and look into my eyes, our foreheads barely touching, her thumbs tenderly brushing over my cheeks. Then, she would kiss me again with a lover’s kiss.

“Av… Av,” I whispered through our smooches. I was incredibly horny. I had not kissed another girl since Larisa and I had our ordeal. The only sexual touch I had from a woman was Val’s foot on my cock as we took care of Larisa after her accident. As hard as it was to believe, I didn’t run a single batch in the two months. I just couldn’t get into it without thinking of Larisa. Eventually, I just stopped trying all together.

“Mmm Matt. God I’ve missed you,” the singer said as she pulled my head back by my hair, making me face up at the ceiling, putting my neck in her face. She planted small yet fierce kisses along my neck, up under my chin, then moved back up to my lips. I closed my eyes tight as she turned me on and stimulated parts of me that had been dormant for far too long. My breathing quickened like I was a virgin again, the feelings of pleasure overwhelming. Avril took control of the situation, making me submit to her unspoken demands. She devoured my face and neck with a special softness, her thin warm lips feeling like two slices of Heaven. Her small tight body felt so good pressed against me as we made out hardcore in her tour bus. Although, I’m sure anything would have felt good against me… even a sixteen-year-old girl… even a sixteen-year-old girl with a prosthetic leg. But that’s just my thing.

“Mmm. Av…” As the two of us shared a lustful series of kisses, my mind wandered back to the first time we slept together, and eventually Larisa popped into my head. I stopped kissing her as I was distracted by the thought of my girlfriend… my old girlfriend…

“What’s wrong?” she said as she pulled her lips off of my mouth and leaned back a few inches. She raised an eyebrow as she breathed more heavily than normal, her right hand on my left cheek, her fingers softly stroking my face.

“I’m… I’m sorry Avril. It’s just…” I felt bad. I thought of how this wouldn’t be happening at all if it weren’t for Larisa. She’s the reason I met Avril Lavigne. And I had just spoiled a great hot moment.

“Look Matt, if this is about her…” I didn’t say anything, but just looked down instead, down to where I could have seen cleavage had she not had been wearing her hoodie. “Matt, um. I don’t know how to say this. …Matt I’m not looking to get attached with you. I’ve just been really stressed out lately, touring and stuff. I know you’re going through a rough time. I figured maybe we could distract each other,” she said as her spread legs forced her crotch to press against my still rock hard Johnson, my tool lying flat against the length of her covered vagina. “Maybe help take our minds off of our problems.”

“…” I didn’t know what to say.

“I need you to know going in, it’ll be a lot of casual sex. Haha. I hope you can handle it,” she joked. I didn’t think that hooking up with her was totally wrong, being my relationship was in limbo and Larisa and I weren’t technically together. Hell, she was making out with other guys and doing who knew what else.

“I’d like that Av,” I said softly, succumbing to her physical assets and accepting her proposal. Even though Avril’s intentions were unromantic and she seemed like she wanted to just use me for her own pleasure, she had a sweetness about her. At that difficult and confusing time, she made the choice seem so easy.

“You’re sure now?” she asked, double checking my response, looking down and opening her eyes wide.

“Yeah. I’m sure,” I replied. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have someone help me forget my problems. “So how can I be of service?” She just smiled wickedly at me and scooted up closer to me, rubbing her pussy against the pulsing shaft of my member as she did so.

“Well…” Avril whispered as she looked at me coyly. “Getting fucked right after I get offstage every night would be nice. Do you think that you could be my special roadie?” YEAH… HOW ARE YOU.

“I think I could definitely tackle that job,” I whispered back as I leaned in to kiss the younger girl, pulling her small fragile body against me tightly, one hand on the back of her head and one hand on her rock solid little ass.

“Mmmmm. Good.”

Gary and I were allowed into the main room of Starland before the doors opened up due to my special connection. E.g., the girl I was going to fuck after every show on the tour. She told us that we could hang around on the side of the stage, but we both said we’d prefer to wait with the general admission folk, being able to pick our spots before everyone else. Being able to not have to hold a piss for two hours online outside was nice too. Although I had solved that problem for the Papa Roach concert. One of us would run back to the car and piss in a bottle, then come back and the other one of us would do the same… minutes before the doors opened. We used different bottles, as not to have it touch my D then his. That’s too f ’in gay. And as for the general admission choice we made for Avril’s concert, having a room full of fifteen year old girls rubbing up against us… who’s gonna pass that up? C’mon.

“Sorry to leave you back there. She wanted to talk to me privately about something,” I said to him, feeling bad about having left him with her drummer and douchechill guitarist.

“It’s fine. Matt is cool. Evan is an ass.”

“I told ya.” The two of us continued to make small talk, wondering when the doors would open.

“I think I see some movement over there,” Gary said as he looked over at the darkened area where the doors were.


“Not that kind of movement.” The fecal kind. Heh heh… After a minute, people started to quickly fill up the area in front of the stage. Young teens would crowd up by us while their parents waited in the back at one of the many, many bars Starland had to offer. I swear they had seven or eight. Finally, the lights darkened and the show started. The first band sucked. The second was Butch Walker, whom I had met when Larisa and I went to see Avril last time on a much bigger stage. His stuff was kind of a non gay Dashboard Confessional type deal. It was good and he put on a great show. What was also great was the hot lil brunette chick standing next to me, her arms draped over the barricade. She was wearing a tight pair of cargo pants and a white tanktop with a necktie. She couldn’t have been a day over sixteen. What a moron. Didn’t she know the necktie look was so 2003. I would have loved to put it between her ass cheeks and make her cry and yell, “I’m sorry! No more neckties! No more neckties!” Take her to school. You feel me?

We were dead center in front of the stage. When Avril came out, finally, the crowd went nuts. Girls pushed from all directions trying to get closer. As she started the first song, she looked down at the two of us, then smiled at me, giving me a wink. She was wearing a tight little pair of black Dickies pants and a small tight blue t-shirt with a white logo and lettering across the chest, short enough to show off her studded belt and sometimes her tummy, depending on how she was standing. I couldn’t place what the shirt said, guessing maybe it was Canadian eh. She looked insanely hot. Her long blonde hair swung back and forth as she ran all over the stage, playing to the crowd very well.

As her set progressed, she kept flashing me smiles and winking, causing my tool to harden a little each time, knowing full well what was to come afterwards. At one point she jumped down between the stage and the barricade, coming right up to me, singing her song as she stood less than a foot from me. I could only smile as she touched the hands of the hysterically screaming teens and preteens surrounding me and Gary. The other members of her band were nice enough to throw more than a few guitar picks in our general direction, which we in turn snatched up, in some cases ripping them from the hands of the girls around us. Hey, if we didn’t have any tickets to get autographed, we sure were going to take something home. In my case, hopefully a used pair of panties to go along with the guitar pick.

Finally, the show had ended and as me and Gary stood sternly in place, scouring the floor for guitar picks and set lists and anything else of memorabilia-status. A roadie bent over on stage and waved us to come through. As we went to jump over the barricade, this dickhead security guard started giving us shit. The roadie saw what happened and tapped the guy on the shoulder, waving us in. Fuck that prick. He was the same douche who wouldn’t give me a Three Days Grace guitar pick that landed on the edge of the stage. He said, “No, I cant.” The tried to use some slight of hand shit and grab it and put it in his back pocket, like I wasn’t watching him intently. This little Irish dipshit was fucking five foot five and a hundred and seventy pounds. Bouncer my ass. He’s always look like he was gonna get smothered by a crowd surfer.

The roadie pointed towards the hallway, yelling over the PA’s exit music that we should go to her dressing room. The show had already been over for a good ten minutes as we reached Avril Lavigne’s dressing room area. The band sat down on leather couches, sweating, wrapping towels around their necks. One by one they all left to go shower and change so they could go out and sign stuff for the insane fans that were waiting in the cold by the busses. I’m the insane one, because I’d be the kid out there in shorts.

“Great show Av,” I said as I plopped down next to her. She was all sweaty from the performance and the heat in there from the lights and the equipment. She took a big gulp of water from one of the many bottles on the table.

“Thanks Matt. You looked like you had fun. Did that high school girl next to you rub against you enough?” she asked playfully.

“HA. Haha,” Gary said, bursting into laughter. It was unexpected to the both of us. He laughed as I got nervous.

“…No. She didn’t,” I simply stated using humor as a way out of the awkwardness. Like after sex with a fat girl, I was slapping the thigh and riding the wave out. After a few minutes of talking, Avril kind of hinted that the party was over. As nice as she could, she ended the night. “Well, I need to go shower and then we’re going to get on the bus and go, okay Matt?” she said as she stood up, sighing as she was tired from the performance.

“Sure. You’re the boss.”

“I am.” She stretched her arms up and grunted, getting out any tightness in her small tight body. “Gary, it was nice to meet you.”

“You too. Thanks for getting me in for free and everything.”

“Oh, no problem. You’re welcome. I’m glad you had a good time.” Avril’s music wasn’t Gary’s favorite cup of tea, but he enjoyed it. Her hotness also helped out a lot, especially being so close and being able to see her clearly. “Forgive me for not walking you out, but fans and whatnot…”

“It’s cool,” he said, hesitating before leaving. I guess he didn’t know if I was coming with him or what.

“I’ll walk you out,” I said, breaking up his nervousness.

“Here, take this,” said Avril as she threw me her backstage badge. “Incase there’s any problems. Hurry back okay?” she said as she winked at me, taking another sip of ice water. Nice.

Gary said goodbye as we walked out of their main dressing room. “So whad you think?” I asked.

“Dude I can’t believe you’re goin on tour with her.”

“I know man,” I replied back, having it sink in more now. “Whad you think?”

“She’s so hot. Fuckin tiny dude. I had no idea she was that small.” Avril was petite to say the least. She was probably five foot three and a hundred pounds if that.

“I told you.” We made more small talk as we got to the main door. I thanked him for the ride and everything. He didn’t care, having gotten a free ticket and backstage pass. Finally, we split up, going our separate ways. I turned back around and headed for Avril’s dressing room.

I entered the main room where we all sat and recovered from the show to find it empty. “Avril?” I asked out loud, knocking on her private room’s door, the room Avril had for herself.

“Matt?” she yelled through the closed door. I turned the handle and cracked it open, peeking in.

“Yeah. Can I come in?” I asked, my ear to the open part.

“Yeaaah,” she answered back, louder than before. I opened the door more to find a shocking site. She was leaning back on a black leather couch with her legs spread open. She remained in her sweaty clothes, her hand covered by her unzipped pants. Her left hand was furiously pounding away at her little wet pussy as she watched me come into the room. “Mmm. Close the door.”

“Well, isn’t this quite the sight,” I mumbled out loud to myself as I watched her masturbating. She stuck out her right arm, moving her fingers in a come hither motion.

“Uhhhnnn. I realize that… mmm. That you had your friend here toniiiiight,” she stuttered as pleasure coursed through her body. It was much like the golden power beams that ran through Skeletor in the Masters of the Universe movie… only not as bright. “But every… single… night I want you back here. Aahhh yess… Back here, waiting to fuck me.” I took a few steps closer towards her, my penis painfully hard, ready to fulfill my job description. I was about a foot away from her when she reached out and grabbed my shirt collar, pulling me down on top of her. My arms shot out and held myself up over her so I didn’t fall on top of her and crush her. Avril shoved her tongue into my mouth without warning, forcefully fucking my mouth with it as she diddled herself.

“Mmm baby. How do you want me?” I asked as I pulled my head back away from her.

“I need… mmm I’m gonna come sooon… Fuck me… from behind,” Avril groaned as she stood up. I grabbed her left arm and pulled it out of her pants. Sliding my left arm around her slender waist, I pulled her against me, pressing my aching cock against her unbuttoned wet pants. I pulled her sticky hand to my mouth and started sucking her fingers, one at a time at first.

“Tastes, so good.”

“I know,” she added softly. Avril panted a little even though she wasn’t masturbating anymore.

“Av how do you want it tonight?” I asked her while still sucking her juices off her fingers, not sure of how she needed to be taken care of. “Soft, hard… what? How should we go about this?” I wanted to make sure I gave her what she wanted and made this worthwhile.

“Well, I’m the rock star. And I tell you what to do. I want you to shove that big fucking dick in my tight pussy and fuck me. Do you get me??” she grunted at me, pulling her hand out of my mouth. I guess someone was still in character.

“I think I get you,” I responded as I immediately spun her around, causing her hair to fly out to the side, and pushed her hard against the couch. She stumbled forward, losing her balance, falling on the leather seat. I reached forward and grabbed her unzipped pants by the studded belt and ripped them down below her ass. Her pants fell down, resting on the back of her knees as she kneeled on the couch, her chest resting on the back of the sofa and her head on the top of it. “No panties?” I asked, angrily.

“No… Mmm Matt, fuck me.” I slapped her ass hard with my hand as she reached up on the back of the seat and gripped the fabric with her hands, bracing herself for getting railed hard.

“God you’re such a slut.” She turned her head, panting from anticipation as I unzipped my green cargo pants, pulling my erect rod out.

“Matt, please… Condom okay?” she said shaking her head over to the table, where a Trojan sat. Neeeeeehheeeeeee!!! (horse noise) Trooojan maaaaahaaaan!!!!!! I realize she didn’t want to break the mood, but it was important to her and I didn’t know her status on birth control. I had used one with her when Larisa was with us, but using it only on Avril. I reached for the premium latex condom… shameless plug… and opened it, easily putting it on my cock. After all, I had busted in one just to see what it felt like… a few times… so I knew how to operate one. Oh excuuuuse me. I was a virgin at one point. God.

I reached out and ran my thumb over her asshole as I pulled the condom down over my member a little farther, making sure it was completely unraveled. Avril gasped and cooed a little as my thumb pushed into her tight backdoor. I felt it clench down hard around my thick digit, obviously not used to having anything in there besides yesterday’s burritos. I stood up on the couch, my legs at either side of hers as I pushed my thumb deep inside her virgin asshole, causing her to moan.

“Mmmm.” Without warning, in one swift motion, I plunged my thick aching tool deep inside Avril’s pussy, dripping with her own sweat and sexual juices. “Aaaaah!!!” she screamed as I was instantly fully inside her. I immediately started bucking my hips back and forth, slamming my condom covered cock inside her tight little hole, fucking her doggie style. “OH FUCK YESS!” she screamed out in pleasure as her hands clenched around the leather seat. She gripped handfuls of the black material as her body rocked hard against it. Avril moaned and whimpered as we fucked backstage after her show. The top half of her body draped over the back of the couch, almost lifeless as she got railed. “Mmm. Mmmnmm. Uh. Uh. Hmmm.” Avril’s body jerked hard against the leather as I gave her one hard pump, and then another, and then another, each time slamming her against the cushioning.

“Is this what you want?? Is this how you need to be relieved after every fucking show baby?” I grunted into her ear as I leaned forward, resting my body against her sweaty blue t-shirt. Her pussy was so tight compared to Larisa’s. Not that hers was loose or anything, but we had so much sex that it was bound to give a little. I ran my hand over her shoulder and up the side of her head, finally pressing my palm against her forehead, holding her head up and back towards me. The two of us fucked like animals, my body overtaken by my primal urge to procreate. I could feel my balls slapping against her ass and then back at the zipper of my pants, as I… we… were still fully clothed. Something about that made it sexier.

“Ye… yessss. Aah! Aaahaaa! Fuck yesssss!!! Ggggrrrrrrrrraaah. FUCK ME!!!!” she screamed out in a deep voice, like she was possessed. I pulled back on her forehead, forcing her to look straight ahead as she stuck her arms out for support. I yanked her head back closer to mine, hearing her cry out in pleasure and pain at the same time. Her throat arched out forward as I made her look at the ceiling. “Yes! Yes! Oh God, just like that!”

“Say my name,” I said sternly into her ear. “Say it when I fuck you.” I sucked her ear for a full two seconds after I whispered into it. Avril’s small body bounced into me repeatedly. She was so small and tight and I felt powerful over her small frame.

“Ahhhh Matt! Matt! Just like that Matt!”

“Who’s the best?” I asked her as I gripped her hips, yanking her back into me every time I pushed my crotch forward, stabbing her with my skin spear.

“You’re… you’re the fucking best Matt! Aaaah! Aaaah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” she screamed every time I impaled her on me. Hearing her moan and pant my name caused me even more arousal. I fucked her harder each time she spoke the word. The black leather sofa shifted on the floor as we rocked out on it, not being wedged against something.

“You couldn’t even wait ten minutes for me could you? You had to start fucking yourself huh? Huh??” I groaned into her ear. “You fuckin little whore. How am I… supposed… Uggghhh! …To do my job… If you can’t… stop… yourself?!” I said angrily into her ear, thrusting my thick swollen cock inside of her harder and harder with each phrase. I could feel her tight pink pussy lips rubbing over my shaft as I slid myself in and out of her, her little labia dragging over my meat.

“Oh my fucking God! Oh my fucking God Matt you fucking bastard!” Avril gritted through her teeth, loving every second of it. I slid my arms around her toned thin frame, around her chest, pushing myself down on her, crushing her small person. I was easily able to completely surround her body due to her petite size. I pushed my hands up inside of her sweat drenched blue shirt, darker in some areas from the wetness, roughly groping her small tits through her bra. I pushed myself down on and deep inside of the young singer as I fucked her doggy style over the couch. She screamed out in pleasure even more.

“AAAH! Yess!! Ohh ooohhhhh. Grrr aaaahhh!!” I felt Avril’s tight pussy lips trying to strip my cock bare, tugging at the condom with each thrust. I kept fucking Avril as hard and fast as I could, taking out some of my… most of my aggression with Larisa. “Ahaaow. Oww,” she grunted as I had my arms under her chest and inside her shirt, my hands wrapped around her shoulders. Her shirt pulled up towards her head as I kept pushing my arms up to her shoulders, pulling her onto me and stabbing her hard with my dick, trying to pierce her stomach a few times. “Aaaah SHIT!” she cried out. “Aaahahaaa!!”

I could feel her cunt muscles clench down on my cock like a vice as she was about to orgasm hard. “You gonna fucking come already??” I said in a pissed tone right into her ear. As I spoke, my lips rubbed against her ear, that’s how close I was to her head. “That’s what you fucking get when you can’t control yourself,” I added as I squeezed her breasts hard in my hands. I pinched her nipples through her bra, pulling them down away from her chest, stretching them roughly, then squeezing and groping her chest once more.

“Oooohh… myyyy… Gooodddd!!!!” Avril belted out. “Please don’t stop fucking me. Never stop fucking me. Please. PLEASE!!!” she screamed out, one toe over the line of coming on my meat stick. I wrapped one arm around her stomach, pushing on the top of her thighs by her waist, forcing her back against me. My right arm pushed under her torso diagonally, my hand wrapping around her left shoulder, giving me more control as I angrily and violently fucked her. She was not the only one releasing some pent up frustration. I thought of how I would fuck Larisa, if I was punishing her for her sins against me. Those feelings fueled my fire as I slammed myself deep inside Avril, rocking the sofa back and forth, hearing the rubbing of our bodies against the loud leather… the ripping and rubbing sound of leather on leather and skin on leather… the farting noise when we rubbed against it.

“Tell me I’m a good boy Avril. Tell me,” I grunted as I pulled on her hair a little, bringing her ear to my mouth so she could hear my orders.

“You’re… a good… boy. Fuck!!! Ughhhhnnn!!!! You’re… Oh God you’re such a good boy!!! Keep fucking my pussy! Pleeeease!!” I was able to feel myself sliding back and forth against the soft walls of Avril’s pussy through the condom. However, it prolonged my urge to explode. My body towered over hers as I smothered her from behind. Her begging and groans and cries of pleasure filled the quiet room, probably being heard from outside. “Ahhhhaa. Matt! Matt! I’m so close… I’m so…” Her black fingernails were about to rip the leather couch as she clawed at it in reaction to my dick stretching out her hole.

“You gonna fucking come you little bitch??” I grunted as I pulled her into me hard and fast, as if she was my hand and I was jacking off, running an angry batch.

“Yesssssss. AAAH MAAATT!!! I’M! I’M! AHHHAAAAA!!!” she cried out in one last fit as she shook in front of me. Her body gave out as I raped her sopping wet pussy with my man of steel. I pushed forward and pulled her back into me simultaneously as I rested my chest against her back, our sweats mixing as we violated the poor leather sofa. My hands gripped her shoulders, my palms on the front of her body, forcing her to impale herself on me as deep and roughly as I could. I felt the tip of my dick press against the back of her cunt as it wasn’t stretched out enough to accustom me.

“Come for me… Uhhn. Come for me,” I whispered as I tried my hardest to finish as well. We had only been fucking for about fifteen minutes or so as she came, primed from her own doings. Even though I hadn’t busted in two months, I was able to last longer than expected due to the thick condom.

“Fuckkkkkkin SHIT!!!! Avril yelled as she spasmed, her body arching up in the air out of nowhere, then collapsing still on the couch. Her vagina clenched down tight as she trembled on the back of the couch, exhausted, her body sensitive. She went limp as I pounded and tenderized her cunt with my meat hammer for a little while longer. “I’M COMING!!!” I was so close to climaxing, her cries of ecstasy the thing that did it. “Ooooohhh GOD YESSS!!! AHHANNN!!” A few minutes later, my seed burst out of my pee hole, filling the tip of the condom.

“Aaaaaahhhh!” I yelled out, panting from lack of breath. “Unnnhhnnn!! Aaah!” I breathed heavily as I lied on top of Avril, supporting myself on the young girl’s exhausted body. Slowly, I pulled out of her and collapsed sideways, falling on the couch. My cock still twitched subtly as my orgasm came down. My thighs and front of my pants were covered in her pussy juice. Her wetness also dripped down her legs, making her thighs sticky. My member started to get soft, sliding out of the cum-filled condom without any help. Avril huffed and puffed on the back of the couch, collapsing on it and hanging over the back like an old batch towel. Finally, she mustered up some strength and pushed herself off, falling on top of me. I threw my arms over her, holding her against me, her back to my chest as we were both a sweaty mess of sexual relief. “God dammn,” I mumbled, sweat dripping from my hairline.

“Fucking… A…” Avril panted. “That’s what I need every night,” she struggled to get out in one breath. She tried to roll over to face me and then looked at me as she rested on top of me. She sloppily pressed her mouth over mine, off target a little as she half-kissed my cheek and lips, her tongue licking the area. We lied there for a few minutes resting as she gathered the energy to walk to the shower. I held her close to me… tight. Any lack of tenderness from the fuck session was made up for as I held her. My fingers combed her long blonde messy hair as I closed my eyes. I breathed in and out, my gasps for air becoming softer and steadier as the time flew by. As unfair as it was to her, I briefly thought of Larisa, being I used to hold her in my arms just like I was doing with Avril.

Avril’s right cheek lied flat against my shoulder as she gently stroked the side of my abdomen with her right hand. Her black tipped fingers crept under my shirt and her nails teased me as they softly scratched and massaged me. It felt good to A have sex with someone and B have this little quiet time after. I missed being with a woman almost as much as I missed spanking it. Or vice versa. My eyes memorized the look on her face as I gazed at her for I don’t know how long. Avril was sweaty and smelled like cigarettes and perspiration. Her dark eye makeup was smudged and ran down her face a little. Her hair was a mess. She looked incredibly beautiful and I would have loved to hold her forever just as she was.

Out of habit, I started to caress her cheek with my fingers as she wrapped her arms around me tighter, fully hugging me. I liked to cuddle after sex. That didn’t make me a bad person… even if she didn’t want any attachment. My lips pressed against the top of Avril’s head as she closed her eyes as well. We could have both fallen asleep where we lied. She would have looked a little weird with her pants pulled down around her knees.

Avril looked back at me and our lips found their way to one another’s time and time again. We softly kissed each other as she held onto me. Brushing her hair back behind her ear and off of our faces, I felt at home again… as far as physical contact with a woman was concerned. Avril couldn’t help but smile as we shared a few more close moments with each other, both knowing full well that this was breaking the original terms of our relationship. Day one and we broke the rules. Even though I acted as if this were Larisa, I didn’t pretend Avril was her. Unfortunately and finally, she got off me and headed into her shower area as I just remained still on the couch, the open end of the condom wrapped around my cock head, my load of cum weighing down the other end as it hung over, resting against my pocket.

‘Life on the road… much harder than I expected,’ I thought, as a giant smile crept across my face. Then I though about how bad I needed to shower, having been in a weak ass mosh pit and then swappin fluids with Avril Lavigne. I bet you can’t figure out where this is heading…

About five minutes after Avril went into her shower, I made a bold move and stripped off my sweaty clothes figuring I’d take a shower as well. I did have a sweatshirt I left in her dressing room because I didn’t need it during the show. After all, sweaty pants wasn’t as bad as sweaty pants and a sweaty shirt. I opened the door to the bathroom area to find Avril naked in the shower stall, oblivious to the fact that I came in. There was no curtain to give her any privacy, but I guess she didn’t care, being the only girl in the band. I stood behind her for a few seconds, watching the steaming hot water cascade down her torso, beads of water rolling down the small of her back, finally down over her firm ass cheeks. Her body was incredibly toned. She was skinny, but not just all bones, making her sexier. Avril had some meat on her, however, not very much at all. She tilted her head sideways as she soaped up her breasts and stomach.

She couldn’t hear me as I watched her during her private moment. My dick stirred as I watched her voyeur style, my eyes soaking in every inch of her body. Avril reached to the side and placed her hand on the railing in the shower stall. Gripping onto it, she spread her left further apart and lowered herself some, squatting down a few inches. As I watched her doing some kind of ballerina shit, I saw she began peeing over the drain of the shower. A thin and almost unnoticeable stream of light yellow liquid fell from between her legs. You would have missed it if you were half assed looking. She sighed as she squirted the last bit out of her, relieved to finally let it out. I sighed because I thought it was sexy, in fact touching myself a little as she went, oblivious to my presence.

As I looked down her thin legs, I got to her feet, bare against the shower floor. *Cringe* I got woozy as I watched her stand barefoot on the germ ridden tiled floor. I’m just kidding. I had to be barefoot as well. Who would have thought to bring flip flops. Mustering up the courage to take my first step into the dirty skievy shower room floor, I thought, ‘It’s Avril. Don’t be a puss. Just do it. BE SOMEBODY!’ I walked up behind her and slowly ran my hands over her hips, holding her in place.

“Who the…?!” she yelled angrily and loudly as she turned around, however incredibly relieved to see it was only me. “Matt, you scared me,” she said as she let me continue to hold her.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“How long were…” she started, worried that I saw her make peeshee in the shower. Taking a chance that I missed it, she stopped herself mid sentence. “What are you doing here?” she said as she leaned her head down, letting the hot water give her hair an extra final rinse. I took a half step closer, my groin pressing against the top of her ass, as she was a good couple inches shorter than me.

“You looked so spectacularly sexy that I couldn’t control myself.” I heard her coo as a smile formed on her mouth. “That and I was pretty sweaty from the events tonight.”

“Haha. You know how to talk your way into a girl’s pants all right.” I moved my hand down to right above her slit, resting my wet fingers on the very top of her pussy. “Mmmm Matt. Baby I’d love to… so badly. I need to go out and sign stuff. The guys will be pissed if I take too long.” Not liking her choice of words, I lightly pressed my lips to the right side of her head, just under her ear. My hand crawled down an inch, now fully on her pussy. I spread her still swollen outer lips with my pointer and ring fingers, rubbing the middle finger up and down her slit. “Oooohhooo… Matt…” she started to moan as she fell back into my arms, leaning into me.

“You sure sweetheart? I’ll be quick,” I whispered into her ear.

“I… mmm. I won’t let you stop if you start.” I could tell Avril wanted it bad. Her voice and body language screamed for it.

“All right,” I whispered into her ear as our wet cheeks pressed against each other, my stubble scratching her face. I could feel the steam in the shower weigh me down. It was like a wall of humidity… like gravity had doubled and pushed me down. At least I could turn the cold water on when she left and bring it back to bearable. “…I understand. It’s your job,” I continued as I ran my middle finger down over her bald shaved pussy, pushing it down in the crevice between her lips. I could feel her wobble on her feet, still feeling the results of her performance, as well as her post performance. “I was just trying to impress my boss the first day on the job.”

Avril leaned back, supporting herself against my chest. She was so small in my arms, making me feel so powerful, like a big man bear. And NO, I don’t mean that in a gay way. In the mo community, big hairy gay men are called bears. “God, Riss was so lucky to land you,” she whispered. “Oh… oh no. Matt, I…” she said as she turned around and looked up at me. She didn’t mean to bring her up, but it was one of those reflexes where she just wasn’t thinking before speaking.

“Hey, it’s okay,” I whispered back. “I know,” I assured her, realizing it was a slip of the tongue. “Look, why don’t you get finish up and go sign some stuff,” I suggested. She looked at me, still feeling bad about her comment. The expression on Avril’s face was so worrisome. “Av, baby. Don’t even. You finish up and I’ll meet you on the bus okay?” I told her.

“Okay Matt,” she said. I looked down at her and she up at me, both of us silent. My hands found their way to her hips, firmly but gently holding her. Avril tilted her head sideways and then took a stop closer. She leaned against my chest, the right side of her head against my left shoulder. Her arms were bent at the elbows, her forearms touching my sides. I leaned my head down against the top of her head, my hands still on her waist. The two of us stood there silence in some sort of embrace for at least two minutes, letting the warm water cover us.

“Thank you Av,” I whispered, finally breaking the silence.

“Thank YOU,” she replied, stressing the ‘you’.

“You’d better go,” I whispered again, reminding her of her duties. I didn’t want that moment to end, but she had business to take care of.

“You’re right.” She got up on her tip toes and quickly yet softly puckered her lips and kissed me, feeling my still half swollen member push against her stomach.

“Where am I sleeping, by the way?” I had no idea where to sleep on a tour bus. I assumed I was getting a couch and just crashing on it.

“You and that big dick of yours are going to sleep in the back room with me. Got it?” she said as she wrapped her hand around my semi-erect penis, holding it gently in her hand like a microphone, giving it a little squeeze. Apparently, as I would later find out, Avril got claustrophobic in the little coffin-like bunks on the bus so she needed to have a small little bed put in for her or she’d go insane. It was located in the back in a small separate room… being a girl surrounded by guys.

“Yes ma’am.” It was the only thing I could get out.

“And um… I like to cuddle. So be warned,” she said in a stern way, trying to appear tough. However, it sounded like the cutest thing ever, mostly due to her sweet Canadian accent.

“Ms. Lavigne, you may frighten others, but you don’t frighten me,” I replied, busting her figurative balls. She leaned forward, staring into my eyes angrily, the tightness of her hand on my now fully hard manhood increasing. My cock ached in her grasp as she squeezed it hard, like she was trying to slide an ice pop out of the wrapper from the bottom. A nice cocksicle. “Now you’re just being cute.”

“Hmmf,” she groaned as she turned around, quickly letting a final blast of water drench her body. “You just don’t know the real me yet. That’s all,” she said quietly. She stepped aside and got out of the small shower stall that left the two of us very little room. As I stood there rinsing off, I couldn’t help but wonder what famous rock stars showered in this very stall… George Clinton, Godsmack, Marilyn Manson, Slayer… My next thought… ‘I hope Slayer didn’t take a leak in this shower.’

I walked out of the venue in my Godsmack hoodie and green cargo pants, now sort of dried out from hanging over the chair in the dressing room. I saw Avril outside her bus signing things like posters, CDs, and ticket stubs. She looked cute in her sweats and green parka, trying to stay warm. I thought he fingers must be cold, not wearing any gloves and all. She really didn’t have any body mass to keep her warm either. There were the cool fans mixed in with the other autograph seekers, thinking I was part of the road crew. They kept calling to me telling me to come over. One of the few questions I got asked was do I have any guitar picks or drumsticks. Gary and I started to ask the roadies out by the busses, sometimes lucking out with rewards. Sometimes we would ask the band members themselves, and they would be nice enough to yell over to the roadie, e.g. the guys from Three Days Grace.

One gorgeous girl asked me for a pick or whatever I had. She had to be seventeen… blonde hair, about five foot five. She looked like a wholesome girl next door look, which I really dug in a big, big way. She seemed the nicest, asking, “Do you happen to have any extra guitar picks or anything? Could you please spare me one if you have extra?” Other kids didn’t say please, so fuck them. She seemed sincere when I asked her if she was a big fan. She said yes and started telling me of her memorabilia collection. After a few minutes of chatting with her, I started to think that I had seen her here before. She said her name was Staci and frequented the concert hall often. I finally recognized her from the Shinedown concert a month of two beforehand.

“Look Staci. Today’s your lucky day,” I said as I pulled out pick and put it in her hand… the one person I gave something to. “From one collector to another,” I added. She seemed really excited and threw her arms around me, thanking me over and over. I had like eight picks. I could give one away. Hell, I might have even gotten to see titties out of it. I didn’t, but I could have.

“Look at you,” said Avril, coming up behind me, taking hold of my hand. “Getting all the groupies?”

“Av, this is Staci. She’s a big fan.” The two of them chatted for a minute, Staci seeming just ecstatic getting to talk one-on-one with Avril. The conversation consisted of what a big fan she was, how she enjoyed the show, etc. After another minute or so, Avril said we needed to be going and we all said our goodbyes. We both boarded the bus after every fan got to get an autograph or a picture. I’m sure I was in the background of at least a few pictures. Maybe, I’d even show up on some of the forum sites that Gary and I surfed pretty regularly. That would be cool.

We got on the bus and sat down with the rest of the band in the main section. I struck up a conversation with Craig, the non douchchill guitarist, talking about equipment and things like that. Evan seemed pissed I wasn’t talking to him, the guitar god. He gave me attitude but I didn’t care. The rest of the guys were cool, even the bass player. I gotta admit, he looked like an assclown before he cut his frizzy blonde afro. He looked so hateable, but now having spent time with him, he seemed cool. The guys were relieved that I was somewhat a musician myself, bringing in different styles and stuff for the onboard jam sessions.

One by one, they all excused themselves and crawled into their bunks towards the center of the bus. Avril just sat there on the beige couch, curled up in a ball with her arms around her knees holding a plastic travel mug in her hand. She drank her tea as she looked out the window. She looked gorgeous, staring out the large rectangle window into space, lost in thought, not made up in makeup or her punk rock costume. Avril was the regular Avril right then, not having to be “on”.

Suddenly my phone rang, interrupting the pure and honest and real vision I had of her. It was Larisa. I didn’t know what to do. She hadn’t contacted me since the fiasco in California. I wasn’t even sure if she knew I was out there. My cell phone rang two more times before Avril looked at me, wondering why I didn’t pick it up. “Not in the mood,” I simply replied, even though I had a look of panic on my face. It was like it was my first phone call from a girl and I was twelve all over again. It wasn’t until my third phone call from a girl that I realized I could diddle myself while hearing her voice. She shrugged her shoulders ever so slightly, then went back to daydreaming at the lights passing by us at sixty miles an hour. Avril knew exactly who was on the phone by my demeanor, but hadn’t said a word about it. I hoped that Larisa would leave a message. I was curious as to what she wanted to say to me. After a few minutes, my phone beeped, letting me know I had a new voicemail.

The two of us sat there in the common area, her locked in her blank gaze out the window, recovering from the fun filled night, and me in my desperate need to see what my supposed life partner wanted. “Av?” I asked. She looked out the window for a few seconds longer before turning her head.

“Hm?” she asked.

“I’m going to go check my messages. Do you mind if I go to your room to do it?” I asked. …Referring to her closet with a bed… after having seen it. She looked at me for a second, then cracked a half smile as she took a sip of her tea, soothing her voice.

“Sure,” she said quietly, not bringing up who, what, or why. Avril was a whole other person than what I had figured or knew about. She was so live and loud… childish at times, but there was this whole other side of her I was witnessing for the first time now. She was quiet, reflective…

“Thanks,” I said as I walked towards the back of the bus, running my hand through my hair. She looked back at me, giving a worried look as she continued to drink her tea before it cooled too much.

I sat down on the bed in Avril’s private bedroom. It was basically a small kid sized bed that slid into the room, lying flush against three of the four light brown walls of it. It slid in like a puzzle piece, leaving only three feet between the bed and the flimsy little door. I don’t understand how this didn’t make her feel claustrophobic. It was like a prison cell.

I sat down on top of her black comforter, planted on the edge of the bed. I hesitated as I looked at my phone, seeing “one new voicemail” on the display screen. I called it, listening to Larisa’s message. “Hey Matt. It’s me… Larisa,” she said for starters. “Um, you already know that I guess.” She seemed nervous. “Matt, Michelle told me what happened on New Years. She’s been acting weird and I finally got her to tell me what was wrong. *sigh* Matt… Where do I start…?” She was quiet for a few seconds, forming her sentences carefully.

“It was really soo sweet of you to come to surprise me. That’s like something out of a movie. …What you saw… Nothing happened with him. He’s an old friend and he hangs out with some of my friends now, and you know, we just kissed. It didn’t mean anything. It’s what you do on New Years Eve. You know?” Larisa seemed to speed up her talking, as if she started to get upset and needed to defend herself. “You should’ve told me you were coming Matt. I would have spent time with you, showed you around… just… we could have had such a good time.” Surprisingly, I had never been to California before that trip. I never met a lot of her friends, her family, her mom… With school, and our summer, it just never happened.

“Matt, you told Michelle you were gonna go. She didn’t know you meant go back home. You should have stayed. I wanted you to stay. Well if I knew you came I mean. *sigh again*. … …I called your house. I talked to your mom for a bit. She said you went on tour with Avril. How long are you going to be gone? …Um… Matt, I’m going to England in a few days. I just found out I got cast in this movie,” said Larisa, her tone getting lower. She paused as she told me, breaking up her sentences. “…I’m not going back to school next semester. I’m going to be over there for a few months. I need to come back to New York to pack up my stuff from school before I leave. I guess I just thought we could have spent some time together before…” I could hear her sigh over and over as she continued with the long message. “Um… please, please call me back okay? I’d really like to say goodbye to you some other way than a phone message. …Sorry for the long message. I’m just kinda… Call me back when you get this okay? Have fun on tour. …I love you. …Bye,” she said softly, sounding upset.

Looking at my watch, I saw it was about three in the morning. I knew it was only midnight where Larisa was, but I was way too tired to think about our relationship right then. I decided it would be best to sleep on it. I sat on the edge of the bed, my hands on my chin, my elbows on my knees as I sat there trying to process the message. I decided to just deal with it tomorrow.

Walking back out to the front of the bus, Avril still sat in the corner of the leather seat, where the arm meets the back. She turned and looked at me, hearing me coming down the hall. “Everything okay?” she asked quietly, but still wholeheartedly interested.

“Yeah.” I didn’t add anything else to that. She could tell from my silence that I was lying and the call wasn’t up for discussion. I would have told her I suppose, but she didn’t really push me about it. “What about you? Is something wrong?” Avril looked down at her tea before answering.

“I just have some stuff on my mind. I’m fine.” I sat down next to her, on her right side, moving from my spot where I leaned on the countertop. I placed my hand on top of her knee, giving it a gentle squeeze.

“I’m here, if you ever want to talk. You know that right?” I told her, fully meaning it. I felt bad because I hadn’t seen her act like this before. She was my friend after all. Her delicate hand reached for mine as she leaned her head down towards it, placing a soft kiss on the back of my hand.

“You really are a sweetheart,” she said as she cracked a polite little smile. I could tell its intention was to mask some true feelings, being the master of the fake smile. I leaned over and shut the light off in the cabin area, allowing us to see outside the bus better. “Thanks,” she said, knowing the purpose of my action. We both sat there in silence for a little while longer, her staring out the window again as she leaned against my left arm and shoulder, me thinking about Larisa the whole time. So much for sleeping on it.

“Hey Av?” I asked after a few minutes. “I’m sorry for before… if I was too mean or anything during…” I kind of got too into dominating her before, calling her inappropriate names.

“No Matt. You were fine,” she said as she turned to look at me, our faces just a few inches away from one another’s. “I liked the sex.”

“I’m just making sure.” With that, Avril didn’t answer. She leaned closer to me, resting her head against my shoulder once more, and I tilted my head on top of hers.

I lied in bed next to Avril, still awake after an hour and a half of trying to fall asleep. My mind was just wandering too much and unfortunately not tiring itself out. Avril lied facing me, merely inches away. She was right. She was a cuddler. I could feel her warm breath flowing from her nose as she slept, finally putting whatever was bothering her out of her mind. She was wearing her grey sweats and her black hoodie, somehow cold. I was lying in my fucking boxers it was so hot in there. No wonder she was as thin as a rail. She sweat it out. Either that or she had a coke problem and hid it very well. The latter hotter than the former, obviously.

I did my best to creep out of the bed without shaking it as I went to lower the thermostat in the corner of the room. The heat needed to be lowered and couldn’t be reached from the bed. As I got back in slowly and laid my head back on the pillow, I could see Avril’s eyes open. She silently looked at me, almost trying to spy on me, letting me think she was still asleep. The cracked opened window shades let in enough light from the streetlights that whizzed by every few seconds, allowing us to see the bare details of things. “I’m sorry Av,” I whispered. “Go back to sleep.”

Avril just continued to look at me, as silent as a church mouse, or a boy that got touched by a priest and kept it quiet. Good boys don’t tell. Good boys don’t tell. Just remember, it’s not your fault. Good boys don’t tell. Her right hand reached out and touched my left cheek. We faced each other, resting on our sides, me on my right and her on her left, our bodies just barely touching. The young girl pushed her head forward a bit, pressing her lips against mine timidly. It was as if it was our first kiss she acted so nervous. She dared not break eye contact as she wiggled around on the bed underneath the heavy black covers. Definitely not as comfy as my blanket, which as I noticed today, was completely lacking any fluffy stuffing in some parts. It was transparent when I held it up to the light. I think it’s dead. What a sad day today was my friends.

I felt her warm hand push down my chest, past my waist to my crotch. Her fingers slipped inside the front opening of my boxers, finding the sleeping trouser snake. Avril didn’t say a word as she gripped it in her palm like she was holding a baby bird, soft and delicate. Instantly, I was fully aroused and my junk stood at attention. I throbbed in her grasp as she stared into my eyes blankly, holding onto me at my maximum hardness. It was if she was in another world for a moment. I shuddered as she pulled me out of my white underwear, bringing my aching cock to her pussy. I subtly gasped as we both pressed forward, my body moving as slow as the tortoise, but my mind as fast as the hare. She wiggled her body as she pushed her sweats down a few more inches, letting them rest just below her crotch. She wasn’t wearing any panties either. I felt the tip of my dick rub back and forth across her tight little pussy. My head softly teased the miniature valley between her lips. I could feel her wetness coat the bell end of my penis, lubing it up. My eyes darted south of her waist, then back up at her face. Before I realized, the better part of me pushed past Avril Lavigne’s vaginal lips.

We both instinctively grinded back and forth slowly… very slowly. It was almost as if there was no movement, my rock hard prick buried inside her, just resting. Our stomachs touched, her breasts pressed against my chest through her sweatshirt. Our eyes locked as our breathing picked up quite fast. The less we moved, the more intense our sexual antics became. It was like we were trying to sneak in some sex with her parents in the same room. The quiet and stillness made me feel like we were being naughtier, believe it or not. The private room was void of words as our body heat warmed the air even more. “Unnn,” the singer whispered almost inaudibly as she panted quietly, shutting her eyes. I slipped my arm behind her back, against the top of her bare ass, pulling her close to me. I could feel Avril’s legs try to tangle themselves with mine, however unable to due to the fact that her sweats were pulled down to her mid thighs.

“Ah… aah,” I quietly moaned as I rested inside her warm pussy. It was like Luke Skywalker inside the Tauntaun in Empire. Only this warm hole didn’t smell like fish… or whatever it smelled like. My cock didn’t slip in and out of her more than an inch or so… instead we just barely grinded against each other’s bodies. Imagine the sex scene from Enemy at the Gates. Kind of like that except less gay due to the lack of dudes in this room. “…Condom,” I finally mumbled, half silent. I thought of how she made me wear one before and I was so turned on. I wasn’t sure how long I would last with the extra sexiness of no prophylactic.

Avril’s only response was her hand moving to my cheek, her eyes delivering a piercing gaze, her mouth opened as her warm breath escaped past her lips. Her panting into my face combined with the eye contact that never broke… It was indescribable. And her tight little twat. It was so tight. I watched the angel before me as the brightness from outside the bus had a strobe light effect… bright, dark, bright, dark, only not fast enough to produce that slow motion effect. Her eyes closed tight for a few seconds as our foreheads rested against one another’s. She opened her eyes again, looking deep into my soul so lovingly. “Mmmhmmm,” she whispered as her breath filled my mouth. The bed barely creaked as we fucked like quadriplegics. The bumps on the road helped out a bit… if… you know what I mean.

“Aaav… Aaa…” I silently screamed. My balls tingled so badly and my bare cock was twitching inside her cunt. My fingers ran through her soft long blonde hair, holding her head against mine. Our foreheads were glued together and our lips lightly grazed each other’s as soft and quiet moans escaped one mouth and entered into the other, the whole time our eyes not unlocking from each others. I was about to come hard. I had never experienced sex quite like that… sex with such little work involved. The singer looked at me with full one hundred percent approval.

“Haaa, haaa,” Avril panted, running her palm over my face, where my forehead meets the side of my head. I lost control of myself as I shut my eyes, squeezing them closed tightly, shaking as I breathed fast and heavy. I felt Avril’s cunt clench down over and over, squeezing my entire shaft as it chillaxed inside her. Seconds later I pushed my body forward, burying my raging erection inside her hole as deep as it would go with our awkward position. I felt her grip on me tighten as her legs pushed together, making her little wet pussy clench up like the jaws of life.

“Aaaah,” I groaned quietly like Drew Barrymore in Scream when she was… screaming… as she got killed. My mouth hung open and my body trembled from her soft touch as I felt my cum pour from my dick. A half smile appeared on Avril’s beautiful face as she pressed her body against me harder, her arms pulling me even closer. She gasped loudly as she felt me orgasm inside her. “Haaaaa,” I grunted as quietly as I could, feeling my semen fill her pussy up as we had sex for the second time in a night.

“Uhn, uhn, huh…” Avril panted, getting off as she felt me go inside her. The condomless unprotected sex obviously turned her on more. We were locked in a skin tight embrace, our bodies connected by a DNA tunnel, our faces smack against one another’s. Our lips pressed against together as our open mouths exchanged aural pleasures. We held one another so tightly as we both came together. I could feel Avril subtly gyrate her hips back and forth as I released my hot salty liquid inside her… deep inside her. “…Aaah,” she quietly moaned.

Avril looked as if she was going to cry, from a mix of pleasure and whatever pain she was keeping inside her. No, that wasn’t referring to my big giant cock. … Although that is good… Maybe I’ll use that one later. We both came down from our heightened states of arousal in the following minutes. She laid there, her shut thighs sticky from her own juices… my area also feeling some of the same sensations, courtesy of Canada’s finest star. Well, aside from 24’s Elisha Cuthbert… and Nickelback.

We didn’t speak any more that night except for heavy breathing and groans and such… noises of our recovery. Avril Lavigne and I looked into one another’s eyes for a while longer, a smile creeping onto my face with nothing I could do about it. On the other hand, Avril looked like she was in another world, with the same blank melancholy stare that she retained for the whole bus ride, holding some painful private feeling deep inside her, letting it tear her apart. I held my hand to her cheek, running my thumb back and forth over her smooth soft skin, looking lovingly into her beautiful blue eyes until she finally fell asleep again in my arms as I tried to comfort her as best I could. You know, aside from fucking her good and hard again. I know that’s been able to cheer people up on more than one occasion. Her pants still were still around her thighs, yet remaining out of sight under the comforter. I lied there trying not to sweat from the sex we just shared, even if it wasn’t all that physically demanding.

You know, people always said your high school years would be the most confusing. Obviously, they never dated a Nickelodeon star then fucked a rock star.

The next morning we awoke pretty much at the same time. We were in upstate New York. For some reason, it was uncomfortable the next morning. As Avril and I lied in bed adjusting our eyes to being awake, we didn’t talk really. I leaned forward to kiss her, but she pulled back slightly, not letting it last longer than a second or two. I got dressed and left the room, not sure of what I should say or do. I met the other guys in the band in the main area of the bus. Everyone was tired and cranky from not getting the best possible sleep on the bus. It was a bumpy ride and they slept in coffin-like bunks.

After a few minutes, Avril came out of her bedroom, dressed in her hoodie and sweats. She barely smiled at me, and then she said hi to everyone. Shortly after, we arrived at a hotel, the hotel we’d be staying at over night. Matt had told me that there was no show later that night and everyone had the day off today. Avril was one of the first ones off the bus and hurried to check in to her room. I followed her with the rest of the group, all of us exhausted, and I tried to figure out what Avril’s attitude problem was.

We all checked in, two to each room. I’d be sharing with Avril once again, not something that would cause me to complain. I was nice enough to carry her bags up to her room, however she didn’t seem all that flattered. “Hey Av?” I asked as I set her duffle bags on the chair in the corner of the suite. “What’s wrong?”

“Huh?” she replied, turning around as she was walking into the bathroom to shower and freshen up. She looked tired and messy, having just woken up from her night’s sleep a little while ago.

“What’s wrong? You’ve barely said three words to me.” She walked the few feet back towards me and sat on the corner of the bed.

“I’m sorry…” She brushed her long messy hair back behind her ears as she sat Indian style on the bed.

“I wanna know what’s bothering you. Not just today, but last night too.” The previous night when she sat alone in the main room of the bus drinking her tea, she looked so sad. She was my friend and I wanted to make her happy and see her feeling better. I wanted to listen to her and have her know I cared. That and she was acting like a bitch at the moment and I wanted an explanation. The young girl looked down at the bed, her face returning to the possessed melancholy state.

“… …I’m not on the pill,” she mumbled. Whaa whaaa whaaaat?!?! Her words were like a punch to the throat.

“What do you mean you’re not on the pill?? I…?” I sat up straight and got excited, not the good excited though. My eyes bugged out and my breathing became erratic. “And I…!”

“Matt I know.” She looked so sorry and upset. Her face begged for my forgiveness. “I’m so sorry. I forgot them at home. It… I made a mistake letting you…”

“Av…!” I shouted in frustration and dumbfoundation. My head was spinning. Hundreds of thoughts ran through my mind as I sat there trying to remain calm. At least she had some of the pill in her system. The tour only started two or three days before… well, no more than a week before. I was sure the odds were in my favor having heard that piece of information. “Is that what was bothering you??”

“Some of it, yes.” Avril looked down at her legs more and played with her hands, much like Larisa would be doing if it was her. I looked over at her, running my hands over my head, looking up at the ceiling. I was desperately trying to fight off the panic attack trying to seize control of me.

“Well look… I’ve known a lot of girls who didn’t use one and nothing happened.” I moved closer to her, her knee now touching my leg. “Everything’s going to be all right. I promise.” I didn’t know if I was doing a good job of reassuring her. I didn’t even half believe me.

“What if I get… you know?” she asked, looking up at me, giving me the worst case scenario. Avril looked pretty worried, but not insanely overly concerned. People forget to take their pills every once in a while. This was just like one of those times.

“Then me and you will deal with it.” I moved my left hand to her knee, squeezing it, trying to reassure her. I have no clue how I remained calm. The odds of her getting pregnant were still pretty high… on account of my super sperm and all. “Av, I’m not going anywhere. If this even happens, which I’m sure it won’t, I’m not going anywhere.”

“…” She sniffed a little as she looked back down. She was obviously upset, on the verge of tears. “Why do you have to be like this? Huh??” she asked, raising her voice.

“Like what??” I didn’t know if I should have been offended or not. I felt myself getting agitated and defensive even before she explained her question.

“Like this. So fucking… so sweet and perfect.” Her voice got lower but just as irritated. “Why do you have to make me feel so safe and special??”

“Huh?” I was totally confused. I was getting yelled at for treating Avril well.

“Do you know how hard it is to not like you? In one day you make me want to be with you so fucking bad.” One or two tears dripped out of each eye as she looked hopelessly at me.

“Avril. What are you trying to say?” I said sternly. I needed her to spit out whatever she wanted to say because I couldn’t sift through all the thoughts coming from her mouth. I just did two months worth of guessing what Larisa meant. I didn’t need to start the same thing with her.

“You’re making me break our rules. …”

“Avril. I’m not playing around. What’s the problem? Spit it out.” I was getting frustrated with her tip toeing around the subject.

“…I just want… to have what you had with Larisa. It’s hard enough being here all the time with Evan. It’s harder now since he has his girlfriend.” The two of them used to go out and he broke up with her for someone else. “I just want to have someone.” I didn’t know what to say to her. “And you come here… and in one night you make everything that’s bothering me go away.”


“I’m just freaking out about last night. I’m sorry. This isn’t…” Avril sighed as she sniffed more and rubbed her eyes with her black tipped fingers. “I’m just worked up. I never let this out.” Her voice sounded strained as she tried not to squirt out a few more tears.

“Avy,” I said as I put my right arm around her. She was crying a little now, unable to stop herself. “Baby don’t cry,” I said softly into her ear. I felt terrible even though she kind of meant it as a compliment. “I’m sorry.” She stopped crying in about a minute, then wiped the tears from her eyes with her fingers.

“I’m fine. This whole thing just made it all finally come out,” she said as she shook her hands, using some small gestures to express herself.

“Do you still like Evan?” I asked Avril, my arm still around her small body.

“No. I Don’t. I just wanna be happy like he is. You know?”

“I know how that goes. And you’re going to be. I promise.” I pulled her against me and leaned my head onto hers, feeling her greasy hair against my forehead. “And don’t worry about last night. Everything’s going to work out fine.” We sat there in silence for a little bit, both of us thinking about what happened. ‘So this is what I get for breaking up with Larisa. The very next girl gets pregnant,’ I thought. Yeah. How am I.

We both sat there resting against one another on the small bed of the average Marriott room for a few minutes. She stopped crying and calmed down. “Matt,” Avril said, breaking the silence. “Can I ask you something?”


“…Would you be my boyfriend until you go home?” I didn’t know what to say to her proposal. She didn’t want to get attached. That was the premise of this whole relationship. It was why she asked me to come with her.

“I thought you didn’t want to get too attached?” I asked, verbalizing my thoughts.

“Everything we’ve done since the show ended last night has been the opposite of not getting attached.” She had a point. All the hand holding, the cuddling, the kissing… the condomless sex where I came inside her, the comforting her for doing so the next morning… It was all the complete opposite. I guessed we both missed having somebody, and us being anything more than friends was inevitable.

“You have a point. Av, is this a bad idea?” She already had sort of a fit about me making her like me and breaking the rules. I didn’t know if because of the possible pregnancy, that was the only way for her to have some kind of peace of mind.

“I know you’re going home in a few weeks,” Avril said. “I just thought we could pretend or something, just make the most of it while we can.”

“Like a summer romance type thing?”

“Exactly.” Well that didn’t seem too bad. Summer lovin, havin a blast. It worked in Grease, so why not now, you know?

“What would I have to do? I mean, like… I don’t know. What do you want exactly?” I wanted to make sure that I fully understood everything Avril was thinking before I agreed to it. It was enough that she was upset over not having someone to be with her… without me leading her on.

“I want you to keep doing what you’re doing. I like the cuddling and the kissing and the way you make me feel special… and the sex. I don’t want the special extra stuff to stop because of our ‘no strings rule’ is basically what I’m trying to say. Maybe boyfriend was the wrong choice of words.”

“No, I understand what you mean.” She wanted me to continue to do all of my boyfriend-like doings even if we both got attached as a result. “I’m gonna be honest with you sweetie. This could get hard when it all ends. You know that right?” Avril looked down at her hands and legs again, once again reminding me of Larisa as she scraped away the polish on her fingers.

“…I know. Can we not think about that right now?”

“Okay,” I replied. “So new rule. Anything goes.”

“Anything goes,” Avril said right back, nodding her head. The beautiful sexy Canadian looked happier and relieved that these problems were resolved… like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

“Shake on it?” I asked.

“Okay.” With that, I pushed and pulled her back and forth with my arm, causing her to laugh hard. “Haha. You’re such a dork!”

“But it made you laugh. So it’s all good.” I turned my body to face her. “C’mere. Gimme a hug,” I whispered to her. Avril got on her knees and leaned forward, wrapping her arms around me tightly, holding on for dear life. I scooped her up in my own arms, sliding them around her lower back. My right hand rubbed her up and down over her black hooded sweatshirt. Avril’s arms hung around my shoulder and her right hand was pressed against the back of my head, cradling it against her own.

‘This decision is going to turn out bad,’ I thought. I was still in love with Larisa, so that wasn’t fair to Avril. If she got attached and developed strong feelings for me, I could never have the same ones for her. It was also going to make leaving her in three weeks hard, hard for both of us. I guess part of the reason I agreed to the new terms was because if she was worried about getting pregnant, I wanted to look more like I cared about her and wanted to make her happy. I didn’t want to brush her off and say ‘Oh sorry, I only wanna fuck you.’

“You okay?” I whispered softly as we subtly rocked side to side in our embrace.

“I am now.”

“Good. … …Can we shower now? I feel so friggen disgusting.”

The Avril Lavigne mini tour pretty much went on the same way as it started… her being not pregnant. The birth control was still in her system in enough quantities so that everything was okay. She even had more FedEx’d to her while we were on the road. But everything was pretty much the same. I would wait for Avril to finish her set, usually hanging around backstage or leaving the general admission area a few songs early. She’d come offstage and we’d immediately fuck. Right after every performance, she wanted it fast and hard, sometimes wanting me to cause her pain. She would talk dirty when we had rough wild sex. She’d beg me to “fuck her hard… until it hurts” more often than not. I was more than happy to oblige. She would curse me off sometimes as I railed her, calling me a bastard or an asshole, but only doing so to make me want to nail her harder and faster.

Sometimes when the mood was right, I would slap her around as we had sex, not to hurt her, but to give her some pleasurable pain. Not to say that sometimes she never got a bruise or two. Usually it was from a hard slap on the ass or I would pin her down too hard leaving red marks on her wrists, but she’d cover them up with her bracelets and wristbands, like a nice sexy cutter. One time I took a bar of soap and wrapped it in a towel and beat her stomach with it as I yelled, “It’s only a dream!” …Wait. No that wasn’t me. That was Full Metal Jacket. Sorry.

On nights where she didn’t have a show to play, things were quite different. We would go out shopping or to a club or bar. It was like we were a normal couple. The two of us would hold hands and talk, I’d buy her things, we would cuddle on the bus or in bed. A lot of times we looked like an actual couple. I’d always stand behind her with my arms around her, holding her against me, sometimes putting my hands in her pockets or her back pockets if we faced each other. We would kiss in public and banter like lovers, squabbling over the dumbest things.

More than once, I would call and arrange for roses to be sent to her at the hotel we would stay at or at the venue itself. She always said I was so sweet and would give me the softest kiss. Whenever we had sex that wasn’t post concert, it wasn’t like the stress relief she needed after a show. It was sweet and caring sex. It wasn’t making love, but it was slow and soft. And I ALWAYS wore a condom. Avril and I wouldn’t do it every day, but it was quite often.

As the tour came to a close, we both tried to act like we weren’t attached to one another as strongly as we were. The romantic cuddling and kissing became less frequent as we both tried to cut back to make it easier. Obviously there was no soft sex occurring either. The fucking we did do after the show was emotionless for the both of us. It was like my mind was in a different world than hers. I call mine Dwayne Wayne and hers Whitley. Little Different World TV show joke. The sex wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great. Neither of us got into it. I fucked her and thought of random things, like classes and going back to school. Avril didn’t yell out “fuck me hard, make me come,” or anything like that. She moaned and groaned but acted like I was some inanimate sex toy. We were miles apart even though we were so close. In the end, we both got off, so it was still worth it in some respect.

Larisa was always on my mind throughout the entire tour. I felt bad that I didn’t call her back immediately that first night, especially because I was in New York the next two days. I felt even worse that I never really tried to square things away with her before she left for Europe, calling her when I was a few states away or I knew she’d be busy with last minute preparations. Avril knew I still thought of her often, noticing me lost in my thoughts at times. She never said anything. She knew it was something that she couldn’t stop.

The last day of the tour, Avril dropped me off at my house, taking me back in a limo. I thought it would have been cool to pull up in a tour bus but oh well. Some things are out of my hands. Not my junk at the present time! We pulled up to my house and sat in the car for a few minutes saying our goodbyes.

“Av… I can’t thank you enough. This whole thing… it was so nice to get away from everything.” The little vacation away from things helped me to forget about all the bullshit that I had back home. It was nice to take my mind off Larisa, the bit it did anyway.

“You’re welcome Matt,” she replied, sitting on her right leg so she could face me. “You really made this the best tour ever. You made me feel the best ever.” I reached out and stroked her cheek, feeling her hold my hand to her face.

“Do you want to come inside?” I asked her. If she had time, the nice thing would be to invite her inside rather than saying goodbye in a car. Uh, speaking of coming inside… how’s your pussy?

“I shouldn’t. I need to go soon.” She sat there sort of sulky, slumped shoulders, looking down. “When do you go back?”

“Three days.”

“Are you excited?” Avril asked, babbling because she didn’t know what else to say. We already talked about this numerous times on the long bus rides.

“I’d rather be backstage after your show instead.”

“Haha. I bet you would,” she laughed. “Matt, I’m going to miss you.”

“I’m going to miss you too baby,” I replied in a low voice, almost in a baby talk way.

“You’re going to call me right?” she asked, a look of hope and anticipation on her Canadian face.

“Avril I’m going to call you every day.” =] She looked beautiful. She wore a pair of tight light blue jeans and her black Avril hoodie. Girls in jeans and hoodies. So sexy. Avril’s phone rang and she apologized and answered, seeing it was her manager.

“… … …Okay. Yes. … …Soon okay? …Okay. Bye.” She hung up and then looked sadder than she already did.

“Who was it?”

“My manager. He said I should get to the airport soon.” The tour ended in New York the day before, but Avril and I stayed together in a hotel enjoying what little time we had left together. After she dropped me off, she was flying back to California for another small group of shows. It wasn’t a full tour, but just some small promotional shows and in-store performances.

“I’d better get going then,” I mumbled regretfully.

“Yeah,” she whispered.

“Av, thank you so much. I wish it wouldn’t end.”

“I know Matt… I know.” We both sat there antsy, not sure what to say. The silence was a little uncomfortable. It was sad and we tried to prolong the inevitable as much as we could. “You better call me.”

“You call me when you land okay? How’s that?” I ran my fingers through her long blonde hair. She looked so adult, so beautiful. It was incredible how much older she looked since that first day in my house on my birthday. She really grew up and turned into a beautiful young woman. Her hand moved to my leg as we locked eyes, timidly resting on my lower thigh.

“I promise I will.” Avril hesitated for a moment before continuing. “Can I get… um…?”

“Of course.” I leaned forward and placed my lips on top of hers. It was a soft gentle kiss, but it kept going and going. I ran my hands through her hair, deeper, combing it back with my fingers. I cradled her head in my palm as she tugged on my jacket, keeping herself close to me. I felt her small tongue push into my mouth as we both got a little more aggressive. “Mmm.” I started to move down, kissing her cheek then neck, my free hand moving to her thigh, sliding back it and cupping her ass.

“Mmm Matt. That’s so nice,” Avril whispered as I gently sucked on her neck, right under her jaw/cheek. Her skin was so soft, her hair even softer as it tickled the side of my face. She looked up, closing her eyes as she panted. “Unhh…” Her small hand held my head against her neck, not wanting me to stop… needing me to keep progressing. I started to suck on her neck, tugging at it with my lips as they had an airtight seal on it. I progressively sucked it harder. “Uuhnnn. Haaahaa. Matt… what are you doing,” she slightly giggled as I tried to give her a love mark.

“Giving you a hicky.”

“Mmmm hun,” Avril started to whimper softly as I broke the blood vessels under her soft sweet skin.

“So you can think of me when you see it,” I added, burying my face between her head and shoulder. I crawled on her small body as she playfully wiggled around, trying to get out of my embrace. I squeezed her chest roughly as I bit down on her neck, groping her small little tits. After a few minutes of her moaning and me orally raping her neck, I backed off, admiring the little mark on her skin. It was a nice reddish purple circle.

Before I could take it all in, Avril’s small hands once again gripped onto the front of my black coat, pulling me close to her as she started to kiss my mouth once more. Our kisses were passionate, like two lovers that reunited after a long time apart.

I felt Avril’s warm breath fill my mouth as we swapped spit. Our tongues probed one another’s mouth, licking each other’s lips. We took turns sucking on the other’s tongue and lips, each being the dominant one for a time. “Mmm… uhnnn,” Avril cooed as I gently bit down on her lip like a puppy, playfully tugging at it with out doing any damage.

We kissed for another minute or so, making out on the black leather seat of the limousine. Finally, we both pulled back, trying to break it off. Our lips pressed against one another’s a few more times before we both stopped, sharing a few more small soft kisses. I loved her lips. They were small and sort of thin… but I can’t explain it. They were just amazing… perfectly shaped. I ran my thumb over her mouth, gazing upon her little pink lips, feeling her spit coat my finger. The singer playfully ran the tip of her tongue over the underside of my thumb, teasing it. “Av, baby you can’t take a later flight?”

“Jesus, Matt, I wish to God I could. I want to have you right here in this car. I just can’t.” Her little face expressed frustration and disappointment. She really wanted to have sex in the back of the limo. Avril wanted us to fuck and suck and ravage one another’s body one last time. “Fuck,” she grunted in annoyance.

“Okay,” I said as I grazed the back of my fingers against her cheek. It got quiet for another few moments. Then I realized I had to be the one to actually make the move. She wasn’t going to kick me out. “Call me,” I said as I took hold of my bag.

“I promise I will.”

“Bye Av,” I said as I looked her over one last time. She was so sexy and I was pissed I wouldn’t get to fuck her anymore. But not only that, I was going to miss holding her and making her laugh and having her take my mind off stuff. She was one of the better distractions I had ever had.

“You be good,” she said to me as she choked up a little.

“I will. Goodbye. Thank you.” She leaned forward and gave me one last open mouthed kiss as I was half out of the car.

“Love you,” she said. Avril meant it too. I’m sure it was in some way more than friends, being the relationship we just had… playing house. It wasn’t that we loved one another like Larisa and I did… had. Mostly, it was because we were good friends. It was like when girls say it to one another. I’m a pretty girl! We were great friends, and friends can love each other.

“I love you too. Bye sweetheart,” I replied as I forced a smile and shut the car door. I stood there in the cold, remnants of the small snow storm a week or so before left on the grass. I watched the limo drive down my street, then make a left turn, disappearing from sight.

I was left there at my house, back to my old boring life, left with vivid memories of my three week romance, a bunch of pictures on some burned CDs, and a pair of Avril’s used panties… in a Ziplock to preserve the smell. Yeah. That’s right. How are you. She didn’t know about the Ziplock. That was all me baby!

I returned to school three days after the tour ended. I had my mom drive me back to my dorm after my unique winter break. I was wearing shorts again, to no one’s surprise. Silly old Matt, they thought. I wasn’t looking forward to going back to class, or to Peter’s snoring. He had decided to catch a cold on the last week of break, assuring me countless nights of trying to restrain myself from smothering him with my pillow.

On Monday, the first day of classes, I went to all of them with very little interest at all. My breakup with Larisa still plagued me, even more without Avril Lavigne to distract me. I called her back and spoke to her two days after she called me on the bus, making up some lie as to why I took so long to reply. We tried our best to seem happy with what was going on. She lied about being happy I was on tour with Avril, obviously suspicious that the two of us would be fooling around. However, she was man enough to refrain from asking the question whose answer would tear her up inside. I, in turn, pretended I was happy for her going to England for her new movie roll. I wanted her to stay in New York, to finish college and graduate… to be close to me so we could get back together. We both wished each other the best of luck and acted as if this was going to be okay for us, even though it would kill any chance of us rekindling our love.

In general, my classes took my mind off Larisa with their exciting and interesting topics. Right? Wrong. My Ethics of War class SUCKED! The teacher was the biggest twat ever… sarcastic, mean, and rude. Yet I found her oddly hot. She was a bit overweight, sorta angry and bitter looking, and had her calves and shins covered in tattoos. I would have no problem fucking her for a C. The only bright side of my first day of classes was my Media Criticism class in which we would basically watch a lot of TV and movie clips. They were actually current… Punk’d, Lost, reality shows…

That night, our resident advisor/preceptor, called a mandatory floor meeting. It was required to have one every month and right before and after breaks. “Heeyyyyyyy guys!!!!!!!” yelled Patty, the RA. She was cute, about five seven, curly long black hair, Hispanic. “I just wanted to welcome you all back for our second semester here!” she enthusiastically cheered, trying to psych us up for school. She went on for a few minutes about some things that happened over break like rule changes and reprimands. Finally, she said we would play a sort of game to find out how our breaks went.

“You think we’ll get outa her soon?” I whispered to Peter. We were both seniors, so we participated less than everyone else. We didn’t speak and we sat in the far corner, either cracking constant jokes to ourselves or wearing our “hard” faces. >: !

“Probably not. I think I can see up Kelly’s skirt,” he whispered back to me, referring to the tall blonde across the lounge. She resembled a mongoloid. A tall Mongoloid. We both started cracking up at our mostly inside jokes, trying to contain ourselves as Patty tried to hold the meeting.

“Matt and Peter! You can start off with our game.” Obviously, a punishment.

“I hope it’s not gay chicken,” I said to Peter loud enough for the people around us to hear.

“Hahahaha!” he cried out, almost falling over. Gay chicken is where two guys close their eyes and go to kiss each other and the first person to pull away is the loser. The people around us laughed.

“We’re going to go around the room and say what we all did on our winter breaks and then we’re going to vote on who had the best vacation.”

“What are the prizes?” asked Martin from across the room.

“Handjobs!” I shouted pretty loud to Peter, causing him to bite his fist and fall to his side as he tried not to laugh. People on the other side of the lounge might have been able to make it out. For the most part the other residents just stared at us, laughing a little as they saw how immature we were. Even though we were seniors, we acted like we were in the fifth grade.

“Matt-licious! You start first!” said Patty, a little angry that we kept interrupting her with out childish antics. “What did you do over your break?”

“Ummm…” I thought, trying to sum up my adventure. “I saved some money on my car insurance by switching to Geiko.” The lounge pretty much started laughing all together at my hack joke. It was a cheap joke. I’ll admit it. It was almost guaranteed a laugh.

“Matt! Be serious!” laughed Patty as Peter was laughing himself into a stomach cramp next to me.

“Fine. Um… Well, I went on vacation with some friends…”

“Where’d you go?” she asked.

“Massachusetts,” I replied back instantly. “And we all went fishing. And… as we were out on the boat, a storm came. And then another storm hit. We had to decide whether or not to drive back straight through it or wait it out. …And they were both coming at us from different directions, which really was a bad, bad thing.” Most of the lounge started to crack up again as I just told the plot of A Perfect Storm. “And then the boat tipped over and my friend Mark Wahlberg was left just floating in the water.” Patty didn’t get it, not having seen the movie, but could tell it was just bullshit from the floor’s reaction.

“Matt you’re too funny,” she said, trying to convince everyone what she was hip.

“That’s bull. Why are you lying???” asked Peter, totally blowing up my spot. WHAT AN ASSHOLE!!! “Why don’t you tell them what you really did?”

“Shut up man,” I whispered angrily to him, livid that he blabbed my secret, almost.

“Matt went on tour with Avril Lavigne!!!!!” Half my floor mates looked at me in disbelief as the other was surprised and believed it, knowing I had been dating Alex Mack. For that reason, anything was possible. The majority of people knew about us after they or their friends saw me with her in the building.

“That’s cool Matt. Did you go to a show or something?” asked Patty as she sat down Indian style on the dirty worn out green lounge couch.

“I went with her for about three weeks,” I answered back quietly, hoping the conversation would happen to move along to my dipshit roommate so I could embarrass him. Went with her for three weeks… and fucked her almost every night, at least once.

“Wow! Are you for real??” she asked.

“Yeah.” I seemed less than enthused. I looked around blankly into space, trying to hint that I didn’t want to talk about it. Part of my hesitation was that I missed Avril. I didn’t want to talk about it, especially with a room full of people.

“Did you win a contest or something? Like was it a radio thing?” she asked, knowing I wanted to be a shock jock when I graduated. SHOCK JOCK!

“I’m friends with her.” I was really uncomfortable now and just wanted to pass to someone else.

“Wow! That’s so cool!” she said. I could see the other people whispering to their friends about what was just revealed. I’m sure some didn’t give a shit because they didn’t care for her. Some of those who didn’t still were shocked that I had mad Hollywood connections.

“How do you know her?” she asked, now believing that I did actually know her. “Whad you do on tour?”

“… …Through a friend,” I hesitated to say, referring to Larisa. Cristina and Dina tuned around and looked back at me from the nearby table, seeing how that question would affect me. They both knew that we had broken up, as I blabbed about it drunk one night. They were nice enough to not tell anyone. “I hung out. I helped the guitar techs and roadies some nights,” I added, actually telling the truth. The road crew had showed me a few things and were nice enough to let me help them out. I continued to sit on the floor, my feet on the ground, my knees bent. I didn’t make eye contact with anyone, just looking down at the floor. Hopefully mamichulo would get the hint.

“Verrryyyy interesting,” she said, her voice trailing off as she nodded up and down, thinking I’d probably win. “Peter. What about you?” she added.

“He got his pubes!” I yelled as I covered my mouth and looked away from him over at the corner of the room out the window. He just punched me in the arm as I blew up his spot. As Peter told his answer, I slowly got up and walked out of the lounge with no intention of going back. I didn’t want everyone to know that I knew these people and did these things. I was shy and I wanted to keep that private. The last thing I wanted was to answer a million questions about dating Larisa or fucking Larisa, or dating or fucking Avril, or fucking Larisa and Avril together, or coming inside both of them without a condom. You know… there’s some things you just don’t discuss. I’m a classy guy.

As I got back to my room, Dina followed after me, knocking on the door frame, standing outside in her usual saggy pants, her thong sticking out. She was wearing a white tanktop, her hair up in a pony tail as she leaned against the door, her dark blue sweats blending in with the blue painted door.

“Hey Matt,” she said. “Can I come in?” she added.

“Sure,” I said as I sat down on my bed. Dina came in and sat next to me on my right side… on the same bed where Larisa jerked me off as I told her how I thought about Dina when I ran many a batch.

“So, how was your break?” she asked as she rested her hands on her knees, looking around the room to see if anything was different. She looked beautiful with her boobs jiggling as she slightly bounced on the mattress. She definitely had some cleavage working.

“It was okay.”

“It sounded pretty exciting,” she added. She lived sort of near me but we didn’t hang out at all over break, not that I was there for most of it. We weren’t really that close of friends outside of school, just really friendly.

“Yeah. I had a good time.” More than she would ever know, unless she got me drunk, then I’d show her the kind of fun I had. I’d call her Willy Wonka as I tongued her asshole, and tell her I wanna tour her chocolate factory. …With my mouth!

“How is it going with Larisa?” she asked next. “Did you two see each other at all?”

“We’re on an indefinite break. …I guess you can say I saw her.” From a distance when she was making out with the first guy to ever fuck her. “She’s in Europe now doing a movie. I don’t know for how long or anything,” I said in a low monotone voice. Dina didn’t say anything to my comment. She didn’t want to pry into my business, but tried to show she was curious as to my mental health and happiness.

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Dina said as her hand moved towards my knee. She gave it a little squeeze as she smiled at me, her head cocked sideways, her long brown hair hanging back in a ponytail. “I’m sure everything will work out for the best.” I hoped she was right. We were less than a foot away from one another. “Well, I’m going to go find another class to add. I’m one short.”

“All right.”

“Gimme a hug,” Dina said as she turned her body sideways and wrapped her arms around my shoulders and neck. All I could think about was how nice her titties felt pressed against my chest. I ran my palm over her back as I heard her giggle and moan in a nonsexual but somewhat ditsy way. Although I said before, she wasn’t ditsy at all. After a few seconds of our close friendly embrace, she got up and walked away, her thong and top of her ass teasing me as she left my room. Needless to say, I had half a chubby as she exited the dorm room.

The next few weeks of school went by slowly. I already had an oral presentation for my Media Criticism class. We all had to choose a topic and he assigned a date. Being it was only one presentation for the semester, it could be viewed as lucky that I got to go towards the beginning with my group, getting it out of the way. I was lucky enough to have a class with Lauren, almost two classes, but I couldn’t sell her on adding the second.

Lauren was a girl that I had class with the previous semester. If I hadn’t been with Larisa, I would have definitely asked her out. She was about five foot six or so, long blonde hair, a gorgeous set of breasts. They were large despite their appearance… probably a mid C cup. Again, I’m not a breastesses man. Lauren was oddly hot in that “I’m so plain Jane” sort of way. She was the girl next door, but the average girl next door. If I had to pick a celebrity she resembled… I’d definitely have to say… Take the daughter on the old show Boy Meets World. The original cute daughter, not the older one who suddenly was trying to be sarcastic funny. Take her and add about seventeen years. That’s Lauren.

She had the most innocent brown eyes, even blowing Larisa’s out of the water in that category. She was funny, smart, so beautiful… She knew that I sort of liked her the previous semester. I would try to sit next to her whenever possible and talk to her before and after classes. I would get awkward around her, seeming cute. Of course this is all after Larisa cheated on me and we broke up that I actually tried to score.

As the new semester started, I decided to try my luck with her. After a few weeks of flirting and whatnot, I found out she was sort of seeing someone else, so I backed off. Luckily, I wasn’t too hurt. After being with two celebrities, slumming with the regular college girls wasn’t too big a deal. If I would score, great, if not, well I know I’m better than them. …Yeah so I also jacked off to Lauren a lot too.

Being down on my girl luck, I turned to other ways of passing the time. I worked out and continued to fight off Valerie and her sexual advancements. Even though Larisa Oleynik and I weren’t a couple and may never be one again, I felt guilty about sleeping or hooking up with her cousin. I didn’t want to jeopardize my chances of reconciliation… of Matt and Larisa, version 2.0. I also didn’t want to lead Valerie on, being she told me she had a huge crush on me a few months before.

As school progressed, I missed Larisa more and more. This led to a downward spiral of my life. It wasn’t all overly terrible, but one thing led to another. I went to the gym almost every day until it became nice out, allowing me to run outdoors. I still ran outside in the winter, but only when it wasn’t ridiculously cold out. I worked out almost every day, skipping class a lot because I wanted to get my workout done early in the day to get it over with. Around mid afternoon, the gym wasn’t crowded either, so there was less waiting for the machines. I was lifting more weights and doing more cardio than I had ever done before. I was dropping weight and getting more buff. New Jersey’s Vin Diesel. I even started taking mixed martial arts classes. I found that kicking someone’s ass was a great way to relieve stress. The downside to that, besides skipping class… if you even call that a downside… was that I wasn’t eating all that much. I would feel depressed whenever I thought of Larisa and would lose my apatite. So, that combined with the exercise…

I also skipped a particular class for another reason. I had read about some dong enlarging exercises on the internet the previous year and I’d always try to get into the routine to see if it really worked, but unfortunately the hobby never lasted more than a few days. I decided it was finally time to give it the “old college try.” You know, being that I was in college. It’s not that I was lacking in that department, being I had a seven and a half inch redwood in the forest… a tree that more than one celebrity loved. I just felt inadequate to the guys Larisa had been with. It wasn’t the fact that they were better looking or larger in the pants than I was, but it was the fact that she fooled around with them at all that made me question myself. I wanted to get better so I would be the only one she wanted.

According to the routine I was to follow, the exercises needed to be done every day to ensure results. I ended up skipping my Ethics of War class almost every time we met. I’d only go when there was something due, many times leaving right after I handed it in. It worked out well because that class sucked and I didn’t need to go, and Peter had class that period every day of the week. On days where I didn’t have to skip Ethics, I had off, allowing me the time to perform my routine. And it worked. Boy did it work.

Another routine I had was the drinking. I got drunk many night of the week. It wasn’t that I drank way too much quantity wise. From not eating so much and then exercising, the alcohol hit me faster, allowing me to get tipsy or drunk relatively quicker than normal, depending on how wasted I wanted to get. There’s nothing wrong with being a two beer queer once in a while. < --- Douchechilllllll! I became known as the drunk kid on the floor. It caused some concerns, but I never was sloshed to the point where I was throwing up or banging ugly fat chicks. I just always had a nice buzz going to take the edge off.

I lied in bed one Saturday night feeling Valerie next to me. Okay so I’m not saying I didn’t fool around with her from time to time. I’m only human and I can make mistakes. And I use the term fool around loosely. We just kissed. Never even got to third base. She was next to me on my left side, her arm slung across my chest. She rested her curly brown haired head next to my shoulder, sort of using it as a pillow. We decided to hang out that night and watch a movie together. We were both exhausted from our long days and the boring movie, finally deciding to just go to sleep. “Hold me tighter,” she said as she lifted her left leg up, resting it on top of my left thigh as it lied bent at the knee. I slipped my left arm underneath her neck, cradling her head against my body, my other hand sliding up her bare left thigh, cupping it in place just below her ass cheek. Okay! Okay! So sometimes we slept together. I mean next to one another. It was nice having someone in my arms as I fell asleep. I missed it. I have needs and feelings you SOB.

“Val… I don’t know if we should keep doing this,” I said softly, running my fingers through her hair. The college junior snuggled against me as we tried to keep warm under the beige comforter. I would sometimes stay there and sleep over after we hung out. Most of the time we shared her bed. It never really went anywhere. Sometimes if we were both drunk we would kiss or diddle with one another a bit. A good amount of the time we were well behaved and I just held her. I liked sharing a bed with someone. It made me feel less alone.

“You don’t like this?” she asked me softly as she raised her knee up, curling herself into a smaller ball. I could feel her sock covered feet rubbing against my legs, trying to keep warm. Valerie would wear socks in bed but never pants. She always wore a regular bikini cut pair of panties and a tanktop or some other revealing shirt.

“No, no. I do, but… I don’t want to lead you on. I know you like me,” I loudly whispered.

“I do like you Matt,” she whispered, half asleep. “It’s fine. Trust me. Mmkay?” she added in a soft calm voice. Before I had the chance to answer, she fell asleep in my arms. I kept her close to me, loving the feeling of someone wanting to hold me close to them, the feeling of her bare thigh on my hand… the fight inside me as to whether or not I should slip my fingers just inside her panties a little and satisfy my urges.

As I toyed with the idea of fondling the sleeping girl next to me, my cock started to move in my pants, inflating like a hot air balloon and eventually standing at full attention. I could feel it rub against Val’s thigh, causing me to shudder under the covers. I involuntarily pushed my groin against her naked leg, loving the feeling of her soft skin against my bare prick as it stuck out of the hole in the front of my boxers. ‘No Matt. No,’ I thought to myself. ‘If you sleep with her, kiss Larisa goodbye.’ After a good half hour of tossing and turning next to the beautiful brunette, smelling her hair, feeling her arm around me, feeling her long sexy legs against my special area, I finally fell asleep.

“Mmmm, God I’ve waited for this all day.” I pushed Avril onto the sofa in her dressing room as she verbally shared her yearnings. We were in Orlando, Florida after her show at another small club. I stood on the side of the stage watching her perform. Every time she came offstage for an equipment change or a break between songs, I was there to grab her breasts or rub her pussy through her tight black skater pants, furiously Frenching her at the same time. Avril seemed as if she couldn’t wait to finish this particular show, always looking offstage and making her short segue speeches even shorter than normal.

“I know you have baby. Did you like the attention I gave you all through the show?” I asked as I climbed up behind her on the couch, slipping my left arm around her tiny abdomen, pushing my other hand inside the waist of her still buttoned pants. I forced my way down to her crotch with my hand as I felt her bare pussy, already dripping from horniness. “Mmm. I see you were a good little girl today, following my directions.”

“Yeah Maaatt,” the singer moaned as she tilted her head to the left, her long light blonde hair falling to the left side of her body. I licked and sucked on her neck as I buried three fingers inside her tight box, feeling my range of motion severely limited by her fastened pants. “No panties today.”

“Do you want me to keep waiting offstage for you?” I asked as I sucked on Avril’s neck hard, trying to give her a hickie, at the same time molesting her cunt with fast working fingers. I flicked them back and forth, moving them in and out of her sweet young pussy.

“Yessss. Mmmm.” Avril closed her eyes as she bit down hard on her bottom lip.

“Yes what?” I asked as I pulled her small nimble body back into my cock, pressing it into her ass. I grinded against her through our clothes. My growing boner had nowhere to go inside my green cargo pants and they felt tighter and tighter with my increasing arousal.

“Yessss Matt. Keep teasing me. Keep making me want your… Oh God!” the Canadian cried out as I shoved a fourth finger deep inside her tight snatch, my digits lining up left to right, stretching out her hole. It was a struggle to shove the extra digit in her box due to its tightness and to the waistband of her pants, limiting my range of motion. Avril’s skin tasted slightly salty from her sweat during the performance.

“Undo your pants,” I told her sternly as I took both my hands and squeezed her small chest hard, roughly fondling her breasts through her green vintage t-shirt. I could feel her nipples stiffen against my palms as I angrily groped her boobs. Avril’s hand went to work, undoing her belt and her pants. “Now lift yourself up Avril,” I said as I pulled her up to her knees by her tits. As she stood up tall on her knees, I could see the top of her head, being she was so much smaller than me. I felt her tug her pants down towards her knees, keeping her legs stuck in her sweaty pants, just like most of the other times she got railed after the show. It was one of the hotter nights, the humid muggy Orlando air seeping into the venue. “What do you want now?”

“You baby,” she replied as I ran my hands up under her tight little shirt, clawing at her bare chest, feeling no bra… my other request. I though it was hot to see her pink little nipples poke through her shirt as she performed onstage, impatiently waiting to come off and get fucked. With the bright lights and the arousal I caused her between songs, her nipples were always prominent through her tight shirts, letting everyone see how horny she was. It was as clear as day. I know it turned her on to see guys in the crowd stare at her and fantasize about fucking her and coming all over her or inside her.

“What do you want now?” I asked again, more sternly, pinching her stiff swollen nipples and pulling them down hard, feeling her tit skin stretch. I could hear the gasp in her quick breaths as I pulled on them a little too hard for her taste, at the same time rocking my hips against her steadily, rhythmically pushing my man meat up against her.

“I want your cock in meee. I want you to fuck my pussyyy,” she groaned as I roughed her up a little, taking advantage of her small firm breasts as I pumped my hard dick against her body, feeling it push through my pants, begging to be released from its prison.

“What are you?” I demanded for her to tell me.

“A little whore,” Avril answered back in a shy little girl voice.

“Say it louder,” I grunted quietly into her ear as my cheek rubbed against the side of her face, my beard stubble scratching her cheek. My left hand was still pinching and tugging at her nipple and kneading her tit as my right was back inside her pants, my fingers rubbing her wet vagina lips. Her crotch was soaked and my digits easily slipped past her lips from her bodily Crisco.

“I’m your fucking… little filthy whore,” she moaned lowly in pleasure, leaning her head back against my shoulder, her eyes closed.

“Say my name.”

“Mmm. Matthew. Mmmm.” The musician moaned and groaned louder as I pushed my hand inside her pussy, yelping when I would insert more of me.

“Tell me I’m a good boy,” I added. That was the phrase that turned me on more than anything.

“Mmm. Matthew… You’re such a good boy Matthew. …You’re such a good boy when you fuck me like this.”

“That’s a good little whore,” I said as I unzipped my cargo pants with one hand, keeping the other on her chest. I reached in and pulled out my thick awaiting cock, feeling my rock hardness in my hand. I rubbed the head over the length of her pussy slit, lubing it up as I prepared to fuck her like I had so many other show nights. “I love fucking you like this baby,” I whispered to her like a psycho killer as I pushed her body down against the back of the seat.

“Fucking… Don’t teeeease me,” Avril pleaded with me as I continued to rub my swollen cock head against her slippery little cunt, refusing to slip it past her tiny swollen pink lips. I could see her brace herself for me, unknowing of exactly when I’d slip it inside her. Her hands gripped on the backrest and she stiffened up. “Hurt me with that big fucking dick!” With that, I slammed my penis into her tight pussy, pushing it as far in as it would go in her shallow cunt as fast as I could. I felt the skin above my prick rest against her ass as she bent over for me. Still, I pushed onward, inward, pulling her against me. She gripped the top of the sofa with both hands even harder, her arms spread out away from her. “Ahhh!! Oww!” she grunted as I pushed against her limits.

“Unnhh. Uhnn,” I grunted as I struggled to go further and deeper inside her, pushing my sweet temple tower into her body, playing hide the sausage. I didn’t push myself back and forth, fucking her. Instead, I just pressed forward and forward, pushing her body towards the back of the couch when I ran out of cock to stuff her with.

“Matt. Co… condom,” she moaned as her head hung down, her hair falling towards the cushion. My dong pushed hard against her canal as if it was drilling for oil, never refraining from pushing onward. My hips wiggled in circles as I tried to bore out her vagina. “Hooo God…” I rode her like Rocko on the jackhammer from the old Rocko’s Modern Life cartoon.

“We won’t be needing it tonight.” I slid my aching steel rod out of Avril’s hole as she let out a sigh of relief. Her breathing slowed down and she loosened her body, recovering from my thickness and longness. Longness monster.

“Huh?” Avril asked, confused. I answered by pressing the head of my fullness against her pert little asshole, and thrusting it in without warning, causing her to cry out. “Aaaahhh!!!! Owww Matt!!!” she yelped out.

“You ever been fucked in the ass Avril?” I groaned.

“Owww nooo! Maaahaatt! Aaahhaaa!!” Her head collapsed against the seat as she pulled her hands in closer, taking huge handfuls of the black leather material of the sofa. Her backdoor was so tight from the lack of any real lubricant, squeezing shut around my pole. The unexpectedness and her nervousness made her dirty hole clench up tighter.

“God you’re so fucking tight. Your virgin asshole is so fuckin tight around my cock Av,” I thought out loud as three quarters of my tool was buried in her backdoor. I could hear her whimper as I slid it out slowly, feeling the resistance of her anus. “Just try and relax baby,” I said as I kept a hand on her back between her shoulder blades, trying to ease her as the intruding member left her.

Slowly I pushed myself back inside her, faster as I got deeper. Soon Avril took all seven and a half inches of me deep in her butt. “Aaahhhooww Matt!! Uhhnn!! Fuck Matt, it’s too big!” she groaned out in pain. Her mouth hung open and her eyes shut tight she laid motionless on the sofa. I held her down against the couch, sliding my cock in and out of her excruciatingly tight butt hole. I bucked myself to and fro, watching my penis disappear into her no-no. I could hear her whimper as she opened her eyes wide and then squeezed them shut tightly once again, gritting her teeth. Avril’s small body couldn’t take the pain of my cock in her tight ass as I stretched her out. “AAH! OWWW! You’re hurting mee!!!!” Her voice shook after a full night of singing. As I pushed in, her sphincter closed up, trying to stop the alien intrusion. As I pulled out, she was a little looser, being it was an exit hole.

“You told me to hurt you. That’s what I’m doing,” I pointed out as my rod pumped inside her at a quicker pace. Every few thrusts I kept it inside her for a second, feeling her stretch out around me as I squeezed and contracted my dick muscle, doing a kegel so the shaft swelled up. I reached around her, rubbing her clit with my right hand, slipping a few fingers in her wet pussy as I kept the other on her ass, keeping my pumps steady and straight… and hard.

“Ahhahaaaa FUCK!! Matt! Please STOP! …Pleeease stop Matt!! AAAH!!”

“Why?” I asked her as I fucked her in the ass faster and faster, feeling her swollen and sore poop chute muscles contract around my member like an anaconda around a mouse. I looked down at her tight small little flat caboose. My tool disappearing inside her anus looked so fucking sexy it was unreal. The power I felt from controlling Avril Lavigne was so… empowering. “Uhnn. Haaa shit. Uhn.”

“Be… because you’re…Owwww! You’re too bigggg!” Avril cried. I could hear her whimper more and more, seeing a tear or two drip from one of her black makeup covered eyes as her head faced sideways. I pushed it deep into her harder one last time before pulling out of her door number two. Her tender reddish anal opening resembled a black hole in space for a moment before it closed up, staying stretched for a second. As I looked down at her naked lower half, I noticed just how tiny a girl she was. That made it even harder as I ravaged her, taking total control. “Aaahhaa,” she groaned as she felt relief. I immediately pushed my prick back into her pussy, fucking it hard, knocking her against the back of the black sofa.

“Oh fuck Av. Fuck yeah. You’re so good,” I moaned as I railed her fast and hard, sticking a finger inside her ass every few seconds, keeping it warmed up and loose. Every so often, I sucked on my thumb or index and middle fingers, lubing them up for when I raped her asshole with my digits.

“Ohh fuck, fuck, fuck!” I pushed her head down against the back of the seat, my hand on the left side of her head right above her ear, forcing her to look to the side at a full length mirror.

“Watch me fuck you baby,” I tenderly spoke into her ear, just above a whisper. “Watch yourself get off from me.” She continued to moan and groan, crying out in pleasure and pain at the same time. Tears rolled down her cheeks as I half raped her in the back of the small club. I pushed Avril’s head down harder on the seat as my body rested on top of hers, having her support my weight with her tiny delicate frame. I forced my arm down on her head, three quick slams down against the couch. I slung my other arm around her waist, pulling her close to me. As I fucked her, I pretty much remained inside her as we grinded together. “God you’re getting me off so fuckin good Avril. Fuccck. So good Av.”

“Aaaaha! Oh! Oooh!” She tried to keep her eyes open as she watched me take her doggy style, closing them to deal with the sensation of my pole digging at her cunt. “Yesss. Mmmmmm. It… hurts,” she moaned as my balls rhythmically slapped against her pussy as I fucked her six ways from Sunday. Slap. Slap. Slap. My nuts tingled with the urge to come. I leaned back for a moment and took off my black t shirt, tossing it next to us on the far side of the couch. I shoved my right index finger deep into her ass, flicking and wiggling it around as I slowly and steadily pumped her cunt with my dugan. I could feel her small anus contract and squeeze as I manipulated it… more or less warming up to the feeling of something foreign inside it. Then, I then leaned back down on top of her, crushing her once again under me.

“Tell me I’m the best baby.”

“Uhhnn Matt… You’re the… Uhnn!”

“Tell me I’m the best fuck you’ve ever had!” I growled at her quietly, pushing her head against the couch hard with every word, giving it one final jerk down as I concluded my command.

“Ahaaaaa!” she said, full out sobbing. “You’re the best I ever haaaad,” she mumbled as she sniffed and squeezed her eyes closed like it was all a bad dream.

“You’re gonna make me come Av. You’re gonna make me come baby. I wanna come inside your pussy.” We rocked back and forth against the chair as I knocked her bottom out. Bang! Bang! The sofa slammed against the wall behind it. I had both arms resting under her torso, squeezing Avril’s short body against mine, resting my stomach against her back.

“Nooo! I’m not on the pill!” Avril yelled at me. I pushed myself deeper inside her, feeling my balls tingle, needing to explode. I could feel the walls of her tight warm pussy massaging my dick as it slid in and out of her.

“Where do you want me to come baby?? You better tell me quick,” I warned Avril in my quivering voice as I was about to lose it. She was close to nirvana as well, loving the fact that I was dominating her so well.

“… …Uhhhhhnn. My assss,” she groaned with hesitation as she breathed heavily, panting like a dog, holding onto the leather seat as she rocked hard against it like she was on a boat in the ocean, holding onto the side of the ship.

“Where?” I teased her.

“My ass. Unnnn… Come in my asssss,” Avril cried. “…Please don’t go in there Matt,” she added, referring to her pussy, whimpering, pleading with me.

“You want me back there now? Are you sure?” I asked her, teasing her even more. My balls were on fire as I held back as long as I could. I banged her like a hooker, pushing and pulling my D in and out of her like a drill.

“Pleeaseee fuck my ass Matt. Fuck my tight ass,” she begged quietly. “Don’t come in my pussyyyy.” I pulled out of her wet cunt, my penis totally covered and soaked in her juices and got ready to plunge it into her ass, loosened from my fingers inside it this whole time. I scooted away from her and bent down, pulling her small butt up towards my head. I spat on her little bright red hole, sore from being stretched by my prick with little lube.

“Open it,” I told her, seeing her anus relax. I spat on it again as it loosened, next shoving my thumb and index and middle fingers inside it, letting my fingertips spread her. My finger placement widened as they got close to my hand. “God you’re ass is so sexy. Tell me how dirty it is.”

“My ass is s…s…so dirty,” she whimpered.

“Do better.” I pushed my finger triangle inside her small caboose, up to my palm.

“My dirty ass is fucking filthy. It’s a dirty filthy hooole,” she grunted, her asshole squeezing shut as my combined fingers were wider than my cock. I pulled out as she sighed, seeing a dark little red hold open. I brought my face to it and pushed my tongue inside, deep inside. I lapped up her sore hole, letting my saliva drip inside it. My teeth pushed and bit down on her taint and ass as I slithered my tongue as deep inside her tight butt as I could. “Mmmm. Mmmmm,” she moaned in approval, my soft muscle soothing as the wetness helped her soreness.

“You like that baby?” I asked softly. I pulled away and slapped my palm against her right cheek as hard as I could. “AAAAHHHOWWW!” she screamed, totally taken by surprise. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! My right hand flew down on her right cheek, then left, then right, rapidly… three quick pops for showing that she liked my analingus. “FUUUCCKKK AAAAHHNNNN!!!” Avril cried. I squeezed both her sore raspberry butt cheeks, massaging them as they continued to sting.

Avrils asshole clenched tightly from the spanking and she winced and screamed in pain as I pushed my dick deep in her. “AAAH!!!” I held my left hand against her pussy, furiously rubbing at her clit, bringing her close to her own orgasm.

“Suck my fingers. Taste your filthy ass,” I grunted as I pushed my first two fingers in her mouth, her head tilted to the right, her left cheek on the couch’s backrest. I felt her half ass suck on my dirty digits as I railed her. “Use your tongue!” I yelled. I could feel Avril’s wet little tongue swirl around my fingertips, licking her ass taste off them. I pulled up on her cheek like my fingers were two fish hooks, pulling her head towards me, my digits pulling through her cheek.

“OWWWW!!!” Her whole body tense up harder than a piece of iron and she collapsed forward onto the black backrest.

“You are so fucking tight!! You dirty cunt! …You filthy little whore!” I yelled at her, panting as I worked up a sweat. I was running out of breath as I fought off an orgasm and exhaustion from the sexual workout.

“…Fuck you,” she mumbled with my fingers in her mouth as the tears poured from her eyes. WHACK! I smacked her ass with my palm as I heard her get sarcastic.

“Don’t mouth off!” I grunted as I took a fistful of her long blonde hair and pulled it back hard, yanking her head up. I held her head elevated as I pulled harder on her cheek, stretching out her mouth like a little fish.

“Ahhhhaaa!!! OWWW!!!” Avril cried out in pain, losing her composure. “Matt it hurrrrrttsssss! Ahhan!!” The tip of my head pressed as far as it would go inside her sore violated little hole. “MAAATT!!” I grabbed her right hand and pulled it down between her legs.

“Rub your clit. Do it!!!” I ordered her as I forced her hand back and forth over herself. “Yeah baby. Does that feel good? Do you wanna come?” Her only response was to whimper and moan as she cried her eyes out from the rough sex. “Do you want me to stop Av?” I said as I fucked her without a break, about to release inside her butt.

“Noohooo,” she cried as her voice cracked. “No.” The singer’s voice was shaky and low as she pleaded for me to keep going. If I didn’t stop and rest, it’d be over sooner. My dick felt sore after being in the gauntlet I called her ass and my balls ached. God did they ache.

“Do you like being treated like a dirty whore?” I asked her, half serious, curious to her fetishes.

“Y… Yeaah,” she moaned.

“Tell me the truth Avril.”

“…I… …I dooo. Ahhaaa!” she honestly yelled as I violated her anus, feeling her soft sphincter smother the shaft of my cock.

“Av I… I’m… UGGHH!!!!” I yelled as I bucked my hips forward and felt my cock convulse inside her anal hole. “Aaahahhhh Aaaaav!” I cried as sperm shot from my cock into her ass, deep into her colon, causing me to become paralyzed behind her. Avril had both arms over the back of the couch, gripping whatever she could to ease the pain. I tried as best I could to keep fingering her pussy as she was supposed to keep rubbing her pink little bean. I leaned back in a last desperate attempt to thrust in, and collapsed forward once again. I shot my load out with more force than any other orgasm I had had in the longest time.

“OOOOHHHHH!!!!” she cried as she rested her head on her arm, biting her lip as her eyes dribbled out tears. She bucked back into me and shook underneath me, coming herself. “Ahhahaaaa Mattt!!! …I’M COMMMMINGGG!!!!” she screamed out as I filled up her ass with a jizz enema. The rock star lied motionless, sprawled out like a murder victim on the couch, completely lifeless as she came hard. Avril’s little body trembled as she reached nirvana, coming hard, however not able to flop around under my bodyweight. Gobs and gobs of my hot sticky cum poured into her ass as I panted and quivered, holding onto her waist, my arms wrapped around her abs. After I was done busting inside her, I slowly pulled out, her tight hole contracting around me, milking out the last of my salty seed. “Ah, haaa. Aaaha ha,” she sobbed.

“Baby that was so good,” I said as I wrapped my arms around her lovingly, holding her against me. “It’s okay. It’s okay. Shhhh,” I whispered softly, running my hand through her hair as she was on the verge of passing out from the pain of her orgasm. “It’s okay baby. You know I love you right?”

“Pfft. Plop.” Avril farted, shooting out a little of my cum, having some it shoot back out onto my crotch, but most of it dribbling down onto her thighs and taint. I rubbed her ass cheek with my right hand, pushing my thumb against her tenderized and sore balloon knot.

“OOWWWW!!!!!” I stopped touching there after her loudest shriek. “Aaha, haa, ha. Aahaa hnnn,” she softly cried.

“Give me a kiss,” I told her as I held her chin and turned her head towards me. She didn’t so much as even move her mouth or lips in the most miniscule way as I pressed mine against her, licking her thin defined lips. Her black makeup was smeared from the crying, dripping onto her cheeks, more apparent because of the color. Avril kneeled over the back of the chair, her ass out, with me holding my arms against her as we calmed down. “Maaa… Matt…” she mumbled through her small tears.

“Yeah Av?” I asked as I continued to comb her hair with my fingers.

“Mmmm Matt, are you awake baby?” I opened my eyes slowly, feeling a pair of lips pressed against mine. The room was completely dark as I blinked a few times, my eyes hurting to be open all the way. I saw the glow of the alarm clock on the nightstand. It read three in the morning.

“Whaaaa??” I asked in a daze.

“Matt does this feel good?” Val asked as she softly kissed my lips with hers, her thigh pushing back and forth over my half aroused member, more swollen than normal for this stage of erectness due to the body heat we shared under the blanket.

‘Why does every good sex dream I have GET FUCKED UP?!?’ I thought, thinking back to the reunion series of dreams I had over the past summer. Obviously she was involved in this one as the one who woke me up from it. That whore. I thought back to my dream, where I had taken Avril Lavigne’s anal virginity. If only it had been true. Sigh. “Val… What are you…?” I stumbled to get out, still half asleep.

“I can’t sleep Matt. I’m horny,” she told me as she started kissing from my mouth down my cheek. She pushed my head to my right to gain better access to my neck. “Huuhhhh,” she panted, expelling her warm breath over my neck, licking my flesh with her tongue. Her bare leg rubbed against the naked head of my hard rod, back and forth slowly. She knew how to move her body so that I’d eventually beg her for more. …Eventually.

“We… we shouldn’t. Val go back to sleep,” I said as I tried to get back to dreamland. I still had to deal with Avril a little more. Well, in a perfect world I would. I was exhausted and had other reasons for not doing anything with her.

“Please baby. I want you to put it in me so much. Uhhnnn,” she groaned, licking my neck, then sucking on it with her red lips. “It’ll feel sooo good baby.”

“Val, we can’t fuck. I can’t fuck you.”

“How about I get off myself?” she asked as she ran her hand down my bare chest, her fingernails dragging across my skin like razorblades. “But you have to hold me while I finger my pussy.”

‘Jesus,’ I thought. “Fine,” I said, complying with her demands. It was the only way to get her to stop. “Have fun,” I added as I pulled her close to me, holding her. She was on her side, my arm underneath her neck and head, my left hand rubbing her back and shoulders slowly as she slid her left hand into her red panties. I could feel her hand through her underwear, moving back and forth against my side as she rubbed her pussy, as she felt me against her. It was hot and uncomfortable under the comforter. I tried to block it out and fall back asleep.

“Mmmm,” she cooed. “It feels so good Matthew,” she whispered as she pushed her face between my shoulder and head, like a puppy trying to get milk from its mother’s nips, so she could whisper seductive comments into my ear. Then she nibbled on my ear lobe, softly biting on it. In an unexpected move, she brought her wet fingers to my lips and pushed her fingertips into my mouth, making me taste her. “That’s what you did to me. See what you did baby?”

“Good,” I said frankly, feeling her digits rub over my lips some more before she returned them to her own wet and wild amusement park. I turned my head away from her, trying to just go to sleep before I did something I regretted. I felt Valerie’s hot breath against my cheek as she moaned and groaned sexily, pushing two fingers into her hotbox.

“Aaaah. Aha yes, yesss.” I felt her rock back and forth against my leg as she got off, to me I presume. I could feel the sweat seep from my legs as the temperature underneath the thick blanket cooked me. “Uhnnn. Uhhh. Mmm,” she cooed as her hand plunged in and out of her shaved wet pussy, pushing deep past her lips over and over. I could hear the squishing noises from her soaked puss and Val breathed faster and heavier as she closed in on an orgasm, not trying to make the pleasure last as long as it could. She needed to either get off or try to get me turned on enough to get her off.

Should I succumb to her teasing and have sex with her? If you think I should, scroll down to story code XY1. If you think I shouldn’t, scroll down to story code XN1. I’m just kidding. This isn’t one of those interactive stories. Loser!

“Mmmhmm,” I mumbled half consciously.

“You wish this was your hand baby? Wish it was your big beautiful dick in my pussy?” Val softly said in a seductive tone. Her curly brown hair rested against my ear as she kissed me on the cheek tenderly. I didn’t respond to her question. “Aaah. Aaahh, unnnn. Uhh uh uh,” she grunted as she squeezed her thighs against her hand, trapping it inside her as her fingers wiggled a mile a minute. “I’m com… I’m coming…” she cried, soft enough to not wake anyone in the next room. Her body tensed up and she trembled, her breathing erratic. “…nnnuuAAAh… Mmmm. …Uhhn.” Val loosened up and calmed down after a minute or so. “Uhnn. … …I came for you Matthew. I came so good for you,” she added a few seconds later, in a very much softer voice. Valerie brought her woman-cum soaked fingers to my face, rubbing herself over my lips like chapstick.

“Hasgh,” I snored lightly, fast asleep as her heart sunk from the subsiding of her orgasm and from my lack of participation in it. Luckily, I was able to fall asleep shortly after being woken up by her, despite the rising temperature in the sauna of a bed we shared.

“You’re killing me,” she whispered to herself out loud. “I’m going to fuck you… one day.” She leaned over and kissed me gently on the lips, tasting herself, then resting her head back on my shoulder once again, her sticky fingers tickling my chest, joining me in sleep quickly, exhausted and spent from masturbating herself to me.

Some time had passed since the winter break I shared with Avril Lavigne. Larisa was back in the United States again after shooting a movie in Europe. She wasn’t gone for too long, only playing a minor role in it. “I’m glad you’re back Riss,” I said to her. “…I’m glad we’re back.”

“I am too love,” she replied, her eyes showing her hopelessly-in-love-with-me-ness. We lied naked in my bed in my house next to one another. We had reconciled and decided to give us another try, each of us missing the other too much. It was summer again and the two of us were back together in my empty house. This time it was for good. My parents decided to stay in Arizona, only coming back to New Jersey to visit. I took control of the house and its bills, sharing them with my new roommate… Larisa. Obviously, my rich girlfriend helped with the bills. Score! She turned her head to the right, looking at me with those innocent baby browns. She couldn’t help but smile… like a kid who had just finally been adopted, being taken out of her shitty foster home. Only she’s still gonna get touched. She caressed my right cheek with her hand as we both lied on our backs looking at each other. We each had the dumbest wide smiles on our face, unable to keep from expressing our joy.

“Last night was… just amazing.”

“I know lover. I forgot just how perfect we are together,” Larisa replied. I held her hand to my face, closing my eyes, feeling the warm touch of her skin and smiling along with her. We remained silent for a minute or two before I interrupted the mood. I turned to my left and crawled on top of her, straddling her waist, my legs on both sides of her, my torso supported by my arms. We were wrapped up in my nice comfy ass blanket, content with staying in our cocoon of love. My uncovered dick hung down on top of her pussy, once again clean shaven. I like to keep myself clean. I leaned down close to her face, feeling her firm ample breasts squish against my chest.

“You’re so beautiful,” I whispered as I brushed a few loose strands of her hair back to the side of her head. It was longer now, a few inches down past her shoulders. “This is going to be even better than last summer.”

Larisa smiled back at me, totally happy with our current situation. We had been back together for about a month, living together in my childhood home. “I know it will be,” she confirmed, her voice soft and excited. She ran her fingertips over the sides of my abdomen, gently caressing me with her fingertips, scratching me softly with her nails.

“You’re so beautiful.”

“You already said that,” she giggled softly.

“I know. Haha,” I quietly laughed, brushing her long dirty blonde hair back out of her face and behind her ear. “But it was worth saying again.” Larisa’s arms were bent at the elbow, her forearms pointing towards the ceiling, her hands gently caressing my sides as I hovered above her. We were both completely naked, resting in bed after the previous full night of sex. It was just like old times.


“Yeah sweetheart?” I asked softly, tilting my head sideways as I soaked in the vision of my soul mate.

“Will you make love to me again?” Larisa Oleynik looked so innocent underneath me with her childlike smile. I don’t know how she gave it off with how dirty and kinky she could be. Larisa was the girl next door… but now she was the girl living in my house. My only reply was to lower my head and press my lips to hers, my mouth slightly open. I felt her tongue tease my parted lips as we slowly began to kiss one another more forcefully. “Mmm,” Larisa cooed through our kiss. Her hands ran back and forth along the side of my chest, from my armpits to my waist, before they slid over onto my back, holding me just under my shoulder blades. I could feel my cock harden underneath me, ready to pleasure her again, ready to pump more of my seed into her.

Within seconds, I was all I could be for Larisa. She looked up at me, silent, her mouth open as her bottom lip quivered… as the head of my cock slowly entered her. I felt her fingertips push against my skin like the prongs of a fork into a piece of chicken. Or cock, depending on how you refer to it. “Mmmm,” I lowly moaned, feeling Larisa’s slippery pussy lips swallow my Charlie Brown, inch after inch until she engulfed all seven and a half inches of Matt Jr.

“Huuuhhhh,” she breathed, quietly gasping as she felt her twat stretch around me. I had my hands on the sides of her head, my palms on her cheeks, my fingers pushing through her hair just above her ears. She closed her eyes as her mouth remained open… a long silent sigh escaping past her lips.

“Don’t look away baby,” I whispered to her as I pressed my groin against hers slowly, feeling myself inside her as far as I could go. “Don’t ever look away.”

“I love you Matthew.”

“Tell me again,” I whispered, subtly moving my hips in a circle, causing my penis to swirl inside her.

“I love you Matthew,” she said with a straight look on her face. I looked down at her, staring into her eyes with an intense smitten gaze.

“I love you Riss.”

“Show me how much you love me.” I nodded as I pulled back and pushed forward, slowly fucking her with my pole. I could feel myself swell as we made love for the billionth time since we got back together. We did the beautiful nasty about every fifteen minutes for the whole weekend. I continued at the same pace until she silently suggested I quicken my actions and our mutual pleasure with a look. I pulled completely out of her and reentered her love canal a few times, teasing her. I knew she hated the feeling of my dickhead leaving her, but at the same time loved the feeling of me penetrating her like it was the first time every time.

“Just screw me lover. Don’t tease me,” the older girl whispered sternly as she held my face in front of hers, applying slight pressure to my cheeks. Obeying my girlfriend’s request, I remained inside her, slowly starting to fuck her. “Mmm… Faster.” I started to thrust inside Larisa’s tight hole harder and faster, my gyrations becoming more intense with each one. Her fingers dug into the skin of my abdomen and then her hands slid up over my sides, onto my back, and then slowly up towards my shoulder blades one more time. “Uhhnnn yessss.”

“You feel so fuckin good Riss. Sooo good.” I felt her squeeze me, taking two fistfuls of skin… as much as she could grip. My knees kept her thighs closed together, causing her cunt to squeeze around my prodding shaft. It was like fucking a couch cushion with someone sitting on it. …My first vagina. And the baggie with lotion inside, my first condom. Ah. Memories.

“Mmmm lover, don’t stop. Don’t you dare stop,” Larisa warned me as she grinded against my body with hers, her head pushing back against the bed, her neck rising up as she inhaled deeply. “Aaaah. Holy shit that feels so good.” My lips gently pressed upon her throat as she cooed.

I continued gyrating against the heavenly body below me. My thick swollen cock dominated everything in its path. “Does that feel good?” I opened my eyes and looked to the right of me, seeing Dina standing there.

“Whaaa??” I mumbled, squeezing my eyes shut tight again and again. FUCKING DREAMS!!!!

“Looks like you’re really showing that pillow who’s boss,” she said as she stood next to my bed, her eyes open wide in a playfully condescending way. I looked down, seeing that the extra pillow I had had suddenly become my lover. We’ve all woken up humping a pillow. Don’t look at me like I just touched a kid or something.

“Uhhhhh…” I said in utter embarrassment, immediately shocked into alertness. I had always slept with two pillows. One for my head and one next to me. Sleeping against something or someone was the only way I was ever able to fall asleep. “Huh?” I asked, still looking around, finding myself no longer in my bedroom at home.

“Matt, do you happen to have any quarters?” she asked, her head tilted sideways as she wobbled back and forth on her feet. Apparently, she had done her patented knock and enter without approval, much like Larisa’s friend Michelle always did.

“…Um. On my desk,” I answered after thinking for a second.

“Mmm yes. You are wonderful lover,” she said playfully and flirtatiously as she hovered over my desk, picking up a few quarters lying on the top of my keyboard above the F buttons. That’s where I kept all my loose change. When that was filled to capacity, I dumped it into the container in my drawer and started over. Yes, I could immediately put it in there. I choose not to out of laziness. Dina always liked to tease guys and act sexual and flirty around them. It was nice, I have to admit. I looked over and saw her bent over my desk collecting my change. She dropped down two dollar bills as her sea foam green hospital scrubs hung down on her hips, sagging like Subway spokesman Jared Fogle’s old pants on him now. I hate that bastard. He’s so fucking smug it’s unbelievable.

“At least I can’t get it pregnant, right?” I joked.

“Hmm?” Dina asked looking over. I guess I had waited too long to give a comeback to her joke.

“The pillow… never mind.”

“Hmmmm,” she laughed walking away from my desk. She was wearing a pair of hospital scrubs and a tight white t-shirt, almost like an undershirt. She sat down next to me, grabbing my pillow and throwing it to the side of my bed.

“Hey. Gentle,” I said humorously as she threw my fuck buddy across the bed. Her thigh was pressed against my crotch as she sat down very close to me. “Where’s Pete?” Dina asked, as if she couldn’t feel us touching… which she had to. I looked over at the clock, seeing it was just after twelve noon. His towel was hanging on his rack and his coat was gone.

“Library I guess?” He usually went to the library to study the weekend before an exam, only because he put off studying as long as possible with half his classes. With the other half, he was a dedicated and diligent student. Peter just needed to spread out his focus more, like it was cream cheese. You gotta spread it evenly over the bagel that is college.

“Ah,” Dina said as she looked down at the eight quarters in her hand, rolling them in her fingers. “So was it a good dream?” she asked as she turned and looked over at me. Dina-saur was gorgeous. Her face was so young and pure looking, even though she wasn’t.

“Um… …Yeah,” I said back, a little embarrassed, my dick three quarters of the way to full arousal.

“Who was the girl?” she asked, obviously playing twenty questions with me.

“You of course,” I replied back quickly, playing with her. She smiled as she looked down at me, unaware I was still hard under the covers, poking out of my boxers. She looked beautiful and I was turned on having her sit so close to me when I was this horny. She only made me stiffer as I saw her thong sticking high out of the back of her PJs.

“Don’t tease me,” Dina said with a smile, subtly laughing a little.

“I wouldn’t think of it.” We both sat there for a moment in silence. Well, I laid. She sat. She looked me in the eyes with a half smile, yet fully wicked. Then without warning, she lied down next to me, smack against my front side, her face suddenly inches from mine. “Do I make you nervous?” she asked me, seeing me gulp and quickly try to sneak a peak down towards my crotch. This was the tenth time she had asked me that question.

“…No. Why?” I said, nervous as all hell. Dina brought her hand to my right cheek, causing my dick to jump in my boxers. It was doing back flips under the covers it was so excited.

“Jussssst wondering,” she said softly. Dina leaned forward and kissed me on the forehead, then caressed my cheek for a moment. The kiss seemed to last a lifetime. Her lips were so soft and voluptuous. So were her large tits as they rested against my chest. And as quickly as it happened, she was up again, walking away from me.

“You missed,” I said, referring to my lips.

“Maybe you should let me practice more,” she replied, her nipples now visible through her white shirt. I guess they perked up with her flirting. “Let me be your pillow.” God she was such a cute tease. She was only like that with me from what I saw. “Launnndryyy time,” she said as she slowly shuffled towards the door, looking around my room like it was the first time she had been inside it. “You should get up. It’s late.”


“As soon as you calm down,” she added, giving me a giant ditsy grin. Again, she’s not a ditz. My eyes shot open wide, embarrassed, but yet, not really. Dina laughed and left the room, leaving the door wide open. Again. This girl never left it in the same position that she found it in. Well… except my dick in this case. Hard before AND after her visit this time.

Seconds later, I thought of my sex dream with Larisa. I was turned on by the dream. Lately she had been the main character in them, I guess being signs that I wanted her around. Not all of my dreams about her were sexual. Some were of things we had done together and some of them I had just imagined. Either way, they were always enjoyable, leaving me upset after I realized time and time again that Larisa wasn’t mine anymore.

I spoke to Avril on the phone about once a week until the end of the school year. We talked about what was going on with both of us. She asked me about Larisa subtly, not wanting to upset me about not being with her. From what I understood from Val, Larisa was going to be over in Europe until June, after some delays with filming. Even though Avril had grown fond of me during our winter romance, she was upset that I wouldn’t get to be with Larisa again for at least a while. The singer knew Larisa and I being together was for the best, ultimately.

I lied on my bed with my cell phone pressed to my right ear. For some reason, I couldn’t ever be comfortable holding a phone to my left ear. It felt awkward, like I couldn’t hear as well. Avril was on the other end of the line, participating in our weekly chat.

“Well I’m glad you have some time off now, you know? You’re touring too much. … … …Yeah. It’s the end of the month I think. … …It usually sucks.” Avril asked me if my university had one of those giant festivals at the end of every year like a number of bigger schools do. A lot of colleges had these days or weekends set up where they’d have a carnival, like in Grease, but only with less leather. There would always be a concert, with some B-list performer. At least that was the case in my school.

Of course, the year before I enrolled there, Fuel played. And it was all downhill from there. Not one band I liked. It was always a rap artist for the thug life kids… dare I say ethnic kids… and an emo band for the depressed kids that liked to go cry into their hoodies and eat vegan chicken fingers in the cafeteria. There was never a metal band for the regular white kids. I realize Slipknot may sound a bit extreme, but at least give me Disturbed or someone like that.

“You’re kidding. Don’t bullshit me. … … …Why didn’t you tell… … You better be telling me the truth.” Apparently, Avril asked around during our tour together and found out my school was still looking for another band to fill the headlining slot for its festival. She decided she wanted to be in the show and wanted it to be a surprise for me. “Yeah I’m excited. God, I can’t wait to see you again. … …Are you going to be here for a while? A few days or a week? … …Man I can’t wait Av! Finally, one fest I’m going to enjoy while I go here.”

As I hung up with Ms. Lavigne, I remained on my bed thinking of the good news she gave me. It was going to be nice to see her again, to hold her and hear her laugh. I missed her. It wasn’t that I wanted to be her boyfriend or that I was in love with her. The two of us became better friends on her tour. And it wasn’t because we fucked constantly.

I pretty much counted down the final month or so of school. I was just passing all my classes which was a surprise considering I skipped so many of them. I continued to work out like an animal and enlarge my Charlie Brown every day. The drinking remained a staple, but I calmed down with it a lot. There were way too many pee dreams happening for me to keep on getting my drink on every night.

As for Val, the two of us still hung out. We went to the dining hall together a lot. We watched movies on the weekends and I slept over, giving Peter his naked time. Did he take advantage of it? I have no idea. But I was nice enough to lay it out there. Val and I shared a bed and cuddled but I put a stop to the hooking up. I felt guilty being I was yearning for Larisa again in a big, big way. I didn’t want to complicate things more with getting her back. Val was pissed off whenever I pushed her away when she tried to kiss me or touch me, but she learned to deal with it.

About a week before the annual festival, Avril arrived in New York to do some radio promotion stuff, in-studio performances and events like that. She came with Evan a few days before the rest of her band flew out from the west coast because he played with her in the small acoustic sessions. The weekend before her show at my school, I went back home, bringing some stuff home that I didn’t need. I tried to make moving out easier in the end by bringing random things home a little at a time as the year came to an end. Evan stayed in New York City in a hotel while Avril stayed with me. I didn’t give a fuck if he was lonely or that I didn’t see him. He knew I hated him and I knew he hated me.

“Matthew!!!” yelled Avril as I opened the door of my house, seeing her on the steps. The tiny girl leaped up and jumped on me.

“Av!” I said excitedly as she wrapped her legs around my waist, locking her feet around my back. Good thing I worked out so much and was practically a male model now. I squeezed her tight against me, holding her up with my arms.

“It’s sooo good to see you Matt,” she added as she sat in my arms like she was my baby daughter. Good thing I didn’t say I had a boner… cuz that would have made the daughter line awkward. After a few seconds, she released me from the clutches of her legs, ending our embrace. “Matt… wow.”

“What?” I asked as I looked her up and down. She was wearing a pair of worn out light blue jeans… tight jeans. They clung to her hips and ass like plastic wrap. She had put on a little weight since I last seen her. It was a good gain though, not looking chunky anywhere by any means. Avril looked healthier. Her black vintage Guns ‘N Roses shirt was also hugging her torso and her breasts pushed out against it. She looked beautiful.

“You look great Matt,” she answered as she ran her right hand over my left shoulder, moving down my arm. “God, you look so different.”


“Not that you weren’t cute before or anything,” Avril said nervously. “Man you look different, in five months.”

“I know Av. Thanks,” I replied, telling her understood the meaning of her remark. “So are you going to gimme a kiss or what?” She laughed took a step forward, allowing me to wrap my arms around her waist and pull her against me. I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers. It felt like it was January all over again. I felt Avril’s tongue push past the edge of my mouth a little as we shared a soft sweet kiss. She had her arms straight out around my shoulders, her hands gripped together a few inches behind my head.

“Mmmm,” she cooed into my mouth. I broke the kiss and looked her up and down once more.

“Avril, you look amazing as well. You’re so beautiful.” The two of us stood out on my front steps for a little while longer in the nice weather. It wasn’t hot out and it wasn’t cold out… probably about sixty-five degrees. The trees were covered in leaves and the grass was green. “Lemme take your bag and show you around.”

I gave Avril the grand tour of my house, introducing my mother to her. My dad was taking care of some things with the new house in Arizona while he was out there on business and my sister was away at her first year of college. I’m sure it was like Studio 54 to my mother, being I had all these hot celebrities walking around the house. My mom had an idea of who she was from TV and whatnot and from me being on tour with her for a month.

“Um… where’s…?”

“Yeah. My door. How are you.” Here we go again. “I don’t have a door. I never had one. This curtain’s fairly new,” I said as I closed it behind us.

“How did you and Larisa…”

“Sweetheart, this old dog’s learned a few tricks,” I laughed. Avril walked around my room. That took about two seconds. She didn’t bring much of anything, just some toiletries and two changes of clothes in a backpack. She was only staying the weekend and it was already Friday night basically.

“I see,” Avril said as she looked around, sitting on my bed. I saw her look over at all my guitar amps and equipment, seeing how much I really had. “Oh! I have pictures for you!” she blurted out excitedly. She looked so cute, so bubbly as she bounced around, genuinely excited to be with me once again.

“Are they nude?”

“Haha. There might be.” Yes, I realize, that Avril had already seen my room in part two, but I don’t feel like deleting a bunch of lines here and bridging two paragraphs right now. …Months later, proofreading… still don’t feel like it. She reached around in her giant black backpack and pulled out an envelope. “I kept the doubles. You can have these.” I sat down on the left of Avril and took the pictures from her, thumbing through them. We had taken a bunch on the tour together with my digital camera, but she wanted to take real ones for something she could physically hold.

“I hope so. This is a nice one,” I said as I got to one of the two of us sitting on her bus. I had my arm around her and she was leaning on my shoulder, our hands held together with interlocking fingers. We were both laughing and smiling wide as someone took our picture. I couldn’t recall who at the moment.

“It is. That was a fun day,” she said softly, recalling the day off where we went shopping and I bought her some things… a shirt and some flowers, some food. It was nothing special, but it was a day of normalcy for the superstar. She tilted her head away from me and tossed her hair to her left side, then leaned back towards me again.

“Oh yeaaaah!” I shouted. “There they are,” I laughed as I came to a picture of her without a shirt on. She was only wearing a pair of jeans. As a joke I snapped a picture of her getting dressed after a shower in the morning. She was shirtless with her breasts hanging out in the fresh air, laughing as I captured an intimate private moment. “I think this one’s going on the wall at school.”

“Oh no it’s not!” she laughed as she punched me in the arm.

“Aah, I’m kidding, I’m kidding.” I continued to fumble through them as Avril’s hand rested on my lower thigh. “These are really nice pictures of us Av. Thanks for giving me copies.”

“It’s no problem Matt.” We sat in silence for a few moments as I put the pictures back in the envelope and placed them on the corner of my desk. “You lost some weight Matt. Everything okay?”

“Yeah. Why you ask?”

“Just seems like you lost a real lot in a couple of months.” She turned to face me more, sitting on her right leg. I felt a cool breeze blow through my open window as I formed an answer to her comment.

“I’ve just been working out a lot… going to the gym every day.”

“Oh. I’m not trying to say that something’s wrong. You really look great. But you can tell me. You know that right? We’re friends.” Avril was only trying to be nice at that moment. She knew I was upset about Riss, and she was just trying to be a good friend. Avril brushed her long blonde hair back behind her. It had gotten a few inches longer since we last saw one another. It was down to the middle of her back now. I couldn’t wait until I found clumps of it in the shower and strands of it in the sink. I’m gagging just thinking about it now. Ugh. Ugggh.

“I know Avy. Everything’s fine.”

“Matt!” I heard my mom yelling from the bottom of the stairs.

“What?” I said while walking over to the curtain, opening it to see what she wanted.

“I’m going to the store. Do you need anything for school? Food?”

“No. I’m fine.” My mother said she needed to run to the mall and was going to the supermarket after, and if we were hungry and couldn’t wait, Avril and I could go out. I walked back over to the bed seeing Avril lying down. I joined her, getting down next to her as she was on the proper side of the bed, the left side. LEFT SIDE! STRONG SIDE! LEFT SIDE! STRONG SIDE! We were both on our sides, facing one another. Her delicate hand moved to my cheek, her fingers gently caressing my face as she looked into my eyes. My hand found its way to her hip, resting half on her jeans and half on her skin as her shirt rode up a little. “My mom’s going out. She said I should take you out for dinner because she’s not going food shopping right away.” More or less.

“Do you think we can work up an apatite first?” Avril asked me quietly.

“I’m sure we can.” I leaned my head forward and pressed my lips to hers very gently. The two of us shared a slow open mouthed kiss that lasted for what seemed like hours. My hand subtly rubbed her bare midsection skin, moving completely off of her denim pants and onto the side of her abdomen. Avril’s fingers snaked over my ear and through my hair as our bodies inched closer together. It felt great to kiss her at that moment. The room was lit up enough to not be really bright, setting the romantic mood. The air was crisp, a cool gently breeze blowing over us from the open window next to my bed. Avril’s little pink lips were so soft as they rubbed against mine. I moved my hand across her side to her lower back, caressing it for a moment before my fingers pushed inside the back of her pants.

“Mmm,” cooed Avril as my fingertips moved across her ass cheek. I couldn’t fit my entire hand inside her pants due to them hugging her butt so tightly, but I did my best, feeling the bikini cut panties against the back of my hand. She scooted over towards me on my dark blue floral patterned comforter, our waists touching, rubbing back and forth as we crudely grinded against each other. I could feel my dick getting larger inside my olive colored cargo shorts, swelling up as she pressed her cooch against it.

After a few minutes of making out hardcore, I inched away so I could bring my hands down to the front of her jeans. I blindly fiddled with her studded belt, undoing up, then moving to the button on her jeans. Avril pushed her left hand through my hair, gripping onto it as she forced her tongue into my mouth, licking the inside of it. “Matt…” she moaned. Ziiiip. I slid my hands into her opened tight jeans, rubbing her pussy through her black panties. I could feel her wetness against my fingertips, obviously being turned on from me. “Matt… Wait…” she moaned as she tilted her head backwards, causing me to miss her mouth and land on the side of her neck right below her jaw. I playfully sucked on it, lapping the tip of my tongue against her warm soft skin. “Ohooo… That’s good,” she smiled ear to ear.

“What is it?” I asked, my eyes closed, still gently rubbing my lips on her neck.

“I’m on my period. You can’t…” I continued to rub her horny vagina as she explained why we couldn’t through her moans and groans. “You can’t do that,” she whispered, forcing my head between her shoulder and head, loving the attention I was paying to her erogenous zone. What the fuck was it with girls visiting me and their periods! I mean come on! I sucked on Avril’s neck a little more as she wiggled around on the bed grinding into my hand. I didn’t take it out of her pants, but stopped working my digits against her. She rocked her panty covered cunt against my hand for a little bit as we lustfully yet tenderly sucked face. “I’m sorry Matt,” she said softly, trying not to upset me as we slowed down the oral attacks we were both commencing.

“Hey, its okay.” I wasn’t overly disappointed. I wasn’t even going for sex at that time, but just trying to pleasure her. “I was only trying to make you feel good. We don’t have to have sex hun.”

“I know. I just don’t like that when I’m… you know.” ‘Yeah. You and everyone else. Why don’t you slap me across the face next,’ I thought to myself. “So, is it like, almost over with? Or…?”

“I’m afraid not. Haha,” Avril laughed, relieved to see I wasn’t pissed off or anything. “I’m sorry if I ruined any plans you might ha…”

“Hey. No. Don’t even. I’m just glad we’re getting to spend time together. I missed you,” I said, rubbing the backs of my fingers against her left cheek. Avril didn’t respond, but just lied there silent and calm, her pants unbuttoned. She smiled as she looked into my eyes, lost in thought. She looked sort of like she did that night on the tour bus, somewhat distant and thoughtful, only happier. “You look so beautiful Avril,” I told her in a soft voice, snapping her back into reality. “Such a beautiful young woman.”

“There you go again… Making me feel so safe and special.” I leaned forward, giving her a small soft romantic kiss on her thin pink lips. On her mouth. Her other lips were bloody.

We remained on the bed sort of cuddling and looking at one another for a little while. I ran my thumb over her lips, letting her kiss it and suckle it. “You have the prettiest lips ever. They’re perfect,” I said quietly as I could feel her pucker them and smile as I dragged my digit over them. “I love kissing them.” Then, I kissed her once more, soft and gentle… timidly.

“You’re so sweet,” Avril said as she lightly scratched the side of my head, playing with my short brown hair.

“So what would you like to do tonight?” I asked her.

“I want to meet your friends. Would that be all right?” she replied.

“Yeah. Sure.” Normally, I wasn’t thrilled about girls I liked meeting my friends. It took Larisa a long time to meet my friends that didn’t go to college with me. At school I had no choice. She was going to meet them and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I was just weary of the whole thing, not wanting the girl to fall for a friend of mine. Even though Avril wasn’t my girlfriend, I still had reservations. Matt. Party of two. JK JK. For some reason, I felt like it wasn’t going to be a problem with her. It was apparent she had a crush on me. I guess I had a crush on her too, as much of a crush as you could get while being in love with someone else. I had definitely grown fond of the Canadian beauty… and her crimson puss.

I sat up, reaching over for my phone that was lying on my desk. I called up Gary, seeing what he was up to. The rest of my friends were at school and I didn’t want to take her back there, being I just drove up from the campus. He said there was a party one of his friends was having. I didn’t know who the girl was, but he said it’d be cool if Avril and I stopped by and hung out there. He said it wouldn’t be a party party, but more like a group of people hanging out. A very chill atmosphere. I decided to go to his house first and then follow him there. I was a little uncomfortable just showing up alone as a friend of a friend. I mean I did have the ultimate guest and would have no trouble getting in, but I still felt awkward and uncomfortable… like a young boy showering with the old men in the locker room at the YMCA.

It was a couple hours later that the three of us walked into the party. Gary and Avril caught up for a second or so outside the building, having already met back in January. As you can probably guess, a lot of heads turned. Gary introduced us around and everyone seemed to come up to Avril a lot more than me. All the guests, which were mainly sausage, came up and tried to flirt wit her a little, knowing she wasn’t my girlfriend. There were some requests for an autograph. I tried to tell them to relax and not bother her, but Avril had no problem signing a few things or taking a few pictures. As the night progressed, the two of us split up and mingled around with everyone. I would find Avril looking over at me, shooting me a smile as people talked to her, obviously thinking more about me than the conversation she was participating in.

By about eleven or twelve at night, people were scattered around the apartment in couples. Guys were with their girlfriends or people paired up to talk. The extravaganza was winding down and a lot of people had left. Avril sat next to me on an old brown couch, her legs underneath her. She sat over to my left, leaning against me a little. My arm was draped over her as the two of us talked. “Are you having fun?” I asked her.

“Yeah. Your friends are nice.” They weren’t really my friends. I knew only a handful of people through Gary, only meeting them maybe once or twice if that. Avril’s eyes looked heavy and she yawned as we talked. She leaned her head onto my shoulder, closing her blue eyes. The dimmed light of the room was probably contributing to her sleepiness. I ran my hand through her long blonde hair, taking a second to kiss her on the top of her head. I could see people around the common room area glancing over at us, wondering what our relationship status was. Some kids had asked me if we were a couple, saying Avril told them we’re really, really close friends. I’m sure the two of us kissing a little throughout the night didn’t help clear up the issue.

“Sweetheart, you wanna go home? Go to sleep?” I whispered softly to her.

“Yeah. I’m beat.”

“Kay.” We took a few seconds to get off of the sofa and walk over to the hostess. “Hey April, we’re gonna take off. This one’s tired,” I said to the girl as I pulled Avril against me, my arm around her waist.

“Oh okay,” the blonde said. “Thanks for coming! Avril it was so nice to have you over here!”

“I had a really nice time. Thank you for the fun night.”

“Yeah. Thanks Ape,” I added. The two girls hugged and then we made a quick loop around the room, saying goodbye to everyone else. As we got to the car, Avril apologized for making us leave.

“I’m just tired from traveling today. I’m sorry we left so early.”

“Nah. It’s fine. It was pretty slow the last hour or so. You wanna go home? Go to bed?” The drive was about ten minutes now that it was late and there was no traffic. It just depended on how many lights we hit on the way home.

“Yeah. That sounds good,” she said. Avril rested her head on the side of the door on the plastic where the seatbelt came out of the wall. I tried to ease the car over the rough patches of road and avoid any bumps as to not make her hit her head. After all, I used to take the bus to high school, or as I call it, the mobile Hell in the Cell. It was like thunderdome. It was hard trying to sleep in the morning with your head slamming against the window all the time.

We arrived home after a short drive, hitting only one light. The light above the side door was on thanks to my mother. Avril had half dozed off during the trek home. “Hey, we’re here,” I whispered as I jostled her awake. She opened her eyes up wide and then rubbed them, trying to wipe the exhaustion out of her face. We got inside and she immediately went to the bathroom to take a leak and wash up. I did the same, only going to the basement bathroom to save time. I was pretty tired as well, the lack of excitement during the latter part of the party draining me.

I met Avril again in my bedroom. I was getting changed into the old dark green gym shorts I still had from high school. As I stripped my shirt off, Avril finished trudging up the stairs. “Make sure you…” I started to say, wanting to tell her to make sure the curtain was fully closed so that the light from the living room didn’t shine through and annoy me. “Thanks,” I added, seeing she was going to do it anyway. My mom always left the family room light on a dim setting to look like someone was home or awake so no one would try to break it. I guess the two cars in the driveway didn’t do the trick.

Avril slipped off her black t-shirt and draped it over my bass amp, kicking off her socks at the same time. What a multitasker. She stood there in her jeans and black bra, going for her pants next when I noticed her disrobing. “Wait. Leave it,” I said.

“What?” she asked, not knowing why I told her to hold on. I looked her up and down. There was something incredibly friggen sexy about a girl in jeans and a bra… like a walk of shame thing… getting dressed after getting railed.

“You just look so sexy right now Av. I just wanted to take a mental picture.” She smiled at me, standing up straight, brushing her hair back behind her as it was half in front of her shoulders. Her hands crept up her back, unhooking her bra. The black breast retainer slipped down off her arms allowing her small breasts to hang down. They were firm and gorgeous, reminding me of a high school girl’s tits. I wasn’t a breast man, so Avril’s smaller fun bags were perfect to satisfy my tastes.

“Is this better… or worse?” she asked, a smile spreading across her face.

“God you look so fucking hot.” I just stared at her, gawking at her perfect little body. She was so tight and toned. “I should take a picture of this.”

“You already have one.” Avril smiled as she took off her jeans next, looking me in the eye as she unbuttoned them, pushing them down her thighs and then stepping out of them, now only covered by her black panties. I stared at her, drinking in the image of her beautiful body. My cock stirred in my shorts, awoken by the arousing image before me. Avril winked and gave me a dirty smile as she reached into her bag, pulling out a little light grey tanktop. It was a skimpy spaghetti strapped one, probably allowing me to see a decent amount of cleavage. She then picked up her jeans and shook them, straightening them out, finally draping them over her shirt on top of my amp.

“You don’t need to wear the shirt.”

“I know… Your mom and all…” Guh. As I crawled into bed, Avril’s cell phone rang. She sighed and picked it up out of her purse, looking at the number on the screen. “Evan,” she said to me. “Yeah Ev. … What is it?? … …You’re fuckin kidding me,” she said, annoyed. “… …Well what are we going to do? … I don’t want to cancel anything. … …It’s a fuckin pain in the ass, that’s why.” Whenever Avril was pissed off, her Canadian accent became more apparent. She looked angry as she held the phone to her head, sighing and looking up at the ceiling. She looked over at me as she heard the bad news, closing her eyes from the stress of whatever Evan was telling her. Avril quickly looked up at me. “Ev, I think that I know someone. … …Yeah him. … Well do you have any better suggestions?? … Ev I’m not getting into this right now. …No. … No I won’t have this conversation with you again. … … Okay fine. Goodnight.”

“What is it?” I asked her. She went from annoyed to confused to annoyed again.

“Charlie broke his arm.” Charlie was their bassist. “He was drunk and trying to skateboard in the hallway at the hotel.”

“That sucks. Is he okay?” I asked her, getting under the covers. Avril fiddled with her phone and then looked around in her purse.

“Yeah he’s fine. He just can’t play.” Avril seemed wide awake now, frustrated from the bad news.

“Well aren’t you going on tour again?”

“Yeah. So we need to find someone to fill in.”

“Well, you have his tech right?” Normally if the musician got hurt or couldn’t play, the band ether hired someone else to fill in or had the guy’s guitar tech fill in, assuming they went on with the show.

“Yeah, we do. But would you want the gig?” she asked me as she moved over to the bed.

“…Whaaat?” I asked, thinking I didn’t hear her right.

“Do you wanna fill in on bass for me when he’s hurt. It’s only a handful of shows… less than the last tour. I was in shock and disbelief. Avril sat down next to me on the bed on top of the covers. I couldn’t help but glance at her bare thighs right next to me. “Up here Matt,” she said seriously.

“Sorry.” Busted! “Av… I…” I wanted to say yes, but I was so stunned I couldn’t talk.

“Oh please say yes. It’d be so much fun to have you out with me again. I know you can play. My songs aren’t exactly the hardest.” She looked at me with puppy dog eyes, trying to influence me with her cuteness. She wasn’t as adorable as Larisa when she pouted, but it worked nonetheless.

“Yes. …Yes I’ll do it.” Av pulled me up to a sitting position.

“Oh thank you! Thank you, thank you!” she cried out excitedly, throwing her arms around my shoulders. “This is going to be so much fun.” Avril was right. It was a blast to hang out with her on the road last time. To be able to play every night with her would be killer. School didn’t even pop into my head when I accepted the offer, even though the dates would probably interfere with exams and graduation. I heard what she said towards the end of her short conversation with Evan. I assumed he thought she would recommend me and that they were talking about me. I’m sure that douchebag was thrilled, being we didn’t care for each other. I didn’t even want to bring it up with the chance that it would upset Avril. It was late, we were tired, and we were about to go to bed. “Look, we’ll go over everything tomorrow? And we’ll go over the songs and stuff. Okay?”

“That’s fine.” I was still held captive by surprise from her offer. It wasn’t every day that something like this happened to me, although the good things seemed to roll in my direction more often whenever she was around.

“Let’s just go to sleep,” said Avril as she crawled underneath the most comfortable blanket in the world. She leaned up and shut off the lamp, then draped her arm over my chest, snuggling up against me. I pulled her close to me, feeling her breath on my bare chest. Our legs became tangled as we tried to warm ourselves from the breeze from the open window.

“Thanks Av. This is incredible,” I said softly.

“You’re welcome Matt.” She closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep, the task a little harder now after the commotion. I ran my fingers through her hair, brushing it behind her back, and then I cupped her upper arm right below her shoulder. I ran my thumb back and forth over her skin trying to relax the two of us.

“Hey. Gimme kiss,” I joked.

“Silly me,” Avril smiled, her eyes still closed. She opened them and scooted up, the two of us sharing a nice slow open mouth kiss. I pulled her against me, applying pressure to her arm. Her hand came up to my face, her black colored fingertips resting gently on my cheek and chin. Avril was Heaven to kiss, her lips so soft and warm, her tongue so gentle, and her touch so loving. “Mmm,” she cooed as we broke the kiss. “Goodnight Matt. Love you,” she said. Again, we loved one another as friends. It wasn’t like Larisa and me.

“Night. Love.” We closed our eyes, trying to fall asleep. Her soft warm body felt great against me. It was amazing to be able to hold someone again as I slept. It made the night easier. It was also nice to hold a friend like her, not only because she was going to make me rich and famous, but because she liked rough sex and was a dirty little slut with me sometimes. Nah. I’m just kidding. Well, not really, but that’s not the main reason. Avril was a good friend and I enjoyed being with her. She made me happy and took my mind off a lot of things that had been bothering me.

“Matt,” she whispered, breaking the silence and interrupting my silent thoughts. “This blanket is so fucking comfortable.” Yeah. How are you.

The next morning I awoke to the touch of Avril’s hand on my bare chest. She lied next to me, her head against my shoulder. Her eyes were closed as her fingers lazily scratched my abdomen. The nice relaxing sensation gently awoke me from my slumber. “You up?” I mumbled to her, still half asleep.

“Mmhm.” From the monotone sound of her voice, I could tell that Avril was still sleepy herself, probably getting up only a few minutes before me.

“Morning hun,” I said softly as I blinked a couple times, trying to force the tiredness out of my body. I crunched up as much as I could, being she was resting on me, trying to see the alarm clock on my dresser. It was early, about ten in the morning.

“What time is it?” she asked me, still scratching my tummy. Now I knew why dogs liked their bellies scratched. It felt kind of nice. I almost wanted to roll around a little. …Maybe hump something… maul a kid.

“It’s tenish. Do you wanna sleep in?” I asked her, playing with her hair as I closed my eyes again, only wanting to have sex or go back to sleep. I pushed my fingers through her long blonde hair, using my hand as a comb. Her hair was pretty silky and all that good stuff. There hasn’t been a shampoo commercial on TV in a little while, so I don’t recall the proper adjectives.

“Mmm, I’d love to sleep in. We should probably get to work with the music though,” she said. She looked like she had no intention of getting out of bed. Avril remained there like a bump on my log. Oh! ZING! Watch out now! Ah hAAA! … … It felt nice to have someone in my arms. It had been too long since someone I cared about slept with me. I mean Val was a friend and all, but didn’t mean what Avril meant to me… and Avril didn’t mean what Larisa did to me. Even still, it was nice to have her in my arms and feel her against me.

“Let’s get up then,” I groaned, still exhausted. I didn’t want to disappoint her or her band. I also didn’t want to look like a fool in front of my school, being she was playing there in a few days. I sat up, pushing her off me. “C’mon. Get up sleepyhead,” I said as I shook her.

“I’m up, I’m up,” she mumbled. I climbed over Avril and went to my computer to check any emails or IMs that came during the night, finding none. Avril finally sat up, her grey tanktop hanging off her shoulder, pulled to the left from her tossing and turning. As she stood up, I came up behind her, slowly wrapping my arms around her waist. My cheek pressed against the side of her head as I whispered good morning into her ear. She turned around and kissed me softly on the lips, filling my face with her sub par morning breath, and then pulled me against her for a short tight hug. I could feel her little perky breasts push against my chest as she locked her arms around my upper back. I slowly inched my hands down her waist to her thighs, my fingers creeping to her ass. I knew it would be all right to touch her butt, being we had done so much sexual stuff, so I did just that. I palmed both cheeks and gave them a little squeeze pushing them up towards me. “Hehe,” she mumbled. “I’m gonna go shower.”

“Okay.” I would have joined her, or at least offered to, but my mom was home and I didn’t want to have to deal with that situation. I would either get nagged or yelled at and I didn’t need that in front of Avril.

Avril showered and then I took one after her, hurrying because of the lack of hot water. Most of that Saturday was spent practicing playing along to her CDs. Using the guitar sheet music, I was able to get a fundamental understanding of the chord progression, plus whatever I could remember from hours of listening to her music. She also lent a hand, telling me at that certain parts they take a longer pause or whatnot. I did pretty well to say the least. I took her out to dinner that night and she slept over once more, then went back to New York City to join Evan and the rest of her band who had just flown in.

The two of us didn’t have sex or even give one another oral. The most we did was makeout and grope a little, fondling as we cuddled in bed. I wasn’t disappointed even though I would have liked a nice hummer or handjob. Avril didn’t even ask to see my newly improved penis. I had drunkenly explained the exercises over the phone to her late one night. I figured maybe because she didn’t see my pipe, it didn’t jog her memory… in addition to the fact that we barely fooled around. I’m sure if she sucked it, she would have noticed and praised it.

As for the festival at school, the plan was that I would receive a call from her early that day and she would pick me up at my dorm. I would use all Charlie’s equipment so I wouldn’t need to bring any of my gear to school with me. The festival was on a Saturday and her small tour of the Chicago to New York area would start the following week. It was actually more of a Midwest tour… Chicago, Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc. I would definitely need to start moving my belongings out from my dorm room before that and then have my parents or friends deal with whatever else was left.

The Saturday of my big debut on the bass guitar, I woke up early, nervous about performing in front of the whole school and other random people who would show up. There were a couple thousand students at least who would check it out. The great thing about it was that anyone who didn’t believe me about my friendship with her or my winter break activities would get to see I was telling the truth. The egg will be on their faces, as some might say.

I was practicing playing along with Avril’s CD when my cell phone rang. I had brought my bass back to school with me, a wise decision as it would allow me to fine tune my skills. “Hello? …Hey you. … Yeah I’m all set. … …Okay, I’ll be down in a few.” I hung up with Avril, feeling the nervousness now in the pit of my stomach. It hit me harder from hearing her voice, like a quick ball tap. She would be at my building in about ten minutes to take me over to the area of the campus where the concert would be held. We would hang out backstage and go over some last minute details and all that shit.

I decided to wear my beige cargo shorts and Metallica flaming skull t-shirt. The reason I started playing music was because of a Metallica concert DVD. I saw the bassist Jason Newsted rocking out and thought, ‘I want to do that!’ I went out, bought a bass and an amp, then saw the same shirt he wore during that concert in a store. It became my official Metallica concert shirt, being worn every time I saw them live. I figured it’d be a nice little tribute to him.

I waited downstairs in front of the dorm for the black SUV to pull up for me. Avril was inside and greeted me with an open mouthed kiss hello. She asked me if I was nervous and all and I lied saying no. She told me not to worry and that I’ll probably have my female friends throwing themselves at me after this. I hadn’t told anyone except Peter that I’d be playing with her onstage. That shocking sight would be something, or at least I think it would be if I was one of the people watching.

The rest of the band and I hung around for a few hours backstage, waiting for the other bands to perform. It was cool and exciting. Charlie talked to me, going over a few things like equipment changes and stuff like that, all technical things. Evan was still an ass, but he was with his girlfriend. She decided to come along. She was kind of hot. I could see Avril was a little jealous and pissed off she was there with him. She didn’t make it known to Evan or me, but I could see her feelings show through after the talk we had in the hotel room back in January.

A few minutes before the show, I was finishing warming up, playing a little bit in the trailer. As it came time to perform, I was behind the makeshift traveling stage jumping up and down, psyching myself up. Avril came up to me assuring me I’d be fine and then gave me a kiss. As the warm up music started, I was no longer nervous. I was in the zone, imagining myself as my inspiration for making music. I began to act like him, warming up like him, becoming him. We all ran out on stage jumping right into the opening song. I didn’t even look at the crowd at first as I was playing. I wanted to get adjusted to my new task without getting scared. I played along almost flawlessly, head banging to the faster song as much as I could without seeming like a nut.

Finally, I looked up, seeing a sea of people in front of me. A few thousand people were watching the five of us. Some people were rocking out to the music we were playing and some stood there just watching. Some people didn’t even look like they cared. I began to get more comfortable in stage, walking around and interacting with the crowd as the band played on. Focusing on the three hot blonde girls in the very front made me get into the whole rock star thing. They sang along, feeding me back the energy I was sending out. They love me! They really love me!

As the song ended, I walked offstage to change basses… the next song requiring a different tuning. “How are you doing

Avril went into her little speech saying how great it was to see everyone having a good time and how much she liked New Jersey. What she said next took me by surprise. “I have a very special surprise for you guys. Some of you out there might not recognize the guy over to my right, and some of you might,” she said as she looked over at me as I walked around the side of the stage with my bass, ready for the next song. “Not only is he a great and close friend of mine, but he is a student here! Let’s give it up for Matt Bigdick!! Yeaah!!!!!!” Obviously Bigdick isn’t my last name, but it should be. The crowd went crazy as I put my arm up and waved to everybody. I’m sure half of them didn’t care who I was and most of them didn’t even know me or haven’t even seen me before. I didn’t care. I was living it up.

Avril counted off the next song and we resumed the set. We played a few more songs and then she introduced the rest of her band. We finished the set, playing about ten songs total. It was quite an experience to say the least. Playing more than a song in front of thousands of my schoolmates was a fucking rush. The crowd, the cheers, the flashing lights and effects… it was all incredible. At the end of the set I threw out guitar picks and waved to everyone. It was one of the greatest experiences I had had up to that point and would probably top most of the ones to come.

As soon as the show ended, we all ran offstage so that the road crew could start to dissemble the structure and pack up all the gear. The band went off to the trailer as Avril pulled me aside. “How was it?” I had the hugest smile on my face, totally pumped up and excited.

“Oh God. Av… Shit man. That was awesome!” She laughed at me as I was being so thrilled and goofy.

“You’re adorable,” she said as she took a swig of water, then handed me the bottle. “Do you want to come back to the hotel with me?” she asked. “Maybe we can celebrate or something,” she said, taking a step closer to me.

“Well, wha’d you have in mind?” Avril looked up at me, smiling, all sweaty and exhausted looking. She reached forward a little, tugging at my shirt by my stomach.

“I thought I’d let you have me,” she said as she looked down, a sexy grin spreading across her face, and then looking back up at me. “…However you want.”

“Well, don’t I get groupies too?” I asked, probably killing the mood.

“The band always comes first,” she giggled, pulling at my clothes. I responded by pulling her hot sweaty body against my own, holding her close to me. Her tits pushed against my chest as my crotch pushed against her. I leaned down and kissed her, my tongue pressing just past her lips. “Mmmm.”

“Let’s go Av.”

The whole ride there Avril and I didn’t do anything naughty. We held hands the entire trip as we sat shoulder to shoulder in the back of the black SUV. She continued to drink warm water to help sooth her throat, being it would get a second workout tonight. Gobble, gobble. Bringing her small hand to my face, I pressed my lips against the back of it, gently kissing it. Avril looked over at me and smiled, then tilted her head so it rested on my shoulder.

“Thanks for filling in.”

“Thanks for asking me,” I said back. It was about a twenty minute ride to the hotel she was staying at because of the festival. Traffic leaving the campus was a bitch with all the non residents who drove in. The two of us walked hand in hand into the hotel with the rest of the band ahead of us. We soon-to-be lovers took our time, knowing there was no need to rush. We’d have all night. The band had a string of rooms up and down the eighth floor. It was two to a room, Avril getting her own as usual… just like on the bus. Her manager and whoever else also had rooms down at the end of the hall. Avril slid her keycard over the lock and pushed the heavy door open, dragging her suitcase inside. Being the gentleman I am, I carried her other bag. I would have done both bags, but she wanted to hold hands.

“So how long are you stay…” Before I could finish asking my question, Avril spun me around and planted her mouth on mine, fiercely kissing me. My eyes were wide open as her tongue raped my mouth and her fingers clawed at my chest. Breaking the kiss, she pulled back and laughed.

“Not long enough.” The young musician smiled giddily at me, only trying to catch me off guard with her oral attack. We stood about a foot apart next to the dresser and mirror, both of us still in our sweat dried clothes. We looked one another in the eyes, not saying anything out loud, but still having a conversation in silence. I tugged her forward slowly by her hands and gently pressed my lips against hers. My fingers interlocked with hers as we softly made out. I could taste the dried perspiration around her thin defined lips as we kissed.

“We don’t need to rush it Av. We have all the time in the world,” I whispered to her. “Go slow.”

“Okay.” Avril and I shifted across the room towards the bed. I sat down on the foot of the queen size bed, on top of the dirty floral print covers. The blanket was going to get thrown into a ball in the corner of the room before sex because it’s disgusting and riddled with germs and STDs. Two things you must live by… One, never touch the comforter at a hotel. Two, you never, never leave your wingman. Avril stood in front of me looking cute as all hell. Her hair was a little messy and she looked disheveled after her performance, but still adorable. “I really like you Matt.”

“I really like you too Av.” She hesitated and then slowly pulled her shirt up her body, her flat stomach coming into view, then her bra covered tits. As she pulled her shirt over her head, her long blonde hair fell back down towards the floor, making it even messier than before. Her black bra stood out against her pale skin. Her fingertips were covered in fresh black nail polish and slowly traced lines across her tummy as she looked down at me.

“I want you to have me,” she stated with a purpose, her voice weak and soft yet determined. “Any way you want.” I looked up Avril, staring into her eyes. She acted serious, submissive. I reckoned I could do just about anything I wanted to her… within reason. She stood there waiting for me to reply or make some sort of move towards her. “Matt… any way,” she reemphasized. She looked slightly uncomfortable, like one of those girls in the web porn movies who ‘don’t know’ why the guy has a video camera or why he’s asking them to just take their shirt off for a second. Finally I stood up.

“Come here.” She walked the few small steps towards me. I turned her around so that she faced the mirror up above the dresser. Sliding my arms around her naked stomach, I leaned down and kissed her bare shoulder on the outside of her bra strap. Her right arm moved up and she caressed the side of my face with her hand, half assed holding it there against her. We both looked at each other in the mirror, staring lustfully into one another’s eyes. My left hand snaked over her tummy to her jeans, pushing inside them. It was a tight squeeze as her jeans were snug to begin with. Her fastened studded belt didn’t help either. Avril’s gaze shifted back and forth between my eyes and my hand.

“Mmm,” she moaned as my index finger pushed over her panty covered twat. I couldn’t tell if she was horny or just sweaty as my fingers touched the damp crotch of her underwear. I began to suck on her right shoulder as my fingertips pushed against her box with a little more force. My lips pressed on her shoulder and up to her neck as I poked my index finger between her lips, pushing the damp cotton inside her vagina. Avril’s head tilted to the left, away from the locked door of the suite. I could smell the sweat on her and it was intoxicating. I pushed my hips forward, rubbing my hard garbage against her firm tight little ass, shifting my eyes up so I could watch us in the mirror. She was so small standing next to me. The top of her head was about level with my chin. “Matt, let me use the bathroom first,” she softly said. The two of us basically walked offstage and gotten into the car, not allowing for time to go number one.

“Okay. I want to tape us Av,” I said. “We never did it before.”

“There’s the camera in my bag. You can get it while I’m in there.” She turned and walked away to the bathroom of the suite, leaving me to rummage through her suitcase and backpack. I found the video camera on the first try, checking her backpack first, the most obvious place. She liked to make little videos to remember her tours, always keeping the camcorder readily available. Feeling bold, I put the camera on and opened the bathroom door, finding Avril standing there looking in the mirror, surprised I found it so fast. “What are you doing in here?” she asked.

“I want to watch,” I said as I pointed the camera at her. She stood there in her jeans and bra, the sexiest combination.

“Watch what?”

“You go.” Avril looked stunned, shooting me a questionable look. She had no idea I was into the watersports. I figured I’d ease my new fetish on her slowly, not asking her to wiz on my chest this time.

“…You like that?” she hesitated to say. I set the camera down on the counter next to the sink, pointing it at the shower so that she wouldn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary. …Besides watching her piss. I stood in front of her and looked into her eyes, slowly reaching behind her back and unhooking her bra, letting it release its hold on her tits. I pulled it off her torso as she stuck her arms out a little. I threw it over in the corner next to her sneakers which she must have taken off when she stepped into the room.

My hands found their way to Avril’s breasts like it was their natural instinct. I squeezed them in my palms as I kissed her on the lips once more, licking the front of her tongue as I did so. I leaned down and kissed her left boob, sucking on her nipple as I juggled the other one in my hand. My teeth closed on the nub and my head pulled back, taking an extra second to flick my tongue across it before doing the same on the other. “Mmm,” she groaned as she ran her fingers through my hair, pushing my head closer to her chest.

Moving back up her body, kissing her chest to her neck, I began to kiss her mouth a little sloppier than the last time. My hands blindly fumbled with her belt and jeans, unclasping them and pushing the down her thin legs. Avril remained in a pair of little white cotton panties, contrasting her black bra. Avril shifted around as she stepped out of her jeans, leaving them in a ball at her feet. “Hmm, I have an idea. Get in the shower,” I whispered as I kissed her once more. As she bent down to remove her white socks, I took a small hand towel and laid it on the floor of the shower so that her bare feet wouldn’t touch it. Ugh.

Avril stepped over the small edge of the shower. It wasn’t a bathtub, but a shower stall with a lip about three or four inches tall. Her fingers slid into the waistband of her little panties, wanting to pull them down. “No. Leave them on,” I said. She looked at me confused. “You said any way I want you,” I reminded her. Avril stood there like a young Amy Smart in the basement scene in The Butterfly Effect. Inching to the shower, I reached forward towards her as she was less than a foot away, standing just inside the shower stall.

“Mmm,” Avril moaned as my hand rubbed her pussy through her underwear. I rubbed my fingers over her entire vagina, kneading it with my palm.

“You have to go bad?” I asked as I felt her getting wet while I pushed the material against her lips, working her slit.


“Go. Go now,” I told her quietly as the camera pointed perfectly at her. Avril looked at me as I looked down at her pussy. She grunted a little out of nervousness for a few seconds as she stood before me somewhat pee shy. The Canadian obviously wasn’t used to having a guy watch her. Finally, I saw a little yellow patch appear in the front of her panties, growing larger and larger as she relieved herself. The front of her crotch turned a faint yellow as her evacuation began to drip down her thighs, running down her legs. Avril took a step to the side, spreading her legs apart as to not soak herself. “That’s it,” I whispered. I reached forward and pinched her right nipple with my fingers, squeezing it hard as I pulled at her tit.

Avril locked eyes with me as I shifted my attention between her dark makeup-covered eyes and her golden pussy. “Unnn,” she groaned as I pulled hard at her tit. Avril’s panties were completely soaked now as she wet herself for me. The liquid dripped down her legs and trickled directly from her vagina to the towel below her. The dirty towel dampened the sound of the falling liquid and was soon covered in her warm waste as she stood there turned on and ashamed at the same time. “Mmm,” the young singer groaned as she finished releasing her bladder.

“That feel good?” I asked her. Avril nodded in relief and looked me in the eyes, not sure what to do. I reached forward began rubbing her pussy through the warm, soaked, dirty white panties. “Do you like me watching you go?” I asked, my fingers pushing against her box with more force.

“Uhh. Yeaah.” I forced my fingers between her labia, pushing the soaked material inside her.

“It turn you on?” I asked her as I forcefully rubbed her pussy hard.

“Mmm. Yeah,” she confessed as she closed her eyes and leaned her head back in response to my teasing her genitals. I focused my attention on her clit as I rubbed my thumb over it up and down.

“You’re such a dirty girl. Take em off.” She slipped her fingers in the waistband and pushed them off, letting them drop to the ground, the added water weight aiding her. I noticed Avril had grown a small patch of heir above her pussy, the brown patch trimmed very neatly. “Stay there,” I said as I stepped into the shower with her, standing there fully dressed, sneakers on. I rubbed her naked piss covered pussy with my right hand as I reached behind her head, grabbing a handful of her long hair, snagging a sloppy grip up close to the back of her head. Suddenly, I jerked it back somewhat playfully, forcing her to look up at me. I stuck out my tongue and licked her little lips, then kissed her fiercely as I slipped a finger inside her… as her soaked panties grew cold around her ankles. Avril parted her lips as I stuck my tongue in her mouth and licked hers, pulling back harder on her hair once more. “Turn around,” I told her as I spun her around, her legs locked together as her sopping wet underwear were still around the bottom of her legs, my hand still holding a fistful of her hair.

I pulled on it once more, forcing her head back towards the ground, having the camera record us as she forgot about our plan. “Do you like pissing yourself for me?” I asked her sternly but quietly.

“Mmmm,” she moaned lowly. I pulled back harder on her hair with my left hand. “Yesss.”

“You’re such a naughty little girl.” Smack! I took my right hand, pulled back, and swung it at her ass, not forcefully spanking her, but as hard as gravity made it as my arm swung like a pendulum. Smack! I spanked her butt again, my palm slapping flat against her pale white ass cheek. Smack! I hit the left one next.

“Aaah,” Avril groaned. Smack! I alternated between the two cheeks, smacking one, then running my palm up her ass and the small of her back a few inches, and finally hitting the other… going back and forth.

“You’re such a dirty little girl baby.” Smack! Avril’s ass jiggled as my hand landed on her flesh over and over. I must have spanked her ten times on each cheek, some harder than others. “Does this turn you on?” I asked her, whispering in her ear as I tugged on the handful of hair a few times in a row.

“Mmmm. Aaah!” Smack! “Yessss.”

“Do you know I recorded you peeing all over yourself?” Smack! “Does that turn you on Avril?” I asked as I gently rubbed her ass, rubbing the pain out of each red side.

“Yesss,” she groaned in pleasure as she stared up at the ceiling behind her closed eyes.

“Yes what?” I whispered into her as I sucked on her right earlobe. Smack!

“Aaah!” she cried out as her ass was sore from getting spanked somewhat lightly a large number of times. “It turns me on. Turns me on so much. Mmm.” Smack! “Taping me pissing myself turns me on.” Smack! “Aaah!”

“What about spanking you? Does spanking your pee-covered ass turn you on?”

“Yesss.” Smack! “Ahhaann!” she cried out as I hit her sore toosh hard with my palm. It stung as I hit her over and over with my hand. Her tiny firm white ass cheeks were deep red from the gentle punishment I handed out to her. Literally handed to her. The repetition is what had made it hurt, the constantly repeated light whacks.

“It’s so sexy baby. You’re so sexy. My sexy, dirty little girl.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! I dealt her two more hard slams per cheek, fully spanking her now.

“Aaaaaah, owww!” Avril cried out louder now, feeling the sting against her sore butt. I rubbed her ass once more, rubbing the pain out of her butt. I slid my right hand around to her pussy, running my fingertips along her slit.

“You’re fucking wet baby.” Avril’s pink pussy was covered in her arousal, a slick coat of juice on her lips. “I didn’t know this turned you on so much.” I gently pressed my fingers inside her cunt, sticking my pointer and middle fingers inside her, feeling her juices allow them to slide in with ease. Avril was horny from the watersports and spanking. It was the first time she was ever willingly submissive with me and it turned me on. It turned me on when I controlled her on the tour with our post show sex, but here I was being nice and caring with the punishment. I wasn’t angrily spanking her. I did it playfully and gingerly to tease her. “You’re my good little girl aren’t you? Yeah you are.”

I felt Avril tremble and subtly shake as she leaned against me, the dirty dialogue and the diddling of her sex making her dizzy for a split second, sending waves of pleasure throughout her small body. “You’re so beautiful Av… so beautiful and sexy,” I whispered into her ear as I kissed her on the cheek, leaving my lips on her skin, letting them linger for a few moments.

Feeling squirrelly, I reached behind me and took down the showerhead, turning the water on, pointing the spray at Avril’s crotch and legs. I stepped back out of the shower so that I would get less wet, not expecting to leave fully dry anyway. Avril stood in place as I sprayed down her legs and pussy with the shower massager. I held it to her crotch about an inch away as I changed the spray nozzle to a gentle massaging setting. As the tiny streams of hot water shot out against her, I had slipped two fingers inside her, the underside of my palm facing up. I wiggled them in a come towards me motion as the massager pumped out rounds of liquid ammo… an aqua machinegun if you will.

“Uhnnnn,” Avril moaned out loudly as the pleasurable sensation of me fingering her felt heavenly when combined with the shower massager. “Oh fuck…”

“That feel good baby?” I asked her as I pointed the stream at her clit and the upper part of her swollen lips.

“Fuck… Yesss. Soo good,” Avril groaned as she closed her eyes and wobbled on her feet. She went to lean back against the wall to ease her balance. Avril was sensitive to having an orgasm on her feet. She couldn’t handle the sensation and her legs buckled whenever she was close to climax.

“Stand up straight baby. Stand up.”

“Uhhnn. I… I… Uhhhh I can’t.” Avril wobbled like a drunk as I rammed my fingers inside her as I pressed the showerhead against her wet pussy. “Uhhh fuck Matt. Matt… It’s so good,” she moaned.

“Look at me.” Avril’s eyes shut tight as she panted, trying to lean her palm against the wall of the shower to support herself. “Look at me,” I told her again. She opened her eyes and stared at me with a desperate look on her face. The singer looked like she was about to come from the combination of stimuli, including the recent spanking. Her blue eyes were filled with pleasure as her lips quivered. The steam from the hot water filled the bathroom and I wished there was a fan that worked stronger than the crap one on at that moment. “That’s my girl,” I whispered as we locked eyes.

“I wanna come. Please I’m so close,” she said as she wobbled on her feet. She couldn’t keep her hypnotizing eyes open as the pleasure coursed through her body. “Aaaah. Ahhh yes. Mmmmm fuck yes.”

“Put your hands on top of your head. Lock your fingers together and look at me,” I ordered her sternly but calmly. Avril’s black tipped fingers interlocked on the top of her long golden hair and she stared holes through me as her legs were about to give out. I pumped my two fingers inside over and over, quicker as the seconds ticked away. For a minute, I pumped my digits inside her roughly, trying to shove my fist inside her if it was possible. Pushing the showerhead directly against her pink lips and clit, I playfully and roughly rubbed it over her pussy in a circular motion, continuing to ram my hand against her. “Rub yourself against it baby.”

“Oooh fucccck. I need to sit… Shit Matt. I’m gonna…” Avril complied and bucked her crotch into the metallic colored shower massager as much as she could without falling. “Aaaah, aaaaahaaaa, aaaaah,” she panted over and over. “Fucccccckkk!” she cried out as she collapsed forward against me, her arms barely wrapping around my shoulders in time as she fell on top of me. Her legs were like wet strands of cooked spaghetti as she hung all of her body weight on her thin arms. “Aaaaahhhhhhh!!”

“Come for me baby. Keep coming for me. You’re such a good little girl,” I whispered into her ear as I rubbed her swollen soaked slit with my fingers, pumping away at her sensitive genitals.

“F…F…fuck,” she gritted through her clenched teeth. Avril’s body trembled as she hugged me tightly, leaning into me at an awkward angle. The hot water splattered off her body onto me, soaking the front of my beige cargo shorts a bit. “…Coming…” Avril’s vagina clenched on my digits as her muscles spasmed and contracted around them in ecstasy.

“That’s it baby. Come for me.” She didn’t speak for a minute or two after she climaxed hard. She leaned against me as I let the warm water stimulate her privates while she tried to relax.

“I need to sit…,” Avril told me, breaking the silence. “Please let me sit,” she begged as she huffed and panted.

“Okay.” I pointed the shower head next to her and leaned to shut the water off. The spray became smaller and smaller and turned to a drip as the flow was cut off. The relief on her face was intense as I let her relax where she stood. I reached up behind her, running my palm over her small back, feeling her soft hair against my hand. I took hold of another clump of her hair and pulled her head back gently. My head leaned in and I opened my mouth, sucking on her lips one at a time, taking the time to gently tug at each one with my teeth, pulling them from her face. My tongue ran over her lips twice before she stuck her own tongue out, allowing me to suck on it, pulling it out of her mouth.

“Mmmm,” the Canadian singer cooed as we shared a soft open mouth sloppy kiss, sucking on one another’s tongue and lips. I turned Avril’s body sideways, forcing her to angle her head to face me. My left arm stretched across the left side of her body, in a weird position as she faced to the side of my body. Smack! My right palm cracked down on her ass tenderly, but hard enough to cause stimulation. Smack! “Aaahnn,” she gasped. Smack!

“Did you come good for me baby?” Smack! “Do you like when I spank you like this baby?” I said between kisses, our faces inches apart.

“Yessss daddy…” Smack! Smack! My right hand softly rubbed her sore little red butt cheeks as Avril stood there whimpering from the playfully erotic punishment.

“Daddy? Did your daddy spank you when you were bad?” I asked, surprised she went that way with it.

“Yessss…,” she moaned lowly.

“Who spanks you better? Me or him?”


“Who’s your daddy Avy?” I asked as I rubbed her ass with my hand.

“You are daddy.” SMACK! “Aaaahhh!”

“You’re so beautiful Avril. You’re the most beautiful girl ever,” I spoke softly into her mouth. Smack! “Tell me you love it.”

“I… Aaahhannn!” she cried as I spanked her. Smack! “I love you.” Smack! “It… I love it,” she corrected herself.

“Do you love me?” Smack! My palm cupped her tight little glowing red butt and softly caressed her tender skin.

“Yessss. I love you daddy.” Smack!

“I love you too baby. So much.” Smack! Smack! I kept alternating cheeks just like before. “Are you IN love with me?”

“No.” SMACK! “Owww!!” SMACK! Avril winced every time I raised my arm backwards, trying to prepare herself for the blow. “Yes! Yes I’m in love with you!”

“Am I hurting you?” Smack!

“Aaah! …A little!” I pressed my lips to her open mouth, softly sucking her small little lips, biting down on them and pulling them away from her face, stretching them.

“Do you want me to stop sweetheart?”

“…” She hesitated as I held her ass in my hand, pausing from her beating.

“Do you want me to stop Avril?” My voice was low and soothing.

“…N… No.”

“Kay baby.” I paused for a few seconds and kissed her more, longer. Our tongues intertwined, mingling as we sucked face timidly. SMACK!

“OOOOW!!!” Avril cried as I smacked her ass hard, forcing my palm down on her left cheek. SMACK! Then on the right. “OWW! AHHH!” Her eyes clamped shut and she winced and cried out in pain. Her forehead was covered in wrinkles as her body tensed up from head to toe.

“No more baby. It’s okay.” I caressed her pale raspberry colored cheeks, trying to ease her pain. “You’re such a good girl. You know that?” I asked. “You’re my beautiful little girl,” I said, soothing her worries and concerns. “Always.” Even though the whacking seemed mean, ninety-nine percent of them were soft and playful, the pain adding up after all of them combined. I was being gentle with her… gentle and caring. I wasn’t beating her. A loving display of control was arousing the two of us. If I knew I was hurting Avril, I would have stopped. I could tell by her drenched pussy that the dominance was turning her on. This wasn’t one of my rape fantasies with her. Avril Lavigne was my good friend and I cared for her deeply. Hurting her or causing too much pain was not my intent in the hotel suite.

“Here, step out,” I told Avril as I laid down another small towel on the white tiled floor. She stepped out one foot at a time as I took a third small towel and dried her legs. As I squatted down in front of her, running my hands up the outside of her thighs, I placed a small kiss upon her vaginal lips, gently taking my tongue and lapping up the length of it once. I licked it like I was licking an ice cream cone. Vanilla. No cherry on top.

I took hold of Avril’s left hand and led her back into the main room of the suite with the bed, the video camera in my hand. I walked her over to the full length mirror and stood behind her, taping the both of us as we watched ourselves through the reflective glass. I held the camera in my right hand out to the side of her right shoulder and arm. “God you look so beautiful,” I whispered into her ear as I flicked my tongue tip over her earlobe. “Do you know how sexy you are Avril?”

“Hmmmm,” she groaned as she tilted her head against mine. “Mmhm.” I kissed her on the side of her neck, down over her shoulder. My left hand gingerly held her left hip, keeping itself occupied.

“Say it. Tell me.”

“I’m sexy,” the young blonde singer sexily whispered.

“Tell the girl in the mirror. Tell her how sexy she is,” I told her as my lips sucked on her right shoulder, softly pulling her pale sweet skin from her body.

“Mmm,” Avril groaned. “You’re so sexy baby,” she told her reflection.

“She turn you on?”

“Yeah. She doesss. Mmm. She’s so sexy.” Avril moaned softly as I continued to kiss her and tease her shoulder and neck with my soft pecks. My left hand inched closer to her pussy until my fingertips brushed against the patch of pubic hear she had grown. Avril’s gaze moved down as I ran my fingers over her clitoris, slowly rubbing her little pink bean. She sighed deeply as she watched me massage her little magic button.

“Why don’t you go and kiss her,” I suggested. Avril hesitated for a moment, looking blankly into the mirror. Then, a small smile formed on her face and she took a few steps closer to the full length mirror. I focused the camera on the two twins and zoomed in on their faces. Avril’s head tilted sideways, to the left, and she placed her hands against the mirror, on the hips of her beautiful reflection. Slowly, Avril took a step backwards.

Her small body swayed back and forth as she checked out her little toned body. She watched herself as her hands ran up her sides to her breasts, cupping them in her palms. She squeezed them and pushed them up and together, licking her lips. Her blue eyes shot up and stared into themselves as a wickedly sexy and seductive smile appeared once again. Avril’s forehead touched against the mirror as she looked down at her busy hands. Her black nail polish covered fingers dug into her tits, groping herself playfully.

As the singer eye fucked herself, her right hand snaked down her flat tight stomach to her pussy. Her fingers pushed through her bush towards her wet snatch, teasing herself as she pleased herself. The thought of her getting off to herself was a notion she never would have given a second thought to. My prompting and suggesting she do so opened up another door to self pleasure. Avril’s mouth hung open as she cooed and panted aloud, rubbing her fingers over her swollen horny cooch. “Uhhhh,” she quietly sighed, almost silently. The deep exhale was the only noise in the room. Her right hand was rejoined by her left soon after. Her left hand clawed at her left breast, her fingertips pinching and tugging at her stiff pink nipple.

I stood behind Avril, off a little to the side as I watched her playing with her reflection in real life, not through the little display screen of the handheld camera. My dick was as hard as dynamite in my beige cargo shorts and ready to explode. My sack was the powder keg and Avril the match. Something was going to blow.

Avril’s tired sweaty face hovered above the mirror as she teased herself with a kiss. She brought her open mouth to the glass and hesitated, tilting her head to the side as she stared at her small supple tits. Her warm breath fogged up the mirror over and over with each long sensual breath. She inched forward, rubbing the tips of her breasts against the glass, pushing her globes against those of her reflection. Avril wiggled her body back and forth, side to side over the cold surface. Her hands were planted out towards her sides, breast level, holding herself against the glass. “That looks so fucking sexy baby. You’re turning me on so much… So much,” I told her, interrupting the silence.

Avril basically ignored me as she was infatuated with herself. Her left hand traveled back and forth along her body from her breasts to her cunt, to her breasts and back to her cunt. Her left index finger teased her pussy, dragging itself along the valley between each lip, the tip out of sight as it traveled through her pink Panama Canal. Her right hand pushed her golden hair back behind her right ear, giving me a better vision of that side of her face… a better shot for the first Avril Lavigne home movie. She kept inching her face towards the mirror as if she was going to kiss it, but never did. “Uhhhnnn. Uhhhh,” she sighed with heavy breaths. The mirror fogged and cleared… fogged and cleared.

The young rock star looked at me through the mirror, watching me gawk at the sight she presented me with. She continued to squeeze and molest her handful sized tits as she stared at me. Her focus shifted down as she saw my left hand squeezing my cock through my shorts. I was painfully hard as she took my idea above and beyond my wildest expectations. She smiled in response to how turned on she got me. “Mmmm.” I had no idea Avril had this all in her, no idea whatsoever. She smiled and looked down, playing with her breasts again.

Avril stared at her reflection as her fingers ran over her breasts, over the nipples. Her left pointer finger traced circles around the outside of her woman nip, along the dark pink areola. She pushed her boobs up against the wall once more, the cool reflective surface teasing her hard nubbins even more. Avril was extremely turned on by herself, made apparent by the glistening moisture accumulating on her little tight vagina. The thin coat of sexual juices stood out in the light and left some residue on the mirror as she accidentally brushed her pubic region against it.

Avril panted and her mouth hung open as she stared into her twin’s stunning blue eyes, her warm breath blurring up the other girl’s mouth. “Haaaa. Mmmm huuhhh.” Avril brought her right hand up and dragged her pointed and middle finger down over the mirror, over her reflection’s lips. Then she stuck out her warm pink tongue and licked the tip up against the mirror, teasing the other girl. Her head leaned left and she pressed her soft pink defined lips against the surface, kissing herself. She Frenched the mirror slowly, her tongue pressing and smooshing against the glass as her lips left little faint wet prints on it.

Avril’s eyelids shut and she smiled as she made out with the full length mirror. Her tongue licked the reflection’s lips as her left hand was busy timidly rubbing over her wet slit. Her knees wobbled slightly, uncontrollably, as the sensation was a first for her. She opened her eyes and stared lustfully into her own, her black eye makeup making her look so incredibly sexy. She tilted her head back and forth as she gazed upon her face, slowly lapping her tongue up the mirror slowly.

The blonde Canadian watched herself as she began to full out make out with reflection, open mouth kissing herself. Her left hand pressed just next to her face against the reflective surface, pushing against the unreal girl’s. Her wet tongue wiggled back and forth against the imaginary one in front of her. Avril continued to press her lips upon the mirror as she cooed and softly and quietly moaned in arousal. She would open her eyes from time to time, seeing the girl lick her back, matching each and every movement.

The two sets of piercing blue eyes fought a staring fight of dominance as her their hands ran over the reflection’s face. Over and over, softly caressing the soft pale skin.

Avril smiled and kissed the mirror a final time before leaning back a few inches. Her small hands found their way to her soft breasts once again, gently cupping underneath them, raising them up. She focused on them in the mirror, juggling them in her delicate hands. Avril leaned back and pushed them up higher, closer to the mirror, pressing them against the cool glass. Only her nipples rubbed back and forth across the mirror, causing them to harden even more, as firm as a small pair of peanuts, salted from the long-dried sweat.

Her hands pushed them across the vertical surface, dragging her nipples back and forth over them a few seconds. Then, she stepped back and looked at her face again, smiling wickedly at herself. She was really turning herself on, doing a sexy teasing. It was something she would have never thought of without me. I stood there silent, afraid to speak and kill the flow and disrupt the sexiest thing I would ever possibly see in my life.

Avril squeezed her titties once more hard, her hands pushing towards the tips of them, pinching and pulling her nipples towards the mirror, squeezing down on them like she was squashing some golden raisins. “Aaaahhhh,” she groaned almost inaudibly, her soft voice so very low. Avril’s face pushed forward once more, softly kissing herself, letting her little lips brush against the imaginary girl’s. She softly and subtly licked the mirror with the tip of her tongue before kissing it again with a soft romantic open mouth kiss. The whole time, her left hand was busy downstairs, two of her fingers disappearing inside her. I hadn’t even noticed as I was concentrating on her from the waist up.

Before I knew it, Avril squatted down into a catcher’s position, hovering over an imaginary home plate. I assumed she would be done with the mirror play, but she pushed on like a real trooper. She squatted down and squeezed her small tits in her hands, woman-handling them. Her hands traveled down her body, running over her flat tight stomach and out over her thighs. Her right hand moved to her pussy as her left planted itself on her left knee. Avril’s fingers rubbed giant circles over her lips causing small moans to pass over her lips into the air. “Mmmm.”

The singer adjusted, coming to rest on the floor, lying on her left side. Her long legs lied parallel against the floor as her torso was up off the ground, having all her weight resting on her left thigh and left arm… propping herself on up on her palm. Avril looked over her body as she lied on the beige carpet, her eyes focusing on her stomach and breasts.

She teased her reflection a little more, along with me. Her right palm ran over the length of her right side, down her legs and over her ass, squeezing and cupping her sore slightly red ass cheek, tender from my gentle loving spankings. Her fingertips grazed over her crack, lightly brushing against the bottom of her slit and asshole, her eyes on herself the whole time. She leaned towards the wall mirror and pushed her chest up against it, tickling it with the tip of her tongue.

Avril brushed her hair back behind her as she tilted her head to the left, letting her blonde locks fall down over her left shoulder. Her hand softly caressed the side of her face, past her neck, and over her breast once more, squeezing it and pushing the nipple against the glass. She continued to gaze upon her angelic reflection as she got hornier and more aroused, fiddling with her chest, rocking her body against the mirror as she rested on her left side.

Finally, Avril turned and lied flat on her back, her legs bent at the knees. She rolled slowly from side to side as she rubbed her thighs together, rocking her hips as if she was fucking the air. The young girl rolled to her right, looking back behind her at the mirror, admiring her little ass as she squeezed and spread her cheeks, allowing her cunt to be visible to her.

I stood there frozen as I gawked at her. I held the camera incredible still as I focused on her, zooming in on certain body parts when need be. I wanted to shoot this the best way possible because I was going to jerk to this until it was raw, spanking until I was blowing out dust. My member was rock hard and poked straight out against the material of my shorts, putting a lot of pressure on the head. My left hand never left my shaft as I gripped it through my shorts as best I could.

Avril pumped her hips up slowly into the air, rubbing her chest and stomach. She acted like she was dancing like a stripper. However, I didn’t plan on throwing her any one dollar bills. Seconds seemed like hours as she shortly rolled back onto her left side, facing the mirror. She resumed kissing it as she lied flush against it, cramming herself into the crack where the floor met the wall.

“Uhnnnn. Mmmmhmmm,” she moaned lowly as she bucked her hips, pushing her pussy against her hand as she rubbed herself. She pumped her crotch into the wall, pushing her hand against her box harder. Soon she was rubbing herself outright as she lied on the floor. Her eyes were closed as I zoomed in on her head, seeing the beautiful agony on her face. “Unnnnhhhh…” She panted and breathed heavily as she slipped two fingers past her lips. They disappeared and reappeared over and over, faster with each movement. I could hear a slippery sloshing sound as she pounded her drenched sex.

Her small petite body shifted on the floor, now lying diagonally with the full length wall mounted mirror. Her left leg was straight up in the air, bent at the knee, her foot pressed on the glass to support it… her left cheek up off the ground and pressed smack against the wall. Her right leg was spread eagle, lying out to her side against the carpet. “Aaaahh. Aaaaahaaa. Mmmmhmm! Mmhmmm!” she quietly cried, her fingers deep inside her, up to the palm. She pumped her pelvis into her hand as she fucked herself for me and for her. She strained her neck up to watch what she was doing, then let her head fall back in exhaustion from her self pleasure. Her head fell to the left as she stared at her face in the mirror. “Yesss. Fuck yesssss.” Her left hand continued to fuck herself as her right made its way to her clit. She furiously rubbed herself just under her short neat brown patch of pubic hair.

“Uhhnnnhhhuhh. Oooo. Oooh! Oooh!” She rolled side to side like a fish out of water, struggling to breathe as her legs clamped hurt on her hands, forcing them against her naughty bits. She soon found herself on her back perpendicular to the wall, both her feet planted against the reflective surface, her legs bent outwards, pushing against it hard. She performed a big crunch and held it as she rammed three fingers inside herself, erratically rubbing her sensitive clitoris with her other hand. “Huuuhhh! Huuh!!!! Aaaahaaah!”

I could see her wiggling her black tipped digits inside her horny cunt as her hand’s muscles shifted under her skin. She brought her left hand up to her tits again, pinching both nipples, one at a time. She pulled them and stretched them out to the breaking point before she squeezed her globes again. Bringing her fingertips to her mouth, she sucked her juice off and licked them like a champ, lubing them up for further clitoral stimulation. Her newly slick fingers rubbed her clit like it was going out of style. “AAAH!! FUCK! FUCK! YESSS!!” She panted and gasped as her eyes closed tight and she winced from her future climax. “Ooohhhooo God. Oohhh God.”

Her legs pushed hard against the mirror as she watched the girl in it masturbate for her, getting off to the sight of her. Avril pumped her crotch into the sky, into her fingers, raising her ass inches off the ground. “Oooh. Ohhh. Ohh. Oooohooo.” Her slender legs couldn’t keep still as they ran up and down the mirror, dragging her feet against it, scrunching her toes up as ecstasy ran through her small little person. She looked close to coming as her body fidgeted and couldn’t lay still.

Avril curled herself up diagonally to the mirror once more as she moved in to finish herself off. She brought her left knee to her chest, pointing her foot so her toes pressed against the glass. Her mouth came to her knee as she kissed and sucked on her leg, having it that close to her face. “Uhhhuuh, uhhhhuh, uhhhhuh, uuuhhhhhuhhh!” She cried out loudly as she fucked herself with her hands. She fumbled around on her back like a shit out of luck turtle as her legs jerked about. She arched her back and neck towards the sky as the slopping noise of her fluids against her hand and fingers was deafening. “AAHH! AAAHAA! AAAH! AAH!”

Avril stared at her sexy twin getting off to her as she punished her clit, rubbing it raw. She bucked her hips up against her hand frantically as she began half screaming, about to come. She was merely seconds from climax. “Ooohhh! Ooooooh! OOOHHH! FUCK! YESS! YESSSS!!! I’M COMING!!! I’M COMING!!”

Avril’s body gave out as she clamped up. Her midsection rocketed up off the floor like Apollo 13 as she shook from head to toe. “FUCK!!!! AAHAHAHA!!!” she laughed as she came. The wetness dripped from her pussy down over her ass and upper thighs, saturating her skin. “NNNnnhhhnnnnn!!! Nnnhhuhhh!” Her body slowed down as she finished having her powerful paralyzing orgasm. She wiggled her hips in circles slowly as she rubbed her outer lips with her right hand. As she fell back to the floor, her legs crashed down at her sides, no longer able to hold themselves up. She basically did a split in exhaustion. I could see Avril’s hands perfectly as she held her pussy lips open with her black tipped fingers. I could see her arousal seep from her insides as I zoomed in to the max.

“Huh, huh, huh,” she panted slowly as she recovered, her eyes closed as she rested her head on her right cheek. “Mmmmm,” she said just above a whisper. Her face was flushed as she came down from cloud nine.

I let her lay on her back for a few minutes as she forgot I was there. I was the voyeur videotaping her kinky masturbation. Showing signs of life once more, she rolled parallel to the mirror again, resting on her back, her head tilted towards her reflection. She stared at herself, her eyes darting back and forth to cover every inch of her beautiful face. She leaned in and gently kissed the glass again, her right hand slowly rubbing her sensitive exhausted pussy.

Avril’s little lips teased the glass, and her tongue slowly flicked on the imaginary girl’s. They were slower more passionate kisses as the two girls had just finished making love to themselves. “Mmm,” Avril cooed as she ended the makeout with a few small pecks, her right arm bending up towards her face, her fingertips pressed on the mirror against the other girl’s next to her face.

I stood there in total awe of her creativity and determination, left in disbelief of what I just witnessed. Avril made out with herself in the mirror, touched herself and got off to her reflection, and then made out with it some more. I was never throwing the tape out. I was going to cuddle with it in bed, never leaving it somewhere nor letting it out of my sight. And I was never going to lose the erection which hurt so fucking bad that words can’t even come close to describing it.

“…Well…” I didn’t know what to say. “That looked fun.”

“Haha.” Avril giggled back at me as she lied on the floor, her hand still on her corn muffin. “Are you gonna fuck me? Cause I’m gonna tire myself out if we keep this up.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna fuck you.” I took a step towards her and continued to aim the camera down at her. I was still dressed, the front of my shorts wet from the splashing water in the shower. My shoes and socks were the only thing off. “Do you want me to?”


“Tell me what you want.”

“Mmmm. I want you to fuck me.”

“How bad?”

“Mmm, I want you to fuck me real bad Matt.” Avril rolled onto her knees and was on all fours, sitting up like a dog.

“Take it out.” Avril crawled towards me slowly on her hands and knees, finally stopping in front of me, kneeling up between my open legs. Her delicate tiny hands rubbed my ginormous cock through my shorts. I stared at her small sexy hands as she pushed her left palm up and down the length of my swollen Charlie Brown. Avril looked at the massive lump in my beige shorts as she rubbed her hand over it. She hadn’t seen my new and improved dong since… well since it became new and improved. The singer knew what I was doing because of a drunken phone call where I had revealed the special secret routine. I could only assume that she immediately noticed a difference even though she had not yet seen it. Her black tipped fingers gripped it through the beige cargo shorts, letting the outline of it become apparent through the thick fabric.

Avril’s two fingers found the zipper and slowly pulled it down. Zippppp! I continued to point the camera down at her, focusing on her face, wanting to capture her reaction as she opened her present. Her right hand disappeared into the cave of shorts and through the opening of my boxers. I could feel her tiny hand wrap around my throbbing shaft… the feeling like a baby’s hand on me. Hot! Avril gave me a sexy smile as she touched it in person for the first time since the tour. Her expression was so sexy. Her little mouth was open as she lightly gasped at my size, her little defined lips in a perfect O shape. Her blue eyes were surrounded by messy black eye makeup. She looked like a girl from a Disturbed concert post performance.

The singer struggled to pull me out through the front hole, being that my dick was pointed out sideways and trapped against my thigh. It was too long to maneuver against the tight pair of shorts and my body. It’s a hard thing to live with. Everyday is a struggle, or a winding road if you’re Cheryl Crow. So she recently broke up with Lance Armstrong. I guess he’s just like a candy bar. Sometimes she feels like a nut, sometimes she don’t.

Avril gave up like a pussy and went to undo my belt and pants button, pulling my cargo shorts down to my ankles. My Johnson popped up and poked straight out towards her beautiful face. I took a step out and kicked the shorts over to the corner. I stood there in only my t-shirt, which could be the gayest thing in the world. Buh dum, Jitterbug! There’s nothing gayer than a guy in just a t-shirt, even if there’s a girl kneeling in front of him about to blow him.

“Oh my God…” Avril’s mouth dropped as her eyes fixed on my man muscle like it was going to disappear. I took off my shirt and threw it next to my shorts and boxers in the corner. Her face showed a look of pure amazement, love, and fear. I was going to literally break her. I recorded her expression as her hands wrapped around my shaft, the two of them surrounding it not enough to fully cover it. “You’re so big and thick.” She continued to gaze at it in awe as she fondled me in her hands.

“Put it in your mouth,” I whispered. She shifted her blue eyes up at me and locked her focus with mine. Avril’s head inched forward as the tip of my swollen cock made contact with her mouth. It wasn’t just the piercing blue hue of her eyes, but the dark makeup around them that turned me on the most. The head of my dugan pressed against her thin perfect lips as they parted just enough for her tongue to poke through, tickling my pee hole. She planted a series of small tender kisses on the sensitive skin causing me to shudder where I stood.

Avril’s small hands remained on my engorged shaft, gently squeezing it as she kissed it, enhancing the amazing sensations. She subtly licked her lips to lube them and then the tip of me slowly slipped past them. The end of my dick rested inside her warm mouth, her tongue barely moving against the underside of my head. Avril pulled her Canadian head back off of me letting her lips tug against the base of my bell end. She didn’t break eye contact with me as she let the tip of my dong slip back inside her comforting mouth. “Av… baby…” I moaned. “Hold on,” I said. “Put this on the dresser.”

Avril got up and crawled the few feet to the dresser on her knees like a dog. I watched her sexy ass sway back and forth on the way, watching her place the camera on the dresser facing us. “Get back here.” She once again crawled towards me, coming back between my legs and slowly taking me inside her again, this time further past the head, swallowing a bit of my shaft as well. She let it rest inside her mouth as she closed her eyes. Her right hand was tightly wrapped around the base of my member as the left was manipulating my yam bag. I could feel the suction of her lips around me increase tenfold, causing the pressure intensify as the seconds ticked by.

“Mmm,” she cooed so softly. Her mouth looked stretched as it accommodated my dugan. I was one hundred perfect swollen to the max due to the warm temperature of the room. Avril stuck out her pink tongue and slowly bobbed down on my penis, the tip of her tongue sticking out of her mouth as she sucked me, her little muscle tasting every inch of me that she could swallow. The pretty young girl could only handle some of my staff, able to take about seven inches into her mouth. “Haaaa,” she gasped as I pulled back and let my throbbing meat plop out of her mouth and off her tongue.

“Lick my balls Av,” I told her as I went to sit down on the edge of the bed. I leaned back by supporting my weight on my arms, half sitting up so I could watch the younger girl perform. Avril held my prick up with her right hand, gently holding onto the head with two fingers. Without using her hands, she started to lick my sack, sucking on each of my nuts, pulling them into her mouth one at a time. It was like when they tried to suck the baseball up with the vacuum in The Sandlot. Essentially …More or less…

“Mmmm Matt. You like when I lick your balls?” she asked softly, still running her tongue up and down my hairless undercarriage.

“I fuckin love it. You’re so dirty baby.”

“You like when I’m dirty?” she asked in a bold and naughty voice, her Canadian accent showing a little more.

“I love when you’re a dirty little slut. So fuckin hot.” Avril smiled as her tongue crept farther back under me. She started to use her free hand to play with my loose sack, juggling my testicles in her fingers, gently squeezing them as she applied a little pressure to my head, every so subtly stroking up with the loose grip of her thumb and index finger. To my surprise, Avril began to lick her way back there. You know… BACK THERE. She reached the taint and kept on going like a real trooper. And before I knew it, the Canadian singer’s warm wet tongue was pressed against my back door. My bum was like a hatch in Lost… sealed up tight. “Oh God,” I mumbled in shock, feeling the warm tip of her tongue press against my tight wrinkle.

“You’re such a dirty slut,” I told her as she pushed her tongue against me harder, trying to slide it in. I squeezed out of natural instinct, keeping her out of there. She continued to rim my bung, stroking me gently with her hand.

“I’m you’re dirty slut tonight.” I reached forward and grabbed a handful of her messy long blonde hair, pulling her up to me.

“Tell me what you want to do,” I ordered her.

“I want to please you,” she replied, her eyes fixed on mine. I brought my hand to her cheek, lightly holding it in my hand. Slap! I gently slapped her across her left cheek.


“Yeah.” Slap! My fingertips lightly tapped her face again as I pulled her head back and forced her chin up.


“Cause I’m your dirty slut.” I pulled on her hair harder and then pushed her down on my prick, forcing my pole down her throat. I made her swallow half of my pulsing man muscle, hearing her gag as I pushed and pulled her head up and down by the handful of hair I held. As I choked her with my cock, I felt her fingers move from my sack to my butt, feeling her black tipped finger poking around where it shouldn’t. Let’s be honest. We’ve all had a chick try to slip one past the goalie. Hell, I’ve agreed to it so that I could do it to a girl in return. I go, you go. I go, you go. American Pie 2 style.

“Shit,” I grunted as I shifted in response to her poking around on my no-no.

“Haaaghhh, ugh, ugh, ugh,” she gurgled as I rapidly slammed her head down on my junk. Her index finger pushed into my ass a little as it was already slick from her tongue lapping.

“Uhhh,” I sighed as I felt her push down harder, forcing more of her digit in me until she was fucking me with her entire finger. I let go of her head and allowed her to spit me out, a huge wet gob of slobber falling from her little mouth onto my groin.

“Mmm you like it?” she asked me, slowly jacking me off with one hand as she was busy with the other. I collapsed back on the bed, allowing her to do what she was doing. Without thinking, I pushed my waist up into the air to make it easier for her. I’m a dirty slut. She slowly finger banged me as she stroked my nine and a quarter inch dick. “Feels like you do baby. Yeah that its. Squeeze it for me baby,” she said in a dominant sexy voice as I involuntarily clamped down on her finger. Avril keeled up tall as I lied back on the bed, my legs open and hanging down, feet planted on the floor. Avril started poking faster, slamming her finger inside me until her upward-turned palm smacked against my taint, her finger trying to reach my man-g-spot as it wiggled inside me.

“Aaah God,” I moaned as I shut my eyes tight and let her violate me. “Fuck…”

“Did Larisa do this to you? She ever fuck your ass while jacking you off? Huh?” I just sighed as I let my hips push into her, fucking her hand back. “Did she know you love to get fingered Matt? Hmm? I bet that prissy bitch never did.” I was pissed at the way she talked about Larisa to me. I loved my ex girlfriend and didn’t tolerate any negative comments, even if Avril was just kidding and saying it in the heat of the moment. I felt her pound my wrinkle harder and faster, wiggling her finger as it bent upwards toward the ceiling.

“Shut up.”

“You like when I finger you?” Avril asked a little more sternly, trying to steal my role. “Yeah you do.” I didn’t know what to say in reply. I just stayed where I was and allowed her to do whatever she wanted, essentially letting my actions speak for me. Avril’s right hand stroked my shaft hard, squeezing up from the base, forcing the blood up to the head. I could hear the wet slapping of her drool on my prick as she masturbated me. “Should I use two fingers?” she asked, being they were actually quite petite. “Yeah… two’s better,” she moaned as she fingered me on the bed, feeling me squeeze my anus shut tighter with the second probing object. I couldn’t help contracting my ass as she pulled her hand out. The feeling to drop a deuce took over and I squeezed and pushed my muscles.

“Fuck Av,” I sighed. I had to admit, it wasn’t that bad. My hands gripped the comforter on the bed, pulling at it as I pumped my body into her hand.

“Tell me to finger your ass. Tell me how bad you fuckin like getting fingered.”

“Sh… shut up,” I mumbled, squeezing my eyes shut as I got use to this new feeling. Even if I was partial to it, I wouldn’t give Avril the satisfaction… not in a million years.

“You like getting fingered like a little girl? Hmm? This how you finger my pussy Matt? Hard and fast like this?” she grunted in a stern yet little girl voice, speeding up her hand motion. “This is how you finger fuck me. You like me getting even with you?” she asked as she rammed her digits inside my rectum.

“Yeaaaah,” I moaned, enjoying the stinky pinkie.

“Beg me to finger you. Tell me.” Avril’s hand masturbated me harder and harder.

“No. Unnhh. Fuck. N… no.”

“You like it you little slut? Are you a slut?” she asked me sternly, now taking control of the situation. As her dialogue got nastier, she jacked me off faster and fingered me harder with her two black tipped digits. “Little slut with your loose fucking asshole.”

“Shut up you bitch.” I grunted and sat up slightly, looking at her as she spit onto my cock from about a foot away, a glob of flem landing just above her hand on my shaft, adding more lube to me.

“Yeah you’re a fucking slut,” she told me as she twisted her fingers around in a circle, twisting her wrist corkscrew style as she slammed them into me. “Dirty whore. Mmmm, you a little fag baby? Huh? Larisa know she was dating a fag?”

“Shut up… bitch,” I told her in a strong loud voice, angry at her for calling me gay, but somehow turned on by the scenario.

“You like getting fucked in the ass you little faggot?” Okay, why the need to take it there with that word? “Huh? Faggot.” Okay, again…?

“Shut up!” I shouted as I shot up and full out smacked Avril across the face… hard.

“Unnnh!” Her head flung to her right and she half fell over onto the floor, catching herself with her arm just in time. I stared at her angrily and a bit shocked that I had actually hit her so hard. Her fingers slipped out of my ass as she was knocked to the floor. The tiny Canadian turned her head to look at me, a fresh bright red handprint on her left cheek and a little blood dripping from the new cut on her lower lip. She slowly crawled back to her kneeling position, sitting up, looking afraid.

“…” I could easily deduce that Avril was shocked I hit her that hard by her look and quivering bloody lip.

“Don’t ever call me that again.” I felt really bad seeing that I drew blood. However, I didn’t want to stop our dirty rough sex because it turned me on, especially that slap. I reached out and touched where I just hit her, softly caressing her cheek. “You needed to be punished,” I whispered to the young girl. “Understand?” I asked with a little hesitation in my voice, unable to stay in character.

“…” Avril just looked at me with uncertainty in her eyes. She even leaned back a bit, keeping her distance. I leaned down and softly kissed her on the mouth, being careful around her sore lip. I could taste the little bit of blood on her mouth as we sensually made out. We kissed for a few more seconds as I tilted her head up by her chin. I started to feel bad after hitting her so hard. “Av… I’m sor…”

“It’s fine Matt,” she said, interrupting me. “I’m so turned on. Please fuck me. I want you so bad,” she told me in a low voice, our heads a few inches apart.

“Do you do this often?” I asked her. I was curious how rough she actually went. She looked up at me and licked the fresh new blood off her lip.

“No. I don’t trust a lot of people to hurt me.” She kneeled lower, relaxing as she looked up at me. “I trust you. I know you wouldn’t really hurt me.”

“I won’t. I promise.” I was actually relieved that we got the little oral contract out of the way. I was incredibly turned on but at the same time I felt guilty and didn’t want to overstep my bounds. I never did anything like that so I was unsure of the rules.

“I know,” Avril told me. “Relax. Lay back.” I complied, pulling a pillow under my head as she resumed sucking me off. I watched Avril swallow the head of my prick, pulling at it with her little defined pink lips.

“Av… please. …Do it again.” She looked up and smiled, her fingers once again going back there. Avril Lavigne kneeled on the bed and gave me head for a few minutes more, playing with my ass as she blew me. I reached out and fiddled with her long blonde hair as she tried to help me relax and get back into the dominant mood, trying to take my mind off of our talk.

“Fuck,” I moaned softly as I kicked my legs out and placed my feet on top of the edge of the bed, scooting back some to let me plant them closer to me. I gave Avril better access to my number two as she bobbed her head up and down, jacking off the base of my erect tool to pleasure all of me. I felt my balls start to tingle in that familiar approaching orgasm sensation. “Av. Av I don’t wanna come yet,” I softly told her as my head hit the pillow as I lost control of my body. I was so turned on from the stinky pinkie, feeling my cock throb and swell up even more. I felt naughty with the new sensation, wondering how I could possibly bring this up with my next girlfriend. I realized the whole anal play was on tape as I looked into the camera and then closed me eyes, at that time not caring one bit that I was enjoying the feeling of her fingers inside me. ‘Well I’m not showing this tape to anyone… so whatever,’ I thought. “Please Av. Not yet.”

The young petite blonde spat me out and scratched up my thighs, running her black colored nails over my skin. “Okay baby.” Avril ran her tongue back over my balls a few times, my temple tower wobbling back and forth as it stuck up, crashing against her face as it teetered around. The young singer started to lick my ass again, pushing her tongue inside me as I tried to relax back door.

“Fuhhhhk,” I sighed quietly. It felt ridiculously good. I was nervous because a lot of people would think it was weird, and I wasn’t sure how Avril would think of me after it was all said and done. Mo! Sensing it might bring me over the edge, she stopped and crawled on top of me and kissed me on the mouth, her tongue sloppily playing with mine. I didn’t care that she just sipped the D or rimmed me. My germs!

“I wanna do you now.”

“Oh yeah?” she asked, teasing my lips with her tongue as she sweetly kissed me with sensual little pecks.

“Yeah. You gonna be a good little girl and let me eat your asshole hunny?”

“Yes daddy. I’m gonna be your good little girl,” she said in a soft little girl voice, crawling off me and kneeling in front of me, her ass arched out up in the air. I crawled behind her and squeezed the sides of her ass cheeks in my hands, roughly grabbing them. SLAP! SLAP! I spanked each of her tender red cheeks causing her to yelp out. The red hand imprint contrasted her pale skin more and more as her bruises worsened.

“Aaaah! Aaaah!” I rubbed my hand over her bare pussy lips, feeling how wet they were. She loved getting spanked and being treated like garbage. I was unaware of that interesting fetish of hers. I leaned down and spat on her ass crack, letting it drip onto her little pert tight asshole. I inched my face forward and started to lick her butt, first on her pale cheeks and then around her hole, teasing her for a bit. A few minutes later, I licked the crinkly hole of her ass and pushed my tongue into it, fucking her with my mouth. “Mmmmm Matt. Fucking lick it. Just like that baby. I love it.” Avril rocked her small rear end into my face, fucking my tongue over and over as she moaned and groaned in approval.

“You ever get fucked in the ass?” I asked her as I pushed my entire thumb into her rectum.

“Yeaaaah,” she moaned as I continued to rub her pussy with the underside of my fingers, pushing them a ways inside her little swollen pink lips as I stuffed her asshole. “Mmmmhmmm.”

“When was the last time?”

“Last week,” she moaned as she laid her face’s right cheek on the bed, her midsection resting on the pillow underneath her.

“Tell me. Who’d you fuck?” I continued to rub her, pushing a second finger inside it.

“Mmmm. My band,” she said as she cracked a smile in recollection, the experience obviously pleasurable.

“What do you mean? Your band?” I asked curiously.

“Evan got me drunk and gave me X and they all fucked me.” I was surprised to say the least. I had always suspected that at least one or two of the guys would hook up with her. With so many nights on the road alone, you’d almost have to expect it.

“Did you like it?”

“Mmm. Yeaaaah.” I couldn’t tell if her answer was to my finger banging her or my question.

“Do you have any toys with you?” I asked her, changing the subject for a moment.

“My bag. Mmm Matt please get one,” she moaned. I walked over to her backpack and searched the smaller compartment, finding a case of different sized black butt plugs.


“They came together,” she replied as she was rubbing her pussy with her hand, trapping it underneath her stomach with her own body weight. I brought the mini suitcase case to her bed and took out the medium sized one.

“Can you handle all of them? You little whore?” I asked, rubbing her tender red ass cheek with my palm.

“Yeaaah. Mmmm, just not the biggest one.” Well… then that would be a no. I rubbed the middle sized little black rubber butt plug over her pussy to get the surface slick, watching it slip off her asshole a few times.

“Tell me. How’d it happen?” I asked her as I pushed her hand away from her crotch. I pushed the tip of the sex toy against her pussy, poking gently into her box.

“Mmm,” Avril Lavigne sighed as she slowly pushed herself back onto the toy. I didn’t let her at first, pulling it away every time she attacked it, but finally allowed her to fuck herself with it. I pushed and pulled the medium sized black plug in and out of her little hairy cunt as she spoke. “I got drunk with them and Evan gave me a hit of ecstasy. I didn’t know what it was. I thought it was Advil… And I got on my knees… and I sucked all the guys off in a row.”

“You’re such a dirty little slut Avril. Where did they come?”

“My face and chest,” she moaned as the toy stretched her labia apart. “And then I let them take turns fucking me. Two at a time. Mmmm, and then they all fucked my ass and pussy.” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! “AAAH!” she screamed.

“You’re a fucking little slutty cunt! You know that?!” I yelled at her, spanking her ass over and over.

“Yes, I’m a fuckin dirty cunt.” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! My hand spanked each cheek hard twice. “AAAHHH! OWWW!!” Avril cried as I spanked her and pounded her pussy with her butt plug.

“You’re a fucking dirty cunt!” I yelled as I pushed the medium plug all the way into her. “Hold this!” I yelled as I pushed her hand against the lipped end of the toy. I grabbed the large butt plug out of the plastic little travel case and poured some lube onto it from the accompanying bottle. I angrily poked the wet tip against Avril’s tight asshole. “You fuck all four of them, you can take this one!”

“AAAAH!!” she cried as I started to push the largest plug into her asshole, poking it in a few inches at a time, not working her slowly with a smaller one to warm her up.

“Little whores take huge cocks in their asses, don’t they? Don’t they!” I shouted at her as I spanked her. SLAP!

“It’s soo tight!!! It’s too big!!” she cried as her free hand grabbed onto the blanket tightly. Her small knuckles turned bright white as she gripped it tight and pulled it off the corner of the bed.

“I don’t care.” I pushed the toy further into her, twisting it as it went deeper into her small ass. Avril was a tiny girl and her asshole was so small, fully proportionate in size. The black sex toy looked like a monster as it slipped into her tight crinkled exit. It was three quarters of the way in, the widest part of the toy just shy of slipping past the defense.


“Please what?” SLAP! SLAP! Avril’s ass cheeks were bright red with visible hand prints on them. Avril’s body shook and I watched her back rise and fall as she breathed heavily, a little bit shy of hyperventilating.

“Please daddy!” she cried out, pulling her ass away from me.

“Daddy what??”

“Daddy fuck it!” I pushed the toy in her hard, forcing the rounded base into her tight asshole in one fluid motion. Her wrinkle slammed shut around it, all red and sore from taking it for the first time ever. “OWWW FUCK! IT HURTS! IT HURTS!” I stared at her asshole as I held her red cheeks open wide. Avril’s anus rapidly clenched over and over and over, the little flared edge of the toy looking like a pacifier against a baby’s suckling mouth. “OOOH GOD!” Avril screamed out in sheer pain.

I pulled the medium plug from her pussy and rubbed the tip of my cock against her little baby hole, slowly sliding it into her. It was so much tighter than I remembered. My dick had grown a lot since the last time I fucked her and her privates felt smaller from being double stuffed. I held her hips as I started to fuck her doggy style over the pillow, banging my crotch into her ass and thighs. “Fuck you’re so God damn tight Av.” I felt the large toy on the other side of her soft inner wall as it stuffed her ass up completely. I thought her small little butt would burst.

“Aaah! Aaaah! Fuck! Fuck it hurts! Fuck me!” she cried out, a little tear dripping out of her left eye. I did what the younger girl told me to. I slammed my meat into her as best I could and as quickly as I could, rocking the bed and letting it slam into the wall next to Evan’s room. Bang! Bang! Bang! The headboard cracked against the wall of the douchebag’s bedroom.

“Fuck yeah. You little slut. You’re a little piece of shit. Tell me,” I grunted as I fucked her on film.

“I’m… owww… I’m a dirty piece of shit,” she grunted lowly as she locked herself up tight on the bed… with the waterworks going on with her eyes. I leaned forward, pinning her arms above her head. As I came down hard to thrust myself into her pussy, my stomach banged against the back of the butt plug, pumping it deep into her airtight ass. “Aaahaaaahaa fuck you!” she cried, like cried cried, unable to keep a few tears from leaking out of her eyes. My hands were on her wrists, pinning her to the bed as I squashed her under my body weight. I purposely pushed my stomach against her ass as I roughly fucked her, trying to push the probe deeper into her no-no. I grunted as I forced as much of me as I could into her. Avril’s young little snatch couldn’t handle all of me, the tip smacking against the back of her vagina over and over.

“You’re so big! Matt it’s fucking too tight!!!” she sobbed as the side of her head was forced into the pillow by my shoulder and chest. I was literally smothering her as I filled up two of her holes.

“Tell me how big it is,” I grunted into her ear as I let myself slam down hard again and again straight down into her arched up ass.

“It’s too fucking big!”

“You love getting stuffed in both slutty holes, don’t you, you stupid cunt! You’re a fucking filthy little cunt!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I spanked her hard as I jabbed her twat with my condomless dick, feeling her wet pussy lips slide over and swallow my naked prick.

“Your dick is so fucking big! It’s hu… huu… hurting me!” Avril cried out with loud whimpers. “Matt stop it hurts. Sss… stop. Please stop it hurts,” she struggled to say through her tears as she cried under me.

“Okay sweetie,” I whispered as I got off of her. I wasn’t an asshole, after all. “Relax Avy. Relax baby,” I softly told her as I grabbed the end of the large black butt plug. I rubbed Avril’s back much like I did to Larisa’s when putting it in her ass for the first time, as I tried to sooth her. “Av relax and push,” I told her, pulling gently on the enlarged handle of the toy. I couldn’t yank it out like the rip cord on a lawnmower for fear of really messing her up. Slowly but surely, Avril’s tight non virgin asshole clenched and then opened more and more each time she tried. After a few seconds, the fat bulb end popped out of her bright red wrinkle, the rest coming out within a split second.

“Ahaaha fuck,” she cried as she pushed and pushed. I stared down at the black butt plug Avril had just shit out onto the bed. Her violated back door was as wide as a can of Redbull, still swollen and expanded from the recent stuffing. I pushed my tongue into the abyss between her cheeks, spitting down into the crevice. I even felt Ed Harris dismantling a bomb as I ventured deeper. …Little Abyss joke. I don’t think anyone woulda gotten it without the explanation.

“Mmm. It’s so fucking sexy Avril,” I told her as I stared into her rectum, spitting again. The dark hole slowly closed up around my tongue as I ate her sore beaten ass out. I grabbed the butt plug and held onto it as I gripped her holes with my other hand. I held her like a bowling ball, my middle and ring fingers inside her pussy and my thumb in her asshole, squeezing them together. I had two in her pink and one in her stink.

“Aaah fuck. Fuck.”

“Suck on this,” I told her as I pushed the large butt plug into her mouth. “Taste your filthy fucking asshole.” She struggled to get it in, the fattest part too much to handle just like with her butt. I watched her try to unhinge her tiny jaw like a snake and swallow it, seeing her lips curl back and her teeth bite down onto the rubber. SLAP! My hand landed on the side of her face. “Don’t bite! Open!” SLAP! I hit the side of her face again, seeing her sigh and breathe out through her little nose with tears running down her cheeks.

“Ughg. Huhggh,” she gurgled and she finally pushed it into her mouth, snot dripping from her nostrils as drool leaked out onto the bed.

“Good. Taste your asshole. Suck that shitty butt plug.” It wasn’t really shitty. Thank God. Or I would have been ugged out. I pulled back on her groin, pulling her back into me by her pussy and asshole, causing her to yell out.

“Aaaah!” she cried with her full stuffed mouth, choking a little as I pulled her an inch or so across the bed. I debated trying to throw her across the ground, trying to knock over the little mini bottles of alcohol in the fridge, see if I could get a strike. But I didn’t want to break her somehow. I still hadn’t come after all.

“Get up,” I told her. Avril kneeled up after I let go of her bathing suit areas, sitting up, her small mouth still stretched around her sex toy. She looked as me like a beaten puppy, pouting with her eyes. She sure as hell couldn’t with her mouth! “Sit on my lap,” I said as I sat on the edge of the bed, my feet on the floor. Avril crawled and sat on my lap with her legs over mine, sitting and facing the camera to my right. I actually wished I was wearing a Santa suit. It turned me on to no end seeing the large butt plug in her mouth. Her nostrils flared as she inhaled deeply through her nose, staring at me with those sexy blue eyes of hers as she breathed heavily.

I ran my palm over her cheek a few times, then squeezed around both with my fingers, feeling the round toy inside. “God you’re beautiful. I love your body… how small you are. You know I feel so dirty when I fuck you? Did you know that?”

“Nuh uh,” Avril groaned, shaking her head side to side.

“It turns me on so much hunny. And you’re lips. You know how much they turn me on? Hmm?” I asked as I kissed her on the cheek. She nodded a tiny bit. I reached down and held her right hand with mine, bringing it to my face. I kissed the back of her fingers, sucking on the black painted tips. “I fucking love your nail polish too baby girl. God I love it. Everything about you makes me so horny.” I had my other arm around her waist, holding her as my erection poked up and was sandwiched between her right thigh and my stomach. Slap! Slap! I gave her two light little love taps on her cheek, then brushed her long blonde hair out of her face.

“Oooohhhh!” she grunted. I reached up to her chest and started to softly squeeze and caress her small breasts, making sure to tug and pinch her soft little pencil eraser-like nipples. SLAP! SLAP! I let my hand fling down on her creamy pale colored tits.

“Small little girl tits. You’re daddy’s little girl aren’t you.”

“Aahhhhh.” I softly caressed them just after the red marks appeared on her skin, my touch on her sore body causing a little pain.

“I love you baby,” I whispered.

“Hgguh ughg oo,” she said with a full mouth. I slowly pulled the plug out of her mouth, once again seeing her teeth bite down as she tried to spit the large rubber toy out.

“What?” I asked in a whisper.

“I love you too.”

“I know you do. Who am I baby?” I asked as I held the large plug up to her cheek, rubbing the tip over her skin.

“You’re my daddy,” she said in her little girl voice.

“It turns me on so much to hear that,” I said. “Be a good little girl and face daddy.” I thought it was odd at first that she called me daddy, but hey, I own Who’s Your Daddy 4,5, and 6. So… When in Rome… Avril stood up and straddled my legs as I pulled her over them closer to me. “Your ass,” I told her as I felt the head or my tower poke against her vagina. She stood up a little more and let my prick rest against her hole. “It’s okay, go slow,” I whispered to her as she slowly lowered herself down onto me. I felt her tight asshole slide slowly down onto my cock, her tight wrinkled red asshole stretching around me. Avril’s soft blue eyes squeezed shut tightly as she sat on me, her hands on my shoulders to support herself.

“…Aaah,” she cooed quietly, her mouth stretched open as she screamed in silence.

“It’s okay baby. Go slow.” I held her hips and helped her ease herself on me. Finally she was squatting over me, my hands under her ass cheeks as she sat on me. She took almost all of me inside her ass, just about an inch or so left. “Av, almost there. Can you be a good girl for daddy and take the last little bit?” I asked her as I caressed her face with my right hand. She nodded subtly and took the last bit, sighing loudly as she had all nine and a quarter inches inside her ass. It surprised the hell out of me as to how deep her ass went, deeper than her pussy. It was like when God made her, he had Bruce Willis drill out her ass… with some help from Ben Affleck and NASA. It was the second time I ever fucked a girl’s butt, so I really wasn’t the expert on the depth. I’m gonna say I was inside her intestine. That’s just my guess.

“Aaaaahhhh,” she sighed quietly.

“That a girl baby. That’s a good girl.” I felt her wrap her arms around my shoulders, holding herself on me as she still held herself up with her weight on her feet, afraid to just sit down and relax. “Hunny, I have you,” I said as I held her ass. “Relax your legs.” Finally she gave in after some hesitation and full out sat on me, straddling my thighs. She winced as her number two hole was still sore from the butt plug. “Kiss me.”

Avril slowly leaned forward and kissed me. I gently made out with her, letting our lips mesh together and our tongues slowly dance around. After a few seconds, I let go of her ass cheeks, taking away the final little bit of support I offered. “Mmmm. Matt,” she moaned as her anus squeezed my shaft at the base repeatedly, involuntarily clenching as she impaled herself on me.

I replied by gently holding her face in my hands, softly caressing her. It was such a slow and loving make out. It was reminiscent of the way Larisa and I used to make out as we made love. “Avril… Mmm Av,” I groaned into her mouth. “Hold me,” I told her as I brushed her hair back behind her ears, taking a second to look deep into her soft blue eyes. I felt the young singer wrap her arms around my shoulders and neck tighter, keeping her chest pressed against mine, feeling her small titties against me. “Tighter.” Avril then pulled herself up on me with her thin arms, lifting herself as she wrapped both of her legs around my lower back. She squeezed me hard as my aching beast pushed deeper into her tight little ass.

“Fuuccccck,” she cried incredibly softly. “Sooo deeeeep.” My fingers ran up and down her lower back as I held her against me, making that moment the most romantic one of the night. My fingertips teased her creamy skin as I tried to sooth and relax her, taking her mind off of the anal probe. The two of us sat there for another few minutes or so. My throbbing tool pulsated inside of her and her anus clenched around my shaft, slowly but surely making my need to explode greater and greater.

‘I have an idea,’ I thought. I reached over to the right of us, grabbing onto the large black butt plug that stretched out Avril’s little asshole a little earlier. “Back up a bit sweetheart,” I whispered as I kissed her on her little defined thin lips. Avril complied and leaned back a little bit, backing off of me. I rubbed the tip of the rubber toy up and down her slit, lubing it up some as I got ready to stuff her completely.

“Oh God,” she cooed, bracing herself for maximum stuffage. I pushed the toy inside her little wet pussy slowly, feeling her lips work against the slippery dolphin-like skin of the plug. I twisted it left and right as I slowly drilled her with it, pushing it inside her and pulling out a tiny bit every so often. Finally the widest part was against her labia, waiting to enter her. “Uhhh,” she whispered as I pushed it in, watching her stretched cunt swallow the thin stem of the butt plug, shrinking like magic. “Fuck.”

I felt the Christmas tree shape of the sexy toy through the soft flesh of Avril’s insides as she sat on my lap with my nine inches inside her. I played with the base of it, twisting it gently inside her, causing her body to shudder some. “What’s this?” I asked as I felt a little knob on the underside of the flared end.

“It vibrates.” Well, where was that information fifteen minutes ago??? I immediately turned the knob to the highest setting, instantly feeling the relaxing buzzing sensation in my loins.

“Hooo shit!” she cried, squeezing me tightly in her arms and legs. “So fucking good!” I held her small body in my arms and began lifting her up and down, rocking my hips into her bottom, slowly fucking her tight ass as she got off from the vibrator. The two of us embraced so tightly as we felt the buzzing in our crotches. Avril was so small in my arms, holding onto me like a little girl would. “Mmmm fuck Matt. I’m gonna come.” I felt her sore red asshole squeeze my swollen shaft as she bounced on it, her body spasming from the dual pleasures.

“Yeah baby? You gonna come for me? Huh?”

“I’m gonna come. I’m gonna come… sooo hard.”

“Be a good girl and come for daddy,” I told her as I brushed the side of her small face with my right hand. I felt Avril start to fuck me harder as she looked into my eyes, her little mouth hanging open while she panted and groaned from the slow deep fucking. “I’m gonna come soon too.”

“Yess. Yesss. I’m gon… Daddy!” she cried out as she started to frantically try to bounce up and down. I held onto her shoulders from behind her back, restraining her on me so my dick was deep inside her backdoor. “Pleeease let me!” she screamed, trying to push herself up and down on my man pole. “I neeeed it please!”

“Please what?” I asked her as I tried to fight off a long overdue orgasm. My balls ached and my cock twitched inside her contracting butt. I was dying from the orgasm I kept putting on hold. Even though I wasn’t fucking her outright, her warm squeezing ass on my Linus for so long was making me need to come.

“Please daddy!!!”

“Where do you want daddy to come?”

“Daddy! Come in my ass daddy!” Avril cried into my mouth as we looked into each other’s eyes. “Daddy I’m coming! NOW!!” she screamed, shaking as she came for the third time that night. “OH SHIT!!!!”

“Come baby. Come for daddy,” I whispered to her as she shook on me, fidgeting in my lap. I felt my balls squeeze tight for a final time as she held onto me tightly, her black fingernails digging into the back of my neck.

“DADDY!” Avril cried.

“Aaaaahhhaa!” I grunted as I hunched forward, feeling an enormous gob of my cum burst from my pee hole. “Haaaa FUCK! AAAH! AAAH!” I had my orgasm as the famous singer came off hers. Blasts and blasts of my spunk erupted up deep into Avril’s colon, giving her a jizz enema. The buzzing feeling only added to the insane pleasure of her squeezing rectum.

“Come in meeee!!” she cried, holding onto me tighter. I forced her down on me hard, pulling her onto my flagpole as I pushed my hips up. I felt three waves of pleasure flow through my groin as I pumped her full of my seed. I was shaking as I came hard, squeezing and holding onto Avril as I fell sideways onto the bed, taking the pretty little girl with me

“Fucck, fuck, fuck,” I panted. We both tried to crush one another in our grasps, both climaxing the same time. As I was about to finally come down from my little taste of Heaven, I frantically bucked my cock into her ass, feeling my shaft push against the wide bottom edge of the butt plug I shoved inside her pussy.

“OH GOD!” We both lied there gasping for breath as we held one another. It was a good three minutes before we caught enough of our breath to talk.

“How’s that feel baby? You like your ass filled with cum?”

“Yeaaaah,” she cooed, her eyes closed.

“Yeah you do, you little slut,” I whispered to her, caressing her cheek with the back of my hand. “Get on your knees.” Avril got up and positioned herself doggy style. “Show daddy how his little slut farts cum baby.” She hesitated for a second or two. “Show me.” Finally, I saw her swollen sore red asshole clench a little bit, hearing her start to force herself to pass gas.

“Uhnn. Uuhh, uh HUH.” Avril strained to do what I asked at first, finally able to. “Pfft.” A little bit of my white cum leaked out of her ass. “Pffbhtbht.” Finally ounces of my sticky white cum started to leak and squirt from her swollen wrinkle. As I watched her give me a cream pie, I felt my dick start to harden again from its semi-soft state.

“Good girl. You’re such a fucking whore. You a little cum farting whore Avril?”

“Yeaah. I’m a cum farting whore,” she moaned. SMACK! SMACK! I smacked down on each of her ass cheeks hard with my palm. “AAH!” she yelled as the all too familiar sting was once more too much to bear.

“Eat it.” I watched her small hand reach back behind her and wipe off my leaking DNA, seeing her turn her head to look back, looking at me as she licked my sticky splooge off her fingers. “You’re such a filthy whore. Get on your back,” I told her as she rolled over.

The large sized black butt plug was still vibrating inside her pussy, somehow staying inside her without her holding it in. “Fuck Matt…” she moaned softly as I moved between her legs.

“Open,” I told her as I touched both her knees, gently pushing her bent legs wide apart. I looked down and could see the wetness on her pussy, her pubic hair completely soaked as her entire crotch was damp with arousal. “Good girl. … …Where did everyone in the band come when you were a fucking little tramp?” I asked, bringing it back to the gangbang story.

“In me. And on my tits and face.” Avril rolled her head side to side as the vibrating sex toy kept her primed for another orgasm.

“Inside your pussy?”

“Yeaaah,” she quietly groaned.

“You were a bad little girl weren’t you whore,” I suggested to her, nodding yes like a father would his kid.

“Yeah I was.”

“You need to be punished, don’t you.”

“Mmmhmm. Punish me daddy. I was a bad girl,” she said in a little girl voice. I leaned down between her open thighs, hovering over her.

“Yeah you’ll get punished. You let four guys come all over your face hunny?” SLAP! I smacked her right across the face, not really hard, but I followed through.

“Aaah!” SLAP! “Oww!” SLAP! “Oww please!” she cried out as I slapped her across the face three times, then squeezed her chin and shook her head side to side roughly. SLAP!

“Your tits too?” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! My palm flew down and across her small chest, slapping the sides and tops of her small breasts, coming down on them diagonally. “They came on your fucking small little girl tits?” SLAP! SLAP!


“These small fucking pimples on your chest?!” SLAP! SLAP! Her milky white pale breasts turned a bright red color.

“STOP!” Avril screamed, throwing her hands up to block mine. I looked down at her face as she cried underneath me, the pain in her breasts too much to bear anymore.

“Stop?” I asked as I squeezed her chin. “You told me to punish you, you fucking little cunt. You a little cunt? HUH? PFFT!” I asked her as I spit right onto her face. SLAP! “Tell me you’re a cunt.”

“I’m a fucking little cunt,” Avril quietly whimpered with tears in her eyes, almost silently.

“You’re a piece of shit right? PFFFT!” I asked her as I spit on her face again. SLAP!

“I’m a piece of shit,” an exhausted, sore, and beaten Avril Lavigne told me.

“Yeah you are.” I looked down at her, rubbing her breasts softly, massaging the sting out of them, feeling her sore little nipples against my palms. Avril just lied there under me, half crying quietly as I punished her. I looked down and slowly traced my fingertips down over her stomach towards her naval. “Who came inside your pussy?”

“Ev… Evan.”

“Oh he did. Did he?” She crunched up into a ball as my right hand rubbed against her pubes. She braced herself in fear of a pussy spanking.

“Y… yes. Please,” she whimpered.

“You have to be punished. You know I HATE Evan.” I opened her legs wider, then began to rub her pussy as it shook from the small vibrations of the butt plug stuffed inside her twat. SLAP!

“AAAHHAA!” she screamed as she squeezed her legs shut, rolling a little onto her side in pain, curled up like Luke Skywalker when the Emperor was electrocuting him. Kinda ironic. He was begging his dad… she was begging her daddy.

“Two more baby. Only two more.” I rubbed her sore pink slit with my fingers, paying attention to her clit, feeling her tremble under me. SLAP!

“AAHAA! OWWW!” she screamed louder as her fragile body clenched down, popping the butt plug out from her box in the process. I turned the plug off and tossed it to the side so I wouldn’t waste the batteries. I wasn’t a dick you know. Once again, I massaged her bright red slit. I brought my hand to my mouth, sucking her sex juice off, licking my fingers so it would sting a little more. The young singer fought me as I tried to push her legs open wide again, closing them each time I pried them apart.

“Stop,” I told her sternly. SLAP!!!!

“AAAHAA FUCCCK!! AAAHOOWWW!!!” she shrieked like death as I full out open palm slapped her twat really hard. “AAAHHOWWWWW!!!” she screamed as she full out cried, curling up into a shaking ball on the bed as a river of tears flowed from her eyes.

“Shut up!” I yelled in paranoia, fearful of people calling the front desk about the noises. Avril loudly cried like a rape victim as she lied on the bed trembling in fear. She was wrapped tightly in the fetal position in an effort to protect herself. I actually felt terrible about it right after, getting too carried away in the heat of the moment. The last slap was like the slap heard ‘round the world. “Shit. Oh shit. Av. Av I’m so sorry.” I didn’t know what to do so I reached to touch her side. “…” I was embarrassed, ashamed, and terrified that I’d get arrested if anyone heard her from the hallway.

“Aahha. Aaaha. Aaaha,” she whimpered.

“Av. I’m so sorry…” My head was spinning. I felt guiltier than the time I fucked Larisa’s ass after she told me to stop.

“Fuck me,” she whimpered softly, facing away from me as she was lying on the bed.

“Whaat??” I asked her in shock.

“Fuck me. Punish me,” she said with a shaky voice as she looked up at me with tears and runny wet eye makeup on her cheeks. I was in disbelief. It was like when Rocky kept getting back up during the fight with Ivan Drago. To de ennnnd!

“Are you sure?” I asked her just to verbally get it on tape.

“Fuck me.” The singer slowly got up and sat on the edge of the bed in front of me. I pushed Avril onto her back once more and spread her legs out, her two limbs still bent at the knees.

“You love getting your tight little girl pussy spanked don’t you baby.”

“Yes,” she whimpered as I rubbed my fat cock head over her wet red slit. I teased her for about thirty seconds and then… SLAP!!!!

“AAAHHHOOWWWW FUCCKKK YOU!!!!!” she shrieked like a banshee in paid, her arms flying up to her chest, shaking violently as she spasmed around. I pushed my swollen head into her beaten red stinging pussy, instantly starting to fuck her at a quick pace. “AAAAAHH!!! OWW FUCK!!! FUCK ME!!!” she screamed, her crotch still in incredible and unbearable pain. “NNNNHH! Mmmmnnhhh. Ghhhh,” she grunted as the pounding hurt her cooch after all the abuse. “Make me fucking come!”

I looked down into her eyes and watched her stare back at me, seeing her expression of almost being pissed off. “Uh, uh, uh, uh,” I moaned as I fucked Avril’s little sore tender body, seeing her squirm under me. I pushed my right palm against the side of her face, pushing down and forcing her cheek into the pillow as I pumped down into her love box. I let my fingers creep into her mouth only to have her bite me. SLAP! I smacked the side of her face, still seeing remnants of when I spit on her.

“Uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn,” she panted as she took another fucking. “Uhn, uhn, uhn. I’m gonna fucking come.”

“Look at me.” I pressed my hand on her throat, squeezing shut tightly. After thirty seconds her face started turning blue. She started to sweat more as the vagina pounding continued. Her breathing quickened and she tried to gasp over and over. Her deep yet soft blue eyes didn’t blink as she looked up at me, her thin perfect lips quivering as they turned cold and pale. I saw her eyes start to roll back a little as I slammed my crotch into hers, seeing her small tits shake as she got rocked.

“Huhhh… Huuuhh…” she silently gasped. Her little mouth opened more as she struggled to breathe in desperately. I didn’t let go only because I never really choked a girl out during sex before. I was a newb. Avril’s entire body started to shake underneath me, her vagina clamping down on my massive tool with little spasms. I saw her eyes begin to close as she got quiet, no longer moaning.

My balls started to tingle once more with that all too familiar feeling. “Fuck. Fuck Avril. God I’m gonna come again soon. Fuck you feel so good.” Avril lied on the bed with her hands up around her head, her legs flopped down, her right one against the bed and the left one against my side as she leaned on an angle. “Av?” I asked. She didn’t reply as I still pumped my cock inside her baby canal. “AV,” I said a little louder. The more concerned I got, the harder I ravaged her snatch. SLAP! SLAP! I gave her two light slaps across the face, finally seeing her open her eyes a little. SLAP! I gave her a third smack, slapping her fuckin’ hard right across her sore head.

“Ugh, huugh,” she struggled to say as her pink little lips were turning purple. I instantly let go, letting her breathe unrestricted once more.

“Av. Av.” I lightly slapped her cheek with my fingertips, trying to wake her. “Avril!” I shouted. Her blue eyes focused on mine as she became more coherent.

“Uh. I…” she started to say. The younger singer gasped a few times, still lightheaded as she looked dazed and confused. “I think… I think I came,” she mumbled. Avril had passed out as she was choked out by me, the lack of oxygen and her orgasm a lethal combination. Almost literally.

“You sure?” I asked her, still drilling away at her tunnel.

“I came,” she said softly as she closed her eyes and let her right cheek hit the mattress. She silently recuperated as she let me continue to fuck her brains out. She lied there motionless… lifeless. It was like banging a corpse. Once I saw she was alright, I picked up the pace even more, wanting to come again as well. I squeezed her tits under me as I leaned back on my knees, pushing down against her chest to hold me up, pushing down like I was trying to collapse her chest. I wasn’t, but it looked like that.

“Fuck. Fuck. Av I wanna come. I wanna come on your face.”

“Do it,” she said as she looked at me. “Come on your fucking dirty bitch’s slutty face. Do it you fucking pervert,” she said to me. I pushed off her chest hard and slapped her across the face again, catching myself before I fell flat on her. SLAP! She just stared at me angrily.

“PFFT! PFFT!” I spit onto her face twice, one blob landing in her left eye. “Fucking whore,” I mumbled as I was close to coming. I reached out and grabbed her throat again.

“You get off on beating and chooo… ughh… choking little girls?” she struggled to ask as I squeezed her throat. “Fucking… perrrv… pervert,” she gasped.

“PFFT” I spat once more. “I’m gonna fucking come!” I shouted at her. I grabbed her long blonde hair and yanked it, picking her up. I pulled her off the bed and threw her to the floor, seeing her lay on her side. “Get up. Suck it,” I ordered her as I stood on my wobbly legs, my knees buckling. The little girl got on her knees and spit on my cock as it pointed out towards her face. She slammed it down her throat in the blink of an eye, taking a good two thirds of it down. I reached behind her and gripped a handful of her hair close to her scalp. I forced her down on me, choking her even more as I pumped my hips against her face.

“Huuugh! Huugh! Huuugh!” she cried. SLAP! SLAP! I hit her across the cheek twice. Pulling her head back, I spit in her face and then slapped her again. SLAP! She looked up at me with her blue eyes, the black makeup dripping down her cheeks, her hair a wreck. SLAP! “PFFFT!” SLAP!

“Suck my cock,” I told her as I essentially masturbated with her head, slamming her tiny head on my prick over and over. “Aaaah I’m gonna come! I’m gonna fucking come!” I shouted. I pushed her head back away from me and jacked off for a few seconds. “Open!” I screamed at her just as the first blast of white cum landed on her face. “HAAA FUCK!” I yelled as two huge wads landed on her pretty Canadian face. The first landed on the left side of her nose, running down into her mouth, and the second even higher in her left eye. She winced and blinked uncontrollably as more DNA spewed into her mouth and on her tongue. She stuck it out to show me the load she caught on it as I looked at her, my legs almost giving out as she kneeled there like an obedient dog.

“Mmmmmm,” she moaned like a whore.

“PFFT!” I spat in her face again, having it land on her cum covered cheek. “Aaah shit!” I sighed, panting over and over. “Fuck!” I looked over for a second, seeing the camera capture everything on film. I collapsed back on the bed, lying there with my legs dangling off the edge, my feet planted on the floor. “Don’t move,” I told her. She continued to kneel there like a puppy, looking up at me, looking a wreck with her spit and cum covered face. “Don’t swallow.” I collapsed back and rubbed my eyes, my sticky prick pointing up to the sky. I didn’t care how long I made her wait. After a few minutes of recovery time, I walked over to get the camera. I sat down on the bed in front of Avril, pointing the camera down at her. She kneeled there staring up at it, her mouth open. Drool dripped down her chin and chest as she struggled with the excess saliva from sticking her tongue out and not swallowing my spunk. “God that’s sexy.”


“You’re such a good whore. Little cunt.”

“Mmmhmm,” she moaned.

“Look at that cum,” I said as she stuck her tongue out further. “Show me how you swallow it.” Avril gulped down my salty splooge and then stuck her tongue out to show me how she made it disappear.


“Good girl.” She reached down and rubbed her red tits as she stared up at me, her makeup a mess and my cum stuck of the side of her face. “Do you love me?”

“I love you. And I love how you fuck me,” she added to my question.

“I love you too.”

“Mmm. Daddy.”

“Suck on Daddy’s cock a little, like a good girl,” I said softly. As Avril’s mouth touched my head, my entire cock twitched a little. She smiled as she softly sucked on the tip. I kept the camera focused on her P.O.V. style, capturing her oral sex skills first hand.

“Mmmm. Mmmm,” she groaned on my cock head, her tongue pushing against my pee hole. Avril sucked on my man-pole for a few minutes, rubbing her pussy as she went down on me. She looked incredibly sexy as she blew me with my cum and spit all over her face. I continued to stare at her through the little viewing screen of the camera, making sure I shot the movie perfectly.

As the minutes ticked by, Avril started to suck on my prick harder, sucking in like a vacuum as she stroked the base of my cock. “Please… Av… My ass,” I whispered. Avril looked up at me with those incredibly sexy blue eyes. She smiled as she tried to deep throat me one time, then moved back to slurping on my sensitive little head. Her right hand moved to my balls, playing with my sac for a few seconds before she moved to my little Hershey Kiss hole. She licked her fingers and then slowly started to push two of her small digits inside me. “Oh fuck…” I leaned back and closed me eyes, resting on a pillow so I could watch.

“You’re such a dirty boy,” she told me as she spit my member out from her famous mouth. I felt her pump her fingers inside me over and over, building up speed quickly. I involuntarily clenched down around her small fingers, crushing them with my bung.

“Fuck Av. Make me come.”

“Make me come what?”

“Make me come you bitch,” I groaned. I reached forward and grabbed Avril’s long blonde messy hair, making her face fuck me.

“Huggh! Hugggh! Huugh!”

“Dirty cum covered whore.” I slapped her lightly on her left cheek a few times as her cheeks sucked in, crushing my penis with her airtight seal. I was incredibly turned on from how slutty she looked, like a dirty skank with my cum and saliva all over her messy face. The fingers in the ass helped too. “You’re gonna make me come again. Fuck!” It was all too much for my senses and I was soon overloaded. I desperately wanted to blow a load again.

“You gonna fuck me again? Come on. Do it!” she ordered me, getting off her knees and climbing onto the bed. “Come fuck me like that guy fucked Larisa.” I stood up and walked between Avril’s legs, pushing my dickhead against her wet hairy pussy. “Fuck it harder. Like he fucked her! Fuck me like that whore got fucked!” she grunted at me.

I couldn’t help it as my emotions took over. I thought of Bobby on top of Larisa, fucking her mercilessly that night almost a year ago. I gripped Avril’s thin wrists and pinned her down as I slammed my aching Maglight into her cunt. “Fuck. Fuck you.”

“He came in her too. That slut! That dirty whore!” Avril panted as her body rocked back and forth across the mattress. Her tits shook up and down as she was pounded like a piece of meat getting tenderized. “Mmmm Bobby! Fuck me Bobby!” she panted to piss me off.

“Shut the fuck up! Shut up!!” I was angry, defending the woman I loved. I knew she didn’t mean it, but in the moment of passion, I didn’t even care. “She’s not… uh… She’s not a whore,” I grunted, not even commenting on the Bobby moan.

“She’s a WHORE!” SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! I slapped Avril Lavigne across the face three times, backhanding her twice, grabbing her chin roughly after the second so I could shake it around.

“FUCK YOU!!” she shouted. I could see the little cut on her lips open once more from its date with the back of my fist. As she grunted and screamed I saw a mixture of spit and blood fly from her mouth.

“I’m gonna fucking come!” Avril’s mean comments forced me to fuck her harder, in turn making me orgasm quicker. “I’m gonna fucking come.”

“Come on my tiny little girl tits.”

“PFFT!” I spat on her face and then her chest. I bucked my hips frantically into her, pounding her box until I couldn’t hold on anymore. At the last second I jumped out from between her long legs. I jumped on her waist and straddled her hips, my cock pointing at her chest. “Fuck! Now! Now!” I grunted as I jacked my shaft off roughly. Splat! A huge gob of cum landed on her right breast, slowly dripping between her cleavage. A second spurt landed in the center of her breasts, the tail of the cum-comet coming to rest on her stomach just above her naval. “Aaaaah!”

“Mmmm. Good boy. Good fucking boy.” Avril groaned.

“Uhhh! Huhhh!” My body shook and my weight was on her small fragile waist. I jacked off a little more, the rest of the cum left in me dribbling out onto her lower stomach and my hands.

“Mmmmm,” Avril moaned as she sucked on the black tips of her fingers. I fell down on top of her and stared into her tired yet awake eyes. SLAP!

“Good little whore.”

“Mmm daddy,” she giggled a smidge. I collapsed at her side, both of us resting next to one another on our backs. I felt her small hand reach for mine and take hold of it, our fingers mutually interlocking together and squeezing tight. It was quiet in the room for a long time, the two of us catching our breaths. My cum dried up on her, turning into small sticky gobs of ooze. “May I go clean up now?” Avril asked after a few minutes, breaking the silence. I looked over her naked fragile body, seeing it covered with red bruises, cum, and saliva.

“…Av?” I asked.

“Hm?” she asked back.

“… Can um. I wanna hit you again.”

“…Okay,” she said hesitantly. I felt weird asking and not just doing it, especially since we stopped having sex a few minutes ago. “Punish me more daddy. I didn’t learn my lesson yet,” she added to ease my uneasiness.

“Bend over,” I told Avril. She bent down over the bed, standing up next to it. SLAP!! SLAP!! I full out spanked her like my palm was a tennis racquet.

“AAAH!!!” I turned her around to face me, forcing her to stand up. SLAP! One to the face. SLAP! SLAP!! Two to the tits. “AAAHHOWWW!” she yelled as she started to cry. The little flesh lumps were a bright red. SLAP! “AAAH MATT!” she cried as I slapped her across the face again. Avril shook where she stood, afraid of what was next. I pushed her down on the bed and kicked her legs open.

“Call me daddy,” I told her quietly as I had my hand on her throat.

“…Do it daddy…” SLAAAP!!!! “AAAHHOWWWW OWWW FUCK! AAHAAA AAH!!” Avril screamed out as I open palm hammer fisted her twat. “DAAADDDYY!!!” she sobbed. “DADDY STOP!!!”

“Okay sweetheart,” I told her as she rested on the bed in a ball on her side. I felt ashamed that I liked beating on a girl like that, but it turned me on. I never did it before and I honestly didn’t know if I could have ever done it again… almost definitely not with anyone besides Avril. After a few more minutes of crying, she composed herself. “Daddy may I go clean up?”

“Okay slut.” I knew the role playing was essentially over, but she asked for permission, so I kept on going with the bit. Avril got up and waked to the bathroom. I stared at her cute little black and blue butt as she strolled to shower and do whatever. I decided to follow her into the bathroom as I needed to take a piss. As I walked in, Avril was sitting on the toilet getting ready to tinkle. “Mmm Av,” I said as I got up next to her and then began to touch her face and chest, squeezing her left breast as she tried to pee, hearing her groan and shift back as I touched her anywhere. I bent over and began to rub her slit with my right hand, pushing my fingers against it hard and deep.

“Matt…” Avril said as she closed her eyes and crunched forward, rolling into a ball as she sat on the white toilet seat.

“Just go,” I told her as I continued to massage her sore pussy.

“No… it hurts,” she grunted quietly in regards to the pussy massage and not the urinating, the relieving adrenaline rush from our sex totally gone and no longer able to help. I eased up and rubbed her cookie a little softer. Within a few seconds, warm liquid ran over my hand, covering my fingers and my palm.


“Mmm Matt…” I continued to massage Avril’s crotch as she urinated on my hand, then stopped as she finished. I squeezed her chest with my piss covered hand as she sat there. “Ow. It’s sore…” she mumbled.


“I’m going to shower.” I let her get up and take a quick shower. She deserved it. She was a sweaty cum covered mess. A full length set on stage and three rounds of sex was certainly the trick to breaking a sweat. I went and sat in the chair next to the door to the hotel room as I fast forwarded through the videotape on the camera’s screen, curious as to how it came out. It was amazing. Everything about the craziest sex of my life was on film. There was no way I would ever want it to nor let it get out into the public. It was private and for our eyes only.

A few minutes later, Avril emerged from the bathroom in only a towel. She stood there soaking wet, one white towel around her body, tied just above her breasts, another on her head like a turban. “You can go.”


“I want to take a nap,” she said quietly, not looking at me. I stepped forward and went to touch her, only to have her pull back and go to the bed. I was taken back and didn’t quite know what to say. I honestly afraid. ‘Please let her be okay. I don’t want this to ruin our friendship,’ I thought. I just let her be by herself as I went to shower as well. I was a wreck the whole time, a huge knot in my stomach getting tighter and bigger as the minutes passed. I began to wash myself faster and faster so I could settle all the issues I had with Avril.

After ten minutes I emerged from the bathroom totally naked and dry. I climbed into bed next to Avril, lying on her right side. “Are you okay?” I asked her. Her distant and cold attitude was eating at me the whole time I was in the bathroom showering. She asked for it rough, so when I gave it to her she shouldn’t complain. I started blaming her to calm myself as the time flew by.

“Yeah. Fine,” she quietly replied. I turned to face her, trying to cuddle with her, to caress her soft red skin.

“Av… I love you.”

“I know you do…”

“Av please… are we okay?” I asked nervously. The younger girl took my hand and held it in hers, squeezing our interlocking fingers.

“Yeah. Fine.”

“A… Av…” I was on the brink of having a panic attack.

“Matt. We’re fine. I’m just sore,” she said in an effort to ease my nerves. As to whether or not that was the truth, I wasn’t sure.

“I’m sorry.” I felt terrible. I was panicking that I took it too far and ruined our friendship even though at the time she was all for it and loved participating.

“Don’t be,” she said as she kissed me softly on the lips. “I’m not.” We both looked into one another’s eyes, having a silent conversation. I brushed a little wet clump of Avril’s hair out of her face and softly kissed her back. The two of us looked at one another nervously. Finally, we started to full out touch and kiss.


“Yes,” she answered without having to have me ask the question. I climbed on top of her underneath the privacy of the soft white sheets, having it cover us from the mid back down. “…Aaah… ah,” she winced.

“Sorry, sorry,” I apologized softly. I kissed her on her little pink defined lips once more. Ever so gently, the head of my once again aroused love muscle pushed against her slit.

“Go slow. It hurts,” she groaned quietly, squeezing her eyes shut. I hovered above her, keeping all my weight off her small sore body. Avril wrapped her arms and legs around my back, holding on tightly as we had sweet, slow, and loving sex. It was making love as friends. We breathed deeply into one another’s ears as we let our lips press on the side of each other’s faces.

“Uh. Uh. Uh.”

“Mmm. Mmm slow. Slow,” Avril grunted under me, still sore from earlier.

“Kay.” I pushed myself inside her sensitive little box, feeling her warm insides tease my prick. After a few minutes, we both reached nirvana together. Avril and I shared one more orgasm as we had sweet friendly sex in an effort to make up for the violent and rough beating I gave her earlier. “I’m gonna come.”

“Me too Matt. Please… in me.” Avril squeezed her legs around my back, locking her ankles together. She grabbed hold of her left wrist with her right hand, locking her arms around my shoulders and neck. We held each other so close.

“Okay.” I slowly pumped my sore dick inside her sorer vagina, trying to get off a final time for the night. I felt my desire building and building. It turned me on to know I was going to come inside her. Nothing was more erotic than busting inside a girl. “Now… now Av,” I moaned as my body tensed up and went rigid.

“Look at me…” she whispered. I struggled to lean up so I could focus on her face. “Please look.” Her soft baby blue eyes fixed on mine and we both panted softly. I felt a bolt of electricity in my loins as she looked at me so lovingly and yearningly.

“Now, now,” I mumbled as a small little spurt shot out of my pee hole, completely draining my reserves. “Fuhh… fuck,” I stumbled to say. I was totally spent as the little final cum shot was inside her tight bright red pussy. It was the second time I ever busted inside her vagina. The first time we panicked afterwards. I didn’t think back to that time as I did it again.

“Mmmm. Matt… So good,” Avril cooed as her head collapsed back, her eyes closing. The Canadian singer had a small little orgasm as well, too tired and sore for it to be anything too magnificent. I leaned down to kiss my friend a final time before I passed out. Our lips danced and our tongues romantically teased one another, gently licking together. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I told her. There was no confusion about it. We did love each other. It wasn’t in the way Larisa and I loved… used to love one another. This was a love between two friends, a love that was a type of trust which wasn’t easy to develop. Avril and I had the roughest sex ever and you had to love and trust the other person in order for it to happen. You don’t get to have that with everyone. We became closer than ever before that night.

“I know.” The two of us rested on the bed together, hand in hand as we recuperated after a long, long day.


“Hm?” she replied as she was half asleep. I looked over to see her chest rising and falling under the sheet as I held her hand. Her left was lying on her chest, her little black tipped fingers resting just under her soft small breasts.

“Do you do that a lot?” I asked her. “Sex like that?”

“…” The singer hesitated behind her closed eyes. “That… it was the first time I ever did that.” Her answer took me very much by surprise. I thought she did it before because she said she didn’t trust too many people to beat her up. The look of confusion on my face was intense enough for Avril to feel without looking at me. She opened her eyes and rolled on her side to face me.

“No one ever…?”

“Just you.” My eyes darted left and right as I was speechless, my mind churning thoughts around as I tried to pick one to say. “I only trusted you. I’ve always been curious…”

“…And the daddy…?”

“Same.” Avril was afraid to ever have rough, rough sex with anyone else besides me because of the trust issue. She was also nervous about pretending her partner was her daddy, not wanting them to think she was jumping on the incest bandwagon. It did feel great to know she trusted me that much. “Are you okay? You’re quiet…” she asked with a concerned expression.

“Yeah… I’m… I’m just flattered,” I told her as I rubbed my mouth. “I’m glad you can trust me like that… You’re the only one I ever did this stuff with too. I was afraid too. …With her… I just couldn’t… …,” I said in regards to Larisa.

“Good. I’m glad we could share it,” Avril told me as she caressed my face, killing the uncomfortable silence I left us in.

“Are you okay?” I asked, rubbing her cut lip with my thumb.

“I’m just sore. I’m fine,” she said quietly. “Thank you Matt… I wanted to try that for a long time.”

“Thank you Av.”

“Can I ask you something?”


“Did it feel good? To get it all out?” she asked. She knew I was livid with Larisa for everything… for the cheating on me… for the New Years Eve party. Honestly, it did feel good. All the aggression I had pent up towards Larisa I took out on Avril. The rough sex, the hard fucking, the hitting… I knew that I thought of Larisa subconsciously as I nailed Avril. With my fist and my cock. I’d be lying if I denied it. It all was just a heavy weight lifted off my chest.

“As far as her?” I asked. Avril subtly nodded. “Yeah, actually. That was the first time I had sex since the tour with you. It felt good to get it out Av.” I really bottled everything up inside and stuffed it down deep where the negative feelings just festered. Avril let me release all that bad crap that was eating at me for months. It was all just an intense release that you can’t get without punching a girl in the vagina.

“Good.” Neither of us spoke for a few minutes. The little petite singer just snuggled against me, not needing me to explain further. With that, we both shut our eyes and tried to fall asleep. I had my left arm underneath Avril’s neck and head, and my right was draped over her midsection, holding her against me. We cuddled under the warmth of the sheet and fleece blanket that were layered under the dirty comforter. Avril rubbed her nose against my cheek and immediately fell asleep. I kissed her forehead softly and joined her in dreamland within minutes.

Three days later, I was all packed up at school and ready to leave college behind for good. I was done with campus life but still had a few class assignments to take care of. Some professors agreed to let me take my exams early or let me email my final papers to them, luckily understanding the opportunity that was dropped on my plate. I left school without warning, only saying goodbye to a handful of people… my best friends, Dina and Cristina included. After I left to tour with Avril, Peter helped my mom pack up whatever was left of my belongings at school. Then she brought them back home. I could only imagine the chaos my crap would be in when I finally arrived back home in New Jersey a few weeks later.

Once again, I was on the road with Avril Lavigne. It was much like the last tour. We played gigs and had sex constantly. Sometimes it was rough and sometimes it was sweet. We even role played, mostly that she was a little schoolgirl and I was an older man, or that I was her daddy. But no matter how rough it got, it was never in the same league as the night she played at my college. Avril and I never made any new deals about getting attached or pretending to be a couple. It was just sex. Sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. And crunches. …And D stretching.

I chose one of my dream jobs over going to end of the year parties, graduating with my friends, and receiving my diploma in person. As I was living life on the road, there were so many events I was missing out on, events that happened once in a lifetime. Yet I never regretted my decision once.

I couldn’t help but think about Larisa as days turned into weeks, and weeks into… well a few more weeks. I didn’t talk to her once while on tour but I thought about her constantly. It was mostly at night that I missed her. Cuddling with Avril always made me miss my girlfriend. Sometimes when I woke up in the middle of the night holding her, I momentarily thought it was Larisa. I wondered if she was okay with our break, if she landed another job, and if she was seeing someone. No matter how much fun I was having on tour, my thoughts always returned to my ex girlfriend… my soul mate… and our future together.

– # –

First off, I’d like to thank Larisa Oleynik for being the most beautiful, gorgeous, adorable, and cutest girl I’ve ever seen. Without her, this story would never have been written. If by some chance she reads this, email me. =]

I’d also like to thank Avril Lavigne for her music that provides hours of enjoyment for me and countless others. It’s also nice to jack to, especially while looking at pics of her. She is a very talented sexy young woman who can be appreciated more after being seen live. Again, if by some chance she reads this, email me. =]

I’d also like to thank and for providing similar stories that I can batch to. This story is dedicated to me because I actually finished it… after months of HATING it and wishing I never wrote so much, because editing 250 pages with obsessive compulsive disorder is a pain in the ass. It’s also dedicated to Larisa Oleynik, for obvious reasons. Thanks to all my high school and college buddies and whoever else who made the side stories and inside jokes possible.

I’d like to thank a few bands for giving me something to listen to for hours and hours as I created this tale: Tantric, Five for Fighting, Three Days Grace, RHCP, Avril Lavigne, Splender, and Him.

Also helping out with the writing process were countless hours of the talk radio shows of Real Radio WTKS 104.1 Orlando, FL. Listen to The Hideout with El Jefe and J-Dubs on Real Radio 104.1.

I plan to conclude this installment with part 3 B. It was way too long, so I split up the huge third installment. I decided to focus on one at a time so readers wouldn’t need to wait as long. It’s mostly done… about 200 pages… just needing a few more scenes and proofreading. I hope that you enjoy “Good Boy: The Good, The Bad, and the Horny” as much or even more than “Good Boy” and “Good Boy: Still Good”. I believe this story is better than the first two being I’ve only gotten more experienced. I’d like to thank all the readers who sent comments via email or instant messaged me on the AOL for Broadband. They are very much appreciated. Once again, please email me with your comments and suggestions.

Squeeze biotch. I’m out. Five thousand.


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