The Orgasm Ray

Story title: The Orgasm Ray

Author: sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Jessica Alba, Ashley Scott, Halle Berry

Codes: MF, Fant, MDom

The story you are about to read is a work of fiction and not true. Anyone who can believe this can happen has problems. Anyone under eightteen years of age or easily offended should stop reading now. Anyone with any questions or comments send them to


Doctor Ernest Finch sits at his desk, as he does some calculations. He looks at the clock once more, and he smiles while he does some math only a few men understand. He grins like a school boy, as he does some calculations that few men can do. He then looks to his clock for a second time, and he jumps up in joy. "Oh boy it is time!"

Doctor Ernest Finch then gets up, and he skips to the next room. Inside of the room is the young and beautiful Jessica Alba at the mercy of his newest invention. A tight blue beam is set at her tummy and vagina. Her body continues to rock while the ray is so tight on her vagina and tummy.

He walks into the room and he walks to the beautiful Jessica Alba. "So, how do you like my ray?"

Jessica looks at him with tears in her eyes, as she has the longest orgasm she or anyone else ever has had. Her beautiful body shakes so hard, while she continues to cum so hard. "Please, make it stop?"

Ernest smiles down at the beautiful and very sexy Jessica Alba lying on a table in her black panties. Her body is covered by sweat, and her muscles are shaking so hard. Ernest then walks between her body and the ray, and Jessica’s eyes widen so much due to shock. He smiles at her as she says one word, "How?"

"Because I wish it to be. Why don’t you believe me?" He smiles at her, as his eyes go over her amazing body.

"Why?" She asks, as she begins to come down from the orgasm. She has stopped struggling with her chains due to her raw wrists. They are bleeding some, and he needs to get his chained softened some.

"Because I like to pleasure beautiful women, and you are most beautiful." His hand moves over her foot and Jessica gasps hard.

"Let me go please? This is kidnapping." Jessica sounds so hoarse because of all of the moaning and screaming she did.

"No, you agreed to come here to visit my sick little girl and you did." He smiles at the helpless star, and she shakes her head no.

"You should tell people your sick little girl is a dog…" She coughs some, as he continues to massage her feet.

"Why, she certainly loves you?" He smiles at her, and she has seen every episode of Dark Angel so no, I did not lie to you."

"You then tricked me to go into this room and you…" Jessica looks past him to the ray. "Then I was hit by that thing." She tries to scream, as she can see that the ray cannot hurt Ernest at all. "Do you know that your dog should be put down?"

"I know that Little Max should be put down. I can’t do it. Can you blame me?" Jessica rolls her eyes at that name. He named his dog after Max from Dark Angel. "You must be wondering why the ray does not work on me like it does you?" Jessica nods her head some. "Because the ray is set to work on females and not males."

"So you get nothing from the ray?" Jessica’s eyes widen, as she looks to the stupid grin on his face. "You get something from it!"

"Between the ray at my back and seeing you in your panties I am thrilled as hell." He smiles at her, and Jessica shakes her head hard. "So, you think I cannot fuck you then?"

"Damn right, I am all cummed out." Her eyes the dialate in horror, as Ernest steps out from between her and the ray. The ray returns to her body and Jessica screams in pain.

As the ray works on her flesh, Ernest walks to her head. Her runs his hand through her sweat drenched hair. "Jessica, this ray is only set on medium." Her eyes widen in horror, as she looks up to the evil doctor.

Doctor Ernest Finch then walks to the wall and he turns the ray off, and Jessica looks up to him in pain. Her body still shakes, as she comes down from yet another orgasm. He watches her, as Ernest walks back to her and Jessica parts her legs for him the best she can in these chains.

He cups her vagina, and tears come down her cheeks and she looks up at him. "Not now beautiful, you can hardly move. I shall take off the chains and then lock the door. You’ll have a fridge full of food and a bathroom to use. Feel free to do so."

Jessica sits up, and she looks to the bathroom. She sighs as she feels pain in her beautiful thighs, and she gets up. "I need some help please?" Ernest, as a gentlemen helps Jessica Alba to the bathroom. He gets way to close to the nearly naked Jessica than what she would have cared for but she does not wish to soil her panties.

Once then get into the bathroom Jessica sees that their is no door in it and she sighs some. She then slide her wet and ruined panties down her exceptional body so she can sit down to use the toilet. She looks to the not bad looking Ernest, and she rolls her eyes some while he watches her use the toilet.

The next day Jessica gets up still very tired from what happened between her and that stupid ray. She looks at the ray, and she shudders some. She then thanks God that the ray did not turn on during the night and hit her. She would have been so helpless.

Jessica then does her daily stretches and she bends over and she puts her hands flat on the floor, and she spreads her legs. She closes her brown eyes, as she thinks of anything else besides what’s going to happen to her soon.

"Oh my God!" Ernest says, as he walks into the room with her breakfast. Jessica sighs because he caught her in this position. She opens her eyes, and she smiles at the somewhat handsome Ernest.

"Do I ever get my clothes back?" She stands to face him. She then blinks, as she sees her clothes on the counter across from her bed. "Never mind."

"How did you sleep last night?" Ernest smiles at her, as Jessica shakes her head.

"I dreamed I was a tea pot that was going off forever, so I slept like shit." Jessica crosses her arms, while she looks at the man. His eyes do look over her naked body. "Can we fuck so I can go home? I have to make up a whooper of a story now."

"Can you shower before we make love?" Jessica rolls her eyes at the term make love.

"Let’s not play any games because I do not love you, understand?" Jessica is very afraid of the man before her, but she will not call what he is making her do make love. "Besides I plan on showering afterward… oh my god what is that?" Jessica backs away from the small gun like thing that he holds in his hand. "Oh dear God no!"

"Yes, it is a mini Cum Gun." He smiles at her, when he points it at her. He then turned it on, and Jessica hits the floor hard. The ray moves over her beautiful body and Jessica screams in esctacy while the ray covers her flesh. "Crawl to the shower now!"

Jessica moans and growns so loud while she crawls to the show. Jessica looks so sexy, as she does it. She hugs the marble when she crawls over the floor her butt sticks up into the air, as the ray finds it.

She then turns over and she uses her hand in an attempt to block the ray, and she shakes her head. "I’ll never make it unless you turn that ray off!" He turns the ray off, and Jessica continues to crawl to the shower.

Once inside of the shower Jessica manages to stand up. She turns on the shower, and she begins to shower. She scrubs down her toned and sexy body, as she rolls her eyes at the man watching her.

When she gets out of the shower Jessica walks to the taller man and she asks. "Any you and I do now will not be talked about or recordered, okay?" She looks into his eyes, and then the gun. "Call that an Orgasm Gun because Cum Gun has no tact to it at all."

Jessica then walks to the bed, and she lies down. She then smiles at the somewhat handsome Ernest. Ernest walks to her, and he puts his hand on her upper thigh.

"You are okay with this?" His hand moves over her amazing flesh. She looks up to him, as she moans some. Her beautiful body does shake do to lust. Has he found her on switch?

"I have screwed men for different rolls so no. Besides, I am hardly a virgin and you are not but ugly." She lies on her back, and Ernest lies on top of her. He kisses those lips that so many men wish to kiss.

He and Jessica kiss for so long, and his hands do find her tits. She moans so hard while Ernest plays with her tits. They are not big tits, but he enjoys them a lot. He kisses them and Jessica shudders with a lot of ghusto.

His hands then move down to her tummy, and Jessica screams like a banshee in heat. His hands move over her curves and Jessica loves it. That Orgasm Ray makes her so horny that she can’t stand it.

Jessica squirms, as his hands move over her upper thighs. She pulls herself up the bed, and she looks at him. He then parts her legs, and he kisses down her inner thighs to her pussy. He then begins to eat her pussy, and Jessica’s head goes back hard.

She pants hard, as Ernest eats out her pussy and Jessica moans so loud while it happens. She closes her eyes, while she enjoys what his hands and mouth do to her beautiful body so much.

Ernest then raises up from her vagina, and he smiles at the beautiful Jessica Alba. He then pulls down his pants, and he shows himself to her. Jessica smiles at his size, and she looks to Ernest a little bit excited.

Jessica then lies down, and her parts her legs so he can works himself inside of her. He works himself inside of her, as he looks into Jessica’s beautiful brown eyes. She moans and growns so hard, while he works himself inside of her.

She shrieks as Ernest begins to move inside of her and her eyes water. Jessica looks up to him in awe, when he begins to fuck her so hard. Her head bangs against the wall, as Ernest fucks her so long.

Ernest licks her amazing legs, as he screws Jessica Alba so long and very hard. She moans and screams so loud while he does these things to her. Her legs are so far apart, as Ernest screws her like a little whore.

"Oh my God! Oh God! YES!" Jessica cums as Ernest fucks her so hard. She cums all over his erection while her beautiful body shakes so hard. She closes her eyes, as she enjoys her orgasm so much. This orgasm is more intense than anyone she has ever had before.

Ernest continues to screw Jessica Alba so hard, as she enjoys her orgasm. Her parts her legs apart so wide, as he moves inside of her so hard. To his horror he begins to cum inside of her, and Jessica moans loud as she orgasms once more. This one is less intense than the one before.

Ernest finishes cuming inside of Jessica Alba and he looks down at her. She smiles up at him. "I came inside of you."

Jessica shrugs some. "I am on the pill so… oh shit…" She closes her eyes, as she remembers she did not take her pill today. "Maybe I should buy a morning after pill?"

"I am making some inside of my lab, so you can have one of them." She does not attempt to get off of Jessica, and she has made no effort to remove him from her body.

"Are these true morning after pills or…" She looks over at the Orgasm Ray, and she bites her lip. "Something like that?"

"I do things for the company that produces morning after pills. Right now I am trying to make them taste better." Jessica’s eyes widen, as she hears the news. "You have never taken one before have you?" Jessica shakes her head no. "They taste terrible."

"Can you hold me while I sleep?" Jessica smiles at him, as he pulls himself out of her and Jessica shakes some.

"You want me to hold you as we sleep?" Right now Ernest can barely keep his eyes open. If Jessica did wish to escape she easily could do so right now.

"Trust me if you raped me your eyes would be on my fingernails, besides you are pretty good in bed." Ernest lies beside of the beautiful Jessica Alba. She smiles at him as she asks. "Was I any good?"

"Actually, I don’t know because you are my first." Jessica looks at the Ernest in some shock.

"You need to get out more you know. You are no where near ugly." Jessica snuggles against him.

"I have always been more comfortable around test tubes than people." Oh my God, Jessica Alba is in bed with him naked and snuggling with him!

"So, can I tell people of what happened to me here, and I don’t mean the police?" Jessica smiles up to the handsome Ernest.

"Tell anyone you want Jessica." He smiles at the beautiful Jessica Alba, as he surcomes to sleep.

The next day Ernest sits outside by his front door and Jessica sits on her knees before him. His dick in deep inside of her throat, and she sucks on him so hard. Ernest has a good sized cock, and Jessica tries not to gag while she sucks him so hard.

Suddenly, a horn honks behind her, and Jessica looks up to Ernest. "Your cab is here." He tells her, as Jessica slides him out of her mouth. She then turns around and she gives him the one sign to let him know she shall be with him in a minute. She then turns back to Ernest and she starts to suck his dick once again.

Ernest moans and groans so hard, as her expert tongue moves over his dick. Her thick and luscious lips move over his hardness and Ernest begins to cum hard. Jessica does her best to swallow it all, and she smiles up at him when she pulls him out of her mouth.

She then stands, as she kisses him deeply and she wraps her arms around Ernest. Jessica then looks into his handsome eyes, as she grins. "You know you’ll never see me again?"

"Yeah, I know Jessica. Leave now before I do something stupid." He then presses against her, and her eyes then widen.

"You have the gun on you? You are a naughty boy." Jessica smiles at him. "Good-bye Ernest." She kisses him once more and then she walks to the cab. She sits inside of the cab, and she looks to the driver. "You turned on the meter already?" Jessica asks a little surprised and very pissed off.

"You made me wait so I get to do so." The cab smiles back to Jessica and she rolls her eyes. She has never paid anyone to allow her to give a man a blow job before.

"What do I have to do to… Oh never mind…" She crawls into the front seat of the cab. She can see how his pants are already pulled down and he is exposed to her. "A little cocky aren’t you?"

"I was jerking off while you sucked the old guy’s dick. Then you got inside of my cab." He smiles at her, and she shakes her head no. Ricky McCormick then drives away from the home of Doctor Ernest Finch with her sexy lips around his dick. The meter was reset too.

A few days later, Ernest sits inside of his lab while he does some experiments to make his ray even more potient. He works with the beam, and he looks as it does look to be even more potient than before.

He then hears the door bell and he walks to the front door and he opens it. "Holy shit, The Huntress!" His eyes widen, at the beautiful Ashley Scott former of the WB TV show Birds of Prey, and she starred with Jessica Alba in Dark Angel and Into the Blue.

"Hello handsome, my name is Ashley Scott incase you care." She extends her hand to him. "I am friends with Jessica." He shakes her hand, as he looks into her beautiful eyes. "I hear you have an Orgasm Ray." Ashley smiles at him with that amazing smile that makes Ernest so hard.

"Want to come in and see it?" He smiles at her, and Ashley takes a step closer to him. She then brings him in for a seering kiss. Ernest kisses her back with passion. He then breaks the kiss, and she whispers in his ear. "Can you use it on me?"

"I have not truly tested it yet so I am not sure if I should." He bites his lip, as he looks at the beautiful Ashley Scott.

"So, Jessica Alba is worthy of the ray, but I am not?" She looks at him a little bit pissed off.

"Hey, I can make you cum but it might have to be the old fashioned way." His hand moves over her cheek, and Ashlely huffs hard.

"So, you have no Orgasm Ray? Am I being Punk’d?" She takes a step back from him and she looks harshly at Ernest.

"Come on in then if you must see the ray." He moves out of the door frame, and Ashley walks inside of his home/lab. His eyes scan her body, as she walks inside of the room. "Are you wearing?"

Ashley opens her long overcoat, and she shows him the Playboy Bunny uniform that she is wearing. She smiles wide, as his eyes go over her sensational body. "Do you like it?"

"God yes! Let’s expose you to my ray now." He says, as he leads the tall actress down the halls of his lab.

"Did I just see…" Ashley stops, as she looks inside of the window of a small room.

"Don’t look inside of the rooms please?" He looks back to Ashley Scott because she looks so amazing.

"Okay, so I did not see a half-monkeye half-elephant thing. You must be the mad doctor." Ashley laughs, as she follows Ernest into the large room. She looks up at a large ray and her eyes widen. "Holy shit! Do you plan on using that on Tokyo or something?"

"Maybe if I want to make every female in the city suddenly cum." He smiles at the beautiful Ashley, and she looks at him.

"That is the Orgasm Ray!" Ashley looks like a kid in a candy store, as she looks up at the ray. "Can I be it’s helpless victim?"

"So you want to be it’s helpless victim?" His finger moves over her exposed part of her chest. She shakes some, as he does.

"I’ll be horny after the ray covers my body; and I’ll be totally helpless after the ray is done with me." Ashley kisses him once more. Ernest kisses back Ashley with such passion.

He then breaks the kiss and he looks into her beautiful brown eyes. "Go sit on the table. Undress if you need to do so."

Ashley walks to the table, and she unbuckles the back of her costume, and she begins to lower it to the groun in a very sexy manner. She then kicks it off towards Ernest. Then she sits on the table, and she crosses her long and sexy legs. She then looks up at the ray with a look of lust.

"Where do you want the ray to hit first?" He asks her, as he begins to program it. "I can only do twenty minutes, okay?"

"Fine, where do you want the ray to hit me?" Ashley looks to him, and she grins a very sexy grin at him.

Ernest then turns on the ray and it hits her right in her chest. Ashley falls back onto the table and she shakes and she shudders so hard. The ray slowly covers her chest, and Ashley nearly falls off of the table from the shaking.

He then turns the ray off, and Ashley sits up, and she glares at him. "What the fuck!" She looks at him so mad, as sits on the edge of the table.

"Look down. You are nearly about to fall off of the table." Ashley looks down, and she gasps hard. Her ass is half off of the table.

She scoots over, and she looks at Ernest when he walks to her. "I am going to chain you down now." He smiles at the beautiful Ashley Scott. The chains now have been softened inside to prevent harm to the user.

"What have you done to my powers?" Ashley screams loud, as she acts totally helpless. Ernest chains her up slowly, as she acts so weak and wimpy.

"Those pantyhose that you wear. They sap your strength." He hands are now chained up by the wrists to control her movements some. Ernest then puts up the sides so she cannot roll off of it.

"Oh God no!" She sounds so real, as she screams in protest. "Must kick them off!" She kicks some because her legs are not shackled.

His hand the moves over her hip and upper thighs, as it cups her vagina. Ashley gasps, and she closes her eyes. "Why would you wish to escape from me?"

"Because…" She gasps, and her chest heaves hard. Her body shakes hard, as his fingers play with her vagina.

"Now I shall turn on the Orgasm Ray and make you become my sex slave." He laughs an evil laugh, as he takes his remote out of his jacket. "The escape word is dog tail."

He then turns on the Orgasm Ray. Ashley jumps and jerks as the ray covers her good sized tits once more. She gasps so hard, as she makes attempts to breath. Her chest goes up and down, as Ashley attempts to take air into her beautiful body.

Ernest then lowers the ray and it covers her tummy. She shakes so hard, as Ashley nearly breaks the chains. Her body jerks, as the ray lowers itself to her vagina. "OHHHHH GODDDDD YEAHHHHH!" Ashley shrieks, as the ray reaches her vagina and she cums so hard.

The ray sits on her vagina for six more minutes, and Ashley Scott has an orgasm that no one else has ever had before in their lives. Her beautiful body arches, as she cums so hard. Her eyes close during the feeling of esctasy that the ray brings her. She lifts her hips off of the table, and she brings them up to the ray, and she shudders so long.

After seven minutes the orgasm turns from intense pleasure into great pain. She aches hard, as she attempts to move her hips out of the way of the ray. "Stop please! Frog shit! Oh lord, I forgot the fucking code word!" Her hips move back and fourth, as she tries to avoid the ray.

Ernest then turns the ray off and he looks down to the beautiful and very sexy Ashley Scott. "So, what did you think?"

"How long was it?" She smiles up to him, as she feels the after glow the ray does to her.

"Ten minutes, you loved it for nine minutes." He smiles down to Ashley, as his eyes follow those great legs.

"Holy shit, ten minutes for an orgasm!" She grins up at him. "So am I your sex slave from now on?"

"Do you want to be?" He unchains her, and Ashley pulls him down for a kiss. She kisses him with a passion few men have known from her. Ernest kisses her back with lust, and his hands move over her legs.

"Before you fuck me should I shower? I think I stink so I must really rott." She sits up on the table, and she looks to Ernest. "Want to join me?"

Ashley takes Ernest’s hand, and she leads him into the shower. She looks for the door, and she does not see one. "No door, prevert." Ashley grins at Ernest.

"Door, come down!" The door slowly lowers itself, and Ashley looks at him so impressed.

"How Star Trek of you. Got one of those costumes for me to wear?" Ashley then walks into the shower. "Do you like hot showers?" She then turns on the shower.

"Any shower with you will be a hot shower." Ernest walks into the shower after he removes his clothes. Ashley then removes her panthose, and she smiles at the handsome Ernest.

Ernest blinks, as he looks at the beautiful and very sexy Ashley Scott naked. He walks to her, and inside of a scoulding warm water. Ashley then brings him in for a kiss. Her kiss makes the water seem cold by comparison. Ernest then kisses her even deeper.

The water is no longer hot, as he kisses Ashley Scott so deep. His hands move over her boobs, as they kiss so long and hot. He then kisses her neck, and Ashley moans so loud. She arches her neck, so he can kiss even more of her neck. After many minutes of kissing her neck Ashley then whispers into his ear.

"Eat my pussy and you’ll have me for life." She grins, as she pulls away from him some. Ernest then gets onto his knees, and Ashley sits on his face. She presses her vagina into his face, and Ernest begins to eat it as she wraps those long and sexy legs around his head.

Ashley closes her beautiful brown eyes, as he orally pleasures her so completely. His tongue gets deep inside of her, and Ashley screams so loud. Her delicious thighs are around his dead, and Ernest loves it so.

She then cums right into his face, and Ernest eats it like candy. Ashley screams so loud, as she cums so hard. The hot water hits her right in the chest, and she loves it so much. She sits on his face, as he continues to eat her out.

Eventually, Ashley gets off of his face and she smiles down to the handsome Ernest. "Let’s go and make you cum now." Ashley takes his hand, as she leads him out of the room. She looks to a bed, and she walks to it and she lies down on it. "Do you mind me naked and wet on your bed?"

"Not my bed. Women are to sleep off the ray inside of that bed. You taste like candy." He walks to her, and he puts his hand on her upper thigh. Ashley smiles up to him, as his hand moves over her seek legs. "Did you just shave today?"

"Yeah, I know most men love Playboy Bunny outfits with hairy gorilla legs, but I have to shave them." She does giggle, as his hand runs up her smooth legs. "You have nice hands."

"You have excellent legs." He then sits beside of her, and she places her legs in his lap. He then kisses her upper thighs. Ashley moans some, as he kisses her upper thighs with such ghusto.

"No hickies on them please." She smiles at the handsome Ernest. "Already have one on my neck don’t I?" Ashley smiles at him letting him know it is okay if she has one on her neck.

"Yeah, got a nice one on your neck." He kisses her legs still, and Ashley moans. She parts them so he can get nice and inside of them. He kisses inside of her legs so long and with such effort. "Can you fuck me now? I need it so bad."

Ashley parts her legs, and she looks at him. Ernest then crawls between them and he takes himself in his hand. He works himself inside of her and Ashley moans so loud.

Ernest then begins to move inside of her. He is so hard, as he begins to screw Ashley Scott so hard. She screams, as he moves inside of her. God, she is so tight! Ernest screws her so hard, as he figures out he will not last very long.

She screams and moans so loud, as Ernest screws her so hard. "I ain’t going to last for very long!" He screams, as he screws Ashley with such force. She closes her eyes, as she enjoys it so much.

Suddenly, he cums inside of Ashley with such force. "Oh God! HUNTRESS!" Ernest shoots his seamen inside of her. He shakes so hard, as he cums inside of her so much. "I am so sorry." He looks into her beautiful brown eyes.

"Sorry for what, cuming inside of me or for calling me Huntress? Last time I checked you and I had a fantasy going on anyways, besides I am on the pill. Hey, can I have a copy of the tape you made?" Ashley points up to the camera above her head.

"You noticed that?" Ernest looks back at the camera and he swallows hard. He did not install it to view him having sex with anyone else. "I put that up to view what happens after the Orgasm Ray does its work."

"So, you did not figure an Orgasm Ray would make women really fucking horny?" Ashley smiles up to him. "Was Jessica the first woman you ever met?"

"No, I had a girlfriend when I was sixteen years old, but she left me for some big, strong, and handsome football player." Ernest looks at her. He so dislikes telling this story.

"The guy go Pro?" Ashley smiles at him. "If not it was her loss not yours." She tightens her legs around him to make her point.

"Last time I heard he knocked her up in twelth grade and now they live in a trailer park with five kids. They both work at Walmart."

"So instead of living inside of the Star Ship Enterpirse she lives in a Jeff Foxworthy skit?" Ashley chuckles some. "I was a good girl in… heck I was never a good girl. I was on the pill."

She falls to sleep inside of the small bed and Ernest holds the beautiful Ashley Scott, as she sleep securely in his arms. He looks at her body, and he shakes his head in wonder.

The next day while waiting for the taxi to arrive, Ashley lets Ernest ass fuck her in her bunny outfit. His dick is so deep inside of her that it drives Ashley so wild with esctacy. Her tits hang out of her uniform too, as Ernest gets a hands full of them.

She smiles sexy at the cab driver, as she rolls her hand for him to start his meter. Ernest continues to ass fuck her so hard, before he cums inside of her with force. He pulls out, as he cums on the back of her legs. Ashley then turns to face him. "Clean me now."

Ashley turns to him, and she shows him the back of her lovely legs. "With your tongue." She smiles back at him, as his eyes go over her stocking covered legs.

"You want me to clean off my own cum with my tongue?" His eyes widen at her in disgust.

"I suggest you do it or I make my story into one of pain and humilation. No model, actress or beautiful woman will ever come back here." Ashley looks right into his eyes, and she grins at him. Then she whispers something inside of his ear, and his eyes widen in lust. "Trust me, I can make it happen."

Ernest then gets on his knees and he licks his own cum off of Ashley Scott’s gorgous legs. She closes her beautiful brown eyes, and she purrs as he does it. Ernest cannot believe he is licking his own cum off of the back of Ashley Scott’s legs, but the reward is so great.

A little while later Ashley gets in the front seat of the cab, and she smiles wide at the driver. She then takes off her shoes and she puts her feet in his lap. "Take me home jeeves."

"He misses a spot." Ashley looked at him a little wide eyed.

"He did huh?" Ashley then picks up her leg, and she looks at the back of her legs. "He did miss a spot. Care to finish the job?"

As the beautiful Ashley Scott holds the very shocked and extremely happy Ricky McCormick, Ernest can’t help but shake his head. He then considers if his ray loosens women’s morals. This kid has gotten play from both Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott, so it has to.

About a month later, Ernest has done some tests with rats and he has figured something out. The female rats who he exposed to the ray have become so hory that they are screwing themselves to death. He bites his lip, as he looks at the results.

He then checks the results for the rats that he has exposed to the ray at a much more constistant scale then the one time rats. These rats were really horny, but they do have some self control if they wished to use it.

"So any… oh crap, I have some phone calls to make!" Ernest bites his lip, as panic comes into his being. He reads over the data two or three times to make sure he has made no mistake. How can he contact both Ashley Scott and Jessica Alba? He should have asked for theirNo cell phone numbers.

He then hears a knock at the door, and he walks to it. When he opens it up his eyes widem and his jaw drops. "Do, I have the right place or do I have to go to the next house?" Before him stands the very sexy Halle Berry.

"Holy crap! She made you come here?" Ernest exclaims, as he looks at the sexy star from the X-Men movies.

"Noboy can make me do anything. You going to invite me in or gawk at me?" Halle smiles at him.

"Come on in please?" Ernest invites her into his home. Halle walks inside of it, and she smiles at him.

"So, you are Ernest, huh? Hear you are kinky as hell." Her eyes go over Ernest, as she smiles at him.

"Before we do this you need to hear something." Ernest does not want to do this because he wants to screw Halle so bad.

"You mean how the ray turns whoever it is used on into a complete slut? I figured that out myself." Halle gives him a knowing look when she looks into his eyes.

"So it is true then?" Ernest bites his lip, as his eyes go over Halle’s body. Her long gray trench coat is as sexy as hell.

"I figured it out when I saw Jessica Alba making out with Ashley Scott inside of the bathroom at a charity ball. So yeah, you might have broke them." Halle smiles at him so sexy.

"What did you do when you saw that happening?" Ernest has to ask the question so interested in what could have happened. He does take her to his lab as they talked.

"I joined them for a threeway." Halle grins at Ernest, as he has a look of shock on his face. "They taste good, don’t they?" Halle grins at the handsome Ernest.

"You had an Lesbian affair with Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott?" Ernest blinks at the beautiful Halle Berry.

"If I did you must have drugged Jessica Alba and then kidnapped her. Then you sexually assaulted her. That is what she told me anyways." Halle smiles at the look on his face.

"If I did those things you had a dike affair with her and Ashley Scott." Ernest smiles at Halle Berry, as he opens the doors to the lab.

Halle walks inside of the lab, and she looks around and she shakes her head. "That ray looks like it can destroy Kansas."

"Naa it can make the entire city of Topeka have a massive womanly orgasm, but it won’t harm anyone." Ernest smiles at Halle, as she takes off her coat. His eyes then widen at the red thong bikini that she wears.

"Dude, that would be a disaster if you did that." She smiles, as his eyes cover her exceptional body. "Number one how long would the ray last? Number two how many women in any city would not beable to handle it either mentally or phsyically? Number three what would the aftermath be?" Halle bites her lip, as she looks at the ray. "You might create hords of horny sluts.

"Okay, you came up the taking out Kansas part, not me besides I am not that mad. Have I told you that you look incredible in that?"

"Thank you. I was to have worn this in Tomorrow Never Dies, but it kept washing off in the surf." Halle looks once again at the ray. "Got anything smaller?"

"Come with me then, please?" Ernest opens some smaller doors inside of the lab, and his eyes go to where the bed used to be. He then leads Halle down a small narrow hallway.

"You have a nice ass on you." Halle smiles at him, as her brown eyes look at his ass. "So Ernest, do you plan on cloning me or what?" She looks at herself on both sides of her, as she walks down the hallway.

"No, give me a hair sample and I will." He smiles back to her. "Nice front by the way."

"Not going to happen dude. More than one of me would be a complete disaster." Halle looks past him, as he opens the door into his bedroom. "This ray does not exsist inside of your pants does it?" Did Ashley and Jessica lie to her?

She crosses her arms refusing to step inside of his bedroom. Halle looks into his eyes, then she looks over the bedroom. Ernest then walks to a very small gun and he shows it to her. "My Mini-Orgasm Ray, want to hold it?"

"No thank you. Can you turn it on?" She walks into the bedroom, and she lies on the bed. He turns the ray on and it covers her beautiful body. Halle gasps hard, as the ray covers her flesh. He narrows the ray and it covers her chest.

She removes her top, as the ray covers her carmel colored skin. She gasps as she attempts to breath, as the ray covers her beautiful skin. She rolls so the ray can cover more of her flesh, and she shudders hard as it turns her on so bad.

Halle then crawls onto her knees and the ray hits her vagina through her bikini bottom. Her hand then reaches back and it removes those bottoms. Her body arches and flexes, as the ray covers her vagina.

"God, that is THE SPOT!" She screams, as the ray hits her naked vagina. Her hips grind against the bed so hard, as it turns her on so hard. Her fingers then reach back, and they begins to play with it with force.

While Ernest watches Halle play with herself, his free hand slides inside of his pants. Ernest is so hard as the ray moves on Halle, and she masturbates herself. Right now she looks so fucking sexy that Ernest cannot stand it.

Halle gives up her attempts to masturebate herself. Her hand hits the bed in defeat and then she begs him. "Ernest, fuck me so hard please! I’ll do anything if you do it!" Ernest turns off the ray gun, as he walks to Halle Berry. She narrows her eyes at him, as he sets down the turned off gun. "Turn that gun back on before you even touch me!"

Ernest without haste walks back to the mini-orgasm ray, and he turns it on. The moment the wide ray hits Halle, she screams once more in esctacy. The ray is so wide and Halle finds it kind of overwhelming.

She moans loud, as his hands find her tits. Her eyes flutter, as his hands work on them. Her beautiful body shakes, as his hands play with her tits. Her skin feels so great to his touch, and she parts her legs.

"Do whatever you want to do to me! I am game!" Halle looks up to the now handsome Ernest. He pulls off his pants, and he takes his dick out of his underwear. Halle smiles at his hardon, before he works it inside of her.

Halle moans and groans so hard, as both his dick and the ray so excites her. Ernest begins to move inside of her with pure glee. He knows he will not last long, but as he looks at the ray and then her eyes he doubts that Halle will mind.

Ernest fucks Halle so hard, as his hands move up and down her amazing legs. Her chest heaves as Ernest screws her so long. Her body is so amazing and he looks over every inch of her, as they screw.

"Can you get on your hands and knees?" Halle shakes her head no, because the ray has drained a lot of her strength.

"You can do anything on my side that you can do behind me." Ernest then turns Halle onto her side. He then lies between her and the ray cutting her off from some of it. He looks into her beautiful brown eyes, as he continues to screw her so hard.

Oh my God! Ernest!" Halle then has a massive orgasm on his penis. She shakes so hard, as she cums on it. Ernest then attempts to pull out of her to turn to ray off. Halle then wraps her long and sexy legs around him to pull him in for a kiss. "No, don’t do that."

Halle makes Ernest fuck her so much harder than Ernest screwed both Jessica and Ashley. Her legs are so strong that she is doing all of the work. He screws her as hard as he can do it, and suddenly he cums inside of her hard.

She screams so loud, as she comes inside of her and she shudders hard when she cums so hard once again. Ernest quickly pulls out of her, as Halle continues to orgasm so hard. Her beautiful body shakes during the entire twenty minute orgasm. Ernest holds the turned off Orgasm Ray in his hand, and he looks at one of the most beautiful women ever cum like a firehose.

Later Halle, looks at him with awe in her beautiful brown eyes. Her chest heaves, as her eyes move over his body. She smiles at him, and she looks down at her naked body. "So, how often can I cum back here?"

His eyes move over her Goddess like body, and he smiles wide. "No more than a month if you wish to do so." Ernest’s eyes connect with her brown eyes.

"Can I cum back next week?" Halle smiles at the handsome Ernest. "You fuck like a wildcat!"

"You fuck like a wildcat. I was hanging on for my dear life. You can return whenever you wish to do so." His eyes move over her sensational legs, as Halle crosses them. "You can live here for all I care."

Halle grins at the handsome man before her, and then she shakes her head no. "Sorry, I got a boyfriend. Can’t do that. Besides you live in Utah. Talk about one hell of a commute."

"Living in Utah is kinda boring so I can’t blame you for not wishing to stay." His eyes cannot stop moving over her body. Ernest still can’t believe that he fucked her so hard.

"You have got the Osmonds and they are… Oh my God did that ray just turn me boring?" Halle looks to the gun on the table and she sighs so hard. "Got to be careful, huh? Well, I got to go unless we have to cuddle or something?" Halle stands up, and she grabs her bikini.

"Before you go can you do something for me?" Ernest asks Halle, and she looks at him.

"You want a blow job?" Halle puts on her bikini quickly. Her eyes go to his cock. She might have broken it.

"No, take my card and can you have Ashley Scott and Jessica Alba call me." He gives Halle three cards, and she looks at them and she blinks.

"Why? Were they that much better in bed than I was?" Oh my God he has just insulted Halle Berry. "Besides, all famous people do not hang together." She rolls her eyes some. "At least you did not ask me if I know Beyonce."

"No, I think my ray might have had an adverse affect on them. You really had a threesome with them?" Ernest asks a little bit out of excitement, and Halle grins at him.

"I’d call it more of a wham bam thank you ma’ams" Halle grins at the handsome Ernest. "Does that turn you on?"

"God yes, can I write to Penthouse using your story?" Halle laughs, as he asks the question.

"No stealing my story. You can write the next one. You think my driver is still outside?" Halle puts on her coat, as she walks to the door.

"What did you tell him?" He asks Halle, as he follows her down the hallway.

"If he stuck around he can take me home." Halle smiles back at Ernest, as he looks at her lovely legs. "I think he might still be around. He nearly got into six crashes, because his eyes were on my legs and not the road.

Ernest grins, as he walks outside and he looks at the cab driver. Its good old Ricky once again. He must be holding out for this place. Then something occurs to him. That cab in an LA cab. Who can blame him?

Halle smiles wide at the handsome cabbie, as she gets inside of the cab. Ernest told her to sit in the front seat, and she does. "So Ricky, where do you want to take me?" She looks at his liceance as it hangs on the dash. She then takes out a one-thousand dollar bill out of her pocket, and she hands it to him.

"I could never make change for this… unless I took you home via Cananda?" His eyes go over her legs, because he wants to nail her so bad.

"Lets go to Cananda then Ricky. I do not need any change by the way. Everything on this trip is on me."

After he turns on the car, and he shifts it into drive his hand goes to her leg. "If we do more than twelve hours we have got to stop. Will you pay for the motel room?"

Halle laughs some at his request, as she thinks that’s a bullshit law Ricky made up and it cannot be true. "Sure, kid sure." Hallie looks at the handsome Ricky, as he takes her to Cananda.

A month or so later, Ernest sits inside of his lab working. He looks at the calendar and he wishes some famous woman show up and screw him so hard. He sighs, as he looks in the next room because the ray is hardly used anymore.

He then hears a knock at the door, and he gets up and he walks to it. "How many times do I have to tell that kid I don’t eat chocolate?" He speaks of a local kid who sells chocolate for his baseball team. His eyes then widen, as he opens up the door.

Before him stands Halle Berry, Jessica Alba and Ashley Scott. Ricky has his arms around both Jessica and Ashley. Halle walks to him and she notices all three ladies look like drug addicts now. They all have a deep hunger in their eyes.

Halle brings him down for a deep and passionite kiss. Ernest kisses her back in lust. "Can I cum inside? I need the ray so bad." The look in her eyes are that of want.

"Cum on inside Halle." Ernest opens the door for her and Halle walks inside. "All three of you are in…" His eyes widen, as his eyes go over everyone’s legs. "…cheerleading skirts?"

Ashley then walks to him, and she places her leg at his side. Ernest holds it as she does. He looks into her beautiful brown eyes, as she asks. "Ready for round two?"

Ernest allows the very sexy Ashley Scott into his home, and then he looks to the smoking hot Jessica Alba. She walks to him and she kisses him too, and she grabs his hard on. She then looks into his eyes. "So, who have you told I was stiff in bed? I was so sore when we fucked I want to make it up to you." She then grabs Ricky, and she pulls him close to her. "Ricky wants to watch."

"I should not have told these other two lovey ladies that you were not good in bed. Please cum inside both of you?" Jessica and Ricky walk into the room.

As he and Ricky walk down the hall he looks at three of the greatest pair of legs he has ever seen walk down the hall before him. He wonders if the girls are addicted to him or the Orgasm Ray.

When the three beauties get inside of the room they look up to the ray with wild lust. The look of lust in their eyes give away want they need. They just answered his own question for him. These ladies are into the ray, not him.

THE END. Anyone with any questions or stories send then to Who do you wish to see under the Orgasm Ray?

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