Three Wishes

Story title: Three Wishes

Author: sharkboy

Celebrities in story: Erin Gray, Lyndia Carter, Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd

codes: MF, Fant, rom, beast

The story you are about to read is notreal and it never happened. Anyone who believes this could happen has some problems. If you are easily offended or under eightteen years of age stop reading now. Anyone with any story suggestions or comments send them the


By sharkboy

In a campus off of the ocean in Californa, a handsome but crippled young man sits outside as he watches the ocean. He sighs some, as he daydreams of taking some untra sexy woman. Jim then rolls his eyes because the chances are slim that he’ll ever get laid or anything like that will happen with a woman. "I so wish I could get laid!" He asks to no one, as he sighs once again.

He rolls his eyes as he wonders why he was born with shit knees. Why can’t he easily walk like so many other people? He then looks at his watch. "Got to go shop for mom’s birthday."

It takes Jim Prescott effort just to stand up, and he looks out at the ocean once more. Being a kid from Southern Indiana he has never seen such a large body of water before. Then he sees something. Jim knows what is could be. It might be something really old and valuable.

Taking a chance Jim wades out into the surf looking for the object. He doubts he’ll find it, but what the heck. Maybe he’ll get eaten by a shark and he’ll miss his chem exam tomorrow?

He looks for whatever it was that he saw, but he cannot find it. He sighs hard and he turns around. He rolls his eyes, as he sees a really pretty red hair girl with awesome blue eyes holding a very old lamp. "Just my luck…"

She looks at Jim, and she holds it out to him. "Did you loose this?"

Jim walks to the girl and she hands him what appears to be a really old lamp. "Thank you. How can I repay you?"

"Not a problem dude. Do you need any help getting back on the pavement?" Jim looks up, and he walked down a step hill to get down here. He nearly killed himself doing it too.

"No, I got down here on my own, so I can get back up on my own!" Jim has one huge issue with people helping him with his handicap. Sometimes he hurts nice people like this one.

"I am so sorry…" She turns and she walks away from Jim. As she walks away her beautifule blue eyes tear up. All she was looking for was a friend.

When Jim finally gets back to his dorm room. His eyes look over the lamp. "Nice old lamp. Who was dumb enough to throw this away?" He takes a rag out of the bathroom and he begins to clean the lamp.

Within seconds smoke comes out of the lamp, and a beautiful red haired genie comes out of the lamp. The beautiful long legged genie stands before Jim Prescott, and his mouth gaps open as he looks at her. "Hello, I am the genie of the lamp." She smile wide at the handsome Jim.

"So if I rub the lamp ten times?" Jim looks at the lamp, as it sits in his hands.

"I go back inside of there to sit until you call me to come out. You get three wishes." The genie smiles at him, as his eyes go right to her chest.

"So if I make a wish that you give up your powers and become my girlfriend?" Jim asks her, and she shakes her head no. "I can’t?"

"No, my wishes cannot be granted forever. If you wished for one million dollars you’ll get the money for only twenty fours hours. Anything you buy will be repocessed once the money disappeared." Then she takes off her bottoms. "Yes, I am a walking and talking Barbie doll."

"So you have no…" His eyes go between her legs, as he looks at it.

"Vagina, pussy, snatch, hole, bush, or anything else rude or crude you could think of." She rolls her eyes. "You must be wondering how I can speak your language and know how to speak in terms that you understand?"

"The thought crossed my mind." Jim looks at her long and very sexy legs.

"No, the only thought that crossed your mind was you spanking me in my panties." She rolls her eyes at Jim. She then changes her outfit into a cheerleading uniform. "I can so read your mind."

"Okay, so what do I wish for?" Jim asks her, as his eyes go over her legs.

"Not what you are thinking because it can’t happen. Why do I always get the perverts?" She huffs some blowing the hair from her eyes.

"How long do I have to do these wishes?" Jim asks her a little bit fearful. He has seen more than one movie where the genie screws over the person who makes a bad wish.

"I am not one of those genies. Understood?" She rolls her eyes once again. "Can I go back into my bottle until you are ready to make a wish? You have until you die to come up with your wishes."

"Go back into your bottle then." He smiles, as his eyes go over her amazing body.

The Genie then rolls her eyes, as she turns into smoke and she goes back into her bottle.

Later that day, Jim watches an episode of Buck Rogers in the Twenty-fifth century. His eyes go over the amazing body of Erin Grey, as she plays her role Coronel Wilma Deering. She looks so good in her white uniform that she wore on the episodes with Hawk on them.

"God, I want her so…" His eyes then widen, as something occurs to him. "Babe in the lamp come out before me."

The lamp then opens, and pink smokes comes out of it and the genie appears before him in her cheerleading uniform. She then throws a bolt of lightning at his feet. "Never call me that!"

"What do I call you then? Don’t play any games with me, I know you cannot harm me." His eyes go over her legs once more.

"Call me…" Her eyes go over the room. She then sees a picture of Mary Jane Watson-Parker from the Spiderman comic books. "Call me Mary Jane. Geez, you came up with someone to nail? What a shock." Remember she can read minds.

"Can you make someone who does not really exist appear and nail me so to speak?" Jim looks over her body.

"The truth, it would be borning as hell. Any made up woman would have no clue on how to make love. I do have a face you know."

Jim sighs, and he sits down. He then rolls his eyes. "I’ll never get laid then."

"You are a virgin?" She blinks at the handsome Jim. "Chasity belts come back into style or something?"

"No, my legs suck and I can hardly walk. Women do not like guys who can gimp up to them." Jim sighs once more.

"Dude, it is not THAT bad. Heck, if I had a vagina I would nail you." Mary Jane then sits beside of him. She blinks, as she looks at the TV. "So, that is the woman you wish to nail, huh? Can’t blame you. Tell you what. Since she is a real person you can have her. You do have to ask really careful." Mary Jane does play with his him some, as she winks.

"Okay, I want Erin Gray inside of my bedroom in that uniform with black stockings on. I want her from he day that that TV show was filmed too." He smiles at the beautiful Mary Jane. "I also want her to be really horny for me."

Mary Jane wiggles her finger and she smiles at the handsome Jim. "A word of advise, if she wishes to help you let her. You blew it with the last one."

Jim smiles at her, as he grabs his cane and he walks into his bedroom. Before him in his bed sits the beautiful and very sexy Erin Gray. "How did I get here?" She looks at him wide eyed and a little bit afraid.

"I am not going to hurt you." Jim walks inside of the room. His eyes move over her great body. "So, you are Erin Gray, huh?"

"Yes, I am. Can you let me go now?" She looks up to Jim a little bit wide-eyed and afraid. "Why can’t I get off of the bed?"

"Maybe you don’t wish to get off of the bed?" Jim asks her, as he trips. He falls onto the floor.

"I’d help you get up, but I can’t get off of the bed." Erin smiles at Jim, as he attempts to get up.

"Very funny." Jim works his way to his feet, and he looks at the beautiful Erin Gray.

"Kidnap me and put me on the bed and not let me get off I can be very funny. Get in a car accident or something?" Erin smiles at the handsome Jim, as he sits on the bed beside of her.

"No, I was born this way. My dad and my brother have the same problem." He looks at her legs.

"So, you have a family problem, huh? That is too bad." Erin sits beside of Jim. "So what do I have to do to go home?" Erin can read the handwritting on the wall, and she might as well get it over with.

"What do you think you’ll have to do to go home?" Jim looks right at her chest. Erin begins to unzip some. Jim caught her in the epsode where the aliens use their powers to make her uniform unbutton. Jim smiles, as he figures out that Mary Jane read his mind. She turned her buttons into a zipper.

"How can this thing unzip?" She looks to Jim really confused. "Five minutes ago it was being unbuttoned by some midgets." Erin then shakes her head. "Am I on Candid Camera?"

"No, you are not on Candid Camera." Jim has not thought of that show in years. He then places his hand on her knee. "Hello Wilma, you look beautiful tonight."

"Hello General, I am so happy you noticed." Erin smiles at Jim. She then looks down, as his hand moves up her sexy leg. "General, what are you doing?" Erin looks back into his eyes. She can’t help be turned on. Jim is not bad lookind and she has screwed much worse.

"I am sorry Wilma, I understood you wanted to be a general. You are now a private. Report to a garbage ship."

"You can’t do that sir!" Erin plays the part of the sexy coronel so well. She leans into him. "General, I understood this promotion came with no strings attached?" She presses her tits onto his shoulder.

"So, you want to become a general then, private?" He looks to Erin, and she nods at him.

"I do not want to be a private on a garbage ship." His hand returns to her thigh, and she smiles at him. "How often do we have to do this?"

"Monthly maybe, it depends if you are any good." Erin Gray then leans into him, and she kisses him deeply. Jim kisses her back with passion.

Erin and Jim make out for hours, and Jim enjoys it so much. He has no idea how good of a kisser she is because he has only kissed girls as friends. He then breaks the kiss, and Erin smiles at him. "Oh General," She smiles wide at Jim.

"So, you like what I can do to your sensational body?" His hand moves farther up her leg.

"Yes, I do General. Can I do this to anyone under me?" Erin smiles at the handsome Jim.

"You can be with any man you want to be. I think it would be a bad idea for you to be with Captain Rogers."

Erin then begins to laugh, and she falls onto her back. "Too late, sir!" Jim looks at Erin a little bit in shock, and Erin smiles back up at him.

Jim looks at the very sexy Erin Gray, as he smiles at her. "So, you and Gil have screwed huh?" His hand continues to move over her sexy leg.

"That is between me and him." Erin smiles, as Jim’s hand goes over her leg. His hands are like magic to her flesh, and Erin finds herself moaning hard. She looks to the handsome Jim, as his hand continues to move over her leg.

"Private, I have a new salute to teach you." Jim smiles at her, when his eyes go to her luscious neck.

Her eyes shimmer, as he continues to role play with her. "What kind of salute sir?" Erin’s eyes go over his body, as she smiles some at the handsome Jim.

Jim then reaches out and he begins to slowly unzip her uniform very slow. His hand is still on her thigh, and Erin closes her eyes so hard, and then she moans so hard. When the zipper releases her uniform Erin smiles at Jim.

"So, when I am in front of twenty or thrity troops I do that to all of them?" Erin smiles at the handsome man across from her, as he removes her top.

"Only generals can do this to you." He then leans in and he kisses her breasts. Erin moans loud, as his lips move over her chest. She shivers some, as he does it.

When he leans back Erin gives him a nearly evil grin. "Even the females?"

"Do you wish some of the female generals do this to you?" His hands move over her tits. God, they are nice tits.

"No, not really, but some have tried to get inside of my uniform before." She closes her eyes, and she lies down. She moans so hard while his hands move over her breasts.

"Wilma, I want you." He smiles at the beautiful Erin Gray, as he sits on his knees. This is complete agony to him.

Erin can tell this by the look on his face. "General, I perfer to be on top. May I?" Jim lies down on the bed, and Erin removes her skirt. Then she begins to undress him. Jim does have a nice body on him and the only reason he is a virgin is because he in bitter, and he tends to lash out at people.

Then Erin removes her white panties. She smiles down to Jim, as she works herself onto him. She is so tight, as she slides herself onto him. "Oh God!" She moans so hard, as she works her tightness onto him.

Erin Grey rides a moaning Jim so hard, and her beautiful brown eyes close. Her legs squeeze him so hard. Jim moves his hips, and he looks up to the beautiful and very sexy Erin Gray. She rides him so hard and she looks into his eyes as she does it.

His hands move from her tummy up to her tits, and she smiles at him. His hands move over her tits, as she rides him so long and so hard. "Almost… UHHHH!" Erin screams hard, when she cums onto his dick so hard.

The act of Erin orgasming on him make Jim cum so hard inside of her. Her beautiful body shivers and shakes as she cums once more on him. His hands continue to move over her tits, while she smiles down to Jim.

"So, how was your first time?" She climbs off of his skrinking dick. She then lies beside of him.

"Fantastic. You will go back to where you came from come sunrise." Erin smiles at him.

"So, you and I can screw some more until that happens? Can I get up now, because I really have to pee?" Jim nods, and Erin gets off of the bed, and she walks into the bathroom.

Minutes before sunrise, Erin smiles at Jim when she crawls off of his body. They had sex twice since his first time. "So Erin, how was I?" He smiles up at her.

"You’d make my top ten as lovers go." Erin smiles at Jim, as she totally avoids the question.

"How many men have you screwed?" Jim asks her, as he looks at her face. He can tell that Erin is blushing. "Let me guess, I am number six?"

Erin suddenly turns to him wide eyed, and she looks at Jim in shock. "How did you know?" She blinks at Jim.

"Because you must get hit on as many times as a dozen times a day. Rarely a man must make it to the golden gates and you are not a complete slut, so I guessed."

Erin smiles at the handsome Jim. "So, I am only a partial slut? You must be brave or very stupid?"

"Actually, I am a little bit of both." He smiles at her. "Besides how many nice girls would let me do to you what I did the second time around?"

"Most girls will if you kiss enough ass before you do it." Erin smiles at Jim, and then some sunshine comes in through the window and she disappears.

"Okay, so I can do that to a nice girl. Mom lied to me." Jim then walks back into the main room, and Mary Jane looks at him.

"Come here Jim?" She then points to the TV. "Was that the same person I sent into your bedroom?" She points to a much older Erin Gray, as she speaks of a new book she has written.

"Yeah, she still looks good, huh?" Jim smiles at the beautiful Mary Jane.

"Why did you not tell me that she was time traveling so far?" She crosses her arms, and she looks at Jim harshly. "Anything modern inside of your bedroom that the next girl you decide to nail… no make love too… god where did I get this type of thought?"

At that moment Pat walks into the room. "Hey Jimbo, did you nail someone last night!" Patrick Walters walks to Jim, and he picks him up and he hugs him hard. "Or did you get inside of my porno DVDs?"

He then looks at the very pissed off Mary Jane, and she rolls her eyes. "Oh dear God, no."

"Looks like you have bagged a red headed cheerleader?" Pat begins to walk towards her. "Can I have a piece?"

A bolt comes out of her finger and it hits Pat. He then turns from a human into a pig. "Okay, you are what you are now!" Mary Jane then leans down, and she looks into the pig’s eyes. "Care to fuck me now?"

The pig looks up to her wide eyed and a little bit in shock. "What did you do to Pat?" Jim looks down to the pig in some surprise.

"Pat was going to rape me, so I made him become the pig that he is." Mary Jane looks down to the pig so pissed off. "Next time he tries to touch me you and I will have bacon for breakfast."

"So what do we do now?" His eyes scan her body, and Mary Jane shakes her head hard.

"Besides read your dirty thoughts of what you would do to me if I had a pussy?" Mary Jane crosses her arms, as she looks to him. "Want some bacon?" She then looks down to Pat the pig.

"So, when Pat becomes a man once more?" He looks down to Pat, as he hopes an RA does not find him or he might become bacon.

"Then when I leave and he becomes a man once more he’ll only remember this as a dream." Pat sniffs her leg, and she glares down at him. "So, how good of a friend is he to you?" Her finger flares, as she looks down to Pat.

"A best friend so don’t do any perminent damage?" Jim looks down to Pat a little bit afraid on so many levels.

"Okay, I won’t fry him up. What do we do today?" Mary Jane smiles wide at him.

"I have class in a half hour, so I got to go. I’ll be back at three pm. You do know how to tell time?"

"I know everything that you know how to do." Mary Jane then looks down to Pat the pig. "Not everything that he knows how to do. Can he tell time, because he looks pretty dumb?"

"If Pat makes a mess you have to clean it up." Jim grabs his cane, and his book bag. He then walks out of the door to class.

Mary Jane looks down to Pat, as he poops on the floor and she rolls her eyes. "Why do I think that is not the first time you have done that?" She teleports the mess away.

As Mary Jane sleeps while I Dream of Jeanie comes on TV she dreams of her Master Jim. Her Master is not bad looking and she would not mind sharing his bed at all. The last time she showed her Master her vagina Mary Jane was a sex slave for three generations. She moans sharpely, as Jim kisses up her long and amazing legs.

When the thong over her vagina is moved out of the way her eyes pop open. She shivers helplessly, as Pat begins to lick her out so hard. Mary Jane moves her hips up to the pig, as it licks her out so hard.

She finds herself totally helpless, as Pat licks her out so deep. Her arms go out straight, and she shivers so hard when Pat licks her out so hard. "Oh Godness! Pigman!" Mary Jane orgasms hard. This is the best orgasm that any man or beast has ever seen before. All of the windows blow out of the apartment, and Pat looks up stunned as hell. "Holy shit you are… oh, was I just pleasured by a pig?"

She looks up to Pat, as he continues to lick her out so deeply. She then looks to the windows. "Oh shit!" she weaves a spell to make her vagina disappear, and fix the windows. She then stands up.

Then she turns around and she gasps at Jim, who stands behind her with a stunned look on his face. "Hi, how was school?"

"What do you do naked with my windows?" He looks down to where her vagina was at. "Did you have an asshole when I came inside?"

"Naaa, I have no anus and I sneezed when I was sleeping. The pig undressed me. Baddd piggy." She wags her finger at Pat.

"Okay, can’t blame any guy who wishes to see you naked?" Jim smiles at the beautiful Mary Jane.

"You get the same thing when you take the clothes off of a Barbie. I know you had a Barbie, Jim." Mary Jane smiles at him hard. "Sorry about the windows. I fixed them."

Jim walks to her, and her eyes widen as he does. His hand then moves between her legs. Mary Jane moans so loud she remembers the feeling from what happened to her from the pig so well.

"Can you give me some pointers?" Her undoes her shirt, and he looks at her tits. She closes her eyes, as he kisses them. She does moan even though she knows how dangerous this can be.

"Okay, Erin has taught you really well." She closes her eyes, as his hands go over her tits. "I beg you to stop now?"

"Why?" Jim asks her a little bit concerned.

Mary Jane then lies to him, but it is for her own good to lie. It is not a complete lie too. "When I have a male master it makes me have feelings for them. Making me do this is kinda like torture to me."

"So me kissing you is not cool?" He looks into her beautiful blue eyes. He wants to nail her so bad.

"Not for me, because it reminds me of what I cannot do." She bites her lip, as she looks into his eyes.

"Then, I am sorry for what I tried to make you do." He smiles, as he looks into her beautiful blue eyes. Then he looks past her to the TV. "Can I practice on her then?" He points at the TV, and Mary Jane turns and she blinks hard.

"Okay, you do have great taste in women." She smiles at Wonder Woman, as she hangs from a rope. "Even I want to nail her." She smiles as Lyndia Carter plays Wonder Woman. "You want her then?" She cocks her finger, "In the same way as the last time?"

"Yes, I want her in that outfit from the episode where she hang from the rope too? She can get off of the rope before we screw." Mary Jane smiles wide, as she hears the wish. Jim is sure creative when he wishes. She does her finger thing, and she smiles at Jim. "She is ready when you are ready."

Jim walks into his bedroom and he gasps hard, as he looks at his bed. Lyndia Carter who played Wonder Woman hangs over his bed on a rope. She looks at him in shock, as she looks up at the rope as it goes to the ceiling. It does not take much to figure out that the rope goes nowhere.

"Are you going to hurt me?" She looks up at the rope once more than to Jim. "How did I get black stockings on?" She blinks at her stockings. Then she looks up at the rope. "Where does the rope go?" Right now Lyndia really wishes she could let the rope go because she really needs to run away.

"You may let the rope go now." Jim smiles, as his eyes go up the amazing body of Lyndia Carter. Suddenly, her hands go free and she lets go of the rope, and she falls on the bed.

"So what, am I your sex slave? I AM married you know? Maybe you don’t know or even care?" She quickly untires her rope from her ankle. Lyndia quickly sits up on the bed, and she crosses her amazing legs.

"Do you know your marriage does not last?" Jim walks to her, and he sits beside of her.

"Even I can see the handwritting on the wall." Lyndia sighs some, as she looks at the handsome Jim. "So am I your sex slave ,or do you want some pictures?"

"Don’t be a dumb shit Jim! No pictures!" Mary Jane yells so hard from the next room.

"She makes a good point. Can we role play some?" He removes her magic belt, and Lyndia rolls her eyes.

"Oh no, someone has removed my magic belt from me once more. What is that the fifth time today that has happened to me?" Lyndia does smile at the handsome Jim. "My other uniforms do not have that ability to remove the belt."

"So, some men cannot make Wonder Woman helpless then?" His hand go to her sexy leg, and her beautiful blue eyes widen.

"Some men can make Wonder… oh Gosh!" She moans so loud, as her large chest heaves so hard. His hand continues to move over her sensitive thigh. She does pull away from him, and he does remove his hand from her thigh. "We can’t do this you know?"

He then takes her foot, and he begins to pull her boot off. He then begins to massage her foot. These boots must so kill her beautiful feet, and Lyndia so loves how he massages her foot.

Then Jim removes her second boot, and her beautiful body shakes so hard. "These boots must hurt your feet? Let me massage your feet and you and I will be good." Jim would be so thrilled to just massage her amazing feet.

"I have had things on my feet that hurt me a lot worse, but they do cause problems." She moans so loud, as his hands move over her beautiful feet.

His eyes look at her large and very sexy chest as it moves up and down. Sweat begins to break out over her body. "Lyndia, I have a question for you?"

"Ask your question then?" Her chest moves up and down so hard while the nearly magical hands move over her feet. She loves what they do to her feet. This is so not fair, because he had her at her thigh. Working on her feet is plain dirty.

"How married are you?" His hands continue to work over her feet, and Lyndia opens her eyes, and she looks at Jim.

"Jim, do you wish to screw Wonder Woman?" His hands work over her feet still. They then move up to her calves, and she shakes so hard. This is so cheating!

"I want to make love with the woman who I am massaging right now. If she needs to be Wonder Woman in order to sleep at night so be it."

Lyndia moans and groans so loud, as she looks to the handsome man who has just seduced her. "Okay Jim, which one do you wish to screw me or Wonder Woman?" Lyndia reaches back, and she begins to undo what holds her costume on her body.

His eyes widen, and Lyndia gives her a naughty grin when her top begins to slide down her amazing body. His hands then move up her long and sexy legs, and Lyndia shudders hard. She closes her eyes and she lies down.

She looks up at the handsome Jim, as he leans down and he kisses her deeply. Lyndia kisses him back with great passion, and his hand moves between her breast plate and her chest.

Lyndia smiles up at the handsome Jim, as is hand moves over her chest. She moans as his hand explores her large chest. "You are so beautiful Lyndia." His hands move over her massage chest, and Lyndia removes her magic belt and she hands it to Jim.

"So, Wonder Woman I now have your magic belt and you are helpless before me!" He holds her magic belt in the air in victory.

"No, I can not give up!" Lyndia pretends to try and get off of the bed, and she looks up to Jim. "You fiend!"

"Want to know what you can do to save the bus full of kids?" Lyndia looks up to him in mock terror.

"The kids are here? Let them go please?" She looks up to the handsome Jim in mock pain too. She then notices the cane. "Did you get hit by a bus full of kids or something?"

"Yes, that driver drove me down because she had to get them to school on time. I was a crossing guard for the love of God!"

Lyndia can’t help but break down and laugh because Jim sounds so much like a villan from Wonder Woman. How he says things do not help her efforts not to laugh at all.

"So, you are going to hurt the children? Do not hurt little Kenny." Lyndia does recover, and she resumes her role.

"Why should I not hurt poor little Kenny? I already cut off his hands." His hand returns to her thigh, and Lyndia works so hard to stay in character. She is so falling apart.

"You monster! Kenny was my first!" Lyndia smiles up at Jim, as he gets the joke. He then begins to laugh so hard. He falls onto the bed.

"I got you now!" Lyndia crawls onto the handsome Jim, and she smiles down at her handsome lover. She then straddles his stomach.

"Someone is really turned on." Her uniform is so wet where her vagina sits. Lyndia then blushes, as she looks down at him.

"A major problem I have always had with this uniform. If I am turned on you can tell for a counrtry mile." Lyndia does not really blush, but Jim can tell how embarrassed she is right now.

"So, Cripple Man turns on Lyndia Carter big time?" His hands do go to her huge tits.

Lyndia moans so hard, as his hands move over her tities. His hands are so amazing as they move over her tits. She moves her costume down her amazing body, and Lyndia smiles wide at him.

She moves her costume down her incredible body, as she stands up. She looks down to Jim as she does. As her costume comes down the best pair of legs nearly any man has ever seen Jim moves his pants down his body.

Her eyes then widen, as his underwear comes down his legs. She smiles down at his good sized penis, and she straddles him once more. She moans and squeels hard, as she slides him inside of herself.

"My God! You are huge!" She closes her blue eyes, as she works himself inside of her. She begins to ride him so softly, as she adjusts to his size inside of her. "Don’t hurt me please?"

Lyndia begins to moan so hard, as Jim moves inside of her nice and hard. She’s so tight around him that he fears himself coming inside of her too soon. Lyndia thrusts herself on top of him, as she looks into his beautiful eyes too.

His hands move over those thighs which he so has wanted to touch. Her skin feels so much like Heaven, as she rides him so hard and for so long. Sweat drips down her amazing body, while she looks into his eyes.

Jim watches her tits, as they move up and down. She smiles at him, while she watches his eyes. She then leans down, and she rubs her tits in his face, as she has a massive orgasm.

"Oh God…." She does not call out a name, as she mumbles some. She cums hard looking at the top of his head. "Oh dear lord." Her body shakes so hard, as she continues to enjoy her orgasm.

"Do you need to rest?" He asks, as he helps her off of his dick. Her body drips so bad with sweat, and she lies beside of Jim.

"I am kinda whooped. My husband usually comes within seconds. You still haven’t came have you?" Lyndia smiles at Jim. "You are fucking huge too!"

"You just said the F word? Okay never saw that coming. Never expected to see you cum too." Jim smiles. God, Lyndia Carter was such perfection in her day!

"With a dick like your I was cuming on top of that rope." She looks at the rope, as it hangs from the ceiling. "You need to buy some roomier pants.

She looks at that rope. "God, my tits came out when that scene was being… wait it was being filmed when I showed up here. Magic?" Lyndia looks right into his eyes, and she smiles some. "Is that a genie in the next room?"

"No it’s not!" Mary Jane yells super loud from the next room. Lyndia then blinks at Jim.

"Thank you woman in the next room who I did not adress at all! You removed all doubt from my mind!" Lyndia yells back to Mary Jane.

"Thank God." Both Lyndia and Jim hear her say from the next room. Both of them laugh as a result of it.

"Okay, so can we do it once again?" She asks, as she looks at his hard on.

"Can I eat your pussy?" He looks into her beautiful blue eyes once again.

"I am not good with oral sex, so I don’t know." Lyndia does blush this time, as Jim moves in and he kisses her tits.

Lyndia moans, and she closes her beautiful blue eyes. She moans softly, as he kisses down her sensational body. She moans even harder, and she shudders so hard when his tongue moves over her belly button.

Her wonderful thighs open so wide, and Jim kisses them with a passion that Lyndia can find anywhere she looked. She moans so hard, as he kisses deeper inbetween her sexy thighs.

She then shudders so hard, and she moans so hard when his mouth touches her vagina. Her legs squeeze so hard around his head when his tongue moves inside of her, and Lyndia moans so loud. The reason why she claims to such having oral sex done to her is because she has hurt some pussy eaters before.

"Oh my God! eat!" She screams so loud, as Jim works to both breathe and eat her out. Lyndia tastes so good and sweet. Her thighs squeezing him so hard turns him on so bad.

Her legs then open, as Jim makes her turn onto her back. He then forces her legs to open wide. He tongues her out so deep, and Lyndia cums once again. Her beautiful body shakes so hard, when she cums once more.

"Oh God yes!" Lyndia’s chest heaves, as Jim looks at her body. Her long and sexy legs shake so hard, and Jim holds her to make sure she understands that she is secure.

Lyndia smiles up at Jim, as he holds her close. "Did I hurt you?"

"Naa, I’m fine. Then so are you." He smiles at her amazing body.

"You make me blush, handsome." Lyndia smiles at the handsome Jim. "Does that position hurt you?" She looks into his eyes, and she can see pain in them.

He then lies down beside of her. "A little bit, yeah." His hand returns to her thigh.

"So how did that happen?" Lyndia does not advance any theory.

"Birth defect, my knees do not have the right amount of cartilage inside of them. The condition is very rare." His hand still moves over her legs. "You on the other hand have amazing legs."

"They have cartilage in them so yeah." She smiles at the handsome Jim. Her eyes go to them, as his hand moves up them. "They are kinda sensitive too." She looks at his hand, as it moves over her legs. "How did I get stockings on? I know not by magic." She looks at where the voice came from, and she shakes her head.

"Mary Jane is super fast. That is why I am not screwing you, but you." He smiles looking into those amazing blue eyes.

"Hey!" Mary Jane yells in anger, and both he and Lyndia laugh so hard.

It’s nearly morning, and Jim looks at Lyndia rides him like a pony. He hasn’t came all night, but she has came nearly a dozen times. She rides him with all of her force hoping to make him cum so hard. She drives herself onto him so hard. The deal is Lyndia has a hard time orgasming, and tonight she has came like a river. She wants to make Jim cum now.

"Oh God! I am going to cum once again! I am such a fucking whore!" Lyndia can’t help but cum hard now. Her beautiful body shakes, as she cums so hard all over him. Lyndia feels like someone has turned on a fawcette inside of her and she orgasms all over his pelvis.

His hands go to her face, as she continues to orgasm so hard. She looks down at him, as she cums so hard. "You are not a whore. Do you understand?" Lyndia nods, when she cums down from her climax.

"I wish I could make you cum." Her chest heaves so hard, as she looks down at Jim.

"Trust me, I have came dozens of times. For some reason I can’t cum seaman." He looks at the door, and he sighs hard. Mary Jane must be playing a joke on him or something.

"Can I get one more shot?" She smiles at him, as she kisses down his body. Her tongue moves over his tummy, as she smiles up at him. Her lips them move around his penis, and Jim moans so loud. Lyndia looks up at him, while she gives him oral sex.

She sucks on him so long and with passion. Her lips feel so incredible over his dick. As he feels himself begin to cum sunlight comes in through the window, and Lyndia Carter disappears.

"God no!" He screams in frustration at what is going on. He looks at the floor, as her uniform disappears too. "MARY JANE GET YOUR ASS IN HERE NOW!" He screams so loud.

Mary Jane walks into his room, and her eyes widen at his size. "Can’t you put some pants on before you call me into your room?" She then sighs so hard. "May I explain before you beat my ass or do anything bad to me?"

"Please explain." He looks at her so pissed off.

"If you would have came inside of her she would have gotten pregnant." Mary Jane smiles at Jim, and he sits up in some shock.

"So, if I came inside of her I would have…" Jim looks at her in shock.

"Knocker her up, planted the seed, bowled down all of the pins, thread the needle. I miss any other way to say it?" Mary Jane smiles at him.

"No, I get your point. Now finish what she started." He points at his dick, and her eyes widen in shock.

"You can’t make me do that unless…" Mary Jane then smiles at him wide. "This your third wish?"

"No, this is what you better do or I order you to go into the bathroom and watch a turd in my toliet all day instead of sitting on your ass and watching my TV." By how her eyes widen and she gasps Jim knows he can make her do that too.

"Master, can you tit fuck me? I really hate the taste of seamen in my mouth." Mary Jane then lies on the bed beside of Jim, and she opens her shirt up. God, her tits are so huge!

Jim looks at her tits and he drools some. Mary Jane rolls her eyes, as she does not dare to make eye contact him. "Can you hurry this up, because you have got class in a half hour?"

He takes some sex wax out of his drawer and he rubs it on her large tits. She moans and she groans so loud, as his hands rub the stuff on her beautiful body. He then applies some to his hardon.

The moment he touches her incredible body, Mary Jane lets out a deep moan. She closes her eyes as he slides his hard on inbetween her incredible breasts. He looks at her pretty face, as he smiles and he tells her. "I love the freckles on your chest."

She opens her eyes, and she smiles up at Jim. She holds her tits hard against his penis, as Jim begins to move inside of them. Unfortunity for Mary Jane this turns her on so hard.

"Oh God Jim!" She screams so loud, as his penis pleasures her so bad. His penis moves over her skin like this does to most women and it takes some skin from her, as he does it.

The moment Jim cums into her face hard, Mary Jane orgasms hard. By the sheer force of will she does not break the windows inside of the apartment. The building next door looses power though.

Jim wipes the seamen from her eyes, and he smiles at her. His hand then moves up her leg and it grabs her wet as hell vagina. "So, you have got a pussy, huh?" She nods, as she cannot bring herself to look into his eyes. "Why did you lie to me, Mary Jane?"

"Because when I screw my master it always ends up bad for me. If I do it he usually saves his wishes so I become his sex slave until he tires of me. I am in love with my master as the magic says and it hurts when he leaves me."

"So, you are not disgusted with me because of my legs?" Jim looks deep into her beautiful blue eyes, and Mary Jane shakes her head hard.

"News flash Jim. Only one person is disgusted with your legs and that person is on top of me. You seduced both Erin Gray and Lyndia Carter on your own."

"Your magic could not?" He looks into her eyes, and she shakes her head no.

"My magic cannot do that to someone. Maybe if I were a warlock or an evil wizard I could do that, but a genie cannot."

"So I seduced two of the most beautiful women ever to live?" Her eyes then narrow at him. "Okay, you do count as a person now! Three of the most beautiful women ever to live."

Mary Jane smiles at the handsome and very sleepy Jim. "Sleep now Jim. I’ll go to class for you."

"Don’t you dare my first class if full of men like Pat." Mary Jane shakes her head at such an idea. With how Jim just made her feel she would likely go down to the first jerk who hit on her or she would likely be in class with a room full of pigs.

She waves her finger and his notes for all of his classes appear before her. "This one is on me Jimbo. Come Pat, lets go take a bath." She leads Pat the Pig into the bathroom.

Twelve hours later, Jim wakes up in a complete panic. He misses his first class, and he begins to dress really fast. He then begins to limp into the next room forgetting his cane.

His cane then magically appears in his hand, and he looks to Mary Jane who glares at him from the couch. "Are you stupid or chasing Lyndia Carter still?" She rolls her eyes some. "I don’t let you cum inside of her and you get all weird."

"I have been weird or have you not noticed?" He smiles at the beautiful Mary Jane. He then sits beside of her.

"No, not really. I think I have figured out your number three." Mary Jane picks up the remote to change the channel.

Before she can change the channel, Jim steps between her and the TV set. He looks down at her, and she sighs hard. "What?"

"Is there any way I can talk you out of doing this wish?" Mary Jane crosses her stocking covered legs. "Why did I wear stockings today?" Talk about the queen of all brain farts.

"Maybe because you want me?" he sits down beside of the beautiful Mary Jane. His hand goes to her upper thigh, and she moans so hard. She leans back, as his hand goes high on her leg.

"Oh God Jim…." She moans softly, as Mary Jane closes her beautiful blue eyes. Her head sets back against the couch, as her eyes looks at the handsome Jim.

His hands then go up her skirt, and he removes her panties. He then opens up her shirt. He looks at her large tits, and she smiles up at him. "Yeah, I can use my magic to heal myself. Most of my tits are still flaked on your bed." Mary Jane smiles at the handsome Jim.

His lips then kiss her large breasts, and she moans so loud. She closes her beautiful blue eyes, as she moans so hard. His hands massage her tits, as he kisses them with passion. "Oh God, Jim." She moans so softly, as his hands move over her tits.

He then begins to kiss her fabulous legs, and she squeels in pleasure. His hands moves over her legs, and she moans is such passion. His hands are so incredible, and Mary Jane finds herself not caring if he never uses his third wish.

Jim pulls his pants down, and she parts her legs for him. He slides his penis down her leg, and Mary Jane shivers hard. She looks up to Jim with passion in her beautiful blue eyes.

Then Jim moves inside of her and Mary Jane moans so deep, as he begins to screw her so hard. Her body does stiffen, as Jim begins to move inside of her. She gasps so hard, as Jim hits her g-spot. She hates how her g-spot moves to meet her masters’ thrusts.

She wraps her legs around him, and he thrusts inside of her even harder. She squeezes her eyes shut, as she endures a minor orgasm. She looks up to the handsome Jim, and he moves inside of her.

Mary Jane screams when she finally orgasms hard, and all of the windows from every room inside of the dorm room blows out. She looks up at Jim, as he cums inside of her really hard, and his body shakes hard, when he cums hard.

"Wow…" Mary Jane says softly, as a leaf lands on her breasts. "I blew out the windows again?"

"Yes, you did." He smiles down at the beautiful Mary Jane. "Any way I can get you pregnant?"

"Nope, unless… you do have no more wish left and that wish can only last one day, so no."

"We can have some fun trying." He grins at her, and then something occurs to him. "How long do you wish to do this?"

Mary Jane then blinks up to the handsome Jim in pure shock. "You wish to give me options?" She looks up to him so stunned. "Do you know you kinda gave me an out right here?"

"Take it then." Jim smiles down to the beautiful Mary Jane.

Mary Jane shakes her head no, as she says, "I can’t do that to you."

"Why can’t you?" His hand moves over her exsposed breast, and she smiles up at him.

"Because I happen to love someone." She smiles up to the handsome Jim. "How about we go a year and we then talk?"

"I can so live with that. You do have to turn Pat back into a human though." He then seals the deal with a kiss.

While the kiss Mary Jane waves her finger, and they then hear a voice. "Hey, where did the babe go?" Mary Jane and Jim laugh as they hear a very confused Pat.

SIX MONTHS LATER, Jim and Mary Jane sit in his bedroom as they watch TV. Like always Mary Jane plays with his penis, as he watches Charlie’s Angels. She has some guilt today, because her very handsome English teacher made a pass at her, and it was not deflected. The man got to second base.

As his hand creeps up her leg to her pussy, she grabs it. "Jim, we have got to talk."

"About what?" He looks to Mary Jane, and she grimances bad.

"I think I did something wrong today. Doctor Conners got to second base today."

"Doctor Conners did what!" Jim sits up so angry, and he looks at Mary Jane. She can’t even make any eye contact.

"That is why I am telling you. I will drop his class tomorrow. I am so sorry." Mary Jane begins to cry so hard, as fear comes into her body.

Jim sits down, and he continues to watch the TV show so mad at her. Mary Jane looks at him, as he watches the show, and she tries to think of how to make this up to him.

Before she can come up with anything Jim says something. "I have a third wish."

"What wish do you have…" Her voice goes dead, as she looks to the television. Before he stands Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd in cheerleader outfits. "Even I can figure this one out."

"Can you do it once this episode is over?" His eyes go over Cheryl Ladd’s increbile legs not even looking at her.

"Do you really want to do this?" Mary Jane asks in so much pain. "If yes, can I go back into my bottle so I don’t have to hear it?"

"Go back into your bottle once we are done, okay?" Jim does look at her and the pain in her eyes. A small part of him wants to forgive her, a bigger part wants to make her suffer.

"It’s not like I screwed him!" Mary Jane looks to him in so much anger. She thinks of ways to ruin his night with Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd.

"When you have done the spell you cannot use your powers again." Her eyes then widen, as she gives something way huge. "I can do that too, huh?"

"Yes, you can make me powerless and outside of my bottle for twenty four hours after the last wish. That is why I don’t screw people over on their wishes. Please don’t make me listen to you…" Her voice trails off, as the episode comes to the end. "Please don’t!" She begs him so upset. Tears go down her beautiful face, as she falls to her knees. She will do anything to make this up to her handsome master. She has never felt the way she has for Jim before.

"I want my third wish and I want it now. I want both Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd from the Charlies Angels episode callec Pom Pom Angels on my bed in the cheerleader uniforms. They cannot get off of the bed without my permission, and they will be so horny. Once they are inside of the bedroom I want you outside of my door with it locked and you cannot move or talk. All you can do is listen, and you will be powerless."

"Yes Master," She waves her finger, and she forfills his third and final wish. She appears outside of his bedroom in tears as she can hear everything that they say. It has been so long since she has called anyone Master and she was begining to believe she was a normal person. She was only a fool.

His eyes go over the amazing Jaclyn Smith and the beautiful Cheryl Ladd. "Hello ladies." Cheryl actually blushes, as his eyes go over her very sexy legs.

"So, it looks like you and I have been kidnapped again." Jaclyn rolls her eyes, as she looks to Jim. "Excuse me, but I am…" She slams into something hard, as she attempts to stand from the bed. She then begins to beat on whatever force that keeps her on the bed.

"You’ll have to excuse Jaclyn, she has nearly been raped a few times." Cheryl says, as Jim sits beside of her.

"You are very beautiful." He places his hand on her upper thigh.

Cheryl looks at him. "I am also very married." She takes his hand off of her thigh.

"So, another girl who is too good for a cripple?" He points to his cane on the floor, and she blinks at it. Jim has learned that he can make his handicap an advantage not a problem.

"See, he can’t have kidnapped us Jaclyn. This guy is a gimp." She then looks into his very angry eyes. "I am so sorry. I should not have called you a gimp!"

Both of his hands return to her thighs, and she moans so hard. She backs away crawling onto the bed. His hands continue to move over her thighs, and she collapses onto the bed. Jim leans down, and he kisses her. She kisses him back with passion.

His hands move over her tan thighs, and Cheryl moans so hard. Jaclyn looks at then a little bit pissed off. "You screw him he’ll screw me next!"

"Jaclyn, shut up and take a chill pill." Cheryl looks up to the handsome Jim. "You have screwed so many guys who can’t kiss like he can." Jim kisses Cheryl one more time after she finishes her lecture to Jaclyn.

They kiss with passion for nearly an hour, and then they stop. Jim looks into her beautiful brown eyes, and he smiles at her. "So what do we do now?" Cheryl smiles up to him, as he takes her panties off.

"He does want to screw us Jaclyn." She smiles up to Jim with a wide smile. She then parts her legs for the handsome Jim.

Jim then grabs her ankles, and he drags her to the edge of the bed. Mary Jane thaught him this trick. "I can get on top if you need me to do so?" She sits up, and she removes her top, and he smiles at her bare breasts.

She lies back down, as his hands move over her tits. They are not large tits, but he likes them a lot. He then takes out his huge erection, and he begins to slid it inside of Cheryl Ladd.

Her eyes rolls back, and she gasps badly. He slides inside her sofly, but he can tell she has never had his size before. He gives her more than a few minutes to adjust to his size.

Cheryl closes her beautiful brown eyes, as he moves inside of her. She shakes so hard, as he begins to screw her so hard. Her legs wraps around him, while she screws him back so hard. She pulls him into her, when she screws him back so hard.

She then cums onto his penis so hard, and her beautiful body shivers so hard. Her chest heaves, as she works so hard to breath and she looks up to him. Cheryl smiles wide at Jim, and then she looks over to Jaclyn. "I highly recommend him."

Jaclyn looks at Cheryl Ladd and then to Jim in some shock. She then looks down to his penis and she smiles up at him. "Did he hurt you at all?" She can’t take her eyes off of his dick. If Jim looked down in the men’s showers in high school he would learn that he has a large dick.

"Naaa, he knows he is huge and he can’t go shoving it inside of anyone. If you don’t want him I’ll take him until he cums." Cheryl smiles up to the handsome Jim. "Next time someone asks why you walk funny tell them you got it from carrying around your huge hardon."

Jaclyn then crawls to the handsome Jim, and she kisses him with passion. She then pulls him down on the bed, and she lies him down. "I get on top, okay." This was not a question, but Jaclyn was telling him what was to happen.

She then removes all of her clothes expect for her cheerleading skirt, and she looks down to Jim. She then lowers her beautiful body onto Jim. She begins to ride the handsome man like he was a horse. She fears splitting in half on him, but she cannot stop riding him.

As Jaclyn Smith continues to ride Jim she looks into his eyes. His hands move over her tits, as she rides him so hard. Then they move down her outstanding body, as he looks into her beautiful blue eyes.

She suddenly cums onto him with such power, and her beautiful body shakes so hard. He does cum inside of her, as she squeezes down onto him so hard. Her body shakes, as the beautiful Texan orgasms hard him for a second time.

Jaclyn climbs off of him, and she smiles at him. "My husband will have some questions for me the next time we screw. I’ll be a lot looser. I hope you understand that I cannot do that with you ever again?"

Jim shrugs, and he looks at Cheryl Ladd. "You know I am fine with it. You are so smoking. You were the reason why I watched the first season of Charlies Angels not the blond on the show."

Cheryl Ladd smiles at her co-star and she nods at her. She knows that both Jaclyn and Kate have a solid fan base. She then smiles at the handsome Jim, as he talks. "Some of those outfits you wear are outstanding."

It is really early in the morning and the sun will come up at any moment. Jaclyn rides him so hard, as she moans like a banshee. She told him she would not screw him once again, but that was two times ago. As she rides him with such passion she looks into his eyes.

The moment before she orgasms Jim grabs her by the hips, and he pulls her down onto him all of the way. Her eyes widen, as he body is racked with pain. Instead of an orgasm something else happens to Jaclyn. She cums like a harpie in heat, but this is not joyous or anything good. She screams in deep pain. Instead of vaginal fluid coming out of her blood comes out of her body.

She pulls herself off of his dick, and she lies on the bed crying so hard. Blood comes from her wounded vagina, and she looks up to Jim in agony. "Call the doctor or something!" Cheryl tries to get off of the bed to get something to cloat her bleeding. She cannot get off of the bed. "Oh God, I can’t get up!"

As Cheryl Ladd freaks out some from what has happened to her co-star Jaclyn Smith, Jim does act. He grabs some sheets from his bed, and he uses them to try and cloat her vaginal tear.

"Oh God, it hurts so bad!" She looks at the white sheet, as they become pink with her blood.

Jim then gets up, and he walks to the door and he opens it. He looks a very shocked Mary Jane right in the eyes. "Help her please?"

"With what? My good looks?" She looks past him to a freaking out Cheryl and a badly hurt Jaclyn. She then moves past him. "You stop freaking out and help me. You lie down!" She orders Cheryl, and then Jaclyn.

Jaclyn Smith lies down on the bed, and she takes a clean sheet. She holds it onto her vagina. "Keep her calm or she’s hurt herself even more. I can’t do anything because of a power block, remember?"

She looks out at the table, and she sees a lamp her mom had as a kid. She then looks at Mary Jane. "Yeah, I am her." She does not dare to look into her eyes, because her mom and dad once owned her. "Thank him for letting me sit on that table for forty years. Boring as hell."

"So, you and my dad were…" She shakes her head in denial.

"He never screwed me, but he had a dog he made me do sex acts with." Jaclyn looks to Mary Jane repulsed, as she looks out the window. "The sun is coming up so relax. When you return to the dressing room you hurt yourself on a huge dildo, okay?"

Jacyln nods her head, as she looks to Mary Jane and Cheryl. She then narrows her eyes at Jim. "This is all your fault!"

"What did I do?" He looks at her in some shock.

Her beautiful blue eyes narrow at him when she points at her torn vagina. "You did this, not me!" She screams so loud at him.

"It was a mistake!" Jim backs away from her some.

"A mistake huh? You pulled me down onto it hard. You son of a bitch!" She grabs the lamp off of the side of the bed, and she throws it at Jim. The moment this happens sunlight hits both her and Cheryl. Both of the cheerleading clad angels disappear, and Mary Jane pushes him out of the way of the lamp, and it hit her in the head.

She falls to the floor hurt badly. "Mary Jane!" Jim yells, as he catches her. His knee gives out badly and it does some huge damage as he falls. His knee will never be the same again. Mary Jane then disappears into her bottle. Her time with Jim is done forever.

SIX MONTHS LATER… Jim walks inside of the park very close to the campus where he lives. His left knee is now shit and he can barely take the pain. He takes a vicadin, and he sighs so hard as he drops his cane.

"Dear lord, I can’t even touch it." He bends down some, but his knee can no longer do this. "Ouch! Ouch!" Jim limps hard, as he looks down at his cane.

"Let me help you!" He hears and he turns to his left, as an awesome pair of tits come into his view, as a large breasted red head leans down to pick up his cane.

The moment she stands back up, and he sees her very pretty face. He knows her, and her beautiful blue eyes narrow at him. The last time he saw her he gave her shit for trying to help him.

"Oh, if I knew if it were you I would have kicked it away." She holds the cane away from him out of his reach making him stand and Jim is in agony. "I cried after the last time we met."

Jim’s leg then gives out and he falls forward. His face goes right into her breasts. She screams some out of shock, and she slips his cane into his hand.

Then Jim stands back up, and he looks into her beautiful blue eyes, and she blushes badly. She shakes her head hard at the look on his face. "You did that on purpose."

"Take a man’s cane away and perpare for a breast full of face." His knee hurts so bad right now. He’d give anything for one day without pain. "I am so sorry for how I acted the last time you and I met." He becomes lost in her beautiful blue eyes. "I am Jim." He extends his hand to her.

"I am Mary Beth." She shakes his hand, as she looks into his handsome face.

"Wow, my last girlfriend was named Mary Beth." He smiles at her.

"I know you and she was in my nine AM biology class. I told you two to get a room once. It drove me nuts that she faunted her access she had to you. I got to go now."

Mary Beth then begins to walk away, and Jim grabs her arm. She looks at him. "Before you go, can I take you out to dinner to repay you for your kindness and my jerkiness?"

"I’d love to." She smiles her outstanding smile at him, and then she disappears.

"I am so sorry Jim. She made me do it." Jim turns around and he looks at Mary Jane, and Jaclyn Smith holds the magic lamp. With her are Erin Grey, Lyndia Carter, and Cheryl Ladd.

"Hello ladies. So how is your…" He stops talking, as he looks into Jaclyn Smith’s eyes, and she is still mad. Oh crap!

"I was hurt for so long and he eventually left me!" Jaclyn acts like this is a new thing that happened and Jim can’t believe she held a grudge for this long. It has been over for thrity years in her time frame.

"So, I broke up your other marriages too? Give me a break." Mary Jane, Erin, Lyndia and Cheryl look at him in shock. Sometimes Jim is not very bright and tonight he proves it.

"Jim, she has got one more wish left." Mary Jane bites her lip, as she looks to Jim. She still loves him so much, but she can never have him.

"For my third wish I would like…" Before she can finish that sentence the tall and more powerful Lyndia Carter leans in and she cups her mouth. Both Erin and Cheryl grabs her arms so she cannot fight them back.

"Run Jim run!" Mary Jane sees this as a chance for him to escape. But Jim cannot run nor does he want to do so.

"Let her go ladies." Jim looks into her mad eyes, as Jaclyn Smith looks at him so upset. "If she wants her revenge she can have it."

They let Jaclyn go and she looks into his eyes. Mary Jane told her what happened after she and Cheryl went back to their own time and place. Jim has paid his price and she is happy. "Mary Jane, can I free you?"

"Since this is not a Walt Disney film you cannot, but I do have an idea if you are thinking what I think you are thinking?"

"I give my last wish to you then Mary Jane." She smiles at the beautiful red head.

Mary Jane then twirls her finger, and all of the ladies that Jim has had sex with disappears before him. "Was kinda looking forward to a sixsome." Jim smiles, as he looks where they were. That would likely kill him.

"What just happened?" Jim then turns and he looks back in shock. Mary Beth is back! Yay!

"You must have had brain fart or something. Can I pick you up at eight?" He smiles as he gets lost in her beautiful blue eyes once again.

"Why don’t I pick you up I have a pick up. Had to bring my comics in from Las Vegas. No, I don’t know anyone from CSI or Vegas."

"You own comic books?" He looks into her eyes, as he walks beside of her.

"Of course I do. Why did DC Comics so ruin Green Lantern? Kyle is so much cooler than what Hal ever was." As he walks he then realizes that Mary Beth has shorts on. He looks down at her legs. JACKPOT!

WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO MARY JANE? Lou Ann sits outside of the barn, as she looks at the tall grass. She sighs some, as she thinks of how boring her life can be. She throws some rocks into the tall grass, and after ten or fifteen throws she hears a clink.

She walks out to investigate, and her eyes widen. She sees a really old lamp, and she picks it up. "A ral ol’ lamp!" She says in her broken english. She then rubs it hard to get all of the mud off of it.

Her eyes then widen, as Mary Jane comes out of the lamp in overhauls and a stick of straw in her teeth. "Oh dear lord what has…" She rolls her eyes, as she looks to Lou Ann. "Just my luck a dike. What do you wish?"

"Yu a reel genie?" She asks her, and Mary Jane shakes her head hard.

"No go inside of the house and rub the lamps in there. You’ll see every lamp has a girl inside."

"Can you make Jennifer Gardener come into my bedroom and make her sweet for me?" She asks, as she looks at the beautiful Mary Jane. "You can join us if you need to." She grins her one tooth grin. What this backwoods woman needs is a dental plan not Jennifer Garner.

She did make a wish though and Mary Jane waves her finger. Jennifer Gardner appears inside of the woman’s bedroom, and her eyes widen at the change of scenery. She then gets some urges that Jennifer Gardner has never had before. "This can’t be good." She says, as she shakes her head. What Lou Ann asked for really was the beautiful Jennifer Garner star of Alias and some movies. Instead she got a 53 year old house keeper from Ohio.

As Lou Ann skips into the house all set to have sex, something sniffs at Mary Jane’s backside. She looks down, and she sees the local pig behind her. "Oh dear god… not a pig." She pulls down her pants as the pig begins to lick her hard. She has had a fetish since those night with Pat. She knows that Lou Ann will be pissed at her for fooling her, but Jennifer Garner does have standards, kinda.

THE END. Anyone with any story suggestions send then to

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