The Adventures Of Britney



The story herein is nothing more than fantasy written by a fan of the involved celebs and in no way represents known actions of said celebs. This is just fiction and isn’t meant to harm anyone. Now if you’re under the legal age to view adult rated, R/NC-17, stories in your local then please turn away now.

Britney Spears just finished up school. She is very horny. She spent the day teasing the guys in her school with her cute schoolgirl outfit. She’s wearing a white blouse, short black mini-skirt, white slouch socks, and black penny loafers. Her blonde
hair is tied into pigtails.

She meets up with her friend Mike and they talk for a bit. The whole time Mike is just checking out Britney’s gorgeous body. Britney notices his staring and this is just making her more hot.

“Hey Mike”, says Britney, “Why don’t you come over to my house now? Nobody is home.” Mike realizes this is his chance to finally fuck Britney and agrees.

They get back to Britney’s house and they go into her room. Britney sits down on her bed and says “So Mike, what would you like to do?” With that, Mike runs over to Britney and they fall to the bed kissing. Britney feels Mike’s hard dick through his jeans and wildly thrusts her hips up at him. When they break the kiss, Britney says that he should take off his pants. She wants to do something special for him that she knows he would like. Britney kicks off her penny loafers. She flexes her white socked feet and then makes sure they are fairly bunched up with a lot of wrinkles. She wants Mike to strip and then lay down on the bed which he does. Mike’s dick is just standing up at attention straight up into the air. Britney’s eyes open wide. She’s never seen such a huge dick before. She can’t wait to fuck it but first things first.

Britney sits down on her bed and then wraps her white sock clad feet around Mike’s dick. She jerks her feet slowly at first up and down his hard shaft. Mike loves the way Britney’s socks feel against his hard shaft. Mike is groaning in pleasure. Britney gradually increases the pace of her pumping.

Soon, Britney’s feet are furiously jerking off Mike’s dick. “Cum for me Mike”, says Britney, “I want to see you squirt your goo all over my socks, squirt Mike squirt.” Then, Britney makes some horny moans. That’s all Mike can take. Mike cums and his goo squirts up in air and then lands all over of Britney’s white slouch socks. Britney keeps up the furious pumping until every last bit of Mike’s jism has covered her socks. Britney slowly brings the foot pumping to a stop. Mike sits up and smiles, “It’s your turn now.” Britney grins widely.Britney stands up and lets her black mini-skirt drop to the floor. Mike’s sees Britney’s black panties which has a large wet spot. Britney unbuttons and takes off her white blouse and shows that she is wearing a matching black bra. She looks absolutely gorgeous standing there in nothing but bra, panties, and socks. “Lay down on the bed” says Mike. Britney gives a schoolgirlish giggle.

Britney lays down on her bed and spreads her sexy legs wide. Mike slides her panties down her legs and off. Then he gets between her legs and lowers his head. He’s sees some of Britney’s juices glistening on her pussy hair. Then he jams his tongue up into Britney’s pussy. “Oh Yeah”, Britney cries out. Mike’s hits her clit and just licks away.

Britney grabs ahold of Mike’s head and pushes him down into her pussy as she wildly thrusts up at him. “Oh God”, Britney moans, “that feels so good, Oh, Oh, that’s the spot, oh fuck yeah, ugh, ugh, ugh.” Britney feels the pleasure building up inside her. She doesn’t know how much longer she can hold her orgasm back.

Mike knows that Britney is very close to cumming. So now he pulls out his bag of tricks and does all sorts of twirls and swirls with his tongue. “OH GOD”, Britney screams. Her clit feels like it’s on fire.

Mike removes his tongue. “Cum for me Britney”, he says, “Cum for me, I know you want to, cum for me now.” Then, Mike dives his tongue back in. “UGH”, Britney moans loudly. Britney is now at the edge of her orgasm. She then allows herself to fall over.

“I’M CUUUUMMMIIINNNG”, Britney screams. Britney’s eyes roll up into her head. Her hands fall away from Mike’s head and she grips the sheets tightly. Her back arches up and lifts her off of the bed. Britney’s toes curl up as far as they can inside of her cum covered white slouch socks. Britney’s girlcum floods out of her pussy and covers Mike’s face.

Soon, Britney comes down from her intense orgasm and falls limp to the bed totally exhausted. She is panting and is trying to catch her breath. “Wow”, Britney says, “I have never cum so hard before. I thought that I was going to pass out.” Mike just grins.

So”, says Britney, “I guess all that’s left for you to do now is take that monster dick and fuck the cum out of me.” Mike gets into position. Mike thrusts his dick deep inside of Britney’s wet pussy. “UGH”, Britney moans in pleasure. She wraps her legs around his body. Mike is pumping into her slow and steady at first. Britney’s lips are parted slightly and she is moaning “uh, uh, uh” in rythmn with Mike’s thrusting.

Mike stares into Britney’s gorgeous brown eyes. They are filled with lust. He thinks she looks so cute still wearing her sexy black bra. Mike is gradually picking up the pace of his thrusting. “Oh Yes”, Britney moans, “that’s it, faster, harder, Oh God, Oh, Fuck me harder, come on you stud, Fuck me.”

Mike is thrusting very fast and hard now. The springs in Britney’s bed are creaking loudly and the headboard is banging against the wall. Britney’s pussy is creaming so much. “Oh Mike”, Britney screams, “I’m gonna cum, oh fuck yeah, I’m gonna cuuu…m.” Britney’s orgasm hits her like a ton of bricks.

“CUUUMMMIIINNNG”, Britney screams out in pleasure. Britney’s body shudders as the orgasm races throughout her body. She wildly thrusts her hips up to meet Mike’s intense thrusts. Britney grabs Mike’s head and pull him between her bra covered tits. Soon, she comes down from her orgasmic high and resumes her normal fucking speed.

“Oh God”, Britney moans, “that felt so good, ugh, make me cum again, oh yeah, I wanna cum, oh, come on stud, make me scream, ugh.”

By this time, Mike is fucking the shit out of Britney. She is bucking wildly and her body is lifting off of the bed. Her sexy legs and sock covered feet are shaking intensely. He doesn’t know how much longer he can hold out. All of Britney’s horny moaning is just so hot. Britney’s eyes are glazed over and he thinks she is getting ready to cum again.

“OH GOD”, Britney screams loudly, “OH NO, UGH, IT’S TOO MUCH, OH MIKE, I’M GONNA CUM HARD, UGH, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, I’M GONNA CUM, CUM, CUUUMMMM…”. Britney cums her brains out.

“I’M CUMMING”, Britney screams loudly. Britney’s hip thrusting is completely off the scale. Her pretty brown eyes roll back into her head. Her nails dig into Mike’s back. Britney’s cum covered white slouch sock feet are extended stiffly in the air.

Seeing Britney explode like this is all Mike can take. Mike grunts and shoots his entire load of jism into Britney’s body. Britney feels Mike’s spunk shooting into her pussy and this brings her to yet another orgasm. Britney’s mouth opens wide into a silent scream as she is being overwhelmed from head to toe with pleasure. It is just too much for Britney for handle.

Britney passes out. She falls completely limp to her bed. Britney’s mouth is open slightly in the shape of an ‘o’ with no sound coming out. Her head is tilted slightly to the side. Mike finishes unloading and pulls out of Britney’s pussy and stands up. Britney’s arms and legs fall limp to the bed. A mixture of Britney’s girlcum and Mike’s spunk is oozing out of her pussy and is pooling on the sheets. Mike just stares at the unconscious Britney sprawled on her bed, still wearing her cute black bra and cum covered white slouch socks, laying in a pool of cum. Mike finds himself getting hard again staring at the unconscious Britney. So he takes his dick and proceeds to jerk off. He is pumping his dick with his hand fast and hard. He thinks Britney looks so cute passed out. It doesn’t take Mike long until he is ready to cum. Then with a grunt, Mike takes aim and squirts globs of hot, sticky spunk onto Britney’s face. The first squirt hits her right on the cheek. Then he hits her in the eye and on the chin. He also hits her hair which creates streaks of white goo.

Since he’s not done yet, he then turns and proceed to cum all over Britney’s black bra covered tits. Her bra ends up covered in spunk before he is done. Cum that lands inbetween her tits forms a stream that runs down her stomach and pools in her bellybutton. Finally, Mike spurts one last stream of cum onto Britney and then he is done. Britney’s face is covered in cum and has some spunk dripping off her chin.

Then Mike wants to see if he can make Britney cum even though she is passed out. So he takes one of his fingers and rams it up Britney’s pussy and rubs her clit fast. Britney groans and her breathing becomes pretty heavy. Soon, Mike feels Britney’s pussy contracting and he feels a flood of liquid hit his finger. Britney is cumming hard. Britney’s body is shaking. He takes his finger out and Britney’s girlcum comes squirting out. Britney’s girlcum squirts up and lands all over her legs. Then Britney grunts and squirts one last stream of girlcum which splatters her sheets and adds to the pool of cum between her legs. Britney’s body goes limp and her breathing returns to normal as she lapses back into unconsciousness. Mike gets dressed and then grabs a camera out of his backpack. He takes afew pictures of the unconscious, cum covered Britney. Then he grabs Britney’s wet black panties and stuffs them into his bag and leaves the house.

Britney comes to alittle while later. She moans and sits up in her bed. She is covered in cum, both hers and Mikes. Britney can’t believe how hard she came and that she passed out. She stands up and sees the huge pool of cum on her bed. She takes the sheets off of her bed and puts on frest sheets. Then she strips off her cum covered black bra and bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch socks. She notices that her black panties are missing and figures that Mike took them as a memento of them fucking. It doesn’t matter since she has plenty of others. Britney takes the pigtails out of her cum streaked long blonde hair. Then she goes into the shower to clean off.

Britney dries off and comes back to her room after her shower to get dressed. She puts on a white tank top and brown checkered boxer shorts. She goes to her sock drawers to get a pair of socks when she looks down at the floor and notices her cum covered white slouch socks. The cum has dried so now the socks just have yellow cum stains on them. She gets horny looking at them, remembering the footjob she gave that stud Mike and how he shot his hot, sticky goo all over her socks. Britney picks them up and then puts them back on her feet. She bunches them up to make a lot of nice, white wrinkles. Britney admires her cum stained socks and is getting even more horny. She starts to run her hand against her boxers, rubbing them into her pussy. Britney moans in pleasure. All of a sudden, Britney gets a great idea and stops the rubbing. Her entire family will not be home tonight. Masturbating is so much more fun with some friends. So, she plans to invite her friends Katherine Heigl and Kristen Kreuk over for a full blown frig fest. They have done this together afew times and its been a blast. So she gives them both a call and they are very excited about it. Then she just waits for them to come over to her house.

Alittle while later, the doorbell rings. Britney runs down the stairs to get the door. She opens the door and sees both Katherine and Kristen have arrived together. Katherine is wearing a white tight shirt, a black mini-skirt, bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch socks, and white keds sneakers. Kristen is wearing a yellow shirt, black shorts, bunched up and very wrinkled red slouch socks and white skimmers. “Wow”, says Britney, “Both of you girls looks so hot!” “So do you “, says Katherine eyeing the hot blonde. Katherine checks Britney out from head to toe. She does a double take when she notices the yellow stains on Britney’s socks. “Is that what I think it is”, Katherine says pointing at the yellow stains. “What is that”, Kristen asks when she sees what Katherine is pointing at. Britney just blushes. “It’s cum”, says Katherine, “dried up cum.” “I’ve never seen dried up cum before”, says Kristen, “Whenever I cum, I just clean it up before it dries.” “It’s not girlcum if I’m not mistaken”, says Katherine, “It’s a guy’s cum. This little slut had sex not too long ago.” Kristen’s eyes light up. “I forgot that you’re still a virgin, so you’ve never had a guy cum on you before.” says Katherine. “Nope”, says Kristen getting pretty horny. “What did you do Brit?”, Katherine asks, “Give him a footjob and then he spunked all over your socks?” “Yep”, says Britney, “After that he ate me out like no other guy has before. Then he fucked me hard until I passed out. I have never splooged so much before. The he must have jerked off all over me while I was unconscious. When I woke up I was covered in cum.” By this point, both Katherine and Kristen are very horny. “I think we should go upstairs now girls.” says Britney.

The teenage girls go upstairs and into Britney’s room. The room smells of sex. The girls all sit down on the floor and make themselves comfortable. Kristen leans her back against Britney’s bed, Katherine is leaning against a dresser, while Britney is sitting in the middle of the room. “Let’s get undressed.” says Britney, “You first Kristen.” Kristen stands up. Kristen grins as she pulls off her yellow shirt to reveal a cute red bra. Next, she kicks off her white skimmers to reveal the rest of her bunched up and very wrinkled red slouch socks. Then, she slides off her black shorts to reveal a matching set of cute red panties. Her panties have a small, dark stain on them. “Oh you look so hot.”, says Katherine, “I see you’ve already creamed your panties a bit.” “Oh yeah”, says Kristen blushing, “I got so hot downstairs when I found out that Britney was fucked. I can’t wait to one day feel how it is to have a guy’s meat pounding away at my young pussy.” “You’ll love it.”, says Britney, “It feels so good.” “Ok”, says Kristen,”I’m leaving the rest of my stuff on for now.” Kristen looks so cute in just her red bra and panties, and bunched up and very wrinkled red slouch socks. Kristen sits back down with her back against Britney’s bed. “Your turn Kath”, says Britney. Katherine stands up and pulls off her white tight shirt to reveal a white cotton bra. The other girls gasp because they can see her nipples straining through her bra because they are so hard. “Take it off”, says Britney. Katherine takes off her bra and her beautiful tits spring free. Britney and Kristen both sigh as they see Katherine’s tits bouncing around. Then, she lets her white panties slip to the floor. Then, Katherine takes off her white keds sneakers to reveal the rest of her bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch socks which have very dirty bottoms. She sits down with her back agains the dresser, her knees up with her sock feet on the floor, and her legs spread. She pulls her black mini-skirt up and leaves it bunched around her waist so the other girls can see her hairy pussy. “Wow, look at that”, says Britney, “You’re already creaming.” Katherine’s girlspunk is already dripping out of her pussy onto the floor. “Yeah”, says Katherine, “I’m pretty horny.” With that, Katherine sticks a finger up her pussy and immediately start pumping hard. She uses her other hand to rub her clit. “Uhhhhhhhhhhn”, Katherine moans in pleasure as she hits her clit. “Hey”, says Britney, “I’m not ready yet.” “Sorry, I haven’t cum in a week”, says Katherine, “You got your brains fucked out before and came all over the place.” Then, Katherine jammed a second finger into her creamy pussy and moans. “Well, I haven’t cum in a month”, says Kristen. “Oh yeah, that’s right”, says Britney, “You’re a good girl.” “Let me show you how good a girl I am”, says Kristen. Then, she pulls off one of her red socks. The toes on Kristen’s barefoot has cute black nail polish on them. Then, she spreads her legs wide. She wiggles her sexy toes and then she covers one of her hands with the sock. With the other hand, she pulls aside the crotch of her wet red panties to reveal her creamy teenage pussy. Then, she jams her red sock hand up into her pussy. Kristen screams upon penetration. Britney nearly cums in her boxers as she sees this. Katherine moans in pleasure and speeds up her masturbating. “Uhhhn, oh yeah”, Kristen moans, “This gives me the most pleasure whenever I’m jilling myself, Uh, I have the gooiest, creamiest climaxes whenever I use my sock.” Kristen rubs her clit with her other hand and is in immense pleasure. Britney can wait no longer. She takes off her white tank top and her tits spring free. She spreads her legs wide. Then she takes her finger and rubs her clit through her boxers. Britney moans in pleasure. Soon, a large gooey wet spot appear on her boxers. “Oh yeah”, says Katherine, “Cream your boxers Brit.” Katherine speeds up her frigging even more. Hot creamy girlspunk is spilling out of Katherine’s pussy and is pooling on the floor between her legs. Britney pulls her boxer crotch aside to reveal her gooey pussy. She jams her finger in and rubs her clit with her other hand. “Oh God”, Britney moans,”That feels so good, Ugh, Ugh, Ugh, I don’t think it will take me long to cum.” Kristen is really pumping herself good. “Uh, Uh, Uh, Oh that feels so good.” Kristen has a nice puddle of spunk forming between her legs. “Oh wow”, says Katherine, “Look at that cream spill out of Kristen’s pussy. When you cum, I’m going to explode.” Kristen’s breathing is speeding up. She is also masturbating furiously now. Her sock hand is pumping into her pussy extrememly fast. Her moans are almost screams. “Oh girls, Ughnnn, I’m gonna cum soon.” “Fuck yeah”, says Britney whose own masturbating has sped up,”Cum for us Kristen. We want to see your hot gooey girlcum spurt all over the place.” “Yeah”, says Katherine who is very close to her own orgasm, “Cum hard Kristen. Spurt that spunk all over the place. Oh, Oh, Oh, Uhn, I’m so close, look at how big my cream puddle is.” Katherine has a huge puddle of spunk between her legs now. “OH MY GOD”, Kristen moans, “OH, OH, FUCK, I’M GONNA CUM SO HARD, GONNA CUM, GONNA CUUUUMMM….” With that, Kristen jams her sock hand up and hits her g-spot. Kristen screams. She leans forward, away from the bed, arches her back, and leans her head back. “ARRRRGGGGHHHHH CUUUUUUMMMMIIIINNNG”, Kristen screams as she cums her brains out. Her cum covered sock hand falls out of her pussy as she starts spurting girlcum all over the place. One shot hit Britney on her legs. Another shot hits her right between her tits. Kristen’s bunched up and wrinkled red slouch sock foot and barefoot extend very stiffly. Kristen’s eyes roll up into her head. Kristen’s hips are bucking uncontrollably and her spunk is shooting everywhere. A huge glob of girlcum hits Katherine right in the face. Some of it shoots up and lands in Kristen’s long black hair giving it white streaks. Another few shots hits her bunched up and very wrinkled red slouch sock foot and her barefoot. The cum is dripping down her barefoot and is seeping inbetween her pretty toes. Finally, Kristen grunts and spurts one last glob of girlcum that lands right on Katherine’s black mini-skirt. Then, Kristen passes out. She falls back limp against the bed and she slumps over slightly until she hits the wall. Kristen’s cum covered bunched up and very wrinkled red slouch sock foot and barefoot go limp. Her arms are limp on either side of her. Her lips are slightly parted. Kristen’s pussy is still dripping out girlcum which is pooling between her legs. Seeing Kristen pass out is too much for Katherine to take. “OH MY GOD”, Katherine screams as she shoves a finger up to her g-spot. “Uh”, says Britney,”Are you going to cum hard Kath? Cum for me Kath. Spurt your creamy girlspunk all over me. Cum Kath Cum!” “I’M CUUUMMMIIINNNG!”, Katherine screams as globs of girlcum come spurting out everywhere from her creamy pussy. A huge glob of spunk hits Britney right in the face. Another creamy wad lands right on the unconscious Kristen’s face. Then some lands on her legs. Afew more spurts of cum land on Katherine’s legs and her bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch socks. At this point, Britney is right on the edge of a huge climax. She hits her g-spot and screams loudly. “I’M GONNA CUM KATH, OH FUCK YEAH, I’M GONNA SPURT MY HOT STICKY GIRLSPUNK ALL OVER YOU, UGH, UGH, UGH, GONNA CUM, GONNA CUUU……M!” Britney cums her brains out and screams. Britney’s eyes roll up into her head. Britney’s cum stained bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch sock feet extend stiffly. A huge wad of girlcum comes spurting out of her pussy and lands on Katherine’s legs. Afew more huge globs spurt out and land on Katherine’s face, tits, and long blonde hair. Then, another string of cum hits the unconscious Kristen in the face. Kristen has cum all over her face. Some of it is dripping off of her chin. Some more cum spurts up and lands in Britney’s long blonde hair. Then she cums on her legs and white slouch socks. Finally, it all becomes too much for Britney. Britney grunts as she spurts one last huge creamy glob of girlcum that lands right on Katherine’s face. Britney passes out and falls back limp to the floor into her puddle of cum. Her cum streaked long blonde hair is sprawled all over the floor. Her head tilts slightly to one side with her lips slightly parted. Britney’s cum covered bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch sock feet go limp. Britney has a huge puddle of her girlspunk between her legs. Cum dripping off of almost every part of Britney’s body. Katherine sees Britney pass out and this send her over the edge again. Katherine cums and screams again. Her eyes roll up into her head. Katherine’s girlcum is spurting everywhere. She thought she blew her wad before but she was wrong. She is cumming even more than before. Her cum is landing on herself as well as the unconscious Kristen and Britney. Her hips are bucking wildly as she spurts string after string of gooey girlcum all over the place. Katherine feels unconsciousness coming over her and she goes into it happily. Katherine passes out. Katherine’s back slowly slides down the dresser. Her knees are going down until her legs are straight flat on the floor. Finally, Katherine is completely flat on her back on the floor unconscious laying over her pool of cum. Her cum streaked long blonde hair is sprawled all over the floorHer black mini-skirt is getting completely covered in her girlcum. Katherine’s cum covered bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch sock feet with dirty bottoms wiggle and then go limp. The three unconscious girls are just covered in cum. Kristen’s pussy is still dripping cum onto the floor between her legs. All of a sudden, Kristen’s hips buck up wildly and a huge glob of spunk shoot out and lands between her lands. Kristen moans slightly in her unconscious state and then lays still once again. Her pussy finally has stopped creaming. Of the three girls, Kristen has cum the most. The pool of girlcum between her legs is huge. The girls are unconscious for awhile. Katherine is the first to come to. She sits up and groans. She sees that she has cum dripping all over her. Katherine can’t believe that she passed out. That never happened to her before. Then again, she’s never cum like this before. She looks over at Britney and Kristen and sees that they are still passed out. This gets her extremely horny again. She finally has Kristen helpless and all to herself. She has wanted to fuck Kristen the first time that she ever saw her. Now Kristen is passed out, covered in cum, and totally vulnerable. Katherine crawls over to Kristen. Kristen looks so cute unconscious, in her red bra and cum stained panties, and one cum covered bunched up and very wrinkled red slouch sock. Katherine sees a string of goo dangling off of Kristen’s face and she goes over and sucks it off. Then she stands up and picks Kirsten up in her arms. Kirsten’s head is leaning back and her arms are dangling toward the floor. Her wet red slouch sock falls off her hand and onto the floor. Katherine lays her down on Britney’s bed. Her arms are frailed out and her cum streaked long black hair is sprawled all over the bed. Katherine gets on her knees at the front of the bed and starts to lick Kristen’s cum covered barefoot. She is licking up all that goo. Then she takes Kirsten’s toes and sucks the cum off of them. She also licks inbetween her toes to get all the spunk. Then, Katherine takes Kristen’s cum covered bunched up and very wrinkled red slouch sock foot and places that in her mouth and sucks on it. “Mmmm”, Katherine says sucking all that cum off of Kristen’s sock. This is making Katherine’s cream. Girlspunk is dripping out of her pussy and onto the floor. Katherine can’t take it anymore. She has to make the unconscious Kristen cum. Katherine spreads Kristen’s cum covered sexy legs wide. Then, she gets up onto the bed and sits inbetween her legs. Katherine extends one her legs straight out while keeping the other tucked underneath her. Then Katherine slides the crotch of Kristen’s red panties to the side and jams her cum covered bunched up and wrinkled white slouch sock foot with dirty bottoms into Kristen’s creamy pussy. “UH”, Kristen moans in her unconscious state. Katherine slowly pumps her sock foot in and out of Kirsten’s pussy. Katherine is really burning up between her legs. So, she takes two fingers and jams them into her pussy and starts pumping furiously. “UGH”, Katherine moans, “UH, UH, UH, OH YEAH, GONNA MAKE KRISTEN CUM, UH, UH, UH, GONNA MAKE MYSELF CUM, OH GOD, HEY BRIT, YOU’RE MISSING ALL THE ACTION”. The unconscious Britney gives no response. Katherine is now furiously thrusting her sock foot into Kristen’s pussy. “UH, UH, UH,” Kristen is moaning in her unconscious state in rhythm with Katherine’s thrusting. Katherine is really close to cumming. Her pussy juices are spilling out and pooling onto the bed. Kirsten’s moans are getting faster. She is also close to cumming. Katherine wants to time it so that she and Kristen get off at the same time. “OH FUCK”, Katherine moans, “I’M GONNA CUM SO HARD, OH YEAH, UGH, UH, UH, UH, OH KRISTEN, CUM FOR ME, SQUIRT YOUR CREAMY GIRLCUM ALL OVER MY SOCK, OH, OH, UGH!” Meanwhile, Britney has just come to. She groans and sits up and then notices Katherine fucking the shit out of the unconscious Kristen. Britney’s eyes open wide and then she just cums. Britney’s mouth opens wide in silent scream. Her hips buck wildly in an orgasmic frenzy as her pussy spews another load of girlcum between her legs to add to the huge pool. Britney’s eyes roll up into her head. Britney passes out and slumps back to the floor. All of this went completely unnoticed by Katherine who is using total concentration to make herself and Kristen cum. All of a sudden, Kristen’s mouth opens wide in a silent scream and Katherine feels a flood of pussy juices cover her sock foot. Kristen’s back is arching off the bed. Katherine knows that Kristen has cum and pretty hard by the look of it. Then Katherine allows herself to fall over the edge. “CUUUMMMIIINNNG”, Katherine screams out loudly. Katherine’s girlcum is spewing from her creamy pussy. Britney’s new fresh sheets are being covered in Katherine’s and Kristen’s girlcum. Katherine’s eyes roll up into her head. Katherine knows that she is going to pass out again but doesn’t care. It was all worth it just to fuck the unconscious Kristen and make her cum her brains out. Katherine’s body stiffens up and then she passes out. Katherine slumps to the side onto the bed. Some of Katherine’s cum streaked long blond hair is covering her face. Her lips are slightly parted. Her sock foot is still jammed into Kristen’s pussy. Then Kristen’s body goes limp and falls back to the bed. Kristen’s mouth is still open widely but she is silent. Her closed eyes flutter briefly like she is going wake up but then they stop and Kristen lapses back into unconsciousness. The room is now completely silent since all of the girls are passed out. The creamy flow of girlcum has now ceased spewing from all the girls’ pussies. Pools of creamy girlcum are all over the floor and Britney’s bed.

The girls come to alittle while later. They all sit up and groan. Kristen finds Katherine’s sock foot jammed into her pussy. “What did you do Katherine?”, Kristen asks in surprise. “I fucked your pussy with my foot”, Katherine says with a grin. “So you took advantage of me while I was passed out from one of the biggest orgasms I have ever had?” asks Kristen. “Yep”, says Katherine. “Cool”, Kristen says with a smile. “I’m sure Britney would have joined in,” says Katherine, “but she was too busy being unconscious.” “Hey!” says Britney, “Can you blame me? I came so hard that it was just too overwhelming.” The girls talk for abit about the nights activities. Then they get cleaned up and they clean up Britney’s room. Then Katherine and Kristen say their goodbyes and head for home. They definitely plan to do this again.

Britney has an uneventful weekend. Then Monday it is back to school. Britney is wearing a pink cutoff top that shows her bellybutton, black shorts, bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch socks, and flip flops. Britney sees Mike during the day in the hallway and they smile at each other. Britney knows that one day she has to get him back in bed. At the end of the day, Britney has to stay later for cheerleader practice. After practice, she is the last one left in the locker room changing back into her regular clothes after all her friends have left. Britney finishes changing and closes her locker when all of a sudden she is grabbed from behind and a hand clamps a white cloth over her mouth. “Mphmf”, Britney screams into the cloth as a sweet smell invades her nostrils. Britney feels herself getting dizzy. She realizes that the smell is chloroform. Britney is screaming into the cloth and struggling hard to get away. Both of her hands are gripping her attackers arm trying to pull it away from her mouth. She is having no luck. Britney finds herself getting weaker and weaker. She realizes that she is about to lose consciousness and there is nothing she can do about it. Britney is struggling less and her eyes are fluttering as she tries to fight off unconsciousness to no avail. Britney’s eyes roll up into her head. Britney gives a little “sigh” into the cloth and then passes out. Britney goes limp into her attackers arms and her head falls limp to her chest. Her arms fall away from the attackers arms and limp to her side. The unconscious Britney is lowered gently to the ground. It is the 30 yr. old custodian who has just knocked out the gorgeous Britney. He has seen her flaunt herself around school and he decided he wanted her. The custodian lift the unconscious Britney into his arms. Britney’s head falls back, with her mouth wide open with no sound coming out, and her long blonde hair dangling toward the ground. Britney’s arms are dangling limps toward the ground. Also, Britney’s flip flops are dangling off slightly to show her white socks heels. The custodian carries Britney safely to his office because noone else is around. He lays her down gently on his desk. Britney’s head is tilted slightly to one side with her lips slightly parted now. Her arms are flailed out and are extended over the side of the desk. Britney’s flip flop feet are dangling over the front of the desk. The custodian makes sure that the door is closed and locked and that the shades are down. Then he sits Britney up so he can take off her shirt. Britney’s head is rolling limp as he does this. He takes off her shirt to reveal a cute pink bra. He unclasps her bra and takes it off allowing Britney’s tits to spring free. He lets her go and Britney flops back down to the desk. Then he pulls her black shorts down her legs and over her flip flop feet to reveal Britney’s matching pink panties. He noticed that her panties seem to have a small wet spot on them. He assumes that Britney must have gotten horny over something during the day and creamed her panites. Then he slides her panties down and off to reveal her hairy pussy. He steps back and admires the unconscious Britney, naked except for her flip flops and white socks. The custodian gets undressed. Then he spreads Britney’s sexy legs wide. He then kneels down and proceeds to eat Britney out. Throughout the process, Britney does not move or stir. All of a sudden, he feels Britney’s pussy contract and then a flood of girlcum hits his face and he knows that Britney has cum. He then stands up and cleans his face off. Britney still has girlspunk dripping from her pussy and is pooling on the desk. Now the custodian mounts Britney and jams his dick up into Britney’s creamy pussy. The unconscious Britney does not react at all. He pumps slowly at first and then speeds up. Eventually, light moans are coming from the unconscious Britney. Britney’s eyes are fluttering as she is coming to. Too late the custodian realizes that he doesn’t have the chloroform cloth by him. Britney wakes up to find the custodian fucking her brains out. “You!”, she yells. The custodian is shocked to see that Britney recognizes her. “You know,” Britney says in between moans, “You didn’t have to knock me out to fuck me. You could have just asked.” The custodian is shocked and he stops his pumping but remains inside of her. “What do you mean?”, he says. “I’ve noticed you”, she says, “I think you’re cute. I’ve always wonders what it would feel like to have your fuckrod pumping away inside of me and now I know. It feels fuckin’ awesome!” The custodian smiles as he feels Britney wiggle underneath him trying to get his dick further inside of her. “I’ve been fucking since I was 14.”,says Britney, “I love getting fucked. I love how I feel when I cum. I love how it feels when a guys shoots his sperm into me.” The custodian is getting more horny. “No one else knows this but I’ve fucked everyone of my directors after each of my music videos. It’s kind of a tradition now.”, Britney says. “I didn’t realize you were such a slut”, says the custodian. “Oh yeah”, says Britney, “I’m a huge slut. Now let’s go! Fuck my pussy hard.” Then with that, the custodian resumes his fast and hard pumping. Britney wraps her sexy legs around his back and she puts her hands on his back and pushes him into her more. “Ughhn”, Britney moans, “Oh God, Oh, Fuck Yeah, Fuck me, Ugh, Fuck me hard stud, Oh, Oh, Oh, Make me cum, oh yeah, I wanna cum, Ugh, Make me cum baby, Oh Fuck, Make me scream, Ugh!” This makes the custodian thrust as fast and hard as he can. Britney’s moans have turned to screams. Her hips are bucking up off the desk to meet his hard thrusts. One of Britney’s flip flops has fallen off to reveal the rest of her bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch sock foot. Britney feels herself quickly approaching her orgasm. “OH GOD”, Britney screams, “I’M GONNA CUM, OH FUCK, I’M GONNA CUM ALL OVER YOUR DICK, UGH, UGH, UGH, CUM WITH ME, OH, I WANT TO FEEL YOUR SPUNK SHOOT INTO MY TEENAGE PUSSY, OH, OH, I FEEL IT, UGHNNN…….I’M CUMMING!”. Britney cums and screams. Britney’s girlcum floods out of her pussy and covers the custodian’s dick and drips over the side and adds to the pool of her spunk on the desk. The custodian sees Britney cum and can’t hold back any longer. He cums with a grunt and then spurts his seed deep into Britney’s pussy. “OH YEAH”, Britney screams, “I FEEL YOUR CUM INSIDE OF ME, OH, FILL ME UP, OH, OH, I WANT EVERY LAST OUNCE OF YOUR SPUNK, OH FUCK, SQUIRT BABY SQUIRT!” It feels like the custodian is shooting gallons of cum into her pussy. He has never cum this much before. Soon, he has squirt the last of his jizz into her pussy just as she is coming down from her orgasm. The custodian gets off of her and her arms and legs fall back to the desk. Both his and Britney’s spunk is dripping out of her pussy and pooling onto the desk. Britney is laying there in post orgasmic bliss. Her eyes are closed and she has a hand playing lazily with the pool of cum between her legs. After afew minutes, she opens her eyes and smiles at the custodian. “Wow”, she says dreamily, “That was some fuck. You made me cum so hard. It felt like you shot a gallon of jizz into my body.” Britney groans in pleasure. Then the custodian goes to get his clothes. “What are you doing?”, Britney asks him as she sits up. “I’m getting dressed”, he says. “No you’re not”, she responds, “I’m not done with you yet.” The custodian smiles and says “What do you have in mind?” “Well”, Britney says kicking off her remaining flip flop to reveal her other bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch sock foot, “How would you like a footjob?” The custodian just grins and nods his head. “I love giving them”, Britney says, “esepcially while wearing my socks. I love it when guys shoot a ton of goo all over my socks. It makes me so hot. I love walking around afterwards in my cum covered socks.” Britney sees the custodian’s dick spring back to attention and smiles. He stands in front of her and she extends her white socked feet towards him. Then she wraps her white sock clad feet around his hard shaft. She pumps her sock feet slowly up and down his hard shaft. The custodian is moaning in pleasure. “How does that feel”, says Britney, “It feels good doesn’t it? I can’t wait until you squirt your fucksauce all over my socks.” Britney increases the speed of her pumping. Soon, Britney is furiously pumping the custodian’s dick with her sock feet. Britney makes some horny moans. All of a sudden, she gets a great idea and smiles. “Oh baby”, says Britney, “Let me know when you’re going to cum. I have a great idea”. The custodian nods his head. Soon, his moaning gets louder. “Are you going to cum baby?”, Britney asks, “Are you gonna cum all over my socks now?” The custodian just nods. Then Britney stops her pumping and pulls her sock feet away from his dick. She grabs one of her feet and yanks the white slouch sock off. Then, she quickly places it over the custodian’s dick like a condom. Then, she wraps her hand around the custodian’s sock covered dick and furiously pumps it up and down. “Cum in my sock baby”, Britney says, “I want you to shoot the spunk into my sock now, oh yeah, cover the inside of my sock with your seed, oh baby, cum for me, oh yes, cum baby cum!” That’s all the custodian can take and he shoots a ton of cum into Britney’s white slouch sock. He is grunting with each spurt. “That’s it baby”, says Britney, “Fill my sock with your cum.” He is cumming so much that it is seeping out through the tip of her sock. Finally, he squirts his last bit of cum into her sock. Britney looks up at him and smiles. She takes her cum filled sock off of his dick. Then, while he watches in surprise, Britney puts the cum filled sock back onto her foot. She bunches it up and makes lots of wrinkles. “The cum feels so good against my foot”, Britney as she wiggles her toes at him, “I feel it oozing between my toes. It feels sooooo good.” Britney sighs and lays back down onto the desk into the pool of cum. “I have one more thing I want you to do”, says Britney. “What’s that?” he asks. “I want you to knock me out again”, she says. He stares at her in surprise. “I want you to use my sock to do it though”, Britney says. “Ok”, he says and he grabs Britney’s foot and pulls off the non cum filled white slouch sock. He kisses Britney’s barefoot and she giggles. He reaches into his drawer and pulls out the bottle of chloroform. He opens it up and pours some of it onto Britney’s sock and then closes the bottle. He looks over at Britney and sees that she has put one of her finger’s up her pussy and is pumping it. She gives the custodian a horny look. “Knock me out baby”, Britney says. The custodian places Britney’s chloroform covered white slouch sock over her mouth. Britney breathes deep and moans into her sock. Britney pumps her finger into her pussy even faster and harder as she feels herself getting dizzy. Britney realizes that she is not going to cum before she passes out. Britney’s eyes are fluttering. “Oh, I’m so close”, she thinks to herself. Britney’s eyes roll up into her head. Britney knows she is about to cum. “Oh darn”, is Britney’s last thought before losing consciousness. Britney cums just as she passes out. Her hand falls limply away from her pussy as Britney’s girlcum squirts out in streams and lands in the pool of cum between her legs. Soon, Britney’s stream of girlspunk comes to an end. The custodian removes the chloroform sock from Britney’s mouth. Britney’s head tilts slightly to the side with her mouth slightly open with no sound coming out. The custodian steps back to stare. Britney looks absolutely gorgeous laying passed out in a pool cum, naked except for one cum filled bunched up and very wrinkled white slouch sock.

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