The Gifford Family Story

Author’s Note:

This is my tribute to Carl Standifer, who writes about tv shows and

famous and not-so-famous

tv characters involved in sex, sometimes even in incest. His early tv

show parodies inspired me to start writing my own celebrity incest

stories so I wish to thank him here and to also

pay homage to his writing. Carl, thank you.


The following story is purely fantasy and to believe otherwise is either

folly or wishful

thinking. As Carl always says, “Remember,

it’s just fiction”. None of the parties involved in the following story

bear any actual resemblance to their own personal lives and/or actions.

This is strictly for fun, so enjoy, if you wish.

The Gifford Family Story

(Fm, Mf. mast, inc, con)

by kids_at_play

Everyone should know by now Kathie Lee Gifford, as well as her equally

famous husband, Frank Gifford. How can you not know them? Millions of

football fans have watched Frank Gifford sit in the booth on Monday

Night Football for over 20 years until he lost his job

in 1998. And Kathie Lee Gifford is the host of the most popular-rated

morning talk show

LIVE with Regis and Kathie Lee. Also, she

does commercials for Carnival Cruise Lines.

Kathie Lee Gifford was born August 16, 1953, in Paris, France. She is

46 years old at the present time. Frank Gifford was born August 16,

1930, in Santa Monica, Calif. He is 69 years old. Odd, isn’t it, that

they were both born on the exact same day?

At the age of 14, Kathie Lee and her sister formed a small singing group

called Pennsylvania Next Right, since they lived in

Maryland. In 1970, at the age of 17, Kathie Lee

won Maryland’s Junior Miss title. She has been the co-star of LIVE with

Regis and Kathie Lee

since 1988.

In 1995-1996, Kathie Lee came under fire for alleged sweatshop abuses in

the Honduras where they manufactured her Wal-Mart line of clothing. She

has steadfastly denied any knowledge or involvement with these alleged

abuses, and is presently at work attempting to

rectify the problem.

Frank Gifford was drafted by the New York Giants football team in 1952

at the age of 22

as a Halfback. He played with the Giants until

1964. While a player, he set many records, won many awards, was elected

to the Pro Bowl

many times and was finally elected into the Football Hall of Fame.

He began his sports announcing career in 1957 while he was still a

player. This was pre-ban.

He became a full-time announcer/commentator

in 1964. He has been the co-host of Monday

Night Football from 1970-1998. In 1997, Frank

was videotaped allegedly having sex with a

stewardess in a hotel room. There are some who believe that he was

set-up. Kathie Lee,

who is a Christian, found the faith and the strength to forgive her


They have two children. Cody Newton Gifford was born on March 22, 1990.

He is 9 years old.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, darling cute boy. Cassidy Erin Gifford was born

on August 2, 1993. She is currently 6 years old. Blonde hair, blue

eyes, cutie-pie.

Kathie Lee has often bragged about her children on national television

on her show.

To hear her talk, you’d think her kids were pure

gold. To anyone who has ever watched the Gifford Family Christmas Shows

you will know that their kids are indeed beautful, if not a bit

stuffy. That is, they seem too innocent and pure.

The Giffords live in Connecticut in farm country.

Needless to say they are very well off–which

translated means RICH! What could a rich, Christian family such as

theirs harbor in their

deepest closets? Let us see, shall we?

A Cry in the Night

Kathie Lee heard the small voice instantly and awoke from a seemingly

deep sleep. It was a voice only a mother could hear. She looked over

at her husband lying sleeping in the bed next to her, oblivious to the

world. Even though Kathie Lee was 23 years younger than Frank,

she still found him attractive and craved his affections. But, ever

since that time with that

stewardess, Frank had not paid too much attention to her needs and

desires. Just because she was 46 did not mean that she was

now a nun. She wanted and needed sex. She had even forgave Frank his

indiscretion, but still he kept that part of their marriage on hold.

So Kathie Lee immersed herself in her tv show and that kept her from

thinking about sex. Well, sometimes it did! On the set in the studio,

sometimes she would daydream about having sex with Regis, or even with

Gellman, their

producer. Heck, sometimes she even did not

wear a bra underneath her sweaters and blouses so that her nipples would

stick out and maybe Regis or Gellman or even one of the

stagehands would notice.

Kathie Lee sighed and again heard the tiny voice calling out to her. It

was Cody, her son.

Her beautiful, gorgeous 9 year old son. Was

something wrong? What time was it? She looked over at the bedside

clock and saw that it was 3:00 in the morning. Something was wrong with

her son! Kathie Lee climbed out of bed and slipped her bare feet into

her slippers.

In her haste to go to her son, she neglected to

put on her robe, which hung by the bedpost.

She wore only her thin light blue nightgown,

ankle length, with a slight neckline. Her rather

large breasts bobbled freely beneath her nightgown as she rushed down

the hall to her

son’s bedroom.

She opened his door and stuck her head inside, seeing Cody leaning up on

one elbow and squinting at her from his bed.

“Mom?” Cody said softly.

“Yes, honey, I heard you. Is there something wrong?”

“Uh, well, mom, I–it’s–uh, it’s–I think something is wrong with me.

With my body, mom.”

“What do you mean, Cody?” Kathie Lee asked,

concerned as any mother would be.

Kathie Lee stepped into her son’s bedroom and closed the door behind

her. Cody had a night light next to his bed which was quite bright and

kept his bedroom lit up fairly much so that he

would not be afraid of the dark. Even though he was 9 years old, Cody

Gifford was every bit a mommy’s boy.

Kathie Lee sat down on the side of Cody’s bed.

His blankets were still over top of him, even though he was leaning up

on his elbow.

“Now, Cody, what is wrong with your body? Do you have pain somewhere?

Did you hurt yourself?” Kathie Lee asked her son.

“I–I’m not sure, mom. I mean, it doesn’t hurt–

but, I never saw anything like this before.”

Kathie Lee did not have the vaguest clue what her son was talking about.

“Well, why don”t you show me where it is, I mean, where you think this

problem is?” she asked him.

“Um, you won’t be mad, mom?”

“Now why would I get mad?”

“Well, uh–I guess I can show you,” Cody said softly, sighing.

Wth that, Cody Gifford pushed the blankets off of his body and kicked

them down to the foot of his bed. He pointed down towards his crotch.

Kathie Lee looked and found herself staring at

the tented-out crotch of her son’s pajama bottoms. Cody was wearing

Power Ranger

pajamas, and the helmet of one of the Power

Rangers was jutting out obscenely from his

groin. Her son had an erection!

The Gifford Family were Christians, and as such, talk of sex was not the

main topic of

conversation. Kathie Lee felt that her children

could learn about such things when they were older, when they entered

into puberty, perhaps.

So it was with much surprise that Cody Gifford had awakened that morning

to find his little peter stiff. He didn’t know what was happening!

That never happened before.

“What–what is it, mommy?” Cody asked his mom sincerely.

“Ahem, well–first of all, Cody, it’s not anything to get all worried

about,” Kathie Lee started saying.

Kathie Lee never expected this to happen. At least not yet. Her son

was only 9 years old.

But, here it was, and Kathie Lee thought that

she might as well try to explain to her son at least the basics of what

was happening.

“It’s a natural thing, a normal reaction that happens to boys as they

get older.”

“But, mommy, what made it so stiff? My peter

never got hard before. It was always soft and

just was hanging down. What happened?”

“Well, your peter–it’s called your penis–becomes hard because blood

flows into it and makes it stand up like it is now. Understand?”

“But, mommy, what made the blood go into my peter–um, penis?”

“While you were sleeping, you were probably thinking about something, or

dreaming about something that made it be like that,” Kathie Lee tried to

explain simply.

“Or maybe even you were turning over in bed and you rubbed yourself

against your mattress and that could have caused you to get erect.

That’s what happened to your penis-it became

erect. You have an erection.”

Kathie Lee continued to stare at Cody’s tented pajama bottoms. She was

beginning to feel a little hot even though she was only wearing a

thin nightgown. Kathie Lee found herself thinking about the last time

that she had had

sex with Frank. She found herself becoming aroused and felt her pussy

start to get wet. Yes, that’s right–her pussy! She put on a nice

facade for the tv public, being so prim and proper, but when she and

Frank would make love, she turned into a different person. You would

never think to hear the words pussy, fuck or cock come out of her

mouth–but they did!

“But, mommy, when will it go away? When will my penis go soft again? I

can’t go back to sleep like this.”

“Um, well, Cody, uh–”

Kathie Lee was at a loss for what to say right now. She licked her lips

and looked again at

her blonde-haired blue-eyed little son and

then at his crotch. His erection seemed to poke

its way through his cotton pajama bottoms.

Kathie Lee was deciding what she wanted to do. Now was as good a time

as any, she guessed, to educate her son on the facts of life.

“Honey, I will show you how to make it go soft again, okay? But you

have to promise me that you will not tell anyone about it. Not Cassidy,

or any of your friends. Not even daddy. All


“Okay, mommy. I promise,” Cody said, crossing his heart with his


Kathie Lee felt her heavy breasts tingling as they heaved on her chest

beneath her nightgown as she began breathing heavily. She saw Cody’s

eyes flash towards her chest and then look away again. She hadn’t

realized that her son was interested in her breasts.

“What–what are you going to do, mommy? To make my penis stop being

stiff?” Cody asked.

“I’m going to show you how to masturbate,”

Kathie Lee informed her son.

“What’s that, mommy?”

“That’s when you use your hand to touch yourself, er, your penis, and

rub it until it gets soft again.”

“Does that work?”

“Sure it does, Cody.”

“Will it hurt?”

“No, honey, it doesn’t hurt. In fact, you will feel something that you

have never felt before.”

“Are you gonna show me now, mom?”

“Do you want me to, Cody?”

“Yes, mommy, show me how to rub my penis.”

Kathie Lee swallowed hard, and said a small prayer asking God to forgive

her, but that she

needed to do this to teach her son about sex.

Better that she show him than he learn it from

his friends out on the street.

“First, let mommy pull your pajamas down, okay, honey?”

“Okay,” Cody said quietly, lying down on his bed on his back.

Kathie Lee’s hands went to her son’s pajama

waistband and slipped her fingers underneath.

She tugged them gently down and Cody lifted his rear end up and let his

mom pull his pajamas down past his knees. He felt kind of funny lying

there in just his pajama shirt and his bottom naked in front of his mom.

But he knew that she woud never hurt him/

Kathie Lee drew her son’s pajama bottoms down and out from underneath

his butt. Her son wore no underpants so his penis was exposed right

away. Kathie Lee looked at Cody’s 9 year old penis. Her son’s cock!

That’s right, his COCK. She felt herself turning into that other woman

now, the woman who likes to fuck and talk dirty.

Cody’s erection was about four inches long stiff but very thin. But it

was very hard! His hairless

pubes looked snowy white in the nightlight’s glow. She could she her

son’s small ball sack hanging underneath his cockpole. Her son had not

yet entered into puberty so he was still completely hairless. She

thought that Cody would not be able to cum and produce any semen but she

could still show him how to have

an orgasm.

Cody Gifford watched as his mom started caressing his belly. Her hand

felt smooth and soft. It relaxed him.

Kathie Lee began rubbing Cody’s stomach. She felt her own pussy

lubricate more and more

as she eyed her son’s cock. The fact that he was only 9 years old meant

nothing to her at the moment. His hard cock did.

“Okay, Cody, when your penis gets hard like it is now, you can make it

go soft by using your hand, like this.”

Kathie Lee moved her hand down to her son’s groin. She passed her

fingertips across his hairless pubic pad. Cody shivered when she did

that. His little hard penis jumped, too, and

Cody thought it funny how his penis would jump around like that.

Kathie Lee played her fingertips over her son’s

penis, running up and down the short length of it. Cody felt a million

shockwaves shoot through his young body. Kathie Lee finally

closed her whole hand around his penis, squeezing it. God, Kathie Lee

thought to herself, her son’s cock was like steel!

“How does that feel, Cody?” she asked him.

“Um, um–it feels–it feels kind of funny.”

“But it feels nice, though, doesn’t it?”

“Uh huh,” Cody admitted, watching as his mom started to slide her hand

up and down his hard penis.

“You can either use your whole hand or just your fingers to rub your

penis up and down, like this,” Kathie Lee explained.

She bent in closer to see her son’s cock better as she started

masturbating him. His pink cock

looked inviting to her. She watched his little hairless ball sack

jiggle as she stroked his erection.

“Make sure that you rub the head, or the tip of your penis once in a

while, too,” Kathie Lee


She ran her thumb over the bald domed head of her son’s cock. Too bad

he wasn’t old enough to have any pre-cum leak from his tip.

She gently continued stroking his cock up and down, not having any

lubrication to aid in her

ministrations. Then she thought of something.

She took her other hand and pulled up the bottom of her nightgown. Cody

was too interested in watching what his mom was doing to his penis to

notice her slipping her other hand underneath her nightgown and slide

into her wet pussy. Kathie Lee was also not wearing any panties under

her nightgown.

She slid her finger inside her leaking pussy and wet them with her

juices. She withdrew her hand and let go of Cody’s cock and replaced it

with her pussyjuice-covered one. Now she had ample lubrication for the

job at hand.

Cody noticed the difference in how his mom’s hand felt but did not know

why it felt different.

He just lay there and enjoyed the feeling.

As Kathie Lee masturbated her son, she glanced at his face and would

catch him sneaking peeks at her heaving breasts. She knew that her

nipples were stiff and probably poking out the front of her nightgown.

One time when she caught her son staring at her breasts she said,

“Would you like to see them, Cody?”

Cody just nodded his head yes, unable to say

anything. He would always watch his mom on tv on her show whenever he

had off from school. And sometimes when he watched it

he would see his mom on the screen and he would see her boobs and could

see something sticking out through her clothes she wore. He had no idea

what they were but he knew he was fascinated by them.

Kathie Lee released her son’s cock and she

slipped the sides of her nightgown off of her creamy white shoulders.

She tugged the garment down until her bare breasts popped

into view. She was showing her 9 year old son her tits!

Cody could only stare at his mom’s boobs. They were big and round, and

a big stiff thing

stuck out from the middle of each one. Cody

didn’t know why, but seeing his mom’s boobs

made his penis jump up and down in his lap.

“Do you like mommy’s breasts, dear?” she asked her son.

Cody just shook his head yes.

“Would you like to touch one, Cody?”

“Uh huh,” her son answered.

Cody reached out his hand and placed it on one of his mom’s boobs. He

squeezed the big round globe and it felt like a pillow to him. He heard

his mom groan and thought he had hurt her but when she did not stop him

he continued to squeeze and now rub that big stiff thing in the center.

Kathie Lee loved the way her son was playing with her tit. She resumed

her stroking of his

cock. She masturbated her son while her son

played with her tit. She wanted so much to play with herself, but was

afraid to unless her son had more questions if he saw her doing it.

“Mom, it really feels good, what you’re doing to my penis,” Cody said,

his hand still rubbing his mom’s boob.

“And that feels good what you’re doing to mommy’s breast, darling.


Kathie Lee just had to have a cum. She needed to CUM.

“Cody, honey, mommy wants to show you something else, okay?”

“What is it, mom?”

“Um, you know how I’m touching you–your


“Uh huh.”

“Well, I would like you to touch me–the same way.”

“You mean you have a penis too?” Cody asked his mom in disbelief.

“No, no, I don’t have a penis. But you can make mommy feel good just

like she is making you feel good. Will you do that for mommy,


“Okay,” Cody said softly, releasing his mom’s


Once again Kathie Lee let go of her son’s

cock. She pulled up her nightgown and

wrapped it around her waist. Now her nightgown was pulled down below

her bare breasts and her pussy was exposed on the

bottom to her son. Cody could just about make out what his mom looked

like in between her legs in the nightlight’s glow. He could see some

hair like on her head, but it was all curly. And short, too.

Remember, the Gifford family did not discuss sex and Cody and Cassidy

never took a bath

together so Cody had no idea of what a girl

looked like down there.

“Here, Cody, give me your hand,” Kathie Lee

whispered to her son.

Cody let his mom take his hand, the one that had been rubbing her boob,

and she guided it to the spot between her legs. She pressed his hand

against whatever was down there and it felt both wet and prickly.

Kathie Lee placed her son’s fingers in between the lips of her pussy and

started rubbing them up and down her slit. She showed him how to

rub over her stiff clit while he rubbed her.

“This is mommy’s vagina, Cody. You can call it a pussy, if you want,

but only when we’re

together, all right?”


“And I am going to call your penis a cock,”

Kathie Lee added, finally breaking into her

slut mode.

Kathie Lee released her son’s hand and let him

continue rubbing her pussy and clit and she went back to stroking his

cock. Mother and son masturbated one another on the bed.

Kathie Lee was experiencing many orgasms as her 9 year old son fingered

her pussy. Perhaps it was that she hadn’t had sex for a long time or

maybe it was the fact that what she was doing was taboo. She didn’t

care, however, and just kept on stroking Cody’s cock while he rubbed her


She felt herself cumming for a third time and she couldn’t contain


“Oh, Cody! Oh, God! Play with my pussy!

Play with mommy’s clit! Yes, like that! Oooh!”

Cody didn’t know why his mom was acting like that but he didn’t care

either. Her hand on his cock, as she called it, was beginning to make

him feel very funny and strange in his lower belly and down in his

marble sack, as he called it.

“Is Cody going to cum soon, my sweet little son? Is he?” Kathie Lee

said lustfully now.

“What is that?” Cody asked his mom.

“That’s when you would shoot out this white stuff from your cock and you

get this wonderful feeling all through your body.”

“But you said I won’t be able to have any stuff

cum out of my pen–er, cock, mommy.”

“But don’t you feel that tingling feeling yet, Cody?” she asked her son.

“Uh huh, I do, mommy. Down in my marble sack.”

“You mean your balls?”

“Is that what they are, mommy?”

“Yes, son, they’re your balls!”

Kathie Lee had a third and a fourth orgasm now

as her son’s fingers played over her stiffened clit. She squeezed her

thighs together and

trapped his hand in between them. At the same time, Cody felt his

balls, as his mommy called them, tighten up inside his sack and suddenly

he felt this strange feeling go through his

young body. It seemed like he was going to

pee right there in his bed and at first he was

afraid but when nothing came out of his cock he relaxed and let the

feeling course through his


Kathie Lee released Cody’s cock and Cody withdrew his hand from his

mommy’s pussy.

Those were the words that she told him he could use but only when they

were alone


“That was wonderful, Cody,” Kathie Lee

told her son.

“Did you feel good, too?”

“Uh huh,” Cody shook his head yes.

“Just like you said, mommy.”

“Good boy, Cody. Maybe in a year or two you will be able to finally cum

and shoot out your

cream. Then you will really be a man.”

Kathie Lee leaned down and kissed her son on

his forehead. She pulled his pajama bottoms back up and covered him up

again. She lowered her nightgown and covered up her bare breasts again.

She sat beside her son until

he fell asleep, thinking thoughts. Maybe she could show him how to make

love. Then she would be able to have sex. She fell asleep next to Cody

dreaming about his skinny little erection inside her pussy.


A Tender Embrace

6 year old Cassidy Gifford awoke to the sounds of someone speaking fast

and trying not to be too loud. She wiped her sleepy blue eyes with her

tiny fists and tried to adjust to her bedroom’s nightlight. Her long

blond hair was

matted around her neck from sleeping. She heard the noise again, only

this time it sounded like someone was moaning. It sounded like it was

coming from her brother’s bedroom. She

thought that she had better go get her mommy and tell her that something

was wrong with

Cody. So little 6 year old Cassidy Gifford

climbed out of her small bed and headed for her mommy and daddy’s


Cassidy was wearing a thin pink and blue nightie, short, and pink ankle

socks. She

carried her stuffed teddy bear with her as she

walked into her mommy and daddy’s bedroom.

She stopped in the doorway and looked inside the bedroom. She didn’t

hear the sound anymore so maybe Cody had just been

dreaming. But she didn’t want to go back to her own bedroom. She

wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy.

She walked over to the bed and stood beside where her mommy usually

slept. But her mommy was not there. She saw her daddy

lying on his side sleeping. Maybe mommy was

already in Cody’s room helping him get back to

sleep, she thought. Maybe I will just hop into their bed right now and

surprise mommy when she comes back to bed.

So little Cassidy Gifford did just that. She climbed onto the bed and

crawled over towards her daddy. His back was facing her. She snuggled

down underneath the blankets and

held her teddy bear on her chest on top of the

covers. She could feel the heat from her daddy’s body next to her. He

felt so warm.

As Cassidy lie there awake, she wondered if her daddy would be mad if he

found her in bed with him. Once before she had wanted to sleep in the

bed with her daddy when mommy was away in another state doing that tv

show of hers

that she sometimes watched with her brother.

But her daddy had not wanted her to sleep with him and made her go back

to her own room. She did not understand why he was like that, but she

still loved her daddy.

Cassidy felt her daddy shift in his sleep, and next thing she knew he

was rolling onto his back. She scooted over a bit to let his body fit

on the bed so that he wouldn’t feel her there.

When her mommy came back to bed then she

would be able to sleep with them.

Cassidy began playing with her teddy bear and

humming songs to it while she waited for her mommy to come back from

Cody’s bedroom.

She hadn’t heard any more noises from there so she figured that her

mommy must be making sure that her brother is fast asleep, like she does

soemtimes for her when she has bad


Just then, her daddy moved again, this time

rolling over onto his side, but only he was facing her now. Before she

could move out of the way, she felt her daddy’s arm go over top of her

and pin her down on the bed. It wasn’t hurting her chest or anything,

but it prevented her from

sliding out from underneath his arm without

awakening him and then he’d be mad at her and send her back to her own

room. So she just kept still.

Her daddy’s arm felt warm on her chest through her nightie. He smelled

nice, like he did sometimes when they went out to church or out to a

restaurant. She felt safe. Secure.

Since her daddy was lying so close to her and his arm was over top of

her chest, Cassidy could feel her daddy’s legs pressed against hers

underneath the blankets. She also felt something else. Something hard

poking her in the side of her leg. It didn’t hurt her, but she wondered

what her daddy had in his pajamas that would be so hard. She lifted the

covers up and looked underneath, but she couldn’t see anything because

it was dark in there. Cassidy

wanted to know what her daddy had so she

pushed the covers off of both her and her

daddy and then she got onto her knees and

crawled over to the bedside table and switched on the lamp that was

there. She crawled back over to where her daddy still lie asleep.

Cassidy crawled down near her daddy’s pajama bottoms and noticed

something poking out

of his pajamas. It looked funny, at first, and she wondered what it

was. She had never seen anything like that before. Was that where boys

went to the potty from? She knew that girls went to the potty from

between their legs. But she didn’t know how boys went potty. She had

never seen another boy down there, not even her own brother, so she was


Cassidy got in closer to her daddy’s pajamas

and stared hard at the hard thing sticking out.

It looked kind of red, almost purple, like her

coloring crayons. She reached out a tiny hand

and touched her finger to the very tip of the thing sticking out.

She pulled her hand back fast beacuse what she felt was hot to her

fingers. Now she was

even more curious. She wanted to see just

exactly her daddy’s thing looked like and wondered how much of it there

was. So she

proceeded to slide her daddy’s pajamas down his legs in the front. His

weight kept them up on his side, but she was able to uncover her

daddy’s thing.

She made sure that her daddy wasn’t waking up before she continued. She

knew from

other times that her daddy wouldn’t wake up if a whole parade were

marching through the living room when he was taking a nap. At least


what her mommy always said.

Now Cassidy held her daddy’s pajamas down in the front with one hand and

with her other hand she investigated her daddy’s crotch. She saw that

the hard thing stood out towards her and that it went down into her body

where a whole lot of curly hair was. She also saw two round things in a

wrinkled old sack, just like some of the wrinkles her daddy had on his


Cassidy put her free hand close to her daddy’s thing again and felt the

heat coming from it.

She closed her small hand around the whole thing quickly and then just

as fast let it go. Her daddy still was sleeping. It wasn’t such a

shock to her that time so she wrapped her hand around the hard thing

again and this time she

squeezed it. It felt hot and hard and soft all at the same time. She

wondered if her daddy

walked around with his thing so hard all the time. She also wondered if

her brother had a hard thing like this too.

She wanted to feel what her daddy’s thing felt like in her hand so she

started to move her small hand up and down his thing, rubbing the skin

there. In the process of doing this, the naive little girl was stroking

her daddy’s cock.

But she didn’t know that!

As Cassidy was feeling her daddy’s hard thing,

she heard him start to make sounds in his

sleep. She stopped what she was doing then,

made sure that he wasn’t waking up, and then

continued her explorations. She let go of his hard thing and started

poking around her daddy’s wrinkled sack underneath. She

prodded at the round objects inside the sack and thought them to be like

the marbles that she played with sometimes. Only these were bigger and

felt softer.

She went back to playing with her daddy’s thing. Her small hand ran up

and down the

stiff pole, gleefully watching as the skin on her daddy’s thing moved up

and down with her

tiny hand. That made her laugh a little. She

was watching intently as her hand went up and down so she did not see

but felt her daddy start rubbing her chest through her nightie.

She stopped her hand and looked at her daddy.

He seemed to be still asleep yet his hand was

rubbing her chest in circles. Maybe he thought that she was mommy. Now

that was funny.

Cassidy did not know exactly what mommies and daddies did but she knew

that sometimes mommy and daddy would kiss each other and

she saw daddy once rub mommy’s back. But that was some time ago and she

hadn’t seen him do it since.

Cassidy let her sleeping daddy rub her chest.

It felt kind of nice to feel his large hot hand touch her. It felt

soothing. Relaxing. Her daddy

started touching and rubbing her ninnies now.

That’s what she called the little pink circles on her chest. Her

ninnies. When her daddy started rubbing her ninnies through her nightie

Cassidy started feeling a little tingle in between

her legs. She didn’t know what it was, but she knew it felt nice. As

her daddy rubbed her tiny ninnies, she felt soemthing stiffen on them.

She didn’t know it, but her nipples became erect.

Cassidy loved the way her daddy was making her little body feel, and

even though he was doing it in his sleep she didn’t mind. She liked

that he thought she was mommy. So she

started moving her hand on her daddy’s hard thing again whlile he rubbed

her ninnies.

Cassidy felt her daddy’s hand leave her ninnies and go down over her

tummy. He rubbed her there a little bit and then moved his hand down

further. She felt her daddy place his hand on

the tops of her little pink Mermaid panties that she had worn for bed.

Cassidy felt her daddy’s hand slide down in between her legs and she

instinctively opened her little legs wider to allow him more room.

Her daddy started rubbing her in between her legs, his fingers pressing

into her pink Mermaid

panties. Her peepee started tingling again and

she liked the way it felt. She was only 6 years

old and innocent but she knew what made her

feel good.

As her daddy continued to rub her peepee in his sleep, she continued to

stroke his hard thing. Maybe that was called his peepee too,

she thought. Cassidy felt her daddy’s hand

stop rubbing her peepee through her panties and then suddenly he was

pulling the front of her panties to the side and touching her on

her peepee on her bare skin.

At first Cassidy was scared, but when she realized that her daddy wasn’t

hurting her she relaxed and let him rub her bare peepee. His fingers

felt kind of rough at first, but soon she

was liking how they felt on her peepee. She had forgotten about her

daddy’s hard thing while her daddy rubbed her down there.

But she remembered soon and she started moving her hand up and down

again. As her daddy’s hand and fingers played with her, she

moved her hand faster and faster up and down his peepee. She was not

prepared for what

happened next.

Suddenly, her daddy’s peepee jumped in her little hand and she felt

something hot and wet

cum out of the tip and go all over her nightie.

Oh, mommy was gonna be so mad when she

found out that she had ruined her little pink and blue nightie.

Cassidy watched in awe as her daddy’s hard peepee jerked and kept

shooting out this white thick stuff. Soon her daddy was done, and his

peepee suddenly began to go soft right before her eyes. Disappointed,

Cassidy touched her

daddy’s peepee again and lifted it up and wondered how it ever got that

hard in the

first place. When nothing happened, she

let go of his peepee and lay her head down.

Her daddy had stopped rubbing her peepee

after he had stopped making that stuff come out of his peepee. She

wanted him to rub her some more so she tried to make his hand

move around in between her legs. She picked his whole hand up and tried

to make her daddy’s fingers rub her again.

This movement started making Frank awaken slowly. He had been having a

very vivid dream about fondling and playing with his wife. He hadn’t

had sex with his wife for so long. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to, it

was that he was ashamed to. But this dream felt almost like the

real thing.

He slowly opened his eyes and sleepily looked for his wife’s sleeping

body lying next to him.

But what he saw was his daughter, Cassidy,

lying next to him, smiling at him, her pink and blue nightie pushed up

above her waist and his hand in between his daughter’s legs and her pink

Mermaid panties pulled over to the side and her hairless little 6 year

old slit exposed.

Not only that, but his pajamas were pulled down in the front and his

cock was out in the open.

He looked and saw that Cassidy’s nightie was

covered with spots of white. He could only

think of one explanation–he had cum in his sleep and shot it all over

his 6 year old daughter.

But what was his hand doing on his daughter’s pussy. Was he rubbing

her? Oh God, no, he

thought. Cassidy saw her daddy make a sad face and said,

“Don’t be mad, daddy. I didn’t mean to make your peepee shoot out that

white stuff. I was just rubbing it with my hand and it kind of


Frank groaned and thought oh shit, his own daughter had jerked him off.

Great! And where was his wife? Why wasn’t she here in bed?

“And then you started rubbing my peepee and

it felt really good so I let you go inside my Mermaid panties, daddy.

Oh, daddy, don’t be mad at me, please?”

Cassidy looked up at her daddy with her sweet

innocent face and her daddy could deny that face nothing.

“It–it’s all right, Cassidy, sweetheart. Daddy’s not mad. Daddy loves

you, honey. Come here.”

Cassidy rolled over into her daddy’s arms and

he embraced her lovingly, squeezing her tiny

body to him. It was a loving embrace, one that was sure to be the

forbearer of many new things to come. Of that he was sure.

The End

Carl, and others of the group, I know that this is not exactly your kind

of taste but this is what I

write about–young children. I had to inject my own style of writing,

you know.

I hope you enjoyed it anyway. Thanks for taking the time to read it if

you got this far.


“He who cannot see the beauty of a child

hath no beauty in him.” (Anon)

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

John Keats, “Endymion” 1818

Kids are our future. Kids are our hope.

Please respect them. Don’t exploit them.


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