The Secret Rape Of The Harry Potter Kids

“The Secret Rape of the Harry Potter Kids”

Written by Conrad

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Ok if you’re under 18 don’t read this because it’s pretty hardcore and it involves preteens.

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Start out small? Fuck no, I was going to take it all the way. The other day they asked me if I thought I was going to get away with it. Maybe.

Part 1- The Plan

Emma Watson Plays Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movie. When I first saw her I thought she looks damn cute, but I shouldn’t
think of her in sexual ways because its wrong. A few months later I started jerking off to her image. And after that Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint. What to do, what to do. What could I do, this little slut was driving me crazy. I needed to fuck her but how? My first thought was to kidnap her at a DVD signing, but that wouldn’t work because they have security up the wazoo. Then back in July I found out Warner bros. was going to reshoot in L.A. some scenes from the second harry potter movie. JOY! Do you know how easy it is to get into the lot? Not that easy but I have my connections. After a few phone calls I knew where the kids were going to be during their two hour break.

Part 2-Supplies

I was going to need some things for this wonderful adventure of mine. I went down to the nearest sex store. The store was brightly lit by flourescent lights and smelled of rubber. I bought one 12 inch double sided blue dildo, lubricant, ball gags and handcuffs. The guy at the counter was in his late thirties, had nerdy glasses and was balding. “You having an orgy?” he pathetically asked me. I walked out without saying a word.

Part 3- It goes down

Twelve a clock pm. I’ am ready, I’ am pumped. I first enter through their security office where I spot my friend David, he lets me through his office which leads me to another door, this door is an emergency exit. But it has no alarm and basically leads me to the lot. David thinks I’ am doing my usually, taking pictures of movie sets and posting them online. I carry a big black duffle bag with my supplies. I walk down to studio 7 where the filming is taking place, across from that studio is an office building. Most of these buildings are called offices but they are basically places where people fuck, sleep, and occasionally have meetings. I walked in and noticed there was not security or office workers. There was a reception area where a secretary could sit and a door which led to the office. In the office there was food, drinks, a long table, a t.v. and a closet. At twelve thirty these soon to be fuck slaves would enter. All of them thinking they happy thoughts. I waited in the closet for ten minutes. Checking my supplies, as an extra precaution I brought a stunner. Then I heard the sound of kids talking, laughing and the door to the office close. I waited for them to settle down then I came charging out. The feeling you get before you do something like this is incredible, you can’t breath, you don’t know if you’re going to do it, and you get a total adrenalin rush. I fell. When I rushed out one of the kids put a chair in front of the door and they all laughed. “Good one Chris!” They all said.

I laughed to myself, these dummies thought I was chris Columbus. I straightened myself out and there in front of me stood. Rupert, Daniel, Emma and Tom. I wasn’t expecting Tom Felton, I had always thought that he was hot but didn’t think he would be here. And the problem was I only brought three pairs of handcuffs. “You!” I shouted to Emma “Lock the fucking door!”. They all looked scared, Emma stood there like a deer in headlights. I pulled out my stunner and grabbed Daniel. “Do what I say or Daniel dies.” She locked the door. “Are you parents or bodyguards outside” I asked. “We don’t have bodyguards” Emma said. “You, take off your clothes. Leave on your stockings!” I ordered Emma. They all wore their Hogwarts uniforms. She looked confused and scared and slowly took off her clothes. I let go of Daniel and it got really quiet. All eyes were on Emma as she removed her training bra. “YEAH!” tom yelled. “You shut the fuck up or you…..die” note: I wasn’t serious. “I cant help it” tom relied “ever since I first saw Emma I wanted to suck her tits”. We all stared at her barely pubescent tits. “Emma get on your knees”, she got down on her knees hesitantly. “Tom, Daniel, and Rupert get undressed” they quickly did as they were told. “Tom get in front of Emma and..” but before I could say anything he stuck his hard six inch cock into her mouth. She looked shocked and confused as he amateurishly fucked her face. I ordered Rupert to lay on the floor and told Daniel to get in a 69 position with him “What’s that?” Daniel said. I told him and he pleaded with me not to do it. I pointed the stunner at him and he did it. “Now suck each other off. Daniel went down first and wrapped his red lips around Rupert’s 7 inch cock. Rupert moaned as daniel sucked up and down up and down. Rupert moaned more, then grabbed Daniels butt cheeks and started to suck on daniels 6 inch cock. Daniel didn’t expect it. He stopped sucking for a second and let out a moan “Uhhhhhh”. “you two” I said to Emma and tom “Stop” tom looked disappointed and pulled his hard-on out of her mouth with a pop! Tom looked over at Daniel and Rupert. “Look at those two fags!” he said. “Fags, huh?” I looked at him sternly , I started to undress “You like how Emma sucked you?” he nodded “What? I didn’t hear you, come closer.” He walked over to me and when he got close enough I pushed him to his knees and started to throat fuck him with my nine inch cock. “Emma, get behind him and lick his butthole” she shook her head no. “Now you little bitch or I’ll kill you and your entire family, listen up you little fucks if you don’t do what I say I’ll kill you all”. Daniel and Rupert were not paying attention, they kept sucking each other off. Emma got behind Tom and spread his ass cheeks. She stuck out her dainty little tongue but before she could do anything Tom reached around, grabbed her head and shoved her cute little freckled nose and tongue up his asshole. I pounded toms wet mouth and even though he resisted, he backed his hips into Emma’s face to get full pleasure from her. Tom moaned as I fucked his mouth, then I noticed Emma’s small hand reach underneath her. She began to play with her now wet pussy as her mouth and nose were buried in toms ass. With confusion in her eyes emma looked up at me, “What’s a matter hunny? Can’t understand why I’m fucking his mouth or why you’re getting turned on by sucking and smelling his ass?”. I pulled my cock out of toms mouth and made emma stop tongue fucking him. Then I went over to my bag and pulled out a pair of hand cuffs and two ball gags. I went over to rupert and daniel who lay there sucking, “cut it out you faggots!” I kicked daniel off rupert. “So you two like boys?” I asked them. Tom stood next to me with his raging hard on. I pulled emma over to me and made her put her hands behind her back, then I put the cuffs on and the ball gag in her mouth. “Now go sit in that corner and watch us”. I shouted at Daniel and rupert “You too get on your hands and knees and stick your butts up”. “Do as I do” I told tom. I put a ball gag in Rupert’s mouth then I positioned myself in back of daniel. I spread his cheeks to reveal his tight brown rectum. I started licking his asshole, I licked up and down and then did circles around it. I looked over at tom who looked hesitant on doing it, then he went down and started sucking and licking Rupert’s pink asshole. I reached underneath daniel and grabbed his hard cock and started jerking as I tongue fucked him. Then I stopped and went over to my bag to get some lube. I saw emma, she was sweating and looked shocked but was totally turned on. I looked at her slit and could see it was wet, “don’t worry sweetie you’ll have your turn”. I returned to daniel and rubbed lube on my cock and on his butthole, then I passed it to tom and he did like wise. I poked at his asshole with my bulbous head but he resisted. Then with one hard thrust my cock slid in his ass. I glanced over at tom who said to rupert “I’ve always wanted to do this” and then with vigor tom started fucking Rupert’s ass. He moved over rupert, grabbed his hips and fucked him fast like a dog. His throbbing vein cover cock moved in and out of Rupert’s ass quickly. Both rupert and daniel were in a sexual ecstacy, their bodies flailed wildly and than I noticed they both grabbed their hard chocks. They both jerked off as tom and me fucked them, I grabbed Daniels white butt cheeks and rode him harder and faster. My seven and a half inch cock moved quickly in and out of his tight and juicy poop chute, and daniel continued to moan. His face was full of pain and pleasure as he jerked off. Daniel yelled out “fuck me harder” and then it occurred to me, Im fucking Harry Potter. I looked over at Tom and Rupert who were fucking like professionals. Every time tom’s cock would enter rupert, Rupert would push back his bubble butt. Rupert was a true faggot, his cock was hard and he needed no help to cum. With one last thrust from tom they both came, tom shot his load into Rupert’s ass and some on to his back. Rupert’s cum shot from his throbbing cock onto the office’s floor. It began to smell like sex in the office which seem to effect the teens, emma full of sexual heat from viewing this was totally horney. Her tight pussy was so wet and aching that she hopped over to the desk on her knees and then began rubbing her slit on one of its corners. The cold metal felt good on her pussy and made it tingle so she rubbed harder. Then she began to moan through the rubber ball in her mouth.

Tom lay on top of rupert and they both breathed hard after fucking. Then tom pulled his cock out of Rupert which reveled Rupert’s Gaping asshole. “Whoa!” said tom “Damn, you have a nice gaping hole Rupe” I said. I turned Daniel to the side and with out telling him anything he began licking around the gaping hole. I began fucking his ass again while he licked Rupert’s slowly closing hole. Daniel moaned louder, sweat dripped down his fore head and then he yelled as a stream of cum shot out of his cock. I continued to ram his ass, it opened and closed to accept me and I felt his fleshy tight walls around my cock. I yelled out “Im going to cum” and Daniel bucked his hips back, which pushed my dick deeper into his butt. And then what felt like a gallon of cum flooded his butthole. I pulled my cock out of his ass which then reveled his gaping asshole, it was about the size of a golf ball and was closing steadily. Rupert and Tom quickly went over to Daniels ass and began lapping up the cum leaking out of his asshole. They licked Daniel’s asshole and made out with cum on their tongues. Then I stared at Emma, who’s eyes were wide open and was still rubbing her clit on one of the corner of the desk.

Part 4- Emma, Sweet Emma

Fuck is she cute. That cute little nose, her adorable smile, the little freckles on her face and then her body. God that body is amazing, she’s got nice abs that I want to see shine with sweat. And her cute little booty, has she ever looked at her tight little butthole and realized that one day it would be violated by her boyfriend or husband?

While the boys lay on the ground exhausted I walked over to emma, then I picked her up and lay her gently on the desk. I glanced at her body; her pussy barely had any hair but it dripped with juices. I removed the ball from her mouth and took the handcuffs off her. “Now honey, if you scream for help or don’t do what I tell you to do I’ll blast you full of electricity”, she looked at me full of fear in her eyes. I made her lay on her back then I poked at her pussy and she moaned a little. Then I went down on her and started to lick her slit, she moan more and tried to get up but I held her down. I started to tickle her clit with my tongue and she screamed ‘Oh my god!”, I tongued at it harder and nibbled on the clit. That hit a nerve and she grabbed my head and pushed it into her pussy. I licked up and down and tasted her salty juices till I got tired and she lay on the desk breathing hard. I went over to the boys and grabbed my lube, then I put it on the desk for later. “Honey do you know what fucking is?” I asked, she nodded unsure of what she should say. “Good” I smiled, I positioned my cock directly in front of her pussy when she said “No please don’t.”, “You’re going to say that later, so save your energy” I replied. I thrust hips forward and shoved my cock into her pussy, she yelled loud so I covered her mouth with my left hand. I fucked her tight wet pussy hard like she was a professional and I felt her muffled scream against my hand. Then I grabbed her foot with my right hand while I fucked her hard. I started to lick her foot, then I sucked her toes and fucked them in my mouth. Sucking and licking her little feet made her giggle and in the mixture of pleasure and pain a smile crept across her face. She grabbed my hand and causally removed it from her mouth. Then as I fucked her tight pussy she humped up against me and moaned in total pleasure. “Enough of this nice stuff” I said and I spun her around “Now stick your ass up”, she did as she was told and when she stuck her ass up the cheeks slightly spread open to reveal the cutest little brown butthole .” Ahh how cute” I said, admiring her anus, I went down and began licking her little asshole. I licked around the asshole and tickled it with my tongue, I noticed that as I did this her pink pussy was getting wet and dripped juices on to the desk. After watching me with the boys, the fucking and now this her small body was covered in sweat; her ass cheeks and back shined with sweat and her little arm pits had streams of sweat going down to her developing breasts. Her nipples were hard and I then I noticed that sweat and pussy juice dripped down her thighs, I licked between both of her inner thighs quickly to taste it and she moaned “ohhhh”. I got some lube and rubbed it on my hard cock, then I positioned my cock in front of her 12 year old asshole; I poked at her anus with my dick but she resisted and I felt her tight butthole become even tighter with every poke. Fuck this, I thought to myself; I needed to fuck her asshole, I mean the girl played Hermionie and my belief is that every cute teenage girl needs to get anally fucked. You see most of those cute girls either know about anal sex and are grossed out about it or don’t even think about it, so these cute girls need to get their tight buttholes violated. I grabbed on to her small hips and with my thumbs I spread her ass cheeks, then with one hard thrust my seven and a half inch cock was in side her tight asshole. Her head went up immediately, “Ohhhhhh!” she screamed and I felt the walls of her asshole stretch then tear to accept me. I rammed her ass hard, my cock would move in and out of her little shitter and I wasn’t sweet about it. My large manly cock moved in about of her twelve year old ass like a plunger, I took no pity on her being a virgin and quickly pounded her violated anus, “Noooooo!” she screamed, “Pleasssse stop! UHHH UHHHH UHHH!”. But I kept humping her ass, then still grabbing on to her white butt cheek, I reached underneath her and started to play with her little clitoris. Immediately her body started to quake. The boys looked over at what I was doing to her and Tom got up and walked over to us. Tom squatted in front of Emma’s Face and pushed his asshole to her nose and mouth. Emma had been turned into a fuck zombie within minutes and started to suck and lick his asshole, she tongued it and he made her fuck his ass with her tongue by moving back and forth. Daniel got up too and went underneath Emma and slipped his cock in her sore pussy.

“Dan if you’re going to be down there then you have to rub her clit, see where my finger is?” Daniel nodded and began to fuck her pussy and play with her clit. Seeing this beautiful orgy was enough to make me cum but feeling my hard cock in this preteens tight asshole was what made me cum. With one last hard thrust I buried my dick all the way up her pooper and shot what felt like a gallon of cum. I heard her muffled moan as I pulled out of her gaping ass. Rupert already behind me immediately shoved his cock in her ass wanting to get into the three way action. Tom turned around and savagely started to fuck her mouth, Emma gagged and chocked on his cock and then her eyes started to roll to the back of her head only showing the whites as she was being brutally fucked in her three holes.

Part 5-The End

I started to clean up myself as the kids continued to fuck, Emma a mindless fuck zombie and the boys had become animals wanting to get off on something they had been feeling since they saw her. The door opened to the office and a tour groups stood there, “This is where the kids of Harry Potter usually have their breaks…” she was cut off by the tour group scream of horror as they looked at the scene. The lady turned around quickly to see what they screamed at and say Emma Watson butt naked, her alabaster flesh sweating, her eyes rolled to the back of her head showing the whites. She saw Emma was getting fucked hardcore by her three co-stars who also seemed to be in a trance. Emma was playinf Kristi Myst in the Extreme porno Cocktails. The group watched as Rupert moved his cock in and out of her asshole. Tom fucked her mouth like a pro and Harry Potter himself funked her pussy and played with her clit. The tour guide screamed “GET OFF HER!” and ran over to Emma’s rescue, she tried to push the boys off her but to no Avail. Finally Tom pulled his cock out of her mouth with a “pop” and drool poured out of her mouth. Tom shot his cum out all over her face, Rupert pulled out too and shot it all over her white ass and gaping asshole. Tom finally came and layed back.

Epilogue-Jail Time

I sit here in my jail cell but don’t worry dear readers I will be out soon, the whole thing was covered up by Warner Brothers. I don’t know if they did hypnosis on the tourists and kids but the news hasn’t gotten out to the public. Ask anyone at the WB if they did re shoots in Burbank around that time and they will deny it.

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