Jennifer’s Secret Side

Jennifer’s Secret Side

Note:This features Bondage and Female Domination and shouldn’t be read by minors.

Dan was by the bar when he saw
Jennifer Garner walk In. She looked
very hot,and he was thinking he
would love to fuck her. It was too bad
she was happily married. Jennifer
saw saw Dan. He was very handsome.
She made a decision. She loved
Scott,but she was too horny to stay with
just one guy. Plus he knew she had
to have her fun with others. And he couldn’t completely
sastify her. She went up to the bar. “Hi.” Jennifer
said. “Hello.” He replied. She smiled at him
putting her
charm on him. “Daredevil looks like It
will be good.” “Thanks.” she replied. “Want to know
all about It?” she asked. “Sure.” he replied. “Let’s
get out of here.” He loved the Idea of being alone
with her. But,he was unsure If he should go. “You want
me to go with you?” he asked. “Yes.” she replied.
“You are Married.”Dan said. “Don’t worry about him. He
won’t disturb us.” Jennifer replied. “All right.” Dan
told her. Jennifer smiled. They walked out. Dan was
already having thoughts of a night he would never

Dan sat on the bed. Jennifer had gone Into the
bathroom to get more comfortable. Dan hoped she
wouldn’t change her mind. They had kissed on the way
to her place. And he couldn’t wait to screw her. “I’m
coming.” she said from the bathroom. Dan was startled
as she came out. She was dressed In Black heals,and
black Dominatrix outfit. She had a whip with her. He
stood up. He was turned on by the sight of her In
Black leather. But,he didn’t know what to expect from
her. “I think I should go.” He said. She pulled out a
control. “I don’t think so.” She said. She pushed It.
Black Shutters came down all over the walls. She
smiles. “Get undressed slave!” she ordered. “Jennifer”
She Interrupted him by cracking the whip at
him. “That’s Mistress Jennifer!” And I except to be
obeyed slave, Or I will really have to Punish you!”
she told him. “Yes Mistress.” he replied. He removed
his clothes. She smiles. She pushes a button. Chains
come down from the ceiling. Jennifer tires Dan to the
ceiling. She smacks his butt. “I like to have control
of sexual situations. If you do as I want Like a good
slave I will give you a blow job. But,don’t,and you
will learn what torture really Is.” she told him. “All
right.” He said. “I said you will address me as
Mistress Jennifer!” she told him. She pulls his hair.
“I’m sorry Mistress.” He told her. “You pissed me
off!” she said. She goes In front of Dan. She grabs
his dick,and squeezes It hard. He screams. “It’s time
you understand that you are my bitch now.” She told
him. “I Understand Mistress.” He told her. She
smiles.She goes to the closet. She brings out a large
paddle. She smiles. She goes behind him. She smacks It
on her hand. “It’s Time for your Mistress to punish
her bitch. Are you ready?” She asked. “Yes Mistress
Jennifer.” Dan replied. She smiled. She smacked his
butt with the paddle. He screamed. Jennifer was
aroused. She continued to smack his behind with the
paddle. At least,Dan thought to himself,It was
Jennifer Garner punishing him as she was paddling him.
And the sight of her In Black Leather was worth the
pain. Jennifer continued to paddle his behind. She
loved punishing men. Scott wouldn’t let her do this to
him. So they they came to the agreement as long as she
didn’t have sexual Intercourse with other men she could
punish all the men she wanted to. Jennifer took the
job of playing Elektra because she would be dressed In
Black Leather. She thought maybe she will make Dan her
personal slave. Maybe for a reward she would
convince Scott that they should have a threesome. The
night was young. And Jennifer would not waste a minute
of having him as her

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