Jamie Lynn Spears: The Lesson Begins

Jamie Lynn Spears didn’t know what to do. She had let David lead her back into the storage shed knowing he wanted to “play doctor”. He’d told her that he thought she was cute, and that he thought she should have a boy friend. The idea that this older boy would be interested in her excited Jamie Lynn, but then he’d suggested that if she want to be his girlfriend that she’d have to “do things”. At the age of 11 Jamie Lynn didn’t know how to handle such a proposition. She knew what the nuns at Our Lady would tell her, but she wanted to find out what it was like to have a boyfriend. ‘Maybe all girls have to do this…’, she thought
to herself. “I promise, Jamie Lynn.. I won’t even touch you! I just think you have a cute body, and I’d really like to see it. Come on.. No one will ever know!” ‘He thinks I’m cute!!’, she thought. “I don’t know, David. Are you sure we won’t get caught?” “Hey.. I know the perfect place. Mr. Phillips shed. He never goes back there, and besides.. he’s not even home now!!” And so litt le pre-teen Jamie Lynn, let herself be led back to the shed behind Jim Phillips house. Once inside, David closed the door after them, and turned on the light. The shed was musty and small, but there was a couch on one side and David promptly flopped down on it. “See.. Nice and private. No one is gonna bother us in here. So.. Why don’t you show me what you look like under those shorts!?” “I don’t know….” “Hey, if you want to be my girlfriend you’re gonna have to loosen up a little. Heck the girls in my class do it all the time. There’s no harm in just doing a little Show-n-Tell, if you know what I mean! Besides, I think you’re really cute and I’ll let you see what I got underneath my pants, if you want.” “Do you really think I’m cute?” “Sure…. I like younger girls!!” He’d finally hit on the right combination of coaxing and complimenting to bend little Jamie Lynn to his will. She loved hearing him say she was cute, even when she knew that her little body had no curves or development at all. And she was des perately curious to find out about BOYS!! If this was the price she had to pay, then … as long as there was no touching… Jamie Lynn guessed she could go ahead. “Ok.. I guess.. But I want to see you too!!” “Hey.. no problem. You go first and I’ll be right behind you!” Slowly, Jamie Lynn unsnapped her shorts and pulled down the zipper. She put her thumbs in the waist band and pushed them down to her knees. She stood there a minute in her panties; hesitating before taking the last step to showing David her small, hairless cunny. “Go on, Jamie Lynn.. I promise not to move from this couch. Lemme see!!!” And so she did. Again her thumbs went into the waistband and pushed the panties down to her knees, revealing her hairless, plump cunt to David’s gaze. “Oh MAN! That’s REAL NICE!”

Almost as if on cue, the door to the shed was pulled open, and Jim Phillips stepped in… “I told you kids to stay out of my yard.. What’s going on here?” He was looking at right at Jamie Lynn while she tried to quickly pull up her panties and shorts at the same time, making a bad job of it. “All right you two. I think I have a pretty good idea of what’s happening. The both of you are in big trouble. You got anything to say for yourselves?” David, who had just sat there the entire time, piped up with, “We weren’t doing nothing. I mean.. I didn’t do anything. We just sorta wanted to look.. I mean.. You’re not gonna tell my parents, are you? They’d kill me if they found out we were.. I mean.. My mom would get really mad, and my dad would.. ” He sputtered out at that point, and didn’t look like he could think of anything more to say. Jamie Lynn was too upset to say anything. She had let David talk her into this. “You’d like to be my girlfriend wouldn’t you?”, he’d said. “Honest I won’t tell anyone.. all I wa nt to do is look.” He was 14, 3 years older than Jamie Lynn, and the thought of an older boy being interested in Jamie Lynn was too much for her to resist. She had let him take her by the hand and lead her back to that shed. Jamie Lynn started to sob. She didn’t want to cry, but knowing how much trouble she was in scared her and all she could think to do was cry. Trying to hold back the tears, her slender body started to shake. “All right. Here’s how it is. David, you go home right this instant. I’m going to decide what to tell your parents; even IF I tell your parents after I talk to Jamie Lynn here. I’m going to see how far this goes, then I’ll get take care of what to do about you.” David didn’t need any more prodding than that. He was off in a flash. Mr. Phillips in turned back to Jamie Lynn and put a hand on her shoulder. “Ok, young lady, I think you better come in the house and have a talk with me. You’re in big trouble, and I think you know that, I just want to find out how big.” Jamie Lynn was still shaking with barely stifled sobs. Mr. Phillips hand on her shoulder guided her to the back door of the house and into his living room. Once inside, he sat her down on the couch and left her there, returning a few seconds later with some tissues. “Ok, now I want to know what you thought you were doing out there?”, he asked sitting down next to her on the couch. “Pl.. Please don’t tell mu.. my parents, Mr. Phillips. I duh.. don’t know what they would do. I.. I…” Jamie Lynn broke out into sobs, and Mr. Phillips handed her another tissue and put his arm around the 11 year old’s shoulders. He let her cry for a short time and then said, “Look, I don’t want to see you in trouble. But do want to know what you two were doing back there. Now tell me what happened.” Jamie Lynn again tried to hold back her tears. “He told me I could be his girlfriend if I would go along with what he wanted. He said he wouldn’t touch me.” “And did he touch you?” “No. All he wanted to do was look. And he wanted me to look at him. And so .. I thought it would be neat to be his girlfriend, and I thought he was older so it was ok and maybe I’d get to see his …” And with that she stopped. She didn’t want to admit to her own curiosity. “I see. And did you touch him?” “No.. He wanted to go someplace private and so he took me to your shed. Then he said I had to go first. I didn’t want to, but he said it would be ok. He wouldn’t tell anyone. He said that you weren’t even home, and that all he wanted was to look. ” “So you took your shorts and panties off for him.” “Yeah… It was weird, but he said he would if I would. So I di… I did”, and the sobbing started again. Mr. Phillips seemed to come to some sort of a decision at that point. Still keeping his arm around the crying little girl he said, “Ok, Jamie Lynn.. Hold on.. Stop crying a minute… and I’ll tell you what I’m going to do.” Jamie Lynn took a minute to compose herself. And then looked up into Mr. Phillips face. “You know you’re in big trouble. Your parents won’t like what I’m going to have to tell them. They’ll probably hit the roof. First they’ll punish you, then probably go see David’s parents and see that he gets punished too.”, and he paused for a moment to let Jamie Lynn’s imagination fill in the appropriate blanks. “Of course, I don’t have to tell them anything if you would be willing to do for me what you did for David.” Jamie Lynn wasn’t sure what she heard. Her 11 year old brain said that maybe there was a way out of this mess and she wanted desperately to take it, but she wasn’t quite sure what she had to do. “What do you mean?” “I mean that since you were willing to let David see you with no clothes on, then maybe, to get out of trouble, you’d be willing to do the same for me. Your parents would never have to know anything about what happened out there. You and I would have a little fun exploring each other and then you could go home as if nothing happened. David won’t tell. He’d just get himself into trouble. So.. what do you want to do. Have me go tell your parents that I saw you naked in my shed with David, or cooperate with me and get out of trouble at the same time?” Jamie Lynn was stunned. With his arm around her, Mr. Phillips seemed so friendly and caring. She didn’t want to be in trouble with her parents. It wasn’t so bad taking her clothes off for David. Maybe Mr. Phillips would let her go if she did what he wanted. “I don’t know.”, was all she could say. Getting up off the couch Mr. Phillips heaved a big sigh. “Look Jamie Lynn. Either you do what I want, or I tell your parents that both you and David were back there naked, and that you were using my shed to make-out. They’ll believe me you know. Both of you will deny it, but I’ll stick by my story and make sure that you two both wind up in so much trouble that you’ll never hear the end of it.” He started walking to the phone. “I can call them now and march you right home, if that’s what you want.” “NO!! Pleeeeaaaasssss…”, Jamie Lynn started crying again. She was panicked, knowing that her father would probably beat her black and blue. “I’ll do what you want, but pleeeaasse don’t call my parents.” She was sobbing again. The grin spread across Mr. Phillips face slowly. He wanted this little girl. He had opened the shed door and seen her standing there and WANTED her. She was going to be doing alot more than a little strip tease before he was done with her. He watched her cry for a minute. Watched the way her shoulders shook; the way her flat chest moved with the sobs; the way her slender legs quivered in sympathy with the rest of her body. He was going to have a good time today. “All right. Come with me, and we can get this started.” She looked at him. He was looking at her with a slight grin on his face. Jamie Lynn was scared, but the alternative was worse. She stood up and walked over to him. He put his arm around her shoulders again. “Come on up to the bed room and we’ll do this right. No need to hide out in the shed when there are more comfortable places to stretch out.” He held her tightly as he led her up to the be d room. Jamie Lynn was in a daze. “Ok”, she thought. “Maybe this won’t be so bad. Maybe all I got to do is let him see me. Maybe he’ll let me see him…”, and that same curiosity that got her in trouble in the first place popped up again. Jamie Lynn lived in a house with 4 other people. Her mother and father, and her 2 sisters; Britney her 19-year old sister, and Lisa her 7 year old sister. Her mother and father were quite strict with the girls; her father sometimes to strict. More than once he had beaten each of the girls and her mother; usually after he had been drinking. They had all learned when to avoid him. Jim Phillips didn’t take Jamie Lynn to his bedroom. Instead he led her to the special room that he had set up just for this occasion. It had a bed all right, but it also had his video set up and other accessories that he used when filming swinger videos with his other swinging friends. Jim had long ago developed a taste for filming people while having sex, and frequently participating in the films w hen another man was needed. He was going to make a very special film today. He opened the door and led Jamie Lynn in. Sitting her on the edge of the bed and then turning around to close the door. With his back to the little girl, he stepped over to the video equipment controls and turned on the camera’s but left the monitors off. Jamie Lynn was completely unaware that now, every angle of the room was being recorded. “Ok, Jamie Lynn”, he said, turning away from the controls to the 2 video cameras. When he saw here fearful expression he walked over to the bed and put his arm around her. “Look, I don’t want you to be afraid or nervous. You’re a very pretty young girl, and I’m sure lots of boys have tried to do with you what David did. Right?”, he asked, putting one hand on her cheek and turning her face to look at his. “uh.. No. I’ve never done that before and he said he would be my boy friend and that he’d never tell.” She was surprised because Mr. Phillips was looking at her with real concern. And she hadn’t missed his calling her a ‘pretty girl’. “Really, I’m surprised. Your getting to the age where boys are going to be interested in you, like David. I guess your parents have told you everything you need to know about boys and growing up right?” As he said this he started to caress her cheek with one hand while massaging her back with the other. “uh.. No… I mean.. My parents won’t talk about anything like that. We even had a class at school, you know.. And my parents were supposed to sign this form that the school sent home, but they wouldn’t. They said it’s wrong to teach that stuff in schools, so I didn’t get to go to that class.” Jamie Lynn was starting to like the way Mr. Phillips was touching her. His large hands on her back and cheek felt warm and caring. “Oh.”, he said sounding real surprised. “If you haven’t had any experience at all, then maybe I better send you home right now, and give your parents a good talking too. They should know that a young girl, especially one as pretty as you, should be tau ght some things before she gets too old. Maybe I should give them a call right now and tell them what happened, I mean if I explained that you didn’t know any better, then they would know it was their fault for not teaching you the things you need to know….”, he let that trail off, and made as if to get up. “NO… Please.. Don’t call my parents. My Dad would kill me. They don’t believe in that stuff. All they would do is beat me and I don’t know what else….” Jamie Lynn was panicked again. Whatever happened she didn’t want her parents to hear about any of this. “I’ll do whatever you want, but please don’t tell my parents.” These were the words Jim Phillips was waiting to hear. He acted like he had to think about it for a minute, and then heaved a big sigh as if relenting to the poor 11 year old girl. “All right, Jamie Lynn. I won’t tell them, but you still have to do what I want.” “I’ll do anything”, she said with real relief. “All right, but as of right now, I guess I’m going to have to be your teacher. Someone has to tell you about all the things you need to know. And there are lots of things I can tell you that you won’t hear in any class in school. There are lots of things that society, your parents, and the schools don’t want kids your age to know, but which are really important. Would you like that? Do you want me to teach you about your body and sex?” “Yeah”, she said. Jamie Lynn was thinking that Mr. Phillips must really care if he wants to teach me something. Jim got off the bed and walked over to an over stuffed chair in the corner of the room. He sat down in it and said, “That’s not good enough Jamie Lynn. I have to be sure of what you want. You have to tell me what you want. I want you to say, ‘Please teach me all about sex.’ I want you to ask me real sweet.” “uh.. Please teach me all about sex”, she said with some hesitation. “No.. that’s not good enough. You don’t sound like you mean it. Try again.. Only this time.. say ‘My name is Jamie Lynn Spears, I’m 11 years old and I want to learn all abo ut sex.'” “My name is Jamie Lynn Spears, I’m 11 years old and I want to learn all about sex.” “Very good. Now say, “I want to take all my clothes off for you and show you what a pretty little girl I am.” “I want to take my clothes off for you and show you what a pretty little girl I am.” Jamie Lynn couldn’t believe how easy it was to say these things. It didn’t seem so bad now that Mr. Phillips was across the room. That made it easier to say the words, but part of her wanted to feel his arm around her again, and have him touch her cheek some more. “Good girl, Jamie Lynn. Now stand up and take off your shirt.” Now she hesitated again. “Go ahead Jamie Lynn, you said you wanted to.” And so the little girl reached up with both hands and started unbuttoning her blouse. She was embarrassed because she knew that under the shirt was.. well.. nothing. Her breasts had not started to grow much at all. They just stood out as small bumps. She was worried that Mr. Phillips would be disappointed. “Go on.. unbutton it and d rop it on the floor.” Jim Phillips was watching the little girl closely. Her hands trembled as she unbuttoned her pale blue blouse. When she got the last button undone, she paused and looked at him. He just nodded. So she eased it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Phillips already had a hard-on, but watching this gorgeous little girl strip for him made it throb in his pants. She stood in front of him. 4 feet 2 inches tall, her light blond hair reaching just to her shoulders which were slender and trembling. Her tits were just little buds on her chest. Her figure almost straight with a slight curve at the waist. Her blue shorts were not filled out at all and her legs were slender down to her sneakers. She stood there, her hands fidgeting, wanting to cover her chest, but knowing there was nothing to cover. Phillips loved it. “That’s real nice, Jamie Lynn. I told you you were a very pretty girl. Turn around so I can see you from all sides.” Jamie Lynn slowly turned around. And Phillips longed to t ouch her smooth skin, but not yet. “All right, now I want you to take off your shorts, but leave your panties on.” “Should I take off my shoes and sox?”, she asked. “Yes, sweetheart.” “Ok..” Jamie Lynn sat on the bed and undid her sneakers, letting them fall on the floor next to her blouse. Her soxes followed. Again she hesitated. Mr. Phillips was watching her, and she knew she had to do it, so she put her thumbs in the waist of her blue shorts and pulled them down to her ankles where she stepped out of them. She stood there in her white cotton panties, suddenly shivering even though it wasn’t cold. ‘Gawd.. she’s gorgeous’, Jim thought as again he told her to turn around so he could see all sides of her. “Ok, Jamie Lynn, now I want you to take off your panties and stand straight and tall so I can get a good look at you.” Jamie Lynn hesitated one last time. This was it. She had done it for David, and he hadn’t been as nice as Mr. Phillips. He’d been in a real hurry, and he made her do it in a dirty old shed. Mr. Phillips is actually kind of nice. And with that thought she hooked her fingers into her white cotton panties and pushed them down to her ankles. Then she stood up and faced the older man so he could see that she really would do anything he wanted. Jim Phillips could not believe his eyes. The little girl stood there and actually smiled at him. Her little pussy was totally bare, not a hair on it. Her chest was almost flat, and her figure almost completely straight. Her hips were slender, almost skinny. She couldn’t have weighed more than 85 pounds, and she looked fantastic to him. And she was smiling at him, shyly, but it was there. His hard-on was ready to pop out of his pants, but he wanted to be sure to get some more video without him in the picture, so he had to wait to go to her for a just a little longer. “Turn around, Jamie Lynn. Let me see your pretty little bottom. That’s right. Bend over for me and touch your toes. Hold it just like that.” The girl had turned around and was now bent over with he r butt toward Jim. He ass was wide open, there was no spare flesh to obscure her little shit hole. Her small, clean pussy lips pouted from between her legs. “Oh.. you’re beautiful.” Jamie Lynn couldn’t understand why Mr. Phillips liked looking at her so much. She didn’t have any tits, and her body hadn’t started to change like some of the other girls in her Jr. High School class. She felt weird to be bent over showing Mr. Phillips her bottom, but she sort of got a thrill out of it too. She spread her legs a little so she could look between them and see his face. He was leaning forward in his chair and his eyes were glued to her bottom. He seemed to be breathing heavy and maybe sweating a little, though the room wasn’t hot. “Now lay down on the bed Jamie Lynn and spread your legs out. I want to see if you’ve matured at all. That’s it. No.. face me, now lay on your back pull you knees up a little and spread them as wide as you can.” Jamie Lynn laid down on the bed and pointed her feet to Mr. Phillips. She laid down on her back an drew her knees up and started to do as the man told her. But once more she hesitated. She had never felt so exposed. She was going to let him see her cunny, and even she had not seen it that much. It always seemed so wrong to look at herself there to closely. She froze. “Jamie Lynn. You want to do it for me don’t you.” “Uh huh” “Say that you do. Say ‘I want to spread my legs for you’.” “I want to spread my legs for you.” “Ok. now do it. Please. I really think your pretty and want to see all of you.” That did it. Jamie Lynn lifted her knees again and slowly spread her legs until she was completely open to Mr. Phillips. The little girls pussy was small but beautiful. Her hairless outer lips spread slightly as she pulled her legs apart. Her pink inner regions could just barely be seen. Her clitoris was prominent at the top of her small pink slit. Her legs trembled as the little 11 year old held herself open to this 42 year old man. Jim Phillips swallowed hard. His boner was rock hard now. H e couldn’t take any more. He had to touch this little girl. He got up out of his chair and stood by the bed looking down at the spread out little girl. She had put her hands behind her head and was looking up at him, uncertain. Jim started to unbutton his shirt, not saying anything. Jamie Lynn watched him. To uncertain to move. When he dropped his shirt, he said, “Jamie Lynn, you want me to teach you what you need to know, right?” “Uh huh..” “I need to touch you, and look at you to see if you’ve developed. You want me to do that, right?” “Uh huh..” “Not good enough, Jamie Lynn. Say ‘Please look at me and touch me on my pussy.'” “My what?” “Your pussy, Jamie Lynn. That beautiful little slit you have between legs. What do you call it?” “Uh.. I always called it my cunny.” “Ok, then I want you to say, ‘Please look at my cunny. Please touch my cunny. Please.” “Please look at my cunny. Please touch my cunny. Please” Jim Phillips didn’t hesitate. He sat down between the little girls legs. When she started to react by closing her legs, he grabbed an ankle in each hand and held them wide apart. His hands easily fit all the way around her ankles. He held her there until she realized that she was not going to be able to cover up her small “cunny” and then let go of her legs. He leaned down until her small hairless pussy was only inches from his face. He just sat there looking at her pussy, then he reached up and touched her clitoris. The reaction was immediate. Jamie Lynn’s body stiffened and she began to tremble again. Not from excitement, not yet, but from fear and the strangeness of having a man touch her for the first time. Jamie Lynn could feel his breath on the smooth skin of her cunny. She had raised her head and was looking at Mr. Phillips, but all his concentration was on her little hole. When he touched her it was like and electric shock. She was scared all over again. What was he going to do to her? He let his whole hand cover her cunny. His large warm hand easily covered her. He began to move his hand over her First between her legs then slowly up her body to her chest; then back and forth over the little bumps that would someday be her breasts; finally back down her body to her cunny. Jim Phillips loved what he was seeing and feeling. He had touched her clit with is finger and felt her jerk. Then he covered her tiny pussy with his hand so he could feel the whole thing. It was so smooth and soft to his touch. The smell that he caught was heaven. Pure virgin little girl. He rubbed her pussy with his whole hand for a second and then slowly pushed it up her body, feeling the wonderful hairlessness of her mound. He pushed on up, feeling her ribcage and reached her right breast. It was just a tiny mound, barely enough to squeeze between two fingers. It turned him on. He moved to the other breast, another small bump on the girls chest. She was really trembling now. Her breath was quick and he felt the rise and fall of it under her little titties. She was really nervous and her body made small jerks that she could not control. He loved it. He stroked upper body for a while, reaching up to her neck and putting his whole hand around the front for a second. Then he brought his hand back down, across her flat belly, across her totally hairless mound, back to her little pussy where he began to, very gently, rub her clitoris with one finger. “Jamie Lynn, you are beautiful. And I’m going to teach you things about your body and about my body that you need to know. You shouldn’t be ashamed of it, God gave you a very pretty little body, and a very pretty little cunny, and I’m going to show you what little girls and men can do with each other. You want that, I know you do because you said so. First, I want to know something. Do you ever play with yourself, do you ever play with your cunny?” “Nuh.. No. I uh.. I heard it was bad. I uh.. never tried.” Her fear caused her to stumble over her words. It just turned Jim Phillips on all the more. “Ok, well, I’m going to rub you now and show you how good it can feel. It’s not a bad thing. Go d gave this body and he wants you to enjoy it, like a gift. Lay back and try to relax. I know this is strange to you, but if you relax you will like it, and you’ll learn more.” As he was saying this he started to rub her small clit harder. Her reaction was immediate. Jamie Lynn dropped her head back and stared at the ceiling. Automatically her legs started to close, but Jim put up one hand and kept her little cunt open to him. After a few seconds of rubbing, Jim said, “Now that feels good, doesn’t it?” “Uh huh..” “Say it. Say ‘It feels good when you rub my cunny.'” “It feels ga. good when you rub my cunny” “Good girl. Do you want me to rub harder? Do you want me to make you feel good?” “Uh.. huh.. I want….”, but she didn’t know how to complete the sentence. She knew she was going to have to ask for what her body was starting to want. Mr. Phillips finger was stroking her little clit, and it was beginning to feel good, but he kept the pressure light so that she wanted him to do it harder. “Say, ‘Please rub m y little cunny harder. Please make me feel good.” “Please rub my little cunny harder. Please make me feel good.” Jim Phillips started to rub the 11 year olds hairless pussy in earnest. He could tell that she was starting to feel something other than nervous. Her slender body still spasmed, but now he could tell it was in response to his finger on her young cunt, and not the nervousness of exposing her little cunt to a grown man. Jamie Lynn didn’t know what she was feeling. She tried to categorize the feelings in her mind. She felt the man’s breath on her skinny legs and cunny. She felt his finger spreading her hairless lips and rubbing up and down. She felt a little wetness at the bottom of her cunny and didn’t know what it was. But there was another feeling she had never felt before. It was getting stronger, and she didn’t know what it was. She felt a little scared, but she didn’t want it to stop. Her breathing started to match the man’s strokes. Coming in short little gasps. “Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh….” Jim hea rd the little sounds escaping from this little girl. He saw how her breathing became more rapid. He could feel her little pussy starting to get wet, and knew that he was turning her on. She was going to come, and he was going to be the one to give her her first orgasm. Jamie Lynn started to move her head from side to side. Her silky blond hair spreading out around her. Propped up on one elbow, his other hand busy in the little girls cunt, he could watch all of her quiver with her building orgasm. He watched her little breast nubs rise and fall as her breathing became more rapid. He watched the flush start in her neck and work down into her chest. He saw her knees moving in and out slightly with each stroke of his fingers in her now wet little pussy. He saw her that she didn’t know what to do with her hands so that they danced around next to her body, sometimes gripping the air hard when he increased the pressure of his strokes. Yeah.. Any second, Jamie Lynn was going to come big time. Jamie Lynn didn’t know what was happening. Something was going to happen, but she didn’t know what. All the fear was still there, but it wasn’t important anymore. All her concentration was on the little area between her legs that was giving her these strange feelings. She wasn’t even aware of her head moving back and forth, of her hands starting to grip the sheets. She didn’t know that she had started to move her bottom in rhythm with the man’s strokes so that she could get more pressure. She wanted… She wanted… She didn’t know what!! Suddenly, Jamie Lynn’s world went pure white. The orgasm hit her and she had not clue what it was. Wave after wave of pleasure hit her. Her whole body spasmed with each wave. She closed her eyes and rode it. Totally scared, Totally in pleasure. She had no name for it, and it went on forever. It was the most powerful thing she had ever felt, and the waves just kept hitting and hitting. When Jamie Lynn came, Jim Phillips thought he was going to cum in his pants. The little girl’s cum was so strong that she lost complete control of her body. Her legs went straight out. Her head jerked back and forth with each spasm. Her little belly went taught, and her flat chest flushed red. Her little cunt was spasming, the lips pushing out in rhythm with her orgasm. She lost control of her voice and made moaning, crying noises with each spasm. “Nuhhh Nuhh Nuhh Nuhh Nuhh Nuhh Nuhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaag..” She bucked under his hand and Jim kept stroking her now soaking wet pussy. He loved to see her out of control. He knew that he was going to be able to get this little girl to do anything now that he had shown her a little of what her body could do. “Guh Guh… Guh… Guhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaa…..” The waves of pleasure finally began to subside. Jamie Lynn’s taught body began to relax. She could feel all the muscle that had spasmed begin to release themselves and she began to wonder what had happened. She lay for a second, aware of Mr. Phillips hand on her cunny, now just lightly stroking, the small waves of pleasure still comi ng, but now much less intense. She opened her eyes and raised her head to look at Mr. Phillips. “Wha.. What happened?” “You came, sweetheart. You had an orgasm. Your body reacted just like it was supposed to when a man plays with your little cunny. Lay back and relax, and I’ll explain it to you.” Jamie Lynn was all to happy to take his advice, though she was sorry when he took his hand off her little hole. She lay back and closed her eyes, just enjoying the sensations of her body coming down off her first orgasm. Jim Phillips got off the bed and undid his pants. He dropped them to the floor. He left his underwear on, though they were bulging in front with his erection. He took one of Jamie Lynn’s ankles and closed her legs. She was completely limp. She didn’t even open her eyes. He laid down next to her on the bed and then pulled her hot, sweating body next to his. At this she opened her eyes. Jamie Lynn heard Mr. Phillips moving around, and relaxed when he put her legs together. She was relaxed and could th ink of nothing but the pleasure she had felt. But when she felt him lay next to her on the bed and put an arm around her waist and pull her tight to him, her eyes flew open. She could feel his hard body next to hers. Her head was under his chin, and the hair on his chest was close to her face. She could smell his sweat, which was not unpleasant. And she could feel his hard thing pressing into her hip. It felt large, but she knew without looking that he was not naked, so she cocked her head and looked up into his eyes. “Jamie Lynn, what you had is called an orgasm. Women have orgasms when they get sexually excited. It’s kind of a convulsion that feels very good. It’s a sign that you are totally turned on. Do you understand what I’m saying?” “Uh humm” “Men have orgasms too. But when a man has an orgasm, certain things happen that are different. Jamie Lynn, do you know what a man’s sexual organs are called?” “Umm.. I never knew until I say my baby cousin getting his diaper changed, they called it his wiener.” ” Ok.. For now I’m going to use your words so you understand what I’m saying, because there are some big words you should know. The first is ejaculation. When a man has an orgasm he has what is called an ejaculation. It means that a cream comes out of his wiener. Now this cream is very special. This cream is what the man give the woman to make her have a baby. When the man ejaculates, the cream comes out of his wiener, and it feels very good to the man. Just as good as your orgasm felt to you. Do you understand so far?” “Uh huh” “Ok.. I want to make sure you understand. Tell me what happens when a man has an orgasm.” “Uh.. When a man has a orgasm, he .. uhh, his wiener makes cream, he uhh.. ejack…uhh..” “Ejaculates.” “Ejaculates.”, Jamie Lynn said, repeating in earnest what Mr. Phillips was telling her. He really wanted to teach her. And she could feel his wiener throbbing against her every time she had to answer a question. “Right. But the cream isn’t ‘made’ in the man’s wiener the cream is made in a specia l organ called the testicles. These hang below the man’s wiener. The cream comes from them. Now the cream has a special name too.. it’s called semen. The semen is made in the testicles and comes out through the man’s wiener. Do you understand that?” “Uhhh… The cream.. seem .. uh.. semen comes out of the mans wiener when he ejaculates. It comes from the testy.. I don’t know.” Jamie Lynn was trying to learn what Jim Phillips was telling her. It turned him on to have a naked littel pre-teen old girl held tight next to him trying to repeat his sex lessons. He loved to hear her combination of correct and kiddy words to describe what he was telling her. “Ok.. That’s ok.. You will. Maybe the best thing to do is just to show you some video’s that will help explain it. I have some that shows men having orgasms with girls. Let me show them to you. He reached up to the headboard, his body arching over hers. For a second his chest was over her face, pushing down on her, and his hot cock was pressed into her lower bell y. Jamie Lynn got a little scared, but he just a quickly took his weight off her and returned to her side. He had the remote control for his video equipment. He had done the reach over Jamie Lynn on purpose. He wanted to feel her small body under him. He wanted to push his penis hard onto her and feel her reaction. She had stiffened a bit, but not to much. Good, she was accepting the strangeness of this new situation. “Come here.. Prop up on the bed. No, come over next to me..” She snuggled closer. “That’s right. Now watch these pictures and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.” He hit the remote, and the TV at the foot of the bed came on. He hit it again and the VCR started playing the tape he had already loaded in anticipation of this “lesson”. The tape was kiddie porn, totally illegal, but totally perfect for this occasion. Jim wanted to show Jamie Lynn that it was all right for 42 year old men to have sex with little girls Jamie Lynn’s age, and younger. He wanted Jamie Lynn to believe that for that was what he had in mind. The first scene started. It wasn’t one that Jim had filmed, but it was perfect for this lesson. As Jamie Lynn watched, Jim let his hand wander over her body, back to her hairless little cunt, and he started to massage her again.. very slowly. Jamie Lynn could not believe what she saw on the screen. There was a little girl, not much older than her, and she was completely naked sitting on the edge of a bed, with her legs spread wide. She was holding the lips of her hairless cunny apart, and Jamie Lynn could see the pink inside. This was the first time Jamie Lynn had ever gotten to see one like this, but the scene did not last very long. The girl seemed to look up at someone off camera, then she looked at the camera and said, “My name is Debbie Edwards. I’m 10 years old, and I want to learn about sex. I uhhh..”, and the girl looked off camera and nodded her head, then she looked back at the camera. “I uhhh want to show you what a good little girl I am and uhh…” Again she looked for di rection. “What a good girl I am and how I can use my mouth.” She looked off camera to the left again, but then looked right. Just then a man walked into the picture. You could only see him from the middle of his chest down, but his cock was in full view. Jim Phillips froze the picture at this point. “That’s what a man’s wiener looks like Jamie Lynn, see. And the part under it is the testicles.” Jamie Lynn’s eyes were glued to the screen. She had only gotten a glimpse of David in the shed, but this was unbelievable. It was big, and strange looking. It sorta stuck out from the man’s body pointed directly at the little girl in the picture. That was the other thing Jamie Lynn could not believe. This little girl was YOUNGER than Jamie Lynn. She was only 10 and she didn’t look scared at all by the naked man standing in front of her. The picture unfroze, and the man walked over to stand right in front of the girl. He rubbed his cock with one hand and reached out to out the other behind the girls head. He pulled on her head, and she let him lean her forward until his cock brushed her lips. Jamie Lynn was stunned. This girl didn’t seem to mind that the man was touching her mouth with his wiener. The man’s cock was growing. It was getting longer as he slowly moved it against the girls face. The girl was looking at his cock, and then up at his face. “That’s a good girl… That’s a good girl.. Now open your mouth really wide…” You could hear the man’s voice even though his face was off camera. The little girl looked up at the man and opened her mouth. The man rubbed his penis around her lips one time and then slowly pulled her head down onto his huge cock. Again, Jim froze the picture. “Jamie Lynn, what do you think of that?”, he asked. “Uhh.. I don’t know.. She’s younger than me and.. What is he doing to her?” “He’s showing her one of the best ways for a girl to give a man pleasure. There are lots of things that girls and men can do together to give pleasure to each other. Watch.. I want you to see what a man’s orgasm l ooks like. Debbie is going to really turn him on, and then he’s going to ejaculate so you can see it. Watch…” And he unfroze the picture. Jamie Lynn watched as little Debbie’s head was pulled down on the man’s huge wiener. The little girls mouth was totally stretched, and the man was so large that most of his organ wouldn’t fit into her mouth. The man started to move the little girls head back and forth on his cock. He had taken the one hand off his cock and now had both of them on her head. “Good girl… Good girl…. Oh, yeah..Come on.. Just a little deeper..” His hips were starting to sway. At one point the girl reached up with her small hand and started to hold the man’s cock, but another hand reached in from off camera and pulled it back down to her lap. “Just your mouth, sweetheart. We want to use your mouth. No hands, sweetheart. That’s a good girl. We’re gonna fuck you in the mouth, so keep your hands in your lap like we told you, ok sweetheart?” The 10 year old dropped her hand back to her lap and tried to nod her assent, but the man was starting to thrust harder into her mouth. Jamie Lynn couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The girl started to wince as the man pulled harder on her head. Suddenly, another man was behind the girl on the bed. His large cock at the back of her head. He reached down and put both his hands on the back of little Debbies head and started pushing her mouth even harder onto the man in front. “Good girl.. Good girl.. Open up.. Come on.. Open up for me. I’m gonna shove it all the way into your face, Debbie. Oh God, your mouth is good. I can feel your throat, baby. Open your throat for me. Ohhh you little bitch.. Come on.. TAKE IT!!” The man in front was pulling on Debbie’s hair. His cock was almost all the way into the little girl when he thrust. The girls hands were moving, but again, another off camera hand came in and stopped her from reaching up. Debbie winced each time her mouth was filled. Tears were forming at the corner of her eyes. Jamie Lynn did not believe that the little girl was enjoying this. The man thrust hard and held her head down on his cock. Debbie started to gag, and the spasms in her throat seemed to turn the man on all the more. The man behind her was pushing her head forward even as she gagged and twisted, her face impaled on the huge cock. He pulled his cock out of her mouth. “Tell me you want me to cum.. Tell me you want it in your face…” The little girl looked up at the man, and to Jamie Lynn’s amazement said.. “Please shoot in my face. Please shoot in my face. Please shoot in my face.” The girl repeated it over and over like it was a line she had been taught. The man stroked his cock once, twice, and then a blast of cum shot from the end of his dick. It landed on Debbies forehead and started to drip down into one eye. Debbie had winced when this first splash of come had hit, but the man behind her held her in place and tilted her head back. “Open your mouth…Arrrgghh..Open your fucking mouth….” Debbie did as she was told and the next blast from t he mans cock hit her in the nose. The man shot cream all over the little girls face. It hit her in the cheek. It hit her in the chin. It went in her mouth. It dripped down her throat and her flat chest. It kept coming for a long time. Finally, thought it didn’t seem like the man had stopped shooting his cream, he pushed his cock back into the little girls mouth and slammed it home one more time. Causing the cream in her mouth to drip out the sides and down her cheeks. When he pulled his cock out of her mouth, the man behind her pulled on her head, and laid her flat on the bed. He then straddled her chest and started to jerk off in the little girls face. Her arms were pinned to her sides, and the weight of the man on her chest made it hard for little Debbie to breath, but she kept up her line, all the while looking into the face of the man who was about to spray her with cum. “Please shoot in my face… Please shoot in my face.. Please shoot in my face….” “Ohhh.. Here it comes you little cunt.. Open your mo uth… Oh… Ohh… Openn… AAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHH.” The first blast from this man shot right into the 10 year olds mouth. She closed her mouth and Jamie Lynn could see that she was swallowing the man’s cream. The second shot hit her in the bottom of the chin, and dripped down either side of her neck and into her hair. She opened her mouth again, but the man was to oblivious to aim. He sprayed cum all over her face and hair. Debbie moved her face from side to side a little, all the while keeping her mouth open and her tongue out. When the man was done, he got off the little girl and wipe her face with his finger tips. They came away all sticky and he proceeded to wipe them off on the little girls chest, where her tits would grow someday. “There you go baby.. Good girl… That’ll make your tits grow big, you know..” He sat her up so that she was on the edge of the bed again. She looked tired and her hand came up to run the cum on her face. She looked up at a voice off camera, “You liked that didn’t y ou Debbie?” “Uh huh…”, was all the girl on the screen could say. “You like the taste of cum don’t you? Come on, sweetheart, smile. You just got a nice load of cum all over you.” “Uh huh..” Jamie Lynn could not believe what she was seeing. This little girl who just seconds ago didn’t look to happy had started to smile for whoever was behind the camera. Cream was dripping off her chin and hitting her hairless pussy. A hand again reached in from off camera and rubbed the cream on her cheek. He then held it out just in front of her face. “Go on.. lick it off, you know it’s good for you..” Debbie leaned forward and sucked the end of the man’s finger into her mouth. The finger went back for more. Drips of rapidly cooling semen were disappearing into the mouth of this little girl and the man kept wiping off her cheeks, forehead and neck. Finally he wiped his hand off on her chest, and the hand left the picture. The camera started to close in on the girls face. And the picture froze with little Debbie’s cum-covere d face smiling into the camera. “Jamie Lynn, that’s what it looks like when a man ejaculates. The cream is called semen or cum. When the man shoots his semen he is having an orgasm, just like you had. The semen is what the man gives a women to make a baby, only it has to be done a special way. The semen comes from the man’s testicles, remember you saw them in the picture. Do you understand now?” Jamie Lynn had been nodding her head while Jim made his explanation. She still didn’t know what to make of it. She looked up at him and said, “I guess so…” “It’s ok, if you don’t completely understand, I have some more pictures to show you. I always thought that seeing and then doing were the best ways to learn anything. You do want to learn about sex, right?” “Uh huh..” “Ok, good. Let me show you some more pictures of girls making men have orgasms, and then you’ll get a clearer idea before you try it.” These last words ‘..before you try it.’ made Jamie Lynn start, but the TV was running again and Jamie Lynn quickl y forgot the phrase watching incredible sights on the screen. Jim Phillips had put together a montage of scenes from alot of different porn that he had collected and made. Much of it was kiddie porn, but some of it was mature women really enjoying sex with 1, 2 or 5 men at the same time. None of the scenes had any fucking. It was all either masturbation or oral sex. He wanted Jamie Lynn to get the idea that everyone was doing it EXCEPT her. The first short scene showed a little girl, about 11, jerking off a man lying on his back. When he came the girl kept stroking his cock. Finally she got on her hands and knees and bent her head to lick the cum off his belly. The next scene showed a man at least 50 and a girl, about 18, really getting it on. He was jerking her off while she sucked him. “I’m cumming.. I’m cumming… I…I…I’M CUMMMMmmmmmubbb…” Her words were cut off as she thrust the man’s cock in her mouth. A few seconds later, the man pulled his cock out and jerked off on her tits. The scene ended wit h the girl rubbing the cum into her tits like her life depended on it. The next scene showed 4 men standing around a girl of about 13. They were jerking on their cocks, and the girl was moving her head from one to the next, jerking them off and rubbing their dicks against her face. One after the other the men exploded on the her. Some hit her face, but most of it dripped down her chest where her tits were just starting to take on a nice shape. They all helped her massage it into her skin until she glistened from neck to pussy in a coating of jism. The scenes went on and on like that. Jamie Lynn was amazed. Before today she had never seen a naked man, and didn’t know anything about sex. Now she was seeing more of it than most people see in a year or more. And all the people seemed to be really enjoying it. She saw girls from 7 to 23 having orgasms like the one she had. She saw men ejaculating semen on faces, big round tits, flat chests, bellies, hairy and hairless cunnies. She saw men licking girls cunnies. G irls licking men’s wieners. She saw a little 7 year old kissing a man’s testicles while he jerked off and ejaculated in her hair. She saw it all… and the scenes ended with the people smiling!! When the tape ended she was so stunned that she missed the first words that Mr. Phillips said. ” ….. look like fun, Jamie Lynn?” “Huh.. What?” “I said, didn’t that look like fun?” “I.. uh.. I don’t know. I mean.. yeah.. I mean, they all seemed to like it and all, but… It was kinda gross… I mean.. Those men kept squirting their semen all over … I mean.. It looked kinda gross.” “Well, Jamie Lynn, I can understand how you would feel that way having never been told about sex, but, well there are some things they didn’t even tell you friends in that special class. You see, when a person matures, when they reach puberty, there are things called hormones that make the body develop. You know.. the hormones cause a girls breast to grow, and the hair to grow on your cunny. If you had been allowed to go to that class th ey would have told you that, but what they wouldn’t have told you is that your body only makes so much hormone, and then it stops. That’s when your body stops developing. Flat chested girls didn’t have much hormone in their bodies, so their breasts didn’t grow very far. The more hormones in the body the more a girl develops. The biggest secret of all is that there are hormones in a man’s semen. If you want bigger breasts and you need more hormones, you can get it from a man’s semen. That’s why you saw those girls, and the women with tit’s rubbing it all over their breasts. They want to look prettier. Do you understand Jamie Lynn? A man’s semen helps a girl develop a prettier body. You want to be prettier, don’t you Jamie Lynn?” “Yeah.. I’d like to be a model someday.” “Well, a man’s semen can help you do that. That’s why all those men kept squirting on all those girls. The girls want them too. Now, having seen all that do you understand about the way a man has an orgasm; Do you understand what ejaculation me ans, what semen is and where it comes from?” “Yeah.. I guess…” “Good. Now I want to explain some more about how a girl has an orgasm. Would you like for me to give you another orgasm, Jamie Lynn?” “Yeah. I’d love that. It was neat.” “Ok.. lay out flat and I’ll explain what I’m doing. Look at my face while I do it. I want to see your pretty face when you cum again.” “Cum?” “Yeah.. that’s another word for orgasm. It’s easier to say. When a person has an orgasm they are cumming. I’m going to make you cum by rubbing you between your legs. Near the top of your cunny you have a little part that sticks up called your clit. It is real sensitive to touch. Spread your legs some more.. That’s good. Now, I’m going to rub your clit now.. Feel it..” He had positioned the little girl flat out on the bed. He was propped up on one arm under her head and was reaching the short distance to her pussy with his other hand. He had been applying gentle pressure to the whole of her pussy, but with these last words he let one finge r concentrate on her little clit. Jamie Lynn was looking into his face while he talked, but at this touch, she stiffened and arched her back a bit. Jim kept rubbing her clit. Jamie Lynn started to close her eyes at the wonderful sensations starting to build in her. “Jamie Lynn, open your eyes and look at me. Keep looking at me. I want to see your eyes when you come. Do you want to cum, honey?” “Yes, please.” “Say it sweet heart. Say ‘Please make me cum’.” “Please make me cum…” Jim rubbed harder, having an instant effect on the little girl. Her hairless pussy was getting wet under his fingers again. “Keep saying it, Jamie Lynn.. Come on.. Please make me cum… Come on…” “Please make me cum… Please make me cum… Please…ugh… make me cum… uhhhhh uuhhh Pluuu.. Please.. make me.. cum..” Jim Phillips was so turned on he could hardly stand it. His hand was jerking off one of the prettiest hairless cunts he had seen in a while. This little 11 year old was gazing into his face, begging him to make her cum She was so turned on that it was getting hard for her to keep begging. “Pl uhhh.. Please …. make me.. cum… uhhhh uhhhhh Please…. Please…. make….. uhhhhhh .. make me …cu… cum.. uhhh uh….. Please……………. make uhhhhhh uhhhhh ME UHHH UHHHHHHHH CUMMMMMMMMMMM AAAAAAAAAHHHHH AAAAHHHH AAAAHHHH AAAAHHHH UUUUUHHHH UUUUUUHHHHHH..” Jamie Lynn’s eyes went round. She was looking into Mr. Phillips face, but she wasn’t seeing anything. Phillips watched her cum… Her back arched until just her head and the balls of her feet touched the bed. Then her pleadings for release had turned into rhythmic grunts. Her back hit the bed again, and she spasmed in tune with the pulsing of the tiny pussy Jim held easily cupped in his hand. She was as wet as if she had just stepped out of a bath, and Jim couldn’t wait for the moment when he would shoved his rock-hard pecker into that tiny pre-teen hole. He let her finish her spasms, and then relax. Her eyes closed and her head fell to one side, her gold blonde hair making a pillow on his arm. Finally she looked up at him, “That felt fantastic. Will you do it to me again?” “Sure, Jamie Lynn, but you have to be fair right? It’s not fair for you to have all the fun and I’m still sitting here with clothes on. That’s not right is it?” “I guess not… Are you gonna take off your underwear?” “No, Jamie Lynn. You are. Come on, sit up on the edge of the bed again. If you want to be fair you have to let me be naked too. So come on and help me get naked.” He sprung to the edge of the bed and then dragged Jamie Lynn into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. Then he stood up to face her, just as the man had faced little Debbie in the film Jamie Lynn had just seen. The bulge in his underwear was only inches from her face. She didn’t know what to do, so she just sat there, staring. Finally she looked up at the man who towered over her. He reached down with both hands and took her head. He forced her to lean closer to his crotch. He forced her face into contact with the bulge i n his underwear. The heat was tremendous and his wiener was real hard. “Kiss me there, Jamie Lynn. Kiss me before you take off my underwear.. That’s a good girl. You can feel it, can’t you. All hard just for you.” He was rubbing his crotch on her face, enjoying dominating this little prepubescent girl. “Ok, Jamie Lynn.. You want to see it right. Tell me you want to see it.” “I want to see it.” “What Jamie Lynn, what do you want to see. Come on.. tell me what you want to see.” “I want to see what your wiener looks like.” “Ok.. but you have to learn the right word for it now.” He was still holding her head and rubbing his crotch on her face as he talked, stopping only when he wanted her to answer. “It’s called a penis, Jamie Lynn. The word is penis. Do you want to see my penis? Tell me you really want to see my penis.” He held her head so he could look into her eyes as she said it. The naked 11 year old girl looked up into his eyes and said, “I want to see you penis. I really do.” He couldn’t wait any longer. “Good girl.. Ok, reach up and pull my underwear down. Go on… Don’t be scared, lots of little girls help their special man undress. I want to be naked with you.” Her trembling hands reached up and pulled on the elastic of his underwear. They slipped down his hips. He had to reach inside to get his large cock to slip past the waist band as the girl lower his underwear. “That’s it.. good girl. Take them all the way off. I want you to see me naked.” The underwear slipped off, and Jamie Lynn was suddenly to distracted to lower them further. She let them slip out of her hand and they fell to Jim Phillips ankles. His penis was free and pointing right at Jamie Lynn, just 2 inches from her face. The preteen was in shock. It was HUGE!! It stuck out from his body at a right angle. She could see veins in the side. The little slit in the front was where the semen came out, she was guessing. Mr. Phillips lifted each leg in turn to step out of his underwear, and his large cock bobbled up and down in front of little Jamie Lynn. Then he reached down with one hand and rubbed it up and down a few times for the little girl. Some drops of fluid started to appear on the end. “Ok, Jamie Lynn. This is what a man’s cock looks like when the man is really turned on. And these”, he said lifting his cock up to his belly, “are my testicles. There are 2 of them here and that is where the semen is made.” He reached down to her lap and grabbed her hand. “Go ahead and touch them, just cup you hand around them. That’s good.. That feels nice.” he said as he held her tiny hand to his balls. He held her hand against his balls and rubbed them back and forth. To Jamie Lynn they felt huge and soft and .. strange. She was looking at where her hand was touching his nuts when he pulled his cock back down to her face, almost touching and moved her hand onto it. “Now touch my penis, Jamie Lynn. Try to put your hand around it. That’s good. Now you’re touching me, like I touched you. It feels good when you touch me. Your such a pretty little girl, you shou ld learn more about sex, so you can grow up real pretty.. yeah.. that’s right. Put your hand around it and hold it. Look at it real close. Your gonna get to know it real good… That’s right…” Jim Phillips was just talking to cover any hesitation on the part of this preteen girl. He had put her hand around his cock and held it there with his own, slowly using her tiny hand to jerk himself off in her face. He talked even though he knew she wasn’t hearing any of the words. She was transfixed by the sight of his erection in her face. Jamie Lynn could not believe the size of Mr. Phillips penis. He had put her hand around it and her finger tips did not reach her thumb. It was rock hard underneath, but soft and smooth on the outside. He was pushing her hand up and down on it and the skin moved back and forth with it. She could feel it pulsing each time she stroked it. More of the clear pre-cum fluid was coming out the end of it. She could smell it, and it wasn’t unpleasant. This was amazing. Jamie Lynn was start ing to feel turned on by the wickedness of this, and by the fact that this grown man thought that her little, hairless, flat-chested 11 year old body was so pretty that he wanted to be naked with her. Suddenly, he swayed forward and his hard cock just bumped her face. Jamie Lynn started to jerk back, but his hand was behind her head, and she couldn’t back up. His cock backed up and was again inches away, but Jamie Lynn was remembering little Debbie in the video. “Are you gonna … Are you gonna put it in my mouth?” she asked looking fearfully up at the man. “Do you want me to put my penis in your mouth? I’d really like to feel your mouth on my penis, and I’d really like to cum in your mouth. I’m so turned on by looking at your little naked body, I think I would cum real fast. Is that what you want?” “I don’t know. I…I’m scared.” “No, honey.. don’t be scared. You saw all those other little girls doing it. They didn’t look scared, did they? Remember the little 7 year old licking that man’s testicles. She was smiling afterward, remember? So don’t be scared.. your just nervous because it’s your first time, and you don’t know what to do. I won’t put it in your mouth now if you don’t want me to. But I will want you to do it a little later, is that ok?” “Yeah.. Ok.. What do I do now?” Jim could hardly believe it. Little Jamie Lynn was so glad that he wasn’t going to ram his cock into her mouth that she was actually asking what to do. “Why don’t you use your hands to give me an orgasm like I did to you. Just take both your hands and put them on my cock… that’s right… now start moving them up and down my cock… that’s good.. go ahead and squeeze tighter, Jamie Lynn.. Yeah.. that’s good. Just keep doing that and I’ll ejaculate on your chest… that will help your breast grow someday… ohhhh, god.. Looking at a pretty little girl like you really has me turned on…. I’m going to cum real fast….” Jamie Lynn had both hands on his penis now. He showed her how to stroke his hard cock. It wasn’t to difficult, but his cock was so big in her hands. After she got the rhythm of it down, he put one hand on her shoulder and the other caressed her head and hair. Jamie Lynn kept pulling on his cock, watching the fluid that kept coming out of it, wondering what it would be like to see him shoot his semen on her like the men did to all those other girls in the video she had seen. She didn’t have long to wait. Jim Phillips was so turned on by this innocent little preteen wonder. She was watching his cock, concentrating on it while her tiny hands jerked it up and down, urging his seed to come out and cover her prepubescent body. He held her shoulder to keep her from backing off, but she didn’t seem to want to. Her fine blond hair felt nice to touch, and he had to restrain himself from slamming his rigid pecker into her mouth and making her eat his cock. His orgasm was building and he continued to urge the little girl on. “Good… Girl… Jamie Lynn.. I’m going to cum, Jamie Lynn… I’m going to cum on you.. on your pretty chest… yeah.. Stroke me, Jamie Lynn… Faster.. gooood. Uh.. Faster, honey… That’s it.. That’s it… Get ready, honey.. I’M GONNA CUM ON YOU… Uhhh HERE IT COMES … WATCH IT … WATCH IT….. CUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!” Jamie Lynn felt his huge cock get even larger!! She felt one hand clamp down on her shoulder while the other grabbed her hair. She couldn’t move, but then.. she didn’t really want to. His cock started to buck in her small hands. Once. Twice. And suddenly the semen shot from his cock onto her lips and chin. It burned where it landed and splattered down her body. Another shot burst forth as strong as the first, and again, Jamie Lynn got hit in the chin with a load of cum. She kept stroking his bucking erection, as it sprayed cum all over her 11 year old body. His next shot was not as strong, and it landed on her neck where it rolled down her flat chest. More semen was shooting out of his body and onto hers. His body spasmed, and his hands twitched. He pulled her closer until his hard cock was against her neck pointing up at her chin. His hot semen spurted onto her neck and chin. She was getting soaked in his cum. Finally, his orgasm started to subside. His cum was rolling down her body, over her two little pre-breasts, down her flat belly and where it seeped into her tiny hairless slit. He reached down and took her hands off his cock and made her lay back on the bed. He sat down next to her and started to rub his cum all over her body. He rubbed it all over her chest and belly until her body glistened with it. He rubbed it into her tiny cunt until he’d oiled her slit all the way to her even tinier asshole. Finally, he reached up and rubbed the cum on her chin up to both her cheeks and across her lips. “That was fantastic, Jamie Lynn.. God, it felt great. You got covered in my semen and you look great.. Here”, he said, reaching down to squeeze a couple of drops of cum from his cock head, “taste it sweetheart Go on.. Open your mouth and taste it.” And Jamie Lynn did. She parted her lips and he slipped his cum covered finger into her mouth. She sucked his finger clean and rolled the semen around on her tongue. It didn’t taste bad, in fact, the excitement of what she had just experience made it taste special. His fingers were in front of her mouth again, and this time she accepted it without his having to ask. The pre-teen girl was glistening with his cum. Her naked little body shone in the light over the bed. Her hairless mound glinted with his jism. Jim Phillips was in heaven, as he feed her his spunk, scooping it off her pre-pubescent body. He never even lost his erection, and he knew that he would be ready again to take her in just a few minutes. This time he was going to blow is wad in her hot little mouth, whether she wanted to or not. He reached to the bed-side table for a towel and started to wipe her body down before his jism had a chance to get to sticky. “Did you like that?”, he asked as he wiped his cum off her body. “Did you like how that made you feel? I sure did.” “Your penis is so la rge and there was so much … It was neat. Did it feel as good as my orgasm? It was hot too!! It got on my mouth ! Did I do Ok? Did I do it right?” Jamie Lynn was full of questions all of a sudden. All the hesitation was gone now. She had done it and she wanted to know more. “Will it really help my breasts grow? I want to have big breasts so I can be a model.” “Whoa.. Hold on there..”, he said as he finished cleaning the cum from her hairless pussy and dropped the towel on the floor. “One question at a time.”, he chuckled as he laid out on the bed and cuddled next to the little girl, his still hard cock resting on her slender thigh. “That felt great, Jamie Lynn. You did really good for your first time. There are some things you could do to make it better, but I’ll teach you those later. For now you did really great. And yes, my cum will make you pretty; it will help your breasts grow; get your hair growing down here”, he said placing his hand on her tender moist pussy, “and make your figure start to develop. But your going to need more that just one load, and you’ll have to take it in your mouth too.” “Does that mean your gonna stick your penis in my mouth? I mean.. your semen didn’t taste bad or anything, in fact, it’s kinda neat, but.. well your penis is to big to go in my mouth, isn’t it?” “No, Jamie Lynn. Your mouth will stretch to hold my cock, and if I push hard enough, even your throat will stretch so that maybe I can get my whole penis into your mouth. You’d be surprised. I mean, I know that my cock is a bit larger than average, and with you being 11 years old, your body is quite small, but I think, if you and I really try, I’ll be able to fit my penis into all your holes. But first, let me ask you a question. How do you like your sex lessons so far?” Jamie Lynn thought for a moment. “At first I was scared because I didn’t know you were going to be so nice. I mean, my father would beat me if he found out about me and David, but you’ve been real nice. And I really like it when you make me orgasm.. uhh.. cum. I really like that part. I guess I was scared when you took off your clothes too, but I made you have an orgasm too, and that was neat.” “Would you like me to make you cum again, Jamie Lynn?” “Oh YEAH!!”, she said, spreading her legs for him to have easy access to her tiny, but willing pussy. “I’d love that.” “Ok, sweetheart, but we’re gonna do this differently. I’m going to show you how a man can use his mouth on a girl. Come on…”, he said, moving up the bed. “Get up her and straddle my chest facing me. No, you have to put your cunny closer to my face. That’s good.” Jamie Lynn wanted another orgasm like an addict needs his next fix. She would do anything for it. When Mr. Phillips layed down on the bed and pulled her arm for her to climb on top of him, she didn’t understand what he wanted. She climbed onto his chest, but he had to get his arms under her legs, so she scooted forward a little. Her little bald pussy was wide open next to his chin. She was a little embarrassed by that, but didn’t have tim e to protest. The next thing she knew, he had taken one of her small round ass checks in each of his large hands and pulled her forward onto his mouth. His tongue began caressing her slit, paying close attention to her clit. Jamie Lynn instantly felt the excitement begin to build. ‘God this is great!’, she thought to herself, all feelings of embarrassment and fear forgotten. His tongue felt large on her little pussy, and his breath was hot on her hairless mound. She loved the way it felt, even when he probed into her virgin cunt, pushing his tongue deep into her. Jim Phillips didn’t wait for the girl to get comfortable on his chest but grabbed her tiny ass and pulled her onto his face. He began licking her pussy in earnest as soon as his lips touched hers. He held onto her butt, it felt so small and tender in his hands, and used his hold to push her harder onto his mouth. Her little slit opened for him, and his nose was pressed up against her smooth, hairless mound. Her body felt so smooth and warm. Her cunt started to get wet, and her taste was pure virgin girl. He looked up to her face and saw her looking down at him, her eyes half closed, already starting to feel the building sensations his tongue was giving her. Jesus, this was one hot little bitch, he thought to himself. One minute of cunt lapping and she’s getting ready to pop. This turned Jim on even more, and he pulled the girls body harder onto his face. He pushed hard with his tongue into her tiny pussy, loving the feel of her tight inner lips gripping his oral digit. He kneaded her tender ass with both hands, letting one slide down so that he could probe her asshole with his fingers. “Ohhhhhh.. That feels good.. Mr. Phillips…uhhhhhhhhmmmmmm uhhhhhmmmmmm….” She was starting her rhythmic moaning, letting the man under her know he was getting her off. Her hips started to buck and she pressed her weight down on the grown mans face even harder, trying to get the most out of sensation. Jim let his hand wander further into her crack. His fingers found t he opening of her pussy and started to probe while he concentrated his tongue action on her swelling clit. He pushed his finger into her small opening up to the first knuckle. Jamie Lynn didn’t seem to notice or mind. Her hips were fucking his face now. She had let her body fall forward so that her clit was centered on his mouth and her cunt even more open to his probing. She was grunting with each thrust of her hips; an animal sound that turned the man on all the more. ‘This little cunt is so hot!!! I’m going to love fucking her!!!’ he was thinking as he let his finger probe deeper into her cunt hole. The little girl was so wet that his finger slid in easily to the second knuckle where it hit the barrier of her cherry. Jim was so turned on he almost plunged his finger in the rest of the way, just so he could feel her tight little cunt sucking on his finger, but he held off, wanting to save that sensation for his cock, which now stood straight up from his crotch. “uh uh uh.. uh… uh… uh…. Uhh.. Uhh.. Uh h.. Uhh.. UHH.. UHH. UHH… UHHHH…UHHHHHHHH… UHHHHHHHHHHHH… AAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEYYY..” The little pre-teen was bucking wildly on the grown man’s face. Her pussy was pulsing on the man’s mouth, sending small floods of her cunt juice into his mouth. The man was shaking his head on her bald slit, beating her clit with his tongue as his fingers probed her virgin pussy and ass. Both of them were in heaven. Jamie Lynn was in convulsions that she hoped would never end. Jim Phillips wanted to taste this little girl forever, the sensation of her losing all control because of his tongue one of the biggest turnon’s he could imagine. Jamie Lynn kept fucking Jim’s face until her orgasm died. By then she was too exhausted to move. She was on her hands and knees, her cunt resting on Jim Phillips mouth, her flat belly just above his face. Jim could look down and see her hairless mound, and look up to see her flushed face hanging down, eyes closed above her flat chest. He took his fingers out of her cunt and stopped mass aging her little brown shit hole. Jamie Lynn gave a small jerk when is finger popped free of her tight pussy, but she was too exhausted to react further. Jim took his hands off her ass and pussy and reached up to her waist. He pulled the spent little girl into a kneeling position, her pussy on his chest and then guided her fall to his side on the bed. Jamie Lynn’s eyes barely opened during all this. “Jamie Lynn…. Jamie Lynn…. That was good wasn’t it?” “uh huh”, came her whispered reply. “That was better than just my fingers, wasn’t it Jamie Lynn?” Again, a whispered, “uh huh” “Now you understand why a man’s mouth feels so much better than his hands. And you can guess that a girls mouth feels just that much better on a man’s cock than a girls hands… Right?” “uh huh” “Jamie Lynn, I’m really turned on. Watching you cum for me like that and feeling you cunny on my mouth has got me really turned on. Feel?”, he said taking her limp hand and putting it on his erection. Her hand went around it and held on, mov ing slightly up and down. “uh huh” “I want your mouth, Jamie Lynn. I want to feel your mouth on my cock. I want to fuck you in the mouth, sweetheart. Ok?” He didn’t wait for her to answer, but started to get up. “I uh.. guess so…”, Jamie Lynn said. She opened her eyes and watched the man lift his leg and straddle her small flat chest, pinning one arm down against her side. His balls hung down between her small pre-breasts and his cock pointed over her head. He leaned forward, his penis brushing her cheek, and grabbed a pillow from the head of the bed. His cock felt hot against her cheek, and it pulsed a few times before he leaned his weight back. He put a hand behind her head and propped it up with the pillow so that his prick was pointing straight at her mouth. He reached down and started to stroke his huge penis just 3 inches in front of her innocent face. “Jamie Lynn. Tell me you want me to do it, please. Tell me that you really want to make me feel as good as I made you feel. Tell me you want to suck m y cock.” The 11 year old girl looked up at Jim Phillips and in a still dreamy voice said, “I do want you to feel good.. I do want to suck your cock… but….I don’t know how.” “Don’t worry sweetheart, this time I think I just want to fuck your mouth. Later you can learn new things, OK?” “Okay…” “Take it in your hand, sweetheart. Take it and show me you really want to suck me. Put it in your mouth for me, precious.” Jamie Lynn reached up with one hand and took his huge cock. Clear pre-cum fluid dripped off the end and onto her chin. She looked up into his eyes one more time, then pulled his cock forward to her mouth. She stopped as her lips touched the end of his cock. ‘God, it’s huge’, she thought to her self. It felt hot against her slightly parted lips. “Go on precious, show me you really want me. Lick the end of it, Jamie Lynn. Lick my cock. Give it a taste. You’ll see.. You can do it, Jamie Lynn.” Her breath on his cock was making it twitch in her hand and on her lips. His pre-cum dripped onto her pre cious lips where it slid into her mouth. The little girl was mesmerized by the huge cock pulsing against her lips. Her tongue slipped out almost on it’s own and touched the end of his penis. Ok.. that wasn’t so bad. She did it again. This time making an effort to lick the clear fluid that was dribbling from the end of his cock onto her lips. It didn’t taste much like anything, but the act of doing it turned Jamie Lynn on. She could feel her pussy getting wet in response to this new sex act. She licked his cock again. This time running her tongue all the way out and down the underside the head. It jerked strongly in her hand, and she knew she was turning him on. “Do it, Jamie Lynn. I want you to put my cock in your mouth now. Open your mouth wide and put my cock in now, sweetheart. God, your face is so beautiful licking my cock. I want to see you suck me, baby.. Go on… put it in that hot little mouth of yours and suck me off, Jamie Lynn” This was the moment of truth. Jamie Lynn opened her mouth wide and gen tly pulled the man’s hard penis into her mouth. The head went halfway in before she had to open her mouth even wider. As his enormous dick moved into her mouth it jerked rapidly, pressing against the roof off her mouth with each spasm. “Ohhh God, baby.. That’s it.. Suck me now.. Suck me….” Jamie Lynn had stopped pulling on his prick, but Jim Phillips had not stopped entering her. His hips continued forward after Jamie Lynn stopped pulling him into her mouth. His cock filled her 11 year old mouth, the spongy head making it’s way to the back of her mouth. Jamie Lynn’s hand was still on his cock, but it hung there limp. Her lips were stretched around the shaft of his huge pecker. She could feel the veins on his cock, pounding with blood as her little mouth stimulated him. She gave an experimental suck on the mass that filled her mouth, and his penis responded with a large jerk. She heard him moan, and looked up to see his face. He was looking down at her, his eyes wide. “That’s right baby….. Try to suck it. . Ohhh, God your mouth is hot… Go on, baby.. Use that pretty mouth of yours.” His hand reached for the back of her head. Jim Phillips was in heaven. He looked down and saw his huge wang disappearing into the little pre-teenagers face, her eyes looking up at him, waiting for instructions. His cock was jerking in her mouth so hard that her head bounced with each twitch. Experimentally he gave a small shove with his hips, and more of his cock disappeared into her mouth. She tried to suck, but her mouth was spread so wide that she couldn’t manage it very well. No matter. Her little virgin mouth was so small and tight Jim knew that just by fucking her face he would soon be dumping his load down her throat. He started to fuck her face in earnest, one hand cupping the back of her head making sure she had no where to go to get away from his oncoming penis. Jim Phillips grabbed the back of Jamie Lynn’s head and pulled her deeper onto his cock. Jamie Lynn didn’t think any more would fit, but the Mr. Phillips kept p ushing it harder and harder into her mouth. She was having trouble breathing and soon realized that she would have to breath on his out stroke in rhythm with his thrusts. He was thrusting harder and harder. The head was hitting the back of her mouth and little Jamie Lynn started to gag. ‘God, I can’t take this… It’s too big!!!’ The giant cock was pushing hard on the 11 year old girls throat. She was beginning to panic, but there was nothing she could do. Much of his weight was resting on her chest. She couldn’t move her head back because he held it in a firm grip. She couldn’t cry out because her mouth was totally stuffed with his enormous cock. She tried to make some noise, but the only sound that escaped were rhythmic moans in time with his hard thrusts. “Good girl… Good girl.. Oh, god you look beautiful with your uh… mouth on my cock!! Uh… Come on, honey… Relax… You can take more… Uh… Uh… More, baby…” He was pulling on her head hard now, and about half of his rigid erection was buried into the pre-teen’s face. He held back his load as best he could. Jim wanted to feel her throat around his cock, then he’d give her a load of jism she’d never forget. “Baby.. uh… I’m gonna shove it in real…uh.. hard now.. You gotta relax your throat… uh… just let it in….Baby.. uh Pretty baby… Here goes…UHHH” And he rammed his hips forward. Little Jamie Lynn heard his warning, and panicked even more. Her little mouth was being raped and there was nothing she could do. She felt his hand tighten in her hair and felt his huge thighs on either side of her flat chest flex to ram his cock into her face. The head of his cock hit her throat, but did not ease off any pressure, instead Mr. Phillips pushed harder with his hand on the back of her head. Jamie Lynn flipped out. ‘It’s gonna KILL ME… Please GOD!!!’ Slowly his cock pushed into her virgin throat. She felt more of his pecker slipping past her lips, over her tongue, and into her throat. ‘OH GOD!!! I DID IT. IT WENT IN!! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!’ she thought to herself. In her panic she had somehow opened her throat to accept the man’s giant organ. And down it went. Jamie Lynn’s throat bulged out as Mr. Phillips shoved his cock all the way into the small girls face. The next thing Jamie Lynn knew his soft testicles were pushed onto her chin, one on either side, and his rough pubic hair was pressed onto her nose. He held her there for just a second, and then slowly eased his cock back out of her throat until just the head was in her mouth. OOHHHHHH GOOOOOOOWWWDDDDDDD… OHHH BABY!!!.. OH GOD.. You’re the best.. OH JESUS.. your tight there. baby. You DID IT!! You DID IT, sweetheart. You took my WHOLE COCK… Oh, god what an angel you are!!! Do you feel ok? Oh… Sweet Jesus that felt good. Oh, honey, you got the best mouth I’ve ever felt!!!” Phillips was praising the little girl left and right, knowing he had scared her by forcing his tremendous penis into her virgin throat. He’d felt her panic. He’d felt her small struggles. But he’d rammed it to her anyw ay, and loved it. Now he was ready to shoot her mouth to overflowing with his cream, and he wanted, yet again, for this little pre-pubescent child to ASK FOR IT!!! “Jamie Lynn, you’re fantastic!! Are you okay?” He pulled his hips back slightly so she could answer. His cock pulled back out of her mouth, and it’s weight resting on her lower lip. Jamie Lynn took some deep breaths before trying to answer, the air feeling like a cool drink in the desert. She had heard is praise, his down-right adulation, and it turned her head completely. ‘No one has ever said anything like that to me’, she thought. ‘He really loved it. I did it really great!! It’s like I was a grown up and he’s my lover, like in a romantic book!!’ She was thinking that just to hear such praise from anyone she would do just about anything when he tenderly touched her cheek and she looked up at him. “Are you okay, sweetheart?” “uh.. Yeah, I guess.” “You did that really well and your mouth feels fantastic! I know it’s hard to do, honey. Do you thin k you could try again? I’m really turned on, and I’m ready to have an orgasm. Do you want me to have an orgasm in your mouth, honey? Tell me you want a hot load of semen in your fantastic little mouth, baby. Go on, tell my you want my penis in your mouth pumping you full of hot cum…” Jamie Lynn saw the lust in his eyes. Part of her knew that it didn’t really matter what she said, she was going to get a mouthful of cream. But another part, the part that listened to the flattery, the part that needed to be loved, wanted to please Mr. Phillips. That part started talking. “Oh, yes.. I want your penis in my mouth. I want to make you cum like you made me cum. I really want to feel you orgasm in my mouth.” That did it. The cock that had been resting on her chin surged back into her mouth. The head spreading her lips, almost before the last word was out. It rammed back to her glottis, stretching her jaws. Jim Phillips began fucking this 11 year old mouth in earnest. He was blind to anything but drowning her in his hot white seed. It was only going to take a few seconds, he was totally turned on by hearing his little naked school-girl ask for his hot cock in her tight mouth. Only a few more pumps…. ‘Holy cow’, thought Jamie Lynn. Mr. Phillips had rammed her so hard that he’d almost lost a grip on her head, but not for long. He pulled her head rapidly on and off his cock. Her battered little mouth was filled with hot, jerking meat. He pushed so hard that he re-entered her tight throat. She felt the spongy head go down before she even knew what happened. “UHHH UHHH UHHH UHHH.. Ohh BABY.. UHHH HERE IT CUMMMM… OH, SHIT!!! FUCK!!!! AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” The huge penis in her mouth expanded even more. It spasmed hard. Once. Twice. And suddenly Jamie Lynn was drowning in cum. It shot from his cock to her throat, where it gagged her. Her gagging just tightened her mouth on his pulsing throat. The next shot filled the remaining room in her little mouth with hot sperm. She tried to swallow the se men that was in her throat before she dealt with the jism in her mouth, but the third shot came as powerfully as the first two. With nowhere to go, jism exploded out the sided of her mouth and down both cheeks. His cock bucked again, and more sperm flooded her mouth. ‘God, I have to drink this as fast as I can’, she thought. And she drank. As fast as she could swallow, more spunk shot into her mouth. It was hot and thick. Hotter than the last of his semen that she had tasted because it was fresh from his cock rather than scooped off her flat-chest. It tasted strange, but not bad, though she didn’t have alot of time for tasting. Little 11 year old Jamie Lynn, who up to that morning had never even seen a boys “thing”, now had to drink cum as fast as she could from the erect penis of a 42 year old man, if she didn’t want to have it running down her face. And drink she did. Finally, Mr. Phillips cock stopped shooting cum into her face, though it didn’t stop jerking. She wiggled her tongue experimentally, and got it to jerk harder and she heard a long groan from the man on top of her. His hand had came off the back of her head and landed hard on the bed above her head, supporting the spent man. His cock began to feel smaller in her mouth, but the Mr. Phillips wasn’t moving. It still throbbed between her lips, but it didn’t seem as hard and large as it was before. Jamie Lynn couldn’t understand it, and she didn’t know what to do. Mr. Phillips was just sitting on her chest, not moving with his cock in her mouth, but his cock was slowly retracting from her mouth. Jamie Lynn was confused. ‘Did I do something wrong? What’s wrong with his penis?’ she wondered to herself. She was starting to think that she’d done something wrong to cause Mr. Phillips to go so quiet and still, and for his penis to seem to be retracting itself from her mouth. Finally, she relaxed her lips and his spent cock fell from her mouth onto her chest. “Are you okay, Mr. Phillips? Did I do something wrong?”, she asked in a small voice. He paused to ca tch his breathe before answering. “No, Jamie Lynn. That was fantastic. You did great.” “What’s wrong with your wiener.. uh I mean penis?” She tried to look down her cum covered cheeks to see the limp cock resting on her chest. “It’s not hard anymore.” “I know…. Hold on… I gotta lay down.” He swung his leg over the small pre-teen and lay down next to her. He put an arm under her and cuddled her close. “Wheeeew… God that was good”, he said when he got settled. “First, are you okay? I was pushing pretty hard and you drank alot of cum… How’s your mouth?”, he asked reaching up an massaging her jaws. “Is your mouth sore? Did you like me cumming in your mouth?” “I’m okay. Yeah.. My jaws hurt. You cock is.. err was so big. You really scared me when you pushed it all the way in.” “I’m sorry, sweetheart, but you did it. You managed to take my whole cock in your mouth!! You were great.” “Really? Did it really feel good?” “You can’t begin to imagine, baby. How did you like your first blow job?” “Blow job? What’s that?” “That’s one word for a girl using her mouth to make her man cum. What did you think of me cumming in your mouth?” “God there was alot of it. At first, I didn’t know what to do, and I got some in the back of my mouth, so I had to swallow. Then I just tried to swallow it all. That’s okay isn’t it? I mean, I won’t have a baby or anything will I?” “No, Jamie Lynn. That’s not how babies are made. I’ll explain that later. You gotta trust me though. I won’t get you pregnant. It’s good that you swallowed my cum, it’ll help you grow up pretty. How’d you like that taste? Was it okay?” “It’s kinda sour, but it’s not too bad. There was just so much, I couldn’t keep it all in” she said, reaching up to touch her cheek, still wet with his semen. “I think I could do it again, if you really wanted me to. Did I really make you feel as good as when I had an orgasm?” “You sure did, honey.” “But what happened to your pe.. uh cock? It was all big, but now …”, she let the sentence taper off, looking down at where his lim p dick resting on her smooth thigh. “A man’s cock isn’t hard all the time, Jamie Lynn. That’s one of the things that your friends probably learned in school. It only gets hard when the man is turned on or sexually attracted to something. It could be nude pictures, or someone touching his body in certain ways, or even pretty little girls who want to learn about sex. You really turned me on, honey. God, your little body is great. Hey.. you want to look at my cock now that it’s not so hard?” “Sure.” “Well, sit it and take a good look, sweetheart”, he said, flopping down on his back next to her. The naked pre-teen got up on her knees nest to the man. She scooted down his body until she could look down on where is now limp cock rested on his balls. She reached out and touched it with a finger tip. “You can handle it, if you want. It won’t bite.” She did. She put her small hand around this an lifted it off his testicles. Some small bit of cum still clung to the end and she touched this with her other finger. The l ittle girl turned his cock in every direction, noting the veins that ran down the side; the way the head looked like a long bulb on the end of a stalk; how is testicles were attached to the bottom; how his testicles seemed to move on their own inside the sack as she move is cock this way and that. “Can I touch your testicles too?” “Sure honey. You can call them balls if you want, that’s the slang. Go ahead and feel what they are like, but gently.” She reached out with her other hand and cupped his balls in it. There were 2 of them, and they seemed to move around in her hand. They sure felt like balls, and they were really warm. Jim Phillips couldn’t ask for a nicer ending to this session with Jamie Lynn Spears. The little pre-teen kneeling over his body, fondling his cock and balls with both hands while he relaxed from fucking her virgin mouth. His hand rested on her smooth round buttocks and he let his fingers gently probe her nether reaches. Her initial fear of being naked with a grown man was completely g one. He’d given her a taste of days to come, and she seemed to want more. Now to seal the deal. “So, Jamie Lynn, what do you think of your sex lessons so far? Did you like learning about orgasms?” She looked up from her examination of his limp organ, “Yeah, I loved it.” “You know there’s alot more I can teach you if you want to learn. You have to go home pretty soon, but would you like to come back and learn more about sex?” “I guess so. What sorta things are there?” “Oh gosh, Jamie Lynn, there’s all sorts of things to learn. We’ve just barely scratched the surface. I’ll teach you everything about sex, if you really want to learn. I’ll teach you stuff they NEVER teach in school. I tell you how babies are made, and your body develops, and all about fucking. I teach you about anal sex, lesbian sex, bondage, and group sex, and all sorts of stuff. But you’ve got to tell me you really want to come back for my lessons. And of course, you’ll be having alot of orgasms, if you come back. I can even show you how to ma sturbate yourself so you can have your own orgasms any time you want. You’d like that wouldn’t you, honey?” “Oh YEAH”, she said. Jamie Lynn didn’t understand most of what Mr. Phillips had told her. Terms like ‘anal sex’, and ‘lesbian sex’ had no meaning for her. She didn’t know what ‘bondage’ meant, and couldn’t picture what ‘group sex’ was, though the words were both meaningful to her. Having more orgasms, and learning how to make them happen herself sounded like a great idea, though. “I’d love to come back and learn all that stuff. I’d love to learn how to master..” “Masturbate.” “Yeah… Masturbate, so I could have an orgasm. Will you show me that, please?” “Sure, sweetheart. That, and a whole lot more, but for right now, we better get you cleaned up. It’s almost dinner time and you should be heading home.” He got up off the bed, and left the room, coming back minute later with a towel and a damp dish cloth. Jamie Lynn liked watching him walk around with no clothes on. His penis hung down between his legs and moved back an forth as he walked. She thought it was neat. He sat with her on the bed and gently cleaned the drying cum off her face. Some of it had gotten in her hair and he cleaned this as best he could, knowing that it would not be noticeable once her hair dried. He wiped off her small body with the warm damp towel, paying careful attention to her small hairless pussy, which had some dried cum on the puffy clam-like outer lips. He had her lay back and spread her legs while he made sure she was clean all the way to her tiny anus. Jamie Lynn tingled with delight. No one had ever paid her this kind of gentle loving attention in her whole life. Mr. Phillips gently wiped her whole body down, and her small pussy responded to his touch. Jamie Lynn was ready for him to give her yet another orgasm. She wanted him to massage her in her cunny until the blind spasms once again rocked her little body. She was disappointed when he dried her off and got up to put the towel and wash cloth away. Jim Phillips delighte d in cleaning her small body. She willing parted her legs to give him access to her cunt. He massaged her there for a minute to give her a taste of possible future delights, but made sure to leave her hanging so she would want more. After throwing the towels in the laundry, he helped the little girl get dressed in her white panties, shorts and blouse. While she was putting her sox and shoes on, he pulled on his pants and shirt. “Ok, Jamie Lynn. Now tomorrow is a school day. You can come over after school and we can have some more fun, and some more lessons. But one thing, Jamie Lynn. You can’t tell anyone about what we’re doing here, alright honey. If you did, we’d both be in plenty of trouble. And don’t forget about David. He’d be in the fix with both of us. And your parents wouldn’t be to happy, now would they?” “I won’t tell anyone. I promise. I’d be in big trouble if my Dad found out about David and me. He’d probably beat me up.” “I don’t want that to happen, sweetheart. So I won’t tell anyone about any of this. I promise. “I promise not to tell too.” “And you’ll come back after school tomorrow. I know you have time after school because I’ve seen you playing after school in the park, and don’t both your parents work?” “Yeah. They don’t get home til 6:00 most nights. There’s a sitter that takes care of us, but most of the time she doesn’t care what we do, so long as we don’t make a mess.” “Good! Then you and I can have some more fun tomorrow. I’ll see you then, okay?” “Okay. Bye” “Bye, Jamie Lynn”, he said as he let her out the back door. To anyone watching it would just appear as if Jamie Lynn was cutting through Jim Phillips yard. No one would guess that the little girl was just coming from his house after a wild sex session with this grown man. Jim Phillips watched little Jamie Lynn Spears skip out of sight toward her home. Half an hour later, he made a phone call, and 10 minutes after that David Wallace, the boy he had “caught” Jamie Lynn playing doctor with was knocking on his front door. “Come on it, D avid. Here you go. 50 bucks, just like I promised. Good job.” “It was easy, just like you said,” the 14 year old boy replied. “I just kept saying she was cute and that we could be friends, but I wanted to see just how pretty she was, and she went along with it. How did you know she’d do it?” “I’ve been watching that family for a while. Her Dad’s a loud mouth, abusive drunk, and her mother’s just given up. Give those kids a few kind words and they’ll do anything for you. Believe me. I’ve seen it a hundred times before.” “Okay. .. err Do I still get the other thing.. you know..” “Sure, Dave. You’ll get to fuck her. I’ll make sure of that. Maybe both her sisters too. You just be patient and let me arrange everything. You’ll be hearing from me.” “Okay, great. I guess I’ll be seeing you.” “Okay, Dave. And remember pal. Not a word of this to anyone. After all, I still got those pictures, and you wouldn’t want all your macho friends to see them would you?” “uh.. no”, he answered in a small voice. The carrot and the stick. It had been a few months, but Jim Phillips still had the stick. How he’d let himself get into this situation, he’d never be able to figure out. But still.. he had 50 bucks in his pocket and the promise of some sex with a near virgin. Dave Wallace didn’t figure it was too bad. “Good. I’ll be in touch when things are all set up, or if I need another favor in the mean time. Bye”, and he closed the door. ‘Not bad’, Jim Phillips thought to himself. This is going to work out pretty good. ‘Better get up there and start editing that tape. Gonna need some of that tomorrow when little Jamie Lynn show’s up.’ And with that thought, he locked the door and returned to his special video room to see how today’s pictures had turned out, and to edit little Jamie Lynn into his private collection of kiddie porn. “Not bad”, he said to himself.

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