Willa’s Wild World – Episode 5

Story Title: Willa’s Wild World – Episode 5
Author’s Name: Rupert
Content Codes: ff+ cons oral anal exh
Celebs: Willa Holland, Nikki Reed, Evan Rachel Wood, Mischa Barton, Miranda Cosgrove,
Alyson Stoner, Morgan York, Haley Ramm.
Disclaimer: This is all fiction although I wish it wasn’t. The girls are in their teens so if that is too young then you should turn away. Feedback is always welcome, rupert_ravenclaw@hotmail.com. You can also contact me on the forum.

A new episode of Willa’s Wild World was on. The usual intro went by on the
screen and ended. The stage was
shown, the light focused on the curtains at
the top of the stairs. Everything was not as usual though. The announcer had
a surprise in store.

“Welcome to Willa’s Wild World. Today’s studio host is our lovely star
Miranda Cosgrove. Give it up for her!”

Miranda appeared at the top of the stairs and waved to the audience. The
surprise didn’t make the audience cheers and applauds any less enthusiastic.
Miranda had a happy smile on her face as she descended the stars. She hadn’t
been in the studio since the first episode and was glad to be back in front of
the loud and horny live audience. Miranda was wearing a very, very short,
white dress. She reached the stage and made a spin, very much like what
Willa used to do.

Even louder cheers erupted in the audience as it was revealed that Miranda
was perfectly nude underneath. That wasn’t much of a surprise of course, but
it was much appreciated. Miranda did one more spin to make sure that
everyone had seen her little ass and tight pussy. Her nipples were very much
erect and they strained against the flimsy material of the dress.

“Welcome to the show everybody. It is so nice to be here in the studio
again. I haven’t been here for a while, so I’m very glad to be back. There
really is nothing like fucking in front of a live audience. First of all you
might wonder why Willa is absent. She is out and she will show us where she
is quite soon. Before that however, we have another surprise for you.”

Miranda took a short moment to let this sink in.

“As you know, last time I fucked Alyson Stoner in a dance school. I really,
really liked it and Willa really, really liked to watch it. Me and Willa
spoke afterwards and we decided to ask Alyson if she wanted to be a
permanent fixture on the show. She agreed of course so here she is; our new
co-host Alyson Stoner”

Alyson appeared and was met with thunderous applauds. Miranda too applauded
as Alyson descended the stairs. She was wearing a pair of jeans and a very
tight white top that left her taught stomach bare. She had a brilliant smile
on her face as she walked over to Miranda and planted a very wet and sloppy
kiss on her lips. The kiss lasted around five seconds and both girls took
advantage of the situation by groping each other.

“Welcome to the show Alyson”

“Thank you, it’s very nice to be here”

“You did give me a hell of an ass fucking last time so I’m very glad to have
you here.”

“I was hoping that it would pay off to surprise you like that”

“It sure did. Now why don’t you tell us about today’s show”

“Today we have a special episode and it is not only because it is my first.
Today we have a theme and it’s called The First Time.”

“That’s right Alyson, today the three of us hosts are going to reunite with
the girl we first had sex with in real life.”

“Of course, you will also get the to hear how it happened”

“Me and Alyson will have our first girls here in the studio a bit later, but
first we go to Willa who is in a very familiar environment as shown on the

Willa came into view. She was sitting on a blanket near a pool. She was
wearing a black bikini that showed off all the curves of her body.

“Hello girls! I’m here by the pool where my bikini scene in season three was
shot. Many of the fans who have written in to the show have mentioned that
they liked me in this scene.”

“I do understand why they liked you in this particular scene. It is the
scene where you wear the least clothes.” Miranda said

Willa let out a small giggle and answered.

“I think you’re right Miranda. Anyway, the other reason I’m here is because
it was here I met the first girl I had sex with. Believe it or not, but I
was as old as 14 before I had sex with a girl.”

“To bad that you had to wait so long” Alyson said.

“Yes, it was, but I’m making up for it now don’t I? Now let me introduce my
first girl. The girl in question is someone all fans of Cumming out
recognise and before that she participated in one of the best teenage girl
on girl kisses in a regular movie. I met her here on the set of OC. Here she
is Nikki Reed”

The camera zoomed out and showed Nikki sitting on a blanket a few feet away
from Willa. Nikki was wearing a black bikini just like Willa. She waved to
the camera.

“Hello Everyone”

“Nikki, you were the first girl to have sex with me. I must say you did a
darn good job. You sure got me hooked on pussy for good.”

“It was my pleasure. I mean it really was you were a real natural”

“Thank you. Now why don’t you tell the viewers how it all happened?”

“I’d love to. I first visited the set a few weeks before my first scene. I
wanted to get to see it in advance. I was lucky enough to be here when Willa
shot her pool scene. As you understand I really liked what I saw.”

As she spoke Nikki looked at Willa’s body. She lost her train of thought for
a while as she stared. Willa took over the retelling of their first time.

“Those scenes in a bikini where shot in the middle of the day and when I was
finished with them there were no more scenes for me to shoot that day. I
asked if I could stay and swim in the pool and Nikki then approached me and
asked if she could stay too. I said yes of course, thought it would be nice
with some company.”

Nikki had now regained her focus and went on with the story.

“I must admit that I had the intention of seducing Willa when I stayed. We
talked for a while and when every one else where gone I suggested that we
take a dip in the pool. Of course, I didn’t have a swimsuit so I just
dropped my clothes and went nude. As I hoped Willa couldn’t stop staring.”

Willa chipped in.

“I really couldn’t. I had seen Nikki in her first appearance on Cumming Out
together with Evan and now suddenly I was alone with her and she was nude.
You have to remember that it was my first time so I was a bit shy. I just
looked at her. And suddenly she just swam up to me and started to kiss me.
From there it went and then we had sex for several hours until it became

“Yeah, that was good” Nikki said with a dreamy look on her face.

“It sure was, now how about we show them how it happened?”

Nikki didn’t even answer. Instead she moved over to Willa and pushed her
back on the blanket. Nikki positioned herself on top of Willa and started to
kiss her fiercely. Willa responded in kind. Their lips were firmly locked
and their tongues swirled around as they explored each other’s mouths. Willa
sent her hands on a tour of exploration along Nikki’s body.

Willa caressed Nikki’s smooth back up and down until she quickly undid the
knot that held Nikki’s top in place. In response to this Nikki sat up and
removed it. Willa and the audience were treated to her full round breasts
and erect nipples. Willa licked her lips in anticipation. Nikki was sitting
on Willa’s crotch. Nikki squirmed around a bit and rubbed herself against
Willa. It sure did have an effect on Willa. She pulled Nikki down into
another kiss, but this time she rolled around so that she suddenly was on
top of Nikki.

Nikki was glad that Willa took control and just let it happen. The last time
they had sex Willa was still new to things and quite shy, that had changed
completely now. Willa sat up on Nikki and started to hump her. The friction
made Nikki’s pussy tingle. It was an easy decision for Nikki to reach up and
undo Willa’s top. It was immediately thrown away and Nikki got to see the
younger teen’s breast again.

Willa closed the distance between their mouths and once again they were
kissing. This time however their bare breasts rubbed together. Nikki had her
hands free and naturally they found their way to Willa’s delicate butt. Like
the top the bottom of the bikini was held in place by a knot. Nikki was
quick to undo it. Willa arched for a second mind got rid of the bottom

There was now only one layer between their two pussies and their respective
juices started to make this layer quite wet. Even one thin layer was too
much and Willa reached down and undid the last knot. Again she arched for a
second and this time she removed Nikki’s bottom. They were finally
completely nude and they now had complete access to each others bodies.
Nikki squeezed Willa’s ass cheeks a few times but then she went on to let
her fingers explore Willa’s ass crack.

Nikki’s fingers went back and forth in Willa’s crack. Once in a while she
stopped by to give the puckered hole some extra attention, but she kept
moving. This treatment sent shivers of joy up Willa’s spine, but she didn’t
lose her focus on giving Nikki on hell of a kiss. The nudity meant that
there was no longer anything between their pussies. Willa’s movements on top
of Nikki were small, but they were enough to rub their pussies together and
cause lot stimulation for both of them.

A significant amount of pussy juice had gathered in on place and it started
to run down Nikki and into the blanket. They would soon be in a spot of
wetness if they went on like this. The kiss had been extremely hot, but both
girls were starting to run out of oxygen by now. Willa got up from the kiss.
Nikki took the opportunity to compliment Willa on her skills.

“Wow, Willa. You really have improved since that time.”

“Oh, yeah, you better believe it. I’m one hell of a lover by now.”

“I have seen all episodes, but I take it you have fucked girls off screen as

“Of course, I’ll tell you about it some time. One thing though before she
compliment me even more, you really haven’t felt anything yet. Just wait
till I’m done with you.” Willa promised.

With that Willa ended the conversation by swiftly moving down a bit. She
took Nikki’s left nipple in her moth and started to work it with her tongue
and lips and even her teeth. Nikki loved it a bit rough and moaned out in
surprise as she felt Willa’s teeth lightly grace her nipple. Willa’s let her
tongue swirl around the nipple and at the same time she sucked it in as far
as she could. Nikki had to admit that Willa was capable of one hell of a
nipple job.

The change in position meant that they could no longer grind their pussies
together. Willa was solving this problem by grinding herself against Nikki’s
right leg. It didn’t give a lot of stimulation, but it was enough to keep
Willa’s super sensitive pussy in a state of constant arousal. Willa left a
wet track behind on Nikki’s thigh as she moved her pussy up and down. It was
a huge turn on for Nikki to feel Willa’s wetness on her leg. It felt so very
naughty to have Willa hump her leg.

Nikki didn’t get very much stimulation on her pussy, but that didn’t matter
as much now when Willa was working her nipple over so intensely. The more
Willa worked the nipple the more sensitive it became. Willa’s hand was at
work gently massaging Nikki’s right breast. Nikki wondered to herself if she
was going to come from this treatment alone. Willa’s skill seemed to be
enough to do just that.

It seemed like that wouldn’t happen however because Willa soon left Nikki’s
breast. Nikki felt a bit disappointment at this of course, but she then
thought about where Willa where going. Willa had started to lick her way
down Nikki’s taught stomach. She left a trail of saliva that inevitably led
towards Nikki’s bald and wet pussy.

As she moved down Nikki’s body, Willa also moved her own pussy down Nikki’s
toned leg. Willa took every chance she got humping the leg. Nikki arched her
leg up a bit to provide Willa with better humping opportunities. Willa was
very grateful for that as she pressed her pussy against Nikki’s knee.

Willa didn’t waste any time once she reached Nikki’s dripping pussy. She
just dived right in with her tongue and mouth. She was going on pure lust
and didn’t hold back at all. Her tongue swirled around everywhere. Willa was
high on the love juices she tasted, she needed more. Fortunately Nikki was
horny as hell and provided Willa with a constant supply of yummy juices.

Willa was also trying to get herself off at the same time. It was indeed
very nice hump Nikki’s leg but it wasn’t very efficient. It would take quite
some time before Willa reached orgasm by doing that. Nikki loved the feeling
of a wet pussy grind into her leg and she really loved the sight of
Willa’s fine ass going up and down. Still, she wanted something else.

“Ohhh. Come here Willa. I want to taste that sweet pussy of yours. Let’s
have a 69”

Willa looked up for a second from her licking.

“One juice pussy, coming up. Hope you’ll enjoy it”

As she said this she swiftly moved into the right position and pressed her
pussy down on Nikki’s waiting mouth. Neither of the girls hesitated before
they started their licking. The two hot teenagers went down on each other
with all the energy they had. They only focused on one thing and that was to
get the other girl off as quick as possible. Their tongues were everywhere,
but they both focused on the clits in order to achieve the quickest result.

Nikki was very glad that she was under Willa, because that gave have her
the chance to play with Willa’s fine ass. That was of course even better
than just seeing it from afar. At first she just gently squeezed the ass
cheeks and massaged them slowly. It was very nice indeed, but it wasn’t
enough. Nikki knew just what she wanted to do and she did it without
consulting Willa. Nikki started of lightly with one gentle slap on Willa’s
nude bottom. Willa broke away from her pussy eating for just a second.

“Fuck yes. Spank me like the naughty girl I am”

She then immediately went back to her feasting On Nikki’s pussy. The good
feedback was very good news for Nikki and she started to deliver slaps to
Willa’s ass. She was quite gentle in the beginning, but she gradually
increased the force in her slaps. Both the spanker and spankee benefited.
Nikki felt a rush of excitement every time she delivered another blow to
Willa’s smooth skin. It was a wonderful rush to hand out those slaps.

“Fuck yes. Spank me hard! Spank me! I’m so naughty! A good hard spanking is
what I need.” Willa cried out.

Willa had started out licking Nikki and had therefore been further from
orgasm when the 69 started. But the double stimulation from both intense
licking and harder and harder spanking drove her closer and closer with
tremendous speed. There was no need to analyze it; the fact was that every
slap sent shock waves of pleasure throughout Willa’s body. Of course it hurt
a bit, but the pain was nowhere near as strong as the pleasure. Just like
the last episode when she had been ass fucked with a monster cock, the pain
only heightened the experience.

With the intensity of the licking it came as no surprise when they both
started to near orgasm. Thanks to the spanking Willa was now as close to
orgasm as Nikki. They both pushed on and used their spare energy to lick and
kiss even more intensely. The orgasm hit Nikki a few seconds before it hit
Willa. Only muffled screams were heard as they both had their mouths full of


The muffled grunts came out at the same time so it was impossible to tell
who moaned what. That didn’t really matter though since it was very obvious
that the both had enjoyed it. Willa quivered on top of Nikki as she came.
Both girls released big loads of sticky girls cum as they came. This of
course meant even more intense licking as they tried to savour it all. Again
Nikki was glad that she was under Willa. She only needed to lay and wait for
the pussy cream to drop into her mouth. Willa on the other hand to work real
hard to get all of Nikki’s juice. It was sure worth it though, so that she
could taste the rich and full flavour of Nikki.

As soon as they were done licking Willa rolled off Nikki. It was a very hot
California day and they were both very sticky by now, both from sweat and
pussy cream. Their young bodies glistened in the sun. Willa quickly got up
and dragged Nikki along with her. They ran hand in hand over to the pool and
jumped in. The viewers got to see their perfect asses jiggle as they ran.

They landed in the water with a splash. Willa only took a few swim strokes
and reached the ladder. She slowly climbed the ladder out of the pool. Water
dropped from her shiny nude body as she emerged from the water. It was a bit
like her scene in the OC but without anything to cover up her beautiful
body. She walked over to the blanket again and turned to the camera.

“Sorry about that folks, I just had to wash up a bit in preparation for
what’s about to come. Don’t want to be sticky when we bring on new girls. I
hope you didn’t get too bored watching me take a swim.”

Willa didn’t have any audience to interact with, but she knew full well that
most of the viewers probably really liked her little swim.

“Well, viewers that was my first girl. Nikki Reed, one of the hottest girls
in Hollywood. You know Hollywood really is a small place. We are now going
to bring in two new girls. You’d need a chart to properly deal with exactly
what the four of us have done together, but let’s just say that there is a
lot of history between us. Here they are; Mischa Barton and Evan Rachel

The two girls came walking into the scene hand in hand. They were wearing
matching pink bikinis. The both had wet stains at the front of their
panties, which of course indicated that they had really enjoyed the show
Willa and Nikki had put on. Evan had a horny smile on her face, but Mischa
didn’t look very happy. She opened her moth, before Willa had a chance to
welcome her to the show.

“Why did we have to wait like that? Do you know how unbearable it is to see
you and Nikki go at it without getting to join in? You made me all hot and
bothered, but I couldn’t join, that’s not very nice.”

“Sorry, about that Mischa, but I wanted to show the first girl I had sex

“The only reason she was your first was that I didn’t get to you first.”

Nikki had got out of the pool and she sneaked up behind Mischa. She got up
right behind Mischa and suddenly she reached around and grabbed Mischa’s
tits through her bra.

“That’s too bad for you. I saw her first.” Nikki boasted.

Mischa let out a shrill shriek as Nikki pressed up against her. Mischa had
basked in the sun for more than an hour and Nikki had just got out of the
water. The sudden coldness on her hot body wasn’t very pleasant for Mischa.
Fortunately Nikki knew just how to make Mischa feel good again. She started
to gently massage Mischa’s breasts through the thin material of the bikini.
Mischa started to moan in delight. This gave Willa the chance to address the

“As I tried to say before, welcome to the show Evan and Mischa.”

“Thank you, Willa” Evan said and sat down on a blanket next to Willa’s.

Mischa was very busy being felt up by Nikki and just moaned something that
no one could make any sense of.

“As I said before, Mischa was the second girl for me. It was a few days
after that time with Nikki. She had got me completely hooked on pussy so I
walked around being horny 24/7. It was actually I who took the initiative to
our encounter. I was done with my scenes for the day and I went to Mischa’s
room and waited for her there. She came in and to make a short story even
shorter I seduced her. It wasn’t too hard really. I think she was just as
horny as I was. Isn’t that right Mischa?”

“Uhhu” Mischa moaned.

“I think that means yes.” Nikki translated.

Nikki had moved on in her caressing of Mischa. Nikki’s right hand was
touching Mischa’s breasts under the top and her left hand had sneaked down
and into Mischa’s panties. Nikki pushed her index finger in and out of
Mischa’s wet folds.

“So, before we start, can you please tell how it happened when you had sex
with those two girls” Willa said as she pointed to Mischa and Nikki.

“It came quite naturally really. As you now, me and Mischa played a lesbian
couple. It really didn’t take much for us to get going off screen as well.”

“Ok, and with Nikki?”

“We had this one very hot kissing scene and it was only natural that one
thing led to another and we ended up having sex.”

“I would love to hear more about how it happened with a lot of juicy
details, but I think we better get started. Those girls are way ahead.”
Willa said and pointed at Nikki and Mischa.

Nikki had kept working on Mischa. The panties were pulled half way down
Mischa’s thighs and the only thing that covered her pussy was Nikki’s hand.
Mischa’s bra had been yanked up so that her pert breasts were showing. Nikki
was using her right hand to pinch and squeeze those lovely tits. Nikki’s
erect nipples were pressed into Mischa’s back side. It was far from the
first time they fucked, but it was the first on TV. Mischa had forgotten all
about her anger towards Willa. She just leaned back into Nikki’s embrace.

Evan and Willa had actually never been with each other, but that would soon
be taken care of. Willa moved in on Evan and planted a wet kiss on her lips.
Evan started to toy with Willa’s nude breasts as the kiss went on and
increased in intensity. Without breaking the kiss Willa changed her position
so that she was sitting in Evan’s lap turned towards Evan. Willa’s wet pussy
was pressed against Evan’s flat stomach as the made out on the blanket.

Willa sneaked her hands around Evan’s back and undid the top. Evan was very
helpful in removing it and she was soon topless as well. Willa took the
chance and started to caress the newly freed tits. Still, Willa wasn’t
completely happy until all clothes were gone. She broke the kiss and stood
on her knees so that Evan could remove the last garment. She did so with
lightning speed. Mischa had also got rid of her clothes completely, so now
all four girls were completely nude.

Willa didn’t get back to her position on Evan’s lap; instead she gently
pushed Evan down on her back. Willa took a position on all four between
Evan’s legs. The blonde spread her legs wide in order to give complete
access. Instead of teasing Willa went straight for Evan’s bald and wet
pussy. She buried her tongue deeply and started to rapidly push it in and
out. Evan moaned out in delight as she was receiving a real good tongue
fucking from Willa.

Nikki and Mischa looked on as the two other girls started their thing. Nikki
had brought Mischa half way to orgasm with her finger fucking, but the
position they were in, was starting to get uncomfortable. Mischa’s knees
were growing weak with the fucking she was receiving so Nikki had to prop
her up. Nikki had been licking Mischa’s ear and now she whispered instead.

“How about it Mischa, wanna get closer to those two?”

“Fuck yes” Mischa said.

Nikki let go of Mischa who walked over to the couple on the ground. She was
faced with a very tough choice. Exactly where and how was she going to join
them? The choice between her “girlfriend” and her “little sister” was a real
tough one. Mischa didn’t want to make a choice between the two so she took a
position that would get her in contact with both. She got down and
positioned herself in a 69 position with Evan.

“Wanna share this sweet pussy with your older sister?” Mischa asked with a
pleading lock.

“Of course sisters should share, that have always been my position.” Willa

The two “sisters” sealed the deal with one wet and sloppy kiss. Willa’s cute
face was full of Evan’s essence and Mischa licked up as much of it as she
could. She would soon get to the source of course, but licking it off
“little sister’s” face was always nice.

Evan didn’t get any licking for a few seconds, but she was Ok with that. She
had a nice juicy pussy to keep her busy. Evan decisively grabbed hold of
Mischa’s small buns and pulled her down. Mischa’s pussy had produced a
significant amount of pussy cream and no one had been there to lick it off
yet. Evan had a lot to do and she got started immediately.

Nikki had been glad to stand by and watch as Mischa joined the couple on the
blanket. The previous touching had made Nikki extra horny for Mischa. Nikki
licked her lips as she saw Mischa enter into the 69. Evan still held on to
Mischa’s buns and Nikki couldn’t look away from Mischa’s exposed ass. Nikki
sat down and looked even closer. Mischa’s hole was exposed and it was just
to inviting to avoid. Nikki plunged her tongue into Mischa’s ass crack and
started to lick up and down.

“Lick my ass, so fucking good” Mischa said and immediately went back to her
licking of Evan’s juicy cunt.

Mischa had been forced to watch the 69 before and she couldn’t even get
herself off since it would mess interfere with what had been decided upon.
Now, finally she was in a 69 of her own. She used as all her pent up energy
to lick Evan. Mischa was very impatient and did everything she could to
bring Evan off as quickly as possible. The tongue was almost completely
focused on Evan’s prominent clit. That left the rest of the pussy for Willa
to work on. Willa’s tongue went up and down Evan’s slit and gathered all the
juices. Mischa’s and Willa’s tongues occasionally met and they used these
times to do some tongue play. When it happened it worked like a wonderful
three way kiss with one pussy and two tongues.

Evan was just as worked up as Mischa from seeing Willa and Nikki go at it.
She kept dragging her tongue across Mischa’s slit in long licks. She did it
over and over again until she was satisfied the she had gathered most of the
juices that had gathered there. Evan wanted to do some penetration. Her
position was such that it wouldn’t be comfortable to use her fingers. She
did another thing though and that was to keep her tongue as hard as possible
and to push it in and out of Mischa’s cunt. She knew just how Mischa liked
it from their many times together. Evan also acknowledged Nikki’s presence
by reaching up and gently fondle her breasts. Evan would have loved to give
those perfect round tits more attention, but right now she was very busy
bringing Mischa off.

Nikki had made Mischa’s ass quite wet with saliva by now and she felt that
she wanted more. She took her right index finger and dragged it through
Mischa’s juicy pussy. Evan instinctively gave the finger a lick as it passed
by. Nikki made sure the finger was lubed up. She also made sure that
Mischa’s ass was ready by pushing her tongue against the hole a few times.
To finish things off she spitted in Mischa’s hole. Nikki did what she had
prepared for and pushed her wet finger into Mischa’s ass. Mischa felt this
and let out a rambling approval.

“Oh fuck, yes do my tight little ass, fuck my slutty ass with your tongue
and fingers.”

This alerted Willa to what was happening and she looked up from the pussy.

“What, is she fucking your ass?” Willa asked Mischa.

“Ohh yes”

“I wanna fuck someone in the ass” Willa said and made a pouty face.

Nikki looked over and saw Willa’s sad face. That was definitely a face that
she couldn’t resist. She would love to fuck Mischa in the ass, but she also
wanted to taste her old friend and lover Evan. Nikki did the noble thing and
offered Willa a trade.

“Hey, Willa. Wanna fuck this tight ass and I get to lick that juicy pussy.?”

“A trade? Sure” Willa said with a happy face on her smile and got up from
her position.

Nikki also got up from her position. She and Willa met and exchanged one
relatively quick kiss. Nikki could taste Evan’s pussy in Willa’s mouth, it
was a very good preview of what was about to come. Nikki was quick to move
down and join Mischa in her licking of Evan.

“Hey, there gorgeous. I’ve got a good ass, now haven’t I?” Mischa said as a
greeting to Nikki.

“Aren’t you cocky? But yes you do have a wonderful tight little ass.”

Nikki was anxious to get started so she started to lick as soon as she
could. Mischa kept focusing on Evan’s clit. It was starting to pay off. Evan
had enjoyed two tongues in her pussy for a while now and her orgasm was
drawing near. The flow of juices increased and she started to moan into
Mischa’s pussy.

Mischa hadn’t felt anything in her ass yet so she focused extra hard on
Evan. She had been working the same clit for quite some time now, but it
never got old. Mischa placed her lips around the clit and sucked it into her
mouth. At the same time Nikki increased the tempo in her licking.

Then it finally happened for Evan. She felt her orgasm arrive and she let it
rip through her body. Her pussy clamped won and let go of one last batch of
fresh pussy cream. Two eager tongues started to lick it up. Evan had never
been a screamer and she stayed true to this now. Instead of screaming out
her pleasure she pushed her mouth into Mischa’s slippery pussy and let it
completely engulf her. Evan went on instinct as she tried to bring Mischa
the same pleasure she herself had received.

Evan was interrupted in her licking by a spanking sound. She looked up from
her position between Mischa’s legs and saw Willa tower above her, with a
black strap on dangling between her legs. It was nice to see, but it didn’t
really concern Evan. She was completely focused on the pussy above her.

Mischa turned around when she felt spanking on her tight little ass and she
saw Willa stand there with a mischievous smile on her face. Willa fucking
her with a strap on would be something new for Mischa. She really liked the
idea though. Mischa and Nikki had stopped licking Evan by now; instead they
both stared at the thing between Willa’s legs.

“Nice touch, Kaitlin. Wanna fuck big sis in the ass huh?” Nikki said.

Willa caught on immediately and got into character. The girls had done a lot
of role playing when they had sex on the set.

“Oh yes. Little Kaitlin Cooper is all grown up and now she wants fuck her
big sister in the ass.”

“Do it you little brat. Make big sister feel good. Put that plastic thing up
my ass and fuck me like a good little sister should” Mischa demanded.

“You got it. I’m going to fuck you harder and better than Summer or Alex has
ever done. They know nothing about how to satisfy. Only your own little
sister can do it.

Evan listened on in amusement to the role-playing going on. She had no part
in the OC, but she loved to watch the show. This naked version was much
better however. All that mattered was the wet pussy above her. Evan had
slowed down her licking significantly. She didn’t want to bring Mischa off,
before Willa got the chance to fuck her in the ass. She did one thing in
order to prepare Willa’s arrival. Like Nikki had done before she dragged one
finger through Mischa’s wet pussy and applied the juice to the puckered
hole. She repeated this process several times to make sure that the hole was
plenty wet.

Willa had applied a generous amount of lubricant off screen so she was ready
to go. Now that Mischa’s ass was ready as well, Willa took a position behind
Mischa. Willa grabbed hold of her weapon and guided it towards Mischa’s
tight back entrance. Evan was helpful enough to hold Mischa in place as
Willa pushed the rubber cock into Mischa’s back door.

Mischa was of course quite thin with a small ass, but she was far from a
virgin in taking it up the ass. It was thus relatively easy for Willa to
push the cock in and start her fucking. Willa knew very well just how
experienced Mischa was so she had no worries about hurting her. Willa
started to pump the cock hard and fast almost immediately after the first

This was exactly what Mischa wanted. She started to blurt out high pitched
yelps of joy as Willa got to work in her ass. Mischa had always loved it in
the ass and this time was no exception. It didn’t take long for Willa to get
the cock all the way in. Willa thighs made smacking sounds as they came in
contact with Mischa’s ass cheeks. It was a hard and fast fuck with no
holding back. Two great pairs of shaking titties could be seen as the two on
screen sisters fucked.

The stimulation in the ass also led to great wetness in the pussy. Evan was
there to lick it all up. Willa’s fucking meant that Mischa’s pussy was
rarely stationary. Instead it moved back and forth above her face in rhythm
with Willa’s fucking. Evan did her best to stick her tongue up and get a
lick in once in a while. It wasn’t ideal, but she still got to taste
Mischa’s juices and be there to help. To entertain her self Evan also
reached up and took samples of Willa’s pussy. The strap on left the crotch
opens so Evan had complete access to Willa’s pussy.

Nikki had been left out for a while. She had been content to just sit back
and watch as Willa pounded Mischa’s back door. It wasn’t the first time she
saw these girls do it and it never failed to turn her on. Without even
thinking about it she had fingered herself, but now she wanted more. She
looked closely at the hot threesome and thought about how to join them.

Nikki had always liked to finger fuck a girl. What she had done to Mischa
had only fuelled her appetite. Willa’s bare crotch under the strap on was
just too good to refuse. Nikki moved in behind Willa. Nikki let her hands
wander up and down Willa’s back. Willa turned around and greeted Nikki with
a short kiss before she returned to her fucking. Nikki dragged her hands
down to Willa’s ass and groped the perfect ass cheeks a few times. She then
took her hand and simply pushed two fingers into Willa’s wet pussy.

“Very good, Sadie. Finger fuck me like you did to my sister” Willa moaned,
reffering to Nikki by her character’s name.

“You two Cooper sister are the hottest pair of sluts in all of Orange
County” Nikki retorted.

Nikki really loved how they were still in character. It seemed like all
actresses liked a bit of role playing. Willa’s constant motion back and
forth meant that all Nikki needed to do was to hold her hand still. Every
time Willa pulled out she pushed herself onto Nikki’s waiting fingers. This
caused Willa to increase her speed even further. It sounded like she was
spanking Mischa every time she pushed the cock in and smashed up against
Mischa’s fine ass.

The increased speed made Mischa go off like a rocket. The orgasm hit her
hard and she came all over Evan’s waiting face. All that licking and ass
fucking had finally paid off. Mischa screamed out her ecstasy.


Hearing Mischa calling her sister even during the orgasm was extremely hot
for Willa. There wasn’t much that Willa hadn’t done but incest was one of
those things. The pretend incest would have to do for now. That was still
very much a turn on and Willa felt her getting closer and closer to orgasm
as she thought about fucking a sister.

Mischa collapsed on Evan as Willa pulled out. Evan suddenly found herself
with a juicy pussy pressed against her face. She eagerly started to lick
even more and tried to swallow all of that creamy goodness. Mischa was
barely conscious, but she had a very serene smile on her lisp as she rested
on Evan.

Now that Willa no longer moved, it was up to Nikki to make things happen.
She and Willa were now a few feet away from Mischa and Evan. Willa was on
all fours and Nikki was on her knees behind Willa. She used three digits to
fuck Willa’s exposed pussy. Evan looked over and saw this. Her lust for
pussy was overwhelming and she gently pushed Mischa away. Evan went over to
the fucking pair and over to them.

“You want in on this sweetie?” Nikki asked.

“Me like pussy” Evan said with her most primitive voice.

Willa positioned herself on her back and spread her legs wide.

“Ok girls, now you have room to do whatever you want to me.”

Nikki looked at her cute blonde friend and decided that there was only one
way to do this. They were going to share. They lay down next to each other
and started to lick. Their tongues were all over Willa’s pussy. They had
double teamed many girls through the years so this was nothing new. They
shared frequent kisses as well.

Willa had been close before. These two very skilled tongues at the same time
made wonders for her pussy. She had quickly recovered from her first orgasm
and now she started to feel the second coming. Willa suddenly tensed up like
a bow and arched her body as she started to come. She let out one long


Her pussy pumped out a load of cream and the two stars of Thirteen licked it
all up. Willa relaxed as quickly as she had tensed and closed her eyes as
the orgasm subsided. Nikki and Evan moved over to kissing each other
instead. Mischa had recovered and she joined Evan and Nikki in the kiss,
making it a three way kiss. Willa had her obligations the host and turned to
the camera.

“That’s all from me for today. These were my first and second lovers in real
life. Hope you liked to see me do them on screen for the first time. Back to
the studio”

With that Willa crept over to the three kissing girls and made it a four way

The kiss went on as the screen faded to black and the girls in the studio
cam back into view. The girl in the studio sat very close together on the
couch. Miranda’s short dress was hiked up around her belly so that
everything below was exposed. Her hand was on her pussy. Alyson had one of
her titties out of her top. Her jeans were unbuttoned and like Miranda she
had her hand in her pussy For some reason the girls corrected their outfits
so that nothing was showing before they spoke.

“Welcome back to the studio. Guess we were caught with our hands in the
cookie jars here” Miranda said with an expression of mock shame on her face.

“You have to understand that our little cookie jars are very hard to stay
away from” Alyson quipped

The girls shared a giggle before Miranda spoke.

“As you now by now the theme of the day is first love. It’s time for me and
Alyson to meet our first girls again”

“They have a lot in common, they re both actresses and they played in movies
about big families. Here they are, my first girl Morgan York” Alyson said

“And my first girl Haley Ramm” Miranda went on.

The two mentioned girl appeared hand in hand on the top of the stairs. Haley
was wearing an extremely short mini skirt and a pink tube top while Morgan
was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. As they descended the stairs Miranda and
Alyson went to meet them. Miranda kissed and hugged Haley and Alyson did the
same to Morgan. The four of them walked over to the bed and sat down on the
edge with the two guests in the middle.

“Welcome to the show girls. It’s nice to have you with us. Haley, why don’t
you tell us a bit about our first time together?”

“Sure thing Miranda. You and I hit it off on the set of “Yours, mine and
ours”. We became friends and one night you invited me over for a sleepover.
Then somehow you seduced me. You got me all hot and bothered by telling me
how nice it was to masturbate. Then you offered to make me feel good and I
couldn’t resist you”

“Yeah, You were real easy.”

“Hey!” Haley responded and started to tickle Miranda.

Miranda immediately started to defend herself and soon the two girls ended
up in a laughter filled struggle for dominance. Haley was a bit bigger, but
Miranda was very fierce and energetic speed so the tickle fight was quite
even. Alyson realized that no more words would come out of those two so she
turned to her first girl, Morgan.

“Morgan, can you please do the same and tell how the two of us first hooked

“I’d be glad to. This was on the set of. “Cheaper by the dozen”. Me and
Alyson didn’t actually hook up on our own. We got some help. This was on one
of the first days of shooting. We were told to go to the dressing room of
one of the stars of the movie. You can probably guess who it is. It was of
course Hillary Duff. We both came there and neither of us knew what it was
about. She let us in and closed the door. Then she just sat down and started
to order us around.”

Miranda and Haley had stopped their fighting. Instead they were listening
intently as Morgan told the story. They were close together, caressing each
others bodies.

“First she told us to kiss. We did and it felt really good. Then she went on
instructing us to undress and to start playing with each other. We obeyed
completely and soon enough we were both naked licking each other in a 69.
She had undressed herself in the mean time and fingered herself while
watching us go at it. We had no idea what we were doing, but it felt real
good. After that she joined in of course”

“Yeah she fucked us real good. She showed us a few taped episodes of Cumming
Out as well. After that we were both hooked on pussy” Alyson said.

“Ok, how about we get to the fucking now. Hearing that story has made me
even more horny.” Miranda said.

“Ohh, yes. Let’s do that” Alyson answered.

With that both hosts leaned in and kissed their first girls. Miranda was
then quick to stand up and pull the dress over her head. Her tight little
nude body was now on full display while the other girls still were still in
their clothes. Haley immediately dove for Miranda’s perky titties and
started to vigorously lick them. In between licks she complimented Miranda.

“Your tits are really perfect…they really go perfectly in my mouth…. Mmmhm I
love to lick them.”

Alyson looked on in envy and didn’t want to be left behind. She stood up and
pulled the top over her head. Morgan looked back and forth between the two
sets of teenage tits on display. They were both truly wonderful. Alyson
wouldn’t have any of it though. She pushed Alyson’s head towards the tits.
Morgan was very obedient and started to lick, just like Haley. There really
was no reason to say no when Alyson Stoner wanted her tits licked.

Miranda and Alyson locked eyes. Miranda just smiled, but Alyson had a
competitive look on her face. It really wanted to prove herself this her
first time as a co-host. Miranda was displaying her perfect ass and bald
pussy, but Alyson still had those parts covered. She would have none of
that. She unhooked and unzipped her jeans. She then spoke with a commanding

“Get me naked, Morgan. Show off my perfect little ass.”

Morgan of course did as she was told. She pulled Alyson’s jeans down and
revealed the perfect ass hidden underneath. Miranda looked over at Alyson
and giggled. It was quite fun to see how competitive Alyson was when it came
to sex. Meanwhile Haley had made good use of her hands. She had started to
caress Miranda’s nude body; the hands were all over Miranda.

Alyson was not only competitive, but also horny. Morgan knew exactly what
she was doing with her tongue and Alyson wanted to move on. Alyson
resolutely grabbed hold of Morgan’s t-shirt and swiftly pulled it off. As
soon as Morgan’s tits came free, Alyson went after them with her hands and
started to gently massage them.

This time it was Miranda who felt left behind. She too wanted to see her
girl’s tits. Before Miranda had a chance to do anything that problem solved
itself when Haley pulled away from her tit licking and quickly removed her
top. Miranda almost started to drool at the sight of those very hot tits.
She pushed Haley down on her back in the bed. Miranda then got in bed with
her and gave her a deep kiss. It was just a short one though, because then
Miranda went after the tits with her hungry mouth and powerful tongue.

Haley moaned out in response to Miranda’s work. Miranda didn’t stop with
just the tits though. Her hand sneaked down to short skirt Haley was
wearing. Miranda gently pushed it up so that it stuck around Haley’s waist.
Miranda was glad to see that Haley hadn’t bothered with any panties. Miranda
pushed one of her fingers in between Haley wet folds. Miranda then took it
out and brought it up to her finger so that she could have a taste. The
gleam in her eyes as she tasted it was very good indication of just how much
she liked it.

Alyson had lost focus for a very short moment and now she was left behind
again. She had Morgan moaning in bed, but that was just from the nipple
sucking Alyson had been doing. As nice as that was Alyson desperately wanted
more, especially after seeing Haley’s glistening wet pussy and how Miranda
got to taste it. Alyson immediately went down and took off Morgan’s jeans.
Morgan barely had time to react to being nude before Alyson looked down at
the tight little pussy and dove in. She pushed her tongue as deep in as she
could and started to work around Morgan’s pussy with tremendous energy.

Miranda saw this and didn’t want to be any worse. She whispered something in
Haley’s ear and ended the whispering by extending her tongue and taking a
brief lick in Haley’s ear. Haley seemed to like Miranda’s idea. She
positioned herself on elbow and knees. Her cute ass was up in the air.
Miranda could do just what she wanted as she started to lick Haley from
behind. Miranda dragged her tongue all the long way from the pussy and up
through the ass. It was a long journey, but it was just worth it every time.
This was done repeatedly and soon enough Haley was moaning in pleasure.

Alyson was very happy just licking Morgan’s pussy, but seeing Miranda
licking Haley’s ass as well made Alyson extremely hot and bothered. Morgan
too seemed to be mesmerized by the sight of Miranda eating Haley out from
behind. They were both so turned on by the sight that they acted in unison.
Morgan simply took the same position as Haley and waited for Alyson to start
her licking. Alyson did of course and soon she could do the same kind of
tongue dragging from pussy to ass and all the way back again.

The two girl being licked locked eyes. They barely knew each other, but here
they were sharing the feeling of being completely licked out on TV. They
couldn’t kiss but they did their best kind of flirting with winks and moans.
The contact between the red head and the brunette was intense and they both
lusted for each other.

Alyson licked as quickly as she could in order to catch up with Miranda.
That worked out very well and soon enough, Morgan was letting out moans that
indicated that she was getting closer. This in turn motivated Miranda to
pick up speed as well. Miranda slowly felt herself getting tired in the neck
from all the movement. She changed her approach and remained with her tongue
in the ass. Her tongue licked back and forth across Haley’s tight little
butt hole. Miranda kept the pussy stimulated by pushing one of her fingers
in and out of Haley.

“That’s alright. Lick my little ass and fuck my pussy. OOH, baby you know
how to make me cumm!” Haley let out between moans.

Miranda felt encouraged by this and decided to ad another finger. Two
fingers were going in and out of Haley’s slippery wet pussy at break neck
speed. Miranda let her tongue probe the hole trying to enter. She slathered
a lot of saliva in the ass in order to help things along. It took a few
tries but after a while she was able to push her tongue passed the
sphincter. Haley had never had a tongue up her ass before and was surprised
that this could be done. She started to squirm from the pleasure, but
Miranda held her firmly in place by gripping her glorious ass cheeks.

Alyson was also making progress in bringing her girl off. She kept going
with long licks up and down Morgan’s intimate parts. Alyson heard how close
Haley was getting so she decided to speed things up. She took a slightly
different approach from Miranda and used her finger’s to gently stimulate
Morgan’s swollen clit. It worked real well and soon Morgan started to spew
out the same kind of near orgasmic cries as Haley.

The two hosts made one last push and the orgasms started almost
simultaneously. Miranda pushed her tongue extra deep into Haley’s ass and
managed to set of the orgasm a few seconds before Alyson got Morgan off. The
guests kept looking at each other as they came from the efforts of their
first girls.



The sounds of their orgasms combined in one great symphony of love. Miranda
gathered as much of Haley’s juicy orgasm as she could in her hand. As soon
as she could, she licked started tom lick her fingers clean. Alyson on the
other hand got the juices direct from the source. She simply held her tongue
to Morgan’s pulsating pussy and received her reward for a good licking.

All four girls slumped down on the bed at almost the same time. Miranda and
Alyson quickly found each other and started a feverish make out session.
They not only swapped saliva, but also the remnants of orgasm from different
girls. Haley and Morgan looked over at the two girl making out. They then
looked at each other. Now words were needed for the two of them to start
making out as well. They explored each other’s bodies for the first time.
Hands went every where on their nubile bodies.

The kiss between Alyson and Miranda started to really heat up. Neither girl
had cum yet so they were obviously very horny. Suddenly Miranda bolted from
the bed and ran away. Alyson was just supposed to ask what the hell Miranda
was doing, when Miranda came back. What she had in her hands were two double
ended dildos. One was pink and the other one was purple. She threw the pink
one to Haley who grabbed it in mid air.

“What do you think girl. Wanna try these?” Miranda asked.

“I think we can find some use for this” Haley said with a horny smirk on her

“I never say no to anything you suggest ” Alyson said with a beaming smile.

Miranda got in position in front of Alyson. They were both sitting with
their legs wide apart. Alyson was fingering her tight little pussy in horny
anticipation. Miranda took the dildo and started to feed it into Alyson’s
waiting pussy. No lube was needed thanks to Alyson’s natural wetness.

“Mhhmmh. It feels so good. Come on Miranda get on it!”

Miranda didn’t hesitate to do just that. Alyson grabbed a hold of the dildo
and held it out. Miranda moved herself forward and with a little help from
Alyson the dildo was pushed in. Neither girl had very much of the dildo in
their pussies, but they still felt enough presence to feel good about it.
They looked at each other with much anticipation. Miranda reached out and
grabbed Alyson’s hands.

They started out by slowly inching closer in their positions. They both felt
that they needed more of the dildo in order to enjoy themselves thoroughly.
As soon as they were close enough they started to buck back and forth. They
soon found the perfect rhythm. They looked at each other intensely on order
to keep that rhythm. Their small perky tits jiggled with every move.

Miranda and Alyson fucking was actually such a wonderful sight that Haley
and Morgan had forgotten about their own dildo. Instead they were next to
each other looking over at the two hosts. Haley was gently caressing
Morgan’s ass, and Morgan was in return licking Haley’s neck. They were both
very much exhausted from the licking they had received earlier. Seeing the
two hot girl fuck each other with the dildo was a wonderful sight though. It
was exactly what they needed for their powers and their horniness to return.

Their caressing increased in intensity. Morgan started to kiss her way down
Haley’s neck. Morgan inevitably reached Haley’s firm tits. She lavished
kisses on the tight little ass before she made Haley turn over so that she
was on her back. This gave Morgan better access to the breasts. She lavished
attention on the pert tits. Long lashes combined with some sucking was
exactly what Haley wanted. Haley didn’t fail to reciprocate. Her finger had
found its way down to Morgan’s pussy. Haley gently pushed the finger in and
was got a whimper of lust in response from Morgan. Haley wiggled the finger
around for a bit, something that resulted in even more whimpers.

Meanwhile Alyson and Miranda had really gotten into their fucking. They had
quickly learned how to work the dildo and now they bucked their hips back
and forth with full force. A thin sheen of sweat were covering both girls.
They had managed to get the dildo very far in by now. The dildo hadn’t been
super huge so they actually managed to get it all in when they pressed down
on it. This meant that every time they pushed it meant that their pussies
pressed together. It made a wonderful squishy sound every time it happened.
It also meant brief, but very enjoyable contact between their clits.

The deep fucking between the girls increased even more in speed the closer
they got. Their pussies almost slapped together when they met. Their little
bodies had to work real hard in order to keep the fucking going. Residue
wetness was constantly dripping from their pussies. They both felt how the
end was near and they pushed on as hard as they could in order to reach
orgasm. They both did at almost exactly the same moment.


Their orgasmic cries were heard at the same time as they both started to
shake with orgasmic tremors. Haley and Morgan looked on in amazement as the
two hosts brought each other off. It was a very hot sight. Alyson and
Miranda collapsed on the bed as soon as the orgasm was over. Alyson only
took a few short seconds to rest before she was a it again however. She took
the dildo and held it up for the two voyeurs. She used her most commanding
tone as she spoke.

“Lick it clean, you two”

Morgan and Haley eagerly accepted. They started to lick the dildo clean.
Morgan got the end that had been in Miranda and Haley the end that had been
in Alyson. They licked it up as quickly as they could. Their tongues met a
few times and they exchanged short kisses before going back to licking.

Just after she had given the dildo to the girls, Alyson whispered something
in Miranda’s ear. They both disappeared for a while. The two guests were
busy licking the dildo so they didn’t notice anything. They did however
notice the reaction from the audience when Miranda and Alyson came back.

Both hosts were sporting identical strap-ons. It was the same model as the
one Alyson had used on Miranda in the last epsiode. Haley and Morgan shared
a surprised look. The two dildos hanging between the hosts legs were
glistening from lubricant. Miranda spoke.

“You didn’t use that double ended dildo I gave you so we thought that we’d
give you a good fucking instead. Alyson came up with this idea that we’d do
you in both holes at the same time. How doest that sound?”

“That would be awesome!” Morgan said in her perkiest tone.

“So who wants to go first?” Alyson asked.

Two screams of “Meee” were heard, but Haley was a bit quicker than Morgan.
Alyson gave Morgan a soothing kiss and whispered in her ear.

“Don’t worry honey, we’ll get to you later.”

The preparations for fucking Haley began. Alyson sat down on the bed. She
held on to the dildo in her hand. Miranda led Haley over to Alyson. Haley
was a tad nervous, but Miranda soothed her with soft kisses. Alyson put the
end of the dildo up against Haley’s back door. Miranda helped and pressed
Haley down on the waiting fake cock. The lubricant made the entry relatively
easy. Alyson started to push the cock even further in. Haley let out happy
moans as more and more of the dildo entered her back door. It was a tight
fit, but it worked.

Miranda grabbed a hold of her strap on and lined it up against Haley’s wet
pussy. Miranda pushed it in without much resistance and now Haley was filled
with two objects. Miranda leaned in and gave Haley a deep kiss and at the
same time she started to fuck her. Alyson increased her work back in the
ass. Miranda and Alyson quickly found their rhythm. The two cocks went into
Haley’s tight holes at the same time and out at the same time. Miranda kept
making out with Haley who moaned loudly into Miranda’s mouth.

Alyson worked really hard to get the dildo further and further in. She
pressed on hard and every time she managed to get it even further in.
Haley’s hot ass started to fill up completely. Miranda also pushed further
and further in, but not as much as Alyson. Instead she focused on kissing
Haley. Miranda also massaged Haley’s tits in order to give maximum pleasure.

Morgan looked on in amazement. She was completely without shame as she
fucked herself with two fingers and occasionally brought the fingers up to
the mouth. She didn’t know what was the biggest turn on, seeing what
happened at this moment or think about the fact that it would soon happen to
her. Morgan had never been double stuffed before, but she really was looking
forward to it.

Alyson’s hard work in Haley’s tight ass had paid off. Alyson had managed to
push the cock all the way in. Haley felt herself getting completely filled
up every time the two cocks entered her. Miranda’s skillfull, kissing and
touching also helped of course. Alyson started to really speed up her
fucking. She bottomed out every time she pushed into Haley’s willing ass.
Haley had been hot from her playing with Morgan before and now she felt how
it all combined into one earth shattering orgasm.

Haley started to shake wildly in between her lovers. Only muffled moans were
heard from Haley, since Miranda kept kissing her. Alyson bottomed out one
last time and let Haley have her orgasm with two large dildos lodged in her
holes. Haley’s pussy released waves of orgasmic fluids as she came. The
orgasm was over as quickly as it had came and Haley went limp on the bed.
The two cocks were pulled out of her with plopping sounds and she fell down
on the bed.

Alyson and Miranda had really got their steam up. They were hungry for more.
Giving a girl a double fucking seemed to be addictive. They had both
received pleasure from knobs on the strap on but it had not been enough to
bring them off. They hungrily eyed Morgan who kept finger fucking her self.
She was far to worked up to even consider stopping her self satisfaction.
Her little fingers went in and out with tremendous speed. She looked
extremely slutty as she sat there on the bed with her legs apart. Slurping
sounds were heard from her wet little pussy.

“What do we have here? A little girl who couldn’t wait. Poor girl, we better
do something about that.” Alyson said as she approached Morgan.

“Oh, yes. We can’t leave a little girl without a good double stuffing, now
can we? Wanna take the ass again?.” Miranda filled in.

“You bet I want the ass again” Alyson replied.

Miranda wanted something slightly different this time. She positioned
herself on her back in the bed. She held the dildo up with her hand. Morgan
was just about to mount, it when Alyson suggested something.

“Taste, it. Taste the sweet orgasm Haley had on that thing.”

Morgan happily obliged. She took a few long licks on the dildo. The taste
was wonderful and Morgan wished that she could taste it from the source. She
was confident that there would be time for that back stage after the show.
Morgan took sever long and careful licks up and down the dildo. She was very
anxious to get it all.

“Ok, good girl. Now you may take that plastic cock in your little pussy”
Alyson said.

Morgan got in position and slowly lowered herself down on the waiting dildo.
It filled her up real good; thankfully she was so wet that it wasn’t a
problem to get it in. Morgan started to carefully ride the cock up and down.
Miranda helped as much as she could by moving her hips. The two young girls
had really started to work things out, when Alyson entered the action. She
did so my sting one sticky finger up Morgan’s ass. Morgan let out a
surprised yelp and Alyson explained herself.

“Just getting you well lubed up honey. Trust me you will need it.”

With that Alyson steered the dildo towards Morgan’s delicate ass. It took
some agility for it to happen, but Alyson managed to get in a position so
that she could start feeding the dildo into Morgan. The first push was the
hardest, but after the entry it went easier. Alyson held her arms around
Morgan’s waist.

The three girls started to slowly push back and forth. There were some minor
problems in the beginning, before they learned the basic movements. Alyson
did most of the fucking. She brought Morgan along in the movements. Morgan
got fucked from two directions and she loved it. Her tits were rubbing up
against Miranda’s and it sent shivers of pleasure through her body.

Haley had recovered and she looked over at the fucking threesome. She saw
Alyson’s tight little ass clench as she drove her plastic cock in and out of
Morgan’s equally tight ass. Haley was almost spent, but she had enough
energy to creep over to the threesome. Unlike Morgan before she wasn’t
content to watch. She tried to find something to do and she found it in the
form of Morgan’s jiggling breasts. She leaned in and started to suck the
right nipple. It was a little hard to do since Morgan was being pushed back
and forth all the time, but Haley did her best and followed the motions.

“Uhh huu. That’s nice Haley. Suck my nipple. Me likey” Morgan moaned out.

Like before, Alyson was doing her best to get her strap-on in as far as she
could. With every push, she got closer and closer to bottoming out. Morgan
wanted more than anything to be completely filled up. She pushed up against
Alyson and soon she was completely filled. There were an inch or so to spare
in the pussy but it was very deep. Miranda pushed on as well to get it deep

Haley increased the frequency in her licking of Morgan’s little nipple. It
wasn’t easy, but it was worth is. Morgan moaned out in ecstasy from the
treatment she was receiving from the three other girls. She loved being the
centre of attention. It was a wonderful turn on that three girls worked only
to get her off. Alyson and Miranda were viciously pumping their dildos in
and out of her holes. Morgan felt some initial tremors and then suddenly the
orgasm hit her.


Morgan would have shook more if it wasn’t for the fact that she was stuck
between two other hot young bodies. Alyson had to work hard not to fall off.
In the mean time Alyson and Miranda had smaller orgasm from the knobs and
from the excitement of bringing Morgan off. It was too hard to keep together
and the three of them untangled and lay down to rest on the bed. Morgan’s
messy pussy was immediately attacked by Haley who desperately wanted to
taste the cream. She lapped a lot of it up with her eager tongue. As Haley
started licking, Miranda and Alyson turned to the camera.

“There you have it. The answers to who our first girls were. I hope you
liked this bit of background info.” Miranda said.

“That was all for this time. Don’t miss our next episode. Miranda and I will
be out in the field meeting up with some hot chick and Willa will be back
here in the studio.” Alyson went on.

“So, you think we can give someone a double stuffing like today?”

“You bet we can, as long as I get the ass.”

“It’s a deal” Miranda said.

“Lets seal that deal” Alyson said and leaned in and started to passionately
kiss Miranda.

Haley and Morgan were also making out in the background. The camera zoomed
out and the screen faded to black as the credits started to roll.

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