The Harem: Episode 17 – “The Best Kind of Presents”

     And so here we are once again.

     It’s been a rather long and winding road toward this chapter with nothing quite ending up the way it was supposed to. When all was said and done this chapter ended up quite well for all the trouble it took. But that’s just my opinion. We will have to see whether or not everyone else agrees.

     It wasn’t supposed to be like this of course. For the second chapter in a row I ended up getting about a fourth of the way through and setting things aside. Originally this chapter looked
radically different and I’d written more than a hundred pages of it. Then about mid-November last year I was struck with an inspiration that I would be better able to respond to some critical events changing (particularly Britney Spears’ divorce from Kevin Federline) by setting aside that planned chapter and instead working on a Christmas story. As you will recall last year I released a Christmas story called Better Late Than Never and I figured this would be a great way to set a couple things up and then hammer them home in chapter 17.

     But you know what they say about the best laid plans.

     The original Christmas story I envisioned was a little bit over 200 pages and by the time all was said and done this story was over 500 and had ballooned to a point where it couldn’t be a simple Christmas story anymore, but rather a full chapter with all the trimmings. Plus there was the minor little detail that Christmas passed months ago. Instead what we have here is a story being released at the beginning of spring that happens to take place at Christmastime. Sorry about the seasonal inconsistency in the story, but this took way longer than I ever thought it would take to complete so hopefully with all the sex you will be able to look past the fact that this story takes place in December and the story, particularly in the beginning, has a yuletide theme.

     So now I have a set aside chunk of an unused chapter and a Christmas story being released in the spring. Such is the ways of the Harem. Like I said, I think the journey was worth it. I just hope you all agree. This is a chapter that wanders rather significantly off the beaten path when it comes to the standard Harem has established. The girls here do some things that some of you might disagree with. If you hate it, let me know. If you love it, consider it a refreshing temporary change of pace. I think it works out well here and the circumstances allowed me to work in many women I otherwise wouldn’t have a chance for. You will know what I’m talking about when you read it. And I do want to hear from you about it.

     As I’ve said, feedback is the lifeblood of all that we do here. None of us are getting paid for this. We rely on your feedback as a reward. So many of you have been so kind over the years to let me know how you feel about Harem and my stories in general. This was a very difficult chapter to do logistically and also because of the raw emotion that I hope comes across in the scenes. I really hope after reading this you will take the time to let me know what you think, good or bad, by emailing me at I really do love hearing from all of you and my past begging for feedback has been very successful. So I hope that will continue here.

     Also if anyone looks into this chapter for the bald and desperately needing a hug version of Britney Spears, then keep on looking. I do not touch on her recent stint in rehab or her choice of hairstyle.

     And now for the disclaimers. This story is fictional. It is entirely based out of my imagination. Though it incorporates real names and events, it is not reality and is just make believe. Second, if you’re under the age of 18 you cannot read this story. I’m sorry but that’s the way of the world. Just look at is as something to look forward to.

     Now for the thank yous. Thanks as always to my proofreader extraordinaire KayJay for looking over every minute detail of this chapter and catching all the mistakes that I never caught. Thanks as always to the never flagging support of the lovely and sexy B and to our grand high mistress of CSSA Victoria for encouraging me to “GIT BACK TO WORK” on Harem. Rest assured I am gitting back to work on chapter 18 right now.

     Thanks again for reading and for hopefully sending me your feedback about this rather unusual and oddly formed chapter.

     And now, since I’ve talked even more than usual…behold the new chapter.

The Harem
Episode 17
“The Best Kind of Presents”


     When the first rays of sunlight began to enter the room, sneaking in through the window like a laser bent on the destruction of sleep, she knew she was a goner.

Sure the struggle continued. Attempts were made to keep her eyes closed and continue her much needed rest. But the efforts were futile ones against this powerful force. The sun was coming and it wasn’t going away. Sheer will power couldn’t change it and a night of sleep was at an end.

     This fact was not easily accepted, though, and the once happily sleeping brunette refused to give up without a real fight. She pulled her covers over her head and tried to force her eyes shut, but the more she resisted, the harder it was to stop the inevitable.

Nothing was going to prevent the sun from filling her room with the bright rays of morning and with a frustrated groan, Rose McGowan finally admitted defeat and flung her covers off.

     She could have simply closed her curtains, and if she hadn’t been so tired when she had gotten home last night, she probably would have taken care of it then, but that was hindsight and that didn’t solve anything. Besides, getting up to close her curtains was certainly counter productive to Rose’s goal of staying in bed until it was nice and dark again. It wasn’t as though she was turning into a vampire or anything, though that thought had definitely crossed her fantasies once or twice. It was that Rose was simply that tired.

     And for once it wasn’t the kind of wonderful exhaustion she so relished which came from throwing herself into a pile of beautiful, naked girls and fucking anyone and everyone she wished. This time her tiredness had nothing to do with how hard she’d licked another girl, how many times she’d used her favorite strap on or how many times a slutty tongue had brought her to orgasm. She’d actually been working to get this hard.

     Her new movie required a lot of night shooting. Fortunately it was close enough by that she could still crash in her room at the mansion, but unfortunately it also meant coming home when everyone had already fucked themselves to dreamland. Plus she was so damn tired when she got home that there was no energy left inside her to wake her housemates up.

     This naturally had left Rose quite grumpy lately. Not getting herself laid consistently and thoroughly each and every day wasn’t something she was used to and since she’d moved with her friends to Malibu, hot, wet pussy had certainly been a vital part of her balanced diet. Not being able to get as much as usual left her famished and frustrated…two of Rose’s least favorite moods.

     She had tonight off from shooting so she had been planning on sleeping the morning away and waking up in the afternoon refreshed and ready to fuck anyone in sight. She was going to catch up on her sleep now so tonight she wouldn’t have to rest until her pussy was drained of every drop of juice and her face was a cummy glaze of happy girl essence.

At least that had been the plan until the sun had decided to sneak on in and fuck everything up.

     Rose was already grumbling as she pulled herself out of bed and began to lurch into the daylight as she tried to get her legs moving and her brain free of the residual cobwebs of sleep. This was not how she wanted to start things off on one of her rare days off during the shoot.

     But ever since she was a kid, once she woke up it was impossible to get back to sleep. Once Rose was up, she was up and she knew by now that there was no use in trying to change it. The sun had ruined her plans and, as she let out a long, sustained yawn, Rose knew sleepy time was over.

Now she just had to get some coffee to get her brain working and she could begin to be somewhat functional. Then she could see which girls were around the mansion this morning. Maybe she could talk two or three or six of them into the shower with her and this morning wouldn’t end up being a complete disaster.

After a brief pause to splash some water on her face and freshen up, Rose walked out of her room without even a thought about throwing anything on. She had slept naked last night and wasn’t particularly inclined to do anything about that right now. Rose wasn’t even the mansion’s resident nudist, Alyssa had that title sewn up, but she never shied away from showing off her body’s au natural state. Her friends and housemates had already seen every inch of her and then some, so why hide it?

Besides the mansion was hardly a place you wanted to have clothes on and being naked was an easy way to get some of the loving attention Rose was seeking after working so many long nights lately.

But even as she strode naked out of her room and down the hallway, Rose felt something nagging at the back of her mind. There was something she was supposed to do today, wasn’t there? Rose couldn’t quite place it. She wasn’t quite woken up enough yet to have a full service train of thought. What was it she was forgetting?

Rose remembered it was something she wasn’t looking forward to. Something seasonal…something she found perky and annoying…something holly…something jolly…

“Oh crap,” Rose groaned when it came to her in a flash as she caught a glimpse of Jennifer Love Hewitt standing on top of a step ladder by Alyssa’s room hanging a wreathe on her door.

That was what it was. Christmastime! She’d been working so hard she’d almost forgotten. But there was Love once again turning the mansion into Malibu’s version of Santa’s Workshop. Love hadn’t even noticed Rose standing naked near her, which would have been impossible any other time of the year. Love was too focused on decorating and Rose could see evidence of her handiwork everywhere.

Love was leaving a trail of decoration wherever she went. All rooms before Alyssa’s had a wreathe on their doors and flickering colored lights and long streamers of red and green tinsel were hung as a testament to the holiday season. Love was doing an extreme makeover Christmas edition on the mansion and she was so focused on it, with hammer and nails in hand that Rose figured if she didn’t move soon she was going to end up standing there with Christmas lights draped over her shoulder and ornaments hanging from her nipples.

Rose sighed and tried to push all the humbug out of her. Love was crazy about Christmas and Rose was crazy about her housemate, so this was going to have to be another joyous holiday season of compromise for Rose. Besides, it wasn’t that bad…was it? It wasn’t like Love had made them all dress up like pilgrims and Indians for Thanksgiving or anything.

Love was happily singing Christmas songs to herself as she got the wreath hung for Alyssa and hopped down from the ladder. She was completely focused on her work and until she turned around and saw Rose standing there, she had no idea she was being watched.

“A&P has provided me with the world’s smallest turkey…already in the oven nice and hot…oh damn! Guess what I forgot?” Love sang, changing one key word in the song. “So it’s on with the boots and back out in the snow to the only all night grocery. When what to my wandering eyes should appear, it’s the girl I’ve been chasing all year.

As the song ended, Rose finally gave Love a cough, alerting the girl to her presence.

“Rose! Hey! You’re finally up!” Love smiled brightly. Normally seeing Rose standing before her completely naked would have provoked a very sexy reaction from Love. But this morning her mind was far from carnal pleasure. “I’ve got everyone working on decorating the house. I can’t believe we waited this long and everything, but I guess we were all so busy. But don’t worry, we’ve still got time to make this place look as Christmasy as possible. I’ve got Jessica and Jewel decorating the tree. I sent Michelle out to the store to buy more tinsel. Reese is looking for the ornaments we stuck in the storage room last year. I couldn’t find Christina anywhere but that’s ok. Alyssa is working on making Christmas cookies and I think Lindsay and Hilary are helping or something. But I need you to help too. I was worried you were totally going to sleep all day, but since we waited so long we totally need to double time it. I’m not sure if I got enough lights. I might have to make you go to Target or something to get more and I couldn’t find any of that fake snow I like at the store the other day. I might have to do a little bit of driving to track it down. Would you mind if I borrowed…mmmmmphhhh!!!”

That was all Love babbled out before Rose silenced her by wrapping her arms around her waist and yanking her in for a long, soft kiss. The change was immediate. Love melted into the kiss, dropping the hammer out of her hand and onto the carpet as she opened her mouth and let Rose’s tongue caress hers.

Rose knew that this was always the best way to get through to Love and this appeared to be one morning where she especially needed it. Love was far too pumped for this early in the morning. It was like she had been snorting sugar…at least she hoped it was just sugar. The holidays did do strange things to people.

“Mmmm…” Love softly moaned in contentment as she licked her lips free of Rose’s saliva when the kiss ended. “Thanks Rose. I needed that.”

“My pleasure,” Rose smiled. “You looked like you could use some relaxing.”

“Well maybe,” Love said, a wicked grin tugging at her lips as she considered taking a break from the nice list and crossing over to the naughty one. “But don’t think you’re getting out of work this morning Rose. Everyone’s got a job to do, you included!”

“Uh oh, the dictator of Christmas present is back,” Rose teased, unable to resist it. “Those without Christmas cheer will have to be dragged away for reeducation until they fall into line.”

“I’m not a dictator!” Love pouted. “I just love Christmas. This is my favorite time of year and I just want everyone to be happy and have a fun time.”

“I know sweetie, I know,” Rose said. She and Love had had a little spat last year over Christmas spirit and Rose didn’t want to repeat it. So she stifled any and all eye rolls and kept her tongue in check. If there was a Santa Claus out there, Rose told herself she’d better be earning some big good points for this.

“We’re going to have a great Christmas and I love your decorations,” Rose assured her housemate, turning her pout back into a smile. “You just need to relax a little too. Christmas isn’t for a week. You have to relax or else you’re gonna burn out before then.”

“I’ll relax when the house is finished,” Love promised.

“Then maybe I’ll just have to make you relax a little sooner,” Rose said with a wicked little smirk tugging at her lips as she backed Love into Alyssa’s closed door.

A wreathe wasn’t the only thing Love had hung up and standing under the doorway like this put Love directly under the mistletoe she had put up over the door just a few minutes ago. Rose would have gone for the kiss anyway, but the presence of the mistletoe made it all the more appropriate.

“Mmmmm,” was Love’s only response as Rose kissed her again. Even with a lot of decorating left to do, there was no fight in Love to resist this. Rose was always such an amazing kisser and Christmas spirit couldn’t entirely distract Love away from her favorite hobby.

Compared to Rose’s nudity, Love was downright dowdily dressed even though she was only in cut off jean shorts and a pink tank top. Rose’s hands started to get grabby and she quickly discovered that under her tank top Love had neglected to wear a bra.

“Oooooh naughty naughty Love,” Rose teased. “Girls on Santa’s nice list don’t get hard nipples when other girls kiss them. You might end up on the naughty list permanently.”

“Welllllll I guess that list is fun too,” Love giggled before moaning again as Rose began to play with her tits through her tank top and kiss her neck. Love adored having her neck kissed and soon Christmas was a fading priority for her.

But that was only temporary and for once Love’s lust was overpowered by her brain. Even she couldn’t believe she actually pushed Rose away from her, but that was exactly what she did.

“Oh no, you’re not gonna distract me that easily,” Love swore, even as she kept smiling. “You’re not getting out of your work Rose! House decoration first. Play time later.”

“Fuck, you’re no fun,” Rose playfully grumbled. “How am I supposed to get the Christmas spirit if you’re not giving me what I want this year?”

“Oh? And what is it you want for Christmas this year, Rose?” Love asked. She had a pretty good idea what it was, but she still liked hearing it.

“Mmmmm this,” Rose laughed; giving the answer she knew was obvious as she reached for Love’s shorts and began rubbing her pussy through them. “Now this is definitely something I want to play with on Christmas!”

“Ooooooh stop!” Love demanded quite unconvincingly as she began to slowly hump herself against Rose’s hand. “Mmmmm nooooo…gotta finish decorating…ooooooh gawwwwwd that feels good…mmmmm…no…no…gotta finish…gotta decorate…play later!”

“Fine…” Rose sighed, pulling away from Love. “Spoilsport.”

“You’re the one who’s gonna end up on the naughty list,” Love giggled as she straightened her clothes. “You’re bad Rose. Trying to tempt me like that. Why can’t you be more like Jessica? She got right to work this morning after I cornered her in the shower.”

Rose was about to defend herself but suddenly something beat her to it. It was moaning. It was feminine. And it was definitely coming from down the hall where Jessica’s room was. It was a moaning Love and Rose were more than familiar with and unless someone had become an expert in orgasm mimicry it sounded exactly like Jessica’s.

And, judging from the chorus that followed it, it appeared their housemate wasn’t exactly moaning alone that morning.

The sounds were more than enough reason for Love and Rose to want to investigate and without another word they were on their way toward Jessica Alba’s room. Doors were rarely closed around the mansion and Jessica’s was no exception so, as soon as the girls reached it, they saw exactly who was moaning and what was causing it.

“Right to work, huh?” Rose teased with an evil grin as her eyes drank in the gorgeous sight before her. Love didn’t say a word in response. She was too busy gawking herself.

Jessica was definitely the one moaning as she laid back on her king sized bed completely naked with her legs spread wide to better accommodate the silver coated dildo she was working into her pussy. But she wasn’t alone and her energetic, toy enhanced masturbation was the direct result of the show that was being put on for her by Reese Witherspoon and Jewel. Both blondes were just as naked as Jessica and as Jewel lay on the bed, her head thrashing on Jessica’s pillows, Reese was between her legs licking away as if tasting girl cum were the only possible salvation for her.

“Fuck her Reese! Eat that pussy!” Jessica grunted as she used one hand to paw at her softly jiggling tits and the other to work the dildo into her own pussy with well practiced expertise. “Mmmmmm fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Lick that fucking pussy Reese like the hungry little slut you are! Mmmmm I wanna see you come all over her pretty face Jewel! Soak that Oscar winning face in girl juice so I can lick it off and give that pretty little slut a big, cummy kiss!”

Jessica was hardly the most reserved housemate in the mansion, but she seemed particularly worked up that morning, panting and moaning as she fucked herself from the lewd command performance her friends were putting on. It was clear that all three of the girls had been going at this for some time, but only now had their sex sounds been loud enough to draw attention.

“Keep watching Jess!” Reese urged in between licks. “Mmmmm keep fucking your hot little cunt with that hunk of plastic while I’m eating this yummy wet pussy! You wanted a show, huh? Mmmmm well you have to give us a show too baby and come for us! Scream out how much you love watching us fuck!”

“Ooooooooooooooh fuck! I do love it!!! I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!” Jessica cried, granting Reese’s wish enthusiastically. “I love watching you two naughty girls putting on a show for me! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssss it’s so hot watching you two fuck! Ahhhhhh yeahhhhhhh I loved seeing you rip off each other’s clothes and rub your naked bodies together right on my bed! Mmmmm I want you two to fucking stain my sheets with your girl cum while I fuck my pussy watching you two go at it!”

All Jewel could do as Reese and Jessica traded orders back and forth was to lie back and moan in ecstasy and she was happy to do it. This had been Reese and Jessica’s idea from the beginning. She had just walked in when they were already well into plotting how to spice up the morning and it had taken absolutely no convincing whatsoever to get her to join in.

Jewel was always game for whatever her friends and housemates came up with, especially if it involved getting a tongue as hot as Reese’s buried inside her pussy.

Jewel moaned out her pleasure as she humped herself against Reese’s face, rubbing her pussy all over the Oscar winner and making sure her aching clitoris got plenty of attention. While she did this, Jewel also had her hand all over her tits, rubbing them just like Jessica was to herself, while also getting the extra benefit of being so busty by hefting her D-cups up so she could lick at her own soft girl flesh.

Doing this trick was usually more for the benefit of an audience more than her own pleasure, but since Jessica wanted to see a show then Jewel figured why not give her one. Naturally, Jewel’s oh so kind gesture was very much appreciated.

“Yeahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss oooooooh squeeze those big tits Jewel and feed them to yourself,” Jessica groaned, continuing to play with her own comparatively smaller but still quite spectacular chest. “Mmmm I love it when you do that honey! Lick your own big tits Jewel! Get your hot tongue on those sexy tits! Oooooh I love it! God, you two are making me so fucking wet! Don’t stop! Mmmmm pleaaaaaaaaaase don’t stop fucking each other for me!”

Jessica didn’t know that there was an audience, not only for her supposedly private show from Reese and Jewel but her own playtime as well, but even if she had she wouldn’t have cared that her housemates were watching. This show was too hot to think about stopping and, besides, extra pairs of eyes were always welcome at the mansion.

Rose and Love stood in appreciative silence in the doorway as their eyes darted back and forth between the blonde couple and Jessica’s uninhibited masturbation. Jessica’s tanned skin glistened so enticingly with sex sweat and both Rose and Love felt their pussies hunger for a chance to suck on Jessica’s jiggling tits before getting their tongues buried inside her pussy, tasting the juices which were giving her silver dildo an extra sheen of desire.

This had all started so casually with Jessica and Reese discussing the merits of watching porn. Jessica had only recently begun really getting into it and had been borrowing lots of Love’s favorite DVD’s from her rather staggering collection of smut. Love had everything in the mini-Blockbuster she ran out of her bedroom…scripted, gonzo, girl on girl, guy on girl and even a little guy on guy which Jessica had watched mostly for giggles.

Lately Jessica had been a regular at borrowing from Love’s collection and she had loved it all. It was nothing like the real thing of course, but still a wonderful diversion when things got boring.

Naturally Reese had wholeheartedly agreed with her pro-porn opinion and while they had been hanging ornaments on the tree they had ended up discussing how much they loved to watch it. Reese had been especially effusive about recommending scenes with some girl named Keri Windsor that Jessica was now eager to check out as soon as she had the chance.

But their chatting about porn had evolved to Jessica stating her desire to actually direct a scene. Everyone knew Love’s not so secret fantasy to be in a porno by now, but this was the first time Jessica had admitted that she loved the idea of taking two people, or more, and getting them to fuck in front of her…telling them what to do and how to do it and having it all done for her pleasure as a viewer.

When Jewel had come back into the room carrying another box of ornaments, things had only gotten friskier and before anyone knew it they were all up in Jessica’s bedroom, tearing at each other’s clothing and getting to work. Reese and Jewel were now very eager actors, happy to be commanded by their director who was especially enthusiastic about this game now that she had pulled her favorite toy out of her nightstand drawer.

Jessica continued pawing at her tan tits as Reese sucked on Jewel’s dripping pussy. Her legs were spread wide for her dildo and Jessica fucked herself as hard and as deep as she dared, loving how the tight folds of her pussy clung to the toy, her juices making it so slick to push inside herself. Jessica’s legs were spread so wide that her foot was pressing right into Reese, rubbing against her naked flesh and making her want to fill her other sexual craving.

“Oooh Jesss mmmmm I love it when you rub me with your sexy toes,” Reese giggled, her voice a horny moan as she pulled up from Jewel with her famous lips glistening. “God, you know how fucking crazy that makes me, don’t you naughty girl?”

Truth be told it was an accident caused by Jessica just trying to get herself as open as possible for her toy, but it was definitely a happy one. Jessica knew all about Reese’s little fetish and she never minded being able to make her beautiful friend feel good.

“Oh really? Well is this making you hot Reese?” Jessica teased as she picked up her foot and began gently rubbing it against Reese’s bare ass, massaging her sexy cheeks with her toes and making Reese moan.

“Mmmmmmm fuck you know it is!” Reese groaned. “You know how crazy it makes me to feel your toes on my slutty, naked body! Mmmm it makes me so fucking wet! Mmmm so wet that I gotta do this!”

Before Jessica knew it, Reese had pulled away from Jewel and had gotten her pussy soaked tongue to work on her toes. Reese had turned around in the blink of an eye and it took only a second of her licking to get Jessica moaning even louder on the bed.

“Gawwwwwwwwwwd you naughty girl…mmmmmmmmm suck my toes…suck my pretty little pink toes,” Jessica moaned, picking up speed with her dildo thrusts. “Ooooh it’s so fucking naughty when you do that Reese!”

“I can make it even naughtier,” Reese declared with a wicked grin before spitting right onto Jessica’s toes.

Jessica had painted them herself just the night before but the red polish she had put on was nothing compared to how good she thought they looked with the glaze of Reese Witherspoon’s saliva on them. This was especially true because Jessica knew Reese wasn’t just spitting onto her toes, she was getting Jewel’s cum all over them.

“Oooooooh mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh Reese mmmmmm get my toes all wet and sticky,” Jessica cried. “Mmmm I’m gonna have you do my toes like this all the time! Ohhhhhhh fuck, who needs nail polish when you can make my toes so pretty with spit and cum?”

That got a giggle from Reese’s toe filled mouth. This had always been her secret little fetish until she had gotten to the mansion. For years she had loved having her toes licked and kissed and her feet rubbed. She didn’t know why. It just always felt so naughty and fun and it had made shopping for shoes a way more erotic experience than intended.

But she had always been too shy to ask Ryan to do it to her. He had always been so reserved and uncreative in the bedroom and Reese had stopped herself from being adventurous because of it. That had changed the moment she had allowed herself to be seduced by Sarah. She had been unable to stifle her fetish when they had first played in the shower and the second Reese had felt Sarah’s tongue and lips on her toes she had been instantly addicted to how it felt to have a woman play with her toes.

It had been so much softer and naughtier than with a man and so much better. Reese’s eyes had been opened to all the wonders of female flesh during her first trip to the mansion when she first saw how everything she loved about sex was made better by a woman doing it to her. Now all the girls at the mansion knew her little secret and they were only too eager to feel her kiss and lick all over their pretty feet and then do the same to her.

Reese loved how her friends here never thought she was weird or perverted for being into this and she hoped that soon she’d get them all as hooked on it as she was. It was always so hot to hear Jessica moan like she was right then and knowing it was from her rubbing her soft hands all over her feet and licking at her wiggling toes, bathing them with her tongue before enveloping them in the soft caress of her lips.

“Mmmm your toes do look soooo much cuter covered in cum,” Reese laughed after giving Jessica’s big toe a long, sensuous lick. “Ooooh but I’ll bet they’d look even better if I rubbed my wet pussy all over them to give them a real cum bath! Would you like that Jess? Would you like my hot cum dripping onto your toes as I rub them all up in my hot, fucking cunt? Or do you still just want to watch?”

All Jessica could do was groan as strongly as she could muster. Mmmm her brain was totally fogging over with hot, pulsing lust…just how she’d wanted it. She’d been so hoping Love was going to fuck her in the shower that morning when she’d cornered her and assigned her tasks to get the mansion all Christmasy. But Love hadn’t even touched her and the desire Jessica had felt for her had only festered through the morning, building and building until now, when she could finally unleash it.

But before Reese could get Jessica’s toes any closer to her pussy, the forgotten girl on the bed asserted herself. Sure it had been hot to see Reese bend down like that to suck Jessica’s toes into her mouth, making Jessica moan like crazy and grind her bare ass into the bed, but Jewel was too close to want to watch right now. She needed action and she needed that action directed toward her.

“Oh no you sneaky little slut! Suck toes later! Eat pussy now!” Jewel commanded, grabbing Reese by her hair and pushing her face back where it belonged, between her spread legs.

Jewel’s grip on Reese’s hair was firm, but not forceful. Reese never had to be forced to eat a woman out and she actually blushed a little as her face was pushed back against Jewel’s pussy. She hadn’t meant to neglect her friend. She had gotten a little caught up with Jessica and had inadvertently forgotten about Jewel’s needs. Luckily, Reese was sure she could make it up to the sexy singer with her tongue.

As her tongue resumed its happy licks at Jewel’s juicy, dripping pussy, Reese felt her own cunt ache for attention. God, she was totally worked up today and she hoped this was just the first of many sweaty girl on girl messes she found herself in. It was always such a release for her to come to the mansion, but that had been even truer lately.

She had spent so much time sneaking back and forth from the mansion to her supposedly happy marriage bed with Ryan. Sex with her soon to be ex-husband hadn’t satisfied her for years and her friends in Malibu were the only ones she could find real pleasure with. When her marriage had finally ended, Reese had thought that at last she was free and could spend all her nights in the exquisite lesbian pleasure the mansion always promised, finally finding true sexual fulfillment.

But unfortunately, reality seldom matched fantasy. The extra media scrutiny her separation had caused had made sneaking off to Malibu very difficult. Plus Reese wanted to spend every moment she could with her children. She knew the divorce was going to be very hard on them and she didn’t want her kids to feel unloved or neglected for even a second. So it wasn’t as though Reese could abandon them to go get her groove on at the mansion, especially since she was fighting for custody.

Far from increasing her presence in Malibu, Reese had actually found the divorce lessening it and that meant when she had moments like this she was going to enjoy them to their fullest. As long as she was here she didn’t want to hold anything back and she planned on indulging in every desire she felt for her beautiful friends.

With that in mind, Reese concentrated fully on Jewel. She hungrily lapped away at her pussy, licking the juice off her drooling cunt lips and then burrowing her tongue inside to make sure Jewel’s clitoris got plenty of tender loving care. While she did this, Reese slid her hands under her friend to cop herself a serious feel of Jewel’s ass.

Reese moaned deeply into Jewel’s pussy as she massaged her naked cheeks. Mmmm she had always lusted after Jewel’s ass. With so many girls with amazing butts like Jessica, Alyssa and Christina around the mansion, Reese knew Jewel’s ass could be easily overlooked, especially since Jewel’s tits were what usually got the stares. But Reese had always loved how soft it was and how it looked so good when it was spanked and how Jewel would coo and moan when she played with it.

That was just the reaction Jewel was giving her now, with happy sounds flowing from her mouth as Reese squeezed her ass and tongued her pussy into orgasmic ecstasy. Reese rewarded the singer with even harder tongue lashes against her swollen clitoris and, judging from the loud cries she heard and rich juices she was being fed, the actress knew Jewel was close to soaking her face in the yummy girl cream she craved.

As for Jessica, she didn’t feel too disappointed that her and Reese’s play had been interrupted. After all she had wanted to watch so she was only getting what she had asked for.

Mmmm and Jewel looked soooo beautiful flushed and sweaty as her body jiggled in all the right places from what Reese was doing to her. Jessica had herself quite a treat for her eyes with these two naked goddesses in her bed and she knew the toy she held firmly in her grasp was going to do wonders toward getting her off.

Besides, Jessica knew that if the toy failed to meet her needs there was no shortage of beautiful girls in the mansion ready to satisfy her cravings for orgasm. That was the magic of the mansion. There was always someone there eager to fuck and since she had no idea Rose and Love were watching, Jessica actually had no idea how true that feeling was.

Love and Rose had stayed out of the way so they didn’t interrupt the fun, but their resistance was weakening. It was always fun to watch beautiful girls lose all their inhibitions and indulge wildly in pleasures of the flesh, but both Love and Rose knew it was no substitute to actually joining in.

Rose had been behind Love as they had watched, kissing her neck and playing with her tits through her tank top. Love had tried not to moan too loudly, but Rose’s exquisite touch had made that impossible. Luckily Rose had stifled that moan with a long kiss to her lips, keeping their location secret as Love felt her dedication to completing all the decoration this morning fade away. There was no way she could deny herself, even when she was filled with Christmas spirit, when everything Rose did to her felt so good.

Love had moaned right into her mouth from having her tits rubbed from behind, but Rose had quickly tired of having to go through the thin material to get at Love’s goodies. Even a tank top was far too much clothing for Rose’s tastes and she pulled it right over Love’s head, freeing her bare tits from their prison and letting her get directly at her swelling nipples and the full, sexy tits that Rose always loved to play with.

There was nothing Rose didn’t love about her housemate’s body and she proved that with every hot touch she gave to her naked tits from behind. Rose continued to smother Love’s lips with tender, sexy kisses as she massaged her breasts and pressed her own tits to Love’s bare back, rubbing her hard nipples against her friend and enjoying how it made Love moan deeply into her mouth and caress her invading tongue with her own.

“You’re wearing too many clothes,” Rose whispered into Love’s ear. “Want me to make you naked?”

“Yeahhhhh naked,” Love groaned, unable to resist. There was nothing she could ever think of that would make her not want to have sex with another woman, especially when that woman was Rose. Whatever part of Love’s brain that had turned her into a stern taskmaster that morning, ordering her friends around, was now being easily overwhelmed by the part that wanted nothing more than to be naked and slutty.

Love hissed in rapture as she felt Rose’s hands move away from her tits and down her stomach toward her jean shorts. Rose’s touch always felt so fucking good and Love felt her pussy quivering with horny anticipation when her housemate popped the button to her shorts open. Love was powerless to stop Rose from lowering her shorts down her legs and could only moan in sexual delight as her naked pussy was freed to the open air.

Panties were basically forbidden around the mansion and Love hadn’t even considered putting them on since she had just been planning to work around the house that morning. Now plans had changed and Love was even happier for her foresight in not having anything under her shorts to keep Rose away from her pussy.

“Mmmmm so wet,” Rose moaned into Love’s ear as one hand lowered her friend’s shorts down her legs and the other caressed the slippery, tight lips of her cunt. “Naughty little slut. I knew you were gonna be fucking soaked down here even when you were trying to be a good girl and resist me.”

“Yeahhhhhhhhh mmmmm so fucking wet for you Rose…I’m always wet for you,” Love admitted, her eyes starting to roll back in her head from the pleasure pulsing through her body that Rose’s finger play at her pussy created. “Mmmm I can’t help it! I’m a slut! A naughty, dirty slut whose pussy always gets wet for sexy girls!”

“Mmmmm yesssss I love when you’re a dirty little slut for me Love,” Rose purred, licking at Love’s ear while she continued playing with her friend’s pussy, pushing her fingers inside her with ease, and rubbing her naked body against Love’s backside, pressing the wetness of her own pussy against Love’s bare ass. “You pretend to be a good girl and try and resist me but all you really want is to be fucked! Is that what you want Love? To get your pretty little shaved pussy good and fucked?”

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh pleaaaaaaaaaaaase,” Love begged, enslaved by her desires once again. She had tried so hard to be good and focus on work that morning, but it was useless and she knew it. Her pussy and her desire for her housemates controlled her body and Love relished that feeling. It felt so hot to give into desire like this, especially with Rose pawing at her body and such a hot show in front of them.

“Fuck me Rose!” Love cried. “Fuck me like Reese is fucking Jewel! Eat my wet little pussy! Mmmmm lick up all my juice like you always do so fucking good! Oooooh or use a toy on me like Jessica is! Fill my tight pussy up with Mr. Snappy or any fucking toy you want! Mmmmm or suck my naughty little toes like Reese was doing to Jess! I don’t care! Just fuck me Rose! Please fuck me!”

This was plenty loud enough to be heard by all the girls in the bedroom and three heads snapped toward the doorway in an instant to see Love standing naked, her shorts around her feet and her tank top carelessly discarded on the floor as Rose pressed her nude body into her from behind, fondling her tits and pussy and making her moan and squeal. Though interruptions like this at the mansion were hardly rare occurrences, Jessica’s first instinct was to blush with a little bit of shame.

The shame wasn’t from what she was doing to herself, that was the last thing anyone at the mansion would ever feel embarrassed about, but rather what she wasn’t doing.

“Love! Ummmm we were just taking a break…we…ummm…” Jessica stammered a little as she tried to explain to Love how come the tree was unfinished downstairs. She had promised to do it this morning after all and Jessica tried to never break her promises.

“Fuck the tree,” Rose laughed. “This is too hot for us not to join in. We can finish the tree later. Mmmm right now there needs to be some more fucking in here. Three girls aren’t nearly as good as five.”

All the girls could definitely agree with that and since Jessica’s bed was a king size, there was just enough room for all five of them on the bed. Rose pushed Love into the room and the actress eagerly took the rest of the steps on her own, giggling as she fell onto the bed and on top of Jessica. The two naked girls rubbed their bodies together as they kissed, their bare tits grinding together so lewdly that it demanded, and received, heated stares of lust from Jewel, Reese and Rose.

“Oh no, no stopping from you two,” Jessica directed Reese and Jewel in between hot kisses that Love was smothering all over her mouth. “You two keep fucking! I’m gonna take care of these two.”

“Uh uh, we’re gonna take care of you,” Love grinned. “Mmmm Jess you guys made me and Rose so fucking wet with your fun show and you get to come first. Let us take care of you!”

That sounded like a heavenly arrangement to Jessica and she showed that by wrapping her arms around Love’s waist and pulling her even closer to her body, making the lips of their dripping pussies kiss just like the lips on their faces were happily doing. As Love and Jessica ground their pussies together, Jessica’s dildo fell from her hand and Rose was only too happy to pick it up and give it a complete tonguing, tasting Jessica’s juices all over it and relishing every flavorful drop.

Rose was only too happy to wait a brief moment as Jessica and Love hooked up and Jewel and Reese resumed their fun. She gave Jessica’s toy some serious head, happy to see the skill she’d developed from years of sucking cock before she’d left men behind to embrace the pleasures of women hadn’t abandoned her. After a little bit of work, Rose was even able to deep throat Jessica’s toy, loving how the plastic tasted coated in feminine essence. But Rose wasn’t about to sit back for all of this and she quickly grew impatient for more action.

“On all fours Jessica,” Rose ordered. “You don’t have to fuck yourself when we’re around mmmm and we’re going to make sure you get it better than you ever could do to yourself.”

As much fun as she was having ordering Reese and Jewel around, Jessica never had any question about following Rose’s wishes. It always felt so natural to just give up control to Rose, especially since Jessica knew from too many experiences to keep track that it always resulted in the kinds of orgasms that left you gasping for more.

Jessica pulled herself out from under Love and repositioned herself on the bed so she was on her hands and knees, pushing her ass in the air. Rose took immediate advantage of having Jessica’s tanned, perfect ass in the air by giving her a firm spanking.

“Ow!” Jessica cried at the slap to her booty, but it was far from a cry of pain.

“Mmmm that’s for sneaking out of doing work for Love,” Rose grinned, knowing full well she would have done the same. “And this is for not inviting us in sooner!”

Rose delivered another sexy slap to Jessica’s bare ass, getting another yelp from the actress. But Jessica’s cries quickly turned into moans when Love got behind her on the bed and began kissing the tender flesh that Rose had just spanked.

“Ooooooh,” Jessica cooed at the soft, wet feel of Love’s lips on her ass. “Mmmmm that’s it baby. Kiss it and make it better.”

Love did all that and more, gently caressing Jessica’s bare ass and kissing all over her cheeks as she moved ever so closer to her drooling pussy with every touch of her lips. Knowing Jessica was in good hands, Rose moved her own naked body around on the bed so she was at Jessica’s face. Leaning in, Rose tenderly kissed Jessica’s moaning lips, pushing her tongue into the blonde’s mouth and giving her the same sexy treatment she’d just given Love with her kisses in the doorway.

While Jessica and Rose rubbed their tongues together in mutual ecstasy, Jewel and Reese continued on their horny little way. Now they had a show of their own to enjoy and it spiced up their own lovemaking. Reese licked away at Jewel’s pussy with a vengeance, lashing over her tender, spread pussy lips as the singer spread her legs as wide as they could go on the bed, even draping her left leg over Love’s as she kneeled behind Jessica.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkkkk!!!” Jewel panted as Reese’s tongue worked her over. “Mmmmm babyyyyyyyyyyyy that’s the fucking spot! Lick there! Right there! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm fuck yessssss Reese!!!”

Reese didn’t need any extra help finding where Jewel’s hot spots were. All her fun with girl sex over the last few years had left her an expert in female anatomy and Jewel’s clit was an easy discovery for her. But she always loved encouragement from her lovers and Jewel’s words were much appreciated.


As she howled her pleasure, Jewel had her hands back on her heavy tits, squeezing them roughly and pushing them up so she could swipe her tongue at them. She could see Reese staring at her from between her legs and she wanted to give her something sexy to stare at, letting her see how much she loved every lick she was giving her.

Reese certainly got that message and it made her pussy purr without her fingers even straying toward it. When Reese did something she wanted to be the best at it she could possibly be, whether it was acting, producing or fucking. It made her feel good to know she was getting someone as beautiful as Jewel off and it certainly tickled her ego just right to have the horny praise of Jewel’s sexy cries ringing her ears and her cum soaking her skin as a testament to her abilities in bed.

But Reese wasn’t about to just lick away at Jewel’s pussy. Not when she had two hands that could be put to use. Reese never allowed herself to get lazy and while she knew she could easily get Jewel off with just her mouth, the perfectionist in her demanded that she do something more.

Her hands were already resting under Jewel’s ass, rubbing at her cheeks, but Reese knew there was a lot more she could do. She moved one hand off Jewel’s butt to get it on her pussy, teasing her lips and spreading them open even further to give her tongue more room to play. But the other hand was what Reese knew was critical and she didn’t move it away from Jewel’s ass. She just pushed it up between her friend’s cheeks and got her fingers to work.

Reese’s fingers weren’t lubed up, but she knew Jewel was plenty relaxed for what she planned. Lube helped, but it wasn’t needed and Reese didn’t hesitate to push one of her fingers up into Jewel’s ass.


Jewel’s love for anal sex was just as well known as Reese’s desire for toe play, but hell everyone at the mansion loved getting fucked up the ass. Jewel was no special case here. Reese pushed her finger in gently, but without shyness. She knew what Jewel liked and she was going to give it to her.

Reese felt her friend’s tight ring loosen up enough for it, she pushed in a second finger, twisting them around her asshole and fucking her even deeper.

Not surprisingly, this got Reese exactly what she and Jewel both wanted and set the busty Alaskan off like a rocket. Reese kept her lips latched to Jewel’s clitoris, sucking hard on it while her fingers fucked her lover’s ass, thrusting inside her and making her shake on the bed as she came.


Jewel’s tits bounced wildly as she released them from her hands to claw at the sheets while her body lurched from the orgasmic rush pulsing through her. Reese smiled in glee as she greedily swallowed Jewel’s cum, letting it soak her tongue and flow down her throat like sweet nourishment, and stared at how hard she was getting the beautiful blonde off. She loved being able to stare up from her lover’s pussy to see her thrash on the bed, her tits shaking and her mouth frozen open in screams of ecstasy.

Jessica, Rose and Love quite enjoyed the site of Jewel’s orgasm too, but they didn’t let it distract them for more than a second. Jessica needed to be fucked and Rose and Love were both experts in girl fucking. They knew just how to give the horny girl what she needed.

“Mmmmm you like that Jess?” Rose asked carnally in between kisses to Jessica’s pursed, moaning lips. “You like seeing Jewel get her ass fucked?”

“Mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh,” Jessica groaned, her body tingling in pleasure from Love’s tongue tenderly licking at her flared pussy lips from behind. “She looks so hot when she comes like that. Oooooh mmmmmm Love yesssssssss baby oooooooh lick that pussy just like that sweetie! Mmmmmmmmm you always know how to lick my pussy so fucking good!!!”

Jessica always had a soft spot for Love’s tongue. After all she had been the first to seduce her and show her how the true way to sexual bliss was from a woman’s touch. Jessica could still remember that day like it was yesterday…how she and Love had gone to her room to supposedly change into their bikinis. Mmmm but those suits had come off nearly as soon as they’d gone on and Jessica could still remember the nervous rush of excitement that had filled her when Love had started kissing and touching her, making her desire overwhelm her fear.

She had nearly come right from the first lick of Love’s wonderful tongue against her pussy that day. Jessica had completely given herself over to the horny girl as the cool breeze had flowed in through the bedroom off the ocean. She had let Love make her naked and push her down on the bed so she could lick her and it had been even more wonderful than Love had promised. She had been instantly hooked and she had Love to thank for that.

When Love licked her it always made Jessica think about that first time and how far she’d come since then. How she’d embraced these desires and how her sex life had been nothing but sweet ecstasy since then. That always made Love’s tongue feel even better in her pussy and right then Jessica knew it wasn’t going to be long before she was coating her beautiful housemate’s tongue in another creamy glaze of girl cum.

But Rose had other plans in mind that Jessica didn’t know about. Sure, Rose knew she could just sit back and enjoy the show of Love’s soft, sexy tongue licking away at Jessica until she came. But she was impatient. Rose didn’t like not having sex and the nights free of girl on girl fun were making her eager for hotter, naughtier action.

“Jewel’s not the only girl here who loves it up her ass, though, is she?” Rose smirked as she began kissing all over Jessica’s face, caressing her gently swaying tits as the blonde actress remained on her hands and knees for her and Love.

“Nooooooo…she’s not,” Jessica moaned from more hot licks from Love. She knew exactly what Rose was driving at. “I love it too! I love being fucked up my ass! Mmmmm it feels soooooooo gooooooooood!”

“Don’t I know it,” Rose grinned. She loved giving it to her girlfriends with Mr. Snappy, but that didn’t make her enjoy getting a good assfucking for herself any less. “Mmmm you want it now, Jess? You want to get that hot ass of yours fucked?”

Truth be told, Jessica didn’t care how she came as long as she did. But what Rose was offering her did sound pretty damn good. So she offered no resistance.

“Yeahhhhhhh please Rose! Fuck my ass!” Jessica begged. “Mmmm I know you love it when we beg you to fuck us! Fuck my ass Rose! Fucking take my tight little ass and make it your slutty fuckhole!”

Hearing dirty talk coming out of the face of an angelic beauty like Jessica Alba never lost its allure and Rose rewarded her for the rush it gave her already soaked pussy with another long, wet tongue kiss while continuing to play with her tits, teasing her swollen nipples skillfully with her fingers. But Rose didn’t intend to be the one taking Jessica’s ass for her own. That was what Love was for.

When she pulled away from Jessica’s kiss, leaving strands of saliva dripping down both of their lips in the process, Rose crawled toward Love. She paused only to smile and take in the image of Reese giving Jewel a long, cummy kiss, feeding the singer her own essence, before swinging herself around so her pussy was pressed to Jewel’s lips so she could return the favor for the orgasm she’d just felt.

     Rose got to Love quickly and, as the girl continued licking Jessica’s pussy, sliding her tongue skillfully over her pink folds as cream dripped down from them into her waiting mouth, Rose whispered her intentions into her ear. Rose’s plan definitely sounded good to Love and she pulled up to give a smile and a nod before she tongue kissed Rose, feeding her Jessica’s juices in the process.

     The gesture was much appreciated by Rose, who always loved the taste of girl on another woman’s lips, but less so by Jessica, who was not in favor of waiting any longer.

     “Nooooooo don’t stop,” Jessica groaned. “Mmmmm keep licking Love. Don’t stop licking my pussy!”

     “Oh I’m gonna lick you baby,” Love wickedly promised her friend as she caressed the bare cheeks of her perfect ass. “Just not your pussy.”

     No one had to tell Jessica what was coming next and she moaned in delicious ecstasy when she felt Love’s hands spread her ass cheeks from behind so her wet tongue could start licking at her hole.

     “Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwd,” Jessica moaned. “Mmmmmmmm yeahhhh Love! Oooooooooh baby lick my ass! Fuck yesssssssssssss!!! Mmmmm make it all wet to get fucked! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss ughhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk that’s gooood!!! Mmmmm rim my ass Love! Work your naughty tongue over my hole and get it good and slutty!!!”

     Jessica closed her eyes in ecstasy as the sensations flowed through her. Love’s tongue licking softly, but lewdly at her asshole had her nerves on edge with desire and anticipation for what she knew was coming next. Love knew just how to do this right, letting saliva slide off her tongue into Jessica’s hole and then spreading it around with her tongue.

     While she licked, Love continued massaging Jessica’s cheeks with her hands, rubbing her friend’s gorgeous bare ass with horny enthusiasm. Rose had pushed Jessica’s discarded silver dildo into her hand and Love knew Jessica was almost ready for it. Almost, but not yet.

     Of course’s Love’s reasoning was partly selfish too. Being able to worship Jessica’s ass with her tongue was pleasure for her too and Love was in no hurry to stop her tongue bath. As Jessica continued to moan, Love spit into her asshole again and picked up the pace of her tonguing, letting her blonde friend know that if she wanted to, she could easily make her come just by eating her ass.

     Since Jessica’s eyes remained closed and her mind was bubbling with the pleasure of Love’s exquisite tongue, she had no idea that Rose had moved back in front of her face. But this time Rose wasn’t coming back to make out or play with her tits some more. She had other ideas in mind.

     Rose set herself down on her back on the bed, her head right on the edge and her raven dark hair draping down toward the floor. She spread her legs and exposed every inch of her soaked pinkness to Jessica’s closed eyes. Rose was in no mood to wait, though, and she snapped Jessica out of her lust trance by reaching for the back of her head and pushing her down to the creamy treat she was offering.

     “Eat me,” Rose commanded with a lustful groan. “Do it Jess! You don’t get your ass fucked for free around here! You’d better pay up and get your tongue licking!”

     The push to her head snapped her eyes open immediately and when she saw Rose’s pussy in front of her, Jessica smiled. She never had any problem with this kind of payment and the command to lick was barely out of Rose’s mouth before Jessica got to work.

     “Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that’s it!” Rose hissed as Jessica took a long lick, swiping up the cream that clung to her splayed cunt lips onto her tongue and greedily swallowing it. “Lick that pussy Jessica! I need some loving and you’re the lucky slut who gets to give it!”

     Rose groans and moans soon started flowing steadily as Jessica got into a good licking rhythm. It was hard to concentrate on this when Love was doing such a good job rimming her, but Jessica could never ignore a beautiful, wet pussy…especially one as yummy as Rose’s.

     But Rose’s cries were easily overshadowed by Reese’s. With Jewel’s orgasm well taken care of, the Oscar winner was now able to concentrate entirely on her own needs and right then she needed to come. Mmmm her pussy had been aching for this all morning and being able to eat out Jewel and give Jessica’s toes a hot little licking had just made her fires burn hotter.

     Now Reese had Jewel right on her back and was riding her gorgeous face like a cowgirl, grinding her pussy to her lips and tongue and enjoying every second of it. This position gave her the perfect view of Jessica, Love and Rose while she was getting her pussy licked and Reese loved it. She rubbed at her bouncing tits, happily tugging at her own swollen nipples and crying out in passion from how good they felt all thick and full under her fingers as she rolled them around and made little stings of pain mix in beautifully from all the wonderful pleasure Jewel’s tongue was giving her.

     “Fuck me Jewel!” Reese pleaded, even though she knew no words of encouragement were necessary to get her Alaskan lover going. “Yeahhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm tongue fuck my pussy! Ooooooooooh mmmmmmm yeahhhhhh gimmie that tongue! Gimmie all that tongue! Lick up my sweet, slutty pussy Jewel! Ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhh mmmmmmm fill my pussy up with your tongue so I can fucking soak you like you soaked me! Oooooh your cum tasted soooo good all over me and I can’t wait to lick my juice off your face too! Ahhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm gimmie what I need Jewel! Gimmie what I fucking want! I want your tongue baby! I gotta have it! Gotta have that tongue up my pussy slapping my clitty around and making me feel so fucking good!”

     Reese grunted and groaned as she enthusiastically rode Jewel’s face, continuing to paw at her own tits as the singer drove her wild with her licking. Reese had many favorite positions, but she always loved to ride, whether it was a tongue or a toy, she loved to be on top, thrusting herself down and getting her pussy filled. She was on top of Jewel reverse cowgirl style and the pleasure was starting to overwhelm her, just like she wanted it to.

     As Jewel’s tongue lashed at her, paying lots of attention to her pulsating clitoris, Reese thrashed her head around, sending blonde hair flying over her eyes, where it was quickly brushed away, only to fall right back down the next time Jewel made her body rock. It all felt so good and Reese was desperate for more as her naked body glowed with sex sweat.

     “Mmmmm ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh OHHHHHHHHH!!!” Reese cried out over and over again. “Yeahhhhhhhhhh!!! Mmmmmmmm lick that clit Jewel!!! LICK MY FUCKING CLIT YOU SEXY BITCH!!! AHHHHHHHH YEAHHHH YOU WANT IT JEWEL? YOU WANT MY CUM SOAKING YOU? OOOOOOOOH YOU’RE GONNA GET IT SO GOOD BABY!!! JUST DON’T STOP LICKING MY CLIT!!!”

     Not wanting Reese to be the only girl screaming, Love decided it was high time for her to take Jessica to the next level. Her ass was plenty lubed up and the dildo was still wet with Rose’s spit, so there was no more need to wait. While Jessica continued lavishing her tongue’s attention on Rose’s pussy, Love spread open her cheeks a little bit wider and, sex toy in hand, penetrated her pretty, puckered hole.

     “OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Jessica screamed as the toy penetrated her, her face shooting up from between Rose’s legs, a glaze of girl cum giving her lips a sexy shine.

     “Am I hurting you baby?” Love asked, suddenly concerned. As much as she loved acting like a slut for her friends, the last thing Love ever wanted to do was go too far and do something they didn’t want.

     “What? No! Fuck no!” Jessica laughed. “Mmmm fuck me Love! Fuck my ass! Get that toy inside me and make me come!”

     Relieved that she hadn’t gone too hard or too fast, Love got back to smiling and to the task of pleasuring her friend. By now Jessica’s ass was hardly cherry anymore, but she was still so wonderfully tight. Love took the blonde slowly, but steadily, working more and more of the toy into her ass and getting into a thrusting pattern. She even spit right into Jessica’s ass again to ease the toy’s passage inside, which had Jessica moaning even louder from how hot and nasty this all felt.

     But Rose’s impatience and horniness wasn’t about to let Jessica just stay there on all fours and enjoy her assfucking. She had her own needs which had to be taken care of.

     “Don’t stop!” Rose commanded, taking control of Jessica’s hair again and pushing her back into her pussy. “Eat my pussy Jessica! Gimmie that hot tongue while Love fills your ass!”

     Even though she was more than a little distracted by the plastic being shoved up her ass, Jessica didn’t hesitate to resume her snack. She could tell Rose needed this. Her pussy was as soaked as Jessica could ever remember it and it was clear this girl had a lot of pent up cum to release. Jessica knew full well how late night shooting could wreak havoc on playtime and she was going to make sure her beautiful, pale skinned friend got what she needed.

     “Ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh mmmmmmmm that’s it Jess! Fucking lick me!” Rose moaned in bliss as Jessica resumed her lapping, slurping up her juices and making her whole pussy quiver. “Ooooooh naughty girl! Eating my wet cunt while your ass gets fucked! Mmmm you know how much I love you licking my pussy, naughty girl. Show me how much you fucking love how good I taste! Lick all that cum right out of me and don’t you even pause a second! I don’t care how good Love is fucking your tight ass! Oooooooooh you keep licking me just like thaaaaaat!!! YEAHHHHHH OOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS LICK THERE JESS!!! AHHHHHHH FUCK YOU’RE SUCH A GODDAMN GOOD PUSSY LICKER!!!”

     Rose’s boasts of how good she tasted might have been egotistical, but they were also completely true. Jessica loved Rose’s taste. Mmmm she loved the flavors of all her friends and housemates. Love’s skillful assfucking couldn’t distract her from that, even though what her sexy, slutty friend was doing to her back there was absolutely amazing.

     Jessica cried out for more, begging Love to fuck her deeper and harder and even though her sounds were muffled by Rose’s pussy fucking her face, Love heard her loud and clear. After all the times they’d all been together, Love considered herself an expert in knowing what her friends wanted and when they wanted it.

     With her hand tightly wrapped around the shaft of the dildo, Love pushed deeper into Jessica, slowly working another inch of the toy inside her. Love let Jessica adjust to the extra penetration before resuming fucking her, pushing and pulling the plastic in and out of her ass while busying her tongue by licking at her exposed butt cheeks and loving how there were goosebumps forming all over Jessica’s beautiful skin.

     But as she licked at Jessica’s flesh, Love decided there was a much better use for her tongue. After all since she was concentrating entirely on Jessica’s ass, it meant her friend’s pussy was being sorely neglected. Giving Jessica’s succulent cheeks one last wet kiss, Love smiled and moved down. She kept up the steady pace with the toy inside her as she reintroduced her tongue to Jessica’s pussy, running it up over her slit and then diving inside.

     “OHHHHHHH FUCK MMMMMMMM LOVE YESSSSSSSSS YOU HOT SLUTTY GIRLLLLLLL OOOOOOOOOH LICK MY PUSSY WHILE YOU’RE FUCKING MY ASSSSSSSSSS!!!” Jessica immediately screamed in pure delight before Rose once more shoved her face back down.

     “No stopping!” Rose groaned, her pale tits shaking wildly as she held both of her hands to Jessica’s blonde head and thrust herself against her gorgeous face. “Ooooooooooh you were getting me so close Jess! I don’t care how good she’s making you feel! Mmmmmmmm you can’t stop till I fucking come!!!”

     It was getting really hard for Jessica to keep licking while she had a toy and a tongue inside her, getting little tears of rapture to run down from her eyes, but she always relished a challenge like this. Love was driving her toward utter orgasmic bliss, but Rose tasted so good so Jessica wasn’t about to neglect her.

     While her whole body shook from Love’s most welcomed attack on her pussy and ass, Jessica licked all over Rose’s pinkness. She lapped lewdly at her splayed lips, sucking the dripping girl juice right off them and gulping it down her throat. There was so much juice to lick up and Jessica gave it all she had to make sure she didn’t miss a drop. She licked until her tongue tired and then she licked some more, going all over Rose’s soaked folds until zeroing right in on her clit.


     It was indeed heaven for Jessica to have Rose’s drooling snatch humping up against her while she was licked and fucked at once by Love. Rose was so goddamn wet and Jessica moaned as she felt her friend’s hot juices dripping down her chin and all the way onto her neck. Rose was right up against her face with nothing separating her pussy from her tongue.

Jessica’s nose was being tickled by Rose’s neat black triangle of a bush and she loved it. She was getting off so hard on Rose fucking her face like this, with wet, creamy gusto. Mmmmm if only those people who crawled over each other to get her face on their magazine covers could see her now, Jessica thought. On her hands and knees with her ass and pussy being fucked and her face soaked in girl juice.

But Jessica wasn’t the only one in ecstasy. Reese was two steps ahead of everyone else and she wasn’t shy about revealing that. She rode Jewel’s face hard and added to her own pleasure by taking one of her hands off her tits and using it to work over her own pussy. Reese humped herself even harder against Jewel while she shoved two of her fingers inside herself.

“So close…oooooooooh soooooooooooo close…mmmmmm fuck yessssssssss more Jewel…please baby morrrrrrre!!!” Reese mewed as she felt her body tense up in the sure sign of imminent orgasmic release. She plunged her fingers deeper into her sloppy snatch and fucked herself hard, thrusting into her own pussy to penetrate herself while Jewel concentrated on her clitoris.

Jewel was relishing every juicy drop that Reese fed her. Being flat on her back with Reese grinding herself against her face was like having honey drip straight down her throat and Jewel never tired of her sexy girlfriends feeding her this way. But she didn’t just lie back and let Reese do the work. Jewel had her hands slapped down hard on Reese’s ass, gripping the quivering cheeks to keep her steady while she sucked her clit passionately.

She pressed her lips around Reese’s aching pleasure bud as hard as she could, nursing it and drawing Reese’s pleasure out of her body and into her waiting mouth.


Reese had always known that whatever sexual frustration she carried into the mansion from her unfulfilling love life with her husband would be quickly licked and sucked away by her girlfriends in a haze of rapture and that hadn’t changed even with Ryan out of her life. No one made her come as hard as her friends and all the pent up emotions she’d kept inside from the divorce were pulsing out of her as she came against Jewel’s face.


Hearing Reese come like that also acted as an igniting spark for the other girls on the bed. Jessica had desperately been trying to hold on and keep herself from coming until she had gotten Rose off, but that proved to be impossible. Love was too good and Jessica couldn’t keep her tongue from slowing and her mind from drifting to her own pleasure. Having Love’s tongue lapping at her pussy while the toy was pushing deep into her ass was too much for her.

“Gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd!” Jessica cried into Rose’s pussy, the tears of pleasure increasing as her tight asshole clung to the toy, wrapping around it and making such a naughty fit inside her hole. “Ooooooooh Lovvvvvvve!!! Mmmmmmmm soooooooo fucking gooooood! Gonna…gonna…ohhhhhhhhh gonna fucking commme!!”

Fortunately, for all her bluster, Rose was always nice to her friends when it came down to it. She didn’t keep Jessica from her pleasure. Instead she pulled her hands off her hair and caressed her soft face with a gentle touch.

“Come for her Jess! Come for our little slut fucking your pussy and ass!” Rose moaned, loving the view of Jessica’s shaking naked body on all fours and the equally nude and gorgeous Love behind her, giving her a complete working over.

“YEAHHHHHHH MAKE ME COME LOVE!!!” Jessica screamed, Rose’s juices dripping from her tongue and lips as she was finally able to freely express her ecstasy. “OOOOOOOOOH KEEP FUCKING MY ASS WHILE YOU’RE TONGUING MY PUSSY!!! YEAHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS MMMM BABYYYY YOU’RE SOOOOOOOOO HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!”

Love couldn’t get enough of the praise her housemate was showering down onto her, but even if Jessica was completely silent, Love knew she was doing a good job from the juices soaking her tongue. Love even slowed down her thrusts into Jessica’s ass so she could concentrate more fully on her pussy as she knelt right behind her on the bed, her face pressed right to Jessica’s cunt so she could lick and fuck at the same time.

Christmas decorations were now the furthest things from Love’s mind as juice dripped from her own pussy in anticipation of the fucking she knew her friends were sure to give her once they’d come.

Jessica’s clitoris was right there for the taking and now that her friend was so close, Love made her final move onto it. While keeping the toy as deep as she dared up Jessica’s ass, Love slapped her clitoris with her tongue, tonguing it furiously until she got the explosion she had hungered for.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOH SUCK MY CUMMMMMMMM RIGHT OUT OF MEEEEEEEE!!!” Jessica screamed, her body spasming in orgasm as she remained on her hands and knees, rocking back and forth on her bed, making her tits bounce and her body drip with sweat. She was definitely going to need a second shower this morning, but that was hardly a heavy price to pay for this pleasure.

“AHHHHHHH MMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOH FUCKING GOOOOOOOD!!!” Jessica’s voice carried before she was quieted by Reese and Jewel rising up from the bed onto their knees to kiss her as one.

Jessica’s eyes were shut as she felt the pleasure rush through her. She opened her mouth wide for her blonde friends, allowing this to end for her as it had begun, in a three way kiss with Jewel and Reese. Their tongues all touched as Jessica’s orgasm continued, but as she began to cycle down she received a harsh reminder that there was still work to be done.

“No resting!” Rose demanded. “Mmmm you wanna kiss something Jess? Then kiss these fucking lips!”

Jessica giggled at Rose’s little joke and offered no resistance as the raven haired sex goddess pushed Jewel and Reese out of the way and pulled her back down to her pussy. As requested, Jessica did indeed plant a sexy kiss right on Rose’s cunt lips and then another and another, but she quickly resumed her licking and it wasn’t long before lapping at Rose had her right on the edge of where she’d been before.

“AHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMMM FUCKING EAT MEEEEEE!!!” Rose cried while grinding her bare ass into the bed as Jewel and Reese helped out by latching their still hungry lips to her jiggling tits, sucking her swollen nipples while Love watched and plunged her fingers into her wet and waiting pussy.


Jessica considered making Rose beg for it. Mmm that would be fun, getting the cocky bitch pleading for the privilege to come. But she decided against it. Rose would definitely have made her pay for that and while sexual revenge a ala Rose was usually fun, it wasn’t quite in the Christmas spirit to make her wait.

So instead of making Rose beg, she gave her just what she wanted. Jessica sucked hard on her clitoris, trapping it between her lips as her fingers rubbed Rose’s pussy and Jewel and Reese sucked her aching nipples.


Jessica took it and then some, greedily gulping it down. She hadn’t had a chance for breakfast yet and this was definitely a meal she loved getting over and over again. She sucked and rubbed Rose’s pussy, draining her of the cum that had been cruelly trapped inside of her. And when Rose finally crashed down on the bed, gasping and smiling as Reese and Jewel continued to play with her tits, only Love was left wanting.

Love was on her knees, caressing her own bare tits and keeping her fingers between her legs, rubbing herself as she watched her friends indulge in their afterglows and waiting for her turn. But while Jessica had been generous, Rose couldn’t resist teasing.

“Don’t you have stockings to hang or something?” Rose giggled. “No sex for you before the decorating is done!”

Love’s mouth fell open in shock. She was so horny now that her sense of reality was skewed and she actually felt like Rose was being serious. But that lasted only as long as it took for Jessica, Rose, Jewel and Reese to all laugh and pounce on Love at once. Soon there was nothing but giggling and moaning as the four worked together to pleasure their Christmas loving friend.

As she moaned and cried in ecstasy from Rose’s fingers teasing her pussy and ass while Reese tongued her slit and Jessica and Jewel kissed everywhere her body was exposed, Love decided they had been right after all. They could wait a little while longer to finish the decorations.

* * * * *

Playtime was also first and foremost on the mind of Jennifer Aniston right then. Even if Love had found her that morning and assigned her a task, chances were she would still have been right where she was…sharing her bathtub with a beautiful woman.

“Mmmmmm,” Gwen Stefani moaned as Jennifer squeezed a washcloth against her and sent warm, soapy water cascading down her bare back. “This is definitely just what I needed.”

“Well I am very good at getting at those hard to reach spots,” Jennifer replied with a naughty twinkle in her eye as she continued to gently wash her friend’s back, pausing only to plant light kisses on her neck and shoulders. “I’ve got to make sure you’re nice and clean, Gwen. After all, I know what a dirty girl you are.”

Gwen giggled in response and leaned forward a little bit more to give Jennifer better access to her bare back. She could feel the water running down her skin to her ass and she found it to be a wonderfully erotic sensation. A relaxing bubble bath was always a sure way to get a smile on her face and having Jennifer naked with her amongst the bubbles made it even better.

Despite her claims, Gwen felt like Jennifer really had no idea how dirty she truly was. Sure Jennifer thought she knew and Gwen had indeed woken her up that morning by crawling naked under her sheets to lick her pussy until the actress had stirred and gotten into a sunrise 69 with her, but these days that was only the tip of the iceberg when it came to how dirty and naughty she had been getting. Being with girls was now only a part of her extracurricular activities and the secret burned inside of Gwen.

“You made me a dirty girl, Jen,” Gwen reminded her friend before turning around in the tub so she and Jennifer were face to face. “You and all your sexy friends. Mmmm I used to be a good girl but look at me now, naked in your tub and wanting your hot pussy so bad.”

Gwen leaned in for a kiss and immediately found Jennifer to be a willing partner. The two nude and soapy girls kissed each other tenderly, the bath bubbles the only thing between their bare bodies. Their firm tits were slippery from the soap and it just made rubbing against each other more of a fun challenge as their tongues touched and their nipples swelled up.

After Gwen had so effectively woken Jennifer up that morning, they had decided to continue their workout, albeit in a non-sexual way, with a run along the beach. Of course that had just led to more sweatiness and when Jennifer had offered a bubble bath as a way to clean up and cool down, Gwen had eagerly accepted.

Now their two naked bodies were submerged in bubbles and their kisses were deepening while their caresses of each other’s bodies got more passionate. The two girls had gone right for each other’s pussies when they had done their 69, without pausing for any of the other niceties, and now they fully indulged in being able to touch all over.

Jennifer latched onto Gwen’s firm, delicious bite sized tits, massaging them while on sucking on her tongue and loving how her blonde friend’s nipples poked against her palms. This had Gwen quickly moaning into Jennifer’s mouth and she reached up from the water to get herself a long, sexy feel of Jennifer’s larger breasts.

Neither girl had the cup sizes to compare with girls at the mansion like Jewel, Love or Alyssa, but they were both plenty happy with what they had and they knew their chests still offered their lovers plenty to play with. Their kisses continued as they sat in the water, moaning and playing with each other’s tits.

“Oooooh if we keep this up we’re both going to be dirty girls before too long,” Jennifer said with a smile as she found herself hoping for just that to happen. Gwen’s tongue was always welcome in her pussy and the licking she had already gotten from her that morning had only made her want more.

“I don’t think you’d be complaining if we both were,” Gwen accurately observed as she slid one of her hands back under the water and between Jennifer’s legs, detecting a wetness that had nothing to do with their bath. “I see you always going around here acting like the sensible one Jen, but deep down I know you want to be the dirtiest girl here. You just want to fuck every girl here non stop, feeding them your wet pussy while you’re getting your amazing tongue all over their naked bodies.”

“No more than you, Gwen,” Jennifer shot back playfully. Gwen was one of the mansion’s more frequent guests, spending more time there than she ever seemed to with her husband. “I see it in your eyes how much you can’t stand it when you’re not naked and fucking some pretty girl. Every time you get here, the front door isn’t even closed behind you before your clothes are gone and you’re hopping from bed to bed like you think you’ll die if you stop. Or am I getting confused with someone else I saw last night begging Christina to fuck her up the ass while you were licking Alyssa’s tight little pussy.”

“Mmmm guilty,” Gwen admitted as her smile grew. “But if you were passing by, you should have joined in. I definitely could have taken you on too.”

“Oh I’ll bet you could have,” Jennifer teased. “Dirty slut.”

“Ooooh you have no idea,” Gwen sighed dreamily. This time the words didn’t just stay in her brain. They slipped past her lips and out into the open like they’d been dying to do since that first night in Jamaica.

Jennifer prided herself on being the kind of friend who sensed when something was going on and someone needed to talk, even if they didn’t say it directly. As much as she would have loved for Gwen to continue rubbing her pussy while she played with her tits, Jennifer could tell that her friend had something on her mind and wanted to talk about it.

“What does that mean?” Jennifer gently probed. Truth be told this wasn’t the first time she had noticed Gwen’s mind seemingly in a different place than her body. Lately the blonde had frequently had a far away look in her eyes but Jennifer hadn’t had the chance that she did now to see what was going on.

“Nothing,” Gwen answered coyly even though she ached inside to tell. It was so hard for her to carry this secret around her friends and not let them know what was going on in her life, especially Jennifer.

Gwen and Jennifer had been friends before they had ever felt a woman’s sexual touch. They had even gone to each other’s weddings, never dreaming they would ever become lovers.

That first night when Gwen had come to the mansion and found herself seduced by Jewel she had been totally shocked to see Jennifer arrive in the middle of a wild mini-orgy inside Rose’s room. They had stared at each other at first, unable to believe the other was into this, but they had lost too many of their inhibitions to question their lusts and they had gone right for each other’s sexy bodies, kissing, touching and pleasuring each other without a second thought.

The next morning they had found themselves facing the tough questions about what having sex with each other would do to their friendship. They had had a long talk that morning, each of them agreeing that they didn’t want to risk what they had as friends even for amazing, wild sex. But fortunately, it had never reached a point where they had to make a choice between friendship and sex.

Sex between them was still incredible and the bond between them that it created had only strengthened their friendship. Now they were both definitely close friends with benefits, coming to each other when they needed a hug, a shoulder to cry on or someone to fuck.

Being friends meant they could read each other’s moods and not only did Jennifer see that Gwen wanted to tell her what was on her mind, but Gwen could see that Jennifer could see it.

“C’mon,” Jennifer pressed. “Something’s on your mind sweetie. I can see it in your eyes. You look like you’ve got this huge weight pressing down on you. What’s wrong Gwen?”

“It’s nothing wrong,” Gwen said. “At least I don’t think it is. Mmmm it’s something wonderful.”

“Ooooh then I’ve got to know now. Please tell me what it is. Is it Gavin?” Jennifer asked, referencing Gwen’s husband. “You can tell me.”

“It’s definitely not Gavin,” Gwen answered coyly. “And I want to tell you Jen. It’s just that…”

“You can tell me,” Jennifer assured her friend. She was definitely dying with curiosity now, but she didn’t just want to pry. She wanted to be there for Gwen the way all her friends had been there for her when she and Brad had divorced.

“You can tell me anything Gwen,” Jennifer continued. “I know you have something on your mind sweetie and you can’t keep all that bottled up. Believe me; I know how secrets can wreck things. You can trust me Gwen.”

“I know I can trust you…but…well…it’s just supposed to be a secret,” Gwen claimed, trying to find a reason she shouldn’t tell Jennifer and not really finding one in her mind. There was nothing for her to be ashamed about here. She had only followed her lust and, after all, her lust was what kept her here.

“Is it a big secret?” Jennifer asked. She had always been naturally curious and not knowing what Gwen knew was starting to drive her a little crazy. She just hoped she wasn’t been too pushy.

“Oh yeah,” Gwen said, a wicked smile tugging at her lips. “It’s definitely big.”

“As big as two famous girls in a tub playing with each other’s breasts?” Jennifer giggled before helping herself to another kiss against Gwen’s lips and wondering if this might tempt the secret out of her.

“Well maybe not that big,” Gwen answered, returning the giggle and kiss with one of her own. “But it’s a pretty big secret.”

“Now I’m really dying to know,” Jennifer said. She was trying not to be nosy, but she really could tell Gwen wanted to talk about this and Jennifer certainly wanted to hear it. “Please tell me Gwen. Something’s been on your mind for weeks now. I can see it. You can talk to me honey. You can talk to me about anything. I won’t tell anyone else.”

“You can’t tell,” Gwen insisted. “No one else can know. Especially not Christina.”

“Christina?” Jennifer repeated, wondering what this had to do with the mansion’s resident pierced pop princess. Now this secret was getting really interesting.

“Yeah, you can definitely never tell her,” Gwen said. “Promise me Jen. Promise me or I won’t tell you.”

“I promise,” Jennifer immediately replied. “I’ll never tell Christina.”

That was good enough for Gwen and she exhaled deeply as she decided it was finally time to tell someone the secret that had been growing inside her since Jamaica. The secret she shared with only three other people.

“Well…you know Christina’s bodyguard Fluffy?” Gwen began. That was all she needed to say before Jennifer put two and two together in her mind. It was the only clue she needed to have it all come together for her.

“Wait! You? And Fluffy?” Jennifer gasped in amazement as Gwen nodded her head to confirm the assertion.

“Since when?” Jennifer asked, her head doing some serious spinning over this revelation. She didn’t think it was possible to be more surprised by what Gwen had just told her. They had all been hooking up with girls for so long now that the thought of one of her friends hooking up with a guy seemed to be an alien concept.

“Since Jamaica,” Gwen revealed. She saw the amazement all over Jennifer’s face and launched right into her story.

Gwen told Jennifer everything. She talked about how she’d caught Fluffy looking at her on the beach with Britney and Christina and how one idle thought about whether he liked what he saw had blown up into a near obsession in her mind by the end of the orgy. She talked about how she’d been able to draw Reese and Michelle Branch into her fantasy and how their mutual lusts had sparked a fire which had sent them rushing to Fluffy’s room for a three girl on one lucky guy pile of horny, naked flesh.

Gwen revealed how the four of them had played on through the night and into the morning, pleasuring each other over and over again all over their bodies. And then she told how that one night hadn’t been enough for her and how she craved Fluffy’s touch…how she couldn’t be near him without aching to have him inside her.

She told Jennifer about each and every one of her encounters with Fluffy in vivid detail, sparing nothing as she finally revealed everything she had held inside herself. It was a major weight off her mind to tell all and Gwen found herself unable to stop. She even revealed the things she didn’t know if she should say, like the fact that Fluffy was the real father of Michelle’s baby and how many times Reese had added to her list of infidelities by joining Gwen to take on Fluffy after they’d gotten back from Jamaica.

The words just spilled out of Gwen’s mouth with no filter and Jennifer just stared at her with a wide open mouth, gawking at what her friend had been up to behind all their backs.

“Wow!” Jennifer finally gasped when Gwen finished. She was in complete shock from this confession. “I mean that’s just…wow!”

“I know,” Gwen replied. “Oh God, Jen, I just can’t get enough of him. I never felt this way about a man before…not even Gavin. Not ever. I just want him so bad and I can never get enough. It drives me crazy. Every time I see him, I want him more.”

“Wow!” Jennifer said for what felt like the millionth time. “I just can’t believe it! I mean he’s always just standing there. He never really says anything. He’s just…there! And that you…and him…were…wow! That’s so wild!”

Jennifer’s mind churned as she thought back to all those times she had seen Fluffy just being there, zealously guarding Christina when Gwen had been around them. Had she missed all these clues? Had she been so oblivious? Oh God! Fluffy had seen her naked too! God…he’d seen her more than naked! She’d fucked Christina right in front of him! And not just once, but lot’s of times! She’d just gotten so used to him being around all the time that she’d barely even realized he was there!

All those times…Jennifer thought them through in her mind like she was flipping through old pictures at a fast pace. Fluffy had been a statue all those times they’d been indulging in frenzied, lewd girl on girl sex right in front of him. But had his silence just hidden that he had been getting hard all those times? Hard enough to fuck them all like he’d fucked Gwen and Reese and Michelle? How could he not have been?

God, they’d all been so wild around him…fucking and licking each other without inhibition. Jennifer had just taken it for granted that Fluffy wouldn’t react, but now she saw how crazy that idea was. How could he not react to beautiful women naked and fucking each other right in front of him?

This was a lot for Jennifer to take in all at once and a million questions filled her head. But one, naturally, floated right to the top.

“So, is he…” Jennifer began before Gwen interrupted her, knowing exactly what her friend was going to ask.

“He’s huge,” Gwen admitted with a naughty smile. “He’s got to be like 12 inches mmmm and so fucking thick! Jen, he’s an unbelievable lover! He’s just amazing. All he has to do is look at me and I practically come!”

“Wow!” Jennifer said once more, as a far away look similar to the one Gwen had had crossed over her face as visuals to match her friend’s words naturally filled her mind. He couldn’t be that big? Could he? Jen knew it was a stereotype to expect it but…well Gwen wouldn’t lie to her about something like that.

“Thinking about sharing him with me?” Gwen teased, unable to help trying to make the mood frisky again since she felt so good now. It had always been a fantasy of hers to join in with Brad with Jennifer when they’d been married. It had never happened, but Gwen was definitely open to sharing Fluffy with her friend if he was into it and Gwen had a feeling that her illicit lover would be.

“No…” Jennifer quickly replied with a smile that said she was lying and she knew it. She had never been with a man as big as Gwen claimed Fluffy was and she couldn’t help imagine what it would be like to take on a cock that big, especially if she was sucking Gwen’s girl cum off it.

“Riiiight,” Gwen smiled knowingly before giving Jennifer a long kiss, thanking her for letting her finally open up. It had been such a burden to keep this from her friends with all the intense emotion her lustful longing for Fluffy had created inside her. She knew she could trust Jennifer not to squeal and now that it was all revealed between them, Gwen also knew she had someone here she could always turn to about it.

The two girls hugged each other in the water, pressing their wet, soapy bodies together once again as their lips met in a series of soft, tender kisses. Their friendly embrace was quickly turning sexual as Jennifer’s hands went to Gwen’s back and moved down until they were under the water and on her ass.

“So are you still into girls or are boys the only thing on your mind?” Jennifer asked playfully as she squeezed Gwen’s cheeks.

“Mmmm what does this tell you?” Gwen answered, giving Jennifer another long kiss and reaching back down into the water for Jennifer’s pussy.

“Ooooh it tells me we should get out of here before we prune up,” Jennifer smiled as Gwen’s fingers teased her slit.

Jennifer stood up naked in the tub, soap bubbles running down her body and reached for her towel with one hand while holding the other out to Gwen. The singer immediately accepted it and rose up so she and Jennifer could head back to bed and start working up another sweat.

* * * * *

Of course morning fun was not just restricted to the mansion. A state full of Californians was up and greeting the day. The birds had been awake for hours and they happily greeted the late stirring humans with a symphony of harmonious chirps and Kirsten Dunst happily listened along as she prepared some breakfast.

The sound of the birds from the garden was always a lovely way to start off a day and Kirsten hummed along softly while slicing up some fruit. She had no way of following along so she mostly combined whatever music was stuck in her head with an improvised copying of her animal friends. It wasn’t a very organized tune she was humming under her breath but Kirsten was too happy to care. She was full of joy and it wasn’t the rapid approach of Christmas that was causing it.

Kirsten had never shied away from relationships before. In fact she had always been a little too quick to run headfirst into them with people who turned out to be wrong for her, but nothing had ever been as fulfilling as what she had now. She had a love that made her feel like she could do anything. It was a love that gave her strength and made her feel safe and it was a love that was growing each and every day.

She had never dreamed that anyone could make her this happy, especially another woman, but, as a pair of arms slowly encircled her waist from behind, Kirsten’s heart skipped a beat and her smile grew.

“Morning,” Eliza Dushku’s gently husky voice murmured into her ear.

“Morning,” Kirsten immediately replied, wanting so badly to turn around and plant a proper good morning kiss right on her beloved’s lips. But Eliza’s tight hug felt too good to break and Kirsten stayed as she was, pressed against the counter with Eliza behind her.

“You didn’t wake me up,” Eliza complained. “Were you just planning on letting me sleep away the morning?”

“You looked so cute sleeping that I didn’t want to disturb you,” Kirsten explained, taking the opportunity to grind her ass into Eliza, a gesture that got her wife moaning into her ear.

“Well I’m up now,” Eliza pointed out. “You got enough there to feed me too?”

Kirsten playfully picked up a piece of melon and reached around back to push it into Eliza’s mouth, where it was happily accepted and gulped down.

“Mmmm yummy…nice and sweet,” Eliza stated. “But that’s not the sweetest tasting thing that I see.”

Eliza then began kissing Kirsten’s neck, brushing her blonde hair out of the way and making the younger girl moan. Kirsten began grinding her shorts covered ass even harder into Eliza and she began to feel her nipples hardening under her t-shirt.

Kirsten had just thrown on some ratty old clothes after getting out of bed and she was already calculating how quickly she and Eliza could get her out of them. But Eliza actually had something on her mind that morning beyond sex and she brought it up even as she continued to inspire all kinds of lusts in Kirsten.

“So your mom is cool with us spending Christmas here?” Eliza asked. This had been the topic of much discussion lately and Eliza had been hoping to avoid the drama, especially since there had been some tension between her and Kirsten’s family.

“Well she wasn’t doing cartwheels about it,” Kirsten admitted. “But she’s ok with it. I told her I wanted to be here with you and it’s not like she could say anything about that. I did promise her we’d fly out for a visit in January though. I hope you don’t mind.”

“Nahhh…that’s cool,” Eliza purred into Kirsten’s ear as she felt her own pussy get wet under the boxers she slept in thanks to the blonde’s grinding. “Mmmm especially if we get a chance to crawl into your old bed again. Now that was a homecoming.”

Kirsten giggled and moaned at the memory. In many ways her mother still thought of her as the kid who had come out of nowhere to snag a highly sought after part in Interview With The Vampire. She had kept Kirsten’s old room in their house and, despite all her fame, she still felt like a kid again when she went home.

Going back to her childhood bedroom, with all the signs of a girl growing up still on display there, was always a bit of a fun head trip especially since the last time they had visited, she and Eliza had done some decidedly adult things while rolling around amongst her stuffed animals on her old bed.

“Mmmm only if you want me to act like your naughty little girl again and beg you to do dirty things to me in my bed,” Kirsten grinned.

“I always want that,” Eliza replied, giving Kirsten’s ear a little tug with her lips as she continued pressing into her beloved’s back. “And this time we can even do it without your mom almost catching us.”

“Gawwwwd don’t remind me,” Kirsten said, unable to keep from blushing and laughing as she thought back to how she and Eliza had hurriedly redressed after jumping out of bed from the sound of Kirsten’s mom coming up the stairs. They had managed to avoid being caught and her mom hadn’t said anything, but Kirsten knew she was very suspicious and probably had known something had been up.

“I guess it’s just one of the reasons she doesn’t like me,” Eliza said with a shrug while still keeping her arms wrapped around Kirsten’s waist.

“She does like you…it’s just…well it’s still an adjustment…” Kirsten defended her mother.

“I know. You don’t have to say anything more,” Eliza assured her. “Soon she’ll come around. After all…”

“I’m yours and you’re mine,” Kirsten said, finishing the sentence. Eliza had said it to her so many times and she never, ever tired of hearing it. Kirsten had always been a romantic and the words just made her melt as her ring finger unconsciously wiggled.

Their impetuous marriage in Jamaica hadn’t been something they had regretted the moment after or something they had pretended hadn’t happened. It wasn’t legal in California and neither of them was sure the ceremony was even legitimate due to the minister’s intoxication, but to Kirsten and Eliza’s minds they were married and nothing could ever change that.

They didn’t care who recognized it. All that mattered to them was that they did. They had returned home from the trip and had quickly gone out to buy each other rings to seal their devotion. Gold wedding bands would raise too many questions and, besides, what they had was definitely non traditional. So they had gone out and each picked out a special ring for the other and since then they had worn them every day as a sign of their matrimony.

While they hadn’t “gone public” or anything, Eliza and Kirsten had no intention of keeping their love or their marriage secret from the ones they cared about. That had meant coming out to their families and closest friends. Eliza’s family had always known deep down she was different so she supposed the revelation hadn’t surprised them at all, but Kirsten’s family had received the double shock that not only was she suddenly married, but a lesbian as well.

It had been a huge surprise to them and it had definitely caused some issues. Things were tense between Eliza and Kirsten’s mom and probably would be for some time. Eliza knew that the woman saw her as something of a predator moving in on her daughter and turning the innocent, virginal Kirsten Dunst into a dyke, but she didn’t care what she thought. The only one that truly mattered to Eliza was Kirsten.

To say that the girls were still in their honeymoon phase more than a year after their wedding was an understatement and the happiness they both felt didn’t look like it would be fading any time soon.

“I am yours,” Eliza agreed. “You’ve got me Kiki…my body…my heart…everything. Mmmmm I just love you so much Kiki. I love you more every day.”

Kirsten had heard that from her wife countless times and she’d said it back to her even more. She never wanted to stop hearing it and saying it and thinking about it. Declarations of love were so easy to take for granted and Kirsten appreciated each and every one of them from the woman she loved, especially since Eliza had never been one to give out her heart easily.

“Ahhhhhh what’s wrong with me,” Eliza jokingly groaned in frustration. “I never used to be this sappy. What have you done to me Kiki? You turned me into a fucking Hallmark card dripping with sugar.”

“You weren’t so sappy last night,” Kirsten quickly reminded Eliza, once again picking up the force of her grind. “Mmmmm you were nasty.”

“Yeah? Was I?” Eliza coyly replied. “I think my little Kiki likes it when big, bad Eliza gets nasty.”

“Mmmmm your little Kiki loves it,” Kirsten moaned as Eliza’s hands moved up from her waist to her tits, massaging them through her t-shirt.

“Does she?” Eliza played. “Did Kiki love it last night when I licked her cute asshole and spit in it?”

That got a long, sexy moan of approval from Kirsten and Eliza pressed on.

“And did Kiki like it when I used that strap on to fuck her ass hard, spanking her butt while I took her?” Eliza demanded.

“Yesssssssssss…” Kirsten hissed, Eliza’s fingers toying with her nipples, sending shivers of pleasure up her spine. “I loved it. So nasty. Mmmmmmm you fucked me so good last night Eliza. I wanted more. I wanted you to keep fucking me all night.”

“Does Kiki want more now?” Eliza asked, her hands moving away from Kirsten’s chest toward a much moister destination.

“Mmmmmmm always…” Kirsten answered before a glance at the clock set off a war inside her. She wanted Eliza to take her and fuck her. She wanted that ecstasy. Her body demanded it. But she had a meeting at her agent’s.

She wanted to blow it off. She wanted to flake on it. She just wanted to stay here with the woman she loved…hopefully with as little clothing on as possible. But she couldn’t. Deep down she knew that sex with her wife would have to wait.

“Oooooooh…mmmmmm Eliza yesss…touch me there,” Kirsten moaned, her mouth refusing to listen to common sense as Eliza gently rubbed her pussy through her shorts. “Ohhhhhhhh fuck…I don’t…don’t want you to…to stop…mmmmm but…meeting…soon…”

At the untimely intrusion of reality, Eliza sighed and pulled her hands away, leaving Kirsten groaning in frustration. Neither girl wanted to leave the other hanging, but they both knew the score. Some meetings couldn’t be blown off and Eliza wasn’t selfish enough to demand all of Kirsten’s attention.

“Spoilsport,” Eliza said, giving Kirsten a playful tongue razz.

“Well look at it this way,” Kirsten declared, trying to put a positive spin on things. “Now I owe you and when I get home you get to collect.”

Eliza liked the sound of that a lot and the smile on her face showed it.

“Well ok…but I still need a shower,” Eliza proposed. “How about you start making it up to me there?”

“Just lead the way,” Kirsten said, abandoning breakfast and letting Eliza take her hand to guide her away.

“Mmmm but whatever will I do with my Kiki gone all day?” Eliza teased as she led Kirsten upstairs. “Maybe I’ll just have to lie down in our big bed and think of naughty things to do to you when you get home. Mmmm I might even get out that vibrator I use when you leave me alone. Too bad you won’t be there to see it. I know you like watching me when I fuck myself.”

“Tease,” Kirsten giggled, giving Eliza a little push as they walked into the bedroom.

“Or maybe I’ll just go shopping today…” Eliza pressed on.

“Shopping? Ooooh what’cha gonna get Eliza?” Kirsten asked, suddenly very curious.

“I might be getting something you can’t know about until Christmas,” Eliza smirked, knowing Kirsten hated waiting for presents.

“Ahhhhhh don’t fucking do tease me like that! That’s even worse than making me think of you playing with yourself while I’m gone,” Kirsten playfully groaned. “And don’t go crazy getting me anything either, Eliza. I already have what I want most from you.”

Kirsten’s ring finger wiggled again and Eliza impetuously grabbed her wife’s hand to kiss her there. Kirsten moaned and inside worried a little. Eliza was always so good at giving gifts and Kirsten felt like she could never match up. Getting something amazing and not being able to give back something just as good always bothered her.

“Well I want something more from you Kiki,” Eliza declared before letting go of Kirsten’s hand to reach over for her shirt. Eliza yanked Kirsten’s shirt over her head, exposing her braless tits in all their pink glory.

“Mmmm and I want something too,” Kirsten shot back, reaching over for Eliza’s boxers and tugging them down, leaving her wife bottomless and showing off the already glistening lips of her pussy and the brown patch of fur that Kirsten always found so irresistibly sexy.

“Then lets get into that shower before your agent steals you away from me,” Eliza said, grabbing the blonde’s hand and leading her inside the bathroom as they lost the rest of their clothes on the way.

But as much as Kirsten was eager to indulge in a morning quickie with Eliza she also had something else on her mind. This year she wanted to get something special for Eliza. A kind of Christmas gift that she’d always remember. What that was Kirsten had no idea. But she was going to make sure she figured it out.

* * * * *

Back at the mansion, it wasn’t all naked fun and sex games. There was work to be done this morning and it had fallen to Alyssa Milano to take charge in the kitchen. With Love doing the decorating, Alyssa was happy to take command of the baking, even if it meant getting up far earlier than she normally ever would have if she could help it to work over a hot stove.

But baking was hardly a real chore and Alyssa was happy to do it. She loved working with her hands and it was always good to remind people here that she could do a lot more than lick and fuck them to tooth rattling orgasms. Alyssa didn’t have Christmas spirit on steroids flowing through her veins the way Love did, but she considered herself quite full of holiday cheer, especially since it was the perfect opportunity to help others.

The baking she had been doing that morning wasn’t just for consumption around the mansion, even though some of it was already settling into Alyssa’s tummy. She was also putting some of her favorite cookie recipes to use as part of a celebrity bake sale.

The thinking behind the sale was that people would be willing to buy overpriced, homemade cookies, brownies or lemon squares if they knew a famous person had baked them. Alyssa didn’t know how that was going to work in reality, but she was certainly more than willing to give it a try because the money the sale raised was going to be used to buy presents for the children of men and women away from their families for the holidays because they were stationed in Iraq or Afghanistan.

If it was for a good cause, Alyssa never had to be talked into giving her time and energy. It might have sounded corny, but Alyssa really felt blessed for all her success and she wanted to make sure she gave back whenever she could. She loved volunteering and being able to help people in need filled her with more pride than anything else she had ever done.

Of course as dedicated as Alyssa was, her two assistants in the kitchen that morning were not quite as committed and Alyssa shook her head in a mix of amusement and frustration when she again began to hear the wet little lip smacks and soft moans that had been tickling her ears all morning.

“Knock it off you two,” Alyssa said as she mixed together a new batch of dough for the gingerbread men she was getting ready to make. She didn’t even have to turn around to know what was going on behind her back and her words brought an immediate halt to the giggling and kissing between Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff.

“How did you know what we were doing?” Hilary asked in amazement at the apparent eyes in the back of Alyssa’s head.

“You think I don’t know the sounds of kissing when I hear it?” Alyssa answered, speaking with the authority of years of experience. “I was kissing girls before you two were even on the Disney Channel. So don’t act all innocent.”

It wasn’t as though Alyssa didn’t like the sound of the girls kissing. Hell she loved it. But she didn’t need these two little sluts acting as distractions. Unfortunately for Alyssa, distracting her was exactly what Lindsay and Hilary wanted to do.

“Well then you shouldn’t listen to us kiss,” Lindsay purred as she sidled up to Alyssa at the kitchen counter, her young and softly husky voice making Alyssa think only of how sexy that voice of hers sounded when she was coming. “We’d much rather you were joining in and kissing us too.”

Lindsay leaned up and in to press her lips to Alyssa’s and the older woman couldn’t help but give in to the young vixen. She let Lindsay push her mouth open and slide her tongue inside to explore the wet depths beyond her lips. Mmmm Lindsay was a hell of a kisser and Alyssa found her pussy stirring under her jeans just from the massaging touch of her young tongue as it reminded her of how good it always felt buried inside her.

But the smell of the cookies baking in the oven quickly snapped her out of the lust trance Lindsay was putting her in. Coming back to her senses, Alyssa gave Lindsay a gentle push away from her, breaking the kiss.

“Stop,” Alyssa said, even though she was clearly wishing she didn’t have to put a halt to things. “I don’t want these to burn. Now you two have to behave this morning. Can’t you two keep your pants on for just a few hours? If you two are going to be here then you have to help.”

“Awww we’ve been helping all morning,” Hilary pouted. “Now we want to play. C’mon Lyssa. You know you want to play too. Mmmm you don’t really want us to keep our pants on. I think you’d like it much more if we took our pants off and let you spank us for being such naughty girls.”

Alyssa couldn’t help but smile from such a tempting offer. Damn that sounded good. It had been a whole morning without her getting her fuck on, after all, and for someone like Alyssa that felt like forever. But there was too much left to do.

“We can play later,” Alyssa said firmly.

“No, let’s play now,” Lindsay pressed on, unwilling to take no for answer. “Play with us Lyssa. You’ve been working all morning. You deserve a break. You’ve made enough cookies to feed the whole Army now. Let’s get naked and have some real fun. The cookies will still be there when we’re finished. Mmmm and Hilary and I can be such better helpers if you’ve made our naughty little pussies come first.”

Alyssa knew the newly brunette temptress had a point, but she wasn’t quite ready to grant her that. She’d been hard at work for hours now and had made a whole lot of cookies. A break did sound pretty good at that point.

Alyssa had been with both Lindsay and Hilary many times and she knew full well that even though neither of them was old enough to buy beer, they still knew exactly how to make her pussy quiver and cream. They were both more than skilled at the art of girl love and Alyssa really did want nothing more than to take a break so their sexy tongues could work her over.

But Alyssa wanted to get more done before she started concentrating on her own need. So, as much as she was being tempted by the two horny girls sharing the kitchen with her, she still said no.

“You two behave,” Alyssa said, shaking her baking spoon at them. “If you’re good girls and focus I’ll let you two lick the spoon. Mmmmm and maybe lick something else too.”

Hilary and Lindsay both giggled at the sound of that offer but their eager eyes showed they still had no patience for waiting even a second longer for some fun.

“Now are you two going to be good and help me?” Alyssa asked, getting little naughty smirks and head nods from the two girls. She didn’t believe them for a second, but it was better than nothing at all she supposed.

“Go put on some aprons then,” Alyssa said. “I left some slung over the chairs at the table. I don’t want you two whining about how you got flour on your clothes.”

Lindsay’s eyes darted back and forth from the table where the aprons were hung in waiting and to Alyssa turning around to get back to mixing. Alyssa’s jeans hugged her hot ass so nicely and even with plates full of delicious cookies around, the only sweet snack Lindsay wanted was under that skin tight blue denim. Suddenly an idea hatched in her head and it was too perfect to even think about resisting.

Grabbing Hilary, Lindsay whispered into the teenager’s eager ear, immediately getting a smile and a nod of acceptance from her partner in crime.

“Sure Lyssa,” Lindsay said, taking Hilary by the hand. “We’ll go and get those aprons on and be right back.”

“Fine…fine…” Alyssa replied. If she had been paying more attention she probably would have wondered why they had to leave the room to put aprons on, but the oven timer went off and Alyssa found herself distracted.

Giggling naughtily all the while, Lindsay and Hilary grabbed the aprons and left the kitchen, out of Alyssa’s sight for the moment. Alyssa paid them no mind and instead pulled her finished batch of cookies out of the oven, getting them off the cookie tray so they could cool.

With that batch done, Alyssa focused once more on stirring the dough together, checking the recipe once more to make sure she didn’t put in too much sugar. She didn’t want to make these too sweet.

Alyssa was so preoccupied with getting the recipe right that she didn’t even notice that Lindsay and Hilary had returned, still giggling like they were getting away with something bad.

“We put our aprons on,” Hilary announced.

“Super, I’ll alert the tabloids,” Alyssa said with a roll of her eyes as she stirred in the sugar and vanilla extract.

“Don’t you want to turn around and check on us?” Lindsay asked, still giggling.

Alyssa sighed and put the bowl down. There was no reason for Lindsay to ask that if she wasn’t eager to show off something she and Hilary had done and Alyssa knew that meant there was no way these two were going to be anything but a distraction. But you couldn’t fight your fate and if these two sluts were hell bent on fucking her, then Alyssa realized she didn’t have any real reason or desire to stop them.

The older brunette turned around and shook her head at the handiwork of the two girls. Oh they’d done exactly what she’d said, all right. Lindsay and Hilary had obeyed her right to the letter. They’d gone and put their aprons on. Unfortunately they were no longer wearing anything else but the aprons.

Gone were the jeans and t-shirts which had previously covered the two girls and now Lindsay and Hilary stood before Alyssa, eager for inspection, in two frilly pink and white kitchen aprons over their other otherwise completely naked bodies.

“You little whores,” Alyssa said, still shaking her head as a smile cracked her lips and soon stretched from ear to ear.

“Don’t you like what you see?” Hilary asked with a smile. “We just did what you told us, Lyssa. We put our aprons on. Now we want to help you. We want to help you with that wet pussy of yours. Mmmm it’s gotta be so hot under your jeans. Why don’t you let us play with it for a while?”

“What makes you think I’m getting wet for you two?” Alyssa challenged even as she felt her panties get damp watching the two barely dressed vixens sauntering right toward her, their tits peeking out of the sides of their aprons and their pussies barely covered.

“Because you know we’re yummier than any dumb cookies,” Lindsay replied confidently. “Don’t you want to taste us Lyssa? Mmmm don’t you want to taste our sweet, sugary little pussies? Or maybe you’d rather just punish us for being naughty. Would you like that Lyssa? Is that what you want for Christmas? For us to bend over so you can spank our naughty asses all nice and pink and then finger our tight fucking cunts so you feel how wet and hot we are for you and how much we love it when you treat us like wicked little whores?”

Dirty talk always sounded so good spilling out of Lindsay’s mouth and Alyssa couldn’t help but melt with desire at how both her and Hilary’s young eyes lit up at the prospect of being punished. Alyssa’s nipples tightened under her shirt and started some major poking as she pictured grabbing both of these young girls by their dark hair and making them moan and beg to be spanked and fucked.

Hilary and Lindsay were always such eager little whores, always ready to play whatever wicked games she and her housemates had in mind for them. Alyssa loved having fun with them. Hilary was always desperate to show off she wasn’t a good girl and how much she loved acting like a sexy whore for girls while Lindsay seemed hell bent on proving that the tabloids had no idea what a wild little slut she could truly be. The girls were up for anything and it was impossible to resist them.

And as they got face to face with her, Alyssa no longer had any intentions of offering up resistance. Instead she reached out to Hilary and yanked her forward, planting a searing hot kiss on her teenaged lips. Hilary let out a happy yelp as she was grabbed and was immediately moaning into Alyssa’s mouth.

This was what she wanted…this was what she was always desperate for. Ever since her first trip here, when Christina and Alyssa and everyone had ganged up on her and turned her from a shy little scared girl to a hot blooded slut begging them to take her cherries, Hilary hadn’t been able to get enough of girl sex. Her pussy was soaked for it all day and all night and being at the mansion was her release. Here she could let her desires run free and let her beautiful girlfriends take her and fuck her over and over again.

It was getting harder and harder for her to sneak out of the house. Hilary had found herself telling her mother some wild stories about where she was going, but it was worth every lie. She didn’t care how she got here. Hilary just cared that she was here, in her lesbian paradise where she could be with Lindsay and they could both be treated like the nasty, dirty little whores they ached to be.

Hilary’s moans were strong and happy as Alyssa kissed her, giving the teen her tongue, which was eagerly accepted and sucked upon. Alyssa reached up and began caressing Hilary’s firm tits through the apron, running her fingers over the exposed sides and under the material to tease her already hard nipples.

Hilary’s hands were soon on the back of Alyssa’s head before moving down to her shoulders and then her back to hold her to her lips. Hilary never wanted these kisses to end. Alyssa was so good at it and the feel of her wet, sexy tongue in her mouth was making pussy juice drip down her leg.

But all this attention on Hilary was leaving one girl neglected and that was never something Lindsay enjoyed. As hot as it was to see Hilary and Alyssa passionately tongue kiss, Lindsay needed some attention too and, since she was very much accustomed to having her needs catered to, she hated having to wait for her turn at Alyssa’s lips.

Alyssa could hear Lindsay’s soft, pleading moans as she tried to push herself into the kiss and she relished it. She loved being able to make the brunette party girl wait for it and suffer. After all, Lindsay had been the ringleader of this little temptation away from her work and Alyssa didn’t miss the chance to remind the girl that as hot and sexy as she was, she didn’t call the shots around here.

Besides, Alyssa knew from experience that the more Lindsay had to wait, the hotter she was going to be when she finally joined in.

So instead of paying attention for Lindsay as she whined for attention like a puppy and tried to get in on the kiss, Alyssa kept entirely focused on Hilary. She moved her hands up to caress the teenager’s beautiful, soft face, keeping their kiss a two-girl mix and not allowing Lindsay to slide her tongue in.

That got more moaning from Hilary, especially when Alyssa pulled her own tongue back and returned the favor to Hilary by sucking her young tongue into her mouth. While letting Hilary’s tongue explore her mouth, Alyssa moved her hands off her face and down to an even hotter set of cheeks.

Hilary’s apron left her ass exposed to one and all from behind and Alyssa took advantage by wrapping her arms around her waist and squeezing it, caressing her bare bottom slowly at first and then gripping onto it, making Hilary writhe in her arms.

Hilary’s moans increased and her tongue pulled back, only to shoot right back into Alyssa’s mouth so she could rub it up against the older actress’ tongue. Hilary’s nipples were so hard they looked like they were about to cut through the apron and Lindsay couldn’t stand it one more second.

“Please…” Lindsay softly moaned.

“Please what Lindsay?” Alyssa teased, pushing Hilary away for a moment before planting another searing kiss on the teen’s eager lips.

“Please…kiss me…” Lindsay desperately pleaded. “Touch me Lyssa. Touch my slutty body and make me feel good! Please Lyssa! I’ll do anything if you just kiss and touch me! I need it! Please don’t make me just watch!”

Lindsay knew what Alyssa was doing, punishing her for tempting her by only playing with Hilary, but she didn’t care. She was only too happy to give up all control of her own body to the sexy girls in Malibu at any time. When she was here, all Lindsay wanted to do was surrender…surrender to her raging desires and lose each and every one of her inhibitions. She just wanted to be kissed and touched and she didn’t care where or how. If it was a gentle caress or a hard spanking it all felt good to Lindsay. Everything here felt good.

“Please,” Lindsay continued to beg. “Kiss me Alyssa. Kiss me like you’re kissing Hilary. Please. Please. Ohhhh please Alyssa.”

Hearing Lindsay Lohan beg for her kiss was getting Alyssa even wetter and she took mercy on the girl. Pulling herself slowly away from Hilary and allowing the teenager to catch her breath in the process, Alyssa moved her lips to Lindsay’s.

Alyssa pressed her right hand to the side of Lindsay’s face, caressing her soft, beautiful cheek as their lips fused. Lindsay was starving for a kiss and Alyssa gave her plenty to feed upon, pushing open her young lips and sliding her tongue inside, just like she’d done to Hilary.

Lindsay groaned deliriously as she sucked on Alyssa’s tongue, welcoming it back into her mouth like a long lost lover returning home. Lindsay knew she wouldn’t be truly satisfied until Alyssa’s tongue was pushing into her pussy and not her mouth, but this would certainly do for now. Lindsay had always loved kissing and kissing boys was nothing compared to the tenderness and heat that came from another woman.

Now it was Hilary’s turn to watch and she was much more patient than her friend had been. She smiled gleefully as she still sought to catch her breath from Alyssa’s kiss. Her firm chest was heaving under her apron but she barely noticed her own shallow breathing. Hilary was enraptured by the sight of Alyssa and Lindsay making out, their gorgeous, sexy faces pressed together. She wanted them both so bad. God, she wanted every hot girl in the mansion and beyond.

Hilary knew she could never get enough of other girls…their kissing, their touching, their licking…and she never wanted that to change. She never wanted to get enough. She just wanted to keep fucking every hot girl she saw forever.

As Alyssa and Lindsay continued to kiss, trading tongue massages back and forth as they moaned, Hilary touched herself through her apron. Mmmm Alyssa’s hands had felt so good on her tits and she tried to duplicate that on herself, sliding a hand up under the side of the apron to caress the naked flesh underneath.

Hilary groaned as she rubbed her thumb over her swollen pink nipple, loving how the full tip throbbed under her touch. But that was nothing compared to the ecstatic gasp that shot out of her lips when she lifted up her apron with her other hand and pushed two of her fingers into her waiting cunt.

Alyssa’s eyes naturally shifted over to see what Hilary was up to and her smile beamed when she saw the teen touching herself. Mmmm she’d get to Hilary again in just a minute. She loved looking at not so sweet and innocent Hilary Duff fingering herself but Alyssa didn’t want her wasting those juices on her own fingers when her tongue was a much better place for them.

But first Alyssa wasn’t quite done having her way with Lindsay yet. As always, Lindsay’s tits demanded attention and Alyssa was happy to grant it, squeezing her fleshy mounds through the apron and making the young brunette moan in rapture.

“Gawwwwwwwwwd mmmmmmm yesssssss Lyssa fucking play with my tits,” Lindsay groaned. “Please baby…ooooooh fuck you know what I love Alyssa! You know it gets me so fucking wet when you play with my tits! Squeeze them and make my nipples so fucking hard I’ll feel like they’re gonna burst! Mmmm please lick them too! Ugghhhh I can come just from you girls sucking and licking on my titties!”

Alyssa knew that full well. She’d been the lucky girl one night to spend so much time nursing on Lindsay’s soft, full tits, licking her nipples to make them throb and then wrapping her practiced lips around them, that the girl had creamed her pussy without any other stimulation. Mmmm that had been hot. Being able to make a girl like Lindsay come without even getting a finger on her pussy was a feather in Alyssa’s cap that she wore proudly.

Silencing Lindsay’s moaning lips with another kiss; Alyssa continued to squeeze her tits through the apron. Her flesh was radiating heat by now and Alyssa could feel it through the thin material. Being the proud owner of a lovely set of her own, Alyssa knew exactly how much fun tits could be and she gave Lindsay exactly what she was wanting. She caressed and squeezed the girl’s breasts with enough force to cause an intense rush of pleasure but not enough to hurt or anything.

Lindsay thanked her for this with loud, happy moans and enthusiastic kisses. When she wasn’t kissing Alyssa, Lindsay was pressing her lips to her lover’s face and down her neck, showering her with lustful worship. Lindsay was crazy with lust for Alyssa. She always was. Mmmm she was crazy for all the girls there, especially the one standing next to her touching herself and Lindsay wanted to make sure her friend got in on the fun.

Without saying a word, but smiling invitingly the whole time, Lindsay grabbed Hilary’s hand, pulled her in and got what she’d wanted since they had come across Alyssa working in the kitchen…a three way kiss. Alyssa, Lindsay and Hilary all pressed their lips together, rubbing tongues and faces and moaning all the while as they kissed and caressed each other.

Wet tongues slid together and pursed, soft lips rubbed just right as the kisses deepened and got more passionate with every second. Alyssa was backed right into the counter now by the two barely clad vixens but she didn’t care where she was and what was pressing into her back as long as she was being kissed like this.

The three girls shared tongues and saliva as they kissed back and forth, two or three at a time. Soon they had all completely lost track of whose tongue was in whose mouth and that was just how they wanted it.

They were all lost in their lust, their senses overwhelmed by the desire they felt for each other’s bodies, but the three of them weren’t so far gone that they didn’t forget one very basic fact. If this was going to go any further, then Alyssa was going to have to start losing some clothing…and fast.

Hilary was the first one to get proactive in that area, pausing once again to catch her breath after her lovers had taken it away. She paused for a brief moment to watch again the glorious sight of Lindsay and Alyssa tongue kissing before she set to making sure her gorgeous friend was naked and ready for them.

After all she’d done here, Hilary never had to be talked into falling to her knees and she did it without even asking, pressing her bare legs down onto the slightly cold kitchen floor to get at Alyssa’s jeans. The tight blue denim taunted her because it looked so good on Alyssa’s body, but still prevented her from getting at what she really wanted.

Fortunately that was easily rectified when Hilary popped open the button to Alyssa’s jeans and began tugging them down. They were so tight that Hilary had to struggle a little bit to get them down Alyssa’s gorgeous legs, but it was totally worth it, not only to see the soft, pink flesh of Alyssa’s legs, but the black thong that clung to her body, providing only a thin barrier between Hilary and the slice of absolute lesbian heaven she knew was underneath.

By now Lindsay had gotten involved too. She had been perfectly content to just stand there and let Alyssa kiss her for hours on end, but Lindsay also was wise in the ways of the mansion by now and she knew you had to work for your pleasure. So she paused in between kisses to lift Alyssa’s shirt over her head.

Alyssa helpfully lifted her arms to make it easy for Lindsay, but once it was off a slight disappointed frown flashed over the girl’s face.

“Awww a bra?” Lindsay pouted. She had been hoping Alyssa was topless underneath. To her eyes, one of the sexiest sights imaginable was pulling clothes off a beautiful woman to find nothing but bare flesh underneath. A body as scorching as Alyssa’s was only hindered by the presence of a bra and panties.

“God, can’t a girl ever wear any fucking underwear around here?” Alyssa laughed.

She’d put a bra and panties on that morning because she’d been planning on going out to bring her cookies to the sale and take care of some other charity commitments she’d made. As much fun as Alyssa had roaming around in the nude, and she loved it beyond mere words, she knew what she didn’t wear around the mansion wasn’t quite appropriate for public consumption. That meant putting on a bra and panties when she went out, especially when she went out to a charity event.

But since she wasn’t going to be going out for a little while longer now, Alyssa knew there was no sense keeping her underwear on. Plus she did love giving her lovers a show of what she had and how good it looked.

“There. Happy?” Alyssa asked after she reached around her back and, in a flash as simple as snapping her fingers, undid her black bra clasp and let the garment drop to the floor, exposing her naked tits.

“Mmmmm ecstatic,” Lindsay giggled before leaning down to feast on the succulent breast flesh before her. She cupped Alyssa’s tits in her hands and pushed them into her mouth, one at a time, so she could suck on them and run her saliva dripping tongue all over.

“Oooooh,” Alyssa cooed as her fingers played with Lindsay’s soft, dark hair. “Mmmmm naughty girl. Suck on those tits baby! I wanna feel you suck and lick all over my hot fucking tits, Lindsay. Mmmm you’re such a little naughty slut for distracting me like this, so you’d better make it worth my while. Work your hot whore mouth all over my big, sexy tits!”

That was exactly what Lindsay was going to do and she relished her job. As much as she loved having her own breasts played with, Lindsay was equally into returning the favor. Sometimes she felt like a total guy for how crazy a great pair of tits made her, but they always felt so good under her hands and in her mouth. And Alyssa had such amazing tits. She always loved playing with them and she wasn’t rough in her touch, as the older actress had been with her.

Instead Lindsay caressed Alyssa’s naked tits and worshipfully licked at them, running her tongue over every exposed, tanned inch and letting her saliva drip down into Alyssa’s cleavage while she rubbed the two generous mounds together, creating a wet friction that sent pleasure flowing through her body. This had Alyssa loudly moaning and Lindsay happily slurping away as she brought her tongue back into her mouth and resumed wetly sucking on her lover’s swelling pink nipples.

Alyssa’s moans weren’t just focused on Lindsay, however. As good as the girl’s horny, eager mouth felt on her breasts, Alyssa couldn’t help but find her attention focused on Hilary pulling her panties down, leaving a trail of wetness down her leg that left her shivering in pleasure.

“Mmmmm yummy,” Hilary squealed in delight at the sight of Alyssa’s baby smooth, glistening slit. “You’re so wet Lyssa. Mmmm and I wanna make you even wetter! I wanna make you wetter until you come all over my slutty little face!”

Soaking Hilary’s pretty teenaged face in girl juice sounded mighty good to Alyssa right then and it was so tempting just to stand there and let these two work her over. After all they had distracted her. It was only fair that she have her fun and have the two of them wait. But ultimately Alyssa wanted to play around a bit more before she got her rocks off. She was pretty hungry herself right then and it wasn’t for any cookies.

Hilary had left Alyssa’s black panties around her feet and she easily stepped out of them and her jeans, leaving herself nude except for the pink socks covering her feet. All the good spots were exposed and that was what Alyssa cared about. Now she wanted to see more of these wicked temptresses. Those damn aprons were blocking too much.

“Your turn,” Alyssa declared simply, pulling Hilary up off her knees. Before Hilary could say a word, Alyssa picked her up and set her down on the kitchen counter next to the mess of bowls, spoons and assorted cookie preparations tools.

Hilary was light enough for Alyssa to do this with ease and she happily giggled all the way up, her bare ass pressing down on the cool counter and making a little yip fly out of her mouth. This was a surprise, but a very good one for Hilary. She’d been eager and ready to go down on Alyssa, but if the girl insisted on her having her turn first, the last thing she was going to do was fight her off.

Hilary just lay back on the counter and moaned as Alyssa flipped up her apron to expose the shiny lips of her dripping teen pussy. Alyssa didn’t intend to just stare, though, and her tongue eagerly got to work, lapping at her tender, pink lips and sending Hilary into tremors of pleasure.

“Ooooooh oooooooooooh oooooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhh ohhhh Alysaaaaaaaaaa!” Hilary cooed in rapture as her legs wiggled and her ass ground into the hard counter. “Yessssssss lick me! Mmmmmmmmmm lick meeeeeeeee! Ooooooh lick my slutty fucking pussy and make me come! Ooooooh make me come like you always do! I’ve been wanting this alllllllllll morning! Mmmmmm please don’t stop Alyssa! Ohhhhh you’re so good at this! Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhh pleaseeeeeeee don’t stop!!!”

Stopping was the furthest thing from Alyssa’s mind as she bent over, pushing her bare ass out, and fed off Hilary’s juice drooling pussy. Mmmm this was her favorite kind of breakfast after all. Nothing picked her up in the morning like a hot, creamy pussy and Hilary had plenty to feed her. She licked at the girl’s cunt lips, slurping up her juice and then dove in, parting her open with her fingers to start tongue fucking her to heights of ecstasy.


Hilary’s dirty talk was the gospel truth from her lips. She loved this more than anything. Nothing she had ever done in her life had ever duplicated the ecstasy of having a beautiful woman eat her out and she doubted anything ever would.

She loved all aspects of sex with girls. She loved kissing and touching and getting naked. She loved getting her ass licked and getting her holes fingered and then taken with thick, hard toys, but nothing ever made her fly as high as getting eaten and Alyssa was totally amazing at it. She had such a hot tongue and feeling her incredible lips on her clit was such a rush every time it happened.

The compliments were nothing new to Alyssa. She’d heard them from Hilary many times before and from women of all ages, skin colors and cup sizes. But Alyssa never took them for granted. She’d worked long and hard to be as good at giving head as she was and she was going to make damn sure her reputation was always intact for giving mind blowing orgasms.

Alyssa burrowed her tongue inside Hilary, teasing her clitoris as she licked around her juicy, pink folds. God, this girl was totally hot for it today. Hilary was practically flooding her mouth with girl juice and she wasn’t even coming yet. Alyssa supposed that everyone having to act good around the holidays just put them into naughtier moods because Hilary seemed ready to soak her face after just a few licks.

By concentrating on Hilary’s gushing, young pussy, Alyssa had allowed herself to forget momentarily about Lindsay, but the foxy brunette had no intention of allowing that to stand. With Alyssa’s bare ass sticking out and wiggling so enticingly as she fed off Hilary, how could Lindsay ignore it?

Still clad in her apron and nothing else, Lindsay moved around to Alyssa’s backside. Mmmmm everything about the veteran actress was gorgeous, but Lindsay had always gone crazy for her ass. Everyone stared at Alyssa’s tits, and for good reason, but Lindsay definitely hungered for the tanned flesh of Alyssa’s perfectly toned ass.

The last time they had sunbathed nude by the pool, Lindsay had been lucky enough to be asked to rub oil all over it. Having her hands all over that amazing butt had made Lindsay so wet she had nearly had to finger herself while doing it and her ecstasy later in the shower when Alyssa had let her rub her ass again and then lick and finger her hole had been absolutely intense.

Coming up behind Alyssa, Lindsay let her hands caress her friend’s gorgeous cheeks, gently rubbing the naked flesh she lusted after. God, she was so fucking wet now. Lindsay’s pussy ached with desire, juice running from her lips and down her thigh and leg. Mmmm her pussy was like a waterfall of lust and she wasn’t even touching herself. It was an amazing feeling and it was what this place always did to her.

Lindsay felt such incredible pressure all the time. Photographers were always following her. The press never took its eye off her for a second, running false stories about her when she failed to give them real news. She tried to shut it out, but seeing her name smeared and belittled all the time made her cry sometimes. She felt so alone during those times…like no one understood her or could help her. Her mother certainly couldn’t. She was too wrapped up with everything else to understand what it was like to be dragged through the mud every day…to have photographers constantly pushing their cameras under your dress to see if you had panties on and having tabloids make up lies about her overdosing on drugs.

Lindsay felt like her mother could never truly understand how hard things were for her when all she wanted was to have a good time and people wanted to crucify her for it. And she knew her mother could never understand how the only true release Lindsay got from all that pressure was to be with her girlfriends.

Hilary understood her. She understood the pressure. Lindsay felt closer and closer to her one-time archenemy every day. Hilary got her. She understood the lusts she felt inside her and how to turn those lusts into ecstasy. Lindsay craved her friend for sex and also for friendship. No one comforted her as much as Hilary could. Her mother never could give her what Hilary did.

After all it was Hilary who had first brought her here to Malibu and the escape it offered. Whenever she came here, Lindsay had to act like James Bond to try and escape the photographers who relentlessly tailed her, but it was always worth it.

Once she was here she was free. She was free of her pursuers and those who hated on her. She could be whatever she wanted and when she was here Lindsay wanted to be nothing more than an uninhibited slut craving only endless pleasure. She wanted to surrender to her lust and her cravings and feel nothing but ecstasy.

This place was freedom to her and Lindsay never could thank her friends enough for creating all this and letting her indulge in it. And thanking Alyssa was just what Lindsay was doing as she sank to her knees behind her and started dragging her tongue up over her ass, licking the gorgeous flesh and making herself even wetter in the process.

All the girls in Malibu were so fucking beautiful that Lindsay could easily have spent all her days and nights licking every inch of them and she’d have been happy to do it too. She kept her hands on Alyssa’s toned cheeks, caressing them softly as her lips got to work, kissing all over the woman’s bare ass, making sure she knew how hot she was for her as her mouth moved closer and closer to Alyssa’s pussy.

It was a message that Alyssa got loud and clear and, as much as she wanted it, she also quickly put a stop to it. Alyssa had felt Lindsay’s tongue on her cunt many, many times and she knew the girl was getting better with every licking she gave. Alyssa wanted to concentrate on Hilary now and if Lindsay started tonguing her Alyssa knew that would have been impossible. Besides, Alyssa knew her own orgasm would be sweeter if she had a tummy full of young slut cream first.

“Mmmm not yet baby, not yet,” Alyssa declared as she pulled her face up briefly from Hilary’s pussy, letting Lindsay see how shiny her lips and chin were with her best friend’s juices. “Get up here first. Help me make this hot little slut feel good.”

Lindsay was surprised at first that Alyssa didn’t want her to go down on her and she naturally assumed she’d done something wrong. But that feeling lasted but a brief second because Alyssa’s Duff-coated smile was so warm and reassuring. Getting up off her knees, Lindsay quickly made her way back toward the counter where the former Disney Channel superstar lay writhing in a very family-inappropriate way.

“Mmmmmmmmm oooooooooooh fuck me Alyssa!!! Mmmmmm pleaseeeeeee don’t stop!” Hilary begged in a tone that was all Spice Channel. “I need this! I fucking need to come sooooooooo bad!!! Eat me please! Eat my wet cunt! You like that Lyssa? You like when I talk nasty? Ohhhhhhhh I know you dooooo!! I know you love it when Lizzie McGuire tells you all to fuck her cunt and what a slut she is and how she needs to get her hot pussy fucked like a goddamn whore! Mmmmmmmmm I fucking love it tooooo!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I looooooooove being nasty and slutty for all of you! Ughhhhhhh you fucking made me this way! You turned me from a good girl into a nasty pussy licking bitch slut who talks dirty and fucks other girls! GAWWWWWWD THAT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOOD!!! OOOOOOOOOH LICK MY FUCKING PUSSY LYSAAAAAAA!!! AHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHH TONGUE MY CUNT!!! TONGUE MY BAD GIRL CUNT!!!”

Hearing her friend scream out her passion like that wasn’t doing anything to stop the wetness dripping down Lindsay’s leg. God, it was so hot to see Hilary act and talk like that. She loved it when it happened to her too. It was so much fun to lose all control and give into lust so much that you did things that would make porn stars blush. To always see such beautiful and famous girls act like wanton sluts made Lindsay crazy with horniness, especially since she wanted to be the biggest, baddest slut of them all.

While Alyssa licked away at Hilary’s pussy, sucking on the teen’s splayed lips when she wasn’t thrusting her tongue inside to lap at her clit, Lindsay did as she was told and set to adding to her friend’s pleasure. Hilary’s tits were still imprisoned under her apron and Lindsay knew she wouldn’t have been a real friend if she had done nothing about that.

Lindsay leaned down and kissed Hilary passionately, letting her dirty talk flow right into her open mouth as their tongues rubbed together and their eyes closed in passion. The two one time rivals could never get enough of kissing and touching each other and their lip locks never lacked for heat.

But kissing wasn’t the only thing that Lindsay wanted to do to her friend. While they massaged each other’s tongues, Lindsay reached under Hilary’s back to get at the knot in her apron. Lindsay had been the one to tie the knot before after she and Hilary had hurriedly stripped outside the kitchen and now she completed the circle by undoing it. Once that was done, the rest was easy and Lindsay yanked the apron away to leave her friend nude and her beautiful pink tits fully exposed.

“Mmmmm yessssss make me naked Linds,” Hilary moaned, her eyes still closed as her head slowly rolled back and forth in rapture on the hard counter. “Get at my tits! Ooooh they’re yours to play with Lindsay. My whole body is yours! Yours and Lyssa’s!”

Lindsay adored playing with every inch of Hilary’s sexy, teen body and she didn’t waste a second before going for her friend’s breasts. Just like she’d done to Alyssa, Lindsay caressed and licked Hilary’s tits, tonguing them and spitting into her cleavage before getting her hands to work, squeezing the sexy mounds so each breast rubbed into the other. Lindsay knew Hilary got so wet when her tits got wet and rubbed together, and she added to it by tonguing Hilary’s nipples at the same time.

“Ooooooooooooh!!!” Hilary squealed, her body thrusting forward and fucking Alyssa’s face and probing tongue as Lindsay pleasured her breasts. “Mmmmmm ohhhhh fuck Linds! Mmmmm you always make my titties feel sooooooooo gooooooood! Ughhhhh I love it when you play with my tits baby! Oooooooooh I lie in bed at night when I’m at home dreaming of you playing with my tits and getting my pussy so fucking wet!”

Having Lindsay at her tits just made Hilary’s pussy wetter and Alyssa reaped the benefit of having more yummy girl juice to lick at. Cookies and charity work was the furthest thing from Alyssa’s mind as she fed off the wet and wanton teenager. The only time she paused in her licking was either to gulp in breath or to stare at the lewd and wondrous sight of Hilary Duff’s spread, pink pussy.

It was so wild to think that no one had this but them. No boy had ever gotten at this pussy. It was for girls only and to have a formerly sweet, innocent mommy’s girl like Hilary begging to be made into their whore was a mind boggling testament to the powers of girl sex.

But Alyssa didn’t dwell on that too long. She could ponder the celebrity sex universe later. There was licking to do now and she didn’t allow her tongue to rest for long. Hilary tasted absolutely delicious and Alyssa couldn’t help but think her pussy had to be sweeter than any of the sugar she’d been baking with that morning.

Alyssa’s tongue was in heaven as it licked at Hilary’s tight slit, pushing inside to get her juice and fuck itself against her clit. There really was no better kind of breakfast and, as she stared up from between Hilary’s legs, Alyssa saw she was no longer the only one there enjoying a meal.

Alyssa observed that Lindsay had pulled away from Hilary’s tits and had reached around back for the knot holding her own apron together. As soon as the knot was gone, Lindsay made sure her apron was puddle around her feet and her wetness was pressed to Hilary’s pussy starved face.

With Hilary lying across the counter flat on her back, her legs were slung over one end and her head was leaning over the edge of the other. That made it easy for her to just stick her tongue out and start licking when Lindsay went up to her and started humping against her face. Alyssa knew from experience it wasn’t the most comfortable position in the world, but it was well worth a slightly sore neck to get some pussy.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!!!” Lindsay groaned, thrusting her pussy against Hilary’s waiting face as she grabbed onto her friend’s bare shoulders for support. “Fuck me Hil! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh work that nasty, slutty tongue into my pussy like the fucking cum starved bitch you are baby! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh I’m a fucking slutty bitch too Hil! Oooooooooooh you always make me so fucking horny with that nasty tongue of yours! That’s it baby! Show me you’re not a good girl! Show me you’re a horny, fucking bitch like me! Fucking lick that pussy you helped make so wet!”

Hilary moaned loudly that she wasn’t a fucking good girl. She was a filthy slut who loved eating pussy and loved fucking girls. Of course none of those words were anything more than hard to understand mumbles because of Lindsay fucking her face. But when words couldn’t make her meaning clear, Hilary made sure her tongue did. She licked her friend faster, lashing at Lindsay’s pussy with hard, full tongue strokes that lapped up her juice and drove her wild.

“Ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh mmmm Hilaryyyyyyyyy!!!” Lindsay passionately cried. “Gimmie your tongue! Oooooh fuck I can’t get enough of you Hil! Mmmmmmm my fucking cunt is so greedy for your tongue! Give it what it wants! Tongue me baby! Oooooooooh you’re not a good girl Hil! You’re nasty and slutty and so fucking hot!”

A smile of triumph curled on Hilary’s lips as she continued licking. If she had been able to speak she probably would have added a firm “Damn right” to Lindsay’s words, but since she couldn’t she simply continued to lick. She always loved to taste Lindsay’s wet, smooth pussy…so tight and yummy…and she relished having the chance to lick her to orgasm.

Lindsay’s furious cries of pleasure continued to spill out of her lips and her hands moved off of Hilary’s shoulders to grab at her tits. Being able to stand above her like this had given Lindsay too good a view of Hilary’s firm tits bouncing for her to just gawk and do nothing. She had to get those puppies in her hands and she grabbed at them, massaging them again with loving force as Hilary continued to tongue fuck her.

This was a much appreciated gesture and Hilary rewarded her friend by getting her hands to work as well. They had just been gripping the counter top, more as a reflex to the ecstasy shooting through her veins than from any fear of actually falling off onto the floor, but Hilary knew there was something much softer for her to grab at. With a pussy muffled laugh and moan, Hilary reached up and around Lindsay to squeeze her bare ass cheeks and draw her even closer to her face.

“Yeahhhhhhh ohhhhh fuck yeahhhhhh! Squeeze my ass baby!” Lindsay moaned, her eyes rolling back a little as the sensation of Hilary’s nails on her cheeks traveled up her spine to her already overheating brain. “Mmmmm gawwwwwwd you always make me feel soooo good! You know just what I want Hil! Mmmm grip my ass tight! Make me fucking feel it!”

Alyssa actually felt a little jealous that Hilary was the one feasting on Lindsay. She had no idea where these pangs had come from or why. Playtime at the mansion was more often than not a tangle of girls, and one of the first lessons you learned here was that you couldn’t be everywhere and taste everyone all at once. Plus Alyssa already had herself a sweet pussy to enjoy. What more did she need?

But that logic didn’t cut any ice with her and Alyssa couldn’t stop from feeling greedy. She wanted both of their pussies. Hell she deserved both of these young, tight, juicy cunts for herself! Didn’t she? She’d been working hard all morning, while Lindsay and Hilary had been slacking off. Now it was time for her reward. She had been good all year and she wanted something special for Christmas. And what was that saying, Santa helped those who help themselves? Whatever.

With a smack of her lips, Alyssa pulled up from Hilary and asserted herself over the two young girls. Alyssa greedily licked up Hilary’s essence from her lips and even used her fingers to clean off her chin before licking them clean too. Hilary immediately moaned in frustration. How could Alyssa stop when she was so close? But an explanation was quick in coming.

“Get up here,” Alyssa said to Lindsay. “Up on the counter. Both of you. On your hands and knees. Now.”

Alyssa was smiling as she said this, but her tone also made it clear there would be no arguments. Not that any were coming, of course. Both Hilary and Lindsay were always eager to let someone like Alyssa control them and use their bodies for her pleasure, especially since that always meant pleasure for them too.

So Lindsay didn’t say a word. She just pulled herself away from her friend’s face and crawled up naked on the counter with her. It was a tight fit up there with all the used bowls, cookie trays and cups of flour and sugar and Lindsay knocked into a few things, causing a spill that everyone ignored for now. But both horny girls managed to set themselves up as requested, on all fours, their asses sticking out into Alyssa’s face.

This was the kind of sight you wanted preserved for the ages. Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff stripped naked, their bare asses wiggling in the air and the glistening lips of their young cunts on display right in the kitchen. Both girls had been shaved baby smooth as part of their rite of passage to the mansion and there hadn’t been a hair on their pussies ever since.

“Mmmmm good girls,” Alyssa purred as she ran her hands over their firm asses and down their legs, juice dripping from her own pussy. “You always gotta give me what I want and right now I want your cum. You gonna give it to me you little sluts? Gonna give Alyssa what she wants?”

“Yesssssssssss,” Lindsay groaned, her husky voice thick with lust. “Take our cum! Take anything you want from us! Take everything! Ughhhhhh fucking use our slutty bodies Alyssa! We’re your whores! You and all your friends! We…OWW!!! Oooooooooooh!!!”

Lindsay’s cry came when Alyssa’s hand smacked down hard on her bare ass and her moan came from the actress’ kiss to her tender flesh. Alyssa spanked Lindsay again and then a third time and then a fourth followed quickly by a fifth before she finally took mercy. Of course Lindsay loved what was happening to her far too much for it to be mercy when she did stop, especially since every part of her ass that Alyssa spanked got treated to a long, tender kiss.

“Do me too!” Hilary begged. “Spank my ass too Alyssa! Ughhhhhh you had me so fucking close before! You had my slutty, naughty pussy ready to cream! Please touch me! Lick me! Spank me! Do anything you fucking want to me Alyssa! Slap my hot little ass! You can make it fucking hurt if you want! You know I love it!”

Alyssa certainly didn’t need a refresher course when it came to that, but she didn’t feel like paddling Hilary’s ass today. Lindsay, after all, had been the schemer who had set all this in motion. Her ass had most definitely deserved a hard spanking while Alyssa had less motivation to punish Hilary. Besides there was something Alyssa wanted to do to Hilary’s ass much more.

“Don’t worry honey, you’re going to get yours,” Alyssa promised, leaving Lindsay’s pinkened ass behind to turn to Hilary.

At the sound of that, Hilary tensed up, getting herself psyched for the spanking she knew was about to come. But instead of a hard slap, Hilary instead felt Alyssa spreading her butt cheeks open and her tongue darting out to lick at her puckered hole.

“Oooooooooooh,” Hilary dreamily moaned. “Gawwwwwwwwd mmmmmm oooooh yessssssss Alysaaaaaaaa! Lick my ass! Lick my slutty ass! Make it sooo naughty! Mmmmmm ohhhhhhh that tongue feels sooooooo good on my little hole! Gawwwwwwd you’re totally gonna make me come from licking my ass!”

Lindsay’s head craned so she could see what was happening, all without leaving her doggie style position on the counter. The hard surface pressed into her hands and knees, but Lindsay couldn’t feel the discomfort. She was too enraptured watching Alyssa’s beautiful face pressed between her best friend’s spread ass cheeks as she treated Hilary to what Lindsay knew had to be an amazing rim job.

Lindsay had felt Alyssa’s tongue on her ass before and it was incredible. It always had her pussy gushing and she longed to feel it again now, especially as Hilary’s face contorted in ecstasy from it, her eyes shut and her mouth opening and closing for her moans as little stands of saliva spit out and dribbled onto her chin. Lindsay wanted to feel that good. She wanted it now!

“Don’t forget about me Lyssa!” Lindsay groaned. “Lick my ass too! Mmmm I love when you tongue my pussy and my tight ass! Mmmmm you always get it so wet and make it feel so good! Please lick my ass too Lyssa! If you lick it you can totally fuck it! Don’t you want that Lyssa! To fuck my little party girl ass? Oooooh everyone thinks I give my fucking ass up to anyone who asks, but it’s only for you guys! You can have my ass Alyssa! You can lick it and spit in it and fuck it with anything you want! Just please do me like you’re doing Hilary!”

“Greedy little whore, can’t even wait for your friend to finish her fun before you have to get your own,” Alyssa teased with a grin as she pulled up from Hilary’s cheeks. “Naughty girl. I should make you wait all day to come just for that.”

“Noooooooooo! Please don’t make me wait!” Lindsay cried, the prospect horrifying her. “Fuck me Lyssa! Lick my ass! Fuck my cunt! Just make me come! Pleaaaaaaaaase!”

Alyssa ignored her cries for now, still concentrating on Hilary. Alyssa rubbed her fingers up over Hilary’s soaked slit, teasing her without penetrating her as she resumed licking at her ass. Hilary had such a tight little pink hole and it was always such a nasty rush to be able to lick what anyone who thought they knew Hilary would have thought was forbidden territory. The world thought Hilary was a pristine virgin, but here she was, offering up her asshole for a rimjob from another woman and Alyssa loved it. The mental arousal of it was doing more for her own horniness than even the continued sounds of Hilary’s happy moans and squeals about how wet she was and how much she loved having her ass licked.

But Lindsay’s cries continued, growing more desperate by the second. Alyssa thought to herself that Lindsay was probably the greediest slut in the mansion next to Christina, with the pierced pop princess setting the bar so high no one would probably ever clear it. However, while Lindsay was greedy, Hilary was generous to a fault even when it came at the expense of her own pleasure.

“Fuck her Alyssa!” Hilary moaned, her hair sticking to her forehead from the sex sweat which left her skin glistening. “Fuck Lindsay for me! Make her come! Then you can do me! She needs it so bad! I wanna see you fuck her like you’re fucking me! Lick her ass and fuck her! She loves it up her naughty little butt just like I do! Ohhhh we’re both such dirty fucking whores!”

If she were a cartoon, Lindsay would have had hearts dancing around her eyes as she stared at Hilary. See! Hilary totally got her! She knew how she hated waiting when she was all horny and ready to burst. That was so fucking nice of her and Lindsay had every intention of making it up to her friend as soon as she got the chance.

“Mmmm someone’s lucky she’s got a good friend,” Alyssa reminded Lindsay as she moved over to her smooth, bare ass. She thought about giving Lindsay another slap, but decided against it. Instead she went after her just like she’d done to Hilary, spreading apart her cheeks to lick at her asshole.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!” Lindsay hissed blissfully. “Mmmmmmmm gawwwd that’s so fucking nasty and I love it Alyssa! I love you licking my hot slut ass! Oooooh thank you Hil! Thank you for letting her fuck me like this! So close!!!! Oooooooooh so fucking close to coming from your tongue up my ass Alyssa!”

Hilary had been pretty damn close herself. She’d probably been even closer. But she knew she could wait a little bit…if it truly only was a little bit. She always got off on seeing Lindsay come so she knew she’d at least get herself a hot show. The one thing Hilary didn’t want was to have her pussy cool off even a degree. She’d been so close to orgasm and she wanted to explode just as soon as Alyssa got her tongue back inside her.

She wanted to be able to touch herself as she watched Alyssa feed off Lindsay’s ass. Her fingers would have been a good way to keep her pussy heated to molten levels of girl juice, but Hilary felt like she needed something more and suddenly inspiration struck her. It was so naughty, especially because of the season and it was too irresistible an idea for her to even think about ignoring.

Hilary had always loved candy canes when she was a kid around Christmas. She loved the sugary peppermint flavor. She loved the way they made her fingers all sticky. She loved how they broke apart when you licked them enough. And there was a box of them right next to her on the kitchen counter. Alyssa had been breaking them apart to use in her cookies, but now Hilary had a much better idea.

Giggling all the while over how naughty this was, Hilary reached over for the candy canes. She grabbed at them while trying not to have to tear her eyes away from Lindsay moaning in rapture over Alyssa spreading her cheeks wide to rim her asshole. This created some serious fumbling but eventually Hilary got her hand wrapped around one of the white and red striped candies.

Moving fast before she lost her nerve, Hilary wrapped her fingers around the candy cane and pushed it between her legs, sliding the hooked part of the candy into her pussy.

“Oooooh ohhhh gawwwwd ohhhh gawwwd…so naughty…so fucking naughty,” Hilary groaned as she began fucking herself with the traditional winter treat. “Yeahhhhh fucking my naughty little pussy with my good girl candy cane! I’m such a fucking slut! I’m so fucking nasty! Such a fucking dirty girl for fucking myself like this!”

Hilary’s moans were much softer than Lindsay’s happy cries from Alyssa’s tongue, especially since Alyssa was now working two of her fingers into her cunt while she was licking her ass. But both Alyssa and Lindsay took notice what Hilary was up to and turned to watch the naked teenager on her knees, spreading open her pussy with one hand and thrusting a candy cane into herself with the other.

“Ooooooooooh gawwwwd that’s hot Hil!” Lindsay cried. “Mmmm keep fucking yourself with that candy cane while Alyssa makes me fucking come! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh just a little more Alyssa! Please keep fucking me! Keep fucking me with your fingers while you’re tonguing my whore ass!”

Alyssa wasn’t planning on moving an inch away from Lindsay until the brunette had come. She worked her double attack on the current queen of the tabloids, rubbing her throbbing clitoris while rimming her puckered hole. Alyssa loved how these two girls were up for anything. She still remembered the first time she had tried this and how Shannen Doherty had threatened to slap her after she’d given her ass a lick. These girls never needed to be coaxed into anything. They were always hot and ready for it.

“Ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh oooooooooh Lyssa! Tongue fuck my ass!” Lindsay begged. “Ohhhhhhhh fuck it feels good! Mmmmm everyone thinks I’m a fucking whore but I only am for you guys! You’re the only ones who get my pussy and my ass and get to fuck me whenever you fucking want to! OOOOOOOOH DON’T STOP! AHHHH YEAHHHH KEEP LICKING MY ASS WHILE YOU FINGER MY PUSSY LYSSA!!! OHHHHHH GAWWWWWWD YOU LICKING MY ASS IS SO FUCKING HOT YEAHHHHHHH!!!”

As Lindsay continued to moan and wail, rocking back and forth on her hands and knees on the hard counter, Alyssa kept licking and fingering. Her free hand longed to be pressed up between her own legs, but instead she kept it resting on Lindsay’s ass, using it to spread her bare cheeks apart so she could give her a proper licking.

Alyssa knew Lindsay was close. Her cries were loud and ragged. Her pussy was absolutely soaked and her clit was so swollen. Lindsay’s pussy lips and her asshole threatened to clamp down on her fingers and tongue, but Alyssa didn’t know how close she was until Lindsay suddenly howled in orgasm.

“YEAHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSS!!!” Lindsay’s voice carried, no doubt informing everyone in the mansion how good she was feeling. “YEAHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSS COMINGGGGGG!!! I’M FUCKING COMINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!”

This took Alyssa a little by surprise. She’d been planning on getting her tongue back in Lindsay’s pussy and getting her fingers up her ass to push her over and be in position to swallow her cum, but Lindsay was so keyed up that she went over the edge before Alyssa was ready. This caused Alyssa to have to scramble and get her tongue out of Lindsay’s ass and in her pussy in such a hurry that she didn’t get her fingers out first.

Of course, having her fingers and tongue working over Lindsay together just made the girl come even harder.

While Lindsay came, Hilary kept thrusting into herself with the candy cane. It felt so naughty to be doing this…to take the thing she had loved so much when she was nothing but a good girl and use it to fuck her bad, slutty girl pussy was making her whole body tremble.

“Ooooh oooooh oooooooooooooooh mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh gonna come all over my candy cane!” Hilary mewed. “Mmmm gonna soak it like a naughty, nasty girl in my slutty cum! Watch me come! Watch the slutty little whore make herself come!”

But Lindsay didn’t just want to watch the show. She wanted to get in on this. She had to pay Hilary back for letting her come first and she didn’t even wait for her own orgasm to end before she started paying that debt back. As her pussy was still quivering with pleasure, Lindsay yanked herself away from Alyssa and turned toward Hilary.

She pushed the girl off her hands and knees until she was on her back on the counter. This knocked more things over on the counter, spilling flour and milk and making a mess as one of the bowls went flying onto the floor. Luckily it was wood and not glass, but Hilary and Lindsay wouldn’t have cared if it were shards all over the floor. All they cared about was each other.

Hilary moaned and squealed as she was pushed down. She yanked the candy cane out of her pussy and didn’t hesitate to bring it up to her lips and start licking. She was so horny this seemed like the only sane thing to do and she slurped her own juice off the sticky, sugary snack as Lindsay enjoyed herself a taste of Hilary’s pussy, forcing open her legs on the crowded counter and making the mess only grow.

Lindsay cared not for messes. She only wanted what Hilary had for her. She plunged her face down into Hilary’s cunt and tongued her furiously, loving what she tasted even more than usual.

“Ooooooooooh Hil! Mmmmm baby, your pussy tastes just like a fucking candy cane!” Lindsay gleefully reported. “Mmmm peppermint! Yummy!”

Hilary knew exactly what Lindsay was finding so delicious. As Lindsay tasted her candy cane flavored pussy, Hilary was busy with her pussy flavored candy cane. She could feel her heart pounding from how nasty she was being and she loved it. After all the times she’d licked these things as a kid the last thing she ever dreamed was she’d ever be so fucking naughty with one of them. But her pussy tasted sooooooo good all over the candy and her head was spinning with pleasure from the taste and from what Lindsay was doing between her legs.

All this left Alyssa standing in the kitchen, naked except for her socks, and surveying the mess the two girls were making out of the counter. Everything was being knocked around and spilled but she didn’t care much either because she was getting off on seeing Lindsay voraciously eat away at Hilary’s pussy while the teenager sucked away at her candy cane like it was a sex toy, which Alyssa supposed it was.

Her own pussy was left neglected and had been for far too long, but while Alyssa longed to feel one of their young tongues on her overheating girl flesh, it was just too hot to watch those uninhibited nymphos go at each other on the kitchen counter. Alyssa’s hands went to work without her even telling them to. She grabbed at her tits with one hand and used the other to shove her fingers up her own pussy. This was the same hand she had just used on Lindsay, so her fingers were already plenty juicy.

Alyssa groaned and grunted as she pleasured herself, fingering her own pussy close to orgasm while groping her tits and trying to not even blink as she stared at Lindsay gobbling up Hilary’s peppermint flavored pussy.


As Lindsay considered how good Hilary’s pussy would taste flavored with something else peppermint, like schnapps, she licked away at her friend’s pussy as fast as her tongue could go. She tongued her clit, licking up her dripping juices with each lash and getting Hilary’s pussy into a creamy frenzy that exploded with ecstasy after one last hard lick of her tender, swollen bud.

“GYAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH OHHHHH OHHHHH!!!” Hilary screamed in orgasm, her teeth biting down on her pussy coated candy cane and breaking it into several pieces in her mouth.

The pieces actually soon went flying out of her mouth as she came, since chewing and swallowing was not exactly something Hilary was in position to do as she flailed in orgasm on the kitchen counter, knocking another bowl to the ground with her kicks as she roared her teenage ecstasy.

“MMMMMMM YESSSSSSSSS LINDSAYYYYYY SUCK ALL THAT CANDY CANE CUM OUT OF MY PUSSYYYYYYYYYY!!!” Hilary cried out and her friend did just that, gulping down her creamy, flavored juices as Alyssa continued to finger herself hard and fast.

The two girls were so lost in each other that Alyssa was beginning to think her own fingers were going to be the only way she came from this. Perhaps letting them go first wasn’t such a good idea after all, Alyssa said to herself as she watched Hilary yank Lindsay on top of her so their sweaty, flushed naked bodies could rub together and they could kiss, sharing the mix of girl cum and candy cane.

But just as Alyssa got herself close to the edge with her own fingers pinching and rubbing her clit as they probed her folds, the two messy girls turned their attention to her.

“Now it’s your turn on the counter, Lyssa,” Lindsay said with a smile as she and Hilary hopped off. Their legs were a bit wobbly at first, but they managed to steady each other. They then grabbed Alyssa’s hands and pushed her where they’d just been, naked on the kitchen counter.

Alyssa winced a little as she felt the flour and little rivers of milk press into her bare back, but she shrugged it off quickly. Sex usually was messy anyway. This just meant a little extra clean up. Of course Alyssa had no idea how much cleanup would be necessary until Hilary had another bright idea.

As Lindsay pushed Alyssa down on the counter and began kissing her while caressing her perfect tits, Hilary’s eyes darted around again and saw another opportunity. Her mind still aglow with the success of her candy cane endeavor, Hilary had no doubt that this was going to be totally awesome too.

“Hey Lindsay, how about we make some special cookies?” Hilary suggested with a naughty giggle as she eyed the bowl of cookie dough Alyssa had been mixing before they had started their fun.

“What kind of cookies?” Lindsay asked before moving down to engulf one of Alyssa’s swollen nipples.

“Mmmm Lyssa flavored cookies,” Hilary laughed before picking up the spoon and scooping out some dough and slapping it down on Alyssa’s bare stomach.

“Noooo! Don’t you dare!” Alyssa laughed in playful protest as Hilary giggled again and licked up the cookie dough right from her impossibly firm stomach.

“Mmmmm that tastes soooo good,” Hilary grinned. “You taste now Linds.”

Hilary spooned out another helping of cookie dough onto Alyssa, this time right onto the breast Lindsay had just been sucking. Lindsay was already in perfect position so she went right for it, licking off the dough and getting a smile as big as Hilary’s over the taste.

“Yum!” Lindsay laughed. “Now that’s a great kind of cookie!”

“C’mon guys…no more, I’m not a fucking buffet table,” Alyssa protested, still unable to stop from laughing along with the younger girls. But her words fell on deaf ears. Like most, Hilary and Lindsay loved the taste of cookie dough and combined with their love of the taste of hot girl, it was impossible for them to resist this.

Soon Alyssa was laughing wildly as she was tickled all over her body from Lindsay and Hilary smearing cookie dough all over her body and eating it off her. It was weird at first, but Alyssa couldn’t help but get off on it. Those two eager tongues felt so good on her naked skin. Having the raw cookie dough on her was making them even more into licking her and Alyssa’s pussy benefited from it, quivering and dripping her hot juices down her thighs as Lindsay and Hilary literally ate her up.

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhh naughty sluts…naughty fucking sluts,” Alyssa groaned as she felt her hair get wet from all the spills on the counter. “Mmmmm eat me you little whores! Ughhhhhh how’s it taste bitches? How’s it taste to be eating off my hot body? Bet you never tasted anything sweeter, have you?”

“Definitely not,” Hilary grinned, knowing this snack had far too many calories in it for her diet, but deciding to fuck it because the holidays were supposed to be a time of overindulgence. “Mmmm but that’s only because we haven’t had your pussy yet!”

“What? No! Don’t you…” Alyssa protested again before her voice devolved back into wanton, horny moans as Lindsay scooped out cookie dough onto the lips of her pussy and spread it around with her fingers onto and into her slit.

This created quite a mess of cookie dough and dripping pussy juice and Lindsay and Hilary were both eager to clean it up the best way possible, with their tongues. They attacked Alyssa’s pussy together as a team, lapping at her tender cunt and feasting on the cookie dough as they licked up her juices in the process.

After all she’d done in her life both pre-mansion and since moving in, Alyssa didn’t often have the chance to say she’d never felt something before. Well this was definitely something she’d never felt before. She’d never really played around with food before now and she’d definitely never used anything like cookie dough while making love.

It was a weird feeling, but she was definitely getting off on it. It made her pussy squishier, though not in a bad way or anything. It was new, that’s for sure and since Hilary and Lindsay were enjoying it and they were the ones licking her pussy, then Alyssa was enjoying it too for no other reason than it made them lick her faster and harder.

“Ahhhhhhhhh you greedy sluts! Mmmmm fuck you’re gonna make me come you naughty girls!” Alyssa cried out, using all the terms she knew inspired her young lovers. “Eat my pussy!!!! Mmmmmm you lick every fucking inch of that cunt! Work those slutty tongues on my hot dripping pussy! Mmmm cookies with pussy huh? I should have figured little whores like you would be into that! You two keep eating! Keep eating my yummy cunt and make me fucking come!”

Truthfully the taste of Alyssa’s juices on their own was more than enough to inspire Lindsay and Hilary considering how much they craved pussy. The cookie dough was just a bonus and it was definitely a fun one. Both girls were giggling as they licked their lips clean in between every dive down between Alyssa’s legs.

Hilary would hold open Alyssa’s pussy lips, spreading them wide for Lindsay to spread the delicious batter and then for both of them to lick their lover clean. But they didn’t just concentrate on eating the dough off her pussy. Both girls made sure they tended to Alyssa’s clit as they licked. They weren’t so far lost in having fun with this that they forgot what they were supposed to be doing.

Hilary and Lindsay licked and sucked together on Alyssa’s clit, pulling her closer and closer to orgasm and the closer she got to actually coming, the less they went back for more cookie dough.

As Alyssa’s cries got louder and more intense, the two ended up concentrating entirely on her pussy and clit. The bowl of dough became forgotten as Lindsay and Hilary fed off what they knew was sweeter than any cookie. They tongued away at Alyssa’s folds, working her over as one and, after gulping down breath, they dove back in for her clit, sucking and licking it and driving Alyssa to the heights of pleasure.


Alyssa’s hands pressed down hard on Lindsay and Hilary’s heads, insuring they didn’t move anywhere she didn’t want them too. Hilary and Lindsay were well experienced in working girls over as a team and they didn’t miss a beat as they made Alyssa’s orgasm last. They remained bent over at the edge of the counter as Alyssa shook and lurched on top of it, sucking on her clitoris to draw out her pleasure as girl cum rushed into their waiting mouths.

The nights and nights of practice Hilary and Lindsay had put in at the mansion had definitely paid off and Alyssa rewarded them for what they were doing with a shower of her cum on their young faces. Alyssa gasped and moaned and bucked with orgasm on the counter, her ass pressed hard into the counter and when she finally settled down, she sank back flat on her back, her head resting next to the plate of baking she had considered of the utmost importance just a short time ago.

“Mmmmm you were right Lyssa,” Lindsay and Hilary giggled as they moved up on Alyssa’s body to give her swollen nipples a series of licks. “Baking cookies is fun.”

All Alyssa could manage was a happy smile as her brain soaked in orgasmic afterglow and one thought kept turning up. How long was it going to take her in the shower to get the last of that cookie dough out of her coochie?

* * * * *

Christmas was a time for boxes wrapped in all different colors topped off with festive bows and ribbons. One of the best parts was seeing those packages set down under the tree with days if not weeks to go before Christmas and wondering what was in there. Was it something wonderful or something you had to force a smile to pretend you liked? Was it something you’d long sought after or a plaid sweater with matching scarf? Was it a true gift from the heart or was it fruitcake?

It wasn’t even close to the true meaning of the holiday, but in her mind at least, Sarah Michelle Gellar had always considered Christmas a little bit of a game show where you had to wait until the end to find out what was in the mystery box you’d won.

Those were the kinds of thoughts that were running through Sarah’s mind as she lay in bed, letting concepts and thought formations drift through her brain like clouds in the sky. It was definitely a holiday of boxes.

Most likely these very deep, shallow thoughts were all triggered by the box she held in her hand. This box required no guessing. She knew exactly what it was and, more importantly, what was inside it. It was the wish box Alyson had given her last year. According to the legend, which as far as Sarah could tell started and stopped with Alyson and her mother, if you wrote a wish down on a piece of paper it was supposed to come true.

Sarah had appreciated the present when it was given to her. It had definitely come from the heart and that was where the best kind of presents came from, but she hadn’t intended to actually do anything about. But after an emotional Christmas Eve last year, Sarah had written down a wish in a fit of loneliness and slammed the box shut, wondering if it actually did have any magic in it.

Of course wishes never really did come true just by simply wishing them. That was just silly superstition. Something to make yourself feel good but as practical toward getting you what you wanted as writing a letter to Santa. But she had made her wish that night and, as the year anniversary of it crept closer. Sarah couldn’t help but notice that it was no closer to coming true than it had been that night.

She’d made her wish that night, shoved the box in her panties drawer and, unsurprisingly, she’d forgotten completely about it. That is until about a week ago when she’d been planning a romantic night with Freddie and had wanted to get her sexiest bra and panties on. She’d found the box in her drawer and had felt a huge rush of emotion when she’d found it. She’d forgotten about the box itself, but seeing it all of a sudden reminded her of exactly the wish she’d put in it.

The planned romantic night with her husband had ended up being a disaster when Freddie had called her and said he was going out with his friends, spoiling the romantic surprise she’d planned for him. It had left her alone in her favorite Victoria’s Secret red push up bra and g-string with lit candles all around her. It wasn’t the kind of night that a woman wanted to spend with her vibrator, but that had been exactly what had happened to Sarah.

Not that it was unusual for Sarah to spend quality time with her vibrator or her fingers or hell anything that could get her off. Even after all Reese had warned her about her and Ryan, Sarah had never dreamed that her marriage would contain such sexual frustration. That’s why it hadn’t been surprising that night, as Sarah had ended up pleasuring herself alone in the bed out of anger and horniness, that her thoughts had been far from her husband.

As she always did when she masturbated, Sarah had thought about the women she had left behind in Malibu. She thought about what her housemates would have done if they had found her stripped down to a push up bra and g-string. They wouldn’t have gone out to play poker with their friends. They would have ravished her from head to toe.

Sarah had been able to see it all so clearly that night…how Jennifer would have kissed her so passionately and so deeply, her tongue tenderly sliding inside her mouth as Jewel and Jessica tugged off her bra to suck on her tits, tonguing her nipples and making sure they tingled just right from their wet mouths while Love inched off her panties, leaving her nude before working her soft, sexy tongue right into her pussy, licking her wetness and leaving her quivering with ecstasy as Christina spit in her ass and told her to get ready for Rose and Mr. Snappy.

That night Sarah had used that vibrator to buzz right against her ass, imagining Rose taking her from behind, fucking her deep and hard with Mr. Snappy and making sure every desire in her body was satisfied and her thirst for orgasm quenched again and again.

God she had gone absolutely wild that night, fucking herself with that toy so many times that she had lost count. Sarah had actually done a better job on herself that night with her vibrator and imagination than Freddie had done in months. But when she’d opened her eyes, of course, the images in her imagination had faded.

Her friends weren’t really there. They were in Malibu, right where she’d left them and all she had was her memories of them.

It was those memories that had Sarah staring at the box again. Last year on Christmas Eve, when she’d missed them all so much it had brought her to tears she’d quickly dashed down the wish that she’d wanted to go home. And home wasn’t where she lived with her husband. It was the mansion in Malibu.

But that was impossible. She couldn’t go back. She had to move on. That part of her life was over. She had to commit herself to Freddie and her marriage. She had just never dreamed it would be so hard to break away from her friends.

She hadn’t seen them since that night she’d left them in Jamaica. She hadn’t called. She hadn’t done anything to try and contact them because she knew it would hurt too badly. She was too scared of them hating her for what she’d done. And even more than that, Sarah knew if she saw them again she’d be too weak and she’d fall back to where she once was.

Sarah knew that as sure as she knew anything, because she had slipped. She had given into her desires and each time she’d cheated, it had filled her with such guilt and remorse that she could barely stand it. And it wasn’t just remorse that she had cheated on Freddie. It was also remorse that she hadn’t cheated with the women who had once been her housemates.

Before she could get too far in those thoughts, though, the door to her room opened and Freddie walked in.

“You gonna sleep away the whole day?” Freddie asked.

“I was just getting up,” Sarah sighed as she put the box and the secret wish it held inside down on her night table.

“Of course, if you want to stay in bed all day that could be arranged too,” Freddie said, his intention clear.

“Oh, now you want to be romantic?” Sarah muttered as she got out of bed and began moving to the bathroom so she could take a shower.

“Are you still mad about that?” Freddie groaned. “Shit Sarah, I said I was sorry. How many times do you want me to apologize?”

“How about just once where you actually mean it?” Sarah suggested sarcastically. “C’mon Freddie. When a wife asks her husband to meet her that night in the bedroom when he comes home, what do you think she has in mind? You going out with your buddies wasn’t exactly the most romantic gesture you could have made when I was throwing myself at you.”

“I said I was sorry,” Freddie repeated. “I didn’t know what you were planning. I hadn’t seen the guys in weeks. I see you every night.”

“Real nice Freddie,” Sarah snapped before slamming the door to the bathroom. “That’s the kind of talk that just makes a woman’s heart go all pitter patter with romance.”

Freddie sighed to the closed door.

“Just don’t forget about the thing today, ok?” Freddie said. “I promised we’d go. It starts in a few hours so get ready. I don’t want to be late.”

Freddie then walked away and left Sarah on the other end of the door, staring down at the floor as if it could provide an answer for the millionth time she’d asked herself how her life had turned out like this.

* * * * *

Deep questions and regrets weren’t just exclusive to Sarah’s house that morning. While everyone else in the mansion was decorating or getting naughty, the last person anyone would have expected to be on her own and away from the action was lost in her own thoughts of sadness.

Christina Aguilera sat on the beach, watching the waves crash into the shore again and again. She loved the consistency of it. The water came in, hit the sand and then pulled out, only to slam itself against the shore again a second later. If she’d been feeling like herself, Christina probably would have smirked and decided it was like the ocean was fucking the shore and leaving creamy foam behind as an orgasm. But Christina was definitely not feeling like herself and she knew exactly why.

She had it all here. She had friends, money, success and non-stop hot sex. It was all she’d ever wanted in her life. But Christina couldn’t stop thinking about the one thing she didn’t have. She didn’t have Britney.

Of all the paths she’d have chosen for herself in life, this was the last one she ever thought she would have been on. It was why she had thrown herself so enthusiastically into being with girls. Sure the endless orgasms were great, but what Christina enjoyed most about it was that it was never about love. It was just about fucking.

She didn’t have to cuddle with her female lovers unless she wanted to. There were no head games or worries about whether someone liked you as much as you liked them. There was no overanalysis of every minor conversation. She didn’t have to worry about dates or romance or any of that relationship bullshit. She could put her own needs first and focus only on getting off and nothing more.

Sex without love was heaven to Christina because it came without baggage. She’d given her heart away to unworthy men too many times in the past only to have it carelessly thrown onto the ground for her to pick up again with a little piece of it missing each time. That was what she loved about fucking girls. From that first night in the club with Rose it had only been about satisfying lust, nothing more.

So the last thing Christina had ever expected was to fall in love with a woman and for that woman to be Britney Spears just made it even worse. How could she fall in love with someone like Britney? A woman she’d convinced herself she’d hated for so long. A woman she’d been rivals with right up until that night backstage at the concert when they’d ended up sharing a dressing room and finding out, after literally falling onto the floor cat fighting and pulling hair, that they both had the exact same lusts inside them.

The long ago friendship they’d shared while doing The Mickey Mouse Club had been rekindled and this time it had been even better because they could spend each and every free moment they had fucking each other silly. Christina had realized that she hadn’t hated Britney all those years, she’d wanted her sexually and had been too stubborn to admit it.

Once they began their lustful journey together, it was like nothing could stop them. They were more than fuck buddies. They were kindred spirits. Christina saw in Britney all she wanted in a female lover, someone as naughty as she was, someone as uninhibited as she was and someone as adventurous as she was. Britney had never said no to her and she had never said no to Britney. It had been amazing and Christina soon decided to take their relationship out of the bedroom and into the boardroom as business partners.

But Christina had thought it was that and nothing more. Two things she loved most in the world were sex and money. That was all she thought Britney gave to her. But she had been wrong. Boy had she ever been wrong.

It had come about so slowly that Christina couldn’t pinpoint exactly when it had happened. It hadn’t been one dramatic moment, just a slow kind of evolution. The kind where you wake up one day and realize you loved someone and hadn’t noticed it before. After guarding her heart for so long, Christina had fallen in love with Britney. What had been just sex had turned into so much more.

She had found herself treasuring every moment they were together…how they laughed…how they dreamed…how they schemed. They were more than kindred spirits on a sexual level. Christina had found herself falling for every bit of Britney. She loved how sweet she was. She loved how optimistic she always was. She loved Britney’s heart and her soul. She didn’t just want to fuck her. She wanted to be with her always and forever.

The difference in her feelings for Britney and the others was so stark. She loved her friends. She really did. But she was in love with Britney.

Christina could still remember the night she had first admitted it. It had been after the orgy in Jamaica, when they had both run themselves ragged with fucking. Of course Britney had been sound asleep when Christina had told her, but she had always intended on telling her soon how she truly felt.

But instead of admitting the depth of her feelings, Christina had hesitated. She had feared that Britney didn’t feel the same way. She worried that she was losing touch with who she had always wanted to be and turning from a steel hearted hedonist into some mushy romantic. Christina’s love had made her scared and unsure of herself for the first time in a long time.

And then he had happened. Kevin Federline. Christina couldn’t even say his name without seeing white hot rage. He had ambled out of nowhere with his baggy pants and fucking backwards baseball cap and stolen Britney. He had taken her away from her. Before Christina could even begin to admit to Britney how she truly felt about her, it was Britney who dropped the bombshell…she and Kevin were in love and they were getting married.

Christina shivered on the beach when she remembered how enraged she’d been that day. Nothing and no one had made her angrier before or since. She’d wanted to kill Britney! How could she fall for that useless fucking loser? Over her? How on Earth could Britney love Kevin more than her? How could she want to spend even a second with him, much less her whole life? How could she let him touch her? How could she?

Her housemates had told Christina that she had scared them all that day when she had thrown Britney out of the house. She’d even scared herself, though she’d never admit that to anyone. She had just felt so angry that she’d lost all control. She’d guarded against giving her heart out for so long and the first person she gave it to broke it.

Christina had never wanted to see Britney again. She’d told her never to ever come back to the mansion. She’d banned her from their record label. She’d forbid her housemates from ever seeing her. Even the mere mention of Britney’s name had caused Christina to go into an enraged fit. But all that anger and all those times she said she hated Britney only masked the truth.

She still loved her. Christina knew that now. She knew that because even after all that had happened she still couldn’t get Britney out of her mind. She couldn’t stop thinking about her and wanting to see her again and it all made her even more miserable because the hurt of Britney leaving her for Kevin was still so raw and so intense. Part of her wanted to see Britney again to kiss her and another part still wanted to strangle her.

Christina was completely confused and she didn’t see clarity coming any time soon. She just wished Britney would leave her alone. She wished she’d stop haunting her thoughts so she could move on with her life and forget all about her. But she couldn’t get the girl out of her mind. She couldn’t stop loving her.

She tried to forget about her with sex. She fucked every hot girl she knew, trying to make her pain go away through orgasms. She left her housemates gasping in worn out ecstasy and she seduced every piece of fresh girl meat she could get her hands on. Hell no girl got hired at her label unless Christina first licked their pussy to see if they passed her taste test. She had more pussy now than she ever had before.

But all that fucking wouldn’t make Britney go away in her brain. It couldn’t stop the pain and it couldn’t stop her from loving her and missing her.

As she stared out into the ocean Christina felt the tears start to form in her eyes and she angrily swiped them away with her hands. She hated this. She hated being angry and sad all the time. She’d always been an emotional person, but this was killing her. It was too much pain. Too much longing. Too much anger.

Sometimes Christina wished she’d never hooked up with Britney. That the girl had never kissed her while they were rolling around the floor pulling at each other’s hair. That they’d never started all they went through. But that meant never having all the fun they’d had. That meant never making each other feel so good over and over again. And Christina missed Britney far too much to truly wish all that.

There had never been any closure between them. Christina knew that. She knew grabbing Britney by her hair and literally throwing her out of the house while screaming at her wasn’t true closure. But she couldn’t even bring herself to talk to Britney. She hung up on her every time she called. She never returned the messages Britney had left begging to talk to her. And when Christina felt so lonely and anguished that she actually called Britney she always ended the call as soon as she heard her voice.

This couldn’t go on, Christina told herself as she wiped away the tears once more and put her sunglasses on so none of her housemates would see she had been crying again. She needed to end this between her and Britney once and for all so she really could move on and get that girl out of her life.

But how exactly would she be able to do that? That was the question foremost in Christina’s mind as she pulled herself up from the sand and began walking back up toward the mansion. How could she get Britney out of her head so when she said that she never wanted to see her again she’d actually mean it?

Christina had never turned to her housemates for advice. She could have. She knew they’d help her. But she didn’t want to. She didn’t want them to think she was weak. She didn’t want them to see how deep her hurt really went. She didn’t want them to know how she felt about all of this.

She enjoyed her reputation as the mansion’s wildest hedonist, putting even her beloved mentor Rose to shame. She loved being known as the girl who was always ready and willing to fuck anyone at anytime anywhere. That was who she wanted to be. Not some weak little girl in love. At least that was what she thought she wanted. She was so confused these days that not even that was clear to her anymore.

But before Christina could think of this any further, she walked into the mansion and found herself quite distracted when she made her way to the kitchen looking for a vitamin water.

“Mmmm someone had some fun,” Christina said, unable to stop from smiling despite her sadness, as she eyed Lindsay and Hilary on the kitchen floor. It wasn’t that what they were doing that was particularly erotic. It was that the two girls were still stark naked as they cleaned the floors of the mess their frolic with Alyssa had caused.

“Who me? I’ve been in here making cookies the whole time,” Alyssa claimed, her innocent words betrayed by the sexually satisfied smirk that tugged at her lips while she opened the oven to pull out another batch of baked treats.

Alyssa’s hair was still a little damp from the shower she’d just taken to clean off what was left of the cookie dough which had been smeared all over her body. But while she’d been cleaning herself up, her lovers had been instructed to do the same to the kitchen. She’d handed Hilary and Lindsay sponges and buckets to get the work done and by the time she’d come back from her shower they’d still been at it.

Of course that hadn’t been all they were up to. The girls had clearly gotten into a little bit of a flour fight judging from the little white dusting all over the floor as well as the proof on their naked bodies. Hilary and Lindsay had left handprints all over each other’s bodies and Alyssa had noticed with great interest the white handprints pressed to their bare asses and tits and especially how there were traces of flour all over Hilary’s thighs.

“I like them like that,” Christina said, giving her lips a lick as she eagerly took the chance to concentrate on something other than Britney. “Mmmm the two of them on their hands and knees doing whatever we say.”

That got a giggle of agreement from both girls and they turned around to look at Christina.

“We like it too,” Lindsay declared. “Is there anything you want us to do to you Christina? Mmmmm anything at all? Cause we’ll do anything you want. Right Hil?”

“Mmmm definitely,” Hilary said. “Anything at all. Please let us do things to you Christina. Mmmmm can we lick your hot little pussy? You know we love licking your piercings.”

That sounded mighty good to Christina and she put aside thoughts of water to instead reach for the drawstring to her shorts. She wanted those things puddled on the floor so these two hot whores could crawl to her. Christina could already feel their hot tongues on her pierced cunt, but before reality could meet fantasy, Alyssa put a stop to it.

“Oh no,” Alyssa declared. “Not again. Chrissy keep your shorts on. These two sluts have been more than enough of a distraction today. I’m already gonna be late. So these two are on clean up duty until I say otherwise.”

“Awww but if you’re punishing them, why do I have to suffer?” Christina playfully pouted before going for it anyway and tugging at the drawstring to her shorts. Once the knot was undone the shorts became far too loose for Christina’s body and they fell around her sandals, showing off her completely nude lower half.

“Fuck, I gotta get me some of that,” Lindsay groaned at the sight of Christina’s pussy, her smooth lips bare and pink and so very lickable. She put her sponge down and began making her way toward Christina on her hands and knees, with Hilary right behind her.

They could finish cleaning later. Right now Lindsay still craved pussy. Eating out Alyssa and then fingering Hilary to orgasm while Alyssa had been in the shower hadn’t been nearly enough for her and Lindsay lusted deeply for a taste of Christina.

Alyssa was insistent though, stepping in front of the crawling girls.

“Clean,” Alyssa said firmly pointing back toward their discarded sponges. “When you’re finished then you can have more fun. Man, you two little spoiled bitches are going to get it when I get back later. Your asses are gonna be sore for days from the spankings you’re gonna get.”

Alyssa said all that with a smile and it was one quickly shared by Hilary and Lindsay. Lindsay’s ass still stung from the spanking she’d already gotten from Alyssa that morning, but she was always up for more.

“Wow, actually turning down sex? I thought I knew you Lyssa,” Christina giggled behind her sunglasses. “Maybe you just need a little more temptation to be a bad girl again.”

Alyssa certainly didn’t need any temptation or instruction on how to be a bad girl, but Christina looked ready to try, stepping out of the shorts puddled around her feet and walking bottomless toward her housemate. But before things could come to a head, there was a group interruption.

“Are we interrupting something?” Rose asked wryly as she stood in the doorway to the kitchen with Love, Jessica, Jewel and Reese right behind her. Rose’s eyes drifted all over the bodies in the room, enjoying the sight of Alyssa fully dressed with a bottomless Christina and a totally nude Lindsay and Hilary.

“Just everyone trying to keep me from getting my work done,” Alyssa sighed as she went back to her cookies.

“I know the feeling,” Love laughed, giving Rose a playful elbow to her chest, which earned her a yip inducing slap on her ass as payback.

“I didn’t hear you complaining when you were soaking my face with your cum,” Rose pointed out, getting a blush from Love.

“Mmmmm well I didn’t say I didn’t like being interrupted,” Love admitted.

“Wow, looks like I should have offered to help with the baking,” Reese said, getting a look at all the hot girl flesh on display. “I’ve got some great recipes from my mom. Mmm but I never made cookies like that before. Maybe I should try your way Alyssa. It looks like a lot of fun. Mmmm especially with your little helpers there.”

“We were naughty girls,” Hilary giggled as she enjoyed the sexy stare Reese was giving her and Lindsay’s bodies. “We’re being punished.”

“So I can see,” Reese smiled, hoping she’d get a chance to punish those girls too. She’d gotten particularly good at those kinds of games lately with her kids’ very eager nanny, Julie.

“Wow, it’s getting crowded in here,” Jennifer observed as she and Gwen joined the growing number of girls in the kitchen. “I was wondering where everyone was.”

Christina made no effort to pull her shorts back on or do anything to cover to her exposed pussy and ass and neither did Hilary or Lindsay. Everyone there already had seen them naked tons of times and they all liked the looks they were getting for too much to think about covering anything up.

“Ok, good you’re all here,” Alyssa said, taking advantage of the gathering of housemates. “We need to get organized.”

“The only thing I’m doing today is taking a long, hot bath followed by a relaxing day of doing nothing,” Christina said. “Anyone who wants to join me is more than welcome.”

“Oh no, not with the house still undecorated,” Love said. “No one’s getting out of the rest of their work. This has to be finished today.”

As much fun as her break upstairs in Jessica’s room had been, Love hadn’t lost track of what had to be done. She’d hired people to decorate the outside of the mansion but the inside was her domain and Love wanted it to be perfect.

But Love’s demands only got a whine from Christina.

“Awwww you don’t need me to help, everyone else is helping,” Christina said.

“Everyone has to help, even you Chrissy,” Love insisted, knowing full well that Christina would soon try and tempt her way out of helping and wondering if she might just let her win when she did.

“Just don’t take too long. We have that thing at Damon’s office,” Jennifer reminded Love.

“Oh yeah, yikes I almost forgot,” Love admitted sheepishly. She’d been only too happy to volunteer her time to her agent’s charity of bringing Christmas presents to inner city kids. There was going to be a big party at his office where the gifts were handed out and Love felt bad for letting it slip her mind.

“Well anyone who’s not going to that can come with me,” Alyssa declared. “I’m dropping the cookies off for the bake sale and then I’m going to be volunteering at the soup kitchen. Who wants to go with me?”

“Oh you can’t be serious?” Christina asked, pushing down her sunglasses in the hopes that she’d see Alyssa was joking. “Ughhhh I like you so much better when you’re selfish like me Alyssa. Christmas turns you all into do gooders and it’s so boring.”

“I hear that,” Rose chuckled with a little roll of her eyes.

“Ok, you two are definitely getting lumps of coal this year,” Alyssa chastised. “But what about the rest of you?”

“Count me in,” Jewel pledged, remembering how well last year had gone when she had helped Alyssa with her charity work and they’d ended up bringing Anne Hathaway back to the mansion with them. Was it too much to hope that history would repeat itself?

“Me too,” Reese said. “I should be giving back more too.”

“Great,” Alyssa smiled. “What about you Gwen?”

“Definitely,” Gwen agreed. “But I need to stop home first. I made some banana nut bread for that bake sale last night and I’ve got to go pick it up first.”

“Ahhhhhhhh what’s wrong with you people?” Christina groaned in frustration as she shook her head in disbelief. “Decorating houses? Making banana nut bread? Are you all soccer moms now? C’mon! We should be throwing a Christmas orgy or something. Now that’s the kind of thing I like!”

“Well who says we can’t do that too?” Alyssa suggested. “But I think only girls on the nice list get invited.”

“I’m nice,” Christina claimed. “Mmmm let me show you how nice I am Lyssa.”

“You can prove it after you help me out at the soup kitchen,” Alyssa insisted, cutting off Christina’s efforts to lick her way into good graces. “C’mon Chrissy. You pretend to be a selfish bitch, but deep down you love helping out. I know it. This is the time of year when we have to be giving back more than normal and you know it too. You might not want to admit it, but you know how good it feels to give back. You’re just a big softie on the inside, like Rose secretly is.”

“Hey! Leave me out of this,” Rose laughed.

“Welllll maybe,” Christina grumbled as a smile started to tug at her lips. Her friends always knew how to cheer her up. She didn’t have Britney, but at least she had her friends. “But I’m bringing Fluffy with me in case anyone at this soup kitchen tries to kidnap me and you definitely owe me sex afterwards.”

“Mmm no problem,” Alyssa immediately agreed. “Being a good girl always makes me more eager to be bad anyway. But what about you Rose?”

“I wrote your precious little soup kitchen a nice check this year,” Rose pointed out. “That’s my Christmas gift. Anyways, I’m going to Damon’s with Jen and Love.”

Damon represented pretty much everyone in the mansion and Rose sometimes wondered how he’d react if he found out many of his biggest clients were living together and fucking each other silly every night. Rose figured he’d probably pass out from shock and then beg to join in.

“Is Fluffy going to meet you there or is he coming here?” Gwen suddenly asked, taking everyone a bit surprise with her random question. She caught herself being overeager and blushed a little. “I’m just ummm curious. That’s all.”

Jennifer had seen how her friend’s face had lit up at Christina’s insistence on bringing her bodyguard to the soup kitchen with her and she had to clamp her hand over her mouth to keep from giggling. If this was how well Gwen was at keeping what was going on between her and Fluffy a secret, then it wasn’t going to be a secret much longer.

“Ok, so we’re agreed…charity work first and sex when we get back,” Alyssa declared, before Love cleared her throat to remind her of what she’s forgetting. “Ok, house decoration and then charity work and then sex.”

Despite the girls in attendance would have preferred the agenda be sex then sex and then more sex, it sounded like a plan for the day that would tend to both the body and the soul. Everyone broke apart to get ready and Alyssa was about to head back up to her room when she noticed Michelle walking into the kitchen holding the shopping bags of tinsel Love had sent her out for.

“Don’t worry about this mess,” Alyssa told the mansion’s maid. “These little sluts are cleaning all of it up. Don’t help them or anything Michelle. They’re on punishment.”

“Oh Alyssa, surely you can think of better punishments for such sexy girls than making them clean,” Michelle chastised with a smile. “Mmmm I can think of many different ways I would love to see them get punished.”

The sound of that made Lindsay and Hilary light up with anticipation, but Alyssa quickly put a stop to it.

“No! You two clean!” Alyssa insisted. “And don’t you start encouraging them Michelle.”

Michelle just put the bags down on the table and tried to smile. As she did this she sighed sadly. Ordinarily Michelle would have insisted on showing Alyssa the proper ways to punish wicked little girls like Hilary and Lindsay, but with so much on her mind, Michelle found it hard to think about the pleasure this place always offered.

Alyssa sensed something was wrong with the beautiful blonde and came up behind her. It was the last day they were going to see Michelle before she flew back home to France for the holidays and Alyssa didn’t want whatever was bothering the woman to linger.

“Is everything ok?” Alyssa asked. “You seem bothered by something Michelle.”

“No, everything is fine Alyssa,” Michelle lied. But since the truth was the last thing in the world she could say, the lie was what was best for all concerned.

“You can tell me if something’s bothering you,” Alyssa said, seeing right through Michelle’s deflection attempt. “I’m not trying to pry, but it looks like something’s really got you down. I think of you as a friend Michelle and I hope you do to me too.”

“I do consider you a friend as well Alyssa,” Michelle insisted with a smile. “But nothing is wrong. Truly. Everything is fine.”

Michelle knew Alyssa didn’t believe her, but fortunately the brunette didn’t press her on it. Even if she did tell Alyssa the truth, Michelle knew she’d never believe her. What would any of them think when they found out she was no mere woman who had answered an ad looking for a maid, but rather a sleeper agent working for French intelligence?

Michelle had hoped the truth would never have to be revealed. She truly did love working here at the mansion. She had always loved sex and she had always loved women. This place was absolutely perfect for her. Nothing she had done to any of the girls here had been a lie. She had loved being their maid and their sexual plaything. She had done it all not because she was forced to, but because she’d wanted to.

But Michelle knew they would never forgive her if they found out she was a spy. She had done nothing to harm them, but Michelle had been living a lie and if she had been in the position of her madames, she never would have forgiven herself.

All this time Michelle had been living in America hoping the day would never come where she would be activated and given an assignment for her country. She loved America. She loved California. And she loved working here. She had been so happy, but then Rene had come back and told her what she had to do. She had obeyed him of course. Since the moment she had met him, Michelle had not been able to deny Rene anything.

And now he was asking her to be prepared to do something so awful that Michelle could barely comprehend it. It weighed on her mind so heavily that she feared the thought alone would crush her. Rene had told her to find a lead on what had happened to an invention known as the MAW Device. Michelle had not been told what it did. All she knew was that she was to help find it by any means necessary.

Michelle knew full well what that meant. She was supposed to let nothing stand in her way of her mission, not even her friends. Rene had made sure she knew that if she were ever discovered to be an agent then she would have no choice but to eliminate those who had found her. Michelle was being torn up inside over the idea that duty to her country could lead to her hurting the beautiful women she worked for, so she had been as careful as she had ever been in her life to hunt down this information without even betraying a hint of her cover.

There had been one lead Michelle had been specifically asked to pursue. The three boys who had once lived next door. Waldo, Franklin and Delbert. They had found information. French intelligence had confirmed it. They knew things Michelle needed to get out of them. The person who had destroyed their home was thought to be in possession of the device. But so far Michelle had not been able to get any information from them without revealing there was more to her than a simple maid and Rene was getting impatient with her.

“So, Alyssa, are the boys around?” Michelle asked, hoping that Alyssa wouldn’t be suspicious of her interest in them. “I have not seen them in days.”

“They took off in the middle of the night the other night,” Alyssa replied shaking her head. “Those guys are so weird. They left their animals in some kind of kennel somewhere and poof they were gone. They didn’t say where they were going or when they were coming back.”

Since the explosion had destroyed their home it had only been right for them to invite the boys to stay with them. It had been a little awkward but everyone had managed to make do and as long as the girls didn’t mind having their fun walked in on sometimes then it wasn’t really a drag or anything. But Alyssa did have to admit that things were a lot smoother around here when they were gone. Things were definitely a lot less weird. The guys were nice and helpful and had never ratted out what they knew about the mansion, but Alyssa often felt like their lives existed in an entirely different universe than there’s.

“Oh well perhaps they will be back soon,” Michelle said as her mind worked this information over. There was no reason for them to disappear suddenly unless they knew something new or else they were looking for something new. If they had new information Michelle had to get it from them. They were the key to everything. If she could just somehow get to them and find out what they knew then no one would find out a thing about her and she’d never have to make the terrible choice she dreaded with every fiber of her being.

* * * * *

As it turned out, the boys were about as far away as they could get from Malibu, California while still remaining inside the continental United States. But as he walked into his office at C.I.A. headquarters in Langley, Virginia, Agent Derrick Horner had no idea about any of that.

That was why he was particularly surprised when he turned on the lights in his dark office and found Waldo, Franklin and Delbert waiting for him.

“Hello Derrick,” Waldo said as the agent whirled around, his hand on his gun reflexively. “I hope you don’t mind that we let ourselves in.”

“Jesus H. Christ, I nearly dropped all three of you,” Derrick snapped as he lowered his gun. “What the hell is wrong with you? And how the hell did you get in here?”

“We burrowed,” Delbert replied as he swung his hand toward three miner’s hats with lights on them, shovels and pickaxes and the hole that had been dug up through Derrick’s carpeted floor into his office that they lay next to.

“There’s gotta be a hell of a story behind that,” Derrick replied, shaking his head in the same kind of disbelief he always had around these three. But if there was a story, he knew he was going to have to hear about it another time,

“We’re pretty resourceful,” Franklin explained, but leaving it at that.

“So I remember,” Derrick said, sitting down behind his desk. “So what is it exactly that you three want or did you dig yourself a hole all the way from California to my office just to say hi and thanks for the memories.”

“We’re here about the MAW Device,” Waldo explained, causing Derrick to leap out from behind his desk with a start.

“What the hell is wrong with you three?” Derrick berated them as she quickly clicked on his radio and turned it up, hoping the music would cover up any parts of this conversation that were being listened to. “That project does not exist! It never has! It never will be! You got it?”

“You can pretend all you want, but it’s out there and we know who has it,” Waldo pointed out.

“Well shit, so do we,” Derrick sighed as he slumped back into his chair. “Fuck, the whole world seems to know now. Once Brandon got his hands on that thing then the globe when fucking apeshit. We’re hearing chatter from corners of the world we didn’t even know had intelligence capabilities much less agencies. But you guys have to listen good to this. I’ve stuck my neck out for you time and time again and saved your asses so many times you shouldn’t even have asses left. But I can’t do it this time. Not on this project. I know you got pulled into this shit unwillingly and for that I’m sorry, but you have to let this go. Let us handle it. You can’t go out there on this one. This project does not exist, you hear me? If you start stirring up shit on this then we’re all going to fucking feel it.”

“We can’t stay out of this,” Franklin insisted. “He tried to kill us twice already. He’s going to try again. He’s not going to stop until we’re dead. We have to stop him first. We have to get that device away from him and destroy it. Do you have any idea what it can do? Do you have any idea how much damage it could cause?”

“Perfect mind control? Yeah we’ve got a bit of an inkling that it’s out there and how many people want it,” Derrick said. “But I mean it. You have to stay out of this. You three are already dead men walking in a lot of circles around here for your little disappearing act out to the beach. I won’t be able to protect you if you get pulled any deeper into this. My advice to you is to just walk away and I strongly suggest you take it.”

“Are you really going to let that lunatic out there with a damn mind control device?” Waldo demanded.

“We’re assessing all options,” Derrick said, giving the clear message that his hands were tied by those above his pay grade.

“Something has to be done,” Delbert insisted. “Evil cannot go unpunished. Wicked deeds must be stopped.”

“We don’t even know what he’s up to right now,” Franklin said. “It could be anything.”

“Oh we know exactly what he’s up to,” Derrick said as he reached into his desk and pulled out a file folder marked “Total Transformation”. “Here’s something you three don’t actually know for once. Your old buddy Brandon has gone and started himself up a business.”

* * * * *

Back across the country the offices of Total Transformation were very much in use as Brandon Moore observed the sweaty, stammering man sitting down in the conference room. He’d been pumped for information for weeks now and they had finally hit what looked to be the bottom. It indeed had been a very rich vein of information, but like all veins it eventually dried up.

“That’s all I know,” Scotty Taylor groaned in exhaustion. “Please, I swear to God that’s all I know. I’ve told you everything. I swear.”

“That’s quite a story you have there Scotty,” Brandon replied with a smirk. They’d heard Scotty’s stories since they’d brought him in after discovering him coincidentally at the scene of their attempted hit on Waldo, Franklin and Delbert. “All those beautiful girls. All of them famous. All of them fucking each other? Do you honestly expect anyone to believe that?”

“It’s true,” Scotty insisted. “I swear to God it’s true. I saw it with my own eyes. I’ve seen the truth and I have to expose it. It’s the story of a lifetime and I owe it to Mr. Malloy to reveal the lesbian celebrity conspiracy!”

He had indeed seen the truth. In a hidden moment away from the press at the announcement of their record label, Scotty had accidentally discovered Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears kissing each other. And this had been no kiss on the cheek. It had been a girlfriend on girlfriend kiss and Scotty knew he had fallen upon the dark, evil machinations of the lesbian celebrity conspiracy.

It was a deep rooted conspiracy committed to corrupting the morals of America’s young, nubile girls by turning them all into lesbians seeking to convert other beautiful girls into lesbians. And once they had the girls under their debauched control they’d go after the sexy mothers. Soon the world would belong to the lesbian celebrities and there would truly be a reign of terror to follow.

Scotty had painstakingly tracked down every detail of the lesbian celebrity conspiracy and while he didn’t have enough proof for him to print in L.A. Beat Magazine, he was ever so close to blowing it wide open. But now these guys had him and Scotty had told them everything about the conspiracy, every sick, dirty detail in the hope that they would soon let him go. So far, though, they had just kept him here and made him tell everything he knew.

Brandon just smiled at Scotty’s lunatic devotion. This guy clearly wasn’t firing on all cylinders, but he wasn’t lying about this. Brandon had seen all this firsthand. He’d first encountered the girls during his first visit to Waldo’s and further investigation had revealed they were doing a lot more than just living together.

Brandon had taken some private investigation work for Ryan Philippe and found out just how connected Reese Witherspoon was to everything going on in Malibu. Plus all the surveillance he’d done of Waldo, Franklin and Delbert’s little clubhouse had turned up some rather interesting information on the side.

And now with Scotty’s help, Brandon had filled in a lot of the gaps in his own mind as to what exactly was going on at that mansion and what else it impacted. Scotty’s rantings and ravings about a lesbian celebrity conspiracy might have seemed lunacy to most, but Brandon knew for a fact it was all true. Except for the conspiracy part, of course. That was insanity. But even so, it didn’t mean that Scotty hadn’t been extremely helpful to what Brandon was planning.

“You just sit right here Scotty,” Brandon said, chuckling as he observed the leg irons that kept the reporter in place in the conference room. “I’ll be back in a little bit.”

Brandon walked out of the conference room where he was met by his cohort Dr. Raymond Hall. Dr. Hall had listened to every word of Scotty’s ravings since day one and was pretty sick of them.

“Brandon let’s just kill him now and be done with it,” Dr. Hall pleaded. “He’s batshit nuts and I’m tired of wasting time on him when we have more important priorities to focus on.”

“No, let’s hold onto him for just a little while longer,” Brandon said. “This little worm could still prove to be even more useful. After all, without his leads we wouldn’t have any idea how to proceed with the test project. I think his knowledge and our needs intersected quite nicely. Now have the packages gone out?”

“They’ll all be delivered today,” Dr. Hall replied. “And the meeting is set for tomorrow afternoon.”

“Excellent,” Brandon said. Where others had seen sexual fantasy and crazed ravings, he’d seen an opportunity. “Once we’re able to bleed these Hollywood suckers dry we’ll be able to get the funding we need to start our real work.”

“And I can’t wait to get some new test subjects for the MAW Device,” Dr. Hall added with glee as he pictured just exactly what lay in store. “There’s still refinements to be made, but I think this is the perfect opportunity for us.”

“Absolutely,” Brandon agreed. “In fact my good doctor, this presents opportunities on many different levels.”

* * * * *

All throughout the morning, Eliza had been on Kirsten’s mind and now that it was the afternoon that hadn’t changed a bit. It wasn’t unusual in the slightest for Kirsten to spend her time daydreaming about the woman she loved, but today was different. She wasn’t thinking about things she could do to Eliza. She was focused on what she could do for her.

Kirsten had always feared she was a terrible gift giver because she usually had to fall back on getting her friends and family stuff like DVD’s or cool electronic gizmos. Those were fun and she knew they were appreciated, but they weren’t exactly heartfelt. Kirsten wanted to get people gifts they’d always remember, not just something they could put on a shelf, and she especially wanted to get something special this Christmas for her wife.

Kirsten had never had much success with long-term relationships before Eliza had come into her life. She’d desperately tried to find real love and had searched for it like a hunter, but it had never worked out with anyone before now. There had been guys who had cheated on her and others she just hadn’t been able to connect with. Bad relationships had broken her heart more times than Kirsten cared to remember, but all of that was in the past now.

She had found love in the last place she had ever expected it. And it wasn’t just love like you had for a friend or a particular possession. It was love with all capital letters. The kind that made you wake up every morning wondering what you did to deserve being so happy.

It seemed so strange to think back that day on the beach and take in everything that happened after it. It just didn’t seem possible that it so much time had passed since Eliza had first kissed her and first touched her and found her entirely willing to be seduced. She had never dreamed that going out to the beach that day with a woman she thought was a friend would turn into her finding her true love and the person she wanted to spend the rest of her days with.

Kirsten still got chills of pleasure when she thought back to that day. She remembered with perfect vividness how sunny it had been, how blue the ocean had seemed, how the wind had gently blown on them and how perfectly still everything had become as Eliza had rubbed lotion on her back in the moments before the kiss that had changed everything.

Kirsten had had no idea what was happening. She had thought everything between her and Eliza was strictly platonic, but then out of nowhere she had felt Eliza’s lips on her neck. And when she turned around to find out what the hell her friend was doing, those lips had ended up pressed to hers in a real kiss.

Before she had even had a chance to get a handle on the surprise kiss, Kirsten had felt Eliza’s hand pushing into her bikini bottoms. She had been too shocked to make Eliza stop and by the time she had gotten over being stunned, Eliza’s aggressive touch felt way too good for her not to want it. She had just sat there on the beach, moaning and panting and letting Eliza give her a passionate, frenzied finger fuck that had left her creaming her bottoms for more.

It had only taken that one orgasm for Kirsten to recognize that Eliza made her feel better than any lover ever had. When Eliza had tried to apologize and explain what she had just done, Kirsten had silenced her with a kiss. It had been the first kiss that Kirsten had ever given another woman, but she had done it without hesitation. It had just felt right to be with Eliza there on the beach and that feeling had never faded in all the years they had been together.

It hadn’t mattered that they were both women. It just mattered that they had connected in a profound way that went beyond the orgasms they experienced that day and all the days and nights after.

Kirsten had never been in a relationship before that had ever lasted close to as long as she and Eliza had been together. Now she and Eliza were married and there were many, many years still to come. Kirsten couldn’t wait to see what those years would be like.

A future with Eliza left Kirsten bubbling with excitement and she just wished she could tell the world they were married. She wanted to grab complete strangers on the street and tell them she was married to the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the world.

Of course she couldn’t do that and Kirsten knew it and that just made her more eager to show her love for Eliza any way she could. It had been hard enough for them to come out to their families and friends, shocking them with the truth. The public spotlight of being married to a woman in Hollywood wasn’t something either of them sought. Besides all that mattered was that they knew and their marriage was stronger than a piece of paper that wasn’t even legal here in America.

Eliza pretended to be as tough and hard as the characters she was best known for playing, but Kirsten knew her wife deep down was a romantic and she had no doubt Eliza was planning some kind of Christmas gift to her that was going to touch her heart and leave her smiling in love and joy.

How could she match that? What special present could she give to the person who meant the most to her in the entire world? What could show Eliza how she felt and how much she welcomed every day she was able to spend with her.

Kirsten wanted to do some something significant, especially since she had been away from home so much while filming Spider Man 3 in New York City and she was going to be gone so much this summer doing the world wide publicity blitz that came along with starring in a big blockbuster.

Sure they’d seen each other whenever possible between flights back home for long weekends and set visits, but it wasn’t be the same. Kirsten was already dreading being away from the woman she loved next year promoting the movie. She didn’t think Eliza was going forget her or anything during her absence, but Kirsten did want to make sure she gave her wife something to remember her to fill the lonely nights when they were apart, away on some distant film set or talk show.

So far Kirsten hadn’t been able to think of the right idea. She was drawing a blank and it was getting her frustrated.

How hard it could be to find the right kind of gift to tell the woman of her dreams how much she loved her and how much she was going to miss her every night they were apart?

As it turned out it was pretty damn hard.

Everything Kirsten thought of seemed too bland and clichéd. She didn’t just want to get Eliza some piece of jewelry or some expensive toy she’d never use. She wanted something that the mere memory of would make her and Eliza smile for years to come.

The challenge was still resting heavily on Kirsten’s mind as she arrived for her meeting at her agent’s. There were a lot of offers coming in after critics had singled her out as the best thing in Marie Antoinette and Kirsten was looking forward to tackling some real challenges that didn’t involve wearing a red wig and a CGI blue screen.

Kirsten walked into the office and was quickly greeted by the receptionist.

“Hi Ms. Dunst,” the girl said. “Barry’s running a few minutes behind today. Take a seat and he’ll be right with you.”

Kirsten suppressed a frown at the news. She didn’t want to linger here. She wanted to go back home so she and Eliza could make good on their morning flirting and continue what they had started in the shower. Kirsten knew “a few minutes behind” could easily turn into an hour or more and she didn’t feel like waiting around that long.

But she kept those feelings to herself and took her seat instead. At least she’d have a chance to concentrate on finding the right gift for Eliza. However, before she could get too settled in to start considering her options another woman walked into the office and gave Kirsten something else to think about entirely.

“Excuse me, I’m here for a 12:15 appointment,” the woman said to the receptionist. “I guess I’m a little early. Is he free?”

“Oh yes, I’m afraid Barry is running a few minutes late today,” the receptionist repeated. “If you could take a seat, he’ll be right with you.”

And that’s how it was that Kirsten ended up sitting across from Scarlett Johansson. As the actress set down her bag, she saw Kirsten sitting there and gave her a friendly smile.

“Hey,” Scarlett said brightly. “I almost didn’t see you there.”

“I blend in easily,” Kirsten replied with a laugh. She and Scarlett didn’t know each other very well, but their paths had crossed many times over the last few years and they had always been friendly to one another.

“You meeting with Barry too?” Scarlett asked as she set herself down in a chair directly across from Kirsten, settling in for what she figured would be a long wait.

“Oh yeah,” Kirsten smiled. “He said he’s got projects that are going to take my breath away. I’ll believe that when I see it though. The last time he said that I ended up in Wimbledon.”

“Hey I liked that movie, it was a sweet little romance,” Scarlett said.

“Me too,” Kirsten admitted. She tried to have a sense of humor about the flops she’d been in, but it was hard not to take it personally. She was happy Scarlett was a fan and even if she wasn’t it was still a nice thing to say. “Oh, hey, I saw The Prestige a few weeks ago finally. You were great in that. That was an unbelievable movie. I was sitting there after it was over still trying to figure it all out.”

“Thanks,” Scarlett replied with a grateful smile. “I just adored that script. It had so many great twists and such fascinating characters. I didn’t care that my part was pretty small. I just wanted to be in it, you know? I’m really proud of that movie.”

“You should be, it was fantastic,” Kirsten, keeping to herself the fact that she and Eliza had been so caught up in the plot that they hadn’t even ended up making out during the movie when they’d watched the DVD together. That was a compliment she didn’t need to share even if it was true.

“Thanks, that’s really sweet,” Scarlett said. “I did so many movies this past year that I’m afraid people are getting sick of me. I could use a little break but I’m sure that’s the last thing Barry wants to hear. Right now the movies I’m thinking about the most are the ones I go to. Oh and that reminds me. I loved Marie Antoinette. That was an amazing movie and you were great.”

“Thanks,” Kirsten said. “That means a lot coming from you. Sofia was always raving about you on the set. Sometimes I thought she wanted to replace me with you.”

“Awwww no worries, you were great,” Scarlett assured her. “I totally bought into the whole concept she was going for and I thought you were perfectly cast. You really blew the critics away too.”

“Yeah too bad they didn’t pay for their tickets,” Kirsten said with a rueful smile and chuckle. “We could have used the boost at the box office.”

“Yeah but you can’t get caught up in that,” Scarlett said. “It’s the work that’s important and you were great. Believe me if I cared about box office I would have gone into hiding after The Island came out and never come back out. Besides you’re gonna get all those dollars back when Spiderman comes out.”

“Yeah I guess it’s easier to play that at a mall than Marie Antoinette,” Kirsten laughed.

“Definitely,” Scarlett said. “Barry wants me to do another one of those big popcorn movies, but I don’t know. The Island was just such a miserable experience. I’m happy doing smaller films like Prestige. Of course hopefully Nanny Diaries will be a big hit. They’re gonna sell it like it’s the new Devil Wears Prada, but I don’t know if that will work. Ahhhhh God, now they got me doing it. I can’t even follow my own advice. It’s just so damn hard to not get caught up in all that box office crap.”

“Tell me about it, we could gross hundreds of millions but if we don’t do better than Spiderman 2 then everyone’s gonna say we flopped,” Kirsten sighed.

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem,” Scarlett predicted. “I heard that when the new trailer hit the net it was one of the most downloaded files of the year. So if you can get that many people to stop looking for porn long enough to get the trailer you’re already golden.”

Kirsten laughed at the joke. Scarlett was great and Kirsten hoped that sometime they’d be able to get to know each other better. She was definitely someone she wanted to spend more time with.

But before Kirsten could continue the conversation, the office doors opened up again and another girl walked in. She was someone you couldn’t help but take notice of. The status of “it girl” which had been stamped on her by the conventional wisdom practically demanded that she get your attention.

“Hi, I’m a little early,” the girl said. “I have an appointment. I think I screwed up the time though.”

“Just take a seat,” the receptionist replied once more. “Mr. Clark should be with you in a moment.”

Kirsten couldn’t stop herself from giving a long stare as the girl walked in and, when she glanced out of the corner of her eye, she saw that Scarlett had the same reaction. Seeing other celebrities was a matter of course for the business they were in so Kirsten didn’t usually get flustered or stare. But this time she couldn’t help it and it actually wasn’t just because the fresh faced young television star inspired many thoughts in her mind about how to best corrupt her innocence.

“Wow…ummm…wow…hi!” Hayden Panettiere gasped and smiled when she realized she’d be sharing time in the waiting room with some rather illustrious company. “You guys have to wait too?”

“Well as much as we like don’t like it, there are some closed doors for us too,” Scarlett remarked, breaking the silence. “Being famous doesn’t get you in any faster. I always love how on Entourage they just waltz right into Ari’s office. I’d love that to happen to me sometime.”

Kirsten smiled, grateful that Scarlett had said something. She hadn’t wanted to keep staring at Hayden. It just seemed so weird to see someone like her so normally; especially since the jeans and pink top she wore was far from the cheerleader outfit she was best known for.

“Yeah me too,” Kirsten said, latching onto Scarlett’s words to pull her up out of the staring coma she had been working herself into. “My agent tells me a hundred times in a minute that I’m his top priority but I still have to wait because he’s running behind.”

“Well I don’t even get the top agent yet, so I guess I have to pay my dues and wait,” Hayden smiled as she sat down next to Scarlett across from Kirsten. “I’m still with one of Barry’s associates.”

No one said anything for an awkward moment before Hayden couldn’t hold it in anymore and started gushing.

“Oh God, I tell myself not to do this but I can’t help it,” Hayden exclaimed, kicking herself before the words were even out of her mouth for being more of a star struck fan than a professional actress. “You two are both just so amazing! I mean I love your movies! You two are both great and I don’t want to gush and be all geeky, but you guys are such great actresses and I wanted to tell you how much I admire you!”

That was enough for Kirsten to lose it too. She was going crazy with Hayden so close to her and this time it wasn’t just because of how innocently sexy she looked.

“You gush? How about me?” Kirsten laughed. “God, I’m trying to hold it in here too. You’ve got to tell me everything about the show! I can’t believe they left it like that and are making us wait till January! Tell me everything! What happened with the Haitian guy? What did he tell you? Is your dad bad or good? Did Sylar escape? How come Peter’s the one who makes the explosion? Why did you say I’m sorry to him in his dream? What’s going to happen with Hiro? God you gotta tell me everything! I’m so freaking addicted to your show Hayden!”

“Me too!” Scarlett gasped in happiness at being able to admit it and not come off like a total fan girl. “I can’t believe I’m sitting next you Hayden! I’m dying every time the show ends because I just want the next episode to start! I have every episode Tivo’d and I watch them all the time. I practically know it by heart by now. That show’s amazing. You gotta tell me everything. No wait tell me nothing. No wait tell me everything. God!”

Hayden couldn’t help but laugh at all this. She was in complete and total admiration of both Kirsten and Scarlett. She wanted to be just like them. They’d started out acting as kids just like she had and now they were two of the most famous actresses in the world, getting the best parts and most interesting scripts. That was exactly what she wanted and yet here they were talking about how great her show was. She was floored to be getting such awesome compliments from two of her idols.

“Noooooo I can’t,” Hayden laughed. “Gawd, the producers would kill me if I told anything. But it’s going to be amazing. Just wait till you see what we’re planning for the season finale. You’re going to be going crazy all summer waiting for new episodes.”

“God, don’t tell me that,” Kirsten groaned. “I love cliffhangers and I hate them, know what I mean?”

“Definitely,” Scarlett agreed. “I feel the same way.”

The girls then yammered back and forth about the show, with both Kirsten and Scarlett pressing Hayden for details and the teenager yielding none. She was holding onto the secrets like she was in the CIA even though Kirsten and Scarlett were both desperate to get the scoop.

She and Eliza had been hooked on Heroes from the first episode. They Tivo’d every episode even though they made sure to watch them as soon as they were aired. They would get on the couch with popcorn and snuggle up to watch it, not wanting to miss a second. And when the show was on and they weren’t together they called each other and spent the whole hour watching it while on the phone so they could get instant reaction from each other.

Of course the show didn’t just work strictly for dramatic purposes. Kirsten and Eliza weren’t so wrapped up in the drama that they didn’t enjoy getting weekly doses of Ali Larter. The scene when she had stripped in Las Vegas and seduced Nathan had gotten them both panting, especially since Eliza had purred into her wife’s ear how hot her former co-star was in bed and how they’d have to get together with her for a threesome soon. Kirsten had loved that idea and had spent many idle moments fantasizing about Ali stripping for them and all the fun that would happen right after.

And of course if you were going to notice one blonde in the cast, you had to notice the other…

They had held back a little in their mutual lust for Hayden because she was underage, but that didn’t stop the naughty thoughts from bubbling up. And as they sat here, Kirsten felt those thoughts coming even as she tried to stifle them. Hayden was just a kid. As unbelievably hot as it would be, it would also have been wrong to go for her.

Now Scarlett, on the other hand, that was a different story.

That thought was like a light bulb going off over Kirsten’s head. Scarlett! God, now that would have been a great gift idea, Kirsten thought to herself with a private smile. She could get Scarlett gift wrapped and bring her home for her and Eliza to share.

It was a joke when she first thought of it, but it quickly turned in Kirsten’s mind into the perfect idea. It was just what she could give to Eliza that she’d always remember. Mmmm just the thought of them being able to share the memory of “Hey remember that time you brought Scarlett Johansson home for us to fuck” brought a naughty shiver up her spine.

Even before Sarah’s party where there had been dozens of hot female bodies eager to slip into a threesome with them, Kirsten and Eliza had opened up their bed to other girls. Natalie Portman had been a guest of theirs multiple times and she’d hardly been the only one. What better way was there to say I love you then with a hot girl they could both lick and fuck and play with all through the night?

It certainly wasn’t a traditional kind of Christmas gift, but Kirsten couldn’t think of a better one to give. And here she had two girls close to her that she knew she and Eliza would have loved to fuck. No wait…she couldn’t think that way about Hayden. She was only 17. It was wrong. But at the thought of bringing Scarlett into her bed, Kirsten crossed her legs and hoped her newly horny mindset didn’t become too obvious.

Hayden and Scarlett were still going on about the show, but Kirsten hadn’t really heard a word they had been saying for the last few minutes. She was too busy trying to decide how best to tempt Scarlett into coming home with her.

Besides, Hayden being too young, Kirsten felt Scarlett was the far better candidate for some fun. First, Kirsten knew her and she had never met Hayden before today. That alone made her a potentially easier target for seduction. But, more importantly, the second reason she was focused on Scarlett was that Kirsten couldn’t stop from stealing glances at her tits.

As she sat there in a pink skirt and a lacy white top, Scarlett was showing off a generous helping of cleavage and Kirsten was trying hard not to drool from the great view she got across from her. The hornier she got, the more impossible it was for Kirsten to look away and the harder it was for her to keep up her end of the conversation with the other girls. Her eyes kept drifting toward Scarlett’s cleavage and imaging what her chest looked like uncovered by clothing.

Even dressed Kirsten could see that Scarlett had great tits. She had hinted how blessed she was in her movies but now, with her tits seemingly about to fall right out of her lacy top, Kirsten longed to walk right over to her and just drag her tongue between Scarlett’s breasts and get all of her clothes off as soon as possible. It was so hard to think about Scarlett’s luscious tits and not want to push the straps of her top off her shoulders so she could start mouthing them with lustful worship.

Kirsten had disappeared so much into her heated trance that she didn’t even notice when the conversation turned back toward her.

“Kirsten?” Hayden said, her voice snapping Kirsten out of her haze.

“Huh?” Kirsten replied.

“Did you hear me?” Hayden asked.

“I guess not,” Kirsten admitted, a blush falling over her face as she hoped Hayden and Scarlett couldn’t detect why she was so distracted.

“I asked if you were going to sign up for another Spider Man movie,” Hayden repeated.

“Ohhhhh, sorry,” Kirsten said, still embarrassed. “Well…ummmm who says I survive the third one? I might not make it through long enough to be in a fourth movie”

“Awwwww don’t tease,” Hayden groaned, not enjoying having the tables turned on her. “Please tell me. I love those movies. They’re amazing. They totally inspired so many of the things we do. If you hadn’t been such a big hit, we wouldn’t even be on the air probably.”

Kirsten was relieved she had managed to cover her growing infatuation with Scarlett, but it was close. She played coy with Hayden’s questions and pretended like nothing was going on but inside she was so impatient to be called in so she could get out of here.

She didn’t think Scarlett had caught onto her lust but she chastised herself for doing such a bad job of hiding it. Kirsten had grown so comfortable staring at Eliza and all the sexy girls they knew and shared that she had almost forgotten how to act around girls she wasn’t fucking. She couldn’t just leer at girls in public. Damn it, she had to get some control of herself.

Kirsten could tell Hayden hadn’t picked anything up, but glancing over at Scarlett, Kirsten saw a knowing smile crossing her lips and she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand. Did Scarlett see through her? Did she somehow know that Kirsten was getting wetter with every passing second she was sitting across from her?

Suddenly Kirsten saw Scarlett wink at her. Or did she? Kirsten could have sworn she saw a wink, but it was so quick that she couldn’t be sure. Scarlett still had that mysterious smile on her face. Did she know? Did she mind? Was she interested? Was she going to come over and slap her? Or kiss her?

Kirsten found herself asking a million questions like that, but they were all blown away like dust by Scarlett’s next move. The blonde reached down for her bag and bent over to fish something out. This gave Kirsten the maximum view of her cleavage possible without Scarlett whipping off her top right there in the waiting room.

Getting this awe inspiring view down Scarlett’s top made Kirsten’s eyes wide and she had to stifle an aroused gasp from escaping her lips. Kirsten felt all kinds of flustered and the sensations quickly overwhelmed her. She bolted up out of her seat and right for the office’s ladies room.

Kirsten had no idea what Hayden or Scarlett thought of her sudden exit and she didn’t care. She just had to get out of there. Any more exposure to Scarlett and she would have snapped and leapt right into her lap for a very public display of kissing and clothes ripping.

She didn’t know whether Scarlett had been sending her a flirtatious signal with that move or if it had been done innocently with no sexual intent. All Kirsten did know was that she needed some cold water on her face. She couldn’t believe she had embarrassed herself like that. She had no indication that Scarlett was even into girls and she had been blatantly staring at her. What had she been doing out there? She was acting like some horny teenager who couldn’t hold his load.

As soon as the door closed behind her in the ladies room, Kirsten rushed to the sink and turned on the faucet. She splashed the water on herself, hoping it would get her to snap out of this horny state. She couldn’t go about exposing her lust for women like this. It wasn’t a safe situation. She didn’t want to be the female version of some creepy, pervy guy who couldn’t keep his eyes in his head whenever he saw a hot girl.

Kirsten stared at herself in the mirror after drying her face off and mentally preached self-control. A brief check down her blouse confirmed that her nipples were hard and Kirsten could feel the wetness of her pussy against her panties. She was just relieved that her arousal wasn’t showing through her skirt.

God, just being around Scarlett had turned her on. The thought of bringing her home to share with Eliza had worked her up so much that she was growing desperate for relief. But Kirsten reminded herself that this was no place to make a move. If she was going to go for it, she would have to wait for a better opportunity. Scarlett might be into girls. It was certainly possible and if she had given her a wink then it might have been a flirtatious sign. But the timing was wrong to find out.

Kirsten felt like she couldn’t stay. The temptation of being so close to Scarlett and her exquisitely tempting breasts would have been too much and she might have ended up doing something really embarrassing. She had to make up some excuse and ditch her meeting. That was what she should do. Then she could go home and work off her arousal with Eliza and then be in better position to get Scarlett or some other willing girl into their bed.

It was a good plan but it was also a plan that lasted only the second it took for the door to open so Scarlett could walk into the ladies room.

“You ok?” Scarlett asked as the door swung closed behind her. “You kind of got out of there in a hurry. Was it something we said?”

“Ummmmmmmm no,” Kirsten stammered. “It’s just…every…everything’s fine. I just needed to ummmm…uhhh…needed to…”

Visibly enjoying Kirsten’s discomfort, Scarlett smiled again and made her move.

“Didn’t you like the show I was giving you?” Scarlett grinned, seemingly revealing her intentions.

“What? What do you mean?” Kirsten shot back, playing dumb until she was absolutely sure about Scarlett.

”I mean, didn’t you like staring at my tits?” Scarlett purred as she walked up to Kirsten and pressed against her, pushing Kirsten into the sink. “It sure seemed like you enjoyed it a lot and I was hoping you’d want an even better look.”

Scarlett was so confident and it was hard for Kirsten not to absolutely melt from her. It was the same confidence that Eliza oozed and that never failed to turn Kirsten on. Kirsten still wasn’t 100 percent sure this was going to lead to fun and not some elaborate set up to slap in the face, but there was only one way to find out.

Kirsten didn’t respond to Scarlett pressing into her body with words. Instead she wrapped her arms around Scarlett’s waist and pulled her even closer for a kiss. The two blondes then began French kissing without inhibition as they saw the lust they felt for each other was mutual.

Neither girl paused to consider what was happening. They just accepted that they were hot for each other and moved right into getting frisky. Kirsten and Scarlett kissed like they were long-time lovers and not casual acquaintances. None of their actions would have indicated this was their first experience with each other.

Their first kiss soon turned into another and another as they took turns sucking on each other’s tongues while they ground their aroused bodies together. The sink pushed into Kirsten’s back but she barely noticed it. All she could feel was the pleasure of Scarlett’s kiss and the promise of having her sexy body pressed against her. Kirsten couldn’t believe how well this had all worked out.

Both girls were moaning wantonly during their kisses and when they finally broke for air it was Scarlett who spoke.

“Mmmm I thought you were staring at me,” Scarlett sighed, a strand of Kirsten’s saliva dripping down her chin. “I’m glad I was right. I’ve wanted to do that to you for so long Kirsten. I had no idea you would be into it, but when I saw you looking at me like that I had to do something. I had to have you.”

“Well you’ve definitely got me now,” Kirsten giggled, still a little frazzled from everything that had happened. “I can’t believe you like girls too.”

“Mmmm I love girls,” Scarlett declared, her eyes lustfully examining Kirsten from head to toe, focusing in on her swollen nipples poking against her blouse. “Looks like you love girls too, honey.”

“More than you know,” Kirsten grinned before she told Scarlett about Eliza, what she wanted to do for her and what delights would be waiting if she only agreed to come home with her. She didn’t just go around talking about her love life to everyone, but she had to tell Scarlett. She wanted her to want this as much as she did. She wanted her to be soaked just thinking about all the fun she could have with her and Eliza in their bed.

And the girl’s tactic worked. Kirsten’s admission had Scarlett’s head spinning and her pussy throbbing with desire. She couldn’t believe her luck. Kirsten Dunst AND Eliza Dushku? It was too good to be true and she signaled her acceptance of the invitation by giving a playful tongue swipe against Kirsten’s chest, licking her nipples through her clothes and making the girl groan again.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss…oooooh Scarlett, I can’t wait to get you home with me,” Kirsten moaned. “Please say you’ll come. Say you’ll come with me. I can’t wait to play with you and Eliza. I totally lost it when you bent over like that and teased me with your beautiful body. Mmmm I know Eliza’s gonna like you just as much as I do.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed my show,” Scarlett said as she ran her hands up over her own chest, pushing her thumbs under the straps of her top.

“I loved it,” Kirsten admitted before gasping again when Scarlett pulled down the straps of her top and exposed her bare breasts to Kirsten’s gawking eyes.

“Don’t you think my tits look even better this way?” Scarlett teased. The more flustered Kirsten became, the wetter Scarlett got for her. Scarlett was ready and willing to fuck right there in the ladies room and the more flesh she exposed the more Kirsten was ready to go right along with her.

“Oh my God,” Kirsten gasped over the skin show. “You’re so beautiful Scarlett.”

“Thank you. Mmmmm so are you. So sexy and beautiful” Scarlett gratefully said before kissing Kirsten again and asking another question with an obvious answer. “You want to suck on them? You want to suck on my big, soft tits Kirsten?”

It was Kirsten’s turn to flash a sexy smile and she didn’t hesitate to do what she had been fantasizing about since Scarlett had sat down across from her. She took Scarlett’s huge breasts in her hands and lifted them up so she could lean down and take one of her nipples into her mouth and tenderly suck on it.

“Ohhhhhh yesssssss,” Scarlett hissed as she tossed her head back and pleasure coursed up her spine. The last thing she had expected to get today had been girl sex but now that she had this incredible opportunity she was going to get every bit of fun out of it. “Mmmmmm God, you weren’t lying. You’ve done this before baby. Oooooh that feels good! Mmmm suck those tits Kirsten! Make my nipples throb for you! Yeahhhh that’s what I want! You’re making me so wet Kirsten! Ughh my pussy is gonna soak my panties soon from you sucking my tits! I can’t wait to get home with you and Eliza! God, we’re gonna have so much fun. You both are so hot! Mmmm the only thing better would be if we had Hayden in here joining us!”

Kirsten closed her eyes and moaned at the thought but she couldn’t. She just couldn’t.

“Noooo…don’t,” Kirsten protested even as she fought her own desires for what Scarlett was saying. “She’s too…too young.”

“Oh c’mon don’t pretend you weren’t getting just as wet for her as I was,” Scarlett teased with her brilliant smile. “Tell me you’re not thinking about her right now joining us and letting us get her clothes off so we can corrupt that innocent girl and make her all wet and naughty. Mmmmm I’ll bet her tight little pussy tastes sooooo good. Don’t you want to lick her Kirsten? Don’t you want to taste her pussy? C’mon baby, fuck the cheerleader, save the world.”

Kirsten couldn’t help but laugh at the obvious joke. But the nervous laugh didn’t change that she was fighting wicked lusts inside herself. Of course she wanted Hayden. She was gorgeous. She was so innocently sexy, like she didn’t know the full power she had to make cocks hard and pussies wet. Kirsten would have loved to fuck her. But it was wrong. She was a kid. She wasn’t ready to be seduced. Was she? Scarlett sure seemed to think she was.

“Yeah you want her as bad as I do,” Scarlett grinned. “Mmmm we can bring her to your home too. I’ll bet Eliza would love to see her naked. Wouldn’t you like that Kirsten? Getting Hayden and me naked in bed with you so your sexy wife can join us and watch me fuck you while you lick that tight little teen pussy and make her come from a woman’s tongue for the first time?”

“Oh gawwwwwwwd,” Kirsten groaned. That sounded fucking amazing. She couldn’t help but think of pulling Hayden fully dressed into the bed and slowly stripping her clothes off her, piece by piece until her pert, nubile teenage body was revealed in its nude glory for her to kiss and touch and taste. Kirsten’s heart pounded at the thought of teaching Hayden all about how to get naughty and slutty with other girls and how amazing it felt.

Kirsten knew Eliza would have loved that too. They had shared wicked thoughts about Hayden while watching the show, each time knowing how wrong it would be but how right it would feel. Scarlett was driving her crazy with these lustful fantasies and Kirsten had to shut her up before she got so worked up that she went out and dragged Hayden into the ladies room with them.

Kirsten silenced Scarlett with another hot kiss, pressing their tits together as her nipples strained against her blouse and longed to rub against Scarlett’s bare, swollen pink tips. The two girls kissed passionately, rubbing their tongues together as Scarlett’s hands dropped down to Kirsten’s skirt, going under it to caress her ass through her panties.

They were going to do this. They were going to fuck right in the ladies room and they both knew it was going to be incredible.

But unfortunately their fun was interrupted when the door to the ladies room swung open again. Neither girl had paused to consider they were not in the most private of locations and that getting caught was a distinct possibility. And when that was just what happened, Kirsten and Scarlett weren’t prepared for it.

They both whirled around to see a quite shocked Hayden Panettiere gawking at them. Kirsten immediately broke the kiss and Scarlett pulled her top back up but they both knew it was useless for them to try and pretend nothing had been going on.

Kirsten opened up her mouth to offer up some kind of explanation, but she never got the chance before Hayden shocked the both of them by fainting onto the bathroom floor.

* * * * *

The scene was far less dramatic at Shooting Stars Talent Agency where Love, Jennifer and Rose were amongst a score of celebrities helping their agent give back. With a sea of movie and television stars right from the top of the A list on down, there was a lot of temptation for mingling and deal making. But everyone was focused on what they came there to do and have fun in the process.

Having come from poor surroundings to the top of the Hollywood food chain, Damon was always quick to give back to those in the same situation he had been in. He remembered all too well past Christmases growing up where he had received nothing and he wanted to make sure the children in Los Angeles’ poorer neighborhoods didn’t have the same experiences.

With a talent roster of the biggest names in Hollywood, he had plenty of big names there to help and Love was amongst the most eager participants. What she loved most about Christmas was all the good will it generated. People went out of their way to be nice and generous and it was easy to feed off that.

Love wanted the people around her to be smiling and she knew an easy way to accomplish that was to hand presents to children. Everyone loved presents, lord knows she did, but children were especially happy to get them and Love got such a good feeling out of seeing them happy.

She was getting such a good feeling from what she was doing that Love didn’t even really scope out the landscape of famous female faces at the party to see which ones she’d been with and which ones she wanted to be with.

There were plenty of girls who fit the former category and Love couldn’t help but share friendly hugs with the likes of Natalie Portman, Ashley Judd and Eva Mendes and remember how they’d all done much more than hug each other during far more naughty times. But she kept those lustful thoughts to a minimum and concentrated on the kids instead.

Normally a trip to her agent’s office wasn’t complete with a few fantasies about raiding his talent roster for some new fresh faces to bring to Malibu or locking herself in a conference room with his adorable receptionist so they could peel each other’s clothes off and get their tongues to work.

Love even a few stray thoughts about Damon himself. She had never been with a black guy and she had to admit she was more than a little curious. But she’d never ever made a move on her agent and this was definitely not the time or place for such thoughts. Maybe another time and place but not today.

Glancing over at her friends, Love saw Jennifer happily handing out packages and could immediately tell she felt the same way about being good today. Love saw that even Rose was behaving herself, which made her especially glad. Love knew that so many people had the wrong idea about Rose. They thought she was either some perverse goth girl because of her past relationship with Marilyn Manson or a flat out lunatic because of her arrest.

But Love knew the truth. She knew that Rose was as caring a friend as she had ever had and that she’d do anything to help or protect them. Love felt that people were too busy making judgments about Rose to see how good a heart she truly had and having her be at an event like this could only help people see the true Rose and not some fabricated media creation.

Love couldn’t help but give her housemate a warm smile and loving gaze as she watched Rose give a kid a hug after handing out some presents. Rose returned the smile and headed over.

“I think this will ruin my image,” Rose laughed. “People are going to start to think I’m nice.”

“You are nice Rose,” Love declared. “You shouldn’t hide it. Once people see that side of you they’ll stop making judgments. They’ll see the real you.”

“I don’t care what anyone else thinks,” Rose replied. “Let them think what they think. The only people I care about you and Jen and everyone at home. Yours are the only opinions that matter.”

“Well we already know how nice you are,” Love said before handing out another package to an eager recipient.

Rose got behind Love and wrapped her arms around her waist, pulling herself close to her housemate’s back. It seemed like an overly friendly gesture, but just a friendly one, to anyone who was watching. But of course it meant so much more.

“I’m not always so nice,” Rose admitted softly into Love’s ear as she thought back to the secrets she’d worked so hard to protect all these years and how the only thing she feared in the world was her friends finding out the truth.

“Hmmm? What do you mean Rose?” Love inquired.

“Nothing…just forget it,” Rose said. Sometimes she thought about coming clean to her housemates, but she always ignored the idea. There was too much fear in her that they’d reject her if they knew the truth.

Rose began searching her brain for a way to change the subject as the party milled on around them. Fortunately a change in the subject quickly emerged from the crowd and interjected herself.

“Well hey there stranger,” a voice said behind Rose, causing her and Love to turn around. Rose immediately smiled at who it was, while Love remained more cautious, not quite knowing what the back story was here.

     “Hello there yourself,” Rose replied, her attention now completely drawn in by the sexy brunette. “It’s been a while.”

     “Yeah, since the Charmed wrap party,” Lauren Graham said. “Mmmm now that was a party.”

     “Absolutely, but I don’t remember much of the actual party,” Rose admitted. “I guess I was too busy on that empty set with you, Alyssa, Holly and a bottle of champagne. Mmmmm as I recall none of us were at that party for long.”

     “Still the best damn party I’d been too in a long time,” Lauren said carnally, the kind of smile Love was quite used to seeing on Rose crossing her lips. “But I haven’t heard word one from any of you since then. What’s the matter Rose? Now that we’re not on the same network anymore, you don’t have any use for me?”

     “Well I’ve been busy…” Rose defended herself, placing her arm around Love’s shoulder. It was a subtle gesture since with a crowded party of celebrities and children around them discretion was a must, but Lauren got the message loud and clear.

     Love still felt like she was coming to this story late. What was the deal between Lauren and Rose? Had they been with another? It sure sounded like they had. But why would Rose, and Alyssa for that matter, keep that secret? Those two usually were lightning quick to share news of their conquests with their housemates and being able to fuck someone as beautiful and sexy as Lauren Graham would have been something Love would have been shouting from the rooftops of Malibu if it had been her.

     “So I can see,” Lauren said, eyeing Love as openly as she dared. “Can’t say I blame you. If I were you or Lyssa, I’d never leave the house.”

     “What’s going on here?” Love asked. “You two obviously have something going on here. Spill it. I’ve got to know.”

     “You could say we’ve got something going on,” Lauren replied coyly. “We were a very close network over at the WB, weren’t we Rose?”

     “Definitely,” Rose grinned as she remembered that private wrap party she Alyssa, Holly and Lauren had thrown for each other on the abandoned set with a bottle of champagne and no clothing allowed. Mmmm they had gone after each other with tongues and fingers and even that bottle as they said their final goodbye to the show.

Eventually Kaley Cuoco had stopped by to check on them and that had only made the party hotter when the onscreen sisters had pulled her sexy dress off and all taken turns licking her holes as the blonde had shrieked for more and Lauren had fucked herself with the bottle, using it like a dildo up her soaked and already well licked cunt.

“We were definitely very…close…mmmm that’s a good word,” Rose agreed.

“Well spill the details,” Love demanded with a smile, momentarily forgetting her surroundings at the revelation of what sure looked to be a pairing of Rose and Lauren.

Love had been a huge Gilmore Girls fan since it premiered and the thought of Lauren having sex with any woman was an immense turn on. Having that woman be Rose or Alyssa or even Holly Marie Combs just made the picture even more scorching.

“Oh no, not here,” Lauren coyly smiled. “This party is definitely rated G with maybe a few adult situations and adult language to push it up to a PG, but what’s happened between me and Rose and her pretty costars is strictly NC-17.”

Love was trying to keep her jaw from hitting the ground. How long had this been going on? What had happened? And most importantly why hadn’t she been invited to join in?

“No way are you two getting off the hook,” Love insisted. “I want details and lots of them.”

“After the party,” Rose said. “I promise Love.”

Lauren looked at the two girls appreciatively. She could see just from the looks they shared that the stories she’d heard were right on the money.

“Wow, looks like you and Lyssa weren’t lying,” Lauren said. “Or at least you weren’t lying about her. I still don’t know if you two really live in that place you described. It’s still too unbelievable. I need more proof like this.”

“Well with that attitude, Lyssa and I are never going to give you proof,” Rose said, which had Lauren narrowing her eyes in visible frustration.

Lauren had long sought to outdo Rose and Alyssa and she’d done a fine job of it, if she didn’t say so herself, but if the stories were true about that mansion then she still had work to do. Of course that story couldn’t be true. Could it? A mansion filled with beautiful, pussy starved celebrities? Impossible. Of course one could argue that it also should have been just as impossible that all of her own famous friends were as slutty as they actually were, so Lauren was certainly open to the idea of seeing the impossible.

“Hmmmphhh well if you’re going to be like that, then I’m not going to invite you to my party,” Lauren declared, her smile turning smug as she revealed her trump card. “See, I can play hard to get too Rose.”

Her statement got the desired effect as Rose’s eyes visibly widened with eagerness.

“You’re throwing one of your parties?” Rose inquired, trying not to show off how much she wanted to go. Lauren’s parties were legendary.

“Mmmmmhmmm…my annual Christmas party,” Lauren said, loving the way she was able to turn the tables on Rose so easily. “It’s tonight. I was going to invite you. But well…I guess you’re not interested.”

“Oh there might be some interest,” Rose claimed, trying to play it cool as Love watched where all this was leading with great fascination.

Before the two women could circle around each other any longer in their coy little flirting game, a woman walked up to Lauren. She was a redhead in what looked to be her mid to late 20’s with her hair tied up in a bun in the back and a pair of small wire rim glasses on her face. She was definitely attractive and to Love she kind of looked like one of those strippers who would come out pretending to be a stern teacher or a ball busting businesswoman and then turn slutty as soon as the music started and the clothes began coming off.

But while Love might have harbored stripper fantasies about the woman, her demeanor and her voice indicated that she was all business.

“Ms. Graham, we’re falling behind schedule,” the woman said to Lauren as she talked and punched away at her Blackberry at the same time. “I’ve done the calculations and I believe maximum efficiency can be achieved if you hand out presents every 5.2 seconds. That’s enough for a present and a personal greeting of varying degrees of emotion. By taking this conversation time you’re falling behind schedule.”

“Thanks Whitney,” Lauren said before turning back to Rose and Love. “This is Whitney. She’s my personal assistant. Always on me to stay on schedule. Without her I’d probably still be at the house trying to figure out how to program my Tivo for today.”

“It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance,” the efficient, industrious redhead said in a clipped fashion toward Love and Rose, taking care not to waste a single word. “But Ms. Graham, we must get back to work immediately.”

“Wait…what about your party?” Rose asked, betraying her eagerness. She’d kick herself forever if she knew Lauren was having one of her epic parties tonight and she wasn’t able to get an invitation for herself or her friends. She knew her housemates would love to go. It was an event right up their alley.

“Well you haven’t quite given me enough proof that your mansion stories aren’t just you making things up to impress me,” Lauren said, still smirking. “I don’t know if you deserve an invitation. I mean it’s been so long since we’ve seen each other that I don’t know if you’re hot enough for the guest list anymore.”

Now it was Rose’s turn to narrow her eyes at Lauren with an “I’ll show you stare.” She looked around for a way to prove herself and quickly saw one.

“Hey Jen, over here,” Rose said, waving to her housemate. Jennifer quickly walked over, wondering what this was all about.

“Hey, Jen do you mind giving Lauren here a demonstration of our living arrangement?” Rose asked, making Jennifer’s jaw drop.

“What? Here? In front of everyone?” Jennifer gasped in shock. “Are you crazy Rose?”

The genuine panic in Jennifer’s face that Rose might actually go through it and put on some kind of live sex show with her and Love right in front of the whole party was obvious and Lauren certainly picked up on it.

“See?” Rose demanded.

“Wellllll maybe you weren’t making up all those stories,” Lauren smiled. “Mmmm I think we can fit you and your mansion friends over at the party. What about it Whitney? Do we have room?”

“Oh I believe we can fit a few more people in,” Whitney replied and Love swore she saw a lustful twinkling in her eyes behind her glasses.

“Great, cocktails start at 7 and the real fun kicks into gear at around 8,” Lauren said. “See you there Rose. Bring your friends. Mmmm as many as you can.”

Whitney then dragged Lauren away, leaving Rose very satisfied with herself and Love and Jennifer still largely in the dark.

“So you want to tell me what all that was about?” Jennifer asked, her breathing rate returning to normal now that she saw Rose wasn’t about to start ripping at her clothes in front of their industry’s elite.

“Yeah, what’s the deal between you and Lauren?” Love demanded. Obviously Lauren knew what was going on at the mansion, but Love had no idea what was going on with her and Rose and that hardly seemed fair. She hated being kept out of the loop, especially since the loop seemed to involve hot sex with Lauren Graham, something Love very much wanted to get involved with.

“Who said anything’s going on?” Rose asked innocently. “I think you two have overactive imaginations.”

“The hell we do,” Love declared with playful insistence. “You know I’m not going to stop bugging you until you tell me.”

“I’ll tell you everything after the party,” Rose promised. “I won’t leave a detail out. You’ve just got to wait a little bit first. And no whining about it either. Remember you’re the one who wanted to come here. So you have to wait now.”

Love frowned and gave a little pout. She had wanted to come here and she was happy she was here, but still she hated waiting and it sounded like Rose had one hell of a sexy secret to tell.

“So are we going to some party or something now?” Jennifer inquired. She didn’t know Lauren very well at all and it would be weird to suddenly be going to a party of hers, but Rose certainly seemed to know the brunette television star very well so she supposed it wouldn’t be too awkward if she went with her. Besides, Jennifer had learned a long time ago that sometimes it was just better to go with the flow instead of questioning everything.

“Oh yeah, no chance in hell we’re not going,” Rose grinned. “You never turn down an invitation to Lauren’s. Ever.”

“Well now you’re definitely telling us everything as soon as we get home,” Love insisted. “This had better be something special too.”

“Oh it is,” Rose swore. “I don’t even know what she’s planning but if Lauren’s doing it, it’s going to be amazing. She’s the only girl who can rival me in…”

“What?” Love asked when Rose froze mid-sentence. “What is it?”

Love turned toward where Rose’s eyes were fixed and when she saw what had captured her gaze a similar stunned silence fell over her as well.

“What are you two looking at?” Jennifer asked. And then she saw it too.

“Oh…” Jennifer gasped in response, the crowd parting enough for her to see exactly whom they were staring at and how they were being stared at right back.

“Hey,” Sarah Michelle Gellar shyly said, her face trying to force a smile as a deep blush covered her face and a wish filled her brain that if only she could just disappear.

Sarah hadn’t wanted to come to this today. She had been too afraid that this was going to happen and she was going to see one of her former housemates. Damon represented so many of them. It would have been so hard to avoid them and now there she was, right in the middle of the confrontation she had wished she could have avoided for the rest of her life.

Freddie had insisted she come with him to this and now her fears had been realized. Sarah would have given anything in the world to not have to be there right then, staring into the faces of three women she had cared about more than words could describe…the ones she had shared the most intense experiences of her life with only to leave behind when she got married.

No one said a word to each other. There was just a silence that went way beyond awkward as Love, Rose and Jennifer stared right at Sarah and she stood nervously before them, feeling the heavy weight of her guilt bearing down upon her. They hadn’t seen each other since that night in Jamaica when Sarah had left them all and now that fate had suddenly reunited them, no one knew what to say.

They just stared at each other…three sets of eyes boring into one. It was as if everything else had stopped around them and the rest of the crowded party melted away, leaving them as the only people here. The party was full of laughter and life all around them, but none of that mattered to the four women. They didn’t notice it and they didn’t care.

The silent stares continued until finally it was unbearable for Jennifer. There was so much that had to be said.

“We should go and find some place more private…” Jennifer managed to sputter out. Her heart was in her throat from suddenly seeing Sarah again and she knew Love and Rose had to feel the same way. But how did Sarah feel? Jennifer was dying to know.

No one said anything more in response to Jennifer’s idea, but no one objected to it either. They just went along with her as she sought out some room somewhere where they could at least be alone. Damon’s conference room was right nearby and it was easy enough for them to all duck in.

Pausing only to flick on some lights so they could really see each other, the four girls almost instantly resumed the position they had had been in before…three sets of eyes staring at one and searching for an apology…an explanation…anything.

Love and Rose remained silent and Sarah still looked like she wanted the Earth to swallow her up, so once again it was up to Jennifer to say something.

“How are you?” Jennifer asked. It was the first thing she could think of out of all the questions she had for Sarah, but it was one she did really want to know the answer to. They hadn’t heard one word from Sarah since she had left them and none of them had any idea how she was doing.

“I’m fine,” Sarah admitted softly. Once it had been so easy to talk to these girls. Words had flown off her lips as she had admitted every deep fantasy, secret and fear to them. She had trusted her housemates above all, but now even getting the most basic of pleasantries past her lips was difficult. She felt paralyzed around the three women she had once been so close to. “Everything’s been fine. I…”

“Oh goddamnit, is this the fucking game we’re gonna play?” Rose snapped. “How are you? What have you been doing? How’s your fucking perfect marriage? Fuck no!”

“Rose please,” Jennifer interrupted. She could see how hard this was on Sarah and she didn’t want to make things worse.

“Please what? Be nice to her?” Rose shot back angrily. “Why? She ran away in the middle of the night and left behind a fucking note! A goddamn note? Is that all we meant to her? Then we don’t hear from her in more than a year! It’s like we’re dead to her, so why don’t you tell me why I should be nice to her Jennifer!”

“Rose…it’s not like that…” Sarah tried to explain. She’d been dreading this moment since the night she left. She’d hoped she’d never have to see the faces of the friends she’d left behind and feel their anger and their pain.

“What’s it like then, Sarah?” Rose demanded. “Did you not leave us in the middle of the night without even a real goodbye to marry some useless piece of shit?”

Sarah just hung her head in shame. She didn’t even offer up a feeble defense of Freddie to Rose’s insult. She couldn’t face this. It felt even worse than she had ever imagined it would.

“Don’t you even have anything to say for yourself?” Rose said, her hurt evident in every word she spoke. This wasn’t just a bad tempered response. This was pain that had been building in her since the night Sarah left. “Can’t you even look us in the eye?”

Sarah couldn’t and she shook her head in response. She was trying desperately to hold back tears. She had never felt Rose’s anger before and it hurt her, especially since she knew she deserved it.

“Rose, calm down,” Jennifer said, trying to make peacemaker. They hadn’t seen Sarah in so long and she didn’t want them all ganging up on her. If they did that they might never see her again. “Don’t make it worse for her!”

“Don’t make excuses for her!” Rose snapped at her housemate. “If she cared so much about what we thought she wouldn’t have left us and pretended nothing ever happened!”

“I do care…” Sarah suddenly spoke. “I do! Rose, God, you have no idea how hard this is! You don’t know how I agonized over it…how it killed me inside to do what I did! But I had to! I had to do it! I never…never wanted to hurt you guys…”

“Well you did!” a voice snapped. But this time the anger wasn’t coming from Rose. It was coming from Love.

“You hurt us Sarah! You hurt us by leaving and you hurt us by never even caring how we were without you!” Love angrily said, her lips quivering and her eyes starting to tear up as months and months of emotion suddenly began spilling out. “How could you do that to us Sarah? How could you do that to me? I cried for you every fucking night and you couldn’t even give me a goddamn phone call to see if we were ok!”

“Oh Love…” Sarah gurgled, close to losing it too. She couldn’t handle thinking of Love’s heart breaking and tears pouring down her beautiful face because of her actions.

“Didn’t what we did together mean anything to you?” Love demanded as Jennifer and Rose looked on in slight shock. The last one of them to ever get angry was Love and neither of them could ever remember seeing her like this before.

“It did!” Sarah insisted. “It meant everything to me Love!”

“Liar!” Love sneered. “Don’t lie Sarah! You treated us like we were nothing! Like we were something for you to ditch when it was convenient! You don’t have any idea what you did to all of us when you left! We were miserable without you and you never even said goodbye! You never cared about us at all! You never cared about me!”

Love was even surprised at herself for reacting this way. She had shed tear after tear from Sarah leaving, moped around that mansion like someone had died and hoped each and every time the phone rang it was Sarah calling, but she had never lashed out.

There had been so many times when Love had thought about what she’d say if she ever saw Sarah again, but now that she was finally face to face with the person she had first discovered the ecstasy of a woman’s touch with, all the anger she had suppressed inside herself spilled out. This wasn’t what she had planned to say at all. But she couldn’t stop herself once it started. Seeing Sarah was like ripping open all the old wounds that had still barely healed over.

“No! Please don’t say that Love!” Sarah begged, moving closer to her former housemate. “I do care! I care so much! I love you guys!”

“Don’t you say that!” Love furiously snapped, pulling away when Sarah tried to reach for her arm. “Don’t you fucking say that Sarah! You don’t treat people you love the way you treated us! You don’t leave them and just disappear! We started this Sarah! You and me! I thought I could trust you! I thought you cared about me…about us…about everything we did! But you didn’t and you never did! You just left us and forgot about us like we were nothing!”

“But I do care!” Sarah cried, she had never seen Love like this before and it was breaking her heart. “I do Love! I miss you guys so much! I think about you all the time! It killed me to leave! Can’t you see that! Please! Please Love; all I want is for things to be right between us!”

“You’re a bitch Sarah!” Love said as tears flowed down her cheeks, every emotion she had tapped down over the last months spilling out of her eyes with hot intensity. “I never want to see you again!”

Trying not to sob as she did so, Love stormed out of the room and back into the party. Rose and Jennifer didn’t say anything more to Sarah. They just ran after their housemate trying to catch and console her. They didn’t care that the party was over for them now. They didn’t care about making a scene. They just cared about making Love feel better.

Sarah was left behind in the room, her nightmare finally having come true. They hated her. The girls she cared about so much hated her for what she’d done to them and she knew she deserved it. She knew she deserved it all.

Not even going to close the door first, Sarah just slumped down against the wall, falling to her knees and crying with soft, heartbroken sobs into her hands as she pressed them to her face. She had always known this would happen, but to actually go through it was devastating and at last she finally saw that she had taken the best thing in her life and ruined it forever.

* * * * *

What a difference a year makes, Jewel sighed to herself as she rummaged through her closet. She found the sweatshirt she was looking for rather quickly and peeled off her shirt to change into it. With another sigh, Jewel saw that her bra was soaked too, so that went off as well. Not that she ever minded taking off her clothes, but Jewel wished it was under different circumstances.

Last year when she had volunteered to help Alyssa with her charity work they had ended up stumbling onto Anne Hathaway masturbating in an otherwise empty room, moaning their names and begging them to fuck her. The girl had had no idea that she was being watched or that she and Alyssa would have loved to do exactly what she was begging for. Mmmm so they had burst into the room and made all of Anne’s naughty fantasies about them come true.

They had taken her home to Malibu and thrown her right into the fun so everyone could enjoy playing with Anne’s big tits and her incredibly wet and eager pussy. Anne’s stamina and horniness that night had even eclipsed that of the porn star Rose had brought home that day and Jewel could still remember how good Anne’s soft, full tits had looked bouncing hypnotically while she was on all fours getting her ass fucked by Alyssa’s strap on as she begged anyone and everyone in the room to fuck her face and feed her their pussies.

Anne had stopped by the mansion several times since then and, while it hadn’t been the only reason she had volunteered to help Alyssa today, deep down Jewel had hoped it would result in another fresh face coming home with them to enjoy some girl on girl fun. Unfortunately that hadn’t happened and Jewel wasn’t back home removing her clothes for any erotic purpose. There had been a chicken noodle disaster at the soup kitchen and Jewel had ended up soaked nearly from head to toe.

Fortunately the soup that had spilled over her wasn’t freshly made and therefore wasn’t scalding hot. Jewel’s skin was a little tender from the heat, but she’d hardly been burned or anything. It had just left her clothes unfit to stay on. And since there was not a change of clothes waiting for her at the soup kitchen Jewel was left with three options. Either stand there soaked in soup, strip down and continue to help out while naked or go home and change.

Not surprisingly, Jewel chose option three and, as much as she’d wanted to help out, had returned back to Malibu to change. She felt bad about having to leave Alyssa short one volunteer, but there wasn’t much she could do about it right then. Jewel knew Alyssa did so much volunteering this time of year, that she’d find a way to easily make it up to her.

So what was foremost on Jewel’s mind right then as she wiggled out of her wet jeans and pushed down her panties, which for once were the only piece of clothing on her which wasn’t soaked, was a long, hot bath. She was going to throw her clothes into the washing machine and then take care of herself.

The blonde singer tossed a robe on and picked up her clothes, trying to remember where exactly the washing machine was. This was usually a Michelle job, but the mansion’s gorgeous French maid hadn’t been around too much lately.

She’d been acting pretty strange actually, Jewel thought to herself as she walked downstairs. She’d been taking off from work a lot and acting mysterious and reserved, which was a hell of a change from the outgoing, always enthusiastic French slut who had always made sure their pussies were nice and shaved.

Something was going on with her and Jewel felt bad because she realized that everyone at the mansion, her included, had been too wrapped up in their own lives to ask if Michelle was ok. She was going to have to change that as soon as she had the chance. The next time she saw Michelle she was going to see what was bothering her and find out if there was a way to help.

Jewel threw her clothes into the washing machine and put in the detergent. Luckily she hadn’t been wearing anything too nice so nothing had to be dry cleaned. The washing machine would do just fine. So Jewel hit the button and let the magic of technology clean her clothes. Having accomplished that, Jewel had every intention of next soaking herself in her bathtub, but before she could the buzzer sounded, meaning someone was at the gate.

Who could that be? Jewel wondered. Everyone who lived there had the code and as far as she knew no one had been invited over. Maybe it was a package or something. Jewel didn’t bother to check the video screen though. Instead she just went to answer at the call box.

“Hello?” Jewel said. “Who is it?”

Nothing much ever surprised Jewel, especially these days, but the answer to her question definitely took her aback.

“Hey, it’s me. It’s Britney.”

“Britney? Oh my God!” Jewel cried in happy surprise. “What are you doing here? Wait! Come in. Come in. Let me get the gate open.”

Britney once had the code to the gate, but after they’d had their falling out, Christina insisted on changing the locks and the code so she wouldn’t be able to come back. Everyone had humored Christina mostly to avoid her wigging out on them, but none of them had wanted to force Britney out of their lives. Christina had been insistent about her never stepping foot back in the mansion and the truth was it had been easier to let Britney go than create more drama with the vengeful Christina.

So it was quite a surprise to Jewel that Britney was driving up to the mansion. They’d traded a few phone calls now and then just to see how everyone was and they’d seen each other a few times just casually. Other than that no one at the mansion had laid eyes on Britney since that day.

Of course the tabloids always provided plenty of information about how she was doing, what she was doing and who she was doing it with. But Jewel knew full well how easy it was for the tabloids to lie and distort. So she was very eager to see her former housemate and find out how she was.

“Oh my God! I haven’t seen you in forever!” Britney squealed when Jewel opened the door to let her in. They immediately fell into a hug, which of course led to a kiss, but it was a kiss that was less about sex and more about two girls who cared for each other seeing each other for the first time in a long time.

“I’ve missed you Britney!” Jewel said once their lips parted, keeping the pop star close to her in the hug as the door closed behind you. “It’s been way too long! God, we’ve all missed you!”

“So it’s safe? It’s ok if I’m here?” Britney asked, nervously darting her eyes around as if she were expecting Christina to run down the stairs screaming at her to get the fuck out. She couldn’t take that. Not again. Not today.

“Yeah, it’s just you and me,” Jewel said, taking Britney’s hand. “Everyone else is out. You want to go upstairs or something?”

Normally Jewel inviting Britney up to her bedroom would have been accepted in a second. They would have run upstairs not wanting to waste a second and Jewel’s robe would have been off before they were even through the doorway so they could get onto the bed and do what they did best. But so much had changed and it was impossible for them to immediately fall back into old patterns.

“Can we go into the kitchen or something?” Britney asked shyly, as if she didn’t quite know how to get the words out that she wanted to say.

“Of course sweetie,” Jewel said, leading Britney the way. “You know when I asked if you wanted to go upstairs it wasn’t so we could…you know…”

Jewel realized her words had come out wrong before. She didn’t want Britney to think all that mattered to her was sex. She had really wanted to go upstairs to talk with her and Jewel figured it was a nice and private place. But if Britney wanted to talk in the kitchen then that was fine.

“I know,” Britney smiled. “Mmmm and I wouldn’t have stopped you if that’s what you wanted.”

Britney giggled as she remembered all the hot times she’d had in Jewel’s bedroom. God, all these rooms brought back such wonderful memories to her. The way she’d left the mansion certainly didn’t change how much fun she’d had here. But right now she needed to talk and she knew herself and she knew if they were anywhere close to a bed they wouldn’t have gotten any talking done.

Jewel smiled at Britney’s laugh. God she missed her. She never would have dreamed she’d miss her as much as she did and she knew everyone at the mansion felt the same way. It had been hard on them to see Britney go through so much lately and not be able to help her.

“Woe, you guys redecorated,” Britney marveled as she walked through the kitchen. Nothing fundamentally was different, but there was new furniture, new carpeting and new lots of things.

“Yeah we did,” Jewel replied. “We’ve got a new pool in the back too. Made it much fancier and got a waterfall in it and everything. We wanted to update the look inside. A lot of the rooms are different too. A lot less like a bordello now. More like a real home.”

“Yeah,” Britney sighed, her eyes getting a misty at the thought of home. This had been her home. She’d never wanted to leave it and being here again made her see how deeply she wanted to be here again. She missed this place. She missed it so much. She missed her friends and she mostly missed how safe and loved the mansion always made her feel.

“You want some tea?” Jewel asked. “I was going to make some before I got into the bathtub.”

“I was wondering about the robe,” Britney said, sitting down at the table. “And yeah, some tea would be great. How come you’re about to take a bath now?”

Midday baths were unusual here, but not unheard of. However there usually was another girl around to share the tub with and Jewel was definitely alone so Britney got curious.

“It’s a long story,” Jewel sighed, getting up to make the tea. “It involves people slipping and me being drenched in soup. I’ll tell you later. Right now I just want to hear about you. What’s going on? How are you? How are the kids?”

“Oh God they’re so wonderful,” Britney beamed with motherly pride. “I mean they’re so little and adorable and every time I see them I just want to have five more just so I can have cute little babies always running around the house. It’s crazy sometimes, but it’s totally worth it. You have to meet them soon! No one here’s ever seen them and I want you all to come by and meet my baby boys!”

“I can’t wait,” Jewel replied as she put the hot water on the stove. She loved babies and despite who their father was, she knew Britney’s boys had to be absolutely adorable. “So what made you want to come by today? I mean, I’m really happy you’re here. I’ve missed you so much Britney and this is a really nice surprise, but what brought it on all of a sudden?”

“Well I was close by and I just had…well I had to stop by,” Britney said. “I’m actually giving a concert tonight at the Beverly Hills Hotel. It’s not a big deal. Just a private thing for record industry types. I wanna start up my comeback and everything. I wanted to know if you guys wanted to come tonight. I’d love it if you did.”

“Wow, that sounds great Britney,” Jewel said. “I’d love to. I just don’t know about…well you know.”

     “Yeah I know,” Britney replied. “Well I’ll make sure you guys are all on the list if you want to come.”

     Britney then paused for a second to take a breath before marveling at how long her absence felt.

“Oh my God, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I’ve been here,” Britney said, her lip quivering a bit. “I miss you guys so much and everything’s been so intense lately and I just don’t feel like I have any time to breathe and I was driving around all morning and I…I…just…just didn’t know where else to go!”

The tears Britney had been trying to hold back since she had pulled up to the gate suddenly began spilling out in a rush. Britney buried her face in her hands and sobbed, all the emotions which had been swirling around inside her at gale force speed pouring out.

“Oh Britney!” Jewel said, abandoning her tea making efforts to rush back to her sobbing friend. She sat down next to her at the table and immediately pulled her into a hug, literally giving her a shoulder to cry on.

“Gawwwwwwd I just feel so fucking confused,” Britney cried, returning the hug, wrapping herself tightly around Jewel as tears spilled from her eyes. “I don’t know what I want anymore and this is the only place life ever made any sense to me!”

“Shhhhh it’s ok…it’s ok Britney,” Jewel comforted her friend, softly running her fingers through her blonde hair as she soaked the shoulder of her robe with tears.

“No! It’s not ok! I messed up Jewel!” Britney sobbed. “God, how could I have fucked up so bad? I never should have married him! I ruined everything!”

No one had to tell Jewel who “him” was so she just let Britney talk. She knew Britney didn’t need her interrupting. She listened instead.

“I was so happy here!” Britney admitted, her voice coming out ragged and emotional as she poured out everything she wanted to say. “I don’t know what I was thinking! I’m so fucking lost right now Jewel! Chrissy hates me now! She hates me and it’s killing me! She won’t talk to me and I just want to hear her voice! I want to come back here! I want to come back home!”

All of this had been brewing inside Britney for months now. Everyone had told her she was making a mistake with Kevin. Her mom. Her dad. Her agent. All her friends. But she hadn’t listened. And now she was paying the price. She felt like she had lost forever the best friends she’d ever had.

“This is the only place I ever felt safe,” Britney continued to sob, her cries at least starting to get calmer as she clutched onto Jewel’s robe and used it to dry her tears. “This is the place where I felt no one could ever hurt me and all those haters out there who just want to make me miserable and the paparazzi and everyone couldn’t get me here because I had you guys! I miss it here! I miss it here so much Jewel!”

Britney had actually believed that she and Kevin would be together forever. Now she had to deal with a chorus of “I told you so’s” and she didn’t want to hear it. It didn’t help things. It didn’t make things any easier when she was now responsible for two kids while still trying to make a comeback without any real help from anyone.

As her tears started to dry up, Britney continued to pour out her heart to Jewel. She told her former housemate how Kevin had cheated on her time after time even while she’d stayed totally true to him. She told him how he never was around for the kids and how he was fighting for custody just to punish her for cutting him off from her money. She told him how she felt more hounded by the press than ever before and how alone and isolated she was without anyone to help her.

“He knows I love those kids more than anything and now he wants to take my boys away from me,” Britney sadly sighed, her voice still filled with emotion even as her tears stopped. “I don’t know what I’ll do if I lose them Jewel. They’re all I’ve got left. The press makes it seem like I’m this terrible mother but I’m trying! I’m trying so hard to do this right and not mess up anything! I just…just don’t know what I’m doing sometimes. But I’m trying my hardest! I’m so scared I’m going to lose my kids and Kevin won’t take care of them! He can’t take them away from me! I’m doing the best I can! I do everything I can for those kids! I mean, my mom is there and she tries to help, but I see her staring at me like she knows I fucked up and it makes me feel so bad. I feel so alone Jewel! Like no one’s there to help me!”

“It’s ok Britney, we’re here to help you,” Jewel assured her friend, cradling her head with her hands and holding her close. “This is your home. It always will be.”

“No it’s not,” Britney sadly admitted. “Chrissy hates me. I wish I knew why she was so mad! I thought she’d be ok with Kevin. She always said I shouldn’t just be with girls. That I should be bisexual. I don’t understand why she hates me so much now!”

“I don’t know either Britney, but I know she really misses you,” Jewel said. “She pretends like she doesn’t, but I know she does.”

“She doesn’t miss me,” Britney claimed, starting to cry again. “She hates me! She says she does every time she sees me! She says she never wants to see me again! I can’t take it Jewel! I can’t take her hating me! It breaks my heart when she says it!”

“She’s just so angry Britney,” Jewel sighed. She didn’t know why Christina was so angry and why just talking about Britney made her lose it completely. “She’ll get over it.”

“She’ll never get over it,” Britney insisted and Jewel had to admit to herself that she might have been right about it. Christina seemed the type to never get over things.

“I just wanted love,” Britney said as she wiped away her tears. “That’s why I was with Kevin. I thought he loved me. He only loved my money. Everyone was right about him. I should have listened. I just thought he really loved me. That’s all I wanted. Someone to really love me. I wanted Christina to. But she didn’t.”

“What do you mean?” Jewel asked. She’d never heard any word like “love” come up between those two before. Sure they’d fucked each other all the time, slept in the same bed and seemed to make a great team, but Jewel hadn’t thought it was any more.

“I wanted her to love me,” Britney confessed, her eyes starting to well up again even as she tried to hold her tears back. She’d been holding this in for so long. “I loved her Jewel. I never told anyone this. But I loved her. I mean like in love with her.”

“Wow! For real Britney?” Jewel wondered, quite surprised at this confession.

Britney confirmed it with a sad nod of her head and continued.

“I knew I was in love with her from the night we were at the concert and we were together for the first time,” Britney explained. “She made me feel so good Jewel. Like no one ever had before. Mmmm even better than Jessie had when we she was the first girl I’d ever been with! She made me feel like I was so special and I loved how she touched me and kissed me and I knew then I loved her. I totally felt this intense connection with her. I tried to tell her that I felt that way. I tried to tell her so many times, but she kept acting like I was crazy or something when I did. I never got a chance to tell her everything because she was always going on like how silly love was and how we should only be fucking and nothing more. I thought that was how she felt about me and that was ok. I loved being with her and I didn’t care that she didn’t love me like I loved her. But I wanted love too and I thought Kevin loved me like I loved her. I was wrong. He never really loved me. I just don’t know how I lost everything so fast! It totally would have been different if Chrissy was in love with me. But she wasn’t and now she hates me. She’ll never stop hating me. I wish I’d been able to tell her so she’d have understood how I felt. But I couldn’t. Sometimes I feel like I can’t do anything right. All I can do is sing. I just wish I had a song to tell Christina I loved her then and I still do now.”

“C’mere,” Jewel said, bringing Britney into another long hug. “It’s ok Britney.”

“I feel so lonely Jewel,” Britney said softly. “If I didn’t have my boys I wouldn’t have anything. I don’t want to be all alone on Christmas. My mom and Jamie Lynn will be there, but it’s not the same. I want to be here. I want to come back home.”

Jewel wished she could promise Britney she could come back. She wished she could tell her she could stay for Christmas and then stay forever. But it was a promise she just couldn’t make. So instead she held her friend tightly and tried to make her feel that somehow it would all end up ok.

* * * * *

“Are you sure you’re all right Hayden?” Barry asked for probably the hundredth time as the crowd continued to check in on the girl.

“Really, I’m fine, it’s totally no big deal,” Hayden said as she sat in one of the plush leather chairs in the conference room sipping the water that had been graciously offered her. “I just haven’t eaten anything today. I guess my blood sugar is low. I don’t even know why I passed out.”

Hayden was lying, but it wasn’t like she wanted to advertise what had really happened, especially with Kirsten and Scarlett in the room with her, concern covering their faces. She knew they weren’t just worried about how she was, but also about what she might say. Hayden didn’t want them to worry though. She wasn’t going to say a word about what she had seen.

“Can I get you anything to eat?” Barry asked, not wanting his agency to be even in the slightest risk of losing one of its fast rising stars. “You want me to send someone out for a wrap for you? A cookie for your blood sugar? You want me to order pizza and I’ll do it.”

Hmmmm pizza did sound good, but Hayden wasn’t really hungry. And besides she didn’t want anyone to be making a big fuss over her. For an actress she wasn’t really someone who demanded all eyes and attention be locked on her and she didn’t want to come off as some kind of drama queen. She didn’t want to send anyone out to get her food. Hayden just wanted this to be over and forgotten.

“No really, I’m fine,” Hayden insisted. “I don’t feel woozy anymore at all. I’ll go and get something to eat later.”

It dawned on Hayden that this was how anorexia rumors got started in Hollywood, but she’d take the risk. Right now she wanted everyone to go away…well almost everyone.

“Well I’m just glad you’re ok,” Barry said. “You need anything at all. You just let me know, ok?”

“Ok,” Hayden said, forcing a smile as she sipped from her water. The water actually was calming her down a little even though she still felt like her pulse was racing slightly more than normal.

Naturally a major teenage television star fainting in the doorway to the ladies room wasn’t something that could easily be ignored. It demanded attention and Hayden was soon swirled with people coming to her aid even though it hadn’t been necessary. She’d been up and alert almost the second after she hit the ground and she was more embarrassed about it than anything.

They’d taken her to the conference room where she could be more comfortable and gotten her some water and there was still a crowd around her. Barry had broken up his staff meeting to come down to check on her and there were also a few assistants, agents and gawkers coming to get a look.

“I kind of just need some air right now,” Hayden pointed out as she decided everyone was getting just a little bit too close.

“Ok everyone you heard her, back to work,” Barry said, clapping his hands and sending everyone on their way.

But Hayden didn’t want everyone to leave.

“Ummm Kirsten…Scarlett…you can stay,” Hayden said softly. It was almost too soft for anyone to hear, but the two actresses got the message and stuck around. They were actually happy Hayden wanted to talk because they certainly wanted to talk to her.

After closing the door to the conference room to insure they had some privacy, the two girls sat down next to Hayden at the table, sandwiching her with Scarlett in the chair to her left and Kirsten to the chair at her right. Now that they were alone, Hayden could finally say what she’d wanted to say since she’d fainted and a deep blush overtook her.

“Oh my God, I’m so so so so so so so sorry,” Hayden groaned, her head hanging down in embarrassment. She couldn’t even look Scarlett or Kirsten in the eyes, so instead she stared at the hard oak of the table.

“Sweetie, you don’t have to be sorry,” Scarlett said in a friendly manner as she took Hayden’s hand and softly patted it to let her know it was ok. “We didn’t mean to shock you like that.”

“We’re just glad you’re ok,” Kirsten added. She’d been very afraid Hayden had hit her head or something when she’d fallen and was happy to see it had been nothing serious.

“You must think I’m crazy or something,” Hayden said, still unable to look up. “I totally didn’t mean to do that. I don’t know why I fainted. Gawwwd, I’m so embarrassed by this. I just saw you guys and then all of a sudden I was on the floor. I don’t know what happened. I can’t believe I did that.”

“Really, it’s fine,” Kirsten said, relieved that Hayden wasn’t pitching a fit or anything over what she’d saw. She didn’t want the girl to feel bad or anything. “I guess that was kind of a big shock. We didn’t really think you were going to catch us or anything like that. Thanks for not saying anything though.”

“Oh God! I won’t tell anyone! I promise!” Hayden swore, finally looking up so Scarlett and Kirsten could see how sincere she was. “I’m totally cool about everything! I don’t want you to think I was grossed out or anything! I don’t know why I did that! I just can’t believe I fainted! But I won’t tell anyone! My lips are sealed. You don’t have to worry about me.”

“We know we don’t,” Scarlett said even as she was exhaling deeply. She wasn’t shy about her sexuality and she embraced the fact that she enjoyed both men and women, but that didn’t mean she wanted it broadcast around the world. Her sexuality was her business and the business of the people she shared it with.

“So…” Hayden said, nervously fidgeting in her seat and tapping her fingers on her water bottle. “Ummm…are you guys together or something? Are you guys lesbians?”

Scarlett laughed gently at how Hayden got right to the point and Kirsten blushed a little while smiling.

“We’re not together,” Scarlett explained. “And I guess you could say I’m bisexual, but I don’t believe in labels. They’re so outdated. You shouldn’t have to say you’re one thing or the other. You should just be able to love who you want to love. I love men. Mmmm and I love women.”

“I love women too…well one woman definitely,” Kirsten said with a little laugh. “I guess I’m mostly a lesbian if you want to go with labels. It’s been a really long time since I was with a guy. Women just feel so good and well…Scarlett was just driving me so crazy that I couldn’t help it. We lost a little control though and I didn’t mean for you to see that. We don’t want to throw too much at you.”

Kirsten didn’t want to give Hayden more information than she could reasonably handle. She didn’t want the girl to be too uncomfortable. Kirsten didn’t know how she felt about lesbianism. When she’d seen her faint she would have guessed that Hayden was totally freaked out, but now the teenager at least seemed like she was cool with it.

“Wow,” Hayden marveled. She couldn’t believe what she had seen and when she’d first come to after her fall she had sort of expected to find out it had been a dream. She couldn’t have really seen Kirsten and Scarlett making out with Scarlett’s shirt off and her boobs all big and naked. That had to have been a dream.

But it was all real and Hayden’s head was spinning from all this. Not that she was going to faint again or anything. But it was really surprising to find out two beautiful women she respected and admired so much were like lesbians or something. That was so wild.

Hayden had never done anything like that before. Well…except for that night in the club. But that had just been that once and it wasn’t like anything had really happened or anything. She didn’t want to think about that now. It had nothing to do with anything at all. It certainly wasn’t why she had fainted and it certainly wasn’t why she was so eager to find out about what was going on with Scarlett and Kirsten.

“Are you ok with all of this honey?” Scarlett asked sweetly, still keeping her hand on Hayden’s. As she did that she started to lessen her hold on it and instead began gently caressing the soft teenaged hand. What had happened didn’t make her want what she had said to Kirsten any less and Scarlett decided now was as good a time to test the waters.

“Yeah I’m fine,” Hayden said, little hairs starting to stand up on her body when she realized Scarlett was starting to become a bit more forward with her touch. “Ummm really…I’m fine. I’m…uhhh…really cool with this. I just am surprised you two are into all that.”

Kirsten wanted to act responsibly here. The little angel version of herself on her shoulder, naturally dressed resplendently in white flowing robes with a harp and shining halo, was telling her to make sure Hayden knew what she and Scarlett had been doing had been loving and consensual and that there was nothing wrong with being into girls. Then she would give Hayden a friendly hug and be on her way, leaving the teenager alone and not trying to take advantage of her confusion and natural curiosity.

That was the set of instructions from the angel. The little devil on her other shoulder, though, had a different set of ideas.

The devil version of Kirsten, which was in a slutty red negligee with sparkling horns on her dyed red hair and a pitchfork she was rubbing against her devil pussy, was whispering in her ear to see if Hayden was getting wet from this. The devil was telling her that Hayden wanted it. That she was eager to be seduced. The devil reminded her how good Scarlett’s horny fantasies had sounded and how they could easily turn into reality if she just made a move here.

Kirsten was honestly torn. Of course she wanted sex. She was already wet for Scarlett and Hayden had such a sexy, young body that Kirsten would have loved to bring home for her and Eliza to ravish. But she couldn’t do that, could she? Hayden was still a teenager. But she hadn’t been too much older when Eliza had first taken her. She was over 18 of course, but it wasn’t like she had already been some mature woman then.

She did want Hayden. She knew it was crazy to pretend she didn’t. But did Hayden want her? Kirsten never would have forced anyone into anything. But if Hayden was just shy and waiting to be seduced, well that would have changed everything. Sort of.

Kirsten had no idea what to do and she ended up looking to Scarlett for direction, just as she’d looked to Eliza the first time she’d seduced Natalie Portman.

Fortunately Scarlett saw the indecision in Kirsten’s eyes and decided if it was up to her, she was going to make her move. She knew that Hayden was only 17, but Scarlett fell back on her own experiences and by 17 not only wasn’t she a virgin anymore, she’d already been with more than a few girls. Age was a number and maturity was what truly mattered. Now she just had to find out if Hayden was mature enough for this.

“Well it’s nothing to be surprised about,” Scarlett said. “A lot of girls are into this. It feels so good Hayden. Hell I’m surprised all girls aren’t bisexual. Men are great, but they just can’t do what a woman can do to you. We’re the only ones who really know where to touch and how to touch it.”

That made Hayden visibly tense up and blush. But she didn’t bolt for the door or anything.

“Go on,” Hayden whispered before she could even think about not saying it.

“Hmmm, what do you mean?” Scarlett played coy as she began to blatantly caress Hayden’s young hand.

“Does it feel really good?” Hayden meekly asked, her eyes starting to dart around. Her pulse was racing again big time and her heart was starting to pound. She couldn’t believe she was asking this, but she had to know. She had to know how good it felt.

“It feels amazing,” Kirsten suddenly spoke up, deciding if Scarlett wasn’t going to be shy about this, she wasn’t going to be either. “It’s the best feeling I’ve ever had sexually. Women make you feel absolutely like your body is on fire and only they can put it out. I kind of didn’t tell you everything Hayden. I’m not just a lesbian. I’m married. I’m married to a woman.”

“What?” Hayden gasped in shock. “Really? Oh wow!”

She read all those magazines like US and Life and Style and Star when she was getting her hair and makeup done for the show and she had never heard a rumor like that. Was Kirsten lying to her? No she definitely wasn’t. Hayden could see that in her eyes.

“I am,” Kirsten insisted. “I’m in love with a woman because she makes me feel more incredible than any man ever could.”

“But if you’re married…then…are you…you cheating?” Hayden asked shyly, not wanting to pry too much, but also needing to have this growing curiosity quenched. “Are you cheating on your wife with Scarlett?”

Cheating was a sensitive subject to Kirsten, especially because she had nearly broken up with Eliza once she’d found out she’d gone to the mansion without her that first time, so she hesitated slightly before recovering.

“No I’m not cheating,” Kirsten smiled. “My wife knows I do this because I bring home other girls for us to share. We both do. We love having other girls make love with us. It’s amazing. So passionate and sexy. We both come so many times when we have friends over.”

Hayden began blushing furiously and Kirsten was initially worried she’d gone too far, but still the girl stayed at the table.

“Wow…that’s just…just unbelievable,” Hayden gasped. She knew she should stop this. She knew she should just go home and forget all this had happened. But hearing about all the pleasure Kirsten and Scarlett got from girls wasn’t something she could easily walk away from. It was too fascinating and it tapped too deeply into what she so desperately needed.

“I was going to go home with Kirsten,” Scarlett said, moving her hand up so she could lightly caress Hayden’s arm. “I was going to have some fun with her and her sexy wife. That’s why we were kissing. That’s why I couldn’t stop myself from getting my shirt off for her. I wanted to show Kirsten how hot I was getting for her. Mmmm and I’m still hot for her. I can’t wait to go home with her and meet her wife, but that’s not all I want.”

“What…what do you want?” Hayden asked, her voice almost too tiny to be heard. Her throat was dry and her heart was pounding. She wasn’t so naïve that she didn’t have an idea where this was heading, but she also had no idea how she should be reacting to all of it. She had to see this through a little bit more to find out.

“This,” Scarlett said before leaning in and placing a light kiss on Hayden’s lips.

Scarlett didn’t let the kiss linger. It was soft and delicate and she didn’t dare use her tongue yet. She just pressed her lips to Hayden’s in a sexy gesture and as soon as she pulled away, Kirsten did the same to her. Kirsten kissed the gorgeous teenager and Scarlett noticed with great interest how not only Hayden not fought her off; she closed her eyes and let out a soft, tiny moan.

“Do you want to have fun with us too Hayden?” Kirsten asked, not believing she was doing this but also feeling her pussy get wet like it hadn’t since Jamaica. “Do you want to come home with me and get into bed with us? You totally don’t have to. If you’re uncomfortable or if you’re scared you can say no and I won’t be mad or anything. It’s up to you sweetie. You can do whatever you want.”

After the two soft kisses to her lips, Hayden didn’t know what to think. If her head had been spinning before, it was like a blender now. She couldn’t believe they had just kissed her. Oh but it had felt so nice. So tender and sexy…just like it had been that one night before. Women knew how to kiss so wonderfully and Hayden found herself craving more. She found herself wishing she had accepted that offer that night and gone further than just kiss.

But she couldn’t. She wasn’t a lesbian. She just couldn’t go off and do this. What if she didn’t like it? What if she was too scared to actually do anything? What if it didn’t feel good?

But what if it did? What if it was what she had been searching for? What if it was the most amazing feeling ever?

She didn’t know. This was too crazy. She had to go.

“I…I…I…ummmm just…I don’t know,” Hayden said, getting up slowly from her chair. “I’m flattered. I really am. I ummmmm…just…well…this is…well I’ve never done this before and I just don’t know.”

“Shhh it’s ok,” Kirsten assured her, grabbing a piece of paper from the table and scribbling down on it. “This is my cell number and my address. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want. But if you want to come by then I want you to be there.”

“Gawwwwd,” Hayden groaned in indecision. “Ok…I’ll…I’ll let you know, ok?”

“More than ok,” Kirsten said, giving Hayden her warmest, sexiest smile so the girl knew that she wanted her, but that it was ok if she was too nervous.

Hayden didn’t say another word. She just stumbled out of the conference room, clutching the paper in her hand, with her face covered in confusion. She clearly had no idea if she was going to take Kirsten up on her offer or not and Kirsten accepted that. She didn’t want to push Hayden anywhere she didn’t want to go.

“Well that was interesting,” Scarlett said with a devilish grin as soon as the door closed behind Hayden. “I’m glad you followed my lead there Kirsten. She’s going to be so hot in bed. Mmmm I can practically taste her already. She’s going to be so sweet, I just know it.”

“You think she’s going to go for it?” Kirsten asked, trying not to feel like a pervert for wanting to corrupt innocent little Hayden so badly.

“Definitely,” Scarlett replied with confidence. “She might not be ready to admit it yet, but once she thinks about it she’s going to realize how bad she wants it. Soon she’s going to be begging us to strip her bare and touch her all over that sexy young body.”

“Mmmmm,” Kirsten moaned over the mental image of it. God, that sounded so good.

“Give me your number and address too,” Scarlett said. “I have to run around and do a few things still today, but I can’t wait to come over and play with you and Eliza. That is if you still want me and aren’t just focused on turning our little friend into a naughty cheerleader slut.”

“What does this tell you?” Kirsten smiled as she pulled Scarlett to her and kissed her aggressively, showing her the passion she had felt for her before had not been fleeting. She took Scarlett’s tits in her hands and massaged them while their tongues played.

Even though they knew the risk of discovery was high and they should definitely stop, both girls were reluctant to do so. This was turning into an absolutely amazing day, Kirsten thought to herself. Now she had herself one hell of a present to give to Eliza and, if they were lucky, maybe two.

* * * * *

Presents were very much on Eliza Dushku’s mind as well. But she had a completely different idea than what her wife did. Without knowing that Kirsten was out shopping for sex, Eliza was making the effort to get the most romantic gift she could for her beloved.

Romance had never been Eliza’s strong suit. The boys she’d been with had always loved that she was much happier watching the Red Sox with them than taking long walks on the beach or writing mushy poetry. And when it came to girls, it had been about sex and nothing more. Romance hadn’t even been a factor to consider.

But all that had changed when Kirsten had entered her life. Until that happened, Eliza had never been in love. She didn’t even know what all that stuff in the past had actually been. What she had with Kirsten was real and true and Eliza felt so blessed to have it in her life that she had actually started to evolve into a romantic.

Kirsten was a tried and true romantic. She loved all the things about love that Eliza had used to think was for saps. That meant holding hands and cuddling and even the mushy poems that had once made Eliza gag. And the more she was with Kirsten, the more Eliza got into all that stuff too.

It didn’t mean she wasn’t still raw and sexual. Eliza remained happily unafraid to get nasty with her pretty wife and treat her like a dirty little slut in bed, but it meant that Eliza was more sensitive about all the other ways she could show Kirsten she loved her that didn’t involve sex.

It was with this in mind that Eliza stared down at the bridal magazine she held in her hands. These things used to make her roll her eyes so hard she was afraid she was going to make herself blind. But things had changed. Eliza might never have been the kind of girl who used to practice her wedding with her stuffed animals as a kid and spent nights dreaming of becoming a bride, but Kirsten was.

Eliza had never for a second regretted their impromptu wedding in Jamaica. It just felt so right to do it then and now, more than a year later, she was more convinced than ever that they had done the right thing by just going for it on the spur of the moment and not waiting even a second more for things to get more complicated. The wedding was just them and it was as pure a testament to their love as Eliza could envision.

But Eliza couldn’t shake the feeling that Kirsten had a regret about it. Not that marriage itself. Eliza knew Kirsten was happy. But Eliza also knew her wife had been exactly the type of girl who had dreamed about her wedding. She knew Kirsten had wanted the big white dress, the veil, the flower girls and everything.

Kirsten never said anything about it, but Eliza was astute enough to pick things up when it came to her wife and she hated to think that she had deprived Kirsten of what she had wanted. She didn’t ever want to disappoint Kirsten and she didn’t want Kirsten going around wishing their wedding had been more than what it was.

And so from there the idea of Kirsten’s present had been born in her mind. She was going to give her wife the wedding of her dreams. Eliza knew that as things stood in the state, marriage between them wasn’t any more legal than it was in Jamaica, but that didn’t matter in the slightest to them. They were married whether or not the law agreed and Eliza was dead set now on giving her wife the wedding she had longed for with dresses and veils and friends and, hopefully, family.

Eliza was going to surprise Kirsten with her plan on Christmas. She had first thought about actually having the ceremony then, but it was too soon and, besides, Eliza wanted to make sure Kirsten had plenty of input in the wedding. She wanted this to be Kirsten’s dream day where she could live out every bride fantasy she had in her head.

But they needed a place to hold the ceremony. Their house probably could have worked, but Eliza wanted something more. She wanted the ceremony to have every touch that Kirsten’s heart desired in front of as many guests as she wanted. But the place had to be somewhere that wouldn’t attract unwanted publicity.

There was only one place that fit the bill perfectly and Eliza couldn’t believe she hadn’t thought of it earlier. Of course she supposed that was sort of to be expected since she considered the mansion in Malibu to be the kind of place for orgies and not weddings.

Reaching for the phone, Eliza began dialing the number to the mansion. Sarah having left hadn’t stopped her and Kirsten from being frequent guests. They had so many friends there now that it was absolutely the perfect place for a wedding. She still had to get permission first, though. But Eliza hoped that was just a formality.

The phone rang a few times before someone finally picked up.

“Hello?” said the voice on the other end, which Eliza quickly recognized as Jennifer Aniston’s.

“Hey Jen. It’s Eliza. Listen I have a really big favor to ask.”

“Gee Eliza,” Jennifer said with a bit of regret. “It’s kind of a bad time right now. I don’t know if anyone here is up to having a party tonight or anything.”

“What’s wrong?” Eliza asked. “Is everything ok?”

“Yeah it’s fine,” Jennifer asked. “It’s just…well…awww it’s nothing. Don’t worry about it. Just a little bit of drama. Nothing too major.”

“Well I wasn’t looking to stop by tonight,” Eliza said, accepting Jennifer’s explanation. “What I was thinking was a lot more in advance.”

“What do you mean?” Jennifer inquired, her curiosity piqued by this.

“Well I was thinking of renewing my vows with Kirsten,” Eliza explained, unable to keep from smiling at how good it felt just to say it. “You know, get married again except this time with a whole big ceremony and all her friends and everyone around.”

“Really? Oh Eliza that’s a wonderful idea!” Jennifer said. “That sounds so romantic. Oh Kirsten is just going to melt over it. That’s a great idea. I just hope you’re planning on inviting us.”

“Well that’s the catch I guess,” Eliza replied a little sheepishly, beginning to wonder if she was imposing by basically inviting herself over to hold a wedding. “I was actually wondering if we could have the ceremony at the mansion. I was thinking we might have it down by the beach or something. I’m not sure of all the specifics yet, but I was hoping we could do it there. I mean if you can’t or don’t want to, it’s totally ok. I don’t want to impose.”

“Welllll I mean I guess I wouldn’t have a problem with it,” Jennifer said, trying to figure out if they could accommodate a wedding here. The logistics were probably going to be a bit of a nightmare, but hell they’d had just about every other kind of party here, why not one of the happiest kinds you could have.

“I’d have to talk about this with everyone though,” Jennifer continued. “You don’t need to know right away, do you?”

“No definitely not,” Eliza answered. “No rush. I just wanted to throw it out there. It just feels like the perfect place, you know? I’d love to have it there.”

“Well I’d love to have you hold it here,” Jennifer said. “It sounds like such a wonderful idea. I’ll talk to the others and call you back, ok?”

“Sounds great,” Eliza said gratefully. “Thanks a lot Jennifer. I really, really appreciate it. This is going to be so great. We’re gonna make it the best wedding ever and you’re going to have an amazing time there. Merry Christmas Jen and thanks again.”

“Merry Christmas, Eliza,” Jennifer said before the call ended and she turned her attention back to the kitchen table where Love sat, wiping away her tears and trying to compose herself. Her face was a mess with flushed cheeks, teary eyes and ruined makeup.

“I just can’t believe I acted like that,” Love sadly sighed again, having repeated it over and over again since they’d all left Damon’s office. “I can’t believe I said those horrible things to her!”

“Shhhh you were angry sweetie, people get angry, even you,” Jennifer said as she assured her friend that she hadn’t done anything wrong by snapping. “It’s just very emotional what happened.”

“I practiced what I would say to her over and over again…I just never thought I would say that,” Love sighed. Deep down she’d always feared she’d driven Sarah away by asking her not to marry Freddie even though everyone assured her she hadn’t. And now she felt that she’d pushed Sarah away forever.

“Don’t feel bad Love,” Rose said, hugging her housemate. “You had every right to be angry. We all do. She’s the one who abandoned us. We should be the ones mad at her. After what Sarah did she doesn’t have the right to be mad at you.”

“But I was so mean to her,” Love despaired.

“It’ll be ok sweetie, it’ll be ok,” Rose said comfortingly. Love had been crying almost non stop since losing it at Damon’s office. They had gotten out of there as quickly as they could to get home and now they were all gathered in the kitchen trying to get Love to cheer up.

Rose and Jennifer were just as unsettled by seeing Sarah again after all this time, but had held themselves together for Love’s sake. They knew they had to be rocks for her and they stifled their own pain and hurt over seeing their beloved friend for the first time in more than a year and having things go so badly. None of them wanted the tears and the anger which had resulted from the chance meeting, but there had been too much pent up emotion from all this time for it not to have happened.

The girls had returned from Damon’s soon after Britney had left. Jewel had told them what had happened, but they were all too emotionally spent from the confrontation with Sarah to give much of a reaction to Britney’s surprise return. Now they were all surrounding Love in the kitchen at the table, giving her all the support she needed. Just being around each other was therapeutic to Rose and Jennifer and they held it together well because of it.

Love closed her eyes as she hugged Rose back, hoping that her friend was right. She had never dreamed that being reunited with Sarah would make her feel worse than she had when Sarah had suddenly left. But it had. Fortunately being around her friends was definitely having a positive effect and Love did feel her spirits start to pick up a little.

“Hello? Anyone there?” Alyssa called out, announcing her return. “Where is everyone?”

“We’re in the kitchen,” Jewel replied.

“I was wondering where you guys were. I thought you might have…Hey, what happened?” Alyssa asked, stopping short in her original thought when she saw Love had been crying.

“We saw Sarah over at Damon’s,” Jennifer answered, giving Alyssa all the explanation she needed to put everything together.

“Oh,” Alyssa said, not quite sure how better to reply to that. Sarah’s leaving had left an emotional scar on all of them, but she knew it had impacted Love, Rose and Jennifer the most so she didn’t add anything.

Finding out what happened at Damon’s had the same silencing effect on everyone as they returned from their trip to the soup kitchen. Even Lindsay and Hilary, who barely had any idea of the true impact Sarah had on the place, knew enough to not say another word. Everyone just stood around, not saying anything, but letting their silence say volumes.

Christina was planning on staying quiet too. She knew all too well about how much things like this hurt. So she wasn’t going to try and say anything. But then she smelled it in the air. She knew that scent. She’d have known it anywhere. Christina was like a bloodhound when it came to things like this and she knew she wasn’t wrong about this.

“Was she here?” Christina demanded. “Was she fucking here?”

“Who? Sarah? No!” Rose snapped back. But Christina wasn’t talking about the actress.

“No! Not Sarah! Britney!” Christina said, her voice rising. “I know that perfume! She was here, wasn’t she?”

Christina put it all together and her eyes shot accusingly right at the person she knew had been here before the rest of them.

“Well, was she here?” Christina demanded. “Tell me Jewel! Was that bitch in my house?”

Jewel knew it was pointless to lie so she just nodded her head.

“She just stopped by out of the blue,” Jewel admitted. “It was a total surprise. But she said she was driving by and she said she needed someone to talk to.”

“And you let her in?” Christina shouted. “I told you not to do that! I never want her here again! What the fuck’s the matter with you Jewel? Can’t you do the one thing I tell you not to do?”

“HEY!” Jewel angrily shot back as she got right in Christina’s face, sick and tired of more than a year of this shit from the pop singer. “It’s my fucking house too Christina and if I want to let Britney in then I’m gonna goddamn do it! You think you’re the only one here who can make the rules? We all miss her! I can have her here whenever the fuck I want!”

“Did you fuck her?” Christina icily asked.

“Not that it’s any of your business, but no!” Jewel answered with a strong voice, feeling good to finally get all this aggravation off her chest. “What the fuck is your problem Christina? You throw a fucking fit every time her name gets mentioned and we’re all sick of it! There are people in this place with problems other than you Christina! Don’t think you get to have it your way because you scream the loudest! Britney’s my friend too! You make life miserable for anyone who ever talks about her here and I’ve had enough! Britney misses you! She wants to come home! You don’t know how much she’s hurting!”

“I don’t give a fuck what she wants!” Christina sneered. “I hope it’s fucking killing her! I hope she’s hurting worse than I am! She’s not allowed back here! I don’t want any of you talking to her and I sure as hell don’t want any of you fucking her! Especially you!”

Christina shot her finger out right at the girl who’d figured she’d be the last one dragged into this conversation.

“Me?” Lindsay gulped.

“Oh yeah,” Christina hotly insisted. “You don’t think I’ve seen those pictures? You and Britney and that fucking whore Paris? I know what the fuck’s going on! You’re not allowed to fuck her!”

“But…but…I’m not!” Lindsay defended herself, shocked to have been set down right in the middle of this. “I swear I’m not! Honestly! We went out to some clubs and stuff and a few parties but nothing else!”

Lindsay was telling the truth. She and Paris Hilton had fucked. In fact they were pretty good in bed together when they weren’t fighting and trying to claw each other’s eyeballs out. But she hadn’t even so much as kissed Britney since the girl had been thrown out of the mansion and as far as she knew Britney and Paris hadn’t messed around either.

“Well tell that diseased cunt to keep her claws off my Britney!” Christina snarled before storming out of the kitchen. “She’s mine and she doesn’t get to touch her! And the rest of you just butt the fuck out of my life!”

Christina was gone in a flash after that. Leaving an angry cloud of dust in her wake.

“Ok that’s that,” Rose said, standing up. “This house needs some serious cheering up and I mean right now! This is going to ruin Christmas for everyone if we don’t do something soon. So all of us are going to Lauren’s party tonight!”

“Wait,” Alyssa interjected. “Lauren Graham? Lauren’s having one of her parties tonight? Fuck yeah we’re going!”

“Now that’s the spirit,” Rose said, happy to smile again after all the drama.

“The girl from Gilmore Girls?” Reese wondered. “What’s so special about her parties?”

“Oh God, Reese, they’re just amazing,” Alyssa replied, dreamily remembering past debaucheries and knowing that there had been even hotter parties she had heard about but not been invited to. “Words can’t describe it. You have to experience it for yourself.”

“Wow, now that’s an endorsement coming from you,” Gwen said, impressed at Alyssa and Rose’s enthusiasm. If they thought it was hot by their standards it had to be something.

“You have no idea,” Alyssa said. “Her parties are legendary. Have any of you seen the movie Caligula?”

“No,” Love answered.

“No,” Jennifer replied.

“No,” Reese added.

“No,” Lindsay and Hilary said together.

“No,” Jewel chimed in.

“No,” Jessica claimed.

“Yes…I mean no!” Gwen said, correcting herself.

“Well it’s just like that except missing all the yechhy parts,” Alyssa informed them. “Just take my word for it.”

“She’s not lying,” Rose assured everyone. “This is going to be incredible.”

Love was happy to be reminded of Lauren’s party. Anything to get her mind off Sarah was much appreciated and renewed curiosity about the delights Lauren was promising for her party was definitely a good distraction.

“Well I for one need a party tonight,” Love declared. “Let’s go!”

“That’s my girl,” Rose said, giving Love a loving kiss on the lips.

“What about Christina?” Jewel asked. “I don’t want this to be a thing between us.”

“Ahhh she just needs to cool down,” Rose said. “Once she hears about what Lauren’s parties are like she’ll be all ‘Britney who.’”

Jewel somehow doubted that but she didn’t say anything. She wasn’t seriously mad at Christina. She just felt things needed to be said she hoped the girl had been listening. But it was what she said when she had left that had resonated the most with Jewel. She had said “my Britney.” She hadn’t talked like that ever before.

Maybe Christina felt the same way that Britney did? It seemed crazy since Christina was always the one talking about the merits of sex over love. But it suddenly made a lot of sense to Jewel. It would explain all her anger and it made Jewel see that if only Christina would put all that anger aside then this all might have a happy ending for the two of them after all.

* * * * *

After all that had happened back at Damon’s office, Sarah had fled almost as soon as her former housemates had. She was a mess but she didn’t even pause to compose herself. She had to get out of there. She needed to find comfort and she knew she couldn’t get that from Freddie.

So she had left Freddie behind and sought out the only person who would understand her and what she was going through.

“Oh Aly, it was awful,” Sarah sobbed into her best friend’s arms. “It was everything I was afraid it was going to be, only worse. They hate me. They absolutely hate me for what I did. God, even Love. I never saw her like that before. Never.”

“But you knew this was going to happen Sarah,” Alyson Hannigan pointed out. “I mean you had to figure you’d see them eventually.”

“I guess I was hoping to avoid it forever,” Sarah sighed, trying to calm herself. She’d been crying for so long that she was surprised she had any tears left. She hadn’t cried like this in so long but it didn’t do anything to cleanse her of her sadness. In fact it only increased her misery.

“I expected Rose to be that angry,” Sarah admitted. “I knew if I ever saw her again she’d either yell or completely freeze me out. But Love? I’d never even heard her yell before.”

Sarah and Alyson were lying down on her bed. There had been too many times to count when they had been in this exact position, but this time all their clothes were still on and the soft bed was there only for comfort. They were wrapped in each other’s arms on top of the covers and Alyson wanted to comfort her friend. She hated seeing Sarah like this, but she also knew there was a point when her support wasn’t going to do her any good.

“You had to have expected this Sarah,” Alyson said. “After all you left them and cut them completely out of your life. They were never going to greet you with hugs and kisses after that.”

“I know,” Sarah admitted, hugging herself tight to the former redhead. “I never wanted to hurt them though. I just did what I thought was best.”

“But what you did was wrong Sarah,” Alyson said, sitting up on the bed. “You chose Freddie over them. Over all of us.”

“No! Not over you! Never over you!” Sarah claimed, sitting up next to her best friend and taking her hand into hers.

“Is that why you run out of here crying every time you sneak over to get yourself licked?” Alyson asked with more than a trace of bitterness in her voice.

“Don’t say it like that Aly,” Sarah softly requested. “Don’t make it like it’s cheap.”

“How should I treat it Sarah?” Alyson demanded. Her frustration over how things were between her and Sarah had risen over recent weeks and she had decided some tough love might be what was best for her friend. She hadn’t planned on doing it now, but once it got started she didn’t see how she was going to stop it.

“What am I to you anyway Sarah?” Alyson asked. “A friend? A lover? Or just someone for you to fuck when you get horny and Freddie can’t satisfy you? Because you treat me like a fucking whore when you come over here and come onto me because you know how bad I want you and that I’ll never say no to you and then leave as soon as you can because you can’t handle the guilt.”

Sarah stared down into her lap, unable to look Alyson in the eye. She didn’t mean for it to be like that. She just couldn’t help it. The first time she’d slipped, when she and Reese had watched Alyson and Charisma Carpenter dominate Kristen Bell and Shannon Elizabeth she had run out crying as soon as she’d come, unable to come to terms with the guilt she’d felt for cheating on her husband after promising never to do it.

She’d told herself it would never happen again, but that pledge had lasted only as long as when she had come over to Alyson’s a few days later to apologize. That time it had been one on one, with no sex games and no domination or submission. It had just been two best friends pleasuring each other the way they knew the other loved. It had been so sweet and so wonderful and Sarah had come even harder than she had when she had gotten caught up in Alyson’s “mistress” web.

And even though the intense guilt had reared its ugly head again, Sarah had come back for more another day and another and another, each time feeling more miserable that she was sneaking around and cheating while each time craving the touch of a woman even more.

“Please don’t be mean Aly,” Sarah sadly begged. “I can’t take it. Not again. Not from someone else I love.”

“Sarah, I love you too, you know I do, but you’re not treating me like a friend,” Alyson pressed. “You hurt me when you run off like you do. You make me feel cheap and used. Why do you do that to me? You know how much I care for you and that’s what makes it worse.”

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Sarah insisted. “I don’t want to hurt anyone. I don’t want you to feel cheap and used Aly. I just…just…ahhhhhhhhh fuck I don’t know what I’m doing! Every day I feel so fucking miserable!”

“Then why are you doing this to yourself?” Alyson demanded. “Why are you putting yourself through this misery? For Freddie? Do you think he’d ever give up something important for you? When has he ever sacrificed for your marriage Sarah? He’s never done anything like you have. You gave up the people who cared most for you in the world for him and he’s not worth it! He’s just not worth it!”

“You don’t…you just don’t know him like I do,” Sarah lamely offered. “He’s given up lots of things for me.”

“Like what Sarah?” Alyson asked. “Name me one thing he’s done to prove his love for you.”

Sarah tried desperately to think of something, but her brain was too emotional for anything to come out. She drew a blank and instead of giving an answer, Sarah lay back on the bed and turned the opposite way from Alyson.

“Sarah, I’m not trying to make you feel bad,” Alyson said, softening her tone and laying back down next to her best friend to caress her hair. “I want to help you. You have to stop doing this to yourself. You can’t keep sneaking over to see me when you need love because I can’t give it to you if you don’t give it back to me. And I know about you sneaking over to Eliza and Kirsten’s too, so don’t pretend that this is only place you go when you’re horny.”

“You know?” Sarah sighed, closing her eyes and trying to keep from crying again. It had only been once when she’d done that. But she and Freddie had just had another big fight and Sarah had felt so lonely.

“Eliza told me,” Alyson said. “She’s worried about you. I’m worried about you too. Sweetie, we want you to be happy and you’re not happy with Freddie. You never have been.”

“No, I…I love him…I do…I really do,” Sarah insisted.

“Look deep and ask yourself if you really do Sarah,” Alyson instructed. “How can you even think you’re happy in your marriage? You’re always over here crying or fucking me and you and Freddie are always fighting. You didn’t marry him because you loved him. You married him because you thought you had to.”

Sarah was about to tell Alyson that it wasn’t true. That she loved Freddie and that was why she had married him. But before she could her cell phone rang. Sarah thought about letting it ring but she couldn’t help herself and she grabbed her bag. She pulled her phone out and saw that it was Freddie. At first she wasn’t going to answer it, but she decided it was better to let her husband know she hadn’t been kidnapped or anything.

“Hey Freddie,” Sarah said into her phone as Alyson groaned and sat up on the bed. “What? No I’m at Aly’s. No. I wasn’t crying in the office. An argument? No, that never happened. I don’t care who said it. It never happened! Really, I’m fine. You what? Where? When? Are you kidding me Freddie? You’re not going to be home for Christmas then! Can I at least go with you? But…but…I’m your wife Freddie! How can you not want to spend Christmas with your wife? When are you leaving? Tonight! That’s crazy! Fine! We’ll talk about it at home!”

Sarah ended the call and slumped back onto the bed. She struggled to control herself but tears started to drip from her eyes again.

“Damon got Freddie a part in some horror movie that shoots in Prague,” Sarah explained. “He’s leaving tonight and won’t be back until January. He said the film company can’t afford to fly both of us over there. He couldn’t turn the deal down. He said it was too important to him.”

Sarah softly cried into Alyson’s pillow and asked only request.

“Please don’t say anything Aly,” Sarah asked. “I know what you’re going to say. Just please don’t say it.”

Alyson didn’t say a word. Instead she rolled back over and hugged her best friend from behind, embracing her with love, holding her close and letting her quiet tears stain her pillowcase.

* * * * *

“Hayden honey, are you sure you don’t want anything to eat?” her mother asked as the teenager lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling. It was getting dark and it was dinnertime, but Hayden wasn’t thinking about food in the least.

“No I’m fine mom,” Hayden said. “I’m not hungry.”

“Are you sure you don’t feel sick?” her mother asked.

“Really, I’m fine,” Hayden insisted. “I’m just don’t feel like eating anything right now.”

“Ok, but if you change your mind I’ll make sure something’s left for you,” Hayden’s mother said before leaving things at that and letting her daughter be.

As soon as her door was closed, Hayden let out a long sigh and kept staring at her ceiling. How could she even think about eating when she felt like she had the biggest decision of her life weighing down on her?

It had been hours since she had left her agent’s and she was no closer to deciding what to do about Kirsten and Scarlett. This should have been an easy decision for her. She wasn’t a lesbian. She wasn’t into girls. Sure she found them attractive, but that was natural. It wasn’t like just because she knew girls were beautiful that she automatically wanted to do it with them.

She should have been able to just say flat out that what Kirsten offered was very nice, but she just wasn’t into it and wouldn’t be coming that night. But she couldn’t do it. She had Kirsten’s number within easy reach, but she just couldn’t call and say no thank you.

But she also couldn’t call and say yes. She was petrified with indecision and the more she lay there on her bed, surrounded by stuffed animals and blankets, the more she felt like she was going to go absolutely crazy if she didn’t make a decision soon.

Was she already crazy? She couldn’t actually be considering this, could she? Sex with girls? And not just with any girls. Sex with famous girls. It was insane. She couldn’t be thinking about doing this. She wasn’t a lesbian. She wasn’t bisexual. She liked boys. At least she thought she did. She was supposed to like boys, wasn’t she? That was what was natural. But it wasn’t like she was fulfilled or anything.

She didn’t exactly go and trumpet the fact to the world, and especially her parents, but she wasn’t a virgin. She’d actually had sex with a boy for the first time on the night of her sweet 16 party. It had seemed the right time for her because she considered it a true passage into womanhood.

Hayden had broken up with that boy since then and while there had been another boy she had thought enough worthy of sex to give herself to him, nothing had ever really felt right for her about it.

The first time for her had been scary and kind of messy, but Hayden had told herself that was supposed to happen. First times were never really supposed to be anything except what you laughed about 10 years later when you were happy and fulfilled and trading stories with your girlfriends like in Sex and the City. But it wasn’t like the times after that had been very good either.

There had been a few times when Hayden had felt good during sex. She loved kissing and she loved it when boys played with her boobs and got their hands all over her, touching her legs and her tummy and even rubbing her ass and sometimes teasing her a little back there with their fingers, but those had just been fleeting feelings of pleasure. Most times she just lay there in bed with the boy on top of her wondering if she was doing something wrong because she wasn’t enjoying it.

Wasn’t sex supposed to be amazing? Wasn’t it something she was supposed to want all the time? Wasn’t it supposed to rock her world and leave her gasping and sweating and smiling from how good it felt?

Well in the times she’d had sex there had never been anything like that. There had been no thunder or lightning or world rocking. It had just been some boy on top of her thrusting into her and her lying under him wondering if he was going to be done in time for her to watch One Tree Hill.

Hayden had a lot of close girlfriends. They were her best friends and they had been for years. But she couldn’t even admit to them the truth. She had never had an orgasm from sex. Hayden knew she was no sex expert, but she was pretty sure she was going to recognize an orgasm if she had one and she was sure she hadn’t had one from the two boys she’d been with.

Hayden enjoyed touching herself, whether it was in the morning with her shower massager or late at night when she’d think naughty thoughts and slide her hand under her pajamas to make herself wet and tingly. She supposed those had been orgasms, but they hadn’t really been big ones. Hayden wanted a big orgasm. She wanted a lot of them. Everyone she knew who’d had sex said it was amazing and wonderful and Hayden wanted to feel that so badly.

Maybe she was doing something wrong. Maybe it was her fault that she wasn’t having orgasms. But maybe, instead of that, it was that she was missing something special.

Many times Hayden felt there was something more for her out there in sex that she hadn’t yet discovered. But what was it? Where was it? And was it possible that Kirsten and Scarlett were offering her what she was missing and what she had wanted all along?

Hayden could still feel their lips on hers. There kisses had been so soft and good and they had just been light pecks. How good would real kisses feel?

Hayden knew they could do so much to her and they would have loved to do it. But did she want them to? That was the question. Did she want them to kiss her lips again and then her neck and lower, down to her breasts and lower still, down her tummy, kissing her little belly piercing that Hayden loved playing with when she touched herself and then down lower and lower until they were kissing her hot spots.

Mmmmmm it sounded so delicious and naughty in her mind when she thought about it and pictured it in her mind. But she couldn’t really do that. Could she?

Hayden tried not to be scared of new things. In fact she loved exploring and trying new kinds of adventures. And she’d always been a little daring. When she and a bunch of her friends had rented out a hotel suite once in New York City for one of their birthdays and they’d gotten a little bit wild and dared each other to streak through the hallways, she’d stripped out of her clothes without hesitation and had run naked, giggling all the while, knowing anyone could catch her at any time.

But there was a big difference between some wild, fun nudity and actually going off and having sex with other women. No one had to tell Hayden that. This was exploring she’d never dared to do before. And this wasn’t some crazy dare which with her friends that wouldn’t matter the next morning. This was a life changing experience. If she went and had sex with a woman, Hayden felt like everything in her life would be different and she didn’t know if that would be a good thing or a bad thing.

Of course whenever she thought about girls having sex, Hayden couldn’t help but be reminded of her experience, even though it wasn’t really hers. She was there physically at the scene…just not really involved. Sort of.

It had been just a normal night. She’d been out with her friends at a party at a club in L.A., having a good time and there hadn’t been anything really different about that night. There had been some weird people at that party, though. People Hayden didn’t usually hang out with. Paris Hilton had been there. Hayden had heard lots of stories about her and how she was supposed to be this big bitch and everything, but Hayden had thought she was kind of nice. They had hung out a little and talked and stuff. Nothing too intense.

Then there had been this other girl there. She’d told Hayden her name was Spring Break and she was a rapper. Hayden had been quite interested in how a person got a name like that and this girl had quite the life story to back it up. It turned out the girl had been a porn star. She’d performed under the name Sky and she’d done lots of movies with boys and girls.

Hayden had been fascinated by this. She had seen a few pornos that her friends had snuck from their dads or their brothers and it hadn’t really turned her on or anything. But they had looked naughty and fun. So to meet a real life porn star was really interesting. However the girl’s story had another twist to it. She said she was out of porn and had become a born again Christian.

This had shocked Hayden to see a girl go from one extreme to the other, but the girl had shown her her tattoos and how they told the story of her overcoming her demons to accept Christ. Hayden had been a little scared Sky was going to start trying to convert her or something. Hayden didn’t really get into all that Jesus stuff, but the girl was totally cool and didn’t try and make her drink holy water or anything.

Hayden had enjoyed hanging out with Sky, but they had gone in different directions at the party and Hayden had figured she had lost her. But at one point in the night, when she’d gone out looking for some place to get some fresh air, Hayden had found herself reunited with Sky in a most unexpected way.

She’d gone out to get her air and heard the moaning. It had been soft at first but it was getting louder. Hayden knew it wasn’t the kind of moans you made when you were sick or drunk. They were sex moans and she was far too curious to not want to sneak a peek. So she ducked her head around the corner of the club and found Sky on her knees with her face buried between Paris Hilton’s legs.

Hayden had had to clamp a hand over her mouth to keep from gasping at this shocking sight. It was the wildest thing she’d ever seen and she couldn’t keep from staring at it. She couldn’t believe that the woman she’d just been talking to all about how Jesus had reformed her wicked ways was eating out the person everyone thought was the biggest slut in the universe.

It was so raw and so sexual. Hayden had never seen anything like it before and it was still seared in her memory. She remembered every moan and every dirty word she’d heard like she was still witnessing it today.

“Yeahhhhhhhh tongue fuck that cunt you little fucking whore!” Paris had groaned, holding down Sky’s head by gripping her hair. “Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh lick it all up bitch! Lick my spoiled little cunt! Mmmm how’s it taste bitch? How’s my billion dollar pussy taste? Mmmm it’s so yummy isn’t it! You can never resist my yummy heiress cunt, can you bitch? Yeahhhhhh on your knees you filthy fucking porn star, right where you belong! On your knees eating my fucking cunt like the goddamn whore you are! I don’t care what your tattoos say! You’re still a whore! My fucking whore! Mmmm keep licking bitch! Lick my princess pussy till I cream that fucking slut face of yours!”

Hayden hadn’t believed what she was seeing and what she was hearing. How could Sky let Paris treat her that way? What was she getting out of it? But then Hayden saw exactly what Sky was getting out of it. She saw how Sky had her hand up under her own skirt and was rubbing herself. God, she liked this. Sky loved eating Paris out and Paris had sure seemed to love being eaten.

It had been so hot to watch it. Hayden had never seen two people have sex before and the fact that it was two women doing it just made it hotter and naughtier to watch. Hayden kept her hand over her own mouth as she watched Paris fuck Sky’s face while calling her filthy, mean names with each moan out of her spoiled mouth. But as she muzzled herself, her other hand had started touching her own body through her clothes.

Hayden had grabbed at her own boobs through her shirt, playing with them like she did when she was home alone in her bed. She had been far away from her bed that night, though, and she had been touching herself right in the open, making her nipples hard and poke against her top through her bra. The more wild the girls had gotten, the more she had touched herself.

Soon she hadn’t even been able to cover her mouth anymore because the need to get both hands on her body was too great. Hayden had let both of her hands touch herself, inching up her shirt so she could tug at her belly piercing, rubbing it and making her whole body tingle as her other hand pinched her own nipples through her shirt the way Paris was doing to herself.

And when Paris had turned around and bent over, still holding Sky’s head down, Hayden had been unable to stop herself from getting naughtier as well.

“Mmmmmm you fucking love this don’t you whore? Get your tongue in my ass!” Paris had cried, gripping Sky’s head. “Ooooooooooooooh dirty bitch! That’s it! Fucking spit in my billionaire asshole and lick it alllll up like the good little whore you are! Ohhhhhhhhhhh you pretend to be all good and pure now but you’re still my dirty little asslicking bitch! You still love it when I fuck your face and make it all sticky with my cum! I own your fucking tongue Sky and I’m gonna use it whenever the fuck I want! Mmmmmmmmmmm fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhh dirty whore! Tongue fuck my ass! Fucking work that tongue up that hole!”

Hayden hadn’t been able to believe Paris was acting like such a spoiled bitch and that Sky loved it so much, working her hand between her legs furiously. But Hayden hadn’t been able to believe how she’d acted either. She’d taken her hand off her breasts to slide it down her skirt and under her panties so she could rub herself. None of her fantasies in bed or in the shower had ever made her as wet as she’d been then and she’d soaked her hand when she’d slid it under her panties, rubbing herself as she’d continued to play with her piercing.

Soon Hayden had been grunting and moaning along with Paris, touching herself while the party girl heiress had fucked the supposedly reformed former porn star’s face. It had been soooo hot just to watch them go at each other so nasty and free. Like nothing held them back. So Hayden hadn’t let anything hold her back either and she’d made her whole body tingle as she’d touched herself, soaking her panties and even making her girl juice drip a little down her leg.

She’d actually made herself come that night and it had felt so amazing! Like it was a taste of what sex was really supposed to be. She had soaked her hand with girl juice and Hayden had been so lost in lust that she’d actually started licking her own cum off her hand, which she’d never done before. She’d just closed her eyes and tasted herself, wondering if Paris tasted the same way…or if she tasted better.

When she’d opened her eyes she’d gasped because she saw Paris straightening down her skirt and walking away from Sky, apparently not intending to return the favor for what she’d just gotten.

“Mmmm that was hot,” Paris had moaned. “But don’t you even dare think about wiping your face clean bitch. I want my fucking cum staining your face all night so everyone knows you just got to taste my rich cunt!

Hayden had hid around the corner, hoping that they hadn’t seen her. But it had been a futile hope. Paris had walked right by her, with Sky following obediently behind, and when she had seen her, Paris smiled and had leaned in to kiss her teenage lips.

Still tingling from her orgasm, she hadn’t been able to resist and Hayden had let Paris kiss her, giving her the taste of a woman’s lips for the first time. They had obviously known she was there the whole time and when Paris pulled away Sky had leaned in and kissed her too; giving her something to taste that wasn’t her lipstick.

“Mmmmm now that’s hot,” Paris had said in her soft voice. “You’re a dirty little girl Hayden. Ooooh taste my pussy and my ass all over that slut’s lips! You like it don’t you!”

Hayden had been too scared to give any kind of reaction and suddenly she had felt Paris grab her hand. The blonde billionaire had taken a glitter pen out of her bag and had started writing something down on it.

“That’s where I’m staying tonight,” Paris had whispered in her ear, her hot breath making Hayden swoon. “If you want some more fun, come see me.”

Then they had left her there, leaning against the side of the building, her legs wobbly and her head woozy from what she’d just seen.

Hayden hadn’t taken Paris up on her offer. In fact she’d gone straight home and taken a long bath, wondering what she’d just done and why she had enjoyed watching it so much. It had been so scary and made her so horny all at the same time.

Now she was being offered another chance to indulge in girl on girl sex and Hayden was still undecided about what to do. Kirsten seemed so much nicer than Paris had been that night and Hayden had loved how it had felt to kiss her and Scarlett. But did she want more?

With a moan Hayden realized all this thinking about what Paris and Sky had done to each other and what Kirsten and Scarlett could do to her had made her wet. And she moaned even deeper when she reached down and felt how hard her nipples were. God, she did want this. At least she thought she did.

It just looked so hot and intense and like it was everything sex was supposed to be. Maybe she could just watch. Maybe she could just watch and see Kirsten and Scarlett and Kirsten’s wife. She had no idea who she was, but she had to be pretty if she was married to Kirsten. That’s it. She’d just watch for a while and when she realized she wasn’t a lesbian and didn’t really want to have sex with another girl then she’d just go home.

It made perfect sense to just watch and not do anything more. But if it did, why was her hand shaking as she reached for her cell phone to call Kirsten? And when she did call her and hear her voice, why did she run her free hand between her legs to touch herself through her jeans and panties? And why was she wetter than she had ever been in her life as she told Kirsten she was coming that night?

* * * * *

While Hayden was filled with self doubt, there was nothing like that as the girls drove toward Lauren’s. There was quite a contingent coming from Malibu and if Lauren’s party wasn’t already packed with beautiful girls horny for the delights of female flesh, it was certainly about to be.

Alyssa and Rose did such a good job selling their housemates and friends about how hot Lauren’s parties were that everyone wanted to come. That meant Love, Jennifer, Jessica, Jewel, Reese, Hilary, Gwen and Lindsay were all instantly sold and even Christina was talked into stopping her sulking, coming out of her room and joining them.

While it had taken a slight bit more convincing than usual to coax Christina into coming, all she had really needed to hear was the word “orgy” to break out her party dress. Not that many of them expected to be wearing their dresses for long if this party was as good as Rose and Alyssa had promised it would be.

They had to take three cars because there were so many girls coming and since Rose and Alyssa knew the way they to Lauren’s already they were two of the drivers. With Lindsay and Reese needing to stop home for more appropriate party outfits they had gone in the third car, with Hilary tagging along. The teenager had enough clothes stored at Lindsay’s that she could get dressed there. The last thing she wanted to do was stop by her own place because she knew if her mother caught her, there’d be no fun for her that night.

Jessica, Christina and Love were all in Rose’s car and while Christina spent most of the trip staring out the window into the night, Jessica and Love were both very eager to get as many details from Rose as possible. The dirty talk flowed freely even though they weren’t quite alone in the car since Christina had insisted on bringing Fluffy along.

He was wedged in between Christina and Jessica in the back seat but, since he said nothing, it was as if he weren’t there at all. Everyone was so used to him being around and not reacting to their naughtiest behavior that they all felt they could talk freely around him, taking for granted that he’d hear and see nothing.

Love couldn’t wait to see what this party was going to be like. She needed some real cheering up after all that had happened this afternoon and this was her favorite way to get herself smiling. Despite all the drama at Damon’s office with Sarah, Love hadn’t forgotten how sexy Lauren looked and the flirty vibe she was radiating.

“Ooooooh this sounds just incredible,” Love said, squeezing her thighs together under her dress and making her pussy tingle with excitement as Rose told everyone about how the last party she’d been too had been an entire WB Network star event and how Lauren had insisted all her guests dress up as strippers.

Naturally once everyone arrived in their sluttiest outfits Lauren had made them all perform for her and everyone else and one by one the WB’s hottest femmes had peeled off their outfits and treated each other to lapdances until it devolved, as Lauren’s parties always did, into a pile of beautiful girls licking each other silly.

“I wish we’d been invited to that,” Jessica said in disappointment as she pictured all those gorgeous girls in her mind and how good they would have felt pressed into her body, grinding against her in a lap dance.

“WB girls only,” Rose teased. “Not my fault you decided to be on FOX.”

But it wasn’t just the details of that party that Rose shared. She also told them how she and Lauren had known each other only casually, meeting each other at network events and sharing only a few pleasant words each time. But by the end of her first year on Charmed, Rose, Alyssa and Holly Marie Combs were basically fucking each other at every free moment they had on set and their fantasies had naturally turned toward the other girls at their network.

So one day after a particularly hot discussion about who they’d most like to fuck, the three girls decided to try their seduction on Lauren. She had just seemed like there was this carnal side to her just itching to get past the wacky, quip happy veneer of Lorelai Gilmore. The three of them definitely wanted to see if their instincts were right about Lauren and they had set it up to make their move at the network’s up front presentations that year.

Those were always exhausting days of meeting with the press and telling why that season of the show was going to be the best one ever and Lauren had been happy for any break, especially when Rose, Alyssa and Holly had told her they had rented a suite at the hotel the presentation was in and were going to go up there to chill. Of course chilling was far from their real purpose and a few bottles of champagne later they had Lauren right where they wanted her, naked in the hot tub with them as they shared passionate kisses and heated same sex caresses.

Lauren had confessed to them that she had been curious about sex with women for so long, but had never tried it before then. Lauren’s actions that day had certainly backed that claim up. She’d been nervous, but deliciously eager and the more they’d licked and kissed and touched her, the more Lauren had craved. Rose still remembered vividly how she, Alyssa and Holly had triple teamed television’s sexiest mom, working over every inch of her body with their tongues.

Rose remembered how good Lauren had tasted and how much she’d loved the feel of the woman’s hand clutching at her hair, pressing her face to her pussy as she’d howled for more. That day they had unleashed the sexual tigress inside Lauren and by the end of the night she was the one hungrily feasting on the three of them, keeping her, Alyssa and Holly naked on their knees so she could take turns eating them, rimming them, fingering their holes and basically doing whatever her horny heart desired to their willing bodies.

They’d done more than give Lauren her first experience with women that day. They’d created a monster. Lauren hadn’t been able to get enough that first night, the next morning or any time after. After that day Rose couldn’t remember one time where she’d seen Lauren at a press event, a party or at a Starbucks and they hadn’t ended up in some dark corner ravishing each other’s bodies. They had gotten Lauren to unleash her inner slut that day and it would never be bottled up again.

Her parties were absolutely legendary for the debauchery and as Rose shared the salacious details, Love and Jessica listened with rapt interest scarcely believing that the woman behind Lorelai Gilmore was secretly holding weekly gangbangs at her house and having orgies that made their own parties at the mansion almost seem relatively tame.

“Wow…” Love marveled, recalling her own night of gangbang bliss when she’d taken on six men right in front of Rose. “Did you ever go to one of those?”

She’d loved her own experience but her one regret from it was that Rose hadn’t joined in. Love would have gotten off so hard on seeing Rose with a man. Her pussy was already soaked just from all these hot images Rose was putting in her head and as much as she wanted to save her energy for the party, thinking of Rose getting herself some cock at one of those parties would have had Love touching herself in a second.

“You mean did I ever get myself stuffed with cock at one of her parties?” Rose grinned, getting even Christina to perk up in the back. “Nahhhh that’s not my scene. Mmmmm but if you asked Lyssa you’d definitely get a different answer.”

Rose left it at that but she knew all three of her housemates would be pestering Alyssa for details as soon as they could and she also knew Alyssa would only be too happy to share.

“Well if Lauren’s so hot then how come we’re just hearing about this now?” Jessica challenged. She didn’t think Rose was bullshitting them or anything. She was just surprised all of this had come out of the blue. “How come you never had her over to the mansion for us to play with?”

“Yeah Rose, you’re not getting selfish are you?” Love teased. “Trying to keep sexy Lauren all for you and Lyssa to play with?”

“Awww c’mon, you know me,” Rose laughed. “I love sharing. Believe me I tried to get her to come by. I did everything short of putting her in a sack and dragging her to Malibu. But she wouldn’t go.”

“Why not?” Jessica asked, bristling a little. Didn’t she think they were hot enough for her? The idea of someone who was into girls turning down an invitation to Malibu seemed inconceivable to her.

“She’s got a reason,” Rose answered. “I told her all about the mansion. I told her every hot story. I told her things that would have gotten a nun panting for pussy. But she never would take me up on it. She always said she didn’t want to visit the mansion. She wanted to outdo it.”

“Outdo it?” Love repeated. “What does that mean?”

“Well I think we’re gonna find out tonight,” Rose grinned, wondering what exactly Lauren had in store for them. It had been awhile since she had been to one of her parties at her house. More than a year. Rose wondered if anything had changed. Had things gotten hotter?

But even if things had gotten hotter, Rose knew one thing for sure.

“She can think she can outdo us, but she’s not even close,” Rose said. “I think we need to remind her of that, don’t we?”

“Definitely,” Love agreed, already picturing in her mind all the ways she wanted to make Lauren come tonight to make sure she knew how hot they were.

“She’ll be begging for another invitation by the time we’re done with her,” Jessica confidently predicted.

“What about it Chrissy? You in with us? Gonna help us make Lauren see there’s no place hotter than the mansion?” Love asked, snapping the singer out of her trance again.

“Huh?” Christina asked, having been staring out the window as the discussion raged.

“God, Christina, you’ve barely said a word all night,” Rose chastised. “Snap out of it. C’mon we’re headed to an orgy! That’s like freakin Disneyland for you!”

“Yeah…oh yeah it’ll be a blast,” Christina said. “We’ll make sure that girl knows who the hottest bitches in California are.”

But despite her boastful words, Christina returned to staring out the window as soon as the words were out of her mouth, her thoughts clearly far, far away from where the party they were attended. She turned away from the window and rested herself against Fluffy, snuggling up to him like he was some kind of big teddy bear.

The bodyguard actually flinched slightly in surprise at Christina’s intimate act, but didn’t say anything and let her stay how she was, pressed up against him and wrapping her arms around his.

She had never told anyone this before, but Christina had almost fired Fluffy after Britney had left. Seeing him every day reminded her too much of Britney. She had wanted to get every memory of her far gone and that had included Fluffy. But Christina hadn’t done it. She and Fluffy had been through so much together and now she held herself to him for the exact same reason she had almost fired him, because he reminded her of Britney.

As Christina lost herself in her thoughts and memories, the others continued to press Rose for details, especially Love who had what should have been the obvious question in mind.

“Hey, if Lauren’s been with all those girls from WB does that mean she was with Alexis Bledel too?” Love asked, picturing delicious mother/daughter incest role play fantasies in her overheating brain. “Mmmmm that would be so fucking hot. Is she going to be at the party?”

“If she is, it’ll be a surprise,” Rose answered with a bit of disappointment in her voice. “Lauren’s never made a move on her. At least she hadn’t last time I asked. But I doubt that’s changed.”

“Are you kidding me?” Jessica demanded in surprise. She hadn’t had any scenes with Alexis when they’d shot Sin City together, but they had hung out a few times and the girl was absolutely gorgeous. “How can she never have even tried to get her into bed?”

“It’s a sore subject with her,” Rose warned. “She said she’s never made a move on her because she didn’t want to mix business with pleasure on the set and mess up the artistic process or whatever by fucking the girl who’s supposed to be her daughter. It’s bullshit of course. If you ask me, Lauren’s just scared to make a move, like she thinks Alexis will turn her down or something.”

With Alyssa’s car right behind them, the girls soon arrived at Lauren’s house. It wasn’t the mansion, but it sure was nice. It was the kind of home that would grace the pages of In Style but everyone was hoping what was happening inside was better suited for the kinds of magazines which were off limits to people under the age of 18.

There were cars parked everywhere on the property, showing that if nothing else this was a well attended party, and as the girls piled out they prepared to head inside. But before they could, it was observed they were short in their numbers.

“Hey, where’s Lindsay?” Jewel asked, wondering about the status of the third car. The girl had been supposed to meet them at Lauren’s, but there was no sign of her yet.

“Think she got lost?” Gwen wondered.

“Nahhh she programmed the address into her GPS, no way did she get lost,” Alyssa said. “Besides if she did get lost on her way to an orgy she would have been frantically calling us for help. She hates to miss anything.”

And then almost on cue, Lindsay’s red Mercedes came barreling up at a speed that was more suited for NASCAR than an exclusive neighborhood. She approached so fast that the girls nearly had to scatter out of the way to keep from being run down. As it was the car stopped just short of where they’d been standing and the door quickly popped open.

“Did I miss anything?” Lindsay asked, a little out of breath as she’d worried all the way that everyone had gone in and started without her.

“Chill Lindsay, we just got here,” Jennifer advised. “You didn’t miss anything we haven’t missed.”

“Well then let’s stop talking and get inside to start fucking,” Lindsay suggested with a beaming smile of eager anticipation. After all the buildup, she was looking forward to getting inside like a kid waiting for Christmas morning to start opening presents.

Being quite used to Lindsay’s driving by now, Hilary exited the front passenger side with nary a hair in place. However, Reese got out of the back seat looking like she’d been clawing at the seats in fear the entire trip. As soon as she got to her friends, she grabbed Jennifer’s arm and pulled her former co-star close.

“I am never, ever getting in a car with her again!” Reese declared, her chest heaving as she tried to catch her breath. “She’s a maniac behind the wheel! A freaking maniac! I’m getting a ride back with you guys. I don’t care if there’s no room for me or not. I’ll sit on your lap if I have to!”

“Mmmmm well you can sit on my lap any time,” Jennifer sexily assured her friend, making Reese smile as she calmed down.

Now that they were all here, the girls headed up toward the house and knocked on the door, wondering what they would find on the other side. Even though Rose and Alyssa had been here before, they still weren’t sure quite what to expect from Lauren.

A major clue to what this was going to be like was provided when the door opened and Lauren’s personal assistant, Whitney, showed them inside. Just like at Damon’s office, the redhead had an air of focused efficiency around her. But this time there was no sharp business suit on her.

Whitney stood before them completely nude, letting them feast their eyes on her soft, alabaster skin and rosy, full nipples which were just begging to be sucked.

She had no inhibition about answering the door naked and she held it open for everyone to enter. Her hair was still in the same tight bun it had been that afternoon and her glasses rested comfortably on her face as she held up a clipboard and made a checkmark on the list it contained.

“Miss McGowan, so glad you and Miss Hewitt could make it,” Whitney said, smiling politely as if she were interviewing a job applicant and not standing in front of everyone in the nude outside an orgy. “Miss Graham has been expecting you. We didn’t know you were bringing so many friends but we can certainly accommodate you all. Now I…ummm…what is he doing here?”

Whitney paused, losing her composure for just a brief second as Fluffy stepped in through the door.

“He goes where I go,” Christina said defensively, wrapping herself around Fluffy’s arm again and squeezing.

“Yeah you can’t throw him out! He’s gotta stay!” Gwen suddenly declared, blushing as soon as the words flew out of her mouth. She didn’t want to have to give any explanations about why she was so insistent, so she just backed away, wishing she could better control herself.

“Very well Miss Aguilera,” Whitney said, trying not to gawk too much at the built bodyguard, especially as he towered over Christina. “Now if you will step right this way, there are a few rules that must be explained.”

Everyone followed Whitney inside, no one quite sure what was waiting for them but no one listening too carefully because they were too busy staring at Whitney’s soft, ivory pale skin.

As she lead them through the foyer no one took their eyes off Whitney’s bare ass, so full, but firm and when she turned around they got another chance to gawk at how hard her large nipples were and how her bush was shaved into a small, perfectly trimmed furry, red diamond. Her pussy lips had a slight shine to them and it was clear that while there was obviously a lot going on inside to arouse Whitney, the woman hadn’t let herself go to enjoy it yet. The still perfectly tied up hair of hers was enough evidence of that.

Everyone was looking at Whitney like they wanted to be the lucky girl to have the first go at her pussy, but she ignored those looks and pressed on with the rules.

“Now some of our guests are already making use of Miss Graham’s bedrooms as well as her showers and hot tub,” Whitney explained. “You are invited to partake as well, but Miss Graham requires all her guests come to her parlor first so she can properly greet them. Also there are no clothes allowed once inside the house.”

Whitney added that last part in almost as an afterthought so it didn’t quite register until a few seconds later.

“Wait, no clothes?” Jennifer questioned. Not that any of them minded getting naked or anything, but it certainly was a bit strange to suddenly hear they weren’t allowed to wear clothes.

“Yes, Miss Graham insists her guests be nude at her parties,” Whitney said. “You can step inside the cloak room and remove your clothing. Once you leave the party you can retrieve it.”

Everyone was slightly taken aback by this. They all wanted to get naked, but being told to do something was a completely different matter. But before they could say anything else, an interruption walked in. The main door to the house flew open and a blonde woman strode in confidently, never having even paused a moment to knock.

“I let myself in, Whitney,” Maria Bello said, stating the obvious. “Hope that’s not a problem.”

“Of course not Miss Bello,” Whitney said after a making a check mark down on her list. “You’re always welcome here.”

“Mmmmm I see Lauren’s made herself some new friends,” Maria grinned as she hungrily eyed everyone. “Yummy. Can’t wait to see you girls inside.”

For such confident seductresses with notches on their belt from all over the world, this was all a little much even for the girls from Malibu. The sexual vibe was so strong and even though most of them barely knew Maria, if at all, she was staring at them like savory pieces of meat she was starved for. The Oscar nominee didn’t appear to have any inhibitions left to shed and she looked ready and eager to party.

But before Maria could get too far inside, Whitney held out a hand to stop her.

“Miss Bello, you know the rules,” Whitney reminded the blonde actress. “No clothing inside the party. No exceptions to the rule.”

“But of course, Whitney, how foolish of me to forget,” Maria said, never losing her smile Her black, sparkling dress was held up by two spaghetti straps on her shoulders and she calmly, without any hesitation on her part, pushed them off, sending her dress falling right to the floor and leaving herself as nude as Whitney.

Seeing her bare body, unencumbered by any pesky bra or panties, had everyone giving Maria sexy looks especially at the dark patch of fur between her legs that revealed she wasn’t a natural blonde, but the cats all had their tongues and none of them could even force out a word.

“My heels stay on. I want to feel someone pulling them off my feet,” Maria declared, getting Reese’s heart skipping a little faster as she pictured herself being the girl to get those sexy stilettos off Maria and giving her surely gorgeous feet the pleasure they demanded.

“Fair enough Miss Bello, see you inside,” Whitney said.

“Definitely,” Maria agreed before leaning and proving she wasn’t a stranger here by pressing her lips to the redhead’s in a wetly passionate kiss that left a little strand of saliva on the smiling Whitney’s chin as soon as it was broken. “See you inside Whitney. Mmmmm see all of you inside.”

And with that Maria walked down the hallway she was clearly very accustomed to, wearing nothing but her heels and her smile. Everyone wanted to follow her right away, especially since the sight of her naked ass was a siren’s call to all of them, but Whitney still had rules to enforce.

“Please remove your clothing,” Whitney requested, picking up Maria’s dress from the floor and neatly placing it over her arm. “Miss Graham’s rules are very strict.”

Whitney opened the door to the cloak room and everyone collectively shrugged their shoulders. It wasn’t like they hadn’t been planning on getting naked anyway. So this was just moving things along a little quicker. There were hangers for their dresses already up and Whitney was filled with helpful suggestions.

“Just put your bra and panties, should you be wearing any, with your dresses,” Whitney instructed as she hung up Maria’s dress. “That way there won’t be any confusion at the end of the night when you’re allowed to redress. And you can put your shoes under your dresses.”

There were plenty of smiles and lots of giggling as the girls started to undress. This was definitely going to be an experience and the more clothing they lost, the more eager they were to really get things started. But there was one thing that still needed to be cleared up.

“Excuse me Mr…” Whitney began as she approached the bodyguard.

“Fluffy. My name is Fluffy,” he replied.

“Very well Mr.…errr Mr. Fluffy,” Whitney said. “No exceptions. Miss Graham wants total nudity from all women at her party and all men.”

“There are guys here?” Lindsay piped up, suddenly very interested.

“No…not yet…” Whitney answered coyly before turning the subject back to where she wanted it. “So please undress Mr. Fluffy.”

This had Gwen and Reese’s eyes lighting up because they both had more than seen Fluffy naked and they knew what a drool inducing sight it was. Gwen particularly wanted to see Fluffy stripped bare. She wanted all the girls to see his body and want him as much as she did, but the bodyguard wasn’t feeling particularly cooperative on that point.

“No,” Fluffy insisted. He wasn’t angry. He was just firm on it and not willing to concede.

“But Mr. Fluffy, there are rules,” Whitney protested, not understanding why anyone wouldn’t want to follow proper procedure. “Miss Graham likes her guests to be nude.”

“She’s going to have to make an exception,” Fluffy said calmly. There were two reasons for his stubbornness. First if he was in there and he was naked he was going to have a doubly hard time protecting Christina and as part of the bodyguard’s code she had to be his first priority. He was worried if he did strip down he wasn’t going to be able to control himself. Whatever was going on in there sounded wild and the last time Fluffy had been in a situation like that he had ended up in a pile with Gwen, Reese and Michelle. Who knew what would happen this time.

Second, Fluffy didn’t want to be some kind of sideshow attraction in there. He had too much pride to be some stripped black buck to be put on display, especially if it was only girls in there. He had no desire to be standing there nude as everyone gawked at him. He was proud of his body and he worked long hours in the gym to maintain it, but he wasn’t some piece of meat to be displayed.

“Look, just let him stay dressed,” Rose offered. “We’re getting naked and I’m pretty sure we’re the ones Lauren wants to see that way. We’re the guests. So no one’s breaking any rules.”

“Yeah Fluffy’s cool,” Christina insisted. “He sees everything and nothing.”

“Well I suppose,” Whitney compromised, her voice showing more than a touch of disappointment causing many to wonder if she had more personal reasons for wanting to see Fluffy naked other than an adherence to the rules. “I’ll have to see if Miss Graham approves, though.”

“Let’s get in there first and then we’ll see,” Alyssa suggested, eager to stop talking and start partying.

Whitney just nodded her head and stepped back as the girls undressed. They weren’t wearing their finest, walking the red carpet outfits, but they were also in more than jeans and a t-shirt so they took their time carefully removing their dresses and hanging them up neatly. Of course there were further delays when their hands started to get a bit touchy feely.

As Rose unzipped her dress and let it fall gently off her, exposing that the only thing she had underneath was a pink g-string she suddenly felt a pair of hands caressing her nearly naked ass cheeks.

“Mmmmm let me help you,” Love purred, her dress already gone and her body covered only in a sexy cut of lacy red panties and a push up bra that had her already full tits up to porn star proportions.

Rose was perfectly happy to let Love sink to her knees and pull down her g-string, pressing a kiss to each one of Rose’s ass cheeks when she was done. And she was equally happy to return the favor once Love stepped back up by kissing her lovingly while reaching around back to unsnap her friend’s bra.

Other girls got the same ideas. Hilary cooed in delight as Lindsay yanked down her tiny panties with her teeth, leaving her standing there only in a bra and heels. Gwen and Jewel blissfully kissed as they helpfully unzipped each other’s dresses. Jennifer moaned as Alyssa gave her a slap to her bare ass once her dress was off for being a naughty girl who hadn’t worn any panties and then Jennifer got to pay her back when she peeled Alyssa’s tight red dress off to show she too had gone out commando. Reese had to grab onto one of the coat racks for support when Jessica got her out of her heels and gave her feet each a happy kiss, right on her toes, making her whole body tingle with pleasure.

Clothes hit the ground and moans filled the air in the cloak room as each girl stripped completely nude, kissing and caressing each other as much as possible during the process. Those that had bras and panties on were relieved of them and, unlike Maria, none of them left their shoes on. Through it all Whitney just stared at the girls, her eyes obviously appreciating what she saw and her pussy getting visibly wetter.

Everyone would have loved it if the redheaded personal assistant had let the party get started right there and then inside the cloak room. The girls had fucked in stranger places and no one would have been adverse to snacking on each other’s already wet pussies before they went inside the party, especially if Whitney joined in and let them all ravish her as much as all of them wanted to. But the girl never made a move, not even to touch herself, even though it was clear she desperately wanted to under her veneer of tightly wound efficiency.

It was a lot of fun stripping each other down, but there was much more fun they were eager for, so when Whitney cleared her throat to get everyone’s attention the kissing, moaning and girlish giggling ceased.

“Please allow me to show you to the parlor,” Whitney offered. “Miss Graham is expecting you.”

Whitney didn’t say another word. She just turned around and allowed everyone to get another great view of her naked ass as she walked out. Everyone was nude now too, save for Fluffy, and they obediently followed her like they were sheep to her little Bo Peep. After such a dramatic buildup to what was inside, everyone was dying with anticipation to see what was going on in the parlor.

It was a little weird for them to be walking naked through the halls of a strange house, far from safe turf of the mansion, but there were no further thoughts of any awkwardness when Whitney reached the closed door to the parlor and flung it open with a dramatic flourish allowing the guests to see everything that was going on. Even Rose and Alyssa were amazed and the only sounds they made were 11 stunned jaws dropping to the ground.

It was pure all-girl debauchery going on inside Lauren’s parlor. Famous women were tangled together in all positions and each and every one of them was gorgeous and naked from head to toe, save for Maria, who still had her heels. But that didn’t make the blonde any less gorgeous as the girls saw how eagerly she had thrown herself right into the fun.

Girls were moaning and gasping and spitting out the delicious dirty talk that was sweet music to the ladies of Malibu. The fancily decorated parlor had an Oriental rug covering the hard wood floor and expensive sofas and chairs on top of it. It was the perfect room to show off to an interior design lover but what the girls filling the room were doing to each while using all that expensive furniture would have caused those of milder compositions to faint right onto the floor.

The girls stood in the doorway still stunned by what they saw. The room was filled with some girls they knew and others they never would have dreamed would be in a place like this doing the things they so visibly enjoyed in a million years.

It occurred to some of the girls that this had to be what it was like for someone new to see them in Malibu for the first time, fucking each other without inhibition and shocking the world with their slutty behavior. Of course others were too shocked by what they saw to think of anything other than how unbelievably hot everything was and how badly they wanted to join in.

Alyssa found her eyes drawn right to one of the most familiar faces in the room. She remembered the sizzling afternoon inside Frederick’s of Hollywood when she had watched Heather Locklear try on lingerie and ended up seducing her, becoming the first woman to tongue her blonde friend’s pussy.

That had been an unbelievable experience and she and Heather had hooked up a bunch of times after that. They hadn’t seen each other in a few months though and Alyssa could now see why. Heather had clearly been busy fucking other girls.

Alyssa let out a low moan as she couldn’t help but caress her naked tits and move her hand down her body toward her heated mound as she eyed Heather sitting up on the Oriental rug and grinding her pussy hard and fast against Heather Graham’s.

Alyssa pushed her own fingers past her cunt lips and inside her pinkness as she watched with rapt interest that blonde hair and the same name wasn’t all the two Heather’s shared. They clearly had an insatiable lust for each other’s sexy bodies judging from how they went at each other with no hint of shyness or hesitation, making it evident this was far from the first time they had done this to each other.

“Mmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooh babyyyyyyyyyy you got me sooooooo close!” Heather Locklear passionately cried as she scissored herself furiously against her younger lover. The Melrose Place icon had her hands fused to Heather Graham’s bare ass, keeping her close as they rubbed their pussies together and cried out in pleasure.

“Ahhhhhhhh me tooooooooo!!!” Heather Graham breathlessly agreed, giving the same kind of squeeze to her partner’s amazing ass. “Rub me Heather! Fucking rub yourself hard against my dripping fucking pussy! Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd ahhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh that’s so goddamn goooooood!!! Mmmmmmmmmmm so fucking wet! Ooooooooooh rub all your juices all over me baby!”

“That’s exactly what I’m gonna do!” the elder Heather moaned, tossing her head back as pleasure rushed through her naked body when her lover leaned down and began sucking on her tits, nursing her swollen, dark nipples. “Ooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhh Heatherrrrrrrrrrrrr!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssss!!! Suck those tits sweetie! Mmmmmmmmm you nasty girl! Suck my hot fucking tits while you grind your pretty fucking cunt against mine! Mmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh gonna mix up all our nasty juices so all these fucking sluts can taste our pussies together all over each other! More Heather more! Fucking slam your pussy into mine! AHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH!!!”

That first day, Alyssa had seen Heather go from hesitant lesbian virgin into an eager slut, grabbing at her clothes and eating her out right then and there when anyone and everyone in the store could hear them. But even she was amazed to see her friend going at it like this. Her pussy ached to join in. Not only did Alyssa know how sweet Heather’s juices, but she had long hungered for a taste of Heather Graham too.

Ever since Heather had put her good girl image to rest forever by showing off every naked inch of her body in Boogie Nights, Alyssa had lusted after her. But until this day their paths had never crossed in a way where she could have made a move. Now she had the perfect opportunity and as Alyssa openly fingered herself at the show in front of her she knew she had to go for it. If only it wasn’t so hard to stop watching first.

The others from Malibu found it just as hard to do anything but watch. The room pulsated with heat and the sweet perfume of girl sex teased all their nostrils, tempting them to touch themselves and each other as some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood fucked each other wildly in the room.

It was so hard to take in everything all at once with so many girls going at each other. Their eyes drifted from pairing to pairing, scarcely believing all this was really happening.

It was clear that Alyssa and Rose weren’t the only WB refugees that Lauren had invited to the party. Right on one of the parlor’s sofas, the girls of Smallville were acting like they were trying for a show of their own called Supersluts. To the delight of any eyes that passed on by for a gawk, Kristen Kreuk was naked and on all fours, getting herself happily pounded from behind by her co-star Erica Durance who was wearing a strap on and nothing else.

“Take it slut! Take my big fucking cock!” Erica grunted as she thrust hard into Kristen, slapping her co-star’s bare ass with her hand while she fucked her. “Mmmmm you love this don’t you? Getting your little pink pussy stuffed with dick? Oooooh I’m gonna fuck you so good my little whore! I’m gonna fuck you better than any guy ever could!”

“Yeassssssssssssssssssss fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Oooooooooooh fuck meeeeeeeeee!!!” Kristen squealed in rapture as her pussy was filled up so nicely from behind by her friend’s cock. “Fuck my little whore pussy Erica! Give it the fucking it needs! Pound it baby! Oooooooooh give it to me rough! You know how much I fucking love it that way!”

“Mmmm fuck yeah I know you love it rough!” Erica groaned as she reached up and tugged Kristen’s dark hair, yanking it back and making her co-star and lover cry out blissfully. “I know what a fucking dirty little whore you are Kristen! Always begging to get spanked and fucked and treated like a nasty bitch slut!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm fuck yeahhhhhhhhh!!!” Kristen gutturally moaned, her eyes rolling back in her head with pleasure. “Treat me like a fucking whore Erica! Make me into your nasty fuck slut bitch baby!”

But Kristen and Erica weren’t the only girls from the show that were on the couch getting nude and nasty. Their blonde co-star loved the sound of such hot, filthy words spilling out of Kristen’s pretty mouth, but she had other more pressing needs to have attended to than hearing her naughty friend talk dirty.

“Get back to work slut,” Allison Mack, keeping her legs spread wide as she took her turn tugging Kristen’s dark locks. But she didn’t pull them back like Erica did. Allison pulled the brunette forward and shoved her face right back into her drooling pink pussy.

“OHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Allison cried in ecstasy as Kristen’s tongue got back on her swollen, pulsing clitoris. “Fucking eat me slut! Fucking eat my pussy! Oooooooooh I know how much you drool for my tight little pussy every fucking day on that set! Now you got it and you’d better lick me good you nasty cum starved whore! Eat my pussy and make me come while Erica fucks you from behind like a fucking dog!”

Erica, Kristen and Allison were all wantonly moaning and groaning as they fucked each other with a passion that showed their characters all would have been better off hooking up with each other than competing for Clark. Rose particularly admired how good Erica looked with her strap on, her firm, sexy tits bouncing so enticingly as she spanked and fucked Kristen deep and hard. Rose always appreciated how good a strap on looked and felt on a girl and Erica looked positively delicious with her toned, tight ass shaking with each thrust into her co-star.

But as Rose licked her lips and wondered how much Kristen would love it if she had Mr. Snappy fucking her bitch ass while Erica took her cunt and Allison continued feeding the slutty brunette her cum, Reese was still staring right at Maria’s heels.

Mmmmm those sexy black stilettos looked so sexy on her otherwise naked body, but as good as they looked, Reese just wanted to pull them off and show the beautiful woman that her admiration for her went far beyond her skill as an actress. Reese had always thought Maria looked so beautiful and now that she knew the blonde was into girls, she wanted her even more, not to mention also wanting a chance at the woman Maria was licking.

Reese moaned and squeezed her breasts, rubbing her palms hard against her swelling nipples as she eyed Maria kneeling down, her wet pussy naturally spread open and her glistening lips looking so yummy as she fed off Mariska Hargitay’s splayed cunt. Reese was a little bit shocked to see Mariska there, but she supposed people were shocked when she did the things she loved to do to other girls.

What she mostly noticed was how stunning Mariska looked. Reese had never been much of a Law and Order fan but how could she not have noticed Mariska after all these years of bringing her beauty to prime time?

Maria hadn’t shied away from showing her nudity off on screen and everyone in the room had all gotten an excellent look at her bare body before. But this was their first look at Mariska and Reese caressed her own body with growing passion as she studied every inch of the Emmy winner. Mmmm beauty wasn’t the only thing Mariska had inherited from her legendary mother Jayne Mansfield and Reese couldn’t stop staring at the brunette’s big, soft tits as they swung like pendulums of girl flesh while she was being licked from behind.

Reese had seen pictures of Jayne’s legendary figure many times but this was her first chance to see how stacked her daughter was too and she loved how those gorgeous, full tits shook up and down. God, where had she been hiding those things? Reese felt her pussy drip down her bare leg as she pictured herself sucking on those big breasts and getting her mouth filled with a swollen, sexy nipple as Mariska had moaned for more.

As it was in reality, Mariska was doing plenty of moaning as Maria leaned down on her knees and tongued her pussy from behind. The two had been long time friends and with that friendship came many sexy benefits, including endless chances to lick each other’s pussies dry. But Mariska wasn’t just getting herself licked. She also had a delicious snack of her own to enjoy.

Mandy Moore had had no idea what was in store for her when Lauren had invited her over for the party. She’d had certain expectations of course and hopes for what she would find there, but having her pussy sucked by someone as beautiful and skilled as Mariska Hargitay was way beyond anything she’d dreamed of. Mmmmm her tongue felt absolutely wonderful between her legs. By now Mandy had learned that nothing felt as good as a woman’s tongue on her pussy and Mariska knew just where to lick her and how to do it right.

Mandy and Lauren had played sisters in a movie and they had quickly bonded on the set as both friends and lovers. Mandy, of course, already had plenty of experience with girls thanks to Christina and Britney’s schemes and she’d been more than willing when Lauren had put the moves on her one night after filming had wrapped for the day. In fact Mandy had surprised the older woman with how into it she was and how it had taken no coaxing whatsoever to get her between her legs licking away like a kitty starving for cream.

The two women had made each other come so many times that night that they had been great friends and lovers ever since. But until today Mandy had no idea how many other special friends like her Lauren had and she was planning on enjoying them all, especially Mariska.

Mandy was so lost in pleasure, closing her eyes and whimpering while she played with her tits and lay back on the rug, fucking herself against Mariska’s face that she didn’t even notice who had recently arrived in the parlor. After confronting Britney and Christina in Jamaica and working through their problems, Mandy had ended up visiting Malibu a bunch of times after, enjoying the taste and touch of many of the girls who were staring at her right now.

But Mandy had no idea they where there because all she could concentrate on was Mariska.

“Oooooooooooh gawwwwwwwd mmmmmmmmmm oooooooh soooooo goooood!!!” Mandy cooed, keeping her free hand on the back of Mariska’s head as she continued playing with her own tits. “Mmmmmmm ohhhhhhh Mariskaaaaaa!!! Lick me! Oh Godddddddddd lick me there! Mmmmmmmmm your tongue feels amazing! Ahhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhh lick me pleeeeeeease! Make me come in front of everyone! Make me come all over your beautiful face and I promise I’ll lick it all off like a naughty girl who loves her own cum! Pleeeeeeeeease don’t stop licking my pussy! Ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Mariska was certainly eager not only to taste Mandy’s sweet juices when she came but also to have her tongue licking her own essence of her face. That sounded so hot and Mariska ground herself harder against Maria’s face, feeding her more of her pussy as she thought of Mandy’s sexy, wet tongue licking at her cum coated face.

Mariska had been a teenager when she’d first discovered her attraction to women and even then she hadn’t been afraid to act on it. But she hadn’t gone for any of her friends. She’d gone after more mature women, like the gorgeous art teacher at her high school who had first showed her that the pleasure of a woman’s tongue was even better than her fantasies had built it up to be. Mariska hadn’t wanted inexperienced girls fumbling around with their first kisses. She’d wanted women who knew what they were doing.

That hadn’t changed as she’d gone older. She’d never been one for ingénues or flavor of the month sluts who if you blinked were gone in a second. When she had been on ER it had been Julianna Margulies, Sherry Stringfeld and Laura Innes’ beds she’d been eager to crawl into not any of the young guest stars who had come through the set during her stint on the show. And even though Law and Order had seen a bevy of beautiful girls appear through the years, the woman Mariska had been the most eager to have her way with had been Connie Nielsen and mmmmmmmm it had been such a delicious night when she had finally gotten the gorgeous German girl into a 69 with her.

Maria was the same way. She wasn’t some little slut faking it because she thought that was how you got ahead. She was a mature woman who knew what she wanted and Mariska loved that about her. But even though Mandy certainly had a lot of growing up left to do, Mariska couldn’t resist her. She was so gorgeous and eager, showing no shyness or any reservations about being with women.

After all the times they’d been together, Mariska knew she shouldn’t have been surprised that Lauren would only have the sexiest, wildest girls at her party, but she was still happily taken aback to see how into this Mandy was and how good her pussy tasted. Her young juices were already soaking her tongue and Mariska knew it wouldn’t be long before she tasted her cream.

Maria could see how into Mandy her friend was and she loved the sight of Mariska bent over naked to feed off the pop singer turned actress. Mmmm it gave her the perfect chance to get her hands all over Mariska’s beautiful ass, caressing her soft, sexy cheeks as she craned her head to get a look at the brunette’s bouncing tits, swaying hypnotically as she fed off Mandy.

Maria didn’t care if it was shallow. She liked big tits. Were her and 20 million breast loving men wrong? She didn’t think so. She loved how soft big tits were and how they bounced and jiggled for her when she was fucking a busty woman. And she especially loved Mariska’s pair. They were stunning and any time Maria got a chance to admire them in their bouncing glory she didn’t miss it.

And now Maria felt doubly blessed because not only did she have Mariska there to play with, she also had Mandy and her gorgeous pair of tits too. Maria was already hungry for a chance to suck those soft young melons into her mouth, caressing every inch of them with her hands as she latched onto the young actress’ nipples and made her writhe and moan.

But as much as Maria enjoyed tits, she loved pussy even more and nothing was going to get her away from her friend’s wetness. Maria had her hands resting quite comfortably on Mariska’s ass and she pushed her tongue back inside, lapping at her friend’s juices and greedily gulping them down as Mariska exclaimed her pleasure in pussy muffled cries.

“You like that?” Maria couldn’t resist carnally teasing Mariska, her sexy voice on maximum husk. “You like licking that pretty young pussy? How’s it taste honey? Is she nice and sweet for you?”

“Ooooooooooooh fuck you know I love it,” Mariska replied, Mandy’s touch on the back of her head far too light to keep her from popping up and showing off how her lips and chin glistened with girl. “She tastes so fucking sweet! You’re gonna love licking her! Mmmm but you’ve got to fuck me first! C’mon Maria! Don’t stop working that tongue on me! Give it to me good like you always do! Oooooooooh make my pussy fucking burst with juice!”

“Mmmmm yummy, anything you want,” Maria grinned before pushing her face back into Mariska’s pussy, tonguing her furiously from behind. She loved the taste of girls and Mariska’s rich flavor never let her down. Maria tongue fucked her friend hard, wondering if anyone was watching her and hoping they were.

Of course with no eyes in the back of her head, Maria had no idea that Reese was watching her rather intently, rubbing her naked body everywhere she could reach as the rest of her friends gawked away at the room full of beauties. There was so much to see and so much to lust for, with one bold, accented voice particularly drawing attention from Love.

Love had lost track of how many times she’d seen Titanic. She’d watched it again and again, loving it a little bit more each time and crying right on cue with every viewing. But the epic romance wasn’t the only reason she loved the movie and she wasn’t shy to admit that Kate Winslet’s nude scene always helped the three hour running time go down easier. And now Love could see that Kate’s flesh on screen had nothing on how good she looked right there in person.

“Oooooooooooh mmmmmmmm you dirty little pussy licker gimmie all that tongue!” Kate greedily moaned as she sat back in one of Lauren’s chairs, her legs slung over the sides of the chair and her pussy wide open end exposed for the hungry female tongue buried inside her.

Love couldn’t see who it was who was licking Kate except for the fact that she was a brunette. Love wished she was the one kneeling between Kate’s legs. She wanted to show the beautiful English woman how beautiful she thought she was and how good she could make her feel with her tongue.

Love didn’t usually get jealous, especially at orgies since there was plenty of pussy to go around, but right now all she wanted to do was shove this other girl out of the way so she could get a taste of Kate Winslet’s surely delicious pussy.

But Love stayed where she was, not giving into her evil instinct and instead watching lustfully as this mystery brunette feasted on Kate’s womanhood. Kate’s soft tits jiggled so enticingly as the redhead gripped onto the arms of the chair with such force that it seemed like she could snap them off. She clearly loved what this woman was doing to her and her whole body shook, making the chair rock back and forth on the rug as she fucked her lover’s face.

“Mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss ohhhhhh Godddddddd I had no idea you could ever be this good!” Kate cried. “Ohhhhhhhhh you filthy little whore! Tongue my fucking wet cunt! Ooooooooooh yessssssssss that tongue is just lovely, darling! Mmmm yessssssssssss allllll the way up my pussy! Ahhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss lick that clit you sweet slut! Mmmmmmmm you must be fucking starving for my pussy! Filthy little girl! Mmmmmmmmm get up here and kiss me! I want to taste my own fucking juice all over your pretty lips!”

Kate’s wish was certainly a command to her equally nude lover and the young brunette rose up from her knees to press her body to Kate’s and indulge in a kiss with the horny Brit. This exposed her identity to Love and her eyes widened in slight surprise when she saw who it was. Love’s pussy got even wetter at the sight of Christina Ricci tongue kissing Kate Winslet.

Christina was one of the rare girls to make it through Hollywood as a child star relatively unscathed or at least without an arrest record before the age of 18. Love had always been impressed with her ability as an actress and with her body.

Besides sharing a name, Christina was a lot like Christina Aguilera, with a body that was short but busty. Her curves were in all the right places and for someone who had battled eating disorders so publicly, Love found her gorgeous standing there nude with Kate’s essence all over her face and her eyes gazed on downward to the gorgeous pink cheeks of Christina’s bare ass.

Love no longer felt jealous of Christina. In fact, now she wanted to join her. She wanted to get over there to kiss the former child star and taste Kate’s pussy all over her lips and tongue. She wanted to feel Christina’s tits pressing to hers and she wanted to place a big kiss right on the tattoo that made Christina’s right breast so distinctive. Love then wanted to kneel with her fellow brunette so they could tongue Kate together and share her cream.

But Love didn’t move. If this had been at the mansion she would have gone right for it. But that was her home and her rules. This was Lauren’s place and Love didn’t know if they had to ask permission or be invited or what. There seemed to be a lot of rules here and Love didn’t want to break any of them. So she hesitated and instead watched Christina and Kate enjoy their long, wet tongue kiss.

“Mmmmm I taste absolutely delicious,” Kate moaned with a happy smile when she and Christina broke for air. Kate licked her lips free of her own essence and sensuously ground her naked body into the chair as pleasure made her spine tingle.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” Christina said, returning the smile. “Now how about you let me get back to licking you. I want your cum filling my belly and I know you want my tongue back inside that tight little pussy of yours.”

“No one’s stopping you,” Kate replied, pressing down on Christina’s head. “Get down there and lick me. Mmmm show me everything you can do with that filthy tongue of yours Christina.”

Christina didn’t hesitate to return to her knees and press herself back to Kate’s juicy pussy. The brunette pressed her lips right to her new friend’s leaking slit and slurped her delicious essence into her mouth, loving how it flowed down her throat to her waiting tummy like honey. Now this was the kind of holiday treat she loved to indulge in and as her smile beamed, Christina let her tongue slide back out to lash at Kate’s flared pussy lips and then dive back inside to get at all her pink goodness.

Kate moaned loudly and profanely once again as she told Christina exactly what she wanted done to her pussy and how to do it. Hearing her dirty words in her sexy accent had Love grinding herself against Jewel, who moaned and turned around to kiss the actress, mashing their naked tits together as they sought some relief from the sexual heat their bodies were generating as they watched everyone go at each other.

Having all these girls around fucking each other wildly was making it harder and harder to just stand there and many just started kissing and touching each other. Christina moaned and closed her eyes as Jessica began kissing her neck from behind, toying with her pierced nipple just how the singer liked it while rubbing her wet pussy against Christina’s bare ass, leaving her cheek shiny with her juice.

Meanwhile, Rose hands left her own tits to play with Gwen’. She tugged on her nipples while they kissed, making the singer’s long legs wobbly as she moaned from Rose’s hot touch.

Alyssa and Reese began kissing as well, while each of them keeping an eye on the action out of the corner of their eyes. They made out and suddenly felt a third pair of lips pushing into their kiss. They broke just long enough to welcome Jennifer in and the trio of beautiful girls kissed each other, trading saliva and massaging each other’s tongues while they caressed all the nude flesh they could get their hands on.

Hilary and Lindsay were about to start doing the same to each other, their young pussies aching with the need for satisfaction, when suddenly something caught Lindsay’s eye that demanded attention.

“Oh my God! Amy?” Lindsay gasped, unable to believe what she saw.

“Huh?” Hilary wondered, expecting a kiss and instead ending up with her friend pulling away.

“It’s Amy! Over there Hil,” Lindsay said wondering if she’d gone nuts or something because what she was seeing couldn’t be real. She couldn’t be looking at Amy Poehler naked on her hands and knees on the rug getting her ass licked and obviously loving every second of it.

“Who?” Hilary asked before recognizing who the woman was and why this had Lindsay so amazed. Amy was best known as Saturday Night Live’s resident wacky blonde but she’d also co-starred in Mean Girls with Lindsay and Hilary knew her friend considered the woman something of a mentor.

Hilary watched SNL whenever she could and Amy always made her laugh but there was nothing funny about what was happening now. The only feeling Hilary had was arousal from watching a sexy blonde pixie like Amy nude and getting her sexy ass licked. She hoped Lindsay felt the same way she did because she really wanted to join in.

“Ooooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmm fuuuuuuuuuuuck,” Amy groaned blissfully, her eyes closed as pleasure rushed through her. “Mmmmm goddamn it that feels so fucking gooooooood!!! Oooooooooh no one licks my ass like you do baby! Ohhhhhhh I miss that tongue so fucking much when I can’t see you! Mmmmmmm fucking eat my ass and make me come! No one can do it like you can! Ohhhhhhh no one can make me feel as good!!!”

The more she got over the shock of seeing the woman she considered a friend sluttily giving up her asshole to be tongued, the more Lindsay began to lust for the blonde. Once she’d been seduced and shown the wonders of women, Lindsay had thought about just about every hot girl she knew and had fantasized about what it would be like to fuck them. That list had certainly included Amy but Lindsay had never dreamed she’d have anything resembling a real chance at her.

There was just something about the way she so frequently made fun of slutty behavior that had made Lindsay think that Amy never let her inhibitions go and get all nasty and naughty. But those misconceptions were being set aside forever with every hot moan and dirty word from Amy’s lips about how much she loved getting her ass eaten.

Now Lindsay wanted to know who it was who was licking Amy like she was. Since her face was buried in Amy’s ass cheeks from behind it was hard to tell and Lindsay felt a little shy about getting a better look.

She didn’t know why she felt that way. After all her first time with a woman had been in an orgy and she’d been to the mansion so many times after that for all kinds of fun, naked parties. But seeing so many beautiful older women go at each other made her feel a little inexperienced and robbed her of the confidence she needed to get out there and show herself off.

That shyness didn’t stop Lindsay from staring, though, at the moaning, quivering Amy and trying to get a better look at who was licking her, which distracted her from pretty much everything else, including what was going on next to Amy on the couch. Erica wasn’t the only girl at the party who had a strap on around her waist and on the couch was a scene that would have made any Grey’s Anatomy fan mind explode from shock.

“That’s it…mmmmm suck that cock girl,” Sara Ramirez groaned as she caressed her large tits, fondling the naked mounds while Katherine Heigl shyly bent down between her legs and gave a blow job to her strap on. “Ooooooh that’s it baby. Get it nice and wet! Get your spit all over it so it’ll be nice and slippery for me to fuck you with it! Mmmm that’s what you want, isn’t it? To be fucked like a real woman should. To have your too tight pussy spread open by another woman with a cock that will never go soft!”

“I…I…ummmm…uhhhh…I…uhhhh…gawwwwwd I guess so…yes,” Katherine stammered when she pulled up. Unlike all the other girls there who had no reservations about anything they were doing, Katherine’s face was covered in uncertainty.

“You guess so? You guess so? No no no honey, you gotta want this cock,” Sara chastised, wrapping her hand around the lubed up shaft and stroking it. “You gotta want to be fucked! You do want it, don’t you? Mmmmmmmm this wet, little pussy of yours says you want it bad you bad blonde slut.”

Sara reached right for Katherine’s pussy, shoving her hand between her co-star’s legs and rubbing her, making the blonde shudder in arousal and moan.

“Oh yeahhh you’re nice and wet for my cock,” Sara grinned, licking her lips. “You want this so fucking bad, just because you’re too scared to admit it doesn’t make your pretty blonde pussy want my thick cock inside any less. You want it deep. Mmmm you want it hard. You want it now!”

As Sara said this she grabbed onto Katherine’s tits, squeezing the large mounds and making the woman moan even louder. Her pussy was starting to drip down her leg from arousal and as much as Katherine’s brain wanted to pretend she didn’t want this, the other parts of her body were betraying her. She began to murmur under her breath as she moaned.

“What was that?” Sara purred. “I can’t hear you.”

“Fuck me…please,” Katherine softly gasped, unable to stop the words from passing her lips.

“Louder,” Sara commanded, delighting in the control she had over her cover girl castmate as she squeezed the blonde’s tits harder. “Say it like you fucking mean it Katherine!”

“Fuck me!” Katherine spat out in a desperate gasp, her head spinning as she said it. “Ooooooooooh fuck me Sara! Fuck my blonde bitch pussy and make me your little slut again! Gawwwwwwwwd! I can’t believe I’m fucking letting you do this to me but you always make it feel so goooooood!!!”

Katherine’s lips were then silenced with a sexy, wet kiss from Sara. As much as part of her wanted to resist, Katherine closed her eyes and returned the kiss, opening her mouth to slide her tongue out so she could massage Sara’s. The two co-stars passionately French kissed each other and Sara soon grabbed Katherine’s hands and put them right on her breasts.

“Play with them,” Sara commanded in between kisses. “You can’t just lie there and get fucked this time Katherine. Play with my body. I wanna feel you squeeze my big tits! Mmmmmmm get your hands all over my titties! Slap my big titties and make them bounce! I know you wanna see it! I love seeing your big titties bounce Katherine and you’re just like me! You’re a pussy hungry whore for girl sex just like me so don’t pretend you’re not!”

“I won’t,” Katherine meekly promised, her voice soft even as her pussy drooled horny juice past her lips and her desire for her gorgeous Latina co-star grew. “I’m a slut! I’m your slut Sara! Your pussy hungry whore! Mmmmm gawwwwwwwd I love your big tits! Mmmmm they’re sooo soft and yummy!”

Katherine felt herself completely giving into the desires raging inside her like the dam she had built inside herself to block her lust for other women had been broken through by the mighty river. She slapped Sara’s tits, just like she’d been asked, and made the full mounds of girl flesh bounce and jiggle on her co-star’s chest.

But Katherine didn’t play with them like that for long. She lusted for them too much to keep on slapping and she couldn’t stop herself from leaning down to suck on them, latching her lips to Sara’s thick nipple and making it swell up even more between her lips.

“Mmmmm good girl…good little chica,” Sara moaned before lapsing into a few words of her native Spanish, something she always did when one of her lovers made her feel especially good.

“Suck my tits,” Sara urged, snapping back to English. “Mmmmm suck my big titties! Good little girl! Suck mommy’s nipple you blonde slut! I know how much you love your mamacita’s big boobs! Suck them just like that! Mmmmm suck them good and I’ll do it right back to your big titties while I let you ride my cock! Mmmmmm yeahhhhh you like that, Katherine. I know you do. I know you love riding my big cock and having your tits slap my face! Nasty girl! Oooooooh you’re gonna get it all tonight baby!”

Katherine just moaned and sucked harder on Sara’s swollen nipple, running her tongue all over the tanned tip of her breast and making herself even wetter. She tried to stop herself from doing this. She tried to tell herself she was engaged and she had to be good and faithful to her fiancée. But she couldn’t help it.

It had to be the alcohol. That’s what it was! That’s why she was cheating and acting like a dyke. She wasn’t a lesbian. She was just drunk. Just like she was the last time she had done this with Sara. And the time before that. And the time before that. And the time before that…

As Katherine sucked passionately on Sara’s tits, her saliva drooling down over the curves of Sara’s brown flesh onto her stomach, the two co-stars had an audience and it wasn’t just the recently arrived guest from Malibu. It was the girl who had just walked into the parlor from the shower upstairs, her hair still damp from the water but the rest of her body completely dry.

Piper Perabo had just shared Lauren’s shower with two gorgeous women whom she had licked from head to toe as water had pulsed all over their bodies but they had stayed upstairs to head to one of the bedrooms and she had decided to come back downstairs to see what was going on. She wasn’t disappointed with what she saw, finding eleven new bare asses staring at her when she walked through the doorway.

“Hey girls,” Piper had said cheerfully, giving them a friendly wave as she walked past them and a smile that said she hoped they would soon be a lot closer. But since they were just standing there she just let them be because Piper wanted to join where the action already was.

The stone coffee table in the center of the parlor was filled with sex toys and Piper had eagerly grabbed a pink vibrator before sitting herself down on the arm of the couch where Katherine and Sara were getting frisky.

“Mmmm can I watch?” Piper asked, moaning as she ran the head of the toy over her slit, not turning it on yet, but making herself wetter by just pressing it against herself. “Can I watch you two fuck? Oooooh you two look so fucking hot together.”

“Of course honey, but only if you promise to join in too,” Sara replied lustfully, eyeing Piper’s gorgeous bare body up and down as the sweet, eager girl perched herself on the couch and began caressing her tits with her free hand.

“Mmmmm definitely,” Piper smiled with a carnal twinkle in her eye. “I just want to get myself nice and wet first.”

Piper began moaning harder as she played with her firm tits and rubbed her already well licked pussy with the vibrator. Her cries made a full chorus with everyone else in the parlor. It was wall to wall packed with girls fucking each other wildly and there in the center of the room in a plush chair that might as well have been a throne was Lauren Graham herself.

Like her guests, Lauren was completely nude. As Rose and Alyssa both intimately knew, the costumes she wore on Gilmore Girls could never do justice to her incredible body. She had long legs which demanded to be kissed all the way up and down and firm, proud breasts that jutted forward with no hint of sag. They were capped with perfect pink diamond nipples and they were as hard as glass from Lauren rubbing them. She caressed her own tits passionately, pausing only to lick her fingertips so she could make her nipples wet from her touch.

But Lauren wasn’t just sitting there and enjoying the show. Far from it. She was sitting in her chair with her long legs slung around the back of the gorgeous woman kneeling before her, tonguing her to heights of ecstasy. Lauren was in heaven from this woman’s tongue and if the look of bliss on her face didn’t make that obvious enough, her words hammered the point home.

“Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh tongue up all that juice! Ooooooh show me what a good slut you are baby! Lick my pussy right in front of everyone!” Lauren cooed, her legs trapping the woman where she was. “Yeahhhhhhh mmmmmm right on my clit! Work your tongue right there baby! Ohhhhhhh yessssss just like I taught you! Get all my hot spots! Lick them everywhere! Use your whole fucking tongue on me! Ohhhhhhh mmmmmmm you’re learning so well! God, you’re an amazing pussy licker now baby! Now make me come! Make me come like the fucking goddess I am! Make me the first to come at my own party! Do it! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss!!!”

From the vantage point of where they stood, none of the new arrivals could tell who it was who was eating Lauren out. Her face was buried in Lauren’s pussy and her back was to them. But they could certainly tell she was gorgeous. She had beautiful tan skin and the kind of ass that you would walk over hot coals for just for the chance to kiss.

Plus, as could be told from the way the light made it sparkle, she was pierced. As the woman bent over to lick Lauren, the gold ring in her pussy was exposed, something that was of particular interest to Christina who knew full well how amazing her own piercings felt in her pussy.

But the piercing and amazing ass were the only clues as to who the woman eating out Lauren could be and that was all the girls got because the woman was clearly more concerned with eating Lauren out than showing her identity. Not that any of the girls blamed her. Having Lauren Graham fuck your face was certainly something that demanded attention and there wasn’t one of them that didn’t wish they were in the spot of the mystery woman.

Suddenly there was a happy squeal from inside the parlor and it wasn’t one of orgasm. It was of recognition and the girls quickly saw where it was coming from as a naked Elisha Cuthbert ran up to them and eagerly wrapped a hug around the first girl she got to.

That girl happened to be Love and Elisha gave her sexy friend a warm, happy embrace, which Love immediately returned, having always been a big fan of hugs, especially when it meant rubbing naked bodies together.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe you guys are here!” Elisha squealed in delight. “Isn’t this party amazing? I’d never been here before but Camie got me to come and I was just thinking how this place is just like the mansion, but it wasn’t the same because you guys weren’t here and oh my God here you are now! I can’t believe it! It was like I wished it and it happened! When did you guys get here? Have you had a chance to fuck anyone yet? Mmmmm I just had Camie eat me out and it felt soooooooo good. Of course she’s always good but it felt especially good to have her eating my pussy today! I can’t wait to get with everyone and just fuck them all until it’s dawn and I just pass out!”

As she said this, Elisha released Love and proceeded to hug each and every other girl who was standing there, even Whitney whom she barely knew at all. While Elisha was hardly the sullen, silent type, this was far more giddy behavior than any of them had ever seen before. It was like she was on speed or something, but she was all smiles so none of them thought anything of it.

They could have asked Elisha’s frequent partner in crime, Cameron Diaz, what was going on, but the recently dyed brunette had other things on her mind as she crawled across the rug toward Piper Perabo, who was working herself over with the vibrator as she watched Katherine set herself up on Sara’s lap and lower herself down onto the strap on cock so she could ride it. Katherine cried out in absolute bliss as she was penetrated and soon Piper was crying out right along with her as Cameron started tonguing her pussy, licking at her tender, wet lips as she took the vibrator from her hand.

“Mmmmm you don’t need to touch yourself when I’m around,” Cameron assured her fellow actress before plunging her tongue back inside Piper’s pussy as she turned the vibrator onto low and began running it all over the girl’s bare thighs.

Elisha was about to tug her friends over so they could join in, when something else stole her easily distracted attention.


The woman followed her instructions perfectly, licking away at Lauren’s creaming pussy, gulping it down while lashing against her clitoris, making her come even harder and louder.


Lauren fucked herself hard against her lover’s face, feeding her every creamy drop from her spasming cunt. Her firm breasts jiggled as she came, making everyone who watched her just a little bit wetter at the beautiful sight of her orgasm. The woman kept licking away, not caring who was looking and only wanting more from Lauren, more sex…more cum…more everything.

Lauren cried out her bliss over and over again, her voice growing weaker, but her intensity not fading a bit. As tremors of ecstasy still quaked through her body, Lauren yanked the woman between her legs up and kissed her passionately.

“Mmmmmmmmmm fuck yeahhhhhh I taste sooooooo gooooood when I come,” Lauren groaned as she tongued her own essence off her lover’s face, licking her with long tongue lashes that left the woman moaning and glowing as saliva and girl cum made her face shine.

“Ooooooh yesssssss Goddess Lauren,” the woman cooed. “Mmmmmmmmm you taste like the sweetest fucking honey in the world. I love eating you out. God, please let me do it again. Let me lick another orgasm out of you!”

As Lauren licked the woman’s face, the girls finally got a good look at her and they all collectively gasped when they realized that this was no mere woman who had been eating Lauren out, but rather one of the most lusted after women alive today, a prime time star, a face who sold magazines like hotcakes and a name that gossip columnists fought over to get exclusives on.

“Please let me lick you more Goddess Lauren,” Eva Longoria begged, her face glistening. “I love when you soak my face in your cum! It’s the best feeling in the world.”

The gasping didn’t stop when they saw it was Eva who had been eating Lauren out. There was also a fair degree of shock when they saw that not only was her clitoris apparently pierced, but her tits were too. Gold rings went through both of Eva’s dark nipples, giving her a look of extra sluttiness that perfectly matched the cum shining her face.

“Mmmmm later, Eva,” Lauren told her devoted disciple as saw who was waiting for her. “I have guests to greet first.”

“Miss Graham your guests are here,” Whitney declared as Lauren left a disappointed Eva behind to saunter over toward everyone, her nude body on full display, particularly her completely smooth pussy, wetness still dripping from her shaved lips. “I didn’t know Miss McGowan was bringing so many with her, but I’m sure we can accommodate them.”

“Mmmm we definitely can accommodate them,” Lauren said, hungrily eying her newest arrivals. “We can always fit in more yummy girls to play with.”

Lauren then leaned down and planted a long kiss right on Rose’s lips, feeding her the cum she’d just licked off Eva’s face. Rose didn’t miss a beat and kissed the brunette actress right back, pushing her tongue into Lauren’s mouth for her to suck on. And then Lauren went right for Alyssa, kissing her just as passionately while reaching up to grasp Alyssa’s bare tits, massaging them sexily.

“Ohhhhhh fuck, keep doing that and you’ll make me come just from you playing with my tits,” Alyssa groaned when the kiss ended. “This is all so fucking hot.”

“I hoped you were going to like it,” Lauren beamed, keeping her soft hands right on Alyssa’s breasts. “I only throw the best parties here. Mmmmm and I see you brought a lot of friends here. Yummy. You all look gorgeous. So c’mon inside. We’ve got plenty of girls for you all to fuck and some surprises on the way. I’ve got toys and lube on the table if you want to use them. I’ve got my special homemade punch perfect for any wild party. And I’ve got plenty of music, both the holiday and just booty shaking kind, to get freaky to, so c’mon in, grab a girl and get yourself off as many times as you want.”

Seeing everything going on at the party had been such an attention grabber that no one had even noticed there was music playing, but indeed there was. Lauren had hooked up her iPod to her stereo and way playing her specially prepared mix for the party and they could all hear Backdoor Santa going to set the mood.

“Yeah! You gotta try the punch!” Elisha excitedly declared. “It’s sooo yummy! Not as yummy as pussy! Well it’s kind of yummy like that, but not exactly but sort of. You know what I mean?”

None of them had any idea what she meant, but they had an idea what was in the punch wasn’t exactly just Hi-C.

“What’s in that stuff?” Alyssa asked as Elisha poured herself another cup and downed it quickly.

“Nothing really,” Lauren said. “Just some fruit punch. A little red bull. Some vodka. Maybe a few special ingredients.”

“Special ingredients?” Alyssa repeated as Elisha poured herself another glass and drank it greedily, drops of it running down her chin as she began rubbing her naked body with her free hand, cooing as she tugged on her already rock hard nipples.

“Don’t worry, it’s nothing too illegal,” Lauren grinned mysteriously. “Just a few things to make sure everybody has a good time. Mmmmm we gotta make sure everyone loses those inhibitions and just wants to touch everyone.”

“Well we certainly don’t need any help to do that,” Rose said before kissing Lauren again and reaching down to squeeze the woman’s ass cheeks, pulling her close so their bare tits rubbed together.

“No you certainly don’t,” Lauren said when the kiss broke, their lips smacking together at the taste of each other’s lipstick. “So everyone come on inside. Step into my parlor…”

Lauren didn’t finish the rest of the expression, but her tone left no doubt that she considered herself the spider and her new arrivals the helpless flies. No one minded though. All they cared about was getting into the action, but before anyone could, Whitney leaned in and whispered in Lauren’s ear.

“Ohhh good point Whitney,” Lauren said, stopping the girls. “You can’t join in quite yet. Mmmmm first I have to make sure you girls past the taste test.”

“The taste test?” Gwen asked, liking the sound of that very much.

“Mmmm hmmm,” Lauren smiled. “Now you girls get down on your hands and knees so I can make sure you taste good enough to join. Everyone down except Alyssa and Rose. I already know just how good your pussies taste.”

Rose and Alyssa frowned a little at being excluded, especially because Lauren’s tongue was always welcome on their bodies, but Alyssa didn’t let it bother her. She took her chance and went right for the girls she’d been wettest for ever since she’d walked into the parlor.

The others stayed behind and did as Lauren instructed, kneeling onto the carpet and then getting up on their hands so they were on all fours. There were now nine bare asses wiggling in the air, desperate for attention and Lauren licked her lips again as she eyed the sight of Love, Gwen, Jewel, Christina, Jennifer, Reese, Lindsay, Jessica and Hilary completely nude and visibly aroused for her.

Their little wet slits looked absolutely scrumptious and Lauren never liked eating alone so she turned to her loyal personal assistant.

“Want to help me Whitney?” Lauren offered, her hands cupping the redhead’s pale tits and squeezing them lovingly as the most efficient assistant she’d ever had finally started to moan and show a crack in her exterior.

“Mmmm ohhhhhhh yesssssss Miss Graham,” Whitney gratefully moaned. “They all look so delicious. I’d love to help you taste them.”

“Then I’ll meet you in the middle,” Lauren said before giving her assistant a long, sexy kiss and then turning her attention to her guests, each and every one of them quivering with anticipation for someone…anyone…to lick them.

The two women then began at opposite directions of the line of naked girls. Lauren started on the left with Love and Whitney got down on her knees behind Hilary on the right. Love shivered and groaned in bliss as Lauren’s practiced tongue snaked up her slit, collecting the aroused juice that had coated her lips and slurping it into her mouth.

“Mmmmm sooo sweet,” Lauren moaned as Hilary squealed from the other end thanks to Whitney’s tongue giving her pussy a long, lingering lick.

With Love moaning for more, Lauren moved onto Gwen, sliding her tongue up the singer’s slit to get her first taste of her just as Whitney did the same to Jessica, treating her famished taste buds to pure Alba flavoring. Lauren and Whitney each moved in the opposite direction coming toward each other. Lauren licked at Jewel and Christina and Whitney sampled Lindsay and Reese before they both came to Jennifer at the same time.

“Please Miss Graham, I insist,” Whitney said as if she were offering her boss the last cookie on the tray and not Jennifer Aniston’s wet pussy.

“Oh no Whitney, please lick her, you deserve it for all your hard work,” Lauren said, knowing this had to be driving Jennifer crazy with anticipation.

“No you can have her Miss Graham, she’s your guest after all,” Whitney insisted.

“Ohhhhhhhhh God please just someone fucking lick me!” Jennifer groaned in frustration, her pussy feeling especially needy knowing everyone else had gotten a lick but her.

“Mmmm we can share,” Lauren said, going for the compromise she’d had in mind the entire time. The two tongues then licked Jennifer together, meeting together on her slit and collecting up her juices. Lauren and Whitney flicked their tongues together to share Jennifer’s essence before they fell into a deeper kiss, leaving all nine girls naked on their hands and knees and wanting more…much, much, much more.

“You all pass the taste test,” Lauren declared, licking her lips clean of the last drops of girl juice. “Mmmm and I’m going to make sure I taste you all again and get all that hot juice out of you. But now you all can go in and have fun. Fuck anyone you want. Nothing is off limits.”

Lauren’s words caused a scampering of naked bodies onto the rug and into the action. But there was one woman left over and she wasn’t about to let Lauren get off her knees quite yet.

“Oh no, you stay right down there, you’re not done tasting yet,” Rose grinned as she got her hand on the back of Lauren’s head and pushed her between her legs while standing right above her. “Mmmm and I’ve got the sweetest pussy of all for you to taste!”

Lauren didn’t resist Rose’s aggressive move and once she had her lips pressed to her friend’s cunt she gave it a kiss and then let her tongue slide out. Rose wasn’t about to limit herself to just one lick, though. She wanted more than that and Lauren gave it to her, lapping away at her pink pussy and tasting the sweet juice that was already dripping out for her.

“Mmmmm that’s fucking it,” Rose sighed, closing her eyes as her hand remained on the back of Lauren’s head, pushing her in deep. “Lick that pussy Lauren. Oooooh damnnnnnnnn you’ve gotten even better since the last time we fucked! Lick it alllllll up! Ooooooooooh!!!”

Lauren’s hands moved up to Rose’s ass cheeks and squeezed the pale flesh, giving her just enough of her nails for Rose to get the little touch of spice she loved to go along with the sweetness of being licked. Lauren had always loved Rose’s ass and she showed her love with her hands, massaging the soft, sexy butt cheeks with her hand as Rose humped against her face, feeding her sweet pussy juice and reminding her that the first pussy she had ever licked was still one of the best she ever would.

Whitney remained on her knees next to Lauren, loving the chance to see her beautiful, perfect boss in action, especially with someone as seductively gorgeous as Rose. A sight like this demanded she touch herself and Whitney did exactly that, using both hands on her pussy, spreading open and rubbing her lips with one hand and using the other to push two fingers inside.

Whitney sighed and grunted as she finally got a chance to relieve the sexual need in her, which had been building since she had undressed herself to greet the first guest. All that pent up arousal was dying to come out and Whitney was ready to let loose.

Lauren heard her assistant’s moans and sighs and looked over at the redheaded beauty as she fucked herself, her soft, pale breasts jiggling and her mouth frozen open in ecstasy. Lauren knew her poor assistant had to be absolutely starving and she knew just what to give her to satisfy that craving.

“Heyyyyyy don’t stop!” Rose protested when Lauren suddenly pulled away. “You’re not stopping until I come! Get your tongue back in me!”

“Awfully forward for a guest, aren’t you?” Lauren grinned wickedly as she licked her lips free of Rose’s delicious essence. “Remember this isn’t your precious mansion. This is the domain of Goddess Lauren and you follow my rules.”

“Fuck your rules,” Rose groaned in need. “Get your fucking tongue back in my cunt! Lick me! Make me fucking come!”

“Don’t worry Rose,” Lauren assured her. “Whitney will take care of you while I tend to my other guests.”

Lauren immediately made good on that promise by snapping her fingers and getting the attention of her assistant.

“Whitney! Lick!” Lauren simply commanded, to the immense satisfaction of the redhead.

“Oh God yesssssssss!!!” Whitney groaned. “Thank you Miss Graham! Thank you for letting me lick your beautiful guest!”

In an instant, Whitney, her sexy glasses still perched on her nose, buried her face in Rose’s pussy, lashing away at her soaked pussy like a wild woman starved for cum.

“OHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Rose cried in a sudden rush of ecstasy as Whitney’s tongue burrowed into her cunt and went right for her clitoris; attacking it with the full force of the efficiency she brought to every task she was given. “FUCK YESSSSSSSSS LICK THAT PUSSY YOU LITTLE WHORE!!! YOU DO EVERYTHING LAUREN TELL YOU, HUH? WELL YOU BETTER LICK MY SWEET FUCKING CUNT AND MAKE ME COME ALL OVER YOUR FACE!!!”

Lauren took a moment to admire her assistant’s pretty face getting fucked hard by Rose’s dripping pussy. Mmmm it was a very wet, nasty and completely fun sight and it was just the kind of thing Lauren loved to see. But she didn’t linger too long. Now that she knew Rose was well taken care of, Lauren had other matters to tend to.

Her party was working out perfectly so far. Rose and Alyssa had brought all their sexiest friends and they had gotten right into the swing of things. Maybe that mansion really was as awesome as Rose said it was. She might have to check it out soon. In the meantime, Lauren had something to check on first. She had to make sure her special presents for her guests were still en route.

Lauren ducked out of her own party for a moment, leaving it in excellent hands. She didn’t have to guide her guests in any way. They were already more than skilled at the art of girl love and these Malibu girls were already proving themselves excellent additions to her circle of sex friends.

Alyssa had been one of the first to dive right into the fun, heading right for the two sexy Heathers as soon as she could. The two blondes had continued to grind each other lewdly and roughly, slamming their pink, juicy pussies together to create an oozing mess between their legs. They bad both been crying in joy and grunting from their witnesses mixing together and they hadn’t even noticed Alyssa was there until she had announced her presence with a sexy kiss right to Heather Locklear’s lips.

“Alyssa!” Heather had happily gasped at the sight of her friend. Now that was definitely a happy surprise! She hadn’t been expecting to see her!

“Mmmmm God you two are so hot together,” Alyssa had lustfully groaned. “Rub those pussies! Mmmmm make them nice and messy with each others juices so I can lick it all up!”

Heather Graham was taken aback by Alyssa suddenly appearing, seemingly out of nowhere, but she quickly recovered. She reminded herself to always expect surprises when she went to play with Lauren and this seemed like a really great surprise, especially since Heather and Alyssa already seemed to be so friendly with one another.

“Alyssa was my first,” Heather said, beaming with pride. “Mmmmm she’s the one who turned me into a total slut for pussy!”

“Oooooh then I should be thanking you then,” Heather Graham giggled. “Mmmmm Heather always makes me come so hard. If you taught her how to do that then you deserve a big thanks.”

“I’ll take this instead,” Alyssa grinned before doing what she’d wanted for years now and kissing Heather Graham’s sexy pink lips. The curly haired blonde immediately moaned into the kiss, even taking her hands off her fellow Heather’s ass to caress Alyssa’s face as they kissed.

Heather Locklear pulled away from their scissoring so she could continue touching herself, sliding her fingers into her own soaked cunt as she stared at Alyssa and Heather’s passionate kiss. Mmmmm they looked so gorgeous together, Alyssa’s firm tits pressing right into Heather’s smaller, softer pair.

She was so happy Alyssa was here. That meant the sex was only going to get better and Heather always loved a chance to show off in front of her former Melrose Place co-star. Even though she was older than Alyssa, she considered the brunette her sexual mentor and always enjoyed showing her how much she’d learned.

As Heather caressed her face, Alyssa brought her hands up to play with her newest lover’s beautiful tits. She massaged Rollergirl’s soft breasts, squeezing them passionately, but not enough to give Heather any pain. Heather loved Alyssa’s skilled touch and she rubbed herself hard against the brunette’s hands, making sure her nipples got rubbed as their tongues rubbed together and their saliva flowed into each other’s mouths. Heather loved long, wet kisses and she could already tell Alyssa was an amazing kisser.

“Alyssa is going to make you feel so so good,” Heather Locklear promised the younger girl. “Ooooh she’s an incredible fuck. So hot and so nasty.”

“Mmmmm so are you Heather dear. I know how nasty you can get too,” Alyssa grinned, returning the compliment to her former Melrose Place neighbor before getting back to tending to the other Heather. The two girls kissed each other long and hard for awhile, before Alyssa’s craving for more forced her to end it.

She wanted to do a lot more to these two Heathers than just kiss. Her tongue was famished for girl and she had loved how messy these two beauties were getting each other before she’d joined in.

“Get on your backs, both of you,” Alyssa commanded. “Spread your legs for me!”

Heathers Locklear and Graham were both very happy to obey. The elder blonde knew just how good Alyssa was and the younger one was ready to take her word for it. They both lay back on the Oriental rug and spread their legs open for Alyssa, showing off the wet pinkness which was already coated in each other’s juices.

That was just what Alyssa wanted to see and she dove in without another word, going right for Heather Locklear’s pussy first. Once again marveling at how Heather’s body was still a piece of complete feminine perfection over the age of 40, Alyssa reacquainted herself with her friend’s taste.


Alyssa definitely could taste how close Heather was. She was just happy she’d gotten to her friend before she’d come from her grind. She wanted to taste Heather’s orgasm right from the oven of her hot pussy.

Heather had always tasted so good and this time was no exception. And of course having Heather Graham’s juices mixing in with hers, made Heather even more delicious. Alyssa licked her friend furiously, her hands moving up to squeeze Heather’s still amazing tits, so firm and hot under her palms.


Heather Graham didn’t mind waiting as her fellow Heather bucked and shook next to her on the carpet. She knew her turn was coming and besides, if you were going to have to wait, then watching a naked Alyssa Milano’s face pressed down to Heather Locklear’s wet cunt right before it exploded in a rush of girl cream was the way to do it. Heather even helped out, kissing the other Heather’s lips as she gasped and cried out from Alyssa’s tonguing and running her fingers over her jiggling tits even as Alyssa did the same.

Heather touched where Alyssa couldn’t while still kissing her lover and enjoying the feel of her tongue twitching in her mouth as her sexual screams were silenced. Heather loved seeing how excited her friend was for Alyssa’s tongue because she knew her own turn fucking Alyssa’s beautiful face was going to be just as amazing.

Alyssa licked all over Heather’s pussy, letting her tongue search out girl juice from every inch of her pink folds. God, her pussy was always so good and Alyssa felt her own pussy drip from the taste of her friend. She just hoped Lauren had some kind of way to clean this Oriental rug they were all on because there was no way it wasn’t going to get soaked with pussy juice and soaked soon.

While she continued to squeeze Heather’s tits, Alyssa licked harder, drinking down every drop she could get of the cum mix of Locklear and Graham vintage flavors. It was so yummy that Alyssa couldn’t get enough of it and knowing that she had more waiting for her when she took her turn at the other Heather’s pussy just made Alyssa lick harder, going after Heather’s bulging clitoris with her tongue, licking it faster and faster with increased fervor until she got just the result she was looking for.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Heather screamed as she came, her body bucking so hard from the rush of pleasure exploding inside her that she actually knocked Heather Graham off her body and onto the floor. “FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOH GOD ALYSAAAAAAAAAAA YEAHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!!!”

Heather’s hips flailed wildly on the rug as she creamed herself all over Alyssa’s face. Alyssa held her friend down steady, keeping her pussy pressed to her mouth so she could suck her flowing juices right out of her. Heather’s pussy was dripping onto her chin and even up to her nose as she lurched on the rug, but Alyssa never let her get too far away from her tongue as she drank down her orgasm and left her writhing naked on the floor.

“Ooooooooooh fuck mmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss,” Heather still mumbled dreamily as the afterglow of her orgasm set in. It was the first one she’d had at the party and now that Alyssa and all her mansion friends were here she knew it definitely wouldn’t be the last.

But with one Heather taken care of, that left one more and Alyssa didn’t hesitate.

“Now it’s your turn,” the grinning brunette told the horny blonde. “Lie back and let me take care of you.”

“Ooooh yessssssss take care of me,” Heather Graham moaned as Alyssa crawled between her outstretched legs like a cat and plunged her tongue down into her pussy. “Mmmmm do anything you want to me Alyssa! OOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSS LICK MEEEEEEEE!!! Mmmmmmmmm yesssssss do anything Alyssa…especially that! Ooooooooh fuck! Lick my wet pussy just like that! God, make me come just like you made Heather come! Oooooooh I wanna feel good just like that!”

With her face already coated with one Heather and another soon to burst, Alyssa was living out just what she’d wanted when she’d walked through the door. But she wasn’t the only one going after the object of her desire. As soon as she was given the chance, Reese went right for Maria Bello and more specifically her shoes.

Maria’s black stiletto heels were even more beautiful up close. Reese wondered where she’d gotten them. They looked Italian and totally comfortable while still being fashionable. She would have to ask Maria where she went shopping, but she could do that later. Right now all Reese wanted was get those shoes off her and get at what she knew was underneath.

Usually Reese was a little shy about showing off her fetish to strangers. She usually liked to know someone before she did anything like ask them to lick and suck her toes or ask them to let her do it to them. But this place was so arousing and Maria looked so good that Reese was unable to help herself. She just hoped Maria was into this.

At the very least Maria was welcoming of her presence. Reese had come up behind her as she had kneeled in back of Mariska, licking away at her friend’s pinkness, her legs bent and sticking straight out. Reese hadn’t said a word, she had just knelt down naked next to Maria and began running her hands softly over her legs, caressing her calves and down to her ankles.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh touch me,” Maria moaned in Mariska’s pussy before turning around to see whose hand it was on her and smiling when she saw it was Reese. “Don’t stop! I was wondering when one of you was going to get in here and start playing! Mmmm touch me Reese! Touch me everywhere!”

Reese took Maria for her word on that one. I just hope you like it when I touch you here, Reese said to herself, swallowing a little nervously as she began kissing her way down Maria’s bare leg. No one she had ever been with had stopped her or freaked out or anything because of her little fetish, but Reese also wondered if there were times when they only pretended to be into it just to please her.

Reese didn’t want them to do this just to make her happy. She wanted them to really be into it as much as she was. That was what made it so hot. As she kissed down Maria’s leg, inching closer and closer to her heels, Reese just hoped Maria was into it. That would have been so sexy.

Maria moaned from each and every wet kiss Reese placed on her legs and when the Oscar winner pulled off her right heel, she saw that Maria’s toes were wiggling for her. That was a good sign at least and it emboldened Reese to not feel scared as she took it a little further. Reese cast aside Maria’s right heel and then went for her left, pulling it off slowly and stripping her down until she was completely bare like the rest of them,

Reese took one more deep breath, telling herself not to be nervous and that the worst Maria could do was tell her top stop. But of course she didn’t want Maria to tell her that as she eyed the woman’s wiggling toes, her nails painted a dark rose red. She wanted Maria to want this bad and fortunately, when she leaned down to place a kiss on Maria’s toes, Reese got exactly the reaction she was hoping for.

“Oooooooooooooh yesssssssss you naughty girl!” Maria squealed in pleasure, pulling her wet lips away from Mariska’s pussy to cry out. “Mmmmm yeahhhhhh I was hoping one of you girls would be into it! Ooooooooh that’s why I kept my heels on! Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss kiss my toes Reese! Get your pretty lips all over my toes! Mmmm kiss them and then you can lick them! You like that Reese? You like being able to lick my toes? Get them all wet with your hot tongue?”

“Mmmmmmmmm definitely,” Reese groaned. “That’s so hot Maria. Mmmm I was hoping YOU would be into this. I wasn’t sure if you were tempting me or not with your heels. Mmmmm I’m gonna lick and suck each and every one of your cute toes. Yummy! I’m gonna love playing with your feet!”

Reese was as good as her word, kissing Maria’s wiggling toes and then sliding her pink tongue out to lick them and let her aroused saliva drip down over them, making Maria coo and moan happily. This was something she could always get off to when the girl doing it was good at it and Reese was way better than good at it. She knew just how to lick and kiss feet and make her whole body tingle from it. Each and every kiss and lick Reese pressed to her toes and feet sent sparks to her pussy.

But Maria didn’t spend too much time complimenting Reese for how good she was making her feel. She had to get back to Mariska because she knew how impatient her friend could get if you made her wait when she was close to coming. So Maria gave Reese one last moan of bliss from her tongue on her toes and got back to licking.

Mariska might not have liked waiting, but the extra pleasure Reese was giving Maria was definitely working to her advantage. Having sparks shooting off inside her from Reese’s tongue made Maria lick Mariska harder and massage her ass with more passion.

“Mmmmmmmmm yessssssss you like that, huh?” Mariska teased, turning her head and showing off her Mandy covered face to her friend. “Mmmmm I always knew a dirty slut like you getting off on other girls toes would find someone just like you out there to be nasty and dirty with!”

“Ooooooh bitch, I’ll show you nasty,” Maria grinned before she spit right into Mariska’s pussy. “I’m not the only one with a dirty little fetish! I’m not the one who likes having girls spit right into her fucking cunt and then lick it all out!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh bitch…I don’t just like,” Mariska groaned. “Mmmmmmm you know I fucking love it! So nasty! Mmmmm yessssssss so dirty! Spit in my pussy Maria! Spit right into me and then lick it all out so I can come! Mmmmmmmm yesssssss spit in me and lick your spit and my cum right out of me!”

Maria never bothered to spend time trying to figure this out. She liked toes. Mariska liked spit. Sex was sex. Why spend time figuring out why you liked what you liked? It was like trying to figure out why some people liked chocolate ice cream; some people liked vanilla and others like Cherry Garcia or rocky road. You were never going to be able to do it.

The important thing was finding a partner who indulged you in the bedroom and Mariska and Maria had that in each other, close friends who always knew just how to make each other come in floods.

Spitting into Mariska always got the brunette off and Maria’s wet spit had her on the verge in no time. Maria spit hard right into her friend, repeating her action several times to make her already juicy pussy even messier.

Maria had to admit it was pretty fucking hot to see saliva dripping down from a wet, pink pussy already as sexy as Mariska’s. It was nice and nasty but Maria didn’t stare at it too long. Not when it was much more fun to lick it all up.


Mariska was so lost in the pleasure she was feeling from Maria getting nasty with her that she had to neglect Mandy for the moment. But the younger girl didn’t mind at all. She was pretty giving when it came to sex and she knew that Mariska was closer to coming than she was. She should be the one to come first. It was only fair. But besides that she had her own distraction to occupy her time.

With all the emotion fucking up her brain, Christina had lost her usual confidence. The old Christina would have grabbed the first hot chick she saw and gone right for her pussy, not caring who she was or if she’d ever met her before, but Christina felt like she was too much of an eggshell right now. So instead she had gone right for the safety of familiarity.

That was why she was sitting on the rug face to face with Mandy, kissing her tenderly and playing with her rival turned sex partner’s bare tits. She always loved playing with Mandy’s soft tits, they were all natural oh so sexy. Usually Christina would have been all over them, kissing and licking them and getting Mandy’s nipples hard enough so she could rub them against her pussy and make her come. But Christina just couldn’t get herself going today and knew the reason why.

Just being around Mandy reminded Christina of Britney. It reminded her of how they’d tried to trap her by getting her on a sex tape with Jenna Jameson. But she didn’t just think of how the scheme had blown up in their face and how Mandy and Jenna had both ended up joining their fun. She thought of how close she and Britney had been then, how they had come up with the plan together as lovers and partners.

Christina thought about getting away from Mandy and the memories that being with her made flood back. But she didn’t go because everyone else suddenly felt stranger and distant. Mandy was safe and even though she hated being reminded about Britney, Christina also liked it. It made her sad and comforted all at the same time.

She just couldn’t get into all that was around her and it was driving Christina crazy. Why did she have to feel this way? What the hell was wrong with her? She was in an orgy with a bunch of beautiful women. Usually she would have been going after each and every one of these gorgeous girls licking them feverishly and making it so good that they’d have no choice but to give it back to her and spank her and fuck her…licking her slutty pussy and fingering her naughty little ass.

That was how she rolled. That was what she loved to do. But not today. Today she couldn’t get her body to obey her demanding pussy. She couldn’t get her libido to take control. Today it was her heart that was controlling all her emotions and it was making Christina miserable. She didn’t even want to fuck Mandy. She just wanted to kiss and hold her. Christina felt like she was turning into some sickening loser and she couldn’t make it stop.

With this torrent of emotions inside her, Christina just couldn’t force herself to get slutty and it was no surprise when she turned down an offer from Mandy.

“Mmmm she looks sooo hot right now,” Mandy moaned over the sight of Mariska on the verge of orgasm when she and Christina rested in between kisses, her flushed face pressing to Christina’s as their tits rubbed together. “Want to help me make her come Christina? Mmmmm lets take on Mariska together. I know we can make her feel really good. You two are totally going to click.”

“No…I…uhhh…I’ll just watch,” Christina sighed, getting a shocked look from Mandy. She had never seen Christina turn down any kind of sex before.

“You sure?” Mandy pressed. “Mmmm we can suck those big soft boobs of hers so good. I already know how yummy they taste.”

Under normal circumstances, Christina would have been all over Mariska’s tits. They did look yummy, bouncing up and down and slapping Mariska’s chin as Maria licked her from behind. Christina would have sucked those big tits and gotten her spit all over them and then demanded Mariska tit fuck her. But not today. She just shook her head “no” to Mandy and the girl shrugged her shoulders before crawling back into the fun.

Leaving Christina behind to watch, Mandy tenderly kissed Mariska’s moaning mouth and grasped her large breasts in her hand, playing with them and making sure she rubbed up against the woman’s swollen nipples.

“Come for us,” Mandy moaned to Mariska. “Come for your little Mandy. Mmmm Lauren told me you like older girls, but I want you so bad Mariska. You always look so damn sexy on your show and I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. Mmmmm your tongue felt so awesome in my pussy and I want to make you feel good now. I wanna make you come all over Maria’s face so I can lick your cum off and taste it.”

“Ohhhhhhh naughty girl…naughty fucking slut,” Mariska groaned as Mandy played with her nipples. “Ooooh I want you bad too! I wanna come and then I want your pretty pink pussy fucking my face again! I wanna lick that young, fresh cum right out of that hot little cunt of yours and make you squeal and scream out how much you love it! Mmmmm help her make me come Mandy! I’m so close! Oooooooooh play with my big, sexy tits now you naughty girl! Mmmm squeeze them and lick them and make them feel good so I’ll come!”

Mandy definitely wanted that. What Mariska was promising her sounded like heaven and she wanted to make sure her new friend came hard. She gave Mariska another sexy kiss and then pulled away to get her lips on her tits. Mariska’s bouncing tits slapped her in the face when she got under her, making Mandy giggle but soon the only sounds were Mariska moaning even louder as Mandy began wetly sucking on her nipples, smacking her lips and tonguing the swollen tips as she wrapped her hands around the soft flesh and massaged them.

“Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssssss ooooooooooooh oooooooooh so fucking close!” Mariska groaned, her voice cracking a little with her body right on the edge. She could see Christina Aguilera staring right at her, stroking her tits and playing with her piercings and that made it hotter. Mariska wanted a crack at her next after she was done with Mandy.

“Yeah come for us sweetie! Come for your friends!” Maria urged Mariska, giving her ass a sexy slap before getting her hand to much better use. Mariska’s pussy was soaked with girl juice and spit now and that made it so easy for Maria to easily slide two of her fingers inside her friend. They pushed in without resistance into Mariska’s wet, hot folds and Maria immediately started rubbing them against her clitoris.


“Yeah! Fucking come for us!” Maria commanded. “I want your hot fucking cunt to cream for me with my fingers and tongue buried in it while that young slut sucks your big tits and makes you moan like a fucking whore! Come for us damn it! Come like a fucking freight train all over my face!”

Maria knew that Mariska always loved a little push at the end to really make her orgasms intense and she punctuated her words with several slaps to her bare ass, making her jiggling bottom pink in all the right ways. Maria left her hand prints on both of Mariska’s butt cheeks and then dove back in, licking and sucking her pussy as her fingers worked her clitoris over and Mandy proved how tit hungry she was by latching onto Mariska’s nipples with her sexy, wet lips.


As Mariska exploded in her mouth, Maria held fast. She opened wide and swallowed it all like the experienced girl lover she was. Mariska gushed big for her, just like always, and she didn’t miss a drop of her friend’s essence, letting it soak her tongue and just glide down her throat like she was drinking the sweetest cream in the world.

Maria had both her hands working Mariska over. She had one hand sliding two fingers inside to keep on rubbing her clitoris and the other spreading open her pussy so she could get all her cum as it flowed out of her. Maria loved the hot blast of girl cream against her face and her pleasure was doubled this time because she had Reese sensuously loving her toes, kissing and licking them all over.

This girl was an expert in how to play with toes. No doubt about it. Maria moaned deeply into Mariska’s pussy as Reese began spreading her toes open with her fingers so she could lick in between them and making it all so good.

Mariska gasped and moaned and rocked back and forth on the rug, ecstasy pounding through her naked body. Ohhhhhh yesssssss…mmmmmmmm she loved Lauren’s parties, especially when she could share them with a friend like Maria who already knew every inch of her body and knew exactly how to touch her right.

It probably should have been illegal to feel as good as she did then, with Maria licking her creaming pussy and Mandy underneath her sloppily sucking on her tits, leaving them covered with horny girl saliva. But Mariska was far too experienced to let just one great orgasm throw her for a loop. Not when there was so much she still wanted to do.

“C’mere,” Mariska moaned, pulling Mandy back up to her.

As soon as the younger actress was back in her face, Mariska leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips, making Mandy moan as she tasted herself all over her lover’s face. Mariska pulled her still quivering pussy away from Maria so she could kneel down in front of Mandy and return the favor to her younger lover by taking her tits in her hand and massaging them, rubbing her nipples against her smooth palms.

Mandy cooed as she was touched like this and it only got better when Mariska gently pushed her down onto her back. Mandy giggled in anticipation of what she knew was coming and helpfully spread her legs to show that her pinkness had only gotten wetter since Mariska had last taken a lick. Juice was clinging to Mandy’s tight cunt lips and Mariska went right for it, licking right up over her slit and making her gasp in ecstasy.

“So pretty,” Mariska moaned, her appreciation of younger girls growing by the second. “Mmmm such a pretty young pussy. You gonna come for me Mandy? You gonna come for Mariska?”

Since Mariska followed each of these questions with another tongue lash against her pussy the answer was obvious. Mandy frantically nodded her head and sighed her pleasure.

“Mmmmmhmmmm gonna come…ooooooh gonna come for you so soon,” Mandy answered, her voice getting passionate and ragged from the pleasure shooting up her spine from the hot, long licks Mariska was taking against her sensitive pussy. “Mmmm so close! Ooooh you had me right on the edge before! Please make me come now! Make my pretty pussy come all over your face so I can lick it off like a good girl! I want that! Want it so bad! Yesssssssssssssssssssss ooooooooooh yessssssssssssssssssssss!!!”

As Mandy cried out from the hot tongue slithering its way inside her, Maria wasn’t too lonely without Mariska’s pussy in her face. After all now she could concentrate on Reese and the two blondes were now face to face, sitting up on the rug, kissing passionately as their hands reached between each other’s legs, delighting in how wet the other was.

“Mmmmmm fuck you’re soaked,” Reese grinned, adoring the taste of Mariska’s orgasm all over Maria’s face. “I can’t wait to taste you.”

“Ohhhhhhh yesssssss rub it baby rub it,” Maria urged, humping herself against Reese’s hand as she continued rubbing the Oscar winner right back. “Mmmm is that tongue of yours ready for my cream? You eat a lot of pussy Reese?”

“Mmmmhmmm lots and lots of it,” Reese giggled. “I don’t just like to play with toes you know, Maria. Mmmm I love to play with lots of other parts of a sexy girl’s body.”

Reese then set about proving that, taking the older actress and moving aggressively on her. Reese pushed Maria down onto her back and dove right into her wetness, proving to her immediately that as good as she was at sucking toes, it was nothing compared to how good she was at eating pussy.

As Reese was introducing Maria to her tonguing skills, two friends were getting reacquainted on an entirely more intimate level than they had ever dared venture before. Jessica had never had any idea that Eva Longoria played around with girls, but her own eyes had shown her that not only did Eva like to play; she was far from an amateur at it.

Jessica had loved watching Lauren come in front of everyone, but once she had seen that it had been Eva who had been going down on their hostess it had absolutely blown her mind. She and Eva had hung out a bunch of times, gone clubbing together and even co-hosted a few parties together. She had considered them pretty good friends, but Jessica had never dreamed that Eva was into women.

She had always wanted to make a move. How could Jessica not have noticed how gorgeous Eva was? She just oozed sex and Jessica had lusted for her the moment they had met. But she hadn’t made any kind of a move on her because the right opportunity had never been there. Eva had always had men hanging off her and there had never been that perfect time when they could be alone, get comfortable and Jessica could see how receptive her friend was to some naughty fun.

But now she saw that no such perfect moment was needed. Eva needed no seduction. She was wet and ready for fun so Jessica hadn’t hesitated. As soon as she had passed Lauren’s taste test, she had gone right for Eva and basically tackled her on the rug, barely pausing to even say Hi before she had begun showering her cum covered face in wet, horny kisses.

Now things had calmed down more and the two beauties were kneeling face to face on the carpet, locked in a slow, sensuous make out session as their hands explored every inch of the other’s naked flesh, flesh that had once inspired wet dreams in each of them about the other but they had both been too hesitant to just reach out and grab.

And grab is just what they did. Eva and Jessica had their hands all over each other as they kissed, rubbing their tongues together and smacking their lips over and over again as they sought to make up for lost time as quickly as possible.

“Mmmmm I can’t believe it took us so long to do this,” Eva sighed in between kisses, her breathing heavy with desire for her friend. “If I had any idea you were into this I would have been crawling into bed with you months ago.”

“Months? Try more than a year,” Jessica giggled. “Oh Eva, God, if I’d only known you were interested. I’ve been trying to try and find the right moment to seduce you since the second I met you.”

“No way! I’ve been waiting for the right moment to tell you how much I wanted you,” Eva confessed, marveling at how fate had brought them together like this. “How could we not have picked up on this? How could we not have known we both wanted each other so bad?”

Jessica had no answer to give to that so she didn’t offer one. Instead she kissed Eva again while caressing the smooth, soft skin down her strong back and then tracing her fingers around her front to her thighs. Eva moaned at Jessica’s touch and got the message her friend was sending her through the kiss. They could reflect on the past later. Right now they had to live in the moment.

“Mmmm look at these,” Jessica grinned as she pressed her hands up under Eva’s tits, pushing them up and admiring the gold rings that pierced both of her nipples. “When the hell did you get these you naughty girl?”

“Goddess Lauren told me to,” Eva explained, moaning again as Jessica’s nails teased her swollen nipples, stimulating her piercings and driving her absolutely wild. “Ooooooh yessssssss mmmmmm they make my tits so sensitive. Mmmmm I had it done a few months ago and it feels absolutely wonderful. You should do it too baby. It feels amazing to have them played with.”

Jessica wondered what the heck Eva was talking about with this “Goddess Lauren” business. It sounded a bit odd, but hell it also sounded pretty sexy, so Jessica wasn’t going to press it. Besides backstories could wait until later. Jessica had other things to concentrate on.

“That might be a little too porn star for me,” Jessica teased. “Oooooh but I like how they look on you. Very sexy and so very naughty.”

Jessica emphasized her point by leaning down and tonguing her friend’s nipples, fondling her tan breasts and sliding her tongue all over the dark, hardened tips and the golden rings that circled through them. She was gentle, but passionate, in her licks, making sure Eva’s tits got plenty wet from her tongue and that Eva’s moans were loud and happy from the touch of her tongue.

“Oooooh bitch, I’ll show you who the porn star is,” Eva declared in desire before asserting herself and pushing Jessica down onto her back on the rug. Jessica giggled as she lay back, pulling Eva on top of her so they could keep on kissing and making sure their tits rubbed together, Jessica’s swollen nipples feeling so good pressing to Eva’s pierced pair, sending sparks of bliss through both of them.

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhh show me everything,” Jessica groaned, her need dripping off each and every one of her words. She hadn’t gotten laid since that morning and that was practically an eternity to her. “Show me what a bad little pierced princess like you can do to my pussy. Show me how had you want me. Mmmm show me all the ways you can make me come.”

“Oh honey,” Eva grinned like a sexy feline in heat before delivering a promise that nearly had Jessica orgasming right then and there. “I’m going to eat you alive.”

“Oooooooooh yessssss pleeeeeeeeease,” Jessica moaned, Eva’s words making her writhe against the rug as she surrendered to her carnal promise. “Eat me Eva. Mmmm please baby please. Eat me up! Take every inch of my body!”

Eva was going to make damn sure she did that. Jessica had one of the most gorgeous bodies she’d ever seen and this was the first time she’d ever had the good fortune to have her friend naked. Jessica’s bare flesh was making her insane with desire and Eva desperately wanted to take her up on that offer and not leave even an inch of her uneaten. Even after what she’d done to Lauren, Eva was still famished for girl flesh and she knew exactly where to start.

As Jessica moaned and ground her ass into the rug, Eva kissed down her friend’s neck and onto her chest, leaving wet, worshipful caresses from her lips everywhere she went. Jessica helpfully reached under her own tits to push them up, feeding them to Eva’s hungry mouth as soon as she was close enough. Just as Jessica had done to her, Eva let her tongue explore all over her lover’s nipples, flicking against the swollen tips and leaving them aching for more when she pulled away.

“God, you’re so beautiful,” Eva sighed, admiring the vision of her nude friend writhing underneath her. “I can’t wait to make you scream from my tongue.”

Eva leaned back down to help herself to another taste of Jessica’s nipples. Eva caressed her friend’s proudly firm tits in her hands and licked every inch of flesh before her. Jessica’s moans continued non stop as Eva wetly dragged her tongue over her breasts, dipping in between her cleavage and then journeying back over the curves of her globes before reaching back over her dark areolas to get at her swollen nipples.

“Oooooooooooh Eva,” Jessica cooed at the television star’s exquisite touch. She’d moaned that name in her fantasies many times but even in her dreams she’d never expected her friend to be this good. How long had she been fucking girls? Just knowing that Eva had been off practicing on girls without her all this time made Jessica even more eager to make up for all they’d missed by waiting this long.

“Mmmm baby I’m so wet for you,” Jessica sighed, unconsciously spreading and closing her legs over and over again as an outlet for her energy, loving every time she felt the air of the room tickle her wet folds.

“I’m dying to taste you,” Eva admitted with her gorgeous smile on full blast. “So let’s find out how wet you really are.”

Jessica took a deep breath, expecting Eva to dive right between her legs and have her screaming within seconds. But instead Eva took the long way down, giving Jessica’s nipples one last long lick apiece and then moving her lips down her body, placing a trail of sensual wet kisses down her stomach. Jessica both loved and hated this treatment because while it made her wait even more agonizing seconds for Eva’s tongue to reach her pussy, it made her even wetter to have Eva’s soft lips touching any part of her bare body.

“Ohhhhhhh Godddddddd…ohhhhh fuck yessssssss mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhh who taught you how to be this fucking good at this?” Jessica demanded, every nerve in her body tingling with desire as Eva paused to kiss her bellybutton, sliding her tongue all over it and capturing her golden belly piercing between her lips and sucking it, the pleasure of the tug on her piercing causing Jessica to arch her back and moan loudly.

“Mmmm Goddess Lauren of course,” Eva answered, stating what she felt should have been plainly obvious. She let Jessica’s belly piercing escape her lips and continued down her way, smiling more with every inch she got closer to her friend’s pussy. She’d wanted this for so long and once she got her first chance to see the pink slice of heaven up close, Eva knew it had absolutely been worth the wait.

“Oh baby, your pussy is perfect,” Eva groaned lustfully as she caressed it with her eyes and felt her own cunt drip at the sight of the little drops of girl juice that clung to Jessica’s slit and how her thighs shone with the desire that had already escaped her. “God, this is such a beautiful pussy. Mmmmm so pink. Oooooh and you look so fucking tight and yummy. God, Jess, you should have been fucking my face months ago with this gorgeous little cunt of yours!”

“Oooooooooh you’re right!” Jessica cried. “But don’t make me wait any longer Eva! Mmmmm do what you promised! Eat me! Eat me up! Make my pussy your tongue’s bitch!”

Jessica blushed a little over the improvised dirty talk that was spilling past her lips. When she was as worked up as she was now, she barely had any control over what she said and that meant it didn’t always make perfect sense. But that blush disappeared the second Eva pressed her lips to her pussy and kissed it, pressing herself as tenderly to her slit as she just had to her other set of lips.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!” Jessica rapturously groaned as that first kiss to her pussy was followed by another one and then another and another until Eva was basically making out with her snatch, kissing her wetly and passionately as her body threatened to explode from the pure heat of it all.

“Mmmmm more Eva! Please more!” Jessica greedily demanded, pleasure shooting through her body as Eva kissed her wetness, feeding off the juice dripping from her that slid right into her mouth. “Use your tongue on me! Ohhhhhhh God you’re good at this Eva! Please tongue me! Tongue my pussy so I can come all over youuuuu oooooooh yessssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh right therrrrrrrrrre!!!”

Jessica’s carnal cries shot up as Eva did as her friend requested and pushed her tongue inside her. She’d kissed Jessica’s pussy enough for it to flare open like a blooming flower and Eva easily worked her tongue past her impossibly tight slit to start licking the flowing wetness inside. Eva didn’t tongue Jessica too hard or too fast. Instead she kept her lashes slow and sensual, letting Jessica’s heat and desire build with every touch of her tongue to her pussy.

Eva didn’t just want Jessica to come. She wanted to give her friend an orgasm that she’d always remember so she’d never ever hesitate again to come back for more. Of course Eva also dreamed of even kinkier things she could do to her friend, but she didn’t want to rush things as she continued to lovingly lick Jessica’s perfect pink pussy, relishing each intoxicating drop of girl juice that touched her tongue.

Naturally, Eva’s dream was to make Jessica feel so good she’d willingly join her in worshipping her Goddess Lauren. Jessica was so beautiful and she obviously loved girls, so Eva had no doubt her goddess would want this too. Just thinking of Jessica serving Goddess Lauren by her side, hopefully with an identical set of piercings to the ones that marked her nipples and her clitoris, had Eva on the verge of mind fucking herself to orgasm.

What Eva had with Lauren she considered to be far beyond any mere mistress/slave kind of equation. Eva didn’t want to belittle it by considering herself any kind of slave, especially since she prided herself on being independent and a free thinker at all times. But Eva owed Lauren everything and she knew it. That was why she worshipped her and would have done anything Lauren desired.

It was Lauren who had shown her the way. Before she had come into her life and seduced her in the limo ride back from the Emmys, Eva had no control. She was a nymphomaniac. There was no nice way to say it. She was addicted to sex and that meant throwing herself at all the wrong men. She opened up far more to interviewers than she meant to, expounding on her love for vibrators and how she kept her pussy bare, all because she couldn’t get enough sex. She really did have to go through boxes of sex toys just to keep up with the demanding desire that allowed her cunt to control her brain.

But Lauren had changed all that. Lauren had shown her the path and the way to true fulfillment. All along she had craved true ecstasy but had been unable to find it. It had been Lauren who had shown her the wonders of women and how their touch was the way to the orgasms she craved. Under Lauren’s wing, Eva had transformed herself into her devoted disciple, channeling all the energies that had made her a nymphomaniac for men into going after women instead.

She still craved sex 24/7, but now with women as her lovers, Eva knew she had found sexual fulfillment. Lauren was the reason for that and Eva longed to worship her forever as thanks for the guidance she had given her. Lauren had shown her everything about sex with women and now her sex live was the rapture she had always sought. Sex wasn’t just orgasms. It was spiritual perfection and Goddess Lauren was the truth and the light.

Eva hoped Jessica would soon see that. She hoped all of her friends would soon see. Jessica’s friends were all so beautiful and all seemed to love what was happening here. Eva knew they would make excellent disciples to her goddess if they just opened their minds and their souls to her.

But that was thinking for the long term and right now Eva’s goal was to get her friend off. Her pussy tasted absolutely exquisite, her soft folds so wet and juicy. Eva couldn’t get enough of her flavor, just as she couldn’t get over how tight Jessica was. This girl must have completely cut herself off from cock or something because this was a pussy that had only felt tongue lately. Eva could tell that from the first look. She hadn’t even had to lick to see it.

“When was the last time you got fucked baby?” Eva asked seductively as she kept licking away, spreading Jessica’s tan legs open so she could get even deeper.

“Huh?” Jessica replied, snapping out of the dreamy bliss Eva’s tongue had been licking her into. “What do you mean?”

“When was the last time you had this pussy stuffed and stretched so good you could barely stand how amazing it felt?” Eva pressed, pulling her tongue away and replacing it with her fingers. She rubbed Jessica’s pussy to keep her in heat as she let her lover see how her face shone with the juices that she had licked out of her.

“Mmmmm Mr. Snappy always fucks me sooooooooooo nice,” Jessica sighed, her hands going to the back of Eva’s head as she tried to push her back down. “Don’t stop Eva! Please don’t stop! You were getting me so close!”

“What’s Mr. Snappy?” Eva asked, her curiosity piquing.

“If you’re a good girl you might find out,” Jessica giggled mysteriously, saying nothing more. “Now please lick me! Eat my pussy just like you promised!”

Eva knew it had to be a sex toy. Nothing with a name like that could ever be anything else. But that wasn’t what she wanted to know.

“When was the last time you got real dick inside you?” Eva asked.

“Mmmmmmm not since Michael,” Jessica admitted, referencing her former fiancée Michael Weatherly.

“But…but…that’s been years!” Eva stammered in absolute stunned disbelief. “Oh sweetie! I gotta fuck you! I gotta fuck this pretty little pussy of yours! Your Mr. Snappy can’t give you what you really need if you’re this fucking tight!”

Like a bolt of lightning, Eva was up off her belly and onto her feet. She walked right by the coffee table full of sex toys and left the room, in search of something that was elsewhere, giving everyone who cared to look a view of her breathtaking bare ass bouncing most enticingly. This left Jessica in quite a confused state to say the least.

“What the hell?” Jessica wondered. Eva was her friend, but she had always been a pretty odd girl. Now between this and all that Goddess Lauren stuff, Jessica was wondering what Eva was thinking.

She hadn’t needed any men and she hadn’t wanted any. Since she and Michael had broken up, Jessica had only needed her beautiful girlfriends to satisfy her. When she needed something hard inside her, Mr. Snappy or any of the other countless toys around the mansion was more than enough. But what was Eva planning?

“Goddamnit!” Jessica grunted in frustration. “She had me so fucking close!”

With no Eva there to pleasure her, Jessica’s hands got to work without her even needing to think them into action. They just knew what she needed. One hand spread her pussy lips and she used the other to start fucking herself, sliding her digits inside and making herself moan. It wasn’t nearly as good as Eva’s tongue but it would have to do.

The one silver lining of Eva’s abrupt departure was that it allowed Jessica to get an excellent look at what her friends were up to. That was what fueled her masturbation as two, then three fingers played between her legs. She darted her eyes all over the parlor, seeing where her housemates were and getting even wetter as she saw them going wild.

Jessica groaned as she focused on Jewel and Gwen. The two blondes had managed to get themselves into a sexy tangle with Christina Ricci. The brunette actress had gotten her pretty face soaked in Kate Winslet’s cum and the singers had been only too happy to lick it all off her, tonguing all over her face until she was properly cleaned and then feeding it back to her. But that wasn’t all they were doing to Christina and soon their three way kisses had turned into something much more.

Now Jewel had Christina on her back and was licking her, the brunette’s legs spread and slung over her shoulders. The look of pure ecstasy on Christina’s face and the way her eyes were rolling back in her head showed just how much she loved what was happening to her. And while Jessica couldn’t see up close enough to make sure, she had a pretty good idea that the position of Jewel’s face meant that she wasn’t licking the former child star’s pussy.

“Yeahhhhhh lick her Jewel! Lick her tight little ass!” Jessica hissed as she fucked herself harder. She had no idea if her friend could hear her encouragement or not, but if she was going to watch, Jessica wasn’t going to remain silent. “Mmmm make her scream baby! Make her scream out how much she loves you tongue fucking her ass!”

Jessica had never been with Christina before, but she had been in the same position the actress was in now and she knew just how good Jewel’s tongue felt licking at her ass. Christina had to be in heaven and the look on her face proved it. Jessica envied Christina getting her ass eaten by someone as sexy as Jewel and she envied the brunette even more when Gwen planted herself down on her face, riding Christina’s tongue and feeding her the pussy that Jessica already knew was always hot, always wet and always so fucking tasty.

As she pumped her fingers in harder, wondering if she could bring herself off before Eva even returned, Jessica watched as Kate Winslet crawled by naked, her tits jiggling with every step, fresh from her orgasm at Christina Ricci’s hands. God, she never would have expected someone like Kate…someone who always seemed so classy…someone who was a wife…someone who was a mother…to be getting as lewd and nasty as they always did. But Jessica supposed she was Lauren’s version of Reese, the mansion’s unofficial MILF.

That thought made Jessica giggle and when Kate crawled by she couldn’t help but make a grab for her, kissing her passionately. The two of them had barely exchanged hellos before tonight, but that didn’t stop them from tongue kissing like long time lovers as Jessica tasted Kate’s lipstick and an unknown flavor that she assumed was Christina all over the British girl’s face.

“Mmmmmm such a good kisser,” Kate sighed over the very pleasant diversion. It was all Jessica wanted for now and they both knew it, but that didn’t stop them from enjoying it.

“Come back later and I’ll show you all the good things I can do,” Jessica promised, running her hands softly over Kate’s full breasts.

Kate took Jessica up on her offer with another kiss before getting back on her way crawling toward the sofa. Jessica didn’t even have to ask where Kate was headed. That much was obvious.

Cameron Diaz was kneeling on the floor in front of the sofa, working that vibrator into Piper Perabo’s pussy. Her beautiful bare ass was sticking out in this position and Kate when right for it, kissing her friend’s cheeks and then spreading them open and sliding her tongue into her pussy as she pressed down on her back underneath Cameron, letting the girl fuck her face without further delay.

The intimate squeal from Cameron’s mouth and the lack of any hesitation on their part showed the two co-stars had clearly done this before. Jessica loved watching Kate go at Cameron’s pussy, remembering how she’d fantasized during the dull spots of The Holiday that their characters would ditch the guys they were supposed to be falling in love with and just fuck each other. Mmmm those fantasies had made the movie fly by and Jessica loved seeing that all her dirty thoughts were spot on.

All around her Jessica could see supposedly friendly co-stars were showing they were really much more than that. It made Jessica wish she’d been into girls when she’d done Never Been Kissed with Drew Barrymore, Marley Shelton, Jordan Ladd and Leelee Sobieski because, save for when Amy Dumas had done a guest spot on Dark Angel, she’d never tasted co-star pussy.

Jessica watched with heated interest as Erica Durance kept her strap on buried inside Kristen Kreuk’s cunt, fucking her furiously from behind and spanking her bare ass with each hard thrust while Allison Mack screamed out her ecstasy as she came all over Kristen’s face, her juices coating her skin and even getting into her long dark hair. Jessica had never watched much Smallville, but seeing those three go at it made her want to tell her agent to get her a guest spot without a second’s more delay.

Now Grey’s Anatomy, that was a show that Jessica adored. She never missed an episode and seeing Katherine Heigl riding Sara Ramirez’s strap on was molten hot. Both of them had such big, beautiful tits and to see them bouncing wildly as Sara thrust into Katherine and filled her up so the blonde could ride her cock like it was a pony had Jessica’s arousal spiking up even more, especially since Jennifer had worked her way over to them and slung her legs over Sara’s face on the sofa.

Seeing her housemate start to fuck Sara’s face had Jessica fucking herself with even more passion, just like seeing Alyssa getting licked from behind by Heather Locklear while she had her face buried in Heather Graham’s cunt did too. And then to see Rose fucking that gorgeous redhead Whitney’s face, smothering her with pussy while her housemate’s perfect pale tits shook, had Jessica overheating.

“Yeahhhhhhhhh ughhhhhhhhh yesssssssss nasty girls…such fucking nasty girls,” Jessica cried as she stopped fingering herself and began slapping her own pussy, making her lips and clit sting and putting her whole body on edge. “Nasty, dirty fucking sluts! Mmmmm making me so fucking wet! Making me slap my own dirty little cunt cause it looks so good watching you fuck! Ooooooh yessssssssss punishing my naughty pussy cause I’m watching you all! Gotta spank it! Gotta spank my dirty little cunt for staring and getting so fucking wet!!!”

As she slapped her own pussy, spanking it and loving every hard smack to her wetness, Jessica could see she wasn’t the only one watching. Love hadn’t joined in yet. She was standing there gawking at everyone just like she was. Except Love was standing, proudly displaying her naked body as she furiously worked one hand between her legs and used the other to rub her big tits raw.

Jessica was about to call out to her friend and tell her to get her ass over there so they could 69 and take care of each other’s obvious needs. But before she could do that, Eva returned and she didn’t come unarmed. Jessica’s eyes couldn’t help but widen as she saw Eva held a clear red sex toy in her hand, glistening with lube. It wasn’t as long as Mr. Snappy, but it was actually thicker than Rose’s favorite toy.

“You like?” Eva asked saucily as she sank back down between Jessica’s legs and pushed her hand away so she could have full access to her friend’s pussy. “It’s my own toy. Mmmm I call it my slut stuffer cause it always does the trick when there are no men around! Now let Eva fuck you baby! Let Eva get you ready for some real dick! Mmmm gonna get you all wet and slutty for Goddess Lauren to play with!”

Jessica’s heart beat loud and fast at the sight of the toy in Eva’s hands. To her overheating eyes it looked huge and while she knew nothing could rival Mr. Snappy, this was looking like it could come a close second.

“Fuck me!” Jessica snarled, spreading her legs as wide as she could go. “Don’t make me wait another fucking second Eva! Fuck me now! Do it hard! Give my pussy what it fucking needs! AHHHHHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKK!!!”

Jessica screamed in a sexual energy surge as Eva didn’t hesitate and pushed the clear red head of the flexible toy past her splayed slit. It felt huge inside her, but that didn’t scare Jessica off. She’d handled big before and she wanted this. She wanted anything and everything Eva could give her.


Eva just grinned and licked her lips over the insanely delectable sight of Jessica Alba on her back, her naked skin glistening with sex sweat and her eyes wide open and on fire as she worked her favorite toy into her. Jessica’s pussy lips wrapped around the shaft like it was welcoming the toy home and Eva pushed more inside her friend, making her scream even louder.

Adrenaline was pumping through her veins and Jessica was on the verge of clawing into Lauren’s expensive rug. So she needed another outlet and fast as Eva fucked her into absolute bliss with her slut stuffer and she knew exactly what was called for here.


Eva was never one to deny a passionate “gimmie” so she gave Jessica exactly what she wanted. She slung her nude Latina body over Jessica’s getting them into a 69 with her on top. That way she could feed Jessica her pussy while she was still fucking her and Jessica by slamming her tongue right inside, making Eva cry out happily.

Jessica started licking Eva hard and fast, doing the exact opposite of the slow, sensual licks that Eva had used to get her into such a heated state before. Jessica had no time or patience for slow licks now. She wanted to eat Eva up while she was fucked and while one hand spread Eva’s slit open for her tongue to burrow inside, Jessica used the other one to give Eva’s perfect ass a hard slap.

“Owwwww!” Eva cried, but hardly in pain.

“Mmmm that’s for being a naughty bitch and making me wait,” Jessica grinned before slamming her tongue back inside Eva and spanking her again and then again and again, making her friend shriek in ecstasy with each slap.

“Yeahhhhhhhh oooooooooooh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Eva groaned, tossing her head back and sending her own hair flying. “Smack that ass Jess! Spank my hot bitch ass for making you wait! Ughhhhhhhhh I fucking love it when I get spanked right and you’re fucking incredible Jess! Spank me you slut! Spank my fucking ass while you’re eating my pussy and making me commmmmme!!!”

Eva then pushed her own face back into Jessica, tonguing her friend’s dripping pussy as she fucked it with her favorite toy. She absolutely adored having her ass slapped, but only when the person doing it knew how to do it right. And Jessica was obviously well experienced at it. Jessica’s smacks to her toned ass made Eva feel sooo dirty and naughty, just like she wanted to feel. That was the best part of being a nympho…feeling like you were doing something wrong and totally getting away with it.

As Eva and Jessica fucked and tongued each other in their 69 position, Love stared with wide, wanton eyes at the sexy pair of Latinas. She ached for them both and she wished Jessica was spanking her while Eva pushed that toy into her and made her all loose and slutty. Love wanted to lose all her control and just go wild, forgetting all about everything else that day, but she just couldn’t pick which girl there she wanted to fuck. Everything looked so hot.

Usually Love wasn’t indecisive about things like this. She would just dive in with whoever caught her eye first. But today it all looked so good and she didn’t know where to start. She wanted it all and she couldn’t stop watching as she pulled her fingers up from her own pussy to lick them clean, leaving them glistening with her saliva before she shoved them back down between her legs for some more playtime.

Love wanted to be on her knees helping Whitney lick Rose. She wanted to show that foxy redhead everything her friend loved and have them lick her together so Rose would come all over their faces and they could then kiss and share her cream. Love fucked herself harder, fingering her wetness deep and pinching her own clit as she watched Rose grab onto Whitney’s bun of red hair and slam her pussy against her pretty face, getting her cum all over her pale white skin and smearing it against her glasses.

That looked so amazingly hot. Love wished she was closer so she could see Whitney’s sexy glasses fogged over with perspiration and pussy cream. Love could hear Rose’s cries of ecstasy as she came and she wished she was tasting her too. Her tongue was so famished for girl cum. She wanted the taste of Rose all over her, just as badly as she wanted to taste Alyssa, who was still getting it from Heather Locklear’s tongue.

Love could hear Alyssa’s happy sex cries as she pulled her gorgeous, cum covered face up from Heather Graham’s pussy to tell the other Heather how good she was and how hot her tongue was getting her. God, she wanted to be licking Alyssa’s face and tasting Heather’s juices. Then she’d just dive in so she could tongue Heather Graham all by herself while Alyssa fucked Heather Locklear’s face. Now that sounded like fun.

Mmmmmm but so did the thought of going over to where Elisha, Hilary and Lindsay were by the punch bowl. They were taking turns pouring the punch down each other’s mouths and giggling more with each taste. Love wanted to get over there and kiss all three of those young, sexy girls to taste the fruity punch on their lips and more. Love didn’t often get the chance to act as the older, experienced sexual role model, but she knew that there were plenty of tongue tricks she could show those girls.

Love was so horny for all of them. Rose…Alyssa…sweet Mandy Moore…naughty little Christina Ricci…mmmm sexy, motherly Mariska…that deceptively innocent Piper Perabo. She was this close to coming all over her own fingers just from watching them all go at each other when suddenly a pair of arms encircled her from behind and squeezed around her waist.

“Are you enjoying the show?” Lauren purred into Love’s ear. She’s returned to her parlor to find Love still standing where she’d left her and Lauren knew that wouldn’t do at all.

“Mmmmmhmmm,” Love moaned, loving the feel of Lauren’s arms wrapped around her and her soft, sexy hands on her stomach, especially when they moved up to touch her bare breasts. “It’s all so hot. I love watching it. Everyone’s so fucking naughty.”

“Mmmmm I know,” Lauren grinned, delighting in having so many of her most gorgeous friends on display. Rose and Alyssa might have had their mansion, but this was her harem of playthings and she loved it.

“But don’t you like to get naughty too Love?” Lauren asked, her hands gently squeezing Love’s amazing tits as she breathed hotly into her ear. “Don’t you want to join in? Or would you just rather watch?”

Lauren then loosened her grip around Love, acting like she was about to pull her hands away. That certainly got Love motivated.

“Yesssssss I wanna join in,” Love moaned, taking her own hands and pressing them down on Lauren’s so her hostess wouldn’t stop playing with her tits. “I wanna get naughty! I don’t just wanna watch! I wanna play tooooo!”

“Mmmm you can play with anyone you want,” Lauren assured her, licking at Love’s ear and the side of her face and making her happily squirm in her arms. “You can pick anyone here and get naughty with them. I want to make sure my guests get whatever they want.”

Love was in bliss with the feel of Lauren’s hard nipples rubbing against her bare back. Her touch was so soft and sexy. It made Love’s choice as clear as day.

“I want you!” Love declared, turning around in Lauren’s arms so they were face to face. Love then did what she’d wanted to do since she’d first found out Rose and Lauren had been together. She wrapped her arms around the back of Lauren’s neck and pulled herself in for a long, wet kiss.

The two girls softly tongued each other’s mouths, smacking their lips together and making sure their naked tits pressed into one another’s. They ground their bodies lewdly against each other as they stood at the edge of the rug, everyone fucking on the sofas and chairs and on the floor in front of them.

“Good answer,” Lauren smiled. “I want you so bad Jennifer. I’ve wanted you for so long, even before Rose told me about you.”

“Oh God, I want you too,” Love groaned as Lauren’s hands moved down her back to cup her ass, squeezing her cheeks. “Please call me Love, Lauren. I…I like it when my friends call me that.”

“Mmmmm and I definitely want to be your friend, Love,” Lauren assured her newest lover, giving her ass an extra squeeze when she said her name. “So let’s be friends baby. Let’s be really good friends and have some fun.”

“Definitely,” Love agreed, letting her own hands drift down to Lauren’s bare ass to play with the body that was too often covered up on television. “I wanna have fun with you Lauren too. Mmmm I wanna fuck you.”

“Mmmmm yum, I love the sound of a naughty word like that off sweet lips like yours, Love,” Lauren said. “Now pick a couple. I feel like joining in. It doesn’t matter. Just pick anyone.”

Knowing it was on her now, Love once again felt pangs of indecision. She didn’t want to wait a second more, though, so she simply closed her eyes and randomly stuck her finger out. Whichever person she had pointed to would be the one she and Lauren would fuck. It didn’t matter who and when she opened her eyes and saw she had pointed at the couch threesome of Kristen, Allison and Erica, Love smiled at her good fortune.

“Them,” Love said, staring right at the troika of WB hotties as Erica had Kristen by her hair now, forcing her co-star to swallow the strap on which had just been fucking her while Allison took her turn to start licking Kristen’s cum oozing pussy. “I want us to join them.”

“Oooooh very nice choice,” Lauren said, remembering how she’d seduced all three of them individually, never letting any one them know she was also fucking the other two until she surprised them with an impromptu foursome at her place.

Lauren remembered perfectly the looks on all three of their faces when they realized the private fun they thought they’d been having with her was in fact a shared experience. They’d been shocked, but had quickly gotten over it as soon as the clothes had started coming off.

Love had been standing and watching long enough. Now she was feeling aggressive and she grabbed Lauren by the hand, pulling her through her own parlor toward the sofa where Kristen, Erica and Allison were playing. But Love and Lauren weren’t the only girls on the move.

After having her first orgasm of the night and soaking Whitney’s face in the process, Rose was eager for more. She’d pulled the ultra efficient redhead off her knees to give her a long tongue kiss, loving the taste of herself all over while slapping Whitney’s bare ass for no reason other than she’d felt like it. Fortunately Whitney had loved the slap and had moaned in delight from the feel of Rose’s tongue licking her face.

But Whitney had wanted to taste more and had politely declined Rose’s offer for a tongue lashing and had gone off in search of other delicious women to lick. That had left Rose without a partner, but that hadn’t lasted long as she’d quickly joined Jennifer in showing Katherine and Sara how they did things down in Malibu.

Mandy had also made a move of her own, going straight for Piper as soon as she’d left Mariska with her cum dripping off her face. Mandy and Piper had bonded instantly on the set and a had a lot in common besides their lust for each other’s pussies, but for now that lust was all they focused on as she and Piper shared the cum covered dildo Piper had just been using on herself.

The two on-screen sisters kissed each other in a very un-sisterly way as they shared the taste of the sex toy. Mandy also made sure to get her lips on Piper’s tits too, sucking and licking the firm mounds as Piper continued to wither and moan on the sofa from what Cameron was doing to her as she kneeled between her outstretched legs on the floor.

But as many of the girls were moving around and finding their own fun, Lindsay and Hilary were right where they’d been. While all the experienced girls at the party had made them a little shy, the punch was loosening them up. In fact it was doing too good a job of it.

“What’s in this stuff anyway?” Lindsay asked, laughing as she spoke and sending the mouthtful of it that Elisha had just fed her spilling out of her mouth onto her chin and down to her tits. “It better not be alcohol. I don’t drink anymore. I’m a good girl now.”

That statement had all three of them laughing uproariously, but that soon turned into more moaning as Elisha leaned down to start cleaning up the mess Lindsay had just made all over herself. She started licking down Lindsay’s neck and onto her sticky tits and Elisha was soon joined in this by Hilary.

Elisha flicked her tongue against the teenager’s as they worked together on Lindsay’s tits, sucking and licking all over them and loving the taste of Lauren’s magical punch on her flesh. Hilary rarely drank. In fact she’d never been drunk before. But that was certainly changing now as she licked her friend’s tits clean.

Hilary’s whole body was tingling from the punch and her brain felt like it was floating. This stuff tasted so yummy and it made her feel so goooooooooooood. It was like orgasms in a drink form and she wanted more, especially if it was on Lindsay’s flesh. God this stuff tasted great on Lindsay’s and Hilary was giving serious consideration to just dumping the whole bowl of it over Lindsay’s head so she could lick every drop off her.

But before Hilary could take such a rash step all their girlish giggling finally attracted some attention.

Amy Poehler was a gasping writhing, tingling and very happy mess as she cycled down from the orgasm she’d just gotten from her friend’s exquisite ass licking. Everyone had their favorite sex acts and Amy was never ashamed to share with her husband or many female lovers how much she loved having her ass eaten, especially with this lover because no one could ever do it better.

“Mmmmm fuck you make me forget my own name when you do that,” Amy groaned. The Saturday Night Live star rolled onto her back, her pale skin flushed many shades of pink more than normal, and let her lover kiss her passionately, feeding her the taste of her own ass through her kiss.

“Silly girl, you know your name. It’s Tina’s bitch,” Tina Fey grinned when she pulled away from Amy.

“Oh yeahhhh…now I remember,” Amy laughed. The two were very close friends in addition to being lovers and their friendship just made the nasty, lewd sex they’d indulged in after every show even hotter. “Kiss me more and let’s see what else I can remember.”

“You’d better remember how to muff dive, because I’m fucking soaked for you baby and not taking no for an answer,” Tina warned playfully before kissing her former Weekend Update co-anchor on the lips again, rubbing their tongues together once both their mouths opened. They already knew every inch of each other’s bodies intimately, but that certainly didn’t stop them from grabbing and groping every inch of girl flesh they could get like it was the first time.

But the sounds of the giggling, kissing and licking from nearby at the punch bowl were getting to be too much and Tina had to look up from the kiss to see who was making so much damn noise. What she saw took her completely by surprise and did what few things could ever do…leave her silent.

“Holy shit!” Tina finally managed to gasp.

“What? What is it?” Amy asked. Anything that caused Tina to stop kissing definitely had to be good and when she saw what, or more specifically who, it was, she fell shocked too.

“Oh fuck!” Amy gasped, suddenly feeling the reflexive need to cover herself.

“Lindsay?” Tina said in stunned disbelief. “Oh my God!”

Tina couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Mean Girls hadn’t just been Lindsay’s big break as an actress. It had made Tina a big name in comedy and as a result the two had become close. Lindsay had hosted the show three times and made cameos a couple of other times as well and Tina had always felt a bit maternal toward her and wanted her to do right and be safe.

Tina felt people were way too hard on Lindsay for going out and having fun, but at the same time she also didn’t want Lindsay to burn up all her talent and throw her life away. She wanted to protect the girl above all. After all Lindsay had come to her about the drugs and the eating disorder before anyone else and it had been Tina who had insisted Lindsay get help.

Tina knew Lindsay partied hard and did a lot of things she wasn’t supposed to, but still it was a huge shock to see her there. Tina didn’t repress her sexuality and wasn’t shy about her desires, but she preferred to keep certain things about herself private. She didn’t ever want to have all the aspects of her life thrust in front of the camera like Lindsay did and seeing the girl there was like having her two worlds crash into each other.

Was Lindsay a lesbian? She obviously had no shyness about stripping naked and getting into a room of horny sapphicly inclined girls. Did that mean she was into girls? It sure looked like she was. And God, she was there with Hilary fucking Duff! Tina thought those two hated each other, but the kisses and caresses they were sharing with each other and that girl from 24, showed the reality of the situation to be quite the opposite.

She could understand why Amy felt the need to cover herself and Tina unconsciously crossed her arms over her naked breasts too. She felt defensive about doing this in front of Lindsay. Did being here make her a hypocrite? Was she wrong to have lectured Lindsay time and time again about how to live the right way when she was here at an orgy?

But that initial surge of panic quickly faded. Of course there wasn’t anything wrong with what she was doing. She wasn’t a hypocrite. She was having a good time and not hurting anyone and she wasn’t about to be hard on herself for the same things she felt people were being unfair to Lindsay about. But that didn’t answer the big question that remained.

“What do we do?” Amy asked.

“I don’t know,” Tina answered honestly. Usually she always knew what to do, but this had thrown her. She had no desire to slink out the back and pretending that Lindsay wasn’t here wasn’t an option either. The girl hadn’t seen her yet, but Tina knew it was only a matter of time before she did.

Of course there was always the chance that Lindsay was having so much of Lauren’s special punch that she was going to just pass out onto the rug. That would have solved things, but it wasn’t the option that Tina particularly wanted. Deep down she knew she wanted something else.

Lindsay was beautiful. There was no way to deny it. Her soft, young breasts were on full display for every pair of horny eyes in the parlor and Tina couldn’t help but crane her neck to get a look at Lindsay’s bare ass in all its freckled glory. Mmmm it looked great. Tina had always been an ass girl and she blushed when she found herself checking out her young protégé. She couldn’t do this, could she? To Lindsay? The girl she had tried to protect and help?

As Tina’s mind debated whether or not it was right for her to be thinking these thoughts, thought she had to admit she had had while they were filming Mean Girls and on several occasions afterward, her libido was starting to seize control of her body. Her eyes drifted toward the front of Lindsay, scanning down from her tits down to between her legs where she saw the smooth, shaved girl flesh that had accidentally been flashed to the world on more than one occasion.

The more she stared at it, the more Tina wanted to see it up close and kiss it and lick it. She couldn’t do that to Lindsay though, could she? They were too close and Tina didn’t want to risk the bond they had with sex. But who was she closer to than Amy? She and Amy certainly had no compunction about fucking each other ragged. Was she being a hypocrite by not fucking Lindsay too?

Tina heard a soft moan next to her and saw that Amy had relaxed considerably now. Her blonde friend wasn’t covering herself up anymore. Instead she was caressing her firm, sensitive breasts, rubbing the naked flesh and sliding her other hand between her legs.

“She is hot,” Amy admitted, showing she was having the same thoughts Tina was having. “I’ve always wanted her. Damn, I’ve never admitted that until now. But I always wanted her on the set and when she did the show.”

“Me too,” Tina replied truthfully. “Mmmmm I’ve thought about getting so nasty with that sexy little body of hers. Oooooh damn, I’m getting wet now just seeing her standing here.”

“Mmmm lemme feel,” Amy playfully demanded, any reservations about revealing herself and Tina to Lindsay disappearing under the power of her own horniness. “Oh Tina, you are wet you naughty girl! Your pussy is so wet thinking about fucking that little slut, isn’t it? You’re getting all hot and creamy here thinking about taking her like the little whore she is…taking her just like you take me.”

“Yeahhhhhhh,” Tina dreamily sighed as Amy’s skilled fingers toyed with her slit, teasing her lips and sliding just enough inside to make her ache for more. “Mmmmm I want her. Want her so bad. I always have. I couldn’t even admit to myself before how bad. I just never thought I’d get the chance.”

“We have the chance now,” Amy pointed out, getting wetter with every passing second. “We can fuck her. Her and her little friend Hilary. Shit, I never thought I’d see that little spoiled princess here. Let’s get them Tina. Let’s fuck those little girls.”

Before the words were even out of Amy’s mouth, Tina had made the decision to go for it and damn the consequences. She’d worry about that later. Right now she had a few forbidden fantasies about the young superstar that she wanted to make good on.

Tina stood up and brought Amy with her, taking her friend’s hand so they could walk naked toward Lindsay and her crowd. They strode over quickly, as if they were afraid they’d lose their nerve if they hesitated. Amy and Tina, blonde and brunette, made their way completely nude toward the punch table and when they got there they made their move without delay, just as Elisha was pouring more punch down Lindsay’s mouth.

“And what the hell are you doing here you naughty girl?” Tina grinned, making Lindsay nearly choke in surprise at the sight of her.

“Tina! Holy shit!” Lindsay gasped after she managed to swallow. “What are you doing here?”

“I asked you first,” Tina said. “Mmmm and I’m out having fun. Isn’t that what you like to do Lindsay? Have fun?”

“Yeahhhhhh…fun…” Lindsay replied in complete shock as she watched Tina take Amy’s face in her hands and passionately kiss her former co-anchor, their naked bodies rubbing together.

Part of her thought she’d had way too much punch and she was hallucinating this. No way were Amy AND Tina here. This had to be some kind of dream or something. But when the kiss deepened and Lindsay didn’t suddenly wake up in bed with her hand buried under her panties rubbing herself because of her wet dream, she saw this was real. Holy shit! Tina and Amy were into this! They were sluts for pussy just like she and Hilary were. This was fucking amazing!

“Yeah we’re just having fun, we’re not hurting anyone,” Amy giggled, using the excuse Lindsay commonly used when she was caught doing something drunken and disorderly. “Wanna have fun with us Lindsay? Wanna have fun with some real women or do you just like little girls?”

Hilary knew they were talking about her and she didn’t like it.

“Hey!” Hilary protested. “I’m not a little girl!”

“Then prove it,” Amy said before making her move. She pressed Hilary right against the table, the hard wood pressing into her teenaged bare ass, and kissed her. Hilary’s eyes went wide at the sudden move but she quickly relaxed into it. She hadn’t had too much of this yummy punch to forget what she was supposed to do next and she began to kiss back. She wanted to prove herself to Amy. She was going to show her she was no little girl.

Seeing Hilary and Amy kiss had Lindsay’s jaw on the floor. This was unfuckingbelievable. Spying Amy before had been crazy, but having Tina here too was blowing her mind. It was sobering her up very quickly and making her a little nervous. What did Tina think of her? Was she mad that she was here? No wait, she couldn’t be. Tina was just as naked as she was. She had obviously been the girl who had been licking Amy’s ass before and Lindsay’s pussy quivered at the realization.

She wanted Tina. She had dreamed of her ever since she had discovered girls. She had fantasized about so many girls. Amy had been on that list, but Lindsay had especially fantasized about Tina. There just seemed something so wrong and dirty about wanting her and that had just made Lindsay wetter when she dreamed about it. Fucking Tina would have been like fucking her mom or something but that was what was so fun about dreaming about it. It made it so dirty.

But Lindsay had never dreamed she would ever really have any kind of chance with Tina. She never would have thought in a million years that Tina Fey was actually into girls. It had seemed way too weird to think they’d ever be in a situation like they were then, where they were staring at each other completely naked. Lindsay knew her pussy was getting wet and when she stared down between Tina’s legs she saw the woman’s pussy was wet too.

It actually made her even more nervous to see Tina wanted her too and Lindsay began to shuffle on the floor, shifting on her feet, not sure what to do next. Tina saw the uncertainty in her younger friend’s face and while it was a little bit of fun to see Lindsay robbed of her cocky attitude, she didn’t want her to suffer and feel afraid or ashamed, not when it was going to be much more fun for them to get naughty instead.

“Do you want to have some fun with me Lindsay?” Tina carnally smiled. “Is your pussy getting wet for me?”

Tina then took a step she never dreamed she ever would and shoved her hand between Lindsay’s legs. Lindsay reflexively moaned to the sexy touch, especially when Tina began running her nails over the wet lips of her cunt.

“Oooooh you dirty girl, you’re already nice and wet. Mmmm you must want this bad,” Tina said, her heart thumping much harder in her chest than her confident exterior let on. She liked to always think her actions out, but what she was doing here was pure carnal instinct.

“Yessssssssss want it sooooooo bad,” Lindsay moaned, desperately hoping Tina’s fingers would slide into her pussy and give her the relief she’d wanted since she’d first walked into the party.

“What do you want Lindsay? What do you want you dirty girl?” Tina purred, kissing Lindsay’s neck, tasting her freckles for the first time.

“Fuck me,” Lindsay groaned. “Ohhhhhhh God, I can’t believe I’m saying this to you, but fuck me! Fuck me Tina!”

“You sure you can handle me?” Tina teased, her fingers making Lindsay pant in heat. “I like to get nasty Lindsay. I don’t play little girl games.”

“I’m nasty Tina! God, you have no idea how nasty I am!” Lindsay swore. “Me and Hilary! We’re total fucking sluts and we love it! I’m not a little girl anymore Tina! I’m a fucking dirty whore just like the tabloids say I am! Mmmm but they have me fucking guys and they’re wrong. I love fucking girls! I love eating their pussies and licking them all over! I love when a hot girl fucks my face with her pussy and makes me lick her till she comes! Mmmmmm and I love being licked! I’ll do anything to get my pussy licked! My cunt gets wet 24/7 thinking about fucking girls! Please fuck me Tina! Fuck me now!”

Lindsay’s lips were suddenly quieted as Tina pressed against them for the first time in a kiss. Though neither girl could really believe they were actually doing this to each other, the kiss didn’t lack for any passion. Tina found Lindsay’s lips warm and welcoming and the girl opened wide for her tongue, letting Tina slide it right into her so it could rub against hers. The two dueled tongues in each other’s mouths and moaned as Lindsay took the lead next and helped herself to a long feel of Tina’s tits.

Amy was doing some serious feeling of her own as well, not holding herself back from exploring an inch of Hilary’s gorgeous teen body with her hands. She played with the girl’s firm tits first, rubbing them under her palms as the girl moaned for more and now she was squeezing Hilary’s ass with one hand while the other slid it between her legs to pet her pussy.

“Is that true?” Amy asked. “Or is Lindsay lying? Are you a dirty little girl Hilary?”

“Mmmmmhmmmmm soooo dirty,” Hilary sighed, loving Amy’s hand on her pussy, rubbing her tight, young lips and making her even wetter than she’d been before. “No one has any idea what a nasty little whore I am and how much I fucking love it! Mmmm do you like that Amy? Do you like hearing me curse and talk dirty and act nasty for you? Is it making your pussy wet? Mmmmm wet enough for me to lick? I want that so bad Amy! I want you to fuck my sweet little face and make me sticky with yummy girl cum!”

Amy couldn’t deny it. It was making her more than wet. It was making her just orgasmed pussy soak up nicely again. She loved dirty talk and hearing it come from the mouth of a girl who she had never expected to hear more than “darn” and “heck” from just made it hotter. She proved her desire by smothering Hilary’s teen lips in another kiss. God, this was crazy. Was she about to fuck Hilary Duff? It was so wild and Amy knew just from the kiss it was going to be totally hot and fun.

Amy and Hilary made out just as Tina and Lindsay did. The two couples were lost in deep tongue kissing, caressing each other’s bodies as they shared hot saliva. Tina moaned and began grinding herself against her young lover as she felt Lindsay’s sexy hands on her tits. This girl hadn’t been lying. She knew her way around a woman’s body. Mmmm she knew just how to be firm without being rough in her touch and Tina wanted that touch all over her body.

“Mmmmm well you’re not a liar Lindsay,” Tina smiled, her face flush from kissing. “You have been with girls. But let’s see how nasty you like to get. Let’s see if you can keep up with me.”

Tina took Lindsay’s hand in her own and led her back onto the rug, with Amy and Hilary soon hand in hand behind them.

“C’mon little girl,” Amy teased, knowing Hilary didn’t like it when she said that.

“I’m not a fucking little girl!” Hilary insisted stubbornly.

“You’re going to have to prove that honey,” Amy said. “Show me Hilary. Show me you’re not a little girl. Show me you’re as nasty as you say you are!”

Hilary could do that. Mmmmm she could do that so easily. She felt really confident again. She secretly liked it when people thought she was only sweet and innocent and totally Disney Channel because she could shock them when she showed them she was really a dirty, girlfucking slut. She knew she could prove herself to Amy. The woman wasn’t going to know what hit her until she was screaming in orgasm from her slutty teen tongue.

This confidence caused Hilary to get aggressive, imposing herself on the older woman. She gave Amy a long, wet kiss and then pushed down on her shoulders, telling the blonde comedienne that she wanted her down on her back and she wasn’t about to take no for an answer.

Having Hilary try to go toe to toe with her made Amy giggle. It was cute that the little girl was trying to sit at the big girl’s table, but she could play along. Maybe Hilary would be as good as her word. Amy was definitely eager to find out as she obeyed the girl’s silent commands by lying down on the rug on her back and spreading her legs open for her.

By contrast, Lindsay wasn’t about to take control. She was putty in Tina’s hands and happy to be there. She knew she didn’t have to prove anything. She just wanted Tina to take her. She wanted the gorgeous woman to make her body hers and just go wild on her, making all her dirty fantasies about the older woman come true.

But speaking of fantasies, as Tina guided her down to the rug, Lindsay had to admit that there was something lacking here. It was a tiny thing and she wasn’t sure if she should say anything, but she couldn’t help it.

“Tina…you…you’re missing something,” Lindsay said with a little pout.

Tina just sighed. She knew what was coming.

“What? What am I missing Lindsay?” she asked.

“Where are your glasses?” Lindsay asked, leaning back on the rug and rubbing herself, hoping if she played with her pussy Tina would see how sexy she thought they were.

“Damn, we’ve barely even kissed and you’re already making demands,” Tina said, smiling as she shook her head. “You are a little diva Lindsay.”

Lindsay continued to pout, so Tina decided not to resist her.

“Ok, just lie there. I’ll be right back,” Tina promised.

Tina sighed again and got up off the rug, walking away and giving her bare ass a little extra shake for Lindsay’s benefit as she left the parlor. It wasn’t the first time someone had asked for this and she knew it wouldn’t be the last.

Her glasses were a curse and a blessing. They helped because they helped give her a distinctive look that was both smart and sexy. Tina knew that had helped with her success, but it also led to looks of disappointment like the one she’d just gotten from Lindsay when people found out she really didn’t wear them much off camera.

She’d gotten contacts ages ago and the glasses had really been mostly for show. Tina happened to think she looked even sexier without the glasses, but her audience was her audience and she didn’t mind a quick change. Hell she’d brought her glasses along just in case something like this happened here.

Ducking into the cloak room, Tina got her glasses out of her coat and carefully took off her contacts so she could get them on. Hoping Lindsay was satisfied now; Tina took a breath to compose herself just a touch and then walked back into the party.

“Better?” Tina asked, sitting back down on the rug next to Lindsay and getting a happy squeal from the younger actress.

“Mmmmmm you look soooooo hot,” Lindsay grinned, moving up off her back and toward Tina. “Like a naughty little librarian or teacher who’s about to get her pussy licked by the school slut.”

“Oh no, you don’t get a taste of me yet,” Tina said, imposing her control once again. “It’s my turn to play with you first.”

“Oooooh ok,” Lindsay quickly agreed. She was never one to turn down a chance to have her fun first and she was especially eager to see what it was like to get fucked by Tina.

Lindsay lay back down; spreading her legs wide to give what she thought was an irresistible invitation to Tina. But the older woman had another idea.

“On all fours, Lindsay,” Tina instructed. “Ass in the air.”

“Mmmmm my favorite position,” Lindsay moaned as she obeyed without hesitation, sticking her bare ass in Tina’s face. “Please Tina. Fuck me! Fuck my slutty little cunt!”

“Such a nasty word,” Tina said, shaking her head. “Good girls don’t use that awful word.”

“I’m not good,” Lindsay giggled, waving her bare ass. “I’m a bad girl.”

“You’re telling me,” Tina said. “You’re definitely a bad girl Lindsay. Mmmm and this is something that I’ve been wanting to do to you for a long time.”

Lindsay geared herself up, expecting Tina’s tongue to start licking at her tender, wet snatch, but instead she got something else entirely…a hard smack to her ass.

“Ow!” Lindsay cried reflexively, but loving the hard sting to her naked butt. She could never get enough of being spanked and having Tina do it to her made it even more delicious.

“That’s for being such a little diva and making me put my glasses on,” Tina said before sending her hand down to Lindsay’s freckled ass again, smacking her flesh and getting another yelp in return.

“That one’s for not wearing panties out in public and flashing your cooter to the paparazzi,” Tina declared. “You deserve this you little slut. You deserve it for being so fucking bad.”

“Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh I’ve been soooooooo bad,” Lindsay carnally groaned, her ass stinging as she pressed her mouth to her arm to muzzle her cries as Tina spanked her again. Her ass still hadn’t fully recovered from the smacks Alyssa had given her that morning and Tina’s hand felt especially amazing on her still sensitive cheeks.

“That one’s for being drunk all the time,” Tina said. “Mmmmm and this one’s for hanging out with that whore Paris Hilton!”

This slap was the hardest one yet against Lindsay’s ass and nothing could muzzle her now.

“Ohhh fuck!” Lindsay cried. “Owwwww!!! Ooooh Tina that one really hurt!”

“Bad girls have to be punished,” Tina declared. “This is tough love Lindsay. Now are you going to be a good girl and behave? Are you going to be a good girl for Tina?”

“Mmmmm yesssssss,” Lindsay groaned. “Anything! I’ll do anything you want Tina! I’ll be a good girl for you! I promise!”

“You’d better be,” Tina said. “And since you promised, I guess you deserve a nice little present for Christmas.”

Tina didn’t say what that present was. She didn’t have to. Instead she put her tongue to far better use by dragging it up Lindsay’s juice coated slit, making the girl shiver in ecstasy and moan, the hard spanking on her ass suddenly a distant memory.

“Oooooooooooh!” Lindsay squealed. “Mmmmm yesssssssss lick meeeeee!!! Ohhhhhh Tina I can’t believe you’re licking my pussy! Fuck it feels goooood!!!”

Truthfully, Tina still couldn’t believe it either. To have Lindsay Lohan naked on all fours before her had once seemed too remote a possibility. But now it was getting Tina thinking about writing a Mean Girls sequel for herself, Lindsay, Amy, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried and this time throwing in graphic lesbian sex scenes from beginning to end for them to all act out.

Lindsay had herself one delicious little pussy and Tina tongued it furiously, feasting on the girl’s wetness and making her aroused folds quiver with desire. Lindsay screamed in passion with every lick Tina gave her, rocking back and forth on the rug and making her tits jiggle hypnotically.

It was impossible to resist those freckled mounds of girl flesh as they bounced from Tina’s licking and Amy didn’t even try to.

While Hilary feasted on her pussy, Amy was in perfect position on her back to lean over and tongue Lindsay’s tits. Lindsay gasped at the extra stimulation, kissing Amy with all of her young tongue as soon as she had the chance and then moaning for the blonde to get back to her boobs. Amy loved the forbidden kiss from Lindsay, but she enjoyed playing with her tits more.

Amy rubbed the sexy girl mounds and tongued her nipples, batting her tongue against them and leaving the full, pink tips wet and swollen. Lindsay had been teasing the world with her nipples poking out of her slutty outfits and now that she had them in her face Amy was not leaving them unlicked.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmm lick my pussy Tina! Ohhhh God suck on my tits Amy!” Lindsay cried. “I had no idea you two were so fucking hot like this! Ahhhhh yeahhhhhh I always dreamed you would be! Mmmmm but I had no idea you two were really so nasty and hot like Hilary and me! Fuck yessssssss ooooooh Tina suck my pussy! Mmmmmmmm get all that juice right out of my cunt with your hot mouth and tongue! Yesssssssss ooooooooooooh I know I promised to be good Tina, but your tongue makes me want to be so fucking bad! Yeahhhhhhhh you make me want to say nasty words like pussy and cunt and beg you to fuck me like the dirty little girl I am! Ohhhhhhhhhh I’m such a fucking slut Tina! I loved when you were spanking my naughty ass and punishing me for being so fucking dirty mmmmmmm but now I need to come! I need to come like a filthy fucking slut should…all over your pretty face!”

“Really Lindsay? My tongue in your tight little pussy makes you wanna be bad, huh?” Tina asked, pulling up for a moment and getting an aroused nod from Lindsay in response. “Mmmmmmm licking up all your sweet juice makes you wanna be a nasty slut for Tina? Mmmmmmm I can be nasty too sweetie. Because spanking you isn’t all I’ve wanted to do to your ass Lindsay.”

All those times Amy had begged her to eat her ass had gotten Tina hooked on the sex act. Now all her sexiest lovers got their asses licked and Lindsay was certainly deserving of the honor. She had no idea if Lindsay was going to like this or not, but Tina’s instincts certainly told her that she’d love it. And, as she spread Lindsay’s young butt cheeks to expose her puckered ring and immediately dove in with her tongue, those instincts proved to be spot on.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Lindsay screamed. “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss lick my ass Tina! Oooooooooooh fuck you’re the dirty girl here Tina! Not me! Yessssssssssssss lick my ass, dirty girl! Lick my slutty little asshole and get it all wet baby! Mmmmmmmmm fuck yessssssssss tongue fuck my slutty girl butthole and make me fucking come from it! Ahhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd you’re making me talk soooooo dirty and nasty and I know you love it Tina! I know you love hearing me talk this way and know I’m acting all nasty for you baby! Lick meeeee!!! Lick the ass you were staring at every day on that set! Oooooooooh gawwwwwwd you probably slammed your hot cunt every fucking night thinking about fucking my ass!!!”

That got Lindsay another spanking and the girl shrieked in pleasure and pain from it. She pushed her ass harder to Tina’s face, making her get even deeper between her pale, freckled cheeks. It hadn’t been an every night thing, but Tina had broken out her toys on more than one occasion after filming to think of her young co-stars. She’d been a little ashamed of it at the time, but now those memories made her even wetter as she did what she had once thought would be impossible and eat Lindsay Lohan’s tight, pretty asshole.

Hearing Lindsay squeal and cry out from Tina’s tongue in her ass had Amy craving that same treatment. But since Tina was occupied, she went right for the naughty teen already between her legs as a substitute. First, though, she pulled Hilary up and gave her a deep kiss, tasting her own pussy all over the girl’s lips and tongue.

“Still think I can’t handle you?” Hilary grinned in triumph, her face flushed sticky and with pussy.

“Mmmmm well you can eat pussy like a champ,” Amy sighed happily, juice slowly dripping past her slit from what Hilary had just been doing between her legs. “But let’s see what other naughty things you can do. You ready Hilary? You ready to get nasty little Lizzie McGuire?”

“Oooooooooh I’m always ready to get nasty,” Hilary swore, pleasure rushing through her and making goosebumps pop up on her naked body as Amy played with her tits again, paying particularly close attention to her hard nipples with her sexy fingers. “Mmmmmmm yessssssssssss play with my titties Amy! Play with my hot teen tits! Mmmmm everyone thinks I’m some sweet little virgin but you get to play with my tits Amy! I’m such a fucking whore for girls and I love it! Mmmmm do you love it too Amy? Do you love seeing me act nasty and slutty for girls like I’m some dirty porn star whore and not some silly little good girl who never gets herself good and fucked?”

Hilary was starting to babble a little as Amy started sucking on her swollen nipples, just like she’d done to Lindsay. Amy did love it of course. She thought it was so weird that of all the people she was doing this with, it was Hilary Duff. Fucking Lizzie McGuire!

But that was what was making her so wet about doing this. Hilary was usually the kind of girl she made fun of for a living, but the girl had just gone down on her so well and now she was sucking her tits while dreaming of getting even nastier.

“Fuck me Hilary!” Amy commanded, leaving the girl’s tits behind as she lay back on the rug. “Mmmmmmmm fuck me here!”

Amy’s ass was still wet from being licked before and she was easily able to take her finger and push it up her hole, groaning in lust as she touched herself.

“You ever lick your slutty friend’s ass Hilary?” Amy asked while she fingered herself, groaning with every word. “You ever bury your tongue up Lindsay Lohan’s butt like a filthy little fuckslut?”

“Mmmmmmmmm what do you think?” Hilary giggled. “Ooooooooh Amy I’m such a nasty girl! I’ve tongue fucked Lindsay’s ass. Mmmmm and Jennifer Aniston’s and Rose McGowan’s and Christina Aguilera’s and Jennifer Love Hewitt’s and every hot slutty girl at the mansion. Mmmmmmmm I love licking their asses and showing all those girls what a dirty, slutty girl I am! I’ll totally lick yours too Amy! Mmmmmmmm I’ll give you my naughty little teen tongue right up your ass!!!”

Amy had no idea what mansion Hilary was talking about, but those were some amazing names she had just dropped. Of course they were all here so Amy knew she could easily check on Hilary’s story. But that could wait. Right now Amy just wanted to lie back, spread her ass cheeks and enjoy the feel of Hilary Duff’s tongue licking her and indulging her favorite fetish.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Amy cried immediately when Hilary’s wet tongue slipped into her puckered hole and began rimming her. Hilary was no Tina, but she certainly had eaten ass before and Amy was in instant bliss, her small tits bouncing as her body shook. “OOOOOOOOH YOU DIRTY FUCKING GIRL!!!! GODAMNNNNNNNN HILARY FUCKING DUFF IS EATING MY ASS!!! OHHHHHHHH GAWWWWWWWWD YESSSSSSSSSS TONGUE IT YOU NASTY FUCKING SLUT!!! HOT LITTLE TEEN WHORE!!! MMMMMMM SHOW ME YOU’RE A GROWN UP SLUT LITTLE BITCH!!! TONGUE FUCK MY ASSHOLE LIKE YOU BUTTFUCK ALL YOUR HOT FRIENDS!!!”

Seeing Hilary tongue fuck Amy’s asshole while Tina did the same to Lindsay had Elisha’s legs weak. If she’d been more sober she probably would have minded being aced out of her turn with Lindsay and Hilary by Tina and Amy, but she was too zonked to care much now. Besides it was totally hot to see them all fucking each other and Elisha had already creamed the fingers she had shoved up her cunt multiple times from the show and now she had taken those juicy fingers to push them up her own ass.

“Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!!!” Elisha groaned, grabbing at her soft tits with her free hand while she fucked her own ass. These girls were making her soooooooooo fucking hot but she needed more than fingering herself to truly get off. She’d come from her own touch too many times at the party to even remember the number of times she’d done it. Now she wanted more and, as her eyes darted around the room, seeing the coffee table full of sex toys and her friend Cameron rode Kate Winslet’s tongue near the couch, Elisha’s inebriated mind put two and two together.

“Mmmmm you’re mine now Camie,” Elisha grinned, thinking out loud as she pulled her fingers out of her ass and giggled as she walked toward the coffee table, knowing exactly what she was going for and what she wanted to do with it.

As she walked toward the table, Elisha passed right by several sizzling hot piles of naked girl flesh and, while it was tempting to join in each and every one of them, she knew what she had to do. One sweaty mix of girl flesh that was particularly tempting was the one right on the edge of the rug with Gwen, Jewel and Christina Ricci.

Both Jewel and Christina were on their hands and knees, facing away from each other, their tits softly swaying as Gwen took control of their fun. Gwen positioned them so their bare asses were cheek to cheek and she took the opportunity to kiss all four sexy girl cheeks while also running her fingers over their wet, sensitive slits. That had Jewel and Christina both cooing in delight, but Gwen had already licked both of them, tonguing their pussies and asses. Now it was time for some toy fun.

Gwen went for Jewel first, going for the girl who had first seduced her into the ecstasy of a woman’s touch. She thanked her friend for that by taking the head of the double ended toy she held in her hand and pushing it into Jewel’s cunt. That had Jewel moaning wildly and Christina wiggling her ass for the same treatment.

“C’monnnnnn fuck me too Gwen!” Christina impatiently demanded. “Please fuck me! I need to get filled! Push that toy up into my pussy and stuff me full of plastic! Ughhhhh I want it! I need it! Don’t deny me Gwen!”

Gwen had no intention of denying the sexy actress anything, much less the toy she held in her hand. After all Christmastime was a time to give out toys and just because all of them were clearly on the naughty list didn’t mean they didn’t deserve fun toys of their own to play with.

“Don’t worry, that pretty pussy of yours is gonna get good and fucked,” Gwen promised, fucking Jewel with one end of the toy while sliding the other end over Christina’s slit and then inside her, penetrating her tight folds and making her cry out in rapture.

“Yessssssssss fuck me Gwen! Mmmmm fuck both of us!” Christina begged. “I wanna feel Jewel’s ass slapping against mine as we fuck! Oooooooh work that toy into our pussies and stuff us good with it! Mmmmmmm give our slutty pussies that big fake dick!”

The dirty words flowing out of Christina’s mouth was like the sweet talk of angels to Gwen’s ears. She’d had a thing for Christina ever since she’d been one of the few to see her starring role in the adaptation of Prozac Nation. But it hadn’t been Christina’s acting that had blown Gwen away. It had been the sight of her beautiful young tits on display, looking so pink and so delicious.

Before that night Gwen had never really thought of Christina as a woman but her first nude scene had caused Gwen to see her with new eyes. Christina had definitely grown up from those days when she was in The Addams Family and Gwen relished the chance to get at her body.

While still keeping her hand wrapped around the shaft of the toy buried inside her two lovers, Gwen leaned down to kiss Christina and get her free hand onto her swaying chest. Christina moaned right into the kiss and pushed her tongue inside Gwen’s mouth, wetly exploring one of her favorite singers.

The actress loved Gwen’s touch on her tits. Instead of coming from the grope and maul school that far too many of her boyfriends had graduated from; Gwen was softer, caressing her breasts and treating them like a true erogenous zone and not just a toy to play with.

At times like this Christina missed her bigger tits. Sure they had hurt her back, made shopping for clothes a pain and caused people to take her less seriously as an actress because they were too busy staring at her chest, but there were times when having huge knockers had been awesome and sweaty, nasty girl sex was definitely one of them.

It had been the right decision to get her breasts reduced and she knew that, but as they swayed back and forth from her thrusts into Jewel while Gwen played with them, Christina missed her big, soft D-cups.

Christina’s longing for her bigger boobs had naturally been triggered by her first gawk at Jewel’s gorgeous bare breasts. Mmmm Christina had been all over those beautiful, pink tits like a baby famished for her mother. She’d kissed and licked and nursed over every inch of Jewel’s perfect D-cup tits while Gwen had spread her from behind and licked away at her drooling wetness.

That had been mind blowingly hot to Christina, but this was even better. To be on her hands and knees while a double ended dildo was pushed into her and Jewel letting them fuck each other and smack their asses together like a couple of horny porn stars putting on a show was absolute ecstasy. Christina loved performing and knowing she and Jewel’s show had an audience of Gwen Stefani had made her pussy cream as soon as the toy was pushed inside.

But Christina hadn’t wanted to stop there. She wanted more orgasms and she wanted Jewel to feel the same rush of bliss that she did. Christina was a generous lover and she wasn’t about to stop when her new friends hadn’t felt good yet.

Christina never felt so free and uninhibited as when she was fucking girls. That was why she had been such easy prey for Lauren all those months ago and that was why she was always willing to party with her. Christina was able to let herself go wild at these parties and there was no judgment and no pressure to be a certain way or conform to anyone’s standard. It was all about pleasure and there was no pleasure like sexual pleasure.

“Ohhhh Godddddd fuck me harder Jewel! Fucking slam that cock deep into meeeee!!!” Christina wailed in pleasure, her eyes screwed shut as Gwen kissed her, going back and forth from tender to lewd with the touch of her hands and tongue.

Christina wasn’t always the most vocal of lovers, but she could see Gwen and Jewel liked what she was doing and she loved putting on a show for them. She loved performing and putting on the kind of show that made beautiful women wet with desire was her favorite.

“Mmmmm fucking nasty girl! You want harder? I’ll fucking give it to you harder!” Jewel cried, rocking herself on her hands and knees with increased fervor, pushing more of the flexible toy into Christina’s pussy and stimulating herself in the process.

Jewel had more than a little experience with double ended dildos thanks to her countless nights in the mansion but she was usually sitting so she could face her lover. Being on her hands and knees so only their asses were facing was kind of new to her, but she was still getting off on it and Jewel knew Gwen was too and that was all she needed. Jewel wanted Gwen to get plenty hot and wet for her so she could lick up her friend’s yummy cream and then make her come again, this time all over her face for Christina to lick off.

The more she felt the toy she shared with Christina slide into her wet, eager cunt, the dirtier Jewel’s thoughts got. Mmmm there were so many fuckable girls here and she wanted them all. It reminded her of her first time at Malibu, when she had come to that magical pool party and had pretty much never left. Jennifer had rekindled the dormant lesbian lust inside her that day and after that there had been no stopping her. There had been so many beautiful girls that day…Sarah, Love, Rose, Eliza, Jessica, Jennifer, Christina and Alyson…and she had fucked them all and it had absolutely been heaven.

Now Jewel didn’t want to leave Lauren’s until she had pulled off the same trick, tasting all of the girls here and letting each and every one of them fuck her face until she was completely cum drunk and zonked out of her mind with girl sex rapture. Christina had been an excellent start and her pussy had tasted absolutely divine. But since the actress had hankered to feel herself penetrated Jewel had complied and pulled away from her drool inducing snatch to get into this position.

“Ughhhhh fuck you’re tight Christina!” Jewel groaned, her tits starting to bounce harder as she thrust deeper into her lover. “Mmmmmm baby you’re fucking me back so good! Fuck you’re so hot Christina! Oooooooh mmmmmm yesssss slam it back into my fucking wet pussy just like that! Yeahhhhh oooooh I want us both to come together! Mmmmm you have to come visit us in Malibu, Christina! Fuck me baby! Ooooooh yessssss slam it back into me when I slam it into you!”

Christina hadn’t been enlightened as to the significance of what Malibu represented, but if it meant more sex with Jewel and Gwen, then she was all for it whatever it was. Mmmmm Gwen was an amazing kisser, so wet and sexy. Christina could have kissed her forever, gladly giving up breathing for it.

The sexiness of Gwen’s kiss was helped immeasurably by the fact that, as she played with Christina’s body and held the dildo steady between her and Jewel, the singer was being licked from behind. Gwen was bent over on her knees to kiss Christina and that left her pussy spread open and vulnerable to attack from Whitney.

The red haired assistant already had Rose’s cum making her face shiny, but why settle for just one flavor of ice cream when there was a menu of 32 to choose from? She wanted to lick as many of Miss Graham’s beautiful new friends as possible and Rose was just a start. She wanted to make Gwen come next and then go to Jewel and then another girl and then another until she had their juices all over her body. This was how she loved to cut loose and she wanted to hold nothing back.

Whitney held Gwen’s perfectly toned ass in her hands, caressing the cheeks that had made so many cocks hard and pussies damp. Whitney had longed to worship Gwen’s ass since she had first started showing it off, Hollaback Girl style and now she had the gorgeous singer right where she wanted her. Gwen tasted so good and her ass felt wonderful under her hands and Whitney furiously worked her tongue over the blonde’s pussy, not wanting to wait for her orgasmic juices.

Whitney’s pussy had creamed just from tasting Gwen and Rose and she knew she didn’t even have to touch her throbbing clit to make it come again and again. It was getting Whitney off to give these beautiful women her tongue and show them how well she followed the instructions Miss Graham had given her that all guests should have their minds blown with pleasure.

Gwen moaned happily into Christina’s mouth as they continued to kiss. She hadn’t known who was licking her at first. Whitney hadn’t even said a word to her. She had just knelt down behind her and started licking. But after craning her neck to see the bun of red hair, the mystery had been solved and she’d given herself to the woman’s hot, skilled licking, knowing it wouldn’t be soon until she was flowing the sex cream Whitney so craved into her waiting mouth.

But Gwen’s main focus wasn’t on Whitney, or even Christina and Jewel. It was on the only dressed person in the room. It was on the object of her lustful eyes. It was on Fluffy as he stood by the doorway, waiting for some kind of threat to Christina Aguilera that was never going to materialize here.

Gwen stared hard at her secret lover, giving him her sexiest gaze as she passionately kissed Christina Ricci and felt herself get lovingly licked from behind. She knew Fluffy was watching her. She knew he couldn’t take his eyes off her as much as he tried. She knew he wanted her as bad right then as she wanted him.

Gwen ached for Fluffy to strip off his clothes and join them so he could fuck her right in front of everyone. She didn’t want this to be a secret anymore. She wanted everyone to see how she lusted for Fluffy and how she loved every inch of his huge cock that he could fit inside her willing pussy.

Mmmmm you can’t look away from me, can you baby, Gwen thought to herself as she kept on staring at Fluffy, loving the flustered look on his face as he tried to look away and focus on his client but found himself unable to do anything but stare back.

Do you like what you see Fluffy, Gwen asked with her stare, letting her eyes say what her lips couldn’t. Do you like seeing me get all nasty and slutty with these beautiful girls? Is it getting you big and hard for me baby to see me fucking these girls and getting myself licked? Do you wish you could pull out your big cock for me right now and stroke it so it’s so hard and thick? Mmmm that’s what I wish, Fluffy. I wish I was sucking it and getting it wet for my pussy…mmmm and my ass! I want you in my ass Fluffy! I want you to fuck my ass and take it just like you take my mouth and my cunt and make all my holes yours!

Fluffy couldn’t quite read each and every one of Gwen’s thoughts to the word, but the intent behind her sexy stare was quite obvious. His cock was already hard from watching all this hot action and having to pretend that he was oblivious to it and having Gwen stare at him like that wasn’t making it any softer.

He wished she wasn’t looking at him like that. Of course he also wished deep down that he didn’t want her as desperately as she wanted him. Fluffy tried to remember the bodyguard’s code and that all that was important right now was keeping his client safe, but all he could think about was getting his clothes off as fast as he could and pushing his cock into Gwen’s hot mouth for her to suck him while she got herself tongued from behind by that redhead slut.

Damn that was a hot scene, Gwen all naked and so fucking beautiful as she was being eaten by that girl who clearly wasn’t nearly as big of a tight ass as Fluffy had immediately assumed. Mmmm damn she had seemed hungry for a taste of him too. Maybe he could give it deep and hard to that Whitney girl while Gwen watched him for a change and then she could have joined in. Gwen always seemed like she loved sharing him, just like she had had with Reese and Michelle that first night and those times with Reese after Jamaica.

But Fluffy snapped himself out of those thoughts. No! He couldn’t act irresponsibly like that. As much as his cock was throbbing inside his pants, he couldn’t indulge in his lust. He was there for Christina and the singer seemed more miserable than he had ever seen her before.

This was an orgy. It was supposed to be Christina’s scene through and through. Her in an orgy was usually like a fish taking to the ocean. But all Christina was doing this time was hiding in the corner, completely naked and looking like she wished she was anywhere else. She was barely even touching herself, just softly caressing her own bare body as everyone fucked themselves wild around her.

Not seeing Christina fucking when everyone else around her was doing it was just crazy to Fluffy’s eyes. He’d never seen her like this before and he knew why. No one had to spell out to him that as much as she pretended she didn’t, his client missed Britney and couldn’t take it anymore.

All his life Fluffy had been better at the physical than the emotional, but he could see how badly Christina was hurting. But he didn’t know how to talk to her about it. Christina never seemed to be the kind to give into her emotions except when she was fucking or screaming. He felt close to Christina, but not close enough where he could just step in and start giving her advice about her heart.

Fluffy didn’t know what to do, but he knew his thoughts should be with her and not with Gwen. He actually took a step toward Christina, but she saw what he was doing and shook her head, telling him she wanted to be alone. Fluffy didn’t think that was what she needed for real, but he respected her wish and so remained at the door, trying to focus on protecting his client and not on the seductive blonde singer who was making his cock throb.

Fluffy was actually the only one who had noticed Christina hadn’t joined in. Everyone else was too caught up in their own pleasure to see the girl with the “dirrtiest” reputation was off on her own. Even Mandy, who had been eagerly trying to coax Christina to join in before, was too lost in her own fun to wonder where she was.

Of course Mandy could be forgiven, because her mind was too busy spinning with pleasure to focus on much of anything else. She had Piper Perabo sucking on her soft tits, rubbing them sensuously with her hand as she tongued her nipple. But that wasn’t all her on-screen sister was doing to her. Piper also had the black dildo they’d both been licking hard at work between Mandy’s legs.

“Mmmmmm baby you look so hot when you’re getting fucked,” Piper cooed to Mandy as she thrust the hard toy into her friend’s pussy. “I wanna see you come Mandy! Mmmmm soak the toy, baby, so we can lick it both off and kiss and share mmmmm just like good sisters should.”

That got both of them doing some naughty giggling at such a wickedly incestuous thought. There was no real relation between them, but that certainly hadn’t stopped the two of them from spicing up their naughty fun by pretending to be sisters. Mmmmm and Lauren had only encouraged them, joining in their games as their big sister and making a horny triangle of incest craving, pussy starved whores the whole time they’d shot the movie together.

But tonight it was just the middle sister and the baby sister at play, and Mandy was perfectly happy to lie back on the sofa for Piper to work her over. She’d already come hard from Mariska’s exquisite tongue, but Mandy couldn’t just have one orgasm and call it a night. Ever since she had been first seduced by Jenna Jameson, Mandy could never stop until she’d come and come and come and couldn’t move another inch.

That was the best part of sex with girls. You never had to wait for them to get hard again to have fun. She and Piper had both already come, but they were definitely craving more. Piper’s beautiful, sweet face looked so good kissing and licking her jiggling tits as her body bounced from being fucked and Mandy caressed her friend’s hair, softly stroking it as she urged her on.

“Yeahhhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeee!” Mandy groaned. “Mmmmm gawwwwwwd Piper, that feels so good inside me! Fuck my pussy Piper! Mmmmmm don’t stop and I’ll soak the toy just like you want it! Oooooh I’ll give you my cum and then I’ll eat you out for yours! Mmmmm I haven’t tasted your hot, pretty pussy in weeks baby and I want it sooooo bad!”

“Ooooooh you don’t have to wait if you don’t want to,” Piper suggested brightly, her eyes sparkling at the thought of Mandy’s wet, naughty tongue lapping away at her sensitive folds.

Mandy caught on immediately to what Piper wanted and that sounded wonderful to her too.

“Mmmmm feed me that pussy,” Mandy smiled, raising her hand up to point at her lips. “Put your pussy right here Piper! I’ll lick you so good while you fuck me!”

It took all but a second for Piper to accept the kind offer. They moved around on the sofa as quickly as they could, repositioning themselves accordingly. Mandy got down flat on her back and, just as she’d wanted, Piper set herself down on top of her, bringing her pussy right to her waiting lips.

Mandy immediately started licking. She loved Piper’s taste and she’d licked her pussy as often as possible while they’d been filming. Now that she’d been separated from it for a while, Mandy quickly made up for lost time by burying her tongue inside her co-star’s cunt. Mandy pressed her hands to Piper’s bare ass and pushed her down right against her mouth so she could tongue her hard and get a chance to taste all her delicious wetness.

The sensation of Mandy’s tongue sliding right up into her pussy had Piper jolting up as pleasure shot through her, but that was only a temporary reaction. She adjusted to the sensations of Mandy’s hot tongue burrowing inside her to lap at her clitoris and relaxed, lowering herself back down so she could return the favor to her friend. Mandy’s pussy was so pink and wetness was drooling from her lips, which had already been stretched open by the dildo. There was no way a hungry girl like Piper could resist a delicious site like that.

Putting the dildo down on the sofa, Piper tended to her friend’s pussy the best way she knew how, with her tongue. She licked away at the creamy mess she had made by using the sex toy on Mandy and then went looking for more, tonguing Mandy’s pinkness and making her lover squeal and moan into her own pussy. The two girls licked each other in their 69 like they didn’t have a care in the world and the truth was they didn’t, because they both knew by now there was no sexual pleasure quite as exquisite as girl on girl love.

Piper had been into girls well before she had signed onto the movie with Lauren and Mandy. But never before had she ever found two co-stars that had been she had so perfectly connected with on a sexual level. They both had made her feel so good while they had filmed and their fun hadn’t stopped as soon as production wrapped. There had been so many mornings when Piper had awoken nestled between one of her “sisters’” thighs with her face coated in girl cum.

The Hollywood gossip columns had linked her to a few men in the past, but the truth was that Piper considered herself a lesbian these days and was happy to spend all her sexiest moments in the company of women. Mandy especially was someone Piper adored hanging out with in public and making love to when they were in safe company. Piper had seen Mandy with men and knew she probably wasn’t just a lesbian, but she was still nursing a serious crush on her co-star and friend and did have the slightest hope that Mandy considered what they had to be more than friendship and sex.

But right now Piper didn’t want to think about anything more than hot sex and she was perfectly content to be licking away at Mandy’s juicy pussy while her friend did the same to her, working her tongue inside and dancing all over her clitoris, just the way Piper liked it. The two girls had their mouths fused to each other’s pussies and they licked away at all the hot spots they knew the other had, rocking back and forth on the sofa as they fucked each other’s faces.

Piper had been especially pumped to see her old friend Maria Bello at the party and she was hopeful by the end of the night she’d be able to get a threesome going with her and Mandy. That would have been incredible and her pussy quivered under Mandy’s tongue at the thought of it.

Maria had been the one who had helped her come to terms with her feelings for girls. Piper had once considered herself straight and despite being very close, and infamously very wet for a few days, with Maria and their other gorgeous co-stars during the filming of Coyote Ugly, things hadn’t changed then. It had only been when Piper had done Lost and Delirious that she’d discovered her love of a woman’s touch.

Her character had been hopelessly and tragically in love with another woman and that had meant love scenes. Piper had gone into it a little tentatively but had wanted the chance to prove her abilities as an actress. She had approached the love scenes as a professional, but had been left more confused than she’d ever been before. Far from getting tense and nervous during the love scenes, she’d ended up loving them.

Piper had loved the feel of another woman’s lips against hers. And even though it had only been part of a scene, those kisses had done more for her than any touch a man had ever given her. Piper had been too scared to do anything about these new feelings, but visions of actually making love to a woman haunted her, arousing her and confusing her all at once.

She hadn’t known what to do about these new feelings. She’d always just been into guys, but now her interest was focused on women’s bodies and how they might be in bed. She fantasized about each and every beautiful woman she came into contact with. She’d been too scared to do anything to act on these feelings and too into her new curiosity about girls to actually still go on dates with men. So Piper had worn out many a vibrator until the day she had randomly run into Maria.

The two had caught up, ended up going to lunch and heading back to Maria’s just to continue hanging out. Maria had been able to sense something was wrong with her friend. Piper had denied it at first, but eventually had confessed everything.

She’d told Maria all about her feelings and how she didn’t know how to act on them and how it was making her miserable. Once she’d started spilling, she hadn’t been able to stop it and all the words had just flown out of her until Maria had finally silenced her with a kiss.

Piper had been shocked at first. She’d definitely fantasized about Maria in all her lonely nights, but she hadn’t come here looking for sex. She’d just assumed Maria wouldn’t be into it and it had never crossed Piper’s mind to see if she liked girls too. Mmmm but she’d been proven wrong that day thanks to Maria’s kisses, her caresses, her tongue on and in her pussy and the stories Maria had told her about what she, Tyra Banks, Bridget Moynahan and Izabella Miko had been up to on the set all along.

Maria and everyone had thought Piper wouldn’t have been interested in joining in, but Piper was able to prove to her friend how interested she was then by going down on Maria and loving her first taste of a woman. Maria had shown Piper everything there was to know about girl sex and Piper hadn’t looked back since then.

She was so comfortable about who she was now that she had leapt headfirst into her second lesbian role last year when most other actresses would have worried about being typecast. Piper hadn’t worried about it, though. She’d loved the role and how it reminded her of her own life and her own acceptance of her lesbianism. She knew she could still swoon over Hugh Jackman when called for on The Prestige even though she would much rather have gone to bed at night with Scarlett Johansson.

Piper couldn’t believe she had ever been too scared to indulge in her feelings for women. She was just happy she had finally come out of her shell because nothing she had ever done with any of her past boyfriends could even come close to rivaling the pleasure of Mandy’s tongue licking her pussy while she went right back down on her.

Mandy tasted so sweet and delicious and Piper made sure to feed her back just as much of her juice as she’d taken. Since she was on top in their sizzling 69, Piper fucked Mandy’s face with lustful enthusiasm and licked her with skilled, horny tongue strokes, making sure her friend’s needs were entirely catered to. Piper didn’t want to be the one to come first here. She loved making her lovers feel pleasure and she really wanted them to come together.

To do that, Piper knew she was going to have to hurry. She could feel her own orgasm coming close and she didn’t want Mandy to think she was selfish or anything. But it was getting harder and harder to stifle back her own pleasure. Piper had made herself come with the dildo before as she’d watched all the action, but Cameron had done too good a job on her with her tongue and had gotten her right to the edge before Mandy had even gotten involved.

Cameron’s tongue had felt great on her pussy, but now the new brunette was quite distracted. Of course with Mandy there, Piper hadn’t missed a beat once Cameron had been yanked away and it made it hotter for them to be locked in their 69 while Cameron was howling in ecstasy from a toy being pumped up her tightest hole.

There hadn’t been much howling from Cameron before. She’d just been there minding her own business and happily feasting on Piper’s sexy, young pussy while Kate tongued hers. Kate’s tongue had felt wonderful licking at her pussy, just like it had each and every time they’d hooked up on the set, but Cameron had kept her concentration and been able to keep her tongue working over Piper while Kate made pleasure flow through her body.

It was the first time she had ever tongued Piper and the actress with the dazzling smile had tasted absolutely delicious. Cameron had loved licking her while feeling her own heart pound and pulse rush from Kate’s sexy, experienced tongue dipping into her pussy to fuck her and make her clitoris throb. But then suddenly things had changed.

Kate had pulled away from her pussy quite unexpectedly. Cameron had been about to pull up and loudly protest the lack of tonguing when suddenly her ass cheeks had been spread open and who she thought had been Kate had spit into her hole and started rimming her.

Cameron’s face had been between Piper’s dangling legs on the sofa while her lover had pushed the dildo into Mandy and sucked on her tits so she hadn’t been able to see what was going on. But she’d mumbled, with her mouth full of pussy, how much she loved Kate’s tongue licking her ass and making her feel so fucking naughty.

But then suddenly Kate had appeared at her face, kissing every inch of her that wasn’t smothered with Piper’s pussy and when Cameron had still felt the wet, happy tongue rimming her asshole at the same time, she had realized it hadn’t been her British friend who had been licking her. But she hadn’t asked questions, especially when Kate had kissed her and let her taste her own juices and the two of them had teamed up to tongue Piper together for a short bit.

Whoever it was who was licking her ass had certainly known what they were doing and Cameron had started to do some serious dripping from her pussy because of it. And all mysteries were ended a short while after the first lick when her lover had made her bold statement.

“Mmmmm I’ve wanted this fucking ass for so long Camie and now it’s mine,” Elisha had wickedly declared. “Your ass is so getting fucked baby!”

Before Cameron had been able to say anything at all, the toy had been pushed in her hole and her head had shot up like a rocket from Piper’s pussy. The head of the strap on had slid past her puckered hole before even the first cry had passed her lips and Cameron had found herself getting fucked up her ass before she entirely knew what hit her.

Fortunately her ass had been well licked and the toy had been thoroughly lubed, so it wasn’t too tight a fit. But it had certainly been a shock to Cameron. Not that she had minded after the initial surge of surprise had faded. She loved getting fucked up her ass and there were times when she liked it rough. Elisha was giving her both sources of pleasure and it hadn’t taken long for the real ecstasy to start flowing through her veins.


Elisha giggled and felt a huge rush of power flow through her as she fucked Cameron deeper with another hard thrust into her spread asshole. She’d grabbed the strap on and lube off the coffee table with this in mind and it was even better than she had imagined it would be.

Ever since the time Rose had officially “initiated” her into the mansion by fucking her up the ass with Mr. Snappy, Elisha had been dying to do this to another woman. She’d certainly licked other girls asses before and used toys and fingers on them, most memorably on Stacy Keibler, but she’d never put on a strap on cock and really fucked a girl in the ass before.

She’d wanted to do it to Rose and give her some hot payback for her initiation, but she’d been way too intimidated to try that to someone like her. So Elisha had set her sights on Cameron instead as a way to thank her friend for getting her into all this wonderful debauchery. She’d fantasized about taking Cameron’s ass so many times, but a right time to actually try it hadn’t come until now.

Elisha was totally at ease with being into girls now and any hesitation or shyness she’d shown at first was a distant memory. But that didn’t mean she had the ability to just slide into conversation with her friend, “So Camie, do you mind if I buttfuck you?” So she’d kept herself waiting until the right moment had emerged and when she saw it had at the party, with Cameron’s beautiful, tight ass wiggling in the air for Kate to eat her out, Elisha had sobered up enough to pounce on it and it felt so incredible to have her fake cock buried inside another girl’s ass.

This was the first time she had ever used a strap on and it felt weird and wonderful all at once. She’d been fucked by plenty of strap ons, not just Mr. Snappy, and she was already gaga for how that felt, but now that she was on the other end of the fake cock, she saw the immense allure in that too. She felt so powerful and sexy with the hard cock dangling from her legs getting screams of pleasure from Cameron and she loved the feel of her friend’s tight ring wrapped around the thrusting toy. This must have been why her boyfriends had always begged to fuck her up the ass.

“Take it Camie! Ooooooh take every fucking inch of my cock up your ass!” Elisha grunted, her blonde hair sticking to her sweaty forehead and her tits shaking with every thrust inside Cameron. “God you look so fucking sexy bent over for my cock! How’s it feel Camie? How’s it feel to know you been teasing me with that fucking ass since Jamaica and now it’s mine? Your ass is mine you beautiful bitch and I’m gonna keep on fucking it anytime I want!”


Cameron’s body was shaking as Elisha took her aggressively from behind. Her firm tits bounced furiously and Cameron for once felt glad they were so small or else they’d definitely be slapping her as she bent her head low to take all the ecstasy racking her body.

Elisha kept a steady grip on her hips as she lurched on the carpet, her pussy dripping with every thrust her friend took into her hole. Cameron’s long black hair flowed over her face as her neck thrashed from the impact behind her and it stayed there, matting to her forehead, until Kate lovingly brushed it aside and gave Cameron a long, tender kiss to her lips.

“Mmmmm you look just incredible getting yourself buggered like that,” Kate grinned. “You have such an incredible body Camie and I love seeing you get yourself good and fucked. Mmmm and Elisha looks amazing slamming into you! I want her to do me next! You wanna see that Camie? You wanna see your sexy friend fucking my ass? Making my cheeks shake as she takes me like a dog and makes me scream her bloody name all the way up to the heavens?”

Cameron was quickly becoming beyond words from the intensity of the pleasure and all she could do was nod her head enthusiastically. God that did sound hot! Kate had such incredible curves and Cameron thought she looked so sexy when they fucked. It had to be even hotter when someone like Kate was getting fucked doggie style and Cameron definitely wanted her friend to feel the ecstasy of Elisha’s cock buried up her ass from behind.

The assent got Cameron another long kiss from Kate and a sexy caress of her jiggling tits from her friend’s soft hands. But Kate had more in mind than swapping some spit and copping a feel. They were far enough away from the sofa to do this and Kate planted herself right down in front of Cameron, leaning back and spreading open her legs.

“Lick me you dirty girl!” Kate lewdly commanded, stroking her splayed pussy lips and rubbing the juice on Cameron’s parted lips. “Mmmmm lick my fucking pussy while you’re getting taken like the filthy slut you are, Cameron! You’re such a good friend, giving Elisha your ass but now you’ve got to take care of me too! Mmmm be a good little friend and slurp my cunt Camie. I’m so fucking wet for your tongue and I know you’re wet for me! I just tasted you and I know you fucking want this bad!”

Cameron did want it bad. She loved licking almost as much as she loved being fucked and she gave Kate a sweaty, flushed smile as she gasped for breath from Elisha’s thrusts up her ass. Since she didn’t have any words to offer, Cameron spoke with her actions, burying her face in Kate’s pussy and licking away at her friend and co-star, furiously tonguing her wet, juicy folds and lapping up all the wetness that was waiting for her there like a saucer of milk for a thirsty kitty.

“OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSS!!!” Kate immediately cried from the rush of pleasure up her spine caused by Cameron’s tongue on her already aroused pussy and clit. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm yeaaaaaaaah that’s it Cameron! Ooooooooh you beautiful slut! Tongue my cunt! Tongue my fucking cunt, nasty girl! Show everyone how much you love my pussy! Show everyone the only reason you did that bloody movie was to get between my legs you fucking whore! AHHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!”

Dirty talk just seemed to flow naturally from British mouths and Kate was no exception. The “King’s English” sure seemed to include a lot of profanity and Kate didn’t hold back, moaning out delightfully filthy sex talk while fucking herself hard against Cameron’s face, massaging her jiggling tits as she did so, as Elisha continued to pound into the brunette’s ass.

But that wasn’t the only fucking and licking going on. On the opposite side of the rug, perfectly symmetrical to the zone that Mandy, Piper, Cameron, Elisha and Kate had claimed as their own, the long sofa was filled on both ends with naked girls going wild on each other’s sexy bodies.

On one end of the sofa, Jennifer Aniston continued to ride Sara Ramirez’s face just as hard as Katherine Heigl rode the beautiful Latina’s strap on. They had Sara crushed underneath them on the sofa as she lay flat on her back and she loved every fucking second of it. Not only did she have the tight, creamy pussy of her sexy co-star wrapped around her cock, but she was able to feast to her heart’s content on Jennifer’s cunt and taste every delicious drop of her.

Plus this position also allowed Sara to get her hands all over Jennifer’s incredible ass and she fully indulged in this. Sara rubbed her hands all over the firm, sexy cheeks, caressing them and getting the full feel for her newest lover’s sexy flesh. But Sara couldn’t resist the impulse to do more. Caressing Jennifer’s bare ass was nice, but the devil on her shoulder told her to take it a step further and Sara couldn’t help but obey.

“Ow!” Jennifer yelped when Sara suddenly spanked her, slapping her left cheek and leaving a quickly faded pink handprint on it. “Mmmmmmmm naughty slut! More! Oooooooh I love that! Spank me while you fucking lick me! Don’t be shy Sara! Fucking spank me!”

Sara certainly didn’t have to be told twice. She would have really stopped if Jennifer hadn’t liked it, but now that she had permission she rolled with it without delay. Sara slapped Jennifer’s tender cheeks, spanking her ass while she furiously licked away at her honeypot, getting just what she wanted when Jennifer began grinding herself harder against her face, feeding Sara the juices she knew were sweeter than any fruit could ever possibly hope to be.

With Jennifer riding her face cowgirl style on the couch, putting Sara in perfect position to slap her ass nice and pink, it might have been tempting to forget all about Katherine, but the busty blonde demanded attention with her loud sex cries. And Katherine had plenty to shout about because now not only did she have Sara’s strap on buried up her cunt, she also had Rose to contend with.

“Oh God…oh God…ohhhhhh Godddddddd…” Katherine babbled as she bounced up and down on Sara’s strap on, riding it like she was in a competition and going for first prize. “So good…ohhhhhhhhh sooooooooo fucking gooooooood!!!”

“Mmmmm yeahhh take that cock all the way up your pretty little cunt,” Rose purred into Katherine’s ear as she pressed her naked body into her back, making damn sure the blonde television star felt her hard nipples poking her. As she did this, Rose’s hands moved around Katherine’s front to capture her jiggling tits and squeeze the generous mounds of soft, sexy girl flesh.

“Damn these fucking tits are amazing,” Rose praised carnally, licking her lips as she pictured feeding on them and getting her tongue all over Katherine’s swollen nipples. “Mmmm you should see yourself Katherine, riding that big fucking cock like a whore and making your huge tits bounce for everyone. Fuck, you’re making me horny you little slut. Mmmm I had no idea you were this fucking nasty Katherine, but I’m gonna be watching your silly little show now and slamming myself raw thinking about you riding this big cock and swallowing every inch of it into that greedy little pussy of yours!”

Rose rubbed herself against Katherine with every word, making sure not only did her tits rub against the blonde’s bare back, but the wetness seeping from her pussy pressed to her ass. She wanted Katherine to know she was waiting for her and what she was getting from Sara was nothing compared to what was in store for her.

The only regret that Rose had right then was that she didn’t have Mr. Snappy with her. There were so many toys in play here, but Rose was without her favorite. Being in an orgy without Mr. Snappy around her waist left her feeling naked, both figuratively and of course literally. She hadn’t wanted to just show up at Lauren’s with a strap on, but she could now see what a mistake that had been. Oh well, it wasn’t one she planned to make twice if ever given the opportunity to come back here or if she ever had the chance to get Katherine and her sexy, busty body alone.

There were other toys that Lauren had generously laid out on the coffee table, including another strap on that wasn’t being used, but Rose paid them no mind. When it came to strap ons, as far as she was concerned it was Mr. Snappy or nothing. It was her favorite for a reason, after all, and nothing else felt comfortable strapped to her body.

But that hardly meant she was going to sit this one out. Not when Katherine looked positively scorching riding Sara’s cock, sweat dripping off her naked body and her big tits bouncing wildly. Whatever reluctance Katherine had exhibited before wasn’t evident now as she lustfully rode the strap on, soaking in the pleasure of every inch disappearing up her needy cunt.

“Gonna come…ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh gonna fucking commmmmmme,” Katherine groaned as drool started to dribble past her lips and down her chin. “Goddddddd fuck me Saraaaaa!!! Oooooooooh fuck me hard! I want it hard! Ughhhhhh I fucking want it deeeeep!!! Oooooooooh I fucking need it soooooo baaaaaad!!! Yeahhhhhhhh give me that cock you dirty fucking bitch!!! This is what you fucking want isn’t it Sara? Me riding your cock? You pounding into my pussy? My fucking cunt all nice and stretched from your huge fake dick? Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh you fucking got it now Sara! You fucking got me!!!”

“Yeahhhhh you’re Sara’s sexy little bitch now, aren’t you?” Sara grinned, her face covered in Jennifer’s juices as she pulled away from the actress humping her face. “Acting all stuck up on the set all the time, like you’re too good for my curves and pretending all you care about is that stupid boyfriend of yours, when deep down all you want is me! You want my cock slamming into you and you want my spicy pussy fucking your pretty white girl face! Say it! Say it so all these girls hear you!!!”

Katherine wanted to say anything but that. She wanted everyone here to know that she loved her fiancé and that all she wanted was to be true to him. She wasn’t a dyke. She didn’t get wet over girls and she didn’t lust madly for Sara’s natural, gorgeously full body. She wanted to say all that, but she would have been lying. How could she say that when she was riding Sara’s cock like there was a prize waiting for her once she came?

Since she couldn’t claim otherwise, Katherine tried to remain silent. Maybe if she stayed quiet all this wicked lust would leave her and she’d go back to normal.

But Sara wasn’t having any of that and she began thrusting her hips harder, pushing deeper into Katherine and making her move faster to keep up with the push into her pussy. And Rose wasn’t about to tolerate this either. She’d only just met Sara, but she liked what she saw from the sizzling Latina and she wasn’t about to let Katherine get away from spilling out the nasty talk they all wanted to hear flowing past her New Canaan bred lips.

“You tell her what she fucking wants bitch!” Rose demanded, reminding Katherine she wasn’t about to be ignored by grabbing her blonde hair from behind and tugging it.

Rose didn’t get too aggressive when it wasn’t called for, but Katherine’s behavior gave every indication she was a girl who enjoyed playing rough. And when the girl was into it, Rose never had a problem with the rough stuff. She knew Katherine even less than she knew Sara, but Rose’s instincts proved correct again and Katherine cried wantonly, thrusting out her chest even more as her head was pulled back by the hard tug of her hair.

“Yeahhhhhhhhh ooooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk Goddddddddddd don’t do this to meeeeeeeeeee!!!” Katherine begged, knowing it only increased the hold of the lust on her and made her more obedient to it when she was treated like this. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh damn it yesssssssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssss Saraaaaaaaa!!! I’m your bitch!!! I’m your fucking white girl snob bitch!!! Ahhhhhh fuck yesssssssss I crave your fucking cock Sara!!! I fucking love it when you fuck me like a filthy little whore and then make me eat your gorgeous dripping pussy!!! Ahhhhh yessssssssss feels soooooo fucking gooood!!! I need you stuffing my bitch whore holes!!! I act like I don’t but it’s all I fucking care about!!! I need your cock Sara!!! I need you pounding my pussy and then fucking my bitch face till I’m sticky with your hot, yummy cum!!!”

Rose loved hearing that from Katherine, and so obviously did Sara, but Rose didn’t feel she was getting enough proper appreciation from the blonde. Obviously Katherine needed a bit of an introduction of who exactly she was and what she could do. So Rose pulled away from her back and kneeled down on the couch behind her.

Leaning forward without hesitation, Rose spread Katherine’s ass cheeks and spit right into her hole, most of it hitting the puckered target and the rest just dripping down her crack as the raven haired sex goddess did it again and again, lubing her new friend up.

“Oh God…what…what are you dooooooooing?” Katherine cried, still riding Sara’s cock as she cooed from the feel of Rose’s hot spit on her asshole.

The answer to her question came just seconds later as Rose pushed her fingers up Katherine’s ass. Rose didn’t play nice. She considered starting Katherine out with just one slim finger up her ass, but she dove right in with two and a third one on the ready. Rose pistoned them into Katherine’s hole, drooling down from her mouth as she hovered above Katherine’s spread cheeks even easier passage as she thrust in.

“I’m just making sure you know that you might be Sara’s little bitch right now, but I’m going to make sure I get a crack at you too, you naughty fucking slut,” Rose explained, beaming the sexy evil smile that made many a pussy drip in Malibu and beyond. “Mmmmm as soon as I get my turn at you Katherine, you’re gonna be screaming out a different name baby. You’re gonna be screaming for Rose to fuck you harder than you’ve ever taken a cock before! Mmmmm you’re gonna be begging for me to never, ever stop, cause you have no idea how good I am with a strap on! You’re gonna get the fucking of your life and then you’ll be my bitch Katherine and you’ll be the happiest little slut in town that you are! Isn’t that right Jen?”

Rose’s question snapped Jennifer right out of the sexual stupor Sara’s hot tongue and sizzling slaps had put her in and she answered with a deep moan in her voice.

“Oh fuck yessssssssssss mmmmmmmm you’re gonna be in for it so fucking good Katherine!” Jennifer moaned, her words dripping past her lips as Sara’s tongue swiped hard against her clitoris and made her swollen bud throb. “Ooooooh you have no fucking idea! Mmmmmm no one fucks like Rose! No one!”

That got an arched eyebrow in the midst of her licking and fucking from Sara, but it wasn’t from jealousy. She considered herself the fuck of the year in Hollywood and she wasn’t shy about expressing it. But if Rose McGowan thought she was hot she was going to have to make sure she felt it for herself. With hype like that from Jennifer Aniston, Sara knew she was going to have to feel Rose in action and find out if she had to raise her game even more. Sara wasn’t about to let herself be outdone by anyone, not even Lauren and certainly not Rose if all this hype was true.

But Katherine didn’t care about who was better. Right now her brain was too busy melting from the pleasure she felt to even consider which of the two women penetrating her was a hotter fuck. And when Rose added that third finger up her ass she was a goner. The feel of Rose pushing her fingers up her freshly lubed asshole and twisting them and fucking her all at once while Sara’s cock made her as loose as a porn star was way too much for her to hold back from.


Katherine was howling up a storm as she came, girl cum creaming all over Sara’s cock, making a delicious cumsicle for anyone who she wanted to feed it to. As she came, Sara and Rose didn’t let up their attack on Katherine’s willing holes even a bit. They kept fucking and fingering her, prolonging her orgasm and making her sex cries rain down on everyone in the parlor.

But that was just one corner of the sofa and, as she rode Sara’s face, Jennifer had the best view of any of them of what was going on at the other end where Kristen Kreuk, Allison Mack and Erica Durance had happily welcomed Love and Lauren into their playtime. It made for one crowded sofa, but no one seemed to mind, especially since this allowed Jennifer to easily lean down and press sexy kisses all over her housemate’s lips and face when Love’s mouth wasn’t busy, which it certainly was now.

Lauren was on her knees on the floor as Love sat on the couch, lying back against the cushions, her legs slung over Lauren’s shoulders and her baby bare pussy against the hostess’ happy face. Love was humping herself hard against Lauren, enthusiastically fucking her face and making her flesh shine with a fresh glaze of girl juice.

“Mmmmmm baby your pussy tastes so delicious,” Lauren cooed in admiration when she pulled away to smack her lips together and lick them clean, replacing her tongue with her fingers to trace all over Love’s splayed slit and tease her into an even hotter state. “Oh Love, I’m definitely inviting you to all my parties from now on baby! Mmmmm I love the taste of your sweet, smooth pussy and it looks so fucking pretty all nice and shaved and pink for me! Mmmmm you can come by and see me any time you like Love as long as you let me lick this little pussy of yours! Yummy!”

With that final “yummy” Lauren dove right back into Love’s cunt and licked away at her feverishly. There had been no exaggeration in anything she’d just said. Lauren was definitely gaga for Love’s juices and she knew her cum would taste even better. So every lick she took against and inside Love’s pussy was done with the specific goal of getting that orgasmic cream and doing it as soon as possible.

If her mouth had been free, Love definitely would have pledged to take Lauren up on that offer. She would have told her how incredible her tongue was against her wetness and how great she was at eating pussy. She would have moaned how close she was and how good Lauren was making her feel and how she desperately wanted to come all over her face so she could taste it the next time they kissed.

But Love couldn’t say any of that because her lips were far too occupied being stuffed with the fake cock being pushed into her mouth by Erica Durance.

“Ohhhhhhhh damn you fucking little cocksucking slut,” Erica groaned, pinching her swollen nipples as she used the same aggressiveness she’d just used on Kristen to make Love swallow her cum covered toy. “Take it all Love! Fuck baby! You gonna do it? You gonna deep throat my fucking cock?”

Love couldn’t say a word in agreement, she just stared right up into Erica and let her full, horny eyes do all the talking. Love’s stare told her she had every intention of greedily swallowing each and every inch of cock that she could fit into her mouth. She didn’t know if she could totally deep throat it, she’d never been able to get all of Mr. Snappy down her mouth, but she wanted to try. Oh God, did she ever want to try.

The only sounds Love could make as Erica fucked her face were wet slurping and choking gasps as she forced back her gag reflex and worked another inch of her newest lover’s toy down her throat. Love had just been lying back and enjoying Lauren’s tongue when Erica had offered her a taste of the cock that had just been buried inside Kristen.

Being a big fan of cocks, both real and fake, inside her mouth, Love had naturally accepted the offer and had started kissing and licking the juicy, tasty cock. She had loved the taste of Kristen’s cum and she hoped soon she’d get a chance to taste the foxy brunette right from the source, but Erica had had other ideas and soon she was pushing more and more of her cock into Love’s waiting mouth.

Love had eagerly let her do it, loving the feel of her mouth being stuffed with the sex toy and wanting to test her own limits, just like she had at that crazy pool party when she’d let Christina fist her. She’d never done that before, or since, but Love had wanted to see that day if she was capable of it and right now she wanted to test herself again, letting Erica fuck her mouth as she spit all over the shaft and gasped and choked on it, little tears starting to form at her eyes.

As Love had sucked away at Erica’s strap on and Lauren had feasted on her pussy, Kristen and Allison hadn’t just curled up into little balls and fallen asleep on the couch. They had latched themselves to Love’s tits and had licked and kissed all over the soft mounds of wonderful girl flesh. They had left their new friend’s tits all wet and had ended up sharing many a kiss and tongue flick as they had done so.

But while Kristen was content for now to just suck on Love’s tits and let her dark hair drape over them, Allison wanted more. She pulled away from Love’s right breast, leaving them both to Kristen’s horny attention, and pulled herself back onto the couch.

“Fuck me!” Allison demanded, grabbing Erica’s attention as she spread her legs wide and began lewdly rubbing her own exposed cunt. “Fuck me Erica! Get that cock inside my pussy! Mmmm let’s give this little whore something else to taste!”

That sounded great to Erica, but it also involved pulling out of Love and it wasn’t like she could just yank her cock out of Love’s mouth when she was so deep inside her. That might have hurt and while Erica loved to be aggressive in bed, she didn’t like hurting people. So she eased her cock slowly out of Love’s mouth instead, leaving the brunette gasping for breath as she finally was able to fully withdraw.

Love’s chest was heaving as she gulped in oxygen, having just had to rely only on her nose for air, but she didn’t look like she regretted what she had done. She hadn’t been able to get all of it down her throat, but Erica definitely wanted to try again. But first Erica had a co-star to tend to and Allison immediately grabbed onto the shaft, all slick with Love’s saliva, and guided it toward her waiting cunt, rubbing the head against her spread lips and begging Erica to push it inside her.

“Fuck me Erica!” Allison demanded as she pushed the head of the toy inside herself. “Get that big cock all nice and sticky with my juices so Love can suck it all off! Ooooooooooh fuck this cock looked so fucking hot pushing into her pretty mouth and making her choke on it!!! Mmmmmmm it’s gonna look even better when it’s got my cum dripping off it! Give it to me Erica!! Fucking deep dick my pussy!!! Oooooooh yeahhhhhh you know what my pussy needs!!! You know no one fucks better than you!!! Ohhhhhhhh my fucking boyfriend can’t even compare with you baby!!! Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh fucking push that dick right up my cunt!!!”

Erica loved hearing this from her co-star and Allison knew it. That’s why she said it. They both got huge rushes from doing this when Erica had a husband and Allison had a fiancée. It made it hotter and dirtier to be licking each other and stuffing each other with sex toys as often as they could. The rush of knowing they were cheating just made their orgasms more intense.

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh this little pink cunt is always so fucking hungry for dick!” Erica groaned as she slapped Allison’s hand away and pushed inch after inch of her toy into her blonde friend. “Ohhhhh but not just any dick will do, right Allison? It’s gotta be my fucking cock! The kind that never goes soft! The kind that makes you feel good and fucked!”

“AHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!! FILL MEEEEEEEEE!!!” Allison cried, arching her back up off the sofa as she was penetrated slowly but fully by her friend’s strap on. Erica didn’t just slam it into her, but she was relentless about working it into her, burying the toy inside a pussy it was already well accustomed to.


Hearing her name like that made Love shiver with ecstasy, a mood that was helped along considerably by Lauren and Kristen’s tongues on her body. She loved hearing Allison call her a slut and a whore. It made her pussy so fucking wet to be able to show off to these girls how much she loved sex. She wanted them to see what a total nympho she was. Love wanted to be their little slut, just like she already was for all her housemates.

“Oooooooh mmmmmmmm oooooooh Laurennnnnnnn…” Love cooed as her hostess lapped away at her drooling, splayed pussy lips, sliding up all over the juice soaked folds and licking up every drop she had. “Mmmmmmmmm yessssssss ooooooh I never thought you’d be so good at eating pussy! Mmmmmmm but you’re gonna make me come so sooooooooon!!! Oooooooooh God, I can’t believe Rose and Lyssa didn’t tell me about you!!! God you’re tongue is so fucking good!!! Mmmmmm lick me Lauren!!! Lick my wet fucking pussy and make me come!!!”

Lauren did exactly as her guest asked, licking her thoroughly and vigorously, lapping at every inch of her cunt that she could get at. Lauren ran the gamut from soft licks to rapidly tongue fucking Love, depending on how she wanted her new friend to react. She wanted Love to see everything she could do with her tongue and how she knew all the ways to make a girl feel good.

Now that Lauren could see that Rose and Alyssa’s stories had been no lies, she was totally into their friends, especially deceptively sweet Love. She’d always seemed so innocent but the reality was that she was clearly anything but. The girl was a total happy slut and Lauren loved it. Love not only had an amazing body, but a deliciously dirty mind to go along with it.

That was proven a second later when the song on Lauren’s music changed. She’d mixed her Christmas music with some of her more sexually charged songs and the new Norah Jones song came on. The bluesy, sexy Thinking About You was already a favorite of Lauren and it was obvious Love not only agreed but had a thing for the singer as well.

“Mmmmmmm oooooooh Lauren you should totally have Norah Jones here sometime,” Love moaned as her imagination started to churn. “Mmmm she’s soooooo sexy. I’d love to fuck her.”

“And what makes you think I haven’t fucked her already?” Lauren wickedly grinned, giving Love the full blast of her naughty, girl juice coated smile. “For all you know I’ve had her here dozens of times.”

Lauren didn’t say another word, she just let the image she had put into Love’s head do the talking for her as she returned to tongue fucking her guest’s pussy. Her tactic worked wonders as suddenly all Love could think of was sexy, soulful Norah Jones naked just like she was with her legs spread wide for Lauren’s amazing tongue. That made Love even wetter and her body quivered with lust from the mere thought of it. She had to find out of Lauren was teasing her or telling the truth…but after she came of course.

Love’s progression toward orgasm was helped immeasurably by Kristen Kreuk sucking on her tits. Kristen massaged whichever breast she didn’t have her mouth on and she was doing everything she could to make Love’s sensitive nipples tingle with pleasure. Kristen had such an exotic beauty and seeing her lovely face buried in her tits, sucking wetly on her nipples and licking into her cleavage had Love tossing her head back in ecstasy.

“Mmmmmmmmm you have such amazing tits Love,” the gorgeous Eurasian girl moaned in between licks and sucks. “Mmmmm God, they’re so big and sexy. Fuck I’ve gotta feel them against my pussy! Promise me Love! Promise me when you come you’ll rub these big, sexy tits against my tight little pussy so I can get my slutty juices all over them!”

“Ooooooooh definitely,” Love agreed without hesitation. One of her favorite things about having a large chest was how she could rub it against other girls’ pussies and get their cum all over her. Mmmmm that was soooo nasty and fun and Love was already picturing rubbing her tits against Kristen’s pussy until she came and then smearing that hot cum all over her pink tits and getting Allison and Erica to lick it all off.

But another hard lick to her swollen clitoris had Love reminding herself that she had her own orgasm coming first. She could be selfish now and generous later. She wanted Lauren to make her come. She wanted all the girl cream that had been brewing inside her since Whitney had first told them to strip to burst all over Lauren’s face.

“Mmmmmmmm so close!!! Ooooooooh sooooooo close!” Love cooed. She was still a little dizzy from having had Erica’s cock shoved down her throat, but she was with it enough to know when her own orgasm was drawing near. “Oooooooooooh mmmmmm tongue me Laurennnnnnnnnn!!! Yessssssssssss tongue fuck my slutty pussy!!! Ooooooooh now you see what a fucking little nympho I am! Mmmmmm I can never get enough fucking and you’re so hot Lauren!!! Ahhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhh tongue fuck me!!! OHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS RIGHT THERRRRRRRRE!!! MMMMMM TONGUE FUCK ME LAURENNNNNNNNN!!!”

Lauren had one hand spreading Love’s pussy open for her tongue thrusts against her bulging clitoris and the other one fused between her own legs, rubbing herself furiously as she kneeled down and ate Jennifer Love Hewitt out. Lauren was rubbing herself just as fast and hard as she was tonguing Love and she’d already made herself come once, her happy moans disappearing into Love’s pussy. Lauren was well on her way to a second orgasm as she tongued Love, the taste of her rich juices fueling her masturbation on.

As she tongue fucked Love’s pussy, shoving her tongue as deep as it could go into her tight folds to lap at her pleasure bud, Lauren rubbed her own clit, pinching it hard as she made her body shake on the floor. She wished she had her trusty pocket rocket with her when she did this. She’d have been cruising onto orgasm seven or eight instead of two if she had that little pink toy humming against her clit. But her toy was on the other end of the room and Lauren wasn’t about to get up now and leave Love hanging to get it. That would have been positively rude of her as a hostess, especially since Love was so close.

Love’s pussy was like a volcano about to erupt molten hot girl cream into her mouth and Lauren lustfully awaited it. She tongued Love’s clitoris as hard as she could, slapping her tongue against it as she thrust into her over and over again, using her tongue like she would have used her fingers, hard and fast.

“Come for me pretty girl,” Lauren urged in between tongue thrusts and gulping down Love’s juices. “Soak my face Love! Mmmmmmmm gimmie that sweet, hot cum! Feed me Love! I’m fucking starving for your juices! Mmmmmmm you and all your sexy friends! Fuck my face baby and soak me in sweet, yummy Love cum!”

Love had to giggle at that. She’d never heard anyone call her cream that before, but she liked it and she liked it even more when Lauren started sucking hard on her clitoris. She could never resist passionate attention to her clit and with Kristen latching her lips to one swollen nipple and rubbing the other between her thumb and finger she couldn’t hold back another second.


Love’s orgasmic cries were suddenly cut off when Erica took advantage of her wide open mouth to pull her strap on out of Allison and shove it right back into Love. The creaming, screaming actress was surprised at first, but didn’t let it throw her. Even as she came she started bobbing her head up and down, swallowing the deliciously girl cum coated cock and loving Allison’s sexy flavor.

“Ooooooooh fuck yessssssssssssss swallow that cock you little slut!” Erica groaned. “Mmmmmm if I was a real fucking guy I’d have shot my load down that throat a long time ago! Fuck! You’re so hot Love! Swallow that dick while you’re coming all over Lauren’s beautiful face! Suck the cock coated in my friend’s cum!”

Allison’s pussy felt mighty neglected now that Erica had pulled out and she kept the stimulation going by slapping and rubbing herself, moving her palm furiously around her spread pussy lips and smacking against her aching clitoris. Allison didn’t mind the wait though. She loved being able to look at Erica’s cock, glistening with her own juices, sliding into Love’s mouth, forcing the beautiful girl to suck on it and choke it back as she came from Lauren’s tongue.

That was definitely a hot sight and Allison’s arousal was only fueled when Jennifer Aniston leaned down from where she was riding Sara’s face to kiss her. Allison and Jennifer had never even met before today, but that didn’t stop the two of them from tongue kissing like they’d been fucking for years.

They rubbed their sexy, wet tongues together while playing with each other’s firm tits, Allison making especially sure that all the juice she had gotten on her hand from rubbing herself was smeared onto Jennifer’s tits so she could lick it off.

The two actresses kissed each other wetly, sharing their horny saliva and soon they were both screaming into each other’s mouth as Sara continued to tongue Jennifer’s pussy and Erica pulled out of Love’s mouth to work the strap on back inside her.


“Mmmmmmmm sooooooooooo gooooooood,” Love moaned, her head spinning as she gasped for breath again from Erica’s passionate face fuck. She was still quivering from her orgasm and having Erica shove that cock into her mouth and down her throat, making her choke on it while she tasted Allison’s hot juice on it had her smiling and gasping as the good kind of dizzy overtook her and made her fall back against the sofa, moaning and drooling, strands of saliva from her blowjob dribbling down her chin.

But Allison wasn’t the only one screaming. Now Jennifer was doing some serious pleasure howling of her own thanks to Rose stepping in.

As soon as Katherine had creamed her last drop of cum all over Sara’s cock, Rose had been all over the beautiful Latina. She had yanked the strap on off Sara’s waiting body and given it to Katherine to suck while she tended to the wetness underneath.

Rose had fed the blonde her fingers first, grabbing her by the back of her head to make Katherine taste her own tight ass before she had given her the dildo. Once Katherine had complied and cleaned Rose’s fingers, sucking them effortlessly like the depraved little cocksucking slut Rose knew this chick definitely had to be, the blonde had been allowed to taste the cream that had just flowed from her pussy.

Katherine was now giving a blow job to the toy that had just been buried up her cunt, happily slurping her own cum off as Rose tended to Sara. Just as Rose had hoped, underneath her strap on Sara’s pussy was a cummy, sticky mess. Sara’s dark triangle of fur was all matted with girl cum and Rose had dived right in, slurping away at her new friend’s creamy cunt and cleaning her with a thorough tongue bath.

Rose always loved it when she peeled off Mr. Snappy after giving a willing a slut or two, or eight, a good, deep fucking and had one of her girlfriends eat her out, tasting all the cream that had collected from the times she had gotten off while fucking with her favorite toy. The feel of a wet, horny tongue on her pussy after so much fucking was always ecstasy and Rose counted on Sara loving the same thing. Immediately she saw she’d been right again, as Sara had immediately started bucking against her face, feeding her hot girl cream and withering on the couch under the power of her tongue.

Rose wanted to make certain Sara knew all the nasty things she could do before this girl even got the hint of an idea she was better than her at girl fucking. Rose feasted away on the cummy mess between Sara’s legs, sliding her tongue all over her dripping slit and then burying her face all the way in so her nose was pressed right up to Sara’s dark bush, the trimmed, curly hairs tickling her in just the right way.

But Rose didn’t just concentrate on introducing herself to Sara as she laid flat on her belly on the sofa between the Latina’s legs, her pussy undoubtedly staining Lauren’s cushions. She could see and hear a housemate in need and Rose knew just what Jennifer needed to get off. Rose loved seeing Jennifer’s exquisite ass bouncing up and down as she rode Sara’s face. Her friend’s cheeks were still pink from Sara’s hard spanking before and Rose knew full well that a spanking wasn’t the only thing that Jennifer loved having done to her ass.

Rose had pulled away briefly from her first tastes of Sara’s delicious pussy to whisper into the woman’s ear. Even though Sara’s face was covered with Jennifer’s pussy, she could still hear Rose loud and clear and trusted her advice without hesitation. She wanted to make sure she gave Jennifer a hot orgasm that she’d always remember whenever she saw her show and if that was what it took to get her off, then Sara was more than happy to do it.

Before Rose could get back between her legs, Sara had rubbed her fingers over her cummy pussy, getting them lubed up without missing a beat when it came to eating Jennifer out. She rubbed herself as she tongued Jennifer, alternating between lapping at her soft, tender folds and going right after her clit, and as soon as Sara felt her fingers were wet enough, she pulled them up from her own pussy and, based entirely on Rose’s instructions, pushed one of them slowly up Jennifer’s asshole.


Rose had clearly been right and Sara reminded herself to thank her new friend later by giving her pussy a good, sexy licking. Sara pushed a second finger up Jennifer’s asshole and fucked her in time with her tongue lashes. This girl definitely loved it up her ass and Sara was already drooling at the thought of working her strap on up Jennifer Aniston’s movie star ass.

But her fingers would have to do for now and Sara gave it to Jennifer passionately, finger fucking her asshole as she lapped at her cunt, slurping up the juice that flowed into her waiting mouth and attacking her clit with precision and energy, giving the actress more than enough to get off.


Sara was getting pretty damn close to coming herself as she eagerly swallowed what Jennifer’s creaming pussy fed her. Rose was back between her legs licking away like am artist at cunnilingus. Damn this girl knew how to lick pussy and Sara couldn’t help but hump herself away at Rose’s face, fucking her tongue with thrusts of her hips and feeling all the sexual tension that had built up inside her since she had strapped on her toy get licked right out of her.

But as close as Sara was, it wasn’t nearly as close as Maria Bello had Reese. The Oscar winner was practically clawing at the carpet as she cried and cooed from Maria’s tongue buried inside her snatch. Reese’s face was sticky with the cum she had licked out of Maria before and now the older actress was enthusiastically returning the favor, burying her face in Reese’s pussy and licking away at her while Reese cried out for more.

“Oooooooooooh yessssssssssssssss yesssssssssss ahhhhhhhhhhh yessssssss lick me Maria!!! Oooooooooooh harder!!! Mmmmmmmm faster!!!! Ughhhhhhhh work your whole fucking tongue into my pussy!!!” Reese begged as she lay flat on her back on the carpet, her orgasm so close she could taste it. “Mmmmmmmmmm just a little more Maria! Please! Ohhhhhhhhh please I’m so fucking close!!! Pleaaaaaaaaase give me more so I can come! Ughhhhhhh don’t make me fucking wait! Don’t make me wait another second to come!!!”

If she’d been given a slightly more devilish personality, Maria might have made Reese wait. She had to admit she loved having an Oscar winner begging for her sexy touch. It was certainly a stroke to her ego and the rush of having control over someone like Reese was immensely appealing.

But ultimately Maria chose not to play that game tonight. Maybe another time, but right now it was going to be much more fun to hear Reese come instead of begging. After all Reese had done an excellent job getting her off with her tongue so there was no reason at all to be mean.

Maria placed soft, sensual kisses all over Reese’s thighs to give her a chance to catch her breath and once she did, she moved in for the kill. Reese’s hand moved to the back of Maria’s head and pushed her down, but it was unnecessary for her to do so. Maria was going down until the job was done and not coming up for anything.

“OHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSS OHHHHH OOOOOOOH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!” Reese babbled as pleasure shot through her body from Maria sliding two of her slim, practiced fingers inside her to go along with her tongue.

By using her fingers to go deep, Maria was able to concentrate her tongue on licking all over Reese’s pussy. Her pinkness was spread open wide, which Maria loved. She adored a wet, pink pussy spread wide for her. It was like the most beautiful flower in the world and Reese certainly had herself one hell of a pretty pussy to show off.

It was obvious to Maria just from looking at Reese why she and Ryan had split. There was no way a married woman with two kids should have been this tight. Maria guessed the couple must have had sex about…twice, once for each kid.

If she’d been getting sex regularly at home then Reese never should have been this tight. To Maria’s experienced eyes, Reese’s was a pussy that was licked often, but barely fucked. Ryan must have been a complete dud in bed or something because this pussy was far too hot and delicious to ever even come close to being neglected.

Oh well, less for him, more for me, Maria evilly thought as she gorged herself on Reese’s pussy, licking up all the juice that was leaking out of her as her fingers probed in deep, rubbing her clitoris and penetrating Reese just how the Oscar winner loved it. That just made her wetter, which gave Maria more to lick up and got Reese even closer to orgasm. It was wonderful circle of lust they were in.

As she writhed on the carpet with such passion that Reese was sure she was going to have rug burns on her ass in the morning, Reese was filled with so much ecstasy that she didn’t care if she couldn’t sit down at all tomorrow after this. She felt like she was getting it all over her body with all her hot spots being tended to and there was a burn on her bare ass was more than worth all this pleasure.

Reese had Maria at her pussy and at her toes. The girls had positioned themselves so that Reese could bend her leg inward and rub her bare toes against Maria’s still wet pussy. Reese got a total thrill over rubbing her toes against Maria’s cunt, sliding them inside and feeling her pussy juice and her own saliva tickling her wiggling toes. It felt so naughty and made each lick Maria took of her pussy even better.

Plus Reese also had Mariska nearby tending to her firm, bouncing tits. Reese never usually felt self conscious about her breast size, but she felt positively dwarfed next to Mariska. Not that she minded, of course. Far from being insecure, Reese loved it. She loved seeing Mariska’s big tits sway as the brunette licked and sucked on her nipples, playing with her much smaller breasts and making her whole body throb with lust.

But Reese wanted more. While it felt good to have Mariska tugging on her nipples with her fingers and lips, Reese didn’t need the touch to her own tits to get off. She could get that anywhere. When was she going to get another chance at Mariska’s tits? Reese hoped it would be soon, but she couldn’t be sure, so she pushed the MILFY brunette away from her chest.

At first Mariska was puzzled, wondering if she’d done something wrong. But Reese quickly assured her that wasn’t the case at all.

“Feed me,” Reese moaned in between gasps from Maria’s fingers and tongue. “Feed me those big boobs of yours Mariska! Mmmmmmm they look so good. I’ve gotta fucking taste them! Lemme suck them please. Lemme suck those sexy tits! Please!”

“Mmmm sweetie, all you’ve gotta do is ask,” Mariska smiled as she left Reese’s saliva coated tits behind and repositioned herself over Reese’s face, dangling her big tits down.

The eager blonde did the rest of the work, taking the hand that wasn’t holding down Maria’s head to play with Mariska’s tits while she started licking away at the dangling mounds, licking up to get at them like she was tasting an ice cream cone and not an enormously attractive pair of naked breasts. Reese giggled as she licked at Mariska’s tits, slashing her tongue out at them before settling in and sucking her nipple into her mouth, wrapping her lips around the already swollen bud.

Like Maria had before, Mariska thought about being a naughty tease by pulling her breasts away and seeing how tit hungry Reese truly was. But she didn’t make Reese lunge for them or anything. That would have been mean. Plus Reese’s sexy lips felt amazing wrapped around her nipples and Mariska moaned as she played with Reese’s soft hair. Just like Mandy before her, Reese was doing a great job at showing Mariska that younger girls could sometimes be just as hot as the ones her age.

Reese felt like she was in tit heaven as she nursed away at Mariska’s nipples, going from one to the other and then back again until both tits were wet with her saliva. She dreamily fantasized like she was some slutty little girl doing naughty things with her mommy as dirty thoughts fogged her brain over. Reese could think about nothing but sex, which was exactly what she had wanted all day. There was no worry about the divorce, her career or her children. There was just her lust, her needs and her dirty imagination as she sucked away at Mariska Hargitay’s tits and fucked Maria Bello’s face and fingers.

With all that stimulation, it was no surprise that Reese didn’t have much longer to last when. As Mariska slapped her swaying tits against Reese blonde face, Maria pushed her over the edge by pinching her clitoris between her fingers and flicking against it with her tongue hard.


As Reese came, her eyes screwed shut thanks to the pounding her senses were taking from the rapture filling her. Even if they’d been open, they would have been blocked by Mariska’s tits. But if she’d been able to see, Reese undoubtedly would have been overjoyed to see her friend Alyssa go through exactly what she was experiencing right now.

Alyssa was down to one Heather now as Heather Locklear had wiggled away after seeing a sight she couldn’t have resisted in a million years. But one Heather was certainly far better than none and Alyssa was having no trouble getting off just from Heather Graham’s tongue between her legs.

As she cried out the ecstasy she felt from Heather’s eager tongue lapping at her cunt and making her whole body shiver, Alyssa was on her hands and knees, her ass in the air for Heather to caress and spread her cheeks open so she could better tongue her wetness from behind. Both Heathers had been licking away at her before, with Heather Locklear rimming her ass as Heather Graham had fed off her pussy, but Alyssa was still mighty content with only one tongue on her.

She loved getting her ass licked, but nothing could ever be a substitute for getting her pussy eaten and if she had to choose one or the other it never would even have been a contest. Alyssa just rocked herself back and forth on the rug in total bliss and contentment as she fucked Heather’s face and forced more of her tongue inside her.

Alyssa had the juices of both Heathers on her face, having eaten them both out before their trio had been broken up and now she just wanted to have her own turn. The younger Heather was a far better pussy licker than Alyssa ever would have dreamed and she wasn’t shy about expressing her happiness with this turn of events.


“Fuck yeah I’m starved for it,” Heather smiled, her gentle voice sounding absolutely wonderful with dirty words flying off her lips. “Fucking give it to me Alyssa! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh feed me that hot cunt cream! Ooooooooooh fuck you’ve got such a juicy pussy that I’m gonna spank Lauren for not hooking us up earlier! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh cum all over me! I want it on my tongue and on my lips and my face and even in my fucking hair! Make me sticky and slutty from this hot, yummy pussy of yours!!!”

“Ooooooooooh less talking, more licking,” Alyssa groaned as she cycled down just a touch. Even though she adored hearing a fresh faced girl like Heather talk like that, she wanted to be licked even more. “Mmmmmmmmmm fuck yesssssss bury that tongue inside me Heather! Fucking lick me you dirty girl! Ooooooooooooh fuck you fucking eat pussy like a real porn star you dirty girl! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhh eat my pretty pink cunt you starving whore!!! Mmmmmm pay me back from how good I just ate you out!!!”

Since Alyssa had told her not to talk, Heather just smiled and kept on licking at Alyssa’s juicy pussy, her hands still spreading the older woman apart from behind so her tongue could lap at her oozing slit and slide right inside to taste even more and get at her clit. If Alyssa just wanted to be licked right then, that was fine with Heather. But that meant she was going to keep the amazing little secret she had to herself.

Heather was more of a porn star than Alyssa had probably ever imagined. Upstairs in Lauren’s locked safe was a series of DVD’s with simple white packaging that said only in black marker “The Adventures of Rollergirl.” Ever since she’d been introduced to Lauren and her seductive ways, Heather had been making amateur porn for her viewing pleasure, doing girls, guys and various combos of the two sexes as Lauren had played director.

She knew her career, not to mention the careers of the people she was in the movies with, was absolute toast if any of the pornos got out, but Heather trusted Lauren to guard them with her life and, besides, she loved making them for her. Mmmmm there was a particularly hot one where Lauren had joined her and Julianne Moore in bed. She’d naturally been Rollergirl, never, ever taking her skates off for anything, and Julianne had played Amber Waves again and they had given Lauren a porno girl style fucking for the ages as Whitney had taped it all for her beloved boss.

Maybe if Alyssa let her talk again, Heather would ask Lauren to show that to her. It always blew people’s minds when they saw it and Heather wanted Alyssa to see just how slutty she could get. Mmmm maybe Alyssa would like it enough that she’d star in a porno with her. It had been awhile since she had done a fresh Adventures of Rollergirl movie for Lauren and Heather would have loved for Alyssa or any of her sexy friends to be her co-star.

Thanks to her secret porno background, Heather was far more experienced eating pussy than most people expected. She’d been raised as such a repressed girl that when she had finally cast those shackles off and embraced her sexuality she really let loose. That meant doing what felt good and it definitely felt good to fuck other girls.

Heather had been working for years and years to lose her good girl image and while movies like Boogie Nights and Killing Me Softly had helped, they couldn’t fully undo the sweet reputation her innocent baby face had imposed upon her. But that was an advantage when it came to sex because that always made it hotter when people saw how nasty sweet Heather Graham truly liked to get.

“So close…sooooooo fucking close,” Alyssa frantically panted between gasps as Heather licked her, her tongue slashing inside her pussy and making her libido overheat in her body. “Godddddddddddddd fucking make me come Heather! Fucking get that pussy of mine creaming!!! I’m almost there!!! I’m almost there you pretty, nasty thing!”

“Damn right I’m nasty! Mmmmm and I’m gonna prove it to you,” Heather promised, unable to help herself from talking as she clutched her secret weapon in her hand and finally put it to use.

While Alyssa had been busy with Heather Locklear, the younger Heather had gone over to Lauren’s coffee table and grabbed a slim baby blue vibrator off it. It’s slimness made it perfectly designed for what Heather wanted to use it for and since the elder Heather had already left Alyssa’s ass nice and wet from her rim job, it was easy as anything for Heather to slide the vibrator up Alyssa’s ass and turn it onto the lowest setting.

“OHHHHHHHH HOLY FUCK!!!” Alyssa cried from the unexpected, but most welcomed surprise of the slim toy pushing inside her asshole. As soon as the humming started and the vibrator pulsed inside her tight hole, Alyssa started to shake in ecstasy but she summoned all of her strength to not completely lose it right there.

A second ago she would have welcomed the sweet explosion of orgasm, but a lot had changed since then. Alyssa didn’t just want a quick moment of this vibrator buzzing up her ass. She wanted to really feel it and enjoy the sensations that it sent pulsing throughout her naked body. But it was hard, so very fucking hard, to resist coming from this, especially when Heather began to fuck her ass with the vibrator while she kept on licking her, working her tongue hard and fast over the new rush of juice that was already spilling out of Alyssa’s cunt from the toy’s extra stimulation.

Alyssa tried and tried to hold back, wanting to enjoy every hot, intense second of the vibrator twitching inside her as Heather pushed more of it up her puckered hole. But she was only human, and resisting the buzzing toy and Heather’s skilled tongue would have taken superhuman sexual abilities.


Alyssa’s words devolved from there to a series of high pitched cries, squeals, moans and pants as her body was rocked from head to toe with the intensity of orgasm. Heather was completely working her over and Alyssa loved it, just as much as the other Heather was enjoying what she was doing a few sexy feet away in the parlor.

It hadn’t been an easy choice to leave Alyssa and Heather, but Heather Locklear had seen an opportunity she had never in a million years dreamed would be possible and she absolutely had to go for it. She never would have been able to live with herself if she hadn’t.

Unlike Tina Fey’s struggles and guilt over her fantasies about Lindsay Lohan and her young co-stars in Mean Girls, Heather had had no hesitation whatsoever about fantasizing blatantly about Hilary Duff when they had done The Perfect Man together. The fact that they had played mother and daughter in that film had done nothing to deter those fantasies and, in fact, had only made them stronger.

Heather had been in complete lust with her teen co-star, wanting to take her home each and every night of shooting and showing her what a good mommy she could be. She had soaked her fingers and vibrator with girl cream many times on that set thinking about corrupting the innocent little pop princess. She’d fantasized about licking every bare inch of her flesh and showing her how good a woman’s tongue could be, just like Alyssa had done to her. She wanted Hilary’s teen pussy and ass and it had been so hard on the set to hold onto her self control and not just snap and throw her up against the wall to tongue kiss her and get her hands all over that gorgeous body, whether Hilary wanted it or not.

She had never expected to feel that kind of way about Hilary when she’d first signed onto the movie and at first Heather had tried to fight it off. But she just couldn’t help it. Hilary had seemed so fresh faced and innocent and the more she’d been around her, the more Heather longed to corrupt her and bury her tongue inside that surely sweet pussy until Hilary was so overcome with lust that she swore she’d be her little slut forever.

But Heather hadn’t been so far gone with wickedly inappropriate lust for the girl that she had lost her mind.

Not only would it have been unprofessional, it probably would have been career suicide to be known as the dyke that mauled Hilary Duff. So she’d never made a move and just gone home every night with wet panties thinking about Hilary’s tight, young body and how good it would look naked and sweaty as she rolled around on soft sheets while her pussy was being licked by a woman’s tongue.

Even after all her fantasies, though, Heather had never actually figured Hilary might have been into it. It had all been just silly sex dreams and nothing more and one of the reasons she was able to control herself on the set was because she had been certain Hilary would have turned her down. She just hadn’t seemed the type at all to go so wild and slutty. But now…now Hilary didn’t seem so fucking innocent after all and Heather was going for it without any delay.

She hadn’t seen Hilary come in with Alyssa’s group and when she’d first noticed her out of the corner of her eye she hadn’t believed it. Heather had actually shaken her head, assuming this was some kind of trick her mind was playing on her. She couldn’t actually have just seen sweet little virginal Hilary Duff eating Amy Poehler’s ass. That was simply not possible.

But when she’d looked again, Hilary had still been there and a quick question to Alyssa had confirmed that not only was Hilary really there, but Alyssa had fucked her too many times to keep track. That had sent Heather scampering away to get a look for herself and it was even hotter up close to see Hilary lying flat on her tummy, pushing her incredibly drool inducing teen ass up in the air as she feasted on Amy Poehler’s asshole.

There had been two times before when Heather’s mind had been completely blown. The first time was when Alyssa had seduced her inside the changing room. The second was when she had found out that bringing Denise Richards in for a threesome had resulted in the girl stealing her husband away. This was now the third.

Seeing Hilary on her tummy, with Amy on her back splaying her legs wide and reaching down to spread open her ass for Hilary to lick and tongue fuck, completely and absolutely blew Heather’s mind. She was surprised her jaw didn’t drop to the floor in complete shock. What had happened to the sweet little virgin she had gotten positively soaked for every time she had been around her? What had happened to the girl who didn’t smoke or drink or say anything stronger than “darn” around the set?

That girl either was long gone or had never truly existed because this was clearly nothing new for Hilary. She had obviously been with girls before and judging from the way Amy had been moaning and thrashing on the carpet, she was showing the comedienne a really good time.

Heather stood like a statue for who knows how long. It could have been minutes and it could have been just a second. But as soon as she came back to her senses, Heather knew what she had to do and it wasn’t just standing and gawking at the filthy, scorching action. She had to join in and join in now.

Before thinking about it for even another second, Heather sank down to her knees and got down right next to Hilary. The teenager had been too absorbed in her work on Amy to notice anything else and she hadn’t even realized Heather was there until the blonde placed her hand on her bare ass and began caressing it.

“Mmmm so this is what my little girl’s been up to,” Heather cooed. “Ooooh only dirty girls lick asses. You’re one filthy little slut Hilary Duff and mommy has to punish you for it!”

That had been accompanied by Heather’s hand slapping down hard, but not too roughly, on Hilary’s naked backside which had naturally gotten a yelp from the surprised actress. Hilary had pulled up from Amy’s ass to see what the heck was going on and when she saw who it was, her mind was blown too.

“Huh? Heather? Ohhhhhh fuck! Wh…what…what are you do…doing here?” Hilary stammered, not quite sure how to register the fact that Heather Locklear, the woman she had desperately hoped would make some kind of move on her through the whole filming of their movie was now kneeling next to her stark naked and had just given her ass the kind of hard smack that she absolutely loved.

“Mmmmm just kiss me sweetie,” Heather said, doing what she had longed to do for years and planting a long, sexy kiss on Hilary Duff’s young lips. And, just as she had in her dreams, Hilary had passionately returned that kiss, sliding her tongue into Heather’s mouth, showing her that any sexual advance from her was more than welcomed.

The teenager and the woman who had once played her mother tenderly kissed, rubbing their tongues together, sharing the tastes they had collected all over their lips and tongues. Hilary got to taste Alyssa and Heather Graham from Heather’s lips and the older woman got a helping of Amy’s ass from Hilary. They moaned deeply into each other’s kisses, touching each other’s bare tits while their tongues played, but they couldn’t stay that way for long. Not with Amy still in need of orgasm.

“Ohhhhhhhh God, don’t fucking stop now Hilary! Not when I’m almost there!” Amy cried. She loved coming from having her ass eaten and Hilary had been doing more than a good job of it. “You naughty little bitch! You get that tongue back in my ass! You wanna prove you’re not some little girl? Then get your tongue inside me and fuck me! Make me come!”

Amy’s demands got a giggle from both Hilary and Heather and there was one very clear course of action.

“Lick her with me,” Hilary offered. “Let me show you what a filthy little whore I am Heather! Let me show you how I can tongue fuck her tight little ass while you eat her pretty pussy! I wanna show you what I can do.”

There was no way Heather was turning down an offer like that and, after one more kiss from Hilary, Heather was down there with her, licking away at Amy Poehler’s horny holes. They worked the blonde over as one, Heather tonguing Amy’s needy cunt while Hilary kept eating her ass, making the pixyish comedienne writhe and scream on the floor in orgasmic delight.

Amy had never seen any of Hilary’s movies and the fact that Hilary and Heather had once played mother and daughter escaped her. But she didn’t need that extra level of kink to get her off. She was doing just fine knowing only that there were two hot tongues licking her. That was all she needed and that was all it took for her to come.


But she wasn’t the only one screaming. Right next to her, Tina was doing something she had never expected…having an orgasm with Lindsay Lohan’s sexy lips latched to her clit sucking it right out of her. After Tina had made Lindsay come, the protégé had taken her turn at her mentor with horny gusto. She’d kissed and licked up all the girl cum that had made Tina’s face sticky and fogged up her glasses and then she’d gotten Tina’s firm tits into her mouth and sucked them all over in an enthusiastic effort to prove herself to her older, wiser friend.

As good as Lindsay’s tit hungry mouth had felt on her chest, it was nothing compared to what Tina was feeling as Lindsay fed off her pussy. The girl hadn’t been lying in any of her boasts about who she’d fucked and how good she’d fucked them. Lindsay was amazing at eating pussy and Tina had fucked her freckled face lewdly and wetly, mashing her creaming cunt lips all over the youth’s pretty face and leaving them both gasping for breath as Tina came like a rocket going off.


Orgasms seemed to echo from corner to corner in the room. As Tina and Amy got off close to simultaneously, Cameron was screaming out in rapture from Elisha’s thrusts up her ass, her sounds muffled only by Kate’s pussy as she fed off the gorgeous Bit and made her scream in orgasm as well.

But they weren’t the only ones coming as Rose’s tongue had Sara screaming out in Spanish and creaming her pale skin in sizzling girl cum and Allison cried to the heavens from Erica’s strap on filling her pussy. Plus the 69s of Mandy and Piper and Jessica and Eva were having mutually happy results, the girls rocking and fucking each other’s beautiful faces as they fed off the cream dripping from their cunts.

But even as she felt her own orgasm nearing and had her ears serenaded by the sounds of Jewel and Christina Ricci crying out in release from the double ended dildo filling their pussies, Gwen couldn’t stop staring at Fluffy. By now there was nothing he could do to hide the hard on straining against his pants and Gwen wanted him more than ever. Not even Whitney’s tongue licking at her throbbing clitoris had gotten her mind off her illicit lover and nothing was able to pull Gwen’s eyes off him.


If only orgasms were as simple as coming on command, Christina would have had a lot more fun through the years with her boyfriends, but the baby faced former child star was actually close enough this time that Jewel’s words were able to push her over the edge. There was only a small section of the 10-inch flexible toy that wasn’t buried inside them as they rocked back and forth on their hands and knees, slapping their ass cheeks together as they thrust into each other, forcing the heads of the toy against their clits and Christina had more than enough inside her to come, just as Jewel begged her too.


But even though Jewel was one of her best friends at the mansion and she wanted Christina bad, it was like they weren’t making any noise at all to Gwen. Neither their screaming orgasms or Whitney’s tongue skillfully fucking her could get Gwen to shift her attention. She was focused on one thing and one thing only and finally she just couldn’t take waiting even another second.

Gwen bolted up from the floor like she was on fire, letting go of the dildo buried inside her friends. She hadn’t come yet and she left Whitney behind with girl juice all over her pretty face, her chin and cheeks shiny and her glasses sexily askew, but Gwen didn’t care. She had a need only he could satisfy and she went right for Fluffy.

“Miss Stefani? Miss Stefani? Where are you going?” Whitney called out in a futile effort to get the singer to come back so she could finish the job on her. Whitney hated not being able to complete a task. It made her feel positively inefficient.

But Gwen didn’t pay her any mind. She was a woman possessed and she went right up to Fluffy, grabbing his thick hand and yanking him away from the doorway.

“You’re coming with me!” Gwen demanded, showing through her voice and actions that Fluffy couldn’t have said no even if he’d wanted to. And after all he’d just seen, the last thing he wanted to do was say no to Gwen.

The singer didn’t care if Christina saw as she dragged Fluffy away from his post. But fortunately the singer had been too lost staring at Mandy as she and Piper had licked each other’s shiny, sticky faces clean to notice Gwen’s successful Fluffynapping.

Gwen was moving like a locomotive full of steam as she pulled Fluffy into the first unoccupied room she saw in Lauren’s home. It happened to be a bathroom but that scarcely mattered. All that mattered was the hot kiss that Gwen planted on Fluffy’s lips as she leapt nakedly into his arms. It was heated and passionate and had every bit of Gwen’s obvious need in it. She was completely naked and he was still fully dressed and the singer knew that had to change immediately.

“You! Me! Fucking now!” was all Gwen could push out of her lips as she and Fluffy kissed and the lust sent her into deep cavegirl mode. There was nothing else that mattered to her now but lust and need and she needed Fluffy. She needed him more than she’d ever needed him before.

And Fluffy wanted her too. The force of her kiss was returned just as passionately. Fluffy held Gwen up in his arms, her long legs wrapping around his back as their lips fused together. He didn’t try and resist her this time. He couldn’t. He had seen too much and he’d been too aroused by it all. Gwen was just what he needed and saying no was impossible.

Deep down Fluffy knew he was violating the part of the bodyguard’s code that was supposed to be sacred. He had left his protectee alone, vulnerable and at risk to many potential threats since they were in a stranger’s house filled with people he hadn’t done any kind of check on. Who knew who else was here and what they intended to do with Christina.

But the code didn’t matter as much tonight as it had every other day of his career since he had sworn that duty. Tonight what mattered was the beautiful woman in his arms and Fluffy and Gwen barely stopped kissing to breathe as she pressed her tits right into his firm, muscular chest and his dark hands moved down her back to squeeze the pink cheeks of her amazing ass.

Lowering herself out of Fluffy’s firm embrace, Gwen made it clear she was controlling this situation. Too often Fluffy had been too distracted looking after Christina to pay attention to her. That wasn’t going to happen tonight. Fluffy was hers and she wasn’t looking to accept anything but every inch of him. She pushed the imposing bodyguard back against the sink and immediately set to work doing what she had ached to do all night…get her secret lover naked and inside her.

Of course Murphy’s Law being what it was, the one time in all the years when Fluffy had completely abandoned his duties was the time when Christina chose to completely wig.

She’d just been sitting inside the party, watching everyone but keeping the bulk of her stares on Mandy and Piper. She’d touched herself, but more out of habit than anything else. She just couldn’t get into it tonight. Her emotions were churning far too much for her to even get horny at all the action right in front of her. That had never happened to her before and it just served to make Christina even more miserable.

She had stared long and hard at Mandy and Piper, watching them giggle and moan and caress each other’s naked bodies as they licked their juices off each other. It was obvious to Christina, now well versed in the pain of love, that Piper was totally into Mandy. She could see the feeling in her eyes that the girl had for her co-star and just seeing them messing around with each other did nothing but remind Christina of Britney.

And the situation reached its breaking point when the song changed on Lauren’s party mix and Toxic came on. Ever since their breakup, Christina hadn’t been able to bear listening to any of Britney’s music and her first inclination was to shut the volume off immediately. But instead Christina just sat there letting the dance pop wash over her and feeling the surge of emotions it brought out inside her.

Looking at Mandy and Piper while the all too familiar song played, Christina thought back to everything she and Britney had shared. All the kisses. All the giggles. All the soft touches. All the orgasms. It made her miss her friend more than ever.

It made her want to kiss her again and hold her and love her and before Christina even knew what was happening, tears were rolling down her eyes and she angrily began to wipe them away, not wanting anyone to see what was happening to her. She never wanted any of them to see this side of her, so Christina did what she felt was best. She bolted from the room.

“Fluffy? Fluffy? FLUFFYYYYYYYYYYYY!” Christina cried, demanding her bodyguard’s presence so he could take her away from all of this. But he was nowhere in sight and didn’t answer her calls. So Christina just staggered out of the parlor without him, attracting some other attention.

“Miss Aguilera? Miss Aguilera? What’s going on? Where are you going?” Whitney called out, being the only one to notice the fleeing pop star. First Gwen had disappeared and now Christina? This wasn’t how things had been planned. In fact it was downright disorganized.

“I’m out of here,” Christina declared, trying with all her strength to hold back her tears. “I want my clothes back. Give me my fucking clothes back now!”

“Please calm down Miss Aguilera, are you sick? Is everything all right?” Whitney asked, her calm demeanor just making Christina more upset.

“JUST GIVE ME MY FUCKING CLOTHES BITCH!!! I WANT TO GET OUT OF THIS FUCKING HOUSE RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!” Christina screamed furiously. That couldn’t help but attract attention and Rose perked up on the couch, immediately recognizing her friend’s all too distinctive voice.

Rose had been in the midst of some serious making out with Sara, pressing her body down on top of the curvy Latina and sharing her cum with her as they kissed passionately. Rose had loved the feel of Sara’s lips against hers and how their tits mashed together so sexily, but the sound of her upset friend took immediate importance over anything else and she pulled off Sara, leaving her newest lover behind as she got up off the couch to investigate.

“Chrissy, what’s going on?” Rose asked as she ran nakedly into the hallway where Christina stood, equally as nude, berating Whitney.

“This fucking bitch won’t give me my clothes!” Christina said, sobbing as the tears flowed like twin rivers from her eyes. All the emotions she had pent up were spilling out again and it was even more intense than it had been earlier that afternoon.

“I never said that,” Whitney defended herself. “I just wanted to know why Miss Aguilera wanted to leave.”

“Leave? Why? Chrissy, what’s going on?” Rose demanded. “Sweetie, why are you crying?”

“I just want to get the fuck out of here,” Christina sniffed, staring down at the floor in shame as the woman she admired sexually most in the world saw her as she truly was, an emotional basket case. She’d never wanted her mentor to see her cry like this. “I just wanna go home. I wanna go home and forget about her. I gotta get out of here. Everything I see reminds me of her and I just wanna forget!”

“Shhhhh baby, it’s ok,” Rose said, finding herself in the most unusual position of being a comfort to someone. This was usually Jennifer’s job, but Rose knew Christina needed someone. She hugged her friend and let the singer cry into her. No one had to tell Rose who the “her” was that Christina was talking about.

“No it’ll never be ok,” Christina sighed, tears dripping from her cheeks onto Rose’s shoulder as she hugged her friend back. “Not as long as I can’t stop thinking about her. I wanna go Rose. I gotta get out of here. I can’t stay. I can’t watch everyone fuck themselves silly when I’m so goddamn miserable! I gotta go home!”

“I’ll take you home,” Rose offered. “I’ll get the car. We’ll get out of here right now.”

“No! You stay!” Christina insisted, so grateful for the offer that she forgot to be selfish for once. “I don’t want you to stop having fun because of me. You were having a blast in there Rose. Don’t stop! Stay! I just gotta get out of here. I need to be alone right now. I want everyone else to stay.”

Rose was about to protest, especially since she knew Christina was in no condition to drive right then. Besides Christina hadn’t driven there and Rose certainly didn’t want her driving her car in the state she was in. But suddenly a solution stepped forward.

“Whitney, I want you to get Christina her clothes and then have Jean Paul bring the car around,” Lauren said, emerging from her own party into the hallway. “My driver will take you anywhere you need to go, Christina.”

“Right away Miss Graham,” Whitney immediately agreed, disappearing into the cloak room to retrieve Christina’s clothes and coming back in the blink of an eye with them neatly folded in her hands. Lauren’s loyal assistant then disappeared again as she went off to find the driver.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to go too?” Rose asked worriedly as Christina redressed in front of all of them.

“No, stay Rose,” Christina insisted. “I really just want to be alone right now.”

“Yeah, stay Rose,” Lauren urged. “The presents are almost here and I don’t want you to miss it.”

“Presents?” Rose asked. “What do you mean?”

“You’ll see,” Lauren promised with a twinkle in her eye as she walked Christina toward the front door.

Christina barely acknowledged that there was a conversation going on around her. She was happy Rose had offered to leave the party for her, but she really did want to be alone. She could barely look at anyone right then, knowing how she had lost it so completely in front of all of them.

“Thanks,” Christina said glumly as the car pulled up to the front of the house. Lauren stood outside naked on the front step with her, apparently having no hang up about her driver or anyone else who happened to be happening by seeing her that way.

“Feel better honey,” Lauren warmly urged, giving Christina a friendly hug. “I’ve heard Rose’s stories about you so you never have to prove how hot you are to me. Come back sometime and we’ll have some real fun.”

Christina just nodded her head and slipped into the car. She didn’t think she was ever going to want to have fun again. Not with all of this hanging over her head.

“Where too Miss?” the driver with a Haitian accent asked once the door closed behind Christina.

She was about to say Malibu. But the words didn’t make the journey from her brain to her mouth. Instead something else entirely passed her lips.

“The Beverly Hills Hotel,” Christina said. “And hurry.”

The car then drove off into the night and almost as soon as it left a series of four other cars pulled up behind it, creating much excitement in Lauren.

“They’re here!” Lauren said happily, clapping her hands. “The presents are here! Mmmm and just wait Rose. Even you’re not going to be able to resist these presents.”

“Presents?” Rose repeated. “Lauren, what the hell are you talking about?”

The answer to that was clear a moment later when Lauren the car doors opened, revealing what exactly the arriving presents were. For someone who didn’t surprise easily, this revelation left Rose stunned.

“Holy shit,” Rose gasped at the sight of it all.

“Told ya,” Lauren said with a wicked smile before turning her attention back to her assistant. “Whitney, go make sure the presents are properly prepared and then bring them into the parlor for the guests to enjoy.”

“Certainly Miss Graham,” Whitney said hungrily, licking her lips at the prospect of her task. “Anything you say.”

Lauren then took Rose’s hand in hers and brought her back inside toward the parlor. The temperature for this party had certainly just risen a few degrees above what it had just been a few moments before and Rose had no idea how any of her housemates were going to react. Hell she didn’t have a clue about how she was going to react and she already knew what was coming.

“Rose? What’s going on?” Love asked as soon as she reentered the parlor. Everyone was still naked and kissing and caressing inside the room, but things had cycled down considerably as everyone took a bit of a breather and recharged their sexual batteries.

“Yeah is Chrissy ok?” Jennifer inquired.

“She’s a mess, but she’ll be ok,” Rose said, her thoughts now elsewhere.

“Then what’s with the look on your face,” Jennifer asked. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost or something.”

“Well I think we’re all about to see something that we haven’t seen in quite awhile,” Rose coyly explained, her mind still whirling a bit over what she saw Lauren had in store for her guests.

“What does that mean?” Love asked. She was really happy she was here, but this place had a bit of an odd vibe to it, like it was the mansion on mescaline or something.

Rose tried to think of the words to say next, to explain to Love and Jennifer what she had just seen, but she couldn’t quite put it right. Luckily before too much awkward silence passed, Lauren did the job for her by making an announcement to all of her guests.

“Attention everyone,” Lauren said, standing in the middle of the parlor, successfully getting everyone to look up from their fun. “Now many of you have been to my parties before, but for some of you this is your first time here. At my parties, I make sure my guests get whatever they desire. I want my friends to make sure they can live out every fantasy they long for with no consequences and no worries. Having a good time here is what’s important and it’s totally incredible that so many of you have turned out tonight to have a good time with me. It means so much that you’ve given your bodies to me tonight and I want to make sure you have everything that you could possibly want. We have so many beautiful girls here tonight and you’re all so amazingly sexy and I want to feel each and every one of your tongues buried inside me. Girls can do such incredible things to each other sexually, but there’s one thing that just having girls can’t provide. Not even the hottest, hardest toys can duplicate it and from what I’ve been told, many of my newest arrivals have gone without this for a very long time.”

Jessica pulled herself away from Eva for a moment to search out her remaining housemates. It was obvious Lauren was talking about them. She had to be. But what was she planning? She couldn’t mean…that. Could she? Jessica caught the gaze of her friends. Alyssa seemed to be having the same thoughts she was and all Jennifer and Love could offer her were confused shrugs. Rose seemed to know the score, but she wasn’t providing any clues on her face. She was just shaking her head as if she couldn’t believe what she knew.

Lauren didn’t provide any other clues in her speech either, just coy remarks that only threw gasoline on the fire of the idea Jessica had in her head about what was about to happen next.

“Now, no one of course will be forced to do anything or anyone they don’t want to,” Lauren continued. “But you are all invited to partake, especially those who haven’t been indulging lately. Be as greedy as you want girls. There are plenty of presents to go around.”

Lauren heard a throat clearing behind her and turned around to see Whitney licking her lips clean as she nodded, informing her employer that the presents had been properly prepared as instructed.

“Mmmm goody, they’re ready now,” Lauren said hungrily. “Bring them in Whitney.”

Jessica gasped when the nude redhead lead in the “presents.” It was just as she had assumed but even with the idea in her head, it was still a shock to actually see it. Quickly scanning the room she saw that not only were her housemates stunned by this development, even the girls who had been to Lauren’s before were taken aback by the extent of their hostess’ gift to all of them.

The presents that Lauren was offering her guests hadn’t come in boxes or wrapping paper. Instead she was giving them all 12 naked men, their cocks already hard courtesy of Whitney’s excellent and efficient work as a fluffer.

“Holy shit Lauren!” Alyssa gasped, summing up the thoughts of everyone there as a cock buffet was suddenly set up for them to enjoy.

“Mmmm you like, girls?” Lauren said, grinning lustfully as she showed the dozen hard bodied men off. Like everyone else, they were nude from head to toe and while it was of course wrong to judge someone entirely on looks, everyone there was feeling their lips moisten with drool because these were some serious hunks in their early to mid-20’s of every color of the rainbow. It was as if Playgirl Magazine had done a United Colors of Benetton ad.

“You like my new batch of boy toys?” Lauren purred as she continued to grin, running her hands over the men’s chests, teasing their nipples with her fingers and caressing their muscles like they were prize bucks she had captured herself. “Mmmm it’s an excellent batch Whitney. Looks like we picked some winners.”

The men all remained quiet as Lauren felt them all over, running her hands over their chests and down to their asses. Many of them got slaps to their asses as Lauren tested for firmness as she moved down the line of a dozen studs she had in her parlor. They were not to speak unless asked to and had all been instructed that their needs for the night were quite irrelevant.

They were playthings for all the girls at the party, nothing more, and they had all been paid very well to get over any wounds that might have inflicted on their collective male pride. Besides, with the caliber of woman there that night, many of them would have gladly shut up and been used as a stud for free.

Lauren and Whitney had found them all through modeling catalogs, male escort services and other connections Lauren had forged in the less legitimate side of Hollywood. They had spent hours upon hours judging the men and whittling the list down to a nice, studly dozen and, of course, Lauren had sampled the goods herself first, just to see if they met her high standards. They had all passed, of course, and now Lauren was eager to share them with her guests.

“Don’t be shy girls,” Lauren urged her guests. “Just dive in and have fun.”

But shy was what all the Malibu girls were over this surprise. Even Love, whose escapades with the sheriff’s department in Paradise, New Mexico were mansion legend, wasn’t sure what to make of this sudden change in party tone. She’d been blissfully happy with it being an all-girl affair and now that the boys had arrived, Love didn’t know how to react.

Jennifer, Jewel and Jessica all felt the same way. They had been without men in their lives for so long. Jessica and Jennifer had both had serious relationships that had ended and, aside from that, they had all been about girls since entering the mansion. Jewel was even more of an extreme case. Since that first pool party she hadn’t even kissed a man, much less sucked or fucked one.

And that was to say nothing about Rose. Once Sarah and Love had made her come that first time in her trailer she had felt so content and satisfied with the touch of another woman she had sworn she would never need men again. And she had remained true to that pledge. Aside from a few lusty touches in that jail cell with Love, Rose hadn’t laid a hand on a man in years.

She had even chided and teased Alyssa all those times she’d gone off and hooked up with a guy, especially those times when she had gone to Lauren’s little gangbang soirees and come back completely and blissfully zonked from being fucked.

But now Rose couldn’t help but let her eyes drop down to the men and look with great interest at the size of their hard pricks, sticking straight out at the ready for some female attention. There wasn’t a limp dick in the bunch and sizewise they were all more than impressive.

Even Lauren’s most frequent guests were surprised by the sheer number and attractiveness of the party’s most recent arrivals. No one knew quite what to do. It was as if the party had suddenly restarted and no one was willing to make the first step.

With awkward silence filling the parlor, Lauren took it on herself to be an icebreaker, just like she’d been when she’d first greeted her naked guests that night and had shoved Eva’s face into her pussy to get the party started. If she had to play that role again, then Lauren was more than willing to do it.

“Hmmm no one interested in these hunky boy toys?” Lauren asked. “Looks like I’m going to have to show you all what you’re missing. New toys aren’t any fun unless you actually play with them after all.”

Lauren then took two of the men in her hand and led them into the party. Of course she didn’t grab onto their hands. Instead she wrapped her soft hands around their cocks and led them in like they were leashes for her pets. Her touch wasn’t rough or too tight, but it was insistent and the two naked men followed Lauren obediently, their eyes naturally drawn to her succulent bare ass as they shared the same thought about how they hoped they would each have a chance to fuck it later.

But Lauren had other needs to tend to first and she sat herself down in the same chair she had first been in with Eva. She pushed one of the men, a sandy haired surfer type, down onto his knees as she spread her legs.

“C’mon boy toy,” Lauren said, not bothering to ask or even care what his name was. “Get licking. Let’s see how good you are at eating pussy. Mmmm and if you do a good job and get me nice and wet, I might just let you fuck me! And as for you, let’s see if you taste as good as you did the other night.”

Lauren took the other cock back in her hand and guided it right into her mouth, where she hungrily wrapped her lips around and it and began wetly sucking, causing the sun kissed Latino she now had inside her to moan in pleasure. But soon he wasn’t the only one moaning as the man between her legs started licking and had Lauren making happy pleasure sounds too. She moaned and cooed for more as she pushed more and more of the other man into her mouth.

Clearly Lauren was no stranger to cock. She knew exactly what she was doing as she kept her hand around the man’s shaft and pushed it into her mouth, bobbing her lips up and down on it and taking inch after inch of his impressive length inside her. Lauren made sure the cock was plenty wet as she sucked it, letting her saliva drip out of her mouth and spreading it around, jerking the man off in the process while she fed herself his meat.

“Oh Christ, look at her go,” Alyssa marveled. She always loved the sight of Lauren Graham going cock crazy and she knew full well from past experiences with her, that she could take on a lot more than just two guys.

Alyssa was still flushed from the orgasm Heather Graham had given her and her face was still sticky and shiny from the juices she’d licked out of both Heathers, but the more she stared at that cock fucking Lauren’s mouth and the other men waiting for their turns, the more Alyssa felt a serious cock craving herself. As Rose knew, Alyssa still liked to dabble in men every now and then. But for the most part, she’d been as big a lez as her housemates so this was hardly a common treat for her.

Looking over at the rest of her housemates as they sat and stood in silence with everyone else at the party, Alyssa had to wonder how many of them felt the same way she did. How many of them were getting wet at the idea of having some boys to play with? They had all grown so accustomed to each other’s silky, wet pussies that seeing a real, flesh and blood cock was blowing their minds.

As Lauren moaned and wetly slurped, making happy, wet cocksucking sounds, her hands got involved too, playing with her one boy toy’s balls as she held the other one down to her pussy with a firm touch to the back of his head. Lauren was a noisy, sloppy cocksucker and the sounds of her moans and gasps were really starting to get her guests fired up to join in.

“C’mon Jess, let’s get you some dick,” Eva offered, giving her toy a long lick and tasting her friend’s sticky, sweet juices all over it. “Mmmmm this is good. But there’s nothing like the real thing baby. You’ve had nothing but toys for too long. Going years without cock just isn’t healthy. C’mon sweetie, a girl can’t live on just pussy alone.”

Jessica bristled a little bit at that. Since she’d broken off her engagement with Michael there hadn’t been anything but girls in her life and she’d been perfectly happy with it. Her housemates and all their sexy friends had more than met all her needs and then some and she didn’t like the idea that Eva thought she was missing out by not being with guys.

But she also had to admit that those hunky guys looked very, very good to her. Even after she’d been seduced at the pool party, she hadn’t lost her lust for Michael. In fact being with girls and losing her inhibitions with them had just made her hornier for him. Barely a morning had gone by without her sucking him off and getting a belly full of cum for her breakfast and many, many nights had ended with her draining his balls dry, coaxing load after load out of him while they fucked in every position they could work themselves into.

The main reason they’d split up was that after what had happened to her in Malibu, Michael just hadn’t been able to keep up with Jessica anymore. She had been too horny and too eager to fuck. She’d left him in exhausted heaps of man flesh night after night and she’d still wanted more. Her friends in Malibu never had any trouble keeping up with her. Then again, Jessica hadn’t stopped loving cock and Eva’s offer did sound pretty damn good.

Looking around her, Jessica could see that Lauren was no longer the only one who had indulged. Cameron and Kate had a blonde haired, blue eyed man right in front of them as they kneeled down; sharing his cock between their two horny, wet mouths. Fuck that looked hot and Jessica moaned as Eva pushed her hand between her legs and began rubbing her bare pussy.

“Mmmm you like looking at those two cocksucking sluts?” Eva purred into Jessica’s ear. “That can be us. We can get ourselves a nice hard cock for us to play with. You want that, don’t you Jessica? Don’t be shy. Mmmm you can say you want some cock. We can get ourselves a real stud to play with. Goddess Lauren wants us to play with her toys. Just think of it Jessica. Think of that hard cock filling your mouth mmmm and you tasting my spit all over it already. Mmmm or even better, my pussy. Doesn’t that sound hot Jessica? Me fucking that boy and you tasting my juice all over his big cock? Or would you rather do it the other way? Him fucking you and me tasting it? We can do that. We can do anything you want. We can be just like Cameron and Kate, kneeling in front of a man and sharing his cock, our two tongues licking all over him and then me sucking his cock while you lick his balls and then we can switch and kiss and share how good he tastes.”

All of Eva’s hot words and the feel of her fingers toying with her well fucked and still soaked cunt had Jessica moaning with heated carnal desire. God, it all sounded so fucking good and Jessica signaled her assent to Eva’s idea by turning and kissing the desperate housewife right on the lips. Their kiss quickly turned hot and passionate as Jessica sucked Eva’s tongue into her mouth and reached up to start playing with her tits again, playing with her friend’s pierced nipples and making Eva coo lustfully into her mouth.

With Cameron and Kate joining Lauren in wet cocksucking adventures, others began to follow suit. Sara was finally able to get off her back on the couch and put one of the men down in her place, laying him flat down and taking him into her mouth to make sure he was plenty hard and wet before he got a chance to penetrate her cock hungry pussy. The man was quickly moaning from Sara’s sloppy, lip smacking blowjob but his mouth was silenced by Kristen Kreuk as she began kissing him and running her hands all over his smooth chest.

Maria Bello was also happily showing off her blow job skills, but this was more for her friend’s benefit than anyone else. Mariska had resumed her favorite position on her hands and knees and was eagerly awaiting the hard fucking she knew was coming after Maria got him even harder.

Mariska was married, but that didn’t matter right now. She could never get enough cock or enough pussy and her husband had understood that about her from the beginning. Plus she knew he loved it when she came home from her adventures sticky with cum and there had been many nights when he had jerked off listening to her stories about the other men and women she’d just fucked.

The Emmy winner was plenty wet already for the hard cock she not so patiently waited for, wiggling her ass in the air and moaning for attention. But Maria, purely out of the goodness of her heart and not out of any selfishness whatsoever, was making sure the stud’s cock was more than wet enough to enter her friend. Maria bobbed her head up and down his hard, pink dick, making it throb in her mouth as her hands reached around him to squeeze his hard ass cheeks, gripping onto his flesh to hold him steady as she blew him.

Mariska loved the sight of her gorgeous blonde friend sucking the guy off, her pink lips wrapped around his shaft and her nails digging into his gym toned ass, but she wasn’t there to watch. She wanted to get fucked and she didn’t want to risk this guy blowing his load in Maria’s mouth before she got a chance to feel him deep inside her. It had happened before and Mariska was not about to allow it to happen again.

“Fuck me!” Mariska demanded. “Get that cock of yours inside me boy toy! I’ve got a wet fucking cunt just waiting for you and I want it right fucking now! Give it to me stud! Mmmmmmmm Maria’s mouth is so hot, isn’t it? Well it’s nothing compared to my pussy! Shove that cock deep into my pink pussy and fuck me deep and hard! Give it to me a like a fucking slut should always get it! Oooooooooh I’ve had plenty of pussy but now I need some dick! Give it to me you fuck or are you not man to take on my hot little cunt!”

Maria knew full well how demanding her horny friend could get when she was desperate for it and she reluctantly released the man from her mouth. She lovingly stroked his cock one more time, spreading her saliva over the shaft to give it maximum wetness and then let it go. But Maria wasn’t quite done yet and she grinned mischievously as she went over to Mariska, spread her friend’s pussy open from behind and gave her one last helping of spit.

“Ooooooooooh fuck!” Mariska groaned, her eyes rolling back and her head thrashing once, sending her hair flying back onto her sweaty forehead as her friend made her even wetter.

“Mmmmm there you go you horny bitch, now you’re ready to get fucked,” Maria laughed, slapping Mariska’s bare ass and making the beautiful cheeks jiggle as her saliva dripped down from her friend’s cunt, coating her slit.

Mariska certainly agreed with that and the next sound from her mouth was a loud moan as the man got behind her, placed his hands firmly on her ass cheeks to spread her open even more for him and began pushing the thick head of his cock inside her. Mariska moaned and cursed for more as the cock began to disappear up her waiting pussy and soon she was bouncing in all the right places as the man began thrusting into her, fucking her doggie style. Maria watched and drooled over the sight of Mariska’s heavy, jiggling tits, working her own pussy over with her fingers as she stared hornily at her friend getting fucked.

Maria and Mariska made themselves a hell of a team and Jewel was finding out the same thing about her and Christina Ricci. Her pussy was still tingling from the hard double fuck they’d just given each other with the toy, but Christina was showing she could do more than fuck girls. She could obviously do a lot more than that as she had one cock in her mouth and the other in her hand, stroking one while she wetly sucked the other, spitting all over it and letting it fuck her waiting mouth.

Jewel marveled at Christina’s cocksucking skills and played with her tits while she rubbed her own pussy. Mmmmm Christina looked so hot, naked and kneeling before the two men. Jewel could see the look she was giving them too, staring up with puppy dog wide eyes, showing sweet innocence and wicked lust all at once with the skill of a veteran porn star. But it wasn’t just Christina that was getting Jewel worked up. It was the fact that these weren’t just two random guys Christina was sucking. They were identical twins.

Jewel loved watching these two naked brothers and seeing they were absolutely identical in every way, right down to the way their cocks slightly curved to the left when they were hard. And these guys were more than hard. Their cocks were throbbing from Christina’s attention as she sucked one guy and stroked off his brother.

Jewel wondered how many girls had they shared over the years? Growing up she’d always had a lustful crush on the Delahanty twins, Jake and Tom, and had wondered what it would be like to have them both. She’d actually hooked up with Jake a few times as a teenager, but had never had the guts to make any kind of move on his brother. But now she had these studly twins right in front of her and the only thing holding her back was her own reservations. It had been years since she had been with a man.

But Christina wasn’t about to let Jewel just sit back and watch the show. She wasn’t selfish and she wanted her new friend to have some fun too. Slowly pulling off the brother she was blowing, Christina turned to Jewel and held out the cock of the twin she had been stroking.

“He’s lonely,” Christina giggled, now with hands around both men. “C’mon Jewel. Don’t let his brother be the only one having some fun. Give this yummy cock some love.”

“Mmmmmmm I dunnnoooooo,” Jewel said, her pussy drooling at the sight of these two naked studs, identical from head to toe, but her reluctance at being out of this game for so long was showing and making her nervous.

“C’mon,” Christina continued to urge. “It’s just a cock. It’s not going to bite you. Mmmm but if he’s a bad boy, you can bite him.”

Christina then tugged on both brothers, making them wince and stiffen in a little fear of the wickedly horny actress. Jewel giggled at Christina’s joke and it helped put her at ease a bit more. She had once been a hell of a cocksucker and she knew it. There hadn’t been much else to do in Alaska when you were bored, after all. But it had been an awfully long time.

Those cocks did look yummy and there was one for each of them to play with. If it didn’t feel comfortable for her to be with men again, then Jewel supposed she could always let Christina have both of them while she fed off her new friend’s pussy. But the more Jewel stared at the twins, their cocks starting to form little drops of white precum at their heads from Christina’s skillful touch, the more she felt like she wouldn’t be nervous and all her old habits would come right back to her.

“Welllll maybe just a taste,” Jewel said as she moved in closer and kneeled down right next to Christina, taking the twin on the left as Christina returned her sole attention to the twin on the right.

“That’s it,” Christina smiled. “Mmmmm I knew you wouldn’t be able to resist. After all, boys still have a few uses, don’t they?”

Christina’s question was of course entirely rhetorical and she didn’t wait around for an answer. She just wrapped her lips around the cock she held in her hand and sucked the precum right off its head, making herself and the man moan. Christina then licked the tip, bathing the cockhead with her wet tongue as she held the stiff rod up to her mouth, before opening wide and starting to suck again, moving her mouth up and down on him and proving she was as good at sucking dick as she was at eating pussy.

Jewel looked up at the man she was kneeling in front of, nervous excitement filling her eyes. God, could she actually do this? Be with a man after all these years of nothing but pussy?

“What’s your name?” Jewel impetuously asked, wanting to at least know this guy’s name if she was about to give him a blowjob.

“I’m Danny, this is my brother Steve,” he explained, shocked that Jewel actually had spoken to him. He had been explicitly told that if his tongue was going to be used that night that it was only going for pussy licking, but if Jewel wanted to know his name, then he wasn’t going to ignore her.

“Well Danny, I guess you’re kind of lucky,” Jewel said with a little laugh, trying to work all the butterflies out of her stomach. “You’re the first guy I’ve done this to in a very long time. So I might be a little rusty or something.”

Jewel then took a deep breath as she studied the cock in her hand. Almost reflexively she had begun to stroke it, jerking Danny off in her hand. She hadn’t even realized she was doing it until she saw the precum drop start to grow. Jewel had forgotten how good a real flesh and blood cock had felt in her hand, pulsing and throbbing for her, and she longed to get a taste of her new friend.

“Just like riding a bike,” Jewel said softly under her breath before leaning in and running her tongue over the head of Danny’s cock, tasting his precum and swallowing it before she could lose her nerve.

Jewel moaned as she swallowed. God it was so fucking weird to be doing this again for the first time when it had almost been second nature during another part of her life. But Danny tasted good, not too salty, and she wanted more. Jewel took another lick of Danny’s cock and then another and another and soon the taste was reigniting her dormant lust for cock and Jewel followed Christina’s lead by opening her lips and pushing Danny into her mouth.

The more she felt his cock inside her, the more Jewel remembered all the tricks she had once played to make sure her old boyfriends had known no one in town gave better head than she did. Her skills were starting to come back to her and soon Jewel’s hands were on the back of Danny’s ass, kneading his firm cheeks as she swallowed his inches down her throat and implored him with her moans to fuck her face and give her all he had.

“Holy shit, look at Jewel,” Rose laughed, noticing their housemate’s descent back into cocklust as she continued to stand in the middle of the room with Jennifer and Love at her side.

“No way, look at Lyssa!” Love gasped pointing to their other housemate as the brunette showed none of the shyness that the blonde singer had.

Alyssa was kneeling down in front of two men, one black and one white, and she was eagerly and happily gorging herself on their cocks. She would suck one into her mouth, work her lips and tongue over him enough to leave his cock glistening and then she’d pull off and go down on the other before repeating the process again and again.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck,” Rose groaned at the sight of her friend and former co-star taking on those two big cocks. Even though Rose hadn’t looked at a man with real lust in a long time she couldn’t deny that it was turning her on like crazy to watch Alyssa.

Love and Rose pressed their naked bodies together as they watched their friends take on the men. Love moaned as Rose pushed her tits into her back and when Rose reached around to play with her bare pussy she began humping her friend’s hand and reaching back do the same to Rose, fingering her friend and making them both sigh in lustful desire.

This left Jennifer without anyone to touch, but she was far too flustered to really notice. Of everyone there, the sudden emergence of these men had made her the most uncomfortable. She hadn’t been expecting this and it was starting to make her head spin.

Despite the tabloid’s insistence to the contrary, the truth was Jennifer hadn’t been with a man since Brad had left. She had spent so long wrestling with her sexuality and trying to come to terms with her newly discovered lust for women that when she and Brad had split up, she had reacted by cutting men entirely out of her life and enjoying nothing but the touch of another woman. Now men were surprisingly being thrust back in and, even though Lauren had said no one had to play with them, Jennifer felt out of place suddenly.

What was going on here? How could she be staring at all those huge hard cocks and feeling herself getting moist like she always used to for guys before she had entered her limo that fateful night and found Sarah, Love and Rose waiting for her? She had spent all that time coming to terms with lesbianism and now another curveball was headed right at her.

This left Jennifer flushed and a little embarrassed and she felt like she needed some air or something. It was getting a little weird in here and Jennifer suddenly noticed that Gwen was gone. And so was Fluffy. Were they together? Wait, hadn’t Fluffy left with Christina? Jennifer had thought so. But she wasn’t quite so sure of anything anymore except that she had to find Gwen.

As Love and Rose played with each other at the sight of what was going on all around them, they didn’t take any notice of Jennifer pulling away from them to look for her missing friend. Rose and Love were too busy moaning, fingering and kissing each other to notice much of anything except how hot it was to see their friends, both old and new, go wild.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yesss…mmmmm Lyssa you fucking little whore,” Rose groaned as Love rubbed her pussy while they stared at their housemate. “Put on a real show for us baby. Make it fucking hot and nasty.”

Alyssa had no idea she was being watched so intently by Rose and Love but it wouldn’t have mattered much at all if she had known. She was doing this with or without an audience because she didn’t get many chances to get herself some real cock and she wasn’t going to let this one go by without indulging to the fullest.

Both of her hung lovers had to be a good nine inches, but Alyssa wasn’t interested in pulling out a ruler. She was much more interested in getting those inches inside her as much and as often as possible. With a wet gasp, Alyssa pulled off the white guy and left his cock slick with her saliva.

She’d gotten about 3/4ths of him down her mouth and she was eager to try for more, but she also had the other guy to tend to and Alyssa didn’t want to play favorites, especially when they were both so yummy. So, as she rubbed her hand all over the white guy, reaching down to play with his balls, she opened wide for the black guy to fuck her mouth.

Alyssa’s eyes were nothing but pools of lust as she sucked the dark cock past her pink lips, spitting onto it so her saliva could drip down the already slick shaft. Alyssa loved the feel of a wet, hot pussy against her tongue more than anything, but that didn’t mean she didn’t also go wild for a stiff cock and these men had plenty to offer her. They felt so good in her mouth and she couldn’t get enough of them. She didn’t know their names and she didn’t want to. They were just cocks to her and that was all she needed them to be.

As she sucked the black guy into her mouth, Alyssa continued to play with the balls of the white guy. She wanted to keep him in heat for her and she made sure he got plenty of attention even as her mouth was elsewhere. Alyssa felt the heavy, cum filled balls in her soft hand, rolling them around in her smooth palm and loving the sounds of the man moaning from her touch.

But Alyssa suddenly had a better idea and she took her hand off his balls to wrap it back around his shaft. While continuing to bob her head up and down on the black guy, Alyssa slapped her face with the white cock and hoped the guy would get the idea of what she wanted.

Fortunately he did and when Alyssa dropped her hand off him so she could start fingering herself, he took over and started smacking her with his dick as his friend’s cock pushed into her mouth, making her cheek poke out.

This had Alyssa moaning and rolling her eyes back as she sunk her fingers up her dripping cunt and she slowly pulled off the man with a wet smack of her lips and deep gulping in of breath.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhh that’s what I fucking want!” Alyssa lustfully growled as her tits heaved from her struggle to catch her breath. “Slap my face with those big cocks! Nasty boys! Slap my pretty fucking face with those cocks! Ooooooooh I’ll bet you’ve dreamed about doing shit like this, haven’t you? Fucking Alyssa Milano’s horny little slut mouth and slapping her famous face with your cocks! Mmmmmm do it! Slap me with those fucking pricks! I want my cheeks to sting from your dicks smacking them!”

The men had been instructed that whatever wish the guests had would be their command. Not that it took much coaxing for them to get nasty with someone as beautiful as Alyssa. They each took a cheek, taking their cocks in their hands and slapping her face with them, making her moan and sigh happily as precum and saliva hit her flushed face.

The more they did this to her, the more cock starved Alyssa became and she took turns, tilting her head in one direction and then the other, sucking one cock into her mouth while the other slapped her face and then doing the same to the other man. Finally she grabbed both cocks and started rubbing them against her lips, drooling and moaning onto them as she got them even wetter and harder for her.

“Mmmmm fuck yeahhhhhhhh such hard, yummy cocks,” Alyssa groaned before she sucked on the heads together, barely fitting them both in her mouth even as she opened as wide as she could. “Oooooh you’re both so hot I might borrow you from Lauren and keep you two around as my personal pets for the weekend.”

If it meant more hot blowjob action and hopefully a crack at Alyssa’s pussy, that was just fine with the two men. She was doing an incredible job on them and they both throbbed for her in her hands as she rubbed their leaking precum all over her lips and face, lost in cocklust.

“Mmmmmm gotta get me a good, long taste of this,” Alyssa moaned as she let the white guy go to wrap both hands around the wide girth of his black friend. “Don’t worry baby, I’ll be back to you soon enough, but I need some yummy hot black cock in my mouth right now. Ooooooh fuck, it’s been too long since I’ve had any of this. Fuck my face you goddamn stud! Fuck my pretty face with that big, beautiful black cock!”

Alyssa was starting to babble a little bit but none of them cared. The two men were feeding off her lust and it made them all the more willing to give her everything that she wanted. The white man stood by, hoping his wait wasn’t too long, as Alyssa started sucking his friend off, keeping his thick shaft in her hand as she sucked inch after inch of his dark dick into her waiting mouth, her eyes watering up with pleasurable tears as she felt herself start to get good and filled by it.

As Alyssa sucked off the black guy, one hand rubbing his balls while the other furiously fingered herself, the white guy began slapping her face again, making her moan deliciously with her cock stuffed mouth. Her cheeks were getting pink and sticky from the slaps and the precum and all Alyssa wanted was more.

But not everyone in the room was going cock crazy. Reese was having fun watching everyone play around with the men and each other’s sexy female bodies without having any real desire to join in herself. Messing around with Mariska and Maria had left her temporarily satisfied, but she was already feeling more hunger for female flesh.

Fortunately she wasn’t alone in that regard.

“Aren’t you going to play?” a soft, sweet voice said from behind Reese asked as the blonde turned around to see Heather Graham kneeling next to her naked and smiling.

“Mmmm I’m just gonna watch,” Reese said, hoping Heather would watch with her and more.

“Not into playing with guys right now, huh?” Heather asked, moving closer so they were face to face, their tits starting to touch as their lips nearly came together in a first kiss.

“Nah uh,” Reese said. “Definitely not into guys right now. Mmmm they’re fun to look at, but what I really want are girls.”

“Me too,” Heather smiled. “I’m done with guys. Especially when there are so many pretty, pink pussies here to play with. Mmmmm pretty pussies like yours, Reese.”

Heather then moved in an inch closer and this time their lips did touch. They just lightly pecked together at first, but that was immediately followed by a longer, much more passionate kiss. Reese moaned into Heather’s kiss and soon their tongues were touching and rubbing together. Their kiss was tender but hot and the heat only rose when they began playing with each other’s bare breasts, rubbing soft hands against swollen nipples and making them both of them shiver with desire.

Reese hadn’t been exaggerating before. Her divorce was too fresh right now for her to even think about messing around with another man…well except for maybe Fluffy if the right opportunity presented itself again. She preferred to expend her lustful energies toward women and Heather was an excellent direction to be pointing those energies in.

“Mmmmm I’m so happy I’m not the only one here just looking to get licked,” Heather moaned in between kisses her pussy drooling at the prospect of hooking up with someone as gorgeous as Reese Witherspoon. She’d had too many busted relationships to have much faith in men these days and she’d come to Lauren’s tonight looking for girls and nothing but girls.

“Oh I definitely want to get licked,” Reese promised with a saucy smile and wink of her eye. “Mmmm but do you wanna be the one to lick me Heather? You gotta earn that right.”

“Do I?” Heather playfully replied. “Well I think I know how to earn a chance to lick you. I think kisses are the best way to earn anything. Mmmm kisses here…and here…and mmmmmmmm most of all here…”

The first time Heather said that she kissed Reese’s lips. The second time she said it as she placed a wet kiss on each of Reese’s bare breasts. The third time came after she pushed Reese flat onto her back and spread her legs open. Heather leaned right down and placed a wet, loving kiss right on Reese’s wet slit, getting a happy squeal from the Oscar winner.

“Oooooh yeahhhhhhh kiss it,” Reese urged. “Mmmmm yeahhhhhh you know just how to make me wanna have you lick me! Ooooooh baby yessssssss kiss my pussy! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh more Heather! More! Mmmmmmm kiss all over my wet pussy!”

“Mmmmm you’re definitely wet,” Heather moaned as she licked her lips free of Reese’s essence before she dove in for more kisses of her newest lover’s tender pussy lips. “Yeahhhhhh oooooooh so sticky and warm and definitely very wet. Yummyyyyyy. This is such a sexy little pussy Reese! I totally wanna kiss it everywhere and then lick you dry!”

“Ohhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhh pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase do that,” Reese urged, her hands going right to the back of Heather’s head to hold her down as her legs wrapped around the girl’s back to make sure she didn’t move an inch out of place. “Kiss it Heather! Oooooooooh fucking make out with my pussy! Mmmmmmmmm kiss it good and lick it! Yesssssssssss oooooooooh fuck ohhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh just make my pussy feel good! Mmmmmmm we don’t need any fucking guys! Not when we can lick each other so good!”

Reese and Heather weren’t the only girls who were content with the soft, sexy bodies of their own gender. Amy and Tina also declined to throw themselves into the mix for Lauren’s boytoys. Unlike girls such as Kate and Mariska, who were married and still very much enjoying the hot, hard bodies of Lauren’s presents, Amy and Tina had made arrangements with their husbands. They could play with all the girls they wanted, but no other men and they respected that agreement.

But that didn’t mean everyone in their party had to play by their rules and they couldn’t help but notice how Lindsay’s eyes kept drifting toward the men, even as she tried to busy her attention by sucking on Amy and Tina’s tits and rubbing their weeping slits as she kneeled in front of them, right next to where Hilary was panting and squealing in ecstasy from the first touches of Heather Locklear’s tongue against her pussy.

“God she can’t keep her eyes in her head for even a second, can she?” Amy teased.

“Damn right, she’s too busy scoping out the guys to even give us the loving we deserve,” Tina laughed.

“Noooooo it’s not like that,” Lindsay protested. “I like girls! I swear!”

“Liar, you’re totally straight,” Tina cracked. “Mmmm I bet you’ve never even really eaten pussy before Lindsay. How can you be a lez when you cant even go a second without checking out the sausage factory over there? Admit it Lindsay. You’re no rug muncher.”

“No I totally am!” Lindsay insisted. “I love girls! I love eating pussy! Let me prove it! I’ll eat you both out! I totally will! I’m definitely a lez! I love fucking girls! I don’t even look at boys anymore!”

But even as she said that, Lindsay’s eyes darted back toward the men and her friends caught her right in the act.

“Busted,” Amy laughed. “Awwww but don’t sweat it. We know you like girls. Mmmm you and your slutty little friend have definitely proven yourselves.”

As she said that, Hilary was in the midst of thrashing on the carpet from Heather expertly eating her out as she moaned for more, begging her former on-screen mother to fuck her and using every dirtily slutty word she knew in the process.

“Yeah it’s ok to admit you still like guys Lindsay,” Tina advised. “It doesn’t have to be an either or situation. After all, Amy and I are known for liking the dick on occasion.”

“But just on occasion,” Amy added with a grin.

“Well they are pretty hunky,” Lindsay admitted with a smile of her own and a blush overtaking her young, freckled face. She hadn’t cut herself off completely from guys. After all it had only been a short time ago that her cop friend Gary had pulled her over for speeding and she’d ended up sucking him off to get out of her ticket and having her car impounded. She’d liked doing that a lot and she’d been meaning to get in touch with him.

“So pick one Lindsay,” Amy urged. “Have some fun. Pick yourself out a stud and play with him. Put on a show for me and Tina.”

“Pick one?” Lindsay repeated. She hated having to choose when she wanted them all. There were so many hot guys in that bunch and she thought back to the story about what Love had done to those six guys. Mmmm there were definitely more than six here and Lindsay harbored naughty thoughts about taking on six of her own…or more…yeahhhh more. That would have been so fucking hot, taking on all those guys and outdoing Love right in front of everyone.

“Yeah one,” Tina teased. “This isn’t America’s Sluttiest Gangbangs Part 75 after all.”

“Welllll…” Lindsay said as she eyed the remaining boys who hadn’t been claimed. They all looked so sexy, but she knew which one she wanted most and she pointed right at him. “I want him!”

“Mmmm I can see why,” Tina declared. She might have been married but she wasn’t dead and this was definitely an Adonis in front of them. “Got a taste for the dark meat, do ya Lindsay?”

“No…not really,” Lindsay replied, blushing a little more as she eyed her choice from head to toe, lavishing her heated stare all over his muscular body and particularly on the large cock standing out proudly between his legs. “I’ve never…you know…been with a black guy before. Mmmm and well…it just…it just seems really hot, you know?”

“We know,” Amy and Tina said together, not giving anything more than their coy response to Lindsay’s statement.

“Well let’s grab him for you before someone else sinks their claws into him,” Tina said, grabbing Amy by their hand so they could go together to get their young friend a date.

Lindsay just stayed back, rubbing her naked body at the thought of taking on that big black cock and getting it inside her. He was bigger than any of the men she had ever been with before and thinking of having him fuck her mouth and then her pussy with that big dick was getting her very hot and wet. She really hadn’t been with a black guy before and she knew it was probably a stereotype to sexualize them like that, but fuck; she couldn’t help it when this guy looked so good naked and had such a big cock. Lindsay wanted him. She wanted him bad.

As Amy and Tina went up to talk to him, Lindsay felt a little nervous. What if he didn’t want to fuck her? What if he thought she was some kind of kid who couldn’t handle him? Or worse, what if she thought she was some total slut like the tabloids always said she was? She didn’t want this guy to think of her like that. She was the good kind of hot slut, not the bad, skanky kind. There was a very clear distinction.

Needing a distraction to keep her mind off her nerves, Lindsay couldn’t help but lean over to kiss Hilary’s moaning and sex crying teen lips and play with her hot tits as Heather continued to eat her out.

Lindsay loved seeing her friend thrash around on the carpet and hump Heather’s face, all while crying out the dirty words that always made them so wet. And since Hilary and Heather had such history between each other, that gave everything an extra edge.

“Yessssssssssssssssssss ooooooooooooooooooh yessssssssssss mmmmm more!” Hilary cried. “Lick my pussy!!! Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhh lick my dirty little teen pussy Heather!!! Mmmmmmmmm fuck make me all nasty and slutty for you!! Eat my slutty little tight cunt with your hot mouth Heather!!! Ohhhhhhh fuck yeahhhh everyone else wants guys, but I only want you Heather!!! Mmmmmmm yeahhhh eat meeeee!!!”

But as good as Hilary’s dirty talk sounded, Heather wanted more and she pulled up just long enough to give her teenage lover’s pussy a slap. If she was going to do this with her after so many nights of fantasizing, then Heather wanted it all and not just scratch the surface of the nasty potential here.

“OWWWW!!!” Hilary cried in happy pain at the smack to her sensitive pussy. “Oooooooh I’m sorry! I know what you want to hear…mommy! Mmmmmmm oooooooooh mommy eat meeeeeeee!!! Eat your little girl’s slutty pussy!!! I know you want me to call you mommy and it’s sooooooo hot!!! Mmmmmmm fuck me mommy!!! Fuck my little pussy with your tongue!!! Fuck me harrrrrrrrrrd!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmm tongue fuck me mommy!!! Yeahhhhhhhhh lick all that cum out of your dirty girl!!! Mmmmmmmm yessssssssssss I’m a nasty little fucking teen slut who loves having her own dirty mommy eat her fucking cunt out!!!”

That had Heather, Hilary and Lindsay all moaning from the forbidden imagery it conjured up. God, if only they had written that into Perfect Man. It would have packed the theater every night with horny guys and girls eager to see Heather and Hilary act out their nasty, incestuous fantasies on the big screen. Mmmm but Lindsay had the best seat possible for this show and she began working her hand between her legs, rubbing her own pussy raw as she sucked Hilary’s tits and heard her friend cry out for her mommy to fuck her.

Incest just seemed so wicked and wrong and that made the fantasy even hotter to Lindsay. Not that she’d ever thought about it herself or anything. That was way too dirty even for her, but it was sure hot to think about it now, with Heather’s tongue buried in Hilary’s pussy, licking at her hot folds and sucking her juices right out of her. Lindsay knew Hilary’s mom and hated her so it was definitely much preferable to think of Heather Locklear doing this to her friend.

Now if only Heather was really Hilary’s mom. Fuck, that would have been hot. Lindsay definitely would have wanted to slide herself right into that mother/daughter combo. As it was, she was already wet to join in and have both of them bathe her pussy with their wet, sexy tongues before she pushed them down to her ass.

All this attention on Hilary and Heather had distracted Lindsay enough that she had actually forgotten that she was the one who was about to hopefully get herself some cock and when she heard two throats clearing behind her, she looked up to see Amy and Tina standing before her. And when she saw that they had the guy with her Lindsay’s smile grew. He did want to fuck her! Mmmmm and that meant she could definitely show him she was the good kind of slutty.

“Richard, say hi to Lindsay,” Tina invited.

“Hi Lindsay,” Richard immediately replied, his eyes blatantly going over every inch of her young, naked body as her smile grew from the lustful stare. Mmmm it felt good to have him look at her like that, like he wanted her as much as she wanted him.

“Now Lindsay, you say hi to Richard,” Tina said.

“Yeah, give a big hi to Big Dick Rick,” Amy laughed before getting a stare from Richard that said he very much would like it if she never, ever called him that again.

Lindsay giggled at the joke anyway and gave her new friend a little wave.

“Mmmmm hi Richard,” Lindsay said. If he was going to be looking at her body like that, then she was going to do the same and her eyes zeroed in on his bulging cock. It had to be 10 inches at least and Lindsay was aching for it already.

“Good now Richard, you know Lindsay and Lindsay, you know Richard,” Tina declared. “Let’s get onto the fucking.”

Lindsay giggled again and Richard cracked a smile too. That definitely sounded like a good idea to both of them and they definitely were in the position to get things started. Since Lindsay was still sitting on the rug and Richard was standing before her, Lindsay’s mouth was lined up with his cock and she knew it. As Tina and Amy watched with horny expectation, Lindsay crawled over and closed the gap of a few feet of space between her and Richard.

“God, you’re so fucking huge,” Lindsay said, her nerves more than obvious, even as she smiled and marveled at the man who was about to become her lover. Even though the tabloids persisted in making her seem like a total 24/7 ho, Lindsay had only been with a few guys in her life and no one like Richard before.

Richard certainly didn’t lack for pride and hearing Lindsay Lohan compliment him on his size had his cock twitching with expectation. He’d heard all the surprised moans and giggles before when girls had found out how big he was and he never tired of it. Hearing it from someone like Lindsay was an extra boost.

Lindsay’s hand trembled just a bit as she reached out for her new friend. She couldn’t believe she was doing this and the staring eyes of Tina and Amy just made her butterflies worse, but she definitely wanted to do this. She grasped Richard’s cock in her small hand and leaned in to kiss the head, making him moan as her lips touched his sensitive, full crown and causing a tiny drop of precum to drip into her mouth.

The first taste just made Lindsay want him more and she began to bathe Richard’s cock with her young tongue. She licked all around his swollen cock head and then began licking up and around the shaft, spreading her saliva all over the dark flesh as her wet, pink tongue darted out, tasting more and more of him with each sensual lick. She traveled around until she was under his cock head again; licking the sensitive tip and making her lover moan and get even harder for her.

“Mmmmm that’s it Lindsay,” Amy moaned, urging the girl on as she began squeezing her own pert tits at the sight of this live sex show. “Get him wet baby. Get that dick all nice and wet so you can suck it into your pretty little mouth. Don’t be shy Lindsay. We know you’re a little ho, so don’t pretend you’re not.”

“Stop spreading lies Amy,” Lindsay giggled, sucking her tongue back into her mouth for a quick second while she continued to stroke Richard’s shaft. “I’m totally not a ho. I’m a good girl. I’m a very good girl who’s dying for some hard, black cock in her mouth. Mmmm are you going to give it to me Rick? Are you going to give me that yummy black dick for my pretty little white girl mouth to suck? Are you going to fuck my face in front of my friends and make me into a total slut for you?”

Richard hated being called Rick or Ricky or anything other than his full name. He’d always hated it. But he supposed if there ever was a time when an exception could be made it was now, when he was naked and hard with a horny celebrity not even old enough to have a beer kneeling in front of him. Lindsay’s husky, young voice sounded amazing talking dirty to him and he let it go. Besides, he planned on making sure Lindsay’s mouth was far too stuffed for her to be doing any talking in a minute.

“Open wide little girl,” Richard grinned. “Mmmm daddy’s got some hard cock for you. Just how you like it.”

“Oooooooh yes daddy! Mmmmmm hard, yummy cock! Just how I like it!” Lindsay squealed, so many dirty fantasies flowing through her mind at once that it was impossible to focus on just one. Her father when drunk, which had been most of the time, had used to say horrible, racist things and Lindsay knew he would have absolutely dropped dead if he had seen her with a black guy.

With that evil thought in mind, Lindsay didn’t hesitate to open her mouth wide so Richard could slide his cock inside. As soon as he was past her lips she wrapped them around his pulsing pole, moaning happily as she tasted the hard meat in her mouth. God, he tasted so good. She couldn’t wait to get more of this hot cock in her mouth.

Ever since she had been seduced in Jamaica, Lindsay had been all about girls, but her hot encounter with Gary had reignited her lust for boys and Richard’s hard cock was just making those lusts grow inside her.

Lindsay moaned in absolute ecstasy as Richard placed his hand on the top of her head, grabbing onto her hair, and began fucking her face. It was rough and passionate and she loved it. She didn’t want to be treated like some delicate little flower. She wanted to be made to feel dirty and slutty, just like how she did when the girls at the mansion made her into their little whore, willing to do anyone and anything just to get herself licked and fucked.

As Richard pushed his cock into her mouth and fucked her young face, Lindsay’s pussy dripped hot juice down onto her thighs and legs. God, she was even more turned on now than she had been with Gary. That had been hot and nasty and totally fun, sucking off the cute cop to get out of a ticket, but Richard had a bigger cock than Gary and Lindsay was totally getting off on having this hard black dick pushing into her mouth, making her a total slut for it.

Lindsay’s hands were free so she couldn’t help but push one between her legs to start playing with her drooling cunt as she sucked Richard off, her tongue bathing the inches sliding into her mouth and her saliva coating the dark flesh. She kept her other hand wrapped around his shaft, keeping him steady so she could meet his thrusts by sucking more of him into her greedy mouth. Having her hand around him allowed Lindsay to feed herself more of his cock and she was still starving for more.

She was no longer nervous about having Tina and Amy watching her give a blowjob to this stud. Now Lindsay was happy they were there and knowing they were staring at her as she sucked this big cock was making her even more turned on. She just hoped Hilary was watching her too. She wanted her friend to see how big a whore she could truly be and for her to get so wet that she’d join right in with her. God, it would be so hot to share this hot cock with Hilary and the thought of both of their pink tongues licking this dark meat had Lindsay rubbing herself even harder.

While Hilary wasn’t quite at that level with Lindsay yet in her dirty thoughts, she was definitely watching and loving the show. Having Heather eat her out and make her play perverted little role play games was amazing and Hilary was tingling from head to toe from it, but it was even better when all she had to do was turn her head and see her friend sucking that hot man into her mouth. Hilary had never seen a guy and a girl go at it before and it was totally turning her on to see Lindsay get naughty.

“Mmmmmmmm yesssssssss ooooooooh God Linds, suck that cock! Oooooh you look so fucking hot sucking him off!” Hilary cried, her hands mauling her own tender teen tits as Heather’s tongue buried itself inside her, licking at her pussy and slapping oh so right against her clit. “Show him what a fucking slut you are! Ooooooooh baby you look so good sucking that big cock! Ughhhhhhhh I’ve never seen anyone suck cock for reals before and you look soooooooo hot Lindsay!!! Mmmmmm you look like one of those hot porn stars in Love’s movies! Oooooooooh yeahhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm be a nasty cocksucker Lindsay! Get all hot and slutty!!! Mmmmmmm totally make him come while Heather makes me come!”

Hilary’s slip of the tongue caused Heather to immediately pull up from her pussy, her gorgeous face covered in teen juices.

“Naughty girl,” Heather moaned before slapping Hilary’s cunt again, smacking down hard on the wet, pink flesh and making a wonderful squishing noise thanks to how soaked Hilary was for her.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKKKKK!!!” Hilary screamed in rapture at the spanking to her sensitive girl flesh. “Ahhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooh I’m sorry!!! Mmmmmmmm I’m sooooooo sorry mommy! I mean make him come while my mommy makes me come, Lindsay!”

“Yesssssssss mommy has such a dirty little girl,” Heather groaned, her eyes glazed over with lust. “Mmmmm like mother, like daughter. Both of us are such naughty pussy licking sluts. Now be a good girl and come for your slutty mommy, Holly! Soak mommy’s face with your juices baby. Come for mommy like a good little slut!”

Hilary cried out, her imagination reaching a feverish pitch as Heather referred to her by her character’s name from their movie. She was so fucking close and having Heather licking her so good while making her think such wicked, incestuous thoughts was driving her absolutely wild. But she needed a little more. She was right at the edge of the cliff and Hilary wanted to dive off. There was one thing she knew could do that.

“Mommy ooooooooh mommy mmmmmmm please push your fingers up my butt mommy!” Hilary begged, writhing on the rug as she played little girl to her sexy mommy. “Fuck my ass while you’re eating me mommy! Fuck my slutty ass with your sexy fingers and make your dirty baby girl come like a filthy little fucking whore!!!”

“Ooooh is this what my baby girl wants?” Heather moaned, her brain completely overheating with lust as she did what she’d always dreamed to young Hilary, not caring how sick or perverted her fantasy was, and loving every second of it. She fucked her fingers against her own dripping pussy and then began rubbing two of them over the horny teenager’s puckered hole.

“Is this what dirty little Holly wants from her mommy?” Heather lustfully demanded as she teased the girl’s hole. “Does she want mommy’s finger up her naughty ass? Does she want to get her little tight ass fucked while mommy eats her sloppy pink cunt?”

“Yessssssssssssssssss oooooooooooh Godddddddddd yesssssss pleeeeeease,” Hilary cried, desperate for orgasm as her naked body dripped horny sweat down. “Fuck me mommy! Fuck your nasty daughter’s ass while you eat her! Make me mommy’s little fucking slut!!! Eat my pussy and fuck my ass! Please mommy pleaaaaaaaaase!!!”

Heather took mercy on her “daughter” by sliding her first finger up Hilary’s asshole while starting to lap against her splayed pussy again. That got a huge, long moan from Hilary as her body writhed on the rug, humping herself hard against Heather’s tongue and finger.

“Ooooooh naughty girl,” Heather cooed, pulling up again to smile wickedly at Hilary. “Mommy’s dirty baby girl isn’t a virgin up her ass! You’re such a filthy fucking slut Holly and mommy loves it!”

“Yesssssssssss oooooooooh I love being fucked up my ass by other girls Hea-…I mean mommy!!!” Hilary cried. “Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Fuck your slutty little girl and make me come and I’ll do you right back mommy! Mmmmmm I want to show my mommy how good her little slutty Holly is at eating pussy!!!”

Heather wanted that very badly and she dove back into Hilary’s pussy for the last time, refusing to allow herself to come up until she had made the teenager come. Heather turned up the heat as she lashed her tongue against her lover’s clitoris by adding a second finger up Hilary’s ass, taking her hole with thrusts that were passionate, but still tender, not abusing the girl’s hole, but making sure she got a steady finger fuck.

“OHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDD OHHHHHHH GODDDDDDD OOOOOOOOOOOH GODDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Hilary screamed to the heavens as Heather’s fingers pushed up her ass and her tongue slapped against her clit. This was just what she wanted and it pushed her over just like she had hoped.

“YEAHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH FUCK ME MOMMYYYYYY!!!” Hilary screamed, making sure everyone in the room knew the naughty game they were playing. “YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOH MAKING ME COMMMME!!! YEAHHHHHHHH COMING ALL OVER MY MOMMY’S FACE!!!”

But despite the fact that those filthy screams were coming so close to him, Richard was able to completely shut them out and focus on the girl sucking him off. In fact the room might just as well have been him and Lindsay and no one else because all he concentrated on was having the notorious party girl on her knees in front of him, bobbing her young, sexy lips up and down his cock as he clutched her by the hair and controlled the tempo of her blowjob.

When Richard wanted more from Lindsay he just pushed deeper into her mouth and found the young slut was more than willing to take his inches inside her. Her lips were completely wrapped around him like a wonderful soft, wet vise surrounding his cock and she was looking up at him with full, lustful eyes. There was no hesitation in anything Lindsay did. She wanted his cock and Richard sure as hell wanted to give it to her.

“Suck on my head you little whore,” Richard instructed, pulling out of Lindsay’s mouth so that only the tip of his cock was still enveloped by her. He had been told not to talk to the girls, just fuck them, but he knew Lindsay wanted to be commanded and Richard was happy to please her that way. “Ooooooooooh yeahhhh that’s it you dirty little cocksucker. Mmmmmm suck that head with those hot little lips. Mmmmm good girl, lick that head! Taste it you slut! Yeahhhhh taste your first black dick, little girl. Show me how much you love it!”

With that Lindsay pulled Richard all the way out of her mouth and she wiggled away from his grasp long enough for her to moan and smile, saliva lustfully dripping down her chin and onto her full, waiting tits.

“Mmmmm I do love it!” Lindsay groaned blissfully. “I love your big cock in my mouth! Make me your whore Richard! Make me into your fucking slutty bitch sucking your cock in front of all my friends! Treat me like a dirty slut! God, I fucking love it!”

Richard then pressed harder on the back of Lindsay’s head, pushing her mouth back onto his cock. She moaned again and began stuffing her mouth with his throbbing inches again. She had already come on her fingers once just from sucking him and she was so horny for more.

She loved this. Lindsay loved being treated like a slut and losing all control, whether it was when the girls at the mansion mercilessly fucked her over and over again or now as Richard filled his mouth with his big cock, his dark meat disappearing past her lips. Lindsay took as much as she could handle inside herself and dreamed of how good it was going to feel once that cock was buried inside her pussy.

She’d never had a cock this big inside her before and Lindsay’s pussy was clinging to her fingers with arousal as she thrust into herself hard at the thought of it. She began to moan louder around Richard’s cock as he fucked her face and started mumbling her desires.

“What was that?” Richard asked, smiling as Lindsay attempted to talk even though her mouth was full of cock. “What do you want little girl?”

He pulled his cock out of Lindsay, again coated with her saliva, and began rubbing it against her lips as she moaned and gulped in air.

“Fuck me Richard!” Lindsay gasped, her eyes alight with lust. “Mmmmm please fuck me baby! I wanna feel you deep inside me! Mmmmm I wanna feel your big black cock filling up my little pink pussy! Do you like that Richard, baby? Do you like knowing you’re gonna be the first black guy to fuck my pussy? Mmmmm fucking my slutty little cunt that everyone fucking lies about and says they hit but they never do! Oooooh I’m still so tight for you baby! You’ll love fucking me! I totally promise it’s gonna be hot! Please say you’ll fuck me!”

Lindsay tried to seal the deal by working over Richard’s cock as she talked. In between words she was licking all over the underside of his shaft, tonguing the hot, hard inches and moving all the way down to his balls. She remembered how much Gary had loved it when she had played with him there so she started licking Richard’s balls, tickling them with her wet tongue and then sucking one into her mouth, drooling her hot saliva all over it before moving onto the next one.

“Ughhhhhhh yessssssssss you dirty fucking bitch, suck those balls,” Richard groaned, pushing Lindsay’s head down so she couldn’t get away, not that she had any intention of doing that. “Mmmmmm suck my balls you little slut and maybe I’ll fuck you! If you’re a good girl, I’ll give you a fucking you’ll never forget!”

That sounded so good to Lindsay and to Amy and Tina who were eager to see their young friend get fucked hard as they watched the show and played with each other’s bare bodies, living vicariously through Lindsay. But Lindsay was hardly the only girl there who was having fun. With so many hot girls and so many hard cocks now, there were happy, sex cries echoing from every corner of Lauren’s parlor.

Lauren herself, having started things, was naturally further along than the others. She was in her chair with her legs spread wide and slung over the chair’s arms for the man now fucking her pussy with hard thrusts inside her. The man had done a good enough job eating her out for Lauren to grant him permission to penetrate her and now her tits were shaking as her body glistened with sex sweat and she cried out from pleasure.

“Fuck me!!! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh harder!!! Fucking take that pussy harder!!!” Lauren urged, reaching back and digging her nails into the man’s bare ass, asserting her clear control over him. “Don’t be fucking gentle!!! Ahhhhhhh I wanna fucking feel it!!! Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhh harder!!! Faster!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH THAT’S THE WAY I WANNA GET FUCKED!!!! YEAHHHH SINK THAT COCK IN MY PUSSY YOU FUCKING DIRTY LITTLE BOY TOY!!! FUCK MY FAMOUS CUNT GOOD STUD!!! FILL THAT PUSSY WITH YOUR MEAT AND MAKE ME FUCKING COME!!!”

As Lauren screamed and panted she was also having her mouth well tended to. She opened wide and let the other man she had grabbed fuck her face. Lauren closed her eyes and moaned wantonly from the sensations of having her pussy and mouth full at cock at the same time.

The only thing that would have made this better was if she had another cock up her ass too, but right now this would have to do. A good hostess always shared and Lauren didn’t want to be greedy and take all the hard cocks for herself…at least not yet. Later on she was gonna make absolutely sure she got a good triple penetration going on herself.

But for now it was all about sharing and Lauren didn’t want her boy toys blowing their loads until she was good and ready for them to do it. So she pulled her mouth away from the cock she was sucking and snapped her fingers.

“Switch, my little boy bitches,” Lauren grinned, flush with sex and power, the two greatest rushes of adrenaline she felt you could ever have. “Mmmm change positions on me and don’t make me fucking wait!”

The men had been paid well to follow orders, especially Lauren’s, so they didn’t hesitate. With their throbbing cocks bouncing, one coated with girl juice and the other saliva, they switched places so the man who had just been in Lauren’s mouth pushed his slick cock right up her splayed, waiting pussy and the one who had just been there slid right into her mouth, feeding Lauren her own essence.

The brunette actress moaned at the tasty treat of cock flavored with herself and began sucking feverishly on the man, bobbing her head up and down his shaft and then flicking her tongue all over his cock head. Lauren always loved the taste of her own juices and she tried to suck off every drop as the other man took his friend’s place between her legs, driving his dick inside her and making her tits bounce and her body ache for orgasmic release.

Lauren of course wasn’t the only one having fun. On the couch, a network crossover of epic proportions had taken place as the casts of Grey’s Anatomy and Smallville mixed together with not a stitch of clothing between them. Sara Ramirez was the center of attention, just how she loved it, as she lay back on the couch, her strap on having already been tossed off to the side by Rose, enjoying the kind of deep, passionate fucking that she had just given Katherine.

But this time there was no fake cock involved because Sara had the real thing pounding away at her drooling pussy and her head was rolling around on the couch cushions in ecstasy. Her legs were slung over his broad shoulders and her heavy tits were shaking wildly as she was happily pounded into by the Latino man on the couch with her. Both Sara and the man fucking her were moaning at each other in Spanish, urging each other on as Sara got closer and closer to orgasm.

As Sara neared her release, Kristen sucked away at her tits, loving the soft all natural mounds of sexy girl flesh. She played with them enthusiastically, like they were a new toy for her. Sara’s jiggling tits were too irresistible for her not to get her hands on. slapping them and making them bounce even more as Sara moaned for more. Kristen couldn’t speak much Spanish, but she knew what happy moans were in any language and she knew what she was doing to Sara’s tits, sucking away at her swollen red nipples while she played with them, was much appreciated.

The moans weren’t just coming from Sara. The young Latino between her legs thrusting away, filling her up just right, was also doing some serious moaning of his own and it wasn’t only because of the exquisite warmth of Sara’s snug pussy wrapping around his cock. He also had Allison’s tongue and soft, sexy fingers playing with his balls as he drove into her.

Allison was flat on her back, fingering herself with her legs lewdly spread open on the couch, her head right next to Sara’s cunt and her blonde hair getting sticky from the juices dripping from the sexy Latina. Allison had started out licking Sara’s pussy as she was fucked, but the cock driving into her looked too good for her to pass up getting a taste of and her focus soon shifted. And since she was flat on her back looking up, the man’s cum filled balls demanded attention too. So Allison gave it to them, sucking and licking them as they slapped her mouth from his thrusts into Sara.

It was an unusual position to be in, but Allison didn’t mind it. She was open for trying any and every sexual position she was flexible enough to be in and it was certainly no strain for her to be flat on her back on a comfortable sofa. Allison wrapped her lips around the man’s balls and sucked wetly on them, pausing only to lick at them and toy with them using her eager fingers.

Allison loved the fact that she didn’t know this man’s name, had never seen him before now and would probably never see him again and there she was sucking and licking his balls. Mmmmm it was wonderfully slutty and Allison rubbed herself harder, playing with the squishy folds of her pussy before shoving her fingers back inside, making herself moan even as her mouth was stuffed.

But Allison’s attention was also easily distracted when she broke away to gulp in some air and saw that Erica had made the acquaintance of the busty blonde that Sara had been playing with earlier. That definitely required further investigation so, after giving him one last suck and lick, Allison bid her mystery lover goodbye and got up off her back to see what her co-star was up to.

Doing this sent all the blood which had rushed up to Allison’s head as she lay back on the sofa flowing out again and she had to take a second to compose herself and keep from getting dizzy, but as she did this she also saw an opportunity. Sara’s discarded strap on was lying there, just waiting for her and Allison licked her lips at the possibilities.

“Yeahhhhhhhh suck it you dirty bitch,” Erica groaned as she held Katherine Heigl by her blonde hair, making the actress choke down inch after inch of the strap on still around her waist. While Love had struggled with this, Katherine was able to take it all in, forcing it down her throat as Erica urged her on.

“Mmmmmmmm fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhh deep throating cocksucking slut,” Erica happily declared, pinching her own swollen nipples with one hand while other one held Katherine down and her lips spit out every dirty adjective she could think of for the Grey’s Anatomy star. “Take my cock down your little rich girl mouth! Ooooooooh fucking New Canaan princess slut!!! Fucking choke on it whore!!! Dirty little slut princess cocksucker!!! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh taste the girls I’ve fucked tonight mmmm and the spit of the other little cocksucking sluts who’ve had my toy down their throats!!! Oooooooooh but you’re the only one to deep throat it like a good little whore! Yeahhhhhhhhh oooooooh swallow it all the way down!”

Allison watched with rapt fascination as Katherine choked back all of Erica’s inches. She loved watching her co-star use that strap on. God, she fucked better than most men who had dicks 24/7, Allison thought. But she wanted in on this action too and she pulled on Sara’s used strap on, tightening the harness around her waist and moaning as the nub on the inside passed her cunt lips to rub against her.

Sara saw what Allison was up to and, far from chiding the blonde for taking the toy without permission, she encouraged her.

“Yeahhhhh fuck that little princess whore,” Sara urged, her voice thick with arousal as pleasure filled her body, her words coming out in gasps of breath. “Take her with those cocks! Mmmmm you and your pretty friend! Fuck her good! She won’t play with the boys here cause she’s a stuck up snob who thinks she’s supposed to be a good girl and stay faithful to her boyfriend, but you can fuck her! Fuck her with those fake cocks like the dirty bitch she is! Humiliate that cheating whore who’s desperate for girls to fuck her stuck up little cunt!”

Allison just smiled and nodded her head, taking those words to heart as she sauntered over, giving Erica a long kiss and playing with her friend’s firm tits. Erica moaned into Allison’s mouth but the two girls had much more on their minds than just making out.

“Bend her over,” Allison instructed. “Take this slut from behind like the dog she is while I fuck her mouth!”

“Mmmmm gladly,” Erica agreed, tugging hard on Katherine’s hair and yanking her gasping, drooling mouth up off her strap on. “Hands and knees whore! Now!”

If Katherine had any objections to that, she didn’t vocalize them. She just whimpered meekly and obeyed, her big tits bouncing as she positioned herself on the sofa, her dripping pussy exposed from behind as Erica stared at her like she was starving for prey.

“Ooooooh you fucking little dyke slut,” Erica moaned, rubbing her own tits even harder as she got up and keeled behind Katherine, rubbing the head of her strap on against her cunt lips. “You got so fucking wet sucking my cock off! You’re desperate to get this little slut hole of yours fucked, aren’t you? Desperate to get it good and stuffed by someone beautiful like me!”

“Mmmmmm gawwwwwwwwwd yesssssssss…” Katherine sighed, too exhausted and horny to pretend otherwise. “You’re soooooo beautiful! You’re so fucking beautiful Erica!!! Fuck me please! Fuck my little stuck up princess cunt!!! Make me a cheap little whore for you to fuck with your big cock Erica!”

“She’s not the only one who’s going to fuck you,” Allison grinned, getting in front of Katherine with her strap on at the ready. “Mmmmm open wide princess!”

Before Katherine even had a chance to cry out from Erica penetrating her, Allison slid her cock into her mouth. The tears that had started to form from deep throating Erica started to trickle down again from Katherine’s eyes as she got it from both ends, Erica’s toy thrusting into her wet and ready pussy from behind while Allison filled her mouth, making her taste her own cum all over the fake shaft from when Sara had mercilessly fucked her earlier.

But Katherine wasn’t the only one being fucked and loving it on the sofa. As Sara cried out in orgasm from the pounding she was getting, Mandy was cooing in bliss as she rode herself like a cowgirl on the throbbing cock up inside her. She still wasn’t completely used to a lot of things that came with losing her sexual inhibitions and having sex with strange men was one of them, but it certainly felt good to be riding this guy’s hard dick and she didn’t hold herself back.

Since the first move Jenna Jameson had made on her, Mandy had been learning so much about sex. Her eyes had truly been opened to pleasure she had never dreamed of before and she had learned not to question herself when it came to her desires. As long as she was safe and not hurting anyone, it was important to follow her lustful instincts.

As soon as she had seen this guy walk in, Mandy had wanted him and now she had him, sitting under her while she bounced on his cock and loved how the inches disappeared up her pussy, filling her and making her feel wonderfully happy and slutty, just like Jenna had told her to be.

Mandy missed her mentor. She wished she had come with her like she’d asked, but Mandy knew she could make Jenna doubly sorry for all the fun she’d missed by showing her all the new tricks she was already learning here tonight.

After all she’d done, Mandy still felt the most pleasure being with Jenna and especially when they’d brought in friends with them. The best sex Mandy had had was with Jenna and her ex-husband, Jay. Mmmmm God, that had always been so intense…his big cock fucking her pussy or her ass while she’d feasted on Jenna’s wetness…her naked body sandwiched between two porn stars!

When Jenna and Jay had split, Mandy had been a little more disappointed more for herself than her friend because she had loved being with them both. She knew that was selfish thought and tried to keep those feelings buried. The divorce had been hard on Jenna and as much as Mandy had loved being with Jay and was bummed she wouldn’t have a chance for another hot threesome with them she didn’t give a second thought about taking Jenna’s side.

Mandy stood by the woman who had been her friend because no sex, no matter how good it was, was worth hurting a friend over and Mandy knew hooking up with Jay again without Jenna there would have done just that.

Besides Jenna had a new boyfriend now and while he was into some kinky stuff and liked to take his woman hard and forcefully, Mandy had had some fun with him too. She did love having a man and woman fuck her at the same time and Mandy wished again that Jenna was here tonight with her so they could share this guy she had now. Plus Mandy desperately wanted to hook Jenna and Lauren up so she could watch those two goddesses go at each other.

“Fuck me!!! Ohhhhhh God!!! Fuck meeeeeeeeee yeahhhhhh mmmmmm yeahhhhhh give me that big cock to ride!!!” Mandy squealed, riding her unknown stud reverse cowgirl so she could still look at everyone else’s fun. Part of her wanted to know this guy’s name, but the sluttier part of her brain told her it was hotter to not know. “Ahhhhhh yeahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss you like me riding you baby? You like my tight little pussy wrapped around that big cock? Mmmmmmm yeahhh I know you dooooo!!! Ooooooooh fuck yeahhhhhhh everyone thinks I’m so fucking sweet and innocent but you know what a bad girl I am, don’t you baby? You know how much I love riding big cocks! Mmmmmm spank me! Slap my ass for being such a bad girl!”

The man grunted in appreciation for the tightness of Mandy’s hot pussy riding his dick and he gave the actress just what she wanted, a firm slap to her naked backside. It stung, but it wasn’t too hard and Mandy cried out happily, riding her boy toy even more passionately.

Doing this gave Piper a great look at Mandy bouncing up on the man’s dick. Her beautiful tits were jiggling hypnotically and Piper couldn’t take her eyes off them. But as much as she loved watching her secret crush get fucked and love every bit of it, Piper couldn’t help but feel disappointed. She wished Mandy was paying attention only to her and other girls. She didn’t want Mandy to want men. If she did that must mean she didn’t feel the same way about her that Piper did.

Piper tried to push those thoughts out of her head and told herself not to be selfish. She didn’t have any right to tell Mandy what, or who, to do. All that mattered when it came to Mandy having sex was whether or not Mandy looked happy and her friend sure looked happy riding that big, hard pink cock.

Piper couldn’t blame Mandy. The dude was hot. She just wasn’t into him like she was with Mandy. She didn’t have any attraction to him and just wanted to focus on her co-star as she bounced up and down on him. Piper leaned in close to Mandy and kissed her tenderly, eagerly sucking Mandy’s tongue into her mouth to massage it as she worked over her friend’s tits with one hand and had the other between her own legs, using the dildo on herself again as she brought pleasure to them both while all the while wishing things were a little different.

None of that disappointment was evident on the floor near the couch as Kate Winslet bent over, ready and eager to take on the cock that she and Cameron had invested good time and effort into making sure was wet enough to do what she wanted. The two of them had teamed up on the naked man they had snagged, working his cock over with their mouths and wet tongues, coating his hardness with their horny saliva and leaving his pink prick soaked with their desire.

Neither of them had bothered to claim him for their own. Kate just assumed he was going to be hers. After all Cameron had just gotten herself a hard buggering from Elisha and now it was Kate’s turn to feel something stuffing her needs hole. She knew it and fortunately Cameron knew it too.

The two co-stars were very much in synch with one another and Cameron was happy to defer to her friend, giving the boy toy Lauren had gifted them one last suck with her horny mouth before letting him have a go at Kate.

“Mmmmmm she’s ready for you,” Elisha grinned, still flush with arousal and Lauren’s punch as she let one last strand of saliva drip out of her mouth and into Kate’s puckered asshole. She’d been licking Kate’s ass for the past moments, lubing her up as Cameron had done the same to the man’s cock, spitting and sucking on it to make sure this wouldn’t be too tight a fit.

“Give it to me!” Kate impatiently demanded, her desire for this only increased by Elisha’s skillful rimming. “Fuck my ass! Mmmm give me that fucking cock! Lauren said you do what we say and you’d better bloody give it to me you bastard! Give me that beautiful cock of yours up my ass and do it now! Don’t make me fucking wait!”

That was certainly a very tempting offer to the man, whose name happened to be John, not that anyone had bothered to ask, and he was in no position to turn it down. The only thing better than having Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet kneeling nude before him, sucking and licking his cock was the chance to fuck one, or hopefully both of them, up the ass.

He lined the head of his cock right up against Kate’s well licked asshole and was about to push in when all of a sudden Cameron made him pause.

“Wait! We gotta make sure she’s wet enough,” Cameron naughtily giggled as she grabbed Elisha’s hand. “C’mon Heesh! One more touch of spit!”

Elisha knew just what Cameron wanted. Mmmm Cameron and Jessica Alba had done it to her last time they were at the mansion and Rose was about to fuck her ass with Mr. Snappy. So she knew how good this was going to feel and Kate certainly deserved to feel good.

“Ok, start pushing inside her now,” Cameron instructed John as she and Elisha each hovered on a side of Kate’s ass cheeks.

John wasn’t quite sure what the two girls were up to, but he didn’t question it. He just pushed inside Kate slowly, letting her adjust to his thick cock head and watched as Cameron and Elisha both drooled long strands of their saliva onto his cock as he did so. That gave his cock the little bit more of lubrication they had been looking for and made his push up Kate’s gorgeous ass that much easier, much to the actress’ delight.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk!!!” Kate groaned as her ass was penetrated. “Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooh that cock feels soooooo goooood up my ass! Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh take me deep you bastard!!! Oooooh don’t be gentle!!! I’m not one of those fucking American china doll, anorexic bitches!! I’m a real woman and I need my ass fucked like one!!! Fucking take it like a man or are you just a little boy!”

“I’m a man!” John grunted as Kate’s tight asshole wrapped around his sensitive cock. It was the first words he had spoken to any of them and they were certainly full of conviction.

“Then prove it!” Kate nearly snarled with animal lust as Cameron and Elisha played with each other’s bare bodies at the sight of Kate reverting deep into her passion. “Fucking prove you’re a man and not some little boy!!! Fuck my ass!! Fuck it deep and hard!!!”

Kate then let out a loud, happy cry of lust as John’s thrusts picked up strength. Once he had eased inside her, he was able to take her harder and faster, knowing he wasn’t hurting her while doing it. He began fucking Kate’s tight ass with deep thrusts, grunting happily with each push inside her, his balls slapping against her ass cheeks, making her cries even more passionate.

“Fuck me!” Kate demanded, her accented voice even more arousing now that she was talking dirty and feeling the ecstasy of being filled. “Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssss that’s how you give it to a woman looking to get herself fucked!!! Take my ass! Oooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk!!! Yessssssssss stuff it full of your big fucking cock!!! Yesssssss you’re not some boy!!! You’re a fucking man!!! Yessssssssss you fucking stud!!! Fuck me!!! Yeahhhhhhhhh give my ass every goddamn fucking inch you have!!!”

Kate obviously had no trouble vocalizing what she wanted, but for Jessica it was more difficult. Since her first visit to the mansion any insecurities she might have had about sex and her desires had vanished. Being there had taught her to be free with her body and never hold back on her lusts. But that was a universe only of other women. No men ran in their sexual circle there and it had been years since Jessica had been with Michael.

This left Jessica in a position she had not been in a long time…shy. She used to be very, very shy. She still remembered how once she had nearly died of embarrassment when she so badly wanted to get her boyfriend at the time to go down on her, but couldn’t muster the courage to ask. That had been a long time before Michael and even longer before Malibu and shyness of that degree was far gone from her system, but she still felt a little weird at looking at men sexually again.

That was why she was so glad that Eva was with her. Eva was no stranger to having both a woman’s and a man’s touch all at once and Jessica loosened up just by being around her. Not that she wasn’t turned on by what she was doing, God, her pussy was fucking soaked by playing around with a man for the first time in so long. It was just that Jessica was glad someone was with her. The last thing she wanted was for this guy to leave here disappointed, thinking that she was a bad fuck or worse frigid and nervous.

Eva was only too happy to help her friend, especially since they had a naked man standing before them; his thick cock sticking out straight like an arrow helping meant that she was going to get herself a taste too.

Both women were kneeling before their boy toy, their mouths and tongues working him over as a team. They’d already bathed his cock from head to balls, leaving him hard and glistening with saliva and the more she tasted, the more Jessica wanted.

“Mmmmm fuck you taste so goddamn good,” Jessica groaned, her hand fused between her legs, jilling herself off non stop as she opened wide again and started sucking her new male friend off.

It had been so long since she had felt a cock in her mouth but now that she did it was like embracing a long lost friend. She had used to love giving her boyfriends head and as her skills came back to her after years of hibernation the mystery man before her was reaping all the benefit.

As she took him in her hand and ran her tongue all over his full, throbbing cock, Jessica stared up into the man’s blue eyes and thought once again how she didn’t know his name. She had thought about asking because it had felt weird at first to be giving a blowjob to a complete stranger. But names would have just complicated things. He knew who she was and that was all that mattered.

Jessica didn’t want to know the name of the muscular blonde boy she was sucking off, who looked to be fresh off the bus from Idaho or Kansas or one of those states, or the names of any of the men in the room. She didn’t want this to be reality. She didn’t want to have to worry about any of the bullshit that went on between men and women. She’d had enough of that and her life was complicated enough without it.

Her new reality was Malibu and that meant no boys. She wanted this to be a one-night thing with this guy and then get back to things being all-girl as quickly as possible. It was going to be fun now and nothing more. So Jessica wanted to keep things as impersonal as possible. All that mattered to her was that she had a warm mouth and a wet pussy and he had a hard cock for her and Eva to play with.

Of course right then it was only Jessica who was playing with the hard cock. Eva was too busy kneeling down even lower than Jessica so she could bury her face in between her friend’s legs. The girl had been so into masturbating herself, that pushing away Jessica’s hand had been a bit of a chore for Eva, but she had managed to convince her friend that she had something way better than her fingers to offer her.

And she certainly did. Eva happily licked away at Jessica’s juicy folds as the girl sucked her first cock in years.

“Mmmmm God Jess, you’d look soooo hot with a pierced clit,” Eva moaned as she rubbed Jessica’s swollen, throbbing bud with her fingers before diving back in to lick away feverishly at it.

Jessica ignored what Eva said and chose instead to concentrate on the cock she was sucking. She desperately wanted to make this good for him; feeling as though her reputation as one of Hollywood’s hottest was on the line with this blowjob. She wanted him to leave here thinking “God, Jessica Alba can suck a cock. I’m the luckiest son of a bitch in the world” and nothing less would do.

Now that Eva was between her legs, Jessica was free to use both hands on her boy toy, stroking his shaft with one and using the other to play with his balls while she wetly slurped away. All the while Jessica stared up at him with the full power of her eyes and bobbed her head up and down, fucking her own mouth with his throbbing inches of cock meat. She didn’t try to deep throat. She didn’t want to. She just wanted to make him feel good, and not try and prove a point.

The man was moaning loudly now and Jessica loved the feel of his cock pulsing in her hand. She had all the power here. She could make him come right there and then. She could make him shoot right in her mouth or have him pop his load all over her hand. But of course she didn’t want that. Not yet.

Instead she pulled off his cock with a loud smack of her lips and giggled as she released it and it bobbed in the air, soaked with her saliva. Her nerves were almost all gone and she was starting to get playful. He was pretty fucking big, probably over eight inches and that was plenty for her to play with.

“You like this baby? You like me sucking your cock?” Jessica coyly asked, as if there was any kind of answer other than “YES! YES!!! A THOUSAND TIMES YES!!”

“Uhhh huhhhhhhh…fuck yessssssss…ughhhhh yeahhhh you’re so fucking hot!” was all the young man could muster past his gritted teeth as he struggled with all his strength now to blow his load just from her sexy smile as she jerked his wet cock.

The feel of her soft hands stroking his aching meat was heaven and it was almost too good to hold back from. But he managed to hang on and not explode. He was probably never, ever going to have a chance to have someone like Jessica again and he wasn’t going to blow the opportunity of a lifetime by coming too early.

“Hey I thought you weren’t supposed to talk,” Jessica giggled, making him nervously sweat for a second before she took him back into her mouth, squeezing his shaft softly and feeding herself his thick meat.

As she sucked the man off, Eva continued tonguing Jessica, getting her friend’s horny, sweet juices to spill right into her mouth. Eva settled down on her back so she could better reach Jessica with her tongue. She craned her head right up so the lips of her mouth were touching the lips of Jessica’s pussy and she let her tongue do the rest, darting out and licking at her pink folds, lapping up all the delicious wetness as Jessica moaned into the cock filling her beautiful mouth.

Jessica’s cries got louder and longer with each and every lick Eva took against her weeping cunt and it soon got to be too much for her. She had gone so long without any cock that she didn’t want to screw this blowjob up. So as much as she wanted her friend to keep licking, Jessica pulled herself away from Eva and motioned for the television star to join her.

“Want a taste?” Jessica generously offered, holding out the hard prick to her friend as casually as if she were asking her to try a piece of her pasta salad.

“Mmmmhmmm,” Eva grinned, her tan face shiny with girl juice. She took the man into her own hand and wrapped her lips tightly around his cock, pushing down and bobbing up quickly and passionately. She relished tasting Jessica’s saliva all over him as she sucked the hard prick, but she didn’t want to take too much and soon offered him back to Jessica.

“Now you,” Eva said. “I want to see you suck him off.”

“It’s your turn,” Jessica claimed, not wanting to be greedy even though it was hard for her not to be.

“Mmmm sweetie, I get more than my turn every night,” Eva grinned. “Goddess Lauren makes sure I’m well taken care of. You haven’t had any dick in a long time. He’s yours to play with.”

All of this was being negotiated without a word of input from the man, but he didn’t particularly care to speak. He was smart enough to know that when it came to being sucked off by Jessica Alba and Eva Longoria, anything he said would probably just screw things up.

As the man remained silent and as stoic as possible, Eva’s logic made plenty of sense to Jessica. She leaned down and spit on the man’s cock, giving him an extra glaze of wetness before taking him back inside her mouth. Jessica lovingly sucked his cock, slowly and sensuously taking him into her mouth as deep as she dared. She got about ¾ of the way down his impressive length before she started to choke and pulled off.

Jessica then lifted his cock up towards his stomach and began licking the sensitive underside before turning to Eva and giving her a simple request before returning to her tonguing.

“Suck his balls,” Jessica urged. “Suck those yummy cum filled balls and let’s make him feel really good.”

That sounded good to Eva and she was down alongside Jessica in a second, leaning down lower to lick his balls. As the man groaned, Eva tongued all over his sacs covering them in wetness and then opened wide enough to take them, one at a time, into her mouth.

With Eva sucking his balls and Jessica licking under his cock, flicking her sexy tongue against his head, the man started to tense up. If it was hard before to keep from coming, then it was getting damn near Herculean now. But Jessica sensed this and gave him a little help.

“Ohhhhh no,” Jessica grinned mischievously as she gave his cock a harder squeeze and a bit of a firm tug. “No coming yet. You’re our boy toy. Lauren said so and you’re not allowed to come until we say so. And we’re not quite done with you yet.”

“What should we make him do?” Eva asked as the man tried to keep his orgasm at bay by trying to mentally name the starting lineup of the 1985 World Champion Kansas City Royals as a distraction. He was up to Buddy Biancalana when the danger of immediate explosion passed.

Knowing this was going to be a one-night thing and nothing more, Jessica’s head was filled with too many ideas at once about how they could put their boy toy to use. But there was one that was basic and simple it couldn’t be ignored.

“Fuck me!” Jessica commanded as she got on all fours and began to wiggle her bare ass in Eva and the man’s faces. Her dripping wet cunt, shaved completely bare, was exposed to them and both of them were drooling at the sight of it, especially when Jessica reached under herself to spread her pussy open to offer them her slice of heaven.

“Fuck me now!” Jessica pleaded. “I haven’t had real cock inside me in so fucking long! Do it now you hot, big dicked stud! Do what everyone fucking dreams of doing! Fuck my famous little pussy! Fuck me hard with that huge cock of yours!”

Having Jessica compliment his looks was almost enough for him to lose it again, but before he had to start mentally logging middle relievers, the man composed himself and focused where his attention should be…right on Jessica’s needy pussy. She was so wet and he was never going to get another chance again, so before Jessica could say another word he was right behind her, gripping onto her hips and pushing himself into her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh give it to me,” Jessica groaned as Eva twisted the gold rings through her own nipples to stimulate herself. “Goddamnnnnnnn I forgot how good it feels to have real cock fucking you!!! Oooooooh baby yeahhhhhh work that big fucking dick inside me!!! Oooooooh yessssss mmmmmmm fuck that tight little pussy!!! God, no one’s gonna believe you when you tell them you had me but you’re always gonna know you fucked my hot cunt and made me feel so good I came all over your cock!!! Do it baby!!! Fuck me!!! Yeahhhhh right there!!! Ooooooooh more!!! Gimmie more of that cock!!!”

If he had to go all the way back to the expansion team in 1969, he wasn’t about to lose his load now. Jessica’s pussy was just as tight and wet as his fantasies had imagined. God, it was even hotter than he had dared envision on those nights it had been just him, some lotion and his copy of Jessica’s GQ Magazine. He couldn’t let her down now. He just couldn’t. Men would have killed to be in his spot now and he wasn’t going to lose it until he made Jessica Alba come.

As the man gripped tightly to Jessica’s hips and thrust hard and deep into her, his balls slapping against her as he fucked her celebrity pussy, Eva kept rubbing her ringed nipples, making herself moan with exquisite pain mixed in with the overwhelming pleasure. It was so hot to watch her gorgeous friend get herself fucked but Eva couldn’t just sit back and watch. Her pussy was too wet to be satisfied by just her own touch and fortunately Jessica correctly sensed this.

“Lay down,” Jessica groaned as her lover’s cock filled her snug pussy just right and hit her hot spots with his impressive length and girth. “Feed me that pussy Eva! Let me fucking eat you while he fucks me and makes me nice and loose!”

That was just what Eva needed and she didn’t hesitate. She moved in front of Jessica, lay back and swung open her long legs. After all the waiting for them to finally realize their lust for each other, having Jessica lick her before wasn’t enough. Eva wanted it again and again and before she could even blink, Jessica’s lips were pressing to her slit, kissing it and slurping the juice right out of her before her tongue slid inside and started licking Eva in all the places a woman loved to be licked.

“Yesssssssssssssss ooooooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!!!” Eva groaned, loving the sight of the man nailing Jessica from behind, her ass jiggling from the thrusts inside her as their bodies all glistened with sweat. “Mmmmmmmmm lick me Jess!!! Ahhhhhhh yessssssssssss licked my pierced pussy while he’s fucking you!!! Mmmmm how’s that dick feel inside you baby? Ooooooooh amazing, isn’t it? Yeahhhhhh Goddess Lauren always has the hottest studs here to fuck us! Mmmmmmm take that cock inside you! Your pussy needs that dick bad! I could tell when I was licking you how hungry it was for cock!”

If Jessica had gone ages without any real cock inside her, it had been even longer for Jewel. But even with that in mind, she wasn’t quite ready to give up her pussy quite yet. She and Christina Ricci were still quite occupied with the studly twins they had picked out for themselves, but while Christina had shown no hesitation to lie back and spread her legs for Steve to stuff her full of cock, Jewel hadn’t been quite as eager to give it all up for his identical brother Danny.

Sure he was cute and had himself one hell of a cock, but it had been so long that Jewel didn’t feel like diving right back into the deep end of the pool. Instead she kept things at the intermediate level by wetly sucking Danny’s cock, swallowing as much of him as she could and bathing the head of his swollen cock with her pink tongue. Part of her had wanted him to just cum in her mouth and all over her face so she’d get her first taste of jizz in a hell of a long time, but there was something else she knew Danny would love and didn’t involve her rushing to give up her pussy to him.

“Fuck my tits baby,” Jewel said, pushing up her heavy breasts as she kneeled before her lover. “Mmmmm push that big cock of yours between my titties and fuck them!”

“Oh God yes,” Danny moaned. What clearly stood out most about Jewel’s sexy body were her D-cup tits. How could he not want to fuck them, especially when the singer was begging for it?

He pressed himself right up to her, letting his cock slide into her cleavage. Danny moaned as she pressed her tits around his meat, enveloping it in soft breast flesh she let a long strand of saliva drip from her mouth to lube him up.

“Fuck me!” Jewel urged. “Fuck my big tits! Oooooooooh yessssssssss mmmmmm shove that beautiful cock between my tits and fuck them! Yesssssss that feels good baby! Mmmmm!”

Danny was feeling pretty good himself as he felt Jewel lick the head of his cock each time it passed through the deep valley of her cleavage. He moaned as his cock throbbed from her soft tits squeezing against his cock. Jewel’s tongue felt so good licking his head, darting out to get the drops of precum that she was pushing out of him with her tight tit fuck. His cock began to throb in her cleavage and Jewel just rubbed his cock harder.

“You like that baby? You like feeling my big tits around your cock?” Jewel moaned, her pussy dripping down her thighs. “Ooooooooh I love feeling you pulse in between them! Mmmm making me so fucking wet!”

“Yesss ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss I love your tits, Jewel,” Danny groaned. “They’re so fucking big! Mmmmm they feel so good around my cock! Ohhhh fuck I’m gonna come soon if you keep doing that! I’m gonna come all over your big, sexy tits!”

Part of Jewel wanted that. She wanted to squeeze her lover’s cock between her breasts until he shot his load all over them, making them so sticky for one of her sexy girlfriends to lick off. But the more Jewel looked around at her friends, the more she didn’t want this to end too quickly. It made her want even more than she was already giving Danny.

Jewel’s eyes couldn’t help but dart over to her right where Christina was on her back, getting drilled hard by Steve. The actress’ tattooed tits shook and lurched with each hard thrust into her pussy and Jewel watched intently, licking her lips as she watched Christina clawing at Steve’s bare back, imploring him to go deeper. Her nails made marks on his back and Jewel envied the hot passion that had to be pumping in her veins as she scratched at his skin and begged him loudly to fuck her without mercy.

But that passion was nothing compared to what Jewel saw over to her left as Alyssa put them both to shame. She was done sucking cock and Jewel felt positively prudish next to her. She was giving her lover a tit fuck while Alyssa was off getting herself double penetrated by her boy toys.

Jewel marveled at her gorgeous housemate as she frantically rode the white guy, pushing herself down onto his huge, hard cock and filling her pussy up with it. She made sure he went deep and she tossed her head back, moaning wickedly as she was filled, but that wasn’t the only thing stimulating her. As she rode the white guy’s cock, the black guy was behind Alyssa licking her asshole, spitting into it and then bathing it with his talented tongue, rimming her tightest hole and getting her ready for what she desired.

“Fuck me!” Alyssa demanded lustfully, her face sticky with sweat, her dark hair clinging to her flushed forehead. “Get that cock inside my ass while your friend stuffs my cunt! Fuck! I want you both inside me! Fuck me stud! Don’t even think about saying you won’t! You know you fucking want it as bad as I do! Take my pink ass with that big, black cock and make me fucking loose just like your friend is doing to my hot little puss!”

The man had absolutely no intention of saying he didn’t want this. Not wanting to fuck Alyssa Milano’s ass was a sign of pure insanity and he was quite sane, thank you. Pulling his mouth away and leaving Alyssa’s puckered hole wet, the man got up behind her and pushed the head of his cock into her ass, slowly penetrating her.


As she said this, Alyssa was looking right at Lauren, as their hostess sucked and fucked her two guys. She wanted to make sure Lauren knew that she might have known how to throw a great party, but she and Rose were still the bigger sluts and proud of it. The friendly rivalry between them wasn’t going to be settled tonight, but Alyssa wanted the woman to make sure she knew she wasn’t about to give up her crown quite yet.

Alyssa thrashed between the two men, their hot bodies sandwiching her as they fucked her deep. Alyssa’s ass didn’t take long to grow accustomed to the cock pushing into her and that allowed the man to put more strength into his thrusts, taking her deep as the white guy just lay back and let Alyssa ride his cock frantically, her tight, dripping cunt sucking in as many inches as it could as he reached up to squeeze her bouncing tits, kneading the fleshy mounds in his hands and making Alyssa scream more.

“OHHHHHHHHHH SHITTTTTTTTTTTT!!!” Alyssa cried, shutting her eyes as her body was rocked by more inches disappearing up her ass while she held onto the white man’s shoulder below her for leverage as she pushed herself down as hard as she could onto him. “AHHHHHHHHHH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!! OOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKKKKK YOU’RE BOTH SO FUCKING BIGGGGGGG!!!”

“Am I hurting you?” the black man asked. He loved fucking Alyssa’s ass, but he knew with a big cock he had to be careful. He didn’t want to cause any of his lover’s pain and that meant making sure you weren’t giving too much.


Jewel had seen Alyssa ferocious with passion before, but never like that. It was almost like she was possessed by wicked lust and it made Jewel so wet to see Alyssa like that, living completely for the moment and wanting nothing more than to get fucked. Watching her made Jewel feel even more like a lightweight for being afraid to give her pussy to the cute twin fucking her.

Though she had done a lot with guys, Jewel had never had two men at once. She’d fantasized about it, but no opportunities had ever come her way. It had seemed something more out of a porn movie than real life, but Jewel was watching her housemate relish such a threesome and it made her wetter by the second.

Jewel had always loved to watch and Alyssa just looked amazing, her gorgeous body sandwiched by two men with big cocks, shoving them up her holes as she cried out for more and her whole body shook.

Jewel barely felt Danny’s cock sliding between her tits now. She was too captivated by staring at Alyssa thrashing between the two men as she dreamed of taking Danny inside her pussy while giving his brother a go at her ass. Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss…both brothers drilling her with their big cocks, just like what was happening to Alyssa.

But that would have meant stealing Steve away from Christina and Jewel didn’t want to do that to her new friend. Besides Jewel knew she wasn’t in the right mindset to make big decisions involving doing things she’d never done before like getting herself double penetrated. You never went grocery shopping when you were hungry, did you? So why make big sex decisions when you were horny? Of course she had thrown herself into that first orgy in Malibu when she’d been more horny than she even was now. So maybe this was the right time to indulge.

Jewel was really getting confused, her pussy like a waterfall as she watched Alyssa get her pussy and ass stuffed. But she did know one thing. She couldn’t just let Danny take her tits and then call it a day. She had to have more and she released his cock from between her big, soft breasts.

“Huh? What?” Danny moaned, pretty confused himself now. He’d been getting so close to coming and now Jewel was stopping. Why? But the answer to that was quickly revealed.

“Do you want to fuck me baby?” Jewel purred, lying back and spreading her legs so she could paw at her wet pussy. “Do you want to fuck my tight pussy? Do you want to be the first man in ages to fuck me?”

“Oh fuck yes,” Danny answered immediately in complete lust for Jewel. His desire was so obvious that Jewel couldn’t help but giggle as she started slapping her own pussy, loving how it stung and made her tits giggle when she spanked herself.

“Then stick it in me,” Jewel urged. “Get that big cock inside my pussy! Fuck me like your brother is fucking Christina! Don’t let him make her come while I’m still waiting for you to fill me! Danny baby, this is a limited offer. Mmmmm get that dick inside me before I chicken out and get back to just eating pussy!”

Jewel was right to prey on a sense of sibling rivalry between the brothers. Danny was not about to be outdone by his twin. If his brother was going to make Christina Ricci come by fucking her, then he sure as hell wasn’t about to leave Jewel hanging.

Danny was between her legs in a second, spreading them open and slinging them over his shoulders. He lined his cock up with Jewel’s cunt and she moaned wantonly for him.

“Fuck me!” Jewel begged. “Take my pussy and make it yours baby! Give my pretty pink pussy some real cock! AHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOH!!!”

Jewel cried out in an ecstasy she hadn’t felt in years as a real cock pushed into her pussy again. She was so wet that Danny’s cock didn’t meet much resistance from her tightness and soon he was buried inside her, fucking her passionately and making her big, beautiful tits bounce like it was an earthquake.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeeee!!!” Jewel demanded over and over again, her head thrashing on the carpet as her hands reached back to squeeze her lover’s ass and keep his cock deep inside her. “Yessssssssssss ooooooooooooh fuck me babyyyyyyyyy!!! Yeahhhh give me that big cock!!! Oooooooooooooooh!!!”

Seeing so many of their housemates go cock crazy would have been a wild sight for them to witness, but since Love and Rose weren’t just watching anymore, they had their own fun to concentrate on. The parlor was soaked with sex and it was irresistible. Since there were so many hot guys there, Love and Rose just couldn’t stand there watching. They had to join in the girl on guy debauchery.

Of course, holding true to past patterns, that meant Love got to have her way with one of the boys while Rose enjoyed the show. Love had a man lying flat on his back and her nude body was bent over his so she could suck his cock, bobbing her wet, skilled mouth up and down his thick meat as she played with his balls, caressing them with her sexy fingers and making him stiffen even more in her mouth. As she did this, Love was giving her new friend her sexiest stare, letting her lust filled eyes say how much she wanted his cock while her mouth was otherwise occupied.

While Love was feeding herself, Rose had her hands all over her own body, squeezing her own tits with one and burying the other between her legs so she could finger herself, pushing two, then three fingers into her cunt and jilling away.

Rose wasn’t usually much of a voyeur. She couldn’t stand just watching when she had the chance to join in, but when it came to seeing Love with a man, Rose couldn’t help herself. That kind of show demanded her rapt attention.

“Ooooooooh yeahhhhh suck that cock! Suck it in your hot mouth just like that you little fucking slut!” Rose urged. “Ohhhhhhh damn Love! Mmmmmm baby, you look so hot sucking that cock! Just like you did when you fucked all those guys right in front of me! You got me so fucking wet that night Love mmmmm and you’re doing it again baby! You’re making my pussy drip by sucking that big cock into your slutty little mouth!”

That only fueled Love on more. She moved up to suck the head of the man’s pulsing cock, wrapping her lips around the sensitive, full tip as she drooled her saliva all the way down his shaft, spreading it around with her soft, sexy hand until his whole cock was coated in her spit. But the guy was almost secondary to Love’s concerns. Knowing she was turning Rose on by doing this was what was getting her hot.

Not that Love didn’t enjoy the hell out of what she was doing. Just like that hot night in New Mexico, Love relished this rare opportunity to be with a guy. She had always loved sucking cock and it was always good to work her rust off and show that she still knew all the ways to make a man come. And she definitely wanted to make this guy come. He was really cute and had a nice, big cock for her. Love was just happy she’d had a chance to grab him before someone else did.

“What’s your name baby?” Love asked sexily as she bathed her tongue all over her lover’s cock, licking every inch of his hard, pink flesh. Unlike a lot of the others, Love never could have gone through this without knowing his name. It would have been too impersonal.

The man just groaned in response. Love was doing such a good job sucking his cock that he was literally having trouble remembering his own name. Finally it came back to him, but if she asked him anything else then he knew he was in trouble.

“It’s Jake…Jake’s my name,” he managed to stammer out before groaning again as Love went back to sucking his cock, wrapping her lips around his slick head and pushing her head downward, taking his inches down her throat and loving the taste of the precum which was already starting to drool out for her.

“Whoa, didn’t mean to throw you there with such a tough question there Jake,” Rose teased, causing Love to give a muffled giggle as she fed herself. “All the blood must be long gone from your brain. Hmmmm I wonder where on Earth it could be going.”

Rose took her hand off her tits and sat up so she could caress Love’s bare ass while she went deeper and deeper on Jake, rubbing his balls as she wetly sucked him, drool seeping past her lips and onto his cock. Rose had such a great seat for this show and she made sure Love knew she appreciated it by softly touching her ass and then moving her fingers over to her smooth slit and toying with the lips of her already soaked pussy while she kept up the same sexy touch on her own wetness.

As she did that, Rose couldn’t help but cast an eye toward Jake too. He had neat black hair that was quickly becoming mighty mussed as he ran his hand through it as he sought any outlet for the energy that Love’s blowjob was making pulse through him. Love had definitely picked a good one. He was athletic without being too muscular and by just lying back and letting Love work him over to her desires, he showed he knew he was damn lucky to be getting treated like this. To Rose, this was definitely a positive and his handsome face and soft, sexy eyes reminded her a lot of her lawyer Jason.

But as soon as that thought popped into her head, Rose shoved it out and made herself focus on the one problem she saw with Jake. He was handsome and had a big cock, but he also looked like he should have still been in high school.

“How old are you?” Rose asked, her hands still rubbing herself and Love at the same time.

With his cock being expertly sucked by Jennifer Love Hewitt and her fingers rubbing her own saliva all over his balls, answering that relatively simple question was another challenge to Jake. But after a few groans he was able to do it.

“21…ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssss…mmmmmmmmm God you’re so hot Jennifer,” Jason groaned. “Ohhhhh God you’re sucking my cock better than anyone ever has!”

“Call her Love,” Rose said before Love could, making the actress’ lips curl into a grateful smile around Jake’s throbbing cock. “Fuck…21? Shit, man Lauren is robbing the fucking cradle now. You look like you’re barely old enough to vote, dude. Tell me, Jake? Are you a virgin? Is this the first time you’ve gotten this big cock of yours sucked?”

“What? No!” Jake replied, not sure how to take Rose’s teasing. But any annoyance he might have felt about her apparent desire to play 20 Questions was alleviated by the pleasure he felt from Love releasing his cock from her mouth with a wet pop so she could push it up toward his stomach and lick under and around it.

“Mmmmm but I’ll bet this is the first time you’ve ever had this cock sucked by sexy Jennifer Love Hewitt isn’t it?” Rose grinned. “Isn’t she hot? Doesn’t my slutty little Love suck cock so good? Mmmmm she’s so fucking hot when she goes cock crazy. I give her all the pussy she could ever want, but I guess a girl still needs some meat every now and then. Not me though. You’re cute baby, but I don’t do boys.”

However, even as she said it, Rose couldn’t help but eye Jake over from head to toe. She had almost been mean to the boys in Paradise when she’d kept them from having a go at her, but here she was feeling playful and couldn’t keep her eyes off Jake’s hot body as Love sucked him back down her greedy throat, slurping away wetly at his meat. Rose even pulled her hand up away from her own pussy and pressed her juicy fingers to Jake’s lips.

“Lick,” Rose commanded. “Taste how wet I’m getting watching Love suck your hot cock. Oooooh yessss that’s a good boy. Taste the fingers I just had jammed up my pussy! Mmmm lick them clean. You’re the first dude to get his tongue on me in so fucking long, but that’s all you’re gonna get Jake. Enjoy those fingers, cause that’s all you’ll be tasting!”

But that wasn’t what Love wanted and when she pulled her mouth up off Jake again she made that clear.

“Noooo, I want you to have him too,” Love protested. “I want to see you get fucked this time Rose! Please Rose! I wanted that so bad when we were with all those cops! I wanted to see you suck cock and get your pussy fucked like mine was! Ughhhhhh I wanted to see that so fucking bad! Please Rose! Please share his cock with me!”

“What? For real Love?” Rose asked, her eyebrow arching as she pulled her fingers out of Jake’s mouth and got closer to her housemate again. “No way! Sorry Love. This pussy is a cock free zone now. No boys allowed. Same with the mouth. No boys. You’re just gonna have to go without seeing that little show.”

Love pouted at being denied and Rose could never resist a look like that, so she leaned in and kissed her housemate passionately, making Jake moan even more as he saw the two gorgeous celebrities make out, their tongues pressing together as they kissed and reflexively touched each other’s bare bodies. Rose deepened the kiss when she tasted cock on Love’s breath, treating herself to what had once been a common flavor for her.

“Mmmmm he does taste pretty good,” Rose giggled when she broke the kiss, grinning at how naughty it felt to her to be tasting cock from Love’s kiss.

“See! You want it just as bad as I do!” Love playfully accused. “C’mon Rose! It’ll be so fucking hot! I wanna see it! I wanna see you with a man! Fuck, I’ve been wanting that for so long!”

“Nope,” Rose insisted even as Love threw a series of “pleases” in. “Not going to happen Love.”

“But he’s so yummy,” Love said, wrapping her hand around Jake’s cock again and leaning down to slurp up the white drop of precum leaking out of his head. “You’re just doing this to be mean now! You know how bad I want it!”

Jake was being treated like he was just a toy for them to play with and they were having this conversation without a word of input from him, but when it came to getting his cock sucked like this, Jake didn’t mind being excluded a bit.

Love continued to beg and Rose continued to hold firm to her “no cocks” policy when Love was suddenly struck by an inspiration.

“If I can deep throat him, will you play with him too?” Love asked.

“Huh?” Rose replied. “You serious?”

“Mmmmhmm,” Love said. “If I can deep throat this cock. I want you to promise you’ll give me what I want. You’ll put on a real show for me with Jake! You’ll suck and fuck him!”

Rose let her eyes drift down once again to Jake’s cock. She didn’t have a ruler with her, but by the looks of him he was north of eight inches, maybe even nine. It was a real slab of cock meat and knowing Love had never been able to fit all of Mr. Snappy in her mouth, Rose felt like she had a winning hand here.

“Deal,” Rose said, relishing the challenge. “And if I win and you can’t do it, you’re gonna be my little sex slave for the week and you can never ask me to do any Christmas decorating again for the rest of our lives.”

“Deal,” Love agreed, smiling with glee. “Mmmm you’re gonna look so hot getting this cock inside you Rose.”

Love had no evidence to believe she could do this, but she knew she could. Sure she’d never gotten all of Mr. Snappy down before when she’d sucked it and she’d fallen short earlier with Erica’s strap on, but Love knew she could do it to Jake. He was long and thick, but she believed in herself. She’d wanted to see Rose with a man since that night when they’d been in jail together and her fantasy had only gotten stronger since then.

She had always wanted to deep throat a cock like this. She had done it with guys before, but they’d been smaller. Now that seeing what she had longed for was at stake, Love was more committed then ever to being able to deep throat a big cock. She blew Rose a kiss and turned her attention back to Jake, caressing his cock and asking for a little something from him.

“Promise not to come yet baby,” Love pleaded. “Please Jake. Let me do this to you first and I promise you’ll come better and harder than you ever have before!”

“Ok…ok…I promise,” Jake said, willing to agree to anything if it meant Love getting her mouth back on his cock.

And his words did just that. Love spit a fresh coat of her saliva onto him, making Jake wet for her and she let her mouth do the rest. She sucked the first few inches down easily and then the hard work began. She pushed her head down over more than half of his cock and her gag reflex began to kick in. God she wished she didn’t have one. If only she could have been Briana Banks, just for a day. Then she could have deep throated this cock and anyone else’s without breaking a sweat.

But she was just Jennifer Love Hewitt and she very much had a gag reflex. She wasn’t about to let it stop her, though. Not when triumphing over it meant she would be able to see Rose suck cock. Love summoned all her resolve and kept her hand around Jake’s cock, forcing more of it down her throat as she began to choke slightly on it, coughing and spitting more onto it as she went past ¾ of the thick, pink prick.

“Holy shit,” Rose marveled as she saw how serious Love was about this. She had assumed her housemate was joking, but there was nothing joking about her actions now.

Love desperately wanted to make this happen and, even though Rose knew full well what was on the line, she couldn’t help but encourage her friend. She looked too hot doing this for her to ever be able to resist.

“Ohhhhhh baby,” Rose moaned, running her fingers softly through Love’s soft, dark hair and caressing her bare back. “Mmmm suck it all the way down! Suck that big fucking cock into your mouth! You can do it Love! You’re the hottest little cocksucker I’ve ever seen! Suck that big dick down! Swallow it like the whore you know you are baby! Ohhhhhhh fuck Love! You’re actually doing it!”

Even though she was starting to get just a little bit dizzy and it was hard to concentrate on anything but the big cock she was shoving down her throat, Love took Rose’s encouragement right to heart and it made her want this even more. She loved that Rose was into this too, not because she was horny for cock, even though Love believed she secretly was, but because Rose knew it was her fantasy. Rose clearly wanted her fantasy to come true over anything else and that meant so much to Love.

The emotion surging through her veins just made her more eager to get all of Jake’s thick, hard meat down her throat. She was breathing hard through her nose, gulping in oxygen through her nostrils as she fought back her choking and pushed more and more of Jake’s cock into her mouth. Tears were forming in her eyes and were starting to drip down her cheeks, but she wasn’t stopping. Not for anything. Not when she was so close.

It was actually easier to do this to Jake than it was for a toy, even one she loved as much as Mr. Snappy. When it was flesh and blood down her throat, Love could feel it pulse and feed her little blasts of precum. That was one hell of an encouragement and knowing she was making Jake feel good was a better feeling than going down on a hunk of plastic. She was so far down his shaft now that there wasn’t any room for her hand anymore and Love pulled it off him to reach down for his balls, playing with them as she wetly sucked, slurping down another inch as she gasped for breath in the process.

The closer she got, the more Rose marveled at Love’s commitment to pulling this off and she felt Jake should be doing more to help. After all it was his cock that was being sucked.

“Hey! Don’t just lie there!” Rose chastised, giving Jake’s bare nipple a pinch for good measure. “Help her! Get your hand on the back of her head! Push her down on that dick of yours! Help her suck it down!”

Jake’s mind was quickly turning into toast from the sheer fact that Jennifer Love Hewitt was an inch or so from deep throating him. Not even when he had signed onto this party did he imagine anything like this was going to happen. But his distraction from the pleasure wasn’t so total that he didn’t respond to Rose’s urging.

He pushed his hand on the back of Love’s head as she tried to choke back more of his cock, so close and yet so far to reaching her goal. He didn’t push her head down too hard. No girl had ever deep throated him before and he didn’t want to hurt her. But his touch was firm and guiding and soon both of his hands were on her head as she tried to get the last bit of him down her mouth, noisily moaning and slurping away at his length.

And as he did this, Rose helped the best way she knew how, pressing her lips to Love’s ear and whispering horny words to her.

“Suck it baby!” Rose urged lustfully. “Ooooooh you horny bitch! You’re gonna really make me do it, aren’t you? You’re gonna deep throat that huge fucking cock and make me fuck it! You dirty little slut! Is that what you want? That big cock pushing past my pretty lips? Mmmmm both sets of lips. Oooooh you’d love that, wouldn’t you Love? Me sucking that cock and then getting it deep inside my little pink cunt. Ooooh it’s been sooooo long since I had a boy in my pussy and you know it. But that’s all you wanna see. You wanna see me give my pussy up to a man, you filthy little fucking slut. Naughty bitch, you’re gonna pay for this! Mmmmmmm suck that cock down and I’ll fucking do it Love! I’ll give it all up for him! I’ll give you just what you want to see!”

Rose knew this was what Love wanted to hear and she was right on the money. It was the lewd encouragement she needed as she spit reflexively onto Jake’s cock, bobbing down deeper and deeper, making wet choking noises with each inch that disappeared into her mouth. She was almost there, tears flowing openly from her eyes from the choking, and Rose’s words were doing more for her than even Jake’s guiding hands on her head.

Love wanted this. She wanted it more than any sexual challenge she’d ever taken on. She wanted it more than she’d wanted those six hot guys to shower her in cum. Love wanted every bit of Jake’s cock inside her and she wanted it now. With one last push she choked it back and wetly and noisily swallowed the final inch, resting her nose against the dark curls of Jake’s bush and her chin against his cum swollen balls with every inch of his cock inside her.

“Ohhhhh fuck Love!” Rose groaned, fingering herself again as Love wetly sucked it all down. “Mmmmmmmm you nasty fucking cocksucker! You’re so fucking hot Love! So goddamn fucking sexy!”

With a triumphant gasp, Love pulled herself off Jake’s cock, leaving it completely coated in spit and bobbing straight up in the air as she frantically gasped for breath, gulping it in through her mouth as fast as her lungs could take it. She was smiling as she gasped, her eyes wide and flushed with her victory and eagerness to see Rose make good on her promise.

“Now you,” Love said, her words coming in bursts as her tits heaved from her breathing and her hands messily wiped her tears away. “Fuck him Rose! Look how hard that cock is now! It’s about to fucking burst! I wanna see him in your pussy! I wanna see you get fucked by that big cock!”

Rose was still more than a little stunned that she had found herself in a position like this. She didn’t quite know what to do next.

“You first,” Rose said. “I want him to fuck you. I want to see your little, tight pussy get fucked just like in New Mexico.”

“No fair! You promised!” Love protested, still trying to catch her breath. “You can’t back out on me now! You’re not getting out of this!”

“Who said I was getting out of anything?” Rose purred, pressing her bare tits to Love’s back as she kissed her housemate’s neck and felt up her gasping chest from behind, calming Love down and making her moan. “Mmmmm I just want to get that hard cock of his get all creamy with your juices first.”

The sound of that had Love smiling and Rose’s touch never failed to make her feel good. So she didn’t fight it. She just turned her head and kissed Rose lovingly before turning her attention back to Jake.

“How about it baby? You think you can keep that cock hard long enough to fuck us both?” Love asked as she crawled toward him, her tits swaying with every move.

“Sure…absolutely,” Jake lied. He had no idea how he had made it this far without coming and the prospect of keeping his orgasm at bay long enough to fuck both of these gorgeous girls seemed too daunting a task. But he was afraid if he couldn’t they’d just go and find someone who could, so he agreed.

Rose let out a sigh of relief as Love got on top of Jake and got herself ready to take a ride on his cock. Love had bought her excuse. The truth was Rose was simply stalling for time because she had no idea what she should do here. How had she gotten herself in a position where she was going to have to fuck a man?

At first she had agreed because she had never thought Love would be able to choke down all those inches. But Love had gotten it done like a champion cocksucker, just like all those porn stars she idolized so. And it had looked so hot and Love had wanted it so bad that Rose had been unable to resist encouraging her, but now that she was faced down with the prospect of having to give up her pussy to a man, Rose felt like she’d bitten off more than she could chew.

It had been so long since she had been with a man. Longer than anyone at the mansion. Since that day when Sarah and Love had broken into her trailer, Rose had only craved and sought a woman’s touch. It wasn’t like she hated men or anything. It was just that her eyes had been opened to the fact that women fucked better and made her come harder than men could and that was all she wanted or needed. It was as simple as that.

But now it looked like the fast was going to be broken and Rose found herself flustered by the idea. She considered dodging her responsibility, but that would have meant breaking a promise to Love and Rose didn’t want to do that. So what should she do? Just lie back and let this dude she’d never met have a go at her pussy?

Jake was cute though, at least. And that cock did look really big as Love pushed herself down on him, penetrating herself with it and moaning in ecstasy as it entered her pussy with a tight squish. Rose began wondering what it felt like to have this hot stud inside her. It had been so long since she had been fucked by a man and soon she was caressing her tits while she watched Love ride him.

That night in New Mexico, all of Rose’s thoughts had been on how hot Love looked, not on any of the guys. But now Rose was focusing less on how sexy Love’s bouncing tits were as she began riding Jake. She found herself staring at her housemate’s pussy lips wrapped around his big, thick pink cock and wishing it was her pussy that was getting stuffed like that.

Wait! What the fuck was she thinking? Rose nearly slapped herself for that. But then her brain asked her another question. Why was she resisting? Did she think boys had cooties or something? Sure she’d been all into girls for years now, but it wasn’t like she hadn’t enjoyed sex with men all those times before. Men hadn’t been able to keep up with her ever, like other girls could, but she’d gotten off from them when they’d been good enough.

Would it be so bad if she, tonight and just for tonight, did something off the beaten path? Being with men had once been the most natural sex act in the world for her. Rose had loved sucking cock, knowing she had all the power to make them come. She had loved the feel of a hard cock inside her as long as the man knew how to use it right. She’d never had any resistance to giving up her pussy, and even her ass, to hot, deserving boys.

But what had once been all she knew was now a distant memory. Now she was all into girls only. But it wouldn’t be so bad if she slipped back into old habits for one night, would it? After all, she had promised Love she would. And she always kept her promises to her friends.

Rose actually felt nervous. She hadn’t felt nervous about fun, consensual sex like this since she’d first figured out how to use her body for fun and recreation. But the very idea of letting a man fuck her now was making her feel like a virgin all over again. She felt anxious and unsure of herself, even a little scared…just like she had that first time with Sarah and Love when they had made her feel things she had never dreamed a lover could.

Was that the reason she was scared? Because that time had changed her life so dramatically? Did she honestly think that if she let Jake fuck her, she wouldn’t be into girls anymore just like she hadn’t been into men anymore after Sarah and Love had gotten through with her? That was ridiculous. Wasn’t it?

If she let a real cock inside her, was she somehow going to be less into the soft, wet pussies of her housemates? If she sucked dick and tasted man cum was she somehow going to lose interest in sucking her friends’ big, sexy tits, nibbling on their swollen nipples and pushing her fingers and tongue and toys into their tight little holes, making them see there was no one quite as sexy as her?

That was impossible and as if to prove it, Rose grabbed Love and kissed her hungrily, jamming her tongue into her housemate’s mouth while her hands caressed her face. She was always going to be into girls, she insisted to herself over and over as she kissed Love, and nothing was going to change that.

Love moaned in bliss into Rose’s mouth as they kissed, their tongues rubbing together as pleasure filled her. She was in absolute heaven from this, a hard cock up her tight pussy and the soft, sexy tongue of one of her beautiful female lovers caressing hers. Ohhhhhh yesssssssssss Love loved being bi. There was nothing better than men and women getting turned on for her.

Love had no idea the conflict that was going on inside Rose. Her friend was always up for anything, so Love just assumed she’d be as immediately into it as she’d been that night in jail when she’d ended her own fast from boys. She didn’t think for a second that Rose was actually doubting herself.

“Ooooooh Rose…mmmm gawwwwwwd this cock feels so fucking good inside me!” Love cried out when their kiss ended, saliva dribbling down both of their chins. “Oh fuck oh fuck ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss mmmmmmmmmmm that’s it Jake baby! Fuck my little fucking pussy! Mmmmmmmmm Rose you’re gonna love feeling this inside you! He fucks so good! Ohhhhhh yessssssss Jake! You like this baby? You like feeling me ride your fucking cock? You like feeling my little tight pussy wrapped around your big cock?”

“Yeahhhhhhh ohhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhh of course!” Jake groaned, resisting the temptation to add a “duh” after that. He had never fucked a girl as hot as Love before. Her pussy was so wet and tight. It was just perfect and he was shocked he hadn’t come yet. “Ohhhh you’re so hot Love! Mmmmm you’re making my cock even harder! I love you riding me! It feels so fucking good!”

Rose eyed the two of them together with growing interest, her hand drifting back down between her legs to pet her now dripping pussy. God, they looked so hot together. Jake was squeezing Love’s bare ass while she rode him and her tits were hovering right above his face.

“Suck her tits,” Rose commanded, reaching up to use her free hand on Jake’s chest, softly playing with his hair and teasing his nipples. “Suck my friend’s big tits! Make her come! Make her come by fucking her pussy and stuffing her full of that hard cock of yours! Make Love come and you’ll get to fuck me too!”

As Rose said this she started to tongue Jake’s nipples before biting down on one of them, not too hard, but enough to make him wince and groan. But lest he think that she was all mean, she pressed her lips to his and kissed him. It wasn’t as passionate as the kiss she gave Love, but it was still tender and sexy and Rose rubbed her tongue against his while she continued to play with herself.

When she pulled away, Rose pushed Love down further so her tits were shoved into Jake’s face and, just as he’d been ordered to, he started sucking them, licking her nipples and then taking them between her lips as Love moaned in delight.

“Come all over his cock,” Rose urged in Love’s ear. “Soak his big cock with your juice baby. I wanna lick it all off him before he fucks me! You like the sound of that Love? You like thinking of me sucking that big dick into my mouth and tasting your hot cum all over it? Mmmm me licking your cream off his cock before he fucks me and gives me the first dick I’ve had in years!”

“Oooooooooh yessssssssssss…mmmmmmmm want that sooooooo bad,” Love cried as she rode Jake harder, working more of his cock into her as he gripped her ass and sucked on her tits. “I want you to fuck him Rose! I want you to take on all of these fucking studs here just like I did that night! I want them all to fuck you and take your mouth and your tits and your pussy and your ass and have them come all over you so you’ve got sticky, white cum all over your hot body, dripping on your skin just like I did! Mmmmmm I want you to be a gangbanged little whore just like I was!”

Rose knew she wasn’t going to go that far tonight. But the more she saw him fucking Love, the more the idea of taking on Jake didn’t seem so bad to her. Why couldn’t she have a man once in a while? It wasn’t against the fucking law. She could let that cock inside her and still be able to take on all her housemates, screw them silly and leave them gasping and moaning for more as girl cum leaked out of their well fucked cunts.

Love and Rose started kissing again as she thrust herself down onto Jake, crying in pleasure each and every time she did so, getting louder with every thrust he gave right back to her, their bodies locked together and working perfectly in synch. Knowing Rose was going to have him next and that she’d be able to see what she’d fantasized about for so long just made Love want to come more and when Jake’s cock hit her g-spot just right, she didn’t look to push her orgasm off. She went right for it.


Jake began pushing up harder into Love. This forced him to pull away from her tits and Rose quickly swooped in to take over. She grabbed her housemate’s breasts and tongued her swollen, already wet nipples, with wickedly fast and wet tongue strokes, massaging them and making Love cry out even louder as she met Jake’s thrusts and fucked herself on his cock.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKK!!!” Love screamed as she came, the feel of Jake’s cock buried inside her as Rose sucked her sensitive nipples combining in a surge of ecstasy that pushed her right over the edge. “YESSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOH AHHHHHHHHHH MMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSSSS I’M MAKING HIS COCK ALL CREAMY FOR YOU ROSE!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOH GAWWWWWWWD YOU FUCK SO GOOD BABY!!! YOU’RE GONNA LOVE HIM ROSE!!! YOU’RE GONNA LOVE HIS BIG COCK DEEP INSIDE YOU!!!”

With each and every ecstatic scream that poured out of Love’s orgasming mouth, Rose found the last vestiges of her resistance fading. There was no good reason to deny herself this. She was attracted to Jake. He had a great cock. He was definitely making Love come. It didn’t make any sense to deny herself this. Why deny herself pleasure just because she felt she had to act a certain way? Just because she’d gotten some kind of reputation as a lesbian goddess didn’t mean she had always act that way if she didn’t want to.

But all that logic still didn’t convince her. It had been so long. She hadn’t even been into guys, much less fucked one in years. What if it didn’t feel right anymore? What if she didn’t like how it felt? What if men just couldn’t get her off anymore?

As all these questions and doubts filled her mind, Rose knew there was only one way to find out. So as soon as Love pulled herself off of Jake, setting herself down on the floor on her bare ass, smiling and sweating, Rose pounced before she could find a way to talk herself out of this.

“You are about to become the luckiest fucking guy on the planet, so don’t fuck it up by blowing your load before I’ve had my fun,” Rose said with an absolutely wicked smile as she took Jake’s cock in her hand and wrapped her lips around it, sucking the girl cum coated prick right into her mouth without a second’s more delay.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck!!!” Jake groaned, his hands grabbing frantically at the carpet as he lay back and got his sensitive cock sucked just seconds after one of the most beautiful women in the world had come all over him. To go from Jennifer Love Hewitt to Rose McGowan was almost too much for him to take. How could he not come from this?

Jake was absolutely hypnotized by the sight of Rose attacking his cock like a famished she beast. She had his shaft in her soft hand and was bobbing her mouth down on it, sucking him inside before she pulled off with a gasp and began using her tongue. Rose ran her wet tongue over every inch of his cock, licking off Love’s juices and getting herself the full taste of his meat.

“Mmmmm yum, coated in girl…just how I like it,” Rose grinned before she resumed wetly slurping Jake’s cock, her saliva dripping down to his balls as she worked him over eagerly.

The sound of Rose’s wet, sloppy blowjob had Love smiling and staring. She couldn’t believe Rose was actually sucking cock. Oh God, it was even hotter than she imagined it would be. Rose looked so beautiful wrapping her pink lips around that big cock and even though she’d just come, Love felt herself getting wet again already. She began rubbing her pussy as she stared at her housemate doing the one thing none of them had ever thought she would, sucking off a man.

“Oooooh yessssssss suck him Rose! Suck that big, hot cock!” Love groaned as she rubbed her still trembling pussy. “Mmmmmm make it wet and nasty! Give him a slutty blowjob like you make us do before you fuck us with Mr. Snappy! Oooooooh Rose baby you look soooooooo hot sucking cock! Mmmmm fuck I’m gonna come from watching you! Yesssssss make it a nasty blowjob Rose! Make me fuck myself watching you suck cock!”

Rose was getting pretty fucking wet herself just from sucking Jake’s thick meat, but knowing Love was enjoying the show that much just made her want it more. Mmmmm Rose groaned as she took her free hand and pushed it back between her legs, rubbing her own pussy as she wetly sucked, spitting down onto Jake and slurping off her own saliva and her friend’s juices as she tasted cock for the first time in what felt like forever. God it felt so weird to be sucking cock again after so long, but it was so very hot too to fall back into her old habits.

She was giving Jake such a wet and thorough blowjob that it wasn’t long before Rose had licked off every drop of Love’s essence. So it was just her and his cock after that and Rose smiled while sucking, bobbing her head up and down and knowing it was futile to pretend that she didn’t absolutely love what she was doing. Sure, she was going to play this off as no big deal when she was done, but she knew she was going to be in for a lot of teasing from her housemates once they realized what she was up to.

Hearing Jake and Love both moan from what she was doing had Rose making some happy, passionate sounds of her own, but they were all muffled by the cock filling her mouth. Mmmmm Jake was nice and thick and she had always loved it when men stuffed her mouth, making her so crazed for cock that she couldn’t stand to wait another second before getting herself fucked. Doing this again had Rose remembering all the fun times she’d had sucking men off, tasting their hard cocks and their creamy cum. It had been awhile, but the old habits hadn’t left her.

Rose sucked eagerly and wetly, letting her saliva drip down to Jake’s balls as she indulged her rediscovered lust between his legs. One hand was still fused to her pussy as she wantonly rubbed herself and the other was playing with Jake’s balls, running her nails over them, making him tense up slightly with both fear and desire, just how Rose wanted it to be.

She didn’t even try to duplicate Love’s deep throating and she didn’t want to. There was no need to dig deep into her bag of tricks, when too much would have had Jake blowing his load before she wanted him to. And now that Rose had started down this path again, she was going to see it right through to the end.

Rose loved knowing she could make Jake come any time she wanted to. Getting girls off was a fun challenge, but getting guys off was as simple as breathing and Rose knew she could make Jake burst whenever she chose. She relished having that power over him and wasn’t above doing some teasing.

“Wanna come baby?” Rose giggled, rubbing her fingers over his wet shaft, rubbing her saliva even more over his flesh. “You wanna come for Rose?”

“Oh yessss please…please Rose…please make me come,” Jake groaned, finding it so hard to resist grabbing his own cock to stroke it and finish himself off. He was so close, but he knew if he did that he was never going to get a chance to fuck Rose and he wanted that even more than he wanted the instant pleasure of orgasm.

“How do you want to come Jake?” Rose grinned. “Mmmm want to come from me doing this?”

As soon as the words were out of Rose’s mouth she started sucking on his thick cock head and then engulfed him again, taking several of his inches into her mouth and bobbing up and down on it a few times before pulling up with saliva dripping down her chin.

“Or would you rather come from me doing this?” Rose asked before she devilishly bent down and started tonguing his balls, teasing them with her tongue lightly before she really started licking. She teased over every inch of Jake’s cum filled balls with her tongue and as soon as they were soaked with her saliva she sucked one into her mouth and then the other, showing off a tad by sucking both of them in for a brief, tantalizing second before releasing them when Jake started to groan too much.

“Mmmmm there are so many ways I can make you come,” Rose said with her wicked smile at full power. “Maybe I should make you come like this? Mmmmm making you spurt your load all over face! Bad girls get cum on their faces and I’ve been a very bad girl by sucking your big cock!”

Rose stuck her tongue out and wrapped her hand back around Jake’s shaft. She began spanking her own tongue with his cock, sending her own saliva flying back onto her face and making Jake grunt and groan uncontrollably.

“Yesssssssss ohhhhhhhh fuck yesssssssss…mmmm wanna spank your tongue with my cock!” Jake moaned. “Ohhhhhhh fuck you’re good at this Rose!”

“You boys are so easy,” Rose laughed letting Jake go before pulling a very horny Love in for a long, passionate kiss, which of course made Jake moan even more. “Mmmmm so simple to make you come and so many ways to do it. And I haven’t even begun to get naughty with you Jake. Want me to do it? Want me to get really naughty with you?”

“Yeahhhhhh…get naughty Rose…mmmmm fuck you’re so hot!” Jake groaned, not knowing what Rose had in mind and then getting the shock of her life when she took the hand that had been pressed between her legs and pushing it up under his bare ass so she could tease his asshole with her juice coated fingers.

“Heyyyyyy!!!” Jake protested initially before he started moaning wildly again when Rose penetrated him with one of her lubed up fingers, taking him slowly as she began her initial exploration of his hole.

“Oooooooh Rose!” Love squealed in delight as she watched her housemate start to finger the man they were sharing. “That’s so fucking nasty! Mmmmmmmm sooooo hot!”

Rose just grinned and slowly and gently fingered Jake, loving how his whole body tensed up and his cock throbbed from the rather extreme liberty she was taking with his previously unsuspecting body. He wasn’t protesting now, just groaning as her long finger pushed up his hole.

“Dirty boy likes this, huh?” Rose teased, grinning evilly. “Mmmm typical. Dirty boys always love getting their asses fucked. They won’t admit it. They’re too busy trying to fuck our asses to admit they just want us to do them right back! You’re such a dirty boy Jake, your big cock throbbing from me taking your little hole! Mmmm bet you’d come without me even touching that cock of yours again! I just gotta keep my finger up your ass and you’ll fucking spurt that load for Rose!”

Rose didn’t dare add a second finger or even take him even harder. She knew he couldn’t handle it and, besides, she didn’t want him coming quite yet. She just continued to slowly take him with her one slim finger and grinning from ear to ear as he moaned. Boys were so always repressed about this, thinking it made them gay, and in the end Rose always had them coming from it and moaning for more.

She’d always subscribed to the philosophy she’d heard once from porn star and notorious anal slut Alisha Klass. She’d once said to a man, “If a guy is fucking your ass, you’re gay. If I’m fucking your ass, you’re lucky!” Rose definitely believed that, but she hadn’t gone this far just for Jake to be the lucky one. She was looking to get lucky herself.

As Jake winced and continued to throb for her, Rose pulled her finger out of him and immediately pushed it into Love’s mouth. Love was surprised at first, but the nastiness of Rose’s act melted her with desire and she closed her eyes and started sucking her finger.

“Mmmmm filthy little fucking slut,” Rose moaned as she resumed rubbing herself, this time with the other hand. “Suck that finger sweetie. Suck the finger I had up his hot ass! You’re such a dirty girl Love. Mmmm such a dirty girl and I fucking love it baby!”

Rose pulled her finger out of Love’s mouth and kissed her housemate passionately once more. They shared the taste of Jake, but Rose didn’t linger. She knew the guy didn’t have much longer to last so she went for what she wanted and positioned herself just how she’d gotten oh so many of her girlfriends over the years, on her hands and knees.

“Time for you to become the luckiest man in the world,” Rose grinned, turning her head to talk to Jake as she wiggled her bare ass at him, making sure he saw how dripping wet her slit was. “You’re gonna be the first man to fuck me in years Jake! Don’t fucking disappoint me dude! Show me men still have uses other than fixing my car! Show me you know how to use that cock of yours! Show me that a man can still fucking make me come!”

That was a lot of pressure and Jake gulped nervously. He didn’t know if Rose was exaggerating or not about not having a man fuck her in all that time, but he suddenly felt as though he had to defend the good name of his gender. Luckily, Love was much more gentle with him.

“Fuck her Jake!” Love urged, wrapping her arms around his waist and kissing his neck, pushing her swollen tits into him in the process. “Mmmm you can do it baby! You made me feel so fucking good and Rose needs it so bad! She’s fucking soaked for your big cock! She saw how hard you made me come and she wants it too! Gawd, you felt so good inside my little pussy and Rose is gonna be even fucking tighter baby! Fuck her hard! Make her loose and slutty like you made me!”

Love’s words of encouragement and the sight of Rose’s bare ass and weeping slit, juice dripping down her thighs had Jake summoning all his confidence and resolve. He got right behind Rose and rubbed his cock against her cunt lips, immediately coating his head in her juices.

“You want it?” Jake demanded, taking his turn to tease as Love continued kissing his neck and grinding her naked body into his. “You want this fucking cock inside you? You want to get yourself good and fucked?”

“Yeahhhhh!” Rose groaned. “Stop talking about it and start doing it! Fuck me! Give my fucking pussy some cock! Ooooooooh it’s been so fucking long! Fuck my tight little cunt you dirty fucker! Mmmmmmm I’ve been a fucking dyke all these years baby and now you’d better give me that cock to show me what I’ve been missing!!! Give it to me fucking deep!!!”

Rose was definitely tight. She clearly hadn’t been lying about going years without cock. At first Jake thought about taking her slowly and gently, but his instinct told him that Rose would hate that. She didn’t look like she had any interest in any lovemaking. She wanted to be fucked, so he didn’t hold back. He grabbed onto her hips and thrust right into her.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKK!!!” Rose screamed in long forgotten ecstasy. She’d been fucked by a few strap ons since she went all girl, but this felt so different that it had her head spinning from the first thrust inside her. “YEAHHHHHHHH OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSS FUCK ME YOU FUCKING COCK FOR BRAINS MOTHERFUCKER!!! MMMMMMMM BURY THAT COCK INSIDE ME!!! TAKE MY FUCKING CUNT AND MAKE IT CRAVE COCK AGAIN!!! OOOOOH FUCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!! YESSSSSSSS MMMMMM HARDER FUCKER!!! HARDER!!!”

As Love cooed and rubbed her drooling pussy against Jake’s bare ass, humping herself against him as he thrust into Rose, Jennifer thought she was going to faint from everything she was seeing. Jessica…Love…Jewel…Alyssa…all of her beautiful housemates had gone cock crazy! She had never seen anything like this.

And now Rose? Rose with a man? Fucking insane! Jennifer felt like she had to have hit her head or something because this had to be some kind of dream or coma. She couldn’t really be seeing Rose getting herself fucked by a man!

She knew her housemates weren’t all lesbians. Hell she certainly wasn’t. She knew Alyssa still fucked guys for sure and she had loved hearing the story about what had happened to Love in that jail cell. But she had never expected to actually see any of her girlfriends with men. It was so shocking to see them act like that and it left her all kinds of flustered and aroused all at once.

Jennifer felt completely discombobulated as she stood up and rubbed herself raw, plunging her fingers into her pussy and rubbing her clit. Her fingers were already wet with her cum and she’d rubbed her tits almost red from how much she’d been playing with them. She’d dreamed so many times of sharing Brad with her housemates, but it had never happened and she had never really ever expected to see her friends, especially Rose, sucking cock and getting fucked.

It was crazy and hot all at once and Jennifer wanted to watch everyone. She wanted to watch Rose screaming in ecstasy from the first cock inside her in years. She wanted to see Alyssa sandwiched between those two big dicked studs, taking cock in her pussy and ass. She wanted to see Jessica getting fucked from behind while she ate Eva Longoria out voraciously, shiny girl juices making her gorgeous face all slick and slutty. She wanted to see Jewel on her back, taking a hard cock inside her while Christina Ricci was on all fours next to her, sucking her big, bouncing tits while twin brothers fucked them both.

It was so surreal, like she was watching a porn movie and Jennifer felt like she’d stepped into some kind of alternate universe or something. Only Reese was acting normally. Her friend and on-screen sister was locked in a 69 with Heather Graham, both of their blonde heads locked between each other’s legs, feasting on each other’s pussies. Heather was on top of the 69 and Reese was spanking the actress’ bare ass with firm slaps as she screamed out into her pussy from what Heather’s tongue was doing to her.

But Reese was the only one acting like she did at the mansion. The rest of them had all gone for the guys and Jennifer couldn’t help but giggle as her overheated mind compared it to them being taken over by aliens or something, making them lust for cock again. Invasion of the Lesbian Snatchers or something. While it was hot to look at it all and she’d already come multiple times from it, Jennifer couldn’t help but wish things were normal again. She didn’t like dramatic changes like this.

She didn’t go for any of the guys herself. After all that had happened with Brad, Jennifer considered herself on an extended vacation from dudes, but it sure was hot to see them fucking all her friends. Jennifer was captivated by what she saw and didn’t even hear someone coming up behind her until the hands were on her bare ass and a sexy voice was moaning into her ear.

“Mmmm aren’t Lauren’s parties great?” Cameron purred as she caressed her friend’s ass, rubbing Jennifer’s cheeks just the way she knew she loved it.

Jennifer didn’t answer. She was so happy to be touched by anyone that she just turned around and passionately kissed Cameron. Their naked tits rubbed together as Jennifer threw her arms around Cameron, making out furiously with her as Cameron continued to rub her ass.

“Looks like all your friends are having fun,” Cameron said in between kisses. “How come you’re not too?”

With the man they’d been sharing now completely occupied by fucking Kate’s ass, Cameron had seen Jennifer standing around and looking mighty lonely. With Elisha having scampered off in search of some more fun, Cameron had seen the perfect opportunity to make sure her friend was tell tended to and had gone right up to Jennifer, loving the sound of Kate’s grunts and filthily profane moans as her ass was stuffed with cock behind her.

“Mmmmmm I dunno,” Jennifer giggled. “It’s just…well…just not what I expected.”

“Lauren’s always full of surprises,” Cameron grinned. “But I don’t want you just standing here. Let’s have some fun. Mmmmm we don’t need guys to have a good time. I think you and I can make each other feel really, really good.”

“Definitely,” Jennifer agreed, before another thought occurred to her. She hadn’t gotten up just to stand and stare. She had had a mission she’d almost forgotten about.

“I’ve gotta…gotta find Gwen,” Jennifer said, moaning as Cameron continued kissing her and playing with her ass, squeezing her perfect cheeks.

“Well then, let’s find her. Where is she? Who’s she fucking here?” Cameron said, brightening visibly at the idea her twosome could become a threesome. She loved playing with Gwen and she never could get enough of her long legs. Just like her own, Cameron loved a great pair of legs and Gwen definitely had amazing stems. Sharing Jennifer with Gwen sounds like a great idea.

“She left…I don’t know where she went,” Jennifer replied, finding it very hard to concentrate when there was so much going on here. She didn’t know exactly why she was so insistent on finding Gwen, even though she had a pretty good clue.

She wasn’t an idiot. She saw Fluffy was gone too and Jennifer didn’t think he’d left with Christina. She knew there was no reason for someone like Gwen to be missing all the hot action in the parlor unless she had something even better going on. With everything that Gwen had confessed to her that morning, it was pretty easy for Jennifer to figure out whom her friend was with.

But why did she want to find her so badly? What Gwen was doing with Fluffy was her own business and Jennifer didn’t want to pry. Or did she?

Jennifer had to admit that she had been thinking a lot about Gwen and Fluffy that day, wondering what the two of them looked like together and if he was really able to make her feel as good as she had claimed that morning. Did her insistence on wanting to find Gwen meant she wanted Fluffy too? Jennifer didn’t think so, but before that morning she really hadn’t paid much mind to Christina’s bodyguard and after her talk with Gwen she had been staring at him all day, wondering if he knew what she was thinking and that she was picturing him naked and inside Gwen.

She didn’t say any of this to Cameron. She didn’t want to be giving away Gwen’s business and she was so confused that she didn’t want to add to things either. But that didn’t stop Jennifer from wanting the new brunette to come along on their search. When Cameron grabbed her hand, Jennifer didn’t even attempt to stop her.

“Well then lets find her,” Cameron said. “There’s not many places she can hide around here.”

Cameron had been to Lauren’s a few times, so while she wasn’t an expert in the layout of the house or anything, she did have a pretty good idea where things were. And since Lauren was too busy with the two guys she had tending to her needs, Cameron decided to take the liberty of acting as tour guide.

As they walked toward the door to the parlor, the guy Lauren had been sucking tensed up and groaned deeply, causing Lauren to pull his cock from his mouth. As Cameron and Jennifer watched, Whitney swooped in and took the man’s cock in her hand, jerking him off as Lauren sat back in her chair waiting and writhing.

“Come all over her face,” Whitney commanded the man, jerking his cock off, aiming it at the face of her employer. “Shoot your cum all over her perfect face. Give Miss Graham what she wants. Soak her beautiful skin with your cum!”

With another moan, the man did just as the redhead ordered him, unleashing his hot load onto Lauren’s waiting face as she stuck out her tongue to catch as many of the white streams as possible. He fired off several times onto Lauren’s face and as soon as he was done, Whitney was all over her boss, kissing her and licking up all the stray strands of cum on her soft, fair skin.

Whitney tongued up the dripping white cum as the other man continued thrusting deep and hard into Lauren. When Whitney had gotten every drop, she kissed Lauren passionately, feeding the load to her.

While that was definitely hot to watch, Jennifer and Cameron didn’t want to stare too long. Especially since when they were looking they weren’t paying attention to where they were going and had nearly tripped over Mariska Hargitay on all fours, screaming like a banshee as she was getting her ass fucked. Mariska had been eating out Maria while she’d been fucked and her face was now shiny with her friend’s juices.

Cameron and Jennifer managed to avoid disaster and averted themselves from tripping at the last second, walking around the threesome instead to get to the door. Cameron wasn’t anxious to leave all this action alone for long so she didn’t dawdle when it came to the search. Jennifer was being ultra secretive about why Gwen disappeared suddenly so Cameron was as eager to get to the bottom of it as she was to get the singer back inside so they could really have some fun together.

Their hands still clasped, Jennifer and Cameron walked naked through Lauren’s house, checking rooms for Gwen. They checked the cloak room, the closet and ducked into the kitchen. But while those rooms yielded nothing, it also didn’t take long for them to get to the bottom of the mystery.

There were only a few rooms close to the parlor and it was pretty clear as soon as they neared the door, the room Gwen was in was the one where the passionate cries of sexual rapture were coming from. There was no mistaking either what kind of cries they were or who was making them.

“What’s she doing in there?” Cameron wondered aloud. She did a few calculations in her head and she didn’t think any of the guests besides Gwen were missing and all the men who had arrived seemed accounted for. Maybe one of the guests from earlier had found Gwen and was treating her to a good licking.

Jennifer, who had a pretty good idea exactly who Gwen was with and what was happening in there, said nothing. She just reached for the door and pushed it open. It led right into one of Lauren’s bathrooms and even though she had absolutely expected what she and Cameron found inside, it still knocked Jennifer for a loop to see it with her own eyes.

Gwen was perched on top of the bathroom’s counter right next to the sink and her arms and legs were wrapped around Fluffy’s naked body as he thrust hard into her, each push inside her making her scream out in ecstasy.


Cameron couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She didn’t even recognize Fluffy at first and it was only from seeing his face reflected back toward her in the mirror that she realized it was that bodyguard that Christina brought everywhere. She could tell right away that what she was witnessing was no impromptu fuck between Gwen and this guy. From the passion she was feeling from both of them, there was clearly a lot of backstory here.

Jennifer and Cameron didn’t say anything. Gwen’s eyes were closed so she didn’t see them and Fluffy was concentrating too much on Gwen to notice their presence either. They just watched with jaws on the floor as Gwen shrieked for more.


Gwen stopped spanking Fluffy as she tensed up and screamed in orgasm, soaking the thick, hard cock buried inside her with her hot juices. She dragged her finger nails up from his ass all the way up his back as she cried out ferociously, Fluffy still thrusting into her as she came.


“Ohhhhhhh yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah soak my cock!!! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh feels sooooooo goooood having those juices soaking my cock!!!” Fluffy groaned as he gasped from the exertion of pounding into Gwen. “Ohhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhh Gwen!!! I love fucking this tight little pussy of yours!!!! You were getting me so fucking hard in there with your slut girlfriends!!! I saw you looking at me and I wanted to fuck you so goddamn bad right in front of all of them! I know that’s what you fucking want too!!! Mmmmmm that’s it Gwen!!! Make those juices drip off my cock!!! I’m gonna make you suck them all off! You’re gonna take my cock into your mouth and suck it clean like a good little whore!!!”

“Yessssssssssssssssssssss…ooooooooooh that’s what I ammmmmmmmmmm…” Gwen sighed, her voice trembling as her orgasm pulsed through her, draining her strength. “I’m a fucking whore Fluffy! I’m your whore Fluffy!!! I’m your dirty little cheating bitch!!! Ooooooooooooh my husband never makes me come this hard!!! Mmmmmm only you can!! Only that big cock of yours knows how to fuck my little, whore pussy right!!! Oooooooooooh fuck me morrrrrre Fluffy!!! I can’t get enough of you! I can’t ever get enough of you!!!”

As vividly as Gwen had described things that morning, it still couldn’t prepare Jennifer for actually seeing her with Fluffy. God, he looked amazing naked! He was so big and muscular and Jennifer found herself wishing his cock wasn’t buried inside her friend so she could see it on full display.

She hadn’t felt even remotely curious about a man in so long, but now she could see everything Gwen had told her about Fluffy was true. He was clearly making Gwen feel incredible ecstasy and Jennifer felt horny and jealous as she watched Christina’s bodyguard continue to thrust into her friend as she cycled down from her orgasm.

Jennifer heard the soft moan next to her and she smiled, knowing she wasn’t the only one enjoying the show. She turned to see Cameron softly caressing her tits, teasing her own nipples as she watched with fascination at the sight of Gwen on the sink, her legs and arms wrapped around Fluffy’s dark, naked body as she held him close, not wanting him even an inch away from her.

Not caring if this got them caught, Jennifer couldn’t help but reach over to her taller friend and run her fingers over her pussy. Cameron had been wet while in the parlor and she was soaked now. Jennifer moaned as her fingertips were immediately coated in girl juice and Cameron hissed with desire as her sensitive cunt was expertly teased. She reflexively reacted by kissing Jennifer and she returned the favor by starting to play with Jennifer’s pussy too.

Soon Cameron and Jennifer were wetly making out as they rubbed each other and their moans didn’t stay soft and quiet for long.

Gwen was still too far out of it to notice anything except how good Fluffy’s huge, hard cock felt still stuffed inside her tight, juicy pussy as she oozed her creamy girl cum all over him. But even with Gwen as a major distraction, Fluffy’s instincts were still finely honed. The sound of Cameron and Jennifer’s mutual moaning had his head turning in a second.

His initial fear was that he had left himself vulnerable to attack, but the glance backwards put that to rest in an instant. Jennifer and Cameron clearly weren’t threats and what they were doing with their hands was hardly an attack, except on each other’s already dripping pussies.

“We have an audience,” Fluffy said, moaning into Gwen’s ear as she rested her flushed, sweaty forehead against his shoulder.

“Huh?” Gwen asked dreamily, before focusing on the doorway. At first she felt a surge of nerves about being caught like this. But that initial reaction quickly faded and Gwen smiled. It wasn’t like Christina had caught them. She felt she could trust Cameron not to freak out and she knew she could trust Jennifer.

“Hey girls,” Gwen sighed, still resting her head against Fluffy. “Mmmm am I missing anything out there?”

“I think the real party’s in here,” Cameron grinned mischievously. “Gwen, you dirty girl! I had no idea!”

“What? You had no idea I had such a fucking stud giving me what Gavin never can?” Gwen giggled, knowing Fluffy loved hearing her talk like that. “Mmmmm Jen knew. I told her this morning.”

“You what?” Fluffy asked. He didn’t want too many people knowing this. His concentration was supposed to be on Christina. He felt bad enough about indulging his desires like this without everyone else at the mansion knowing what was going on behind her back.

“Shhhh relax baby,” Gwen assured him with a kiss, her hands still on his ass, keeping him inside her. “She’s not going to tell. Are you Jen?”

Still transfixed by what she was seeing and her pussy aching with desire from Cameron’s touch, the only reaction Jennifer could muster was to slowly shake her head no. She just kept staring at the two of them, Gwen and Fluffy, completely naked and almost fused together as he had her up on the sink, their skin colors contrasting beautifully. She was transfixed by this and slowly Jennifer’s ability to speak came back.

“Wow…he’s…wow…ohhhh God, Gwen…he’s just like you said he was,” Jennifer marveled. “I thought you had to be exaggerating or something but…wow! We just had to watch! We heard the noise and we just had to! God! That looked so fucking hot!”

“Well quit staring and join in,” Gwen smiled, her pussy getting wetter by the second with Fluffy still inside her and her sexy friends having found her. “Mmmmm he’s even hotter up close.”

Fluffy paused for a moment at the sound of that. He certainly hadn’t been looking for more girls to join in. He didn’t want to become some kind of toy passed around from girl to girl at the mansion. But hell, he was horny. He hadn’t come yet. How could he turn down two gorgeous, naked girls?

So he didn’t say anything to object. He just let Gwen guide what was going to happen next. After all he’d been just letting it ride all this time with her, why stop now?

“No…no…we…we can’t…” Jennifer said, trying not to stare too hard at Fluffy’s ass and picture in her mind what his cock looked like driving into Gwen’s pink pussy up close.

“What? Are you crazy Jen?” Cameron gasped in shock. “No way are we passing this up! Mmmmm we’re definitely joining in!”

That was just what Gwen wanted to hear. She loved sharing Fluffy. That night she, Reese and Michelle had all taken him together had still been their hottest time together and now she wanted Cameron and Jennifer to feel what she felt too. Sharing was fun with friends like these. Of course deep down Gwen wanted to make sure that Fluffy still liked her best. Sharing did have its limits after all.

Cameron grabbed Jennifer’s hand and pulled her toward the counter where Gwen still sat perched with Fluffy pressed up against her. Naturally Jennifer’s protests were entirely cosmetic and she wanted in badly. So when Cameron started tugging her away from the door, Jennifer didn’t offer up anything resembling a real fight. She just let Cameron drag her and soon they were face to face with the sneaky couple.

No one quite knew what to say to break the ice, however. They all wanted it though and it was actually Jennifer who made the first official move by leaning in to kiss Gwen. The blonde singer happily moaned as Jennifer’s sexy, tender kiss caressed her lips and she moved her hands off Fluffy’s ass to play with her friend’s waiting tits, touching them eagerly as their tongues touched.

Cameron dove in next, turning the kiss into a three way duel of pink, wet female tongues. Jennifer pulled away, letting Cameron and Gwen kiss passionately and then she did something she never dreamed she would ever do. She embraced Fluffy and kissed him. It was a shy kiss at first. Jennifer couldn’t remember ever really speaking much to Fluffy before so she wasn’t about to suddenly jam her tongue down his throat. But it definitely felt good.

Fluffy and Jennifer softly kissed and then it was Cameron’s turn. She kissed Christina’s bodyguard, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing their lips together. Cameron was more aggressive with her kiss, opening up for Fluffy to explore her mouth with his tongue as Jennifer leaned down against the sink counter to resume tending to Gwen.

As Gwen and Jennifer tongue kissed, Fluffy and Cameron did the same, making all four of them moan. Gwen’s moans turned into sad, deprived groans when Fluffy finally pulled out of her, but those sounds were quickly covered up by the gasps that came from the mouths of Cameron and Jennifer at what they saw. Fuck! Fluffy was absolutely huge! None of the guys out there could even compare and both actresses’ heads spun at how Gwen was able to take that monster cock inside her.

He had to be a foot long and thick! Cameron suddenly very much wanted to get a ruler or a tape measure or something out so she could get the full length…strictly for scientific purposes of course.

Fluffy’s swollen cock was slick with Gwen’s cummy juices and Cameron couldn’t resist. She wouldn’t have been able to deny herself a cock like that under the most normal of circumstances and knowing it was coated in Gwen’s delicious cum just made Cameron want it more.

Without so much as another word, Cameron sank to her knees and kissed the tip of Fluffy’s cock, introducing her lips to it before she started sucking on the full, mushroom head. Cameron started rubbing her own pussy as she sucked Fluffy’s swollen cock head and then started licking all over his dark shaft, tasting Gwen all over him and loving every drop.

“Mmmmm fuck!” Fluffy groaned. He hadn’t been looking for this, but he didn’t do anything to stop it now as his hands grabbed onto Cameron by her newly dark hair, holding her to him as she licked all over his thick cock, running her wet, horny tongue over every inch without any shyness or inhibition.

“Suck that cock!” Fluffy commanded the extremely willing actress. “Ohhhhh fuck yeahhhhhh! Taste all that cum your friend soaked my cock with! She’s such a fucking slut for my cock! Coming all over it again and again and always begging for more! You’re a fucking slut for it too, aren’t you Cameron? Fuck! How can all you girls be so fucking hot?”

“A girl can’t just live on pussy you know,” Cameron giggled in between licks. “Mmmmm a properly balanced diet has to have some meat in it too!”

Cameron then pushed up Fluffy’s cock to lick all the way up the underside of his shaft to his cockhead. Once she was there she wrapped her lips around the head again and resumed sucking, starting to take Fluffy into her mouth, bobbing her practiced lips around his cock as he gripped onto her hair and held her in place.

As Cameron was starting to show off what a good cocksucker she was, Gwen and Jennifer were more than happy to resume the naughty games they had been playing that morning. They were deeply and passionately making out, rubbing their tongues together in a hot kiss as their naked bodies touched, each woman’s swollen nipples grinding against the other’s as they made themselves even wetter.

Gwen’s beautiful body was covered in a sheen of sweat from her fun with Fluffy and Jennifer couldn’t get enough of tasting her, sucking her tits and swollen nipples and licking all over her neck and stomach in between kisses. While she did this, Gwen was squeezing Jennifer’s tits and then reaching down to get at her favorite part of her friend’s body…Jennifer’s amazing ass.

Gwen couldn’t help herself as she played with Jennifer’s cheeks and she began to tease her friend’s hole with her finger. It was a gentle touch and Gwen grinned as she made a discovery.

“Mmmmm someone’s already been playing with this amazing butt of yours tonight, you naughty girl,” Gwen giggled.

“Sara Ramirez…mmmm thanks to Rose,” Jennifer answered with a big smile of her own before detailing to Gwen the naughty fun she and Rose had been having with Sara and Katherine Heigl on the couch.

“Ooooooh fuck that’s hot!” Gwen moaned, picturing all those sexy girls together. She’d caught a glimpse of them before, but had been concentrating so much on Fuffy that it had been hard to really focus on anything else. “Mmmm you definitely have to have them over to the mansion so I can play with them too! God, I’m getting so fucking wet just thinking of them together!”

“Oh yeah? How wet?” Jennifer asked, grinning and relishing her own chance to get naughty now. “Mmmmm baby, I wanna lick right where Fluffy fucked you! I wanna suck the taste of his cock right out of your wet pussy!”

Gwen moaned in horny, happy surprise at Jennifer being so naughtily frisky. She hadn’t told her friend about her and Fluffy that morning to try and entice Jennifer to join them, but now she could see the benefits of her confession and she leaned back on the sink spreading her legs as wide as she could.

“Then suck it baby!” Gwen moaned, rubbing her well fucked cunt with her already wet fingers. “Suck my pussy! Suck my pussy right after Fluffy fucked it hard and deep with his huge cock! Suck the slutty fucking pussy that was just stuffed with black cock! Ooooooooooooooooooooh Jennnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!”

Gwen’s high-pitched squeal of ecstasy came after Jennifer didn’t hesitate to do just as she asked for. Jennifer buried her face between Gwen’s legs and started licking immediately. She lapped away at her still cummy cunt, tasting just where Fluffy had been passionately fucking her and making Gwen scream out in bliss.

She loved how Jennifer’s amazing tongue made her raw pussy feel. Fluffy’s huge cock inside her had left her wet folds and clit sooooooo sensitive and Jennifer’s tongue was making everything feel like rapture. Gwen knew it was going to be no time at all before she was soaking her friend’s face with more of her cum.

Jennifer went after Gwen even more voraciously than she normally went after any of her gorgeous girlfriends. She had gotten so accustomed to having Fluffy watch her, but now that he had joined in the fun his presence was driving her wild with wicked lust.

God, she wanted to taste Gwen’s fucked pussy so bad. She loved lapping at her loosened friend and tasting all the cream her orgasm had brewed up that was clinging to her soaked folds. Mmmmmm gawwwd Gwen tasted better than ever and Jennifer licked at her with long lashes, barely pausing for breath as she feasted on the still leaking girl cum.

Jennifer loved knowing Fluffy’s cock had just been inside here, fucking Gwen hard and deep. She just wished Fluffy had come inside her. Ohhhh yeahhhh that would have been so hot and nasty. Tasting Fluffy and Gwen’s cum mixed together. Damn, that was making her so fucking wet just thinking about it.

Jennifer wished she was lapping up all that hot, white cum right out of Gwen’s pussy, tasting the boy and girl cum all combined as one juicy, naughty mess. Jennifer couldn’t believe how horny this was making her and all those wicked thoughts were making her lick Gwen harder and faster.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss Jen mmmmmmmmmm yessssssss watch her Fluffy!!! Watch her beautiful face eat my fucking pussy!” Gwen cried as one hand played with Jennifer’s soft hair and the other mauled at her own tits. “Mmmmmmmmm fuck!! Yes Jen yessssssss! Tongue fuck the dirty little cheating cunt that’s getting fucked so good by Fluffy’s huge cock! Mmmmmmmmm you like that Fluffy? You like seeing Jennifer fucking Aniston eat me out? I know you love it when you watch us famous girls act like dirty little sluts, eating each other out and using fingers and toys on our pussies! Now you get to see it up close baby! You get to watch Jen eat my sloppy, wet pussy while you get your beautiful cock sucked!”

Fluffy definitely had the best of both worlds right then. Not only did he get to see Gwen eaten out by Jennifer Aniston, but he had Cameron Diaz sucking his cock into her wet mouth. Being able to go back and forth between Gwen in the throes of passion and seeing Cameron bobbing her beautiful face on his hard dick was absolutely incredible.

Damn right Fluffy loved it and the fact that he hadn’t come yet just made him love it more.

As Cameron happily slurped and choked a little on his thick cock, Fluffy started thrusting harder into her mouth. He didn’t give her more than she could handle, but he did push more into her and Cameron looked up at him with wantonly, her eyes wide and horny as she spit onto his cock, sucking more of it inside her as her hands worked his shaft and balls over.

Fluffy felt his cum really start to boil inside him and he started groaning louder, his orgasm nearing from Cameron’s sexy, skilled mouth sucking every drop of Gwen’s cum off him.

As much as Gwen loved Jennifer’s tongue…and she did love it…hell she would have crawled over hot coals just to feel it lapping at her pussy…she didn’t want to miss Fluffy’s orgasm.

It was hard to force herself to make Jennifer stop. Her friend was always so good at eating pussy and tonight she was like a woman possessed. It would have been so easy to just lie back against the mirror and come over and over again from Jennifer’s amazing tongue, but Gwen didn’t want to miss this chance to get Fluffy off. She didn’t know when they’d be together again and she didn’t want to miss even one chance to have him.

So as crazy as Gwen knew she was to make a pussy starved Jennifer Aniston stop eating her out, the singer did just that. She pulled her hand off of Jennifer’s hair and pressed it to her friend’s forehead, pushing her away.

Surprise was a mild way of putting the look of utter confusion that covered Jennifer’s face once Gwen separated her tongue from her pussy. Why had she made her stop? Hadn’t she been doing well? Hadn’t she been making Gwen feel good?

But any doubts Jennifer had about her performance were alleviated when Gwen pulled her up so they were face to face. She passionately kissed Jennifer, loving the taste of her own juices all over the actress’ lips. Gwen and Jennifer rubbed their tongues together wantonly, but Gwen didn’t let the kiss go on too long. Not with Fluffy really starting to groan from Cameron’s wet, silky mouth enveloping his cock.

“Let’s play with him too,” Gwen breathlessly offered Jennifer. Her friend looked a little skittish at first, but Gwen could see it in Jennifer’s eyes she wanted it bad and whatever resistance the actress had faded as a smile tugged at her lips.

“Naughty girl,” Jennifer teased before stealing another kiss. “Sharing your stud boyfriend with us.”

Boyfriend? Was that what Fluffy was? Ohhhhhhhhhh God, this was so much more than Gwen ever asked for that first night in Jamaica but she loved it. She loved all these feelings inside her.

Taking Jennifer’s hand in hers, Gwen pulled herself off the sink. Her legs were wobbly at first and she had to lean onto Jennifer for support, but Gwen quickly righted herself and almost as soon as she was on her two feet again, she was off them, sinking down onto her knees and taking Jennifer with her.

The two naked women kneeled onto the cold tile of the bathroom floor right next to Cameron as she gorged herself on Fluffy’s dark meat. Cameron looked so fucking sexy sucking that cock into her mouth and fortunately there was more than enough of Fluffy to go around.

Gwen leaned in and started licking Fluffy’s balls, pushing Cameron’s hand out of the way so she could tease his big, swollen sacs with her tongue and get them wet enough to suck right into her waiting mouth. Mmmmm she loved doing this and she knew Fluffy couldn’t get enough of it. That was why she loved it so much. She wanted to make him feel good. She wanted to make all his dirty fantasies come true.

“Oooooooooh God Gwen…mmmmmm fuck you’re such a nasty girl,” Jennifer groaned as she resumed touching herself, pawing at her bare pussy as she kneeled down before Fluffy. “Suck his balls! Lick and suck them while Camie gets her mouth stuffed! Mmmmm baby you look so hot sucking that big cock!”

“Want a taste too?” Cameron offered after pulling off Fluffy with a wet pop of her mouth. She didn’t want to stop, but she knew she needed to take a breath.

“Gawwwwwwd,” Jennifer sighed. She felt like a teenager again, like she was breaking some rule and relishing getting away with it. This felt wrong and so right all at once. She hadn’t been with a man since Brad and Fluffy was way bigger than even Brad had been.

Jennifer didn’t know what to do. His cock looked sooooo incredible, all wet with Cameron’s spit and Gwen’s cum, but she barely knew Fluffy. Could she go down on a guy she didn’t know at all? She didn’t know Fluffy’s last name or anything about him. Fuck, she didn’t even know if he had a last name.

Confused and oh so horny all at once, Jennifer just closed her eyes and let her instincts make her choice for her. And it wasn’t a surprise what that choice was.

Jennifer let her mind go and felt herself leaning down and opening wide to take Fluffy into her mouth. She hadn’t been with a man in so long and she immediately moaned when she felt a hard, flesh and blood cock push past her lips for the first time in ages.

Opening her eyes, Jennifer stared up at naked man before her. God, she had never dreamed she’d ever be doing something like this with Christina’s bodyguard, but his cock felt soooooo good in her mouth. She loved how big he was and how naughty this made her feel. Mmmm all her friends were out there sucking cock and getting fucked and now she had the biggest cock of all of them to play with.

Of course Jennifer didn’t quite have Fluffy all to herself and she was reminded of that when she pulled off his cock to start tonguing his head and found herself joined by Cameron. They flicked their tongues together and kissed briefly before they teamed up on Fluffy, each of them licking a side of his cock and meeting once more at the tip. Once there they kissed again, this time sandwiching Fluffy’s thick cock head in between them, kissing his head as they kissed each other and loving how it felt throbbing between their lips.

Fluffy couldn’t believe he was letting himself be passed around by Gwen’s friends like this, but when it felt this good how could he even think of making it stop? He was getting so fucking close. With Jennifer and Cameron sucking his cock together and Gwen sucking his balls there was no way he could possibly keep from coming and he started to groan.

“Gonna…gonna come…” Fluffy moaned, the words coming out with great difficulty as he couldn’t focus on anything else but the three talented, celebrity tongues working him over.

But saying that perked Gwen up and she pulled away from his balls, wanting more. She thought about letting Cameron and Jennifer have their fun and Gwen knew it would be really hot to see their beautiful faces soaked in one of Fluffy’s huge loads, but she couldn’t help but be greedy. Not when she still wanted so much more from her forbidden lover.

“No!” Gwen cried desperately. “You can’t come yet Fluffy! Please baby! You can’t come yet! I need you to fuck me again Fluffy! I need you to fuck me and I can’t wait for you to get hard again! I can’t wait another fucking second!”

“Oh no Gwen, this poor guy needs to shoot his load,” Cameron giggled. “Look at this cock! It’s ready to fucking burst! Mmmmm and I want it to burst all over my face!”

“Yeah Gwen, he already had a go at your pussy,” Jennifer added, wanting Fluffy’s load as bad as Cameron did. “Now it’s our turn!”

“Noooo! Not my pussy!” Gwen groaned, delirious with desire. “My ass! Fuck my ass Fluffy!”

All three of them looked at Gwen like there was no way she could be serious about taking a cock as big as Fluffy’s inside her ass. But she proved her commitment by getting on all fours and sticking her bare ass up in the air.

“Fuck me Fluffy!” Gwen demanded, her voice nearly a horny snarl. “Fuck my bitch ass with that huge fucking cock! You already took my mouth and my pussy! Now take my ass! Take my famous fucking ass and make it yours baby! Mmmmmmmm gawwwwwd Fluffy I’ve been wanting that monster black cock up my ass since that first night in Jamaica and you’ve always said no! Not tonight baby! Not again! You have to give it to me! Fuck my ass Fluffy! Don’t make me wait for it!”

As much as Fluffy wanted to come, he wanted this more. All those times he’d stopped himself from fucking Gwen’s perfect ass because he’d been afraid of hurting her. But she wanted this desperately. That much was clear and Fluffy was too horny to restrain himself tonight. He wanted it bad too. He wanted to fuck Gwen Stefani’s ass and leave her gaping from his cock.

“Get her ready!” Fluffy said, pushing Jennifer and Cameron away and reaching over to slap Gwen’s ass, making her cry out happily in desire. “Lube that hole up!”

“Mmmmmmmm gladly,” Jennifer moaned. She not only loved having her own ass played with, she loved playing with other girls’ asses as well, especially ones as amazing as Gwen’s. She could wait for her own fun. This was far too hot to even think about passing up a chance to see. She’d missed out on seeing Fluffy’s cock buried up Gwen’s cunt. She wasn’t going to miss seeing him take her ass.

“Ohhhhhh yessssssss lick meeeeee,” Gwen moaned as Jennifer got behind her and spread her bare butt cheeks open to expose her puckered hole for her wet tongue to attack. “Mmmmmmmmm yesssssss Jennnnnnnn!!! Ooooooooh lick my ass baby! Oooooooh fuck you always eat my ass soooo good Jen! Make it nice and wet now for Fluffy’s cock!”

Cameron always loved watching Jennifer at work, especially when it was someone as gorgeous as Gwen, but she was too horny just to watch. So, as Jennifer dove into Gwen’s ass, licking and spitting into her tight ring, Cameron made her move back toward Fluffy. That cock had felt far too good in her mouth for her to just sit back without getting another long, hot taste of it.

But before she got too close to the bodyguard, Gwen put a stop to it.

“Noooo! Camie! No!” Gwen cried, her body trembling with ecstasy from Jennifer’s tongue bathing her asshole and from the anticipation of taking Fluffy inside her. “You’ll make him come! Don’t make him come yet! I need to feel him fucking my ass first! I need to feel it now!”

Cameron was disappointed that she didn’t get another taste of Fluffy, but she was proud of her own skills here. Gwen had only seen her giving Fluffy head for a few hot moments before and she clearly thought there was no way he was going to withstand more sucking from her. It was a boost to Cameron’s ego that Gwen thought she was that hot and the flattery overcame her disappointment.

Gwen was moaning wildly from Jennifer’s tongue as the actress kept her cheeks spread open and her tongue on her ass, drooling saliva into the hole and spreading it around with her tongue. She’d lubed up many girls just like this, getting their asses ready for Mr. Snappy or any of the other strap ons that called the mansion home.

Jennifer could have done this all day. She loved tasting Gwen’s ass, but she knew her friend needed more than a tongue. So when Jennifer felt Gwen was ready she pulled away, spit one last time and rubbed it over Gwen’s asshole with her thumb.

“She’s all nice and wet for you now Fluffy,” Jennifer moaned, eyeing Fluffy’s prick and hoping her own turn with him wasn’t too far off. After all her time away from men, she now realized absence had made her heart grow fonder when it came to cock.

“Is that true Gwen?” Fluffy asked as he came up behind Gwen and slapped her bare ass again, getting another happy, horny yelp from the singer. “You ready for me?”

“Yesssssssssss sooooo fucking ready!” Gwen groaned. “Fuck me Fluffy! Fuck my ass! Make me your assfucked white bitch whore baby! Mmmmmmmm take my fucking ass and make it as loose and slutty as you always make my pussy! Do it Fluffy! Give my tight celebrity slut ass the black cock it’s been craving!”

Hearing Gwen talk like that never failed to drive Fluffy wild and he took his cock in his hand and guided it toward her waiting hole, Jennifer’s saliva dripping down from it. He’d been trained to withstand torture of any kind but it was taking all his strength not to just blow his load right then.

He’d been so hard all night and not having come yet was making him crazy. But Fluffy wasn’t about to disappoint Gwen by coming too early. He had the resolve to push on through and hold back his own orgasm until she had another one of her own first.

Gwen was tense with anticipation even as she willed herself to try and relax. She was hardly a virgin when it came to getting fucked up the ass and she knew if she didn’t relax it was going to hurt. But she wanted it so bad that she couldn’t help but have her pulse racing and her heart beating wildly inside her chest. Relaxing was impossible. So she just sucked on her bottom lip and moaned as the head of Fluffy’s cock pressed against her asshole.

“Do it Fluffy! Pleeeeeeease!” Gwen begged. “Assfuck me! Gimmie that huge fucking cock up my ass! I’ve been dying to feel this! Fuck me Fluffy! Oooooooh don’t be gentle! Just jam it up my ass! Bury that hard cock up my bitch ass!”

As tempting as it was to give Gwen exactly what she wanted, Fluffy wasn’t so horny that he had lost his common sense. If he just jammed himself inside her, then Gwen would have been howling and it wouldn’t have been from pleasure. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her so he ignored her pleas and took it slow.

He put his strong hands on her cheeks and spread them open as far as they could go, stretching out her lubed hole. Fluffy then eased his cock inside her, pushing his swollen head past her ring and letting her adjust to the size before he slid in deeper.

“OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK!!!” Gwen screamed as her ass was penetrated. She’d never had anything this big up her ass before and the intensity made her body shake as Fluffy started pushing his first few inches inside her. “OHHHHHHHH GODDDDDD!!! SO…FUCKING…BIGGGGGGGG!!! OHHHHHHH FLUFFYYYYYY!!! YOUR COCK IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO BIG UP MY ASSSSSSSSS!!!”

“You want me to stop?” Fluffy asked sincerely. Not many women could handle having him up the ass and he wanted to make sure this was pleasurable, not painful, to Gwen.


With every word, Fluffy thrust into Gwen, making her gasp and scream as she begged for more. He was barely halfway up her ass and he didn’t know how much more she could handle. Her ass was so fucking tight and her ring clung down against his cock, making it so hard to not just blow his load inside her right then and there.

But he maintained and started fucking Gwen harder, giving her the inches already buried inside her with strong thrusts that had her crying out in rapture.


Fluffy grunted his approval as he continued fucking her. And while he certainly loved seeing Gwen act like that, her audience loved it just as much. Jennifer and Cameron had never seen Gwen act this horny before and it was making them drip to watch her howling and begging for Fluffy’s cock.

Cameron and Jennifer sat there, taking it all in. They longed to kiss each other but they didn’t want to take their eyes off this amazing sexual spectacle in front of them. They had both knew full well how much fun Gwen was to fuck, but they had never seen her this wild before.

They couldn’t believe that their friend was on all fours on the cold bathroom tile, her cheeks spread as wide as they could go so her pink ass could be stuffed with a thick, black cock.

Seeing that dark meat sliding into her tight hole had Jennifer and Cameron dripping with desire and, even as they refused to tear their eyes away for even a second, their hands were all over each other’s bodies.

They played with each other’s swollen, aching tits before reaching down to paw the other’s pussy. Cameron and Jennifer each rubbed the other, fingering each other enthusiastically as they dreamed about taking Gwen’s place, bending over and letting this stud fuck their asses.

“Take it you fucking whore!” Fluffy groaned, sweat dripping off his bare body, from his shaved head all the way down his back. “Take my cock up your fucking ass! I know how bad you wanted this Gwen! You’ve been begging for it like a spoiled little princess! How’s it feel Gwen? How’s my cock feel shoved up your whore ass? How’s it feel for your friends to see what a fucking slut you are for my cock?”

“OHHHHHHHHHHH FLUFFYYYYYYYYY IT FEELS SOOOOOOOOO FUCKING AMAZINGGGGGGGGGG!!!” Gwen howled as intense blasts of sexual heat coursed through her body. She had no idea how much of his cock was pushed up her ass but it felt so huge and deep inside her. Her whole body was on edge and the hard thrusts Fluffy was making had her small, perky tits bouncing wildly and feeling like she was a fucking D cup.


Holding back his own orgasm with every drop of strength he had, Fluffy began pushing deeper into Gwen. Despite her horny bravado, Fluffy wasn’t about to give her more than she could handle. He knew when she was fucking Gwen loved being taken like a whore and talked to like she was one, but Fluffy never truly treated women like that and her pleasure was what was most important to him then.

And Gwen was feeling intense pleasure. She loved women, but not even the feel of Mr. Snappy buried all the way inside her ass could rival the feeling she got from Fluffy taking her hole like this. He wasn’t even all the way up her and Gwen was seeing stars from it. She never wanted this pleasure to stop and she even found herself wishing she wasn’t about to come because she just wanted it to go on and on and on as long as possible.

Her ass felt like it was being stretched impossibly wide and Gwen loved it. She loved the feel of Fluffy’s hard, thick cock pushing up her hole. She knew how envied her toned ass was. She knew people lusted for it wildly. She slaved in the gym to make her ass look this good. And knowing the ass everyone stared at when she performed was being stretched by her secret lover’s huge, dark cock had her panting and howling like a bitch in heat as she sweated and shook, her eyes wide with raging passion.

Gwen didn’t even feel like a woman anymore. She felt like some kind of wild animal and she loved it. She loved being fucked like this!


It was getting harder and harder for Fluffy to hold back. She was so fucking tight around his throbbing cock. Gwen’s ass was practically milking the cum right out of his cock and keeping his balls from unloading was becoming extremely challenging.

Gwen’s ass felt so good around his cock. He was a little more than halfway inside her and she was still begging for more. There was nothing holding her back, no fear or inhibition, and Gwen’s ass just wrapped around his prick, caressing it with all her heat and tightness.

Fluffy grunted and gripped tighter to Gwen’s hips, pushing his cock harder inside her as he felt his balls throbbing and he knew soon there’d be no stopping his load.

“Gonna come baby…gonna fucking come in your ass!” Fluffy groaned, sweat dripping off his body onto Gwen’s bare flesh beneath him.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT YET!!! MAKE ME COME FIRST!!! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAASE!!!” Gwen cried. She had already come several times from Fluffy and she still wanted one more before she had to wait for him to get hard again. She was being selfish and she knew it, but Gwen didn’t care. She just wanted to come again.

“Let’s help her,” Jennifer suggested, snapping out of the trance she and Cameron had worked themselves into with their voyeurism. “Mmmm with her ass getting fucked, Gwen’s pussy must be really lonely!”

Cameron loved watching Fluffy’s cock disappearing inch by inch up Gwen’s exquisite ass, but that idea sounded heavenly to her. She just smiled and nodded her head, letting Jennifer lead her back into the fusion of Gwen and Fluffy’s bodies.

No one had to tell Jennifer or Cameron what to do. They lacked for nothing when it came to experience here. They just craned their heads under where Fluffy was driving his cock into Gwen and started licking away at their friend. Gwen’s pussy was like a molten volcano about to erupt hot girl cum and the feel of the two talented tongues on her at once had her on the verge of explosion after only a few licks.


Gwen’s famous voice was starting to get mighty hoarse from her screaming, but she didn’t care. She’d have hot water and lemon in the morning. It was totally worth the rapture she was feeling with Fluffy’s cock filling her ass and Jennifer and Cameron’s hot tongues lapping at her juicy pussy, pushing inside to lick her sensitive folds and double her pleasure.

All the attention to her body had Gwen deliriously happy. She could barely keep a thought straight in her head and all her eyes could see were bright, flashing colors exploding like fireworks around her. She was being fucked right out of her mind and it was absolute perfect bliss for her. The hard cock buried up her ass and the soft, female tongues licking her was everything she could ever want and more and there was no way she could hold back a second longer.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOH YEAHHHHHHHHHH COMINGGGGGGGGGGG!!!” Gwen screamed as her pussy burst sweet, hot girl cream all over Jennifer and Cameron’s eagerly waiting faces. Her ass gripped even tighter around Fluffy’s cock as she cried out her rapture.

Jennifer and Cameron kept licking as Gwen came, their tongues greedily going for every drop of her essence. They’d missed her earlier orgasms from Fluffy’s cock and they made up for lost time, settling for nothing less than licking Gwen dry as she showered their faces with her cum.

Having Gwen come gave Fluffy the permission to come too that he had been aching for. He had been waiting far too long and release was as badly needed as oxygen now. But Fluffy paused for a second. He didn’t know where to come. He didn’t know if Gwen really wanted him to come inside her ass or not and he didn’t want to chance it. This was a case where it was better to be safe than do something Gwen didn’t want.

So as quickly as he dared, Fluffy pulled his cock out of Gwen’s ass and started stroking his shaft. But after all that, his new friends weren’t about to let him handle this vital task by himself.

“Oh no stud,” Cameron grinned, hers and Jennifer’s faces shiny with Gwen’s juices. “You’re letting us help you! Anyone who fucks that good deserves way more than jerking off!”

Cameron didn’t waste a second more before diving back down between Fluffy’s legs. But she didn’t go for his cock. Instead she targeted his balls, sucking them into her mouth and loving the taste of sexual exertion she got from them. She was quickly joined in this slutty action by Jennifer and they teamed up to lick and suck Fluffy’s balls as he slapped his cock against Gwen’s bare ass.

After all he’d done, lasting even a second more was agony for Fluffy and Jennifer and Cameron’s tongues quickly pushed him over.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK!!!” Fluffy shouted as he exploded against Gwen’s ass, shooting out thick streams of cum all over her cheeks. White cum shot up all over Gwen’s pink ass and even went up her back near her shoulders from the force of the blasts out of Fluffy’s cock.

Gwen was far too out of it from her multiple orgasms to do anything but pant and coo as she remained on all fours, pressed against the hard tile as her ass was painted white with cum. She definitely felt it though and she loved it. She loved the hot blasts against her flesh and she loved how nasty it felt to have that cum start to drip down her back and ass.

Fluffy had always had rather prodigious orgasms and this was no exception. When he finally pulled back his cum was all over Gwen and Cameron and Jennifer went to clean their friend off without delay. Fluffy was gasping for breath, his cock still twitching even after he had shot his last stream, as he watched the two horny actresses get their tongues all over Gwen’s cum covered ass.

His load was dripping down all over her spectacularly toned ass, running into her crack and down over her well fucked hole. Wherever there was cum, Jennifer and Cameron eagerly licked. For Jennifer it was the first time in ages she had tasted a man’s cum and, just like she was falling off the wagon, she couldn’t get enough. She and Cameron licked up every drop and when there was no more they hornily kissed, sharing Fluffy’s load between them.

It was an incredibly erotic site to witness and it came with a word of warning from Gwen, as she turned her flushed face toward Fluffy and gasped out her words.

“Don’t go too soft on us baby,” Gwen groaned lustfully as she tried to catch her breath. “Mmmmm I want you to fuck my friends just as hard as you fucked me!”

Fluffy just smiled at Gwen and sat himself down on the hard tile, trying to compose himself. Guarding Christina presented all kinds of challenges, but nothing was quite like trying to keep up with Gwen and these days nothing made him happier than doing just that.

Back inside the party, things were just as slutty as they were in the bathroom and Lauren’s “gifts” were all desperate for the same kind of release Fluffy had just experienced. But with so many horny girls who couldn’t get enough, their needs took a clear back seat.


Lindsay’s naked, freckled body was soaked in sex sweat. She was on all fours and loving every inch that Richard was pounding into her. Sex with a man had never felt this good before and Lindsay knew it wasn’t anything special Richard was doing to her. It was how free and uninhibited she felt. Being with so many girls had freed her of any repression she might have had about sex and now she wasn’t shy about going for what she wanted.

“Slap my ass!” Lindsay grunted, turning her head to stare Richard right in the eyes with a look of eager carnality. “Spank me stud! Slap my ass for being such a bad girl! Ooooooooooh I need to get my ass fucking spanked for being such a fucking little slut!”

“Anything the little slut wants, the little slut gets,” Richard said with a smile as she reared back and slapped Lindsay’s pale, freckled ass hard, making her roar with ecstasy as his hand smacked her flesh.


“Fuck it feels good!” Richard groaned as his cock throbbed while Lindsay’s folds sucked him in even deeper, her pussy not being able to get enough as he drove into her. “Mmmmmm I never thought you’d be so fucking tight, you little whore! If only those fucking photographers could see you now! Bent over like a fucking slut for my black dick! Little white girl spoiled slut! Mmmmmmm you love this, don’t you? Bending over for a hard cock stuffing your fucking pussy? Making those big tits of your bounce while I spank your ass! Fucking Hollywood princess! How’s it feel to be bending over for big daddy?”


Lindsay’s friends were definitely watching. Tina couldn’t take her eyes off Lindsay’s nude body as she shook and sweated on all fours with Richard pushing into her from behind like a total stud, spanking her and then gripping onto the sensitive cheeks of her ass for leverage as he pounded into her. Lindsay looked like she was in a porn movie and she was certainly talking like she was in on too.

Tina was actually torn between moaning with desire at the sight of Lindsay looking so hot while being fucked and reflexively making jokes about the girl calling Richard “daddy” when her father issues were so well known.

But arousal won out and Tina held her tongue for once, which was actually easier than expected because she could distract herself by kissing Heather Locklear and putting her tongue to much better use. Tina and Heather blissfully made out, rubbing each other’s tits as they tongue kissed and Tina had to admit that Hilary Duff might have been a pretty spoiled princess herself, she sure tasted good all over Heather’s lips and tongue.

But while Tina was busy kissing and playing with Heather, Amy was feeling more playful. She was absolutely committed to keeping her promise to her husband not to mess around with any other guys. But that didn’t mean she couldn’t get a good look at the menu, just as long as she didn’t order anything off it. She ran her hands all over Richard, caressing his glistening flesh as he pounded into Lindsay, loving how his sculpted, gym toned naked body felt .

Amy had to admit she felt a little jealous seeing Lindsay on all fours getting a hard fucking while she kept herself from indulging in this. Mmmmm she would have loved to have gotten herself pounded too, but she had made a promise and she wasn’t about to do anything to break it. So she just greedily touched and did nothing more, helping herself to a long grab of Richard’s bare ass as Lindsay begged for more cock inside her.

“Yeah! Give it to her! You heard her! Give her that cock! Fucking drive it in deep you piece of man meat!” Amy laughed, giving Richard’s dark ass a hard smack, just like he had been giving Lindsay before.

Just like Amy’s earlier nickname for him, this got her another glare from Richard. He obviously didn’t like being teased and since Amy loved to tease, it was a bit of an oil and water type of mix between them. But Amy just laughed off the glare and gave his ass another slap.

“Don’t pay attention to me! Pay attention to her!” Amy ordered as she gestured toward Lindsay. “Fuck her with that slab of a cock you’ve got! She’s begging for it! Fucking give it to her!”

Richard decided that was a better idea than getting into it with Amy. There was always someone like her at every single event Lauren had. Sure they were studs for hire, but that was no reason to treat them like this. But Amy was right about one thing. There was no need to pay attention to her when Lindsay’s tight, young pussy was wrapped around his cock.

He had never expected Lindsay to be this tight and he loved how hot and wet she was for him. She definitely wanted this bad and Richard was already on the edge of coming so he wanted to make sure she got it.


As each thrust from Richard got her closer, the only thing that quieted Lindsay was another hot kiss from her teenage lover. Hilary pressed her lips right to Lindsay’s and kissed her passionately, sucking her sexy screams right into her waiting mouth as their tongues wetly rubbed together. Hilary gave Lindsay a long taste of all the juices she’d licked out of Heather and she knew her friend loved tasting them as much as she did.

Heather’s pussy had tasted so sweet and hot and Hilary had licked out every yummy drop she could from her nasty “mommy.” God, that had been so naughty. Hilary had gotten such a rush out of playing that game with Heather and even though she’d come all over Heather’s face just before, she was totally charged up for more.

But first Hilary wanted to help her friend come. She kissed Lindsay with as much energy as she could without making her choke on her tongue. As they kissed, Hilary pushed her hands down. One played with Lindsay’s bouncing tits and the other went between her friend’s legs, rubbing her pussy as she was fucked from behind.

Hilary giggled as she felt Richard’s cock slamming into Lindsay while she rubbed her. This was totally dirty and naughty and her own pussy was getting soaked from it. She had never felt anything like Richard’s cock pushing into Lindsay’s pussy. Hell she’d never seen anything like this before.

She’d done so many hot, slutty things with dozens of girls, but Hilary had never been this close to a naked man before. Especially one like Richard. He was really cute but her mom…her real mom…totally would have freaked if she’d even seen them talking. Hilary liked that though. It made her feel even naughtier.

Lindsay was so fucking wet and Hilary moaned as she felt her friend’s juices soak her fingers. Lindsay was moaning loudly into their kisses and Hilary could see from her eyes that she was totally ready to come. Hilary badly wanted to push her over to the edge so she stopped rubbing and started fingering, sliding her slim fingers into Lindsay while her pussy was already being spread wide by Richard’s thick cock.


“Mmmmhmm,” Hilary giggled, nodding as she watched hypnotized at the sight of Richard taking her friend and lover from behind, gripping onto the pale, freckled ass cheeks he had just spanked so well as he made her whole body shake.


Lindsay rocked wildly back and forth on her hands and knees, banging herself hard back into Richard as he thrust forward into her creaming pussy. His balls were slapping against her ass, turning everyone on with the sound as Lindsay came. Her pussy contracted tight around Hilary’s fingers and Richard’s cock as she screamed, shrieking her ecstasy into Hilary’s mouth as they resumed kissing.

Hilary kept fingering Lindsay, cooing at the feel of her creamy girl cum soaking her digits, and playing with her beautiful tits. God, she loved Lindsay’s body. Richard was cute, but he was no Lindsay and now that Hilary could really see men and women naked together it was easy for her to make the comparison. She loved the way women looked naked way more than men.

But just as that thought entered her head, Lindsay pulled away from the kiss, gasping out a request.

“Suck him Hil!” Lindsay groaned, her words coming out in gasps as Richard slowed down, but kept on fucking her. “Mmmmmmmm I want you to be the one sucking my cum right off his hard cock!”

That stopped Hilary cold and her nerves were clearly visible.

“What? What’s wrong?” Lindsay asked, pleasure still coursing through her body. Her orgasm wasn’t making her head spin too much though that she didn’t notice the concern on Hilary’s face.

“I’ve…never…never sucked cock…sucked it for real I mean,” Hilary admitted with a blush. She thought Lindsay knew that. Britney and Christina had taken her cherries that first night and she had never looked back. She had had so many girls then that she had barely given boys a second thought. Girls had everything she needed.

“What? Seriously?” Tina asked, pulling away from Heather. “You really are a virgin?”

“I am not!” Hilary defensively insisted. “I’m totally not! I’ve just never sucked…well never done anything with a guy!”

“That’s all the more reason to try it,” Heather smiled, taking Hilary’s hand in hers and caressing it gently. “Oh sweetie, you’ll love it. We’ll show you!”

Hilary was still a little nervous, but Heather was mighty reassuring. She watched Richard pull out of Lindsay, her friend making one last happy sigh of bliss, and she couldn’t help but stare right at his dark cock, his hardness all slick and shiny with Lindsay’s juices.

“You can do it Hil,” Lindsay assured her. She was still floating with bliss from her orgasm and she wrapped her arms around Hilary, hugging her and pressing their sweaty, naked bodies together. “Mmmmm it’s gonna be sooooooo hot!”

“You don’t have to if you don’t want to,” Heather said. “No one’s forcing you. You don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable. It’s ok to be nervous or shy about it.”

“Mmmm no, I want to,” Hilary said nervously, but with a smile. She had still thought about boys a few times since that first night at the mansion, but Richard was definitely no boy. He was a man. That was what was making her most nervous. He had all this experience and she didn’t. But she did want it. It was going to be totally naughty to suck Lindsay’s juices, which she had tasted so many times, right off him and get her first taste of cock in the process.

She’d thought about going down on a guy before. Her sister Haylie had told her all about sex and she had told her how much boys liked having their dicks sucked and she’d been really curious to try it. And it wasn’t like she hadn’t sucked cock before. It was just that those had been strap ons and dildos and nothing like this. Those weren’t real cocks that would be all hot and hard in her mouth and those cocks never really came.

Hilary was starting to feel nervous like she had that first night at the mansion, when Christina and Britney and all those beautiful girls had ganged up on her and taken her virginity and made her into the hot, naughty slut she was now.

It had been scary and wonderful all at once because the desires for other girls had been so new to her but she had wanted it so bad. It was the good kind of nervous and, as her heart pounded in her chest, Hilary made her move.

Richard’s hard, girl cum coated cock was sticking straight out like an arrow pointing right at her, a white drop of precum oozing from the dark head. Hilary bent down on her knees and let her tongue slowly slide out. Telling herself it was just like sucking Mr. Snappy or one of the mansion’s other toys after it had been inside one of her naughty friends, Hilary licked the head of Richard’s cock, tasting the precum and making him moan.

“Mmmmmm that’s it, suck it little girl,” Richard groaned. “This really your first taste of a real man? I’ve got all you’ll ever need. Once you get that taste you’re gonna be begging for all of my dick inside you! Girls won’t nearly be enough to satisfy you once I’m done with you Hilary.”

“Don’t say that!” Hilary said with a glare, pulling off before she even got started. “I’ll always want girls! Mmmmm you’re just a little snack before I get back to more pussy. Oooooooooh more like a big snack!”

Hilary giggled when she said that last part. Richard was definitely big. And she liked the taste of his cock. Haylie had always said she had loved sucking cock and tasting men, but she had also warned Hilary that not all girls liked it. Well Hilary definitely liked her first taste and she wanted more.

So now that Richard knew she was still a pussy loving slut and always would be, Hilary got back to her exploration.

She wrapped her hand around his sticky, cummy cock and began licking the head more, remembering all the times Rose had made her suck Mr. Snappy and the lessons the beautiful sex goddess had taught her about taking it in her mouth. She ran her wet tongue all over Richard’s swollen cock head, licking under it and up over the tip to taste even more of his precum. She loved how salty it tasted combined with Lindsay’s sweet, yummy cum. Mmmmm it was a very naughty mix and Hilary licked all over Richard’s big cock, running her pink tongue on his head and then down over his shaft.

Hilary felt sooooooo naughty, naked and kneeling down, tasting her first real cock. It felt even naughtier because she was going down on a black guy and her mother would have freaked if she had seen. She thought they were all gangster rappers or something and Hilary loved being bad, doing all the things her mommy never let her do. Her mom would have never dreamed she’d be in a place like this, in a big orgy eating pussy, saying dirty words and now sucking dick.

Mmmmm Hilary totally felt like a dirty little princess slut, on her knees licking Richard’s big, black cock and tasting Lindsay’s cum all over it. It was making her so fucking wet to taste him and she was getting plenty of encouragement.

“Suck it Hil,” Lindsay breathed into her ear huskily. “Mmmm get it in your mouth. Wrap your lips around it and suck that cock! It’s just like sucking those toys, only better cause he’s real!”

Lindsay was pressing into Hilary’s back, rubbing her naked tits against her friend. Their bodies were so sweaty and hot. Lindsay loved seeing Hilary’s hot, pink tongue all over the man who had just been balls deep inside her.

God it was so hot to see Hilary licking a hard, throbbing cock but Lindsay had especially loved hearing Hilary swear she was still totally into girls. That was how Lindsay felt too and she didn’t want anything to change. Just like her fun with Gary, Lindsay felt this was just a little diversion. She still wanted girls the most and she loved knowing Hilary was just like her.

Taking Lindsay’s instructions as gospel, Hilary stopped licking and opened her mouth, sliding her tongue out. Richard eagerly took his cue and pushed his cock inside her open mouth. Hilary closed her eyes and moaned as she sucked real cock for the first time. Richard filled her teen mouth but he didn’t give her too much at first. She gasped happily as his thick, hard cock slid into her mouth and she reflexively closed it. Hilary wrapped her teen lips around Richard’s dark shaft and started sucking, just like she had done to all those toys.

But Richard was no toy and Hilary loved hearing his moans as she gave her first real blowjob. Hilary was doing some happy moaning herself as Lindsay pressed against her and squeezed her tits, playing with her already swollen nipples. Richard felt so big in her mouth, just like Mr. Snappy, but unlike Rose’s toy, Hilary felt him throbbing and she could taste his precum, licking it up with her tongue as he fucked her mouth.

“Play with his balls,” Lindsay moaned into her ear, instructing her with all her cocksucking experience. “Feel those balls in your hand Hil. Boys love that. Mmmm you like it baby? You look sooooo fucking hot. Sucking his big, black dick like a naughty little fucking slut. You’re such a fucking whore Hil! A dirty little girl like me! Oooooooh you like tasting my cum on his big cock? You like knowing I came all over him? Now you get to suck my cum off him, just like we always do with our toys.”

Hilary loved that and, with her young mouth full of cock, she let Lindsay know it with her eyes and her moans. She loved tasting her yummy friend all over Richard. She loved how he groaned and throbbed in her mouth. She loved knowing Heather and Tina and Amy were watching her. She loved Lindsay’s hand on her tits. Mmmmm and she loved how someone was behind her now spreading her butt cheeks open and starting to lick at her hole.

Hey! Wait a minute! Who was behind her? Lindsay was by her side playing with her tits. Tina, Amy and Heather were all playing with themselves watching her and Richard was obviously right in front of her. Who was behind her licking her ass? But soon that question disappeared as the pleasure made it moot. Hilary didn’t care who it was licking her as long as they didn’t stop.

“Oooooooooh mmmmmmm lick meee,” Hilary sighed, pulling off Richard’s cock for a brief moment. “Whoever you are, don’t stop licking my ass! Mmmmmmm lick my naughty little hole and make me love it like a dirty girl!”

Hilary could easily have turned around to see who the mystery girl was, and she knew it had to be a girl because that was definitely a soft, female tongue, but she didn’t. She thought about it but decided instead to start sucking Richard again. She actually preferred not knowing. It made it naughtier to have her ass licked and not even know who it was doing it.

Hilary kept moaning her pleasure from the hot tongue rimming her willing asshole but her sounds were muffled by Richard’s cock back in her mouth. She wasn’t even close to getting him all the way in and Hilary didn’t feel any need to try. She didn’t feel like going too far yet. This after all was still her first time with a guy and she wanted to take it slow.

She just bobbed her teen lips up and down Richard’s cock while he pushed into her mouth and, taking Lindsay’s advice, she began playing with his smooth balls, rubbing them with her small, soft hand while she sucked him off.

But while Hilary wasn’t too inclined to find out who was rimming her, the girl doing the actual licking wasn’t nearly as content to remain a mystery. She wanted Hilary to know exactly who it was and what was about to happen to her.

“You’re mine now Hilary!” Elisha groaned as she pulled up from the teenager’s ass and squeezed her cheeks while pressing her strap on against her. “You ran away before I could play with you and Lindsay before, but now I’m not letting you get away! Mmmmm I fucked Camie’s ass with my toy and it felt soooooo fucking amazing! Now I’m gonna fuck your ass Hilary! I’m gonna do what I’ve been dreaming about for so long now! I’m gonna fuck your little teen hole!”

“Ooooooooh do it!” Hilary begged, pulling off Richard again and leaving his spit coated cock bobbing in the air. “Fuck my ass Elisha! Mmmmm I love getting it up my ass! I’d never sucked cock before now but I’ve had girls fucking me up my naughty girl ass and I love it! Fuck me! Fuck me like a dirty slut Elisha!”

As Hilary pleaded for it, Elisha rubbed her strap on between Hilary’s butt cheeks, sliding the toy along her crack and making the girl even wetter for it. All her fun with Cameron and Kate had sobered up Elisha from Lauren’s special punch, but she was still flying a little and she couldn’t help but giggle as she watched her toy slide between Hilary’s teenage buns. Mmmmm sooooo hot. But before she could hypnotize herself with this sight, Elisha snapped out of it and instead pushed Hilary down further so she could push the lubed up toy into her licked hole.

“OOOOOOOOOH!!!” Hilary squealed as her ass was penetrated by Elisha’s fake cock. To everyone’s delight, Hilary didn’t let the assfucking distract her though. Instead she became even hornier for Richard’s cock, lunging to take the dark meat back into her starving mouth. She wetly sucked him back in and enthusiastically bobbed her head up and down his length, slurping away happily.

Richard had always prided himself on holding out and never coming too early, but this was way too much stimulation for anyone to resist. Having Hilary Duff suck the cock that had just been in Lindsay Lohan’s tight pussy while Hilary was bent over to take Elisha Cuthbert’s strap on up her ass was impossible to hold back from. Richard began groaning and made sure Hilary knew he was at his point of no return.

“Gonna…gonna come…” Richard moaned as Hilary continued to loudly slurp away on his cock. But as soon as he said it, Hilary paused and pulled off her first male lover.

Having never been with a guy before, Hilary had obviously never tasted their cum before. Sucking cock was a huge step for her and she wasn’t sure she was ready to go as far as the other girls there.

Lindsay immediately recognized her friend’s hesitation and since Richard had done such an incredible job of fucking her, she didn’t want to leave him hanging. So she immediately dove in and took over, wrapping her hand around his aching cock and jerking him off.

“Come for me big daddy!” Lindsay purred in her sexiest voice. “Shoot all over my face! I want it soooooo bad! You fucked me so good and now you get to come! Come all over my pretty princess face! Soak the face all the tabloids put on their covers! Mmmmm give them the shot they’d kill each other for! Soak my pretty face with your cum!”

Hilary breathed a sigh of relief when Lindsay took control like that. She felt really grateful toward her friend and planned on repaying her big time as soon as she had the chance. It was definitely hot to watch Lindsay stroking Richard’s cock knowing it had been in her mouth and Lindsay’s pussy and Hilary especially loved watching it while Elisha was behind her fucking her ass and starting to spank her cheeks.

“Dirty girl! Afraid of cock!” Elisha teased playfully while making Hilary’s teen ass pink with her smacks. “Mmmmm afraid to get a load blasted on your face! Oooooh that’s not gonna happen with me Hilary! My cock is never gonna go soft! I’m just gonna keep fucking your tight little slut ass with it until we both cream!”

“Yessssssssssssss fuck meeeeee!!!” Hilary begged, her tits bouncing as Elisha took her with hard, deep strokes. Hilary had no shyness at all about this. She loved being fucked up the ass by hard strap ons and Elisha felt so good inside her. So hot and nasty. “Fuck me Elisha! Fuck my bitch slut ass with your cock! Ooooooh show everyone how much I still love girls even though I’m a dirty cocksucker for reals now!”

Watching these young sluts at work was quite a treat for Heather, Tina and Amy. They almost didn’t know what to look at more, Hilary being fucked doggie style up the ass by Elisha or Lindsay jerking off Rick’s cock, spitting on it and working her hand fast up and down his length while she pointed his ready to fire missile right at her face.

Ultimately, Heather focused most of her attention on her teenage co-star, loving the sight of Hilary’s bouncing tits and already dreaming of the fun she could have with her “little girl” when she got her own strap on inside her.

Meanwhile Amy and Tina focused on their own co-star. They had never expected to ever see this side of Lindsay and it was undeniably erotic to see the girl they both genuinely liked acting like a bigger slut than the tabloids ever dreamed.

“Coat my fucking face in cum,” Lindsay continued urging, jacking Richard’s cock off. “I wanna feel it dripping off my face onto my big tits! Do it for me daddy! Come for me! Come from me jerking off your big cock and telling you how bad I want you shooting all over my slutty face! Mmmmmmmm!”

Lindsay as she took a hungry tongue swipe against Richard’s cock head and that was what pushed him over the edge. Before he could even give a word of warning his cock was pulsing and shooting from Lindsay’s soft hand and dirty words. He grunted loudly as he unloaded, shooting onto her face.

“Fuck yessssssssssssss!” Lindsay carnally hissed as she tilted her head up to keep it out of her eye. Richard’s cum shot over her lips and up to her nose, but most hit her chin and quickly dribbled down her neck onto her waiting tits, just as she wanted.

Lindsay moaned in delight as she felt her lover’s hot cum soak her skin. She had actually never taken a shot against her face before. But it had just seemed so appropriate to try something new here. Mmmm and she loved how it felt against her slutty skin, so hot and sticky, especially since before she could even ask for it, Amy and Tina were on top of her, kissing and licking her cum covered face and feeding her the load Richard had just shot out. This was as much as they dared indulge with other men and the taste of this stud’s cum on their tongues was intoxicating.

The girls weren’t quite done with Richard yet either. Heather, having no husband and none of the restrictions Tina or Amy did, went right for his cock, tasting Hilary’s spit and Lindsay’s pussy on it as she started sucking the softening inches, working him over with all the skill her years of experience had taught her so she could have him hard again soon.

While Heather was doing her best to recesitate Richard’s softening cock, Jewel was more concerned with getting her guy off for the first time. She was so happy that she had decided to let Danny fuck her. She had been a little shy about it at first, but seeing new friends like Christina Ricci and all her housemates, especially Alyssa taking on the two hot guys, going so cock crazy had inspired her.

Now she was lying flat on her back, her heavy tits bouncing as she felt Danny’s cock push her over once again.


Jewel had actually never had sex with a man that had been this good before. She didn’t know what it was. Maybe it was the fact she hadn’t done it in so long or maybe it was seeing all her friends go so wild or maybe Danny was simply the best male lover she’d ever had, but this guy was making her pussy cream right after the other in a veritable non-stop wave of orgasms.

Jewel knew women were still better, but this was definitely a very fun fuck for her. Danny had known all the right spots to hit inside her to have her reach her multi-orgasmic potential that only her female lovers had been able to do before tonight.

Danny had her thrashing against the rug, grinding her bare ass into it as her tits bounced and her whole body was rocked with the pleasure of her orgasm. Jewel’s legs were slung over Danny’s shoulders as he gripped them and drove into her with a skill and passion she never would have dreamed he could have mustered giving his relatively young age. He was an amazing lover and, judging from the sounds Christina had been making before, so was his twin brother.

Christina had been screaming out in her own orgasm before Jewel had gotten caught up in her second pleasure explosion and now it was Steve’s turn. He had Christina on her back right next to Jewel and, as the singer cycled down from coming, the two women tenderly kissed each other, rubbing their tongues together while they played with each other’s tits.

Seeing this two-girl lesbian love show while Christina’s tight pussy wrapped around his cock had Steve finally letting loose the nut he’d been holding back from the start of the night.

“Ohhh yeahhhhh I’m gonna fucking come!” Steve grunted. “Gonna fucking come from this tight fucking pussy!”

“Come in me!” Christina demanded, making sure Steve didn’t dare pull out of her. “Fill my pussy with that load! Mmmmmm I want your cum dripping out of my pink little cunt!”

Steve could never deny a lady, especially when it came to requests like that. He had been about to pull out and come on her stomach or something, but if she wanted him shooting off in her snug pussy then he sure as hell wasn’t going to fight her on it.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh!!!” Steve cried. “Ahhhhh yeaaaahhhhh here’s my fucking load! Right where you want it Christina! Right in your tight pussy!”

The clinging folds of Christina’s pussy made his orgasm even more intense as his cock throbbed and shot stream after stream of cum inside her. She was so tight he felt like he was coming even more because the clinging was milking it right out of him. He had sweat dripping off his body and scratches all down his back from Christina’s nails, but it was totally worth it as he grunted and shot into her cunt.

“Ooooooooh you come too baby!” Jewel urged as she stared up at Danny with her sexiest look. “Come for me! You did so good fucking me! I want you to come now! Come inside me! Just like your brother did to Christina! I want it too! I want boy cum leaking out of my pussy! Mmmmmmm do it Danny! Shoot inside me!”

That was sweeter music to Danny’s ears than any of Jewel’s songs had ever been. He couldn’t believe his luck. He had resisted at first when Steve had tried to talk him into this, but as usual his brother had been right. Jewel was gorgeous and so fucking sexy and he was totally ready to come. He knew he just needed a few more strokes into her tight pussy and then he’d blow inside her, just like Steve had to Christina.

Jewel cooed as Danny continued to drive into her. Mmmm his cock was like a jackhammer inside her and Jewel couldn’t help but wonder if all her friends were enjoying this as much as she was. She hoped the guys they’d gone off with were as good as Danny was.

“Like that, don’t ya?” Christina hotly purred into Jewel’s ear after she pulled herself away from a gasping Steve. “Mmmmm I told you you would. I knew you’d love feeling a cock inside you again.”

“Ooooooh you were sooooo right,” Jewel moaned, still feeling nothing but pleasure from the feel of the hard cock pushing into her creamy, cummy cunt. She kissed Christina again, this time with more heat, but Christina had something more in mind and didn’t let the kiss linger.

“Well you enjoy that meat inside you,” Christina said with a naughty twinkle in her eyes. “Mmmm I’ve got something creamy for you for dessert.”

Without another word, Christina repositioned herself over Jewel’s face, planting her pussy down on the singer’s mouth. Christina was set up reverse cowgirl style over Jewel’s face so she was staring right at Danny and she began kissing him and playing with his nipples as she fucked herself against Jewel.

Jewel hadn’t been given anything resembling a choice in this and it took her a second to realize what the heck was happening. But it wasn’t the first time she’d gotten a wet pussy shoved in her face so she reflexively started licking. That was when Christina pushed out the load Steve had just shot into her right into Jewel’s unsuspecting mouth.

“Ooooooh fuck…mmmmm nasty girlllllll…” Jewel gurgled as she was fed a creampie from Christina Ricci’s young cunt. She hadn’t been expecting it, but she quickly adjusted. She’d done everything else with Danny so why not lick a hot load out of Christina.

Jewel started licking hard and fast, every drop of Steve’s cum mixed in with Christina’s juices making her want more. Her hands had been lying flat on the rug, but Jewel quickly had them on Christina’s ass, squeezing her cheeks and pushing her down harder so she could lick out every drop of Steve’s essence from inside her, which had Christina crying out in no time.

“Oooooooh come in her stud!” Christina commanded in between licking Danny’s nipples. “Fucking come inside her cunt! Shoot your load into her like your brother did to me! Do it now!”

Christina’s order was well timed with the next hard thrust into Jewel and Danny lost it. Seeing Jewel licking cum out of Christina’s pussy while he was fucking her was far too hot a sight for him to hold out any longer. Danny tightened his hold on Jewel’s legs and came with a long, happy moan.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhh!!” Danny groaned as his cock filled Jewel’s pussy with his load. Christina nastily urged him on, which made him feel like he was coming even harder and longer than before. Danny’s cock twitched inside Jewel’s tight pussy, filling her with what she had actually believed she’d never feel inside her again.

“That’s it! Ohhhh yesssss that’s it!” Christina groaned, licking her lips as she saw Danny’s cock shooting into her new friend, her tight lips wrapping around him like a vise as little drops of his cum started leaking out of the seal around his dick. “Now out of the way! Shoot your last drops into her and get the fuck out of my way!”

With his brain doing loops in his head from all the pleasure coursing through his veins, Danny wasn’t in a position to argue with any order he was given. He pulled out of Jewel, shooting one more stream of cum onto her slit for good measure and gave Christina room to work. As soon as she had a clear shot, she dove right into Jewel’s pussy and started to lick.

“Push it out Jewel!” Christina urged. “Feed me his cum like I’m feeding you! Ooooooh yeahhhhhhhh mmmmmmm that’s it! Yessssss gimmie a hot, fucking creampie to eat!”

As the twin brothers watched with utter fascination at the slutty display before them and tried to catch their breaths, they couldn’t help but slap five, celebrating their celebrity conquests. But Jewel and Christina were far too busy with each other to notice anything the boys did. The singer and the actress were far too busy in a 69 with Christina on top, slurping the hot loads right out of their well-fucked pussies.

Alyssa caught what was happening to Jewel out of the corner of her eye and she found her pussy getting wet again just at the thought of all her gorgeous housemates taking one night away from their girl only adventures to indulge in some dick. She just wished she’d been able to see more of it, but if she knew Lauren, and she felt she did, there were cameras hidden all over the room.

Lauren never threw a party she didn’t record for later viewing and Alyssa was going to make damn sure she got a copy of this amazing debauchery. She had caught glimpses of what all her friends had been up to and knowing all of them, especially Rose, were actually off getting themselves fucked by men drove her wild with lust to see it.

Alyssa knew getting a copy of this and being able to show it off to her housemates was going to make for one hell of a movie night at the mansion. Judging from the sounds of ecstasy she heard all around her, this was going to be even hotter than anything Love had in her porno collection.

Alyssa loved coming to Lauren’s. She was normally as all girl as the rest of her housemates, but when she was here she’d fuck anyone in sight and she didn’t care if they were men or women. It had been months since she had been to one of Lauren’s bashes so Alyssa had been making up for lost time by taking on the two guys and it had been completely worth it. They had pounded her pussy and ass with skill and fierce passion and she had gotten herself stuffed so very good by their big, hard cocks.

Since her times with men were so far and few between, Alyssa totally threw herself into indulging when she was at Lauren’s. That was why she was always such a big hit at the gangbang parties, though Lauren had recently teased her that Kaley Cuoco had gone and broken her record for taking on the most men at once and Alyssa was committed to showing that blonde slut a thing or two the next time they were all together.

But with so many of her friends in need of some male attention, Alyssa hadn’t been too greedy and had only taken the two men for herself.

She would have loved to taken on more but had restrained herself. Her friends knew about her playtime outside the mansion but none of them had ever seen her in this kind of action. Alyssa would have loved a real chance to show off in front of them, especially Rose. Mmmm Alyssa would have definitely shown her housemates that she could get way wilder than Rose ever dared.

Alyssa knew that they had been watching before. How could they not when she was getting her pussy and ass fucked at the same time by two studs? But Alyssa craved even more attention. She wanted them all to make sure they never forgot how hot she was.

She knew she wasn’t going to get that extra attention, though. Her friends were too caught up in their own fun and Alyssa knew nothing short of an impromptu gangbang was going to change that. But Alyssa wasn’t willing to go that far tonight.

Getting attention was one thing, becoming the center of attention for no reason other than her own ego was another and Alyssa never wanted to become that kind of woman. So she contented herself with two men and the goal of her own desires and not just getting gawks from her friends.

That had already paid off handsomely for her. Alyssa had lost track of all the times she’d come from having her holes stretched by the two hard slabs of cock that had been inside her. Her naked, sweaty body was still tingling over every inch of her flesh from all the sex and she was getting soaked for more. But she knew she had to take care of Lauren’s boy toys because they weren’t going to make it much longer without bursting.

Alyssa didn’t want them losing their loads at the first cool breeze that brushed against their cocks. She wanted them to come where she wanted and when she wanted it. All around her she heard and saw the sounds of men and women in sexual release and she didn’t want to be left out.

All around her her friends, both old and new, were getting off. Alyssa let her eyes dart around briefly to take in sights like Jewel and Christina in their sloppy 69, Mandy Moore getting a load from her boy toy all over her face as Piper Perabo snacked on her pussy from behind, Sara Ramirez getting her heavy tits soaked with cum for Kristen Kreuk to lick off and of course Rose getting fucked doggie style as Love looked on in complete lustful adoration.

Damn, that looked fucking hot. Alyssa wished she was closer for a better look at that action, but she was too far away. She just hoped if Lauren was recording all the action, that she had plenty of juicy close ups of Rose getting fucked. That was going to be one for the scrapbook for sure.

But Alyssa didn’t let all that was going on around her become too much of a distraction. It was fun to see all that wild, debauched fucking going on around her, but Alyssa had two hard cocks about to burst right in front of her and that was much more deserving of her attention.

Alyssa was on her knees as the two men stood before her, one black cock, one white. She didn’t know their names and she didn’t care. Their cocks were all that mattered to her and she took them both in her hands, stroking them sensuously. The men groaned as her hands caressed the slick shafts of their cocks, already wet with her pussy juices since they’d both taken turns jamming her pussy and ass over and over again while they’d made her come so many times that she’d nearly passed out from it.

“Mmmm you’ve been such good boys,” Alyssa moaned as she stroked their cocks, her tongue sliding out to lick at their hard cock heads and taste the oozing precum. “You boys fucked me raw. Now it’s your turn. You boys want to come? You want Lyssa to make you come?”

“Yeahhhh fucking make me come,” the white guy moaned.

“You’ve got me so goddamn hard,” the black guy added, his cock throbbing in Alyssa’s hand. “I wanna come! I gotta fucking come!”

“Only if you boys say please,” Alyssa grinned, relishing her power. “Mmmm and only if you promise to get nice and hard again to fuck me more. I’m not quite done with you boys yet.”

“Please. Please make come,” the black guy moaned, quickly giving into Alyssa’s demands with his orgasm so close. “I’ll get hard for you again Alyssa! You were so fucking hot! I loved how tight your pussy was and your ass was amazing! I’ll get hard to fuck you more! I promise!”

“Mmmm quick to answer, I like that,” Alyssa laughed. “That means you get to come first you stud.”

“Hey!” the white guy protested. “I was about to promise too!”

“Next time you’ll just have to be a little bit quicker,” Alyssa smirked before engulfing the black cock back into her wet mouth. She sucked the cock that had been buried deep in both her pussy and ass, drooling down onto it and wrapping her lips as tightly as she could around the thick shaft.

Alyssa moaned as she nosily sucked the hard cock, loving how it filled her mouth and pushed down her throat. But the wet slurping, smacking noises she was making were easily outdone by the panting groans coming from the guy she was sucking. As she went down on him she continued stroking the white guy, jacking his cock off and then reaching down to play with his balls. It felt incredible for him to have Alyssa touching him like that, but he didn’t want to come like that. He didn’t want to settle for a handjob when his friend was getting sucked.

The man was getting the full benefit of Alyssa’s warm, wonderful mouth sucking his dark prick down. She had her free hand on his cock too, jacking the inches she wasn’t sucking. He tensed up in Alyssa’s hand and his groans became louder and longer.

“Here it comes!” he warned. “I’m gonna fucking come!”

Alyssa didn’t even move an inch away from his cock. She just sucked harder, bobbing her famous mouth faster up and down his prick. As she did this, Alyssa stared up at him with horny, happy eyes that conveyed the message her very occupied lips couldn’t. She wanted his load. She wanted it now. She wanted it in her mouth. She wanted to swallow every drop.

It was a message that was received loud and clear.

“YEAHHHHHHHH!!!” the man roared in ecstasy as he exploded in Alyssa’s mouth, cum flowing from his cock and down her famished throat.

Alyssa did just as her eyes promised and gulped down the full, creamy load. She tried never to miss a drop of cum, whether it was from a boy or girl and she swallowed as quickly as she could, trying to keep up with the rush of cum filling her mouth. She loved the rush of having someone cum in her mouth, feeding her the sexual essence she had drawn from them as she drained their cocks or pussies dry.

While she swallowed the one guy, she kept jerking the other off, making him moan too as he gritted his teeth and tried to keep from coming from her hand. Her hand felt incredible around his cock, but he knew Alyssa’s mouth felt even better and he was rewarded for his perseverance when Alyssa immediately pulled off his friend’s cock and took his into her mouth.

With the taste of one man’s cum still fresh in her mouth, Alyssa was even hungrier for more and she started lewdly and wetly sucking the other guy’s dick. Alyssa was like a champion cocksucker in her prime and as Jessica Alba watched enviously it wasn’t long before the brunette had another load of cum filling her mouth.

Jessica knew she should perfectly happy with the one guy behind her, slamming into her pussy hard, his balls smacking her bare ass with every thrust inside her while she had Eva Longoria spread out wide in front of her. She’d already licked Eva to multiple orgasms and Jessica had already come twice too from the feel of the hard cock buried inside her needy snatch, but she couldn’t help but want more. More cock. More pussy. More everything.

She was jealous of Alyssa getting those two guys to fuck her face with their big cocks and feed her all their cum. She was jealous of Reese who had gotten herself into a nasty, hot all girl mix. Her blonde friend was on her knees feasting on Lauren’s pussy and Jessica’s felt a serious twinge of envy.

The hostess had apparently tired of men for the moment and was happily getting herself tongued by Reese while the Oscar winner was getting her pussy and ass fingered vigorously from behind by Heather Graham.

Reese was squealing into Lauren’s pussy as Heather took both of her holes with her fingers, spitting back and forth into both of them so she could take her harder. And while this was happening, Heather was being licked from behind by Whitney, the redhead burying her face between Heather’s ass cheeks to tongue her pussy.

Even though she was getting enormous amounts of pleasure from being fucked and eating Eva out, Jessica wanted what her friends were feeling. She knew full well there was only so much of her to go around and her attention was already being taxed just by Eva and their new male friend. But she still wanted more. She was usually incredibly insatiable at the mansion, but tonight it was even worse. There was just so much she wanted to do and so many people she wanted to do it to.

It was so hard for her to steady her horny, racing mind, but Jessica managed to do it so she could focus on Eva. The piercings in her friend’s pussy made all her hot spots extra sensitive and that meant Jessica’s tongue was extra effective.

“Ooooooooooooh Jesssssssssss yeahhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm fuck yeahhhh you eat pussy sooooooooooo fucking gooooooood!” Eva dreamily groaned, her whole body feeling like it was floating from her orgasms and her tan skin soaked with sex sweat. “Mmmmmmmmmm I’m gonna make sure Goddess Lauren invites you to ALL her parties from now on.”

“Mmmmmmm count me in,” Jessica sighed, her own face flushed and sweaty from the sex and her lips and chin coated in Eva’s cummy glaze. “Ohhhhh babyyyyy yesssssssss oooooooooh don’t stop fucking meeeeeeee!!! Yeahhhhhhh ohhhhh fuck I’ve been going sooooo long without cock and you’re showing me all that I’ve been missing! Mmmmmmmmm fuck that cock feels sooooooo good up my pussy! Yeahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh!!! Fuck my pussy baby! Fuck my famous little pussy with that big cock!!!”

Being reminded that he wasn’t fucking any mere pussy, but Jessica Alba’s perfect slice of womanhood, was almost too much for the man, whose name was David, not that Jessica or Eva had bothered to ask. How he had managed to last this long without coming had to be considered one of life’s true miracles, but even miracles had limits and he was quickly reaching is.

“I…I…I…can’t hold on…gonna come…gonna fucking come,” he grunted as he kept on pumping into Jessica, making her bronzed, glistening ass cheeks bounce so enticingly.

“You want him, Eva?” Jessica asked her friend sweetly. “You want his load?”

“No, you have him,” Eva smiled, her pussy still tingling from Jessica’s incredible tongue. “I want him to be my present to you. I want you to never have to go this long without cock again sweetie. You take him. Take his cock. Take his cum. Take every bit of him.”

Jessica giggled at Eva’s sincerity in the offer. She certainly appreciated it even though, while this had been a lot of fun and definitely orgasmic, Jessica had no intention of working men back into her sex life on a regular basis again. She didn’t know how long her next self imposed man hiatus would be, but she wasn’t planning on repeating all this any time soon.

But right now Jessica had this horny guy buried inside her with a cock that was about to burst and she knew she had to focus on him. She wasn’t going to be so greedy that she’d forget he had needs too. But what she didn’t know was where she wanted him to come.

She didn’t want him coming inside her. She wanted to see his load spurt out of him and taste it too. But she didn’t want to swallow. She wanted to feel it on her body first. Maybe on her face. But no, she didn’t want that. She liked facials but there was always too much of a risk of getting cum in her eye and that always stung like a motherfucker. Maybe her tits. Yeahhhhh that would be hot. Her tits soaked with boy cum. That way she could spread it all around her skin and lick it off her fingers along with her own sex sweat. Mmmm nasty and fun. Jessica loved the sound of that.

But she had thought about it too long and soon David couldn’t take it anymore. Not one more second. Not for anything.

“Fuckkkkkkkk gonna come!” he panted. “Gonna come right fucking now!”

Jessica knew from the sound of his voice that he wasn’t going to last long enough for her to get her tits properly positioned in front of him. She’d been too greedy and now it was too late. Shit. She had to improvise and luckily she quickly seized on a solution.

“My ass!” Jessica cried. “Come on my ass baby! Shoot your load all over my tan cheeks! Coat them with cum! Shoot your load all over my fucking ass!”

David barely had enough time to pull out and slap his cock against Jessica’s butt cheeks before he exploded with a series of happy moans. He stroked himself vigorously, beating his own meat as he showered Jessica’s bronze ass with his white cum, making the actress coo with delight as girl juice dripped out of her well fucked slit.

“Yeahhhhhhh oooooooh soooooo hot!” Jessica sighed wantonly. “Mmmmmmm love that hot cum on my ass! Oooooh Eva! Lick it off baby! Lick his load off my ass! Please!”

“You don’t even have to ask,” Eva grinned as she crawled over to Jessica’s backside and watched lustfully as David finished shooting his load all over her ass. White streams of cum coated her sun kissed cheeks and without a second’s delay, Eva was all over her friend’s perfect ass. Eva’s tongue slurped up every cummy drop, collecting it all in her mouth as she cleaned Jessica off.

Even when Jessica’s ass was free of cum, Eva didn’t stop licking. She tongued all over Jessica’s cheeks, in complete worship of her friend’s perfect butt. Eva loved a hot ass on a girl and Jessica’s was just a heart shaped piece of awe inspiring woman. She had to find out what kind of workout regiment Jessica used and then fuck her while she did it.

With David’s cum in her mouth, Eva still didn’t swallow it. She kept it pooled on her tongue and crawled back over to Jessica’s front. She didn’t ask or say any word to her. She just kissed Jessica passionately, pushing part of David’s load into her so they could share it. The two gorgeous naked girls fell into a deep kiss, swapping David’s cum as their tits rubbed together and their hands touched all over each other’s bodies.

And so it was now that Jake was the only man or woman in the entire house who hadn’t come yet. He was desperate to explode. His cock was throbbing and his balls were boiling with his pent up load. But he couldn’t release yet, not when Rose wasn’t done having her fun yet.

“Harder motherfucker! Harder!” Rose cried, her words coming out as horny pants as Jake took her doggie style. “Fuck my pussy! Jam that cock in deep! I wanna fucking feel it! You got me taking a cock for the first time in years so you’d better make me fucking come from it! Harder! GIVE IT TO ME YOU FUCKER!!!”

More than a little bit of frustration boiled over from Rose’s constant taunts and non-stop teasing. Jake thrust hard into her pussy from behind and slapped her ass with a loud smack. He hadn’t been planning on spanking her. He did it more to shut her up and before he knew it he was smacking her pale ass hard, leaving a pink handprint on her cheek and getting a cry from the actress. But it was hardly a cry of anger.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ooooooooh now you’re getting it dude! Fucking give it to me!” Rose rapturously urged. “Slap my ass! Show me you’re a real fucking man! Spank my ass for me being such a bitch to you! I’m not some little fucking girl you gotta be gentle with! I’m a real fucking woman! Slap my ass! Pull my fucking hair! Fuck me with that big cock like I’m a filthy fucking slut!”

Hearing Rose talk like that had Jake’s cock throbbing even harder in Rose’s impossibly tight pussy. But he didn’t just give into the pleasure that was rolling through his body from fucking Rose’s perfect cunt. He rose to the challenge Rose had thrown down in front of him and started striking her ass harder, making the pale cheeks bounce and grow pink, threatening to turn red with every strong smack to her sensitive flesh.

Jake gripped onto Rose’s bare ass when he wasn’t spanking it, roughly grabbing her tingling flesh. With his other hand he grabbed her long black hair and tugged it back, pulling it into a makeshift ponytail and yanking it hard.


As Rose was screaming out her pleasure, Love was feverishly finger fucking herself. This was the most erotic scene she’d ever witnessed. It was a million times hotter than she’d ever imagined it would be.

She loved seeing Rose naked and on all fours getting it from behind. The woman who had fucked them all so good so many times with Mr. Snappy was the one being fucked this time and Love had lost count of how many times she had soaked her fingers watching it.

Love had the perfect seat, sitting back against the wall right in between Rose’s body and Jake’s so she could see him drive into her doggie style. Rose had fucked them all like that so many times, but this time she was the one getting her pussy stretched and filled with cock. Love adored seeing this. She was going wild with lust seeing Jake’s thick, hard cock pushing into Rose’s tight, pink pussy, thrusting into her willing body, splaying open the pink slit they had all licked countless times to fuck her.

It was so incredibly hot to see Rose beg to be spanked and have her hair pulled just like they all had when Rose had used her toy on them. Love couldn’t take her eyes off her housemate, how her pale tits bounced, how her ass was turning a deep shade of pink from Jake’s slaps and how her eyes were wide with utter and complete ecstasy from being fucked hard from behind.

Love had been mauling her own bare tits before, but now she had both of her hands at work on her holes. She was licking her fingers wantonly, slurping off every drop of her pussy cream. She’d just soaked them again and she was licking off her own orgasm and loving it. But she didn’t keep her fingers in her mouth for long. She jammed them right back into her pussy as soon as her cum was gone and her fingers were slick with saliva again.

She cried happily as she penetrated her own cunt again and started rubbing her still throbbing clitoris. While she did this, her other hand was hard at work fingering her own ass. When she masturbated it took a lot to get Love horny enough to finger her own pussy and ass and what she was seeing was setting a new standard for hotness.

Love attacked her own holes, thrusting two of her fingers up her ass while she lewdly fucked her pussy, pistoning her fingers in and out as Rose got herself good and fucked right in front of her.

“You like that Love? Oooooooooh you fucking whore!” Rose laughed as she eyed Love’s frantic masturbation. “Fucking filthy little slut! Fingering your dirty little holes while I’m getting a huge dick stuffed up my cunt! Gimmie those fingers you fucking slut! Feed me your fingers while I’m being fucked!”

Love immediately complied, smiling and moaning as she yanked her gooey fingers out of her pussy and shoved them into Rose’s mouth. She fed her housemate her pussy juices and Rose wetly slurped them clean, sucking Love’s slim fingers like she’d just sucked Jake’s cock before. But that wasn’t all Rose wanted.

“The other one too!” Rose demanded with a horny gasp. “Feed me your ass too Love! I want those fingers you had jammed up your slutty fucking ass! Make me taste it like I made you taste my fingers!”

Love could only coo with desire as she did just as Rose ordered, shoving the fingers she had just had buried up her ass into her friend’s mouth. Rose didn’t hesitate to sucked them lewdly and wetly, slurping away at them as Love automatically buried her other hand back between her legs, fingering away at her pussy while Rose sucked her fingers clean.

“Ohhh Rose you look so fucking hot,” Love cried as she rubbed herself while Rose nastily sucked her other fingers. “Baby, I love seeing that cock pound you! I love seeing you get fucked!”

“Mmmmm gooooooooood,” Rose groaned in wild desire as she humped herself back hard against Jake, meeting his thrusts with her own movements to make sure each push of his cock inside her hit her clit and her other hot spots. “Watch me Love! I’m fucking doing this for you! Oooooooooooh fuck I’m letting a goddamn man fuck my tight little cunt! Watch me get fucked Love! Ooooooooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh watch me fucking come from getting my pussy filled with dick just for you! You’re the fucking reason I’m doing this!”

“Uh uh, no pretending Rose,” Love teased. “You fucking love it! You want this bad! Don’t say you don’t! I see how much you love his big cock inside you.”

“Mmmmmmmm shut the fuck up and kiss me. Show this fucker pounding my hot little puss that I still love girls the best!” Rose demanded playfully as her words came out in short, hard gasps. Her whole body was sweating and shaking. She did love what was happening to her, but didn’t quite feel like admitting Love was right.

Love giggled as she saw right through her housemate. She didn’t need the validation of her friend admitting she was right or anything. Love was more than satisfied with a sexy kiss and she got more than that when she pressed her lips to Rose’s and immediately found her friend’s tongue jamming into her mouth.

Rose tongue fucked Love’s mouth, sliding it against her tongue while Richard pounded into her from behind, the movements of her tongue almost in total synch with the movements of his cock.

The kiss deepened and went on as both girls’ heads spun. They’d both gotten themselves good and fucked at Lauren’s party and while Jake was a great lover, this was what Love and Rose both loved best. They kissed and moaned into each other’s mouths, Rose’s cries getting particularly loud when Love reached down and began fondling her shaking tits, squeezing them with her soft hands and rubbing against her swollen, sensitive nipples.

“Yeahhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhh squeeze my fucking tits Love!” Rose carnally groaned. “Mmmmmm fucking show this dude how much you love my tits! Fucking squeeze them hard Love! Make me fucking feel it while he slams into my cunt!”

Rose’s pussy was clinging so tight to Jake’s cock that it was getting hard to push into her. The closer she got to coming, the tighter she got until she was practically choking the throbbing piece of meat with her pink, dripping folds. This naturally slowed Jake down a little, but Rose wasn’t accepting any excuses.

“HARDER GODDAMNIT!!!” Rose shouted at him fiercely, her eyes alight with animalistic passion as she felt her orgasm nearing. “FUCKING DEEPDICK MY FUCKING CUNT YOU FUCKER!!! YEAHHHHHHHH TAKE IT HARD DUDE!!! DON’T FUCKING MAKE LOVE TO ME!!! SAVE THAT FOR YOUR GIRLFRIEND!!! I WANNA GET FUCKED!!! FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!”

Jake summoned up whatever energy he had to slam himself hard into Rose. As he did this he yanked hard on her hair again, snapping her head back as he gave her reddened ass another series of hard slaps. She cried out in white hot passion and responded by pushing her ass back harder too, forcing more of his cock into her snatch until he was practically all the way inside her, only an inch or two of his cock not smothered with her pussy.


Rose was soon crying out with indecipherable sounds of passion as Jake took her advice completely to heart and fucked her with all the aggression and force he’d stifled every night he’d gone out looking for fun and come home with nothing but blue balls for his trouble.

He took her pussy hard, squeezing her red, spanked ass cheeks and making her gasp and sputter with gurgles and shrieks of ecstasy. He let her hair go to get both hands on her ass, pushing harder into her while he gripped the slapped cheeks, his balls smacking hard against her with every thrust into her drooling cunt.

“Come for him Rose! Soak his cock! Just like I did!” Love urged, squeezing her beautiful housemate’s incredibly round, soft tits while she kissed her neck and licked the sweat that was running down the sides of her pale face. “You look so fucking sexy Rose! You’re making me soaking wet seeing you take that cock! I love it! Ooooooh I love you Rose!”

Love then smothered Rose’s lips in another long kiss, pushing her tongue into Rose’s mouth. Rose was tensing up, ready to burst and she barely heard the last thing Love said, much less have it register with her brain. She just slammed herself back onto Jake’s cock as hard as she could while he drove into her, hitting her g-spot just right and sending her off to the sexual heavens.

“FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!” Rose screamed, breaking away from the kiss as her eyes screwed shut and little tears of ecstasy began to slip out. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKING AAAAAAAAAA!!! YESSSSSSSS GODAMNNNNNNNNNNN A MAN IS FUCKING MAKING ME COMMMMMMMMME!!!”

And come she did. Rose’s tight pussy, wrapped around Jake’s cock like a finger trap, not letting him slide out even an inch. She gasped and shook, her eyes flying open only to roll back in her head as she came, soaking every bit of Jake’s cock with her creamy girl cum. As Love caressed her face and tenderly kissed her lips, Rose orgasmed with fierce shrieks of ecstasy, spasms of bliss shooting through her naked body and making her shiver and moan.

“Mmmmmmmm baby yesssssssss…oooooooooh Rose you’re so fucking hot,” Love cooed as she kept kissing her housemate and stroking her sweaty, flushed face.

But Love’s attention wasn’t entirely focused on Rose. As she cycled down, the grip on Jake’s cock loosened and he was able to pull slowly out of her. His rock hard dick was engorged and ready to burst and Love licked her lips at the sight of it all thick and full and cummy for her.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw a man stroking his cock and shooting all over Mariska Hargitay and Maria Bello’s faces and Love wanted that too. She wanted it for her and Rose.

“Come on Rose,” Love said, taking Rose’s hand into hers. “He deserves a reward for making us come so good.”

Rose was still flying from her orgasm, but she wasn’t so far gone that she had lost all of her senses. She definitely agreed that Jake deserved a little something something for all his hard work and she recognized the naughty glint in Love’s eyes.

“Mmmm I know what you want,” Rose breathlessly smiled. “Dude better not get any in my eye though.”

Love giggled and kissed Rose while her friend was still trying to catch her breath and stop her chest from heaving. Their bare tits rubbed together for a hot, sweaty moment before they both pounced on Jake together.

As Jake remained on his knees, Rose and Love worked his cock over. Rose’s cum had soaked every inch of it and they both feverishly licked it off, sliding their wet tongues all over him and hungrily slurping him clean. While they did this their soft hands both caressed his bulging balls and Jake began groaning as he approached the moment of no return.

“I’m gonna come! Ohhhhh fuck! Please make me come!” he begged.

“Right here baby,” Love smiled, taking her finger and rubbing it against her chin, pointing right at her soft face. “Come on our faces! Soak our pretty faces with your hot white load!”

“Fucking paint us with cum!” Rose urged. “Shoot that cum all over your nasty celebrity cocksucking sluts! Mmmmm that’s what we are for you dude. Nasty cocksuckers who want your cum!”

Both girls hungrily returned to Jake’s cock, taking turns bobbing their wet lips around his full length, sharing it back and forth as he groaned and tensed up. When they sensed he was about to shoot, Rose pulled her mouth off him and instead started tonguing his throbbing head. Love did the same and they were quickly rewarded with the creamy, hot load they both craved.

“AGHHHHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH!!!” Jake shouted, his hands latching to the backs of both of their heads and pushing both Love and Rose to his exploding cock. He spewed his gooey, white cum all over both of their lips, soaking their faces and chins and making it drip down to their sweaty tits.

Love and Rose both moaned at the feel of the hot cum striking their faces. Christ, Rose hadn’t felt that in so long and she’d forgotten how much she liked it. She and Love kept tonguing Jake’s cockhead, licking every drop of cum out of him as he exploded in orgasm while they touched each other’s naked, glistening bodies.

When Jake finally pulled back gasping and groaning, Rose and Love fell right into a horny kiss, tasting the cum on each other’s lips. Rose started licking the strands of white that dribbled down Love’s chin and neck and Love returned the favor as soon as Rose was done.

They licked all of Jake’s cum off each other and pushed it together with their tongues in another hot kiss. They swapped Jake’s load until it broke apart in their mouths and both girls happily swallowed.

Both Rose and Love were more than ready for a little rest, but they couldn’t stop kissing each other and playing with their tits. They only paused when Lauren kneeled down and beamed at them.

“So, you girls enjoying the party?” Lauren asked with a beautiful grin, knowing full well what the answer is.

“Mmmmm it’s ok,” Rose teased.

“Don’t listen to her Lauren, it’s fucking unbelievable,” Love giggled. “Gawd, I never want it to end!”

“Who says it’s ending?” Lauren laughed. “Honey, my parties go until dawn at the earliest.”

All around her Love could see how true that was. No one was stopping. They were just finding new sources of fun. She could see that Alyssa had crawled over to Jessica and Eva and she’d brought Heather Graham along with her. Fun time with boys was over for them for now as Jessica had her face buried in Heather’s beautiful blonde cunt while Eva furiously tongued Alyssa from behind, her tongue sliding from Alyssa’s gooey pink pussy to her puckered asshole.

Reese was still playing with Whitney, showing the redheaded assistant how much fun it could be to suck a girl’s toes as Whitney moaned, squeezed her tits and promised Reese she was going to do it right back to her. The only thing that shut Whitney up was when Allison Mack and Erica Durance started slapping her face with the strap ons they’d just had buried in Katherine Heigl. Whitney opened wide and found one, then the other and soon both of them shoved into her totally willing mouth.

Meanwhile, Katherine had found herself a much sweeter, more tender partner in Kate Winslet, who was feeding the girl her English muffin in a 69 while she wetly licked the Grey’s Anatomy star’s well fucked pussy. Katherine’s co-star Sara Ramirez was rubbing her impressive chest against Mandy Moore’s soft, full tits as she squeezed the girl’s pale ass. Mandy was right on top of Sara on the couch and Piper Perabo was flat on her tummy on the couch, licking both of their dripping slits as the ground themselves together.

Kristen Kreuk was now using a strap on after getting fucked herself earlier and Christina Ricci was the lucky girl to get it from her. Jewel watched with total lustful fascination as one brunette actress nailed the other, but her attention was also on the licking she was getting from Mariska. The Emmy winner’s head was buried in Jewel’s lap and she was furiously tonguing the singer’s pussy as Jewel moaned and fed her tits to a still horny Maria Bello.

Love couldn’t help but watch them all and also sneak a few naughty glances over toward Lindsay and Hilary. Hilary was still moaning from the orgasm that had just racked her body from Elisha’s assfucking and those cries only got louder when Lindsay jammed her tongue into her teen friend’s pussy, lapping up her creamy juices and getting even more as Heather Locklear lay flat on her back for Amy Poehler to ride her face while Tina Fey, her glasses askew and smeared with cum licked away at the Melrose Place icon’s waiting snatch.

While the boys were all off taking a rest, only Richard was ready for action, his thick, long cock already hard for more action thanks to Heather’s restorative blowjob. And since he was hard and ready, he didn’t wait for the fun to come to him. He went right after what he wanted and had Elisha on all fours, her strap on stripped off and her holes completely exposed.

“So the naughty girl likes fucking people up the ass, huh?” Richard teased as he pushed his dark cock between the pink globes of her ass.

“Uh huhhhhhhh,” Love could hear Elisha groan.

“Well turnabout is fair play,” Richard grinned. “Time for you to get your ass fucked!”

Elisha cried out in rapture as Richard didn’t hesitate to spread her cheeks apart and push into her ass. Love couldn’t help but gawk at her sexy blonde friend as Richard began fucking her ass, slapping her tight cheeks as he pushed into her. Elisha was happily squealing with every inch sliding up her ass and Love longed to join in.

     “Mmmm someone’s already antsy for more fun,” Rose teased in between kisses with Lauren, the former WB cohorts already very familiar with the taste of each other’s lips.

     Love just giggled and joined in a three way kiss with Rose and Lauren. There was so much she still wanted to do here and if this party was truly going to go until dawn she was going to be there for every last second of it.

* * * * *

     In the meantime, things were a lot calmer at Kirsten and Eliza’s. While no doubt the horny couple would have loved to just dive right into the sex like everyone at Lauren’s had, they had actually taken things slow tonight. In fact everyone’s clothes were still on and sex hadn’t even been a topic of conversation.

     Instead of going wild right away, Kirsten and Eliza had ended up having dinner with Scarlett and Hayden once the teenager had arrived. There had been food, wine and lots of conversation and if it hadn’t been for what had happened earlier then it would have seemed totally normal, like a bunch of friends getting together for a casual night.

     But of course no one could forget what had gone on in the ladies room and then what had happened in the conference room, especially Hayden. She tried to act normally and pretend this was no big deal, but it was all she could think about.

She couldn’t help but look at Kirsten and Eliza and Scarlett and think that she might be about to have sex with them. Might. She still hadn’t decided what the hell she was going to do and it was making her very excited and nervous all at once to be around these gorgeous girls and think that soon they might all be naked and she might