The True Color of Friendship

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Although this story is based upon real people and contains certain factual information, all actions, mannerisms, statements, and events are completely fictitious. Quotes and references that are based on fact are used only for creative purposes and are taken completely out of context. This is NOT to be taken seriously. This is not meant to slander
anyone’s reputation.

The True Color of Friendship: The True Story

Starring: Lindsey Huan (Disney Movie Surfers) reprising the role Lindsey Huan.

Shadia Simmons (ZENON) reprising the role of Piper Dellums

Tyra Banks (Life Size) in the role of Flora (replacing Melania Nichols-King)

Penny Johnson (Star Trek/Deep Space Nine) reprising the role Roscoe Dellums

By Lude (

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A warning from the author: Because I am dyslexic, I frequently leave writing errors, even after proofing reading several times. I hope anyone reading this can look pass any writing errors I probably have certainly left in this story. Please feel free to send comments or corrections (


By Lude


Eighteen year old Mahree Bok was in her first floor bedroom, the light shined from her bedroom window into the wilds of the African night. Half past ten, it was the time she usually prepared to go to bed. With her mother and little brother away visiting relatives till tomorrow, she enjoyed the quiet. As she began to undress, it excited Mehree that she would be watched. She liked the power that is gave her over a man who was usually was in control of everything around him. She had always felt close to him. But recently she had been become drawn to his strength, his animal magnetism, his good looks, and his athletic body. Mahree, a product of the Apartheid system, had been raised to view dark-skinned people as an under class, whose main role in life was to serve white people.

Her father was a policeman and he often told her about his police work and the power he welded over the Chafers. Ruled with an iron hand, at the first inkling of trouble, the blacks were beat down by dogs, clubs, imprisonment, and death. She smiled thinking about him as her panties became wet with excitement. Last night Mehree had given him a – good show. The night held great promise to her.

It had all started two months ago when, with her windows open to the cool of the evening, she had accidentally forgot to close her shutters. It wasn’t until toweling off that Mehree saw a pair of binoculars was aimed at her. Mehree hadn’t thought about how he liked to stay out and watch the night sky. She pretended not to notice him. Mehree did notice that it was exciting to be watched and every night afterwards her shutters stayed open. But up until last night, he had always stayed at the gazebo. I was her upcoming departure to America that threatened to change everything. As they both sadly faced the onrush of their game coming to an end, last night he had moved up close to Mehrees window. So close in fact, she could hear his breathing.

Inspector Nelson Bok watched behind the cover of a tree only about three meters from her window as, with her back to the window, Mehree turned on her record player and began to remove her clothing. Her perfect young form displayed in all its glory in the brightness of her bedroom light as she gracefully moved to the beat. First, she unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall away. Next, she removed her bra and then tossed it over her shoulder. The silky garment landed on the window ceil right in front of him. Startled, he watched her lovely full breasts swaying and jiggling with her movements. Then the skirt around her waist suddenly loosened and fell as she rocked her hips. Her tight young ass was flawless as it continued to sway right in front of the window! Perfectly round, her firm white cheeks were outlined by a gorgeous tan. Watching from the darkness, he smiled to himself and thought about how desirable and sexy she had become. His head arched back and he started stoked his cock up and down in the darkness.

Then he froze when Mehree suddenly turned around and exposed her beautiful front to him. The sight of her silky flesh and prefect little naked body bathed in the white light inflamed his tabooed thoughts. He tried not to think about his feelings for her. He hadn’t been with a white woman since his wife had caught him fucking black Flora six months ago. And here, just a few feet away, was Mehrees soft tender flesh that he could easily touch and have his way with. He continued to watch as her hands slowly moved down her body and stopping at her pussy, several fingers past across her lovely fine-haired blonde bush. Lindsey moaned, “Hummm!” when one of her fingers entered her cunt. He was close enough to smell her hot pussy juices. He thought about her sweet blonde pussy and her hot tits, as his hand went back into his pants, and he started to stroke himself in tune with Mehrees movements.

After bring her-self to an orgasm, Mehree went to the shower and started to soap herself down. Moving to another tree, he watched through the open bathroom window. He stood watching, quietly jacking himself off as thoughts of sneaking into her room and fucking her sweet pussy took hold of him like wildfire. More and more lately he was waking up with a huge erection thinking about Mehrees’ creamy breasts, her tight virgin pussy and firm young ass. His fantasy usually began with him joining her in the shower where Mehree would soap down his body, paying extra special attention to his cock and balls with her mouth and tongue. But just then he was snapped back from his fantasy, when Mehree brought herself to another orgasm. After washing off she stepped from the shower and after very slowly toweled off, she went naked to bed. Unable to bring himself to join her, he returned to the gazebo and looked up at the stars. He then tried to count them to keep his mind off another shapelier subject. Thus, it wasn’t until the middle of the night that his desires finally drove him to walk into his daughter’s room.

Mehree was beautiful. She had soft delicate features, rosy cheeks and a glowing smile that was surrounded by fine golden shoulder length hair. Hers’ was the face of a sleeping angle, a very sexy angle on the bed naked below him. He was aroused by the taboo he was about to break as he moved next to her, and then brushed his erect cock up against her beautiful mouth. To his delight, after giving out a sexy little moan, She opened up her luscious mouth and sucked up three or four inches of it! It was like she was acting out part of a dream, and it felt wonderful as her tongue rolled around the head of his penis as her sucking increased in fury. Then in a moment of surprise, her hands reached up. While her right started playing with his balls, the left started pumping his shaft working together in tandem! But to his amazed relief this was still all part of her dream and she continued to sleep. He then worked the rest of his throbbing manhood in past her lovely lips and he could feel his tip press down her throat! His daughter simply continued to suck his rock hard shaft until it spasmed and jumped in a series of orgasmic tidal waves as his white steamy flow blasted into her throat. He was overjoyed and terrified at the same time, until she simply continued to suck and swallow his cum as part of her dream! This must be one hell of a dream he thought to himself. Mehree then went right on suck his cock until he cummed again and afterwards she licked him clean yet again. He then pulled out of her mouth. With a smile still pasted upon her sleeping face and some how reading his mind, Mehree pulled his cock down towards her waist!

His cock glistened with his daughter’s salvia and his cum as her cunt lips parted. He felt them envelop the head of his cock as they stretched and pulled outward clinging to his thick knob. He clamped his hand around his himself to ring it, so that his raging cock wouldn’t enter her any further than her fragile maidenhood. He could feel the tip of his cock putting pressure against her hymen as her hot pussy lips closed in around the entire tip of his pulsing manhood. With his cock head buried into the hot wet velvety entrance of her virgin pussy, he couldn’t describe the sensation and feelings as the tip of his cock pushed against the elastic barrier of her maidenhood. Pushing forward ever so gently and it would respond by every so softly pushing back. She was rubbing and pulling on his ass as her father’s cock poked her tiny cunt, barely halfway in against her unavoidable barrier. He pushed a little harder but the taut membrane of flesh refused to give. During all this, Mehree sleeping face was a mask of pleasure and pain. But then his excitement got the better of him and his cock jerked again in a series of orgasmic spasms as he filled up her little virgin cunt, which flowed out on to legs and got all over her bed. In response to this sudden outflow, he became afraid she might wake up and his wife might find out. His wife had threatened to report him if he abused their daughter again. So, not wanting to go to jail or lose his job, he reluctantly got up and left her.

Mehree finally opened her eyes when her father left her bedroom. Feeling his hot cum all over her middle, she thought. ”Damn it, why did he stop? It was just getting interesting. I’ve got to figure out a way to fuck his brains out tomorrow night.’

Tonight had been the first time in such a long time that Mehree had been with him, it had been when she was a little girl. Back then Mother was the head nurse of the hospital night shift and was gone most nights. Mehree had fond memories taking baths and showers together. She loved to wash his body and play with cock, kiss and licking it, Mehree could even putting his tip in her mouth and sucked it. Her father made a game of buying her special present every time she made him cum. But it had all stopped when she turned six and her Mother had become suspicious. Mehree still remembered how Daddy had explained that it was ok for people in love to make each other feel good. But uncertain on how to feel, Mehree had suppressed her memories of what happened and seemed unaffected.

It all got interesting again when Mehree turned eleven years old, and she entered secondary school. Very pretty, Mehree appeared two or three years older than she really was. Soon she had her first really friend, a thirteen year old named Dennis. The first week they started slowly, but soon they began meeting above the school stage for French kissing and petting. Unable to see each other after school, everyday they looked forward to their prearranged meetings of what most kids called, ‘the hall pass club.’ Mehree soon found out what they meant when another couple joined them the next day. As time went on, Dennis started unbuttoning Mehrees top and kissed all over her exposed kiss. Mehree enjoyed his attention and began rubbing a long the bulge in his pants as he pulled up her bra and licked and kissed her nipples. “Hummm, tomorrow I won’t wear a bra!” Mehree had said lustfully.

It came to a head the next day when he pulled out his cock and asked her, “Do want to give me a blow job?” Upon seeing the young boys’ seven-inch cock for the first time earlier memories of her father came back to her. So in a rush of hungry passion she furiously gave into his request!

As Mehree lips slid across the bulbous head of his manhood sucking furiously, her hands pumping whatever bit of cock that she couldn’t fit in her little mouth. Dennis hadn’t even expected a hand job, let alone to get his ‘clocked’ clean. He groaned in surprise pleasure as his angel worked his manhood like a professional. But so sudden and lustful had Mehree come to him, in only in a few moments he filled her mouth with his hot milky cum – as much as didn’t he wished to do so. But, Mehree continued pleasuring soon brought his manhood back to full attention.

Unable to believe what was happening to him, he decided to push his luck. So, full of passion that he reached into her dress, pulled off her panties, and thrust a finger into her steamy tight pussy. Then hungrily French kissing, he grabbed hold of Mehree ass, brought his cock up to pussy, and ran his tip along her wet pussy and parted her split with his tip. Then, just as suddenly as her passion had begun, Mehree pulled away suddenly and silently redressed.

Embarrassed and inexperience, Dennis was afraid that he had done something wrong, so he didn’t try to find out why they stopped. He didn’t know, that she had set her sights on someone else very special to her to take her virginity. That very day, she decided to seduce her father.


It wasn’t until a week later that the perfect opportunity presented it self on a Friday night, when she would be alone with him. On that night, her brother would spend the night at a friend’s house and her mother was working all night at the hospital. When Mehree heard his shower come on, she went to him. He gasped when she joined him – naked.

Mehree stood there naked in the water looking at his body for a minute and then innocently asked, “Dad, the girls at school are talking about their boyfriends about sex….” She paused.

“Go on!” he said very interested, studying Mehrees face intently he could see that she had already crossed a threshold into another stage of her growth into womanhood.

“Well …umm … they were talking about boys and what their girlfriends do to them.” she said nervously looking at his manhood.

“Do you wanted to hold it Mehree?” he asked trying to sound calm.

“Please!” She said. He noted the lust in her voice.

“Thank you!” He said smiling,

Mehree shared his smile and hesitantly touched his long cock. At first she just rolled it around in her hand experimenting. Then her fingers, wrapped around his cock, started running up and down along his long shaft. This action brought his cock to life and she squeaked in surprise when it responded to her and began to grow even larger.

“Does that feel all right?” she asked.

“It’s a very good beginning.” He told her. “You can stroke it harder up and down. Hold the whole shaft and my balls in your hands and really work it. You’re doing fine.” Mehree obeyed his prompting and soon she had his nine-inch cock at full attention.

“Wow! It’s so big,” she exclaimed as she looked at the result of her work. “That’s really nice, I love how alive it feels in my hands and it’s getting so hard!”

“Hmmmm… It feels good, honey. Any other questions?” He asked, smiling eagerly.

She stood still for a second as if she were pondering something. Then as she slowly continued to stroke his now fully erect staff she asked, “Can you tell me how to give a blow job Daddy?”

He coughed nervously as he tried to think of what to say. “Well …honey … its kind of like when you eat a Popsicle or… drink a really thick milk-shake, you put it in your mouth, roll your tongue around it and suck really hard on it.”

A short time passed that seemed like an eternity to him. Then to his relief, Mehree smiled, and asked in her most innocent little girlish voice, “Can I give you a blowjob… Daddy?” Adding a pouty half smile in the end.

“Yea, sure honey.” He managed to mumble out the words. Instead of saying what he was thinking, ‘FUCKEN YES!’

She marshaled her strength and resolve and in a matter-of-factly way to him, using her sexiest mature voice, “All right, Daddy, tell me what to do.”

At this point he felt his raging lust rising to the surface and fought furiously to keep it under control as he instructed his daughter in a slow and logical manner.

“Well, honey, put as much of my cock in your mouth and caress it with your lips and your tongue. But be careful with your teeth, it’s really sensitive to that.”

Mehree nodded to show she understood and bent over his body and put her lips on

the head of his huge cock. At first she was shy, and just brushed it with her lips. Then little by little she opened her mouth and let more of it in. He felt the wetness of her saliva on his burgeoning head and the smooth sweetness of her lips as they danced around him. Mehree embraced his dick in one petite hand and lowered her head until her lips engulfed the mushroom head. She sucked the knob for a minute, running her tongue around and around the rim. The feeling made him moan with pleasure and almost made him lose control of this lustful attempt at educating his daughter in the fine art of cock sucking. He shook himself out of his reverie and said, “That’s good, honey. You’re doing a fine job.”

Mehree tried to speak without taking him out of her mouth, “Th…..nks D….dy…..”

He felt the vibrations of her voice on his cock. “What did you say, honey? I couldn’t understand you?”

She laughed and looked up at him, “I said, thanks Daddy. But is there anything else I should be doing?”

“Well,” he said, “what your doing is really nice, but it will is even better when you move your mouth and hands up and down together.”

Mehree thought for a second and then said, “You mean like this?” As her left hand grabbed the base of his massive cock, she put her mouth down almost entirely over it. Then Mehree tightened her grip with her gums and he could feel her round and delicious tongue on his thick organ. Slowly, but deliberately, she began to pump, up and down his cock her mouth and hands working in tandem.

He almost couldn’t hold his orgasm back as he felt her taking control. He could tell she was enjoying it too because Mehree moaned with pleasure like someone enjoying the taste of deep, rich cheesecake.

Loving all her attention, her father stroked her body and to further encourage her he added, “That’s my good girl, on please milk my cock just like you would a cow. Make sure you keep using your tongue and suck real hard because that feels really nice.”

Mehree had previously watched her father when he went to Flora. Many times she tried to swallow the whole thing but that looked as if it hurt and it choked her. Mehree decided to suckle on the helmet-shaped crown, bobbing her head as she slurped. At the same time she jacked the shaft with her dainty fist. Soon her rhythm was perfect; each down stroke of her lips met with an upstroke of her hand. Her father moaned again.

Sucking hard she pulled his hard dick out of her mouth with a loud pop and licked down the shaft to his hairy balls. Then Mehree scooped his balls into her palm and pressed them against her lips, kissing, licking, and sucking. Mehree could feel his knees weaken as the naughty nymph played with his nuts. Then Mehree looked into his eyes. She knew from the watching him with Flora and her mom that he liked to spray his cum on their faces or breasts, but that seemed a waste of hard earned prize.

“Do you want to … you know … cum on my face?” she asked.

“How do you know about that?” he asked, grasping for breath.

“You know … I watched you with Flora, didn’t you know?” she asked.

Shaking his head, he answered, “No, honey, I don’t want that. Can you swallow?”

Without answering Mehree moved her mouth back to his cock’s crown.

He was in paradise. His daughter’s warm mouth engulfed the head of his cock and pleasure shivered up his spine. Her tongue darted and flicked over the nerves in his cocks head. She bobbed her head up and down while she fondled his balls, and he moaned again in response. He looked down, her lips were stretched obscenely around his cock, her golden hair was wet from the shower, and he knew the moment was near.

She bobbed her head up and down on his cock rhythmically, using her fingers to stroke the underside of his penis. Her mouth muscles ached and her cunt was wet. Faster and faster she sucked and pumped as his legs began to shake. Mehree had his cock most of the way in her mouth and its tip was tickling her throat, as she gave him his first orgasm. He moaned as he shot hot cum into her mouth. His cock jerked again and again, and her mouth was filled with the flavor of her father’s salty seed. Mehree kept her lips tight, trying to get all of his semen. She swallowed each spurt, loving the taste and the sensation of his hot cum in her mouth and throat.

“Huummmm!” Her Daddy shouted. “O – Yea baby. Now swallow it all down now. My cream is good for you.” Mehree continued to play with her father’s penis, rubbing, licking and sucking his cock in her mouth.

Mehree swirled her tongue around and around his cock head and sucked until there was no more cum. She then released his dick and stood and said, “Daddy, I want you inside me. I want to fuck me.” He paused and looked down into his daughter’s bright eyes. They were at the point of no return and he felt the slightest bit of hesitation.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yes, more than I’ve ever been sure of anything. Fuck me, daddy,” she said. “Put your dick in my virgin pussy. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for a good long time.”

Sam smiled, running his hands over her dripping body. “And I want to fuck you too baby,” he groaned, “but first there’s something you should try.”

He knelt before her and spread her legs. His hands slithered up her inner thighs. Her skin was like warm velvet, soft and supple with youth. Mehree moaned with anticipation. She could hardly wait for the touch of her father’s tongue. He kissed the ticklish teen’s thighs, raising goose bumps as he went.

Mehree parted her legs into a wide “A”; opening her outer lips, spreading the fine golden blonde curls and revealing her pink wet folds. Mehree pussy was glistening with her juices, as he rimmed his tongue around her cunt lips, scarcely touching the folds of her fragile lips. He knew that tongue teasing his young daughter would make her orgasms wilder, more powerful.

He circled his tongue around and around, each pass moving deeper and deeper. Finally his tongue penetrated her virgin cleft, and his tongue brushed her perfect, unbreached maidenhood.

Mehree gasped with delight; a small orgasm gripping her body as her fingers pinched and massaged her taut nipples. The touch of her own fingers up inside her pussy had never been as satisfying.

She gripped his head and shoulders as he plunged into her spread-open gash, tongue fucking her as hard as possible. He went deep, flicking and twisting his tongue, Mehrees moans becoming screams of delight.

“Oh God daddy, eat me!” She groaned, “Oh, fuck yes. EAT ME!” Cunt juice coated his face and Mehrees thighs. At last her legs clenched and she emitted a high-pitched half-squeal, half-scream. She looked down at her father with lusty eyes.

Mehree lifted one foot, placing it on the edge of the tub, and giving him better access to her oozing orifice. It wasn’t long before her knees shook and Mehree began to cum a third time with her father’s tongue buried deep in her cunt.

He slowed his spiraling tongue, sparking tiny flames inside Mehree. He slid out of her snatch then licked up and down the length of her wet pussy, lapping the cum chowder from the insides of her thighs. “That was nice,” mewed Mehree.

Afterward his third orgasm, she had to wash her hair several times to get all of his cum out. This all seemed to be part of the game they were playing, and he help to wash down her whole body. Then to reward her efforts, he knelt in front of her and ate out her sweet wet pussy. Mehree had never been licked out before like this and she wrapped her legs around his neck to pull his face into her as hard as she could.

“OOOH GOOOODDD!” cumming again, she shouted out, “You’re my Daddy! You’re my Daddy!”

In orgasmic heaven, his face became covered with her juices as he tongued out her pulsating womanhood, until…. her mother walked in on them. She had gotten off work early, and hoped to surprise them. But upon hearing their shouts of pleasure, it was her that was surprised when she discovered her husband in the shower eating out Mehrees’ eleven-year old pussy! Her father was gone for quite a long time after that, she had never been told why. She still loved him, both as a parent and as her lover.


Last night, after Inspector Nelson Bok left Mehrees warm and welcoming mouth, like was his usual custom on most nights lately, he went to his serving girl Flora to try to satisfy his unfulfilled desires. ‘Mehree certainly must have had one hell of a dream tonight!’ he thought as he walked to one of the shacks behind the main house.

After entering one of them, she saw him get in to bed besides the side of the sleeping Flora. He just laid there for a moment; aroused by the power he held over her. Whites and black aren’t supposed to mix in public, but white men often have their way with Chafer women and girls in private. Hell, his father had broken him in when he was only fourteen. He almost laughed when he thought about how it had even been Flora’s own mother. Thus fortified, he then carefully slipped his hand under the sheets. Touching her, he ran his left hand lightly across her soft warm thighs; his right hand went across her mouth.

Flora’s braided hair away from her face as he moved her blanket down. He was afforded the sweetest sight of the tempting indentation of her cleavage from the separating of the full swell of breasts. He then slowly climbed on to her and straddled her waist, his erection slid in between her ass checks. Her skin was exquisite.

He followed the sweet contour of her roundness until his hand was on top of her firm buns. Stroking her soft delicate chocolate colored skin, he put a hand over her mouth, as he pulled his rock hard cock from his boxers. When Flora’s eyes opened, she tried to scream until she saw whose hand was gagging her mouth.

“Ok Chafer, its only me. I’ve got my big cock here for your juice pussy.” She knew from experience that if she didn’t relent he would beat her without mercy. So she laid quietly as he began to fondle her with one hand, as his other helped to guide his shaft into her ass. Next he moved up, he brought his cock up to her mouth and drove it between her dark lips. She hesitated to start what he wanted her to do.

“Suck it Chafer! Suck me off if you know what’s good for you!” Nelson demanded.

Then his demeanor changed when she started really going at his manhood. He smiled and said, “Flora honey, if you swallow it all down again, I buy you another dress or give you a day off.”

After finishing with her mouth, in a few minutes Neslon slid back off of her and then parted her legs and knee-walked in closer to her sweet juicy cunt. He rested his hard dick up along the crack of her sweet pussy as he massaged her firm round ass cheeks and the small of her back. Flora’s young pussy began to moisten and provided lubrication for his massive shaft as he sawed it through her glistening lips. He saturated his index finger in her juices as he slowly rubbed the tip of his cock a long the line of her tight pussy. As his cock pushed back and forth into her tight shallow wet cunt, he slowly worked the tip of his index finger up to the first knuckle into her ass. As he finger fucked her asshole with his finger, he slowly slipped his cock further and further into her tight pussy and she let out a low moan. He grabbed his dick with his hand and began to rub the helmeted tip up and down along her squishy little brown slit. Nelson took time to rub it around on her clit and rub the length of her vertical smile just to hear her purr and moan. He loved how the hot little chafer responded some times when he fucked her.

She became wetter and slicker the more he persisted and he finally pushed is whole dick into her dark brown bushy opening. He moved it ever so slowly up and down, exploring the opening. He very gently worked the velvety tip of his prick into Flora’s warm moist canal. Then he gently pulled her limp form back into him further as he continued to fuck her wet tight body with his hard dick. But as he fucked Flora harder and harder instead of seeing her below him, he kept wishing it were Mehrees hot pussy that he was bucking his shaft into. Hell, Flora was about the same size and build as Mehree. The two girls facial features were even similar. Besides for hair and skin color, their biggest difference was that Flora had bigger tits and green eyes, while Mehrees eyes were blue.

Sweat was pouring off his muscular body as he pistoned his hips into her, his balls slapping wetly against her thighs as he drove in. All at once he saw stars as he felt the familiar surge building and then blasting into his house girl, wave after wave pulsing through his shaft. “Flora, I’m … gaaaahhhh … I’m …” He could say no more as the uncontrollable surge of emotions drained him of all feeling. As he collapsed onto Flora, she bucked up at him stiffly, her own brand of orgasm launching her into a series of wild gyrations that finally quieted down into a warm glow.

Flora moaned as he was working his hard rod into her, watching as more and more of his cock slipped inside of her, it felt incredible. Nelson started to move in and out driving her crazy with pleasure. Then she saw him changing position and put his cock near her lips. She opened her mouth and let his cock slide into her mouth. She started sucking him off as best she could, as fingers fucking her pussy distract her.

“Oh God what hot sluts you Chafer girls are.” He groaned as he pushed his cock in and out of Floras mouth. “Yes that’s it use your tongue.” He moaned. “How’s my fucking tonight, Flora?” She grinned and he grinned back. “It’s incredible, how you black bitches love white cock.”

“Roll over Bitch, get that talented tongue over here.” Flora rolled over onto her hands and knees and she turned on the bed as he took up position behind her. “You like white cock, don’t you slut?” Nelson held her hair keeping her away from his prick until she answered.

“Yes, I love your hard white cock, I want you inside me. Fuck me, oh then please fuck me, and let me taste your wonderful rod.”

Mehree couldn’t believe how wanton she had become but she needed to be fucked by her father. He finally released her hair and she lowered her mouth over his cock. She grunted as he shoved his finger deep into her cunt. She pushed her head back and forth getting as much of his cock into her as possible. She had another orgasm as he fucked her this way. She couldn’t believe he showed no signs of cumming, his stamina was incredible, and Flora took this as a challenge and started sucking even more of his cock into her mouth.

“OH GOD,” Nelson moaned. “I think I’ve got my cock in your throat don’t I honey.” He pulled her hair up and she looked up and nodded. He groaned and shot his load into her mouth. “Swallow it bitch. I know you black bitches like to swallow white seed.” He grabbed her hair and pulled her up, cum zoomed in to her throat.

“Swallow it slut,” he pushed his cock into her mouth forcing her to swallow his load. He jammed his semi soft cock into her mouth until his erection started to come back. “Yes get it nice and hard, you want more don’t you?” He pulled out of her mouth and stroked his cock just inches from her face.

Nelson then slapped her lovely ass hard. “Turn around, I got another load for you slut.”

“Yes I want more, I’ll do anything just fuck me pleas,” Flora asked.

“Well I’ve got an idea for you but I’m going to make you do the work this time.” He laid down on the bed his hard cock in his hands. “I want you to sit on my cock.” Mehree knew what he wanted she started to climb over his prick. “Not that way turn around.” Flora wasn’t sure what he had in mind but she turned so that she was facing the mirror. She started to guide her pussy onto his throbbing member. “NO! I want you to take it up that tight ass of yours.”

“I’m going to shove my cock into your ass, you’d like that wouldn’t you?” The only response from Flora was a grunt as she took almost all the way inside of her. Flora saw him angling his hard cock at her butt. Her ass was too small, she didn’t think she could take it in her, “I can’t,” she moaned.

“I don’t know?” Flora was nervous about having anything that big up her ass, but he grabbed her pulling her backwards, guiding her into position. Then as the tip of his cock pushed past her rectum she pushed backwards. Flora threw her arms behind her to catch herself. She held herself up and looked in the mirror, she was displayed most crudely in the mirror. Her pussy was wide open and she could see the tip of his cock protruding from her asshole. “OH GOD.” Flora grunted, terribly excited about both the image she was seeing and the cock in her ass. Her arms couldn’t hold her up and her body slipped down causing more of the hard cock to penetrate her ass. “It’s so big.” She groaned.

She tried to come off it but she was in such an odd position she couldn’t hold herself up for long. She would raise up till she was almost off the cock then come down on his cock until she couldn’t stand it anymore, then would pull up and the process would start over again.

“You like my dick up your ass don’t you slut?” He teased Flora as he watched her ride up and down on his hard cock.

As Nelson’s prick touched her ass she felt a major orgasm start to flow through her. “OH GOD,” she moaned again she felt his cock slip inside of her. “Oh God YES.” She screamed as an orgasm overcame her. He started pushing deep inside of her, forcing her down on his cock. She couldn’t believe how full she felt. He started to thrust into her causing her even more pleasure. “YES don’t stop please don’t stop yes.” Her arms went out from under her and she fell back onto Sam. She straightened out her legs, she no longer had any control of how they were fucking her and she loved it.

“God yes, what a hot slut you are. You like being fucked don’t you?” He asked but the only answer from Mehree was an unintelligible grunt of pleasure. “I’m going to cum, you want to taste it slut?”

“Yes, I want to taste it.” Flora groaned, but wasn’t sure why she said it. He shoved her hard off of him so he could reposition his cock to her lips.

He quickly moved till he was standing over her stroking his cock, she opened her mouth as he stroked his cock inches from her face. Then he pushed his cock into her mouth then pulled it out till the tip was barely pressing against her lips. He groaned again as he finished blowing his load into her mouth. She swallowed most of it and licked the rest off her lips, swallowed his load down as both fell exhausted.

Later, when finished with her, he returned to his own bed to sleep he told her, “Thanks Chafer, your black scabbard held my white sword well tonight!” as he walked away from her abused body. He hadn’t noticed that Mehree had been watching them from the window, again.


The next day Mehree awoke thinking about her stratagem for the last day she before leaving to go to school in America. Her father was at work already, but tonight she and her father would be alone. All that day she thought about her father’s sexy body and how she’d love to take last night’s experience a step further. It had to be today or possibly never.

During the day she prepared herself for him, making sure every hair was in place and she smelled of his favorite perfume. Mehree also had picked out something special to wear. Mehree had his favorite dinner waiting for him when he walked in the front door, half an hour earlier than normal.

“Hey sweet girl, did you sleep ok,” Nelson Bok asked her with a sly smile.

“Yes, never better Daddy,” she said happily, giving him a kiss on the cheek. He hugged her back giving a long look approving the way her little blue summer dress tightly hug her body. She had picked it out with him in mind. Mehree had altered it to uncover most of her breasts and to bare her back all the way down to her butt crack. She had also shortened its length, so short that when she sat down the bottom of her white silk thong was uncovered!

Giving him a sexy smile, Mehree than spun around in front of him, holding her beautiful blonde hair up with both her hands to show how hot she was for him. Her father had to adjust himself as he stared at her firm young body, much of which jutted out from her dress as she seductively moved in front of him, smiling at the effect she was having on him. After finished spinning around, she faced him with her hard nipples pressing through the material of her dress and asked, “Do you like my new dress?” His beaming smile and the big bulge in his pants was answer enough!

During dinner Mehree listen intently as he told her how they had rounded up a bunch of black troublemakers in the townships that day. Several had even ‘committed suicide at the station while being held. While listening, Mehree made sure to lean towards him, letting her breasts daggle in front of his eyes. Then when she had ‘accidentally’ dropped a fork, Mehree very deliberately bent slowly over in front of him. Her dress pulled up as she grabbed the fork and gave him good look of both her ass checks, which were only separated by a very thin slip of silk lace.

After Flora finished taking their dishes away, Mehree jumped into his lap as they watching television on the couch. Later when it was time for her to get ready for bed, she whispered in his ear, “I’ll see you in a little bit.” His surprise look he gave was just the answer she wanted.

Soon, Mehree was in front of her window, she could see him at the gazebo watching. But he dropped his binoculars when, instead of removing her dress, Mehree leaned out the window, her left hand squeezing her breasts, as she motioned with the index finger of her right hand for him to join her. His blank surprise look changed to a smile as he walked to her! Filled with heighten sexual glee she told him. “I don’t want to pretend to be a sleep anymore Daddy!” Mehree then started dancing in front of him, slowly moving her ass back and forth in front of his face, looking back every now and then with a little smile as see saw how turned on he was.

God was he ever, he thought as he stared at her perfectly toned and tanned little eighteen-year-old rear end, just inches from my face. The sight of her underwear tugging at her buns was so hot, he just wanted to rip them off and bury his face in that little pussy of hers. Unable to resist, he reached out, she smiled as he removed her arms, and pulled her dress down to the floor. Mehree felt his hands on her and reached around and with a little wag of her finger, said “uh-uh!” And she gave her a smiled, a smile he knew was a promise there’d be more to come. Mehree continued to dance right in front of him, holding her hair up with her hands and biting her bottom lip again that oh-so-sexy way of hers.

As her breast dangled before his eyes, he had to adjust his cock again and again as she continued her seductive little dance in front of him. The music started towards a crescendo, and she turned around and faced him. Mehree then reached down towards his belt and began unbuckling it, bending over as she did, and he got to see her amazing body bent over towards him, heading towards my cock. Her back and her ass were simply unbelievable, so hot and sexy. Nelson held her hair in his hands, and rubbed her, and she made her way into his pants and then into his briefs. Mehrees hand made her way all around his cock, rubbing and stroking, stroking and rubbing. He placed both hands on the wood bar of her canopy bed as she ripped his briefs off and exposed his throbbing cock right into her face. She moved towards him to get her head into position, and began lovingly licking, tasting and sucking his rock-hard shaft, teasing him by lightly licking up and down the length of his shaft. God it was amazing! The feeling of her mouth and tongue tasting, licking, and of her hands reaching around to grab his butt to hold herself there as she sucked. The feeling was absolutely orgasmic, I could feel her throat pulling and taking his member in, wanting to taste his load shooting down her throat. Holding off as long as he could, Mehree knew he was getting close to shooting, when she pulled away.

“Hmmmm, let’s not get you too hot before the main course,” she said, lightly moaning, she looking up at him as she said it. She reached both hands around his neck and pulled him toward her, kissing him deeply as she did. He moved toward her on the bed, reaching to hold her large, perfectly rounded, amazing breasts. They were heaven, so toned and tanned and firm, and he started sucking on them. Then he felt her amazing ass in his hands, and with that she jumped and squeezed both of her hot legs around his waist, pressing her crotch right into his cock. With their arms around each other, they pulled each down on to her canopy-covered bed, where he planned on giving her his going away present.

“I want it to be in my bed,” said Mehree breathlessly. She opened the door to her room, threw the bedspread on the floor, and stretched out on her white sheets. Nelson stood motionless by the vision of his tight teen’s well-lubricated snatch framed by the curls of light blonde cunt hair. His cock hardened as Mehrees fingers stoked her pussy lips.

Nelson knelt on the bed and eased himself down onto his daughter’s naked body. He parted her legs and ever so gently peeled her cunt lips apart. He ran his fingers up and down the folds of her tiny pussy. He could smell the unmistakable musty aroma of her hot excited pussy. They he ran his fingers cautiously over her tight wet pussy. His anxious fingers parted her smooth labia, when he slipped his index finger inside her, she moaned softly, but did not move. He smiled to himself about what she was dreaming of as he continued sliding his finger in and out of her hot body. Then her legs parted even wider, startling him, and for a moment he stopped in fear. But it was obvious she was enjoying it now. Leaning over he placed his face between her legs and he press his tongue out to taste her sweet juices. Penetrated by his tongue, Mehree gave out a soft moan as he began to work his tongue through her slick slit, teasing her erect clit as he did. Both her hands moved to his hand and her fingers pressed his head down into her. “Hummm!” she moaned again and again as he ate her out until he couldn’t take it any longer, so he moved his throbbing cock up against her sweet pussy.

Mehree realized what he wanted and arched her back. Shamelessly she spread her legs wide apart, exposing her trickling sex to his whims. She began to rock her hips. He slipped his long, middle finger inside her teen pie and felt his daughter’s cunt clamp around his probing digit. His fingertip pressed against her hymen and he cautiously poked

further. The elastic membrane yielded a little, causing Mehree to moan, but he was not sure if he heard pleasure or pain.

“I’m a virgin,” she whimpered, “pop my cherry, Daddy! I saved it for you. Make your little girl a woman!”

His heart jumped with pride and his hardened cock twitched. His little girl had her virginity … and she was giving it to him!

He kissed her fiercely on the mouth then whispered in her ear. “Are you sure you want to do this honey?”

“Oh, yes dad! I’m sure!” she whimpered, pressing against him. “I want you to fuck me!” she said panting into his mouth. “My little pussy is tight and wet and I want you to be the first to fuck it.”

“God, I love you Mehree,” he said as he ran his hands over the smooth, creamy flesh of her taut tummy and slid his finger back into the honey blonde thatch. Mehree whimpered. “Oh, God! Fuck me! I’m so hot! I need your cock in me!”

He bent forward on his knees between her gorgeous thighs. “Ready?” he asked. When she nodded warily he started pushing into her. He aimed his throbbing cock at her cunt, pressing the tip toward his daughter’s petite pink slit. Mehrees hand helped guide him.

His throbbing cock sensed the heat of her sopping womanhood. He pressed harder and Mehree could feel his hardness prod apart her split peach. The bulbous tip found its way inside. Slowly he slid his stiff dick into her supple, virgin cunt. She let out a small gasp as his tip pushed aside the outer walls. Deep in his throat he mimed her mild moans as he felt her tender walls wrap around his hard flesh.

Mehree was such a tight fit that he suddenly became worried that that her virgin snatch was too small for his large cock. She sensed his apprehension. “I’m not afraid,” Mehree said kissing his ear.

“Oh jeeezzus! You’re so tight sweetheart,” he moaned, feeling the walls of her little pussy compress around his cock.

“Tighter than Mom or ….Flora?” panted Mehree.

“Yesss! Fuck, yesss! Much tighter! … Oh, jessssssuuusss!” he groaned. He didn’t want to tell that Flora use to be as tight, but not anymore!

Mehree smiled glad to know that she was a better fuck than her Mom! Mehree didn’t care about their betrayal of her mother, the lust was boiling in her brain and all she wanted was for her father to fuck her!

“Oh, baby! Oh, fuck!” crooned her father. His dickhead pried into the entrance but would not penetrate the teen’s too-tight cunt. He pushed, but just wasn’t going in.

Mehree didn’t want to say anything to change his mind; this was after all her big moment. She was going to do it, she was going to get fucked and her father was going to do the fucking!

“Do it, daddy!” she begged, abandoning her childhood. “Fuck me! Fuck

your little girl! I want you to fuck me and fill me up with you cum!”

He grunted as the head of his prick slipped between his daughter’s swollen cunt lips. `God, she’s tight,’ he thought. He pushed again and this time the whole head went in.

`Wow!’ thought Mehree. There was a stretchy feeling inside her pussy. It hurt! But it felt good at the same time, but his size made her pussy ache.

He watched as his cock started to saw into Mehrees’ gooey little snatch. He started sliding back and forth, back and forth, sawing just an inch into his daughter’s pussy. Then, suddenly, he slipped in another inch.

“Oh God,” she groaned, “you’re in me, you’re in me.”

He pulled his prick head almost all the way out; it glistened with his daughter’s pussy-juice. Mehree stretched cunt lips pulled outward clinging to the thick knob. As Mehrees’ cunt lips parted wider, she felt them envelop the head of his cock. He remember how yesterday had clamped his hand around his himself to ring it, so that he wouldn’t enter her any further than her fragile maidenhood. But tonight his passion over ruled any plan like that of course. Mehree could feel the tip of his cock putting pressure against her hymen as her hot pussy lips closed in around the entire tip of his pulsing manhood. With his cock head buried into the hot wet velvety entrance of her virgin pussy, she couldn’t describe the sensation and feelings as the tip of his cock pushed against the elastic barrier of her maidenhood. He would push forward ever so gently and it would respond by every so softly pushing back. Mehree was rubbing his nipples as her father’s cock poked her tiny cunt. He was barely halfway in when he felt the unavoidable barrier. He pushed a little harder but the taut membrane of flesh refused to give. Mehree pleaded into his eyes, her face a mask of pleasure and pain.

“Am I hurting you, baby,” He asked her kissing her ear.

“No, I’m okay,” Mehree panted, “fuck me Daddy!”

He pushed, her hymen stretched … painfully.

“You’re doing it. Oh God, you’re doing it!” she groaned.

“It hurts!” she whimpered.

“Should I stop?” he asked.

“No … … Yes.” She wailed. “Stop! Stop! STOP!” she screamed. “Please stop!” she begged. “You’re tearing me apart!” But Mehree knew it was supposed to tear, so immediately she went on, “No, no! Don’t stop, keep going.”

He pushed; Mehree felt a tearing sensation. She started to bleed. But encouraged by her lust he lunged forward, lifting Mehrees ass off the bed as he impaled her. Then Mehree screaming out in pain and pleasure when her hymen broke and her virgin finally relented to the assault of his big cock. With one deep thrust he tore open her tiny hymen and his swollen cock stretched her pussy to a new limit. Mehree squealed as her hymen broke, followed by a loud moan of pleasure as her father’s cock penetrated deeper into her tiny cunt. She froze, her eyes bugged out as her father’s cocks shaft speared her.

Fully in her now, he found could only rocked back and forth only the slightest amount because of the incredible sensation of his hard raging cock inside the walls of her tight soft wet virgin pussy. The friction was incredibly intense inside his innocent young daughter. Then it all improved when she cummed again, and her juices dripped down his burly cock.

`Oh, jeeezzus! Oh, shit! Oh, fuck!’ flashed through her brain. It hurt like hell! Her “yelp” of pain was muzzled as she buried her face into his shoulder. She had never known such agony and such abandon at one time. His dick felt huge as it invaded her tiny cunt. Then he pulled out and thrust in again and again, pushing deeper with each lunge, tearing the remnants of her cherry to shreds. After three or four jabs he was buried to the hilt. She let out a shriek as he filled her up. Mehree moaned with pleasure as her vaginal walls molded to the intruding shaft. She lifted her ass higher off the sheet and pulled him in even deeper. Her body jerked as he hit her cervix, nothing had ever touched her there. Her shrieks turned to grunts, then to low moans.

As her father began to move in and out of her fresh cleft she closed her eyes and fell silent. He felt her cunt wall quivering around his dick as he drove all the way in, his dark pubic hairs mixing with her golden fleece. He withdrew and entered again and again, stretching her with each thrust. She let out another cry; trying to fuck back as best she could. Her grasp loosened a little and he began to fuck her harder … in and out; in and out … her tight pussy felt so good wrapped around his dick! When he was all the way in Mehree, he pushed up from his willing daughter and fondled her slippery breasts. He began thrusting faster and faster and Mehree felt filled with her father’s hard cock as his balls slap against her ass crack with each thrust forward.

“Fuck me, daddy,” Mehree begged. “Fuck me faster!” He thrust into his teenage daughter. Mehree pussy was slick and tight as her inner muscles clenched around him like an oiled fist. Her cunt clamped his dick so hard it almost hurt.

“Oh, God! Oh, yes! Oh, do it faster!” she gasped.

“Do you like it?” he grunted, pumping so hard and fast that the bed

shook. “Do you like me fucking you?” he asked.

“Yes! Yes! Don’t stop!” she groaned.

He began seriously fucking her, causing coursing ripples of pleasure over her sexual

center, ripples that grew more frequent and intense. Soon the incestuous pair was in perfect rhythm. His lunges were met by Mehrees pelvic thrusts. A thin sheen of sweat gleamed on their luscious flesh. They didn’t notice their hasty hearts or their heavy breathing and Mehrees room became a blur.

Mehree knew this was her moment, she would never know another like it. Together she and her father had changed her forever. She felt as if this was the last minute of her life and she wanted it to go on forever. The horny young blonde wrapped her legs around her father and pulled him even deeper inside, terrified of letting him go. She matched his every stroke with one of her own. Her heart and lungs were out of control as she plunged into the abyss of passion.

Mehree felt her orgasm build as she felt her father building to another peek … and soon. The supple girl entwined her dad with her legs, her heels tapping his moving ass. She tilted her pelvis, giving her dad’s dick a different angle of attack. The new position did the trick. Her stomach jerked and her legs became weak as the ravaged teen felt his hard cock penetrate a fraction deeper.

The gorgeous little girl shivered, then moaned, followed by screams as her father’s cock impaled deep inside her adolescent cunt. Mehree was unaware she had screamed. Her body trembled out of control and new emotions shredded her young body in this one flawless instant.

He took one pert breast in his mouth and nibbled on it. He sucked the nipple until it burned then moved to the other. The fresh-fucked-teen shuddered in climax again, slamming her hips upward with each stroke like a wild thing. Finally he let go of her tits and kissed her as deeply as he could. She kissed her father back, her tongue working in tune with his.

Mehree gasped for breath and sighed as his cock continued sliding in and out of her. It felt so good to have her big handsome father fucking her slippery hole. Suddenly, Mehree felt something new; it was his cock jerking. He shouted, “Fuck! Fuck en Yes!” as his erection swelled, his butt muscles tightened, his balls throbbed, and he ejaculated loads of hot semen into his teenage daughter’s tight slit.

Her pussy already filled with her father’s cock, was now flooded with his boiling seed. Mehree flawless pussy was so tight that there was no room for the hot jets of cum burning into her. The pressure of the building load squeezed his molten seed past the seamless joint where the skintight O-ring of her snug, little fuck hole encircled her father’s swollen cock. With each in stroke he pumped her full, as with each outstroke, sperm squirted out of her perfect pink pussy. The adorable blonde could feel the expelled spume run out of her tight pussy and dripped like hot wax down her smooth inner thighs and into her humid ass crack. He held tight to his darling daughter as his cock jerked for the last time, shooting a final spurt of sticky cum into her. “God, God, God,” he moaned as the spasms ran through him even after he had nothing left to give.

Slowly they stopped moving and he collapsed between his fresh-fucked-fawn’s widespread legs. It took several minutes for the incestuous lovers to focus. He rolled over and fell panting beside his daughter.

`Jeeezzus, what a fucken orgasm!’ he thought. He had never cum so much. His ‘inexperienced’ young 18-year-old daughter had given him the best fuck of his entire life! He marveled at her limp body, her innocent face, her lovely breasts, her flat stomach, her slim hips, and yearling-like legs. He stared at the rosy hue of her spread legs and

watched in awe as white foam trickled from her tiny slit and dribbled down the crack of her ass and on to the rumpled sheets.

“What the hell brought all this on, Mehree?” He breathed into her ear.

Mehree, still not in control of her quivering body, looked into his eyes. “I’ve wanted you for a long time, Daddy. I just never had the nerve to tell you.” He pulled the tiny teen to him and hugged her.

“Do I do it right?” she asked.

“You were fantastic!” he panted. “Mehree … I … I love you.”

“I love you too, Daddy,” she responded, and gave him a long hot kiss.

They returned to the shower and soaped one another to clean off. He spread Mehrees legs, letting the stream of water clean her aching, cum-filled pussy. His fingers stroked her and washed her. She then dropped to her knees and sucked his cock again.

Soon their mouths locked in passion again. At first it was a tentative pecks, but Mehree reached up and pulled his head onto hers as she opened her mouth to him. Soon their tongues met as they ground their mouths together and then went on, licking and suckling their necks and chests. All the while he kept up his frantic motions with his hands and his cock, driving himself into her.

“That’s it!” she urged him on. “Drive it into me! Oh, yes, Daddy, that feels so good! Deeper, deeper! Oh, yes, oh, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Her slender hips began to quiver and shake and soon trembling wracked her entire body. Desperately she clutched her father’s waist as she felt herself losing control, giving herself over completely to passion. The sensations sent him over the edge too, and again he felt a boiling inside him erupt in a hot stream coursing through his cock, exploding into his daughter.

Mehree exclaimed, “O Daddy, it still hurts, but don’t stop…. please don’t stop. Now keep putting it in all the way. Please!”

Grabbing hold of her firm little hips he started to pump his cock his full nine-inch length in and out in a furious assault into tight light pussy. With her legs wrapped around his ass, Mehree gyrated her butt in tune with his motions. He could not believe the sensation that he experienced while Mehrees’ hot moist pussy tightly clamped along the full length of his cock. The head of his cock was ready to explode. He felt the warmth and her wetness like he’d never experience before. It felt wonderful how incredibly tight her lips clenched the end of his thick shaft and seemed tried to pull him in deeper. He couldn’t control it much longer, now that he wasn’t afraid anymore about breaking her cherry. He knew that had already been taking care of and continued to pump his cock into her glove tight opening. This went on for only a few minutes until he excitedly cummed into her again! There wasn’t any room inside of her for his cum, so it oozed out of her around his shaft as he worked his manhood for all it was wroth. Smiling, he kept right now fucking her for most of her last night in Africa.


Early the next morning Flora walked through the house to do her morning chores before making breakfast. Noticing that Mehree door was open, when Flora went to close it she discovered Mehree and her father bodies happily wrapped together in her bed! But Flora’s surprise soon turned to relief, when she realized that now, with Mom and Matt out of the house, he would be fucking her now. Her joy filled her, until she remembered that Mehree was leaving for America today!

Much later, Mehree woke alone in her bed the height of the sun told her it was well past breakfast. The ach of her leg and pussy muscles surprised her, until she remembered last night passions. Then Mehree saw a little blood on her sheet, smiling she pulling it off and balled it up before throwing it the hamper. Use to being assisted in the morning she yelled out, “Flora!”

“Yes Miss Mehree.”

“Flora, first empty out the hamper, then help me to dress.” She commanded.

“Yes Miss Flora.”

Mehree had gone to her mirror, and was standing … just thinking. Peeking at her, Flora thought her pussy was beautiful, almost like hers. Both pussies were neatly shaved but while Mehree was silky blonde, hers was dark and bushy. Flora had wanted Mehree for so long, and now she could have her. Mehree was thinking about doing naughty things to her father, like what she had done to him last night and what she had seen Flora do to him. Flora admired Mehrees body as she helped her to dress. To her surprise Mehree took Floras hand and pulled her into the shower her hot lesbian sex.

Flora then came into the bathroom, and came up behind Mehree. She slowly put her arms around her, and held her smaller, firm breasts passionately. Forgetting her place, Flora told her, “O Miss Mehree you sure have silky soft skin,” as she lightly caressed her left breast. Mehree was still sensitive from last night, and she almost jumped back. But she realized her touch felt… good. Mehree had thought about lesbian sex, but had never thought she be brave enough to try it.

She asked, “What were you doing in your bedroom earlier, you naughty girl? Are you dreaming dirty thoughts of your father?” Mehree started to shake her head, but she knew that Flora would know she was lying. Flora took Mehree over to the other side of the bathroom and then she said, “If you want to please your father, you’ll have to learn how to do it. I’ll teach you.”

Flora stepped into a shower in the bathroom, and turned the water on. It came down slowly, soaking her tight white shirt. Her nipples soon became hard, and poked up. They were clearly visible, and Mehree started to get aroused. Flora opened the glass door, and invited Mehree in. Flora removed her vest, which covered her white shirt, and threw it down. Her black skirt was now becoming wet, and getting tight around her legs. “Oh, honey… do you think you could remove my skirt… it is becoming a little tight. I’ll give you something special if you do.” Mehree slowly knelt down, and started pulling on Flora’s skirt. It finally came off, and underneath her wonderful cunt with its neatly trimmed fuzzy black hair was a waiting. Mehree started to stick out her tongue.

“Hey! Not yet,” Flora shouted as she pulled Mehree up, and pressed her head against her shirt. Mehree opened her mouth and started to suck on Flora’s breast, through the white shirt. Mehree thought the soft, wet shirt and Flora’s breasts felt so good inside her mouth, she wanted to suck on them forever. Her arms were wrapped tightly around Flora, and she was rubbing her ass with her small hands. Mehree peered down at Flora’s cunt, and noticed her morning dress was becoming extremely wet and tight. Flora read Mehrees mind, and started to remove Mehrees dress. She then removed Mehrees white bra and panties. Mehrees young body was the best thing Flora had ever seen. She put her hands on Mehrees shoulders and started to feel around, softly moving down her body. When she came to Mehrees pussy and felt the silky softness of it, she became more excited.

Mehree quickly pulled her forward, and Flora fell into her arms. Flora then pushed Mehree against the wall, and started to crouch down. She rubbed her finger around Mehrees pussy, and then inserted it. She pushed her finger in and out of Mehrees pussy, making her even hornier than she already was. Mehree couldn’t wait, and removed Flora’s finger and pushed Flora’s head into her pussy. Flora swirled her tongue around the pussy’s lips, teasing it. She finally went in, and Mehree let out a moan of pleasure. Flora moved her tongue around inside the young girl’s sweet pussy, sucking on the soft insides. Mehree stroked Flora’s beautiful black hair. Flora held Mehrees firm ass, as she dug deeper into her pussy. Mehree had never felt something this good in her life. Mehree just bobbed her hips slightly back and forth, and let out an occasional moan. Flora couldn’t believe what she was doing to this young, beautiful girl. She thought Mehrees pussy was the best thing on Earth. She kept eating away at, until finally bringing her to an orgasm. Mehree let out a loud sigh as she squirted out a gush of cum. Flora pushed her down to the floor, so she was up on her hands and knees. She then laid down on her back and slid her head up between Mehrees legs. Next, she grabbed Mehrees ass and pulled down on it, bringing Mehrees pussy right into her mouth. She continued to eat her until she cummed a second time.

“Oh god! That felt so good. This is the first time I’d ever had lesbian sex though. I’m not sure if it was better than a cock though?” Mehree ask.

“Oh, trust me, it is way better than a man.” Flora said as she sat down with her back against the tile wall, and opened her legs. “Now it’s your turn, honey.”

Mehree then got down on her knees and bent over, sticking her head up to Floras cute pussy. She slowly put her tongue inside, and started to move it around. She loved the taste. Flora wasn’t very pleased, but Mehree was new at it. She was very aroused at the thought of how young and sexy the girl was.

“Oh, baby… you’re so good. As you do this more often, you’ll learn how to keep a girl cumming and cumming forever…” Mehree kept her head down and ate away, peering up every now and then to look at Floras beautiful breasts and her sexy face. “Mmmm…ughh… oh yeah… that feels so good. You’re so cute… I love you,” Flora said as she cummed all over Mehrees face. Mehree licked it all up and swallowed.

When they stepped out of the shower-dripping wet and walked down the hall, they left watery footprints in their wake. Cold and wet, they wet to her mothers room to cuddle. Mehree jumped into her mother’s bed. Flora gasped, as she lowered her pussy on her open mouth and started humping the young African woman’s face. As the Mehree used Floras lips, tongue and nose to get her-self off. Then again and again, the force that Mehree put into her thrusts knocked Floras head back. Mehree used her face to full extent, smearing her pussy juices all over the Floras face. It became increasingly difficult for Flora to breathe because Mehree seemed not to care whether Flora got enough oxygen or not. Flora was sure Mehree would continue riding her face even if she became unconscious. Again, her head was slammed back into the table, causing Flora to see stars for a short moment.

Suddenly, Flora saw something strange in Mehrees hands. At first, she didn’t know what it was, but then she realized that Mehree had a dildo in her hand. It was very large, even bigger than her fathers cock. “Mmmmmmmmm…” Mehree then began to press into and out of Floras overstretched and aching pussy. Then Mehree put it in Floras mouth to suck it. Flora could taste her own juices on the long big artificial penis. She started sucking on it as if it was a real man. All the time she kept riding Flora face mercilessly. And then Mehree came with the force of a thunderstorm, covering Floras entire face in her juices. “Yes, Flora, that’s my good girl”, she screamed as she ground her pussy into Mehrees mouth one more time. Mehree acted as if she hadn’t come in ages.

Flora had to swallow Mehrees juices that were flowing into her mouth as wave after wave of orgasms, as Mehree bucked and shook on top of her. Finally, it was over. At least that was what Mehree thought.

“What do think you was doing honey?” Asked Flora, looking up at her.

Mehree looked hurt as she responded, “I’m trying to show you that all whites aren’t abusive. Didn’t you like the way I was fucking you?”

Flora look back at her and thought for a moment before answering, “Yes… maybe. It felt good, but aren’t you treating me like your father does?”

Mehree had to think about what she said, but wasn’t sure what to think. However, Flora said, “That was fine. You did a good job, Mehree. However, I am far from through with you. I glad your finally getting into the spirit of this.” With that, Flora knelt between her legs. She caressed the insides of Mehrees thighs, her fingers drawing ever closer to the furry patch that partly obscured her labia. Mehree own crotch was blonde and silky smooth, but Flora had a dark coarse mat of hair that covered her juice snatch.

As Floras fingertips brushed the sensitive lips, Mehree moaned softly and spread herself even wider. Flora ran her fingers up and down and soon Mehrees juices were flowing. Floras fingers spread them open and slipped inside, drawing a deep sigh. Flora bent down and touched a finger to her lips. Smiling a bit, she then bent down further until her

mouth was so close Mehree could feel Floras warm breath on her. Then, to the Floras surprise, and perhaps to Mehrees too, the younger girl slipped her tongue inside Flora.

Under Mehree probing tongue, Flora soon was bucking and twisting on the ground, her long hair flailing around her. Flora began to shout incoherently under Mehree tantalizing ministrations. She entangled both hands in her Flora’s hair as she tried to press her tongue deeper into her. Suddenly, her body arched and stiffened, “AAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHH!” Flora screamed. “Oh, oh,


“Flora, quiet! Someone will hear us!” Mehree pleaded, but Flora could not control her shouts. Finally Mehree moved up and planted her lips on Flora’s silencing her with a long, deep kiss. As she did, she took advantage of the Flora’s passion to drive two of her fingers deep inside Flora’s vagina; Mehree was so lost in her orgasm that she never even winced. They then heard the door close and discovered that Erick, Mehree 14 year old brother was standing there in front of them, smiling from ear to ear.

Not sure what to say, Mehree shouted out, “Eric please, you can’t tell father. He’ll go crazy!”

“Ok ladies,” with a big shit eaten smile, “but only if you both suck my penis. If you don’t I’ll tell!” Both girls knew they had no other choice, so Flora took the pressure off by going first.

Mehree and Eric use to take baths together when little children. Mehree remembered playing with his little penis then. But things were different then. With Flora working her mouth up and down his cock, Mehree watched close by.

“Eric you’ve grown.” Mehree said as she noticed his seven-inch cock looked kind of tasty and reminder her of fathers nine-inch tool. To help out Mehree reached through Eric’s legs and started messaging his balls. Then after Eric blew a load of cum into Flora beautiful mouth, Mehree gave him her going away present. When cum was dribbling down her mouth, Mehree smiled up at her brother and asked, “Eric are you a virgin?” He didn’t answer her, but instead looked at Flora and smiled.

“Well, my pussy is feeling neglected, it wants little brothers big cock to pay a visit.”


“Sure honey you should do us both!” Flora answered for both of them.

Later, when Mehree left for the airport, Flora confided with her, ” I hope you stay alert and learn something in America. It may not be what you expect either.”

While Mehree said her good in front of the plane that would take her to America, her Father and Eric taunted her. They both said she would become home sick and be back right away with her tail between her legs. Her mom looked concerned at the way they were both lustfully eyeing Mehree and almost seemed happy to see her go.


While it had its problems, America was a very different world than what Mehree was use to. Mehree adventure began at the airport in Washington D.C., where African-American Congressman Ron Dellums and his daughter Piper waited for Mehree Bok, whom thought she was an black female South African exchange student. But no one’s surprise was bigger than Mehree, a product of the Apartheid system, to discover the Dellums were very black! Congressman Dellums was tall and very – very black a man of African descent. With the congressman were his wife Roscoe, his daughter Piper, and his son Phil.

Mehree was shocked that there were so many black people in America and so few security guards! ‘Didn’t they have trouble makers here?’ Mehree thought to herself. Afraid for her safety, the first thing she did was to lock herself into the guest room.

Out of sheer stubbornness to prove her father brother wrong, Mehree decided to stick it out in America. She even began to wonder if her views of all blacks as being an underclass were wrong. The Dellums were wealthy, sophisticated, and much nicer then she would have been if the situations had been reversed.

Without anything to eat and very confused, Mehree stayed behind the lock the rest of the day. Frustrated with the situation, Congressmen Dellums, his wife, Penny, and Piper went to the movies until late. When the smells of dinner temping her, Mehree reluctantly accepted a milk shake that Phil left for her on the floor. She didn’t know it was a mudslide, a very strong one. Not having eaten since breakfast, she quickly became very drunk. Feeling like she was in a haze and still very hungry, she called down for some food to be brought up to her. When she heard what she thought was a tray of food being left for her, she, after waiting a minute, opened the door. But instead of finding food, Phil and his friend Sam who pushed there way into the room surprised her. After locking the door behind them, they rushed to her.

Pushing Mehree down on the bed, they all ripped off her clothes! Hands move all across her body as they did their work. Then one of them started to eat out her pussy; another pushed his cock into her mouth, while hands went to nipples. Then Phil’s cock entered her pussy, she was surprised to release that she actually like his thrusting and her pleas to them stop ended. Soon she felt his cock pulsated in orgasm as the warmth of his cumn flowed in to her. ‘Hummm,’ Mehree moaned as her own orgasm matching his, and she grabbing his ass to pull him in deeper! In shock they both backed away and finishing the job of removing their own clothes. Her reaction had surprised them.

Still drunk, Mehree had never seen two naked boys, including their black and two white cocks, and she actually giggled. She could see cumn hanging from Phil’s long hard cock. It kind of turned her on.

Then, in a mixture of passion and anger, Phil spoke to her, “Now you white South African whore were here to collect on repayment for four hundred years of oppression! We know you want it.” She noticed that both boys happily nodded in agreement in the demand for sex.

To their surprise Mehree smiled at them. Then got up and move towards Phil and knelt in front of him. Then Mehree wrapped her hands around his ass and started to lick his cock! Both boys gave out hoots of joy and surprise as she then swallowed it up! Then Mehree went on to suck both of other cocks, thinking maybe it was the right thing to do, she was convinced that it was part of the compensation for the harm done by her people to them. Then, still very drunk, she yielded to their pleas to have sex with both of them!

In a flash, they were standing over her and lowering themselves down. Mehree reached up to ease one cock into her pussy as she flicked own tongue up to another entering her mouth. Happily both young black boys passionately started to fuck her simultaneously.

Sam was the first to come. The orgasm rocked Mehree so hard she was driven off Phil’s face, her young body shaken again and again by tremors of delight. Phil powerful plunging was met with equally forceful Mehrees movements. Then with Sam’s cock in her pussy, and Phil’s in her mouth, their cumn covered her as they shot load after load into her and on her. Each boy, continually switch to different orifices, fucked her for over an hour. Next each of the boys took a turn, with Mehree in his lap and his cock pressed up into her pussy, spanking her little butt while fucking her in a reserve cowgirl!

By this point her head was starting to clear, but she realized she was enjoying the experience! So she happily sucked each of them off again as the boys took turns fucking her at the same time. As Sam was taking his turn with her, Phil asked if she had ever had two cocks in her cunt before. Mehree said, “Please no, they are too big.” It was too late though, as he climbed on top of her and then rammed his cock into her already full pussy. Mehree screamed at the top of her lungs as her cunt was stretched out in pain. As they continued thrust into her, she fell silent. Until her own orgasm brought out cries of joy. Becoming something like an Oreo sandwich, the two boys kept at her, thrusting harder and harder into her overfilled pussy, their cream filling her. Mehree just laid her head on the ‘little brother’s chest and accepted their fucking her passions over whelming her. Mehree felt about ready to pass out, when ready to blow their loads, they pull out, put them into her mouth. Mehree enjoying her experience of two cocks trying to plunge down her throat, she wrapped her hands around their butts and pulled them towards her. Next, she reached around and grabbed up their balls, forcefully messaged and stroking, as they shot their cumn into her mouth almost simultaneously! The sensations sent shocks through Mehrees body and she had to bend down, putting her hands on the ground on either side of Phil’s chest to keep from falling over completely. Then Sam raised his head from Mehrees breasts and he kissed Mehree deeply, their tongues hungrily seeking each other’s out. And through it all, Phil kept driving his rock-hard penis into Mehrees ass as she bucked up at him. While she had her legs wrapped tightly around Sam waist who was fucking her pussy and her heels were digging into his buttocks, urging him deeper and deeper into her.

Later, as she showered, Mehree washed off the layers of cumn from her body, even as Phil continued to work his cock in her pussy, just as Sam did her up the ass. Pulling her first train was an experience that stretched her emotional as well as physically. It was turning out that my first night in America was becoming pretty cool. Exhausted, they all fell a sleep in a pile of humanity on her bed.

In the middle of the night Mehree woke up very thristy and went to looking for the bathroom. But in the darkness after doing her business she became confused and, after entering the wrong door, accidentally got into bed with the sleeping Congressmen. Lying naked next to her, she discovered that he had the largest cock she had ever seen! It seemed to call to her. Aroused, she brought her mouth up, Mehree was surprised she could hardly get his very large cock in her mouth! But she did her best she could.

Ron Dellums woke up to sensations of Mehree lustfully sucking his cock. Unable to get more than half of it in her mouth, she was stroking his shaft forcefully and fondled his balls and his ass with her other hand. When she realized he was a wake, she pulled off and got up off the bed. She didn’t go any fathering but stayed there standing above him.

Sitting up, he smiled at her as he swung around towards her and sat on the side of the bed in front of her. Legs spread wide, his cock pointed out at her. Mehree smile at him as her eyes fell to his throbbing black cock.

“Congressmen,” Mehree said continuing to smile, “your size surprised me. I could hardly get your cock in my mouth. I like to suck you again, but I don’t think I can deep throat, your way too wide for that.”

Then one of her hands came up to fondle him, and in one quick motion, she dropped to her knees in front of him and proceeded to suck him off! Being so large, she again had trouble get him in her mouth. To help out, he wrapped his hands around her head and forced his cock all the way into her mouth! At first she gagged while he held her head down as he forced his cock down into her throat again and again. But after a little while she got use to it, and then she happily got into deep throating his twelve-inch cock!

She could feel that as much as he wanted to climax, he was using his last vestige of will to hold until he was in her pussy. Finally as his orgasm approached and Ron pulled out of her mouth and drove into her pussy with animalistic fury. Lowing himself into her, she pushed her hips into him, as she kissed him for the first time. All of Mehrees senses were tuned to this moment as a wave of euphoria filled her mind and body. She could feel Ron’s cock in her, the heat of it filling her pussy. The look of bliss on his face added to her ecstasy. In the morning, sore and tried, Mehree and Piper left for school.

At the end of Mehree first day of school America, Congressmen Dellums picked up both Peper and her. To celebrate he took us both to the Waldroff hotel honeymoon suite. As soon as they entered the room, Piper pulled his pants all the way down, and Mehree pulled down his boxers. His member was standing at full attention. Piper moaned her approval as she wrapped one hand around his thick meat and after giving it a few gentle tugs, proceeded to envelop the head in her mouth. She slowly worked her way up and down the shaft, taking a little more on each downward motion. He felt Mehree fondling his balls. He was glad he took the time to shave them, as she also showed her appreciation by licking them and putting one in her mouth, then the other. Jessica decided she wanted in on that action, and began to administer some sucking action to whichever testicle the other girl wasn’t using. Ron Dellums was experiencing pure bliss. These girls knew how to use their mouths! Mehree, realizing his cock was unoccupied, took it in her mouth and quite quickly swallowed the whole thing. Piper released her suction on his balls, and moved around behind Mehree. She started dry humping the smaller girl from behind while she reached around and began playing with her tits. Ron was close. Mehree reached between his legs, gave a light squeeze on his balls, then she slowly stuck one finger up his ass. Ron quickly determined he liked it.

“I’m coming!” He expected Mehree to pull off. He was wrong. With one finger still in his rectum and the other hand on his ass, she kept his cock locked between her lips as he shot his load into her mouth.

“Don’t you dare swallow, dear!” Piper whispered from behind her. “At least not until you’ve shared. Ron was confused until Mehree turned and, as Piper laid down flat on her back, the smaller girl let some of father’s juice drip down into her waiting mouth. It was quite as sight to behold. The taller girl slurped it down contentedly. Mehree turned to Ron. “How about you?”

Under any other circumstances, Ron might have thought this an odd request. Right now, it seemed a good time to let any inhibitions go. He lay next to Piper, with his head next to hers, and Mehree let a little of his cum drip between his waiting lips. He kind of liked the taste! It was kind of salty. He wondered why more girls didn’t want to give him head. As he looked over at Piper, she had a look of pure wonder and lust on her normally angelic face.

“Oh yeah. We aren’t done with you yet. Not by a long shot.” A look at Mehree made him realize that she was still in the mood for some fucking.

“Just give me a minute. I’ll be good to go.”

“I don’t know how long I’ll be able to wait. Maybe I need to find something to keep me busy.” Piper gave him an evil look, stood and went over to a gym bag and pulled out a double-ended dildo.

“Oh yeah” Mehree muttered. “That’s what I want.” The two girls got back on their knees in front of Ron, who had collapsed on the couch. Ron started stroking his cock, which seemed to be getting hard again already. Who could blame it? The two girls each took one end of the dildo in their mouths, and after a little effort, met in the middle. After their saliva got the artificial cock slick to their satisfaction, Mehree stuck one end in Piper’s waiting pussy. Then, she backed up on her hands and knees, and inserted the other end in her own box. The two girls began grind their Asses together, and the trailer was alive with ass-cheeks slapping together.

Ron’s cock had decided it was already time to get back into the game. He kneeled in front of Piper, who quite happily took her father’s member in her mouth and went to work. Her mouth was magical. The many times Piper had sucked his cock, she gotten hadn’t been able to work the whole thing down their throat. But here was his daughter with her lips snuggled nicely against the base of this rod. While she devoured him whole, she kept up her tempo, slapping skin with Mehree. Ron took the time to reach forward and finger Mehrees gorgeous little ass. He figured he owed her. Mehrees whole body started to shake, as she unleashed a tremendous orgasm. She slid forward, her tight cunt pulling the dildo with her. Although Piper seemed disappointed, she realized that Mehree was going to need a moment to recover. Besides, she had the real deal right in front of her. Releasing her pressurized lip-lock, she leaned back and pulled Ron towards her. He took the cue and positioned his cock at her lower opening, then quickly pushed inside. He didn’t think he had ever fucked a finer pussy. He developed a nice, slow rhythm. Having already cum once, he was fairly certain he could take her on a good, long ride. In the meantime, Mehree had regained her composure, and proceeded to sit on the other girl’s face as Ron pounded away. This gave him the perfect opportunity to suck on her tits, and he believed you should never pass up an opportunity. With tongues up her snatch and on her nipples, Mehree started to moan again. Now, with tits on his mind (and his lips), Ron had an idea; something he had always wanted to try, but never had been with a woman able or willing to provide. He pulled out of Piper long enough to straddle her stomach. Getting an idea of what was coming up, she pushed her massive tits together around his member, and he started to pump away between them, while reaching around Mehree, who was still positioned on Pipers face, and grabbed the smaller girls breasts. Then Mehree looked over her shoulder and uttered words that sounded like magic.

“Ron, would you fuck me in the ass?”

“I thought you’d never ask!” He sidled further up Pipers body as Mehree, without moving her pussy from Piper’s mouth, leaned forward, bracing her upper body with her elbows. Piper considerately gave his cock a few quick sucks for lubrication purposed before he positioned it at her waiting butt-hole, then slid inside. Her ass was like a vice. He didn’t think he could have pulled out even if he wanted to. Her ass had a hold of his dick, and it wasn’t letting go until it got what it wanted. He was more than happy to oblige, and started a piston motion into her ass. Mehree looked back over her should with one of those looks of pure lust he had gotten earlier. She was an ass-fiend. Piper managed to extricate herself for a moment and plopped down on the couch right in front of Mehrees face.

After chumming all over her face he said, “I hope you’re starting to enjoy your stay here. America has a lot to offer you Mehree.” After I licked his big ebony rod clean, he picked Mehree up and carried her to his Piper room. Sitting her down naked on the bed, Mehree discovered she had waiting for them. So they engaged in a hot threesome late into the night.

“Turn about is fair play dear!” Mehree was happy to return Pipers earlier oral favor, and started lapping up the taller girl’s cunt.

Ron finally realized what heaven was, after living for years with her until discovering heaven was fucking a tight young ass, while watching a hot girl eating out another hot girl. Piper excused herself after a few minutes of this, and disappeared into a back room, while Ron continued to pound away at Mehrees butt. Piper emerged a minute later with a 6-inch strap-on. She lay down next to Mehree who slowly shifted over without ever releasing her anal hold on Ron’s shaft. He stayed connected to her backside as she climbed on board the strap-on. Now, with latex up her pussy and live flesh in her ass, Mehree had found a heaven of her own

Just then they heard the door close, and Phil’s voice, “Hi, I heard you guys were here. I am I too late to fuck our little South African friend?”

“Come over her Piper said, indicating the head of the Mehree sandwich. He was quick to oblige. Kneeling in front of the trio, Mehree and Piper took turns sucking on his beautiful young dick. Meanwhile, Ron had pretty much reached his limit, and shot another hot load of cum in Mehrees sweet ass. He pulled out with a pop. Mehree whimpered in disappointment, but was quickly silenced as Piper worker her way out from under her and preceded to stick the strap-on into Mehrees still gaping asshole. With a dick in her ass and one still in her mouth, this seemed to satisfy the girl, and she cooed as she got drilled from both ends. Piper started spanking the Mehrees ass. Phil then took his turn in Mehree pussy for the next hour!

Thinking about her father, later in the night Mehree asked Ron if he every worried about fucking his daughter. But Ron laughed and told her a joke. ‘O, Mehree – that reminds me of the story of the virgin Arkansas bride. The night before the weeding, the future husband and his father discuss his marriage to a virgin. His fathers advise is “If I were you, I’d wouldn’t marry her, because if she ant good enough for her own family, she ant good enough for ours.”

In the morning Mehree woke, Congressman Dellums was laying on top of her, his mouth pressed up against her pussy licking at her, his arms where wrapped around her ass, and his cock throbbing in her mouth. She would of told him good morning, but she was busy swallowing his cum. Thankfully, the congressman had already called their school yesterday, saying they were sick, so they all could ‘sleep’ in.


Later that morning Mehree and Flora left the hotel together to get a late breakfast, when three men walked up to Mehree and surrounding her.

“Mehree Bok,” The oldest asked her.

“Yes” She replied uncertainly.

“You will come with us.”

“Who are you – why.” Mehree asked.

“Where from the South African Embassy. You must come now!” She sat alone in the back seat of their car while they drove me to South African embassy. When they got to the embassy, they escorted her to a bedroom upstairs. She could feel the anger in the older man looked at her.

“You Chafer lover! Your going to my cock in your pretty little whore mouth… now bitch! And if you bite me, I’ll beat the shit out of you!” Offered no only choice, Mehree sucked his cock.

After he cummed in her mouth, he pushed her down and fucked her. Then he fucked her again! After that she lost track of what happened, as he returned again and again to remounted her. It seemed like he must have fucked her over a dozen times over the next two days. Luckily on the third day, left alone, she was able to rest and recover her strength. But, the way she was being treated reminded her of how the Blacks were treated in South Africa. All the brutality she had grown up with, was now being used against her while she was held against her will.

Mehree’s eyes are really opened by the way South African Embassy forcefully treated her and then movies to evict her from the Dellums’ home and plans of sending her back to South Africa because she is a minor. For the first time in her life, Mehree feels what its like to be prisoner with out any rights or feelings. Remembering how Flora is treated at home is a touchstone to give her a new appreciation for tolerance and sexual freedom.

She sat quietly thinking, “Do I really want to South African, to my old home.” Her father waited there for her, but she felt differently about him now that she had experienced the freedom of America. During her stay in America, she had learned that color or family doesn’t mater when you express yourself sexually, so long as you’re not abusive and don’t harm any one. In a flash, she decided that America was her new home. Mehree wasn’t sure yet where she stay and how to support herself. She had an idea though. But her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. A secretary opened the door and said, “Miss Huan walk please come with me.”

When she walked out in the hallway and she noticed a tall-distinguished looking elderly man was standing at the bottom of the stairs. In a moment she recognized that it was President Ronald Reagan. The American president looked up at her and asked, “Are you Mehree Bok?” She nodded her head smiling, knowing that the presence of this man had to be a positive sigh.

“Hello young women, I’m President Reagan, please come with me. I’m here to take back to Congressmen’s Dellums home.”

Soon she was riding in the back of a large black car, its dark tinted windows let very little light. She was a lone; accept for President Reagan who sat next to her. She felt over whelmed by everything that happen to her today. But, Mehree was sure that she was very thankful to her rescuer though. It turned her on that the leader of the free world had taken the time to help out one little girl from South Africa. This man radiated real power, and it wasn’t the kind that came from a Billy club or a whip like her fathers did.

“Thank you so much Mr. President for helping me today!”

“O, that quite all right Mehree. Congressmen Dellums told me about your problem. I’m glad I could help.”

After wrapped her arms around him in thanks, she kept her left around him, and placed her right hand on the inside of his upper left thigh.

“But for a big powerful man like you to take the time to help a little defenseless girl like me – well it excites me, if you know what I mean. He smiled back at her, not quit sure what she meant. But he was certain when Mehree pulled off her blouse and rubbed silky bra holding firm pointed breasts against his face. Then she opened up his pants and swallowed up his soft cock. Despite Mehree actions and her wonderful body and beauty, it really surprised him that his usually soft manhood actually started growing in her mouth.

Earlier he had instantly noticed that she had a really sexy form. So, with his passion flamed by her tongue licking his manhood, he ran both his hands under her bra and cupping both her lovely breasts in his hands. Smiling a wolfish grin, he kissed her teenage breasts and then said, “Young woman, yours’ are the nicest first teenage breasts I’ve held for a long – long time.”

She tried to speak without taking him out of her mouth and he felt the vibrations of her voice on his cock.

“What did you say, honey?” The President asked, “I couldn’t understand you?”

Mehree laughed and looked up at him, pulling back off his cock, “I said, do like my thank you?”

The feelings she was giving him made moan with pleasure in response, and he almost made him lose control of the lustful little girls fine cock sucking. He shook himself out of his reverie and said, “That’s good, honey. You’re doing a fine job.”

The President reached around Mehree and then removed her bra. When the silk lace fell from her tasty nipples, he sucked them up in his mouth.

Tasting his precum juice, she pulled off him. Standing in from of him, Mr. Reagan ran his hands around Mehrees smooth soft ass and pulled down her panties. Because Nancy’s and his sex life and cooled long ago and hadn’t tasted a woman in years President Reagan’s faced glowed with passion as he leaned towards her, he placed his face between her legs and he pressed his tongue out to taste her sweet juices. Penetrated by his tongue, Mehree gave out a soft moan as he began to work his tongue through her slick slit, teasing her erect clit as he did. Both her hands moved to his hand and her fingers pressed his head into her. “Hummm!” she moaned again and again as he ate her out until he couldn’t take it any longer, then he moved his throbbing cock up against her sweet pussy.

She then sat down in his lap, her weight pressing his cock up in to her. As Mehrees cunt lips parted, she felt them envelop the full length of his shaft. With his cock buried deep in her now, he rocked back and forth with the incredible sensation of his hard raging on inside this beautiful young girl. The feeling of the walls of her tight soft velvet pussy was incredibly intense. Fucking him slow and hard, when Mehree cummed her pussy juices flowed down his cock into his lap. Gabbing her firm little hips, he started to pump his cock his full length in and out in a furious assault into tight light pussy. With her legs wrapped around his ass, Mehree gyrated her butt in tune with his motions.

“O, Mr. President, I didn’t think a man your age could be so good!”

“Thank you, I stand very active, but I don’t think my heart can take much more?” It was at that moment that a buzzer went off and over the intercom they heard. “Are you all right Mr. President? Your medical scanner has a heart warning light is going off.”

“Mehree, I’m sorry, but I think we better stop, or Vice President Bush may get promoted.” Soon, the limo stop and Mehree walk towards the front door of the Dellums house. They then redressed while they talked quietly during the rest of the drive.

Mehree had only been away from her old ‘home’ South Africa for a few weeks now, but she had changed forever now. A stranger from a strange land, Mehree was realizing the ultimate lesson about tolerance, friendship, and sexuality. Now, as a liberate women Mehree walked into the Congressmen home. To her good luck only the he was inside waiting for her alone. Getting right to the point she walked up to him and said. “I want to stay in American.” Mehree said to me.

“So what do you plan on doing? How will you pay your bills?” Senator Dellums asked.

“Can I stay with you family until I get on my feet?” Mehree asked.

“Sure, but you still have told me how your going make money?”

“I want to work for President Reagan. Ron, you know him, can you get me an interview? I’ll do anything he wants me to do.”

“Ok, I’ll call the Oval office right now.”

The next day at school, after Piper saved me from two black gang members grab hold of Mehree and attempt to rape her. Seeing the hate in their eyes, Mehree was afraid they were going to kill her. But Luckily, Piper heard Mehree cries for help and shot them down with her revolver and shot them down, rescuing her. Mehree was very grateful and full of excitement, to show her thanks; she went down on her as soon we got in the front door. Her brother was already there. At first Phil watched, but after Mehree invited him, he and took turns fucking what holes that were not being attended to. She, also suggested that they call Roscoe, their mom, to join in, and soon a lovely orgy broke out with Piper, her mom, and Mehree trying to keep up with their adolescent libidos. The orgy began with Roscoe deeply kissed Piper and started fondling her body, she pulled open her daughters teddy and started to play with her nipples. She started sucking on them as she pulled down her teddy. Meanwhile, Phil picked up his video camera and started recording the fun.

“Wait for me.” Mehree started stripping out of her clothes as Phil went around so he could get both Mehree and his mom and his sister on the bed in the same shot. Mehree slipped into the bed next to Piper. Roscoe was sucking on one of Pipers nipples; Mehree went for the other one. She sucked on the nipple then kissed Piper on the mouth as Roscoe moved down Pipers body.

“YES, lick me you bitch.” Piper begged as Roscoe pushed aside her teddy and attacked her pussy. She reached over and started to play with Mehrees body. She felt Roscoe pull out a vibrator and start working on her pussy, paying special attention to her clit. “Yes right there, fuck me, yes.” She groaned and thrashed, she enjoyed playing it up for the camera.

Mehree repositioned herself and kneeled over Pipers face and slowly lowered her pussy onto the other girls face. “Eat me,” Mehree ordered and Piper shoved her tongue deep into her pussy. “Oh yes you are so good.” Mehree played with her own nipples as Jessica got her off with her spectacular tongue work. Mehree turned around so that she was facing down Pipers body then got bent forward so she could eat out Piper.

Roscoe moved away from Pipers pussy as Mehree moved in. She handed the vibrator to Mehree then went and got another one and moved around behind Mehree. She inserted a vibrator into Mehrees pussy as Piper licked Mehrees cunt, moving it around a bit, Roscoe got the dildo nice and wet. She pulled the vibrator out of Mehrees pussy and heard a whimper of disappointment out of Mehree. She moved in and started to lick at Mehrees asshole. She put the vibrator at the entrance of Mehrees ass. She slowly worked the vibrator into Mehrees ass as she licked at both the dildo and Mehrees ass. She looked up to see Phil filming the whole scene; she gave him a sexy smile as she continued to work on Mehree.

Mehree screamed out in orgasm, the sensations were just too much for her. She fell off Piper and Roscoe quickly took her position over Piper. Mehree moved in behind Roscoe pulling apart her ass cheeks she used her tongue to lick up and down Roscoe’s butt. Mehree then put her tongue at Roscoe’s asshole and pushed it inside.

“God Yes.” Roscoe screamed out in pleasure as the two girls played with her she felt herself cumming all over Piper’s face, she slipped off of her.

“My turn” Piper reached for Mehree.

“Wait I’ve got a surprise for you.” Roscoe reached under the bed and pulled out a couple of strap on dildos. “What do you say, do you want to be fuck? And, hey Piper, do you want it up your back ‘pi-per’?”

“Both of you at once?” Piper tried to sound nervous and sexy at the same time.

“Definitely.” Roscoe buckled on her dildo and helped Mehree with hers. “Lay down Mehree, I want her ass.” Mehree lay down on the bed.

Piper climbed atop the dildo, she played with Mehrees heavy tits as Roscoe moved in behind her. “Fuck my ass.” Roscoe started pushing her strap on into Piper’s asshole.

“Yes shove it all the way in.” Piper rode back and forth on the two dildos inside of her.

“God yes fuck me. I want to feel it, YES!” Piper screamed out in orgasm and collapsed onto Mehree. The three of them lay in a sweaty ball for a while as Phil filmed them.

“Time for a shower ladies.” Roscoe stood up and grabbed Piper and Mehree by the hands leading them into the bathroom. She turned on the water and all three of them climbed into the shower. It was a tight fit but they worked together soaping each other up.

Mehree sure could feel it when they finished, because she could hardly walk from all the fucking!

Mehrees fun continued that Friday when she accompanied Piper, who’s a cheerleader, to a high school football prep rally. The neat part about it was that before the game, the cheerleaders sucked off all the football players. “Its for good luck,” Piper told her. So she joined in as eight of them took turns giving Mehrees mouth a happy ride. Mehree hadn’t realized that Peper was so experienced until she saw her sucking off two cocks in her mouth at the same time!

After the game Pepper and Mehree took the whole team on. While they all showered together, all the players took turns on them. Black or white the pleasuring didn’t seem to matter that night. Mehree hadn’t realized that how much fun it could be to have so many different men’s cocks in her. Literally a wash in cumn, she discovered that night, that while the taste of cumn varied from boy to boy, it was how they used the cocks and not their size or color that really matter. Well, actually size does matter some. So, you could say it was another experience that ‘stretched’…. her horizons, and her physically.

In the United States, Mehree would learn from her new friends, including the Senator Dellums family, that sexual friendship is colorblind. So, two days later she walked into the Oval office and sitting behind a large dark wood desk was President Reagan. Mehree started the conversation, “Thank you for granting me an interview Mr. President. He nodded smiling, and waved a hand at a chair for her to sit down in.

“I’ve already gone over your paper work.” He said, “Everything looks like it’s in order. You should make a good intern or a secretary her with us. But I would like to say I like your style young lady, you’ve got real get and go! So, which job would like to do?”

She looked at him with a seductive smile. “So what would do you desire Mr. President?” He looked at her with a blank look, unable to make up his mind.

“I’ll let you decide that Mr. President, but before you do that why don’t I dance for you?” Mehree was carrying a small tape player with her, which she placed on his desk.

Seeing the machine, President Reagan said, “Careful with that. Remember what happened to Nixon. We can’t have what I say ending up on the tonight show.”

“Don’t worry, it can’t record.” She said smiling, having already pressed record on the mini cassette recorder in her purse.

Then she pulled out a medicine bottle of viagra, opened it, withdrew two pills, which she handed to the President.

“What’s this?” he asked

“It’s new,” giving him an innocent smile; “it’ll help you keep it up for sex.” President Reagan shared her smile as he took the pills from her and swallow them down as he said, “O, yes. I’ve heard of them. Do you know what happens when a lawyer takes viagra?”

“No.” She said shaking her head.

“He gets taller!”

Then Mr. Reagan took out a heart pill and took it as insurance. “Mehree,” he said as he got up, “I think we better go to the Kennedy room next door.” After they walked together in, she then hit the play button on the tape recorder.

The President watched her with a burning desire as Mehree, starting to dance, reaching down and caressing her body as she moved. She rubbed her hands across her stomach and down around her hips, swaying and rocking to the beat, looking at him as she danced. Then she reached both hands down to the zipper in the back of her miniskirt, which she unzipped and let fall to the floor, arching her back she raised her arms up into the air as she let it fall, pulling up her breasts in front of his face. Then she stepped out of it with one leg, and with the other she flipped it into his lap. Sitting there with his mouth open, he had a raging desire for her and to his surprise he actually felt a stirring in his pants.

“Nice catch, sweetie!” Mehree said, winking at him as he gazed in wonder at the tiny little piece of clothing that moments before had been snug against her hot little body. Mehrees magnificent ass was now in full view as she danced, hidden only by the tiny little cotton thong underwear she wore. Her thong did little to cover her hot, sexy little butt cheeks. They were so tight and firm and fine, you could have bounced a quarter off them. No wonder every boy in the neighborhood wanted a crack at her – one look at that fine little ass of hers and he was a goner.

Mehree continued to dance in her little pair of underwear, swaying her hips back and forth in a sexy, seductive motion, he could hear her purring with satisfaction at the hard-on she was giving him. Her eyes closed as she danced, a sultry little smile crept across her lips, letting me know she was enjoying it too. Her little white blouse clung tightly to her body, and he could tell all she wanted to do was get out of it. She tugged on the edge of it, pulling it back and forth higher across her stomach, teasing me with a view of her magnificent breasts, which were still cupped in the bikini top we could all see through the t-shirt.

He was still blown away by having Mehrees little skirt in my lap. The President could see how hot she was for him, so she decided to have a little more fun with him. Still dancing to the beat, she went over and kneeled down in front of him, sitting on the couch. She reached and took the skirt from my hand and tossed it behind her, shooting me a sexy look right into my eyes as she did. Reaching up, she brushed one hand across his cheek; she slid a finger in his mouth. Playing and caressing my face as she did, she letting Ronald suck on the end of her finger. Mehree let her hand slowly slide downward across his chest and stomach, getting him hotter than he could imagine. Like a reflex, he jumped up slightly, unable to believe that she was kneeling in front of him.

Ronald Reagan could only watched in amazement, as Mehrees hot, sexy little ass stuck out while she kneeled in front of me, and she gave me a show by grinding it back and forth as she moved and rubbed him. Every once in a while, she’d look up into my eyes and give me a wink, letting us know she wanted me right here, right now. The music kept going, and so did Mehree, and she was ready to turn up the heat.

“So,” she said to me, pulling my hand up to her mouth and sticking one finger in, lightly sucking as she asked, “are you horny?”

“Um–yeah,” he mumbled.

“Awww, that’s good,” Mehree said, smiling. “‘Cause I’m in the mood for some FUN!”

He let a moan — “OOOOAH!” — not believing that this hot sex goddess — whom, from the looks of her body, she probably could fuck him so hard the George Bush would be moving in here tomorrow.

“Well then,” Mehree sighed with a sexy look on her face, “help me out of my shirt!”

He mumbling “All right!” and helped Mehree to peel her blouse off her hot little stomach and chest, finally revealing in full the body Id been dying to see. Mehree danced to the middle of the room in front of him, putting her hands on her hips as she twirled her behind at me. She turned around, raised an eyebrow at me, then put up one hand in the air and gave him the “come here” sign again with her finger.

As she did so, he knew that this little sexpot had him in the palm of her hand, and he was powerless to resist. He walked over towards her in the room and he sat me down in a chair in the center of the room. Mehree then started dancing in front of him, slowly moving her ass back and forth in front of my face, looking back every now and then with a little smile to see how turned on she was getting me. God was she ever, I thought as I stared at her perfectly toned and tanned little fifth teen-year-old rear end, just inches from my face. The sight of her underwear tugging at her buns was so hot, Ronald Reagan just wanted to rip them off and bury my face in that little pussy of hers. He could hardly resist, and reached out at one point, but Mehree felt my hands on her and reached around and with a little wag of her finger, said “uh-uh!” And she smiled, a smile I knew was a promise there’d be more to come later.

Mehree danced on in front of the President, holding her hair up with her hands and biting her bottom lip in an oh-so-sexy way, letting us all know how hot she was getting now. The leader of the free world had to adjust his cock again and again as he watched her dance a seductive little dance in front of him. The music started towards a crescendo, and Mehree turned around and faced him.

“So, how’s my audition going so far? You like what you see?” she asked.

“Oh yeah, Mehree, I LOVE what I’m seeing so far,” He replied.

“You think you’re ready for more?” she said. The President gulped in response, unable to speak. Mehree kept dancing her sexy little dance in front of me, curling my hair in her hand.

“Oh yeah, baby, am I ever!” He replied.

“Mmmmmmmmm, I like that…” Mehree purred in reply.

They walked up to his couch, Mehree stroking and rubbing me all over as we walked. Mehree turned around and faced me, while I was still fully clothed, and planted the wettest, sexiest, most sensual French kiss I’ve ever had right on me. Her tongue darted in and around my mouth, tasting, wanting, licking and even biting here and there. They grabbed each other tightly, wrapping our arms around each other’s bodies, his hands feeling the toned muscles all over her torso, and her plump, succulent breasts. He felt her amazing ass in my hands, and with that she jumped and squeezed both of her hot legs around my waist, pressing her crotch right into his cock. With their arms around each other, they pulled each down on to her canopy-covered bed.

Mehree knew what to do. She reached down towards my belt and began unbuckling it, bending over as she did, and he got to see her amazing body bent over towards me, heading towards my cock. Her back and her ass were simply unbelievable, so hot and sexy. Ronald Reagan held her beautiful hair his hands pressed her head down ward, as she made her way into his pants and then into my briefs.

“Oooooh, I real like your cock,” she purred, looking up at him. She then started unbuttoning his shirt, kissing him all the way down from his chest to his stomach as she yanked off his briefs, exposing my now-throbbing cock right into her face. She then twirled his briefs above her head before throwing it to the side.

They were now both nearly naked. Her body began to glisten with sweat, making him desire her even more. The lust he had for her was about to burn him up, he thought, but he wanted to enjoy it for as long as he could. Her thong panties and her tiny cotton bikini bra just barely covered her hot body, and it was all I could do to keep from ripping them off her. But he was patient; his heart forced him to be so.

Mehrees’ hand made her way all around his cock, rubbing and stroking, stroking and rubbing. He grabbed the rails of the bed as Mehree moved towards his cock to get her head into position, and began lovingly licking, tasting, and sucking his rock-hard shaft, teasing him by lightly licking me up and down the length of his shaft. God it was amazing!

He loved the feeling of her mouth and tongue tasting him, licking his cock, as her hands reaching around to grab his butt to hold herself there as she sucked him. The feeling was absolutely orgasmic, Ron could feel her throat taking his member in, as she wanted to taste his load shooting down her throat. He held off as long as I could, and Mehree knew he was getting close to shooting, when she pulled away.

“Mmmmmmmmm, let’s not get you too hot before the main course. You’ve got to pace yourself,” she said, lightly moaning and looking up at him as she said it. She reached both hands around his neck and pulled him toward her, kissing him deeply as she did. He moved toward her on the bed, reaching around to undo her bra, which fell to the side, exposing her large, perfectly rounded, amazing breasts. They were heaven, so toned and tanned and firm, and he started sucking on them.

Mehree lay back on the bed, her back arched, and there was only one piece of clothing left to take off before they could truly feel each other. President Reagan made his way down toward her pussy, wrapping my fingers around the string of her panties, pulling them down and revealing her oh-so-heavenly blonde bush. Then he licked and tasting her, using his tongue and mouth to going down on her. Her skin tasted so good, so perfect and tan, so firm and tight. God, he hadn’t tasted a woman with a body like this in twenty years or more, and he was enjoying every second. He got her panties all the way off, and Mehree kicked them playfully off the bed.

“Mmmm…” Mehree moaned as his tongue made its way back up her leg toward her crotch. “I’m ready…”

“And me too,” she said, tasting her luscious blonde bush. He moved back up toward her head, and with a thrust of his groin, he entered her. Her pussy felt amazing as he pressed his whole cock inside her, Ronald Reagan felt like he was going to shoot right away. She was so tight, so perfect, and so fine. He started humping his cock in and out of, the orgasmic pleasure about to burst out of him.


The feelings of bring this unbelievably hot teenager sex goddess to orgasm got him even hotter, and he kept plunging inside her, harder and harder and harder. The sexual ecstasy they were having was unbelievable. She was so wet and tight with his cock inside her. The friction of her tight pussy, the hotness of her wet juices took him higher and higher. Their arms and hands held each other so tight, their naked bodies sweating and pressed against each other, wanting, desiring and fucking each other’s brains out. That viagra stuff must be pretty good, he thought.

“NEVER STOP FUCKING ME! YOU’RE SO FUCKING AMAZING! I NEVER WANT TO STOP FUCKING YOU! IT’S SO GOOD! OH GOD! OH YES! NEVER EVER STOP!” Mehree went on, and the passion brought him to another orgasm. And then….

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” they both erupted in pleasure and ecstasy, cumming so hard that he thought they’d never stop. Their bodies felt the pleasure of each other washing over us, and Mehree quivered as she felt her orgasm against him.

We both lied together for a while, still bathing in the heat, sweat and sex of the fuck we’d both had. Then she turned to me and said, “So do I get the job?”

“Oh yeah, sweet thing,” Ronald Reagan replied, “I’ll give you anything you want!”

“That’s wonderful, first thing I want is for the United States to place an embargo on South Africa until Apartheid is overthrown!”

“OK honey, I order the United States Navy to start the blockade immediately.” Then the most powerful man in the world asked the little girl from South Africa, “Do you want me to authorize the use of nuclear weapons?”

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