Willa’s Wild World – Episode 10

Story Title: Willa’s Wild World – Episode 10
Author’s Name: Rupert
Content Codes: ff+ cons oral anal exh
Celebs: Willa Holland, Miranda Cosgrove, Alyson Stoner, Jenette McCurdy, Taylor Momsen.
Disclaimer: This is all fiction I’m afraid. The girls are in their teens so if that is too young then you should turn away. Feedback is always welcome, rupert_ravenclaw@hotmail.com. You can also contact me on the forum.

Quick flashes of young, naked girls went by on the screen, indicating that it was time for another episode of Willa’s Wild World. The voice of the female announcer was heard
as the stage was shown.

“We, here at this network are proud to present yet another sizzling hot episode of young girls indulging in hot lesbian sex. Our hosts for the evening are Alyson Stoner and of course Willa Holland.”

The two hosts bounced down the stairs, hands interlocked. Today they had opted for cut-off jeans and very skimpy tops that left their tummies bare. As always the audience was very enthusiastic in greeting the hosts. They made it to the middle of the stage and started to make out, both holding on to the other’s panty clad ass.

“Hi, everyone and welcome to another episode of my very own show, Willa’s Wild World.” Willa said.

“Before we start the action, we’re going to answer a question that we have been sent to us from many of you loyal fans. You have all wondered who exactly the announcer is. As she can hear she is female and many of you have remarked that she has a very sexy voice. We can now reveal who this mystery girl is. She is the executive producer of this show and she is none other than Mackenzie Rosman.” Alyson went on.

“Yep, she wields a lot of power here at the network and she is the one I had to convince in order to get my very own show.” Willa explained.

“And exactly how did you convince her?” Alyson asked with a grin.

“Well, I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Now I’m sure many of you want to see her in front of the camera and I can make a solemn promise that will happen in a later episode. Not tonight however. Tonight we have other, very sexy young girls here on the show.” Willa said.

“Yep, very sexy. Me and Willa are going to have a very sexy young girl with us here in the studio a bit later, but first it is time for Miranda to do her thing. As many of you now she has gone off to have her own little project on the side. She stars in a show called iCarly. It isn’t nearly as naughty as this show, but it does have another little hottie besides Miranda. We are going to go to the iCarly studio for a very special web cast by Miranda.” Alyson said

The screen changed to the iCarly studio, showing Miranda and her co-star Jenette McCurdy sitting together on the floor. They were both modestly dressed, but had very naughty smiles on their cute faces.

“Hi, everyone. Miranda, who is Miranda? My name is Carly.” Miranda said in a playful tone.

“And if anyone is wondering, my name is not, I repeat not Jenette McCurdy. I am just an ordinary girl who does webcasts with her best friend Carly.” Jenette added in an equally playful tone.

“Today we are going to do a very special webcast. We asked before if anyone has got any idea on what we should do to get more viewers. Many naughty people out there suggested that me and Sam have some naked fun together. Since me and Sam already like to have naked fun together we thought we might just as well do it in our little show.”

“That’s right Carly. I think we shouldn’t let our viewers wait. I think we ought to start the naked fun right away.”

“Very good idea. Let’s do it.”

With that Miranda….ahem…Carly leaned in and started to make out with Sam. The kiss quickly heated up as the girls let their tongues swirl around. Hands started to roam around as the girls touched each other through layers of clothing. Both girls quickly became frustrated by this excess of clothing. Carly made the first move by unbuttoning and unzipping Sam’s jeans. She then pushed her hand inside the white panties underneath.

“Mhmm. I love your touch.” Sam moaned

“I wanna touch you all over.” Carly responded.

Sam stood up, leaving Carly on the floor. The brunette took advantage of this position by grabbing hold of both jeans and panties at once and pulling them all the way done, leaving Sam bottomless. Her cleanly shaved pussy now only inches away from Carly’s face. Carly dragged her tongue up the slit causing Sam to emit a soft moan. She didn’t go on however; instead she stood up and grabbed hold of the double layer of shirts Sam was wearing.

“I want you all naked.” Carly said.

Together the two girls got rid of Sam’s shirts. The only thing that now hid Sam’s teenage breasts from viewing and Carly’s tongue was a white bra. Carly started to kiss her friend and at the same time she moved her hands around the back and unclasped the bra. As the kiss ended and the girls stepped apart, the bra fell down, leaving Sam completely nude to the pleasure of the viewers and Carly.

“Spin around and show the camera your sexy body.” Carly ordered.

Sam immediately did just that, wiggling her hips seductively.

“This feels good, I bet my sexy body is going to get us a lot of viewers.” Sam said with a proud smile.

“I know they will, but now I feel overdressed.” Carly answered.

“Let me help you with that.” Sam answered.

She then reached over and pulled Carly’s top over her head, finding a black bra underneath. Sam used the same technique as Carly had done before. Embrace in a kiss and at the same time unclasp the bra. Carly used this opportunity to fondle Sam’s breasts and as soon as the bra was completely gone Sam started to do the same with Carly’s perky tits. As the kiss ended Sam got down on her knees in front of Carly.

“Get me naked Sam, I think our loyal viewers deserve to se my ass as well.” Carly said.

Sam didn’t need to be asked of course. First Sam pulled the pants down and Miranda stepped out of them. With only the panties left, Sam decided to be a little wild. She bared her teeth and uttered a menacing growl. She then moved forward and bit down on the pants. It was a struggle, but Sam managed to get Carly’s panties all the way down to the knees. She then took a better grip with her teeth and pulled the all the way down. She then went on with the animalistic theme and started to lick her way up Carly’s left leg.

“Our viewers are gonna love this.” Carly moaned.

“Well, duh. We are hot and we are gonna have wild girl on girl sex. Of course they’re gonna love it.” Sam said and rolled her eyes.

Carly thought of a few witty responses, but decided against using any of them. Sam was clearly on her way to do some pussy licking and there was no way Carly was going to distract her from that by bickering. Sure enough Sam’s journey up Carly’s leg was about to come to an end. Carly could actually feel Sam’s lovely blonde hair tickling her pussy. Sam looked up at Carly and fired off a dazzling smile before she stuck her tongue out and dragged it towards Carly’s quivering pussy without actually reaching it. Instead she started to kiss her way up Carly’s tummy.

“You fucking tease.” Carly growled.

“I am a fucking tease.” Sam answered with an evil grin.

As much as she wanted to feel that skilled tongue in her pussy right now, Carly knew that it was worth the wait. A good build-up always led to even more powerful orgasms. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where Sam was going as she worked her way up. Carly felt her nipples stiffen in anticipation of what was about to come. After one final wet kiss on the stomach Sam stood up and took Carly’s breasts in her hands. She placed on quick kiss on Carly’s lips before she leaned down and took Carly’s left nipple into her mouth.

“Ohhhh. Suck my tits.” Carly moaned.

Those words were like music to Sam’s ears. She did just that and created a powerful vacuum in her mouth. Sam also used her tongue and swirled it around Carly’s hardened nub. It was hard and intense tit sucking, but Sam knew from extensive experience that Carly could handle it. At the same time as she did this, Sam used her right hand to massage Miranda’s free breast and her left hand to do some pinching of Carly’s soft ass.

“Look at this viewers. Sam sucking on my nipple. Is that wild and crazy enough for you?” Carly said to the camera.

She then returned to focus on her own pleasure. Sam was capable of very powerful suction and Carly had a strong suspicion that she would be excellent at sucking cock if she ever tried that. Sam switched to the right nipple and gave it the same intense treatment, leaving Carly’s left breast wet with saliva. Carly reached down and started to smear it out, but her hand was swapped away by Sam.

“No self touching.” Sam demanded.

This was perfectly all right, because Sam replaced Miranda’s hand with her own, thus providing plentiful stimulation. Carly’s breathing was getting heavier and she started to have trouble standing up. Sam took this as a signal that it was time to move on and started to kiss her way down Carly’s body.

“Ahhh. I think I gotta lay down for this.” Carly said as she felt her knees grow weak.

She laid herself down on the floor and rested her head on her hands as she waited for Sam to continue her work. Sam, very eager to bring Carly off quickly assumed a position on all fours and started to drag her tongue up and down Carly’s slit. This was obviously something that had been done several times before, because Sam quickly found the right technique. Sam pulled her hair to the side, giving the viewers an unobstructed view of her little tongue moving up and down Carly’s pussy.

“She is totally amazing at licking pussy you know. We do it all the time to relax after the show, but now you all get to see it.” Carly spoke into the camera.

After pawing her growing tits and pinching her nipples for a while she went on addressing her viewers.

“Many of the things we show here on iCarly can be dangerous to try at home, like squirting milk out of your eyes for instance. This however is totally fun and easy. You just need to find a girl who likes to have fun and then do whatever feels good. Touching, kissing licking, it is all good. Feel free to experiment, that way you learn all about your body and what makes you feel good.” Carly instructed her impressionable audience of teenage girls.

“That’s right, girls. Pussy tastes good. You should try it.” Sam filled in.

Carly leaned back, simply enjoying the increasing pleasure building up in her insatiable pussy. Her thoughts started to drift to all those young girls out there watching this. She was quite confident that her words would have the desired effect. She would be very proud if she could open the minds of all those young girls to the pleasures of girl on girl loving. No doubt, many would consider it corrupting young minds, but Carly saw it as an act of liberation.

Sam was entertaining similar thoughts about just how nice it was to be a role model. To teach young girls how to have some real fun. Some poor girls were suppressing their very natural urges, fearing damnation and hellfire if they used their bodies for fun. Sam considered it an awful atrocity to teach people to repress their lust. She was quite sure that the world would be a whole lot better if people just would give in to their urges.

These abstract thoughts weren’t all that kept running through her young mind. More than that she used all her senses to take in the exhilarating sensations of licking pussy. There was the unique scent that could only come from a young girl in heat. There was the feeling of how Carly’s pink folds clamped down on her tongue. There were the sounds of Carly’s lovely little moans. There was the cute smile she could see in Carly’s cute face. And last but not least there was the wonderful taste of Carly’s rich juices. These combined sensations drove Sam into a frenzy of lust.

With Sam’s intimate knowledge of Miranda’s pussy it didn’t take very long until Carly could feel how the orgasm approached. Sam just kept going and going, moving her little tongue up and down the pussy. She constantly flicked over Carly’s clit, making her friend gasp with every touch. Carly pawed her own teenage tits, increasing the already significant pleasure she was getting from Sam. The pleasure built and built until it finally exploded.


The studio floor wasn’t very comfortable, but that didn’t matter to Carly as she thrashed in orgasm. In fact, being in the iCarly studio only made things better. It felt delightfully naughty to make sweet love in front of a camera in a studio designed for such an innocent show. Being the star of iCarly was fun, but this was the real thing. Being naked and naughty in front of the camera.

“Hey, look what you did to me. You’ve got your pussy juices smeared all over my face.” Sam said with a fake pout.

“Yeah, but you just love it that way.” Carly answered.

“Yeah, I do.” Sam said and seductively licked her lips.

“Come here you.” Carly growled.

Sam immediately obeyed and leaned in to kiss her friend and lover. Carly wanted full body contact so she pulled Sam down on top of her. Their naked bodies pressed against each other as the two young girls started to roll around on the floor. The kissing was fierce and intense as Carly tasted herself on Sam’s lips. It ended when Sam suddenly found herself pinned down by Carly.

“I know that look in your eyes. You want to do something naughty with me.” Sam said.

“I always want to be naughty, you know that.” Carly answered.

“Yeah you do. So what are you planning on doing right now?”

“You’ll find out.”

With that Carly started to slowly lick her way down Sam’s glistening, naked body. She came down to Sam’s perfectly rounded breasts and started to flick her tongue back and forth over the over the right nipple. Miranda….er…. Carly loved to worship another girl’s tits in this way. Even though she had just come, Carly was still feeling needy. As she did her licking, Carly slowly rubbed her pussy against Sam’s well toned thigh.

“Didn’t I just get you off?” Sam giggled as she felt Carly’s wet pussy on her thigh.

“You did, but being with you make me so fucking horny.” Carly explained.

“I know. I am one hot chick.” Sam boasted.

“I think I have a solution that will fit us both.” Carly said.

She then grabbed hold of Sam’s hands and pulled her up, so that they were both sitting on the floor facing each other. Sam knew where this was going so she drew her left leg out from under Carly’s leg and placed it on top instead. The two girls scooted closer to each other so that their aching pussies met. Carly then started to slowly grind herself against Sam.

“You greedy little girl. Trying to get your self off again.” Sam said playfully.

“I am, but I will get you off as well.”

“Ok, but you owe me big time. I want one day of sexual slavery for this.” Sam demanded.

“Ok.” Carly moaned.

Being Sam’s sexual slave wasn’t that bad. In fact it was very, very good. Carly loved to be completely dominated by her demanding friend. Performing all kinds of naughty acts in order to satisfy her friend’s needs. Sam was a very demanding mistress, but somehow that only worked to turn Carly on even more. But all that was in the future. Right now the only thing that mattered to Carly was the close contact between hers and Sam’s pussies.

“Come on then. Grind into me and make cum real good.” Sam demanded.

Carly eagerly did just that. She started to thrust herself forward and was met by similar movements from Sam. Their wet teenage pussies met and made deliciously sloppy sounds. Their combined juices provided plentiful lubrication. They were both leaning back from each other so they didn’t have any physical contact except for the pussies. This did however provide the perfect opportunity for the two young girls to ogle each other’s naked bodies.

“Sam, you are so fucking sexy. I love how your titties jiggle like that.” Carly managed to say between heavy breathing.

“I know. I’m so fucking sexy. I can make anyone cum from looking at me.”

“You’re so full of yourself.”

“But, that’s why you love me.”

“Yeah that’s true.”

“Your tits look pretty damn good as well, but I suppose I got that point across when I licked them before.” Sam said with a quirky smile on her lips.

Carly simply giggled in response. Despite her tough girl act Sam couldn’t help but find that giggle incredibly cute. Carly could look very cute and innocent when she needed to, but under that exterior lived a very naughty little girl. Sam’s pussy was aching for a release and now the grinding was starting to get to her. Carly’s wet folds rubbing up against her own created a sensation unlike anything else for Sam. Especially those wonderful moments when Carly rubbed up against her engorged clitoris.

It wasn’t just the physical sensations that did it for Sam. It was also the knowledge that this was broadcast for the entire world to see. Neither Sam nor Jenette had done it in front of a camera before and that added an extra tinge of excitement. Someone realised that you had to be an exhibitionist in order to be an actress and those words certainly rang true to Jenette. The pretence of playing the part of Sam was starting to slip away and all that filled her way was intense and building pleasure she felt. Being an actress meant doing things that weren’t real, but this lovemaking certainly was.

“I’m getting so fucking close Miranda. Come on, get me off.”

Miranda didn’t bother being Carly again. Role playing was fun, but right now that didn’t matter. This was all about the pure pleasure of sex. All that mattered for Miranda was getting herself and Jenette off and all that mattered to the viewers was the heavenly sight of two sexy, naked teenage girls grinding their pussies together. Miranda heard how Jenette’s breathing was starting to become pitched and laboured. This was a sure sign that the blond was getting close and Miranda reacted by putting in an extra effort to stimulate Jenette’s clit. After a succession of very deliberate thrusts Jenette erupted into orgasm.


Jenette fell back on the floor as the orgasm overwhelmed her. She felt how her juices erupted from her pussy and mixed with those of Miranda in a cocktail of teenage lust. Miranda kept up her grinding, thus prolonging the pleasure for Jenette. The constant sensation of Miranda’s pussy up against her own followed her through the orgasm and beyond.

“Fuuuuuuuck, yessssss. Keep it up, I think I have another one coming.” Jenette moaned in encouragement of Miranda’s persistent grinding.

Miranda naturally did as she was told, but it wasn’t just in order to get Jenette of again. This whole grinding thing had come from Miranda’s desire for a second orgasm for herself. Jenette had rested briefly, but now she was at it again, pushing up against Miranda. Jenette’s loud and visible orgasm had increased Miranda’s own arousal and she mused about how orgasms, like yawns were contagious. She was getting closer now and knew that just a little more would be enough to set her off.

“Getting close. So fucking close.” Miranda said.

Jenette, eager to bring her friend off again listened to these words and made a move. Following her she reached up and grabbed a steady hold of Miranda’s breasts. Jenette, not being the gentle type, started to maul the flesh and to do some serious pinching of Miranda’s nipples. This was exactly the kind of thing Miranda had wanted and it set her off for the second time.


Jenette, having been in constant heat for some time now, got to experience just how contagious an orgasm was. This second orgasm in a few short minutes was smaller than the first, but it was still pretty damn good. Jenette’s moans, the sound of pussies mashing together and Miranda’s scream blended into a symphony of sexual sounds that ended when the two girls collapsed with their legs still interlocked. Not being much for resting in post-orgasmic bliss, Jenette was already thinking about Miranda’s promise from before.

“Now, you’re my own slave for a whole day, Miranda. You can start by cleaning up this mess.” Jenette said and pointed to her own drenched pussy.

“Huh?” Miranda said, still a little groggy.

“Lick my pussy, slave.” Jenette demanded.

Miranda quickly remembered what she had promised. While she was a bit worn out from her two orgasms, she was very much turned on by the idea of following the order her temporary mistress had given her. She moved her body around and dipped her tongue into Jenette’s wet pussy. Miranda was intimately familiar with the taste both of herself and of Jenette and she could discern them both in the mixture. She made long licks, up and down, trying to savour all of those yummy juices.

“That’s good my little slave. Clean up that mess you’ve made.”

Miranda could have pointed out that Jenette was equally responsible for this mess, but she knew better. Such disobedience would not be tolerated and besides, there was nothing that could tear Miranda away from licking pussy. She kept on licking and as she started to get rid off all the residual juices, the purpose instead turned to giving Jenette the sweet pleasure only a tongue could bring.

“You’re a good little slave.” Jenette moaned in approval.

Miranda knew very well just how good she was, but hearing it was always nice. Jenette had seemingly realised that she had been a little too nice so she grabbed Miranda’s hair and kept her firmly in place, leaving no room for Miranda to escape her duties. Of course Miranda had no intention of escaping, but it did turn her on when Jenette was being assertive.

“I have another idea.” Jenette said and suddenly pushed Miranda away.

Miranda didn’t like having to stop and let out a disappointed yelp. Fortunately Jenette’s idea was even better. She quickly changed her position so that she now was on all fours, leaving her lovely ass completely exposed. Miranda didn’t even have to be told what to do. She quickly extended her tongue and pressed up against Jenette’s puckered hole.

“You got it right slave, lick my ass like the good little slut you are.”

Miranda loved licking ass and she kept her face buried between Jenette’s soft ass cheeks. Normally she liked to explore every inch of a girl’s ass, but she was already very familiar with Jenette’s so she focused all her attention on that tight hole. Miranda kept her head still and flicked her tongue back and forth, occasionally pushing up against the entrance.

Jenette loved the sensation of power that only a tongue up the ass could give. Miranda was extraordinarily good when it came to licking ass. It took both skill and passion in order to do it properly and Miranda had both. There was one little problem however and that was the fact that Jenette’s knees were starting to get a little sore. Fortunately she had a solution to this. She pulled away from Miranda and heard a disappointed moan.

“What’s the matter, slave? Are you addicted to licking my ass?” Jenette said in a condescending tone.

“Yes, mistress. Sticking my tongue up your ass is the best thing in the world.” Miranda said softly.

“That’s a good slave. Now get on your back.”

Miranda quickly obeyed, eager to please. Miranda had a strong suspicion about what was going to happen and she was immediately proven right when Jenette slowly lowered her ass down onto Miranda’s waiting tongue. Right away Miranda started a regimen of intense probing with her tongue. Jenette helpfully spread her ass cheeks and Miranda was thus able to push her tongue into Jenette’s forbidden hole.

“Fuck my ass with that little tongue of yours.” Jenette moaned.

Miranda’s probing tongue was a sensation like no others for Jenette. It was such a naughty thing to sit on Miranda’s face like this and Jenette absolutely loved it. Wet slurping sounds of tongue meeting ass reached Jenette’s ears and increased her excitement even more. Miranda’s tongue wiggled around wildly as it explored the depths of Jenette’s ass. Suddenly remembering her role as co-host Jenette turned to the camera.

“Well, viewers, isn’t this just super? Carly eating my ass like the good little girl she is. You all should really try this at home. Just find a cute girl and get naked. And while you’re at it, why don’t you do it in front of the webcam and send us the clips? O fuck, this is good. I think I’m goooooooing to fuuuucking come. MMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHMMMMMMMMNN

With the orgasm hitting her Jenette was no longer able to carry on her monologue. All that filled her mind was the intense pleasure. She collapsed forward on Miranda’s soft naked body with a very satisfied grin on her lips. Miranda, no longer restricted to just licking ass, took a few swipes over Jenette’s cum drenched pussy and then stuck her head up to address the audience at home.

“Well, fans I hope you liked this very special iCarly episode. It is fun to do the regular episodes, but this was the best. I don’t know if you caught what Sam said before going all screamy and orgasmy, but she said that you could film yourself having naked fun and send it to us. Please do, because we love watching cute girls getting it on with their friends. Anyway, that’s all from us. Back to you Willa.”

Back in the studio Willa and Alyson were both very busy touching themselves. They both still had their shorts on, but it was obvious what they were doing. Neither of them was embarrassed about that of course. Willa simply took her hand out of her shorts and offered it to Alyson who dutifully started to lick it clean. Meanwhile Willa addressed the audience.

“That sure was the best iCarly episode I’ve seen. As you can see me and Aly are very horny so want to move on as quickly as possible.”

Alyson, now done with licking Willa’s hand, went on.

“We sure are Willa. Our next guest is another smoking hot blonde. You might have seen her in Gossip Girl or remember her from way back in the Grinch.” Here she is, 14 year old Taylor Momsen.”

The audience started to cheer and whistle as Taylor walked down the stairs, clad in a loose fitting white dress with a hint of pokies. As she came down the stairs she twirled around. The dress floating out from her body revealed her tight ass and smooth pussy underneath. Alyson and Willa greeted her with brief kisses before they all sat down on the couch.

“Welcome to the show, Taylor. I must say, you really are gorgeous. One problem though, that spin showing off the goodies is my thing.” Willa said.

“You know what they say; imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.” Taylor answered with a sweet smile.

“I suppose I can forgive you, but only because your ass looks so delicious.” Willa retorted with a horny grin.”

“I know. Seriously though, I really do admire you. You played a very naughty little jailbait girl and now I do. I must say I really liked your performance as Kaitlin.”

“And you really do a good job as well. What a naughty girl you are Jenny Humphrey.” Willa said.

“Hey, don’t forget about me. I can be a naughty girl too, it’s not my fault the Disney Channel is so uptight.” Alyson said with a pout.

“Don’t worry honey. I’m sure you’ll get to play a naughty girl some time. If nothing else you can be as naughty as you want right here and now.” Willa consoled.

“Darn tootin’!” Alyson exclaimed.

With that she rose up from the couch and pulled her top over her head in one swift move and then started to rub her own nipples.

“Well, I think this is good time as any to have some naughty fun. You ready for this Taylor? Being a really naughty girl.”

“Sure am.” Taylor answered confidently.

Willow led the way over to the bed and the two other girls followed. Willa and Aly grabbed hold of one of Taylor’s shoulder straps each and pulled them aside. Taylor Flimsy dress fell to the floor, revealing her slim body and round tits.

“You really are gorgeous.” Alyson commented.

She also proved her appreciation by grabbing hold of Taylor’s ass. Taylor liked the attention, but at the moment she was focused on something else. She had watched O.C. and dreamt about seeing the sexy Kaitlin Cooper naked. Now she had her chance, so she grabbed hold of Willa’s top and pulled it up over her head. After a brief moment of enjoying the sight, Taylor moved in and started to make out with Willa and she also took the opportunity to gently fondle Willa’s perky tits.

Again Alyson felt left out, but she knew exactly how to remedy that. At first she got rid of her own shorts, they would only be in the way later. Then she made her real move as she got down on her knees behind Taylor’s ass and placed a kiss on the right ass cheek. She then gently pushed Taylor in the back, indicating that she should lean forward. Taylor quickly did so, thus giving Alyson better access. Alyson immediately took the opportunity to press her tongue in between Taylor’s ass cheeks and lick up and down the ass crack.

Wow this is one horny little minx, Taylor thought to herself. Alyson had gone straight for ass licking. This was one hell of a way to get acquainted and Taylor made a mental note to herself that she would have to thank Alyson for that later. Meanwhile leaning forward meant that Taylor no longer could make out with Willa. She could do something equally hot however and that was to suck and lick on those perky tits she so admired.

“Mmmm, Taylor. You’ve done before haven’t you?” Willa softly moaned.

Taylor didn’t bother answering. Willa’s question was more of the rhetorical kind. Taylor had indeed done this before. Not only with her friends from home, but also with her older co-stars on the set of Gossip Girl. She had been invited to join Leighton Meester and Blake Lively in a hot tub. It had started out with just talking, but things moved on from there to kissing, touching and finally hot lesbian sex. The two older girls had taught young Taylor quite a lot in the short time they had known each other, so Taylor was quite confident in her lovemaking skills.

“Come on I want your sexy ass on the bed so that I can give a proper licking.” Alyson demanded.

“She’s a feisty one isn’t she?” Taylor said to Willa.

“Oh, yeah. And you haven’t even met her with a strap-on yet.” Willa said as she and Taylor got up on the bed.

“I’m still here you know.” Alyson huffed.

“Don’t worry, I could never forget a girl who’s that good at ass licking.” Taylor said.

“You better not, because I’m coming after this sweet ass pf yours with my rock hard plastic cock later. That is a promise.”

Taylor felt a shiver go down her spine. She had never let anyone take her in the ass yet. She had played a bit on her own however so she knew that it was going to be good. And she had seen of course just how good at it Alyson really was. These sexy thoughts went through Taylor’s head ass she assumed a position with her ass sticking up in the air on the middle of the bed.

Alyson now had much better access and as a bonus it was much more comfortable on the bed. She took a few swipes up and down the ass, but then decided that it would be more time for that later. The enticing scent of Taylor’s aroused pussy drew Alyson in and she started to work the slit with her tongue. Tasting a girl for the first time was always an exhilarating experience and Alyson simply loved it.

Taylor relished in the sensations of Alyson’s skilled tongue working her pussy. Being licked was always good, but the combination of this naughty position and the fact that this was live TV in front of a horny studio audience made it so much better. Taylor had been on TV and in movies for many years now, but having lesbian sex on TV was something new. She tried to record every little lick in her mind and promised herself that she would treasure this memory. Taylor’s train of thought was derailed when Willa spoke.

“I hope you’re not too busy enjoying yourself to give me some pleasure.”

“I am a girl you know, I can do more than one thing at once.” Taylor answered with a cocky smile on her cute face.

Willa didn’t say anything else. Instead she simply lined her increasingly wet pussy up with Taylor’s face. The blonde didn’t need any more invitation than that. She simply extended her tongue and made one long swipe up Willa’s slit. She then twirled her tongue around the clit for a bit, before licking her way back down. Like Alyson, Taylor thoroughly enjoyed tasting a new pussy. And not just any pussy, a pussy she had longed to taste ever since Willa showed her sexy body on O.C.

“Naughty, naughty girl. Good girls don’t show off their naked body on TV. And they certainly don’t lick pussy for everyone to see. What happened to little Cindy Lou Who? She grew up and became corrupted by the evil ways of Hollywood.” Willa said in a condemning tone.

Hearing those words drove Taylor on even further. She started to push her tongue deep, deep into Willa’s wet folds. At the same time as she did this, Taylor made creative use of her nose. She rubbed it back and forth over Willa’s clit. It was only a soft touch, but it seemed to be working. Taylor could tell, both from Willa’s increasing moaning and also from the ever more abundant girly juices released by Willa’s pussy.

Meanwhile Alyson was hard at work. She was a little bit jealous that she was the only girl who didn’t have a tongue in her pussy, but she knew that her efforts would pay off later. Instead she focused completely at the task at hand, giving Taylor an orgasmic welcome to the world of televised lesbian teenage sex. Task really was the wrong word, Alyson corrected. Licking this delicious pussy and hearing Taylor’s muffled moans was a reward in itself. With this in mind Alyson explored every little nook and cranny of Taylor’s pussy with the occasional ass lick thrown in just for fun.

“Soo…fucking naughty…” Willa said.

Taylor was very much encouraged by the fact that Willa no longer was able to form complicated sentences. It was a sign that she had done her job right so far. Now that she was moving steadily forward with the licking, Taylor decided to let her hands do some exploration. Willa’s smooth, taught body really was something special. At first Taylor let her hands trail up Willa’s back and then she reached around and tried to fondle Willa’s breasts. With Willa half sitting this proved difficult however. To help thins along Willa laid herself back on the bed and Taylor now had perfect access. She used this opportunity to give Willa a complete breasts massage.

“Your titties are fucking perfect. I sure understand why they put you in a bikini on the O.C.” Taylor said, briefly taking a pause in the licking.

“I know. Now get your mouth back where it belong.”

There was more than a hint of horny desperation in Willa’s voice. Taylor certainly picked up on this and quickly went back to her licking. She used her previous tactic of pushing her tongue ass deep as possibly into Willa’s pussy, but this time Taylor moved her hands down, grabbed Willa’s ass and pressed Willa up against her mouth. Taylor managed to do some very deep penetration, in the process getting her tongue soaked by Willa’s juices.

“Fuck, fuck fuuuuuuck me with your tongue.” Willa screamed.

Hearing Willa scream in lust was a something Alyson really loved, but right now it awoke her competitive streak. There was no way that Alyson was going to let Taylor bring Willa off before she herself had brought Taylor off. Alyson remembered how much Taylor had enjoyed the attention to her ass and decided to make use of that. She quickly moved her licking upwards and zeroed in on the puckered hole. Partly inspired what Miranda had done before Alyson started to push her tongue up against the hole.

“Mmmm, just like that. Lick my ass.” Taylor moaned.

It was really hard for Taylor to decide what was the best, a tongue in the pussy or a tongue in the ass. Then Alyson made a move that made Taylor forget all about that. The young brunette took two of her fingers and pushed them deep into Taylor’s aroused pussy. The combined regimen of ass licking and finger fucking, was exactly what she needed. She had to withdraw somewhat from her own licking in order to fully enjoy what Alyson was doing to her. She didn’t stop completely though, she took the occasional soft lick up Willa’s slit in order to keep the host in heat.

Willa was a bit disappointed at the decrease in licking, but she also understood. It was pretty hard to do anything when you were close to orgasm after all. She leaned down and pulled Taylor’s long blonde hair out of the way in order to give the viewers a chance to see Taylor’s face during the soon to be coming orgasm. She also decided to do everything she could to encourage the orgasm.

“Come on and come for us Taylor. Be the fucking naughty girl you are and let yourself be licked to orgasm by another teenage girl. That is so fucking wrong you know. So fucking dirty.”

Taylor heard these words and she really felt the pleasure of doing something naughty. Alyson’s strong little tongue came back with renewed attacks against her ass and with every thrust it went deeper and deeper. The same was true for Alyson’s fingers. Sensing that orgasm was near Taylor tried to brace herself. She dug her hands into Willa’s ass and only seconds later Alyson rubbed her thumb over Taylor’s clit, resulting in the long awaited orgasm.


The orgasm was nothing short of amazing. Taylor threw her head back and forth in ecstasy, trying to cope with the pulsating pleasure. The orgasm went through her in wave after wave making her utter more orgasmic moans. Taylor had lots of energy though and as soon as she had just a little of her concentration back she plunged her tongue into Willa’s pussy once again. This was for too early in the lovemaking to simply relax in post-orgasmic bliss. Instead she was intent on keeping things going.

Alyson popped her cute face up from behind Taylor’s ass. Much of her face was covered in creamy goodness. She tried to lick it all up with her own tongue, but could only reach so far. Willa beckoned Alyson to come over and it was clear what she wanted to do. They had one quick, but intense kiss before Willa slowly licked Alyson’s face clean of the remnants of Taylor’s recent orgasm.

“You’ve got the yummiest juices. So sweet.” Willa commented.

Taylor felt a surge of pride as she heard those words, but she was determined to prove her self in more than just having a yummy pussy. She started to ferociously suck on Willa’s pussy. First she just sucked on Willa’s outer lips a few times. Then she moved up a little and started to work her magic on Willa’s clitoris. She combined sucking with intense tongue lashes. Taylor put all her energy and passion into what she did.

Alyson had found her own way to be part of the action. After her face had been licked clean she had gone back to making out with Willa. The two hosts were very familiar with each other by now, but if anything their passion for each other had only increased. They had long intense kisses, their tongues playing and their hands roaming all over each other’s bodies. There were a few short breaks in the kissing, but only to give Willa some time to breath. It only took a few minutes of this double attention before Willa had her orgasm with a muffled moan.


Alyson pulled away to watch Willa thrashing on orgasm, but Taylor just kept on giving. She kept licking Willa through the orgasm and then went on just for the fun of it. Taylor was soon joined by Alyson who also took a few swipes up and down Willa’s pussy. The two younger girls then met in a cum drenched kiss, just above Willa’s pussy.

“Come here, you two” Willa ordered.

The two younger girls moved up and all three girls met in a three way kiss. Grabby hands went all over naked bodies as the girls explored each other. It was hot, messy and chaotic, but it was thoroughly enjoyable both for those involved and for those fortunate enough to watch these sexy teenagers having some naked fun. Alyson’s anxiety to get off soon became obvious, since she had started to grind her slippery wet pussy up against Willa’s leg.

“I think someone is eager to get off.” Willa observed.

“Of course I am. I always am.” Alyson said with emphasis.

“I’m gonna lick your ass.” Taylor suddenly declared.

Alyson’s face lit up as she heard this wonderful promise.

“And I’m in the mood for some pussy.” Willa said, making Alyson even happier.

Alyson was a quick thinker, especially when it came to sex. She was already on top of Willa, but spun around so that she and Willa ended up in a 69. Not only did this give Willa access to Alyson’s dripping wet pussy, it also left Aly’s tight, toned ass exposed. Willa opened her mouth and received one little drop of Alyson’s pussy cream. Willa savoured the taste of this first little drop and then she pulled Alyson’s pussy down to her waiting mouth. As Willa started her licking, Alison prepared to do her part. Willa had given Taylor easier access by holding Alyson’s ass cheeks apart and the guest immediately seized this opportunity by leaning down and taking her first taste of Alyson’s ass.

All that could be heard from Alyson was excited moaning as the two other girls started their licking. Taylor now had her chance to repay the favours Alyson had given her, and she did this with great passion. Being 14 she was still kinda new to this and had never licked ass before, but just as she had expected she thoroughly enjoyed it. Alyson had the tightest, cutest little ass in the world and Taylor just loved worshipping it. She did a few licks up and down the ass crack, just to get the hang of it. But just as Aly had done before she soon focused on the hole, combining soft licks with forceful thrusts.

Alyson had known that her generosity in the beginning would pay off, but she had not expected that it would be this good. She knew that Willa was very good at cunnilingus of course, but she had not expected that Taylor would be so skilled at and willing to lick ass. Being in a 69 Alyson had access to Willa’s pussy. She did take a few swipes of the familiar pussy, but mostly she simply enjoyed her own pleasure.

Willa certainly enjoyed the occasional attention she was getting from Alyson, but right now she was fully focused on getting her younger co-star off. Alyson was a very generous lover and didn’t mind giving before receiving. Willa really appreciated this and now she was going to reward her younger co-star. Willa used her intimate knowledge of Alyson’s pussy to her advantage and she used her tongue in just the way she knew Alyson liked.

The three young girls made a wonderful sight as they made love on that bed. Willa Holland and Alyson Stoner locked in a 69 was a wonderful sight all on its own, but the addition of Taylor Momsen licking Alyson’s ass made it truly spectacular. Taylor had developed quickly for a 14 year old and could easily have been mistaken for a few yours older. Her smooth and slender really was the essence of youthful perfection. As she lapped Alyson’s ass she also made sure to wiggle her own tight butt. The thought of turning all kinds of people on with her naked ass really turned Taylor on and she made sure to put on a really good show.

Alyson was starting to really feel the effects of two highly skilled tongues working her sensitive regions. Willa was just as good as always, but Taylor showed extraordinary enthusiasm as she pushed her tongue deep into the ass. It felt incredible all on its own, but the knowledge that it was such a sexy hottie as Taylor made it even better. Alyson felt dizzy from excitement and she was very glad that she wasn’t standing. She turned her head around slightly and saw Taylor fire off a dazzling smile before pushing her tongue into Alyson’s ass once again. It was an incredibly erotic sight and it almost instantly caused the familiar, but ohh so good sensation of a girl induced orgasm.

“FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK YYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEAH!” Alyson screamed in delight, her body shivering in ecstasy.

Willa was treated to a virtual flood of orgasmic juices that hit her right in the face. She opened wide and tried to take as much of the tasty nectar in her mouth. Willa didn’t get all of the tasty treat for herself however. Taylor quickly moved in and started to lick wildly, reminiscent of a puppy. The sexy guest paid attention both to Alyson’s still quivering pussy and Willa’s messy face.

“Fuck Taylor, you did a good job on my ass. You must have done before.” Alyson said in a slightly shaky voice, still reeling from the orgasm.

“Nope, that was a new one, but it sure won’t be the last. Your ass was very yummy.” Taylor answered with a big smile.

“Yes, my ass is the sweetest little ass in the world.”

Willa thought that Alyson might very well be right, but she decided to take Aly down a notch. She did this by placing one firm, hard slap on Alyson’s soft right ass cheek.

“Hey!” Alyson exclaimed.

“Don’t get to cocky sweetcheeks, there are many tasty little asses out there. In fact I can’t wait to taste Taylor here. We need to get her ready.”

Alyson was just about to argue, but that last part changed her mind. It was indeed time to get Taylor ready for a double stuffing and that was something Alyson had been looking forward to ever since it was decided that Taylor was going to be on the show.

“Is it time for my double fucking?” Taylor asked in excitement.

“That it is. I wanna taste your ass and Aly will get the tools.” Willa said.

Alyson quickly scampered away to get what was needed, temporarily leaving the other two girls alone on the bed.

“I have an idea. Just lay down on your back.”

Taylor quickly obeyed and waited for further instructions from Willa. The host moved in, grabbed Taylor legs, lift them up and proceeded to push them all the way over so that they came to rest next to Taylor’s head. It was a complicated position, but it gave Willa complete access to Taylor’s ass.

“You comfortable with this?” Willa asked.

“Yes, I’m very limber, now get that tongue onto my ass and get me ready for some hard core fucking.” Taylor said.

“Mmmm, what a horny little girl you are.” Willa cooed.

“Yes I am now lick my ooooooohhhhhhhh.” Taylor answered.

The reason for the incoherence in the end was of course that Willa had started to do her thing. She had pushed her tongue right into Taylor little puckered hole and she proceeded to thrust in and out. Taylor’s ass had already received plenty of attention today, but even licking was more than welcome. The licking didn’t last very long however.

“It’s finally time to fuck that sweet ass of yours. I’m gonna pound you so hard you’ll never forget it.” Alyson said as she moved in next to Taylor.

Alyson had put on her strap-on and got one for Willa, but now she was back on the bed and ready for action.

“I love hearing such dirty words from a cute girl.” Taylor giggled.

“I’m not cute, I’m sexy.” Alyson said and pouted in an incredibly cute way.

Taylor considered pointing this out, but she didn’t want to offend the girl who was just about to fuck her ass. With Willa no longer licking ass, there was no reason for Taylor to be in her unusual position so she sat up. She was immediately met by Alyson who initiated some passionate kissing. Taylor quickly accepted Aly’s tongue into her mouth and they started to feel each other up. Suddenly Alyson reached down and pushed a finger into Taylor’s pussy.

“Wet and ready.” Alyson confirmed as she pulled her finger out of Taylor’s pussy and licked it clean.

“Good to hear.” Willa said, now wearing her strap-on.

“You’re ready, but now you gotta get my cock ready.” Alyson said and pushed Taylor’s head down.

Taylor quickly got the drift and took the plastic cock into her mouth. She sucked it in as deep as she could and actually managed to get it all in. She then spat on it several times and rubbed it all in, making the cock glisten with saliva.

“Get down on the mattress and get ready to take this cock up that tight sweet ass of yours.” Aly demanded.

Taylor shivered in excitement as she heard those words. She very much liked how Alyson had taken control of the situation. While not naturally submissive, right now Taylor was more than willing to obey every order she got from the two sexy hosts. She laid herself down on the bed and jutted her ass out enticingly. Alyson took some lube on her fingers and proceeded to roughly lubricate Taylor tight hole.

“Ohh, fuck.” Taylor squealed.

“Pretty good huh and we haven’t even got started yet.” Alyson said.

“Mmm. Get that thing into my ass and fuck me.” Taylor demanded.

Alyson had no intention of waiting any longer than needed. She laid herself down and lined the cock up with Taylor’s ass. Then she slowly pushed it in, stretching Taylor’s hole in the process. Alyson got a few inches in before she pulled out and started the process all over again.

Taylor had never been fucked in the ass before and her only regret right now was that she hadn’t done it earlier. Alyson sure knew what she was doing, she pushed just hard enough for it to feel intense without actually hurting. Taylor had seen all those other girls fucked like this by Aly and got herself off, fantasizing about it, but now that wet dream was becoming reality. Still, things were about to get even better. Taylor observed closely as Willa got ready.

“You ready, for some hot double action?” Willa asked.

“You know I am. I am so wet and ready.” Taylor answered.

“I can see that.” Willa said and took a sample of Taylor’s wet pussy.

Willa assumed the position and started to guide her cock into Taylor’s wetness. It went significantly easier than it did for Aly in the back and soon enough Willa had managed to push it all the way in. Taylor couldn’t believe how good it felt as those two hard plastic cocks filled her. She looked into Willa’s beautiful face and felt a need to thank the older girl for this pleasure. She could have said something, but instead she opted to show and initiated a deep kiss. The two girls had kissed in the beginning of the show, but then it had been a first kiss and it was all about getting things started. Now they were much more familiar with each other and the fucking added to the intensity.

“”You like this don’t you? Getting fucked in that tight jailbait ass of yours on TV. Everyone can see what a horny, sexy little Lolita you are.” Alyson said between grunts.

Taylor didn’t feel a need to answer, she was too caught up in the kissing and what could she really add? Alyson had spoken the truth after all. Taylor had loved showing off in sexy clothes on Gossip Girl, but this was so much better. This was no place for moral lessons about what a young girl couldn’t do. This was a place where the dirtiest deeds were not only allowed, but encouraged. Even for girls as young as Taylor.

Meanwhile, Alyson had made great progress. With a combination of skill and force she had managed to penetrate deeply into Taylor. There really was nothing like fucking a sexy young girl in the ass. The only thing that came close was to relive it by watching the recording. Alyson had done so with every girl she had fucked on the show and she was already looking forward to seeing this. Some had problems watching themselves on tape, but Alyson very much enjoyed it. She was extremely proud of her well toned body. Some times she actually she wished that she had a twin or a clone to have sex with.

Willa was equally proud of her body, but she was a bit more professional and was completely focused on giving Taylor pleasure. Taylor’s firm tits were just too good to ignore and Willa gently fondled them. With the fucking and kissing it was a lot of body parts to keep track of, but Willa had plenty of experience of course. Willa could even add one more move to the program; she moved her left hand down and started to gently rub Taylor’s clit.

“Fuck, I’m gonna cummm soon. I want this to last.” Taylor moaned.

“Don’t worry baby. We can do this again some time.”

With those words of reassuring words Taylor could completely relax. This felt too good to end quickly but with the promise of future fun, Taylor didn’t need to worry. Now she could fully enjoy what was happening. Alyson had pushed her cock almost all the way in and with every thrust Taylor heard and felt how Alyson smacked into her ass. Every thrust of Aly’s cock sent shivers of joy up Taylor’s spine. And as if that wasn’t enough Willa provided so much pleasure that Taylor felt as she was about to explode. And explode she did as the orgasm hot.

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGG!” Taylor moaned into Willa’s mouth as the orgasm ripped through her.

The two hosts held on closely to their guest for the duration of the orgasm. Taylor could not believe the intensity of it all. She couldn’t put into coherent thoughts how good it felt, but she knew that it was a feeling she would always remember. After what felt like a blissful eternity of Taylor finally came down from her high.

“Mission accomplished, another sexy star fucked good and hard..” Willa said as she pulled out

“Yeah.” Alyson chimed in.

“Now, as you know we always end on a high note in this show. So, that was all for…hey look at that.” Willa said as she saw Alyson licking her glistening tool.

“Pussy…neeeed puuuussssyyy.” Alyson said in an imitation of the zombies in “Return of the living dead.”

Willa giggled at her friends antics and then went on.

“As I said, that was all for now, Don’t forget to catch the show the next time.”

With that the camera panned out and the last thing that could be seen was how Taylor joined Alyson in licking Willa’s plastic cock.


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