I Never Gave You Permission To Get Married! Starring The Evil Legman

I Never Gave You Permission To Get Married! Starring The Evil Legman

By sharkboy

Celebrities in Story: Jennifer Love Hewitt, Neve Campbell, Katharine McPhee, and Jessica Alba

Codes: MF, MC, Sex with minor, rape, public sex, mast, little people orgy, bondage, orgy, and taping.

The story you are about to read is not true, and never happened. I have no problems with any of the lovely ladies in this story getting married. I wish them all congratulations. I have no idea of their wedding plans even though Katharine McPhee got married the last night I wrote this story. I am not
saying that the wedding I have here shall be anything like the wedding they shall have in real life. Anyone who has a suggestion for who The Legman should take next send the suggestion to sharkboy77@hotmail.com. Please don’t ask for minors because I won’t touch them.

Starring The Evil Legman

By sharkboy

The character I use in this story is NOT my usual Legman who I named David. This Legman has fallen into the pit of darkness that David usually avoids to fall into. The Evil Legman does thing that David would never do, and please note that what William, The Evil Legman thinks does NOT reflect my own thoughts. This character might screw many of the women that The Legman screws, but they shall not have the good memories that they do with David. Please remember that is is not the other Legman who I write. You might want to read The Legman goes evil before this story. The Evil Legman is NOT David, please take note in that?

The Story

I sit in the back of the police car, as I lick my wounds from the beating I got from the lovely ladies who work at G4. I had one of their kind at an old factory that shut down do to the fact that the owner refused to see the handwritting on the wall. After Kristin Holt miscarried her baby, they beat me like a red-headed step child. The bitches threw an adding machine at my fucking head! Can you believe that shit? They acted like they never saw a miscarriage before or something. They will all pay for that!

As we take the very long drive back to LA, I notice that the male seargent doesn’t even look at the rookie police officers beside of him. Both men behave like something has happened that both men regret. I am thinking sexual since neither man hit on any of the ladies who work for G4. “So, how long have you two been fucking? Can’t be too long can it?”

“Holy shit!” The rookie nearly runs the car off the road, as I scare him to the fucking core. “How does he…”

“Quiet Jenkins. This guy don’t know shit about anything!” The seargent looks back at me, as his eyes narrow close.

“Whatever. Jenkins did not hit on any of the ladies who work for G4, The seargent looked at no asses or anything. You two could not have any more signs that you are gay. I have not spoken to each other and if it got any more cold in here you guys would have a penguin back here with me.” I smile, as the seargent gets madder, and madder. The rookie shakes so hard, he can hardly control the car. “The kid might as well become a walking vagina, because he could not be more of a pussy.”

“That’s it! Jenkins stop the car now!” The seargent explodes like I believed he would. It takes Jenkins a mere moment to pull over the car. “I am going to kick his ass, now!”

When the car stops Seargent Jack Carter exits the vechical, and he walks to the back seat. When he opens the door, he gasps hard as the door comes open. I am not inside. “Holy shit! This guy Star Treked away! What the fuck!”

As both Officer Kenneth Jenkins and Seargent Jack Carter begin to freak out I laugh, while they wonder what the fuck just happened. They check the car like their vechical had a huge problem. Officer Jenkins nearly shits his pants, as he finds the handcuffs that held me in the back seat undone. For me escaping from handcuffs can be childs play.

I laugh as I walk towards my dune buggy that I have hidden very close to here. You must be asking how the fuck did he escape? The Legman we all know and love can’t teleport anywhere. To tell you a little secret, that Legman is such a fucking wussy that he dares not use his full powers. He has hardly tapped into what he could do. I tried to show him the full extent of his powers, but him and his bach of whore hit me in the head with a fucking adding machine. That hurt so fucking bad! I needed the time of that ride to heal, and allow me to teleport away from here. Now I need to disappear for awhile, because of what happened when I made Kristin Holt miscarry, things might get hot for Willy.

A few months later, I resurface at the set of the CBS hit show called Ghost Whisper. The writters strike is still going on, and they need new episodes. They are willing to hire anyone who can write, and the usual standards have gone down to nothing. I am lead into where the writters do their thing. I talk to the man about some good ideas that I have for the show, and he smiles.

“I am so glad that you have so many ideas for this show!” The CBS guys shakes my hand for a long time, because I refuse to release the grip. I reek like hell today because I wish to smell horrid.

“Well, I can read so there are many ideas for me to steal.” I finally let go of his hand. He gives me a really nervous smile, before he introduces me to the nerd, the old lady, and the stoner I am to work with. “So, these are my co-workers? Whatever!”

They look at me, as I sit as far away from them as possible. “Don’t you want to join the party?” The nerd asks me, as I give him a harsh glare. “Okay, you work on your ideas, and we can exchange ideas later.”

While we all work so long, and very hard on many of the ideas that they have I write some exoit porn about Melinda and a young boy. The other people in the room begin to recoil from my aroma that my body exudes. I grin as grandma leaves the room disgusted at my oder. Then the nerd leaves a little while later while the stoner passes out due to the pot he smoked before he got here. The nerd, and the old lady leaves the area as they look for someone. I hope the someone they find is the person who I hoped to fuck tonight. Because some punk ass CBS producer or pion shall not throw my ass out of anywhere.

Soon Jennifer comes into the room in an outfit that makes me instantly hard. She wears a tight top of purple, and an extremely high skirt with black stockings, and very sexy boots. She is not fat at all, and if she were any more smoking she would set off the fire alarm.

She gives the stoner a strange look, as she passes him and she walks to me. “Hello, are you William?” She gives me that sexy smile, she has practiced for so many years.

“Yes, you must be Jennifer Love Hewitt, or I got a contact buzz from the stoner over there?” She smiles, as I stand and I take her hand. “What can I do for you? I used to masturebate to you on Kids Incorporated.”

The color drains from her face, as she does the math in her head because even if she greatly under estimated my age she would still be waaay younger than I am. She forces me to break the handshake, and she nervously clears her throat. “Aren’t you a silly man? William I have something to ask you that might embarrass you, but I have to. When was the last time you took a bath?”

“1995 I skinny dipped with Cindy Crawford. Would that count as a bath?” I say with a shit eating grin on my face. “Why?” I did skinny dip with the beautiful super model before I fucked her ass so hard. Cindy is an anal type of girl.

“Um…” I can see her doing the math in her head once more. “Because… um… William, the other writters have complained of the oder you have, pretty bad oder.” Jennifer crinkles her nose, as she gets a wiff too.

“But I am French. We do not bath like you American do! How can you say I reek?” Then I do something she would NEVER expect. I begin to openly weep. “HOW?”

Jennifer’s face takes on a total look of shock, as I begin to bawl like a little girl. “Oh my God, you don’t smell that bad!” Jennifer then makes a half ass attempt to hug me. What a nice girl, and what a fucking fool too!

“I am so old and very ugly! No one else will hire me, because I can’t not stink!” I pull her in for a hard hug, and Jennifer becomes so tense. “No one likes me because I am old and I stink so badly. My life sucks so aweful!” Jennifer right now would slither out of her skin if she had that skill, but she doesn’t.

Then she says something that nearly makes me bust out laughing. “You don’t smell that bad.” Oh my God did she just say that? What a bleeding heart! I am going to fuck her until she goes blind!

“I too stink, and can you believe I am only twenty-eight years old?” I pull away from the sexy Jennifer Love Hewitt, and her eyes then widen and she gasps. “I look one thousand don’t I?” Unknown to her she nods, as she looks at my face. “I’m still a virgin too!”

“Oh my God! YOU are a 28 year old virgin?” Jennifer looks at me a little bit confused, and very afraid. If she knew I could feel her panties become soak and wet she would scream in terror.

“Yes, I am a sad little man aren’t I?” I lower my head, as my tears come again. “Am I fired?” I place my face between her large breasts, and I begin to cry again.

“NO! You are not fired. You just…” Her eyes begin to roll, as my hands move over her sexy legs. My hands slowly slide up her stocking covered legs, and her large chest heaves against my face while she shakes so hard. “Oh… God…”

Then I turn us around, and I lie her on the chair I was sitting in. My hands do not stop moving all over her sexy legs, and she shivers so hard. Her eyes look for a way out or something, but there is no escape for her. “We got to… oh God!” Tears begin to run down her pretty face, as my hands creep higher up her sexy legs. Her eyes become red, as she figures out that she cannot stop this.

She then screams, as I tear her panties off her beautiful body. Jennifer begins to weep, as my hand runs over her brown pubic hair. Her body quakes due to total terror, because if she gets caught fucking me her world will fall down around her. “No… please?” She whispers, because of the foot traffic outside of the room.

“I never gave you permission to get married you little bitch!” I then undo my trousers, and she gasps in great fear at my great size.

“That will never fit!” Jennifer is both soak and wet, and extremely terrified because normal men who are half my size are considered huge.

The look in my eyes tell Jennifer that I do not plan on making any deals with her. “I can make it fit, you fucking little whore!”

Jennifer screams an ear shattering scream, As my penis is forced into her fucking pussy. “AHHHHHHHHHH!” Explodes from her mouth, as she weeps so loud. Shake shakes, as she makes a half assed attempt to escape.

It does not take me any time for me to begin fucking the beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt. She kicks her legs in a really lame attempt to escape me, and my powers. My hands then grab that mammonth chest that Jennifer sports, as I continue to fuck her so hard. To tell you a secret she loves what I do to her too.

Her red tear stained eyes tell me the horror that this does to her mind. This is like a nightmare come to flesh for Jennifer. Every since David that other Legman began to fuck her she has feared a man coming to her who has his powers; but lacking both his handsome looks and his lofty morals. “Please… oh this can’t….”

She then has the greatest orgasm she has ever had. The ceiling spins, butterflies crash over her head, as they explode like super novaing stars and then the gates of Heaven opens up. The son of lord almighty name Jesus Christ’s hand comes out of the sky, and he shakes her hand. Jennifer orgasms all over my penis, as she shudders so hard. “Oh WOW!”

I then orgasm inside of her, and she can feel how my seamen is so different from any other man who has ever fucked her before. I am not saying that my cum can poison anyone, but Jennifer will be in a powerful heat as long as I wish her to be. She then begins to sobre up from the pure pleasure I have brought her. Jennifer cotinues to sob, as she feels her pussy. “I’ll never feel Scott again! Oh GOD!” She begins to cry so hard, as she lies in the fertal position with her hands between her creamy thighs.

“You better listen if you do not wish to become the CBS whore!” Jennifer stops crying, as she looks at me. Then I tell her how horny I can make women after I fuck them and orgasm inside of them. I compare how bad I can make her thrist for men like having an itch you cannot scratch. No matter how hard or deep you scratch the itch gets deeper and it gets worse. After a month or two you will do something drastic to end the urges I can bring into a female body. Everyone knows what happened to Maralyn Monroe.

A few days before her wedding, Jennifer has her future husband’s cousin named Jason over to spend the night. She has also demanded that Scott the man who she plans to call her life mate to go to Nevada to pick up some special flowers for the wedding. She has been a basket case for the last few weeks, so he was not that shocked that he had to do this. Usually Jennifer is pretty even minded, but the last few weeks she has not been her usual self. A big reason is that I made her hornier than a bull in a lone pen, and he can see the cows.

Jason sits in the hot tube in his bathing suit, and he wonders what kind of a conservative outfit his future cousin shall wear. He has a huge thing for her, but she rarely shows off her beautiful body. He has a theory that states the better looking you are the less skin you tend to show off. Fat ladies at the beach have no issues with showing off their folds of fat like they are Britney Spears or something.

Jennifer then comes out onto the deck in a dark blue bath robe, and she smiles at young Jason. Then the robe falls off her shoulders, and his eyes nearly pop out of his head. “Waiting long?” Jennifer wears a very small powder blue bikini. The only thing holding the top up must be God, because Jennifer has no will power right now. I doubt Jason wants the top to stay up even though it covers hardly anything.

She walks so Jason gets a full view of her sexy body. Jennifer also proves that she is not fat at all also. Then she slides into the hottube across from the young but handsome Jason. The kid is only sixteen, but he looks seventeen or maybe eightteen depending on who you ask. “So Jason got any big plans tonight?” She crosses her legs, and her knee and upper thigh comes out of the tube. So does Jason’s erection. “Ohhh! That’s a huge plan!”

Jason gets uncomfortable, as Jennifer giggles like a school girl. Her eyes cannot leave his hardon, and his eyes cannot leave her beautiful body. As many times she has dreamed of his soon to be cousin Jennifer Love Hewitt seducing him he never thought it would actually happen. “Jennifer… what do you expect to… oh God!” His eyes widen, as her foot begins to play with his hard on. “Jennifer stop! I’m going to cum!”

“Cum then Jason.” Her voice echos, as the word cum escapes her lips. She gives Jason a sexier than hell smile, and he orgasms. He cums in his shorts and her sexy foot. Then Jennifer does something that makes him so hard again. She pulls her foot towards her, and she licks the seamen off her foot. “Ummm umm good.” He can also see some bush, as she licks her foot clean.

Jennifer then gets up, and she sits on the edge of the hot tube. She smiles, as his eyes rover her large chest and her sexy legs. She then crosses her long and sexy legs for Jason. That was fun, huh?” Jason nods, as he feels like he has been hit by lightning. His erection does have life in it though. “So Jason, are you still a virgin?” By the look on the kids face she gets her answer. “Oh virgin alarm!” She screams quoting some stupid movie. (Spaceballs, an awesome movie)

While Jason blushes so hard, Jennifer exits the hot tube. His penis gets renewed life at her nearly naked body. Then she dries off her wonderful body, and Jason smiles so wide. “Jason, I am going to take a shower now.” She walks into the house, and her head appears in the sliding glass door. Her hand then drops the bikini to the floor. “I better not be alone.” She then gives Jason her best comhither stare, before she runs up stairs in a giggle.

It takes the young Jason maybe ten seconds to get out of the hottube, and run up stairs. His shorts are covered with cum, and his face has a mixture of horny and pure joy. His body is soak and wet, and he does not care. Tonight shall be the night he has been dreaming of for years, and it doesn’t even occur to him that Jennifer shall soon become his God Mother do to family tradition. If anyone had a chance to fuck a woman like Jennifer all titles would likely be set aside.

Jennifer and Jason come out of the bathroom naked with their hands enclosed. She leads Jason to the bed with a smile on her sexy face. Then Jennifer sits down and she begins to roll black sexy stockings up her attractive legs. “So Jason, you ever cum into a hot tube before?” Jennifer has an ultra sexy smile on her pretty face, as she smiles at Jason. His cock is large and in charge once again, and she can’t wait for the handsome teen to fuck her.

“I am not sure. No one did that to me before. Jennifer… why do you want to fuck me?” Jason looks at the floor, and Jennifer stands in extreme shock. “Don’t you still love Scott?”

She sits down, and Jennifer Love Hewitt gives the handsome Jason a very strange look. “Jason, how easy would it be for me to pick up a random guy at a bar? Very easy? Thank you.” Jennifer smiles at the handsome Jason. “There is a huge problem if I do that. Problem number one the media will likely pick that up, and run with it. The papers and TV will be full of will Jennifer leave Scott and that sort of bullshit. Number two what if the guy I took home had an STD or something. I will take you as my husband Scott, and here is some clap that I got from some bar guy. I figured I could fuck your brains out of your head, and do us both a favor.”

Jennifer then gives Jason her sexiest smile. He also can’t take his eyes off her huge chest. Her nipples are erect do to the night air. Before another word comes out of her mouth, Jason kisses her hard and deep. His hands move to her chest, as she kisses him back with the same powerful passion.

One thing Jennifer loves is when a man plays rough with her large breasts. The stronger the hands the better. Scott has very strong hands, but compared to his futbol playing cousin his hands are shit. Jennifer shakes and she shudders, as his hands mash her big tits. “Oh God!”

After many minutes of Jason mashing her big tits, Jennifer is so fucking turned on that she gets the guts to ask him something she has never dared to ask anyone. “Jason, rape me please?”

“WHAT?” Jason asks so shocked. “I’m not going to rape you.” He stops, and he looks into her pretty eyes.

“Jason, I always have been turned on by rape. I have no idea why, but when I watch something rape based I become so wet. Rape me please?” Jennifer then gives Jason her best baby face look, and he instantly melts.

“We need a code word then. What can we use?” Jason is not sure about this. What if he hurts her? What a fucking wuss!

“The code word we use is mongoose. I have never yelled that word in passion. No hitting the face too. We start now.” Jennifer lies back, while Jason gets into character.

Jennifer takes this time to slide on some panties, and she slides her bra over her shoulders. Can you believe she actually owns Hanes underwear and bras? What the fuck the woman is a walking billboard for Hanes! As she begins to pull a pair of sweat pants up her sexy pair of legs, his new character kicks in. “What the fuck are you doing?” His voice is loud, and Jennifer jumps.

“I was… Jason… we can’t continue…” Jason who is starting to like this moves in close to Jennifer, and he glares into her beautiful brown eyes. “I am getting married soon. You can’t?”

“So, you are using me? This a wam bam thank you Dan? ARE YOU A FUCKING WHORE? She screams, as he pulls her panties off tear them making them no longer usable. Then he litterally tears off her sweat pants too.

“Oh God NO!” He forces Jennifer onto her back, and then he tears her bra off too. “Oh fuck that hurt so bad!” Jennifer looks up at the bigger and stronger Jason, as he mashes her tits with great strength. I can tell that this hurts her pretty bad. Rape is NOT fun for the victim.

Then Jason forces his knees between her legs, and her forces her legs open. Jennifer tries to fight Jason, but hes too big and strong. “Oh God my thighs. Don’t bruise them please?”

Jason then holds her down by her arms, and his knees are inbetween her sexy thighs. Tears flow down her sexy cheeks, as she swallows hard. “I never gave you permission to get married, bitch!”

When those words that I uttered to her comes out of Jason’s mouth Jennifer begins to freak out badly. “Oh God NO”! Jason then enters her vagina. Tears come down her cheeks, as her future cousin begins to fuck her hard. This hurts her so bad, as his large penis fills her so full. Jennifer has spent the last month doing special exericses to undo what I did to her vagina.

It does not take long for Jason to orgasm, and Jennifer fakes an orgasm so he’ll dismount. Jason gets off her, and Jennifer rolls into a ball and she cries. “Oh God! Mongoose! MONGOOSE!” Jennifer screams so afraid. When Jason began to rape her the word left her head. When he quoted me she paniced, and was really raped.

She then rolls on her side of the bed, and she hides in the covers. She cries like a little girl. “Jennifer, are you alright?” Jason asks, and she recoils as he touchs her shoulder.

“NO! MONGOOSE! Oh God, fucking mongoose!” Jennifer cries so hard, as Jason hugs her.

“Jennifer, I am sorry I hurt you. What’s been with you the last few weeks? Do you want to marry Scott?” Jason asks her, and Jennifer nods her head yes.

Then Jennifer Love Hewitt begins to do the dumbest thing she could ever do. She begins to spill her guts about what happened between me and her. Tears flow down her pretty cheeks, as three words come out of her mouth over and over. “He forced me!” As Jason holds a crying wreck of a Jennifer Love Hewitt I become so angry, because she thinks that telling her family about me can help her at all. I’ll make things one thousand times worse, because after I am done with Jennifer Love Hewitt she’ll wish she crawled under a rock and died.

Now is the day of the wedding, and I had to take a fucking plane to Scotland. I so hate flying because its unnatural. I would rather eat my own shit than to fly, but I could not book sea passage to Scotland on time. I also hate Scotland, because the place is too much like Irleand. Someone should have wiped these British Isles off the map a long time ago. Too bad the Romans only partial conquered Britain, and the Vikings only pillaged it. If any place on earth should be flushed down the world’s toliet it should be Britain and France.

I arrive at the reception with a group of nuns. I told them that I was clergy, and they asked no questions. I could sneak in so easy, but doing it this way would be more fun. Scott McCalls’ family is extremely religous, and half of the church is here. No one questions who I am, and Jennifer hardly has any time to look at anyone’s faces.

The place is tighter than Fort Knox, because of the so-called media. I know I am the reason that this place is locked up tighter than the pants of the girl who plays Hannah Montana. She claims that she and Scott want their privacy, but she has people here recording shit to sell later.

As I walk around here I see a lot of tail that I would not mind fucking. I think I saw the woman who plays Buffy around here with her husband. From what I have heard is that Buffy ain’t much in the bedroom. I doubt that only fucking the guy who plays Fred in that stupid ass cartoon wannabe movie she was in improved her sexual skills. Besides I have bigger fish to fry here.

When I walk by the tent that the large cake sits in someone’s legs catch my eye. Holy crap its her cast mate from that piece of shit show Jennifer used to do Party of Five. I walk into the tent with the beautiful Neve Campbell.

Neve smiles at me, as she looks at me and then the cake. “Hello beautiful. Come here often?” Neve gives me a pretty grin, as she believes I am an old member of clergy wishing to flirt with the beautiful Canadian actress.

“Oh yes! I am currently stalking Scott McCall, I figured if I hid under a bush on his family’s land he would eventually show up.” Neve then smiles at me with that amazing grin she sports so well.

“Stalker.” I roll my eyes so she can see, and she laughs so hard. “I so love the Scream movies.” Neve looks at me, and she smiles so wide.

“I have never seen those movies. Any idea who is in them?” Neve asks me with a sparkle in her eyes, as she joshes with me.

“Courteney Cox and some other people. When Courteney comes onto the screen I tend to loose focus.” I smile, as Neve’s face drops.

“Oh, so you like Courteney? Don’t blame you there.” Neve now looks like shes going to cry, so I give her a huge break.

“Okay, there was this Canadian bitch who blew Courteney right off the map. What was her name? Never… Never… Neverland?”

Neve smiles up at me with a grin that is both sexy and sick. “You mean Neve Campbell? That’s me!” She then extends her hand to me. “Hello… brother… father? I am not sure what your title is?” I take her hand into mine, before I tell her that I am her nightmare come to flesh.

“The title that I have been called the most is… The Evil Legman.” My black tooth grin comes across my face, as her face goes white.

“Oh shit!” Neve tries to run, but I grab her before she can leave the tent. I cover her mouth, before my hand moves all over her sexy legs. She tries to bite my fingers, but she truly cannot cause me any pain. I have endured worse for less.

My hand moves over her sexy dancers legs, and Neve shakes so hard. Her eyes are half closed, as my hands now work on her sexy flesh. “Neve, get naked.”

Neve stands up, and she unhooks her dress. It falls to the ground. She then turns to me with a sexy smile on her alluring face. “Come to me now Neve?”

She takes the two steps before me to close the gap. Then she begins to pull down my pants. When she sees the largest penis she has ever seen before she looks into my eyes with intense fear. “Oh my God!”

I take her into my arms, and I lower her onto my penis. Her face shifts with discomfort at my size, but I push her onto my penis. “Pleasure me you fucking whore!”

Tears run down her face, as she begins to fuck my penis so hard. My hands move over her smaller chest, as she begins to fuck me harder and harder. “Oh God! Too big!”

With my help the beautiful and extremely sexy Neve Campbell begins to fuck my penis harder than she has ever fucked a penis before. She grins, as she rides it in full glory. Her dancer legs hug me, as I stand holding her up. “Oh God! Oh God! OH GOD!” She slams herself into me as hard as she can do it.

Neve then begins to cum and cum hard. Her body fails, as she has a monster orgasm. Then she passes out, and I dump her into the cake naked. She falls naked into the wedding cake that is for Jennifer Love Hewitt, and her now husband Scott McCall. I walk on her dress grinding my heel into the ground ruining both her dress, and her reputation. Maybe she should do more movies like Scream, and less of her fucking faggy ass art films?

It does not take me long to figure out that Jennifer plans on spending most of her reception hiding. Maybe she fears some freaky uncle, but most likely she fears me. I begin to check inside of more tents because at least I might get a chance to fuck Buffy the Vampire Slayer or something. It seems that Sarah and Freddy were hit and run guests. Freddy likely saw a goat that he wished to mate with or something.

Jennifer does not stay hidden too long, because a group of people begin to gather outside of a large tent. Someone from her family comes out and he makes the guests go someplace else. Awww! Poor Jennifer is a little overwhelmed from the event. Poor girl!

I sneak behind the tent, as Jennifer walks into a much smaller tent. I follow her inside of the tent. Jennifer looks like a beautiful and very pure angel in her white dress. Who the fuck does this whore think she is? She has the nuts to wear white? What gaul! A smile draps my face, as I follow her into the tent too.

She stands alone for a few minutes before I make my statement. “Afraid of someone?” I smile, because this tent is so small that two people can hardly fit inside of it. Anywhere else she might have a chance to escape.

“No.. I am just…” Jennifer then turns to face me. “AAAAAAAAHHHHH!” She screams in extreme terror. “NO! Oh God, not here!” Because of the noise outside I know I have time, but it might be limited.

Her arm gets forced behind her back, as I begin to tear off her sexy wedding dress. She begins to cry, as I do great damage to it and my hands begin to move over her legs. Jennifer stops fighting, but she does not stop crying. One word escaped her mouth. “Why?”

“Because you told people what I did to you. Now you shall pay!” I tear her panties off her legs and I drop them into the grass. I then force her onto my penis. She screams, as my penis parts her pussy so hard. Then she begins to ride me like a horse from Hell.

As she rides me so long, and extremely hard, I slam her back into one of the tent poles. It comes down, and now the tent is held up by only one pole. I slam her onto my penis over and over, as my hands move over her naked body. “Oh God! It hurts so bad! HELP ME!” Then I slam her onto the last tent pole, and the tent falls while I fuck Jennifer Love Hewitt so hard.

It does not take long before the tent is taken off us, and everyone gasps as they all see me fuck the extremely hot Jennifer Love Hewitt. “OH GOD!” She screams in extreme horror at the sight of me fucking her before everyone. All of her friends, family, and co-workers are here. She can never show her face in public again!

She continues to cry in horrorfied shame, as I drop her to the ground. Then I cum in her face, and her tits. She covers herself, as my cum covers her sexy body. “NO!” She screams, as she covers her body with the tent.

Guests begin to pick up the pieces of her wedding dress, as I pull up my pants and walk away. “Next time I suggest you listen to me, or you’ll truly suffer. By the way Neve Campbell and I already cut the cake.”

“That just did not happen! Oh God it couldn’t have happened! PLEASE! I want my daddy!” Her father comes to Jennifer, and he hugs her as she openly weeps. Her mother stands over her with a look of shock on her face. She just saw how big of a whore that her daughter could be on her wedding day.

Before I walk too far away I hear someone run up and announce. “Oh my God! Neve Campbell is passed out in the wedding cake naked!”

Some of the people leave to go see Neve naked in the wedding cake. Others stay because of the naked Jennifer Love Hewitt wrapped in the tent. She weeps like a baby, as her father hugs her. “Daddy? Can we go to the zoo tomorrow?” A shattered Jennifer looks up at her daddy, as she smiles at him like a little girl. “We had to put off taping for Kids Incorpated because of speaker problems!”

As her father looks down at Jennifer he wonders if she remembers anything that has happened today. Right now she is blocking the public humiliation that I just made her endure. Her father holds her, as he cries so hard, and as I leave the secure compound where the reception is at I see many men who want to kick my ass. Not one of them make a move on me, and they part like The Red Sea for Mose as I leave the grounds. Jennifer might have many wannabe heroes, but not one of them has the guts to take me on. I learned two things today. Number was is that Neve Campbell does not wear panties, and number two I learned that it does not take much to break Jennifer Love Hewitt.

A couple of months later, I resurface outside of the home of my next victim. Katharine McPhee the former American Idol runner up from 1996 has a nice home in California. Her future husband does not live with her yet even though he sleeps over a lot. No man can blame him for the later, and many would think its cool that he does not live here yet. Personally if I were him I would ride that horse until I came across a younger model not marry it.

I walk into her backyard, and I begin to look in her trash cans as I hold my camera in my hand. Nothing really fun can be found, but I know I have her attention. I can feel her eyes on my back, and then I find the mother load. My eyes widen, as I stand up with the lightly blood stained thong in my hands. I smile, as I hear from behind me. “Please tell me you do not plan on keeping that?”

Slowly I turn, and I smile at the beautiful Katharine McPhee from American Idol. Right now she wears a robe for outdoors and underneath is a bikini. She has no fat tummy showing me and the world that she is not pregant. “Holy fuck! Its the beautiful and sexy Katharine McPhee!”

She smiles, as she walks to me. “Hello, may I have my panties back, or do I need to buy them on E-Bay?” She smiles pretty at me, as she comes closer to me.

“You can have them back for one thing…” Katharine then leans in, and she kisses me with pleasure. I kiss her back deep, and she does not flinch. My breath happens to be terrible right now. I smell awful too, because when I want to I can be very repulsive to people.

While we kiss she slides her panties out of my hands, and I let her. She then takes a step back still able to look me in the eyes. “I knew what you wanted, and I perfer not to play games. Are you here for a reason, or are you stalking me?”

“Heaven no… I am here on urgent business though. Do you have a minute?” Katharine nods, and I begin to go into my speel. I take out a picture of a sick little girl that I stold from some woman on a bus. “This is my granddaughter named Catherine. She loves you so much.”

Katharine smiles as she looks at the picture, and then her face goes sad. “Why is she sick?”

“She has cancer first of all, and then she got the flu really bad. On top of both of those she has heart problems too. I am not sure how much longer she can hold on.” When I look up at poor Katharine, she happens to be in tears. “Are you okay?”

“NO! What can I do to help her? I got some pictures upstairs!” Katharine then does the dumbest thing that a sexy twenty-three year-old can do. She invites a perfect stranger into her home. “Wait here, while I get my pictures and stuff! She’ll be so excited!” Katharine then runs upstairs to her office or whatever she calls it.

It does not take me long to follow her up to her bedroom/office where she keeps a couple of boxes of pictures and stuff. I must say that I am impressed, because she has a lot of pictures and things to sign. Oh my gosh she is going to give my granddaughter a stuffed bear too. Awww! How sweet! I’m going to fucking hurl!

A smile covers her face, as she senses my presence in the room. She looks up, and she smiles at me. “I hope she likes my stuff I plan on sending her?”

“I am sure she’ll like whatever you do. By the way Katharine there is something you should know.”

Katharine’s smile then disappears and she asks. “Don’t tell me she has already passed away?” She fears that I got a paige or something.

“No Katharine, I have no kids or grandkids, and you let a total stranger into your bedroom.” My hands then begin to move over her smooth and sexy legs.

“Oh God! NO!” Katharine really tries to fight my hands, but I am too strong and far too experienced for her moves. “Must…” Her eyes begin to close, and she stops fighting. My hands continue to rub all over her sexy legs, as they ebb away her willpower. “AHHHHHH!”

Then I toss the beautiful singer/actress onto the bed and she bounces some. She looks so fucking amazing, and she cannot be pregnant at all. I then lock the door, and the windows. She tries to make a run for it, but I grab her legs.

She makes a valient effort to escape, but my hands slide over her smooth and sexy legs. “Oh God!” She shakes as my hands slide over her legs over and over. “Must fight and… oh, oh, oh! AHHHHH! I smile as Katharine has a minor orgasm. She shakes, as my hands glide over her sexy skin.

I pull her towards me, as I drop my pants. Her eyes widen, and she exhales as she sees my erect penis. “Oh my God! YES!” She smiles as my hands move over her sexy legs. She has a stoned look in her eyes, as I enjoy her body so much. I know my age does not turn her stomach, because her fiance is not young. Katharine has daddy issues!

Her bikini bottoms then get pulled off her body, and she looks up at me with glee in her eyes. “Are you going to fuck me now?” Because I have groan tired of her cheerful voice, I stuff her bikini bottoms into her mouth. Her eyes widen, as her top then comes off too.

My clothes then comes off, and she is not revolted by my body, but she should be. She shakes, as my hands move over her tits with great power. Her eyes roll, as I play with her fabulously sexy body. Katharine moans, as I suck on her nipples and pinch her untra sexy ass.

She moans and groans loud, as I play with her nipples and her ass. Then I insert myself inside of her, and she shivers and she jerks hard as it happens. “Uhhhh!” She moans with the bottoms in her sexy mouth, as I begin to fuck her with such power. Her eyes roll, as I fuck her so hard and very fast.

Her chest rises and it falls with good power, as I fuck her tight pussy with good power. My hands play with her good sized tits, making her shiver and shake. My hips then begin to buck into her so hard, and she can hardly handle my size. Her eyes roll, as she has a series of orgasms one on top of the other. Katharine screams with the bottoms in her mouth, and she bucks me hard like a bronco.

I then explodes into her like a roaring volcano that the cum explodes from her pussy. My seaman covers the sheets, and her eyes roll at her last orgasm as she tries to scream so loud. Her beautiful body shudders and it shakes so hard, as she has her last orgasm. Then I pull her bottoms from her mouth. “Oh my God!” She shouts, as she hugs me so hard. She grins like a stoned fool, as she tells me. “Only one other man could make me orgasm like that. You are so good in bed!”

My crooked smile is wide, and I know why I do not repulse her so. Some women can become so addicted to my powers that they can become addicts to my touch. She then jumps on me, and she asks. “Can I have your baby? PLEASE?”

“So Katharine “the loose whore” McPhee wants to push my baby though her vagina, huh?” She nods in responce, and she smiles her sexy smile for me. “Get off me then, and get dressed.” I sit up, as Katharine quickly exists the bed.

Katharine then opens up the closet, and she takes out a VERY nice suit she rarely wears. As she rolls her black stocks up her sexy legs I look at a poster that she can see so good from one part of the bed. “So, someone has a Wizards of Oz fetish? KINKY!” She blushes, as I point at the picture of the Lolipop Guild. They are those midgets that sing for Dorthy.

“Well… I… well…” The beautiful and embarrassed Katharine swallows hard before she begins to speak again. “I have had a crush on them since I was twelve. You want to know a secret?” A widen and very kinky grin comes across her sexy face, as she shares with me. “I have never seen much of the Wizard since that scene. When it happens I need to masturebate.”

“So, if I turned on…” I use a section of my powers that wuss David has no idea that he has, and I turn on the radio. The song sang by the Lolipop Guild in the Wizard of Oz then comes onto the radio.

“Oh MY FUCKING…” Her eyes then roll, as she falls upon the bed. Her hand goes up her skirt, as she begins to masturebate herself. I turn on the video camera, as she jerks herself off so hard.

“Take it off bitch. They can’t see your large tits!” Her hand then undresses her upper body, as her right hand jerks herself off. Then one of her hands play with her big tits, and she shudders so hard in responce. “You are a dirty little whore aren’t you?” She nods yes, with a sexy smile on her face while she continues to jerk off hard.

“Oh my fucking God! How long does this fucking song last?” Katharine shouts, as it plays for the third time. Her hand inches deeper and deeper into her soaked vagina, and she shudders so hard. “Oh fuck!”

She is then hit with a powerful orgasm that lasts maybe twenty minute. She shakes, she rattles, and she rolls all over the bed at her extremely long and very powerful orgasm. By the time she is done Katharine is naked and rolled tight in the sheets. “Holy shit. How the fuck do I… hello?”

Katharine looks around the room, and the music has stopped. She tries to escape from the cocoon she has trapped herself in, but she can’t due to exhaustion and lack of limb movement. “Katharine, you have just fucked yourself.”

Then her exhaustion hit her like a hammer, and she falls to sleep. Less than an hour later, she gets awakened when she hears her fiance as he walks up the stair yelling her name over and over. “Katharine!”

“Holy fuck!” Katharine then summons great strength, and she springs free from the trap I just set for her. Then she tears everything off the bed in under a second. By the time her boyfriend Nick Cokas gets upstairs to her bedroom he sees his girlfriend naked with a ball of bedding covering her sexy body. “Hello Nick.”

“Something wrong with your cell phone? Katharine, why are you…” Nick then looks at the poster on the wall, and he sighs hard. “Yeah, you had to be with your lovers.” Nick then rolls his eyes, and Katharine begins to cry hard.

“Don’t do this again please?” Katharine asks, as she weeps so hard. “I don’t mean to…”

This makes Nick so fucking angry, that he balls up his fist. He does not strike her, but he sure wants to. Instead he tears the poster off the wall, and Katharine cries so hard.

“NO! My mom…” Katharine then falls to her knees, and the sheets move away from her body.

“She likely had rough sex with that poster when she was a kid too. You replace the poster we are done!” Nick then screams, as he leaves her house. Katharine then lies on the floor under the spot where her beloved poster used to hang, and she weeps hard for many hours. I almost feel sorry for her. Does she have any idea I am still in her bedroom? Then the song comes back onto the radio, and she begins to feel herself up for many hours on end. Katharine then gives me one hell of an idea!

A few weeks later, I am in Paris as Katharine McPhee and her husband Nick Cokas are on their honeymoon. They chose Paris France? What a fucking cliche! The only place more lame would be Nigra Falls. These two are so stupid and lame that they deserve each other. I stand outside of their hotel room, and I listen as they fuck for hours. For those of you who wonder why Nick Cokas married Katharine McPhee the reason is that she is a VERY beautiful woman who can fuck for hours on end.

Finally Nick needs a break, and Katharine comes out of the room with a bucket to get more ice. The water is France is shit, and she got lucky enough to choose a hotel that imports their water for the ice machine. Trust me Paris has water as bad as anything in Mexico.

Katharine then walks to the evelators in a pair of panties, and a man’s shirt to go from the twelve floor to the third floor for ice. If this hotel had any sense they would have put the ice machine in the lobby. How many men get to see Katharine McPhee in her… wait any man with an internet search engine can see her in her panties.

When the elevator opens on the third floor to take her back up to twelve she gets a whooper of a surprise. Before her in the elevator stand six little people who are doing the Wizard of Oz in Paris. A smile creeps across her face, as she looks at them. “Hello gentlemen, going up?”

One of the little people uses his arm to keep the elevator open for her. “We are going up. Are you?”

As the beautiful Katharine debates on wheather to get on the elevator, or not I do something REALLY nasty. I can control when the urges my ladies who I fuck come on, and I make them come on right now. “I am going up men. May I?”

The men part, so Katharine can come into the elevator right now. Right now she wishes she wore more to get the ice. Who can fucking blame her? “So why so many… little people in this elevator? Are you off…” She stops talking, before she says something stupid.

“Hey Clyde, bet you one hundred dollars she was going to say ‘… to see the Wizard?’ how fucking lame!” Alex asks Clyde.

Clyde shakes his head, as he comments. “At least she did not make an over the rainbow comment… Oh my God! This is Katharine McPhee from American Idol! I know those legs anywhere!”

“You know my legs?” Katharine asks, as she looks down at Clyde, as she blushes badly. She turns beet red, and she drips in excitement too.

“Yes we do!” They all shout with glee in the voices. Then she shivers, as Clyde’s little hand moves up her skirt.

“Oh shit… stop please?” Katharine shakes hard, as she asks them to stop doing this.

They all then lower their heads. “The pretty girl does not want to play with us. We are all freaks!” Alex shouts, as he and the little people begin to cry. “Maybe if we pay double we can get a hooker?”

“No, I never meant that!” Katharine leans down, so she can look them in the eye, but they can see her breasts inside of her man shirt. “Guys I am on my honeymoon, and…”

“Your husband has been sucking your tits all night?” As Katharine gasps at Clyde’s remarks, and she covers her body one of the other little people stop the elevator to a holt.

“Oh man, we are stuck!” Vinny the little person who stopped the elevator says, as all of the little people begin to panic. He happens to be a black littler person too.

“Don’t panic guys. We can survive this.” Katharine then sits down, and they can all see up her shorts now.

“Yes we can!” Clyde shouts with glee. “We have a pretty girl to sing to. We all know the song to sing right?” At that moment Katharine becomes very afraid, because she remembers that The Wizard of Oz is playing in Paris.

“We are the Lolly Pop Guild…” as the men who play the members of The Lolly Pop Guild sing Katharine begins to get wet again.

“Oh God!” Katharine shouts, as she begins to play with her pussy. The little men all sing and dance around her turning her on so bad. The elevator rocks, as they sing and dance for her but she does not notice.

Before too long small hands then begin to feel her beautiful body, and Clyde takes some ice from her bucket, and he begins to rub it all over her nipples. “Oh God! Stop please?”

“Why? We won’t tell your husband.” Alex says, as he kisses her deep. Katharine is so horny that it does not take long for her to kiss him back.

Clyde licks her tits, as Vince and Rudy play with her sexy legs. Jack plays with her ass, and Kevin plays with her sexy stomach. “Oh my God, she surely is NOT pregnant!” Kevin exclaims, before his tongue begins to slide over her tummy.

“Katharine, if you are okay with it I’m going to fuck you now?” Alex asks, as he walks between her sexy legs. When she parts them wide after he removes her panties, and she gives him a non verbal yes.

Alex inserts himself inside of her, Katharine shivers so hard. Then she begins to pull down Clyde’s pants, and she inserts his penis into her mouth too. While Alex fucks her pussy, she sucks off Clyde so hard.

“Oh God! What a set of pipes! And she can sing too!” Clyde shouts, as Katharine grins so wide.

Jack grabs her body, before he begins to move her he asks. “Katharine, can we move you on your side so we can fuck your asshole?” Jack asks, as he looks into her eyes.

Katharine nods, as they move her on her side. She moves her lips over her teeth, so she does not bite Cylde’s penis. Now Alex fucks her pussy, while she sucks Clyde’s penis, and Jack slides his penis inside of her asshole.

She makes a loud bellow, as Clyde penis slips out of her mouth. She grits her teeth hard, as Clyde holds her tight. “Oh GOD!”

“Jack, becareful we have an ass virgin here.” Clyde tells him, and he nods. Jack does not fuck her asshole hard, but he does fuck it.

Katharine then begins to have orgasms on top of orgasms, and she shakes so hard. All of the little men inside of her begin to orgasm inside of her. “Oh God!” Katharine screams, as they orgasm over and over. She swallows, and gets covered by the seamen that the little people have.

Before long Katharine, and the group of little men who have been fucking her lies on the floor of the elevator in a sexy pile. They are all buck naked, and Katharine smiles wide. “Oh my fucking God! That was so amazingly sexy!”

Then her eyes widen, as the elevator begins to move again. “Oh shit! I got to move fast!”

When she tries to get up she finds out that her legs can’t support her weight. She grabs her undies, and she looks so sexy while she pulls them to her knees. But before she can get her vagina covered the door comes open on her floor. There stands her husband Nick and the hotel manager. She has a VERY interesting look on her pretty face, while Katharine’s husband Nick has a look of extreme anger on his face.

“Nick, this is not what you…” Katharine begins to explain, as she tries to figure out how she and a bunch of little people ended up naked in an elevator together.

“Mrs. McPhee, before you open up your mouth to stick your foot in it, let me tell you that Nick and I spent the last hour and a half watches you guys fuck.” The lady who runs this hotel tells her, as she licks her lips some. “Very nice!”

Then Katharine does the sexiest thing I have ever seen. She gets on her knees, and she begins to beg her husband. “Please, I didn’t mean to…” Her panties fall to her ankles, as she stands. Alex removes them quickly, as the little people move out of the elevator in a big hurry.

Nick then explodes, and he begins to verbally assault Katharine badly. “You fucking whore! What’s the deal with you a little people? WHY DO THEY TURN YOU INTO A COMPLETE SLUT?” Nick continues to verbally assault a naked Katharine, and he does not stop until the hall behind him is filled with people. They all look at the naked Katharine, as Nick verbally assaults her.

“Tomorrow, I am leaving for American. When I get there I am filing for an anullment. I don’t care where you sleep tonight, but it won’t be in my room.” Nick walks back to the room, and he walks inside locking the door.

Katharine then does the saddest thing I have ever seen in my life. She breaks down, and she begins to cry so hard. “Oh God! What have I done!”

Miss Philips, the lady who runs the motel leans down and she hugs Katharine. “You made one mistake. He’ll forgive you. You can stay in my office tonight. I’ll send for your…” Then her bags come flying out of her room. “Okay, we can can take your bags with us.”

She walks over, and she picks up Katharines bags showing her and the people remaining that she used to do service for this hotel. Then she walks back to Katharine who stands naked with the elevator open. Katharine looks down, and her eyes then widen.

“Oh my God! They stold my clothes!” Katharine looks around for her clothes, but she finds none.

“Don’t worry. You won’t be needing them. By the way Katharine, have you ever been with a woman before?” As the elevator doors close Katharine McPhee’s face takes on a look of absolute horror, as Miss Philips begins to tongue her ear. Her hand plays with her naked breasts, and my fingers play with the fabulous ass of Katharine McPhee, because I witnessed everything. I can become invisible for hours on end.

A couple of months later, I am now outside of an club that happens to be owned by some very rich and powerful people. One of the members happens to be the father of Cash Warren, the groom to marry the beautiful goddness named Jessica Alba. I can’t believe that she lowered herself to marry a shithead like Cash Warren. Yeah he got her pregnant, but since my time human values have gone into the toliet. When a man knocks up a woman he no longer has to marry her. I remember when a woman who was not a virgin on her wedding night would have meant her being stoned to death too. Human values have gone down the toliet big time, and I am not totally upset by that. There was a time when I struck that people with torches would be looking to burn my ass. Now people don’t talk of such things.

I wait for what it seems to be forever before the beautiful star of The Fantastic Four comes out for some air. She then picks up her cell phone, and she calls the person who she asked to baby sit her new born child. They talk for a few moments, before she hangs up the phone. Then her beautiful brown eyes look at the beautiful lush valley view that this place over looks that looks so… its fucking trees and grass okay? There are some rocks too and a river, but it has been done to death.

“Nice view, huh?” Jessica looks at me, and she smiles while she nods. “The valley looks nice too.”

“Jesus Christ, I can’t escape those lines can I?” Her smile turns into a frown, and she shakes her head. “By the way, do I know you?”

“No, you do not know me nor does your moron of a fiance Cash Warren know me. Before you finish calling the police let me tell you something. I happen to be a member of this club, so I have every fucking right to stand outside of this building.”

She stops dialing, and she sighs. “Whatever. Anyway I can make you leave me alone now or…” Then to my shock, I then hear a gun cock and I look at Jessica Alba as she holds a 9mm pointed at me.

“Okay, my line was not that lame was it?” I hold up my hands, as she points the gun at me.

“Yes, besides I know who you are. You are The Evil Legman! You murdered David and Kristin Holt’s baby and then you fucked both Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Katharine McPhee. You ruined their lives! You deserve to die scumbag!” That asshole David called me The Evil Legman? Fuck, call me The First Legman, because I am so fucking old.

“Before you ruin your life too, let me have my last words, please?” Then Jessica Alba does the dumbest thing she could EVER do. She gives me a chance. She lowers the gun so I can speak. “This is about what I did to poor Wally Scott to make him turn evil. It was so fucking hard to even make a dent in his ethics until…” A super creepy smile stretches across my face before I drop my verbal atom bomb. “… you laughed at his proposal. Then he became easy as pie to turn evil. On behalf of every women who he tortured thank you.” (Legman Vs Legman) When Wally Scott proposed to Jessica Alba she laughed in his fucking face.

This has the desire effect on Jessica, her eyes begin to tear up and I strike. Before she can blink, I am on her grabbing her arm twisting her gun out of her hand. The gun falls out of her hand, and it crashes onto the rocks below us, as she screams so loud. “OH GOD! NO!”

Then I do something so evil that it shocks me a little, I toss her over with the gun; but before she can fall too far I grab her by her light brown hair. She screams hairy carey, as her hair jerks and the only thing keeping her from cashing into the ground is her beautiful long brown hair. “OH GOD! IT HURTS SO FUCKING MUCH!”

I let Jessica hang, and cry for a minute or two before I speak. She uses her arms to make sure her hair does not come out at the roots before she tumbles to her death. “What will you give me if I don’t let go?” I ask in an even toned voice.

“Anything! Oh God. please let drop me! PLEASE! You can fuck my pussy if you pull me up!” It takes me less than a second to deside, but I wait maybe twenty seconds to pull her up.

I do it hard so it hurts her so bad, and soon poor dear Jessica Alba is in my arms safe and sound. Imagine how safe and sound my arms are? Just ask Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Katharine McPhee how safe my arms are. Tears run down her pretty cheeks, as she sobs into my shoulder. “Why did you do that to me?” She asks in sobs. I scared the shit out of her so badly.

“Are you ever going to pull a gun on me again?” Jessica looks at her gun on the rock, and then to me. She then shakes her head no hard. “Thats why.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Jessica asks so afraid.

My hands move over her sexy legs, as she shivers so hard. Her eyes roll, as my hands glide over her sexy legs. Right now I would love to thank the other Legman know as David for letting me know who Miss Alba is. Because I had no idea that she ever existed before I saw him fucking her and Jessica Biel at once. I have no interest in her movies at all. But I can smell her wetness, and it turns me on so much.

Then I pull her panties to her knees, and Jessica begins to weep so hard. My hands slowly trace up her tan and sexy legs to her vagina. Her head goes back, as she shivers hard while I play with her vagina. “Oh God!” Tears of shame run down her sexy cheeks, as I play with her super tight pussy.

“You have such an amazing body. That kid only made you even sexier.” Her tits are bigger, and her ass seems to be a little rounder. She was beautiful before she had the baby, but now she looks outstanding. “You are so wet too.”

“Please… not here?” Jessica begs in a whisper, as my hand plays with her tight pussy too.

“Why not here? No one can see us in this corner.” I begin to kiss her neck, as I continue to play with her pussy. She shivers so hard, as I play with her pussy and kiss her neck. Then my other hand moves to her breasts, and I squeeze one hard.

“Oh fuck!” Jessica bellows, as she falls back into my arms. My hands play with her pussy and tits, as my lips kiss her great tasting neck. “Take me now, please?” She changes her tune, as she now begs me to fuck her so hard.

I then take Jessica, and I place her on the railing that I threw her over before. My hand continues to play with her pussy, and her eyes roll while her chest heaves. “Oh God!” Then I wrap her arms into the wire that they use to make it look like they have vines on the building. Then her feet leave the deck, and her skirt moves up showing her naked backside. Then I remove her panties and toss them off the deck. “AAAAAAAHHHHH! Oh God! NO!”

She does not fall, and she is now suspended from the deck. If the wires snap she dies. I then get a chair so I can have access to her pussy with my penis. Then I insert my penis into her pussy. “Oh my fucking God! Too big! AHHH!”

Jessica screams loud, as I begin to fuck the shit out of her nice tight pussy. She jerks putting tension on the wires that hold her up. Her pussy is so incredibly tight, and I am sure she has not fucked anyone since she has had the kid. I grab her hips, as I slam her into my penis repeatedly. “Tell me how huge I am!” I demand, as I fuck her so hard.

The danger here really turns on Jessica, because she could fall to her death if the wires snap. Plus if Cash catches us she’ll loose everything. If you add in the very great possibility that a person could be taking a picture of this for a scandal rag is too much for Jessica. “You are fucking huge! Oh God!”

She cums, and she cums hard as the orgasm takes her young, beautiful body. “Oh my fucking GOD! YES! YES! YESSS!” Jessica truly enjoys her extremely powerful orgasm, and her body fluids begin to drip off onto the rocks.

“Oh my God, you are not stopping? JACKPOT!” I continue to fuck her even harder than before. The wires do have strain on them, but they do not break. I use them to slam her into me even harder than before, and she grunts and groans as she takes it without complaint. She wraps her forearms in the wires, so she can slams me back with all of her might. “Oh, so fucking good!”

I then finally orgasm into her hot pussy, and she cums for her last time. “Uhhhh!” Jessica moans, as I unload a shit load of seamen into her pussy. “Oh my fucking God!”

Jessica breathes so hard and heavy, as I place my hand on her sexy back. My hand then moves through her wet pussy hair. She closes her eyes, and she sighs so hard. “Holy shit! No man ever made me cum like that.” Jessica smiles back at me, as I let go when she lands on her tip toes.

“Yeah, I am DA MAN, huh?” Then I begin to stink, and her face turns into a look of disgust.

“Oh man, you now reek. I am so… oh God no! I’m trapped!” Jessica struggles hard, but it only makes her trapped tighter than before. “Someone help!”

She screams for help so hard, but no one comes out to help her do to where she is, and the noise inside. The party she has going on is pretty loud, and I will bet a C-note that Cash has taken one of her pretty friends into the bathroom to fuck her brains out of her head. “No one cares beautiful. Too bad you wore clothes, because if you were buck ass naked no one would let you out of their sight.”

Then I do something so evil that you might not want to read the next few lines. I take her face, and I lead it into the stinkiest arm pit you could imagine. It smells worst than anything you could think of smelling so bad. If you dropped an atom bomb full of dead skunks it would not compare to my arm pit when I want it to stink.

“Oh YUCK! Oh my God that is so rank!” Jessica fights getting sick. “Why?”

“Because I need a huge favor from you. Give it to me?” I ask her, as I hold her face in my arm pit, and she gags hard.

“Anything! Just make it stop! Oh please?” Jessica begs me like a crack whore for a rock of her favorite treat. I let her go, and she gets ill.

After watching Jessica Alba puke out more food than what I ever figure she has ever eaten, I begin to tell her what I want her to do. She shakes her head no over and over until I threaten to make her smell my disgusting nuts. “Why do you want this to happen?” She asks so afraid.

“Because Cash’s wedding party should have the fun he’ll get on his honeymoon.” Jessica begins to then cry hard, because she does not want to do this.

“Whatever… what if they say no?” Jessica asks so upset.

“Jessica, has any man ever turned you down before?” I ask her with a smile on my face. I get a huge shock when she nods. I bet one thousand dollars that guy is kicking himself now.

Two weeks before the wedding of Cash Warren to Jessica Alba, three of the four men who are to stand with Cash Warren take Jessica home from the rehearsal dinner that takes place before the wedding. All of them have noticed the fake smile that Jessica has been sporting for the last month. When they look into her beautiful brown eyes they do not see the joy that they are used to when they look at the lovely Jessica. When Brent caught her crying in the bathroom tonight at the rehearsal dinner it sent up many alarms.

Jeff parks the car in the parking lot to the apartment that Jessica lives, and he looks at both Brent and Barry who are members of Cash’s wedding party. The forth member, Jessica’s brother Josh had to go and do some bullshit that Jessica came up with. Cash had to go out of town on a business emegency, so she asked these guys to give her a ride home. Her parents are spending time with the baby. She does not wish a child to be at her place tonight.

Brent looks at the beautiful star of so many movies, and he asks. “Jessica, what happened up north?”

“Nothing happened up north.” Jessica has been trying not to think about what I did to her, or how I made her feel.

“Don’t bullshit us Jessica. We all have noticed it. I caught you having a crying jag in the bathroom tonight.” Brent tells her, and Jessica shakes her head no.

“Go into the ladies restroom much prevert?” Jessica asks, as her eyes fire up with anger.

“I do when I hear someone in there crying her eyes out, and I even knew who it was. Jessica do you wish to still marry Cash?” Brent looks into her eyes showing her how out of line her question was.

“Can we do this inside? Someone is watching us. The last thing I need before my wedding is to have Inside Edition have a story about me spending way too much time in a car with a group of handsome men.” Jessica gives them her best smile, and then she gets out of the car.

Before she gets to the stairs to go to her floor, and lifts up her skirt some, so the boys can see her. The entire time she walks up the stairs, she can feel their eyes on her ass. She smiles like a sexy minx as she leads them to the elevator.

Later, inside of the apartment that she and Cash Warren share Barry looks at the bedroom that Jessica went inside to change. Its not unusual for Jessica to change when she comes home, because she does not go out looking like a slob but when she comes home she gets more casual. “What do you think shes doing in there?” Barry asks in excitement.

“Coming up with a lie about what has got her so down. I heard she was…” Jeff stops talking, as Jessica comes into the room in a black thong, and a bra. The only thing that would make this costume any hotter would be if she wore fishnets, which she does. “Holy fuck!” Jeff screams, as he stands. His erection stands to attention.

“So guys, have I lost all of the baby weight?” Jessica asks with a sexy smile on her face. “Oh wait. You can’t see my entire body!” Jessica then removes her bra and panties. All three men stand up with hard ons, and she smiles so wide. “Come and get it boys.”

Jessica giggles, as she is tackled by the three men who she knows, and Jeff kisses her now larger tits. Barry places his face between her VERY sexy legs, as Brent plays with her outstanding ass. “UHHHH!” She moans so hard, as Brent enters her sexy ass.

The sex lasts many hours, and they all fuck her outstanding pussy, and her sexy as hell ass over and over. Jessica has a long series of long and very powerful orgasms, as they all have fun with her sexy body. The sex lasts until they all pass out do to exhaustion on the floor, and lucky as hell for Jessica, Cash never came home last night. If he did she would be in a world of shit!

I am at the church on the day of Jessica Alba, and Cash Warren’s wedding. So many people are here that some are forced to stand. The place is decked out, because Jessica is pulling no stops. She plans for her family to become a legal unit today, and I am here to make sure that it does not happen.

There are some people who you might know in the crowd like Eva Longoria-Parker, and her husband Tony. Trya Banks is here too along with Ashely Scott, and some other minor celebrities who I have no idea who they are. I don’t really give a fuck about who is who here, because I am more concerned about the pretty girl in the wedding dress than anyone else. Hell she even invited that wuss David here (My other Legman) as a protective measure against me. How the fuck can he sit though this? He’s in love with her! I bet a C-note he could not be faithful to even Jessica Alba.

I will fast forward to where I completely ruin her wedding, because I doubt that you care about the other bullshit here. Jessica wears a white dress, and I try not to laugh at the thought. How the fuck can she claim to be a virgin? Whatever!

The time has come for her to take her vows. “I Jessica take Cash to be my…” Before she can complete the sentence she is rudely interupted. “UUUUUUUHHHHHH!” She hears in her own voice, as it rings through the church.

She hears the sound two more times, and she begins to panic bad. Her men who are here to protect, and keep anyone from ruining the wedding go through the crowd. They are looking for a boom box or something.

Then Jessica looks at the wide screen TV thats to make sure everyone can see the wedding. “Oh fuck! NO!”

For everyone at the wedding to see is Jessica Alba naked, having an orgy with Brent, Barry, and Jeff. All of her holes are filled, as she has orgasm after orgasm. “Oh my God! NO!” Jessica screams so hard, as she looks up. Unknown to Jessica her orgy was taped by me, because I planned to show it at her wedding.

When Jessica looks up at the screen everyone else does too. Her mother nearly drops the baby, as she looks up at her daughter who stars in an orgy for everyone to see. She then covers the baby’s eyes, as people escort the Albas out of the room. ”Oh my God…” Jessica says slowly.

Jessica then turns to Cash Warren with tears in her beautiful brown eyes. She shakes, as his gives her a furious look. “I can…”

“HOW? How the fuck can you explain that? For the first year you were a sexual camel! Now its come and get me! Is our child even mine?” He screams so loud. Most of the people who are here have not left yet. Most of the men watch the porno on the screen. How many men get to see a porno starring Jessica Alba? I do notice that Tony Parker is escorting Eva Longoria-Parker out of here.

Then Jessica shocks him, as she slaps him hard. “Let me explain, damn it!” She yells at him, and his eyes then widen.

“No Jessica, I am sick of the bullshit you bring to my life. I am suing you for custody once we take a DNA test. The kid might not be mine!” Then Cash does the cruelest thing I have ever seen anyone do in my life. He leaves Jessica Alba at the alter. The poor girl is broken hearted. Oh fuck why didn’t I bring my video camera?

As tears run down her cheeks, as she looks back up at the monitor. She then glares at the poor man who tries to figure out how to shut it off. The control has been taken from him by a remote I made. He looks up at Jessica, as she screams. “Turn that fucking thing off, NOW!”

When they guy explains to Jessica what has happened, she attacks him tackling him to the floor. Everyone then gasps, as Jessica begins to kick the shit out of some poor guy who did nothing to no one.

As the hell goes on at the wedding of the ages of whatever Extra calls it, I follow Tony Parker out of the mess with his wife on his arm. Eva is in tears over what has happened to her good friend. If there is one woman who I always wanted to fuck it is Eva Longoria-Parker, the beautiful star of Desperate Housewives. I begin to plan, as I follow her and Tony.

Then something that is truly rare happens. Eva stops walking, and she turns to look at me. “Something we can do for you?” How the fuck can she see me?

“No I was…” Tony looks at Eva odd, and then he looks for me. “I am a huge Rockets fan.”

“Too bad, because Tony play for The Spurs. You may leave now!” Her eyes narrow at me, as something occurs to her. I look up at Tony Parker who has close to a foot on me, and she says something. “Tony, I think this could be the piece of shit who ruined Jessica’s wedding! Get him now!”

Tony blinks, as he tries to find me but he can’t and he shakes his head hard. “Eva, you are talking to no one. Come on. The police are coming.” Tony grabs Eva by the arm, as he drags her away from me, and I laugh hard. I am three for three on stopping weddings from lasting very long! Jessica never even got her ring on her finger! I am DA MAN!

Some of you must what has happened to poor Neve Campbell who I fucked at Jennifer Love Hewitt’s wedding. I now take you to London England, and once again poor Neve sits in her bathtube at home, as she washes herself raw. Her husband John Light comes into the bathroom, and he watches how Neve now baths herself. She rubs her skin raw like she was in a toxic waste spill, and not that shes dirty. Also the fact that Neve washs like this over a dozen times a day does make poor John worry. Her skin now looks like shit, and she is having a hard time getting roles.

“Need to pee or something? Because I’m not done yet.” Neve covers her naked body, as she looks at the floor.

“No Neve, You are done. Drain the tube please?” John hands her a towel, and she pulls the plug on the tube. Then she covers herself with the towel. She is no so ashamed of her beautiful white body. “Neve, what happened in Scotland?”

“Nothing happened to me. Something really bad happened to Jennifer though. You remember reading about…” Neve begins to explain to her loving husband.

“I looked on-line and I saw this little tidbit in a Scotland newpaper.” John shows Neve a printout of her naked lying in Jennifer and Scott’s wedding cake.

“NO! Why did you have to look for that picture?” Neve begins to weep so hard, and John hands her the picture.

“Because my friend Cameron sent it to me on-line. How did that happen?” John sits on the covered toliet, so he can Neve can talk.

“John I was… was… oh dear God, John I was raped?” Neve then begins to break down and cry, because considering what happened to Jennifer what happeed to her was nothing.

Then John does something that makes her feel so terrible, because he leans in to hug his beautiful wife. Neve hugs him back, as she asks. “John, how can you even look at me?”

“Because, I love you Neve. Tomorrow I’ll call the family therapist so he can talk with you. He can keep this out of the media too. He’s good people.”

Neve nods, and then she asks him. “You already called him didn’t you?” John nods, and she sighs. “So how does it feel to be married to a cocko bird?”

“I have no idea, but I love being married to Neve Campbell.” John gives her a soft kiss, and she kisses him back with passion. After they begin to make out for a few moments, Neve stands and she begins to undo his pants.

“Come into the shower with me John. I have been a bad girl!” Neve smiles, as John gets naked for her. He then joins her in the shower. Sometimes you win some, and sometimes you loose some. I bet Neve Campbell shall be married for a very long time, but I am not going away. I’m The Evil Legman! Thanks for the name David. I’ll call you The Wussy Legman from now on!

THE END. Anyone who has someone that you want William The Evil Legman to take, or David The Legman to take please send them to sharkboy77@hotmail.com. Please do not request minors because I won’t touch them.

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