Slutty Sleepover

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Slutty Sleepover

“What’s going on here?” Vanessa Hudgens asked Alyson Michalka as they walked past a trio of teenage girls. “Is this why you couldn’t go out tonight?”

“AJ’s having a sleepover and I got roped into keeping an eye on them since my parents are out of town,” Aly explained.

“How cute,” Vanessa said, letting her eyes wander from AJ to Selena Gomez and finally to the third member of the sleepover, Demi Lovato.

“Hi Vanessa,” AJ said. “We’re going to watch School Of Rock if you guys want to join us.”

“Ooh,” Aly said, tempted to stay and watch one of her favorite movies.

“Maybe when you get to The Exorcist,” Vanessa said, grabbing Aly’s arm and pulling her towards the stairs.

* + * + *

“Want to fool around?” Vanessa asked Aly as they lounged on Aly’s bed.

“Not with the girls downstairs,” Aly said, panicking at the thought of one of her sister of one of her friends walking in on them while they were ‘fooling around’ as Vanessa put it.

“Come on, it’ll make it more fun,” Vanessa said, turning on her side and letting her hand slide up Aly’s stomach towards her breasts. “Thinking that someone could come in at any moment will make it more exciting.”

“I don’t think so,” Aly said though she made no move to stop Vanessa’s hand as it lightly squeezed her tit through her shirt.

“They’re too busy with their movie to come up here,” Vanessa pointed out as she nuzzled her face into Aly’s neck. “Besides, it’s not like we’ve never done it when someone could come home any minute before.”

“But not when my sister and her friends were right downstairs,” Aly said, remembering a couple weeks ago when Vanessa had fucked her with a strap on when her mom and AJ had gone to the store. They’d barely finished and gotten dressed when they’d heard the door slam shut, announcing that her mom and sister were home.

“I was hoping you’d come over to my place tonight so you owe me,” Vanessa said, sliding down the bed in hopes that Aly was merely bluffing in her denials.

“Stop,” Aly said quietly as Vanessa started to undo Aly’s pants.

“If you really want me to stop, you’ll say it loud enough for me to hear,” Vanessa said as she started to slide Aly’s pants down her long, slim legs to reveal a pair of black bikini cut panties.

The ball was in Aly’s court, but she couldn’t bring herself to stop it. She wanted it as much as Vanessa and as much as she hated to admit it, the idea that someone could catch them made her heart beat even faster.

When Aly’s refusals ceased, Vanessa wasted no time in yanking off Aly’s sandals and pulling her pants the rest of the way off. Reaching out, Vanessa hooked her fingers in the waistband of Aly’s panties and peeled them away from the small patch of well-trimmed blond hair that topped Aly’s pussy.

“Toy or no toy?” Vanessa asked Aly as she tossed the pair of panties aside.

“Just fuck me,” Aly said as she sat up enough to pull her shirt over her head, leaving her in a white bra.

“No toy then,” Vanessa said as she ran her finger along the length of Aly’s slit.

Moaning at Vanessa’s touch, Aly reached behind her and unhooked her bra. When it was unhooked, she leaned back on the bed and pulled the bra off, tossing it to the floor as Vanessa slid a finger into her pussy.

“You know, Selena was looking good,” Vanessa said as she started to slowly saw the finger in and out of Aly’s pussy.

“Don’t even go there,” Aly moaned, trying to forget that she’d had the same exact thought the moment Selena and Demi had shown up.

“Why not?” Vanessa asked before leaning in to flick Aly’s clit with her tongue.

“Ooh, uh, because she’s too young,” Aly said, trying to concentrate on what Vanessa was doing rather than the mental images of Selena that were threatening to intrude on her mind.

“Someone should tell that to her tits because they’re simply gorgeous,” Vanessa observed before attacking Aly’s clit once more. “I bet Demi’s got a sweet little pussy too.”

“Forget it,” Aly said, knowing that even if they weren’t so young or if they weren’t AJ’s friends, they were both sporting purity rings that made them off limits. “They’re abstinent.’

“Everyone says that until they get a good enough offer,” Vanessa scoffed, slipping a second finger into Aly and drawing the desired growl of approval. “But even if they mean it, there’s someone else in the house that’s available.”

“Who?” Aly asked before her eyes widened upon realizing exactly whom Vanessa was thinking of. “Oh no, not gonna happen.”

“You never thought of your sister like that?” Vanessa said between flicks of Aly’s clit with her tongue. “Mmm, she’s hot, almost as hot as her big sis.”

“I’m not hearing this,” Aly said, completely bewildered by the direction the dirty talk had taken.

Truth was that Aly had in fact noticed AJ. It happened a couple months ago, not long after Aly and Vanessa had first hooked up, when Aly had happened to walk into the bathroom as AJ was getting out of the shower. Nothing completely unusual about it as it happened a hundred times over the years, but for some reason that one time Aly had noticed the way the water was beading on the skin of AJ’s flat stomach and the perfect pink nipples on her well-formed breasts. It had taken every ounce of self-control she had to keep from staring at how much her little sister had grown.

“You can deny it all you want, but your pussy just pumped out a gallon of cream since I mentioned her,” Vanessa said, grinning. “You want to fuck your sister just as much as I do.”

“No I don’t,” Aly lied even though both of them saw right through it. Biting her lower lip she pushed her hips up, humping her pussy against Vanessa’s fingers and tongue as she felt her orgasm start to build inside her.

“Then I guess I’ll have to do it by myself,” Vanessa said, slowing down as she recognized the signs of Aly’s pleasure.

“Don’t stop,” Aly pleaded. “I need to come, make me come.”

“Then admit it,” Vanessa said, removing her fingers from Aly’s pussy completely as further leverage. “Admit that you want to be a nasty sister fucker and I’ll make you come.”

“Fine, I want to fuck AJ,” Aly said louder than she’d planned. “I want to fuck her and then I want to watch you fuck her, then I want both of us to fuck her at the same time.”

“Good girl,” Vanessa said; plunging her fingers back into Aly as she leaned in and voraciously licked Aly’s clit.

“Ohh, so close,” Aly said, feeling her orgasm return with a vengeance.

In a matter of moments Aly felt the pleasure build past the breaking point. Images of her burying her strap on inside her sister while Vanessa watched filled her brain as her pussy squeezed Vanessa’s finger like a vise. With a squeal she grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples as she exploded in bliss and soaked Vanessa with her juices.

“My turn, and I definitely want the toy,” Vanessa said once Aly had come back down to Earth.

Wasting no time Vanessa reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. As it dropped from her hips, Aly’s eyes opened at the sight of Vanessa’s bald pussy came into view without panties to obstruct her view.

“You really came here to get laid, didn’t you?” Aly asked as she dug her strap on out of the drawer she kept it in next to her bed.

“I would have tied you to the bed and gotten what I wanted if you’d resisted any more,” Vanessa said in complete seriousness as she pulled off her shirt to reveal that she was braless as well.

“You know what naughty girl get, don’t you?” Aly asked as she slipped the straps of her harness up her legs.

“Why do you think I left the panties in the car?” Vanessa grinned.

“Hands and knees then,” Aly said as she adjusted the straps to make sure the toy was an optimal fit.

+ * + * +

“AJ said the second door on the right is bathroom, right?” Demi asked Selena as they pushed open a door that definitely didn’t have a bathroom on the other side.

Demi had to use the bathroom and Selena had tagged along in hopes of getting some alone time with Demi. They’d been friends for as long as either could remember, sleeping over at each others houses whenever their parents would let them, but recently they’d discovered that their relationship ran much deeper than just friends.

Demi had been harboring a crush on Selena since even before puberty had sent a rush of hormones through her system every second of the day, but she hadn’t acted on them for fear of losing the best friend she could ever imagine having. Luckily, one day they were being silly and tickling each other when Selena had impulsively leaned in and kissed Demi. The kiss had been returned full force and in no time they were deep in a heated make-out session that had lasted until they heard Selena’s parents walking down the hall outside Selena’s bedroom.

After that, they’d spent even more time together, most of it dedicated to playing with each other in ways that would’ve given their parents heart attacks if they’d gotten caught. Selena had found a vibrator in her mom’s room and used it to take Demi’s virginity before switching and Demi had taken Selena’s.

At the moment though, they were searching for a bathroom and a quiet place to exchange a few kisses before going back to AJ. What they found was both more shocking and more exciting than anything they would’ve expected.

As they pushed open a door they heard a loud voice at the other end of the hall say something they couldn’t quite catch. They figured it was either Aly or Vanessa and didn’t give much thought to it until they got closer and heard the sound of moaning in orgasm, which both of them instantly recognized from hearing the other make similar noises.

That piqued their interest and their curiosity got the best of them. Slowly pushing the door open a crack they peered through and saw a very naked Aly pulling something up her legs and Vanessa in the midst of getting just as naked as Aly.

When Aly commanded Vanessa to get on her hands and knees, she turned and both Selena and Demi saw the dildo jutting out from Aly’s crotch like a cock. The sight of it caused Demi to gasp audibly out of shock.

Spinning around, Aly ran for the door and pulled it open before Selena and Demi could move. They stood hunched over still peering through the door that was now wide open, their faces mere inches from the toy that dangled in front of Aly’s pussy.

“Dammit,” Vanessa cursed as she saw that they’d been busted. She was torn between being pissed about being interrupted and being pleased that some potential playthings had been practically gift wrapped for her and Aly. “Bring ’em here.”

“We won’t tell anyone,” Demi said as Aly grabbed their arms and half dragged them toward the bed.

“What were you doing out there?” Aly asked as she pushed the two teens onto the bed. “Spying isn’t something most people take lightly, you know.”

“We weren’t spying,” protested Selena, her eyes as wide as saucers at being caught.

“What were you doing looking through a crack in the door then if you weren’t spying on us?” Vanessa asked. “You know what, I don’t care.”

“We were looking for the bathroom,” Demi offered, her eye still glued to the strap on Aly was still wearing.

“I’m too horny to care, so either get naked or get lost,” Vanessa said, just wanting to get back to what they’d been about to do before they were interrupted.

“Sit,” Aly said as Selena and Demi started to get up. She’d noticed Demi’s fascination with the dildo and wanted to see if it could be exploited before letting them go. Besides, she didn’t want them going downstairs and instantly telling AJ about everything they’d seen.

Of course, neither Aly nor Vanessa knew that Selena and Demi had been in search of a place to do much the same thing, though not quite as much of it, when they’d stumbled upon the love fest. There was little chance they were going to divulge details of what they’d seen for fear of having their own secret leak out in the process, but that didn’t comfort Aly since she wasn’t aware of it.

“You like my toy, don’t you?” Aly asked Demi, reaching down to stroke it like it she was jerking off a cock. “If you want to touch it, you can.”

Vanessa raised an eyebrow at Aly’s approach, but her expression turned to one of outright surprise when Demi reached out and wrapped her fingers around the toy. Suddenly she realized that maybe Selena and Demi weren’t quite the purity girls they claimed to be.

“You two weren’t going to the bathroom, you were looking for some place to fuck,” Vanessa said as the pieces started to fit together in her head.

“No we weren’t,” Selena protested, but the fear of discovery flickered in her eyes just enough for Vanessa to know that she’d hit the nail on the head.

“Don’t worry about it, I’m not going to tell anyone about it,” Vanessa said, remembering how it had felt to have her own dirty laundry exposed for the world to see.

“You won’t?” Selena asked, feeling a wave of relief wash over her that their secret was going to stay a secret.

“No, but Aly and I still need something more than a promise that you won’t blab about our secret,” Vanessa said, setting the stage for her next move.

“We won’t tell if you won’t,” Selena said.

“Then we should seal the deal with a nice fuck session, don’t you think?” Vanessa said, finally putting it out there and hoping that it wouldn’t scare the younger girls off.

At the offer, Demi finally took her gaze from the dildo that she was idly stroking. Her face had lust written all over it and both Vanessa and Aly knew that she was in. It would just be a matter of the three of them convincing Selena that she should join the trio and make it a foursome.

“I have to have this inside me,” Demi said, too fixated on Aly’s strap on to say no.

“What about you, naughty girl?” Vanessa asked Selena as Demi quickly started to shed clothes. “Are you going to let Demi have all the fun or should I get my toy out and help you show her you can be a little slut too?”

“Get the toy,” Demi said as she unhooked her bra and let her perky teen tits free. They were a bit larger than Vanessa thought they’d be but they weren’t overly large, which was just how she liked them.

“That’s one vote for the toy, do I hear two?” Vanessa asked Selena as she reached into the drawer where Aly kept both of their toys. They each had one so they could fuck each other without having to adjust the harness to get an optimal fit each time they switched. The only difference between them was color, Aly’s was light blue and Vanessa’s was a dark shade of green.

“Two,” Selena said nervously. She and Demi may have fucked each other countless times, but this would be her first time with someone other than Demi and she’d certainly never had an audience before. It was also the first time the toy would be attached to anything other than a hand and it made her a little anxious as she watched Vanessa pull her toy out of the drawer.

“Don’t be nervous,” Vanessa told Selena, seeing the apprehension on her face. “Would you feel better if we were alone?”

“A little,” Selena confessed, feeling three sets of eyes fixed on her.

“Come on, we’ll go to AJ’s room,” Vanessa said, grabbing Selena’s hand and leading her toward the door before she could back out. Sticking her head out the door, Vanessa checked both ways to see if AJ was coming before she bolted naked down the hall with Selena in tow.

“Toy or tongue?” Aly asked when the other pair was gone; giving Demi the same choice she’d given Vanessa.

“Toy,” Demi said without hesitating. She’d wanted to try it with a strap on ever since she’d read about one online but had yet to build up the courage to try to buy one and she wasn’t about to pass up the chance now that she had it.

“Lose the panties and get on your hands and knees then,” Aly said, taking charge.

Being on her knees, Demi quickly pushed her panties down over her ass before falling back onto her butt so she could pull them down her legs and off completely. When she was fully naked she rolled over onto her stomach and got up onto her hands and knees.

Normally Aly would’ve asked if Demi was ready, but with the speed the young brunette had gotten into position, she could see that it was completely unnecessary. Stepping up behind Demi Aly grabbed her toy with one hand and rested the other on Demi’s ass as she guided the toy in.

Feeling Aly start to push the dildo into her pussy, Demi looked over her shoulder. A moan escaped her mouth as she watched the look of concentration on Aly’s face and felt the toy spreading her open. Right away she could tell it was bigger than the one her and Selena used on each other. It wasn’t a whole lot bigger, but big enough that the difference could be felt immediately.

The tightness of Demi’s pussy caused Aly to slow down. With Vanessa Aly had gotten used to slamming it home and cutting loose, but Demi was too tight for that kind of maneuver. Besides, as into it as Demi seemed, Aly still didn’t want to move too fast and scare her off. She wanted Demi to enjoy it as much as she had the first time Vanessa had taken her with a strap on her.

Resigning herself to a restrained entry, Aly pushed a couple inside Demi and then started working it in and out. On each stroke Aly pushed a little bit more into Demi’s pussy, but it still felt like it took hours before felt her hips strike Demi’s butt cheeks, letting them both know the toy was fully buried in teen pussy.

Taking a moment to let Demi adjust to the full length, Aly moved her hands to grip Demi’s waist. When Demi started to push back against her, Aly gripped Demi’s hips and slid about half the fake cock out of its flesh sheath.

Feeling the dildo drive back into her snatch, Demi grunted and pushed back to meet it. Her pussy was stretched so nicely around it that she could see what she’d been missing by only having been fucked by Selena using the vibrator on her. Selena didn’t have near the experience that Aly had accrued and controlling the penetration by hand didn’t allow for the same depth or skin-on-skin experience that Demi was currently enjoying.

“You like that?” Aly asked, withdrawing a bit of more the dildo from Demi.

“Yeah, fuck me,” Demi gasped as Aly forced the toy back into her tight pussy.

As Aly gradually lengthened the strokes she was making Demi made a vow that she’d get herself a strap on as soon as she possibly could. If she had to buy one on the net or even just beg Aly or Vanessa to buy one for her, she was determined to wear one as she fucked Selena senseless.

By the time she was stroking the full length into Demi Aly couldn’t hold back any more. The sheer tightness of Demi’s pussy held her speed in check a bit, but Aly put a little extra force on her thrusts to make up for it.

“Uhh,” Demi moaned, her head dropping as jolts of pleasure shot through her. It felt like her pussy was on fire, in the best possible way, and she watched between her legs as the dildo speared its way into her.

As Aly increased her speed, she felt the tightness of Demi’s pussy pushing the nub of the dildo back against her own clit. The gratification spurred her on and when she felt Demi start to loosen up incrementally Aly stepped up the tempo of her thrusts to match.

“So fucking good,” Demi groaned as the toy repeatedly violated her snatch. Her head was spinning with delight and she closed her eyes so she could focus more fully on the feel of the plastic cock pistoning in and out of her.

With Demi being so into it, Aly decided to see how far she could go. Lifting up her right hand she brought it down on Demi’s ass with a smack. There wasn’t much force behind it, just a little tingling sensation and a slight red mark where the hand had connected.

“Does the slut like that?” Aly asked, knowing the answer from the low moan that escaped Demi’s mouth.

“Uh, yeah,” Demi said, opening her eyes and looking back as Aly lifted her hand to deliver another spanking, this one a little harder that actually stung a bit. But the pain was just enough to complement the pleasure in her pussy. “That’s, uh, just right.”

Taking Demi at her word, Aly lifted her hand and gave her another slap with the same amount of force. When the butt cheek she’d been spanking started to turn pink Aly lifted her other hand and started to spank the other cheek.

“Bad girl, wanting to be spanked while she’s getting fucked,” Aly taunted, switching back and forth between hands as gave Demi’s ass smack after smack.

“So bad,” Demi said, dropping down onto her elbows as she pushed back against the dildo. She’d never been spanked before, at least not in a sexual, but it felt amazing and it was quickly rocketing her towards her climax.

“How bad are you? Because really bad girls need more than just a spanking,” Aly said, slapping Demi’s ass and then dragging her fingers down between the crack of her teen ass and hesitating for just a moment on her anus.

“Oh God,” Demi said, feeling the first ever touch of her asshole. Selena had never ventured there, even with a finger or let her tongue stray, and it was almost electric.

“Somebody likes it,” Aly said, lifting her right hand to her mouth. Getting her index finger nice and wet she lowered it to Demi’s ass and continued to tease at the puckered opening.

“So close,” Demi said, looking over her shoulder as she felt Aly’s finger start to press into her virgin starfish. It hurt a little having her asshole pierced for the first time, but it also felt like pure heaven doing something so naughty.

Thinking about having a finger in her ass while her friend’s sister fucked the shit out of her pussy was more than Demi could take. Lowering her head, Demi bit her lip to stifle her screams as she exploded. Her pussy clamped down on Aly’s toy and every muscle in her body clenched tightly as she flooded the dildo with her cream.

“You better get back to AJ before she realizes how long you’ve been gone,” Aly said when Demi slumped to the bed, the toy slipping from her pussy with a pop.

“Huh?” Demi asked, still disoriented from her orgasm.

“AJ, she’s probably wondering where you are,” Aly said even though she really wanted Demi to stay so they could explore just how much Demi liked the anal play.

“Oh yeah,” Demi said even though she wanted to stick around and show Aly just how much she’d loved everything that had just happened.

* + * + *

Once inside AJ’s room Vanessa shut the door. Selena wandered over to the bed and nervously sat down. She folded her hands in her lap and looked up at Vanessa with a look so innocent it sent shivers of excitement through Vanessa’s body.

Looking at Selena Vanessa decided that as nervous and shy as she seemed, the best course of action to take was a slow one, or at least slower than Vanessa would have liked to take. She wanted to rip Selena’s clothes off and then spend days savoring the delights that Selena’s body had to offer. But she wasn’t about to rush anything for fear that Selena would chicken out before anything could get started.

Sitting down on the bed next to Selena, Vanessa leaned in and kissed her. There was tension in Selena’s lips but when Vanessa didn’t immediately follow it up by going too fast, Selena started to relax a bit and get into it.

Deciding to move it along a bit, Vanessa rested her hand on Selena’s lap. When Selena didn’t tense up at the touch Vanessa inched the hand along until it reached the bottom of Selena’s shirt. After taking a moment to see Selena would stop her, Vanessa slipped the hand under the shirt and started to trace small circles along Selena’s lower stomach, ever creeping higher.

The soft touch of Vanessa’s fingers on her stomach combined with the kiss was gradually pushing Selena out of control. The only other time she’d truly been out of control was the first time she’d been with Demi. It had started innocently enough with a kiss but it quickly became a blur of action and the only thing Selena could really remember from that night was a feeling, a general sense of love and animalistic pleasure. But from when they’d started kissing until they’d heard Demi’s parents and she’d been snapped out of her trance, she remembered little more than snippets.

She could feel things starting to blur together already as if her brain wasn’t equipped to handle the overload on her senses. She could feel Vanessa’s hand but it was almost as if it was happening to someone else and she was merely a witness rather than a prime recipient and participant.

Deciding that Selena was ready for the next step, Vanessa broke the kiss and pulled Selena’s shirt off over her head to reveal a simple white bra. When the shirt was discarded Vanessa leaned in and started to plant small kisses along the top of Selena’s breasts while she reached around and unhooked the bra. As the garment slid down Selena’s arms, Vanessa quickly latched onto one of her nipples with her mouth.

With a moan Selena put both hands on the back of Vanessa’s head and held her there. Her eyes fluttered shut and her stomach muscles knotted in pleasure. As Vanessa’s tongue started to flick the nipple in her mouth Selena’s last ounce of control fled.

Letting go of the nipple, Vanessa eased Selena back onto the bed. Kissing her way down Selena’s body, Vanessa didn’t even bother taking off Selena’s skirt; she merely slid it up Selena’s legs so she could get at her panties.

Hooking her fingers in the waistband of Selena’s panties, Vanessa tugged them down over her ass and away from her pussy. As she pulled the panties down Selena’s Vanessa stopped and gave Selena’s pussy a nice long lick to help prepare her for what was to come.

Finding Selena already soaked, Vanessa stood up and slid the harness of her strap on up her legs. When it was in place she slipped back in between Selena’s legs. Placing one hand on the mattress next to Selena, Vanessa used the other to guide the toy into Selena’s promised land. As she eased into Selena she took the opportunity to latch onto the nipple she’d ignored earlier.

“Ooh,” Selena moaned as she felt Vanessa softly suck on her nipple as the head of the dildo parted her labia. Her hands went right back to Vanessa’s head and held her in place as she was penetrated.

Arching her back Vanessa kept her mouth attached firmly to Selena’s breast as she pushed her way into Selena’s snatch. When she was halfway in Vanessa pulled back a little before lunging forward, burying another inch inside Selena.

“So big,” Selena said, hunching her hips upwards in an effort to get even more of the dildo inside her.

Sensing Selena’s eagerness, Vanessa withdrew half of what was already inside before driving the whole into Selena’s pussy. They both moaned as Selena was filled with plastic cock and her pussy pushed the end of the dildo tightly against Vanessa’s clit.

“Fuck me,” Selena said, her legs hooking onto Vanessa’s waist out of pure instinct.

Regretfully Vanessa let Selena’s nipple slip from her mouth. She really wanted to spend more time suckling on those mouth-watering tits, but to give Selena what she obviously wanted she needed a bit more maneuverability.

Straightening her arms Vanessa’s looked down and saw a look of pure lust on Selena’s face as the cock plunged into her pussy. Selena’s hands grabbed at Vanessa’s shoulders as Vanessa sped up. She wasn’t going nearly as fast as she could, but it still felt like heaven to Selena.

“Oh God,” Selena mumbled, her breasts shaking with each thrust Vanessa made into her. She could already feel a small orgasm working its way to the surface inside her and she grabbed one of her nipples. As she tweaked it with her own fingers she felt the first shudder of bliss shoot through her and it only made her want more.

“Shit,” Vanessa gasped, feeling the mini-climax pulse through Selena. If she was able to come that quickly, Selena was going to be a quivering mass of jelly by the time they were done. “You like getting fucked, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” Selena grunted, using both hands to play with her tits.

“Only sluts love getting fucked,” Vanessa sneered. “Tell me you’re a fucking slut.”

“I’m a slut,” Selena said, the dirty talk getting her even more into the action.

“Tell me you’re a fucking slut,” Vanessa repeated, slowing down so she could grab Selena’s legs and move them to her shoulders.

“I’m a fucking slut,” Selena said, using both hands to play with her tits Vanessa resumed shoving the dildo in and out of her.

“Whose slut are you?” Vanessa asked, giving Selena a sharp thrust as a reward.

“Yours,” Selena said, willing to do or say anything Vanessa wanted if it meant receiving more of what she was getting.

“I keep my sluts well fucked as long as they spread their legs whenever I ask and you want that, don’t you?” Vanessa asked, feeling her long delayed orgasm building up inside her.

“So bad,” Selena said, wanting nothing more than to be fucked like this forever. She was willing to spread her legs any time any place if it meant feeling Vanessa fucking her.

“Maybe next time I’ll fuck your ass like it’s been screaming to be fucked,” Vanessa said, hoping that might spark something inside Selena.

“Oh God,” Selena said, the thought of Vanessa fucking her in the ass both disgusting her and turning her on beyond belief at the same time. It was the one thing she and Demi hadn’t done, mostly because she’d been too afraid to even bring it up, but she suddenly found herself thinking that she’d do it in a heartbeat if it meant getting Vanessa’s toy inside her again. “Fuck my slutty ass.”

Hearing Selena ask to be ass fucked was the final straw for Vanessa. It sent her mind reeling and pushed her over the edge. With a strangled cry she pushed her strap on as far into Selena as she could and her body went tense. As the orgasm worked through her it caused her to buck her hips a couple times, but for the most part she was completely still.

Watching Vanessa orgasm on top of her drove Selena to the brink. Feeling the dildo jump inside her pushed her over as well. The orgasm cleared her brain and as she came she absorbed every detail on Vanessa’s face, how she bit her lower lip and how her eyes narrowed as the pleasure tore through her.

Selena made the observation that she looked much the same as Demi in the throes of climax, but completely different as well. It really wasn’t anything she could put a finger on, just a sense that their ‘O’ faces were very similar but not really alike at all.

“That was so hot,” Demi said from the doorway, eyes glazed over with excitement from watching her best friend get fucked.

“You could have joined in,” Vanessa said, sliding the toy from Selena’s pussy with an audible pop before rolling over to lie on her back at Selena’s side.

“We need to get back to AJ,” Demi said even though her face said she’d much rather jump in the middle of the two of them and get some of what Selena had just gotten.

“That’s probably for the best, but if you want some more, you know where to find it,” Vanessa said, winking lasciviously at Demi. “Or you could help me with a little something if you wanted to be really good little sluts.”

* + * + *

“Where have you two been?” AJ asked as she closed the door and turned around with a pizza box in each hand to spot her two friends coming down the stairs.

“Oh, we got talking to Vanessa and Aly,” Demi said, thinking quickly for an excuse.

“Did you tell them we ordered pizza?” AJ asked, taking the lie at face value.

“No, but I’m sure they’ll come down and find it eventually,” Selena said, still trying to wrap her head around what Vanessa wanted them to do.

“I even ordered one with olives and peppers the way Aly likes it,” AJ said, setting the pizza down on the table next to the couch.

“Ooh, pepperoni,” Selena said, suddenly famished.

“What’s with the goofy smiles?” AJ asked when she finally noticed that Selena and Demi were both positively beaming as they sat down on either side of her.

“Oh, Aly said she’s getting tickets to see Paramore for Selena’s birthday,” Demi said, figuring that tickets to see their favorite band would be enough to explain the grins.

“I just figured it was because you guys hooked up while you were in the bathroom,” AJ said, shocking both of them.

“You know?” Selena asked, dropping her slice of pizza into her lap before she could bite it.

“The way you two look at each other, it’s obvious to anyone with half a brain,” AJ said, shrugging as if it was the worst kept secret in the world. “Besides, people only glow like that right after they’ve had a monster orgasm.”

“Then how about we show you what it’s like to be with a girl,” Demi suggested as she scooted closer to AJ on the couch.

“I don’t think so,” AJ said, suddenly feeling a little uncomfortable. She didn’t care what Demi and Selena did to each other; she just wasn’t interested in having them do it to her.

“You like oral sex, don’t you?” Demi asked.

“Well, yeah,” AJ said, wanting to get up and run but didn’t want to look like she was being rude towards her friends.

“I’ve never had a guy lick my pussy, but there’s no way they’re better than girls,” Demi said, leaning in close to whisper into AJ’s ear.

“We know what to do and do it better,” Selena said, getting into the act from the other side.

“We know when to pull back and when to go for the kill,” Demi said, resting her hand on AJ’s knee.

“I don’t think so,” AJ repeated, though with far less confidence than the last time. Truth was that she’d gone without any kind of sexual contact, other than her own hand, for months and having someone else do the heavy lifting sounded really good, even if was a couple girls making the offer.

“If you didn’t want to, you would’ve moved by now,” Selena said, her encounter with Vanessa making her more brazen than she otherwise would’ve been.

Hoping she was right, Selena leaned in and kissed AJ. Softly at first, but when AJ didn’t push her away she put a hand on AJ’s cheek and let her tongue caress AJ’s lips. When AJ parted her lips to allow access to Selena’s tongue, all three of them knew the chase was done.

As Selena’s tongue ventured into AJ’s mouth the hand that Demi had been resting on AJ’s knee started to move up AJ’s thigh. When it reached the point where her legs intersected, Demi took a moment to rub AJ’s pussy through the denim of her jeans.

“Mmm,” AJ moaned into Selena’s mouth as she felt Demi’s hand stroke her. Even if it was through her clothes it still felt so much better than her own hand on her bare pussy.

Taking the next step, Selena let her hand slide from AJ’s cheek down to the blonde’s chest. With soft ministrations, Selena cupped AJ’s breast and bit AJ’s lower lip as she felt the nipple stiffen under her palm.

“Get her shirt off,” Demi said, anxious to see AJ’s body.

Without a fight AJ lifted her arms up as Selena grabbed the bottom of her shirt. She felt kinda weird having her friends get her naked so they could fuck her, but she was too horny to try to stop it. And when Selena had fully removed her shirt AJ even took the initiative and reached behind her to unhook the black bra she was wearing.

“If you want to think of me as a guy, it’s okay,” Demi said as she started to unzip AJ’s pants.

“How?” AJ asked. “I mean, I can see your face and know it’s you.”

“Then we’ll have to blindfold you,” Demi said as Selena wrapped the shirt she was still holding around AJ’s head.

When it was tied off over AJ’s eyes Selena motioned for Aly and Vanessa. They’d been hiding on the stairs peeking around the corner and seeing the signal they quietly scurried out of their hiding places. They were both still naked, but they carried their toys in their hands rather than wearing them.

As Demi pulled AJ’s pants down her legs, Aly moved next to her. When the pants were fully off Demi moved to the side so Aly could slide her hands up her sister’s legs and grab hold of the waistband of her panties. Not wanting to disrupt the action Vanessa moved around the couch the other way and decided to get Demi naked with Selena still on the couch fondling AJ’s tits.

With the panties fully removed, Aly dropped them to the ground and went straight for her sister’s cunt. There had already been a wet spot on the front of AJ’s panties so Aly didn’t bother with the prep work. Diving in she let her tongue lick AJ’s pussy from top to bottom.

“Ohh,” AJ squealed, expecting a slower approach than what she was getting. It wouldn’t have been needed because she was more than ready, but it still caught her a little off balance.

Watching Aly lick her sister cranked up Selena’s arousal level another notch. Unable to control herself she slipped a hand into her pants and started to diddle her pussy before giving up and getting naked herself.

As Aly worked on her pussy, AJ squirmed further down on the couch, pushing her ass toward the edge. Unfortunately, it caused her head to slide down just enough to push the blindfold up and off one of her eyes. It took a moment or two after seeing a blonde head in her lap for it to register in AJ’s hormone soaked brain that Demi has dark hair.

“Huh?” AJ gasped, reaching up to rip off the blindfold. The sight of her sister looking up at her from between her legs sent shockwaves through her.

Seeing what was happening, Vanessa thought quickly and jumped up. Before AJ could regain her senses Vanessa pinned her down against the couch. They’d come too far to have AJ freak out and ruin everything now.

“Get off me,” AJ said, twisting against Vanessa’s grip. Having her sister eat her pussy was just too weird and being held down by Vanessa wasn’t helping matters.

“What does it matter that she’s your sister?” Vanessa asked AJ as Aly continued to lick her sister’s pussy. “It felt good before you found out, didn’t it? So why should it matter if it’s Aly or Demi, or even me driving you towards orgasm?”

AJ opened her mouth to speak but found no words. Shock and hormones in equal parts besieged her brain and Vanessa’s logic left her speechless. In that moment of hesitation Aly slipped a finger into her sister’s pussy as her mouth latched onto AJ’s clit, pushing AJ’s hormones over the top.

“Fuck me Aly,” AJ said, giving in to the illicit behavior that felt so wrong but oh so right at the same time.

As AJ was giving in to the desires within in her Demi noticed Vanessa’s toy on the floor where it had been dropped. Vanessa had promised that her and Selena could use it if they helped seduce AJ and Demi figured it was about time to collect on that promise. Picking it up she absently stroked the shaft as her gaze turned towards Selena as her friend rubbed her pussy and watched the incestuous coupling next to her.

When she had the harness in place Demi looked down and felt a tremor of excitement course through at the sight of the fake cock protruding from her body. Skirting around Aly Demi pushed Selena on her back and leaned in for a kiss. As their bodies pressed together, the tip of the toy butted up against the opening of Selena’s pussy.

“Fuck me,” Selena said breathlessly, moving her hips in an effort to get the dildo into her cunt.

Hearing the magic words Demi started to push. It was her first time using the strap on so she didn’t move to quick, but both of them moaned and watched with rapt attention as the toy parted Selena’s labia.

Demi felt a rush of power as she watched the dildo penetrate Selena. To have complete control was an incredible feeling and it sent a charge through that was equal to the physical pleasure it was giving her. And even though she’d dreamed of doing it, it felt even more amazing than she thought it would to feel the base of the toy press firmly against her clit as she started to slowly fuck Selena.

“Don’t my sluts look so hot fucking like that?” Vanessa asked AJ when she noticed that AJ’s gaze was focused on the rutting couple next to them. After AJ had submitted fully, Vanessa had moved on to nobler things, like letting her hands and mouth enjoy the perkiness of AJ’s tits.

“Yeah,” AJ moaned, suddenly feeling the need to be penetrated.

“If you want to get fucked like that, you just have to ask nicely,” Vanessa said as her fingers toyed with AJ’s nipples.

“Please fuck me,” AJ pleaded as she felt herself being pushed to the brink.

“You heard her Aly,” Vanessa said. “Your sister wants you to strap it on and fuck her.”

Hearing it put so lewdly sent a tremor of ecstasy through Aly’s pussy. Disengaging from her sister’s pussy, Aly grabbed her toy and stood up. Without wasting any time Aly slipped the straps of the harness up her legs.

Feeling Aly pull away caused AJ to groan in frustration. She was so close that it would’ve taken a matter of seconds to finish her off, but watching Aly put on the strap on made up for it, especially since it meant that her sister was going to fuck her with it.

“Let me,” Vanessa said, grabbing Aly’s dildo and aiming it towards her sister’s coochie.

AJ moaned and her eyes were fixed on her pussy as Aly pushed the tip of the toy into her. She loved watching her pussy being spread by a nice hard cock and it was even more erotic to know that it was a fake one attached to her sister.

By the time it was halfway in, AJ could tell that the dildo was thicker than her ex-boyfriend had been. It wasn’t gigantic by any stretch, but it was definitely a tighter fit than she was used to. It was actually just about right and AJ worked her hips upwards to help Aly stuff more of it into her.

With Aly and AJ fully engaged with each other Vanessa’s attention shifted to Selena and Demi. Selena’d had one of her mini orgasms and Demi had pulled out so they could make out a bit to keep the fire going inside them both before continuing. But to Vanessa it just looked like a good toy going unused and two perfect little sluts to use it on.

“Use it or lose it,” Vanessa told Demi as she yanked the straps of the harness down Demi’s legs. When she had the toy in her hand and her sluts were fully naked once more she started to move her finger back and forth mouthing ‘eeny, meeny, miny, mo’ to herself. When she’d finished the childhood method of picking, her finger was pointing at Demi. “Looks like you’re first, so why don’t you two get into a 69 while I get ready.”

As Vanessa slipped the harness up her legs Demi and Selena shifted into a 69 position with Demi on top. Staring at Demi’s ass Vanessa’s gaze shifted back and forth between Demi’s sopping cunt and winking asshole. The gears in her head started turning as she moved in behind Demi.

“I could put it here,” Vanessa said, running the tip of her dildo along Demi’s slit before shifting up to gently poke at her asshole. “Or I could put it here.”

“Fuck my ass,” Demi said, remembering how great it had felt when Aly had stuck in a finger in her butt.

“I love hearing sluts beg me to fuck them in the ass,” Vanessa said, hoping the toy was slick enough with Selena’s juices to get the job done. “Say it again.”

“Fuck my a-, ahhh,” Demi said, her request cut short as Vanessa pushed forward, splitting her asshole without warning. It felt so much bigger than Aly’s finger and there was pain, but there was an intensity to it that made up for the discomfort.

When the head was in, Vanessa took a moment to let Demi get accustomed to the intrusion. When Demi started to push back against her she started to slowly ease the shaft of the toy into Demi’s virgin ass.

From underneath Demi Selena had an up close view of her girlfriend’s ass being violated and it looked amazing. She’d always thought Demi had a nice ass, but watching a dildo being pushed into it was the most erotic thing Selena had ever seen or was likely to ever see. It made her pussy heat up just watching it and totally wanted to be next in line.

“You like my cock in your ass?” Vanessa asked Demi as she started to work in and out in small increments with about half the strap on buried in the teen’s butt.

“Yeah,” Demi said hoarsely. Everything seemed to be magnified by about a thousand to the point she was on the verge of forgetting her own name let alone how to speak and when Selena lifted her head to flick her tongue across Demi’s clit she damn near came on the spot.

“It only gets better,” Vanessa promised, grabbing hold of Demi’s hips and gradually lengthening her strokes.

It wasn’t long before Vanessa was working about three quarters of the toy in and out of Demi’s ass. The hole was so tight that each thrust pushed the base against her clit and driving her wild as well. The only thing that kept her from going off like a rocket was the slow pace she was using to fuck Demi’s ass. It kept her at a nice even level of pleasure without sending her fully into orbit.

Demi was beginning to lose her mind from having both holes pleasured. The discomfort in her ass had been nearly erased but the intensity of it remained and Selena’s work on her pussy was quickly building her towards climax. When Selena slid a finger into her pussy, the sensation of the double penetration set her off like a keg of dynamite.

“Oh God,” Demi screamed, her eyes open wide as her orgasm ripped through her. Her whole body spasmed and her climax seemed to echo through every part of her.

Finally after what felt like days of coming her muscles turned to jelly and she collapsed on top of Selena. Even after her arms had given out on her though her body still spasmed as she felt aftershocks from her orgasm course through her.

Pulling out of Demi’s ass, Vanessa tilted the toy downward and pressed it against Selena’s mouth. Like a good little slut in training Selena parted her lips and accepted it into her mouth without thought. By the time she remembered where the toy had just been, she already had half of it in her mouth. Since it didn’t taste bad she kept on sucking, and the fact that she was licking the essence of Demi’s asshole off the toy even made it that much hotter.

“Time to switch,” Vanessa said when Selena had cleaned the dildo up with her tongue.

Demi was still trying to regain her strength, but she had enough to roll off of Selena so her friend could take her place on top. When Selena was in place, Vanessa didn’t even give her the benefit of a choice. The toy was pressed against her anus before she was even fully settled into the position.

“Better relax or it’s gonna hurt,” Vanessa warned Selena when he met resistance from the young girl tensing up at the pressure on her backdoor.

From underneath, Demi used her hands to caress Selena’s thighs to help her friend relax. It worked as when Vanessa pushed forward again Selena’s asshole loosened up and the head popped past her sphincter.

“Shit,” Selena gasped, her eyes opening wide as a tear appeared at the corner of her eye. It hurt, but no more than she’d thought it would. Mostly it was just overwhelming, as she hadn’t even had a finger in her butt to give her a point of comparison to prepare her, even marginally, for how it would feel to have her ass fucked.

After giving Selena the customary moment to acclimate to having her asshole stretched, Vanessa pushed forward. As she did a moan echoed in her throat because as tight as Demi’s ass had been, Selena’s was even tighter. It felt like she was pushing a log into a pinhole and the base of the dildo felt like it was crushing her clit as she thrust into Selena’s butt.

“Ever been fucked in the ass?” Aly asked AJ as she pounded away at her sister’s cunt.

“No,” AJ moaned. Her ex had liked to stick a finger in her ass while she was on top, but she’d always shut him down when he’d tried to take it further. Watching Demi come like a freight train though was definitely making her wonder if she’d made the right decision in that regard.

“Want to try it?” Aly asked, wondering just how far she could take it.

“Maybe,” AJ confessed. She was undeniably curious but too nervous that it would hurt to come right out and ask for it.

“I’ll be gentle,” Aly promised even though AJ already knew that if anyone was going to make it enjoyable, it was Aly.

“Okay,” AJ said, biting her lower lip and looking at Aly with a look of innocence and vulnerability that it sent a shiver of anticipation through Aly’s body.

“Hold your legs,” Aly said as she slipped the toy from sister’s pussy.

When AJ grabbed her own thighs and pulled them to her body, Aly slid the toy down and pressed it against her AJ’s anus. Leaning in she kissed her sister on the lips to distract her a bit as she pushed inward. AJ’s asshole parted and the toy slid in with minimal opposition.

“Ohh,” AJ moaned into Aly’s mouth as her virgin ass was impaled. It felt huge but the psychological factor of having her sister taking her anal cherry outweighed any pain there may have been.

“You okay?” Aly asked, putting her hands on the couch on either side of AJ before pushing another fraction of an inch into AJ’s ass.

“Fuck me,” AJ said, letting go of her legs so she frig her clit while watching Aly fuck her.

“You like having your ass fucked?” Aly said, hoping the dirty talk would spur AJ on. For her part Aly was already close to coming and wanted to make sure AJ got off as well.

“Oh God, fuck your sister’s virgin ass,” AJ said, feeling her orgasm build rapidly inside her. So many taboos were being broken that she felt like she was going out of her mind from arousal.

Working about half the toy in and out of AJ’s ass Aly moved one of her hands to AJ’s chest. She put the weight of her upper body on her other arm as she cupped one of AJ’s tits. Trapping the nipple between her fingers Aly pinched in an effort to get AJ off before her.

“Gonna come,” AJ panted, the situation too much for her. Her ass clamped down on Aly’s toy and her pussy gushed cream as the biggest climax of her short life tore through her like a hurricane. The spasms in her muscles felt like her skeleton was trying to get up and go for a walk while her skin stayed on the couch.

Unfortunately for Aly she wasn’t quite as close to orgasm as she thought. When AJ went totally limp Aly was left on the verge. She thought about giving her sister a couple more thrusts in an effort to finish herself off, but her eyes were drawn to AJ’s chest and a different idea hit her.

Pulling out of AJ’s ass Aly move up onto the couch, straddling her sister’s body. When AJ opened her eyes to see what Aly was up to she saw her sister resting the shaft of the dildo in the valley between her breasts.

“Hold them together,” Aly said, grabbing AJ’s hands and using them to push her sister’s tits together with the toy in the middle. They weren’t big enough to completely wrap around it, but there was enough there for it to look really hot to Aly.

As AJ held her tits in place Aly slid the dildo between them. The toy pressed against her clit on each forward thrust but it was the idea that she was tit fucking her sister that really got Aly’s orgasm gearing up once more.

When AJ opened her mouth to suck on the head when it came near was the final straw. Watching her sister go ass to mouth on a dildo that she was wearing was just too much for Aly. Her head lolled back and she let out a strangled cry as her hips jerked back and forth.

Watching Aly tit fuck her sister had much the same effect on Vanessa that it had on Aly. Though she also had the added benefit of Selena’s no longer virgin asshole smashing the toy into her clit on each inward stroke to drive her towards orgasm. The combination was just too hot and she couldn’t hold any longer.

“Fucking make me come,” Vanessa told Selena as she lost control and started to drive into Selena’s ass with as much force as she could muster. After a full evening of sex she didn’t have a whole lot left in the tank, but it was more than enough to drive Selena forward on the couch and let Demi’s tongue dive into her pussy.

“Uhh,” Selena gasped, the feeling of Demi tongue fucking her with Vanessa’s cock buried in her asshole enough to set her off as well.

Seeing the hole in Vanessa’s harness exposing her hole to her, Demi tilted her head so she could get her tongue into Vanessa too. While the two girls above her howled in pleasure she licked up as much of their juices as she could by switching back and forth.

Finally unable to hold themselves up Vanessa and Selena collapsed. Selena just crumpled on top Demi but Vanessa slid to the side and tumbled onto the couch on top of everyone. With a sigh she managed to wiggle so she was in between but the couch still resembled nothing so much as a big pile of sweaty girls too fucked out to anything.

“We should have a sleepover like this every week,” Vanessa said weakly. “My house next week.”

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