Waiting On Elle

Waiting On Elle
By: Dakota’s Prince
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Elle Fanning
Disclaimer: This story contains descriptions of sexual relations between an adult and a child. It is pure fantasy, has no basis in real life, and the author does NOT condone such activity in real life. That said, it’s fun to fantasize…Enjoy!

I was already tired at 21-years-old. I had moved to Los Angeles right out of high school and spent the last 3 years bussing tables and parking cars in the various high class restaurants around LA, waiting on A-list celebs for little to no tips. Acting was not an easy
career to break into.

As I said, the places I worked were high class. Places that celebrities frequented. So there was no surprise when Elle Fanning walked in with her grandmother. Regardless of how little of a surprise it was to see her, my jaw hit the ground. She was the most gorgeous thing on two legs.

She was wearing this gorgeous little blue jumper with a pink shirt underneath, knee high white socks, and black Mary-Janes. Her porcelain skin was so fair, you could see slight traces of her veins through it. It was gorgeous. She looked so incredibly soft and sweet.

When I greeted her with a towel draped over my arm and a smile on my face, Elle smiled at me with her classic “Little Fanning Princess” smile. My heart instantly melted. I knew I had to show this girl the time of her life tonight.

I seated her in the best spot in the restaurant, next to the big tropical aquarium. She smiled at the fish, and thanked me as I pulled out her chair for her and let her sit down. Throughout the night as I waited their table, Elle giggled and flirted with me. I shrugged it off as her just being a friendly kid. I stood on the other side of the aquarium and made faces at her she jokingly dropped things to make me pick up. Sweet, flirty things like that. I was really bummed when they left, but I found a small note with the tip. “Plaza Suites Inn, room 247. Midnight. – Elle” There was a little heart before and after her name. Her handwriting was so sweet. I smiled. The rest of the night working was TORTURE. I realized this was probably some kind of sick joke, or god-forbid a sting operation. But I couldn’t help it. I just had to go on the off chance that it was real.

Later that night I knocked quietly on the door to room 247. To my surprise and extreme relief, Elle Fanning answered the door and invited me in. She poured me a glass of sweet tea. I sat on the couch in her suite and sipped my tea.

“I’m so glad you came,” Elle said quietly, “I was afraid you wouldn’t…” She smiled at me and sat next to me. Then, without warning, she stretched up and gave me a little peck on the cheek. I shifted a little uncomfortably in my seat. “Elle, sweetie….” “It’s okay,” she said, “Grandma’s in the room next door, we’re in the hotel tonight because they’re painting my room at home. We’re all alone all night.” She winked at me and kissed my lips.

I gently pushed her away. “Elle…We can’t do this.” She giggled, “Oh, come on! If you didn’t wanna, you wouldn’t be here. I really like you, Andy…let’s have some fun.” She sat on my lap, facing me, straddling my lap. She kissed my lips again, this time beginning to unbutton my shirt as she did. I moaned.

My hands began to wander over her body, caressing her back and arms as I kissed her deeply, sliding my tongue into her mouth. Her tongue played against mine, she was trying, but it was obvious she was learning as she went. I smiled at her.

“You are so beautiful, sweetie.” She smiled back. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply as she pushed my shirt off of me and began running her fingers through the hair on my chest. she sat back from our kiss for a minute, looking at me, tracing patterns on my chest with her fingers. My hands rested on her hips, I looked at her lovely face. She smiled at me, “You are so hott!” She giggled, obviously she had never told a boy that before. “I’m glad you approve,” I joked.

She began to kiss my chest. She kissed all over my chest, and she began to suck on my nipples and lick them. My cock was growing very hard in my pants, and I could feel her rubbing her sweet little cunny against it. My hand began to caress her thigh, higher and higher. She moaned as she kissed my chest and nipples. I slid my hands up her skirt, cupped her ass in my hands and stood, holding her. I turned around and laid her on the couch, and began to kiss her lips passionately.

I moved my kisses down her neck, she moaned her approval. My kisses moved down her clothed body. I reached down and removed her shoes and socks, and then kissed all the way down her clothed body and down her legs. I began to kiss all over the soles of her lovely little feet. She was smiling, experiencing sensations that were new to her 9-year-old little body. I could see her pink hello kitty panties up her skirt now, and they were definitely getting wet.

I licked her soles, gently at first and then with more vigor. I ran my tongue all over her young feet, and in between her toes. One by one I sucked her toes into my mouth for a little while, before sucking the whole foot in. Elle was giggling and squirming, but she was enjoying it, too. Then I began to kiss up her legs again, but this time, when I reached her skirt, instead of continuing up her body over her clothes, I pushed her skirt up and continued up until I laid a kiss right on her panty clad kitty. She drew a deep gasp and moaned, “Yes…”

I kissed back down her other leg to her knee, then I extended my tongue and slowly, sensuously, I ran my tongue up her inner thigh until it met her panties. Her breathing was coming harder now, her eyes were starting to close as she felt these sensasions. I did the same thing to the other leg. This time when I reached her panties, I didn’t stop. I opened my mouth and began to suck and lick her young, tight pussy through her panties. She began to moan and thrust her little hips at my face. As she got into it more, her creamy, smooth little thighs clamped around my face and she began to let out louder little grunts and moans as her hips thrust harder and she breathed heavier.

She began to arch her back, and then she let out a huge screech as I felt her panties get incredibly wet and I drank down her juices. I slid up and kissed her mouth hard. She moaned. “I love you Andy” she whispered. “I love you, too, Elle.” She smiled as she felt my hard on brush her leg. “Let me help you with that, tell me how to use my mouth, like I heard people talking about on set.” I stripped off my pants and boxers. She gasped at the site of my thick 8 inch cock and smiled. “I like it.” She reached out with her hand and grabbed it. I gasped at the feeling and then proceeded to tell her, “lick it all over, and suck on it…like you would a melting popcicle. But, be careful, don’t bump it with your teeth, that would hurt.”

This girl was a natural. She took the head of my cock in her mouth and began to suck lightly. I moaned, so she sucked more firmly. I’m glad I have some control over myself, or I would’ve shot my load right there, to see Elle Fanning sucking my cock like that! She released my cock for a moment and began to lick up and down the shaft, as though she was tracing drips from the melting popsicle. I smiled at her as she worked my cock over with her tongue, then she ran her tongue in circles around the head before taking it back in her mouth to suck some more.

I moaned as I watched, then I took her little hand in mine and placed it on my balls, “Play with those, too, but don’t be too rough with ’em.” She began to lightly squeeze and feel my balls as she sucked the head of my cock and ran her tongue around it. I was moaning loudly, really getting into it now. I knew I couldn’t hold back much longer.

“Oh shit, Elle…I’m gonna cum sweetie! Oh fuck, do you want it on your face or in your mouth?” She pulled it out of her mouth just in time for me to squirt load after load of hot sticky semen all over her precious little face and hair. I moaned, “Oh GOD you’ve never looked sexier, Elle.” She smiled at me as the last of my cum dribbled out of my cock. She licked it off and swallowed it. “Yum, that was good…next time I’ll have to leave it in.” I laughed. “You are a natural, kiddo.” She giggled. “C’mon. Let’s go get washed up!” She grabbed my hand and led me into the bathroom where she turned on the shower. Just then the door to the bathroom swung open and I heard a tired sounding voice say, “What the Hell is all the commotion, Elle? I’m trying to sleep!”

I spun around and there, in the doorway, was Elle’s sister, Dakota in just her panties, rubbing her eyes. “Oh, did I mention” said Elle, sweetly, “They’re painting Kota’s room too?”

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