Rumer Willis: Porn Star Lust

As with any other story on CSSA, this is just fantasy. The celebrities in the story don’t act like this in real life. Comments, suggestions go here- Enjoy the story.

Rumer Willis: Porn Star Lust

By Buckeye Mike

Featuring: Rumer Willis, Lexington Steele (M/F, oral, anal, interracial)

Rumer was lounging in her hotel room in Vegas, there for a club opening. She had an ulterior motive for being there too, as it also happened to be the weekend of the AVN awards. The offspring of Bruce and Demi had been a fan of porn ever since she
and a couple of girlfriends had enjoyed giggling and watching some at a sleepover. She was a fan of one man in particular, Lexington Steele and Rumer was there to get her hands, and other body parts, on him. The club promoter had been making the rounds at the awards show and as luck would have it Lex was going to be there.

She walked into the bathroom and turned the shower on, letting the water run as she slipped her clothes off. The hot water soothed her as she stepped in, splashing against her bare breasts and running down over her bald pussy. Rumer closed her eyes and started rubbing her hands all over her body, thinking about Lex as she brushed her fingers against her pussy. She moaned as her fingers slid up and down, spreading her lips apart. “Mmmm….ohhh….yesss” Rumer said as she pushed a finger inside and started sliding it in and out. Her mind was filled with thoughts of Lex and his big cock as she slipped another finger in and started rubbing her clit with her other hand.

Rumer felt the orgasm build as she fingered herself and rubbed her clit, feeling her body start to tense up. “Ohhh…fuckk….mmmm” she yelled out as she came all over her fingers, her body shaking as she braced herself in the shower. She finished up her shower and jumped out, toweling herself off and walking out to the bed. “What to wear, what to wear?” Rumer wondered to herself as she finally decided on a low-cut top and short skirt, with no bra and a nice pair of red thong panties on underneath. Her phone rang and she saw it was the club promoter “Hey Rumer, I’m downstairs with the car whenever you are ready” he said as she was slipping her panties on. “Alrighty, I’ll be down in about 10 minutes” she said as she hung up and put the rest of her outfit on, finishing up with a pair of 3 inch heels.

She whipped through her makeup and checked herself one last time in the mirror “I hope he’s ready” she thought to herself as she left the room. Rumer was filled with anticipation during the ride over to the club, hoping she wouldn’t chicken out. The crowd was crazy and people were yelling for her picture as she made her way inside, stopping to pose for a few quick ones. She got situated in a VIP room and just let the atmosphere soak in before she cracked open the free bottle of champagne. The music was bumping and the crowd was enjoying it as Rumer made her way out to the dance floor. Rumer was dancing around, having fun and the time seemed to fly by fast when she saw him walking in.

There were more than a few tall black guys in the club, but Rumer recognized this guy as Lexington Steele. She was dancing with some college guy, but kept glancing at Lex, watching him make his way through the club. “Excuse me, I see my friend over there, thanks for the dance” she said loudly as she leaned close to her dance partner. Rumer was following Lex and luckily he was headed towards the VIP area as well, in the room right next to hers. Her mind was racing a mile a minute now as she watched woman after woman saying hi to Lex. She watched as he went into his room, thankfully none of the women followed him in. Rumer grabbed one of the drink girls as she was leaving another room “Hey, here’s a few bills, send a bottle of your best to the gentleman in that room” she said as the girl took the money and walked off.

Rumer went back into her room, just lounging back and relaxing with a glass of champagne. There was a knock at the door a few minutes later and it was the same drink girl “The gentleman next door asked if you would care to join him” the girl said. Rumer couldn’t have been happier as she said yes and got up, making her way next door. She was a little nervous as she knocked and the door opened up, her object of admiration in front of her. “Please come on in honey” Lex said as she walked in and stood there, feeling his eyes roaming over her body. She giggled as he took her hand and kissed it, thanking her for the bottle. “Lex, I just want to say that I am a huge fan and it’s an honor to meet you” Rumer said as she blushed a little, bringing a smile to Lexington’s face.

“Well, thank you and I appreciate it. You know, you aren’t the first famous woman that’s been a fan of mine, but you are the first that’s been so bold about it” Lex said as he picked up 2 glasses and poured champagne into them, handing one to Rumer. She took the glass and sat down on the couch with Lex sitting down next to her. “I’m glad to hear that, I was nervous you would just look at me like some crazy fan or something” she said as she sipped on the champagne. He just chuckled as he sipped his “You certainly wouldn’t be the first or the last crazy fan I’ve had” he said as he stretched his arm across the back of the couch, lightly brushing up against her back.

She smiled as she felt him touch her and he asked “So, to what do I owe the pleasure of your generosity and company?” Rumer sighed and took a breath as she put her hand on his leg, looking into his eyes. “Well, to be honest Lex” she said as she moved her hand up his leg “I’ve been dying to meet you and was lucky enough to be in town when you would be.” He had a big grin on his face as he finished off his glass, getting worked with her hand so close to his crotch. Rumer decided to go for it and leaned in close to his ear, her lips almost touching it as she whispered “I’m not just here for an autograph Lex” she said as she moved her hand up all the way to his crotch and squeezed.

Lex let out a groan as Rumer was squeezing and pulling at his cock, her mouth all over his as she slipped her tongue into his mouth. “Mmmm….I’ve been waiting to do this for awhile” she said as she pulled her mouth away from Lex and started unzipping his pants. He watched as she pulled his pants down and pulled his cock out, stroking it and just staring at it. “Wow, it looks so much bigger in person” Rumer said as she stroked it, leaning in to flick her tongue on the head. Lex moaned as he watched the young starlet licking his big cock like a lollipop. He ran his fingers through her hair and held on tight, pulling her away from his cock as she looked at him with a look of lust in her eyes.

“You really want it bad, don’t you honey?” Lex asked as she shook her head yes “then open up and take it” he said. Rumer opened her mouth wide and slid it down on his cock a little bit, closing her mouth around it and sucking on it. She started sliding her mouth up and down on his cock as he was pushing his hands down her shirt, feeling her tits. Lex pinched and pulled on her fat nipples, feeling her groaning on his cock as she was sucking it. “Mmmfffhhhmmm….” Rumer moaned as she slurped and sucked on Lex’s cock, pulling her mouth off to catch a breath with a big string of drool hanging off her lips.

She wiped the drool into her mouth and licked her lips as she stood up, pulling her shirt off.

“Mmmm….so far so good Rumer” Lex said as he watched her dancing in front of him with just her heels and panties on. He stood up and kicked off his pants as he moved up behind Rumer, reaching around and rubbing her tits as he grinded his cock against her ass. “Oohhh….feels so good” she said as Lex kissed and licked her neck, reaching down and rubbing her bald pussy. Rumer turned around and got down on her knees, grabbing his cock and stroking it as she spit on it and took it back in her mouth. “Yesss….you got a hot little mouth on you girl” Lex moaned as she sucked up and down on his cock.

Rumer pulled her mouth off his cock and looked up at him “Watch this” she said as she put her mouth back on his cock. She kept her mouth open and slid it down on his big black cock, inching her way down. “Whoo….look at you taking it deep” Lex said as he watched Rumer deepthroating him and finally getting down to the bottom, her nose pressed up against his body. She held his cock in her throat for a little bit before she had to catch a breath “Ohh my god….ugghmmm…” she said as she caught her breath. Rumer stroked his cock as she looked up at him, seeing the big smile on his face from her oral skills. “I think it’s time to return the favor” Lex said as he pulled her up and led her to the couch, sitting her down as he got down in front of her and pulled her panties off.

She rubbed her tits and pulled on her nipples, watching Lex spread her apart and lick his way down her legs to her pussy. He slowly licked around her already wet pussy, teasing her as he quickly brushed his tongue against her clit. “Mmmm….yesss….eat it please” Rumer begged as he leaned in and started licking up and down on her lips, sucking them into his mouth. Lex moved his hand up and spread her lips apart, moving his tongue up to her clit. He took the hard nub into his mouth and sucked on it, also gently nibbling on it as well. “Ohh fuckk….eat that pussy Lex” she moaned as he licked her and inserted a finger into her. Rumer was moaning and squirming as he licked and fingered her, telling him to add another finger.

Lex obliged the young lady and slipped another finger in, pushing them in and out as he licked her clit. Her pussy made obscene squishing noises as he sucked and fingered Rumer, her legs draped over on his body. He could feel her body start to tense up and he knew she was about to cum, but had no idea how hard it would be. “Ohh..shitt….I’m gonna cummm….FUCCKKKKK” she yelled out as he pulled his mouth away from her pussy. Rumer’s body was sweating and convulsing as he continued to finger her and it finally exploded. A torrent of pussy juice exploded out of her pussy, squirting all over Lex and the floor. She sunk into the couch as he pulled his fingers out of her pussy and held them up to her “Mmmm….tastes so good” Rumer said as she licked his fingers clean.

“I haven’t done that with many guys, but thank you, it was awesome” she said as he sat down next to her. Rumer got up and straddled him as he held up his hard cock, lowering herself until she felt the head pressing against her pussy. “Ready to get fucked girl?” Lex asked as she responded by pushing herself down, his cock sinking in all the way. She moaned out loud as she started riding his dick, sliding her pussy up and down on it. He grabbed her hips and held onto her as he bucked his hips, slamming his cock in and out of her bald pussy. “Ohh yeaa….like that big dick?” Lex asked as she smacked her ass, leaning up to suck on her tits. Rumer wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tight as she slammed her body up and down on his cock. “Ugghmm….feels so fucking good” she said as she rode him, feeling his mouth sucking and biting her tits.

Lex told her to hold on as he stood up, holding her up and bouncing her on his cock. “Yea….ride that dick Rumer” he said as she leaned in and kissed him hard, sucking his tongue like his cock. They were both moaning and groaning against each other as he pulled her off his cock and sat her on the couch. “Turn around and let me see that ass again” he said as she obliged, shaking it at him and smacking it. He got down behind her and spread her cheeks, getting in and licking her tight little hole. “Ohhh….I know something else that would be better in my ass” Rumer said as she felt his tongue poking into her asshole. Lex stood up and smacked her ass with his hand and his cock, telling her to spread her cheeks.

Rumer looked back over her shoulder and smiled “Please Lex, put that big dick in my ass” she begged as she spread her cheeks and he pressed the head against her hole. She knew it would be a tight fit and hurt a little as he pushed his cock into her ass, but she couldn’t help herself. “Ugghhh….fuck it hurts…mmmm” she moaned as he slid his thick cock into her ass, feeling her hole being stretched out as he sank into her. Lex leaned down against her, kissing the side of her face and holding onto her shoulders as he finally got all of his cock in. “Ohh….that’s a tight little ass baby….mmmm” he said as he held it in for a little bit, then started pulling his cock out and pushing it back in. Rumer grabbed onto the back edge of the couch and held on tight as Lex grabbed her hips and started fucking her ass.

Lex was all smiles as he watched Rumer’s ass bouncing around from the pounding he was giving her. “Ohmmm….fuck my ass harder…ugghhh….give it to me” she yelled out as he held onto her hips and fucked her ass, his cock sliding in and out. He pulled his cock out with an audible plop as he stared at her gaping asshole, reaching down and smacking her ass. “Hey honey, turn around and sit down on the couch” Lex said as the sweaty and almost breathless Rumer did as he asked. She was looking up at Lex as he grabbed her legs and pulled them up, putting her in an upside down position. “I’ve done this before” she said with a wicked grin as Lex pushed her legs back towards her face. “Aren’t you the adventurous type” Lex said as he spit on his cock and aimed it back at her still gaping asshole.

He put the head up against her asshole and sank down, watching as all of it slid right back in and Rumer loved it. She was moaning and groaning as Lex was bouncing up and down, his fat dick going in and out of her ass and his balls bouncing off her. “Mmmm….fuck me Lex….ohhh yesss….give me that fat dick” she moaned as he kept pounding her and her own orgasm was building. Lex could feel her starting to tense up and his orgasm was building too “Yea….take that dick girl….I’m about to give you a big load of cum.” “Ohh fuckk….I’m gonna cummm…” Rumer yelled as she reached up and rubbed her pussy hard, feeling it boiling to a point. Lex pulled out of her ass and watched her fall back on the couch as he aimed for her face and he felt his cum rising.

“UGGGHH….FUCCKKk….I’MMMm….CUMMMINGGG” they both seemed to yell out at the same time, Lex letting loose with the first of several blasts of cum, the first hitting Rumer on the forehead and the next few going into her mouth and all over her face. Rumer was furiously rubbing her pussy as she came and her pussy juice exploded out all over the place. She pulled her hand away and was still shaking as her pussy leaked all over the couch. She sat up and grabbed Lexington’s cock, stroking it hard and putting her mouth on the head. “Mmmm….tastes so good” Rumer said as she sucked the rest of his cum out and wiped the rest off her face and into her mouth. She finally let his cock go and fell back against the couch, exhausted and as happy as could be.

Lex plopped down next to her as sweaty and breathless as she was “Wow honey….not many girls that aren’t in porn have given me a fuck like that” he said. Rumer had a big grin on her face as she reached for a napkin and wiped her face off “I’m happy I could be of service Lex” she said as she stood up and gathered her clothes. He was smiling as he got up and dressed as well, watching her put her clothes back on. Lex reached into his pocket and pulled his wallet out, handing a business card to Rumer “Here, not that you would, but you would be a natural baby, give me a call sometime.” Rumer took the card and smiled as she leaned in and gave him kiss “I’ll certainly think about it Lex, and thank you so much for all the fun. See you around sometime.” She walked out with a big smile on her face and left the club, thinking to herself that she would definitely be giving him a call soon.

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