Jailbait Academy 3

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Jailbait Academy 3

By voodoojoe

Stopping in front of Max Olson’s door, Lucy Hale raised her hand but hesitated before knocking because she didn’t really know why she was there. Well, she did know, she just didn’t understand why she was there.

In the month or so since the party to kick off the school year she’d snuck off to Max’s room every chance she’d gotten, even though her best friend and roommate, Emmy Clarke, had been crushing on him for over a year. She just couldn’t stay away and even after telling Emmy it wouldn’t happen again Lucy found herself coming back over and over.

He just made something come alive inside her that she didn’t quite understand, but didn’t try too hard to fight either. Even the verbal abuse he dished out on a regular basis made her crave more despite the fact it went against everything her mother had ever instilled in her.

Taking a deep breath, she finally rapped on the door with her knuckles. Her pulse raced in anticipation while she waited for the door to open. When Max’s head popped out and saw that it was her he pushed the door open wide. She took a quick look in either direction to make sure no one was looking and slipped through the door.

* * * * *

“I want to play paintball, anyone up for a game while we wait for the pizza?” Fred asked. Pete’s had an arcade shooter game where you traversed a course, shooting paintballs at opponents that popped up.

“You get mad when I shoot the chickens, so I’ll pass,” Jeff said. The game also had small animals like chickens and rabbits wandering around that you could shoot if you felt like it.

“I’ll play,” Jordan said, getting out of her chair.

“Ten bucks says she has him blushing before they even get to the game,” Jeff said.

“No deal,” Willa said and sure enough, just before they turned the corner into the game room, Fred’s head snapped to the side with a look of astonishment and a slight flush spread across his face.

“Come on, tell me why you don’t like me,” Jordan said, pulling the trigger and hitting a guy in the face with a paintball.

“I do like you,” Fred said, firing and hitting an opponent in the kneecap.

“Prove it,” Jordan said, squeezing off two quick rounds, hitting a guy in the chest with both shots.

“How?” Fred asked, distracted enough that he accidentally shot the referee, drawing a penalty.

“Figure it out, genius,” Jordan muttered, firing off several rounds in frustration until she was empty and had to reload.

“What do you want from me?” Fred asked when they’d finally reached the end of the course.

“If you haven’t figured it out by now, then I’m not going to tell you,” Jordan said, heatedly slamming the gun into the holster on the side of the machine before turning and storming off.

“You don’t like to lose but you never get that mad when you do, so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Fred didn’t say what you wanted him to say,” Jeff said when Jordan angrily sat down in her chair.

“I’m done with that jackass,” Jordan grunted, crossing her arms over her chest as she slumped down in her chair.

“No you’re not,” Willa said, taking a sip of her Diet Coke.

“I know, and that’s what pisses me off most,” Jordan said. She wanted to throw her head back and scream but common sense told her not to make a scene.

“If you need someone to talk to Fred, I’m sure Archie would do it,” Jeff suggested with a completely straight face.

“What?” Jordan and Archie both said at the same time.

“Man, two for one, I love it,” Jeff said, grinning as he was greeted by a pair of completely shocked expressions. “I’ll go talk to him.”

“Try to talk some sense into him,” Jordan muttered just loud enough for everyone at the table to hear.

Nodding his head, Jeff headed off to find Fred. As he started walking away from the table his phone beeped. Slipping it out of his pocket he flipped it open and his eyes widened as he read the text message. By the time he reached Fred he felt like he was walking on air.

“Damn, did you just get laid or something?” Fred asked, seeing the huge smile on Jeff’s face.

“No, but close to it,” Jeff said, handing his phone to Fred.

“You got it?” Fred asked after he’d read the text message.

“Yeah,” Jeff said, still not quite believing it.

Without thought Fred hugged Jeff. A few people turned to look at the two guys hugging, but neither of them cared at that point. Jeff had just been offered a scholarship to Oregon State and that kind of news occasionally made guys do things they might not otherwise do, like hug in public.

Over the last year Jeff had received attention from several schools as a tight end. Tall and broad of shoulder with soft hands, plenty of college coaches in need of a big target for their quarterbacks had talked to him. But he was from Oregon, so when the Beavers got into the mix, it was over as far as he was concerned. They were the only ones he was interested in, so it was huge for him to finally be able to get the scholarship offer.

“Who else knows?” Fred asked.

“I got it like two seconds ago, so just you at this point,” Jeff said. “But now I need to give you something.”

“Ow, what was that for?” Fred asked when Jeff smacked him in the back of the head.

“Because you’re being a complete idiot,” Jeff responded. “I say this because I care, but Jordan is so far out of your league you’re barely fit to cower in her presence. Yet she actually likes you and all you can do is dick around. I know you’re still hung up on Emma, but it’s time to think about moving on. Me and Renee broke up about the same time but you don’t see me moping around like some jackass when a hot chick wants to screw me.”

“It’s different,” said Fred, exasperation showing clearly on his face.

“How is it different?” Jeff challenged.

“It just is,” Fred said, gritting his teeth.

“We both know how it’s different, so why not just come out and say it,” Jeff said. “I want you to admit it.”

“You don’t like Jamie Lynn,” Fred said quietly.

“If I didn’t like Jamie Lynn I wouldn’t let her touch my junk,” Jeff corrected. “The real difference is that I don’t see her as girlfriend material but you see Jordan as that kind of girl.”

“Fine, I really like Jordan, is that what you want to hear?” Fred demanded.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear,” Jeff said. “Now you just need to figure out if you like her enough to act on it before she moves on to someone else.”

* * * * *

“You two are a real fun bunch today,” Willa Holland observed as Fred and Jeff sat lost in their own thoughts.

The conversation the previous night had stirred up issues for both of them. Fred was left to ponder his next move. He really wanted to open his heart to Jordan but he just couldn’t. It was still hurting from Emma leaving and no matter how much he wanted to, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

For Jeff, it was along the same lines. He didn’t have the problem of stuck being chaste like Fred but he also couldn’t bring himself to let anyone in that was anything more than a conquest. His encounter with Selena had been repeated a couple times since, but as much as her exotic cuteness excited him she was missing that certain something that would’ve marked her as something more.

“Sorry, lost in my own thoughts,” Jeff said, shrugging his shoulders.

“I would’ve expected it from him after the way Jordan blew up last night, but you?” Willa asked.

“Just wondering what I’m going to do about Jamie Lynn,” Jeff said, giving her enough of the truth to satisfy her curiosity without giving her any more information than she already had.

“Cut the crazy bitch loose, that’s what you should do,” Willa said. “Girl’s got a serious screw loose upstairs to do some of the shit she’s done while claiming to want to just be friends. You don’t give head to a ‘friend’ in public unless you’re a major slut or you’re desperate to make a guy like you in that special way.”

“The crazy ones are the best in bed,” Jeff said, trying to inject some humor into the conversation.

“Maybe, but you’re not going to find Ms. Right in Jamie Lynn’s bed,” Willa reminded him. “Selena might get you closer, but she’s not quite right either.”

“You know?” Jeff asked. He’d hoped he and Selena had kept it quiet enough to escape the rumor mill.

“Don’t worry, only a few people know. Selena made the right call of staying with Demi rather than going back to her room and getting the third degree from Emily,” Willa said. “Emily can’t keep her friggin’ mouth shut so the whole school would’ve known by morning, but Demi’s managed to keep it under wraps. I think she worries what Selena would do to her if it got back to Jamie Lynn and she found herself being cast out.”

“And yet you know,” Jeff said, amazed at just how plugged into the gossip Willa was.

“It helps when Demi’s itching to tell someone and you’re the only one she knows that can be trusted to keep a secret,” Willa said. “But we were talking about you and your search for the right girl. If I had to guess, I’d say you’ve got someone in mind.”

“There are a few I’ve got my eye on,” Jeff said, being non-committal after her demonstration of just how many people she could destroy if she chose to use her information for evil.

“No, just one,” Willa said, pointing across the quad to where Alexa Nikolas sat reading a book.

“Okay, that’s just creepy,” said Jeff. He’d developed a bit of an infatuation for Alexa, her mix of brains and out-of-this-world cuteness a beacon that drew him towards her, but he thought he’d kept it quiet enough to escape detection.

* * * * *

“Don’t you normally sit over there with the cool kids?” Taylor Momsen asked Jordan as she plopped down at the same table as Emmy, Lucy, and Taylor.

“You guys aren’t cool?” Jordan asked.

“She means that you normally sit with the quarterback,” Lucy said.

“They’re fighting at the moment,” Emmy Clarke explained.

“They’re always fighting,” Lucy said.

“I’m right here, I can speak for myself,” Jordan interrupted.

“So what are you fighting about?” Taylor asked, still curious why Jordan would choose to sit with them instead of her normal clique. Jordan may dispute how popular he was, but the fact remained that she was able to stake her claim to the quarterback of the football team and have that claim respected by girls that normally would push their mother down a flight of stairs for a chance to pick up Zac Efron’s sweaty towel.

“We’re not fighting,” Jordan said. “I’m just frustrated and avoiding him at the moment.”

“Emma?” Emmy asked, knowing that Fred’s inability to get over his ex was generally the cause for their discord.

“Who’s Emma?” Taylor asked.

“Fred’s ex,” Lucy chipped in. “She was an exchange student and went back to England at Christmas, leaving him broken hearted.”

“How sad,” Taylor said.

“Yeah, and Jordan’s been trying to fill her shoes ever since with no luck,” Emmy said.

“Will you guys let me talk?” Jordan demanded. “If she’s going to hear the story, she should hear it right.”

* * * * *

Approximately 13 months, 25 days, 4 hours, 2 minutes, and 15 seconds ago:

Arriving on campus for his junior year Fred was excited. This was his year he could feel it. He’d worked out hard all summer and was in position to be the starting quarterback. According to Jeff, his cousin was enrolling at the school and had a strong arm, but as an incoming freshman he wasn’t any serious competition.

He was carrying his bags across campus when he saw her. She was reading the announcements board and stood with a poise and grace that few women ever gain, let alone at such a young age. Her legs stuck out nicely from under her yellow dress and the sunlight reflected off her blond hair so much that he could have sworn he saw a halo.

So stunned was he by the sight of her that he almost walked into a light pole. At the last minute he caught sight of it out of the corner of his eyes and narrowly managed to avoid it. He heard a laugh and saw Jordan grinning with delight at his near miss.

It wasn’t until a couple days later that he saw her again. The second time he saw her it was as she walked between Jordan and Willa. He was trying hard not to gag watching Jeff try to talk Renee into skipping lunch for a quickie and Renee pretending to protest just enough to keep from looking as eager as Jeff was.

“Oh, get a room,” Jordan said, sitting down and seeing Jeff and Renee pawing at each other.

“Oh, get a man,” Renee shot back playfully.

“Who’s your friend?” Jeff asked, taking a break from his overtures.

“You already know Willa,” Jordan said. “Sure she filled out a bit over the summer, but that’s no excuse for not recognizing her.”

“I see the summer didn’t dull your sarcasm,” Jeff said, rolling his eyes.

“The two joined at the lip over there are Jeff and Renee. Renee’s the one with the rack,” Jordan said to the newcomer. “And the one trying to keep his eyes from bulging out of his head is Fred.”

“Nice to meet you,” the stranger said with an accent that set Fred’s heart pounding in his chest.

“This is Emma, she’s an exchange student from England,” Jordan said, completing the introductions.

“Is this your first time in America?” Renee asked.

“I was on holiday in New York with my family two years ago and I loved it,” Emma responded. “Los Angeles isn’t as impressive, but it does have its advantages.”

“The sun actually shines past the middle of September?” Jeff asked knowingly. Being from Oregon, he knew full well what it was like to look out the window and see nothing but dark skies and rain clouds for months at a time.

“That is a big one,” Emma conceded.

“Go on and say it,” Fred said, seeing Jordan aching to make a comment.

“That’s what she said,” Jordan said.

“Forgive her, she watches The Office too much,” Fred said.

“First, there’s no such thing,” Jordan said, rolling her eyes. “Second, Michael Scott is awesomeness.”

“Anyway, how do you like the school?” Fred asked, turning his attention back to Emma.

“I really haven’t seen much of it yet,” Emma said. “What I’ve seen is beautiful though.”

“If you need someone to show you around, I’d be happy to,” Fred volunteered.

“Maybe this evening after classes?” Emma asked, smiling at the prospect of a cute boy showing her around.

As Fred showed Emma around they chatted about whatever came into their minds. She asked some questions about the school and its students as they walked, which Fred answered to the best of his ability, and more than once gave far more of an answer than she really needed.

By the time Fred dropped her off at her door they had a date for the following Friday night. With a couple weeks they were inseparable and by Halloween it was clear to anyone that bothered to look that Fred was head over heels in love with the charming British babe.

Unfortunately, it would all come crashing down on him as the New Year began. They went to the airport and after taking some time saying their goodbyes they went to separate terminals with promises of seeing each other in a couple weeks. When he got back to school though he returned to a message that there had been a death in her family and she was staying home.

The suddenness of it crushed him and he barely remembered the first few weeks of school afterward. He spent the time practically sleep walking through everything. His brain was numb and the only consolation was the timing.

If it had happened a few weeks earlier he would’ve had to deal with it while trying not to have his head knocked off by defensive linemen. A couple months later and it would’ve derailed his baseball season. But happening when it did he was allowed to wallow a bit before channeling that anger and pain into his pitching.

* * * * *

“Poor guy,” Taylor said, looking sad as Jordan finished story time.

“Yeah, but for the love of God hasn’t it been long enough yet?” Jordan asked rhetorically. “I’ve been waiting for him to get his act together for months now and still I get nothing. I’m so horny I could jump the next person that walks by.”

“You could always find something on the side while you wait,” Lucy suggested.

“Just not Max, he’s mine,” Emmy said, not noticing as Lucy lowered her eyes in shame at the mention of Max.

“I’m not nearly horny enough to go after Max,” Jordan said. She got along great with Jeff but something about his cousin rubbed her the wrong way and nothing short of her being completely robbed of her senses would get her into his bed.

“There’s Chris,” Lucy told Taylor, wanting to change the topic.

“Ooh, gotta go,” said Taylor, grabbing her books. “Nice talking to you.”

“Geez, even the freshman are getting laid before me,” Jordan said as Taylor rushed to meet Chris.

“He’ll come around,” Emmy said, trying to be supportive.

“If all else fails, sneak into his room and tie him up,” Lucy said. “Then he won’t be able to resist.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be innocent and pure?” Jordan asked shocked that Lucy had thought of such a thing and almost as shocked that she hadn’t.

“I read about it on the internet,” Lucy said quickly.

“It’s a nice idea, but I don’t really want to rape him,” Jordan said. “Besides, I’d rather be the one being tied down while he fucked me.”

“Too much information,” Emmy said, blushing at Jordan’s brashness.

“Better get used to the idea if you’re going to pursue Max,” Jordan said. While she didn’t know anything for certain, she’d heard enough rumors about what Max was into to think they were pretty accurate.

“What does that mean?” Emmy asked.

“Nothing,” Jordan said, thinking better of opening the floodgates and letting Emmy in on everything she knew. “I gotta run. I need to get something from Jeff and then do a couple other things before my next class.”

* * * * *

“Vanessa!” Jen exclaimed as she and JoJo lay on her bed in the afterglow of a nice afternoon fuck session.

“You’re not supposed to be thinking of other girls when you’re in bed with me,” JoJo said, chiding her girlfriend.

“I’ve been trying to think of someone that could buy us a harness for our dildo,” Jen said. “You know, so I could fuck you like a guy.”

“Sounds fun,” JoJo said, snuggling up to Jen.

“I just realized Vanessa might buy it for us, that’s why I said her name,” Jen finished, jumping out of bed and grabbing clothes.

“Do you have to ask her now?” JoJo asked, wanting to cuddle a bit more.

“Better do it while I’m thinking about it,” Jen said. When she was fully dressed she kissed JoJo and bolted out the door.

* * * * *

Reaching Vanessa’s door Jen saw it was open. Pushing it open further she saw Vanessa in a pair of tight sweat pants and a tank top bent forward in a yoga position. Despite the fact that she’d just the bed of a girl with a body to die for Jen couldn’t help but appreciate the view of Vanessa’s she was receiving.

“Are you going to speak or just gawk for a while?” Vanessa asked without turning around or even looking.

“Sorry, I wanted to ask you for a favor,” Jen said, stepping through the doorway.

“Ask away, but I’m not buying you beer,” Vanessa said, finally straightening up and turning to face Jen.

“No, I wanted you to buy me something else,” said Jen.

“No cigarettes either,” Vanessa said, knowing there were very few things she could buy that they couldn’t.

“I wanted you to buy me a harness,” Jen said.

“A harness? For what, rock climbing?” Vanessa said, sitting down on her bed.

“No, a harness for a dildo,” Jen said.

“Oh, one of those,” Vanessa said, pulling open a drawer in her bedside table. She reached inside and pulled out a tangle of black straps and tossed it to Jen. “You can pay me later.”

“You have one?” Jen asked, shocked. “Why?”

“You’re the one that wants one so you can fuck JoJo and you’re asking me why?” Vanessa countered.

“You mean you-?” Jen asked, trailing off before she could complete the thought. “You know about JoJo?”

“What kind of dorm advisor would I be if I didn’t?” Vanessa grinned. “Be careful with it until you get the hang of it, it can be as dangerous as it can be fun.”

“Definitely,” Jen said, excited to get back to JoJo so they could try out their new toy.

* * * * *

“We don’t have much time,” Jordan said, bursting into Jeff’s room as he sat on his bed trying to write a paper on his laptop.

“Hey,” Jeff said as Jordan grabbed his laptop and closed it.

She put it on the table next to his bed but when he tried to get it back she jumped on top of him. Grabbing his head she pulled him into a kiss as she rolled over. She put his hand on her chest and pulled him on top of her just as the door opened again.

“I’ll come back,” Fred said, stopping in his tracks when he saw Jeff on top of Jordan.

“What the fuck do I have to do?” Jordan screamed in frustration when Fred had closed the door behind him. “He’s fucking impossible.”

“Sexually assaulting his roommate probably doesn’t help,” Jeff said, still trying to gather his wits from the sudden attack.

“Oh you liked it and you know it,” Jordan said, pushing him away.

“Give me some warning next time and we can really make him jealous,” Jeff said, grinning.

“We can go right now if you want,” Jordan challenged, straddling his waist.

“You don’t want to play that game with me little girl,” Jeff told her. “Fred may let you get away with it but I’ll have your legs spread before you even know what’s happening.”

“Oh really?” Jordan asked, studying him.

As she stared at him Jeff realized he might have broken off more than he could chew. Jordan was stubborn and competitive and he’d just laid down a massive challenge for her. He could see the wheels her head spinning as she tried to decide whether he was bluffing or not.

“I guess I could spare a couple hours from my paper if you want a ride,” Jeff said, deciding that sometimes the best way to win a hand of poker was to up the ante to the point the other person wasn’t willing to call.

“I’ve got things to do,” Jordan said, rolling off him.

“Thought so,” Jeff said, grabbing his laptop from where she’d left it.

“If you see Fred make sure to tell him how great my tits feel,” Jordan said as she opened the door. “Really jab that knife in there and see if you can’t get a reaction out of him.”

“Can do,” Jeff said, heaving a sigh of relief that she hadn’t called his bluff. As hot as she was, she was a handful and he was glad he wasn’t Fred.

“What the fuck was that?” Fred demanded slipping back into the room once he was sure Jordan was gone.

“What was what?” Jeff asked, playing innocent.

“I come in and find you groping Jordan?” Fred said. “Ringing any bells?”

“Hey, I told you she’d find someone else if you didn’t move quickly enough,” Jeff said. “Though I’m glad she was just trying to make you jealous rather than making actual move on me.”

“That I would love to see,” Fred said, grinning. “You and Jordan would be an explosive combination.”

“You’d need to stop us from killing each other every day,” Jeff said, shrugging his shoulders. “Nice touch in not giving her the reaction she wanted, by the way.”

“I had a feeling that’s what she was trying to do so I was just going to kill you in private if it wasn’t,” Fred said.

“Thanks, because it let me see her blow up when she didn’t get what she wanted,” Jeff said. “You should’ve seen her face when the frustration boiled over.”

“She’ll make me pay later though,” Fred said, grabbing his own laptop to do some homework.

* * * * *

“Are you ready?” Jen asked JoJo as she rubbed the head of the dildo along the length of her girlfriend’s slit. She was wearing harness with the dildo hanging down in front of her like a real cock while JoJo was on her hands and knees in front of her.

“Oh yeah,” JoJo said, looking back over her shoulder at Jen.

Heeding Vanessa’s advice Jen eased the dildo into JoJo’s pussy. As JoJo’s folds parted the tightness pushed the base of the dildo back against Jen’s clit and they both moaned at the penetration.

With half the dildo inside JoJo Jen started to pull out. Before the tip could slip from its fleshy sheath Jen gently pushed back in, shoving a little more into her girlfriend’s pussy. After a few thrusts Jen started getting the hang of it and started to lengthen her strokes.

“Fuck me baby,” JoJo moaned, pushing back against Jen trying to get as much of the fake cock inside her as possible.

Jen’s mind was whirling as she started to push harder. There was the physical pleasure as the base of the dildo pressed against her clit, but the mental aspect was what was making her feel lightheaded. She had a gorgeous girl on her hands and knees begging to be fucked and for the first time she knew how guys felt in the same situation. It made Jen feel almost drunk with power she relished the feeling, as every nerve ending in her body seemed to come alive.

For JoJo it was just as intense. She’d been fucked with the dildo numerous times since Jen had taken her cherry with it on the first day of school, but this was different. For the first time she was truly being fucked and right away she could feel the difference between having the toy controlled by a hand and having a cock fill her pussy.

“So close,” JoJo moaned, feeling her orgasm come far quicker than she would’ve thought possible.

Gripping JoJo’s hips with her hands Jen gave in and drove into JoJo’s pussy with as much power as she could muster. When JoJo didn’t voice any pain, Jen continued to plow her girlfriend with reckless abandon. She grinned wickedly as she watched as JoJo’s butt cheeks rippled from the force of their bodies colliding.

“Oh baby, uh,” JoJo moaned, feeling her body on the verge of exploding.

When Jen extended her arms to corral JoJo’s wildly swinging tits, it was just enough. As Jen squeezed her breasts JoJo squealed and arched her back. Her eyes slammed shut as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her, rapidly sapping her of her strength as they washed over her.

Slumping forward onto the bed JoJo sighed contentedly. Feeling Jen settle in next to her JoJo rolled over and curled up with her.

“Mmm, I love you,” JoJo said sleepily.

Jen opened her mouth to say it back but couldn’t make it come out. It wasn’t that she didn’t feel it or even that she had problem with saying, she wasn’t sure if saying it was the best thing at the moment. While Jen was only three months older, there was a huge difference in experience levels between them and there was a fear that JoJo was saying those famous three words because of her inexperience.

“Babe?” JoJo asked, turning her head to look at Jen.

“We should talk,” Jen said, knowing she was about to crush the one person in the world she didn’t want to hurt.

“Okay,” JoJo said, the fear of what was coming burning brightly in her eyes.

“You don’t mean it,” Jen said.

“What do you mean?” JoJo asked, the hurt and confusion showing clearly on her face.

“You think you love me but you don’t,” Jen said. JoJo opened her mouth to speak but Jen shook her head and she stayed quiet. “Sex is still new to you and it’s a powerful thing. Everyone thinks they love the first person they have sex with but you’re too inexperienced to really know.”

“So you think I should go fuck a bunch of random people like you did?” JoJo said, lashing out in her pain as she flew out of bed. “Think then I’ll know how I feel?”

“I didn’t say that,” Jen said, wincing at JoJo’s words. “I just meant it’s too early.”

“I know what I feel and fuck you if you don’t think I do,” JoJo said, pulling on some clothes and storming out of the room.

* * * * *

“Reading?” Jeff asked Alexa Nikolas as she sat on a bench.

“Yeah, it’s one of those things smart people do for fun,” Alexa quipped.

“I only like books with pictures, especially pictures that pop up,” Jeff said.

“Shouldn’t you be hanging out with your football buddies hitting each other over the heads with blunt instruments or something?” Alexa asked, wondering why he bothering her.

“We only do that on the first Monday of the month,” Jeff said. “The rest of the time we snap each other with wet towels and we already did that today.”

“If you’re trying to hit on me, you’re not my type,” Alexa said, cutting to the chase.

“And what type do you think I am?”

“Jamie Lynn is the one that likes dumb jocks,” Alexa said, trying to return her attention to her book.

“Abandon all hope, ye who enter here,” Jeff said, noticing that she was reading Dante’s Inferno.

“You’ve read The Inferno?” Alexa asked, dubious.

“It’s been a couple years, but yes,” Jeff said, grinning at her surprise. “It’s even better in the original Italian.”

“You read Italian?”

“No, but it sounded good, didn’t it?” Jeff said, drawing a laugh from Alexa.

“Maybe you’re not as dumb as you look,” Alexa said, starting to warm to him.

“That’s what you get for judging a book by its cover,” Jeff said. “But it would’ve been much better as a pop-up book. Imagine turning the page and seeing Lucifer jump out at you, all three heads looking like they were going to rip your face off. It’d scare the pants off people.”

“Bet you like reading the comic book versions of classics too,” Alexa said, a smirk crossing her face to show she was joking.

“Man, the Moby Dick issue was great,” said Jeff, taking her teasing in stride. A moment earlier she was bordering on hostile so good-natured teasing was a move up in his book. “I’m still waiting for The Prince to see if they can do it justice.”

“Machiavelli? Do all football players enjoy political philosophy?” Alexa asked.

“No, but I’m sure a couple out there do,” Jeff said, getting up from the bench.

Without another word, he walked away figuring he’d made enough of an impression for one day. It was his hope that she was looking at him in a new light and walking away while he was ahead would make him a bit of an enigma, the dumb jock that could talk about classic literature.

* * * * *

“Why are you all dressed up?” Jordan asked, seeing Willa wearing a tunic dress. It was more of a long t-shirt that extended to Willa’s knees and cinched at the waist with a belt.

“I’m not dressed up,” Willa said.

“You never wear a dress,” Jordan said. “Once in a while you’ll wear a skirt but the only time you wear anything other than pants or shorts is when you’re trying to look pretty for a guy. Ooh, you’ve got a date. Is it with Archie?”

“We’re just studying,” Willa said defensively as she applied a blood red shade of lipstick.

“Uh huh,” Jordan said, grinning knowingly as a knock sounded on the door.

“If that’s Archie, tell him I’ll be ready in a minute,” Willa said, scampering into the bathroom.

Still grinning Jordan crossed to the door. Upon opening the door she didn’t find Archie but instead a crying JoJo on the other side.

“Oh my God, what happened?” Jordan asked as JoJo reached out and clung to her.

“I think we broke up,” JoJo wailed, burying her face in Jordan’s shoulder.

“We can’t stay here because Willa has a date,” Jordan said as Willa stuck her head out of the bathroom at the sound of JoJo’s sobs. It was as much for Willa’s benefit as JoJo’s, but JoJo merely nodded. “But come on, we’ll get some ice cream and you can tell me all about it.”

“Okay,” JoJo said. Ice cream and a chance to vent sounded really good and she let Jordan lead her away.

* * * * *

Ken Burns fiddled with the pieces of paper on the table. As editor of the school newspaper he was trying to figure out the best way to arrange everything. He could’ve done it on a computer, but he’d always preferred to do it the old fashioned way. He found that if he printed everything out and arranged them on a table he could better see how it would look when finished.

Deciding to call it a night Ken picked everything up. Deadline wasn’t for a couple days and he still needed to include the football game on Friday, so there wasn’t much point in finishing it up at the moment. Besides, he had a date, or booty call depending on how you looked at it, and he didn’t want to be late.

“Later Bill,” Ken said to the head photographer on his way out.

“Later boss,” William Paige said as he uploaded pictures into the computer.

As he walked out of the newspaper office Ken looked at his watch. He wasn’t late, but he wasn’t early either. If he stopped by the dorm to take a shower and change then he’d be late, so he decided to go in the t-shirt and jeans he was wearing.

Picking up his pace to be on time, Ken soon found himself in the girls’ dorm. Reaching the correct door noticed the note taped to it with his name on it. Rolling his eyes he read it and found instructions to meet behind the gym. Knowing he couldn’t make it to the gym in the original time frame he decided to walk at a more sedate pace as a protest against changing rules.

“You’re late,” AJ Michalka said when Ken finally arrived.

“To be fair, I was at your door on time,” Ken said.

“So you’re saying I should overlook your tardiness?” AJ asked, frowning.

“When I’m late because of you, yes,” Ken said, no longer surprised by how differently the brains of girls worked than those belonging to guys.

“It’s not my fault you didn’t show up and find the note early,” AJ said. “If you had, you might have been here on time.”

“Fine, you win,” Ken said, his head hurting from trying to follow her logic. “I’m late.”

“Good, now get to work,” AJ said, leaning against the wall of the gym and lifting her skirt. Smirking, Ken started to unbuckle his belt until AJ stopped him. “You were late so you have to eat me first.”

Shrugging his shoulders Ken decided that if he wanted to get lucky he had to play her game. Dropping to his knees in the grass he grabbed hold of her ass. Pushing her denim skirt the rest of the way up until it was bunched around her waist he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties and yanked them down.

The sun was setting and everything was bathed in the soft pink light of twilight, but it was more than enough for Ken to see what he was doing. Lifting her left leg he draped it over his shoulder and buried his face in her pussy.

“Mmm, yeah,” AJ moaned as he clamped his lips around her clit.

Grabbing the back of his head AJ put her shoulders against the wall and humped her hips against his face. She bit her lower lip to stifle a moan as Ken flicked her clit with his tongue. Slipping a hand under her shirt she grabbed one of her braless tits and tweaked the nipple to heighten her pleasure further.

Wanting to finish AJ quick so he could get to the good part Ken dragged a finger through the folds of her pussy to get it wet. Pressing it the finger into her hole he sucked on her clit and was rewarded by AJ bucking her hips and almost knocking him backwards.

“Uh, so close,” AJ moaned, gripping his hair tightly to hold him place.

Rubbing his tongue against her clit in his mouth Ken slipped a second finger into her pussy. When he started to slide the fingers in and out of her snatch she tensed up before letting loose with a loud moan and flooding his fingers with her cream.

While she was still in the throes of pleasure Ken slipped his fingers from her cunt. Standing up he made short work of his belt and pushed his pants down over his ass.

“What are you doing?” AJ asked, finally coming down from her orgasm enough to open her eyes.

“What does it look like?” Ken responded.

“I don’t think so,” AJ said, shaking her head as she put a restraining hand on his chest. “You were late so the only thing you get is to eat my pussy.”

“Rules change,” Ken said, grabbing her arm and spinning around to face the wall. They’d been playing this game long enough that he knew when to get a little rough and when not to, or so he hoped.

Before she could react Ken pushed her forward and her hands grabbed the wall instinctively. Grabbing his cock he lined it up with her dripping snatch and pushed forward without hesitation.

“Uh, yeah,” AJ said, moaning and pushing her ass back against him to let him know he’d made the right play.

Grabbing her hips Ken pulled back and slammed back into her, driving even deeper into her depths. Her pussy gripped his cock with a fiery intensity that he still found hard to believe. After almost a year of these get-togethers it still felt like he was sticking his dick into a furnace.

Ken had interviewed AJ for the school paper not long after Christmas and by the end she’d been on her hands and knees howling like a dog as he slammed her from behind. They’d hooked up a couple times a month whenever AJ was feeling horny until the end of the school year. Then once the new school year had started they’d quickly fallen back into their routine, though there were a couple extra meetings early on to make up for the summer break.

Letting his hands wander from her hips Ken let them slide up her stomach, pushing her shirt up as they went. Reaching her chest he pushed her shirt up over her breasts and grabbed hold of her tits with both hands.

“Yeah, play with my tits,” AJ moaned, squeezing her legs together and tightening her pussy around his cock.

Taking her nipples between thumb and index finger on either hand he pinched them. When she moaned he rolled them, knowing that the little bit of pain would help spur her on.

“Harder,” AJ said, in the mood for even rougher treatment than he was giving her.

Unsure exactly what she meant, Ken decided to do everything harder. He squeezed her nipples between his fingers harder as he drilled his cock into her pussy with everything he could muster.

“That’s it,” AJ moaned, letting the mingled pain and pleasure wash over her and felt a small shudder of bliss pass through her body.

“If you really want it rough, I could fuck you in the ass,” Ken hissed over the sound of his pelvis smashing into the taut cheeks of her ass.

“You’d like that, uh, wouldn’t you?” AJ asked.

Ken had been the one to introduce her to anal sex and while it wasn’t her favorite, she did enjoy it when she was in the right mood. And since this seemed to be one of those moods, she was definitely willing to give it a go. She just didn’t want to seem too eager for fear that she’d lose the upper hand she had with him.

Sensing her agreement, Ken slipped his cock from her pussy. In the dim light he could see the tight puckered rosebud of her asshole. Pressing the head of his cock against it he felt her concentrate on relaxing and in short order her back door opened up to swallow his member.

“Fuck my ass,” AJ hissed when he stopped with just head inside her ass.

“You’re not the only one that needs to adjust,” Ken shot back, taking another moment to acclimate to the tightness of her ass before pushing a little bit more in.

“Harder,” AJ said, pushing back against him as he slowly worked little more than the head in and out of her butt.

With his cock seated securely enough that he didn’t have to worry about it falling out, Ken moved his hands back to her chest. Grabbing her tits roughly he used his grip on them to pull her back onto his cock.

“That’s it,” AJ moaned, reaching down to play with her clit as he finally picked up the pace.

“Hard enough for you?” Ken asked as he started to slam into her ass.

“Perfect,” AJ said, feeling her orgasm start to pick up speed as the sensations from her nipples, clit, and ass started to merge inside her.

“I’m not going to last much longer,” Ken warned, her ass gripping his cock too tightly to keep up the brutal pace.

“Just a minute more,” AJ promised, stepping up her own ministrations on her clit.

Gritting his teeth Ken started to count in his head. When he reached sixty he felt the first spasms start in her body. A low moan escaped her lips as her anus clenched even tighter around his cock.

“Want my come in your ass?” Ken asked as he approached the point of no return even though he knew the answer already.

“Come in my mouth,” AJ said. She loved the taste of come and no one that fucked her got to deposit their load anywhere else.

Grabbing the base of his cock Ken squeezed it as he pulled out of her ass. As AJ turned around she quickly dropped to her knees and grabbed his cock. As he let go of the base she devoured his penis.

“Here it comes,” said Ken, his eyes rolling back in his head as she sucked furiously.

Feeling the first spurt of his hot goo erupt in her mouth AJ moaned around his cock. She let it drip from the roof of her mouth to collect on her tongue as the next couple shots followed. When he was finally spent she let his cock slip from her mouth.

“Mmm,” AJ said, tilting her head back to let her prize slide down her throat like a raw oyster.

“Same time next week?” Ken asked as he pulled his pants up.

“Why not tomorrow at my Halloween party?” AJ asked as she straightened her clothes.

AJ had asked for permission to have a Halloween party off campus at her parents’ beach house. It was a long shot, but she was been banking on Vanessa being able to sway the headmaster’s opinion.

“Can’t, deadlines and all that,” Ken said.

“Too bad,” AJ said. “I guess I’ll have to find someone else to satisfy me.”

“Guess so,” Ken said even though he felt a sting of jealousy at the thought of someone else taking care of her needs.

* * * * *

As JoJo sat at a table Jordan ordered two small dishes of ice cream from the snack bar, a strawberry cheesecake for JoJo and a coconut pecan for herself. Joining JoJo Jordan ate her ice cream quietly as JoJo recounted the afternoon with Jen. With her hormones already raging darn near out of control, Jordan found herself getting excited hearing about some of the more risqué things the two of them had gotten up to.

“Maybe she’s right,” said Jordan when JoJo had finished telling her tale.

“What?” JoJo demanded, not expecting Jordan to side with Jen.

“Whoa, I just mean that she makes some sense,” Jordan said, holding up her hands in surrender. “I don’t think she’s questioning your feelings so much as suggesting that maybe you don’t have all the information. It’s kind of like trying to solve a math problem with too many variables.”

“Huh?” JoJo asked, not following.

“You still think of guys, don’t you?” Jordan asked, trying another tack.

“Well, yeah,” JoJo admitted.

“So how do you know you’re ready for that kind of commitment to Jen if you’re fantasizing about having a guy stuff you full of cock?” Jordan asked, hoping she was finally getting through to JoJo.

“But I do,” JoJo protested.

“Okay, one more approach. You may think Jen’s the best fuck in the world, and she just might be, but you’ll never know if she’s the only one you try,” Jordan said. “Take that ice cream for example. Was strawberry cheesecake the first flavor you ever had?”

“I don’t know,” JoJo said. “Probably not.”

“Okay, let’s say vanilla was your first,” Jordan said. “Where would you be if you’d decided vanilla was the only ice cream for you and you never tried strawberry cheesecake? You’d think you were happy, but would you really be?”

“I guess not,” JoJo said.

“Jen just wants you to go out and try a couple other flavors before deciding you like her best,” Jordan said, suddenly wondering what the hell she was even talking about.

“Fine, but can I stay with you and Willa tonight? I don’t know if I can face Jen right now,” JoJo said.

“Willa’s got a date tonight so I don’t even know when I’ll be able to go back to my own room,” Jordan said. “Would Selena put you up for the night?”

“I don’t really want to have to go through it all again,” JoJo said.

“Come on, I’ll take care of it,” Jordan said. “We’ll just tell Selena we want to hang out tonight.”

“Okay,” JoJo said, willing to follow Jordan’s lead.

* * * * *

“You know, the internet has a lot of information on it. There’s even more than a little about your new girlfriend on there,” Larry Hill told Chris Cameron as they walked across campus after band practice. “Do you want to know what I found out?”

“No, but I’m sure you’re going to tell me anyways,” Chris sighed. The one thing about Larry that irritated Chris, it was Larry’s curiosity. If there was any sort of mystery to be found Larry had to get to the bottom of it, and that often led to him seeing secrets where none existed or making false leaps in solving ones that actually did exist.

“Did she tell you what happened at her last school?” Larry asked.

“She was home schooled last year,” Chris said, trying to see where Larry was headed.

“Only the last couple month of last year,” Larry said. “And that was only when she was kicked out of her old school when she was caught with a teacher.”

“You mean like he was teaching her?” Chris asked skeptically.

“More like he was banging your sweet little girlfriend,” Larry said.

“We all have a past,” Chris said, taking Larry’s information with a grain of salt.

“That’s it? You’re giving me the ‘we all have a past’ bullshit?” Larry asked shocked by how lightly Chris was taking it. “She was fucking her teacher and you don’t think that’s important? If she was letting a teacher do her, then who knows who else was taking cracks at her.”

“If she thinks I need to know any of this, she’ll tell me herself,” Chris said, trying desperately not to think of some old guy bending Taylor over his desk.

“Whatever man, just don’t come crying to me when you realize you picked the slut of all sluts to date,” Larry said, shaking his head as he walked away from Chris.

* * * * *

“I talked to the headmaster about your party,” Vanessa said to AJ.

“What’d he say?” AJ asked, getting ready for bed.

“As you might have guessed, he said no,” Vanessa said.

“Did he say why?” AJ asked.

“He didn’t want that many students off campus without supervision,” Vanessa said.

“Aly will be there,” AJ said in reference to her older sister Alyson.

“And yet that didn’t persuade him,” Vanessa said. While she’d been an honor student Aly had also been a master of skirting the rules while she’d been at Jefferson. She either managed to merely fracture the rules and avoid a stronger punishment when she was caught or evaded detection altogether on the occasions when she’d shattered them into tiny pieces. “But he relented when I offered to chaperone.”

“He did?” AJ asked, her eyes going wide at the news.

“He wanted someone from the school there, so it was either me or a teacher,” Vanessa said.

“Eek, I gotta tell Aly,” AJ squealed, grabbing for her phone.

“Just remember the deal,” Vanessa said.

“Yeah, yeah, I remember,” AJ said, too excited to pay more than nominal attention.

* * * * *

With Jordan and JoJo wanting to crash for the night Selena had been obligated to invite Demi Lovato as well but Demi hadn’t wanted to stay up all night with class in the morning. Of course the three girls had been so noisy and boisterous that they’d chased Emily out to seek asylum with Lucy and Emmy. None of the girls would confess to chasing her off on purpose, but it also wasn’t exactly a coincidence that the noise level dropped considerably once Emily had fled the room.

“Okay, which hand?” Selena asked, holding two movies behind her back.

“None,” Jordan said. “We all know The Notebook are Titanic are behind your back.”

“Then what do you suggest?” Selena asked.

“Got any porn?” Jordan asked, only partly for shock value.

“No,” Selena said, taken aback by the question.

“Want some?” Jordan asked.

“I do,” JoJo said.

“I’ll be back then,” Jordan said, taking off before either Selena or JoJo could object.

Practically running toward her room Jordan barely hesitated when she saw the sock on the doorknob. Pushing the door open she was greeted by the sounds of moans. Slipping into the room she saw Willa riding Archie with her back to the door.

They were too engrossed in what they were doing to notice Jordan so she moved quickly. She grabbed one of her porn DVDs off the top of the TV and took a moment to watch Willa’s ass as it rose and fell. Jordan could see Archie’s cock standing straight up as Willa lifted off it and then it disappeared again as Willa dropped back down onto it.

The sight of Archie’s cock reminded her of something else. Trying to stay silent Jordan crossed the room and dug into her dresser. Finding she was after she pulled it out and grabbed a nightgown to wear before making to leave.

“We know you’re there,” Willa said, forcing Jordan to stop.

“Remember, I want details,” Jordan said before slipping out the door.

Rushing back to Selena’s room, Jordan wrapped the dildo she’d pulled from her dresser in the nightgown. She didn’t want to scare off the other girls by waving it around right off the bat, but she was so horny there was no way she was going to get some sleep if she didn’t get some relief first.

“Did you get it?” JoJo asked excitedly when Jordan came back.

“Yeah, but if I had a video camera I could have gotten some better porn a few seconds ago,” Jordan said, flashing back to Willa and Archie.

“You walked in on them doing it?” Selena asked, eyes wide.

“I really wanted the porn,” Jordan said.

“Gimme,” JoJo said, snatching the DVD out of Jordan’s hand.

As JoJo popped the movie into the DVD player Jordan and Selena took seats on the floor. Even Selena seemed curious and excited as JoJo hit play and moved to sit on the other side of Jordan.

“Does it have a plot or is it just people fucking?” JoJo asked as a shot of a blond giving head to a massive cock popped up on the screen. “I guess that answers my question.”

“Shit,” Selena said, transfixed by the sight of the cock disappearing into the woman’s mouth.

They watched in mostly silence as the woman was positioned on her hands and knees while the guy plowed her from behind. So engrossed in the movie was Jordan that it wasn’t until she heard a soft sigh next to her that she bothered to even look at her viewing companions.

Turning her head Jordan saw a look of rapture on Selena’s face. She was about to turn back to face the TV when she noticed movement. Lowering her eyes Jordan saw that Selena’s hand had slid inside her pajama bottoms and realized that Selena was so turned on that she was masturbating.

With the realization the hormones inside Jordan took over. She practically pounced on Selena, kissing the younger girl and pushing her back before she could even get her hand out of her pants.

Feeling more than a little shell shocked by the move Selena instinctively put her hands out to try to repulse the attack. But Jordan’s passion was so great that Selena soon found her head spinning with the kiss. As she felt herself being overcome she realized that when she’d put her hand out it had just happened to land on Jordan’s chest and she could feel the blonde’s heaving breast in the palm of her hand.

“What are you doing?” JoJo asked, almost as shocked as Selena at Jordan’s behavior.

“Nightgown,” Jordan said, breaking the kiss just long enough to give JoJo the instructions.

Grabbing Jordan’s nightgown JoJo’s hand closed on something hard wrapped up in it. Unwrapping it her eyes went wide as she saw the dildo. Lifting it up she turned it over in her hand, inspecting it as she wrapped her finger around the shaft. It had a bullet vibrator in the base that could be removed if desired.

Sensing that Selena wasn’t going to run away in horror, Jordan pulled back and started to unbutton Selena’s pajama top. When Selena’s hands joined hers Jordan smiled and knew that the relief she’d been hoping for was about to be delivered. With the last button coming undone Jordan pulled the top open and licked her lips at the smooth caramel colored breasts.

“Get over here,” Jordan told JoJo as she pulled down Selena’s pajama bottoms.

“What about Jen?” JoJo asked even though her eyes were locked on Selena’s perky tits.

“She wants you to experience things, then experience them,” Jordan said, tossing Selena’s pajamas aside and going back for the pair of pink panties that covered up the target of Jordan’s lust.

JoJo was torn. She didn’t want to do something that might jeopardize her relationship with Jen but Jordan was making a lot of sense. Deciding that Jen could wait, JoJo walked on her knees to where Selena was lying on her back.

As Jordan pulled down her panties Selena suddenly felt exposed and nervous. It wasn’t the first time she’d had sex, she’d done it a few times with Jeff and even a couple times with Demi, but this was the first time where she felt like she truly had no control. The first time with Jeff they’d both known he was in total control, but she at least felt like he would have stopped if she’d but said the word. Right now though she had two girls hovering over her with looks of pure, unadulterated lust on their faces and Selena wasn’t sure they’d stop even if she wanted them to.

Putting the toy aside JoJo licked her lips and latched her mouth onto one of Selena’s breasts. Pursing her lips she softly massaged the nipple, marveling at how it was both different from Jen’s and yet completely the same. It wasn’t quite as thick as Jen’s, but still felt much the same in her mouth.

Moaning Selena grabbed JoJo’s head and clutched it to her chest. When Jordan spread her legs so she could settle on her stomach between them, Selena’s eyes darted back and forth between the sight of JoJo sucking on her nipple and Jordan’s tongue being dragged through her folds.

“Ohh,” Selena gasped when Jordan’s tongue made contact with her clit.

Without taking her eyes or tongue from Selena’s pussy, Jordan blindly groped for her toy. When her fingers closed around the dildo her thumb hit the button to turn on the vibrator. As it trembled in her hand she pressed it against Selena’s pussy.

“Oh God,” Selena gasped, her eyes opening wide as she felt the vibrator entering her.

Lifting her head from Selena’s chest JoJo watched intently as Jordan started to push the toy into Selena. Suddenly realizing that she had way too many clothes on JoJo set to remedy that. She’d been planning to sleep in just her t-shirt and panties, so it only took a moment for her to relieve herself of those.

Seeing JoJo’s breasts Selena felt a stab of jealousy. She liked her chest, but every woman sees how men drool over big tits and wishes they were a little bigger in that department. And more than a few guys held JoJo in high regard for her body, which also sent a bit of a thrill through Selena to know that she was seeing and about to feel what they would kill for.

Reaching out Selena cupped one of JoJo’s tits in her hand. While it felt much like her own, Selena was floored by the sheer mass of it. Lifting it in her hand Selena revised her jealousy a bit. She might wish she had them to turn the heads of guys, but she sure didn’t want to have to lug them around everywhere.

Grinning as Selena inspected her breasts JoJo shifted so she could throw a leg over Selena’s head. Lowering her body down, she pressed her pussy against Selena’s mouth.

“You’ve done this before,” JoJo observed as Selena’s tongue found her clit with minimal effort.

Lifting up her head Jordan let the toy take over as she watched Selena’s tongue dart out to swipe at JoJo’s pussy. Watching Selena’s technique Jordan could tell that JoJo was right, the little slut definitely wasn’t a stranger to eating pussy. Selena wasn’t the best, but from the moans she eliciting from JoJo there was obviously experience in her tongue.

“So who’s pussy have you been licking?” Jordan asked Selena as she tilted the toy to press the vibrating base against her clit.

“Uh, Demi,” Selena answered between licks.

Gripping JoJo’s ass in her hands Selena held on for dear life as the vibrations from the toy assaulted her pussy. It was the first time she’d even seen a vibrator let alone had one send pulses of energy through her tight little pussy. Her inexperience showed as she raced toward orgasm in record time but she still wanted to show them that she could handle playing in the big leagues.

Sensing Selena was getting close, Jordan slipped the toy from her pussy. Selena groaned but Jordan wasn’t about to tease her completely. Jordan dragged the tip of the dildo along Selena’s slit before pressing it against her clit. The power of the vibrations directly on Selena’s clit was enough to push Selena screaming over the edge.

“Fuck me,” Selena screamed, though luckily it was muffled enough by JoJo’s pussy that only the three of them heard it.

Keeping the vibrator firmly against Selena’s clit, Jordan let her tongue drill into Selena’s spasming pussy. As Selena gushed her orgasmic cream Jordan lapped it up and when Selena finally stopped thrashing around on the carpet she gave her one last lick before sitting up on her knees.

“Next?” Jordan asked, grinning as her eyes fixed on JoJo.

“Me?” JoJo asked, feeling a mix of nervous excitement that she hadn’t felt since the first time she and Jen had been together.

“Gotta clean the toy first,” Jordan said, turning off the vibrations before holding the toy out to JoJo. “I already got my taste, want yours?”

Without hesitation JoJo grabbed the toy. She let her tongue caress the length of the shaft before taking the tip into her mouth. Slowly working more of the toy into her mouth JoJo started to slide about half of it in and out of her mouth.

“Damn girl, you’re going to be popular with the guys if you decide to give them a try,” Jordan said, impressed by the technique JoJo had for a girl that claimed to have only been with Jen. “If you ever decide to put that ass and those tits to good use, the rest of us girls won’t have any dates because you have all the guys to yourself.”

“Don’t worry about that,” JoJo said. “My ass is a no fly zone.”

“Never ever say that,” Jordan said, shaking her head in disbelief. “Declaring a million dollar ass like that to be off limits should be classified as a crime against humanity.”

“That’s what Jen says, but I’m not into that,” JoJo said.

“You came here to experience new things, so why the resistance?” Jordan asked.

“It looks like it hurts,” JoJo said honestly.

“It’ll hurt a bit, but not for long. Do you trust me?” Jordan asked.

“Yeah,” JoJo said nervously.

“Then get on your hands and knees,” Jordan said.

JoJo hesitated a moment thinking it over. She really did want to try new things and stretch her boundaries, but anal sex was something she’d never thought she’d do. She wouldn’t even let Jen stick a finger in her ass during oral sex, yet she was actually contemplating let Jordan stick that chunk of silicon in her butt.

“Okay,” JoJo said, getting on her hands and knees with her ass pointed at Jordan.

“Slide under her,” Jordan instructed Selena.

Once Selena was underneath JoJo Jordan bent down. Pulling JoJo’s butt cheeks apart Jordan zeroed in on JoJo’s puckered asshole. Lightly flicking it with her tongue she drew a giggle from JoJo that quickly turned to a moan as Jordan followed it with a more forceful lick.

As Selena’s tongue started to work on her pussy while Jordan’s worked on her ass, JoJo moaned and closed her eyes. The dual tongue work was rapidly driving her out of her mind. Never had her ass felt as good as it did at that moment. It tickled a bit, but the depravity of having her asshole licked sent jolts of pleasure all through her body.

Satisfied that JoJo’s asshole was as slick with her saliva as it was likely to get, Jordan picked up the toy. It was slimmer at the head than many toys she’d seen, which is one of the reasons she’d bought it. The vibrator in it let it do its job to satisfaction but the slender shaft came in handy when she was in the mood for a little backdoor action.

“Relax your asshole,” Jordan told JoJo as she pressed the tip of the toy against JoJo’s anus.

Clenching her teeth JoJo set her mind to doing as Jordan wanted. When she felt the toy start to push into her she instinctively tensed up but a well timed lick from Selena caused her to moan and relax as she momentarily forgot about the large toy being shoved into such a small opening.

“Good job,” Jordan said, rubbing the cheeks of JoJo’s ass with her free hand. “You got the tip in, the rest should be a piece of cake.”

“Hope so,” JoJo said nervously though she felt far less pain than she would’ve thought.

“Just stay relaxed,” Jordan instructed, pushing another fraction of an inch into JoJo’s asshole.

Slowly sliding the toy in and out of JoJo’s butt Jordan pushed little more in with each stroke. The toy got wider the closer to the base you got, but it was a slight flare and JoJo barely felt the difference as it was worked deeper into her bowels.

As Selena’s tongue worked on her clit JoJo moaned. Biting her lower lip she pushed against the dildo before pressing her pussy against Selena’s face. The sensations were overwhelming her and she felt like she was going to scream from the tremendous feeling that was building inside her.

“Fuck my ass,” JoJo moaned, feeling her stomach muscles tighten as tremor of pleasure erupted inside her.

“You want me to stop?” Jordan asked, stopping momentarily to tease JoJo.

“No,” JoJo groaned, pushing hard against the invading toy. “Fuck me you fucking bitch.”

“So that’s how you want it,” Jordan said, turning on the vibrator as high as it would go.

“Fuck,” JoJo gasped as the vibrations shot through anal cavity and seemed to head straight for her clit.

Slamming the toy into JoJo’s asshole all the way to the flat base Jordan let it sit a moment. As JoJo’s body shook along with the vibrations Jordan pulled out roughly halfway before jamming it back in up to the base.

“Make me come,” JoJo said, half demanding and half pleading.

“You’ll have to do better than that,” Jordan said, turning the vibrator down to a low hum.

“Make me fucking come right fucking now,” JoJo snarled, wanting only one thing, relief.

“Now was that so hard?” Jordan asked, upping the setting on the vibrator once more.

When she started sliding the dildo in and out again Jordan altered the angle slightly with each thrust. As the vibrations hit new spots on the inner walls of her ass JoJo’s body reacted. Just as she was reaching her climax Selena slipped a finger into her pussy and sent her mind reeling in pleasure.

“Coming,” JoJo managed to squeal as she lost control. Her body seemed to pull her in a hundred different directions at once as her orgasm ripped through her.

Jordan and Selena kept up the stimulation for a little longer, prolonging JoJo’s peak. Eventually JoJo started to calm down and Jordan turned off the vibrator. After slowly pulling it out of JoJo’s ass, Jordan lowered the toy and pressed it against Selena’s lips.

“Eww,” Selena said, moving her head away.

“She cleaned it after it was in you, time to return the favor,” Jordan said firmly.

Selena wanted to point out the difference between licking pussy juice off the toy and taking it straight from someone’s ass, but she was didn’t want to piss anyone off. Giving in Selena opened her mouth and let Jordan push the head of the toy between her lips.

“Good girl,” Jordan said as she fucked Selena’s mouth with her dildo.

As unpleasant as she had thought it would be, Selena found herself getting into it. It really didn’t taste bad at all and the idea that she was sucking another girl’s ass off the toy was just wicked enough to really turn her on.

Lying on top of Selena JoJo felt her eyelids grow heavy. Two fuck sessions with Jen and then another with Jordan and Selena in one day had left her exhausted. On top of that, the fight with Jen had left her emotionally drained and the intensity of having her ass fucked for the first time had taken any reserves she might have had. With the last bit of strength she could muster JoJo shifted her weight and rolled off of Selena onto the floor next to her.

“Oh give me a fucking break.” Jordan cursed, seeing JoJo curl up on the floor and fall asleep. Even Selena seemed too tired and lethargic from the late hour and exertion to help relieve some of her built up hormones.

Looking at the clock Jordan saw that Vanessa would be doing bed checks shortly so she wouldn’t even have time to take care of herself. Grabbing a couple blankets Jordan tossed them over her naked friends before trying to forget about her state of hyper-arousal and attempting to find sleep as well.

* * * * *

Opening the door to her room JoJo stuck just her head inside. Seeing Jen sitting on her bed pulling on shoes JoJo started to pull her head back. She didn’t really want to deal with the whole thing at the moment so she was content to let Jen finish getting ready for class and leave before going in. Unfortunately, Jen looked up just as JoJo’s head was about to disappear.

“Hey,” Jen said, feeling guilty about the way she’d handled the situation the previous night.

“Hey,” JoJo said, returning the greeting as she gave up on her plan of avoidance and entered the room.

“I missed you last night,” Jen said as JoJo flopped down on her own bed.

“I crashed with Selena,” JoJo said.

“I’m sorry,” Jen said. “I didn’t mean it the way it sounded.”

“I know, Jordan explained it to me,” JoJo said. “She said you just want me to experience a little more before I start making declarations of love.”

“Close enough,” Jen said, moving to sit next to JoJo. “And from the look on your face, I’m guessing you got started on that last night.”

“It just happened,” said JoJo, her eyes starting to mist over with tears.

“Good for you,” Jen said even though it felt like a dagger to her heart to hear that JoJo had fucked someone else.

“Good?” JoJo asked, taken aback by Jen’s reaction.

“I got to thinking last night and maybe it’s best that we take a break,” Jen said. “See other people for a while and then see how we feel.”

“Okay,” JoJo said though she could hear her own heart breaking at Jen’s words.

“Just promise me something,” Jen said.

“Anything,” JoJo responded, a tear running down her cheek.

“No matter what happens, we’ll still be friends?” Jen asked.

“Always,” JoJo said, wiping her eyes as she hugged her girlfriend, possibly for the last time.

* * * * *

By lunch the school was abuzz with the news of AJ’s party. Even the students who hadn’t dressed up in years were locked in conversation about what costumes they could come up with on such short notice. Some were even making plans to skip school so they could hit the costume shops and grab everything they could get their hands on so their friends were sure to have something to wear.

The exception to that rule was Fred. He didn’t want anything to do with Halloween and all he wanted was to do was spend the night in his room doing homework. Of course, he knew that wasn’t going to happen. There was no doubt in his mind that Jeff or Jordan or maybe even Willa would drag his ass out of his room and to the party.

Sighing Fred pushed away the tray with his lunch on it. He wasn’t hungry and with a night full of clipboard holding at the football game in his immediate future, he wasn’t going to need his strength either.

“Eat up because you’re going to need it,” Jeff said as he devoured the slice of pizza in front of him.

“I’m not playing tonight, remember?” Fred sighed.

“You’re going to need it for the party,” Jeff said. “I’m going to make sure you at least make an attempt to look like you’re pretending to have fun tonight.”

“I don’t have a costume,” Fred said, hoping that would let him off the hook.

“I got you covered,” Jeff said. “I was Zorro last year, you can borrow the mask and get a sword from the drama department.”

“Fine,” Fred said, giving up on getting out of it. “I think I’ll go do some homework in the library since I won’t get to do it tonight.”

“That’s the spirit I’m looking for,” Jeff said. “Though you might try to sound happier tonight.”

* * * * *

As the game wore on Fred was bored on the sidelines. He’d decided against surgery on his shoulder because surgery would’ve put his baseball season in jeopardy. Either way his football season was toast, but at least with rehab he could be on the field pitching come spring.

So he found himself sitting on the bench watching Max lead his team. The team had done well in his absence thus far, but Fred couldn’t help but feel they would’ve done better with him in there rather than Max. They probably weren’t going to state, and probably wouldn’t have even with Fred, but that didn’t matter in Fred’s mind.

So bored was he that his mind kept wandering. Halloween was a bit of an important anniversary and the more he dwelled on it the darker his mood became. Boredom didn’t help either so he tried to focus on other things when thoughts started to creep into his head.

“You’re thinking again,” Jeff said as he grabbed a cup of water.

“Well, it is a big day,” Fred said, trying to push the thoughts out of his head.

“Did Jordan tell you about her costume?” Jeff asked, hoping to put something else in his friend’s head.

“No, she’s been avoiding me the last few days,” Fred said, shrugging his shoulders.

“Oh, well if it’s anything like what she described it’ll blow your head off your shoulders,” Jeff promised.

“Sounds good,” Fred said unconvincingly.

“Better say it with more conviction than that when you talk to her or I’ll be getting straight A’s because my roommate was killed by an angry blonde,” Jeff said.

“I’ll try,” Fred sighed.

* * * * *

“Vanessa!” Alyson Michalka said when she arrived at the party and saw Vanessa Hudgens.

“Hey Aly,” Vanessa said as Aly pulled her into a hug.

“That’s quite a costume,” Aly said, holding Vanessa at arms length to look at her. Vanessa was wearing a flowing black dress with a plunging neckline that, combined with a nice push-up bra, showed a lot of cleavage. Her hair was styled to match Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, and the package was pretty potent.

“Yours isn’t bad either,” Vanessa said, trying not to stare at the pirate costume Aly was wearing. It was little more than a gold colored bra and matching ruffled skirt that barely covered anything. A bolero jacket, pirate hat, knee-high boots, and a fake cutlass sword completed the ensemble.

“I’ve wanted to be a pirate for years, but I couldn’t find anything that didn’t look like it was made for a man,” Aly said.

“I don’t think you have that problem this year,” Vanessa said, trying to keep the dirty thoughts out of her head.

“Its not too slutty is it?” asked Aly, drawing her sword and trying to look like a real pirate.

“No, just the right amount of sluttiness,” Vanessa said, trying not to laugh at Aly’s pose.

“Good,” Aly said, putting her sword back on her belt. “You know, when AJ told me she wanted to have a party I didn’t think it would happen. We tried to get permission to do this but the headmaster never let us.”

“I remember,” said Vanessa, knowing that once Aly started talking it could be tough to stop her.

“So I had a date tonight but when AJ called and said it was on, I had to cancel. You know, had to be here for her and all,” Aly said. “But what really got me thinking was why you volunteered to chaperone. AJ said something about a deal but she didn’t go into specifics, so I have to ask if it involves me.”

“No, but AJ did promise the headmaster that you’d help chaperone,” Vanessa responded.

“Yeah, and I’m sure he believed that,” Aly said, grinning as someone caught her eye and the grin turned into a frown. “What’s she doing here?”

“I’m not kicking anyone out simply because you or your sister have issues,” Vanessa said, grabbing Aly’s arm to restrain her. “The deal AJ made was that anyone that wanted to could come.”

“But-,” Aly said, trailing off as Vanessa shook her head. “Fine, she can stay.”

“Good, now that we’ve decided to be civil, we can mingle,” Vanessa said, leading Aly in the opposite direction.

* * * * *

“Maybe I should go back,” Fred said as Jeff dragged him into the party.

“You’re not going to brood all night,” Jeff said adamantly. “You’re going to find Jordan and let her kill you, either because of how hot her costume is or because she strangled you over not showing enough appreciation. Either way you’re not leaving until she’s finished with you.”

“Then when you see her tell her I’ll be in the corner talking to myself,” Fred said, moving away before Jeff could stop him.

“Fine, but you’re not getting into the room without a smile on your face,” Jeff hollered after. “So you better get laid or find somewhere else to crash.”

When Fred merely raised his hand and flipped him off, Jeff laughed to himself. He stopped in mid chuckle though when he spotted a pirate from across the room. Putting on his biggest smile he crossed the room in hopes of making another positive impression.

“Well shiver me timbers, look who it is,” Jeff said as he appeared next to Alexa Nikolas.

“Got tired of snapping guys with towels?” Alexa asked him as she leaned on the crutch that served as part of her costume.

“One never gets tired of towel snapping horseplay,” Jeff quipped. “But I think your parrot has seen better days.”

“It’s stuffed,” Alexa said, reaching up to tap the parrot on her shoulder.

“I hope you had the courtesy to kill him first,” Jeff said. “Though I think I’d be willing to be gutted and have stuffing shoved up my ass if meant perching on your shoulder, captain.”

“But which captain am I?” Alexa challenged him, lifting a leg to give him the proper view of the character she was impersonating.

“I could tell you, but what do I get if I’m right?” Jeff asked her.

“I’ll take you into one of the bedrooms and ravage you all night,” Alexa said.

“I wasn’t born yesterday,” Jeff said. “You’ll have to promise something you’d actually deliver on.”

“Okay, I won’t make any jokes about towel snapping,” Alexa said.

“Not sure that’s enough, but I’ll take it if you can get your parrot to say ‘pieces of eight’ for me,” Jeff said, grinning as the surprise showed on her face.

“How’d you know?” Alexa asked. “Everyone else keeps telling me that Jack Sparrow has two legs.”

“You like books so it wasn’t going to be a movie character,” Jeff explained. “So I had to think of classic literature and the missing leg was the giving away. Most pirates have a peg leg or eye patch, but not Long John Silver.”

“You’re definitely full of surprises,” Alexa said, seeing him with newfound appreciation.

“Remember that when I ask to be tutored in math,” Jeff said.

“So you need a math tutor?”

“No, but I might ask for one if it means alone time with you,” Jeff responded, moving on once more before he could undo the progress he’d made.

* * * * *

“She’s here,” Aly told AJ, pulling her sister aside.

“Lots of people are here,” AJ said.

“No, she’s here,” repeated Aly, discreetly pointing in the direction of Taylor Momsen.

“Tell her to get the hell out of here,” AJ said, gritting her teeth.

“Vanessa won’t let me,” Aly said. “Something about the deal you made.”

“Damn,” AJ said. “Then I guess we’ll have to find some other way.”

“Who’s that guy she’s hanging out with? Is she dating him or something?” Aly asked, an idea forming in her head. “I remember seeing him around last year, but I don’t think I ever met him.”

“That’s Chris,” AJ responded. “They seem to hang out quite a bit, but I try to avoid her whenever possible so I don’t know if they’re dating or not.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Aly said. “She’s into him and that’s all that matters.”

“You’ve got an idea,” AJ observed. “When you get an idea I never know if I should be happy or scared.”

“This time it’s probably both,” Aly said, grabbing her sister by the arm. “Come on, we need to separate her from her date.”

* * * * *

“So, how much is my soul worth?” Jeff asked as he leaned a hand against the wall next to Selena.

She was dressed as a devil in a strapless faux red leather dress with a spiked tail attached to the back. A headband with horns rested on her head and she carried a small pitchfork in her right hand.

“I’ll let you two talk,” Demi Lovato said, grinning at Selena.

“Not much because you’re already such a naughty boy,” Selena said. “But I’m sure we could come to some sort of payment if you wanted to sell.”

“Oh, I already know my price. I’m just not sure you’d accept it,” Jeff said, winking at her as he ran a finger along the front of her dress between her tits.

“Then I guess we’ll have to do some bargaining later to see if we can’t come to an agreement,” Selena said.

“Hopefully it’s the kind of bargaining I like,” Jeff said. “The kind that involves getting hot and sweaty while naked.”

“I was hoping that would be the payment,” Selena said with a grin.

“Selena,” Jamie Lynn said when she spotted the pair. “I need a favor.”

“We were just talking,” Selena said defensively, not wanting Jamie Lynn to know the truth.

“I’m not an idiot, I can see you were just talking,” Jamie Lynn said, nodding her for Selena to follow her. Turning her head she looked at Jeff as he started to slip away while her back was turned. “You don’t move until I get back.”

“What kind of favor do you need?” Selena asked as she walked beside Jamie Lynn.

“Time for the newbie to be initiated,” Jamie Lynn said.

“Oh,” Selena said, remembering how she’d been initiated into the group. For her it hadn’t been anything major, she’d just had to fumble her way through a half-assed seduction of Demi. In retrospect, Selena figured it would have made it much easier on everyone involved if at least one of the people involved had any kind of experience at all.

“I need you to find someone to do the deed,” Jamie Lynn said. “I know Renee made you be the aggressor, but we both know how that turned out. Because of that I’ve decided someone that knows what they’re doing should do it. I want Miley to really know she’s been fucked.”

“Sounds like a good idea,” Selena said though she had no regrets at having Demi be her first sexual experience no matter how awful it had turned out.

“I know it does, I thought of it,” Jamie Lynn said. “Now go.”

Shrugging her shoulders Selena hurried off looking for a good candidate. It had to be someone outside the circle, as per the rules laid down by Renee, and Jamie Lynn wanted someone with experience. Selena thought of Jeff and remembered how he’d fucked her but decided Jamie Lynn would shit a brick if she found out Jeff had been the one to break Miley in.

* * * * *

“Did you bring your stash?” Taylor Swift asked Edward Hoffman as he surveyed the crowd.

“I brought some,” Ed replied, turning his head to look her up and down in the blue gown she wore as part of her Cinderella costume. Her tits weren’t particularly large, but they managed to fill out the bodice of the dress nicely and her face seemed to fit the costume choice perfectly.

“Kristen wants some but we haven’t gotten our allowance yet,” Taylor said.

“That’s fine,” Ed said, reaching into his pocket. “Pay me when you get the money”

“We don’t have to fuck you for it, do we?” Taylor asked skeptically.

“No, I trust you,” Ed said as he handed over the baggie. He probably could’ve demanded it, but if she’d gone along with it he knew she would’ve likely been a dead fish and he wanted her to have fun be into it when he finally got her into bed. “That was just to make sure you weren’t jerking me around. But now I know you’re not gonna screw me over.”

“Oh,” Taylor said, smiling.

“I need to borrow Ed for a minute,” Selena said, popping up beside them.

“He’s all yours,” Taylor said as Selena pulled Ed away.

“You better have a good explanation for this,” Ed said, turning his head to catch one last glimpse of Taylor in her costume.

“Jamie Lynn needs someone for an initiation,” Selena said, bringing Ed’s attention back to her.

“Well why didn’t you just say so,” Ed said. Having dated Jamie Lynn he knew all about the initiations that took place among the girls in their little club and if he was being asked it meant he’d be getting pussy after all. “I take it the new girl is the one I’m supposed to fuck?”

“Yeah, Jamie Lynn wants someone with experience, so I thought of you,” Selena said though she had her own reasons for the choice. If she couldn’t get to Jamie Lynn by having Jeff perform the service, then she’d get Jamie Lynn’s ex to do the deed.

“Lead on,” Ed said, grinning as Selena led him to the room Miley had been sequestered in.

* * * * *

“Why have you been avoiding me?” Jamie Lynn asked Jeff after she’d given Selena her assignment.

“I haven’t been avoiding you,” Jeff lied. “Just been busy with football.

“Yet not so busy that you can find time to flirt with my friends?” Jamie Lynn challenged.

“If I find a few minutes to talk to someone and you’re not around, is it my fault?” Jeff answered coolly.

“Then talk to Fred or that skank, Jordan, he’s always hanging around with,” Jamie Lynn snarled, poking him in the chest. “Stay away from Selena and Alexa.”

“Last time I checked we were just friends,” Jeff said, taking offense at her tone and name-calling. “You don’t get to make demands and if you ever talk to me like that or bad mouth my friends again I will make sure Jordan destroys your ass. And believe me, she can do it too.”

“You don’t want to threaten me,” Jamie Lynn said, staring at him contemptuously.

“It’s not a threat, it’s a fucking promise,” Jeff said before pushing past her.

* * * * *

Closing the door behind him Ed took a moment to drink in the scene. Miley sat on the bed wearing a Girl Scout outfit that no Girl Scout he’d ever seen would’ve worn. She had on a white, short-sleeved top that tied between her breasts, exposing her stomach. A green mini-skirt barely covered her goodies and a matching sash with fake merit badges sewed onto it stretched across her body from shoulder to hip. On her head a green, beret style hat with the words “Troop 69” embroidered into it completed the ensemble.

“Got any cookies for sale?” Ed asked, unable to stop himself as he sat in a chair.

“I’m almost sold out,” Miley said as she held up a couple prop boxes.

“What do I get if I buy them?” Ed asked, deciding that if she was going to go along with it then he might as well enjoy the role-play.

“You get to deflower a Girl Scout,” Miley said, grinning.

“Yeah right,” Ed said, noting her behavior. A virgin would be scared shitless but Miley looked like she was going to jump him and use him to get off he wanted it or not. “If you’re a virgin then I’m the pope.”

“Ooh, I get to sell cookies to the pope?” Miley said, moving from the bed.

“Gotta see the goods before I buy,” Ed said. “Untie that top.”

“Gee mister, I don’t know,” Miley said in mock innocence. “That sounds wrong.”

“If you want to sell the rest of your cookies, you’ll do what I want,” Ed said firmly.

“Okay,” Miley said, reaching up to undo the knot that held her top together.

As the ends came undone Miley pulled them apart. The sash settled between her perky breasts as she pushed the sleeves down her arms. When she had her top off she feigned unease as he inspected her tits.

“Leave the sash and hat,” Ed said when she started to lift the sash off her shoulder. “Now the skirt.”

Biting her lip for effect Miley reached for the zipper on the side of the skirt. After pulling it down she leaned forward, pushing her chest out, as she urged the garment over her hips and down her legs. As it slid down to land on the floor around her feet she straightened up to stand before in a pair of white panties.

“Turn around and get those panties off,” Ed said, moving his finger in circles in the air.

Turning around Miley stuck her butt out. She hooked her fingers in her panties as she slowly peeled them, exposing an inch of flesh at a time. As they were pushed down she bent over at the waist and by the time they were around her ankles he could see her slit peeking out from between her legs.

“Quite an ass you got there,” Ed said as he pressed his crotch against her butt, surprising her since she hadn’t heard him stand up while she was turned around.

“Are you going to buy my cookies yet?” Miley asked, pressing her ass against the lump in his pants as she stood up.

“Not yet,” Ed said, reaching one hand around to palm one of her breasts while his other worked on his belt.

Pushing his pants and boxers down in one swoop he grabbed his cock and teased the folds of her pussy with the head. When she pressed back against him he pushed forward, easing his cock into her snatch.

“Mmm,” Miley said, leaning her weight back against him, as she was slowly impaled.

As he had guessed, Miley wasn’t a virgin. Her parents had caught her in bed with a junior from the local high school so they’d tried to keep them apart by sending her away to boarding school. Of course, she liked the seduction and newness when it came to guys so she would’ve moved past the junior in a couple weeks even without their meddling. But, being sent to a new school opened up a whole new set of guys to sample and for that Miley was extremely grateful.

“Gotta earn that sale,” Ed grunted as he slid his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Anything,” Miley said, biting her lower lip as his hands pawed at her tits.

Wrapping an arm around her waist to support her weight he straightened his legs. Miley gasped as she was lifted off the ground and she slid down fully onto his cock. Her legs dangled uselessly as he took the couple steps necessary to cover the ground between them and the bed.

Setting her down Ed let go and pushed her forward until her hands were on the edge of the bed. The movement caused his cock to slip halfway out of her pussy but with her bent over like that it was easy to grab hold of her waist and pulled her back onto his cock as he drove forward.

“Uhh,” Miley moaned, lowering her head to watch his cock drive in and out of her pussy.

“You know, you said I’d get to deflower you,” Ed said, slamming his cock into her before withdrawing once more. “But you’ve done this before.”

“No I haven’t mister,” Miley said looking back at him with unbridled lust in her eyes.

“Don’t lie to me,” Ed said, raising his hand before bringing down with a sharp smack to her ass. “You’re a dirty slut and we both know it.”

“Such a slut,” Miley agreed, moaning as a burning sensation spread across the butt cheek he’d just spanked.

“Slut likes that?” Ed asked, giving her another spanking, this one a bit harder.

“Slut loved it,” Miley said, pushing back to meet his thrusts with an increased vigor.

“Do you want to sell your cookies?” Ed asked as he spanked her ass with his other hand.

“Oh yes,” Miley said, nodding her head as she reached back to frig her clit.

“Good,” Ed said, slipping his cock from her pussy.

“Noo,” Miley groaned, suddenly feeling empty without his cock plunging into her.

But just as quickly as he’d pulled she felt the head of his cock pressing against her asshole. Feeling the pressure Miley tried to pull forward away from him. She’d never had a cock in her ass and she didn’t really want to start now when he was giving her pussy such a nice fucking.

“You promised me a virginity,” Ed said, smacking her on the ass hard enough to leave a red handprint. “Since your pussy has obviously been used before, I’m taking your ass.”

“Noo,” Miley mewled, still squirming to keep her ass from being violated.

“Want me to tell Jamie Lynn you wouldn’t cooperate?” Ed asked, slipping his hand down to collect some of the juices dripping from her pussy. When his finger was nice and slick he brought it up to smear the lubrication around the rosebud of her anus.

“No,” Miley said, stopping her movements.

Ed couldn’t tell if she meant that she didn’t want him to tell Jamie Lynn or if she was still resisting. But as he eased his finger into her asshole she pushed back and he had his answer.

“Good girl,” Ed said, rubbing her red ass cheeks with one hand as he probed her butthole.

Finally sliding his finger from her asshole he straightened up behind her. He slid his cock into her pussy for a little extra lubrication before withdrawing and lining it up with her asshole. This time as the head made contact with her backdoor she made no effort to pull away.

Pressing forward Ed felt her tense up and deny his passage. Sighing at her subconscious response he held his cock against her anus with his right hand as his left slid around to her front. Finding her clit he rubbed it with his middle finger as he pushed forward once more.

As the sensations from her clit spread through her body her asshole relaxed and soon spread around the bulbous tip of his cock. She gasped for air in surprise as her asshole snapped shut around the crown. Holding still with just the head of his cock lodged in her backside he continued working on her clit until she relaxed again.

“Almost there,” Ed said, slowly pushing forward to work a bit of the shaft into her ass.

“So fucking big,” Miley said, half in pain and half in pleasure.

“Just relax and enjoy it,” Ed said, pulling back slightly before pushing another fraction of an inch of his cock into her tight hole.

Once over the shock of how big his cock felt in her ass, Miley found that it wasn’t so bad. There was some pain as a new part of anal canal was stretched but his finger on her clit more than made up for it. In fact, she even started to feel twinges of pleasure radiate out from the cock in her ass to meet those coming from her clit.

“Fuck me,” Miley said, pushing back against his cock as he drove into her ass and then pressing against the finger on her clit as he pulled back.

Grinning at her comment, Ed stopped being so gentle. Taking his hand away from her pussy he gripped her ass cheeks in his hands. Digging his fingers into her cheeks he pushed with a bit more force and finally felt his balls slap her pussy as he drove that final inch of his cock into her butt.

“Oh God,” Miley groaned, finally feeling what having the full length of his cock in her asshole felt like.

As he started stroking the full length in and out of her ass Miley reached back to frig her clit. His thrusts were too strong though and her arm gave way. With a squeal of alarm she fell forward and landed with her breasts and upper stomach on the bed and the rest hanging off.

Her collapsing onto the bed didn’t stop Ed though. He took a moment to adjust before resuming the ass fucking he was taking great delight in giving her. He could feel his orgasm approaching and nothing short of a bomb being dropped directly inside the room was going to deter him.

“Almost there,” Miley said, really getting off from having her ass fucked.

With that declaration Ed grabbed hold of the sash that still circled her body. Wrapping his hand in it he used it to pull her back with extra force as he slammed into her. Sweat was pouring off his forehead and droplets landed on the cheeks of Miley’s ass as the force of their coupling knocked them from their perch.

“Oh holy God,” Miley screamed, burying her face in the bed to muffle her voice as she reached her climax.

Her body clenched up and her muscles spasmed with pleasure. The already tight ring of her anus clamped down on his cock hard enough he felt like it was going to break off. The contractions of her muscles forced her fingers to move across her clit, prolonging the nearly overwhelming sensations that were shooting through her.

Miraculously Ed managed to ride out her orgasm without blowing his load. When she started to relax he slipped his cock from her ass and without him pushing her forward she slid backward onto her knees, her upper body leaning forward against the bed.

“You’re not done yet,” Ed said, stroking his cock with one hand.

Reaching his other hand out he turned her face toward him. The first burst of come hit her on the side of her face and she moaned as it splashed across her cheek. As the second one fired out he turned her face a bit more and she parted her lips as it hit her upper lip and dripped into her open mouth. By the time the third shot arrived he pushed his cock between her lips and let the rest unload inside her mouth.

“Want to buy some cookies?” Miley asked sleepily when he slid his cock from her mouth. She was completely worn out from the intensity of the fucking she’d just received and felt like she could sleep for a week.

“You definitely sold me,” Ed said, slumping down next to her.

* * * * *

“Have you seen Archie?” Willa asked Fred as he sat in his corner lost in his own world.

“What? No, I just got here,” said Fred, barely taking in the French maid outfit Willa was wearing.

“How do I look?” Willa asked, striking a pose.

“Like you’re going to give Archie a heart attack,” Fred said, smiling wanly.

He just wasn’t up to partying and didn’t even feel like making an attempt at pretending. Too many thoughts were crashing around in his head and while they were happy memories they weren’t bringing him any happy tidings.

“Fine, I’ll let you get back to whatever it was you were doing,” Willa said, sighing as she went off in search of Archie.

* * * * *

Exactly one year ago, give or take a couple hours:

Fred Douglas was on top of the world. After catching a movie he and Emma had returned to his room expecting to find Jeff and Renee. Instead they found an empty room with soft music playing and candles burning in every corner.

“I didn’t do this,” Fred said, letting her know that he hadn’t planned some sort of sexual conquest. She’d told him she was a virgin when they started dating and he was smitten, or whipped, enough to be more than willing to wait for however long she wanted.

“I know, I did,” Emma said, lifting up on tiptoes to kiss him.

“That means?” Fred asked, not wanting to say it and possibly jinx it.

“I’m ready,” Emma said, looking at him without a trace of her trademark smirk.

The theater they’d gone to had given discounts to people dressed up for Halloween so Fred had dressed as Harry Potter and Emma had gone as Hermione. They were each wearing an ankle length Gryffindor robes and Fred wore a pair of glasses that matched the ones Harry Potter wore.

Taking off his glasses Fred leaned in and kissed Emma. Reaching for the clasp that held her robe together, Fred unclipped it and pushed it off her shoulders. Taking a moment to look at the white blouse and gray skirt she was wearing underneath, Fred pushed her back toward the bed.

Falling back onto the bed Emma reached out and grabbed hold of Fred’s robe. Pulling him onto the bed with her Emma scooted back on the bed until they were laying in the middle of it.

Glancing at the clock Fred could see that they had plenty of time before curfew. With that knowledge tucked away he leaned in a kissed. Slipping his fingers between the buttons of her blouse they rested on the bare skin of her stomach.

“Mmm,” Emma moaned into his mouth as his fingers massaged small circles into her belly.

Without breaking the kiss Fred started popping the buttons of her blouse from the bottom to the top. With each button that came undone he ran his fingers along her firm stomach to guide him until reaching the next one. Reaching her cleavage he felt the clasp of her bra as his fingers traveled through the valley between her breasts before undoing the final button.

After pulling her blouse open his fingers reached for the clasp on the front of her bra. Pulling it apart her lifted the cups to expose her breasts to his eyes.

Emma fidgeted slightly and smiled nervously under his gaze. The butterflies in her stomach felt like they were going to make a break for it but the tenderness in his touch as he stroked the underside her one of her breasts calmed them significantly.

Fred caressed her boobs for a few moments before moving down her body. Grabbing her skirt he pulled down the zipper on the side. When he lifted her butt off the bed he slid the garment down her thighs. As she settled back down on the bed he slipped it down her legs and off her body.

Deciding to take a more proactive role, Emma sat up. Their lips met as both their hands worked to remove her blouse and bra. Once that was done and she was left clad in nothing but a pair of gray panties her hands reached for his shirt.

Neither one wanted to wait the buttons of his shirt to be undone one by one so Fred simply pulled it off over his head. Getting up on his knees they worked on his belt together before pushing his pants down.

Pushing Emma onto her back Fred used his legs to kick his pants off as he lowered his mouth to her chest. Taking a nipple into his mouth he let his tongue trace around her areola as he finally kicked his pants all the way off.

With one hand on the back of Fred’s head Emma reached down and started to push his boxers down with her free hand. When they were around his knees Fred shifted around so she could push them further down. In the process his hard cock pressed against her thigh and she gasped at the touch.

Reluctantly pulling away from her chest Fred started kissing down Emma’s body, drawing a giggle when he kissed her belly button. Reaching her waist he hooked his fingers in her panties and pulled them down to reveal a bush of light brown hair. He kissed her inner thigh as he tugged them down her legs.

Sitting up he took a moment to look at her in all her nude glory before she sat up and grabbed his shoulders. He started to move to eat her pussy but she kept tugging him up her body until they were face to face and his cock pressed against her hip.

“Make love to me,” Emma said without a trace of cheesiness.

Feeling his heart leap in his chest at her request, Fred moved between her legs. Reaching between them he grabbed his cock and dragged it through her labia to wet the head with some of the juices that were leaking from her pussy like a sieve.

“Ready?” Fred asked as he lined his cock with her hole.

“Yes,” Emma nodded with a look on her face that said she wasn’t sure whether she should be nervous or excited.

With that he pushed forward. Her pussy clung to his cock and her arms snaked around his neck as she felt a cock enter her for the first time. Her eyes opened wide taking in every detail as he slowly worked his way into her.

“This will hurt,” Fred warned as he felt his cock bump up against the resistance of her hymen.

“Do it,” Emma said, biting her lip.

She gasped in pain as her maidenhead was broken but Fred quickly pulled back and pushed another little bit into her. Her eyes screwed shut but they soon started to open as the pain faded. In its place was a feeling of being full and every new inch of her pussy his cock reached sent shudders of pleasure through her.

As he gingerly pushed into Emma Fred’s eyes were wide open. Her blonde hair was splayed out beneath her and she looked at him with innocence mixed with lust. It was a potent combo and it caused him to drive the last inch or so of his cock into her a bit harder than he might have liked.

Hooking her legs around his waist Emma grabbed his shoulders. Pulling him down onto his elbows she slid her hand behind his head so she could pull him into a kiss.

As she slid her tongue into his mouth Fred took it as a sign to continue. Sliding his cock out of her until just the head rested inside her he pushed back in, driving full length into her. He could feel her breasts sandwiched against his chest, the hard points of her nipples digging into his skin as they moved together.

Fred and Emma clung to each other as they picked up the speed of their coupling. They pressed together every inch of flesh they could without hindering their movement as the heat between them spurred each to greater heights.

“So close,” Emma said, finally breaking the kiss as she felt her orgasm within reach.

Arching his back Fred shortened his thrusts as he kissed her collarbone. He was also nearing the point of no return and the shorter thrusts allowed him to make quicker rabbit thrusts into her. He hoped the quick thrusts would be a different tactic that would push her over the edge.

“Coming,” Emma gasped in her British accent that drove Fred crazy, in a good way.

As her face froze with her mouth open in an “O”‘ of pleasure Fred made a couple more quick thrusts until her pussy clenched around his cock and he couldn’t take any more. At the last second he slipped his cock from her pussy and let it rest against her stomach as his come exploded out of his cock.

As each rope of hit her stomach Emma moaned at the unexpected warmth. When each had finally passed the peak of their climax they collapsed onto the bed. Sliding behind her Fred draped an arm over and she snuggled back against him, sighing contentedly.

“I love you,” Fred said, shocking both of them with the words.

Though he’d dated other girls for much longer than he’d known Emma, he’d never said the words to any of them. Even more surprising was that he meant it. He’d never felt for a girl what he felt for Emma and while every brain cell rebelled against the idea, his heart couldn’t deny it.

“I love you too,” Emma said, turning her head kiss him as she wiggled her butt against him.

They lay cuddled together for a bit until the feel of her body against him started to get to Fred. As life sprang back into his cock, nestled in the crack of her ass, he heard the soft breathing of asleep in his arms.

Glancing at the clock he saw that it was almost curfew. Reluctantly he disengaged from her and took a moment to watch her sleep before rousing her.

“It’s almost bed check,” Fred said before kissing her.

“Time to go then,” Emma said even though both of them wanted nothing more than to stay together.

* * * * *

“Fred!” Jordan said, snapping him out of his trance.

“Hey,” Fred said. For a moment he had a vision of Emma’s naked body overlapping with the sight of Jordan in reality and he had to shake his head to clear his thoughts.

She was standing there in a schoolgirl costume and as he took in the details he had to admit that Jeff was right. She had on a white blouse that had the last couple buttons undone so it could be tied at the waist, showing just a sliver of lower belly above a short blue and white pleated skirt that didn’t quite extend to mid thigh. A pair of plaid suspenders and necktie in a plaid pattern that matched the skirt completed the outfit.

“We need to talk,” Jordan said, grabbing his shirt and pulling him off the couch.

“You look great,” Fred said as she put a hand in the middle of his back and pushed.

She pushed him through the crowd until they turned a corner and into a relatively deserted hallway. Down the hallway went until Jordan saw an open door and pushed him through it. Before he could get away she slipped in after him and shut the door.

“Why are we in a bathroom?” Fred asked, nodding his head toward the toilet in the corner.

“Because it was the first open door?” Jordan snapped a little more abrasive than she meant. “Sorry, I’m in a bit of a bad mood.”

“Don’t worry, I know when it’s your mood and when you’re really pissed,” Fred said.

“Don’t be cute right now,” Jordan said. “I have to ask you something and if you get cute I might not be able to ask it.”

“Shoot,” Fred said, trying to be serious and not at all cute.

“I have to ask, right here and now, do you like me?” Jordan asked. “Because I’m tired of putting myself out there and getting nothing.”

“Yes,” Fred said, seeing the look of vulnerability on her face and feeling a weight lift from his shoulders that had been there for almost a year.

“You do?” Jordan asked, a look of hope and elation in her eyes.

“Why wouldn’t I? You’re smart and funny,” Fred said, studying her face. In that moment he realized just how beautiful she’d become in the last year while he was too preoccupied with Emma to notice.

“But?” Jordan asked, bracing against the qualification to his answer that she felt was coming.

“No buts,” Fred said kissing her lightly on the lips. “Want to get some pizza tomorrow, just the two of us?”

“Only if it’s a real date,” Jordan said, feeling dizzy at the prospect.

“Hope you’re not disappointed then,” Fred said, taking her hand in his.

“Never,” Jordan said, her head spinning as they left the bathroom holding hands.

* * * * *

“You want me to spill my drink on him?” Larry Hill asked Aly and AJ.

“We just want to talk him for a minute but Taylor won’t let us near him,” AJ said sweetly. They’d picked Larry because he’d made no secret of having a crush on AJ over the last couple years so they figured he’d be an easy mark. “I don’t really know what he sees in her, but he can’t see past her cuteness to see her for what she really is.”

“And I take it you two know?” Larry asked, intrigued.

“Our parents were friends with her parents for years, always helping them out when they needed something. But then her mom tried to seduce our dad and almost ruined their marriage,” Aly said. “After that Taylor moved with her mom to San Diego and apparently she’s taking after her mom because she does whatever she has to get what she wants and then discards them like yesterday’s garbage.”

“So that explains the internet stories about her fucking her teacher,” Larry said putting two and two together in his head. “She wanted something and then when it was no longer convenient she ditched him.”

“Exactly,” AJ said. “We’re just afraid she’s doing the same thing to Chris and we don’t want to see him get hurt. If you help us, I’m sure we could find some way to thank you.”

“I’ll do it,” Larry said, as much to help out Chris as to get a crack at the lovely Michalka sisters.

“Good, now go spill your drink on Chris and we’ll intercept him when he goes to clean up,” AJ said.

* * * * *

“You know, now every time I have to make a decision between good and evil I’ll be picturing you two on my shoulders,” Jeff said as stood between Selena and Demi.

In contrast to Selena’s devil costume Demi was dressed as angel. She wore a long white robe with a plunging neckline that showed a considerable amount of cleavage. On her back was a small pair of feathered wings, out of which stuck a wire attached to a golden halo that hovered over her head.

“Why bother? We all know I’ll win,” Selena said.

“That’s because you cheat,” Demi said.

“Well, she is the devil,” Jeff pointed out. “And I do like to be bad.”

“She likes to be bad too, she just doesn’t like to admit it,” Selena said in a conspiratorial whisper.

“I’m not bad, I’m good and pure,” Demi said with mock innocence.

“I’d love to see if I could do something about that, but Jamie Lynn’s laying down ultimatums and while every bit of me wants to do the exact opposite, it could get messy for you if she sees me talking to you,” Jeff told Selena.

“Who cares?” Demi asked. “Worst that can happen is Jamie Lynn tells the others to shut her out. Good riddance if they do, I say. She’ll still have me and Alyson.”

“Either way, maybe it’s best for me to lay low so she doesn’t take it out on you guys,” Jeff said.

“Don’t let Jamie Lynn worry you,” Selena said. “She’s harmless enough and she doesn’t see me as a threat to her claim on you.”

“Okay, but know that Jordan will have your back if you need her. I’ve got it too, but Jordan would be pissed if a good war broke out and she wasn’t invited,” Jeff said.

* * * * *

“Hey Chris, my man,” Larry said, bumping chests with Chris and spilling beer on the hospital gown that served as Chris’ costume and marked him as hospital patient to match up with Taylor’s nurse outfit.

“Crap,” Chris said, grabbing for napkins.

“Sorry,” Larry said, trying not grin as he executed his part of the plan perfectly. “You better put some water on that before it sets.”

“You’re right,” Chris said. “I’ll be back in a minute.”

The moment Chris was around the corner and out of Taylor’s sight Aly and AJ fell into step on either side of him. Before he could turn into the bathroom they each grabbed one of his elbows and guided him to the bedroom they’d put the valuables and breakables in to be locked away for the party.

“Uh, I was looking for the bathroom,” Chris said as Aly closed the door behind them.

“Maybe you found something better,” AJ said, pulling one of the straps in the back of his gown untied.

“I’m kinda here with someone,” Chris said.

“You’d turn down two hot sisters for that little girl out there?” Aly asked, pushing Chris back onto the bed.

At the question Chris wavered. He really liked Taylor but how often does a guy get the chance to be with two girls, let alone sisters? It was the type of situation that only happened in porn, but here he was with that opportunity.

“Didn’t think so,” Aly said, taking his hesitation for surrender.

Pushing up his hospital gown Aly pulled down the pair of shorts he had on underneath. As Aly slid his shorts down AJ grabbed his boxers and pulled them down as well. Not bothering to take them all the way off the sisters left them around his knees so they could focus on the cock that was rapidly inflating before their eyes.

Grabbing hold of his cock Aly dragged her tongue along the underside of the shaft before swirling it around the crown. She repeated the move a couple times before letting go so AJ could take her turn.

As Aly pulled back AJ moved in. Parting her lips she took the head of his cock into her mouth. She ran her tongue along the crown before applying suction and pushing down, taking more of it into her mouth. About halfway down AJ stopped, licking the shaft as she took a breath before pulling up.

As AJ worked half his cock in and out of her mouth Aly reached out. Slipping her fingers under his scrotum she lifted them up and started licking his sack. Locking eyes with Chris she took one of his testicles in her mouth and sucked on it.

After bobbing her head on his cock for a bit AJ pulled all the way off. Licking her lips she looked at Aly. She nodded her head slightly as the sisters communicated silently amongst themselves.

When Aly agreed they both leaned in and attacked his cock from either side. Their lips pressed together with the cock in between as they pressed their tongues against the shaft. In concert they started to slide their mouths along his cock,

Feeling the two mouths on his cock Chris groaned and his head lolled back. It was like they were jerking him off with their lips as they somehow managed to move in the same rhythm. The simple fact they kept the arrangement going for even a couple seconds was even more amazing to him than the act itself.

Finally pulling their mouths away his cock fell to rest against his body before Aly grabbed hold of the base. Taking the head into her mouth she pushed her head down. Her mouth was a little bigger than AJ’s and her lips didn’t stretch quite as tightly around his cock, but it still felt like heaven to Chris.

While AJ had stopped about halfway down Aly continued until Chris could feel his cock bump against the back of her throat. As Aly pulled back he lifted his head to watch. When she worked back down he once again felt his cock reach the back of her mouth but this time he felt her relax her muscles and took him into her throat. Realizing that he was being deep throated, Chris tensed and had to think unsexy thoughts to keep from shooting his wad down her gullet right then and there.

“You want to come on our slutty little faces, don’t you?” AJ asked, noticing his reaction.

“Yeah,” Chris answered weakly, coming out as little more than a squeak.

“Then do it,” AJ cajoled as Aly slid her mouth off his cock.

Grabbing the back of AJ’s head Aly pulled her sister into a kiss. Pulling their mouths apart slightly so Chris could see, Aly slid her tongue into AJ’s mouth. Reaching out she cupped one of AJ’s breasts in the palm of her hand.

Groaning, his eyes rolled back in his head as felt the jizz boiling his balls. The double blowjob had already pushed Chris to the limit but watching the sisters make out in front of him was more than he could take.

With a grunt the first spurt erupted from his cock and splattered across AJ’s cheek. As they pulled their faces apart Chris’ second shot burst forth and hit Aly across the bridge of her nose. After a couple more blasts that splattered their faces with come he finally opened his eyes.

* * * * *

“I know what you’re up to,” Larry told Taylor Momsen as they waited for Chris to come back.

“Excuse me?” Taylor asked.

“AJ told me what you’re planning and you’re not going to get away with it,” Larry said as a look of panic showed on Taylor’s face.

“I don’t know what they told you, but I guarantee you it’s not true,” Taylor said before rushing off to find Chris and fearing what she’d find.

She tried to follow in Chris’s path but didn’t see him. She asked a couple people as she went and was pointed in the direction. Steeling her nerves she pushed open the door she’d been pointed towards.

She opened the door just in time to see the guy she wanted to think of as her boyfriend shooting off a geyser of come into the faces of two blondes. Freezing in shock Taylor could barely even breathe as she watched him give a facial to the two girls in the whole world she didn’t want him anywhere near.

She must have gasped because Chris’s eyes suddenly fixed on her. Both Aly and AJ turned their heads and seeing Taylor in the doorway they fixed her with a half-grin half-sneer, the evidence of what they’d done still wet on their faces.

With the spell broken Taylor fled. Her eyes filled with tears as she ran in the other direction. As the crowd closed in around her she slowed down but refused to look back or stop.

* * * * *

Pulling on his mask, Ken entered the party. He’d told AJ he couldn’t make it, but he’d worked all afternoon to get the layout ready on the paper. All that had been needed was a recap of the football game, which he’d been able to work up while the game had been going on. Once that had been added in, it was a matter of e-mailing it to the printer and then making a quick call to make sure they’d gotten it.

“Hey Joker, got a face?” Vanessa asked, seeing someone dressed as The Joker from The Dark Knight walk into the party and wanting to make sure it was someone that belonged there rather than some stranger trying to crash a party and get some teen pussy.

“Hey Vanessa,” Ken said, lifting his mask so she could see it was him. “Seen AJ?”

“She was here a minute ago so she couldn’t have gone far,” Vanessa said, returning her attention elsewhere with the knowledge that the party was still secure.

Just as Ken was about to go in search of AJ he noticed a blonde dressed as a nurse pushing through the crowd. Her head was down and she didn’t see him as she bumped into him.

“Sorry,” Taylor Momsen apologized, lifting her head to look at him.

“Are you okay?” Ken asked, holding her shoulders when he noticed the tears in her eyes.

“Taylor, wait,” yelled Chris, pulling up his shorts as he pushed through the throngs.

“Leave me alone,” Taylor said, moving past Ken.

“I didn’t mean-,” Chris started.

“I don’t care,” Taylor interrupted, finally turning to face him. “It’s bad enough that it happened, but with them? That’s unforgivable.”

With that she rushed out the door and into the night. Chris went to chase after her but Ken grabbed his arm and stopped him. Shaking his head Ken gripped his arm tighter to show that he wasn’t going to let Chris go after her.

Looking up Ken saw Aly and AJ smiling at their handiwork as they wiped off their faces. Narrowing his eyes he focused on AJ and frowned. When the smirk dropped from her face he turned around and left to let her know he knew about her part in the show and didn’t approve.

Finding Taylor sitting on a bench in the yard Ken sat down next to her. Turning her head she looked at him wordlessly for a moment. Then suddenly a strangled sob came from her and she leaned her head on his shoulder even though she didn’t know him. She just knew she needed someone to lean on he happened to be there.

“He’s a dick,” Ken said, stroking her hair to comfort her as she tried to get her emotions back under control. “And AJ’s a bitch.”

Lifting her head Taylor merely nodded. Her eyes were red from crying and she sniffed as she finally stopped crying for the moment.

“You need a ride back to school?” Ken asked feeling incredibly uncomfortable. He’d never been comfortable around girls when they were being emotional, but he was also struck not only by how cute she was but also how young.

“Uh huh,” Taylor said as he stood up. When he extended his hand she took it and let him help her to her feet.

* * * * *

“Dude, you missed the show,” Jeff said when he saw Fred and Jordan approach. “That freshman, Taylor, came running through crying while that Chris guy chased after her pulling up his pants. Then she yelled at him about fucking a couple other chicks.”

“Oh my god,” Jordan said, wondering if she should go looking for Taylor.

“Wait,” Jeff said, finally noticing the fact they were holding hands. “You finally got him to admit how he feels?”

“Yeah,” Jordan said, beaming as Willa hugged her.

“About damn time,” Jeff said.

“Can we go see if we can find Taylor and give her a ride if she needs one?” Jordan asked, worried about her new friend being stranded off campus.

“Okay, but she can’t ride shotgun,” Fred said. “If Jeff’s driving and she’s sitting next to him, who knows what kind of mess he’ll get into by the time we get back to school.”

“You take the fun out of life sometimes, you know that?” Jeff sighed as the group moved out.

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