The Harem: Episode 19 – “All Revved Up And Ready To Go”

And so it seems we meet again.

It has been quite a while, hasn’t it? Nearly two years. Quite a bit has changed in that time, but there’s one thing you can always count on and that’s that the lovely residents of the Malibu are always horny and ready for hot, sweaty sexual action. You can never doubt that.

So where did we leave off? Oh yes. The girls are facing positions both good and bad as a gathering storm cloud heads toward them without any of them being aware. As Kirsten and Eliza prepare to use the mansion to renew their vows, everyone is headed off to Las Vegas for a weekend of debauchery (while putting
on their “good girl” faces to help charity a little too). Furthermore, Sarah’s back at the mansion for good, Christina has moved out to be with her beloved Britney and Stacy has moved in to take her place. And that’s before Jewel’s cousin Q’Orianka came to visit and made three shocking discoveries, that her cousin is into girls, that she is too and that having sex with her cousin is wrong but feels so good. Add to that, Hayden fully embracing the newly Sapphic side of herself and things seem all good. But that’s before you take into account the growing threat facing the girls from all sides. A powerful mind control device is now in the hands of a madman looking to make some Hollywood money off the husbands and boyfriends the girls left behind. Their seemingly loyal maid Michelle is actually a French spy and Jessica was nearly kidnapped by mercenaries seeking a test subject for the MAW device. And her subsequent escape thanks to Waldo, Franklin and Delbert was good news for her, but bad news for Michelle Trachtenberg and Mary Elizabeth Winstead as they instead fell victim to the will draining machine.

Phew…that’s a lot going on and I’ve only glazed over key topics like Gwen and Fluffy and Rose’s looming assault trial. So if only some of this (or none of this) makes any sense, I would recommend you get to reading those back chapters before you wrap your arms around this one.

Now I also feel I owe all of you an explanation about what the heck has taken so long between chapters. I really don’t have one other than the fact that work has been a time drain and this chapter and subsequent ones require so much planning ahead that it took much longer than usual. Now the good news is that work has already begun on the next chapter and that I think my ambitious plans for what is coming up next will be much appreciated when you see what I am actually up to.

The thing that is critical to remember is that this chapter actually is more of an attempt to set every piece in place and the next chapter will be bringing everyone and everything together. So not a lot happens in this chapter (except of course for sweaty, hot lesbian sex) but that will pay off when you get to the next chapters. So I beg your indulgence here.

Of course for a chapter where not much happens, you still have more than 400 pages of hot celebrity debauchery. Believe me when I say I slaved over this chapter and your words of feedback mean so much to me. I’m not getting paid to do this (though I would love to if any of you are offering) so your feedback is what keeps me going and lets me know you appreciate all this work. Letting me know what you think by emailing me at would be much, much appreciated.

But I’m rambling so I will cut this short and instead get to the disclaimers:

This story is a work of fiction. As much as we want to believe it’s true, the simple fact is that it’s simply a work of my fevered imagination. The girls in this story are not actually doing any of this. This is all imagined and it is not real in any way, shape or form.

Second, this is for people at age 18 or older. Sorry kids, let me know when you reach that magic number so I can share with you tales of the mansion, but until then you need to hit the back button on your browser and get out of here.

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But enough babbling. It’s showtime.

The Harem
Episode 19
“All Revved Up And Ready To Go”


As usual, Jennifer Love Hewitt had ended up packing too much.

That was made abundantly clear by the fact that she was now sitting on her garment bag, adding extra weight to the top so she could properly close it. But even with her body pressed down on top of it, it was still a challenge for Love to get it closed and she was grunting a little as she inched the zipper along closer and closer to actually getting it all the way zipped up.

She was able to get it tantalizingly close, but Love couldn’t complete the job. She had simply put in too much and her bag opened itself up again even as she pressed down on it with her full weight. Love groaned in frustration and turned herself over so she was lying on top of the bag on her stomach to try another approach.

Love continued to grunt as she further attempted to close her overstuffed bag. She reached around for the zipper and yanked on it as best she could. At first when she pulled it closed, it opened up again, bouncing up into her stomach and making her yelp slightly, but Love continued unabated in her quest to finish packing. Gathering her resolve, Love thrust herself down against the bag, pressing herself to it as hard as she could as she tugged the zipper closer and closer to its destination at the end.

This required her to push herself hard against the bag several times in an effort to close it enough for the zipper to be pulled and, before she could finish her task, Love was interrupted by the sound of laughter from her doorway.

“Would you and your suitcase like to be left alone?” Rose McGowan teased as she stood by the open door to Love’s bedroom and watched her housemate struggle with her bag. “Mmmm baby, you’re humping that thing like you wanna have its baby.”

“Don’t make fun of me,” Love replied, but even she couldn’t help but crack a smile over her predicament. She knew she had to look pretty silly right then, sprawled over her bag trying to get it closed.

“Why would I make fun of you?” Rose continued evilly. “Just because it looks like you’re two steps away from having sex with your suitcase? Nahhh that’s perfectly normal. I guess girls just don’t do it for you anymore. You need yourself a good piece of luggage to get off.”

“Stop,” Love pleaded, even though she didn’t mind the teasing that much. The girls here were all beyond a point where making fun of each other was anything but affectionate.

“Not when it’s more fun to keep going,” Rose grinned. “Besides you’re so cute when you’re all embarrassed.”

As she said this, Rose sat down on the bed next to Love and gave her leg a little tickle before she kissed her nose, a loving gesture that Love definitely appreciated. She felt so close to all her housemates and Rose was someone who always knew how to make her happy, even when all their clothes were on.

Love knew a lot of people saw Rose as weird or mean, but they never saw the true side of her the way they did at the mansion. They never saw the little moments like this where they could look silly in front of each other because of the connection they all had. They never saw when Rose was kind and loving. That was the side Love adored even more than the sexy seductress who was always so willing to get Mr. Snappy and fuck her into a lust coma.

“I guess I overpacked,” Love said with a blush as she stated the obvious while pulling herself off her bag and letting it pop open again as it threatened to burst with all the clothing she was bringing.

“Gee, ya think?” Rose laughed as Love gave up for the moment and sat next to her on the bed. “Love, you’re not going to need all this. We’re just going to Vegas for the weekend. The only things I’m bringing are Mr. Snappy and lube cause that’s all I’m going to need while we’re there.”

Even though she knew her housemate was exaggerating, Love giggled at the idea of Rose bringing nothing with her except her favorite strap on. She was probably right. That really was all they were going to need while they were there. If there was ever a place that promised sinful fun around the clock, Las Vegas was it.

“Sweetie, you’re bringing way too many clothes,” Rose pointed out. “We’re only going for a few days and besides, we’re going to be in our hotel and naked most of the time we’re there anyway. With the kind of partying I’m planning for us, all you need is that sexy bod of yours. So let’s lose these clothes and get you packed more efficiently.”

“These clothes?” Love asked as she patted the top of her still opened bag. “Mmmm or these clothes?”

Love then playfully reached for the t-shirt she was wearing and began inching it up like she was about to pull it up off over her head.

“Well you know I like you best stripped bare,” Rose purred as she reached over and seductively ran her fingers over the little bit of Love’s stomach that was now exposed before kissing her friend tenderly on the lips.

Love moaned and shivered a little with desire for the always welcome touch of her beautiful friend. She kissed back and soon packing was the last thing on her mind as she surrendered to the feel of Rose’s soft lips against hers. Their mouths opened and the two girls let their tongues out to play. Rose massaged her tongue over Love’s and they both moaned while rubbing their tongues together.

“Mmmmm so hot,” Love managed to sigh as the two broke their first kiss and dove right into a second one.

“See if you just listen to me, we can spend less time packing and more time doing this,” Rose smiled, allowing both of them to catch their breath before they resumed making out. “Forget the clothes and just bring you. That’s all you need.”

Love and Rose kept on kissing. They were so familiar with the taste and feel of each other’s lips and tongues, but that certainly didn’t breed any boredom. It made them hunger for the other even more. Rose and Love had both lost count of how many times they’d done everything from tender lovemaking to sweaty, nasty fucking and each time they played together they both wanted it more.

The more they kissed the more Rose’s logic made sense to Love. She certainly didn’t know why she had wanted to bring all these clothes other than force of habit. After all when she was with her housemates and all their sexy friends, Love didn’t want to be wearing anything at all. Why bother bringing what she was just going to let all the hot girls they met take off?

As Rose’s tongue rubbed against hers, coaxing Love to French kiss her back so she could suck on her probing tongue, Love found her imagination wandering to the idea of spending the entire weekend in Vegas completely naked and going from girl to girl in bed and in the shower and over the mini bar and even in the hallway of their hotel. She wouldn’t need clothes at all for that kind of dirty fun.

But as much fun as it sounded to spend this weekend away from Malibu indulging in the nudist lifestyle and letting each and every hot girl she met get access to whatever part of her body they craved, Love knew this was one thought that was going to safely stay in her imagination.

Not only would it have been absolutely insane to expose herself so literally when there were going to be paparazzi and press swarming all over Vegas this weekend, but they were all actually going there to try and help people, not just go from orgy to orgy.

They were actually going to Vegas for a good cause and, as much as Love wanted to focus on the promise of wild sex and Vegas-style debauchery, she knew she shouldn’t forget that this wasn’t just supposed to be a weekend of fun for them. Mega billionaire J. Paddington Behr was putting his Bill Gates-sized fortune to good use and holding a major charity event in Vegas. They were all attending along with stars from movies, TV and music to try and raise money to combat global poverty.

There were few causes as important as that and Love desperately wanted to help. She didn’t shy away from using her celebrity to help people out and she was happy to try do whatever was needed to raise money to make other’s lives better. If there was a way to help, Love was eager to do it and she knew her friends all felt the same way.

But even though Love hadn’t forgotten they had a mission this weekend to do some good, she also knew full well Vegas was going to be absolutely swamped with beautiful girls. Girls she and her friends had already seduced and girls they had never played with before. Love longed to get naughty with all of them. She was so keyed up for this. She wanted to be good this weekend and she also wanted to be very, very bad.

The fact that they were going to help out a charity just made her longing for wild girl on girl sex even naughtier and Love liked how that made her feel. She liked it a lot. She liked knowing that while she was trying to be a good girl and raising money to help people, her pussy was going to be wet under her dress thinking about all the girls she fucked and those whom she wanted to taste for the first time.

Love knew there were going to be some wild parties this weekend. How could there not be when there were so many sexy girls in the one place that encouraged you to be wicked and wild? She wanted to get to as many of those parties as possible and she knew the rest of her housemates wanted it too.

Rose had appointed herself unofficial ringleader for the weekend, but Love and everyone else were just as eager to get naughty. Sarah, Jennifer, Alyssa, Jewel and Stacy had been getting all their stuff together all morning and now it seemed like they were just waiting on her so they could get going. Christina Aguilera had graciously offered her private jet to get them from California to Vegas and everyone was practically chomping at the bit to get going.

So even though she loved ignoring everything else but how good it felt to kiss Rose, Love knew she had to put the brakes on or at least slow things down a little.

“Help me pack,” Love insisted after stealing one last kiss from her housemate.

“Awwww but I thought you were seeing things from my point of view,” Rose replied seductively as she inched up Love’s t-shirt a little bit more and softly caressed the bare skin underneath. “What happened to not bringing any clothes?”

“I have to bring a few clothes,” Love giggled as she once again pictured walking down the Vegas strip without a stitch on her body.

“As long as it’s just a few,” Rose replied with a smile of her own. “Cause this bag is bulging. You need to cut it down a little.”

Not wanting to put off packing any further, Love didn’t fight Rose even as she pulled some of her cuter outfits out of her bags. Rose was merciless in cutting down Love’s choices to just a few sexy dresses and some casual outfits for more relaxing times. The only time Love protested Rose’s actions was when she pulled out all her bras and panties with the express purpose of leaving them all behind.

“Hey! Leave me at least a little something to wear underneath!” Love playfully protested.

“Spoilsport,” Rose smirked as she began putting back some of Love’s underwear. At least her friend was only taking her sexiest bras and thongs. Rose could tolerate that if she had to.

“Well just think of the fun you’ll have getting those things off me,” Love enticingly pointed out as she softly rubbed herself up against Rose on the bed. “It’ll be just like unwrapping a present. Besides, with the whole world watching I figure the last thing I need is to end up flashing everyone.”

With major media from around the world invited to the event and paparazzi expected to be swarming Vegas as well, Love knew she had to be extra careful. As much as she loved acting naughty for her friends by not wearing a bra or panties so they could have easier access to her body and as much fun as it was to feel the rush of having a bare pussy under a sexy dress, the last thing Love wanted to do was give some photographer the shot of a lifetime.

She didn’t want to come home from the weekend and see paparazzi pictures of her most intimate body parts all over the net. People had to buy the back issue of her Playboy for that treat.

Love had a very good point and Rose knew it. Besides it wasn’t like she wasn’t bringing some bras and panties along too. None of them wanted to be the next celebrity trophy on some pervy paparazzi’s wall after they jammed a camera up their dresses hoping for a money shot.

“Just as long as you don’t get shy about showing that body of yours to us,” Rose said as she finished putting back just enough of Love’s underwear to make it through the weekend.

“Never ever,” Love promised. “Mmmm you girls always get to see…and touch.”

Love proved that by taking Rose’s hand and placing it on her breast through her shirt. Rose naturally squeezed the soft mound of sexy girlflesh, which got them both moaning in no time. They couldn’t help but start to kiss again with wet, tender presses of their lips. Even though the packing wasn’t quite finished, there was no way Love or Rose could resist each other.

But even though the kisses were as amazing as ever and Love couldn’t wait to get to Vegas with all her beautiful, sexy girlfriends, there was still one thing on her mind that she couldn’t quite separate herself from. She didn’t want it to become a dark cloud over the weekend so she decided to just get it out in the open then even if it meant interrupting making out with Rose.

“Rose? Are you sure we should be doing this?” Love asked. “Going to Vegas, I mean.”

“Of course,” Rose replied immediately. “It’s going to be like a fuck fest there all weekend long. How could we miss it?’

“Well, it’s just that…” Love said, not quite sure how to get the words out. “Your trial…”

Love didn’t say anything more and she didn’t need to. No one had to remind Rose that her assault trial was just days away from beginning. It was very much on her mind even if she didn’t show it. But it was the last thing she wanted to think about now. Not when there were so many good things to focus on instead.

Rose sighed a little now that the mood had been broken, but she didn’t let her fears show. Deep down she was terrified of what this trial could do to her and the life she had built here. She didn’t regret what she had done, though. Far from it. She would have defended any of her friends the way she had done for Love that night, but Rose knew her housemate held herself responsible for what had happened and Rose never, ever wanted Love to feel that way.

“It’ll be ok,” Rose said, even though inside she was far from convinced of that. “Don’t worry about it Love. It’ll be fine. Just think about all the fun we’re going to have this weekend.”

Love definitely wanted to think about that and nothing else, but how could she just put it out of her mind that one of her best friends in the world and someone she loved dearly might have to go to jail because she’d gotten too flirty with the wrong girl one night? She would never forgive herself if Rose ended up in jail and Love didn’t want anything to happen this weekend that could jeopardize Rose’s freedom.

“But are you sure that we should be doing this now? I don’t want there to be any bad publicity before your trial,” Love said. “I mean should we really be partying in Vegas before your trial? What if the judge gets mad?”

“Shhhhh just let me worry about that,” Rose assured her concerned friend as she gave Love a hug. “I don’t even want to think about the trial until I have to. All I want to do this weekend is be with you and Sarah and Jen and everyone and meet so many hot chicks to fuck there that Vegas won’t be the same after we leave it.”

That was the total truth. Rose didn’t want to trouble herself this weekend with worry about the trial. There would be plenty of time for that starting Monday and Rose dreaded the start of her trial. Any way she looked at it, Rose saw the risks of losing and losing big.

Either she lost the trial and went to jail or her attorney wouldn’t be able to keep the prosecution from unsealing the record of what had happened to her in Portland. Rose feared that even more than jail. She knew if the truth came out and her friends found out what she had done she would lose them forever. They would think she was some kind of monster and they would run away from her the first chance they had.

Rose couldn’t live with that. She couldn’t lose the best thing she’d ever had in her life. She would do anything she could to keep her friends from finding out what kind of freak she really was. But Jaime Pressley, the psycho who knew all her secrets and held them over her head like a weapon, had said she was going to testify and if she got on the stand then it was all over. Rose knew she was finished then.

She still held out some hope that her lawyer, Jason, would be able to keep the record from being unsealed in court and that Jaime wouldn’t be allowed to testify and she clung to that like a life preserver in the ocean. She couldn’t lose her friends. She just couldn’t.

But all of that was Monday and today was Friday. As far as Rose was concerned, that was a lifetime away. If this was her last chance to be close to her friends and indulge in the kind of exquisite pleasure that she had relished since the day Sarah and Love had snuck into her trailer then she was damn sure going to make the most of it.

Rose was going to make sure there wasn’t a single missed opportunity for any of them while they were in Vegas. They were going to grab every chance for sexual pleasure that came their way. Rose was going to make sure of it and she didn’t want Love to start off the weekend worried.

“I just don’t want you to get in trouble,” Love said, summing up her fears and getting a soft kiss from Rose on the lips in response.

“I won’t,” Rose promised. “Besides I don’t care what anyone thinks except for you guys. You all are the only thing that matters to me.”

Love smiled in response. She loved hearing that from Rose and seeing the tender, loving side of her hedonistic housemate. If Rose wasn’t going to show her worry, then she wasn’t either. Besides, it suddenly became very hard for Love to think about anything other than pleasure when Rose’s hand caressed her stomach and then tantalizingly moved lower and lower until it got to the waistband of her shorts.

Rose didn’t seek permission. She just went for it and pushed her hand into Love’s shorts where she delighted in what she found.

“Oooooh no panties? Mmmmm you dirty little slut,” Rose grinned, so happy to have something else to concentrate on other than her trial.

“I was going to change before we left,” Love replied as she sucked in her breath and moaned happily from the always welcome feel of Rose’s practiced fingers sliding over her pussy.

She’d just thrown on her shorts and t-shirt after her shower that morning and hadn’t bothered with a bra or panties yet. Love had intended to get some more clothes on before they left for the plane but now all she wanted was to get what little she had on off her body so Rose could have her way with her.

“And you’re already getting wet for me,” Rose smirked while exploring under Love’s shorts. “Mmmm yummy. You know I love how wet this little slut pussy of yours gets.”

“Yesssss ooooooooh yessssss right there mmmmmm yesssssssss,” Love moaned in desire as Rose teased and caressed her rapidly dampening slit. “You make me so wet Rose! You always do!”

Rose kissed Love’s lips again and this time got her other hand to work too. As she rubbed her fingers against Love’s pink slit, she used her other hand to pull up Love’s t-shirt, exposing the bare breasts underneath. Rose gave a happy moan of her own when Love’s tits popped into view and she couldn’t help but go for the heavy mounds she always loved to play with.

“Ohhhhh fuck!” Love groaned as Rose’s lips wrapped around one of her nipples and began to suck on it, making it swell up with desire. “Mmmmm more Rose! More! Suck my big tits! Oooooooh you always know how to make everything feel good! Mmmmm make my nipples hard, Rose! Ooooooh yessssssss mmmmmm play with my pussy too! God, just make me feel good and slutty like you always do!”

“You are a slut…my slut. And don’t you forget it,” Rose purred in between sucks of Love’s swollen nipple before she moved onto the other pink point and gave it a similar treatment with her lips and tongue.

“Yesssssssssss oooooooooh I am your slut! Your dirty little slut!” Love cooed as Rose caressed her bare tits with her free hand while bathing all around the fleshy mounds with her tongue and then zeroing back in on her nipple.

Love wasn’t worried about anything now. Rose had drawn her right in and now she was trapped in the desire she felt not only for her housemate, but for every beautiful girl she knew. Love knew she was a slut and she didn’t care. She loved it. She wore it proudly when she was with her girlfriends because it felt so good. She didn’t want to deny herself any sexual pleasure, especially when it involved Rose.

“What was that?” Rose asked with her wicked smile as she heard Love mumble softly in between moans. She knew exactly what Love had said. She just wanted to hear it again.

“Fuck me!” Love repeated, this time much louder. “Do it Rose! You’re getting me so wet! Please fuck me!”

“Mmmm I love hearing you say that,” Rose moaned as she gave Love just what she wanted by pushing two of her fingers past her slit and into her wet, tight folds. Love hissed in pleasure as she was penetrated and began thrusting herself against Rose’s fingers, trying to draw more of them inside her.

“Such a tight little pussy,” Rose continued to moan as Love’s sex cries gathered steam. “I love this pretty little pink cunt of yours so much Love. Mmmm it’s always so tight and wet for me to play with. You gonna be a good girl and come for Rose? You gonna give me that yummy girl cum all over my fingers?”

“Yessssssssssss fuck yessssssssss!” Love cried. “Fuck me Rose! Finger fuck my pussy! Make me come like a fucking slut for you! Oooooooh babyyyyyyy! Ahhhhhh yessssssssssss mmmmmmmm you always know just how to touch me!”

Rose kissed Love again with heated tenderness. Her own nipples were starting to poke against her shirt and they swelled up even more as they rubbed against Love’s exposed tits. But Rose didn’t pause to undress herself. She didn’t pay any mind to her own needs. She just wanted Love to feel good.

“Come for me baby,” Rose urged in between kisses while her fingers skillfully fucked Love and rubbed her swelling clit. “Come for Rose. Soak my fingers! Mmmm your pussy is so nice and wet for me baby. I’m gonna make it all creamy so you won’t be thinking about clothes or anything else. You’re just going to be thinking about all the fun we’re going to have this weekend!”

If getting her housemates to not remind her about her trial required she finger fuck each and every one of them, then Rose was more than prepared to do just that. She loved how Love’s tight pussy wrapped around her fingers, sucking them in so she could stimulate her hot spots and get a feel for her clit. Love’s pussy was so hot and wet and it was a very welcome port for Rose’s fingers as she began fucking her harder.

“Come for me Love!” Rose continued to moan into Love’s ear while going back and forth between kissing her trembling lips and licking her hard nipples. “Soak my fingers in your cream! Make them all sticky so I can feed them right back to you! Mmmm I know you like it when I do that! Come for me baby. Come thinking about all the fun we’re going to have this weekend and all the girls we’re going to fuck in Vegas!”

Love was really responding to Rose’s touch and words. Her cries were coming out at a rapid and needy pace and her own hand pressed down on Rose’s so she wouldn’t even think about pulling away before she came. Love’s exposed tits jiggled with every thrust of Rose’s fingers into her pussy and both knew it wouldn’t be long before she came.

“Mmmm you really aren’t going to need any clothes, Love” Rose purred, breathing her hot words into her friend’s ear and making her even wetter. “We’re all going to be naked the whole fucking time we’re there. Each and every one of us. Mmmm it’ll be like non stop orgies all night. It’ll be even better than it was in Jamaica! Oh baby, all of us are going to get laid so good while we’re there and I’m going to make sure your pretty little pussy gets so much loving! Mmmm Sarah can’t wait to go. That little slut’s been so horny since she got back and you know she’s gonna want to fuck every hot girl she sees. She’s gonna bury that tongue of hers into every sticky muffin that comes her way. Don’t you want to join her Love? Don’t you want to eat some sexy new sluts while we’re in Vegas? Don’t you want to get them all good and pussy hungry like we always are? Mmmm you know Jen does. Miss Little Tight Ass Movie Star is loosening up every fucking day she’s here. She’s getting nastier and nastier and you know she’s gonna make sure all those Vegas sluts know how good she is at eating pussy. She’s going to make it all so fucking hot for all of us. Just like Lyssa will. Ooooh that bitch is gonna try and outdo me all weekend but I won’t let her. Mmmm that’s gonna be so much fun Love. Me and Lyssa competing all weekend to see who can fuck the most girls. Want to help me? Want to get some hot little sexy things into my bed so you can tongue fuck their pussies while I’m getting Mr. Snappy up their tight asses?”

“Yesssssssssss!” Love immediately cried, loving everything Rose was telling her.

It all sounded so hot. She wanted everything Rose was telling her to come true. She craved endless moments of sweaty, hot girl sex with all her friends. Mmmm they all had such hot bodies and Love couldn’t wait to get her hands and tongue all over them. She couldn’t wait to show every hot girl they met in Vegas how naughty she could get in bed and how much she loved being fucked like a true insatiable slut.

“Mmmm good,” Rose moaned as she fingered Love harder, rubbing her clitoris between her fingers and pinching down on it to make Love lurch on the bed in pleasure. Her housemate’s clit throbbed from her touch and Rose rubbed it with expert gusto.“Mmmm good,” Rose moaned as she fingered Love harder, rubbing her clitoris between her fingers and pinching down on it to make Love lurch on the bed in pleasure. Her housemate’s clit throbbed from her touch and Rose rubbed it with expert gusto.“Mmmm good,” Rose moaned as she fingered Love harder, rubbing her clitoris between her fingers and pinching down on it to make Love lurch on the bed in pleasure. Her housemate’s clit throbbed from her touch and Rose rubbed it with expert gusto.

“I can’t wait to show all those girls in Vegas how we do it here and how no one fucks better than us,” Rose breathed hotly into Love’s ear. “There’s going to be so many hot pieces of ass there all weekend and we’re going to fuck them all! Each and every hot slut is going to want a taste of our pussies and they’ll be begging for us to take them back here so we can fuck them again and again and again! Mmmm think about it Love. Think about all the sluts we’re going to meet and how good they’re going to be when we’re shoving their pretty faces between our legs so they can lick us! Oooooh baby your pussy is so fucking wet thinking about it. Mmmm I love it! I want you wet and slutty the whole weekend Love. All of us are going to get so nasty. You, me, Sarah, Jen, Lyssa… mmmmm I know Jessica can’t wait to get going too. That sexy bitch is going to want that gorgeous face of hers soaked in girl cream so we can lick it off her and get her horny for more. Ooooh and I’ll bet Jewel is bringing that dirty cousin of hers with her. Did you hear Love? Mmmmm Stacy told me those two were fucking all night. That dirty little slut! Jewel was fucking her own cousin! I can’t wait to watch them put on a show for us. Just like we saw in the country with Faye and Bobbie Jo! Remember Love?”

Oh God, how could she forget? Love had never seen anything as naughty as watching a sexy teen daughter fuck her hot, needy mother. It had been so nasty and so wrong and of course that had made it so much fun to watch. Love just cried out carnally while humping herself harder against Rose’s fingers, wanting her orgasm right then as much as she wanted to gulp in her next breath.

Love adored what was happening to her right then. There was just something so primal about being finger fucked like this. It was rough and not at all nice. It was just hot and sexual and Love got off so hard on it. She wasn’t even naked. Her shorts were clinging to her body as Rose roughly shoved her hand under them and rubbed her swollen love button to make her drip out wetness and her shirt was yanked up just enough to expose her jiggling tits but no more. Love loved being taken like this. It was so rough and fun.

“Fuck me!” Love begged, managing to push the words out in between her happy sex cries. “Shove your fingers in my pussy Rose! Make your slut come! Ughhhhhhh yesssssssssss mmmmmmmm harder Rose! Harder! Finger that fucking slut pussy! Make me come like a whore! OOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSS!!! AHHHH YESSSSSSSSS FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!”

Love was gasping for breath, her tits shaking and bouncing so enticingly that Rose couldn’t resist leaning down to start sucking on them again. She bathed the fleshy mounds with her horny tongue while still keeping her fingers buried in Love’s snatch. For good measure, Rose added a third finger and took Love with even more sexual force.

“That’s it baby! Come for Rose! Soak my fingers you naughty girl!” Rose demanded in between dragging her tongue all over Love’s bouncing tits and in between them to leave her cleavage all wet. “Get that sticky, yummy girl cum all over my hand! Oooooh just like you’re going to be soaking all those slut faces when they’re licking your pussy mmmm and that tight little ass of yours while we’re partying all weekend! I can’t wait for us to get there. We’re going to break that fucking town and fuck every slut their ragged! Mmmm all of us! Stacy too! You know how bad she wants to prove herself to us! She wants to show us she’s just a big a slut as us! Oooooh you should have seen me and Jen yesterday, Love, fucking Stacy and Beyonce by the pool! We fucked those tight asses and made them suck our cocks after! Those nasty whores were all over our toys! Sucking each other’s ass right off them like good bitches! But I’m gonna make sure all of us are even nastier in Vegas! There won’t be a pretty girl there who’s going to be left unfucked! Mmmmmm yessssssssss ohhhhhh fuck baby! Your pussy is so ready to come! Come for me Love!”

Love wanted to come so badly. Everything Rose was doing and saying was turning her on. She was painting such a delicious word picture that all Love could think of were the new girls they were going to meet and how much fun it was going to be to seduce them into their naughty, sex soaked world.

There were going to be so many pretty girls in Vegas all weekend long. So many sexy celebrities that Love knew she was going to want to drag back to Malibu and she didn’t want to stop there. Love knew there were going to be publicists, assistants, strippers, naughty casino workers, hotel maids…everyone. She was going to want to fuck them all and get all her hot housemates involved too.

“So close! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so fucking close!” Love cried, her orgasm nearing and her body tensing up in anticipation as her skin got sweaty and her nerves tingled with need. “More Rose! More!”

Rose knew that Love could handle a lot. She’d even seen Christina fist fuck the girl once! Rose briefly considered doing to same to Love right here, but she held back. She didn’t want to leave Love sore before they even got to Vegas. This was just supposed to be a practice lap before they ran the marathon. There was no sense in getting too wild, too fast. They had all weekend for that.

So Rose just kept three fingers shoved inside Love, pumping into her pussy and rubbing her bulging clitoris roughly and very effectively. Rose had Love’s swollen clit trapped between her fingers and she finger fucked her housemate ruthlessly, pinching and rubbing her clit as the busty girl bounced and writhed on the bed for her.

This was just how Rose wanted to start her weekend. She wanted Love to come for her. She wanted this to just be the first of endless orgasms for all of them. Rose wanted to live this weekend like there was no tomorrow because for her it was possible there wasn’t.

“Come for me baby!” Rose urged as she gave Love’s neck a little love bite and then went back to sucking on her housemate’s already soaked nipples. “Soak my hand! Make those juices drip down my whole arm baby! Make that pretty, pink cunt get my fingers all juicy!”

Love was soaking wet and Rose loved the squishing sounds she made as she fingered her and how tight and hot her pink vise of a pussy felt. Love was gasping and shrieking her pleasure and Rose stimulated her clit harder. She rubbed and rubbed the tender bud, keeping it pinched between her fingers, until finally Love exploded for her, just like the both of them wanted.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BABYYYYY!!!” Love screamed in satisfaction as her body was rocked with orgasmic ecstasy and her cream coated Rose’s invading digits.

Love’s screams continued but they were effectively quieted by Rose planting her mouth on hers and kissing her passionately. Rose kissed the satisfied sex cries right into her own mouth and fed off them, her own pussy getting the tight shorts she had thrown on this morning mighty wet.

Making Love orgasm got her off too and Rose smiled and moaned as she felt little tremors pass through her own body from the pleasure of making her friend come. It was hardly the kind of big, screaming orgasm that Rose loved, but it would do quite nicely as a morning treat.

“Ohhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…” Love continued to mew in satisfaction as Rose finally pulled her sticky, cum coated fingers out of her,

Rose couldn’t resist taking first lick, running her tongue over her fingers and tasting Love’s delicious cream. She loved that taste. She could never get enough of it, but she kept herself from being too greedy. Rose then held her fingers out for Love, who eagerly tasted herself, sucking Rose’s fingers into her happy mouth and not stopping until they were sucked clean.

Love sucked Rose’s cummy fingers like she had sucked many a cock in the past and it left them both smiling when Rose finally pulled her now saliva soaked fingers out.

“Naughty girl,” Rose teased as she rubbed the spit off her fingers and onto her friend’s still heaving tits, painting Love with her own saliva. “And just think how good that’s going to be when we get to Vegas.”

“Mmmm right now all I’m thinking about is getting your shorts off and making you feel as good as you just made me feel,” Love grinned. “It’s your turn now Rose. Mmmm get naked and gimmie that pussy of yours.”

But for once Rose backed off. As good as it sounded for Love to give back the pleasure she had just received, Rose decided to actually practice some self control. There was a lot to do before they got in the air and on their way to Vegas and Rose knew the sooner she got that done the sooner the real fun would start.

“You need to finish packing,” Rose said while sitting up and kissing Love on the lips. “Just consider me a treat you get to have when we get to Vegas.”

“Well I want my treat now,” Love playfully insisted before grabbing Rose by her shirt and tugging her down on top of her. “Mmmm I know you’re not gonna say no to me licking you. You love my tongue way too much to resist me.”

Love was definitely making a good case for herself, both with her words and her kisses. And her touching didn’t hurt either. Love kissed Rose passionately and let her hands caress her housemate’s body. One hand traveled down Rose’s back to feel her tight, irresistible ass through her shorts and the other attacked her from the front, sliding down between her legs to feel the heat from her pussy.

“Mmmm now you’re the one that’s all nice and wet,” Love giggled enticingly. “I wonder how much wetter you’ll get once these shorts are off.”

But as hard as it was for Rose to say no to Love, that’s exactly what she did. Passing up sex was almost unheard of for her, but Rose knew the reward of getting to Vegas a little sooner would be worth it. The rest of the girls were undoubtedly slacking even more than Love was so Rose knew she would have to crack the whip on them, metaphorically speaking of course. And who knows, when they got to Vegas, maybe even literally as well.

“Cool your jets Love,” Rose said before stealing another kiss from her insatiable friend. “Let’s get you packed up first. The sooner we get going the sooner you and I can start breaking beds at the hotel.”

“Packing sucks, lets fuck instead,” Love giggled again, her sex drive now on high after Rose’s touch had brought her to an ecstasy she wanted to feel again and again.

“Little slut,” Rose laughed as she gave Love’s ass a playful smack. “No means no, Love.”

Love wasn’t hurt by the rejection. Far from it. She could see Rose’s point. The word picture she had painted before sounded like paradise and one that they could easily reach. Love had been through more than her share of orgies and she loved them more each time. All those hands touching you and tongues licking you everywhere until you completely lost track of who was doing what to you. That was the promise of Las Vegas this weekend and Love could see why Rose was so eager to get the show on the road.

“Fine, but you owe me now,” Love said.

“And I intend to give it back to you…with interest,” Rose replied as she ran her hand gently down Love’s face and brought them to her friend’s bare breasts before finally pulling away and hopping off the bed.

“Now let’s get the rest of these clothes away, cause you are still taking too much,” Rose said, feeling her own pussy tingle with need as she denied it and forced it to wait for true satisfaction.

“Awwwww c’mon…” Love pouted as Rose pulled out some more of her clothes from her bag. “But what about…”

Before she could protest further though, Rose silenced her with another kiss, making a good point that Love definitely couldn’t argue with.

“You won’t need anything else,” Rose pledged. “And if you do, you can just get it there. It’s Vegas, baby. I think there’s a little shopping available.”

“Mmmm only if you go into the changing room with me to help me try things on,” Love smiled, her lips tingling from Rose’s sexy kiss.

“That’s a promise,” Rose said, mentally adding another hot idea to her Vegas to-do list.

* * * * *

Meanwhile packing was the last thing on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s mind as she stood under the hot water and let it stream over her naked body. She sighed in contentment as the water flowed over her, washing away what remained of her sleep and the previous night’s exertions.

One of the mansion’s biggest quirks was the unique shower set up. While each bedroom had a bathroom complete with a tub attached to it, the showers were downstairs just past the gym and were set up back to back in several stalls just like they would be in a locker room. There were little barriers keeping one shower from the other, but otherwise the showers were in one big room with little privacy.

Of course that was just the way the girls liked it. If they wanted privacy they could easily use the bathtubs near their rooms, and they certainly did when the mood struck, but the girls loved showering in front of each other. They enjoyed seeing each other get wet and the set up gave them plenty of opportunities to soap each other up.

The mansion had once been one of California’s most infamous bordellos and the showers were just one odd part of the place. In the years the girls had lived there they had made many changes to the place, redecorating and renovating where they could to make it look less like a house of ill repute and more like their home, but the showers had stayed the way they were and no one was in a hurry to change that.

Sarah grabbed the removable shower head from its perch and began directing the stream all around her bare body, quite enjoying the feel of the hot water on her skin as she perked herself up and got energized for the day to come. Several of her housemates were into long baths in the morning, but not Sarah. She was more of a hot shower kind of girl, especially when she knew she had to get going like she did that morning. After all soon they’d be on their way to Las Vegas and Sarah couldn’t wait.

Just thinking of the wicked fun that no doubt lay waiting for them in Sin City made Sarah horny and the hot water rushing against her naked flesh didn’t do anything to lessen that. It just made her more eager to get going and get naughty. Since she had realized her mistake and returned to the mansion, leaving her ill advised marriage behind, Sarah had committed herself to making up for lost time and that meant indulging in all the pleasures of the flesh that the place offered.

The blonde actress moaned softly as she directed the water over her breasts, making her nipples harden just a bit, as she imagined which one of her housemates was going to be the first ones to kiss and touch her pert tits in Vegas. Mmmm she hoped all of them did. She wanted to christen her trip in a big pile of hot girls as Love, Jen, Rose, Jessica, Alyssa, Jewel and Stacy all got a piece of her.

And of course there was a great chance that they were all going to make some new friends while they were in Vegas. Sarah wasn’t much of a gambler, but she considered it a sure thing that a lot of new girls would be seduced and shown the pleasure of a woman’s touch by her and her friends.

This trip offered so many tantalizing possibilities and Sarah ached to be the seductress. She wanted to show every hot girl out there what she knew…that nothing felt better than fucking another woman.

There were going to be so many sexy girls at this telethon waiting to be seduced and Sarah couldn’t wait to play. She just wanted to get there and fuck. She wanted to take on her fellow celebrities, she wanted to seduce the female blackjack dealers and send every waitress in her sight into a well licked frenzy. She wanted it all. Sarah couldn’t wait to start and never stop.

Sarah kept the shower spraying on her tits way longer than necessary to wash off the liquid soap she’d gotten on them, making her flesh a little tender in the process. But she was in no hurry to move. She just wanted to get more soap on her hands and massage her breasts and make herself feel nice and tingly before she got the shower spray down between her legs, turned on the massager and have herself a real good time.

For too long in her self imposed hiatus from the mansion, Sarah had had to rely on her own touch to get herself off. She unfortunately had become an expert at masturbation to keep herself from going insane with sexual need, but now that she was back Sarah had no shortage of beautiful girls willing and eager to use their hands and tongues and toys to make her feel good.

Still she hadn’t stopped enjoying a little self fulfillment, though, and Sarah smiled as she realized that she had more than enough time this morning to enjoy a little solo time and then get ready to go, her thoughts drifting back to the pleasure from the night before. She’d had herself a hell of a time at the party at the Behr mansion, ending up in a sneaky little foursome in the billionaire’s library with Rose, Mandy Moore and Rosario Dawson.

Sarah could still remember the pleasure of having Rosario and Mandy taking turns licking her asshole to get her tight ring ready for Rose to fuck with Mr. Snappy and how hot it had been for Rose to take that strap on out of her freshly fucked hole and make her suck on it and taste her own ass. Sarah had loved getting so nasty and tasting herself like that while her hole had gaped from Rose’s exquisite fucking.

Of course the party hadn’t ended there. The girls had managed to bring home a few party favors of the female variety from the event and a little mini after party had commenced at the mansion. Thinking back to all the pleasure of the night before and the promise of ecstasy to come once they got to Vegas had Sarah going very quickly as she moved the shower head away from her chest and down her stomach with her pussy intended as the ultimate destination for the stimulating stream of water.

But before Sarah could get there, she received some unexpected help. Sarah had been so focused on her thoughts that she hadn’t heard one of her housemates walk into the shower room as well She had no idea she had been watched, a pair of aroused eyes staring right at her ass, while she had washed her body. But now she was more than aware, as a nude female body pressed against her from behind.

“Morning,” Jennifer Aniston said as she softly rubbed herself against Sarah.

“Morning,” Sarah replied happily, adoring the feel of Jennifer’s sexy, naked body against her wet back.

“Hope you don’t mind me jumping in with you,” Jennifer said. “I saw you and I just couldn’t resist.”

“Mmmm you’re forgiven,” Sarah replied with a smile before she turned around so they were face to face and gave Jennifer a proper good morning kiss on the lips.

The two women traded kisses back and forth for the next moments, closing their eyes and surrendering to the loving passion between them. Their tongues sensually rubbed together and both women moaned as their bare nipples stiffened from the friction of their nude bodies. Jennifer was quickly getting just as damp as Sarah was and it definitely wasn’t from the shower spray.

“You can stay if you promise to soap me up,” Sarah continued to smile. “There are so many hard to reach places.”

“Like your back?” Jennifer asked coyly, her hands rising up and wetly rubbing Sarah’s back, feeling the strong muscles and making them both eager for more.

“Lower,” Sarah said with a happy sigh over her housemate’s expert touch. She was still a little tired from last night and any massaging of her muscles was most welcome. “Much lower.”

“Maybe like here then?” Jennifer asked as her hands ran all the way down Sarah’s wet back until they reached the bare cheeks of her ass. She gently squeezed Sarah’s ass and got a happy squeal from the former vampire slayer.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh that’s the spot Jen,” Sarah sighed. “Oooooh yesssss.”

Jennifer gave Sarah another hot kiss while her hands continued to caress her ass. She was seductively gentle in her touch, strong enough that Sarah could feel it, but light enough that the girl ached for more. It was the perfect combination of hot and soft and Sarah could feel the flickers of arousal she’d been creating in herself grow into something much, much more.

“I’m so glad you joined me,” Sarah moaned in between long, wet kisses with her friend. “I was getting lonely in here all by myself.”

That was the best part of these showers and everyone in the mansion knew it. It was so easy to just join in the fun whenever you walked by. Jennifer had been unable to take her eyes off Sarah’s perfect ass while the girl had washed herself and she had guessed right that Sarah would enjoy some company.

“You looked lonely,” Jennifer smiled. “I couldn’t just leave you all good and naked here without getting a chance to get close up. You looked so hot baby. Mmmm I couldn’t resist sneaking in for a touch.”

“You can look. You can touch. Mmmm you can do anything you want Jen,” Sarah assured her while her housemate caressed her body. “Ohhhhh yesssssss ooooooh don’t stop Jen. Mmmm don’t stop feeling that ass. Ohhhh your hands are so soft. You know I love you touching all over my body.”

Sarah decided this was no time to be selfish. She was enjoying Jennifer’s touch so much that she placed the shower head back in its proper position and got her hands to work too. She boldly let her hands snake up to Jennifer’s chest and began to softly massage her bare tits, rubbing the firm, sexy mounds of tantalizing girl flesh and making her nipples stiffen up while they began to tongue kiss once more.

Water flowed over both of their bodies, soaking their hair and streaming down over their fronts and backs. But neither Sarah nor Jennifer felt anything but the pleasure of each other’s kiss and touch. They let their lips and tongues play together as their hands roamed all over each other’s slick bodies. They rubbed each other’s asses and up to each other’s hard nipples and down again to caress each other’s firm stomachs and then back up so their hands could feel each other’s wet faces.

Their hands went everywhere but between each other’s legs, but even without a direct touch, both girls’ pussies were purring with need. Both Jennifer and Sarah had only come down here looking for a shower, but they had ended up finding something much, much better instead.

Pausing their kissing, Sarah reached for the loofa she had been using on herself and soaped it up so she could begin to wash Jennifer’s body. She let the soapy water drip over Jennifer’s bare chest, loving the sight of the little bubbles clinging to her tits and down her stomach. Sarah washed all over Jennifer’s upper body while they resumed kissing and soon Jennifer took the loofa from Sarah and began to wash her back.

The two girls soaped each other up under the water sensually. They were loving and tender with their touch, but that didn’t make them any less horny for each other. They moaned and kissed some more, not speaking, just touching, until finally Jennifer asked a question.

“You all packed up?” Jennifer inquired, her mind very much on their trip even though shower time with Sarah was an excellent distraction.

“Just about,” Sarah said. “I’ve got a few things left to throw in, but I’m pretty much ready to go.”

“Me too,” Jennifer replied, her smile betraying her own excitement. She’d been on trips like this before, but not with the whole group of her amazing, sexy friends.

Both of them were looking forward to getting to Vegas and it showed in the excitement in their eyes and in the self restraint they were practicing then. Neither of them wanted to burn out their energy before they even left the mansion. Not with the carnal promises of Vegas just a few hours away.

“I just need to pack a few more things and I promised CeCe I’d have breakfast with her today,” Jennifer said.

“Mmmm is she coming to Vegas too?” Sarah asked, unable to resist even though she knew this line of inquiry annoyed Jennifer. “Cause I’m sure we can squeeze her on Christina’s jet. There’s always room for one more. Mmm if there’s no seat, she can just sit on my lap.”

“Stop it,” Jennifer chided. “Don’t go there Sarah.”

Sarah just laughed playfully and pressed on, pushing Jennifer’s buttons and making her friend start to fluster up a bit.

“I’ll bet she’d love it too,” Sarah teased. “By the time we’re in the air I’d have her giving me a lap dance. Mmmm don’t pretend you wouldn’t want to see that Jen. Your sexy friend giving me a lap dance as I get those clothes off her and show her how good a woman’s touch is. Oooooh I can do all those things to Courteney that you don’t have the guts to do Jen. I’d have her moaning and screaming in no time and you’d just be sitting there all jealous cause you never took the chance to grab her and deep down all you want is hear her moaning out your name and no one else’s!”

“Enough!” Jennifer said, giving Sarah a smack to her bare ass that had the blonde yelping, but still smiling. “Don’t go all Rose on me Sarah. One of you always busting my chops over every little thing is already more than I need.”

The smack to her ass stung, but Jennifer wasn’t really mad and Sarah knew it. So Sarah just snuggled up to her friend as the hot water continued to rain down over them and kissed her, rubbing their tits together again and making sure all was quickly forgiven.

“You are bad…” Jennifer managed to moan as Sarah’s wicked smile betrayed that she was still actively fantasizing about all the things she could do to Courteney while Jennifer was forced to watch.

“I thought you liked me when I’m bad,” Sarah smirked. “You know I’m still making up for all that lost time. I was good for too damn long so I’ve got to be bad every chance I get. In fact, I’m so bad you might have to spank me Jen. Mmmm spank me like I’m going to spank your sexy friend Courteney for being naughty and letting another girl get her naked and make her come.”

“Oh now you’re really asking for it,” Jennifer declared before giving Sarah’s ass another firm swat. “I mean it! Don’t go there Sarah!”

The Courteney in question was of course one of Jennifer’s best friends in the world, Courteney Cox Arquette. She had been close to all her co-stars in Friends. The truth had always been that they got along as well off-screen as they did on-screen, but she and Courteney had been the closest.

Even though the show was long finished, they still saw each other as often as they could and had vacationed together too many times to keep count. They would have done anything for each other and that was why the kind of talk Sarah was teasing her with was verboten by Jennifer.

For years her friends had teased her about having never brought either of her sexy female Friends co-stars over to the mansion for fun. The question of “Where’s Courteney?” had been asked way too many times for Jennifer’s liking, but she had made a decision and she was sticking to it. No amount of teasing or queries could change that.

It wasn’t as though she was adverse to playing with co-stars. She’d messed around with Reese Witherspoon and Christina Applegate and they’d played her sisters on the show for God’s sake. But this was different. Courteney wasn’t like every other girl.

Jennifer loved Courteney. They were extremely close and usually told each other everything. But she had never told her best friend about the mansion or even hinted to her that she liked girls.

She hadn’t wanted to complicate what she had with Courteney. Jennifer never wanted to risk a friendship over sex and she had never even permitted herself the luxury of fantasizing about Courteney or Lisa Kudrow. It had just been too risky. Jennifer never wanted to make things weird between them.

What she had at the mansion was an amazing combination of sexual pleasure and true friendship. But she’d never dared bring Courteney into it or even thought seriously about doing it. What if she said no? What if Courteney thought she was sick or depraved? What if she lost her best friend because she couldn’t control her libido? It was just too big a risk for Jennifer to take and she didn’t dare approach it. She would never have been able to handle Courteney rejecting her and cutting her out of her life.

Jennifer was scared to approach her friend in that way and she knew it, even if she didn’t readily admit it. But also Jennifer didn’t want to do anything to complicate Courteney’s life. She’d been through plenty of that herself and didn’t want to subject her best friend to that unnecessarily.

Courteney had what Jennifer had so long wanted for herself. She had a beautiful child after so many years of trying and a husband. For all his eccentricities, Jennifer knew David was a good man and that he loved Courteney. She didn’t want to do anything that could tear that family apart and if that meant holding back on any attraction she felt for Courteney, then so be it.

It wasn’t as though Jennifer didn’t know after all these years that Courteney was beautiful. She’d definitely noticed and it had taken a hell of a lot of self restraint to keep herself from dreaming about taking her friend and rocking her world with her tongue and her touch. That was why Jennifer made it clear to her friends that this was not something she wanted to be tempted about. She had ruled out making a play for Courteney Cox a long time ago and that was that.

But this morning Sarah didn’t feel like cooperating.

“Don’t be shy about it,” Sarah urged Jennifer as they stood face to face and body to body under the shower spray. “It might make you even better friends than you are now. Just look at me and Aly.”

That was a good point and both of them knew it. Sarah and Alyson Hannigan had been best friends all those years on Buffy together and becoming lovers had only strengthened their bond. But Jennifer had made her decision and she was stubbornly sticking to it. No meant no and this was not a decision that she intended to rethink.

“I don’t need CeCe as a lover,” Jennifer firmly insisted, shoving the thoughts out of her mind. “I have plenty of lovers.”

“I know,” Sarah replied, not wanting to make Jennifer upset but also not wanting her to deny herself pleasure. “I just think it would be hot.”

“Well I guess I need to get your mind on something else then,” Jennifer said with a smile, eager to change the subject.

“Oh yeah? What’s that?” Sarah asked, hoping her housemate was thinking about something more than talking more about packing for their trip.

But Jennifer said nothing.

Instead she just smiled and winked at Sarah. She then sank to her knees in front of the blonde and her tongue darted right out so she could drag it over her friend’s wet slit.

“Ohhhhhh Jennnnnn….” Sarah sighed as she tilted her head back in pleasure and let the shower spray course over her like a waterfall.

Whatever else she had on her mind was immediately and effectively forgotten, just like Jennifer wanted.

* * * * *

As her eyes fluttered open for the first time that morning, Jewel Kilcher found herself face to face with possibly the last person she had ever expected to share a bed with. Last night had been such a surreal experience that Jewel had actually wondered if it had all been a dream. But there was nothing false about the gorgeous young face staring back at her.

“Good morning,” Q’Orianka Kilcher greeted her cousin. She’d been watching Jewel sleep, hoping soon she’d wake up so they could continue what they’d started the night before.

They were still both as naked as they had left each other after a night of lovemaking and the smile on the teenage brunette’s face showed she was in no hurry whatsoever to get dressed.

“Morning,” Jewel replied, returning the smile and quickly finding her lips covered in a soft kiss from Q’Orianka. The girl had shown a complete eagerness the night before to explore everything girls could do to each other in bed and now Jewel could see the morning sun hadn’t dampened that enthusiasm a bit.

The two kissed sensually, both of them seeing each other as so much more than just cousins now. Jewel had found the teen so hard to resist when she had unexpectedly arrived at the mansion yesterday, but ultimately it had been Q’Orianka who had been the aggressor and had seduced Jewel into embracing the taboo pleasure neither of them had ever dreamed of enjoying with each other until then.

Jewel had tried every trick she knew to avoid succumbing to her lust for Q’Orianka’s nubile teenage body. She had essentially locked herself in her bedroom to keep herself from making a move. But all that had done was delay the inevitable and the two cousins had ended up enjoying each other’s sexy bodies all through the night.

Jewel still had some lingering doubts, though. She loved Q’Orianka and she had enjoyed every kiss and every touch from the night before, but she wanted to make sure she wasn’t pushing the teenager in a direction she wasn’t ready for. She had never planned for things to go this far and as much as she had enjoyed fucking her sexy cousin, Jewel still felt protective of her.

But before Jewel could express those doubts, she had to find a way to get the teenager to stop kissing her. If anything, Q’Orianka was even more eager to play than she had been the night before and she showered Jewel’s face with happy kisses.

“Wait…wait…Q…wait a second…” Jewel finally managed to interject as she pushed her cousin away.

Q’Orianka immediately frowned. Had she done something wrong? Did Jewel not want to be with her anymore? Had she upset her cousin or something? Did Jewel think she wasn’t as good in bed as all the gorgeous women she lived with?

What had happened the night before had felt like it had opened the whole world for Q’Orianka and the last thing she wanted was to not have it happen again.

“Is everything ok?” Q’Orianka asked, a touch of panic hinted in her voice. “Was I doing something wrong? Did you not like that? Was I not good last night?”

“Shhh..shhhh…you were wonderful last night Q,” Jewel assured the lesbian newcomer while caressing her soft, dark hair. “I had so much fun. I just wanted to make sure you did too.”

“Oh Jewel! Can’t you tell?” Q’Orianka laughed. “Oh my God! That was the most incredible night of my life! How could you not tell me it was going to be that good? That was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had!”

“You don’t regret it?” Jewel gently. “If you do, you can tell me. We never have to do anything you don’t want sweetie. I don’t want to force you into anything.”

“I just regret we didn’t do this sooner,” Q’Orianka grinned before she pulled herself on top of Jewel under the sheets and kissed her again, this time with more passion as their bare breasts sensually rubbed together, stimulating their bodies with wicked sensations.

“It was just so…so…so…just wow!” Q’Orianka declared, trying to come up with the right words for an experience she considered so truly enlightening.

She felt like her mind was now truly open to everything life had to offer. She could see the beauty in her own gender and with that beauty came the pleasure that Q’Orianka now realized could only come from a woman’s touch.

What had happened between her and Jewel the night before had been like nothing else she had ever felt. Certainly not like sex with a man. It had been such an amazing experience, like pure sexual joy had surrounded her very soul in a cocoon allowing a new Q’Orianka Kilcher to emerge like a butterfly ready to find this amazing pleasure again wherever she could.

“You don’t regret it? Do you?” Q’Orianka then paused in her kissing to ask as she realized she had been so focused on herself that she hadn’t even thought about Jewel might feel after they had done something so forbidden.

The question caught Jewel’s tongue for a moment and she didn’t have an immediate response. It had been such a crazy whirlwind of a day. She hadn’t been expecting Q’Orianka’s visit and it had come right on the heels of Jewel telling Beyonce Knowles not to be ashamed of fantasies she’d been having about her own sister. So when Q’Orianka had arrived, Jewel had been forced to taste her own medicine, especially when she’d seen how good she looked and what a sexy young woman she’d become since she’d last seen her.

Of course all of this had delighted the hell out of Alyssa Milano. Jewel’s housemate had found it a laugh riot that she was now tortured with inappropriate lust for her cousin and had mercilessly teased her about it, weakening the resolve that Jewel had tried to hard to build. And ultimately it was Alyssa who set everything in motion.

Alyssa was the one who had revealed to Q’Orianka the secret of the mansion. It was her who had shown her what Jewel had been up to. And it had been Alyssa who had first shown Q’Orianka the pleasure of another woman’s touch. She’d been the first to kiss her and touch her. She’d been the first woman to bring her to orgasm and she’d been the one to fill Q’Orianka’s head with erotic visions of her cousin.

If it hadn’t been for Alyssa, Q’Orianka never would have crawled into bed with Jewel and made love to her through the night. At first Jewel hadn’t known whether to kiss or slap her housemate for going against her strict orders to stay away from Q’Orianka. But as orgasm after orgasm from her own cousin’s tongue and fingers had rushed over like a wave last night, Jewel had ultimately decided that Alyssa was much more deserving of kisses than slaps.

She and Q’Orianka had ended up in Alyssa’s bed to thank her properly. They were still there now, but the brunette was nowhere in sight. It was just Jewel and Q’Orianka with the teenager’s question still hanging out there.

Jewel didn’t know what to feel. Part of her couldn’t shake the idea that it was wrong that she had made love to her cousin. But that part was small and getting smaller. Jewel couldn’t deny the pleasure she had experienced the night before had been the best kind of intense. Q’Orianka had been so beautiful and so open and so wonderful in bed and Jewel had gotten off so hard on being with her.

Jewel stared at her cousin as she waited for an answer and also looked deep into her own heart. Q’Orianka wanted her. That much was clear. She wasn’t being forced into anything. And Jewel knew she felt the same way. Deep down how could she deny herself her beautiful cousin? She didn’t want to stop what they had started. There was no way it could be wrong if they both wanted it so much.

“I don’t regret a thing,” Jewel smiled as her hand caressed Q’Orianka’s exotic features with a gentle brush down her cheek. “Last night was amazing.”

“Oh Jewel! I’m so glad you feel that way!” Q’Orianka declared giddily before kissing her cousin once more and making sure their bare bodies rubbed together in all the good places. “Mmmm I loved what we did! I want you to teach me everything you know about being with women. I want to be just as sexy and good at it as you are. You made me come harder than any man ever had! You and Alyssa both! You were both incredible! I want to do what we did last night again and again and again.”

“And again after that?” Jewel giggled as she kissed her cousin back with increasing passion. She very much liked the idea of being Q’Orianka’s sexual tutor and she showed it by running her hand down the teenager’s back and onto her ass where she gently palmed the firm cheeks.

“Mmmmhmmm you know it,” Q’Orianka replied with a moan, very much enjoying the older woman’s touch to her bare ass.

But before either of them could say anything more they were interrupted by a voice calling out from the bathroom.

“Are you two going to yak in bed all day or are you going to get in here and get soapy with me?” Alyssa playfully called out from her bathtub, where she was enjoying her morning soak in the bubbles. “You two need to show me some more appreciation for what I did for you.”

Jewel and Q’Orianka both smiled and pulled away from each other so they could roll nakedly out of bed and get to tending to Alyssa in the tub. She was right. They did owe her for bringing them together and they both hoped the appreciation she was talking about meant doing the same thing they’d done the night before when the cousins had teamed up to attack Alyssa’s pussy together and lick out a hot blast of girl cream from her.

Q’Orianka was practically giddy as she took Jewel’s hand and let the busty blonde lead her into Alyssa’s bedroom. She hadn’t even been in Malibu for a full 24 hours and her whole life had already changed. What could today bring to make it even better?

* * * * *

Stacy Keibler was asking herself the same question as she walked out toward the pool looking for some early morning sun. She had moved into the mansion just yesterday and her first day had exceeded even her wildest expectations for what it would be like to actually live in a place like this and not just visit it. It had been nothing but the hottest sexual ecstasy and Stacy had to wonder what this place had in store for her as she started to really settle in.

In just her first day living at the mansion, she had not only been able to see one of her fantasies come true by being able to hook up with Krista Allen, but she had gotten a hell of a welcome by Rose and Jennifer. The two had made her and Beyonce Knowles strip down and bend over so they could fuck their pussies and then their asses with strap ons. Mmmm and then they had made them suck the toys and taste their own asses and girl juice mixed together.

It had been so hot and nasty that Stacy had been getting wet for the past day just thinking about it, especially as she had remembered how hot it had been to mess around with the gorgeous singer and tongue fuck her ass.

It had been such an awesome welcome and Stacy’s first day and night had been a blur of orgasmic pleasure. A small part of her actually worried she wouldn’t be able to handle this place and that living in the mansion would burn her out through too much sex.

Was it possible to overdose on fucking? Stacy didn’t know but she was certainly willing to take the risk and find out. Her first day had been so incredible and Stacy couldn’t wait to experience the second and third and every day after that.

But as awesome as it had been, the little nagging self doubts that never seemed to entirely go away forced Stacy to wonder if she really fit in around here. After all, these girls had been living together for so long and she was the new girl on the block. Her experience couldn’t match theirs. She had felt a tiny bit out of place on her first day, like she was a new student in the middle of the school year and she didn’t know where her classes were or which table she was supposed to eat lunch at.

Fortunately those doubts were easily stifled. Stacy had been welcomed the best way possible to her new home…through hot sex and she sensed the longer she was at the mansion the more comfortable she would feel until she would be just as big a part of everything as all the other girls here.

She didn’t quite have that comfort level yet though so, as she strode out toward the pool, Stacy was wearing a bikini. It wasn’t one that covered too much of her body. The pale blue top hugged her firm breasts and pushed them up and her bottoms barely restrained the ass she knew all the girls here lusted after. But it was clothing nonetheless in an area of the mansion where the covering up of flesh was discouraged to say the least.

Stacy wasn’t so bold as to just walk around the mansion naked yet. Not after only living here for one night. She loved showing off her body to all her new housemates and, having been in locker rooms for most of her life, whether as a cheerleader or a WWE Diva, Stacy was certainly accustomed to being naked in front of other girls. But still she was still a little shy in her new surroundings.

She had never been one to just walk around her old house naked either and while she hoped she would soon adopt the more uninhibited attitudes of her housemates, she nevertheless was bikini clad as she sat herself down poolside.

With the trip to Vegas just a short time away, Stacy wanted to make sure she was tan and looking mighty fuckable for the fun she hoped was to come. In between licks with Krista the night before, her new housemates had told her about the planned trip and filled her head with erotic visions of what no doubt lay in wait for all of them in Sin City. So, since she was already packed up and knew that spray on tans and tanning beds were no substitute for the real thing, Stacy decided to get some sun before the trip.

The mansion had such an awesome pool and Stacy knew there was no better place for her to soak up some rays. She had certainly seen it in the past, but had never really had a chance to utilize it. The only other times she’d been around the pool she’d been having sex in it and in those cases her mind was far from focused on the water or the sun. This was a much quieter moment and Stacy finally had a chance to appreciate how gorgeous the pool was, with its waterfall cascading down over the rocks and how the sun made the water glisten like an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Stacy draped a beach towel on the marble near the edge of the pool and sat down on it so she could lotion herself up. After all, she wasn’t about to kick off her first weekend at the mansion and first road trip with the girls with a case of sunburn. Stacy desperately wanted to make a good impression on all her new housemates so they’d see she truly was hot enough to live here and more than worthy of the invitation they’d given her.

Squirting sunscreen into her hands, Stacy began to rub it over her body. She made sure to get it all over her long legs, protecting one of her most distinctive features and as her hands rubbed over herself, Stacy made her own body start to tingle as she thought about yesterday and how good it had felt for Rose and Jennifer to take turns fucking her holes and how horny she and Beyonce had been for each other even though they’d never even met before then. The more she ran her hands over her body, the hotter Stacy got until she wasn’t just protecting herself from the sun, she was flat out touching herself.

Stacy moaned as she remembered how wild she and Beyonce had gotten. How Beyonce had pushed that big, beautiful ass of hers in her face and told her to lick it. God she’d gotten so wet tongue fucking that sexy booty while Beyonce had called her a blonde bitch and an ass licking slut. It had been so hot for someone as famous as Beyonce to get that nasty with her and Stacy wished her new friend was there right then so they could rub lotion all over each other like they had by the pool yesterday and get all hot and slutty again.

The thought of doing that made Stacy smile and tingle in all the right places and it made those pesky inhibitions she had brought out to the pool start to fade away. As Stacy rubbed lotion over her stomach and then brought her hands up to get it on her neck and shoulders, she began to think that maybe she didn’t really need her bikini top. After all, she didn’t want to go to Vegas with tan lines, did she?

As a naughty smile tugged at her lips, Stacy told herself not to be so shy and reached around back for the knot in her bikini top. After a few tugs the string was loose and Stacy was able to make herself topless. She moaned when she felt the hot sun on her bare chest and she immediately began rubbing the sunscreen on her tits.

That of course made her moan even more as she slowly and sensually rubbed the creamy lotion all over her nipples and made them stiffen with desire. Stacy just wished she was really rubbing the girl cum of her new friends all over her tits and that they were all there to lick it off her. God! She couldn’t believe she was thinking that nasty but it felt so good!

She loved it here. She wanted to get just as hot and nasty as girls like Rose and Sarah were and before she knew she was doing it, Stacy was tugging on her own nipples as she imagined all of her housemates joining her by the pool and taking turns licking and fucking her until she was just a sweaty, sticky mess covered in girl juice.

“Mmmm fuck me…yesssssss give it to me you dirty girls!” Stacy sighed as she pinched her now rock hard nipples and fantasized, making them throb and close to red with desire. “Mmmmm I can be slutty too! I can be just as nasty as you!”

Stacy blushed a little when she realized what she was doing and she dropped her tits from her hands to get back to getting her tan. She hadn’t come out here to masturbate, even though the thought of doing made her pussy suddenly demand attention. She could play with herself later or, even better, have her new friends play with her. With so many beautiful girls here Stacy knew she wouldn’t need to touch herself.

Getting back to protecting herself from the sun, Stacy made sure her chest was well lotioned. She rubbed the white cream all over her tits and up to her shoulders and neck and then down again over her back. It felt so good to be out here without her top on, something she hadn’t used to do at her old place for fear someone would see her.

But here she wanted the girls to see her tanning herself topless and, as she ran her hands over her ass to get needed sunscreen there, Stacy began to wonder if she needed her bikini bottoms either.

After all it wasn’t like she hadn’t already been out by this pool completely naked and doing things far naughtier than tanning. Stacy began to make herself moan again as she turned over and rubbed the lotion on her ass, making the tight cheeks barely covered by her thong bottoms good and shiny. But she didn’t go for it right away. Instead she sat herself down on her stomach on the towel, pressing her bare tits into it as she let the sun caress her almost bare body.

As soon as she felt the sun on her ass, Stacy again felt the pangs to get naked. She thought of someone like Rose finding her topless by the pool and ripping off her bikini bottoms because it was against the rules not to be naked and telling her that she had to fuck all the girls as punishment.

That was the kind of punishment that Stacy relished and she so easily pictured it happening. Mmmmm it made her feel so damp and horny to think that. She pictured Rose slapping her ass like she had just yesterday by the pool before spitting in her pussy and jamming her fingers inside her as Sarah did the same to her ass.

“Mmmm yesssssssss fuck me! Fuck my ass!” Stacy again moaned to herself as she unconsciously began to hump herself against the towel, her pussy grinding into it through her bottoms.

She pictured Love shoving her big bare tits in her face and making her suck and lick them while Jennifer got a strap on just like she had yesterday and told her she was going to have to suck it and get it all wet to fuck her. Stacy relished that image. She wanted Sarah and Rose to get her holes all loose with their fingers so everyone could take turns fucking her with toys while she buried her tongue up their asses and tongue fucked them just like she’d done to Beyonce.

With such erotic imagery in her mind, Stacy knew there was no way she could keep her bottoms on. She was getting herself worked up something fierce and her thong bikini suddenly felt like a long skirt draped all the way down to her feet.

Stacy wiggled out of her bikini bottoms and left herself just as naked as she’d been by the pool yesterday. Unfortunately there was no one out here yet to call her a slut and a dirty girl and fuck her into absolute ecstasy, but Stacy hoped that soon would change. She tossed her bottoms away and settled back down on the towel, loving the feel of the sun now baking her bare buns.

It felt like heaven to just be lying out here under the morning sun completely nude and Stacy kicked herself for even wearing a bikini at all. Now she was getting into the mansion spirit of total nudity. She felt so sexy and free and she couldn’t wait to show off a freshly tan body with no lines at all to her housemates. The sun kissed and caressed her bare body, making her smile and tingle nicely.

Stacy felt herself starting to get even wetter now that she was naked and she knew the towel underneath her would soon be soaked with her arousal. She was lying on her stomach to make sure her back and ass got plenty of sun and her nipples were hard and poking against the soft towel as she sensually rubbed herself against it, loving how it tickled the sensitive lips of her pussy.

Soon enough Stacy intended to turn over and let the sun tan her front too, but she also began thinking that when she was on her back there was something else she could do too. Her fantasy had been getting her plenty hot and the idea of getting her fingers between her legs and rubbing herself as she tanned sounded like a lot of fun. Mmmm and hopefully her housemates would catch her and make her fantasy come true.

But before she could get that far, Stacy’s cell phone went off. She’d brought it out here because she hated missing calls, but she almost didn’t answer it because she was having too much fun lying here naked and thinking nothing but pure sex thoughts. She didn’t want to be disturbed by any call, but ultimately this was a call she couldn’t resist answering.

Stacy had set it up so her special friends had distinctive ring tones on her phone and when the sound of Lil Kim broke the silence, the blonde knew exactly who it was calling her and that it was more than worth snapping out of the sexual daze she was working herself into to answer it.

“Hey sweetie,” Stacy said as soon as she answered the call, not bothering with any mere “hello.”

“Tell me everything! I want to hear every dirty detail!” Trish Stratus playfully demanded from the other end of the call. “Mmmm Stace you have to tell me! Leave nothing out! Tell me every hot thing they did to you! Tell me every nasty thing you did to them! Just tell me everything!”

Stacy had been expecting this call and she was more than happy to relay all the naughty details of her first day living at the mansion to her friend. She and Trish had spent years on the road with each other as WWE Divas and had been good friends at first and then much more than that. She had once walked right in on Trish and Jessica Alba getting hot and naughty inside a sauna and it hadn’t taken much for them to get Stacy’s towel off and seduce her into joining their fun.

And that had been far from the only time Stacy and Trish had played with each other. They had teamed up with their fellow Diva Amy Dumas, whom Jessica had already gotten her hands and lips all over, to turn the company’s roster of scorching hot Divas into their own personal pussy buffet. Mmmm they had gone wild on those sexy girls, seducing everyone they could get at and turning the locker room into a gang of perpetually horny, pussy hungry sluts.

All those long nights on the road hadn’t seemed so lonely anymore when all the girls in the company were fucking each other and Stacy knew she would always owe Trish for showing her the pleasure of a woman’s touch. If she and Jessica hadn’t made a move on her that day in the sauna, then she wouldn’t have been there now, lying naked by the pool in the sexiest place on Earth with endless days and nights of ecstasy on the horizon.

So if Trish wanted to hear some sexy stories, Stacy was going to spare no details. But first she was going to be a bit of a tease, just to have some fun with her friend.

“Ohhhh I guess it’s ok here,” Stacy said with a bored sigh. “I mean it’s not really as exciting as I thought it was going to be. I thought it was going to be so awesome and it’s actually pretty dull. It’s not even that hot around here. The thrill is gone already and I’m pretty over the whole mansion thing. I think I’m probably going to move out as soon as I can. I’m really so disappointed.”

There was dead silence on the other end and Stacy grinned as she pictured Trish with her jaw on the floor in complete shock. Jessica had played the same joke on her once and that was certainly how she had reacted. Stacy knew this was the last thing her friend expected to hear and she let Trish twist in the wind for a few moments in silence before she started to giggle.

“You bitch! I can’t believe I fell for that!” Trish playfully grumbled on the other end of the phone. “You’re so getting spanked next time I see you!”

“Mmmmmm yessssssss please!” Stacy moaned, knowing full well the ecstasy of Trish’s strong, sexy hand slapping her ass.

“Now for real,” Trish insisted. “Tell me everything Stacy!”

“What do you want me to tell you?” Stacy teased, loving knowing she had the power over Trish to tantalizingly reveal hot details at whatever pace she wanted. “Do you want me to tell you how they welcomed me to the mansion yesterday? Mmmm how Rose and Jen made me dance for them by the pool and strip off my clothes? How they made me touch myself and bend over so they could see how wet I was? How they took turns fucking my ass with their strap ons right out the pool where anyone could see? Ooooh do you want to hear about Beyonce Knowles joined in?”

“Beyonce? No way!” Trish gasped, happily shocked the famous singer would be into this too. She pictured Beyonce’s beautiful body all naked and sweaty from girl sex, just like hers always got and it was a mighty appealing picture for the former wrestler.

“Mmmmmhmmm,” Stacy confirmed. “She’d been watching me dance and fuck myself and they made her join in. Ohhhhh it was so hot Trish! They told me to lick her ass mmmmm and it made me so wet to taste that sexy hole while she called me a dirty whore and told me what a fucking filthy little slut I am!”

“Oooooh you are Stacy…you are,” Trish moaned as she pictured her friend on her knees eating Beyonce Knowles’ ass. “Mmmm and I love it! Tell me more! Tell me everything!”

“Like how Rose and Jen both fucked me with strap ons? Mmmm taking turns on my pussy and ass?” Stacy moaned as she couldn’t help but slide her hand between her legs and rub the rapidly moistening lips of her cunt. “Or how Jessica and I ended up messing around with Jewel and Krista Allen later that day? Getting in the hot tub so everyone could lick and fuck each other?”

“Krista? Ohhhhh wow! Stacy, I know you wanted her bad!” Trish replied, amazed that after one day one of her friend’s fantasies came true.

“Mmmmm and she was so yummy,” Stacy sighed. “I licked that hot pussy of hers until she soaked my tongue in girl juice while Jessica spanked my ass for being naughty. Mmmm then Jessica made me kiss her so she could taste Krista’s juice and I licked Jessica’s hot pussy while I bent over for Jewel to play with me and rub those big, hot tits all over my pussy like you do Trish. Oooooh you know I love when you do that and Jewel made it so hot!”

“Tell me more about Jess,” Trish demanded. “Tell me what you did to her! Tell me what she did to you! Mmmmmm tell me how hot and naughty she got!”

“Ohhhhhhhhh so that’s what you really want, isn’t it?” Stacy playfully chided while her hand continued to rub softly against her exposed and aroused pussy lips. “You don’t care about me at all. You just want to hear about Jessica.”

“You know that’s not true,” Trish assured her friend, even as she ached for naughty Jessica stories. “But please tell me Stacy. Tell me what she did to you. Mmmm did she make you come?”

“Oh yeah, mmm she had me creaming her gorgeous face and then I licked my own cum off her face and tits,” Stacy confessed with a smile, loving the moan she got on the other end from Trish the Canadian blonde no doubt conjured up the image of that happening right in front of her.

Stacy knew how much Trish cared for Jessica. After all Jessica was the first girl both of them had ever been with. All the naughty nights that had happened between them and their fellow WWE Divas was a direct result of Jessica seducing not only them, but Amy was well. She had set all the wheels in motion for the nights upon nights of girl on girl ecstasy that had followed and Trish never tired of thanking Jessica for that.

Beyond that, Trish and Jessica were friends, always trading text messages and emails and phone calls to make up for the distance between them from Malibu to Toronto. Stacy knew that Jessica was aching for a visit from Trish and she knew Trish had to be feeling even needier because not only was she far from the mansion, she was also off the road and away from all the sexy girls of the WWE who would have gladly sunk to their knees to give her pussy a good licking whenever she wanted it.

“More…tell me more…” Trish said with a little gasp, leaving Stacy with no doubt that she was touching herself just like she was.

“Naughty girl, you’re playing with that sweet pussy of yours, aren’t you?” Stacy giggled.

“Mmmm hmmmm, but don’t pretend you aren’t doing the same thing,” Trish shot back with a laugh of her own.

“I won’t,” Stacy grinned. “I just wish you were here to see me lying out by the pool naked. Mmmm and I’m getting so wet too. I wish you were here to lick me like you used to. Fuck Trish, I miss you so much. I know Jess does too.”

“She called me last night but I was out and had my phone off,” Trish said. “I miss her too. I wish I was out there so I could see you both. And all your hot friends too. I haven’t had any fun like that in way too long.”

“So get that sexy ass of yours out to Malibu then,” Stacy pressed. “Make it soon.”

“Really? You want to see me soon? Hmmm it might even be sooner than you think,” Trish replied coyly, leaving Stacy wanting immediate answers.

“What do you mean? C’mon Trish, don’t turn into a tease on me now,” Stacy urged. “You’re up to something. I can hear it in your voice. What are you planning?”

“You really want to know?” Trish teased.

“Tell me!” Stacy insisted. Now it was her turn to be hungry for details.

“Well it’s kind of a surprise for Jess,” Trish began to explain.

“All the more reason to tell me,” Stacy countered. “C’mon Patricia. Gimmie the scoop. Let me in on what’s going on.”

Whenever one of her friends used her full, real name, Trish knew they meant business. So she decided to give up being vague and give Stacy what she wanted. It wasn’t as though she wanted to keep it a secret from her too. After all if her plan was going to work then she was going to need Stacy in her corner. She missed Jessica a lot and Stacy would be the perfect helper to spring her sexy surprise.

“Ok, but you have to promise not to breathe even a hint of this to Jessica,” Trish demanded. “Promise?”

“Cross my heart,” Stacy pledged.

That was good enough for Trish and she spilled the details of her plan to Stacy. It was big. It was bold. It was just what Stacy wanted to hear. She couldn’t wait to help. It was an amazing plan and Stacy was immediately sold on it. She knew right then she would have done anything she could to turn it from fantasy to reality.

“Oh my God! Trish, that sounds fantastic!” Stacy said, her excitement clear in her voice. “We have to do that! That would be so hot! I was just talking to Jess about something like that yesterday!”

“Did she like the idea?” Trish inquired, pretty excited herself. She had thrown this plan together on a whim. Stacy had texted her the night before about the Vegas trip and everything had just clicked into place from there.

“What do you think?” Stacy replied. “Mmmm she loved it.”

“I just hope my plan works,” Trish said. “It’s been my favorite fantasy for months now. I wanted to have it happen so many times but I never ever really had the chance until now. God, I just want to see it so bad.”

“Of course it’ll work,” Stacy assured her. “I’ll help you. I’ll make sure it works. I want it too. It sounds so hot baby.”

“But no word of this to Jessica, not even a hint,” Trish said. “I don’t want her to know anything. I want it to be a total surprise.”

“I won’t say anything, I promise,” Stacy swore. “Mmmmm God, I’m getting wet just thinking about it.”

“Really? How wet?” Trish asked, feeling her own arousal kick up again. She was in a sports bra and shorts after doing some Yoga and all that bending and stretching always left her more than a little horny. She had loved Stacy’s stories and thinking of her friend lying naked by the pool definitely had her thinking it was high time to get naked herself.

Stacy had every intention of describing to Trish just how wet her pussy was and everything she wanted Trish to do to it to make it even wetter. She had never used to be so bold like this. She had never shied away from hot sex, but until she had started being into girls Stacy would never have done anything like phone sex on a cell phone. The mansion was making her even less inhibited than she’d been in WWE and she loved it.

But before Stacy could tell Trish anything more about how her nipples were swollen and oily from the lotion and her pussy was in desperate need of a good licking, she found herself distracted by the sound of someone walking out toward poolside. After her first day living at the mansion, Stacy found herself already adopting the place’s “the more the merrier” attitude, but she had to put the brakes on now because of who it was that seemed headed her way.

“Oh crap, it’s Jess,” Stacy said after turning her head to investigate the sound of the footsteps.

“Don’t tell her I called,” Trish urged. “Remember. I want it to be a total surprise.”

“Ok, I’ll call you back as soon as the coast is clear,” Stacy said before quickly ending the call. Jessica was headed out to join her and she didn’t want her housemate to be any wiser about what it was she was now secretly planning with Trish. The surprise was too good to think about spoiling it for Jessica.

Stacy wasn’t quick enough though and she hadn’t been nearly so subtle either. Jessica quickly deduced something was up as she saw the blonde hurriedly end her call as she walked out to join her poolside still wearing the same clothes she had left the mansion in yesterday.

“What was that all about?” Jessica couldn’t help but ask. Ordinarily she wouldn’t have been so suspicious, but her adventure from the day before had still left her a little on edge.

“What do you mean?” Stacy asked, trying to play it coy.

“Your call,” Jessica explained, not wanting to snoop but also now very curious. “You looked like you ended it suddenly.”

“Oh it’s nothing,” Stacy said, trying to hold back. She had two big weaknesses going against her though. She was no good at keeping secrets and was a terrible liar. She had no poker face at all and the fact that she had something up her sleeve was practically glowing off her like a neon sign.

“What’s going on?” Jessica asked. “Something’s up. C’mon Stacy. Spill it.”

“Nothing. Nothing’s going on,” Stacy lied. “The call was nothing. Nothing’s happening.”

“Fine, be that way,” Jessica grumbled before sitting down in the chair next to Stacy and sighing. “Don’t tell me.”

Stacy could see that Jessica was keeping something too and while the one she had was a good secret, she sensed Jessica’s was something different altogether. She sat up on the towel and faced her housemate.

“Is everything ok?” Stacy asked with concern. “We missed you last night. How come you never came home?”

“It’s a long story….” Jessica began before stopping short.

How could she explain all that had happened and not sound absolutely insane? How could she tell any of her friends that she had just been minding her own business yesterday when all of a sudden someone had tried to kidnap her and shove her into a van? How could she even begin to make sense when she started talking about how the three stoners next door had rescued her and gotten her through a high speed chase through the streets of Beverly Hills that had been all over the news last night? Oh and by the way she had found out that they were all like super spies or something.

It was all too crazy. Jessica had trouble believing it herself and she had lived through every terrifying moment. Nothing like that had ever happened to her before and it had left her completely on edge. Her life had been fun and normal one second and the next there had been guns and car crashes and secret passages in the middle of buildings and everything had gone crazy.

She knew it made no sense at all and that was what made it so frustrating. Something very weird was going on and those three guys were at the center of it. But she couldn’t say a word about what had happened. They had made her promise not to tell any of her friends about it and Jessica had been in no position to argue. She was convinced Waldo, Franklin and Delbert had saved her life. Someone had tried to kidnap her. She just didn’t know why and that unsettled her more than anything.

Jessica wished she could tell her friends everything, but she didn’t want them to worry, or worse get dragged into this too. She just wanted to forget it had ever happened. Last night it had been so fresh in her mind that she had blown off going shopping with Reese Witherspoon and going to the Behr mansion party with her housemates. She knew she had missed out on a lot of fun because of that, but she had been in no shape for it. She had been way too frazzled to relax right then.

Instead Jessica had avoided the mansion and instead gone to spend the night at Jennifer Garner’s. For once seeing her friend and lover hadn’t been about sex. It had just been about having some company. Jessica thought the world of Jennifer and she really liked her husband too. Last night she had been able to put all the craziness behind her while spending time with her friends and their beautiful daughter. It had been just what Jessica needed and she felt much better this morning.

It didn’t mean she had pushed it all out of her mind, but at least she was getting started on that. Being able to see Jennifer had helped relax her so much and forget about the terror of the previous afternoon. Jessica had called Trish first, but her friend hadn’t answered and besides it wouldn’t have been like she could have helped her all the way from Toronto.

Now she was finally back home and, even though her nerves were still jangled, Jessica felt safe to be back at the mansion. She hadn’t gone to her room right away. She had gone outside to sit by the pool because it was one of her favorite spots to just sit and quietly breathe it all in. Jessica hadn’t expected to find Stacy out there, but she certainly didn’t mind the idea of some company so she had decided to join her.

But now Stacy wanted the one thing Jessica couldn’t give her…the truth.

“What? What happened?” Stacy asked, worried about Jessica. She looked different than usual, like her mind was far, far away. “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine,” Jessica insisted, which was half true. She was physically fine except for a bruise or two and a skinned knee. Mentally she was still tense though.

“Are you sure?” Stacy gently probed. “You can talk to me. Is something wrong?”

“No it’s ok…really,” Jessica said, not knowing where she’d begin even if she knew what the hell she was talking about. It was better to change the subject, so that’s exactly what she did.

“Hey…Vegas today, right?” Jessica said, shifting things from the traumatic to the fun. Rose had texted her last night about their plans and right about now a trip to Las Vegas sounded like heaven to Jessica.

“Absolutely,” Stacy replied. “You in?”

“Are you kidding? I wouldn’t miss it for all the world,” Jessica grinned. “This is going to be so wild. Mmmm you have no idea how crazy all these girls get on a road trip. You should have been with us when we went to Jamaica.”

“I’ve heard some stories,” Stacy said, squirming a little bit on the towel as she recalled what she had been told about a roomful of dozens of naked, horny girls licking and fucking each other in a sweaty tangle of flesh. She didn’t want to get her hopes up about history repeating itself in Las Vegas, but she couldn’t help but think just that.

She hated thinking she had missed out on something so wild and fun and she desperately wanted to be a part of something even better in Vegas. And if Trish’s idea worked out the way she wanted it to then Stacy knew she was going to get exactly what she wanted.

“What about you?” Stacy asked, eying Jessica seductively. “Do you get crazy on a road trip too?”

“What do you think?” Jessica teased before leaning off her beach chair so she could give Stacy a sexy kiss on the lips.

Jessica smiled as she felt the warmth of her new housemate’s soft lips against hers. Mmmm this was just what she needed. She was already forgetting more and more about car chases and kidnappings and focusing more about sexy girls and being able to kiss and touch them. That was where she wanted her mind to be and not on anything else.

Kissing Stacy also allowed Jessica to fully appreciate what should have been obvious to her from the get go. While she was still fully dressed, Stacy was naked and looking very good in the process. Drinking in her friend’s beautiful bare body made Jessica smile even more.

“Mmmmm you make yourself right at home around here, don’t you?” Jessica teased. “You haven’t even been here a full day and you’re already showing off by the pool.”

Stacy reflexively blushed in response but she didn’t attempt to cover up. She wanted Jessica to stare at her body and she loved the look the actress was giving her. Stacy certainly didn’t mind a little playful teasing and she offered a very practical solution to even things out between them.

“You should get naked too,” Stacy suggested. “C’mon Jessica. Let’s get some sun on that sexy body.”

“I get plenty of sun thank you very much,” Jessica laughed in response. She prided herself on having one of the best, if not the absolute best tan of anyone at the mansion. But while she didn’t need any extra kisses from the sun on her body, an invitation to get naked with Stacy was never an invitation Jessica wanted to turn down.

“Promise to lotion me up?” Jessica asked before peeling her shirt over her body and showing off the snug lavender bra that hugged the firm curves of her chest.

“You have to ask?” Stacy giggled. “Mmm try and stop me.”

This was perfect for both girls. Not only did Stacy no longer have to worry about being pressed into spilling the beans about Trish and Jessica could leave yesterday’s craziness behind her, but both girls were eager to start their day off right with a little morning fun. They both knew full well that as soon as Jessica’s clothes were off they’d be concentrating on something a lot naughtier than tanning.

Before Jessica could even start to get her pants off, Stacy was pulling her down with her onto the blanket and reaching for her bra. The two began to kiss again as Jessica pulled her own shoes off and Stacy undid the clasp with ease. Jessica’s perfect twin globes fell out and Stacy was on them with her mouth in a split second.

“Ooooooooooh Stacy!” Jessica cried, so happy to be focused on nothing but sexual pleasure again. “Mmmm that’s just what I need! Ooooh you naughty girl! You’re gonna leave me all burned from the sun but I don’t care cause it feels so good to have you getting my tits all wet!”

The last thing Stacy wanted was for Jessica to get a burn, but she just couldn’t resist skipping over the lotion and getting right to the loving. She was too turned on from stripping down and her hot call with Trish to fight off her arousal and Jessica was far too sexy for her to let common sense have a say. All Stacy wanted to think about was how many times and how many ways she and Jessica could get each other off right here by the pool.

Jessica tossed her head back and moaned loudly as Stacy’s tongue ran over her nipple, causing it to stiffen up so her lips could wrap around it. Jessica began to hurriedly shove her pants down, loving how Stacy sucked on her tits. But before she could get fully naked the girls found themselves interrupted.

“Hey! No slacking off! I want you both good and packed,” Rose demanded, causing both girls to look up and see her standing in the doorway, arms sternly folded over her chest but a smile on her face that showed she enjoyed the view.

“Huh?” Jessica asked, not really focusing on what Rose wanted and instead just wanting Stacy’s sexy mouth on her tits.

“You heard me,” Rose chastised. “No time for fun till the packing is done. Don’t think I didn’t notice you totally blew us off last night Miss Movie Star. Think you’re too big and famous for the rest of us? And now you’re out here fucking around when you should be packing. Don’t think that you’re gonna be a little diva and keep us from getting going. We don’t work on movie star time here.”

“Nooooo,” Jessica protested, knowing Rose was only teasing. She never wanted to develop an attitude like that, especially not with her friends. “It’s not like that at all Rose.”

“Mmmm nah uh, I think you’re getting too big for your britches Jess,” Rose wolfishly smiled. “I think Mr. Snappy is going to have to knock you down a few pegs and remind you what a sexy little slut you really are.”

“Ooooooh now that’s my kind of punishment,” Jessica giggled, her body instantly eager to feel the intense ecstasy that could only come from Rose mercilessly pounding her with Mr. Snappy.

“Mine too,” Stacy chimed in. “Can I get punished too Rose?”

As much as Rose wanted to think about Jessica and Stacy both bent over on all fours with their beautiful bare bodies glistening with a sheen of aroused perspiration as they begged to be fucked doggie style, she didn’t take her eyes off the prize.

“If you two don’t get yourself packed then you’re going to be left behind while we’re partying in Vegas and that means no Mr. Snappy for either of you,” Rose said firmly, knowing that was the ultimate punishment.

“I’m already packed,” Stacy insisted.

“Mmm good girl,” Rose replied. “But what about you Jessica? You set to go? Or do you think we’re going to pack for you cause you’re too much of a diva to be bothered with it.”

“I’m not a diva,” Jessica insisted. “Stop teasing me Rose.”

“Oh yeah? What are you then?” Rose asked, smiling, feeding Jessica the pitch down the plate she was looking for.

“I’m a dirty, naughty, little fucking slut,” Jessica laughed wickedly as she stood up and pushed her pants and panties off her body in one fell swoop. Her bare pussy was exposed to Stacy and Rose’s hungry eyes and they both hungered for a taste of the smooth, sexy lips that Jessica tantalizingly began to play with.

“Mmmm am I a diva now Rose?” Jessica moaned as she stood naked in front of her friends and played with herself. “Or am I a good little whore who needs a fucking?”

“You’re a little whore and you always will be,” Rose declared, meaning her words as the highest compliment possible as she walked from the doorway toward the pool so she could embrace Jessica and kiss her warmly on the lips.

Jessica kissed back and she and Rose quickly fell into something more passionate. Their tongues began to rub together but it wasn’t one on one for long. Stacy didn’t want to be left out of this and she stood up so she could make it a three way kiss. The three girls kissed each other back and forth and let their three tongues touch as hands roamed all over. Rose was the only one still dressed and Jessica and Stacy attempted to change that by starting to inch up Rose’s tank top.

But before they got too far on that, she put a stop to it and instead gave Jessica and Stacy’s bare asses a playful swat each.

“Oh no, packing first, fun later,” Rose insisted, pulling away from her housemates before she let things get too far. “I know you haven’t done anything yet Jess. You gotta get your ass in gear cause we are hitting the road soon whether you’re ready or not.”

“Awwwww you don’t want to play with us?” Jessica teased. “Mmmm who needs to pack clothes when we’re just gonna be getting naked anyway?”

“That’s my kind of talk, but I don’t want to hear you whining that you forgot to bring something once we’re in the air.” Rose said. “So you better go pack up Jessica.”

That certainly made sense, but Jessica didn’t want to think about packing. She wanted to feel good. She needed it more than ever this morning.

“You’re no fun this morning Rose,” Jessica pouted. “Usually you’d be ripping off your clothes and fucking us in no time.”

“Yeah, join us Rose,” Stacy offered. “Let’s get naked and have some real fun out here.”

Stacy then kissed Rose’s lips, an action that Jessica immediately mimicked. Soon they were back in a three way kiss, but Rose had her self control fully in place. Jessica was right, this wasn’t how she usually acted, but this was no typical day.

“Oh no, you’re not fucking your way out of packing,” Rose insisted, pulling back and walking away backwards toward the door again. “I want you packed up by the next time I see you Jessica. And if you’re not dressed by then we’re just gonna throw you on the plane as is and make you walk around Vegas naked. So consider yourself warned.”

“I hate packing,” Jessica grumbled as Rose made her exit, her threat meant to be taken seriously, as the movie star wondered both if her housemate would really make her walk around Las Vegas completely naked and if she’d actually love being punished that way.

“I’ll help you,” Stacy offered, not wanting to take any kind of risk that Jessica not be on the trip with them.

“Care to help me with something else first?” Jessica asked with full carnal intent as she turned around to face the taller woman. Since they were both naked and their desire hadn’t cooled a bit, Stacy just repeated what she had said before.

“You have to ask?”

* * * * *

With a little gasp, Hayden Panettiere sat up and realized she was not in her bed at home. God, where was she? What had happened last night? What was going on?

But the momentary surge of panic faded when she realized she was at the mansion and suddenly everything was peaceful and wonderful again in her mind. However with the realization that she was in Malibu came, she also couldn’t help but wonder how exactly she got there. So Hayden put her head in her hands and tried to piece the details of the last night together. She hadn’t planned on going to the mansion for a second night in a row, so how come she was here?

She remembered going to the party at the Behr mansion and she definitely remembered getting ready for that party. She remembered how she had been shaving her legs that night and decided to go all the way and shave her pussy too just like all her gorgeous, sexy friends in Malibu did.

Hayden had been nervous to try it, but she had done it slowly and carefully and it had felt so awesome. It had made her pussy so sensitive and it had made her feel so naughty and wild to be totally bare. It had felt so wonderfully wicked that she hadn’t been able to stop herself from going a step further and not putting on panties under her dress.

She had gone through the whole night bare and shaved under her dress and it had left her feeling so horny as she’d mingled with some of the biggest stars and most important people in the world. Everyone had been acting normal around her at the party and Hayden had loved knowing that while everyone thought she was so restrained and innocent compared to the Lindsays and Britneys of the world, she was actually standing there without any panties on and with a completely shaved pussy that was getting wet and slippery from the idea of fucking the beautiful girls she kept seeing.

So when she had encountered Love at the party, Hayden had turned that horniness into seductive action. She had gone right for Love and practically dragged her into one of the mansion’s spare bedrooms. It had been so wild and slutty and Hayden had loved it. She had been so naughty in the house of one of the richest men on the planet and no one had known but her and her special friends.

Because it hadn’t ended up with just her and Love. They had snuck into a bedroom and found themselves bearing witness to the first exploratory kisses between High School Musical stars Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. And once she and Love had made their presence felt it had turned into a lot more than kissing between them.

But all that had been at the party and Hayden still didn’t remember how she had gotten from there to Malibu. The more she thought back to the night before, though, the more was revealed to her. Hayden remembered drinking champagne…lots of champagne…after she and Love had gone off back into the party.

Hayden had wanted to play more with Ashley and Vanessa, but Love had told her they needed some alone time to deal with what had happened between them and Hayden had deferred to her new friend’s experience. Hayden wanted to be just like the mansion girls….so experienced and seductive and able to get any girl they wanted, so she leaned on them for any advice they could give her.

After leaving the bedroom, Hayden had begun tossing back the glasses of champagne at the party. She couldn’t quite remember why she had drank so much, but she had been feeling so energized by doing what she had done to Ashley and Vanessa that she guessed she had wanted to calm herself or something. She had been pretty tipsy by the time they had found Love’s housemates and Rose had suggested they take the party back to their mansion.

Of course Hayden had been eager to agree. She had adored every second of her first time there. So even though she hadn’t planned on spending another night away from home, Hayden had jumped at the chance to get in the limo with Sarah, Love, Rose, Jennifer and the other girls who had joined them.

Nothing else had mattered. Not the press that surrounded the party. Not that she had promised her mother she was coming home that night. Nothing but sex had mattered. And Hayden had gotten just what she had craved.

Her head was a little achy that morning from all the champagne she’d had both at the party and then at the mansion, but Hayden knew it was worth it. God she could still taste pussy all over her lips. She felt so naughty and she loved it.

She started remembering little flashes of the night before, like putting on a show with Rosario Dawson and Mandy Moore where she had worshipped their big, soft tits with her wet mouth while the other girls had cheered them on and told them how hot and slutty they were as they got naked and fucked for their horny audience.

Mmmm Rosario had fucked her face so good, riding her tongue and getting her face all shiny with girl juice, while Mandy had eaten her out. And then Hayden had been able to do something she had longed to do since she had first come to the mansion and spread Sarah’s legs open so she could tongue fuck Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

It was just so hot to be able to do that to someone like Sarah since Hayden had loved watching Buffy and had thought of the butt kicking blonde as a role model. She’d been a girl when Buffy had been on the air, but she was a woman now and she’d proven it to Sarah by licking her until the former slayer had coated her tongue and lips with girl cream.

She’d already gotten tastes of Rose, Love and Jennifer on her first trip to the mansion and last night it had been Sarah’s turn. Hayden just wanted to fuck these girls over and over again so they’d see how hot and slutty she could be and want her to stay at their mansion forever so she never had to stop being naked and having amazing, orgasmic fun.

Hayden’s only regret was that Alyssa had been off at another part of the mansion having her own fun when they’d had their little after party. Alyssa had gotten so naughty with her the morning before in the bathtub and Hayden wanted to show her how much she had loved it and how badly she wanted Alyssa to teach her every naughty trick she knew.

As she remained sitting in bed, Hayden couldn’t help but realize she was naked under the sheets. That made her smile and blush a little. She hadn’t brought any other clothes than what she had worn to the party. That was two nights in a row she had had so much fun that she hadn’t been able to force herself to leave and would have to come back home the next morning in the same clothes she had left in.

God, she was turning into such a slut and it felt so good. All these new feelings inside her were so hot and naughty and she wanted to embrace them all and make them a part of her. She never wanted to go back to the inexperienced girl who had never known true sexual pleasure until she had spent that amazing night with Eliza Dushku, Kirsten Dunst and Scarlett Johansson. Everything had been a blur of orgasm since then and Hayden only wanted more.

Her parents were probably going to kill her for not coming home the night before after she’d promised she would, but she could worry about that later. They gave her a lot of latitude because she was 18 and had been nothing but responsible up until now. But things had changed since she’d discovered just how amazing being with a woman could make her feel. Now she was taking wild risks and going to sex parties and fucking girls she didn’t even know and having so much fun that she felt she was on a cloud of pleasure that kept rising and rising.

If being a “bad girl” meant having more of that fun, then Hayden was eager to go bad and do every slutty thing that the people who thought they knew her best would never believe in a million years she was capable of. She had never felt this way before and all these changes were so exciting and a little scary while also being completely awesome.

But Hayden knew all these amazing feelings didn’t mean she could take complete leave of her senses and that she had to get home soon. But when she started to get up, she realized something. She wasn’t alone! There was someone under the covers next to her and judging from the way the sheets were rising and falling, she was still sleeping soundly.

Hayden began to feel very curious. She couldn’t remember who it was she had ended up crashing in bed with and she had to know. She wasn’t so much of a slut yet that it didn’t matter who she shared a bed with. So she slowly pulled the sheets away to see who it was next to her and when the mystery guest was revealed, Hayden reflexively gasped in surprise.

“God, how big a slut was I last night?” Hayden asked herself aloud with a whisper as she found herself staring at not one, but two sleeping, naked women.

The two women were lying face down, with the one on the right’s arm slung over the other. They softly breathed as they remained asleep and unaware that Hayden was staring intently at them and trying to piece together how it had come to be that she had ended up in bed with Maria Menounos and Jessica Biel.

The champagne had made for a woozy night for her, but Hayden knew from the taste of girl on her lips and the way she instinctively seemed familiar with the curves of their gorgeous, bare bodies, that she hadn’t gotten to bed with them and just passed out. They had definitely gotten naughty and Hayden began to have further memories of the night before come back to her.

They had been leaving the party in their little group. It had been her, Sarah, Love, Rose, Jen and Mandy and Rosario. And then Rose had said something about owing Maria a little fun. Apparently she had been teasing her before when they had been going in and Rose decided to make good on whatever sexy promises she had made. And when they had gone to get Maria and found her talking to Jessica, they had decided to bring the budding movie star home with them as well.

The more Hayden remembered about what had happened, the more excited she got. She recalled hearing stories about some big orgy Maria and Jessica had been a part of in Jamaica with all the girls from the mansion and dozens of their sexy friends. Hayden would have given anything to have been there too. She had already been to one wild mansion party, but if what they had been telling her was true then she had barely scratched the surface of how hot all these girls could be.

Hayden had been a little surprised to see Jessica and Maria both so into this, but she told herself she shouldn’t have been. Why wouldn’t every girl want this kind of exquisite pleasure? Why wouldn’t they all want to feel the intense sexual ecstasy that making love to another woman could give?

The girls at the mansion had seduced so many other girls that Hayden had begun wondering who else was out there that loved girls as much as she did and would want to fuck her. God, she hoped there were a ton of them because she was seriously going sex crazy over girls lately and being able to play with ones like Jessica and Maria had given her every incentive to blow off going home and instead spend another night in Malibu.

It was all starting to come back to Hayden now. She remembered how they had messed around with Rose and Mandy and Jennifer while Love and Sarah had teamed up on Rosario and they’d all ended up in the guest room. She remembered being in a big pile of horny girls there, kissing and touching Rosario and Mandy and Maria and Jessica while Rose, Sarah, Jennifer and Love had all watched and told them they had to put on a show and fuck each other or else they wouldn’t be allowed to come back to the mansion.

Hayden couldn’t remember all the details, but she recalled enough to know that, tipsy or not, she had had herself a great time with these girls. She remembered especially what it had been like to be with Maria. She had been a little nervous at first since Maria worked for Access Hollywood and Hayden knew it was a big risk to be exposing herself so literally to someone in the press. But the others had assured her that Maria was cool and it hadn’t taken long for Hayden to be too busy moaning and thrashing on the bed from Maria’s tongue to worry about her being a reporter and whether she’d expose her secret.

In fact Maria had seized on her nerves, turning it into a sex game, and Hayden remembered getting off so hard on it. As she stared at Maria’s sleeping body, Hayden remembered how the naughty reporter had teased her and told her she was going to tell everyone what a dirty little cheerleader slut she was and how she loved girls and was so nasty unless she fucked her and made her come.

Mmmm she had let Maria totally “blackmail” her like that, letting her pretend she was going to tell her parents and all of Hollywood that she fucked girls unless Hayden became her little slut slave and ate her out and let her spank her. That had been so much fun and Hayden tingled anew from remembering it.

It had turned her on so much to let herself be controlled like that and when she and Jessica had “ganged up” on Maria, turning the tables on her by playing around like they were going to expose her own slutty secret the rush of orgasms had begun anew.

Hayden had never been spanked before and Maria had made it feel soooo good. She had adored the feel of Maria’s hand on her bare ass, slapping her cheeks and then turning her over so she could slap her pussy and call her a dirty girl and a nasty cheerleader slut. Hayden had come in front of everyone when Maria had taken her like that, crying out her ecstasy until Jessica had smothered her mouth with her pussy to quiet her down.

As she remembered how Jessica had fucked her face while Maria had licked and sucked the cum right out of her tight pussy, Hayden unconsciously began to caress her own bare breasts while staring right at the sleeping bodies of the two gorgeous girls she had fucked the night before. God, they were so beautiful. Hayden just wanted to ravish them right then and there even though they were sleeping.

Hayden giggled softly and blushed at her own growing naughty streak. She hadn’t been a prude or anything before, but this lust for women was something so intense and exciting. It was nothing Hayden ever thought she’d be into and it surprised her how much she loved it and how much she wanted more and more of it.

Even though she knew she had to get going because her parents were probably calling the FBI looking for her, Hayden just couldn’t help herself. She felt like she was addicted to girls and the rush of wicked adrenaline it gave her to be so naughty. Hayden played with her tender teen tits, moaning softly as she rubbed her stiffening nipples, while she eyed Jessica and Maria’s bare, sleeping bodies and imagined doing depraved things to them to wake them up.

Hayden loved every inch of their sexy bodies, but couldn’t help herself from gawking most of all at their asses. Since Jessica and Maria were both on their stomachs, it was so easy to have her attention drawn that way. Their chests were hidden and all her lustful views were going right to their backsides, where she was more than happy to stare.

It was all so new to her, but for the last day or so Hayden had found herself absolutely obsessed with other girls’ butts. She knew exactly when it had started. It had been in the bathtub yesterday with Alyssa, when the older woman had absolutely rocked her world.

She had let Alyssa do things to her that she had never let anyone do before and when the gorgeous brunette’s talented tongue had first touched her asshole, Hayden had known immediately she had found a pleasure she was going to want to indulge in over and over and over again. Alyssa rimming her ass had been so nasty and felt so good that she hadn’t been able to stop dreaming about it and craving more sexy girl tongues licking her hole and making her come from being so nasty.

Having Alyssa do that to her yesterday had left Hayden hot the whole rest of the day. It had been so naughty and it had felt so wrong but so awesome at the same time and since then Hayden hadn’t just been so curious about what it would feel like to let a girl actually fuck her ass, it had made her want to show the same pleasure she had received to other girls…lots of other girls.

She had wanted to touch and kiss and lick and fuck every hot girl butt she saw and she had gotten so naughty with Vanessa, Ashley and Love last night, licking all of them and showing them how good she had felt that morning when Alyssa had shown her the pleasure of a woman’s tongue licking her ass.

Hayden couldn’t believe she had become so naughty but this was so much fun for her. She loved being bad like this and exploring all her naughty desires even if that meant ignoring convention by forgetting about boys and instead staring at Jessica and Maria’s bare asses while she breathed hard and thought about how good she could make them feel by spreading their sexy cheeks and doing to them what she’d done to those slutty Disney girls Vanessa and Ashley the night before.

She didn’t know either girl really well at all and Maria could tell everyone what a slut she was on national TV if she wanted to, but it turned Hayden on to be so wild. Sex with women was so much better than her encounters with men had been and Hayden didn’t care if that made her a lesbo or whatever. She just cared that it felt amazing and that every time she fucked a girl she wanted to do it more and more.

Hayden wanted to kiss every sexy girl she saw and touch them and have them touch her and take turns with them sucking each other’s tits and then eating their pussies and even pushing her tongue up their tight asses before they did it all back to her and made her come and come and come until she was passed out from ecstasy.

Hayden wanted to do all that to Maria and Jessica as they lay their sleeping in front of her. She knew she had to go. She was already so late. She couldn’t stay here forever, but how could she leave now? How could she pass up a chance to play with such absolutely perfect butts?

“Mmmmm I’m soooo bad,” Hayden moaned aloud with an enthusiastic giggle as she smiled and dismissed any idea of gathering her clothes off the floor and leaving.

Instead of tiptoeing out of the bedroom and letting Maria and Jessica sleep, Hayden leaned in closer toward their unconscious bodies, her mind filled with nothing but lewd and lascivious intentions. She began gently caressing the soft flesh of their asses, not doing too much all at once. She didn’t want to take them up quite yet. Hayden playfully began to feel up Maria and Jessica’s asses, pulling her hand away each time she felt like she was about to go too far while giggling softly under her breath.

Hayden repeated her actions several times. She would reach out and delicately run her hands over the curves of the sleeping girls’ asses, loving the way touching them made her own body tingle. And every time she became afraid she was about to wake Maria or Jessica up, Hayden would pull away like she was trying to sneak cookies while trying not to get caught. It soon became a game to her. She’d touch softly and then yank back and remain undetected as soon as she felt like the sleeping girls were about to notice her.

But even though she kept pulling away, Hayden’s touches lingered more and more, especially when she heard a small moan pass Jessica’s lips as she explored her tight, perfect ass cheeks. Jessica and Maria had such amazing asses and Hayden couldn’t get enough of them. She couldn’t remember if she had played with their backsides the night before, but now she was giving them the lustful worship their bodies demanded.

Hayden caressed their smooth, toned flesh, using one hand on each girl. She kneeled behind them on the bed as they lay sleeping on their stomachs and reached forward, touching Jessica with her left hand and Maria with her right. Hayden couldn’t get enough of the feel of them and she delicately ran her fingers over their bodies, caressing the full, sexy curves of their bare buns and, as she got naughtier with every passing second, even gently over the cracks of their asses, tantalizing the sleeping girls and making her own breathing shallow while her pussy tingled with adrenaline fueled arousal.

She felt like she was getting away with something so naughty. There she was naked in bed with two beautiful women and she was totally feeling up their butts and they didn’t even know it. Hayden relished the rush she got from her sneaky activities and soon she wasn’t even pulling away anymore.

Hayden kept her hands on Jessica and Maria’s asses as they unknowingly displayed them for her. She rubbed all over their asses like she was inspecting two prizes, memorizing every tantalizing curve and latching her small hands onto their cheeks so she could palm them in all their drool inducing fullness.

Soon just feeling up their asses wasn’t enough for Hayden. She wanted to see if Maria and Jessica were getting wet too. She knew she sure was. Hayden felt her wetness start to drip past her tight pussy lips and she wondered if she was turning these other girls on too. Did they feel what she was doing to them? Was she giving them hot dreams? Were they dreaming of her?

Hayden hoped the answer to all three questions was yes and she aimed to find out. She moved her hands off Jessica and Maria’s asses and instead focused in on their pussies. Since the girls were asleep on their stomachs, their pussies were in easy reach. Hayden just had to get between their legs and reach up under them and when she did, bending her kneeling body down ever so closer to the sleeping beauties, she delighted in what she found.

“Mmmmm yessss…oooooooooh you’re getting wet for me,” Hayden moaned as she felt her exploring fingers get damp from contact with Jessica and Maria’s warm, pink cores.

She could feel the heat growing from their pussies and Hayden longed to feel more…lots more. Playing with their asses had been fun, but to feel the dampness of their arousal was an intense erotic thrill for Hayden.

She had no desire to play her game anymore and pull away. Instead Hayden lewdly rubbed the completely unaware girls, touching their pussies without even a thought of stopping crossing her mind. She loved how they were getting wetter. Hayden hoped she was giving them both naughty sex dreams that were hopefully all about what they wanted to do to her tight, teen body and all the dirty things she could do right back to them.

No longer caring about getting caught, each moment brought about a more aggressive touch from the blonde teen. Hayden had her hands hooked under the girls’ bodies as they slept, rubbing their pussies and relishing the heat she was feeling from them as her fingers collected more and more of the sweet wetness she longed to lick from both Maria and Jessica.

Hayden was getting even more turned on than she had been before as she sneakily rubbed the girls. She was getting off so hard on what a bad girl she was being and how good these warm, wet pussies felt against her probing fingers. She rubbed their soft, tight lips and moaned. But Hayden was so focused on her playtime that she didn’t even notice that one of the sleeping girls was stirring.

Maria blinked her eyes and was taken aback at first when she realized that what she had been experiencing was no dream. She really was being intimately touched! But she managed to stifle her immediate reflex to pull away. Instead she smiled and let Hayden know she was up.

“Naughty girl, what do you think you’re doing?” Maria playfully teased and Hayden gasped in surprise.

She’d been so into what she was doing that the thought of either of her two companions waking up hadn’t been on Hayden’s mind in the least. So when Maria ceased just lying there and instead called her out for her illicit activities, Hayden was snapped out of her reverie and began to blush from being caught.

“Sorry,” an embarrassed Hayden mumbled, pulling her hands away.

She couldn’t believe she’d been doing that and now she regretted her own impetuousness. What had she been thinking? She just couldn’t reach out and do that without permission. She began thinking she’d gone too far, but Maria quickly let her off the hook.

“Well don’t stop,” Maria smiled, craning her head so she could look at Hayden and let her know everything was OK. “If you’re gonna wake me up, you’d better at least make it worth my while.”

“Really?” Hayden asked excitedly, hoping her actions had not been unwanted. “You liked?”

“You were off to a good start there sweetie,” Maria assured the teen. “Mmmm you had me dreaming something sexy. You were getting me wet. Don’t stop Hayden. Show me what else you can do.”

“I can do anything you want me to Maria,” Hayden lustfully promised as she eased her hand back between the reporter’s legs and caressed her pussy once again. “I’ll make you so fucking wet and get you to come for me!”

Hayden was even bolder about her touch now. This time she wasn’t doing it just for her own naughty exploration. She was doing it because she wanted to make Maria feel good and show her what a hot slut she could be. With every girl she played with, Hayden became more determined to show she belonged with the more experienced women who lived here. Hayden knew the hotter she was, the more invitations there would be to come back.

“Mmmmmm fuckkkkk yesssss,” Maria groaned as she began to grind her body against the sheets as Hayden rubbed her from behind, teasing her lips and pushing her probing fingers inside her. “That’s it you hot little thing! Mmmm play with that pussy! Rub it naughty girl! Get it wetter! Mmmmm if you’re gonna wake me up then you need to get me wet enough to taste! Do it Hayden! Oooooh!”

Maria had been awoken by vague erotic visions of being touched and this was better than any dream. Like most, Maria was not much of a morning person, but being touched like this by sexy and deceptively innocent Hayden Panettiere was more than worth losing some extra sleep over. The teen’s touch felt amazing against her pussy and Maria knew it wouldn’t be long before she was moaning even louder and feeding the sexy blonde her cream.

Just like her previous trips to Malibu, Maria was experiencing pleasures she had never thought possible. Who could ever have believed there would be a place like this where the most beautiful, sexy women in Hollywood could indulge in forbidden lesbian desires without fear or inhibition? But it was all real and every trip there left Maria discovering new heights of ecstasy for herself.

If someone had ever told Maria yesterday morning that Heroes’ sexy cheerleader would be playing with her pussy she would have considered them insane. But here Hayden was, pleasuring her again after they had each fucked each other to orgasm the night before. And now Hayden was another naughty notch on her bedpost, along with tabloid dream queens like Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears, big stars like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Aniston and sex goddesses like Rose McGowan and Christina Aguilera. She’d fucked them all at the mansion and adored every second of it.

Maria could have made her career by exposing this place. A mansion full of gorgeous celebrity women horny for each other’s bodies would have been the biggest sex scandal in history. It would have garnered huge coverage for months and made her a star in her own right as a reporter. But Maria knew she would never tell a soul. Even though blowing this story wide open would have made her career Maria could never betray her friends and she could never deny herself this intense, addictive pleasure. So her reporter’s instincts would always take a distant back seat to her libido when it came to the mansion.

When she was there, Maria didn’t consider herself a reporter. She was just a woman who needed to be fucked. For someone whose lesbian encounters had been far and few between before accidentally discovering Britney and Christina’s naughty activities, Maria had turned into a total slut for women since then and she loved it. Her career mattered little next to being able to experience this delicious and oh so forbidden sexual touch. Their secret was her secret and Maria loved it.

“Mmmmm more! Harder Hayden!” Maria urged as her nipples stiffened against the soft sheets under her nude body. “Fuck me! Finger fuck that pussy! Mmmmm I’m so glad you woke me up! You’re better than any dream! Oooooh yessssss naughty girl! Work those fingers into my pussy! Fuck me good like you did last night!”

“Ooooooh you’re so hot Maria! I’ll fuck you baby! Just promise you won’t tell on me,” Hayden moaned, eagerly hearkening back to their game from the night before. “Don’t tell everyone what a little slut I am and how much I love fucking your tight pussy! Don’t tell my mommy and daddy what a bad girl I am!”

Maria cooed wantonly as Hayden played the innocent little starlet to her blackmailing reporter again. Hearing Hayden talk like that made her even wetter. But while the girl might have played innocent perfectly, the growing confidence and skill of her finger play made Hayden anything but. Maria swore the girl had gotten even better since the night before as she fingered her pink folds and made her clit do some serious early morning throbbing.

Hayden was making her so wet and Maria wanted to feel it even more.

“Wait…wait…just a sec…God, don’t stop though! Keep fingering me!” Maria requested as she flipped herself over in the bed so she was flat on her back now, her full tits giving a little jiggle as she settled back in.

Hayden hadn’t pulled her fingers out and Maria moaned as flipping over made the teen’s slim digits twist inside her, giving her an extra jolt of stimulation. It felt so good and Maria began thrusting herself against Hayden, forcing more of her two fingers inside her wet cunt.

The girl’s fingers felt so at home in her snugness and Maria relished the feel of a fresh wave of pleasure crashing over her. She was much more comfortable now and that meant her orgasm would be arriving even sooner, something she was mighty happy about. She hadn’t been looking for fun this morning, but it had found her and Maria wasn’t about to fight it off.

“Harder!” Maria groaned, her voice just above a whisper as she took notice of the fact that Jessica was still sleeping next to her. “Fuck me harder Hayden!”

For her part, Hayden was a little disappointed that Maria had flipped over because it denied her the chance to stare at the ass she had been drooling over, but it took only a split second for her to see Maria’s front side was hardly a consolation prize. With her beautiful, jiggling tits and sparse, sexy dark bush hovering over her wet pussy lips, Hayden was lustfully enraptured by her body in a mere moment and Maria’s next words aroused her even more.

“Kiss me!” Maria pleaded, her lips suddenly feeling very lonely as she stared up into the teenager’s beautiful face. “Mmmmm get on top of me and show me what a good kisser you are baby. I loved kissing you last night. Now you gotta give me more! Kiss me while you fuck me!”

Hayden never had to be talked into kissing. It was one of her favorite parts of being with another girl. Unlike with boys, foreplay was so tender and complete when it was with another girl. None of her hot spots ever lacked for sensual attention when she was with girls and that definitely included her lips. While picking up the pace of her fingering, Hayden gently lay herself on top of Maria and began to kiss her.

With all of last night’s intimacy in the back of both of their minds, it was easy for Hayden and Maria to fall into making out. Their first kisses involved their lips lightly brushing together but that quickly grew into a full blown tongue kiss. Hayden moaned into Maria’s mouth as the reporter did the same right back from their tongues touching while their breasts rubbed together and they each felt other’s wet, heated arousal.

Hayden loved that Maria had a belly piercing, just like she did. When she was aroused she could rarely help herself from nervously playing with the two little metal balls piercing her bellybutton and she had been doing that a lot lately. Maria had a sexy little piercing too and Hayden found herself getting off on the sound of their metal rubbing together and the feel of the friction, especially as it contrasted with the softness of their tits touching and the way their arousal both radiated against the other’s thighs.

The pleasure only increased for Hayden when Maria reached down and began softly playing with the juicy curves of her young ass. Maria had no idea that Hayden had been so lustfully admiring her ass before, but she definitely felt the same way about Hayden’s ass. Maria adored the girl’s full, beautiful ass and her touch sent sparks right up Hayden’s spine. She thrust herself back against Maria’s hand to allow her to get a better grip on her ass and she began hoping that Maria had the same naughty streak Alyssa did and would soon start doing wicked things to her tightest of holes.

“Oooooh fuck you’re so wet Maria! Mmmm I think your pussy is gonna make my fingers soooo nice and sticky,” Hayden playfully declared as she brought her slick fingers up to her lips and naughtily licked off the reporter’s essence right in front of her. “Mmmmmm you taste so yummy! I love tasting sweet things and your pussy is gonna feel sooooo good soaking my tongue!”

“Mmmmm you nasty girl! Talking dirty and acting so naughty!” Maria sighed in passion, not believing this young girl was acting like this and loving every second of it. “You were so good last night! Mmmmm I couldn’t believe you were with Rose and Love and everyone when I saw you and gawwwd you made me come so fucking hard last night you naughty thing! I can’t wait to fuck that pretty face again! Mmmm I don’t just wanna make your fingers sticky baby! I want the dirty cheerleader sticky all over her body!”

Hayden wanted that too but she and Maria had all morning for that and they both knew it. So they followed their instincts and didn’t just get to the licking. Instead they resumed their kissing and let their bare breasts grind together. The friction of their aroused nipples and soft, jiggling flesh made the both of them even hornier for each other and they kissed harder while rubbing together with increased passion until Hayden’s fingers weren’t even needed in Maria’s pussy because their drooling slits were kissing just as excitedly as their lips were.

Without even really consciously deciding to do it, Hayden and Maria worked themselves into a grind with the blonde teen on top of the reporter. Hayden and Maria kissed and caressed each other’s bodies while scissoring their pussies together, mixing their juices and making each other mew and moan into their tongue kisses. They took turns sucking on each other’s tongues while Maria squeezed Hayden’s ass and Hayden did the same to Maria’s tits. Through it all their soft, soaked pussies ground together and their horniness increased.

“Spank it!” Hayden finally managed to hiss in between kisses with Maria. “Spank my ass for being so naughty and waking you up! Slap my ass for being such a bad girl!”

“Yeah? Is this what you want you bad girl? You want this pretty ass spanked just like last night?” Maria demanded as she brought her hand down firmly on Hayden’s bare ass, striking her with a sizzling crack against her flesh that got an immediate squeal of pleasure from the teenager.

Usually when she visited the mansion, Maria was the one who ended up being spanked but she was more than happy to be the one doling out the punishment today, especially if it involved playing with Hayden’s beautiful booty. Hayden had such a gorgeous bubble butt and Maria was feeling pretty damn naughty herself for spanking the sexy teen and doing what perverts around the globe no doubt dreamed about every time Heroes was on. Hayden’s ass was all hers now and Maria intended to take full advantage.

Maria gave Hayden’s pink ass a few more sexy smacks until her skin had turned a flushed pink. That had Hayden practically growling with lust and rubbing herself even harder against Maria, which of course inspired the reporter to give it right back to the actress. They kissed passionately and scissored their nude bodies together, focused entirely on each other and completely forgetting about the other girl in bed with them… something Jessica called them out on as soon as she was conscious enough to realize what was going on around her.

“Hey!” Jessica protested, her voice angry enough to cause Maria and Hayden to pause their fun mid-kiss. But as soon as they turned to their left to look at Jessica, the actress dropped her charade and broke into a horny smile.

“How could you start without me?” Jessica protested with a laugh. “Were you gonna let me sleep through all this? Some friends you are.”

Hayden knew Maria and Jessica were friends, but was she one too? She wanted to be Jessica’s friend, especially if it came with benefits, but she barely knew her. However, they had one major thing in common and that trumped everything else. Their love of girl fucking connected them. This place connected them and Hayden was more than happy to be Jessica’s friend based on that and nothing else.

“Let’s make it up to you,” Hayden smiled back at the no longer sleeping actress. “Get over here and join in.”

“Uh uh,” Jessica insisted, playing hard to get. “You made me wait for you, so now you have to wait for me. But don’t stop. Mmmmm I wanna see a show from you two.”

If a show was what Jessica wanted, then Maria and Hayden were happy to give her one she would never be able to resist. So they turned back toward each other and resumed their kissing and scissoring. Their pussies were both soaked by now and they could each feel their arousal mixing together. It was such a naughty feeling for both of them and combining that with their lips and breasts rubbing together too, Hayden and Maria felt like they could easily stay like this until they both came.

“Spank her again Maria,” Jessica demanded while pushing her hand between her legs and moaning as she began to rub her own rapidly dampening pussy. “Spank that little slut for not waking me up earlier so I could get in on this!”

“Yeahhhhhh do it again! Spank my ass!” Hayden groaned, bracing herself for another blow to her already sensitive butt. She didn’t think she could take too much, but she knew she could handle at least one more and, besides, she wanted to turn Jessica on. She wanted her lusting after her ass too and wanting to do naughty things to her. “I’ve been so bad! Bad girls need to be spanked!”

Maria wasn’t sure if she should. She didn’t want to paddle Hayden so much that the girl wouldn’t be able to sit down for the rest of the day. But if Hayden wanted it, then she wasn’t about to deny her. Maria sent her hand down onto Hayden’s ass with another loud crack that had Hayden yelping in pleasure and Jessica moaning as she touched herself even harder.

“Ooooooh fuck that’s so hot! Smack it Maria! Smack that sexy ass!” Jessica groaned as she rubbed her pussy lips with one hand and used the other to push a finger past her slit and into her waiting honeypot. She moaned even louder when she realized how wet she already was.

She’d been having such a sexy dream about lying flat on her stomach and being massaged with hot oils by soft, skilled hands. In her dream the masseuse had concentrated entirely on her ass, rubbing the oil into her flesh and making her so horny for more. Jessica hadn’t been able to see her dream masseuse, but she assumed it had been a woman because so many of her sex dreams had been with an all-female cast since the day Alyssa had seduced her and shown her she didn’t need a man to forcefully take her and make her feel like she was being erotically overpowered. A woman would do just fine.

Since that day, Jessica had snuck around as much as she could, playing with sexy girls as often as possible. The excitement over doing something so forbidden and hoping not to get caught while doing it had only added to the thrill. Jessica had let women take her rough and hard, controlling her and making her feel like a dirty little slut, just like Alyssa had that first day, and she had also let them love her body softly and sensually, creating erotic sensations in her that she had never imagined.

Jessica had loved it all, soft and hard, and she knew she could always get both here at the mansion. Alyssa had made it clear since the trip to Jamaica that any time she was horny for some fun she could visit and, God, she was always horny these days. Waking up to see these two beautiful girls going at it was more than enough to get her going again, and the lingering memories of her hazy, naughty dream just made Jessica even more worked up.

Hayden looked so sexy with her beautiful bubble butt all pink from Maria’s smacks and Jessica licked her lips in lust at how hot it was to see the lithe teenager grinding herself against Maria’s naked body, their wet pussies rubbing together as their lips mashed up and their tongues sensually played. They were both so sexy and so beautifully naked that Jessica didn’t even mind that she was up far earlier than she liked to be. It was worth it to have this show in front of her.

Little moans of satisfaction and anticipation continued to flow out of Jessica’s mouth as she played with herself while hornily gawking at Hayden and Maria. She felt like such a slut! She was dating Justin Timberlake for God’s sake! That was supposed to be every woman’s fantasy right? But it wasn’t enough for her. Ever since she had felt the sexual touch of a woman for the first time, Jessica hadn’t been able to go without and now she was fingering herself while watching two gorgeous girls scissor their nude bodies together.

Jessica felt like she had no self control and she liked it. She wasn’t thinking rationally while she moaned and drooled and worked a second finger into herself, pistoning the two digits into her wet cunt while her other hand splayed her slit open. Her pussy was running the show now and Jessica just smiled and watched her friends fuck right next to her on the bed.

“Ooooooh that’s it Hayden! Suck her tits! Mmmm suck them like you’re gonna be sucking mine!” Jessica groaned as she watched Hayden bury her blonde head into Maria’s cleavage. “Isn’t she hot Hayden? Doesn’t Maria have such a great set of tits? Mmmm doesn’t she have the best fucking body you’ve ever seen?”

“Mmmmm she’s so damn hot,” Hayden eagerly agreed, moaning her words into Maria’s breasts before she resumed sucking on them, going from breast to breast and making sure the reporter’s nipples were stiff and totally wet from her naughty lips and tongue. “You’ve got such sexy boobs Maria! Mmmmm I love your whole body!”

Jessica definitely loved that body too. She adored how sexy Maria was. She had fallen in lust at first sight with the sexy reporter and once when Maria had been interviewing her out by the Golden Globes she hadn’t been able to help herself. She had grabbed Maria’s ass right on the red carpet and told the whole world how “out of this world” it was.

At the time, Jessica hadn’t believed she had actually done that. Usually she was much more restrained when she wasn’t in safe company, but she just hadn’t been able to help herself. She had barely known Maria at the time and had just reached out and groped her right in front of everyone. She had been so embarrassed that she had actually gone to Maria later to apologize, but that had been when she had found out that Maria was much more interested in grabbing a feel of Jessica’s ass too than any apology.

And when the two girls had found out they had friends at the mansion in common it hadn’t taken long for them to ditch the ceremony early and get to a more private place where they could get out of their expensive dresses and spend much more time appreciating each other’s asses along with the rest of their bodies.

Jessica fingered herself harder as Hayden hungrily engulfed Maria’s beautiful tits. They had such a soft little jiggle to them and, as much as she had loved gawking at Maria’s ass before, Hayden couldn’t get enough of her tits. She sucked on Maria’s nipples until they were throbbing between her lips while caressing the curve of her breasts with her small hands. Meanwhile Hayden and Maria continued grinding into each other, their pussy lips kissing and little electric sparks rushing through their bodies as their clits rubbed together.

“Ooooh baby! Mmmmm fuck! You’re gonna make me come soon!” Maria groaned as her hand unconsciously grabbed the back of Hayden’s head and held her firmly to her chest. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssss! Ooooooooooh God! That hot little pussy of yours feels so hot rubbing into me! Mmmm I’m gonna fucking cream all over it! Oooooh naughty girl! Is that what you want? Me coming all over your pussy so Jessica and I can lick it clean?”

Hayden wanted to do so many things with Maria and Jessica that she couldn’t even keep track of all her fantasies right then. What Maria was suggesting sounded pretty damn good to her and she beamed with horny happiness as she dropped Maria’s dark nipple from her mouth.

“Yesssssssss let’s get nasty!” Hayden urged. “Mmmmm I’m so horny this morning! Ooooh I’m supposed to be home making sure mommy and daddy know what a good girl I am and how I’ll never be bad like Britney or Lindsay! But I’m here acting like a bigger slut than both of them! I wanna get so naughty with both of you! Mmmm I wanna fuck you so bad Maria! I wanna taste your pussy! Oooooh and taste your tight yummy ass too! Mmmmm would you like that Maria? For me to stick my dirty cheerleader tongue right up your hot butt? Mmmmm I want that so bad! You too Jessica! Get over here and get nasty with us!”

Maria was floating on a passion cloud and she wasn’t sure she was hearing everything clearly, but she could have sworn she had just heard Hayden offering to tongue fuck her ass. God she hoped she hadn’t been hearing things because that was so fucking nasty and she needed to have exactly that happen! Just the idea of the teenage Heroes star burying her tongue in her ass and rimming her out was enough to make her pussy drool.

But before Maria could determine what Hayden had said and whether she really meant it, Jessica grabbed the blonde’s attention by kissing her hard right on the lips. Jessica had been lying back and groping her tits with one hand while finger fucking herself with the other, but she hadn’t been able to just stay on the sidelines. The show was too damn hot and she had to be a part of it.

When Hayden had called out to her, it had been a siren call she had been unable to resist and she had quit watching and got to doing. She passionately kissed Hayden’s young lips while caressing the butt cheeks she had so enjoyed seeing spanked. Jessica let her hand gently caress Hayden’s backside from behind while keeping her other hand fused between her own legs.

Jessica’s fingers were getting wetter and wetter while fingering herself and the more she kissed Hayden the more she realized the girl deserved to taste something far sweeter than her lips. She gave one last peck to Hayden and then brought her fingers up from her pussy right to the teenager’s mouth.

“Want a taste?” Jessica sensually inquired and before the words were even fully out of her mouth, Hayden was all over her hand, kissing and licking the sticky, sweet juices.

“Mmmmm,” Hayden hungrily moaned and even as she licked Jessica’s juices off she continued to rub herself against Maria, making them both feel incredible as their nude bodies remained fused.

Jessica loved being able to see Hayden’s pretty face lost in the moment, her eyes closed as she ground her pussy into Maria’s and naughtily gave head to her fingers. The girl was so innocent yet so nasty at the same time and Jessica’s wetness grew more demanding. The heat pulsing from her cunt required immediate attention and since Hayden’s front was occupied rubbing against Maria, Jessica tended to her back.

While still letting the girl lap off the last drops of her juices, Jessica repositioned herself so her pussy was pressed to Hayden’s bare ass. Now it was Jessica’s turn to rub and she slowly and sensually ground her furry, wet pussy into Hayden, rubbing her juices over her cheeks and delicately tickling her with the neat dark triangle of hair that pointed the way to her slice of heaven.

“Like that baby?” Jessica purred into Hayden’s ear. “Like being caught between two sexy sluts? Mmmm you’re not the only ones with a wet pussy. Seeing you two go at it made me so fucking hot!”

Hayden could definitely feel that. The wetness of her new friend’s pussy soothed her well spanked ass and was like a naughty lotion being spread on her skin. It was turning her even more to be sandwiched between Maria and Jessica and Hayden ground her ass right back into the actress, meeting Jessica’s sexy rubbing with some of her own while the two met in another kiss, giving Hayden the chance to feed Jessica back the juices she had just licked off her fingers.

Jessica moaned carnally into Hayden’s mouth as the girl’s tongue pushed inside and rubbed against hers. She loved being able to taste herself, but even more Jessica loved feeling Hayden’s juicy teen booty rubbing her cunt. She suddenly pictured herself being able to paint Hayden’s milky white cheeks with her juices and it made Jessica wickedly smile. God she was feeling naughtier than ever this morning and it made her want her bedmates even more.

Maria was starting to feel neglected and she asserted herself by running her hand over Hayden’s face and guiding her back in for another kiss. Hayden and Maria’s lips smacked together wetly and they tongue kissed before Jessica grabbed the teen again and gave her another hot kiss.

The two girls traded Hayden back and forth, the both of them greedy for a taste of her young lips. They kept her sandwiched between them and Hayden was happy to stay that way, kissing the two beauties while being able to rub herself against them. She felt so delightfully trapped between the actress and the reporter, grinding her ass into Jessica while doing the same to Maria with her pussy. Their bodies pressed tightly to hers and Hayden got off feeling their flesh start to get all sweaty from the friction.

It was a mess of kisses on the bed. When Hayden wasn’t kissing Jessica, she was kissing Maria and when Hayden was busy getting needed breaths, Jessica and Maria were lovingly tongue kissing each other. Most of the time the three horny girls eagerly threw themselves into a series of three way kisses with wet tongues and soft lips rubbing together and creating a chorus of eager moans in the bed.

Hayden felt as though she had to be moaning the loudest since both Jessica and Maria were playing with her firm, young tits. Jessica had her hands wrapped around her from behind, playing with the sexy mounds as Maria gave her the same treatment as well. Maria focused on her nipples, gently rubbing into them with her palms and making Hayden’s pussy so wet that she didn’t think she could go another second without tasting these sexy girls.

As much fun as this was, there was something Hayden wanted more than to be rubbed. She had been lusting after this since she had realized she wasn’t alone in the bed and she was not to be denied. The growing heat inside her from all this foreplay had made her lust even harder for the glorious treats she had tantalized herself with before while Maria and Jessica had been sleeping. Now that they were awake she finally went for it.

“On your hands and knees…both of you,” Hayden hornily moaned, asserting herself as the kissing paused for a second.

“Oooooh look who’s giving orders,” Maria teased with a sexy laugh. “You think a few hot kisses is going to make us do whatever you want Hayden?”

Hayden just smiled and blushed. She hadn’t meant to be so direct, but she couldn’t fight off her desire a second more. She had to do this. She knew she wouldn’t be satisfied if she didn’t.

“Mmmmm get on your hands and knees…please?” Hayden repeated with a giggle, adding the magic word that got both Jessica and Maria moving.

“Much better,” Jessica gently laughed back. “You’re acting like you own this place Hayden and you don’t even live here.”

“But I want to,” Hayden admitted with a big smile. “I want to stay here forever! I never want to leave all this hot fun! God, I just want to show Alyssa and Rose and Sarah and Love and everyone what a nasty slut I can be and how hot and dirty I am and how I’ll do anything if they just let me stay here and fuck me over and over and over again! I’m gonna show everyone how slutty I can get and what a hot fuck I am with a sweet, tight little pussy and an ass that’s begging to be fucked! Oooooooooh I just wanna show off to everyone!”

Hayden knew she was babbling and didn’t care. She was so worked up with lust that the words were spilling out, but none of them were lies. She did want to stay here forever. Everything else in her life was now in the backseat compared to her being able to stay in Malibu. She wanted everyone here to know how hot and naughty she was until the girls were begging her to stay and turn this guest room into her own bedroom so the hot fucking would never stop.

Sexual adrenaline was pumping through her veins as Hayden watched Maria and Jessica reposition themselves on the bed. No longer was she pressed in between them, but this was going to be even better because once again Hayden would have the chance to again gawk at their exquisite bare asses. Unfortunately that part of the message didn’t get to her two lovers right away and instead they got on their hands and knees facing Hayden.

“Turn around…please…” Hayden managed to croak through her voice, which was already thick with lust like honey was coating it. She was so horny for this she couldn’t stand it. “Please! Turn around! Gawd, let me see those two perfect butts again!”

“Mmmmm naughty naughty!” Jessica playfully teased as she turned around in the bed and gave Hayden a sight she wanted burned in her memories forever as she gave her ass a sensual little shake. “Is this what you want Hayden?”

“Yesssssssss,” Hayden hissed as she reacted by penetrating her drooling cunt with two of her fingers. “Mmmmm so hot! You’re both so fucking hot! You two have such great asses! Mmmmm fuck! I’m such a bad girl! I want your asses so bad!”

This just confirmed what she had thought she had heard before and Maria had had no idea that Hayden was such an ass girl so she was a little surprised by it. But she was even more turned on. It felt so naughty to have this girl in her teens lusting so much for her ass. Maria worked hard to get her ass in shape and having someone as sexy as Hayden Panettiere practically choking on drool because of the wicked things she wanted to do her was more than an ample reward.

“Well if you want our asses so bad then take them,” Maria urged. “Don’t just gawk. Touch!”

Having Maria and Jessica bent over and pressing their bare asses out was like having raw meat in front of a hungry lioness. Hayden was starved for her new friends and she took Maria’s advice to heart. Before either woman knew what hit them, Hayden’s hand was grabbing tightly to Jessica’s ass while her mouth was kissing all over Maria’s cheeks.

“Oooooooooooh you dirty girl! Mmmmmm kiss my ass!” Maria cried as Jessica moaned from Hayden groping her toned ass while she jutted it out for her. “Naughty little thing! Mmmm you were staring at our asses while we slept, weren’t you? Mmmm drooling over our asses! Mmmmm and touching us too! Making us dream sexy dreams while you were groping us and getting all wet and naughty!”

“Yes! I totally was!” Hayden confessed, pausing in her efforts to shower Maria’s ass with kisses. “I want you both so bad! I was drooling like a nasty little slut this morning gawking at these asses! Mmmm I just wanted you two to wake up so we could do this! Let me show you how naughty I can get! Let me show you how hot I really am!”

Jessica and Maria were too busy kissing each other as Hayden worshipped their asses to give her much of a response other than some happy, aroused moaning. They were far from strangers with each other’s bodies and since they were wickedly horny now and Hayden was driving them wild with her kisses and touches, it made sense for them to press their beautiful faces together and get right into a long, wet kiss. Before long their tongues were rubbing together as their lips fused and the arousal Hayden was making them feel had them kissing even more passionately.

Ordinarily Hayden would have loved to see them kissing. The girls here always knew how to put on such a hot show and Hayden adored seeing beautiful girls get hot and heavy, but right then her attention was entirely focused on Jessica and Maria’s backsides and how much they were turning her on.

As she leaned in and kissed all over the toned, delicious flesh of both girls, Hayden fingered herself. She worked two fingers into her pussy, getting them so wet and creamy that she felt her own juices start to run down her wrist and tickle the flesh of her arm. But even as her fingers played, Hayden barely felt the pleasure she was giving herself. She was too focused on kissing the perfect juicy asses bent over on display in front of her.

Hayden went from girl to girl with her lips, back and forth and back again. She kissed all over the sizzling flesh until both Maria and Jessica’s asses had a healthy, wet shine to them. Whichever ass she wasn’t kissing she was fondling and Maria and Jessica’s moans grew louder and eager for more as they continued kissing one another. They weren’t the only ones eager for more, though, and Hayden got naughtier.

She vividly remembered her first lesson with Alyssa and then her adventures later in the night with Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens. She had been experimenting with the Disney girls, seeing if she liked licking down there as much as she had loved being licked by Alyssa’s tongue on her own virgin ass. Hayden had happily discovered how much it had turned her on and she had loved everything she had done to Ashley, Vanessa and Love’s asses in that bedroom. Now she wanted to explore even more.

Hayden had already kissed all over Maria and Jessica’s asses and now she wanted to get nastier. Since she was perched behind Jessica right then, she was the lucky one to first feel the blonde spread her cheeks with her hand and tantalizingly run her horny tongue over her crack before she reached the prize and began licking at her puckered hole.

“Fuckkkkkkkk!” Jessica groaned, the sudden surge of pleasure rushing through her from Hayden’s tongue touching her in such a sensitive spot. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuck! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm you nasty girl! Ooooooooooooh damn! Ahhhhhhhhhh you’re a dirty little thing Hayden! Lick that ass! That’s what you want huh? To lick our asses? Fuck baby! Mmmmm do it Hayden! Lick that fucking hole!”

Giddily smiling the whole time, that was just what Hayden did. She kept Jessica’s ass spread with her hand and hungrily licked at the movie star’s tight little ring. Just like Alyssa had done to her, Hayden let her saliva run off her own tongue and into Jessica’s hole so she could push it around as she licked her slowly and sensually. Hayden was instantly in love with the pure carnality of tasting Jessica’s hot ass and her tongue naughtily explored her hole.

Having wanted this so bad, Hayden had to remind herself to not go too aggressively and instead take her time and make it slow and nasty, just like Alyssa had taught her. The reward was worth it when she not only got to taste Jessica’s perfect ass, but hear the girl wantonly moan and gasp in ecstasy from what she was doing.

The more she licked, the more Jessica reacted and Hayden slowly picked up the pace, easing more and more of her tongue into Jessica’s ass while wickedly tonguing the hole she had so hungered for.

“Ohhhhhhhhh God! You little freak! You little fucking freak! I love it!” Jessica squealed as her breaths came out in sharp bursts from the rush of pleasure making her body tremble. “Goddamn Hayden! Oooooooh I had no idea you were this naughty! Mmmmmm fuck yesssss! Eat that ass baby! Oooooooooh you’re making it feel so good Hayden! Ughhhhhhh just like Alyssa always does!”

As much as she wanted to remain focused on her task, Hayden couldn’t help but react to that statement.

“Alyssa? She licked you like this too?” Hayden asked, excitedly wondering if she was following in the naughty footsteps of the woman who had shown her this exquisite pleasure.

“Don’t stop!” Jessica immediately demanded as she pushed her ass back in Hayden’s face, urging the teen to bury herself between her butt cheeks and have at it. “Please don’t stop Hayden! Mmmmm yessss Lyssa licked me there! God she was the first to lick me there! I’d never had my ass eaten before she did it and she made it so fucking good! She fucked all my holes and made me into such a slut for pussy when she took me all hard and rough! Mmmmmmm yes! You’re licking me good just like she did!”

“Oooooooh so naughty!” Hayden moaned, her fingers reflexively rubbing her own young cunt harder. “She was the first to take me too! Mmmmm she made me love licking other girls here! Gawwwwd I wish she could see us all now!”

Without another word, Hayden pushed her tongue back into Jessica. Now that she knew that Alyssa had taken Jessica the same way she’d been, it made her lust for the girl even more. She hovered over Jessica’s ass, breathing down hotly into her hole as she kept her cheeks spread and her tongue at work. She wetly attacked Jessica with even more eagerness now, lewdly drooling into her hole and then licking it up with lashes of her eager tongue.

“Ooooooooooooh! Oooooooooooooh fuck yessssssss!” Jessica cried, pressing her head against the sheets and pushing her ass up higher so Hayden could get a better angle on her. “Eat my ass Hayden! Mmmmmm you’re such a little freak! Ughhhhh yessssssssss ohhhhhhhh fuck you’re making me so fucking hot Hayden! Lick that ass you naughty girl! Get your fucking tongue in my hole you little freak!”

Hayden loved hearing Jessica call her a little freak. God she really was a freak and it felt so good. She was so turned on realizing that here she was naked and burying her face between another girl’s spread cheeks and licking at her butt, thrusting her tongue in and out of the tight ring.

It felt so naughty to do this and with a gasp in the middle of her licking, Hayden felt her own hot girl cum coat her probing fingers and she felt a nasty rush of energy as she got herself off. It was just a small orgasm though and it served to fuel her on. Hayden buried her face deeper into Jessica’s crack, pressing her nose in between the tight, succulent cheeks of her ass while lapping at her hole.

She just wished Alyssa was watching her then, acting every bit like the freak Jessica kept calling her. Her tongue was buried deep in Jessica’s tight starfish and her spit was dripping down the girl’s cheeks. Both she and Jessica were harmonizing their wanton moans and Hayden wanted Alyssa to see how much she had learned. She wanted to show her what a slut she was and how naughty she could get so she’d teach her even more and let her stay in Malibu forever.

“Mmmmmm fuck you have such a yummy ass Jessica,” Hayden managed to spit out as she gasped for breath while pulling up. “Ooooooh you have such a perfect, hot butt and I just wanna eat it up! Mmmmm call me a freak Jess! I love it! I’m a fucking little slut freak that loves licking ass! Oooooooooh I want you to come for me soooooo bad!”


Jessica adored having her hole eaten by another horny girl and Hayden was so good at it. It was turning her on so much to have the blonde teen’s tongue fucking her asshole because it was so unexpected. Whoever would have thought Hayden Panettiere would be eating her ass out? God, the mansion always held such intense, amazing surprises.

But as much fun as Jessica and Hayden were having, there was still another girl on the bed and she was not about to let herself be forgotten.

“Lick me too Hayden!” Maria begged as she remained naked and bent over on the bed, pushing her ass out into the air. “Lick my ass! You promised! I heard you! You said you would! I wanna feel it too! I wanna feel that naughty little tongue buried up my ass! Licking me! Fucking me! Making me feel so good just like Jessica!”

Maria couldn’t stand waiting. Hayden’s previous words had made her so wet to experience the girl’s tongue and now that she was seeing just what Hayden could so she was aching for attention. At one point in her life Maria had worried that her butt was too big. Her Greek heritage was never more apparent than on her backside and at first it had embarrassed her. But that was before she truly realized how much her ass turned people on, both male and female.

After not only noticing herself turning up more and more on the “best ass” lists of the man’s magazines, Maria began to reconsider how she regarded her backside and ever since she had gotten into women and found out just how eager they were to play with her back there, she had embraced it as one of her best features. Maria got off hard on anal sex, especially when it was a woman fucking her and she wanted that badly now.

Maria loved having her ass licked and fucked and if Hayden could do even half of what she was doing to Jessica to her, Maria felt like she’d be coming in no time at all.

“Please Hayden!” Maria cried, part of her brain wondering just how it was that she had lost all control to the point where she was begging a teenager to eat her ass. “Lick me! Just like you’re licking Jessica! I need to fucking feel it! Show me what a freak you really are! Please! Lick my ass too! Ughhhh I need to feel that naughty tongue up my big ass! Please give it to me Hayden!”

Hayden blushed as she realized she had been neglecting Maria. She hadn’t meant to ignore her. She had just gotten so lost in Jessica. Now she didn’t know what to do. On the one hand she didn’t want to keep Maria waiting. On the other hand she didn’t want to leave Jessica before she finished what she had started. Hayden felt torn and she wondered how all these mansion girls handled all the orgies they were in when she could barely keep up with two hot girls.

Fortunately Hayden’s choice was made for her when Jessica let her off the hook.

“Fuck her Hayden!” Jessica moaned, willing to wait for her own orgasm if it meant being generous to a friend.

It was sexual karma. Besides she wanted to experience Maria writhing and moaning from Hayden’s tongue with her own eyes. Jessica wanted to see what she had just looked like and know if she had looked as good as she had felt.

“Do it Hayden!” Jessica urged as the teen crawled nakedly from one gorgeous ass to the other, causing Jessica to sit up and start rubbing herself, caressing both her sweaty tits and her drooling pussy. “Eat that yummy ass up! Maria’s got such an amazing butt and I want to see you lick it Hayden! Do her like you did me! Mmmmm God you’re so hot baby! I can’t wait to tell everyone here what a little slut freak you are!”

Hayden wanted to prove herself so badly and she knew just how to do it.

“Mmmmm now this great ass is mine,” Hayden hungrily declared as she slapped both her hands, including the one already coated with her girl cum, onto Maria’s firm cheeks. Maria hissed in pleasure from the contact to her ass and the moaning began immediately as Hayden spread her ass open and dove in to taste the reporter.

“Ahhhhhhhhh fuck! Yesssss ooooooooh yessssssss! My ass is yours Hayden!” Maria mewed in ecstasy from Hayden’s tongue taking its first taste of her sensitive hole. “Mmmmmmmm fuck me baby! Fuck my big, juicy Greek ass with that hot tongue of yours! Oooooooooh yesssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkk! Mmmmmmm God Jess, you were so fucking right! She’s got such a naughty little tongue!”

“Yeah? That feel good baby? You like having her lick your tight little hole?” Jessica purred as she leaned in to kiss Maria’s moaning lips. “You like teen tongue up your ass? Mmmmm I know I do! I can’t wait to get her to finish me off! She’s such a little ass licking freak!”

Hayden loved hearing what they were saying about her. It made her so wet to have such pretty girls raving about what she could do. She wanted everyone here to feel the same way about her.

“Yessssssssss I’m such a slutty freak!” Hayden mumbled as clearly as she could with her face buried in between Maria’s toned butt cheeks. “I’m a slutty ass licking freak! Feed me your yummy ass Maria! I’m gonna tongue fuck you so good!”

Hayden proved that by going after Maria with even more gusto. She gripped hard to Maria’s round cheeks, spreading her open from behind as she rubbed her cum onto the reporter’s skin, making her ass shiny and sticky as her tongue attacked her. Hayden wanted this so bad. Licking Jessica’s ass had only made her earlier lust for the two of them stronger Maria’s ass was just as good as she had dreamed it would be too.

Maria’s puckered ring was so pretty and tight and Hayden sluttily went after it, lapping at her starfish with her tongue and spreading her own spit around so Maria’s hole would glisten.


Hearing Maria say she was just as slutty as Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears made Hayden’s pussy drool. She didn’t know those girls well at all, they had left pretty much as she had arrived at the mansion, but their reputations certainly lived on and Hayden wanted to be even naughtier than them. Mmmm and she wanted to fuck them both too, just like she was doing to Maria and Jessica, so she could show those singer sluts that she wasn’t so innocent and she could be nastier than they could ever imagine her.

Hayden went after Maria’s asshole with wet, slutty licks and she adored the taste and the feel of her new friend’s tight hole. She certainly didn’t lack for any enthusiasm in rimming Maria out, but Jessica soon made sure Hayden had extra incentive. With one hand crammed between her legs, frigging away at her own pussy like mad, Jessica planted her other hand on the back of Hayden’s head and pushed down on her blonde hair, forcing her deeper between Maria’s spread cheeks.

“Get in there you dirty girl!” Jessica lustfully commanded, her voice all moans. “Fucking eat that hole! Jam that tongue up my friend’s ass and lick her good! I want that whole naughty tongue up Maria’s ass! Make her fucking feel what a nasty little freak you are Hayden!”

Hayden was in ecstasy as Maria’s ass humped against her face and Jessica’s hand forced her in. She felt so wonderfully slutty, like she’d totally lost any and all control. She had her face buried in Maria’s perfect ass, her nose nestled in her crack and her tongue jammed into her hole and she was loving every second of it. It was so fucking wrong and it felt so good that she couldn’t bear to stop.


Maria’s body was already shiny with sweat and when she wasn’t crying out in wanton pleasure from Hayden tongue fucking her ass, she was moaning into Jessica’s mouth as they shared deep, wet tongue kisses. Maria had never felt anything like this. Even girls like Christina couldn’t compare because there was just something so fucking naughty and fun knowing it was a pretty blonde teenager kneeling behind her and eating her ass.

It made her feel dirtier to have Hayden do this to her and Maria loved that. She wanted to feel dirty. She wanted to feel like a slut. She wanted to come from Hayden Panettiere’s young tongue licking her ass.

And as Maria asked, so did she receive. Hayden decided it was time for her to learn even more. Love had given her a few more helpful hints the night before when she had tongued that beautiful ass of hers and Hayden put them to work. She drew her tongue back and instead began kissing Maria’s hole. She let her wet lips work over the sensitive nerves of Maria’s asshole and lewdly began sucking on it, smacking her lips as she drooled right into her new friend’s butt and sucked it right out, gulping down her slutty spit and feeling so good and nasty in the process.

Hayden was like a woman possessed as Jessica held her down. She voraciously ate Maria’s ass like her life depended on it, sucking the hole she had just licked and making the reporter scream out in ecstasy. She only had the rawest idea what she was doing but she followed her sexual instinct and just went wild, kissing and licking Maria’s ass.

Love had said something to her the night before when they were having fun with Vanessa and Ashley about showing her some porn movies of some girl named Bella something…Belladonna! That was it! Love said she knew all about licking and eating ass and she would learn a lot by watching the movies of her she had in her collection.

Despite not having seen one second of her movies, Hayden felt so good and sure of herself that she pictured herself as a porn star right then, sucking and licking other hot girls as the cameras showed what a whore she could be. She bet she could show that Belladonna girl a thing or two as well.


Maria was almost shaking on the bed as the pleasure from Hayden’s mouth and tongue working over her ass rushed through her. She had never dreamed the sexy teen could be so good and she thrashed her head from side to side as Jessica tried to steady her and guide her into more kisses. Maria’s tits jiggled wildly as she remained unsteadily perched on her hands and knees, her bare body starting to glisten with sex sweat as she shoved her ass into Hayden’s face and gave herself body and soul to the teen’s wanton desires.

Finally Maria couldn’t keep her strength up as her body was attacked with such ecstasy and her arms gave out, sending her upper body into the sheets below her. Maria kept herself set on her knees though and, as her face pressed hard into the messed up sheets, she urged her horny lover for more.


“Mmmmmmmm fuck you’re such a horny bitch Hayden!” Jessica praised with a big, amazed smile as she reached over with her free hand to caress Hayden’s tender young ass before giving it one more hard slap while she stared at how TV’s sexy cheerleader had her gorgeous face pressed between Maria’s juicy spread butt cheeks. “Fuck her! Make her come! Fuck her like you’re gonna fuck me again! Oooooooooooh I can’t wait to feel that hot fucking tongue in my ass again! Mmmmmmmm yeahhhh fucking jam that tongue into her ass! Fuck her you little freak!”

Hayden had no self control and she loved it. She felt so incredibly slutty as she gripped hard to Maria’s butt, squeezing the soft, but tight cheeks as hard as she could while working her hole over. The only time she pulled away was to gasp and gulp in breath and she would only do that for a few seconds before jamming herself back into Maria’s asshole and lapping at her with her eager tongue.

She tasted her own spit all over Maria’s sweet ass and it made her so turned on. Hayden felt so fucking good and it fueled her on when she realized her pussy was dripping down her leg and she was on the verge of coming again without even touching herself.

That just made her want to get more of Maria and she resumed tongue fucking the reporter’s spread asshole. Her hard grip let her keep Maria’s cheeks open and Hayden hornily giggled, adrenaline pumping through her veins, before she furiously began thrusting her tongue into Maria’s puckered ring. Maria shrieked in delight as Hayden tongue fucked her well licked asshole and Hayden reacted by going after her harder.

Hayden felt so bad and wicked and it was making her so wet. She loved licking and eating Maria’s ass while also dreaming about working over Jessica’s butt again so both girls would be screaming and coming.

Hayden loved knowing she was turning Jessica on by doing this to Maria. Jessica’s hand felt so good spanking her, reminding her how bad she was and how she was a little freak who needed to be spanked for licking another girl’s hot ass. And Jessica gave her even more heat when she suddenly yanked Hayden by her blonde hair and pulled her up so she could plant a sizzling kiss on her lips.

Hayden melted right into the kiss and thrust her tongue into Jessica Biel’s waiting mouth, rubbing it against hers and moaning as Jessica squeezed her tits. They cried into each other’s mouths as Jessica kept the kiss aggressive. Jessica was getting off on tasting Maria’s ass on the teen’s lips and tongue and, as Maria mewed for more attention in the background, she found herself imagining getting kinky herself and spreading Hayden’s pert, tender cheeks so she could rim the sexy cheerleader’s tight butt too.

But before any of the girls could move a step further, an interruption forced all their attention to turn toward the doorway. Unbeknownst to any of them, their sex screams had attracted an audience and the door was now very much open as an impatient woman stood staring at the bed.

“Dirty little bitches,” Rose smirked, shaking her head as she eyed the threesome on the bed. “Everyone in this damn place is too busy fucking to pack up their bags.”

Rose’s sudden presence took all three girls by surprise, particularly Hayden, who broke her kiss with Jessica and sat up on the bed.

“Huh? Pack? What?” Hayden stammered in confusion. Even though she wasn’t doing anything wrong in Rose’s eyes, the teenager still felt guilty and being caught temporarily robbed her of her boldness.

“Yeah. Pack. You know…for Vegas,” Rose chastised as she continued to lean against the doorway, her eyes showing that she had very much enjoyed the show she had decided to interrupt. “You are going with us Hayden, aren’t you?”

“Me?” Hayden gasped. She knew that the girls were going up for the big event this weekend, but she hadn’t been so bold as to assume they wanted her to go with them.

“Well if you don’t want to go…” Rose said, acting like she was about to turn around and leave.

“No! I want to go! Please! Let me come with you!” Hayden blurted out without even considering if she could go and how she was supposed to explain to her parents that she was suddenly about to run off to Vegas for the weekend.

“Hey what about us?” Maria asked, waking up from her lust trance enough to notice Rose’s invitation didn’t seem to be directed toward her or Jessica as well.

“Yeah, what about us?” Jessica demanded, noticing the same thing.

“Oh stop your meowing,” Rose laughed. “I’m sure pretty boy JT is taking Little Miss Seventh Heaven here to Vegas and aren’t you supposed to be working the event like a good reporter, Maria? You’re not gonna be getting many scoops on the plane with us. Mmmm you’d be getting something else entirely and I know you would never want to compromise your journalistic integrity by going with us.”

Of course for more girl sex, Maria would have happily taken her journalistic integrity, shoved it in a trash bag and then set it on fire and Rose knew it too. But she knew her bosses definitely didn’t feel the same way and Maria would have had a devil of a time explaining herself if she was too busy fucking to work.

“So stop distracting Hayden and let her pack up,” Rose demanded, still smiling as she gawked at the naked flesh on display and felt her own libido naturally stirring up. “Get to it missy. You think just cause you know how to lick ass you’re all grown up and can do whatever you want around here? Mmmm you’re still fresh meat Hayden and I’m not letting you keep us from getting going.”

“But…but…I was having fun,” Hayden meekly protested, not wanting to challenge Rose, but also not wanting stop playing with Jessica and Maria when none of them had yet found satisfaction.

“Is that what you were doing?” Rose evilly grinned as she sauntered into the room and sat herself down on the bed next to Hayden. “Cause it looked to me like you were being a dirty little fuck slut who was getting off on jamming her pretty tongue up another girl’s ass. Only nasty girls lick there. Are you a nasty girl Hayden?”

“Yesssssss… yes I am!” Hayden replied, unable to keep from moaning out her response especially when Rose leaned in and captured her tits in her hands, massaging them while seductively nibbling on her neck.

“You don’t have to tell me Hayden,” Rose replied, relishing having this sexy young thing quite literally in the palms of her hands as she played with the teen’s amazing tits. “I was watching what a nasty girl you were. Licking those hot asses. Mmmm tongue fucking them like a slut. Showing off what a filthy little thing you really are. Nasty girl! You’re even worse than Lindsay because you look so fucking innocent and deep down you’re an even bigger whore than she is! Mmmmm I love it.”

“If you loved it so much, then let her have more fun,” Jessica said, the fact that she had known Rose from their days together on the WB before she had even set foot in the mansion, giving her slightly more courage to stand up to her. “She was making us feel so good. Please don’t make her stop.”

“Yeah Rose,” Maria chimed in, sitting up in the bed so Rose could see her needy eyes and the fact that her nipples were like sharp diamonds now. “You can play too. There are three horny girls here. Why not even things up and make it four?”

“Please Rose…please let me fuck them more,” Hayden begged, turning on her seductively innocent charm to full blast as she widened her eyes to pools of sweetness and began rubbing her tits against Rose’s hand, allowing the brunette to get a fuller feel of her soft mounds and swollen nipples. “I want to go to Vegas with you guys so bad! Bur I also want to fuck these girls now! Let me do it! And I want you too! Please join in! I want you to make sure I’m doing it right and fucking them like a good slut should. Teach me like Lyssa was yesterday. Show me how nasty girls do it!”

Rose had no reason to deny herself these unexpected treats and she knew it. She had just been checking rooms to make sure her housemates were getting moving and she had heard the happy screams coming from the guest room. It had demanded investigation and Rose had gotten an eyeful when she had opened the door and found Jessica and Maria naked and bent over for a similarly undressed Hayden. It had been such a lewdly wonderful show and she had loved watching it.

Why not join in? She had already gotten herself good and wet with Love only to deny herself when Love had wanted to go down on and then again when Jessica and Stacy had wanted to get frisky by the pool. She had time to indulge herself before she went to Vegas, didn’t she?

But it was hardly an open question anyway since Rose had already decided that rounding everyone up could wait a little while longer. Before the words of Hayden’s horny offer were fully out of her mouth, Rose was leaning in to kiss her and, naturally, she found the blonde teen’s lips to be ready and quite accommodating.

“Oh I’ll show you,” Rose promised with her sexy smirk when she broke the kiss with Hayden. “I’ll show you just how to be a nasty little slut. Mmmm Lyssa might have been a good teacher for Girl Fucking 101 but now you’re graduating to the honors class missy and that’s where I’m the teacher. So show me Hayden. Show me up close what you can do.”

Rose kissed Hayden once more, relishing the taste of Maria’s fuckable ass, and then turned her head to plant a kiss on Jessica’s lips. The two actresses rubbed their tongues together sensually while wetly kissing and then Rose kissed Maria, who had been lightly making out with Hayden while Rose had busied herself with Jessica. The four girls took turns kissing each other and Rose helped herself to feeling up as much naked girl flesh as her hands could reach, squeezing, caressing and spanking all the girls around her as they cooed for more of her expert touch.

Taking full control of the scene before her, Rose decided to check on Hayden’s handiwork. She was already worked up from everything she had seen and denied herself that morning and if she was going to join in, Rose wasn’t about to be a passive bystander. So she took the initiative and pushed Maria and Jessica onto their backs.

“Spread your legs.” Rose commanded and neither girl hesitated to obey. They’d both been with Rose and had no intention of denying her anything.

Jessica and Maria lay back and parted their legs, giving Rose the access to their soaked, pink pussies she had been seeking. Rose could see and even smell how turned on the two were, but she wanted to feel too and she reached right for the prizes, shoving her hands between Maria and Jessica’s legs and moaning when her palms were instantly coated with girl juice.

“Oooooh so wet,” Rose moaned. “Mmmm good girl Hayden. You got these sweet pussies nice and soaked. Mmmmmm they’re so fucking wet and tight. Just how I like it! Nasty little slut! You’re fitting right in here.”

Hayden rewarded Rose for her very welcomed comments by passionately kissing her right on the lips. Hayden was giddy with excitement that she was impressing someone like Rose and she caressed the woman’s pale skin as she kissed her, making sure the icon of the mansion could taste how she’d been licking Maria’s and Jessica’s asses.

“Mmmmmm so nasty,” Rose smiled, knowing exactly where Hayden had been licking and loving it. “Lets see what you can do Hayden. Get back to licking Maria. Just like you were before.”

The words were barely out of Rose’s mouth before Maria was turning over in the bed to get back on her stomach. As badly as Hayden wanted to show off for Rose, it was nothing compared to how much Maria wanted Hayden to get back to her and finish what she had started. It had been such a wicked pleasure to feel the teen’s tongue and mouth stimulating her sensitive asshole and Maria was desperate to come from what she’d been feeling.

“Yesssssssss fuck me!” Maria urged, rubbing her tits against the sheets and loving the soft feel of the silk against her swollen nipples. “Tongue fuck my ass Hayden! Just like you were before! You were making me feel so good! Do it baby! Lick my ass! Please!”

Hayden didn’t have to be told twice. She kneeled down behind Maria and pushed aside a little surge of nerves to get back to where she was before. Hayden felt like she was auditioning, but this wasn’t for some part, this was to be accepted at the mansion and in her horny mind that was more important than any movie or TV show could ever be.

Hayden parted Maria’s cheeks again with a firm grip on her ass and let her tongue slide out over her puckered ring. Maria’s hole was still slick with her spit and the horny blonde gave her a fresh coating of it, licking wetly at her asshole with quick flicks of her tongue as Maria mewed for more.

“Ooooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmmm fuck!” Maria happily cried as her sensitive hole was lapped at by Hayden’s naughty tongue and then penetrated by it. “Yessssssssssssssssss ooooooooooooh that’s so naughty! So fucking naughty! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh so fucking gooooooooood!”

Soon Maria wasn’t the only one declaring her pleasure, though. Rose made sure of that when she turned her attention to Jessica.

“Ass in the air Jess,” Rose smiled as she commanded her former network cohort around. “Let’s see that beautiful butt of yours up close. Mmmm the one that makes all those horny boys get wood in their shorts every time you’re on a magazine cover. Lemme get at that ass of yours! Hayden’s not the only one here who knows what she’s fucking doing.”

Jessica knew that first hand. No one had to tell her how amazing Rose was in bed and she was on her stomach in the blink of an eye, turning herself around so she could lie down and lift her ass up in the air. Rose immediately greeted her backside with a firm, sexy slap that had Jessica moaning lustfully, but that was nothing compared to Rose spreading her cheeks open and tonguing her hole expertly.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jessica gasped in ecstasy as Rose’s tongue began to wetly fuck her. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Rose! Mmmmmmmmmm fuck me baby! Yesssssssssssssss ohhhhhhhhhh God it’s been too fucking long since you did this to me! Fucking take that ass! Make it yours!”

“Bitch, this ass is already mine,” Rose playfully chastised before giving Jessica another smack to her toned buttocks. “Mmmmmm I just let other girls borrow it every now and then.”

Rose’s hands gripped Jessica’s ass tightly, pulling her sweet cheeks open, and she spit right into the movie star’s hole. Jessica moaned as the hot spit tickled her asshole and her cries grew in intensity when Rose’s tongue pushed in and began licking up both her spit and Hayden’s as well.

Rose showed no inhibition and certainly no shyness about licking her ass and Jessica reaped all the benefits as pleasure tingled through her body, rushing through her veins as she began to writhe into the bedsheets, mashing her tits and face into the soft silk as she and Maria lay side by side and moaned in harmony from both of them having their asses eaten.

Rose knew exactly what she was doing and Jessica felt drool dripping out of her mouth and onto the sheets from all the moaning and crying she was doing. God, Rose’s tongue felt so amazing in her ass, licking and teasing her hole and making her feel so much pleasure that she didn’t think she could stand it, but of course she could because Rose always knew how to take her even higher.

The brunette’s tongue worked her tight hole over with steady, wet licks and when Rose picked things up by thrusting her tongue into her, Jessica’s cries of pleasure could barely fit out of her mouth they were coming so fast and furiously.

“Oooooooooooooh ooooooooooooh ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Jessica hornily cooed as she felt her breathing burst out in little gasps. Rose was driving her wild with her tongue and it was so hot to see Maria right next to her experiencing the same exact thing from Hayden’s talented tongue.

It was so hard to resist not leaning over and giving her beautiful friend a hot kiss and Jessica didn’t even attempt to fight her impulse off. She shifted her body slightly, not enough to pull away from Rose, but just so she could close the gap between her and Maria. As soon as she did she pressed her lips to the reporter’s and enthusiastically kissed her. It took Maria no time at all to respond and the two naked women were quickly French kissing, rubbing their tongues together as pleasure rushed through their veins from the hot tongues fucking their tightest holes.

“Mmmmm that’s it you dirty little sluts, I wanna see a big, sloppy kiss from you two,” Rose grinned. “Show us how much you fucking love this! Show me what little whores you are and how much it’s turning you bitches on to get your tight asses licked!”

Jessica and Maria did just that by sharing a bunch of wet tongue kisses, each one longer and more moan filled than the last, as Rose and Hayden watched them and tongued their asses, working them more and more into an aroused frenzy. The sensitive nerves in both of their asses were being wickedly loved and both Jessica and Maria had seriously dripping pussies that were just aching to explode in orgasm.

Hayden loved having Rose close to her while she went back and forth between lewdly kissing and sucking on Maria’s spread hole to tongue fucking her. She felt like she was learning so much just by being able to observe her out of the corner of her eye as she stimulated Jessica, gripping her tight cheeks and feasting on her ass, licking her like she owned her. Hayden wanted to be just like Rose then, with all the sexy girls in Malibu right in the palm of her hand because they knew how good she could make them feel.

Of course Hayden lusted for Rose even more than she admired her and it didn’t escape her notice that while she, Maria and Jessica were all stripped bare, Rose was still in her shorts, sandals and t-shirt. As Rose got sweatier and more enthusiastic about tongue fucking Jessica’s already saliva slick hole, Hayden could see the shirt cling to her flesh and hug her round tits and swollen nipples. It was so clear Rose wasn’t wearing a bra and all Hayden could think about was whether or not Rose had panties on and how quickly she could get her naked.

As Rose gave Jessica an extra charge by sliding her finger tantalizingly over her asshole before getting back to fucking it with a series of intense, starved tongue thrusts, Hayden pulled one of her hands off Maria’s ass. She still kept the moaning, cooing reporter spread open with the other hand, but she freed her left one so she could reach over and caress Rose’s butt too. She rubbed it through the woman’s shorts and, after Rose offered nothing even closely resembling an objection, Hayden began to yank them down.

“Hey, who said you could do that?” Rose playfully teased as she pulled up from a mewing Jessica at the feel of her shorts being forcibly removed.

“I just wanted to get you naked,” Hayden replied with a naughty smile. “Mmmm you look soooo good with your clothes off.”

“Damn right I do.” Rose grinned before she turned toward Hayden and began playing with the drawstring to her shorts. “Is this what you want Hayden? Does the little teen slut want to see my pussy and find out how wet she got it by putting on such a dirty show for me?”

“Mmmmmhmmmm,” Hayden enthusiastically replied. “Please Rose! Please let me see your pussy! Show the little slut how wet you are!”

“Ohhhhh I don’t know if you deserve to see my pussy,” Rose teased as she gave the girl plenty of incentive by pulling her t-shirt over her head and confirming that her tits were bare underneath. “Beg Hayden! You gotta show me how bad you want it. Beg for the chance to see my wet fucking cunt. Mmmmm beg for it so I know how bad you want to taste it!”

“Please Rose! Please let me see it!” Hayden begged, getting off on whimpering before Rose like she was some kind of slave. As much fun as she was having being the one to control Jessica and Maria, it was just as hot to be begging Rose. “Show me your pussy! I want to lick it so bad! I want to get my tongue in you and lick you till you cream my face! Mmmmm I’ll lick you so good! I promise! I’ll eat your pussy and even your ass! Just like I was doing to Jess and Maria! Please Rose! Please! Please show me your hot, wet cunt!”

Rose felt her libido race at the sound of sweet Hayden talking so nasty. Plus the girl was rubbing her own pussy as she talked, giving her eyes a real treat too. The best part was Rose wasn’t sure if Hayden was consciously playing with her little pink cunt or if the teen wasn’t even aware she was touching herself, the unconscious action resulting from how turned on she was. That definitely got Rose off and she stood up from the bed, her now bare tits bouncing enticingly as she moved, and gave the blonde what she wanted.

Bending over, Rose slowly lowered her shorts and gave Hayden plenty to gawk at since she wasn’t wearing panties. Hayden moaned and rubbed herself harder when she saw Rose’s bare ass, her cheeks so enticingly pale and sexy, and her finger play grew even more when Rose wiggled her ass in the air seductively and bent down further so she could reach around and play with her own pussy.

“You like Hayden? You like seeing this pretty little cunt?” Rose moaned as she remained bent over and pushed two fingers right into her slick, pink passage.

“Yessssssssss I love it! I love your wet pussy!” Hayden eagerly replied, so entranced by Rose that she had put Maria and Jessica out of her mind. “It’s so pretty!”

“Mmmmmmm yeahhhhhh I love hearing you be nice to my pretty little cunt, Hayden,” Rose purred, her fingers continuing to wetly slide in and out. “It makes me so fucking hot! It makes me want to feed you all my hot cream!”

“Oh yesssss! Feed me! Feed me your cunt!” Hayden deliriously begged. “I want it so bad! I want to be so nasty for you Rose!”

Meanwhile Jessica and Maria had turned their heads and were watching the show too. Seeing Rose bent over and masturbating for them was so hot that neither of them even minded that they were being ignored. But Rose hadn’t forgotten about them and she wasn’t about to let Hayden do so either.

“You looked like you were doing such a good job licking that sweet ass of Maria’s,” Rose grinned, straightening up and sucking her juicy fingers clean with the expert mouth work that she had once used to drain cocks dry. “But if you really want these sluts to scream in ecstasy there’s one thing you and I have to do.”

“What?” Hayden asked, still rubbing herself and moaning in disappointment that she wasn’t the one cleaning off Rose’s fingers. “Tell me what to do!”

“We have to fuck them of course!” Rose declared with a wicked smile that sent happy shivers right through Maria and Jessica’s bodies.

“Yesssssssss fuck us!” Jessica begged. “Oooooh I love how you fuck Rose! Take me hard and deep like a fucking slut! Just like you always do!”

“Fuck me too Rose!” Maria cried out, the memories of all the pulse pounding orgasms Rose had given her playing in her mind. “Fuck me like the whore I am! Ooooooh you can take my pussy and my ass! Just fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

“See Hayden,” Rose said, waving her hand at Maria and Jessica as they remained naked and bent over on the bed. “Sluts like these always need a good fucking. But the question is, are you going to help me give it to them?”

“Yes!” Hayden immediately promised, elated to have this chance. “I’ll do anything you want Rose! Anything!”

“Then wait right there,” Rose instructed as she left her clothes behind and walked nakedly out of the bedroom, giving her ass an extra shake as she left. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

All three girls were giddy with anticipation to find out what Rose had in store for them, even though they all had a pretty good idea. At least they hope they did. What Rose seemed to be hinting at was what all of them badly wanted and the moments Rose was away from them seemed like lifetimes.

Hayden, Jessica and Maria were all so worked up that the only way to pass the time was to play with each other. Hayden threw herself right between Jessica and Maria and the three sat up together kissing and caressing each other. Just like before, Maria and Jessica sandwiched Hayden’s naked body and they all fell into a series of three-way kisses as they took turns sucking each other’s tongues while playing with each other’s tits. No words were spoken, just horny moans as the three of them rubbed their nude, horny bodies together.

It certainly made the time go faster and before they knew it, they heard Rose clearing her throat for attention. The three girls looked up and instantly began to smile. Just as they had hoped, Rose was no longer naked. She hadn’t put any clothes on, of course, but now dangling from her waist was the long, thick strap-on cock that they all found themselves craving.

“You girls see something you like?” Rose grinned as she caressed the shaft of Mr. Snappy with her soft hand.

Hayden, Jessica and Maria just nodded their heads in lust from the sight of Rose’s favorite toy strapped on and ready for action. But that wasn’t all Rose had with her and it didn’t escape their attention.

“Wait…what’s that?” Maria asked as she took note of what Rose held in her hand.

“Oh, this? It’s just a little present for Hayden,” Rose declared as she fully revealed a second strap on and let the leather strap dangle from her fingers. “Mmmmm let’s just call it Snappy Jr.”

“For me?” Hayden gasped, suddenly wanting this gift more than anything.

“Mmmhmmm,” Rose smiled. “You made quite the impression the other night and I think you deserve the chance to show what you can do with your own toy. Unless of course you don’t want it.”

Rose then acted like she was going to take it back, which got an immediate reaction from Hayden.

“No! I want it! Please Rose!” Hayden gratefully blurted. “Thank you! Oh my God! That looks so sexy!”

Hayden had used strap ons on girls before. Her first night with Kirsten, Eliza and Scarlett, she had found herself in the couple’s toybox and had been so curious to put it on and find out what it felt like. It had felt so good and she had ended up fucking all three of them that night.

Hayden had been amazed and so turned on to have a fake dick on and when she had gone to the mansion for the first time there had been so many hot toys and she had ended up unknowingly putting on a show for Alyssa by fucking Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan with a strap on. She had fucked both of them so good while Alyssa had watched and Hayden’s only regret was that she hadn’t know she was there. She would have shown off even more if she had.

She’d never had a toy of her own, though, and the chance to have one that looked like a smaller version of Mr. Snappy was a chance Hayden couldn’t pass up.

“C’mere and let me help you get it on,” Rose seductively offered.

For their parts, Maria and Jessica weren’t jealous that Hayden got a present like this and they didn’t. They were too turned on by the prospect of being fucked by both Rose and Hayden that they didn’t even consider that. Both girls watched with rapt attention as Hayden nakedly made her way off the bed and right into Rose’s arms. They watched and moaned as Rose bent down to kiss Hayden and squeeze her ass. The two looked so good together and both Jessica and Maria knew it wouldn’t be long before they were both paying attention to them again.

“You sure you want this?” Rose teased, knowing exactly what Hayden’s reply would be.

“Oh yes! More than anything!” Hayden replied in an aroused moan. “Thank you Rose!”

“Mmmmm good,” Rose smiled. “You’re welcome baby. Now I’m gonna make sure you know how to use this right. I heard you showed a bunch of the girls the other night a real good time with a strap on. But once you have a toy of your own and really know how to use it, you’ll have sluts crawling to you for the chance for you to fuck them!”

Rose then planted another kiss on Hayden’s lips, leaning down to press herself to the shorter girl. This kiss was softer and more sensual than the other ones they had shared and Hayden found herself curling her toes in erotic joy at how good it felt. Rose’s kiss was so good that Hayden barely noticed that the brunette was also pulling the strap on onto her body.

Hayden moaned when she realized what Rose was doing and offered no resistance. She wanted this so badly. She wanted Rose to be her teacher just like Alyssa was. She wanted all the girls here to show her all the hot tricks they knew so she could be just as good as they were.

With soft cries passing her lips with every touch Rose took against her body, Hayden stood straight up and let Rose get the toy into place. Hayden knew how to do it herself, but it felt so much naughtier to have Rose do it.

Rose expertly strapped the toy onto Hayden, tugging the leather harness around her waist and belting it up when it snugly fit the teen. Hayden moaned in pleasure when she felt the other side of the toy’s nub press past her lips and start to rub her clit and she felt herself get even wetter when she looked down and saw the black toy jutting straight out of her, just like Rose.

“You look so sexy!” Rose declared in admiration while caressing the teen’s fake cock. She didn’t ordinarily let herself be the one getting fucked, but she made exceptions every now and then and she could easily see herself lying back to let Hayden take her deep and hard with that toy.

But that could wait because Rose was ready and eager to impose her desire upon Jessica and she knew the budding movie star was definitely ready to give it all up to her.

“Let’s get to it,” Rose said, giving Hayden’s ass a playful little smack before caressing the sensitive skin and loving the feel of the leather harness tightly clinging to her and how it contrasted with the soft feel of her girl flesh. “These sluts need a good fucking!”

“Yesssssss fuck us!” Maria begged. “Don’t make us wait!”

“Yeah don’t make us wait!” Jessica chimed in. “We need to get fucked!”

Now that they were armed and ready with their toys, Rose and Hayden had no intention of letting them wait a second more. As Rose went back toward Jessica, Hayden eagerly claimed Maria as her own.

“On all fours,” Rose commanded and Jessica and Maria enthusiastically obeyed. “If you girls want a fucking then you better show us how bad you want it! Mmmmm show us you deserve to be fucked like the sluts you are!”

“Yessssssssssssssss oooooooooooooooh yessssssssssss fuck us like sluts!” Jessica begged as she felt Rose press Mr. Snappy to her exposed pussy, rubbing the head against her weeping slit. It had been too long since she had felt that glorious strap on inside her and Jessica knew it could fill her and please her like no man ever could.

Hayden moved even more aggressively than Rose did. She didn’t tease Maria at all. She just gently caressed her ass and then moved onto her hips, holding them with a firm grip as she eased the toy right into her pussy. They didn’t need any more foreplay. Hayden wanted to fuck just as much as Maria wanted to be fucked.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Maria cried in pleasure from being penetrated. “Fuck me Hayden! Fuck my wet pussy you bad girl!”

Hayden had every intention of doing just that. She knew just how to fuck a girl’s pussy with a toy. She already had done that a bunch of times. But Rose had something else in mind and she let Hayden know it.

“Ah ah ah…” Rose said, placing her hand on Hayden’s shoulder and getting the girl to ease up on the thrusts she was starting to make into Maria. “Not there. We’re gonna fuck their asses!”

“Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssssssss!” Jessica immediately hissed in desire at the thought of that big, hard cock filling her well licked asshole. “Fuck my ass! Fuck it good with that huge fucking dick!”

Hayden was taken a little aback by Rose’s intentions, but it didn’t stop her for long. She had never done that to a girl before, but she definitely wanted to. She had loved tasting Maria’s sexy ass before and had found herself dreaming all those naughty times she had let her tongue work over a girl’s tightest hole what it would be like to fuck them there too. Plus Maria’s lack of inhibition fed her own desire as well.

“Do it Hayden!” Maria begged. “Fuck my ass! Ooooooh fuck that’s just what I wanted once you started licking me! Fuck me you sexy thing! Show me you can fuck as well as you can lick!”

“Mmmmm I’m gonna fuck you Maria!” Hayden lustfully promised as she withdrew from the reporter’s pussy with a squishing sound that turned them both on. “You’re gonna be coming so hard knowing the little freak slut cheerleader is fucking your hot ass!”

Maria groaned in impatience and helpfully reached around back to spread her own ass cheeks open. She’d been fucked in the ass so many times since she’d been turned almost completely lesbo by her mansion friends and she adored the feel of a hard cock that would never go soft filling her ass.

Hayden zeroed right in on Maria’s puckered hole. It was still wet from her licking and she aimed the head of her strap on right for it. But before she could get inside her friend, Rose once again placed her hand on her shoulder and stopped her.

“Tsk tsk Hayden you’re forgetting something,” Rose advised as she opened her other hand and showed she had a small tube in it. “Unless you want this girl screaming the bad way then you’re going to want some lube before you fuck her.”

“Oh…” Hayden replied, blushing furiously as she realized she’d been careless. She wanted to impress all these girls so badly, especially Rose, and now she felt like a kid making stupid mistakes.

“Don’t worry about it sweetie,” Rose smiled reassuringly. “You licked these girls well enough to get them ready, but this is just a little extra so you can fuck them really good. Don’t be embarrassed. You’re learning. Mmmm and you’re already getting to the advanced level. You’re like a girl fucking prodigy.”

Those words meant a lot to Hayden and her embarrassment turned to a smile as Rose continued to instruct.

“Hold out your hand,” Rose said and when Hayden obeyed she loosened the cap and squirted some of the cool liquid in her palm. Hayden moaned quietly as she felt the lube coat her hand and then Rose pushed some out into her own hand before she brought it to Mr. Snappy and began stroking it.

“Do it just like this Hayden,” Rose instructed and Hayden soon mimicked the experienced brunette, spreading the lube onto the shaft of her toy and getting it nice and slick. “Mmmmm that’s it! That’s how you do it baby. Just like you’ve got a real cock and you’re jerking it off. Spread it all around. Get that cock wet so we can fuck these whores.”

Both Maria and Jessica were once again wetly kissing as they waited for their lovers to tend to them, but their lip lock was broken when Maria felt Hayden once again press against her. This time nothing stopped her and she sucked in her breath in anticipation when she felt the now lubed up head of the strap on poke against her asshole.

“Do it!” Maria urged. “I want this so bad Hayden! Fuck my ass!”

The next sounds out of Maria’s mouth were indecipherable grunts and cries of pleasure as Hayden pushed her lubed up strap on into Maria’s spread asshole. Rose was right behind the teenager, reaching around and rubbing her tits while sliding Mr. Snappy between Hayden’s slightly covered crack, and guiding her as she fucked a woman up the ass for the first time.

“That’s it baby,” Rose moaned as she kissed Hayden’s neck and felt tingles from head to toe as the teenager leaned back into her while she was fucking Maria. “Push into her ass just like that! Take her nice and slow! Let her ass adjust to that big cock! Mmmmm you look so fucking hot Hayden! So fucking sexy with your beautiful body and Snappy Jr. around your waist. Mmmmmm if you do good with this one I’ll get you an even bigger strap on! You can do it! Fuck her Hayden! You gotta take her slower than you take her pussy but once you’re in you can fuck this slut nice and hard! That’s it! Push into her! Ohhhhhh you look so nasty Hayden! Fucking Maria’s tight ass with that cock! Mmmmm baby you’re making me so fucking wet!”

Hayden was in heaven with Rose behind her, telling her how hot she looked while she touched and guided her. She felt so safe and slutty in her arms and under her wing. Having Rose in back of her, praising her every thrust made it hotter when the nub from her new strap on rubbed against her full clit. Hayden felt her pleasure center swell up more with every time the toy pushed back into her. Fucking a girl’s ass was even more intense than fucking their pussy and Hayden loved everything she was feeling.

But as good as Hayden was giving it to herself with her thrusts, it was nothing compared to what Maria was feeling.


At Maria’s urging, Hayden began to make her thrusts harder. She was quickly getting used to her new toy and now that Maria’s ass had adjusted to it’s plastic invader, Hayden stopped holding back. She picked up speed and force with every push and pull and Maria squealed and panted in ecstasy, burying her face in the messed up bed sheets to keep herself from being too loud.

“Yeahhhhhhh good girl! Fuck her harder!” Rose groaned, licking Hayden’s neck and nibbling naughtily on her ear. “Fuck that whore! Ooooooh she wants that cock so bad up her sweet ass! Give it to her! You’re getting it Hayden! Feel that tight hole wrap around your cock! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssss feel that sexy fucking ass suck that cock right in! She wants it so fucking deep inside her, don’t you Maria?”

Rose punctuated her words with a smack against Maria’s bare ass, which elicited an immediate response.


Jessica meanwhile now had no one to play with since Maria was so occupied. All she could do was reach under her legs and finger fuck herself, but that wasn’t nearly as much fun as Maria seemed to be having. Jessica didn’t like that at all and she was about to let everyone know how lonely she was. But before she could, it seemed Rose read her mind.

“Awwwww poor Jess, she’s got no one to make that pretty little pussy of hers all creamy,” Rose teased. “Mmmm don’t worry baby. Rose is gonna make everything better.”

“Yesssssssss fuck me! Please fuck me!” Jessica desperately begged. “I’m so fucking wet and I need to get fucked! Fuck my ass Rose! Fuck it deep and hard like you always do! Make me your little bitch slut who loves getting fucked up her hot ass!”

As much as Rose didn’t want to leave Hayden, that was far too appealing a cry for her to ignore. She reluctantly pulled herself away from the teen, giving her lips one more kiss, and turned her attention to Jessica.

“You asked for it Miss Sexiest Woman Alive,” Rose smirked as she eyed her naked prey bent over in the bed in perfect doggie style position. “Mmmmm you know just how to work that ass of yours, don’t you baby? You think if you shake this sexy booty of yours you’re gonna get everyone drooling over you? Well now this ass belongs to Rose and you’re gonna be one fucked little slut Jessica!”

“Oooooooooooh fuck yeahhhhh make me your slut Rose!” Jessica groaned in surrender as Rose set herself up behind her and grabbed her brown hair into a makeshift ponytail, yanking it back. “My ass is yours! Take it Rose! Oooooh I know everyone’s fucking staring at my ass all the time but you get to fuck it Rose! Fuck it like Justin never can! Ooooooh he wants my ass so bad but I never give it up to anyone but you girls!”

“Slut, you better not be lying,” Rose laughed before giving Jessica’s cheeks a sizzling smack and yanking her hair back once more. She had no way of knowing if Jessica was telling the truth, but Rose did like thinking of Mr. Bringing Sexy Back not getting his own girlfriend’s ass while she was off giving it up to all of them at the mansion instead.

“I’m not…I swear I neverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCKKKKKKKK!!!” Jessica screamed in joy as Rose spread her cheeks with her hands and gripped onto them as she pushed a lubed up Mr. Snappy into her ass. “YEAHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSS PUSH THAT COCK INTO ME!!! MMMMM FUCK THAT HOLE! YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!”

Rose certainly needed no instruction on how to fuck a girl’s ass. She was a certified expert in that. She let Jessica howl in rapture as she eased into her so very fuckable hole, letting her adjust to the length and girth of Mr. Snappy before she started to push into her with the force she was adept in. As soon as Jessica’s hole had loosened enough to take more of the hard plastic inside her, Rose stopped holding back and started giving the girl just what she was begging for.

“Take it!” Rose grunted as she thrust with harder force into Jessica’s ass. “Fucking take my cock! Ooooooh such a tight little ass! Mmmmm but you’re not gonna be fucking tight for long! You’re gonna be walking funny today Jessica and that pretty boy isn’t gonna know that you had to go to Malibu to get the assfucking you need!”


Jessica adored how the fake cock pushed into her, forcing her hole to open wider to fit it all. She always got off on being the one who was taken and made to feel sweet, sweaty ecstasy as she was being pounded. Her fantasy had always been of some strong man grabbing her and making her his prize, but she no longer needed men to have this fantasy. She loved submitting to Mr. Snappy and feeling the thick, long toy fill one of her holes. The harder Rose fucked her ass, the more she got off on it and Jessica couldn’t help but push her hand up between her legs to resume playing with herself.

“Nasty fucking whore! Begging for your ass to get stuffed harder!” Rose groaned as the harder she fucked Jessica, the more she stimulated herself. “Ooooooooh you’re really gonna get it now baby! Gonna get Mr. Snappy shoved deep up this fucking ass!”

Rose moved her hands onto Jessica’s hips as the girl helpfully bent over even more to keep her ass spread. Rose gripped onto the actress and pushed harder and deeper. Rose grunted with every thrust into Jessica, but that was nothing compared to the flowing sounds of ecstasy as Jessica felt her ass get filled so wonderfully. Rose’s flesh was starting to slap into Jessica’s as Rose skillfully fucked her lover’s ass, taking her with nothing but pleasure.

Hayden enviously looked at Jessica, her mouth open in ecstasy and her tits shaking as her body shook with the pleasure of being driven into from behind. She wanted to be able to fuck as good as Rose could and she worried that she wasn’t making Maria feel what Jessica was feeling.

But that insecurity was misplaced. For all of Hayden’s comparative inexperience next to Rose, Maria was feeling nothing but pleasure from the teenager’s thrusts up her ass. In fact she wanted more. A lot more.

“Harder Hayden! Fuck me harder!” Maria begged. “Don’t be shy baby! Fuck my ass! Show me what a little freak you are! Make me your slut who takes your big cock up her ass! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck I can’t believe you’re the one doing this to me Hayden but I love it! I love feeling you fucking my ass!”

Maria’s encouragement was just what Hayden needed to hear and her concern turned to a smile. She could do this. She was doing it! She was doing to Maria what Rose was doing to Jessica. God! This felt amazing!

“Mmmmm yeah? You like the dirty little girl fucking your ass Maria?” Hayden moaned, her clit throbbing against the friction of the end of the strap on pushing back into her. “You like the little teen slut shoving her cock up your big, sexy butt? Mmmmmmmm oooooooh your ass is so tight and hot Maria! Mmmmm I am little freak! I’m a little freak who licked your yummy ass and now is stuffing it with cock! Is that getting you off baby? Knowing a little girl is fucking you? Knowing a nasty teen slut has her fake cock shoved up your ass?”


“Oooooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhhh you’re the freak not me!” Hayden laughed as she felt her confidence surge and responded by pushing harder into Maria, just like Rose was doing to Jessica. “You’re so bad Maria! Letting me lick you and fuck you when I’m just a little girl! Mmmmm did you like my teen tongue licking your ass? You like feeling this little girl licking your nasty hole? Ooooooooooh I’m such a dirty slut but you’re even worse than me cause you’re the one letting me fuck you! You’re the one letting a sweet little girl slut fuck your ass with her big cock! Ooooooh you were soooo mean to me last night! Saying you were gonna tell my mommy and daddy about me but now you’re mine! Now I’m gonna tell everyone you let a little girl fuck your ass and make sure your bosses fire you for turning me into a fucking ho!”

Maria grabbed the pillow which was near her head and screamed right into it as Hayden pounded into her and made her feel such wonderful sexual sensations. She loved hearing the girl’s filthy words. Hayden was over 18 and all woman, but it made Maria feel dirtier and hotter to think she was doing something nasty like letting some kind of little girl fuck her. It turned Maria on so much and it played right into the inappropriate thoughts she’d recently had while interviewing Miley Cyrus.

Hayden couldn’t have had any idea what Maria had been thinking since she hadn’t dared tell a soul that she’d been daydreaming while interviewing the teenager about taking her back to her trailer and showing Hannah Montana how to lick and fuck.

God she’d so badly wanted to show Miley that exposing her bare back in Vanity Fair was nothing compared to how naughty she liked to get and she ached to make her naked so she could show her how good it felt to get her sexy little teen tits sucked and then have a real woman lick her virgin pussy. Mmmm it had been so nasty and she had been getting so wet during the interview, but Maria had managed to stifle those impure thoughts and restrain herself.

Now Hayden was unknowingly tapping right into them and it made Maria scream with ecstasy as the fake cock filled her from behind. Maria drooled and gasped and cried out right into the pillow as she remained bent over, sticking her ass in the air so Hayden could fuck it doggie style.

Rose and Hayden were side by side on the bed, fucking Jessica and Maria. They couldn’t help but look at each other with desire as they both fucked their eager lovers. Hayden loved seeing Rose’s pale tits bouncing as she thrust hard into Jessica. They were so round and beautiful and Hayden wished she could twist herself closer so she could kiss and lick them while she kept fucking Maria. But she couldn’t reach so Hayden promised herself she would shower those beautiful milky white breasts with kisses soon enough so Rose would know how much they turned her on.

Rose also had plenty of lust for Hayden’s body. She loved seeing the lithe teen with her softly jiggling chest and the way her skin was glowing with perspiration. She looked so nasty with that cock around her waist giving it to Maria’s willing ass and Rose could definitely see why Alyssa liked this girl so much and why she had made the right choice by getting her her own toy.

Hayden was blossoming right in front of them and Rose knew it was all of their duties to make sure she turned into an insatiable girl slut that could never get enough…just like the rest of them.

While continuing to thrust right into Jessica’s tight hole, Rose grabbed Hayden and yanked her in for a hot kiss. The blonde kissed her right back and they dueled their tongues, each tasting the other, while they filled the asses of their lovers, the seal of their lips not being able to muffle the grunts and cries coming out of their own mouths as Jessica and Maria got even louder.


“Fucking whore,” Rose laughed as she thrust harder into Jessica and slapped her bare cheeks, making them seductively jiggle. “Is there any girl in this mansion you won’t bend over for? Nasty slut! Letting us fuck this great ass! Bending over for other girls to fuck you when you won’t let your boyfriend near your hole! Mmmmmmm fuck that makes me wet! You’re such a dirty fucking whore Jess!”


“Yesssssssssss come from my cock buried up your ass and your fingers jammed up your fucking dirty slut snatch!” Rose groaned as she felt her own pleasure demand more and more of her attention as the nub on her end of Mr. Snappy rubbed against her clit. “Mmmmmmmm bitch you’d already be coming if you could see things from my end! Oh Jess your fucking ass looks so good with my cock buried up it! That slut hole wrapped around my fucking toy like you never want to let it go and those juicy cheeks of yours shaking from me pounding you like a whore! Mmmmm you fucking love it, don’t you? You love Mr. Snappy shoved up your ass!”

“YESSSSSSSSSSS I FUCKING LOVE IT!!!” Jessica immediately cried back, screaming and sweating as she lurched on the already messed up sheets and fingered herself even harder. She could feel her fingers coated in cream and that just made her want to slam herself even more. “GIVE IT TO ME ROSE! GIVE MY ASS THAT TOY! SHOVE THAT HUNK OF PLASTIC UP MY FUCKING ASS!!! I LOVE HOW IT FEELS!!! JAM IT IN ME! AHHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHH I NEED THAT COCK UP MY ASS!!!”

Having Jessica go so wild also fired up Hayden and Maria. The blonde wasn’t as sure and steady with her thrusts like Rose was, but that was a by product of the years of experience she had on Hayden. She was doing a fine job fucking Maria and Jessica certainly wasn’t the only one close to orgasm, especially after Hayden reacted to Jessica’s ecstatic screams by picking up the pace of her own fucking into Maria’s ass, getting off on how Maria’s full, sexy cheeks would jiggle with the thrusts she took from behind.


Hayden had both of her hands gripping Maria’s hips as sweat started to drip off her body and drip down onto Maria’s back. Hayden felt so nasty as she rhythmically thrust into Maria. It was so hot to be able to not only feel, but look down and see Maria’s tight ass wrapped around her new strap on. It was so lewd and so sexy to see that cock shoved into Maria’s puckered hole and feel it attached to her body, rubbing her own clit with the nub on the other end. Hayden loved being this wild and free. She could do anything, and more importantly anyone, she wanted here.

As Maria and Jessica both continued to scream out, Hayden realized there was something else she could do to get her newest lover off. She saw how Jessica was fingering herself as Rose fucked her and she heard Rose urging the actress to keep fingering her pussy and show everyone how wet she was getting from being assfucked. So Hayden decided to mimic that, except she didn’t want Maria to have to finger herself. It would be much hotter if she did it to her.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm I wanna feel how wet your pussy is for me!” Hayden moaned. She wasn’t asking permission. She was just telling Maria what she was about to do and before Maria had a chance to react, Hayden was reaching between her legs and rubbing her slick cunt.

Maria cried out ecstatically from the extra stimulation. God, she loved this! She had a cock buried up her ass and now two…no wait…three…slim, sexy fingers pushing inside her wet pussy to tenderly massage her folds and give her clit the extra stimulation she needed for an orgasmic explosion.


“Ooooooooooh yesssssssss I’m such a slut!” Hayden enthusiastically agreed as she felt her own orgasm approach, from both the strap on’s rubbing against her clit and the mental rush of what she was doing. “I’m such a dirty slut! Ooooooooh I love fucking girls up their asses! Mmmm fucking them with my tongue and now with my big, fake dick! Gawwwwwwwwd I’m so nasty! Mmmmmmm I can feel how fucking wet you are Maria! You love this! You love the dirty teen fucking your ass and rubbing your naughty little pussy! Oooooooooh mmmmmmmmmm you have such a tight ass Maria and such a hot pussy! I wanna fuck you all the time now! Ooooh I want you to come to the set and bend over for me so I can fuck you in my trailer! Yeahhhh, you gonna do that for me Maria? Gonna come visit me and pretend to interview me when all you’re really doing is bending over for the cheerleader so she can fuck your hot ass?”


Right then Hayden wanted nothing more than to get Maria off. Even her own pleasure was secondary to being able to make her new friend come. She loved how Maria’s pussy felt and how wet her fingers were. God, it was so nasty to be fucking this beautiful woman’s ass and playing with her pussy when everyone thought she was so innocent and not like those other sluts out there with the bad reputations. She was an even bigger whore than them and she loved it!

“Come for me Maria! Come for the dirty freak who’s fucking your perfect ass!” Hayden urged, looking down to see Maria’s toned, jiggling cheeks all glistening with sex sweat as she plunged her fingers into the reporter and fucked her soft folds while rubbing against her clitoris. “Come from my big cock buried inside you! I want Rose to hear how much you love getting fucked by me!”

Hayden then pushed a little harder into Maria. She didn’t dare do much more. She was still getting used to this and she didn’t know Maria’s limits, or even her own, but she was pushing with force into the sweaty, screaming reporter and Hayden felt pleasure shooting up her spine from the rubbing back against her own clit. She couldn’t wait to get Maria off and then make herself come, but most of all she wanted to prove herself to Rose by making Maria howl in ecstasy.

But Hayden didn’t need to do anything special. She was already impressing Rose. The brunette could barely take her eyes off her even though she had Jessica Biel writhing and shaking on all fours right in front of her. Rose just smiled and licked her lips as she imagined the delicious things she could do to Hayden all weekend long to make her even sluttier. If she thought she was already at her maximum potential yet then she was wrong and Rose couldn’t wait to show Hayden even more.

Rose managed to force her attention back to Jessica, though. As sexy as Hayden was, Rose wanted to make damn sure her lover wasn’t neglected, especially when Jessica looked so scorching hot naked and bent over right in front of her with her ass spread and her hole stuffed with Mr. Snappy. Rose was gripping tightly to the actress’ hips, sweat running down her pale chest and tickling her stomach as she fucked Jessica hard and deep. She expertly stuffed her asshole with her strap on and Jessica was right on the verge of an intense pleasure eruption.

“OHHHHHHH GOD! SO CLOSE! SO FUCKING CLOSE!!!” Jessica panted as she pressed her face into the pillow and mashed her tits into the sheets, loving the friction against her sensitive nipples. “FUCK ME ROSE! YESSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS MAKE ME COMMMMMMMMME! PLEASE ROSE! PLEASE DON’T STOP FUCKING MY ASS! YOU KNOW I LOVE IT! YOU KNOW I LOVE BEING YOUR ASSFUCKED SLUT!”

“Then prove it!” Rose demanded with a horny grunt as she kept pumping into Jessica, loving the feel of her own tits shaking with every thrust as Jessica’s ass jiggled so enticingly from being fucked. “Jam those fingers up that gooey snatch of yours Jess and make yourself come! That’s it baby! Finger fuck that pussy so I can see how much you love being assfucked!”

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH I FUCKING LOVE ITTTTTTTT!!!” Jessica howled as she shoved a fourth finger into her pussy. God she couldn’t believe she was filling herself up sp much. She had everything but her thumb inside her own pussy and Jessica knew if she didn’t come soon she’d be fisting herself as Rose fucked her ass even though she’d never dared even dream about such a thing.

“Come for me! Come for Rose!” Rose commanded. “Come from my big cock buried up this sweet ass! You know your boy toy can’t fuck you as good as I can so you gotta come to Malibu to get this ass fucked right! Come for me Jessica! Come for me!”

Jessica and Maria cried out in pleasure side by side on the bed. They were both bent over in complete ecstasy, their screams barely muffled by their pillows as they happily gave up their asses to Rose and Hayden’s strap ons. They were in absolute bliss as they were fucked while their clits were strummed by eager fingers. They were sweating and screaming and they ended up locking eyes on the bed, both of them dreamily smiling at the other as they saw the heated carnality in each other’s eyes and how much they loved being fucked.

It was just a matter of who came first and the expertise Rose brought to the table won out over the pure rush of sexual adrenaline Maria got from being fucked by Hayden. Rose knew just what she was doing and exactly how to take Jessica’s ass that the girl got the maximum pleasure from having her tightest hole filled and stretched.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS OHHHHHH GOD I’M COMING ROSE!!!” Jessica screamed as she felt her pussy lips clamp down on her four probing fingers as she feverishly fucked herself and rubbed her clit in time with Rose’s thrusts up her ass. “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKING COMING FOR YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!”

Jessica’s screams of orgasm were soon joined in a chorus by Maria’s. Seeing Jessica get off right next to her fueled her fires even more and any resistance there was between her and her orgasm from Hayden fucking and fingering her quickly crumbled.


Hayden would have responded to Maria’s orgasmic cries by telling her how nasty she was to let a girl as young as her fuck her ass, but her words were taken from her when Rose leaned in and began tongue kissing her. Hayden offered no resistance and let Rose and her rub their tongues together passionately while they kept thrusting into their orgasming lovers.

The two shared their saliva and moaned into each other’s mouths and Hayden mimicked Rose’s motions. As Rose kept fucking a screaming, creaming Jessica, so did Hayden to a similarly situated Maria. Hayden let Rose guide her through knowing when enough was enough and when Rose finally pulled out of a gasping, cooing Jessica, Hayden slowly did the same to Maria, leaving both women in blissfully fucked states.

“Ooooooooh I can’t believe I just did that,” Hayden giggled as she looked down and treated her eyes to the sight of Maria’s now gaping asshole. “Wow! That was so fucking hot! I never knew it was so hot to fuck another girl’s ass like that!”

“Mmmm and we’re only getting started with the fun,” Rose grinned. “You have so much left to learn Hayden. Mmmmm and speaking of which…when are you going to let me do to you what I just did to Jessica…”

Rose then took her hand and seductively ran it down Hayden’s back before she reached the girl’s ass. She squeezed Hayden’s left cheek and said no more, letting the girl moan from the contact.

“Oh God…” Hayden tentatively replied, her voice fearful but also aroused.

She knew exactly what Rose wanted. She wanted to fuck her virgin ass.

Suddenly Hayden felt inexperienced and scared again. She had never been fucked there. All she’d felt there had been Alyssa’s tongue and Mr. Snappy was so fucking big! How could it possibly not hurt? But now Hayden also knew the exquisite pleasure you could get from fucking a girl’s ass. Did it feel that good from the other end? Maria and Jessica sure seemed to think so.

“Shhhh don’t be nervous…you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to,” Rose assured the teen before kissing her lips tenderly once more. “I know you’re going to love it though! Mmmmm I’m going to make it feel so good!”

Of that Hayden had no doubt. She knew how good Rose could fuck. She had felt that wonderful toy in her pussy already. And now she knew first hand how hot it was to lick and fuck a girl’s ass. Alyssa’s tongue had been one of the hottest things she had ever felt. But Hayden also knew she wasn’t quite ready for Mr. Snappy to take her ass. Not yet.

“I just….just don’t know…” Hayden stammered before biting her lip a little. Mr. Snappy looked so sexy and she wanted to feel what Jessica had just felt…but it also looked so fucking big.

The tentativeness showed all over her face and Rose wanted no part of forcing Hayden into something. Hayden’s expression showed that she was worried about letting Rose down, but the brunette quickly proved this wasn’t the case.

“We can do that when you’re ready,” Rose assured the girl, making her smile again. “I want you to want it Hayden.”

“I do…I do want it,” Hayden insisted as she felt her heart pound with arousal as well as nerves as she conjured up the image of bending over for Rose to take her virginity back there with her big strap on. “I want you to fuck my ass Rose! Mmmm you and Lyssa together! Please don’t be mad at me for making you wait.”

“I’m not mad sweetie,” Rose promised. “You can wait until you’re ready.”

“I will be,” Hayden swore. “Soon. Very, very soon.”

“When?” Rose then asked, unable to resist getting an idea of what the timetable might have been. She might only have this weekend and then no other chances ever to take Hayden’s backdoor cherry.

Hayden considered the question for a minute and then smiled when she came up with the obvious answer. It was too perfect.

“In Vegas…” Hayden promised.

If they really did want her to go on the trip then she was going to make the most of it and it just seemed too perfect. If she was going to go to the city of sin then she wanted to break a big taboo there.

“Mmmmm that’s just what I was hoping you’d say,” Rose grinned before kissing Hayden once more. “Baby, we’re gonna have so much fun there! I can’t wait until we all get there. Mmmm and you have to be there with us.”

More fun like this was just what Hayden wanted. She’d been right on the edge with her orgasm from fucking Maria, but she hadn’t been pushed over. That left her needing it bad and Rose felt the exact same way.

“C’mon let’s get this off you and get you licked,” Rose playfully declared as she began teasingly fondling the straps to undo the harness keeping Hayden’s new toy strapped around her waist. “These little bitches owe us one for fucking them so good and their tongues are about to get good and sticky from licking our pussies.”

“Can they handle it?” Hayden asked with a little giggle as she looked over and saw Jessica and Maria still collapsed in dreamland from their orgasms.

They both looked completely blissful with their faces smiling and their asses still in the air as if they were waiting for more fucking. Hayden couldn’t help but look at both of them and see their loose assholes and dream about getting even naughtier by licking their now well fucked butts again, but Rose had another plan instead.

“Oh I know just how to get them moving again,” Rose said with a twinkle in her eye. “Wanna do something naughty with them Hayden? Wanna get even dirtier with these fucking sluts?”

“Mmmmmhmmmm you know I do,” Hayden giddily agreed, her nipples throbbing and her pussy dripping under her toy as she pictured Rose guiding her into fresh debauchery.

“Then watch this,” Rose instructed as she moved on the bed until she was right by Jessica’s face. She grabbed Mr. Snappy by the shaft and began rubbing the head against Jessica’s softly cooing lips.

“I’ve got something yummy for you Jess,” Rose teased. “Open wide sweetie. Suck Mr. Snappy you dirty girl. Suck that great ass of yours right off my toy!”

“Mmmm gawwwwd…so naughty,” Jessica moaned, the fog of her orgasm lifting in her head as she heard what Rose was asking her to do. “Ooooh you’re so nasty Rose! You’re the one making Hayden such a little freak, aren’t you? Mmmm telling me to taste my own ass right after you fucked it? Gawwwd you’re so bad Rose!”

“Quit yapping and start sucking,” Rose laughed while rubbing her toy against Jessica’s lips as the actress hardly put up a fight. “Don’t even pretend you’re not getting wet thinking about it Jessica. I know you love tasting your freshly fucked ass! Do it! Suck my cock like the dirty slut you are baby!”

“Ohhhhhhh yessssss mmmm I love tasting my ass!” Jessica admitted with a wanton groan before wrapping her lips around Mr. Snappy and starting to wickedly suck on the toy’s thick head.

“That’s it!” Rose urged. “Suck it Jessica! Suck that sweet ass right off my cock! Show me what a nasty thing you are! Mmmm show me that slutty side pretty boy Justin only dreams of seeing! Show me how much you love it! Show me you love getting your pretty mouth filled with cock that was just nailing your million dollar ass!”

With Mr. Snappy now filling her mouth, Jessica couldn’t reply with words. But her moans and happy slurping of the cock that had just fucked her was more than effective in getting her message across. The more she tasted of her just fucked ass off Rose’s strap on, the more Jessica craved and soon she was groaning with need as she sucked down the plastic inches, choking a little bit as Rose fucked her mouth just like she’d just taken her ass. Jessica closed her eyes and unconsciously spread her legs open wide, shoving her hand between them to rub her pussy again without even thinking twice.

Hayden couldn’t take her eyes off Jessica as she sucked Mr. Snappy knowing full well where it had been. She had never seen anything like this before. It was so nasty and it was so incredibly hot! Hayden had never even thought about doing something like this before. She might have licked other girls’ asses and fucked them with toys, but she had never really even considered getting one to go ass to mouth.

Now it was like another deep vein of erotic delight had been hit and Hayden moaned wantonly while caressing her own tits at the sight of Jessica with her eyes closed lying back on the bed and rubbing herself furiously as she bobbed her mouth up and down on the cock that had just been deep inside her tightest hole.

But Hayden didn’t gawk for long. Maria gave her every reason to instead focus on her.

“Can I get a taste too?” Maria asked, a lusty smile going from ear to ear as she looked at the sexy cock dangling out from Hayden and shivered thinking about how good the teenager had just fucked her. “Mmmmm Jessica isn’t the only nasty girl here who loves tasting her own ass! I want it Hayden! Please fuck my mouth with that ass coated cock!”

“Oooooooh! So hot!” Hayden giggled with erotic surprise at Maria’s eagerness. “Mmmm is this what you want? You wanna suck me off Maria? Wanna suck my cock after I just stuffed it up your juicy butt? Mmmmmm want the little freak to fuck your face?”

“Yessssssssss oooooooh I want it soooo bad!” Maria moaned, knowing she was crazy for begging a teenager to do this to her, but wanting it even more because of that. “Fuck my mouth Hayden! Make me taste that yummy Greek ass of mine all over that cock! Oooooh I’m hungry for some breakfast Hayden and your cock is what I want most!”

And if there was any doubt that Hayden was going to do it, it was erased when Rose chimed in.

“Give it to her Hayden!” Rose urged. “Fuck her mouth like I’m doing to Jess! Let her taste her perfect ass all over that cock!”

Hayden was smiling just as big as Maria was by now. This seemed so wrong and felt so amazing. It was all incredible for her to experience and she couldn’t help but assert herself over the older woman, making sure the reporter knew she was the one in control.

“On your hands and knees Maria,” Hayden commanded, her nipples throbbing. “Get on all fours so you can show my cock some love! Suck it Maria! Work those pretty reporter lips all over the cock that just fucked you! Mmmmm I’m gonna feed you so good Maria! You’re gonna get your own ass for breakfast!”

Maria took all of a millisecond to do exactly what Hayden wanted. She was a blur of naked flesh as she flipped herself off her back and up onto her hands and knees. She was no virgin to tasting her own ass. Rose had been the first to show her the pleasure of going ass to mouth and so many fun times with girls like Christina or Sarah or Alyssa or Ashlee Simpson or Eva Mendes had involved her sucking her own ass right off the toy that had just fucked her into orgasmic ecstasy.

It made her feel so wonderfully nasty to be able to taste her own ass off a hard toy and Maria went right for it. She lowered her face right onto Hayden’s waiting cock and wetly slurped on it, groaning with desire as she got the familiar taste of her own ass right off it. She drooled right onto Hayden’s cock and went down on the teenager’s toy, sucking it into her mouth and bobbing up and down on it just like Jessica was.

“Ooooooh fuck! Ooooooh mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhh that’s soooo nasty!” Hayden cooed. “Mmmmm so fucking hot! Suck it Maria! Suck your naughty ass right off my cock! You look so yummy right now Maria! Mmmm all hot and naked and tasting your own fucking butt! Oooooooh you’re making me so wet Maria! You’re such a nasty girl mmmmm suck it clean or I’m sooooo gonna tell!”

Hayden giggled as she once again referenced their earlier game, but mostly she was moaning. It was such a rush to see beautiful Maria Menounos naked and doing things no one would ever dream the reporter would ever be capable of. And here she was fucking Maria’s gorgeous face and feeding her the cock that had just been making her scream by stuffing her ass. It was an intoxicating rush and Hayden felt her own pussy get wetter and wetter with each bob up and down of Maria’s lips.

And as Maria did it to Hayden, Jessica continued going down on Mr. Snappy. Rose and Hayden tongue kissed as their lovers tasted themselves all over their thick, hard toys and their hands eagerly grabbed at each other’s bare breasts, the both of them quite eager for their own orgasms. They continued to trade kisses and gropes until Rose was satisfied that Jessica had done her job. It was then that she pulled her toy away from the actress’ mouth and reached for the harness, slowly and seductively undoing it so she could finally get hers.

After pushing her favorite toy down her legs, Rose reached for her own pussy and moaned as she rubbed it, soaking her fingers with her drooling arousal. Totally under Rose’s sexy spell, Hayden did the same. She pulled slowly away from Maria and undid the harness for her toy so she could get it off herself and rub her needy slit.

Oooooh I’m so fucking wet, Hayden thought to herself as she touched herself. She hadn’t expected to be so creamy and soaked down there. She felt like she could easily come from only gently playing with herself. Hell she was so wet that probably a gust of cool air against her pussy would probably get her off, but Hayden restrained herself. She didn’t just want to come against her fingers. It was much hotter to have one of the girls in bed with her lick her orgasm out of her.

“Enough sucking, time for you girls to do some licking,” Rose declared.

That got a little moan from Jessica, which quickly turned into something more when Rose moved her juice coated fingers over her lips. After being deprived of more of her ass, Jessica was hungry for Rose’s essence and parted her lips so Rose could slide her fingers into her mouth.

“Mmmm yeahhhh I know you love this taste too,” Rose moaned as Jessica sat up in bed and began giving some serious head to Rose’s fingers. “There’s plenty more where that came from Jessica. You know where to find it. Just bend down and start licking baby. I need that fucking tongue in my pussy bad! You can’t just go back to sleep on me after you had your fun! Now you show me how much you loved that ass fucking!”

Jessica adored what she had just felt and she showed it by dropping Rose’s fingers from her mouth and, without a word, but with an absolutely wickedly sexy smile, plunged her head between Rose’s legs. Rose lowered herself down onto her back on the bed and moaned in ecstasy as Jessica’s tongue began lapping at her cunt. She pressed her hand down on Jessica’s head, making sure she couldn’t go anywhere until the job was finished.

Hayden was transfixed by this. She thought it was so erotic to see Rose lying back on the bed with Jessica’s tongue buried in her pussy. Jessica’s long hair was draped over Rose’s lap as she feasted on her wetness and Rose cooed in pleasure from being licked. It was so hot to see and Hayden knew it would be even hotter to have it done to her too.

Taking her own juicy fingers, Hayden moved over to Maria and brushed them over her very willing lips.

“I want you to lick me,” Hayden purred as she painted Maria’s lips like she was putting makeup on her lover. “Mmmm don’t you like that taste Maria? Don’t you like the taste of hot teen pussy? Don’t you want to lick the rest of this cream out of me?”

“Mmmmm you know I do,” Maria responded, her sexy voice a long moan. “I want your pussy bad Hayden. You fucked my ass so good honey! I never knew you could be so fucking hot! Mmmm now it’s my turn to make you feel good!”

“Yeahhhhhh your turn,” Hayden agreed with a smile before she rubbed a little more of her juice on Maria’s parted lips and then scampered away on the bed, repositioning herself and lying down so she could spread her legs wide.

“Come and get it,” Hayden enticingly said as she used one hand to show off her juicy pink folds and how desperate for a licking she was and used the other to beckon Maria forth with her finger. “Mmmmm I’m so wet for you Maria! Lick me! Oooooh make it good like Jessica is doing to Rose!”

Maria wanted that just as badly as Hayden did and proved it by not only going for the horny teen, but by crawling to her. This made Hayden moan because she got to see Maria’s sexy tits jiggling with every move she made as well as the look of pure carnality covering the reporter’s face. She looked totally pussy hungry and proved it through her actions by jamming her tongue right away into Hayden’s soaked, splayed cunt.

“Ooooooooooooooh fuck!” Hayden squealed as Maria lapped away at her aroused folds. She knew just where to lick and Hayden was quickly panting out her moans.

Right nearby on the bed, Rose was having a similarly intense reaction from Jessica’s tongue. She was bucking on the bed as Jessica aggressively went after her hot spots. Hayden couldn’t resist stealing a kiss from the sexy brunette and she planted her lips on Rose’s, where they were happily welcomed.

Rose pressed her free hand to the back of Hayden’s head as they kissed before moving it over to caress her soft cheek and down to her chin. They moaned wantonly into each other’s mouths as Jessica and Maria fed off their pussies, both of their tongues giving the already keyed up women just what they needed.

But even more importantly then just her onrushing orgasm, Hayden felt so good because she really felt a part of this place now, like everyone there wanted her to stay and be a part of their fun. That was what mattered most to her. She so wanted to be a part of all of this and she couldn’t wait to get to Vegas with all her sexy friends.

She had nothing to wear there, no place to stay, no way of actually getting there and was going to have to tell a series of whopping lies to her parents to cover up who she was actually with and what she was actually doing with them. But that didn’t matter. Only lots more of this did and Hayden knew not only was naughty fun waiting for her in Vegas but also a chance to learn more from the sexiest women she had ever met so she could be just like them.

* * * * *

The girls at the mansion weren’t the only ones getting an early start. There was also much stirring at the house of Lohan. But it wasn’t Lindsay who was the one bustling around this morning. It was her mother Dina.

As she walked, tried to drink some coffee and send a text message all at the same time, Dina felt more than a little overwhelmed already. The day had barely gotten started and she felt like she was already in spin mode doing damage control. Barely a day went by without some crazy rumor about her or one of her children and, as much as Dina tried to tell herself that this was just the infamy that went along with fame and it was a price many had to pay, it was hard for her not to take this personally.

There was enough that was crazy and happened to be true about her family without the tabloids making shit up. Now she was getting word that the tabloids and those piece of shit websites that went along hand in hand with them had run a story saying her youngest daughter, Ali, had been arrested the night before for underage drinking and for crashing a car.

It was completely untrue of course. Ali had been at a friend’s house the night before and was very much not in police custody. Dina had just spoken to her and confirmed that. Not to mention the girl was too young to even be driving yet so any idea that she had gotten drunk behind the wheel of a car was simply ludicrous. But that hadn’t stopped TMZ from running a big banner headline on its site “JUST LIKE BIG SISTER?” and it hadn’t stopped her asshole husband from running to the New York Daily News again to talk about what a terrible mother she was and how she was leading their children down a sinful path.

“I liked him better when he was just drunk and abusive…” Dina muttered to herself as she read through her ex’s latest diatribe about her. Ever since he had gone to jail and become “born again” he had become insufferable and judgmental on top of all his other negative attributes.

Dina tried not to let all this bother her, but it was so difficult. She tried not to take it personally, but how could she not when her family was front page news for all the wrong reasons and people made up vicious lies about her and her children? She felt like the name Lohan had a permanent target on its back and she couldn’t help but get upset over it.

Not only did the tabloids and websites make money off of Lindsay’s struggles, but they seemed like they wanted to drive her right back into bad habits by breathlessly reporting every rumor and false story like it was proof Lindsay was drugged or drunk out of her mind.

Didn’t these people have any compassion? Couldn’t they just let her daughter be without making it seem like she was constantly self destructing? And now they had moved onto Ali. She was just a teenage kid. What gave them the right to say these things about her?

And of course Dina heard all the terrible things people said about her too. About how she was a stage mother and living off her daughter’s fame while not caring at all as they spiraled out of control. And about how she had forced Ali into the reality show and that she was a terrible mother and was only interested in herself. People said such awful, hurtful things about her and her family and it was just so damn hard to rise above it all sometimes without lashing back. It made every day so stressful and so hard on her.

A lot of times Dina just wished she could escape from being under the microscope 24/7. It was no way to live and all the massages and spa treatments she could book for herself couldn’t give her the peace and relaxation she wanted more than anything. If only there was some place she could run to where no one could find her and she could be free, even if it was only for a little while.

So much of what she heard played into Dina’s insecurities and that just made her desire to escape that much more powerful. People, especially her bastard ex-husband, saying that she was a terrible mother hurt her deeply. They didn’t know her. They didn’t know her family. They didn’t know how she agonized over Lindsay’s addictions and was terrified of her making a fatal mistake. They didn’t know how she would have given everything up in a second and moved back to a tiny house in Long Island if it meant her children would be safe and happy.

Dina had worried many times that they were right about her. She supposed most mothers wondered if they were screwing up their children, but most didn’t have it being screamed at them by everyone on the Internet. Maybe she had been too concerned with being the “cool mom” and hadn’t disciplined Lindsay enough and allowed her to be too wild. She had always wanted her kids to see her as a friend as well as a mom and deep down she worried that she had somehow pushed Lindsay toward acting out and drinking and getting on drugs.

Now people said she was using Ali for her own fame through the reality show. But those people didn’t know that doing this was her way of making sure Ali was set up for life and that even if she didn’t become an actress or a singer there would always be money for her. She didn’t want her kids to have to struggle the way she did.

Sure she wanted to be famous too. Dina didn’t deny that. But she would never have used her children to fuel her own dreams. People who said that about her were simply wrong and it upset her that people felt that way about her. Of course she didn’t shrink away from the spotlight and Dina didn’t mind the perks that came with fame even as she dreaded the downside, but if Ali hadn’t wanted to do the show then they never would have done it.

At least now Lindsay seemed so much better and happier. But that didn’t mean Dina wasn’t watching her like a hawk, especially because everything her daughter did made Dina wonder if she was keeping some kind of big secret from her. Lindsay was living under her care these days until she felt she could trust her enough again that she could be on her own once more. Dina wasn’t about to let her daughter slip up again and fall back into bad habits. If she had been lax before, then Dina was going to make damn sure Lindsay stayed on the straight line now.

And speaking of her daughter, Dina noted she hadn’t seen her yet and assumed she was still asleep. She walked by her bedroom and found the door closed. Dina wasn’t about to let Lindsay get lazy. It was high time she got up. Lindsay was not about to sleep today away. Approaching the door, Dina was about to knock when suddenly she paused.

What was she hearing from inside Lindsay’s bedroom? Was that? No. It couldn’t be? It couldn’t be…moaning? Could it be? Had Lindsay snuck a boyfriend in? It couldn’t be. There was no way Lindsay snuck a boy in. Was there?

Dina reached for the door and found it was locked. After fruitlessly twisting the knob, she knocked hard on the door.

“Lindsay! Open this door! Right now!” Dina demanded.

At first there was no answer so Dina knocked even harder.

“Lindsay! I want this door open right now!” Dina repeated.

“Just a second…just a second…” Dina heard her eldest daughter breathlessly reply before there was a scampering of footsteps toward the door.

Dina heard the latch turn and then heard someone running back toward the bed. Dina flung open the door just in time to see Lindsay diving back under the covers of the bed. There was a mess of sheets and blankets around forming a big lump in the bed and Dina shook her head as she wondered how her daughter could sleep like that.

“Morning mom,” a flushed Lindsay said from bed. She was suspiciously out of breath for someone who had just run a few short feet to open a door and Dina took notice.

“Don’t morning mom me,” Dina said. “What’s going on? I heard noises from here. Why was your door locked? You know I don’t like it when you lock the door.”

“Nothing mom,” Lindsay claimed. “I’m fine. I guess I was just moaning in my sleep or something. You woke me up. I must have been dreaming.”

Dina wasn’t sure whether to buy the story. She wanted to trust Lindsay but she also didn’t like fearing her daughter had brought in some strange man to have sex with…or even worse…get high with. She also couldn’t help but notice that her daughter wasn’t exactly wearing any pajamas.

“How long have you been sleeping naked?” Dina suspiciously asked as she saw the curves of her daughter’s obviously bare breasts peeking out of the top of the sheets she had over her.

“Jesus mom, since when do you care what I sleep in?” Lindsay muttered in response as she pulled the sheets up higher on her body to cover herself. “I like sleeping naked. It feels good and it was hot. What’s it matter?”

“I heard those noises,” Dina said, looking suspiciously at her daughter. “I want to know what’s going on Lindsay.”

“God! I told you! Nothing!” an exasperated Lindsay replied. “I was trying to get some sleep before you barged in here. What’s the matter? I’m not allowed to sleep anymore? Are these more rules? You won’t let me do anything anymore and now you’re telling me what I’m allowed to wear when I go to sleep!”

“I’m not telling you what you’re allowed to sleep in!” Dina shot back. “If you want to sleep naked that’s fine! I just want to know what’s going on. You’ve been so secretive lately. What are you not telling me?”

“Nothing…I…I…mmmmmmm…” Lindsay said before her voice started to turn into a moan.

“What? What’s going on?” Dina asked, taking note of the smile that crossed Lindsay’s face and the moan in her voice.

“Nothing…” Lindsay repeated even as she bit down on her lip to keep from moaning again.

Dina saw that coming right at Lindsay like an interrogator wasn’t working, so she softened her tone and sat down next to her on the bed.

“Sweetheart, I just want you to be well,” Dina said tenderly. “I feel like you’re not telling me something. You have to be honest with me. I just want to make sure you’re ok. I don’t want you getting back on drugs.”

“Mom, I’m not on drugs anymore. I swear,” Lindsay promised. “I’m fine! I’ve never been happier!”

Once again Lindsay tensed up a little and looked like she was about to moan. But she managed to restrain herself and keep from letting the happy sigh pass her lips.

“Fine,” Dina sighed, giving up the fight for now. There really weren’t any signs of a boy here in the room and if Lindsay was doing something to herself under the sheets while they talked then Dina pretty much didn’t want to know about it.

She stood up from the bed and began walking to the door before she turned back to her daughter.

“I’m going out,” Dina said. “I want you up and dressed by the time I’m back this afternoon. I’d better not find you sleeping in all day again. I know you’re sneaking out at night young lady and I don’t like it. You’re staying in this weekend. I want you here with me.”

“Fine…fine…whatever…” Lindsay distractedly replied, not really paying attention to anything her mom was saying as she tried to fight off another moan.

Dina just sighed again and left the bedroom. She still had no idea what it was that Lindsay was keeping from her, but Dina was more convinced than ever that she had some kind of secret and she was resolved to find out what it was. But she knew she wasn’t going to make any immediate progress on that so she left Lindsay to her privacy and closed the door behind her.

As soon as the door clicked closed, Lindsay let her moans run free as she yanked away the sheets and blankets to show that not only was she naked, but she wasn’t alone in bed.

“You little slut!” Lindsay playfully chastised. “How could you lick me when I was talking to my mom? God, she must think I’m some kind of perv!”

“I couldn’t help it,” an equally naked Hilary Duff giggled as she looked up from between her friend’s legs, where she’d been hiding the whole time. “Mmmmm your pussy was right there and it looked soooo yummy. Besides, I wanted to finish what we had started before your mom came in.”

“You’re so bad!” Lindsay laughed as she gave her lover a smack against her bare ass that made Hilary yelp then moan. The two then fell right into a passionate kiss as Lindsay lay back in bed and pulled Hilary on top of her.

Lindsay hadn’t been able to get to Malibu the night before like she so had wanted to. A night without partying at the mansion and getting all her wicked desires tended to by the most beautiful women in the world just wasn’t complete to Lindsay. She always wanted to be in Malibu. Her pussy was wet 24/7 thinking about all the hot girls she longed to fuck and at the mansion all her dirty fantasies came true.

But even though she hadn’t been able to sneak away from her mother’s newly watchful eye to get her rocks off mansion style, Lindsay had still been able to have lots of fun. She had snuck Hilary into her bedroom and the two rivals turned best friends had spent all night licking and sucking and fucking orgasm after orgasm out of each other.

They could never get enough of each other and last night had been no exception.

Hilary and Lindsay had played with each other’s naked bodies into the dawn, trying desperately to keep the noise down like they never had to do at the mansion so Lindsay’s mom didn’t figure out what was happening. It had been so hard to keep quiet, especially after Lindsay had gotten out one of her favorite toys and used it to fuck Hilary’s ass. Hilary had had to bury her face in a pillow to keep from howling as Lindsay had skillfully fucked her hole and then they had gotten even naughtier when Lindsay had pulled the toy out and told Hilary to suck it.

Doing that always made Hilary feel so nasty and good and she had gotten right into the kinkiness of it. As Lindsay had moaned and told her how hot she was, Hilary had sucked the sex toy that Lindsay had just used to fuck her ass. It was always amazingly hot to taste a toy that had just been inside her and Lindsay had even returned the favor, letting Hilary fuck her ass and then sucking the toy into her mouth like a dirty girl.

The idea of them fucking all night in Lindsay’s bed while her mom had just been a few doors away had been too hot for them to resist. They had fallen asleep naked in each other’s arms and had woken up eager for more. Hilary had gotten it in her mind to kiss each and every one of Lindsay’s freckles and the girl had so many sexy spots on her soft, pale skin that Hilary had been plenty busy.

That had been how Hilary had awoken Lindsay…by pressing her wet, loving lips all over her naked body, tasting the freckles on her neck, her chest and, most importantly her thighs.

After being pulled from her sleep, Lindsay had been ecstatic to find Hilary kissing so tantalizingly close to her pussy. She had just pushed her friend a little bit to the left and there she’d been, licking the already damp lips of her perpetually horny cunt.

Hilary had mumbled a friendly good morning to her friend before she’d started to lick. All Hilary had wanted for breakfast that morning had been Lindsay’s sticky muffin and she had started to feast on it, lapping at it with her eager, practiced tongue and making Lindsay moan out the sounds that had attracted Dina’s attention.

When Dina had knocked on the door, it had made the girls frantically scramble. Lindsay knew her mom would freak if she found Hilary in bed with her. But fortunately they had been able to hide the blonde girl under the sheets and blankets and it looked as though they had managed to get away without Hilary being detected.

Of course Hilary hadn’t been able to resist Lindsay’s yummy pussy even when she was supposed to be hiding. As Lindsay had talked to her mom and tried to get her out of her room as quickly as possible, Hilary had been too close to Lindsay’s pussy and seeing it glisten with arousal had tantalized her with the prospect of more delicious juices to soak her girl-loving tongue.

Hilary could never get enough of a girl’s deliciously creamy juices, especially Lindsay’s, and she hadn’t been able to stop herself from sliding her tongue out and teasing her friend with soft, sexy lips to her slit while she’d been hiding under the sheets from her mom.

Hilary liked that they had been so close to getting caught. It had turned her on even more knowing that they might be discovered and get into so much trouble. She had felt herself get so wet with every naughty, secret lick she took against Lindsay’s pussy knowing that they could so easily be caught by Lindsay’s sexy mom. It had filled Hilary with even more desire for her friend and if Dina had been there any longer, Hilary knew she would have been totally eating Lindsay out no matter what the consequences.

Hilary was ducking some serious trouble of her own by staying like she was right then. She had never intended to stay out all night. If her mom knew that she was even hanging out with Lindsay, whom she had forbidden her to see, then she would have been in deep, deep trouble. And if her mom found out they were more than friends, Hilary knew there would be a nuclear explosion type of reaction.

Even though she wasn’t a kid anymore, Hilary’s mom still ran her life and more and more Hilary found herself rebelling against that. Being with the girls at the mansion and discovering this naughty side of herself had given Hilary more longing to be who she wanted to be and not who she was supposed to be.

Lindsay gave her the most strength of all. Hilary never wanted to be apart from her hot, nasty best friend and she hadn’t been able to leave her last night. Her mom had expected her home and Hilary knew if she discovered she hadn’t slept there the night before, she was in for it big time. But she just couldn’t leave Lindsay. She didn’t want to. She just wanted to be with her friend and never stop kissing and touching her and making each other feel good, just like they were right then as they made out on the bed.

Hilary pinned Lindsay down on the bed as their tongues rubbed together and their bare tits touched, making their nipples swell up naughtily. They were moaning into each other’s mouths as Hilary’s naked body pressed down on Lindsay’s and their pussies kissed just as wickedly as their lips and tongues did. Both girls were completely smooth after they had shaved each other in the shower the night before, showing that they didn’t need Michelle and her grooming skills from the mansion when they could just as easily leave each other all nice and bare.

It had been so much fun to get all wet and soapy under the water in Lindsay’s shower, giggling and moaning as they shaved each other and then licked and fingered each other to paradise. They had been so naughty all night long with the prospect of discovery always there and making everything that much hotter.

“Ohhhhhh Hil! Mmmmm baby! That’s it! Rub that wet fucking pussy of yours on mine!” Lindsay groaned, feeling all over her lover’s juicy backside while she writhed under her. “Mmmmmmm yesssssssssssssss rub those hot juices of yours all over my shaved pussy! Mmmmmmm I loved shaving you yesterday knowing we could get caught doing it! Ughhhh it was so fucking hot and I love when we’re both nice and smooth!”

“Mmmm me too!” Hilary sighed before tongue kissing Lindsay again, adoring the feel of her friend’s hands on her bare ass, kneading her cheeks and making sure she stayed in place so they could grind against each other. “I love rubbing our smooth pussies together! Mmmmm and getting our juices all mixed up so we can taste each other when we 69!”

“Mmmm is that what you want baby? You wanna 69 with me and lick my pussy while I tongue fuck you right back?” Lindsay inquired, her already husky voice thick with lust as the tender, soft lips of hers and Hilary’s pussies lewdly scissored together. “You wanna eat my bad girl cunt up? You want me creaming that pretty face like I did last night?”

“Oooooooh fuck yesssss!” Hilary passionately squealed. “I want it! Mmmmm soak my face Linds! Make me all sticky while I do it to you too! I wanna get my cream on those sexy freckles of yours and lick you clean! Mmmmm wanna run my tongue all over your body!”

“Mmmm yeah baby, that’s what I fucking want too!” Lindsay moaned. “My mom’s gone now so we don’t have to hold back anymore. Mmmm we can scream as much as we want and I’m gonna fuck you so good Hil! I’m gonna fuck your pussy and your ass even better than I did last night! I’m gonna make it so you never want to leave me! Mmmm we’re not in Malibu, but we got our own mansion right here baby! You and I are gonna fuck in every room here today!”

That idea sounded so delicious to Hilary. Part of her knew she had to get back home. She was probably already in so much trouble. But Hilary found it surprisingly easy to ignore that part. She didn’t want to be anywhere but here right now. Not even the Malibu mansion could rival what she felt being in Lindsay’s bed and getting slutty with her.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh I’m gonna get you downstairs to the kitchen and fuck you on the counter,” Lindsay continued, her imagination running wild as she and Hilary made each other coo and moan from the pleasure of their pussies wetly scissoring. “Mmmm I’m gonna eat your hot pussy for breakfast Hil! Oooooh then I’m gonna get you in the shower baby and soap you up real good so I can get you clean before we both get so fucking dirty again! Mmmm we have so many fucking bathrooms here and I want us to fuck in each of them! Mmmm you’ll do me in one and I’ll do you in another and we’ll keep going back and forth! Ohhhhhh I wanna drop the soap right in front of you and bend over to get it so you’ll see my pretty little asshole all nice and spread and you can get that hot tongue inside me and eat my ass while the waters soaking us! So hot! Yeahhhh and then I wanna fuck you in mom’s room! Fuck yesssssssssssss! Oooooh I know she’s not getting laid these days so we gotta get that room some action, don’t we Hil? Mmmmm I’ll lick you so good in my mom’s bed! We’ll get her sheets all messy with pussy juice and then leaving it for the fucking maid to clean! Yeahhhhhhhhh that’s so fucking naughty! Mmmm then you know what Hil? I want us to do each other in Ali’s room too! I want us fucking in my virgin sister’s room and getting it so fucking nasty! Mmmmmmmm ooooooooooh it’s making me so fucking wet to think about fucking in Ali’s room next to all her fucking stuffed animals and us getting sooo slutty there!”

The only thing that quieted Lindsay’s horny, babbling lips was another hot kiss from Hilary. Lindsay happily accepted it and kissed her blonde friend right back while continuing to squeeze Hilary’s tight, gorgeous ass. Lindsay massaged Hilary’s butt cheeks while their pussies rubbed together, their wetnesses mixing and their libidos racing.

Lindsay was on fire that morning and nothing seemed ready to cool her down. It felt like forever since she had been able to get to Malibu with her mother watching her so closely and it had built up so much sexual tension inside her that Lindsay had felt like she was going to explode. Luckily she’d gotten Hilary over the night before and worked out her frustration in the naughtiest way, but she was still so horny for pussy that she couldn’t stand it.

While she knew her mother had her best interests at heart, Lindsay felt herself stifling under all her new rules and she just wanted to be free and wild again. She ached for Malibu. Every night she wasn’t there, Lindsay dreamed about what nasty things her friends were doing and who they were doing them to.

It was so frustrating to not be able to get there when all she wanted was to rip off every damn piece of clothing she had and fuck every hot chick in sight. She had been starving for pussy and she was planning on gorging herself on every drop she could lick out of Hilary today.

Nothing soothed Lindsay’s needs quite like quality time with her best friend. As much fun as she had with all her hot friends at the mansion, Lindsay needed Hilary the most and got off the hardest with her. She had never felt a connection like this before. Hilary totally got her! She was the one she turned to when things got craziest and Hilary always knew how to make her feel good and give it to her just how she needed it.

Lindsay wouldn’t have cared if her mom had caught them the night before. She had needed Hilary and not only to soothe the raging need of her demanding pussy, but also to just be with her and so Hilary could hold her and kiss her and make her feel safe and free. Even if her mom had stormed in on them she would have just kept on fucking her because Lindsay needed her friend too much to ever think about stopping.

And right then stopping was the last thing on Lindsay’s mind. She had every intention of making good on her promise to fuck Hilary in each and every room there. Even Ali’s! Lindsay adored her little sister and didn’t want her to grow up any faster. She wanted to protect her from the traps she’d fallen into and keep her innocent and sweet. But Lindsay was too charged up right then to not be thinking with her pussy and she wanted to get so nasty in her little sister’s room. It was just too much fun to think about going into her innocent sister’s room and fucking the holy hell out of Hilary.

Lindsay and Hilary continued to heatedly make out. As their pussies rubbed together, so did their tits. Their lips and tongues were locked together and Lindsay just lay back in bed with Hilary on top of her, kissing and rubbing and loving every second of this erotic release.

But suddenly their reverie was broken by the sound of Lindsay’s cell phone. It was an incoming text and ordinarily she would have ignored it. But since she had set her phone to have distinctive sounds for all her special friends, she knew this tone. It was a message from someone at the mansion and as soon as she heard it, Lindsay bolted for her phone. It was on her floor so that meant diving down and leaning over for it, pushing her freckled, bare ass up in the process.

Doing this knocked Hilary right off her and sent the blonde girl yelping as she fell back onto the bed and bounced slightly after landing on her ass. She wondered at first what could make Lindsay react that way but the answer was quickly revealed.

“It’s Love!” Lindsay declared with a mile wide smile as she giddily read the message. “She wants to know if we’re going to Vegas.”

“Vegas? Huh?” Hilary asked, only half listening to Lindsay as she found herself instead enraptured by the sight of her friend’s naked ass and the glimpses she got of her pussy as she leaned over the side of the bed to read her message and text back.

“I guess it’s some kind of charity thing,” Lindsay replied as she spoke while texting. “Everyone’s going! Oh Hil! We have to fucking go too! This is going to be unbelievable! All those hot girls? In Vegas? We’ve got to be there!”

“What about your mom?” Hilary asked. “She said that she wanted you home this weekend and…”

“Awwww fuck my mom,” Lindsay snapped back. “She’s not letting me have any fun these days. I’m totally going whether she likes it or not! Fuck her!”

Mmmmmm I’d love to, Hilary thought to herself with a devilish smile. She kept that idea private though.

Lindsay had no idea that her friend considered her mom to be an absolute MILF of the highest order and had even fantasizing about finding out if Dina tasted as good as Lindsay did. It was a wonderfully wicked fantasy, but one Hilary didn’t share. She had no idea how Lindsay would react if she told her she had a thing for her mom, so she kept quiet.

“We’re definitely going!” Lindsay declared, oblivious to the effect her offhand remark was having on Hilary. “This is going to be the wildest weekend ever! We have to go! I’m totally telling Love we’ll be there! Don’t you just love Vegas, Hil? They have the best fucking parties there!”

“Ummmm I’ve never really gone,” Hilary admitted with a little bit of a blush.

“Huh? How could you not have gone to Vegas?” Lindsay asked, peering back over her shoulder and looking incredulously at Hilary. “Everyone goes to Vegas.”

“Well I’ve been there,” Hilary elaborated. “But only for like promotions and media appearances and some concerts. I never like partied there. My mom was always with me and she never let me you know…go out and actually do anything.”

“Well we’re gonna change all that!” Lindsay excitedly declared. “We’re gonna party like fucking rock stars in Vegas! You and me! Mmmmm and all those hot sluts! Oooooh I can’t wait to get there now. You not ever having done Vegas right makes it even better. That means you get to do it with me and I know how to party, baby! This is going to be fucking awesome!”

Hilary was getting excited too. She was feeding off Lindsay’s giddiness. It did sound unbelievable. She might never have been to a real Vegas party, but she certainly was not naïve about how awesome they were supposed to be. And if Lindsay was going to be with her while all their friends from Malibu were going too? Well, that guaranteed hot sex and the mere thought of it made Hilary wet.

If Lindsay could totally blow off her mom’s wishes then so could she! She wasn’t some kid. She was an adult now! She could do what she wanted and she wanted to go to Vegas and go absolutely fucking wild there.

Hilary smiled as she felt herself get more confident in striking out on her own. She had tossed some clothes in a bag before coming to Lindsay’s so she had a few things to wear. Plus she could totally buy more in Vegas too. After all, she made all the money in the family. Why shouldn’t she be the one spending it?

The more Hilary thought about the more she got pumped for this impromptu trip. With all their hot friends going, there was no way this wasn’t going to be awesome.

But Lindsay also had something else on her mind and she let Hilary know it as soon as she finished texting Love.

“So how about some breakfast?” Lindsay asked with a lick of her lips as she reached between Hilary’s legs and caressed her already wet pussy. “Mmmmm you’ve got just what I crave baby. And if we’re gonna fuck in every room in this house and still get to Vegas today then I’m gonna need a lot of energy!”

“Race ya to the kitchen,” Hilary giggled before jumping out of bed and scampering out of the bedroom. Lindsay quickly followed her, giggling even louder, as the two ran naked through the house with nothing but fun on their minds.

* * * * *

With the sound of the shower running in the bathroom, Eliza Dushku figured she would never have a better chance. So, tiptoeing out of bed, she made her way over to the walk in closet she shared with Kirsten and opened it. Quickly she saw exactly what she was looking for.

Covered up completely in a dark plastic sleeve was Kirsten’s wedding dress and Eliza just had to sneak a peek at it even though she had been ordered not to.

They certainly weren’t a traditional couple. This wasn’t even the first time they had gotten married to each other. The big ceremony they had planned was just a renewal of the vows they had taken in the middle of the night at a hotel chapel in Jamaica. Plus they had kind of trashed that whole no sex before marriage thing a long time ago along with a few other conventions. But Kirsten was a stickler about refusing to give in when it came to her dress. It was the one thing Eliza had been forbidden from seeing, which of course made her want to get a peek at it even more.

Telling Eliza she couldn’t do something practically guaranteed she would want it even more. It had been that way her whole life and as soon as Kirsten had laid down the law about her not being able to see the dress, it was all Eliza could think about. She had to see it. She couldn’t wait just the two more days until the wedding. She had to see it now.

Eliza had never been one for conventionality and she had never longed for the big, dream wedding. But Kirsten had and Eliza wanted to do everything she could to make her beloved happy. And if giving her the wedding of her dreams made her happy, then Eliza wanted that too even if she herself was satisfied by the vows they had exchanged that night in Jamaica.

She didn’t need a piece of paper or a big ceremony to tell her what was in her heart. All that mattered to Eliza was that she had Kirsten and was never letting her go.

But Kirsten had wanted the big wedding right down to the white dress and veil and that was exactly what she was getting. She was definitely “the girl” in this whole wedding thing, even though Eliza hated those kinds of stereotypes. She wasn’t some butch and Kirsten wasn’t some little lipstick girly girl. They were just Eliza and Kirsten and they were in love. There were no assigned roles beyond that. Eliza had herself a lovely dress too for the ceremony too. It wasn’t like she’d be wearing a tux or anything. But Kirsten had wanted a bridal gown and whatever her Kiki wanted, her Kiki got.

Still, when Kirsten had declared Eliza wasn’t allowed to see the dress at all for fear of jinxing the wedding, Eliza had bristled. She hated being told what she couldn’t do and that meant she was hellbent on getting a peek at this supposedly amazing dress that Kirsten had been raving about.

Waiting just 48 hours and change until Sunday evening to see Kirsten walking down the aisle in it was far too long for Eliza. She wanted to see the dress now so she could dream about ravishing her wife in it as soon as the ceremony was over and all their family was safely away.

With the shower running in the bathroom, Eliza figured it was safe to finally take a peek. So she reached for the dress and started to slowly undo the zipper of the sleeve. Before she could get too far, however, a hand reached out and smacked hers away.

“No! Hands off! Bad Eliza!” Kirsten chastised from out of nowhere, slapping her wife’s hand off the dress.

“Ow!” Eliza winced at the sting. “C’monnnnnnn Kiki. I just want to see it.”

“No! You have to wait!” Kirsten insisted. “I can’t believe you’re sneaking around like this! I told you I didn’t want you to see it! Do I have to hide my dress or are you going to behave?”

“I’ll be good,” Eliza replied, even as a little smirk tugged at her lips and gave every indication that she had no intention of behaving.

“Bad Eliza,” Kirsten repeated, before starting to smile too. “Can’t you just wait a few more days? Good thing I had forgotten to bring my hairbrush and I had to go get it. I can’t believe you were sneaking around on me like this!”

“I just want to see you in it,” Eliza said. “I want to see how beautiful you look in white. Mmmmm and I want to get a head start on getting nasty with you while you’re wearing your dress. Oh Kiki, I can’t wait to fuck you in this dress and get your pretty white gown all wet with girl cum!”

As much as Kirsten loved her dress and didn’t want anything bad to happen to it, that was such an erotic image that she couldn’t help but respond with a soft moan. Eliza had been filling her head the past few days about what she was going to do to her the first time she got her alone in her wedding dress and Kirsten’s pussy tingled with anticipation over starting their honeymoon right with some wedding day ravishing.

But as hot as that sounded and as much as Kirsten couldn’t wait to show off her dress to Eliza, she was holding firm.

“Not until Sunday,” Kirsten insisted. “You have to wait Eliza. I don’t want you jinxing the wedding. Nothing is going to go wrong with our wedding and I’m not tempting fate in any way.”

“The tradition is that I’m not supposed to see you in the dress on the day of the wedding,” Eliza pointed out. “It’s not that I’m not supposed to see the dress before the wedding.”

“Well then this is a Kirsten Dunst tradition,” Kirsten said. “And the rules are not going to be broken.”

“Mmmmm yeah? How you gonna stop me?” Eliza playfully grinned as she reached again for the zipper and started to lower it.

Kirsten yelped in panic at the idea of Eliza sneaking a peek and she quickly improvised. She had been about to get into the shower and wash her hair when she had realized she had left her hair brush on the dresser in the bedroom. That had been when she had discovered Eliza sneaking around. Kirsten was clad only in her bathrobe and before Eliza could get too far, the blonde gave her wife one hell of a distraction.

“Wouldn’t you rather look at this instead?” Kirsten asked before undoing the sash of her robe and opening it, revealing her nude body underneath.

Eliza broke into a big smile at the sight of her naked wife and let go of the zipper.

“So sexy,” Eliza moaned as she hungrily eyed her beautiful beloved. Kirsten had such sexy pink tits that she loved sucking and licking and kissing and her taut tummy and toned legs were parts she could stare at for hours. And of course Kirsten’s tight little pussy and sexy sparse bush of dirty blonde hair always demanded Eliza’s attention.

“Mmmmhmmm.” Kirsten smiled, agreeing with Eliza’s assessment of her body. “And if you want to see this again before Sunday then you’d better be a good girl.”

As she said that, Kirsten slowly reached down and rubbed her pussy lips. She sensually moaned, playing it up for Eliza’s benefit as she gave her wife every incentive to behave.

“Oooooh you know my weakness,” Eliza laughed as she gave up the fight for now and abandoned her efforts to view the dress. “You know I can’t go without my Kiki’s beautiful, sexy body.”

Kirsten beamed at the compliment and caressed her pussy some more, giving Eliza plenty to gawk at.

“Step away from the dress Eliza if you wanna be playing with this pussy again,” Kirsten playfully warned. “Mmmm you’re being naughty Eliza by sneaking around. But I can be naughty too baby. A lot naughtier!”

Kristen proved it by licking her fingers and then pushing them back between her legs. She moaned as she penetrated herself and as Eliza watched with heated, happy eyes, the blonde began to slowly finger fuck herself. And when she withdrew her now slick fingers, Eliza was there to bring them right to her mouth and suck them clean.

“Mmmmm my favorite flavor,” Eliza moaned as she licked her lips to get every drop of Kirsten’s juices. “Ok Kiki, you win. No more peeking.”

“Damn right I win,” Kirsten smirked triumphantly. “Nothing is going to jinx this wedding. Nothing.”

“You need to relax honey,” Eliza told her wife as she gently caressed her gorgeous face. “I don’t want you stressing over this wedding. You’re supposed to be having fun with it. Nothing’s going to happen if I get a little peek at your dress. There’s no such thing as a jinx.”

“Oh yeah? Well I’m not risking it,” Kirsten replied. “I believe in jinxes. I know if you get a look at that dress before Sunday we’re going to tempt fate and then when we’re in Vegas you’re gonna fall for some bimbo with big tits and leave me.”

Eliza knew that Kirsten was joking, but the subject of cheating was very sensitive to her. Eliza had nearly lost Kirsten once because she had been unable to control herself and made her first trip to the mansion without her. That experience had ended up bringing them closer together because it had caused them to admit their true feelings for each other, but Eliza never wanted to risk losing the only person she’d ever truly been romantically in love with.

“That’s never going to happen,” Eliza swore as she took Kirsten’s hand in hers and squeezed it. “I’ll never leave you Kiki. You’re the only girl I want to be with.”

Kirsten smiled and blushed reflexively in happiness. She adored hearing Eliza say things like that. When she had first met Eliza she had never dreamed that co-starring with her in a movie would lead to her discovering the love of her life. Now she was just days away from standing up in front of her closest family and friends and telling them all that she would take Eliza as her wife and she didn’t care that she was another woman because she had never loved anyone more.

After all the girls they had shared and all the naughty fun they had had together, Kirsten knew that while she and Eliza loaned their bodies to other people from time to time, their hearts belonged only to each other. Kirsten was all about the romance, but Eliza had never been as good at showing her feelings so it meant so much to the blonde when she heard her wife talk like that.

But even though Kirsten loved every word, she couldn’t help but take a page out of Eliza’s book and tease her a little.

“The only girl you want to be with? Wow, so that means you don’t have naughty fantasies about Sarah anymore?” Kirsten giggled. “Mmmmm so if you found me and her in a 69 in our bed you wouldn’t want to join in or anything? Oooooh and I guess that means you don’t want to think about fucking Scarlett again. Mmmm or Mila. Or Natalie. Mmmmm and naughty little Hayden. You don’t want to fuck any of those hot girls anymore Eliza?”

“Wellllll I didn’t say that,” Eliza laughed. She loved everything about her wife, especially the fact that they were so secure in their love for each other that they could bring other beautiful girls, and lots of them, into their fun. She didn’t want that to change a bit, even after they were married, and she knew Kirsten didn’t either.

“Good,” Kirsten smiled back. “Cause we’re not getting married again for two more days and I was thinking of having some nasty bachelorette party fun with you all weekend long in Vegas.”

Sarah had called them the night before to tell them about the Behr charity event and the promise of something far naughtier as they traveled for a weekend in Vegas and Kirsten and Eliza hadn’t even needed a second to agree to go.

“Sounds like my favorite kind of fun,” Eliza replied with a naughty glint in her eye. “Mmmmm and I just might have a hot surprise for you Kirsten.”

“Oh yeah? Well I just might have one for you too Eliza,” Kirsten shot back. “You’re not the only one here who loves to get dirty. Remember that baby.”

“How could I forget when I’ve seen you in action,” Eliza smiled, remembering the many scorching threesomes, foursomes and moresomes she’d engaged in with her wife. “Plus you’re the one standing there with your goodies on display. Mmmm you’re making me want to get dirty right now.”

“Just what I want to hear,” Kirsten replied. “Cause when we get to Vegas I want us to party like a couple of sluts. Mmmm we’re gonna live it up before Sunday, baby. You and me and all our hot friends.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Eliza purred. “I especially love the hot sluts part.”

Through the whole last part of their conversation, Eliza had continued to hold Kirsten’s hand. She held it tightly like she never wanted to let go and the next words out of Kirsten’s mouth were only natural.

“I love you so much,” Kirsten beamed as she looked at Eliza with a mix of lust, love and complete adoration that was sent right back to her by her wife. “I’ve never loved anyone like I love you Eliza.”

“You’re the best thing that ever happened to me Kiki,” Eliza said. “I couldn’t ever love anyone more. I don’t even want to think about what my life would be like without you.”

“Well you’re never gonna find out,” Kirsten laughed affectionately. “You and me, we’re gonna be together forever. Because I’m yours and you’re mine.”

“Damn right,” Eliza replied before kissing Kirsten tenderly on the lips.

The kiss lingered for a few sensual moments and when it broke apart, Kirsten only wanted more.

“You know I still haven’t had my shower today…” Kirsten seductively offered as she shrugged her bathrobe off her shoulders and onto the floor, leaving herself completely bared. “How about we continue this under the hot water? You can help me wash my hair mmmm and everywhere else.”

Eliza just smiled and took Kirsten’s hand, leading her back toward the bathroom, which was already steaming up quite nicely. It sounded like a great plan indeed.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, with her bags all packed, Jennifer Aniston was making full use of the last hours she had before their flight left. That meant making sure that none of her friends were left behind from the pleasures this weekend away from Malibu promised.

“What do you mean you don’t think you’ll be able to make it?” Jennifer demanded as she walked and talked into her Bluetooth, incredulous that anyone could even think about not coming along this weekend. “How could you not want to be a part of this? Sweetie, if you skip this you’re going to be kicking yourself forever.”

“I know…I know…it’s just that…well Gavin, he’s been acting so strange the last day or so,” Gwen Stefani sighed as she lay back in bed, agonizing over the fact that she might have to miss all the fun. “He’s barely let me out of his sight for a second. He hasn’t paid this much attention to me in years and now all of a sudden he’s not letting me breathe. I don’t know if I can get away for the weekend. I’m running out of stories to tell him.”

Jennifer certainly sympathized with her friend. She had been in the same boat for so long, having to deceive her husband and make up wild stories about where she was because she just couldn’t deny herself the pleasures of Malibu. She knew Gwen was in a very difficult situation, but she also wanted her to be part of the fun this weekend.

She and Gwen had been friends long before they even realized they had desires for female flesh and becoming lovers had only made them closer. Gwen was one of her best friends and Vegas without her just wouldn’t have been the same.

“You have to come,” Jennifer said with a little bit of a pout. “It’s going to be so much fun. All of us are going and it’s going to be so wild.”

Jennifer wanted to tell Gwen about all the ways she would fuck her in Vegas and how good she’d make her feel if she just came with them. She wanted to tell her about all the naughty adventures they were planning on having and all the parties and wild times. She wanted to tell Gwen every dirty detail being planned out, but of course since she was walking down the street in public, having just parked her car, Jennifer bit her tongue. She might have been feeling frisky that morning, but she hadn’t lost her damn mind quite yet.

“You don’t think I want to go? I do,” Gwen insisted. “I’m dying to go. I love spending time with you girls. I just don’t think I can get away. Gavin’s been acting so suspicious. I’m surprised he even left me alone now. He had some meeting to go to or something and I thought he was going to make me go with him. I can’t get away with him watching me so closely and I can’t exactly bring him with me.”

Jennifer didn’t consider herself an expert in marriage by any stretch. Losing Brad to Angelina Jolie’s clutches was proof of that and she knew it. But she did feel like she knew her friends and what they wanted. She knew that Gwen was happiest with them and not with Gavin. So she wanted her to come, not just for her own selfish reasons, but because she wanted Gwen to be happy and have fun.

Of course Jennifer also knew that there was someone else that made Gwen far happier than her husband did and even happier than visiting the mansion. So Jennifer didn’t hesitate to play her trump card. She knew Gwen deep down wanted her to talk her into going.

“You know, Christina’s going,” Jennifer said with a coy smile as she walked down the street toward her destination. She just wished she could see the look on Gwen’s face when she told her this.

“She is?” Gwen gasped, immediately grasping what her friend was getting at.

“Mmmmhmmmm, she and Britney are taking us all on their jet,” Jennifer said. “There’s no way they’d miss this weekend. Christina’s all keyed up for it. And you know she never goes out alone…”

Jennifer let her sentence trail off without finishing it and adding the obvious point. She knew she didn’t have to tell Gwen whom it was Christina would surely have with her and it wasn’t just Britney Spears. As much as Gwen loved Christina and Britney, there was someone else who dominated her fantasies.

“Fluffy,” Gwen sighed, the name sliding off her lips like a wave of desire.

Jennifer was one of a select few that knew about Gwen’s sneaking around with Christina’s bodyguard. And not only did Jennifer know about it she had seen it for herself and, more importantly, felt it. She had joined Gwen and her illicit boyfriend for one incredible night at Lauren Graham’s Christmas party where she and Cameron Diaz had walked in on Fluffy and Gwen in the throes of passionate ecstasy.

Gwen had been so eager to share that night and not only had they watched with utter erotic fascination as Fluffy’s huge cock had fucked Gwen’s tight ass, but Jennifer and Cameron had also gotten tastes of Fluffy for themselves. Jennifer had never been with a man with a cock as big as Fluffy’s and it had been absolutely incredible. He had fucked her so good and, for that one moment, reminded her why she had once loved men so much.

It had just been that one time for her, but Jennifer could easily sense that it was so much more for Gwen and Fluffy. Gwen was clearly crazy about Fluffy and, despite the bodyguard’s stoic nature, he had to feel the same way. Jennifer wouldn’t have been able to understand it if he wasn’t. Gwen was so sexy and such an amazing woman. He had to be crazy for her.

“You have to come with us,” Jennifer urged. “I know this is what you want.”

It was. Gwen didn’t pretend it wasn’t. She wanted to see Fluffy so badly. She needed him. E     very time they were together she wanted him more. Each time they were separated was agony. Having a wild weekend in Vegas with her hot girlfriends had been so tempting and the prospect of being with Fluffy again meant that Gwen had no will to refuse.

“I’ll be there,” Gwen promised without thinking twice. She had no idea how she was going to be able to sneak away from Gavin to make it happen, but she knew she had to. There was no other alternative.

“That’s my girl,” Jennifer beamed. “We’re all going to have so much fun.”

“I know,” Gwen said, closing her eyes as the tantalizing promise of erotic pleasures to come filled her head, both of the all-girl, and all-Fluffy variety. “God, I gotta get packed quick.”

“Call me back in a bit, ok? I’ll help you if you need some kind of story to get away,” Jennifer said.

“Ok sweetie, I’ll let you know what’s going on,” Gwen said. “Talk to you soon. Love you.”

Gwen ended the call and then lay back in the bed and sighed, her mind awhirl with both exhilaration and fear. How was she supposed to sneak away when Gavin was suddenly watching her every move? How was she supposed to get to Vegas? How was she supposed to leave her wedding vows and morals behind once again to indulge in the sweetest erotic freedom imaginable?

But the how’s seemed less important than the fact that Gwen knew she had no choice. There was simply no way she could deny herself this. To be able to spend wild times not only with her beautiful female lovers but with her secret stud was what she craved. Her body demanded that pleasure and Gwen didn’t have any strength to resist the siren call of more time with Fluffy.

Just thinking about him made her wet. Picturing her illicit lover made Gwen’s heart beat fast and her pulse race. It made her feel all the excitement you were supposed to feel when you knew you couldn’t wait to see someone again. Fluffy dominated her dreams, both in the day and at night, and when she was denied the chance to be with him, as she had been twice the day before, it just made her long for him even more.

Gwen needed her strong, sexy lover. She needed to have Fluffy be naked for her so she could see his perfect body from head to toe with his chiseled muscles and amazing dark skin that she longed to lick every inch of with her slutty, pink tongue. She craved his thick, long cock and wanted it fucking her everywhere. She wanted his black monster cock in her pussy and ass and then her mouth so she could suck him off and taste where he had just fucked her. She had never been with a man as big as Fluffy and it wasn’t just his huge cock that turned her on, it was how well he knew how to use it.

No man had ever fucked her as good and as hard as Fluffy always could. He was a stud in every definition of the word and everything about him drove her wild. Gwen just wanted to tear her clothes off whenever she thought of him and dream about him taking her and fucking her and making her his little slut.

Thinking of him now had Gwen going in no time. She was just in her bathrobe with her bra and panties on underneath. She had been getting dressed when Jennifer had called, but now that her mind was on Christina’s bodyguard, getting more clothes on was the last thing Gwen wanted.

She just wanted to be naked and with him. She wanted Fluffy to see her hot, tight body and get his cock huge and hard for her so he could fuck her over and over and over again until they both were completely satisfied.

And even though the sex was incredible, that wasn’t the only reason why Gwen felt herself obsessed with Fluffy like he was some teenage crush of hers. She so admired who he was and how loyal he was to Christina and how deep down he had more of a soul and a heart than any man she had ever met, even Gavin. She knew Fluffy would never have cheated on her and humiliated her like Gavin had time and time again. Fluffy was such a good person and Gwen adored that. It made her want him even more because he wasn’t some Hollywood asshole or unfeeling full of himself bastard. He was a real man.

The idea of being with Fluffy in Vegas this weekend had Gwen’s panties damp in no time. She could feel her nipples starting to strain against her bra and Gwen just wished Fluffy was there so she could show him how turned on she was. She wanted him there so bad. She wanted to suck his huge cock into her mouth and wrap her lips around the thick, dark inches.

Gwen loved sucking Fluffy’s cock. She loved how it felt filling her mouth and pulsing between her lips and she loved how he tasted and how much he would come for her. Mmmmm she wanted that so fucking bad. She wanted Fluffy to come in her mouth right now so she could taste his hot load and swallow it down like a good slut.

Having Fluffy’s load fill her mouth was only beaten by having him come inside her pussy. He fucked so good and Gwen moaned as she parted her robe and began rubbing herself through her panties, pushing the white silk into her cunt and getting the garment even wetter with her arousal. Gwen felt like such a hedonistic beast when Fluffy fucked her. She wanted him to fuck her like an animal right then and there in the bed she shared with her husband. She wanted Fluffy’s cock to stuff her pussy and make her feel like Gavin never could.

“Mmmmmm Fluffyyyyyy…” Gwen mewed in desire as she moved her hand off her panties and instead slid them underneath so she could rub her wet pussy without any barriers. “Ooooooh baby. I need you! I need you so fucking bad! I gotta have you Fluffy! Mmmmmm I gotta have you fuck me! Yessssssss fuck me Fluffy! Fill me with that huge cock! Oooooh make me your little bitch you hot stud! Make me a whore for your beautiful, big black cock!”

Gwen hissed and began to writhe on the bed as she impetuously began masturbating. She was so wet she couldn’t help herself. Thinking of Fluffy was turning her on and her pussy demanded attention. Since he wasn’t there to make her feel good, Gwen knew she had to at least touch herself. It was a poor substitute for the real thing, but Gwen needed to feel some kind of pleasure. Waiting and letting the desire build up inside her was no option she wanted to consider.

Gwen’s pussy was soaked by the time she pushed two of her fingers past her slit and began to fuck her soft folds, stretching out her panties as her own hand worked herself over. She couldn’t remember the last time she had been this wet just from masturbation alone, but her imagination was working overtime filling her head with filthy, wonderful images that made her ache for a sexual touch.

With Gavin gone out, Gwen imagined Fluffy was here with her, taking her in her marriage bed and fucking her better than her husband could ever dream. Gwen pictured herself as the ultimate slut wife, kneeling down in front of Fluffy in the bed and licking and sucking his cock until it was as hard as steel and poking straight out like a flesh missile that he was going to target her holes with.

Gwen wanted to bathe Fluffy’s huge cock with her tongue and lips, licking his shaft and sucking on his sensitive head and then going lower to wrap her lips around his balls so she could suck them into her mouth and make her saliva drip off them.

“Yessssssss yessssssssss mmmmmmmm babyyyyyyyy gimmie that cock! Gimmie that big fucking cock!” Gwen moaned as she fingered herself, her panties stretching out even more as she picked up speed. “Feed me that big black dick of yours Fluffy! Ooooooh you know how bad I want it baby! You know I crave that cock in my slut mouth! Stuff my mouth with your cock Fluffy! Make me fucking choke on it! Make me feel all that hard cock meat in my mouth so you can make me drink your hot, yummy cum! Mmmmmm wanna suck your huge cock so bad baby!”

Gavin was always begging Gwen for blowjobs, but she had made a rule a long time ago. For every hot blowjob he got from her, he had to eat her out and not just give her a few tongue licks. She wanted to feel tongue all over her pussy, licking her hot spots until she came, just like her beautiful girlfriends always did to her over and over again. And since Gavin did that about once in a blue moon, the blowjobs she gave out were few and far between.

But Gwen wanted nothing more than to suck Fluffy’s cock and choke down inch after inch. It made her quiver to picture Fluffy fucking her mouth and making her suck his inches, so hard and thick. She was dying to have him in her mouth so she could suck him like a whore and prove to him how nasty she was and how badly she needed his cock.

Gwen began feverishly sucking on the fingers that had just been working over her pussy. She closed her eyes and moaned from the taste of her horny juices, but her fingers felt so small in her mouth. She needed something bigger. Much bigger! She wanted Fluffy’s cock in her mouth. It was the only thing that could satisfy her.

But alas the bodyguard was probably off guarding Christina at whatever morning orgy she was throwing for herself so that left Gwen all alone and horny as hell. The more she thought about Fluffy, the more she wanted him. She wanted to suck him in her and Gavin’s bed and have him fill her mouth with hot cum and then she’d swallow and dive back down onto Fluffy’s cock with her mouth so she could get him hard again.

Just tasting his load wouldn’t be enough. Gwen wanted to feel Fluffy’s cum dripping out of her well fucked pussy and ass. She wanted to be a depraved whore for her secret lover while her husband was away.

Picturing herself lying back and spreading open her legs so Fluffy could push his thick cock into her cunt had Gwen panting with need. She yanked her panties down her legs, nearly tearing them off in the process as she fantasized about Fluffy pounding her pussy and making her scream in the ecstasy that Gavin could never make her feel. Mmmmmm if Fluffy had been there that morning, she would have given him her pussy and her ass without hesitation. She would have given her lover anything he wanted as many times as he wanted it and wouldn’t have cared if Gavin had walked in on them.

Tossing her panties away and not caring where they landed, Gwen got back to work on her pussy. She used one hand to spread herself open and the other to furiously plunge into her folds and rub against her clit. Gwen bucked on the bed and panted and gasped in pleasure as she roughly finger fucked herself, dreaming that it was Fluffy’s cock being shoved into her as she lay back and let him have his way with her.

“Fuck me! Fuck me Fluffy!” Gwen grunted while her fingers thrust in and out of her soaked cunt, a squishing sound filling the bedroom. “Fill up my little pussy with that huge cock! Mmmmm fuck my little pink pussy and make me your whore! Make me your nasty white girl bitch dying for your cock baby! Yessssssss fill my dirty slut cunt with black cock! Mmmmmmm fuck meeeeeeeeeee!”

Gwen just lay back and fucked herself. Her fingers were coated in no time with her essence and that just made fingering her tight folds easier. Gwen responded by going after herself harder, roughly fucking herself and rubbing her swollen clitoris until she was gasping for breath. She was so turned on. She couldn’t think of anything but sex and of anyone but Fluffy. And the more she fingered herself, the more Gwen longed for something more.

With an evilly horny smile on her face, Gwen decided she knew just what to do. Leaping up off the bed, Gwen tossed her robe off and stood in nothing but her bra. But she didn’t care about what she wasn’t wearing. She was focused on going into her dresser. She knew Gavin never looked in here and it was a good thing because this was where she hid all her toys for those times when she ached for the touch of a skilled lover and neither Fluffy nor any of her girlfriends were around.

This was definitely one of those times and Gwen went right for her new favorite toy. It was a translucent dildo that was soft enough to be flexible and hard enough to fill her so good. She had gotten it at this store Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Alba had recommended called Carnal Knowledge and Gwen had loved how all she had to was drop their names and the store owner and this naughty little pierced blonde sales clerk were all too eager to give her a very personal shopping experience.

Ever since that trip there, the dildo had been Gwen’s favorite toy and it was no coincidence that the clear plastic had a black color to it. She had gotten the eight and a half inch toy so she could think of Fluffy while using it and Gwen devilishly licked the head of her toy, dreaming that it was her lover she was tasting and making him moan as she teased his cock and tasted his precum.

Running back to the bed as quickly as she could, Gwen giggled as she threw herself back down onto the tussled sheets and bounced slightly. God she felt like so young and full of life when she got like this. She was getting close to 40 and she knew she was at a time when she was supposed to be focused and serious and not given to schoolgirl crushes, but she couldn’t help it. Going to the mansion for the first time had unleashed her wild side and being with Fluffy was making it peak.

“Mmmmm I wish you were fucking me Fluffy,” Gwen sighed in longing as she lay back and began sucking on her toy, getting it wet and ready for her already dripping pussy. “I need you so bad! I need to get fucked by a real man!”

Gwen’s moans were muffled as she used one hand to feed herself the toy while using the other to keep her pussy in heat. She frantically rubbed her tender lips, playing with them and making her body shake on the bed in passion. Gwen turned up the heat even more when she began spanking herself, smacking her pussy as she loudly moaned around the flexible, clear plastic while thinking how wicked and slutty she was.

Gwen had her lips wrapped around the fake dong as she sucked it like she had sucked Fluffy’s cock so many times. The eight and a half inches of toy weren’t even close to how big Fluffy really was, but Gwen knew it was as near as she was going to get it without looking like too much of a perv in front of her new sex toy shop friends. So she had settled for this and what she had was plenty big enough to fill her mouth.

Since she was practically drooling with lust, Gwen quickly got her toy wet enough to play. Pulling it out of her mouth with a soft pop, Gwen didn’t hesitate to run it down her chest, leaving a trail of saliva over her bra and onto her stomach and thighs. She rubbed it all the way down her body until she got to right where she wanted it. With a lustful grunt, Gwen rubbed the head of the realistic cock shaped toy over her slit and spread her legs wide so she could push it inside.

“YEAHHHHHHHH!” Gwen cried as she penetrated herself with the fake cock. “Mmmmmmmmm Fluffyyyyyyyyy yesssssssssssssss fuck meeeee! Fill me with your big cock! Make me take every fucking inch of it! Make me your slut! Make me come from your fucking cock filling me hard and deep! Ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhh! FUCK YEAHHHHHHHH!!!”

Gwen’s moans turned to screams as she hit a sensitive spot with the toy. She was so wet and ready for it that the plastic just slid into her and her pussy wrapped around it like it was a welcomed friend inside her. Gwen grunted and sweated on the bed as she bucked against the invading sex toy. As she pushed it inside herself, she thrust back against it just as hard, forcing more of it into her cunt just like she dreamed of Fluffy burying his dark inches inside her pink pussy.

She didn’t feel like a worldwide star or a trailblazing female musician or the fashion icon she dreamed of being. Gwen just felt like a hedonistic slut and she loved it. She felt so primal…so sexual…and so good as she fucked herself with the fake cock and longed for her strong lover to take her and make her scream in ecstasy. With one hand spreading her pussy open and the other thrusting the toy hard into herself, Gwen had her head tossed back against a soft pillow and was moaning uncontrollably as she thrashed in pleasure.


Gwen wasn’t so far gone that she had forgotten she was talking to herself, but she still did it anyway. She just wished Fluffy could hear her. She wanted him to see her fucking herself and then push her toy away so he could give her the cock she needed so desperately instead. She wanted him to fuck her mercilessly. She wanted Fluffy to fuck her over and over again until she lost her voice from screaming too much.

That got Gwen going even more because, as she worked herself hard with the plastic, she began dreaming that it wasn’t just her and Fluffy anymore. She knew Fluffy fucking her would make her so noisy and she dreamed one of her gorgeous girlfriends would shut her up by planting her soaked pussy against her mouth so she could lick them up while Fluffy took her. Gwen shuddered in ecstasy at the idea of tasting another woman’s delicious juices as her pussy got stuffed with a huge cock.

That was always her favorite fantasy. She loved sharing Fluffy with her friends, just like she had that first time with Reese and Michelle Branch. She loved her friends seeing how good Fluffy made her feel and proving to them that even though she adored the feel of her cock she was still in total lust with women and craved pussy just as much as before. Gwen got off so hard on sharing her lover with her friends and she wished she could do it then.

As the thrusts into herself with the toy had her clit throbbing with desire, Gwen dreamed of Jennifer being there with her. She wanted her friend to get all wet watching Fluffy fuck her and then push her pussy against her mouth so she could lick up her cream. Gwen loved the flavor of Jennifer’s pussy and she dreamed of her beautiful friend riding her face as she lay back in bed like she was then for Fluffy to pound her.

Jennifer and Cameron had been so hot when they had shared Fluffy with her that night and Gwen longed for a repeat performance. She wanted Jennifer to soak her face with her girl juice and then have Cameron lick it off as Jennifer dove down between her legs and licked out the load Fluffy had just shot into her. Gwen cried out passionately at the thought of Jennifer’s amazing tongue lapping at her freshly fucked pussy and getting Fluffy’s cum out of her so she and Cameron could share it with her as they did a three way kiss.

Mmmmm and then Gwen wanted Cameron to lick her ass so she could be ready for Fluffy to fuck her there. Oooooh and while Fluffy was fucking her doggie style, Cameron and Jennifer would be in a 69, putting on a show for them as Gwen got herself fucked like the whore she was. It seemed so delicious and Gwen wanted it so bad.

The image was burning in Gwen’s mind, but it wasn’t alone. Gwen was also drooling and panting over the idea of joining in Fluffy’s fun from last night. She had set it up so her man would be pleasured by Michelle and Avril Lavigne as a special surprise and even though everything had gone according to plan, Gwen had been left feeling empty because she hadn’t been there too. But in her dreams she could be.

In her masturbatory fantasies, Gwen was there licking Fluffy’s cum off Michelle and Avril’s faces and then gulping it down as Fluffy fisted his huge cock and got it hard for them again so Gwen could lie back and take it inside her needy cunt as Michelle and Avril took turns riding her face. Gwen gasped in erotic overload as she pictured Fluffy fucking her hard while Michelle sucked her tender tits and aching nipples and Avril fucked her face. Gwen wanted to spank that bratty Canadian so badly while urging her to fill her mouth with delicious girl juice and have her come the same moment Fluffy filled her pussy with his load.

While still thrusting the slick, soaked dildo into her pussy, Gwen had her legs spread wide now and her free hand furiously rubbing her sensitive folds. She was rubbing herself as she fucked herself and Gwen’s head thrashed from side to side in ecstasy, the pleasure surging through her body making even her small tits jiggle.

“So good…so fucking gooooooooood!” Gwen mewed while fucking and rubbing herself, her fingers covered with girl juice just like the dildo was. “Fuck me Fluffy! OOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSS SHOW MY FRIENDS HOW MUCH I LOVE IT! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh show them how much I love that big dick! Show them how I need it and how hard you make me come so they’ll want it too! OOOOOOH YESSSS I WANT YOU FUCKING ALL MY FRIENDS FLUFFY LIKE YOU FUCK MEEEEEEEE!!!”

Gwen screamed and gasped and made every happy sound she could produce while keeping both her hands busy rubbing and thrusting. She was delirious with desire. She felt so wet and creamy that she knew she must have come already but she was so into it that she hadn’t even felt it and only craved more. She needed more. She had to have it.

She so badly wanted to get in a huge orgy with her hottest friends and her stud lover. Mmmmmm fuck they could do that in Vegas, couldn’t they? Yesssssssssssssss! They had to! She had to fucking do it! She didn’t want Fluffy to be a secret anymore! She wanted all of them to know and have them all feel as good as she did!

Gwen wanted to see Fluffy fuck Reese again and take her ass this time. She wanted to see Oscar winner’s tight little butt stuffed and stretched with black cock and then she wanted to see Jennifer get it the same way too. Jennifer had such an amazing ass and Gwen wanted to see Fluffy fuck it while she watched and fingered herself just like she would have Fluffy stroke his cock when she put on nasty all girl fucking shows for him.

Thinking of her friends getting it hard and deep from Fluffy’s incredible cock had Gwen’s eyes nearly rolling in the back of her head. She wanted all of them to feel it. She wanted Sarah’s tight holes getting made loose and slutty from Fluffy’s huge cock. She wanted to see Love’s big tits wrapped around it because she knew Fluffy’s black inches would look so good sliding between those huge, soft pink titties. Mmmm and she wanted Fluffy to come all over Love’s tits so she could lick it off and spit it into Love’s hungry mouth.

Gwen knew Love would go for that in a huge way and how could Fluffy deny himself all that pleasure? Mmmm and Gwen wanted to see Jessica and Alyssa get it too! She wanted them naked and on their knees sucking Fluffy’s dick together and bathing it with the hot tongues she had felt on her own pussy so many times. She wanted them giving him a double blow job before Fluffy stacked them one on top of the other in bed and took turns fucking them, moving from one hot pussy to the other, filling them up before taking their tight, perfect asses.

Ooooooh and Gwen wanted Rose to feel it too! She had heard about Rose taking cock at Lauren’s party and Gwen regretted having missed it because she was off having her own fun. She had to see that and she wanted Fluffy to be the one giving it to her! She wanted to see Rose go cock crazy sucking Fluffy’s dark meat and then getting on top of him so she could ride it. Gwen wanted to see Rose’s pale skin all flushed and sweaty as she rode Fluffy’s cock like a cowgirl and felt all the ecstasy that Fluffy made her feel.

Gwen was completely lost in her fantasies as she pounded her own pussy with her toy, driving into herself with passion and without any hesitation. She knew her pussy could take it. She’d taken Fluffy’s cock. She could take this toy! Her hungry pink cunt swallowed up the black colored translucent plastic and made Gwen scream in rapture. By now her body was coated in sweat and her bra clung to her and her diamond hard nipples as she ground her bare ass into the sheets and fucked herself. Gwen’s pussy was gushing juice all over the dildo and her fingers and Gwen’s mind pushed her even harder.

God! She didn’t just want her mansion friends to know about her and Fluffy! She wanted Christina to know too! She wanted Fluffy’s boss to see! She wanted Christina to know what an amazing fuck Fluffy was and how hard he made her come over and over again! Christina thought she was such a slut, but Gwen knew she had outdone her here. She had made Fluffy hers when Christina had never made a move. She was the one sucking and fucking those big inches of cock meat when Christina did nothing about it!

All this time Gwen had been scared of Christina finding out about her and Fluffy. She had been afraid Christina would freak out and make a big deal about it and fire Fluffy. Gwen knew how much his job meant to him and she never would have wanted to cost him it. So she had kept this a secret from Christina. But Gwen was tired of pretending she wasn’t absolutely crazy about Fluffy.

She wanted Christina to know. She wanted her to see. She wanted her to join in! Her and Britney!


That was what Gwen wanted so badly. She wanted Christina to know. She wanted to see Christina suck Fluffy’s dick. She wanted Fluffy to feel the slutty lips and tongue of the woman who ordered him around all day wrapped around his cock. She wanted Christina to spread her legs and give Fluffy the pussy she always gave them. She wanted Fluffy to fuck her like they fucked her! Hard and nasty! Mmmm if Christina thought she was a slut now, just wait’ll Fluffy got a hold of her!

Gwen was panting and gasping uncontrollably as she pictured Christina on all fours with Fluffy fucking her from behind. She wanted to see that rock hard black cock filling Christina’s slut cunt while the singer lapped at Britney’s pussy and then she wanted them to switch so Fluffy could fuck Britney too. She wanted them both to feel what a stud he was as he fucked them over and over again until he pulled out and blasted his cum all over their nasty girl faces!

“FUCK YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!” Gwen screamed as she felt her pussy convulse and cream in orgasm all over her fingers and the toy as she pictured Fluffy turning those pop sluts into whores for him and frosting their beautiful faces with his cum. This orgasm she definitely felt and it erupted inside her with a surge of pleasure that had her crying and convulsing in white hot ecstasy.

“Mmmmmmmm Fluffyyyyy…” Gwen moaned again as she finally pulled the sticky dildo out of her cunt and began sucking it frantically, tasting her own juices and loving how slutty she was acting.

Clarity was starting to return to Gwen though. She knew she had to act and act quickly. If she was going to grab her chance to be with Fluffy this weekend she had to move now while Gavin was off at his mystery meeting. If she was gone by the time he got back then he wouldn’t be able to stop her.

Her legs like jelly and her body soaked in sex sweat, Gwen slowly got up. She had a smile from ear to ear both from post-orgasmic afterglow and the giddy exhilaration of doing something bad and getting away with it. There wasn’t a doubt in her mind now.

Regardless of how she had to do it, Gwen knew she had to get away and see Fluffy and her friends this weekend.

* * * * *

Unaware of just what an aroused tizzy she had sent her friend into with her phone call, Jennifer continued to kill some time before her breakfast with Courteney. Traffic had been much lighter than expected that morning so she had arrived outside the café with time to spare. She didn’t feel like waiting around with nothing to do before Courteney arrived, so Jennifer had taken a little walk around the neighborhood.

Fortunately right nearby the café was the perfect place for Jennifer to kill some time. There was a cozy independent bookstore and Jennifer had gone in without hesitation. She loved a good bookstore where you could just wander through the shelves looking for something interesting and end up having hours go by without even noticing the time. And it was even better that it was an independent store too. Jennifer enjoyed big chain bookstores as much as anyone, but she always felt a little guilty going there when there were smaller businesses that needed her support and her cash.

This was the perfect diversion before she met with Courteney and since the place was just opening there was no one else inside. Jennifer loved to read. She didn’t care if it was fiction, non-fiction, books with art or photography collections or a magazine. She loved reading and it dawned on her that in all her packing she had neglected to throw in anything to read.

It wasn’t as though she was expecting to be spending a lot of time curled up with a good book in Vegas, but it was always good to have something interesting to read just in case. After all, she wasn’t going to spend every moment there partying and having sex with her friends. It just seemed like she would. It was always better to have a good book for those quiet moments than be staring blankly at a TV screen.

So Jennifer went inside planning on finding something she could take with her and enjoy. She skipped over the new fiction and instead went exploring some of the older selections. She had never been the type to buy the junky best sellers. She wanted something a little off the beaten path, something unusual that would make her think and not have every “plot twist” telegraphed a mile away. She wanted something with characters, not just mindless action.

At first Jennifer didn’t find anything. She wasn’t looking for anything too depressing. She wanted something with heart and soul. Nothing fit that bill right away and she continued her search, going through the shelves in the small bookstore while also keeping an eye on her watch. She didn’t want to waste too much time and end up keeping Courteney waiting.

But she had enough time to search for a little while longer, so Jennifer kept examining the contents of the shelves, opening books to read their jackets and pondering what exactly it was that she was looking for. Jennifer knew her search would be easier if she had an idea what it was she wanted to read, but she didn’t have anything too specific in mind so her search had to be broad and not just focused on one genre.

Looking at book after book, Jennifer still couldn’t find the right fit for her. And then suddenly her search came to an abrupt halt when someone spoke up behind her.

“Hello,” a British accented voice said, causing Jennifer to immediately turn around.

She expected it was a fan. She usually got recognized when she went to places like this and Jennifer was definitely in a good mood that morning so she had no problem giving an autograph or two. More often than not it was a boost to the ego to be recognized. But what Jennifer found when she turned around was no autograph seeker.

“Hi,” Jennifer replied, not quite sure how to respond when she instantly recognized she was staring right at the girl from the Harry Potter movies. What was her name? Jennifer racked her brain for the answer. It would be so embarrassing if she tried to have a conversation with this girl and couldn’t remember her name.

Fortunately it didn’t take long for Jennifer’s brain to spit out the right answer and inform her that she was speaking to Emma Watson.

Emma looked a little nervous, like she was willing herself to do something and Jennifer wasn’t sure how to react to her. There was a bit of an awkward silence between them before Emma spoke up again.

“I thought I saw you walking into the store,” Emma explained, the touch of nerves she felt clear in her accented voice. “I wasn’t sure, but I had to know if it was you. I never thought I would see you again so quickly, but once I saw it was you I knew I had to speak with you.”

“I’m sorry, have we met before?” Jennifer asked politely. Emma seemed nice, but Jennifer didn’t really know her. She’d seen her work in the movies, but she couldn’t remember having spoken to her before. “I don’t want to seem rude, but you need to refresh my memory. I’m sorry. I just don’t remember talking to you before.”

“Well we were never formally introduced,” Emma said, relaxing more as the conversation continued and she realized that she wasn’t going to be choking on her words. “But I saw you last night at the party. We were both guests there. I never had a chance to introduce myself but you definitely made quite an impression on me.”

“Wow thanks,” Jennifer replied as she noticed Emma gave her a little look and winked at her when she said that last part and wondered why. “Ummm you make quite an impression too. I think you’re a great actress Emma. You’re doing a wonderful job with your character and I can’t wait to see what else you’re capable of. It’s very nice to meet you Emma. But I have to be going.”

Jennifer didn’t mean to be rude or brush Emma off. After all she seemed friendly and Jennifer hadn’t been above noticing that she was easy on the eyes, but she did have to go meet Courteney. And that little wink she’d gotten had unsettled her a little. It gave off this vibe from Emma that the girl knew something that she wasn’t supposed to and Jennifer felt a little nervous from it. But she told herself she was being foolish and probably seeing things that weren’t there.

“I need to talk with you though,” Emma said. “It’s very, very important.”

“What is it?” Jennifer asked, wondering where this sudden conversation was going. “Is something wrong?”

“Well not for me,” Emma began. “In fact I feel like something’s finally right with me. But you might not feel the same way. I was so happy to see you this morning because I didn’t know when, if ever, we would have a chance to talk. And I really need to talk to you Jennifer.”

“About what?” Jennifer demanded, her curiosity growing as Emma danced around her point.

“Well when I say I saw you last night that doesn’t mean I saw you in the crowd,” Emma explained. “I mean I saw you Jennifer. I saw you with that pretty waitress.”

Jennifer suddenly felt as though the brakes had been slammed down on her world. Everything became very still, like things were in slow motion. Emma’s words had barely begun to sink into her brain before Jennifer’s head began to spin and her stomach churned.

“Oh God,” Jennifer gasped, forgetting about books and Courteney and everything else as the impact of what Emma had said weighed down upon her.

At the party the night before, Jennifer had impetuously found herself hooking up with a beautiful waitress named Megan. Jennifer had been feeling flirty that night and the sexy girl had been more than accepting of her advances. In fact Megan had flat out offered herself to Jennifer and she had greedily accepted and gotten her pussy skillfully licked in the mansion’s game room as she’d laid back on a pool table with her dress around her waist and Megan’s blonde head buried between her legs.

It had been so much fun but now that night of fun filled Jennifer with panic. How could Emma know about her and Megan? She’d only told her friends about it. How had she found out?

The answer to that one was easily explained and Emma quickly did so.

“I was inside the room when you were there,” Emma said, growing more confident with every word that she could do this, especially since Jennifer hadn’t yet slapped her face or stormed out of the store. “You were so into that waitress that I’m not surprised you didn’t notice me. Plus I was in the dark. I was actually there having a good cry because my little wanker of a boyfriend dumped me right in the middle of the party. I was sitting there in the dark when you and that waitress came in suddenly and I couldn’t believe what I saw.”

“Oh God…oh God…” Jennifer repeated.

What had she said when she was with Megan? What had she done? She never would have done all that with Megan if she’d known she had an audience. Never in a million years. She usually was so careful about keeping this big secret about her lifestyle, but she had obviously gotten careless and now Emma knew about her.

“I was so shocked at first,” Emma admitted, saying what had been building inside her all night long and into the morning. “But I couldn’t stop watching. I never would have expected that you would be a dyke Jennifer.”

Jennifer gasped at the harsh language and immediately looked around to see if anyone had heard Emma. Fortunately no one was in listening range and Emma was keeping her voice low.

“You shouldn’t say things like that,” Jennifer said in a voice barely above a whisper. Suddenly Emma didn’t seem so nice to her. “Oh God. I had no idea you were in there. If I’d known I never…”

“Relax, it wasn’t like I was grossed out or anything,” Emma interrupted, a smile tugging at her lips. “I never had seen anything like that before in my life. I stopped thinking about my boyfriend real quick after I saw you and that girl together. I just can’t believe you’re into this. You and your friends…”

“Friends?” Jennifer squeaked out, feeling an inch tall next to the now fully confident teenager. Had she mentioned the mansion to Megan while they were in there? She couldn’t remember and she worried that Emma now knew about everything and was on the verge of telling everyone.

“Mmmmmhmmmm,” Emma replied. “I heard you say to that girl that you had friends who were into this too. And I saw you later with Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rose McGowan and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I can do the equation in my head. You all seemed like such a mismatched group, but I guess you do have something in common after all. I just never expected it would be something like this. It’s just so fantastic to me that you girls are into that!”

That was it for Jennifer. Emma was a smart girl, but Jennifer was going to make damn sure that she knew she was over her head here. She pulled the girl by her arm and dragged her to the back of the store where there was even less chance that they’d be disturbed.

“Listen Emma, you can’t tell anyone about this,” Jennifer insisted as loudly as she dared while she mentally beat herself up for being so reckless with Megan. “I mean it! If this got out it could ruin everything for us! I never would have done it if I knew you were there. Please, you can’t say anything.”

“Well if that’s what you want,” Emma said slyly. She knew she shouldn’t be enjoying Jennifer’s discomfort, but she couldn’t help it. “I won’t say anything. But only if you do something for me. I have a very specific condition and it must be met.”

“What? What is it?” Jennifer asked, wondering what she had that the teenager could possibly want. A meeting with a producer? Her car? Tickets to Hannah Montana?

Emma paused for a second and took a deep breath before putting her cards on the table.

“I want in,” Emma declared.

Her words could have knocked Jennifer over with a feather. Of all the things the British girl could have said she wanted as payment for this sort of blackmail, it was the last thing Jennifer could have expected.

“What?” Jennifer asked, her voice rising above a level she was comfortable with as her shock registered. Her ears couldn’t be working properly. That had to be it.

“I want to be with you like you were with that waitress,” Emma said, her nerves returning just a bit as she got around to asking what she had wanted the whole time. “If you and your friends have some kind of secret lesbian club or something I want to be a part of it. I want to play too.”

“You…you can’t…can’t possibly know what you’re asking,” Jennifer said in disbelief that she was being propositioned so directly by the girl from the Harry Potter movies.

“I do. I know exactly what I’m asking for,” Emma insisted. “I want to be a part of your group. I want to make love to a woman! I want to be with you! I want to be with your friends! I want to fuck!”

Emma said the last part very, very quietly, but Jennifer still heard her clear as day.

“Oh my God,” Jennifer said for what felt like the hundredth time since Emma had come up behind her.

“Look Jennifer, I know what I want for the first time in my life and I want this,” Emma declared. “I’m here on holiday until we shoot the last Harry Potter movie. My mum and dad promised it to me for my 18th birthday. They said I could go to L.A. and be with my friends before we started shooting. But I am not going back to England until I figure out who the bloody hell I am. And you’re going to help me! I know I want to experience this and I have to know if this is right for me! You’re the ones who are going to show me!”

Emma had been confused all her life. She had only realized that recently though. Her fight with her now ex-boyfriend the other night had been because she wouldn’t put out for him. Emma had been so shocked that the boy she had, until then, believed to be a perfect gentleman only wanted her to spread her legs for him. He hadn’t cared about her at all. He had just wanted to tell his friends that he’d popped the cherry of Hermoine Granger.

Well Emma hadn’t been about to tolerate that. There had been a lot of boys before him and she hadn’t given it up for any of them because it had never felt right to her. That’s what had confused her. She had always thought that she’d have sex when she met the right boy and it felt right to her. But it had never felt right. There had never been that one who had made her feel the desire to give her virginity to them. And Emma was getting impatient.

It wasn’t as though she was some kind of nun. She was a horny girl and she had a seriously randy side. But it had dawned on her that her lust had never been for men. It had just been for the idea of orgasm, a feeling so powerful it would make her toes curl and her hair stand on edge. She wanted that feeling so badly. But she wasn’t about to give herself to just any guy who bought her dinner and took her to a fancy party. She was not so easily swayed.

It had all been so confusing and when she had fled in tears after her breakup, Emma had felt as low as possible. She had always intended this first trip away from the pressures of being Hermoine and the constraints of her parents as a journey of self discovery, but she been ready right then to pack everything up and head back to England.

But that had been before she had seen what she had seen. Being able to hide and watch Jennifer with that waitress had been like a moment of epiphany for her. She had finally seen the light and it had been in form of two beautiful women making love right in front of her. Jennifer had experienced the kind of joy and ecstasy Emma had so badly wanted for herself and she had known right then it was what she wanted.

In the hours since that moment of dawning realization, Emma had run this through her mind time and time again, but she kept coming back to the same answer. She was a lesbian. She had to be. It made too much sense. It was why she had always found herself staring extra long at her pretty girlfriends. It was why she had never wanted to give herself to some random guy. It was why she had loved watching Jennifer so much.

It had to be. There couldn’t be any other solution. But Emma had to make sure. She had longed to approach Jennifer at the party, but she had chickened out. Then, after a night of tossing and turning, she had decided to somehow find Jennifer before she had gone back to England. Emma hadn’t wanted to call it stalking but she had talked herself into not giving up easily at the least.

Of course that search had taken her as long as going out to breakfast with her friends the next morning. Emma hadn’t believed her eyes when she had seen Jennifer going into the bookstore and she had ditched her friends to go after her, talking herself into not backing down and making sure Jennifer knew she was serious. Now all she could do was hope that Jennifer relented and gave her what she wanted.

“I can’t believe you’re asking me this…” Jennifer said, shaking her head. “It’s just so…”

“I don’t know how else to ask,” Emma admitted, interrupting Jennifer once again. “But I need this! I’m going back to England next week and I need to figure out if I’m a dyke or not! I need you to show me! You and your friends! You have to. You have to or else I’ll tell!”

“You’ll what?” Jennifer demanded, scarcely being able to believe that this she was being blackmailed by a teenager.

“I’ll tell someone…anyone…I don’t know…I just want this to happen,” Emma said, her confidence slipping once more as she showed how this confusion was weighing upon her.

“I…I…I have to think…have to talk to my friends,” Jennifer replied. “I just don’t know.”

“Are you going to that event in Las Vegas?” Emma asked and when Jennifer nodded her head, Emma smiled. “Brilliant. So am I. This is my cell number. You can reach me there any time. I’ll answer any time you call.”

Emma then jotted down her number and handed it to Jennifer. The elder actress couldn’t help but notice that Emma had put her number down and circled it in a heart. She was demanding one second and sweet as sugar the next. Jennifer couldn’t figure out a bit who Emma Watson was and it left her flustered.

“Call me,” Emma insisted. “Promise me you’ll call.”

“I’ll call,” Jennifer pledged and Emma smiled again. She leaned in like she was about to kiss Jennifer on the lips, but before she did she changed direction and instead gave her a peck on the cheek before scampering out of the store, leaving Jennifer no longer knowing which end was up.

“What the hell was all that about?” Jennifer gasped, feeling like she had been tossed for a series of 360’s and had ended up right where she’d started from but a lot more frazzled for her troubles.

Even after time passed, Jennifer’s flustered state hadn’t abated much and it was starting to get noticeable.

“Hello, Earth to Jen,” Courteney Cox Arquette said as she took the rather dramatic step of actually waving her hand in front of her friend’s face to get her attention.

“Huh? Oh sorry CeCe,” Jennifer blushed. “I didn’t mean to zone out. I’ve just got a lot on my mind all of a sudden.”

“What is it? Is everything ok?” Courteney asked. “What can I do to help?”

Jennifer knew Courteney was being completely sincere in her offer. She’d been nothing but a true friend since they had first met almost 15 years ago. But this wasn’t something Courteney could help her with. Hell Jennifer had no idea how she could even begin to tell Courteney about what had just happened. How could she tell her best friend that she was being blackmailed by a teenage actress who wanted to have lesbian sex with her without sounding completely insane?

“It’s nothing,” Jennifer lied. “No big deal. Just stupid shit. Nothing important.”

“Oh,” Courteney frowned. She seemed hurt that Jennifer wasn’t telling her what was so clearly on her mind.

“Really it’s nothing,” Jennifer insisted. “I don’t even want to bother you with it.”

“But Jen, you’re supposed to bother me with stupid shit,” Courteney contended. “That’s what friends do for one another. Pardon me for stating the obvious and don’t kick me for saying it, but I’ll be there for you. That’s what I’m supposed to…OW!”

Jennifer devilishly smiled as she did literally kick Courteney under the table with a playful boot.

“I swear if that song gets stuck in my head now you’re going to be sorry,” Jennifer said, feigning anger as Courteney laughed.

“Well that’s what you get for not confiding in me,” Courteney said before turning serious again. “Jen, that’s one of the reasons I wanted to see you so much this morning. You’re one of the best friends I’ve ever had my entire life, but I feel us getting distant and I don’t want that to happen. Ever since the show ended it’s been happening. I know that’s natural because we’re not seeing each other every single day anymore, but I never thought we’d stop being friends once we wrapped.”

“Oh sweetie, of course we’re still friends,” Jennifer assured Courteney as she took her hand in hers. “How could you even think that we’re not? You’re one of the most important people in my life.”

“I just feel like I never see you anymore and that there’s this big wall between us,” Courteney admitted.

She’d wanted to say this to Jennifer for a long time. It had been building inside her for years actually and she just couldn’t stay quiet about it any longer even if it meant dumping it all on Jennifer in the morning over omelets. Seeing Jennifer not communicate with her again was the trigger.

“I feel like there’s something you’re not telling me and it’s not just whatever’s on your mind this morning,” Courteney continued. “It’s something much bigger. I can read you Jennifer. I know you and I know there’s something you’re afraid to tell me. You used to confide in me all the time and I just don’t know…it feels like you don’t anymore. There’s this distance between us and I hate it because I miss having you in my life Jen. I don’t want distance. I want us to be like we were before when we could tell each other anything and we didn’t have any secrets.”

Jennifer didn’t know what to say. Courteney could read her. She always could. She did have a secret. A huge one. But how could she tell her friend?

How could she confess to her that she had been seduced years ago by three beautiful women and since then she’d essentially been leading a double life where she went through her career and daily life with friends and family like nothing had happened but at all other times embraced this wild and hedonistic lesbian side of herself.

Jennifer not only had promised herself a long time ago to never try and seduce Courteney, she had also felt it was better if she just never told her friend at all about the mansion and that entire side of herself. She hadn’t wanted to complicate their friendship with the truth about her desire for women and Jennifer had to admit she was a little afraid that Courteney just wouldn’t understand how she could feel this way and pull away from her.

“We don’t have any secrets,” Jennifer lied as she tried to assure Courteney that nothing had changed between them. “I’d never keep anything from you. I don’t want distance between us either. You’re so important to me CeCe. I wouldn’t know what to do without you in my life.”

Courteney smiled at the sound of Jennifer’s words. Maybe she was imagining things. After all what kind of huge secret could Jennifer have? In this day and age your lunch order was on TMZ before you even gave it to the waiter. She was probably just being a little overimaginative.

She just didn’t want to think about not having Jennifer as a friend. They had been through so much together. It had been Jennifer who had been there holding her hand the whole way through when she had so much trouble having a baby before Coco had become her little miracle. Courteney felt that had bonded them forever, but the past few years she had begun to wonder why Jennifer never seemed to confide in her as much. It was almost as if there was someone else in Jennifer’s life that she could talk to and be open with that wasn’t her.

But Courteney told herself that she was looking for things that weren’t there. If Jennifer said there were no secrets, then there weren’t any. She knew her friend wouldn’t lie to her.

The two returned to idly chit chatting about this and that and Jennifer breathed a bit of a sigh of relief that she’d managed to get Courteney off the hunt for her secret. She’d dodged one there and it was good to feel that way, especially after the crazy encounter she’d just had with Emma. But even as she tried to get her mind off all this, a question wouldn’t stop lingering in Jennifer’s mind.

Would it be so bad if she told Courteney about the mansion?

It wouldn’t have been breaking her promise to herself or anything. Just because she told Courteney about her desire for women and her unusual living situation didn’t mean she was going to make a play for her. Confession and seduction were two entirely different animals.

Courteney had always shown herself to be a kind, loving and tolerant person. Her friend wouldn’t abandon her if she found out that she enjoyed sleeping with women.

Would she?

Jennifer’s gut told her she wouldn’t and what if Courtney was totally cool with it? What if she thought it was great that she had found happiness this way? What if she wanted to visit the mansion and hang out with all her friends so there really could be no secrets between them?

And what if Courteney wanted to join in?

Wait…where the fuck did that thought come from? Jennifer slammed the brakes on her train of thought immediately, causing a complete derailment in her brain as she struggled to rein in her subconscious.

No…no…she didn’t want that. She didn’t want Courteney to be intrigued by her lesbian desires. She didn’t want her friend to be aroused. She didn’t want Courteney to tell her that she wanted to join in and that she wanted to kiss her and get naked with her and do all the naughty things to her that she did on a daily basis with her girlfriends.

But why didn’t she want that, her brain shot back. Why didn’t she want to make love to Courteney? Why wouldn’t she want to have sex with one of the most beautiful, kindest women she knew? Courteney was gorgeous and, having seen her naked on multiple occasions before when they changed clothes in front of each other, Jennifer had no doubts about what a great body her friend had.

What would it be like to kiss that body? And touch it? And lick it? And….

Wait…wait…wait…she had to stop! She had to stop these thoughts right then before they went too far.

Where did all this come from suddenly? Jennifer had spent years keeping Courteney off limits in her brain and now for some reason she seemed on the verge of leaning over, planting a kiss on her friend’s lips and then ravishing her on the café table. How did all this happen?

Courteney had been the girl for so long that she had refused to even fantasize about. There hadn’t been any cracks in the façade in all that time. Even when they had done an episode of Courteney’s show Dirt together and had shared a kiss, Jennifer had managed to keep her mind on the professional. It had just been a stage kiss. Nothing more. It hadn’t meant anything more to her than kissing David Schwimmer or kissing Winona Ryder.

Ok…so maybe that was a bad example because after they had shot that scene, Jennifer had ended up taking Winona back to the mansion where they had done a lot more than kiss. But Jennifer had been able to keep the kiss with Courteney professional and hadn’t let it turn into real lust for her friend.

But today? Today for some reason everything was haywire in Jennifer’s brain. Now she felt like she was looking at Courteney with brand new eyes. She felt like she could see for the first time how kissable her lips were and how her firm breasts rose and fell with every breath she took. She could look at her friend and imagine pulling off her shirt to get at her chest and wondering what color bra she was wearing underneath. Jennifer suddenly found herself looking longingly at Courteney and wondering what it would be like to kiss her and touch her and feel all over her beautiful body.

How had all this happened? She was so confused now. She had never felt this way before about her friend. Why now? Wait! Sarah! This was her fault! Those things she had said to her in the shower this morning had screwed her brain up. And then Emma! She had left her completely without any composure. Those had to be the reasons her brain was suddenly making her look at Courteney this way.

But what if there was more to it than that? What if she had been lying to herself all these years? What if she had been pretending that she wasn’t attracted to Courteney when all along she wanted to think about her like she was now? What if there were years of pent up arousal for her friend inside her that only now was she beginning to realize were there?

“Jen! You’re zoning out again!” Courteney chastised, snapping Jennifer out of her thoughts.

“Oh sorry CeCe,” Jennifer replied, blushing even harder now as she tried not to think how much she wanted to kiss Courteney’s lips and how good her gorgeous face would look with her orgasm making it all shiny. “I didn’t hear what you said.”

“I asked you if you were going to Vegas for that charity event,” Courteney repeated.

“Yeah…yeah…sorry…yeah I am,” Jennifer answered as inside she tried to force these thoughts out of her head and not focus on what kind of sounds of pleasure Courteney would make as she licked her. “Are you?’

“Well my agent said I was invited to attend, but I don’t think I’ll be able to make it this weekend,” Courteney said. “Coco had a bad cough last night and if she’s coming down with something I don’t want to just jet away for the weekend.”

“Is she ok?” Jennifer asked. Coco was her goddaughter and any, however minor, health issue was a concern to her.

“Yeah it’s probably just a little cold or something, nothing serious,” Courteney said. She didn’t want to be the kind of paranoid mom that freaked out over every sneeze, but she and David had been through so much before having their daughter that Courteney wasn’t about to leave anything to chance. “I just want to keep an eye on her.”

“Well give her a big hug and kiss for me,” Jennifer replied, relaxing as she found herself focused on something other than sex. “I’ll come by and see her Sunday night after I get back, ok?”

“I’d love that,” Courteney smiled. “I want to see you more Jennifer. We all do. You can come by anytime you like.”

Jennifer smiled back, but it was a little forced. Inside she was still terribly confused. Was she really feeling a real attraction to Courteney after all this time or was she just reacting to Sarah’s teasing and the Emma incident? What was going on?

Whatever it was, Jennifer hoped she figured it out soon because the more she thought about things this way the more she was beginning to feel that making a play for her beautiful best friend might not be such a bad idea after all.

* * * * *

Outside the mansion, in the boat that patrolled the nearby waters of the Pacific to keep an eye out for trouble, Waldo found himself in an unfamiliar position. He and Franklin and Delbert had been through everything together. From grade school to combat zones on three continents, they had shared it all. But now, at the time of possibly the greatest peril they had ever faced, one of them was very, very distracted.

“I hope my lady love and I didn’t keep you up last night,” Delbert said in an overly cultured voice as he sat down in a smoking jacket with a pipe as if he were Hugh Hefner. “I hope the noise wasn’t too much for you to bear.”

Thanks to Tara Reid, Delbert had discovered sex the night before and the noise had indeed been quite obvious, especially since it had gone on through the night and into the breaking of the dawn. Tara had eventually curled up into a happy, well fucked ball of exhaustion in Delbert’s hammock but it seemed Delbert still had energy to spare.

Waldo had thought he was the lucky one because Franklin had been the one sent to France to find out key information, but as it turned out an overnight flight to Europe would have been a welcome break from all the noise that Delbert and his beloved had made the night before. Heck, spending all night at a blasting site would have been less noisy.

“It was fine,” Waldo lied. He needed Delbert as focused as it was possible for Delbert to focus and he didn’t want to add to things by telling him he and his girlfriend had been making noises that sounded like a combination of Playboy Channel and Animal Planet the night before.

There was so much danger everywhere they could turn. The attempted kidnapping of Jessica Alba had been a sign of something, but of what? Who wanted her? And why? Was it connected to Brandon and the MAW Device? There wasn’t any evidence of that, but Waldo’s instinct told him there was a connection. He just had to find it before it was too late.

A mind control device in the hands of their arch nemesis would have been dangerous at any time for Waldo, Franklin and Delbert, but now that Brandon was apparently auctioning off the technology for any country or mercenary willing to pay the price, the danger wasn’t just focused on then. It was the whole world that was a target now.

Technology like the MAW Device could wreak inconceivable havoc on the world and since they had been unknowing accomplices to bringing it here, the three felt duty bound to make sure it was destroyed.

Brandon Moore had been dangerous beforehand. Losing his mind had not helped. Now he had nothing left to lose and Waldo recognized that. It made him more dangerous than ever and it meant they all had to be even more cautious and on their guard for any break that could lead to a way to bring him down.

They knew where he was, they just didn’t know yet how to stop him.

But things were more complicated now in a way that didn’t involve Delbert and Tara. They had been tipped off that French intelligence was close and that an operative had been put in play to execute them. Franklin was off to find out who that operative was. Once they knew, they’d be able to take care of him before he got to them, but it was a game of chance now. They had to beat the clock and the odds because Brandon seemed ready to strike and strike hard. They just didn’t know when or where.

“Franklin old buddy, I hope you’re having some luck,” Waldo sighed as Delbert began composing a sonnet to Tara. “We’re going to need it.”

* * * * *

A continent away, it was already evening as Franklin lurched around in the back of the jeep that had picked him up from Paris. Franklin was exhausted from the sudden journey and the unpaved road they were traveling wasn’t doing him any favors either.

It couldn’t have been simple. It never was, at least not in the spy game. He’d flown through the night to get to Paris, but that had only been the start of the journey. The source that was supposed to give him the information they desperately needed, the identity of the French spy who had been ordered to kill them, was actually in a small village about 95 kilometers away from Paris. So it had been right from the plane into the jeep that lurched across the unpaved back roads of France.

It was wiser to stay off the main roads. Who knew who was watching who these days? But while it was the smarter play to do it this way, it was also the far more uncomfortable one. The last thing Franklin needed after that flight was this ride, but it was what he had and there were no other alternatives.

“The man you are meeting is named Renault,” the driver explained. “He knows everything and everyone here. If there is a spy sent to kill you, he will know who he is and what he looks like. He will have your answers, but there are some things you should know first.”

“What’s that?” Franklin asked as he desperately tried to keep himself from throwing up. He was always the type to get carsick and this was hardly a smooth ride.

“He likes to talk…and he will at great length,” the driver explained. “Do not interrupt him. He will expound on many points, but if you are patient with him he will give you what you need.”

The driver of the Jeep was actually French intelligence. Waldo, Franklin and Delbert had worked with him many times in the past and he had worked as an information source for the U.S. as well. Someone at Langley who thought they were funnier than they actually were had code named him “Pierre.”

It wasn’t his real name of course, but that was what they knew him as. And what was more important than what name they gave him was whether or not they could trust him and, playing the odds, Franklin decided there was a greater chance than not that they could.

“Is there anything else?” Franklin asked.

“One more thing,” Pierre replied over the loud clanging noise of the motor and of the road being kicked up around them. “Renault loves wine. You will have to drink with him if you wish to talk to him.”

“Sounds like an enormous amount of fun,” Franklin signed as he wondered, not for the first time, how all of this was going to play out. Of course to meet with Renault he had to actually survive the ride there first, so Franklin had to first wonder if that was even possible.

He was just going to have to wait and see.

* * * * *

Back in Los Angeles, Brandon Moore once again stared at the dry erase board. It haunted him, not in the same way his experience with the Scorpion did of course, but the board was on his mind quite often. He just couldn’t believe what his investigation had uncovered.

It was mind boggling and the fact that it had gone on under everyone’s noses was staggering to him. The tabloids, the bloggers and the entertainment reporters prided themselves on knowing everyone’s dirty laundry in Hollywood, but they had missed the biggest sex scandal of all time.

The board showed the tentacles of this mansion in Malibu. As Brandon best determined it, the girls who lived there had set off a chain reaction of seduction that ran through movies, television and music. One girl would seduce another and then that girl would seduce another and then so on. It seemed to him to be almost like a virus spread through contact and no one had any clue that some of the most beautiful women in the world were fucking each other like harlots right there in the open at some Malibu mansion that had gone undetected all this time.

But they hadn’t fooled him. He had known something was going on there from the first encounter he had had with the girls. It had been all too brief, but Brandon considered himself a true student of human behavior. He knew how to detect the weaknesses of others and the biggest human weakness of all was how vulnerable caring for others made people. He knew all the signs when people cared for others and what he had seen just in the smallest of moments told him what went on at that mansion went well beyond friendship.

He hadn’t known how far beyond, though, until he had met the only other person who had figured it out. Snooping reporter Scott Taylor had been quite an asset to him, filling in the blanks and getting him started on his investigation. He’d been well worth keeping around and not killing him instantly. It had been Brandon’s first instinct just to put a bullet in between his eyes, but he had checked himself and his restraint had paid off.

The truth was Brandon didn’t care who was fucking who. He didn’t care if these girls went for boys, girls or farm animals. This wasn’t personal to him. It was business…with maybe just a touch of pleasure on the side.

Not only could he bleed these rich Hollywood assholes dry to fund his own ambitions, but Brandon also had the delicious pleasure of being able to take love and destroy it. To be able to turn something pure and beautiful into something filled with fear and mistrust was to him a true accomplishment of merit.

Plus there was the one prize he wanted to claim for himself. Other than being able to remove the hearts of Waldo, Franklin and Delbert, Brandon wanted another trophy from this operation. But she could wait. It would all come to him in due time and right then he had immediate concerns… particularly Mr. Taylor.

“Please…please…please can you let me go now,” Scott begged. “I just want to go home. I just want to write my story.”

“And you will be able to write your story,” Brandon promised. “I haven’t killed you Mr. Taylor and I don’t intend to. Soon you’ll be able to go home and write your little story. I’ve even taken the liberty of creating a new ending for you. A better ending. An ending where these girls see the error of their ways and renounce their wicked lifestyle for the loving embrace of their husbands once again. Isn’t that what your readers want? Isn’t that what you want Mr. Taylor? Isn’t that what you’ve wanted from the beginning? A chance to end this Hollywood lesbian conspiracy you’ve been so effusive about?”

“Well yes…but…” Scott replied.

“Then just hang tight and soon you will be able to write your story,” Brandon pledged.

“Why? Why are you doing this?” Scott asked.

Scott had seen what Brandon had done to Michelle Trachtenberg and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. He had used that machine on them to make them into…well Scott didn’t know quite what. They weren’t zombies or anything. They just…well they weren’t themselves. Seeing it had both shocked and aroused Scott and he hadn’t known what to do about it or why Brandon was doing this.

But Brandon didn’t answer his question. Instead he asked Scott one of his own.

“Have you ever been tortured Mr. Taylor?” Brandon asked as he continued to stare at his dry erase board.

“Well I once had to go to a Celine Dion concert,” Scott replied, trying to make a joke. But Brandon showed no response to Scott’s attempt at humor.

“I’ve been tortured Mr. Taylor,” Brandon replied. “It’s something that significantly alters your world view. You start to see things in a different light. And you know what the most devastating thing about being tortured is, Mr. Taylor? It’s not the physical pain. It’s the mental devastation. It’s the belief that there is no hope for you. I look at this place…this mansion…and I see…well I see a little too much hope. I see a little bit too much of what people believe is the best of humanity. Caring, protection…even love. Those things don’t actually exist Mr. Taylor. It’s all a lie. A particularly cruel lie. There is no hope. There is no light at the tunnel. There is only reality and reality is fear and dread and devastation.”

“What’s your point?” Scott interrupted.

“My point Mr. Taylor if you will let me finish…is that I now have the power of taking what people believe is the light and turning it into the dark,” Brandon said. “I can create chaos and fear where this hope and comfort. This will not just be a little toy to play with. This will be a tool to usher in a new world. A world without hope. A world of fear and mistrust. The world I live in will be the new reality and it will start here in this fancy mansion with all it’s famous residents.”

“What are you going to do?” Scott nervously gulped, wondering once again just what the hell he had gotten himself into.

“Just wait and see Mr. Taylor…just wait and see…” Brandon said before he was interrupted by the other person here.

“Ummmm excuse me…Brandon…you’re not going to do all of that to Kirsten, are you?” Barry Bloom asked. “I mean, I don’t want you to hurt her or anything. I just want you to stop her marriage.”

“Mr. Bloom, I will do to your client whatever you pay me to do,” Brandon said. “If you want her to dump this dyke she’s marrying that’s what I’ll make her do. If you want her to jump out of a hotel window that’s what I’ll make her do. It just depends on if you’re willing to pay.”

“No…no…no jumping…nothing like that,” Barry nervously interjected. “I don’t want her dead. I just want her normal again. Like she was before.”

Barry had gone to Brandon almost as soon as Kirsten had called him and told him she was throwing her career into the garbage pail. As her agent he just couldn’t stand by and let her immolate herself as a working actress. Marrying another woman was career suicide for Kirsten. Barry realized that. Why didn’t she? How could she do this to herself?

Barry knew he had to save Kirsten from herself. She couldn’t marry Eliza Dushku. She’d be throwing everything away, and for what? Another woman? It just didn’t make any sense. Barry knew this was what was best for his client. Brandon had a reputation already as someone able to fix problems like this and he had asked him to put an end to this lesbian marriage foolishness.

But all of this was a little messy for Barry and Brandon was creeping him out. He didn’t want Kirsten turned into some zombie or someone who would hurl herself to her death. And he definitely didn’t want this reporter writing that Kirsten was a lesbian. He just wanted her to make a clean break with Eliza and get back to making them both rich by focusing on her career.

“You will get what you pay for Mr. Bloom,” Brandon reminded him before the door opened and Raymond Hall, Brandon’s partner entered.

“Everyone’s a little occupied right now, but I think soon they’ll be very eager to agree to your terms,” Raymond informed Brandon.

“What are they doing in there?” Brandon asked.

“Well I can’t think of a polite way to say it, but they’re gangbanging the hell out of our test subjects,” Raymond gleefully chuckled, remembering the vision of Mary and Michelle naked and completely robbed of their free wills as they mindlessly allowed their bodies to be used as fuck toys for the angry, horny Hollywood clients eager to have their own significant others soon turned into the same kind of obedient dolls.

Mary and Michelle had looked so beautiful; their eyes glowing a soft blue after the rays of the MAW Device had reprogrammed their minds. They had been commanded to enjoy being gangbanged by the likes of Freddie Prinze Jr., Ryan Philippe, Wilmer Valderama and Gavin Rossdale and they had followed the commands perfectly, begging their masters for more as they had been fucked over and over again.

“Well the more they have now, the more those Hollywood morons will be reaching for their wallets and soon we will have what we want,” Brandon declared. “This mansion will make an excellent test subject for us and it will fund our expansion perfectly. There’s just one wild card.”

“Who?” Raymond asked, thinking they had all their bases covered.

“Her,” Brandon said as he pointed at Rose’s picture on the board. “She’s the one that I can’t read. She’s the one who’s impossible to figure out. All of them have something to lose and something that led them here. She’s the one I can’t figure though. There’s something there in the shadows with her. I can feel it. Some secret that can break her and take her out of the game. I know she does.”

“Well she is going on trial on Monday for assault,” Raymond pointed out.

“No there’s something else,” Brandon said. “There’s something more. This girl is a fighter. I can tell. She could be the problem we don’t need. We need to get her out of the way and then we can have our way with the rest of them.”

“But how?” Raymond asked.

“Our friend Mr. Taylor over there was good enough to provide us with a tip about the night Rose blinded the son of this state’s fine district attorney,” Brandon said. “There was another incident with Rose before all that mess. And I think the other person involved can tell me exactly what Rose is hiding.”

* * * * *

Meanwhile inside the conference room, Michelle and Mary remained naked and sprawled out on the table, their bodies already sweaty and covered in dried cum. They were gasping from being fucked and moaned for more, just as they’d been commanded to, as Ryan and Freddie pulled out of them.

“Come on my face Master,” Mary said, her voice shockingly emotionless for someone in the middle of sex as she grabbed Ryan’s cock and stroked it, her enslaved eyes glowing a light blue. “I’m your toy. Play with me. I serve your desires. Cover my face.”

“Yessss come on my face too Master!” Michelle similarly urged passionlessly as she grabbed Freddie’s cock in her small, soft hand. “Make me your slut Master. Fuck me like a whore.”

The enslaved girls had been commanded to act like girls out of a porno movie and they were acting the part even as they registered no emotion, just obedience. But the men having their turn with them didn’t care if they were into it or not. They just cared that they obeyed.

“Man that fucking machine is great!” Freddie groaned in pleasure from Michelle’s hand working his cock over.

“Yeah unbelievable!” Ryan replied, getting the same satisfaction from Mary.

“I always had a thing for little Dawnie here,” Freddie laughed as he referenced his estranged wife’s on-screen sister. “Now I have her and soon Sarah’s going to be just like her little sister. She’s going to be the good wife I deserve!”

“Oh yeah man,” Ryan agreed. “You have any idea how amazing it’s going to be when we get Sarah and Reese just like this? They’re going to be such perfect little bitches for us now. They’re gonna pay for how they humiliated us!”

“Fucking A, right man!” Freddie said as he slapped five with Ryan and once again imagined Sarah being turned into a mindless fuck doll for him, just as Michelle was as she sucked his cock back into her mouth.

Whatever that Brandon dude wanted to make Sarah just like this, it was definitely worth it. This machine was going to be the best thing that ever happened to him. Soon he’d have Sarah back and she’d be better than ever.

* * * * *

Before, if you had ever told Kristen Bell that she would become accustomed to kneeling naked on the floor, with her hands behind her back in a pose that could best be described as utter submission, she would have told you were a pervert and insane to boot.

But fate had a funny way of taking you places in life that you never expected to go, because that was exactly the position she was in right then. She was kneeling and naked as the day she was born save for a black collar around her neck covered with shiny metal studs.

All her life Kristen had been the kind to not take any crap from anyone. She had never backed down from a challenge and never shied away from confrontation. She wasn’t shy. She wasn’t meek. She wasn’t some little brain dead bimbo who followed obediently behind her man wherever he led her.

So why was it that she allowed herself to be made so vulnerable and so submissive? Why was it that she couldn’t force herself to stop it? Why did it have to turn her on so much?

These questions and what felt like a hundred more were all floating through Kristen’s head. But she didn’t let them linger. Instead she focused on the woman before her lounging back on the bed, her head propped up by pillows and her legs seductively slung open to tease Kristen with what she wanted, yet couldn’t take for herself without permission.

To all others the woman was Alyson Hannigan, television star, notorious flute player and all around nice girl. She had one of Hollywood’s best reputations for professionalism, good attitude and overall sunny attitude.

But to Kristen she was someone else entirely. Someone only a few select people knew about. To Kristen she was Mistress and deserved to be treated as her lofty status demanded.

“Does my little bitch have something to say?” a happily nude Alyson asked from the bed as she sensually traced her fingers over her alabaster skin, running them up over her breast and making sure Kristen saw as her own touch caused her nipple to stiffen. “Does my slave have something she wants to ask her Mistress?”

“Yes Mistress,” Kristen began, looking down at the rug like she didn’t consider herself worthy of gazing upon Alyson’s naked body. “I want…”

“Shut up!” Alyson snapped as she picked up the riding crop that she had left resting by her body and whipped it through the air, causing Kristen to stiffen reflexively. “You’re just lucky that wasn’t striking that pretty little ass of yours Kristen. Mmmm I’d hate to mark up that sexy backside. So take that as a warning you little slut. Because the next one is going to be smacking that body of yours and leaving a mark you’re going to be thinking about for the rest of the day. Remember slut, you speak when you’re spoken to! I didn’t ask what you wanted to ask me. I just asked if you had something to ask me.”

“I’m sorry Mistress…I…” Kristen stammered, attempting to apologize as she sought with everything she had to avoid the stinging crop against her bare skin.

“No excuses!” Alyson interrupted. “Am I going to have to get your ball gag to get you to shut the fuck up Kristen?”

“No Mistress. I’m sorry. I’ll be good,” Kristen promised before clamming up and awaiting whatever command Alyson had for her next.

Alyson tugged at her nipples, moaning as they throbbed under her own rough touch while she watched Kristen Bell kneel in such a deliciously submissive manner. How many people dreamed of having Kristen naked? How many people dreamed of having someone as beautiful and sexy as her obey their every command? Well Alyson had it all and she had it anytime she wanted it.

So why did she want more?

But she managed to push that question out of her mind. It wasn’t going to do her any good at all if her slaves saw their Mistress having doubts about herself. So instead of pondering, Alyson got moving. She pulled herself off the bed and strode over to Kristen, circling her like a vulture about to descend on a particularly juicy piece of prey. Alyson inspected her slave, noting how hard her nipples were and smelling the traces of her arousal.

“Mmmmm you filthy little whore, you’re getting turned on acting like a slut for Mistress, aren’t you?” Alyson demanded. She didn’t wait for an answer though. She just leaned down and shoved her hand between Kristen’s legs.

“Yessssss…I’m so fucking wet Mistress…” Kristen moaned as Alyson roughly rubbed the exposed lips of her cunt. “I’m so wet for you! You turn me on so fucking much!”

“So I can feel,” Alyson smirked. “Dirty girl. Getting all wet and juicy from kneeling before your Mistress. Just the way I like it. Mmmmm I like it when my sexy slaves get their pussies all wet for me. That means you’ll do anything I say just for the chance to come.”

“Yes Mistress,” Kristen gasped, her words coming out coated in desire as Alyson continued to play with her pussy. “I’ll do anything you say! Anything!”

But just as it was getting really good and just as Kristen was beginning to think Alyson might let her come from being finger fucked, the dominant woman stopped and pulled her hand away from her slave’s pussy. That wasn’t all she did though.

“Oooooh look my fingers are all sticky and messy now,” Alyson laughed as she showed Kristen the evidence of her arousal. “I’d better clean this off.”

Kristen expected Alyson to feed her the fingers she’d just been rubbing her with, but Alyson had something else in mind. Instead she rubbed them against Kristen’s face, smearing the juice over her cheeks and then getting the last drop on her lips.

“And don’t you dare lick it off,” Alyson warned. “If you’re going to get what you want Kristen then I’m going to make sure that pretty face is nice and juicy first.”

“Yes Mistress…please cover my face in cum,” Kristen found herself begging quite sincerely as her libido took over and overruled any inhibition she might have otherwise had. “Please Mistress. Make me all sticky and messy. I want cum on my face so bad. Mmmm especially yours Mistress. I want your hot cream rubbed all over my slut face.”

“Oh you’re not even close to deserving that yet,” Alyson said scornfully. “You’re lucky I even let you feel your own slut juice on your face. You have to earn the taste of your Mistress’ cunt. And you haven’t even had gotten the words out of your mouth that you came here to say, have you bitch? Don’t you have something to ask your Mistress?’

“Yes Mistress. Yes I do,” Kristen replied, taking care not to say more than that.

“What does my slave want?” Alyson asked rhetorically as she walked around the kneeling Kristen in a circle, naked and holding the crop in her hand, smacking her own palm with it as she let her slave know punishment could come at any second. “What could my little slut possibly want to bring her all the way out here so she can beg in front of her Mistress?”

Kristen was about to answer, but before even the first sound could pass her lips, Alyson spoke out instead and cut her off.

“Could it be that my little bitch wants me to take her collar off?” Alyson asked as Kristen gasped quietly, wondering if Alyson could read her mind or something. “Could it be she wants me to let her go and be have her own fun without Mistress telling her what to do and who to do it too?”

Kristen didn’t deny anything. She just looked down at the floor as she tried to figure out of Alyson really wanted her to answer or if the question was just rhetorical. She got clarification on that very quickly.

“Well? Answer me bitch!” Alyson demanded as she slapped the crop against Kristen’s bare back, getting the blonde to cry out. It wasn’t a hard hit; just enough so Kristen knew Alyson meant business.

“Yes!” Kristen cried out from the stinging against her back. “Yes Mistress! Please! Please let your fucking slut slave take her collar off this weekend!”

“Am I not good enough for you anymore?” Alyson sneered, giving Kristen every indication that there was a big “no” in her future. “Is your Mistress not enough for a whore like you? Are you too hungry for cunt that licking your Mistress isn’t satisfying you anymore?”

As she said this, Alyson grabbed Kristen by her short blonde hair and tugged it roughly, getting another wince and cry out of the kneeling girl.

“Nooooo! No! It’s not…not like that Mistress!” Kristen tried to explain. “I love you! I’m your little slave! I love you controlling me! I just…just…please Mistress…I just need this…”

Kristen looked at Alyson with her eyes wide and pleading. She was usually so good at communicating exactly what she wanted and leaving no doubt about it, but this morning she just couldn’t get the words out. She needed her eyes to tell the story that her mouth couldn’t.

Fortunately, Alyson could read Kristen’s face perfectly. She could see what her lips couldn’t speak and it touched her in a very personal way. She could see there was a great deal of confusion inside Kristen. The girl was torn between the intense feelings of sexual pleasure this brought her and the guilt that she might be doing something wrong. And all of that came along with the question of whether she was truly a submissive person. It was clear to Alyson that Kristen was in turmoil.

Alyson never saw that in any of her other slaves. Mena and Shannon were perfect little subs devoted to their Mistress. But Kristen had always been different. They had rushed into this so much. One second Kristen had been sneaking around her trailer and found out about her and Charisma Carpenter and the next Alyson had been spanking the blonde and making her submit to her new Mistress. There had been no period of adjustment and acceptance. They had gone full speed into it and Alyson could easily understand how this all left Kristen confused.

For all the thrill she got out of dominating other women, Alyson never wanted to hurt them. She didn’t want to cause pain and she definitely didn’t want to force them to do something they didn’t want. That wasn’t who she was and Alyson didn’t want to play games Kristen hated. There had been so many times when Kristen would beg Alyson to stop, only to be overruled by her own lust and end up begging for more.

If that wasn’t confusion, Alyson had no idea what else to call it.

Alyson prided herself on being kind, even when she was playing Mistress. So there had been times before now when Alyson had freed Kristen from her slavery and let her play with whoever she wanted without any thought of being controlled. Alyson knew Kristen loved women. There wasn’t any doubt there. She just didn’t know if Kristen was sure yet if she wanted to be a slave, a domme or just be herself.

If Kristen wanted to go and find herself and determine who she really was, Alyson didn’t want to stop her. In fact she wanted to encourage her friend.

“Mistress knows you love her,” Alyson softly replied as she caressed the hair she had just been pulling. “Mistress knows what a good slave you are Kristen. Mmmm she knows just how much you love fucking girls.”

“I do,” Kristen sighed happily like a kitten being petted as Alyson tenderly touched her. “Mmmmm I get so wet thinking about girls.”

“Naughty little slut,” Alyson smiled. “Little Kristen is a dirty dyke and she knows it. And I know what you want. You want to go to Vegas this weekend and fuck all those pretty girls you see and not have to wait for Mistress to tell you so. Is that what you want? You want to be a cunt licking little slut all weekend long? Tasting all those wet, yummy pussies and getting your face coated in cum? Is that what you want Kristen?”

“Mmmmmm yesssssss pleaaaaaaaase Mistress,” Kristen moaned, picturing carnal delights of the lesbian variety filling her dance card all weekend long.

Nothing had been easy in Kristen’s mind since that first kiss she had shared with Alyson. She had been so curious after seeing Alyson and Charisma kiss one day that she had snuck into Alyson’s trailer on the Veronica Mars set to find clues about whether her friend really was a lesbian. Of course she had found so much more there and since then Kristen’s mind was constantly unsure and second guessing herself. She hated that. She hated not being sure of herself and always having to question whether she was doing the right thing by giving herself over as a slave.

The one thing she was certain of was that she loved the sexual touch of another woman. Kristen loved their soft skin, kissable lips, beautiful jiggly breasts and of course the sweet wetnesses of their pussies. Kristen loved it all. She supposed that her curiosity about Alyson was mostly fueled by her own latent desires for women, but she tried not to overthink it. She already had enough self doubt in her mind without adding more. So she just went with her instincts when it came to her desire to fuck women.

The question that plagued Kristen was whether she was truly happy playing the slave. When she was acting that way she wasn’t herself at all and that was a real thrill for her. Plus it also allowed her to rationalize her behavior as she told herself it wasn’t who she was and she was just giving into fantasy. But she also got such an amazing rush from being with a woman when it was just her and another sexy body without any whips or handcuffs or anyone being a mistress or a slave.

The few times Kristen had been with another woman and it had been all about the sex and not about submission or domination, she had gotten off so hard. There had been such intense pleasure and Kristen had felt so free. But didn’t that mean giving herself to Alyson had been no idle fantasy and she actually was a lesbian? That she wasn’t pretending or forcing herself and she was exactly who her pussy told her she was whenever she saw a girl on the street with a hot pair of tits straining against a top and a tight pair of shorts clinging to a yummy ass?

It was all so confusing and Kristen needed this time to figure herself out. She definitely wanted to go wild in Vegas. Hell it was practically the law there to lose any and all inhibitions, but she also wanted to know by the time Monday rolled around who she was and what she wanted. Did she want to be a slave? Did she want to just be someone who loved getting slutty with hot girls? Was she a lesbian?

It was a lot to take on all at once and Kristen knew she couldn’t do it if she had to look for approval for everything from Alyson. Kristen adored Alyson. She loved how good she made her feel. But she had to know if this was the right path for her.

“Please Mistress! Please let me be free this weekend,” Kristen begged. “I’ll do anything you want. I just have to do this. I’ll do anything if you’ll let me take my collar off. Anything you want! Please!”

“Why? So you can go fuck Mila Kunis some more?” Alyson smiled wickedly, loving how Kristen’s jaw dropped.

“How…how do you know?” Kristen asked in wonder as she saw what she thought was a secret affair that had blossomed on the Forgetting Sarah Marshall set was apparently common knowledge to her Mistress.

“I just know,” Alyson answered, not revealing her source.

Mila had a far bigger mouth than Kristen probably realized and she had been so giddy from their on-set sexual shenanigans that she had told everything to Eliza and Kirsten, who had both already sampled Kristen’s tasty pussy thanks to Alyson. Then Eliza and Kirsten had told Alyson and the circle had been complete. Not that Alyson minded Kristen screwing around with someone like Mila. She thought Mila was beautiful and she definitely would have gone for her just like Kristen had. Alyson knew from personal experience just what a hot fuck the foxy brunette was and she just hoped Kristen had gotten off good from her.

“Or maybe you have someone else in mind you’d rather fuck,” Alyson teased. “Mmmmm maybe someone a little younger. And a little blonder.”

“What? What do you mean?” Kristen defensively bristled, hoping Alyson wasn’t going to go there.

“You know who I mean,” Alyson replied with a grin before she leaned in and whispered into Kristen’s ear. “You know…save the cheerleader…save the world.”

“No!” Kristen gasped as the forbidden words filled her head.

“Is that what you want this weekend for?” Alyson laughed wickedly, relishing the way Kristen tensed up and stammered her denials. “You want to get under the cheerleader’s uniform, don’t you? You want to get into Hayden’s little panties and see if her pussy is sweet as that pretty face of hers. Mmmm admit it Kristen. You want that tight little pussy all for yourself and you don’t want to share with Mistress.”

“No! No! I…I never…not Hayden…not like that…” Kristen stammered out, her words coming out in a jumble as she desperately tried to dissuade Alyson from believing she thought about her close friend that way.

“Liar,” Alyson smirked before licking Kristen’s glistening cheek as the blonde started to nervously sweat. “You want her bad. You want to fuck that cheerleader slut and make her into your naughty little whore in bed. You can’t just be friends with that prime piece of ass. You know you want to fuck her!”

“I don’t!” Kristen insisted. “Not Hayden! She’s not like that! She’s not like me! She’s not into girls!”

Alyson nearly fell on the floor laughing when Kristen said that. Oh how little the girl actually knew. Not only was Hayden way into girls, but she was quickly gaining a reputation down Malibu way as an amazingly hot slut. While Kristen was claiming Hayden wasn’t into girls, her friend was actually fucking the hottest girls in Hollywood.

Kristen had no idea what Hayden was really like and it totally tickled Alyson to see that.

Alyson had no intention of telling Kristen the truth about Hayden and dispelling any notions she had about the teen being pure and innocent. She knew how bad Kristen wanted Hayden, even if she wasn’t willing to admit it to herself yet. She had teased Kristen about this many times all while knowing the whole time how Hayden had already been seduced by Kirsten and Eliza.

She didn’t want Kristen to find out the truth from her. She wanted Kristen to find out by seeing it for herself. That was the best way for her to know. Only by seeing it would Kristen witness with her own eyes how naughty Hayden was and realize just how good they could make each other feel.

But since she didn’t know the truth, Kristen continued to insist she had no attraction to the sexy teen, secure in her head that even if she had feelings for her…which she totally didn’t…Hayden wouldn’t have returned them. Believing Hayden to be totally straight and boy crazy gave Kristen inner peace.

She had placed Hayden off limits in her mind and, as tempting as it might have been to think sexually about her beautiful friend, Kristen hadn’t let herself. In her mind Hayden might as well have been a nun or made of Kryptonite. She wasn’t going to fuck her. Not now. Not ever.

Hayden was no mere former co-star to Kristen. They had known each other forever. At least it felt that way. She’d known Hayden since she was a kid. She’d actually been her babysitter once. They had been friends long before Kristen had signed onto Heroes and Kristen hoped they’d be friends long after that. So she didn’t want to screw that up by trying to get Hayden into bed.

Of course Kristen noticed how good she looked. How could she not? But just because she could appreciate what a sexy young woman Hayden had grown up into didn’t mean that Kristen wanted to fuck her. She was way too close to Hayden for that. It would have been way too weird. She’d known her for so long that it would practically have been like having sex with someone in her family.

As far as she was concerned, Kristen considered Hayden to be untouchable, but Alyson wasn’t making that an easy choice to hold steady on.

“C’mon Kristen, just admit that’s what you really want,” Alyson purred in her ear. “You want to peel off her clothes and lick every inch of that tight, young body. Mmmmm she looks so fucking sexy when I see her on TV. She’s got such a great ass and beautiful tits. She must look even better naked and spreading her legs so you can see how wet that tight little pussy of hers is. She’s gonna be so wet for you Kristen and you know you’re going to want to taste her and lick up every drop of cunt juice out of that teen hole. You say you don’t want it Kristen, but I know you do. You want to fuck your sexy friend! Mmmm you want to play babysitter/little girl games with her, don’t you? Naughty bitch.”

“No…no…I…I don’t…” Kristen claimed even as Alyson filled her head with undeniably erotic images of her friend. “Please Mistress. Please stop.”

Alyson had no intention of stopping at all. She liked this fantasy she was making up. She’d never been with Hayden herself, but she’d heard plenty of stories from Eliza and from her friends in Malibu about how much fun she was in bed. Teasing Kristen like this was way too much fun for her to stop.

“Admit you want her,” Alyson urged. She knew all the history between Kristen and Hayden and she played it to her advantage. “Just say you want to be her babysitter again. Mmmm the good kind of babysitter who shows Hayden how to be a good little slut and eat pussy. You know you want that. Just think of the games you can play. You can be the bad babysitter sneaking around and watching the porno channel when you think little Hayden’s asleep but she catches you and you show her how to be all slutty and sexy like the girls in the pornos. Mmmm or maybe you’d rather give little Hayden her bath like you used to. Get her all squeaky clean before you get her into her nightie and tuck her into bed.”

“Nooooooo stoppp…pleaaaaaase,” Kristen whined as she tried to will her nipples not to get hard and for her pussy not to tingle in desire over Hayden. She failed miserably on both counts as Alyson forced her to consider forbidden images of erotic delight. “No Mistress…I don’t…don’t want that. Please stop! Please don’t make me think of her that way. She’s like…like my little sister!”

Kristen was using all her will power to keep these images at bay. Yes Hayden was beautiful and sexy. But no, she did not want to kiss her soft, pink lips. She didn’t want to undress her. She didn’t want to suck on her firm, succulent tits as Hayden moaned and cooed for more, begging her to go lower…urging Kristen to lick her and taste her pussy as she cried out how much she loved it and how she wanted to be touched and licked all over her naked body….

No! She had to stop! She couldn’t think of Hayden like that!

None of Kristen’s closest non-Hollywood friends knew about her experimentation with women and she wanted to keep it that way. It would have felt too weird, just like being with Hayden would be. Hayden was a star now too and all grown up, but Kristen still thought of her as the innocent girl who used to color and watch cartoons and ask for cookies for dinner when she babysat her. Thinking of her sexually was too much for Kristen to handle.

“Please…” Kristen managed to say one last time as she looked up at Alyson with pleading eyes.

Even though Alyson was doing this for Kristen’s own good, she took her plea to heart and stopped her teasing. She just didn’t want Kristen to restrain herself when it wasn’t necessary. Hayden had to want to fuck her, didn’t she? How could she not? Hayden loved fucking girls. Kristen loved fucking girls. It was only natural that they find each other.

At least that was what Alyson thought. But since Kristen was putting up such a fight about it she decided not to push on any further. Besides there were much more fun things she could do with Kristen besides tease her.

“Ok Kristen you win,” Alyson said. “Now let’s talk about your collar. Is this what you really want? Do you want Mistress to take off your collar so you can get nasty with any girl you want?”

“Yes Mistress…please,” Kristen requested, so happy to be able to think about anyone but Hayden by that point.

“Hmmmm you have been a good slave, I suppose I could let you have a little fun this weekend,” Alyson said, pondering things as if she hadn’t reached a decision when in fact she’d always known what she was going to do about Kristen. “I guess you can play with other girls and not have to worry about your Mistress. But there are some conditions first…”

“Conditions?” Kristen gulped, wondering just what Alyson had in store for her.

“Mmmm hmmm, conditions,” Alyson confirmed. “I can’t just take your collar off Kristen. You have to earn that.”

Kristen’s arousal spiked up inside her. Now she had her mind off Hayden and on the far more appealing idea of showing off for Alyson. The tone of the woman’s voice left no doubt that she had something naughty in mind and Kristen wanted to know what it was. She knew full well from personal experience that whatever Alyson had in mind for her, it was going to feel good.

“How can I earn it?” Kristen asked. “I’ll do anything my Mistress wants.”

“Mmmm I’m so glad you see it that way,” Alyson grinned as she lay back on the bed again and reached over to her nightstand to pick up a little crystal bell. She rang it and sat herself back down on the bed, settling in to watch what was about to unfold.

Kristen was left confused, but only for a second. And then everything was explained to her. She had arrived here thinking she was the only one in the house with Alyson, but that notion was now dispelled. The door to the bedroom opened and Kristen marveled as Charisma Carpenter strode in. The statuesque brunette was a jaw dropping sight and Kristen felt her pussy tingle with excitement.

Ordinarily Charisma cut a striking figure with her large breasts and drool inducing curves, but how she was dressed now absolutely took Kristen’s breath away. The woman was clad in stiletto heels and a latex bustier. The bustier was laced up in the front and by pushing up her chest it made Charisma’s already impressive breasts look positively huge.

The tight black latex clung to her body and it was so arousing that Kristen almost didn’t even look down to see that from the waist down Charisma was in nothing but a strap on. The long fake cock bulged out obscenely from between her legs and Kristen noticed with a moan that it was already wet and lubed up for action.

“Mmmmm is this a present for me?” Charisma asked with a heated gaze in Kristen’s direction. She’d played with the blonde many times before and it was always a treat.

“You know it honey,” Alyson moaned, rubbing herself while lying back on the bed. “I want to see a show. Get naughty with her Charisma. Make it hot and nasty for me.”

That was just what Charisma wanted. The sight of a naked and kneeling Kristen Bell had her already wet pussy quickly demanding some attention and Charisma was in the mood for a show too. She not only wanted to please herself but make Alyson proud too. So she didn’t hesitate to duck out of the room for a brief moment and come back pulling a leash.

If Charisma herself had been an erotic surprise for Kristen, then who she had with her made it even more delicious. She tugged the leash and revealed a horny pair of pets on the other end. Just like Kristen did, Mena Suvari and Shannon Elizabeth had collars around their necks, but these were attached to Charisma’s leash and both girls were moaning as they were pulled into the bedroom.

“I think this party needs a few more sluts,” Charisma declared. “After all if we’re going to have a show, we might as well make it as hot as possible.”

“Oh I completely agree,” Alyson smiled as she petted her pussy with soft caresses from her own hand. “Mmmm good thinking Charisma. I want to see all these fucking whores in action.”

While Charisma’s outfit was dominant right down to her toes, Mena and Shannon were nothing but the meekest of submissives in their outfits, or lack there of. The girls were both in matching pink camisoles that made them seem deceptively innocent even as the clothing hugged tightly to their bodies and teased with the idea of the slutty goodness underneath. The camisoles were designed to have panties for the girls underneath but Shannon and Mena both showed nothing but their bare pussies while crawling on all fours.

Charisma had already removed their panties and Kristen could see how wet they were as they crawled by her. She couldn’t take her eyes off their softly jiggling asses peeking out from their camisoles and the pink slits of their aroused pussies. Kristen got even wetter when she saw how turned on Shannon and Mena were, especially when she saw that their faces were a little shiny too.

They had obviously not just been waiting for Alyson to signal for them. They had been licking each other at Charisma’s direction and Kristen surmised that the two leashed girls were also responsible for how shiny Charisma’s strap on was. The thoughts made her moan and tingle and she ached for Alyson to let her have some fun.

Kristen’s mind wouldn’t rest and all the questions came back as Charisma pulled the two pets by her, allowing Kristen to not only see, but smell how turned on Mena and Shannon were. Kristen had a million questions inside her head. Did she want to be a slave too? Or did she want to be like Charisma holding the leash and controlling them? Or did she just want to get nasty with Alyson, Charisma, Mena and Shannon and forget all the collars and costumes? Was this really what she wanted for herself? Did this make her a lesbian? Did she really want to fuck Hayden?

But Kristen took a deep, cleansing breath and managed to push all those questions, especially the one about Hayden, out of her head. She centered herself and felt the burden of the questions leave her. Her brain was sometimes her own worst enemy and she reminded herself that she didn’t need to constantly question her desires. She could just enjoy the moment and focus on pleasure.

And pleasure was all Kristen wanted to think about right then as she remained kneeling, her pussy starting to drip down her thighs. She watched with growing lust as Charisma pulled her pets onto the bed and demanded they pay tribute to their mistress by kissing Alyson right on the lips. Shannon and Mena did so without hesitation and then it was Charisma’s turn. She lovingly kissed Alyson, their tongues rubbing together in a sensual exchange of desire that had everyone moaning.

And then everyone turned their attention back toward Kristen, where the blonde was quite happy to have it. She didn’t think she could stand not having fun much longer and she loved the way Charisma and Alyson looked at her, like she was a delicious piece of meat and they were starved for her, as Alyson whispered into Charisma’s ear and told her what to do.

Charisma then turned toward Mena and Shannon and whispered something to the two actresses. Kristen couldn’t stop looking at how naughty the two American Pie stars looked in their barely there camisoles that were just sheer enough to tantalize her with the prospect of feasting on their bare flesh underneath. But she wanted to know what they were talking about too.

Even though she was still under her Mistresses’ “control” right then, and Kristen knew it wasn’t her place to talk out of turn, she couldn’t help it, especially as Charisma detached the leashes from Mena and Shannon’s collars and let the two get up and walk toward Kristen.

This allowed the kneeling blonde get a real eyeful, as the act of standing pulled up their camisoles and allowed Kristen to see every inch of Shannon and Mena’s pussies, right down to their glistening lips and the soft, neat tufts of fur above them. Shannon’s bush was as dark as her hair while Mena’s was dirty blonde and Kristen squirmed in arousal at seeing the sexy girls fully exposed to her.

But, as much as the sight turned her on, she couldn’t help herself from starting to talk.

“What are you…” Kristen began to say before she was interrupted, but not by anyone else’s words.

What silenced Kristen was Shannon grabbing her by the back of her head and pushing her forward until her face was in her pussy. Kristen let out a surprised gasp and little yelp at being taken so suddenly and her initial instinct was to resist. Her horniness quickly overcame her reluctance, though. Shannon shoved her face right into her cunt and as soon as she tasted the brunette’s juice Kristen was lost in lust.

Without even having to tell herself what to do, Kristen’s tongue took over. She began licking Shannon’s pussy, tasting the juices that clung to her tight lips and moaning as more soon began to drip out of Shannon’s pink passage. The feel of those yummy juices on her taste buds had Kristen not caring about anything else in no time. No questions or doubts filled her mind anymore. All she wanted was this pussy and she licked Shannon with a growing fervor.

However Shannon’s pussy wasn’t the only one that demanded attention, something Kristen learned when the brunette pushed her away and Mena took her chance to press her hand to the back of her head and bring her forward.

Before Kristen had any chance to react, Mena shoved her face into her pussy and rubbed her wetness all over her mouth. Kristen hadn’t been expecting this, but she didn’t show any pause. She knew what was expected of her and she got right to it, licking Mena’s soft, feminine folds just like she’d licked Shannon’s.

“Oooooooh yessssssssssss that’s a good little bitch,” Alyson moaned on the bed as she watched Kristen in action. “Tongue fuck those pussies! Slurp up that slut juice! Show me what you want to do to those girls in Vegas if I let you go! Show me what you’ve learned you fucking whore! Show Mistress you know how to fucking eat pussy! I don’t want you fucking any other girls if you’re not good enough Kristen! Show me you can earn your freedom! Show me you deserve to lose your collar! Fuck both those sluts! Eat those cunts! I want my fucking little slaves’ cum dripping off your horny bitch face!”

Alyson wasn’t just crying out from the show. She held her pale breasts in her hands, massaging the firm mounds as she spread her legs for Charisma to lean in and get a taste of her wetness. Even though she had been happily controlling Mena and Shannon before and imposing her sexual will upon then, Charisma was in total bliss as she kneeled down on the bed and began licking Alyson’s pussy. Her friend always tasted so good and sweet and even when she was in full domme mode, Charisma hungered for Alyson’s cum.

The more time she spent with Alyson as a lover and not just a friend or co-star, the more Charisma had found herself drawn to Alyson’s secret lifestyle. Many of her female lovers had no idea that Alyson was a domme. Only her closest circle of friends knew that and Charisma felt honored to be a part of that select group. But she hadn’t just appreciated it, she had found herself wanting in too.

Charisma had loved seeing Alyson control her slaves. She had looked so beautiful and so sexy dressed up while making those naughty girls do whatever she wanted. Her control over them had been absolute and Charisma had hungered for that kind of power.

So much of her own life felt out of her control and Charisma often was overwhelmed being a single mother in Hollywood. Being with women was her release and this offered something even more than that. It was a chance to have the kind of control that she wanted. It was a chance to tell someone to do something and have it done without question as a beautiful woman gave it all up to her, body and soul.

Once Charisma had told all this to Alyson, her friend had graciously agreed to take her under her wing. Now Charisma was Alyson’s loyal apprentice and she studied everything her friend did. She wanted to be as good as her. She wanted to be able to control her slaves just as effortlessly as Alyson controlled Shannon and Mena. Charisma was learning more and more every time she studied with Alyson and she felt herself growing more powerful and confident with every session.

But even though she relished the power she felt from controlling another girl, underneath it all Charisma was still just a woman who loved sex and sex with Alyson was always amazing. Alyson’s pussy tasted so sweet and Charisma lapped at it like she was desperate to have her tongue soaked in her friend’s juices. Alyson looked so beautiful naked and spread out on the bed, her pale skin contrasted by her dyed dark hair and her pussy so pink and wet underneath the little puff of still red hair that hovered over her pussy and tickled Charisma’s nose as she fed off her.

“Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss ooooooooooooooh fuck me baby! Eat that pussy!” Alyson commanded her protégé. “Lick that slit! Get that tongue inside me so I can get off watching these bitches fuck each other! Mmmmm yeahhh get me all wet and juicy watching the show!”

As hard as it was to concentrate on anything but the sight of Charisma’s beautiful face buried between her legs, Alyson made sure to give plenty of attention to Kristen, Mena and Shannon too while making sure that her slaves shared.

“Don’t hog that slut tongue Mena,” Alyson ordered as she eyed the blonde girl holding down Kristen with one hand, her mouth open in ecstasy as happy sex cries spilled out one after the other. “Share with Shannon!”

Mena was reluctant to give up Kristen’s tongue. It felt so good lapping at her soft folds and driving her wild with horniness. She and Shannon had gotten each other so wet licking each other in a 69 for Charisma before teaming up to suck on her strap on together and Kristen’s tongue was so welcome on her needy pussy. Mena loved what Kristen was doing to her and she knew it wouldn’t take many more licks before she was creaming the girl’s face.

But as hard as it was to give up the pleasure, Mena never even considered ignoring her mistress. She knew that the punishment for disobeying an order would have left her denied of orgasm at the very least. Besides that, though, Mena loved her Mistress far too much to not obey her. She was devoted to Alyson’s pleasure and if this was what she wanted, Mena would to give it to her.

“Yes Mistress,” Mena replied, pushing Kristen away from her pussy and leaving the blonde’s lips shiny with her essence.

“You heard our Mistress, eat that pussy!” Mena profanely ordered while shoving Kristen’s face right back into Shannon’s cunt and enjoying the sound of her brunette friend sighing in pleasure from Kristen’s tongue darting right out to lick her again. “Tongue fuck Shannon you little fucking bitch! Oooooh we’re going to make it so hard on you slut! You’re gonna earn your fun by fucking us and getting Mistress Alyson off!”

To Mena it was inconceivable why anyone would want to leave Alyson’s loving embrace. She was so wonderful and so dominant and so powerful. She made Mena feel like she had no control over herself and made the sweet surrender so erotic that no man could ever compare to the touch of her Mistress. Plus Alyson was such a kind Mistress. Unlike others who used their slaves to be cruel or to hurt, Mistress Alyson never gave her slaves anything but the most intense submissive pleasure.

Mena had no idea what Kristen was thinking and she wanted the girl to see what a fool she was. She wanted Kristen to beg Mistress Alyson to let her be her slave again. She wanted her to confess she’d been wrong to ever want to leave her mistress. But most of all Mena wanted to give Mistress Alyson the kind of show that would get her off. No one’s pleasure mattered as much as her Mistress’ and that included her own.

“Ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss ooooooooooh fuck me! Fuck me just like Mistress Alyson told you to!” Shannon cooed as she took over for Mena and held the blonde star’s head to her pussy. “Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssss lick that cum right out of me! Taste how fucking wet I am! Mmmmm Kristen you have such a hot tongue! Make it good you cum thirsty slut! Make Mistress feel good from watching us!”

Kristen was doing a very good job right then of setting her mind aside and living in the moment. She just concentrated on the pussy before her. It didn’t matter if it was Shannon’s or Mena’s or any of the other girls in the room. All that mattered was how wet it was and how good it tasted on her tongue. Kristen had licked them both before so their flavors were far from new for her and she went after them both with enthusiasm.

Whichever pussy was in her face was going to get licked. There wasn’t anything more to it than that and Kristen didn’t complicate the matter needlessly. She let her tongue do all the thinking for her and all she wanted then was girl juice and lots of it. Kristen loved how the flavors of Mena and Shannon mixed together in her mouth and how she could compare how they both tasted. Mena had the sweeter taste and Shannon was richer and she adored them both.

Tasting the both of them together made her hungrier and Kristen aggressively went after Shannon, lapping at her slit and then pushing her tongue inside so she could attack her hot spots. In return for Shannon’s hand pressing down on the back of her head, Kristen got an even firmer grip on the brunette by reaching around her back to squeeze her ass cheeks.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss!” Shannon moaned as her ass was gripped and her pussy was licked hard. The pleasure shooting through her made her knees buckle and Shannon had to steady herself.

Fortunately Mena was on hand, not only to lend a hand to keep her friend upright, but to add her tongue to the mix too. Far from being jealous about not having Kristen’s tongue anymore, Mena wanted to help make Shannon feel good. She leaned in and tenderly kissed her former co-star and, as their tongues rubbed together, she pulled away to turn her attention to Shannon’s always sexy chest.

From the first time they had gotten naked with each other, Mena had loved Shannon’s tits. They bounced so enticingly when they fucked and had such a roundness that Mena lusted after. Mena never felt self conscious about her own smaller tits, but she loved Shannon’s bigger pair and she never missed a chance to play with them. So, as Shannon moaned from Kristen’s tongue, Mena caressed her softly jiggling breasts through her pink, sheer camisole.

Shannon loved the sexy touch and kissed Mena harder. They began making out with heated passion and Shannon even took one hand off Kristen’s head to rub Mena’s tits back through her camisole. They both moaned into each other’s mouths as their kissing continued, but Mena soon wanted more and she yanked the camisole off Shannon.

She hadn’t been ordered to make her friend naked, but Mena couldn’t help herself. They were far too hot for each other to stop and wait. Mena got Shannon’s camisole off as quickly as she could, leaving the brunette completely naked.

“Ahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm yesssssss take it all off me,” Shannon groaned. “Mmmmm I want Mistress to see my body. I want her to see how turned I on right now.”

Mena let her and Shannon’s lips fuse together one more time, before she moved down to her friend’s chest and kissed her now exposed and already hard nipples. She went from one to the other and made sure they were both wet with her spit as Shannon moaned for more from both of the tongues touching her body.

“Yeahhhhhhhh suck my tits Mena! Mmmmm yessssssssss right in front of our Mistress!” Shannon groaned. “Mmmmm make me even wetter so I can cream all over this slut’s face just like our Mistress wants! Mmmmm yessssssssss so good! So fucking good! Ooooooooh Mena you know how much I love you playing with my tits! You always make it feel so fucking incredible!”

“Hey! Don’t forget about me!” Alyson reminded the girls from the bed in between moans from Charisma’s tongue working her over. “This isn’t about you Shannon! You’re supposed to be making me wet!”

“I’m sorry Mistress…so…so sorry,” Shannon gasped from pleasure as Mena and Kristen’s tongues continued to tantalize her hot spots. “I just couldn’t help it! She’s so good! Mmmmm I love Mena sucking my tits! Mmmmm and Kristen…oooooooooh her tongue makes me so fucking wet!”

Alyson just laughed. She was only teasing her slaves. She loved seeing Shannon’s body tremble in ecstasy like it was then from Kristen eating her out and Mena worshipping her chest. Having a live sex show in front of her was making Charisma’s tongue on her cunt even hotter and Alyson was getting off especially hard because she knew she wasn’t the only one watching the show. But as much fun as this was, she had to make sure to keep her slaves on their toes.

“Well now it’s Mena’s turn to get wet!” Alyson commanded. “Lick her Kristen! Bury that nasty slave tongue right in her pink cunt! Lick it up you thirsty bitch! Mena’s gonna give you so much of that sweet girl juice you wanna lick up so bad from all those Vegas sluts! Get licking Kristen! And Shannon, now it’s your turn to show Mena’s titties some love! I wanna see you sucking those beautiful little tits bitch! Get her naked! I wanna see my slave’s hot body!”

“Mmmm yessssssss Mistress,” Shannon immediately agreed. “Her tits are so sexy! I love sucking on them! Mmmm especially if you’re watching me and seeing what a fucking whore slave I am for you!”

Without a second thought, Shannon pushed Kristen away from her pussy. Just like Mena, Shannon knew what she wanted mattered far less than what Alyson wanted and she only lived to serve her beloved Mistress. Shannon grabbed Kristen by her hair and, as the girl gasped for breath, she shoved her back between Mena’s legs.

“Lick her!” Shannon commanded the gasping Kristen, shoving her face into Mena’s wetness and letting her friend grind her pussy hard into Kristen’s mouth. “Tongue fuck her like a good little bitch! Mistress wants it! You’d better fucking do what your Mistress says!”

Kristen obeyed without hesitation. She was short of breath and gasping in between licks, but that just made it more fun. She could feel little tears start to form at her eyes from oxygen deprivation and it only turned her on more. It made her feel so naughty, like she was being forced into it when licking these wet, delicious pussies when in fact it was all she wanted. It was so hot and so wild and Kristen loved it. She barely considered breathing a priority then. She just wanted to lick every sweet drop out of Mena and Shannon.

As Kristen showed nothing but willingness to tongue Mena’s pussy, Shannon set about returning the favor to her blonde friend. She kissed Mena passionately, their tongues sliding together once again, and tugged her camisole over her head. Mena helpfully lifted her arms up and that made it so much easier for Shannon to pull it up and off her, leaving her just as nude as she and Kristen were, their bare bodies completely on display except for the collars around their necks that bound them to their Mistress.

Shannon then closed her mouth right around Mena’s left nipple. She tenderly sucked the sensitive bud and had Mena cooing in no time.

“Ooooooooooh yesssssssss Shannonnnnn…” Mena cried out her friend’s name as Shannon reached up to squeeze her right breast, massaging the firm mound as she sucked on the other, making her nipple throb between her lips. “Mmmm yesssssssss! Spit on it! Spit on my tit and lick it off! Mmmmm do it to both of them! I need to feel your tongue all over my tits while this disobedient bitch is eating me! Ooooooooooh this nasty whore doesn’t want our Mistress anymore! We gotta show her what she’s missing!”

Kristen felt bad about what Mena was saying. She didn’t mean to reject Alyson or any of the new friends she’d made since she’d been pulled into her web. She didn’t regret anything she’d done. She was just confused and needed to explore. She didn’t want Mena thinking she didn’t like what they had done. But Kristen could see why the girl felt that way. So she didn’t stop licking. She figured that maybe through pleasure she could ease Mena’s anger.

Instead of retreating her tongue, Kristen licked harder and she stopped going after Mena’s tender folds. She went right for the prize instead…her swollen clit. Mena’s pleasure center was easy for Kristen to find and when her tongue attacked it, Mena quickly found herself breathless.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Mena cried happily. “FUCK YESSSSSSSS! Mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssssss lick that clit! Oooooooooooooh gawwwwwwwwd!”

Mena’s pleasure was magnified by Shannon giving her what she wanted and spitting onto her tits. Shannon made sure her friend’s pink chest got coated with plenty of her saliva and she spread it around with her tongue, making Mena moan even more. Shannon knew just how to use her tongue and she had Mena tingling from head to toe. She felt like she could so very soon from how good it felt.

“Oooooooh yessssssssssss that’s it you dirty little bitch! Show me how much you still love our pussies!” Mena cried as she pushed down hard on the back of Kristen’s head with both hands. “Suck that juice right out of me! Mmmmmmm you love this! I want you to admit you fucking love this Kristen! You’re a fucking slave like me you bitch! You’re a pussy starved little slut who can’t fucking get enough! Say you love it! Say you love our Mistress!!!”

Alyson had been riding a pretty big wave of pleasure of her own from Charisma’s tongue. She was writhing in her own bed, grinding her ass into the sheets as she looked down to see her brunette protégé’s hair draped down over her thighs and her eyes staring up at her full of lust. Charisma was licking her so well that she almost didn’t hear what Mena said. But she did and she couldn’t help but notice the anger in her voice.

Alyson knew she had to take some action even if it meant making Charisma stop. So she gently pushed her friend away from her pussy and when Charisma looked up at her quizzically, wondering what she had done wrong, Alyson gave her a tender, reassuring kiss, enjoying the taste of herself all over her lover’s lips. She didn’t say a word, though, until she had gotten off the bed and came up behind Mena and pulled her short blonde hair.

“Are you ordering around my fucking slave?” Alyson demanded getting an immediate cry from Mena.

“No Mistress! Never!” Mena claimed, chagrined that she had displeased her Mistress. She knew it was useless to claim otherwise, so she stopped protesting and started apologizing. “I’m sorry! I…I…I didn’t mean it! Please don’t punish me! I was just trying to make it hot for you!”

“You’re not allowed to tell my slave what to do!” Alyson chastised as she slapped Mena’s bare ass hard, making the girl wince. “She does what I want! You do what I want! You’re both my little fucking bitch slaves! Don’t you forget it!”

“I could never forget!” Mena cried as Alyson slapped her ass again even as the pleasure rolled through her body from the continued tongue work of Shannon and Kristen. “I’m so sorry Mistress! I just…just…didn’t want her leaving you! I don’t get why she doesn’t want to be your slave! I love serving you Mistress! I want her to feel the same way!”

“I’ll decide what Kristen needs to do,” Alyson reminded her slave, giving Mena one last hard slap on her ass as a reminder. “I make the decisions for my all slaves! Not you! Now get on your fucking hands and knees Mena!”

“Yes Mistress,” Mena meekly replied before doing exactly as she was commanded. It meant pulling away from the hot tongues of her lovers, but Mena would have done anything her Mistress commanded.

“Mmmmmm I love seeing you like that, on all fours like my good little pet,” Alyson moaned as she eyed Mena in her new position, her small tits hanging down as she submissively eyed the ground and didn’t dare make eye contact with her upset Mistress. “It makes it so much easier to do this…”

Mena yelped as Alyson slapped her already tender ass three more times, each slap stinging more than the last. But Mena didn’t dare ask Alyson to stop. She knew she deserved this. She had dared assume responsibility that belonged to her Mistress. She had to be punished.

But fortunately Alyson wasn’t in much of a mind to punish. After the third slap she stopped and instead began to caress Mena’s tender bottom. She softly ran her fingers over the smooth, flushed flesh and made her slave moan.

“Mistress knows you love her, but let Mistress take care of her slaves,” Alyson purred into Mena’s ear. “Mistress knows best. She knows what Kristen needs.”

“I’m so sorry Mistress,” Mena declared, her eyes showing signs of tears. “I’ll never do it again.”

“I know you won’t,” Alyson said, continuing to caress her slave’s spanked ass before she turned to Shannon and Kristen. “You two! On your hands and knees too! I want all three of you with your asses in the air!”

Kristen and Shannon obeyed, getting down right beside Mena and lifting their asses up as their tits swayed gently while they perched themselves on their hands and knees. Alyson licked her lips at the sight of Kristen’s pretty face shiny with the juices she’d licked out of Mena and Shannon and she had to keep herself from reflexively leaning down and cleaning it all off.

“Kristen, eat Shannon’s pretty little pussy,” Alyson commanded, standing up and regarding her slaves. “Suck that tight, pink cunt until she comes all over that sweet little face of yours! Lick out every yummy drop of that cream! As for you Mena, you go get Charisma’s cock wet! I’m told you did a good job sucking it before, but now you need to do it again. I want that cock dripping with spit when I get back!”

Shannon and Mena’s faces both lit up. Shannon was so happy that she would be able to come and Mena was delighted by any chance to serve. She had been afraid that her Mistress would punish her and keep her out of the fun and being able to suck Charisma’s thick strap on was hardly punishment to her.

“You heard your Mistress! Get to it!” Charisma declared, effortlessly taking control and clapping her hands to get the girl’s attentions.

As Alyson smiled with pride at how well Charisma was doing, she watched the girls scramble into position. They all remained on their hands and knees as Mena leaned down and opened her mouth to start sucking Charisma’s toy.

Just like the real cocks she’d sucked before, Mena started off slow by sucking the head and then started to go deeper, taking on Charisma’s fake inches as she began bobbing her head up and down on the toy. And Shannon was quickly moaning as Kristen pressed her face to her wetness and began lapping at her pussy, tasting the juice that was dripping down and pushing in for more as she started going after the brunette’s clit.

Ordinarily, no one would have been able to leave a scene like this, but this was no ordinary circumstance. Not when Alyson had a special guest over at her house this morning. So she left Charisma in charge of her slaves and nakedly strode out of her room.

Those in her bedroom hadn’t been the only ones watching the show. Taking a page out of the mansion’s playbook, Alyson had installed some closed circuit cameras in her place. That meant it was easy to see what went on in her bedroom when the camera was on and this morning Alyson had made damn sure it was on. She wanted her guest to get a hot show.

Now the only question was whether or not her guest had enjoyed it. And, as Alyson approached her guest bedroom, she began to smile as she heard the telltale moans and gasps of someone definitely enjoying the show.

“Mmmmmm yummy,” Alyson moaned from the sounds of feminine pleasure.

This was going just the way she wanted it and she didn’t hesitate to open the unlocked door. When she did that and saw what was going on in the bed, Alyson’s smile grew even wider.

On the bed, Cobie Smulders had ditched most of her clothes and was sprawled out in her bra and panties, but even those were barely on her. The cups of her black bra were tugged down to expose her rock hard nipples and with one hand the brunette actress was tugging on then, moving from one breast to the other as she frantically stimulated herself. As for her panties, they were pushed off to the side, revealing the wet, splayed lips of Cobie’s pussy as she kept her lips spread wide for the buzzing vibrator she was slowly fucking herself with.

“Ohhhhhhh yessssssssss! Yesssssssssssss! Fuck yessssssssssss!!!!” Cobie cried out as she thrashed on the bed, masturbating without inhibition to the broadcast of the fun going on in Alyson’s bedroom. “Fuck her! Eat her out! Make her come! Oooooooooooooh yesssssssssss eat that fucking wet pussy! Mmmmm yesssssssss I’ll bet it tastes soooooooooo good! Mmmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssss ooooooooooh yesssssssss fucking lick it good! Make her come! Make her come all over your face! Ohhhhhhhh God it’s so hot! So fucking hot! Fuck her hard! Make her come!”

Cobie was completely enraptured by the show being broadcast for her viewing pleasure. She worked her dripping pussy with the buzzing vibrator and tugged at her hard nipples, moaning wantonly with every wave of pleasure that coursed through her barely dressed body. The composed actress was nowhere in sight. Cobie was absolutely lost in lust and Alyson couldn’t have been happier. She had her co-star right where she wanted her.

Cobie had no idea Alyson was watching her as her eyes remained locked on the TV showing her Kristen voraciously eating Shannon out while Mena remained on her hands and knees giving head to Charisma’s strap on, bobbing her practiced lips up and down as she began to choke on the hard inches. Cobie was completely into the show and didn’t hear Alyson walking in and toward the bed. In fact she took notice of nothing but the broadcast and her own pleasure until Alyson placed her hand on her flat stomach and began to caress the sweaty flesh.

“I see you’re enjoying the show,” Alyson wolfishly smirked as Cobie looked up at her and sighed lustfully. Cobie managed a weak smile, but said nothing as she continued fucking herself with the vibrator that Alyson had helpfully left for her.

Alyson leaned in and kissed Cobie, a gesture the actress greedily accepted. She kissed Alyson back with more passion than she had ever shown her co-star before. Their tongues rubbed together wetly and sensually and, as they kissed, Cobie reacted by fucking herself harder, pushing the pulsing vibrator deeper into her cunt and soaking it even more with her aroused juices.

The two sitcom stars kissed each other deeply, with Cobie loving the wet kiss so much that she even closed her eyes and deprived herself of the show that was turning her on so much. And the pleasure for Cobie got even more intense when Alyson reached down to play with her tits, massaging the firm, exposed mounds and rubbing her hard pink nubs with her soft palms.

That allowed Cobie to move her hand off her own tits and she quickly reassigned it to new duties. She lewdly licked her fingers and then shoved her hand down to her pussy, rubbing her soft folds as she fucked herself even harder with the vibrator.

“Dirty little slut,” Alyson teased when she saw what she was up to. “Mmmmm Cobie you look so fucking hot. I knew you’d love it. I knew this was what you wanted!”

“Ooooooooooh you’re so right!” Cobie gasped as she worked her pussy over with both hands now. “Mmmmmmm Aly you’re always right! Ohhhhhh God it’s so fucking hot! Even hotter than the last time! It’s making me so wet! I’m so fucking turned on baby! Mmmmmm I want it! This time I know I want it! Do it Aly! Fuck me!”

“Are you sure that’s what you want,” Alyson asked, licking a bead of sweat on Cobie’s flushed face while continuing to play with her tits. “You sure you’re ready this time?”

“Yes! I’m ready!” Cobie swore. “I know I am! I’m positive I want this! I want you! I want your nasty friends! Mmmmm I don’t want to wait anymore! I want to fuck a woman! I need it Aly! This is turning me on too fucking much! I want to fuck you!”

Alyson had been waiting years for those words and she rewarded Cobie for saying them by kissing her tenderly again while reaching for the vibrator. Once she got the toy in her hand, Alyson took over fucking Cobie, using all her expertise with sex toys to make the girl wetter. Cobie cried out in ecstasy into Alyson’s mouth as they kissed, loving the feel of her co-star fucking her. It was an amazing sensation and Cobie rubbed herself even harder as Alyson pushed the vibrator into her.

As much as she loved women, Alyson had always tried to not mix her career with pleasure. She made her decisions with her brain and not with her pussy. The only exception to that was the time she had joined Love’s sitcom cast just because she loved fucking her so much that she wanted to be around her even though the role sucked. But despite loving the time she could spend with Love, Alyson had ended up quitting before the pilot was even in the can and the show never made it to air, which further made her resolved to keep work and play separate.

That meant not going after her co-stars unless she was sure it was the right thing to do. She had waited until Sarah had made the first move to show her how much she wanted her. She had waited until Charisma had left to do Angel to get her in bed. And she had waited until Buffy The Vampire Slayer had ended to hook up with the rest of her sexy female co-stars. That had also meant holding off on going after Cobie even though she had wanted to get in her panties from the first rehearsal.

Cobie was so beautiful and such a nice person. The whole cast of How I Met Your Mother got along so well and Alyson had felt an attraction to Cobie from the moment she met her. But until recently Alyson had never picked up any sign that her friend might have been open to a woman’s touch. So she hadn’t made a move. Alyson hadn’t wanted to spoil the great chemistry the show’s cast had by making things awkward between her and Cobie.

So Alyson had just been Cobie’s friend and instead found sexual satisfaction with her many other female lovers. With so many beautiful girls to play with, and of course Sarah always on her mind, Alyson was happy to only be Cobie’s friend and simply have an unrequited crush on her. But all that had changed a few months ago.

Cobie had been over for dinner and they had broken open some wine and had been deep into the girl talk. They had been laughing and enjoying each other’s company as friends and Alyson hadn’t had any designs of making it anything more than that. So when they started talking about sex and ripping on Cobie’s latest loser boyfriend, Alyson hadn’t been thinking sex when she had jokingly suggested to her co-star that she try women.

Alyson would have said the same thing if she’d wanted Cobie or not. It had seemed the natural response to someone talking about how much men sucked. Alyson hadn’t meant it as a way to try and get Cobie into bed so she had immediately apologized when Cobie had fallen silent in response.

Alyson had been very apologetic, not sure if she had somehow offended her friend by making her joke. But Cobie had quickly said that she wasn’t mad and she definitely wasn’t offended. Still she had stayed quiet and stopped laughing and joking around, so Alyson, thinking only of being a good friend, had asked Cobie what was wrong.

Cobie had been shy to explain at first, claiming she was embarrassed and didn’t think it was important, but Alyson could see that something had been bothering the former model that night. She knew it was hard to believe, especially now, but she really hadn’t been trying to seduce Cobie. She had just wanted to know what was bothering her because it had definitely seemed like there was something weighing down on her.

Cobie had resisted telling her at first, but Alyson had eventually been able to wear down her protective shell and get at the truth. And it had turned out that Cobie hadn’t nearly been as straight as Alyson had assumed and her offhand joke had actually hit a sensitive subject for Cobie. With a sigh of relief that she was at least finally talking about it, Cobie had confessed to Alyson that for years she had been curious about a woman’s touch but had never done anything about it.

She still liked men. She said she didn’t think she was a lesbian, but Cobie had admitted that night that she had long wondered about the touch of a woman. How much different would it be from a man’s? Would it be softer? More sensual? Better? Cobie didn’t know and not only was the curiosity eating at her, but her own shame at her fear to act was too.

There had been many times through the years when Cobie had been presented with chances to make love to a woman. She had been a model before she had become an actress and there was never any shortage of lesbians, bisexuals or girls just looking to explore in either of those industries. So there had been chances, but each time she had been too chicken to do anything about it.

Confessing everything to Alyson, Cobie had told her friend that she had lost her nerve each time and backed away before she had done anything. She had no idea why she got so scared, but every time before things had gone too far it hadn’t felt right to Cobie and she had brought it to a stop before the clothes came off. So not only did she feel sexually unfulfilled, she felt like a coward too.

Cobie had been unsure how Alyson would take all of this. They were friends, but she hadn’t been sure if Alyson was the kind of friend you could talk to about lesbian desire. But it had definitely felt good for her to at least tell someone about this so Cobie had looked up at Alyson with a bit of a shy smile, wondering if she had said too much.

But before another word could be said, Alyson had made her move. She had quickly closed the distance between her and Cobie and, before her friend could react, gently leaned in and kissed her soft lips. It had been a light kiss at first, with Alyson not wanting to give her co-star more than she could handle, and as soon as Cobie had gotten over the initial shock of Alyson kissing her, she had begun to kiss back.

The two had shared light kisses back and forth, never really having dreamt of the other before, but giving into the new desire they had for each other. Yet before they had gotten too far, Cobie had put the brakes on. She had been so apologetic, but had told Alyson she just wasn’t ready for it to happen right then.

It had been clear to Alyson that Cobie was very repressed and was trying to fight off her lesbian desires. She supposed that was natural when people always told you that something was normal and any alternative was weird, so Alyson hadn’t been mad that her fun with Cobie had stopped before it had even started. She hadn’t been about to make it hard for her friend when it was clear she was struggling like this.

So Alyson had told Cobie they could take it slow as she wanted, but promised that whenever Cobie wanted to, she would show her just how good another woman’s touch could be. She hadn’t put any extra pressure on Cobie or forced the issue. Alyson knew from experience that good things came to those who waited, so she had let Cobie guide how fast they went.

They had made out a little bit more that night, but nothing else and all their clothes had stayed on. And in between kisses, Alyson had told Cobie about her lesbian experiences, leaving out some details like the mansion and her extracurricular bondage activities so as not to overwhelm her. But she had made sure Cobie knew how wonderful women were in bed and promised her that she would guide her and show her how to do it right.

That had been an invitation Cobie had been very grateful for. Alyson really was a good friend, and Cobie had told herself it was better, if she was going to finally take the plunge, to do it with someone she cared about than with just some random girl that didn’t mean a thing to her. Hearing about how Alyson had been doing these naughty things with other girls had turned Cobie on and she had pressed her friend for more and more details each time they were alone.

Soon enough there were no secrets between them and, far from being freaked out, Cobie had been fascinated by Alyson’s secret domme side and the idea of some mansion where all these beautiful, famous women gathered to find pleasure in each other’s touch. It had seemed so crazy, but Cobie knew that Alyson wouldn’t lie to her, so she had believed everything her friend had told her. It all had sounded so good and so much fun, yet still Cobie had been afraid to actually do it.

She wished she had more resolve. She hated being afraid of her own desires. But being attracted to women and wondering about their kiss and their touch and their taste was so scary to Cobie. She had been thinking and dreaming and fantasizing for years, but when it had come to actually going for it, she hadn’t been able to give herself that final push.

Fortunately Alyson was more than willing to give her just what she needed. If Cobie needed to be eased into lesbian sex, then Alyson was going to make sure she was holding her hand and guiding her through it.

They had kept things slow, but sexy. Every time they could be alone together, they played a bit more. The passing nights saw their kisses grow more passionate and bolder and at the end of each night Cobie had found herself wearing less and less clothing than she had coming in. That had excited her and made her scared in a good way, because she felt that finally she was going to get the push that she needed to make her dreams a reality.

Alyson had been the perfect guide for her, letting her take it as slow as she needed. Every time Cobie had felt her nerves get the better of her, Alyson had let her stop without any hard feelings. But each time they were together, Cobie had felt herself want it more. Cobie loved the way Alyson kissed and the way she touched and she still remembered with desire the first time they had seen each other naked after they had undressed each other down to nothing but bare skin and made out it seemed until the sun rose.

That had felt so good and Cobie had loved the look Alyson had given her when she had gotten naked. Alyson had loved her body and Cobie had loved showing it to her just as much as she loved seeing her co-star nude too. And a naked Alyson wasn’t all Cobie had seen the next night. Alyson brought along a friend to put on a show with and Cobie had never felt herself get wetter than she had when Alyson had gotten it on with Britney Spears right in front of her.

It had turned out that Alyson knew Britney from this mansion she had talked about and Cobie had been so shocked that the two times Britney had been on the show she had never even gotten a hint that she and Alyson were secretly fucking. And then Alyson had blown her mind when she told her she had fucked Mandy Moore too. Cobie had been stunned all this had gone on behind her back and that just made her more turned on to have a front row seat for Alyson and Britney’s fun.

Cobie hadn’t joined in that night but she had gotten naked and touched herself, fucking herself to orgasm right in front of Alyson and Britney as she’d watched her friend feast on the singer’s big tits, sucking on her hard nipples and licking all over those bouncy mounds as Britney had cooed for more and spread her legs wide to show how soaked she was.

Cobie had never seen anything as hot and she had gotten off so many times watching Alyson eat Britney’s pink pussy and even bend her over and spread her full ass cheeks open to tongue her hole back there too. And then Britney had gone so wild on Alyson…working her over with her tongue so many times as Britney had begged Alyson to fuck her face like a slut and feed her all her cum.

Even though she had been just a voyeur that night and she had resisted Alyson and Britney’s pleas to join in, Cobie had felt such intense sexual sensations that night. It had all been so amazing and watching Alyson fuck Britney had turned Cobie on so much that she had known it was time. She was ready for this.

She had come to Alyson’s house this morning resolved that this was the time she was actually going to make good on her desires and not chicken out. And so far nothing had gotten her to change her mind. In fact everything she had seen so far had only made her want it more.

Alyson had put her in the spare bedroom to watch the show and left her with the vibrator to make her good and hot for what was to come. All of it had worked wonders and Cobie was a sweaty mess of desire now. Seeing Alyson get naked and naughty with Kristen, Shannon, Charisma and Mena had Cobie on the verge of melting with sexual heat and she had no more doubts and no more inhibitions. It was time. She wanted it now and she didn’t want to wait.

“Ohhhhhhhhh Alyyyyyyyyyyy yeahhhhhhh fuck meeeeeeeee!!!” Cobie cried as her friend fucked her with the vibrator. “Mmmmmm make me want it so bad! Make me go crazy if I can’t have it! You’re so fucking sexy Aly! I need this! Mmmmm it’s time baby. You’ve been so good to me! Waiting all this time until I was ready. Well I’m ready now! Make me yours! Show me how good it is to fuck a woman!”

Cobie’s lips were once more silenced by a kiss from Alyson. Far from the gentle kisses they had first shared many nights ago, this was passionate and heated. Alyson had been waiting for this moment for what seemed like forever and she wasn’t going to let Cobie back out now.

“Mmmmm you’ve got such a wet pussy for me Cobie,” Alyson marveled as she felt her friend’s juices coat her toy and dampen her hand. “I want to make you come baby! I want to be the first girl to make you come! I want to take this wet pussy and make it explode yummy girl cream all over my tongue to make you all hot and slutty like me. Mmmm is that what you want Cobie? You want to be a naughty little slut like me? You want to fuck girls and taste their wet pussies?”

“Yesssssssssss I want it so bad,” the Canadian girl hissed in desire as Alyson worked her over with the vibrator, the toy getting her right on the edge of orgasm as it buzzed inside her, her tight pink folds wrapping around the probing plastic. “Make me just like you Aly! I’ve wanted this for so long! I can’t wait any longer! I need it! I need it to be hot and nasty and just as good as you said it’s going to be! Mmmmm yesssss ooooooooh fuck, that toy feels so good in me but I want more! I want your tongue! I need you to eat my pussy and make me come! Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase!”

Alyson kissed Cobie again, their tongues rubbing together as Cobie kissed back with more passion than she had ever shown. If her words weren’t enough proof that Cobie was ready, then her actions certainly were. So Alyson only had one question left.

“Want to do it here or get in the room with my friends?” Alyson asked.

She preferred to do it back in her room where all her loyal slaves could see her get it on with her co-star, but they had a perfectly good bed here and Alyson was willing to defer to whatever Cobie was comfortable with.

Cobie was torn. On the one hand she wanted her first time to be personal and doing it here when it was just her and Alyson was appealing. But on the other hand the action in Alyson’s bedroom was turning her on even more than it had to watch Alyson and Britney.

More girls meant more fun and Cobie had found herself hungering for Charisma, Kristen, Mena and Shannon as she’d watched them get naughty with each other. What was going on in there seemed so kinky and hot and Cobie wanted a better view that the television just couldn’t provide.

“Let’s do it there,” Cobie smiled, no hesitation at all in her voice as she resolved to go through with this. “I want to meet your friends.”

“That’s my girl,” Alyson beamed before rewarding her friend by pulling the vibrator out of her pussy with a wet squish and shutting it off and bringing it up to Cobie’s lips. “Lick it. Taste yourself all over my toy.”

Cobie was beyond turned on now and she reacted to the lewd command with an enthusiasm she had never displayed before. She parted her lips and took the toy into her mouth, sucking it like it was a real cock. Cobie closed her eyes and moaned as she tasted her rich, creamy juices all over the plastic and kept on rubbing herself, stimulating her pussy as she sucked the toy clean. And when Cobie pulled her mouth off it, it was only to lick the remaining juices with her tongue up as she stared lustfully at Alyson.

“So hot…such a hot slut,” Alyson moaned in heated desire for her friend. “Lick up those yummy juices baby. Oooooh I can’t wait to taste you too. I want to lick that pussy dry mmmm and I want you to lick too. I want to feel your tongue on my pussy baby. I hope you like those juices you’re tasting because soon you’re gonna be licking cum right out of my wet pussy. Oooooh Cobie, you’re going to be so hot in there. You’re going to love every second of this.”

Cobie had no doubt of that. She had been dreaming about this for far too long and finally she felt as though she had conquered her doubts and hang-ups. She sluttily licked up every drop of her own pussy and let the flavor tickle her taste buds. This was so wrong and so very right for her. She couldn’t wait to find out what Alyson tasted like and finally get herself licked by a woman too. And if Alyson was looking forward to finding out what she tasted like, Cobie had just the way to show her.

“Here,” Cobie simply said as she pulled her hand up from her pussy and held out her juice coated fingers for Alyson to taste.

It didn’t even take a second for Alyson to accept this invitation. She leaned down and started sucking Cobie’s fingers. She did it slowly and sensually, taking one finger into her mouth and wetly sucking it in before gradually removing it after making sure she got every drop. She then did the same to another of Cobie’s fingers, then another until she had slowly and wetly sucked off every drop of her essence.

Having Alyson tenderly suck her fingers had Cobie shivering with desire. Alyson shot her such a sexy look as she did it and Cobie still couldn’t take her eyes off the screen as Shannon screamed in pleasure from Kristen’s tongue being buried in her from behind while Charisma kept a clump of Mena’s short blonde hair in her hand as she forced the girl down deeper and deeper onto her strap on.

It was all so hot and Cobie couldn’t wait a second longer.

“Let’s go,” Cobie urged, getting off the bed, her legs a little like jelly as she got the feeling back in them.

“Not quite yet,” Alyson said. “First things first…”

Alyson then showed exactly what she meant by that by reaching around and unsnapping the clasp of Cobie’s bra. The cups had already been pulled down to expose her hard nipples, but Alyson wanted more and she got it. The black bra fell to the floor and fully showed off the curves of Cobie’s firm tits and the Canadian beauty tossed her head back and moaned as Alyson leaned down and started sucking on her nipples.

“Mmmmmm yesssssss oooooooooh Aly, I love when you do that,” Cobie sighed as Alyson’s soft lips wrapped around her sensitive nipple and then moved to the other. “Mmmmm baby you’re making me even wetter. I can’t wait to do this. I want to feel you fuck me.”

Alyson adored the sound of those words and she made sure there were no other clothing obstacles. While continuing to suck on Cobie’s nipples, Alyson reached down and officially removed her panties as well. Cobie had kept them pushed to the side as she’d masturbated and they were stretched now, but Alyson made sure they were gone completely by pushing them down Cobie’s legs, leaving a trail of wetness all the way to her feet.

“Now you’re ready,” Alyson declared as she took a good look at Cobie in the all together. They had only seen each other completely naked a few times and this time was going to be even better than the others because they weren’t going to stop at just making out this time.

“Very, very ready,” Cobie agreed as Alyson took her hand and guided her back toward her bedroom. They practically ran there and arrived just in time for a peak in the action.

“OHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSS SHE’S GONNA MAKE ME COMMMMMMME YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK ALMOST THERRRRRRRRRRE!!!” Shannon cried as Kristen sucked on her clit, the blonde’s face buried in between Shannon’s firm butt cheeks as she tended to her pleasure center, her lips expertly suckling on the swollen bud.

“That’s it! Make her fucking come Kristen!” Charisma ordered, slapping Kristen’s sexy, bare ass and making her groan with pleasure in between licks against Shannon’s drooling pussy. “Eat that fucking pussy! Just like your Mistress told you to! I want her juices soaking your face so you can look all pretty for Mistress! Make Shannon come! Make her fucking scream like the little slut she is!”

“Yesssssssssssss oooooooooooooooh yessssssssssssssssssss I’m a slut! Such a fucking slut!” Shannon groaned, pleasure making her body shiver as she neared orgasm.

Kristen’s lips on her clit were making her feel so fucking good and she knew she wouldn’t last much longer, so she was going to enjoy these exquisite moments.

“Eat the slut’s pussy!” Shannon begged breathlessly. “Eat my fucking little cunt! Ooooooh yessssssssssss suck the slave’s clit! OHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSS MAKE ME COMMMMMMMMMME OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS MMMMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSSS THAT’S ITTTTTTT YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Charisma gave Kristen’s enticingly juicy ass another firm smack to make sure she finished the job on Shannon, but continued to focus her attention on Mena. The blonde remained on her hands and knees before Charisma bobbing her wet, willing mouth on the strap on.

Mena could taste hers and Shannon’s saliva already on the hard toy and she relished it. She loved the chance to make the toy wetter and was eager to obey any command she was given by her Mistress. And even though she knew her own pleasure wasn’t important, Mena still hoped that her Mistress would allow Charisma to fuck her pussy…or even better…her ass with the big, fake cock.

Charisma kept one hand on the back of Mena’s head, forcing her down further and further on her strap on. The slick plastic filled her mouth but Charisma wanted more and Mena was eager to give it to her. Mena wanted to show off what an obedient slut she was and impress Mistress Alyson. She didn’t want her thinking she questioned her decisions or doubted her. She wanted her Mistress to know she only dreamed of serving her.

“Suck it!” Charisma hissed, loving the feel of her hard nipples straining against the vinyl of her bustier. “Suck that fat cock you little whore! Your Mistress wants it wet and coated with spit and you’d better deliver it Mena! I want that cock buried in your slut mouth you little fucking whore! Take it all the way! Don’t you want your Mistress to see what a good little deep throating cunt you are!”

Mena couldn’t speak obviously with her mouth filled with cock, but she did let her eyes do the talking for her. She peered up at Charisma submissively, letting her see the lust in her eyes and proving to her how much she was getting off on being naked except for her collar on her hands and knees and sucking the fake cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. Mena had deep throated before and she knew she could do it again.

With each bob of her head on the thick, slick shaft, Mena sucked more and more of it down her greedy throat. Her pussy was soaked and she could feel the juices dripping down her thighs, but she didn’t dare even consider reaching around to touch herself. She was focused on getting the last remaining inches of this cock in her mouth and she would only touch herself if commanded to by her Mistress Alyson.

Mena began to choke on the cock, but she didn’t dare stop. She knew she could conquer her own gag reflex and nothing slowed her down, not even the little tears that formed at her eyes and began to drip down from oxygen deprivation, making a mess of her face.

Mistress Alyson had commanded that she and Shannon wear eye shadow that morning like good dolled up whores and Mena began to feel it run. It stung her eyes and she could feel it drip down the cheeks of her face, but that only made her want it more. She wanted to be a good whore for her Mistress. She wanted to deep throat this cock and show her what a slut she could be.

“Fuck yes! Deep throat that cock!” Charisma passionately grunted as she got both of her hands on Mena’s head and pushed down on her, forcing her even further on the strap on. “Fucking whore! Show me how bad you want that dick! Show me what a fucking cocksucker you are Mena! Show me how you like your Mistress to treat you!”

Mena struggled to get breathe through her nose as she gagged from the plastic being pushed down her throat, but she didn’t even think about pulling away. She loved what was happening to her. Her pussy felt like it was about to burst with sweet girl cream and Mena had no doubt she could will herself to come just from sucking this fake cock. She desperately wanted to show off how obedient and slutty she was and how she could happily take anything Mistress Alyson or her loyal surrogate Charisma could dish out.

“Yesssssssss yesssssssssss yesssssssssssss oooooooooooh fucking swallow it all bitch!” Charisma cried, moving one hand up to pinch her jiggling tits while thrusting her hips to face fuck Mena and keeping her other hand on the back of her head. “Take every fucking inch down your throat! I want you feeling my wet, hot cunt through the leather cause you’re so close to me! Ohhhhhh yesssssssss mmmmm fuck you’ve got a hot mouth Mena! No wonder your Mistress loves face fucking you so much! Get your fucking spit all over this cock! Make it drip off it! Swallow every inch bitch!”

Charisma continued to thrust her hips, fucking Mena’s willing mouth and getting her so close to the base that Mena could practically taste her triumph. But she wanted to go all the way and, as little droplets of tears ran trickled down her eyes over her cheeks, Mena felt her head spin from a lack of oxygen. It was a tremendous high for her, especially with Shannon screaming out her pleasure so close by and Mena groaned in regret as Charisma pulled the toy out of her mouth.

Mena was confused as she looked up at Charisma. What had she done wrong? She was so close to swallowing it all. Why had the brunette stopped?

The answers was soon apparent as Charisma wickedly smiled and stroked the strap on, spreading Mena’s saliva all over the dark shaft.

“Beg for it!” Charisma commanded. “Beg to suck my cock! Beg me for the privilege of deep throating my toy!”

The idea of having to beg for the cock made Mena want it more and she didn’t hesitate to give Charisma exactly what she wanted.

“Please Charisma…please…please let me suck it…” Mena moaned, her voice week and needy. “Please let me show you what a dirty cocksucker I am! Please let me deep throat your beautiful dick! I want that cock all the way down my slave throat! Please! Please shove your glorious cock down my unworthy slut throat! Let me fucking taste all those hot inches! Let me suck you like the fucking bitch I am!”

That was all Charisma needed to hear. When Mena opened her mouth to speak more, Charisma shoved the cock back into her. She took advantage of her parted lips to push inside her and Mena did the rest.

The blonde moaned in sweet submission as she wolfed the cock down her greedy mouth. Mena furiously bobbed her head up and down, wrapping her lips around the plastic and taking in inch after inch. Her tears increased and Mena was in absolute ecstasy as Charisma roughly face fucked her and forced more of the cock down her throat.

Mena swallowed it all happily, her pussy drooling arousal down her thighs and legs as she closed her eyes and choked in pleasure. Inch after inch was taken down Mena’s mouth by frantic gulps as she worked the cock like it was the only thing in the world she desired. She coughed and gasped but didn’t stop sucking on Charisma’s cock while the brunette’s hips bucked and she pushed it all the way down her throat, loving the sloppy cocksucking sounds out of Mena’s mouth.

“Yesssssssssss ooooooooooooh you fucking whore! Yessssssss that’s what I want to see!” Charisma moaned in bliss at the sight of every inch of her hard strap on buried being swallowed by Mena.

Mena nearly passed out with pleasure and she loved feeling the cock buried down her throat. She was pressed right against the leather harness and, just as Charisma had wanted, Mena could feel the heat of her pussy through it. That made Mena desperately want to turn from a cocksucker to a cunt licker and show Charisma even more pleasure. But she kept the cock in her mouth and eagerly awaited her next command as the sound of Shannon’s ecstasy peaking filled her ears.


Kristen stopped sucking and resumed licking Shannon’s pussy as the brunette exploded against her mouth with a creamy gush. Kristen adored the taste of another woman’s orgasm and Shannon had such a delicious taste.

She lapped away hungrily at Shannon’s gushing essence and loved the feel of the drops her tongue missed soaking her lips and dribbling down her chin. Kristen kept her face buried in Shannon’s pussy as she fed off her orgasm, savoring her flavor, while not having any idea what Shannon knew…that Alyson had returned and now had Cobie with her.

Cobie was taking all this in with stunned arousal. She couldn’t believe that these women could act this way, but it was turning her on fiercely because she wanted to be just as uninhibited as them. She loved seeing Shannon’s sexy tits shaking as she came and she was so shocked to see Mena happily deep throating that cock, drool dribbling down her chin as Charisma slowly pulled it out and began slapping her face and tongue with the saliva covered toy.

As Cobie remained completely enraptured by the show, Alyson was behind her, kissing her neck and down to her shoulder as she reached around her and played with her tits. Cobie’s nipples were rock hard and the brunette moaned in tingling pleasure as Alyson softly toyed with them.

Cobie had never been more turned on in her life and she reflexively rubbed herself back into Alyson, delighting in the feel of her friend and co-star’s wet pussy tickling her bare ass, her juices painting the firm pink flesh of her cheek.

Cobie couldn’t believe she was naked with all these girls. She couldn’t believe she and Alyson were doing this and were about to do a lot more. But she wanted it so much. She had denied herself for too long and now her fantasies were finally coming true.

“Let’s get in bed,” Cobie moaned, so turned on that her legs felt wobbly.

“You read my mind,” Alyson smiled.

She came up from behind Cobie and took her friend’s hand. Alyson guided the brunette deeper into the bedroom, pausing only to lean in and whisper into Charisma’s ear.

Cobie couldn’t hear what Alyson was saying, but she did find herself gawking at Charisma’s tits as they strained against her latex bustier. She had never seen anyone dressed like that and Cobie felt herself start to drool at the idea of untying the knots keeping the top together so she could see Charisma’s big breasts and suck and kiss them, just like she’d seen Alyson do the other night to Britney’s huge boobs.

She couldn’t help but also dart her eyes to the naked bodies of Kristen, Shannon and Mena and imagine licking them all over and having them use their three tongues on her. Cobie moaned when she pictured those three horny tongues licking her head to toe as Alyson commanded them to make her come. God, that turned her on.

Cobie felt her pussy drip and she began to rub herself against Alyson, making sure she could feel how wet she was and how much she needed to be touched and loved.

“Fuck me,” Cobie moaned into Alyson’s ear, bringing a smile to her friend’s face. “Please Aly. Please fuck me.”

“Go lie on the bed,” Alyson instructed, caressing Cobie’s hand with hers. “I’ll be right there in a second.”

Charisma had known Cobie had been in the house the whole time, but it was a surprise to Kristen, Shannon and Mena. However, none of them said a peep at the arrival of yet another naked girl. They didn’t dare question Alyson’s methods. They just waited for their next commands with Shannon still breathing heavily from her orgasm, Kristen’s face coated in girl cum and Mena’s makeup running down from the happy submissive tears she’d cried deepthroating the strap on.

Alyson continued whispering to Charisma, who smiled devilishly and nodded her head. The busty brunette then turned to regard the slaves, who still remained on their hands and knees.

“Now it’s Mena’s turn,” Charisma said. “Lick her Kristen! Tongue fuck her cunt! Eat her out and make her come! Just like you did with Shannon! If you want that collar off, then you’d better get her cream coating your face.”

“Mmmmm yesssssssss…” Kristen moaned, eager for more sweet pussy to taste.

She had loved gulping down Shannon’s orgasm and she wanted to make Mena feel just as good. The goal was still to get her freedom for the weekend, and maybe beyond, but being able to eat all these tight, pink pussies was certainly an incredible bonus.

Mena moaned in immediate pleasure as Kristen came up behind her, spread her full, gorgeous butt cheeks and dove into her soaked slit from behind. Kristen sensually dragged her tongue over Mena’s cunt lips and delighted in how her flavor tickled her taste buds. Kristen licked faster and harder and soon Mena, her arousal already close to peaking from sucking Charisma’s cock, was cooing her ecstasy with one moan coming after another.

Kristen still was a little stung by what Mena had said before and she wanted to make sure the girl knew her lust for pussy hadn’t cooled a bit. She was committed to winning herself back into Mena’s good graces with her tongue and she hungrily lapped at the girl’s drooling wetness, working over her lightly furred slit and enjoying every drop of her delicious juices.

“Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss mmmmmmmmmmm fuckkkkkk mmmmmm lick meeeeeeeeee!” Mena cried, her small tits jiggling as she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees.

All was forgiven as far as she was concerned as Kristen’s tongue tended to her needy pussy.      Mena rubbed herself all over Kristen’s face, thrusting her pussy against her mouth and making sure she got good and sticky.

“Fuck me with that hot tongue!” Mena urged. “Oooooh do it Kristen! Fuck that wet pussy! Taste how wet and slutty I got sucking that big cock! Mmmm yessssssss lick me! Oooooooh do it like Mistress wants! I’m gonna make your face so fucking creamy just like Shannon did!”

Alyson was pleased that her slaves were following orders so well, but her focus wasn’t on the action on the floor. Rather it was on the nude woman on her bed. Cobie had done just as she’d asked and lay herself down on top of the soft sheets. The bed was a little tussled from Charisma licking Alyson before and Alyson smiled to herself as she pictured really getting the bed out of order with what she was about to do to her friend.

Cobie was enticingly lying back, caressing her tits as Alyson sauntered over to her. At first she had trouble deciding what she liked staring at more, the wild expressions of happiness coming from Mena or the view she had of Alyson’s beautifully pale naked body coming for her. Ultimately she decided it was Alyson that deserved all of her focus because of the look of lust her friend was giving her. Cobie had no doubt that soon she’d be making the same kind of ecstatic cries that were coming from Mena.

“Kiss me,” Cobie eagerly urged as soon as Alyson crawled atop the sheets with her.

“Mmmmm bossy…don’t forget I give the orders in this bedroom,” Alyson smirked.

“Just kiss me…please…I need it so bad,” Cobie pleaded. “You’ve got me so wet!”

Alyson didn’t let her friend wait any longer. Instead she placed herself atop Cobie’s naked body and lovingly kissed her, letting their tits rub together as Alyson reached between her co-star’s legs to feel that wetness, getting an instant reaction from the Canadian beauty.

“Yessssssss oooooooooh touch me!” Cobie sighed as she kissed Alyson back, adoring the feel of their soft lips meeting. “Ohhhhhhhh fuck Aly! That feels so good!”

“And I’m just getting started,” Alyson pointed out. She continued to gently play with Cobie’s soft, tight pussy, sliding her fingers over her weeping slit and then slowly pushing inside to fuck her. “Oh baby, when I’m done with you, you’re going to hate that you waited so long to try this. Mmmmm we girls can do things to each other that boys can only dream about.”

It was a bold statement for Alyson to make, but one Cobie desperately hoped she could back up. Her friend was definitely off to a great start and Cobie mewed in sexual joy as Alyson’s fingers skillfully played in her pussy. Alyson’s fingers moved with the dexterity of a prodigy musician between Cobie’s spread cunt lips and the brunette just tossed her head back and cried out to heaven from Alyson’s touch.

“Yessssssss that’s it baby, feel my fingers inside you,” Alyson moaned, keeping her naked body atop of Cobie’s, their flushed faces just inches apart. “You love this, don’t you? You love my fingers inside this hot, wet pussy. Mmmmm I know you’ve been dreaming of me doing this to you Cobie and I’m going to make all your fantasies come true. I’m going to fuck you so good baby. You just have to lie back and come for me. Come for Aly. Come like a good little slut for me.”

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssss ooooooooh I’ll come! I’ll fucking come like I’m your slut Aly!” Cobie cried, not caring if this really did make her a slut or a whore or anything. She just cared that it felt amazing and it was making her clit throb with the need to orgasm. “Fuck me! Ohhhhhh yesssssss I have been dreaming of you Aly! Fuck me! Fuck me like you fuck all your hot friends! Fuck me like you fuck Sarah!”

While she had complete confidence she could get her co-star off easily with her fingers, Alyson hadn’t waited patiently for Cobie to be ready to just be satisfied with a mere finger fuck. And having Cobie mention Sarah just made Alyson want to go down on her even more. Even though she wasn’t here, just hearing Sarah’s name made Alyson’s heart flutter in joy and she became even more giving and eager to please her lover.

Alyson began kissing down Cobie’s flat stomach, tasting the glaze of perspiration that was forming on her skin. But even as her fingers continued to play and Cobie moaned from the most welcome feel of Alyson’s lips on her tummy, Alyson couldn’t help but think of her beautiful best friend. That was only natural though, because it was Sarah who had been on her mind the most lately and it was her that was causing all the questions and doubts inside herself.

The truth was Alyson was so open to the idea of granting Kristen her time away to sort her life out because she was having her own questions on her mind lately. She had long loved the rush of being able to dominate another woman and have her worship her like a queen, but lately it hadn’t been as fulfilling as it once had been. Sure it was fun and it definitely still got her off. But Alyson had also found herself wondering if there was something more out there for her.

What if she had outgrown her need to dominate? What if she wanted something more? What if what she really wanted was to leave these games behind and embrace something more stable? Something less aggressive and more domestic.

Alyson knew that it was Eliza and Kirsten’s wedding this weekend that was making her think this way. She was so happy her friend was in love and had found her soul mate, but it also made her think about her own situation.

Alyson had known something about herself for a while now. Hell she’d probably known it deep down from the moment they first met all those years ago. But she’d never done anything to admit it to anyone but her own mind.

She was in love. More specifically she was in love with Sarah Michelle Gellar. She was in love with her best friend and the more she had thought about it lately the more Alyson knew this wasn’t just friend love…it was real love. Now she just needed to figure out what to do about it.

How should she tell Sarah she felt this way? Should she even tell her? Sarah had been through so much lately that Alyson didn’t want to complicate her life any further.

But Alyson also was sure in what she felt and she didn’t think she could stay quiet about it for much longer. Ever since Sarah had left Freddie and returned to the mansion, Alyson had been aching to admit her true feelings. But she’d never come close to really doing it.

A needy moan from Cobie snapped Alyson out of her thoughts and back to the here and now. Deciding what to say to Sarah could wait. Alyson had a pussy here that needed attention and she was eager to give it to her.

Alyson resumed kissing down Cobie’s stomach while she fingered her and Cobie’s moans got louder and louder with every inch Alyson got closer to her pussy. Cobie’s cries filled Alyson’s ear as she kissed down onto her thighs, gently pressing her lips all over her heated flesh.

The scent of Cobie’s wetness tickled Alyson’s nostrils and it made her want her friend even more. She could see how wetness was drooling past Cobie’s tight lips and the dark fur of her neat bush was soaked with desire. This pussy was far too enticing for Alyson to hesitate even a second more.

“Get ready to feel it,” Alyson promised. “When I’m done with you, you’re never going to want men again.”

Alyson pressed her lips right to Cobie’s sensitive slit and tenderly kissed her pussy, tasting her juices from the source for the first time. Alyson’s taste buds immediately flipped for the heated sweetness of Cobie’s flavor. She greedily kissed the girl’s wetness again and again, wanting her lips coated in Cobie’s essence and then, as her co-star writhed in anticipation on the bed, Alyson reached up and spread her pussy open so she could begin licking her soft folds.


Alyson couldn’t resist looking up to observe the results of her handiwork. She felt her own pussy purr at the sight of Cobie squeezing her own tits and moaning uncontrollably at the sensations of being licked by another woman.

Cobie’s eyes were closed and her mouth frozen open from the pleasure and Alyson smiled and licked harder, knowing she was giving her friend exactly what she wanted and needed. Alyson had been waiting for this moment for months now and the taste of Cobie’s pussy was well worth all the work she had put into getting it.

It was far from the only activity in the bedroom though. As Alyson lapped away at Cobie’s wetness, Kristen was doing the same to Mena. She kneeled behind her on her knees and licked her sopping pussy, savoring her feminine flavor and working over her tender folds and swollen clit to make her feel good. Kristen had gotten better at eating pussy with every girl she fucked and now Mena was benefiting from that increased experience.

“Ohhhhhhh yessssssssssss mmmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss ooooooooh fuck me with that tongue!” Mena begged. “Oooooooooooh fuck you have such a hot tongue Kristen! Fuck me in front of Mistress! Make me come just like she wants! Tongue fuck my sloppy wet slave cunt! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssssss I’m soooo fucking wet Kristen! I need to come! Make me fucking come like Shannon! All over that pretty face! Tongue fuck me till I cream all over that cover girl face! Ooooooh yessssssss I wanna make you so sticky and slutty just like Mistress wants! AHHHHHHHH YESSSSS!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSS DIRTY FUCKING SLUT!!! SUCK THAT CLIT! NASTY GIRLLLLLLLL!!! OOOOOOOH YESSSSS!!!”

Mena was babbling with pleasure as Kristen’s lips latched onto her throbbing clit. Her pleasure bud was aching with need and Mena was desperate to come. She had gotten so turned on by deep throating Charisma’s cock and now having Kristen’s horny mouth work her pussy over had her right on the edge of orgasm. Mena was panting with need as Kristen fed off her cunt and Shannon couldn’t help but get involved.

Even though she hadn’t been ordered to, Shannon crawled over and gave Mena a deep tongue kiss. The horny co-stars let their tongues rub wetly together as they moaned into each other’s mouths. They loved kissing each other and even though Shannon had been having fun watching all the action while fingering her still soaked pussy, she hadn’t being able to ignore Mena’s lonely lips. She had to kiss her friend and Mena gratefully accepted the additional loving.

Shannon and Mena tongue kissed each other blissfully, especially when Shannon settled down on her knees and reached up to cup the blonde’s firm tits. Shannon always enjoyed touching Mena’s beautiful, perky breasts and she lovingly massaged them with her smooth hands, rubbing her palms over her nipples and making them throb with pleasure. The two co-stars made out while Shannon felt Mena up and the blonde felt her orgasm would be there in no time at all.

Charisma had been left out of the fun, but that was by design. It wasn’t going to be nearly as easy as Kristen wanted for her to get her collar removed and Charisma had been just lying back in the proverbial weeds, waiting for the perfect moment to strike and put the cock Mena had lubed up so well to use. With Kristen’s face buried in Mena’s pussy from behind as she licked and sucked the happily submissive blonde, Charisma knew that time was now.

She strode over to Kristen and smiled as she thought to herself that the spunky blonde had no idea what was coming. She was too occupied with eating Mena out to have any idea she was walking behind her, clad in her tight bustier and heels, her strap on still glistening with Mena’s spit.

As Kristen remained unaware of Charisma’s intentions, the brunette actress knelt down behind her and spread her tight butt cheeks open, exposing her puckered hole. Charisma took a brief moment to enjoy the tight beauty of Kristen’s starfish and then spit right into her hole.

“Oooooooh!” Kristen cooed as Charisma’s spit hit her sensitive hole and when Charisma used her thumb to spread her saliva around Kristen’s asshole, the blonde looked like she was about to lift her head up from Mena. But Charisma quickly put a stop to that.

“Don’t you dare stop!” Charisma commanded. “Not for anything! Lick that cunt! You eat Mena’s pussy till she comes! Your Mistress gave you an order and you’d better fucking follow it! Now you dirty little slut! Keep eating that pussy!”

For good measure, Charisma pressed on Kristen’s head, pushing her back into Mena’s ass and getting her beautiful face between those deliciously plump cheeks. She shoved Kristen’s mouth back to the blonde’s pussy and Kristen quickly resumed licking.

Not wanting to waste another second, Charisma spit once more into Kristen and then straightened up so she could perfectly align her strap on with the blonde’s now wet butthole. She kept one hand spreading Kristen’s cheeks open and the other on the shaft of her toy so she could slowly push the fake cock right into Kristen’s waiting ass.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!!!” Kristen screamed as she was penetrated.

Despite the feel of Charisma’s spit on her ass, she still hadn’t been expecting to suddenly feel a toy pushed up her tightest hole and even though it wasn’t a rough penetration, Kristen still felt the intensity of the full head of the fake cock pushing up her ass.

“OHHHHHHH GOD MY ASSSSSSSSSSS NOOOOOOOO OHHHHHHHH FUCK OHHHHHHHHHHH SOOOOO BIG!!!” Kristen cried out, wishing she’d had a chance to mentally prepare herself for this.

She wasn’t a virgin back there, but she definitely only gave it up on rare occasions. Her hole was tight and Charisma was relishing the chance to loosen it up.

“I said keep licking you fucking whore!” Charisma snapped as she took her hand off her shaft and instead pushed on the back of Kristen’s head again, shoving her back into Mena while she began thrusting deeper and harder into the blonde’s hole. “You lick her till she comes! Keep fucking licking! You have to earn your freedom Kristen and that means giving up this pretty little ass to me! Feel this cock up your tight hole you nasty bitch! Feel my fat cock shoved up your juicy, sexy ass! You’d better make me come too Kristen! You’d better make me come from fucking this bitch ass of yours or else you’re never going to get that collar off!”

“Oh God….ohhhh God…oooooooooh my assssssssss!” Kristen babbled as she resumed licking Mena, her soft, pink folds muffling her words.

Little tears began to form at Kristen’s eyes from being unexpectedly assfucked, but it wasn’t from pain. The more accustomed she got to it, the more she liked how Charisma was being rough with her, making her take that big cock up her ass and making her eat Mena out at the same time. It felt so good to be so helpless and Kristen’s pussy dripped at the feel of Charisma’s cock pushing deeper up her tender hole. She was getting so turned on it was like she had no control over herself at all and she relished the helplessness to her own lust.

“You love it don’t you? You love my big cock up your ass!” Charisma demanded. “Say you fucking love it Kristen! All those boys must want to fuck your ass so bad, but you don’t give it up to them, do you, you dirty dyke? No this ass belongs to your Mistress! It’s for girls only! Only hot bitches like me get to fuck this tight, pink ass!”


Kristen’s words started coming out as screams as Charisma got even more aggressive with her thrusts. She knew Kristen’s ass could take her strap on. She’d fucked her there before and she always ended getting the blonde off good. Charisma took care to let Kristen’s tight hole adjust to the plastic being pushed inside it and once it wrapped around the fake cock, she began thrusting harder, fucking Kristen’s ass with gusto, and getting the screams of ecstasy from her horny mouth.

“FUCKING TAKE THAT ASS! FUCK MY DYKE ASS!!!” Kristen screamed, her demeanor a far cry from the smart ass detective that her legion of fans had flipped for, but she didn’t care about anything about surrendering to delicious, dirty pleasure. “OOOOOOOOOOH FUCK BURY THAT COCK UP MY HOLE! OOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS MAKE ME FEEL THE COCK COATED IN MENA’S SPIT UP MY ASS! OOOOOOOOOOOH TAKE ME HARD CHARISMA! TAKE ME LIKE THE FUCKING SLAVE SLUT I AM! OOOOOOOOOH IT FEELS SO FUCKING GOOD! JAM THAT COCK UP MY ASS OHHHHHHH YESSSSSS!!!”

Kristen had repositioned herself back on her hands and knees to better accommodate Charisma’s thrusts and get more and more of that fake cock inside her. Kristen was always shy about giving up her ass, but Alyson and Charisma always knew how to make it feel so incredible. Kristen actually liked getting fucked up the ass a lot, but only by people who knew how to do it right. Kristen knew she had a great ass. It was firm but she had enough extra back there to give her a good white girl booty. But the person fucking her had to be able to do it right for her to like it and, God, Charisma was such an unbelievably good fuck…just like Alyson was.

Kristen felt her body get all sweaty and the sensations of adrenaline from having her ass filled with a thick, hard strap on were making her woozy. But she also still had a job to do and Charisma reminded her of that.

“Get your fucking tongue back in that cunt!” Charisma ordered, giving Kristen one last shove into Mena’s waiting crotch. “Eat that bitch out! No more talking! Lick her! Bury your face in her big, beautiful ass and lick that fucking cunt of hers! Slurp that fucking cum right out of Mena! Do it now you goddamn whore!”

“Mmmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss lick meeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” Mena frantically cried as she pulled away from Shannon’s tender lips. “I fucking need it! I need to come for my Mistress! Make me come Kristen! Get your face in my ass and eat my slut pussy from behind out while the cock coated in my spit is buried up your tight ass! Yesssssssssss oooooooooooh lick me you buttfucked little whore! Swallow my fucking cream while you’re getting your ass pounded!!!”

Mena felt her head spin from the pleasure of just knowing her saliva was coating the cock being driven into Kristen’s ass. It made her even wetter and Kristen was there to lap up the juices that were dripping out. She was so close and Shannon kissing her again got her even closer.

But Mena wasn’t the only one who was close. As she writhed on the bed from Alyson’s tongue, Cobie felt her orgasm was so close that she could stick her tongue out and lick it. Her body was practically bouncing from the heights of pleasure Alyson was licking her to. She felt more alive than she ever had before and she knew right then this wasn’t going to be just a one time thing for her. Lesbian sex was everything Alyson had promised and more.


Cobie had always loved oral sex, both receiving it and giving it. But most of her boyfriends saw eating her pussy as just a way to kill some time before they got their cocks inside her. Alyson saw it as so much more and Cobie had never felt pleasure from another person’s tongue the way she did from Alyson’s. She had never been licked like this before. Alyson was a maestro between her legs as she conducted a symphony of pleasure with her tongue.

“MMMMMM FUCK FUCK OOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSS OOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSS RIGHT THERE!!! RIGHT THERE BABY! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!” Cobie howled as Alyson’s tongue burrowed into her pussy some more and lapped at her hottest of hot spots.

It was like Alyson instinctively knew where to lick and everything was making Cobie feel good.


That got a satisfied smile from Alyson as she licked. She had wanted to give her friend this pleasure for so long and she easily sensed Cobie would be coming back for more. And that was just what Alyson wanted too. She adored having beautiful fuck friends like Cobie.

Even if Cobie didn’t seem the type to become one of her slaves, Alyson just wanted the chance to get between her thighs and lick her to her heart’s content whenever the mood struck. Cobie tasted so good and Alyson couldn’t get enough of her flavor. She licked and sucked at her feminine folds and adored every moan she got out of the writhing Canadian.

Alyson relished the connection between two, or more, people that sex created. She felt that most of all with Sarah, but she also felt it with her closest lovers. Now Cobie was part of that group too and Alyson was in ecstasy as she ate her out. She loved bringing her friend pleasure and she wasn’t about to let up her licking even a bit until Cobie came for her.

Cobie’s body was trembling with pleasure and she bucked passionately on the bed as Alyson tongued her pussy. Everything Alyson had promised she was backing up and Cobie was lost in a haze of ecstasy thanks to her co-star. Alyson hungrily gulped down the leaking feminine essence drooling from her well licked snatch and continued to give Cobie what she needed, lapping at her tender folds and focusing more and more on her clitoris.

Each lick had Cobie crying out in bliss. Alyson licked and sucked and kissed all of her most sensitive spots with a skill Cobie had never felt before. It really was the best sex she had ever gotten and she felt she was in heaven right there on Alyson’s bed. Cobie caressed her own breasts, rubbing against her nipples, but she barely felt the touch of her hands. She was entirely focused on what Alyson was doing between her legs.


Cobie felt like every inch of her body was tingling. It was all so good. The hard feel of the vibrator she had been working her pussy over with before had been replaced by Alyson’s soft, warm tongue and as her friend expertly fed off her, Cobie felt pleasure like never before. And not only did she have her own pleasure to delight her senses, she could also take in the sights and sounds of the action near the bed as well.

Seeing Kristen Bell naked and trapped between Charisma’s hard fake cock and Mena’s juicy, pink pussy was such an incredibly erotic image. Mena had such a sexy ass and to see those plump cheeks of hers softly jiggling as she was fucked with Kristen’s beautiful face buried between them while at the same time Kristen was getting it deep and hard up her hot ass from that thick, hard strap on turned Cobie on wildly. It was such a primal, lustful scene before her and her chest heaved as she stared while she felt the indescribable pleasure of another woman’s tongue for the first time.

Cobie had always admired the beauty of these women and it was just incredible to see them lost in sexual passion for each other, all of them acting in a manner no one would have ever dreamed they were capable of. God these girls were going at it like wild, uninhibited nymphs, focused only on pleasure without doubt or fear. Cobie wanted that too. She wanted to be just like them.

They all looked so sexy. Kirsten. Charisma. Mena. Shannon. Cobie wanted to kiss and touch and taste them all…but mostly she wanted to come. She needed to come from Alyson’s tongue.

However, as much as Cobie wanted her orgasm, she wasn’t as close as Mena was. Mena had been on the edge of orgasm just from sucking Charisma’s strap on and having Kristen lick her had just made the inevitable turn into reality.

Kristen’s tonguing was jagged and uneven now that Charisma was behind her fucking her ass, but the lack of finesse did nothing to cool Mena’s fires. In fact they just turned her on more.

Knowing that Kristen was behind her getting fucked while she was licking her made Mena feel so hot and nasty. She loved knowing the pretty blonde was getting her tight hole stuffed with a thick, hard dick and she could feel Kristen’s passion and submission with every ragged, sloppy lick she took against her cunt.

Mena knew full well how good Charisma’s cock could feel up her ass and she could just imagine that she was the one being fucked. She put herself in Kirsten’s place as the hard, thick plastic was shoved up her ass and dreaming about it just made the licking she was getting more intensely pleasurable.

Feeling Kristen’s tongue still licking her as she was fucked deep and hard from behind made Mena’s body quiver. Kristen was such a hot slut and she was obeying their Mistress, just like Mena longed to do. Kristen had been commanded to lick and not stop, no matter what happened and feeling that tongue inside her just reminded Mena that Kristen was a filthy little fuck slave like her. The pretty blonde wannabe movie star was just another little fucking whore obeying their beautiful, perfect Mistress.

The mental rush was what got Mena off and she didn’t hold back.


Mena was crying out, desperately wanting her Mistress to notice her and tell her what a good girl she was, as she came. She lurched on her hands and knees, but didn’t let her pussy get too far from Kristen’s lips. She ground her pussy against Kristen’s face, smearing her feminine essence all over her as Kristen screamed into her too, reacting with passion to the thrusts of Charisma’s cock up her ass.

The only thing that quieted Mena was another hot kiss from Shannon and the brunette made sure to latch her lips to her friend’s in a passionate gesture, allowing Mena the chance to close her eyes and just enjoy the pleasure that rolled through her naked, orgasming body.

The room wasn’t quiet for long though. When Mena was quieted, it just gave Cobie a chance to scream out her own pleasure. Alyson’s tongue worked her over so passionately and so skillfully that Cobie felt delirious with pleasure. Seeing Mena screaming in orgasm just set her off further and Alyson urged her sweet rapture too.

“Come for me baby,” Alyson gasped for breath as she pulled her pussy coated lips up from her co-star and slid two of her fingers into Cobie’s juicy snatch to fuck her. “Come for Aly! All over my face! I want it so bad! I’ve wanted you from the second I first saw you Cobie! Mmmmm now give me what I want! Feed me that sweet, yummy cum! Fuck my face with this beautiful pussy and cream my tongue! I need to have it!”

Having seen so much already of what Alyson was into, Cobie was on the verge of answering that request with a moan of “Yes Mistress…” but she didn’t dare.

Cobie didn’t know if she wanted to stretch her boundaries that much yet and she still had enough presence of mind to hold back. But that was the only way she restrained herself. As Alyson pulled her now sticky fingers out of her pussy and pressed her face back to it, kissing her slit and then working her lips onto her swollen clit, sucking the throbbing pink bud, Cobie couldn’t hold back the rush of her orgasm.


With no one to kiss and quiet her, Cobie thrashed on the bed, fucking herself wildly against Alyson’s mouth and tongue as she came for the first time from a woman’s touch. She had never felt anything like this before. She couldn’t, and didn’t want to, restrain herself. She had been restraining herself for too long. She was finally getting what she had dreamed about for years and Alyson eating her out was far beyond any fantasy she had ever had. This was absolute bliss and she never wanted it to end.

As Alyson fed off her creaming cunt, Cobie planted one of her hands on her lover’s head just to have something to hold onto as the other hand flailed wildly, tugging at the sheets and messing the bed up even further.

Alyson definitely didn’t mind the suddenly aggressive gesture from Cobie. She loved knowing Cobie was enjoying it. The hand on the back of her head showed her that Cobie was hooked now and Alyson was giddy, both with the intoxicating sensations of being able to gulp down her friend’s cum and the knowledge that Cobie was going to want to do this again and again and again.

Alyson didn’t want this to just be a one time thing with Cobie. She wanted her to be into girls just like she was…just like the girls in her bedroom were…just like all her friends in Malibu were.

Cobie continued to cry out in orgasmic pleasure as Alyson licked her cream up like a kitten desperate for milk. Alyson was always hungry for pussy, especially when it was a new flavor like Cobie’s. Alyson licked the drooling, cummy mess right out of her friend as Cobie writhed on the bed, holding her down with one hand and grabbing at her own pert, pink tits and stiff nipples with the other one.

Cobie couldn’t express anything but happy coos and moans as she began to cycle down from her sexual peak and when Alyson finally felt she had gorged enough on her co-star’s cream, she pulled herself up and lay atop Cobie, their sweaty, naked bodies rubbing together.

“Oh Aly,” Cobie moaned weakly, but happily, her body practically glowing with new found pleasure. “That was just incredible! It was everything you said it would be and more. Mmmmm I wish we’d done it earlier.”

“I’m glad you liked it,” Alyson smiled as she rubbed herself against Cobie and caressed her friend’s rock hard nipples with her soft hands before kissing her tenderly on the lips.

Cobie didn’t hesitate to kiss back. After all that time waiting for an orgasm from another woman, Cobie wanted more. She wanted a lot more and she knew there was no better place to start than with the woman who had just brought her such exquisite pleasure.

Cobie tongue kissed Alyson with more passion than she’d ever shown before and started to assert herself on her friend. Her body was still tingling from head to toe and Cobie was eager to explore more about making love to another woman.

“Now it’s your turn,” Cobie declared, pushing Alyson off her and onto her back on the tussled sheets. “Lie back Aly. I want to show you what I can do.”

“Ooooh pretty cocky for a newbie,” Alyson teased. She hadn’t assumed Cobie would return the favor and go down on her too and she wouldn’t have forced her to do it, but if she was eager for it, then Alyson was definitely going to encourage her.

“You think you can get me off you naughty girl?” Alyson winked as she wickedly opened her legs for her friend and showed off her arousal.

“Mmmm Aly you’re about to find out just how fast a learner I am,” Cobie confidently predicted as a smile crossed from ear to ear.

She couldn’t believe she was actually able to do this, but she couldn’t stop now. She was so horny for this and Cobie knew she had to strike now while the iron was hot and before she found a reason to chicken out of eating Alyson’s beautiful little pussy.

Cobie beamed with the afterglow of her orgasm and she brushed her hair out of her face, loving how some strands stuck to her sweaty forehead. God she was getting so messy but she loved it. She was going to need a shower so badly when all of this was over and Cobie just hoped Alyson would join her…along with the rest of her sexy, slutty friends.

But Cobie pushed that thought aside. She wanted to concentrate right then just on her gorgeous friend and making her feel good. Cobie stared lustfully at Alyson’s nude body as her pale skin glowed faintly with the perspiration of their exertion. Alyson’s firm breasts looked so delicious, her skin so milky and soft and her nipples rock hard and swollen red with arousal, and Cobie went right for them.

“Mmmmm Cobie yesssssssss,” Alyson sighed as she lay back and let her co-star explore her body. “Touch me baby. Play with those tits. Mmmm kiss and suck them! Oooooh I’ve been dreaming about you touching me for so long!”

Cobie just wished she hadn’t been so afraid to try this before now. There could have been so many days like this already, instead of this just being the first. Cobie didn’t let her regret linger, though. It was so easy to focus on more pleasant things when Alyson’s perfect tits were right in front of her and they tasted so good when she licked them.

Alyson’s breasts were so perfectly proportioned on her sexy body. Cobie envied how they had just enough jiggle, but were firm with no ravages of gravity on them. Having never really played with another girl before, Cobie couldn’t get enough of Alyson’s boobs. She let her hands caress them, massaging the soft curves and her hard nipples, as her mouth ravished them.

Cobie kissed and licked all over Alyson’s tits, delighting in every taste she took. Alyson’s skin was so fair and soft. Cobie loved how it felt under her lips, especially as her chest heaved from her breast play and Alyson mewed soft cries of pleasure.

While Cobie lavished oral appreciation all over Alyson’s chest, the moans from the horny actress continued. Cobie’s eagerness overcame her inexperience and she knew enough about what made herself fell good to know to concentrate on Alyson’s rosy nipples. Cobie leaned down, her dark hair falling over her face and draping over Alyson’s chest, as she fed off her tits, sucking on her nipples and making them throb before she licked them wickedly.

Alyson’s cries came out louder and more often the longer Cobie was sucking and licking her tits and it sounded a little like garbled words. Cobie couldn’t understand what her friend was saying, but she knew she was making her feel good from the sound of them.

And then suddenly one word in Alyson’s moans became crystal clear.

“Lower…” Alyson sighed.

Cobie knew what that meant and she blushed slightly. She had gotten so wrapped up in exploring during her first time that she hadn’t thought that Alyson probably didn’t want a slow exploration. She needed to be licked and Cobie gulped, a little nervously, as she wrapped her mind around the idea that she was the one who was going to be licking her. She didn’t let her nerves win, though.

Instead she pushed them back and pulled up from Alyson’s chest.

“I’ll go lower,” Cobie promised. “Mmmmm I’m going to kiss you everywhere Aly. Especially right on your wet, sexy pussy.”

Cobie didn’t wait a second more to make good on this promise. As Alyson moaned, Cobie kissed down from her chest all the way over her flat stomach. Alyson’s stomach was actually a big erogenous zone for her, something Cobie didn’t know yet, so the inexperienced girl’s wet, eager kisses all over her firm tummy were much appreciated. Alyson cried out even louder as Cobie kissed her stomach and she was actually disappointed when the girl stopped.

But that disappointment didn’t last as Cobie kissed her thighs and then took a deep breath before plunging down into her sex.

“Oooooooooooooh!” Alyson rapturously cried as Cobie kissed her slit. “Yesssssssss ooooooooooooh yesssss I’ve been dying for this Cobie! Right there! Lick me baby! Lick my pussy!”

Cobie hadn’t been sure she would enjoy the taste of another woman, but one sample of Alyson’s flavor from the first kiss made that doubt dissolve into lust. She loved the taste of Alyson’s pussy!

It was so hot and naughty to actually be tasting another girl’s pussy and Cobie didn’t hesitate to give Alyson just what she asked for. She lost her remaining inhibition and let her tongue run wild on Alyson’s cunt. She licked away at the dripping wetness and happily slurped it up, loving each taste of her friend’s essence more than the last.

“AHHHHHHHHH!!!” Alyson reacted as her body roughly bucked on the bed from the intense sensations Cobie’s eager tongue brought to her overheating pussy. “OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSS COBIE YESSSSSSSSSS!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCK THIS IS WHAT I WANTED! OOOOOOOOOH I WANTED IT FOR SO FUCKING LONG!!! YESSSSS LICK MEEEEE!!!”

Cobie was in complete lust with Alyson’s pussy. The flavor of her juices coated her tongue and made her taste buds flip like she was enjoying a sweet, rich dessert. She would have licked Alyson as long as she wanted anytime she wanted. She loved what she was doing and she gave Alyson just the licking she needed.

But Alyson was far from the only girl in the bedroom crying out. While the connection she and Cobie had was making her feel like it was just the two of them, the cries of Kristen Bell loving the feel of her ass being fucked from behind reminded Alyson that they were definitely not alone.

“OOOOOOOOH FUCK YESSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSS FUCK MY ASS!” Kristen screamed, her face coated in girl cum and her eyes alight with white hot lust as her primal sexual side pushed itself out in force. “OHHHHHHH GOD YESSSSSSS POUND THAT ASS!!! DRILL THAT FUCKING HOLE CHARISMA! YESSSSSSSSSS MAKE ME COME FROM GETTING MY ASS FUCKED LIKE THE GODDAMN SLUT I AM!!!”

“Mmmmmmm such a tight fucking ass! You’ve got such a pretty, sexy butt Kristen!” Charisma grunted in between thrusts as the strap on’s nub pressed back against her clit and rubbed it. “Oooooooh I love fucking you Kristen! You’ve got such a tight, hot hole! I love seeing your fucking cheeks jiggle when I nail you from behind! Mmmmm it feels so good to fuck you! I’m getting so fucking wet pushing my cock up your sexy pink ass you dirty slut! It’s turning me on so much to fuck you! But you better not even think of coming before I do Kristen! If you do then you’re never gonna get that collar off!”

“Huh?” Kristen demanded, the fog of ecstasy she felt from Charisma’s doggie style thrusts from behind not enough to make her ignore what she heard. “But…but…Mistress said that if I ate Mena and Shannon and….”

“I’m changing the rules now you fucking bitch, got a problem with that?” Charisma laughed as she gave Kristen’s juicy ass a hard smack that had her moaning in submissive pleasure. “Alyson is playing with her friend. Your slave ass belongs to me Kristen! I own this fucking hole now and I say I come before you do! Got it?”

Charisma gave Kristen’s ass another hard slap, making her pink flesh turn a flushed red before fading back. The pleasure of being assfucked combined with her need to come and the sizzling tingles of being spanked quelled any fight in Kristen.

“Yesssssssssssss I’m yours! All fucking yours Charisma!” Kristen cried from the thrusts up her ass. “Take my ass! Ooooooooooh yessssssssss ohhhhhh fuck it feels so good to have you fucking my hole! YESSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOH FUCK!!! AHHHHHH FEELS SO GOOD BUT I WON’T COME! I WON’T FUCKING COME UNTIL YOU DO!!!”

As she pledged this, Kristen couldn’t stop from screaming out in pleasure. The feel of Charisma’s hard strap on pushed up her sensitive ass and made her body surge with pleasure as her tight hole was loosened up. Each push inside her tight hole made Kristen closer and closer to orgasm and she didn’t think she could hold back. But as much as she wanted to come, she kept her eyes on the big picture. If keeping her orgasm at bay for a little while longer was what earned her this weekend to herself, then she was prepared to do it.

Kristen panted and cried happily with each thrust up her ass. It was bliss and torture at the same time. It was almost impossible not to come, especially when everything Charisma was doing to her felt amazing. And when the busty brunette reached down and began rubbing her pussy as she fucked her ass, Kristen had to use all her will to keep from instantly creaming Charisma’s fingers.

“Ooooooh so wet! You’re never going to last,” Charisma taunted. “Dirty little slut. You’re going to come like the fucking whore you are from me fucking this tight little asshole! I know it! Mmmmm then you’re going to stay a good little slave for Alyson, aren’t you? You’re going to be her whore all weekend long…fucking who she wants you to fuck, when she wants you to fuck them. Mmmmm you’ll never be free Kristen!”

“No!” Kristen cried, even though right then, with a hard fake cock buried up her ass and a skilled set of fingers fondling her wet slit, slavery didn’t sound half bad. “I’m not going to come! You’re going to come first!”

As she said this Kristen clenched her ass, making it an even tighter squeeze around the strap on. This set Charisma off on a series of happy gasps and horny moans as she nub of the strap on inside her rubbed harder against her clitoris, stimulating her already swollen bud even more. Charisma began to heave her breaths, the exquisite feel of Kristen’s ass wrapped around her fake cock driving that end back against her clit and sending tremors of pleasure through her body.

“Oooooh don’t be so…so…fucking sure…ohhhhhh yesssssss mmmmm…of that,” Charisma declared as she looked down and felt herself get even wetter underneath her strap on at the unbelievably erotic view of Kristen Bell naked and bent over on all fours, her pink ass cheeks bouncing against the plastic invader, jiggling so enticingly as the cock spread her ass open and filled the both of them with pleasure.

Charisma wasn’t about to give up so easily though. She snapped her fingers and got Shannon’s attention as the brunette had been off making out with Mena. She responded appropriately, pulling herself away from her friend and crawling over to Charisma.

“Lick her!” Charisma commanded. “Lick her wet little cunt! Make her come Shannon!”

“Oooooooh yesssssss…” Shannon moaned, licking her lips at the prospect of returning the favor to the girl who had licked her so well.

At the same time Kristen felt like crying out “Oh no!” Resisting Charisma’s cock was hard enough, but to fight off the toy and a hot tongue? It didn’t seem possible, especially after Shannon got underneath her and snaked her tongue up, lapping at the wetness oozing out of her cunt as Charisma continued to aggressively fuck her ass.

“OHHHHHH GOD!!! OHHHHHH FUCKKKKK YESSSSSSS OOOOOH YESSSSSSSS!!!” Kristen wailed in pleasure and in frustration as she fought back the pleasure and tried to keep herself from coming and losing her chance at what she most wanted.

Fortunately, Charisma was no crueler than Alyson was. She had deviated from her friend’s commands by improvisation. It had just felt right to do it and Alyson had told her to treat the girls like she owned them, so it had made it more fun to give Kristen a real challenge. But it wasn’t like she wanted to make it impossible. So to even the odds, Charisma called over the suddenly lonely Mena.

“Take off my bustier,” Charisma commanded. “I want my big tits out and I want you sucking on them! Do it now!”

The sound of the command had Mena reacting like her life depended on it. She scrambled over and began untying the knots to the black bustier as quickly as she could, loosening it with every motion until she could finally pull it off. As Charisma’s body moved steadily with her thrusts into Kristen’s upraised ass, Mena peeled the bustier off her and left the brunette’s impressive chest exposed.

Charisma’s big tits bounced so enticingly from her thrusts into Kristen and Mena was all over them in the mere millisecond it took her to bury her face into the woman’s cleavage. Kissing Shannon had been fun, but following a command and pleasuring a woman dominating her, even if it wasn’t her Mistress, always got Mena’s juices flowing.

Mena massaged the large mounds of Charisma’s tit flesh and began hungrily licking at the sides of her breasts before zeroing in first on Charisma’s left nipple and then the right one, sucking them into her mouth and tenderly nursing them one at a time.

“Ooooooh Shannonnnnnnnnnn please…ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk that’s too good…oooooooooooh yessssssssss lick my pussy!” Kristen cooed, her body at war with itself. “Lick my wet pussy! Ohhhhhhhh nooooo nooooo ooooooooooh please stop! You’re making it too good! Mmmmm yesssssss …nooooooo oooooooooooh gawwwwwwwwd your tongue feels too fucking good Shannon!”

She loved and hated what Shannon’s tongue was doing to her. It felt so good, but she needed the pleasure to stop. Any other time Kristen would have welcomed the feel of that wet, eager tongue licking her pussy especially as her ass was being pounded at the same time, but this was no normal time and Kristen had too much at stake. She couldn’t withstand the ecstasy of having her ass fucked while that tender, soft tongue lapped at her wetness.

But Shannon paid the blonde’s cries no heed. She felt for her, of course, but she had her orders and she wasn’t about to defy Charisma, especially with their Mistress just a few feet away on the bed, writhing and moaning from Cobie’s virgin mouth eating her pussy. Shannon did what Charisma told her. She skillfully licked and sucked on Kristen’s snatch and made the girl get dangerously close to coming.

What was working in Kristen’s favor was that Charisma’s breasts were extremely sensitive and she was in absolute heaven from Mena’s mouth on them. As the hard nub of her strap on rubbed against her clitoris, Mena continued to suck and kiss her tits and Charisma felt her own orgasm rushing onward like an unstoppable wave of pleasure getting ready to crest.

“Ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh mmmm suck those tits!” Charisma hissed in pleasure as Mena latched her lips around a swollen nipple. “Yessssssss you love those big tits! Don’t you baby? You love sucking my big, sexy titties.”

Mena moaned wantonly as she fed off the woman’s swollen nipple, telling Charisma through her actions that she absolutely loved it. With each thrust into Kristen, Charisma’s tits shook and they repeatedly slapped Mena in the face, which only turned her on more. She had both her hands squeezing and massaging the heavy mounds as she worked her mouth and tongue all over them. Mena loved playing with Charisma’s big tits. She always did. They were so soft and bouncy.

“Yeah I fucking know you love those big tits!” Charisma groaned, the feel of Mena’s eager mouth on her nipples, going from one hard tip to the other, making a perfect erotic combination with the rough feel of the strap on’s nub being shoved back into her and stimulating her clitoris. “Mmmm suck them Mena! Suck those big, juicy titties of mine! You must be so jealous of me and my boobs since you’ve just got your itty bitty titties and my tits are so much bigger and better! Oooooooh fuck yesssssssssss! Mmmmm suck those nipples! Suck mommy’s nipples you little slut baby! AHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSS OOOOOOH THAT’S THE SPOT MENA! SUCK THEM WHILE I’M ASSFUCKING THIS SLAVE BITCH! OOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSS SUCK THOSE BIG TITS YOU TINY TITTIED SLUT!”

Mena didn’t mind Charisma teasing her about her small breasts. She loved her bite sized tits and she loved being with girls with big sets of jugs too that were all bouncy and jiggly. Mmmmm she loved a big pair of boobs to play with and besides, having Charisma tease her just reminded Mena even more she was under her control and that made her so horny as she sucked and licked the brunette’s tits, leaving her saliva drooling from the bouncing mounds.

The more she made Charisma moan and cry out, the more Mena doubled down, practically slobbering all over the woman’s chest as Charisma kept pumping her cock into Kristen’s ass.

It was a race between the two women to see who would crack and come first. Kristen was doing everything she could to keep it from being her, despite being stimulated so expertly at both her pussy and her ass. Her sensitive holes couldn’t take all this pleasure, but still she held on. She was too close to lose it now.

Kristen summoned her resolve and began thrusting herself back into Charisma, pushing more and more of the strap on back into the girl fucking her. This rubbed against Charisma’s clit some more and made her shiver and coo.

Kristen remained on her hands and knees, her face coated with the drying juices of Shannon and Mena, her hair stuck to her sweaty, sticky forehead and her small tits bouncing wildly as she was thrust into doggie style. Kristen made her ass as tight as possible and pushed it back against Charisma to get her off as she gritted her teeth and tried not to scream out in ecstasy from the cock up her ass and Shannon’s marvelous tongue at her pussy.

Alyson couldn’t help but take notice of the competition between Charisma and Kristen as she lay back on the bed. She was so proud of Charisma. She was showing such wonderful instincts and, even though she hadn’t said anything, Alyson loved what Charisma was doing by raising the stakes and having Shannon lick Kristen. It was really making the blonde earn her freedom and it was such a hot show.

Mostly though Alyson focused on the intense pleasure she was feeling. There was nothing holding her back and she let her pleasure flow unimpeded. It felt so amazing to have Cobie between her legs after all this waiting, and have her eagerly lapping at her cunt and showing her what talents for pussy eating lay beneath her supposedly heterosexual nature.

Cobie was a natural. Alyson could feel that now. Her tongue was raw, but so passionate. She had all the talent to be an amazing lover and Alyson couldn’t wait to help her friend refine her pussy licking technique by getting her to fuck as many hot girls as possible.

Alyson loved feeling Cobie’s tongue licking at her tender, soaked folds and making her clit throb especially when she could look down and see her gorgeous face, so innocent and so carnal all at the same time peering up at her from her pussy, staring seductively at her while her tongue concentrated on getting her off.

“Oooooooooooooooh yessssssssss mmmmmmmmmm you’re licking me so good Cobie!” Alyson moaned as she pinched her own rosy red nipples. “Fuck baby! Oooooh you have to have done this before! AHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSS! Mmmmmm no way is this your first time eating pussy! Keep going baby! You’re going to make me come so fucking soon!”

Cobie blushed a little and smiled at the high praise and she just kept on licking. She wanted to be so good at this. She wanted to reward Alyson for giving her such incredible pleasure. She wanted to deserve the kind words of encouragement her friend was giving her.

Licking another woman was so much fun. Alyson tasted so good and her pussy was so hot and wet. Cobie loved being able to taste her friend’s juices as she explored another woman for the first time, feeling how tight and how warm Alyson’s gooey pussy was with her tongue.

A long time ago Cobie had heard someone say, she couldn’t remember where, that when someone wasn’t sure about how to go down on a woman they should just trace the alphabet with their tongue. She had always thought that might be a useful tip for a boyfriend some day, but had never dreamed she would be doing it herself. It was exactly what she was doing, though, and it seemed to be working like a charm.

Cobie licked Alyson’s clit and spelled out all the letters with her tongue as she remained on her tummy on Alyson’s bed. She could feel her own pussy dripping out fresh girl juice of her own against Alyson’s sheets and she loved how much it was turning her on to be eating another woman out.

Alyson’s pussy was starting to clamp down on her tongue and Cobie knew that meant her friend was getting close. So she began licking her even harder, breathing through her nose as she fused her mouth to Alyson’s cunt and focused in on her clit, sucking it just like she loved being done to her.


If she had been with Alyson before, Cobie would have been used to the blast of profane praise that always seemed to rush out of the girl’s mouth right before she hit her peek. Charisma, Kristen, Shannon and Mena had all heard it before and knew it was a sign they were doing a great job. But Cobie didn’t know that and at first she paused, not quite sure how to take such intense screams and cursing from the girl who was always so sweet and friendly around the set.

That pause earned Cobie the feel of Alyson’s hand on the back of her head, pushing her down firmly to her pussy as she urged her to keep going. That message got to Cobie loud and clear and the sexy Canadian shrugged off her confusion and got back to sucking ravenously on Alyson’s bulging, pink clitoris.


By now Cobie had realized that Alyson’s reactions were one of intense pleasure. She knew what she was doing was the right thing, so Cobie just did more of it. With her hands on Alyson’s thighs, spreading her legs open, Cobie let her lover push her head down into her pussy so she could suck more on her clitoris. She wrapped her lips around the bud and greedily slurped it as Alyson egged her on.


Without any further warning, Cobie suddenly found her mouth being filled with the most intense taste she’d ever had. She’d never minded the taste of a guy’s cum before, even if it was a little too salty for her sometimes, but nothing could prepare Cobie for the rush of flavor she got from Alyson’s orgasm.

As the not so natural brunette shook on the bed in orgasm, bucking her hips and grinding her creaming pussy against Cobie’s face, the sexy Canuck gulped it down like Alyson’s pussy was an oasis.

Alyson screamed and bounced on the bed in ecstasy as Cobie’s tongue was soaked in sexual essence. She had never tasted anything like this before and it was so hot and so delicious that Cobie became certain this was something she was going to crave again and again.

If she hadn’t been made into a slut for other girls before this, Alyson’s cum did the trick and Cobie smiled in bliss at her newfound satisfaction as she kept sucking on Alyson’s clit and gulping down her cream as the girl cried out and trashed her own sheets.

Alyson’s orgasm further weakened the resolve of both Kristen and Charisma. The pleasure they were giving each other was too much to withstand.

Kristen didn’t even know how she had the will to keep from coming from an amazing assfuck and a wicked tongue lashing. She was practically trembling with the need to come and yet still she held on, pushing her ass back into Charisma and forcing the nub to rub the woman’s clit again and again and again. She met every thrust into her ass with a push back until finally someone cracked.

“AWWWWWWWWWWWW FUCKKKKKKK!!!” Charisma screamed as she felt her body tense up past the point of no return and then release into nothing but sweet satisfaction.

She couldn’t hold back any longer. Mena nursing her sensitive tits and that sexy piece of plastic rubbing her throbbing clit was too much for her.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSS MMMMMMM YESSSSSSSS I’M COMING!!!” Charisma cried as she felt her pussy cream under the harness, coating the other end of the dildo in a sticky mess. She had been holding back and the intensity of the rush of her orgasm was more than enough to make her smile, even as she admitted defeat to Kristen.

“YESSSSSSSSS COMINGGGGGGG OOOOOH COMING FROM FUCKING THIS TIGHT ASS!! OOOOOOOOH!!!” Charisma managed to loudly moan through the tremors making her body quake.

Charisma’s cock was still buried up Kristen’s spread asshole, but she didn’t have the strength to thrust into her anymore as she came. Instead she just left it shoved into the blonde as Shannon finished her work for her.

Shannon licked and slurped away at Kristen’s pussy, working over her folds and then her clit with her lips and tongue. Kristen couldn’t stand a second more of holding back and with a cry of victory she finally came too.


The only thing that quieted Kristen was a sudden kiss to her lips. She just closed her eyes and let the woman kiss her without even caring who it was. There were so many sexy girls there that Kristen didn’t care who it was kissing her. All that mattered was how good it felt to finally release the orgasm that had been building inside her all this time. It was intense enough to leave her shivering with pleasure as wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy rushed through her body.

Only when she opened her eyes and let out one last moan of bliss did Kristen see that she had been kissing Alyson this whole time. That just made Kristen smile even more.

“Oooooooh Mistress…mmmmmmm…” Kristen dreamily sighed as Alyson caressed her sweaty, flushed cheek and Charisma slowly withdrew her toy from her well fucked ass.

“You don’t have to call me that anymore,” Alyson said, a little sadly, but definitely proud of Kristen for wanting something bad enough to work this hard for it.

“Ok…Aly…” Kristen smiled, loving the soft touch to her cheek and realizing she was unable to remember the last time she had called Alyson by her real name.

“You did so good Kristen,” Alyson said, reaching up to remove Kristen’s collar. “Mmmm you gonna have fun this weekend fucking all those sexy girls?”

“You know I will,” Kristen replied, her mind already filled with visions of pleasures to come as her neck was bared and she felt a sudden rush of giddiness at the prospect of being free to choose her own fun this weekend. “I can’t wait.”

“Well I already know one girl who’d be perfect for you to play with,” Alyson said. “She needs a good licking from you.”

Kristen looked up and saw that Cobie was lying back on the bed again, parting her legs and showing how very wet her pussy had gotten. Kristen knew just what she had to do and she immediately got up off the rug, her legs a little wobbly, before making her way to the bed where, without so much as a word exchanged, she began kissing Cobie.

Cobie kissed back and soon the two were making out, rubbing their bare tits together as they explored each other’s mouths for the first time.

Alyson watched and smiled wickedly. She didn’t say anything, but Cobie actually hadn’t been the girl she had been thinking of. That girl wasn’t there at the moment but Alyson was going to make it a goal for her weekend to make sure she and Kristen hooked up.

The girl Alyson had in mind for Kristen was actually younger, blonder and in need of a good babysitter.

* * * * *

Back at the mansion, the morning’s fun had been a very erotic diversion for all involved, but the fact remained they were burning daylight and Rose was impatient to get going. She had a lot planned for Las Vegas and they were going to need time to get to all of it.

Therefore the sooner they got going, the sooner they got started on the fun in Sin City.

Standing in the hallway which ran across the row of bedrooms, Rose became frustrated that she was the only one who seemed ready to go. So she got to the middle of the hallway and shouted out an announcement. With all of the mansion’s bedrooms in close proximity, Rose was confident that anyone in the general area would be able to hear her.


That certainly got people moving. No one wanted to miss out on Vegas, so when Rose strode downstairs and waited by the foyer, she was soon joined by one then two then more and more of her housemates until everyone, it seemed, was assembled.

Everyone was carrying a bag or two, even Love who had managed to cut down her baggage by far, except for Hayden, who felt a little out of place since she was just a guest and not really a part of this amazing group of girls. Everyone was all packed up and ready to go and she was standing there in borrowed clothes without so much as a toothbrush.

Maria and Jessica Biel had already gone, promising to meet them there in Vegas and hook up again, but Hayden had stayed right here without any of her stuff. The teen knew if she went home, she’d be confronted by her parents for staying out all night again and that increased the risk that she might be kept from making this trip.

It was easier to just wait for the punishment to come and deal with it after a wild weekend. Despite being a little uncomfortable, Hayden was so pumped for this trip. She didn’t want to miss it for the world. She hadn’t planned on this, but she’d been invited and Hayden only wanted the pleasure of the last few days to continue.

She had brought no change of clothes with her and she hadn’t wanted to wear the dress she had on the night before all the way to Vegas. Fortunately Sarah was close to her size so the girl had generously loaned her some shorts and a t-shirt.

But while that would do for now, more would have to be done about her lack of clothes. Everyone else had multiple outfits and Hayden had none. They were going to be going to all these parties and big events there and Hayden had absolutely nothing to wear.

“Don’t worry sweetie,” Alyssa said to the blonde girl as they all gathered together. She couldn’t help but notice Hayden had something on her mind and she correctly guessed what it was. “You don’t need to have anything with you but you. We’ll take you shopping in Vegas. Mmmmm we’re going to dress you up in some hot outfits for that sexy bod of yours.”

Hayden liked the idea of that a lot and smiled as she took Alyssa’s hand in hers and squeezed it. After what had happened the other morning in the bathtub between them, Hayden felt very close to Alyssa and she hoped her friend would be there when Rose fucked her and took her cherry. Hayden hadn’t forgotten what she had promised Rose and she had every intention of keeping her word and giving up her ass to her. Having Alyssa there would make things even hotter.

Looking over at Rose, Hayden couldn’t help but feel a rush of arousal and nerves as she pictured the beautiful woman bending her over and fucking her virgin ass, just like they’d just done to Maria and Jessica. It had been so hot and even though she was still a little scared, Hayden was getting more and more eager by the second to experience the same kind of intense pounding of her tight little hole.

Hayden shot Rose a sexy gaze even as she held hands with Alyssa, but Rose was too preoccupied to notice. She was focused on the fact that there was a key someone missing from their group.

“Wait a second…where’s Jen?” Rose asked as she did her head count.

“She went to breakfast with Courteney,” Sarah answered, remembering her earlier teasing about her friend hooking up with her co-star.

“Well she’d better be in a fucking 69 with her, cause no other excuse is gonna cut it,” Rose replied in frustration. “She knew we were leaving now. How can she be holding us back like this? Chrissy’s waiting for us.”

Rose had arranged for a car service to take them all to where Christina was waiting with her private jet to ferry all of them to Vegas in style. A bunch of their friends were meeting them there and Rose not only hated to keep them waiting, but every second they spent hanging around for Jennifer to show up was another second they couldn’t use for getting wild.

“Wait hold on, she just texted me,” Love said, looking at her phone. “She’s like a minute away. She’s driving as fast as she can. She’ll be here.”

“She’d better be breaking the speed limit,” Rose grumbled, but not angrily. She couldn’t stay annoyed at her friends for long, especially when she was already devising ways Jennifer could make it up to her.

As they waited for Jennifer, all the girls gathered around and made sure they hadn’t forgotten anything, mentally going over their checklists before many of them ultimately shrugged and realized if they had forgotten anything, it would be easy to get what they needed in Vegas.

The gaggle of girls talked and laughed together about everything and nothing in particular as they waited and the excitement level about their trip was palpable.

As everyone chatted away, Q’Orianka couldn’t help but stare. She felt so different this morning and so exhilarated. After all she’d seen and done yesterday, she had an entirely new appreciation for women and how beautiful they were. And her cousin’s friends were the most beautiful women she had ever seen.

Now that she knew just how wonderful another woman’s sexual touch was, Q’Orianka felt like she was looking at other girls with a new set of eyes. She couldn’t help but wonder how good these women kissed and think about how good it would feel to touch them and how wonderful they’d taste if she licked them.

She couldn’t believe she was thinking such dirty thoughts, but there were so many beautiful girls here and Q’Orianka found herself fantasizing about all of them. Jewel had already been with all of them so it was clear they were all into this. Q’Orianka just wondered if they’d all want her as much as she wanted them.

She loved what she had done with her cousin the night before and Q’Orianka was hoping for lots and lots of nights just like that from now on, but she also felt a newfound sense of sexual greediness. One girl just wasn’t enough. Now the teenager wanted all of them. She wanted to fuck all these girls her cousin had already had and show them that sexiness ran in the family.

It was so hard to believe that all these beautiful girls lived here together and did what they did with each other. It was so wild and kinky and Q’Orianka still had trouble processing such a huge secret even after all she’d done the night before. It was so crazy, but felt so right.

There wasn’t just sex in the air here. Q’Orianka could see how every gesture, every word, every look was built upon mutual caring and a connection that went far beyond lust. It was something truly beautiful and, in the short time she’d been here, Q’Orianka had come to believe this was truly a place which caused the spirit as well as the libido to flourish.

And speaking of libido, Q’Orianka couldn’t stop from eyeing all her cousin’s sexy friends and imagining what it was like when they all made love. She looked at them milling around and filled her head with erotic visions of Jewel being naked with her friends and pleasuring all of them.

But she didn’t stop there. She also pictured herself in Jewel’s place. Q’Orianka wondered what it was like to kiss Jessica Alba’s perfect lips or play with Love’s big breasts or lick a body as beautiful as Stacy Keibler’s from head to toe. She imagined being the one to make love to all of them and the thought made her smile and tingle with excitement.

Last night Jewel and Alyssa had said something to her about Rose and some toy called Mr. Snappy or something. Q’Orianka was eager to find out what that was all about and, as she looked over everyone, the teenager couldn’t help but stare as Sarah bent down to check something in her bag.

Doing this pushed the blonde’s ass out and her jean shorts tightly clung to her pert bottom. Q’Orianka blushed when she realized she was actually checking out another woman’s ass, but she couldn’t help but wonder if Sarah liked to be touched there.

Sarah had such a great ass and Q’Orianka longed to see it up close and naked. Not restraining herself a bit, the teen thought about touching and kissing Sarah’s ass and maybe even spanking her like Jewel had done to Alyssa last night.

Q’Orianka became so fixated on Sarah’s backside that she didn’t even notice that the former slayer had picked up on her gaze and turned around.

“Hey.” Sarah said with a smile, snapping Q’Orianka out of her stare.

“Sorry,” Q’Orianka mumbled, her olive skin blushing as much as it could as she was caught. “I didn’t mean to stare.”

“It’s ok, you can stare if you want,” Sarah replied before she turned around and put herself face to face with the young beauty. “You just have to be able to back those stares up with action.”

“Ummmm ok,” Q’Orianka said, not quite sure how best to respond to someone saying it was ok to gawk at her ass as long as she promised to do a lot more than just look. This place was so wild.

“We didn’t really get a chance to talk yesterday,” Sarah said. She and Q’Orianka had only had the briefest of interactions when Jewel had introduced them and that was it. “I hope we get the chance to spend some more time together and, you know, really get to know each other.”

As she said this, Sarah gently, but seductively ran her fingers over Q’Orianka’s arm, getting goosebumps on the teenager’s skin. It was a most welcome touch and Q’Orianka’s smile soon matched Sarah’s. She loved the look she was getting from Sarah. Except for Alyssa and, of course, Jewel, she didn’t really know any of these girls and she badly wanted to know them all intimately.

“I’d love that,” Q’Orianka said. “You girls are all so beautiful. I…this…ummm…I just can’t believe this is all happening here. It’s just amazing.”

“Well it seems like you’re pretty amazing yourself, sweetie,” Sarah winked. “I heard those noises coming from Alyssa’s room last night. Seemed like all of you were having a real fun time.”

That got a bashful smile from Q’Orianka but she denied nothing. Last night had been so incredible and knowing their fun had not only gotten the attention of the beautiful girls living here, but had turned them on too just made Q’Orianka more eager to be a part of all of this.

“So you’re coming with us to Vegas, huh?” Sarah said as she continued to lightly trace Q’Orianka’s arm with her fingers.

“I guess so,” Q’Orianka replied. No one had given her any indication she wasn’t invited. All morning long Jewel had been acting like it was a given that she was going and Q’Orianka had just followed her lead. “I mean if it’s ok with you guys.”

“Of course it’s ok,” Sarah said. “You’re part of this now and this trip is going to give us the perfect chance to get to know you. Mmmm and find out if you can make us all scream as loud as Lyssa was last night.”

Sarah then surprised Q’Orianka by leaning in and giving her a kiss. It was just a friendly kiss, but it was right on the lips. Q’Orianka hadn’t expected Sarah to be so forward, but she quickly got over her surprise and kissed back. The two girls had a tender close mouthed kiss before Sarah pulled away.

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait to get to know you, sweetie,” Sarah grinned, eager for more after the kiss, a feeling Q’Orianka definitely shared.

She had never even been to Las Vegas. There had just never been time before. But she had always wanted to experience that place for herself. Q’Orianka had wanted to see the glitz and the wildness and the intoxicating atmosphere of excess. Now not only did it look like she was finally going to be able to go, she was going to go with the most beautiful women she had ever seen and act out fantasies that she had never dared to dream until yesterday.

But while Q’Orianka being part of the trip was assured, Love was having less luck trying to convince someone else to go with them.

“Please come with us,” Love pleaded as she left her bags behind with the other girls and followed the mansion’s distracted maid. “C’mon Michelle. It will be so much fun! We want you to come!”

“I know you do,” Michelle sighed sadly. “And I want to come Love. I just cannot.”

“But why?” Love asked. “It’s not like we’re going to be here for you to clean up after. There won’t be anything for you to do here. Come along with us. You’ve been working so hard lately and you seem so stressed. This trip is just what you need. You can relax and you can let us cater to you for a while. Mmmmm and we know just how to help you feel good.”

As Love said this she kissed the blonde woman tenderly on the lips while reaching under Michelle’s short ruffled skirt. As usual the maid wore no panties and Love was delighted with the feel of nothing but bare flesh as she squeezed Michelle’s ass and made the busty French woman moan.

Despite everything that was on her mind, Michelle couldn’t help but kiss Love back. She adored the feel of another woman’s kiss, especially the ones she worked for. Michelle loved being their slutty French maid, letting her famous, gorgeous employers ravish and make her cater to their every sexual whim.

Michelle relished the perks of her job, especially being able to shave the girls’ pussies completely bare whenever they wanted it. Being able to make them smooth and then lick their freshly shaved girlflesh was better than any salary she ever could draw from them.

The truth was there was nothing Michelle wanted more than to go with the girls to Vegas. She loved to party. She loved women. She loved having sex with her employers. There was nothing about this trip that she didn’t want. There was so much pressure on her these days that the chance to let her hair down and go wild while living it up like a hedonist in Sin City was just what she needed. But still she resisted.

“I am sorry Love,” Michelle said, pulling herself away from her disappointed boss. “I just cannot go with you. There is too much here I must tend to. I cannot go away.”

“What? What’s going on?” Love asked, concerned about Michelle. The woman was more than a maid and a lover to them. Love considered her a friend. “Is everything ok Michelle? You haven’t seemed yourself these last few weeks. That’s why I want you to come with us. I want you to be able to relax.”

Michelle wished she could tell Love everything. She wished she could confess her true life story. She wasn’t just some normal girl. She had been trained as a spy and assassin and sent to America as a French sleeper agent and had been quite successful working her way into the inner fabric of America’s elite political class in Washington.

But then she had been sent to California and ended up working at the mansion. And the girls like Love had shown her a new way to live and suddenly duty to France had seemed less important and America had seemed far less like the land of the corrupt, spoiled and lazy that her handler and mentor Rene had always said it was.

As much as she wanted to get this off her chest, Michelle knew if she said a word she was putting the life of Love and every girl at the mansion at risk. The truth could get them all killed and Michelle would do anything to avoid that.

She had been instructed to do everything in her power to find out about the location of the MAW Device and how to gain it for France’s advantage. The three boys always keeping an eye on the mansion and it’s inhabitants knew something and Michelle was tasked with finding out what they knew by any means necessary.

She had also been ordered to eliminate anyone in her way or anyone who discovered her secret and Michelle had been expressly told that included the girls in the mansion. It seemed too horrible to contemplate such a terrible turn of events and Michelle was ready to do anything to avoid a position where she had no choice but to eliminate one, or all, of the girls she had grown to care for quite deeply. That meant keeping her secrets closer to the vest than ever. She not only had a mission to complete, but she had to keep the girls safe.

“I just cannot,” Michelle evasively replied. “It is personal Love. I have…how you say…issues that I must tend to. I am so sorry. You know I would love to come.”

Love was visibly disappointed. They had all had so much fun with Michelle there at their orgy in Jamaica and the French maid was as much a part of the house as any of them were. Plus Love knew Michelle was holding something back and she could see it was troubling her.

“Ok,” Love said, accepting Michelle’s unwillingness to go. “But if we can help with your problem, just ask. We’ll do anything for you Michelle.”

“Thank you Love, but I will be fine,” Michelle sighed, wishing it was true. “You go have fun with your friends. Do not worry about Michelle.”

Love gave Michelle one last kiss before walking back toward the foyer. She arrived just in time to see Jennifer running in the door.

“Hey, when I say be ready, I mean be ready!” Rose chastised. “You’re putting us behind.”

“Sorry…sorry…sorry…” Jennifer said repeatedly as she scrambled inside. “Just give me a second to grab my bags. I’ll be right down.”

“Don’t dawdle or else we’re going without you,” Rose declared, even though everyone knew it was an empty threat. There was no way they were leaving without Jennifer in tow.

But the words had the desired effect as Jennifer picked up the pace and ran up the curved staircase toward her bedroom. She had left her bags right on the bed and she hurriedly grabbed them, taking a second to pause and make sure she hadn’t forgotten anything. Satisfied that she hadn’t, Jennifer ran back downstairs where everyone was waiting for her.

“You’d better have a damn good excuse,” Rose said as everyone grabbed their bags up off the floor. “You and that ‘off limits’ friend of yours had better have made each other’s pussy into brunch because otherwise there’s no good reason for you to be late.”

“Yeah right…no way that’s going to happen,” Jennifer replied out of rote habit even though her thoughts this morning over breakfast with Courteney had left her quite unsure of that stance now. “Let’s get going.”

“Hey wait, what’s wrong Jen?” Jewel asked. “You look like you have something on your mind. Oh my God! Something good happened with Courteney, didn’t it?”

Like the others at the mansion, Jewel dreamed of seeing Jennifer pair up with her Friends co-star and for the rest of them to have a chance to join in. But Jennifer quickly shot that idea down.

“Huh? No! No way,” Jennifer said, her mind mostly on Emma and the girl’s unique form of blackmail. She was still a bit rattled by this teenager she didn’t know at all striding right up to her and backing her into a corner and she didn’t know how to react.

“Awwww,” Jewel replied, disappointed that Courteney wouldn’t be visiting them anytime soon for fun. She didn’t want to force Jennifer into a position she wasn’t comfortable with, though, so she let it drop.

“Well, what is it then?” Sarah asked as everyone trudged out toward the waiting cars. “What’s up Jen?”

“Nothing…it’s nothing…” Jennifer sighed, not sure how to put this in a way to her friends that would let them understand how this had thrown her. “I’ll tell you on the way.”

The girls split up into three groups and threw their bags in the back before hopping into the cars. With Vegas on their minds, the girls happily settled in for the ride to the airport as the cars were slammed shut and the drivers began making their way.
And as they left, Love turned around and saw Michelle standing out front giving them a sad wave goodbye. Love rolled down the window to return it, but soon Michelle was left in the distance.

* * * * *

With all the daily stresses that came from being a single mother while at the same time maintaining a full career along with all the fun challenges that could only come from living in the public spotlight in mind, a weekend in Las Vegas had sounded mighty good to Reese Witherspoon. She had been looking to get away, even just for a few days, and indulge a bit of her wild side and there was no better place to do that than where her friends were all headed.

So when Sarah had called the night before to see if Reese wanted to come along with them, she had been saying yes before Sarah was even finished asking. Reese couldn’t imagine what a wreck her life would be if she didn’t have the mansion as an outlet for all her pent up desire and energy and the thought of getting wild and naughty with the hottest women she knew was more than a little appealing to her.

Reese had agreed before she had even considered how to make it all work. Running away for a weekend in Vegas seemed simple if you were in the cast of Entourage, but that wasn’t her life at all. What would have been easy if she had no responsibilities was more than a little complicated by the two children she had at home.

Reese shared custody with her ex-husband, Ryan, but for the most part she was the primary parent and she wasn’t about to duck the most important responsibility she had. So for a brief time the night before she had been worried that she had spoken too soon and wouldn’t be able to go after all.

Ordinarily Reese would have been perfectly confident leaving the kids in the care of their nanny, but Reese had plans for Julie that weekend that didn’t involve babysitting. So that was out and leaving them with Ryan hadn’t been an option either since he wasn’t taking any of her calls right then. She had no idea why, but he had been completely avoiding her lately and Reese was too tired of Ryan’s drama queen act to even question it anymore. But with him ignoring her calls and her messages, leaving the kids with him wasn’t getting far as a plan.

Ultimately all had been saved when Reese’s mother had agreed to stay over and watch the kids. Naturally the kids had been all too pleased that grandma was coming over to spoil them for the weekend with mommy out of town and Reese had tried not to let on just how happy she was that her mother was coming to her rescue. After all Reese wasn’t about to let her mother know that the real reason she was ducking away wasn’t just to appear at the charity telethon, but to indulge in the sweetest of forbidden pleasures with her girlfriends.

Sarah and all her friends had shown Reese what true pleasure was all about. She would have gone insane by now if she hadn’t learned the intense ecstasy of a woman’s touch and when she was able to get with Sarah and her housemates it was always so amazing and such a true relief to Reese. Her plans with Jessica might have been scuttled the day before when the girl suddenly cancelled them, but Reese had every intention of making up for lost time when she saw the beautiful brunette again in Vegas and hopefully they would all cross paths with Reese’s new friend Kate Hudson after the experience the two had shared when visiting Reese’s favorite sex shop the day before.

Reese had come back from that visit with a big smile on her face and some much needed relief. And just as every hot experience with women did, it had left Reese wanting more. So Sarah’s invitation had been most welcome and Reese had been on pins and needles all morning eagerly awaiting the chance to cut loose and do something naughty that would leave her with hot memories and a very satisfied pussy.

There was nothing in the world Reese loved as much as her children and if she ever had the choice of giving up her children or her hidden lesbian adventures, not even a second of thought would have been necessary before she made her decision. But being a mother was a 24/7 job and combining that with all the pressures of being an actress in the public eye left Reese looking for the ecstasy of girl on girl indulgence whenever she could safely get it. Her nipples had been hard with anticipation since she had gotten up that morning and Reese could feel her pussy purring for the attention she knew her hot friends would be only too happy to give it.

The last time she had gone on a trip with her girlfriends, they had ended up in Jamaica in an orgy of dozens of hot, horny girls. Reese had adored every second of that experience. Just thinking back to it made her wet and she craved the same kind of wild, uninhibited fun where she didn’t have to be Reese Witherspoon Hollywood star and mom. She could just be a wanton slut, caring only about which girl to fuck next and coming over and over again until she finally had true satisfaction.

Reese longed for that kind of sexual liberation and now that she had it set that she could indulge in it with her hottest friends she wanted as many girls to come along with her. All her mansion friends would be in Vegas and she had already texted Kate to try to get her to go along too, but hadn’t heard back yet. And at that moment Reese was working hard trying to get another one of her close friends to join in the road trip.

“You have to come,” Reese said as she drove down the streets, her GPS device gently prodding her down the appropriate lefts and rights. “I won’t take no for an answer. I know you need this trip.”

“Oh I definitely do,” Michelle Branch sighed on the other end of the call. “It’s been so long since I got away. I just can’t. Not on such short notice.”

“Oh no, no excuses,” Reese smiled, prodding her friend. “You’re going to go pack a back and come with us. Don’t you want to come along? All our friends are going to be there. They miss you. When was the last time you were actually able to go to the mansion for some fun?”

“Too long,” Michelle admitted.

“So there’s no reason for you not to come along,” Reese declared. “You know you want to Michelle. I’m not going to let you talk yourself out of it. You need some wild fun sweetie. You need to ditch your responsibilities for a weekend and go crazy. Mmmm and don’t bother packing any clothes because you’re not going to need them.”

“Oooooh,” Michelle giggled in reply. “Mmmmm that does sound good. That’s just the kind of vacation I need.”

“So it’s settled then,” Reese said. “Throw together a bag and let’s get going.”

“I can’t,” Michelle insisted, her voice showing her disappointment. “I can’t just pick up and run off for the weekend. I really want to Reese. You know I do. I just can’t.”

“Yes you can,” Reese replied. “You want this and you need it. I can hear it in your voice. Give me one good reason you can’t and don’t tell me it’s because of Owen.”

“Well I think that’s a pretty good reason,” Michelle said, referring to her young daughter, eyeing the girl from the doorway as she watched Dora the Explorer without any clue what her mommy was discussing. “I’m not just going to leave her alone and I’m sure as hell not taking her to Vegas.”

“See, this is why you need a nanny,” Reese said. “Haven’t I been saying that to you for years now?”

“I know…I know…it’s just…I can’t find the right one…” Michelle admitted. “I’m sorry Reese. I want to come. I really do. But I just can’t. Not today. Maybe if I had more time to set something up. But I can’t on such short notice. Ok?”

“Nope, not even close to ok,” Reese playfully shot back. “You’re coming Michelle and you’re coming with a big smile on your face. Remember. I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“Well what are you going to do, kidnap me?” Michelle laughed, joking even as she tingled a little between her legs at the idea of her friends ganging up on her, tying her up and having their wicked way with her as she begged them not to stop.

“If necessary,” Reese laughed back. “But I have a much better idea in mind. I have the solution to your problem. I have everything you need to have a guilt free weekend in Vegas knowing Owen is safe and sound and well taken care of.”

“And what do I have to do to make this miracle happen?” Michelle asked, very curious where this was headed as she continued to keep an eye on her daughter from the doorway, trying not to hover but also not wanting to be too far away.

“Open your gate and find out.” Reese said. “I’m right outside your house.”

“What? Seriously?” Michelle demanded, surprised but happy over the sudden visit from her friend.

“Open the gate and you’ll see,” Reese replied and with a quick check of her security cameras, Michelle saw that indeed Reese’s car was pulled up outside.

“You’re crazy,” Michelle laughed before punching in the code to open her gate. “Ok, come on up.”

This wasn’t the first time Michelle had seen first hand how stubborn Reese could be and it sure didn’t look like the movie star was going to take no for an answer. But Michelle was just as firm in her resolve that she couldn’t leave her daughter for the weekend with no suitable child care immediately at hand. So she had no idea how Reese was going to try and convince her. Still, she definitely wanted to see what she had planned, especially if her brand of convincing included them getting their clothes off and having some fun upstairs on Michelle’s very welcoming bed.

She and Reese had bonded as friends over their common interest and Michelle giggled as she thought about how that common interest was hot lesbian sex. She had never known Reese was into this until the Jamaica trip, but it hadn’t been the all-girl orgy that had sealed their friendship. Rather it had been the intense foursome she, Reese and Gwen had enjoyed with Fluffy that night.

Michelle had never been with a man before that night and Fluffy was still the only one, but it had been so hot to see Gwen and Reese lose all control and give into white hot lust for the bodyguard. Seeing those beautiful pink mouths on that big black cock and being able to witness how much they loved it had made Michelle want to be with a man for the first time. And what a man Fluffy had turned out to be.

To say that night had changed Michelle’s life forever was being coy.

The result of that illicit rendezvous was sitting in the other room watching cartoons, but Michelle had no regrets. She loved her daughter more than anything and while it certainly hadn’t been what she had planned, being a mom was everything to her now. Fluffy was there to help any way he could and Michelle enjoyed the support of her family unconditionally. It had meant a great deal more secrecy around her personal life, but Michelle had never been the kind of girl who craved the tabloid spotlight anyway, so it suited her just fine.

Of course suddenly finding herself thrust into motherhood had scared Michelle and she knew she was fortunate to have great friends like Reese in her life to help her and give her advice. Reese was a great mother and Michelle wanted to be just like her. She admired how her friend could have it all…the kids, the thriving career and most of all the ability to get to the mansion and enjoy herself. Michelle didn’t quite have the balancing act down yet, but Reese was a great role model and whatever idea she had, Michelle knew it was at least going to be well worth listening to.

So when the buzzer gave its unmistakable indication that someone was at the door, Michelle eagerly ran over. But when she opened the door she found herself face to face with a surprise. Not only was Reese there, but she wasn’t alone and Michelle found herself staring at a beautiful stranger standing right along with her.

“Hey Reese. Ummmm what’s going on?” Michelle asked, frowning a little as she put the brakes on and restrained herself from planting the happy kiss on Reese’s lips that she’d been intending to deliver.

She had no idea who this woman was and couldn’t help but wonder what her friend was up to by bringing a stranger to her house and not letting her know about it. After all Michelle wasn’t really looking to advertise her personal life to just anyone.

But Reese didn’t let Michelle wonder in mystery for long. She introduced her companion right away.

“Michelle this is Julie,” Reese said, placing her arm around the younger woman’s shoulder. “She’s my nanny and she’s about to become yours as well.”

“Ummm hi Julie,” Michelle replied, not sure what else to say before it dawned on her that she was so surprised by this strange offer coming from Reese that she hadn’t even let them in the door yet. “Uhhh you guys wanna come in?”

“Well we’re not going to solve this problem by just standing out here on the doorstep, are we?” Reese teased before leading Julie inside and giving Michelle a kiss hello right on the lips, another gesture that caught the brunette singer by surprise.

Of course even though she hadn’t been expecting it, Michelle kissed back. She didn’t want to even consider a time when she wouldn’t want to be kissed by someone as beautiful as Reese Witherspoon, but it also made her wonder immediately just how much Julie knew about her boss and, more importantly, what she knew about her.

When she and Reese pulled apart their soft, brief kiss, Michelle found herself staring at Julie, taking a good look at the young woman. She looked about her age and had brown hair tied up in a ponytail. She had glasses that perfectly framed her face and gave her a smart, sexy look that would have made Tina Fey jealous and Michelle couldn’t help but notice that the shirt Julie was wearing seemed to hint at a very impressive chest underneath. But she had that girl next door, All American aura about her and looked far too sweet to be into something like this. So that made Michelle a little nervous about disclosure after Reese’s kiss.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Michelle, Reese has already told me so much about you,” Julie said politely. But that hardly put any of Michelle’s questions to rest as she nearly blurted right out and asked what Reese had said about her.

Michelle restrained herself from asking that so directly, though, and instead smiled at Julie, who made an instantly good impression. Michelle got a good vibe right off her, more than she’d gotten in the dozens of interviews she’d done to find a nanny. And if Reese liked her then that was definitely a good testament to her skills. But ultimately, Michelle was still a little perplexed about all of this and wasn’t sure how to react.

“Thanks Julie, it’s nice to meet you too but…ummm…well I’m not sure what Reese told you but I’m not really looking for a nanny right now,” Michelle said.

“Oh you’re not still on that ‘I can do it all kick”, are you?” Reese asked, shaking her head.

“I can do it all!” Michelle stubbornly insisted. “I don’t need a nanny! Owen and I are fine the way things are. No offense Julie, but I’m definitely not looking to hire anyone right now.”

“Oh,” Julie said with a little frown, wondering if she’d made a bad impression on Michelle.

Being a nanny was hardly her life’s ambition, but she thought she was pretty good at it and being rejected flat out like this was kind of new for her. Of course this whole situation was a new experience for her too. So many of Reese’s friends and acquaintances had tried to hire her away over the years and Reese was usually the one fighting to keep her, not trading her off to someone else.

“Michelle, that’s crazy, I’ve told you, you’ll drive yourself right into an early grave if you try and do it all without any help,” Reese said. “C’mon let’s talk. Just you and me. Julie can watch after Owen.”

“But…but…” Michelle tried to protest as Reese pushed her upstairs toward her bedroom.

“Don’t worry, Julie can take care of it,” Reese insisted. “I trust her with my kids completely. She’s been with me for years. She can watch Owen for 15 minutes, believe me. But we need to talk.”

As strange as all of this sudden nanny-appearance was, Michelle trusted Reese and her word was good enough for her. If Reese trusted Julie with her kids, Michelle knew she could do the same with her daughter. So she relaxed and didn’t put up a fight as Reese pushed her upstairs and into her bedroom. Usually this was where Michelle most liked to be with someone like Reese, but right then her mind wasn’t quite on loving.

“I can’t believe you brought her here like that,” Michelle said, showing her annoyance with her friend as Reese dropped her bag on the floor and sat down on the bed with her. “What am I supposed to do with her?”

“Let her watch after Owen so you can relax and get out of the house for once to do something that doesn’t involve work,” Reese replied. “C’mon Michelle. You said yourself that you needed a trip like this. I don’t want to go without you.”

“You brought her here just so you could convince me to go to Vegas with you?” Michelle asked.

“Welllll I thought she would be good incentive and I thought I could take care of the rest of the convincing part,” Reese laughed as she rubbed herself into Michelle, snuggling against her and making the slightly perturbed singer smile.

“She seems really nice, but I don’t want to hire a nanny,” Michelle insisted, her annoyance lessening the more affectionate Reese got with her. “I can do this all myself. I mean Owen’s not a baby anymore. I can handle this. I haven’t screwed her up or anything.”

“I’m not saying that you have sweetie, I’m just worried about you,” Reese said. “Believe me Michelle, I’ve completely been in your shoes. I know how stressful this is and how tired you must be. It’s not admitting you’re a bad mother to get some help. Julie’s a great nanny. The kids love her and I wouldn’t know what to do without her. I tried to do it all myself too, but I was ripping my hair out at night because I was so frustrated. It’s so hard to do it all and I wasn’t taking care of me. I want you to be able to take care of yourself Michelle…of all your needs…”

Reese began caressing Michelle’s thigh as she sat next to her on the bed, her soft hand feeling really good through Michelle’s jeans. The blonde movie star left no doubt what she meant, but Michelle certainly didn’t need the touch to understand where Reese was going with this.

“My needs are being taken care of just fine…” Michelle insisted, not doing anything to get Reese to move her hand off her thigh.

“Mmmmmm by Avril?” Reese said, furthering things by kissing Michelle’s neck and nuzzling her nose into her fair, smooth skin.

“Mmmmmhmmm,” Michelle moaned, her annoyance now gone and replaced by much more appealing feelings as her nipples started to stiffen up and there was new stirring between her thighs.

The spirited Canadian had made for an excellent nighttime companion and there had been so many nights when, after Owen had fallen asleep, the two of them had fucked each other into similarly unconscious states. Waking up naked and in each other’s arms was definitely a thrill for Michelle and she saw Avril as much as she could, delighting in what a horny brat her friend was and how all her enthusiasm could be so easily funneled into naughty sex play.

“Or are you getting your needs taken care of by someone else?” Reese continued to tease, playfully sucking on Michelle’s earlobe. “Someone like Fluffy.”

Michelle didn’t reply. She just blushed and smiled and gave Reese her answer that way.

“Naughty girl,” Reese laughed seductively. “Mmmmm very, very naughty girl. Mmmm taking on that big cock all by your lonesome.”

“It was only one other time…” Michelle said, leaving out the fact that that other time had been last night.

She and Fluffy were essentially living together these days for Owen’s sake, but they weren’t together. They both agreed it made sense for Owen to see her mommy and daddy together, but there certainly wasn’t anything traditional about their relationship.

Michelle considered herself a lesbian. She wasn’t usually attracted to men and what happened between her and Fluffy was a fluke and nothing more. They were good friends now and Owen could see that there was definitely love between her parents, but it wasn’t like they shared a bed.

Before last night, Michelle had only been with Fluffy that one night in Jamaica. And if Gwen hadn’t called her yesterday looking for a favor to make sure Fluffy was satisfied after they had been thwarted from hooking up at Christina’s office, Michelle didn’t know if it would have happened again. Of course on the other hand, Michelle’s plan had only been for Avril to take him on at first and she had ended up enjoying him herself too, so she couldn’t get away with acting too innocent even in her own mind.

“Mmmm wish I’d been there,” Reese purred, thinking back to how much fun she’d had sharing Fluffy with Michelle and Gwen. “Ooooh that must have been so hot. You looked so hot that night taking on that huge cock.”

“Mmmmm so did you,” Michelle moaned in reply, still remembering vividly how hard she’d rubbed her clit as she’d watched Reese flat on her back, her beautiful naked body all sweaty and jiggling as she had her legs slung up over Fluffy’s broad shoulders so he could pound into her. “I would have loved to have you with me and him and Avril. Mmm there’s so much of Fluffy to go around.”

Michelle giggled as she said the last part and it was Reese’s turn to moan as she dreamed about how hot it must have been for lucky Fluffy to have both of those sexy girls attacking him. Avril was definitely a strange girl and there was still tension left from what she had pulled with Jessica in Jamaica, but Reese didn’t have to be told what a good fuck she was.

“And where is your little songbird today?” Reese asked. “I was hoping she’d be here to help me convince you.”

“Ummmm she had to go…” Michelle replied, knowing if she gave Reese more information it would only increase the blonde’s resolve.

“Go? Go where?” Reese asked, knowing the answer before Michelle even said it.

“Vegas,” Michelle sighed, deciding it was useless to try and keep Reese from finding out. “She’s in Vegas for the telethon.”

“See! Everyone’s going!” Reese laughed. “How can you even think about not coming along? It’s going to be incredible.”

“Well I want to go!” Michelle insisted, resting her head on Reese’s shoulders as the girls held each other while sitting on the bed. “I hate missing something like this. I know it’s going to be incredible. But I don’t want to leave Owen and if I go and take her with me then I won’t be able to have any fun. It’s not like I can just bring her along to party.”

“You don’t have to, that’s what Julie is for,” Reese pointed out. “She comes along and watches Owen while you go off and get some Michelle time. Mmmmm and you know that means lots of hanging out with all our friends and getting that sexy body of yours tended too until all that stress is gone and you’re just one big lump of smiles from coming so much.”

Michelle had to admit that idea sounded good…really good, but she also couldn’t fully escape the idea she was ducking her responsibility. It was hard enough to keep up with her friends when they were simply having a party at the mansion. Being with them in Vegas sounded like 24/7 party commitment and while Michelle had no doubt that would be insanely awesome and that every sexual fantasy she could possibly think of would be fulfilled, there was no way she could keep up if she had her daughter with her.

Owen had to be her priority and Michelle had no illusions otherwise, but Reese kept on tempting her.

“Think about it Michelle, I let you borrow Julie…she watches Owen while you’re off getting naughty and you get it all…” Reese purred into Michelle’s ear, hoping to weaken the younger woman’s resolve. “You get to be a good mommy and you also get to be a hot, nasty MILF mmmmmm just like me!”

“Ooooooh!” Michelle sighed, both at the idea of herself as a MILF, something she had never really thought of herself as before, and from Reese starting to rub her tits through her shirt, making her nipples instantly stiffen even more.

“Ooooh yesss you like that, don’t you?” Reese continued, relishing being the temptress. “That’s just what we are Michelle. We’re hot, slutty MILFs and we’re gonna be on the prowl in Vegas for yummy girls to lick and fuck! Doesn’t that sound like just what you need Michelle? Doesn’t it sound like heaven to be able to be in Vegas with our hot friends looking for sweet pussy to soak our slutty tongues with?”

“Yesssssssssss…” Michelle hissed in lust, knowing Reese’s words were right on the money. “Mmmmm I need it sooo bad!”

“Now tell me for real, when was the last time you were at the mansion?” Reese asked, still caressing Michelle’s body through her clothes. “When was the last time you were able to leave it all behind and get yourself treated right? I know how hard it is to be mommy all the time and not have your needs taken care of. I know how that can weigh on you and build up inside you until you think you can’t take it. Mmmm when was the last time you got a chance to go out and be naughty and not have to worry about being a mom or your career? When was the last time you went out looking to fuck and didn’t have to schedule it so the sex had to come to you?”

“Too fucking long!” Michelle sighed back, in both arousal and regret. “I…I can’t even remember the last time I could get away to go there!”

Reese was pegging her frustration completely. She tried to get to the mansion as often as she could, but those nights were far and few between. There were just so many things going on and that part of her life had been neglected. Fluffy helped out as much as he could with things, but he was at Christina’s beck and call and that left Michelle as primary parent. And with her new album about to come out, there hadn’t been time for mansion trips lately.

She loved her daughter. Michelle didn’t want anyone to ever doubt it. But with her growing up so quickly, she demanded so much of her time. There wasn’t any real time for her to go out and take care of the deep craving she felt inside for other women. Being able to visit the mansion had once been the outlet for those cravings, but she had so few chances to be there.

Sex with Avril was awesome, but it wasn’t enough. Michelle adored Avril, but she craved more. She needed to be fucked over and over again until she passed out, not just by one girl but by so many she completely lost track of who was doing what to her. She needed to experience new delights and reach heights of ecstasy she didn’t think she’d be able to climb.

Had that been why she had been so eager to get in the shower last night with Fluffy and join him and Avril on the bed? Had her neglected sexual needs compelled her to take the naughty actions she hadn’t planned on? Had all that pent up desire fueled her sudden lust for Fluffy’s cock? Was she dying inside to do something naughty and wild?

It sure felt now like the answers to all those questions was a big yes and the idea of bringing Julie along to help her so she could quench that thirst for wild sex sounded more appealing than ever to her. She had never been able to keep a steady nanny. The girls she had brought in had either not been up to snuff in Michelle’s eyes or, even worse, seemed too good. Michelle didn’t want her daughter ever loving the nanny more than her. She supposed it was a bit weird of her to be that paranoid, but Owen was her first child and had been the best surprise blessing she had ever received.

Much to Fluffy’s chagrin, Michelle had never been satisfied with anyone they had brought in. They had gone through eight nannies already in the short years of Owen’s life and finally Michelle had just given up and decided to do it without any hired help.

But now Reese was making her seriously reconsider this, moaning tempting words into her ear as she caressed her body through her clothes.

“Why are you denying yourself?” Reese asked. “C’mon Michelle. This is your chance to cut loose. Just get a double room in Vegas. Put Julie in the other part of it and it’s like you have two lives. One with Owen and one with us. It’s the best of everything. You can have it all. You can be a good mommy during the day and a hot, nasty slut at night! Mmmm just like me! Let me help you Michelle! Let me make sure you get what you need!”

For too long Reese had found herself in the same position as Michelle. She had been forced to restrain her desires for the sake of maintaining her marriage and had felt she had to be a perfect mother and never show her kids the cracks in her veneer. But acting that way had just made her hunger more for women. Her first trip to the mansion had unlocked a need inside her and the more she pushed it down the stronger it got.

Reese was always on the move. She knew she was a classic Type A personality. She recognized her own stubbornness and drive and knew it could be a real asset as she sought to assert herself as a force in Hollywood. But she also knew it meant that it left her needing love and affection. Ryan had never been able to provide that to her…not like Sarah and Jessica and all their friends in Malibu could. Reese needed their touch and their kiss. She had to feel it as often as possible.

Like Michelle, Reese would never ever prioritize her desires over the well being of her kids, but she had learned how to strike a balance where her children always knew mommy was there for them and loved them and she could also tend to her career while at the same time making sure the deep, carnal needs inside herself were satisfied. She wanted Michelle to have the same balance and be able to indulge herself when she could. Reese knew this trip to Vegas would definitely be for Michelle’s own good and that was why she took on such a hard sell.

“Is she really good? Is Julie a good nanny?” Michelle asked, her voice quivering with need as all she wanted was to say yes to Reese. But she still couldn’t quite come to terms with the idea of leaving her daughter with a stranger.

“She’s the best,” Reese insisted. “I completely trust her. She takes such good care of Ava and Deacon. She’ll be wonderful with Owen. They’re bonding right now, you know. Julie is great with kids. She’s an awesome nanny and when she comes along you can keep an eye on her. It’s not like she’s going to be hundreds of miles away. She’ll be right in the next room with Owen. Now just say yes Michelle. I want to do this for you. I want to give her to you as a present. I want you to come to Vegas with us. Mmmm I want you to be a bad girl right along with me. Let’s do this Michelle. Let’s go and be wild. Let’s get our yummy mummy pussies tended to right!”

Michelle giggled over the term “yummy mummy” but that didn’t make her like what Reese was telling her any less. She knew she needed this. Last night had been wonderful, but she wanted so much more. She wanted to get to Vegas. She wanted to be wild and naughty. She wanted everything Reese was promising her and what stubborn resistance she had left was fading quickly as she turned toward Reese and kissed her right on the lips.

Reese returned the kiss without hesitation and escalated things by sliding her hands under Michelle’s shirt and reaching up. Michelle moaned when Reese felt her chest through her bra and Reese’s smile grew as she felt her friend’s nipples swell even more from her practiced touch. She knew it was inevitable now that Michelle would say yes and Reese couldn’t wait to show the rest of her surprise. After all Julie was much more than just a nanny to her and Reese wanted Michelle to see that first hand.

“Oooooh you do need this bad,” Reese giggled when the kiss broke and she continued feeling Michelle up. “Mmmmm your nipples are so hard Michelle. Are you getting nice and wet for me too? Is your pussy starting to tingle for me?”

“Starting? Ooooh Reese it’s been tingling since you walked through the door,” Michelle smiled back. “I do need this! Mmmm gawwwd I was so naughty last night with Avril and Fluffy but I need more! I need you! I need all our friends!”

“I know you do,” Reese assured her. “And you’re going to get exactly what you need Michelle.”

Reese moved her lips in for another kiss and she and this one was much more aggressive. She and Michelle were in each other’s mouths with their tongues within seconds. The two girls passionately tongue kissed each other and moaned with lip-muffled sounds of arousal. Their bodies pressed together until they were practically grinding and Michelle’s horny need became more obvious with every kiss. She was on the verge of panting when Reese finally pulled away.

“Fuck me Reese!” Michelle breathlessly demanded, her arousal making her more dominant. “Mmmmm gawwwd do it right here and now! Do it while Owen is downstairs watching her cartoons! Make me fucking nasty right now!”

“Mmmmm I can definitely make that happen,” Reese promised with a laugh. “Lie down on your bed sweetie.”

Michelle eagerly complied, lying down with a big smile on her face. This definitely was very naughty and that made it feel even more fun for her. She usually restrained her playtime to when Owen was fast asleep, but here she was getting frisky with Reese with her daughter and Reese’s nanny right in the house with them. That made Michelle nervous, but also wickedly turned her on and, as she lay back, she pulled Reese right on top of her so they could kiss some more while their dressed bodies rubbed together.

The two women traded kisses back and forth, their desire growing by the second. Reese continued to fondle Michelle’s tits under her shirt as the singer returned the favor by caressing Reese’s ass through her jeans as she lay on top of her. But they also knew this wasn’t the kind of encounter that could last for hours. They didn’t have the time to waste exploring each other so they both concentrated on getting naked.

“Get this off!” Reese laughed as she tugged at Michelle’s shirt, pulling it right over her friend’s head and showing off how much her nipples were straining against her bra.

Both Michelle and Reese giggled as they struggled to get her shirt off and over her head, but it was soon tossed away onto the floor and Michelle didn’t hesitate to reach around her back and undo the clasp of her bra. As her shirt settled in on the rug, Michelle yanked her bra off too and tossed it aside, wanting Reese to see everything. And of course Reese greatly enjoyed the view.

“Oh Michelle mmmmm you need to be showing me these more often,” Reese declared hungrily as she watched the soft, apple sized mounds jiggle seductively when Michelle lay back on the bed again. “Oh sweetie, I nearly forgot how good your tits look! You’ve got such a great body Michelle!”

Michelle definitely appreciated the comment, especially since the horny look in Reese’s eyes proved they weren’t just empty words. She knew she didn’t have huge boobs like many of the girls she’d been with but she also knew she didn’t have to be a clone of Britney or Christina to be sexy. Michelle felt very confident in her own body. She loved her firm, natural titties and Avril was always saying what a great ass she had before she would prove it by licking and fucking it.

So Michelle didn’t doubt her own hotness, but she still loved hearing it from someone like Reese, whom Michelle thought was just stunningly beautiful. Michelle had been with so many gorgeous women at the mansion. She loved playing with them and that now that in her mind at least she was going to Vegas, she couldn’t wait to play with girls like Jewel and Gwen and Alyssa and all their friends. And she definitely couldn’t wait to start here with Reese.

“Mmmmmm so do you! You have such a hot body Reese!” Michelle declared as she rubbed her now bare tits, massaging the soft, sensitive flesh and made herself moan. “Show me! Get naked for me Reese!”

“Gotta do this first…” Reese countered though with a lick of her lips. “Ooooh there’s so much more of you to undress first!”

Michelle had seen that look in Reese’s eyes before and she suspected what was coming next. However she was surprised when Reese instead went for her bare breasts and not another part of her body that Michelle knew the actress was especially fond of.

As she leaned over Michelle and tenderly kissed her waiting lips, Reese brushed Michelle’s hands off her chest and took over. She had always loved playing with her friend’s firm tits and having a kid had definitely given them a little extra heft than they had had the first time they had hooked up. While the two aroused women kissed each other repeatedly, each caress of their lips leading right to another one, Reese seductively squeezed Michelle’s tits, massaging the soft, young flesh.

And when she broke her series of kisses with Michelle, it was only so Reese could bring her lips down to the singer’s chest. Michelle’s nipples were so swollen and hard already and Reese’s eager tongue began bathing them, licking all over both of Michelle’s areolas and then focusing on each of her stiff, pink nipples, rubbing her tongue against them and making them throb with pleasure.

Michelle cooed her delight as she lay back and let Reese work her over. She was in ecstasy already and Reese hadn’t even gotten her out of her jeans yet. Michelle had always loved a woman’s touch from the first time she had experienced it back home as a curious teenager and Reese was such an expert at pleasure. The Oscar winner was making her pussy shiver with pleasure under her jeans and the wetness that was soaking her panties was soon going to be obvious through her denim.

Reese couldn’t help but notice this and she helped get Michelle even wetter by taking one of her hands, placing it between her friend’s legs and rubbing her pussy through her jeans.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssssssssss,” Michelle cried, stiffening up on the bed as Reese rubbed her and beginning to happily writhe against the soft bedcovers.

The pleasure shot through her whole body from Reese’s touch as the blonde continued sucking on her tits, taking one hard, full nipple and then the other, while her hand massaged her pussy, leaving her jeans now officially soaked through with juices.

“Ooooooh God yesssssssssss mmmmm oh Reese! Ooooooh Reese mmmmm it’s been way too long since we did this!” Michelle happily gasped from the pleasure of Reese’s hands and mouth. “Mmmm you’re making me so wet Reese! Ohhhh yessss making me feel so fucking naughty! Rub my pussy Reese! Feel how much you’re turning me on! Mmmm more Reese! More! Treat me like the naughty MILF I am!”

“Now you’re getting it sweetie,” Reese beamed, giving Michelle’s beautiful bare breasts one more kiss apiece before going for what she wanted badly. “And you get a special reward for that!”

Michelle had been waiting for this and she just smiled in reply, wiggling her toes inside her pink socks. She knew playtime with Reese wouldn’t be complete without it and she just let the sexy actress have her way with her. Lying back on the bed, Michelle resumed rubbing her own tits, cooing as she felt how wet Reese had gotten her nipples and how stiff they were as her fingers massaged them and made them tingle with pleasure. This gave her a great view as Reese kneeled beside her and lifted up one of Michelle’s legs.

The blonde picked up Michelle’s left leg from the bed and moved it up into the air. Michelle’s pink sock was faded from lots of use paddling around her home on casual days and Reese just wanted it gone. As one hand held Michelle’s leg up by her ankle, Reese’s other hand stripped the soft sock off and let it gently drift down to the floor. Michelle’s toes were painted red with glitter, a sign of some cabin fever and bored fun with nailpolish but Reese didn’t care what shade they were painted as they wiggled enticingly for her in the air. They were perfect in any color and Reese’s lust overcame her again as she leaned forward and took a taste of Michelle Branch’s toes.

“Oooooooooooooooooooh!” Michelle mewed happily, loving the sensation of Reese’s skilled, loving tongue teasing her cute toes.

It had been a weird feeling the first time Reese had suggested they try this. Michelle had never known Reese had a foot fetish before then, but she had agreed and while it had never been anything she had been into before, Reese was getting her more and more into it every time they played like this. Reese always made it feel so good and it was always so naughty to have someone as beautiful as her want to play with her toes and all over her bare feet.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm ooooooooh Reese! Oooooh gawwwd that’s gonna make me even wetter!” Michelle sighed, massaging her tits still as Reese lavished love all over her left foot. “Naughty girl! Ooooooh Reese! It’s always so hot to have you do this to me! Mmmmm I love how it makes me feel!”

Reese knew that and she beamed as Michelle moaned and writhed on the bed. She relished the feeling of having a beautiful woman like her be into this just like she was. Reese always tried to encourage her friends to get into toes like she was and she was more successful with some than others. Michelle was one who always let her satisfy her fetish and Reese rewarded her by pressing soft, wet kisses all over the soles of Michelle’s adorable foot.

Feeling those hot, feminine lips on her ticklish foot made Michelle laugh at the same time she was moaning and Reese kept an eye on the sexy singer, loving the sight of her fondling her own chest while she pleasured her foot. Reese kissed her way up Michelle’s pink sole until she reached her toes again. Then, just as she’d done to her nipples, Reese began to bathe Michelle’s painted toes with her tongue.

She licked all over them, making Michelle moan and coo for while she licked all around her toes, circling around them and even licking between them. And after she licked them completely, Reese began sucking Michelle’s toes, getting even more happy sounds from the topless singer.

Reese’s sexy lips enveloped her toes and she sucked them one by one, starting with the big toe and working all the way over to her last little piggy. Being as ticklish as she was, it was hard for Michelle not to laugh, but it was also a completely pleasurable sensation to her and she loved feeling Reese playing her toes. It felt sexy and naughty and it was getting Michelle’s already sizzling wet pussy to volcanic lava proportions of heat.

“Ahhhhhhh Reese…mmmmmm suck my toes,” Michelle requested. “Get them wet with your spit. Oooooh it feels so naughty! Mmmm gawwwwd it makes me so hot when you do it to me! Mmmmm I was so hoping you were going to do this to me! Ooooooh yesssss I love it! Mmmmmm yesssssssss oooooooh that feels so good! You’re making me so wet! Ohhhhhhh Reese you’re driving me fucking wild!”

Reese looked mighty proud of herself as she gave Michelle’s big toe another lick and then let her leg gently drop back to the bed so she could give the same treatment to Michelle’s untouched foot. The actress didn’t say anything. She just lifted up Michelle’s right leg and cast off her sock just as she had to the left one. Now Michelle’s feet were completely bare and Reese celebrated this by giving Michelle’s foot a long lick all the way to the tip of her toes.

Michelle groaned in response and snaked one of her hands off of her chest to start rubbing her pussy through her jeans, just like Reese had been doing to her before. She moaned as she felt how her wetness had soaked through and made the denim all damp. And Reese didn’t stop Michelle from touching herself. She encouraged it.

“Mmmmm yeahhhh that’s it Michelle! Show me how much you like my mouth on your pretty toes!” Reese urged. “Rub your pussy for me! Make yourself even wetter! Mmmm Michelle you have the cutest feet! I love playing with them and it makes me so wet to see you get turned on by it! Tell me how much you like it! Tell me it’s making you wet!”

Reese knew not everyone saw feet and toes the same way she did so she always felt especially into it when there was one of her sexy friends who got into it too. Seeing Michelle playing with her tits with one hand and rubbing her pussy through her jeans with the other was such a huge turn on for her.

“Ohhhhh Reese it is! It’s making me so fucking wet to have you sucking my toes!” Michelle cried. “It’s gonna make me cream my panties! Mmmm yesssss you turn me on so much when you suck my cute toes! Gawwwd you’re making me so naughty Reese! Sucking my toes in my bed and making my pussy so fucking wet! Mmmm yessssss ooooooooh don’t stop Reese! Fuck me! I need it!”

Reese loved the sound of Michelle’s cries. So many of the girls at the mansion had never done this before and Reese was eager for all of them to feel the pleasure so they could see how hot it made her and, more importantly, so they would return the favor to her own pedicured toes. The only thing Reese enjoyed more than sucking a beautiful woman’s toes was having her own feet tended to by a hot tongue and soft, feminine lips.

As Michelle kept moaning for more, Reese increased her efforts. She grabbed both of Michelle’s feet and held them side by side so she could easily tongue them both. Michelle’s feet were so pink and cute and they made Reese’s pussy tremble under her panties. She pressed them both together and ran her tongue from one end to the other, licking all ten toes and then going back in the other direction, making sure Michelle’s toes were shiny from her tongue.

There wasn’t an inch of Michelle’s feet that Reese didn’t tongue. She tasted the flesh and enjoyed the traces of soap from Michelle’s bubble bath that morning. And when Reese wasn’t licking, she was kissing Michelle’s feet, lavishing them with affection as the singer groaned in ecstasy, rubbing herself wantonly through her jeans as she felt them get wetter and wetter with her desire. And seeing Michelle get turned on by what turned her on just made Reese lust after her friend even more.

“Yessssssssss mmmmmmm ohhhh Michelle! Honey, I’ve been dreaming about this all morning!” Reese moaned, loving the dirty words and horny cries coming from her sweet friend as she also eyed the dark spot of desire against Michelle’s jeans. “Mmmm want me to get those clothes off you? Want me to get you naked now Michelle?”

“Yesssssssss! Please!” Michelle begged. “Make me naked Reese! Get all my clothes off and fuck me! Pleeeeeeeease! You’re making this feel so good! I need to be naked!”

As a rush of energy pounded through her veins while she watched the singer she had reduced to a writhing, horny pool of lust, Reese did as she was asked. She definitely had been looking forward to this all day and she wanted to make sure Michelle was feeling very unstressed and very satisfied so she could get her to Vegas with her. Leaving her feet behind, Reese popped open the button for Michelle’s jeans and pulled them off her slowly, but steadily. She wanted Michelle to be panting with need by the time she really started to touch her.

Michelle’s panties were so sticky with her juices that they were almost one with her jeans. When she tugged down Michelle’s blue jeans, Reese couldn’t help but take her panties too. Reese moaned softly to herself when she got the jeans low enough to see the top of Michelle’s dark bush. It had been too long since she had seen this pretty, pink pussy and Reese’s desire for Michelle got even stronger when she pulled her jeans and panties down lower, exposing her pussy in all its needy, juicy glory.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss!” Reese hissed as she didn’t even bother getting Michelle’s jeans all the way off. She just buried her face between her thighs and started lapping away at her friend’s horny cunt. She licked Michelle’s juicy, drooling slit with rapid tongue flicks and pushed inside to get more of her essence for her pussy starved taste buds.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOH REEEEEEEEEEESE!” Michelle screamed in ecstasy when her lover’s tongue penetrated her slit and began licking away at all the collected juice that was oozing out of her pussy.

The sensation of suddenly having Reese’s incredible tongue licking her like that sent a huge rush of adrenaline through her body and she clamped her hand down over her mouth to keep from being too loud. She hadn’t forgotten that Owen was downstairs and she had to restrain herself from going completely wild.

Reese tried to get control of herself too. She had wanted to wait and tease Michelle some more, but that plan had completely gone out the window when she had gotten a look at just how wet Michelle was. The sight of Michelle’s puffy, pink and soaked labia and the way her juice had gotten all into the fur of her dark bush had been too delicious to resist and she couldn’t even think about not just burying her face into that beautifully wet cunt.

Michelle was so wet that Reese had just had to get herself a lick to taste the juice she hadn’t sampled in far too long and once she had tasted Michelle’s juices she had wanted another lick and then another and then another until she was lapping away feverishly at the singer. Michelle was so juicy and so delicious and Reese had so much pent up nastiness that needed to be released. She felt her own heart pound with adrenaline as she furiously licked at Michelle’s pussy while not even bothering to get the rest of her clothes off, keeping Michelle’s jeans and panties bunched up around her knees.

“Fuck meeeeeeeee!!!! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssss Reese fuck my pussy with your tongue!” Michelle cried in quieter declaration of ecstasy as she writhed on the bed, playing with her swollen tits as Reese fed off her juices. “Yessssssssss ooooooooooh Reese I need this! Mmmmm my naughty little pussy needs your hot tongue so fucking bad!”

But the initial surge of wanton lust that had inspired Reese to just dive in and feast on Michelle’s wetness was calming down and Reese took the moment to collect herself. She pulled up, her award winning face already shiny with Michelle’s juices, and she was breathing heavy but with a big smile on her face.

“Don’t stop!” Michelle groaned “Please Reese! Don’t stop licking! I need it! I need you to eat my pussy! I want to come! I want to come all over your beautiful face! You were making me feel so good. Why did you stop?”

“Mmmmm I’m so not stopping!” Reese promised, hungrily licking her lips free of Michelle’s delicious pussy juices. “You’re so hot Michelle. Mmmm your pussy looks so pretty baby. So wet and so fucking sexy. But I wanna get you naked first! We gotta get these clothes off us!”

That sounded mighty good to Michelle and she helped by starting to push her own jeans down past her knees. The woman’s jeans and soaked panties were bunched up in a tangle of clothing and Michelle could only slowly get them down. It was far easier for Reese to do it and she swooped right in to finish what she started. She grabbed the bunched up mess of Michelle’s jeans and panties and tugged them off as quickly as she could, never taking her eyes off her friend as she writhed on the bed, rubbing her tits in desire and snaking one hand down past her waist to caress her dripping pussy.

“Oooooooooh!” Michelle cooed as she ran her hand over her juice matted dark fur and onto her sensitive labia. “You made me so damn wet Reese! Mmmm now you get naked too baby! Show me that sexy body!”

“Ohhhh yessss let’s get naked!” Reese groaned, tossing the rest of Michelle’s clothes off the bed and leaving her body gloriously nude and aroused. “That’s what it’s gonna be like in Vegas Michelle! You and me and all our friends! Gawd, we’re gonna be naked all the time in our rooms fucking each other over and over again! Mmmm you and me and Gwen and Sarah and Jen and Rose and Christina! Everyone! Ooooh all of us are gonna get fucked so good!”

Reese was babbling and she knew it but she didn’t care. She was so worked up seeing Michelle naked and so horny as she touched herself. Michelle’s pink nipples were so stiff and throbbing and seeing how her wetness had coated her thighs and her neat triangle of hair and how it was dripping past her wonderfully tight, puffy pussy lips made Reese ache with desire. She was really worked up and nearly melted when Michelle sat up on the bed and lovingly kissed her.

Reese closed her eyes and kissed right back, the two women parting their lips so their tongues could rub together. Michelle and Reese tongue kissed as the brunette reached for Reese’s shirt, hooking her hands under it and yanking it up, wanting her friend just as naked as she was.

Getting that shirt off meant breaking their kiss and they did reluctantly. And once their lips parted Reese lifted her arms up so Michelle could get her shirt off her body with greater ease before she tossed it away. The shirt hadn’t even hit the floor before Michelle and Reese were kissing again and this time as they made out, Michelle reached around Reese’s back for the clasp of her bra. Michelle had been getting bras off girls before she could even drive and this was easy for her. She unsnapped the no longer necessary garment and quickly pulled it off Reese, allowing them to kiss some more, this time with their bare tits grinding together as their tongues rubbed each other.

The two women moaned even louder as their tits touched, Reese’s nipples getting just as stiff as Michelle’s from the arousing contact of girl flesh on girl flesh. Reese could have stayed like this with her for an hour at least and probably much, much longer than that. Michelle was such a wonderful kisser, so soft and sensual, and their bare breasts felt amazing rubbing against each other, but Reese also knew she had unfinished business with the singer.

Michelle giggled as Reese playfully pushed her back on the bed, her gorgeous naked body jiggling just right as she lay back and tantalizingly spread her legs open, showing off to Reese she was even wetter and hornier than she had been just a few moments prior.

“Is this what you want?” Michelle teased with a big smile, rubbing her labia for Reese’s benefit. “You wanna fuck my pussy?”

“Mmmmm yummy! You bet your ass I do!” Reese giggled back before diving once more into Michelle’s wetness.

She pressed her beautiful face right to Michelle’s cunt and immediately began licking, going after her juices with eager, aggressive tongue strokes. Reese cleaned off Michelle’s slit with her tongue and then pushed inside, fucking Michelle’s pussy as the younger woman shook and writhed on the bed, grabbing a pillow and pressing it to her face out of reflexive fear her daughter would hear how happy she was.

“OHHHHHH GODDDDD!!!” Michelle screamed into the pillow, happily discovering that it acted as an effective muzzle. “YESSSSSSSS OHHHHH YESSSSSSS! FUCK ME REESE! FUCK MY PUSSY WITH YOUR TONGUE! OOOOOOOH GAWWWD EAT ME UP BABY! MMMM YESSSSSS YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME COME!!!”

And even though Michelle was lowering the volume on her ecstasy, Reese could hear her perfectly and, more importantly, could taste just how much this was turning Michelle on. The singer was drooling her pussy juice right onto her tongue and the more Reese licked, the wetter Michelle got. Reese hungrily attacked her friend with her tongue, wanting nothing more than her creamy orgasm soaking her good. Reese didn’t care about the rest of her clothes coming off yet. She only wanted to pleasure Michelle.

But with Reese’s face pressed to Michelle’s pussy and Michelle’s face covered with the pillow, they had no idea they were no longer alone. With a smile crossing from ear to ear and a growing excitement inside her making her pussy wet and everything from the hair on the back of her neck stand up to her toes in her sneakers curl, Julie watched from the doorway, keeping the door open enough to stick her head in and enjoy the show.

And it was a show that demanded to be enjoyed. Julie had never seen Michelle like this before, but she was well accustomed to how beautiful Reese looked when she was making love to another woman. Michelle looked absolutely amazing as she writhed nude on the bed, grabbing at the sheets as she fucked herself against Reese’s face and Julie thought her boss looked so sexy as she lay topless on her stomach and tongued Michelle’s pussy.

With Reese’s blue jeans contrasting so sexily against her bare skin, Julie thought her boss looked incredible. It was so sexy to see her topless like that, her bare back getting sweaty and her jeans hugging her ass. Julie was dying to get involved and get Reese’s jeans off her to show her boss and Michelle what a good slut she was. But she had to make sure this was OK. It was all pre-arranged of course, but Julie also wanted to tread carefully.

“Miss Witherspoon? Is it all right now?” Julie asked gently as she eased her way into the bedroom and closed the door behind her.

The sudden appearance of the nanny was a serious surprise to Michelle and she gasped as she pulled the pillow off her face. When she saw it was Julie she turned a deep crimson in embarrassment and reflexively pressed the pillow to her breasts to cover her shame. But of course Reese’s only response to Julie’s entrance was a big smile. She knew when Julie called her “Miss Witherspoon” instead of “Reese” it was time to play.

“You’re just in time Julie,” Reese smiled, her face so shiny with Michelle’s essence. “Now get your ass in here! You’ve got work to do!”

“Yes Miss Witherspoon, anything you say!” Julie obediently replied, her smile growing even bigger and more eager as she walked more into the bedroom until she was standing by the foot of the bed.

“What…what’s going on here?” Michelle asked, still shocked and embarrassed by being caught like this but also noting that Reese wasn’t exactly freaking out.

“Julie’s more than just a nanny to me,” Reese explained, hopping off the bed. “And I know she wants to be more than just one for you.”

As Michelle looked on in amazement, Reese sauntered over topless to the younger woman and embraced her. It was much more than just a friendly hug and then Reese planted a wet, very sexual kiss right on the nanny’s waiting lips. Michelle blinked furiously to make sure this wasn’t a dream and when she continued to see Reese passionately kissing the beautiful, pony-tailed woman she felt her embarrassment fade quickly and turn right back into the arousal that had been rushing wildly through her naked body just a few moments before.

“Wow,” Michelle giggled as she saw first hand what a special kind of arrangement Reese had with the girl. She pulled the pillow off her tits and resumed rubbing them, playing with her swollen nipples while watching the two of them trade wet, naughty kisses.

“See Julie does so much more than just help me take care of Ava and Deacon,” Reese declared as the girl hungrily licked her lips free of saliva. “Mmmm she does so much more!”

“Oh yeah? Like what?” Michelle asked with a big smile, having a very good idea of what exactly it was, but wanting to hear Reese say it.

“Tell her what you are Julie,” Reese commanded before giving the girl a slap to her ass through her jeans that the nanny didn’t seem to mind a bit.

“I’m your dirty, slutty fucktoy Miss Witherspoon,” Julie immediately replied with a sexy voice that won Michelle over in a heartbeat.

“Wow,” Michelle said again, pinching her nipples and moaning. “That’s just very…wow!”

“Mmmmm Julie is so well trained,” Reese grinned. “She helps me out with all my needs. Especially when I need a hot, wet pussy to lick or a sexy bitch to bend over for my strap on.”

Julie visibly blushed, but she didn’t stop smiling and Michelle could see how her nipples were poking hard against the thin red fabric of her t-shirt. Michelle had never seen Reese act like this before, but she liked it. It made her wet to see her friend control the younger girl. Mentally picturing Reese fucking Julie hard and making her into a slutty toy was really getting Michelle going and she began rubbing herself, touching the pussy that Reese had just been licking so well. No longer embarrassed, Michelle was once again thinking only about her need to come.

“You like that, don’t you Michelle?” Reese correctly saw. “You like me telling you about how I control this slutty bitch and make her my goddamn personal whore.”

“Yessssssss…” Michelle groaned as she rubbed herself harder, pushing her fingers into her cunt and starting to fuck herself. “Mmmmm that sounds so hot.”

“It’ll be even hotter when you see Julie in action,” Reese promised before taking Julie’s ponytail in her hand and tugging on it. “Get naked Julie! Strip for your boss. I want my friend to see your sexy fuck toy body. I want her to get all wet and horny to fuck you too mmmmm just like I always am! Do it Julie! Show Michelle what a good nanny you’re going to be for her! Show her you’re gonna take care of her special needs like you take care of mine!”

Michelle couldn’t believe what she was seeing but it was turning her on so much that she had to slow down her finger play for fear she would come too quickly and waste her orgasm on her fingers when she so badly wanted to come all over Reese’s face….or even Julie’s! Michelle was seeing a whole new side of this girl and her desire for Reese’s gorgeous nanny only got stronger when Julie wordlessly obeyed and began taking off her clothes.

Reese moved back onto the bed and lay next to Michelle, kissing her tenderly as they began fondling each other’s bare breasts while they watched Julie strip. The beautiful farm girl had no inhibition about putting herself on display like this and she quickly peeled off her shirt and showed off a white bra, her nipples nearly poking through it.

“Oooooh,” Michelle cooed as Julie exposed her chest. Her tits were so big. They had to be a healthy C, maybe even bordering on a D cup and Michelle just hoped she’d have a chance to touch them, rub them and most importantly taste them.

Michelle so badly wanted to go over to this girl she had never met before today and rip off her bra to unleash her tits and then suck on her nipples until she’d had her fill. Reese grinned at Michelle’s obvious delight and pushed the singer’s hand away from her pussy so she could take over.

“You like Julie’s tits?” Reese inquired wickedly as she began pumping her fingers into Michelle’s cunt, making her friend gasp and moan. “Mmmm I know I do. They’re so big and sexy. And they’re all natural! She’s got such big, yummy natural tits! I love slapping them and making them bounce. Ooooh just wait till you see them jiggling when she’s getting fucked. Julie looks so good when those big tits of hers are bouncing.”

“I wanna see that so bad!” Michelle groaned, her desire flowing through her veins from the strip show she was seeing and the wonderful sensation of feeling Reese finger fucking her, even as she wondered in the back of her mind if there was something she was forgetting. “Mmmm is that what you want? You want to see me fuck your slutty nanny? Will Julie let me fuck her?”

“Only if I tell her to,” Reese replied with a grin. “Julie loves doing what her boss tells her to do, don’t you Julie?”

“Ohhhhh yes Miss Witherspoon, I love it when you control me like the dirty little slut I am!” Julie answered, her desire obvious in her voice. As she spoke, Julie pushed her jeans all the way off her legs and stepped out of them, leaving her only in her sneakers, socks, and matching bra and panties.

“I know you do,” Reese said. “Mmmm and it makes me so wet when you’re my nasty fucktoy! Show me that hot fuckdoll body of yours Julie! Show me those big tits I love playing with and that delicious pussy I can never get enough of licking and fucking! Get me wet now Julie. I want you to get me wet to fuck you right in front of Michelle! Mmmm and you want to get her wet too, don’t you?”

“Oh yes Miss Witherspoon,” Julie sighed lustfully as she stared at Michelle while standing in front of both of them in just her underwear. “She’s so beautiful. I want to make her feel good. I want to get her wet and fuck her and lick her cum right out of her pussy and onto my slutty tongue so I can swallow it and then have her fuck me over and over again.”

“Don’t get ahead of yourself Julie,” Reese declared, exerting her control, even as she felt her pussy get wetter at the idea of Julie licking up every sweet drop of cum from Michelle’s pussy. “You have to earn a special privilege like being able to fuck my friend. And you’re not nearly enough naked yet.”

Julie didn’t say another word. She just stepped back and began finishing her strip show. She wasn’t a professional stripper or much of a dancer. She had been a cheerleader in high school, but this was a hell of a lot more nerve wracking than getting up there and shaking her pom poms at half time. The crowd had been bigger, but Julie hadn’t cared what any of them really had thought about her. Here she cared very much about pleasing her gorgeous boss and making sure she and her friend got a chance to use her body however they saw fit.

Before she had gone to work for Reese, Julie had never been with a girl. It had just been a dormant fantasy that she had been too afraid to act on. Her work with Reese had been normal at first. She had been one of many women earning extra money by taking care of movie stars’ kids, but one day everything had changed. Julie had accidently walked in on Reese while she had been masturbating and things had gotten out of control pretty quickly after that.

Julie was still a little fuzzy about how everything had actually happened. One second she had been trying to get away and the next she and Reese were making out and she was begging her boss to fuck her. Reese had started coming onto her and Julie hadn’t had the will to fight her off.

The sudden sexual advance from her gorgeous, famous boss had tapped right into the fantasies she’d been holding back on for years and even though she’d been raised to think that being with another woman was wrong, she had found herself craving Reese’s touch and wanting herself to be controlled by her.

Being with Reese had been such a wild and intense experience. It had been the craziest thing she had ever done, but Julie certainly didn’t regret becoming Reese’s secret lover. She loved what had happened. It had been scary and strange and oh so good. Julie had wanted it to happen so many times after that first one, and every time she was with Reese she came so hard that her pussy was tingling the rest of the day.

When a lover had turned her on enough, Julie had always enjoyed giving up all control to them and becoming their willing toy in the bedroom. No one had ever turned her on as much as Reese so when her boss asserted control over her, Julie never resisted. She just let Reese dominate her and Julie’s pussy would soak instantly whenever her boss gave her a sign that it was time for them to play. Julie loved how to everyone else their relationship seemed so normal, just like any mother and nanny, and how when they got into Reese’s bedroom it turned into the hottest fucking Julie had ever experienced.

After Reese and Ryan and split up, Julie had stayed by her side. Not only did she get such incredible pleasure out of being Reese’s secret lover and giving up all control to become the eager fuck toy of her horny boss, but Julie loved Reese’s kids. She had never intended to make a career out of this, but the more time she spent doing it the more she realized she had a natural aptitude for kids. She was in graduate school now hoping to earn a teaching degree and become a kindergarten teacher and she had happily stayed with Reese and the kids, enjoying not only helping take care of them but the amazing benefits that came with her job.

Reese had always teased Julie with the idea that she had famous friends who were just as pussy hungry as she was, but this was the first time Julie had ever met any of them. She never would have dreamed that Michelle Branch would be the type to love the kind of nasty, girl/girl fucking that Reese seemed to relish, but Julie could see this was no put on. Michelle was definitely horny for her and that made Julie desperate to please her, just like she pleased her boss. Reaching back to unsnap her bra, Julie let it fall off her chest and onto the floor along with her jeans and t-shirt. She just hoped Michelle liked what she saw.

“Mmmmm yum,” Michelle said, immediately easing Julie’s nerves. “Your tits are beautiful Julie.”

“Thank you Miss Branch,” Julie replied with a smile. “So are yours.”

Michelle was about to tell her to call her “Michelle” but she paused. She had never been with someone like Julie before and she had never really dominated anyone sexually, even though she had watched and quite enjoyed seeing that happen to Avril. Michelle liked Julie calling her Miss Branch and she decided to let her keep it up.

“All of Julie is beautiful,” Reese declared in between kisses against Michelle’s neck while she continued to finger fuck her. “Mmmmmm and she’s an amazing fuck. She eats pussy so well Michelle. Want to find out just how well? Want her to fuck you? Want her to taste my saliva in your pussy from me drooling into you as I licked you? Mmmm want my dirty slut nanny to make you come?”

“Yessssssssssss oooooooooh yessssssssssss!” Michelle immediately cooed, not believing that she had been letting this woman watch her daughter just a moment before and now she was about to have her fuck her.

But that thought suddenly reminded her of what she knew should have been foremost in her mind.

“Owen! Oh my God!” Michelle gasped, hating herself for not thinking of her right away. “Is she…”

“Shhhhh don’t worry Miss Branch,” Julie immediately assured her. “She’s fine. I put her down for a nap when her show was over. She was feeling pretty tired. She went right to sleep. She’s fine. I wouldn’t have come in here if she wasn’t.”

That relaxed Michelle, but she was still a little on edge. She was embarrassed that she had let her desire overwhelm her motherly instincts and she worried that she was making a mistake by doing this. Fortunately Reese’s fingers rubbing against her swollen clitoris relaxed her even more and she began moaning. She’d been so close to coming before so Michelle stopped fighting this and melted back into it, letting herself be tended to by the more experienced mother.

“Don’t worry,” Reese cooed into her ear. “Julie knows what she’s doing. Mmmm we play like this all the time. When the kids are off napping or playing, she and I are playing too! Now I want her to play with you Michelle. I want you to feel how hard she makes me come. I want you to find out just how well Julie knows how to treat a hot, wet pussy like yours!”

That sounded wonderful to Michelle and she couldn’t take her eyes off Julie as the gorgeous young woman stood there topless at the foot of the bed, her big tits looking so delicious and a wet spot of arousal growing in her white lace panties. She wanted this beautiful stranger and the knowledge that her daughter was fast asleep as she did this gave Michelle an extra naughty rush to what she was feeling.

“Fuck me! Fuck me now Julie!” Michelle commanded. “Mmmm show me what a slutty girl you really are! Fuck me like you fuck your boss! Eat my wet little pussy! Taste it just like Reese was! Lick me and make me come you dirty fucking whore!”

Michelle didn’t usually talk like that and bark out commands, not even to Avril. But she could sense it would turn Julie on for her to do it and she was absolutely right about it. At the sound of her words, she could see Julie’s panties getting even wetter.

“Yessssssssss ooooooh tell me what to do! Boss me around like the dirty little bitch I am!” Julie moaned, caressing her big tits with one hand and using the other to rub her pussy through her wet panties, making herself even hornier. “You’re so beautiful Miss Branch! Tell me to fuck you! Tell me what a fucking nobody I am and all I’m good for is licking your famous pussy!”

Michelle was getting more and more turned on watching this beautiful girl talk like that. She had the all-American beauty look that you usually found in the pages of Playboy and hearing those filthy words out of her sweet mouth had Michelle rubbing herself harder as she watched Julie do the same to her own barely dressed body. The two women stared at each other with burning hot arousal in their eyes and they might have stayed like that for a while more, rubbing themselves as they eyed each other’s sexy bodies, if Reese hadn’t asserted herself once more over her nanny.

“Don’t just tell her what you’re going to do! Do it Julie!” Reese commanded, getting up and pushing the woman onto the bed with Michelle. “Show her what a hot fucking pussy slut you are Julie! Show her how much you love girl cum all over your pretty face! Get that tongue in my friend’s pussy and fuck her! Lick her famous cunt you little bitch and make her come!”

And Reese made damn sure her nanny did that by kneeling back on the bed and grabbing Julie by her ponytail. She shoved the woman’s face right into Michelle’s pussy and while it was a forceful move, it was also one Julie loved. When Reese pushed her face down into Michelle’s crotch, Julie immediately started licking. She licked at Michelle furiously, lashing at her pussy with her tongue and tasting the singer’s horny juices as well as the saliva Reese had left behind from her own licking. Knowing she was tasting where her beautiful boss’ tongue had just been made Julie lick at Michelle harder and the singer was shaking on the bed in no time.


“Mmmmmm I know,” Reese smiled, leaning over and kissing Michelle’s soft lips while fondling her jiggling tits as the singer fucked herself against Julie’s face. “I trained her myself. She’s such a good pussy licker. Mmmm I hired her to take care of my kids, but she takes care of my needs best of all! Julie’s such a nasty fuckslut and she eats my pussy so nice! I want her to make you come now Michelle! I want you to cream all over her pretty farm girl face! Her mommy and daddy have no idea how big bad Hollywood corrupted their innocent little girl!”

Hearing Reese say that made Julie even more turned on and she licked harder at Michelle. She attacked the singer’s slit with rapid tongue flicks, bathing it with her saliva and licking off all the juice dripping out. And then she plunged her tongue in deeper into Michelle’s tight, pink folds. She had such a tight, yummy pussy. Michelle was actually the first girl besides Reese she had ever been with. She had wanted to be with one of Reese’s sexy friends for so long and now her fantasy was coming true and she loved Reese reminding her at the same time what a bad girl she was being.

Her parents definitely had no idea she was into this and that was the way it was going to stay. They never would have understood in a million years how surrendering to someone like Reese made her feel and how much pleasure she got from acting so depraved. She loved how this made her feel. Nothing was ever so intense as giving herself over to her boss as a toy to be used in bed and now that she was fucking one of Reese’s gorgeous friends, Julie hoped it would be the first of many times her boss pimped her out like this.

While she licked away at Michelle, the singer had to grab the pillow again and muzzle herself before she did the unthinkable and woke up Owen. It made Michelle so hot to know she was doing this as her young daughter napped, but she didn’t want to push it too far. She was a mother first and a lover second and this was a side of her she never wanted her little girl to see. Fortunately the pillow once again proved to be a very effective muffler for the screams flowing out of her mouth from Julie’s tongue fucking her and flicking against her pulsing clitoris.

Michelle made sure it covered up her screams but at the same time lowered the pillow enough so she could see Julie going down on her. The woman had such a beautiful face and Michelle was giddy with desire as she fucked it. She wanted to rub her wetness all over Julie’s all-American face and fog up her sexy glasses as she came. The fact that she barely knew Julie at all and hadn’t even met her an hour ago just made this nastier and Michelle’s heart thumped hard in her chest with the wicked anticipation of coating Julie’s face and glasses with her girl cream.

And naturally Michelle wasn’t the only one on the bed who very much wanted to see that happen.

“That’s it! Make her come! Make her pussy fucking explode all over your face Julie!” Reese commanded, loving the sight of Michelle writhing and screaming into her pillow from Julie’s tongue work. “Eat that pussy! Mmmm you nasty, cum thirsty slut! I know you fucking love my friend’s pussy, don’t you? You love that sweet taste and you love how that tight pussy feels around your dirty bitch tongue! Fuck her Julie! Just like you do to me! Mmmmm God, you look so fucking hot now baby! You’re turning your boss on so much Julie! You’re making me so fucking wet!”

Knowing she was turning Reese on as she did this made Julie all the more eager to get Michelle off. The singer’s tight, pink pussy was so delicious and juicy and hearing that what she was doing was making Reese hot filled Julie with the desire to show off for her boss. She licked Michelle faster and harder, concentrating on her hard clitoris. She flicked her tongue against the sensitive bud repeatedly, making Michelle cry out each time she did it. And whenever she let Michelle’s clit rest, Julie clamped her mouth down on the beautiful brunette and sucked at her pussy, gulping down her juice as she tended to her soft, feminine folds, loving how Michelle’s neat, but wet bush tickled her face.

As she did this, Julie worked her hand down her body and under the waistband of her panties. She was soaking wet and she moaned deliriously as she felt her arousal soak her fingers when she began exploring her own pussy. Julie knew she shouldn’t do it without permission from her boss to touch herself, but she couldn’t help it. She was just so wet and horny and her pussy craved attention.

Julie didn’t stop fucking Michelle as she did this. In fact she licked and sucked her harder as her hand bulged out under her panties from her rubbing herself. She played with her drooling slit and groaned happily when she penetrated herself and began fingering her own pussy.

Reese naturally saw this and at first thought about giving Julie’s gorgeously full ass a good spanking for doing it. But instead she followed suit and popped the button for her own jeans and slid her hand inside and under her panties. Reese groaned when she felt how wet she had become from all of this. Her pussy was a waterfall of desire all over her hand and she began rubbing herself with gusto, moaning with each touch she gave herself.

This was the first time she had ever watched Julie. Before now it had just been the two of them in bed whenever Reese had felt like getting a piece of her hot nanny. But seeing Julie fucking Michelle gave her a brand new appreciation for the beautiful woman. She looked so hot stripped down to her panties with her hand working her pussy over as her face remained buried in Michelle’s pussy. Michelle was loving everything Julie’s tongue was doing to her and Reese decided it was high time to give her nanny a reward, as well as take care of her own needs at the same time.

Reese had come prepared for this. She hadn’t brought her bag with her for her own health after all. She was giddily smiling as she hopped off the bed and went for it, leaving Julie to tend to Michelle. And when she opened her bag, making her smile grow as she thought about how naughty she was for bringing this, Reese stood up and did what she’d been wanting to do for a long time and get completely naked. She was already topless, her tits bouncing with every step and her nipples hard like pink jewels capping off the firm mounds of her chest, and now she could finish the job.

She stepped out of her sandals and went right for her jeans. They were already open from her masturbation and Reese just pushed them down the rest of the way, moaning softly as the open air touched her bare legs. Exerting herself had left her a little sweaty under the denim of her jeans and Reese loved how it felt to be getting them finally off her.

But she didn’t stop just with her jeans. Her panties had to go too and Reese barely had her jeans around her feet before she reached for the last of her clothing. She wasn’t gentle with her own underwear. She shoved her panties down and gave her now bare pussy a few loving rubs before she stepped away from her clothes and left herself happily nude.

Now Julie’s panties were the only piece of clothing left in their threesome and Reese knew she’d be taking care of them soon enough. But first she wanted to get something back onto her body and as she reached into her bag to pull her strap on out by its harness she couldn’t wait to see the looks on the faces of Julie and Michelle when they saw she had brought it with her.

Reese eagerly pulled the toy onto her naked body, moaning with a happy purr as she felt the nub on her end of the toy slide easily past her slit. She had gotten herself good and soaked from eating Michelle’s pussy out and hooking her up with Julie had only stoked Reese’s fires. She pulled a bottle of lube out of her bag too and squirted some onto her hand before rubbing it all over the plastic shaft of her toy. Reese loved using this toy. She had fucked a lot of hot girls with it and Julie’s wet, tight pussy was practically a second home for her strap on.

Reese couldn’t wait to get it inside the girl again and she rubbed the lube all over it quickly, giggling as she noticed it looked like she was jerking off. The sounds of Michelle’s sex cries and Julie’s wet licking and moaning egged Reese on and she got her cock all shiny and lubed up before advancing back toward the bed.

Julie had no idea that she had brought this and Reese wanted to keep it as a surprise right up until she penetrated the girl’s always sweet pussy. So she crept back to the bed and gave nothing away as she watched with admiration as her formerly innocent employee feasted on Michelle’s pussy.

“That’s it Julie,” Reese encouraged her nanny with her sexy Southern-infused purr, getting behind the girl and stroking her brown hair with one hand while caressing her ass through her panties with the other. “Show Michelle what a good, slutty nanny you are! Mmmm show her why I could never get rid of you because you suck my pussy so fucking good and make me come so hard. Oooooh naughty girl, you’re turning me on right now Julie! I love seeing you licking away at that pussy and mmmm tasting my saliva all over it! I had my hot mouth all over that pussy before Julie and now you get it! You’re licking up my sloppy seconds and you love it you nasty slut! Don’t you?”

Julie had been trained well enough by now that Reese didn’t want a verbal answer. She wanted her to keep fucking Michelle. So Julie instead just nodded her head and kept on going down on the singer, getting her tantalizingly close to her orgasm.

With the pillow pressed to her mouth, Michelle cried and rocked on the bed as Julie pleasured her. She never would have imagined that someone she had just met would be eating her out so well, but whatever Reese had been doing to train this girl it had worked. Julie’s mouth and tongue felt incredible on her pussy and Michelle knew it wouldn’t be long before she came.

It was so hot to look down and see Julie burying her face in her pussy, licking and sucking her and making everything so hot. Julie was bent over, sticking her ass in the air as she licked and Michelle especially loved how Julie hadn’t removed her glasses. It made her look so innocent and made it even naughtier that she was doing such slutty things while still looking like the sweet girl next door.

But Julie wasn’t the only person Michelle saw. She had a great view of Reese as she stood next to the bed with her strap on dangling from her waist. Michelle was about to say something about how sexy her friend looked when Reese pressed a finger to her own lips. Michelle received the message and kept her pillow to her mouth as Reese moved in to claim her prey.

“You look so hot Julie,” Reese said. “Mmmm you’re making your boss so proud of you. You’re showing Michelle how slutty you can get and all the nasty tricks I taught you. I think you deserve a reward for being such a good girl and that’s what your naughty whore pussy is about to get!”

Julie didn’t think to respond until Reese reached down and ripped off her panties with a quick tear. Reese had already ruined so many pairs of Julie’s panties that it was scarcely a surprise when she did it again, but Julie hadn’t been anticipating it and that was followed by an even bigger surprise when Reese pushed the head of her strap on into Julie’s now exposed pussy.

“OHHHHHHH GOD!!!” Julie cried as her tight pussy was suddenly penetrated by the lubed up toy, the hard plastic pushing into her wet passageway and filling her up from the thrusts Reese began to take.

“Don’t stop eating her pussy Julie!” Reese commanded, emphasizing it by slapping Julie across her bare ass, delighting in how her full, but toned cheeks jiggled and how pink the tender flesh got from her hand. “Eat my friend out and make her come while I fuck your pretty pussy! If you want me to fuck you then you better keep licking her right fucking now you dirty, horny bitch!”

Julie didn’t have to be told twice. This was something she loved best…when Reese would fuck her and shout out commands and dirty words to make her feel like the dirty, cheap whore that she was. Julie groaned in ecstasy as the pleasure rushed through her from being commanded and fucked at the same time but all that got her was another sharp tug of her pony tail from Reese.

“I said lick her! Do it now! Make her fucking come!” Reese snapped, pulling hard on Julie’s hair again before shoving her face into back Michelle’s cunt.

“Yessssssssss fuck me! Do it Julie! Lick my wet MILF pussy just like you do to Reese!” Michelle cried out in horny desperation, needing the girl’s hot tongue on her to finish what she and Reese had started. All the thoughts Reese had pushed into her brain before were buzzing around now at top speed, especially the ones about her being a sexy mommy that needed to be fucked.

Julie started licking as soon as Michelle’s juices hit her tongue and her pleasure was magnified as Reese kept her hand pressed to the back of her head, forcing her into Michelle’s pussy and giving her no chance of escape while she continued to push into her, going harder with each thrust of her hips. Not that she wanted to escape Michelle’s hot juices anyway. Julie thought she tasted amazing and she had no thoughts of stopping, especially since Michelle was so close to coming.

Now all three girls were feeling pleasure coursing through their bodies. Michelle had Julie’s tongue buried back in her pussy, licking all around her soft, juicy folds and slapping her clit with hard strokes. Julie had Reese’s strap on pushing her into her dripping pussy from behind, stuffing her tight cunt with the hard plastic she loved and Reese had the nub of her toy pressing into her own pussy, pushing in with all the hard force she was giving Julie. The harder Reese fucked her nanny, the harder she got fucked back and the harder Julie licked Michelle’s clit, causing horny cries from all three girls to fill the room.

Reese pumped fast and deep into Julie. She had taken this girl with her strap on so many times that her nanny’s pussy was a perfect fit for her toy by now. Reese loved fucking Julie whenever she could, preferably when it was naughtiest, like when she had just put the kids to bed or when she had them in the other room watching television after giving them a snack.

Reese remembered the time she had taken Julie just like that, bending her over the kitchen counter and getting her pants and panties around her knees as she fucked her mercilessly, pressing her hand to Julie’s mouth so she couldn’t scream too loudly and let the kids know what they were doing.

Thinking back to all those hot times had Reese getting herself off, but she wasn’t nearly as close as Julie was. Julie was in total heat. She loved being fucked and being fed Michelle’s delicious pussy at the same time had her quivering with lust. It hadn’t taken her long to get this way. When she got really worked up, Julie’s body would take over and her orgasms would be quick and intense. With her tongue buried in Michelle’s tightness, her lover’s swollen clit throbbing for her, and Reese’s strap on shoved into her cunt she could feel herself starting to come already.

But unfortunately for Julie, Reese knew how quickly her insatiable employee could come and when she noticed the tell tale signs she made it clear she wasn’t about to allow it yet.

“Ohhhhh no way bitch!” Reese said with a laugh, smacking Julie’s ass while continuing to fuck her. “You don’t get off this quickly! You can’t come until Michelle comes! Eat her out and make her cream your face! Then you get to come you horny little thing! Once you get her off you get to soak my big, fat cock as it’s buried in your dirty fucking pussy!”

“Yesssssssssss make me come Julie!” Michelle begged, gasping and writhing with every word as she kept the pillow close to muffle the screams she knew were approaching. “Mmmmm you’re so good! Ooooooh you’re such a hot fuck! Mmmmm I never want to stop feeling your hot mouth! But I need to come! Please suck my clit! Ughhhhh it’s so fucking hard for you! Suck it good and I’ll come! I’ll come all over your pretty face and then you get to come! Ooooh you get to come so good from Reese fucking you with her big cock as my hot cum drips off your face and your glasses!”

Julie would have ordinarily done whatever Michelle wanted just for the privilege of pleasing her, but now that her own orgasm was dependent on her getting Michelle off she made damn sure that she did a great job on the sexy singer. Julie pressed her face back against Michelle’s pussy as hard as she could get it and Michelle helpfully spread her legs wider so Julie could get at her swollen clitoris. Julie’s lips latched right on the aching nub and she sucked away as Reese slowed her thrusts, making sure she couldn’t get off before Michelle did.

Michelle lay back and cried her ecstasy as Julie skillfully sucked on her clit. Her tits jiggled as her body shook and Michelle’s black hair fell over her face, sticking to her sweaty forehead and getting in her eyes. But Michelle couldn’t brush it away as she kept the pillow fastened to her screaming mouth. She couldn’t do anything but lie there and feel pleasure.

As Michelle screamed out, Julie kept licking, letting the taste of Michelle’s juices fill her mouth. She swallowed them whenever she could but kept her main actions focused on nursing Michelle’s clit. She wanted her to come so bad and everything she did expressed that, especially when she moved her hand up and pushed two of her fingers into Michelle’s pussy. She began fingering the naked singer as she sucked her clit and the dual assault on Michelle’s horny body did the trick, sending her crashing right into her orgasm.

“OHHHHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOH MY GODDDDDDDDDD YESSSSS!!!” Michelle screamed into her pillow in intense sexual release, hoping with all she had that the pillow was making sure she couldn’t be heard in Owen’s bedroom because there was no way she could restrain herself. “OHHHHHHHHH SOOOOO GOOOD!!! AHHHHHH!!”

Very happy with what Julie had done, Reese didn’t even wait for Michelle to finish coming before she started pumping harder Julie’s pussy with her fake cock again. She had slowed her pace to allow for Michelle’s orgasm but the sounds of her friend’s muzzled screams of release got Reese going and she thrust deep and hard doggie style into her very willing nanny, fucking her tight pussy as Michelle’s cum creamed over her face.

“Swallow that cum you horny thing!” Reese ordered, her words coming out as happy gasps while she thrust her fake cock deep into the girl. “Swallow Michelle’s sweet juices while I fuck your slut pussy! Mmmmm I’m gonna fuck you so good Julie! I know you love coming all over my big cock! I want you to do that now you horny fuck slut. Come all over my thick, fake dick like the slutty whore nanny you are! Soak it in your hot juice so I can fuck your mouth next and make you clean it off! Come for me Julie! Come for your famous boss you worthless whore!”

Reese’s words were turning Julie on like nothing else could. She loved being verbally dominated like this, being reminded how famous and beautiful Reese was and how she was just a slutty bitch who loved licking pussy and sucking toes.

Michelle’s pussy tasted so good against Julie’s face and it was such a turn on to be able to taste her cum and swallow it as she came while Reese was pounding her from behind on the bed. Julie still had her sneakers and socks on and, along with her glasses, it made her feel even naughtier.

It was so hot to her when Reese made her keep one or two pieces of her clothes on. It made her feel like she was being controlled even more and the intense experience of being fucked from behind while she was on her hands and knees, her big tits bouncing and her toes wiggling inside her socks and shoes was driving her absolutely wild, especially since she was feasting on Michelle’s creaming pussy at the same time.

Reese fucked her hard over and over again with intense thrusts and Julie backed herself up into the cock with glee. She adored how it felt filling her up and making her tight pussy all loose and slutty. That fat, fake cock was always welcome in her cunt and Julie felt like Reese was taking her even harder than usual to show off in front of Michelle. But whether or not that was the case, it didn’t matter because all Julie cared about was how incredible it felt to be fucked from behind by her gorgeous, famous boss and how badly she wanted to come all over her award winning strap on.

“Ohhhhhhhh gawwwwwwwwd don’t stop fucking me Miss Witherspoon!” Julie begged, her face soaked in Michelle’s juices as she pulled up from the singer’s cummy, satisfied pussy. “Ooooooooooh fuck yessssssssssssss mmmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh that cock feels so fucking big inside me! Mmmmmmmmmmm I need it Miss Witherspoon! I need that big dick deep inside my worthless slut pussy! Give it to me! Please! Give it to me deep! Ooooooooooh bury that whole big thing in my nasty, slutty cunt! Give it to your dirty whore Miss Witherspoon! Give me the fucking I deserve!”

“Mmmmmmmmm yessssss I love hearing you beg for it Julie! I love hearing you beg the movie star to give it to your dirty fuck slut pussy!” Reese grunted, thrusting harder into her employee and going deeper with each push inside her loosening snatch. “Mmmmm such a pretty girl and so fucking nasty! This is why I keep you around Julie! You’re such a hot fuck you dirty bitch! Mmmm you take your boss’ cock like a fucking champ Julie! You were so hot getting Michelle off and now you’re gonna get what you deserve Julie! You’re gonna get every hard inch!”

Julie let out a wanton cry of ecstasy as Reese pushed more of her thick toy into the willing cavern of her sloppy cunt. Julie was close to gushing all over Reese’s strap on and she wasn’t holding back a bit as her boss continued to passionately and skillfully fuck her. She felt nothing but pleasure as her previously tight pussy was loosened up by Reese’s cock and she rocked on her hands and knees on Michelle’s bed, loving every inch as she was pounded from behind.

Michelle was in a happy daze from her orgasm and she drank in the hot show before her with wide open eyes. This side of Reese, so animalistic and so wild, was such a huge turn on for her. She had only seen Reese in quite this way once before, when they had all gone so cock crazy for Fluffy, and Michelle wanted to see more of it. She wanted to see Reese fuck her nanny hard and fast and then take her like that…pounding her from behind with that big strap on as she begged her not to stop.

Just thinking of Reese pounding her like she was doing to Julie…or even letting her borrow the strap on so she could give it to Julie also…had Michelle’s pussy getting all hot again in no time. Her orgasm had satisfied her, but hadn’t quenched her thirst and Michelle reached between her legs to rub herself as she gawked at Reese fucking Julie, loving how their bodies looked when they slapped together.

Michelle stared hard at Julie, letting her eyes roam all over her in lustful appreciation as she shook on the bed and fucked herself back against Reese’s thrusts into her. Julie’s big tits were bouncing so enticingly, her hard nipples so thick and swollen and her beautiful face all messy with girl cum, her glasses a little sticky and askew on her face now. Julie’s gorgeous ass was also shaking sensually and Michelle eyed it hornily, wondering if the sexy nanny gave up her ass as easily as she gave up her pussy to her famous boss.

And Michelle couldn’t help but watch Reese too. Her friend looked scorching hot with her body getting a good, sweaty glow to it from her exerting herself with her thrusts, her firm, beautiful tits jiggling with each hard thrust and her soft mouth parted in constant grunts and moans from the pleasure she got from fucking Julie. Michelle could see her own juices on Reese’s lips and she so badly wanted to kiss her and taste herself all over them. But Michelle held back. She didn’t want to distract Reese from fucking Julie, not after the girl had done such a great job getting her off. Michelle wanted to make sure Julie came just as good as she had.

Michelle kept her eyes mostly on Julie, though, loving how good the girl looked as she got fucked. Michelle thoroughly enjoyed the show of Reese giving it to Julie doggie style, their words so dirty and their actions even dirtier. Julie was loving taking those inches from behind in her pussy and Michelle was loving watching her, plunging two fingers into her freshly wet, well licked cunt and then pulling them out so she could suck them clean before jamming them back inside.

But Michelle couldn’t just touch herself. Not when Julie’s big, bouncing boobs looked so yummy. Besides Julie was making a lot of noise as she got ready to come and Michelle wasn’t so far gone that she had forgotten she wanted to keep things as quiet as possible in here. So she decided to help muzzle Julie a little with something far sexier than a pillow.

Still smiling from her orgasm, Michelle pulled herself up off her back and planted a wet kiss right on Julie’s lips. She lovingly kissed the nanny while also reaching up to fondle her full, juicy tits. Julie had such a great pair and Michelle was delighted when she confirmed Reese’s claims that they were all natural. They were so soft and sexy in her hands and she massaged them with giddy pleasure while tongue kissing the woman who had just made her come, adoring the taste of her own cream on Julie’s lips and tongue.

Julie moaned in bliss and kissed back as hard and wetly as she could, rubbing her tongue against Michelle’s as she was fucked from behind by her boss. Reese’s cock was so hard and so big inside her and she was being fucked mercilessly, just how she always loved it. And when that was combined with the soft, but passionate kisses she was getting from Michelle it was too much for Julie. It was all so wonderful and so intense and she felt her orgasm begin to push over the edge.

But before she really let herself go, Julie knew she had to make sure she was permitted. After all Reese made the rules and in the bedroom Julie was always happy to follow them.

“Ooooooooooh ooooooooh I’m gonna…gonna come!” Julie gasped out after breaking away from Michelle’s kisses. “Please Miss Witherspoon! Please let me come!”

“Not yet…not yet!” Reese grunted back thrusting hard into Julie as she felt the nub on her end of the strap on rub her clit just right. She was getting so close herself and she didn’t want Julie coming before she was ready.

Reese didn’t want to make Julie wait just to be mean or even to remind the girl who was in charge. She didn’t want to deny the girl pleasure and Reese loved it when Julie came. But Reese was also thinking about her own pleasure and she just wanted the chance to catch up. So she pushed harder into the girl’s pussy as Julie knew just how to respond.

Instead of pouting or begging for the chance to come, Julie was certain that she would feel the ecstasy of orgasm soon. By nature she was a giver and that especially was true in the bedroom and that was even more especially true when she was with Reese. There had been so many times when Reese had fucked her and Julie had gotten closer to coming first so she knew exactly what to do. She clenched her pussy lips as hard as she could around the thrusting cock inside her and made her well fucked cunt a tighter vise around Reese’s toy.

By clenching herself around it, Julie made her pussy tighter for Reese again and that increased the pleasure for her boss. The tighter she was, the more pleasure Reese felt from the toy pushing back into her and rubbing her clitoris.

“Mmmmmm fuckkkkk yessssssssss!” Reese grunted, her body sweating and shaking as she fucked Julie. “Mmmmm yesssss baby ooooooooh that’s it! That’s it! make that fucking hole tight for me! Make your cunt all nice and tight for your boss! Ooooooooooh yessssss fuck me back baby! Shove the toy back into me! Ughhhhhh fuck yesssssssssss oooooooooh Julie! Mmmm that’s it baby! That’s how you fucking do it! Ohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhh come for me you nasty bitch! Come like a good fucking whore for your beautiful boss!”

The permission was all Julie needed to let herself go. She couldn’t have been happier getting fucked raw from behind as Michelle kissed and rubbed her and Reese’s magic words pushed her right over the edge.


Michelle kissed the screams and cries right out of Julie as she came and Reese continued taking her hard from behind, their sweaty bodies slapping together in a rhythmic harmony that turned everyone on even more. Reese could see just what Michelle was doing and she struggled to keep quiet too. It was making her so hot and she loved the way her toy was rubbing right into her swollen, sensitive clit and she did everything she could to hold back and not be too noisy.

It was always a rush for Reese to be able to get Julie off. She felt so powerful and sexual and it made her feel like she was totally in control, like she was some kind of sex queen or something. That was such a wonderful rush of primal pleasure and being able to see Julie and Michelle so satisfied while knowing she had put all of this in motion was the mental stimulation Reese needed to go right along with her clit being pleasured by the toy.

Reese felt so proud of how she had been able to help Michelle and let her sexy nanny have some fun in the process that it made her tantalizingly close to coming too. The thrusts into Julie kept rubbing her clit and Reese didn’t get fancy. This motion was getting her off so she just kept doing it, fucking her nanny and stimulating her own clitoris in the process until she was joining the others in their bliss.


Reese’s soft tits bounced furiously as she came, her whole body shaking and sweating as the pleasure pulsed through her veins, filling her with ecstasy from head to toes. After her initial surge of ecstasy, Reese managed to calm herself. Pleasure rushed through her as she kept on fucking Julie, getting herself off at the same time, but Reese kept her volume low, clenching her teeth as she screamed on the inside from the explosions of pure pleasure she always felt from a girl sex orgasm.

And when she finally pulled her toy out Julie’s now gooey pussy and fell back, flushed and happy, Reese found herself immediately smothered with grateful kisses from Julie and Michelle. And they didn’t stop there. Reese’s mouth was just the first stop on their tour. They pressed their lips to her face, her neck, her tits and everywhere they could get to.

“So how’s my idea sound to you now?” Reese giggled as she was showered with kisses everywhere. “You ready to come along to Vegas with me and Julie?”

“Oooooh just try and keep me away,” Michelle replied, her eyes alight with the need for more sex as she pictured what could possibly lie ahead for all of them.

“Mmmmm that’s what I wanna hear,” Reese beamed. “Now how about you naughty girls clean my toy off? Mmmm I wanna see you two licking those sweet pussy juices off my cock!”

Now it was Julie and Michelle’s turn to giggle and they shared one, as well as a few kisses, before they dove down onto Reese’s cock and began cleaning it off. Julie’s messy orgasm had left her cream dripping down the plastic and she and Michelle greedily began licking it off, loving every drop as they too pictured the ecstasy that lay in wait for them.

This was a hell of a way to start this weekend off and they sensed only better things were to follow.

* * * * *

The sounds of girlish giggles and naughty moans filled the air as Hilary Duff lay flat on her stomach in bed, a soft pillow under her chin as she and Lindsay did some serious rustling of the sheets. The two had barely paused in their marathon fuck session which had begun as soon as Lindsay’s mom, Dina, had left the house that morning. They knew they had to get moving soon if they ever wanted to get to Las Vegas and hook up with their friends there, but the two just couldn’t find the will to stop fucking and get dressed.

They had been going at each other like wild animals famished for each other’s bodies all morning and no amount of orgasms could cool their desires. They hadn’t spared a moment after Dina had left before running down to the kitchen where Lindsay had pushed Hilary down onto the counter and plunged her face into her splayed pussy.

Hilary had been howling in ecstasy in no time and had returned the favor by making Lindsay scream in similarly loud delight as she’d fucked her with her tongue while sliding a pair of fingers up her ass while Lindsay had been sprawled naked on the dining room table.

They had fucked all night but had always had to hold back with Dina so close by and Lindsay not particularly eager for her mother to catch her fucking another girl. But as soon as Dina had left, all the restraint they had shown the night before had been thrown out the window. Lindsay and Hilary had held nothing back as they’d streaked naked around the house, giggling the whole time, and put Lindsay’s plan into action to fuck in every single room.

They’d already done it in the kitchen, the dining room, the shower and the sink top, respectively, in two of the house’s four bathrooms and of course Lindsay’s bed. But now they were moving into the other bedrooms and things were getting progressively naughtier.

As she lay on her stomach and moaned from Lindsay’s always welcome touch, Hilary felt so dirty. On the bed there were scattered stuffed animals tossed around after they’d thrown off the bedcovers and the walls of the room had all the touches of a typical teenage girl’s room, right down to posters of the Jonas Brothers and Shia LaBeouf. It could have been any girl’s room in America, but it wasn’t. It was Lindsay’s little sister Ali’s room.

It had been Lindsay’s idea to fuck in here too and Hilary hadn’t put up anything resembling a fight. She loved getting naughty with Lindsay and doing what they were doing in Ali’s bedroom just seemed so bad. That was what Lindsay loved about it and that meant extra pleasure for Hilary.

“Mmmmmm baby I love your ass,” Lindsay moaned as she ran her hands softly all over the bare pink cheeks before her. “It’s so fucking juicy and sexy! I could fuck this perfect ass all fucking day!”

“Oooooh do it!” Hilary begged, her pussy soaking Ali’s sheets below her as Lindsay filled her head with dirty ideas and played with her full cheeks, caressing them and teasingly touching her crack and tight hole with her fingertips. “Fuck me Lindsay! Fuck my ass! Just like last night! Mmmmm that was so good!”

“Yeah? Did you like my strap on filling your tight ass up baby?” Lindsay asked while starting to rub her thumb over Hilary’s puckered hole, making her lover arch up off the bed and hiss in pleasure. “Did you like that big cock up your juicy ass?”

“Mmmmmmm yessssssssss ooooooh I loved it!” Hilary wantonly replied. “I love when you assfuck me Linds! You always make me come so hard when you fuck my ass!”

“This is just such an incredible butt,” Lindsay marveled lustfully, still teasingly rubbing Hilary’s hole while caressing the tight, full cheeks.

Hilary didn’t have a skinny ass. Juicy was the right word for it. It was totally spankable, lickable and fuckable all at once and Lindsay was so into it. She had full cheeks but they were so tight and toned. It was a perfect ass in Lindsay’s mind and she never shied away from paying attention to it.

As Hilary moaned for more, Lindsay leaned down and tenderly kissed each of Hilary’s pink ass cheeks. It was such a rush for both of them and it only made them hornier.

“I wanna fuck this ass again,” Lindsay declared. “I wanna fuck your tight, perfect butt over and over again Hil! Mmmm right here in Ali’s room! God, this is so fucking naughty! I can’t believe we’re naked in my sister’s room mmmm but I love it! I feel so bad! Oooooh sweet little virgin Ali is gonna have her sheets messed up by a couple of dirty fucking sluts!”

Lindsay was getting so turned on being naked with Hilary in Ali’s bed. Her little sister was so sweet and nice and Lindsay was weak with lust to get dirty and nasty in her bedroom. Lindsay adored her sister but all she could think about was trashing her bed and fucking Hilary in it until the sheets were soaked with slutty girl cum. She wasn’t doing it to be mean, but it just made her too hot to go into her innocent sister’s bedroom and do things in it that Ali probably couldn’t even begin to dream of yet.

As she devilishly smiled to herself, feeling extra dirty for thinking that there was no way Ali could ever picture how big a slut her big sister really was, Lindsay spread open Hilary’s butt cheeks and dove in with her tongue to lap at her puckered hole. Hilary squealed happily from the wetness of Lindsay’s amazing tongue on her asshole and she was quickly moaning and beginning to pant from having her naughty lover rim her.

“Mmmmm yeahhhhhhhh lick me! Lick my fucking ass Lindsay!” Hilary groaned. “Ooooooh you’re so dirty baby! I love it! Lick my ass in your little sister’s bed! Mmmmmm fuck yes this is so nasty Linds! Do all the dirty things to me you love! Make it so hot and nasty! Make me come like a fucking whore in your virgin sister’s bed!”

“Yeahhhh that’s it Hil! Get good and naughty for me!” Lindsay urged lustfully in between teasingly running her tongue up the crack of her lover’s ass. “Grind that wet pussy of yours into Ali’s sheets! Mmmm make them all fucking wet with your dirty cunt! We’re gonna fucking trash her bed like a couple of nasty sluts! Ooooh she’s gonna come home and be able to smell the fucking we did in here but not know what happened! It’ll be so fucking naughty! Mmmm rub your pussy into her sheets baby! Do it while I’m eating your great ass!”

All Hilary could do was shiver and groan in wanton need as Lindsay spread her cheeks again and lewdly got between them, tonguing her crack until she reached her puckered butthole once more. Hilary gasped in slutty delight when Lindsay’s tongue penetrated her ring, pushing in and starting to explore the familiar hole while her hands gripped tightly to her cheeks.

Hilary loved everything Lindsay was doing to her. It felt so wrong and so hot to be doing this here. They were in some innocent girl’s bedroom getting so slutty and Hilary could feel the wetness drooling past the tight slit of her pussy. She was grinding herself hard into Ali’s sheets and gasping and moaning from the touch of Lindsay’s tongue. Hilary loved having her ass played with and Lindsay was always so good at it. Her soft hands felt amazing spreading her cheeks open and nothing could rival the touch of Lindsay’s tongue to her asshole.

“Uggggggggh ohhhhhhhhh yessssssssss oooooooooooooh fuck yesssssssss!” Hilary grunted as she was fucked by Lindsay’s tongue. “Mmmmm baby ooooooooh yesssssss make me come! Make me fucking soak your sister’s sheets with my dirty pussy! Make me get them all cummy from you licking my ass! You’re so dirty Linds! Fucking my slutty ass in your sister’s bed! Mmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhh I’m dirty too for letting you do it! Mmmmm spank me Lindsay! Spank my ass for being so bad!”

“Yeah? This what you want Hil?” Lindsay giggled, pulling up for a second to playfully smack Hilary’s bare ass.

“Harderrrrrr!” Hilary cried. “Spank me Lindsay! Slap my ass while you eat my slutty hole and make me fucking cream your sister’s sheets! Oooooh that’s soooo naughty! Mmmm we’re being so bad! Spank me baby! Spank that butt you love fucking so much!”

“Only if you do it back to me,” Lindsay grinned, loving receiving a spanking just as much as she loved giving one out to her sexy friend. “Mmmm you’re gonna have to slap my ass too Hil! You’re gonna have to spank me for fucking you in Ali’s room! Mmm and then for fucking you in my mom’s room next! Ooooh baby we’re gonna make this whole fucking house our playground today!”

Hilary reacted with a sharp, happy cry when Lindsay’s hands did just as she wanted them to and slapped her bare cheeks again. Lindsay relished the sexy jiggle she got from spanking Hilary’s ass did it again, knowing just how to take her friend. She and Hilary knew each other’s bodies even better than they knew their own by this point and Lindsay knew exactly how to spank her lover. She slapped the full, sexy cheeks with gusto, making Hilary squeal and moan as her ass stung from the blows of Lindsay’s hand, causing Hilary to rub herself even harder into the sheets beneath her.

“Yesssssssssss I’ll spank you too!” Hilary agreed with a passionate squeal from the arousing slaps to her ass, practically humping the mattress as she arched back for Lindsay’s hand to strike her and then pushed back against the soft sheets rubbing her tender cunt lips. “Mmmm I’ll spank that sexy freckled ass of yours sooo good baby! Oooooh you’re making me so wet Lindsay! You’re making my pussy drip into the sheets and make everything so messy! Ughhhh yeahhhh I’m so fucking horny for you Linds! Spank me! Fuck me! Just make my pussy all slutty and creamy while I’m rubbing it into your sister’s bed!”

“Mmmmm fuck yes Hil! Rub your pussy all over Ali’s sheets!” Lindsay moaned, her own cunt dripping at the idea of completely defiling her sister’s room and then going and doing the same to her mom’s. “Oooooh mash those sexy tits of yours into it too! Mmmm I want her to go to sleep tonight smelling your pussy like its perfume! Soak them baby! Rub that sexy body right into those sheets! I’m gonna make you come again for me Hil! I’m gonna lick your ass and get it all wet for my fingers and then make you come for me!”

Lindsay’s strap on was still in her bedroom. But as much as she loved strapping it on and giving it deep and hard to Hilary’s holes, Lindsay had no desire right then to go and get it. She was too content as she was, working Hilary’s ass over with nothing but what God had given her. Hilary’s hole was wet with her saliva and Lindsay longed to taste it again. But she’d made Hilary’s gorgeous cheeks pink from her spanking so Lindsay first brought her lips to them and began to kiss the sensitive flesh.

“Ooooooh Lindsayyyyyyy!” Hilary cooed from the feel of those sexy, soft lips on her well spanked ass. “Mmmmmm ooooooh that feels soooo awesome! Mmmm yeahhhh you always make it so good baby! Kiss all over my ass! It makes me even wetter when you do that! God, Lindsay, I’m so horny for you baby! I need you to fuck me! Ughhhh I just can’t get enough! Fuck me more! Lick my ass! Mmmm tongue fuck my naughty little hole like you did last night! Make me come from your tongue in my ass and then do me again with your fingers while you’re eating my pussy! Mmmmm I fucking want it all!”

That was just what Lindsay wanted too. She had an uncontrollable fire in her that day and she didn’t want to do anything to cool it down. She felt so happy and so alive doing this. She just wanted to fuck Hilary over and over again in every room of the house and then get their asses to Vegas so they could get naked again and fuck all their famous, slutty friends.

Lindsay showered kisses all over Hilary’s bare ass, loving how she could make little goosebumps pop up on the slightly pink flesh she had just been smacking. Hilary was so hot! Lindsay loved fucking all the hot girls she knew but she craved Hilary’s body the most. Her ass was so sexily plump and fuckable and Lindsay kissed it on each cheek once more before she reached up to spread open her buns once again to part her tight hole. Lindsay wickedly drooled into Hilary’s splayed asshole as the girl helpfully got on her hands and knees and mewed from the feel of the warm saliva tickling her.

“Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkk!!! Ooooooh yesssssssss!” Hilary panted. “Fuck me Lindsay! Fuck my ass! Mmmmm yessssssss you nasty girl! Drool into my hole and then lick it all out! Tongue fuck my ass until I cream for you!”

Always loving the horny cries of her lover and hearing Hilary’s sexy, sweet voice moaning her name, Lindsay did just as she asked. She drooled once more into her friend’s hot, spread hole and kept her hands tightly gripping the full cheeks to keep them parted. Lindsay lowered her mouth right to Hilary’s asshole and then greedily resumed rimming her, thrusting her horny tongue into her as Hilary screamed out in ecstasy.

This was so fucking good! Lindsay felt higher than any drug could ever make her as she indulged in the sweet ecstasy of fucking Hilary Duff. They were both uncontrollably horny and feeding off each other’s energy, which just made it even hotter for them. Lindsay never wanted to stop this. She just wanted to keep on fucking, pausing only to get to Vegas, and then fuck some more!

But as good as that plan sounded, the brakes were suddenly thrown on it when the last thing either girl had expected to happen, happened.

“Lindsay?” a shocked voice gasped out, sending both naked girls scrambling for cover.

“Oh my God! Ali!” Lindsay cried in embarrassment as she and Hilary were suddenly discovered by her little sister suddenly returning home.

“Lindsay?” the 15-year-old brunette asked again, blinking her eyes as if she couldn’t believe what it was she was seeing.

“Holy shit!” Lindsay said grabbing the first blanket she saw and clutching it to her naked body in a futile attempt to cover both herself and what it was that had been happening here. “Ali! What…what are you doing here?”

“It’s my room!” Ali shot back, but not angrily. She was stating it as a fact, not yelling at her older sister.

Ali was actually the calmest one in the room. Lindsay was hurriedly trying to cover her nakedness and Hilary was picturing the end of the world.

“Oh God…oh God…oh God!” Hilary nervously said in response to this quite unexpected discovery as she pictured exactly how she believed the course events would go. First Ali would tell Dina what Lindsay was up to and then Dina would go and tell her mom. Hilary knew what would happen then. She wouldn’t see daylight, much less Lindsay or the mansion until she was 30 at least.

“Ali! You…you can’t tell mom about this!” Lindsay said, fearing the same kind of parental freak out. “This…well this wasn’t what it looked like!”

It was an obvious lie and everyone knew it. It was such a lame attempt to cover up what had been so clearly happening that Lindsay didn’t even keep up the illusion for more than a second.

“Please don’t tell mom,” Lindsay pleaded again with her sister, her freckled face blushing furiously over being caught.

“I won’t tell,” Ali immediately agreed, saying so almost as soon as the words were out of Lindsay’s mouth. “I promise.”

The tension was thick in the room. No one knew just what to say to break the palpable tension and Ali just stood in the doorway clutching her overnight bag as Lindsay gave Hilary a blanket to cover herself with so they weren’t literally exposed anymore. Of course now that their secret was out, neither Lindsay or Hilary could feel any less exposed no matter what they covered their bodies with.

“How long were you there?” Lindsay asked, remembering all the dirty things she and Hilary had sad and wondering if Ali had heard them.

“Long enough,” Ali replied, still standing and staring, her eyes wide with what looked to Lindsay like complete shock.

And before Lindsay could even ask, Ali anticipated what her sister was going to say and let her know.

“I heard what you said,” Ali blurted out, making Lindsay blush even harder as Hilary’s face turned red right along with hers. “I heard what you said about my…my sheets and…you know…making me sleep where you’d…you’d fucked.”

Lindsay felt like she could die of embarrassment right then. She couldn’t remember if she had ever heard her sister curse before but the surprise of that was totally overwhelmed by how bad she felt. Since she had first been seduced by Angelina Jolie, Lindsay had been without any inhibition when it came to sex with girls. She did what she wanted and who she wanted whenever she wanted to. But now she felt shame for the first time and she was worried that Ali hated her or thought she was disgusting or some kind of pervert.

“Ali! I’m so so so so sorry!” Lindsay said. “I didn’t mean what I said! We were totally gonna clean up! I never wanted you to hear that! I’m so sorry we were doing it here! We just totally lost control and I…gawwwwd…Ali I never wanted to hurt you!”

But if Ali was hurt she didn’t show it. In fact she didn’t show much of anything. For having just walked in on her sister in the middle of lesbian sex, Ali was surprisingly composed. Her eyes were still wide and she wasn’t saying much, but she wasn’t freaking out or yelling or doing any of the things Lindsay assumed would happen if she’d ever been caught doing something like she and Hilary had been doing.

“No…no…it’s ok…” Ali said slowly, searching for her words as she tried to find the right ones and feeling scared to admit what she was thinking.

Ali might have seemed composed on the outside, but on the inside she was a whirling hurricane of emotions. She didn’t know what to say or what to do and her feelings were weighing down on her like she had a boulder strapped to her back. She couldn’t take her eyes off Lindsay and Hilary, how their bodies were covered up now in her blankets but the truth of what they’d been up to already out in the open now. Shame covered both of their faces and they looked like they both wanted the bed to swallow them up.

“We should go,” Lindsay said, feeling tears well up inside her over the fear that Ali was disappointed in her and thought she was some kind of freak. “We should go…go get dressed…”

Lindsay began to stand up and Hilary was very eager to follow her. She wanted to get out of here as soon as possible before Ali started to get mad. Maybe they could get away with this being a secret between the three of them without their mothers being dragged into it, but Hilary didn’t want to press her luck by staying any longer than she had to.

But any attempts to leave were immediately halted by the girl who had interrupted their illicit lovemaking.

“No! Don’t go!” Ali blurted out before she could think of any other reaction. “Stay! Please stay Lindsay! You too Hilary! You don’t…don’t have to go!”

The tension in the bedroom wasn’t letting up even a little bit and Lindsay and Hilary both felt like tears and yelling were inevitable. Lindsay felt so mad at herself for losing control and actually doing this in Ali’s bedroom. She was so embarrassed her sister had caught her and she knew it was her own fault.

If only she’d stayed in her own room with Hilary they never would have been caught! Now her sister probably hated her and Lindsay felt like she’d screwed up again. She had done so many things to humiliate her family over the years and Lindsay just didn’t want Ali to think she was worthless.

Ali being so calm was actually making Lindsay more flustered. It actually would have made her feel better if Ali was yelling at her for having sex in her bed and calling her a perv or something…anything other than just standing there. The calmer Ali was the more Lindsay became convinced that some kind of volcanic explosion of emotion was immanent.

But if Ali was insisting they stay, neither Lindsay nor Hilary were going to fight her. She had their fates in their hands right then and neither wanted to cross her. If she went to Dina and told her what was happening then there might not be any more trips to the mansion in their future. So both girls were going to make sure Ali stayed quiet by giving her what she wanted.

So they stayed where they were and watched as Ali dropped her bag and walked over to the bed with them. They had no idea what Ali was thinking and both Lindsay and Hilary sat on the bed with blankets wrapped around their bodies and their hands nervously wringing together as Ali sat down between them, taking care to avoid the wet spots from Hilary and Lindsay’s exertions.

No one said anything at first. No one knew what to say. But finally Ali was the one to open her mouth and break the silence.

“Are you and Hilary like girlfriends?” Ali asked, her curiosity on that subject trumping any other feeling she was having at the moment.

Hilary was about to speak in response to that. She knew what Lindsay wanted her to say. She wanted her to say that they were just friends and they were experimenting or something like that. Hilary knew Lindsay would want her to pretend that this was no big deal…like this was a one-time thing. She would want her to act like they weren’t as close as they were and that this wasn’t something they did as often as they could.

Hilary thought that was what Lindsay would want her to say, but on that she was quite wrong and Lindsay opened her mouth first to give quite a different answer.

“Yes. Yes we are,” Lindsay said, leaving Hilary more surprised than Ali was.

“We are?” Hilary asked in amazement, unable to keep from smiling even under these embarrassing circumstances.

“We are,” Lindsay said, taking Hilary’s hand in hers and squeezing it as she smiled back at her friend. “We’re totally girlfriends. I mean…at least that’s how I see it. Don’t you Hil?”

“Wow,” Hilary replied, forgetting that Ali was even there as she squeezed Lindsay’s hand back and felt her heart totally flutter from what she heard.

She had been so crazy for Lindsay from the first time they had been together at Sarah’s bachelorette party in Jamaica. Hilary had never admitted it though. She hadn’t wanted to freak Lindsay out by telling her she had developed feelings beyond mere lust for her. But now having Lindsay say it made her feel like she could come clean at last.

“I feel the same way!” Hilary eagerly stated, not feeling quite so embarrassed now that she could confess her feelings. “I want to be your girlfriend so bad Lindsay!”

Lindsay loved hearing that. Truthfully she’d never really considered what she and Hilary had to be a “girlfriends” kind of situation, but Ali’s direct question had crystallized things.

After all didn’t they spend as much time together as possible? Weren’t they always sneaking around to see each other? Didn’t she love spending time with Hilary more than any other girl? If that didn’t make them each other’s girlfriend then Lindsay didn’t know what could. Her sister’s question had caused her to suddenly see that so clearly and in her flustered state, she had found herself saying how she felt.

But despite finally admitting to each other that they both felt they were more than friends, Lindsay’s and Hilary’s situation hadn’t dramatically improved. Whether they were girlfriends or not hadn’t made their discovery mid-coitus by Ali any less embarrassing. But the teenager still seemed to be taking everything she was learning in remarkable stride.

“Wow…you’ve got a girlfriend now,” Ali said, looking at her big sister with a combination of both marvel and envy. “That’s so cool!”

But that was all anyone said for the next little while. The three girls just sat on the bed in silence, the smell of Lindsay and Hilary’s interrupted sex lingering in the air, reminding all of them of what had been going on in Ali’s bed just a few minutes earlier. The silence was making everything more awkward and was particularly hard on Lindsay.

Not talking just made her more and more convinced that Ali was mad at her. Waiting for the yelling she was sure was going to come just made Lindsay picture things getting worse and worse. To Lindsay the silence was deafening and she soon couldn’t take it anymore.

“How can you be so fucking calm about this?” Lindsay snapped, her heart thumping in her chest.

“I…I…gawwd…how do you want me to react?” Ali demanded to know. “This is kind of a surprise! I didn’t exactly expect to find you doing it in my bed you know!”

“I’m soooo sorry about that Ali,” Lindsay said, reflexively hugging her sister, holding her close to her. “I didn’t mean to mess up your bed or say any of those things I said. And you can react any way you want. It’s just freaking me out that you’re so calm about it. I mean if mom caught me she’d be screaming at the top of her lungs. But you’re so cool about it.”

But Ali didn’t feel cool on the inside. She couldn’t stop thinking about how Lindsay was naked under the blanket she had wrapped around her and how good it felt for her sister to hug her. Ali couldn’t help but have a smile cross her lips but she pushed it off herself before it became too noticeable.

Even as she did that though, Ali knew it was time. This had been in her head and in her heart for so long and she hadn’t been able to shake it. The more she had ignored it, the stronger it had become. Ali knew she was taking one crazy risk here. After all, if Lindsay had been fearing a crazed reaction, Ali felt doubly afraid of what her sister would think about the bombshell she had to drop.

She knew she had to do it though. It was now or never.

Lindsay’s secret was out in the open now and Ali felt like she had to return the favor by revealing her true desires too. And even if she hadn’t walked in on what she had, the feel of Lindsay’s nearly naked body against hers with Hilary sitting right beside them on the bed would have likely made her confess anyway.

“I just don’t want you to think I’m a bad sister,” Lindsay continued. “I love you Ali. I don’t want you to think I’m some perv or a freak or something.”

Hearing that made Ali nervously laugh.

“A perv? God Lindsay. Ummmm wow! No…no I could never think that about you!” Ali said, wanting so badly to hug her big sister back, but afraid of taking that step right away. “I know you’re not a perv or a freak! I think it’s really awesome that you’re into girls!”

“You do?” Hilary interrupted, saying it before Lindsay could, the both of them still surprised by how the teenage girl had reacted.

“Ummmm I have to show you something Lindsay,” Ali said slowly, forcing the words past her lips before she lost her nerve. “You too Hilary. I want you both…ummmm I mean I want you both to see.”

Neither Lindsay nor Hilary responded. They didn’t know what to say. So they said nothing and Ali took that as a sign to move forward. She got off the bed and walked over to where she’d left her laptop. She grabbed the computer and went back to the bed where the two barely covered girls were waiting anxiously, not sure where any of this was going, but hopeful that Ali’s seemingly very tolerant reaction meant they’d somehow get off the hook.

“I have to show you this,” Ali repeated while opening the computer and turning it on. “I…I…just…well maybe after you see it you’ll understand. You have to see this. I want you to see it.”

“What is it Ali?” Lindsay asked, her curiosity more than piqued from wondering what her sister could possibly show them that was so important.

No one said anything as the computer turned on and loaded up. Lindsay and Hilary looked at each other nervously since they knew the younger girl had them over a barrel after what she had witnessed, but they were also curious about where all this was going, especially since Ali seemed the most nervous of all, drumming her fingers against the computer and fidgeting as she impatiently waited to get at what she so badly wanted to show her sister and her girlfriend.

As soon as the laptop was loaded, Ali typed in her password and began going through her files. Whatever she was looking for was hidden amidst her folders and the more Ali clicked the more the other two girls became curious about what she had to show them. Finally Ali opened up her file to reveal a bunch of downloaded video files.

“Uhhh…I…ummm…I want to show you my video collection,” Ali said in such a soft, shy way that Lindsay wasn’t sure she had heard her correctly at first.

Ali clicked on a video file and Lindsay and Hilary’s jaws nearly hit the floor when the teen brought it to the middle of the scene and they were greeted with the unmistakable sounds of women in sexual passion.

“What the fuck?” Lindsay gasped, so shocked by what she was seeing that it didn’t even fully register on her at first that this was no mere collection of lesbian porn video files, it was her little sister’s collection and that meant what Ali had seen before obviously wasn’t her first exposure to lesbian lust.

Lindsay and Hilary were immediately enraptured by what they saw. There were a bunch of girls in the scene and it looked like they were supposed to be cheerleaders because some of them were still wearing parts of their uniforms. But most of them were naked and doing all the naughty things to each other that Hilary and Lindsay experienced as often as they could.

Girls were kissing and rubbing each other and working their fingers and tongues into each other’s pussies and asses and everyone was moaning and gasping for more while they trashed the locker room set with their Sapphic passion. It was an intense and sexy scene that looked right out of Love’s porno collection and both girls couldn’t help but respond a little to what they were seeing.

Lindsay was so struck by the hot video and the stunning revelation that Ali seemed to love watching what she loved experiencing that she didn’t even notice at first that the teenager was brushing her arm gently with her finger tips.

It was a soft caress, but it wasn’t anything like Lindsay had ever felt from her little sister before. It was more like the kind of touch she would get from Hilary when they were snuggled up in bed together. It was tender and loving, but also definitely sensual and when Lindsay realized it was her sister doing it to her, she gasped softly and began to trip over her own tongue.

“Ali? What are you…” Lindsay began before she was suddenly cut off by the last thing she ever expected to have happen.

Ali kissed her right on the lips and Lindsay’s eyes grew wide with shock. This was nothing like the kisses she had shared with her sister before. It was heated. It was passionate. It was bold. It was the kind of kisses Lindsay loved sharing with Hilary and all their naughty friends in Malibu. It was a lover’s kiss and she was getting it from her own sister!

Lindsay had no idea how to react. She spent her days and nights craving the kisses of beautiful girls and the feel of Ali’s soft lips on hers made her heart pound in the best kind of way. It was such a sexy kiss, so insistent and eager and so full of lustful promise. Lindsay felt herself falling into an erotic daze from the feel of Ali’s kiss, but she snapped herself out of it before things went too far.

She couldn’t do this. This wasn’t just any girl she was kissing. It was her little sister!

“No…no…Ali…no!” Lindsay said, pushing Ali from her. “What are you doing? We can’t…God…what’s wrong with you?”

“Nothing’s wrong with me!” Ali reacted defensively, Lindsay’s words cutting deeper than the older girl had ever intended. “This is…just…just…God, I don’t know Lindsay! I don’t know what I’m doing but I want you! I fucking want you!”

Lindsay couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This was crazy. Was she dreaming? Was she having some kind of weird flashback type of hallucination or something? She turned her head and saw Hilary had a shocked look on her face that Lindsay knew she had to have too. This was all so crazy!

Lindsay had assumed her sister was mad at her but now it appeared she was anything but.

“Wh…what? What do you mean?” Lindsay stammered out, not quite believing she had just heard that come out of her sister’s mouth. “You want me?”

“I do!” Ali insisted. “I want you so bad Lindsay! I want to fuck you!”

“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!” Lindsay cried, leaping up off the bed in such a hurried fashion that she dropped the blanket she was clutching to herself, flashing Ali with another glimpse of her naked body before she pulled it back up. “What the fuck are you talking about Ali? You can’t mean that! No! No fucking way!”

“I mean it! I totally mean it!” Ali said, putting the computer off her lap and onto the bed as the video continued to play, the sound of the group of horny girls screaming in lesbian ecstasy serving as a surreal counterpoint to this shocking revelation.

Ali got off the bed and pressed herself to Lindsay, rubbing herself against her older sister’s body in a lover’s fashion. She embraced Lindsay and wished, not for the first time either, that they were both naked so all their soft, girly parts could touch. Ali so badly wanted to rip that blanket away from her sister and then tear her own clothes off so at last she could get what she had longed for.

“I want you Lindsay,” Ali said softly, trying to be as enticing as possible to her older sister as their bodies touched. “I want you so bad. I want you to fuck me! Fuck me like you were fucking Hilary!”

As she said this, Ali leaned up toward her sister and tried to press their lips together. She wanted to kiss Lindsay again so badly and at first the older girl just stood there. She was like a statue, her brain too frazzled by this sudden turn of events for her to get any other kind of reaction. Ali’s lips touched hers and Lindsay felt a wicked spark from the mere knowledge that it was her own teen sister kissing her.

Lindsay found herself repressing a moan and, as she felt her brain focus once more, she began to push her sister away even as part of her began to long to not stop Ali at all.

“No…no…stop it Ali!” Lindsay insisted even as she found herself less resolved of that than she had been just a moment before. “Stop it now! You…you…don’t know what you’re doing! You’re too young! You just…just don’t know what all this is about!”

“Don’t know? God, Lindsay, how old do you think I am? Five?” Ali laughed nervously but also with the touch of confidence that could only come from knowing more than people thought you did. “I’m 15 and I know all about sex! I know exactly what I’m getting into. I know what Hilary and you are doing and I want to do it too! I want it Lindsay! I want to have sex with a girl! I’ve wanted it for so long and I don’t want it to be with just any girl. I want it to be with you!”

“Oh my God Ali! I…I…just can’t believe you’re saying this…” Lindsay stammered, backing away from her sister even as parts of her body were urging her to move in closer. “We can’t. We just can’t.”

“Why not?” Ali pouted like she was being denied being able to go out with her friends and not asking for something as forbidden as she was. “Don’t you think I’m pretty?”

Ali seemed visibly hurt by Lindsay’s rejection and the protective side of the older girl emerged. There were a zillion reasons she could think of not to do this, but Ali not being attractive enough to have sex with wasn’t one of them.

“No! It’s not like that at all!” Lindsay insisted. “You’re beautiful Ali! You’re like the most beautiful girl I know!”

“Then why? Why won’t you do it with me?” Ali demanded brattily, as if the idea of Lindsay not wanting to commit incest with her was ridiculous. “I know you like girls! I’ve seen you! I’ve heard you! I know you love it! Why will you have sex with Hilary and not me?”

“God Ali! Cause we’re sisters!” Lindsay snapped, not wanting to discuss this any further. “How can you even think about this? Sisters aren’t supposed to fuck! It’s…it’s….God, it’s just wrong! We can’t! We can’t ever do that!”

Meanwhile Hilary had become the forgotten woman in all of this, but she didn’t mind that. It was actually a relief for neither Lohan sister to be focused on her. It gave her a chance to calm down and get over the embarrassment of being caught in such a compromising position. Plus not having to speak meant she could keep the thoughts she was now having nice and private, where Hilary knew they were better off.

Hilary was a little afraid that Lindsay would totally freak out if she knew she was getting turned on by the idea of Lindsay and Ali hooking up. She knew it was wrong and Hilary was still frazzled by them getting busted before, but she still couldn’t stop from thinking about Lindsay taking her sexy sister and making her into a dirty girl like them and it was starting to make her wet. After all it wasn’t like this was the first time they’d seen sisters get naughty.

Hilary could still remember how eager Lindsay had been to tell her all about seeing Jessica and Ashlee Simpson get nasty with each other at the mansion. Lindsay had barely been able to get the words out because she was so excited and horny over relaying the story of how she had come upon them playing with each other by the mansion pool and how she had gotten so wet seeing those sexy sister kiss and touch each other everywhere.

Lindsay had breathlessly told Hilary how she had acted all mean toward them and made them think she was going to tell everyone how slutty they were and how she had gotten Jessica to lick her pussy and Ashlee to eat her ass and how hot it had been to come all over those beautiful, naughty sisters and see them kiss passionately to share the taste of her holes.

At first Hilary hadn’t been able to believe it. How could two sisters do things like that? It had seemed too kinky. But the more she had heard Lindsay gush about Jessica and Ashlee kissing and rubbing their big tits together and how she had seen the sisters lick each other’s pussies and even fuck each other’s hot asses, the more Hilary had wanted to believe everything Lindsay was telling her.

The taboo of having those beautiful sisters get all slutty and naughty with each other had turned Hilary on so much and when she had finally seen it for herself she had nearly creamed her panties just at the sight of them sharing a delicious incestuous kiss.

God Jessica and Ashlee had looked soooooo hot together. Lindsay had brought Hilary to a guest bedroom at the mansion one night where the Simpson sisters had been naked and waiting for them. They had been so eager to put on a nasty show and Hilary could remember how she’d practically panted like a desperate doggie watching them go at it with each other. Lindsay had set it all up so Hilary could see for herself that it was all real and it had been such a treat for her to witness…and join in on.

It had been so hot to see the sexy sisters waiting for them on the bed, their beautiful bodies bare and their lips already pressed together in a kiss when they had walked into the room. Lindsay had come up behind Hilary and kissed her neck while playing with her tits before reaching down to rub her pussy, stimulating Hilary and driving her absolutely wild as she’d watched Jessica and Ashlee make out and suck each other’s big tits before they’d 69’d for them.

And the whole time Jessica and Ashlee had teased Hilary and enticed her by asking her if she liked what she saw and moaning about how dirty and slutty they were and how much they both loved licking each other’s pussies. They’d even teased Hilary by asking if she wanted to play with them too and bring her big sister Haylie along for some real fun.

Ever since that night, Hilary had been looking at Haylie with new eyes. Her older sister had never given her any sign that she would be into girls and Hilary had tried with all her strength to push the forbidden thoughts out of her mind, but they never went away and Hilary sometimes found herself in the dark of night, when she didn’t have Lindsay or any of their mansion girlfriends to ease the cravings for girls she felt, fantasizing about seducing Haylie and getting naughty with her like Jessica and Ashlee did.

After all until she had found the mansion, Haylie had been Hilary’s go to source for all things sexual. Haylie had always answered her curious questions and told her so much about what boys liked and how much fun it was to be with them. Haylie had never shied away from sharing anything with Hilary about her own sexual experiences, but Hilary had never returned the favor by telling her about how much she loved girls. And ever since the night she had seen Ashlee and Jessica eat each other’s pussies before getting their tongues on their asses and licking each other there so good, Hilary had wondered what would happen if she told Haylie everything and her big sister liked what she heard.

But right then the focus was on Lindsay’s sister, not her own, and Hilary found herself stifling her tongue to keep from admitting that she found the aggressive teenager very, very attractive right then. She had never really noticed Ali in a sexual way before, but Hilary told herself she shouldn’t have been surprised how hot the girl was. After all Lindsay was so incredible and Hilary had already realized that Dina was a stone cold sexy mommy, so why shouldn’t Ali be hot too with such good genes in her makeup?

And while Hilary wasn’t saying anything, she was certainly staring and inside the privacy of her own mind she was wondering what Ali looked like under her clothes and if it would be even hotter to see her budding teen body ravished by Lindsay than it had been to see Jessica and Ashlee.

So much had happened in just the last few minutes…they’d been fucking, Ali had caught them, Lindsay had moved their relationship to the girlfriend phase and now Ali was making a play for her own sister. It made Hilary’s head spin and she could only imagine the effect it was having on Lindsay, especially as she tried to push her little sister off her when she moved in for another kiss.

“We can’t…this is wrong,” Lindsay claimed once again. “You’re joking, right Ali? You’re messing with me and Hil cause you caught us, right?”

Lindsay nervously laughed, the knot in the pit of her stomach growing less from Ali offering up her body to her and more from realizing that deep inside she didn’t find this idea as sick and weird as she felt she was supposed to.

“I’m not joking! I’d never joke about something like this,” Ali insisted. “I’ve been dreaming about this for so long Lindsay! I…well…ummm…it’s just something I’ve always wanted! Girls are so beautiful! Mmmm and I like thinking about them so much more about them than boys! I want to try this! I need to feel what it’s like to be with a girl and I want you to be the one to show me what it’s like! It’s no joke!”

Lindsay just watched as Ali picked up her laptop from the bed and showed it to her. She stopped the clip of the group of cheerleaders in mid fuck and clicked back to show that it was just one of many video files on her hard drive. God the list had to be over a hundred and Lindsay definitely noticed that the files only listed the names of girls. Ali’s computer was filled with lesbian porn!

“I thought you liked boys…” was all Lindsay could reply to this bombshell hitting her.

“Well I do…sort of…” Ali said. “I mean I like hanging out with them and I’ve kissed a few and done…you know… some stuff with them…but nothing serious. I just like girls so much better! At least I think I do…I…I’ve never been with one. But I want to so bad! I want to feel what it’s really like!”

Lindsay wasn’t moving toward the door anymore but that wasn’t good enough for Ali. She wanted her sister to get in closer to where she wanted her the most…the bed. Holding her computer in one hand, Ali grabbed Lindsay with the other. She pulled on the older girl’s hand and at first Lindsay just stood there, but Ali was insistent and she soon let her ease her back onto the bed.

Settling back down onto the bed with her older sister and Hilary, Ali confessed some more.

“I’ve been messing around a little with Kasey,” Ali admitted, mentioning the friend whose house she’d been spending the night before at. “We’ve kissed and touched but we’ve never gone all the way or anything. I kind of thought we would last night. That was why I spent the night over at her place…”

Both Lindsay and Hilary’s minds whirled at the thought of Ali wanting to do the same thing they had been doing all night long. It was like desire for girls ran in the family and as much as Lindsay was trying to force the idea out of her head, having Ali shown just how to make love to a woman by her older sister was making Hilary’s nipples hard as she clutched the blanket to her naked body.

“But it just didn’t happen like I wanted to,” Ali sighed. “She got nervous when we were starting to get naked and then this boy she likes started texting her and she spent the rest of the night talking to him. She got all involved with him and didn’t give me the chance to play with her.”

“I’m sorry sweetie. She doesn’t know what she’s missing,” Lindsay said, trying to nurture her rejected sister, but also afraid to give her a supportive hug because it might not only encourage Ali to get aggressive again, but weaken her own resolve not to give in to the girl’s advances.

“It’s ok…really it is,” Ali insisted. “I like Kasey. She’s like my best friend. But she’s not the girl I really want!”

“Who is?” Hilary asked softly, already knowing what the answer was, but unable to stop from asking because she so very much wanted to see what Lindsay was trying to resist.

“You are Lindsay!” Ali replied as if there were any doubt. “Please! Please kiss me!”

Ali did her part again by reaching over for her barely clad sister. She pulled Lindsay to her and pressed her soft teen lips against her mouth. Lindsay let out a tiny moan at the contact. God, this was tearing her apart on the inside!

If it had been any other girl in the world, she would have been all over her. Ali was so beautiful. She had an oasis of untapped sexuality that she wanted to dive into. Plus she was begging for it! But she was also her sister and Lindsay mentally couldn’t get over that very complicating hurdle.

“No…please….we can’t…we just can’t do this…” Lindsay replied, saying what she felt she had to say even as she found herself responding to the sweetness of her sister’s kiss. “You don’t know what you’re getting into. We’re sisters…”

“Oh I know…believe me I know…” Ali moaned, her desire making her whole body tingle with anticipation as she envisioned her fantasy finally coming true. “Mmmmm that makes it so much hotter! Ooooh Lindsay, I just don’t have movies here. I can’t find movies of what I really want mmmmmm so I had to get these too…”

Ali clicked around in her computer away from her video files and instead showed off to her sister and her girlfriend a folder full of text files. From the way Ali was excitedly blushing as she showed off what she had, it was obvious that these were porn stories and from the titles on the files it was also obvious they fit a certain genre.

In My Sister’s Arms….Seduced By My Sister…Spanking My Sister…Sweet Little Sister…My Sister Caught Me…

The last title made Lindsay blush as she realized she was living out that story right then. God, what was she doing? She couldn’t believe Ali was reading about this and having these kinds of fantasies. What else had her supposedly innocent sister been doing behind her back? And when she sort of got an answer to that question it made Lindsay’s mind whirl even more.

“This isn’t the first time I saw you and Hilary together…” Ali suddenly said. “That’s why I wanted to know if you were girlfriends. I knew this wasn’t a one time thing. Mmmm I know you two have been doing it for a while.”

“What? When?” Lindsay demanded to know. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

“I didn’t want to embarrass you,” Ali explained. “I didn’t want you to know I’d been watching. I didn’t want you to think I thought it was wrong. I thought it was awesome. I couldn’t take my eyes off you two. I…just didn’t know how to tell you how much I liked what I saw!”

Ali was feeling like it the weight of the world was being taken off her shoulders by admitting this, but it was still hard for her to say that she wanted to have sex with her own sister. She knew how wrong it was supposed to be. She knew it was something she wasn’t even supposed to like thinking about. But she did like thinking about it. She liked thinking about it a lot. Ali loved fantasizing about her own sister and wishing that Lindsay would take her and make her naked and then sensually guide her so she could learn all the hot, fun things girls can do to each other.

She had been watching videos and reading stories for far too long. Ali wanted to finally experience the real thing and she wanted Lindsay to be the one to be her first more than she wanted anything. If she had been with Kasey the night before, Ali knew it would have been good, but she also knew it wouldn’t have been as hot and as naughty as doing it with Lindsay. Having Hilary there was like a sweet bonus and Ali knew she’d never have a better chance.

“I heard noises coming from your room one night like six months ago,” Ali said. “I thought you were sick at first so I went out to see what was wrong but when I got closer I knew they were good noises and I thought you were with a guy. I didn’t mean to snoop. I really didn’t Lindsay. But I just couldn’t help it. I wanted to watch you having sex and when I opened the door and saw you were with Hilary I nearly fainted!”

Both Lindsay and Hilary knew exactly which night Ali was talking about. They had spent all day at Christina’s label letting the pierced blonde ravish them in every position. Hilary had wanted to sex up her new album and Christina had been more than willing to help by getting them in the studio. Not to sing of course…but so she could rip off their clothes and bend them over the control board while she took turns feasting on their tight pussies before she jammed her girl cum coated fingers and tongue up their asses. Mmmmm and that was only to loosen them up so Gwen Stefani and Shakira could fuck their asses with strap ons.

They had been so worked up after all that and nothing had been able to cool the heat between their pussies that demanded girl tongue to find relief. Hilary and Lindsay hadn’t been able to get enough of each other that day and the idea of going back home alone had sounded torturous to the both of them. So they had crashed in Lindsay’s bed and Hilary had spent the night there for the first time. They had licked each other from head to toe that night, all the while thinking they had been quiet enough to avoid being caught.

But now they could see just how wrong they were about that. Ali had seen them and she’d loved what she’d seen. The mood of the room had been so awkward before and that hadn’t changed, but that was less now from the shame of being caught and more from the erotic charge of forbidden desires coming to light.

“I saw you and Hilary. I saw you two fuck! Mmmmmm and it was sooo hot!” Ali said, her voice a bit giddy as she relived witnessing her sister in the throes of passion. “I just stood there watching you from the doorway. Mmmmm it turned me on so much! I watched Hilary lick you, Lindsay. You looked so beautiful. So did you Hilary. You two were so into each other and it made me wet!”

“I just can’t believe this,” Lindsay said. “Ali…I…I had no idea…”

“Part of me wanted you to catch me watching,” Ali said, feeling herself get more and more turned on the more she confessed. “I wanted you to see me there and drag me into your room and do all those things to me. Mmmm and part of me wanted you to know I was there and not have you stop. I wanted you to put on a show for me because you knew it was turning me on and you wanted me to be just like you. Cause I am Lindsay! I know I am. I love girls just like you do!”

Seeing Lindsay and Hilary lost in lesbian passion that night hadn’t switched Ali’s internal switch from boys to girls or anything. She’d been so curious about a woman’s touch long before that. The first sexual urges she’d felt hadn’t been for boys but to kiss her girl friends. Women had always seemed so much softer and prettier than men and the more she’d grown up and felt her sexuality bloom, the more Ali had known she longed to be with one.

She had messed around a little with guys. She’d made out and touched and even given out a few handjobs at parties to particularly horny boys she liked enough to give them some sexual pleasure. But that had been it.

Ali had never felt the way about boys that she did about girls. She didn’t know if she was a lesbian or whatever, but she did know she wanted to explore sex with a woman so much more than she wanted to with a man. That wasn’t new, but thanks to seeing her sister go through the kind of ecstasy she ached for, Ali had wanted it more than ever.

The feeling that had been new after that night of voyeurism had been Ali’s desire for her sister. She had never dreamed that Lindsay was a lesbian before that night, but Ali had seen just how much into girls her big sister was. She had watched Lindsay writhe in passion on the bed as Hilary had licked her and she saw her sister in a whole new light.

Ali had clutched the doorway with one hand and touched herself through her pajamas with the other, trying not to make too much noise while at the same time she deep down longed to be noticed. She feared Lindsay seeing her and stopping, but she also desired Lindsay catching her and pulling her inside the bed so she and Hilary could have sex with her too.

Lindsay and Hilary had looked so beautiful that night. Lindsay’s big boobs and her beautiful face had been such a treat for Ali’s eyes and Hilary was a similar vision, her face so innocent and her naked body anything but. Seeing them together filled Ali with feelings she knew she wasn’t supposed to have, but that she didn’t want to stop. She lusted after both of their gorgeous bodies more than she had ever wanted any of the girls in the videos she loved to collect.

Watching that night, Ali hadn’t thought it was weird that she’d been staring at her own sister having lesbian sex. She knew she was supposed to think it was sick and wrong to look at Lindsay’s naked, freckled body in a sexual way, but Ali just couldn’t make herself think that it was bad. Lindsay was too hot and sexy for Ali to consider it being wrong.

All that had mattered was how beautiful Lindsay and Hilary had looked and how much they were enjoying making love. It was everything Ali had wanted and as soon as she had scurried back to her room, she had touched herself without inhibition. She’d rubbed and fingered her pussy under her covers, dreaming at first of Hilary licking her like she’d licked Lindsay but more and more feeling her fantasies drift toward her sister.

Ali loved her big sister. She admired her. She looked up to her. She hated the people who trashed her and made a living off of bringing her down. They were vultures and bloodsuckers. Lindsay had been through so much and what had struck Ali from what she’d seen was how happy her sister had looked in bed with Hilary. Seeing that kind of joy on Lindsay’s face had made Ali more convinced than ever that girls were for her and that she wanted to feel just what Lindsay had been feeling.

Visions of her sister lost in lesbian passion, moaning and sighing in ecstasy before she had gasped and cooed out her orgasm, had filled Ali’s mind after that and soon enough Ali had stopped thinking about being just like her sister and instead had wanted to be with her sister. It had just seemed so wicked and dirty to think that way and that was the rush for her. Ali wanted the exquisite pleasure of girl sex. She wanted to feel those heights of ecstasy. She wanted to do everything that felt good and satisfy the urges inside her teenage body.

Ali had fingered herself until she had ended up falling asleep with her hand between her legs that night. She had dreamed of having Lindsay go down on her and lick her until she came…of her being the first girl to taste her. The idea of her sexy big sister being her first lover was so arousing to her that Ali had soaked her fingers several times dreaming of how Lindsay could make her feel like she had been making Hilary feel. And then Ali fingered herself anew dreaming of how good Lindsay would taste and how she could lick her gorgeous sister so good while Hilary got behind her and did her like in the scorching threesomes in her videos.

The more she had thought about Lindsay, the more it had made sense in her mind that her older sister should be the one to guide her through lesbian sex. Ali had a lot of nerves to overcome in chasing her desires and the idea of having her first time with Lindsay made her feel safer and more accepting of her own feelings.

Knowing Lindsay was into her girls made her come to terms with her lusts and ache for the taste of another woman more than ever. Thinking of Lindsay being the girl to give her that taste just made it more delicious as a fantasy.

Of course she knew others would consider the idea of going after her own sister crazy and sick, but that didn’t bother Ali. She loved her sister. She knew Lindsay loved her. Why not take that love to a new level? It just seemed so hot and perfect.

With these new fantasies running through her brain, Ali had sought out the Internet to add fuel to her fires. She had discovered so many hot stories about girls having sex with their sisters and while she knew they were probably all fake, she found herself hoping that at least the hottest ones were a little real and that not only wasn’t alone in having these kinds of fantasies, but that there really were sexy sisters out there having naughty fun with each other.

Reading these stories made her believe that her longing for Lindsay to take her and fuck her and show her all the pleasure of girls wasn’t wrong and that as long as they both were into it nothing bad could happen. It couldn’t be wrong if it was all about love and pleasure and nothing was forced.

Ali read story after story, loving the ones about sisters seducing each other and recasting them in her mind with her and Lindsay in the leads. In her mind, sometimes she would be the seductress and do things like get in the shower with Lindsay or crawl into bed with her and show her how much she wanted her by licking her just like Hilary had. And other times she had dreamed of Lindsay seducing her by showing up naked in her room and telling her she had what she knew she wanted and she was going to show her little sister just how naughty girls did it.

The more she had read, the more she had longed to be with Lindsay but she had never expected the chance to do something about it.

Until today.

Now at last she had her perfect chance and Ali wasn’t about to be denied.

“Please Lindsay…please,” Ali continued to bed. “Show me what it’s like. I want you to be my first girl. Fuck me! Just like you and Hilary do it!”

This was all too much for Lindsay to handle. She had never dreamed in a zillion years that something like this could happen. But she didn’t run away or even try to get herself off the bed. She didn’t want to admit it, but the idea of making love to her own little sister was starting to make her pulse race and naughtier parts of her body start to tingle. She knew it was wrong…so very, very wrong…to even be considering this, but Ali was so beautiful and seemed to want this so badly. It was putting Lindsay at war with herself.

“We can’t…” Lindsay again claimed, even as she couldn’t quite summon the reason why they couldn’t. “It’s…it’s just wrong…”

“I love you so much Lindsay,” Ali insisted. “I know it can’t be wrong if we love each other. You’re not taking advantage of me. I want this so bad! I want you to be my first girl! Show me what it’s like! Show me how you make Hilary come! Make me feel it too! Mmmmm I want you to be the first to fuck me Lindsay! Show me! Show your little sister how girls do it!”

Ali couldn’t restrain herself and she pressed against Lindsay with such force that she pushed the older girl onto her back on the bed. Before Lindsay could react, Ali initiated another kiss and this one was the most passionate one yet. Ali kissed Lindsay like she’d been dying to kiss her for months now. She did it lovingly, but forcefully, letting her older sister know this was no joke. She did want this. She wanted it more than anything!

Lindsay tried to find the will to push Ali off her, but it just wasn’t in her. She was still horny from all her fun from Hilary. Being caught hadn’t changed that. And that arousal was working against her better nature here.

How could she deny someone as beautiful as Ali? How could she say no to sex with someone this hot when it was all she craved day and night? How could she deny her own sister the chance to feel the same intense, amazing pleasure she already knew could only come from girls?

“Kiss me back,” Ali moaned in between rubbing her lips against Lindsay’s, the younger girl pinning her older sister down on the bed as she pressed her teen body atop hers. “Please kiss me Lindsay. Please say you want me too. Please show me how good it really feels! Mmmmm show me everything!”

Lindsay had always been attracted to the forbidden. Every time someone told her not to do something, she wanted it more than ever. Now she could see that not only was Ali the same way, but she had already surpassed her in naughty fantasies.

Lindsay had never, ever had a sexual thought about her own sister until today, but now with Ali insistently pressed on top of her, kissing her lips and hoping for some kind of positive response, she found herself thinking about undressing Ali and exposing her sexy teen body before she kissed every inch of her on the way down to her virgin pussy.

God, how could she be thinking that? But once she pictured how tight and wet her own baby sister’s untouched pussy had to be, Lindsay felt a wicked rush pulse through her and a long moan escape her lips. Mmmmm she could be the first to taste her sister’s pussy. She could lick where no tongue had ever touched. She could make sweet, sexy Ali all nasty and slutty just like her. She could make her just as hooked on pussy as she was. She could make her sister into a sexy little whore and show her every naughty pleasure.

But there was still a part of her that was telling her this was wrong and she had to stop it. That part was shrinking by the second, but it was still there and Lindsay wondered if she was making a mistake by not grabbing onto it and bringing this craziness to a stop. So Lindsay turned over to Hilary, looking for help. If anyone would be able to give her the strength to resist Ali’s forbidden advances it would be Hilary.

However, when she looked over at her girlfriend, Lindsay immediately saw she’d be no help at all.

“Mmmm don’t stop,” Hilary sighed, her hand now under the blanket wrapped to her body where no doubt she was touching herself. “Don’t stop Linds. Mmmm it’s so fucking hot!”

“Oh Hil…” Lindsay groaned in defeat, seeing that Hilary had already succumbed and was now encouraging her to actually do this. “I can’t…”

“Yes you can,” Hilary urged, feeling a huge rush of absolutely delicious wickedness bubble up inside her as she tried to convince her girlfriend to have sex with her own sister. “Mmmm you know how hot it is. It’ll be just like when we played with Jessica and Ashlee but even hotter! Mmmm this time it’s your sister you’re gonna be slutty with!”

“Jessica? Ashlee? Simpson?” Ali asked, pulling away from Lindsay’s lips as she wondered if this was true and if this wasn’t Lindsay’s first experience with sexy sisters.

“Yeahhhh…ummmm we kinda messed around with them a few times,” Lindsay admitted.

“Both of them? Together? Did they touch and stuff?” Ali eagerly asked, loving the thought of Lindsay and Hilary naked with those beautiful singers and knowing that if Lindsay had gone along with Jessica and Ashlee messing around than her objections here were all for show and that soon she’d give in.

“Yessssss,” Lindsay gasped and moaned when she felt Ali start to rub her breasts through her blanket. Her nipples were getting hard from her sister’s touch and Lindsay couldn’t stop the sensitive pink tips from responding.

“They touched and kissed, Mmmmm they did everything,” Hilary added, placing extra emphasis on the last word so Ali would be sure that the Simpson sisters had held nothing back.

“That sounds so hot,” Ali replied dreamily, picturing Lindsay touching herself as she watched Jessica and Ashlee Simpson fuck and wondering if things went well today she could return the favor to them by putting on a show with her big sister for them to watch and touch themselves over. “Mmmmm so you’re not just with each other? Ooooh you do other girls too? Just like in my videos?”

Lindsay was too flustered to speak, so Hilary spoke for her. Usually she was the one holding back as Lindsay took the lead, but right now Hilary was pushing things along and she liked that. She wanted to see Lindsay and Ali together. It was so naughty and taboo and the thought of it was making her soaking wet. She loved being the catalyst that was making it happen and Hilary had no desire to stop, so she started filling Ali’s ears with tales of the mansion.

“Mmmmmm we fuck sooooo many girls!” Hilary moaned, now blatantly rubbing her wet pussy under her blanket as she turned the teenager on with their exploits. “There’s this place in Malibu where we can be with all our girlfriends! Gawwwd they’re all so fucking hot! Mmmmm Lindsay and I can’t get enough! We fuck them all whenever we can! Oooooh your sister is so naughty! She licks pussy so good mmmm and she loves to get fucked!”

“God Hil…” Lindsay blushed as Ali found out everything she was really up to. But while Lindsay might have acted shy, she wasn’t exactly doing anything to make her girlfriend stop.

“Mmmm you should see it Ali! They have these hot parties all the time there and even when it’s just like a regular day there the girls are always ready to get naked and fuck!” Hilary said, loving how the teenager’s eyes lit up at the idea of one of her porn movies coming to life and her own sister being involved with it. “Lindsay and I go there whenever we can! Mmmm those girls are so hot and nasty and they fuck us so good! You should see your sister there. Ooooh she strips off her clothes as soon as she gets in the door and lets any hot girl there fuck her! Ohhhh just like I do! Mmmm Linds and I are total sluts there and I love it! Mmmmm Lindsay looks sooooo hot getting her big tits sucked by other girls and letting them lick her hot holes! Oooooh I love licking Lindsay’s pussy mmmm and her tight little ass is the best! Mmmmm it gets me so fucking hot to see other girls fuck your sexy sister and make her scream and come all over their tongues and fingers and their toys!”

“What other girls? Like Jessica and Ashlee?” Ali asked, her hands now off her sister’s body so she could touch herself through the t-shirt and shorts she was wearing. Lindsay couldn’t help but look at Ali rubbing the front of her shorts rapidly and wonder just how wet the teen was getting.

“Mmmmhmmm them and SO many others,” Hilary confessed, hoping she was turning Lindsay on along with Ali. “Ooooh there are so many hot girls there that love to fuck! Mmmm it’s like this secret place they all live so they can fuck each other whenever they want. Jessica Alba lives there. Mmmm we fuck her all the time! And Sarah Michelle Gellar! And Jennifer Love Hewitt! Mmm Linds and I love sucking on her big tits and then licking her shaved pussy together. Oooooh and she loves our hot tongues working her over till she creams all over our slutty faces! Ohhhh and Rose McGowan! She’s got this awesome toy called Mr. Snappy and she fucks so good with it! Ooooh Lindsay says she loves that cock inside her more than any boy! Mmmm Rose is like the hottest fuck! She makes you come so hard when she fucks your pussy ooooh and if you’re a naughty girl she’ll fuck your ass even harder!”

“Oooooooh for real?” Ali asked, picturing this lesbian playground for sexy famous girls and not actually being able to totally believe it existed. “Don’t tease me! Are you really doing all that Lindsay?”

“It’s all real Ali,” Lindsay admitted, speaking up while finding herself unable to take her eyes off her sister rubbing herself through her clothes. “Everything Hil is saying is true. Mmmmm I do love fucking girls! I love getting naked and being so slutty with them! Mmmmmm gawwd I’m the biggest fucking whore for girls! I can’t help it! You’re so right Ali! Girls are better than boys! They can fuck all night and never get tired! Mmmm they make me come so fucking hard! I love fucking those girls at the mansion and that’s not all! Mmmm me and Hil fuck girls like Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz and Natalie Portman too! God they’re all so hot and I come so hard every time!”

“Wow!” Ali marveled, trying to think of all those beautiful girls fucking her sister and of Lindsay all naked and sweaty while Jessica and Christina sucked her breasts and Britney licked her while she tongued Sarah. “Mmmmm gawd Lindsay that turns me on so much! I can’t believe you’re doing all that! That’s sooo naughty! Mmmm I wanna be just like that Lindsay! I wanna do all those things too! I want to fuck all those hot girls!”

Now it was Lindsay’s turn to picture it in her mind and as much as it was freaking her out inside, the idea of her mansion friends working her sister over was also turning her on huge. Thinking of Ali’s naked body ravished by Rose and Love and Sarah and everyone was making her pussy glisten and her clit tingle.

God, how fucking hot would that be? Thinking of Love feeding Ali her huge tits as Jessica licked all over her sister’s body and Sarah got her wet by lapping at her tight teen pussy as Rose got ready to take Ali deep and hard with Mr. Snappy just like she always did to her had Lindsay moaning. She tried to stifle it, but the moan passed her lips at the mental image of her own sister on all fours taking Mr. Snappy from behind as Rose told Ali she was gonna be a nasty little whore now…just like her big sister was.

But the more she thought of that, the more Lindsay didn’t want Sarah to be licking Ali’s pussy and making her wet for Rose’s toy. She wanted to be the one doing that!

Lindsay found herself wanting to be the one tenderly lapping at Ali’s young pussy and making her squirm and moan as she got ready to be filled with Rose’s amazing fake cock. She bet her sister tasted soooo good and Lindsay found herself more than ever wanting to give into Ali’s advances.

Ali could see that Lindsay was weakening and she pounced, knowing this would be the best chance she ever had to get what she wanted the most.

“Would you like that Lindsay? To see all your sexy friends fuck me?” Ali moaned, taking her hands off herself so she could rub her horny body into Lindsay’s as they all sat up on the bed. “Mmmmm do you want to take me to that mansion so I can get naked like you do and let all those hot girls suck my boobs and lick me everywhere? Ooooooh I want that so bad mmmm but know what I want even more?”

“What?” Lindsay asked, her throat dry as she knew what was coming next and found herself not wanting to fight it even though she knew she should.

“I wanna put on a hot, nasty show for your friends like Jessica and Ashlee Simpson did for you,” Ali sighed carnally, pressing herself into Lindsay as she caressed her through the blanket. “Mmmm I want them all to see how much I want you! I want them to see me lick my big sister! I want them to see me fuck you and have you fuck me too! I want you to make me all dirty and slutty like you are Lindsay! I want you to fuck me in front of all your friends so they can see I’m all hot and sexy like you! Mmmm fuck me and your girlfriend Hilary in front of all of them Lindsay! Let them see what a horny girl I am for my big sister’s pussy!”

“Oh Ali…” Lindsay moaned, loving feeling her sister’s young tits pressing to her and how her hand was gently touching her thigh through the blanket pressed to her otherwise naked body. “Mmmmm baby..I…gawwwd…what are you doing to me? We shouldn’t be doing this! Mmmm fuckkkkk that sounds soooo hot though!”

“I want you! I want you so bad Lindsay!” Ali said, turning Lindsay’s face so they were staring right at each other again. Ali moved in for another kiss and this time Lindsay couldn’t muster any kind of resistance at all.

Before she could even fathom what she was doing, Lindsay began kissing Ali back. Previously when Ali had kissed her, Lindsay had never done anything back, but now that was changing. This time it was Lindsay who was aggressive. She kissed her little sister’s soft teen lips with a heated tenderness. It was a gentle kiss, but so sexy and both girls moaned from the touch.

“Mmmm yesssss kiss me…touch me…do everything to me,” Ali sighed, relishing the little sparks of passion she felt when their lips parted. “I want this so bad! Show me how girls do it Lindsay! Show me how hot it is to do it for real!”

“Oooooh yesssssss is this what you want you naughty girl?” Lindsay moaned in a whisper before she smothered her sister’s lips in another kiss. “Mmmm you want to be a slut like me? Want to be a nasty, slutty girl fucker like your big sis? Mmmm gawwwd Ali! You’re making me so wet! I never thought you’d be into girls!”

“I am! I want this so bad!” Ali insisted. “Take me Lindsay! Fuck me! Fuck your naughty little Ali! Mmmmm make me into a slut like you! Make me fuck all those hot girls! Make me wanna lick their pussies and have them tongue fuck me and mmmm make me wanna fuck you the most! Make me naked and fuck me Lindsay!”

“Such a naughty girl…such a dirty little fucking girl,” Lindsay cooed, not believing she was saying this about her own sister, but knowing she couldn’t fight these desires in her. “Mmmmm fuckkkk this is soooooo wrong! But I want you too Ali! Mmmm you really want it baby? You really want your slut sister to fuck you?”

“More than anything!” Ali swore. “Fuck me Lindsay!”

“Gawwwwwd,” Lindsay moaned before she and Ali began kissing again.

They pressed together gently, pressing the softness of their lips against one another over and over again. Each kiss lasted longer than the last one and finally Lindsay furthered things by opening her mouth. Ali reflexively followed, aching for this forbidden touch, and moaned in bliss when Lindsay’s tongue slowly slid into her mouth and began exploring.

Lindsay felt like she was having an out of body experience. She couldn’t really be tongue kissing her own baby sister, could she? But she was and it felt amazing! Ali’s lips were so soft and her mouth was so wet and welcoming. Lindsay gently explored it with her tongue, rubbing it against Ali’s as they made out. Lindsay could see that Ali had closed her eyes and she did the same, surrendering to the wicked sensations of knowing she was kissing her beautiful sister in a way that they were never, ever supposed to.

Ali and Lindsay tenderly made out on the bed. They faced each other with their eyes closed and kissed with a passion that was growing by the second. They would break apart to breathe, but every time that happened they started kissing again in no time. And soon it was Ali’s tongue exploring Lindsay’s mouth.

It was finally happening! Ali couldn’t have been happier! She’d kissed girls before to experiment, but nothing like this. This was the first time she had French kissed a girl and it was the most beautiful girl she knew. The fact that it was her own sister just made Ali hotter.

Kissing another girl for real was everything she wanted it to be and more. She loved the taste of Lindsay’s lips and how it felt to slide her tongue into her sister’s mouth. Mmmm their tongues felt amazing rubbing together and Ali felt her whole body responding with pleasure.

“Oooooh you’re sooooo hot,” Lindsay breathlessly moaned when they broke apart again, both Lohans’ lips and tongues wet with each other’s saliva. “Mmmm gawwwd you’re such a good kisser Ali! I can’t believe it! My little sister is growing up all hot and sexy!”

“Mmmmm you think I’m sexy?” Ali asked, relishing the compliment from her beautiful sister. “Am I as hot as your mansion girlfriends?”

“Yesssssss oooooh gawwwd you are,” Lindsay admitted. “Mmmmm my own sister is making me so fucking wet! Ohhhhh I’m such a fucking slut! I wanna fuck you Ali! Mmmmm is this what you wanna hear baby? You wanna hear how your slutty big sister wants your little virgin pussy?’

“Oooooh yesssss talk like that!” Ali gasped in pleasure. “Mmmm just like you and Hilary were before! Talk nasty and sexy like that! Oooooh Lindsay tell me everything you’re gonna do to my little, tight virgin pussy! Tell me how you’re gonna make me like you!”

But Lindsay didn’t jump right into that. Instead she moved back in and kissed Ali again. She couldn’t believe how good this felt but now that her resolve had cracked, there was no holding back. Lindsay was going for this and she wanted it all.

She and Ali resumed rubbing their tongues together as they tenderly kissed. The more Lindsay relaxed into this, the more passionate she got and the more she wanted to get things even hotter.

And by getting things hotter, that meant not forgetting about the third girl on the bed. Lindsay looked over and saw Hilary staring at her and Ali with a mix of pure shock and absolute horniness. Hilary was smiling like what she was seeing had to be a dream and Lindsay found herself even more turned on knowing her girlfriend was watching and enjoying the show she and Ali were putting on.

Lindsay might have been enraptured right then by the beauty and unexpected sensuality of her little sister, but she could never ignore Hilary. Lindsay didn’t want her girlfriend to just be a bystander for what was about to happen, especially when it would be so much more fun to have her be intimately involved in corrupting Ali’s willing, sexy body.

“Now kiss Hilary,” Lindsay moaned into her sister’s ear. “Kiss her like you’re kissing me. Mmmm show her being a hot kisser runs in our family.”

“Ooooooh so naughty.” Ali moaned back. “Mmmm you gonna watch me? Gonna watch me kiss your hot girlfriend? Gonna watch me kiss the girl you were just fucking right here in my bed?”

“Mmmmm goddamn right I’m gonna watch you, you dirty girl,” Lindsay giggled. “Kiss her Ali! Kiss my sexy girlfriend!”

Hilary had been content to just watch. Even what she had seen with Jessica and Ashlee couldn’t compare to how hot it was to witness Lindsay and Ali kissing each other for the first time. But if Lindsay wanted her involved, then Hilary definitely wasn’t going to fight her off. Not when she wanted to taste Ali too.

“You’re so bad Ali,” Hilary moaned as she teenager turned toward her with an eager smile on her face. “Mmmm making Lindsay want you even though you’re sisters! You’re so sexy Ali! You’re making me wet too. You’re making me so hot to think of you two getting naughty with each other!”

“Mmmm good I want you to be all hot and wet,” Ali said, feeling a rush of giddiness pass through her as she was poised right on the verge of getting what she wanted. “I want you too Hilary! I want to fuck you just like my sister does! Kiss me Hilary! Make it yummy and sexy like when you kiss Lindsay!”

Hilary always loved kissing beautiful girls, so it wasn’t hard at all for her to get enthusiastic about kissing Ali. She took the teen’s face in her hands and passionately kissed her, giving her the same loving treatment with her lips that she gave Lindsay as often as possible. It was such a turn on to kiss Lindsay’s little sister and Ali kissed her right back, rubbing her lips against hers as they tasted each other for the first time and then opening her mouth so they could get even more intimate.

Ali and Hilary began to tongue kiss, moaning in each other’s mouths as they felt each other for the first time. After all the drama of being caught, Hilary was more than ready to experience some loving and it was such a naughty rush to be able to kiss Ali. She definitely didn’t have the experience kissing girls that her big sister did, but Hilary could tell she was more than eager to learn.

It made Hilary think of when she’d first kissed Lindsay in the whole fray of that orgy in Jamaica. She’d just fucked Shakira, not knowing that Lindsay’s reluctance had been licked away by Angelina Jolie and when Lindsay had come back to her and started kissing her, begging for a chance to lick her pussy, Hilary had practically melted into the floor. Ali had the same horny eagerness that Lindsay had shown that day and Hilary’s mind boggled at the amazing thought of two insatiable Lohan sisters out there ready to take on every sexy girl in their path.

“Ooooh you are a great kisser, just like your sister,” Hilary smiled as Ali blushed happily at the compliment.

Ali knew she’d only had some practice, but she had so much eagerness. She wanted to be a great kisser. She’d dreamed of kissing girls and thought over and over again about how she’d do it and how much tongue and saliva she’d use. So far it was working perfectly. She wanted these girls to know how much she wanted them. Ali wanted to kiss all over their bodies and make them moan and cry and come for her. She’d been waiting for this for so long and all her pent up desire was spilling out.

Lindsay then leaned in and began to kiss Hilary. They had no inhibition or shyness there. There was no need to softly explore when they were so familiar with every bit of each other. It was a horny, heated kiss between them and they could hear Ali’s moans from watching them. Not wanting to leave her out of the action, Lindsay and Hilary broke apart just long enough to yank Ali in with them and make their kiss a three-way.

The trio of horny girls kissed, their tongues sliding out and rubbing together as they moaned and became famished for more. Hilary loved how she could taste Lindsay and Ali’s lips and then their tongues before she pulled away just enough so she could see more of the sisterly make out session. Lindsay and Ali happily obliged and tongue kissed each other as Hilary watched and did what she’d been dying to do for so long by casting off the blanket she’d wrapped around herself to show off how naked and horny she was.

“Oh wow…” Ali hornily giggled at the sight of Hilary’s bare body, happy to finally see Hilary’s soft breasts up close with her hard pink nipples looking so delicious and wanting to taste every part of Hilary that her big sister enjoyed so much. “Mmmm you’ve got such a great body Hilary. I see why Lindsay likes you so much!”

“Ooooh thank you Ali,” Hilary replied, still wrapping her mind around the idea she was exposing herself this way to someone she had never expected to, but loving how it made her feel to see Ali look at her with such desire. “I can’t wait to see your body too. I wanna see Lindsay undress you.”

“Mmmm good idea Hil,” Lindsay declared with a smile. “We all should be getting naked. Mmmm especially you Ali. Oooh you’ve seen my body you sneaky little spy so now I wanna see yours. Let’s get these clothes off you Ali.”

“Nah uh…you first,” Ali insisted. “Mmmm I wanna see your hot body up close Lindsay. I don’t wanna just see it from a distance. I wanna see every inch and ooooooh touch you everywhere!”

Lindsay wasn’t in much of a position to argue, especially when Ali reached for her blanket and yanked it away, leaving her big sister just as naked as she’d been before and hornier than ever. Ali’s eyes went wide and her smile grew at the sight of Lindsay’s bare body on display for her and she wondered if she should pinch herself to make sure this wasn’t a dream and she really did have Lindsay naked right in front of her.

“Oooooh Lindsay,” Ali marveled, throwing the blanket aside and drinking in the sight of her naked sibling, with her full, freckled tits exposed, her skin shining with a slight glaze of excited perspiration and her pussy looking so sexy all smooth and bare. “You’re beautiful.”

“So are you,” Lindsay assured the teen, which made her smile, but now that she was right on the precipice, Ali suddenly got nervous.

She had Lindsay naked right next to her and she didn’t know why, but she hesitated. Ali cursed her own nerves, but that couldn’t stop them. She suddenly felt worried that she wouldn’t be able to make her sister feel good. After all this was new to her and, if everything Lindsay and Hilary had said was true, then this was something they had a lot of experience in. What if she wasn’t good enough? What if she choked and messed up? What if she ruined what she’d wanted for so long?

Sensing those nerves, Lindsay eased her sister into it. They had switched places. Now it was Lindsay who was the aggressor. No longer holding back, Lindsay felt if she was going to start down this path she was going to see it through until the end. So now she played seductress to Ali.

“This is what you wanted baby,” Lindsay purred lying back on the bed and making her soft tits jiggle enticingly as she ran her hands over herself, caressing her own body for the benefit of her horny sister. “I’m yours Ali. I’ll do anything you want sweetie. Mmmm I’ll show you everything girls can do. I’ll show you how amazing it feels and how there’s nothing better than a girl making you come. Touch me Ali. I want to feel those hot hands all over my body!”

Ali relaxed as she heard Lindsay urge her on. It made her feel like she was in safe hands and she began to breathe easier. Lindsay looked so sexy lying there on the bed. It was just like one of her dreams. Lindsay was naked and beautiful and there for her to play with. Ali knew no nerves were big enough to get her to turn back from what she’d longed for, so she lowered herself down onto her side next to Lindsay and reached over to press both hands to the older girl’s bare breasts as they resumed kissing.

“Ooooooh mmmmm yesssss that feels good, Ali,” Lindsay moaned, the forbidden touch of her teenage sister’s hands on her tits sending pulses of pleasure through her naked body. She’d been getting progressively more turned on as Ali had come onto her and now that the girl was actually touching her nude flesh, Lindsay felt her nipples stiffen up even more against the soft skin.

The more Ali touched, the more Lindsay’s pink points swelled and their kisses grew more heated and intense. They were kissing with a rising hunger now, their lips and tongues rubbing together as they let the forbidden pleasure wash over them. Whenever they broke apart for breath, they could barely spend a second apart before kissing again as Lindsay used her tongue to guide Ali into how to make a kiss as sensual as possible.

It was a silent lesson that Ali picked right up on. Lindsay’s kisses acted as a naughty guide for her and Ali happily let her older sister control the pace and the tempo as she for the first time found herself kissing a girl for real. And through it all Ali kept her hands on her sister’s chest, loving the fullness of her breasts and how her touch could make Lindsay moan and sigh in pleasure.

She had never touched a woman’s chest besides her own and Lindsay’s soft, natural curves felt incredible under her hands. Ali was dying to explore every inch of her large mounds.

“Oh Lindsay mmmmm your boobs are so big,” Ali giggled as she massaged the full, freckled mounds and tingled at the feel of how her sister’s nipples were getting hard from what she was doing to them. “Can I…can I kiss them?”

Lindsay was still a little stunned this was actually happening, but she couldn’t have stopped this incestuous act of pure lust if she had wanted to and right then stopping was the last thing she wanted. Suddenly all that mattered was doing to Ali what she did to all the sexy women she played with.

“Yessssssss ohhhhh yessss Ali kiss them! Kiss my big tits!” Lindsay moaned, writhing on the bed as her little sister immediately leaned in and began showering kisses all over her freckled breasts. “Ohhhhhhhh Ali! Baby I can’t believe you’re doing this but it feels so good! Ohhhhhh yessssssss mmmmmmmm God you’ve got a naughty little tongue, Ali! Oooooh I wanna feel that all over my body!”

That was what Ali wanted more than anything. She wanted to act out her videos and live the fantasies that had been filling her dreams about the girl she loved most, her beautiful big sister. Mmmm and if Lindsay’s sexy girlfriend wanted to join in, then so much the better. In fact, Ali wanted to make sure Hilary wasn’t left out of the fun. It wasn’t going to be as hot as she wanted it to be if Hilary was just sitting on the bed staring at them.

“Help me,” Ali said looking at Hilary and giggling a little as she grabbed and playfully jiggled Lindsay’s bare breasts. “Mmmm there’s plenty of her to go around for both of us. Please help me Hilary. Show me how to do it. Show me how my sexy big sister loves to be touched!”

“I’m so glad you asked,” Hilary smiled as she leaned in on the other side of Lindsay and began to suck on her stiff nipple. Ali took on the other nipple, eagerly mimicking everything Hilary was doing to Lindsay as she sought to pleasure her own big sister.

Just like she knew Lindsay liked it, Hilary circled all over her girlfriend’s areola with her tongue, leaving it wet from her tongue before centering on her nipple. The stiff pink point poked right out into the air and Hilary flicked against it with her tongue, making it pulse and throb and causing Lindsay to groan and grind herself into the sheets.

“Do it too,” Hilary urged Ali. “Lick that nipple. Mmmm she loves it. Lick all over that pretty pink nipple sweetie.”

“Oooooh yeahhhh Ali,” Lindsay moaned as she writhed from the two tongues tending to her sensitive nipples. “Mmmm do it just like Hil does! Ooooh Hilary’s such a hot fuck! Mmmm she makes me come so hard every time we do it! Let her show you how it’s done! Ooooooh yessssssssss mmmmm gawwwd baby your tongue feels so good on my boob Ali! Naughty girl! Lick that nipple!”

Ali was relishing every happy sound of pleasure she got out of her big sister. It had been a fantasy for so long to be able to explore another woman’s body and what a body this was.

She loved knowing she was making a beautiful woman feel good but having it be someone she loved as much as Lindsay made it so much more special…not to mention far naughtier. With Hilary as her guide, Ali tended to her sister’s nipple, licking it and then, just as Hilary did, starting to suckle on it.

“Mmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk!” Lindsay moaned in bliss as she had two pairs of soft lips enveloping her swollen nipples. “Oooooh yesssssssss Hilary! Mmmm yesssss show Ali how it’s done! Show her how naughty girls do it! Mmmm yeahhhh ughhh yessssss suck my tits! Mmmmm oooooooh yesssssssssss make them all wet! Ughhhhh suck my big, slutty titties! Mmmmmm!”

Lindsay had her hands gently caressing Hilary and Ali by their heads as they suckled her hard nipples. Hilary’s lips were always welcome anywhere on her body but she had never felt anything as deliciously naughty as Ali’s young mouth on her. It was so bad to be doing this but it was too good to want it to end. Doing this wrong thing felt so right and Lindsay was overcome with lust for her baby sister right then.

“Mmmmm c’mere Ali,” Lindsay urged, her husky voice dripping with desire.

Ali pulled off Lindsay’s nipple with a soft, wet pop and a little frown. She didn’t want to stop what she was doing, but one look at her sister’s face told Ali that whatever Lindsay was intending for her, it was going to be good. So Ali left Lindsay’s tits solely to Hilary’s care and instead moved up on the bed so she and Lindsay were face to face.

Lindsay gave Ali a sensual kiss on the lips, but before she let it linger too much she pulled away and smiled at the teenager as she reached over for her shirt.

“Let’s get you naked,” Lindsay giggled as she started pulling up Ali’s t-shirt. “I wanna see how sexy my baby sister’s gotten.”

She’d helped so many girls undress since her fateful trip to Jamaica and now she was doing it to the last girl she ever expected it to. But Lindsay felt like she wanted this as badly as Ali did now. Being bad was feeling really good and Lindsay’s pussy was getting wetter by the second at the thought of breaking this huge taboo with Ali.

“Mmmm yesssss naked sounds soooo good,” Ali smiled back as she helped Lindsay by whipping off her own t-shirt, showing off the navy blue bra she had on underneath, her nipples straining against it, desperate to be freed and touched.

The dark fabric clung tightly to Ali’s teen chest and the girl felt a wave of insecurity pass over her. Her breasts weren’t nearly as big as Lindsay’s and she worried that Lindsay wouldn’t find her as hot as she found her.

But those worries lasted only a second as Lindsay took one hand to her sister’s face to softly caress her cheek and brought the other hand to take her first touch of the teenager’s chest.

“You’re so beautiful,” Lindsay said. “So sexy. How could I not notice my baby sis was turning into a hottie right under my nose?”

“Mmmm well I’d be distracted too if I was with all those girls you say you know,” Ali laughed, feeling wonderful over the compliment. “You really think I’m sexy?”

“Mmmmhmmm I think you’re amazing Ali and I’m gonna show you how sexy I think you are,” Lindsay assured the teen. “Now let’s get this bra off. Mmm you’re still the only one not naked and just losing your shirt isn’t going to cut it young lady. I wanna see your tits Ali!”

“Ooooooh gawwwwd it makes me so wet when you talk like that,” Ali purred while immediately reaching around for her bra clasp, undoing it as quickly as she could. “Mmmm talk nasty to me Lindsay! Just like you do with Hilary! Tell your naughty sister how to do it! Make me show you my tits and my ass mmmm and my pussy too! Make me show you everything!”

“Ohhh Ali,” Lindsay moaned as she reached for her sister’s bra the moment it was unclasped and pulled it off, exposing her firm, bare chest, loving her first real look at Ali’s growing mounds. “You’re so sexy! Don’t ever think you’re not! Mmmm you look so hot baby! Don’t you think so Hil? Isn’t my baby sis so fucking sexy?”

“Mmmmhmmm,” Hilary said, pulling up from Lindsay’s nipple to properly appreciate the topless teen. “You look so hot Ali! You’ve got beautiful tits!”

“Definitely,” Lindsay agreed as she caressed them, relishing the feel of Ali shivering from her touching her bare flesh. “Beautiful tits for me to lick and suck on! Mmm you like that Ali? Is that making you wet baby? You like hearing me say how I’m gonna get my slutty mouth all over your hot, teen tits and how I’m gonna lick and suck on them and even bite these cute little nipples?”

“Fuck yesssss!” Ali hissed with desire when Lindsay followed up her question by gently tugging on her now bare nipples. “Oooooooh Lindsay yesssss! Mmmm play with my tits! Make it hot and naughty! Just like you do with those other girls! Ohhhh Lindsayyyy that feels so good! Ughhh you’re so nasty and sexy!”

“Oh I’m the nasty one?” Lindsay playfully shot back at the same time she moaned from Hilary squeezing her tits together while dragging her tongue over them. “Mmmm you’re the nasty girl Ali! You’re the one whose making me wet to fuck you! You’re the one that’s making me want to lick your hot little pussy! Mmmm you’re the one making me want to fuck my own sister! Mmmm you naughty little temptress! Big sister’s gonna give you some sex ed you’re never gonna forget!”

As Hilary’s hands worked over Lindsay’s tits, Lindsay did it right back to Ali. She massaged the firm, youthful mounds, making Ali moan with every touch to her flesh. Ali didn’t have quite as many freckles as she did, but Lindsay definitely could see the resemblance in their bodies and she suspected that soon enough Ali’s breasts would be just as big and full as hers.

It was crazy that she was doing this to her own sister, but it felt so incredible. Lindsay definitely hadn’t been giving out praise that was unearned. Ali was beautiful. She loved her sister’s sexy, developing body and how firm her tits were and how her nipples were turning into flushed, dark pink diamonds under her touch. She knew she had to taste them. Lindsay was so into Ali’s hot body that she wanted to do it all.

Loving the sounds of her little sister’s moans and the way her young body tensed up and how she could feel Ali’s heart beating fast when she was close to her like this, Lindsay leaned in and kissed each one of Ali’s bare, erect nipples. Lindsay tenderly kissed the dark areolas and the swollen pink points and each touch of her lips made Ali gasp happily, her desire getting even more demanding as Lindsay parted her lips and began to sensually lick her hard nipples.

“Yesssss tell me how nasty and dirty I am!” Ali moaned, tossing her head back from the awesome ecstasy of Lindsay’s tongue darting out and tasting her tits. “Mmmm tell me what a fucking slut I am for making you wet Lindsay! Ooooh I know what a bad girl I am! Mmmm I’ve been thinking so much about fucking my sexy big sister! I know that’s soooo bad and I love it! Mmmmm I want you so much Lindsay! I want my big sister to be the first to lick my pretty little virgin pussy!”

Ali wasn’t the only one getting wet from the dirty talk. Hilary also felt her pussy tingle at the nasty words coming from the teen’s mouth, but Lindsay in particular was getting weaker with arousal with every hot thing her sister said. She had never heard words like this from her sister before but she supposed those pornos had warped Ali’s vocabulary. It was so hot to hear her talk like that. It was such a surprising turn on and Lindsay wanted more. She wanted to hear her little sister’s sexy voice at the height of ecstasy, crying out her name and she wanted to hear every nasty word her supposedly sweet sister knew.

“Is that pretty pussy of yours getting wet for me now?” Lindsay asked, moaning when she moved her hand down to rub Ali through the crotch of her shorts and discovered the dampness and heat that lay there. “Ooooh Ali! You’re so wet for me sweetie! Mmmmm God you’re gonna be such a hot fuck Ali! Does that feel good baby? You like your sister rubbing that sweet pussy through your shorts? Mmmm you want me to talk dirty and act even dirtier to you? You want slutty big sister to fuck you and make you slutty too?”

“Oooooh yessssssss pleaaaase! Fuck me Lindsay!” Ali begged, writhing from the touch of Lindsay’s hand to her shorts, her rubbing teasingly telling her how good it was going to feel to be touched there once all her clothes were gone. “Fuck your sister! Oooooh gawwwd this is so nasty and I love it! Rub my pussy! Make me so fucking wet I’ll come all over your hand and mmmmm then I need to feel you lick me! I’ve wanted this soooo long! Mmmmmm I need to get licked by a girl and you’re the hottest girl I know Lindsay! Fuck me! Make it hot and nasty! Mmmmmm fuck me Lindsay! Make your little sister into a nasty slut like you!”

Ali would have continued begging had she not been cut off by a passionate tongue kiss from her big sister. Lindsay silenced the teenager as she continued to rub her through her shorts, delighting in how bad she was being. She’d been super naughty before, but nothing like this. None of the things she had ever done, from being in huge all-girl orgies, to sucking off cops who pulled her over, to letting strange men fuck her in front of her friends could ever compare to what she was doing now to Ali. Lindsay had lost all inhibition and had embraced this wicked incestuous come on. Now all she wanted was to get hot and nasty with her sexy little sister.

She might have thought that Ali was all innocent and pure, but now Lindsay could see that Ali was really aching to be just as naughty and slutty as she already was. That turned on Lindsay so much and she wanted this as badly as Ali did. She wanted to teach her little sister all about sex with girls and show her all the wicked pleasure you could feel from it. She wanted to take Ali and lick her and fuck her and get her ready to take her to the mansion where she could really blow her sexy little sister’s mind.

“Lie back sweetie,” Lindsay moaned. “Mmmm I’m gonna show you everything.”

That sounded so good to Ali and she loved the way Lindsay said it. Her fantasy was totally coming true and Ali felt like she was going to explode from anticipation. Now that Lindsay was into this too, Ali was more turned on than ever. Her panties were so wet now and Ali just wanted Lindsay to rip her clothes off and ravish her just like she did with Hilary and make it hot and nasty and fuck her over and over and over again.

Her eager smile stretching from ear to ear, Ali settled back on the bed, her head hitting her soft pillow and her firm breasts jiggling so very enticingly. Lindsay and Hilary were both staring at her and giggling as they whispered back and forth to each other. Ali couldn’t hear what they were saying, but she knew it was naughty and it made her even wetter to think of both of these beautiful girls fucking her until she passed out from pleasure.

“Mmmmm I love your tits Ali,” Lindsay said as she leaned down, her red hair draping down onto her sister’s chest and tickling her. “They look so yummy. I can’t get enough of them.”

As Ali gasped and cooed in utter delight, Lindsay began licking at her left breast. She teasingly licked over her full areola before she began making her stiff nipple wet again. Lindsay’s tongue quickly had the pink point throbbing with desire and the pleasure got even more intense when Hilary hovered above her too and began giving the same treatment to her other breast.

Just like she and Hilary had done to Lindsay, Ali had both naughty girls at her tits and it felt so incredible. Their tongues were so wet and so good. Lindsay and Hilary lovingly licked at her nipples, making them swell up even more and throb so amazingly.

The feel of them licking her tits had Ali groaning non stop and loving the tingles their tongues made her feel throughout her body. For so long, Ali had wondered what it would really be like to have sex with a girl and now she was finding out it was better than she had ever imagined it would be.

“Mmmmmm soooo good…ooooooh yesssss mmmm more…ooooh I want more!” Ali sighed. “You’re soooo hot! Mmmmm Hilary! Oooooooooh yesssssssss Lindsay yesss!!! Mmmmm suck on my boobs! Lick my naughty little tits! Use your tongues on me like you do to each other! It’s so hot!”

“You’ve got great tits,” Lindsay assured her sister with a moan before continuing to bathe her swollen nipple with her tongue. “Mmmm you’re such a sexy girl Ali.”

“Yesssssssss lick them ooooooooooh!” Ali cried happily from the feel of both of those skilled tongues working over her nipples. “Mmmm I want big boobs just like you Lindsay! I want them to be big and sexy so hot girls will want to touch them and kiss them oooooooh yesssssssssssssss mmmmmm just like you and Hilary are doing!”

“Mmmmm they’re already so sexy,” Lindsay said, rubbing the firm, teen mound she’d been licking. “You’ve got sexy, yummy tits Ali mmmm and I think they’re gonna get nice and big like me. Mmmm after all, mom’s got big tits too, you know.”

Hilary tried not to moan too apparently as she thought of Dina whipping her tits out and comparing with her hot daughters. She had never seen Lindsay’s mom undressed, but she had always pictured that Dina had herself a nice, big set of breasts under her clothes. But she didn’t say anything. She already had both Lohan sisters. She didn’t want Lindsay and Ali to think that they weren’t enough for her.

Ali moaned more from the two expert tongues attacking her nipples. She was grinding her ass into her sheets, loving that Hilary and Lindsay had just fucked here and now they were doing her here! It was so nasty to think about what she had seen from the doorway and now have herself a part of it. Ali wanted these girls to do everything to her she had seen them do to each other and to have her fantasy come true right here in her already messed up bed made her so hot.

She just wished she had gotten home earlier so they could have been doing this for longer. Lindsay and Hilary felt absolutely incredible licking her nipples and kissing all over her young tits. They knew just how to make her feel good and Ali felt like her pussy could soak her panties from the feel of her hot sister and her girlfriend licking her tits.

From the way Ali was moaning and cooing, Lindsay felt that way too. Girls at the mansion like Alyssa Milano were so good at playing with her tits and tending to her sensitive nipples with her mouth and hands that they definitely could make her come just from breast play. Ali’s nipples seemed just as sensitive as hers and Lindsay felt confident she and Hilary could get the horny teen off that way too. But that wasn’t what Lindsay wanted. Now that she was into this, all Lindsay wanted was for her little sister’s first orgasm from a girl to come from her tongue buried in her pussy.

Making Ali come from sucking and licking her hard nipples or rubbing her through her shorts just wasn’t going to cut it. Lindsay wanted Ali to come all over her face so she could taste every creamy delicious drop of her orgasm fresh from her sister’s naughty teen cunt. Lindsay’s pussy quivered at the thought of licking Ali to orgasm. She knew her sister was plenty keyed up for it and now Lindsay was too.

Pulling away from Ali’s breast, Lindsay whispered in Hilary’s ear, telling her what she was doing and urging her to keep going at Ali’s firm chest. Hilary agreed without even a millisecond’s delay since she loved the feel and taste of the teen’s slightly freckled mounds. Plus Hilary was plenty eager by now to see the sexy sisters take things to the next level.

“Ooooooh oooooooooh mmmmmmm yessssss Lindsay…lower…ooooh go lower!” Ali cooed from flat on her back, her hands grabbing at the sheets around her as Lindsay left no illusion about where she was headed as she began kissing Ali’s flat, smooth stomach, journeying farther down with every press of her lips. “Mmmmm yessssss go down on me Lindsay! I want this so bad! I want you to be my first!”

“Oh Ali, that’s such a fucking turn on!” Lindsay moaned, loving the feel of her sister’s flesh and how she had excited goosebumps all over her freckled stomach. “Mmmmm your body tastes so good sweetie and I know your pussy is going to be one of the sweetest I ever tasted. Mmmmm is that what you want baby? You want big sister to taste your pussy? You want your bad, slutty sister to be the first to lick your virgin hole? Mmmmm say it Ali! Say it like you want me to do it! All nasty and naughty!”

As she said this, Lindsay kissed lower and lower on Ali’s stomach until she reached the waistband of her shorts. Without another second’s hesitation, Lindsay grabbed the shorts and began to seductively lower them. Ali ached for Lindsay to just yank them right off her and dispose of her panties in a similarly easy fashion, but instead Lindsay did it much more slowly, easing them inch by inch, slowly pulling them away from her.

This slow touch when Ali was dying for intimacy tantalized her beyond belief. Every bit her shorts were lowered made Ali ache for her sister even more. The more she couldn’t stand waiting, the more Lindsay made her wait and she cried out, telling Lindsay just what she wanted her to do to her.

“Fuck me!” Ali practically snarled in wanton need as Lindsay exposed her sodden panties. “Fuck your baby sister you nasty fucking whore! Take me and fuck me Lindsay! Rip my fucking panties off and tongue fuck my virgin pussy! Show me how girls fuck! Get that nasty lesbo tongue of yours and lick my tight little hole! Ooooooh I want that sooo bad!”

“Oooooooh…” Lindsay cooed in delight at the sound of her sister talking nasty. “Mmmmm you’re such a bad girl Ali! Just like me! Ooooooh bad girls gotta get punished!”

Lindsay had Ali’s shorts down around her knees now. She could see the teen’s blue panties and how the soaked garment clung to her overheating body, making it so easy for her to make out the lips of her virgin cunt. Lindsay could feel the need pulsing from Ali’s pussy and she knew she was doing the right thing here. It just felt too good for it to be wrong. For all her previous resistance, it just felt so right to be nasty with her sister.

Feeling devilish, Lindsay gave Ali’s pussy a smack through her panties. It wasn’t a hard one, but it had a little sting to it. Lindsay moaned as she felt the soaked material coat her hand, giving it a sheen of her own sister’s juices, but that was nothing compared to the happy cry that shot out of Ali’s mouth.

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck!!!” Ali yelped in pleasure from the smack and from Lindsay doing it again. “Yessssssssss more Lindsay! More! I am a bad girl! A nasty little fucking slut who wants to fuck her sister! Mmmmmm yessssssssss smack my dirty little pussy! Make it all hot and nasty! Yesssssssss ooooooooooh I’m so bad! Fuck me Lindsay! Fuck your little slutty sister! Make me a dirty lez like you! Mmmmm just like all of your friends! Rip off my panties and take my cherry Lindsay! Fuck your virgin sister and make her a nasty lezzie! Mmmmm yesssssssssssssss ooooooooooooooooh smack it! Smack your baby sister’s bad girl pussy! Feel how wet my panties are! Feel how bad I wanna be a fucking slut like you Lindsay! Mmmmm fuck me while your girlfriend sucks my tits and kisses me! Mmmmm pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase! Get my panties off so I can get fucked like the dirty girl I ammmmmmm!”

“Ohhhh Ali…mmmmmm you are a nasty girl…mmmm I’m gonna make you feel soooooo good!” Lindsay promised, giving Ali one more slap through her panties and then licking her hand, getting her first taste of her sister’s forbidden juices. “Mmmmm yummy! Ooooooh baby you taste so good Ali! I’m gonna fuck you baby sister! I’m gonna lick your virgin cunt and make you a dirty fucking dyke like me and Hil!”

Not teasing anymore, Lindsay yanked down Ali’s shorts all the way when she discovered something. She realized in her excitement that they had forgotten Ali’s sneakers and with two quick pulls she tugged them off, not even bothering to undo the laces. She threw Ali’s sneakers right onto the floor, not caring where they landed and didn’t even bother to pull off the teen’s pink socks. Instead she busied herself by removing Ali’s shorts and then going right for her panties.

“Do it Lindsay!” Hilary urged, before she wrapped her lips again around Ali’s swollen nipple, making the teen writhe on the bed some more. “Get her naked! Make her slutty like us! Fuck her Lindsay! Fuck your own sister like you fuck me! It’s so fucking hot to see you doing your dirty baby sister!”

Knowing she was turning on Hilary this much only fueled Lindsay’s fires more. Hilary and Ali were the two girls she cared for most in the world but until today it had been in entirely different ways. But now she had them both in bed with her and all the love she had for both of them was one giant cauldron of lust bubbling inside her, making her weak with desire as she reached for her little sister’s panties.

“Mmmmm yessssssss ooooooooooh yesssssssssss make me naked,” Ali mewed as Lindsay began tugging them down, slowly peeling the soaked garment away from the teen’s body and leaving her fully exposed.

Just knowing Lindsay was seeing how wet she was had Ali so excited she didn’t think she could stand waiting a second more. She felt like she could come from Lindsay merely looking at her. Ali loved seeing the raw lust in her big sister’s eyes and knowing she felt the same way about her that she did. It was so hot and so wonderful to have Lindsay pulling those panties off her and feeling the wet fabric being rubbed against her legs as they were stripped off her. And when Hilary pulled up to kiss her, Ali melted right into it and began rubbing her tongue against hers, deeply kissing her sister’s girlfriend as they both began massaging each other’s bare tits.

“Oh gawwwd…” Lindsay moaned softly as she laid her eyes onto her sister’s naked pussy for the first time. By now her heart was beating just as hard as Ali’s. She was so turned on by the sight of Ali and Hilary making out and feeling each other up, but nothing turned her on quite like the sight of Ali’s glistening slit.

Ali’s lips were so pink and looked so tight. Lindsay shuddered with need over the thought of what she was about to do to her sister’s untouched pussy. She could only imagine the delights that lay beyond her tight, virgin seal and Lindsay could feel her own pussy dripping from the idea she was about to ravish her own little sister.

If Ali had expressed any doubts or any reluctance, Lindsay would have stopped. She knew that she would have. Ali was so young and so new at this that Lindsay never would have forced her into it. But there was no hesitation in anything Ali was saying or doing and Lindsay fed off that.

There was nothing held back in the wanton kisses Ali was sharing with Hilary or in the way Ali was letting Hilary play with her young, succulent tits while she gave an eager touch right back to Hilary’s chest, playing where Lindsay had already been too many times to keep count. There was certainly nothing to even hint Ali didn’t want this to happen. Her panties were proof of that.

Lindsay clutched the soaked dark blue panties in her hand now, crumpling them up in her clutch and loving how the fabric’s wetness got on her skin. Ali was far too wet to not want this to happen. Her panties were so soaked that Lindsay wondered if her sister had come while they’d been kissing and touching. God they felt so good in her hand and Lindsay couldn’t help herself as she brought the panties up to her face and took a deep whiff of her own sister’s arousal.

“Mmmmmm Ali, you smell so fucking gooooood.” Lindsay groaned, breathing in deeply as she held Ali’s panties up to her nose.

“That’s so nasty! Mmmm God you look so hot Lindsay,” Ali replied, letting the image of her gorgeous big sister naked and sniffing her panties burn into her brain forever. “I’m all wet like that for you! Fuck me Lindsay! Mmmmm I know I smell good but I taste even better! I licked my fingers soooo many times after touching myself and imagining it was you I was tasting!”

“Ooooooh!” Lindsay hornily giggled at the thought of Ali fantasizing about her. “Mmmm but you don’t need to touch yourself any more now that I’m here. Big sister is gonna take care of everything for you Ali! Just lie back you sexy thing. I’m gonna blow your fucking mind!”

Having no doubt that this was both what Ali wanted and what she wanted, Lindsay dropped the teen’s panties from her face and lowered herself between her little sister’s legs. Hilary kissed Ali’s neck and fondled her budding tits while she made sure the girl had a clear view of Lindsay parting her legs and spreading open the jewel before her. Ali’s pussy glistened with the arousal dripping from her virginal folds and Lindsay softly caressed her sister’s thighs as she lowered her face down to it.

“So pretty…” Lindsay mumbled as she leaned in and slid her tongue out, tasting the teen’s slit for the first time and sliding it up to lick up the coating of girl juice that clung to her cunt lips.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!” Ali immediately shrieked in delight as she felt her older sister’s tongue slide over her sensitive slit. “YESSSSSS!! OOOOOOOOOH GODDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!”

Lindsay was like a woman possessed. Once she got that first taste of Ali’s virgin juices on her tongue she turned into a famished pussy licking demoness. One taste was far from being enough and with each lick she took against the teen’s slit the more Lindsay longed to absolutely devour her sexy sister. Her tongue began a steady lashing on Ali’s pussy lips, lapping up her juices and tantalizing her tight, teen slit as she squirmed in ecstasy on the bed.

“YESSSSSSSSS LINDSAY YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! FUCK ME!!! FUCK YOUR DIRTY LITTLE SISTER!!!” Ali screamed out as Hilary cuddled up against her on the bed, holding her down and rubbing into her naked body while her hands roamed all over her flesh.

Ali had fantasized about this so many times, soaking her fingers repeatedly and nearly wearing out the shower massager as dirty dreams of having her pussy licked by another girl played in her overactive, young imagination. But the reality far exceeded her dreams. Having Lindsay lick her pussy was just like she’d imagined it would be except a zillion times better. And knowing it wasn’t just any girl licking her made it so much hotter. Having her big sister be the first to lick her was an ecstasy her imagination hadn’t been able to fully picture.

“Mmmmmm yesssssssss just let her lick you! Let Lindsay show you how good girls can fuck!” Hilary moaned into Ali’s ear while she caressed the teen’s perky tits, softly rubbing her rock hard nipples. “Lindsay has such an incredible tongue! She fucks me so good and all our friends love having her lick them! Mmmmm are you gonna come all over her tongue Ali? Gonna soak your big sister’s beautiful face like I do? Gonna feed Lindsay all your slutty cream?”

“YESSSSSSSSS OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS I AMMMMMMM!!!” Ali cried, unable to stop from screaming as she felt pleasure like nothing she’d ever experienced before from Lindsay’s tongue on her cunt. “OOOOOOOOOH GONNA FUCK MY OWN SISTER AND COME FOR HERRRR!!! YESSSSSSSS MMMMMM LICK ME LINDSAYYYYYY!!! YESSSSSSSSSSS LICK MY SLUTTY PUSSY AND MAKE ME COMMMMMMMMMME!!!”

Lindsay knew she had screamed out the same thing to so many girls since she had first seen the light about how good women were. Now she was hearing her own little sister scream it and that just made her lick her harder. Ali’s tight teenage pussy was just as delicious as she’d wanted it to be. Lindsay bathed her sister’s 15 year old slit with aggressive licks that had Ali’s pussy dripping right into her mouth.

And when Lindsay needed to rest her tongue she would press her lips right to Ali’s slit to kiss her pussy and still get enough of the amazing taste she knew she was totally hooked on now. Lindsay didn’t know what was to come after this…whether or not they’d regret what they did or if they’d ever do it again…but she did know that no matter what, deep down inside, she’d always crave her little sister’s juices.

So Lindsay fully indulged in the moment, lapping away at Ali’s virgin slit, tasting the fresh glaze of juices that would always leak right out past her tight lips every time she licked her clean. And when Lindsay spread Ali’s pussy lips open with her finger to fully expose her sister’s aroused pinkness there was practically a pool of girl juices waiting there for her to dive in with her tongue.

“Oooooooh you’re so fucking wet!” Lindsay lustfully marveled. “Mmmmm my baby sister is gonna be such a sexy lesbian slut…just like me! Oooooh I love that your naughty little pussy gets so soaked for girls just like mine does! Mmmmm and dirty girls with soaked pussies gotta get licked! Mmmmm they just have to have their dirty cunts licked clean until they come!”

Keeping Ali’s tender, tight lips spread open with her fingers, Lindsay dove right into the teen again, voraciously attacking the forbidden folds with a cum hungry thirst that had Ali screaming out again from the first touch of her sister’s tongue to her pink.

“OHHH YESSSSSS!! IT’S SO GOOD!!! SOOOO FUCKING GOOOOOD!!!” Ali howled happily before pushing her tongue back into Hilary’s waiting mouth. “OOOOO LINDSAYYYYYY!!! MMMMM YESSSSSSSSSS FUCK MEEEEE!!! FUCK ME LINDSAY!!!”

Lindsay didn’t know what was turning her on more…the taste of her little sister’s pussy or the fact that sweet Ali was screaming out her name in ecstasy. It was all such an intense rush to her and her pussy was dripping down her leg. Lindsay just wished Hilary was behind her to work her tongue and fingers over her horny holes and fuck her while she was fucking Ali, but as she stared up from between her sister’s legs, Lindsay thought Ali and Hilary looked way too hot naked and making out with each other to pull the blonde away.

Drinking in the sight of her girlfriend making out with her sister, Lindsay licked at Ali harder. She was aching to bring her sister an orgasm. She wanted Ali to feel just as amazing as she had the first time Angelina had licked her. She wanted to show Ali there was nothing better than a girl’s mouth eating you out. Lindsay was deep in the grip of incestuous lust, desiring her sister more and more with each wicked lick and she wanted to drain Ali’s pussy dry and have her teen cream soak her face before she showed the naughty girl how hot it was to have a girl fuck your ass too.

Thinking of taking her sister’s virgin ass too had Lindsay moaning wantonly and drooling right into Ali’s young cunt. She naughtily sucked her saliva right back into her mouth, taking more of Ali’s sweet juices with it and loving the taste, and when her sister reacted by thrusting against her face harder and crying out her pleasure in between kisses with Hilary, Lindsay gave it to her more.

Burying her face into Ali’s tight teen cunt, Lindsay sucked at her tender little lips. She wetly slurped on them and pressed her face as deep as she could get into Ali’s folds, forcing her sister’s legs open even wider so she could really get in there. Lindsay was famished for Ali’s delicious juices and she sucked and slurped voraciously at her pink, attacking her sensitive, virginal pussy with her mouth as she felt her upper lip and nose get tickled by Ali’s dark bush neatly cut into a diamond patch of sexy fur.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddd! Ohhhhhhhhhhh my Goddddddddd!!!” Ali whimpered happily as the pleasure tightly gripped her and made her feel like every lick against her was the best one ever, only to have the next one from Lindsay be even better. “Fuck meeeeeeeeee!!! Oooooooooooh yesssssssssssssssss you’re such an incredible fuck Lindsay! Oooooooh this is even better than I dreamed it would be! Mmmmmmmmmm yessssss you like that Linds? You like tasting your dirty little sister’s tight pussy? Mmmmmm you like tasting that young cunt of mine? Like licking baby sister’s juicy virgin hole?”

“Oooooooooooooh fuck yessssssssssssssssss I love it! I’m a dirty fucking whore who licks her own sister’s yummy virgin pussy!” Lindsay groaned back, her lips and tongue already soaked with Ali’s desire. “Mmmmm I love hearing you talk nasty like that Ali! Mmmmm just like me and Hil do! We talk sooooo dirty mmmmmm and act even dirtier! Fuck my face Ali! Slam that pretty little cunt into your big sister’s slutty fucking face! Fuck me as I fuck you! Gimmie all you got you nasty little thing! Show me you can be just as slutty as your fuck up big sister! Oooooh you’re supposed to be the good sister! Mmmm but you’re not Ali! You’re just as fucking bad as me!”

“Yesssssssssss soooooo bad! I’m sooooo fucking bad!” Ali cried while Hilary squeezed her tits and took turns licking her throbbing nipples. “I’m a bad little fucking slut who needs her sister’s tongue licking her pussy! Yessssssssss make me nasty Lindsay! Make me fuck your face! Mmmmm make me talk dirty and feed you my tight little virgin cunt! Ooooooooooh yesssssssss make it just like my pornos! Make this like one of those hot stories about dirty fucking sisters I love so much! Eat my dirty lesbo pussy Lindsay! Make me fucking come like a total slut! Ooooooh yesssssssss fuck me more with your tongue Lindsay! Yesssssssssssss I want us both to be such nasty little sister fuckers! OHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOH!!!”

Lindsay had been sucking on Ali’s tender pussy lips as the teen had begged for more. Ali had never felt such pleasure in her life and it was like all the nerves in her body on edge. Even the slightest hot touch made her shiver and writhe in ecstasy as she lay naked on the bed with her big sister between her outstretched legs. Having her lips sucked on by Lindsay’s hot, practiced mouth kept Ali in a dreamy state of pure sexual heat and when Lindsay resumed licking her, tonguing her juicy, sensitive folds wantonly, Ali screamed out.


Both Lindsay and Hilary knew that full well. Their own fingers or a toy could do in a pinch when they felt that irresistible urge to get off and there was no one around to help, but no mere masturbation could ever compare to the awesomeness of another girl between your legs licking you. Now Ali was learning it and Lindsay was relishing her role as naughty teacher.

Lindsay no longer felt any doubt or hesitation. To her it now felt so right to be the one showing this pleasure to her little sister. She now felt like it was her responsibility to show Ali the exquisiteness of another woman’s touch and how no orgasm could ever rival the ones you felt from a good girl fucking. After all weren’t sisters supposed to love each other and help each other out whenever they could?

Keeping Ali’s tight pussy lips spread open with her hand, Lindsay devoured the teen’s pinkness. Words couldn’t describe how hot she found it to know she was the first to ever get at this slice of heaven. She loved knowing her sister’s pussy had been untouched by others until now and she was the one that got to show Ali how incredible a real orgasm felt. Lindsay loved Ali more than ever right then and she wanted to bring her nothing but the hottest pleasure she had ever experienced.

While she had Ali’s lips spread open for her voracious tongue attack, Lindsay moved her free hand down to between her own legs. Her cunt was flooded with desire now. It felt like a waterfall and Lindsay closed her eyes and grunted passionately while she licked and shoved two fingers inside herself. She was so soaked that her fingers were like a hot knife through butter as she pushed into her own tight folds. Lindsay couldn’t ever remember being so wet. Not even the orgy in Jamaica or her first time at the mansion had turned her on like licking Ali was doing to her.

“Fuck my face sweetie,” Lindsay urged in between licks, staring up at her beautiful naked sister while she finger fucked herself. “Mmmmm slam this sweet cunt of yours against my slutty face, Ali! Soak big sister in your naughty juice! Mmmm I want it all over my face so you and Hil can lick it off me! Mmmmm I want your fucking cream so bad Ali! I want my sister’s cream on my face and in my hair and on my big tits! Mmmmm I want it everywhere so you can taste it when you kiss me!”

“Yesssssssssssssssss oooooooooooh fuckkkk mmmmmm that’s just like my videos!” Ali cried, her body glistening with sex sweat as she felt pleasure roll through her. “So nasty! Ooooooh yesssssssss Lindsayyyyy mmmmm you’re making me feel so good! You’re giving me just what I want! Mmmmm you and Hilary are soooo hot! Mmmmm I wanna fuck your pretty face Linds! I wanna fuck my beautiful big sister!”

Ali did feel like she was living a porn movie then. She had her own sister eating her own and her sister’s girlfriend fondling and licking her tits. Ali felt so sexy and so good right then. So many times she’d imagined herself being the girl getting fucked in her movies or the girl in her stories getting to break all the rules and find forbidden pleasure from her own family. But nothing her fevered teenage imagination had conjured up could rival the pleasure of actually living it out.

Nothing she had ever experienced before was like what she was feeling now. Sex was everything she wanted it to be. The pleasure she felt was addictive and it was inside her, bringing ecstasy to every inch of her body. Ali had been nervous about her first time…fearful it wouldn’t be as good as she had wanted it to be and worried that all her fantasies and all the buildup in her mind would end up being a lot of hype for a big letdown. But that wasn’t a worry now.

Ali thrust herself against Lindsay, fucking her sister’s face with a growing abandon, just like Lindsay wanted her to. Ali was still getting used to the rhythms of sex. It was all new to her but it all felt so good. She had seen enough sex videos to know the basics of what to do and she let Lindsay’s experience and her own pleasure guide her the rest of the way. As Lindsay licked away at her while she fucked her face, Ali felt like her eyes were going to roll back into her head from how awesome it was.

Part of her just wanted to close her eyes and let touch be her dominant sense so she could better feel Lindsay’s mouth on her sex. It was just so incredible to push herself against Lindsay’s face and feel her own sister’s tongue slide deep into her and lick her hot spots. But Ali wanted to watch too much. Having Lindsay fuck her was nothing she could just shut her eyes over.

“Mmmmmmm I wanna…wanna seeeeee!!!” Ali cried, staring down at Lindsay buried between her legs. “I wanna see you fuck me! I wanna see your tongue licking me Lindsay! Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yessssssssssss! I wanna see you lick my virgin hole! I wanna see you eat my tight little pussy! Yessssssss oooooooh gawwwwwwwd I wanna see how much you love it!”

“Oooooooooh I do love it! I love licking my slutty sister’s hole!” Lindsay grunted back with glee. “Mmmmm you’re so fucking tight Ali! So yummy! I love your pretty little pussy! Mmmmm I’m gonna be licking this tight little teen cunt of yours all the time now baby sis!”

That promise nearly had Ali coming right then and there. God that was what she wanted so fucking bad! This couldn’t just be a one time thing! Ali knew that. She was going to have to feel this again and again. Lindsay’s tongue was too good and knowing her sister felt the same had her shaking and sweating with sexual bliss on the bed. Ali ground her ass into her sheets as her body writhed. Everything felt so unbelievable and not just from Lindsay’s tongue. Hilary was making her feel awesome too!

Suddenly Ali felt bad. Were they neglecting Hilary? She didn’t want Lindsay’s girlfriend to think she was going to steal her away. Ali wanted them both to fuck her. She wanted Hilary too! Hilary seemed very happy massaging and kissing her tits, but Ali suddenly wanted to do more to pleasure the beautiful blonde in bed with her and Lindsay. Ali loved being able to stare down and see Lindsay’s hot tongue licking her pussy and the look of absolute bliss on her big sister’s face from doing it, but Ali was now filled with a growing desire to do something else besides just lie back and come.

Hilary looked so sexy bent over and naked so she could suck and lick her tits and the teen naughtily realized that she was also in the perfect position to be naughtily touched. So Ali took one of her flailing hands and brought it to Hilary’s body. She had wanted to touch Hilary like this from the first time she had caught her in bed with Lindsay and now she had her chance.

She ran her hand down Hilary’s back to the delicious curve of her amazing ass. Hilary had such yummy, sexy cheeks and Ali eagerly explored the heated flesh before she moved her fingers toward where she most wanted them to be.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk mmmmmm!” Hilary groaned lustfully when she suddenly felt Ali’s young fingers rub against her slit. “Mmmmmm that’s it you naughty girl! Mmmm rub my wet little pussy! I wanna feel you touch where your sister loves to lick!”

Knowing that Lindsay’s tongue had been there so many times just made Ali more eager to touch Hilary’s pussy. She moaned when she felt how soaking wet Hilary was and she happily rubbed the girl’s tight, creamy slit with her exploring fingers. Hilary was so hot and so wet and her pussy felt so snug and sexy. Ali loved how it felt on her fingers. She loved feeling that wetness and pushing inside to feel Hilary’s pussy lips wrap around her and trap her fingers in her pink folds but Ali wanted to do more than use her fingers on her sister’s girlfriend.

“I wanna fuck you Hilary!” Ali sighed lustfully as her body rocked on the bed from the continuing work of Lindsay’s tongue. “I wanna feel your pussy on my tongue! I wanna taste another girl soooo bad! Mmmm and I wanna taste what my sister loves so much! Fuck me Hilary! Let me taste your pussy! I want you to get fucked while Lindsay fucks me!”

Hearing adorable Ali say that to her nearly had Hilary coating the teen’s finger in the orgasm that had been forming inside her since the first time she had seen the sisters kiss. She wanted to feel Ali’s young tongue in her so bad. Hilary looked at Ali and saw herself…remembering how Britney and Christina had taken her holes at the mansion with all their sexy friends and she wanted Ali’s first time to be as amazing as hers as she went from virgin to eager slut from the pleasure of girl sex.

But as much as she wanted to feel Ali’s tongue lapping at her pussy and making her come all over her pretty teen face, Hilary didn’t go for it right away. Most of all she didn’t want to make Lindsay upset or jealous and she wanted to make sure she was OK with what Ali was offering her. So she looked down to her girlfriend as she had her beautiful face buried in Ali’s splayed pussy, sucking and licking at her own sister with wanton lust and wondered if Lindsay had heard what Ali had said.

She definitely had and fortunately for Hilary, Lindsay was more than in the mood to share her teen sister.

“Yesssssss fuck her face Hil! Feed her that yummy cunt of yours!” Lindsay lustfully urged, her lips and chin coated in Ali juice. “Let Ali taste the pussy you’ve got me totally addicted to! Mmmm let her taste how sweet and hot those juices of yours are! I want her licking your pussy just like I always do! You want that Hil? You wanna feel my slutty little sister tongue fuck you just like me?”

“Mmmmmhmmmmmm soooo fucking much!” Hilary replied, sitting up on the bed and fondling her soft tits, rubbing her palms aggressively into her throbbing nipples while Ali continued to tease her wet folds with her small, eager fingers. “I wanna find out if being a hot fuck runs in your family Lindsay! I wanna feel Ali licking my slutty hole just like her big sister does! Mmmmm I need to get myself licked soooo bad! My tight little pussy is so fucking wet from watching you two go at it and I need to feel it! I wanna feel that hot little virgin tongue of yours on my cunt Ali! I wanna feel you lick me and make me cream just like your naughty sister always does!”

Having seen so many lesbian scenes in her collection, Ali knew exactly how this should work. She smiled seductively on her back as she pulled her fingers from Hilary’s pussy so she could lick them clean right in front of the both of them.

“Ride my face Hilary!” Ali ordered with a carnal certainty that went far beyond her 15 years. “Fuck my tongue! Mmmm is this how you do it to Lindsay? Do you fuck her face while another girl is licking her? I want you to do me like that Hilary? Feed me your pussy while I’m coming for Lindsay! Oooooooh and don’t you stop Lindsay! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease don’t fucking stop! Lick me till I come Lindsay! Fuck me!”

Ali took her hand and pressed down on Lindsay’s head, pushing her back into her pussy as she writhed in need in the bed, her body sweaty and so happy as she lay naked on her sheets and had all her fantasies come true. Lindsay, now so into the fact that it was her own sister pushing her down and telling her to fuck her, didn’t hesitate. She let Ali press her head back to her cunt and resumed licking her fast and hard, attacking her tender folds as she lovingly teased her clit with her tongue and prepared to give it all her attention right when she felt Ali was about to burst.


“Ooooooooh yessssssssssssss taste this slutty pussy!” Hilary cooed as she set herself right above Ali’s face, reverse cowgirl so she could still stare at Lindsay, and gasped happily as the girl seemed to know just what to do.

Ali’s hands went right for Hilary’s ass, squeezing her delectable cheeks while her tongue shot out and took its first lick against her soaked slit, running up her lips aggressively to taste the sweet tang of Hilary’s juices.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh lick me!” Hilary squealed as she rubbed her wetness all over the teen’s eager face. “Taste your first girl you naughty thing! Lemme feel that hot tongue on my horny little pussy! You like it Ali? You like tasting another naughty girl?”

“Oooooooooooh yessssssssss mmmmmm you taste sooooo yummy!” Ali cried in delight as she licked another girl for the first time. “Mmmmmmmmmm fuck me Hilary! Fuck my virgin tongue! Make me taste your yummy pussy yesssssssss!!!”

Truthfully Ali had been a little nervous about this. She had only tasted herself before and she’d loved that along with what little she’d sampled of Lindsay’s flavor from her fingers, but she wasn’t sure how much she’d really like the taste of another girl right from the source of her arousal. But all it had taken was one touch of her tongue to Hilary’s wetness for her taste buds to be sent to a very happy place.

That one taste told Ali that all her fantasies and all her desires had been exactly right for her. This really was what she wanted. She loved girls! She loved being licked by them! She loved licking them! She loved it all and she wanted it all!

Squeezing Hilary’s butt cheeks with her young hands, Ali kept her sister’s girlfriend close to her face and began to lick her faster and harder, lapping up the juice clinging to her tight slit and then finally pushing inside so she could really tongue fuck another girl for the first time.

“OOOOOH!!! MMMMMM YESSSSSSSS!!!” Hilary cried out as the waves of licking pleasure rushed over her naked body. “Fuck me Ali!!! Just like Lindsay! Mmmmm yessssssssssssss lick my pussy! Taste how wet I got watching you naughty girls! Ooooooooooooh I got so fucking wet watching the slutty sisters play! Yesssssssssss you’re gonna make me come so quick Ali! Oooooh how’d you get so fucking hot you naughty girl? Mmmmm yesssssssss work your teen tongue on my slit! Fuck my dirty pussy you nasty slut! Yesssssss oooooh how are you so good?”

Ali was elated at the sound of Hilary’s praise. She had dreamed about doing this so many times. She’d watched her porno clips over and over again and stared longingly at whatever dirty magazines she could get her hands on, wondering about what it would be like to do it for real. But Ali hadn’t just watched those clips and stared at hot pictures to fuel her imagination and get off. She’d studied them intently so she’d know what to do when she finally got in bed with another girl.

All the porn stars she’d watched do their wicked thing had been Ali’s teachers. Her sex ed hadn’t come from textbooks or stammering school teachers. The teen had learned everything from watching porn on the net and right then those lessons were serving her very well. She loved knowing she was making Hilary feel pleasure. She wanted to be so good at this. She wanted to be able to get a girl off and make her feel ecstasy so she could do it to Lindsay next.

Ali didn’t think of her that way, but Hilary was a little bit of a test case. Ali wanted to know she was good enough to fuck her big sister. If she could make Hilary come then she knew she could do the same to Lindsay.

But Ali didn’t want to think any less of Hilary even as she dreamed of Lindsay. She thought her sister’s girlfriend was really hot and she loved the way she tasted. Her pussy was so hot and wet. She loved licking at the heated folds, especially when Hilary reached down and spread her cunt lips open so her tongue could dive in deeper. Ali groaned happily at the taste of Hilary’s delicious pussy juices and she licked faster at the girl while she rubbed herself right against her face.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh ooooooooooh yessssssss!” Hilary continued to cry out, loving being able to ride Ali’s young tongue as she continued to look right down at Lindsay eating Ali out. “Fuck me Ali! Make me come all over that pretty face! Taste how fucking wet my dirty girl pussy is! Yesssssssssssssss oooooooooh fuck I thought I was sooooo naughty but you’re fucking naughtier than me Ali! Mmmmm you and Lindsay are such nasty girls and it’s making me so fucking wet!”

Ever since Britney and Christina had taken her and shown her the true pleasure of girl sex, Hilary had relished being naughty and shocking those who thought she was still Lizzie McGuire. She loved showing them that the real Hilary Duff was a nasty slut who loved being fucked by girls and could never get enough of girl tongues, fingers or toys in her pussy and ass and how much she loved eating pussy and getting a sexy girl to come all over her face.

But Hilary knew that she had never even come close to the level of naughtiness that Lindsay and Ali were at right then. That was what made it so hot to watch and that was why she could feel her orgasm already starting to get close thanks to Ali’s eager to please tongue working her pussy over. She was positioned perfectly in the reverse cowgirl position as she rubbed herself against Ali’s face to look down and see Lindsay’s beautiful face buried in her own sister’s cunt.

“Oooooooh Linds! You look so fucking hot!” Hilary gleefully declared. “Mmmmm lick her baby! Lick your own dirty little sister! Make her a fucking pussy hungry slut like we are! Make her cream your face like I do when you lick me! Make her fucking come from your hot tongue in her little teen cunt!”

“Yeah? You like this? Like seeing me turn into a nasty sister fucker?” Lindsay giggled, pulling her juice covered lips up from Ali. “Like seeing me taste Ali’s yummy little cunt? Like seeing me fuck my own sister?”

“Yessssssss!” Hilary cried, her whole body shivering with lust at what Lindsay was saying at the same time Ali’s tongue lapped at her pussy. “Fuck her while she’s fucking me! Fuck your own sister while I’m feeding her the first pussy she’s ever tasted! Mmmmm gawwwwwwwwwwwd she’s licking my dirty girl cunt soooo fucking good! Mmmm just like you do Lindsay!”

“Ooooh you are a dirty girl Hil…fucking Ali’s sexy teen face with that soaking wet pussy of yours!” Lindsay groaned as she got up on her knees and pressed her lips to Hilary’s, kissing her girlfriend passionately while squeezing Hilary’s jiggling tits. “Taste her! Taste my little sister’s slutty pussy juice!”

Hilary did taste and she loved Lindsay’s juice coated tongue sliding right into her mouth to feed her. She could taste Ali’s tangy young juices all over Lindsay’s tongue and lips and she was so delicious. Hilary knew Lindsay’s taste by heart now and she loved having the chance to compare how big sister tasted to the little one. They were different but similar at the same time and Hilary couldn’t wait for the chance to compare them even more.

Kissing Lindsay and tasting Ali’s teen juice just made Hilary hotter and she began rubbing herself harder into the younger girl’s face as she lay beneath her on the bed. Lindsay and Hilary passionately made out and Hilary reached over to play with Lindsay’s big tits just like her girlfriend was doing to hers. She massaged the full mounds and rubbed against Lindsay’s sensitive nipples, knowing how much she loved that. It made Lindsay coo into Hilary’s mouth while they kissed and Lindsay played with Hilary’s tits even more, feeling up her girlfriend’s sexy, jiggling chest as she bounced against Ali’s tongue.

But while Lindsay and Hilary were having fun playing with each other that left Ali’s pussy right on orgasmic edge with no one to tend to it and she didn’t like that at all. Even though she was loving every drop of hot juice she was licking out of Hilary, Ali didn’t want her own pleasure to take a backseat to anything so she pulled her tongue back and made sure her sister knew she wasn’t about to wait.

“Don’t fucking stop!” Ali whined. “Fuck me Lindsay! You can’t make me all hot and then just stop! It’s not fucking fair! Lick my pussy you slut! Eat my fucking little teen cunt and make me come! Stop playing with each other’s tits and fuck me!”

“Oooooh you little brat,” Lindsay giggled. “Mmmmm get that dirty mouth of yours back on Hilary and I’ll give you what you need Ali. Mmmmm I’m glad you think I’m a slut cause I’m about to show you how slutty I get! I’m gonna make you come now Ali! I’m gonna give this bratty pussy of yours all it needs to cream for me!”

That arrangement sounded more than fair to Ali, especially the part about Lindsay making her pussy cream. So Ali got right back to licking Hilary. Her sister’s girlfriend tasted so good and Ali felt such a rush from being able to pleasure a beautiful woman. She squeezed Hilary’s ass and shot her tongue right back into the girl, which made Hilary gasp out in ecstasy. Ali resumed tonguing Hilary’s soft, soaked folds, loving how her pussy would twitch for her and how her snug lips would try and trap her tongue while her clit throbbed for her, so eager to be licked.

And just as Ali reached out with her tongue, Lindsay did the same to hers. Lindsay’s skilled tongue began teasing her clit with soft, sensual licks that had Ali writhing on the bed in no time, grinding her ass so hard into the messed up sheets that she wondered if she was going to get a burn on her cheeks. But what Lindsay was doing to her felt so awesome that Ali knew it was worth a little burn. Lindsay’s tongue had touched her clit before in all her licking but now it was doing nothing but concentrating on it and Ali was in heaven from it.


And that wasn’t the only urging that Lindsay was getting. As she reached down with one hand to spread her pussy lips open for Ali’s tongue and squeezed and smacked her own tits with the other one, Hilary cried out for Lindsay to do it too.

“Yeahhhhhhh fuck her! Fuck baby sis! Make her come!” Hilary panted while riding Ali’s face, humping against her as she writhed in ecstasy underneath her. “Lick her little clit! Lick it and suck it! Make her come! Make your virgin sister come Lindsay!”

Lindsay’s head was swimming and her emotions were all crashing into each other. She was feeling so many things all at once but mostly she felt an overpowering love and lust for Ali. She wanted to make her feel good. She loved her sister and she wanted to bring her a pleasure that she would want over and over again. Lindsay wanted to make her experience what girls always made her feel.

As Ali writhed on the bed and cried out for more in between licks against Hilary’s pussy, Lindsay tongued her pulsing clit. It was so intense to know she was the first to fuck her sexy sister and that she was bringing her pleasure that no one else had before. It made Lindsay so eager to do this. She licked the tender, swollen bud again and again, going from slow and sensual to fast and intense. She would run her tongue against it, licking every inch of Ali’s clitoris and then give a flurry of hard flicks to her.

Everything Lindsay was doing to her clit was making Ali feel incredible and she wasn’t shy about showing it. Her pussy was practically oozing out her cream now and she could feel herself about to burst. Ali had made herself come before but what she was able to do to herself was nothing compared to this. It was so much better that she couldn’t even chart it.

Her whole body felt right on the edge. Every touch of Lindsay’s tongue to her clitoris had her shaking and Ali knew it was time. Her first real sex orgasm had been growing inside her for so long and now it was finally time to release all that pent up lust.


Lindsay wanted nothing more right then than her sister’s orgasm. She stopped licking Ali’s young clit and instead began sucking it. She wrapped her lips around her sister’s sensitive, full bud and slurped on it hungrily. She had never wanted a girl to come as badly as she wanted Ali to come right then. She used her lips and hand on her little sister at once, using all the love she felt for the girl and turning it into lust as she fucked her. The more Ali writhed and the more noise she made while licking Hilary, the faster Lindsay fucked her.

Lindsay used her mansion-refined technique to nurse Ali’s clitoris, sucking on it tenderly but with passionate lust at the same time she began furiously rubbing her sister’s splayed pussy lips, pushing Ali right over the edge with the orgasm she had been waiting to unleash since the first time she had ever imagined herself with a girl.

“YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH MYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!” Ali howled as her orgasm crashed over her like a tidal wave. She lurched and shook on the bed and gripped tightly to Hilary’s ass while she exploded against her big sister’s face.


Hilary didn’t force Ali to keep licking her. She wanted the girl to have her first real sex orgasm with no distractions. So she pulled away and moaned at the sight of her juices making the teen’s pretty face shiny with desire. God, she wanted to lick that juice right off Ali and taste her own lust, but she didn’t yet. She just watched Ali shake in orgasmic explosion on the bed, fucking herself against Lindsay’s face as one hand held her sister down by her hair and the other mauled her own jiggling teen tits.

Hilary loved seeing Ali shake and scream in orgasmic ecstasy and she adored seeing Lindsay’s beautiful face fused to her own sister’s pussy. Lindsay was so into it. Hilary had never seen her like that before, not even with her, but she didn’t feel jealous at all. Of course Lindsay was into it. This was her sister. Hilary was sure she’d be just as much into it if she was fucking Haylie and Lindsay was there to watch.

Gawwwwwd that was such a hot thought! Hilary’s hand reflexively reached down so she could rub her own pussy at the thought of doing something so naughty. Could she really do that? Could she be as nasty as Lindsay and Ali were? Would Haylie even be into it? Hilary didn’t know but a big part of her was suddenly very eager to find out.

But while Hilary found herself thinking about what Haylie looked like naked and wondering what her pussy tasted like, Lindsay was entirely focused on her own sister. She had her mouth pressed to Ali’s spasming, creaming pussy so she didn’t miss a drop. Her lips were still sucking hard on Ali’s clitoris and she let her sister’s delicious cream fill her mouth. Lindsay kept her mouth planted right on Ali’s cunt, loving how the soft little curls of her dark bush tickled her and made her feel extra naughty as she fed off her sister’s intense orgasm.

Lindsay even felt herself come a little just from gulping down Ali’s cream. It was so hot and delicious. Lindsay kicked herself for even resisting Ali a little bit. This felt so fucking good. She was being so naughty. She’d never done anything as bad as this and it was making her pussy quiver just from the taste of Ali’s orgasm. Her little sister’s screams of ecstasy filled her ears and Lindsay kept slurping at the teen’s creaming cunt, lavishing love with her lips and suckling the tender bud while she rubbed her lips until Ali could take no more and finally had to push her away.

“Ooooooooh gawwwwd soooo good…sooooooo fucking gooooooood…” Ali groaned, her sweaty body lost in a dreamy fugue as her orgasm settled down all over her and she was left gasping in its aftermath. “Oooooh Lindsay mmmmmmm Linds ooooooooh gawwd I can’t…mmmm no more…no more baby….ooooooooooh that felt amazing! Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssss my clitty is soooo tender now!”

“Was that everything you wanted it to be?” Lindsay asked, pulling herself up until she was on her knees in front of Ali and Hilary.

“It was SO much better!” Ali giggled. “Oh gawd it was like a million times better than I ever imagined it would be! I had no idea it was going to feel so awesome and intense! You were so sexy Lindsay! You fuck soooo good! Oooooh I can still feel my whole body shaking! Mmmm kiss me now Lindsay! Give your naughty little sister a kiss! Mmmm I wanna taste myself all over you!”

Ali loved seeing Lindsay’s face covered in her orgasm. Ali felt such a rush of elation over what had just happened. She’d finally done it! She wasn’t a virgin anymore! Sure she technically might have been one since she hadn’t been penetrated and fucked, but Ali sure didn’t consider herself one and the fact that she had lost her virginity to her own beautiful sister just made it more incredible.

The pleasure of her orgasm was still making her body tingle in all the right places and Ali knew she was going to need to feel pleasure like this again and again. She was so happy she had done this and right then all she wanted was more.

And more was exactly what the teenager got when Lindsay leaned in over her and kissed her. It was a soft, sensual kiss between the two sisters. It was very loving and very naughty for the both of them. Ali moaned from tasting herself all over Lindsay’s lips and she deepened the kiss. She’d tasted herself after she’d masturbated, but exploring her body with her fingers and then licking them clean was nothing compared to tasting yourself all over a beautiful woman’s face right after she’d made her come.

Lindsay and Ali both closed their eyes as the forbidden pleasure of their incestuous kiss flowed through their naked bodies. Lindsay parted her lips and Ali eagerly sucked her tongue into her mouth, massaging it with hers and tasting the creamy girl flavor all over it.

Ali was getting more and more experienced by the second and Lindsay loved what her sister was making her feel. The kiss and knowledge of what she’d just done felt amazing and Lindsay wasn’t even thinking anymore about how wrong this was supposed to be. All that mattered was how good it actually was.

The sisters kissed deeply with lots of wet tongue and Lindsay lay atop the teenager. Their bare breasts mashed together, Lindsay’s bigger pair rubbing right into Ali’s firmer set and their hard nipples touched again and again while they rubbed their bodies in a slow grind of naked, sweaty flesh. It felt incredible to be like this and Lindsay could feel her pussy aching for attention at the same time Ali was feeling renewed desire to live out even more of the fantasies about girls she’d kept hidden from her sister until now.

“Oh Lindsay mmmmmm you made me feel sooooooo good!” Ali sighed, breaking the kiss but keeping her big sister close so she could still feel their tits rubbing together. “I love you so much Lindsay! Mmmmm thank you! Mmmm thank you for being such an awesome sister and making me feel good!”

Lindsay was nearly overcome by Ali’s words. She had always loved Ali and wanted to protect her, but she had to admit to herself that she had never felt closer to her little sister than she did now that they had become lovers. Her pussy badly needed some loving and Lindsay could practically hear the words coming out of her mouth where she told Ali that if she really wanted to pay her back she could return the favor and lick her.

But instead of saying that, Lindsay felt more giving. As much desire as she felt for the teenager, she didn’t want to hog her sexy sister all to herself. Instead Lindsay decided there was some unfinished business to take care of first.

“I love you too Ali,” Lindsay replied tenderly, rubbing herself right into her naked sister, making them both moan as their bare tits and wet pussies touched. “Mmmmm I got so wet licking my sexy little sister and now I wanna see something.”

“What? What do you want to see?” Ali asked, eager to do whatever Lindsay wanted so she could pay her back for what she had just done to her. “I’ll do anything for you!”

“Mmmm goody,” Lindsay giggled. “Cause right now I want you to finish what you started. Fuck Hilary! Make her come! I want you to make my girlfriend come Ali! I want to be able to lick Hilary’s yummy cum right off your pretty face!”

“Oooooooh I’ll definitely do that!” Ali smiled back, licking her lips and tasting Hilary all over them as she longed for more of the sexy blonde’s taste. “Mmmm your girlfriend tastes so good Lindsay. I can see why you love fucking her so much. Hilary is so hot! Mmmmm I wish I’d joined in that first night I saw you two!”

“Ohhhh that would have been soooo awesome!” Hilary declared as she sat back, rubbing herself furiously at the thought of Ali crawling into bed with them that night. “You’ve got such a naughty little tongue Ali. You’re gonna be just as good at eating pussy as Lindsay is. Mmmm but you gotta practice and I want you to practice on me!”

Hilary’s pussy was dripping with need to come and the thought of having the wickedly sexy teenager eating her out until she came turned her on even more. She was already so close to coming and Hilary desperately wanted her girlfriend’s little sister to be the one to finish her off. Hilary didn’t feel the slightest twinge of doubt over whether or not it was right to get a 15 year old girl to fuck her. All she knew was how good Ali’s tongue had felt before and how badly she needed to come now.

So Hilary didn’t hold back. She sat down on the bed and slung open her legs lewdly, exposing the dripping pink folds of her aroused cunt and leaving no doubt what she wanted the inexperienced, but eager teen girl to do to her.

“Fuck me!” Hilary demanded. “Oooooh I got so fucking wet watching you two go at it! Mmmmmm I love watching you two! Two sexy sisters getting soooo nasty! Now I need to come! Fuck me Ali! Lick my slutty little pussy! I want that hot tongue on my fucking cunt again! Mmmm fuck me like Lindsay does!”

“Oooooh Hil!” Lindsay sighed with desire at the sight of her girlfriend all worked up. “Mmmmm I wanna watch you now! I wanna see you come for Ali! Fuck her baby! Lick Hilary’s yummy little pussy some more! Show her what a good little sister you are! Make her come!”

As she said this, Lindsay had one hand rubbing her own pussy and the other gently caressing Ali’s bare back. She tenderly touched her little sister, making the teenager moan and rub herself against Lindsay’s naked body. This just felt so right to her and Hilary’s pussy looked so delicious. She could practically see the cum ready to explode out of her and Ali wanted to taste every drop.

Without any further delay, Ali went back to the first pussy she’d licked. Hilary was splayed open for her and Ali loved staring at the girl’s naked body. Her firm tits looked delicious with her hard pink nipples and her pussy glistened both from arousal and from her own saliva. It made Ali so hot to know she and Lindsay had made Hilary this wet and horny. Hilary looked just like one of the hot girls from her pornos…all naked and slutty…and Ali didn’t want to let her down. She wanted to prove she could be just as good as her big sister was.

Ali crawled naked on the bed toward Hilary, tantalizing both Hilary and Lindsay with the sight of her bare teen body and the carnality in her eyes. Hilary stared right at her sexy, horny eyes and the way her firm tits jiggled as she crawled and Lindsay drank in the sight of her sister’s bare ass and still wet slit from behind. She never thought she’d be staring at Ali’s body like she would one of her girlfriends, but Lindsay couldn’t take her eyes off the girl she had just fucked, especially when Ali dove right into Hilary’s splayed pinkness and started licking with confidence.


Ali couldn’t believe what she was hearing and she loved every dirty word flowing from Hilary’s mouth just as much as she relished the sweet, sexy taste of her tight pussy. She had always assumed Hilary was just as sweet and innocent as her image. Heck, until the night she’d caught Hilary naked in bed with her sister Ali had assumed the two girls really did hate each other.

Now she could see up close that not only wasn’t that the case, but that Hilary wasn’t innocent at all. Now she could see that her sister wasn’t the bad influence on Hilary. It seemed like Hilary was the one who made Lindsay naughty and that made Ali so wet for the blonde.

While Hilary screamed out her passion and fucked her face, humping against her with her dripping hot pussy, Ali licked her hard. Hilary tasted even better now than she had before. Ali found the hot tang of her pussy so addictive. It was such a yummy flavor. So sweet and something more that she couldn’t quite put her finger on but she knew she loved tasting. Ali licked furiously at the girl’s tender folds, lapping up the juice that had dripping out to coat her pussy and making even more of it drool right out into her mouth.

Ali had been a bit worried at first that she wouldn’t be as good as Lindsay, but she had quickly ditched that line of thinking. Of course she wouldn’t be as good. Lindsay had fucked Hilary like a zillion times or something and this was just her first. But Ali could feel herself learning with every lick. She knew what she liked for her own pussy and all the pornos she’d watched had given her a map of what got women off. Plus it was so easy for her to know what to do to Hilary when the blonde seemed to love telling her how to do it.

“Yessssssssssssss yesssssssssssssssssss OHHHHHHHHHH FUCK YESSSSSSSSSS!!!” Hilary panted and screamed from the teen tongue attacking her, fucking Ali’s face passionately as she grabbed onto her jiggling tits and squeezed them. “MMMMMMM LICK IT UP ALI! LICK UP THOSE SLUT JUICES FROM MY DIRTY FUCKING PUSSY! MMMMMMMMM FUCK ME BABY! TONGUE FUCK ME! SLAM THAT TONGUE INTO MY TIGHT LITTLE CUNT! OOOOOOH YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME COME ALI! GONNA MAKE ME COME ALL OVER YOUR PRETTY SISTER FUCKING FACE! YESSSSSSSS!!!”

Ali was so turned on by what Hilary was saying. That’s what she was. A dirty little sisterfucker. It felt so good to know Lindsay had been the first to fuck her and that now she was feasting on her sexy sister’s girlfriend. Ali kept Hilary’s legs wide and explored her with her fingers as her tongue thrust into her honeypot. Hilary’s juices coated her tongue with every push past her tight, spread pussy lips and Ali just gulped the yummy flavor down greedily. She couldn’t wait to get Hilary off and then get her tongue right into Lindsay to fuck her too!

Hilary’s passionate screams from Ali eating her out were finally silenced when Lindsay leaned in and gave Hilary a hot kiss. Lindsay and Hilary closed their eyes and wetly tongue kissed, their sweaty bodies rubbing together as Lindsay took over for Hilary and played with her tits, rubbing the firm, pink mounds and using her fingers to tantalize Hilary’s swollen, sensitive nipples. Hilary cried and moaned right into her girlfirend’s mouth, pleasure rushing through every inch of her body.

“Fuck her!” Lindsay moaned into Hilary’s ear, her husky voice driving the blonde wild. “Fuck my baby sister’s face Hil! Make it all creamy! I wanna see her coated in your cum! Just like you do to me! Mmmm just like you do to all our slutty friends in Malibu! Come from that virgin tongue in your hot cunt baby! You’re the first girl to feed my baby sister girl cum and I want it to be special! I want your pussy to gush all over Ali’s face!”

The lewd request from Lindsay nearly had Hilary’s eyes rolling back in her head from desire. Having Lindsay urging her to fuck her sister was indescribably hot to Hilary and Linsday’s dirty talk was making every lick she got from the teenager extra good. Ali was raw in her technique but she’d definitely studied those pornos. She knew where to lick and there was nothing shy about what she was doing. Ali licked wantonly at her pussy as she kept her legs slung open and fucked the teen’s face with passionate thrusts of her hips.

Hilary adored the feel of Ali’s young tongue on her pussy, licking her spread lips and pushing inside to thrust into her. Being tongue fucked by the teenager had pleasure shooting right up to Hilary’s brain and every time she looked down and saw Ali’s pretty young face pressed right up to her cunt as she licked and sucked at her juicy folds, Hilary thought she was going to come. Ali was so eager to please. Her tongue felt so good on her pussy and on her clit and every lick was getting Hilary closer to what she felt was going to be a huge explosion.

Plus, even more than what Ali was actually doing to her, Hilary found herself getting off even more on the knowledge of who was going down on her. She wanted to come so bad. She wanted to cream herself all over the beautiful face of Lindsay’s 15-year-old sister. Hilary looked right down at the seductive Lolita as she lapped furiously at her pussy and squeezed her own tits, loving the sight of the sexy girl’s face pressed right to her cunt.

But Hilary wasn’t the only one who thought Ali looked amazing between her legs fucking her. Lindsay didn’t remember ever being as turned on as she was right then watching her little sister tongue fuck Hilary. Ali looked so beautiful and Hilary was feeling so good and Lindsay felt so proud of her little sister right then.

She wanted Ali to be a hot fuck that any girl would beg to be licked by and she was definitely off to a good start. And the more Lindsay looked down at Ali’s pretty teen face pressed to Hilary’s spread cunt and the more she heard the passionate squeals and screams from her girlfriend and the wet, horny licks coming from her sister’s tongue, the more Lindsay knew she couldn’t just watch.

She had to get in on this and she knew just how to do it.

“Mmmmm lemme show you what Hil really loves,” Lindsay declared with a horny giggle as she moved over until her naked body was right next to Ali’s. “Lemme show you what makes her come like a fucking whore!”

“Yessss show me! Show me how to fuck your girlfriend!” Ali happily urged, more than ready to share this sticky, sweet tasting treat with her sister. “Show me how she likes to have her tight pussy licked! Help me make Hilary come!”

Lindsay wasn’t going for Hilary’s pussy, though. She knew that Ali had that part of her girlfriend’s sexy body well in hand. Lindsay was actually envious that Hilary was feeling Ali’s hot teen tongue and getting off so hard on it. Ali seemed really, really good at eating pussy and Lindsay couldn’t wait to feel that pleasure herself. But with Hilary flat on her back and her legs slung open widely and lewdly, there was another spot that was quite vulnerable to a horny tongue attack.

“Mmmmmm Hilary loves being licked here,” Lindsay purred before diving right into Hilary’s asshole with her wet tongue. She pressed herself flat to her stomach and lapped expertly away at the tight ring, working her tongue in a flurry of wet licks encircling the hole and then pushing inside, just like she knew Hilary adored.


This was right where they had been before Ali had walked in on them and Lindsay definitely felt she had unfinished business with her girlfriend’s tightest hole. Plus if she could show Ali a few things in the process then so much the better and the teen was definitely paying attention.

“Ooooooh girls really like that?” Ali inquired, smiling as she watched her big sister eagerly rim Hilary’s asshole, getting an up close show of what she had seen before from her doorway.

“Mmmmm no…not like…love!” Hilary excitedly moaned back as her whole body shivered with pleasure from Lindsay’s skilled tongue once again licking her puckered hole, each wet touch to her sensitive ring making her writhe against Ali’s sheets. “I fucking love it! Ooooooooooh all the girls I know love it too! It feels so incredible Ali! Mmmmmm gawwwwd you haven’t really lived till you’ve have another girl lick your ass! I love it! Ooooooh and so does Lindsay!”

“You do?” Ali asked, eying Lindsay’s lovely curved, freckled bottom as she began to imagine the wicked things she could do to it.

“Mmmmmhmmm!” Lindsay replied in between licks at Hilary’s hot hole. “I love it up my ass! It feels amazing! Mmmmm I love it all! Fingers! Toys! Oooooh and especially a hot girl tongue! That’s the best Ali! Mmmmm I love being fucked up my slutty ass!’

“Ooooooh!” Ali cooed with an aroused shiver of her own as she pictured her sister being assfucked by Hilary and some of those other girls they had mentioned before like Christina Aguilera and Rose McGowan.

Ali had never been touched there. She had thought about using her fingers there sometimes when she would touch herself while watching her pornos, but she had always shied away, afraid she wouldn’t like it or it would be gross. But watching her big sister lick Hilary there and hearing how much they both loved it made Ali feel a renewed curiosity about what it would feel like to be touched there and touch another girl there too.

But Ali quickly snapped herself out of the dreamy state she was putting herself in picturing licking Lindsay’s asshole like she was doing to Hilary. Ali was neglecting Hilary right then and she didn’t want to do that. She wanted to make Hilary come so she could show her and Lindsay how naughty she was and how she could be just as good in bed as them.

Ali saw Hilary’s pussy all spread open with her pink folds on lewd display, her arousal dripping down. She was shaking and moaning on the bed from Lindsay’s tongue on her ass but her hot, tight pussy looked more than a little lonely. Ali leaned right back in and resumed her licking, tasting all the juice that had coated her lips since she’d been away and then diving in more, working her tongue into her cunt and lapping away at her like she had seen so many girls do before in her pornos.

The renewed tonguing from the teenager had Hilary crying out her pleasure in sharp, ecstastic mews and passionate demands for more. And it also got Ali more encouragement from her big sister.

“That’s it sweetie…fuck her with me!” Lindsay moaned. “Eat her wet pussy! Taste that yummy cream she’s gonna soak you with! Let’s fuck her together Ali. Mmmmm two slutty sisters making Hilary come! That’s gonna get her off so huge! Work that pussy of hers over Ali! Suck her hard clit! Mmmm Hilary’s got such a yummy clitty! It gets so big and hard when she’s turned on! Get those sexy lips of yours on it! Suck her clit! Mmmmm suck on it like I sucked yours! Do it while I lick her ass! I want us to make her come together!”

That sounded like such a hot idea to Ali, especially when Lindsay moved her hand down her back and caressed her bare ass. Ali moaned at her sister’s gentle, but sensual touch and she did the same. She loved Lindsay’s hand feeling up her ass and she brought her hand right to her older sister’s ass too, fondling her toned, sexy cheeks and then going even lower as she felt the heat coming from Lindsay’s cunt.

“Ooooooh you naughty fucking girl!” Lindsay groaned happily when she felt Ali’s young fingers rub against her slit. “Mmmmm feel it Ali! Feel my wet pussy! Feel how wet your slutty sister got for you!”

Lindsay was plenty wet and Ali was giddy as she touched it and imagined licking up that yummy wetness. And the teen’s pleasure only increased when Lindsay moved her hand off her ass and instead got it on her slit from behind too. Both sisters rubbed each other’s pussies and pleasured each other, but they continued to focus most of their attention right on Hilary as the needy girl writhed for the both of them.

“Yessssssssss make me come! Make me fucking come! Please!” Hilary begged, her naked body glowing with perspiration and her tits shaking so enticingly as she thrust her hips and fucked the faces of both Lohan girls as their mouths worked her holes over. “Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase make me come! You’re both so hot! Oooooooh gawwwd two sexy sisters fucking my slutty holes! Mmmmmmmm gawwwwwd this is soooo good! Ooooooh yesssssssssss make me come! Please oh fucking please make me commmme! Ughhhhhhhhhhh I need it soooo bad!”

The pleas from Hilary’s horny mouth got both of the sisters working her over harder. With Hilary’s ass all wet now, Lindsay wickedly thrust her tongue into the tight hole, fucking her girlfriend’s ass just like she knew she loved it as her little sister hovered above her and did just as she was instructed by getting her lips on Hilary’s clit and sucking the full, sensitive bud.


Ali had never made another girl come before and she felt such a giddy excitement as she sucked on Hilary’s clitoris and felt the hot, swollen bud pulse between her lips. She felt so sexy to be able to do this with Lindsay to her sister’s awesomely sexy girlfriend. Hilary was so hot and her pussy tasted unbelievable!

Ali sucked hard on the girl’s clit, loving every scream and every thrust of her hips as Hilary mashed her soaked pussy against her face, rubbing her juices all over her lips and even onto her chin and nose as she got ready to really unleash.

Lindsay had made Hilary come so many times before but this had to be the hottest one ever. It was so intense and amazing to sharing Hilary with Ali. She felt like her girlfriend’s ass, which she had enjoyed time and time again, had never tasted better or been hotter and sexier. Mmmm and she couldn’t wait to taste Hilary’s sugary sweetness all over Ali’s lips. She thrust her tongue hard into Hilary’s asshole, fucking her as deep as her horny tongue could go into Hilary’s spread asshole.

Feeling Ali’s fingers rub her pussy from behind at the same time she was rubbing her little sister made Lindsay fuck Hilary with extra gusto and with the two girl famished tongues working her pussy and ass over, it wasn’t long before Hilary gave Lindsay and Ali what they both craved.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH GAWWWWWWWD!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Hilary shrieked in ecstasy as her orgasm exploded, creaming Ali’s face just as she’d been dying to do. She and Lindsay had been fucking all morning, but this orgasm was the hottest and the hardest she’d had.


Hilary’s pleasure was magnified by Lindsay pulling her tongue up so she could get it on her pussy. Both Lohan sisters licked away at Hilary’s creaming cunt at the same time, their tongues working together to get as much of her orgasm as possible and also prolong the pleasure rushing through her naked body. Ali graciously made room for Lindsay and while she sucked on Hilary’s clit, it was Lindsay working her practiced tongue on Hilary’s folds, letting her orgasmic cream soak her lips just like Hilary was already doing to Ali.

The pleasure of having both sisters’ tongues on her pussy at the same time had Hilary rolling her eyes back in her head as she thrashed on the bed, making it shake just a little with the force of her passion. She was in utter and complete ecstasy as she screamed out from the intensity of her sexual explosion, rocking up and down as her hips bucked wildly from the two tongues working her over.

Her orgasm left Hilary gasping for breath and cooing dreamily as she fell back onto Ali’s soft pillows, resting her head and wondering if the sisters had licked her right to dreamland. She was starting to feel a little sleepy after a morning of doing nothing but fucking, but Hilary forced herself to stay with it as she indulged in her orgasmic afterglow.

She didn’t want to miss what she knew was coming next. She had loved watching Lindsay fuck Ali and she knew the show would be just as hot, if not hotter, when the younger girl returned the favor.

And Hilary didn’t have to wait long for that show. When she fell back to the bed happily gasping, Lindsay and Ali shared a deep, wet tongue kiss, both of them tasting Hilary’s juices on her sister’s lips and tongue.

“Mmmmm you did such a good job on Hil,” Lindsay said with a smile, so proud of her little sister. “Look how happy she is now. Ooooh you’re so hot Ali!”

Ali pulled away from her big sister’s lips to eye Hilary again and enjoy the big smile on the blonde’s face and how good her naked body looked when it was all flushed and sweaty after a big orgasm. Ali felt pretty proud of herself too. She had made a beautiful woman come and it had been an amazing experience. She loved tasting Hilary’s cum all over her tongue and she could feel her face was soaked with it too.

But Ali knew she still had a lot to prove. After all there was still one girl here who hadn’t had her release yet and Ali pressed herself right against her big sister again, passionately kissing her while their bare boobs rubbed together sensually.

Ali adored the feel of her sister’s big, juicy tits against hers. It was such a good feeling to be sitting up on the bed and tongue kissing Lindsay as they were face to face, their hot bodies all sweaty as they pressed together, but Ali knew what was going to be an even better feeling.

“Now you get to come!” Ali gleefully declared, pushing Lindsay down with a playful shove, causing the older girl to giggle as she fell back on the bed next to Hilary. “Mmmmm I’m gonna show my big sister what a good slut I am and how much I learned from making her sexy girlfriend come!”

“Mmmmmm yesssss make me come Ali!” Lindsay groaned, her hands roaming all over her own tits and starting to tug on her hard nipples as she eagerly anticipated what was about to happen. “Fuck me! Make me fucking come like Hilary did! I can’t believe you’re about to fuck me! Mmmmm my own little sister is gonna eat my pussy!”

“I so am!” Ali lustfully promised before kissing down Lindsay’s stomach, pressing her lips all over her sister’s freckled flesh as she got closer and closer to the pussy she wanted most in the world. “I’m gonna fuck you so good Lindsay! Mmmm I’m gonna eat your pussy so good that you’re gonna want me to sneak into bed with you every night so I can do it again and again!”

Lindsay was already thinking about how much more time she was going to be spending with Ali now and the idea of her naughty baby sister sneaking into bed with her at night and them making each other come while their mother had no idea what sluts her little girls really were made her squirm with naughty glee on the bed. Lindsay rubbed her tits enthusiastically, feeling up her own heavy mounds and she spread her legs open, showing Ali just how bad she wanted this.

“Mmmmm fuck yes! Oooooh you’re sooooo wet for me!” Ali giggled in delight while kissing over Lindsay’s belly button and flicking her tongue over the silver piercing through it, making Lindsay coo and moan. Ali could feel the heat from her sister’s cunt and smell her arousal and she couldn’t wait for her first real taste of Lindsay’s pussy.

“Mmmmhmmm I came when I was licking you!” Lindsay moaned, feeling her own cream on her thighs and knowing there was plenty more where that came from. “But it was only a little one! I need so much more! I need you Ali! I need you to fuck me! Make your fucking whore of a sister come! Show me you’re a bad girl too like me!”

“Yesssss I’m such a bad girl!” Ali groaned before licking her big sister’s smooth thighs, relishing the taste of Lindsay’s juices that had run down from her horny pussy and getting off from knowing how wet her sister had gotten from fucking her. “Mmmmm I’m a naughty little whore just like you Lindsay!”

Ali then set right to backing that claim up. Lindsay’s pussy glistened with need and Ali couldn’t wait a second more. With traces of Hilary’s juices still on her tongue, Ali dove into Lindsay’s pussy and started to live out her favorite fantasy. All those nights she had spent dreaming of her big sister’s pussy and wondering what it would taste like and how it would feel to lick it had lead to this and from the first taste on her tongue, Ali knew she was in heaven.

“Oooooooh you taste sooooo yummy!” Ali mumbled in between licks, her mouth right up against her sister’s cunt, making Lindsay moan as she felt Ali’s hot breath against her sensitive folds.

Lindsay’s pussy had recently been shaved and she was plenty smooth for her sister’s tongue. Her bare lips were coated with girl juice and Ali went after every drop. Lindsay just lay back, moaned passionately and spread her legs as wide as she could get them to give her sister plenty of room to play.

“Ooooooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk!!!” Lindsay groaned in intense passion. “Lick me Ali! Lick that slutty, wet pussy! Taste my dirty little lesbo cunt! Mmmmm show me what those fucking pornos taught you baby! Oooooooooh Ali! Yesssssssssssss! Ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssssss baby yessssssssssssss!!! Lick it! Get that tongue all over your own sister’s juicy fucking twat! OOOOOOOOH YESSSS HARDER ALI HARDERRRRRRRRR!!! AHHHH GAWWWWWD FUCK MEEEEEE!!!”

As she watched Ali go down on Lindsay, Hilary said nothing. She was still all sweaty and happy from her own orgasm but she was already soaked for more. Her head remained in a bit of a dreamy daze from what she’d just experienced along with a touch of sleepiness, but she kept her eyes locked on what was still the hottest thing she’d ever seen. To be able to watch Lindsay writhing and shaking on the bed from her own sister’s tongue had Hilary going again in no time, her freshly orgasmed pussy dripping as she reached between her legs to play with it while she gawked at her girlfriend committing incest and loving it.

Hilary didn’t want to disturb the moment by injecting herself into it…at least not yet. She just wanted to lie back on the bed right next to Lindsay and watch her get tongue fucked by her little sister.


Ali loved the filthy words coming out of her sister’s mouth. She wanted Lindsay to fuck her just like she did to Hilary. She wanted Lindsay to see her as one of her sexy, naughty girlfriends and not just a sister. Hearing Lindsay talk like that to her showed Ali truly Lindsay saw her sexually and wanted her as a lover. She desperately didn’t want this to be the one and only time they did this. Ali wanted to be with Lindsay and Hilary again and again and meet all their girlfriends and get a chance to fuck them too!

The more she tasted the more Ali knew she was hooked on pussy. Every time she had done anything with a boy it just hadn’t felt right to her. But this felt so natural and so sexy. Even though it was a huge taboo to be doing this to Lindsay and Ali knew it full well, it just felt so right to be doing this. This was where she belonged. This was what she wanted. This was what felt good to her.

Lindsay tasted so good and so juicy and all Ali wanted right then was to make her sister come. She was pressed flat on her stomach on the bed and she could feel her own pussy get wetter with every lick she took against Lindsay’s smooth, soaked cunt. Ali loved that she was soaking her own sheets with her juices and that they were going to be such a mess with her cum and Hilary’s and Lindsay’s. God, she was being so nasty and it all felt so incredible!

But as good as it felt to be tongue fucking Lindsay as they both lay on the bed, Ali wanted more. It was so hot to be able to stare up from her sister’s pussy to see Lindsay grabbing at her own big tits and seeing her beautiful face contort in ecstasy as she heard every moan and every cry for more. Ali loved the taste of Lindsay’s juices and being able to lick and suck on her pussy lips and then drilling her tongue into her tight folds to fuck her was an awesome feeling. But there were so many things she wanted to do to her sexy sister and she wanted to do them all at once.

Ali felt her body crackle with electricity as all her old fantasies melded in her mind with the new ones she had dreamed up since she had first walked into her room and found Lindsay and Hilary in her bed. She just wanted it all and she didn’t want to wait for anything. As much as she loved pressing her face to Lindsay’s pussy and sucking the juice out of her like she’d seen in so many of her pornos and as much as she loved the sounds Lindsay was making as she did that, Ali wanted to do more and try out different positions.

So when Ali pulled her teen mouth off Lindsay’s wet cunt and happily giggled while licking her lips clean of the yummy juices that coated them, she only did it to change things up a bit.

“Get up Lindsay,” Ali said, asserting herself on her older sister. “Mmmm I wanna see you on all fours now.”

“Oooooh look who thinks she’s all grown up and can give orders,” Lindsay giggled, willing and eager to do anything to feel the teen’s hot tongue licking her until she came. “What’s the deal Ali? You think a few licks is gonna make me your sex slave or something?”

“Uh huh,” Ali replied with a big smile. “Mmmmm I think you like being told what to do Lindsay. Oooooh and I think you’ll like it a lot if your little sister told you what to do and showed you what a naughty slut she really is!”

“Show me then!” Lindsay urged, flipping over and lifting herself up so she was on all fours and her ass was right in Ali’s face. “Is this what you want Ali? Is this what my horny baby sister wants to see? You like this? You like seeing my butt like this? All nice and naked for you? Mmmmm and my hot little pussy from behind, all fucking wet and juicy for your tongue Ali! You like that?”

“Oooooh yessss I like it sooo much!” Ali moaned, sliding her hand between her legs and rubbing her fingers over her freshly slippery slit as she watched Lindsay sensually sway her bare ass in her face.

“Nasty little girl,” Lindsay purred. She did love losing control and indulging in all her desires, giving herself over to other women and letting them take her and fuck her hard and she was getting so wet thinking of being that way with Ali. Her sister had pegged her right on the nose there, but she still wanted the chance to tease and tantalize the budding teen lesbian.

“Oooooh my baby sister is such a fucking nasty girl!” Lindsay continued, swaying her ass back and forth and knowing the toned, freckled cheeks were having almost a hypnotic effect on the teen brunette. “Mmmm I had no idea that you were like this Ali! You must have been going crazy all this time thinking of me. Mmmm like all those times I’d be walking around the house naked and mom would yell at me to put some clothes on but I totally wouldn’t. You must have been loving that Ali. Seeing me naked right out of the shower or when I would only have some panties on. Bet you were doing some serious staring at me, weren’t you? Looking at my big boobs and thinking of kissing and licking them mmmmm and dreaming of tasting my naughty little cunt!”

“Ohhhhhh gawwwwd I was…ooooooooooh I so was staring at you Lindsay!” Ali confessed. “Mmmm you were driving me wild! I thought you were doing it on purpose to make me horny cause you totally were! I loved staring at your hot body! You gave me so many hot dreams!”

That made Lindsay moan again and reach around to toy with her own soaked pussy lips, rubbing the slippery girl flesh and loving how her wetness immediately coated her fingers. Her seduction into loving the touch of women had also turned Lindsay into a bit of an exhibitionist and she loved wandering around the mansion and other safe places totally stark naked to try and entice other girls to fuck her. The habit had stuck at home though Lindsay had never dreamed that her casual nudity would ever arouse someone in her own family. That hadn’t been her goal at all, but Ali’s horniness was a pretty awesome unintended consequence.

“Fuck me Ali!” Lindsay huskily demanded. “Mmmm now I’m giving you a fucking order! Do what you were dying to do every time you saw me naked! Fuck your whore sister! Just like you were before! Mmmm if this is how you want me, all bent over with my ass sticking out, then you have to fuck me! You were making me feel so fucking good before! Now I want more! I need to come and I want you to do it you dirty girl! Show me what a good sister you are Ali!”

“Oooooh I’m gonna be the best sister ever! Mmmm just like Jessica and Ashlee Simpson!” Ali promised, running her hands over the firm cheeks of her sister’s ass. “I do want you like this Lindsay. I want your hot ass in my face! Mmmm I’ve been staring at your beautiful butt for too long and now I want to play! And now that I know what you like Lindsay I wanna do this to you!”

With her hands on each of her sister’s cheeks, Ali got right to work. She spread them open and wickedly exposed Lindsay’s puckered ring. This was something she hadn’t planned to do and it was an entirely new fantasy for her. But after what Lindsay had done to Hilary and having heard that her sister was into it, Ali wanted to give that pleasure to her. Plus she had already broken the biggest taboo of all with what she’d done with Lindsay, so what was one more step into forbidden territory?

Spreading open Lindsay’s asshole, Ali summoned all her nerve and dove in. She had never done this before or even really thought about it so she went entirely on lustful instinct. All she cared about then was making Lindsay feel good and if this was what she liked then Ali was willing to do it. She stuck her tongue out and began wetly rubbing it against Lindsay’s hole. She was a little shy at first with her licks, but it only took a second for Lindsay to start enthusiastically egging her on.


Ali did just as she was told. She began licking faster both from Lindsay’s pleas and from her own discovery over how good this lewd act made her feel. Ali was relieved this wasn’t gross at all. It was really, really hot! It was so naughty to be licking any girl back there…especially her own sister! Ali found herself getting off on the nastiness of this forbidden act and she licked at Lindsay harder, tonguing her asshole with eager, curious licks as Ali strove to experience everything she could during her first sexual encounter and bring intense pleasure to her beloved sister.

And intense pleasure was exactly what Lindsay was feeling. Her whole body was on fire from Ali’s young tongue lapping at her asshole. She had always been so sensitive there and, just like Hilary did, Lindsay loved being fucked up the ass by her sexy girlfriends. Now Ali was fucking her there and Lindsay was overcome with desire from the feel of the teen’s naturally talented tongue tasting her puckered ring and rimming her tender hole with wet licks.

“Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhh gawwwwwwd you’re gonna make me come!” Lindsay groaned in passionate lust, her body tingling with anticipation for the next shattering wave of pleasure to rush through her. “Mmmmm yessssssssss lick my ass Ali! C’mon baby sister! Bury that sweet tongue of yours up my butt! Mmmmmm fuckkkkkk! Ooooooooooooh Ali! How’d you get so good? How’d my baby sister get sooooo nasty? Mmmmm no way this is really your first time!”

“It is!” Ali truthfully insisted in between licks of Lindsay’s asshole, the older girl’s hole wetly glistening from the teen’s saliva as Ali kept Lindsay’s cheeks lewdly spread open. “Mmmmmmm I’m totally new at this! You like Lindsay? You liking my naughty tongue up your yummy ass? Mmmmmm you and Hilary are soo right! It’s so hot to lick another girl’s butt! Oooooh Lindsay I want you to do it to me next! Lick my virgin ass like I’m licking yours!”

Dreaming of tasting her sister’s other cherry hole just like she’d licked Ali’s fresh, young pussy had Lindsay moaning in delicious anticipation. Goosebumps formed all over her freckled body and Lindsay felt her orgasm getting closer and closer. She wanted to do so many things to Ali and she wanted Ali to do everything back to her. There were no more boundaries between them and Lindsay reveled in that. Things were never going to be the same between them after this and Lindsay felt it would make things even better now that her sister was her naughty lover too.

When Ali worked her tongue back onto her ass, lapping enthusiastically at her sensitive ring, the pleasure pulsed through Lindsay’s body. The busty girl was on all fours with her ass in Ali’s face and the feel of the teen’s tongue attacking her hole had Lindsay bucking back and forth, fucking herself against Ali and gasping in ecstasy from her hot tongue invading her tight ass.


Seeing that Lindsay was right on the edge, made Hilary want to jump right into the fun. She’d been silently sitting up on the bed, rubbing her still creamy pussy over what she was seeing. The only sounds she’d been making had been soft mews of pleasure from her fingers rubbing her cunt lips at the sight of Ali rimming Lindsay’s hot ass. Hilary had licked that hole so many times. She and Lindsay both loved it up the ass and were so practiced at each other’s bodies. Now seeing Ali licking her own sister’s asshole had Hilary’s fingers soaked with her dripping juices.

It had been so amazing to just sit there and watch this intense action, letting these incestuous images burn into her brain. But with Lindsay right on the verge of coming, Hilary couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. She wanted to help, just like Lindsay had helped Ali make her come.

“Yeah! Make her come! Make your hot sister come!” Hilary groaned as she moved down the bed and began rubbing her naked body into Ali’s while the teen licked at Lindsay’s. “Oooooh you’re licking her ass so good Ali! Mmmmm Lindsay loves that! She’s such a slut when it comes to taking it up the ass! Oooooh and so am I! But now I’m gonna show you how to get Lindsay off!”

“Yesssssss help me! Help me make her come!” Ali pleaded, wanting only to pleasure Lindsay and happy for any help Hilary could give. “Show me what Lindsay likes! Show me how to fuck your girlfriend Hilary like she showed me how to fuck you!”

“Mmmmm I’m so glad you asked,” Hilary beamed before kissing Ali gently on the lips, deepening the kiss with the teenager as she tasted Lindsay’s ass on her tongue.

“Oooooh I love kissing you,” Ali sighed when hers and Hilary’s mouths pulled apart. “You and Lindsay are so hot!”

“So are you!” Hilary assured the girl. “Now let’s show Lindsay how hot you are. Let’s make her come!”

“Yessssssss pleaaaaaaaaaase!” Lindsay begged swaying her ass in Ali’s face in horny need. “Make me come Ali! Fuck me! Ooooooh gawd I can’t believe I want my own sister to make me fucking come but you’re so hot Ali! I’m so wet and ready for you baby! I’m gonna cream so much for you!”

“Show me what to do,” Ali urged Hilary, wanting Lindsay’s cum more than ever and hoping she could make her sister feel as good as she’d felt from Lindsay’s hot tongue. “Show me how to do it right.”

“You did just fine on me,” Hilary giggled, rubbing her naked body into Ali’s. “Mmmm you made me come so hard and I know you’re gonna do the same to Lindsay. You were making her feel so good before licking her ass. You looked so hot, Ali, with your pretty face buried in that yummy ass! But now I want you to take a finger and push it into Lindsay. Fuck that hole you were just licking!”

Ali was putty in Hilary’s hands and was happy to do anything the blonde told her. She knew she had a lot to learn still and was eager for as much sexy advice as she could get. And Lindsay’s pleas were just extra fuel to the fire.

“Yeahhhh fuck my ass Ali! Finger fuck that tight little hole!” Lindsay hornily demanded. “Fuck me and make me come!”

“Mmmmm you mean like this?” Ali inquired with a naughty little giggle as she broke another taboo by giving her sister just the touch she was begging for by rubbing her saliva coated asshole with her finger.


Lindsay reacted with nothing but loud cries of joy when Ali did just as she was told and slowly slid one of her fingers into her puckered ring. Lindsay’s asshole was plenty snug, but it had been licked more than well enough for one of her slim fingers and Ali was quickly told what to do next.

“Fuck her!” Hilary said in between sexy kisses to Ali’s neck while making sure her wet pussy was grinding against her tight teen ass from behind. “Get that finger up your sister’s ass! Fuck her good Ali! Mmmm loosen her up and you can give her more fingers!”


Ali felt her heart beating fast in her chest from adrenaline as she finger fucked her big sister’s tight ass. The puckered ring clenched around her finger and made it so hot to be able to loosen her up a little. Ali had never done anything like this before and the wicked rush she got from finger fucking another girl’s ass was wonderfully intense. So she did as she was told and pushed a second finger up Lindsay’s butt, pumping them in as she began to stretch her sister’s hole out.


Ali was really starting to love the feeling of fingering Lindsay’s ass and the more Lindsay cried out for it, the harder Ali gave it to her. She fingered her with a growing speed and force with her two thrusting fingers and moaned when she felt Hilary’s hot breath tickle her ear as she whispered instructions to her.

“Know what you’re gonna do next?” Hilary asked.

“Mmmmm noooo tell me,” Ali cooed. “Tell me how to fuck Lindsay!”

“You’re gonna make her come just like you made me come,” Hilary instructed the eager teen. “Don’t take your fingers out of her ass. Lindsay loves that. Keep fucking her! Mmmm but you’re also gonna kneel down behind your hot sister and eat her pussy! I want you to give it to Lindsay’s pussy at the same time you’re fingering her ass! Suck her clit like you did to me while you’re fingering her and Lindsay will totally come so hard for you! Mmmmm you like that? You like the idea of Lindsay filling up your mouth with hot, nasty sister cum?”

“Ooooooh yessssssssssss oooooooooh soooo nasty!” Ali groaned, closing her eyes with desire. “Mmmmm I wanna eat her cum! I wanna have her fill my mouth so I can swallow it! I wanna be such a bad girl and fuck my slutty sister and make her come!”

Hilary felt so hot as she rewarded Ali’s nasty words with another hot kiss before she broke it off quickly and began pushing Ali down toward Lindsay’s waiting cunt. The eager teenager didn’t need the push, but Hilary gave it to her anyway and Ali reacted by burying her face into Lindsay’s pussy from behind, lapping at the juice dripping off her tender, pink folds at the same time she kept her two fingers pumping into Lindsay’s ass, fucking the tight ring and making her fill the room with nothing but happy sex sounds.

It was so nasty to be doing this and Hilary felt like she was totally in control of the situation and that Lindsay and Ali were like sexy dolls for her to play with. She had never experienced that kind of sensation before and it felt strange, but good. Hilary loved the show she was getting and the more she saw Ali lick against Lindsay’s pussy with her horny, young tongue at the same time she was filling up her butt with her slim fingers, the more she pictured herself in the same position in bed with Haylie, giving it to her big sister’s surely hot holes.

Hilary reached down between her legs to rub herself, using one hand to spread her slick cunt lips open and the other to slide two of her fingers into her sodden folds. God, she was so fucking wet watching this and thinking of seducing Haylie was making her even wetter! She loved being able to command her girlfriend and her sexy little sister and make them mess around and Hilary found herself dreaming of having the tables turned and having Lindsay and Ali see a hot show with her and Haylie where they got a chance to tell them what to do! Oooooh that would be sooo fucking hot!

But while Hilary was having forbidden fantasies about her own big sister, Lindsay was experiencing everything that Ali could do. Her younger sibling had so much raw talent. Each forbidden lick and slurp against her soaked cunt had Lindsay quivering and the hot fingers up her ass were making her grunt and sweat and moan nonstop as she rocked back and forth on her hands and knees on the bed, fucking herself against Ali’s pretty young face.

Ali was raw in her technique. She went a little too fast and it was like she was trying to do everything at once. But Lindsay knew she had once been like too and her friends at the mansion had shown her how to slow down and truly pleasure another woman. It had taken time for her to get really good and Lindsay couldn’t wait to give that kind of training to Ali, hopefully with Hilary and their mansion friends helping.

As raw as Ali might have been, her no longer virginal tongue still felt absolutely incredible. Plus knowing who it was that was licking and fucking her was more arousing to Lindsay than even the hot licks Ali was taking. She still couldn’t believe she was doing this with her own sister, but it felt so good that all Lindsay wanted was to come and do this all again and again, getting nasty and slutty with Ali as she showed the teen everything she knew.


Having fantasized about this so many times, Ali felt like she was truly on the edge of paradise now. She wanted this even more than she had wanted her own orgasm. She could see Hilary touching herself out of the corner of her eye and definitely heard the moans and grunts coming from her sister’s sexy girlfriend. It made Ali so wet to know she was putting on a hot show but nothing turned her on more than knowing she was pleasuring her beautiful big sister. Lindsay had been through so much and all Ali wanted to do was make her feel good.

Lindsay’s clitoris was so plump and swollen with need and Ali gasped happily when she caught it between her lips and started to suck on it. It was such an amazing thing to feel another girl’s clit throb between her lips. Having done this to Hilary and now to Lindsay, Ali now knew that fucking girls was everything she had wanted it to be and more. She trapped Lindsay’s hot clit between her lips and sucked it greedily while still keeping her fingers buried inside Lindsay’s tight ass, fucking and sucking her sister just like Lindsay wanted.

Lindsay thrashed her head up and down from the ecstasy pumping through her body as Ali gave her the double treatment she always loved. There was nothing better than being fucked up the ass and having a hot mouth on your pussy at the same time and having her own sister do it to her just made it nastier and hotter, just the way Lindsay loved her sex. It all felt so fucking good and, her body rocking and shaking, Lindsay felt her orgasm explode from Ali’s incredible touch.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!!” Lindsay screamed as she came, her pussy juice soaking Ali’s face as her asshole tightly clenched around the teen’s probing fingers. “YESSSSSSSSSSS FUCK YESSSSSSSS!!! OHHHHHHHHHH ALIIIIIIIIII!!! YEAHHHHHHHHH MAKING YOUR SISTER COMMMMMMMME!!!!”

As much as she had loved Hilary’s orgasm, nothing was hotter to Ali than feeling the heat of Lindsay’s orgasming pussy against her face and having the sweet sister cum fill her mouth. Lindsay’s cream was so delicious and Ali couldn’t get enough of it. She gulped down her sister’s intense orgasm and let the cum soak her taste buds as she swallowed it and felt her own little orgasm rush through her just like Lindsay had experienced when she had made her come.

Lindsay kept screaming out her ecstasy as the pleasure washed over her with wave after wave of intense release. She couldn’t remember the last time she had come so hard and she had to close her eyes to keep it from overwhelming her. Ali just kept sucking her clit and fucking her ass as she came and that only drew out the pleasure as Lindsay kept crying in bliss until her throat was sore.

God it was all so fucking good and Lindsay felt like she even might have blacked out because one second she was closing her eyes and the next she was still bent over with her well fucked pussy and ass in the air but her sweaty forehead was now pressed to a pillow and she could hear Hilary and Ali kissing behind her.

Turning over so she was now flat on her back, Lindsay moaned as she felt her tits jiggle and her pussy, now super sensitive from what she’d just experienced dribble more of her cum onto her thigh. She was tired but so very happy and her flushed face smiled at the sight of Hilary and Ali tongue kissing and rubbing their naked bodies together. They looked so fucking sexy like that and Lindsay moaned with fresh desire as she saw Hilary bring Ali’s hand up to her mouth and start to wantonly suck the fingers that had just been fucking her ass.

She still couldn’t believe what had just happened, but Lindsay was glad it had. Ali was so beautiful and so sexy and while in the back of Lindsay’s mind she was remembering that she and Hilary were supposed to be getting themselves to Vegas to meet their friends, she had a feeling that the two of them were going to be spending some more time in bed with her little sister first.

* * * * *

Meanwhile, miles and miles away, two girls kissed each other passionately, the back of the limo they were in filled with the wet sounds of their lips smacking together and the moans from their aroused mouths. The girls seemed seconds away from devolving into full blown making out, but before they got that far, one of them put the brakes on.

“No…no…stop…we…we can’t…” Natalie Portman claimed even though her voice seemed far from convinced about the words she was saying.

“Awwww why not?” Scarlett Johansson playfully protested as she ran her fingers through Natalie’s soft brown hair. “Can you think of a better way to pass the time?”

The truth was Natalie couldn’t. Kissing a beautiful girl sure was an incredible way to wait for the rest of their party to arrive, especially if Scarlett was that girl.

Natalie and Scarlett were waiting in the back of the limo they had shared to the private airstrip where Christina’s jet waited to take them all off to Vegas. They had been the first to arrive and with time to kill until Sarah and Love and everyone from the mansion arrived, kissing had seemed the natural solution.

After all it wasn’t like Natalie and Scarlett hadn’t kissed before and weren’t intimately aware of every inch of each other’s bodies. They were co-stars turned lovers, even though nothing had happened until well after the film wrapped.

Neither had had any idea the other had harbored a fierce crush on the other until one night fate had led them both to the mansion on the same night. Once they had found out the other was into girls, they had pushed aside their shock and went right for each other to live out the erotic fantasies that had filled their minds since they had met. The two had been virtually inseparable since then. So it was nothing new for them to be kissing each other, but Natalie couldn’t help but feel a little hesitant.

“I don’t want him to see…” Natalie shyly replied as she tilted her head toward where the driver sat.

“The divider’s up,” Scarlett seductively pointed out as her hand moved off Natalie’s head and instead lightly traced the outline of her breasts through her shirt. “He can’t see or hear us. Relax sweetie. It’s just you and me back here. So let’s have some fun. Besides I know you weren’t always so shy about the back of limos. Kirsten told me what happened the first time you two hooked up.”

Natalie blushed but smiled, giggling a little as she remembered her first time with a girl. She had innocently accepted a ride back from an awards ceremony with Kirsten, never expecting that soon Kirsten would be kissing her and touching her and telling her all about her relationship with Eliza and how good a woman could be in bed.

It hadn’t taken long for Kirsten to get her to respond to her soft, sensual touch. Natalie had always been curious and Kirsten’s kisses had felt so good that she had been pretty easy to seduce. Soon their clothes had been coming off in the back of the limo as Kirsten started to introduce her to the pleasure of other women.

Since that night Natalie had been hooked on girls. She had been with so many sexy girls that she had barely thought about men since that first night with Kirsten and Eliza. But she hadn’t connected with any of those girls like she had with Scarlett.

The two had been good friends on the set, but now they were so much more and Scarlett certainly didn’t need to do much convincing to get Natalie to kiss her some more.

“Well if he won’t see….” Natalie smiled, relenting and getting what she and Scarlett both wanted.

The blonde leaned in and kissed Natalie’s lips tenderly once more. It was such a soft, warm kiss that even if Natalie had never kissed a girl before, she would have found it impossible to resist Scarlett’s lips. Natalie kissed Scarlett right back, their sexy lips touching and parting so they could get their tongues into the fun too.

Scarlett moaned when Natalie’s tongue slowly slid into her mouth and massaged hers. Those moans grew louder when Natalie returned the favor for her touch and reached up to gently massage Scarlett’s tits through her t-shirt. Like most everyone on the planet, Natalie couldn’t resist Scarlett’s large breasts and Scarlett welcomed the touch.

While they continued to wetly trade kisses, Scarlett arched her back to push more of her chest forward and Natalie began playing with them more intently, squeezing them through her thin shirt and bra with her soft, small hands.

The two girls made out blissfully as time slipped by and when they finally paused for air they smiled giddily at each other. Rose had promised them both an absolutely wild weekend in Las Vegas and things were certainly off to a good start. Both of them were looking forward to some hot times with their sexy girlfriends from the mansion, but Scarlett actually had something more in mind.

“You know Natalie,” Scarlett said softly as they both caught their breath from the intense kisses they’d shared. “I was thinking…well…you know no one’s really said anything about sleeping arrangements or anything this weekend. Hell, I don’t even know where we’re all staying but I was hoping that you and I might bunk up together.”

It was a roundabout way of saying she wanted to share a bed with her friend, but then again Scarlett had never been very good at this part. She could handle sex. She could handle lust and desire and naughtiness, but it was the intimacy that always threw her. A string of broken relationships in her past was plenty proof of that and Scarlett didn’t want Natalie to just be another notch on her bedpost. But she was having trouble putting that into words.

Fortunately, intimacy was where Natalie excelled and she knew exactly what her friend was saying. Even if Scarlett couldn’t quite get her feelings into words, Natalie could sense them and she definitely felt the same way. It had taken far longer than it should have for her and Scarlett to hook up and Natalie wasn’t about to waste more time.

“I’m already a step ahead,” Natalie smiled as she opened up her bag and pulled out a confirmation sheet she’d printed out from her computer. “I wanted to surprise you since I don’t know what the plan is either, but I booked a room at the Palms. I think pretty much everyone’s staying there. And…well since there’s gonna be plenty of space in my room, I was hoping you’d stay with me. I got the room for us.”

Scarlett’s smile in response said without words that she definitely accepted.

“I like the way you think,” Scarlett told her friend.

“Mmmm and I like the way you were just kissing me,” Natalie replied with a big smile of her own, her nerves over the driver’s possible discovery long forgotten. Everything else paled in comparison to being able to make out some more with Scarlett.

Scarlett and Natalie began moving closer to each other for another kiss, but before they could actually make contact with their lips, there was a loud tapping against the window. The surprised girls reflexively pulled apart, but they relaxed when they realized it wasn’t from the driver’s divider, but rather from the window on Scarlett’s side of the limo, which no one could see inside from.

Scarlett slowly lowered the window to find out what was up and saw something that made her and Natalie relax even more. Outside the window was the smiling and very friendly face of Kelly Clarkson.

“Hey girls,” Kelly beamed. “Glad to see we found the right place.”

Kelly then turned around and waved at the car which had just arrived.

“It’s ok, we are at the right air strip. We’re not the only one’s here Leesh,” Kelly called out, causing the car to open up and for Elisha Cuthbert to climb out with her bags in tow.

“We thought we might be at the wrong air strip,” Kelly explained as she turned around again toward Natalie and Scarlett while Elisha walked toward them and their driver pulled away in their no longer needed car. “There are just so many around here. We didn’t want to make a mistake and since we didn’t see anyone from the mansion, we weren’t sure.”

“Well you’re definitely in the right place,” Scarlett replied. “Looks like we were the first to arrive though.”

“I don’t want to be a leech or anything, but you mind if we hang out in there with you? It’s kind of hot out here,” Kelly asked as Elisha walked up, not saying anything, which was unusual for the usually enthusiastic blonde.

“Sure no problem, there’s plenty of room here,” Scarlett said, opening the door and letting their fellow passengers inside.

Natalie pouted a bit to herself as Elisha and Kelly crashed their private party. She had been hoping to spend some more time alone with Scarlett, but that disappointment quickly faded. She had been with both Elisha and Kelly before and not only did she know how hot both of them were, but she genuinely liked them.

Besides, she told herself, she would have plenty of time to be alone with Scarlett and this trip promised a lot of fun in big groups, something Natalie was very excited over.

And she wasn’t the only one excited. Kelly seemed bursting at the seams as she chatted away while climbing into the limo.

“Isn’t this going to be incredible?” Kelly asked in her slightly twanged voice. “I can’t wait to get there! I mean I was going to go anyway, cause I love helping out charity, but being able to go with you and Natalie and everyone from the mansion is just going to be amazing. I know we’re going to have so much fun! Rose won’t tell me what she’s got planned for everyone, but she told me there’s going to be all kinds of surprises and she’s got everything set up. Mmmmm God, I’m just so pumped to go!”

“We can tell,” Natalie teased. She felt the same way, even if she wasn’t bubbling over with it the way Kelly was.

Natalie couldn’t wait to get there and put herself in the hands of her gorgeous Malibu friends. She might have seemed calm on the outside, but Natalie inside was burning with desire to get naked and go wild with her girlfriends.

Even in her excited state, Natalie couldn’t help but notice that not only had Elisha not said anything but a mumbled hello, she seemed visibly nervous. She was usually so friendly and talkative, but today she was silent as a mouse and seemed completely preoccupied. Whatever was on her mind was weighing down heavily upon her.

“Hey Elisha, are you ok?” Natalie asked. “Is something wrong?”

“I’m fine,” Elisha replied, but it was soft and another mumble. Everyone had to strain to hear her.

“She’s ok,” Kelly interjected. “She’s just a little scared of flying.”

Elisha nodded her head but didn’t say anything. Scared was actually putting it mildly. The idea of flying terrified her. She was usually ok once they got into the air, but take offs were always so nerve wracking for her.

Elisha would have been so happy to drive up to Vegas, but the girls had all wanted to fly and Elisha didn’t want to travel alone. So she had sucked up her nerves and agreed to fly, but now that she was actually at the airport and the plane was looming in front of her, she felt all her fears come back in force.

“Awww sweetie, we’re going to be fine,” Natalie assured the blonde. “Trust me. We’re in very safe hands.”

“I can’t help it,” Elisha admitted. “I know you’re right Natalie and people keep telling me nothing’s going to happen, but I just get so nervous about flying. I’ve tried everything to get over it, but until we’re back on the ground I’m just a nervous wreck.”

“It’s a short flight. We’ll be landing before you know it,” Scarlett pointed out hoping to relax the girl and make this flight fun for her.

She didn’t know Elisha that well. They’d met only a few times before and until the other night at the mansion, Scarlett had no idea they had similar interests. But she liked the girl on first sight and certainly was more than a little interested in getting a chance to fuck her. Besides, any sexy friend of Natalie’s was a friend of hers.

“I know,” Elisha said even as she nervously wrung her hands together. “It’s just…I can’t not get scared about it. I’m a terrible flyer.”

But before Elisha got too nervous, Kelly took her hand in hers and caressed it, smiling at her friend. That got Elisha smiling and she suddenly felt a little better. She and Kelly hadn’t known each other before they had ended up at the mansion together one day but they had bonded quickly and become good friends. It was always nice to have a friend backing you up and making you feel safe, especially if that friend was as sexy as Kelly.

Elisha’s smile over Kelly’s gentle touch certainly got Scarlett and Natalie’s attention. They didn’t say a word, but they shared the same thought about how best to handle it and they knew it. A wink from Scarlett to Natalie just confirmed it and they made their move. The two were sitting across from Kelly and Elisha in the limo so it was easy for them to cross over and get close to their guests.

“Maybe we can help you relax a little,” Natalie offered as she snuggled herself up to Elisha, sandwiching the blonde girl between her and Kelly. “I know a way we can get your mind off the flight.”

Natalie felt her pulse race with excitement over how bold she was being and she loved it. Despite her earlier fears of being discovered by their driver, she was plenty keyed up for this trip and Elisha looked so delicious right then. Natalie wanted to do everything she could to help the girl calm down, especially if it meant licking Elisha’s nerves away.

Elisha wasn’t too nervous to not appreciate the attention. In fact it was just what she wanted. If anyone could make her get over her fear of flying, she knew these girls could do it and she wanted to give them every chance to try.

So she leaned in and gave Natalie a soft kiss on the lips, something Natalie immediately returned. The two were already behind the others, though, since Scarlett hadn’t said a word to Kelly. She had just gone over to her and immediately started kissing her.

Scarlett had shown no inhibition about going over to a girl she barely knew and had never been with before and giving her a sexy kiss. She didn’t act this way with men, but there was something about girls that brought out her wild side. It had been the same way when she had blatantly offered herself up to Kirsten and gotten herself rehooked on hot girls in the process. Besides, Kelly’s lips looked so soft and kissable and Scarlett hadn’t been able to resist them.

While Kelly had been a bit surprised to be suddenly kissed like that, it wasn’t as though she had minded it. Someone as sexy as Scarlett was allowed to do whatever she wanted to her as long as it felt good and making out with the gorgeous actress definitely felt good.

Kelly closed her eyes and indulged in the pleasure of Scarlett’s perfect lips against hers. She loved knowing so many people fantasized about kissing her, but she actually got to do it and find out the feel of her lips exceeded the fantasy by far.

But before they got too far, the impromptu make out session was interrupted by the sounds of doors being opened and closed and the chatter of a group of girls. Pulling away from Elisha, Natalie lowered the window and confirmed what was happening.

“They’re here,” Natalie brightly declared, announcing the arrival of the trip’s Malibu contingent.

As the girls pulled their bags out of the back of the cars, many were in mid-conversation.

“I can’t believe you let her talk to you that way,” Rose said, shaking her head in amazement at what Jennifer had told her on the way.

“I know,” Jennifer replied. “I just never expected her to be like that. I tried…”

“No I mean I can’t believe you didn’t drag little Missy Hogwarts to the back of the store, bend her over your knee and spank that slut’s ass,” Rose interrupted. “Mmmm I’ll bet she would have loved that and then you could have flipped her over, found out how wet that pussy of hers was and shown her just how good girls fuck.”

“God Rose…I couldn’t have done that there,” Jennifer sighed, once again telling herself she shouldn’t have been surprised at Rose’s insistence she should have taken Emma up on her offer right in the middle of the bookstore.

“That’s what you need me for,” Rose teased, throwing her arm around Jennifer’s shoulder and pulling her close while walking toward the plane. “I’m the one who’s got to show you girls how to get those hot pieces of ass and make them beg for more. I’d have slammed her against the shelves and fucked her little ass with Mr. Snappy. You’re still way too shy Jen. You’ve gotta grab those opportunities when they come your way. Right Sarah?”

“Huh? What?” Sarah replied, distracted because she was also on her cell phone and hadn’t heard what Rose was saying. “Right. Whatever you say is right Rose.”

“See, Jen?” Rose laughed. “Sarah thinks you should have fucked her too.”

Jennifer just rolled her eyes and gave Rose a playful shove as Sarah continued talking on her phone.

“Yeah, we’re right about to board,” Sarah said as she spoke to Alyson. “When are you going to get there? Awwww ok. Well I’ll see you in a few hours. I know. I wish you were on the plane too.”

Sarah smiled as Alyson teased her with little details about the naughty fun still buzzing around her bedroom, focusing especially on what a naughty girl Cobie was turning into. But then Alyson had a question for her.

“Hmmmm? Hayden? Yeah she’s with us,” Sarah replied. “I see her right now. Why?”

“Ohhhhh no reason,” Alyson grinned as she eyed Kristen Bell eating out Charisma flat on her tummy on the bed, her beautifully round ass just begging to be touched. “I just have someone there I want to make sure she hooks up with.”

“Well we’ll have plenty of time for that once you get there,” Sarah said as she looked at Hayden and wondered what it was her best friend was planning for her. “Get going soon. I can’t wait to be with you there. Mmmm I know. It’s going to be incredible. What? Oh yeahhhh I’m sure we can definitely get some time there where it’s just you and me. But I’ve gotta get on the plane now Aly. I’ll see you soon sweetie. Love you.”

Sarah walked toward the plane, but couldn’t help but look back at Hayden and watch the teen give Scarlett a very friendly hug as she jumped out of the limo with Natalie, Kelly and Elisha. Whatever Alyson had in mind, Sarah just hoped she would have a chance to watch because she knew it was going to make Hayden feel good.

Everyone who was scheduled to be on the flight was there and they all boarded as quickly as they could. Sarah, Love, Rose, Jennifer, Jessica, Jewel, Q’Orianka, Stacy, Alyssa, Hayden, Elisha, Scarlett, Kelly and Natalie all took their seats on the Gulfstream jet.

Hayden walked down the aisle, trying to figure out where to sit, when she suddenly saw Alyssa patting the seat next to her. She eagerly grabbed that seat as Q’Orianka set herself next to her cousin, Scarlett and Natalie sat together and Kelly squeezed Elisha’s hand in support again while sitting next to her, the blonde’s nerves once again obvious.

Christina never spared any expense on herself and that included her plane. Not only did it comfortably seat the entire group, but there was a full kitchen and bathroom on board and, naturally, a bed for when Christina felt sleepy, amorous or both. The plane left a huge carbon footprint in its wake, but green living wasn’t paramount on Christina’s mind when she bought it.

And speaking of Christina, as the girls settled into their seats and fastened their belts, one question remained. Where was their hostess?

There had been no sign of Christina or of Britney who was always by Christina’s side these days. There were still two empty seats on the plane and everyone assumed they were supposed to be for the pop stars.

“Hey, where’s Chrissy?” Rose finally asked.

“Oh God, you don’t think she’s going to try and fly the plane is she?” Alyssa asked as a joke, unintentionally causing Elisha to reflexively stiffen in fright.

But the answer was not nearly so dramatic and it soon became clear just where the singer was.

“Is everyone here?” Christina asked, her head popping out from the middle of the drawn curtains separating the cabin from the rest of the plane. “We’re good to go? Ok. Rose just knock on the door and tell the captain we’re ready.”

Rose wondered for a second how it came to be that she was doing Christina’s work for her, but she shrugged her shoulders and got up, lightly tapping on the reinforced pilot’s door. It was the signal they had been waiting for and they started up the plane as Rose retook her seat.

As the engines started up and takeoff loomed, Elisha gripped onto the armrest with her free hand as Kelly held onto the other one and gave her friend a reassuring smile. Everyone else was settling in for the flight, but Elisha was getting more nervous by the second.

Elisha managed to keep her control, though, thanks to Kelly being there for her, Even though she began breathing heavily as the plane began moving and speeding up down the runway for takeoff, her friend’s reassuring hand kept her from becoming too frightened.

The plane began its takeoff and Elisha closed her eyes and bit on her lip, wishing with everything she had that she was back in the limo kissing Natalie again. Fortunately the idea of kissing a beautiful woman soon had Elisha thinking of other things beside her fear and, before she knew it, the plane was in the air and she felt herself starting to relax.

“You ok?” Kelly asked her friend, still holding onto Elisha’s hand.

Elisha nodded her head and sharply exhaled, feeling a little bit better with every problem free second they were in the air. Having Kelly hold her hand through this was making it much easier and Elisha was looking forward to rewarding her when they landed, hopefully with a threesome she’d been dreaming about for some time now involving her, Kelly and Cameron Diaz.

Cameron was the one who got her into all this and Kelly was becoming one of her closest friends. They were both so beautiful and so much fun in bed that the thought of them naked together with her made Elisha very happy indeed.

Once they were airborne, the girls were settled in and had begun talking, reading, listening to their iPods or staring at the sky as they flew. The seating was divided into four rows with an aisle in between them, putting two seats on each side.

The soft leather seats were plenty comfortable and Rose settled back, closing her eyes as she took a chance to rest after a morning of cracking the whip on her housemates and exerting herself with Hayden, Jessica and Maria. She enjoyed the moment of peace and quiet, but it lasted only as long as it took for the curtain in the back to open up again so Britney and Christina could saunter out.

The two singers seemed to always draw attention to themselves wherever they went and today was no exception, especially since Christina and Britney were wearing stewardess uniforms. But these were far from the typical uniforms one would find on a normal flight.

Instead the outfits would have been far more in place in a porno movie about slutty stewardesses and the two singers wore them with pride. Britney and Christina were in identical uniforms that were navy blue with a gold trim. The skirts barely went past their asses and the uniform tops were cut down deep to allow for a large display of cleavage from the busty blondes. The costumes were topped off by the caps the girls wore on their heads.

Satisfied that she had everyone’s attention, Christina began to address her passengers while walking up to the front of the cabin with Britney in tow.

“Thank you for flying Air Xtina this morning,” Christina said as 14 pairs of eyes stared at her and Britney. “Please be advised there is no smoking on this flight. The captain has turned off the seatbelts sign so feel free to move about the plane. In the case of an emergency the exits are located to your left and your right…”

As Christina said this, Britney helpfully held out first her left hand and her right hand to show them off. Of course the girls were too busy either staring at the tight costumes they wore and how good their large tits looked in them to take much notice of the emergency exits.

“And in the case of a water landing please be advised that these can be used as a flotation device…” Christina devilishly declared before reaching up from behind and grasping Britney’s breasts through her uniform, getting a happy gasp from the singer, even if she was less than pleased about being teased.

“Chrissy! You said you weren’t going to say that!” Britney protested even though she wasn’t really mad about it.

“I couldn’t help it,” Christina admitted with a grin before giving Britney a soft peck on the lips as a way of asking forgiveness and then turning her attention back to her passengers.

“Now at Air Xtina we take pride in catering to our passengers’ every needs,” Christina said as she kept her hands on Britney’s tits, massaging them through her uniform and making her girlfriend moan. “We’ll make sure you get whatever you desire and I think you’ll find that we offer personal, hands on service up here in the very friendly skies. Now can I get you girls anything? Coffee, tea or pussy?”

With that last question passing her lips, Christina pulled herself away from Britney and set herself down in Rose’s lap. Rose and Love were sitting in the front row seats on the right and Christina threw her arms around her mentor, passionately kissing Rose as everyone else stared in amazement.

Rose was momentarily thrown off her stride by Christina’s sudden action, but it didn’t last long and in the mere blink of an eye, Rose was kissing the singer back, letting their tongues rub together as they moaned into each other’s mouths.

When Christina finally did break away from the wet, horny kiss, she turned back toward the rest of the passengers.

“And as you can see our captain has also turned off the no fucking sign. You may now get nasty throughout the cabin,” Christina giggled before planting her lips right back on Rose’s.

The two girls resumed tongue kissing and Rose went right for Christina’s tits, squeezing them through her tight uniform while their lips and tongues played together. Christina responded to the touch by grinding herself harder into Rose’s lap, rubbing her ass into her and making them both moan even louder.

“Mmmmm and lapdances are included in the price of a ticket,” Christina managed to inform her passengers before her mouth was once again filled with Rose’s tongue.

But the two weren’t focused on each other for long. Love wasn’t about to sit this one out and she didn’t hesitate to get herself involved too.

Pulling Rose and Christina apart, Love went right for her former housemate and passionately kissed Christina, happily discovering that the oft pierced singer’s tongue stud was in that day. Christina didn’t always have all her piercings in and feeling the metal stud was a nice little surprise. Love tongue kissed Christina with extra enthusiasm and made sure her tongue rubbed sensually against the smooth ball.

Rose wasn’t about to just watch them kiss though. She did just what Love had done and pulled her and Christina apart, strands of saliva dribbling down both of their chins so she could get into the action too.

This time Rose gave Love a fierce kiss, sliding her tongue into the warm, familiar home of her friend’s mouth. This left Christina as the odd woman out, but she quickly rectified that by breaking into Rose and Love’s kiss and turning it into a three way mash up of soft lips and horny tongues.

None of the passengers had been expecting this to be anything other than a normal flight, so there was a lot of surprised silence and occasional giggles and muttered marvels over what they all were seeing. That was when Britney struck. Everyone was gawking at Christina in her three way kiss with Rose and Love and Britney took advantage by going straight for Sarah.

“Mmmmm is there anything I can get you Miss?” Britney playfully asked, keeping in her role as a stewardess as she sank down in front of Sarah onto her knees and reached up to rub her through her shorts, making the former slayer moan instantly. “Oooooooh you’re getting nice and moist Miss. You definitely need immediate attention. Luckily I know just how to take care of that.”

Before Sarah even had a chance to react, Britney was reaching for her shorts and pulling them down her toned legs. Sarah just gasped and moaned at the surprise touch and by the time her brain caught up to what was happening to her it felt too good to even think about stopping.

“Mmmmmmm Britneyyyyy…” Sarah mewed as the singer left her shorts around her knees and began rubbing her pussy through her rapidly dampening panties. “Ooooooh you little fucking slut! Mmmmmm yessssssssssss!”

“So wet! Ooooh I love making you all wet and horny Sarah,” Britney squealed in delight as she rubbed the girl’s growing wetness, making Sarah’s pale blue panties cling to her mound, the garment soon clearly showing the outline of her slit. “Mmmmm this is going to be so much fun. But I haven’t forgotten about you Jen.”

Jennifer had just been sitting next to Sarah and watching the action with growing interest, caressing her breasts through her shirt as Britney rubbed Sarah’s pussy. The sound of her name made her perk up and smile.

“Damn right you’d better not forget about me,” Jennifer laughed. “Otherwise I might have to get down there and remind you.”

“Mmmmm sounds like fun,” Britney giggled, still rubbing Sarah as the blonde moaned and writhed in her seat. “Kiss me Jen. It’s been too long. I need to kiss you.”

It had actually only been a few days since she and Britney had last kissed, but it felt like too long to the singer and Jennifer had to agree that days without kisses were wasted days indeed.

So Jennifer, deciding that this looked like way too much fun to even think of resisting, undid her seat belt and got down on the floor next to Britney. As the blonde singer continued playing with Sarah’s pussy through her panties, she leaned in and gave a warm kiss right to Jennifer’s lips.

Jennifer couldn’t help herself from going right for Britney’s chest through her uniform, rubbing the soft mounds with her hands as their kiss deepened. The actress and singer pushed their tongues together and kissed wantonly, the sounds of horny girl moaning going from one end of the cabin to the other.

While Britney and Christina could only tend to a few girls at once, that didn’t mean the rest of the girls didn’t get to play. It just meant they had to take matters into their own hands.

No one had been expecting this, but when Christina was around, clothing just seemed to naturally disappear. And soon the action wasn’t just focused on the front row, where Christina and Britney showed the full range of their stewardess training. It began moving from row to row as the girls turned in their seats toward each other.

Jewel had been planning on spending the short flight jotting down some song ideas and maybe even a few verses for her next album. She loved putting lyrics together and just jotting down whatever came to mind to see where it led. Sometimes it turned into a poem. Sometimes it became a song. Sometimes it wasn’t good enough to even take notice of after her idea hit paper. Jewel had intended to do that while in the air, but plans had now changed.

“Looks like I won’t be getting any writing done after all,” Jewel laughed before she turned and planted a kiss right on her cousin’s waiting lips.

Q’Orianka gasped when she was suddenly kissed and her first instinct was to make Jewel stop because they were around so many others, but her lust quickly quelled that reflex and the teenager relaxed into the kiss. She was still so new to this and she had been staring at Britney and Christina’s naughty activities with her jaw nearly on the floor. With only one night at the mansion under her belt, she wasn’t totally used to seeing anyone act this way yet, much less some of the most famous, beautiful women in the world.

Even after all the fun she’d had the day before, Q’Orianka still wasn’t sure how to react to all of this. It just seemed too surreal to have these beautiful girls so hot for each other. But Q’Orianka knew she wanted to be a part of it. It felt way too good and she began kissing her cousin back. It was strange and a little scary, but Q’Orianka knew this was what she wanted.

“Mmmmm yesssssssss squeeze them! Squeeze my slutty boobs!” Britney squealed happily in between kisses as Jennifer had her hands all over her chest, just a few feet away from where Jewel and Q’Orianka made out. “Mmmmm you make it feel so fucking good Jen! Play with my big tits! Oooooooh you’re making me so wet!”

And thanks to Britney’s touch, Sarah was more than wet by then. She was writhing in her seat, grinding her ass against the leather, her flesh covered only by her thin panties now. She’d managed to get her shorts all the way off herself as Britney rubbed her through her soaked panties and Sarah was getting hornier by the second.

Sarah turned her head to the right to see Rose making out with Love and Christina while peeling Love’s shirt over her head. Love’s bra was gone in a flash thanks to Rose and Christina’s eager hands and Sarah moaned as her housemate’s bare tits were exposed while Christina continued to give Rose a heated lapdance and share kisses with the two of them.

Seeing Love’s tits made Sarah eager for something to play with and fortunately Britney was right nearby. Not wanting to move an inch from her comfy seat, Sarah reached down and tugged Britney up. Britney let out a little surprised yelp at being yanked off her knees, but she didn’t resist and set herself down right next to Sarah where Jennifer had been sitting.

“Take this off…” Sarah lustfully urged as she fumbled with the buttons to Britney’s uniform. The deep valley of cleavage Britney showed off was so enticing, but Sarah craved more. If they were going to do this, Sarah wanted to do it right.

“Ughhhh too many fucking buttons,” Sarah groaned, tugging and snapping the buttons open while Britney continued to rub her through her panties, making the wet spot in the pale blue fabric grow and rushes of pleasure shoot up Sarah’s spine. “Get this off Britney! I want at these big fucking tits of yours!”

“Ooooooh yesssssss I want you all over my big tits!” Britney cooed as Sarah opened the buttons enough to yank the shirt open and expose the no longer hidden delights.

She didn’t get the uniform top all the way off, but it was more than enough to reveal that Britney didn’t have a bra on underneath. Her full pink tits were out in the open and Sarah practically growled as she buried her face in between them, licking at Britney’s cleavage while rubbing the soft, jiggly mounds and making the singer cry out happily.

“Ooooooooooooh mmmmmmmmmmmmm yeahhhhhhhh lick them! Mmmmm I love when girls lick my titties!” Britney groaned. “I miss you girls so much! I love when we get to fuck! Mmmmm yesssssssssss your tongue feels so good Sarah! Lick my big boobs! Make my slutty tits all shiny while you play with them!”

Britney would have urged more but her mouth was filled once more with Jennifer’s tongue. Both Britney and Jennifer closed their eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of their passionate kiss. They both loved kissing and both knew how to do it just right. It was soft, but heated as they kissed and rubbed their tongues together.

Britney made sure to savor the moment. She had loved all the group fun she had experienced when she had lived at the mansion and now that it was just her and Christina living together there was still plenty of hot fun, both at their house and at work, but she missed seeing Jennifer and Sarah and everyone every day. So she enjoyed every kiss and every touch she got from her friends and felt her pussy start to drip down her thigh with no panties under her uniform skirt to keep her heated sex from the open air.

Soon there was so much moaning and so many sounds of kissing and clothing removal, that no one could hear the engines of the plane. Q’Orianka pulled Jewel’s tank top over her head and fondled her tits through her lacy pink bra as Jewel opened up the buttons to her cousin’s top and massaged the firm mounds through her black bra.

Both gasped into each other’s mouths as they kissed repeatedly while rubbing each other’s stiffening nipples. Q’Orianka had never done anything like this in front of so many others before, but hearing and seeing all these other girls around her doing the same horny thing fueled her on and made her want to get very naughty with Jewel in front of everyone.

“Ooooooh yessssssssss!” Hayden squealed as Alyssa practically ripped her shirt off. The teen had borrowed a t-shirt from Sarah but she had gone out without a bra and Alyssa went right for her ripe young mounds.

The t-shirt was tossed away and in no time Alyssa was all over Hayden’s breasts, squeezing them firmly, but not roughly as she massaged the sensitive flesh and extended her tongue to lick at Hayden’s swelling pink nipples. They quickly grew into aroused gum drops on Hayden’s chest from Alyssa skillfully licking and sucking them.

Hayden cried out her bliss at having her nipples tended to so wickedly and she didn’t care that she was on a plane doing this. It could have been anywhere in the world for all she cared. She just didn’t want Alyssa to stop.

“Mmmmm you have such perfect titties baby,” Alyssa moaned lustfully after dragging her tongue over Hayden’s left nipple, making the teen shiver with desire. “Such a hot body! I love these fucking tits of yours so much!”

Alyssa resumed sucking on Hayden’s chest as the blonde threw her head back and moaned, lounging back in her soft chair and adoring having her breasts tended to so well. Alyssa knew just how to get her so wet that she’d lose all control and Hayden already could feel that her decision to ditch everything else and hop along on this flight was one of the best choices she’d ever made.

“I love your body too Lyssa!” Hayden sighed, eyeing the older brunette as she leaned over from her seat to suck on her tits. “I want to see it! Get naked for me Lyssa! Show me your tits too! I need to see them and kiss them and lick them like you’re doing to me!”

“Yeah? Is this what you want?” Alyssa teased after pulling away from Hayden’s breasts so she could straighten up and begin to lift her shirt up. “You want my tits? You want to get that pretty little mouth of yours on my hard nipples? You want to show everyone here what a dirty little slut you are?”

“Yessssssss oooooooooh yessssssss I want that so bad!” Hayden begged. “Show me Lyssa! Show me those sexy tits! Mmmm let me suck on them like a dirty slut!”

“Yeah that’s it, beg for my titties,” Alyssa grinned, pulling up her shirt inch by tantalizing inch. “I want to hear you Hayden! I want you moaning and begging for my big tits! Mmmmm you drive me crazy with that tight little body of yours Hayden but now it’s my turn! How bad do you want my tits?”

“Soooooooooo bad!” Hayden moaned, feeling like she was about to start drooling as Alyssa lifted her shirt enough to offer a teasing glimpse of her red bra. “Show me Lyssa! Please show me your tits! Let me be a total fucking slut for you! I’ll suck your tits! I’ll lick your hard nipples! Mmmm then I’ll get you all the way naked and eat your pussy in front of everyone! I’ll lick your hot pussy with my dirty slut tongue and then I’ll do what you did to me yesterday! I’ll lick your ass and make you feel so fucking good!”

“Ooooooh dirty little slut,” Alyssa groaned. “Mmmmm you’re such a fast learner Hayden. By the time this trip is through you’re totally going to be a hot little whore for us! You’re going to be so good at fucking girls!”

“Yessssss make me a fucking whore for other girls,” Hayden cooed in desire as she reached down to tug at her own nipples with one hand and rub her belly piercing with the other. She always played with her piercing when she was horny and Alyssa had her beyond that state now, especially as she gave her what she wanted and peeled her shirt over her head.

Alyssa had a push up bra underneath and Hayden moaned when she saw how big it made Alyssa’s breasts. God, they were already so sexy without the extra heft from the bra, but it made them looked even better. Still Hayden knew they looked best when they were naked.

“More,” Hayden demanded with a moan as she rubbed her nipples and piercing, making herself so hot. “Take off your bra Lyssa! Let me see your tits!”

Alyssa reached around back like she was about to undo the clasp, but she suddenly stopped and smiled. She shook her head “no” and offered an alternative.

“You do it baby,” Alyssa commanded. “You want my tits? Then get my bra off for me. You have to work for it you dirty girl. Get over here and make me naked!”

Hayden didn’t have to be told twice. She undid her seatbelt and leaned over in her seat so she could reach Alyssa. She pressed her lips right to the older brunette’s in a horny kiss while reaching around back for Alyssa’s bra clasp. Hayden was so turned on as she tongue kissed Alyssa and felt her bare tits rubbing against Alyssa’s hard nipples through her bra that it was hard to concentrate on the clasp, but she managed to fumble with it and finally make it unsnap.

The two kissed harder and Hayden tossed away Alyssa’s bra, leaving them both topless in their seats. Their tongues touched and Hayden and Alyssa both sighed in pleasure from the feel of their now bare tits grinding together, pink flesh on pink flesh, while their nipples poked into each other and throbbed with desire. Hayden felt then like it was just her and Alyssa, with no one else on the plane with them. But that notion was dispelled when the teen suddenly felt someone reaching over and pulling down her shorts.

“Mmmmmm heyyyy who’s doing that?” Hayden playfully asked, showing she didn’t mind the surprise touch at all.

“Ooooooh no panties? You are turning into a dirty girl Hayden!” Scarlett laughed when she happily discovered nothing but the curves of Hayden’s juicy bare ass after tugging down the tight shorts she had borrowed from Sarah.

“Mmmm yessssssss I’m so dirty!” Hayden moaned, moving around in her seat and pushing her ass out so Scarlett could get at her easier.

This also gave Hayden the perfect position to lean down and start sucking on Alyssa’s tits and that was exactly what she did. She wrapped her lips around a stiff nipple and then moved over to its twin, kissing and sucking the pink points as Alyssa groaned and gently played with her blonde hair.

With Hayden’s ass now in the air, Scarlett easily got her shorts all the way past her adorable bubble butt. Hayden’s bare ass was such an enticing sight and Scarlett leaned in to kiss one cheek and then the other. Hayden moaned at the touch of Scarlett’s soft lips to her ass and the older girl did it again, kissing her teen cheeks over and over again while resisting the temptation to give them a little love bite or two because she didn’t know how Hayden would take it.

“Oooooh that’s such a great ass,” Natalie groaned while settling back in her seat and rubbing herself through her cut off jean shorts. “Mmmmm you’re all so hot! Fuck her Scarlett! Fuck that little slut!”

Natalie had never had the chance to be with Hayden, but Scarlett had told her how hot she was and she certainly looked it now with her shorts around her knees and her curvy teen ass sticking out while she leaned down to suck on Alyssa’s tits. However, Scarlett wasn’t interested in only having Natalie sit back and watch.

“Fuck her with me,” Scarlett said, turning to Natalie and shooting her an enticing smile. “Mmmm I love sharing with you Nat. Get over here and get a taste of this sexy little thing with me!”

“Yessssssssss please! I want you too Natalie!” Hayden cried, wanting everyone on the plane to join in and take her. “I want all of you to fuck me! Mmmmm make me so hot and slutty! Please!”

“Dirty girl,” Scarlett laughed again, unable to resist giving Hayden’s ass a playful slap. “I remember when you were too shy to even kiss me or Kirsten or Eliza! Mmmmm now you’re going out without panties and begging to be fucked! You’re getting so bad you naughty girl! That’s so hot Hayden! C’mon Nat! Let’s give this girl what she wants!”

Natalie was hardly one to refuse a request from someone as sexy as Hayden. So she stopped playing with herself and instead started playing with the needy teen’s body. Scarlett was kneeling in the aisle, still fully dressed and Natalie joined her, setting herself right next to her friend so they could ravish Hayden together. They each leaned in and pressed their lips to her juicy, young butt cheeks, licking and kissing her milky smooth flesh before turning their attention to her pussy.

Since Hayden had no panties on and was bent over, it was so easy for them to get at her tender young cunt. Scarlett and Natalie could smell her growing arousal and her pink slit was coated with a glaze of wetness. Scarlett moaned over Hayden’s tightness as she teased the teen’s slit with her finger and then spread her open, parting the lips of her pussy so she could lick her from behind.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss!” Hayden cried even as her face was buried in Alyssa’s chest, licking and sucking on her tits. “Lick me! Oooooh Scarlett! You lick so good! Mmmmm I remember how hard you made me come at Kristen and Eliza’s! Do it again! Please! Lick my naughty little pussy!”

Natalie was enraptured by how good Scarlett looked spreading Hayden open from behind and pushing her tongue out to lap at her young slit. She began touching herself again, squeezing her tits through her red shirt and rubbing her pussy through her shorts as Scarlett licked. It was such a turn on and when Natalie moaned from her own touch, Scarlett pulled away from Hayden and smiled at her.

“Your turn,” Scarlett generously offered. “I know how sweet this pretty little pussy tastes already. Now you get to find out Nat. Lick her baby. It’s your turn to taste.”

“Mmmmm yeahhh my turn,” Natalie smiled back, eager for the chance to taste the beautiful teen.

She got directly behind Hayden as Scarlett continued to spread the girl open with her fingers and started to lick. She didn’t think, she just licked. Natalie’s tongue darted out and was immediately rewarded with the sweet flavor of Hayden’s young cunt all over her taste buds.

“Oooooooh fuck! Lick me! Please! Both of you lick me!” Hayden begged before she was silenced by another kiss from Alyssa.

Natalie was instantly in total lust with Hayden’s juices. Her pussy was so sweet and delicious. She hungrily licked the girl from behind as she kneeled in the aisle and craned her head upward to meet Hayden’s succulent body. She worked over the girl’s tight pussy with her tongue, licking harder and deeper with every passing second. But just lapping at Hayden’s tender lips wasn’t nearly enough to satisfy Natalie and she began exploring her folds as the teen cried out into her kiss with Alyssa.

The only thing that could get Natalie away from Hayden’s pussy was Scarlett and the blonde had grown hungry for another taste.

“My turn again,” Scarlett declared, moving in on Hayden’s pussy and gently pushing Natalie out of the way.

Natalie didn’t like being denied more of Hayden’s juices, but she had to admit how erotic it was to see Scarlett press her gorgeous face right to the girl’s pussy and lick her from behind. Scarlett had such a good tongue and Natalie knew Hayden had to be in heaven from what she was feeling.

“Lick her Scarlett!” Natalie urged as she used one hand to caress Hayden’s ass and the other to feel Scarlett’s breasts through her tight t-shirt. “Mmmmm that’s it baby! Lick that sweet little pussy! Ooooh she tasted so good and you look so hot! Lick right where I was licking! Taste my saliva all over her pussy!”

Natalie felt her pussy getting soaking wet and she wasn’t even touching herself. She was acting so nasty and slutty and it felt so good. Natalie couldn’t help but think about how her parents always thought that Hollywood was filled with corruption and temptation that was going to get her. Mmmmm and they had no idea how right they were.

She had been corrupted completely by her sexy friends and she loved it. The Hollywood demons had gotten her and turned her into a total hedonistic slut. Now she was corrupting others like Hayden and it was making her so wet and hot. It was such a delicious feeling.

“Lick her with me,” Scarlett urged, pulling Natalie down with her and getting no resistance from the brunette.

The two friends kissed passionately, each of them loving the taste of Hayden on the other’s lips, and then teamed up on the teenager. Hayden’s shorts were still bunched up around her knees as she was bent over her seat, her bare ass pushed up, but her hot spots were more than adequately exposed and Natalie and Scarlett went right after them.

Each of them took a side of Hayden’s ass, spreading her open from behind and they licked her together, both of their skilled tongues lapping at Hayden’s folds.

“OOOOOOOOOOOOH FUCK!” Hayden cried out, the whole plane loving her sounds of bliss. “MMMMMMMM YESSSSSSSSSS!!! OOOOOOOH FUCK THAT’S SOOOOOOO HOT!”

“You love those two tongues on you, don’t you baby?” Alyssa purred, her hands caressing Hayden’s flushed face as the girl enthusiastically nodded and moaned out her pleasure. “You love having that sweet pussy licked by two sexy girls? Mmmm you’re turning into such a hot slut Hayden and it’s making me so wet!”

“Show me…” Hayden managed to gasp out as her nearly naked body was racked with the ecstasy of two hot celebrity tongues on her. “Show me your wet pussy Lyssa! I want to lick it!”

“Oooh that’s just what I was hoping you’d say,” Alyssa grinned.

She straightened up in her seat just enough to push her shorts down her body. Alyssa took her panties down with them and kicked off her sandals, leaving herself completely nude as she reached down and spread open her pussy with her own fingers, showing Hayden the glistening wetness coating her pink folds.

“Is this what you want baby?” Alyssa asked wickedly. “You want this pussy? You want to lick it while Scarlett and Natalie tongue that pretty pink cunt of yours?”

“Fuck yeah I want it!” Hayden panted before proving it by plunging her face into Alyssa’s soaked, shaved smooth muff.

Hayden was so close to Alyssa already that it took barely any stretching to lean in and push her tongue into where she desperately wanted it to be. And as soon as she tasted Alyssa’s juices, Hayden went wild, licking feverishly at her lover’s folds.

“Ahhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh mmmmmmm fuck yesssss that’s it baby! Eat that fucking pussy!” Alyssa growled as she kept her hands on Hayden’s head, still playing with her hair as she held the eager teenager down against her sex. “Ooooooh yesssssss bury that teen tongue up my snatch! Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkkkk! Hayden, you’re getting better at eating pussy every goddamn time I fuck you! Right there baby! That’s it! Oooooh you’re such a hot slut!”

The sight and sound of Alyssa, Hayden, Natalie and Scarlett letting their desires for one another run wild in the middle of the cabin ordinarily would have been the center of attention, but everyone had their own fun to occupy their attention. The plane ride to Vegas had turned into an orgy in the air and Q’Orianka couldn’t believe what she was seeing and feeling.

“Oooooh Jewel mmmmmmmm yessssssssss oooooooh more,” Q’Orianka sighed as she leaned back into her sexy cousin’s embrace. The teenager had turned around to be able to see everyone and Jewel was holding her from behind, kissing her neck and reaching up to sensually massage her now bared chest.

Jewel had disposed of her cousin’s shirt and bra and now they were topless together. Q’Orianka loved feeling Jewel’s big tits rubbing against her bare back, especially as Jewel reached up to play with her firmer, smaller breasts. It felt so naughty and so wild, to not only be able to do this with her own cousin, but to be able to do it in front of everyone and have them not only not be weirded out, but actually be turned on by it.

When Q’Orianka turned her head back toward Jewel, the older woman’s lips met hers and they tongue kissed. The kiss was wet and tender and Q’Orianka stiffened and began rubbing herself back against Jewel when she felt her cousin pull one hand off her chest and instead reach for her pussy through her shorts. Q’Orianka had closed her eyes when she and Jewel had begun to kiss, but this made her shoot them open again and show off the passion in them from this very welcome feeling.

“Naughty girl…you’re getting so wet,” Jewel moaned in the teenager’s ear. “You make me so horny Q! My naughty little slut cousin! Mmmm you’re a dirty girl just like me baby and I love it! I love that you’re getting so wet watching other girls fuck!”

“You’re making me wet,” Q’Orianka replied, her voice heavy with lust. “You’re making me so naughty Jewel! Oooooooh yesssss let’s make it so hot and nasty like we did last night! Make my pussy wet, cousin! Make me wet and fuck me! Fuck me in front of all your sexy friends! I’m so wet for you! Feel me!”

Q’Orianka’s shorts were loose enough that it was easy for her to grab Jewel’s hand in hers and push it below her waistband. Q’Orianka aggressively guided her cousin’s hand down to her pussy with relative ease, making her shorts bulge lewdly as Jewel felt her pussy and cooed at how wet she was under her panties. Q’Orianka moaned loudly at the touch of the soft hand against her pussy and she began to hump herself against Jewel’s hand while once again turning her head to see the erotic shows around her.

With everyone all around her getting naked and naughty with each other, Q’Orianka had so much to look at. But her main focus was on the seats across from her as Jessica Alba’s sundress was around her waist and her bra pulled down so her tits could be sucked on by Stacy Keibler.

Jessica looked so good with her tan breasts hanging out of the lacy white garment. Q’Orianka felt like Jessica looked even hotter this way then she would have if she’d been completely topless. The fact that her bra was technically still on and just the cups were yanked down made everything naughtier.

Q’Orianka stared intently as Stacy’s lips wrapped around one swollen nipple while her manicured fingers traced over the other and Jessica cooed in rapture. Jessica’s breasts looked so hot and the teenager loved seeing Stacy’s golden blonde hair draped down on them as she nursed away on her new housemate’s hard nipples. They both looked so sexy, especially after Stacy slid her free hand up under Jessica’s dress to caress her pussy, just like Q’Orianka was feeling Jewel do to her.

Seeing those two together made Q’Orianka remember how she’d seen them in the hot tub yesterday with Jewel and Krista Allen. Until that moment, Q’Orianka never would have dreamed her cousin and her friends were into each other. But she had walked right into the trap Alyssa had set for her and Q’Orianka had learned the wicked truth about her cousin and everyone at the mansion.

It had been so hot to watch and when Alyssa had touched her and made her come, it had opened the teenager’s eyes to a whole new side of her own sexuality.

Seeing Jessica and Stacy together again made Q’Orianka realize just how far she’d come in less than a day. She’d gone from never having even kissed a girl to letting Jewel rub her in front of all her friends. She’d been corrupted in less than 24 hours in California and that made Q’Orianka want to go a little further as she smiled and wiggled away from her cousin’s embrace.

“Let’s join them,” Q’Orianka urged eagerly as she tilted her head toward the two girls sitting across from them.

“Mmmmm good idea. Now you’re getting it Q,” Jewel laughed before giving Q’Orianka a soft kiss to her sexy young lips. “Let’s go sweetie. Let’s get you an even better look at what you saw yesterday.”

That was exactly what Q’Orianka wanted and she stood up to walk over to Jessica and Stacy. But before she could do that, she found herself stripped down even further. As soon as she stood up out of her seat, Jewel playfully yanked down Q’Orianka’s shorts, tugging them down her legs and leaving her panties askew.

The black panties she wore were now pulled halfway down her thigh and, as soon as she had Q’Orianka’s shorts off, Jewel went back for her panties, and yanked them down to expose her cousin in all her aroused glory.

Q’Orianka gasped when she was suddenly made bare but she didn’t stop smiling and she felt a surge of naughty energy inside herself when she realized that her first instinct no longer was to cover her body, but rather to flaunt her exposed tits and her hard nipples and the soft dark fur over her pussy as it lay tantalizingly over her wet lips. It felt so good to act like that and Q’Orianka returned the favor as soon as Jewel stood up.

“No fair…you have to be naked too!” Q’Orianka insisted with a giggle as she passionately kissed Jewel while pulling down her shorts.

That left Jewel in her panties, but they were quickly disposed of too. Jewel pushed them down off herself while kissing Q’Orianka and that left them both naked except for their sandals. But neither of them cared about their feet when their naughty parts were already exposed. The two cousins kissed deeper and fondled each other’s chests and asses, running their fingers over the freshly bared body parts.

The kissing and touching felt so good that the duo almost forgot about going over to play with their friends. When they finally separated, they saw Jessica had climbed up in her seat and was bent over backwards in it, sticking her ass out as Stacy finished removing her sundress and left her in nothing but a bright pink thong. The hot pink contrasted so nicely with Jessica’s tan bottom and Stacy wasn’t the only one drooling over Jessica’s ass.

“Get her naked Stacy,” Jewel urged as she rubbed herself up against Q’Orianka, making sure the teenager could feel the wetness of her pussy against the tight cheek of her ass. “Strip her down. Mmmm let’s see that sexy booty of hers.”

Jessica giggled and gave her audience a sexy little ass shake before moaning as Stacy bit down into her thong with her teeth with a playful growl and tugged it down her body. Stacy using her mouth to get her panties on turned Jessica on even more and that arousal only got more demanding when she turned toward those watching her.

“Hey you two,” Jessica smiled. She had been told this morning about what had gone down between Jewel and Q’Orianka after she had left yesterday and the thought of Jewel fucking her cousin turned her on big time. “You girls going to stare or are you going to join in?”

“Can we please join in?” Q’Orianka asked, her eyes alight at the sight of Jessica’s now nude body. “You girls look so hot! Mmmmm I saw so much of you two yesterday and today I want to join in. Please let me play too.”

“Wait, what do you mean you saw us yesterday?” Stacy asked.

She didn’t know Q’Orianka much, but she certainly loved how the girl looked naked. Still she wanted to understand what she was talking about.

As Jewel kissed her neck and resumed playing with her tits from behind, Q’Orianka confessed to Stacy and Jessica that she had seen them in the hot tub. She told them about how Alyssa had lured her to the garden knowing she’d have a great view and how she had pleasured her until she had been unable to keep erotic desires for Jewel out of her head.

“Wow! That’s really hot!” Stacy exclaimed, wishing she’d known that the naughty teen had been spying on them. But then she remembered something Jewel and Jessica had told her yesterday. “Hey, wait a second. You broke the mansion rule.”

“I did?” Q’Orianka replied, aghast at the idea of having done so even though she didn’t know what Stacy meant.

“Mmmmhmmm, it’s a rule, if you see something hot then you have to join in, right girls?” Stacy asked, looking at Jessica and Jewel, who both broke into big smiles.

The rule had been explained to her yesterday and Stacy was eager to show her new housemates that she had been paying attention.

“Definitely,” Jessica agreed. “In fact it’s like the most important rule of all. If you break it then you have to be punished.”

“Punished?” Q’Orianka nervously gulped.

What did that mean? She hoped it didn’t mean no sex. Jewel had told her the mansion actually had a dungeon and Q’Orianka fearfully pictured herself chained up as the rest of the girls had fun without her.

“Mmmmhmm, punished,” Jewel repeated. “Now bend over for us baby.”

“What are you going to do to me?” Q’Orianka meekly asked, not sure where this was going but feeling safe knowing she was in Jewel’s kind hands.

Q’Orianka believed Jewel would never be as mean as to do something like deny her pleasure, so she did as she was told and bent over in the aisle, pushing her bare ass out so all three horny girls could admire it.

“We’re just going to make sure you remember to always join in,” Jessica giggled before giving Q’Orianka’s tight ass a firm slap.

“Ow!” Q’Orianka cried in surprise.

She hadn’t been expecting that and it stung. She’d never been spanked before…well not sexually at least. This was definitely virgin territory for her and it felt really naughty. While it hurt a little to have Jessica’s hand strike her ass, it wasn’t a bad kind of hurt. It actually made her even more turned on.

“Shhhhh don’t worry, we’re gonna make it all better,” Jewel assured her teen cousin as she caressed her ass. “But this is the best way you get to learn around here.”

Stacy then smacked Q’Orianka’s ass, relishing the chance to spank someone for a change and not be the one being spanked. Her ass was one of her best features and there seemed to be no end to the line of girls she knew who wanted to slap it and fuck it.

Not that Stacy minded. She loved a sexy girl smack on her butt and girls knew how to fuck her there way better than men ever could, but it was a nice change of pace to be the one doling out the spankings for once.

“Mmmm you have such a great ass,” Stacy praised Q’Orianka before giving her cheeks another slap, getting another yelp from the teen as the rest of the plane’s passengers moaned from their own fun. “I wish you’d joined in yesterday. Mmm I hate knowing I had to wait to get at a sexy body like yours. You look so hot Q!”

All the times she’d been spanked had taught Stacy just how to do it right. She knew which parts a spanking felt good on and which parts made it hurt. She took care to make this a pleasurable experience for Q’Orianka and she spanked her expertly. Stacy and Jessica took turns slapping the girl’s pert bottom and soon Q’Orianka realized it wasn’t hurting at all anymore. In fact it felt really good.

“Jewel loves being spanked you know,” Jessica teased as she watched the blonde singer caress her own bare tits at the sight of her cousin being punished by her friends. “She loves it when we smack that sexy ass of hers. I see it must run in the family. Mmmm you like it Q? You like it when we smack this tight butt of yours?”

“Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhhhh mmmmmmm gawwwwwd it’s so naughty,” Q’Orianka groaned as she realized she actually enjoying what was happening to her. Punishment from these girls felt good. It made her feel so dirty and so hot all at once.

She couldn’t believe she was acting this way. She was being spanked by beautiful women and it was such a turn on. She was actually getting wet from having her ass slapped. It was so not her to act this way and that was what Q’Orianka loved the most.

Sex was supposed to be spiritual and a treat for the mind as well as the erogenous zones. Trying new things like this was broadening her mind to life’s wild possibilities and Q’Orianka didn’t think it was possible to get wilder than being in the middle of an orgy of famous girls on a private jet getting spanked.

“Oooooh wow…I never…ooooooooooh God it stings but it also feels really good,” Q’Orianka moaned as Stacy and Jessica continued to smack her upraised ass, her tight teen cheeks getting tender and flushed.

Q’Orianka’s dark, exotic skin hid blushing very well, so when the girls could see that her butt cheeks were getting darker, they stopped the spanking and began the massaging and kissing.

That was Jewel’s role and she took it on with glee. She sank down on her knees behind Q’Orianka and dragged her tongue over her bare ass, making her moan and quiver with desire as she gently licked and rubbed her sensitive flesh. Jewel hadn’t had the heart to spank her sexy cousin. It was so much fun to pleasure her instead even as she fantasized about the both of them bent over and being spanked by Jessica and Stacy for being naughty cousins and fucking each other.

Massaging her sweet cousin’s ass, Jewel continued to kiss her sensitive skin and went for the prize. She kissed her way over to Q’Orianka’s wet slit and ran her tongue over it, making the teen stiffen and moan in ecstasy.

As Jessica helped Stacy out of her clothes, the actress delighted when she discovered the leggy blonde had no panties under her shorts, Jewel began licking her cousin’s pussy, making Q’Orianka cry out just as passionately as the other girls in the flight.

Meanwhile in the back row, Elisha’s fears about flying were long forgotten. In fact as far as she was concerned, she wasn’t even in the air. How could she think about anything else when she was naked with her legs splayed over the armrests in the chairs as Kelly kneeled down in front of her and feasted on her pussy?

“Ooooooooooooooooh Kel! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss baby yessssssssssss!” Elisha cried her legs slung lewdly as she massaged her own naked tits, fondling the soft, pink mounds as she fucked herself against the singer’s face. “Oooooooooooh lick me! Mmmmmmmmmmmmm fuck yesssssssss you always treat my pussy so nice! I love how you lick me! Fuck me Kelly! Fuck me with that awesome tongue! Make me feel so fucking good that I’ll come all over that pretty idol face!”

Kelly smiled giddily as she licked away at her friend’s drooling wetness. Elisha had so much yummy juice to feed her and Kelly didn’t want to miss a drop. She had wanted this so badly. Even before they had boarded Kelly had been dreaming of a chance to get at Elisha’s pussy on the plane and since the chance had been handed right to her on a silver platter by Christina and Britney, she was going to take full advantage.

One of Kelly’s goals for this trip was to do things she had never done before. She wanted to be wild and uninhibited like she was at the mansion or at Christina and Britney’s record label and have crazy and fun new experiences. And to her, trying new things meant having sex in the air. She had never joined the mile high club and here she was already accomplishing that just a short time after take off.

Kelly had wanted to make Elisha feel better about flying and ease her nerves and she couldn’t think of a better way to do that than by licking away her fear. She had hoped she would have a chance to drag Elisha into the bathroom or, even better, into Christina’s little private bedroom during the flight to both make her friend feel better and remove this item from her sexual “to do” list.

What she hadn’t expected was for an orgy to break out right in front of them. But Kelly had seized the opportunity when the girls had started to get frisky and it hadn’t taken much convincing to get Elisha naked.

In fact Elisha had only been too eager to get her mind off flying and onto hot girl on girl loving. As soon as Kelly had turned to kiss her, Elisha had planted her lips right on the singer’s and had offered nothing even remotely resembling resistance when Kelly had started tugging at her clothes.

Making out was way better than picturing how high up in the sky they were and worrying what would happen if one of the engines on the plane failed. Elisha had been very happy to be distracted and had let her nerves go as she had kissed Kelly and sucked on her friend’s long, sexy tongue as their hands had started fumbling with each other’s clothes, trying to get each other as naked as quickly as possible.

It hadn’t taken them long for them to both get completely nude, with their shirts, shorts, bras and panties tossed around the seats and floor of the cabin around them. Now Elisha was thinking only of hot sex and intoxicating pleasure as her legs were spread open and her pussy was splayed for Kelly’s tongue to attack.

Elisha was soaking wet as Kelly’s juice famished tongue worked her over and she couldn’t stop herself from dripping down onto her leather seat. But if Elisha knew anything about Christina, she knew it wouldn’t be the first time this had happened on the singer’s plane.

“Fuck me! Fuck me Kel! Ooooooooh you’re making me so wet!” Elisha cried, tugging on her own diamond hard pink nipples. “Mmmmmm baby yesssss eat that pussy! Mmmmmmmm fuck me Kellyyyyyyyyyyy yessssssssss oooooooooh you’re such a good friend! You’re making me feel so much better! Mmmmmmm yessssssssssss lick my pussy with that nasty, hot tongue of yours! Ooooooh fuck that tongue feels so good in my tight pussy! Mmmmmmmmm yessssssssssssss show everyone here how much I love your tongue in my fucking wet cunt!”

Kelly adored how nasty Elisha got when they had sex and she certainly couldn’t help but respond gleefully to all the hot praise she was getting. She had never thought her tongue was anything special until she had started fucking girls. Now all of them told her how long it was and how sexy it felt to have her lick them and Kelly wasn’t about to tell them to stop. She loved being told she was good at something, even if it wasn’t anything she had ever pictured herself doing.

Kelly had never dreamed this would be something she would be into. Before that fateful meeting with Christina, if anyone had told Kelly she’d ever be eating pussy and loving it, she would have thought they were completely insane. But so much had changed since then.

Now that she knew the amazing pleasure that only another girl could give, Kelly was completely sex crazed and had barely looked at a boy in months. Christina had promised her before their first time that she would be totally hooked on sex with women and she had been so right about that. Ever since then, Kelly couldn’t get enough of fucking girls and eating them out and she was so happy to have Elisha all to herself right then.

While the other girls had gotten themselves into threesomes and foursomes, Elisha and Kelly were only focused on each other and Kelly was having a lot of fun that way. While her trips to the mansion had left her in absolute adoration of group sex where multiple tongues and hands traveled over her naked body and she definitely wanted to lick every girl on the plane, right then Kelly was pleased as punch to be concentrating on nothing but Elisha’s delicious pussy.

Kelly loved giving other people pleasure and being able to make Elisha feel good and forget about her fear of flying was making Kelly feel very, very, very good too. The seats next to them were empty and everyone else was occupied, but neither girl felt lonely with only each other there.

Kelly moaned wantonly between wet licks of Elisha’s drooling pussy while rubbing herself at the same time. She had one hand between her own legs as the other caressed Elisha’s smooth thigh and reached around to grab a feel of her sexy ass. Kelly closed her eyes reflexively as she made herself feel good by penetrating her own tight pussy with her fingers, but she forced them open again so she could stare at Elisha writhing in her seat.

Elisha looked so hot lying back in the seat completely naked with her perfect tits in her hand. Kelly envied Elisha’s boobs so much. They were just so perfectly full and proportioned to her body and so deliciously pink that Kelly couldn’t get enough of them. They were so sexy and seeing the blonde actress moaning like crazy while rubbing those beautiful tits had Kelly fingering herself harder. She also licked her friend more, showing Elisha how much she was turning her on by licking her faster and with more enthusiasm.

“Yessssssssss oooooooooh faster Kel! Faster!” Elisha cried. “Mmmmm yessssssssssss fuck me baby! Eat my pussy! Oooooooooh fuck that tongue is making me so fucking horny! You’re so hot Kel! Make me come! You always make it so good! Oooooooooooh yessssssssssssss eat me and make me come so hard! Gawwwd you’re getting me so damn close already! Mmmmmm you’re so good Kelly! So nasty and hot!”

Even though she was very well occupied at the front of the plane by going back and forth between Rose and Love, kissing them and sucking their bare tits as she kept her hands between their legs, rubbing both of their soaked pussies as they made out, Christina couldn’t help but look over at everyone getting nasty in her plane.

She loved being able to see Kelly feasting on Elisha’s cunt in the back as Jewel spread Stacy’s legs in the row in front of them and began eating her out as Jessica did the same to Q’Orianka.

It was making Christina so wet to see Alyssa fucking Hayden’s deceptively innocent face with her smooth pink pussy as Scarlett and Natalie sucked each other’s tongues to share the teen’s taste and got each other’s shirts and bras off to play with their tits. And then right next to her, Christina could turn and see Britney sandwiched in between Sarah and Jennifer as they all kissed and rubbed each other, grabbing at tits and asses and rubbing wet tongues together as they moaned non stop.

This was exactly what Christina had wanted. She hadn’t needed even a bit of convincing to go along with Rose’s idea for the Vegas trip and had graciously volunteered the use of her plane because she had wanted to see this. Ever since she had bought the plane Christina had ached to have a mile high orgy with her hot friends and now she had it going on right in front of her.

It was even sexier than her imagination had conjured up and Christina was dripping wet under her stewardess uniform. She was starting off with Rose and Love, but she was damn sure going to make sure she fucked every girl on this plane before they landed.

“Lie back,” Christina urged her mentor as she finally wiggled herself out of Rose’s lap. “Just let Xtina work you over. Mmmmm you know I fucking love your pussy Rose. Let me show you how horny I am for your cum baby. I never had any breakfast this morning and I need to get something hot and creamy in my tummy.”

“Then get licking you little slut,” Rose grinned as she finished pulling her shirt above her head. She’d already cast her bra off after her shirt had been yanked up over her tits to expose them. But Rose wanted to be naked and she tossed her shirt onto the floor of her cabin along with her bra and shorts. That just left Rose’s panties and Christina took care of that as Rose pushed her head down into her lap.

“Mmmmm yesssssssss I’ll lick you so good,” Christina moaned as she yanked down Rose’s panties with an aggressive tug, leaving a trail of wetness down Rose’s leg. “I’m gonna eat up your yummy cunt Rose! Mmmm fuck me baby! Fuck my face!”

Christina was still fully dressed in her stewardess uniform. Even her cap was still on, though if it was more than a bit askew now. But she wasn’t focused on her own nudity. She was concentrating on Rose’s. With her panties now pulled down, Christina buried her tongue in Rose’s pussy, penetrating her with ease and making Rose writhe in the seat as she began tongue fucking her.

“Yeahhhhhhhhhhh dirty fucking slut! Fuck my pussy! Jam that horny slut tongue into my cunt Chrissy!” Rose grunted as Love sucked on her tits, lavishing loving attention all over her pale mounds and impossibly pink nipples.

Love bathed Rose’s pebble nipples with her tongue, leaving them wet and shiny as saliva dribbled down over the rest of her alabaster globes. But as much as Rose loved the feel of her naked housemate nursing on her tits, she wanted to give some pleasure too. Rose’s tongue was famished for Love’s creamy flavor and she let her friend know it.

“Fuck my face Love,” Rose urged. “Fuck my face with that sweet slut pussy while Chrissy’s tongue fucking me! Climb up and ride my tongue! I want you feeding me while this whore gets my fucking cum all over her pretty pop star face!”

Love pulled up from Rose’s tits and gave her housemate a long, wet kiss. She never had to be talked into getting herself licked by one of her sexy friends but with Rose sitting back in the leather seat, it seemed to be a bit of a difficult fit. Love knew she was flexible enough to be able to crawl up and hang onto Rose’s seat to brace herself as she planted her pussy over her lover’s mouth, but Love wasn’t sure the seat was strong enough for the both of them.

“Will it hold?” Love asked, not wanting to start her trip with a fall and a broken wrist. She had more than a little bit of a clumsy side and didn’t want to tempt fate.

“Oh it’ll hold just fine baby,” Christina said with a smile and a wink, indicating she knew this from personal experience. “Fuck her face Love! Feed Rose while she’s feeding me. Mmmm I want me and Rose drenched in yummy cum.”

That sounded so hot and nasty to both Rose and Love and Love shrugged her shoulders and decided to take a chance. She pulled herself up and stood up in her seat before moving over to the next one so she could lean over Rose. Giggling, Love bent her naked body over so she was effectively draped over both Rose and her seat, mashing her soft tits against the leather and moaning as Rose immediately grabbed her ass, brought her pussy against her mouth and began licking.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh Rose!” Love rapturously moaned. “Yessssss eat me! Mmmmm just like I wanted you to do this morning! Your fingers felt good, but your tongue is even better! Mmmmmmm yesssssssss fuck me Rose! Work that tongue deep in my wet pussy!”

It was a bit of an awkward position for Love, but she didn’t mind it much as soon as the licking started and Rose didn’t hesitate. She knew Love’s pussy just as well as she knew her own and she knew just where to work her tongue.

Love was moaning and grinding her wetness against Rose’s face in no time, rubbing her wet slit against her friend’s mouth and quivering in delight as Rose’s tongue pushed into her and fucked her. Love spread her legs open in her stance on the seat as wide as she dared to give Rose plenty of room to lick and she fucked her housemate’s mouth with gusto.

“Yeahhhh yeahhhhhh oooooooooooooooooh yessssssssss Rose mmmm!” Love cried, rubbing her tits against the smooth leather and loving how it felt on her bare, erect nipples. “Eat my pussy! Make me your slut! Make me come all over you!”

Rose wanted that nearly as badly as she wanted to have a similar reaction of her own all over Christina’s pretty face. The singer’s pierced tongue was expert at licking pussy by now and Rose groaned and cried out her own pleasure into Love’s cunt while licking and fucking herself against Christina.

Christina matched every buck of Rose’s hips with a perfectly timed lick and Rose’s pussy was soon a creamy mess of arousal. The more Christina licked, the wetter Rose got and with a mouthful of hot girl of her own to lick and swallow, Rose was quite the happy passenger right then.

“Mmmmmmmmm yessssssss come for me Rose,” Christina begged in between licks. “Come for your slut stewardess! We take such good care of our passengers at Air Xtina and we want you to never stop coming back for more!”

Christina giggled a little over her own joke and resumed licking, especially as Rose reacted to her touch of humor by pressing her hand down on the back of her head harder and pushing the blonde back into her pussy. Christina licked harder and confident that her message had been received, Rose took her hand away from Christina’s head and got it back where she wanted it most, right on Love’s beautiful, round ass.

Rose had both hands squeezing Love’s ass and she delighted in the soft feel of her friend’s full cheeks. Love’s infamous bikini pictures helpfully splashed everywhere by the paparazzi last year had gotten too many critics mocking her weight and the size of her ass.

Love had been genuinely hurt by all the criticism and her housemates had thought the anonymous bloggers and snarky little Internet bitches had not only been mean spirited, they’d been flat out wrong. Love was beautiful to them and they made sure she knew it.

Love had never been a stick figure and her housemates adored every inch of her. They loved her big tits and the succulent curves of her ass. Love had embraced having a full ass and her housemates took full advantage, making sure to fuck her beautifully jiggly backside as often as possible.

Now Rose held Love’s soft, sexy ass in her hands and she loved feeling it shake for her sensually while Love fucked her face. She could only imagine how good Love looked, with her big tits jiggling too and her mouth wide open in ecstasy. She could hear her friend’s cries for more licking and Rose responded with a flurry of tongue strokes against her juicy cunt.

Love shrieked in delight and fucked Rose’s face harder, her enthusiasm growing as Rose began slapping Love’s ass.

“Oooooooooooooh yessssss baby yessssssssssss! Spank me while you fuck me!” Love cried, mashing herself against Rose’s face as she rubbed her tits hard into the leather. “Slap my ass! Oooooooooh I know you love slapping that big ass of mine! Do it Rose! You’re getting me so wet! I love when you do me this way! Mmmmm make my butt all nice and pink while you’re tongue fucking me! Yessssssssss oooooooooh you make it all so hot and good Rose! Spank me! Fuck me! Make me fucking come like a slut! YESSSSSSSSSSS OOOOOOOH YESSSSS!!!”

Love’s cries also had Christina licking Rose harder. It was a scorching hot treat for her eyes to be able to look up at Rose’s pale, beautifully round tits softly shaking as the girl slapped Love’s hot cheeks and tongue fucked her.

Christina’s pussy was juicing up a storm under her short uniform skirt and she took one of her hands to plunge her fingers into her own wetness as she did the same to Rose, fingering both her own and her lover’s tight folds.

The cries coming from all three of the girls were joined in harmony by those across the aisle. Jennifer had gotten nicely fired up watching Rose slap Love’s ass and with another deliciously full ass right in front of her, she couldn’t resist giving Britney’s backside a good smack as she parted her cheeks and lapped at her gooey sugary folds from behind.

“Mmmmmmmm yeahhhhhh you know what I like Jen!” Britney gasped, pulling her face up momentarily from Sarah’s pussy to show how shiny her lips and chin had gotten. “Spank me! Just like Love’s getting it! Do it! Slap my big, juicy butt while you’re tongue fucking me! Yessssssssssss oooooooooooh yesssssssss harder Jen! I’ve been such a bad girl! I need to be fucking spanked!”

“Yeah? How bad?” Jennifer teased in between licks. “Only really bad sluts get their asses slapped. You gotta deserve to be spanked Britney!”

“Ooooooh I’ve been so fucking bad!” Britney claimed. “I fuck girls all day and never fucking wear panties so Chrissy and all our sluts at the label can get at my pussy and lick me like a fucking whore! Mmmmm and I tongue fucked a total stranger yesterday and I loved it! She was delivering pizza to our house and Chrissy told me to give her a real tip and fuck her good and I did! Oooooh I licked her sweet pussy and then ate her yummy ass! Mmmm she told me to stop at first but she was moaning when she said it so I didn’t! Chrissy was watching and fingering herself as I fucked the pizza girl and licked her so good that she was begging me not to stop in no time! Mmmmm then she didn’t want to go! So she had me sit on her face and feed her my sloppy wet pussy so she could lick out my cum and Chrissy’s spit from when she spit in me before she fucked me with her strap on! Oooooh we made the pizza girl our slut all night long! And this morning I fucked the boys’ nanny so good! Mmmm she loves being fucked up her tight little ass! Chrissy and I fucked the nanny together and it was so nasty!”

As much as Sarah enjoyed hearing Britney’s testimonial tribute to what a bad girl she was, it wasn’t getting the former slayer licked to have Britney just talk about girl sex. She was in an action oriented mood and talk could wait.

“You’re being bad right now by not licking me!” Sarah groaned as her hand shoved down on the back of Britney’s head and reintroduced her mouth to her pussy, interrupting the details about how she had the nanny bent over the kitchen counter so she could lick her while Christina fucked the woman’s face. “Fuck me you little whore! Jam that slutty tongue back into my pussy! I don’t wanna hear you talking Britney! I wanna feel you fucking licking me! Do it you slut!”

Sarah knew full well how hard Britney got off on being commanded around and being told what a slut she was. She knew how wet it made her and how it made her even hornier to lick. So Sarah was rewarded for her hot words by feeling Britney’s tongue darting out again and rapidly and skillfully lapping at her heated cunt. Sarah was completely naked now and in complete rapture as she shook in her soft seat, grinding her bare ass into the smooth leather while Britney fed off her juices.

Sarah’s nipples were swollen like sexy berries capping off her firm pink tits and she felt them throb for attention. Part of her wanted to get her hands on them so she could squeeze her own firm mounds and tug at her nipples, but she loved even more having her hands on the back of Britney’s head, forcing her down to her pussy and controlling the infamous tabloid queen.

She kept her hands fastened to the back of Britney’s blonde head, knocking her cap off while she fucked her face with horny enthusiasm and cried out happily with every skilled lick Britney took against her soaked snatch.


Sarah was gasping and sweating as Britney moaned and squealed her delight over Sarah’s verbal barrage aimed at her. She loved talking dirty and having her friends treat her like a little slut. The tabloids always called her a whore and a nympho and when she was with her girlfriends she made damn sure she acted the part. Sarah’s pussy tasted as yummy as always and Britney proved how badly she wanted her lover’s orgasm by licking her harder and faster, concentrating on her clit even as her own pleasure rushed through her veins.

With her face pushed down into Sarah’s pussy, Britney couldn’t tell Jennifer just how much she loved the feel of her tongue licking her from behind. So she tried to communicate it by thrusting her pussy back against the movie star’s probing tongue. She wanted so much more of Jen’s incredible tongue in her pussy and she fucked the girl’s face as hard as she could, letting her know how much she loved it and how much more she needed it.

Of course by now Jennifer was fluent in the unspoken language of girl sex and she got Britney’s message loud and clear. She held the girl’s ass steady as she pushed her face into her, gripping her full cheeks and pressing her mouth right to her drooling cunt, lapping at her pinkness and licking her harder, her steady, even tongue strokes giving Britney constant pleasure as she lurched and shook like she wanted to jump out of her skin with horniness.

Jennifer had all the access she could want to Britney’s pussy and she let her tongue run wild over the girl’s sugary, juice coated folds. Britney’s uniform top was open, exposing her bare tits, and her skirt was yanked up around her waist. Since Britney hadn’t worn any panties, Jennifer could just lick away and she unleashed her skilled, experienced tongue on the singer, making her shriek with sexual bliss into the muzzle of Sarah’s heated, soaked pussy.

Jennifer was still in her bra and panties and she could feel her nipples straining against her bra, just begging to be set free as her panties were soaked by her own arousal. But she didn’t pay any mind to her clothing. Jennifer was patient and loved giving her friend’s pleasure. Sucking the cream right out of Britney’s pussy was her one and only priority right then as she buried her face between the singer’s ass cheeks and tongue fucked her pussy into creamy submission.

Since Britney didn’t live in the mansion anymore, Jennifer didn’t take for granted the chance she had to lick her. She held nothing back and made sure Britney remembered just how good she was at fucking girls.

While she and the pop singer made a rather odd pairing they were linked by lust for each other’s body and a deeper connection than that. Jennifer sometimes worried that Britney would never get herself all the way back together after her debacle of a marriage because she truly liked the bubbly blonde and had a lot of fun fucking her. Being able to see her sexy and happy made Jennifer feel good and she worked hard to give Britney lots of pleasure from her tongue.

Besides, the more she focused on Britney’s delicious, wet pussy and having her essence soak her tongue, there was less chance of thinking about Emma’s “blackmail” or having to stave off inappropriate longings for Courteney.

The whole plane was soaked in the sounds and smells of wild girl sex. No one, save for Christina and Britney, had been expecting this to happen, but since it had they were all committed to living it up as much as possible. Wet tongues and lips licked and slurped at even wetter pussies and soft bodies ground together as horny, happy coos and cries filled the air. No one wasn’t having fun as the girls indulged without inhibition in each other’s bodies, touching and kissing and licking whoever they could get their hands on.

Hayden had her face, already flushed and sticky from Alyssa’s feminine juices, buried in Scarlett’s chest. The teen’s small hands were all over her friend’s rack and she fondled her with exploratory glee.

Hayden felt more eager than ever to feel up Scarlett’s tits. They just demanded attention and Hayden gave it to her. Natalie and Scarlett had stayed dressed for far too long and now that their clothes were tossed about the cabin with everyone else’s, Hayden had gone right for the soft flesh pillows that jutted out of Scarlett’s sexy body.

“Oooooooh gawwwwd you have such great boobs!” Hayden moaned before plunging her sweaty, sticky face back down into Scarlett’s cleavage. “You’ve got like the best tits I’ve ever seen Scarlett! Mmmmmm they’re sooooo big and sexy! I love playing with them! Does it feel good Scarlett? Do you like it when I kiss and lick your tits?”

“Damn right I do,” Scarlett beamed with her stunning smile. “Mmmmm only girls know how to treat my tits right and you’re so good at it sweetie. Ooooooh yesssssss suck my nipples you horny thing! I love you sucking my tits like you’re a dirty little baby fucking your slutty mommy!”

“Ooooooh sooooooooo nasty,” Hayden groaned through a mouthful of Scarlett’s D cup beauties. “You make it soooo hot! I love these big tits sooo fucking much!”

“Heyyyyyy what about my boobs?” Natalie playfully pouted as Alyssa helpfully reached over and removed her panties finally and tossed them away with the rest of their forgotten clothes. “What’s the matter Hayden? Don’t you like ittty bitty titties too? I guess I just can’t compare to Scarlett and you don’t like me anymore.”

“No! Natalie, it’s not like that!” Hayden gasped in horror, fearful she had accidentally insulted someone she was very attracted to by being overly effusive about Scarlett’s chest. “I love your boobs too! They’re so hot!”

“Yeah right…liar,” Natalie shot back, trying to keep from breaking into a smile as she made the teenager sweat. “Maybe I should go get some implants for you if all that matters to you is tit size.”

“Noooooo! It’s not! I swear!” Hayden insisted, letting Scarlett go so she could prove to Natalie how she really felt. “Please don’t think that!”

Natalie was about to tease Hayden some more, but Alyssa stepped in.

“All right, enough, stop making her suffer,” Alyssa laughed. “We know you like em big and small, right Hayden? As long as they’re nice and sexy, you love tits of all sizes.”

“I do!” Hayden swore before Natalie leaned in and kissed her, showing her that she was only playing and didn’t really think Hayden was shallow.

Natalie’s kiss was tender and warm and Hayden melted right into it, letting her hands caress Natalie Portman’s beautiful face before moving down to do the same to her firm breasts.

“Mmmmm oooooh Hayden. I was only teasing. I know you didn’t mean it that way,” Natalie sighed from the younger girl’s sexy touch.

She’d learned a long time ago to be at peace with her small breasts and she had only wanted to have fun with Hayden. Besides, she was always lusting after Scarlett’s huge tits herself, so how could she blame Hayden for doing the same thing?

“Meanie,” Hayden pouted a little before Natalie got her smiling again with some more kisses. “I thought you were really mad at me.”

“Well I know just how to make it up to you,” Natalie sensually suggested as she ran her fingers up Hayden’s thighs all the way to her chest so she and the teenager could both fondle each other’s bare breasts.

“How?” Hayden asked, open to anything Natalie had on her mind.

“By getting you on top of me,” Natalie wickedly offered before lying down in the aisle and slowly pulling Hayden down with her so she and the blonde could get into the classic 69 position.

“Mmmmm I like that idea a lot,” Hayden giggled.

She’d only done a couple of 69s with other girls, but they were always fun. Being able to lick and be licked at the same time with the same girl was an experience she was eager to repeat and she didn’t hesitate to get into position with Natalie.

As the brunette actress lay naked on the floor of the cabin, Hayden pressed her just as nude body on top of hers. She slowly lowered her pussy to hover above Natalie’s face and when the Harvard educated star pushed down on her ass to get her closer to her tongue, Hayden followed suit by lowering her head to get her first taste of Natalie’s juices.

“Oooooh you’re shaved! That’s so naughty!” Natalie giddily declared as she got her first real up close look at Hayden Panettiere’s teen pussy.

Natalie had been with a lot of shaved girls, Scarlett included, and it was always such a rush to run her tongue over a completely bare, smooth pussy. She wouldn’t have been able to resist Hayden’s young pussy anyway, but seeing her pink girlflesh all bare and glistening with arousal made her even more eager to attack it with her tongue.

“Mmmmm yessssssssssss!” Hayden cried as Natalie’s tongue tasted her pussy. “Lick me Natalie! Lick my little shaved pussy! Ooooooooooh! Yesssssss oooooooh your tongue feels so good! Mmmmm yessssssssss lick my slutty, smooth pussy! I made it all nice and bare for sexy girls to lick and I love how you feel on me Natalie!”

She hadn’t intended to shave herself the other night, but her experience at the mansion with so many girls who had gone bare had made her curious about what it would feel like. So when she had shaved her legs the night before, Hayden had gotten impetuous and gotten rid of her blonde nest of curls as well. She had hoped shaving herself would make others more eager to lick her and so far it was paying off.

Since she was in a 69, Hayden had to remind herself that she was there to give pleasure as well as get it. Her first lick of Natalie’s pussy had only whetted her appetite for more and, with the taste of Alyssa still on her lips and tongue, Hayden moved back down to get that yummy flavor. Natalie wasn’t shaved like her, her dark bush was trimmed down to a neat triangle of soft girl fur, but Hayden only cared about how good she tasted and Natalie’s pussy was definitely delicious.

“Ohhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmm naughty girl!” Natalie mewed as the teen’s tongue worked her over. “How’s a sweet little angel like you so good at eating pussy? Mmmmm fuck me Hayden! Ooooooh yesssssss that tongue feels incredible on me! God, I never thought you’d know just how to lick this good! Mmmmmm yessssssss don’t stop baby! Let’s lick each other together! I want us both coming!”

Hayden beamed with pride over Natalie’s compliments and it got her even more committed to making her new friend come. She didn’t want to disappoint her. She wanted to make Natalie feel good and pay her back for the pleasure she was getting from her hot tongue on her own pussy. So Hayden licked faster and faster, trying to focus on the spots where Natalie got the most pleasure.

The girls quickly fell into a sexy rhythm. Knowing she was much less experienced than Natalie, Hayden followed suit with whatever her lover was doing. When Natalie licked, Hayden licked and soon she wasn’t just following her, she was able to keep pace and mimic Natalie’s tongue action.

The two nude actresses pulled themselves closer together until they were completely locked into their 69 with Hayden on top and Natalie below her, their faces buried in each other’s pussies as they rocked back and forth and made quite an impression on Scarlett and Alyssa.

“That looks so fucking yummy,” Scarlett moaned as she and Alyssa traded kisses and the older woman reached over to caress her chest. She couldn’t take her eyes off Natalie and Hayden rocking on the floor, fucking each other’s faces. Their naked bodies were fused together so erotically as their hands clutched the other’s bare ass.

“That’s not the only yummy thing I see,” Alyssa drooled over Scarlett’s abundant mounds. “Hayden was right. Those are some delicious titties you’ve got here girl. Mmmm I definitely need to spend a lot of time playing with these things.”

Scarlett blushed but smiled and leaned in to kiss Alyssa once more. She always got so much attention because her chest and usually she didn’t want it. Sometimes she felt her breasts kept her from being taken seriously as an actress and there was nothing more frustrating than trying to talk to a man and to have them constantly gawking at her tits instead of listening to her words.

But with girls it was completely different. Scarlett loved showing off in front of girls and flaunting her God-given assets. She loved getting compliments about her big tits from other girls and having them fondled and kissed and massaged just right. So if Alyssa wanted to play with her breasts, she was more than welcome and Scarlett pushed her chest out, jutting them toward Alyssa and encouraging her to grab a hold of them.

“Take all the time you want,” Scarlett urged Alyssa. They’d never fucked before, but both of them were eager to change that in a hurry and, as Alyssa grabbed onto Scarlett’s tits with both hands and tenderly explored the soft mounds of all natural flesh, their kisses became more passionate.

While Alyssa played with Scarlett’s breasts, the blonde did her exploring of Alyssa’s ass. The tightness of her toned cheeks had caught Scarlett’s fancy before when Alyssa had been playing with Hayden and she didn’t hesitate to grab a feel for herself. She massaged Alyssa’s spectacular backside with lust as they tongue kissed, but Alyssa wanted more than just touching.

Alyssa hadn’t quite gotten off from Hayden before they had separated and she was desperate for some more licking. And since Alyssa also hungered for her first taste of Scarlett, the situation was quite obvious.

“Mind being a bit of a copycat?” Alyssa purred at Scarlett before nibbling on her ear lobe as she continued to play with her chest,

“Oh not at all,” Scarlett immediately replied, a little breathless from Alyssa’s wonderful kisses. “Mmmm it’s all good. Whatever you want Alyssa. I just want us coming and coming soon. I’m so fucking wet.”

She knew right away what Alyssa wanted and she heartily endorsed the idea, lying back on the cabin floor so Alyssa could arrange herself correctly and press down on top of her, loving the feel of Scarlett’s tits mashing up against her flat stomach and definitely enjoying the view of being able to stare right into Scarlett’s shaved, glistening pussy, her juices just begging to be licked out of their feminine prison.

“Ooooh you’re so wet!” Alyssa grinned. “Mmmmm don’t worry Scarlett. Lyssa knows just what this pretty pussy needs. I’m going to make you feel so fucking good!”

With a lustful moan, Alyssa dove down for Scarlett’s wetness as the blonde grabbed onto Alyssa’s ass and held her steady so her tongue could shoot out too and lick her similarly shaved pussy. This had them in a 69 right next to Hayden and Natalie’s and it was quickly four girls crying out pussy muffled sounds of passion as eager tongues got to work on horny pussies.

Hayden and Natalie definitely had the right idea and Alyssa and Scarlett were happy to follow suit, licking and being licked at the same time, the two pairings of aroused girls rocking each other as the fun continued all around them.

“Ohhhhhhhh God! Ohhhhhhhhhhh yesssssssssssssss! Oooooooh more Jewel more!” Jessica urged as she was on her hands and knees, stretched out like a cat on the seats she and Stacy had been sitting on when they’d taken off. “Mmmmmm you haven’t done this to me in so long and I forgot how good it feels! Fuck me Jewel! Rub those big tits all over my wet pussy! Mmmmm yesssssssssssssss get those hot, sticky juices all over your tits! Yessssssssssss it feels so fucking good!”

Jewel had been licking away at her housemate while fondling her own tits when she had overheard Hayden’s lustful ode to Scarlett’s chest. That had served as a reminder to the Alaskan beauty that Scarlett wasn’t the only one there with a big rack and she had impetuously decided to put hers to good use.

Pausing in her tonguing, Jewel had grabbed her breasts and rubbed them against Jessica’s dripping pussy. First she had coated one tit, making sure her nipple and areola had gotten good and shiny and then the other had gotten a chance to play.

Now Jessica was rocking back and forth on her hands and knees, fucking herself against her housemate’s soft tits as she adored the pleasure the soft mounds gave to her sensitive sex.

Jessica wasn’t picky. She didn’t care how she got off. Tongues. Fingers. Toys. It was all fine to her as long as it felt good and Jewel’s tits rubbing against her pussy definitely felt good. It was so soft and so naughty to feel those large mounds and rock hard nipples against her tender folds and Jessica was moaning wildly.

“More Jewel ooooooooooh please more!” Jessica cried. “Tit fuck me! Rub my pussy with those big, sexy tits! Mmmmmmmmmm yesssssssss oooooooooh fuck I love it! Oooooooh I’m gonna cream those tits with my cum! You want that Jewel? You want my slutty cum all over your beautiful tits?”

“Oh Jess you know I want it,” Jewel moaned as she continued squeezing and hefting her own heavy breasts as she rubbed them against the soft folds of her friend’s pink cunt, making damn sure her nipples were touching Jessica’s swollen clitoris. “Mmmmm soak them! Soak my big fucking tits in your cum! I want you to cream all over them baby! Oooooh then we can lick them clean together! I want to fucking feel you licking your own cum off my tits as I’m pushing them up to my mouth and tonguing them too! Do it Jessica! Make my tits all sticky and creamy with hot girl c