Isaiah’s Sophomore Year 1

Isaiah’s Sophomore Year 1

By Dragon333 and Kojain

Celebs: Dee Dee Davis, Tiffany Evans

Codes: cons, pedo, mf

Disclaimer: this story is a complete work of fiction. Neither authors promote or encourage sex with really young kids. None of the events in this story represent anything about the real lives of the actual celebs.

Chapter One: Sharing

Aree had just invited Isaiah to his house while her parents were out for a few hours. She took those few hours as an idea to have fun for a percentage of the day.
Aree took Isaiah to her little sister’s room.

“Hi, Isaiah.” Dee Dee, Aree’s little sister, greeted him.

“Hi, Dee Dee.” Aree then just got a devilish grin on her face as she looked down to her little sister and back up to Isaiah.

“I want you to fuck her.” Aree told Isaiah.

“Who?” Isaiah asked. Dee Dee had a happy grin on her face now as well.

“Who else in this room is a ‘her’ besides me? Dee Dee. I want you to fuck my little sis.”

“Are you crazy?!” Isaiah said in shock to Aree. “She’s what… 8?”

“I’m 10!” Dee Dee said loudly defending herself.

“See, she’s not as young as you thought. I think she’s ready to grow up.” Aree told Isaiah.

“Ready or not. I don’t want to fuck her. She’s young for my tastes. She doesn’t even have tits!”

“Maybe if you rub on her chest and suck on her nipples, then maybe she’ll grow some.”

“No way.” Just then Aree had this sad puppy look on her face.

“Please, Isaiah?” she said giving him the puppy look. “I don’t want her to lose her virginity to an asshole, or lose it by getting raped, I want her to lose it to a great guy.. Like you. Most girls at our school lose their virginity by going to a party getting drugged up or getting drunk, and I want her first time not to be forced and not to lose it to anyone she doesn’t want to lose it to.” Isaiah really couldn’t resist that sad puppy face.

“What if she doesn’t want to lose it to me? Did you think of that?”

“I want to lose it to you. You’re really cute.” Dee Dee said. Aree had a big smile on her face while she looked back at Isaiah.

“See? I told you, it would be a lot better for you to take her virginity than a creep. You took my virginity, so I know it would be great to share experience by letting the same guy who took my virginity to take my little sister’s virginity.” Aree explained.

“I can’t resist that puppy face, Aree. But how can I fuck your little sister if I’m not even hard?”

“Leave that to me!” Aree said as she reached down his pants from the bed and pulled Isaiah’s pants down. She then got down from the bed and on her knees while she began to suck Isaiah’s penis. She jerked it over and over while sucking his dick from time to time to make it nice and wet, as well as to get it hard. “What I’m doing to Isaiah right now, Dee Dee, is called a blow job.” She rocked her face back towards and away from Isaiah’s body while Isaiah began to rock his dick with her. “Slow down, horsy! Save some of that for my little sister!” Aree told him the second she felt him about to fuck her face. After Aree got Isaiah’s shaft nice and wet, Dee Dee laid on the bed with her legs spread open. Isaiah inserted his dick inside the youngster’s vagina slowly at first. He couldn’t believe how incredibly tight Dee Dee’s pussy was. It was almost squeezing Isaiah’s dick to death! He had to keep going a little slow for a few more strokes with his dick until her love hole loosened up a little, and then he was finally to start thrusting hard into her virgin pussy.

“Oh yeah! Fuck her!” Aree cheered on. “Fuck my little sister!!!” Aree shouted as Dee Dee kept screaming and moaning out in both pain and pleasure. Isaiah finally finished and shot some cum inside Dee Dee’s virgin pussy.

Chapter Two: Tiger Recreation Center

Isaiah finally went to the Tiger Recreation Center that Reagan told him about.

“Hi, My name is Isaiah Bruler.” Isaiah told the person at the front desk. “Reagan referred me to work here as a volunteer.”

“Oh yes, we heard about you. So, you finally decided to show up?” the lady said with a smile. “We’ve been waiting for you for over a month.”

“Sorry I been procrastinating.”

“That’s alright. My name is Mindy.” she introduced herself. “I’ll show you around.” Mindy then showed him the kitchen where they cook stuff to sell meals and food, the computer room to type flyers and announcements, and the basketball court in the front. You can start work in the computer room, or the kitchen. Which do you want?” “What about the basketball court?” Isaiah joked.

“Isaiah, it’s your first day as a volunteer. Joking on the first day on the job is a sign you’re not serious for work.” Mindy told him.

“Sorry, Mindy.”

“That’s OK, I’m just preparing you for when you apply for a paid job.”

“The computer room.”

Mindy and Isaiah sat down on the computer room. She let Isaiah get on the computer and hold the mouse in his hand, giving him the hands on experience.

“If you go to ‘insert’ there’s a list of a few things you can put on the page. Go to insert: text box.” Mindy told him. Isaiah then saw a rectangular box with dotted lines around it. She then showed him how to resize the text and how to move the box. “Isaiah, you learn pretty quick. A lot of people I try to teach to have a really hard time getting to even half as what I already taught you today.”

“The support you give me is really great.” Isaiah told her.

“Now we have to put tomorrow’s activities up, but make it fun.” When the paper was done, Isaiah put all the information on the paper with some cool looking pre-set pictures that were related to the events. “That looks perfect.” Mindy told her newest volunteer worker.

Chapter Three: Reunited

“Hey Tiffany, if you don’t have anything else to do today wanna come hang out at my place?” Isaiah asked.

“Sure. I’d like to hang out with you more.” Tiffany smiled.

“Well, not really my place. But I’m staying with a good friend of mine. Hopefully she won’t mind me bringing back some company.” Isaiah explained.

“You… don’t live at home. What happened?” Tiffany asked, concerned.

“I got into a huge fight with my father he kicked me out.” Isaiah said, not wanting to give off what really happened.

“That’s awful. I take it you and your father don’t see eye to eye.” Tiffany asked.

“I guess you can say that. It’s been like that just about since the day I was born.” Isaiah said.

“Reagan, I’m back!” Isaiah yelled.

“Hey Isaiah, I was just about to go out for awhile but I decided to wait until you got back from the arcade.” Reagan smiled, then looked at Tiffany. “Is this your friend?”

“Yes. This is Tiffany Evans.” Isaiah said.

“Hello.” Tiffany said, smiling.

“Well, don’t stay out here in the heat. Come in and get cool. I’ll be back sometime around 5.” Reagan explained. “Tiffany, go ahead and relax on the sofa.”

As Tiffany made her way into the house, Reagan pulled Isaiah to the side for a moment.

“Isaiah, if you do your ‘deed’ just remember to be gentle. She looks like a very nice girl.” Reagan explained.

“What are you talking about?” Isaiah asked, raising an eyebrow.

Reagan giggles, “Isaiah, I was a little girl too. Don’t forget. And if you do, please make sure to leave the sheets by the washer.”

“Okay Reagan. Thanks.” Isaiah said, shocked that Reagan would say that.

“Hey Tiffany, I’m going to try for the basketball team next year. Can you believe it?” Isaiah said.

“You should. I’ve watched you play. You really know what you are doing.” Tiffany said, impressed.

“I just gotta work on my shooting, and I should be a starter!” Isaiah explained.

“That’s what I like about you, Isaiah. You’re so humble. Other guys think we like confidence, but it’s not about that. Personally I HATE guys who think they are good at every single thing they do and never admit to having any flaws.” Tiffany said, smiling at him.

“And I’m glad that you’re honest. It’s kinda hard to find an honest girl nowadays. They usually talk about liking guys with confidence, or smart and polite guys. Then those same girls, trash cocky/confident guys, and go out with good looking, gangster talking, dumb guys.” he told her. “Most girls say they want the opposite of what they really want. I’m just glad I found you as a friend. Why couldn’t I meet a girl like you before?”

“Oooh Isaiah… Wait, what do you mean by that?” Tiffany giggled.

“Ummm… Err… Never mind.” Isaiah corrected.

“It’s okay. It was pretty hot outside so it’s fine if you go crazy a little.” Tiffany laughed.

Tiffany moved close to Isaiah and wrapped her arms around him. As they hugged Isaiah felt familiar presence enter the living room with him. Tiffany, of course, didn’t feel this. But he knew now that they weren’t alone.

‘I know that presence. It’s Ciara.’ Isaiah thought, feeling better to know that it wasn’t a hostile spirit. ‘I just wonder whereabouts in the room she is.’

Tiffany jumped suddenly as if startled by something. “Isaiah! Who’s that?”

“Who?” Isaiah asked, turning around to see Ciara, wearing a baggy shirt and windbreaker pants. But still unsure if Tiffany can really see her or not.

“Her!” Tiffany said, pointing at Ciara.

“Wait… You can see me?!” Ciara asked, shocked.

“You can see her?!” Isaiah asked, equally shocked

“Of course I can! She’s standing right there!” Tiffany stated.

“Ciara, she can see you. What’s going on?” Isaiah asked.

“Wait… Ciara?” Tiffany asked, pondering. “Oh my… is that really you?”

“Do you… know me?” Ciara asked, confused.

“Yes! You don’t remember me? Tiffany! We played together when I was a little girl!” Tiffany explained.

“Ciara, could Tiffany be the girl you told me about? Before you were banished?” Isaiah asked.

::Tiffany Flashback::

“Sorry. I cannot allow this spirit to stay with you my child. She must go.” the priest said calmly.

“NO! Leave her alone! She’s my friend!” Young Tiffany said.

As the priests performs the ritual, Ciara’s form slowly begins to fade away.

“Tiff…any. Don’t… cry… It’s okay.” Ciara said, as she began to leave this plane of existence.

“No! Stop! Come back Ciara! NO!” Tiffany yelled, starting to cry.

“Good bye…”, the last words Ciara said as she faded completely.

“I’m sorry my child, but she…” the priest spoke.

Furiously, young Tiffany started to swing her arms wildly at the priest. Hitting him over and over again.

“Give her back! I want Ciara back! GIVE HER BACK!” Tiffany screamed at the priest during her assault.

“Stop!” the priest said, trying to avoid Tiffany’s attack. “I did this for your own good child”

“I hate you! You took my friend away!” Tiffany cried, and kept hitting the priest.

Tiffany’s parents suddenly came into the room as Tiffany was hitting the priest over and over again.

“Tiffany! Stop that! What are you doing?” Tiffany’s mother yelled.

“He took her away mommy! He took my friend away!” Tiffany cried.

“I was only trying to prote…” the priest started to say.

“Please! Just leave. Don’t say anything. Just go. You’ve done enough.” Tiffany’s father explained.

“Very well.” the priest said, then left the room with Tiffany’s father.

“She’s gone mommy! She’s gone!” Tiffany cried in her mother’s arms.

“I’m sorry that Ciara is gone. But, you are getting older now. Maybe Ciara leaving is a sign that you don’t need an imaginary friend anymore and it’s time to grow up.” Tiffany’s mother explained.

“I want her back mommy. She’s my best friend.” Tiffany kept crying.

“I know sweetie. But now it’s time for you to have some real friends. You understand?” TIffany’s mother said.

“I want Ciara back.” Tiffany cried.

::End Tiffany Flashback::

“I never forgot about you Ciara. I still remember how you kept my company all those nights when I was scared and how we played together when no one else was around. I just waited for you to come back to me.” Tiffany said, teary-eyed.

“Oh Tiffany…” Ciara sniffled.

“But wait, you’re my imaginary friend. So how can Isaiah see you?” Tiffany asked.

“Well… Ummm… You see Tiffany. I’m not anyone’s ‘imaginary friend’. I’m what you call a mischief maker. We’re basically just harmless spirits who just do silly things. Like how I scared your brother that time for teasing you.” Ciara explained to her.

“So… You’re a spirit. Kinda like Casper the Friendly Ghost?” Tiffany asked.

“Yes lik… What?! How can you compare me to a cartoon?!” Ciara stated.

Isaiah couldn’t help but to break down laughing at that comment. Ciara looked at him and crossed her arms, frowning.

Chapter Four: Possession

Isaiah was walking by the movie theater and saw his friend Chelsea.

“Hey, Isaiah over here!” she shouted out waving her arm.

“Chelsea!” he exclaimed excitedly as he walked over to her. “What you been up to?”

“Nothing. Damn, did you lose weight? You seem to have lost some muscle there.” Chelsea told him. Isaiah looked down at his body in shock of what Chelsea told him. She realized she was right. “What happened? Did you stop working out?”

“I didn’t have time to work out after going places with friends and taking care of stuff.” he told her honestly.

“It’s like you deflated.”

Isaiah got home and remembered the reason he failed Algebra in his original time. A classmate he sat next who he thought was his friend, begged him to let him borrow his finals homework that he worked so hard on. Isaiah suggested that he take the notes to the school library and copy that for them so they both could have it, but he kept insisting. Isaiah thought it’s close to the end of the year, so he wouldn’t miss anymore days of school. Unfortunetly, Isaiah’s guess was wrong and he never got his homework back. It had forced him to go to summer school. It also was a big reason he never got to go back to school. Not going to school didn’t only affect him for the supposed to be school years, but it affected him for the rest of his LIFE!

“No matter what it takes, no matter how hard I have to study, I WILL pass high school!” Isaiah whispered loudly to himself. He knew what Chelsea said was true; he even felt himself physically weaker. In his old time, he was worn out from studying so hard before the school year started, so he knew it was a good idea to relax the last few days before school started. He called his friend Albert and saw a movie in the theater. He also didn’t get back into working out because he could do that after the school year, and it would take time into doing homework.
Isaiah wasn’t sure why Tiffany decided to call him in the evening, but she said she really needed to see him and she did mention that her parents weren’t going to be home for awhile. Isaiah dismissed any negative thoughts and made his way to her house. He eventually got to her door and before he could even knock on the door, it quickly swung open with her standing there with a big smile on her face, wearing a green shirt and some blue jeans.

“Yeah baby, I’ve been waiting for you.” Tiffany said, smiling.

“Hey Tiff, what’s going on?” Isaiah asked.

“Just come in.” Tiffany said, motioning him over.

As Isaiah entered the house, Tiffany quickly locked the front door behind him. Afterwards, she beckoned him to follow her to her room.

“What’s going on Tiffany? You still didn’t answer my question.” Isaiah asked.

“Just come here, I wanted to show you something in my room.” Tiffany grinned.

“What? You can’t bring it out here?” Isaiah asked.

“No I can’t! Come with me!” Tiffany demanded.

Isaiah was shocked by her sudden tone, it didn’t sound like her. And she seemed to move a little strangely. He shrugged it off and walked with her to her room. He observed her room to see a nice section of teddy bears, green and yellow painted walls. Her queen sized bed was covered with brightly multi-colored sheets.

Isaiah was going to comment on her room, but as he turned around Tiffany suddenly pounced on him like an animal in heat. Her lips pressed heavily against Isaiah’s as he tried to recover from the surprise attack. As she kept kissing him over and over again she began to slowly push him towards the bed.

Tiffany quickly unbuttoned Isaiah’s shirt, almost ripping it off him as she tossed it aside and caressed his upper torso as she kissed all over his face. Her hands quickly went down and unhooked his belt, unzipped his pants and allowed them to fall the to floor. She then removed her shirt and removed her pants, then pushed Isaiah on the bed. Isaiah’s erection was pretty much full and ready as he saw Tiffany in her birthday suit.

Before Isaiah could say anything, Tiffany jumped on top of him and mounted up, letting out a small cry as she completely impaled herself on Isaiah’s hard dick. She stood there motionless as she enjoyed the feeling of being filled. During that time, Isaiah noticed 2 paw tattoos on her chest. He doesn’t remember Tiffany say anything about her having any tattoos, but as Tiffany started her ride, his thoughts were quickly banished.

“Fuck! Yes that dick feels so good in me!” Tiffany yelled, as she rode Isaiah like a mechanical bull. Sweat was forming on her pretty face, which had a wild sexual expression, as much moved in and out of Isaiah. She really enjoyed the feeling of his dick in her snatch as she panted really loud.

All of this frenzied bouncing was starting to become too much for Isaiah as his orgasm was due soon. And by the look of things, Tiffany wasn’t too far behind.

“Ooooh fuck!” Tiffany screamed as her orgasm hit her, her breathing labored as she stood still with her head up high. About 15 seconds later, she crumbled on top of Isaiah and breathed lightly.

Isaiah caressed her bare back as she lied on him, recovering from the sex they just had. He was rather surprised that Tiffany would call just to get a piece of him, but he wasn’t going to complain about that. As she lied on him, he realized that she fell asleep. Gently, he lifted her off him and put her into the bed and covered her naked form.

Then Isaiah noticed something, he looked at her chest again and saw that the paw tattoos were gone. Before he could ask himself what was going on, he heard a voice coming from the hall.

“Tiffany honey, we’re home.” her father’s voice yelled.

In a panic, Isaiah covered her up and gathered his clothes. He saw that the window was open and climbed out into the side of the house. Isaiah peeked in her room to see Tiffany’s father walk in and check on her daughter. He noticed she was asleep and shut off the light then walked out. Isaiah sighed in relief then quickly headed back to Reagan’s house.

Chapter Five: Time to Do Things Right

It was Isaiah’s first day of school as a Sophomore and he got there early so he could get a head start at looking for his classes because he always doesn’t know where his classes are right off the bat. This time he brought a notepad and pencil and took notes where his class was, and wrote down directions and little pictures to help him learn how to get there. At Monkey High School, the rules were so strict, it caused over 53% of the students to fail. If you were late for one minute even your first time, you would get sent to Saturday school. Which is why, in Isaiah’s previous teen life, he would miss an entire class so that he wouldn’t have to go to Saturday school.

He waited in those long lines for his high school books. It was actually small compared to the long lines at college. Colleges were really scarce where he lived, but there were quite a few high schools. There was only about three colleges altogether in his city, and none of them were close by. He only lived by two high schools, and one he would have to take a bus.

“Hi, My name is Isaiah.” he said introducing himself to a young girl behind him also waiting for her books. She wasn’t pretty, but Isaiah thought to be friendly.

After a really long, hot, and sweaty line at the book getting place at school, it was finally time for his first class. He chose to sit in the back to avoid people throwing things at his head. He learned from experience, everyone who sits in the front gets thrown things at. In his previous teen years, he tried not to be so judgmental which was a huge mistake, considering his excellent judgment was his best weapon. He paid close attention to who’s who and how they were the first day of class.

High School was really hard. Even the first day of school, you’d get homework. Isaiah did his homework as soon as he got to Reagan’s house. High School was also really great. College was expensive, and overall useless. Isaiah could pass college with ease, but he didn’t feel like advancing to the next college level, nor did he have the funds. In High School, you get rewarded for your hard work with the eligibility to go to school dances, play on a sports team, and attend a school where socialization was at its peak. There was no motivation in college. All college would award you with is a piece of paper with a letter on it. You’d sit in classes with a way too high difference in age. Lots of times Isaiah would be in college classes with a class room full of people old enough to be his grandparents. Also college social life was the opposite of high school; college was the most unsocial place Isaiah ever seen. Isaiah tried numerous times to socialize and talk to people in college, but didn’t have much luck there. In high school even if he was totally quiet, people would talk to him, and people would socialize when Isaiah would talk to them too. A lot of times Isaiah would hear about married couples mentioning they were high school sweet hearts. After he attended college, he knew why none of the married couples never mentioned they were college sweet hearts. High School was the perfect place for the dating scene. College on the other hand, may LOOK like school from the outside, but it’s the opposite; it is the worst place for a dating scene. College looks like school, but is totally different from the inside.

Isaiah remembered this year was the year he tried not to switch any classes because he didn’t want to have to put the counselors to all that trouble. Therefore he had the toughest English teacher. And she didn’t want to teach, she just wanted to create impossible homework for the students with no chances to getting good grades. If you were sick on a test day, you couldn’t make up for it even for a little less credit. If you were sick and couldn’t even turn in homework, you would get no credit. She was way too strict, especially for a class for teenagers. By the time his teacher told all of her students to switch classes if it was too hard for them, it was way too late in the year to switch. So he took his teacher’s future advice and switched the next day he went to school. Sure he wouldn’t get to see Melinda’s cleavage on a nearly everyday basis, as she LOVED to flaunt her incredible 15 year old 34D tits, but there are a few more important things. Besides, he could see other girls cleavage other times.

With that new English class, he saw a girl he never saw before. She was beautiful. Brown medium hair, grayish-blue eyes, and soft lips.

“Looks like we have a new student in our class today. Stand up and tell us your name.” The teacher told Isaiah. ‘Damn, I thought standing up and telling the class you’re new was a elementary school thing!’

“My name is Isaiah Bruler.” Then Isaiah listened carefully for the girls name; the girl that he crushed on right away.

“Miley Cyrus?” the teacher called in attendance.

“Here.” the pretty girl said. Isaiah took a mental note of her name.

“Hi, Miley. My name is Isaiah.” he told her. Sadly, she gave him a half second look and walked off.

“Well, it looks like Isaiah just got dissed!” Darren laughed at Isaiah’s misfortune. Darren! Isaiah thought to himself. He forgot all about Darren. He was the guy who he beat up last year. Isaiah just brushed it off. There was no need to make a scene for something as little as that.

Chapter Six: Miley

For a whole week, Isaiah observed and admired Miley’s beauty. Even her demeanor was so lightening, and fun-like. Isaiah noticed Miley had a best friend named Emily she hung out with a lot. Miley, Isaiah, and two others were assigned in their English class for a group project. The class was going to be working in groups for a month. Miley would seem like she only talked to Isaiah if he was talking about school work. But Isaiah wanted her really bad. She was gorgeous. Probably the most gorgeous white girl in the world. An idea came across Isaiah’s mind. He remembered that girls become attracted to a guy when they see another girl liking a guy, no matter how ugly or goofy the guy is.
“If I get Emily to like me, then Miley will like me!” Isaiah thought to himself.

“Hi, Emily.” Isaiah greeted Emily Osment when she was away from Miley.

“Hi.. Uh, what’s your name again?” she asked him.


“Oh, nice to meet you. Bye.” she said as she walked off.

“Wait!” Emily turned back aground.


“I was wondering if you wanted to go see a movie in the movie theater tomorrow.”

“I would but, I just bought a pair of one hundred dollar shoes. I got no more money.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll pay for your ticket.”


“Yup. I’ll pay for your popcorn and soda too, Emily.” Isaiah told her. A big smile came upon Emily’s face.

The next night Isaiah was getting ready. He hopped in the shower and started talking to himself.

“OK, this night is gonna represent to Miley who you are. So you got to be PERFECT!” Isaiah told himself. “If I seem hot to her, I’ll seem hot to Miley.”

Isaiah shaved and looked in the mirror. ‘I love this.’ he thought to himself. ‘No stubble!’ He made sure his breath was mint fresh, and his clothes were stylish. Isaiah met Emily at the movie theater, let her pick the movie, paid for her ticket and started playing arcade games until their movie started. During the arcade games, Isaiah smiled, joked, laughed with Emily a lot, but didn’t do any touching. By the smile on Emily’s face, she was sure having a good time too.

“I had a great time today, Isaiah.” Emily told him at the end of the day. ‘Oh yeah! A step closer to Miley!’

Emily and Isaiah continued to see two more movies in the same week. After the third movie, Isaiah heard her say the most dreaded words a guy could ever hear from a girl.

“You’re really sweet, Isaiah.” Emily told him.

“Thanks.” Isaiah said with a big smile happily.

“You’re like the brother I always wanted.” Suddenly, Isaiah’s happy smile turned into a depressing frown. “I wish my brother was more like you.” she added.

‘Shit!’ Isaiah thought to himself. ‘I forgot about the being too nice rule. I can’t believe I didn’t remember; when a guy is too nice to a girl, she thinks of him as her brother, and a girl would never do anything with her brother.’

“I’ll definitely remember not to EVER do that again!” he said to himself on his bed before he went to sleep.

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