Backstage Pass

This is a story of Christy Romano who plays Ren on Even Stevens. The title of
the story is Backstage Pass. It was at the end of the tapping of the
showEven Stevens. You are waiting in Christy’s dressing room and you
werelooking in her closet for anything that looked sexy. You found a box that
wasfull of her thongs and vibrators. Then Ren came into the dressing roomand
was so turned on because of the shot she
just had done with B.B. Mack. She didn’t realize you were in the closet until
she went for the vibrator.

“Why hello, how are you?” You said


She looked so happy and looked
at your cock. Then she looked up at your
eyesand said she was sorry. You said that is fine. Then you told herthat
you say the box that was full of her vibrators and thongs. She was
embarrassed. But then she had an idea. She took you and forced you to sit
down in thechair. She went behind the curtain to change. She told you not to
go anywherebecause you would like what was going to happen next.

She came out with a very tight tube top and a short tight shirt. Youstood
there and went up to you. She had a rope and bent over you makingit very
easy to see her cleavage and tied you to the chair. Then shelooked at your
cock and was amaze that the budge through your pants. Thenshe turned around
bent over to un-tie her boots that shoved her ass right in your face.
Theshirt wasn’t that tight after all cause her thong popped out at the top.
She asked you if you liked her thong and having her ass right in your face.
Then she asked you if you wanted a lap dance. Then she told you don’t to
talkunless she said to. She started to give you the lap dance. Shelooked
like she had done this before. She slowly took of her top that reviledher
average sized breasts. She went over to you and shoved them in yourface.
She told you not to touch them atthis time. She went over the table and
started to shake her ass. She asked you if you liked her ass. Then she
unzipped the back of hershirt and start to shake her ass (which was in a
blue thong) right in your face and on your lap. She stood up and took offher
thong. She reviled her neatly shaven pussy. She started to playwith herself
and moaned. She came over and took off your pants andstarted to suck your

She had great lips and loved your cock. She moaned every stroke she gave
withher mouth. She loved the taste of cock. OH YEAH!!!!!!!!! I LOVE
couldn’tbelieve what was happening. Then she stopped right before your came
andshe told you to cum all over her face. You were so hot and she was on
herknees staring at you jacking off to her naked body. You came all over her
faceand she started to licked the cum off and swallowed every last bit.

She then got up to untie you. As soon as she was down she got on all
fourshoving her ass high in the air. YOU WANT TO FUCK THIS ASS??? YOU
BETTERYOU BITCH!! She told you. You got over there as fast as you could and
startedto fuck her tight ass. She started to rub her perfect cunt. Thenyou
start to speed up things and she started to scream so
HARD, HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!She screamed louder and louder as you
fucked her faster and faster. OOOOOYEAH, THAT’S JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT, COME
ON, HARDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then youcame all in her ass. She was so happy.
She got up and shoved hertongue down your mouth and told you to get dressed.
While you did she bent over looking in the closet with her assright in the
air. She found what she was looking for and gave it toyou. It was an
envelope with pictures in it. They were pictures ofher nude, posing and
fingering herself. She gave you a huge and a grabbed yourass really hard.

She said thanks and she you and to go.

But right before you left you looked back into the room and saw her looking
in thecloset. She took out a 12-inch vibrator and started to shove it in
herself. Then the security guard came over and asked you what you were doing
and you ranaway with the pictures in your pocket. You have never been able
to watchthe show the same ever since.

If you like this story or any one my others, pleaselet me know, you can
instant message me at Bronx Bomber 586 or you can e-mailme at

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