Isaiah’s Destiny

Isaiah’s Destiny

By Dragon333 and Kojain

Celebs: Esther Baxter, Bria Myles

Codes: MFF, cons, ebovry, supernatural

Disclaimer: None of the events in the following story is real. If stories about sex, teens, goddesses, or violence offends you, read no further. Also if you are easily offended read no further. No harm is meant to any of the celebs in the story nor is there any harm meant for anyone else. This story is made for entertainment purposes, so enjoy.

Chapter One: Sharing, Part Redux

After a long day, Isaiah retired to his room. He took
off his clothes and decided to get into his loungewear for the rest of the evening since he’s not going anywhere else. He sat down on his bed and relaxed a little. He was about to turn on his TV when he suddenly felt a cool breeze come into the room. The window was close so he knew it wasn’t natural.

“Esther, come on out. You know I can sense when you are approaching.”, Isaiah said.

“Oh you’re no fun!’, her voice said as she appeared a few moments afterwards in front of him, along with Bria Myles.

Both goddess and her protege looked stunning. Esther was in a white outfit with showed off her natural cleavage while Bria wore a purple dress which showed cleavage and hugged every curve on her body.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean to sound harsh. It’s been a long day.”, Isaiah said.

“It’s okay hun. I’m sure you’ve been doing your thing.”, Esther smiled.

“Thanks for not getting upset. How are you doing Bria?”, Isaiah asked.

“I’m doing good. Can’t complain.”, she replied.

“So, what has you coming along to visit with Esther?”, he asked.

“I was just about to get to that.”, Esther said, then turned to Bria. “Are you going to tell him or me?”

“Tell me what?”, Isaiah said.

“Well… Umm… I…”, Bria tried to speak.

Isaiah at both goddesses with confusion. Normally the mortal asks for a favor from them, but it seems that they want something from him. What could it be?

“Fine!”, Esther grumbled, “Isaiah, I want you to fuck Bria and be her first mortal.”

“Say what?”, Isaiah gasped.

“Esther! Did you have to say it like that?!”, Bria shrieked.

“Isaiah, normally a goddess doesn’t ask favors from their worshippers. But this would mean something to me.”, Esther said.

“What do you mean?”, Isaiah asked.

“Well… My first time wasn’t very enjoyable. The guy smelled. He was rough and just plain foul. I don’t want Bria to experience that sort of thing.”, Esther explained.

“But what if Bria doesn’t want me to be her first?”, Isaiah asked.

“It would like you to be my first Isaiah. Esther has told me so much about you. On how you saved another goddess and how gentle you are.”, Bria smiled

“Are you sure Esther didn’t pressure you into wanting to do this?”, Isaiah asked.

“Of course I didn’t pressure her. Don’t you think she’s attractive?”, Esther asked.

“Are you kidding? She’s freakin hot!”, Isaiah answered.

Bria blushed at that comment.

“Then you should have no problem doing this for me. It would mean alot to the both of us.”, Esther stated.

Isaiah thought back to the time when Aree Davis convinced him to fuck her little sister and take her virginity. This was also like that situation except this was a goddess he was going to deflower. He realized he had nothing else to lose at this point.

“Esther, you have done alot for me. But are you sure you want me to do this? I mean, this is your protégé.”, Isaiah said

“Oh come on Isaiah! I’ll make it up to you.”, Esther grinned, then shook her breasts at him.

“Alright, you win. I’ll do it. But I need to get hard first.”, Isaiah explained.

“I’ll handle that.” Esther said as she snapped her fingers. Isaiah looked down to see he was stark naked. Esther then moved in and lowered the top of her outfit, allowing her breasts to freely bounce out. Isaiah noticed he was starting to get somewhat of an erection just by seeing that. Then Isaiah knelt down and moved in, he thought she was going to suck him off, but when she conjured some of her strawberry flavored lubricant and rubbed it on his dick, he knew he wasn’t going to get a blowjob. After making sure it was nice and slick, she took his penis and sandwiched it between her breasts. She then started to titfuck him slowly until he started to get fully erect.

“As you can see, Isaiah likes foreplay before we go into into the main course.”, Esther tells Bria as she watches on.

Isaiah was starting to enjoy it, he started to fuck Esther’s cleavage once he was completely erect.

“Whoa! Slow down! Save that for my protege!”, Esther said, pulling away from Isaiah. “Okay Bria, go ahead.”

Bria then approaches Isaiah, who opens his arms and begins to kiss her like he does with Esther. He explored her mouth with his tongue as his reached down and grabbed her huge ass with both hands. It was completely impossible to grab it entirely since it’s so big. Bria lowered the top part of her dress and allowed her breasts to be free.

“My breasts might not be as big as Esther’s, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy them.”, Bria smiled.

Isaiah lowered his head and started to suck on Bria’s dark chocolate breasts. She sighed loudly as he licked and sucked on her nipples which she rubbed all over his body as Esther watched on. She then reached down and started to stroke his still lubed dick. She gently pulled him away from her chest and started to lower herself down to where her face at directly in front of his dick.

“Remember Bria, don’t just shove the entire thing in your mouth, ok?”, Esther lectured.

“Okay, I got it.”, Bria said.

Isaiah gleamed slightly as Bria gulped his dick into her mouth. He looked down and watched her suck him off. Slowly at first, then she started to pick up the pace. Soon enough, she was sucking him without any problems. She gagged a few times when she tried to suck him all the way, but quickly recovered and went back to slurping away.

“Bria, stop now. If you keep going you’ll probably make him cum now.”, Esther said.

With that said, Bria pulled her mouth off his still hard penis. He looked at her with confusion.

“Don’t look like that. It’s time for the main course.”, Esther grinned.

Bria then turned around and lifted up the bottom part of her dress to reveal her very large butt to Isaiah.

“I want you to fuck me from behind.”, Bria said.

Isaiah positioned Bria so she was facing the bed. Once she was bent over well enough, he inserted his dick into the goddess’s moist pussy. Bria let out a loud moan as the intruder was so suddenly. Once she got used to the feeling, Isaiah started to thrust away in her. He held on to her asscheeks for support as she gripped on his bed while he fucked her.

“That’s it! Fuck her! Fuck her good!”, Esther cheered while Isaiah railed her protege from behind.

Bria’s moans were getting louder as Isaiah kept fucking her. He enjoyed the feeling of her wet love nest as he kept fucking her. It was almost a perfect fit for him. He can see why Esther wanted him to fuck her, this girl was incredible. She was getting into it as well, for she was saying some really sexual things.

“Oh! Fuck me! Oh my god! I can’t believe this feels so good! I never thought my first time would be so enjoyment!”, Bria moaned.

Isaiah was breaking out into a sweat as he started to put more effort into fucking Bria. He knew he wouldn’t hold out much longer, but he tried to as much as possible. Esther knew he was about to reach climax, just by the look on his face.

“Cum Isaiah! Cum all over her big ass!”, Esther cheered.

Isaiah gave Bria one more final thrust, then pulled down and ejaculated all over her large butt. He shut his eyes hard as his cum splashed on her asscheeks. Bria moaned as the cum hit her. She sighed out as she recovered from the sex. Isaiah seemed to be more tired than her it seems. Esther took a towel and wiped the sweat off of Isaiah’s face as he stood there.

“Thank you so much Isaiah.”, Esther said.

“Thank you Isaiah.”, Bria smiled weakly.

“Your welcome.”, Isaiah said.

Chapter Two: Seeing Leafs Turn

“Yo, Isaiah, let me see your work!” a student told Isaiah.


“I want to see the answers. I want to copy off of you. Come on! Be a pal!” Isaiah remembered the time he got punked in his previous time and he trusted his so called friend to let him have the entire finals assignment at the end of his sophomore year to copy it and bring it back, but he never saw the paper again and he never saw HIM again due to the fact he got kicked out of school.

“No! I won’t make the same mistake I did last time!” Isaiah said firmly.

“What are you talking about?” he asked. ‘Oops!’ thought Isaiah. Good thing he didn’t mention about his previous life or any of the sort. Class ended and as usual he had to deal with Ronda.

“Hey white boy! I’m loyal to my race! So I can’t just let a white boy do to me what you did to me recently! No white person ever should lay their hands on me!” Ronda told him.

“You’re racists, Ronda!” Isaiah told her.
“It’s called being loyal, not racist!” she told him.

“Aree and Tiffany are loyal friends to me. Yet we are close friends, and don’t let any other dumb difference get in our way. By the way, Ronda, I’m not white!”

“You ain’t black! So dat makes you white!” Ronda said. “Aree and Tiffany are a disgrace to our race!” Isaiah flared at the insults to his friends.

“Don’t talk bad about my friends in front of me in a situation where you want ME to suffer. THEY had nothing to do with it!” Isaiah said trying really hard to hold in his anger. He knew society rules were that you can’t hit a girl, so he clenched his fist and clenched his teeth to hold in his anger that was dying to come out. Ronda slowly and cockily walked up to Isaiah.

“Aree and Tiffany are SLUTS!” Ronda said bravely, loudly, and clearly. Without even thinking for a split second, Isaiah threw a right hand hook punch to Ronda’s face landing on the side of her forehead above her eye. She was stumbling for a moment as she was almost knocked out, but moved to balance herself to protect herself from landing on the ground. Isaiah couldn’t believe he just hit a girl. He started hearing whispers around him.

“Can you believe that?”

“Did Isaiah just punch her?”

“Oh my gosh! She’s actually crying!”

Whitney and Katrina looked at Isaiah, then looked at Ronda who was still bawling her eyes out on the ground, then looked at each other.

“Screw this. I’m out of here.”, Whitney said, then walked away.

“Yeah. We should have never messed with this kid in the first place.”, Katrina said, then followed the suit.

“Don’t EVER talk shit about Aree or Tiffany in my presence!” Isaiah shouted to Ronda. “You really pushed me to my limits, Ronda. I bet you regret it now.” Ronda was speechless as she held her face in pain, and continued crying. “Starting from today, you’re gonna stop picking on people who you think are weaker than you. Look what happened when you messed with me when you thought I was weaker? Next you’re going to apologize for every single person you messed with for no reason. And if you stole anything from anyone, you’re gonna give it back.”

Isaiah didn’t expect a stubborn bitch like Ronda listen to a word he said, but the next day he saw Ronda giving shoes to a nerdy kid. Isaiah was a little confused at the second, so he walked up closer, making sure his steps were quiet so he could hear what’s going on.

“Whoa! Ronda you’re giving me my shoes back?” said the kid.

“Yeah, sorry. I shoulda never taken it from you.”

“It was kind of mean how you had your two friends hold me upside down and take the shoes right off of my feet.” he said. “Why the change of heart?”

“I had a talk from a friend yesterday.” Isaiah then saw her give a few dollars to another student. “Remember the money I bullied you into giving me? Here, I’m giving it back to you.” she told the student. Isaiah then walked up to Ronda.

“You’re doing the right thing.” he told her.

“Whatever! Do you get that much joy from ruining my life?”

“Ruin your life? Maybe you’ll be rewarded for this. Maybe sometime in the future, the NEAR future, someone you gave their stuff back to will give you something to reward you. Maybe it’s gonna be something that you’ll like sooooo much, you’d be very glad that you redeemed yourself like this.” Isaiah was glad he got Ronda to turn over a new leaf. It made a lot of people she picked on feel better. Isaiah also hoped one day she’d be rewarded for her redemption, even if it was kind of forced.

Chapter Three: She Got What She Deserved

“Isaiah, how was summer school?”, Keyshia asked.

“Well… I did something that I think people will hate me for.”, Isaiah said.

“Which is what?”, she asked.

“Well… Remember Ronda?”, Isaiah asked.

“What about her? You mean the bitch I smacked down?”, Keyshia questioned.

“Yeah, her.”, he answered.

“She starting shit again? Want me to put her in her place one more time?”, she growled.

“No! I already did! I mean, Ummm…”, Isaiah studdered

“What happened then?”, Keyshia asked.

“Well, she was talking alot of trash. And I… got angry and punched her and she started crying.”, he said.

Keyshia looked at him with complete shock. She can’t believe what she just heard come out of Isaiah’s mouth. “Are you sure you weren’t possessed or anything?”.

“No! It was all me! I remember getting really frustrated and she kept taunting me. Then out of no where I balled my hand into a fist and swung at her face.”, he explained.

“You… hit a girl?”, Keyshia asked.

“I know! I know! I can see what you are thinking! I’m such a horrible person! Go ahead and say it.”, Isaiah stated.

Suddenly, Keyshia started laughing. Isaiah was so confused. He didn’t know why she thought this ordeal was funny.

“Isaiah, relax. Honestly, she deserved it.”, Keyshia said.

“So… I was right to fight back even if it was a female?”, Isaiah asked.

“Of course it is! Self-defense is self-defense Isaiah! No matter what gender it is! She simply pushed you to the limit and you fought back. There’s nothing to be ashamed of.”, Keyshia explained.

“Really?”, he asked.

“Of course! You’re only human Isaiah. You have emotions just like everyone else. It’s only natural for you to get angry and lash out.”, she said.

“I understand. Thank you Keyshia.” Isaiah smiled.

“Just remember not to let your anger consume you. Never forget who you are.”, she mentioned.

“I won’t.”, he nodded.

Chapter Four: Suga Mama

Late night Friday, Isaiah was alone in the living room flipping through the channels on TV. His parents were working late shifts and his sister was probably and her boyfriend’s house, so he’s got the house to himself. After watching TV for about an hour, Isaiah decides he had enough and head off to bed.

He turned off the TV, but as he got up. He felt a strange demonic presence within the room with him. He almost hears whispering in the room as well. He can feel several other presences, so it’s more than one. He couldn’t pinpoint where they were in the room. There must have be like three or four, but there’s definitely more than one demon in the room. Isaiah was getting confused and frightened, he doesn’t know what to do.

“Who are you? Where are you?”, Isaiah yelled.

No response. Suddenly, he was pushed back on the couch by an unseen force. He looked around in confusion, but didn’t see anything. He gets up again, but he’s shoved back down again. This time something was pinning him to the couch. Then he feels something slowly licking the side of his face. In disgust, he quickly got up off the couch and looked around. He heard a faint female voice giggling, but couldn’t figure out who it was. He wiped the side of his face where he was licked and looked around in confusion. Isaiah decided he had enough and walked to his room. As he was about to leave the living room, he heard something behind him. He quickly looked back to see if anyone was there. Nothing. Then he turned to go to his room, but this time someone was standing in the way. A tall girl with an afro, a lip piercing, and her arms covered in tattoos looked at him with a grin.

“What’s up?”, she greeted.

Isaiah didn’t answered, he started to back away slowly. Then he backed into someone.

“Hey! Watch where you’re going!”, the girl behind him yelled.

He turned around to see a dark skinned girl in a black dress glaring at him. He was starting to wonder where the hell were these girls coming from.

“Don’t be scared babe. We won’t hurt you.”, another girl said, he turned to face a curvy spanish girl.

“Oooh! He’s cute.”, he heard a girl said, he saw a japanese girl looking at him.

“Cute? Don’t know about that. He’s alright I guess.”, said a dark skinned black girl, wearing a red dress.

“W… What’s going on here?”, Isaiah managed to say.

“Oh? He can talk. I thought the cat got his tongue.”, said a curvy girl with braids in her hair.

“Girls, I think we’re scaring him.”, said a girl wearing a black corset and black jeans.

“It was probably Divinity that scared him the most.”, said a girl wearing a black skirt.

“What that the one that licked me?”, Isaiah asked.

“Yeah. That’s me.”, he heard a voice behind him. He turned around to see a woman with long brown dreads standing before him. “How you doing?”

“That was digusting. How the hell do you lick someone?”, he yelled.

“Don’t get loud with me. You know you enjoyed it.”, she grinned.

“It didn’t look like he did Divinity. You saw how he wiped his face?”, the afro girl said.

“Oh please Bibi, I dared you to do it and you chickened out.”, Divinity replied.

“You said kiss him, you didn’t say anything about licking.”, Bibi said.

“Well fine then. Come give him a kiss then.”, Divinity fired back.

“Why don’t you give him a kiss Brittani?”, Bibi said, facing the dark skinned black girl with the red dress.

“Nyah, you were dared to.”, Brittani replied. “Besides, Rie said he was cute.”

“You’re both wimps! I’ll give him a kiss.”, another girl said.

Suddenly, a spanish girl with a black dress grabbed him. Before he could react, she moves in and kisses him hard on the cheek. Isaiah pulls away and feels somewhat disoriented by the kiss, but it quickly passes. He now sees that he’s completely outnumbered by ten female demons who he has no idea who they were sent by.

“I don’t think he liked that Crystal.”, Rie said.

“Please! He must have enjoyed it. He’s got a slight boner.”, Crystal giggled, looking down at his crotch.

Isaiah felt somewhat naked as the girls giggled at him. How embarassing.

“Please! He got one when I licked him.”, Divinity said.

Isaiah quickly tries to get himself back together and find a way to get this girls to go away.

“Okay girls, this is fun. But my parents will be here soon so please leave.”, Isaiah said nicely.

“Oh why? I kinda like being around.”, the girl with braids said.

“Okay Nikki, he’s NOT food. Don’t try to eat him.”, Bibi laughed, facing the girl with braids.

“Oh shut up! It was Divinity who licked him!”, Nikki growled.

“Girls, maybe we should leave. He’s getting scared.”, Rie said.

“Oh will you shut up?”, the dark skinned girl in the black dress said. “We’re not harming him.”

“I know Tia.”, Rie said, “But I don’t think we made a good impression on him. Especially with Divinity licking him out of nowhere.”

“You want a good impression? Fine.”, Tia said, then turned to Isaiah. “Come here babe.”

Tia approaches Isaiah and extends her arms, he cautiously reached out and accepted her hug. Tia gently hugged him, making him feel warm. He felt himself starting to get aroused for some reason, so he gently pulled away.

“Oops!”, Tia giggled, looking at the tentpole in his sweatpants.

“Damn Tia! What the hell?”, the curvy spanish girl asked.

“Please! You wish you had swagger like me Kat.”, said Tia.

“Damn! I might have to make use of that if he gets any harder.”, Divinity grinned.

“You’re always getting it. Can’t you give it a rest?”, Bibi asked.

Isaiah tried to adjust his pants so his slight erection wasn’t so noticable.

“You can’t hide that from us.”, Nikki grinned.

“Okay, can you girls please leave now?”, Isaiah asked.

“Yeah girls. Let’s go. This isn’t fun. He’s getting scared.”, Rie said.

“Shut up. We’re not hurting him after all.”, Marcie said.

Isaiah looked around in panic, he didn’t know what else to do and they were too many to banish at once. He felt that his game was completely up.

“Maybe we should try to be more friendly towards him then.”, Rie advised.

“You want friendly? Fine.”, Brittani said, then approached Isaiah.

She then wrapped her arms around him and kissed him deeply on the mouth. He tried to pull away, but she and him held. He then felt a warmth coming from her lips, which quickly moved down to his groin. His semi-erection was now becoming full length beyond his will.

“There. He’s all yours now Divinity.”, Britanni said, pulling away.

“Alright.”, Divinity grinned, “Let’s see how well this dude can hit it.”

“I thought you said you weren’t going to hurt him!”, Rie said.

“I’m not. I’m just going to play with him.”, Divinity said.

“I want seconds.”, Nikki laughed.

“I got third, if he’s still awake afterwards.” Bibi grinned.

Isaiah was now freaking out. It didn’t look like there was going to be an escape either. He remembered when he was raped by Trina, but now it looks like he’s going to get it times ten.

“Come on girls. Don’t do this. It looks like he’s about to cry.”, Rie said.

“Okay! You know what? Why don’t you take him first!”, Divinity said.

“Yeah Rie. You go first.”, Nikki repeated.

“No! Don’t make me do this.”, Rie said.

“Do it Rie.”, Crystal said.

Isaiah looked at Rie with sorrow and she slowly approached him. She bit her lower lip and looked him up and down.

“I’m sorry. Please don’t hate me.”, Rie said, as she reached out to Isaiah, but he quickly retreated.

“Oh nevermind!”, Divinity said, pushing her aside. “I got it!”

Just as Divinity was about to rip off his clothes, Isaiah felt a very familiar and strong presence enter the room. He knew who it was too.

“What’s going on here?! What are you girls doing?!”, Beyonce’s voice yelled.

The sudden tone of her voice caused all of the girls to shudder in fear. Isaiah used this chance to move away from Divinity. Just then Beyonce appeared right in front of him in all of her glory.

“What the hell is going on? What were you about to do to him?”, Beyonce said, glaring at the ten demonesses.

“Ummm… We were just playing with him. We weren’t going to do anything to harm him.”, Nikki said.

“Mistress, I knew this was a bad idea. I told them but they didn’t…”, Rie was saying.

“Oh shut up!”, the other nine demonesses said in unison.

Beyonce rolled her eyes, “All of you need to leave. NOW! I’ll handle you all when I get back.”

With that said, the female demons disappear one by one. Beyonce then turned to Isaiah.

“Who the hell were they?!”, he asked.

“Sorry Isaiah. Those were some demons I recently recruited. But as you can see unlike the other six I took in, I haven’t broken those ten in yet.” Beyonce explained.

“It’s okay. They were actually pretty cool. I just wish they were a bit more friendlier.”, he said.

“I’ll deal with them when I get back.”, Beyonce said.

“Don’t be too rash with them, please.” Isaiah said.

“Okay.”, Beyonce sighed, “I’ll send them down to apologize soon.”

Chapter Five: Destiny is Destiny

Isaiah got home from school exhausted from all the things he does at summer school and at home and dealing with the normal stuff as well as the paranormal. He saw some kids smoking at the exit of the school where he also goes to go home.

“Hello, Isaiah!” Trina said to him and walked away. That confused Isaiah. She was a spirit who always wanted to hurt him, yet she just simply said hello. Trina then stood in front of a truck and held it with her powerful strength. The man inside couldn’t see Trina so he thought there was something wrong with the engine. He got out of his truck and opened the hood of it.

“Give me that lighter, blood!” a kid said to the guy who had the lighter in his hand lighting his cigarette. Instead of grabbing it, he accidentally slapped it. Isaiah crossed the street as the cars stopped. The lighter flew into the inside of the hood of the man’s truck and exploded blowing up the truck, and Isaiah as well.

As Isaiah awoke, he saw Esther there standing above him.

“Hey! Wow! I don’t feel a thing! I thought the explosion would make me ache all over!” Isaiah told them.

“Isaiah do you know where you are right now?” Keyshia asked him.

“I’m most likely at a hospital because I don’t think that explosion would have dodged me.”

“You’re in the demon world now.” Esther told him.

“WHAT? What am I doing HERE?”

“It’s where you belong!” Keyshia told him.

“What do you mean?”

“What Keyshia means is that all you do all day is spend time with goddesses and demons. So there’s no need for you to be in that world. Even if destiny let you live today, you would still summon and spend time with more and more demons. I don’t know why you made the wish to be a teenager again to summon and spend time with demons all day. You could have done that in your own time, there was no need to turn you into a teenager and go back in time for you to go to school to do what you were doing.” Esther explained.

“Why can’t I be in that world?” Isaiah pleaded.

“Because you had a perfect life.” Serapis said after appearing. “Someone with a perfect life, with no problems at all, with so much power cannot exist in an imperfect world. You had the benefits of the human life as well as the demon world, so it wasn’t fair to us and wasn’t fair for the humans.”

“Why? I wasn’t hurting anyone.” Isaiah said.

“Too bad you can’t tell that to Humar.” Serapis said.

“Please don’t blame Isaiah for that! It was my fault!” Keyshia said.

“What happened to Humar?”

“During a time when you had a thousand demons coming to you, there was a big war here. Keyshia was supposed to take Humar’s place after a while so he could rest and heal up. So during the time Keyshia was there with you, Humar lost the battle and died. He died because the goddess that was supposed to take over for him was with you instead.” Serapis told him.

“What was there a war for in the first place?” Isaiah asked.

“The demons who like to create havoc saw all the good demons go and praise you. They saw that as a perfect opportunity to destroy our land and us. We were outnumbered greatly when a thousand demons came to you, so we lost. We had to relocate and punish those who needed it.”

“What do you mean punish those who needed it.”

“I lost my teen form!” Keyshia blurted.

“Why?” Isaiah asked.

“Without her teen form, she can’t make any selfish dumb moves anymore.” Serapis said. “Let me show you some things that happened in the past month, Isaiah.” Serapis then took him to a crystal ball and they both looked in it. He saw a little girl slit her wrist and die. Then he saw a boy shoot up his school. Then he saw a boy get bullied and get jumped while the boy just stood there and got his ass kicked.

“Why did that happen?”

“The girl slit her wrists because her parents got divorced and it was hard for her to cope. She wished they’d get back together. The wish goddesses were too busy taking care of you all day and everyday so that never happened. Then she wished for them to get along at least, but that didn’t happen. Then she wished things would get just a little easier, but again, the wish goddesses were too busy with you to grant that little girl’s simple wish. And it resulted in her suicide. The boy wished the bullying would stop, he wished for his parents to believe him when he told them about the bullying. That wish wasn’t granted. He wished for the bullies to die.. Ok well of course THAT didn’t happen. But he also wished to give him a break once in a while, but that didn’t happen. They picked on him mercilessly every single day. And the other boy was also bullied, he wished for a friend… a friend to let him have at least a few good times. A friend to help cope with the emotional pain. A friend to go to the movies with him so he could take a break from being bullied and have fun once in a while. Another wish not granted. Then he tried to summon a courage goddess, at that time Humar was already dead. And Keyshia was too busy in your world, so he didn’t get the courage he needed. When he told the principal things got worse and worse. It also created even more people bullying him because once they saw him tell the principal it made it seem like he couldn’t defend himself. So since his classmates saw he was an easy target, he was bullied every second of his life.”

“Damn! I didn’t mean for that to happen!” Isaiah said with remorse. “Esther I wish to go back in time again and start over! I think I can fix this!”

“Sorry sweetie, I can only grant wishes to humans. You’re a demon now.” Esther explained.

“Shit! But I want to go back and live life again!”

“What for? You’re just gonna go back to have sex with demons! You can do that here.” Serapis told him.

“Will I ever see Miley again?” Isaiah asked.

“If you could, she won’t be able to see you anyways.” Esther told him.
“Why would you care? Miley is a human, not some demon you can just summon anytime you want.” Serapis said.      

“Damn! I only went the two years of high school just like my old time! I didn’t see a day past it! I STILL never got be a junior!”

“Don’t worry, Isaiah. All you do is have sex with demons and goddesses, and you can STILL do that HERE! So your problem is solved.” Serapis told him.

“No! I wanted to live a teen life like I never got to! I wanted to spend more time ice skating and creating memories! Taking pictures of great times when I was a teen!”

“Then you should have spent the time working on that instead of abusing the demons, gods, and goddesses for your sexual pleasure. Obviously if you took a picture of you and a goddess while you were a human, the goddess wouldn’t show up.”

“What if they let themselves be shown like Chessika and Keyshia?”

“I guess it’s ok now. The balance has been restored.” Serapis said.


“It creates a bad balance when goddesses show themselves to non-believers. It makes them think there are more people around them when there are not. Also in your case, that is part of the reason you don’t belong there. You were seen with goddesses and demons. You spend a million times more time with the demons than all of the humans around you. Since you don’t spend time with them anyway, you don’t belong with them. The balance has been restored because the things you did caused many potential spell casters to die.”

Isaiah remembered not having any control over what Beyonce did to him which caused him to distance himself greatly from the world. And in those five months she did that, he lost a lot. He lost Miley, he lost the right to go to school for next year, and everything else he could only do on Earth. In his other time, he lost 5 month of school and the rights to school because he chose to, in this time, Beyonce and her minions cause him to lose 5 months of school, the right to go to school next year, and…. Made him lose Miley… who was a girl he was soooooo close to getting. It finally sunk in his head as Isaiah laid on the floor in the demon world where he was stuck. He was destined never to graduate, never have a senior prom, and never have a monogamous relationship with a girl.


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