Miley Cyrus Taught A Lesson

“Miley Cyrus Taught A Lesson”

by Marc Brown

Starring Miley Cyrus (Aged 14)

Codes: MF, nc-cons, reluc, oral, anal, slut, pedo, rape, viol, humil

Disclaimer: This story is completly fictional and has no truth what so ever. Having sex with anyone under the age of consent is wrong and illegal. None of the people in this story act like this in real life. Not a single part of this story should be taken seriously or litterally. Any sexual acts should involve two consentual adults. This story should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Id been
working on Mileys tour for a few months now, being the odd-job guy meant i had to do pretty much anything that needed doing. Id spoken to her a few times, but she was such a stuck up little bitch that she didnt much care for anyone that wasnt famous, and for a 14 year old girl she sure had some attitude. Despite all this i still wanted to screw her so much, everytime i saw her sexy little body i wanted to bend her over.

Id been trying to sneak into her changing room a few times but usually it was locked if she wasnt in there. I wanted to get in and have a look around, maybe take a peek at her underwear. For some reason this time it wasnt locked, i had knocked in case she was in there but there was no answer. I had a quick look around and snuck in. Her changing room was a typical teenagers room, clothes everywhere, empty cans of coke scattered around. I immediately looked around for where her clothes were, i had no idea how long i’d be able to look around and didnt want to get caught. There was a big chest of drawers against the far wall which i went over to. I opened the top drawer and found what i was looking for: Mileys underwear drawer.

It was full with loads of sets, some cute little bras and some sexy little thongs and french knickers. I looked at the bra size, a 30b, not bad for her age. I was surprised at how small the thongs and french knickers where, i looked back at the discarded clothes on the floor and saw a thong that looked as if it had been worn. I picked it up and it had definetly been worn, i imagined Mileys sweet little pussy pressed against the material and my cock started getting hard. Suddenly i had an idea, i could wank and cum in a pair of her panties and put them back for her to wear later. My cum rubbing against her pussy was probably the closest i would get to fucking her, and a white thong she wouldnt even notice the cum stains. I went over to the underwear drawer and pulled out a sexy white lacey thong, i pulled out my rock hard cock and started wanking, stroking my 7 inch dick furiously. The thought of Mileys cunt rubbing against my cum in her panties got me so hard and it didnt take me long to get to the point of no return. I laid out the thong and aimed my dick exactly where her pussy would be, a few more strokes and i shot a huge load, covering her thong in my hot cum.

“Having fun?” I heard behind me. I froze. I recognized the accent immediately, the Tennessee tone was unmistakable. I turned round to see Miley Cyrus looking straight at me with my cock in my hand and one of her thongs covered in my cum. “aren’t you even going to try and come up with some lame excuse as to why you’re wanking over me?”. I didnt say anything but just shook my head. “I mean i know im so hot and cute and all the guys wanna fuck me, and i know lots of guys wank over me” Miley continued, “and you’re obviously one of them, but you’ll never get to fuck me for real, id never let a no-body get their hands on me”. She was showing the bitch attitude i knew she had. “You know guys wank off over you?” i asked. “Sure” she said “but none of them will ever get me, i’m way too important and way too hot for them”. “You sure have a high opinion of yourself Miley” i said as i tucked my cock back into my jeans. “And wouldn’t you, especially if u just walked in on an older guy jerking off into a pair of ur panties? what was the plan? you’d get turned on thinking of me walking around in them? get the fuck out of my room before i call security you pervert”. I walked over, past Miley to the door, but instead of walking out, i turned the key and put the key in my pocket. “What the fuck are you doing?” Miley asked, “Did you not hear me? Get out before i call secuirty you loser!”

I walked over and slapped Miley hard across the face sending her sprawling to the floor. This shook her and she held her face and looked up at me with shock. All her conifdence and bitchyness disappeared and i could see tears well up in her eyes. “Now you listen here Miley” i started, “Im going to teach you a lesson, you’re way too cocky for a girl your age and you need bringing down a peg or 2”.

“Please dont hurt me, i wasnt being nasty, im sorry” Miley begged. “As long as you do as i say you wont get hurt, ok Miley?” i asked. “But what are you going to do?”, “You’ll see, just do as i say”. As i said that she made a run for the door, i didnt make a move to stop her, knowing i had just locked it. “Help ME!” she screamed as she banged on the door. “Miley” i said calmly, “You know as well as i do no-one is around to hear you, you dont have a gig until tomorrow night so there aren’t many people in, and those that are in are on lunch”. SHe turned to face me with tears in her eyes, i sat down in a chair and looked at her. She was wearing her usualy attire, Cowboy boots with a bit of a heel, a denim mini skirt that was way to short for a 14 year old, and a t-shirt with a shirt over the top tied at the waist. Her hair was down and she had a bit of make up on, slightly smudged around her eyes by her tears. “Turn around Miley” i said so she was facing away from me. She did as she was told. “Now bend over”, she bent over so her skirt rode up and i could see her little thong tightly covering her tight little pussy. I could feel my cock getting hard and pulled it out and started stroking it.

“Good girl” i said, “Now go and get that thong of yours i was wanking into”. She walked over and picked it up. “Now why dont you clean all that mess up from it?” i said. “What? you want me to eat the cum?” she asked. “Yes” i said “you dont want another slap do you?”. “No” she said “but ive never even tasted cum before, it looks disgusting! Ive never even touched a cock before”. She was revelaing her innocence now all her bitchyness and cockyness had gone. “Do it Miley” i said forcefully. She started licking the cum from her thong, getting it all in her mouth. “Now swallow it” i said. She gulped it down. “How was that?” i asked. “It was a bit yucky, salty but ok”. “Good girl” i said, still sat in the chair stroking my cock. “Do you like my dick?” i asked, she looked at it,” Its very big, ive seen a few but never touched one and yours is the biggest ive seen”. “Well you’ll get to touch one today, i promise”. She looked frightened. “Now Miley i want you to strip for me, ill tell you what to take off and you do it ok?”. She nodded. “OK, take the shirt off 1st ok”, she took her shirt off. “There that wasnt too hard was it?” I said re-assuringly.

She smiled. “Now ive already seen part of your panties so why dont you take off that denim skirt”. She unzipped the skirt at the back and let it slip to the floor before stepping out of it. She had a plain white thong on, it was part lacy at the front, i looked but couldnt see any hair on her pussy. “You shave your pussy Miley?” i asked. She nodded “I dont have a lot of hair on there yet but i do shave it” she said. “OK turn around Miley, i wanna see your ass” She turned around and showed me her perfect tight little ass. It looked so tight and perfect, not an ounce of fat on there. “Wow” i said, “Now bend over and spread your cheeks baby”. She did as she was told, i could see her perfect little asshole, blocked from view by a tiny piece of stretched white panties. This turned me on so much and i could feel my cum boilng up again. “Come over here Miley and get on your knees” She came over and got down on her knees as i stood up wanking my cock by her face. “Open your mouth” i said, she didnt do it. “Open your mouth” i said firmly, and she shook her head. I slapped her hard across the face, “Open your mouth you little bitch”. She did this time, “Tilt your head back and i dont swallow til i tell you to” i said as i stroked my cock aiming directly at her mouth. I shot another huge load, the first squirt catching her top lip with some splattering her face, the rest shot directly into Mileys mouth, nearly filling it by the end.

I shook the last drop of cum off my cock into her full mouth. I looked down at her with my hot cum in her mouth, a red cheek from the slap, a streak of cum across her face and tears in her eyes. “Swallow my cum you little slut” i said. WIth that she gulped it down, there was so much it took 2 swallows to get it all down but she managed it. “Thank you for my present” she smiled. “You’re getting the hang of this now Miley! Good girl, now lets carry on with stripping off, go stand over there”. I decided to strip off myself, no point in wasting time. I stripped naked and sat down in the chair, stroking my cock, now soft and recovering after shooting 2 hot loads in quick succession. I looked up at Miley standing in front of me in just a thong, cowboy boots and a thin t-shirt. “Lose the t-shirt” i said. Without hesitation she took it off revealing a matching white bra. I couldnt believe what was happening, and whats more it seemed Miley was finally coming round to the idea. I could see Miley looking at me stroking my soft cock. “You need help getting that hard again?” she asked, biting down on her lip. “I thought you’d said you’d never touched a cock before?” i asked.

“Gotta learn some time” she said with a cheeky smile. “All in good time my little whore, now stand there and finish your little strip, the bra first”. She peeled off the bra and revealed her perky little tits, beautiful little things there were, perfectly proportioned to her petite frame and topped off with sexy nipples that were already hard and standing to attention. The sight of Miley standing there with here tits out immediately had my cock stiring again and it soon grew to its full 7 inches, ready for more action. “There’s only one thing left to take off….” i said suggestively. Miley smiled and started sliding down her thong, with me wanking my cock right in front of her. With the thong off Mileys stood up ready for my inspection. I could see her bald virgin pussy, the tight lips begging to be spread. “Turn around and bend over” i said. “Yes sir” Miley responded and did as was asked. I had a perfect view of her juicy pussy and wanted to see the asshole. “Spread the cheeks” i said and once again she responded, revealing her puckered little hole that looked unbelievably tight.

I got out of the chair and walked over to her. “Right you little whore, this is what is going to happen. Im going to fuck you as hard as i want, and you’re going to do everything i tell you. You can put up a fight if you want, infact it might make it more fun if you do, but it wont stop it happening, so you might as well enjoy it. If it hurts i dont care. Miley Cyrus, you are going to be taught a lesson.” I looked into her eyes and could see a little bit of fear in her eyes, but despite that i could feel her reaching down and grabbing my cock with her hand. She started stroking it slowly, showing no sign that this was the first cock she had touched. I bent down and took one of her little nipples in my mouth, flicking and circling it with my tongue. Both nipples were already hard and she let out a little moan as i sucked it into my mouth. “Yeah you like that you dirty slut?”. She carried on stroking my cock, now seeming to enjoy the whole thing. “Get on your knees” i demanded. She looked at me and then knelt down. “Now you’re going to learn to suck dick” i said. But without saying anything she grabbed my cock at the base, opened her mouth and took in the first 4 inches, wrapping her tongue around the head and sucking hard. It was obvious this wasnt her first time sucking dick. “You sure you havent done this before Miley?” i asked. She stopped sucking for a second and looked up, “You dont get to where i am so early and quickly without learning what record execs like” she smiled knowingly.

“So you lied before about never tasting cum or touching a dick?”. She nodded.

“So you’re not a virgin either?”

“Oh yes i am still a virgin, blowjobs was all it took. I think i might have to fuck them when i get to 18 but they know they can get in trouble if they screw me now” she said.

“When was your 1st blowjob?” i asked, shocked to hear this.

“A few years ago, i think i was 12. Daddy told me to and it got me the job with Disney” she responded.

“So Billy Ray told you at 12 years old to suck off an exec so you could get the Hannah Montana role?”

“Yes, and i’ve had to do it for every job since”.

“So you really are a whore”

Miley smiled, still holding my hard cock at the base, “You have to do what you have to do in Hollywood to get ahead”.

“Well today you’re definitely gonna experience new things. So what have you done other than blowjobs?” i asked, wondering just how experienced she was.

“Nothing, plus all the guys i blew were fat old execs. They usually had small cocks and didnt last more than a couple of minutes before cumming”.

“Good” i said, ” I dont want to be fucking Hollywoods latest cum bucket, i like my sluts fresh. Now put your hands behind your back and dont move them, open your mouth, you’re going to get face fucked. If you need to puke then tap my leg twice, otherwise dont you move your hands, understand?”

“Whats face fucking? Why would i need to puke?” she asked confused.

With that i grabbed the back of her head and forced my cock into her mouth. She managed the first 4 inches or so easily and i could feel the back of her throat resisting me to go any further. Grabbing her hair i pulled her onto the last few inches and felt her tight throat stuggle to take it down. I held it there for a moment, my full 7 inches in Mileys 14 year old mouth, her nose pressing against my stomach and my balls on her chin. She was looking up at me, tears welling up in her eyes, she started gagging and gasping for air, trying to get as much air through her nose as possible. I pinched her nose and her eyes widened. She moved her hands and tried to push me away. I let go and pulled my dick out, Miley gasping for air as her mouth became free, i slapped her hard across the cheek. “I told you not to move your hands” i said calmly as Miley held her face. “But i couldnt breath” she protested.

I grabbed her up off the floor and threw her on the couch on her back. She looked terrified as i walked over and got on top of her, moving up so i was sat on her chest with my cock inches from her face. Miley couldnt move and was pinned to the couch.

“Open your mouth, i wont ask you twice” I said. She did as asked and i slid my cock in. “I want you to look up at me as i fuck your face” i demanded, once again she did so and looked up at me straight away. I started pumping my dick in and out of her mouth, starting slowly but quickly picking up pace. I was making sure every thrust went all the way in, i looked down and saw tears running down Mileys cheek as i carried on viciously face fucking her, her throat obviously taking a beating. My cock was getting very wet with Mileys saliva mixed with my pre-cum and it soon started leaking out of Mileys mouth, big white pools of it dribbling out onto her chin. After a couple more minutes Mileys face was a mess, tears had smudged her make up and big pools of pre-cum mixed with saliva hanging off her chin. I pulled my cock out and Miley gasped for air again.

“You like that you little slut?” i asked.

“Yes sir” she said, probably afraid of another slap if she said no, “Thank you for face-fucking me like a whore”.

“You’re welcome” i said, climbing off her and grabbing a tissue and throwing it to her. “Clean up your face, i dont want to fuck you looking like that.”

She quickly mopped up the saliva and tears and made her face presentable, nearly back to her cute little self. I stood watching her whilst i stroked my cock. I couldnt believe i had Miley Cyrus, the 14 year old startlet saying “Thank you for face-fucking me like a whore”, and she’d already eaten 2 loads of my cum. But more was to come.

“Right i think ive had enough of the innocent Miley” i said. “I want you to be a dirty cunt now, im going to fuck you and you’re going to love it, i want nothing but filth to come out of you mouth. You understand?”

She nodded, “Yes sir, please come and fuck my holes with your big fat cock”.

“Good girl” I was impressed at how quickly she was picking it up, “Bend over, whore”.

Miley bent over and once again showed me her bald pussy. I walked over, wondering if my cock would fit in such a tight pussy. I teased her, rubbing the head of my dick up and down the lips of her pussy. Then, without warning, I forced my dick all the way into her pussy making Miley scream out in pain as i broke through her hymen. I pulled her hips back down towards me making sure i was as deep into her as possible, and held her there for a little. Her pussy was aleady getting wet and the tightness and warmth nearly made me cum straight away, but i wanted to hold it. I let Mileys pussy get accustomed to my cock by just holding her there, and as i did i could feel her getting wetter.

“You like that you dirty bitch?” i asked.

“Oh yeah it feels so good” she lied, still taken aback by the pain when i first entered her, “Please fuck my dirty hole”. I didnt need asking twice and started to pump my cock in and out of her, grabbing hold of her hips and pushing her forward before slamming her back on my cock. I could feel her Miley’s pussy getting wetter and it was soon lubricated enough for my cock to slide in easily, with my balls slapping on her clit each time my she bucked back on me. Her pussy was so tight, gripping hard on my cock with each thrust. After a couple more minutes i decided i wanted a change of view, pulling my dick out of her and telling her to stand up.

“Before you go on top i want you to taste your pussy by sucking my cock clean”. She got on her knees straight away, grabbing hold of my cock now covered in a thin film of her juice. She licked and sucked it clean, “I taste so sweet” she said looking up with a cheeky smile. I walked over and sat down on the couch, Miley followed and straddled my cock before lowering herself down. Her little tits were perfectly placed in front of me while i looked down and saw my cock entering her bald tight little pussy.

“Fuck, you’re a tight little whore” i said.

“Mmmm you like it? You feel so big inside me, stretching my tight little whole” she replied.

After taking a few moments to once again get used to me being inside her, she slowly started bouncing up and down and soon built up a good pace. With her small titties bouncing right in my face i reached down with one hand and searched for her clit. She was obviously already turned on as it didnt take me long to find it, already sticking out and swollen begging to be played with. Quickly dipping my finger in her pussy for lubrication, i began to circle her clit with my finger and got an immediate groan from Miley. I picked up the pace and took one of her tits in my mouth, matching the finger work on her clit to the tongue work on her nipple.

“Fuck” Miley screamed, “That feels so good. Rub my clit and suck my tits while you fuck me. You like fucking my 14 year old cunt dont you? Oh yeah, fuck me with your big fat cock, im your little slut”. She was bouncing up and down much faster now and i could feel her body tensing up getting ready to cum.

I slapped her arse, “Ride my cock you filthy bitch, cum on my dick” i said as i furiously rubbed her clit. I felt her body spasm as she let out a load groan as she came hard, covering my dick in her juice and clamping down hard. “Fuck!” she screamed as she continued to cum, still bouncing up and down on my cock. By the time she’d finished my cock was soaking wet, completely drenched in her own cum. I took my cock out of her pussy and pushed it back. Miley looked at me as it pressed against her puckered arsehole.

“No way can you go in there” she said. She rocked as i slapped her hard across the face. “Don’t forget your place you whore, you dont get a say about what happens”

“Please not my ass” she begged, “It will hurt too much”.

“Your cum has given plenty of lube” i said, and with that i pushed her down and my cock up. The look of shock on her face as she felt my cock slide into her ass, she screamed out in pain as i carried on pushing until all 7 inches were in. It was obvious nothing had ever gone anywhere near her ass before, it was unbelievably tight and it took all of my self control not to cum in there straight away. There was no letting her ass get used to it, i started fucking her ass straight away.

“OW, OW, OW” Miley started crying. “It hurts, please stop!” she screamed.

“You fucking love it, all sluts like it up the arse” i said, getting off on her pain as i raped her arse. “Oh my god, please stop, it hurts so much, please take your cock out of my ass!” Miley cried. I carried on pounding her tight hole as i saw a tear role down her cheek.

Luckily for her i didnt last long before i needed to cum, i pulled my cock out of Mileys arse which she was greatful for. “Oh my god, thank you, that hurt so much” she squeeled.

“Shut the fuck up and get on your knees you whore” i said, to which she obliged.”Now open your mouth and clean off my dick after its been in your arse”. She did so without hesitation. A couple of minutes of her sucking and i was ready to blow. “Oh yeah give me your hot thick cum” said Miley as she looked up at me and jerked my cock. “Open your mouth and get ready to swallow” I said. The sight of 14 year old starlett Miley Cyrus sucking and getting ready to swallow my cum for the 3rd time was too much. She opened her mouth just as a torrent of hot spunk shot right to the back of her throat with such force, she did well not to gag. “Stay open” i said as cum continued to shoot from my cock, definitely the biggest load of the day. Miley swallowed one mouthful as it was still coming out and soon it was full again just as i was coming to an end. A couple of splashes hit her face as she looked up at me with a full mouth. I gave her a nod and she gulped it down.

I looked at her, looking so hot and dirty with some cum on her face. “You’re a cheap worthless whore aren’t you Miley. Say it.” I ordered.

“Im a cheap worthless whore” Miley said,

And with that i got dressed and left, leaving 14 year old Miley Cyrus on her knees with cum on her face and three loads of semen in her belly.

She never told anyone about what happened, but she certainly started treating people better. I left her tour not long after but not before a couple more forced blowjobs, though i think her resistance was staged because she always left her changing room open when she knew i was around. Seems she was a dirty little slut after all.

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