Two Nickelodeon Starlets

Title: Two Nickelodeon Starlets
Author: TheBigLove126
Codes: MFf, rape, drugs, preg
Celebs: Victoria Justice, Miranda Cosgrove

Disclaimer: The content of this story not only includes rape, but the rape of a 17 year old actress. If you are offended by the contents of this story, it’s your own damn fault. I warned you.

He waited in front of the arena for the women to come out. The limo driver sat there, ready to return Victoria Justice and Miranda Cosgrove home from the Kid’s Choice Awards. I had stalked the two women for the last two years. I was going to wait until Miranda turned 18 before I wet ahead with the plan, but the opportunity was never better than now. No one was around the man’s limo as everyone else had already left. The two girls had stayed to sign autographs as a requirement by their employer, Nickelodeon.

I crept up behind the man and injected the syringe into his neck; he was knocked out instantly. This wouldn’t be the first time I used this drug on an innocent person tonight. I quickly dragged him to the trunk, tied him up and locked him in. I was a licensed limo driver so I had the uniform and the stupid hat already on. I did some work under the hood to ensure that the limo would only make it to where I stashed my car. I took his place standing at the driver’s door and waited.

After about twenty minutes, Miranda exited the building and made her way towards the car. She seemed shocked to see me.

“Who are you and where’s Greg?” She young girl asked.

“Greg got called away, some sort of family thing. I’m his replacement Ricky.” I shook her hand and opened the door for her.

“Victoria should be right out.” She said to me.

Five minutes later, Victoria came out and walked towards the limo. She gave me the same “Who are you?” that Miranda gave, and I gave the same response. I held the door open for her and she got in.

After traveling about two miles down the road, my plan started to take effect as the engine began stuttering and I pulled off.

“What’s going on?” One of the girls asked from the back.

“Not sure, I’m going to go check it out.” I replied.

I got out and opened the hood. Everything was going as planned so far. The problem was fixable, but the girls didn’t know that. Now the next part of my plan was ready to go into effect. I filled two syringes and put them in my pocket before walking to the back and opening the door.

“I need one of you to help me real quick.” Victoria volunteered.

We walked back to the front of the car and she looked under the hood.

“What do you need me to…” I stuck the syringe in her neck and she fell back in my arms, unconscious.

She lay on the ground passed out as I made my way to the back again to get Miranda.

“Looks like I need an extra pair of hands.”

I followed her to the front of the limo. She saw Victoria unconscious on the ground and jumped back.

“What the fuck hap…” She got the drugs as well and quickly lost consciousness.

I walked about one hundred yards down the road and got in my car, which was stopped on the side of the road. I drove up to the girls and popped the trunk. I tied their hands and legs together, placed duct tape over their mouths and loaded them in the trunk before driving away.

The girls awoke several hours later in my bomb shelter, tied together at the waist. I tied one girls left foot to the other’s left foot, right foot to right foot, and both hands to prevent any escape. Both women were stripped of their clothes and lay together on the cold floor. Miranda, the first to wake up, let out a bone-chilling scream when she realized what was going on. That woke Victoria up who let out a small scream.

“It’s about time you two little sluts woke up.” I said from the dark corner.

“What’s going on, where are we?” Miranda asked.

“Now now, I’m not going to tell you EXACTLY where we are. All you need to know is that you are in a place where you can’t escape.”

“Pleases let us go. We can give you a lot of money just please don’t hurt us!” Miranda cried.

“I don’t want or need your money. What I want is the two of you, and it look like I got that.” Miranda started to cry. “Don’t cry you little bitch, I’m not going to hurt you. In fact, pain is the last thing you are going to feel. That is, if you behave yourselves.”

Both girls were scared and breathing heavily, which caused their breasts to rub up against one another. Tears were running down Miranda’s face but Victoria seemed to keep herself together.

“And by behave yourselves, I mean STOP CRYING!”

Miranda stopped when she heard the tone of my voice. The other girl just stared at me as she saw the bulge growing in my pants.

“Just calm down and we will get out of here quicker.” Victoria whispered to the younger girl.

“I can’t calm down. This isn’t how I wanted to lose my virginity.” She whispered back. Victoria looked at me to see if I heard that, and I did. She looked nervous.

“So, you’re a virgin are you? I guess I know who I will be starting with.” Miranda looked like she was going to cry again but was able to control herself.

I began to undress, pulling my shirt over my head and unbuckling my pants. Both girls saw the huge bulge in my underwear as I pulled them down as well. My eight inch cock sprung out I front of me, causing both girls to stare at it with a shocked look. Victoria looked like she was impressed with the size of it as Miranda looked afraid.

I got to the other side of the girls and sat down in front of their faces.

“Here’s the deal. If you girls are good, I’ll drive you back to your homes and you will forget this ever happened. If you give me problems, then you will stay here in this bomb shelter forever and live as my own personal bitches. If I let you go and you go to the police, I will find you and I will kill both of you. I know where you both live; I’ve watched you both for several years just waiting for the right moment.”

Both girls said that they would be good, so I got up and headed for the desk. I pulled a joint out of the drawer and lit it.

“If you want some of this to help you get through this, just speak up.” I said as I blew a large cloud of smoke into the air.

“No way!” Miranda yelled out. “Drugs are for losers. I guess that explains why you’re doing this!”

She apparently didn’t get the message about being good. I got up and walked towards her. I untied her right hand from Victoria’s, held it down with my right foot and stomped down on it with my other foot.

“A simple ‘no’ would have worked.” I said as she cried in pain, holding her likely broken hand.

“How about you? You want some?” I asked the older girl.

“Okay.” She said which caused a gasp from Miranda. “It’ll keep my calm, I might as well.”

I held the joint to her lips as she inhaled. It looked like she knew what she was doing as she held it in properly and slowly exhaled.

“Looks like you know how to do that pretty well.” I told her.

“Yeah, I started using when I first started on TV. It made it easier to get through the days, dealing with the assholes.”

Miranda looked shocked as Victoria explained her drug use. I took a few more hits before letting her finish it off. I bought some really good shit and quickly felt a monster high. I looked at Victoria and she looked like she was enjoying her own high. A smile came to her face as she felt the effects.

“Victoria! Why are you smiling? This guy is going to rape us and your fucking smiling!” Miranda snapped.

I was getting tired of Miranda’s bitching, so it was time to teach her a lesson. I sat near their faces again.

“You are really becoming a pain Miranda. I think it’s time to shut you up.” I began to stroke my cock as a look of horror again came to Miranda’s face. Suddenly I felt a hand begin to stroke my cock. I looked down and saw Victoria slowly jerking me off with a big smile on her face.

“Victoria!” The younger bitch yelled out.

Suddenly, Victoria let go of my cock and slapped her hard across the face.

“Will you shut the fuck up!?” She yelled. “You may be a virgin, but I haven’t been a virgin since I was 12. I like sex and I haven’t had it in a while. This may be rape to you, but it sure isn’t to me.”

This was definitely not what I had expected. I thought that I would take these two girls and ruin their lives, but it turns out that this is best thing in the world to Victoria. Miranda felt betrayed as she watched her “friend” continue to jerk me off. Suddenly, an idea came to mind.

“You wait right there.” I told both girls, knowing that they couldn’t go anywhere anyway. Victoria scowled at Miranda as I walked back to the desk.

I filled another syringe with enough to knock Miranda out for about ten minutes, all I needed. I stuck the needle in her neck and she quickly passed out.

“Since you seem to be enjoying yourself, I’m going to untie you from this little cunt.”

“Thank you.” She responded.

I freed Victoria and tied Miranda’s hands together behind her back. She gave me a kiss before sitting down next to Miranda. The younger girl quickly came to and noticed Victoria no longer tied to her. She couldn’t see her but felt something against her pussy. She looked down and saw the older girl between her legs, running her tongue around her pussy.

“What are you doing!?” She cried out.

I threw my hand over mouth. “Shut up you little cunt. It looks like your friend has changed from my victim to my accomplist. She is about as tired of your bitching as I am.”

Miranda began to cry as her so-called friend attacked her pussy with her tongue, now slipping a finger or two into her. I let her go and started to masturbate in her view. My cock was directly above her, slowly being stroked.

“Please stop!” She cried out.

Victoria, who was clearly annoyed by this, bit down on her clit and caused a loud scream from the 17 year old girl. I took the opportunity to shove my cock into her mouth and fuck her roughly.

“You bite on my cock and I will kill you right here. Then I’ll fuck your dead body until you start to rot.” She quickly obeyed me as Victoria let out a giggle.

She took several deep-throats for ten minutes as her friend ran her tongue in and out of her wet cunt. Miranda began to feel something stirring deep in her crotch. She had masturbated several times before and knew exactly what was coming. I could feel the vibrations of her moans run up my cock…I too knew what was coming.

“Victoria, I think the little girl is about to cum. Pick up the pace a bit.”

She did as she was told and moved her tongue at a rapid pace. Miranda felt her body tense up and knew she was cumming. I withdrew from her mouth and let her cries fill the room as her orgasm hit her hard. She hated that she came, knowing that her friend and body had betrayed her. She started to sob again as she looked up at the ceiling.

I moved between her legs and started rubbing my cock against her moist opening. Victoria locked her lips around her nipples and sucked on them as I began to inch my way into her virgin pussy. I felt her hymen push against me before I did one quick thrust and broke my way through. A moan of pain came from Miranda’s lips as I forced all of my cock deep into her. A trickle of blood ran out of her as her pussy began to get tenderized. Another scream came as Victoria bit down her sensitive nipple.

The young girl was in what seemed like hell. Her virginity stolen from her and worse, her supposed best friend was not only failing to stop it, but was helping it happen. She stared up at the ceiling of the bomb shelter where she was being held, feeling a strange man’s cock pump in and out of her. Victoria stopped attacking her nipple and stood up.

“I gave you some good tongue action, now it’s time to return the favor.” The older girl said.

She stood over Miranda and slowly lowered herself onto her face. She now had her friends pussy rubbed against her mouth. The last thing she wanted to do was give her pleasure, so she kept her mouth closed and prevented her tongue from giving Victoria what she wanted. She could feel the warm juices coating her face as the pussy grinded away. The moans of woman filled the room as she raped her friend’s face.

I continued to pound the fresh pussy at a quick pace. I could feel the walls of her cunt begin to tighten up; I knew that she was close to orgasm #2. This little bitch was about to get off against her will again and I wasn’t going to stop it from happening. The sound of my balls slapping against her ass filled the room as my pace increased. I felt her orgasm explode around my cock as she shook from the wave of pleasure that overtook her. Her moans ran through Victoria’s already dripping wet cunt, causing her to cum as well.

Miranda’s tears were now mixed with Victoria’s juices, drenched over her entire face. I saw the look in her face once Victoria rolled off of her and it made my cock stir. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer.

“You’re gonna have to beg me not to cum in you, you little slut.” Her entire body tensed up when she heard those words.

“Please don’t cum in me. I’m not on any protection. Please, please, PLEASE don’t cum in me.” She begged.

“No!” Victoria yelled out. “Cum in her. Get this little bitch pregnant. Cum in her please.”

They both made good arguments in my mind, but I didn’t have time to decide.

“Since you (Victoria) have been such a good girl, I’m going to do as you please.”

Miranda closed her eyes and began to cry again as she knew that I was going to cum inside her. A few more pumps and I shot stream after stream of my sticky white cum deep into her womb. She stopped crying and stared blankly into the air as she felt the warmth fill her body. Victoria was rubbing herself as she watched the younger girl suffer. I collapsed on top of her and slowly withdrew my cock from her abused hole. She curled up in a ball and quickly cried herself to sleep.

After a few minutes, Victoria crawled over to my and rested her head on my chest.

“I can’t wait for my turn.” She whispered.

“I’m sorry, but I have to get you two home before people start wondering where you are. It’s 3:00 AM now, I need to drug her and get her home then drop you off.”

“You don’t have to just drop me off…I want you to stay and fuck my brains out.” She said as she kissed me.

I got up and tied Miranda’s feet and hands together before injecting her with more drugs to knock her out. Victoria (still nude) and I carried her out to the car and headed back to her house. She played with my cock the entire ride back, occasionally taking it in her mouth. I could tell that she was eager for me to fuck her.

It was still dark as we carried her into her house and tucked her in her bed. I left a note threatening to kill her if she told anyone about what happened.

We arrived at Victoria’s house around 5:00 and went straight to the bedroom. I threw her down on the bed and quickly inserted myself into her still wet pussy. She screamed in joy as I roughly pounded her pussy. It didn’t take long for her to reach orgasm as she cried out loud and coated my cock with her precious juices. The teasing on the car ride here ensured that I wouldn’t last long as I felt my cum begin to stir in my balls.

“Oh fuck, cum in me baby. I want you to fill me with your amazing juices.” She cried out as I pounded her faster.

It took mere seconds before I exploded in her. She screamed in ecstasy as she felt my warm goo fill her insides. I unloaded as much semen as I possibly could until my cock fell limp and slid out of her. I lay next to her as she held me close and whispered into my ear, “That was amazing. Please don’t ever leave me.”

We spent the rest of the day in bed fucking until we were too exhausted to continue. I did as she asked and never left. Miranda continued to do her show and work with Victoria, but never could look at her the same way that she used to. She quit her job at Nickelodeon three months later when she discovered that she was pregnant with my child. She moved to Florida and we never heard from her again. Victoria quit on her 19th birthday after I proposed to her. We lived off the millions she had earned in her years working and got married shortly after her 20th birthday. We still fuck at least twice a day several years later and couldn’t be happier.

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