The Sexual Escapades Of Christina Ricci [Ep. I-VI]

The Following is the first in a series of sexually excplicit
FICTIONAL stories centering around the popular young actress
Christina Ricci. ENJOY! Email me

The Sexual Escapades of Christina Ricci:
Episode I: Devon Sawa

Summer 1997

It was the first day of the shoot and Christina Ricci figured
she was about to find herself in a familiar situation: a
kissing scene with Devon Sawa. When she had been told the week
before filming began what the first shot was to be she simply
moaned and said, "Oh, boy." But today was the day, and by the
time she got to the set a half hour late, she found herself a
little more interested in Mr. Sawa, maybe even a little horny
thinking about him. She hadn’t had a fuck in almost a month,
not since the night when she did both Macaulay Culkin and
14-year-old Brad Renfro. Brad was so cute that night, she
thought, trying his hardest to please her, but not quite being
able to. Mac, on the other hand, knew how to please her! But a
month!? After thinking a moment, she realized that was the
longest she had gone without sex since she lost her virginity
two years earlier–when she was 15– to her Casper co-star
Garette Ratliff Henson. Casper, of course, was also the film
that marked Chris and Devon’s first on-screen kiss, which she
thought nothing of at the time, even though several people had
told her that Devon had a crush on her.
As she walked on the set, she found herself very horny, and
went straight to the director and, while fake-coughing and
weezing, told him that she felt too sick and couldn’t possibly
work, but that she was sure she’d feel better tomorrow. Though
the director was a little pissed, there was nothing he could
do about it, so he called off filming for the day and sent the
crew home. "I better go tell Devon," he said. Chris protested.
"Oh, no!" she said. "His trailer’s . . .um . . .next to mine.
I’ll tell him." "Okay," the director agreed, "but don’t get
him sick." "Oh trust me, I won’t," she said with a vampish
grin on her beautiful face. She lit up a cigarette and started
off for the trailer. Chris only had two addictions: cigarettes
and sex. How she had managed to go almost a month without the
latter, she didn’t know, but she planned to change that soon.
As she walked up to the trailer door she flicked her cigarette
to the ground and stepped on it with her black leather boot.
She was about to open the door, but then thought to unbutton
the top buttons on her silk white blouse, to show off a little
of the lavender Victoria’s Secret bra that was underneath and
to pull up her tan-colored skirt that was already up pretty
high. Now she was ready to go in.
Chris opened the door and walked into the trailer. The front
room was empty. "Devon," she whispered, "come out come out
where ever you are." No answer. She walked quietly towards the
back room, where she came upon a closed door. She heard the
sounds of a TV. She figured that he fell asleep while watching
something. When she opened the door, she found otherwise.
Devon was lying on his bed naked with his dick in his hand. He
turned bright red. Chris looked at the TV and saw one of her
own movies. Devon had been masturbating while watching Chris’
famous "bra" scene in Now and Then.
Devon began scrambling, trying to find something to cover
himself with. Before he could find something, though, Chris
was next to his bed and putting her hands on the 18-year-old’s
cock. "Wow! That’s pretty big," she said while giggling,
almost blushing herself. She stroked it a of couple times
before Devon put his hands on hers and removed them from his
dick. "Stop," he said, "I’m about to cum."
Chris laughed and walked to the TV where she looked at herself
from almost three years before, standing in front of a mirror
in her bra. She smiled and told Devon, "They’re bigger now,
you know." After turning it off, she turned back towards Devon
and slowly unbuttoned the remaining buttons from her blouse
and removed it In fact they were bigger, much bigger! She
squeezed out of the tight skirt and stood in front of Devon
wearing only makeup (not much), jewelry (a necklace with a
dog-shaped piece of stone at the end and a ring on her right
thumb), lavender panties and bra, and her boots.
Her body was very curvy, despite her young age and low weight
(she was trying to put on weight but had only managed about
five pounds over the past two months). Devon thought he was
going to cum just looking at her. He was able to avoid it,
though, and stood up. He walked over to Chris and, standing
5’10" (exactly six inches taller than Chris), looked down at
her. "I’ve wanted this for so long," he said.
"Me, too," Chris lied, then put her hands on his chest and ran
them down to his rock-hard dick. She looked up and planted a
soft kiss on his lips before dropping to her knees and
attempting to swallow his unit whole. She worked down below,
listening to Devon’s groans of pleasure, for only a couple
moments before getting back up.
"Oh god!" she moaned. "You’re so big!"
She wasn’t lying, either. Devon’s was going to be Chris’
seventh dick and, other than Mac’s, probably the biggest. She
wanted to feel it inside of her so badly that Devon noticed
her panties beginning to moisten with anticipation.
Chris pushed Devon onto the bed and literally jumped on him.
Immediately, Devon put his hands on her shapely hips and
ripped her wet panties off. She screamed in glorious pain as
Devon shoved his dick in the small opening between her pussy’s
She proceded to come almost instantaneously. "Yes!" she
screamed. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" It felt so good to come for the
first time in almost a month (other than three or four times
with herself).
Chris was so worked up that she was sure that she would come
again very soon. Unfortunately, after only being inside of
Christina Ricci about four minutes, Devon Sawa couldn’t handle
it anymore and beat her to it. After a few moments of silence,
Chris kissed him on his lips and said, "Don’t worry, Devon, it
happens to everyone. Anyway that was, like, one of the best
orgasms I’ve ever had. You were good. Don’t worry." Chris left
the trailer with a cigarette between her lips and
wearing her bra (which she had never even taken off), blouse,
skirt, and boots, but no panties. Devon kept the thrashed
underwear as a momento.

The Sexual Escapades of Christina Ricci:
Episode II: Teen Starlet Orgy

September 1997

Christina Ricci was wearing her boyfriend Macaulay Culkin’s
white tank top-style undershirt which was too big and plainly
revealed to everyone that she had on a lacy white bra
underneath. The bottom of the shirt was tied in a knot at the
front to bare her midriff which was slightly jiggly but still
basically flat. There had been no jiggling whatsoever five
months and ten pounds earlier, but Mac preferred the bigger
Chris because she now had hips and her tits were a whole
cup-size larger. Since pleasing Mac was her favorite thing to
do, Chris decided to keep the weight . . . at least until
filming began on her next movie. Wanting to please Mac was
also the reason why she was wearing almost twice as much
makeup as usual and blue jeans that had been tight on her
before the weight gain. They were extremely uncomfortable, but
she knew that she looked good enough to eat.
Chris was sitting in Mac’s lap, rubbing her butt gently
against his giant boner while smoking a cigarette and sharing
his beer. She looked across the room and surveyed the other
occupants of Claire Danes’ Manhattan apartment:

Sixteen-year-old Natalie Portman, the only woman in the room
younger than Chris, was possibly the most beautiful of the
occupants. She was wearing tight black pants and a tight black
tee-shirt. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra and
that she was either getting very excited or getting very cold.
Since the temperature in the room was almost seventy-five
degrees and since Natalie’s boyfriend, a twenty-year-old named
Marcus, was grabbing her all over her body as she squirmed and
giggled, it wasn’t difficult to tell that she wasn’t cold.
Eighteen-year-old Jennifer Love Hewitt, the only woman in the
room who wasn’t smoking (like everyone else, she was drinking)
was sitting next to her boyfriend Chad, who was also eighteen.
Love was wearing a fuzzy red sweater and a short black
mini-skirt which highlighted her legs, probably the best in
the room.
Christine Lakin, also eighteen, had come alone and dressed
similarly to Chris. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a
tee-shirt tied at the front to reveal her washboard stomach.
Even though she had the hardest body in the room, Christine
regretted dressing this way because she was envious of Chris’
voluptuous, meaty figure.
Claire Danes, the most lusted after teen starlet of them all,
was wearing Daisy Duke shorts and a bikini top–comfortable
stuff the eighteen-year-old liked to wear around the house.
Her tits were of good size, bigger than Natalie’s and
Christine’s but not as big as Chris’ or Love’s. She was very
thin but her body wasn’t as hard as those of Natalie, Love,
and Christine.

"So, what do you guys want to do?" Claire asked the party of
eight between drags on her cigarette.
"You mean you invited us over here without any, like, idea of
what we were going to do?" Christine asked.
"I’m sure we can come up with something fun to do," Love
"I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m, like, really,
really horny right now." Claire said with a soft laugh and a
puff on her cigarette.
"How ’bout we get totally fucking wild tonight!" Marcus chimed
in between grabbing Natalie’s small ass and Natalie’s small
"I’m all for getting wild," Christine answered after taking a
swig from her beer.
"What kind of wild?" Mac asked while his dick throbbed in his
pants, being teased by Chris’ ass.
"How about this kind of wild?" Christine set down her beer,
took a long drag and walked, cigarette still in hand, slowly
over to where Chris was sitting in Mac’s lap. She put the
cigarette in her mouth and pushed her hand down Mac’s pants,
feeling Chris’ weight on top of it. Mac smiled with delight.
Chris was furious, so she walked over to Marcus and told him
to stand up. He suddenly lost interest in Natalie and did as
he was told. Chris proceeded to pull Marcus’ pants down and
give him the best blow job of his life.
By now, Mac’s pants were off, too. And Christine wasn’t
wearing anything. He was licking and biting all over her tiny
body and watching was exciting Natalie even more than she had
already been. Since her own boyfriend had been taken away from
her, she decided to go have fun with Mac and Christine. Just
as he was about to go inside of Christine, Natalie started
rubbing her ass against Mac’s dick. Mac decided that Natalie’s
ass looked even more enticing than Christine’s pussy, so he
entered Natalie’s back door and listened to her scream.
Christine didn’t mind, but just rubbed her body back and forth
against Mac’s.
Love and Chad were completely naked and fucking each other’s
brains out. Claire was the only one who wasn’t in on the fun
yet and she was also the horniest! The scantily-clad babe
walked up behind Chris and squatted down behind her (Chris
still had a dick in her mouth). She put her small hands on
Chris’ waist and caressed her gently. Claire pulled Chris’
shirt off and removed the large bra.
Marcus finally came and Chris wanted to see who was making her
feel so good. When she looked behind her she was surprised to
see Claire, but yet Chris’ immediate reaction was to kiss her
open-mouthed, sharing Marcus’ semen. They both stood up and
kissed again. Chris removed Claire’s top and sucked on her
tits, making the recipient moan in ecstasy. Chris pulled
Claire’s shorts off with a little difficulty and was treated
to a surprise: no underwear! Now Claire had the real tough
job. She pulled and tugged as Chris tried to squirm out of her
jeans. Finally, though, it paid off and Claire got the same
surprise as Chris.
The two women stood before each other completely nude:

Claire stood 5’6", two inches taller than Chris. Her hair was
its natural blonde–or at least close to it–and shoulder
length. Chris’ hair was also blonde, though her thick bush was
black, and slightly longer than shoulder-length. Claire’s
tall, thin, streamlined body was a stark contrast to Chris,
who just seemed to have bigger everything: tits, ass, hips,
Also a contrast, Chris was glistening with sweat from head to
toe, while Claire was relatively dry.

Claire grabbed Chris’ ample bosom and rubbed it back and
forth. Chris was getting extremely turned on and Claire could
tell because her tits were becoming as hard as rocks and her
twat was soaked. Chris took one of the hands that was on her
chest and put its middle finger in her mouth. She sucked and
slobbered then guided it across her cleavage, across her
stomach and down into her love hole, where it began its work.
After pleasuring Chris with her finger, Claire wanted to do
the same with her tongue, so she did. Chris was in absolute
heaven. Claire just kept doing everything that Chris wanted
her to and she didn’t even have to say anything.
Chris and Claire blocked everyone else out and rode on a cloud
for an hour. When it was all over, they were both covered in
vaginal fluids from mouth down.
By this time, Mac had cum inside of Natalie’s ass and, after a
short break, began fucking Christine. Chad was still inside of
Love–probably his second time around. Marcus was now on the
other side of Love and the two men violently fucked her, with
her screaming in horror the whole time.
Natalie was lying down on the floor, recovering from her
introduction to anal sex, so Chris and Claire joined her. For
the next forty-five minutes the three women cuddled and shared
a cigarette before Mac and Christine finished and joined them.
Ten minutes later Marcus joined the group and ten minutes
after that Love, who was somewhat bruised, and Chad joined
Chris, who’s head was resting on Claire’s stomach and who’s
own stomach was being used as a pillow by Mac, found herself,
at this moment, very confused. She had never done anything
like that before. Sure, she had frenched her best friend Gaby
Hoffman once, but that was just to see what it was like. The
truth was, Chris had never lusted for another woman before.
The only woman who she had ever even thought about touching
was Winona Ryder. They had worked on a movie together when
Chris was just nine, but years later, when Chris re-watched
that film, she found herself getting a little horny seeing
Winona in lingerie.
With so much on her mind, Christina Ricci couldn’t handle it
anymore and fell asleep in Claire Danes’ arms.

The Sexual Escapades of Christina Ricci:
Episode III: Winona

The Day After Episode II

After Mac had brought Chris home from Claire Danes’ "party,"
they had fooled around some more and after Mac left, Chris
went to sleep for a few hours. While asleep, Chris dreamt
about Winona Ryder, whom she hadn’t seen in a couple of years.
Upon waking up–around three in the
afternoon–Chris called Winona and asked if she would come
over that night just to "hang out." She said sure, and that
she would be there around nine.

When the doorbell rang promptly at nine, Chris answered it
wearing only a silk slip–silver in color–that barely covered
her plump bottom. The anticipation of what she hoped would
happen before the night was through had brought her tits to
attention and her hard nipples made a visible impression in
the small garment. Her thin lips, painted black with lipstick,
smiled as she opened the door and saw Winona–the only woman
who had turned her on before Claire the night before–standing
in front of her.
"Wow, Chris!" Winona said in disbelief. "You’ve. . . um. . .
gotten a lot taller since the last time I saw you."
"Yeah," Chris said. "I guess I’m all grown up now." "Are you
ever!" Winona laughed.
Winona wore her black hair short, almost like a boy’s cut. She
had on very little makeup, though she was wearing pink
lipstick. Her large tits were being suppressed by a tight
sports bra and covered by the top of her denim overalls. The
top of her ass–underneath boxer shorts–was visible above the
low cut of the overalls. Most people probably would have said
she looked very cute at this particular moment in time, but to
Chris she looked unbelievably hot and she wanted her badly.
Chris led Winona into the plush living room where they sat in
chairs across from each other. Prince’s Purple Rain was
playing quietly on the stereo and Winona said something about
liking that song, a fact that Chris had remembered from so
many years before.
"So what have you been up to lately?" Chris asked.
"Same old, same old," Winona replied. "You know, making
movies. I’ve been trying to keep a lower profile lately
because I’m sick of men hitting on me wherever I go! I’m sure
you have that problem, too." Chris smiled at this. "Why don’t
you try women?" she said with a quiet laugh, hoping Winona
would take the hint.
Winona also laughed. "Trust me, I’ve tried everything," she
said. "Everything?" Chris asked.
"Everything except Christina Ricci." Winona answered softly.
Without warning, Chris spread her legs as wide as humanly
possible and lifted the slip up above her sex for Winona to
see. "Go ahead and try it," she said seductively. Winona was
startled at the younger woman suddenly displaying herself like
this, but stood up and walked over to Chris. "Do you really
want to do this, honey?" she asked. "Yes," Chris answered.
"Okay, then stand up." She did. Winona stared into Chris’
eyes, then smacked her lips hard with her own and slipped her
tongue down Chris’ throat. Winona ran her fingers through
dyed-blonde hair as she
french-kissed the woman she once thought of like a little
sister. "Damn!" Winona said. "This is going to be fun." Chris
just stood there, motionless, and smiled as Winona slid down
her body and fell to her knees. She moaned softly when Winona
stuck her head underneath the slip and began licking her pussy
lips with her little tongue. With expert movements Winona slid
her tongue inside of Chris and smashed her face into the
17-year-old vulva as she began working ferociously. Chris was
very excited and after less than five minutes of this her
knees buckled and she had to hold on to Winona’s shoulders to
stay up. She was panting harder, harder and screamed, "Oh
fuck! Oh God, oh God! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh Winona! Oh fuck! Oh
yes! Yes!" as her cunt juices smothered Winona’s beautiful
Winona stood up slowly, licking the silk slip and leaving a
trail of girlcum on it, then on Chris’ chin and finally on her
lips and in her mouth as they kissed again, this time twice as
passionately and twice as long as the first time. Then Winona
took three steps back and let Chris watch as she unhooked the
overalls and let them fall to the ground. She bent over and
removed her shoes, then stepped out of the overalls. "Where’s
your bedroom?" Winona asked.

They went into the bedroom where Winona instructed Chris to
get on the California king-sized bed. She did as she was told
and Winona looked at her with hungry eyes for a moment before
climbing on top of her. "Lift up your arms," she told Chris.
When her arms were up, Winona lifted the slip up over her
head, got off the bed, and took her first look at Chris’
completely naked body.
Her body was big, maybe ten pounds overweight Winona thought.
She wore that extra weight beautifully, though, with most of
it going to her hips and tits. Winona’s own body was a stark
contrast. Though she was the same height as Chris and her tits
were even bigger than Chris’ tits, she was very petite and
weighed as much as twenty pounds less than her lover. She had
a tiny waist, tiny ass, washboard stomach and not an ounce of
fat anywhere, whereas Chris’ body was a little loose and much
fleshier, with a slightly wider waist, much bigger ass, and a
not-as-flat stomach. After taking a long look, Winona got back
on the bed and straddled Chris, sitting her boxer short-clad
bottom on top of Chris’ wet pussy. She took hold of Chris’
small wrists and tied them behind the headboard of the bed
with the slip so she couldn’t use them. Smiling, Winona then
took off her underwear and sports bra and let Chris smell them
before tossing them aside.
"Kiss me," Chris begged.
Winona leaned over, her tits knocking into Chris’, and
puckered her lips like she was about to kiss her lover, but
pulled back and giggled.
"I need your lips," Chris pleaded in a low, sexy voice. "Don’t
worry, baby," Winona assured her. "You’ll get them." Winona
got off of Chris and grabbed her chubby ass cheeks, lifting
them up so she could sit them on top of her face. She
absolutely loved the smell! She slobbered on Chris’ ass and
kissed each cheek. Next, she started licking, first the left
cheek, next the right cheek, and then her tongue traced along
Chris’ cheek into the crack and into the tiny hole. Chris
panted heavily as Winona licked her anus and rubbed her ass
with sticky hands. When Chris sounded like she was close and
wanted to cum, Winona stopped and removed her face from
underneath Chris’ ass.
"No! No!" Chris panted. "Keep going!" Pant, pant. "I was
almost there."
Instead of saying anything, Winona just let Chris look on as
she extended her middle finger and inserted it in her mouth.
She took it out and slipped it inside of her own pussy, which
was already wet from all of the activity that had already
taken place, and began pushing in and out, in and out. Her
eyes were closed but she could still see Chris’ young, naked,
perfect body in her mind. After just seconds she began
moaning, wailing really. She screamed in ecstasy as she came
and the sight of this was enough to make Chris cum as well,
the second time she had done so that evening. Winona,
screaming, "Chris! Chris! Chris!" repeatedly, fell on top of
her bound partner, who was shouting, "Oh fuck! Oh shit! Oh
shit! Oh fuck!"
Winona didn’t move for about sixty seconds, but just lay on
top of Chris, enjoying the moment. Then she reached up and
untied Chris who brought her hands down to rest on Winona’s
small butt and kissed her on the lips. Another minute went by
before Winona broke the silence. "Fuck," she said. "I told you
that would be fun." Both women giggled. Winona rolled off of
Chris and asked, "Do you have any cigarettes?"
Chris pulled a pack of Camels out of the drawer of her
nightstand and took two out. She handed one to Winona and
stuck the other between her thin black lips and lit it with
the lighter that had also been in the drawer. Winona placed
hers between her full, pink lips and let Chris light it also.
Christina Ricci puffed on her cigarette and thought about what
was happening. First, there was Claire Danes the night before.
Of course, that had been a spontaneous thing, not at all
planned. But she had called Winona Ryder and asked her to come
over because she wanted to make love to her. She knew she
could of had Macaulay Culkin or any number of other men in her
bed that night, but she had chosen a woman. Why? Everything
was still just so confusing.
She puffed again on her cigarette, took a look at the
beautiful woman who was in bed beside her and decided to just
enjoy it for now.

The Sexual Escapades of Christina Ricci:
Episode IV: At the Movies

Summer 1996

"I’m telling you, that’s her!" Bruce whispered to John. "Why
do you think it’s her?" John asked.
"Because it IS her, John."
It had been two weeks since they had finished the sixth grade
and school had let out for the summer. So far, John and Bruce
had spent every free day at the movies. Since they had seen
everything else, they were going to watch "Flipper" today.
They had found themselves completely alone in the theater and
sat in the front aisle. Fifteen minutes before the movie was
supposed to start, though, a woman wearing a black sweatsuit
and a pink headband had come into the theater and sat in the
back row. Bruce could have sworn that the woman was
sixteen-year-old child actress Christina Ricci.
"Okay, so what if it IS her? Then what?" John asked.
"I dunno," Bruce answered.
"Alright, Bruce, I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you ten bucks
if you touch her boobs."
"Ten bucks! But how–"
"Just walk up to her and grab ’em. You HAVE to do it. I mean,
it’s a dare, so you’ve got to do it."
"Uh, okay. Ten bucks, right?"
"Ten bucks. Swear to God."
The movie still hadn’t started when Bruce took one last quick
look back to make sure it really WAS Christina Ricci. She had
lit a cigarette and was puffing away like a chimney, albeit
the sexiest chimney in the world. Bruce couldn’t believe that
she was smoking in a movie theater. The fact that she WAS
smoking, though, was what cemented in Bruce’s mind that it
really was Christina Ricci; he figured only someone famous
would try to get away with smoking in a movie theater.

Chris had been jogging and decided to catch a movie before
making the run back home. She chose "Flipper" because she
thought Elijah Wood was cute and also because she was going to
be doing a film with him soon. And also because she knew the
theater would be pretty much deserted, which it was. When she
came in there were two kids, probably age eleven or twelve, in
the front row but that was it. They kept looking back and
staring at her, but she didn’t care. Chris figured they
wouldn’t mind if she smoked–chances were they probably smoked
too–so she lit up a cigarette. Chris took a drag and saw that
the smaller of the boys had stood up and was walking towards
the back of the auditorium. She figured he was going to leave
to use the restroom, but he didn’t. When he got to Chris’
aisle, he started walking towards her. He stopped in front of
her and just stared at her with a stupid grin on his face.
Chris took another drag and skillfully exhaled the smoke up
towards the kid’s face. "What?" she said, annoyed.
"Um. . ." The kid’s stupid grin got bigger as he reached
forward and groped Chris.
"You little perv!" Chris screamed at him as she pushed his
hands away from her tits. She stood up, but the kid was
blocking the way; she called him "LITTLE perv," but he was
actually two or three inches taller than her and outweighed
her by a good deal. She started to walk down the aisle in the
opposite direction, but the other kid was there. He was a
couple inches taller than the first kid and much heavier.
Chris put the cigarette between her lips and started to push
the bigger kid so she could get past him, but he grabbed her
arms and easily forced her to sit back down.
"What the fuck do you think you’re doing?" Chris said. Her
voice was trembling and she nervously puffed on the cigarette.
"There’s no smoking in the theater, miss," the bigger kid said
with a chuckle, then he stole the cigarette from Chris’ lips
and threw it to the ground, smashing it with his shoe.
"You little shit-heads!" Chris protested. A second later, the
smaller boy slapped her right cheek and she started crying.
"Ahh, poor baby," he said.
Chris tried to curl up into a ball but the boys picked her up
and placed her on the floor. She was whimpering like a little
girl as they pulled her sweatshirt off and she put her hands
over her sports
bra-covered tits to try and stop them from advancing further.
"No, no. Pleeeease don’t," she begged. Both boys laughed as
they removed her pants and envied her body, completely naked
except for the sports bra and a pair of little cotton panties.
She thought about screaming for help, but feared another slap
to her face; as an actress, she couldn’t afford risking her

John and Bruce had stripped Christina Ricci of her clothes and
dignity, but now what? They were twelve and had no experience
in matters of sex. They felt so powerful making a famous woman
cry, but didn’t know what should come next. They looked at
eachother and shrugged, then John remembered a phrase he had
heard once.
John looked down and said, "Give me a blow job, whore." He
didn’t even know what that meant and neither did Bruce.
Christina Ricci looked up at John and stopped crying, just
stared at him with a "please don’t make me" face. "Now!" John
shouted. She got on her knees and unzipped his pants. Her hand
fished around in his underwear and grabbed hold of his flacid
dick. Her soft touch made it firm in a matter of seconds, but
completely erect it was still barely three inches long.

Chris was getting over her fright, but really, really didn’t
want to suck this little dick. She knew she had to, though,
and figured she could make him cum fast, if he even had the
ability TO cum! Chris swallowed the dick whole and it was
quickly covered with her saliva. Her head bobbed up and down
as she worked swiftly and within sixty seconds her mouth was
filled with cum. She turned her head, the little penis coming
out of her mouth, and spit the cum onto the floor.
"There, asshole," Chris said while wiping her mouth. "Are you
happy now?"
The big kid didn’t say anything, but was obviously happy.
After experiencing what Chris figured was probably his first
orgasm, he had almost fallen down and was now sitting down
with a huge smile on his face. "Now me," the smaller kid said,
a little nervous.
"Fuck you!" Chris shouted at him. He started to raise his hand
as if he was going to slap her again and Chris started to cry
again. "Okay, okay," she said, "just don’t hit me again."
"That’s better, whore!"
Chris couldn’t control her tears as she unzipped his pants.
She was so mad that no one had heard them, and that no one had
come to save her. She had no choice but to continue and so she
did. This time she found a completely erect cock. It was a
little bigger than the otherone, but not by much. These were
definitely the two smallest cocks she had ever had, not that
she had had very many before.
Fighting back the humiliation, Chris inserted the purple head
of this 12-year-old punk’s dick between her lips and licked
it, moving her tongue in circular motions, tasting precum.
Chris had always loved the taste of cum and precum, but she
couldn’t stand his’, though she knew that it was all
psychological, and that his cum really tasted the same as
Chris opened her mouth wider and carressed his shaft with the
tip of her tongue. Then, wanting to make quick work of him
like she did his friend, Chris closed her mouth tightly around
the small dick and, while slobbering all over it, moved up and
down rapidly. Up and down. Up and down. This kid had more
staying power than the first one, but it still took only a few
minutes before cum was dripping from her lips and filled her
mouth. She spat this batch onto the floor the same as she did
the first and again wiped her mouth.
"Okay!" Chris said. "Are we done now? Can I leave now?" She
was now wiping the tears from her eyes and neither of the boys
answered, but just sat there with stupid grins on their faces.
Chris saw this as an oppurtunity to make a break, so she stood
up, quickly grabbed her sweats and started to walk away when
the big kid stood up and grabbed her. He pushed her down onto
one of the chairs.
"You’re not leaving," he told her. He grabbed her tits and
Chris tried to stop him, but it was no use. She also couldn’t
stop him from taking her sports bra off. She felt so
humiliated as they gawked at her bare tits and tried to cover
them but was physically stopped from doing so.

John and Bruce weren’t sure how all of this had happened; it
had started off as an innocent dare and now they were looking
at real life boobs for the first time! They both had the same
thought: touching’s got to be even better than looking. John
was determined to be the first to touch them and was about to
when one of the theater’s doors opened and an usher walked in.

"Heeeelp! Please help me!" Chris shouted as she saw the young
man walk into the audotorium. With amazing speed, her two
attackers bolted out towards another set of doors and
vanished. Their pants were still unzipped.
"Oh, Lord, thank you," Christina Ricci sighed as she sat there
with cum on her face, wearing only panties. As the young usher
came to help her, she looked up and noticed that the movie
hadn’t even started yet.

The Sexual Escapades of Christina Ricci:
Episode V: "The Ice Storm" Party

Fall 1996

The Friday night before the Monday that filming was scheduled
to begin on Chris’ latest feature, "The Ice Storm," 20th
Century Fox decided to throw a big party at one of the
producers’ houses for the cast and crew to get acquainted.
Chris didn’t even want to go because Mac couldn’t make it, but
she decided to go anyway because she knew that it would be
looked down upon if she didn’t. So, Chris slipped on a pair of
cotton panties with little flower designs and a boring
brassiere, got dressed in a pair of jeans and a Red Hot Chili
Peppers T-shirt, put on a tight choker, put on a black
sweater, lit a cigarette, got in a cab and went to the party.

Chris was pretty bored at the party until she met her co-star
Elijah Wood and they started talking. Chris was enjoying
Elijah’s company, partly because he was a friend of Mac’s and
he was telling her stories about him, and partly because she
thought he was kind of cute. After about twenty minutes, he
asked her if she wanted to go upstairs to one of the bedrooms
so they could have privacy, "you know, to talk." Chris
hesitated at first, but decided that it would be okay, so she
lit another cigarette and let Elijah lead her by the hand up
to the bedroom.
Upon entering the room, Chris saw a bottle of champagne
sitting in a silver bucket of ice next to the large bed. When
her eyes looked up, they saw a mirror above the bed and she
also noticed a video camera on the dresser.
"Maybe we should, like, go, like, somewhere else," Chris said
"Why?" Elijah said as he closed the door behind them. "This is
"Um, okay Elijah," Chris responded meekly.
"Come here." Chris walked over and looked up at him. "You are
SO beautiful, Christina. You are the most beautiful girl I
have ever laid eyes on," the five-foot-six fifteen-year-old
said. "I want to make love to you. Then, I want to make love
to you again."
"Oh, Elijah," Chris said, blushing, "I think you’re hella
cute, but I love Mac. Besides, we just met."
Elijah wasn’t going to lose that easily, so he leaned forward
and kissed Chris gently on the lips, then whispered, "He’ll
never have to know," in her ear. Chris didn’t react
negatively; she just stood there. Seeing this as a good sign,
Elijah took her hand and led her to the bed, where she sat
down. He walked over to the dresser, where he turned on the
camera, then walked back to Chris. After she had one last
drag, Elijah took her cigarette and placed it in a near-by
Chris exhaled the smoke into the stuffy air and said, "Wait,
wait. We can’t do this No–"
"Shhh . . ." Elijah lifted a finger to Chris’ now quivering
lips. "Yes, Christina. The answer is yes." After that, Chris
protested no more. Elijah pushed her so that her back hit the
mattress and climbed on top of her. He pulled her forward to
bring her still-trembling lips to his and kissed her, then
again and again. He pulled her sweater off, then her T-shirt.
Elijah loved the scenery: Chris’ tits weren’t very big, but
they weren’t small either. Her stomach was perfectly flat and
her body looked more like a woman’s than a girl’s. Chris was
embarrassed about the bra she was wearing. Oh my God, she
thought. I’m sixteen-years-old and I’m wearing a kids’ bra!
Elijah didn’t care, though, and probably didn’t even notice.
He pulled her jeans down her slender legs and didn’t notice
that she was also wearing "kids’ panties."
Chris was usually an animal in the sack with boyfriend
Macaulay Culkin, but with Elijah she was–possibly because of
the events of that day in the movie theater months ago and
possibly because she had never cheated on Mac before–very
scared. Chris was surprised when her mouth opened and the
words, "Be gentle," came out.
"Don’t worry," Elijah said, "I won’t hurt you." Elijah, still
on top of Chris, grabbed the champagne bottle and opened it
with a loud POP noise. He took a swig then brought it to
Chris’ lips so she could sip from it. She barely tasted it
before he pulled the bottle away, spilling it onto her chin,
then her neck, then her bra, then her stomach, and finally
onto her panties. He put the bottle aside and smiled at Chris,
who tried but couldn’t smile back. Elijah didn’t mind, he just
leaned in and kissed her. She did KISS back. They tasted the
champagne in each other’s mouths, then Elijah broke the
liplock and began licking the champagne off of Chris’
beautiful chin. He licked his way down to her panties, which
he gently slid down her soft legs and off of her body.
Elijah immediately returned his attention to Chris’
midsection, now uncovered. He didn’t waste any time, quickly
burying his face in the beautiful black jungle that was Chris’
pussy. Chris gasped with a mixture of surprise at the sudden
movement and–of course–pleasure. She closed her eyes and
moaned softly while thinking of the dozens of times Mac had
gone down on her. He was so good at it, Chris thought, and she
felt guilty for cheating on him. She knew that Mac was often
unfaithful himself, but she had never cared.
Chris opened her eyes and looked at the top of Elijah’s head.
He was working furiously, as if he needed to eat pussy, rather
than breath, to sustain life. "Oh, oh, oh yeah," she quietly
moaned. The pleasure that Elijah’s tongue was causing as it
explored Chris’ insides steadily increased until she finally
climaxed. As Chris shrieked, "Oh, oh, uh, oh, oh oh, oh, uh,
uh, oh, oh, yes, yes, yes," she felt both physically and
mentally drained and all thoughts of Mac left her mind.
Elijah looked up, his face covered in girlcum. "Wow,
Christina, you’re quite a gusher, aren’t you?"
This time Chris managed a little smile and replied, "Yeah, I
guess I am. If you come over here, I’ll help you clean up a
little." Elijah had an evil grin on his face as he leaned
towards her. When they were face-to-face, Chris extended her
tongue and began licking her own cum off of Elijah’s cheeks,
nose, chin, and especially his lips. Then, Elijah and Chris
pulled his shirt off, exposing his underdeveloped chest. Chris
ran her little hands all over Elijah’s torso, and licked and
bit his nipples, to which Elijah grunted approval. Next came
his pants and underwear. As Chris pulled them down, she was a
little disappointed. Elijah’s erect cock wasn’t really small,
actually it was about average size, but Chris had, for some
reason, been expecting more. Perhaps she was hoping for it to
be the size of Mac’s. But it’s not really the size that
matters, she decided, it’s how you use it.
Elijah was a little TOO eager to use it, though. He put his
hands on Chris’ waist and momentarily caressed her. Then, he
flipped her onto her stomach and started massaging her butt.
"What are you doing?" Chris sounded scared. "Don’t worry,"
Elijah said. "It won’t hurt very much." She knew what he was
talking about and said, firmly, "NO!" Chris rolled onto her
back and gave Elijah a little smile. She ran her fingers
through his hair and said, "Front door only."
Though he was dissapointed, Elijah was willing to play by her
rules. "Okay," he said and started rubbing her thighs. "Uh,
uh, oh yeah. That feels really good, Elijah." He continued
rubbing Chris’ thighs and then began sucking on one of her
tits. "Oh God!" Chris shouted while running her hands across
Elijah’s back. "Yes!"
Elijah stopped sucking on Chris’ tit and stopped rubbing her
thighs. He opened a drawer to the table that was next to the
bed and pulled out a condom. He ripped open the wrapper and
pulled out the rubber. He was about to put it on when Chris
took it from his hands. "Here," she said, "let me do that for
you." She grabbed his dick with her right hand, pushing it and
pulling it just to get a feel before covering it with latex.
The moment the condom was on, he plunged inside of her tight
twat. Chris’ thoughts–as Elijah moved back and forth, panting
grunting–returned to Mac. She loved him so much and again
felt guilty for betraying him. It wasn’t as if she NEEDED
another man to satisfy her sexually; Mac was extremely good in
bed. EXTREMELY good.
At the moment when Chris was thinking about just how good Mac
was in bed, she realized that Elijah was pretty damn good,
too, as she climaxed for the second time, shouting,
"Uhhhhhhliiiiiiiiijaaaaaaaaaaah!" Moments later, Elijah also
reached orgasm. After a minute of rest, he kissed Chris’
forehead and went to the video camera and turned it off, then
to the bathroom to dispose of the condom.
Christina Ricci stared up at her body–naked except for the
choker–in the ceiling mirror and contemplated whether or not
to tell Mac about her escapade with one of his best friends.
She then looked to her side and saw Elijah coming back to the
bed. It looked like his cock was starting to get hard again.
Maybe I better keep this to myself, she thought.

The Sexual Escapades of Christina Ricci:
Episode VI: Gaby’s Fantasy

December 1996

"Well, I’ve got to get going. My parents have some big
thing planned," Gaby Hoffmann told her best friend Christina
Ricci as they lounged on the balcony of Chris’ hotel room in
bathing suits while smoking Parliament cigarettes and drinking
Diet Coke. Gaby then got up and walked through the sliding
glass door into the living area where–after taking a long
drag–she set her cigarette in an ashtray and slid into a pair
of cut-offs and a T-shirt. Chris walked in a moment later. "I
wish I could hang here longer, sis," Gaby told her after
retrieving the cigarette, "but my mom said it’s something big;
they won’t tell me what."
"That’s cool, Gab," Chris replied. "Call me later and
let me know." Chris, puffing on her own cigarette, was wearing
the bottom of a yellow bikini. She had taken the top off when
they had gotten back from the hotel’s indoor pool because it
was tight and was hurting her tits. It was no big deal;
16-year-old Chris and 14-year-old Gaby had seen each other
nude numerous times. Earlier, they had been trying on several
swimsuits and Chris literally pulled a one-piece off of Gaby
because she wanted her to wear a two-piece. In the end, she
refused and dressed in the orange one-piece because she was
insecure about her developing body.
When they got to the front door, Chris and Gaby leaned
in to kiss good-bye like they always did. When their lips met
this time, though, Chris parted hers and pushed her tongue
into her friend’s mouth. Gaby was stunned and excited at the
same time. She returned the tongue action and was becoming
more aroused as she felt Chris’ tits–twice as big as her
own–pushing against the fabric of her T-shirt. With her free
hand (her cigarette was in one), Chris rubbed Gaby’s back. It
seemed like the kiss would last forever, but eventually it had
to end.
"Um," Chris managed, "so THAT’S what that’s like. Not
really much difference, I guess." She put the cigarette back
between her lips. "Uh, yeah," Gaby, the taller of the
two, said. "I’ve got to, like, um, go now. Bye, sis."
"Bye, sis," Chris said as Gaby walked out the door.

When Gaby got home, she found out the "big thing" was
just dinner at some restaurant. It wasn’t even a very nice
restaurant; she wore her shorts and T-shirt there.
Upon arriving home from the restaurant, Gaby found
herself very tired and decided to take a nap. She went up to
her bedroom, stripped off her clothes and peeled the orange
bathing suit that was still underneath from her skin, put on
some cotton panties–no bra–and got into bed where she
drifted into the land of dreams, all the while thinking about
the kiss that her and her best girlfriend had shared earlier.

The next time Gaby opened her eyes, it seemed as
though they were playing tricks on her. She thought she saw
Chris sitting on her bedroom couch wearing a black and red
teddy, but that wasn’t possible. Or was it? Gaby closed her
eyes and rubbed them vigorously. When she opened them again,
Chris was . . .
still there.
"Good morning, precious," Chris said between puffs on
a cigarette. "Did you sleep well?"
"What are you doing here, Chris?" Gaby was thoroughly
confused. Chris laughed as she exhaled smoke into the
air. "I’m here because you want me here and we both know it."
"I don’t know what you’re talking about!" Gaby
claimed. "Sure you do," Chris said as she delicately
uncrossed her legs and stood up.
"Uh, Chris, YOU kissed me, if that’s what you’re
talking about!" "Yeah, but only because you begged me
to with your eyes." The sexy brunette slowly walked
towards the bed that Gaby still lay on. As she reached it, she
took hold of the sheets that covered her now-speechless friend
and pulled them off. "Look at me," she said as the topless
teen turned her head away. "Look at me." Slowly, Gaby turned
her head back and looked into Chris’ piercing eyes. "Now,
stand up." Gaby did as she was told and found herself
unexpectedly looking straight into her short friend’s eyes.
She broke the eye contact to look down and see that Chris was,
in fact, wearing black high heels.
Before Gaby–who’s left shoulder was brushing against
a wall–looked back up, Chris lifted her left leg up onto the
bed that was behind the younger woman, effectively boxing her
in. With a wicked smile on her face, Chris took Gaby’s right
hand in her left and placed it on her exposed left thigh,
then, after giving the cigarette that she held in her right
hand to Gaby to hold in HER left, she took her friend’s face
in BOTH hands, brought their lips together, and kissed Gaby
for the second time.
After the kiss ended, Gaby turned away again, closed
her eyes, and took a long drag on Chris’ cigarette. While
blowing smoke out of her nostrils, she opened her eyes, turned
her head back towards her friend and smiled. She also began
massaging the meaty thigh that her hand had been resting on.
"You know, Chris," she said, "you’re right. I think I DO
want this." "I knew you did, honey," Chris responded
as she leaned in to kiss Gaby once more.
Breaking that kiss a moment later, Chris set her high
heel-clad left foot back on the ground, put her hands on
Gaby’s thin waist, and attempted to engulf one of her NOW AND
THEN co-star’s tits in her mouth. Gaby was soon moaning from
pleasure, so Chris, eager to provide even more, removed her
lips from the small breast and daintily got down on her knees.
"What are you going to do?" Gaby asked, her voice
sounding not quite nervous.
Chris looked up and smiled. "This!" she said as she
yanked Gaby’s panties down her slender legs to her ankles,
then grabbed one ass cheek in each hand and pulled Gaby
towards her, drilling her tongue into her best friend’s moist
As Chris was lapping away, Gaby continued to take
drags on the cigarette. Eventually, though, the pleasure
became so great that she couldn’t even concentrate enough to
remember to inhale and exhale. Just before she reached orgasm,
she managed to lean over and set the cigarette down on a
nearby window sill.
As the climax hit her, Gaby began to spasm, pulling
away from Chris’ face and driving her ass cheeks into Chris’
fingernails. She screamed in what was a mixture of both pain
and pleasure, then collapsed on the bed. Chris licked
her gooey lips, then stood up and took the cigarette from the
window sill. She took a couple of puffs, then set it down in
an ashtray before returning her attention to Gaby.
"Well?" Chris asked.
"Well, what?" Gaby replied, looking up at Chris.
"Well, how was I?" Chris said with a big grin.
"Unbelievable! You were absolutely unbelievable, Chris!"
"That’s what I figured."
Chris climbed on top of Gaby and started sucking on
her neck. While Gaby again moaned in pleasure, she had time to
think. "Wait, Chris. Stop," she said after a few moments.
Chris didn’t respond for about a minute, but Gaby
continued to tell her to stop, and so she did, leaving the
slightest trace of a hickey on Gaby’s neck. She looked into
her lover’s eyes, kissed her lower lip, and said, "What is it,
"It’s your turn now. I want to give YOU some
pleasure." "I was hoping you’d say that."
Chris again kissed Gaby on the lips, then on each
breast, and finally on her flat stomach before standing up.
She made sure that Gaby was watching, then slowly removed the
Now she was, like Gaby, completely nude (except for
the heels and a couple of rings). Her body, however, was much
different than her friend’s. Chris was shorter and slightly
thicker. She had perky tits that were–while not EXTREMELY
big–much larger than Gaby’s small boobs. Her butt was wider
and her pubic region was densely covered with dark hairs;
Gaby’s had recently been shaven.
Gaby stood up and embraced Chris. They kissed
passionately once more, then Gaby began nibbling on one of
Chris’ ears. As she continued this, Chris took one of Gaby’s
hands and started sucking on her fingers one at a time. After
all five fingers were good and wet, Chris started to stick one
in her own neglected pussy, but one of her little feet somehow
slipped out of it’s heel, making her lose her balance and fall
backwards on her butt. "Shit!" she shouted as she
landed hard.
Gaby had almost gone down with her, but had managed to
remain standing. Now, she got onto her knees and started
rubbing Chris’ legs. "Are you okay?" she asked.
"Yeah, I’m okay," she said with a smile. "I’ll have a
sore ass tomorrow, but I’m okay."
"Roll over and I’ll see if I can’t do something about
that sore butt." Smiling, Chris rolled over on the
ground and closed her eyes. She moaned softly as Gaby sat on
her back and started to rub her butt. "Stick a finger in,"
Chris said after a couple of minutes, so Gaby did. After a few
more minutes, Gaby squeezed a second one in but pulled them
both out a moment later.
"What are you doing, sweetness?" Chris asked with her
eyes closed. "This!" Gaby responded (imitating Chris
from earlier) as she brought her open hand down hard against
Chris’ fleshy ass, causing her to open her eyes and squeal in
mild pain.
"Gaby, what the–"
SLAP! Gaby’s hand hit Chris’ bottom again
and–SLAP!–again. "Oh, Gaby!" she cried as her lover
slapped her again. "I can’t take it anymore! I can’t–"
The pain from the continuous slaps caused Chris to
well up and start crying, but, at the same time, the pain also
somehow felt GOOD, and so she slid her hand underneath her
body and squeezed three fingers into her cunt. She began
pumping them in and out as hard as she could, all the while
sobbing as her girlfriend continued to spank her, causing an
immeasurable mixture of pain and pleasure.
Just as Chris was about to come, Gaby stopped
punishing her butt cheeks and stood up. She looked down at
Chris, who continued to furiously work her digits in and out,
harder and harder. After thirty seconds, Chris began screaming
in orgasmic joy, her girlcum flooding onto the hardwood floor.
The pleasure subsided and Chris, still weeping, rolled
onto her (aching) ass, opened her eyes and looked up at Gaby,
who smiled at her. Reaching down, Gaby grabbed Chris’ arm and
helped her to stand. As Chris reached her feet, the young
women embraced each other and kissed the other’s lips.
"Oh God, Gaby," Chris panted, looking up into Gaby’s
eyes and wiping her own, "that was so, so, so like, oh God! I
have to lay down." Chris retrieved a fresh cigarette
and lit it. As she walked back towards the bed, she grabbed
Gaby by her waist, pulled her close, and kissed her bottom
lip. Releasing Gaby, Chris took a long drag and got onto the
bed. Gaby climbed onto the bed next to Chris and,
setting her hand on Chris’ thigh, said, "Come on, honey. I’m
just getting started." Chris puffed on her cigarette,
kissed Gaby again, and said, "Stop pouting, baby. I’M too
tired, but if you just turn around–" Gaby turned
towards the door just in time to see it open. Standing
in the doorway, wearing only pink panties, a pink bra, and
pink heels, was Chris and Gaby’s 14-year-old NOW AND THEN
co-star Thora Birch. She looked good: her body was hard, her
boobs were big, and her ass was firm. After Gaby got a
good look, Thora held up her right hand, which was holding a
large dildo, and said, "It’s time for breakfast."
"What!?" Gaby exclaimed.

"It’s time for breakfast," Gaby’s mother said as she
shook her awake. "It’s time for breakfast."
Gaby opened her eyes and immediately realized that it
had all been a dream. "Okay, Mom," she said, "I’ll be right
down." Mom left the room, but instead of getting up
and going to breakfast, Gaby Hoffmann masturbated while
picturing her friends Christina Ricci and Thora Birch in her

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